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Collection Index:KOINONIA 1985-1994
Collection Name:Koinonia, Records from 1985-1994
AG 3215       KOINONIA
Copyright 2007 The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
The roots of the Koinonia movement lay in the South African Christian Leadership Assembly (1979) and in the meal groups organized by Dr Nico Smith, a Dutch Reformed minister, when he went to minister to a black congregation in Mamelodi in 1982. The Koinonia movement in South Africa began in Pretoria in 1986 when Dr Nico Smith challenged a group of concerned white Christians in Pretoria to initiate a movement that would bring about reconciliation between the alienated races in Apartheid South Africa. Koinonia South Africa came into being as a result of this challenge, and the Rev. Ivor Jenkins was appointed as its first full-time national coordinator. Initial funding came from the Swiss-based organization, Christian Solidarity International.
Koinonia is a Greek word meaning “fellowship” and this was the central tenet of Koinonia’s mission – to encourage “fellowship” between white and non-white Christians. The effort centered on the “meal group” concept – small, racially mixed groups would meet in each others’ homes to share a meal and thus begin to break down the barriers that had grown up between the races.
Theologically, Koinonia was predicated on the belief that justice, equality and reconciliation are central tenets of Christianity, and that each individual needed to be treated with dignity and respect irrespective of race. Politically, Koinonia was dedicated to the pursuit of a non-racial, democratic dispensation for all the peoples of South Africa.
The records in this collection reflect the workings of Koinonia throughout South Africa and abroad as it sought to achieve the following aims:
  • On the spiritual level, to integrate believers of all races into one body
  • On the family level, to promote the practice of fellowship and mutual support
  • On the leadership level, to facilitate cooperation between religious leaders of the different race groups
  • On the social-structural level, to explore non-violent means of effecting reconciliation
  • On the ideological level, to address the problems faced by the oppressed on the basis of Christian principles
A1 Awards  1989-1990 1 file
A1.1 Beyond War Award 1989                     
A2 Correspondence 1986-1994 24 files                         
A2.1 Correspondence with board members 1988-1990 1 file
A2.2 Incoming  1988-1993  5 files
A2.2.1 1988 1 file
A2.2.2 1989  3 files
A2.2.3 1993 1 file
A2.3 Internal 1990-1993 2 files
A2.3.1 1990-1991 1 file
A2.3.2 1992-1993 1 file
A2.4 Outgoing 1986-1994 16 files
A2.4.1 1986 1 file
A2.4.2 1987 1 file
A2.4.3 1988 3 files
A2.4.4 1989 6 files
A2.4.5 1990 4 files
A2.4.6 1991-19941 file
A3 Finance documents  1987-1994  36 files
A3.1 Budgets 1992-1994  1 file
A3.2 Financial statements  1987-1993  5 files
A3.2.1 1987-1989 1 file
A3.2.2 1989-1990  1 file
A3.2.3 1991-1993  3 files
A3.3 Taxation matters 1 file
A3.4 Fundraising proposals 28 files
A3.4.1 General 1 file
A3.4.2 Anglovaal  1 file
A3.4.3 Bread for the World   1 file
A3.4.4 British Embassy   1 file
A3.4.5 Canadian Embassy   1 file
A3.4.6 Church of Sweden Mission  1 file
A3.4.7 CPC International  1 file
A3.4.8 CSI International   1 file
A3.4.9 Diakonia: Swedish Free Church Aid  1 file
A3.4.10                        DL Cuthbert and Associates  1 file
A3.4.11                        Enagelische Kirche in Deutschland  1 file
Energos Foundation  1 file
A3.4.13  Ford Foundation  1 file
A3.4.14                        Friedrich Ebert Foundation  1 file
A3.4.15 Joseph Rowntree’s Charitable Trust  1 file
A3.4.16                        National Endowment for Democracy  1 file
A3.4.17                        Panasonic  1 file
A3.4.18                        Presbyterian Church in Ireland  1 file
A3.4.19                        Protestant Association for World Missions  1 file
A3.4.20                        Responses  1 file
A3.4.21                        SAMCOR   1 file
A3.4.22                        Solidariteitsfonds Singen EV  1 file
A3.4.23                        Trinity Church USA    1 file
United Methodist Church USA  1 file
A3.4.25                        US Embassy   1 file
A3.4.26                        USA Church Foundation   1 file
A3.4.27                        Miscellaneous proposals  2 files
A3.5 Donor lists  1 file
A4 Graphics   1 file
A4.1 Logo   1 file
A5 History of Koinonia  1 file
A6 Human resources   6 files               
A6.1 Filing system   1 file
A6.2 Job descriptions 1 file
A6.3 Staff directory  1 file
A6.4  Staff members  3 files
A7 Minutes    1986-1993  20 files
A7.1 AGM   1986-1990  1 file
A7.2 Development Committee  1992  1 file
A7.3 FSC   1989-1994  1 file
A7.4  Fundraising Committee 1992  1 file
A7.5 KWG  1993  1 file
 A7.6  Management Committee  1991-1993  1 file
A7.7 NEC 1989-1993 1 file
A7.8 NSC  1 file
A7.8.1 1986  1 file
A7.8.2 1987  1 file
A7.8.3 1988  1 file
A7.8.4 1989  1 file
A7.8.5 1990  2 files
A7.8.6 1991  2 files
A7.8.7 1992  1 file
A7.8.8 1993  1 file
A7.9 Review Committee  1 file
A7.10   RSC  1 file
A8 Newsletters   1986-1993   2 files
A8.1 Koinonia SA    1986-1993  1 file
A8.2 Talkies 1991-1993  1 file
A9 Projects   1988-1994   20 files
A9.1 Alexandra Peace Group 1991-1993  1 file
A9.2   Project Budgets  1 file
A9.3 Interracial Christian encounters 1988-1989  2 files
A9.4 Mamelodi Commune House   1989-1991  1 file
A9.5 Peace Tax Campaign  1992-1993  5 files
A9.6  Tembisa Peace Corps  1990-1992   2 files
A9.7 Tour Groups   1989-1990  2 files
A9.8 Victims of Apartheid Project   1990-1994  6 files
A10 Promotional material 1986-1991  1 file
A11 Protests  1991  2 files  
A11.1 Protest against IFP funding by Nationalist government  1991  1 file
A11.2 Protest against segregated transport   1 file
A12 Regions  1985-1994  36 files
A12.1 General 1 file
A12.2 Brits  1 file
A12.3 Cape Town  1 file
A12.4 Coronationville  1 file
A12.5 Durban 2 files
A12.6 East London   1 file
A12.7 Greytown  1 file
A12.8 Johannesburg 1 file
A12.9 Johannesburg, Soweto   5 files
A12.10 Kimberley  1 file
A12.11 Northern Ireland   1 file
A12.12 Pietermaritzburg  3 files
A12.13 Port Elizabeth  2 files
A12.14             Pretoria   5 files
A12.15             Santa Barbara, USA   2 files
A12.16             Stellenbosch  2 files
A12.17              Tembisa  3 files
 A12.18              Tygerberg  1 file
 A12.19              Vaal Region  1 file
 A12.20  Windhoek  1 file
A13  Reports   1988-1994  7 files
A13.1 1988     1 file
A13.2 1989     1 file
A13.3 1990     1 file
A13.4 1991     1 file
A13.5 1992     1 file
A13.6 1993     1 file
A13.7 1994     1 file
A14 Strategic documents   8 files
A14.1 Constitution  2 files
A14.2 Evaluations of KSA  1993  1 file
A14.3 Fundraising strategies  1992-1994  1 file
A14.4 Guiding statement   1 file
A14.5 Induction Package  1 file
A14.6 Organisation  1 file
A14.7 Policies 1 file
A15 Thematic documents   1989-1992  4 files
A15.1 Dealings with SAP  1989-1990  1 file
A15.2 Dealings with Wit Wolwe  1 file
A15.3 Koinonia/NIR merger   1990-1992  1 file
A15.4 Racism 1 file
A16 Press clippings and press releases   2 files
 B1 Africa News 1 file
 B2 ANC  1 file
 B3 Centre for Intergroup Studies  1 file
 B4 Christian Service Organisations   1 file
 B5 Coalition against State Murder and Corruption  1 file
 B6 Community Development Resource Association  1 file
B7 Comrades for Christ  1 file
B8 Concerned Evangelicals  1 file
B9 CPSA 1 file
B10 Crisis Care  1 file
B11 Democratic Party  1 file
B12 Dutch Reformed Church 1 file
B13 El Shaddai Peace Centre  1 file
B14 Empowering for Reconciliation with Justice 1 file
B15 End Conscription Campaign 1 file
B16 Fellowship of Concerned Baptists   1 file
B17 Five Freedoms Forum  1 file
B18 Gifted Child Programme  1 file
B19 Gospel Defence League   1 file
B20 Habitat for Humanity 1 file
B21 HAP Organisational Development Services 1 file
B22 Human Rights Commission   1 file
B23 Human Rights Trust  1 file
B24 IBI-Peace Action  1 file
B25 IDASA  1 file
B26 Independent Party  1 file
B27 Institute for Contextual Theology   1 file
B28 Institute of Internal Education    1 file
B29 Interchurch Media Programme   1 file
B30 Methodist Order of Peacemakers   1 file
B31 National Institute for Reconciliation (NIR)  3 files
B32 National Party 1 file
B33 National Values Centre  1 file
B34 Pietermaritzburg Agency for Christian Social Awareness   1 file
B35 Pretoria Initiative for Reconciliation (PIR)  1 file
B36 Progressive Federal Party  1 file
B37 SACC 5 files
B38 Standing for the Truth Committee   1 file
B39 The Africa Fund   1 file
B40 The Development Resource Centre 1 file
B41 The Washington Office on Africa   1 file
B42 United States Information Service  1 file
B43 Urban Foundation  1 file
B44 Vuleka Trust   1 file
B45 Youth Alive     1 file
C1 ICT Emergency Conference 1992   1 file
C2 National Interfaith Conference 1990 1 file