Copyright 2007, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 PART II 1955 — 1986 
 Compiled by Anna M. Cunningham, 1987 
 This inventory (No.14) describes Part II of the Records of the Trade Union Council of South Africa (TUCSA) and covers the years 1955-1986 when the Council dissolved. Part I of the Records of TUCSA appeared in inventory No.8 wherein were listed the records of TUCSA's predecessors from 1915-1954. These predecessors were, in the Transvaal, the South African Industrial Federation (1915-1925), the South African Trades Union Congress (1925-1930) and the South African Trades and Labour Council (1930-1954) and, in the Cape, the Cape Federation of Labour Unions (1916-1945). 
 The first instalment of records, spanning the years 1915-1969, was given to the university in 1969. Mr B. Pogrund, later Deputy Editor of the now defunct Rand Daily Mail, was largely responsible for the preservation of the records by persuading the Centro for Research Libraries, Chicago, to microfilm them and arranging for the originals to be housed in the University of the Witwatersrand Library. Since 1969 segments of TUCSA's records have been transferred on several occasions, the last occurring early in 1987. 
 This inventory describes 376 boxes or TUCSA records from its formation in December 1954 to its dissolution in December 1986. The records are classified, first into the broad categories of national organisation: area, divisions, trade unionism, government, international, politics and South African organisations. Further sub-division separates by form into minutes, correspondence, memoranda, printed items, press clippings and photographs. Each file is arranged chronologically. A brier history of TUCSA, a comprehensive index of all personal names mentioned in the inventory and of selected subject fields and a table of strode union federations have been provided. 
 Inventory No.8 contained two tables, Table I - Trade Union Federations 1902-1968 and Table 11 - Black Trade Unions in the Transvaal 1919-1967. The table now provided shows the growth of Black and White trade union federations in the period 1954-1986. 
 The records are of considerable interest not only to the historian of industrial relations in South Africa but also to those researching its social and political history. There is much about the internal organisation of TUCSA, including the activities of its committees and Economic Research Durant), the relationship with its affiliates, other trade union bodies within and without South Africa and government. Subjects covered are the rise of Black trade unionism (including Coloured and Indian unions), industrial legislation, job reservation, industrial disputes, automation, industrial health, wages, cost of living, inflation, housing, education, apartheid and race relations. 
 Anna M. Cunningham 
 From 1904 onwards many attempts were made to bring about unity in the trade union movement by forming federations. The most successful of these early federations was the South African Trades and Labour Council (SATLC) which existed from 1930-1954, having been reconstituted in 1949. It did not, however, include all trade unions; some remained independent and some were members of other federations. Its existence as a multiracial organisation was threatened by the government's decision to segregate the trade union movement. SATLC strongly objected to the statement by the Minister of Labour, Mr B. Schoeman, on 13 March 1953 that "The policy of the government is that there should be no intermingling of Europeans and Non-Europeans in trade unions". The government then amended the Industrial Conciliation Act in such a way that trade unions would be divided according to race and certain jobs be reserved for Whites. 
 In reaction to this legislation and, realising that individual protests would be ineffective, a Trade Union Unity Committee was formed in February 1954 which called a Unity Conference in Cape Town for May. Representatives of more than 230,000 workers of all races met and gave the Unity Committee a mandate to set up a national trade union coordinating body. At the second Unity Conference held in Durban in October agreement was reached on a constitution and on 4 October 1954 the South African Trade Union Council was born with 61 unions representing 223 741 members. SATLC dissolved leaving the field to the new federation which, in 1962, changed its name to Trade Union Council of South Africa (TUC 
 Unity had been achieved but at the expense of excluding Black unions from the new federation, although the constitution made provision for them to join at a later date. This in fact happened twice in 1962 and 1968 when TUCSA resolved to include Black unions but was forced to reverse the decision by pressure from the government and its own conservative White unions. It was 1974 before Black trade unions were finally admitted by which time they had become disillusioned with TUCSA. By steering a middle course TUCSA had pleased neither the conservative right nor the radical left. 
 In 1958 TUCSA briefly joined an all-embracing federation, extremely conservative in character, called the South African Confederation of Labour but from the beginning differed greatly from other members on important issues such as the recognition of Black trade unions. Matters came to a head when the Confederation decided to seek registration under the Industrial Conciliation Act and at a special conference held in September 1958 TUCSA resolved to withdraw from the Confederation. 
 Over the years TUCSA continued to work for Black advancement, encouraging the growth of Black trade unions and the formation in 1959 of the Federation of Free African Trade Unions of South Africa (FOFATUSA) for those Black unions which did not wish to join the radical South African Congress of Trade Unions (SACTU), formed in 1955 when TUCSA ceased to be multiracial. TUCSA representatives served on various public bodies. TUCSA maintained international links with the International Labour Organisation and with the trade union movements in Britain, Germany, America and elsewhere. 
 TUCSA's chief executive was its General Secretary, with considerable freedom to speak on TUCSA's behalf. During the 32 years of its existence, TUCSA had only three General Secretaries, 
 Dulcie Hartwell 1954-1962 
 Terence O'Donoghue 1962-1964 
 James Arthur Grobbelaar 1965-1984 
 Conferences were held annually, delegating power to the National Executive Committee (NEC) to implement Its resolutions. In turn the NEC, which met quarterly, delegated responsibility to the Officers Committee which met monthly. The NEC also appointed committee: for specialist subjects such as African Affairs, education, housing and human rights. Head Office had a library, an Economic Research Bureau, a training department and a centralised public relations service. To help affiliates, Head Office issued memoranda and pamphlets on various subjects and published a Newsletter, in turn named Saamtrek, Unitas and Labour Mirror. The country was divided into five regions, Western Province, Eastern Province, Border, Transvaal and Natal, to coordinate the activities of workers in these areas. 
 At the height of its power in 1983 TUCSA had 57 affiliated unions with a membership of 478,420 but, when it dissolved three years later, there were only 32 unions representing 170,000 members. There were several reasons for this dramatic drop in membership, financial as well as political. The increase in affiliation fees and the withdrawal of some of the services offered by TUCSA owing to financial stringency caused some affiliates to feel that there were no benefits in retaining membership. TUCSA was attacked for its conservatism, its failure to support the call for May 1 and June 16 to be statutory holidays and to condemn detention without trial, its alleged cooperation with the government and its opposition to sanctions on South Africa by other countries. It was condemned for its lack of leadership, exacerbated by the death of its General Secretary, J.A. Grobbelaar in 1984, leaving a vacuum at a critical time. There were several efforts to find a successor which proved fruitless. 
 In 1985 TUCSA initiated discussions with affiliates and others to try to find the reasons for its failure but, during 1986, it became clear that the Council could no longer continue as a viable organisation. At a special conference on 2 December 1986 it was formally dissolved. 
Aa Constitution 
Ab Affiliated unions 
Ac Executive 
Ad Conferences 
Ae Committees 
Af Finance 
Ag Circulars 
Ah Publications 
Aj Press and public relations 
Ak Disputes 
Al Stuff 
Am Library 
An Training 
Ao Policy 
Ap Obituaries and biographies 
Aq Economic Research Bureau 
Ar TRADUNA: The South African Trade Union Assurance Society 
As South African Trade Union Building Society 
At Johannesburg Trades Hall Society 
Au Office Accommodation 
Av Overseas visits and visitors 
Aw Legal 
Ax Addresses 
Ay Photographs (Note: Room 27) 
B1 General 
B2 Border 
B3 Eastern Province 
B4 Natal 
B5 Transvaal 
B6 Western Province 
B7 Proposed CFS 
B8 Kimberley Local Committee 
Ca Federations: General 
Cb Federations: Specialised 
Cc Individual unions not affiliated to TUCSA 
Cd Black trade unions 
Da Legislation 
Db Administration 
Dc Arbitration: industrial councils 
Dd Investigation: commissions and committees of enquiry 
Ea Africa 
Eb America 
Ec Australasia 
Ed Europe 
Ee General 
Ef International Federations 
Fa African Committee for Trade Union Coordination and Action against Apartheid and Colonialism 
Fb Conservative Workers Party 
Fc Democratic Party 
Fd Labour Party 
Fe Liberal Party 
Ff Nationalist Party 
Fg Parliament 
Fh Progressive Federal Party 
Fj South African Labour Party 
Fk United Party 
Fl Verligte Action 
Ga General 
Gb Individual 
 AFL-CIO African Federation of Labour and Congress of Industrial Organisation 
 BIFSA Building Industries Federation of South Africa 
 FOFATUSA Federation of Free African Trade Unions of South Africa 
 IC Industrial Conciliation 
 ICFTU International Confederation of Free Trade Unions 
 ILO International Labour Organisation 
 IMF International Metal Workers Federation 
 IPM Institute of Personnel Management 
 ITGLWF International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers Federation 
 n.d. No date 
 NDMF National Development and Management Foundation 
 NEC Notional Executive Committee 
 NIPR National Institute of Personnel Research 
 NUOW National Union of Distributive Workers 
 PAYE Pay as you earn 
 SACTU South African Congress of Trade Unions 
 SACTU South African Federation of Trade Unions 
 SALDRU South African Labour and Development Research Unit 
 SEIFSA Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of South Africa 
 TUC Traders Union Congress 
 TUCSA Trade Union Council of South Africa 
 UWUSA United Workers Union of South Africa 
 WFTU World Federation of Trade Unions 
Aa Constitution 10 files 1954-1985 
Aa1 Revisions and Amendments 7 files 1954-1985 
 1954 Aug 18 Proposed constitution of South African Trade Union Council 
 1954 Oct 5 Constitution as adopted at 2nd Unity Conference 
 1955 May Resolutions at 1st annual conference re constitution 
 1955 Dec 3 Proposed amendments at special N.E.C. meeting 
 1955 Dec 29 Amendments at 2nd annual conference 
 1956 Mar Constitution as amended at, 2nd annual conference 
 1956 Jul 24 Circular No.28/1956 re amendments of constitution: Section 5 - membership 
 1956 Dec 27 Proposals for agenda of 3rd annual conference: amendments of constitution 
 1957 Feb 9 Agenda for 3rd annual conference: amendments 
 1957 Mar Constitution as amended at 3rd annual conference 
 1958 Mar 4th 
 1959 Mar Amendments in accordance with decisions of 5th annual conference 
 1959 Apr Constitution as amended as at 5th annual conference 
 1960 Nov 15 Amendments to constitution: proposed by N.E.C. 
 1961 Apr Amendments to constitution adopted at 7th annual conference 
 1961 Constitution as amended at 3rd - 7th annual conferences 
 1962 Mar Constitution 3rd - 8th annual conferences (Note: change of name to Trade Union Council of South Africa) 
 1962 May Resolutions adopted at 8th annual conference: amendments 
 1963 May First agenda of 9th annual conference: amendment:; 
 Constitution as amended at 3rd - 9th annual conferences 
 1964 Apr Constitution as amended at 3rd - 10th annual conferences 
 1964 Apr Resolutions adopted at 10th annual conference: amendments 
 1964 Dec 11 Circular No.48/1964: amendments to constitution 
 1965 Mar Constitution as amended at 3rd-11th annual conferences 
 1965 Nov Circular No.80/1965: resolutions adopted at. 11th annual Conference 
 1966 May Constitution an amended at 3rd-12th annual conferences 
 1966 Nov 31st meeting of N.E.C.: amendments to constitution 
 1967 Mar Circular No.17/1967: amendment of section 13 – finance 
 1967 May First agenda of 13th annual conference: amendments to Constitution 
 1967 May Constitution as amended at 3rd-13th annual conferences 
 1969 Feb Constitution as amended at 3rd-15th annual conferences 
 1973 Constitution incorporating all amendments up to Sep.1973 
 1976 Constitution incorporating all amendments up to Sep. 1976 
 1977 Constitution incorporating all amendments up to Sep. 1977 
 1979 Constitution incorporating all amendments up to Sep. 1979 
 1981 Constitution incorporating all amendments up to Sep.1981 
 1982 Jun Circular No.31/1982: re the Council's constitution (erratum) 
 1983 Constitution incorporating all amendments up to Sep 1983 
 1984 Constitution incorporating all amendments up to Sep 1984 
 1985 Constitution incorporating all amendments up to Sep 1985 
Aa2 Correspondence 3 files 1955-1982 
 With individual unions and area divisions re amendments to the Constitution 
Ab Affiliated Unions 
Ab1 Lists of affiliated unions 1 file 1954-1983 
Ab2 Addressee lists for circulars etc. 1 file 1961-3966 
Ab3 Membership returns 19 files 1955-1983 (Missing 1968-1975) 
Ab4 Correspondence 
Ab4.1 General 13 files 1955-1985 
 Re applications for affiliation, disaffiliation, affiliation of Black trade unions and fees. 
Ab4.2 With individual unions (arranged alphabetically) 
Ab4.2.1 African Bakers and or Confectioners industrial Union 1 file. 1965?1967 
 Constitution. Application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with the Secretary of the Union and the International Union of Food and Allied Workers Association. 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees, financial assistance and conditions of employment. 
Ab4.2.2 African Brewery, Winery and Distillery Workers Union 1 file 1965?1968 
 Constitution, membership card, circulars, brochures and correspondence with the General Secretary of the Union, M.L. Mohlathe, the African Affairs Administrative Assistant. Whitbread South Africa (Pty) Ltd, S.A. Breweries Ltd and the International Union of Food and Allied Workers Associations. 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees, finances 
 Specific topics: 
 1965 Formation of the Union 
 1967 Report on the interview between the Union and S.A. interviews. 
 1967 Campaign to increase the membership 
 1967 Report on the organisation set up by S. Mohlathe to run the union 
 1967 Recognition of the union 
 1967 Negotiations for a new agreement in the brewing industry 
Ab4.2.3 African Broom and Brush Workers Union 1 file 1961-1967 
 Constitution, application for membership and correspondence with O. Keswa, Secretary, and A. Makhanya, Organiser of the Union. 
 Subject: Affiliation and fees. 
Ab4.2.4 African Chemical Workers Union 1 file 1964-1967 
 Application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with the Secretary, L.J. Coombes. 
 Subject: Affiliation and agenda for a general meeting 1967. 
Ab4.2.5 African Leather Workers Union 1 file 1962-1977 
 Correspondence with I.C. Scheepers, Secretary, and S.P. Lekaba, Chairman of the Union. 
 Subjects: Affiliation and Industrial health. 
Ab4.2.6 African Sweet Worker's Union 1 file 1965-1967 
 Constitution, application for membership and correspondence with Mrs M. Mpshe, Secretary of the Union. 
 Subjects: Affiliation, financial assistance and disaffiliation. 
Ab4.2.7 African 'Tobacco Workers Union 1 file 1956-1982 
 Constitution, applications ['or' membership of the Union and TUCSA and correspondence with N. Hlongwane, Organiser and with C. du Preez, Secretary. 
 Subjects: Affiliation, the visit of Senator Kennedy, 1966, and disaffiliation 1902. 
Ab4.2.8 African Transport Workers Union (Previously Han Lu Transport Workers Union and continued as Transport. Workers Union of South Africa) 1 file 1965.1985 
 Constitution, application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with Secretaries, P. Mayisela, D.J. Schutte and G.H. van der Walt 
 Subjects: Affiliation, registration of the union, membership, finance, organisation and the shooting of workers at United Transport Holdings in Johannesburg, Sep.1983 
Ab4.2.9 African Trunk and Box Worker's Union 1 file 1975-1982 
 Constitution (1937) and correspondence with the Secretary, L.U. Scheepers re affiliation. 
Ab4.2.10 Amalgamated Engineering Union 2 files 1954-1972 
 Constitution, rules, shop steward's handbook and correspondence with F.H. McCann, Secretary, and R.V. Budd, Chairman. 
 Subjects: Affiliation, disaffiliation and re-affiliation. Also the following specific Issues: 
 1955 Cost of living 
 1956 Workmen's Compensation Act 
 1957 Office accommodation and facilities for trade union meetings 
 1957 Interpretation of Section 67 of I.C. Act 
 1960 Banishment of' Mrs Elizabeth Woking 
 1964 Representation on management committee 
 1965 Legal opinion on the dispute between the Union and the Minister of Labour re latter's refusal to appoint a Conciliation Board to consider the wage dispute between Durban City Council and its workers 
 1966 Disaffiliation and the consequent resignation of AEU members and officials serving on committees on behalf of TUCSA 
 1967 Alleged irregularities in Transvaal schools 
 1970 Border areas 
 n.d. Negotiation of agreements. 
Abd.2.11 Amalgamated Society of Woodworker's of South Africa 1 file 1954-1972 
 Constitution and rules; correspondence with H.F. Tyler and H.B. Bull, Secretaries. 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and the following specific topics: 
 1954 Suggested amendments to TUCSA’s constitution 
 L955 Purchase of shares in Unity Publications (Pty) Ltd 
 1959 Society's policy is 'rate for the job' 
 Investigation by Industrial Tribunal of the building industry, Cape and Natal 
 1962 Formation of Federation of Building Workers of South Africa 
 1963 Competition with Blanke Bouwerkersvakbond 
 1966 Dispute with the Master Builders Association 
 1968 Disaffiliation from TUCSA. 
Ab4.2.12 Amalgamated Union of Building Trade Workers of South Africa 2 files 1954-1981 
 Constitution (1940, 1953), agreement with government, minutes of quarterly meeting of Executive Council 13-14 Mar.1954, application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with the General Secretary, W. Blake, J. Reid and F.G. Stonier 
 Subjects: affiliation, fees, finances, disaffiliation and the following specific topics: 
 1955 Suppression of Communism Act and the banning of trade unionists 
 1956 I.C. Act of 1956: while trade unions and the colour bar 
 1960 Dismissal of W. Blake as paid official 
 1961 Expulsion or 14 Durban members from the Union 
 1.965 Building unions' determination to Insist on job apartheid 
 1967 Organisation of the Coloured, Malay and Asiatic Building Workers Union 
 1971 Entry of Coloured workers into the Transvaal building industry 
Ab4.2.12a Artisan Staff Association 2 files 1965-1986 
 Constitution, presidential addresses and correspondence with the Secretary, C.P. Grobler, and the President, L.B. Liebenberg 
 Subjects: annual conferences and the following topics: 1967 Manpower crisis 
 1972 Trade union movement in South Africa 
 1981 Association's affiliation to TUCSA 
 1983 Condemnation of Chief Buthelezi's article in AFL-CIO Free Trade Union New: 
Ab4.2.13 Association of Cape Furniture Workers 1 file 1958 
 Correspondence with the Secretary, A.A. Glaser 
 Subject: Application for affiliation to TUCSA 
Ab4.2.14 Association of Cinematograph Projectionists R.S.A. (Previously South African Cinematograph Projectionists Union) 1 file 1969-1980 
 Correspondence with G. Burrell, Gen. Secretary 
 Subjects: membership return forms and the following topics: 
 1971 Licensing of Coloured projectionists 
 1976 Question of supervisory staff being trade union members 
 1978 Stop order deduction of trade union subscriptions 
Ab4.2.15 Bakery Employees Industrial Union (Previously the Operative Confectioners and Conductors Union) 1 file 1955-1975 
 Correspondence with the Secretary, S.B. Lotter 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and the following specific topics: 
 1965-66 Affiliation to the International Union of Food and Allied Workers Association 
 1965 .Industrial council agreement 
 1966-87 Cost of living and inflation 
 1966 Change of name 
 196/ Pirate trading in the baking industry 
 1970 Statistics to help negotiate a new agreement 
 1973 Resignation from TUCSA 
 1975 Possible re-affiliation to TUCSA 
Ab4.2.15a Bay Bus Workers Union l file 1980-1985 
 Constitution, application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with secretaries., J.J. Makasi and W. Watani - 
 Subjects; Affiliation, fees, payment of legal fees by TUCSA and the following, topics: 
 1983-84 Funeral Benefit Fund 
 1983 Desire for a closed shop arrangement for P.E. Tramways 
 1985 Regret that, due to unrest, they cannot be represented at TUCSA's conference 
Ab4.2.16 Brewery Employees Union 1 file 1955-1977 
 Constitution, application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with J.G. Forsyth and A.E. Frazer, Secretaries 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees, disaffiliation and the following topics: 
 1965 Possible formation of a National Brewery Workers Union 
 1974 Complaints against the Western Province Area Division 
 1977 Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
Ab4.2.17 Building Society Officials' Association of South Africa 2 files 1962-1965, 1982-1086 
 Constitution and correspondence with C.J. van Vuuren. General Secretary. and N. Pienaar, Assistant General Secretary 
 Subjects: Affiliation, disaffiliation and re-affiliation 
 Cape Furniture Workers Union; See National Union of Furniture and Allied Workers of South Africa 
Ab4.2.18 Cape Musicians Association 1 file 1966-1970 
 Constitution. application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with P.A. Stratford, Secretary, and A.E. Frazer, General Secretary 
 Subjects: Affiliation and resignation from TUCSA 
Ah4.2.19 Cape Plywood Workers Industrial Union 1 file 1955-1957 
 Constitution and correspondence with J.C. Curran, Secretary 
 Subject: Affiliation 
A04.2.20 Chemical and Allied Worker,; Union 1 file 1978-1986 
 Constitution and correspondence with J. )(eager, Secretary 
 Subject: Affiliation, fees and disaffiliation 
Ab4.2.2.1 Chemical Workers Union 2 files 1058-1983 
 Constitution, application for membership and correspondence with the Secretary, L.J. Coombes, and with General Secretaries U.M. Hartwell, T. de Klerk, D. Tau and G.E. Armfleld 
 Subjects: Membership of TUCSA and the following topics: 
 1958 Amendments to the Union's constitution 
 1966 Resignation of L.J. Coombes 
 1967 Wage Board investigation into mineral water manufacturing industry soap, candles, edible oils and feta industry 
 1960 Formation of the Natal branch 
 1978 Disaffiliation 
Ab4.2.22 Cinematograph Projectionists Union 1 file 1967-1905 
 Constitution and correspondence with J.H. Hendricks, General Secretary 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics: 
 1970 Statistics for the Conciliation Board 
 1971 Organising and licensing of Coloured cinematograph projectionists 
 1981 Racial composition of S.A. Theatre and Cinema Employees Union and possible amalgamation with it 
Ab4.2.23 Coloured, Malay and Asiatic Building Workers Union 1 file 1969-1971 
 Draft constitution, application fur membership and correspondence with Mrs, S. Flusk, Secretary 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and the following topics 
 1959 Formation of a union for Coloured, Malay and Asiatic artisans in the building industry 
 1971 Dissolution of the, Union 
Ab4.2.24 Coloured Transport Worker. Union 1 file 1965-1968 
 Constitution and correspondence with C.H. van der Walt, Secretary 
 Subjects: Affiliation and financial assistance 
Ab4.2.25 Concession Stores and Allied Trades Assistants Union 1 file 1954 1984 
 Constitution and correspondence with Secretaries, B. Weinbren, M. Fish and R. Handel and M. Copans, Chairman 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics: 
 1957 Evaluation of M. Weinbren 
 1967 Trading on mining ground 
 1981 Black trade unions 
 1984 Disaffiliation 
Ah4.2.26a Development Boards and Black Local Authorities Employees' Union 1 file 1985 
 Constitution, application for membership of TUCSA and letter of acceptance 
Ab4.2.26 Durban Indian Municipal Employees Society 3 files 1967-1986 
 Annual reports, Durban Municipal Service conditions of service and correspondence with the Secretaries, P. Henry and S.M. Govender 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and negotiations with Durban City Council for improved conditions of service for Indian workers 
Ab4.2.27 Durban Municipal Transport Employees Union 1 file 1953-1959, 1984 
 Constitution and correspondence, with Secretaries, K.H. Middleton and C.F. Verdun 
 Subjects: Affiliation to TUCSA and the following topics: 
 1955 Introduction of Black drivers and conductors for Non European buses 
 1955 Dispute between the Union and the Durban Transport Management Board 
 1956 Plan to raise funds for• Hungarians suffering from Dunstan aggression 
Ab4.2.28 Durban Rubber Industrial Union 1 file 1955-1983 
 Constitution and correspondence with G. Jackson, Secretary 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and need for improved educational facilities for Coloureds 
Ab4.2.29 East London Divisional Council Employees Association 1 file 1959-1975 
 Constitution and rules, application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with the Secretary, E.V. Fraser 
 Subject: Affiliation 
Ab4.2.30 East London liquor and Catering Trades Employees Union 1 file 1967-1986 
 Constitution and correspondence with the Secretaries, Mrs J.M. Bush and Gill. van der Walt 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the decision to disband the East London and Border Hotel European Employees Union 
Ab4.2.31 East London Meat Trade Union 1 file 1959-1979 
 Constitution, application for membership and correspondence with the Secretary / Treasurer, P.C. Grobler, L. Glen-Young and J.S. Taylor 
 Subjects: Membership of TUCSA and the following topics: 
 1964 Industrial Council agreement, meat trade, East London 
 1971 Industrial Council agreement for non-White retail trade 
 1979 Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
Ab4.2.32 East London Municipal Transport Workers Union (Continued as East London Transport Workers Union and East London Municipal Workers Union 1 file 1956-1984 
 Constitution, application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with the Secretaries, M.N. Thysse, C.G. Plant and Gil, van der Walt 
 Subjects: Affiliation to TUCSA and the following topics: 
 1967 Application to East London City Council for bus drivers' shoes to be paid 
 1971 Donation to East London flood relief fund 
Ab4.2.33 Eastern Province Hotel and Club European Employees Union 1 file 1956 
 Constitution and correspondence with the Secretary 
 Subject: Affiliation to TUCSA 
Ab4.2.34 Electrical and Allied Trades Union of S.A. 1 file 1969-1976 
 Correspondence with R. Cowley, Secretary 
 1969 Possibility of forming a combined union for Coloured workers 
 in electrical and allied trades 
 1970 Amalgamation of two Coloured Electrical Workers Unions 
 1970 Trade union activity in Natal 
 1975 Resignation from TUCSA 
Ab4.2.35 Engineering Industrial Workers Union (Natal) 1 file 1961-1981 
 Constitution, memoranda on trade unionism and correspondence with the Secretaries, V. Kisten, G.S. Subben and A.E. Poole 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees, financial assistance and the following topics 
 1966 Assistance from TUCSA in the organising campaign 
 1966 Organisation of unorganised workers 
 1970 Opening of a branch of' the Union in Port Elizabeth 
 1979 Enrolment of Block members 
Ab4.2.36 Engineering Workers Union of South Africa (Previously Sheetmetal Workers Union) 1 file 1964-1969 
 Membership card, shop stewards manual, financial statement, constitution and correspondence with E. Tyacke and J. Mafuna, Secretary 
 1964 Union's relationship with the industrial Council 
 1965 Change of name 
 1965 Campaign to enrol new members 
 1966 Proposed funeral bench to plan for members 
 1967 Victimisation at Siemens S.A. 
 1967 Need for TUCSA to issue an employer education leaflet 
 1968 New engineering agreement 
 1968 Dismissal of women workers after maternity leave 
Ab4.2.37 European Liquor G Catering Trade Employees Union 1 file 1973-1977 
 Application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with A.E. Frazer. Secretary 
 Subject: Affiliation to TUCSA 
Ab4.2.38 Funeral Undertakers Union 1 file 1955-1971 
 Membership return and correspondence with the Secretary 
 Subjects: Affiliation to TUCSA and fees 
Ab4.2.39 Furniture Workers Industrial Union (Natal) 1 file 1955-1974 
 Constitution and rules, amended constitution and correspondence with the Secretaries J.C. Dolton and H. Dolton 
 Subjects; Affiliation to TUCSA and the following topics: 
 1962 Removal of Bantu from the Western Cape 
 1967 I.C. Act for the furniture manufacturing industry, Natal 
 1971 Skilled labour in the furniture industry 
 1973 Need for Blacks to become apprenticed 
Ab4.2.40 Furniture Workers Industrial Union (Transvaal) 1 file 1955-1957 
 Application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with L.F. de Villiers, General Secretary 
 Subjects: Affiliation to TUCSA and the Industrial Council agreement 
Ab4.2.41 Garment Workers Industrial Union (Natal) 4 files 1956-1935 
 Constitution, application for membership, press clippings, annual reports, membership returns and correspondence with Secretaries J.C. Bolton. H. Bolton, M.S. Stanley and F. Hansa 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and the following topics: 
 1956 The Industrial Conciliation Bill and trade unity 
 1958 Wage Board for the Clothing Industry 
 1959 Jubilee brochure 
 1966 Death of Chairman, Solomon Shadrach 
 1967 Silver Jubilee of the Durban Garment Workers Industrial Football Association 
 1970 Improvement to the affiliated membership of the Union 
 1970-71 Proposed survey of reasons for workers' absenteeism 
 1971 Campaign to organise unorganised workers in Natal 
 1974 Opening of the Holton Hall 
 1974 Need for shop steward training for Blacks 
 1976 Negotiation: for a new agreement 
 1977-78 Department of Labour's attempt to stop the Union subsidizing the African Garment Workers Benefit Fund 
 1978 Agreement with Natal garment employers 
 1982 Appeal: National Union of Textile Workers - question of whether the NUTW can register different race groups 
 1983 NUTW appeal to become a party to the Industrial Council for Clothing Industry (Natal) 
 1983 50th anniversary of the Union 
 1985 Resignation from TUCSA for financial reasons 
Ab4.2.42 Garment Workers Union of African Women l file 1962 
 Application for membership and correspondence with the Secretary, L. Mvubelo 
 Subject: Affiliation 
Ab4.2.43 Garment Workers Union of South Africa 7 files 1954-1985 
 Constitution, minutes of meetings, reports, memoranda, press clippings, Christmas messages from TUCSA for The Garment Worker and correspondence with A. Scheepers, President, General Secretaries J. Cornelius, A. Klein, B.1. Krynouw, Mrs A. du Plessis, Assistant General Secretary F. Mandy, Garment Workers Industrial Union, Garment Workers Union of the Cape Peninsula, Garment Workers Union Consultative Committee, Transvaal Clothing Manufacturers Association. 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and the following topics: 
 1955 Attempt to form a national union or garment workers 
 1955 Industrial Council negotiations 
 1956-58 Wage Board investigation into the clothing industry 
 1957 Need for import control 
 1957 I.C. Act 1956: separate branches for White and Coloured members 
 1957 Job reservation in the clothing Industry 
 1961 Dispute between C.& S. Knitwear and the Union 
 1964-65 Application for a Conciliation Board to settle a dispute with Berkshire international (SA) Ltd., East London 
 1967 Assistance to unregistered trade union: 
 1967 Paid educational leave for industrial training 
 1968 National minimum wage 
 1968 Mrs 50th anniversary 
 1968 Amendments to the Factories Act 
 1969 The workers and machinery 
 1969 Report by A. Scheepers on leadership grant tour of USA 
 1969 Government proposal that a trade union representative go overseas to contact organised labour 
 1970 Questions put forward by GWU asked in parliament by S.J.M. Steyn to the Minister of Labour 
 1970 Redundant workers 
 1971 Statistics; for clothing negotiations 
 1971 Difference of opinion between 6`6U and S.A. Hairdressers Employees Industrial Union 
 1972-73 Objections to Wage Board recommendations 
 1972-73 Creches for children of working mothers 
 1974 GWU's amendments to Transvaal clothing agreement 
 1974 Meeting to inaugurate a Black trade union in the brewing industry, held at Garment Centre 
 1974-75 Conference of Garment, Textile and Knitting Workers Unions Consultative Committee 
 1974-75 Co-operation between shop stewards of different races 
 1974-75 Report by Mrs S. Gelvan of the education course of Afro-Asian Institute for Labour Studies, Tel Aviv, Israel 
 1975 Unveiling of tombstone of Miss J. Cornelius 
 1975 Trade unions and homeland governments 
 1975 Report by A. Scheepers on the seminar "Challenges to working woven in changing times", Tel Aviv, Israel 
 1976 Trade testing centre at Olifantsfontein 
 1977 Memorandum from GWU Consultative Committee to the Industrial Tribunal investigation into job reservation in the clothing industry 
 1977 Report by F. Mandy on the International Course of the International Institute for Development, Co-operatton and Labour Studies, Tel Aviv, Israel 
 1979 Legal opinion on mixed trade unions 
 1979 Petition: Campaign for Peace and Work in Southern Africa 
 1980 Resolution to TUCSA conference on shortcomings of the Industrial Court 
 1982 Organising of unorganised workers 
 1983 Appeal in the Industrial Court in the matter of the National Union or Textile Worker; and the Industrial Council for the Knitting Industry (Tvl) 
 1983 Opposition to bannings and detentions 
 1985 Amalgamation of the GWU and National Union of Clothing Workers 
Ab4.2.44 Garment Workers Union of the Cape Peninsula (from 1960 Garment: Workers Union of Western Province) 4 files 1955-1986 
 Constitution, legal papers and correspondence with L.A. Petersen, Secretary 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and the following topics: 
 1955 Attempt to form a national union of clothing workers 
 1959 Objections to Wage Board determination 
 1960 Judgment in the Supreme Court GWU of the Western Province v. Jade Keraan 
 1966 Report on the meeting of the general council of the Industrial Textile and Garment Workers Federation 
 1968 Visit of South African Garment Workers' Union representatives to Germany 
 1969 Demand for increased wages 
 1969 Union's wish not to participate in the Southern African Labour and Development Research Unit 
 1976-77 Activities of the "Action Group" in GWU of the Western Province 
 1977 Proposed Provident Fund 
 1978 Revised wage rates 
 1979 First issue of Clothes Line, the Union's official journal 
 1980 Employment of prisoners 
 1983 Report on disputes between South African affiliates of ITGLWF 
 1986 Disaffiliated from TUCSA 
Ab4.2.45 Glass Workers Union 1 file 1955-1986 
 Membership return and correspondence with Secretaries, P.R. Gelvan and L.C. Scheepers 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and the dissolution of the Union in 1986 
Ab4.2.46 Grave Diggers & Cemetery Employees Union 1 file 1955-1971 
 Membership return and correspondence with the secretary 
 Subjects: Affiliation and fees 
Ab4.2.47 Hotel, Bar and Catering Trades Employees Association 1 file 1954-1985 
 Constitution, membership return and correspondence with Secretaries M. Barnett, H. Geldenhuys and G. Munsook 
 Subject: Affiliation, fees and membership returns 
Ah4.2.48 Iron Moulders Society of South Africa 1 file 1954-1985 
 Constitution and bylaws, rules and correspondence with Secretaries, C.H. Crompton, H.B. Barnard and C.J. Bronkhorst 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the Trade Test School at Olifantsfontein 
Ah4.2.49 Jewellers and Goldsmiths Union 1 file 1963-1977 
 Constitution, application for membership of TUCSA, minutes of 1989 
 Conference and correspondence with J.H. Brain, Chairman, and with Secretaries L.J. Coombe:: and A.E. Frazer 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees, finances and the following topics: 
 1966 Expulsion from TUCSA over failure to pay fees 
 1969 Withdrawal of employers from the Industrial Council 
 1972 Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
Ab4.2.50 Johannesburg Municipal Combined Employees Union (previously Johannesburg Municipal Coloured Employees Union) 1 file 1975-1986 
 Constitution, application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with C.N.M. Huntley, Chairman, and with Secretaries, M. Naidoo and V.S. Stanley 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics: 
 1975 Conciliation Board agreement between the Union and Johannesburg City Council 
 1980 Parity in education for all races 
 1980 Block bookings at international hotels and restrictions placed by hotels on persons of colour 
 1986 Decision to disaffiliate from TUCSA 
Ab4.2.51 Johannesburg Municipal Transport Workers Union 2 files l966-1986 
 Correspondence with B. Erasmus, Chairman, P.J.H. Ferreira, President, and with Secretaries D.J. Schutte and H.N. Wallis 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and the following; topics: 
 1955 Comment:: on 1.C. Bill, re closed shop 
 1955 Wage improvements from 1922-1954 
 1956 Appeal for financial assistance re compensation cane 
 1969 Demand for improved conditions 
 1965 Unpaid leave for municipal employees who are trade union officials 
 1960 Fight against one-man operated buses 
 1970 Johannesburg's transport problems 
 1972 Johannesburg municipal pension and provident funds 
 1983 Road Safely Year 1904 
Ab4.2.52 Johannesburg Municipal Workers Union 1 file 1954-1971 
 Constitution of the Union and of the Johannesburg Municipal 
 Employees Sick Benefit Society and correspondence with the Secretary, B.J. Erasmus 
 Subjects: Affiliation to TUCSA and the closed shop policy of the Johannesburg Municipal Coloured Employees Union which does not include Indians. 
Ab4.2.53 Kaffrarian Divisional Council Employees Association 1 file 19701902 
 Correspondence with the Secretary, re membership returns and disaffiliation from TUCSA 
Ab4.2.54 Knitted Fabric Workers Union 1 file 1969-1977 
 Constitution and correspondence with the Secretary, Mrs B. Flusk 
 Subjects: Affiliation to TUCSA and the National Convention to advance Women's Legal Rights 1976 
Ab4.2.55 Laundering, Cleaning and Dyeing Workers Union of South Africa 1 file 1960-1972 
 Constitution, certificate of registration of a trade union, wage statistics, report on the industry and correspondence with the Secretary, Mrs M. Maxwell, and with L. Douwes Dekker, Secretary of the National Union of Laundry, Cleaning and Dyeing Workers 
 Subjects: Affiliation to TUCSA, fees, financial assistance and the following topics: 
 1967 Negotiations for a new agreement 
 1967 Meeting of laundry workers in Cape Town 
 1967-68 Screening or workers for tuberculosis 
 1967-68 Establishment or a productivity institute 
Ab4.2.56 Laundry, Dry-Cleaning & Dyeing Employees Onion (Natal) 1 file 1969-1984 
 Application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with the Secretary, S.P. Pillay 
 Subject: Membership of TUCSA 
Ab4.2.57 Match Workers Industrial Union (Natal) 1 file 1955-1957 
 Correspondence with the Secretary, T.H. Danker 
 Subject: Affiliation to TUCSA and fees 
Ab4.2.58 Mine Surface Officials Association 2 files 1972-1985 
 Application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with the Secretary, R.H. Botha 
 Subject: Affiliation to TUCSA and the following topics: 
 1977 Request to receive minutes of TUCSA's N.E.C. and Officers' meetings 
 1978 Press statement by TUCSA re recent bannings 
 1980 Resolutions for Conference 
 1981 Question of R.H. Botha, Secretary of the Association, accepting office as a nominated M.Y. in the National Party 
 1981 Caucus 
 1984 Memorandum on the Labour Relations Amendment Bill 
 1984 National Manpower Commission report, with special reference to the registration of trade unions and employer organisations 
 1985 Status and composition of the Industrial Court 
Ab4.2.59 Motor Industry Combined Workers Union (Previously Motor Industry Coloured Workers Union) 3 files 1964-1984 
 Constitution, application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with C.N.M. Huntley, Chairman, and with Secretaries, M. Naidoo and V.S. Stanley 
 Subject;: Affiliation, foes and the following topics: 
 1965 Refusal of white artisans to train non-white apprentices 
 1967-68 Refusal of an Uitenhage hotel to accommodate Mr Rampono 
 1968 Union negotiators course 
 1968 Change or name to Motor Industry Combined Workers Union 
 1971 Housing for the Coloured aged 
 1976 Dispute with the National Union of Motor Assembly and Rubber 
 1976 Works Union 
 1976 Reaction to proposed increase in bus fares 
 1976 Need for equal rights for all 
 1976 Charges against E.A. Deane 
 1975 Negotiations with the Industrial Council 
 1980 Organising of Black workers 
 1980 TUCSA': public image 
 1980 Need for advisory councils to continue and be effective 
 1982 Concern expressed by Union re TUCSA's; functions 
 1983 Training facilities for different race groups 
 1984 Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
Ab4.2.60 Motor Industry Employees Union of South Africa 2 files 1955-1972 
 Constitution. membership returns, address by the secretary on the Industrial Conciliation Bill 1955 and correspondence with the Secretary, C. Rehm 
 Subjects: Affiliation to TUCSA and the following topics: 
 1957 Wage agreements in the motor industry 
 1960-61 Question of the formation and registration of the White Motor Employees Union 
 1962 Job reservation in the motor assembly industry 
 1968 Doubts about bona fides or the Union as top executive arc managers of large motor establishments 
Ab4.2.61 Motor Transport Workers Union 1 file 1966-1905 
 Constitution and correspondence with the Secretaries, G.H. van der Walt, D.J. Schutte, H.M. Wallis and C.E. van der Walt 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics: 
 1965 Organisation or Coloured and Black transport workers 
 1966 Dispute between the Union and the Motor Transport Owners Association 
 1966 Use of Black delvers and conductors 
 1969 Question or Union re-affiliating now that TUCSA la restricted to registered trade unions 
 1980 Organising or Black workers 
Ab4.2.62 Natal Baking Industry Employees Union 1 file 1967-1981 
 Constitution, application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with Secretaries, P.M. Harry and M.N. Govender 
 Subjects: Affiliation to TUCSA, fees, financial assistance and the following topics: 
 1979 Information for wage negotiations 
 1980 Permission granted for the union to enrol Black members 
 1981 Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
Ab4.2.63 Natal Bespoke Tailors Non-European Employees Union 2 files 1966-1976 
 Constitution, financial statement, membership returns, reports and correspondence with the Secretary, T.N. Yellan 
 Subjects: Affiliation, tees, financial assistance, membership returns arid the following topics: 
 1967 Wage determination for the bespoke tailoring trade 
 1968 History or the Union 
 1970 Application for a conciliation board to settle a dispute with the Master Bespoke ration. 
 1972 Constitution of the Natal Master Bespoke Tailors Association 
 1973 Gentlemen's agreement between the Union and the Natal Master Bespoke Tailors Association 
 1974 Textile workers appeal fund 
 Expulsion of the Union from TUCSA for non-payment of fees 
Ab4.2.64 Natal Liquor & Catering Trades Employers Union 6 files 1955-1986 
 Reports, wage statistics, membership returns, press clippings and correspondence with the Secretaries, L. Nelson, A.C. Reddy and Mrs L. Reddy 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and the following topics: 
 1957 Permission granted for the Union to continue its affiliation to the National Union of Liquor and Catering Trades Employees of South Africa 
 1967 Unemployment of Natal hotel employees 
 1967 Salon culinaire and exhibition 
 1967 Collective bargaining course for the liquor and catering trade, Durban 
 1968 Information for negotiating a new agreement 
 1969 New agreement reached 
 1970 Question of Appointing_ an assistant secretary • to the Industrial Council 
 1972 Agreement for liquor and catering trade, East London and Cape 
 1975 Winding-up of European East London Liquor and Catering Trades Employees Union 
 1975 Uniform conditions of service 
 1979 History of the Union 
 1980 Refusal of a request for Wage Board determination for N.Natal 
 1984 Legal case re contravention of the agreement by hotel owner 
 1984 Legal opinion on differences between the earlier and present I.C. agreements 
 1984 New wage agreement 
 1985 Negotiations for a revised agreement 
 1986 Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
Ab4.2.65 Natal Passenger Transport Employees Union 1 file 1969-1982 
 Certificate of registration and correspondence with Secretaries A.R. Naidoo and L.H. Govender 
 Subjects: Affiliation, lees, membership returns and the following topics: 
 1969 Formation of an Industrial Council for the Non-European Passenger 'transportation Undertaking 
 1983 Application to extend the main agreement and appeal against the industrial Registrar's decision to restrict the registration For• certain interests 
Ab4.2.66 Natal Sugar Industry Employees Union 1 file 1963.1981 
 Constitution, application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with the Secretary, R.R. Pillay 
 Subjects; Affiliation, fees and the following triples: 
 1967 Wages of unskilled and semi-skilled workers in Natal 
 1970 Statistical information on the Natal sagas Industry for negotiations 
 1971 American sugar quota 
 1981 Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
 1981 Complaint by the union against the S.A. Boilermakers Society 
Ab4.2.67 National Milling Workers Industrial Union 1 file 1968-1977 
 Constitution and correspondence with the Secretary, B.O. Erasmus 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics: 
 1969 Objections to the Wage Board recommendation for the milling industry 
 1971 Subsidy on bread and the breed price 
 1973 Wage Board investigation into the milling industry 
 1977 Winding-up of the union and disaffiliation From TUCSA 
Ab4.2.68 National Union of Bank Employees 1 file 1971-1973 
 Constitution, certification of registration and correspondence with the Secretary. T. Alexander 
 Subjects: Affiliation to TUCSA and registration of the Onion 
Ab4.2.69 National Union of Cigarette and Tobacco Worker:: 3 files 1955-1985 
 Constitution and correspondence with the Secretaries, A. Calmeyer and C. du Preez 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and the following topics: 
 1955-56 Cigar workers strike, Durban 
 1956 Banning or A. Calmeyer 
 1959 Wage statistics supplied by TUCSA for tobacco industry 
 1960 Request. for Rembrandt to allow recruiting of members 
 1963 Bantu Laws Amendment Dill 
 1966 Rate for the job in the tobacco industry 
 1967 Information on Cavalla Ltd and Rembrandt Tobacco Company (SA} Ltd 
 1968 Negotiations for n new agreement 
 1969 Organising of workers in Cape Town 
 1970 Statistics for new negotiations 
 1970 Request for holiday bonuses 
 1970 Working or overtime 
 1977 Lower retiring age 
 1978 New agreement. for the tobacco industry, Transvaal 
Ab4.2.70 National Union of Clothing Workers (Continued as National Union of Garment Workers (S.A.) 2 Men 1962-1986 
 Constitution, financial statements, agenda and resolutions for conference application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with the Secretary, L.Mvubelo 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and the following topics: 
 1963 Organising of unorganised workers 
 1967 First annual conference of the union 
 1967 Old age pensions 
 1973 Address by l..Mvubeio to Inaugural meeting of Verligte Action in the Western Cape 
 1978 L.Mvubelo's visit overseas us I.L.O. representative and to USA 
 1982 Complaint about TUCSA's lack of reaction to the detention of Emma Moshinini 
 1984 Trust Fund to help L. Mvubelo whose house was fire-bombed 
 National Union of Commercial and Allied Workers Sec National Union of Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers 
Ab4.2.71 National Union of Commercial. Catering and Allied Workers (Previously National Union of Commercial and Allied Workers) 3 files 1966-1982 
 Constitution, application for membership of TUCSA, agenda and presidential addresses for conference. certificate of registration and correspondence with the Secretaries, J.R. Altman and D.M. Hartwell 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics: 
 1968 Registration of the Union 
 1968 Low wages policy of the Wage Board 
 1969 Wage Board Investigation into the meat trade 
 1970 Wage Board Investigation into the catering trade 
 1971 Inflation 
 1971 Detention without trial 
 1972 Toilet facilities for non-white shoppers 
 1972 Cost of motor vehicle repairs 
 1975 Transportation costs 
 1975 Collective programme against inflation 
 1977 Consumer credit campaign 
 1977 Proposed South African pension scheme 
 1979 Low wages paid to farm workers 
Ab4.2.72 National Union of Distributive Workers 14 files 1956-1986 
 Constitution, brochures, agenda and presidential addresses for conference and correspondence with the National Secretaries, J.R. Altman and D.M. Hartwell, and with M. Kagun (President) 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees, shop hours, wage board investigations and the following topics: 1956 I.C. Dill 
 1957 Katie Kagan Nursery School and Creche 
 1962 Shop in Union Shops' campaign 
 1962 SACTU's relations with TUCSA 
 1962 Suggested inclusion of Allman in TUCSA’s deputation re proposed legislation 
 1964 2-cent cheque deposit levy 
 1965 Proposed staggering of pay days 
 1966-67 Professional trappers or pilferers 
 1969 Accusation that TUCSA is pro--apartheid 
 1969 Co-ordinating body for Black trade unions 
 1969 Suggested job reservation in shops, offices, cafés etc 
 1969 NUDW's appeal against Minister of Labour's registration of Die Blanke Distribusiewerkers 
 1969 Silver Jubilee edition of New Day. 
 1969 Question of TUCSA protecting White, Coloured and Indian workers but not Blacks 
 1969 Suggested assistance to Black unions in surrounding African countries 
 1970 Impact of sales tax 
 1970 Suspension of industrial legislation in the homelands 
 1971 Advisability of R. Kraft accepting an appointment to Manpower Commission of Progressive Party 
 1971 Pilfering in the distributive trade 
 1971 Consumer price index 
 1972 Organising of Black workers 
 1973 Proposed amendments to Bantu Labour (Settlement of Disputes) Act 
 1974 Possible Black trade union for the commercial and distributive, trade 
 1974 Recognition of Black trade unions and the migratory labour system 
 1974 Publication of Counter Attack by N. Herd 
 1976 Co-operative movement 
 1976 Refusal to recognise the Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers Union 
 1976 Collective programme against inflation 
 1976 Bantu Labour Relations Regulation Amendment Act 
 1976 Saldru Farm Labour Conference 
 1976 Reaction to banning of Urban Training Project officials 
 1977 Formation of the Federation of Commercial, Hotel and Catering Unions 
 1977 Wiehahn Commission 
 1978 Social Welfare Bills 
 1978 Pension and Provident Funds 
 1979 Deduction of trade union due:: for Black trade unions 
 1979 Illness and resignation of J.R.Altman 
 1979 Advisability of R.C. Webb, TUCSA official, serving on the President's council 
 1979 Surveillance of union elections 
 1981 Comments on the [.C. Amendment Dill 
 1981 Wage Amendment Bill 
 1981 Population Register Draft Dill 
 1982 Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
 1985 Committee of enquiry into the tax system 
Ab4.2.72a National Union of Forestry and Allied Workers 1 file 1985-1986 
 Application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with the Secretary, D. Khoza 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the status of different categories of forestry workers 
Ab4.2.73 National Union of Furniture and Allied Workers of South Africa (Previously Cope Furniture Workers Union) 4 files 1954-1984 
 Constitution, notices, circulars, notes on E.A. Deane and correspondence with Secretaries E.A. Deane end M. Lalaram 
 Subject:: Affiliation, fees and the following topics: 
 1956 Furniture trade dispute 
 Presidential address by E.A. Deane to the Co-ordinating Council of Furniture Trade Unions 
 Possibility of dissolving the Cape Province Industrial Council for the Furniture Manufacturing Industry 
 1963 Suggested investigation into conditions in the saw-milling industry 
 1964 Application by 8.A-Deane for passport 
 1965 Deterioration in relations between White and non-White 
 furniture worker:: in the Transvaal 
 1968 Visit of E.A. Deane to Europe 
 1969 Possible move by Transvaal furniture industry to border areas 
 1974 Merger by Natal Furniture Workers Union and the National Union 
 1976 Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
 1978 Application for re-admission to TUCSA 
 1982 'Closed shop' tested in case Grafton Everest v. Union 
 1984 Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
Ab4.2.74 National Union of Laundering, Cleaning and Dyeing Workers (Continued as National Union of Laundry, Cleaning and Dyeing Workers) 1 file 1966-1984 
 Constitution, application for membership of TUCSA, financial statements, membership returns, minutes of meetings and correspondence with Mrs E. January (Secretary, Cape), A.R. Vahed (Chairman, Cape) and M. Maxwell (Secretary, Johannesburg) 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and the wage agreement 
Ab4.2.75 National Union of Leather Workers 3 files 1955-1986 
 Constitutions of the Union and the Benefits Fund and correspondence with General Secretaries F.C. Gallant, F.J.J. Jordaan and L. Allen, and T. Davan (Branch Secretary. Durban) 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics: 
 1964 Affiliation of the African Leather Workers Welfare Fund 
 1966 Synthetic shoe materials 
 1967 Insolvencies - loss of contributions to pension funds 
 1972 Working of overtime 
 1980 Union's application for 'mixed' membership exemption 
 1984 Possible ending of closed chop agreements in Natal 
 1986 Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
Ab4.2.76 National Union of Motor Assembly and Rubber Workers of South Africa 2 files 1966-1976 
 Constitution. notices and correspondence with E.A. Deane (General Secretary), F.P. Souls (National Secretary) and A. Dannenherg, (Acting General Secretary, International Metal Federation) 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fires, financial assistance and the following topics: 
 1967 Formation of re union for Coloureds in the motor industry and the financial help given by the I.M.F. 
 1968 Organising campaign find progress report. 
 1971 Winding-up of the Western Province Motor Assembly Workers Union, now n branch of the National Union 
 1971 Accusation against E.A. Deane or misappropriating union funds 
 1972 Negotiations for a new agreement 
 1973 State v. E.A. Deane 
 1975 Unregistered African trade unions 
 1975 Variation of scope applied for by the union 
 1976 Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
Ab4.2.77 National Union of' Operative Biscuit Maker:: and Packers of South Africa (previously Operative Bakers, Confectioners and Conductors Union) 2 files 1967-1986 
 Constitution, application rot' membership of TUCSA and correspondence with Secretaries F.C. Gallant, C.M.S. Gelvan and A. Solomon 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and the following topics: 
 1964 Dispute by the Union 
 1970 Negotiations for a new agreement 
 1970 Organising of biscuit workers, Johannesburg 
 1974 Application for exemption from section 8(3)(a) of I.C. Act 
 1976 Job evaluation 
 1984 Union and Godfrey Lethoba vs. Homaco Biscuits (Pty) Ltd 
 Operative Bakers, Confectioners and Conductors Union See National Union of Operative Biscuit Makers and Packers of South Africa 
Ab4.2.78 Operative Plasterers Trade Union l file 1966-1968 
 Rules and regulations, application for membership and correspondence with the secretary re affiliation 
Ab4.2.79 Photographic Employees Association 1 file '1955—1973 
 Correspondence with the Secretary L.C. Scheepers re affiliation to TUCSA 1955 and dissolution of the Association 1973 
Ab4.2.80 Port Elizabeth & District Furniture Workers Industrial Union 1 file 1955-1961 
 Constitution aril correspondence with the Secretaries M.J.J. van Vuuren and H.J. van Tonder re affiliation and fees 
Ab4.2.81 Radio, Television, Electronic and Allied Workers Union 1 file 1968-1981 
 Correspondence with the Secretary, A. Scheepers 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics: 1968 Establishment or a union for Coloureds 
 1969 Question of why the S.A. Electrical Workers Association has not helped all races to organize 
 1969 Proposals for an agreement submitted by the Union to the S.A. Radio Manufacturers Association 
 1969 Possibility of combining the unions; for Coloured workers in the electrical and allied industries 
 1969 Statistical information on the industry supplied by TUCSA 
 1970 Dispute with S.A. Boilermakers Society re recruiting members 
 1980 Negotiations with Barlows 
 1981 Request by National Union or Motor Assembly and Rubber Workers for the Union to be expelled fro' I.M.F. 
Ab4.2.82 Republic Transport Workers (South Africa) 1 file 1967-1970 
 Correspondence with the Secretary, U.S Khan and with the Area Division's Secretary, C.Heldsinger 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and the following topics: 
 1968 Suspension of War Measure!: Act in transport industry 
 1968 Job reservation 
 1968 Attempt to establish a union for Coloured and Indian drivers 
 1969 Question of whether or not the union had disaffiliated 
 1969 Complaint that S.A. Council of Transport Workers is forming a second union for Coloured and Indian workers 
Ab4.2.82a Richards Bay Employees Union 1 file 1985-1986 
 Constitution. application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with the Secretary, P.H. Cruden and the Department of Manpower, Durban 
 Subjects: Affiliation, employment of foreigners by Richards Bay companies and the contravention of basic conditions of employment 
Ab4.2.82b South African Airways Flight Engineers Association 1 file 1985-1986 
 Constitution, application for membership of TULSA and correspondence with officials re affiliation 
Ab4.2.83 South African Association of Dental Mechanician Employees 1 file 1958-1973 
 Constitution, annual accounts, application for membership and correspondence with Secretaries A. Malherbe and L. Fromage 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees, financial assistance and the court case The State v. Progress Dental Laboratory (fly) Ltd and W. Schader for contravening the I.C. agreement, 1965 
Ab4.2.84 South African Rank Employees Union 1 file 1975 
 Constitution, application for membership and correspondence with the secretary re affiliation 
Ab4.2.85 South African Boilermakers, Iron and Steel Workers, Shipbuilders and Welders Society 6 files 1954-1986 
 Constitution. by-laws (1971), addresses and minutes of conferences. 
 reports and correspondence with Secretaries T.P. Murray, H.D. Blouwer and A.J. van der Walt 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and the following topics: 
 1955 Need to protect White labour against cheap non-White labour 
 1962 Economic programme for the country from a trade union point of view 
 1964 Complaint +about the. South African Iron and Steel Traders Association 
 1965 Cost of living and possible price control 
 1966 50th anniversary of the Society 
 1967 Productivity bargaining 
 1968 Pneumoconiosis 
 1972 Review of the administrative functions of the Society 
 1974 Memorandum to Metal Box Company on the Society's functions 
 1974 Organisation of Black labour 
 1976 Proposed SEIFSA Management Training Programme in industrial relations 
 1976 New agreement for the industry 
 1976 Manpower requirements of ISCOR 
 1976 Training centres for Coloureds 
 1976 Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
 1976 Importation of Korean welders 
 1977 question of TUCSA's policies being unacceptable to the Society 
 1977 Re-admission of the Society to TUCSA 
 1981 Registration of trade unions under I.C. Draft Amendment Bill 
 1982 Possible formation of a Black trade union for miners 
 1983 Heed for unity amongst trade union:; and possible restructuring of TUCSA to bring into line with current events 
Ab4.2.86 South African Canvas and Ropeworkers Union 1 file. 1955-1980 
 Constitution, rules, membership returns and correspondence with the Secretary, J. Heeger re affiliation and fees 
Ab4.2.87 South Africa Cinematograph Projectionists Union (Previously South African Cinematograph Operators Union) 1 file 1955-1969 
 Constitution and bye-laws and correspondence with the Secretary, G. Durrell 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics: 
 1955 question or Coloureds belonging to the Union 
 1960 both anniversary of the Union 
 Help Eiven to Non-European Cinema Workers Union 
 1967 Proposed union of Coloured projectionists and complaint that the name chosen by them is the sumo as this union 
 1971 Change of name to Association of Cinematograph Projectionists 
 See also Ah4.2.14 Association of Cinematograph Projectionists 
Ab4.2.88 S.A. Diamond Workers Union 1 file 1964-1978 
 Constitution and rules, application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with Secretaries, J.W. Hurter and R. Rich 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees, financial help and the following topics: 
 1964 Help from affiliated unions for the union during the strike 
 New agreement for distend cutting industry 
 1965 Repayment of loans iron unions 
 1966 Disaffiliation from TUCSA because of its Coloured policy 
 1969 lie-affiliation to TULSA 
 1972 Cont of living allowances 
 Apprenticeship in the diamond cutting industry 
 Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
 1978 Formation or Diamond Cutters Union of South Africa, a trade union for Coloureds 
Ab4.2.89 South African Electrical Workers Association 1 file 1954-1980 
 Constitution, agenda and addressee for 1965 conference and correspondence with the Secretary, R. Cowley 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics: 
 1965 Recruitment of women in industry 
 Application by the Coloured broach or the Union to affiliate 
 1968 Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
 Changed name of the Coloured union CO the Electrical and Allied Trades Union of South Africa 
 1969 Organising of Coloured workers 
Ab4.2.90 South African Film and Theatre Union (Previously the South African Theatre Union) 1 file 1969-1986 
 Constitution and correspondence with the secretary re affiliation 
Ab4.2.91 South African Footplate Staff Association 1 file 1979-1984 
 Constitution and correspondence with the Secretary, A.C. Koekemoer re affiliation 
Ab4.2.92 S.A. Hairdressers Employees Industrial Union 2 files 1954-1986 
 Constitution, press clippings, correspondence with the Secretary, J. Daniel 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics 
 1956 Dissension within the ranks of the union 
 1960 Shop Hours Ordinance 
 1962 Hours or work 
 1969 Negotiations for a new wage agreement 
 1971 Conditions for apprentices 
 1972 Indenture of Coloured and Indian apprentices 
 1974 New wage agreement 
Ab4.2.93 South African Pyrotechnical Workers Union 1 file 1964-1973 
 Application for membership and correspondence with the Secretary, J. Heeger, re affiliation and fees 
Ab4.2.94 South African Society of Bank Officials 3 files 1954-1985 
 Constitution, membership returns and correspondence with Secretaries 
 R.M. Haldane, T. Alexander, A. Malherbe and B. Smith 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics: 
 1955 Retail prices 
 1967 Conciliation Board on salaries and negotiations with major banks 
 1976 60th anniversary of SASBO 
 1977 inflation 
 1978 Draft Bill on Maintenance and Promotion of Competition Act 
 1978 Equal taxation for all races 
 1979 Commission of Enquiry into Labour Legislation 
 198h Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
Ab4.2.95 South African Society of Journalists 1 file 1972-1977 
 Constitution and minutes of the Conciliation Board and correspondence with the Secretary, D.K. Rae 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the state of the industry 
Ab4.2.96 South African Teachers Guild 1 file 1984-1985 
 Constitution, application fur membership of TUCSA and correspondence with the Chairman, J.R. Lambson, re their application for registration as a trade union and the objection' raised by S.A. Teachers Council for Whites 
Ab4.2.96a South African Technical Officials Association 1 file 1983-1985 
 Correspondence with the Secretary, B.A. van den Berg, re affiliation 
Ab4.2.97 South African Theatre and Cinema Employees Union 1 file 1955-1984 
 Constitution and bye-laws, correspondence with the Secretary A.K. Nicholson 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics: 
 1968 TUCSA's objections to increased cinema prices 
 1977 Question of scholars working part-time paying union subscriptions 
 1984 Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
 South African Theatre Union Sec South African Film and Theatre Union 
Ab4.2.98 South African Typographical Union 3 files 1954-1984 
 Constitution, reports and statement of account, pamphlets, letters to the editor and correspondence with the Secretaries, T.C. Rutherford and E. van Tonder 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics: 
 1956 Investigation of the union by the S.A. Board of Trade and Industries 
 1968 Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
 1969 Re-application to TUCSA 
 1970 Question of TUCSA's political sympathies 
 1978 Sanctions against South Africa 
Ab4.2.99 South African Woodworkers Union 2 files 1968-1984 
 Correspondence with the Secretary, A. Stanley 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics: 
 1972 Application by the union for variation of scope 
 Trade union statistics for South Africa 
 Need for a domestic servants' trade union 
 1973 Paid sick leave 
 1973-75 Extension or I.C. agreement to Ceres 
 1975 Training in the building industry 
 1978 Dispute with Amalgamated Union of Building Trade Workers 
 Possible economic sanctions against South Africa 
 1983 Labour Relations Act 
 1984 Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
Abd.2.99a Stanger Association of Municipal Employees 1 file 1984-1986 
 Constitution, application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with the Secretary, S. Singh 
 Subjects: Affiliation and fees 
Ab4.2.100 Sweet Workers Industrial Union (Natal) 1 file 1959-1974 
 Constitution, rules and correspondence with Secretaries S.J. Moir, A. Reddy and D. Thambiran 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and the following topics: 
 1968 Wage Board investigation into the industry 
 1972 Wages and conditions in the industry 
 Creation of an Industrial Council 
 1973 Payment for public holidays 
Ab4.2.101 Sweet Workers Union 3 files 1956-1985 
 Constitution and correspondence with Secretaries E.M.S. Gelvan, H. Cornelius and H. Wierzbowsky 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and the following topics: 
 1958-61 I.C. agreement 
 1969-70 Negotiations for an agreement in the industry, East London 
 1971 Employer victimisation in trade union labour 
 1975 Formation of the Sweet Food and Allied Worker:: Union 
 1976 Negotiations with Wilson-Rowntree 
 Points of issue between the Union and the. Sweet Food and Allied Workers Union 
 1981 Wilson-Rowntree strike . 
Ab4.2.102 Tailoring Workers, Dressmaking and Furriers Industrial Union (previously Tailoring Workers Industrial Union) 1 file 1955-1968 
 Correspondence with the Secretary, Mrs Y. Malin 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and disaffiliation In 1968 
 Tailoring Workers Industrial Union; See Tailoring Workers, Dressmaking and Furriers Industrial Union 
Ab4.2.103 Tea and Coffee Workers Union 1 file 1967-1973 
 Constitution and correspondence with the Secretary. D.Thambiran 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and the following topics: 
 1967-68 Wage Board investigation into the Lea, coffee and chicory Industry 
 1968 Wages for unskilled workers 
 1970 Request for stop-order facilities for union subncriptions 
 1972 Request for medical aid and sick benefit funds 
 1972-73 Negotiations: with T.W.Reckett G Co.Ltd 
 1972 Problems facing union in recruiting members and collecting subscriptions 
 1972 Negotiations with the Natal Tea, Coffee and Chicory Association 
Ab4.2.104 Textile Workers Industrial Union (S.A.) '/ flies 1966-1986 
 Constitution, minutes of I.C. meetings and correspondence with the Secretary, N. Daniels 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and the following topics: 
 1966 Arbitration dispute re differential between male and female workers 
 Employment of female labour at reduced rate of pay 
 1971-72 Amendment of the agreement 
 1972 Black poverty and wages in the Cape 
 Statistics, based on race and sex, of textile workers 
 Submission to the Industrial Tribunal 
 ]973-74 Textile Workers Appeal Fund 
 TUCSA's dispute, with the Frame Group 
 197:i Industrial relations in the textile industry 
 1974 TUCSA's appeal for workers not to be retrenched 
 1979 Position of female workers 
 1976 Bantu Labour Relations Amendment Act 
 1980 Mixed status of the union 
 1980 Disagreement with Garment Workers Union over article "Know your union" 
 1980 Dispute with Textile Workers Union (Transvaal) 
 1981-82 Appeal against the Industrial Registrar's registration of the union in respect of interests and areas 
 1982 Stop orders for subscriptions 
 198:1 Conciliation Board for dispute between Consolidated Frame Cotton Corporation Ltd and the National Union of Textile Workers 
 1984 Appeal: National Union of Textile Workers and the Industrial Council for Cotton Textile Manufacturing Industry (Cape) 
 1984 Recognition agreement • 
 1984 Unfair dismissals 
 1984 Intimidation of union members 
 1986 Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
Ab4.2.105 Textile Workers Union (Transvaal) 1 file 1977-1984 
 Constitution and correspondence with the Secretary, Mrs K. Seloro 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics: 
 1980 Problems of security officers 
 1981 Assistance asked from TUC, London 
 1981 Complaint against Textile Workers Industrial Union 
 1982 Disaffiliation 
Ab4.2.106 Tobacco Workers Union of African Women 1 file 1962-1979 
 Constitution, application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with the Secretary, C. du Preez 
 Subjects: Affiliation and representation at meetings and merging with the African Tobacco Workers Union 
Ab4.2.107 Tramway and Omnibus Workers Union (Cape) 2 files 1954-1986 
 Constitution, application for membership of TUCSA, minutes of the Industrial Council and correspondence with Secretaries, A.R. McLaughlin and D.C. Benade 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics: 
 1955 Arbitration In the road passenger transport industry 
 1966 Cost of living 
 1968 Income Tax Act 
 1968 Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
 1969 Application to re-affiliate 
 1969 Removal of all employment discrimination 
 1981 Attack by AFL-CIO on registered trade unions In South Africa 
 1984 Dispute with the Road Passenger Transport Employers Association 
 1986 Disaffiliation 
Ab4.2.108 Tramway Officials Staff Association 1 file 1955-1968 
 Constitution and correspondence with the Secretary, M. Woodbury 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and dis-affiliation 
Ab4.2.109 Transport Workers Union (Coloured and Asiatic) (Continued as South African Transport Workers Union) 1 file 1970-1984 
 Constitution. application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with the Secretary, A. Hammon 
 Subject: Affiliation 
Ab4.2.110 Transvaal Broom and Brush Workers Industrial Union 2 files 1957-1970 
 Constitution, financial statements, union statistics, notices of meetings and correspondence with the Chairman, J. Degree and the Secretary, R. Jardine 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics: 
 1958 Population Registration Act: appeals against classification 
 1958-59 Proposed establishment of an Industrial Council 
 1958-60 Wage Board investigation 
 1960 Organising of the union 
 1961 Financial appeal to help save the union 
 1966 Organising the feather and duster workers, Oudtshoorn 
 1970 Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
Ab4.2.111 Transvaal Leather L Allied Trades Industrial Union 1 file 1954-1986 
 Constitution, membership card and correspondence, with Secretaries, L.C. Scheepers and N.I.. Swartz 
 Subjects: Affiliation, fees and the following topics: 
 1955 Proposed C.C. Bill 
 1955 Judgment in the case the Union v. H.J. Schoeman and Die Leer en Aanverwante Bedrywe Werkersorganisasie 
 1968 Negotiations in the leather industry 
 1969 Placement of redundant. leather workers 
 1972 Need for I.C. agents to be appointed on a non-racial basin 
 1985 Insurance against insolvency 
 1986 Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
Ab4.2.112 Transvaa1 Musicians Union (Continued as South African Musicians’ Union A Associated Professions) l file 1969-1984 
 Constitution, application for membership of TUCSA and correspondence with the Secretary, N.H. Herbert 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics: 
 1969 Non-While musicians 
 1970 Question of theatrical/musical agencies falling within the scope of the I.C. Act 
 1979-80 Attack on the union by South African Musicians Association 
 1983 Change of name of union 
 1984 Proposed extension of Union's scope of membership 
Ab4.2.113 Trawler and Line Fishermen’s Union 1 file 1955-1984 
 Correspondence with Secretaries, A. Manho and C. du Preez 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics: 
 1955 I.C. Bill 
 1962 Agreement between the Union and the Trawler Owners Committee 
 1966 Negotiations for a new agreement 
 1975 Possible Australian boycott of South African fish products 
 1979 Union's opposition to boycotts 
Ab4.2.114 Trunk and Box Workers Industrial Union l file 1955-1983 
 Correspondence with Secretaries A. Henry and L.C.M. Scheepers 
 Subjects: Affiliation and fees 
Ab4.2.115 Union of Lampshade and Allied Workers 1 file 1967-19.2 
 Constitution and correspondence with Secretaries, A Esple and A. Soobiah 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics: 
 1967-68 Refusal or a request for Wage Board investigation 
 1969 Definition and wage proposals 
 1972 Establishment of the Black Workers Project 
Ab4.2.116 Western Cape Farm Workers Association 1 file 1964-1966 
 Constitution, reports and correspondence with the Organiser, B.E. Kok 
 Subjects: Problems faced in organising Coloured farm workers, support given by TUCSA and offered by agricultural workers in England 
Ab4.2.117 Western Province Motor Assembly Workers Union 1 file 1965-1971 
 Constitution And correspondence with the Secretary, J. Heeger 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics: 
 1967 British Motor Corporation motor assembly workers agreement 
 1970 Protest at proposed move of Leyland motor assembly from the Cape 
Ab4.2.118 Western Province Sweet Workers Union 1 file 1965-1972 
 Constitution, financial statements. application form to join TUCSA and correspondence with the Secretary, J. Heeger 
 Subjects: Affiliation and fees 
Ab4.2.119 Witwatersrand Baking Employees Association 1 file 1954-1972 
 Membership curd and correspondence with the Secretary, E.W. Thursfield 
 1958 Arbitration between the Association and the Witwatersrand Master linkers Association 
 1966 Shop 'steward in baking and confectionery industry 
 1967 Organisational drive 
 1968 Organising of Coloured workers in the baking industry 
Ab4.2.120 Witwatersrand Liquor and Catering Trade Employees Union 1 file 1957-1086 
 Constitution, rules and correspondence with the Secretary, M. Kagan 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics: 
 1980 Organising, of Black workers 
 1981 Social pension 
 1983 Disaffiliation from TUCSA 
Ab4.2.121 Witwatersrand Tearoom, Restaurant and Catering Trade Employees Union 1 file 1954-1984 
 Constitution and correspondence with Secretaries, E.A. Parkins, N. Young and N. Kagan 
 Subjects: Affiliation and the following topics: 
 1966 Negotiations between the Union and employers through the industrial Council 
 1968 Meeting of parties interested in the catering trade 
 1975 Negotiations for a new agreement 
 1983 Taxation on school books 
Ab5 Applications for membership 
Ab5.1 2 vols 1954-1970 
Ab5.2 1 vol 1962-1969 
Ab6 Memoranda 
Ab6.1 Constitution for a local trade union and for a trade union with branches. 2 blank forms. Undated 
Ab6.2 Questionnaire to affiliated unions. 35p. 1964 
Ab6.3 Memorandum from the General Secretary to all affiliated unions on the subject of the need for an increase in affiliation fees. 4p. 1966 
Ac Executive 
Ac1 NEC: Meeting:; 
Ac1.1 Minutes 8 vols; 1955? 
Ac1.1.1 Minutes 1 vol 1955 Jul.25-1957 Nov.13 
Ac1.1.2 Minutes 1 vol 1957 Dec.9-1961 Jun.13 
Ac1.1.3 Minutes 1 vol 1961 Jan.31-1963 May 6 
Ac1.1.4 Minutes 1 vol 1964 Feb.11-1967 Nov.2 
Ac1.1.5 Minutes 1 vol 1967 Dec.10-1972 Mar.16 
Ac1.1.6 Minutes 1 vol 1972 Jun.26-1975 Dec.4 
Ac1.1.7 Minutes 1 vol 1976 Mar.15-1979 Mar.5 
Ac1.1.8 Minutes 1 vol 1979 Jun.4-1982 Jul.19 
Acl.1.9 Minutes 1 vol. 1982 Dec.-1986 (At the time of publishing still in the hands of the liquidator) 
Ac1.2 Tape Recordings of Meetings 23 reels. 1976 
Ac1.2.1 58th Meeting 27 Jul.1976 1 reel 
Ac1.2.2 59th Meeting 15-16 Nov.1976 2 reels 
Ac1.2.3 60th Meeting 7-8 Mar. 1977 2 reels 
Ac1.2.4 61st Meeting 2 Jun. 1977 1 reel 
Acl.2.5 63rd Meeting 31 Jul.-1 Aug.1978 2 reels 
Ac1.2.6 64th Meeting 7 Dec.1978 1 reel 
Ac1.2.7 65th Meeting 5 Mar.1979 1 reel 
Ac1.2.8 66th Meeting 4-5 Jun.1979 2 reels 
Ac1.2.9 67th Meeting 3-4 Dec.1979 2 reels 
Ac1.2.10 68th Meeting 6-7 Mar.1980 2 reels 
Ac1.2.11 69th Meeting 23 May 1980 1 reel 
Ac1.2.12 81st Meeting 5-6 Jul.1984 7 cassettes 
Ac2 Reports of NEC 1968-1983 
 Includes annual, preliminary and supplementary reports 
Ac2.1 Report of NEC for year ended Feb.1958 submitted to 4th annual conference 
Ac2.2 Report of NEC and National Management Committee Feb.1959 submitted to 5th annual conference 
Ac2.3 Report of NEC and National Management Committee Feb.1960 submitted to 6th annual conference 
Ac2.4 Report of NEC and National Management Committee Feb.1961 submitted to 7th annual conference 
Ac2.5 Report of NEC and National Management Committee Jan.1962 submitted to 8th annual conference 
Ac2.6 Report of NEC and National Management Committee Feb.1963 submitted to 9th annual conference 
Ac2.7 Report of NEC and National Management Committee Feb.1964 submitted to 10th annual conference 
Ac2.8 Preliminary Report of NEC and National Management Committee up to Dec.1964 
Ac2.9 Supplementary Report of NEC and National Management Committee for period 1-31 Jan. 1965 
Ac2.10 Report; of NEC and National Management: Committee for year ended Feb.1965 submitted to 11th annual conference 
Ac2.11 Preliminary report of NEC for period 1 Mar-31 Dec.1965 
Ac2.12 Report of NEC and National Management Committee for year ended Feb.1966 submitted to 12th annual conference 
Ac2.13 Report of NEC for period I Mar-31 Dec.1966 submitted to 13th annual conference 
Ac2.14 Supplementary report of NEC for period 1 Jan-31 Jan.1967 submitted to 13th annual conference 
Ac2.15 Preliminary report or NEC for period 1 Mar-31 Dec.1967 submitted to 14th annual conference 
Ac2.16 Supplementary report of NEC for period l Jan-29 Feb.1968 submitted Co 14th annual conference 
Ac2.17 Preliminary report of NEC for period 1 Mar-31 Dec.1968 submitted to 15th annual conference 
Ac2.18 Supplementary report of NEC for period 1-31 Jan.1969 submitted to 15th annual conference 
Ac2,19 Preliminary report of NEC for period 1 Jul.1969-30 Apr..1970 submitted to 16th annual conference 
Ac2.20 Supplementary report of NEC for period 1 May 30 Jun-1970 submitted to 16th annual conference 
Ac2.21 Supplementary report of NEC For period 1 Jul-31 Jul.1972 submitted to 18th annual conference 
Ac2.22 Report of NEC draft for 19th annual conference, Apr.1973 
Ac2.23 Supplementary report of NEC for period 31 Jul-31 Aug.1979 submitted to 25th annual conference 
Ac2.24 Preliminary report of NEC 1 Sep.1978-30 Jul.1979 submitted to 25th annual conference 
Ac2.25 Preliminary report of NEC 1 Scp.1979-31 Jul.1980 submitted to 26th annual conference 
Ac2.26 Report of NEC Part 1 submitted to 27th annual conference, 14-18 Sep. 1981 
Ac2.27 Report of NEC Part 1 and 2 submitted to 28th annual conference, 20-24 Sep. 198' 
Ac2.28 Report of NEC Part 1 and 2 submitted to 29th annual conference, 26-29 Sep. 1983 
Ac3 Correspondence 
Ac3.1 Correspondence: general 
Ac3.1.1 Chronological 50 files (6 boxes) 1955-1986 
Ac3.1.2 Alphabetically by correspondent 115 files (21 boxes) 1965-1986 
Ac3.2 Correspondence; NEC 15 files. 1954-1968, 1976-1986 
Ac3.3 Correspondence (including memoranda and printed items): special topics 
Ac3.3.1 Agriculture 1 file 1984 
 Memorandum on the status of agricultural workers in terms of labour legislation 
Ac3.3.2 Alcoholism 2 files 1957-1974 
 Correspondence with unions, Dr B Serebro (TUCSA's scientific adviser), Department of Justice. Conservation of Man Power Unit, South African Temperance Alliance, South African National Council on Alcoholism and the Medical Association of South Africa 
 Subjects: recognition or alcoholism as an illness, facilities for rehabilitating the alcoholic and the "tot" system 
Ac3.3.3 Apprenticeship 1 file 1958-1967, 1976 
 Correspondence with unions and the Department of Labour 
 Subjects: The Special Conference on Apprenticeship 1958, terms of reference and functions of the Rational Apprenticeship Board and the training of apprentices 
Ac3.3.4 Automation ? files 1955-1972 
 Correspondence with unions, area divisions, Departments of Labour, Commerce and Indus tries, ASSOCOM, S.A.Federated Chamber of Industries, TUC (London) and the American Federation of Labour 
 Subjects: Consequences of automation and the need to prepare for it, automation conference 1956 and automation and the Black man. Includes memoranda by A.J. Downes, T.C. Rutherford, T.P. Murray and J.A. Grobbelaar 
Ac3.3.5 Bannings 2 files 1957-1984 
 Correspondence with trade unions, particularly Food and Canning Workers Union and the National Union of Distributive Workers, SACTU and the Department of Justice 
 Subjects: Banning of trade unionists including the following specific Issues: 
 1957 Banning of A.Calmeyer 
 1957 Prohibition on L. Levy and I..Messina 
 1961 Banning of meetings under Suppression of Communism Act 
 1964 Banning of Mrs L. Abrahams 
 1965 TUCSA rights communism 
 1974 Support from ICFTU for Black textile workers' dispute with the Frame Group 
 1974 Banning of Durban trade unionists, D. Henson, H. Cheadle, D. Davis and J. Cunningham-Drown, and the split in TUCSA over this issue 
Ac3.3.6 Bonus incentives 1 file 1956 
 Memorandum by A.J. Downes 
Ac3.3.7 Border industries 3 files 1960-1974 
 Correspondence with government departments 
 Subjects: the desirability and labour implications of border 
 industries. Includes memoranda by TUCSA and the Industrial Development Corporation. 
Ac3.3.8 Boycotts 2 files 1959-1965, 1976-1977 
 Correspondence with ICFTU, TUC, Trade unions, particularly the Trawler and Line Fishermen's Union 
 Subjects: Boycott of South African Roods and TUCSA's disapproval of the boycott 
Ac3.3.9 Budget 1 file 1957-1975 
 Correspondence with Ministers of Labour and Finance, and A. Hepple M.P. 
 Subjects: TUCSA's: comments on budget, and the cost of living 
 See also: Ac3.3.15 - Cost of Living; AC3.3.31 - Inflation 
Ac3.3.10 Building research 1 file 1967 
 Correspondence with building firms, architects and government: departments 
 Subject: Industrial building techniques 
Ac3.3.11 Buy South African Campaign 1 file 1955-1956, 1984-1985 
 Correspondence with area divisions, unions;, the Managing Director of the Campaign and S.A. Breweries 
 Subjects: Support from TUCSA for the campaign, organising strategy and the effect of importations 
Ac3.3.12 Cinema tickets - tax on 1 file 1967 
 Correspondence with provincial administrations 
 Subject: Appeal to abolish cinema tux 
Ac3.3.13 Clydesdale (Coalbrook Colliery) disaster 1 file 1960-1962 
 Correspondence with unions, T.U.C., London and overseas organisations 
 Subject: Thanks for donations to the fund for the dependents of entombed miners - 
Ac3.3.14 Colour bar - seamen 1 file 1961 
 Correspondence with unions and T.U.C., London 
 Subject: Colour bar decision of the National Union of Seamen and the employment of Indians on Union Castle ships 
Ac3.3.15 Cost of living 4 files 1955-1985 
 Correspondence with unions, area divisions and government departments 
 Subject: Coat of living, allowances, restraint on profits and the following specific topics: 
 1955-56 Survey of family expenditure 
 1956-57 South African Buy and Selling Guide 
 1960 Financial Mall programme for a prosperous South Africa 
 1960 Cost of travelling 
 1968-69 Termination of cost of living allowances 
 1971 Import restrictions and inflation 
 1971 State of the economy 
 1973 Spiralling inflation 
 1974 increase In the bank rate 
 1975 Increase in the price of bread 
 Sec also Ac3.3.9 Budget; Ac3.3.31 Inflation 
Ac3.3.15a Daylight saving 1 file 1965 
 Correspondence with government departments and business organisations 
 Subject: TUCSA's resolution on this 
Ac3.3.16 Defence 1 file 1961-1967 
 Correspondence with government departments, South African Defence Force and unions 
 Subject: Compulsory military training 
Ac3.3.17 Detentions 1 file 1971-1985 
 Correspondence with the Ministers of Law and Order and Police 
 Subject: Detention without trial, the implications of the Terrorism Act, alleged shooting at United Transport Holdings, Johannesburg and unrest in various Transvaal townships 
Ac3.3.18 Disasters 1 file 1969-1973 
 Correspondence with the Chamber of Mines, the Mayor or Port Elizabeth and International Metalworkers Federation 
 Subject: Disaster at President Steyn Cold Mine 1969, Mat Pakistan flood disaster 1070, Eastern Province Relief Fund 1972 and Western Deep Levels, 1973 
Ac3.3.18a Disinvestment l file 1978-1980 
 Correspondence with unions 
 Subject: TUCSA's attitude to disinvestment and economic sanctions 
Ac3.3.19 Duke of Edinburgh's Study Conference 1 file 1955-1962 
 Correspondence with the president of TUCSA. T. Rutherford, unions, Executive Director of HRH Duke of Edinburgh's Second Commonwealth Study Conference 
 Subject: Nomination of representative:; and withdrawal or South Africa from the Commonwealth. Includes outline programme for 1956 conference 
Ac3.3.20 Education 1 file 1956-1985 
 Correspondence with unions and government departments; 
 1956 Adult education 
 1958 Proposed new educational regulations 
 1958 Crisis in education because of teacher shortage 
 1958 Education of rank and file trade unionists and proposed classes in industrial law and economics 
 1961 Union Education Advisory Council Hill 
 1966 Vocational training 
 1967 Non-'White education 
 1967 Free school-.feeding scheme 
 1968 Technical colleges; 
 1969 Development of Witwatersrand Technical College 
 1969 Trade union representation on college councils; 
 1969 Indian education 
 1981 Question of unitary education 
 1984 Introduction of a Black language ns a third language in schools 
 1984 Commercial education 
 1985 Appointment to S.A. Council for Education 
Ac3.3.21 Emergency 1 file 1960-1965 
 Correspondence with unions, cabinet ministers and M.P.s 
 Subjects: The state of emergency, Public Safety Act and Unlawful Organisation:; Act, plus the following specific issues; 
 1960 Banning or certain organisation[: and TUCSA's demand that they be excluded 
 1960 Banning of public meetings 
 1960 Protest on Sharpeville massacre from overseas 
 1961 Banning of A.N.C. and P.A.C. 
 1964 Deportation of E.N. Davoren 
 1967 List of those prohibited from attending gatherings under the Sabotage Act. 
 1965 General Law Amendment Act 
Ac3.3.22 Employment - Blacks 1 file 1956-1963 
 Correspondence with cabinet ministers, Durban City Council and Durban Municipal Transport Employees Union 
 Subjects: Employment of Blacks in the Cleansing Department, Durban, employment of Black telegraph messengers and Black unemployment: statistics, registration of exempted Blacks 
Ac3.3.23 Employment; code of employment practice 2 files 1973-1980 
 Correspondence with trade unions, employer organisations and individuals overseas 
 Subjects: The Sullivan Code, its monitoring and TUCSA reaction to it, need for a Fair Labour Practices Code, a code of conduct for TULSA unions and for overseas companies in South Africa 
Ac3.3.24 Employment - older persons 1 file 1956-1959 
 Correspondence with the Department of Labour 
 Subject: The employment of older persona 
Ac3.3.25 Health 5 files 1955-1986 
 Correspondence with government officials, unions, South African Mutual Medical Aid Society and Dr B. Serebro, TUCSA's Scientific 
 Subjects: Free hospitalisation and the following specific topics: 
 1955 Commission of Enquiry into Hospital Matters, Transvaal 
 1956 Rehabilitation of injured workmen 
 1958 National Health Scheme 
 1959 Occupational health in industry 
 1959 Medical Services Plan 
 1960 Commission of Enquiry into high costs of medical services and medicines 
 1960 Lock of control over profits made in manufacturing proprietary medicines 
 1960 Hospital charges re workmen's compensation 
 1961 Dispute between S.A. Mutual Medical Aid Society and Medical Association of South Africa 
 1962 Workmens Accident and Rehabilitation Centre, Johannesburg; 
 1963 Industrial health legislation for South Africa 
 1964-65 Compulsory X-ray for tuberculosis 
 1964 Increased ambulance tariffs 
 1965-70 Noise in industry 
 1965 Danger of Carbon Tetrachloride and the need to inspect the use of toxic chemical substances 
 1966 Protection of workers against influenza and tetanus 
 1966 Representation on provincial hospital boards 
 1966 Pilferage of goods in the distributive trade 
 1967 Death caused by fumes while painting tanks of ships 
 1968 Rehabilitation of the disabled 
 1969 Anxiety amongst urbanised Blacks 
 1977 Proposed amendments to Medical Schemes Act 
 1982 Coal of medical attention and medicines 
 ]984 Retrenchment of hospital personnel 
 1986 Trade union involvement in health and society 
Ac3.3.26 Holidays 1 file 1955-1986 
 Correspondence with government departments and the unions 
 1955 Holidays with pay 
 1959 Need to stagger school holidays 
 1960 May Day and Easter Saturday requested as holidays 
 1961-65 Request that Republic Day be a holiday 
 1967 Paid leave in factories 
 1973 Government's decision to abolish two public holidays 
 1979 Commission of Enquiry into Public Holidays 
 1986 Question of May 1 and June 16 being holiday:: 
AC3.3.27 Homelands 1 file 1974-1975 
 Correspondence with Chief G.M. Buthelezi 
 1974 Non-involvement by TUCSA in the politics of the homelands 
 1975 Removal of certain industrial legislation from the homelands 
Ac3.3.28 Hours of work 3 files 1956-1960, 1976-1985 
 Correspondence with unions, Department of Labour and international bodies 
 Subjects: 40-hour week oral following specific topics: 
 1957 Five-day week for public servants 
 1957-58 Conference on Transvaal Shop Hour:; 
 1959 Transvaal Shop Hours Ordinance 
 1959 Fatigue in the workplace due to long hours 
 1976 Shop Hours Ordinance and inflation 
 1977-85 Extended shopping hours 
Ac3.3.29 Housing 6 files 1969-1984 
 Correspondence with the Non-European Affairs Department of Johannesburg City Council, various other reef councils, T.U.C., London, the Departments or Social Welfare and Pensions and of Community Development, National Building Research Institute 
 1959 Statistics of house rents 
 1960 National Housing Commission 
 1960-61 Rentals in Coronationville and Noordgesig Coloured Townships 
 1961 Enquiry: ratio of rents to incomes 
 1964-69 Housing for the aged 
 1965 State assisted housing 
 1966-68 Research into Industrialised building 
 1966-1968 Shortage of housing for all races 
 1966 Trade union participation in the provision of housing 
 1967 Rent control 
 1967 Prefabricated housing 
 1967-68 Availability of land for multi-unit apartment blocks 
 1970 Housing and home ownership problems 
 1970 Housing for aged Indians and Coloureds 
 1972-73 Provision of accommodation for retired members of trade unions 
 1974 Old age homes for Coloureds 
Ac3.3.30 Immigration 1 file 1960-1974 
 Correspondence with unions, Departments of Immigration and External Affairs, 1820 Memorial Settlers Association and Southern Africa League 
 1960 Implication of South Africa becoming a Republic 
 1961 Commonwealth Immigrant Dill 
 1961 TUCSA's request to be represented on Immigration Selection Board 
 1962 Trade-testing immigrant hairdressers 
 1962 Organisation of migrant Black workers 
 1962 Statistics of immigrants to South Africa 
 1966-67 Labour and other problems of immigrants 
 1974 Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council: Ad Hoc Committee on Immigration 
Ac3.3.31 Inflation 13 files 1967-19133 
 Correspondence with the Departments of Economic. Affairs, Finance and Commerce, Standing Advisory Committee on Inflation and the South African Federated Chamber of Industries 
 Subjects: The need to counter inflation, Collective Programme of Action against inflation 1976-1977, activities of the Continuation Committee and of the Education and Publicity Campaign and the 1983 Conference on Inflation organised by the Afrikaanse Handels Instituut 
Ac3.3.32 Insolvency 1 file 1984-1985 
 Correspondence with SA Law Commission 
 Subject: Need to establish a fund to which all employers will contribute as insurance against insolvency and to guarantee workers' wages and leave pay 
Ac3.3.33 Insurance 1 file 1967 
 Correspondence with insurance companies and the Department of Transport 
 Subjects: Motor Vehicle Insurance and insurance for TUCSA employees 
Ac3.3.34 Job reservation 1 file 1960-1970 
 Correspondence with unions, Mrs H. Suzman, M.P. and the Department of Labour 
 1961 The Department of Labour's brochure on job reservation 
 1962 TUCSA's policy and the conference called to discuss job reservation 
 1963 Work reservation in motor assembly plants 
 1970 TUCSA's report on job reservation 
Ac3.3.35 Juvenile delinquency 1 file 1960 
 Memoranda containing talks by K.E. Lydall and B. Unterhalter 
Ac3.3.36 Kwazulu/Natal Indaba 1 file 1986 
 Letter from Dr O. Dhlomo to Regional Secretary or TUCSA. Durban and letter to Chief M.G. Buthelezi 
 Subject: Invitation to attend the Indaba and Inkatha's entry into trade union field 
Ac3.3.37 Labour: dilution of 1 file 1956-1958 
 Correspondence with unions and the editor of The Star 
 Subject: reply by TUCSA to charge of accepting labour dilution giving, explanation that it was accepted in wartime 
Ac3.3.38 Labour: manpower 2 files 1956-1981 
 Correspondence with the Department of Labour and the Secretary of Manpower '2000 
 Subjects: Labour in South Africa and the following specific topics: 
 1956 Survey of skilled tradesmen and apprentices 
 1963 Labour research and the manpower programme 
 1963 Statistical analysis of racial composition of labour 
 1970 Better utilisation of manpower 
 1972 Utilisation of Coloured labourer: in the Western Cape 
 1980 Manpower 2000 
Ac3.3.39 Labour: relations 2 files 1960-1981 
 Correspondence with employer organisations and the S.A. Federated Chamber of Industries 
 Subjects: Labour and human relations and the following specific topics: 
 1960 Personal Factors in the work situation, fatigue and productivity 
 1965 Replacement of workers by cheap labour 
 1967 Discrimination against women in the civil service 
 1967 Special problems in motivating the semi-skilled 
 1975 TUCSA's training programme for more effective participation in industrial relations negotiations 
 1980 Symposium The changing face of industrial relations: the challenges facing the employer' 
 1980 Unfair labour practices 
 1981 Disciplinary procedures 
 1986 Need for sound industrial relations 
Ac3.3.40 Labour: research 2 files 1963-1986 
 Correspondence with unions, universities and international trade unions 
 Subjects: Courses offered at various universities on labour relations and the following specific topics: 
 1967 Financial requirements for labour research 
Ac3.3.41 Labour: subsidised 1 file 1963-1964 
 Correspondence with municipalities 
 Subject: Reply to question on whether they employ subsidized labourers 
Ac3.3.42 Language - Black l file 1984 
 Correspondence with the Transvaal Education Department and other government officials 
 Subject: Introduction of a Black language as a third language 
Ac3.3.43 Lottery 1 file 1958-1971 
 Correspondence with government officials, unions and the Republican Lottery Campaign 
 Subject: Request for a state lottery 
Ac3.3.44 Mines 1 file 1957-1976 
 Correspondence with government officials, Anglo-American Corporation of S.A. Ltd and ICFTU 
 1957 Agreement between Transvaal and OFS Chamber of Mines Gold Producers Committee and Mechanics Unions Joint Committee 
 1964 Schedule of minimum rates of pay 
 1967 Mine disaster at Western Deep Levels, Carletonville 
 1971 Wages of Black mine workers 
 1973 Inquest proceedings on Western Deep Levels Mine 
 1975 Riots on South African mines 
 1976 Commission of Enquiry into five-day week in mining industry 
Ac3.3.45 Newclare Civic Centre: Shopping Centre 1 file 1971 
 Correspondence with Johannesburg City Council and business organisations 
 Subjects: The Newclare supermarket and Coloured population 
Ac3.3.46 P.A.Y.E. 1 file 1960-1963 
 Correspondence with the Department of Finance, the Secretary to the House of Assembly and T.U.C., London 
 Subject: Implications of, guide to and system of collection of P.A.Y.E. Includes a memorandum issued by the Joint Council of Societies of Chartered Accountants, Oct.1962 
Ac3.3.47 Pensions 1 file 1960-1984 
 Correspondence with unions and government officials, Witwatersrand Retirement Council and S.A. Pensions Association 
 1960-64 Means test for old age pensions 
 1965 Committee of Enquiry into pension fund natters 
 1966-68 Need for a national contributory pension scheme 
 1967 Pensions for Blacks 
 1974 Social and old age pensions 
 1984 Select Committee on Pension Benefits 
Ac3.3.48 Police 1 file 1955-1964 
 Correspondence with trade unions and cabinet ministers 
 1955 Police raids on trade unions 
 1958 Police raid King Williams Town meeting of National Union of Leather Workers 
 1962 Police interference in trade union activities 
 1964 Police Intimidation of clothing workers union organizer 
 1964 Deportation of Edward Davoren 
Ac3.3.49 Productivity 5 film 1960-1976 
 Correspondence with trade unions, Notional Productivity Institute and employer organisations 
 1966 Human factors in productivity of Black labour 
 1966 Productivity at A.E.C.I. factories 
 1966 Trade unions and productivity 
 1966 Productivity Conference, Pretoria 
 1967-68 formation of the Productivity Advisory Council 
 l970 Improving production in men's and boys' clothing industry 
 1970 Absenteeism in industry 
 1971 Productivity in women's clothing industry 
 1972 TUCSA's plan for improving productivity 
 Includes minutes of Productivity Advisory Council, memoranda and printed items 
Ac3.3.50 Profit:: 1 file 1956-1959 
 Correspondence with unions, cabinet ministers and editors of newspapers 
 Subjects: Cost of living and restraint on profits 
Ac3.3.51 Purchase tax 1 file 1964 
 Correspondence with the Department of Labour 
 Subject: Proposed purchase tax on consumer goods by local authorities 
Ac3.3.52 Race relations 2 files 1957-1978 
 Correspondence with unions, business organisations and international groups 
 1957 Condemnation of apartheid from overseas 
 1957 Multi-racial Conference, University of the Witwatersrand 
 1959 Racialism and the trade unions 
 1961 Colour-bar decision on Indians being employed by Union Castle Co. 
 1962-63 De Beers Consolidated Mines' policy re Coloured motor mechanics 
 1963 Anti-apartheid movement and the boycott of South African goods 
 1965 Mixed entertainment 
 1972 Second research workshop on race relations, Cape Town 
 1972 Future of Indians within separate development 
 1972 Coloured Persons Representative Council 
 1973 Extension of fringe benefits to all races 
Ac3.3.53 Refugees 1 file 1957-1959 
 Correspondence with the Department of Labour 
 1957 Hungarian refugees 
 1959 World Refugee Year 
 1959 Plan of action of the South African Refugees Organisation 
Ac3.3.54 Rents 1 file 1960, 1979-1980 
 Correspondence with the Non-European Affairs Department of Johannesburg City Council 
 Subject: Economic rents in Coloured townships and payment of rents on Saturdays 
Ac3.3.55 Rhodes University 3 files 1966-1982 
 Correspondence with unions, Leather Industries Research Unit, academics and officials at Rhodes University 
 1966 Proposed co-operation between TUCSA and Rhodes University 
 1967 Rhodes University Seminar 
 1967-68 Trust deed for a Senior Research Fellowship at Rhodes in the field of labour research 
 1971 James Irving Scholarship and Bursary Fund 
 1976 Publication of 'industrial relations in South Africa' by J.A.G. Coetzee 
 1977 Establishment of a Department of Industrial Sociology 
 1981 Research project into the history of the Wage Act 
Ac3.3.56 Rhodesia 1 file 1966 
 Memorandum on the economic consequences of Rhodesia's unilateral declaration of independence 
Ac3.3.57 Road safety 1 file 1954-1963 
 Correspondence with the National Road Safety Organisation of South Africa 
 Subject: The effects of fatigue on transport drivers and as a cause of road accidents 
 Includes copy of the South African Road Safety Council Act, 1960 
Ac3.3.58 Rock-bursts 1 file 1979 
 Correspondence with Uliom Development Company (Pty) Ltd 
 Subject: rock-bursts and their correlation to tidal movements 
Ac3.3.59 Social security 1 file 1972-1977 
 Correspondence with the Garment Workers Union of South Africa and the Department or Coloured, Rehoboth and Nama Relations 
 Subject: Homes for orphans 
 Includes 'Improving social services' by L.C.G. Douwes Dekker 
Ac3.3.60 Statistics 1 file 1957-1963 
 Correspondence with the Bureau of Statistics 
 Subject: TUCSA statistics 
Ac3.3.61 Strikes 1 file 1961-1976 
 Correspondence with N. Herd, E.M. Rainier and business organisations 
 Subjects: 1922 Strike, establishment of a strike fund 1911-1962 and civil unrest 1976 
A43.3.62 Sugar 1 file 1959-1960 
 Correspondence with the Natal Area Division, South African Sugar Association and the Department of Commerce and Industries 
 Subject: The Industrial Conciliation Act for the sugar manufacturing and refining industry, Natal, the increased price of sugar and the profits made by the sugar barons 
Ac3.3.63 Tax - sales 1 file 1964-1981 
 Correspondence with administrators of provinces and cabinet ministers 
 Subject: TUCSA's reaction to the proposed purchase tax on consumer goods by local authorities 
Ac3.3.64 Taxis 1 file 1963-1964 
 Correspondence with the National Union of Distributive Workers, Taxi Operators Association and the Local Road Transportation Board 
 Subject: racial classification of taxi drivers 
Ac3.3.65 Technical training 1 file 1960-1983. 
 Correspondence with the Departments of Education and Labour and the Prime Minister's Office 
 1960 Need for technical training for all races 
 1960 Training in trades designed by the Apprenticeship Act 
 1960 Proposed courses for Black vocational training 
 1961 Training of Artisans Act 
 1970 Appeal fund for Witwatersrand College for Advanced Technical Education 
 1973 Projected Coloured Technical High School 
 1983 Government's refusal to allow multi-racial technikons 
Ac3.3.66 Trade unionism in South Africa 1 file 1961-1968 
 Correspondence with researchers and academics 
 Subject: history of trade unionism in South Africa, including information on TUCSA 
Ac3.3.67 Transport 1 file 1958-1972 
 Correspondence with unions, area divisions, Department or Labour and Federated Chamber of Industries 
 1958-59 Transport problems of Non-European passenger 
 1959 Transport facilities for unemployed workers 
 1965 Protest against the increase in bus fares 
 1972 Appeal for an adequate transport service 
Ac3.3.69 Treason trials 1 file 1956-1959 
 Correspondence with T.U.C., London, I.C.F.T.U. and the Prime Minister's Office 
 Subject: Treason Trials Defence Fund 
Ac3.3.69 Trust fund - J.R. Altman 1 file 1973-1974 
 Correspondence with trade unions 
 Subject: donations to the fund 
Ac3.3.70 Trust fund - B.J. Erasmus 1 file 1972-1973 
 Correspondence with trade unions 
 Subject: donations to the Fund 
Ac3.3.71 Trust fund: textile workers appeal 1 file 1973-1974 
 Correspondence with trade unions 
 Subject: donations to the Fund to assist textile workers discharged from the Frame Group and to ensure better conditions 
Ac3.3.72 Unorganised workers: general 2 files 1959-1965 
 Correspondence with trade unions, I.C.F.T.U., T.U.C. (London) and FOSATUSA 
 Subject: organising or Black and Coloured workers and migrant workers 
Ac3.3.73 Unorganised workers - White farmers 1 file 1956•-1960 
 Correspondence with trade unions and I.C.F.T.U. 
 Subject: Formation of European Farm Workers Union 
Ac3.3.74 Wages 9 files; 1956-1978 
 Correspondence with unions, government officials, H. F•. Oppenheimer, I.C.F.T.U. and T.U.C., London 
 1956-5.7 Fair wage label 
 1956-61 Incentive bonus schemes 
 1959 Campaign for higher wages for low-paid workers 
 1959 Poverty wages 
 1959-68 Rate for the job 
 1960 Protest at intended cut in canning workers' wages 
 1960-62 Wages paid conditions in various industries 
 1962-67 National minimum wage 
 1963 Wage rates of municipal artisans 
 1966 Cost of living in Soweto 
 1966 Fair Labour Standards Act. 
 1966 Wage structure in the motor industry 
 1971-72 Bulletins of the Wages Commission, S.H.C. University of Natal 
 1973 Wage determinations 
 1977 Wage Board recommendations for the national distributive trade 
Ac3.3.75 Women l file 1965-1985 
 Correspondence with Public Service Commission, Department of Labour, Women's Legal Status Committee and S.A. Women's Charter Committee 
 1965 Discrimination against women in the civil service 
 1970 National convention on womanpower 
 1976 National convention to advance women's legal status 
 1917-79 South African Women's Charger 
 1984 Possibility of a divorced woman sharing in the pension benefits of her former husband 
 1985 Survey or working women 
 1985 Women's participation in decision making, 
Ac4 History of TUCSA's N.N.C. 1 Item 1979 
Ac5 List of N.E.C. members and officers 1 item 1965 
Ac6 Cablegrams, telegrams and telexes 
Ac6.1 Cablegrams and telegrams 1 file 1955-1976 
Ac6.2 Telexes 5 files 1985-1986 
AC7 Christmas and other greeting cards 
Ac7.1 Mailing Lists, messages and cards 1 file 1955-1962 
 Includes specimens of cards 
Ac7.2 Christmas cards received by TUCSA 1 file c.1955-1956 
 From the South African unions 
Ac7.3 May Day card;: received by TUCSA 1 file 1958-1961 
 From Romania, Albania, France, Bulgaria, Hungary. 
Ac8 Addresses by TUCSA officials 
Ac8.1 Correspondence: general 1 file 1978-1981 
Ac8.2 Addresses: alphabetically by name 
Ac8.2.1 T. Alexander 1 item 1972 
 1972 May 13 Opening address by Vice-President of TUCSA to the Conference of TUC of Rhodesia, Bulawayo 
Ac8.2.2 R.H. Botha, President of TUCSA 4 items c.1985-1986 
 Undated Address to UWUSA 
 Undated Address to conference of one of TUCSA's affiliates (In English and Afrikaans) 
 Undated Address to the Pensions Association 
 Undated Address in Witbank 
 Undated Draft address to the 27th Annual Conference of the S.A. Federation of Leather Trade Unions 
Ac8.2.3 L. Douwes Dekker 2 items 1967-1968 
 1967 Jun.23 The importance of sound employer and employee relationships and the role of trade unions in maintaining them: address to Roodepoort Rotary Club 
 1968 Feb.2 The effects on industrialisation of the multi-racial composition of the South African population - from the point of view of the trade union movement: address to S.A. Institute of Race Relations 
Ac8.2.4 J.A. Grobbelaar, General Secretary of TUCSA 35 items 1966-1984 
 1966 Jun.20 The economics of separate development in White areas: address to the S.A. Institute of Race Relations, Cape Town 
 1966 Oct. The trade unions and productivity 
 1967 Nov.21 Some comparative personal impressions of the differences which exist between the American and the South African ways of life with particular reference to the role of the trade unions: address to the USA Information Service of the Consulate General 
 1968 May 16 Address to Garment Workers Union of SA on their 50th anniversary 
 1966 Oct. 18 Address to annual conference of TUC of Rhodesia 
 1970 Apr.4 Address to TUC of Rhodesia 
 1970 Apr. 14 The trade union movement in South Africa - iro past, present and future directions: address to student body of University of the Witwatersrand 
 1971 Mar.16 The trade union movement in South Africa - its past, present and future directions: address to Bedfordview Rotary Club 
 1971 Aug.30 Politics and lire trade union movement: address Lu the Transvaal Area Division of TUCSA 
 1971 Sep.9 Official opening of 39th A.G.M. of S.A. Council of Transport Workers 
 1971 Nov.9 Communicating - or getting through: address to Parkhurst branch of the Progressive Party 
 1972 Apr.26 Automation and its effect on manpower: address to Durban JAYCEE 
 1973 Sep.24 The future pattern of industrial relationships in South Africa: address to Institute of Personnel Management, University of Port Elizabeth 
 1974 May 16 Opening address to 15th annual conference of the S.A. Federation of Leather Trade Union;; 
 1976 Aug.6 Management and labour - conflict or co-determination?: address to Stellenbosch University 
 1977 Apr.13 Collective bargaining: address; to UCT graduate school of business. 
 1977 Jun.21 Labour relations and resources: address to the SANTO Seminar in New York 
 1979 Mar.7 The codes and the unions: address to N.D.M.F. seminar 
 1979 Sep.20 The pattern of industrial relations in the 1980's: address to Faculty of Economic Sciences:, Fort Hare University 
 1979 Sep. 27 The changing face of employee practices: address to N.D.M.F. seminar 
 1979 Oct.3 Management - Labour relations: address to N.D.M.F. Business Outlook Conference 
 1979 Oct.25 Speech for Transvaal Chamber of Industries: A.G.M. 
 1980 Mar.27 The changing face of industrial relations: address to Natal Chamber of Industries' symposium 
 1980 Aug.19 Trade unions - instruments for industrial peace or chaos?: address to Border Chamber of Industries 
 1980 Oct.14 Trade unionism in South Africa - a brief history and a look into the 1980's address to Industrial Relations seminar 
 1981 Jan.5 Address to Johannesburg Rotary Club 
 1981 Mar.17 Unity: address to Branch Officers Conference of SASBO, SABEU and NUBESA 
 1981 Oct.9 Address to Natal Region of N.D.M.F. on subjects of Parts V and VI of Wiehahn Commission reports and the government's attitude towards Black advancement 
 1981 Nov.6 The industrial relations system in the immediate future: address to seminar held by East Rand branch of IPM 
 1981 Nov.19 The outlook for industrial relations in the near future: address to National Clothing Convention, Sun City 
 1982 Apr.29 Trade unions: address to the Security Association or South Africa, East Rand branch 
 1982 Oct.26 The objectives of contemporary trade unionism: address BIFSA 
 1983 Jul.15 TUCSA, Its role and activities and the problems it faces in the changing industrial relations environment: address to N. I.P. R. 
 1984 Jul.23 Address to the Executive Council meeting of the Building Society Officials Association of SA on the subject of national and international trade unions 
 Undated The trade unions and productivity: address 
Ac8.2.5 R. lyric, Acting General Secretary of TUCSA 2 items 1984-1986 
 1984 Sep.10 Address to the 1984 National Convention of Wren on the subject of the earning power of women 
 1986 Aug.20 Industrial relations and manufacturing managers: on address to the Manufacturing Convention 1986 at the Indaba Hotel, Witkoppen 
Ac8.2.6 R.L. Kraft; 8 items 1969-1974 
 1969 Feb.21 The tools of the modern trade union: address to student teachers at clothing college 
 Mar.6 Are we competing with the machine?: address to Garment Workers Union 
 1969 Oct.8 The impact of the salon tax on worker income and wage demands: lecture at NDMF seninar 
 1970 Feb.25 Introductory talk to Wits University sociology students 
 1972 May 24 Address at Students' Commerce Council of the University of Natal at a conference on trade unions and labour in S.A. 
 1973 Apr.25 Labour relations in South Africa - the climate or worker opinion: an address to the Progressive Party. Pretoria 
 1974 Oct.1/2 Trends in the wage and labour market: address to Conference 3 Marketing ... Partnership with the African giant, sponsored by N.D.M.F. 
 Undated Labour in South Africa 
Ac8.2.7 T.P. Murray. President of TUCSA 15 items 1963-1972 
 1963 Dec.& Speech to Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce luncheon 
 1964 May 14 Why the world should not boycott South Africa: draft address to Netherlands Luncheon Club 
 1964 Jul.6 Automation and the African: 3rd lecture at University of the Witwatersrand 
 1965 Mar.9 Speech to Artisan Staff Association 
 1965 Mar 16. Automation and computation: address to Conference on Automation, Johannesburg 
 1966 Jan.21 Draft speech for Rotary luncheon, Johannesburg 
 Jul.25 The trade unions and productivity 
 1967 Jun.13 The worker and automation in a multi-racial society: address to student body. University of the Witwatersrand 
 1967 Jun 21 Speech to Executives Association 
 1967 Nov.15 Address to the Transvaal branch of the S.A. Institute of Personnel Management 
 1968 Feb.1 Labour relations in the engineering industry 
 1969 Mar.14 Productivity bargaining: the attitude of labour: NDMF seminar 
 1972 Mar.8 The attitude of the trade unions in improving productivity with special reference to improving the utilisation of non-White employees: address to the Conference on the effective utilisation of labour 
 1972 Nov.15 Some thoughts on the effective utilisation of labour: address to annual dinner of Natal Midlands branch of S.A. Institute of Personnel Management 
 Undated Luncheon address to trade union seminar, Rhodes University 
Ac8 2.8 T. O'Donoghue, Control Secretary, TUCSA 1 item 1962 
 1962 Apr. Address to annual conference of T.U.C. of Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland 
Ac8.2.9 T.C. Rutherford, President of TUCSA 4 items 1955, 1958 
 1959 May 28 Opening address to conference of T.U.C. of Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland 
 1959 Nov.7 Opening address to S.A. Boilermakers, Iron and Steel Workers and Ship Builders Society conference 
 1958 Apr.15 Address to Artisan Staff Association Conference 
 Undated Christmas message 
Ac8.2.10 A. Scheepers, President of TUCSA 12 items 1970-1983 
 1968 Nov. Address to four-yearly congress of the International Textile and Garment Workers Federation, Went Berlin 
 1969 Mar.4 The role or the trade unions in the economy: address to Benoni Rotary Club 
 1970 Jan.27 Report on leadership grant tour of USA 
 1970 Jan 20 Address to National Conference on the status of women in South Africa (In Afrikaans) 
 1970 Oct. The value of a sound worker-employer relationship to management: address to the S.A. Institute of Supervisory Management 
 1973 Jan. Trade unions face challenge: address to the 3rd research workshop of the Abe Hailey Institute of Inter-Racial Studies (draft and final) 
 1975 Nov.25 Working women in changing times: speech to the International Institute for Development, Cu-operation and Labour Studios, Tel Aviv 
 1976 Sep.28 Women and employment: speech to the national convention to advance women's legal right:: 
 1976 29 Child cure and the working mother: speech to National Council of Women of S.A. 
 1982 Ju1.5 Collective bargaining at industry level - the TUCSA viewpoint: address to 14th annual AIESEC Economic Congress on Bargaining 
 1982 Sep.9 The trade union as part of the negotiating progress: address to 6th annual conference of the Southern African Communication Association 
 1903 May 24 Tile development of the trade union movement: address at the Junior Sakekamer, Afrikaanse Handelsinstituut, Cape Town 
Ac8.2.11 L.C. Scheepers, President of TUCSA 7 items 1962-1968 
 1962 Apr.4 The views of organised labour on the functions and responsibilities of management in the direction of the operation of an undertaking 
 1964 Mar. Speech to Durban South Rotary Club 
 1965 Apr.30 Opening address at 8th triennial conference of S.A. Electrical Workers Association 
 1966 Jun.14 Speech to the U.S. information Office auditorium 
 1967 Jun.13 The worker and automation in a multi-racial society: address to the student body, University of the Witwatersrand 
 1967 Oct.24 Address to Algoa Bay Rotary Club, Port Elizabeth 
 1968 May 15 50 golden yearn of trade union leadership recognised: address to Garment Workers Union of S.A. 
Ac8.2.12 H.C. Webb, Vice-President of TUCSA 2 items 1973-1977 
 1973 Sep.10 Address to the Verligte Action Public Meeting 1977 Nov.21 Address on TUCSA 
Ad Conferences 
Ad1 Report of Proceedings 
Ad1.1 1st 1955 May Cape Town 
Ad1.2 2nd 1956 Mar. Port Elizabeth 
Ad1.3 3rd 1957 Mar. Johannesburg 
Ad1.4 4th 1958 Mar. East London 
Ad1.5 Special 1958 Sep-Oct 3 Special Conferences 
 Includes Urgent Special Conference, Durban, Sep.1958; Special Conference Transvaal Shop Hours, Johannesburg, Sep.1958; Special Conference Apprenticeship Matters, Johannesburg, Oct.1958 
Ad1.6 5th 1959 Apr/May Durban 
Ad1.7 6th 1960 Mar. Cape Town 
Ad1.8 7th 1961 Apr. Port Elizabeth 
Ad1.9 8th 1962 Mar. East London 
Ad1.10 9th 1963 May Durban 
Ad1.11 10th 1964 Apr. Cape Town 
Ad1.12 11th 1965 Mar. East London 
Ad1.13 12th 1966 May Durban 
Ad1.14 13th 1967 Feb/Mar Cape Town 
Ad1.15 Special 1967 Dec. Johannesburg 
Ad1.16 14th 1968 Apr. Cape Town 
Ad1.17 15th 1969 Feb. Johannesburg 
Ad1.18 Special 1969 Aug. Durban 
Ad1.19 16th 1970 Aug. Durban 
Ad1.20 17th 1971 Sep. Durban 
Ad1.21 18th 1972 Aug. Cape Town 
Ad1.22 19th 1973 Aug. Durban 
Ad1.23 20th 1974 Sep. Port Elizabeth 
Ad1.24 21ut 1975 Sep. Cape Town 
Ad1.25 22nd 1976 Sep. East London 
Ad1.26 23rd 1977 Sep. Durban 
Ad1.27 24th 1978 Sep. Port Elizabeth 
Ad1.28 25th 1979 Sep. Cape Town 
Ad1.29 26th 1980 Sep. Durban 
Ad1.30 27th 1981 Sep. East London 
Ad1.31 28th 1982 Sep. Cape Town 
Ad1.32 29th 1983 Sep. Port Elizabeth 
Ad1.33 30th 1984 Sep. Durban 
Ad1.34 3lst 1985 Sep. Johannesburg 
Ad2 Miscellaneous Papers 1955-1984 
Ad2.1 1st Conference 1955 1 file 
 Correspondence; delegates report; report of NEC and balance sheet 
Ad2.2 2nd Conference 1956 1 file 
 Correspondence, circulars and agenda 
Ad2.3 3rd Conference 1957 3 files 
 Correspondence; agenda; List of delegates; credentials; report 
Ad2.4 4th Conference 1958 2 files 
 Correspondence. Also correspondence for Urgent. Special Conference, Durban 15-16 Sep.1958 to consider amendments to I.C. Bill 
Ad2.5 5th Conference 1959 3 files 
 Agenda; correspondence 
Ad2.6 6th Conference 1960 1 file 
 Agenda; correspondence 
Ad2.7 7th Conference 1961 1 file 
 Correspondence; resolutions adopted; agenda 
Ad2.8 8th Conference 1962 2 files 
 Agenda; extract from record of proceedings; presidential address by A. Scheepers; report from Transvaal Area Division; lists of delegates and of committees appointed at conference; correspondence 
Ad2.9 9th Conference 1963 1 file 
 Agenda; correspondence; photographs 
Ad2.10 10th Conference 1964 4 files 
 Correspondence; agenda; resolutions adopted; souvenir brochure; ballot papers; specimen for merit award 
Ad2.11 11th Conference 1965 5 files 
 Agenda; report and resolutions; correspondence; address on the port played by building societies in the provision of houses 
Ad2.12 12th Conference 1966 4 files 
 Agenda; addresses by President, L.C.M. Scheepers, J.A. Grobbelaar, Dr D. Serebro on 'Conservation of manpower' and by Dr L.G. Walters on 'The pneumoconiosis problem in South Africa'; list of delegates; financial statement; correspondence 
Ad2.13 13th Conference 1967 
 Agenda; list of delegates; ballot papers; souvenir brochure; addresses from President, Hans Dub), and by D. Hobart Houghton on 'The trade union movement in the present economic context'; resolutions; correspondence 
Ad2.14 Special Conference 1967 Dec. 2 files 
 Agenda; Lists of delegates; correspondence; press article; report of proceedings; resolutions 
Ad2.15 14th Conference 1968 2 files 
 Resolutions; list of delegates; addresses by the President T.P. Murray and James Irving on "Earning a living" 
Ad2.16 15th Conference 1969 
 Presidential address; copy of an article in 'Data' entitled 'Anti-apartheid: the TUC of South Africa and its international campaign for apartheid' 
Ad2.17 Special Conference 1969 Aug. 1 file 
 Correspondence; address by S.C.N. Naude on 'Technology and new trends in education' 
Ad2.18 16th Conference 1970 1 file 
 Presidential address 
Ad2.19 17th Conference 1971 2 files 
 Decentralisation of industry: speeches and discussions; correspondence; list of NEC elected at conference 
Ad2.20 18th Conference 1972 3 files 
 Presidential address by T.P. Murray; ballot paper and List of NEC; souvenir brochure; circulars; correspondence with the press; 1st report of Housing Campaign Committee of NEC; photographs 
Ad2.21 19th Conference 1973 1 file and 1 tape 
 Final agenda; circular; tape recording of proceedings or 4th day or Conference 
Ad2.22 20th Conference 1974 1 file 
 Report and recommendations of Ways and Means Committee; presidential address by L.C.M. Scheepers 
Ad2.23 21st Conference 1975 3 files and 2 tapes 
 Agenda; preliminary and supplementary reports of NEC; circulars; addresses including “The food situation and food prices” by C.J.P. Cilliers and “Labour relations in South Africa” by S.P. Cilliers; correspondence; tape recordings of proceedings of 1st and 3rd days of Conference 
Ad2.24 22nd Conference 1976 16 files 
 Correspondence; memoranda re composition of NEC; ballot papers; invitations and replies; resolutions adopted; agenda; presidential address by E. van Tonder; reports k ~,. I 
Ad2.25 23rd Conference 1977 7 files and 1 tape 
 Correspondence; presidential address: by E. van 'Fonder` and address by J. Hutchinson ' The United states, the United Kingdom and South Africa'; address by E. Conference 'Assault on the consumer'; agenda, reports of NEC and resolutions; tape of 2nd day or conference proceeding:; 
Ad2.26 Special 'Mini' Conference 1978 Apr. 2 files and 2 tapes 
 List of delegates; agenda; correspondence; tape recordings of 1st and 2nd days of conference proceedings. Theme was TUCCSA looks to the future' 
Ad2.27 24th Conference 1978 7 files and 2 tapes 
 List of delegates; resolutions; financial statement; correspondence reports; presidential address by R.C. Webb and opening address by Prof. Roux van der Merwe; tape recordings of 1st, 2nd and 5th days: or conference proceedings. Report of proceedings. 
Ad2.28 25th Conference 1979 9 files and 4 tapes 
 Presidential address by H.C. Webb, address by S. Motsuenyame 'A Slack 
 business man's views of trade unions'; extracts frog a speech by C.F. Jacobs on 'Some of the effects of the Wiehahn and Riekert reports', speech by F. Botha; correspondence; agenda, resolutions and reports; tape recordings of 5 days of conference proceedings; paper on 'Industrial relations: comparison table of proposals and changes' 
Ad2.29 26th Conference 1980 6 files and 5 tapes 
 Correspondence; agenda; reports; presidential address; tape recordings of conference proceedings 
Ad2.30 27th Conference 1981 5 files 
 Correspondence; resolutions; ballot papers; presidential address by A. Malherbe. Report of proceedings. 
Ad2.31 28th Conference 1982 1 file 
 Presidential address by Dr- A. Scheepers 
Ad2.32 29th Conference 1983 
 Agenda; resolutions; balance sheet; ballot papers; presidential address by Dr A. Scheepers; 'The role of TUCSA in the future': a proposed programme put forward by N.E.C. 
Ad2.33 30th Conference 1984 
 Proposed resolutions 
Ae Committees and Sub-Committees 
 N.H. This excludes National Executive Committee which is in Ac 
Ae1 Administration and Organisation Sub-Committee 1 file 1959 
Ae2 African Affairs Committee (Continued as the Committee for Unorganised Workers) 
Ae2.1 Minutes 1 file 1963-1968 
Ae2.2 Reports 6 files 1963-1968 
Ae2.3 Memoranda 7 files 1963-1968 
 Re organisation of Black workers and including the following specific subjects: 
 1963 Bantu Law Amendment Hill 
 1963 FOFATUSA Conference 
 1963 Organisation of the Sheetmetal Workers Union of S.A. 
 1963-4 Affiliation of certain African unions 
 1964 Questionnaire for a survey of Slack workers 
 1965-6 Wage Board hearing on unskilled workers 
 1966 Report on work done by African Affairs Committee in last three years 
 1967 State of workers in the manufacturing industry 
 1967 Wage Board investigation into the dairy trade Witwatersrand and Pretoria 
 1967 Training course for organizers 
 1967 Statistics of trade unions and federations 
 1968 Plan for organising Transvaal workers 
 Correspondence 5 files 1963-1963 
 Correspondents are the General Secretary of TUCSA, individual trade unions, FOFATUSA and the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions and the subject is the organisation or Black workers 
Ae3 Apprenticeship Sub Committee 1 file 1961-1965 
 Reports and minutes of meetings concerned with the Apprenticeship Act 
 Committee for Unorganised Workers; See African Affairs Committee 
Ae4 Constitution Committee 1 file 1969-1970 
 Terms or reference 1969; report and recommendations 1970 
Ae5 Economic Affairs Sub-Committee 1 file 1960-•1967 
 Minutes of meetings, reports and correspondence 
Ae6 Education Committee 
Ae6.1 Minutes and reports 4 files 1965-1968, 1971-1972, 1974-1975, 1983-1986 
Ae6.2 Memoranda 2 files 1964-1972, 1979-1984 
Ae6.3 Correspondence 2 files 1965-1977, 1984-1986 
 Between General Secretary or TUCSA, B.M. Whitworth (Director, of Training) and individual unions on training programmes for workers 
Ae7 Equal Employment Opportunity specialist Committee. 
Ae7.1 Minutes 1 file 1975 
Ae7.2 Memoranda and printed items 1970-1979 
 Items on how to remove racial and sexual discrimination including a speech by Senator Anna Scheepers delivered in the Senate l3 Feb.1975 on the removal of all legal and other discrimination against women and a pamphlet issued by TUCSA 'Equal opportunity: a trade union guide to removing employment discrimination' 
Ae7.3 Correspondence 1 file 1975 
 Between individual unions and TUCSA 
Ae8 Equality for Women Committee 1 file 1981-1982 
 Minutes of Committee, resolutions paused at 26th TUCSA conference and report by the Committee 
Ae9 Future Activities Committee (Planning Committee) 
Ae9.1 Minutes, report and memorandum on the role of TUCSA in the future 1 file 1983-1985 
Ae9.2 Correspondence 1 file 1983-1985 
 Between T. Chalmers, Chairman of the Committee, and unions re continued relevance of TUCSA 
Ae10 Housing Committee 
Ae10.l Minutes l file 1967-1973, 1980,1985-1986 
Ae10.2 Memoranda 1 file 1966-1977 
Ae10.3 Correspondence 4 files 1967-1986 
 Between TUCSA, individual unions, M.P.s, divisions, building societies the Secretary for Community Development, town councils and community councils re the housing shortage and evictions for failure to pay rent 
Ae10.4 Printed items 1 file 1967, 1084 
 Constitution and newsletter of South African Properly Owners Association Ltd., A profile of housing in the Cape Peninsula by E. Patel, SALDRU Fact Sheet No.5 
Ae11 Human Rights Committee 
Ae11.1 Minutes 1 file 1980 
Ae12 Index-Linking Specialist Committee 
Ae12.1 Minutes 1 file 1975 
Ae12.2 Memoranda and notes 1 file 1975 
Ae12.3 Correspondence 1 file 1975 
 Re panel discussion 
Ae13 Industrial Relations Sub-Committee 
Ae13.1 Minutes 1 file 1981-1986 
Ae13.2 Correspondence and memoranda 1 file 1981-1986 
 With individual unions re registration of trade unions, collective bargaining, training, of artisans and industrial council agreements 
Ae14 Industrial Welfare Committee 1 file 1966 
 Minutes, circulars and reports 
 Information and Publicity Committee See Publicity Committee 
Ae15 International Affairs Committee 
Ae15.1 Correspondence 1 file 1978 
 With individual unions re TUCSA's international standing 
Ae16 National Management. Committee 
Ae16.1 Minutes 3 vols. 1955—1964 
Ae16.2 Correspondence and memoranda 1 file 1961-1980 
 Includes speech by the Chairman of the Management. Committee at Special Council meeting 11 Aug.1980 on the strike by certain Black employees of Johannesburg City Council 
Ae17 Officers Committee 
Ae17.1 Minutes 21 files 1959-1980, 1982-1983 
 Meetings 1-290, 311, 313-314, 317-318 
Ae17.2 Correspondence 1 file 1963-1986 
 With unions re composition of Committee 
Ae18 Parliamentary Liaison Committee 
Ae1B.1 Minutes 1 item 1985, Mar.5 
Ae18.2 Report 1 item 1967 
Ae18.3 Correspondence 1 file 1967-1986 
 With the Chairman of the Committee, re meeting with United Party Labour Group 1976, amendments to legislation 1977 and 1984 
Ae19 Pensions Committee 
Ae19.1 Correspondence and memoranda 1 file 1985-1986 
 With E. van Tonder, Chairman or the Committee re the National Conference on Pensions and the Joint Committee. on Pension Benefits 
Ae20 Policy Committee 
Ae20.1 Minutes 1 file 1969 
Ae20.2 Reports 1 file 1969 
Ae20.3 Memoranda and notes for reports 1 file 1969 
Ae21 Publicity Committee 
Ae21.1 Minutes 1 file 1967 
Ae21.2 Reports and memoranda 1 file 1964-1967 
Ae22 Shift Work Committee 
Ae22.1 Correspondence 1 file 1962 
 With unions 
Ae23 Social Environment Committee 
Ae23.1 Reports and minutes 1 file 1981-1982 
Ae23.2 Correspondence 1 file 1982 
 With D.T. East, Chairman of the Committee 
Ae24 Trade Union Development Committee 
Ae24.1 Minutes 1 file 1980-1982 
Ae24.2 Correspondence and memoranda 1 file 1981-1982 
 With F. Mandy, Chairman of the Committee, re conditions for clerical and administrative workers and industrial relations training of union officials and with the Black Mine Workers Union re assistance. Memorandum re trade union unity talks 
Ae25 Trade Union History Sub-Committee 
Ae25.1 Reports of meetings 1 file 1960-1961 
Ae26 Trade Union Research Bureau Sub-Committee 
Ae26.1 Correspondence and reports 1 file 1958 
Ae27 Transport Committee 
Ae27.1 Minutes 1 file 1986 
Ae27.2 Report 1 item 1986 
Ae27.3 Correspondence and memoranda l file 1981-1986 
 Re bus passenger transportation 
Ae28 Unemployment Insurance Sub-Committee 
Ae28.1 Minutes 1 file 1959-1970, 1980-1985 
Ae28.2 Correspondence and memoranda 4 files 1963-198!, 
 With C. du Fries, Chairman of the Sub-Committee and the Unemployment Insurance Commission. Memoranda includes amendments to the Act and reports of the U.I.F. 
Ae29 Wage Art Specialist Committee 
Ae29.1 Correspondence 1 file 1976 
 With M. Kagan, Chairman of Committee 
Ae29.2 Miscellaneous papers 1 file 1967-1975 
 TUCSA Conference resolutions, memorandum to the Department of Labour from TUCSA re domestic workers l975 
Ae30 Ways and Means Committee. 
Ae30.1 Correspondence l file 1967-1978 
 With trade unions 
Ae30.2 Miscellaneous papers 3 files 1967-1983 
 Suggestions and memoranda to the Committee, reports of the Committee, terms of reference, financial statements 
Ae31 Workmen's Compensation Sub-Committee 
Ae31.1 Minutes 1 file 1965, 1968 
Ae31.2 Memoranda 1 file 1966 
Af Finance 
Af1 Balance sheet and accounts 3 files 1955-1964, 1068-1974 
Af2 Financial Statement (Monthly) 11 files 1955-1969, 1972-1979, Nov.1980-Oct.1981, Dec.1982-Jun.1983, Mar-May 1984 
 Includes Officers Committee monthly statements Aug.1965-Dec.1969 
Af3 Accounts, receipts, cheques 4 files 1980 
Af4 Salaries for Staff 2 files 1966-1969 
 Salary sheets 
Af5 Wage Return Accident Fund 1 file 1965-1980 
Af6 Correspondence: general 11 files 1955-1986 
 Includes correspondence with W.L. Carroll and Co., Chartered Accountants 
Af7 Correspondence: special topics 
Af7.1 Barclays Bank U.C.U. 1 file 1954-1985 
Af7.2 Dissolution Committee 1 file 1954-1962 
 Minutes of meetings, financial statements, circulars and correspondence 
Af7.3 Divisions 3 files 1955-1902 
Af7.4 Friedrich Ebert Foundation 1 file 1963-1969 
 Includes minutes of meetings of trustees 
Af7.5 Funds 1 file 1957-1968 
 Includes the Katie Kagan Memorial Fund, presentation to Miss Hartwell 1959 and travel fund for A. Grobbelaar 1968 
Af7.6 Overseas Conferences Fund 1 file 1960-1962 
Af7.7 Saamtrek 1 file 1955-1957 
 Includes balance sheets and accounts 
Af7.8 Staff 1 file 1981-1982 
 Re Ruth Margaret Imrie and Moses Tsebetso Mapiloko 
Ag Circulars 39 files 1955-1986 , 
Ah Publications 
Ah1 Pamphlets issued by TUCSA 
Ah1.1 Policy statement; English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho and South Sotho. 14 Apr.1963. 11p. 
Ah1.2 The evolution of TUCSA. Feb.1965. 4p. 
Ah1.3 TUCSA fights Communism. 1965. 3p. 
Ah1.4 Why TUCSA opposes boycotts and sanctions. 1965. 5p. 
Ah1.5 What TUCSA means to you. 1966. 5p. 
Ah1.6 Leadership manual for shop stewards. 1966. 37p. 
Ah1.7 Teaching, guide for use with "TUCSA Leadership manual for shop stewards". Jun.1967. 25p. 
Ah1.8 Why you need a trade union (Talking Point No.1) 1967. 6p. 
Ah1.9 Why you need TUCSA (Talking Point No.2) 1967. 5p. 
Ah1.10 Too old to work, too young to die (Talking Point No.3) 1967, 7p. 
Ah1.11 The Supra-National monsters. Feb.1969 10p. 
Ah1.12 The challenge to South African labour. Ju1.1970. 10p. 
Ah1.13-27 Job and income security Nov.1-15. 1970 
Ah1.28 Economic prospects for 1971. Jan.1971. 3p. 
Ah1.29 TUCSA warns employers of the need for consultation. Feb.1971. 3p. 
Ah1.30 Workers all, not race groups - says Professor. Mar.1971. 3p. 
Ah1.31 TUCSA supports Artisan Staff Association's labour warnings. Apr.1971. 3p. 
Ah1.32 White collar organising problems. May 1971. .3p. 
Ah1.33 TUCSA unions go for controlled change. 1971. 10p. 
Ah1.34 Labour in South Africa: a statistical analysis of the changing face of the racial composition of the South African manufacturing labour force 
Ah1.35 The trade union movement in South Africa: facts concerning the major co-ordinating bodies and trade unions which are member's of these bodies. May 1973. 19p. 
Ah1.36 The parallel trade union. Apr.1974. 6p. . 
Ah1.37 Equal opportunity: a trade union guide to removing employment discrimination Apr.1975. 11p. 
Ah1.38 TUCSA's handbook for new members. Undated. 21p. 
Ah1.39 What is a trade union? Undated. 6p. 
Ah2 Pamphlets issued by the Economic Research Bureau of TUCSA 
Ah2.1 The industrial development of the Border Areas of South Africa (Fact Paper No1) Apr.1966. 73p. 
Ah2.2 Economic Newsletter No.1. Jun.1966. 8p. 
Ah2.3 Social pensions. Oct.1966. 33p. 
Ah2.4 Economic Newsletter No.2. Mar.1967. 17p. 
Ah2.5 A working man's guide to inflation. Oct.1967. 16p. 
Ah2.6 Dictionary of selected wage terms. Mar.1968. 22p. 
Ah2.7 Don't judge a man by his date of birth. Sep.1968. 15p. 
Ah2.8 Devaluation: why the £1 got the chop and the Rand didn't. Undated. 12p. 
Ah2.9 Industrial Councils in South Africa: a Fact paper. Undated. 19p. 
Ah2.10 Wage determinations: a Fact paper. Undated. 30p. 
Ah3 Newsletters 
Ah3.1 Saamtrek l vol. 4 Sep 1953-27 Aug 1954 
Ah3.2 Unitas 2 items Aug-Sep 1957 
Ah3.3 TUCSA Newsletter Nos.1-64, 1962-1968, Aug 1970, Jan-May 1971 
Ah3.4 Labour Mirror 
 Vols. 1-4, 1975-1984 (Complete) 
 Vol.5, Nos.6-9, Jul-Nov/Dec 1985 
Ah3.5 Correspondence re newsletters 
Ah3.5.1 General 11 files 1955-1986 
 With Unity Publications Ltd. re Saamtrek and Unitas, and with unions re TUCSA Newsletter and Labour Mirror 
Ah3.5.2 Advertising 1 file 1955-1958 
 Mainly with Unity Publications Ltd 
Ah3.5.3 Articles for Unitas 1 file 1956-1958 
 Includes some articles 
Ah3.5.4 Donations 1 file. 1955-1957 
Ah3.5.5 Editorial Board 3 files 1954-1957 
Ah3.5.6 Shares 1 file 1955-1957 
Ah4 Trade Union History 
Ah4.1 2000 casualties by Ivan Walker and Ben Weinbren 
Ah4.1.1 Illustrations and cover design 1 file 
Ah4.1.2 Correspondence 6 files 196S-1966 
Ah4.2 A wealth of people: the story of the Trade Union Council or South Africa. By Ruth M. Imrie 
Ah4.2.1 Copy of the book, published by TUCSA in 1979 
Ah4.2.2 Correspondence 1 file 1978-1980 
Ah4.3 Address by Eugene G. Weishan: 'An American trade unionist looks at the South African trade union movement' 19GS 
Ah5 Trade Union Directory 
Ah5.1 Correspondence 3 files. 1974-1980 
Ah6 Articles for journals 
Ah6.1 By J.A. Grobbelaar 
Ah6.1.1 Productivity bargaining, Aug 1970. 7p. 
 In Turnover, the University of Cape Town Commerce Magazine 
Ah6.1.2 Labour. - a case of do-it-yourself. In Business South Africa, v.5, No.10, Oct 1970 
Ah6.1.3 The International Labour Organization and South Africa - today and tomorrow. in South Africa International, v.4, p.2, Oct 1973 
Ah6.1.4 Inflation - time for a radical appraisal. In Rand Daily Mail, 18 Feb 1976 
Ah6.1.5 The trade union movement in South Africa and the policies of the rate for the job and “job reservation” in South Africa - an investment guide, Sep 1976 
Ah6.1.6 The South African labour force - with particular reference to the availability or skilled labour. In South Africa - an investor's guide, Sep. 1976 
Ah6.1.7 The case for mixed (nun-racial) trade unions, 3 Nov 1979 
Ah6.1.8 South Africa's new industrial and labour relations dispensation. In Leaders, Jul 1080 
Ah6.1.9 Predictions of the labour scene for 1983. In Production Management, Dec 1982 
Aj Press and Public Relations 
Aj1 Press statements 4 files 1955-1986 
Aj2 Correspondence re press: 
Aj2.1 General 7 files 1955-1986 
Aj2.2 Special topics 
Aj2.2.1 Financial Mail 6 files 1968, 1976-1979 
 Re disputes over articles 
Aj2.2.2 Legal opinions 4 files 1956-1979 
 With firms of attorneys, NOT & Wood and Langstaffe, Bird 6 Company re articles in the newspapers 
Aj2.2.3 Rand Daily Mail 1 file 1972 
 Special report on trade unions 
Aj3 Public Relations 5 files 1963-1967 
 Correspondence with and contact reports from L'Estrange and Company (Pty) Ltd, public relations consultants; reports of consultants to NEC 
Aj4 Press clippings 22 boxes 1955-1965. 1972-1983 
 The press clippings relate to general matters affecting trade unions both in South Africa and overseas. The following specific issues are prominent: 
 1955 Formation of TUCSA 
 1955 Apartheid 
 1956 Industrial Conciliation Bill 
 1956 Racial separation in trade unions 
 1956 Automation 
 1956 Tomlinson Report 
 1956 Copperbelt Strike, Northern Rhodesia 
 1956 Boycott of Affliction!) firms 
 1956 Rehabilitation of the disabled worker 
 1957 Job reservation 
 1957 Colour bar in the clothing industry 
 1958 Job reservation 
 1958 Wages of Blacks 
 1958 Copperbelt Strike, Northern Rhodesia 
 1958 Election 
 1959 Amendment of I.C. Act 
 1959 Unemployment 
 1959 Farm labour 
 1959 In memoriam: A.J. Downes 
 1960 Boycotts and sanctions 
 1960 Republic referendum 
 1960 Coalbrook mine disaster 
 1960 Lange riots 
 1960 Sharpevllle 
 1960 Emergency 
 1961 Labour Bills 
 1961 Recognition of Black trade unions 
 1961 Wages of non-skilled workers 
 1962 Admission of Blacks to TUCSA 
 1962 Unemployment. Insurance Amendment Bill 
 1962 Edgar A. Deane, first Coloured delegate to I.L.O. 
 1962 Opposition to General Law Amendment Hill (Sabotage Bill) 
 1962 Death of W.J. de Vries 
 1963 Affiliation of Black trade unions to TUCSA 
 1963 Decimalisation 
 1964 Demand by busmen for higher wages 
 1964 South Africa leaves I.L.O. 
 1964 Boycotts and sanctions 
 1964 Automation 
 1964 Job reservation 
 1964 Manpower shortage 
 1965 Wages 
 1965 Job reservation 
 1965 Automation 
 1965 Medical Aid Hill 
 1965 Border industries 
 1965 Organisation of Black trade unions 
 1965 Wages 
 1972 Equal pay for equal work 
 1972 Blueprint for giving Africans in white areas trade union rights in their homelands 
 1972 Intimidation of trade unionists 
 1972 Admission of Blacks to white trade unions 
 1973 Labour unrest 
 1975 Inflation 
 1977 Productivity 
 1979 Wiehahn Commission 
 1979 Increase in bus fares 
 1980 Government's attempt to control unions 
 1981 Company' unions 
 1981 Labour unrest and strike:; 
 1981 Pensions for domestics 
 1981 Activities of FOSATU 
 1981 Clash between government and S.A. Allied Workers Union 
 1981 Detention of unionists under Terrorism Act 
 1982 Death of Neil Aggett 
 1982 Leyland Motor Company strike 
 1982 Withdrawal of some unions from TUCSA 
 1982 Strikes 
 1982 Application of Sullivan code by overseas companies 
 1983 Detention of unionists in Ciskei 
 1983 Gulf between newly emerging and older established unions 
 1983 Strikes and general labour unrest 
 1983 Reaction to Defence Amendment Hill 
Ak Disputes 
Ak1 Textile Workers Industrial Union 1 file 1956 
 Correspondence re appeal for financial assistance for strikers at the River Textile Mills, Worcester 
Ak2 Garment Workers Union of South Africa 1 file 1956 
 Correspondence and copies of the agreements for the millinery industry 
Ak3 Port Elizabeth Dock strike 1 file 1957-1958 
 Correspondence with A. Nepple, M.P., T.U.C., London and Eastern Province Area Division 
Ak4 Garment Workers Union of South Africa 1 file 1957-1958 
 Memoranda re Industrial Tribunal Investigations into the clothing industry 
Ak5 Johannesburg Municipal Transport Union 1 file 1958 
 Memoranda submitted to the Industrial Tribunal 
Ak6 Durban Dock strike 1 file 1959 
 Correspondence with Natal Area Division and T.U.C., London 
Ak7 Artisan Staff Association 1 file 1960 
 Correspondence with the Association re dispute with the Railway Administration over improved conditions 
Ak8 Cape Furniture Workers strike 2 files 1961-1962 
 Correspondence re support from the unions for the strikers 
Ak9 Leather Workers strike, Natal 1 file 1961 
 Correspondence with the National Union of Leather Workers and Transvaal Leather and Allied Trades Industrial Union 
Ak10 Leather Workers strike 1 file 1963 
 Correspondence with S.A. Bata Shoe Co. Ltd and National Union of Leather Workers (Durban branch) 
Ak11 Diamond Workers strike 3 files 1964-1967 
 Correspondence with S.A. Diamond Workers Union and other unions on financial assistance for the strikers and repayment of the loan 
Ak12 Biscuit workers and packers dispute 1 file 1964 
 Correspondence with Messrs Bakers Ltd and Natal Area Division re alleged dismissal of workers for participating in trade union activities 
Ak13 Garment Workers Union of South Africa 1 file 1965 
 Correspondence with the union and Deportment of labour on the application for a Conciliation Board 
Ak14 Nyanga Passenger Transport Ltd., Cape and its employees 1 file 1965 
 Correspondence with Tramway and Omnibus Workers Union, Western Province Area Division and Department of Labour 
Ak15 Statistics on disputes 1 file 1970 
 Re disputes where Blacks were involved, 1959-1969 
Ak16 Dock strike, Durban 1 file 1971-1972 
 Correspondence with the Department of Labour 
Ak17 Armourplate Safety Glass dispute 1 file 1976-1977 
 Press clippings and memoranda on this first legal Black workers' strike 
Ak18 Textile Workers Industrial Union 1 file 1986 
 Legal opinion on the dispute with Frame Cotton Corporation 
Al Staff 
Al1 General Secretary 10 files 1958-1976 
 Correspondence re vacancies for the post of General Secretary in 1961 when D. Hartwell resigned and T.P. O'Donoghue was appointed the following; year, In 1964 when O'Donoghue died and was replaced by J.A. Grobbelaar in 1965. Also the personal files of J.A. Grobbelaar 1965-1976 
Al2 Assistant General Secretary 8 files1965-1981 
 Correspondence re vacancies, appointment of L. Douwes Dekker in 1966, his resignation in 1968 and appointment of R.L. Kraft in 1971 as his successor who in turn, resigned in 1977 and the appointments of H.A. Hastings in 1979 and H.J. de Villiers in 1981. Also personal files of L.D. Dekker and H.L. Kraft 
A13 Area Division Secretary/Organiser 2 files 1966-1967, 1984 
 Correspondence re appointment 
Al4 Director of Training 2 files 1965, 1984 
 Correspondence re vacancies 
Al5 Legal Adviser 1 file 1904 
 Correspondence re vacancy 
Al6 Economist 1 file 1904 
 Correspondence re vacancy 
Al7 Staff: General 5 filer 1954-1985 
 Correspondence re vacancies and matters affecting TUCSA's staff 
Al8 Staff: Black 2 files 1954-1967, 1982-1984 
Al9 Staff Provident Fund 2 files 1960-1985 
 Correspondence and memoranda 
Al20 Medical Aid Plan 2 files 1962-1983 
 Rules, memoranda and minutes of the Management Committee of the Commercial and Industrial Medical Aid Society 
Am Library 
Am1 Librarian's reports to U.E.C. 1 file 1967-1981 
Am2 Memoranda and catalogues 1 file 1962-1967, 1985 
Am3 Correspondence 6 files 1956-1982 
An Training 
An1 Reports of the Director of Education and Training 1 file 1966-1983 
An2 Seminar and course papers 16 files 1965-1902 
An2.1 Seminar in democratic trade union procedures 1 file 20-24 Sep.1965 
 Course outline and report 
An2.2 Course in trade union leadership 1 file 1966 
 Notes for a correspondence course arranged by the Federation of Leather Trade Unions of South Africa in collaboration with the Leather Industries, Research institute 
An2.3 Instructors course for chop stewards 1 file 1966 
 Leadership manual, teaching guide and miscellaneous papers 
An2.4 Trade Union seminar on modern trade union problems 1 file 25-29 Sep. 1967 
 Programme, papers delivered at the seminar held at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, and correspondence 
An2.5 Collective bargaining course 2 files 1968 
 Course papers and statistics from various industries 
An2.6 The art of negotiating file 1970 
 Course papers for the conference organised by the Management Research Training Section of Executive Services (Pty) Ltd 
An2.7 Trade union programme 1 file 1972 
 Questionnaires sent out to unions, programme and correspondence re this course arranged by the Graduate School of Business Administration, University of the Witwatersrand 
An2.8 Seminar on industrial legislation 1 file 1975, 1982 
An2.9 The South African free enterprise system 1 file 1976 
 Papers presented at this seminar organised by the Graduate School of Business, University of Stellenbosch 
An2.10 Seminar on collective bargaining 1 file 1977 
 Application form and address by J.A. Grobbelaar to the Seminar organized by U.C.T. Graduate School of Business Association, Johannesburg 
An2.11 South African industrial relations, a core course 1 file 1981 
 Programme and course outline and correspondence for the course, arranged by Industrial Relations Unit, University of Port Elizabeth 
An2.12 Week-end workshop 1 file 6-8 Nov.1981 
 Presentations, correspondence, list of participants for the workshop arranged by East Rand Branch, I.P.M. 
An2.13 Industrial legislation seminar 2 files 1982 
 Programme, list of participants, correspondence and papers presented 
An2.14 Seminar on industrial relations 1 file n.d. 
 Case studies for the seminar held by I.B.M., Holiday inn, Jan Smuts 
An2.15 flow to get the most out of your union membership 1 file n.d. 
 Papers presented at the course organised by the Natal branch of' the Notional Union or Leatherworkers of S.A. in collaboration with the Leather Industries Research institute 
An3 Publications: memoranda and talks 
An3.1 Some interesting dates in South African Labour History, Mar 1966 4p. 
An3.2 Industrial relations: management and labour, 29 Jun 1966 10p. 
An3.3 Index to Workmen's Compensation Act 1941, 21 Jul 1966 2p. 
An3.4 Notes on talk: "People at work" by R.G. Silberbauer, 28 Sep 1966 7p. 
An3.5 Group techniques: interpersonal relations by Or 8. Rose. 18 Oct 1966 11p 
An3.6 Handbook for trade union members, 3 Feb 1967 18p. 
An3.7 Shops and Offices Act, 25 May 1967 15p. 
An3.8 Summary of Apprenticeship Act, 11 Jul 1907 8p. 
An3.9 Summary of Factories, Machinery and Building Work Act No.22 of 1941, as amended, 2 Aug 1967 19p. 
An3.10 Index to Unemployment Insurance Act, 29 Aug 1967 16p. 
An3.11 Let's hold a good union meeting, Mar 1969 32p. 1 leaflet 
An3.12 Workmen's Compensation by R.M. Whitworth, Aug 1969 10p. 
An3.13 Organising all South Africa's workers, 1973 5p. 
An3.14 Training manual for shop stewards, 1982 67p. 
An3.15 TUCSA's handbook for new members, n.d. 23p. 
An3.16 TUCSA education programme, n.d. 2p. 
An3.17 Vital information - its importance to the organising campaign, n.d. 7p. 
An3.18 Information sheets Nos. 1 and 2, n.d. 3, 5p. 
An3.19 The Industrial Conciliation Act No.28 of 1956 as amended, n.d. 32p. 
An4 Certificates 
An4.1 Certificates or accomplishment awarded to members having completed the required training to be qualified as an instructor. 17 items 1966?1967 
An4.2 Certificate or Merit, blank: specimen item 
MS Correspondence 13 Ellen 1961-1985 
Ao Policy 
Ao1 Statements 1 file 1957-1970, 198:3-1984 
 Includes a proposed programme for expanded activities by TUCSA, compiled by the Secretariat. Jun 1983 
Ao2 Correspondence 2 files 1957-1973, 1984-1985 
Ap Obituaries; and Biographies 
Ap1 Obituaries 
Ap1.1 Death or well-known trade union personalities (alphabetically) 
 Ben Caddy 1 file 1955 
 Letters of condolence 
 Johanna Cornelius 1 Item 1974 
 William Alexander "Billy" Coull 1 file 1955 
 Letters and messages of condolence 
 Albert Janes Downes 1 file 1959 
 Obituary and letters of condolence 
 William Goldberg 1 file 1959 
 Messages of condolence 
 James Arthur Grobbelaar 1 file 1984 
 Letter:; of sympathy 
 Norman Moir 1 file 1959 
 Obituary and messages of condolence 
 Thomas Patrick Murray 1 file 1975 
 Obituary, tribute and messages of sympathy 
 Terence O'Donoghue 1 file 1964 
 Tributes and messages or sympathy 
 Ivan Lawrence Walker 1 file 1961 
 Obituary and messages of sympathy 
Ap1.2 Film of funeral of J.J. Venter (Silent) 1 reel 16mm 
Ap1.3 Correspondence: general re death of trade unionists and others 3 files 1955-1979 
Ap2 Biographies 
Ap2.1 Arranged alphabetically 
 Dirk Christoffel Benade 
 Raymond Enrico Hudd 
 Hester Cornelius 
 Johanna Catharina Jacoba Cornelius 
 Clifford Halliwell Crompton 
 Joseph Daniel 
 Edgar Arthur Deane. 
 Christine (Mrs Allison) Du Preez 
 James Arthur Grobbelaar 
 Richard M. Haldane 
 Dulcie Maria Hartwell 
 Edward Henry McCann 
 Anna Elizabeth (nee Scheepers) McLaughlin 
 Jessie McPherson 
 Johannes Andre Malherbe 
 Thomas Patrick Murray 
 Terence Patrick O'Donoghue 
 Louis A. Petersen 
 Laurens Christiaan (Steve) Scheepers 
 James Lawrence Tulloch 
 Eric Freeland Tyacke 
 Horace Frederick Tyler 
 Ronald Cyril Webb 
Ap2.2 Bibliographies for souvenir brochure, 1967 
 Described are T.M.M. Alexander, J. Daniel, L. Douwes Dekker, B.J. Erasmus, J.A. Grobbelaar, T.P. Murray, L.C.M. Scheepers 
Aq Economic Research Bureau 
Aq1 Memoranda re establishment 1 file 1957-1958 
Aq2 Report:: of the Director 1 file 1966-1973 
Aq3 Miscellaneous reports and memoranda 7 files 1965-19'/4 
Ag3.1 Report to Officers Committee on Director of TUCSA Economic Research Bureau, 19 Jul 1965 1(1). 
Aq3.2 Industrial expansion, Mar 1966 6p. 
Aq3.3 The industrial development of the border areas of South Africa, Apr 1966 '/9p. 
Aq3.4 Report prepared for the Committee for Unorganised Workers on the state of organised to unorganised workers In manufacturing industry, 26 Jul 1957 9p. 
Aq3.5 Laundry, cleaning and dyeing trade, Sep 1967 10p. 
Aq3.6 Dictionary of selected wage terms, Mar 1968 22p. 
Aq3.7 Don't judge a man's worth by his date of birth, Sep 1968 14p. 
Aq3.8 A multi-pronged job security programme, 8 Jan .1969 2p. 
Aq3.9 Proposed research project to establish workers' attitudes towards their job and income security, 27 Feb 1970 4p. 
Aq3.10 Summary or the state of the South African economy, Nov.1971 7p. 
A3.11 Recommendations to NEC on action to be taken to implement resolution No.23 entitled "Inflation", 1971 
Ag3.12 Report on European study tour by M.G. Mahon, n.d. 6p. 
Aq4 Lectures by R.I. Kraft 
Aq4.1 The position of the Research Bureau in the trade union movement: lecture to Seminar of TUCSA officials, Rhodes University, Sep.1967 12p. 
Aq4.2 The impact of the sales tax on worker incomes and wage, demands: lecture to N.D.M.F. Seminar, [lemon' Country Club, 8 Oct 19139 16p. 
Aq4.3 Lecture eerie::: manpower problems and policies in the public sector: lecture to Dept. of Public Administration, University of the Witwatersrand, 1969 8p. 
Aq4.4 Likely 1974 trends In the wage and labour market: address to N.D.M.F., 24-25 Oct 1973 Bp. 
Aq4.5 Trends in the wage and labour market: address to Conference 3 Marketing ... Partnership with the African giant, sponsored by N.D.M.F., 1-2 Out 1974 Bp. 
Aq5 Correspondence 8 files 1957-7975 
 Files mainly of R.L. Kraft, Director of the Bureau 
Ar TRADUNA: The South African Trade Union Assurance Society 
Ar1 Annual reports 12th and 14th 1952, 1954 
Ar2 Correspondence 2 files 1.953-1958, 1972-1978 
 Includes correspondence and statements of Cimas Trust Co (Pty) Ltd For Group Life Assurance Scheme 1971-1978 
As South African Trade Union Building Society (From 1962 amalgamated with United Building Society) 
As1 Constitution 1 item 
As2. Pamphlet 1 item 
As3 Accounts and 8th annual report, 1957 
As4 Correspondence 1957-1962, 1976-1980 
As5 Minutes 1 file 1977-1981 
At Johannesburg Trades Hull Society 
At1 Agenda and Minutes 13 files 1955-1986 
 Includes reports and financial statements 
At2 Correspondence 2 files 1955-1986 
Au Office Accommodation 1 file 1957-1972 
Av Overseas Visits and Visitors 
Av1 Visits Overseas by TUCSA Officials 5 files 1960-1986 
Av2 Overseas Visitors 1 file 1968-1986 
 Correspondence re interviews 
Aw Legal 
Aw1 Correspondence with attorneys and legal opinions 2 files 1980-1986 
 On the following issuer:: 
 1980 Agreement with U.C. van Rees hosts re editorship of Labour Mirror 
 1980 Opinion on Section 15 of Unemployment. Insurance Act No.9 of 1979 
 1980 Fund-raising Act No.107 of 1978 
 1980 Article in Muslim News 
 1982 Processing of a resolution adopted by 27th annual conference or TUCSA re NEC and proposed amendment to the Road Transportation Act 
 1984 Article in Finance Week 
 1984 Machinery and Occupational Act 
 1984 Matrimonial Property Act. 
 1985 Legal services scheme 
 1985 Various aspects arising from the constitution of TUCSA 
 1985 Opinion re the S.A. Musician:; Union and associated professions. 
 1985 The Black labour regulations 
 1985 Commercial and distributive trade, Klerksdorp and Lichtenburg 
 1985 Constitution of the National Union of Commercial, Constructive and Electrical Workers Union 
 1985 Richards Bay Employees Union 
 1985 Constitution of the National Union of Forestry and Allied Workers 
 1986 Enforceability of industrial court rulings 
Ax Addresses 1 file 1973-1982 
 Correspondence re illuminated addresses 
Ay Photographs (Room 27) 
Ay1 Group photographs 
Ay1.1 Group pertaining to the 1922 strike 
Ay1.2 Gerard O'Keefe, J.A. Grobbelaar, Wally Slack, 1973. 
Ay1.3 J.A Grobbelaar, Adele van der Spuy, A. Malherbe, 1975 
Ay1.4 TUCSA Mini-Conference, 1978 15 items 
Ay1.5 Newly-elected members attending their first TUCSA NEC meeting, 1981 
Ay1.6 J.A. Grobbelaar and 2 others. Undated 
Ay1.7 '• , Hester Cornelius and R. Bolton. Undated 
Ay1.8 Cocktail party for Commission of Inquiry into Labour Legislation 3 items 
Ay1.9 TUCSA staff. Negatives only. Undated 
Ay2 Individual (Arranged alphabetically) 
 R. Alexander, J.R Altman, R.H. Botha, J. Daniel, F.A. Deane, L. Douwes-Dekker, H. Erasmus, H.R. Haldane. R. Flank, Advocate Maquina, R. Murray, L. Mvubelo, T. O'Donoghue, L.C. Scheepers, R.C. Webb 
B1 General 6 files 1955-1967 
 Correspondence and circulars re organisation, by-law; and meetings 
B2 Border (Previously East London Area Division and East London Local Committee) 
B2.1 Constitution 1 item 1957 
 By-laws of the East London Local Committee 
B2.2 Minutes of Management Committee 10 files 1957--1904 
 Includes minutes of some AGM meetings 
B2.3 Reports to N.E.C. 1 file 1965-1986 (incomplete) 
B2.4 Financial Papers 
 Statement of account for East London Local Committee, 1960 
B2.5 Correspondence 8 files ,1957-1986 
B2.6 Memoranda 
B2.6.1 East London Local Committee - affiliated membership, 1958 
B2.6.2 Fact Sheet No.2: The Duncan Village issue, July 1982 
B3 Eastern Province 
B3.1 Minutes of meetings of Management Committee 9 files 1955-1976 
 Includes quarterly general meetings and AGMs 
B3.2 Reports 1 file 1964-1986 
B3.3 Financial 
 Balance sheet and accounts as at 31 Dec 1955 
B3.4 Correspondence 8 files 1955-1986 
B4 Natal 
B4.1 Minutes or Meetings 19 files 1955-1983 
 Includes Divisional, Officers Committee, Management Committee and ACM 
B4.2 Reports 1 file 1955-1985 
B4.3 Financial statements 7 items 1955, 1957 
B4.4 Circulars 1 file 1955-1957 
B4.5 News Bulletins 19 items Aug 1955-Apr 1957 
B4.6 Trade Union Emergency Fund and Trust Fund 
B4.6.1 Rules of Trade Union Emergency Fund 1 item 1956 
B4.6.2 Rules of Trust Fund 1 item n.d. 
B4.7 Correspondence: general 25 files 1955-1986 
B4.8 Correspondence: special topics 
B4.8.1 Chatsworth Hun Service 1 file 1969-1973 
B4.8.2 Finance: General 1 file 1957-1966 
B4.8.3 Imprest System 1 file 1959-1966 
B4.8.4 Secretary/Organiser 1 file 1966-1967 
 Re appointment of Andrew Espie as Secretary/Organiser of the Natal Area Division 
B4.8.5 Trust. Fund 1 file 1967-1965 
 Include;: (tent; on the Emergency Fund 
B4.9 Memoranda 5 items n.d. 
 By-laws; memorandum on The Institute for Industrial Education; address to Indian Teachers Association on the economic prospect:; or the Indian community 
B5 Transvaal 
B5.1 Minutes 2 bound vols 1955-1971 + loose 3 files 1972-1986 
 Includes minutes of meetings of Management Committee, Quarterly General Meeting and AGMs and attendance register for Management Committee meetings 1955-1963 
B5.2 Reports 1 file 1957-1986 
B5.3 Financial 7 items 1955-1956, 1965 
 Balance sheet and accounts 1955-1956; monthly financial statements 1965 
B5.4 Circulars 1 file 1955-1967 
B5.5 Notices of representation 1 file 1963 
B5.6 Correspondence 9 files 1955.1986 
B5.7 Memoranda 7 items 1955-1971 
B5.7.1 List of affiliates, 24 Jun 1955 2p. 
B5.7.2 List of officers, May 1986 1p. 
B5.7.3 "Missed a bus", 4 Apr.1961 3p. 
B5.7.4 Memorandum to members of Transvaal Provincial Council on the proposed increased ambulance tariffs for Johannesburg and environs, Mar 1964 3p. 
B5.7.5 Address by Mr Zurker on the staggering of salary payments, Jan.1965. 19p. 
B5.7.1, Address by G.P. O'Neale on the various aspects of apprenticeship training delivered to Quarterly General Meeting of Transvaal Area Division, 29 Nov 1965 8p. 
B5.7.7 Lecture on Workmens Compensation Act by R.M. Whitworth, 22 Feb.1971 9p. 
B5.7.8 Politics and the trade union movement: an address by J.A. Grobbelaar to Transvaal Area Division, 30 Aug 1971 6p. 
B6 Western Province 
B6.1 Minutes 7 files 1955-1967, 1977-1984 
 Includes minutes of general meetings and of Management Committee meetings 
B6.2 Reports 2 files 1964-1985 
B6.3 Financial 3 items 1954-1960 
 Balance sheets 1054, 1955 and report of the auditor of the Dissolution Committee for period 1954-1960 
B6.4 Circulars 1 file 1955-1956, 1965 
B6.5 Correspondence 11 files 1955-1986 
B6.6 Memoranda 
B6.6.1 List of Management; Committee members, 1957 1p. 
B6.6.2 Report by Messrs Petersen and Altman on their interview with Mr Tobias or the Department of Extramural Studies, University of Cape Town, on a winter school for trade, unionists, 1962 1p. 
B6.6.3 Are Africans necessary to the Western Cape? Address to the lecture class of the Western Province Area Division by Frank Lighton, 10 Sep.1962 6p. 
B6.6.4 Survey of workers' transport costs in Cape Town: circular and questionnaire Pp. 
B6.6.5 Memorandum on Labour and Development Research Unit of the School of Economics, University or Cape Town, Aug 1974 Bp. 
B6.6.6 1974 education programme 3p. 
B6.6.7 Report by TUCSA on factual position of housing in greater Cape. Town, 1984 5p. 
B7 Proposed OFS Area Division 
B7.1 Correspondence 1 file 1965-1958 
B8 Kimberley Local Committee 
B8.1 Draft by-laws, 17 Oct 1956 4p. 
B8.2 Correspondence 1 file 1956-1961 
Ca Federations: General 
Ca1 South African Confederation of Labour 
Ca1.1 Constitution 1 file 1957-1961 
Ca1.2 Minutes or conferences and meetings 
Ca1.2.1 Joint meetings of the Confederation, comprising S.A. Federation of Trade Unions, Federal Consultative Council, Ko-ordinerende Raad van S.A. Vakbonde and S.A. Trade Union Council 2 files 1957-1958 
Ca1.2.2 Meetings between the Confederation and TUCSA 3 items 1966-1970 
 Conference on problem:: lacing trade unions, 1966 and conference on the introduction of a national health scheme and the low wages policy of the Wage Board, 1970 
Ca1.2.3 Agenda and secretarial report for 4th biennial congress, 3-4 Jun 1976 
Ca1.3 Correspondence 4 files 1955-1985 
Ca1.4 Memoranda 3 items 1958 
Ca1.4.1 Memorandum in connection with free hospitalisation in the Transvaal 6p. 
Ca1.4.2 Memorandum to the Commission of Enquiry into policy relating to the protection of industries 8n. 
Ca1.4.3 Draft memorandum to the Industrial Tribunal 8p. 
Ca2 South African Congress of Trade Unions (SACTU) 
Ca2.1 Correspondence 3 file.. 1955-1965, 1974-1977 
Ca2.2 Press statements 3 items 1960-1961 
Ca2.3 Publications 
Ca2.3.1 The road to higher wages and better conditions: in Zulu, Sotho, English n.d. 9p. 
Ca2.3.2 Counter attack: special Freedom Charter issue, Jun 1956 4p. 
Ca2.3.3 SACTU Bulletin, 1962 8p. 
Ca2.3.4 Notice of mass conference, 28 Mar 1964 1p. 
Ca2.3.5 Workers Unity 4 items 1978-1961 
Ca2.3.6 Application form n.d. 1p. 
Ca2.3.7 Support the bus boycotters: n.d. 2p. 
Ca2.4 Memoranda 
Ca2.4.1 Memorandum to the Wage Board investigating the plywood industry, 3 Nov 1962 5p. 
Ca2.4.2 Statement on the recent: ballot conducted by the National Union of Clothing Workers for affiliation to a co-ordinating body, 13 Sep 1963 2p. 
Ca2.4.3 Newsletter: '90' days detention has become permanent detention, Sep 1963 7p. 
Ca2.4.4 List of unions affiliated to the Transvaal Council of Yon-European Trade Unions n.d. 1p. 
Ca2.4.5 Every worker must ask: "Which course has my Union followed?" n.d. 1p. 
Ca2.5 Constitution 1 item n.d. 
Ca3 Federation of Free African Trade Unions of S.A. (FOFATUSA) 
Ca3.1 Minutes 1 item 4 Sep 1963 
 Joint meeting of TUCSA and FOFATUSA Organisers 
Ca3.2 Reports 
Ca3.2.1 African organisers' reports 1 file 1962-1063 
 Reports are by Niekerk Tsukutla and John C. Mthembu 
Ca3.2.2 Organisational report 1 item Nov 1961-Apr 1962 
Ca3.2.3 Correspondence 5 files 1959-1985 
Ca3.4 Memoranda 11 items 1960-1964 
Ca3.4.1 Extracts from Drum on Black trade unions, Apr 1960 1p. 
Ca3.4.2 Comparison of two constitutions of FOFATUSA, 1959 and 1961 1p. 
Ca3.4.3 Clauses as they appear in the constitution of FOFATUSA from which Mr Kagan quoted extracts, c1962 1p. 
Ca3.4.4 Memorandum submitted by FOFATUSA to 8th annual conference of TUCSA 19-23 Mar 1962 3p. 
Ca3.4.5 List of unions affiliated to FOFATUSA, 1963 2p. 
Ca3.4.6 Points from interview with Nicholas Hlongwane and Sarah Chitja of FOFATUSA 1963 1p. 
Ca3.4.7 Memorandum, E. Tyacke, 7 Jun 1963 1p. 
Ca3.4.8 Interview with Nicholas Hlongwane, 24 Mar 1964 1p. 
Ca3.4.9 Note for general secretary from E. Tyacke, May 1964 1p. 
Ca3.4.10 FOFATUSA Newsletter, c1964 5p. 
Ca3.4.11 Conference resolutions, c.1964 5p. 
Ca3.4.12 Workers know your rights: application form n.d. 1p. 
Ca3.4.13 Notice to tea and coffee workers n.d. 1p. 
Ca3.4.14 Membership card n.d. 
Ca4 South African Federation of Trade Unions 
Ca4.1 Constitution 1 item 1954 
Ca4.2 Correspondence 1 file 1954-1957 
Ca4.3 Memoranda 3 items c1958 
 List of affiliated unions 
Ca5 Koordinerende Road van Suid-Afrikaanse Vakverenigings 
Ca5.1 Constitution 1 item n.d. 
Ca6 Council of Unions of South Africa 
Ca6.1 Correspondence 1 file 1981.-1984 
Ca7 Federation of South African Trade Unions (FOSATU) (Continued as Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) 
Ca7.1 Minutes of 1st National Congress, 15 Apr 1979 Ms 
Ca7.2 Correspondence 1 file 1978-1986 
Ca7.3 Memoranda 6 items 1929-1981 
Ca7.3.1 Policy Resolutions passed at inaugural congress and amendments 3 items 1979 
Ca7.3.2 Proposal for an Education and Research Sub-Committee for FOSATU 1 item 1979 
Ca7.3.3 Article by P. Bonner 16p. 1979 
Ca7.3.4 Memorandum on the proposed amendments to I.C. Act issued by FOSATU 1 item Apr 1981 
Cb Federations: Specialised 
Cb1 Federal Consultative Council of S.A.R.& H. Staff Association 
Cb1.1 Constitution 1 item 1956 
Cb1.2 Correspondence 1 file 1957, 1971-1981 
Cb1.3 Memoranda 3 items 
Cb1.3.1 List of affiliates 1p. 1959 
Cb1.3.2 Reports by General Secretary on overseas visit and on 64th sitting of International Labour Conference 2 items 1978 
Cb1.3.3 Possible arena for co-operation between TUCSA and Federal Consultative Council of S.A.R.& H. Staff Associations 2p. n.d. 
Cb2 South African Council of Transport Workers 
Cb2.1 Constitution 1 item n.d. 
Cb2.2 Correspondence 1 file 1960-1980 
Cb2.3 Memoranda 
Cb2.3.1 Consolidation of cost-of-living allowance into basic wage 4p. 1960 
Cb2.3.2 Brief summary of Indian Transport Act 3p. 1960 
Cb2.3.3 Presidential address by H.J. Erasmus to 28th annual conference 4p. 1961 
Cb2.3.4 Report of 29th annual conference 2p. 1962 
Cb2.3.5 SABC News Commentary: T.U.C. (Britain) and South Africa 1p. 1974 
Cb2.3.6 Report on meeting between TUCSA delegate:; rind Minister of Justice, Mr J. Kruger, on the banning of 4 Durban trade unionists 1p. 1974 
Cb2.3.7 Presidential address to 48th AGM by D.C. Benade 13p. 
Mechanics Unions Joint Executives 
Cb3.1 Correspondence 1 file 1955-1967 
Cb3.2 Report on the 12th ACM of the National Industrial Council for the Iron, Steel, Engineering and Metallurgical Industry, 1956 1p. 
Cb4 Confederation of Metal and Building Unions 
Cb4.1 Correspondence 1 file 1969-1974 
Cb5 Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of South Africa 
Cb5.1 Address by the President, W.L. Morrison, at 24th ACM, 11 Oct 1967; comment by TUCSA on SEIFSA's proposals relating to the better utilisation of manpower, Sep.1976 
Cb6 South African Federation of Leather Trade Union; 
Cb6.1 Constitution 1 item Jul 1973 
Cb6.2 Minutes, Notices and Agenda 10 files 1963-1903 
 Minutes of 5th ACM 1963; presidential address and minutes of 7th ACM 1965; notice and annexures of 8th AGM 1966, 9th ACM 1967 and 10th 1968; minutes, notice and annexures of 14th ACM 1973 and 15th annual conference 1974; minutes of 17th annual conference 1976; minutes of 19th annual conference, 1978 and 20th 1979; notice, annexures and opening address by J.A. Grobbelaar to 21st annual conference 1980; notice and minutes of 23rd conference 1982; notice or 24th conference 1983 
Cb6.3 Correspondence 1 file 196.1-1984 
Cb6.4 Reports 
Cb6.4.1 Report on the Goth biennial conference of the British National Union of Boot and Shoe Operatives and visit to West Germany by L.W. Allen, 1967 43p. 
Cb.4.2 Report on the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Seminar for trade unionists, Germany 1976 and on international Textile, Garment and Leather Workers Federation, Dublin 1976 by Sam Lekeba and P.Gooriah 6p. 
Cb6.5 Leather Industries`: Research Institute 
Cb6.5.1 Training Lectures 1 file c.1964 
Cb6.5.2 Research Bulletins 5 items c.1964 
Cb6.5.3 Leather Industries Research Institute 1935-1953 Ptd. 21p. 
Cb6.5.4 50 years of footwear, facts and figures 1917-1966 Ptd. 42p. 
Cb7 International Metalworkers Federation (South African Co-ordinating Council) 
Cb7.1 Correspondence 1 file 1977 
Cc Individual Unions not affiliated to TUCSA 
Cc1 Genera] correspondence 2 files 1960-1906 
Cc2 Individual Unions 
Cc2.1 Cape Town Municipal Workers Association 1 file 1967 
 Correspondence with the Secretary re possible affiliation to TUCSA 
Cc2.2 City and Town Council Workers Union 1 item 1962 
 Memorandum concerning the wages and working conditions of African City Council employees 
Cc2.3 Clerical and Administrative Workers Union 1 file 1965-396B 
 Correspondence with the Secretary, E.K. Abrahams, re organising Coloured clerical workers 
Cc2.4 Durban and District Transportation Employees Union 1 item 1934 
Cc2.5 East London and Border Furniture Workers Union 1 item n.d. 
Cc2.6 Fabric Workers Union I item 1909 
 Application for membership or TUCSA 
Cc2.7 Farm, Plantation and Allied Workers Union 1 file 1962 
 Report and regulations at the first ACM. 
Cc2.8 Food and Canning Workers Union 2 files 1955-1967, 1980 
 Correspondence with Acting President, C.Kilowan, and with Secretaries L. Abrahams, C.N. Lubbe and J. Mentoor 
 Subjects: annual general conference and the following specific topics 
 1955 Judgment in the case Rebecca Lan v. Crown, accused or attending an unlawful meeting 
 1956 Payment of unemployment benefit to workers in the fish industry 
 1956 Banning orders on R. Lan and O. Mpethu 
 1956 Criticism of TUCSA for accepting apartheid 
 1957 Application for a Conciliation Board in dispute with a factory at Renville 
• 1958 Resolutions at conference asking TUCSA Lo organise campaign against I.C. and Native Labour Acts and for Increased wages 
 1958 Objections to Wage Board recommendations for the fruit and vegetable canning industry 
 1959-60 Reduction in wages of Port Elizabeth food canning workers 
Cc2.9 Motel and Restaurant Workers, Union 1 file 1986 
 Correspondence with the Secretary re taking part in TUCSA's discussions 
Cc2.10 Johannesburg Municipal Employees Association 1 file. 1985 
 Correspondence with the Secretary, S.F. van den Berg, re discussion on matters of mutual concern 
Cc2.11 Johannesburg Tramway Employees Union 1 item n.d. 
 Rules and regulations 
Cc2.12 Kimberley Transport Workers Union 1 item 1963 
 Letter from the Secretary, C.J. Groenewald 
Cc2.13 Kwazulu Electricians Association 1 file 1979 
 Correspondence with the Secretary, C.B. Mkize, re their unsuccessful application to affiliate. Includes the Association's constitution 
Cc2.14 Mine Workers Union 1 item 1959 
Cc2.15 Natal Master Bespoke Tailors Association 1 item n.d. 
Cc2.16 National Union of Commercial Travellers 1 file . 1957-1965, 1985 
 Correspondence with the National Secretary re conferences, boycotts and sanctions 1965 and dialogue with TUCSA 1985 
Cc2.17 National Union or Forestry and Allied Industries Employees 1 file 198!'5 
 Correspondence with attorneys re the status of some of the employee} 
Cc2.18 National Vehicle Builders Union of S.A. 1 item 1020 
Cc2.19 Non-European Starr Association of the S.A. Institute for Medical Research 1 item n.d. 
Cc2.20 Nywerheidsraad vir die Motorvervoerondorneming (Goedere) 1 item 1960 ' 
Cc2.21 Oil and Petrol Employees Union 1 file 1967-1968 
 Correspondence with the Secretary re financial assistance 
Cc2.22 Pietermaritzburg Indian Municipal Employee() Association 1 file 1981 
 Correspondence with the Secretary re possible affiliation 
Cc2.23 Richards Bay Employees Union 1 file 1984 
 Correspondence with the Secretary re possible affiliation 
Cc2.24 Shop and Office Workers Union 1 file 1962 
 Agenda and general resolutions at AGM 
Cc2.25 South African Actors Equity Association 1 file 1959 
Cc2.26 South African Engineering Association 1 file 1978 
 Correspondence with the Secretary re recognition of the Association 
Cc2.27 South African Film and Television Technicians Association 1 file 1976-1980 
 Constitution and correspondence concerning it 
Cc2.28 South African General Workers Union 1 file 1979 
 Correspondence with M.D. Arendse re the formation of the Union 
Cc2.29 South African Indian Teachers Association (Previously the Natal Indian Teachers Society) 1 file 1967-1972 
 Correspondence with the Secretary re the poverty datum line, proposed welfare fund and TUCSA's conference 
Cc2.30 South African Seamen's Union 1 file 1966 
 Correspondence with the Secretary re financial assistance 
Cc2.31 South African Teachers Association 1 file • 1980 
 Correspondence with the Secretary re formation of it union 
Cc2.32 South African Technical Officials Association 1 file 1980-1902 
 Correspondence with the Secretary, H. Mallet-Veale, re TUCSA's conference. 
Cc2.33 South African Tin Workers Union 1 file 1969-1979 
 Correspondence with the Secretary, D. Thambiran 
 1969 Wage Board investigation 
 1970 Application for compulsory deduction of trade union subscriptions 
 1971 Possible affiliation to TUCSA 
 1972 Problems with Metal Box Co. re stop orders 
 1979 Question raised again of possible affiliation to TUCSA 
Cc2.34 Theatre and Cinema Workers Union 1 file 196? 
 Minutes of membership meeting 
Cc2.35 Tobacco Workers Union 2 items n.d. 
 Membership card and circular 
Cc2.36 Transvaal Association of Coloured Teachers 1 file 1972 
 Correspondence with the Secretary, S.A. Farrah, re the presentation of bursaries and grants and minutes 
Cc2.37 Western Province Building, Electrical and Allied Trades Union 1 file 1939-1956 
 Constitution and open letter to all members or the Union, May 1956 
Cc2.38 Western Province General Workers Union 1 file. 1980-1981 
 Circular letter about the detention of two Union organisers and letter from TUCSA re the organising of workers 
Cc2.39 Western Province Meat Trade Employees Union 1 file 1975 
 Correspondence with the Secretary re funds for organising Coloured workers in the meat trade 
Cc2.40 Witwatersrand Taxi Drivers Association 1 item n.d. 
 Membership card and constitution 
Cd Black Trade Unions 
Cd1 Minutes 2 files 1956, 1974 
Cd1.1 Minute:: or meeting between members of African trade unions and representatives of the S.A. Trade Union Council, regarding liaison 1 file 1956 
Cd1.2 Minutes of meeting of TUCSA affiliates' with associations with Black unions, Johannesburg 1 file 1974 
Cd2 Correspondence and memoranda: general 11 files 1955-1984 
 Correspondence with individual unions of all races, FOFATUSA, E. Tyacke (Administrative Assistant, African Affairs), government departments, South African Confederation of Labour 
 Subjects: Organisation of Black workers and the following specific topics: 
 1955-57 Importance of a liaison committee between organised workers, registered and un-registered unions 
 1961 TUCSA's relationship with Black unions 
 1962 TUCSA's decision to admit all bona fide trade unions 
 1963 Police attacks on Black trade union meetings 
 1963 Unorganised workers rued 
 1964 Projected plan by Johannesburg City Council to employ Black bus crews at lower wage rates 
 1964 Organising of Black metal workers 
 1964 TUCSA's regret that the government will not recognise Black trade unions 
 1965 Need to tackle illiteracy in trade unionists 
 1968 Danger of unorganised workers flooding the labour market 
 1969 Government's refusal to recognise Back trade unions and warning that registered trade unions should not concern themselves with the organisation of Black unions 
 1972 Channels of communication and negotiation for Black workers 
 1972-73 TUCSA's commitment to help organise Black workers 
 1973 Bantu Labour (Settlement of Disputes) Amendment Act 
 1974 Question or TUCSA admitting Black unions 
 1977 Victimisation of Black trade unionists 
 1979 Employer recognition of Black trade unions 
 1980 Usefulness of parallel trade unions 
 1984 TUCSA’s attempt to establish dialogue with Black trade unions 
Cd3 Correspondence: individual trade unions 
Cd3.1 African Food and Canning Workers Union 1 file 1959 
 Correspondence with the Secretary, 0. Mpetha 
 Subject: Banishment of Mrs Elizabeth Mafekeng 
Cd3.2 African Motor Industry Workers Union 1 file 1959-1964 
 Memorandum submitted to the South African Motor Industry Employers Association, 1950, and correspondence with the Secretary, C. Rehm 
 Subject: Organising of workers in the motor industry 
Cd3.3 Black Allied Workers Union 1 file 1905 
 Correspondence with the Secretary, D.E. Khumalo 
 Subject: Relationship with TUCSA 
Cd3.4 Black Mine Workers Union 1 file 1980 
 Constitution and correspondence with the Secretary, C. Botha 
 Subject: Financial assistance from TUCSA 
Cd3.5 E.P. Transport Workers Union 1 file 1967 
 Correspondence with the Secretary, H.J. Durkner 
 Subject: Possible affiliation to TUCSA 
Cd3.6 Metal Workers Union 1 file 1956-1962 
 Membership cards, correspondence with the Secretary, D. Tarok, and memorandum to the National Industrial Council for the Iron, Steel Engineering and Metallurgical Industry, 1962 
 Subject: Dissolution of the Plastic Workers Union and the question of monies belonging to it, 1956 
Cd3.7 National Union of Commercial, Constructive 4 Electrical Workers 1 file 1985-1986 
 Subject: Financial assistance and request to join TUCSA 
Cd3.8 S.A. Railway and Harbour Workers Union 1 file 1954-195 
 Constitution, minutes and correspondence with the Secretary, C. Mokeki 
 Subjects: Finance, a dispute between officials, wages and working conditions 
Cd4 Publications 
Cd4.1 Communist influence in African trade unions, May 1965 4p. 
Cd4.2 Africans in trade unions, TUCSA, Sep, 1972 42p. 
Cd4.3 Black trade unions in South Africa: the responsibilities of British companies, C.C.S.A., 1977 82p. 
Cd5 Thesis 
 Black trade unions in South Africa their role and potential. By H.J. Lewsen. A research report submitted to Faculty of Business Administration, University of the Witwatersrand, for the Degree of Master of Business Administration, 1976 
Cd6 Reports by African organisers 3 files 1963-1964 
 Dally and weekly reports by J. Mafunu, P. Mayisela, A. Morake, J.C. Mthembu and N. Tsukutla 
 Includes biographical information on Mthembu and Tsukutla 
Da Legislation 143 files 1954-1986 
Da1 Administration of Estates Act 1 file 1967-1969 
 Resolution by conference, article and correspondence with government departments 
Da2 Apprenticeship Act 9 files 1955-1980 
 Circulars, memoranda, Fact Sheet No.7, conference resolutions, press clippings, copies of the Act, correspondence with the Department of Labour and individual unions and minutes of meetings of representatives of unions affected by the training of apprentices. 
 Subjects: Proposed amendments to the Act and the following specific 
 1955 Representation on the National Apprenticeship Board (N.A.B.) 
 1958 Training of Blacks 
 1958 Enquiry into the apprenticeship system by the N.A.B. 
 1960-61 Black vocational training 
 1961 Special Conference to deal with the report and recommendations of the N.A.D. 
 1961-62 Defence training and conflict with apprenticeship system 
 1962-63 Block release of apprentices for technical training by employers 
 1965-67 Calling up of apprentices for military training 
Da3 Bantu Labour Relations Regulation Act 2 files 1968-1977 
 Circulars, explanatory memoranda, copies of the Bill, Fact Sheet No.3, constitution of the Procedure Liaison Committee and correspondence with the Department of Labour 
 Subject: amendments to the Act 
Da4 Bantu Labour (Settlement of Disputes) Amendment Act 1 file 1973 
 Memorandum submitted by TUCSA to the Secretary for Labour 
Da5 Bantu Laws Amendment Bill 1 file 1963-1960 
 Memoranda submitted by SACTU, TUCSA and other bodies, press clippings and telegram to the Minister of Bantu Administration 
 Subject: Condemnation of the Bill 
Da6 Basic Conditions of Employment Act 1 file 1983-1984 
 Copy of the Bill, exploratory memorandum by the Department of Manpower and circular re maternity leave 
Da7 Black Labour Act 1 file 1979 
 Circular from TUCSA about the Act 
Da8 Coinage Act 1 file 1964 
 Memorandum from TUCSA and correspondence with the Secretary to the House of Assembly 
 Subject: The proposed new decimal coinage 
Da9 Companies Act 1 file 1963-1968 
 Memorandum from TUCSA, minutes of Sub-Committer, correspondence with unions and the chairman of the Commission or Enquiry and press clippings 
 1963 Appointment of the Commission of Enquiry 
 1966 Companies Act and wages 
 1967 Insolvencies of companies 
 1968 Loss of contributions to benefit funds due to insolvencies 
Da10 Conditions of Employment Bill 1 file 1981 
 Copy of the Draft Bill, correspondence with the Department of Manpower and the Mine Surface Officials Association 
 Subject: Comments on the Bill 
Da11 Copyright Act 1 file 1964-1968 
 Correspondence with unions, Western Province Area Division and government departments 
 Subject: Implications of the Act 
Da12 Credit Agreements Dill 1 file 1976-1977 
 Copy of the Hill, comments by the Ombudsman, correspondence with unions and government departments and memorandum by TUCSA 
Da13 Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act 1 file 1956-1963 
 Circular by TUCSA analysing the Act 
Da14 Disposal of Containers 1 file 1977 
 TUCSA circular and comments on the Bill by Metal Box and the KSAT Group of Companies 
Da15 Factories, Machinery and Building Work Act 6 files 1955-1980 
 Circulars, memorandum from TUCSA, summary or the Act and copy of the Act, legal opinion, report of the Sub-Committee and correspondence with the Department of Labour, unions and the S.A. Bureau of Standard:; 
 Subjects: Amendments; to the Act of 1941, payment for overtime and the following specific topics: 
 1958 Scaffolding regulations 
 1960-62 Regulations governing building, demolition and excavation work 
 1964-65 First aid in factories 
 1966 Reduction in hours of work 
 1966-69 Paid sick leave 
Da16 Friendly Societies Act 1 file 1954-1967 
 Copy of the Act, legal opinion, memoranda from unions, industrial councils and trade union federations and correspondence with unions, Department or Labour and Registrar of Friendly Societies 
 Subject: Relationship between friendly societies and trade unions and industrial councils and whether TUCSA is a friendly society in terms of the Act 
Da17 Fund Raising Act 1 file 1978-1980 
 Press clippings, copy of the Act and legal opinion on it 
 Subject: Implication of the Act for the trade union movement 
Da18 General 1 file Undated 
 General principles of industrial legislation by P.Q.R. Boberg; suspension of certain measures of industrial legislation in the Bantu homelands by the Minister of Bantu Administration and Development: a memorandum prepared by TUCSA 
Da19 General Law Amendment Bill 3 files 1961-1973 
 Copy of the Bill, analysis and legal opinions of it, copy of the Government Gazette prohibiting gatherings and correspondence with unions, SACTU, T.U.C. (London), I.C.F.T.U. and the Department of Justice 
 Subjects; TUCSA's reaction to the Bill and the following specific subjects: 
 1961 Protest by TUCSA against abnegation of the rule of law 
 1962 Interview with Minister of Justice asking that TUCSA be excluded from the Bill 
 1963 Banning and detention of trade unionists 
 1969 Independence of the judiciary 
Da20 Croup Areas Act 1 file 1964-1974 
 Circulars and correspondence with government departments 
 1964 Travelling allowances for workers affected by the Act 
 1965--67 Financial louses incurred by workers 
 1974 Employment of Black domestic servants in Coloured areas 
Da21 Guidance and Employment Bill 1 file 1981 
 Correspondence with the Department of Manpower Utilisation 
 Subject: TUCSA's comments on the Bill 
Da22 Improper Political Interference Bill 1 file 1967 
 Resolutions by TUCSA and correspondence with the Department of the Interior 
 Subject: TUCSA's comments on the Dill 
Da23 Income Tax Act 1 file 1967 
 Resolutions and correspondence with government departments and the S.A. Federation of Professional and Business Women 
 Subjects: Need for minions to be tax-free and for women to be taxed separately 
Da24 Industrial Conciliation Act 12 files 1955-1901 
 Copies or the .Amendment Bill, memoranda from TULSA and A.J. Downes, correspondence with unions, SACTU, the preps and government departments, particularly the Department of Labour, Fact Sheet No.2 
 Subjects: Amendments to the. Act, compulsory deduction of trade union subscriptions, job reservation and the following specific topics: 
 1955 Reaction by TUCSA to changes made by the Select Committee 
 1956 Effect or the Act on the trade union: movement 
 1956 Appointment or members to the Industrial Tribunal 
 1950 TUCSA's reaction to proposed amendment:; 
 1962 Conciliation Board and Industrial Council agreement negotiations 
 1962 Relations between local authorities and their employees 
 1963 Victimisation of trade unionists 
 1964 Need to re-establish industrial courts 
 1965-67 Need for mix-monthly lists or unclaimed monies due to employees 
 1967 Right of all workers to belong to registered trade unions 
 1969 Suspension of industrial legislation in the homelands 
 1972 Definition of an employee 
 1973 TUCSA’s request that. Coloureds and Asiatics be allowed to participate in governing bodice of mixed trade unions 
 1977-81 TUCSA’s reaction to amendments to the Dill 
 1979 New definition of employee 
Da25 In-service Training Act 1 file 1979 
 Correspondence with the Secretary for Manpower Utilisation 
 Subject: Appointment: of members of the council for in-service training 
Da26 Insolvency Act 4 (1 item 19h13-1980 
 Copy of the Bill, memoranda from TUCSA and correspondence with unions and government departments 
 Subjects: Amendments of the Act and the following topics: 
 1950 Effect: or the Act on employees 
 1959 Salaries due to employees of an insolvent estate 
 1962 Question of deductions from wages of employees 
 1967 TUCSA's accusation of clothing companies being declared insolvent to avoid paying justifiable claims 
 1967-69 Loss of contributions to benefit funds 
 1980 Order or preference of claims lodged under the Act 
Da27 Labour Relations Act 3 files 1981-1985 
 Copy of the Hill, explanatory memorandum, notes and comments by TUCSA, programme for a seminar on the Act 1982 and correspondence with the Department of Manpower 
 Subjects: Amendments of the Act and the following topics: 
 1982-83 Questionnaire on race and sex discrimination in employment 
 1983 Resolution against secrecy re Industrial Council functions and activities 
 1983-85 Question of employers dismissing employees in a legal strike 
 1983 Meeting to discuss the role of industrial councils 
 1964-85 Penalty for withholding of trade union and industrial council deductions 
Da28 Liquor Act 1 file 1962-1965 
 Correspondence with the Department of Justice and Concession Stores & Allied Trades Assistants Union 
 1962 Question of mining companies being able to retail liquor for their employees, 
 1963-65 Closing hours of bottle stores 
Da29 Machinery and Occupational Safety 0111 2 files 1981-1986 
 Copy of the draft Bill, explanatory memorandum, comments by TUCSA and correspondence with the Department of Manpower 
 Subject; Suggested amendments to the Hill 
Da30 Maintenance and Promotion of Competition Act 1 file 1978-1981 
 Policy guidelines issued by the Competition Board and comments on the draft 8111 by TUCSA 
Da31 Manpower Training Bill 1 file 1968-1981 
 Copy of the Bill, explanatory note, comments by TUCSA and correspondence with Dr G.V Jacobs, M.P., and the Department or Manpower Utilisation 
 Subject: Training of workers at all levels in industry and commerce 
Da32 Master and Servants Act 1 file 1955 
 Correspondence between Amalgamated Engineering Union and Moodie. & Robertson, solicitors 
 Subject: Definition of "Servants" in the Act 
Da33 Matrimonial Affairs Act. 1 file 1968 
 Extract from the Senate debate, circular and correspondence with the Department of Justice 
 Subject: Contractual capacity of women and legal :status of women married in community of property 
Da34 Medical Schemes Act 4 files 1960-1979 
 Copy of the Dill and Draft Regulations, circulars and memoranda by TUCSA, minutes of the Association of Medical Benefit Societies of South Africa, press clippings and correspondence with the Department of Health, Registrar of Medical Schemes, Medical Association of South Africa and unions 
 Subjects: Amendments to the Act and the following topics: 
 1960 Heed for a social security scheme 
 1963-67 Medical Schemes Bill, to provide for the registration of medical schemes 
 1964-65 Compulsory X-ray for T.B. 
 1967 Dissatisfaction with fees felt. by doctors 
 1968-72 Discrimination against women in the Act 
 1979 Nigh cost of medicines 
Da35 Merchandise Marks Act 1 file 1956 
 Explanatory memorandum and correspondence with the Department of Commerce and Industries 
 Subject: Marking of goods with name of country of origin and effect of the Act on the jewellery industry 
Da36 Mines and Works Act 1 file 1956-.1962 
 Copy of the Act, findings and recommendations of the Mine Workers' Union and regulations re mine apprentices 
Da37 Motor Vehicle Insurance Act 3 files 1960-1964 
 Copy of the Bill, report and summary of findings of the Commission of Enquiry, circulars and correspondence with unions and the Secretary of the Commission 
 Subject: Amendments to the Act 
Da38 Native Building Workers Amendment Act 1 file 1955-1966 
 Analysis by A.J. Downes, correspondence with the Department of Labour, memorandum from the Building Workers Industrial Onion of South Africa, copy of the Act and amendment and circulars 
 1955-56 Exemptions from the Act 
 1957-59 Prohibition of using Blacks on skilled work in urban areas 
 1966 Rate Mr the Job 
Da39 Native Labour (Settlement of Disputes) Act (Continued as Bantu Labour (Settlement of Disputes) Act) 1 file 1955-1974 
 Copy of the Act, memoranda from TUCSA and S.A. Institute or Race Relations, analysis by A.J. Dowries and correspondence with the Department of Labour, African Fond and Canning Workers Union and H. Suzman 
 Subjects: Amendments to the Act and the following topics: 
 1956 Condemnation of the non-recognition of Black trade unions under the Act which will result in cheap unorganised labour flooding the market 
 1958-59 Arrest of workers in clothing and food industries under. the Act 
 1961 Question of Native Labour Committees being established under the Act 
 1966-74 TUCSA's wish for Black trade unions to be registered 
Da40 Native Laws Amendment 8111 1 file 1957 
 Copies of the Bill and Act and reply from the Department of Native Affairs to TUCSA's comments 
 Subject: Amending or the Native Labour Regulation Act, 1911, and the Natives (Urban Areas) Consolidation Act, 1945 
Da41 Nursing Act 1 file 1957 
 Correspondence with the Conference Committee, Orlando Municipal Clinic 
 Subject: Condemnation or implementing apartheid in the nursing profession 
Da42 Occupational Medicine Bill 1 file 1983-1984 
 Comments from TUCSA on the Bill 
Da43 Pension Fund Act 1 file 1961-1970 
 Circulars from TUCSA and correspondence with the Department of Finance and unions 
 Subject: Compulsory payment of interest to members of pension and provident funds 
Da44 Planning (Physical Utilisation of Resources) Bill 1 file 1967 
 Correspondence with TUCSA’s Parliamentary Liaison Committee and the American Federation of Labour 
 Subjects: TUCSA's reaction and the need for special instruments to measure impurities in working conditions 
Da45 Preservation or Pension Interests Bill I item 1982 
 TUCSA's comments to the Committee of Inquiry 
Da46 Price Control Amendment Bill 1 file 1967 
 Copy of the Bill, resolution from TUCSA and correspondence with government departments 
 Subject; Objections from TUCSA 
Da47 Prohibition of Improper Interference Bill 1 file 1966—1968 
 Copy of the Bill, explanatory memorandum, memorandum from TUCSA, legal opinion by Advocate S. Kentridge and correspondence with the Department: of the Interior, House of Assembly and unions 
 Subject: Reaction to the outlawing of all political contact over the colour line and the setting up of a Commission of Enquiry 
Da48 Public Safety Act 1 file 1960 
 Legal opinion and letters to cabinet ministers 
 Subjects: TUCSA's position as a federation and the request to end the state of emergency and release or charge those detained 
Da49 Registration for Employment Act l file 1965 
 Synopsis of the Act 
Da50 Rents Act 1 file 1965 
 Conference resolution and circular 
 Subject: Rent control 
Da51 Reservation of Separate Amenities Amendment Act 1 item 1966 
 Copy of the Bill 
Da52 Riotous Assemblies Act 1 item 1956 
 Comments on the Act by A.J. Downes 
Da53 Shops and Offices Act 6 files 1958-1976 
 Copy of the Bill, memorandum from TUCSA, minutes of the Sub-Committee appointed to consider the Act and correspondence with unions, mainly the National Union of Distributive Workers, and government departments 
 1958-59 Protest at proposed Transvaal shop hours 
 1961 Request by National Union of Distributive Workers to extend the scope of the Act 
 1961 Protest against threat to suspend the ordinance which would then allow female workers to be compelled to work shifts 
 1962 Request for a forty hour week 
 1963 Closing hours for bottle stores 
 1964 Dispute in the National Industrial Council for the Motor Industry 
 1965-66 Five-day week 
 1965-66 Easter Saturday 
 1972-73 Extension of shop hours 
 1972-73 Minimum lighting and ventilation for shops and offices 
 1974 Conservation of fuel by extending shop hours 
Da54 Suppression of Communism Act 1 file 1961-1965 
 Instructions to counsel and correspondence with government departments, SACTU and copy of u letter from A.J. Luthuli to D. Hartwell 
 1961 Banning of A.N.C. and P.A.C. under the Act 
 1961 Temporary banning of SACTU 
 1961 Banning of a lecture on job reservation 
 1961 Banning gatherings under the Act 
 1965 Legal opinion sought on Section 5 re restrictions on individuals 
Da55 Temporary Removal of Restrictions on Economic Activities Bill 1 file 1986 
 Notice and copy of the Bill 
Da56 Training of Artisans Act 1 file 1960-1961 
 Circular and correspondence with unions and government departments 
 Subject: Training courses at technical high schools for adults 
Da57 Unemployment Insurance Act 25 files 1955-1981 
 Copy of the Act, index to it, explanatory memorandum, memoranda by 
 TUCSA, legal opinions, annual reports and minutes of the Unemployment Insurance Board, reports of TUCSA’s Sub-Committee, conference resolutions, correspondence with the Department or Labour, Unemployment Insurance Commissioner, trade unions, Fact Sheet No.6 
 Subjects: Amendments to the Act and the following topics: 
 1955-56 Unemployment: Insurance benefits in the fishing industry 
 1955-56 Refusal of bonuses to those unemployed aunt before closing for holidays 
 1958 Ceiling on earnings 
 1958 Short-time benefits 
 1958 Payment to dependants of deceased contributors 
 1958 Re-inclusion of Paarl and Wellington 
 1958-59 Exemption iron U.I.F. in rural areas 
 1959 Alleged irregular application of penalties 
 1960 Refusal of benefits to permanently unfit 
 1962 Increase in unemployment 
 1962 TUCSA's disapproval or amendments 
 1963 Request to include occasional workers 
 1963 Question of holiday bonuses being earnings 
 1963-64 Illness benefits 
 1965 Need for mobile services 
 1967-68 Definition of a 'contributor' 
 1972 liaising or ceiling figure for contributors 
 1977 Entitlement of Transkeian workers to claim benefits 
 1978 Definition of 'week' and 'dependant' 
 1981 Unemployment insurance for workers not involved in a strike but prevented from working 
Da58 Union Education Advisory Council Dill 1 file 1961-1962 
 Press clippings, copy or the Rill, correspondence with unions and circular letter from the Home and School Council 
 Subject: Demand for withdrawal of the Bill 
Da59 Unlawful Organisations Act 1 file 1960-1961 
 Correspondence with unions and the Department of Labour and lead opinion 
 Subjects: Effect of the Bill on trade union's, demand that the state of emergency be lifted and detainees released 
Da60 Wage Act 4 files 1955-1082 
 Copy of the Act, circulars, conference resolution's, memoranda by TUCSA and J.R. Altman, Fact Sheet No.1 and correspondence with the Department of Labour and trade unions 
 Subjects: Amendments to the Act and the following topics: 
 1956 Need for a national minimum wage 
 1957 Composition of the Wage Board 
 1958 Wage Board investigation into unskilled labour Witwatersrand and Pretoria 
 1959 Wage policy: decentralisation of industries 
 1959 Wage Board investigation, unskilled trades. Durban 
 1959-60 Complaint about the government's low wage policy 
 1961 Need to utilise older and partly incapacitated workers 
 1966-68 National minimum wage for unskilled workers 
 1967 Wage Board Investigation into the dairy trade, Witwatersrand and Pretoria 
 1968 Wage Board investigation into the tea, coffee and chicory industry 
 1975 Wage Board personnel and procedures 
 1976 Inclusion of agricultural workers under the Act 
Da61 Workmen's Compensation Act 13 files 1955-1985 
 Copy of the Bill, summary of the provisions, assessment rates, medical handbook for the Act, minutes of a conference of representatives of employer and employee organisations, report, of the Sub-Committee appointed by TUCSA, memoranda from TULSA, Mining Unions Joint Committee and Dr B. Serebro, correspondence with unions, the Department of Labour, Workmen's Compensation Commissioner and the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa 
 Subjects: Amendments to the Act and the following topics: 
 1955 Possibility of founding a Bureau for Industrial Diseases 
 1956 Organisation of health and safety in industry 
 1957 Scale of payment during temporary disablement 
 1958 Scheduled occupational diseases 
 1960-62 Inclusion of chiropractic benefits to sick fund members 
 1961 Amount of compensation for permanent disablement 
 1961-62 Dispensing for injured workmen 
 1962 Problem of unclaimed benefits 
 1966 Compensation for miners with pneumoconiosis 
 1965 Treatment of injury cases at Addington Hospital, Durban 
 1968 Workers rehabilitation centres 
 1972 Delay in payment of benefits 
 1985 Establishment of an Objection Committee 
Db Administration 
Dbl Official bodies; general 9 files 1955-1985 
 Correspondence with government departments, boards and other official bodies mainly concerned with TUCSA's representation on these bodies 
Db2 Government departments: individuals 
Db2.1 Agriculture, Department of (Continued as Agricultural Economics and Marketing, Department of and Agricultural Economics and of Water Affairs, Department of) 4 files 1958-1985 
 Correspondence with the department, trade unions and South African Agricultural Union 
 Subjects: Appointments to the Consumer Advisory Committee and the following topics: 
 1959-60 Price of bread 
 1962-63 Campaign against malnutrition 
 1964 Consumer milk subsidy 
 1964 proposed tax on consumer goods 
 1974 Increase in the maize price 
 1975 Marketing of agricultural products 
 1977 Agricultural training 
 1978 Wages of agricultural workers 
 1981 Composition of various control boards 
 1983-85 Control board system 
Db2.2 Bantu Affairs and Development, Department or (Continued as Plural Relations and Development, Department of and Co-operation and Development, Department of, 4 files 1964-1985 
 Correspondence with the Department. Association of Chambers or Commerce of South Africa, Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce, South African Federated Chamber of Industries and the Transvaal Chamber or Industries 
 1965-68 Integration of the Southern Transvaal us a single labour area in respect of influx control 
 1966 Pensions for Blacks 
 1967 Question of home ownership for Blacks 
 1972-83 Social pension; and the means test 
 1977-79 Squatters 
 1979-84 Influx control 
 1983 Black (Urban Areas) Consolidation Act 
 1983 90-year Leasehold system 
 1983-84 TUCSA's request to allow Blacks to work in Coloured labour preference areas 
 1984 Freehold rights for urban Blacks 
 1985 Transfer of unexpired contracts of migrant workers 
 1985 New government policy on population removals 
 1985 Arrear accounts: Lekoa Town Connell 
 1985 Age limit for Black pupils 
Db2.3 Bantu Education, Department of (Continued as Education and Training, Department of and Education and Development Aid, Department of) 3 files 1965-1985 
 Correspondence with the Department and the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce 
 1965-66 Establishment of a commercial college at Soweto, the Jabulani Commercial College 
 1967 Regret at closing down of night schools run by universities 
 1972 More funds needed to provide education for all races, particularly elementary and technical education 
 1974 Training Centre at Bolger Park, Boksburg, For Blacks, Coloureds and Indians 
 1976 Need for equal educational facilities for all industrial training centres 
 1978-79 The draft Education And Training Bill 
Db2.3 1979 Need for free universal compulsory education and the abolition of race barriers to university entrance 
 1981 TUCSA's resolution on the need to eliminate discrimination in education 
 1981 Black teachers' salaries 
 1985 Unrest situation in schools in the Vaal triangle 
Db2.4 Census and Statistics, Board of (Continued as Statistics, Bureau of) 4 files 1954-1974 
 Correspondence with the Department, Statistical News Releases and estimates of gross and net national income 
 Subjects: Consumer price index and the following topics: 
 1955-68 Survey of family expenditures 
 1958 Survey of accounts of public companies 
 1959 Statistics or female employees 
 1968 Need to strengthen the Bureau to increase statistical information 
 1979 Unemployment figures of Blacks 
Db2.5 Coloured Affairs, Deportment of (Continued as Coloured, Rehoboth and Nama Relations, Department of and Coloured Relations, Department or) 3 files 1968-1981 
 Correspondence with the Department 
 1968 Compulsory education for Coloured pupils 
 1969-79 Social pensions for Coloureds 
 1970-71 Coloured teachers' salaries 
 1971-60 Technical training facilities for Coloureds 
 1976-77 Homes for orphans 
 1976-79 Need to improve Coloured education 
Db2.6 Commerce and Industries, Board of (Continued as Commerce and Industries, Department of, Commerce, Department of, Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Department of, Trade and Industries, Department; or) 9 files 1955-1985 
 Correspondence with the Department, Price Controller and the unions 
 Subjects: import control and the following topics: 
 1955 Effect of importation on local goods 
 1956 Importation of buses 
 1960 Campaign by S.A. Tanners Association against synthetics 
 1964 Protest against minimum prices for selling fixed by manufacturers 
 1965 Investigation into resale price maintenance 
 1968 Limitation or profit margins 
 1968-69 Consumer protection 
 1968 Increase in cinema tickets 
 1970 Unwarranted price increases due to metrication 
 1970-71 Proposed National Consumer Bureau 
 1971 Commission of Enquiry into the export trade 
 1976 Appointment of Trade Practices Advisory Committee 
 1977 Discriminatory trade practice:; and pricing policies 
 1980 Price of petrol 
 1982 Tariff protection 
 1984 Decentralisation of industry and job creation 
Db2.7 Community Development., Deportment or 5 ft lea 1965-1984 
 Correspondence with the Department 
 Subjects: Shortage of housing and the following topics: 
 1966 Rent control 
 1966 Group Areas Act 
 1967 Rents of sub-economic housing in Johannesburg 
 1968 Industrialised building 
 1969-70 Accommodation for the frail aged 
 1972 Community Development Amendment Dill 
 1974 Rents Amendment: Bill 
 1974 Problem or high density dwellings 
 1075-76 Commission or Inquiry into housing matters 
 1977 Squatters 
 1978 Home ownership for Blacks 
 1980 Restaurant and toilet facilities 
 1980-84 Application of Group Areas Act 
Db2.8 Constitutional Development rued Planning, Department of 1 file 1983-1986 
 Correspondence with the Department 
 1983-84 Nominations to Regional Development Advisory Committees 
 1984 Technical Advisory Committee on Prices 
 1984 Constitutional Worn 
 1984 Re-demarcation of Southern Africa in development region 
 1986 Black Local Authorities Amendment Bill 
Db2.9 Economic Advisory Council 14 files 1960-1985 
 Correspondence with the Department, minutes of Sub-Committee and reports from TUCSA 
 Subjects: Representation on the Council, the state of the economy and 
 the following topics: 
 1960-61 Composition and role of the Council 
 1962 Possibility of Britain joining the European Common Market 
 1962-63 Application of economic budgeting to South Africa 
 1968 Shortage of housing affecting the economy 
 1968-71 Shortage of labour and better utilisation of existing labour 
 1971-74 Inflation 
 1978-79 Unemployment 
 1981 Conservation of natural resources 
 1981 Industrial development for Southern Africa 
Db2.10 Education, Department of (Continued as National Education, Department of) 2 files 1964-1986 
 Correspondence with the Department and Provincial Education Departments 
 1964 Provision or free school books 
 1967 Social research in South Africa 
 1967 School feeding scheme 
 1972 Shortage of funds for elementary and technical education 
 1972 Composition of television board of control 
 1975 He-training of workers in industry 
 1979-80 Need for universal compulsory free education 
 1982 H.S.R.C. report on education 
 1982-84 Industrial relations education 
Db2.11 Environmental Affairs, Department of 1 file 1981-1984 
 Correspondence with the department 
 Subjects: Control of pollution, conservation and provision of water 
Db2.12 Finance, Department of 6 files 1955-1985 
 Correspondence with the Department and the Commissioner for Inland Revenue 
 Subjects: Income tax, the budget and the following topics: 
 1959 Protest at the increase in provincial tax 
 1959 Cost of living, unemployment and the economic position 
 1960 P.A.Y.E. 
 1964 Investigation into resale price maintenance 
 1967 Tax on cinema tickets 
 1967-76 Separate taxation for married women 
 1968-79 Income tax on pensioners 
 1974 Tax on rice 
 1978 Draft Sales Tax Bill 
 1980 General sales tax 
 1982 Social pensions 
 1983 State lotteries 
 1983-84 CST on school textbooks 
 1984 Limitation of Friendly Society benefits 
Db2.13 Health, Department of (Continued as Health, Welfare and Pensions, Department of and Health and Welfare, Department or) 4 files 1960-1986 
 Correspondence with the Department . 
 Subjects: Medical Schemes Act and the following topics: 
 1962 Disposal or agricultural produce 
 1964 Family planning clinics 
 1965 Compulsory screening for tuberculosis 
 1967 Cost of drugs 
 1968 Institutions for mentally retarded children 
 1972 Aims of the National Association of Medical Benefit Schemes 
 1972 Discrimination against women in Medical Schemes Act 
 1973 Eradication of tuberculosis 
 1980 Alcoholism 
 1981 Nutrition 
 1982 Family planning 
 1982-85 Cont of medical attention and medicine» 
 1984 Social pensions. 
 1986 Racial discrimination in hospitals 
Db2.14 Indian Affairs. Department of 3 files 1966-1981 
 Correspondence with the Department 
 1966 Provision of free school books 
 1966-76 Old age and social pensions 
 1971 Indian teachers' salaries 
 1972 Shortage of funds for• elementary and technical education 
 1972 Admission to South Africa of Indian immigrants 
 1972 Welfare services for Indians 
 1975-81 Education for Indians 
 1976 Homes for children 
 1976 Technical training centres 
Db2.15 Industrial Registrar 7 files 1958-1986 
 Correspondence with the Department and trade unions 
 Subjects: Applications for registration and supply of information by TUCSA as required under the I.C. Act 1956 
Db2.16 Industrial Tribunal 1 file 1957-1959 
 Correspondence with the Industrial Tribunal and unions 
 1957 Investigation into the clothing industry 
 1957 Functions of assessors 
 1958 Investigation into labour position in Western Province 
 1959 Wage incentive schemes 
Db2.17 Information, Department or 3 files 1974-1979 
 Correspondence with the Department 
 Subject: Confirming arrangements for appointments with guests from overseas 
Db2.18 Interior, Department of (Continued as Internal Affairs, Department of and Home Affairs, Department of) 2 files 1955-1986 
 Correspondence with the Department 
 Subjects: Refusal of visas and passports and the following topics: 
 1055 Protest at classification of Coloured people 
 1960 Use of identity numbers for purposes of registration under the Unemployment Insurance Act 
 1971 Identity numbers for immigrants 
 1977 State lottery 
 1981 Industrial and Coloured Affairs now under Internal Affairs 
 1981 Refusal of passport to Mrs E. Seloro, Secretary of Textile Workers Union 
 1981 Prosecutions in terms of the Group Areas Act 
 1982 Social pensions 
 1982 Paid public holidays 
 1985 Refusal of passports to Black trade unionists 
Db2.19 Justice, Department of 3 files 1955-1986 
 Correspondence with the Department, the National Union of Distributive Workers and the Director of Pensions 
 1958 Rehabilitation of prisoners 
 1962 General Law Amendment Bill 
 1967 Attorneys Amendment Act 
 1967 Prosecutions requested by Industrial Council 
 1968-70 Administration of Estates Act: unclaimed moneys 
 1973 Bilingualism in liquor licensed hotels for whites 
 1976 Crime rate 
 1976-82 Detentions and kennings under the Suppression of Communism Act 
 1979 Rights of arrested persons 
 1980 Gambling and state lotteries 
 1981 Race restrictions at international status hotels 
 1984-85 Nigh cost of litigation 
 1985 Police activities and squatters 
 1986 United Nations Commission on International Trade Law 
Db2.20 Juvenile Affairs Board 1 file 1958-1972 
 Correspondence with the Divisional Inspectors of Labour 
 Subjects: Nominations to the Board, its functions, the question of labour camps and the employment of minors 
Db2.21 Labour, Department of (Continued as Manpower, Department of) 15 files 1954-1906 
 Correspondence with the Department 
 Subjects: Wage determinations and the following topics: 
 1956-57 Research Bureau for Industrial Diseases 
 1957-59 Cost of living allowances 
 1957-1959 Illegality of employers in certain industries deducting subscriptions for Black trade unionists 
 1959-66 Employment of older persons 
 1961-62 National minimum wage 
 1965 Compulsory deductions of trade union subscriptions 
 1965-68 Discrimination against women in the civil service 
 1969 Interview of the 'TUCSA delegation with the Minister of Labour re improving Industrial legislation 
 1970-72 Suspension of I.C. And Wage Acts in the homelands 
 1971 Mergers and the relocation or industry 
 1971-75 Wages of Black workers 
 1972 Working overtime 
 1976 Bantu Labour Relations Regulation Act 
 1977 Paid sick leave for apprentices 
 1977 Inferior conditions of employment in border industries 
 1979 I.C. Amendment Bill 
 1981 Registration of in-company unions 
 1981 Sex discrimination in industrial legislation 
 1981 "Closed shop" 
 1981 Inadequacy of the Industrial Court 
 1981 Difficulties in having trade unions registered 
 1982 Domestic and farm workers 
 1982 declaration on apartheid 
 1982-84 Shorter hours of work 
 1984 Vocational rehabilitation and employment 
 1984 Training in labour relations 
 1984-85 Application of international conventions in South Africa 
 1984-85 Paid public holidays 
 1985 Daylight saving 
 1986 TUCSA’s request that immigration from overseas be stopped because of unemployment 
Db2.22 Mineral Affairs and Energy, Department of 1 file 1981-1986 
 Correspondence with the Department 
 1981 Conservation of South Africa's natural resources 
 1985 Daylight saving 
 1986 Increase in the price of petrol 
Db2.23 National Apprenticeship Board 1 file 1955-1961 
 Circulars, memoranda and reports by the Board and TUCSA 
 Subjects: Representation on the Board, and revision of the apprenticeship system 
Db2.24 National Manpower Commission 3 files 1981-1986 
 Questionnaire, memoranda and correspondence with the Commission 
 _1981 Survey on training 
 1981-83 Productivity 
 1981-83 Report on activities in the labour field 
 1983 Investigation into the "closed shop" 
 1984 Registration of trade unions and employers' organisations 
 1984 TUCSA’s threat to withdraw from the Commission 
 1984 Investigation into conditions of employment of agricultural and domestic workers 
 1986 Recent developments in the field of manpower 
Db2.25 Parliament of the Republic of South Africa 1 file 1983-1986 
 Correspondence with the Secretary 
 1983-84 Orderly Movement and Settlement of Black Persona Rill 
 1986 Temporary removal of restrictions on Economic Activities 0111 
Db2.26 Planning and the Environment and of Statistics, Department of 1 file 1969-1977 
 Correspondence with the Department 
 Subject: Environmental Planning Act 
Db2.27 Posts and Telegraphs, Department of 2 files 1956-1978 
 Correspondence with the Department 
 195G Postal service delays 
 1956-58 Conditions of employment for telegraph messengers 
 1959 Increase in postal tariffs 
 1965-67 Request for pensioners to be exempt from paying radio licences 
 1978 Refresher courses for trained telephonists in the private GCC for 
Db2.28 President's Council 1 file 1983-1985 
 Correspondence with the Secretary 
 Subjects: Investigations into the stimulation of informal and non-formal education, the cumbersome administrative procedures and red tape and an urbanisation strategy for South Africa 
Db2.29 Prime Minister, Office of the. (Continued as State President's Office) 2 files 1960-1986 
 Correspondence with the private secretary to the Prime Minister 
 1960 TUCSA's regret at the attempt on H.F. Verwoerd 
 1966 TUCSA’S sympathy on the assassination of H.F. Verwoerd 
 1971 Labour shortage 
 1971 Frustration felt by non-whites and deteriorating race relations 
 1972 Inflation and the economy 
 1972 I.L.O. and apartheid 
 1973 Education and removal of the Colour bar 
 1973 Inflation 
 1974 Equal pay for equal work 
 1976 Need to promote dialogue between the races 
 1976 Elimination of discrimination 
 1977 TUCSA’s refusal to attend the Prime Minister's labour talks 
 1978-79 Human rights in South Africa 
 1979 Address by P.W. Botha, Carlton Centre, Johannesburg 
 1981-85 Need to speed up elimination of racial discrimination 
 1982 Resolution condemning banning and detention without trial 
 1982 Regional Development Advisory Committees 
 1983 Anti-Inflation Conference 
 1986 Conference on deregulation 
Db2.30 Social Welfare and Pensions, Department of 7 tiles 1958-1979 
 Correspondence with the Department and memoranda 
 Subjects: The old age pension and the means test and the following topics: 
 1960 Committee of Inquiry into family allowances 
 1964 Proposed National Social Security Scheme 
 1970 Institutional care and housing of the aged 
 1975 Proposed amendment. or the Pension Funds Act 
 1975 Homes for orphans 
 1976-77 National Contributory Pension Scheme 
 1979 Impossibility of implementing monthly social pensions 
Db2.31 South African Bureau of Standards 2 files 1955-1981 
 Correspondence with the Bureau 
 Subjects: Representation on technical committees and revision of standard specifications for various articles 
Db2.32 Transport, Department of 6 files 1955-1986 
 Correspondence with the Department and trade unions 
 1955 Railway travel facilities 
 1956 Apartheid regulations at D.F. Malan airport 
 1965-70 Advisory Committee on Motor Vehicle Insurance 
 1966 Public transport services 
 1969 TUCSA's objection to increased bus fares 
 1970 Transport subsidy for Coloureds 
 1970 Need for a Coloured bus service between Boksburg and Wadeville 
 1973 Air excursion fares 
 1975 Equal travel facilities for all race:: 
 1076 Urban Transport Bill 
 1979 Transport between airports and city terminals 
 1979 Improvement of relations between road users and traffic officers 
 1982 Bus Transport Commission 
 1983 National transport policy study 
 1984 Road Transportation Amendment Bill 
 1986 Compulsory fitting of tachographs to heavy vehicles 
Db2.33 Unemployment Insurance Fund 5 files 1960-1986 
 Correspondence with the Unemployment Insurance Commissioner and reports of the Unemployment Insurance Board 
 Subjects: The Unemployment Insurance Act, representatives on the Board and the question of benefits for commuters and contract workers 
Db2.34 Wage Board 20 files 1958-1978 
 Correspondence with the secretary of the Wage Board and memoranda presented to the Board 
 Subjects: Low wage policy, representation on the Board and sittings of the Board including the following: 
 1958 Investigation into the clothing industry, Transvaal 
 1958 Investigation into the unskilled labour, Witwatersrand and Pretoria 
 1958 Investigation into the clothing industry, certain areas 
 1960 Investigation into the brush and broom manufacturing industry 
 1960-61 Investigation into the commercial distributive trade (principal areas) 
 1960 " clothing industry, certain areas (Cape) 
 1962 Investigation into the mineral water manufacturing industry, certain areas 
 1963 Investigation into the catering trade, certain areas 
 1963 Investigation into the commercial distributive trade (smaller towns) 
 1963 Investigation into the tea, coffee and chicory industry, Pretoria 
 1965 Investigation into the unskilled labour (local authorities) certain areas 
 1966 Investigation into the commercial distributive trade (principal areas) 
 1967 Investigation into the bespoke tailoring trade 
 1967 Investigation into the dairy industry, Witwatersrand and Pretoria 
 1967 Investigation into the woolwashing trade, certain areas 
 1967 Investigation into the cordage and matting industry, certain areas 
 1967 Investigation into the stonecrushing industry, certain areas 
 1967 Investigation into the ceramics industry, certain areas 
 1967 Investigation into the soap, candles, edible oils. or nuts, certain areas 
 1967 Investigation into the glass and glassware manufacturing industry 
 1967 Investigation into the mineral water manufacturing industry, certain arena 
 manufacture of ladies' stockings 
 1967 Investigation into the breed and confectionery Industry, East London, King William's Town and Queenstown 
 1967 Investigation into the transport undertaking (goods), certain areas 
 1967 Investigation into the manufacture of condensed milk and other milk products, certain areas 
 1967 Investigation into the plywood industry 
 1968 Investigation into the tea, coffee and chicory industry 
 1968 Investigation into the food industry 
 1968 Investigation into the stevedoring trade 
 1968 Investigation into the milling industry 
 " lampshade making industry 
 1969 Investigation into the meat trade, Western and Eastern Province 
 1970 Investigation into the unskilled labour, Durban. Pietermaritzburg and Pine town 
 1972 Investigation into the commercial distributive trade (principal areas) 
 1973 Investigation into the unskilled wage determination 
 1977 Investigation into the commercial distributive trade 
Db2.35 Workmen’s Compensation Commissioner 1 file 1955-1965 
 Correspondence with the Commissioner 
 Subjects: Administration of the Act, assessors to represent workmen and the possible formation or a Research Bureau for Industrial Diseases 
Dc Arbitration: Industrial Councils 
Dc1 General 1 file 1964-1985 
 Correspondence with the Department of Labour and memoranda 
 1964 Extension of areas of jurisdiction of industrial councils 
 1973 Fact Paper into the nature of agreements 
 1985 TUCSA's comments on a consultative memorandum on Industrial council agreements 
Dc2 Individual Councils 
Dc2.1 Cotton Textile Manufacturing Industry 1 file 1984 
 Circular attached to judgment of the Industrial Court in the matter between the National Union of Textile Workers and the Industrial Council for the Cotton Textile Manufacturing Industry 
Dc2.2 Furniture Manufacturing Industry of the Cape Province 1 file 1956 
 Verbatim minutes of the Council 
Dc2.3 Iron, Steel, Engineering and Metallurgical .Industry 1 file 1962-1976 
 Memoranda submitted by Metal Workers Unions of the Transvaal, Natal and the Cape, Sheetmetal Workers Union of South Africa and the Engineering Workers Union of South Africa 
Dc2.4 Jewellery and Precious Metal industry 1 file 1958 
 Circulars from the Industrial Council relating to the compulsory marking of Jewellery and the Merchandise Marks Act 
Dc2.5 Laundry, Dry Cleaning and Dyeing Trade 1 file 1966 
 Memorandum from the Laundering, Cleaning and Dyeing Workers Union of South Africa 
Dc2.6 Leather Industry 1 file 1964 
 Comparison of statistics 1962-1964 
Dc2.7 Motor industry 1 file 1964-1986 
 Letter to Mr Justice. Broome, arbitrator, 4 Dec.1964, re the dispute in the industry; telexes from Director-General of Manpower re his decision not to extend the agreement to non-parties 
Dc2.8 Printing and Newspaper Industry 1 item 1960 
 Handbook or the industry 1956-1959 
Dc2.9 Tearoom, Restaurant and Catering Trade, Witwatersrand 1 item 1966 
 Memorandum by the Witwatersrand Tearoom, Restaurant and Catering Trade Employees Union 
Dd Investigation: Commission and Committees of' Enquiry (Chronologically) 
Dd1 Commission of Enquiry into motor vehicle insurance 1 file 1955 
 Memorandum from TUCSA 
Dd2 Commission for the socio-economic development of the Bantu areas within the Union of South Africa (Tomlinson) 1 file 1956 
 Analysis of some of the recommendations, by A.J. Downes 
Dd3 Commission of Enquiry into the policy relating to the protection of industries 1 file 1957-1959 
 Correspondence, memorandum of evidence presented by the South African Federated Chamber of Industries, memorandum from the South African Confederation or Labour and report of the Commission 
Dd4 Committee to investigate the nutrition of Europeans in industry 1 file 1958 
 Minutes of meetings and correspondence with the National Nutrition Council 
Dd5 Committee of Enquiry into pneumoconiosis compensation 1 file 1960 
 Memoranda from the Iron Moulders Society of South Africa, the South African Federation of Trade Union: and TUCSA 
Dd6 The National Housing and Planning Commission 1 file 1960 
 Memorandum from TUCSA 
Dd7 Commission of Enquiry into the high cost of medical services and medicines 1 file 1960-1962 
 Memorandum from TUCSA, correspondence and report of the Commission 
Dd8 Committee of Enquiry into family allowance: 1 file 1960 
 Terms of reference, correspondence and memorandum by TUCSA 
Dd9 Commission of Enquiry into compulsory motor vehicle insurance (1960) 18 boxes 1961-1962 
 31 volumes of minutes of evidence as follows: 
 Vols 1-2 Pretoria 22-23 Aug.1961 
 Vols 3 Pietersburg 8 Sep. 1961 
 Vols 4 Klerksdorp 22 Sep. 1961 
 Vols 5-7 Pretoria 2-4 Oct. 1961 
 No number East London 6 Oct. 1961 
 Vols 8-14 Johannesburg 11-26 Oct. 1961 
 Vols 14A Windhoek 30 Oct. 1961 
 Vols 15 George 13 Nov. 1961 
 Vols 16-17 Cape Town 15-16 Nov 1961 
 Vols 18 Beaufort West 17 Nov 1961 
 Vols 19 Kimberley 18 Nov 1961 
 Vols 20 Bloemfontein 27 Nov 1961 
 Vols 21 Bethlehem 28 Nov 1961 
 Vols 22 Durban 29 28 Nov 1961 
 Vols 23-27 Johannesburg 7-19 Dec. 1961 
 Vols 28-30 Pretoria 9-13 Jan.1962 
 Vols 31 Cape Town 24 Jan 1962 
 Vols 32-35 Pretoria 8 Fob-9 Mar.1962 
 B Pretoria 11 Jul.1961 
 C Pretoria 24 Jul. 1961„ 
 D Beaufort West 17 Nov. 1961 
 E Cape Town 25 Jan.1962 
 Also a copy of the questionnaire, agenda and minutes of the Commission of Inquiry 1960-1962, memoranda from TUCSA and from various other bodies 
Dd10 Committee on shift work 1 file 1961-1962 
Dd11 Commission of Inquiry into chiropractics 2 files 1962-1964 
 Correspondence 1956-1964, memorandum from TUCSA, copy of the Chiropractic Bill 1962 and of the Government Gazette 19 Oct.1962, and printed items on chiropractors 
Dd12 Commission of Enquiry into the Companies: Act 1 file 1963 
 Appointment or the Commission and notes 
Dd13 Parliamentary Select Committee to consider representations in respect of the projected changes in the coinage 1 file 1964 
 Memorandum from TUCSA, correspondence 1960-1961 and Government Gazette 17 Jun.1950 
Dd14 Committee of Enquiry into pension fund mutters 1 file 1964-1965 
 Report, correspondence 1965-1973 and circulars 
Dd15 Parliamentary Select Committee appointed to consider representations in respect of the Medical Schemes Act 1 file 1965 
 Memorandum from TUCSA 
Dd16 Parliamentary Commission or Enquiry appointed to consider representations in respect of the Prohibition of Improper Interference Bill 1 file 1966 
 Memorandum from TUCSA 
Dd17 Commission of Enquiry into the Companies Act 1 file 1967 
 Memorandum from TUCSA 
Dd18 Commission of Enquiry into monetary and fiscal policy of South Africa 1 file 1967-1968 
 Memorandum from TUCSA, summary or the recommendations made to the Commission and correspondence 
Dd19 Commission of Enquiry: Transvaal Shop Hours Ordinance 2 files 1968 
 Correspondence 1959-1968, mainly with the Administrator of the Transvaal, questionnaire, memoranda from the National Union of Distributive Workers and TUCSA and circulars relating to the Ordinance 
Dd20 Permanent Interdepartmental Committee on the co-ordination of education for all races 1 file 1968 
 Memorandum from TUCSA, report in Afrikaans by the Committee and correspondence 
Dd21 Commission of Enquiry into universities 1 file 1969 
 Correspondence and terms of reference 
Dd22 Inter-Departmental Committee on the decentralisation of industries 1 file 1971 
 White Paper issued by the Department of Industries, report of the Permanent Committee for the relocation of industry for 1969, submissions from TUCSA and conference papers 
Dd23 Commission of Enquiry into the export trade 1 file 1973 
 Submissions from TUCSA 
Dd24 Committee of Enquiry into the payment or maintenance grants 1 file 1972 
Dd25 Commission of Inquiry into matters relating to the Coloured population 1 file 1972 
 Correspondence, press statements and guidelines Issued by the Commission and memorandum from TUCSA 
Dd26 Committee of Inquiry into urban transport facilities 1 file 1974-1975 
 Report and White Paper 
Dd27 Commission of Inquiry into industrial health 1 file 1975 
 Memorandum from TUCSA and correspondence 
Dd28 Commission of Inquiry into the regulation or Monopolistic Conditions Act 1 file 1975-1976 
 Memoranda from TUCSA and correspondence 1960-1076 
Dd29 Commission of Inquiry into housing matters 1 file 1976 
 Memorandum from TUCSA, questionnaire and correspondence 
Dd30 Commission of Inquiry into the disturbance of Soweto and other places in June 1976 (Cillie) 2 files 1976-1979 
 Guidelines on evidence and memoranda from various organizations including TUCSA 
Dd31 Commission of Inquiry into legislation affecting the utilisation of manpower (Riekert) 3 files 1977-1980 
 Correspondence 1965-1980 on manpower, guidelines, memoranda from TUCSA, summary of findings and recommendations, White Paper, address by P.J. Riekert, report and analysis of the report by P.J. van der Merwe 
Dd32 Commission of Inquiry into labour legislation (Wiehahn) 4 files 1977-1981 
 Names of members, copy of the Commission's appointment, correspondence, circulars, memoranda from the Garment Workers Union Consultative Committee, TUCSA, Institute for Industrial Relations, S.A. Federation or Leather Trade Unions, Fair labour practices code for South Africa, questionnaire, report of the Commission, White Paper, Wiehahn II: the crunch on training, edited from an address by D. Sutton 
Dd33 Committee of Inquiry into certain specified pension matters (continued as the Select Committee on pension benefits 1984-1986) 1 file 1978-1981 
 Press statement by the Ministers of Finance and Social Welfare and Pensions, correspondence, memorandum from TUCSA 
Dd34 Commission or Inquiry into public holidays 1 file 1979 
 Circular and letter from TUCSA 
Dd35 Commission of Inquiry into compensation for occupational diseases 1 file 1979 
 Memoranda from TUCSA and jointly from the National Union of Distributive Workers and the National Union of Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers and correspondence 
Dd36 Commission of Inquiry into bus passenger transportation 1 file 1981-1983 
 Government Gazette appointing the Commission, circular from TUCSA containing the Commission's recommendations, TUCSA's submissions and an address given by J.A. Grobbelaar on the report 
Dd37 Commission of Inquiry into the tax system 1 file 1983-1986 
 Circulars from TUCSA, correspondence and guidelines from the Department of Inland Revenue on the harmonization of the tax system 
Ea Africa 
Ea1 Botswana (Previously Bechuanaland) 1 file 1967 
 List of names and addresses of people connected with labour mutters in Botswana and letter to the Botswana Federation of Labour 
Ea2 Lesotho (Previously Basutoland) 1 file 1956-1976 
 Basutoland Government Gazette Extraordinary 21 Apr.1965 containing, The trade unions and Trade Disputes Law. 1964, press cuttings, and correspondence with Lesotho unions 
 1956 Proposed establishment of a coordinating trade union body 
 1963 Manifesto of the Basutoland Labour Party 
 1967 Opening up contact with national coordinating bodies in Southern Africa 
 1975 Strikes in South African mines, deferred pay and dismissal of Lesotho workers 
 1975 Formation of the Lesotho Nine Workers Union 
 1976 Consultation on migratory labour 
 1976 Formation of the Lesotho Congress of Trade Unions 
Ea3 Malawi (Previously Nyasaland) 1 file 1967-1971 
 Correspondence with T.U.C. of Malawi and Malawi's ambassador in Pretoria 
 Subject: Contact between Malawi and various national coordinating bodies in Southern Africa 
Ea4 South West Africa/Namibia 2 files 1955. 1974-1986 
 Copies of ordinances and proclamations 1917-1954 and correspondence with the Namibian Federation of Trade Unions 
 Subjects: Formation of the Namibian Federation of Trade Unions, problems facing the Federation and help given by TUCSA 
Ea5 Swaziland 1 file 1955-1977 
 Copies of Swaziland's industrial legislation 1949-1955 and correspondence with Swaziland Mineworkers Trade Union and Swaziland Railway Workers Union 
 1968 Application to affiliate from Swaziland Railway Workers Union 
 1968 Appeal for help from TUCSA for Swaziland Mineworkers Trade Union 
 1976 Formation or USUTU Artisan Trade Union 
Ea6 Zambia (Previously Northern Rhodesia) 1 file 1956-1963 
 Correspondence with the Northern Rhodesia Mine Workers Union and with South African trade unions 
 1956 Agreement between the Northern Rhodesia Mine Workers Union and the copper mining companies 
 1957 Wage determination for shop assistants 
 1958-59 Copperbelt strike 
 1960 Demand that the Preservation of Public Security Ordinance Bill be repealed 
Ea7 Zimbabwe (Previously Southern Rhodesia) 8 files 1955-1980 
 Correspondence with the Trade Union Congress of Rhodesia and the 
 Associated Mine Workers of Rhodesia 
 Subjects: Annual conferences of the TUC of Rhodesia, addresses by TUCSA officials and the following topics: 
 1956 Native Industrial Workers Union Bill 
 1957-59 Proposed new Industrial Conciliation Bill 
 1958 "Operation Stickle": importation of British building workers 
 1966 Petrol rationing in Rhodesia 
 1966 Accusation by overseas trade unionists of racialism in Rhodesian trade unions 
 1966 Contributory old age pension scheme 
 1966 Recruitment of expatriate employees for Rhodesian Railways 
 1966 Conditions of employment in the mining industry 
 1967 Joint meeting of TUCSA and TUC of Rhodesia, 20 May, in Bulawayo 
 1969 Request for an arbitrator for the Rhodesian Railways dispute 
 1972 Wankie Colliery mining disaster 
 1974 Rhodesia as a buffer against terrorism 
 1976 Question of majority rule 
 1980 Unification of all Rhodesian unions after the end of the war 
Eb America 
Eb1 U.S.A.: General 4 files 1956-1986 
 Correspondence mainly with academics at American universities 
 Subject: Exchange or information 
Eb2 Professor J. Hutchinson 2 files 1976-1980 
 Correspondence with Professor J. Hutchinson, Industrial Relations, University of California 
 Subjects: Exchange of information and the following topics: 
 1976-77 Professor Hutchinson's proposals for a Rhodesian settlement 
 1978 Professor Hutchinson's proposals for 'The Atlantic Council', an association of independent individuals and institutions in the U.S.A. Britain and Southern Africa, to promote constitutional government and racial justice. 
 1979 Zimbabwe/Rhodesia election 
Eb3 African-American Labor Centre 1 file 1975-1981 
 Correspondence with the Executive Director 
 1981 Programme of action to support Black trade unions in South Africa 
 1981 Southern African Regional Women's Conference 
Eb4 United States-South African Leader Exchange Program (USSALEP) 1 file + 1 cassette 1965-1979 
 Correspondence with the Director and addresses by the President 
 Subject: Award of leadership grants to trade unionists 
Eb5 American Federation of Labour and Congress of Industrial Organization (AFL-CIO) 2 files 1956-1982 
 Correspondence with officials at the AFL-CIO 
 Subjects: Exchange or information and the following topics: 
 1972 Training courses for Black workers 
 1976 Proposed visit: to South Africa by AFL-CIO delegation 
 1977 Boycott of South Africa 
 1977 Bannings or organisations, individuals and newspapers in South Africa 
 1977 Attack on TULSA by Black leaders at AFL-CIO meeting 
 1982 Visit by AFL-CIO delegation to South Africa 
Eb6 U.S.A.: Government 4 files 1955-1986 
 Correspondence with consular staff including the American Consul-General in South Africa, with other officials and politicians 
 Subjects: Exchange of Information and the following topics: 
 1962-64 Trade union courses at Harvard University 
 1967 Comparison between South African and American ways of life, with particular reference to trade unions 
 1978 Address by Professor N. Wiehahn to American labour leaders 
 1985 Disinvestment 
Eb7 U.S.A. Department of Labour 1 file + 2 vols 1962-1966 
 Correspondence and Directory of Labour Organisations Africa 
 Subjects: Exchange of information and foreign leadership grants 
Ec Australasia 
Ec1 Australia 1 file 1955-1980 
 Correspondence with Building Workers Industrial Union of Australia, Labour Council of New South Wales and the Australian Embassy, Pretoria 
 Subject: Exchange of information 
Ec2 New Zealand 1 file 1955-1957 
 Correspondence with New Zealand Federation of Labour 
 Subjects: Restrictions on trade union activities in South Africa and racial discrimination 
Ed Europe 
Ed1 Britain 
Ed1.1 General 2 files 1958-1985 
 Correspondence with individuals, trade unions and academics 
 Subjects: Exchange of information, disabilities under which South African trade unions worked, the responsibility of British firms in South Africa. Includes the address given by Harold Macmillan on 3 Feb.1960 to both houses of South Africa's parliament in which he mentions the 'wind of change blowing throughout the continent' 
Ed1.2 Commonwealth Trade Union Conference 1 file 1955-1962 
 Report or R. Bennett delegate to 6th conference, 1955; list of delegates and reports of delegates J.H. Liebenberg and R. Bennett 1956; notes for T.C. Rutherford for 8th conference, 1957; draft address for 10th conference, 1959: correspondence; address by E.A. Deane, 1962 
Ed1.3 Trades Union Congress 12 files 1954-1985 
 Correspondence with the General Secretaries of T.U.C.. Sir Vincent Tewson, George Woodcock and Lionel Murray 
 Subjects: Exchange of information and the following topics: 
 1955-56 Police raids against communistic organisations 
 1957 May Day 
 1957 Withdrawal of convict labour at Port Elizabeth docks 
 1958 European free trade area 
 1958 Question of South African trade unions being non-racial 
 1959 Colour bar in the clothing industry 
 1960 Use of convict labour 
 1961 Withdrawal of South Africa from the Commonwealth 
 1962 British trade unions' reactions to Britain's entry into the European Economic Community 
 1963 TUC's protest at the detention or trade unionists under the General Law Amendment Act 
 1966 Fact finding mission of the TUC delegation 
 1971 TUC's request for white workers not to immigrate to South Africa 
 1972 Working conditions of Blacks in South West Africa 
 1973-74 TUC's delegation to South Africa to study and report on Black working conditions: and pay 
 1974 Trade union membership in the motor manufacturing industry 
 1975-77 TUC's resolution: condemning apartheid and the illegal occupation or Namibia, and proposing to work through SACTU and encourage British companies to withdraw from South Africa 
 1976-78 Bannings and detentions 
 1977 Boycotts of South Africa 
 1979 TUC's resolution condemning white miners 
 Exclusion of Black trade unions under the I.C. Act 
 1985 Code of conduct for British companies in South Africa 
Ed1.4 Europa Publications Ltd 1 file 1956-1985 
 Correspondence with the editor 
 Subject: Information for The British Commonwealth and the Europa Year Book 
Ed2 Germany 
Ed2.1 Germany: general 1 file 1958-1986 
 Correspondence with German organisations and individuals and with the South African Embassy in Bonn 
 1958 Tribute to Paul Robeson 
 1976 Wages in South African industries 
 1977 Report on riots and unrest 
 1978 Code of conduct for German companies in South Africa 
 1986 Fate of detainees 
Ed2.2 Deutscher Gewerkschaftebund Dundesvorstand 1 file 1964-1985 
 Correspondence with the D.G.H. 
 Subjects:: Exchange of information and visits of South African trade unionists 
Ed2.3 The Friedrich Ebert Foundation 4 files 19G0-1976 
 Correspondence with officials of the Foundation 
 Subjects: Grants by the Foundation to TUCSA and reports back by TUCSA on how the grants were spent. Also the following topics: 
 1960-61 Help given by the Foundation to developing countries 
 1963-66 Adult education programmes in South Africa 
 Training programmes in Germany for trade unionists 
 1964 Repudiation by the Foundation of the rumour that the German Trade Union Association was training anti-apartheid agitators 
 1967 Siemens and the recognition of the Engineering Workers Union of South Africa 
 1968 Foundation's decision to stop assisting TUCSA 
Ed3 Holland 
Ed3.1 Holland: general 1 file 1968-1978 
 Correspondence with organisations 
 Subject: Exchange of information 
Ed3.2 Christelijk National Vakverbond 1 file 1976-1980 
 Correspondence with the secretary 
 Subjects: Exchange of information and the visit or the C.N.V. to South Africa in 1977 
Ed4 Italy 
Ed4.1 Centre for Labour and Social Studies 1 file 1965-1967 
 Correspondence with the director 
 Subjects: Exchange or information and financial help from the Centre 
Ed5 Sweden 1 file 1961-1976 
 Correspondence with Swedish organisations 
 1962 Censure or the proposed Swedish export drive in South Africa 
 1974-76 Swedish trade union mission to enquire into working conditions of flacks in Swedish companies and report 
 1975 Wage structure in the engineering industry 
 Equal pay for equal work 
Ed6 Switzerland 1 file 1960-1984 
 Correspondence with individuals, particularly H. Dunning and J.U. Nyaose, Fofatusa representative 
 1965 Refusal of visas for U.A.W. delegation 
 1977 Special report on apartheid 
 1984 Need for South Africans to attend ILO and provide factual information 
Ee General 3 files 1955-1985 
 Correspondence with individuals and organisations, the 1978 Lome Colloquium Report on African trade union research departments and 'Industrialisation, foreign capital and forced labour in South Africa', published by United Nations, 1970 
 Subject: Information on South African trade unions 
Ef International Federations 
Ef1 International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) 12 files 1955-1984 
 Correspondence with officials of ICFTU and publications issued by ICFTU 
 Subjects; World conference of ICFTU, visits by South African officials to Europe and by ICFTU delegates to South Africa. Also the following topics: 
 1955 Formation of ICFTU 
 1957 African Regional Conference, Accra 
 1957-59 Trade union education 
 1959 SACTU':: Lieu with World Federation of Trade Unions and refusal to break with Congresses 
 1959 2nd African Regional Conference, Lagoa 
 1960 Condemnation of the prison farm labour system 
 1960 Decision to boycott South African goods 
 1960 3rd African Regional Conference, Tunis 
 1961 Free trade unions in the fight for African freedom 
 1962 Passports for Black trade unionists 
 1962 Conference of African trade unionists. Dakar 
 1962 The ICFTU African Labour College, Kampala, Uganda 
 1962-63 TUCSA's application to affiliate to ICFTU 
 1963 4th African Regional. Conference, Nairobi 
 1963 Organisation of Black sheet-metal workers 
 1967 First ICFTU World Conference on education in the labour movement, Montreal 
 1968 African Free Trade Union Conference, Addis Ababa 
 1970 ICFTU'n refusal to meet TUCSA’s delegation 
 1977 Condemnation or apartheid 
 Undated Labour migration in Africa south of the Sahara 
 Undated Role of African trade union leaders in building of Africa 
Ef2 International Federation of Chemical, Energy and General Workers Unions (Previously International Federation of Chemical and General Workers Unions) 1 file 1968-1979 
 Correspondence with the General Secretary 
 1968 Pulp, paper and board industry in South Africa 
 1972 Dunlop-Pirelli Conference 
 1973 Strike by Kodak workers 
 1973 Application by the Chemical Workers Union to affiliate 
 1974 Conditions in the General Electric Co. 
 1975 Formation of the Paper and Allied Workers Union 
 1975 Invitation for South African unions to affiliate in the new energy section 
 1979 Information on the Linde Company 
Ef3 International Federation of Commercial, Clerical and Technical Employees 1 file 1963-1976 
 Correspondence with the General Secretary 
 Subject: Exchange or information 
Ef4 International Institute for Development, Cooperation and Labour Studies 1 file 1975-1977 
 Correspondence with the principal 
 Subjects: the 34th International Conference, Tel Aviv: cooperation and labour at the service of development and report to it on trade unionism in South Africa 
Ef5 International Labour Organisation (ILO) 30 files 1955-1985 
 Correspondence with ILO officials 
 Subjects: International Labour Conference: nominations or delegates and reports back; unratified conventions and the following topics: 
 1955 Freedom of employers' and workers' organisation, 
 1956 Industrial Conciliation Act 
 1956 Women's needs for vocational training 
 1959 Problems of working women 
 1959 40th anniversary of ILO 
 1959 Conditions of employment of plantation workers 
 1960 40-hour week 
 1960 Walk out by some ILO delegates when S.A. government delegate addressed them 
 1960 ILO's proposed Standing Committee to investigate apartheid 
 1961-62 Credentials of TUCSA's delegates attacked on the ground that they do not represent workers 
 1962 Objection of the S.A. Confederation of Labour to nomination of E.A. Deane as a workers,' delegate 
 1962 SACTU demands South Africa's withdrawal 
 1963 Attempt by African states to oust South Africa 
 1963 ILO's proposal to investigate human rights in South Africa 
 1964 South Africa's withdrawal from ILO 
 1965 U.S.A.'s threat to withdraw 
 1965 TUCSA decades to send observers to conference 
 1967 Possibility of South Africa seeking re-admission 
 1968 Preparations for ILO's 50th anniversary in 1960 
 1971-82 ILO and apartheid, with particular reference to South Africa 
 1973 TUCSA's approach to government to help David Kitson 
 1983 Multinational enterpreneurs and educational programmes 
 1983 Tougher measures against pass infringements in South Africa 
 1985 Attempt to eliminate mass poverty 
Ef6 International Metalworkers' Federation (IMF) 7 files 1957-1984 
 Correspondence with the secretary 
 Subjects: Liaison between TUCSA and IMF, visits to South Africa by IMF officials and the following topics: 
 1957-58 Collective bargaining agreements in the automotive industry 
 1959 Invitation for TUCSA to attend Peking May Day celebrations 
 1966 IMF report on South Africa 
 1969 Organizing programme For radio, television, electronic and allied workers 
 1969 Application for affiliation to IMF by the Engineering and Allied Workers Union of South Africa 
 1972 Report or the IMF delegation to South Africa 
 1972 Black Allied Workers Union seek help iron the IMF 
 1973 Support from IMF for imprisoned Black diamond miners 
 1973 Organisation or Black workers 
 1974 Affected Organisations Bill 
 1976 Attempt to persuade British Leyland to recognise the Metal and Allied Workers Union 
 1978 Allegations by the Anti-Apartheid Committee for International Affairs 
 1978-79 Death of worker from arsenical poisoning at Impala Platinum Mine 
Ef7 International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers Federation (ITGLWF) 1 file 1965-1985 
 Correspondence with the secretary 
 Subjects : 
 1974 Concern for the poor wages paid to textile workers in South Africa 
 1981 Criticise of South Africa in U.N.O. 
 1981 Denial by the S.A. Federation of Leather Trade Unions that negotiations with Courtaulds were the first major South African private wage arbitration 
 1983 Dispute between South African affiliates of ITGLWF 
Ef8 International Transport Workers Federation 4 files 1970-1982 
 Correspondence with the secretary 
 1958 Question of foreigners serving on South African ships 
 1966 Formation of the South African Seamen's Union 
 1966 Request to TUCSA to assist the African Hallway Workers Union 
 1968-69 Vessels sailing under the Panamanian flag of convenience 
 1968-69 Stranding of the crew when the Cyrus II was seized in Durban for failing to pay debts 
 1969 Dismissal or striking Black dock workers 
 1970 South African Council of Transport Workers re-affiliates to TUCSA 
 1972-73 Strike by Putco Black bus drivers 
 1972-73 Strike by Black dock workers 
 1980 Organisation of South African transport worker's 
 Expense occurred by Natal Area Division of TUCSA in helping distressed seamen 
Ef9 International Union of Food and Allied Workers Associations 1 file 196S-1983 
 Correspondence with the secretary 
 1966 List of unions suitable for membership of I.U.F. 
 1967 Whitbread (S.A.) Ltd and the African, brewery, Winery and Distillery Workers Union 
 1972 Nestle South Africa and the workers 
 1975 Change in the Artisan Staff Association 
 1977 Bannings 
Ef10 Miners International Federation 1 file 197G-1982 
 Correspondence with the secretary 
 1976 Black mine workers' conditions 
 1977 Bannings or organisations 
 1980-82 Organisation of Black mine workers 
Ef11 World Federation of Trade Unions l file 1957-1986 
 Correspondence with the secretary 
 1957 Fourth World Trade Union Congress 
 1961 Fifth 
 1986 History of the W.F.T.U. 
Fa African Committee for Trade Union Coordination and Action against Apartheid and Colonialism 1 item n.d. 
Fb Conservative Workers Party 1 file 1961-1962 
 Draft constitution and correspondence with J.A. Kruger, National Chairman 
Fc Democratic Party 1 item 1973 
 Broad principles of the Party and letter or invitation to attend the inaugural meeting iron T.J.A. Gerdener 
Fd Labour Party of South Africa 1 file 1974 
 Correspondence with the National Secretary 
 Subject; Plight of farm workers 
Fe Liberal Party of South Africa 1 item 1959 
 Letter from the Party's secretary re their policy on the I.C. Act 
Ff Nationalist Party 3 items 1943-1971 
 Policy statements 
Fg Parliament 1 file 1908-1969 
 Copy of a speech by C. Eden, M.P., Karroo, speaking on the Labour Vote; 
 Questions and answers in parliament (Hansard) on a variety of topics; letter from R. de Villiers 1069 
Fh Progressive Federal Party (Previously Progressive Party) 3 files 1968-1975 
 Correspondence with the Progressive Party, policy statements, minutes of the Party and of the National Advisory Committee on Labour 
 1968 Manpower and the state 
 1973 Progressive - Trade Union Conference 
 1973 Proposed improvement to the Pigs Lawn. 
 1973 Bulugha declaration on the need for urgent change 
 1973 White workers and the problem of redundancy 
 1973 The National Advisory Committee on Labour 
 1973-75 Disadvantaged workers and equal employment opportunities 
 1974 Pros and cons of the trade union movement with reference to the entry of Blacks 
 1974 Job security for White workers 
 1974 Political future of the homelands 
 1974 Erosion or the rights or local authorities by provincial councils and central government 
 1975 Coloured workers in the building industry 
 1975 Proposed merger between the Progressive Party and the Reform Party 
Fj South African Labour Party 1 file 1945-1958 
 Constitution 1945; Labour Party's plan for hind and agriculture, undated; :statement of policy for discussion at annual conference 1955 and agenda; Principles and policy 1958 
Fk United Party 1 file 1959-1973 
 Correspondence with the Party, S.J. Marais Steyn, Dr G.F. Jacobs and Sir de Villiers Graaf; policy statement issued by the Party 1969; address by J.A. Grobbelaar 12 Apr.1973 
 1959 Inclusion of all workers irrespective of race in the I.C. Act 
 1964 Black bus crews 
 1965 Unpaid leave of absence for trade union officials 
 1965 United Party's labour policy 
 1966-67 TUCSA's labour policy re Blacks 
 1970-71 Manpower crisis 
Fl Verligte Action 1 file 1973 
 Address by R.C. Webb, Vice-President of TUCSA and V.A. Circular No. 1 
Ga General 4 files 1954-1986 
Gb Individual 
Gb1 Abe Bailey Institute of Interracial Studies 3 files 1972-19.74 
 Correspondence and memoranda relating to the Third Research Workshop on 'The responsibility of organized labour in a developing plural society' 
Gb2 Afrikaanse Handelsinstituut 1 file 1976-1983 
 Correspondence with the director re conferences 
Gb3 Association of Chambers of Commerce of South Africa 2 files 1974-1984 
 Correspondence: with officials relating to annual congresses of the Association and the free enterprise system 
Gb4 Black Sash 1 file 1955-1973 
 Correspondence with officials 
 1961 "Johannesburg: a multi-racial city" 
 1972 Alexandra hostels 
 1973 Symposium on wages and productivity 
 Undated Foreign investment in Africa 
 Undated Guide to the Pass laws 
Gb5 Cape Employers Association 1 file 1976-1977 
 Bulletin and correspondence with the director re inflation and township unrest 
Gb6 Civil Rights League 1 file 19.74-1977 
 Correspondence with the secretary re bannings and Black trade unions 
Gb7 Federated Chamber of Industries 1 file 1959 
 Speech by B.J. Schoeman and report on factories in perimeter areas 
Gb8 Free Market Foundation 4 files 1976-1985 
 Constitution, minutes of Council meetings, newsletters and correspondence with the director re the free enterprise system 
Gb9 Human Sciences Research Council 1 file 1980-1985 
 Correspondence with officials and reports 
 1981 HSRC investigation into education 
 1984 Training of artisans 
 1985 Education and training in rural areas 
Gb10 Institute for Industrial Education 1 file 1973-1974 
 Constitution. programme and correspondence with the secretary re activities of the Institute 
Gb11 institute for Industrial Relations 5 files 1975-1986 
 Prospectus, minutes of meetings, reports, training manual and correspondence with the director 
 1975-76 Formation of the Institute 
 1976 Appointment of a director 
 1977 One day workshop on trade union training 
 1981 Training needs of trade unions 
 1982 Representations to National Manpower Commission 
Gb12 Institute or Labour Relations (BMA) 5 files 1976-1983 
 Constitution, minutes of meetings, reports and correspondence with the director, N.E. Wiehahn and S.M. Swart re the formation and activities of the Institute, labour relations and the publication of a journal 
Gb13 Institute of Personnel Management 1 file . 2 tapes 1975-1985 
 Correspondence with the director re seminars and addresses given to I.P.M. conference 1973 and 1981 
Gb14 Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce 1 file 1961-197d 
 Presidential address. address by S. Motsuenyane and correspondence with 
 officials re the proposed Jabulani Commercial College and the code or business practice 
Gb15 Johannesburg City Council 1 file 1962-1980 
 Correspondence re the granting of the freedom of the city to C.H. Swart, 1962; speech by the chairman of the Management Committee at a special council meeting, 11 Aug.1980 re strike by certain Black employees or the City Council between 24 July and 1 August 1980 
Gb16 Manpower Foundation of Southern Africa 1 file 1980-1981 
 Memoranda and correspondence with D. Etheredge re the proposed objectives of the Foundation 
Gb17 Natal Employees Association 1 file 1972-1976 
 Correspondence with the director and address by J.A. Grobbelaar 'The task for the future', 1976 
 1972 Liaison between employer organisations and trade unions 
 1972 Conference on industrial representation of Blacks 
 1972-75 Experience exchange forum 
 1973-74 Question of Black trade unions being under legislative control 
 1974 Study tour of international trade unionism 
 1975 Wage statistics 
Gb18 National Development and Management Foundation or South Africa (Continued as The Manpower and Management Foundation of Southern Africa) 6 files 1957-1984 
 Addresses and correspondence with officials 
 1957 Role of medical men in the practice of management 
 1959 National Economic Conference "Back to the boom" 
 1961 Economics of increased Bantu wages and productivity 
 1962 Recruitment of suitable artisan labour for industry 
 1965 Staggering or salaries 
 1968 Role or the shop steward in industry 
 1968 Productivity bargaining 
 1972 Effective utilisation of labour 
 1974 Marketing and the African giant 
 1976 Unrest in Pretoria-Witwatersrand 
 1977 The changing face of industrial relations 
 1980 Unions and management: cooperation or conflict 
 1985 Roles, rights and responsibilities of the individual in a changing South Africa 
Gb19 National Productivity institute 5 files 1970-1983 
 Correspondence with the director and minutes of the Productivity Advisory Council 
Gb20 National War Fund (Previously Governor-General's National War Fund) 5 files 1955-1979 
 Minutes of meetings, annual reports and correspondence with the secretary 
Gb21 National War Memorial Health Foundation 1 file 1954-1967 
 Memorandum or association, balance sheets and correspondence with the secretary re meetings 
Gb22 Small Business Development Corporation 1 file 1980 
 Correspondence and memoranda on the foundation of the Corporation 
Gb23 South Africa Britain Trade Association Ltd 1 file 1975-76 
 Correspondence with the president, memorandum furnished to SABRETA on the 
 legal and factual position of Blacks in trade unions and address by J.A.A. Grobbelaar 
Gb24 South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research l file l955-1978 
 Correspondence with officials re pneumoconiosis, bilharzia and allegations made about the CSIR by Anti-apartheid Committee for International Affairs 
Gb25 South African Federated Chamber or Industries 1 file 1962-1985 
 Correspondence with the executive director 
 1962 Alleged interference by the Chamber in the printing and newspaper industry 
 1974 Visit to South Africa by the Nederlands Christelijk Werkerversvvrbond 
 1978 Visit by an Australian delegation 
 1980 Practical guidelines for labour relations 
 1985 The Industrial Court 
Gb26 South Africa Foundation 2 files 1965-1985 
 Correspondence with officials relating to overseas visitors and the following topics: 
 1975 Sponsorship by the Foundation of ILL. Kraft's visit overseas 
 1979 Southern Africa Economic Convention 
Gb27 South African Institute of International Affairs l file 1972 
 Newsletter No.3 
Gb28 South African Institute of Personnel Management 1 file 1966-1975 
 Correspondence with the director re liaison between the two bodies, seminars and industrial relations 
Gb29 South African Institute or Race Relations 3 files 1959-1985 
 Correspondence with officials re liaison between the organisations and the following topics: 
 1965 Automation 
 1965 Manpower training 
 1965 Decentralisation of industries 
 1966 Economics of separate development In white area:; 
 1967 Workmen's compensation 
 1968 Industrialisation and human relations 
 1968 Trade unions and the economic future of South Africa 
 1973 Bantu Labour (Settlement or Disputes) Amendment 8111 
 1985 Urbanisation and Influx control 
Gb30 South African National Consumer Union 8 files 1975-1986 
 Correspondence with the secretary, minutes of meetings and reports on the activities of the union 
Gb31 Urban Training Project 1 file 1975-1983 
 Correspondence with the chairman re a course on industrial relations and interference with freedom of association 
Gb32 Wilgespruit Fellowship Centre 1 file 1974 
 Correspondence with officials re a conference on urban industrial mission