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Collection Index:ARCHBISHOPS OF CAPE TOWN PART 3 1872-1996
Collection Name:ARCHBISHOPS OF CAPE TOWN PART 3 Records 1872-1996
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 Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 Compiled by Carol Archibald 
 The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg 1998 
 The Anglican Church in South Africa was founded in 1847 with the creation of the Diocese of Cape Town and the arrival of Bishop Gray, its first bishop. It was called Church of the Province of South Africa, later amended to Church of the Province of Southern Africa (C.P.S.A.). Its titular head is the Archbishop of Cape Town known as Archbishop and Metropolitan. Today it comprises South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia and St Helena.  
 The Diocese of Mashonaland, previously part of the C.P.S.A. has since 1955 been part of theChurch of the Province of Central Africa. 
 The first part of the collection of CPSA records deals with the foundation and progress of the various dioceses and activities of the church, and mainly covers the years 1848-1938. 
  It has been described in 'Selected Records of the Archbishops of Cape Town', No 6, in the library's series of Historical and Literary Papers: Inventories of Collections 
 The second part, 'Selected Records of the Archbishops of Cape Town, Part II' describes records transferred to the Library from Bishopscourt, the home of the Archbishops of Cape Town, by Mrs Kotze, the Provincial Archivist. The records in Part II relate mainly to the years 1940-1982, and are described in No 16 of the Historical and Literary Papers: Inventories of Collections. 
 This present inventory consists mainly of additional records transferred from Bishopscourt between the years 1983 and 1996, and covering the episcopacies of Archbishops Russell and Tutu. (There are also some records from Church House, the Diocesan headquarters in Cape Town which cover an earlier period, - from 1855 - but for the sake of convenience these have been combined with the Bishopscourt records.) The files are arranged alphabetically by subject according to the Bishopscourt filing system. As in Part II, a condensed description of each subject file is given in the inventory together with an index of personal names, churches, parishes and selected subject fields, and a list of the names of bishops in each diocese, from the origin of the diocese to date, has been provided together with a map showing the dioceses of the CPSA in existence in 1998.  
 The records relate to the Church of the Province as a whole, but there is a preponderance of Cape records due to the Archbishop's dual role as head of the Cape Town Diocese and metropolitan for the province. They include the Archbishops' correspondence with bishops of the various dioceses and with clergy and lay people, and they reflect the administration of the CPSA and its work, as well as the Church's attitude to social and political problems in South Africa such as abortion, homosexuality and the church, conscientious objection, race, sanctions, violence and political negotiations. 
 A number of these files do not relate spec1fically to the CPSA but reveal the various interests of the Archbishops. Archbishop Tutu's files include correspondence from numbers of organisations within and outside South Africa that were dedicated to removing apartheid and restoring a just society. Examples are the Bishop Desmond Tutu Refugee Scholarship Fund, the Educational Opportunities Council, West European Parliamentarians for Action against Apartheid, etc. This collection therefore gives an indication of Bishop Tutu's influence, both in the Church and as a participant in many human rights and welfare organisations. 
 Andre Soares 2003- 
 Robert Gray 1847-1872 (Bp) 
 William West Jones 1874-1897 (Bp) 
 William West Jones 1897-1908 (Abp) 
 William Marlborough Carter 1909-1931 
 Francis Robinson Phelps 1931-1938 
 John Russell Darbyshire 1938-1948 
 Geoffrey Hare Clayton 1949-1957 
 Joost de Blank 1957-1963 
 Robert Selby Taylor 1964-1974 
 Bill Bendyshe Burnett 1974-1981 
 Philip Welsford Richmond Russell 1981-1986 
 Desmond Mpilo Tutu 1986-1996 
 Winston Njongonkulo Ndungane 1996- 
 Edward Twells 1863-1869 
 Alan Becher Webb 1870-1883 
 George Wyndham Knight-Bruce 1886-1891 
 John Wale Hicks 1892-1899 
 Sede Vacante 1899-1901 
 Arthur Chandler 1902-1920 
 Walter Julius Carey 1921-1935 
 Arthur Henry Howe-Browne 1935-1951 
 Cecil William Alderson 1951-1957 
 Bill Bendyshe Burnett 1957-1967 
 Frederick Andrew Amoore 1967-1982 
 Thomas Shaun Stange 1982-1997 
 Elistan Patrick Glover 1997- 
 Peter John Lee 1990- 
 Merwyn Edwin Castle 2006 
 Henry Bindley Sidwell 1911-1936 
 Herbert Linford Gwyer 1937-1951 
 John Hunter 1951-1966 
 Patrick Harold Falkiner Barron 1966-1978 
 William James Manning 1974-1984 
 Derek George Damant 1984-1999 
 Donald Frederick Harker 1999- 
 John Armstrong 1853-1856 
 Henry Cotterill 1856-1871 
 Nathaniel James Merriman 1871-1882 
 Allan Becher Webb 1883-1898 
 Charles Edward Cornish 1899-1915 
 Francis Robinson Phelps 1915-1931 
 Archibald Howard Cullen 1931-1959 
 Robert Selby Taylor 1959-1964 
 Gordon Leslie Tindall 1964-1969 
 Bill Bendyshe Burnett 1969-1974 
 Kenneth Cyril Oram 1975-1987 
 David Patrick Hamilton Russell 1987-2002 
 Thabo Cecil Makgoba 2002- 
 Arthur Baillie Lumsdaine Karney 1922-1933 
 Geoffrey Hare Clayton 1934-1949 
 Richard Ambrose Reeves 1949-1961 
 Leslie Edward Stradling 1961-1974 
 Timothy Bavin 1974-1985 
 Desmond Mpilo Tutu 1985-1986 
 George Duncan Buchanan 1986-2000 
 Brian Charles Germond 2000- 
 Wilfrid Gore-Browne 1912-1928 
 Theodore Sumner Gibson 1928-1943 
 John Hunter 1943-1951 
 John Boys 1951-1960 
 Philip William Wheeldon 1961-1965 
 Clarence Edward Crowther 1965-1967 
 Philip William Wheeldon 1968-1976 
 Graham Charles Chadwick 1976-1983 
 George Alfred Swartz 1983-1991 
 Winston Njongonkulu Ndungane 1991-1996 
 Itumeleng Baldwin Moseki 1996- 
 David Cecil T Nkwe 1990- 
 William Edmund Smyth 1893-1912 
 John Latimer Fuller 1913-1920 
 Leonard Noel Fisher 1921-1928 
 Basil William Peacey 1929-1936 
 Dennis Victor 1936-1948 
 John Boys 1948-1952 
 Humphrey Beevor 1952-1958 
 Stanley Chapman Pickard 1958-1969 
 Daniel Pereira Dos Santos Cabral 1969-1976 
 Dinis Salomao Sengulane 1976-6 
 John Arrowsmith Maund 1950-1976 
 Desmond Mpilo Tutu 1976-1978 
 Philip Stanley Mokuku 1978-1997 
 Andrew Thabo Duma 1997-1999 
 Joseph Mahapu Tsubella 1999- 
 Leslie Walker 2005 
 Nelson Wellesley Fogarty 1924-1933 
 Charles Christopher Watts 1934-1939 
 George Wolfe Robert Tobias 1939-1949 
 Cecil William Alderson 1949-1952 
 John Dacre Vincent 1952-1960 
 Robert Henry Mize 1960-1968 
 Colin O'Brien Winter 1968-1981 
 James Hamupanda Kauluma 1981-2006 
 Nathaniel Ndaxuma Nakwatumbah 2006- 
 John William Colenso 1853-1864 
 Sede Vacante 1864-1869 
 William Kenneth Macrorie 1869-1892 
 Arthur Hamilton Baynes 1893-1900 
 Frederick Samuel Baines 1901-1928 
 Leonard Noel Fisher 1928-1951 
 Thomas George Vernon Inman 1951-1974 
 Philip Welsford Richmond Russell 1974-1982 
 Michael Nuttall 1982-1995 
 Rubin Phillip 1995- 
 Paulo Zuizane Litumbe 1979-1985 
 Paulino Manhique 1985-2003 
 Mark van Koevering 2003- 
 Sigqibo Dwane 1983- 
 Philip Welsford Richmond Russell 1970-1974 
 Bruce Read Evans 1975-1993 
 Eric Pike 1993-1998 
 Bethlehem Nopece 1998 
 Henry Brougham Bousfield 1878-1902 
 William Marlborough Carter 1902-1909 
 Michael Bolton Furse 1909-1920 
 Neville Stuart Talbot 1920-1933 
 Wilfrid Parker 1933-1950 
 Robert Selby Taylor 1951-1959 
 Edward George Knapp-Fisher 1960-1974 
 Michael Nuttall 1975-1982 
 Richard Austin Kraft 1982-1998 
 Johannes Thomas Seoka 1998- 
 Piers Calverley Claughton 1859-1862 
 Thomas Earle Welby 1862-1899 
 John Garraway Holmes 1899-1904 
 William Arthur Holbech 1905-1930 
 Charles Christopher Watts 1931-1935 
 Charles Arthur William Aylen1935-1939 
 Gilbert Price Lloyd Turner 1939-1960 
 Harold Beardmore 1960-1967 
 Edmund Michael Hubert Capper 1967-1973 
 George Kenneth Giggall 1973-1979 
 Edward Alexander Carman 1979-1985 
 James Nathaniel Johnson 1985-1990 
 John Harry Gerald Ruston 1991-1999 
 John William Salt 1999 
 Henry Callaway 1873-1886 
 Bransby Lewis Key 1886-1901 
 Joseph Watkin Williams 1901-1922 
 Edward Harold Etheridge 1923-1943 
 Theodore Sumner Gibson 1943-1951 
 Henry St John Tomlinson Evans 1951-1956 
 James Leo Schuster 1956-1980 
 Godfrey William Ernest C Ashby 1980-1985 
 Jacob Zambuhle Dlamini 1985-2000 
 Sitembele Tobela Mzamane 2000 
 Rollo Philip John Le Feuvre 1987-2000 
 Martin Andre Breytenbach 2000- 
 David Albert Beetge 1990- 
 Anthony George Weaver Hunter 1968-1975 
 Bernard Lazarus Nyoni Mkhabela 1975-1993 
 Lawrence Bekisisa Zulu 1993-2002 
 Meshack Boy Mabuza 2002- 
 Geoffrey Francis Davies 1991-2003 
 Mlibo Mteteleli Ngewu 2003- 
 Thomas Edward Wilkinson 1870-1875 
 Sede Vacante 1875-1880 
 Douglas MacKenzie 1880-1890 
 William Marlborough Carter 1891-1902 
 Wilmot Lushington Vyvyan 1903-1929 
 Charles Arthur William Aylen1930-1935 
 Albert William Lee 1935-1947 
 Eric Joseph Trapp 1947-1957 
 Thomas Joseph Savage 1958-1966 
 Alphaeus Hamilton Zulu 1966-1975 
 Lawrence Bekisisa Zulu 1975-1993 
 Peter Harker 1993-1997 
 Anthony Mdletshe 1997-2005 
 Dino Gabriel 2005- 
A1 Miscellaneous 5 files 1988-1993 
A2 Abortion 1f 1995-1997 
 Correspondence, press cuttings including one reporting Archbishop Tutu's views on the subject, report. 
A3 Ad Clerum (Archbishops' Circulars to all clergy) 1f 1983-1987 
 Miscellaneous information for clergy, mainly sent by Archbishops Russell and Tutu. Topics include further study by clergy, St Paul's College Clergy School, movementsand appointments of clergy, CESA, car insurance, booklets recommended, offers ofhelp from overseas clergy, prayers for Soweto Day and Day of Prayer and Fasting,scholarships, funerals, National Initiative for Reconciliation, reports of synods, rules relicencing of remarried clergy, clergy forums, division of the diocese, Greyladies Discretionary Fund, bishops' views on social issues. 
A4 African Enterprise 1f 1981-1996 
A5 Correspondence, mainly with Michael Cassidy. Various topics including the National Initiative for Reconciliation, AIDS, hermeneutics (biblical interpretation). Also a few papers and newsletters. African National Congress 5f 1989-1995 
A6 Correspondence, circulars, ANC letter to Mr de Klerk, (9/7/92) Address by Bantu Holomisa (28/2/92), address by Nelson Mandela (26/5/92) Press statements. 
  Requests for money for travel, scholarships, requests for intervention by Archbishop Tutu in taxi wars and human rights cases. Text of a joint undertaking between Nelson Mandela and Mangosuthu Buthelezi re peace and the democratic process (1993) Archbishop Tutu was instrumental in bringing the two leaders together. (See also 'Church and State' for ANC election advertisement in the press). Africare 1f 1991-1992 
 Correspondence between the Archbishop's office and 'Africare' a US based organisation offering support in South Africa. Invitations and awards offered to Archbishop Tutu. 
A7 AIDS 3f 1991-1993 
 Correspondence re AIDS task force; information re pastoral care and counselling for people with AIDS. Also a set of papers on AIDS produced for the United Nations Development Programme, (1992?) 
A8 All Saints Sisterhood 1f 1894-1906 
 Monthly Journal (1894) and reports of St Michael's Home for Destitute Children, House of Mercy, etc. (1894-1906) See also Leliebloem House. 
A9 All-African Conference of Churches 1f 1989 
 Correspondence, progress report 
A10 American Forum on South Africa 1f 1988-1989 
 Correspondence with Archbishop Tutu, re sanctions against SA and American influence in favour of reform. 
A11 Anglican Communion - General 
A11.1 Publications 1f 1985-1992 
 Anglican Information (1985-1990) and The Compasrose 1991-1992 (incomplete). Also 'The Anglican Communion' - a guide to diocese and churches of the Anglican faith throughout the world. 
A11.2 Primates' Meetings 1 box 1989-1993 
 Records of meetings of the Primates of the Anglican Communion (some held jointly with the standing committee of the Anglican Consultative Council. Includes papers on various topics (e.g. ecumenical matters, liturgy, human rights, mission and evangelism, ordination of women, homosexualiity and social justice issues). Includes a resource list of books for the Decade of Evangelism. 
A11.3 Anglican Consultative Council - General 4f 1985-1993 
A11.4 Correspondence, reports, minutes of meetings of the Standing Committee. Anglican Communion (Australia) 1f 1985-1989 
 Correspondence, some relating to CESA. Information re Archbishop Tutu's visit in 1987 and relations between CPSA and Australia. 
A11.5 Anglican Communion (Canada) 2f 1984-1990 
A11.6 Correspondence with churches and people in Canada and information re Archbishop Tutu's visit in 1990; relations between Canada and the CPSA Anglican Communion (UK) 3f 1983-1993 
 Correspondence between the Archbishop and various churches and organisations in the UK and information e.g. a booklet 'Some religious communities of the Anglican Church in Britain' . Subjects include the Church Commissioners' Investment policy and South Africa, and the theological views of the Bishop of Durham. In file 1 is Archbishop Tutu's essay on Trevor Huddleston, 1987. 
A11.7 Anglican Communion (USA) 8f 1983-1995 
 Correspondence between the Archbishop and churches and organisations in the USA. Includes some information about the application of sanctions to SA by the USA (See also Presiding Bishop's Fund for World Relief) 
A11.8 Anglican Communion (Other) 2f 1984-1995 
 Correspondence etc from Central Africa, Ireland, India, Indian Ocean, Japan, Jerusalem and Middle East, New Zealand, Rwanda, Scottish Episcopal Church, Tanzania, Uganda, United Nations (Anglican Observer at UN) West Indies 
A12 Anglican Mission Association 1f 1985-1994 
 Records of this association for missionary endeavour in Africa and South America 
A13 Anglican Students' Federation 2f 1965-1994 
 Constitution, minutes of 30th AGM, correspondence. Copies of the newsletters 'KHANYA' and 'ASFACTS', 1965-1985. 
A14 Anglican Women's Fellowship 3f 1982-1994 
 Correspondence, minutes, reports. Records of 12th and 14th Provincial Council Meetings. 
A15 Applications for funding to facilitate the ministry of Archbishop Tutu 1f 1988 
 Appeals to forward Archbishop Tutu's 'unique ministry' by raising funds for more staff and additional office space at Bishopscourt. 
A16 Archbishop of Canterbury 2f 1978-1995 
 Correspondence, mainly between Archbishop Runcie, Archbishop Carey, Terry Waite (Secretary for Anglican Communion Affairs) and the diocese. Subjects include Namibia and the visit by British MPs, the ordination of women and the Roman Catholic church, fund raising efforts for South Africa by a racially mixed choir. Sermon preached by Archbishop Runcie in Cape Town on 7th Sept 1986 and letter of thanks by Archbishop Tutu. Christmas message 1985 in which Abp Runcie refers to South Africa. Support by Synod of the Church of England for sanctions. Invitation to Archbishop Tutu (from Abp Runcie) to speak at the Lambeth Conference. Speech re authority in the Anglican Communion (1978). Visit by Abp Tutu and planned visit of Archbishop Carey. 
A17 Archbishop's discretionary fund 2f 1973-1995 
 Correspondence, statements (see also Provincial Secretary/Treasurer) 
A18 Archbishop's schedule 2f 1989-1992 
 Archbishop Tutu's diary of appointments. 
A19 Archbishop's Staff Meeting of Diocesan and Provincial staff. 2f 1993-1995 
 Minutes 1993-1995 
A20.1 Archdeaconries and Regions (Diocese of Cape Town) 3f 1984-1993 
 Correspondence, reports, minutes of council meetings. (Central, Eastern and Western Regions and Archdeaconry of Mitchell's Plain, False Bay, Athlone and Wynberg.) 
A20.2 Archdeaconry of Caledon 2f 1949-1969, 1988-1992 
 Correspondence, minutes of council, agreements of lease and deed of sale relating to a property in Bellville, report of a conference of clergy in the archdeaconry of Caledon, 1949 (re administration of sacraments.) 
A20.3 Archdeaconry of Paarl 1f 1959-1986 
 Correspondence, mainly with A.F. van der Byl, Archdeacon of Paarl and later in Cape Town. 
A21 Architectural drawings (list) 1f 1973 
 Revised list of architectural drawings in the CPSA. Loan collection in the UCT Libraries. 
A22 Association in Aid of the Archbishop of Cape Town 1 box 1870-1920 
 This association was formed with a view to fundraising for various mission projects, and for providing the income of the Archbishop of Maritzburg. The records include a monthly record, occasional papers, reports and financial records, and give a fairly detailed account of missionary and other activity in the Diocese of Cape Town and surrounding areas, and accounts of the Bishop's work. 
A23 Association of Private Schools 3f 1986-1990 
 Constitution, minutes, information sheets. Includes the results of a survey done at Bishop's as to what parents' expectations are of private school education, etc. (See also Southern African Association of Independent Schools) 
A24 Association of West European parliamentarians for action against apartheid 1f 1991-1993 
 Correspondence, memoranda, news bulletins, conference papers. 
A25 Athlone - St Mark's 2f 1935-1972 
 Correspondence including information on property and buildings (see also Crawford - St Johns) 
A26 Athlone school for the Blind 1f 1934-1962 
 Trust deed and constitution, memorandum from CPSA supporting application for a government loan, correspondence. 
A27 Atlanta - Archbiship Tutu's trip in 1993 1f 1992-1993 
 Correspondence and arrangements. 
A28 Azanian People's Organisation 1f 1990-1993 
 Correspondence, minutes of AZAPO peace conference, press releases re violence. 
B1 Miscellaneous 5 files 1986-1993 
B2 Barolong ba ga Modiboa tribe 1f 1961-1993 
 Correspondence, etc. about the efforts of the Barolong of Machaviestad to reclaim their land; memoranda on the dispute. Judgement in a case Morris Gorekwang vs Regina, 1961. 
B3 Barrow-Dowling Organ Scholarship 1f 1953-1974 
 Correspondence re scholarship 
B4 Belhar All Saints 2f 1978-1989 
 Plans, correspondence, deed of consecration, faculty applications, marriage applications, lay ministry. 
B5 Bellville - Church of the Transfiguration. 2f 1965-1979 
 Correspondence, plans for additional premises and faculty application. Purchase of Black Heath property and sales of property. 
B6 Bellville - St John's 1f 1949-1979 
 Correspondence, deed of transfer (1972) plans. 
B7 Bellville, - St George's (Kuils River) 1f 1966-1977 
 Correspondence, plans 
B8 Besuests 1 box mainly 1940s-1980s 
 Records of bequests to the Church from estates. 
B9 Bergvliet - St Martin's 1f 1953-1978 
 Correspondence, mainly re property and buildings. Deed of Sale. 
 Bernard Mizeki (See Order of Bernard Mizeki) 
B10 Bible Society 1f 1983-1985 
 Correspondence with Ds Gerrit van der Merwe and others, re provision of Bibles 
B11 Birmingham City-Wide Christian Celebration, with Archbishop Desmond Tutu. 1f 1989 
 Correspondence, programme, information on race relations and apartheid. Includes photos from South Africa to stimulate discussion of race issues. 
 Bishop Tutu Refugee Fund -(See Bishop Desmond Tutu Southern Africa Refugee..) 
B12 Bishop Desmond Tutu Southern Africa Refugee Scholarship Fund 3f 1986-1991 
 Correspondence, application form, minutes, financial records, address by Bishop Tutu, appeals for assistance, letters re winding down the scholarship fund. 
B13 Bishops (retired) 1f 1989-1995 
 Correspondence with retired bishops, mainly personal. Includes a report to the Synod of Bishops on Episcopal Chaplaincy to retired clergy and clergy widows (1991) and a letter from Archbishop Selby Taylor re celibacy of the clergy and the liturgical innovation whereby clergy are vested by their wives; biographical notes on RS Taylor, notes re the secular state by John Carter, and a letter from Timothy Bavin to Abp Tutu re his vocation.  
B14 Bishops' Circulars and correspondence 2f 1986-1993 
 Circulars and correspondence addressed to Bishops of the Province. Various topics. 
 Includes letters from: 
 John Carter 3/4/86. Re Anglican Cycle of prayer 
 Frederick Amoore 25/4/86. Re consecration of Bp Russell 
 John Carter 10/7/86. Re message from the Archbishop of Canterbury in favour of sanctions against South Africa. 
 John Carter 2/12/86. Re links with parishes in the UK. 
 Desmond Tutu 5/12/86. Re Synod and the Federal Theological Seminary 
 Thomas Stanage 4/2/87. Re J Lebitsa, ex-theological student and con man. 
 Winston Ndungane 13/3/87. Re parish links 
 John Carter 14/4/87. Re parish links 
 Winston Ndungane 17/6/87. Re St Augustine's Foundation 
 Winston Ndungane 8/12/87. Re meeting with the NG Kerk 
 S.N. Colam 22/12/87. Re travel bookings 
 A. Gregorowski 18/1/88. Re Christian Giving and Stewardship conference. 
 Winston Ndungane 19/1/88. Re women, black and youth delegates at PSC. 
 Alfred Mkhize 19/1/88. Re Christian Stewardship Conference. 
 Institute for the study of Spirituality 10/5/88. Re recommended books for study 
 Michael Nuttall 12/9/89. Re cost of Altar Book 
 Desmond Tutu 18/9/89. Re cost of prayer book 
 Rowan Smith 30/1/91. Re multi-party march for constituent assembly and interim governmentSecretary, Publishing Committee 15/2/91. Re publications 
 John Suggit 26/2/91 Re Celebration of Faith 
 Rowan Smith 26/3/91 Re prayers for peace 
 Desmond Tutu 17/5/91 Re individuals, Lambeth Conference, reading by clergy,membership of politicalparties, attendance at retreats 
 Michael Nuttall 25/6/91. Re appointment of Provincial Executive Officer and enthronement of Bishop Winston 
 Desmond Tutu 23/9/91. Appeal for funds to rescue the Diocese of Namibia 
 Michael Nuttall 26/9/91 Re liturgy 
 Desmond Tutu 27/9/91. Re giving to various causes (Aids, Liberia, new diocese of Umzimvubu etc.) 
 C.L.Botha 2/10/91. Re prison visiting 
 Michael Nuttall 7/10/91. Re visiting priest. 
 Michael Nuttall 11/11/91. Re Principal of Theological College 
 Peter Lee Nov 1991. Re bishops' ststement on sanctions (and draft statement) 
 Donald Nestor 11/12/91. Re Theological Education 
 Sid Colam. 11/2/92. Re Provincial Audit. 
 Michael Nuttall 24/2/92. Re Theological college, Namibia, ordination of women, renewal of diaconal vows. 
 Thomas Stanage. 27/2/92 Re prayer books. 
 Desmond Tutu 5/3/92. Includes comments on politics 
 Thomas Stanage 18/3/92. Re Traditional Anglican Trust 
 Desmond Tutu 3/9/92. Re Synod, ordination of women 
 Michael Nuttall 1/7/93. Re meeting between Mandela and Buthelezi (with joint press statement), appointment of a provincial canon, links with churches in the UK. 
 Michael Nuttall 14/7/92. Re future of the Federal Theological Seminary 
 Desmond Tutu 18/3/93. Re election of Mervyn Castle as Suffragan 
 Desmond Tutu 7/4/95. Re Lambeth Conference 
B15 Bishops' Meetings 1 vol, 2 files 1988-1993 
 Minutes of meetings of Bishops in the Diocese of Cape Town. (Includes some confidential material) 
B16 Bishops' Statements and pastoral letters 1f 1988-1996 
 Statements from the Synod of Bishops and pastoral letters, mainly on political and social topics (see also Synod of Bishops, Media) 
 Statement from the Synod of Bishops re sanctions, 3/12/88 
 Statement from the Synod of Bishops re Namibia, Mozambique, De Klerk's reforms. 29/11/89 
 Statement from the Synod of Bishops Feb 25, 1990. re violence, social ills. 
 Statement from Synod of Bishops after Kempton Park meeting re violence, Mozambique, Lesotho, farmworkers. May 1992 
 Statement by Synod of Bishops after Kempton Park meeting, re Angola, Lesotho, Mozambique, corruption and violence in SA. March 1993 
 Statement from Synod of Bishops 9/9/93 re taxi violence 
 Statement from Synod of bishops re political negotiations, l1fting of sanctions, peace initiatives, Motsuenyane Report (re ANC atrocities) Sept 10 1993 
 Quotation by Abp Tutu in journal article re other faiths and Christianity 7/8/94 
 Pastoral letter re church financing, 1994 
 Pastoral letter on Human Sexuality (undated) 
 Statement of the Synod of Bishops re Reconstruction and Development and public morality, economy, responsibilty,etc. 23/2/95 
 Final Statement from Synod of Bishops re negotiations, the TRC, arms trade, death penalty, refugees and aliens 20-24/2/95 
 Statement from Synod 1996 (Crime, lawlessness, death penalty, abortion, AIDS) 
 Statement from the Synod of Bishops and pastoral letter re abortion 5/3/1997 
 Press statement from Synod of Bishops 6/3/97 re homosexuality 
 Statement by Winston Ndungane re Olympic Games and alleviation of poverty 7/3/97 
 Statement by Synod of Bishops re proposed use of mine shafts as prisons 5/3/97 
 Statement re art1ficial insemination (confidential) Undated. 
 A Christian response to crime, violence and lawlessness. Undated 
B17 Bishop's Trust 1f 1990 
 Minutes of Trustees' meetings (see also Diocesan College) 
B18 Bishopscourt 5f and 1 vol 1923-1997 
 Includes: memorandum by the Diocesan Secretary on the emoluments of the Archbishop and the maintenance of Bishopscourt (1957), inventories of the contents of Bishopscourt, information about repairs, security, insurance, correspondence re staff, reports on the condition of the paintings, information and plans on the additional offices and other matters mainly relating to the building. Service register for Bishopscourt chapel 1964-1974. Press cuttings re proposed plan for Bishopscourt, 1997. 
B19 Bishopscourt - Staff 1f 1981-1993 
 Correspondence re staff and testimonials for staff who left employment at Bishopscourt. 
B20 Bishopscourt Staff Meetings 1f 1989-1993 
 Minutes of Staff Meetings. 
B21 Bishopscourt Summit 1f 1990 
 Correspondence relating to a 'Summit' meeting of black leaders summoned by Archbishop Tutu in an effort to combat the violence in the country. 
B22 Black Solidarity Group/Black Concerned Fellowship 1f 1983-1989 
 Minutes of a group of black clergy dedicated to promoting awareness of the problems affecting black church members. 
B23 Bloemfontein - Bishop 1f 1987-1993 
 Correspondence, including letters between Bishop Stanage and Archbishop Tutu re church's political stance. 
B24 Bloemfontein - Diocese 1f 1983-1997 
 Correspondence (re placements, diocesan affairs, disharmony in parishes, Rev. Lekoro, etc. Clerical directory for Bloemfontein. 
B25 Bloemfontein Leaflets 1f Undated 
 Numbers 1,2 and 3. The story of Mohale's Hoek Mission, The Story of St Philip's Mission, The Story of Thaba 'Nchu Mission. 
B26 Blue Downs Commission 1f 1987 
 Correspondence re church sites in this area, maps and minutes of meeting. 
B27 Board of Social Responsibility 6f 1974-1994 
 Correspondence, minutes, 'Zwelakhe's Story' - (the account of a farmworker turned off a farm in the Eastern Cape), papers re programmes and staffing, information re Ngconde Balfour (fieldworker for BRS, detained) and memo by Sid Luckett on his ministry (1989). 
B28 Bonteheuwel - Church of the Resurrection 1f 1963-1979 
B29 Bophuthatswana 1f 1990-1991 
 Correspondence, including an invitation by Bishop Tutu to a conference of black political leaders (declined by President Mangope) and correspondence about intervention by Bishop Tutu in human rights issues. 
B30 Bothasig - Holy Trinity (Edgemead) 1f 1973-1979 
 Correspondence, plans. 
B31 Bot River - Holy Trinity 2f 1932-1979 
 Correspondence, plans. Includes information on a church at Villiersdorp 1932-1937; Greyton, 1938-1979, Kleinmond School, 1945-1976, Bot River Mission School, 1940- 1975 
B32 Brazil - Archbishop Tutu's visit 1f 1987 
 Programme, speeches 
B33 Bredasdorp - All Saints 4 files 1938-1978 
 Correspondence, mainly re Bredasdorp properties including Napier church and school, Ouplaas school, Klipdale school, Arniston school, Medland school, and properties in Struisbaai. 
B34 Broadcasting 1f 1983-1985 
 Correspondence on matters relating to the church and the SABC, (e.g. portrayal by the SABC of Bishop Tutu as a 'man of violence'); report of Interchurch Media Programme. 
B35 Broken Wall Community of Reconciliation Trust 1f 1985-1991 
 Memorandum of association and cert1ficate of incorporation of a company whose object is 'to proclaim the gospel of Christ through the ministries of reconciliation andcommunity development' . Archbishop Tutu was asked to be a patron of the Community. 
B36 Burnett, Bill (Archbishop) 1f 1969-1981 
 Miscellaneous correspondence and an address "Freedom and Authority" 1969. 
 Correspondents include: Robin Beck, G Abernethy (re diocesan affairs), D.A.Verstraete (re church and violence); M van Wyk (personal and confidential). 
B37 Bursaries 1f 1991 
 Mainly letters of thanks for bursaries received. 
C1 Miscellaneous 6 files 1986-1994 
C2 Caledon - Holy Trinity 4f 1934-1979 
 Correspondence including information on Holy Trinity Church (and its proclamation as a National Monument 1978), sales of property, Stanford, Tesselaarsdal, Old Baths Farm, Uilkraal school, Middleton Glebe, Pringle Bay, Vlei View, Houw Hoek, Caledon Mission School. File 1 includes a history of Holy Trinity Church Caledon 1948-1952, By Rev C Green. 
C3 Calvinia 4f 1931-1979 
 Correspondence including a report by Caradoc Davies of a commission to the Calvinia and Clanwilliam districts (1931) and information on Vredendal (1954-1967)' Louriesfontein (1932- 1969) and Klawer 1966- 1976(See also Clanwilliam.) 
C4 Camden House 1f 1987-1995 
 Correspondence and reports of this hostel for young working girls and ex-inmates of children's homes. 
C5 Camps Bay - St Peter's 1f 1926-1971 
 Correspondence re loans, bequests, property, faculty application 
C6 Canada 1f 1990 
 Records of Archbishop Tutu's visit to Canada in August 1990. 
 Cape Town See also Diocesan.. 
C7 Cape Town - Church of the Ascension 1f 1948-1979 
 Correspondence, deed of sale. 
C8 Cape Town Diocesan Association 1f 1883-1934 
 Reports, news sheets. (This association was concerned mainly with fundraising for various projects.) 
C9 Cape Town Diocesan Board of Missions 1f 1919-1929 
 Reports, 1919 and 1929 
C10 Cape Town Diocesan Chancellor 1f 1987-1989 
C11 Cape Town Diocese (General) 1f 1981-1995 
 Correspondence, lists of income and expenditure of various parishes, records of meetings, and an article by Margaret Cairns, 1995, re the date on which Cape Town became a city. 
C12 Cape Town Diocese Financial Year Books 1 box 1910-1990 
 Includes balance sheets and income and expenditure accounts (Diocesan Finance Board and Diocesan Trusts Board). From 1948-1988 they include a Roll of Clergy for the Cape Town Diocese. 
C13 Cape Town - St Barnabas 3f 1921-1988 
 Press cutting - history of the church. Church canvas. Correspondence, lay ministry, faculties, marriage applications, plans 
C14 Cape Town - St John's 1f 1925-1975 
 Correspondence, including information on the sale of St John's Church in 1970. (Also original Deed of Transfer dated 1854) (For information on organ see St John's Crawford) 
C15 Cape Town - St Marks, District Six 2f 1948-1982 
 Correspondence including some re sale of property to the Department of Community Development, and information on St Mark's Community Centre.  
C16 Cape Town - St Paul's 1f 1935-1979 
 Correspondence, reports on buildings, auditor's report, faculty application. 
C17 Cape Town - St Philip's 1f 1922-1979 
 Correspondence, plans 
C18 Carter, W.M. (Archbishop) 1f 1947 
 Correspondence re the portrait of Archbishop Carter, sent to Eton College. 
C19 Cathedral St George's. 8f 1848-1988 
 Correspondence, bequests, lay ministry, faculty application, marriage applications, architect's correspondence, brochures re history of the building and correspondence re the purchase and sale of property and deeds of transfer. Includes part of a document granting freehold to land for St George's School to Robert Gray in 1848. Building Fund records, fund raising proposals. "Around the Tower' newsletter, 1994 Location of memorial tablets; booklet on the history of St George's Cathedral and an audio tape of a conducted tour of the Cathedral (by Rev. E. King) 
C20 Cathedral Chapter 3f 1981-1992 
 Correspondence, minutes, Ad Clerums, reports. 
C21 Census 1f 1960-1980 
 Religious affiliation of population (Cape Town area?) in 1960,1970 and 1980. Pamphlet for householders distinguishing between CPSA and CESA 
C22 Center for South Africa Ministry (at All Saints, Pasadena, Cal1fornia) 1f 1988-1990 
 Correspondence with people at All Saints, a parish which took a special interest in South Africa and supported the sanctions campaign. 
C23 Central Diocesan Fund 1f 1963-1984 
 Correspondence and financial records. 
C24 Ceres - St Andrew's 3f 1933-1979 
 Correspondence (much of it relating to property), reports, plans, and a history of St Andrew's Parish 1860-1960. Includes information on the Ceres Glebe Lands 1933-1974; Tulbach Road property 1944-1969; Tulbach water rights.  
 1958-1960; Wolseley Church Site 1957-1978; expropriation of church land 1959-1961; Morrisdale Township and Morrisdale Primary School 1966-1974; earthquake claim 1970; St Andrew's School 1944-1971 and Prince Alfred Hamlet School and land at Prince Alfred 1931-1979. 
C25 Chaplaincies 1f 1981-1991 
 Correspondence re school and university chaplaincies. (See also University of Cape Town, Hospital Chaplains, Prison Chaplains, SADF) 
C26 Chapter Meetings 1f 1992-1993 
 Minutes of meetings of various chapters in the Cape Town Diocese, reports and correspondence. (See also C10) 
C27 Christ the King - Diocese 1f 1990-1995 
 Correspondence (with Bishop Peter Lee), President's charge to synod 1991, 1995, clerical directory 1993. Correspondence on religious broadcasting. 
C28 Christian Education Movement 1f 1955-1978 
 Annual reports, correspondence, financial records. 
C29 Christian Giving and Stewardship Committee 1 file 1988 
C30 Christians for Justice and Peace 1f 1984-1985 
 Minutes, correspondence, reports of an organisation aiming at transformation of South African society. 
C31 Church and State 2f 1986-1994 
 Letters from Archbishop Russell and Archbishop Tutu to the State President, (re Sharpeville Six, restrictions on black leaders etc.) and replies from President PW Botha. Statements issued by the Bishops of the CPSA re the Sharpeville Six and attacks made on Archbishop Tutu. Also includes an ANC election advert (1994) including the names of various CPSA clergy supporting the ANC, together with letters from these clergy to Abp Tutu explaining their action and offering apologies (See also De Klerk, SA government) 
C32 Church Development Officer 1f 1982-1987 
 Correspondence (mainly with Mr Michael Thornton) 
C33 Church extension fund grants. 1965-1979 
 Correspondence about grants of money to parishes 
C34 Church House 3f 1929-1979 
 Documents relating to the Church House building in Queen Victoria Street, Cape Town, including a file on the proposed sale of Church House and St George's Grammar school, 1967-1979. 
C35 Church Girls' Brigade 1f 1981-1994 
 Correspondence, record of activities for 1988. 
C36 'Church Illustrated' 1f 1963-1972 
 Correspondence re closure of publication and debenture stock 
C37 Church Lads' Brigade 3f 1945-1994 
 Minutes, financial statement, correspondence, brochure and circulars, plans for premises, golden jubilee souvenir booklet, centenary brochure. 
C38 Church Lands Act, Rondebosch 1f 1966 
 Correspondence about the retention of a servitude on Rondebosch common. 
C39 Church Men's Society (Provincial and Diocesan) 2f 1981-1992 
 Minutes of meetings, annual conference and AGM. 
C40 Church of England in South Africa 2f 1959, 1984-1985 
 Relations with Church of the Province, correspondence, including some re consecration of Bishop Dudley Foord of CESA. 
C41 Church Sites 1f 1970-1971 
 Applications for church sites 
C42 Church Unity Commission 1f 1982-1994 
 Correspondence, newsletters, draft plan of union, reports, address (Dr Donald Cragg). 
C43 Churches' Urban Planning Commission 3f 1978-1986 
 Report from an organisation representing the concern of Christian Churches for urban and industrial mission, correspondence, reports, minutes.  
C44 Circulars to the Clergy 1f 1982-1988 
 Miscellaneous topics, including: Notices of services, ordinations, anniversary celebrations; text of a press statement from the Diocesan Council re the SA constitution, information re retreats, recommended reading, study opportunities, about regionalisation, appointments of clergy, suggestions for special intercessions, advice re handling of 'mixed' marriages, appeals for money, reports on Synod and the National Initiative for Reconciliation, copies of pastoral letters (eg. by Archbishop Russell on his retirement and Archbishop Tutu on the 1988 elections), memorandum re AIDS and the sacrament, reports back from various meetings.  
C45 Clanwilliam - St John's 4f 1918-1988 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, report on the feasibility of dividing the parish, faculty applications. Includes plans for St Margaret's, Citrusdal and deconsecration of St James', Klawer, with a history of the latter by P.J.Apollis (1 page) File 3 includes information on Citrusdal, Thom Bay, Lambert's Bay, Lutzville. (see also Calvinia) 
C46 Claremont - Christ the King 1f 1955-1976 
 Correspondence, plans 
C47 Claremont - St Matthew's 1f 1937-1979 
 Correspondence re church and attached school. Includes report of Archbishop's Commission to the parish of St Matthews, 1943 
C48 Claremont - St Saviour's 3f 1923-1988 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, marriage applications, faculty applications, appeal for the scheme to restore dignity to the graves of Robert and Sophy Gray, diagram showing churches and chapels associated with the ministry of Robert Gray, Rector's Report (1986). 'Under the Mountain - the story of St Saviours's Claremont' by RR Langham-Carter. File 1 contains a memorandum on the disused cemetery and information on the buying and selling of property. 
C49 Clayton, Geoffrey (Archbishop) 1f 1950-1957 
 Correspondence; also a number of letters and telegrams of condolence following the death of Archbishop Clayton including one from the Archbishop of Canterbury.  
 Valuation of Clayton's estate. 
C50 Clergy (Deceased) 1f 1955-1985 
 Correspondence re estates etc. of certain deceased clergy and dates of death 
C51 Clergy Files (miscellaneous) 
 Personal files of clergymen (see also AB1363) Includes files for: 
 Bridgewood, B.W. 
 Callandar, N.J. 
 Cowdry, R.W.F. 
 Daunton-Fear, R.D. 
 Davis, L.A. 
 Jones, L. 
 Jourdan, P 
 Luman, A 
 Mosel, H.G. 
 Ndungane, W.N. 
 Nkoloti, A. 
 Peterson, R 
 Smith, R.Q. 
 Swartz, G.A. 
 Witts-Hewinson, E 
C52 Clergy Housing 1f 1974 
 Report of the subcommittee on clergy housing 
C53 Clergy Stipends 2f 1942-1960 
 Correspondence and information re Cost of Living Allowance and about stipends and allowances for black clergy. (See also "Commissions", C56) 
C54 College of the Transfiguration 2f 1991-1994 (see also St Paul's College) 
 Correspondence, rectors' reports, minutes of Council, memorandum on the future of the college.Report on a 'visit to the college' in 1995. 
C55 Collins Liturgical Publications 1f 1989-1991 
 Correspondence re publications, presentation notes on 'An Anglican Prayer Book' 
C56 Commissions (Diocesan) 1f 1991 
 Correspondence and information on the membership of various commissions, including: 
 Commission on the burial of persons (1985) 
 Commission on accepting state monies (1984) 
 Commission to consider ways of funding non-parochial ministries (1984) 
 Commission on clergy stipends, (1983) 
 Commission on Effective Episcopacy and the role of the Metropolitan (1983); 
 Commission on Evangelism (1983) 
 Commission on Diocesan Resources (1983) 
 Commission on coordinating organisations having no representation on diocesan Council (1984); 
 Commission on Lay participation in Synod, 1987 
 Commission on Diocesan Chaplains (1987); 
 Committee on a living stipend (1988); 
 Commission concerning building plans and the maintenance of church buildings (1991) 
 Commission on the ordaining of local priests (1991) 
 Commission on Regionalisation and the role of the Metropolitan (1991) 
 Commission to examine theological training,(1991); 
 Working Group on Welfare and development (1991) 
C57 Commissions (Provincial) 
 Includes the following commissions: 
C57.1  Commission on Stipends and Emoluments of the Clergy 1f 1972-1974 
 Reports, etc 1972 and 1974 
C57.2  Commission on the Theology and Practice of Mission 1f 1987 
C57.3  Commission on the Metropolitan 1f 1986 
 Terms of reference, membership etc. 
C57.4  Commission on the Ordination of Women 1f 1988-1989 
 Correspondence and articles on the subject of women's ordination. 
C57.5  Commission on the election of bishops 1f 1993 
 Report of meeting held in Novenber 1993 
C57.6  Commission on Mission and Ministry 1f 1994-1995 
 Minutes, Report to Provincial Synod 
C57.7 Commission on the Future of the permanent diaconate 1f 1995 
 Report to Provincial Synod 
C57.8 Forum on Christianity and African Traditions 1f 1983 
 Minutes, Correspondence, reports 
C58  Common Provincial Fund Budget 1f 1992/93 
 Financial records and planned spending for various projects. 
C59 Commonwealth 1f 1994 
 Correspondence about celebrations on the occasion of South Africa's return to the commonwealth. Archbishop Tutu participated in the thanksgiving service in Westminster Abbey. 
C60  Community of St John the Baptist (Transkei) 1f 1989-1997 
 Correspondence with sisters 
C61  Community of St Mary the Virgin 1f 1981-1996 
C62  Community of St Michael and all Angels 1f 1981-1996 
C63 Community of the Resurrection (men) 1f 1982-1995 
 Correspondence with members of the community 
C64  Community of the Resurrection (women) 1f 1934-1995 
 Correspondence with members of the community. Also Newsletters 1976-1978, and Annual Reports of St Peter's, Grahamstown, 1934-1972 
C65  Complaints 2f 1983-1988 
 Correspondence between church members and Archbishops Russell and Tutu, mainly relating to complaints about the involvement of the church in politics. 
C66 Conference for a Democratic Future 1f 1989 
 Press statement (on launch of Conference), minutes, correspondence. 
C67 Conscientious Objection 3f 1979-1991 
 Correspondence and ECC information; attitude of the Anglican Church to conscientious objection, information on objectors (Peter Moll, Charles Yeats), transcript of the trial of Richard Steele (1980); articles by James Moulder and others re conscientious objection (for and against). 
C68 Constantia (Christ Church) 2f 1899-1988 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, marriage applications, faculty applications, plans, report of inspection of buildings and grounds (1985). 
C69 Constitution (1983) 1f 1983 
 Correspondence etc, re church's attitude to the 1983 referendum. 
C70 Convent of the Holy Name 1f 1988-1995 
 Correspondence with sisters 
C71 Council for the religious l1fe 1f 1984-1995 
 Minutes and correspondence, bulletin giving news of religious communities. 
C72 Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa 3f 1983-1995 
 Agenda and papers for the CAPA held in Lesotho; includes a paper on the Church in the Sudan. Information on CAPA training course for Bishops. Reports on Rwanda. 
C73 Council on Foundations 1f 1989-1990 
 Correspondence with this organisation (Association of grantmaking organisations in the USA) concerning a visit by Archbishop Tutu and participation in a conference. 
C74 Cowley House 3f 1965-1979, 1990-1996 
 Agreements of lease, records of alterations and repairs and other documents relating to Cowley House in Chapel St, Cape Town. (includes plans). (See also Society of St John the Evangelist) 
 Also correspondence (subjects include the dismissal of Thomas Winslow from the Cowley House Management Committee in 1990 and Cowley House Trauma Centre;) report of a meeting of the Archbishop and a delegation on the use of Cowley House as a Trauma Centre 1992. 
C75 Crawford - St John's 1f 1969-1973 
 Correspondence, re church and recreation club, and organ from St John's Church, Cape Town. 
D1 Miscellaneous 5 files 1986-1994 
D2 Darbyshire, John (Archbishop) 1f 1941-1948 
 Correspondence, copy of special appeal 
D3 Day of Prayer (for rain) 1f 1983-1984 
 Correspondence about the church's response to a call by the Prime Minister for a Day of Prayer for rain. 
D4 De Blank, Joost (Archbishop) 1f 1957-1970 
 Correspondence - miscellaneous. Some correspondence of the Diocesan Secretary relates to arrangements for the arrival of the Archbishop in Cape Town. Correspondents include: 
 G Abernethy and A Warner (re diocesan matters; includes a profile of the diocesan and provincial bodies for the information of the Archbishop). 
 C.B. Brink of the Dutch Reformed Church (re Archbishop's statements about the Afrikaans churches and apartheid.) 
 Quintin Whyte,(re the above) 
 Bartha de Blank (to G Abernethy, requesting his comments on her brother when he was Archbishop) and reply by Abernethy. 
D5 De Klerk, F.W. 1f 1991 
 Correspondence between Archbishop Tutu (and Bishop Russell) with President de Klerk, re farm workers, donations to Inkatha, negotiations. (See also D3, S40) 
D6 Department of Cooperation and development 1f 1983 
 Correspondence with this department including a departmental circular 2/82 concerning the removal of 'Black Spots' from white areas. 
D7 Department of Education and Mission (later: Education, Mission and Evangelism) 
 Correspondence, financial records 
D8 Department of Justice and Reconciliation 2f 1987--1993 
 Correspondence re various matters such as human rights and education, report on aMafikeng workshop (on resettlement), minutes of meetings. Correspondents include Emma Mashinini, Provincial Director of the Department. 
D9 Department of Mission 1f 1988-1992 
 Correspondence and records of missionary activity 
D10 Department of Theological Education 2f 1983-1989 
 Correspondence, minutes, report of the Ministerial Training Commission of the Federal Theological Seminary, report of SA Council for Theological Education (1989), some reports on students.. 
D11 Department of Training for Ministries 2f 1983-1990 
 Correspondence, director's reports, study guides: 'Mission', 'Ministry' and 'Sacraments'. 
D12 Dependants' Conference (SACC) 1f 1988-1991 
 Correspondence, minutes, reports, financial records. 
D13 Desmond Mpilo Tutu High School 1f 1991-1992 
 Correspondence about the renaming of a school for Bishop Tutu. 
D14 Desmond Tutu Educational Trust 2f 1991-1992 
 Report on the future of the Trust, trust deed, minutes, correspondence. Includes an evaluation report on the University of the Western Cape, 1992. Funding proposals.  
D15 Detainees' Parents Support Committee 1f 1987-1989 
 Letters on behalf of detainees by Archbishop Tutu. 
D16 Diep River (St Luke's) 1f 1979-1997 
 Correspondence, marriage applications, lay ministry, centenary booklet (1997) 
D17 Diocesan Assessment 2f 1941-1950; 1972-1979 
 Minutes, correspondence, memorandum from St George's Cathedral, memorandum re single assessment; lists of the diocesan assessments for Cape Town parishes, for various years and information about the calculation of assessments. 
D18 Diocesan Board of Education 1f 1953-1971 
 Minutes of meetings of the Diocesan Board of Education and miscellaneous correspondence. 
D19 Diocesan Board of Missions 1f 1940-1970 
 Correspondence including extracts of letters concerning the Camp Street property, records of g1fts for mission work. 
D20 Diocesan College 10f 1929-1969, 1983-1996 (See also 'Bishops Trust') 
 Correspondence and minutes (Council and Trustees). Principals' reports. Deed of Trust. (The Archbishop is a member of the College Council). Outreach reports, report on Bishops sixth form. Includes information on the Independent Schools' Council. 
D21 Diocesan Conference 1f 1982 
 List of delegates, minutes, summary of discussions of church unity. 
D22 Diocesan Council (Cape Town Diocese) 5f 1974-1994 (See also AB1929) 
 Minutes, correspondence, reports. Includes a discussion document 'The celebration and strengthening of mission and ministry' - 1992. 
D23 Diocesan Finance Board 3f 1959-1993 (See also AB1929) 
 Correspondence, financial records, minutes. 
D24 Diocesan Finance Sub-committee 1f 1969-1970 
 Reports of a subcommittee appointed by the Archbishop, to eliminate the diocesan financial deficit and improve the finances and administration of the diocese 
D25 Diocesan Library 1f 1952-1996 
 Correspondence, list of African., minutes of library committee (1996) etc. 
D26 Diocesan Registrar 1f 1950-1968 
 Correspondence, mainly re deeds and property in the Diocese of Cape Town. Legal opinion re the administration of the diocese of Johannesburg after Bishop Reeves' deportation. 
 Properties referred to include: Good Shepherd Church, Kensington reserve; St Paul's Church, Cape Town; Salt River Parish. (Several properties are only referred to by the Bond number or Deed of Transfer number). 
D27 Diocesan Resources Commission 1f 1981-1983 
 Minutes and report of the resources commission set up to investigate the deployment of resources in the Diocese of Cape Town, with a view to just distribution. 
D28 Diocesan Secretary 2f 1988-1994 
 Diocesan Budgets, correspondence, reports. Subjects include staff salaries, 
 appointments, renting of accommodation (e.g.for Community of St John the Baptist, Khayelitsha), Bernard Mizeki Guild, Archbishop's Appeal, and miscellaneous matters dealt with by the Diocesan secretary. Includes letter from Diocesan Secretary to the Archbiship re financial crisis, Sept 1994 
D29 Diocesan Sites Committee 1f 1973-1983 
 Applications for sites, minutes of committee meetings and correspondence re clergy holiday home at Hawston. (See also C29) 
D30 Diocesan Stewardship Committee 1f 1983-1987 
 Minutes. Correspondence. 
D31 Diocesan Synod 2f 1983-1993 
 Agenda books, minutes, reports, recommendations, correspondence, presidents' charges. (See also, Commssions) Includes Clergy Synod records, 1991 
D32 Diocesan Trustees 1f undated 
 Counsel's opinion re powers of Diocesan Trustees. 
D33 Diocesan Trusts Board 3f 1992-1996 (See also AB1929) 
 Minutes, reports, financial records and correspondence. Includes: Report to the Board of Trustees on the development of Erf 240, Bishopscourt. Also Procedures for creating a parochial district. 
D34 Durbanville - All Saints 5f 1974-1988 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, marriage applications, dedication service, faculty applications, plans, historical notes. File 4 gives information on Kenridge Township, 1952-1976, and File 5 on the Durbanville Mission Schools 1941-1979 
D35 Dutch Reformed Church 1f 1984-1991 
 Correspondence etc, re CPSA dealings with the Dutch Reformed Church. Includes notes on meetings between a delegation appointed by the Synod of Bishops, CPSA, and the Ecumenical Commission of the NG Kerk, 1987 and 1991 
El Miscellaneous 5 files 1987-1993 
E2 Ecumenical Churches 1f 1965 
 Correspondence re combined title to church buildings in common with other denominations (Presbyterian, Methodist) 
E3 Ecumenical Research Unit 1f 1987 
 Papers on Mormonism and Islam 
E4 Edgemead (St Michael and all Angels) 1f 1984-1989 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, marriage applications, parish profile, letters re separation of Edgemead parish from Bothasig. 
E5 Education and the Church 2f 1948, 1987-1990 
 Blueprint for Blackout' - a commentary on Christian National Education policy.(1948?) and other pamphlets on Bantu Education. Also 'The Church and education for liberation' - a report by Michael Corke on an ecumenical consultation with educationists.(1987) Recommendations of the Anglican Task Group on Education, 1990, and some comments on the crisis in education by Michael Corke, a member of the Task Group. 
E6 Educational Opportunities Council 4f 1988-1993 
 Correspondence, minutes and reports relating to this Council of which Archbishop Tutu was a member. The council existed to run a scholarship programme for disadvantaged leaders and potential leaders from SA, to study in the USA. 
E7 Elective Assemblies 4f 1964-1993 
E7.1 Elective Assembly (for election of Archbishop, 1964) 1f 
 Biographical details of bishops (nominated?) notes on procedure. 
E7.2 Elective Assembly (for election of Archbishop, 1974) 1f 1974 
 Nominations, correspondence 
E7.3 Elective Assembly (for election of Bishop Suffragan of Cape Town) 1f 1988 
 CVs etc, on the following: Louis Bank, Roy Barker, John Forbes, Christopher Gregorowski, Colin Jones, Edward McKenzie, Victor Mkhize, Geoff Quinlan. 
E7.4 Elective Assembly (for election of Bishops Suffragan of Cape Town) 1f 1993 
 Checklist re procedure, correspondence, agenda, submissions. 
E7.5 Elective Assembly (for election of Archbishop, 1996) Notes re procedure, appointment of Archbishop Ndungane. 
E8 Elgin (Holy Family) 1f 1978-1985 
 Correspondence, marriage applications, agreement between the Archbishop of Cape Town, Applethwaite Farm and Lombardi Trust (re property) 
E9 Elgin (St Michael and all Angels) 3f 1950-1988 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, faculties, consecration service, plans (for St Michael and St Thomas' Church, Stanford) Includes information on the purchase and sale of property, Arieskraal school (1954-1978) Pineview (1966-1968), Ridgelands Charity Trust. 
E10 Embassies 1f 1991-1993 
 Miscellaneous correspondence from Archbishop Tutu's office with various embassies throughout the world (samples). Subjects includes acknowledgement of g1fts, invitations and honours offered to the Archbishop, and interventions in various political matters. 
E11 Engagements 1 box 1987 
 Sample collection of the invitations issued to Archbishop Tutu to address groups, receive honours, present prizes etc. (These invitations are represented by a sample as if all invitations were preserved several boxes would be required! Most invitations had to be refused due to crowded schedules). 
E12 English Church Book Shop 1f 1943-1965 
 Correspondence re bookshop and appointment of managers. 
E13 Enthronement correspondence 1 box 1986 
 Letters, cards and telegrams congratulating Archbishop Tutu on his election. 
E14 Environment 1f 1992-1993 
 Correspondence on environmental issues. 
E15 Episcopal Church Centre (USA) 1f 1989 
 Correspondence, reports etc, from an organisation in the USA liaising with Episcopalchurches in other parts of the world. (See also 'Presiding Bishop's Fund) 
E16 Episcopal Commission 1f undated 
 Proposed solution to the problems of episcopacy in the Diocese of Cape Town (i.e. separate episcopal regions) 
E17 Episcopal Services 1 file 1994 
 Orders of Service for those services conducted by a bishop. 
 Episcopal Synod (see Synod of Bishops) 
E18 Epping (Elsies River) - St Faith's 1f 1943-1979 
 Correspondence, mainly about property; plans 
E19 Equal Opportunity Foundation 2f 1989-1992 
 Correspondence and Minutes relating to this Foundation funded from America, of which Archbishop Tutu was a Trustee. 
E20 Eureka - St Andrews. 2f 1948-1971; 1989 
 Correspondence on the church and school at St Andrew's; council minutes, church wardens' report. 
E21 Eyethu Imbali Project 1f 1991 
 Correspondence and reports on a project to retrieve SA's cultural heritage. 
F1 Miscellaneous 5 files 1988-1993 
F2 Factreton - St Joseph's, St Timothy's 1f 1950-1979 
 Correspondence, mainly about property. (For earlier correspondence see Maitland) 
F3 Faculties 1f 1973-1979 
 Correspondence and records of faculties granted 
F4 Faculty Advisory Board 1983-1986 1f 
 Minutes, records of faculties granted, correspondence, plan of retired clergy esidence. 
F5 Faure - St Paul's Church 1f 1946-1975 
 Correspondence, mainly about property and finance, plans. Includes information on DB Geldenhuys lease, Firgrove School, St Paul's School, Kleinvlei Housing Estate, Eerste River. 
F6 Faure - St Raphael's Church 1f 1928-1979 
 Correspondence, mainly about property and finance 
F7 Faure - St Raphael's Retreat House 1f 1927-1979 
 Correspondence about the property and other matters, copy of Trust Deed (1930), agreement of lease (1955), financial records. plans, contract specifications regarding repairs, reports. 
F8 Federal Theological Seminary 3f 1983-1993 
 Correspondence, list of articles from FEDSEM, motivating document re theological education programme for women, minutes, reports. Includes a report for the Trust for Christian Outreach and Education, 1983 and correspondence with/reports of students from St Peter's College. 
F9 Fellowship of Vocation 1f 1990-1992 
 Correspondence relating to an organisation for prospective ordinands. 
F10 Finance 
F10.1 Finance - Rent Grants 1f 1949-1979 
 Records of rent grants, mainly for schools 
F10.2 Finance - Funding 1f 1986 Correspondence about offers of funding from America for various projects in SA 
F10.3 Finance (Miscellaneous) 1f 1994-1995 
 Mainly requests to Bishop Tutu for financial assistance 
F11 Fish Hoek - St Margaret's 2f 1948-1988 
 Correspondence, including much about purchase and sale of property; plans, marriage applications, inspection report, lay ministry. 
F12 Fitzgerald, Bob. (Montana Logging and Ballet Company) 1f 1990-1991 
 Correspondence re funding by Fitzgerald for Bishop Tutu Discretionary Fund 
F13 Foundation for African Business and Consumer Services 1f 1991-1993 
 Correspondence, mainly aimed at getting Archbishop Tutu's support for this organisation. 
F14 Foundation for Entrepreneurship and Development 1f 1992 
 Correspondence, mainly aimed at getting Archbishop Tutu's support for this project and a booklet outlining its aims. 
F15 Foundation for Peace and Justice 1f 1991-1992 
 Correspondence, mainly about a loan from the Indonesian government. 
G1 G - miscellaneous 3 files 1987-1993 
G2 George - Bishop 1f 1983-1992 
 Correspondence (with Bishop Derek Damant), proposal with plans for a Centre of Reconciliation for the CPSA at Melkhoutfontein,(1988) self-assessment form for priests. 
G3 George - Diocese 1f 1955-1979, 1983-1995 
 Correspondence and documents mainly dealing with property transactions (sales of land, deeds of servitude, etc.) and diocesan affairs. Includes a list of churches, chapels and schools associated with Bishop Gray and Sophy Gray (compiled by 'AJRB',1987).  
 Short history of St Paul's Primary School and St Mark's Grammar School. Researchpapers on stained glass windows by G.R.Nesemann. 
G4 Get Ahead Foundation 1f 1086-1988 
 Minutes of Directors' meetings, reports and correspondence relating to this organisation which aims at increasing business and other opportunities for the disadvantaged. (Archbishop Tutu was a Director). Includes a profile of Dr Nthato Motlana. 
G5 Goodwood - St Alban's 2f 1928-1981 
 Correspondence, mainly re property and finance; plans. Includes information on St Edmund's School, The Acres. 
G6 Gordon's Bay - St Philip's 1f 1939-1979 
 Correspondence, mainly re property and finance 
G7 Grahamstown - Bishop 2f 1984-1993 
 Correspondence, charge delivered at enthronement, 1987 and president's charge at Synod 1988 (Bishop Russell); information on Bishop Russell's fast for farm workers' rights 1992 and an outline of the l1fe of John Tengo Jabavu. 
G8 Grahamstown - Diocese 2f 1934-1996 
 Diocesan directory, 1993; Correspondence (subjects include R.G. Clarke's doctoral thesis on politics and the Anglican church, Cathedral Restoration Fund Appeal, candidacy of David Russell as future bishop, criticism of Bishop Russell's political stance, general diocesan affairs.) Bishop's Charge to Synod 1994, Ad Clerums. 
G9 Grants to Parishes 2f 1955-1979 
 Records of grants, correspondence 
G10 Grassroots Educare Trust 1f 1988-1992 
 Newsletters, annual reports, correspondence and financial records. 
G11 Grassy Park (Good Shepherd) 2f 1953-1989 
 Correspondence, partly about property and finance; faculty applications, marriage applications, lay ministry, plans, anniversary brochure. 
G12 Green Point - St Alban's 1f 1945-1979 
 Correspondence, mainly about property and finance. 
G13 Greyladies' Association 3f 1947-1995 
 Constitution, reports, correspondence (re property, finance and ladies) agreement of lease (1970), memorandum on Wolmunster Road House agreements, documents re purchases and legacies. Minutes and annual reports. 
G14 Groot Drakenstein - St George 2f 1934-1987 
 Correspondence, faculty applications, lay ministry, plans of St John's Kylemore and St Clare of Assisi, booklet on the history of the parish. 
G15 Guguletu (Nyanga West) - St Mary Magdalene 1f 1964-1979 
 Correspondence, mainly about property and finance. 
H1 H - miscellaneous 4 files 1986-1990 
H2 H.B.Webb G1ft 2f 1983-1990 
 Minutes, correspondence, application forms for bursaries from a fund for educational purposes. 
H3 Handbooks 1f undated and 1994. 
 Handbook for self-supporting ministers (undated) and one for Churchwardens, 1994 
H4 Hanover Park - St Dominic' s 1f 1971-1978 
 Correspondence, mainly re property and finance 
H5 Happening Ministry 1f 1988-1991 
 Correspondence and circulars re 'Happenings' (i.e. weekend 'retreats' for young people interested in deeper involvement with the church) 
H6 Heideveld - Church of the Holy Spirit 1f 1966-1979 
 Correspondence, mainly re property; plans 
H7 Hermanus - St Peter's Church 2f 1943-1979 
 Correspondence, mainly re property and finance; includes information on Mount Pleasant School, Hawston School, Hedler Clinic, Fisherhaven. Centenary Festival booklet 
H8 Herschel School 2f 1987-1996 
 Minutes of Council Meetings, headmistress's report and newsletters, correspondence re fees for Nandi Vilakazi. Includes information on the English Church Schools Association. 
H9 Hinchl1ff P.B. 1f 1995 
 4 Lent Lectures at Sion College, including one entitled 'Robert Gray and an Anglican Catholicism'. 
H10 Hodgson Dr Janet 1f 1984-1986 
 Correspondence with Abp Russell and Abp Tutu, and fieldwork reports including reports on Dr Hodgson's visit to Transkei in May 1986 and to Zimbabwe (BernardMizeki celebrations) in June 1986. Paper entitled 'Christianity in the Context of African Culture and Traditional Religions'(1983). 
H11 Homestead 1f 1986-1994 
 Correspondence, Newsletters re this home for street children 
H12 Homosexuality 1f 1983-1996 
 Correspondence between Archbishop Russell, Archbishop Tutu and church members, some of whom were complaining about the church's attitude to homosexuality. 
H13 Hopefield - All Saints 6f 1920-1979 
 Correspondence, mainly re property and finance. Includes information on Hopefield School, Church Haven, Oudekraalfontein. Langebaan 
H14 Hospital Chaplaincy 3f 1953-1979, 1982-1992 
 Correspondence re appointments of hospital chaplains and transfers of property and information on the work of hospital chaplains. 
H15 House of Bethany 1f 1950-1956 (now St Michael's Home) 
 Annual reports 1948-1950, correspondence re finance and the closing of the home. (See also: All Saints Sisterhood) 
H16 House of Youth Association 1f 1957-1965 
 Correspondence, mainly re contributions. 
H17 Hout Bay St Peters 2f 1934-1986 
 Correspondence, (some re property and finance); faculty applications, lay ministry, marriage application, plans. 
H18 Human Rights 1f 1991-1994 
 Correspondence between Archbishop Tutu and various Human Rights organisations 
I1 Miscellaneous 5 files 1986-1993 
I2 Inauguration (of State President, 10 May 1994) 1f 1994 
 Arrangements, programme, correspondence. 
I3 Institute for Christian Spirituality 1f 1989-1994 
 Correspondence, (some with Rev Francis Cull) newsletters 
I4 Institute for Contextual Theology 3f 1989-1994 
 Annual Reports, newsletters, correspondence. 
I5 Inter-Church Committee on Chaplaincy to the Military 2f 1984-1987 
 Minutes, correspondence, articles on 'The just war and its contemporary applicability' and on 'A Proposal for civilianised chaplaincy' . 
I6 International Kairos Document 1f 1989 
 Draft document on the role of Christians in attaining social justice. 
I7 Investments 1f 1974-1979 
 Records of various investments. Includes legal opinion in connection with a trust deed entered into between the Standard Bank and S.M.van Achterbergh, 1978 Inyandza movement (see Kangwane) 
I8 Ixilongo 1f 1927-1931 
 14 issues of 'Ixilongo - a magazine for native church people in the Diocese of Cape Town' 
J1 Miscellaneous 2 files 1990-1993 
J2 Job Creation Programme 1f 1989 
 Correspondence about a plan to provide black women with secretarial experience at Bishopscourt. 
J3 Johannesburg - Bishop 1f 1987-1992 
 Correspondence. Includes a series of bible studies 'Women in Christ's Church' by Mary Jean Scott Silk. (1989) 
J4 Johannesburg Diocese 5f 1983-1996 
 Correspondence between the Archbishops and people (mainly bishops and clergy) in the Diocese of Johannesburg. (Various topics) Includes report on Grace College, Roodepoort (1993), c.v. of Bishop Duncan Buchanan, opinions (various) about the choice of Bishop Tutu as Bishop of Johannesburg in 1985. 
J5 Julian Meetings 1f 1989 
 Article: 'Some thoughts on prayer in groups' . Julian meetings in South Africa (summary of annual reports). 
K1 K - miscellaneous 5 files 1987-1993 
K2 Kagiso Trust 3 boxes 1987-1992 
K2.1 Trustees' Minutes (Archbishop Tutu was a trustee) 1 box 1989-1992 
K2.2 Conference papers, planning programmes, reports 1f 1990-1992 
K2.3 Projects Department Report, project outlines, motivations for funding 1f 1990-1992 
K2.3 Correspondence (topics includes staffing, funding of projects and major financial policy) and general business 3 files 1987-1993 
K3 Kalk Bay (Holy Trinity) 1f 1977-1988 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, marriage applications, property, guide and brief history. 
K4 Kangwane 1f 1990-1991 
 Correspondence with Chief Mabuza and others, statement by Mabuza and Presidential address at 12th Inyandza Congress. 
K5 Kenilworth (Christ Church) 1f 1978-1987 
 Correspondence, marriage applications, lay ministry 
K6 Kennedy family 1f 1991 
 Includes nominations by Archbishop Tutu for the Robert Kennedy Human Rights Award and a letter from Edward Kennedy inviting Archbishop Tutu to speak. 
 Kensington (Good Shepherd) - See Maitland. 
K7 Kenwyn (St Philip's) 1f 1981 
 Dedications service of St Philip's, lay ministry. 
K8 Khanya College 1f 1889-1993 
 Minutes, reports, outline of goals. 
K9 Kimberley and Kuruman - Bishop 1f 1982-1993 
 Correspondence (Bishops Swartz and Ndungane) Charge at enthronement (Bishop Ndungane) Electoral assembly minutes, 1992 
K10 Kimberley and Kuruman - Diocese 4f 1961-1995 
 Correspondence on diocesan affairs, (with Bishop George Swartz) booklet re Kuruman Moffat Mission, appeals to Archbishop Tutu from ANC people in Kuruman to 'help dismantle Bophuthatswana'. Report on the audit of the Diocese, 1993. Report on Bishop Tutu's visitation to Kuruman (1993) including information on the Moffat Mission TRust and the Kuruman Press. Golden Jubilee booklet 1961 
K11 Klerksdorp - Diocese 1f 1990-1995 
 Correspondence re inauguration of the Diocese of Klerksdorp and the election of Bishop David Nkwe. Bishop's Charge on his enthronement, 1990. Court records in a matter between Rev. Bushy Peter Mohasoa and Bishop Nkwe, in which Rev Mohasoa contested his dismissal.(1992) Acts and resolutions of Synod, 1992; Ad Clerums 
K12 Kraa1fontein (St Mary's) 1f 1979-1987 
 Correspondence, marriage applications, lay ministry, plans and photographs. 
K13 Kuils River (St George) 1f 1984-1988 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, marriage applications. 
K14 KwaZulu 1f 1987-1992 
 Memorandum by MG Buthelezi re violence in Natal: correspondence with Buthelezi including a letter refusing an invitation to the Bishopscourt Peace Summit. 
L1 Miscellaneous 4 files 1988-1993 
L2 Lambeth Conference 6f 1988 
 Papers, correspondence, addresses, includes a file on Archbishop Tutu at the conference. 
L3 Land issues 1f 1994 
 Report on the Conference on Church Land. 1994 
L4 Lansdowne (All Saints) 1f 1976-1988 
 Correspondence, marriage applications, faculty applications and deed of dedication for St Patrick's Crawford, plans (St Patrick's). 
L5 Lay Ministry - Training 1f 1985-1990 
 Information on training opportunities for lay ministers 
L6 Lay Ministry - general 1f 1980s 
 Lay ministers' licences returned to the Archbishop on resignation. 
L7 Lebombo - Diocese 1f 1985-1995 
 Correspondence (Rt. Rev. Dinis Sengulane); account of Bishop Tutu's visitation (1987) and centenary visit (1993); Paper entitled 'Mozambique: the victims of apartheid' 
L8 Lelapa la Jesu Seminary, Lesotho 1f 1990 
 Constitution, correspondence 
L9 Leliebloem House 2f 1940-1995 
 Correspondence, mainly about property and financial matters; Annual reports, 1940, 1944, 1987-1992, minutes of management meeting 1984-1989, Constitutional amendments 1986, historical notes on the occasion of the centenary 1986. 
L10 Lesotho - Bishop 1f 1982-1992 
 Correspondence with Philip Mokuku, bishop of Lesotho 
L11 Lesotho - Diocese 3f 1987-1995 
 Clerical Directory 1990-1991; information on Basotho Progressive Forum; address (by King Moshoeshoe) at the inaugural conference of the African International Instutute for democracy and Human Rights in Africa; statement by heads of churches on the political situation in Lesotho (1990); diocesan affairs.  
  Includes correspondence between Archbishop Russell and Fr Michael Lapsley re his dismissal from Lesotho, between Rev. Arthur Mafepane and Bishop Maud, between Archbishop Russell and Chief Buthelezi; also information about the political order in Lesotho, and a statement of the Christian Council of Lesotho on the circumstances attending the expulsion of Fr Michael Lapsley from Lesotho in 1986. Addresses re Lesotho political situation,reinstatement of King Moshoeshoe. 
L12  Lewis, Rev Arthur 1f 1983-1984  
 Correspondence relating to Rev Lewis relating to his political attitudes and permission to officiate as a priest. 
L13 Liturgical Committee 3f 1932, 1936, 1983-1991 
 Correspondence, Liturgy, reports to Synod of bishops 
L14 Lotus River (St Augustine's of Hippo) 1f 1972-1987 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, marriage applications, letters re division of the parish (from Grassy Park) 
L15 Lutheran Churches 1f 1983-1995 
 Correspondence with Lutheran Churches in SA and abroad; text of a speech by Abp Tutu on the occasion of his receiving an Honorary Degree from the Kirchlighe Hochschule in Berlin, 1993. 
M1 Miscellaneous 5 files 1983-1991 
M2 Maitland (Good Shepherd) 1f 1972-1986 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, marriage applications, faculty applications, description of the parish, plans (church and rectory). 
M3 Malay Quarter 1f undated 
 Memorandum on the preservation of the Malay quarter in Cape Town 
M4 Mandela, Nelson 1f 1990 
 Documents re release of Mandela, speech on release, record of a breakfast meeting between Tutu, Mandela and others, 2/5/90. 
M5 Manual for the Clergy 1 booklet 1981 
M6 Marion Institute Social Centre 1f 1938-1978 
 Annual reports, financial statements. 
M7 Marriage (and customary unions) 1f 1981-1985 
 Booklet re mixed (confessional) marriages 1967; correspondence re mixed (racial) 
 marriages 1981-1983. Report of the Provincial Commission on marriage (1972) Also South African Law Commission report on 'Marriages and customary unions of black persons 1985'; 'Marriage in Christ' 1984 (liturgies). 
M8 Marriage Encounter 1f 1982-1985 
 Correspondence, leaflets. 
M9 Matroosfontein (St Nicholas) 1f 1975-1988 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, marriage applications, faculty applications, sermon (1986). 
M10 Media 2f 1988-1994 
 Statements by the archbishop on various topics, minutes of media committee, correspondence. 
M11 Media secretary's correspondence 6f 1987-1991 
 Correspondence between the media secretary and a variety of correspondents, some (not all) of which deals with the treatment of the archbishop by the media. It includes a letter to President PW Botha (1988) and a letter from PW Botha to Rev Frank Chikane (1988) on political matters, and replies to people requesting clarification of some of Archbishop Tutu's views. 
M12 Methodist Church 1f 1986-1996 
 Correspondence with Methodist churches in SA and overseas on matters of common concern. 
M13 Migrant Workers' Ministry 1f 1985-1989 
 Information and correspondence on the ministry to Migrant Workers 
M14 Military Chaplains - See South African Defence Force and Inter-Church Committee 
 on Chaplaincy to the Military. Milnerton (St Oswald's) 1f 1977-1988 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, plans of the church and faculty applications, marriage applications, deed of dedication. 
M15 Mission to Muslims 1f 1938-1979 
 Correspondence re property, finance, legacies, staff; deed of sale (1949) 
 Report 1938-1939 
M16 Missions to Seamen 3f 1962-1992 
 Annual report 1962; constitution, correspondence, minutes, reports, cert1ficate of Incorporation (1983), directory, newsletters. 
M17 Mitchell's Plain (Christ the Mediator) 1f 1980-1988 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, marriage applications, faculty applications, plans, deed of dedication. 
M18 Moorreesberg- St Augustine's 1f 1903-1975 
 Correspondence, mainly re property and finance. Deed of transfer 
M19 Mothers' Union 3f 1934-1996 
 Report, 1934-1935; correspondence, minutes, newsletters. Issues of 'Christian Family L1fe'. Report of Annual Council Meeting, Diocese of George. 
M20 Mountbatten memorial window 1f 1980 
 Correspondence and records of donations for a memorial window in St George's Cathedral 
M21 Mowbray (St Peter's) 2f 1953-1995 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, marriage applications, oaths of canonical obedience, forms of service for the institution of rector (Birch and Seymour), declaration of association between St John's Parish Wynberg and the CPSA (1956) and proposed amendments, memorandum re association by Frank Reid Q.C. (1953); article by John Carter on the parishes of Mowbray and Wynberg and their relationship with the CPSA; press cuttings re cemetery (1995). 
N1 miscellanous 3 files 1983-1991 
N2 Namaqualand (St Augustine's, St Cyprian's, St Andrews, All Saints, St Barnabas,Emmanuel.) 1f 1972-1988 
 Correspondence (including application for the division of the Parish), lay ministry, marriage applications, faculty applications, plans, churchwarden's report. 
N3 Namibia - Bishop 1f 1983-1992 
 Correspondence (with Bishop James Kauluma), report on visit of ecumenical delegation to Namibia. 
N4 Namibia - Diocese 3f 1976-1977, 1983-1996. 
 Includes a brief history of the church in Namibia as part of background documentation for a pre-episcopal synod visit, (1988), Report of the Anglican Communion Pastoral Visit to Namibia (1989); press releases from the Lutheran World Information Service (re violence in Namibia, 1989). Correspondence re diocesan affairs, including a confidential file of correspondence submitted by Dr John Anderson of the Windhoek State Hospital re the involvement of the church in politics. Correspondents include Anderson himself, Ed Morrow, Bishop Winter, Bishop Kauluma. Copies of 'Kulimukweni - the infrequent newsletter of the Diocese of Namibia' 1993-1996 
N5 Natal - Bishop 2f 1982-1993 
 Correspondence (with Bishop Michael Nuttall) on various subjects. Includes correspondence with Rev Luckett, re membership of the ANC, memorandum by Chief Buthelezi (1987) and an IDASA paper by Michael Worsnip 'Low Intensity Conflict and the South African Church' . Elective assembly records.  
N6 Natal - Diocese 4f 1982-1995 
 Correspondence and other material, including proposals for a Youth Rehabilitation B1031 Programme in Natal and reports about the violence in Edendale, 1990. Record of a meeting of the Commission on the Just War (1984) Report of the Commission on field officers and structure of the Diocese (1983) Bishop's Charge, 1995. 
N7 National Convention 1f 1981-1985 
 Correspondence re the formation of a National Convention aimed at bringing about change in South Africa. Includes correspondence by Abp Russell. 
N8 National Co-ordinating Committee for the Repatriation of South African Exiles 1f 1991 
 Minutes, memoranda about repatriation and indemnity 
N9 National Peace Initiative 1f 1991 
 Minutes, draft and final Peace Accord documents, correspondence (including letters between Archbishop Tutu, Rev Chikane and President de Klerk re government funding of Inkatha.) 
N10 Native Mission of the Church of the Province of South Africa 1f 1939-1948 
 Reports 1939-1948 (see also, Society of St John the Evangelist) 
N11 Naude (Rev. Beyers) 1f 1982-1985 
 Protest against the banning of Beyers Naude, signed by Anglican Bishops. Address by B Naude: 'Church in the struggle for liberation and independence' 
N12 Neilson, Margaret 1f 1982-1986 
 Correspondence, mainly about funding for training in the UK 
N13 New Era Schools Trust 1f 1981-1983 
 Correspondence, memorandum on NEST's direction and philosophy 
N14 Newlands (St Andrew) 1f 1977-1987 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, marriage applications 
N15 Niassa - Diocese 1f 1984-1987 
 Correspondence and documents re consecration of Bishop Paulino Tomaz Manhique 
N16 Nyanga (Holy Cross) 1f 1977-1986 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, faculty applications, marriage applications, plans. 
O1 Miscellaneous 4 files 1988-1994 
O2 Observatory (St Michael's) 1f 1973-1988 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, marriage applications, faculty application. 
O3 Order of Bernard Mizeki 
 Draft Constitution, correspondence, report. 
O4 Order of Ethiopia 2f 1982-1995 
 Correspondence (with Bishop Sigqibo Dwane),booklet re proposed Institute for pastoral education for the Order of Ethiopia (1987).  
 Elective Assembly records, 1982.  
 Bishop's Charges 1990, 1994 and documents on the Commission on the Order of Ethiopia, 1991 
O5 Order of St Simon of Cyrene 1f 1981-1986 
 Correspondence, mainly about new members of the Order 
O6 Order of the Holy Paraclete 1f 1988-1992 
O7 Orders of service 
 Includes: Services involving royalty (coronation of Edward V11, etc); dedication of Churches; consecration of bishops; consecration of cathedrals, (St Mary's and St Alban's); dedications of additions to cathedrals; dedication of transepts, aisles and chapels; jubilee services; centenary celebrations; thanksgiving services, services connected with armed forces; memorial services (including service for Jan Smuts); memorial services for clergy, installation of deans; dedication of memorials; consecration of churches; consecration of chancels; festivals and feasts; laying foundation stones; blessing of buildings; dedication of organs; requiem masses; opening institution; installation of chaplains; ordinations; rallies;and special services 
O8 Ordination Candidates' Fund 3f 1955-1979 
 Correspondence re ordination candidates and their studies 
O9 Ordination of Women 1f 1984 
 Correspondence and opinions on the ordination of women 
O10 Ovamboland Mission 1f 1946-1966 
 Records of donations to the church in Ovamboland 
O11 Overseas Bishoprics' Fund 1f 1986-1996 
 Correspondence re income from this fund and repairs to Bishopscourt. 
P1 miscellaneous 4 files 1987-1993 
P2 Paarl (Church of the Ascension and St Stephen's church) 1f 1972-1987 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, marriage applications, faculty application, plans of St Stephen's Church, plans of Ascension Church, letters re dedication service for St Stephen's. 
P3 Pan-Africanist Congress 1f 
 Documents re PAC policy and correspondence. 
P4 Papers (Miscellaneous) 1f 
 'The conserving society' - lecture to Lambeth Conference, 1978 by Barbara Ward. 
 'Christians make Peace' - a resource book for peacemakers, by Margaret Nash, 1983 
 'The Pietermaritzburg Conflict - Experience and analysis' by John Aitchison, (undated) 
 'Church Union in South Africa' by Alan Lindhorst, 1985 
 'Ecumenical Handbook - studies for worker ministry' by D Hallowes, 1990 
 'A parting of the ways' John Carter, 1995 
 Why we differ about a secular state' John Carter, 1995 
 'Anglican relations with other churches' A Haggart 1978? 
 'A Christian Perspective on Religious Freedom in the South African Context'. Dr Gerrie Lubbe, 1993 
P5 Partners in Mission 3 boxes 1985-1995 
 Reports of Partners in Mission consultation (1987), parish Partners in Mission Manual, correspondence, parish reports, minutes of Partners in Mission Co-ordinating Committee and Funding Committee, applications for project funding; architect's plans for Melkhoutfontein (proposed diocesan centre for reconciliation, Diocese of George, 1988) 
P6 Pinelands (St Stephen's) 1f 1973-1988 
 Correspondence, marriage applications, lay ministry, report and parish profile. Letter from a parishioner re ordination of women and reply from Rev. Chris Ahrends. 
P7 Plumstead (All Saints) 1f 1972-1988 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, marriage applications, faculty applications, plans, revocatiion of the consecration of St Jerome. 
P8 Port Elizabeth - Bishop 1f 1984-1992 
 Correspondence (with Bishop Bruce Evans). Includes a report of Bishop Bruces' visit to Namibia, 1986 
P9 Port Elizabeth - Diocese 1f 1983-1995 
 Correspondence on diocesan affairs, Bishop's charge at 12th Synod (1988?) and 13th Synod, 1989 Portland - See Mitchell's Plain. 
P10 Post Ordination Training 2f 1971-1991 
 Correspondence and information re post-ordination training for new priests and deacons. 
P11 Presbyterian Church 1f 1993-1996 
 Correspondence, relations between the Presbyterian Church and the CPSA 
P12 Presiding Bishop's Fund for World Relief 4f 1989-1995 
 Correspondence re applications for financial assistance and general correspondence from the Episcopal Church Centre, USA. (see also 'Episcopal Church Centre') 
P13 Pretoria - Bishop 1f 1983-1995 
 Correspondence (with Bishop Richard Kraft). Inauguration service for the Diocese of St Mark (1987) Also biograpical notes on Bishop Mark Nye, Suffragan Bishop of Pretoria, by Canon John Tsebe and a funeral oration for Nye. 
P14 Pretoria - Diocese 3f 1983-1993 
 Includes correspondence on diocesan affairs, memorandum re division of Diocese,, ad clerum about remarriage after divorce, manual on marriage, paper on 'Task for Peace of the Church in South Africa' and 'Church's leadership falters because of its lack of vision for a technological age' (by Ian Carrick, sent by Bishop John Ruston, 1987). 
P15 Prison Chaplains 2f 1982-1988 
 Correspondence, newsletters, recommendations re prison chaplaincy. 
P16 Property 
P16.1 Property (general) 1f 1968-1973 
 Correspondence re transfers of property in the diocese; legal document re contested will. 
P16.2 Property - 'Chellowdene' 1f 1930-1973 
 Trusts deed, deed of donation, correspondence and documents relating to a house in Kloof Road.  
P16.3 Property - Suffragan Bishop's accommodation. 1f 1958-1978 
 Correspondence and records of repairs to houses in Newlands and Oranjezicht. 
P16.4 Property - Mrs M Perks 1f 1965 
P17 Correspondence re property sold by Diocese Province of Central Africa 1f 1982-1990 
 Relations with this province. Includes a report 'From Natal to Niassa' - a tour of the Province of Central Africa undertaken by Rev Davies in 1982. Correspondence and information. 
P18 Provincial Afrikaans Committee 1 file 1990-1992 
P19 Provincial Archivist 1 file 1983-1992 
 Correspondence re archives, research requested, information on Rev Hopkins Badnall, St Helena, Bishopscourt, parish registers, gift of a crozier to Archbishop Tutu.  
 Includes a letter from Godfrey Callaway to Fr John Davies, 1941, and notes on religious instruction for worker on the Woodhead Dam 
P20 Provincial Board of Missionary Strategy 1f 1962-1964 
 Minutes and a discussion, 'the work of the church in mine compounds' . 
 Provincial Commissions See Commissions, Provincial 
P21 Provincial Department of Mission 1f 1985-1987 
 Correspondence, reports, (Includes research reports by Janet Hodgson including one on the cult of the Sotho prophetess Mantsopa and on the Manche Masemola celebrations in 1986) 
P22 Provincial Executive Officer 1f 1983-1992 
P23 Provincial Liaison Officer 1f 1982-1988 
 Correspondence, mainly about communications, minutes of staff meetings. 
P24 Provincial Memoranda 2f 1910-1937 
 Reports of Provincial Boards, (Pensions Board, Board of Mission, Provincial Councilof Education etc,); Standing Committee Minutes. (See also separate headings for later Provincial documents.) 
P25 Provincial Pensions Board 7f 1973-1996 
 Annual reports, correpondence, lists of pensioners, minutes, investment reports and valuations, financial Statements, Information Handbook (1989). 
P26 Provincial Registrar 1 file 1981-1993 
 Includes correspondence about property rates, property, press reporting, marriage officers, institutions in Cape Town (St George's Grammar School, St John's Home, Leliebloem), ordination of women. Also correspondence re a survey of CPSA land holdings from Henry J Bennett; (attached to this is a report on the utilisation of rural lands owned by the Catholc church in Natal 1986) 
P27 Provincial Secretary/Treasurer 6 files 1976-1996 
 Mainly correspondence about disbursements from discretionary funds, and about property and finance. Letters re appointments to the position of Provincial secretary. Budget for Common Provincial Fund 1994-1995. Minutes of Emoluments Committee and financial records of the discretionary fund, etc. 
P28 Provincial Standing Committee 4 files 1980-1996 
 Budget for Common Provincial Fund, (1980, 1991); reports to Standing committee, financial statements, minutes of 1988 meeting, Agenda for 1990 meeting (with reports) and Agenda, minutes and reports for 1990, 1991. 
P29 Provincial Synod 1f 1979-1992 
 Includes: Order Paper for 1989 Synod; report of the commission on the evaluation of provincial synod, 1985, notes for Provincial Synod advisory committee, President's Charge to Synod, 1992; report back on Synod, 1992. 'Permit' from the government allowing other race groups to attend Synod 1979. 
P30 Provincial Trusts Board 3f 1985-1996 
 Financial reports, valuations, minutes and correspondence of the Provincial Trusts Board. Notices to provincial Trustees. 
P31 Provincial Youth Department 2f 1982-1992 
 Minutes, reports, correspondence. 
P32 Publishing Committee 1f 1984-1985 
 Correspondence re publications, minutes, reports, agreement between CPSA and William Collins. 
Q1 miscellaneous 1 file 1990-1991 
Q2 Quinlan, Bishop G 1f 
 Paper on the attitudes of Anglican church people towards sanctions (1989?); letter to clergy re the possible division of the Diocese of Cape Town with petitions from the Southern and Western regions. 
Q3 QwaQwa 1f 1990-1992 
 Correspondence with Chief Minister 
R 1 Miscellaneous 5 files 1985-1993 
R 2 Race relations and the Church 7 items 1956-1977 
R2.1 Conference of Church Leaders to consider the application of Christian principles in our multi-racial land, with special reference to the extension of the Kingdom of God amonst the Non-European people of South Africa (DRC) 
R2.2 The Dutch reformed churches and the non-whites' (Fact Paper issued by Digest of SA Affairs, 1956) 
R2.3 The Dutch Reformed Churches and the Problem of Race Relations' - Report of the adhoc commission for race relations appointed by the Federal Council of Dutch Reformed Churches in South Africa (1956) 
R2.4 'Racialism in SA - the voice of the Church' (1953) 
R2.5 The Christian Gospel and the doctrine of separate development', by S.P.Freeland 1961' 
R2.6 'Relations between Western European Countries and Southern Africa - the responsibility of Churches in the struggle for justice and liberation' .0975) 
R2.7 'It's seven miles walk to Emmaus' - A brief study of social and political attitudes amongst metropolital ministers of the NG Kerk and the CPSA, by Justin Ellis (1977) 
R2.8 Theology - advocate or critic of Apartheid?' - a critical study of the Landman Report (1974) of the DRC, by D von Allmen (1977) 
R2.9 The option for inclusive democracy' - a theological-ethical study of appropriate social values for South Africa (1987) 
R3 Ravensmead (St Francis) 1f 1978-1988 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, marriage applications, correspondence re separation of this parish from St Margaret's, Pirow, faculty applications, plans, letters re chapelry of Eureka. 
R4 Reebok Initiative 3f 1988-1989 
 Project guidelines and correspondence dealing with a plan for developing 'strong democratic organisations controlled by mass-based constituencies', funded by Reebok in the USA and other donors. 
R5 Religious Communities 2f 1983-1993 
 Includes bulletins and reports of religious communities working in Southern Africa, information and minutes of meetings of the Council for the Religious l1fe. 
 Religious communities include: 
 Society of the Precious Blood, Masite 
 Community of St Michael and all Angels, Bloemfontein 
 Society of St John the Divine, Durban 
 Community of St Mary The Virgin, Irene 
 Community of the Resurrection of our Lord (Grahamstown and Johannesburg) 
 Order of the Holy Paraclete, Rosettenville 
 Community of the Holy Name, Lesotho 
 Sisters of St Paul, Lebombo 
 Community of St John the Baptist, Transkei 
 Daughters of Mary, Sekukhuniland 
 Society of the Sacred Mission, Lesotho 
 Chita the Zita Rinoyera, Zimbabwe 
 Community of the Divine Compassion, Zimbabwe 
 Oratory of the Good Shepherd 
R6 Remarriage after divorce (applications) 1f 1991-1993 
 Applications for remarriage (to Bishop Albertyn) 
R7 Renew 1f 1993 
 Booklets for parish renewal work 
R8 Retired Clergy 2f 1986-1992 (See also Bishops (retired) 
 Correspondence, newsletter of the 'Fellowship of Retirement' , list of clergy and clergy widows. 
R9 Retired Clergymen Commission 1f 1975-1979 
 Minutes, correspondence and notes on a proposal to provide accommodation for retired clergy. Draft plan of St Gabriel's, Cl1fton. 
R10 Retreat (St Cyprian's) 1f 1974-1986 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, faculty applications, plans. 
R11 Rhema Church 1f 1990 
 Correspondence between Archbishop Tutu and Pastor Ray Macauley re Macauley's right to enquire about Nelson Mandela's religious convictions. 
R12 Robben Island 1f 1997 
 A holy pilgrimage of reconciliation and hope to Robben Island'. Brochure and press cuttings. 
R13 Rockefeller Brothers' Fund 1f 1990-1992 
 Correspondence re a fund for improving basic education in South Africa; records of donations in South Africa. 
R14 Roman Catholic Church 1f 1983-1996 
 Correspondence and circulars (eg from the Southern Africa Catholic Bishops' Conference.) Various topics. 
R15 Rondebosch (St Paul) 1f 1905-1988 
 Correspondence, plans, lay ministry, marriage applications, minutes of parish councillors' meeting, centenary booklet, inspection report, 'St Paul's Record' - 1905- 1906, 1933, 1963. 
R16 Rondebosch (St Thomas) 1f 1965-1995 
 Correspondence (including letters condemning 'political sermons' by a certain Michael Smuts, parish profile, lay ministry, marriage applications, newsletters, parish magazine (1995) centenary booklet (1965) 
R17 Royal Schools of Church Music 1f 1982-1990 
 Correspondence; Report by Dr Lionel Dakers, director of RSCM on his visit to SA in 1984; Report on African Music and the Church by Fr Dave Dargie. 
R18 Russell, Archbishop Philip 1f 1985 
 Copies of miscellaneous letters written by Archbishop Russell during his episcopacy 
S1 Miscellaneous 5 files 1987-1993 
S2 St Alban's College, Pretoria 1f 1991-1992 
 Documents re opening of the St Alban's Technology Centre, including a speech by Archbishop Tutu. 
S3 St Anne's Home (Cape Town Diocesan Home for Friendless Girls) 2f 1948-1996 
 Annual reports. Constitution and amendments (including extending the field of care to battered women and their children), newsletters, correspondence. 
S4 St Bede's Theological College 5f 1983-1992 
 Correspondence, constitution, Principal's reports, minutes of college council, report of the commission of enquiry to investigate dissension at the college, 1987 evaluation of CPSA Theological Colleges, financial records, student reports. 
 St Bernard Mizeki Men's Guild (see Order of Bernard Mizeki) 
S5 St Cyprian's School 4f 1943-1996 
 Constitution, prospectus, mission statement, documents concerning the property and insurance, minutes - School Council and Executive, general correspondence (e.g.letter re fees for clergymen's daughters.) Magazine for 1988 
S6 St Francis Home, Athlone 1f 1982-1992 
 Correspondence, minutes of a trustees' meeting 1982, Deed of Settlement between the Trustees and Noel Knott-Craig, Architect. 
S7 St George's Grammar School 4f 1903-1995 
 Documents re alterations, (1903), prospectus, digest of evidence, minutes and report of the Commission of Enquiry in connection with St George's Grammar School (1940- 1941). Documents in connection with the Jagger endowment, (1935); draft Trust Deed (1951); Application to the Board of Trustees for loan (1954), financial and insurance records, report of a Commission regarding the future of St George's (1963), general correspondence, 'Georgian' 1988/1989. 
S8 St George's Mission Home 2f 1876-1896; 1989-1992 
 File 1. Reports for 'St George's Mission Home and its works' (including St George's Orphanage, St Michael's Home, Refuge for penitents, St Cyprians. All Saints and St Hilda's Schools, Leliebloem House of Mercy, Nursing at New Somerset Hospital, Rondebosch Work Party. (1876-1992)  
 File 2. Minutes of the Management Committee of St George's Home and of the Ladies' Committee meeting and Annual General Meetings, (1989-1992). Correspndence. 
S9 St Helena - Diocese 1f 1983-1995 
 Acts and resolutions of the 14th Synod, 1983; correspondence (with Bishop James Johnson and Bishop John Ruston); notes of St Helena Diocesan Association. 
S10 St Helena Bay - St Christopher's 5f 1928-1976 
 Correspondence, mainly re property and finance; includes information on Steenberg's Cove School, Stompneus Bay Primary School, Berg River Mouth School, Laaiplek Township. 
S11 St John's - Diocese 2f 1969-1995 
 Correspondence (with Bishop Jacob and Bishop Geoffrey). Includes information on Father Nomlala and diocesan affairs, division of diocese, visit of archbishop. Elective assembly minutes, 1985. 'UElizabeth Paul' - biography in Xhosa (?) by R Tutshana (1969) Clergy Roll 1993 
S12 St John's Hostel 4f 1918-1992 
 Prospectus, newsletters, annual reports, minutes, correspondence 
S13 St Mark's - Bishop 1f 1987-1992 
 Correspondence, (with Bishop Philip le Feuvre), recommendations of the commission of enquiry into the problems of St Matthew's, Seshego 
S14 St Mark's - Diocese 1f 1987-1995 
 Map of parishes in the diocese, correspondence re creation of diocese and diocesan affairs, agenda book of first Synod (1988). 
S15 St Michael's Children's Home 3f 1984-1995 
 Constitution, history, philosophy and guidelines, principal's reports, minutes of management committee and property development sub-committee and AGM, correspondence. Report of an independent committee of enquiry into the state of affairs in the home (1989) and the forward-planning group. Papers on child care; guidelines to Cape Town City Mission Homes. 
S16 St Monica's Maternity Hospital 2f 1981-1994 
 Correspondence, history of St Monica's, minutes. Includes correspondence re funding proposal. 
S17 St Paul's Primary School 1f 1986 
 Correspondence, agreement of lease, report by principal 
S18 St Paul's Theological College 8f 1956-1969, 1982-1992 
 Correspondence on the St Paul's Appeal Fund; general correspondence on affairs of the college and students; wardens' reports, examination results, minutes of the college council, financial statements. Letter from senior student to episcopal synod re conscientious objection 1982 
S19 Saldanha Bay (St Andrew) 1f 1983-1988 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, report of the commission appointed to look into the financial affairs of the parish, plans, faculty applications. 
S20 Sanctions (and the CPSA) 1f 1989-1992 
 Statements by bishops, and a paper by T Crawford-Brown about the church's attitude to disinvestment. Article by Eugene Nyati, 1989 - 'Impact of sanctions and disinvestment on black economic empowerment' . 
S21 SEEK' 1f 1983-1987 
 Correspondence about the publication, editor's report, minutes. 
S22 Selection Conference 10f 1970-1987 
 Documents and application forms for prospective ordination candidates. Individual files for the following people: 
 M Baatjes, D Brooke, J Bruiners, LJ Buchanan, CA Carelse, GEM Carelse, W Carolissen, B Cassidy, D Christians, 0 Claasen, JJ Cloete, PA Corrie, JL Costello, A Crail, JG Cupido, B Curry, H Damons, AI Daniels, VA Daniels, D Davis, AC de Graaf, R Dewar, JF Dick, PR Diesel-Reynolds, E Dietrich, RP Donovan, SBP du Plessis, JG Dyer, CE Isaacs, DG Isaacs, JS Jacobs, P James-Smith, J Johannes, J Julius, B Kelly, A Kenyon-Hoare, P Kerton-Johnson, JD Kessie, A Kirkland, A Kirkaldy, K Kuhne, NC Koeppen, D Kreft, JC Langenhoven, CG Lange, EC Lakey, JS Lindie, MS Lister, V Lombard, R Louw, KC Loynes, J Luiters, P Lyness, GB Makhanya, R Mark, AB Marshall, A Martin, T Martin, LS Mashicila, J Mata, D McLea, AM Mdunyelwa, PA Meyer, SP Middleton, LF Molten, SD Moos, E Murphy, RJM Murrell, D Nicholls, JH Nomdo, MG Norman, AX Ntutha, A Osier, AK Overmeyer, MJ Page, P Petersen, F Philippus, RE Phillips, REB Phillips, JW Poggenpoel, HB Porteous, D Prinsloo, IT Randall, W Rapp, J Ridge, I Samuels, I Shapiro, BJS Sillie, J Simon, ZS Sogiba, DR Stewart, O Swartz, MT Syphus, RV Taylor, SG Taylor, KH Terry, K Treu, T Tulloch, R Van Harte, MB van Ryneveld, PH van Zyl, S Walker, H Wanliss, HB Whisken, HA Williams, P Williams, SA Williams, A Wilson, NJ Witbooi. 
S23 Self-help projects 1f 1990-1993 
 This file includes records of a number of organisations aiming at welfare, upliftment, development, etc., many of which appealed to Archbishop Tutu for funds or patronage. Includes: Brand Knew, Thembisa Trust, Triple Trust, Umtapo Centre, Western Cape Self-help Job Creation Project. (see also Eyethu Imbali Trust, Trickle-up Programme) 
S24 Servitas Housing Organisation 1f 1964-1971 
 Minutes of Debenture holders, financial records, correspondence 
S25 Sick and Aged Fund 1f 1939-1979 
 Correspondence re fund for the relief of sick and aged clergy. (NB. Early documents and Het Kruid endowment in current file) 
S26 Silvertown (St George's) 1f 1965-1986 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, faculty applications, plans, marriage applications. Brochure re ministry on the Cape Flats 1965  
S27 Silvertree Boys' Club 1f 1952-1955 
 Documents re property. 
S28 Social Change Assistance Trust 2f 1990-1993 
 Records of an organisation providing funding and suppport to community-controlled projects in deprived communities. 
S29 Society of St John the Divine (Durban) 1f 1987-1995 
 Correspondence, newsletter. 
S30 Society of St John the Evangelist 1f 1965-1969 
 Correspondence re property and finance. (see also Native Mission of the CPSA) 
 Society of St Leonard (see prison chaplains) 
S31 Society of the Sacred Mission 1f 1983-1995 
S32 Correspondence including SSM newsletter and circulars from Michael Lapsley Society of the Precious Blood 1f 1986-1996 
S33 Correspondence, rule for Oblates. Somerset West (All Saints) 1f 1973-1987 
S34 Correspondence, lay ministry, faculty applications, marriage applications. South African Anglican Theological Commission 2f 1986-1993 
 Correspondence, minutes, material on AIDS, abortion, human sexuality, constitutional matters, State of the Nation, admission of children to communion without confirmation. 
S35 South African/ Azanian Student Movement 1f 1988 
 Constitution, newsletter, leaflets 
S36 South African Church Institute 1f 1924-1969 
 Correspondence and constitution of an organisation designed to provide services in Britain for the CPSA (e.g.office and library services, welcome to visiting clergy, assistance in securing clergy from Britain for South Africa.) 
S37 South African Committee for Higher Education (SACHED Trust) 1985-1993 
 Minutes, Trustees and Exec. meetings and correspondence with Archbishop Tutu. Includes 'SACHED Structure Document' (1992); 'Overall Evaluation of SACHED' by Sheldon Weeks (1993) and 'Report on Organisation Development Study' by Jennie Browning, Randall Falkenberg and Mandla Tisani (1992-1993) 
S38 South African Council of Churches 9f 1986-1993 
S39 Correspondence between Archbishop Tutu and the SACC. Includes letters from Rev Frank Chikane, memoranda and reports on various topics (human rights, police involvement in unrest, Church Leaders' Meetings, report on SA Church Leaders' delegation to Washington, 1989, etc). Reports of resolutions committee and Justice and Reconciliation. National Peace Accord. Covers many of the SACC activities during this period. South African Defence Force - (Military Chaplains). 3f 1982-1986 
 Includes minutes, CPSA chaplains' meeting 1982; correspondence, paper for Synod 1992 ' The role of chaplains in the SADF' (by S. Luckett); an agreement between the CPSA and the SADF re the ministry of chaplains; report of Archbishop's Commission of provincial synod 1985, on military chaplains; SADF orders re chaplains, memorandum submitted by Rev J.M.Daines, minutes of CPSA Chaplains' conference (1984); notes on the office and duties of the Principal Chaplain. Also: 'Dissension in the ranks: an argument for Conscientious Objection' (by Peter Hathorn); 'Why I say 'no' to collaboration with the SADF' (by Billy Paddock) and other documents about the CPSA AND SADF. 
S40 South African Government 1f 1989-1991 
 Correspondence between Archbishop Tutu and various Government Ministers (re political prisoners, death penalty, detainees, passport restrictions etc.) See also 'Church and State' and 'De Klerk' 
S41 South African Institute of Race Relations 1f 1982-1987 
 Correspondence (mainly re life membership of Archbishop Russell and role of honorary life members.) 
S42 South East Transvaal - Diocese 1f 1990-1995 
S43 Correspondence (with Rt Rev. David Beetge) Southern Africa Church Development Trust 1f 1991-1996 
 Bulletins, correspondence. 
S44 Southern African Association of Independent Schools 1f 1988 
 Report of a consultation held at St Barnabas College, 1988 
S45 SPCK Bookshop 1f 1965-1973 
 Agreement of lease, correspondence, report of the future of the bookshop. 
S46 Steenberg (St Andrew's) 1f 1968-1988 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, marriage applications. 
S47 Stellenbosch (St Mary's) 1f 1983-1987 
 Correspondence, marriage applications, faculty applications, plans, lay ministry. 
S48 Steytler Memorial Fund. 1f 1983-1989 
 Correspondence, memoranda, and application forms relating to a fund for the relief of clergymen of the CPSA. Lists of beneficiaries. 
S49 Strand (St Andrew's and St John's) 1f 1972-1988 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, plans (for St John's and St Andrew's), faculty applications 
S50 Struben Memorial and Lady Buxton Homes 1f 1928-1983 
 Constitution, deed of donation, description of institution 
S51 Suggit, John 1 booklet 1993 and undated list. 
 Invitation to life' - a young person's guide to the Eucharist, and an undated list of Suggit' s publications 
S52 Sunday Schools 1f 1986-1991 
 Correspondence re Sunday School matter; minutes of AGM and constitution of the Guild of St Christopher. 
S53 Supplementary Ministry 1f 1971-1974 
 Correspondence, circulars re self-supporting ministers. 
S54 Swaziland - Diocese 2f 1984-1995 
 Correspondence (mainly with Bishop Bernard Mkhabela) about diocesan matters, including letters from and about Rev Theo Simpson. 
S55 Synod of Bishops 1f 1987-1991 
 Agendas, minutes, statements and pastoral letters, reports to synod (liturgical 
 committee, exorcism, ordination of women, correspondence. Notes for Synod re certain endowments and funds held in trust by the Board of Provincial Trustees. See also Bishops' statements (B13) and the collections AB1956, AB2668) 
T1 Miscellaneous 3 files 1987-1991 
T2 Taxi Violence 1f 1992 
 Minutes of the Cape Town Peace committee and other organisations attempting to intervene in the taxi violence: memoranda, summary of affidavits, statements, record of agreements. 
T3 Taylor, Robert Selby (Archbishop) 1f 1964-1976 
 Miscellaneous correspondence. Correspondents include: G Abernethy, Diocesan secretary, (re Diocesan affairs), James Eddie (re portrait of the Archbishop), Mr JN Shearer (re Mervyn Castle), Canon P Wakeling (re attendance at Synod by St John's Wynberg.) 
T4 Telexes 1f 1987 
 Telexes on miscellaneous subjects. (Some deal with the Archbishop's statements on violence and the SA Government. 
T5 Ten Churches Appeal 1f 1962-1979 
 Correspondence about an appeal for funds for new churches in the Diocese of Cape Town. 
T6 Theological Education 3f 1987-1995 
 Evaluation of 5 Theological Colleges of the CPSA (1987) and report of St Paul's staff to the evaluation team; regulations of the Joint Board for the Diploma in Theology; report on the annual conference of the CPSA Department of Theological Education (1989); 'Some thoughts for the future of theological training' ; handbook for the use of inspectors at theological colleges, information on St Peter's College and miscellaneous documents. Yearbooks of and information on the Theological Education by Extension College 
T7 Therapeutic Resources Group 1f 1987-1988 
 Correspondence re psychological support for clergy and ministry to divorcees in the diocese. 
T8 Third Order of the Society of St Francis 2 boxes + 1 file 
T8.1 Third Order - International 1 box 
 Copies of The Franciscan, Pax et Bonum and The International Chronicle, Minister General's newsletters, booklets. 
T8.2 Third Order - South Africa 1985-1995 1 box, 1 file 
 Statutes, minutes of chapter meetings, newsletters, correspondence (with A Kotze and others) papers, circulars, notes on the rule of l1fe. 
T9 Torture 1f 1990-1991 
 Includes information on human rights violations in various countries and requests by Archbishop Tutu to heads of government requesting the release of prisoners. Also 'Caring for Survivors of Torture'- Abstracts of papers presented at the 7th international symposium held in Cape Town, 1995. 
T10 Touw's River and De Doom's - St John's 1f 1922-1951 
 Correspondence and reports of the Touw's River community. 
T11 Traditional Anglican Trust 1f 1990-1993 
 Correspondence about a proposed split in the church over the issue of women priests. 
T12 Trickle-Up' Programme 1f 1990-1992 
 Training course teaching poor people to create their own jobs. 
T13 Tristan da Cunha (St Mary's) 2f 1955-1988 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, faculty application and rough plan of the church, jubilee booklet, account in a letter of the l1fe on Tristan da Cunha (for the benefit of those considering posts on the island.) 
T14 Trusts/Funds 1f 1982-1993 
 Correspondence and financial records on: 
 Agar-Hamilton Trust Bursary 
 Bessie Jones Trust 
 Gerald Ndungane Trust (Book Award) 
 Nicholls Memorial Fund 
 Rhoda Smith Refief Fund 
 Silberbauer Fund 
 Steytler Memorial Fund 
 (See also HB Webb G1ft etc.) 
T15 Tsitsikamma Exile Association 1f 1991-1992 
 Reports and correspondence about the Mfengu-Tsitsikamma land dispute. 
T16 Tutu, Archbishop Desmond (General) 1f 1995 
 Curriculum vitae and articles on Archbishop Tutu, Farewell Eucharist programme. Public Lecture 5; 'Apartheid and the dignity of Personhood', Centre for the study of Global Governance, LSE. (NB Most of the files in this collection dated between 1986 and 1996 relate to Archbishop Tutu in some way or another) 
T17 Tutu, Archbishop Desmond (Miscellaneous Correspondence) 1f 1986-1995 
 Correspondence selected from 'yellow pages' giving a sample of the letters written by Abp Tutu during his episcopacy. Many of these letters may be duplicated under subject. 
T18 Tutu, Archbishop Desmond (Travel) 1f 
 Travel to various destinations (e.g.for honorary degrees, lectures, participation in various projects. (Some of these are separately listed under the place in question e.g. Brazil) 
T19 Tutu Foundation for Development and Relief in Southern Africa 1f 1989 
 Correspondence and minutes relating to this fund 
T20 Tutu, Archbishop Desmond 1 box 1988-1989 
 Letters in support of Archbishop Tutu and of his views 
U1 miscellaneous 1 file 1990-1991 
U2 Umzimvubu Diocese 1f 1991-1995 
 Correspondence, enthronement charge of Bishop Geoffrey Davies. 
U3 United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel 2f 1945-1994 
 Correspondence, yearbook and Guide, Mission programmes and budget, bursaries programme. 
U4 Universities (General) 2 files 1986-1992 
 Subjects: Academic boycott, invitations to Archbishop Tutu as visiting lecturer, invitations to accept honorary awards, appointment of 'Desmond Tutu Fellows' at Emory University, USA, recommendations by Tutu of students and lecturers in various positions and miscellaneous correspondence. 
U5 University of Cape Town 2 files 1958-1968, 1983-1988 
 Includes items on University chaplaincy, and correspondence and plans relating to the chaplaincy residence, ' Clausentum' . Report of a commission appointed by the archbishop to investigate the future of the chaplaincy at UCT, 1963. 
U6 University of Fort Hare 1f 1992 
 Council Minutes, correspondence. 
U7 University of the Western Cape 1 file 1987-1988 
 Correspondence (Includes information on Tutu's installation as Chancellor in 1988 
U8 Utility Construction Company 1f 1970 
 Correspondence re proposed construction of flats on Erf 679. 
V1 Miscellaneous 2 files 1983-1991 
V2 Vicar-General 1f 1979-1987 
 Appointments of vicars-general in the absence of the bishop 
V3 Vocational Guidance Conference 1f 1988 
 Conference for ordination candidates: includes detailed reports on candidates. 
V4 Vredenburg (St Monica's, Vredenburg and St Augustines, Paternoster) 1f 1982-1988 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, faculty applications, plans of St Monica's, marriage applications, description of the parish. 
W1 W - miscellaneous 4 files 1988-1991 
W2 Washington Link 1f 1990-1994 
 Correspondence re 'companion relationship' between the dioceses of Cape Town, Washington DC and Honduras. Acknowledgement of g1fts. 
 Webb g1ft (See H.B.Webb g1ft) 
W3 Welfare and Development 1f 1993 
 Correspondence relating to a programme to assist parishes with defining their needs and planning strategies to address them. 
W4 Wellington - St Alban's 3f 1916-1979 
 Correspondence, mainly re property and finance. Includes plans and information on Wellington Mission School. 
W5 Wesfleur (Atlantis) - All Saints 1f 1975-1978 
 Correspondence, mainly re property 
W6 Western Province Council of Churches 4f 1985-1992 
 Correspondence, minutes, report of work done, Annual Report 1988, 'A Vision for the Future' (1990); AGM (1990, 1991); 'Programme Plan'(1992); a proposal on the future of the Dependants' Conference; report of the Commission of Enquiry into the WPCC (1991); 'Coming Home' - a package of information about the release of political prisoners in the Western Cape. 
W7 Westridge - Mitchells' Plain. (Christ the Redeemer) 1f 1977-1987 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, marriage applications, faculty applications, plans, deed of dedication. 
W8 Wilgespruit Fellowship Centre 1f 1984-1995 
 Correspondence, Newsletter, record of activities, future plans. (Wilgespruit F.C. is an ecumenical conference and training centre in Roodepoort, funded partly by the South African Council of Churches and run by Rev. Dale White. Recently its activities have included mediation and negotiation. See also SACC) 
W9 Women's Diocesan Association 1f 1892-1918 
W10 Reports of an association devoted to supplementing the incomes of the clergy. Woodstock. St Mary's (Also St Bartholomew, Walmer estate) 1f 1954-1987 
 Correspondence, lay ministry, marriage applications, plans. 
W11 Worcester. St James 1f 1979-1989 
 Correspondence, plans, deed of dedication, lay ministry. 
W12 World Conference on Religion and Peace 1f 1986-1992 
 Minutes, newsletters, correspondence with Archbishop Tutu, 'Desmond Tutu Peace Lectures' by Bishop Desmond Tutu, Franz Auerbach and Rabbi Julia Neuberger. 
W13 World Council of Churches 5 files 1983-1996 
 Correspondence, circulars, printed matter from the WCC. Includes information on the Special Fund to combat Racism (mainly focused on liberation movements in South Africa) and Rev Chikane's opening address to the World Convocation of Churches in Korea in 1990. 
W14 Wynberg St John's 3 files 1969-1997 
 General correspondence, lay ministry, marriage applications. Annual vestry meeting reports, 1997. 
Y1 miscellaneous 1 file 1983-1990 
Y2 Youth Centre - Greyton 1f 1984 
 Report of a committee appointed to investigate the establishment of a Youth Conference centre at Greyton (alternatively, Middleton). 
Y3 Youth Department (Diocese of Cape Town) 2f 1983-1992 
 Correspondence, reports, newsletters, minutes of Diocesan and provincial Youth Councils. (See also Provincial Youth Department) 
Z1 Miscellaneous 1 file 1983-1991 
Z2 Zonnebloem College 3f 1855 - 1994 
 Deeds of Transfer including the original deed in which the property was made over to Bishop Gray); correspondence about property and other matters, including letter from the Acting Town Clerk re closure of the college. (1989) 
Z3 Zululand - Diocese 1f 1950-1995 
 Correspondence (Diocesan affairs); reports; Bishop Zulu's charge to synod, 1990; court records in a matter between Dr John Wright and St Mary's Hospital regarding the termination of Dr Wright's services. Also: Zululand Missionary Association pamphlets: No 1 (Story of St Augustine's Mission); No 2 (St Mary's Mission Hospital, Kwamagwaza); No 3 (Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital) No 5 (St Michael's School, Bremersdorp); No 8 (Nongoma) Undated (1950s?) and Zululand Diocesan Newsletters (1970, 1984-1986. 
 Reports of the Bishop's Commissioner (1, 2, and 3) 1973. Bishop's Charge (Peter Harker) 1995