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Collection Index:BERNSTEIN, Hilda and Rusty, Papers, 1931-2011
Collection Name:BERNSTEIN, Hilda and Rusty, Papers, 1931-2011
 Copyright 2015, Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 39 boxes, photographs, folio items, postcards, audio tapes, DVD 
 The collection consists of the personal papers of Hilda and Rusty Bernstein from 1931-2006. It was removed from the South African History Archive (SAHA) and received by Historical Papers in 2010. The arrangement of the collection was completely changed in the process, and new material added by Toni Strasburg. 
 The personal and political papers of Hilda and Rusty Bernstein consists of documents, photographs, tapes, publications and newspaper cuttings. 
 Reference is made to the Hilda Bernstein collection held at the Mayibuye Archive, University of the Western Cape. 
 Please note: 
 The Hilda and Rusty Bernstein Papers were digitised in 2015 with funding from Hilda and Rusty Bernstein's children. Those parts of the collection which have been restricted for access, have not been published online and permission to consult these must be obtained in accordance with the Memorandum of Agreement. 
 The digitisation of the audio recordings in section B4.1.2.2 was made possible by the generous grant from the Carnegie Foundation. The audio recordings may be accessed at the Historical Papers archive. Please refer to the list of digitised audio material on our website. 
 Hilda and Lionel 'Rusty' Bernstein, both life long members of the South African Communist Party (SACP), devoted their lives to freedom and democracy in South Africa. 
 Lionel 'Rusty' Bernstein was born in Durban in 1920, as the youngest of four children of European emigrants. Orphaned at the age of 8, he was sent to finish his education at Hilton College, a prestigious Boy's school in Natal. After matriculating he returned to Johannesburg where he started to work at an architect's office, while studying architecture part-time at the University of the Witwatersrand until 1936, after which he worked full-time as an architect. in 1937 he joined the Labour League of Youth and later joined the Communist Party. In 1941 he volunteered for the South African army and served as a gunner in North Africa and Italy as part of the Allied Forces. In March that year he married Hilda, an emigrant from Britain, whom he had met in the Labour League of Youth. She had risen to prominence in local politics. 
 Hilda Bernstein, previously Watts, was born in London in 1915 as one of three daughters of Simeon and Dora Schwarz. Her father was a Bolshevik who became the Russian Trade Attach in London in 1919, but left the family when he was recalled to Russia when Hilda was 10. Hilda emigrated to South Africa in 1933 aged 18, after receiving the news of her father's death, having never returned from the Soviet Union. In South Africa she soon joined the youth branch of the Labour Party. By 1940 she joined the Communist Party of South Africa and served on both the district committee and national executive. In 1943 she was elected for 3 years to the Johannesburg City Council as the only communist candidate to achieve this. 
 After Rusty's discharge from the army in 1946 he was reunited with his wife Hilda and their daughter Toni, the first of four children, being Toni, Frances, Patrick and Keith. Soon after Hilda and Rusty got involved in the strike of African miners in 1946, being on the strike committee and producing the strike bulletin. At the end of the strike they got arrested together with others and charged with sedition, to be convicted of aiding an illegal strike for which they received suspended sentences. In 1950 the Communist Party was banned, and listed members became subject to various restrictions, including a ban on being published. Nevertheless both published and edited extensively. Amongst many other publications, Rusty wrote and edited "Fighting Talk", the official organ of the Springbok Legion. Hilda was the editor of the magazine "Childhood", the official organ of the South African National Council for Child Welfare. Hilda and Rusty were instrumental in the formation of political movements and organisations at the time. Rusty played a major part on the committee organising the Congress of the People, which would adopt the Freedom Charter in 1955. Rusty has been credited with the drafting of the text for the Freedom Charter. Hilda was one of the founders of the first multi-racial women's organisation in 1956, called the Federation of South African Women (FEDSAW), and played a key role in organising the historic Women's March to Pretoria in 1956. At the end of 1956 Rusty, amongst 156 others, was arrested and charged with Treason, a trial which lasted for more than 4 years, after which all accused were found not guilty and discharged. In 1960, following the State of Emergency, Rusty and Hilda were detained for several months, first in the Old Fort prison, from which they were moved to the Pretoria Central Prison. During that time their four children were left in the care of friends and family. After their release house arrest followed as well as renewed banning orders. On the 11 July 1963 Rusty and other prominent leaders were arrested during a raid on Liliesleaf Farm in Rivonia. Rusty was charged along Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu and others in the Rivonia Trail in 1964. He was acquitted, rearrested, recharged and then released on bail. Soon after his release, and just as police came to their home to arrest Hilda as well, both fled and crossed the border to Botswana on foot, ultimately arriving in London. They left their children in the care of their eldest daughter Toni and her husband Ivan Strasburg whom she married with her fathers blessings send from jail in 1963. Soon after all their children joined them in exile starting in London, were Rusty worked as an architect. Hilda forged a new life as an artist and writer, with many one-person shows of her etchings, drawings and paintings, as well as extensive group shows of print-makers and women artists in the UK, USA, Europe and African countries. Her work was displayed in the Royal Academy just as much as it was used on posters and greetings cards for the Anti-Apartheid Movement. Rusty was an outstanding political educator. In 1987 he conducted a series of seminars for the ANC in Moscow on the history of the South African liberation struggle. In 1989 he was asked by the ANC leadership to establish a school of politics in the ANC camps in Mazimbu and Dakawa in Tanzania, where Hilda joined him for one year at the ANC's Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College. 
 Both Hilda and Rusty lived to see the end of Apartheid, and came back to South Africa to take part in the first democratic elections in 1994. Rusty had worked in the ANC press office during that time, with particular responsibility for ensuring mass white participation in the elections. In 1995 he travelled to Italy to celebrate the 50. anniversary of the liberation from Nazi occupation, where he represented his former South African regiment. In 1998 Rusty and Hilda were awarded honorary degrees from the University of Natal for their role in helping to bring democracy to South Africa. Both published extensively, culminating in books like "The world that was ours", Death is part of the process", "For their triumphs and for their tears", "The Rift - The exile experience of South Africans" and "A life of ones own", which were published by Hilda, as well as Rusty's acclaimed book "Memory against forgetting", being his personal account of the history of South African politics between 1938-1964. 
 Rusty Bernstein died at their home in England on the 23 June 2002, aged 82. In 2004 Hilda was very proud to receive the Luthuli Silver Award for "contribution to the attainment of gender equality and a free and democratic society" in South Africa, she was 89 years at the time. She died on the 8 September 2006 in Cape Town. On the 27 April 2011 The Order of Luthuli in Gold was conferred posthumously on Lionel "Rusty" Bernstein. 
 (Compiled with the texts of the profiles of Hilda and Rusty Bernstein on the website www.rusty-bernstein.com , with permission) 
A6 RIVONIA TRIAL, 1963/64 
 True copy of the Original Marriage Register of Lionel Bernstein and Hilda Lilian Schwartz, who got married in Johannesburg on the 26 March 1941, and Abridged marriage certificate; Antenuptial Contract between Lionel and Hilda, made known on the 25 March 1941 
 (For photos of the mine workers strike see section F - Photographs) 
A1.1 Strike pamphlet        
 Three typescripts written by Lionel (Rusty) Bernstein in August 1946, given an account of the events unfolding during the Mine Workers Strike and the subsequent arrest of Hilda and Rusty Bernstein amongst others, and the following court proceedings, August 1946. Typescript 3 being the most complete. 
A1.2 Documents of events 
A1.2.1 Call for a General Strike on the 15th of August 1946, issued by the Transvaal Council of Non-European Trade Union Strike Committee, in support of the Mine Workers strike, which had started on the 12 August 1946        
A1.2.2 List of Accused, who were charged with sedition        
A1.2.3 Typed page of a memorandum        
 Outlining the view of European public figures concerning the state's violence against striking Mine workers, signed by amongst others, Margaret Ballinger (M.P.), Adv Abram Fischer, Alex Hepple (M.P.C.), no date 
A1.2.4 Newspaper clip of a comment by Alex Hepple (M.P.C.) Acting General Secretary of the S.A. Labour Party, no date        
A1.3 Later publications about the 1946 Mine Workers Strike 
A1.3.1 Urgent Problems of the Labour Movement in South Africa. Memorandum by E. S. Sachs        
A1.3.2 The South African Trades and Labour Council and the Strike of the 60 000 African Mine Workers on the Witwatersrand Gold Mines        
 Published by J. Cornelius, B. Du Toit, E.S. Sachs and I. Wolfson, members of the N.E.C. of the S.A. Trade and Labour Council, 26 February 1947 
A1.3.3 The 1946 African Mine Workers' Strike and the Political Economy of South Africa        
 Published by Dan O'Meara, 1982 (poor quality of photocopies) 
A1.3.4 A distant clap of thunder: Fortieth Anniversary of the 1946 Mine Strike. A salute by the South African Communist Party to South Africa's Black Mine Workers, 1986        
A2.1 Flyers        
 Including: for the 1944 Municipal Elections, issued by the Communist Party branch for Hillbrow and Berea entitled 'Have you met Hilda Watts. She is your prospective city councillor'; 'A straight talk on Municipal Affairs' by Hilda Watts; 'What they say about Hilda Watts - Communist candidate for Hillbrow-Berea Ward 10'; pamphlet containing a shortened version of a speech made by Hilda Watts in November 1946, entitled 'They work for you - how 15,000 non-European Municipal workers live 1f 
A2.2 Letter of appreciation of valuable services rendered, issued by the office of the City of Johannesburg, 27 July 1948        
A2.3 Newspaper clips        
 Amongst others from the 'Springbok' announcing Hilda Watts as the first Communist to enter the Council after Municipal Elections, dated 2 November 1944; from 'Inkululeko with the headline 'Hilda Watts fights segregation', 19 December 1944; from The Guardian reporting about the defeat of a home brewing motion of 'kaffir beer' for a trial period, 3 May 1945 (see flat folio for oversize Newspaper clips) 
A3 THE 1956 TREASON TRIAL        
 Documents relating to the 1956 Treason Trial, including: Single page issued by the 'Stand by our Leaders Committee' granting L.Bernstein all assistance as one of the Treason Trial accused, March 1957; Bail sheet for 'Farid Adams & 94 others', in the Supreme Court of South Africa, Johannesburg, 30 January 1958; Copy of memorandum to all police officers issued by the Special Criminal Court, informing them that L.Bernstein is an accused in the High Treason Trial and has to be assisted to ensure his timely arrival at Court 1f 
 Records relating to the detention of Hilda and Rusty Bernstein during 1960, in terms of the Emergency Regulations of 1960 
A4.1.1 Items relating to detention        
 Prisoner's Property Receipt, dated 8 April 1960; Permissions for Hilda Bernstein to visit Rusty Bernstein in the Pretoria Central Prison, issued by the Johannesburg Magistrate on the 29 June 1960 and the Security Branch of the South African Police on the 30 June 1960; copy of Certificate of Release for L.Bernstein, issue on the 28 July 1960 1f 
A4.1.2 Programme of 'Ceremony of the white male detainees Pretoria Gaol', 'The Detonnaires present'        
 Drawn up by Ronald Press, including 3 sheets directing the performance of the text of the Freedom Charter (poor carbon copies) 
A4.1.3 Correspondence from prison, to Toni, Frances, Patrick and Keith; two letters from children to Rusty        
A4.2.1 Items relating to detention        
 Prison admission slip to Johannesburg Prison, 8 April 1960 and Pretoria Central Prison, 6 May 1960; Permission for Toni Bernstein to visit Hilda Bernstein in the Pretoria Central Prison, issued by the Security Branch of the South African Police on the 11 May 1960; Letter of complaint by detainees of Section 1 to the Officer commanding The Fort (Johannesburg Prison), informing about an outbreak of diarrhoea amongst prisoners requesting attention, dated 25 April 1960; letter by Hilda Bernstein's sister-in-law to the Department of Justice demanding her release, 11 June 1960; letter written by Cecil to "Hilda, Sonia, Molly, Myrete, Jetta, Helen, Anne and the rest of you on the other side of the wall", the letter was written by Cecil Williams in the male prison to the female prisoners in the Pretoria Central Prison 1f 
A4.2.2 Correspondence from prison        
 Letters by Hilda to her children, starting after 1 week in jail (undated) - 29 May 1960; copy of a birthday book for Frances prepared in jail, with drawings and poems; letter by Hilda to Rusty, 15 May 1960; a typed letter to Hilda's mother and two sisters Vera and Olga, one week after her release, dated Tuesday 5/60 1f 
A4.2.3 Prison Diary 
A4.2.3.1 Notes made in jail, The Fort, 1960.        
 Diary notes starting on the 31 March 1960 - 8 April, just before being arrested, and continued from The Fort on the 9 April throughout until being moved to Pretoria Central Prison on the 6 May up until the 13 May 1960. 
 Transcripts are available from the 9 April up to 18 May 1960, pages 1-43, but there are NO ORIGINAL NOTES from the 14-18 May 1960 
A4.2.3.2 Typed version of a more detailed diary        
 Dated 8 April - 27 June 1960, probably compiled after her release, pages 1-38 (pages 8 and 9 missing) 1f 
A4.2.4 Sketches        
 2 original sketches and 14 copies of sketches made in the Johannesburg and Pretoria prisons 
A4.2.5 Poems        
 3 poems by Hilda Bernstein relating to her imprisonment at the Johannesburg and Pretoria prisons - What Do Detainees Talk About? - Pretoria Central Refrain, or What did you do in the Great Emergency Mummy? - Thanks for the Memory. (See other poetry by Hilda Bernstein under Unpublished Writings) 
A4.2.6 Prison writings 
A4.2.6.1 Compilations of prison accounts        
 From various prisons, of which some seem to have been written by former inmates, including: an outline of sections/chapters and a Prologue describing Hilda and Rusty Bernstein's arrest on the 8 April 1960; accounts from the Rooi Hell in Port Elizabeth, and accounts of the practise of separating African prisoners at the Johannesburg Prison The Fort 1f 
 Some of the accounts and sections are incomplete, but all have been numbered throughout, pages 1-57. 
A4.2.6.2 Various items        
 Memorandum on conditions of hygiene and medical attention at the Johannesburg Gaol; a handwritten analysis of the 1960 Emergency Regulation and prison conditions in South Africa at the time; typed pages of Ruth First's 'Diary from Refuge; letter describing the prison ordeal of a women from the Worcester location, dated 1 October 1960 1f 
A4.2.6.3 Notes and newspaper clip from the magazine 'Contact' with an eyewitness report from the Modder B prison near Johannesburg, dated 13 August 1960 1f        
 (see flat folio for oversize Newspaper clips) 
A4.3.1 First page from 'The Star' reporting about the coming into effect of the Emergency Regulations, dated 31 March 1960        
A4.3.2 Second page from 'The Star' publishing the full provisions of the Emergency Regulations, dated 31 March 1960        
A4.3.3 Article about 52 white prisoners going on a hunger strike, amongst them 21 women who had sent a Petition from the Johannesburg Fort to the Minister of Justice, dated 10 May 1960        
A4.3.4 From Sunday Times about detainees warning about unhygienic conditions at the Fort, Johannesburg, and other articles relating to detentions during the State of Emergency, 5 September 1960        
A4.3.5 Article related to State of Emergency in The Star, 22 March 1960        
A4.3.6 Article related to State of Emergency in Sunday Times, 27 March 1960        
A5.1 Banning orders 
 Mainly copies of Banning orders and other measures enacted under the 1950 Suppression of Communism Act against Rusty and Hilda Bernstein 
A5.1.1 Rusty Bernstein 
A5.1.1.1 Copies of State department records from 1950-1964        
 documenting the longstanding surveillance of Rusty's activities particularly in the Communist Party under the 1950 Suppression of Communism Act; as well as continued monitoring of his activities after he had fled South Africa in August 1964, dated November 1964-1984 - 104 pages 1f (some of the pages are of poor quality and water stained) 
A5.1.1.2 Other items        
 Original letter issued by the Department of Justice requesting L.Bernstein to make representations in terms of the 1950 Suppression of Communism Act as amended by act 50 of 1951, 8 August 1951; copies of Notices to terminate all activities in various political organisations, prohibiting attendance of any gatherings for the period of 5 years, prohibiting from being within any part of South Africa other than Johannesburg and renewals of the above restrictions, issued by the Minister and Department of Justice between 1951-1963 - pages 1-28 1f 
A5.1.2 Hilda Bernstein        
 Copies of the following: Notice issued by the Minister of Justice to terminate all activities in various political organisations, 1953; Notice issued by the Minister of Justice prohibiting attendance of any gatherings for two years, 1953; Permission granted by the Magistrate to attend the Cremation service of the late Mrs. A.Fischer, 1964 1f 
A5.2 Receipts of items seized, 1954-1964        
 Originals of receipts of items seized during house searches of the home of Rusty and Hilda Bernstein, including books, pamphlets, working documents and correspondence 
A5.3 Newspaper clips,        
 (see flat folio for oversize items) 
A5.3.1 From Saturday Star, reporting about the actor Cecil Williams being banned for five years, as well as the Bernstein's house arrest, 10 November 1962        
A5.3.2 Full cover page of the Sunday Times, 11 November 1962        
 Reporting about eight men and women placed under house arrest by the Minister of Justice Mr Vorster, amongst them Rusty Bernstein, Jack and Barbara Hodgson, Michael Harmel and Cecil Williams 
A5.3.3 Report about the effects of the house arrest on Spencer, the child of Rica and Jack Hodgson, n.d.        
A5.3.4 Report from New York        
A6 RIVONIA TRIAL, 1963/64 
A6.1 Various items 
A6.1.1 South African Quiz booklet, n.d. (some pages are torn)        
A6.1.2 Other items        
 Including: copies of correspondence by Rusty Bernstein from the Pretoria Central Prison, requesting the Department of Justice to grant permission to communicate with Toni Bernstein, 2-31 March 1964 (note that the date on the first letter is the 2 March 1963, which must have been written in error, given that Rusty Bernstein was only arrested in July 1963) 1fPrisoner's Property Receipt dated 11 June 1964, issued to Lionel Bernstein 
A6.2 Diary entries by Hilda, 1964        
 Handwritten diary notes, entered in pocket diary pages from 2 January 1964 - 1 July 1964, and 16 July- 5 August 1964 (i.e.. 2-15 July 1964 are missing); retrospectively summarised diary notes by Hilda Bernstein 1f 
A6.3 Letters to and from Rusty Bernstein in jail 
A6.3.1 Letters written by Frances, Patrick and Keith to Rusty (letters written by Keith are not available in digital format)        
A6.3.2 Letters written by Rusty Bernstein to Keith (not available in digital format) 
A6.3.3 Letter written by Hilda to Rusty, Port Alfred, December 1963        
A6.3.4 Hidden messages on cloth 
 Pieces of cloth with tiny handwritten messages between Rusty and Hilda, which were hidden in the collars of Rusty's shirt and thereby smuggled in and out of jail, containing thoughts, advise, encoded messages, preparatory ideas for the trial and assessments of Rusty's situation. The pieces of cloth are stored in a separate flat file. 
A6.3.4.1 Transcriptions        
 Also included are transcriptions for cloth pieces numbered 1-8, done by daughter Frances; cloth pieces numbered 1a-5a have not been transcribed yet. The messages contain no dates, but some give an indication of a day; they have therefor not been numbered in any particular sequence, pages 1-23. 
 See also "Memories of Dreams" filmproduction by Toni Strasburg under item no. "I", in which Hilda Bernstein relates to these messages hidden in Rusty's shirt collars. 
A6.3.4.2 Cloth pieces numbered 1-8        
A6.3.4.3 Cloth pieces numbered 1a-5a        
A6.4 Newspaper clips        
 Including various copies of newspaper clips about the Rivonia trial 1f (see flat folio for oversize Newspaper clips) 
A6.4.1 Rusty Bernstein can't attend his daughter Toni's wedding, March 1964        
A6.4.2 Newspaper clips announcing the wedding of Toni Bernstein to Ivan Strasburg, with their father's blessings from jail, April 1964        
A6.4.3 From 'The Star' about the arrest of 17 people at the Rivonia home of Arthur Goldreich on the 11 July, dated 12 July 1963        
A6.4.4 From the English newspaper The Observer, printing the abridged version of Nelson Mandela's historic speech from the dock, 26 April 1964        
A6.4.5 Judge says it was treason, n.d.        
A6.4.6 From The Star announcing Mandela and Sisulu guilty on all charges, with Bernstein freed and rearrested, dated 11 June 1964        
A6.4.7 From The Star about the Life sentences passed for Rivonia accused, and Bernstein freed and rearrested, dated 12 June 1964        
A6.4.8 Reporting Bernstein goes home to family, and Rivonia Q.C.'s wife killed (Bram Fischer's wife was killed in a car accident), Sunday Chronicle, 14 June 1964        
A6.4.9 From the Sunday Times reporting about the Rivonia inside story        
 With comments by Percy Yutar, about the R2,000 bail for Rusty Bernstein, about Albertina Sisulu, and about the car crash which killed Braam Fischer's wife Molly on the 13 June, dated 14 June 1964 
A6.5 Sketches        
 Various sketches made during the Rivonia trial in court, depicting the judge, some of the accused, the court room, members of the Special Branch, other people in the court room; the same sketches probably copies 1f 
A6.6 Other        
 Certificate of Award of the Peace Gold Medal, issued by the Presidential Committee of the World Council of Peace to the Rivonia Prisoners, signed by J.D. Bernal on the 27 April 1964; Note of Thanks written to Hilda by Annie Goldberg in 1964; typed letter (unsigned) to Mary Benson in acknowledgement of her statement she made before the Special Committee on Apartheid in March 1963, dated 26 April 1964; typed note with handwritten explanation "Dennis Goldberg's father outlining a plan to me to get Dennis, Rusty and others out of jail. He said I must supply the people, van, jackets, tools, etc." 
A7.1 Diary of Escape by Hilda Bernstein        
 8 pages of handwritten notes, written by Hilda during their escape from South Africa, from 1 August - 28 August 1964 
A7.2 Copy of a letter by the Department of Justice        
 Regarding Hilda Bernstein, who left the country illegally, and is therefore considered to be deported from the Republic of South Africa, and her case not to be pursued, dated 25 August 1964 
A7.3 Correspondence to Toni Strasburg during their escape, written by Hilda from Lobatsi/Bechuanaland Protectorate, Lusaka/Northern Rhodesia and Dar-es-Salaam/Tanganyika, August 1964 1f        
A7.4 Newspaper clips, from the Sunday Chronicle and Sunday Times        
 About the escape of Hilda and Rusty Bernstein from South Africa, dated 9 August 1964, and an article in the DRUM magazine by Arthur 'McClipper' Magadlela who had led them to the Bechuanaland border on the 5 August 1964, dated March 1965 (see flat folio for oversize Newspaper clips) 
A7.5 Notice to person entering the Bechuanaland Protectorate        
 Issued to Lionel Bernstein, dated 7 August 1964; visit conditions for the Bechuanaland Protectorate; Notice to Prohibited Immigrant for Northern Rhodesia, issued to Lionel Bernstein, dated 17 August 1964 
A7.6 Notice to person entering the Bechuanaland Protectorate        
 Issued to Hilda Lilian Bernstein, dated 7 August 1964; visit conditions for the Bechuanaland Protectorate; Notice to Prohibited Immigrant for Northern Rhodesia, issued to Hilda Lilian Bernstein, dated 17 August 1964 
A8.1 Other early items        
 Invitation for Hilda Watts to a Dinner Party held at Alexander Street Johannesburg, given by Willy Wong, Tony Fok, for the China Democracy Freedom, 26 March 1938; one page of a letter from Ben Eveningham, a conscientious objector, April 1940; letter from the Rand Light Infantry (RLI), thanking Hilda for a talk she gave, November 1944; "Letter from Italy: A South African soldier writes home to his wife", written by Rusty Bernstein for a pamphlet published by the Communist Party, May 1945; letter with envelope addressed "To any police official or Railway official", written by the Compound manager of the Marievale Consolidated Mines for Wilson, November 1953 
A8.2 Newspaper clips        
 Newspaper clip from the 'Daily Express' reporting about the young Hilda Watts appealing for a collection for war sufferers, dated 25 February 1938; from the Daily Express about a resolution by the Anti-Fascist league to ask the South African Trades and Labour Council to discuss a united rally against Fascism in the Union, mentioning Hilda Watts taking a leading part, 7 March 1938 (see flat folio for oversize Newspaper clips) 
A8.3 Fighting Talk 
 Organ of the Springbok Legion, for which both, Hilda Watts and Lionel Bernstein published articles regularly, some of which are included here. Incomplete, April 1952-October 1962 
A8.3.1 Articles in 1952        
A8.3.2 Articles in 1953        
A8.3.3 Articles in 1954        
A8.3.4 Articles in 1955        
A8.3.5 Articles in 1956        
A8.3.6 Articles in 1957        
A8.3.7 Articles in 1958        
A8.3.8 Articles in 1959        
A8.3.9 Articles in 1960        
A8.3.10 Articles in 1961/62        
Ba1 Certified copy of an entry of birth for Lilian Hilda, father Samuel Schwartz, mother Dora Schwartz formerly Ruditsky, issued in March 1955        
Ba2 School report from Wessex Gardens School, July 1925        
Ba3 Dirver's Licence, issued November 1940        
Ba4 Biographical notes and various versions of Curriculum Vitae        
Ba5 Laudation spoken by the University Orator in presenting Hilda Bernstein for the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws, 22 April 1998, including acceptance speech 1f (see also C1.3.4.3)        
Ba6 Correspondence relating to citizenship both in the United Kingdom (1970) and South Africa (1996/97) for Hilda and other family members        
 The documents contained in this section refer to Hilda's parents, Dora and Simeon Schwartz, and her siblings Olga and Vera. 
 Hilda's parents Dora and Simeon married on the 14 June 1904 in London. Both were immigrants - Simeon was born in June 1881 in Kamenets-Podolsky (Ukraine), and Dora (born Ruditzky) in July 1879 in Goroditz - and later moved to England where they met. They got married on the 14 June 1904 and had three daughters, Olga, Vera and Hilda. Over the years in London Simeon had been active in Russian migr circles, and after the Russian revolution in 1917 he shortly occupied the residence of Russia as its representative. Later Simeon served as the Secretary of the Russian Delegates Committee in London. Waiting for his chance to return to Russia he was recalled to the USSR in 1924 on business from which he returned to London. In 1925 he again left London for Moscow, after which he was never to return. Only in 1932 he met Olga who had come to Leningrad, but he would never meet Dora, Vera and Hilda again. See also Hilda's book "A Life of Ones Own" under B4.4. 
Bb1 Dora Schwartz (born Ruditzky)        
 Copy of vaccination certificate (Impfschein) for Dora Ruditzky, born 1 July 1879, for her first vaccination at the age of 1 year, issued in the Prussian city of Knigsberg, 3 Juli 1880; copy of the Abstract of marriage vows between Simeon Schwartz and Dora Ruditzky, on the 14 June 1904 in London (Hebrew with English translation); Certificate of Naturalization granted for the Union of South Africa, dated 25 March 1946 1f (generally poor copies) 
Bb2 Simeon Schwartz - Hilda's father 
 After Simeon left London in 1925, he worked in Moscow and remained unsuccessful to be employed outside Russia. From 1927-1932 he was employed in Kamchatka, in Petropavlovsk and Vladivostock by a newly formed state company seeking to exploit resources in the most remote areas. Back in Moscow in 1932 he joined "Intourist", a state travel organisation. Simeon died in 1933 of typhoid whilst travelling to Tbilisi. 
Bb2.1 Copies of documentation 
 References and questionnaires by various Soviet state departments, which have been completed by Simeon for his transfer to Moscow, and for his employment by the Soviet owned company "Intourist" in 1932, mostly in Russian. 
Bb2.1.1 Reference for Simeon Schwartz by the Trade Union and Worker's Organisation, London, 14 August 1917        
Bb2.1.2 Application form of the Russian Trade Delegation in London, applying for transfer back to the Soviet Union, 27 April 1923        
Bb2.1.3 Letter by the Directorate of Internal Affairs, Moscow, requesting to issue a diplomatic passport to S. Schwartz, 24 May 1923        
Bb2.1.4 Record of service in Soviet Foreign Affairs department, about his employment in London, dated 31 May 1923        
Bb2.1.5 Cover page of Release form from duties, case no. 5090 (no year, probably still in London)        
Bb2.1.6 Personal questionnaire for the Foreign Trade Department, joining the state company "Intourist", dated 29 November 1932        
Bb2.1.7 Certificate issued by the company "Intourist"        
 Stating Simeon's employment and circumstances of death in 1934. Issued on the 4 November 1936 at the request of Olga during her time in Moscow, obtained from records of "Intourist", Russian with English translation 
Bb2.2 Documentation in relation to Toni Strasburg's search for information about her grandfather        
 Including amongst others: letters addressed to Soviet state departments, asking for permission to conduct research at the archive of the Soviet State security KGB (letter written in Russian); fax by Alexei Ananiev, who had arranged for Toni's research trip to Moscow in 1993, and also acted as interpreter during her visit; notes and contacts 1f (fax copies of poor quality) 
Bb2.3 Correspondence between Simeon Schwartz and his family, 1918-1932 
Bb2.3.1 Letters 1918-1925 
Bb2.3.1.1 31 May 1918, to Dora, London - transcript available        
Bb2.3.1.2 17 August 1920, to Dora, London - transcript available        
Bb2.3.1.3 29 November 1924, to Dora and children, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.1.4 19 December 1924, to family, Odessa - transcript available        
Bb2.3.1.5 30 December 1924, to Dora - transcript available (possibly incomplete)        
Bb2.3.1.6 2 January 1925, to Dora, with notes to Hilda, Vera and Olga, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.1.7 21 August 1925, to family, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.1.7a-b 3 August 1925, 2 postcards from Berlin, to Vera and Dora, depicting the Old Museum and the Potsdamer Platz        
Bb2.3.1.8 22 August 1925, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.1.9 26 August 1925, to Hilda, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.1.10 6 - 17 September 1925, long description of new life - transcript available        
Bb2.3.1.11 15 September 1925, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.1.12 15 September 1925, to Vera, Moscow - no transcript        
Bb2.3.1.13 25 September 1925, to Dora - transcript available        
Bb2.3.1.14 6 November 1925, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.1.15 22 November 1925, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.1.16 3 December 1925, to Dorah, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.1.17 5 December 1925, to Hilda, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.1.18 16 December 1925, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.1.19 21 December 1925, from Louis Miller to Dora, New York - transcript available        
Bb2.3.1.20 23 December 1925, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.1.21 undated, to Hilda - transcript available        
Bb2.3.1.22 undated, to Vera - transcript available        
Bb2.3.1.23 undated, to Dora - no transcript        
Bb2.3.1.24a-c Various items        
 Undated letter from Louis to Dora; letter in Russian from Louis to Simeon, dated 16 March 1911, New York; letter in Russian from Louis to Simeon (it seems Simeon was Louis' uncle?), dated 6 June 1925 - no transcripts 
Bb2.3.2 Letters 1926 
Bb2.3.2.1 4 January 1926, to Vera, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.2 7 January 1926, to Hilda, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.3 8 January 1926, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.4 16 January 1926, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.5 2 February 1926, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.6 15 February 1926, to Dora, Moscow - no transcript        
Bb2.3.2.7 10 March 1926, to Vera, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.8 16 March 1926, to Dora - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.9 3 April 1926, to Dora - transcript available (possibly incomplete)        
Bb2.3.2.10 28 April 1926, to Dora, pages 3 & 4 missing - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.11 8 May 1926, to Dora, Moscow - no transcript        
Bb2.3.2.12 15 May 1926, to Dora, - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.13 25 May 1926, to Hilda, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.14 25 May 1926, to Hilda, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.15 25 May 1926, to Olga, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.16 28 May 1926, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.17 6 July 1926, to Dora, Moscow - no transcript        
Bb2.3.2.18 14 July 1926, to Dora - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.19 23 July 1926, to Dora, Moscow - no transcript        
Bb2.3.2.20 27 August 1926, to Dora, Moscow - no transcript (possibly incomplete)        
Bb2.3.2.21 27 August 1926, to Vera, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.22 4 September 1926, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.23 15 September 1926, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.24 17 September 1926, to Olga, Moscow - no transcript        
Bb2.3.2.25 6 October 1926, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.26 16 October 1926, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.27 21 October 1926, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.28 22 October 1926, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.29 23 October 1926, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.30 29 October 1926, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.31 8 November 1926, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.2.32 14 December 1926, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.3 Letters 1927 
Bb2.3.3.1 4 January 1927, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.3.2 10 January 1927, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.3.3 26 January 1927, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.3.4 3 February 1927, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.3.5 11 March 1927, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.3.6 8 May 1927, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.3.7 1 June 1927, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.3.8 9 June 1927, to Dora, Moscow - no transcript        
Bb2.3.3.9 23 June 1927, to Olga, Moscow - no transcript        
Bb2.3.3.10 28 July 1927, continued 2 November and 20 November 1927, to Dora, Vladivostok - transcript available        
Bb2.3.3.11 14 September 1927, to Vera, Vladivostok - no transcript        
Bb2.3.3.12 15 September 1927, to Dora, Beragubvejsk - transcript available        
Bb2.3.3.13 1 November 1927, to Dora, Vladivostok - transcript available        
Bb2.3.3.14 21 November 1927, Postcard, to Vera, on his way to Kamchatka, near Nippon Ginko, Hakodate, Japan        
Bb2.3.3.15 10 December 1927, to Dora, Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka - transcript available        
Bb2.3.3.16 18 December 1927, to Dora and children, Petropavlovsk - transcript available        
Bb2.3.3.17 21 December 1927, continued 23 December , to family, Petropavlovsk - transcript available        
Bb2.3.4 Letters 1928-1933(?) 
Bb2.3.4.1 20 April 1928, to Vera, Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka - no transcript        
Bb2.3.4.2 5 July 1928, continued 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 19, 27 July, and 14, 20, 26 August, to family, Petropavlovsk - transcript available        
Bb2.3.4.3 17 September 1928, to Dora, Hakodate, Japan        
Bb2.3.4.4 19 October 1928, to Dora, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.4.5 5 December 1928, to Dora, Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka - no transcript        
Bb2.3.4.6 20 July 1929, to Dora, Vladivostok - no transcript        
Bb2.3.4.7 29 July 1929, to Vera, Vladivostok - no transcript        
Bb2.3.4.8 12 August 1929, to Dora, Vladivostok - no transcript        
Bb2.3.4.9 25 September 1929, to Olga, Okhotsk - no transcript        
Bb2.3.4.10 20 August 1930, to family, Vladivostok - transcript available        
Bb2.3.4.11 17 November 1930, Postcard depicting Krim, send from Moscow        
Bb2.3.4.12 10 December 1930, to Vera, Moscow - no transcript        
Bb2.3.4.13 5 October 1932, to Dorah, Moscow - transcript available        
Bb2.3.4.14 undated, to Dora, probably sent during his time in Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka - transcript available        
Bb2.3.4.15 undated, with note "the last letter received in December 31", to Dora - no transcript        
Bb2.3.4.16 undated, only pages II and III, to Dora - transcript available        
Bb2.3.4.17 undated, to Hilda, probably after Olga's visit 1931 (?) - no transcript        
Bb2.3.4.18 undated, to Vera, probably after Olga's visit 1931 (?) - transcript available        
Bb2.3.4.19 undated, but possibly February 1933 (?), Postcard depicting beach at Baku, to Vera        
Bb2.3.4.20 12 September 1933 (?), to Dora, written by Olga from Moorgate, after getting the message of Simeon's death on the 16 April 1933 whilst on a business trip to Tbilisi - transcript available        
Bb2.3.5 Envelopes, undated or unclear postal stamp        
 Travel notes from 1965-1967, followed by diary entries and travel notes dating 1967-2001, containing 2137 individual pages and notebooks with regular handwritten and typed entries. 
B1.1 TRAVEL NOTES, April 1965 - January 1967 
B1.1.1 Sweden, 24 April, 1965        
B1.1.2 Prague, 1 June, 1965        
B1.1.3 Moscow, 19 August, 1965        
B1.1.4 Scarborough, 23 September, 1965        
B1.1.5 Edinburgh/Grantham, 20 October 1965/9 December 1965        
B1.1.6 Scotland, 23 January, 1966        
B1.1.7 Budapest, 17 March, 1966        
B1.1.8 Geneva, 12 June, 1966        
B1.1.9 Budva, 7 August, 1966        
B1.1.10 Delhi, 10 November 1966        
B1.1.11 Berlin/Ireland/Glasgow/London, 28 February 1966 - January 1967        
 From 1967 onwards, entries were initially written into notebooks 1-5 (B1.3.1-5), with page numbering starting at number 1-250. Thereafter, from B1.2.6 onwards entries have been made on individuals pages, with numbering starting at 251. Notebooks now complement the individual pages for entries during travel. Hence, from B1.3.6 onwards only individual pages will be numbered throughout and in sequence, notebooks are no longer included in the numbering. Notebooks can be identified by dates. 
 Please note: This section is not available in digital format. 
B1.2.1 Journal 1, January - July 1967, pp 1-64 
B1.2.2 Journal 2, July - November 1967, pp 65-112 (pages 101 and 107 missing) 
B1.2.3 Journal 3, November 1967 - April 1968, pp 113-159 
B1.2.4 Journal 4, April - October 1968, pp 160-209 
B1.2.5 Journal 5, October 1968 - April 1969, pp 210-250 
B1.2.6 Journal May - August 1969, pp 251-302 (pages 286-287 missing) 
B1.2.7 Journal August 1969 - August 1970, pp 303-390 
B1.2.8 Journal September - December 1970, pp 407-432; Notebook Valbonne travel, pp 391-406 
B1.2.9 Journal January - August 1971, pp 433-507 (pages 454-455 missing) 
B1.2.10 Journal August 1971 - December 1972, pp 508-636 (570-579 missing, might be mis-numbered) 
B1.2.11 Journal January 1973 - December 1974, pp 637-766 
B1.2.12 Journal January - December 1975, pp 767-810; Notebook USA travel, April-June 
B1.2.13 Journal January - December 1976, pp 811-943 
B1.2.14 Journal January - December 1977, pp 944-1007 
B1.2.15 Journal January - July 1978, pp 1008-1037, Notebook Zambia/Tanzania travel, May-June; Notebook Tanzania/Zambia/Kenya travel, June-July 
B1.2.16 Journal January - December 1979, pp 1038-1061; Notebook USA travel, March-May; Notebook France/Italy travel, May-August 
B1.2.17 Journal January - December 1980, pp 1062-1127 
B1.2.18 Journal January - December 1981, pp 1128-1175; Notebook Botswana/Mozambique travel, August-September 
B1.2.19 Journal January - December 1982, pp 1176-1225 
B1.2.20 Journal January - December 1983, pp 1226-1311 
B1.2.21 Journal January - December 1984, pp 1312-1363 
B1.2.22 Journal January - December 1985, pp 1364-1447 
B1.2.23 Journal January - December 1986, pp 1448-1501 
B1.2.24 Journal January - December 1987, pp 1502-1552 
B1.2.25 Journal January - December 1988, pp 1553-1622 (page 1609 missing) 
B1.2.26 Journal January 1989 - March 1990, pp 1623-1748 
B1.2.27 Journal March - December 1990, pp 1749-1776 
B1.2.28 Journal January - December 1991, pp 1777-1806 
B1.2.29 Journal January - December 1992, pp 1807-1862 
B1.2.30 Journal January - December 1993, pp 1863-1886 
B1.2.31 Journal January - December 1994, pp 1887-1941 
B1.2.32 Journal January - November 1995, pp 1942-1972 
B1.2.33 Journal January - December 1996, pp 1973-2029 
B1.2.34 Journal January - December 1997, pp 2030-2054 
B1.2.35 Journal January - December 1998, pp 2055-2083 
B1.2.36 Journal January - December 1999, pp 2084-2098 
B1.2.37 Journal January - December 2000, pp 2099-2124 
B1.2.38 Journal 2001/2002 (?), few entries, pp 2125-2137 
B1.2.39 2 pages of Journal entries, dated Tuesday 22 February - Thursday 3 March, no year. By content the entries must have been from the early 1990s back in South Africa, but the calendar dates do not correspond, written by Hilda. 
B1.3 Blue Notebook entitled "This is my Bible", containing thoughts, poems and quotes        
B2.1 SKETCHES        
 2 sketch books (See also A4.2.4 and A6.5 for more sketches; faint) 
B2.2.1 Exhibition brochures, events and flyers by the Women's International Art Club (WIAC) Camden, 1974-1985 1f        
B2.2.2 Flyers by the Women's Free Arts Alliance; World Magazine in honour of International Women's Day, March 1973 1f        
B2.3 ART EXHIBITIONS, 1970-1995 
 Flyers, calendar of events, pamphlets, programmes, announcements of art exhibitions 
B2.3.1 Exhibitions by Hilda Bernstein 
 General art exhibitions of Hilda's work as well as exhibitions for the Defence and Aid Fund, and in support of various Anti-Apartheid movements; also included exhibition calendars of the Royal Academy of Arts, listing Hilda Bernstein's art, 1976, 1978, 1981-1984 4f 
B2.3.1.1 Exhibitions, File 1        
 Please note: The exhibition calendars of the Royal Academy of Arts have only been digitised in part, being the actual pages relating to Hilda Bernstein. 
B2.3.1.2 Exhibitions, File 2        
B2.3.1.3 Exhibitions, File 3        
B2.3.1.4 Exhibitions, File 4        
B2.3.2 Other art exhibitions        
 Published artworks, including: Women in Class Society, by Heleieth I. B. Saffioti, drawing on book cover by Hilda Bernstein, Monthly Review Press; Class Struggles in Tanzania, by Issa G. Shivji, Woodblock for book cover by Hilda Bernstein, Monthly Review Press; cover on pamphlet entitled "What Vietnamisation means" (pages 7-10 missing), published by the British Peace Committee, 1969; 2 images on wood block, "Work Ballet" and "Ujamaa Villagers, Tanzania", published in Labour Monthly, June 1971, Photograph by Ivan Strasburg; engraving on book cover of Illuminations, Summer 1989, published by Rathasker Press 1f 
 Mainly overseas newspaper articles relating to the artist Hilda Bernstein's and her artwork 
B2.6 CORRESPONDENCE, 1971-2000        
 (Postcards stored together with photographs of artwork in special archival box, separate from collection) 
B2.7.1 Original drawings for postcards        
 6 original drawings; Order form for the Defence and Aid Fund Christmas Cards, 1980 and 1981 1f 
B2.7.2 Thematic postcards 
 Postcards printed from Hilda Bernstein's artwork (stored together with photographs of artworks in special archival box stored separately from collection) 
B2.7.2.1 Invite to Hilda's 70th        
B2.7.2.2 Forget not Our Mothers, Year of the 25th anniversary of South African Women's Day        
B2.7.2.3 Fight to free all South African political prisoners! ANC Women's Section        
B2.7.2.4 Crossroads        
B2.7.2.5 Women Arise, ANC Women's Section        
B2.7.2.6 Christmas Card 1992 with Bertolt Brecht poem        
B2.7.2.7 5 greeting cards for the Anti Apartheid Movement, London, with sample envelope, including Three Wise Women, Mother and Child, Tribute to COSATU, The Road to Betlehem, Children of the Townships        
B2.7.2.8 Mother and Child, for Christian Action's work for Race Relations        
B2.7.2.9 Christmas Card for Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa        
B2.7.2.10 70th Birthday Greetings for the "Send a Birthday Card to Nelson Mandela" campaign, with order form        
B2.7.2.11 Free the children in 1988        
B2.7.2.12 Swazi woman, for the Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa        
B2.7.2.13 The Agriculturists, for Leeds Women Against Apartheid (part of the Antiapartheid Movement)        
B2.7.2.14 4 Christmas cards of traditional attire        
B2.7.2.15 2 greeting cards for OXFAM Hungry for Change Group, including Running Zebra, Ostriches etching        
B2.7.2.16 Three Kings, greeting card for the British Defence and Aid Fund for South Africa, and The Canon Collins Educational Trust for Southern Africa        
B2.7.2.17 Camden Lock, published by the Hampstead Artists' Council        
B2.7.2.18 Regents Park        
B2.7.2.19 The last of Cato Manor, Durban, issued by the A.N.C., London        
B2.7.2.20 Baobab        
B2.7.2.21 1986 Year of Struggle, a luta continua!        
B2.7.2.22 Worker, issued by the A.N.C., London        
B2.7.2.23 Various cards without name        
 (Contact prints stored in separate archival box with photographic collections) 
 (Negatives stored in separate box with photographic collections) 
 (All photographs of Artworks have been numbered, the name of each image is listed were provided) 
B2.8.1 Larger photographs 
 (Larger photographs stored in filing cabinet with photographs.) 
B2.8.1.1 Namibia        
B2.8.1.2 Anger        
B2.8.1.3 Work Ballet (2)        
B2.8.1.4 Yellow Brick Road        
B2.8.1.5 Mine Dance        
B2.8.1.6 Musicians (1)        
B2.8.1.7 Dance        
B2.8.1.8 Construction        
B2.8.1.9 Forest, Etching        
B2.8.1.10 Sable antelope, Etching        
B2.8.1.11 No title        
B2.8.1.12 No title        
B2.8.1.13 Zebras        
B2.8.1.14 No title        
B2.8.1.15 Cypnus, Dimbaza, Sahel,Etching        
B2.8.1.16 Baobab, Etching, photo by Keith Bernstein        
B2.8.1.17 Buffalo, Etching, photo by Keith Bernstein        
B2.8.1.18 No title        
B2.8.1.19 No title        
B2.8.1.20 Fish Eagle, Etching, photo by Keith Bernstein        
B2.8.1.21 Hunters, Etching        
B2.8.1.22 Photos taken at an exhibition of Hilda's art        
B2.8.1.23 Photos taken at an exhibition of Hilda's art        
B2.8.2 Smaller photographs 
 (Photographs stored together with postcards of artworks in special archival box stored separately from collection) 
 Photographs with titles or some inscription: 
B2.8.2.1 We women, Etching        
B2.8.2.2 Cypnus, Dimbaza, Sahel, Etching        
B2.8.2.3 Landscape of the dispossessed (i), Etching        
B2.8.2.4 Baobab, Etching        
B2.8.2.5 Velvet monkey, Etching        
B2.8.2.6 Fish Eagle, Etching        
B2.8.2.7 Impala, Etching        
B2.8.2.8 Buffalo, Etching        
B2.8.2.9 Sable antelope, Etching        
B2.8.2.10 Rhino, Etching        
B2.8.2.11 Flower market, Grasse, Etching        
B2.8.2.12 Fruit market, Grasse, Etching        
B2.8.2.13 Venice Fish market (1), Etching        
B2.8.2.14 Venice Fish market (2), Etching        
B2.8.2.15 Benches        
B2.8.2.16 February bouquet, 1985        
B2.8.2.17 Wild flowers, 1985        
B2.8.2.18 Bouquet, 1985        
B2.8.2.19 In the Gallery, 1985        
B2.8.2.20 The barn door, 1985        
B2.8.2.21 Pick your own, 1985        
B2.8.2.22 Mothers, November 1972        
B2.8.2.23 Crested crane        
B2.8.2.24 Gemsbok, Etching        
B2.8.2.25 Ophidians, Etching        
B2.8.2.26 Forest, Etching        
B2.8.2.27 Landscape of the dispossessed (ii), Etching        
B2.8.2.28 Rooftops, Etching        
B2.8.2.29 The Island, Etching        
B2.8.2.30 Receding tide, Etching        
B2.8.2.31 Serengeti, Etching        
B2.8.2.32 Hunters, Etching        
B2.8.2.33 Bus queue, Camden, Etching        
B2.8.2.34 The boys, Etching        
B2.8.2.35 Lovers, Everyman 1972        
B2.8.2.36 Women and landscape, Everyman 1972        
B2.8.2.37 Gossips, Everyman 1972 (Olga)        
B2.8.2.38 No title, Everyman 1972 (Milner)        
B2.8.2.39 Town, Everyman 1972        
B2.8.2.40 Hunters, Everyman 1972 (Cecil Williams)        
B2.8.2.41 Women and flowers, Everyman 1972        
B2.8.2.42 No title, Everyman 1972 (Harold & Jean)        
B2.8.2.43 Isolabona        
B2.8.2.44 How we live (i), Pen and water colour        
B2.8.2.45 How we live (ii), Water colour        
B2.8.2.46 The way we live (i), Royal Free 1985        
B2.8.2.47 The way we live (ii), Royal Free 1985        
B2.8.2.48 The way we live (iii), 1985        
B2.8.2.49 The last of Cato Manor, Etching        
B2.8.2.50 Yorkshire, 1985        
B2.8.2.51 Wye Valley in Winter (i), 1985        
B2.8.2.52 Wye Valley in Winter (ii), 1985        
B2.8.2.53 Dorstone Winter (i), 1985        
B2.8.2.54 Dorstone Winter (ii), 1985        
B2.8.2.55 Near Hay-on-Laye, 1985        
B2.8.2.56 Near Dorstone, 1985        
B2.8.2.57 Zebras        
B2.8.2.58 No title, Royal Free December 1979, shows artwork in exhibition space        
B2.8.2.59 No title, Royal Free December 1979, shows artwork in exhibition space        
B2.8.2.60 No title, Royal Free December 1979, shows artwork in exhibition space        
B2.8.2.61 No title, Royal Free December 1979, shows artwork in exhibition space        
B2.8.2.62 No title, Royal Free December 1979, shows artwork in exhibition space        
B2.8.2.63 No title, Royal Free December 1979, shows artwork in exhibition space        
B2.8.2.64 No title, Royal Free December 1979, shows artwork in exhibition space        
B2.8.2.65 No title, Friedman 1980        
B2.8.2.66 Tree at Old Chibembe, Luangwa Valley, July 1975        
B2.8.2.67 Tree in Dar es Salaam        
B2.8.2.68 Fan Palm, Lusaka        
B2.8.2.69 Tree at Mombasa        
B2.8.2.70 Old Chibembe, Luangwa        
B2.8.2.71 Winter tree, Lusaka, July 1978        
B2.8.2.72 Mwamba Camp, Luangwa, July 1978        
B2.8.2.73 Amandla!        
B2.8.2.74 Mont St Angelo        
B2.8.2.75 Sealand        
B2.8.2.76 Regents Park        
B2.8.2.77 Pines in Libugu        
B2.8.2.78 M.Ceppo        
B2.8.2.79 Dolceaqua        
B2.8.2.80 The Home        
B2.8.2.81 Homelands        
B2.8.2.82 Primrose Hotel (?) in Winter        
B2.8.2.83 Winter afternoon        
B2.8.2.84 April        
B2.8.2.85 July        
B2.8.2.86 August        
B2.8.2.87 September        
B2.8.2.88 October        
B2.8.2.89 Dancers        
B2.8.2.90 Namibia        
B2.8.2.91 Workballet (2)        
B2.8.2.92 Anger        
B2.8.2.93 Village in Apricale/Italy        
B2.8.2.94 View of Perinalda/Italy        
B2.8.2.95 Birds        
B2.8.2.96 Cheetah        
B2.8.2.97 Flamingos        
B2.8.2.98 Near Apricale/Italy        
B2.8.2.99 View from terrace/Apricale/Italy        
B2.8.2.100 Regents Park (?)        
B2.8.2.101 View from studio in Hereford        
B2.8.2.102 Hereford in winter        
B2.8.2.103 Hereford in winter        
B2.8.2.104 Hereford in winter        
B2.8.2.105 Hereford in winter        
B2.8.2.106 Hereford in winter        
B2.8.2.107 Hereford in winter        
B2.8.2.108 Apricale village/Italy        
B2.8.2.109 Apricale village/Italy        
B2.8.2.110 Ethiopia        
B2.8.2.111 Ethiopia        
B2.8.2.112 Ethiopia        
B2.8.2.a Photographs of artwork without titles or inscription (or with title on the artwork, but too small in print)        
B2.8.2.b Set of 19 duplicate photographs 
B2.8.3 Photographs of exhibition display        
B3.1.1 The Fifth World        
B3.1.2 Quotas for Women?        
B3.1.3 The Women's Federation        
B3.1.4 Feminism - An Inside View        
B3.1.5 Women in the Front Line (Sechaba 16 June 1969)        
B3.1.6 Notes on the Origins & History of South African Women's Day        
B3.1.7 August 9th - Twenty-five Years On (Sechaba July 1981)        
B3.1.8 1984 - The Year of the Women        
B3.1.9 Apartheid - Sexism - Racism (Copenhagen, July 1980)        
B3.1.10 Racism. Sexism (Copenhagen, July 1980)        
B3.1.11 When you Strike a Women you have Struck a Rock (ANC Women's League pamphlet)        
B3.1.12 The Banishment of Nomzamo Mandela        
B3.1.13 A Celebration of Heroic Women: Albertina Sisulu        
B3.1.14 On the death of Molly Fischer, wife of Bram Fischer        
B3.1.15 Mary Moodley        
B3.1.16 Domestic Workers Perception of Themselves        
B3.1.17 Yvonne Adele Lewitton (8 January 1984)        
B3.1.18 Lillian Masediba Ngoyi (Morning Star, April 1980)        
B3.1.19 Report on Canadian Tour at request of Women's Section.        
B3.1.20 Lilian Ngoyi: Isitwalandwe, Sechaba, August 1982        
B3.1.21 Notes        
B3.2.1 Women organised - A FEDSAW commemorative pamphlet'        
 Publications and writings on women's issues, included amongst others: 
B3.3.1 Women in South Sotho Narrative literature, by Eli Weinberg, October 1973        
B3.3.2 Women and the elephant - The need to redress gender oppression, by Frene Ginwala        
B3.3.3 UNESCO Working Group on women, apartheid and options for a post-Apartheid society, Political participation, by Frene Ginwala, September 1989        
B3.3.4 Why women rebel: a comparative study of South African women's resistance in Bloemfontein (1913) and Johannesburg (1958), by Julia C.Wells, Journal of Southern African Studies, October 1983        
B3.3.5 Women in South African history, Bulletin 1, January 1981        
B3.3.6 Women and Apartheid, in Objective: Justice, August 1980        
B3.3.7 Obituary Lilian Masediba Ngoyi, ANC Women's Secretariat, Lusaka, 19 March 1980        
B3.3.8 Various documents relating to Ruth First        
 Including: Speech delivered by Albie Sachs at a rally held in the grounds of the Eduardo Mondlane University in connection with the assassination of Ruth First, 23 August 1982; pamphlet for Ruth First Memorial Trust; Ruth First: a personal memoir, by Hilda Bernstein; compilation of memories and condolences on the death of Ruth First; Exile to the life, Hilda Bernstein remembers murdered South African Ruth First, Guardian; pamphlet for Memorial meeting in London, 8 September 1982; Silenced - a powerful voice against Apartheid, by Hilda Bernstein in South, October 1982; Obituary for Ruth First 1f 
B3.3.9 African National Congress Women's League relaunched        
B3.3.10 "Strijdom You have struck a rock", brochure        
B3.3.11 Malibongwe, collection of songs, brochure with texts        
B3.3.12 Pamphlet issued by Leeds Women Against Apartheid        
B3.3.13 Pamphlet for the Project Solidarite-femmes, Mai 1985        
B3.3.14 Article by Yvonne Lewitton        
B3.3.15 The 1984 Calender of the ANC in Exile entitled 1984 Year of the Women        
B3.3.16 Journal of the Women's Movement in the Netherlands, with a photo of Hilda Bernstein, December 1986        
B3.3.17 Collection of speeches at the first NUSAS Conference on women, University of the Witwatersrand, July 1982        
B3.3.18 Post-1994 selected material on women's issues        
 Including amongst others: Annual Report of the Parliamentary Committee on the improvement of the quality of life & status of women, 1996-1997; Women's Charter for effective equality, working document by the Women's National Coalition, 1994; Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW); The rural women's movement, by the Transvaal Rural Action Committee, 1994; Summary report on Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing 1995 
 Notes and speeches about the role of women in the history of South Africa, 1968-1989 (some are incomplete) 
 Some letters specifically on women's issues, written and received between 1969-1996 (for other correspondence by Hilda Bernstein, see under B10) 
B4.1.1 Introduction 
B4.1.1.1 Texts with the introduction and outline of the book for Jonathan Cape Publisher; 2 samples of book covers 1f        
B4.1.1.2 Correspondence and letters of motivation for funding to organisations and institutions 1f        
B4.1.1.3 Draft budgets, January and December 1989; Air tickets, receipts and other travelling documents        
B4.1.2 Interviews 
B4.1.2.1 List of interviewees        
 Introduction of the project and lists of persons to be interviewed, outline of chapters with possible interviewees and listing of original tape recordings. Also included a correspondence between Hilda Bernstein and the Mayibuye Centre, University of the Western Cape, relating to the Hilda Bernstein collection at the Mayibuye Centre, and the provision of copies of some of the transcripts in the collection for further work. 
B4.1.2.2 Transcripts and tapes of interviews 
 Please note that for interviews marked with an asterix * transcripts are available. The tape numbers in brackets next to each name are also the numbers provided on each transcript. 
 Transcripts of all the interviews which were used for the book "The Rift", form part of the "Hilda Bernstein Collection" (Collection no.MCA7) at the Mayibuye Centre, University of the Western Cape. 
 Some of the names in the list below will only have been marked on the actual tape and might not be the interviewees full name. Most tapes contain more than one interviewee, and the tape numbers in brackets next to each interviewee refers. If there is no tape number, it means that no tape has been received. 
 NOTE: The audio recordings in this section have been digitised and may be accessed at the Historical Papers archive. Please refer to the list of digitised audio material on our website. 
 (The transcripts are not available in digital format.) 
B4. Abelsohn, Dr. Alan (1) 
B4. Ainslie, Ros* (2) 
B4. Akerman, Anthony (3) 
B4. Asmal, Kadar (46) 
B4. Barmania, Zabeida* (4) 
B4. Baskind, John (90) 
B4. Beck, Ellwyn (74) 
B4. Beek, Pascal (5) 
B4. Bell, Terry (6) 
B4. Bergerol, Jane (7) 
B4. Bhyat, Fatima (72) 
B4. Bhyat, Hamid & Zaby (8) 
B4. Bhyat, Naeema (8) 
B4. Bismillah, Dr. E. J. (9) 
B4. Bizzel, John & Maggie* (76) 
B4. Boipela, Kagiso* 
B4. Bonga, Thami* (96) 
B4. Bonga, Vuyiswa (110) 
B4. Brown, Angela* (91) 
B4. Bruce, Ian & Cheryl* (66) 
B4. Brutus, May* 
B4. Bruun-Meyer, Margie* (10) 
B4. Burroughs, Ann* (23) 
B4. Carim, Hajira* (11) 
B4. Carim, Mohammed (Mac)* (15) 
B4. Carlson, Joel (12) 
B4. Cawthrau, Gavin (95) 
B4. Cele, Grace (20) 
B4. Cilliers, Everet (13) 
B4. Cloete, John Marcus (11) 
B4. Coetzee, Dirk* (14) 
B4. Colman, Neville (13) 
B4. Cronin, Gemma* 
B4. Da Silva, Rosemary (40) 
B4. Daniels, Simon (60) 
B4. Davis, Jan (37) 
B4. Dembo, Janice* (9) 
B4. Diar, Prakash (4) 
B4. Diphale, Joyce (15) 
B4. Dirk & sons (110) 
B4. Du Plessis, Esau (16) 
B4. Du Toit, Betty (17, 88) 
B4. Dullay, Pritz & Mala* (18) 
B4. Duma, E. (23) 
B4. Dumakude, Thuli (87) 
B4. Dunckley, Simon (78) 
B4. Eggenhuizen, Toine (19) 
B4. Fairweather, Joan* (20) 
B4. Feinberg, Barry (21) 
B4. Freeman, Basil (63) 
B4. Gaboo, Gerald Doodles (22) 
B4. Gcabashe, Tandi (23) 
B4. Gertz-Mketo, Nomsa (24, 93) 
B4. Gloria, Judy (25) 
B4. Goldberg, Denis (55) 
B4. Goldblatt, Phyllis (81) 
B4. Gqomo, Enoch (26) 
B4. Gray Madi* (51, 106) 
B4. Gumede, Joe (27) 
B4. Gwangwa, Jonas (28) 
B4. Hall, Andy (94) 
B4. Hall, Eve & Tony* (29) 
B4. Hanekom, Trish & Derek* 
B4. Hansen (56) 
B4. Hodgson, Tania (30) 
B4. Hope, Christopher (31) 
B4. Huddleston, Trevor (32) 
B4. Israelstrom, Sally & Jerry* (1) 
B4. Johnston, Anton (58) 
B4. Jonathan, Dr. Stanley (33) 
B4. Jurgens, Richard & Katherine (101) 
B4. Kajee, Kamoo* (16) 
B4. Kentridge, Elaine (76) 
B4. Kerkhof, Ian (34) 
B4. Kgosana, Kgaugelo (104) 
B4. Khanyile, Eleanor (109) 
B4. Kitson, Norma (35) 
B4. Koch, Graham (99) 
B4. Kotane, Sam (100) 
B4. Kotze, Rev. Theo & Helen* (36) 
B4. Kumalo, Dumisa (37) 
B4. Kunene, Mzizi (38) 
B4. Kunene, Lamakhoshi (38) 
B4. Kunene, Mathabo (38) 
B4. La Guma, Barto (24) 
B4. La Guma, Blanch* 
B4. LaGuma, Eugene & Blanche (39) 
B4. Levinrad, Norman (23) 
B4. Levitan, Esther (75) 
B4. Lewin, Hugh (35) 
B4. Long, Heather (40) 
B4. Louw, Anne (52. 87) 
B4. Mabena, Lulu* 
B4. Mackay, Ilva* 
B4. Mafaje, Thoko (8) 
B4. Magashule, Ace (41) 
B4. Maharaj, Mac & Zera (42, 44) 
B4. Maharaj, Mac (43) 
B4. Majija, Nontutuzelo* 
B4. Mamogale, Christina* 
B4. Mandela, Nelson (45) 
B4. Manicom, Lindzi* (46) 
B4. Marie, Anne (89) 
B4. Masekela, Barbara* 
B4. Masekela, Hugh (47, 48) 
B4. Maseko (56) 
B4. Masha, Boikie (102) 
B4. Masholi, Ribbon (37) 
B4. Masingo, Tieho (15) 
B4. Masotsa, Leo (92) 
B4. Mathews, Gilbert (49) 
B4. Matidze, Wilson (59) 
B4. Matsemba, Elizabeth* (49) 
B4. Matshikiza, Esme (50) 
B4. Matsobane (86) 
B4. Matthews, Gilbert (57) 
B4. Matuta, Gertrude* (51) 
B4. Matzikize, John (22) 
B4. Maysom, Cedric (19, 50) 
B4. Mbityana, Blyth (52) 
B4. McGhuwa, P. (5) 
B4. McKai, Ilva (53) 
B4. Meli, Michael (49) 
B4. Mgalosi, William N. (5) 
B4. Mhlangu, Peter (54) 
B4. Miller, Aurther (45) 
B4. Minty (55) 
B4. Mlangeni (56) 
B4. Moathlodi, N. (102) 
B4. Modise, Billy* (57) 
B4. Modise, Yolise* (5) 
B4. Mogale, Silverside (58) 
B4. Mohamed, Amin (5) 
B4. Mohamed, Paul (18) 
B4. Molefe, Kitty (60) 
B4. Moloi, Katleho (60) 
B4. Moola, Mehroonistra* (59) 
B4. Mosholi, Ribbon* 
B4. Motaung, Peter (60) 
B4. Motsepe, Jackie (110) 
B4. Mphahlele, Ezkia (61) 
B4. Mqotsi, Livinstone (21) 
B4. Msoni, Welcome (62) 
B4. Mvusi, Linda (63, 96) 
B4. Naidoo, Indris (64, 65) 
B4. Naidoo, Ramanie & Shantie* (88) 
B4. Naiker, Saru* (32) 
B4. Nchabaleng, Johnny (66) 
B4. Neame, Sylvia* (65) 
B4. Ngcobo, Lauretta (67) 
B4. Ngozi, Mary (58) 
B4. Ngozi, Mike (49) 
B4. Nkabinde, Fanny* (33) 
B4. Nongena, Poppie (68) 
B4. Ntuli, Pitika (53) 
B4. Ntuli, Sifiso (10) 
B4. Nzo, Regina* 
B4. Osmers (6) 
B4. Pampallis, John & Karin* (34) 
B4. Patel, Rashid (69) 
B4. Paul, Simon (70) 
B4. Paynter, Rev. Leshy (1) 
B4. Phahle, Roseinnes (71) 
B4. Phillips, Maud* (95) 
B4. Pillay, Vella (2) 
B4. Rabaloa, Livy* (72) 
B4. Radisi, Peter (58) 
B4. Randeree, Claire (73) 
B4. Rankoe, Thandi* (74) 
B4. Reddy (75) 
B4. Revon, Mike (76) 
B4. Rosen, Micky (40) 
B4. Sagov, Dunja (77) 
B4. Sanjay, Bobby (78) 
B4. Saul, Zebulon & Mangezi (79) 
B4. Schlapobersky, John (80, 81) 
B4. Schoon, Marius (82) 
B4. Schubert, Michelle* 
B4. Serote, Pearl* 
B4. Serote, Wally (83, 84, 85) 
B4. Setlogo, Eva* 
B4. Sexwale, Bunie (86) 
B4. Shange, Sikhulu (87) 
B4. Sher, Anthony (89, 99) 
B4. Shikisa (2) 
B4. Shore, Larry (90) 
B4. Silwana, Zoni (91) 
B4. Simons, Ray Alexander* 
B4. Singh, Eric (92) 
B4. Siphiwe (16) 
B4. Slovo, Gillian (93, 94) 
B4. Slovo, Robyn (83) 
B4. Slovo, Shawn (94) 
B4. Smith, Earl (108) 
B4. Stevenson, Peggy (95) 
B4. Strachan, Bridgitte & Garth* (96) 
B4. Strauss, Amar (101) 
B4. Tambo, Adelaide (97) 
B4. Tambo, Dali (30) 
B4. Tamsen, Liesa & Ernie* (98) 
B4. Temple, Mathew (99) 
B4. Themba, Noma (100) 
B4. Thorne, Steven (101) 
B4. Vally, Saeeda (56, 102) 
B4. Vania, Zatoon (103) 
B4. Vikalala, Thabisile* (104) 
B4. Vileika, Nandi (106) 
B4. Vundla, Mfundi (104) 
B4. Weiss, Ruth (29) 
B4. William, N. (5) 
B4. Williams, Diana (91) 
B4. Williams, Willie (105) 
B4. Winburg, Terrence (51, 106) 
B4. Wolpe, Anne-Marie* 
B4. Wolpe, Harold & Nicholas (107) 
B4. Wolpe, Nicholas (108) 
B4. Wolpe, Peta (89) 
B4. Yengwe, Edith (109) 
B4.1.3 Background material and research 
B4.1.3.1 South African sources        
 Notes and collection of background material, including amongst others: handwritten notes about Repressive Acts since 1960; handwritten notes about major political events since 1960; typed notes about relevant dates and brief history of the development of Apartheid during the 1960s; 2 articles about Mazisi Kunene, provided by Tom Lodge; Arekopaneng Journal Vol.1 No.3, containing an interview of Gillian Slove about her family, and an article about the musician in exile Jonas Gwangwa; Keynote address by Breyten Breytenbach, entitled "The Exile as African"; The psycho-social effects of life in exile, by E.S. Reddy; notes, copies of newspaper clips; notes on interviewees; correspondence 1f 
B4.1.3.2 Sources from Canada        
 Correspondence regarding interviews; information material about the Legal Defence and Aid for South Africa (IDAFSA) Canada and the Organization of South African Americans and Canadians (OSAAC); notes about interviewees 1f 
B4.1.3.3 Sources from USA        
 Correspondence and contact list for prospective interviewees; newsletters of various organisations in the USA, like the American Committee on Africa and The Africa Fund 1f 
B4.1.3.4 Sources from UK        
 Correspondence, newspaper clips of an obituary for Dudu Pukwana, David Koloane profile, address lists and contacts in London 1f 
B4.1.3.5 Sources from France        
 Correspondence and contact list 1f 
B4.1.3.6 Sources from Denmark & Sweden        
 Correspondence, contacts and Programme of visit to Denmark and Sweden in September 1990 1f 
B4.1.3.7 Sources from Holland        
 Correspondence, contact list and SACCC Newsletter, December 1990 issued by the South African Community Cultural Centre 1f 
B4.1.4 Correspondence 
B4.1.4.1 General correspondence        
 Included amongst others: reply by the Office of the President of the ANC in Lusaka, Zambia, with regard to Hilda Bernstein's letter of proposal for the book "Exile: the South African Experience", written to Oliver Tambo, dated 12 January 1988; other correspondence from the ANC Offices in Lusaka relating to the proposal; general correspondence relating to the "Exile book", 1988-1992 1f. 
B4.1.4.2 Publishers 
B4. Correspondence her Literary agents Anthony Sheil        
B4. Correspondence with Pandora Publishers        
B4. Correspondence with Jonathan Cape Publishers        
B4. Other publishers        
B4.1.4.3 Research assistants        
 Correspondence mainly relating to the transcription of the interviews from the recorded tapes 1f 
B4.1.5 Press Reviews        
 Press and literary reviews in international and South African newspapers and magazine, 1994/1995 1f 
B4.2.1 Memorandum of Agreement        
 Agreements entered by Hilda Bernstein with the following publishers: 
B4.2.1.1 Sinclaire Brown Ltd, March 1983, October 1985        
B4.2.1.2 Grafton Books, December 1985        
B4.2.1.3 Goldman Verlag, November 1986; including a paperback book of the German edition "Am Ende steht der Tod", 1988        
B4.2.1.4 Forlaget Hjulet, November 1987        
B4.2.1.5 Raduga, July 1988        
B4.2.1.6 Editions L'Harmattan, January 1989        
B4.2.1.7 Other        
B4.2.2 Correspondence 
B4.2.2.1 Sinclaire Brown Ltd. 
B4. The Sinclair Prize for Fiction 1982        
 Invitation, brochure for the award ceremony, schedule of event, notes for acceptance speech by Hilda Bernstein, press releases and general correspondence 1f 
B4. Other correspondence        
 Publisher's correspondence, including amongst others: comments by Patrick Browne to The Editor of New Statesman, relating to the review of the book, 1983; Cataloguing in Publication (CIP) data by the British Library, 1983; signing of rights by Sinclair Browne to a Danish edition by Forlaget Hjulet, 1984; BBC production of the book, 1985; ceding of rights to the book from Sinclair Browne to Hilda Bernstein, 1985 1f 
B4.2.2.2 Correspondence with Linda Bernstein's Literary agents Anthony Sheil Associates, 1985-1992 1f        
B4.2.2.3 Correspondence with Marsh & Sheil for the French edition; softcover book of the French edition        
B4.2.2.4 Correspondence with Raduga Publishers for the Russian edition; softcover book of the Russian edition        
B4.2.2.5 Other correspondence        
 Mainly with Vagn Plenge in Denmark and Eva Brita Jrnefors in Sweden, from the Frlaget Hjulet Publisher; including a letter to comrade Lindiwe at the ANC office in Sweden, informing her about her tour to Sweden, organised by Frlaget Hjulet (see also photos under item no. F4.6) 1f; one softcover book each in Swedish and Danish, published by Hjulet Publisher 
B4.2.2.6 Royalty statements and correspondence with Grafton Books, Collins Publishing Group        
B4.2.2.7 Other publishers        
 Including amongst others: negative responses from mainly US Publishers 
B4.2.2.8 General correspondence        
 Included amongst others: Agreement and correspondence with Caradine Films/Granada about granting an option relating to the film rights for the unpublished novel "Death is simply part of the process", 1977; reviewers correspondence, amongst other from the BBC Radio 4, Rosalie Horner from The Guardian, and the Evening Post; other correspondence being mainly opinions from readers of the published book 1f 
B4.2.3 BBC Television Play, 1985        
 Documents and correspondence relating to the production by BBC TV of a dramatised television play based on the book "Death is part of the process", screened in two parts, with actor John Matshikiza amongst others. 
 Including amongst others: Agreement between the BBC and Linda Bernstein; Notes on the suggested film by the screenplay writer Alan Plater; A4 brochure with introduction and summary of the TV play; correspondence 1f 
B4.2.4 Newspaper clips        
 Bookreviews, book advertisements and news items from newspapers and magazines, covering the Sinclair Prize, the book launch and BBC TV production, including an article in "Sechaba" 1f 
B4.3.1 Correspondence 
 Correspondence from 1966-1993 between Hilda Bernstein and her publishers/agents (for Robert Vicat/SA Writers see B4.3.2), as well as general correspondence and 'fan post' 
B4.3.1.1 Heinemann Publishers        
 William Heinemann Ltd Publishers printed the book in 1967, included here correspondence 1966-1984 
B4.3.1.2 Hope Leresche & Steele        
 This firm of Literary and Dramatic Agents was Hilda Bernstein's agent at the time, correspondence 1968-1971 
B4.3.1.3 Hungarian translation        
 Correspondence mainly with Eva Dobos, translator for the Hungarian edition, which was published in 1969 by Kossuth Publishers in Hungary (?); hardcover book of the Hungarian edition translated by Eva Dobos, published by Magvet, Budapest, 1970 
B4.3.1.4 Raduga Publishers        
 Correspondence about the Russian edition, which was published by Raduga in 1989. 
B4.3.1.5 Other publishers        
 Correspondence with publishers in the USA, GDR (German Democratic Republic), Austria, UK and Italy, 1967-1993; hardcover of an earlier Russian edition, published by 'Progress', Moscow, 1971; softcover book of the German edition, published by Verlag Volk und Welt Berlin, GDR 
B4.3.1.6 General correspondence        
 Mainly mail of appreciation after the release of the book, including a letter by Lady Naomi Mitchison, Tribal Advisor to Bakgatla, 1967-2001 1f 
B4.3.2 Rob Turrell, Publisher 
 Dr Rob Turrell was one of the Directors of Robert Vicat Ltd, which was set to publish the book in 1989. He was later the founder of Southern African Review of Books, which launched a series of books under the imprint SA Writers, which also published Hilda Bernstein's book in June 1989. 
B4.3.2.1 Robert Vicat Ltd., Correspondence        
B4.3.2.2 Southern African Review of Books and South African Writers, Correspondence        
B4.3.2.3 Various items        
 Bookcover of the book published by SAWriters; flyers and postcards for the booklaunch; edition of Southern African Review of Books, Vol.2, No.5, June/July 1989 with the announcement of the book and book review by Tom Lodge 
B4.3.3 "Mandela Trial"        
 Softcover book of the Italian edition, which was entitled "The Mandela Trial" ("Il processo Mandela"), published by Teda Edizioni in 1989; correspondence with Teda Edizioni Publisher; 47 pages typescript, a considerable amount of which had been taken from the book The World that was Ours (explanation given on page 47 of the typescript) 
B4.3.4 Editorials and textual corrections        
B4.3.5 Book reviews 1967-2004; including pamphlet and bookmark by Persephone Books, announcing its publication of the book in 2004        
B4.3.6 Newspaper clips, 1967-1989        
B4.4.1 Correspondence with publishers 
B4.4.1.1 Sheil Land Associates        
 Correspondence with her Literary agent at the time, 1998-2000 
B4.4.1.2 Memorandum of Agreement with Jacana publishers, who published the book in 2003        
B4.4.1.3 Corvo Books        
 Memorandum of Agreement with Corvo, who published the UK edition of the book in 2003 with the title "Separation", correspondence and picture editorials 
B4.4.1.4 Other publishers        
B4.4.2 Excerpts from memories by Hilda's sister Olga Cardozo        
 Entitled "Twenty-four Russian Memories", dated 1989, from which Hilda Bernstein drew for the writing of her book. Olga wrote these brief pieces about her experiences after she returned from Moscow to England. 
B4.4.3 Editorials and textual corrections        
B4.4.4 Notes and background information, including a copy of a handwritten transcript of an interview with Raisa Rubinstein, born in 1902, an English teacher in Moscow        
B4.4.5 3 Newspaper clips about the Jacana publication of the book "A life of ones own"; letter signed by Nelson Mandela on the occasion of the launching of the book        
B4.5.1 Magazine and newspaper clips        
B4.6.1 Softcover book published by the International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa (IDAF); softcover book in French, published by the Swiss Anti-Apartheid movement; softcover book in Swedish, published by Frlaget Barrikaden, Stockholm; copies of correspondence; newspaper and magazine clips 1f 
B4.6.1.1 Softcover book "For their triumphs & for their tears: Women in Apartheid South Africa"        
 Published by the International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa (IDAF), revised edition 1985, with handwritten dedication to Toni 
B4.6.1.2 Newspaper clips, 1975-1986        
B5.1.1 Egoli        
 Typescript, 158 pages, with accompanying correspondence by Doris Lessing, dated May 1953 (pages 9, 31, 35 missing) 1f 
B5.1.2 A durable fire        
 Typescript, 205 pages 
B5.2 SHORT STORIES        
 Short stories, some without title, including: Thy love a weed; Plettenberg Bay 1962; Mrs Ingram 1f 
B5.3 POETRY        
 Poems by Hilda Bernstein, including amongst others: "Animals of Africa: poems for children"; poem entitled "To Liselotte Herman", written after India Independence Day Meeting, 26 January 1945; negative copy of "My angle in white", copyright 1940, lyric and melody by Hilda 1f 
 Various material collected in a folder with the title "The new book", some of which seems to belong into other sections of the collection, but might have been consulted for the new publication. Including handwritten and typed notes (some contained in a folded page called 'think food', few newspaper clips, bookreviews, manuscript pages, few pages of picture editorial with captions for selected images 1f 
B6.1 New Writing 12 
B6.1.1 Memoir extract from "My Political Journey" entitled "Room Two-Two-Six"        
 Included in an anthology entitled New Writing 12, a writing project by the British Council, published by Picador Pan Macmillan in March 2003. 
B6.1.2 Included: Contract between Hilda Bernstein and Picador, correspondence, editorials and print proofs of the essay 1f        
B6.2 Articles & Essays, dated 
 Tyscripts of various articles, with pages numbered in sequence (1-279) 2f 
B6.2.1 Articles, dated, pages 1-77, including:        
 The Meaning of Apartheid', March 1961 
 What I know of Poland', July 1961 
 The British Protectorates in South Africa', October 1961 
 South African Trade Unions and the Colour Bar', 1962 
 South Africa prepares for Invasion', March 1962 
 Group Areas in South Africa is An Act of National Robbery and Violence', April 1962 
 People Starve in the Land of Plenty', September 1962 
 A passive resister goes to jail', February 1963 
 Endorsed Out: How South African Laws destroy Family Life', February 1963 
 The Clean-up of Alexandra Township', April 1963 
 A Racial No Man's Land', April 1963 
 South Africa Reaches the end of the Road', April 1963 
 The New Inquisition', May 1963 
 The Case of the Kidnapped Doctor', August 1963 
 The Mapheele Story', September 1963 
 The Ordeal of the Political Prisoner', October 1963 
 Three Stories from South Africa', November 1963 
B6.2.2 Articles, dated, pages 78-162, including:        
 Northern Rhodesia on the Road to Independence', November 1963 
 The Rivonia Trial', December 1963 
 A Secret Society Rules South Africa', December 1963 
 South African Resistance Continues', December 1963 
 UN Action against South Africa' , part 1-3, January 1964 
 SA Trade Unions fight for Survival', February 1964 
 South Africa's New Nazi Labor Law', March 1964 
 Rivonia. Landmark in S.A. Liberation Struggle', June 1964 
 Escape from South Africa', October 1964 
 The Man the South African Police want Most', February 1965 
 The Laws of Apartheid', October 1965 
 Education for Ignorance', February 1966 
B6.2.3 Articles, dated, pages 163-220, including:        
 The Forgotten Families', May 1966 
 South Africa's New Strong Man', September 1966 
 Concentration Camps in South Africa', June 1967 
 The Arusha Declaration', March 1967 
 A Sick Obsession with Color', part 1-2, May 1967 
 Personal Comment', October 1968 
 Personal Comment', March 1969 
 Resettlement - An Exercise in Human Alienation', September 1969 
 Personal Comment', October 1969 
 Personal Comment', January 1970 
 The Symbol of a Dream', March 1974 
B6.2.4 Articles, dated, pages 221-279, including:        
 A Walking Safari', February 1979 
 The Boulder Moves', June 1981 
 Untitled, January 1982 
 Defiant Women', January 1982 
 Island in Chains', July 1982 
 Apartheid: The Facts', July 1983 
 Homelands', July 1983 
 Black Gold: The Mozambiquen Miner', August 1983 
 Untitled, November 1983 
 Untitled, July 1984 
 The Avalanche and the Volcano', January 1985 
 Removals', January 1985 
 Family Planning', January 1985 
 How to Become an Artist', February 1986 
 The War on the Children', August 1986 
 Part of the Solution, Not the Problem', March 1987 
 Who will Sing for Theresa', January 1988 
 Art of the South African Townships', January 1989 
B6.3 Articles & Essays, undated 
 Typescripts, with pages numbered in sequence (280-495) 
B6.3.1 Articles, undated, pages 280-341, including:        
 'The Island' (1-2) 
 'Sanctions against Rhodesia - Can they Work?? 
 'The Breach in the Apartheid Wall' 
 'The Women of the Townships' 
 'A Fist Instead of a Hand' 
 'Personal Comment' 
 'Newspapers threat Fight for Freedom' 
 'A Nyasa in South Africa' 
 'Ninety Days' 
 'A Lost Community: What Apartheid means to the Indian of the Transvaal' 
 Keeping Apartheid going by Force of Arms' 
 'House Arrest: Sentence without Trial' 
 'No Easy Walk to Freedom' 
B6.3.2 Articles, undated, pages 342-420        
 'Nelson Mandela: South Africa's 'Black Pimpernickel" 
 South Africa and the Struggle for Peace' 
 The Organisation in Angola' 
 The Origins of Apartheid' 
 The General Election in South Africa' 
 The Sabotage Movement in South Africa' 
 The South African Underground Fights On' 
 'Racism in Sport: Why S.A. will not compete in the Tokyo Games' 
 'Torture in South Africa: A Challenge to Humanity' 
 'The South African Police' 
 The Ganyile Affair' 
 'South Africa is not A Police State says J.B. Vorster' 
 'Infant Mortality: Highest in the World' 
 Sanctions against Rhodesia - can they work?' 
B6.3.3 Articles, undated, pages 421-495        
 Women of the Benders' 
 'Trade Unions in the Bantustans' 
 'Organised Labor in the Struggle against Apartheid' 
 'The War on the Children' 
 'Defiant Women' 
 Walter Sisulu' 
 Women of Africa: Roots of Oppression' 
 'Jane Bergerol' 
 'Death by Hanging' 
 A Long Way from Home' 
 Family Planning and Abortion in South Africa' 
 Forced Removals in South Africa' 
 The Revolt of the Children' 
 Untitled re. Detention without Trial 
 2 untitled, missing pages 
B6.4 Printed articles 
B6.4.1 Contributions in magazines and pamphlets 
 (See also Hilda's early contributions in the journal Fighting Talk, section A8.3) 
B6.4.1.1 Childhood        
 During the 1950s Hilda Bernstein was the editor of the magazine "Childhood", the official organ of the South African National Council for Child Welfare. Included are editions from 1950, 1955, 1957 and 1959 with photos of her 4 children Toni, Frances, Patrick and Keith; various articles on Family Life, written by Vera Waite 1f 
B6.4.1.2 Parents        
 A series of articles by Hilda, entitled "Switch off the pantry light", July-December 1960, published in the magazine 'Parents' - the last of the articles in December under the heading "We go to gaol as political suspects" 1f 
B6.4.1.3 Book Reviews, 1966-1989        
B6.4.1.4 Other        
 Including amongst others: 'Women in the Front line', in Sechaba, August 1969; A South African in China, a New Age pamphlet, October 1961; 'Profile of an Afrikaner', in Transition, 1965; 'The Politics of War', a pamphlet with the text of a speech that Hilda Bernstein gave at the Joint Action for Peace Conference in Coventry, June 1969, published by the British Peace Committee 1f 
B6.4.2 Newspaper articles        
 Published newspaper articles by Hilda Bernstein, 1961-1994, (see oversize flat folder for these items) 
B6.4.2.1 Articles published by Hilda in the London newspaper 'National Guardian'        
 She wrote several articles from South Africa under the pseudonym of "Marius Reynecke" until the 14 November 1964, which was published after Hilda and Rusty's escape from South Africa, now revealing her true identity in the article, dated 1963-1967 
B7.1 Typescripts of speeches, mainly on issues of Apartheid, Violence, the role of the Arts in struggle and others, 1964-2005. 
 See also speeches on women's issues under B3.4. Included here amongst others: 1f 
B7.1.a Slip announcing Hilda speaking at "Peace & Violence in Southern Africa", n.d. (page 2 seems missing)        
B7.1.1 What do we mean by Torture, Central Hall Westminster, November 1964        
B7.1.2 Speech at the Daily Worker 35th Birthday Rally, Royal Festival Hall, March 1965        
B7.1.3 The African Revolution, Sussex University, December 1966        
B7.1.4 Bram. Sutton, Surrey, May Day 1967        
B7.1.5 Fighting Apartheid - A personal experience, May 1968        
B7.1.6 The policitcs of war,published by the British Peace Committee, with speech at the Joint Action for Peace Conference, Coventry, June 1969        
B7.1.7 Speech at Defence&Aid Fund commemoration, Central Hall Westminster, March 1971        
B7.1.8 Racism, Apartheid and the struggle for peace, speech at World Peace Congress, Budapest, May 1971        
B7.1.9 Hanringey & Highgate, June 1974        
B7.1.10 The evil of racism and how to combat it, Community relations Committee, April 1978        
B7.1.11 Britain's stake, n.d.        
B7.1.12 Two talks at Santa Barbara, 'A land apart' and 'A life apart', April 1979        
B7.1.13 Ruth First Memorial meeting, September 1982        
B7.1.14 Speaking personally at June's conventional Parktown Convent, November 1982        
B7.1.15 Namibia, Hampstead, November 1982        
B7.1.16 Marxism and National liberation, Greenwich, June 1983        
B7.1.17 South Africa and the threat of Nuclear war, July 1983        
B7.1.18 Violence and terrorism. A revolutionary appraisal, n.d.        
B7.1.19 Solomon Bierski funeral, May 1984        
B7.1.20 Drawings and painting animals, July and other September 1985        
B7.1.21 Series of talks at Radley college, February 1986, Oxfam November 1986        
B7.1.22 Gothenburg Book Convention, PEN Club symposium, August 1987        
B7.1.23 2 talks in February and March on peace and Apartheid, 1988 (Oswestry 4 page seems missing)        
B7.1.24 Culture as part of the liberation struggle, Africa Centre London, 1988        
B7.1.25 Formation of ANC Somafco, 1989        
B7.1.26 Anti Fascist Rally, Berlin, September 1990        
 Attached a letter by Hilda Bernstein to Nelson Mandela, informing him about the Rally, asking him for a message of encouragement to the Rally, dated 15 August 1990 & Zabalaza ICA, July 1990 
B7.1.27 Bedales, Living under Apartheid, September 1997        
B7.1.28 Talk at the Rusty Bernstein Memorial meeting, University of the Witwatersrand, September 2005        
B7.2 Speaker notes and current material        
 Including amongst others: typed notes for a speech in which Hilda Bernstein refers to the copy of a letter, which she received in 1965 and kept, letter included, dated 3 May 1965 
B7.3 Invites to speak and letters of appreciation for Linda Bernstein's talks and speeches at various occasions, 1f        
 Including a letter to a comrade (ANC offices?) informing about her upcoming guest speeches, February 1988 
B8.1.1 Recording made by Michael Harmel on the early history of the South African Peace Movement, 11 July 1972        
B8.1.2 Recording made by Hilda on her recollections of the South African Peace Movement, 13 March 1973        
B8.1.3 Transcript of a conversation with Padraig O'Malley, for The Padraig O'Malley South Africa Project, 25 August 2004        
B8.1.4 Interview with Hilda, no details        
 Tapes of talks and interviews with Hilda Bernstein. There are no transcripts of these available. All tapes have been converted to digital format, see DVD (stored separately from collection). Included are the following: 
B8.2.1 "No Illusion", Radio 4 
B8.2.2 "Release Mandela", Radio 4 
B8.2.3 Edward Birthem, The BBC world of Books, 1 August 1983 
B8.2.4 Grisha, Moscow, June 1997 
B8.2.5 J. Gumede, 30 May 1991 
B8.2.6 Kaleidoscope on the television series "Death is part of the process" 
B8.2.7 LBC, 7 June 1989 
B8.2.8 LBC on "Death Is Part of the Process" 
B8.2.9 Mac & Thabo in discussion with SA business leaders 
B8.2.10 Studs Terkel talks with Hilda Bernstein, May 1975 
B9.1 Special correspondence 
B9.1.1 Bessie Head        
 Letters written in 1981/82 and again in 1985; as well as letters written in 1992 between Hilda and Ruth Forchhammer from the Khama III Memorial Museum, which received the Bessie Head Archive after the death of Bessie Head in 1986. 
B9.1.2 Janet Stevenson        
 Longstanding correspondence with Janet Stevenson, a friend Hilda met in Tashkent in the early 1960s, dated 1963-2000 
B9.1.3 Violet Weinberg        
 Extensive correspondence with Violet Weinberg, wife of photographer Eli Weinberg, written between 1979 to August 1981 after the death of Eli Weinberg in July 1981; including one letter signed by Lillian Ngoyi to Violet Weinberg; including one letter to Eli Weinberg, October 1975. 
B9.1.4 Other        
 First extensive letter to friends from London about their new life there after having fled South Africa, dated January 1965; letters by Claude Maseko from Kusanda Bakery, Inyazura, South Rhodesia, dated 1965/1966; letter written by Winnie Mandela from her place of banishment in Brandfort, September 1977 and a letter by Hilda written to Winnie in November 1979; letter from Lillian Ngoyi in response to Hilda's letter, October 1979; "Free Nelson Mandela" card written by Dulcie September from Paris, with wishes for 1987; correspondence with Trevor Huddleston, amongst them a letter by Hilda to Trevor shortly before his return to South Africa in the mid 1990s, and a letter from the Community of Resurrection in Mirfield West Yorkshire to which he had returned, dated January 1996; letter by Doris Lessing, also informing Hilda about her return to South Africa, which she had left in 1949, dated July 1995 1f 
B9.2 General correspondence 
 Correspondence is sorted alphabetically, and within each letter chronologically. If no surname was found on the correspondence, it has been sorted under the first name used in the letter. Persons writing from certain institutions, companies etc. have been sorted under those. 
 Some of the correspondence with certain people would be more extensive. And whilst being sorted under their respective letter, they are kept separate from the other letters. 
B9.2.1 General correspondence -A        
B9.2.1.1 Anderson, Edith        
B9.2.2 General correspondence - B        
B9.2.2.1 Broido (nee Burchard), Ellen        
B9.2.3 General correspondence C        
B9.2.3.1 Clarke, Mary        
B9.2.4 General correspondence - D        
B9.2.5 General correspondence - E        
B9.2.5.1 Englesberg, Ellis        
B9.2.6 General correspondence - F        
B9.2.7 General correspondence - G        
B9.2.7.1 Gray, Madi        
B9.2.8 General correspondence - H        
B9.2.8.1 Hodgson, Rica        
B9.2.9 General correspondence - I        
B9.2.10 General correspondence - J        
B9.2.11 General correspondence - K        
B9.2.11.1 Kane, Molly        
B9.2.11.2 Katz, Blanche        
B9.2.12 General correspondence - L        
B9.2.12.1 Levitan, Esther        
B9.2.13 General correspondence - M        
B9.2.13.1 Machele, Moleboge        
B9.2.14 General correspondence - N        
B9.2.15 General correspondence - O        
B9.2.16 General correspondence - P        
B9.2.17 General correspondence - R        
B9.2.17.1 Ranchod, Sylvia        
B9.2.18 General correspondence - S        
B9.2.18.1 Sherwood, Rae        
B9.2.19 General correspondence - T        
B9.2.19.1 Tompkins, Polly        
B9.2.20 General correspondence - U        
B9.2.21 General correspondence - V        
B9.2.22 General correspondence - W        
B9.2.22.1 Weight, Helga        
B9.2.22.2 Wells, Julie        
B9.2.22.3 Whitelaw, Marjory        
B9.2.23 General correspondence Y-Z        
B9.2.24 General correspondence, unknown, illegible        
B9.3 Postcards 
 Mainly well-wishes for Hilda and birthday wishes for her 70. Birthday 1f 
B9.3.1 Well wishes and 70. Birthday        
B9.3.2 General postcards        
 General newspaper clips about Hilda Bernstein, 1965-2004 
B11.1 Memorial services for Hilda Bernstein        
 Including: Programme for Memorial service on the 16 September 2006, Nelson Mandela Gateway Auditorium, Waterfront, Cape Town; Programme and collection of tributes for Memorial service on the 29 September 2006, South African High Commission, London; Programme for Memorial event, the Womens' Prison Atrium, Constitution Hill, Johannesburg, 12 November 2006; speeches and tribute by Toni and Ivan Strasburg 1f 
B11.2 Letters and cards of condolence and tributes; Newspaper obituaries 1f        
C1a Various versions of Curriculum Vitae        
C1.1 Army Papers 
C1.1.1 Description of Final Discharge, issues by Base Depot Durban, 24 March 1946        
C1.1.2 Ex-Volunteer's Identity Book        
C1.2 Personal and family items 
C1.2.1 Birth Certificate for Lionel Bernstein        
C1.2.2 Certificate of Naturalization as a British Subject in the Transvaal issued for Nicolas Bernstein, Rusty Bernstein's father        
 Accompanied by the letter from the Colonial Secretary's Office, dated 16 September 1904 
C1.2.3 Driver's Licence, issued January 1947        
C1.2.4 Letter from Bernstein, Malkin & Co. Chartered Accountants, reminding Leo that Standard Bank still holds assets registered in his name, dated July 1974        
C1.2.5 Various permits        
 Related permits issued by the Home Office, Aliens Department, London, informing L.Bernstein of his extension of stay in the United Kingdom, dated 20 January 1965; Certificate of Registration (ID) with stamps of extension to stay; letter by Lipkin, Gorman & co. informing Rusty, that he can now file application for registration for UK citizenship for himself, B.P. Bernstein, I.Strasburg and Tony Strasburg; letters by the Home Office, Aliens Department informing L.Bernstein that restrictions on his stay have now been removed, dated 14 & 28 March 1967; Application for registration as a citizen of the United Kingdom, with endorsement made on the 30 March 1971, showing that registration has been effected, which constitutes evidence of citizenship 
C1.3 Educational and professional qualifications 
C1.3.1 Matriculation Certificate        
 Matriculation Certificate (Class I) with distinctions in English & Mathematics, issued by the Joint Matriculation Board, December 1936; invitation to the Annual Dinner of the Hilton College Debating Society, 4 December 1936; Hiltonian Newsletter publishing a list of scholars who achieved academic honours at the school, dated October 1957 
C1.3.2 Diploma in Architecture        
 Completed at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, November 1963 
C1.3.3 R.I.B.A. Examination in Professional Practice at the A.A.        
 Examination set by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), held at the Architectural Association, London, dated April 1965 
C1.3.4 Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws 
 The joint award of the Honorary Degree for both Hilda and Rusty Bernstein has been placed in this section, as there was no specific document relating to the award in Hilda Bernstein's section of papers. 
C1.3.4.1 Invitation, Graduation programme and Laudation spoken by the University Orator in presenting Rusty Bernstein for the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws, 25 April 1998        
C1.3.4.2 Original drafts for acceptance speech of Rusty Bernstein at the graduation ceremony        
C1.3.4.3 Items relating to the award        
 Joint notification for Hilda and Rusty Bernstein informing them about the awarding of the degree of Doctor of Laws; correspondence; newspaper clips; acceptance speech by Ismail Meer at the graduation ceremony on the 24 April, at which Fatima and Ismail Meer were awarded Honorary Doctorates by the University of Natal 
C1.3.5 Further Architectural qualifications and memberships 
C1.3.5.1 Certificate of membership at The Institute of South African Architects, April 1945        
 (large item, see flat folio folder); and letter of confirmation of Rusty's membership by the Institute of South African Architects, November 1964 
C1.3.5.2 Articles of Allegiance of the Transvaal Provincial Institute of Architects, issued March 1968 (large item, see flat folio folder)        
C1.3.5.3 Letter of confirmation that L.Bernstein has been elected a member of the Association, August 1965        
C1.3.5.4 Certificate stating Lionel Bernstein as Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects        
 Elected on the 5 April 1967 (large item, see flat folio folder); correspondence with the Royal Institute in pursuit of Associate membership, 1966 
C2.1 Correspondence of employment 
C2.1.1 Application        
 Application and subsequent appointment of employment as Architectural Assistant at the Head office of the Public works Department of Kenya in Nairobi, which Rusty had to decline due to Emigration difficulties, 1949-1950 
C2.1.2 Application        
 Application for vacancy for Architectural Assistant in Cape Town, January 1951; termination of employment of Rusty at James CubittFello Atkinson & Partners Architects, London due to unresolved work situation in the UK, Libya and Nigeria, April 1978 
C2.2 Architectural projects 
 Main projects during Rusty Bernstein's employment at James Cubitt and Partners London, 1965-1978 
 Please note: This section has not been digitised. 
C2.2.1 King's Lane Development, Cambridge, 1965-1967 
 Architectural planning for two clients, King's College and St. Catherine's College by James Cubitt and Partners London, published in architectural publications, including The Architectural Review, December 1968; included a Dinner invitation by The Master and Fellows of St. Catharine's College and The Provost and Fellows of King's College, on the occasion of the opening of the new buildings, 3 October 1967 (see photographs under F6.4) 
C2.2.2 New buildings for Roche Products, Welwyn Garden City, 1970-1973 
 Architectural planning for new buildings and underground car park, including brochure produced for the occasion of the opening of the new research building, newspaper clip (see photographs under F6.5) 
C2.2.3 University of Tripoli, Libya, 1973-1978 
 Planning and supervision for new buildings, including original pencil drawing and copy for typical elevations at Research Block, Department of Chemistry, and brochures introducing the Benghazi University 
C2.2.4 Branch Library for Abakaliki, Nigeria, 1977 
 Architectural drawings, October 1977 
C2.2.5 Teaching Hospital at Port Harcourt, Nigeria, 1977 
 Architectural drawings, April 1977 
C2.3 Old House Farm, Dorstone        
 Architectural drawing (not digitised) and sketches relating to proposed improvements to Old House Farm, Common Bach Dorstone, which was the home of Hilda and Rusty Bernstein, from where they moved to their new home in Oxford; also included are sales adverts by Estate Agents for the sale of the Old House Farm 1f 
 (See also Section F - Photographs of Hilda and Rusty Bernstein, for photos of the Old House Farm, F6.1) 
C2.4 Architectural Literature 
 Articles of interest in Architectural publications such as the Royal Institute of British Architects Journal and The Architects' Journal Information Library, including amongst others: "Freedom to build", RIBAJ, February 1974; Timber framed housing, by Walter Segal, RIBAJ, July 1977; South African Peasant Architecture, by James Walton; The origins of modern architecture in South Africa, by Gilbert Herbert; Presentation brochure for the firm of James Cubitt and Partners 1f 
 Please note: This section has not been digitised. 
 Drawings, correspondence, certificates and other documents relating to inventions by Rusty, some of which were patented in the United Kingdom 
C3.1 Long Slide Rule        
 Copy of a Report on Novelty Search Relating to Slide Rules, which makes mention of L.Bernstein having developed the longslide rule, which forms the basis of South African Patent Application no. 63/2268; advertising pamphlet for the longslide rule, technical drawing, 1963 
C3.2 Telephone dialling attachment        
 Correspondence with John Connell Associates, London, written to Rusty Bernstein at the Pretoria Local Jail, who was by then Awaiting Trial prisoner for the upcoming Rivonia trial. Including description of the Telephone dialling attachment and Certificate of Registration of the device in the records of Ideas Marketing Pool (IMP), dated 27 April 1964 
C3.3 Car Battery Filling Device        
 Certificate of Registration of the device in the records of Ideas Marketing Pool (IMP), dated 26 March 1964; description and technical drawing 
C3.4 Combined Paper Punch and Eyeletter        
 Certificate of Registration in the records of Ideas Marketing Pool (IMP), dated 26 March 1964; technical drawing 
C3.5 Improvements in calculating devices        
 Invention by Lionel Bernstein and John Charles Williams, which became British Patent on the 13 September 1965. Including: Application for Patent through filing of Provisional specification, 12 June 1964; copy of Complete Specification filed 13 September 1965; Original certificate of British Patent no. 1059099, 13 September 1965; Complete specification published by The Patent Office London, 15 February 1967; technical drawings of device (not digitised) 
C3.6 Other        
 Technical drawings and sketches for various inventions, including: Universal mortar dovetail cutter, car carry basin, handle dispenser, threading device, wind rule 
C4.1 Memorandum of Agreement        
 Between Penguin Books South Africa and Rusty Bernstein, dated 10 June 1998; Typescript with Summary of content and Foreword by Rusty, 1997; Book cover proof as released by Viking Press, part of the Penguin Group, in 1999 
C4.2 Typescript of semi final version, December 1997, pages 1-356        
C4.3 Mainly handwritten corrections, references, notes, parts of chapters and random thoughts 1f        
C4.4 Correspondence in response to the publication        
C4.5 Newspaper cuttings and book reviews (some laminated) 1999/2000        
C4.6 Copies of newspaper cuttings        
 Including: the Rivonia Trial 1963/64, including release of Bob Hepple; Rivonia: The story of accused no.11, by Bob Hepple, together with copies of letter written to him by Joel Joffe and Walter Sisulu; copy of trial records, vol. 31, Judge's remarks in passing sentence 1f 
C5.1 Various typescripts, 1963-1964        
 Draft typescript entitled "Death of a Dancer", described as thriller of sorts, written in Pretoria Local Prison, while on trial 1963/64, 203 pages; further 24 typescript pages, which had not been filed with the Draft and have no page numbering, but seem to be related to the Draft (unlike the Draft each of these pages had two carbon copies attached, which have been removed); letter written between Chris Hayward (Rusty Bernstein's pseudonym?) and John B. Anthony, Editor for Century Publishers, dated 17 May 1964 
C5.2 Pages with handwritten notes for a Draft scenario for play on 'the Command system', and for War and Peace: a tragic parable in 3 acts, no date        
 Printed and typescript articles and essays by Rusty Bernstein, some of which he wrote under the pseudonym of 'Toussaint' 
C6.1 Articles & Essays, typescripts 
 Typescripts of various articles, with pages numbered in sequence (1-184) 2f. Included are: 
 Years of conflict - 50 years of South African Communism' (2 edited versions), March 1971 
 Y.M. Dadoo, Sechaba (?), September 1983 
 Komati and the future for South Africa', African Communist (?), 1984 
 On Workerism, Socialism and the Communist Party', African Communist (?), 1987 (?); included comments made on the paper by Jeremy Cronin and response correspondence by Rusty and Brian (Bunting?) 
 Rivonia - telling it as it was', Sechaba, 1988/9 
 On the rise of Afrikanerdom', 1989 
 Corridors to corruption. Power, Capitalism, and the future of socialism', July 1990, with omitted passages marked 
 Insiders outing, May 1992 
 On the Housing problem, August 1992; including correspondence with Walter Sisulu in relation to the Housing policy of the ANC, July 1992; correspondence and comment on the paper by Vella Pillay, July 1992 
 Undated articles, including: 
 On "Terrorism" and political policy 
 Umsebenzi articles 
 The Mandela phenomenon 
 Fatima Meer 
C6.1.1 Pages 1-50        
C6.1.2 Pages 51-127        
C6.1.3 Pages 128-184        
C6.2 Printed articles 
 (See also Rusty's early contributions in the journal Fighting Talk, section A8.3) 
C6.2.1 Article in memory of Ruth First, Sechaba, October 1982; including original typescript        
C6.2.2 "Seventy years of workers' power. A tribute by the South African Communist Party"        
 A pamphlet issued by the South African Communist Party, 1987; including Rusty Bernstein's original edited typescript and his letter written to the Secretary of the SACP objecting strongly to the poor and wrong editing for the final publication, October 1987 
C6.2.3 Mandela- Man of the Resistance, Sechaba        
C6.2.4 Rivonia: Telling it as it was, Sechaba        
C6.2.5 Mandela, article in French publication        
C6.3 Book reviews        
 Typescripts of book reviews undertaken by Rusty, amongst others of "Armed and Dangerous" by Ronnie Kasrils; and memorandum to Nelson Mandela in support of a biography of O.R. Tambo to be written by Luli Callinicos 1f 
C7.1 Notes and correspondence for a trip to the USSR in 1987 to give a series of talks to students, 1f        
 Including amongst others: handwritten note by Reg September, that Joe Slovo had made arrangements for a 2 week session with students in Moscow; correspondence with Brian (Bunting?) before and after Rusty's trip to Moscow; handwritten framework and notes outlining each lecture theme 
C7.2 Mostly handwritten notes and outlines of lectures and speeches on a variety of issues        
 Amongst others economics, race, nation, state, socialism, violence in struggle, on dialectics, origins of the Russian Revolution, on Sharpville, outlines for syllabuses for a course on Marxism/Leninism 
C7.3 Other speeches and lectures        
 Including amongst others: speeches in the United Kingdom on South Africa Now, to anti-apartheid audiences, 1986; speech on the 1956 Treason Trial at the Opening of an exhibition at Museum Africa, February 1996 
 In 1989 Rusty Bernstein was to establish an ANC Political School in Mazimbu and Dakawa / Tanzania, as outlined by the Working Group on Political Education. Rusty and Hilda stayed at Mazimbu for the better part of 1989. 
C8.1 Report and Project proposals made by the Working Group, September 1988        
 Including working papers A-C and drafts; correspondence with Vella Pillay; notes; outlines for a South African political glossary 
C8.2 Various items        
 ANC - Political School Reports no. 1-3/89 (poor quality of original); correspondence relating to submitted Reports, about Rusty's growing dissatisfaction with the situation at Mazimbu and his subsequent request to the ANC Department of Political Education in Lusaka to terminate his deployment and return to London, November 1989; drafts for speeches in Morogoro and Dar es Salaam on the invitation of the ANC Department of Religious Affairs & Inter-Faith Chaplaincy, 16 December 1989; also included Rusty's letter to Alfred Nzo, in which he raised his strong concerns about the situation at Mazimbu, dated 18 December 1989 1f 
C8.3 Printed items        
 3 Brochures introducing "Education for Liberation" at the Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College (SOMAFCO), Mazimbu; pamphlet introducing the Dakawa Garment Factory 1f 
C8.4 The Mazimbu experience        
 Including amongst others: typed and handwritten reminiscences about Mazimbu and "some components of the Mazimbu experience; a proposal for consideration entitled "Changing a welfare-based community to a work based community"; typescript entitled "Living with welfare: The Somafco story" 1f 
C8.5 Other handwritten documents, 1f        
 Including a speech at Mazimbu on the unveiling of a Mandela bust, 1989; some draft suggestions for Nonkululeko (?) to take to International Librarians Conference, 1989; article for Mazimbu news "On the 10th Anniversary celebrations" 
C8.6 Correspondence between Rusty and Omry Makgoale, one of the MK mutineers in Angola in 1984; and subsequent correspondence by Rusty to Nelson Mandela.        
 General correspondence, which has been sorted in alphabetical order, including amongst others: correspondence with the ANC Political Education Section, in particular Raymond Suttner and Walter Sisulu, mainly relating to a possible employment of Rusty Bernstein at the ANC's Headquarters in Johannesburg, 1990-1994; with Patsy and Vella Pillay; to Ronald Press; to Essop Pahad; to Joe Slovo; a letter by Walter Sisulu, written to Rusty from Robben Island prison, 1974; to Harold Wolpe, with comments on H. Wolpe's Strategic Issues in the Struggle for National Liberation 1f 
C9.1 Correspondence A-F        
C9.2 Correspondence G-M, P        
C9.3 Correspondence S-W        
C10.1 Program of Service, London, 28 June 2002; texts of speeches by Toni, Pat and Frances; Obituary        
C10.2 Cards and messages of condolences; tribute by Ronnie Kasrils        
C10.3 Obituaries in newspapers; including a message by Toni to the Mail&Guardian in response to Ben Turok's obituary        
C11 Order of Luthuli in Gold (Posthumous), 27 April 2011 
 Awards Ceremony for National Orders, Order of proceedings, deposited by Ruth Muller. On the 27 April 2011 The Order of Luthuli in Gold was conferred posthumously on Lionel "Rusty" Bernstein. See page 71. 
D1 HILDA AND RUSTY, 1944-1994        
 Correspondence between Hilda and Rusty Bernstein in chronological order, including amongst others 3 letters written by Rusty from Italy, during his service in the Allied Forces, dated 14 December 1944 and 18 June 1945 
 Letters to and from jail (1960, 1963/64) are not included here, see correspondence under A4 and A6. 
D2.1 Hilda's mother        
D2.2 Evelyn and Harold - Rusty's sister and brother        
D2.3 Olga - Hilda's sister        
D2.4 Vera - Hilda's sister        
D3.1 Toni (see also photo F6.2.1-3 for the Brandy House Farm, Toni's home, near Knighton)        
D3.2 Frances        
D3.3 Patrick        
D3.4 Keith 
 Please note: Only item D3.4.3 is available in digital format. 
D3.4.1 Items 1960s 
D3.4.2 Postcards with photographs by Keith 
D3.4.3 A letter by Rusty to Keith, n.d.        
 Relating to the smuggling of Nelson Mandela's diary manuscripts off Robben Island by Mac Maharaj, and Rusty's involvement in keeping the parcel with manuscripts in London, including a newspaper clip from the Weekend Star, relating the story. The episode has been described in Nelson Mandela's autobiography "Long Walk to Freedom" 
D3.4.4 Correspondence 1970s (incomplete pages) 
D3.4.5 Correspondence 1980s (incomplete pages) 
D3.4.6 Correspondence 1990s 
D3.4.7 Other postcards 
D3.5 All children        
D3.6 Grandchildren 
D3.6.1 Clyde & Spencer        
D3.6.2 Mark        
D3.6.3 Nick        
D3.6.4 Sean        
D3.6.5 Other        
D4.1 Special correspondence        
 Including Christmas cards written by Bram Fischer from jail, dated 1968 and 1971; seasonal greetings written by Mike (?) from Robben Island Prison, 1975; seasonal greeting cards from the Mandela family and Nomsamo Mandela, no date; letter written by Hilda congratulating Nelson Mandela on having been awarded the Peace Nobel Prize in 1993 1f 
D4.2 Other correspondence        
 General correspondence, which has been sorted in alphabetical order, including amongst other: Wolf Kodesh, Nadja Mangezi, Judith Todd with an excerpt of her publication "Should you fall. A personal journey through Zimbabwe 1980-2005", Marnie and Colin Tanybryn Commins 
D4.2.1 Correspondence - A        
D4.2.2 Correspondence - B        
D4.2.3 Correspondence - C        
D4.2.4 Correspondence - E/F        
D4.2.5 Correspondence - H        
D4.2.6 Correspondence J-K        
D4.2.7 Correspondence - L        
D4.2.8 Correspondence - M        
D4.2.9 Correspondence - N+R        
D4.2.10 Correspondence - S-T        
D4.2.11 Correspondence - W+Z        
D4.2.12 Correspondence - other        
D4.3 Postcards        
D4.4 Invitations and Events 
D4.4.1 Invitation to State dinner in honour of Nelson Mandela, Harare Sheraton, March 1990        
D4.4.2 Inauguration of Nelson Mandela, 1994        
 Invitation to attend the Inauguration Ceremony of Nelson Mandela, 10 May 1994, Presidential inauguration programme, official envelopes with stamps released in honour of the Presidential inauguration 
D4.4.3 Memorial for Joe Slovo, 1995        
 Memorial gathering for Joe Slovo, South Africa House, London, 20 January 1995, letter by the South African High Commissioner Mendi Msimang, thanking Rusty for his special contribution towards the memorial gathering 
D4.4.4 Memorial meeting to celebrate the life of Harold Wolpe, London, 19 January 1996, with the handwritten text of the speech given by Rusty        
D4.4.5 Nelson Mandela's visit to London, 1996        
 Invitation to attend the address by Nelson Mandela to both Houses of parliament in Westminster Hall, London, 11 July 1996; Order of Proceedings at the Palace of Westminster; Invitation by the President Nelson Mandela to Luncheon in honour of Her Majesty The Queen, London, 11 July 1996; Invitation by the Mayor of London on the occasion of the State visit of Nelson Mandela, 12 July 1996 1f 
D4.4.6 Service of Thanksgiving on the Second anniversary of South Africa's Freedom Day, 27 April 1996        
D4.4.7 Reception at South Africa House, London, on the occasion of the South African National Women's Day, 9 August 1996        
D4.4.8 Gala dinner in honour of veterans of the South African liberation struggle, also marking the book launch of "Council of Elders", 26 April 1998        
D4.4.9 Obituary of Govan Mbeki, 1910-2001        
D4.4.10 Launch of the Liliesleaf Trust at Liliesleaf Farm, December 2001; with Schedule of events and pamphlet introducing the Liliesleaf Legacy Project        
E1 Interview by Terri Barnes for the ANC / University of Connecticut Oral History Project, Cape Town, 28 February 2001        
E2 Newspaper interview with Hilda and Rusty for an article in 'Learn & Teach', July 1992        
 (All photographs are available in digital format in the Reading Room of Historical Papers) 
F1.1 Postcard photo of Rusty in Uniform during the Second World War, with inscription by Rusty to Hilda 
F1.2.1-5 Photos from the 1946 Mine worker's strike 
F1.3 Photo with note attached, addressed to Mrs Bernstein, from Tang Yin, Shanghai wu Kwan Scientific Apparatus factory, 14 May 1931 
F2.1.1-11 Portraits of Hilda, some of which were used for her book publications, see note on F2.1.4, (F2.1.11 is stored in separate box with photographic collections) 
F2.2.1-5 Contact prints of Hilda and Rusty (all are stored in separate box with photographic collections) 
F3.1 Group photo of delegates at the Johannesburg District Annual Conference of the Communist Party, March 1945, including amongst others Hilda Watts, Yusuf Dadoo, Eli Weinberg, Bram Fischer, Molly Fischer. Including a copy of the pamphlet of the conference. 
F3.2 Women's Conference, 17 April 1954, photo by Eli Weinberg 
F3.3 Portrait of (left to right): Ilse Fischer, Barbara Harmel and Toni Bernstein a young girls, photo by Eli Weinberg. The photograph appeared on the cover page of the magazine Childhood, June 1957 (see collection item B6.4.1.1) 
F3.4. Hilda's travel to India and USSR in 1961 
F3.4.1 Hilda at a literary function in Moscow, 25 April 1961, with inscription in Russian 
F3.4.2 With delegates either in Tashkent, Samarkand or India 
F3.4.3 Photos taken by Mary Clarke on the trip to the World Peace Congress (WPC) in India, and later in USSR 
F3.4.3.1-6 In Old Delhi, India 
F3.4.3.7 In Nangal, Punjab province, India 
F3.4.3.8 Hilda probably on a train in USSR 
F3.4.3.9-11 In Tashkent 
F3.4.3.12-18 In Samarkand 
F3.4.3.19-28 Other photos without description 
F3.5 Police officer leaving the Bernstein's Johannesburg home with documents after a search on the 12 July 1963, followed by Hilda. Rusty had been arrested on the Rivonia farm on the 11 July 1963. Associated Press (AP) Radio photo 
F3.6 Photo from Dan Pinnock, inscribed 'Ghandi Hall Dinath?' 
F4.1.1-3 Hilda and Rusty with Keith (?) in London, 1965 (?) 
F4.2 President Kaunda's son Chola (left) is pictured with classmates Spencer Bernstein (which is an incorrect description in the press photo) and Miriam Simuchimba after presenting sweets, oranges and drawings to sick children at the University Teaching Hospital on behalf of Longacres Day Nursery during Humanism Week (inscription on the photo), no date 
F4.3 Hilda at a party of South African exiled students in Berlin (1980s?), no date 
F4.4.1-4 Hilda at the 40 Anniversary of the NVB in Amsterdam/Netherlands, November 1986 
F4.5.1-2 Poster in a street in Geneva (?) advertising an exhibition of Hilda's art 
F4.6.1-2 Hilda in Sweden, September 1987. She attended the literary event Bok&Bibliotek '87, where she was honoured together with Iris Murdoch, pictured with John Updike 
F4.7.1-3 Anti-Apartheid demonstrations; and demonstration for free and fair elections, November 1993 - both in Britain 
F4.8 Hilda and Trevor Huddleston, no date 
F4.9 Photo of Bessie Head, no date 
F5.1.1-2 Two photos of Hilda and Rusty sent by Hamed from Delhi, 1991 
F5.2.1-2 Hilda and Rusty with Nelson Mandela, one taken at Mandela's first house in Houghton 
F5.3 Helen Joseph, not long before she died in 1992 
F5.4 Beata Lipman on bedside of Albertina Sisulu, probably right after Walter Sisulu died 
F5.5 Rusty and Hilda (middle) together with Mohammed Tikly (next to Rusty), Rica Hodgson (next to Hilda) and others 
F5.6 Photos from Pilgrimage to Battlefields of Italy by Secord World War veterans, 1995 
F5.6.1 Group photos, including Rusty standing behind comrade Morodi (exile name Mashigo - second row, second from left), Wolfie Kodesh (second row far left) and Ronnie Kasrils who attended in his capacity as Minister of Defence at the time 
F5.6.2 Group photograph imprinted on a card bearing New Year felicitations from the civic authority in Marzabotto, with accompanying letter from the office of the Chief of the SA National Defence Force 
F5.6.3.1-6 Photos of members of the Pilgrimage, including Rusty 
F5.6.4 Rusty (back row) at the Opening of the Treason Trial Exhibition at Museum Africa, 1996, together with Walter Sisulu (front row middle) and others 
F5.6.5.1-12 Rusty and Hilda during a visit to Hilton College in Natal, Rusty's old school 
F5.7.1-12 Photos from the Award of the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Law to Hilda and Rusty, 1998, attended by amongst others: Pamela Dos Santos, Rica Hodgson and Amina Cachalia 
F6.1 Photographic panorama of Hilda and Rusty's Old House Farm, Herefordshire, United Kingdom, 1989 (see under C2.3) 
F6.2.1-3 Property near Knighton, Brandy House Farm, Toni's home (see also letter by Toni in D3.1, folder 3/3 ) 
F6.3 Family home for Evelyn Schiff, Rusty's sister, early 1960s, Johannesburg. Mounted, photo by Eli Weinberg (stored in separate box with photographic collections) 
F6.4.1-9 King's Lane Development, Cambridge, 1965-1967 (see also under C2.2.1) 
F6.5.1-5 New buildings for Roche Products, Welwyn Garden City, 1970-1973 (see also under C2.2.2) 
F6.6.1-5 Norwood Girls School 
F6.7 Unknown 
 (Stored in separate box with photographic collections) 
 Collection of original and copied publications, articles, flyers and pamphlets, relating to South African politics, 1913-1992 
G1.1 Published brochures 
G1.1.1 Strike album, Johannesburg, July 1913        
G1.1.2 Transkei in the Making, by G.A. Mbeki, November 1939        
G1.1.3 They marched to victory! The story of the Alexandra Bus Boycott, Communist Party pamphlet, 1944        
G1.1.4 Johannesburg tomorrow, published by the Communist Party, 1944(?)        
G1.1.5 The people overflow. The story of the Johannesburg squatters, issued by Johannesburg District Committee Communist Party of south Africa, 1947 (?)        
G1.1.6 A place to Live. Some aspects of native housing in Johannesburg, Johannesburg Citizens' Native Housing Committee, January 1953 (the document is damaged by water)        
G1.1.7 Liberation. A journal of democratic discussion, No.9, 1954        
G1.1.8 The Sky is the Limit. Locations in the Sky, the Congress of Democrats' view of the native (Urban Areas) Amendment Bill        
G1.1.9 This Call to the Congress of the People, issued by the National Action Council of the Congress of the People        
G1.1.10 Africa South, Vol.1 No.3, April-June 1957 (pages 7-12 seem missing)        
G1.1.11 Educating for ignorance. The South African Congress of Democrats' view of the Bantu Education Act        
G1.1.12 Face the Future, pamphlet for the South African Congress of Democrats, 1960        
G1.1.13 The road to Oslo and beyond! Published by the African National Congress, International Department, 1961 (?)        
G1.1.14 South Africa: Trial by Torture - The case of the 22, published by The International Defence and Aid Fund, May 1970        
G1.1.15 A place called Dimbaza: a case study of a rural resettlement township in South Africa, November 1973        
G1.1.16 Inquiry, No.2, October 1979        
G1.1.17 Africa perspective, No.17, spring 1980        
G1.1.18 South Africa's Nuclear Capability, published by World Campaign against Military and Nuclear Collaboration with South Africa, February 1980        
G1.1.19 Mass Removals in Natal: Consolidation and Farm Evictions, Special Report No.1, Association for Rural Advancement, December 1981        
G1.1.20 Songs of Freedom, produced by ANC Youth Section, UK        
G1.1.21 The Story of Simon and Jane.        
 A comic brochure for freedom fighters, without publisher and year, with detailed descriptions how to make and use simple hand-grenades and a petrol bomb 
G1.1.22 A month in the beloved country. In the steps of Bishop Trevor Huddleston, published by Christian Action, 1992        
G1.2 Published journal articles 
G1.2.1 Profile of a Chief, by Ronald Segal, Views, No.2, 1963        
G1.2.2 A study of 'Bantu Homelands', Chapters 1-7, 1970 (?) (pages 68-69 missing)        
G1.2.3 Obituary for Comrade Ruth First, Sechaba, August 1982        
G1.2.4 The Freedom Charter - The People's Charter in the nineteen-eighties, by Raymond Suttner, Academic Freedom lecture, University of Cape Town, September 1984        
G1.2.5 Public Housing, Optima, Vol.33, No.1, May 1985        
G1.2.6 Alliance Politics of a special type: the roots of the ANC/SACP alliance, 1950-1954, by Devaid Everatt, Journal of Southern African Studies, Vol.18, No.1, March 1992        
G1.2.7 Lionel Forman's Trumpet: national Communism in South Africa, 1953-59, by Tom Lodge, Africa 63(4), 1993        
G1.2.8 Sebatakgomo and the Youtpansberg Balemi Association: the ANC, the Communist Party and Rural Organization, 1939-55, by Peter Delius, Journal of African History, 34 1993        
G1.2.9 Paper Monuments: Political Biography in the New South Africa        
G1.2.10 The uneven transition from Apartheid in South Africa, by Harold Wolpe, Transformation, No.27, 1995        
G1.3 Unpublished articles 
G1.3.1 Strategic issues in the struggle for national liberation in South Africa, by Harold Wolpe, September 1983        
G1.3.2 Some problems of a mixed economy in South Africa. A response to the paper presented by Laurence Harris to the in-house seminar of ANC economists, Lusaka, August 1989. by Vella Pillay, October 1989        
G1.3.3 Growth strategies for South Africa: The balance between the internal market and exports, by Vella Pillay and Charles Millward, for The Sunday Independent, April 1996        
G1.4 Newsletters and Press releases 
G1.4.1 South Africans for Peace, issued by the South African Peace Council, newsletters, 1953, 1962, 1963 1f        
G1.4.2 Press Releases by the ANC Press Centre, Department of Information and Publicity, during the run-up to South Africa's first post-Apartheid elections 1994 1f        
G1.5 Other        
 Including amongst others: printed texts of international freedom songs; re-print of the Freedom Charter; Discussion paper of the address by Violet Weinbert at the ANC General meeting in Dar es Salaam, March 1981; Interview with Fr Michael Lapsley, S.S.M., for BBC Radio, April 1995; Transcript of the evidence given by Fr Michael lapsley, S.S.M. together with Michael Worsnip to the Commission for Truth and Reconciliation at the hearings of the Human Rights Violations Committee at Kimberley, June 1996 1f 
 Please note: Items G2.1 and G2.2 have not been digitised. 
G2.1 Souvenir Guide Book entitled "Glimpses in Natal", issued in connection with the visit of members of the British Association, 1905 
G2.2 Mini atlas of Southern Africa, published by the Department of Foreign Affairs, 1990 
G2.3 3 pamphlets introducing filmproductions directed by Toni Strasburg, being "Frontline South Africa", "The other bomb: A story of the Germans in Russia", "Chain of Tears"        
 Press cuttings concerning South African affairs, including amongst others: Drum article entitled "Five months nightmare", with pictures by Ian Berry, Peter Magubane, G.R. Naidoo and W. Calder, October 1960; edition of New Age, Vol.8 No.9, 14 December 1961, covering Lutuli's send off in Durban, and the full text of Chief Lutuli's Nobel address which he delivered in Oslo; Isaac Deutscher's address to scholars' conference at New York entitled "Socialist Man", in National Guardian, September 1966 (these are large items and are stored in the oversize flat folder) 
 Please note that the DRUM articles have not been digitised due to copyright. 
H1 Press cuttings 1960s        
H2 Press cuttings1970s        
H3 Press cuttings 1980S        
H4 Press cuttings 1990s        
 A documentary produced by Toni Strasburg, for Big World Cinema, Ebano Multimedia, JBA Production, released in 2005. 
 The film evolves around the wider history and events of the Treason trial in 1964, the role of Rusty Bernstein and gives an insight into the circumstances under which Hilda and Rusty fled the South Africa in 1964 and how the family had to build their new life overseas. In her film Toni Strasburg explored why people choose to make the sacrifices that they make at the expense of their families and whether history repeats itself. 
I1 2 DVDs containing the filmproduction 
I2 Transcript of interview with Hilda, pages 1-154        
I3 Journal extract about Jewish life in early Johannesburg