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  Helen Suzman was born Helen Gavronsky on the 7 November 1917, in Germiston, Transvaal Province. She studied Economy and Statistics at the University of the Witwatersrand. In 1937 she married Dr. Moses Suzman and they had two daughters. Between 1941 and 1944, Suzman worked as a statistician for the War Supplies Board. In 1944 she returned to the University of the Witwatersrand as a lecturer in Economic History, where she remained until 1952. During that time she joined the South African Institute of Race Relations. 
  Suzman gave up teaching for politics when she was elected to parliament in 1953 as a member of the United Party. Six years later, when the Progressive Party (PP) was founded, she represented the Houghton constituency as that party's sole member of Parliament from 1961-1974, winning international fame for her courage and ability. She remained in Parliament with its successors, the Progressive Reform Party and then the Progressive Federal Party (PFP). 
  During her time in Parliament she defended the right to freedom of expression for all South Africans. As an English speaking Jewish woman in a Parliament dominated by conservative Afrikaner men she was even more of an outsider and often treated with disrespect. As a member of Parliament she was able to visit prisons, amongst them Robben Island, and inspected the living conditions of prisoners. She also visited Nelson Mandela numerous times in prison. In 1989 she retired from Parliament while remaining actively involved in South African politics. She spent a total of 36 years in Parliament. 
  Outside Parliament she became 'ombudsman' to the oppressed and unrepresented, and though sharply reviled by the nationalist government, she nevertheless achieved success in promoting human rights. Suzman won important changes for example in prison conditions. She campaigned against the reintroduction of the death penalty and also defended the right of women to choose on the issue of abortion. 
  Internationally, she has been awarded over 28 honorary degrees and nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize. In 1993 she published her autobiography "In no uncertain terms: A South African memoir". In 1996 she was awarded the Politeken and Dangens Nyheters Freedom Prize, jointly with Nelson and Winnie Mandela. 
  Helen Suzman died on the 1 January 2009, aged 91. 
  The collection consists of personal and political papers and photographs, covering the period of 1944-2009. 
  Helen Suzman deposited her papers with Historical Papers in 1989. Initially, Michelle Friedman worked on the inventory to her collection. Certain sections like 'Correspondence' have been left in the original order as filed by Helen Suzman's staff, in accordance with the archival principle of provenance, which explains why the Correspondence has been arranged by date and later by alphabetical order. Subsequently additions to the collection where processed by Anna Cunningham, Carol Archibald, Zofia Sulej and Gabriele Mohale.  
  The Helen Suzman Collection remained a 'work in progress' until after Helen Suzman's death in 2009. All subsequent additions following her first deposit in 1989, have been incorporated in the collection according to the initial classification of the collection.  
  In 2011 and again in 2013/14, with generous funding from the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust,  Ruth Muller undertook a major assessment of the collection. The Finding Aid was substantially expanded, providing researchers with a much more enhanced and detailed entry point to the collection. 
Aa  Prisons 
Ab  Political Prisoners 
Ac  Bannings and Restrictions 
Ad  Detentions 
Ae  Justice and the S.A. Legal System 
Af  Capital Punishment 
Ag  Corporal Punishment 
Ah  Security Legislation 
Ai  Assassinations 
Aj  Police 
Ak  South African Defence Force 
Al  Crime 
Am  General 
An  Civil Unrest 
Ap  Commission of enquiry into certain organisations 
Aq  Court case of Mzwakhe Mbuli 
Ba  Transvaal 
Bb  Cape 
Bc  OFS 
Bd  Natal 
Be  General 
Ca  Tomlinson Commission 
Cb  Homelands 
Cc  Meetings of Black Leaders 
Cd  Homelands Tour 
Ce  Consolidation 
Cf  Border Industries 
Cg  General 
Da  Urbanisation: general 
Db  Housing 
Dc  Squatters 
Dd  Group Areas 
De  Influx Control 
Df  Townships 
Dg  Local Government 
Dh  Rents Act 
Di  Resettlements 
Ea  Labour: general 
Eb  Commissions 
Ec  Farm Labour 
Ed  Migrant Labour 
Ee  Sullivan Code 
Ef  Miscellaneous 
Eg  Employment Equity Bill 
Fa  Abortion 
Fb  Marriage 
Fc  Divorce 
Fd  Women's Rights 
Fe  Employment 
Ff  Taxation 
Fg  Sexual Offences 
Fh  General 
Ga  Education: general 
Gb  Special Topics 
Ha  Health: general 
Hb  Malnutrition 
Hc  Drugs 
Hd  Medical Aid Schemes 
He  Pensions 
Hf  Social Services 
Hg  Miscellaneous 
Hh  HIV/Aids 
Ja  Africa 
Jb  USA 
Jc  South Africa and the UN 
Jd  Britain & Commonwealth 
Je  Sanctions, general 
Ka  Parties 
Kb  General 
Kc  Special Topics 
Kd  Separate representation of voters 
Ke  Elections & Parliamentary representation 
La  Economics 
Lb  Tomlinson Commission 
Lc  Human Rights 
Ld  Freedom of the Press 
Le  Soweto Riots and Cillie Commission 
Lf  Right wing movements 
Lg  Inter Action Council 
Lh  Interception of Mail 
Li  Commission of Enquiry (UCT) 
Lj  Independent Electoral Commission 
Lk  South African Human Rights Commission (HRC) 
Ll  Anti-Semitism 
Lm  Affirmative Action 
Ln  South African Liberal Students' Association 
Lo  WITS University 
Lp  Vaal Reefs disaster fund 
Lq  Vryburg High School 
Lr  Ernest Oppenheimer Memorial Trust 
Ls  Alan Paton Memorial Service 
Lt  CODESA papers 
Lu  Advisory Council on National Orders 
Ma  Personal and biographical 
Mb  Correspondence 
Mc  Articles and Publications 
Md  Speeches 
Me  Lectures and Talks 
Mf  Diaries 
Mg  Notes 
Mh  Invitations 
Mi  Foreign visits and functions 
Mj  Other activities 
Mk  Helen Suzman Foundation 
Ml  Miscellaneous 
Na  Personal 
Nb  General 
Nc  Magazine articles about H. Suzman 
Nd  Press clips in foreign press 
P1  Special items 
P2  Portraits of Helen Suzman 
P3  Honorary degrees and awards 
P4  As member of the P.P. and P.F.P. 
P5  visits to communities, political outreach work 
P6  Foreign visits 
P7  "Time" photo series 
P8  Miscellaneous 
P9  Samuel Gavronsky, Father 
Aa1  Correspondence 
Aa1.1  Letters from prisoners  
  Held in the following prisons: Allandale; Barberton; Baviaanspoort; Bethal; Biendonne; Brandfort, Brandvlei; Cinderella; Colesburg; De Aar; Diepkloof; Douglas; Driehoek; Durban Central; Dwarsrivier; Fort; Geluk; General JC Steyn; Germiston; Goedemoed; Graaff-Reinet; Grahamstown; Groenpunt; Grootvlei; Johannesburg; Heidelberg; Kandaspunt; Kimberley; Kinross; Kleindrakenstein; Klerksdorp; Kroonstad; Krugersdorp; Leslie; Lykop; Leeuwkop; Lichtenburg; Losperfontein; Magaliesoord Rehabilitation Centre for Men; Malmesbury; Modder Bee; Nelspruit; New Heidelberg; Nigel; North End; Obiqua; Pietermaritzburg; Pietersburg; Piet Retief; Point (Durban); Pollsmoor, Potchefstroom; Pretoria Central; Pretoria Local; Rawsonville; Robertson; Rustenburg; St Alban's; Sandvlei; Sasolburg; Sevenfontein; Simondium; Standerton; Trichardt; Upington; Utrecht; Vereeniging; Victor Verster; Voortrekkerhoogte; Vooruitsig; Waterval; Wellington; Westville; Winburg; Witbank; Worcester; Zonderwater (NB:most of these letters concern prison warders brutality, psychological torture, denial of right to appeal, appalling food, short visits, generally terrible conditions and some are anonymous) 
Aa1.1.1  Letters 1960-1968 1f.  
Aa1.1.1.1  Letters 1960, 1965, 1967, 1968 and undated 
Aa1.1.1.1a  Letters 1960 
  Includes: 02/05/1960: Letter from “21 European women detainees presently held at the Fort Johannesburg” transcribed on to House of Assembly Cape Town notepaper and addressed to the Minister of Justice, the Right Honourable F.C. Erasmus; amongst other things the letter points out that 7 of the women have husbands also jailed and therefore there are 19 parentless children. They plan to engage in a hunger strike after 12th May 1960 unless they are released; 05/05/1960: Letter from H.S. to the Minister of Justice about the 21 women and a list of questions to be asked on the topic on 09/05/1960. 
Aa1.1.1.1b  Letters 1965 
  Includes: 04/07/65 a letter from Geluk prison from prisoner 110/62 Fred Kumalo, and 112/63 Willie Mkize; 16/09/65 from illegible correspondent who ends with “love” to the Progressive Party of SA – Cape Provincial Office about the “enclosed” and Vorster’s invitations to MPs to visit prisons; 2 cuttings: ‘The Untruthful Warder’, Die Burger 19/08/65; ‘Monitors Gestraf na Botsing (uit ons Tygerbergse Kantoor Belville)’, 01/09/65; 
Aa1.1.1.1c  1967-1968 
  Includes: Johannesburg Gaol letter 09/06/67 from Clement Makaluza (?), Sydney Ndlovu, Naftalie Sitole; letter from Greenpoint prison at Viljoensdrift dated 02/12/68 from prisoners 591/67 Vivian Nene and 243/67 Lucas Maloleka; 
Aa1.1.1.1d  Undated letters 
  Includes: letter from an (apparently) ex-Robben islander in Suider Paarl’s Switzerland (?) Prison who says he’s now “Progressive Party minded”; he’s saying thanks and mentions “Mandela, Alexander, Naicker.” [Anon, no date]; a letter from Ivan Schermbrucker saying thanks and conveying love from the “politicals at local”; MB Cole writes from Germiston (prison or police cells); he is a “highly qualified public accountant” re appalling conditions, food and he doesn’t have a lawyer; letter from Kroonstad prisoners 625/66 & 1628/68 Michael Mokela (?) & Filane Moloi; 
Aa1.1.1.2  Government Gazettes March-May 1960 
  Eleven Extraordinary Government Gazettes from March-May 1960: 30/03/1960 (No. 6403) State of Emergency declaration; 02/04/1960 (No. 6406) Callout & Mobilisation of Citizen Force & Commandos; 02/04/1960 (No. 6407) Callout & Mobilisation of Portion of the Reserve; 04/04/1960 (No. 6408) Appointment of Commission of Enquiry into Events in the Langa Location on 21/03/1960; 05/04/1960 (No. 6410) Application of Regulation 9 of the Emergency Regulations & the banning of the publications “The Torch” and the “New Age”; 11/04/1960 (No. 6415 Extension of Emergency Regulations; 11/04/1960 (No. 6416) Department of Prisons – Rules to govern detainees visits, letters, reading matter, toilet requisites, smoking regulations, food, money, private clothing, religion, medical treatment, disciplinary contraventions; 22/04/1960 (No. 6425) Amendment of Emergency Regulations; 28/04/ 1960 (No. 6432) Amendment of Emergency Regulations, further action in connection with certain detainees; 03/05/1960 (No. 6439) Amendment of Emergency Regulations – Removal of Certain Persons from the Union; 12/05/1960 (No. 6441) 
Aa1.1.2  Letters 1970-1971 1 f. 
Aa1.1.2.1  Letters 1970 
Aa1.1.2.2  Letters 1971 
Aa1.1.2.3  Undated letters 
Aa1.1.3  Letters 1972-1973 1f. 
Aa1.1.3.1  Letters 1972 
Aa1.1.3.1a  Letters Jan-April 1972 
Aa1.1.3.1b  Letters June-Sept. 1972  
  Includes letter from HS to General Steyn, Commissioner of Prisons concerning Kandaspunt & Witbank jails & replies from Steyn 
Aa1.1.3.1.c  Letters Oct-Nov 1972 
Aa1.1.3.2  Letters 1973 
Aa1.1.3.2a  Letters Feb-Aug. 1973 
  Includes: letter from a William Gouws, Baviaanspoort Prison, re the killing by warders of Jacobus Pieterson on 21/03/1973 
Aa1.1.3.2b  Undated letters 
  Includes: Letter from a prisoner’s mother, Mrs Grey, concerning her son Jacob Benjamin Strydom at Kroonstad Prison 
Aa1.1.4  Letters 1974-1977 1 f. 
Aa1.1.4.1  Letters 1974 
Aa1.1.4.1a  Letters Jan-Sept 1974 
Aa1.1.4.1b  Letters Oct-Nov 1974 
Aa1.1.4.2  Letters 1975 
  Includes: 14/10/1975 & 21/10/1975 correspondence with the Hon. Justice (Jan) Steyn addressed ‘Dear Jan’ and mentioning her ‘somewhat torrid time in Australia’ [NB: this is quoted her HS autobiography), he notes his retirement from NICRO after 9 years; 
Aa1.1.4.3  Letters 1976-1977 
  Includes: letter dated 22/06/1976 from Mr. MS Phehlane re being arrested & the lack of sporting facilities like a bioscope in Brandfort jail; 05/07/1977 letter from the Acting Commissioner of Prisons about money received for Ronald Mkize; 
Aa1.1.4.4  Undated letters 
  Includes: letter concerning 3 deaths at Standerton prison due to ill-treatment; letter saying being imprisoned for dagga possession is unfair when “I found dagga selling and being smoked like hot buns” [in prison]; 
Aa1.1.5  Letters 1978-1979 1 f. 
Aa1.1.5.1  Letters 1978 
  includes letter from China Mandela, St. Albans Prison, PE: “worst of all we are being told that we belong to an underprivileged [sic] race. Is the word kaffir not forbidden to use?”, dated 20/07/1978 
Aa1.1.5.2  Letters 1979 
  Includes: 19/03/1979: photocopy of letter from an inmate of Allandale Prison referring to “Nazi law” and “Stalin camp” treatment of prisoners; 26/06/1979: letter from Velile Rasmen, St. Albans Prison, saying “Is the term [kaffir] not abolished. This prison is built in a modern [sic] way but what is done behind the scenes in it imitates Auschwitz in Poland.”; 10/07/1979: letter from Victor Mkhele also St. Albans refers to “St. Albans imitates terrible Nazi concentration camps…. At the hospital section Dr. Lang and a coloured warder Mr. Peterson are playing a ruthless role… Prisoners of the 1976 unrest want your help.” 
Aa1.1.5.3  Undated letters 
Aa1.1.5.4  Letter from Patrick Junior Lekgetho written on toilet paper, originating (smuggled?) from the Zonderwater Prison, 1979, typed transcript provided 
Aa1.1.6  Letters 1980 1 f. 
Aa1.1.6.1  Letters January-December 1980 
  Includes: 02/02/1980: from ‘Dagga Smugglers’ saying “We cannot sit back and spectate while our families starve to death … [we are] forced to deal in dagga by the government’s maladministration of SA … We steal nothing, even the dagga money is ultimately taxed when we purchase furnitures [sic] and vehicles etc.” 
Aa1.1.6.2  Undated letters 
  Includes: letter addressed to “Miss” from “Black Warders” at Point Prison complaining about the man in charge there who they call “UDIAMIN”; letter from Zonderwater Prison concerning the death by shooting with an R1 rifle of Joseph Kganagama and the death / murder of Edgar Banda at the same prison; 
Aa1.1.7  Letters 1981 1 f. 
Aa1.1.7.1  Letters January-July 1981 
  Includes: Feb. – May 1981: correspondence between prisoners Peter Moeketsi Sibanda, L.J. Biko, S. Liseko, HS and the prisons department; May – July 1981: correspondence between HS and the Minister of Justice, H.J. Coetsee, concerning spectacles and false teeth for prisoners; 
Aa1.1.7.2  Letters August-December 1981 
  Includes: 04/08/1981: letter referring to HS as “an honoured fighter for Africans in our country.”; Sept. – Nov. 1981: letters concerning Christie Matthysen at Barberton Prison where HS addresses the Minister as “Dear Kobie” and they both send each other “Kind regards”; 
Aa1.1.7.3  Undated letters 
Aa1.1.8  Letters 1982 1f. 
Aa1.1.8.1  Letters January-December 1982 
  Includes: 20/01/1982: covering letter from HS to Minister Coetsee concerning allegations by Ananias Mabotja of the use of electric shock treatment and canvas bags over the head by Seshego police; July – Aug. 1982: letter from HS to Elizabeth Rowe, Black Sash, concerning Leeukop Prison and Witbank New Prison; 22/04/1982: letter addressed to Dr. Boraine from Aubrey Blackhope Ndimande at JC Steyn Prison saying that his mother, formerly under house arrest in SA, is in exile in South-West Africa and his father serving 17 years on Robben Island and that they are 3 brothers serving time for ‘public violence’. The letter goes on “I am glad your son [Alex Boraine’s son Andrew] was released and I wish your son good luck, he is a brave man and I think one day he will be a true leader; I saw you in New Brighton Dr. when you was invited by Pebco.” 
Aa1.1.8.2  Undated letters 
Aa1.1.9  Letters 1983 1 f. 
Aa1.1.9.1  Letters January-December 1983 
  Includes: 21/01/1983: HS letter to Mr. S. de Beer of the Detainees Parents Support Committee (DPSC) concerning letters he had received from Pollsmoor and Witbank Prisons; 
Aa1.1.9.2  Undated letters 
Aa1.1.10  Letters 1984 1 f. 
  This file has quite a number of letters from prisoners sent through to HS by Elizabeth Rowe of Black Sash. Many of the letters were ‘uncensored’ – meaning that they had been smuggled out of the prisons and therefore couldn’t be used as evidence. 
Aa1.1.10.1  Letters January-June 1984 
Aa1.1.10.2  Letters July-December 1984 
Aa1.1.10.3  Undated letters 
Aa1.1.11  Letters 1985 1 f. 
Aa1.1.11.1  Letters January-July 1985 
Aa1.1.11.2  Letters August-December 1985 
  Includes: 26/12/1985: letter from Jehovah’s Witness Derek van der Weide in Old Cinderella Prison 
Aa1.1.11.3  Undated letters 
Aa1.1.12  Letters 1986 1 f. 
Aa1.1.12.1  Letters January-June 1986 
  NOTE: Page 1 has been erroneously marked Aa1.1.11.1. Includes: 10/01/1986: an appeal to HS to act against the death sentence given to Robert Mashale by his mother Norah and family; 21/01/1986: a letter from Johanna Mogoeng concerning her son Aaron; this file also has other letters from mothers and wives of prisoners; 
Aa1.1.12.2  Letters July-December 1986 
  Includes: 14/09/1986 letter from Thomas Motsile of the Ratanda Civic Association and 40 other ‘public violence prisoners’ at Leeukop Prison – some were injured in riots; 
Aa1.1.12.3  Undated letters 
  Includes letter from a Mr. X at Brandvlei Prison in Worcester concerning a prisoner Nkomo who died in a fire whilst handcuffed to the bars of his solitary cell; also mentions Naughtyboy Nkondo & Fumanekile Soga who he alleges were tortured and died in the same prison; letter from Standerton Prison addressed to “Office of Prison Spokesman CH Zuzman, No. 6 Revera St.,” from John Jiyana and 14 others who mention sodomy and “Vicks” which may be AIDS. There are several other letters in this file that mention sodomy as an ongoing problem in jail. 
Aa1.1.13  Letters 1987 1 f. 
Aa1.1.13.1  Letters January-May 1987 
Aa1.1.13.2  Letters June-December 1987 
  Includes: 21/07/1987: letter from Renfrew Christie (then resident at 211 Bremner, UCT – so must have been sent after he was released) about prison conditions and also thanks HS for her letter to him. Mentions the possible release / exchange of Dieter Gerhardt, also “Nelson, Walter, Govan” and Rob Adam; a letter from a prisoner at Sasol Prison in which he calls HS the “God Mother of South Africa” 
Aa1.1.13.3  Undated letters 
Aa1.1.14  Letters 1988-1989 1 f. 
Aa1.1.14.1  Letters 1988-1989 
  Includes: 29/02/1988: letter from Lykop Medium Prison addressed to “Her Majesty 49 Melville Road, Hypark”; Correspondence between HS and the Head of Prisons, W.H. Willemse and other officials; Oct – Nov. 1988: correspondence concerning Emergency detainees being held at Krugersdorp Prison, occasioned by a letter smuggled out by Rev. Molefe Tsele and passed on to HS by Joyce Soeldner. The letter particularly mentions Colonel Coetzee, the head of the prison, who “literally thrives on tension between ourselves and himself or his staff” and is signed by 40 prisoners. 
Aa1.1.14.2  Undated letters 
Aa1.1.15  Undated letters 1 f. (first letter incomplete) 
Aa1.1.16  Letters post-1990 1f. 
  Includes: 2002-2005: items concerning the case of Mlamuli Ndlovu (attempted murder, robbery & attempted robbery): in a letter to ‘Hannes’ dated 20/01/2005 HS signs herself “Warm regards, Helen, aka The sweet bird from the blood-soaked south!” [Hannes might well be Judge Hannes Fagan]; 2004-2005: correspondence concerning the sister of Dave Montgomery who is in prison for murdering her abusive husband; in a letter dated 24/02/2005 HS comments that “conditions in prisons were disgusting during the apartheid era, and by and large they are as bad, if not worse, now.” 
Aa1.2  Written representations by H. Suzman 13 f. 1965-1989  
  Made on behalf of prisoners, including visits to prisons, prison conditions. Also included appeals by non-prisoners to H. Suzman. 
Aa1.2.1  Representations 1960s (1962-1968) 1 f. 
Aa1.2.1.1  Representations 1962-1965 
  Includes: 15/03/1962: correspondence concerning Cinderella Prison between HS and the Commissioner of Prisons Mr. V. R. Verster [Victor Verster perhaps?]; Verster states that all the allegations made about conditions at the prison are unfounded, despite some being extremely specific; 06/07/1965: HS letter to J.B. Braaksma at 611 Monaco, Troye Street, Sunnyside, Pretoria concerning legal aid, the costs of political trials, the activities of Defence & Aid Fund etc., August 1965: correspondence with Minister of Justice Vorster concerning her acceptance of his general invitation (apparently reported in Die Transvaler on 24th July) to MPs to visit prisons; 
Aa1.2.1.2  Representations 1966-1968 
  Includes: 25/05/1966: HS letter to Minister of Justice hoping that prisoners who have committed “offences against the state” will not be excluded from any proposed amnesty and, if they are, that they will at least be upgraded; 16/02/1967: HS letter to Minister of Justice & Prisons – Pelser - about her visit to Robben Island on the morning of 15/02/1967 in the company of General Steyn. HS remarks that (Robert) Sobukwe was lonely because he was separated from all other prisoners and the issue of getting rail warrants to enable his wife to visit him; she also raises the problems of other prisoners such as getting permission to study – especially those who are illiterate – lack of adequate clothing, food and photos of their families; she met with Nelson Mandela, Neville Alexander, (Govan) Mbeki and others. Alexander was having problems with his studies whilst Mandela’s chief complaint concerned warder van Rensburg at the Robben Island quarry; generally there was a need for hot water, tobacco and attention to the grading system; 08/12/1967: HS letter to Gwendolyn Carter (Dept. of African Studies, North-West University, Evanston, Illinois, USA) concerning a book she had sent to HS called “The Transkei”; she mentions the “pipe-dream” of the homelands policy and the “hopelessness of ever believing that the homelands can offer any sort of viable alternative to Africans” and the growing concern for women “who land up in bleak settlement areas” such as one near Queenstown; 22/02/1968: letter to HS from Stephanie Sachs [wife of Albie Sachs] asking whether HS had seen any female “non-white political prisoners serving long-term sentences” and where they are being held; HS says she hopes to be able to do this during the parliamentary recess and goes on to say that she hopes Stephanie and Albie have settled down happily in London; 16/04/1968: letter from I. Stein, now in London, concerning an assault on him whilst in Pollsmoor on 18/10/1966. 
Aa1.2.2  Representations 1970-1976 1 f. 
Aa1.2.2.1  Representations 1970-1971 
  22/11/1970: letter from Gladstone Williams (real name Vuyisile Mjadu), Barberton Prison to Griffiths Mxenge concerning murders of prisoners by warders; there follows an exchange of correspondence between HS and Griffiths Mxenge during 1971. Subjects include assaults on prisoners at Leeukop Prison where he had been jailed, exiled former Robben Island prisoners who are now living “in places one would be tempted to call concentration camps” and why people released from prison are then banned; re his own banning order, due to expire on 28/02/1971; refers to his arrest in 1966 and the attitude of authorities that prevented him attending classes at the University of Natal; Mxenge goes on to say that he fears his ban will be re-imposed and mentions that the Special Branch are “mean and vindictive towards me”. He mentions that he was refused residence permits for both Botswana and Zambia and that he and his wife ]Victoria Mxenge] are considering going to London if he is banned again;  
  HS replies on 22/01/1971 that going to the UK might be a good idea “judging by my past conversations with the Minister about you” and suggests that he writes to Sir Robert Birley; on 02/02/1971 GM refers to HS visit to Robben Island saying that he had been told that “immediately after you were there prison conditions improved. Of course they deteriorated afterwards.” GM says re HS: “I often wonder what our country would look like without a courageous Mrs. Helen Suzman” and “ As long as we have people like you the future of this country is bright.” When his ban was not re-imposed GM writes to HS “I am greatly indebted to you for the courageous manner in which you fought my case.” 
Aa1.2.2.2  Representations 1972 
  27/01/1972: letter from a Mr. A.R. Short concerning an unprovoked attack on prisoners by warders at Durban Central Prison on 24/01/1972 using “rubber truncheons, tin mugs attached to leather belts and straps, broomsticks and batons, gas pistols… Pelser and General J. C. Steyn forget that we have a Mrs. Helen Suzman who will see the wrong rectified.” 
  April-May 1972: letters and reports concerning Patrick Pather “an exhibitionist” serving 9-15 years for a 4th offence; a psychiatrist recommends he be castrated; 
  08/05/-04/07/1972: letters concerning the house occupied by the Head Warder H.J.F. Smit at Geluk Prison in Bethal; 
  March-July 1972: letters between HS and prisoners, prisoner’s relatives and the Prisons Department concerning A.R. Campbell, Henry Claude Valentine and Alpist Ndlalise; 
  Sept. 1972: letters concerning alleged assault on deaf and dumb prisoner John Luthuli in Durban Prison; 
  Nov. 1972: letters between HS and Judge Steyn and the Commissioner of Prisons concerning brutality and poor food at Worcester and Brandvlei Prisons; 
Aa1.2.2.3  Representations 1973 
  13/02/1973: Letter (photocopy) from HS concerning Raymond Thoms and his attacks on fellow prisoners [Marius Schoon, Hugh Lewin, Dave Evans] , his attempts to blind himself, poison other prisoners, attacks on warders. HS asks for action to be taken now to remove Thoms. The letter is cc’d to Esme Goldberg [mother of Denis Goldberg], Ethel de Keyser and Norma Kitson. 
  1973 (?): letter from Mrs. V. Smailes about conditions at The Fort – refers mostly to white prisoners; 
  1973: Letters and documents concerning the treatment of 37 South-West African / Namibian prisoners on Robben Island; correspondents include HS, the prisoners themselves, the Bishop of Damaraland-in-Exile Colin Winter, the-then Minister of Justice P. Pelser (HS addresses him as ‘Dear Peet’). The letter from HS to Pelser, dated 30/07/1973, mentions Elizabeth Toivo, mother of Herman Toivo Ja-Toivo, who is unable to visit her son. The letter starts off: “I have just returned from overseas, where, as you will have no doubt seen, I was well and truly “doctored”. It was, I must say, a great day.” 
  Another set of letters about Toivo Ja-Toivo – correspondents being Colin Winter, John Rees (SACC), Minister Pelser & HS;  
  14/12/1973: Government Gazette No. 4103 – Amendment of Prison Regulations; 
  10/12/1973 and 04/01/1974: letters from and to Mr. Matyum Mazondwa, a former Robben Islander, about him being dumped in Ilinge after his release from the Island; 
Aa1.2.2.4  Representations 1974 
  11/10/1974: newspaper cutting from the Pretoria News “Rogue police must be fired – Helen” and a House of Assembly question paper dated 06/09/1974 concerning how many people had been shot and killed or wounded by the SAP between January and June 1974. 
  22//10/1974: Memo to HS from Barry Streek headed “Police Vote: SASO / BPC detentions”; the memo concerns arrests and detentions after pro-Frelimo rallies, Lindelwa and Brigett [sic] Mabandla, both of whom were detained for more than 3 weeks and who have a 6 month old baby. Streek also says “I have also enclosed some cuttings on discriminatory police pay and benefits – which could, usefully, be hammered, as well as low pay for police.” 
  11/11/1974: letter addressed to Honourable Minister of Justice [presumably Jimmy Kruger] addressed “Dear Jimmy” with a list of prisons about which she’d received complaints during 1974 [12 are listed including Baviaanspoort, Lesley Prison Outstation and Oubiqua]; the letter also contains a paragraph referring to Robben Island and complaints she has received about conditions there. She goes on “I am about to leave for America and I will contact you on my return to see whether I can persuade you to change your mind about allowing me to visit Pretoria Special Section … I hope you will manage to get some rest during the recess from troublesome some MPs who shall be nameless.” 
  13/11/1974: HS letter to Denis Herbstein at the UK Sunday Times concerning Jack Tarshish good recovery from open heart surgery and not being able to get Mrs. De Keyser (Ethel) a temporary visa to SA to visit her brother; 
Aa1.2.2.5  Representations 1975 
  03/01/1975: letter from a Mrs. Robertson in South Hills – she says “we are poor people”, they don’t even have a telephone – about her son who is wasting away in Kroonstad Prison though he’s only a short-term prisoner and HS response; 
  23/03/1975: letter from Mr. W.G. Anderson to the Mayor of Boksburg about the state of Cinderella Prison; 
  29/07/1975: Letters to and from Mrs. Phyllis Naidoo at A.J. Gumede & Phyllis Naidoo Attorneys & Conveyancers in Durban concerning Robben Island authorities not accepting a R100 cheque for Billy Nair’s studies; 
Aa1.2.2.6  Representations 1976 
  June-July 1976: correspondence concerning Brian Henry Price who was imprisoned in Zonderwater Prison for 10 years for selling LSD from his yacht, then escaped, stowed away on the Windsor Castle and arrived back in the UK on 05/07/1976; 
  Undated letter from former prisoner Hugh Lewin to HS from London “Dear Helen, Lovely to see you again – and many thanks for Thandi’s teddy [Thandi is his daughter]”; letter goes on about new prison regulations concerning studying while jailed and that these regulations are essentially pernicious and could be invoked especially harshly against political prisoners including those held at Pretoria Local and Robben Island; he mentions Harold Strachan case, Thoms, Aucamp, Brigadier van Aardt and the Goldberg / Thoms affair of December 1972 
Aa1.2.2a  Representations by H Suzman on behalf of Jehovah's Witnesses; correspondence, 1972 
  Dec. 1971 – June 1972: correspondence concerning young white men being jailed, in military barracks, for refusing military service and then being sentenced again for refusing to wear uniforms whilst serving the original sentence. Voortrekkerhoogte barracks seem to be the worst. Letters from parents – Mrs. Lamb (who mentions that black JW’s luckily don’t get called up or imagine what their conditions of detention would be like), Ballantine and Minaar; also Admiral Bierman, Commandant-General of the SADF 
Aa1.2.3  Representations 1978 1 f. 
  July – Sept. 1978: correspondence concerning a T.G. Whitlock, jailed for dagga offences; correspondents are HS, Mrs. Whitlock and Minister Jimmy Kruger; in a letter dated 05/09/1978 letter to “Dear Jimmy” re Whitlock, HS also mentions detainee Mr. Khayalethu Mqayisa who was originally held under Section 6 and then Section 10 of the Internal Security Act; he became ill in Grahamstown jail; PEN [international writers group] has taken up his case; 
  15/11/1978: correspondence raising various cases with Minister Kruger including: a request to allow Thandi Magubane to visit her fiancé Stanley Nkosi (convicted under the Terrorism Act, jailed in 1977) on Robben Island, various dagga offenders and parole for them, Mr. M. Moodley, whose father is a member of the SA Indian Council, unable to get a firearms licence; HS also thanks Kruger for investigating the case of Khayalethu Mqayisa and strongly protests the detention of Mrs. Sally Motlana under Section – “I cannot allow the continued harassment of leading members of the Soweto community to go unprotested.” 
Aa1.2.4  Representations 1979 1 f. 
Aa1.2.4.1  Representations January-September 1979 
  12/06/1979: correspondence between HS and Minister Kruger [who now addresses her as “Dear Helen”] concerning a criminal prisoner with an artificial leg and HS also thanks Kruger for allowing Mrs. Amiel to bring her grandson to SA to visit his father [Alex Moumbaris] at Pretoria Central; HS also refers to Enoch Duma’s application for a passport; 
  20/06/1979: HS writes first letter to new Minister of Police, Louis le Grange – “Dear Louis, An early beginning to our relationship!”; 
  09/07/1979: letter concerning Diliza Benedict Matshoba who had been sentenced for possessing banned books and now the Security Police won’t let him go back to Soweto to live with his mother despite the fact that he has a job with Anglo. 
  23/07/79-30/10/79: Letter from Minister Le Grange concerning Diliza Matshoba’s release and resettlement in Mdantsane by the Dept. of Cooperation & Development; Le Grange says “Your inference that his removal was on the instructions of the Security Branch is therefore unfounded. I may add however that in retrospect our Dept. fully endorses the action of the Dept. of Cooperation & Development.” There are also some letters about the “harassment” of the owner of ‘Pic a Movie’. 
  09/07/79-06/11/ 79: correspondence concerning continuing assaults on prisoners at St. Alban’s Prison. 
  24/07/79-18/12/79: correspondence concerning the South African government denying UN employee and SA citizen Diana Boernstein (formerly Hermans) renewal of her passport; she was a producer and researcher on the UN film “White Laager”’ 
Aa1.2.4.2  Representations October-December 1979 
  21/08/78-19/11/79: letters from Ismail Ayob, the Dept. of Prisons, HS, Advocate Ernie Wentzel concerning compensation for Mrs. Desai’s stolen jewellery; the first offer was for R150, then R500 and finally R1000; Mrs. Desai was detained at Kroonstad Prison;  
  12/11/78: HS to Le Grange asking if she can visit prisoners at Pretoria Prison around Christmas time as she used to do, especially those who have no family in SA – mentions David Rabkin as example. 
  18/12/79: HS request to Brigadier Johan Coetzee that Curtis Nkondo be allowed to visit his brother Winston Nkondo (alias Victor Motlou) who is imprisoned in Bloemfontein; 
  11/01/79-23/01/80: Letter concerning the denial of a passport to Sabelo Neku, wanting to study in the US where his mother lives; 
  27/12/79: letter to T.N. (Norman) Westcott about “Nicky” and her file being looked at by the Security Police head Johan Coetzee. 
Aa1.2.5  Representations 1980-1981 1 f. 
Aa1.2.5.1  Representations 1980 
  26/07/80: handwritten note to HS from ‘Thelma’ about police provocation and associated problems in Grahamstown – a boy and a woman shot dead by police, another boy bitten in the groin by police dog, why police have no visible identification etc., “Press may not enter the locations and we are therefore not in full possession of the facts.” 
  HS visited Zonderwater Prison – “essentially for psychopathic prisoners” – a week prior to 20/10/80 – correspondence resulting from visit; 
Aa1.2.5.2  Representations 1981 
  19/10/81: HS reply to a July 1981 letter from a Hildegard Falke in Germany who wants to know if people are really tortured by police in SA as her daughter claims…; 
  (no date): HS asks Kobie Coetsee to consider granting an amnesty for ‘crimes against the state’ to mark the 20th anniversary of the Republic 
Aa1.2.6  Representations 1982 1 f. 
Aa1.2.6.1  Representations January-June 1982 
  March-May 1982: letters about Modika Mothibi Tatsa, detained for more than 18 months for refusing to be a state witness and then again under Section 10; includes letters from Priscilla Jana and others; 
  12/03/82: HS request permission to visit Pollsmoor and Robben Island to assess the conditions; letter from Kobie Coetsee about the release of Esther Levitan [who was then about 60 years old] after being held for about 7 weeks; 
  30/03/82: HS thanks Coetsee for arranging visit to Pollsmoor; 
  20/04/82: Letter from Alex Boraine MP about Mrs. Jenkins, mother of Tim Jenkins; she says her other son Michael is in jail for 1-3 years for assisting Stephen who escaped with Tim; they have photos of burn marks where he was given electric shocks – taken 7 weeks later when he was out on bail; wants to know if anything can be done; 
  28/04/82: letter to Coetsee thanking him for arranging the Prisons group [of MPs] tour of Robben Island on 24/04/82; 
  18/05/82: about a request from the 1st cousin of Raymond Mhlaba to be allowed to visit him for the first time since 1964; 
Aa1.2.6.2  Representations July-December 1982 
  11/08/82: letter from Mrs. Gertrude Mazwai, mother of Thami Mazwai, who is in Leeukop Prison for refusing to testify, asking about possible remission of sentence and asking HS to visit the prison to “boost their [the prisoner’s] morale”; “We all appreciate your stand and we hope you will keep on fighting, BRAVO, thank you.”; HS reply dated 23/08/82; 
  23/09/82: letter from Neil Aggett’s parents, Joyce and Aubrey thanking HS for forwarding an anonymous donor’s cheque towards their legal expenses; 
  (no date): cutting about HS speaking in parliament about the death of Neil Aggett; 
  (no date): 17 page handwritten speech headed “No confidence debate (Aggett Inquest) H. Suzman” 
Aa1.2.7  Representations 1983 1 f. 
Aa1.2.7.1  Representations January-August 1983 
  14/03/83: letter from General J.F. Otto about conditions at Pretoria New Prison, formerly Pretoria Local; he mentions Rob Adam and Barbara Hogan; 
  16/06/83: letter to Kobie Coetsee with a PS: “What about my visit to Mandela?” 
  31/08/83: letter and legal documents from Priscilla Jana to HS concerning Thami Mkwanazi and his transfer from Robben Island to Potchefstroom and his attempts to register for a degree at UNISA; 
  29/08/83-23/09/83: letters from Priscilla Jana and HS concerning the politicals at Klerksdorp – Masabata Mary Loate, Judith Mathodi Moja and Elizabeth Kabate; there’s also a reference to Thami Mkwanazi 
Aa1.2.7.2  Representations September-December 1983 
Aa1.2.8  Representations 1984 1 f. 
Aa1.2.8.1  Representations January-July 1984 
  06/02/84: letter to HS from Molly Blackburn, Member of the Cape Provincial Council, about the sudden and summary removal of 5 ‘political violence’ prisoners from St. Alban’s Prison to Victor Verster; 
  May 1984: letters from Lt. General W.H. Willemse, the Commissioner of Prisons and HS about her visit to Robben Island and her intention to visit other prisons 
Aa1.2.8.2  Representations August-October 1984 
Aa1.2.8.3  Representations November-December 1984 
Aa1.2.9  Representations 1985 1 f. 
Aa1.2.9.1  Representations January-February 1985 
  Aug 1984 – Jan. 1985: letters concerning a group that had attempted to cross to Botswana (through a border post) to attend a meeting of the Southern Africa Arts Trust Fund and were harassed by a border official and then a security policeman; people involved were Bill Ainslie, Nadine Gordimer, Colin Smuts, James Matthews & Zakes Mofokeng; 
  06/02/85: Copy of letter to Robert McNamara [whom HS had met whilst on a visit to the US]in Washington DC concerning the political situation in SA; third paragraph: “I must say I really could weep when I think of all the lost years in which SA could have been using to the full all her human resources, could have become the workshop of Africa, and could have retained her place in the Western community of nations. If only, if only Smuts had not the lost the 1948 General Election.” Comments on Senator Edward (Teddy) Kennedy’s visit to SA: “”… really rather a circus … [he met] only the extremes at both ends of the political spectrum.” She goes on that Blacks now lump capitalism together with apartheid. The economy is in a great mess “but I am firmly of the opinion that it would be absolutely disastrous to make this situation worse by advocating either divestment or disinvestment from South Africa … I know I do not make myself popular on campuses when I advance this view, but I really do believe in it.”; 
  06-22/02/85: letters from and to the Attorney General Mr. Klaus P.C.O. von Lieres und Wilkau concerning assaults on squatters, 8 journalists and a reverend at Katlehong and the AG’s decision not to prosecute those responsible; 
Aa1.2.9.2  Representations March-May 1985 
  28/03/85: letter thanking Lt.-General W.H. Willemse for investigating list of complaints that HS had sent him in February 1985; letter from Willemse saying that all the allegations were untrue; 
  23/04/85: HS to Willemse about her visits to Victor Verster (which was very overcrowded) and a list of complaints received from prisoners at Robben Island during a “contact visit” on 17/04/85; the complaints referred to the long time it takes to get promoted to ‘A Group’, visits from people who are not defined as first degree relatives, why different categories of prisoners are not allowed to play sport together, applications for study taking too long to be approved, midday meal is now only bread and a cold drink, could they please be allowed transistor radios; 
  Feb-May 1985: letters concerning complaints from prisoners at Barberton Prison Farm and the case of J.S. Shembe; 
Aa1.2.9.3  Representations June 1985 
  18/06/85: written version of Minister of Justice’s oral reply to HS question about North End Prison; 
Aa1.2.9.4  Representations July-September 1985 
Aa1.2.9.5  Representations October 1985 
  Letters, cuttings and statements in the wake of HS and Peter Soal visit to detainees in Johannesburg Prison and subsequent disagreements with the DPSC; also a transcript of the HS side of a telephone conversation with Minister Louis Le Grange [prior to 07/10/85] and a letter dated 07/10/85 which places the conversation on record; however, at the end of the transcript there is a paragraph about Angola: “Now listen, are we going to end up with a war with Angola, with the Russians? … You think it’s over … Hell, it didn’t sound like it on this morning’s news …. God, well listen Louis, we must get out of there, it’s really dangerous … we’ll be embroiled in a full-scale war, a hot war, not a cold war … Yes, but your northern border, my dear, is not inside Angola…”; also some rough notes taken by HS during a visit which mention on page 2 Ismail Momoniat, Amos Masondo, Cass Coovadia, Neil Coleman, Maurice Smithers, Auret van Heerden, Paul Maseko, “Abe Moyopa, 13 yrs.”, Grace Mapule, Constance Hlatshwayo and Mary Ntingane; 
  24/10/85: letter from Gill de Vlieg about detainees at Modder B / Modderbee Prison; 
Aa1.2.9.6  Representations November-December 1985 
  15/11/85: statement from Peter Soal (PFP) and Marius Barnard (NP) on the bad condition of young detainees at Johannesburg Prison (224 of them) and Modderbee (83) where it’s even worse; 
  02/12/85: notes about visit to Pretoria Central political prisoners – names mentioned include Rob Adam, Dieter Gerhardt and ‘the women” 
Aa1.2.10  Representations 1986 1 f. 
Aa1.2.10.1  Representations January-October 1986 
Aa1.2.10.2  Representations November-December 1986 
Aa1.2.11  Representations 1987 1 f. 
Aa1.2.11.1  Representations January-May 1987 
  12/02/87-23/02/87: letters about category A white male prisoners at Pretoria Security Prison [there were only 3 of them] being separated from the rest to prevent them sharing magazines, newspapers etc., with the non-A prisoners; Roland Hunter was one of them and the letter dated 12/02/87 is from his father, A.P Hunter who mentions that Dieter Gerhardt is “difficult”; 
  (no date); letter from Adriaan Vlok refusing HS permission to visit “Emergency detainee Zwelakhe Sisulu” 
Aa1.2.11.2  Representations June-December 1987 
Aa1.2.12  Representations 1988 1 f. 
Aa1.2.12.1  Representations January-March 1988 
Aa1.2.12.2  Representations April-September 1988 
  24/04/88: letter from Dr. N.J. van Rensburg about abolishing capital punishment – he visits white condemned white prisoners in Pretoria Central Prison; 
  May 1988: letters Jacob Matjila who’s in Johannesburg Central Prison and having problems studying because he doesn’t have a single cell; his sister writes to HS saying: “Not even paid lawyers can do their jobs as efficient and as fast as you are doing … wish you … best of luck in your hard and depressing work and I also wish God to spare your life and to live longer for people like myself who really need you.”; 
  June 1988: letters concerning the possible release from prison, on medical grounds, of Harry Gwala; 
  29/08/88: letter from Kobie Coetsee about Ivan Thoms saying that he cannot be moved to a “prison for security prisoners”; 
  June-July 1988: letters concerned with Section 29 detainee Gertrude Fester; 
  June-Aug. 1988: the matter of a gun licence for a Mr. H. S. Sapire, a taxi-driver in HS constituency; 
  Aug. 1988: letter from Adriaan Vlok inviting HS to join a group visiting SA Police Border Posts and the SA Police Training Centre, Maleoskop; 
Aa1.2.12.3  Representations October 1988 
Aa1.2.12.4  Representations November 1988 
  Oct. – Nov. 1988: Letter from Lt-Gen. Willemse saying he won’t release Paul M. Langa as he refuses to renounce violence [he was sentenced to 25 years on 2 counts of ‘terrorism’] 
Aa1.2.12.5  Representations December 1988 
Aa1.2.13  Representations 1989 1 f. 
Aa1.2.13.1  Representations January-March 1989 
  09/02/89: letter from Louis le Grange: “I return herewith the videotape in respect of the Helen Suzman Show and must say that Jessie and I really enjoyed it. Congratulations on a good performance.” 
Aa1.2.13.2  Representations April-August 1989 
  Feb. – May 1989: letters concerning visits that HS had made to politicals (white, male and female) in Pretoria on 9th January and 13th February 1989; she calls for various improvements to be made in their conditions and also mentions the release of Ruth Gerhardt, Barbara Hogan, Rob Adam (who also needs a computer for his studies) and Roland Hunter; reply from K. Coetsee; 
  April-July 1989: letter from black prison officers at Pretoria Central complain about discrimination against them and disregard by whites; 
  07/07/89: letter to Tiaan vd Merwe about a visit to Malmesbury Prison and it ends: “Good luck and beat that poison dwarf into the ground.” 
Aa1.2.13.3  Representations September-December 1989 
Aa2  Prison reports 1 f. 1965-2006 
Aa2.1  S.A.Prison Service. 3 Nov. 1982 6p. 
Aa2.2  Visits to Prisons, May 1986, by Prof. N. Saxe and Dr M. Elsworth. 
Aa2.3  Preliminary Report on visits by Mrs H. Suzman, M.P. to Prisons (+/- 1965) 6p. 
Aa2.4  Report on the Seventh United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of offenders: 25 Aug - 6 Sept 1985. 
  Includes Report of the Secretary-General on Youth, Crime and Justice; covering letter from SA NICRO. 
Aa2.5  Annual Report of Social Services Association of South Africa 1966-1967. 
Aa2.6  Report for Gen. Willemse on complaints received over last 12 months regarding conditions in prisons throughout the Republic. By H. Suzman. 15 Feb 1985 
Aa2.7  Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Penal System of the RSA. 1976 (page 6 missing) 
Aa2.8  Annual Report 'Prisoners & Prisons', issued by the Judicial Inspectorate of Prisons: Office of the Inspecting Judge. 2001/2002 
Aa2.9  Annual Report 'Prisoners & Prisons', issued by the Judicial Inspectorate of Prisons: Office of the Inspecting Judge. 2002 / 2003 
Aa2.10  Annual Report 'Prisoners & Prisons', issued by the Judicial Inspectorate of Prisons: Office of the Inspecting Judge. 2004 / 2005 
Aa2.11  Annual Report 'Prisoners & Prisons', issued by the Judicial Inspectorate of Prisons: Office of the Inspecting Judge. 2005 / 2006 
Aa2.12  Prison Report 2004, published by Law Society of South Africa 
Aa2.13  Report on a visit to the Manguang Maximum Security Prison, managed by Global Solutions, James Selfe, 19 July 2004 
Aa3  Articles & Memoranda 1 f. 1979-1987 
Aa3.1  Facts from Prison Figures: the case of influx control, by Dirk van Zyl Smit, Feb 1985 3p. 
Aa3.2  "Normal" Prisons in an "Abnormal" Society? A Comparative Perspective on South African Prison Law and Practice, by Dirk van Zyl Smit. Summer'Fall 1987 
Aa3.3  Do Prisoners have a right to education? by D. van Zyl Smit in South African Outlook Sept. 1979. 
Aa3.4  The Role of Punishment in the Maintenance of Law and Order. 18p. 
Aa3.5  Misdaad - Beskerm ons strafmiddels ons Daarteen? by J.H. Steyn. 
Aa3.6  Memorandum on Jails. 11p. (Missing, April 2010) 
Aa3.7  Implementation of the Correctional Services Act, 1998 (Act No.111 of 1998), and quote by H.Suzman on page 12 of SA Corrections Today, August/September 2004. 
Aa3.8  State reconsiders private prison partnerships. Financial Mail, 11 March 20005 
Aa3.9  Prisons work when prisoners work. Draft discussion document, Democratic Alliance, January 2005 
Aa3.10  Prison bursts are not the answer, Position paper by James Selfe, MP, Democratic Alliance spokesperson on Correctional Services, 1 May 2005; Position Paper on Correctional Services, no author and date 
Aa3.11.1  Curb the Vengeance: Minimum Sentences and the Correctional Services Act spell worsening prison conditions, by Hannes Fagan, Inspecting Judge of Prisons, 2004; and accompanying correspondence to H. Suzman, 15 October 2004. 
Aa3.11.2  Figures from the Annual Report and accompanying correspondence by Hannes Fagan, Inspecting Judge, 28 May 2003. 
Aa4  Robben Island 2 f. 
Aa4.1  Correspondence 1 f. 1966-1988 
  Subjects include: 
  1966. Cancellation of Rev Kotze's appointment as religious worker on Robben Island. 
  1967. Report of H. Suzman's visit to Robben Island. 
  1967. Reports submitted by prisoners N. Alexander and N. Mandela. 
  20/07/67: no “railway concessions for Robert Sobukwe’s wife to enable her to visit him (Minister of Justice); 
  May-Nov.1971: letters from Mrs. V.P.R. Naidoo concerning her husband, M.D. Naidoo who is on Robben Island and was demoted from category B to category C, & replies from officials; 
  1972. Re M.D. Naidoo. 
  1974. Law books to be sent to Nelson Mandela. 
  1974. Conditions on Robben Island. 
  23/04/74: HS replies to Dr. E.H. Brookes in Pietermaritzburg concerning an article by Peter Niesewand in the ‘Manchester Guardian’ about conditions on Robben Island; 
  Aug. – Oct. 1980: refusal of permission for Zoliswa Mnyamana to marry Joseph Mxolisi Pantswa who is serving 5 years for sabotage on Robben Island; 
  1985. H. Suzman's visit to Victor Verster and Robben Island prisons. 
  Undated. Handwritten Report by unidentified political prisoner re conditions on Robben Island. 
  28/04/88: request from HS that Dr. Ivan Thoms be transferred from Pollsmoor to Pretoria Central Prison 
Aa4.1.1  Correspondence 1966-1967 
Aa4.1.2  Correspondence 1972 
Aa4.1.3  Correspondence 1974-1988 
Aa4.2  Reports/Notes 1 f. 
Aa4.2.1  Reports on Robben Island by the S.A.Prisons Service.  
  Includes: Geographical information, treatment of prisoners, historical review, statistical information, and HS notes on the cover. 
Aa4.2.2  HS Notebook re conditions on Robben Island 
Aa4.2.3  Loose handwritten notes re conditions on Robben Island 
  Including HS comments: “Astonishing to find men who have spent so many years in jail so well disposed. Parole should be granted.” 
Aa4.2.4  Photocopied press cuttings 
  Bernard Levin May 1974 Times article and a letter from Lord Walston on his visit to Robben Island in about 1968 
Aa5  Publications / Booklets 1 f. 
Aa5.1  Crime, Punishment and Correction. NICRO Criminological Journal, vol 4, no 1. Feb 1975. 
Aa5.2  Statutory Rules and other information for the Guidance of Prison Officers. 
Aa5.3  The Prisoner's Handbook on the Rules relating to treatment and conduct. S.A.Prisons Department. 
Aa5.4  Guide for prisoners issued by S.A.Prisons Service. 
Aa5.5  Prison conditions in South Africa, published by Africa Watch Prison Project, Divisions of Human Rights Watch, 1994.  
Aa5.6  HIV/AIDS in Prison 
  Problems, policies and potential, by KC Goyer, ISS Monograph Series, No.79, February 2003; handwritten letter dated 17 June 2003 from HS to Hannes (Fagan) stapled to the cover 
Aa5.7  Women in South African Prisons. 
  A publication by the Judicial Inspectorate of Prisons in support of the 16 Days of Activism Campaign Unite Against Women and Child Abuse, 2004. 
Aa6  Prisons in other countries 3 f. 
Aa6.1  England 2 f. 
Aa6.1.1  Articles and Reports 1 f. 1973-1984 
Aa6.1.1.1  Prisons: Their Organisation and Management, by D.G. Hewlings. 14 Nov 1973. 11p. 
Aa6.1.1.2  Development of the Prison System. 9p. 
Aa6.1.1.3  Report No. 1. Punishing the Innocent: Portrait of a National Scandal. Prison Reform Trust. April 1983. 4p. 
Aa6.1.1.4  The effects of separation on the prisoner and his family. Prison Reform Trust. Nov 1983. 4p. 
Aa6.1.1.5  Report No. 5: Not a privileged position - the treatment of remand prisoners. Prison Reform Trust. Jan. 1984. 3p. 
Aa6.1.1.6  Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Penal System of the Republic of South Africa (Missing, April 2010) 
Aa6.1.1.7  Letter to HS on firearms for UK police from David Scott, British Embassy, Cape Town, 12/05/78, 2p. 
Aa6.1.1.8  Note from Charles Crawford, British Embassy, on the average daily UK prison population in 1986 
Aa6.1.2  Booklets 1 f. 
Aa6.1.2.1  Maidstone prison. Information for official visitors. 
Aa6.1.2.2  Information for Male Prisoners. 
Aa6.1.2.3  Information for receptions to Maidstone prison. 
Aa6.1.2.4  Educational opportunities - Maidstone prison. 
Aa6.1.2.5  Prisons. England and Wales: The Prison Rules 1964, Statutory Instrument 1964 No. 388 
Aa6.1.2.6  Handwritten notes by HS about Maidstone Prison and UK prisons in general 
Aa6.2  United States 1 f. 
Aa6.2.1  Articles and Reports 
Aa6.2.1.1  Thirty years of Prison Progress. (Report). 1961 
Aa6.2.1.2  Corrections and the Future. Address of Myrl E. Alexander, Director U.S.Bureau of Prisons, 23 April 1965. 
Aa6.2.1.3  Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners. From UN Publication 1956.IV.4.  
  Report prepared by Secretariat on First United Nations Congress, Aug-Sept 1956 on prevention of crime and treatment of offenders 
Aa6.2.1.4  Letter and information from the US Embassy on penal issues in the United States of America, 02/05/88 
Aa7  Questions to the House of Assembly 1 f. 1975, 1980, 1985 
  Incl. handwritten notes of questions for the “Prisons Vote” debate, and a brochure with the verbatim of the debates of the Standing Committee in the House of Assembly on Prisons Vote, 1979; press cuttings from February 1981. 
Aa7.1  February-March 1975 
Aa7.2  House of Assembly: Debates of the Standing Committee on Appropriation Bill Vote No. 24 "Prisons" 18 May 1979 
Aa7.3  House of Assembly Prisons Vote, April-May 1975 
Aa7.4  1981, 1985 
Aa8  Miscellaneous 1 f. 
  Includes: Statement and allegations against H. Suzman made by prisoner P.W.J.Putter - one of these documents mentions (Laurence) Gandar, (Percy) Yutar and (Harold ‘Jock’) Strachan; memo to Mr. Pogrund from R. McCarthy re conditions at The Fort prison in Johannesburg and how just before HS visited the prisoners were issued with clean clothes, cells were tidied up, normal food for Africans substituted with better food; the prisoners were too scared to tell HS; complaints from various prisons; "In Prison", a poem; statements by prisoners re: farm labour, assaults these include statements by Petrus Buti Mofokeng & Walter Bodikoa about being sentenced to 100 days for failing to pay tax, sent to Modderbee then transferred to Beeker Farm at Cullinan and the brutality there; memorandum and comments to the Minister of Justice by the Commissioner of Prisons on the report of the Committee of Investigation into the events at Barberton Maximum Security Prison on 20 and 30 September 1983; various handwritten notes incl. to Minster of Justice Pelser and his response on the back which seems to have been passed to him on the floor of the National Assembly; a letter from NICRO about juveniles 
Aa8.1  Miscellaneous 1965-1967  
  Incl. Putter matter 
Aa8.2  Report of the Committee of Investigation on the Events at the Prisons at Barberton (1984) 
Aa8.3  Miscellaneous 1985, 1987, undated 
Aa8.4  Handwritten notes 
Aa9  Press Cuttings 1 f. 1965-2002. 
Aa9.1  Press Cuttings 1965 
Aa9.2  Press Cuttings 1966-1978 
Aa9.3  Press Cuttings 1981 
Aa9.4  Press Cuttings 1982-1986 
Aa9.5  Press Cuttings 1989, 2000 
Aa10  Correspondence: faxed letter from Tony Leon, 3 June 2003 
Ab  POLITICAL PRISONERS 1965-1989. 9 files. 
Ab1  Correspondence 4 f. 1966-1989 
Ab1.1  Correspondence 1960s(1966-1969) 1 f. 
Ab1.1.1  Correspondence 1966 
  Includes reference to the following prisoners: M. Brutus, Y.A. Cachalia, Edward Daniels, Denis Goldberg, Harry Gwala, Isaac Heymann, Baruch Hirson, David Kitson, John Laredo, Hugh Lewin, Nelson Mandela, Jason Daniel Mutumbela (S.W.A), A. Osman, J.N. Singh, Robert Sobukwe, 
  15/10/66: Letter to Minister of Justice, Pelser, about Wilfred Brutus at Groenpunt Prison, OFS, and Ahmad [?] Osman, a coloured school-teacher now banned and forced to work as a casual labourer due to the restrictions imposed on him; 
  undated memo, maybe from 1967, or draft speech partly handwritten, partly typed, about prison conditions, the state of political prisoners, the “manner in which police use 180-day detention”; 
Ab1.1.2  Correspondence January-March 1967 
  03/02/67-01/05/67: amongst others mentions conditions of the women prisoners at Barberton, Indian detainees at Leeuwkop, John Jacques William Aitcheson (banned in May 1965 and wanting to leave SA for Oxford but can’t get a passport) 
  03/02/67: a handwritten note from Pelser about a proposed visit to Robben Island by HS and the conditions of the visit; 
  08/02/67-23/02/67: letters from Pat Davidson [Hugh Lewin’s lawyer?] about Lewin being refused the right to register to continue his BA degree at UNISA, also a statement from Lewin; HS responds about her meeting with the Minister and says: “Please do not mention to anyone else what I tell you in confidence. I do not wish to jeopardise my chances for future interviews by publicity at this stage.” 
  08/02/67-03/04/67: letters from Mrs. A. Cachalia [Amina} concerning her husband Y.A. Cachalia [Yusuf] and his detention, raids on her home by police, verbal threats, theft of a letter by a Lt. Stoltz, filthy language used, Warrant Officer Lottering threatening her elderly mother; HS replies and letter from Justice Minister’s PPS about visits to Yusuf Cachalia; there is also a mention by HS about a Mrs. Marquard [possibly wife of Leo Marquard?] who had been sending magazine “The Listener’ to Robert Sobukwe but now the Robben Island Officer Commanding says Sobukwe only allowed SA newspapers; 
  27/02/67 & 01/03/67: letter to HS from M. [Mello] MacRobert about Hugh Lewin and the chances of getting him out on an exit permit because of his elderly mother; HS replies at length and also mentions, de Keller, [Tony] Trew, Stephanie Kemp, Brookes & Edward Daniel(s): “His circumstances are a little different in so far as he is 38 years of age and can hardly be said to be a young man who was misled by the wicked Leftwich.” 
Ab1.1.3  Correspondence April 1967 
  Aug 1966 – 21/04/67: letters & one cutting about the imprisonment of J.N. Singh, and, interalia, Y. Cachalia, the issue of forged passports and the removal of JN Singh and his wife, Radhi Singh (both attorneys) from their home at 136 Prospect Hall Road, Durban North under the Group Areas Act; 
  11/04/67: letter to “Dear Jill” [who appears to work at the Rand Daily Mail] which mentions her 90 minute visit to Hugh Lewin; then about Parliament being miserable – “All sorts of horrible Bills appearing, like diseased rabbits …”; also that “Francie is expecting a baby in August – imagine me with an American grandchild”; 
  04/04/67: letter from M. MacRobert (Mello) invoking Dean Yates, Hugh Lewin's school headmaster as h wants to meet with the [relevant] Minister to request an exit permit for Hugh; 
Ab1.1.4  Correspondence May 1967 
  11/05/67: letter from Benjamin Pogrund [??] on Rand Daily Mail paper about books he has sent to “Bob” [Sobukwe] not being delivered or being returned; he also says “After your February visit to Bob, there was an immediate improvement in the receipt of letters from him … But then they got up to their old game of holding letters for an average period of three weeks”; 
  letters from a Mr. Theodore Johannes Klopperman, a ‘free thinking person’, who was jailed, age 72, under the Suppression of Communism Act and from Ray Swart to HS about Klopperman; HS replies to Swart and says “You, Sir, are getting rather fat – what has happened to the lugubrious and erstwhile agbare lid for The Black Umfolosi?” 
  an affidavit in Afrikaans by Jason Daniel Mutumbulua (SWAPO) who was arrested on 01/02/67 and tortured; there’s a drawing of the ‘torture room’ attached; 
Ab1.1.5  Correspondence June-August 1967 
  28/07/67: HS letter to Pelser thanking him for allowing her to deliver a record player, amplifier, loudspeaker and records for the politicals in Pretoria Local prison; also raises the issue of the type of work available to these prisoners, their grading (nearly all of them still category C or D), and “glut on the market of oranges and other citrus fruit” which she asks be collected by prison lorries and labour to be distributed in the prisons “rather than allow this valuable source of Vitamin C to go to waste”; 
  07/08/67: letter from Hugh Lewin saying thanks for “the night that music came to Local”; 
Ab1.1.6  Correspondence 1968-1969 
  04/03/68: letter to Pelser after meeting with him which asks, interalia, for permission to supply a record player and records for Robben Island; Pelser responded on 15/05/68 saying that she could; 
  20/11/68: HS congratulates Pelser after her tour of the new section erected for white, male, political prisoners at Pretoria Local 
Ab1.1.7  Correspondence undated items 
Ab1.2  Correspondence 1970-1979 1 f. 
  Includes reference to the following prisoners: Bram Fischer, Denis Goldberg, Baruch Hirson, Hugh Lewin, Solomon Mahlangu, Alex Moumbaris, Ivan Schermbrucker, Richard Thoms. 
Ab1.2.1  Correspondence 1970-1974 
  27/03/74: letter from Baruch Hirson, now in England, thanking HS and giving news of other ex-politicals also in the UK; also a 5 page memo, “for private distribution only”, by Hirson about life in Pretoria Local prison between 1972 and 1973 
Ab1.2.2  Correspondence 1975-1979 
Ab1.3  Correspondence 1980s 2 f. 
Ab1.3.1  Correspondence 1980 
  Includes reference to the following prisoners: R. Adam, C. Adams, C. Bookhelane, J. Bosman, G. Berger, S. Chibane, R. Christie, D. Gerhardt, R. Gerhardt, D. Goldberg, D. Hanekom, B. Hogan, T. Holiday,R. Hunter, D. Kitson, I. Kleinschmidt, J. (Jansie) Lourens, C. Makhoeri, T. Modise, C. Niehaus, D. Rabkin, R. Suttner, M.M. Tatsa, P. (Trish) Hanekom. 
  Jan. 1980: letters about Jacqueline Bosman (art director at the Financial Mail) and Ilona Kleinschmidt (of Priscilla Jana & Associates), imprisoned for 3-4 months for refusing to give evidence against Winnie Mandela; they were being kept in solitary confinement at Pretoria Central; 
Ab1.3.2  Correspondence January 1981 
  05/01/81: letter to HS from Sheila Suttner about prison conditions in Pretoria; 
  1979-1981: letters about the possibilities of Job and Franny Rabkin being able to continue visiting their father David Rabkin; backed up by personal letters (from the UK) from Anna Freud and John Bowlby; 
Ab1.3.3  Correspondence July 1981 
  July 1981: affidavits by Thandi Modise (page 9 missing), Feziwe Bookhelane and Caesarina Makhoeri; Modise writes about her appalling total solitary confinement and fears for her sanity (sent by Priscilla Jana); 
Ab1.3.4  Correspondence Sept. 1981 & undated itemd 
Ab1.3.5  Correspondence 1982 
Ab1.3.6  Correspondence 1983-1984 
  05/05/83: letter from State President’s office acknowledging HS telegram appealing for clemency for Cameron Adam; 
  03/07/84: HS forwards to Minister Coetsee a plea for remission / early release for Denis Goldberg from Mrs. Hillary Kuny [Advocate Kuny’s wife] who has been visiting Goldberg regularly since 1970; 
  21/09/84: letter to “Family & Friends” from ‘Sally and Jonathan’ with news of Barbara Hogan who has been moved to Pretoria Central; 
Ab1.3.7  Correspondence 1985 
  28/01/85: letter from Sheena Duncan of Black Sash, who visits Carl Niehaus about his request to marry Jansie (Johanna) Lourens, who is also in jail; HS replies 28/01/85; on 08/02/85 Duncan confirms that Jansie also wants to marry Niehaus – “Poor young things. I wish I could help them.”; 
  11/02/85: HS report on a visit to the politicals at Pretoria Central [which included 3 Italians, Miricelo, Zoppis and Bollo and 2 AWB prisoners, Jacobs & Viljoen, in a separate section from the South African politicals); Niehaus and Lourens want to marry, Dieter Gerhardt wants to be exchanged for ‘Sakharof’ (sic) or Sharanski; Goldberg wants to consult Mandela about an offer to him of conditional release and an offer from Israelis for him to go and live there on a kibbutz with his daughter; Barbara Hogan “is a bit of a problem” but all the women are, “I am happy to say, getting some form of therapy”; 
  15/02/85: “Report for General Willemse on complaints received over the last 12 months regarding conditions in prisons throughout the Republic (handed to Gen. Willemse on February 15th 1985 by Helen Suzman, M.P.” (handwritten); 
  1982-1986: letters about Rob Adam between his mother Barbara and HS, mentions his apparent acceptance of P.W. Botha’s offer of conditional release; 
Ab1.3.8  Correspondence 1986-1989 & undated items 
  May 1986: Dr. Renfrew Christie’s CV, sent to HS by (attorney) Raymond Tucker; 
  Handwritten response by HS to a government report on prisons for the period July 31 1986 to June 30 1987; page four mentions that the report says nothing about “the hundreds – indeed thousands – of detainees held in prison – why?”; mentions the case of Ivan Thoms and other conscientious objectors and that they shouldn’t be with ordinary prisoners for they are not criminals; “Finally I want to say that, although in my experience of 20 years of prison visiting, prison conditions have materially improved – indeed are very different from the conditions depicted in The Island, a play which has been widely seen overseas and unfortunately is still considered typical of SA’s prisons.”; 
  10/03/89: letter to Renee Felber, Swiss Foreign Affairs, asking why they charge Ruth Gerhardt for their consular visits to her 
Ab2  Solomon Mahlangu 1 f. 1978 
Ab2.1  Petition for Clemency, 27 June 1978, 52p., and a handwritten note, by HS re “Mahlungu” (sic) which at the end says “? audience with Vorster” 
Ab3  Robert Sobukwe 1 f. 1967, 1977, 1978, 1998 
Ab3.1  Memoranda and correspondence 
  27/02/1967: letter to Nell Marquard about the ‘banning’ of The Listener magazine that she (Marquard) had been sending to Sobukwe; 21/07/1977 letter on headed paper - R.M. Sobukwe, Attorney - from Robert Sobukwe concerning the plight of the Majeng people who'd been forcibly removed to Vallboschoek; Memoranda and correspondence re Majeng tribe, 1976-77. 
Ab3.2  Death and funeral 
  Two versions of H.Suzman's speech for Sobukwe's funeral, Graaff Reinet, (which was not delivered), 11 March 1978; press cuttings about his death and the funeral.. 
Ab3.3  Letter of reply to the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania regarding an invitation to the 20th Anniversary of the death Robert Sobukwe, 23 February 1998. 
Ab4  Harold ("Jock") Strachan Case re Prison Conditions 1 f. 1965-1966. 
Ab4.1  Allegations in the press relating to conditions in prisons', from A Survey of Race Relations, 1965 pp. 78-83 
Ab4.2  Time Table, 29 Dec 1965 - 10 Jan 1966. 
Ab4.3  The State vs. R.H.L. Strachan: Application to Regional Magistrate; Affidavits by D. Goldberg, A.K. Brookes, D.L. Evans, and K.W. Stuart, 12 January 1966. 
Ab4.4  Transcript of conversation between Raymond Louw, Asst. Editor of RDM and Mr Goodhead, regional magistrate, re Strachan case court record; 11.20a.m. on January 18, 1966. 
Ab4.5  Letter from B. Pogrund (Rand Daily Mail) to H.S. concerning "material dealing with the jails issue", 21 January, 1966 
Ab4.6  Annexure B: Press cuttings, 1962, 1965 
Ab4.7  Annexure C: Press Cuttings 1965 
Ab4.8  Memorandum: Referring to jail regulations, 3 p. 
Ab4.9  Penal Reform. 4p. 
Ab4.10  Statement by prisoner J.H. Hoffman for the defence in the Strachan case. 
Ab4.11  Memorandum on Jails. 11p. 
Ab5  Nelson Mandela 
Ab5.1  Nelson and Winnie Mandela, 1f. 1966-1967, 1974, 1980, 1985-1989 
Ab5.1.1  Correspondence Winnie Mandela 
  1966 letters from Winnie Mandela, then in Orlando West, to Frank Bernadt & Joffee about Mandela’s state of health and other matters; she had asked Ruth Heyman to intervene but nothing had happened because Heyman had been banned; conditions at Robben Island need urgent investigation; 
Ab5.1.2  Correspondence Nelson Mandela 1960s 
  02/08/66: HS writes to Minister of Justice John Vorster asking to be able to visit Mandela and also Sobukwe; 
  16/02/67: letter to Minister of Justice Pelser reporting on visit to Robben Island on the previous day and reply by Pelser; 
Ab5.1.3  Correspondence Nelson Mandela 1970s 
  24/10/74: Minister of Prisons, J. Kruger, refuses HS request to visit Mandela and Toivo Ja Toivo (SWAPO); 
Ab5.1.4  Correspondence Nelson Mandela 1980s 
  18/03/80-06/05/80: cuttings about the ‘Free Mandela Campaign”; 
  01/04/80 UCT student newspaper “Varsity”, No. 3: “Mandela must go free” and speech by Zenani Mandela (who was then banned on 11/04/80); 
Ab5.1.5  Correspondence with Lord Nicholas Bethall (UK), 1985-1986 
Ab5.1.6  Correspondence 
  Two Voices That Will Not Be Stilled, Time, January 1987, 1p.; letter from Nicholas Bethell, 7 December 1988; 22/05/89: copy of letter to HS from Mandela at Victor Verster Prison congratulating her on her three decades as an M.P., 22 May 1989; undated item 'An appeal to the people of South Africa smuggled out of Robben Island'. 
Ab5.2  Correspondence 1974-1990 
Ab5.2.1  Letter from David Astor (Editor of The Observer newspaper in the UK), 20 April 1974 
  Letter from David Astor [Editor of The Observer newspaper in the UK] to HS about books for Mandela that he used to send through the British ambassador to SA; in 1970 it was no longer allowed and he was told that Mandela “had enough books”; Winnie (Mandela) says that this is not the case and also she feels that she is in personal danger “from the raids of hooligans”; attached is a copy of an article by Mary Benson, The Island Where Men are Broken, Observer, 14/04/74 
Ab5.2.2  Correspondence 1984-1986 
  26/04/85: letter from Peter Brown (Hilton, Natal) to HS; he has seen Winnie and she says that Mandela and others are having problems at Pollsmoor; attached are a page from Hansard with a statement by State President on Mandela and apress release on same topic (annotated by HS); 11/04/86: telex from Lord Bethell to H.J. (Kobie) Coetsee concerning a missing letter from Mandela; 23/04/1986 Coetsee says he has relayed HS request (that she be able to visit him) to Mandela; 30/04/86: “Private and Very Confidential” letter from Coetsee to HS wherein he says “a further communication has been received from Mr. Mandela as follows: 'With reference to proposed visit by Mrs. Suzman M.P. and Mr. Tian van der Merwe M.P., I wish to inform you that I am prepared to see them at their convenience'."; 05/05/86: press statement by the Progressive Federal Party (PFP) on “this morning’s visit” to Mandela at Pollsmoor and calling for his release: “… I would say he is our last hope.”; 07/05/86: HS to Brigadier Munro, Commanding Officer at Pollsmoor, thanking him for her visit there and enclosing the paper on urbanisation which Mandela had asked for (not part of collection); 
Ab5.2.3  Correspondence 1987-1988 
  01/10/87 letter to HS from Himie Bernadt concerning the schooling of Mandla Mandela at Waterford School (in Swaziland); 22/08/88: hate-mail letter to HS from 'Isa Miller', which contains references to Mandela and the Jews; 06/09/88 and 10/11/88: letters from Professor Sheridan Johns, Duke University, North Carolina, about a contribution by HS to a proposed book on Mandela; 04/09/88: letter to HS from Himie Bernadt about drug being used to treat Mandela's TB, HS replies, 19/09/88, mentioning her recent visit to Mandela; 24/09/88: copy of a letter from Ted Koppel to Mandela care of Mr. Ismail Ajob (sic): “I would very much like to be part of that first historic interview with you. There are many possible modalities within which such an interview could take place.”; 25/11/88: copy of a letter to Mandela from Lord Bethell, MEP (Member of the European Parliament) care of Minister of Justice; the topics covered are the SA political situation and the possibility of dialogue. 
Ab5.2.4  Correspondence 1989-1990 and undated 
  Copies: 12/01/89 letter Lord Nicolas Bethell sent to Himie Bernadt about the awarding of the EP Sakharov prize to Mandela; 13/12/88 letter from SA Ministry of Justice to Lord Bethell re delivery of a previous letter and Mandela's living conditions;08/03/89: [Himie] Bernadt to HS about a consultation he had with Mandela at Victor Verster on 01/03/89: Mandela is “very keen to see you again” and about the European Union’s E.P. Sakharov prize awarded jointly to Mandela and (posthumously) Anatole Marchenko; 09/02/90: telegram from Coetsee about HS request to see Mandela;blank postcard of Robben Island; handwritten note to HS from Colonel George Gordon re a visit to Mandela. 
Ab5.3  Miscelleanous 
  Articles by H. Suzman about N. Mandela, 1985 and 1988; 06/09/88 letter to HS from Sheridan Johns, Duke University. 
Ab5.4  Press cuttings 1983, 1985, 1986, 1988 
Ab5.4.1  Weekend Argus poster of 23/2/83 "Suzman talks to Mandela" (NB: stored with other Folio items) 
Ab5.4.2  Press cuttings 1983 
Ab5.4.3  Press cuttings 1985 
Ab5.4.4  Press cuttings 1986 
Ab5.4.4.1  Press cuttings 1986 
Ab5.4.4.2  Press cuttings 1986 
Ab5.4.5  Press cuttings 1988 
Ab5.4.6  Undated 
Ab5.5  Correspondence 1983 
Ab5.5.1  Correspondence April, May, June 1983 
  Includes: 04/04/83: HS letter to David Astor of The Observer concerning the conditions at Pollsmoor and responding to a joint letter from David Steel, MP, and Denis Healey, MP, published by the newspaper; she notes that she visited Mandela on 1st July; 24/04/83: letter from Peter Brown (Hilton) to HS raising Winnie Mandela’s concerns about conditions at Pollsmoor and that lawyers visits will now be taken off the family visit allocation; 02/05/83: HS to Kobie Coetsee about Pollsmoor: raises issue of visits, communal cells, seeping floors, no study facilities, no sports equipment, no outside exercise, Mandela’s toe-nail to be removed; 25/05/83: copy of Mary Benson’s submission to the UN Ad-hoc Working Group on Human Rights about deteriorating conditions of imprisonment in SA and a letter she received from Winnie Mandela concerning her husband's situation; 28/05/83: letter to HS from a Mr. M. Wilson, expressing his concern that the SA government is trying to "break the spirit of Mr. Mandela."; 28/06/83: Coetsee's detailed response to HS letter dated 02/05/83, in which he denies most of her allegations concerning Pollsmoor and Mandela, 3p. 
Ab5.5.2  Correspondence July 1983 
  Includes: 07/07/83: HS letter to H.J. 'Kobie' Coetsee, Minister of Prisons, copied to General Otto, Commissioner of Prisons, concerning her visit on 1st July to Mandela and his colleagues; 04/07/83: cutting from International Herald Tribune about HS visit to Mandela at Pollsmoor on 01/07/83; also reports that Barbara Hogan tried to escape, from hospital, on 1st July; other correspondence concerning the Pollsmoor visit; 08/07/83 letter from HS to Ismail Ayob about 1st July visit to Mandela; 21/07/83: letter to HS from Coetsee reher 1 July Pollsmoor visit; a handwritten PS states: "In the meanwhile I have taken cognisance of the rather unbiased newspaper reports which have resulted from your visit and comments….. Kobie". 
Ab5.5.3  Correspondence August 1983 
  Includes: 01/08/83: HS to SA Consul-General in New York, Mr. Abe S. Hoppenstein. "I make a point of always correcting any exaggerated statements about South Africa - the reality is bad enough it seems to me. You will understand that I never attempt to defend Government policy which I have been fighting all my political life ..."; 01/08/83: HS replies to David Astor's letter of 21/07/83: "I imagine that the contradiction between Winnie's report and my own personal visit to Nelson can be explained fairly easily. She must have struck him on a day when he was very depressed and perhaps unable to convey exactly what he wished to because of the circumstances of the visit." 
Ac1  Correspondence 4 f. 1964-1982 
Ac1.1  Correspondence 1964-1970 2 f. 
  Includes reference to the following banned and restricted persons: Elizabeth Abrahams, Peter Aitchison, John Aitchison, Peter Brown, Mrs. Amina Cachalia, Norman Daniels, Diana Davis, Ruth Hayman, Helen Joseph, James Mcapazeli, A.M. Mogale, Phyllis Naidoo, Shanthavothie Naidoo, Sheila Penny, I. Stein, Ian Robertson 
Ac1.1.1  Correspondence (1964-1970) 
  14/09/64: letters concerning Liz Abrahams; 24/02/66: copy of a letter from Helen Joseph to Chief Magistrate asking for variation in the terms of her banning orders of 17/02/66 so that she could go to work at the Medical Aid Society of the Transvaal Clothing Industry; magistrate replies 18/03/66 refusing request; 
Ac1.1.2  Correspondence (1964-1970) 
  April-May 1966: letters about the banning of Advocate Ruth Hayman (now Lazar, formerly Saffery, born Hayman) who was banned and house arrested and her passport withdrawn; 
Ac1.1.3  Correspondence (1964-1970) 
  Jan. – May 1966: correspondence concerning I. Stein and the events leading up to a 24 hours a day banning order which the government refused to withdraw; 
  04/06/66: HS letter to Vorster concerning Norman Daniels, a former member of the NEC of the Progressive Party and also a member of the Cape Town City Council; he is not a communist; 
  29/08/66: letter from James Macapazeli (at Mpumlwana Halt, Mdeni, PO Qumbu, Transkei) who was released from prison on 25/08/66 and “dumped in this strange place, I am starving to death … My last ‘decent’ meal (boiled mealies for lunch, mielie pap for both breakfast and supper) was on the date of my discharge … This type of life is very strange to me, having lived in Cape Town continuously since 1941.”; 
  02/09/66 & 15/09/66: AM Mogale, deported from Zeerust area to Ingwavuma in Zululand, then allowed to return to Zeerust in December 1974 – due to HS intervention he says – but can’t get work; 
Ac1.1.4  Correspondence (1964-1970) 
  Oct. 1966-Jan. 1967: letters concerning the banning of Jacqueline Arenstein [wife of attorney Rowley Arenstein]; 
  Jan. – Feb. 1967: letters about Mrs. Laura Hitchens whose employer wants to transfer her to Cape Town but the magistrate hasn’t replied to her request (she is banned and confined to Johannesburg) permission to move was refused; 
Ac1.1.5  Correspondence (1964-1970) 
  Letters concerning banning of Mr. J.J.W. Aitcheson, Mrs. Sheila Penny, Diana Davis (Defence and Aid Fund) and Mrs. Amina Cachalia and the raid on her home; 17/03/67 letter from E. Buller Pagden (PFP, Port Elizabeth), HS replies that she will try to come down to PE after the parliamentary session: “… have me for a public meeting and try and invite all those important old skinflints along and then see if you can get them to shell out after my brilliant toespraak has caused them to faint dead away!”; 
Ac1.1.6  Correspondence (1964-1970) 
  18/10/67-1968: correspondence between HS and Jack Unterhalter concerning people who were formerly banned and still may not be quoted, Minister’s reply is that he will sort this out; 
  07/03/68-10/04/68: correspondence concerning Shanthavothie “Shanti” Naidoo of 18a Rockey Street, Doornfontein; she wants to visit her brother Indres on Robben Island for the first time(since 1963); she is banned and restricted; Pelser refuses request; 
  04/04/68-10/04/68: correspondence concerning Phyllis Naidoo requesting a relaxation of her restriction order so that she can “attend at court in the course of my duties as a legal clerk”; Naidoo also mentions that a “number of my friends complain that the eyes of some of their sons or husbands are in need of care … Why don’t the authorities provide some counter measures e.g., anti-glare glasses?"; lastly Naidoo raises the case of Girdha Singh, on Robben Island, and whose mother has been told he had to have “a plate” put in his head due to injury; 
Ac1.1.7  Correspondence (1964-1970) 
  1968: extensive letters and affidavits concerning Peter Brown of Shinglewood, Town Hill, Pietermaritzburg and the opening of his mail by the Post Office – which the PO referred to as the “special service of watching”; also correspondence about the difficulties of getting permission from the Special Branch via the local magistrate to visit his various farms and his children’s schools; 
Ac1.1.8  Further correspondence concerning the situation of Peter Brown, 1969-1970 
Ac1.1.9  Correspondence (1964-1970) 
  Aug. 1968 – Sept. 1970: telegrams, letters and telexes concerning Helen Joseph being harassed by tradesmen who say they’ve been instructed to deliver things to her and calls from unknown man, which she feels is persecution; she is anxious, depressed and cannot sleep as a result of this harassment; 
Ac1.1.10  Ian Robertson, his banning, going overseas and subsequent activities, 1966 
Ac1.1.10.1  Ian Robertson 29/08/66-08/11/66 
Ac1.1.10.2  Ian Robertson 19/08/66-25/08/66 
Ac1.1.10.3  Ian Robertson 02/08/66-09/08/66 and undated items 
Ac1.1.10.4  Press Cuttings relating to Ian Robertson 
Ac1.2  Correspondence 1973 - 1979 1 f. 
  Includes reference to the following banned and restricted people: David Adler, Josie Adler, Frank Anthony, Diana Boerenstein, D.Y. Cachalia, Eddie Daniels, Enoch Duma, Judith Favish, Clive Keegan, Winnie Mandela, Laynas & Winias Mashile, Mr Mfethi, Morgan Naidoo, P. Nchabaleng, Clive Nettleton, Sabela Neku, John Nkadimeng, Paul Pretorius, Barney Pityana, Rev. David Russell, Sipho Sepama. 
Ac1.2.1  Correspondence (1973-1979) 
  June-July 1973: correspondence concerning John Nkadimeng [former Treason Trialist], banned since 1963; Spoor & Fisher, his employers and attorneys, write to the Chief Magistrate about his situation: “We put it to you that this man has had enough and it is time that he was left alone.” 
  1971-1973: correspondence concerning the renewal of bans on Amina Cachalia [she was facing her 3rd five year ban]; statements from her children, also letters from her husband Yusuf Cachalia to Minister of Justice Pelser; 
Ac1.2.2  Correspondence (1973-1979) 
  Feb. 1973 – Nov. 1973: correspondence concerning the banning of Morgan Naidoo who was the President of the SA Amateur Swimming Federation; 
  19/03/74: Clive Keegan and his attorneys Buchanan & Berman write to the Minister about whether his banning order allows him to run a bookshop in Main Street, Rondebosch; 
  24/04/74: letter from Alan Paton to HS about Peter Brown: “I quite agree that any representations should be kept secret"; 
  June 1974: telegram / telex from Barry Streek to HS about Paul Pretorius being able to access the Supreme Court Library for his studies and to attend UNISA Winter School; 
Ac1.2.3  Correspondence (1973-1979) 
  1975: correspondence concerning Nyameko Barney Pityana’s bans, his harassment by the Special branch, his legal studies, having his family visit him [NB – in 1974 he was in solitary for 160 days]; a letter passed on to HS by Colin Eglin; (some letters are incomplete) 
Ac1.2.4  Correspondence (1973-1979) 
  17/10/75: letter to HS from Aelred Stubbs (Community of the Resurrection, Rosettenville) concerning a Mrs. Mpendu, a nurse who was removed from the register of nurses; visited Barney Pityana who had been in court for contravening his banning order; the Special Branch has been harassing Stubbs – he has been followed, the church adjacent to the Rectory where he was staying the night was broken into and vandalised and his car tyres let down; Stubbs also saw Stephen Biko in King Williamstown, he is also being harassed but is doing good work at the Black Community Programme: “They get a good deal of support from Donald Woods, who seems to be in very friendly relations with Stephen"; he lastly refers to the passport application of Stanley Ntwasa; 
  16/06/78 letter to J. Kane-Berman re a Mr. Mfethi's deportation to Transkei. 
  1977-1978: Judith Favish refused permission to train as a nurse – because she is not allowed to enter the premises of the Training College for Nurses at Groote Schuur Hospital; 
Ac1.2.5  Correspondence (1973-1979) 
  May 1978 – Jan. 1979: correspondence concerning Clive Nettleton’s ability to finish his thesis whilst banned, the Chief Magistrate refusing him permission to play league tennis even though the team captain from the previous year (who is the Deputy Attorney General) supports him; getting permission from ‘Jimmy’ Kruger for him to leave the magisterial district of Johannesburg so that he can get to Jan Smuts Airport to make use of his exit permit; also concerning David Adler's 'restrictions'. 
Ac1.2.6  Correspondence (1973-1979) 
  01/05/79: Letter to Kruger about Enoch Duma, a reporter from the Sunday Times, who has been refused a passport despite having an invitation to visit the United States; 
  June 1979: correspondence concerning Josie Adler being refused a passport to go to Bonn for a conference; 
  June 1979: a PS on a letter from HS to ‘The Hon. Minister of the Interior [Alwyn Schlebusch]’: “I hope you are looking forward to our relationship in the Justice Department. It can only be an improvement on that of your predecessor.” 
  09/07/79: HS to Schlebusch asking him to be “good enough to reconsider the case of Mr. Sipho Sepamla of 583 Dlomo Street, PO Wattville, Benoni. Mr. Sepamla is a writer and a poet … has been invited to visit America and England. He has apparently applied three times for a passport – in Sept. 1977, April 1978, and in January 1979 – and has been refused on each occasion.” 
  July-August 1979: letters and supplementary documentation concerning the case of Laynas Mashile of Bushbuckridge (banished to Transkei for more than 15 years); He is a Sotho chief who is refusing to be “ruled” by Ma-Shangaans; 
  08/08/70: letter to Piet Koornhof (Minister of Cooperation and Development) about chars and gardeners who work for more than one employer and should be allowed in to white areas as contract workers; HS also thanks him for the “expeditious way in which you attended to my opermit to visit Soweto”; 
  May – August 1979: case of ex-Robben Islander (1972-1978), Frank Anthony, now working at Pick and Pay, Belville but needs to travel through, and to, Claremont which breaches his banning order; 
Ac1.2.7  Correspondence (1973-1979) 
  October 1979 letter from Rev. David Russell concerning his banning order. 
  1979: letters from Moira Henderson of the Dependents Conference who helped families of prisoners on Robben Island, concerning Mr. Petrus Nchabaleng’s attempts to visit his son Elteck on the Island despite his being confined to Pietersburg; Schlebusch refuses permission; 
  12/11/79: copy of a letter to “Dear Winnie” at 822 Phathakahle Township, Brandfort, saying that she’s had no success in getting Schlebusch to let Winnie return to Soweto; 
  Aug. – Nov. 1979: assorted correspondence concerning Sabelo Seku, Diana Boernstein. P. Nchabaleng, John Matthews (being released after 15 years), Mr. J.A.F. Lopes (a Portuguese citizen accused of selling 'miracle water’); 
  06/08/79: list of banned people attached to a letter includes names of banned people and the dates that their bans expire: Chris Albertyn, Jeremy Baskin, Moses Bengu, Gideon Cohen, Jack Lewis, Vilma von Blerk, John Coplyn, Mfeti, Gavin Anderson, Debbie Budlender, Willie Hofmeyr, Daws Ockker, Judy Favish, Pat Horn, Sipho Kubeka, Alpheus Mthethwa, Eric Tyack and Jean Tyack; 
  19/11/79: circular letter from Dot Cleminshaw concerning the release of Eddie Daniels from Robben Island (via Pollsmoor and Caledon Square) on 16/11/79, his banning and the R4,355.00 collected for him and the first names and initials of contributors; handwritten note by HS on various matters, 1p. 
Ac1.3  Correspondence 1981 - 1982 1 f. 
  Includes reference to the following banned and restricted people: P.C. Jones, B.R. Mapanga, Mr & Mrs Mpumlwana, Dr A.M. Ramphela. 
  Sept.–Oct. 1982: correspondence concerning Dr. Mamphela Ramphele going from Lenyenye to Cape Town for a holiday which Louis Le Grange agrees to 
Ac2  The Schlebusch Commission, 1972-1975 1 f. 
  The organisations to be investigated were the National Union of South African Students (NUSAS), SA Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) the University Christian Movement and the Christian Institute of Southern Africa;  
  Some of the “NUSAS 8” were: Sheila Lapinsky. Dr. Richard (Rick) Turner, Paul Pretorius, Chris Wood, Jeanette Curtis, Neville Curtis and Clive Keegan; 
Ac2.1  Related publications 
  Govt. Gazette No. 3613 of 14/07/72 announcing the Appointment of a Commission of Inquiry into Certain Organisations and the members of the Commission; 'Mr Vorster's Probe', an article in New Nation, March 1972; 'The Score So Far', listing names of people affected by the Commission; 'Outlook on the Month: Wilgespruit', May 1973; press cutting 23/07/73, Rand Daily Mail editorial 'A Tale of Two Findings'; trasncript of a Daily News story 08/12/73 'Still Valid'. 
  10/03/75: HS replies to letter from Keith Gottschalk, one of the NUSAS accused,; attached is a copy of a letter from Rob (Robert) Davies at Sussex University to the South African Labour Bulletin 
Ac2.2  An Analysis of the Interim Report of the Commission of Inquiry, 28p. (no date, no author) 
Ac3  Publications 1 f. 1975-1989 
Ac3.1  Outcasts from Justice - the consequences of banning orders under the Internal Security Act, by S. Parry. Published by CALS, Occasional Papers, 2, 1981. 
Ac3.2  Sounds of Silence. The rule of law in relation to the Banning system under the Suppression of Communism Act, No.44 of 1950, as amended. Published by the Civil Rights League, May 1975. 
Ac3.3  The Silenced. Bannings in South Africa, by S. Moroney & L. Ensor, SAIRR, 1979 
Ac3.4  Banning and restriction of organisations. Human Rights Commission. Fact Paper. Jan 1989 
Ac4  Miscellaneous 1 f. 
  Includes press clippings (1973-1973) re banning of Dr Manas Buthelezi, Lilian Ngoyi and list of 147 banned people (RDM 12/07/75); HS notes on Peter Magubane and other banned people; HS questions in parliament 1980 & 1982 
Ad  DETENTIONS 36 files 
Ad1  Correspondence 8 f. 1973-1989 
Ad1.1  Correspondence 1973-1979 1 f. 
  Includes reference to the following detainees (amongst others): Amina Desai, Harold Dixon, A. Kwadi, Ellen Kuzwayo, P.S. Magane, Gladys Manzi, Thami Mazwai, Thami Mkhwanazi, Khayalethu Mqayisa, Raymond Suttner; letters concerning the banning of the Writer’s Association of SA – WASA – and detainees Joe Thloloe, Willie Bokala, Jan (Gabu) Tugwana, Isaac Moroe, Bulara Diphoto, Juby Mayet, Thenjiwe Mthintso, harassment of journalists in Soweto; correspondence between HS and Minister of Prisons, later Justice, 'Jimmy' Kruger, Gen. Geldenhuys (SAP), Louis Le Grange (Prisons / Police). 
Ad1.1.1  Correspondence 1973-May 1978 
Ad1.1.2  Correspondence August 1978-1979 
Ad1.2   Correspondence 1981 1 f. 
  Includes reference to the following detainees: Rob Adam, Kimberley detainees, Canon Augustine Maropong and Rev Arthur Mabija, Mrs. B. Nyembe. 
Ad1.2.1  Correspondence (1981) 
  23 January 1981: letter adressed to DR. F van Zyl Slabbert and photocopied cuttings about priests and pupils detained in the Kimberley township of Galeshewe (including Connie Molusi);  
Ad1.2.2  Correspondence (1981) 
  09/01/81: letter and cuttings to HS from Molly Blackburn (Progressive Party in PE) about pupils detained in PE and Uitenhage; 
  Nov. 1980, Vol. 4, No. 10 of ‘Highway’, the newspaper of the Diocese of Kimberley & Kuruman; 
  10/11/81: letter from Barbara Adam about her detained son, Rob Adam. 
  Dec. 1981: statement from R.M. (Bobby) Godsell at Anglo-American Corporation about the detention of black trade unionists 
Ad1.3  Correspondence 1982 2 f. 
Ad1.3.1  General 1 f. 
  Includes reference to the following detainees: Pravin Gordhan, J.J. Issel, M.M.Tatsa. 
  10/03/82: HS letter to Louis Le Grange about detainees Cedric de Beer, Barbara Hogan, Auret van Heerden, Alan Fine, Hannchen Koornhof, Clive van Heerden & Keith Colemen: “… if they have not given the Police the information they require by now, they have no information to give …”; 
  Letters concerning Pravin Gordhan (detained for more than 90 days); 
  Minutes of a meeting between the DPSC and the Special Branch held on 12/01/82 at the SB HQ at Wachthuis in Pretoria; DPSC members who attended were: Mrs. J. Burger (Cape Town); Mr. B. Favis (Durban); T. Mashinini, I.M. Cachalia, H.J. Koornhof, M. Coleman and for the SB – General J. Coetzee, Brigadier du Preez and Colonel H. Gloy 
Ad1.3.2   Cedric de Beer 1 f. 
  Includes correspondence re Cedric de Beer's detention from 25/09/81-June 1982; Hannchen Fitzgerald (formerly Koornhof) is also mentioned; profile on C. de Beer and note on discussions with C. de Beer at John Vorster Square, 24 May 1982 by William Lane of Bell, Dewar & Hall; correspondents include Charles and Sheila de Beer, HS, Minister of Law & Order, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice; copy of DPSC pamphlet on detentions, 1p., two photocopied newspaper cuttings, 1982. 
Ad1.3.2.1  Cedric de Beer 25/09/81-08/04/82 
Ad1.3.2.2  Cedric de Beer 11/05/82-25/06/82 
Ad1.4   Correspondence 1984-1985 1 f. 
  Includes reference to the following detainees: Jermey Galant, Matthew Goniwe, Steve Rasonabo (14 years old), Rev. Robin Petersen, Mrs. Sibanda, Mqondisi Sinuka. 
  24/02/84: letter to HS from some legal person (signature illegible) at Huguenot Chambers, Cape Town with analysis of Internal Security Act 1982 and the matter of 'dis-investment'. 
  27/09/84: HS letter to Minsiter of Law and Order, L. Le Grange, appealing for the release of Goniwe, saying "they have been detained for 6 months already, please ensure he is not kept alone"; “I hope you will restrain yourself while I am away, so that when I return on 10th November I do not have dozens of cases to deal with!”; also mention Rev. Beyers Naude's unbanning. 
  12/10/84: Louis Le Grange writes to HS saying “… you have some very interesting friends in some countries. Mr. Matthew Goniwe and his 2 other friends from Cradock have already been released on 9th instant. I wish you a safe journey back.” 
  15/09/85: Molly Blackburn forwards copy of letter she has sent to the Head of Port Elizabeth Prison concerning "Mrs. Siband, resident of Lingelihle, Cradock", aged 75. 
  01/10/85: copy of M. Blackburn (M.P.C., Cape Province) concrning detention of Mr. Mqondisi Sinuka of New Brighton, P.E., 
  07/10/85: HS to Louis le Grange concerning a visit she paid to detainees at Diepkloof Prison. 
  29/10/85: letter from Molly Blackburn enclosing alist of complaints by detainees in St. Alban's Prison (smuggled out by "a conscience-stricken policeman (!)"); also mentions that the charges against her for attending Matthew Goniwe’s funeral being withdrawn – after 4 court appearances; 
  28/12/85: telegram about Lizzie Phike and Lizzie Minzi, both in Pollsmoor as Emergency detainees – their sons have been killed 
Ad1.5   Correspondence 1986 1 f. 
  Includes reference to the following detainees: Richard Bangini, J. Cholota, L. Dibi, Hamilton Dlamlenze, M. Dobo, Charlene Fester, Cyril Sebani Francis, Bridget Hilton Barber, T. Jam, Bruce Kannemeyer, Peter Kerchoff, Lesley Liddel, Ian Mackenzie, Ezekiel Magashule, G.M. Manjo, Annie (Anna Johanna) Mentoor, P. Mlozi, Hassan Mohamed, J. Nashnayi, Rafiq Omar, Father Peters, M. Pusani, Dr R.A.M. Saloojee, J. Seipei, Ford Sweigellaar, Helena Thornton, Kim van Deventer, Annica van Gylswyk, Nicholas Whitnell. 
Ad1.5.1  Correspondence January-June 1986 
  18/02/86: Correspondence form Louis Le Grange to HS concerning the detention of P.Radebe, D.Mohole, C.Msimango & L.Mkhonza; 
  20/02/86: 4 page letter (fragile) from someone (possibly named Jola) detained in North End Prison, Port Elizabeth, since 20/02/85, about the very bad conditions and mistreatment there; 
  12/06/86: telegram from “Bramwell’, President of the National Council of Women of SA (NCWSA) about the latest arrests which includes a large number of women; 
Ad1.5.2  Correspondence July-August 1986 
  01/07/86: letter to HS from READ Educational Trust about Mr. Hamilton Dlamlenze (who’s a member of the READ NEC) who was not allowed to take either his spectacles or his medication with him [to detention?] and also Father Peters of Kristo Nkosi Community Centre in Kwa-Thema; 
  [NB: in this file there are a number of letters from the SA Police acknowledging that named people have been detained under the 1986 emergency regulations – in response to a letter dated 20/06/86 of which there is no copy.] 
  14/07/86: letter from the Minister of Law and Order concerning the actions of a Captain Boonzaaier in having a Mr. van de Merwe and a Mrs. Roos removed from Mbekweni on 18/19 May 1986; 
  24/07/86: note from Jan van Eck M.P., with a list of 12 people detained (in the Cape) under Section 29, attached and mentions Richard Bangini, that “we actually have his blue admission card to Victor Verster – [and] they deny knowing him.” 
  21/07/86: letter from APA Network Consultants, Johannesburg, concerning one of their employees who was visited at work by Lieutenant Kritzinger of the Security Police in regards to a complaint. 
  11/08/86: letter from Le Grange referring to HS letter of 01/08/86; point 3 is that no MPs may visit detainees, including HS; 
  19/08/86: Elizabeth Bramwell, NCWSA, about her letter to Le Grange concerning male police having “unlimited access to the cells of women being held in detention.”; 
  20/08/86: telex from Peter Rutsch, Legal Resources Centre, Durban, to Pierre Cronje MP for Greytown concerning detainees Gabriel George Dwarika, Henry Robin Julies, Daniel David Walstrom, Kelman Manuel Hitler 
Ad1.5.3  Correspondence September-December 1986 
  Includes correspondence concerning: Rafiq Omar (Senior teacher of Maths and Physical Science at Livingstone High Secondary School, Claremont, Cape Province); Richard Bangini (detained at Victor Verster since 16/06/86); detainees badly treated at Alicedale; release of Peter Kerchoff; detetnion of Ian Mackenzie (third-year B. Soial Science student at UCT); letter from 'Kobie' Coetsee, 17/11/86, with answers to HS parliamentary questions 10, 11 and 1209: handwritten note at the end "Helen, Will you object if I recommend you for the Honoris (illegible) in view of your stand against sanctions!! Kobie". 
Ad1.6   Correspondence 1987-1988 1 f. 
  Includes reference to the following detainees: Francois Bill, Janet Cherry, Ian Mackenzie, St Alban's detainees, Tom Waspe. 
  20/10/86: letter from Le Grange to Vanessa Brereton (an attorney who was later unmasked as an Apartheid-regime spy 'agent RS452' )conerning Janet Cherry, “.. the political unrest … endeavours to bring the administration of the state into disrepute by the creation of unofficial education structures intent on supplanting existing ones”; 
  April-May 1987: correspondence from and to several religious bodies concerning the detention of Tom Waspe 
  09/04/87: letter from attorney Kathleen Satchwell about detainee Francois Bill; 
  29/04/87: letter from Adriaan Vlok saying that HS can’t visit Vusimuzi Khanyile and Zwelakhe Sisulu; HS replies 12/05/87 wanting information on the continuing detention of Tom Waspe (since 01/10/86); 
  February 1988: correspondence from East London Black Sash concerning detainees at the Fort Glamorgan Prison and their hunger strikes; Weekly Mail cutting, 05/02/88 'Second Hunger Strike at East London Prison' 
  09/03/88 and 24/03/88: Dependants' Conference (Grahamstown) letter about the fact that detainees being held at St. Alban’s Medium Prison are unable to study 
Ad1.7   Correspondence 1989 1 f. 
  Includes reference to the following detainees: A. Badal, Eric Molobi, Chris Ngcobo. 13/02/89: Human Rights Trust letter to HS concerning St. Albans' detainees, with attached documents including a three-page list of detainees, amongst other items; 17/02/89: NADEL 'Report on Condition of Emergency Detainees', 4p. plus list of detainees at Westville Prison and their hunger strike, Durban, 2p.; 
Ad2  Lists of Detainees 1 f. 1971-1972, 1974, 1980-1989 
Ad2.1  NUSAS Newsletter No. 41, Vol. 3, 27/10/72 Special Edition: The October Raids - One Year After, 8p. 
Ad2.2   List of detainees known to have been assaulted (undated). 3 photocopied cuttings on Black police benefits being less than those for white police, August 1974; 
Ad2.3   List of persons missing, believed detained. “SASO/BPC people detained since 26 September 1974”; “People & Offices [of BPC/SASO] raided on 28 September 1974”, 3p., 
Ad2.4   SASOBPC people detained since 1974. 7 photocopied newspaper cuttings Sept – Oct. 1974 
Ad2.5   SAIRR: People Detained since the beginning of Boycotts 14.03.80 – 24.06.80 (Johannesburg, Pretoria, Witwatersrand, Bloemfontein, Northern Transvaal etc.,), 11p., 
Ad2.6  The Star, cutting, 14/01/82: entire page entitled “Thermometer of Justice” concerning detentions and includes a list of 361 detained persons which "is as exhaustive as could be achieved in the absence of police help'. 
Ad2.7  List of detained trade unionists, Undated (probably 1982) 
Ad2.8  Handwritten, photocopy, 'Chronological list of detentions', 17p., January – December 1981 
Ad2.9  Report in Terms of Section 3(4) of the Public Safety Act 1953 … by Proclamation No. R.109 of 12 June 1986: names of persons in detention; 
Ad2.10  List of people detained, tabled in parliament (26 pages), 07/08/87 
Ad2.11  Report in terms of section 3(4) of the Public Safety Act 1953, tabled by the Minister of Law & Order: 'Names of persons in detention..', 4p., incomplete (2 copies), 05/10/87 
Ad2.12  As Ad2.11, 21 p.,; annotated on the front by HS: "976 (,) since June 11 1987 - 2556 more than 30 days". 18/02/88 
Ad2.13  ‘Still in detention – list refers to Transvaal detainees only’ (18 years old or under), 3p., 13/05/88 
Ad2.14  List of young detainees, 8 pages, faxed by HS to Minister of Law & Order Adriaan Vlok, 13/02/86 
Ad2.15  Undated “List of Detainees” (E.Cape: Uitenhage, Cradock, Walmer, Zwide, New Brighton, Kwazakhele etc.,); 
Ad2.16  List of “Detainees known to have been assaulted”, 8p (and Neil Ross, PFP, business card) 
Ad2.17  Handwritten list of 36 names (no date); 
Ad2.18  List sent by Roy Ainslie to Neil Ross of 35 “Persons Missing believed detained”; 
Ad2.19  List sent by Roy Ainslie to Neil Ross of 58 “Persons Missing believed detained”; 
Ad2.20  “Detainees, most held for period when list published + not on list” (handwritten copy, no date) 
Ad3  Reports 1 f. 
Ad3.1  A study of detention and torture in South Africa: Preliminary Report, by Don Foster and Diane Sandler, Institute of Criminology, UCT, 1985, 61p. 
Ad3.2  3rd Report on Arrests, Detentions and Trials of Members and Supporters of : SASO, BPC, BAWU, TECON. Issued by The Program for Social Change, Braamfontein, 18 April 1975. 23p. 
Ad4  Articles and Papers 1f. 
  Papers presented to the Detention and Security Legislation Conference, University of Natal, Sept 1982. 1 f. 
Ad4.1   Opening of the Conference on Detention and Security Legislation at the University of Natal, by A. Chaskalson. 
Ad4.2   The Judiciary and National Security, by Prof. J. Dugard. 18p. 
Ad4.3   Detention without trial and the Rule of Law - A comparative Analysis, by Prof. A.S. Matthews. 
Ad4.4   The Historical Context of Security Legislation in South Africa, by Mr D.M. Davis. 
Ad4.5   Brain Dysfunction in Detainees, by F.R. Amos. 
Ad4.6  Internal Security Act No. 74 of 1982. 
Ad5  Memoranda 1 f. 
Ad5.1   Memorandum re Detention without trial, review of questions to be asked of the Minister of Justice, Police and Prisons concerning detention without trial, by K.S.Lister. 27 Feb 1978. 
Ad5.2   Behandeling van Aangehoudenes ingevolge veiligheidswetgewing. Gen G.L. Prinsloo, Die Kommissaris: Suid-Afrikaanse Polisie. March 1978. 
Ad5.3   Memorandum submitted to the Honourable Minister of Interior and the Minister of Justice on 'Prohibited Persons' dealt with under Act 59 of 1972: 'Punishment without trial??' 
Ad5.4   1977-1978: Bound volume of Notes, Questions & Suggested Questions by HS, mainly on the topic of arbitrary detentions 
Ad5.5  Newspaper cuttings: Sunday Times, 31/10/65, 'Concerned Helen Suzman writes to the Minister,M.P. to Vorster: Give "180-day" details'; Rand Daily Mail, 12/03/75, 'Suzman lashes Kruger over Currie's Fountain detentions' (page 2 missing); The Argus, 31/01/78 'PFP vs Kruger - Suzman to probe detention without trial'; E.P Herald, 22/12/81, 'Ex-detainee poisoned - Suzman calls for 'stringent' probe into Mtimkulu affair'; The Argus, 22/12/81, 'Thallium poisoning positive'. 
Ad6   Detainees Support Groups 2 f. 1982-1988. 
Ad6.1  Detainees' Parents Support Committee(DPSC): Minutes and Reports 1 f. 
Ad6.1.1   Minutes of meeting held between delegation from DPSC and Security Police Headquarters, 12 January 1982. 
Ad6.1.2   Report on Detentions, Bannigs, Deportations, Political Trials; 28/02/85 Report on Detentions, Political Trials. 31/05/84  
Ad6.1.3   Reports 1986 
  Jan/Feb 1986 Report (Security Detentions, Emergency Detentions, Politiacl Trials); March 1986 Report; May 1986 Report; Special Report on State of Emergency 12/06/86. 
Ad6.1.4   Reports on the State of Emergency 
  Second Special report on State of Emergency, 21/07/86; Report for June/July 1986; Third Special Report on State of Emergency, 31/08/86; Report for August/September 1986; Fourth Special Report on State of Emergency, 31/10/86; Report for Oct/Nov. 1986. 
Ad6.1.5  Reports 1987 
  Report for April/May 1987; Seventh Special Report on State of Emergency, 30/06/87; Report for June/July 1987; Report on State of Emergency, 31/08/87; Report for August/September 1987; Report for Oct/Nov. 1987; Review of 1987, 31/01/88; DPSC report on detentions recorded in our Advice Office in the month of December (no year given). 
Ad6.2   Detainees Support Committee (DESCOM) 1 f. 
  DESCOM Newsletter No. 2, 13 Jan 1982. DESCOM Bulletin No. 7, Oct 1984, No.9, Nov 1985. 
Ad7   Medical Care of Detainees 1 f. 
  DPSC set of demands relating to the health of detainees, 26/02/82: Declaration of Tokyo, list of demands, tribute to Neil Aggett, detainee deaths; photocopy of chapter entitled 'Clinical independence of the doctor in the treatment of prisoners: a clinical survey of our law', by S.A.Strauss (in Essays in Memory of Olive Schhreiner, pp. 329-349); Medical care of Prisoners and Detainees. 
  Medical Care of Prisoners and Detainees: Report of the Ad Hoc Committee of the Medical Association of South Africa to institute an inquiry into the medical care of prisoners and detainees 10 May 1983; 
  Civil disorder and the doctor's duty, by Dr J. Gluckman,reprint from the SA Medical Journal, Vol. 68, 20/07/85, pp. 64-65; 03/10/85 letter from Molly Blackburn re detainee with diabetes and letter to a 'Lieut. Poulsen' (not in file). 
Ad8  Deaths in Detention 7 f. 
Ad8.1  Steve Biko 6 f. 1977-1978. 
Ad8.1.1  Reports 1 f. 
Ad8.1.1.1   The Inquest into the Death of Stephen Bantu Biko: A Report to the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, by Dean L.H.Pollak, prepared for the Southern Africa Project, 24 Feb 1978. 32p. 
Ad8.1.1.2   Steven Biko Inquest, by Sir David Napley. 31p. 
Ad8.1.1.3  Handwritten notes by HS for a ‘Police Vote’ speech [possibly 1981] mentions “certain ethical issues that emanated from the Biko case”, 6p. 
Ad8.1.2   Notes 1 f. 
Ad8.1.2.1   Cases of perjury (taken from the record of the Biko Inquest), 2p. 
Ad8.1.2.2   Occasions when the Security Branch did not obey own regulations or orders (taken from the record of the Biko Inquest), 4p. 
Ad8.1.2.3  Assorted pages, possibly from the trial record: pp.330-332 (Goosen), 335 (Goosen), 340 (Goosen), 703 (Lang), 741-742 (Lang), 911 (Tucker). 
Ad8.1.3   J.Kruger, Minister of Justice's dealings with the Biko Case 1 f. 
Ad8.1.3.1   Statements: Includes: analysis of various statements made by Kruger re Biko's Death, Sept-Nov 1977. 
Ad8.1.3.2   Interviews 
  Includes: interviews with William McWhirter Johannesburg Bureau Chief of Time Magazine (3 Oct 1977 published 17 Oct 1977; one page from Time plus a full transcript of the interview itself, 11p,. with comments attached). Interview with Hugh Murray Sunday Express (18 Sept 1977); 5p. with comments attached. 
Ad8.1.3.3   Address delivered to the National Party Congress in Pretoria by Minister Kruger, 14 Sept 1977, 8p. Plus press cuttings (all in Afrikaans) Includes analysis of discrepancies in his speech. 
Ad8.1.4   South African Press Council- Biko Fund. 1978. 1 f. Complaint lodged by Mrs Suzman against Die Transvaler (for misquoting item from book by Donald Woods) re money she had given to Steve Biko. 
  Includes correspondence, press cuttings, S A Press Council Rules of Procedure. 
  Parliamentary debates on 3 May 1978; letter of complaint to the SABC dated 03/05/78; letter concerning an affidavit by a Mr. Daniel Tleketle; note to Hugh Murray at the Rand Daily Mail, 01/05/78; extract from p.77 of Donald Woods' book; letter to H.J. 'Hannes' Joubert, SABC Parliamentary correspondent concerning words supposedly used in a broadcast on 2nd May; 
Ad8.1.5   Press Cuttings 1 f 
Ad8.1.5.1  Press cuttings 1977 
Ad8.1.5.2  Press cuttings 1978-1979 + undated 
Ad8.1.5.3  Press cuttings 1991 
Ad8.1.6   Miscellaneous 1 f. 
  Police Vote speech by H. Suzman; Statement by The Medical Association of S A and the Biko case [both of these are missing]; “Resolutions for the Protest Meeting of the citizens of Johannesburg, City Hall, 19 September 1977”, 1p.; Tribute to Steve Biko in S A Outlook (Sept 1977) withdrawn "following th banning of the BCP"; Africa Report Nov-Dec 1977; Steve Bantu Biko Commemorative programme on the event of the unveiling of a statue and bridge plaque by the State President Nelson Mandela. The City of East London, 12 September 1997. 
Ad8.2   Neil Aggett (died 05/02/1982) 1 f. 1982-1983  
Ad8.2.1  Correspondence 
  W. Lane, Bell Dewar & Hall 05/08/82; Eric Stover, American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science mentioning condition of Dr. Liz Floyd, 10/03/82; Canadian Ambassador to SA, 21/01/83. 
Ad8.2.2  Speech by HS: Johannesburg City Hall 12/02/82, photocopy, 16p. 
Ad8.2.3  Memorandum 'To supporters of the Aggett Family' 
  Re: Inquest - Late N.H.Aggett: summary of present position, by W.Lane of Bell, Dewar & Hall, 12 July 1982. Financial statement and budget for Aggett Inquest, 14 July 1982, 19p. + financial statement 5p., 
Ad8.2.4  HS handwritten notes, 'Ref: Dennis Kuny / Aggett', undated, 5p., 
Ad8.2.5  Miniscule, illegible, photocopy of note 
  Written by detainee Maurice / Morris Smithers and smuggled out of john Vorster Square police station to Helen Suzman; (addition to collection 12/11/2013), with transcript by Morris Smithers; photocopy of extract from Hansard, 16/02/82, where HS reads out part of the note. 
Ad8.2.6  Press Cuttings 1982-1983 
Ad8.2.7  Lawyers for Human Rights Bulletin No. 2: Special Issue - Any Hope for Detainees. The Aggett Inquest & The Rabie Report compared, June 1983 
Ad8.3   Saul Mkhize 1 f. 1983 
  Article in SASH vol.26, No.1, May 1983; [NB: Mkhize was shot - did not die in detention] 
Ad8.4  Newspaper cuttings 
Ad8.4.1  April 1991: Inquest on death in detention 
Ad8.4.2  June 1991: deaths in detention and in police custody 
Ad8.4.3  August 1991: deaths in detention and police custody 
Ad8.4.4  Government Gazette No. 13113, 28 March 1991 - publication of the Inquests Amendment Act, No. 8 of 1991 "for general information". 
Ad9   Study Problems in Detention, 1988 1 f. 
  Recommendations and observations by the Dependents' Conference (Grahamstown), mainly concerning detainees at St. Alban's Medium Prison and North End Prison in Port Elizabeth (amongst others) 
Ad10   Detention in Other Countries 3 f. 
Ad10.1   Northern Ireland 1 f. 
Ad10.1.1  Judgment in European Court of Human Rights in Case of Ireland against the United Kingdom, 18 Jan 1978.  
Ad10.1.2  Arrest and Interrogation: Northern Ireland, 1981 by Dermott Walsh, pp. 1-2, 5-6, 9-14, 16-22 
Ad10.1.3  Northern Ireland: Points at Issue - What are "Diplock Courts"?; Are Civil Rights being disregarded in Northern Ireland? 
Ad10.1.4  Northern Ireland - Information booklet issued by the British Government, 20p., 1981. 
Ad10.1.5  Report of the Committee of Inquiry into Police Interrogation Procedure in Northern Ireland. Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, March 1979, photocopy, selected pages.  
Ad10.1.6  HS notes, 6p., newspaper cutting 'Detention without trial overseas', Star 03/09/1980 
Ad10.2   Israel 1 f. 
Ad10.2.1  State Security and Human Rights: The Israeli Experience, by Prof. Amnon Rubinstein, MK, 29p., paper presented at UCT First International Conference on Human Rights. 
Ad10.2.2  Restriction of Personal Freedom without due process of law according to the Defence (Emergency) Regulations, 1945. By B. Bracha (1978), reprinted from Israel Yearbook on Human Rights, Vol.8 1978 
Ad10.2.3  Addendum: Some Remarks on Israeli Law Regarding National Security, by Baruch Bracha, pp. 289-298, extracted from 'Human Rights in a Specific Context. 
Ad10.2.4  Emergency Powers (Detention) Law, 5739-1979, 4p., 
Ad10.2.5  Unrequited Love, A. Rubinstein, MK, looks at the differences between Israel and South Africa and warns against accentuating similarities between the two states. 
Ad10.3   United Kingdom 1 f. 
  Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act 1974. Chapter 56. 
Ad11  Treatment in Detention 2 f. 
Ad11.1   Affidavits of Emergency Detainees 
Ad11.1.1  Letter from PFP MP Andrew Savage 
  Letter from PFP MP Andrew Savage: “I have been asked by Fikile Bam to pass to you the following photo copies of letters and affidavits produced by people at St. Albans, near Port Elizabeth.”; the letter also refers to numbers of youths aged 12 to 18 and “frame-ups”. 29/08/86 
Ad11.1.2  Affidavits by people detained at Westville Prison, 1986 
Ad11.1.3  Affidavits by Kwamashu residents, 1986 
Ad11.1.4  Document: Cells at Mortimer Police Station 
Ad11.1.5  Affidavit by Julekha Mahomed, articled clerk at Priscilla Jana & Associates after visit to detainess at Johannesburg Central Prison, May 1988 (original on fax paper plus a photocopy) 
Ad11.1.6  Transcribed fax from detainees at St. Alban's Medium Prison about their intention to embark on a hunger strike, 08/02/1989 (NB: original too faded to copy). 
Ad11.1.7  Judgement in case of Cassiem and another v. C.O. Victor Verster Prison, and others (March 1982). 
Ad11.2   Torture 1 f. 
  Civil Rights League's 'Codes of Ethics Against Torture', 1978; Declaration of Tokyo of the World Medical Association; Torture in South Africa? published by the Christian Institute, April 1977. 
Ad12   Children in Detention 1 f. 
Ad12.1  Children in places of detention: A code for their handling. Prepared for the Medical Association of South Africa by the South African Paediatric Association, 20 June 1987;  
Ad12.2  Children in Prison in South Africa By Fiona McLachlan: A study commissioned by Defence for Children International, UCT Institute of Criminology, 1984; 
Ad12.3  Memo on the Suffering of Children in South Africa, Black Sash, April 1986 
Ad12.4  Committee of Concern for Children: Synopsis of Memorandum to the Minister of Law & Order on the Detention of Children (1985);  
Ad12.5  Letter from the National Council of Women of SA to Louis le Grange, Minister of Law and Order, September 1985. 
Ad12.6  Correspondence re minor children in Police Custody, 1977-1978, from Mrs. P. Melunsky.  
Ad13   Questions in the House of Assembly: Detentions, 1978-1979, 1981, 1986, 1988-1989 1 f. 
Ad14   Press Releases and Statements 1 f. 
  1981-182, 1984, 1985, undated plus note on reduction of visits to prisoners at Pretoria Central. 
Ad15   Press Cuttings 1 f. 
Ad15.1  Press Cuttings 1965, 1975 
Ad15.2  Press Cuttings 1976, 1979 
Ad15.3  Press Cuttings 1981 
Ad15.4  Press Cuttings 1982 
Ad15.5  Press Cuttings 1983-1984 
Ad15.6  Press Cuttings 1986-1989 
Ad15.7  Press Cuttings Undated, includes Argus poster: Tuesday/City Late/"Detentions: Suzman Flays Le Grange" 
Ad16   Notes 1 f. 
  Reference to the following persons: Vusi Sithole, Modika Tatsa, Hannchen Koornhof; Colin Purkey; Maphopeng; Mark Chinners (NB – it should be Shinners); Tiego Moseneke; 'Maphopeng'; Ntombela; Moses Zwane; Horst Kleinschmidt; Amina Desai; I. Heyman; Braam Fischer; H. Strachan, amongst others. 
  Notes include: 03/08/84 concerning the Mozambican common law wife and 10-month old baby of Justice Ngidi (who escaped in ‘dramatic fashion’ from a police car in Johannesburg); Hannachen Koornhof being threatened by Social Welfare that her 6 year old son Justin will be removed from her care; Major Cronwright said that she must choose between her son and Cedric de Beer; note from HS to the Hon. Minister of Justice and back to HS: “Dear Ditto, Several things ... Can I phone your secretary to make an appointment so as to get access to your illustrious presence?” The response was “Yes”; Press cutting 'Man charged with forgery is acquitted', RDM, 25/04/1965, concerning charges brought against Yusuf Cachalia. 
Ad17   Miscellaneous 1 f. 
  Undated: several pages from a HAP Newsletter mentioning detentions; telex to Louis Le Grange from Anne Sacks at the Rand Daily Mail about Mrs. Khosi Mbatha; unrevised copy of Hansard Debate re Peter Jones which also mentions the Joseph Mdluli case; u.ndated telex to HS from Roy Ainslie concerning 16 year old detainee Gastor Sharpley 
  23/08/77: Letter to HS from ‘Jimmy’ Kruger concerning a letter from N.S. Ndumo: there is a handwritten note on it which says “Dear Helen, I would be pleased if you would take more care with this sort of complaint. It places unfair burden on the admin to check this sort of fictitious complaint. Jimmie.” 
  22/02/83: R. Tucker to HS about the Minister of Law and Order impugning his (Tucker’s) integrity in parliament; 
  22/06/84: letter to HS from Ismail Ayob about the General & Allied Workers Union phone, on 20/06/84, playing back recordings of a meeting on 2nd floor of Chancellor House held on 07/06/84; 
  03/09/87: PFP document ‘Policy, Fact & Comment’ 
Ae1   Articles, Papers, Addresses 1 f. 
Ae1.1   South African Outlook, Sept 1975, Towards Legal Reform 
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Ae1.10   Rule by Police or Rule by Law?', Spro-Cas 2 Background paper, Auustg 1972. 
Ae1.11  Legal protection of minors, Parliamentary working document (?), undated, attached compliments slip from Minister of Justice. 
Ae1.12  Constitutional proposals, Kwa Zulu Natal Indaba, 28 November 1986 
Ae2   Reports 1 f. 
Ae2.1   Report. Department of Justice of the RSA. For the period 1 July 1985-30 June 1986. (page 50 missing) 
Ae2.2   Report. Department of Justice. For the period 1 July 1986-30 June 1987. (page 66 missing) 
Ae2.3   First Report. Commission of Inquiry into the Appearance of Advocates in the Supreme Court of South Africa. 12 July 1984. 
Ae2.4   Supplementary Report to the First Report. Commission of Inquiry into the Appearance of Advocates in the Supreme Court of South Africa. 7 Nov 1984. 
Ae2.5   1988 Human Rights Report. Submitted to the Congress by the Dept. of State, USA. 
Ae2.6   South African Law Commission. 16th Annual Report, 1988. 
Ae3   Memoranda 1 f. 
Ae3.1   Memorandum on the Codification of Common Law Crimes against the State, by C. Kinghorn and B.W. Burman, prepared on behalf of the General Council of the Bar of SA., 5 Dec 1974, 15p. 
Ae3.2   Memorandum on Recommendations by the Commission of Inquiry into the Structure and Functioning of the Courts, Ministry of Justice,  
Ae4   Publications 1 f. 
Ae4.1   Lawyers for Human Rights. Bulletin No. 4. August 1984. 
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Ae4.4   Meeting between Chief Gatsha Buthelezi, President of Inkatha and Mr J.T. Kruger, Minister of Justice, Police and Prisons, Union Buildings, Pretoria, 19 Sept 1977. Issued by the Dept. of Information on behalf of the Ministry of Justice. 
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Ae5   Press Clippings 1 f. 1973-1987, including 'ANC 'mug' slogans: man imprisoned', Star 09/12/1983. 
Ae6   Vorster/Leonard Case 3 f. 1988-1989. 
Ae6.1   Correspondence, motion in parliament by Helen Suzman condemning the light sentence imposed by Judge Jan Strydom on Jacobus Vorster and Johannes Leonard who were convicted of killing a worker, Eric Sambo. 
Ae6.1.1  Correspondence 1988 
Ae6.1.2  Correspondence 1989 
Ae6.1.3  Documents (dated and undated) concerning HS petition to Parliament and Motion in Parliament, including the Petition itself and various drafts of speech moving the Motion and comments thereon. [Addition to Collection: photocopy from Hansard (7th Session, 8th Parliament, 03/02/1989-26/05/1989, Vol. 12) of the Debate on HS Motion, 23/05/1989] 
Ae6.2   Research notes and Memoranda used by Mrs Suzman in preparing to have Judge Strydom impeached; various handwritten notes on Strydom’s past – charges against him of drunkenness, murder etc., 
Ae6.2.1  Case excerpts sent to HS by W.P. Schutz, 836 Innes Chambers, Johnnesburg, 30/01/1989 
Ae6.2.2  Comments and case extracts faxed by W.P. Schutz, 10/05/1989 
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Ae6.2.8  Extract from SA Law Journal, 1956, Aspects of Judicial Independence 
Ae6.2.9  Extract from SA Law Journal, 1954, The Independence and Impartiality of Judges 
Ae6.2.10  Fax from W.P. Schutz, 26/04/1989, State vs. Baleka 
Ae6.2.11  Extracts from the book 'Judges on Trial', Shimon Shetreet, 1975, pp. 104-109 and 129-151 
Ae6.2.12  Extract: Chapter XIII 'Grounds for Removal and Discipline: General Principles' 
Ae6.2.13  Press Cuttings, mainly 1981, concerning Judge Strydom's previous cases 
Ae6.2.14  The Charge Against Mr. Justice Strydom', 15p., undated, no author. 
Ae6.2.15  Assorted further research materials, including an undated statement by the Johannesburg Bar Council on the Vorster / Leonard case 
Ae6.3   Case records of Judge Strydom. 1951-1989; includes a 31/01/89 letter from Advocate Jeremy Gauntlett concerning Strydom’s judgements and (dubious) background – mentions Koffiefontein; SAP certified copies of Strydom’s convictions in 1941, 1942, and 1945 
Ae6.3.1  Wood and Others v Ondangwa Tribal Authority and Another (Appellate Division) 21/11/1974, 24/02/1975 
Ae6.3.2  S. v. Mushimba en Andere (Appelafdeling) 15/02/1977, 17/03/1977 
Ae6.3.3  Te Windhoek op die 6de dag van Maart 1979 voor Sy Edele Regter Strydom in die saak van Die Staat teen Moses Kapepo 
Ae6.3.4  In die Hooggeregshof van Suid-Afrika (Suidwes-Afrika Afdeling) op die 25ste dag van Februarie 1981 voor Sy Edele Regter Strydom en Twee Assessore in die saak van Die Staat teen Louis Conrad Nagel: Uitspraak 
Ae6.3.5  In die Hooggeregshof van Suid-Afrika (Suidwes-Afrika Afdeling) op die 16de dag van Mai 1981 voor Sy Edele Regter Strydom in die saak van Die Staat teen 1. Louis Edward Conradie, 2. Jacobus J. Havenga, 3. Petrus Abel Nel 
Ae6.3.6  In die Hooggeregshof van Suid-Afrika (Suidwes-Afrika Afdeling) op die 25ste dag van Februarie 1981 voor Sy Edele Regter Strydom en Twee Assessore in die saak van Die Staat teen Louis Conrad Nagel 
Ae6.3.7  In die Hooggeregshof van Suid-Afrika (Suidwes-Afrika Afdeling) op die 25ste dag van Februarie 1981 voor Sy Edele Regter Strydom en Twee Assessore in die saak van Die Staat teen Louis Conrad Nagel: Uitspraak (duplicate) 
Ae6.3.8  Fax from The Star newspaper: appeal in the case of T. Mgedesi, S.M. Nonghwathi, P.T. Mbalombaka, F.S. Makhanya, E.N. Masike and The State, 12/05/1987 
Ae6.3.9  Confidential letter to James Selfe, MP, from Jeremy Gauntlett, 31/01/1989, concerning Justice J.J. Strydom which says, amongst other things, that "It is generally known that Strydom, J. spent time in Koffiefontein and became a close confidante of Vorster … It is also generally said that during the war, Mr Justice Strydom was convicted - under an assumed name - of the theft of a vehicle, apparently for Ossewa Brandwag purposes..." 
Ae6.3.10  Record of 9 convictions of J.J. Strydom 1939-1945, stamped and certified as a true copy by the SA Police on 15/01/1951 and also written "Volgens rekords het hierdie oortredingsvoortgevloei as gevolg van politieke bedrywighede gedurende die orrlogsjare 1939-1945". 
Ae6.3.11  Faxes from Lawyers for Human Rights, February 1989, concerning other Strydom cases , 1987-1988 
Ae6.4  Press clippings 1988-1989 
Ae6.4.1  Press clippings November-December 1988, includes a printed text of an interview (probably with a journalist) with the Attorney General of the Transvaal, Brunette dated Tues. Nov. 29 1988. 
Ae6.4.2  Press clippings January 1989 
Ae6.4.2  Press clippings February 1989 
Ae6.4.4  Press clippings March 1989 
Ae6.4.5  Press clippings April-May 1989 
Ae7   Venter/Fouche Case 1 f. 1989. 
  Telefaxes re charges of culpable homicide against Louis Johannes Venter and Pieter Marthinus Fouche, accused of causing the death of Medupe Stephen Mononye. 
Ae8   Miscellaneous 1 f. 
  Includes: telexed story by Joe Openshaw dated 21/05/82 concerning an Appeal Court judgement which shows that the SA Terrorism Act is in conflict with the Bophuthatswana constitution – which John Dugard saw as ‘historic’; SAPAquestions to the Dept. of Justice conerning Acting Judges, car schemes and the appointment of FW Kahn as Attorney-General; item on ANC 'approving' People's Courts, 17/10/1990; Aboriginal Affairs - Background Notes: Law & Justice (Australian); Note from a Mr. Osborn on judicial proceedings; handwritten disquisition on the state of the SA legal / judicial system and the (Apartheid) government, no author, no date, on Wits University Examination paper; letter to P.W. Botha (copied to HS) from a Ms. J. van Eeden concerning the "alarming increase in the incidence of rape", 14/06/1987, press cuttings attached; 
Ae9   Matters referred to the Legal Resources Centre and Legal Aid Bureau, 1 f. 1979-1988. 
  Correspondence - includes letters dated August – Sept. 1985 between HS and Geoff Budlender about the reprieve of the Driefontein and KawNgema communities, mention is made of the late Saul Mkhize 
Ae10  Equality legislation 
Ae10.1  Including Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Bill, Republic of South Africa, 1999 
Ae10.2  The Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Bill, by Dr A. Jeffery, South African Institute of Race Relations, Address at the Park Hyatt Hotel, 11 November 1999; 
Ae10.3  Equality Bill, by John Kane-Berman, South African Institute of Race Relations, Address at the Park Hyatt Hotel, 11 November 1999; 
Ae10.4  Fast Facts No.11/99, SAIRR, November 1999, article by Anthea Jeffery on the Equality Bill 
Ae10.5  Press Cuttings 1998-1999, faxed letter to HS 08/11/1999 
Ae11  South African Constitution 
Ae11.1  Republic of South Africa Constitution Act, No.110, 1983 
Ae11.2  Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Bill', B 212D-93(GA), 1993 
Ae11.3  The 'Constitution of the Republic of South Africa 1996, as adopted by the Constitutional Assembly on 8 May 1996 and as amended on 11 October 1996'. Constitutional Assembly, 1996. 
Af1   Articles 1 f. 
Af1.1   "Should we Hang?" by David Welsh, in The South African Outlook, April 1967 and Challenge, June/July 1967; also summary of article. 
Af1.2   Capital Punishment, by H. Suzman, in The South African Outlook, April 1969 
Af1.3   Capital Punishment, by H. Suzman, in Sea Point Vision, April 1969, Vol.5 No.9, also letter from HS to Gordon R. Oliver (editor). 
Af1.4   Parliament and Hanging, by Dr B. van D. van Niekerk in New Nation, May 1969. 
Af1.5   The Status of Capital Punishment: A World Perspective, by C.H. Patrick in The Journal of Criminal Law, Criminology, and Police Science, Vol.56, No.4, Dec 1956 (photocopy) 
Af1.6   Capital Punishment in South Africa, typescript, 19p (undated, no author) 
Af1.7   Summary of: 'Hanged by the Neck until you are Dead, 1969 SALJ 457 and 1970 SALJ 60', 7p., no author 
Af1.8   Judicial Discretion and the Sentence of Death for Murder, by D. van Zyl Smit, SA Law Journal, (1982) 99, 12p; also letter to HS from author, 09/05/1988. 
Af1.9  Application of Capital Punishment in South Africa, by Brian Currin, National Director of Lawyers for Human Rights. Conference paper delivered at the Institute of Criminology Conference, University of Cape Town, 3 May 1989. 
Af1.10  The historical and jurisprudential evolution and background to the application of the death penalty in South Africa and its relationship with constitutional and political reform. Inaugural lecture by Prof GE Devenish, University of Natal, 25 April 1990. 
Af1.11  Symposium on capital punishment, 1975, published in the journal Acta Juridica, pp. 220-244 
Af2   United Nations and Capital Punishment 1967- 1968 1 f. 
  Includes: Statement on May 16 1967, in the Social Committee of ECOSOC by Mr Sverker Astrom, Ambassador of Sweden. Resolution adopted by the Economic and Social Council 1337, 10 June 1968. Resolution adopted by the General Assembly 2393. Capital Punishment, 29 Nov 1968 Resolution adopted by the General Assembly 2394. Capital Punishment in Southern Africa, 29 Nov 1968. Capital Punishment. Draft Report prepared by Mrs Inkeri Anttila for United Nations Consultative Group on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders. 6-16 Aug 1968. Notes: provisional translation of excerpts from press release. 
Af3  Citizens Against Legalised Murder (CALM) USA. 1 f. Newsletters and reports, 1967-1969. 
Af4  Questions in the House of Assembly 1 f. 1966-1973 + notes from (UK) House of Commons Debate debate on Restoration of Capital Punishment Bill, 11/04/73 
Af5   Parliamentary Debates, House of Commons Official Report, Standing Committee C, Murder (Abolition of Death Penalty) Bill, 3 February 1965, 257p., photocopy, 1 f. 
Af6  Correspondence 1 f. 1966-1969, 1987-1988 from: Rev. Dr. M. Buchler, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church; Rose Mariri; Eric Virgin, Royal Swedish Legation; Purves Roux; "Anxious" against abolition of death penalty, attached cutting re murdered child; Terry Herbst; Paula Leyden (later Paula McBride) re. Robert McBride and his appeal against the death sentence, 1987-1988, with attached letter from Zac de Beer asking for clemency in the case. 
Af7  Press Cuttings 1 f. 1965-1969, 1980s 
Af7.1  Press cuttings 1965-1966 
Af7.2  Press cuttings 1967 
Af7.3  Press cuttings 1968 
Af7.4  Press cuttings 1969 
Af7.5  Press cuttings 1980s and undated 
Af8  Publications/Books 1 f. 
Af8.1   Capital Punishment as a deterrent: and the alternative, by Gerald Gardiner Q.C., 1956, Gollancz, London (book) (pages 16, 78, 80 missing) 
Af8.2   Inside South Africa's Death Factory. A Black Sash research project. February 1989. 
Af8.3   When the State Kills: the death penalty v. human rights. By Amnesty International, 1989. 
Af8.4  The Death Penalty in South Africa. Society for the Abolition of the Death Penalty in South Africa, 1971 
Af9   The Sharpeville Six 1 f. 
  Includes Memorandum on "Sharpeville Six" (19p.); Affidavit of Amichand Saman re client Joseph Menete (21 Jan 1988); including statement of Joseph Menete (11/5/85); Memorandum re the petitions of the Sharpeville Six for clemency, by J. Unterhalter and I.Hussain, 28p. (8 Jan 1988); Transcript of parliamentary debate re Sharpeville 6 (15 Mar 1988); Telexes to H.Suzman; Notes. 
Af9.1  HS request for clemency for Shharpeville 6, letters and telegrams, December 1987 
Af9.2  Unrevised Hansard: Debate of 15/03/1988, Suzman on the Sharpeville Six 
Af9.3  Associated Press (AP) wire story on Sharpeville Six 15/03/1988 
Af9.4  Memorandum In re: The Petitions of M.J. Sefatsa, R.M. Mokoena, O.M. Diniso, T. Ramashamola, D.J. Khumalo, F.D. Mokgesi, 08/01/1988, 28p. (faxed copy and photocopy) 
Af9.5  Affidavit In re: The Petitions of M.J. Sefatsa, R.M. Mokoena, O.M. Diniso, T. Ramashamola, D.J. Khumalo, F.D. Mokgesi, by Amichand Soman, 21/01/1988 
Af9.6  Telex from Freedom House, New York, to HS re clemency for Sharpeville Six, 16/03/1988 
Af9.7  Memorandum: "Sharpeville Six", 19p., undated 
Af9.8  Cuttings and handwritten notes 
Ag1   General 
Ag1.1   Corporal Punishment - Joining Issue, by Dirk van Zyl Smit and Liz Offen. SACC: 8: 1984. 6p. 
Ag1.2   Memorandum on the Corporal Punishment of Children, by Committee of Concern for Children, Linksfield Heights, Johannesburg, 6p. 
Ag1.3   Corporal Punishment in South Africa, by James Selfe, PFP, March 1986. 7p. 
Ag1.4   Corporal Punishment and Juvenile Justice, by J.Midgley, NICRO, October 1974, 10p. 
Ag1.5   The South African Law Reports: Various cases referring to Corporal Punishment. 
Ag1.6   Amendment to Criminal Procedure Amendment Bill, 1986. 
Ag1.7   Notes (handwritten) on Whipping Bill (Criminal Procedure Amendment Bill), by H. Suzman, plus excerpt from Hansard. 
Ag1.8   Correspondence re Corporal Punishment. 1973, 1986. (2 letters). 
Ah1   Commissions 5 f. 
Ah1.1   Rabie Commission of Inquiry into Security Legislation. 3 f. 
Ah1.1.1   Memoranda and Articles 1 f. 
Ah1.1.1.1   Memorandum on behalf of the General Council of the Bar of South Africa. November 1979. 
Ah1.1.1.2   Memorandum on Report of Rabie Commission on Security Legislation, by the Association of Law Societies of the Republic of South Africa. 1982. 31p. (page 18 missing) 
Ah1.1.1.3   Memorandum to the Honourable Minister of Justice on behalf of the General Council of the Bar of South Africa with regard to the report of the Commission of Enquiry into Security Legislation. 1982. 30p. 
Ah1.1.1.4   South African Security Legislation and the Rabie Report: some preliminary observations, by N.J.J. Olivier. 20p. 
Ah1.1.1.5   The Rabie Report: its inadequacies, by Prof. J. Dugard, Centre for Applied Legal Studies (CALS), Wits University 
Ah1.1.2   Reports 1 f. 
Ah1.1.2.1   The Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Security Legislation. 241p. 
Ah1.1.2.2   Report on the Rabie Report. CALS, Occasional Papers 3, March 1982. 
Ah1.1.3   Press Statements 1 f. 
Ah1.2   Progressive Federal Party Security Commission. 2 f. 
Ah1.2.1   Papers 1 f. 
  Countering the Revolutionary Threat to South Africa. A position paper prepared by Brian Goodall. Countering the Revolutionary Threat to South Africa, by Brian Goodall. Southern Transvaal Congress, 17 Oct 1987. A Critique of Brian Goodall's "Countering the Revolutionary Threat to South Africa", by J. Selfe. 11 Dec 1987. Memorandum prepared for Prof. N.J.J. Olivier (MP) by Tony Leon on the Communist Party Case. Judgement of the FCC of the Federal Republic of Germany. 
Ah1.2.2   Reports 1 f. 
  Includes 6 draft reports of the PFP Security Commission and the final Security Commission Report. 
Ah2   Public Safety Amendment Bill 2 f. 
Ah2.1   Parliamentary Debate, 3-4 June 1986. 1 f. 
Ah2.2   Memoranda and Responses. 1 f. 
Ah2.2.1   Memorandum on the Public Safety Amendment Bill. Association of Law Societies of the Republic of South Africa. 29 May 1986. 
Ah2.2.2   Submissions to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Law and Order concerning the Public Safety Amendment Bill 80-86(GA). Johannesburg Bar Council, 12 May 1986. 
Ah2.2.3   Response to Proposed Bills - Public Safety Amendment Bill, Internal Security Amendment Bill. The social workers of the Cape Town Branch of NICRO. 
Ah2.2.4   Motion passed at the Diocesan Synod of the Diocese of Pretoria 20-25 May 1986 - The Public Safety Amendment Bill. 
Ah2.2.5   Newsletter from the DPSC re Public Safety Amendment Bill, 12 May 1986. 
Ah3   Security Legislation 
Ah3.1  Internal Security Act and Internal Security Amendment Bill, 1976 and 1982 3 f. 
Ah3.1.1  Typed notes by HS (draft speech?) on Internal Security Act, 1982,Sept 1982 (3 copies) 
Ah3.1.2  Internal Security Bill: 13 May 1982, Helen Suzman M.P., (notes for speech?) 9p. 
Ah3.1.3  Internal Security Act. Press release and Memorandum by the Hon. L. Le Grange, Minister of Law and Order, reprinted in De Rebus, January 1983, pp. 27-33 
Ah3.1.4  Internal Security Amendment Bill: Memorandum by the Association of Law Societies of South Africa, 2 June 1986, 13p. 
Ah3.1.5  Internal Security Amendment Bill: HS handwritten draft speech, 14p. 
Ah3.1.6  3rd Reading Internal Security Bill: HS handwritten speech, 12p. 
Ah3.1.7  Section 29 of the Internal Security Act and the Rule of Law, undated article by Lawrence Baxter, 3p. 
Ah3.2  Internal Security Act 1976 
Ah3.2.1  Promotion of State Security Bill (B.101-'76), typewritten notes / draft speech, 16p. 
Ah3.2.2  Parliamentary Internal Security Commission Bill: Mrs. Helen Suzman M.P., 23/02/1976 (?), draft speech, 25p. 
Ah3.2.3  Mrs. Helen Suzman M.P., Parliamentary Internal Security Commission Bill, notes / speech, 03/03/1976, 7p. 
Ah3.2.4  Notebook with 13 pages of notes 
Ah3.2.5  Unrevised copy of Hansard concerning Promotion of State Security Bill, Mrs. Suzman and Minister of Justice. 
Ah3.2.6  Unrevised copy of Hansard recording debate on Promotion of State Security Bill, corrected by HS. 
Ah3.2.7  Government Gazette No. 5159, 16/06/1976: Internal Security Amendment Act, No. 79 of 1976 
Ah3.2.8  Amendments to the Parliamentary Internal Security Commission Bill, proposed by PFP M.P.'s Suzman, Dalling and Schwarz. 
Ah3.2.9  Miscellaneous Items: extract from 'Facts on File' Janaury 18, 1975, p. 25, Un-American Activities Panel Dropped; extract: Congressional Record - House, February 20 1973, H996, 'A Committee without a Purpose'; Congressional Quarterly's Guide to the Congress of the United States: Origins, History and Procedure, 'Investigations of Un-Americanism'; Promotion of State Security Bill, B.101/76: General and Specific Comment, 6p.; pamphlet 'South Africa and the Rule of Law', Arthur Suzman Q.C., reprint form the SA Law Journal Vol. LXXXV (Part II), August, 1968; several pages of HS handwritten notes. 
Ah3.3  Internal Security Act 1976 Press Cuttings 
Ah4   Articles 1 f. 
Ah4.1   Permanence of the Temporary: An examination of the 90 day and the 180 day detention laws, by Prof. Mathews and Prof. Albino. Feb 1966, SA Law Journal. 
Ah4.2   Review of article 'Permanence of the Temporary'. 
Ah4.3   Solitary Confinement', address to be given by Dr S.J. Saunders, Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the Univ. of Cape Town, 12 May 1982, at the City Hall, Johannesburg. 
Ah4.4   The Terrorism Bill, Colin Gardner, The Black Sash, May-July 1967 
Ah4.5   Legislation and Civil Liberties in South Africa, by A.S.Mathews. 
Ah4.6   G. Budlender letter to HS, 28 July 1987, attached are an article for Business Day concerning the removal of the rights of Emergency detainees and a piece drafted for the DPSC on conditions of detention. 
Ah4.7   4 pages from Reality, January 1980. 
Ah4.8   Political Imprisonment in S A. The Legal Situation. From Amnesty International Report. 
Ah4.9   The European Human Rights Convention, 4p. 
Ah4.10   The Rise of the South African Security Establishment. An Essay on the Changing Locus of State Power, by K.W.Grundy. Bradlow Series, No.1, Aug 1983, SAIIA. 
Ah5   The State of Emergency / Emergency Regulations 1 f. 
Ah5.1   Press Release by State President P.W.Botha on the Proclamation of a State of Emergency in various Magisterial Districts in the Republic of South Africa. 
Ah5.2   Emergency Regulations - Recent Supreme Court decisions. 
Ah5.3   The National State of Emergency. Published by the Bureau for Information. June 1987. 
Ah5.4  Press Cuttings and Government Gazettes 
Ah6   Press Cuttings 1 f. 1974-1989. 
Ah6.1  Press cuttings 1974-1975 
Ah6.2  Press cuttings 1976, 1978, 1979 
Ah6.3  Press cuttings 1981-1982, 1984 
Ah6.4  Press cuttings 1985-1987, 1989 
Ah7   Questions in the House of Assembly 1 f. 
Ah8   National Security Management System 1 f. 1986-1987. 
Ah8.1  The State Security Council, extract from The Militarisation of SA Politics, by K.W.Grundy 
Ah8.2  HS notes 
Ah8.3  Democracy and Militarization: The National Security Management System, James Selfe, PFP Research Dept., includes a detailed, annotated organogram. 
Ah8.4  Sash, Vol. 30, No.1, May 1987, National Conference Issue 
Ah9  5 reports by Lt. John R. du Preez, former policeman and BOSS agent, now running Guardmaster at 373 Proes Street, Pretoria; reports were funded by the Sturgeon Trust and have to do with Rick Turner’s murder 
Ai1   Various items 
  Includes: Correspondence re Griffith Mxenge (1981, 1983); Death Squads in Broad Daylight? Two Questions about the Killing of Batandwa Ndondo, by Andrew Nash. Article in South African Outlook, Dec 1985; The Killing of Batandwa Ndondo, by Andrew Nash, 2 Oct 1985; press cuttings re Ndondo;  
Ai2  Papers re the investigation into the murder of Dr Richard Turner, 1978 including items on the Anglo-Afrikaner Bond. 
Ai2.1  Assorted leaflets, publications of the Anglo-Afrikaner Bond, including the AAB Report 
Ai2.2  Copies of correspondence between John du Preez (ex SAP) of Guardmaster and The Sturgeon Trust, concerning an investigation into the murder of Richard Turner; includes 5 reports dated 23/03/1978, 30/03/1978, 20/04/1978, 02/05/1978, 17/05/1978, and a letter terminating the investigation dated 29/05/1978. 
Aj   POLICE 18 f. 
Aj1   Unrest and the role of the police 10 f. 
Aj1.1   Eastern Cape 4 f. 
Aj1.1.1   Uitenhage 1985 1 f. 
Aj1.1.1a  Report of the Commission appointed to inquire into the incident which occurred on 21 March 1985 at Uitenhage (stamped 'Geheim / Secret'), also known as 'The Kannemeyer Commission'. 
Aj1.1.1b  Report on visit to Uitenhage, 22 March 1985, by six PFP MP's, compiled by Errol Moorcroft MP; includes affidavits 'relating to police action'. 
Aj1.1.1c  Mem, 12p.orandum on the Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the incident which occurred on 21 March 1985 at Uitenhage, Ministry of Law and Order 
Aj1.1.1d  Miscellaneous documents including: Statements from ; letter to HS from Molly Blackburn concerning six children shot by police at Limekaya High School on 8 March 1985; statement by people of Cape Town in memory of those killed by police action in Uitenhage; affidavits by residents of Kwa-Nobuhle and Langa: Maureen Daniels, Mrs Willel Zinto, Violet Thandiwe Hompa and Mirriam Nopathemba and one concerning the death of Nduzile Wilson Thurabani; HS question to Minister of Law and Order re Kwanobuhle in January 1985;  
Aj1.1.2   Port Alfred 1984 1 f. 
  Unrest in Port Alfred black township 1984. Compiled by E.K.Moorcroft MP. Includes memoranda and affidavits relating to police action. 
Aj1.1.3   Municipal Police 1 f. 
Aj1.1.3.1  Greenflies in Duncan Village. Factsheet re court case of Temba Maku (Municipal policeman). Information sheet - Focus on greenflies. Fact paper: Municipal police in the Eastern Cape, by Cherryl Walker. 12-15 March 1987; letter from Linda Bencowitz (Black Sash advice office coordinator), 24/07/1987. 
Aj1.1.3.2  Greenflies: Municipal Police in the Eastern Cape, Black Sash, Mowbray, Cape Town, 1988. 
Aj1.1.4   Cradock 1 f. 
  Constitution of Cradock Residents' Association, 3p., Matthew Goniwe, by J. Chalmers, 04/05/1984; Press cuttings to do with Cradock and Matthew Goniwe (1984); copy of Ministry of Law and Order document 'Prohibition of Gatherings in terms of Section 46(3) of the Internarl Secuirty Act, 1982', issued 30/03/1984, signed by Louis le Grange.  
Aj1.2   Western Cape 1 f. 
  Includes: Statement ? Reported torture of 5 people at Guguletu Police Station. Correspondence: Claim by Jeremy Galant against Minister of Police, 1984; press cuttings on hit squads and informal repression, May 1990;  
Aj1.2.1  The Riot Police and the Suppression of Truth, memorandum prepared for Members of Parliament, by Rev. D.P.H.Russell. 11 April 1977, 5p. 
Aj1.2.2  Relations between the Police and the Black Coloured Communities, SAIRR Cape Western Region, Regional Topic Paper 85/11, Nov 1985, 10p. 
Aj1.2.3  Independent Board of Inquiry into Informal Repression (IBIIR) Report, May 1990, concerning Harms, Hiemstra and Goldstone Commissions, 17p. 
Aj1.2.4  Affidavits re assault of a Coloured man by police in the Gardens Centre, Cape Town, 25/01/1986, sent to HS by James Selfe. 
Aj.1.2.5  Documents concerning 'Claim by Jeremy Galant against Minister of Police', 1984. 
Aj1.2.6  Press cuttings concerning Informal Repression: Hit Squads, Assassinations Disappearances etc., May 1990 
Aj1.3   Kwandebele 1 f. 
  17 Affidavits testifying to assaults by Kwandebele police, 1987,all names have been blacked out; statement 'Crisis in KwaNdbele' by the Ad-hoc Committee, 10/07/1987. 
Aj1.4   Natal 1 f. 
Aj1.4.1  Correspondence re: inadequate police patrols in Chatsworth, 1975;  
Aj1.4.2  Correspondence, memoranda re surveillance, police action and arrest of students at University of Natal, Durban, 1984, including a 20/08/1984 memo to the University Principal from David Ensor, SRC President. 
Aj1.5   Transvaal 1 f. 
  Includes: Report on Police conduct in Soweto 1977 and during Township Protests, Aug-Nov 1984. Compiled and published by the Southern African Catholic Bishop's Conference [Missing] 
Aj1.5.1  The Vaal Triangle Upheaval, Pat Schwartz (article), 4p. 
Aj1.5.2  06/01/77 letter to HS from Minister of Police J. Kruger about action taken against students in Soweto (further to his previous letter of 15/10/76) saying “Police have a job to do and it is not for rioters and arsonists to decide how this job is to be done.” 
Aj1.5.3  Statement by Paris Mkhize [son of the later-murdered activist Saul Mkhize] re assault by police at Piet Retief Station (1983), and copy of post-assault doctor's report  
Aj1.5.4  Correspondence re Death of Hendrik Maluleku, shot by policeman (1986);  
Aj1.5.5  Letter concerning death of Velanie Thula, Soweto, 12/11/1988 
Aj1.5.6  Correspondence re: Cases brought against the Minister of Law & Order for assault by members of the Brixton Murder and Robbery Unit - Maswanganyi, A.W.Radebe and P.S.Mbelle; M.D. Sibindi (1989). 
Aj1.6   Namibia/SWA 1 f. 
  Telex from David Smuts : re Koevoet Questions (1984) and SWAPO; Correspondence re: Police conduct at the Kuisebmond Compound, Walvis Bay, Press Cuttings re Koevoet (1984). 
Aj1.7   General 1 f. 
  Money paid by Police for assault, including statistics 1973-1985.  
Aj1.7.1  Police Assaults Dossier, by Jeremy Maggs, Sunday Tribune journalist, covering the period 1970-1986; telex, 13 continuous pages plus 4 further pages, including a letter to HS. 
Aj1.7.2  Complaint against the S.A.Police, Colesberg, 1984. 
Aj1.7.3  Birdshot injuries to the eye: includes press cuttings, statistics, (unrevised) Hansard debate. 
Aj2   Security Police Harassment 1 f. 
Aj2.1  Correspondence and other documents concerning harassment of Dr. Gwendolin Carter & her assistant (and farmer) David Porter at Jan Smuts Airport , 18/01/1985.  
Aj2.2  Statements by Rick Turner's mother Jane and his wife Foszia Turner re police harassment (at home, including by phone, and later at the Botswana border). 
Aj3   Reports 1 f. 
Aj3.1   Annual Report of the Commissioner of the South African Police for the year ended 30 June 1974 (inside are several loose pages detailing HS questions in Parliament). 
Aj3.2   Annual Report of the Commissioner of the South African Police for the period 1 July 1974 to 30 June 1975 
Aj3.3   The Effect of the Unrest Situation on Policing, the South Afrcian Police, marked 'Secret', 13p. (pages 9-10 missing) 
Aj4  General Correspondence 1 f.  
  Subjects: 1978 letter and further correspondence from a former police Lieut.Col. Botha for using threatening language towards his superior; 1978 - Complaint concerning treatment by the Muizenberg Police. 1982 - Zimbabweans arrested for pass offences at Newlands Police Station. 1983 - Complaint concerning student arrested for pass offence at Hillbrow Station. 1984 - Police not wearing uniforms. 1987 - Visit to the South African Police Training College, Bishop Lavis. 1988 - Invitation: International Symposium 'South African Police, quo vadis?'; Undated: complaints of discriminatory treatment against non-white police; complaints of discriminatory treatment against police attached to the Dept. of Co-operation & Development. 
Aj4.1  Correspondence 1976-1978 
Aj4.2  Correspondence 1983-1987 
Aj4.3  Correspondence 1988 and undated 
Aj5  Questions in House of Assembly 1 f. 
Aj5.1  Questions 1974-1975 
Aj5.2  Questions February - March 1976 
Aj5.3  Questions April - June 1976; 04/08/1987 concerning municipal police in the townships. 
Aj6  Press Cuttings 2 f. 
Aj6.1   Press cuttings 1965-1979 
Aj6.2   Press cuttings 1980-1987 
Aj6.2.1  Press cuttings 1980, 1983-1984 
Aj6.2.2  Press cuttings 1985 
Aj6.2.3  Press cuttings 1986-1987, undated 
Aj7   Miscellaneous 
  20/01/1985 letter to HS from Molly Blackburn concerning firebombing of Cradock civic leader Gladwell Makhawula in 1984 and other matters; circular concerning the use of the term 'politicial prisoners' (politieke gevangene) within the Prisons Department, 1965; extract from Police Standing Orders. 
Aj8   Police: Britain 
Aj8.1  The Red Lion Square Disorders of 15 June 1974: Report of Inquiry by the Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Scarman, February 1975 (pamphlet). 
Aj8.2  The Police Service in Britain, prepared for the British Information Service by the Central Office of Information (CIO), April 1969.  
Ak1   Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Reporting of Security Matters Regarding the South Africn Defence Force and the South African Police (the Steyn Commission), March 1980 
  Including 3 cuttings on the SADF and letter from Magnus Malan on 'Participation of SADF Members in Municipal Elections', 14/03/1988. 
Ak2   Correspondence 
  Includes: correspondence on Jehovah's Witnesses and the SADF, conscientous objector Neil Mitchell, missing Seaman W. de Bruyn, HS visit to Witnesses at Cinderella Detention Barracks May 1985. 
Ak3  Programme of visit to Operational Area (South West Africa) 
Al   CRIME 1f. 
  Press cuttings 1972-1976, questions in House of Assembly, HS notes 
Am1  Speeches 2 f. 
Am1.1  Speeches 1964-1984 
Am1.1.1  The Rule of Law, 7 Feb 1964  
Am1.1.2  City Hall Protest Meeting concerning the death in detention of Steve Biko, 19 Sept 1977  
Am1.1.3  Wits Protest - Banning of 18 organizations, 19 Oct 1977  
Am1.1.4  Wits University - Civil Rights, 6 Mar 1979  
Am1.1.5  Protest Meeting, Cathedral Hall Cape Town - Detentions, 16 Jan 1982  
Am1.1.6  Law & Order Vote - Torture in Detention (Parliament), 7 May 1982  
Am1.1.7  UCT - Detentions, 17 Feb 1983  
Am1.1.8  Law & Order Vote - Detentions (Parliament), 2 May 1984  
Am1.1.9  Protest Meeting, Jhb City Hall, 25 Sept 1984  
Am1.1.10  Transvaal Congress of PFP - Law & Order, 17 Nov 1984  
Am1.1.11  Law & Order Vote (Parliament) (page 9 missing), 1984  
Am1.1.12  Undated miscellaneous pages 
Am1.2  Speeches 1985-1989 
Am1.2.1  No Confidence Debate (Parliament), 29 Jan 1985  
Am1.2.2  Law & Order Vote (Parliament), 29 Apr 1985  
Am1.2.3  Pretoria University - The Emergency, 20 Aug 1985  
Am1.2.4  Private Members motion (Parliament) (page 13 missing), 1985  
Am1.2.5  Law & Order Vote- the Police (Parliament), 30 Apr 1986  
Am1.2.6  Motion of Censure - Detentions (Parliament), 22 Aug 1986  
Am1.2.7  State President's Vote - National Security Management System (includes rough draft), 13 Aug 1987  
Am1.2.8  Report Back Meeting, 1988  
Am1.2.9  Law & Order Vote, 24 Apr 1989  
Am1.2.10  Second Reading Budget, 1989  
Am1.2.11  Detainees' Hunger Strike, 1989  
Am1.2.12  Post Apartheid SA, UCT Honorary Degree last page of speech only, 27 Aug 1986  
Am2  Correspondence 1 f. 
Am2.1  Mutilation of dead bodies. 
  Amongst others, the case of Vivien, sister to Adner Maduna, whose body was mutilated after her death, photographs of the mutilated body included (see photographs - P), 1966. 
Am2.2  Correspondence with Red Cross, Rhodesia, 1966-67 
  The ICRC delegate, Geneva, Mr. G.C. Senn: references to work of doctors in jails, Robben Island, Victor Verster, Pollsmoor prisons; Joel Carlson; Ovambos on terrorism charges being held in Pretoria Local; Bennett S. Marengwa (SA exile going to live in Zambia after studying in Germany) wanting his 8 year old daughter to join him and his wife in Zambia (1967); IDAF (International Defence & Aid Fund) writing to the ICRC in Geneva about banished people in SA; ‘politicals’ held in transit camps (in SA) 
Am2.3  Correspondence 1975-1976 
  Arrests for trespassing. 1975 
  Nazi rally in Hillbrow. 1975 
  Position of Black entertainers on licensed premises. 1976 
Am2.4  Correspondence 19/04/1978-06/06/1978 
  Licence to possess firearms. 1978 
  Death of W.A.Botha in police custody. 1978 
Am2.5  Correspondence 12/06/1978 and 05/12/1978 
  Employment of Black entertainers in international hotels. 1978 
  Correspondence with Ian Bernhardt, the Honorary Secretary, Phoenix Players, Dorkay House about the problems of black people working in ‘international’ hotels in SA 
Am2.6  Correspondence 1979, 1984, 1986 
  Correspondence with Raymond Louw (SAAN) 21/03/79: starts off “My dear Ray” and ends “love & kisses”; also “You will be glad to hear that you have persuaded me to vote against the clause prohibiting publication of the details of divorce, though I still think it is nobody’s damn business if a husband requires his wife to swing from a chandelier before he can perform his conjugal duties.”. 1979 
  To amend the divorce law insofar as it affects a Jewish Ecclesiastical divorce. 1984 
  The Msinga problem. 1984 
  Security Offices Bill. 1986 
Am3  Press Cuttings 1966-1987 1 f. 
Am3.1  South African Press Clips, No. 18/1987 
Am3.2  South African Press Clips, No. 19/1987 
Am3.3  South African Press Clips, No. 22/1987 
Am3.4  South African Press Clips, No. 23/1987 
Am3.5  South African Press Clips, No. 32/1987 
Am3.6  South African Press Clips, No. 33/1987 
Am3.7  Press Cuttings 1966 
Am3.8  Press Cuttings 1979-1981 
Am3.9  Press Cuttings 1983-1985 
Am3.10  Press Cuttings 1986 and undated 
Am4  Miscellaneous 1 f. 
  Permit dated 22/03/85 to enter KwaNobuhle for HS, A. Boraine, E. Moorcroft, A. Savage, J. Malcomess “to visit spot where incident occurred on 21/3/85, authority is subject to South African Police escort”; various handwritten notes mainly re detentions ans prisons / prisoners, includes a page of notes taken when visiting political prisoners in Pretoria Central (Kitson, Schoon, Hirson, Evans, Goldberg etc.; extracts from Hansard: 11/02/1986, 18/02/1986, 25/02/1986, 03/03/1986, 23/04/1986, 25/04/1986; SA Namibia Update October 1984; telex to Donald Prosser, Herald parliamentary correspondent, concerning sentencing of youths for sabotage, April 1978; list of 'principal measures regarding security and affecting civil liberties' from 1950 to 1974. 
An1  Soweto Riots 1976 1 f 
An1.1  The Language Medium Issue as a causative factor in the Soweto disturbances, SAIRR 26 Jul 1976, 24p. 
An1.2  Events of 1976 which culminated in the riots of June 1976, SAIRR, 28 July 1976, 17p. 
An1.3  Soweto: The Background, SAIRR, 28 July 1976, 20p. (NB: may not be complete) 
An1.4  The Pupils' Revolt, by John Kane-Berman, 28p., marked 'Not for distribution'. 
An1.5  A Chronological Account of the Unrest in the Cape Peninsula from June till October, Centre for Intergroup Studies, UCT, 7p.; + 1977 RDM cuttings on blindings by birdshot and 1975 on Soweto housing crisis 
An1.6  Memorandum for Mr S. Moss, MPC for Parktown: Enquiry into the Riots at Soweto and Elsewhere (1976), 4p. 
An1.7  The Riots and the Constitution in 1976: An address to the Civil Rights League by Prof. W.H.B. Dean on29/09/1976. 
An1.8  Soweto and After - A Diary of Urban Unrest in 1976, South African Outlook, Feb 1977. 
An1.9  The Urban African. Draft document, South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR), undated, 14p. 
An2  Vaal Triangle 1984 1 f. 
An2.1  Report on the investigation into education for Blacks in the Vaal Triangle following the occurrences of 3 September 1984 and thereafter, by Prof. Tjaart van der Walt, Rector of University of Potchefstroom, 1985. 
An2.2  The Causes of Upheavals and riots in the Vaal Triangle Townships, 30 Nov 1984, letter from S.M.Ntsoerena to J.A. Jordan, Ministry of Cooperation and Development, 4p. 
An3  Paarl Riots 1962 1 f. 
  Commission of Enquiry into the Paarl Riots 20-22 Nov 1962 and the causes which gave rise thereto: Submissions of Counsel for the SAIRR and the Non-Europeans of Paarl, 25/03/1963, 36p. 
An4  Sharpeville 1960 1 f. 
An4.1  Submissions presented to the Commission of Enquiry into occurrences at Sharpeville (and other places) on 21st March 1960, on behalf of the Bishop of Johannesburg, Vol. 1, 15th June 1960. 
An4.2  Submissions presented to the Commission of Enquiry into occurrences at Sharpeville (and other places) on 21st March 1960, on behalf of the Bishop of Johannesburg, Vol. 2, 15th June 1960. 
An4.3  Publications 
  Article by Ian Berry and Humphrey Tyler with their eye-witness account, 7p., typescript; Memo: Sharpeville Riots; Rand Daily Mail cutting approx. 04/04/1960; 'Notes on Recent Events, Pass Laws', undated. 
An5  Dube Hostel 1957 1 vol, 1957 
  Report of the Commission appointed by the City Council of Johannesburg to enquire into the causes and circumstances of the riots which took place in the vicinity of the Dube Hostel in the South-Western Native Townships over the weekend 14/15 September 1957, 02/04/1958, 89p. plus annexures. 
Ao  BOSS (Bureau of State Security) / Department of National Security 1 f. 
  Bug in the Spy Chief's Office, by Arthur McGiven (formerly of BOSS and NUSAS). From The Observer, 11 Jan 1980. Untitled notes. Press cuttings. 1971, 1979-1980. 
Ao1  1971: and Daily Mail articles 'BOSS Man on Terror Act, 22/11/1971, 'Helen Suzman jogs BOSS Chief's memory…', 25/11/1971 
Ao2  Memo on SA law and the right to privacy or lack thereof, 6p. 
Ao3  Defection' of former 'secret agent ' (and spy in NUSAS), Arthur McGiven and resulting newspaper articles December 1979- January 1980 
Ao4  Cutting (undated) 'Freedoms we have lost' by Jean Sinclair; extract from Hansard 09/06/1972 
Ap  COMMISSION OF INQUIRY INTO CERTAIN ORGANISATIONS (Schlebusch Commission) (1 box, 5 volumes) 
Ap1  Third Interim Report: NUSAS, 11/04/1973 
Ap2  Fourth Interim Report: NUSAS, 07/12/1973 
Ap3  Fifth Interim Report: SAIRR, 1974 
Ap4  Sixth Interim Report - The University Christian Movement, 11/11/1974 
Ap5  Final Report - Christian Institute of Southern Africa, 20/11/1974 
Aq1  Judgement against Mbuli in case of bank robbery, March 1999 (possibly incomplete) 
Aq2  Document entitled: "The Supreme Court of Appeal". Case No 422/2001 
Aq2.1  Copy of the Document in English 
Aq2.2  Copy of the Document in Afrikaans 
Aq3  Judgement by The Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa in the matter between Mzwakhe Mbuli and the State 
Aq4  Judgement by the High Court of South Africa in the appeal of Mzwakhe Mbuli and The State. Case A1261/99.10/11/2000 
Aq5  Photocopy of the Appeal Document No A1261/99 to High Court of South Africa in the matter between M. Mbuli, H. Skwabane, Ben Masiso and the State, November 2000 
Aq6  Correspondence related to an Appeal Case of Mzwakhe Mbuli 
Aq6.1  Correspondence between attorneys D. H. Botha, Du Plessis & Kruger, Leslie Sedibe, Business Affairs Director and Helen Suzman (2001/2002). It includes mainly faxed and printed letters approaching the Law Society to lay a complain against J. W. Wessels for incorrect handling of Mbuli's case. 
Aq6.2  Correspondence between the Law Society of the Northern Provinces and the Wessels Attorneys relating to an official submission of " Complaint Against Attorneys J. W. Wessels & Partners Inc." by the Law Society acting on behalf of Helen Suzman's request. It includes printed emails and faxes exchanged between various authorities involved in the case of Mzwakhe Mbuli. 
Aq6.3  Correspondence of various organizations and institutions involved in the case of Mzwakhe Mbuli, (1998-2003). It includes typed and handwritten letters as well as faxes. 
Aq6.3.1  Correspondence between Helen Suzman, Gill Lloyd (Mbuli's agent in London) and Mr Mokhoba, Head of Pretoria Local Prison, relating to the matter of transferring M. Mbuli from the overcrowded cell in prison to a single one, (1998). 
Aq6.3.2  Typed letters , faxes and printed emails of Helen Suzman and Gill Lloyd discussing the outcome of Mbuli's case and their visiting him in Pretoria Maximum Prison, (1999-2000). 
Aq6.3.3  Correspondence related to Mzwakhe Mbuli's Appeal Case and the State. It includes printed emails and faxes. Correspondents: H. Suzman, Gill Lloyd, Mark Loeb, Judge Edwin Cameron, Leslie Sedibe and Judge J. Hefer. Matters discussed in the letters include: Independent Complaints Directorate Report on the Duiwelskloof Robbery, comments about the Report and recommendations for further investigations of the case, request addressed to the Acting Chief of Justice, J. Hefer to place the case of State versus M. Mbuli on the roll in November 2001, comments on the article in 'Focus' on M. Mbuli and legal defence in an Appeal Case of Mbuli.  
Aq6.3.4  Correspondence related to Mbuli's release on parole in 2003. It includes photocopies of letters, printed emails and a fax of the Parole Board Meeting with offender Mzwakhe Mbuli. Correspondents: H. Suzman, Clifford Shikwambane and Giyani Shivambo (reporter of 'This Day'). 
Aq6.4  Conditions in prisons (1996-2001) 
Aq6.4.1  SAPS List of the victims of dog bites at Pretoria Central Prison 
Aq6.4.2  Correspondence between H. Suzman and Gill Lloyd related to the following issues: health condition of M. Mbuli, his operation and recovery at Rand Clinic, Mbuli's transfer to the Leeuwkop Prison and its conditions, inquiries about possibility of Mzwakhe's studies through UNISA, H. Suzman's visits to Mbuli in Pretoria Maximum Prison and his transfer to the Leeuwkop Prison (1999). 
Aq6.4.3  Correspondence related to: Mzwakhe's problems with the authorities at Leeuwkop Prison, the case of Randburg robbery, verdict of the Appeal Court on Mbuli and issues of H. Suzman's visitations to Mzwakhe in prison. It includes: handwritten letters of H. Suzman, faxes and printed emails. Correspondents: H. Suzman, Gill Lloyd and Mr S. Tsetsane. 
Aq6.4.4  Correspondence related to the following issues: Independent Complaints Directorate Case Investigative Final Report of the M. Mbuli's case and comments on the Report submitted to the ICD by Gill Lloyd, comments and recommendations on ICD Report on investigation of Mbuli's case, addressed to Julian Snitcher, Director of Investigations Gauteng branch ICD, ICD reply to the comments, preparations by H. Suzman, Mark Loeb and Gill Lloyd to an Appeal of M. Mbuli's case, press release prepared by Mark Loeb. 
Aq6.4.5  Contact numbers of Pretoria Prison and people's supporting Mbuli's case. 
Aq6.5  Publications 
Aq6.5.1  Statement on Mzwakhe Mbuli Case published in 'Mail & Guardian', 13 November 2000. 
Aq6.5.2  Short biography of Helen Suzman. 
Aq6.5.3  Newspaper cuttings (1999-2003). They relate to Mzwakhe Mbuli's case and his trial. The newspapers clippings come from various newspapers: 'Sowetan', "The Star', 'The Citizen', 'Sunday Times', 'City press', The Guardian'.  
Aq6.5.4  An article entitled:" The case of the people's poet" by J. Redpath (an attorney) published in Issue 23, September 2001 of 'Focus'. 
Aq6.6  Miscellaneous. Material includes: brief chronology of events relating to the arrest, trial, sentence and appeal of Mbuli's case, Mzwakhe's poem dedicated to Helen Suzman, an article on Mbuli by H. Suzman entitled:" 142 Million Seconds", Jean's Redpath Powerpoint Presentation:" Whatever happened to Mzwakhe Mbuli?" and her article published in 'Focus', information on release Mbuli's album in 2002 by L.W.S Productions and cards and Thanks letters to Helen Suzman from Mbuli. 
Ba  TRANSVAAL 24 f. 
Ba1  Bloedfontein and Geweerfontein 1 f. 1986. 
  Includes: Unrevised copy of parliamentary debate in the House of Delegates; The Planned Incorporation and Removal of Bloedfontein and Geweerfontein, 09/12/1986, 7p.; photocopy of 21/01/86 letter from headman B. Tema, Senotlelo Community Authority, to Minister of Development and Land Affairs objecting to the incorporation of Bloedfontein and Geweerfontein into Bophuthatswana; telex to HS from lawyers for the residents on the farms Bloedfontein and Geweerfontein, also Boschfontein in W. Transvaal, 4p., 
Ba2  Brits ('Oukasie' 1986, 1988 1 f. 
Ba2.1  Trac Newsletter No. 11, July 1986 - The old Brits location ('Oukasie'). 
Ba2.2  Brits: A clear indication that forced removals have not stopped, 7p. 
Ba2.3  Upgrading the Brits Old Location: feasibility report; commissioned by the Brits Action Committee, Brits branches of the Metal & Allied workers Union and the National Automobile & Allied Workers Union;  
Ba2.4  Letlhabile -the town with a bright future (pamphlet), issued by the Liaison Services Directorate of the Dept. of Development Aid, Pretoria, June 1987. 
Ba2.5  Letter and affidavit (by Abel Madumetsa Matlhagane) concerning disturbing events in Brits, sent to HS by Geoff Budlender of the Legal Resources Centre, 22/02/1988 
Ba2.6  Press cuttings 1986, 1988 
Ba2.7  Draft blank affidavit and document 'Die inwoners var Brits noodkamp' signed by 'Superintendent', dated 26/04/1988. 
Ba3  Doornkop 1974-1975 1 f. [Missing, 09/06/2010] 
  Correspondence and press clippings. Correspondents: B.Chemel, S.Kgoro, Maliak Moukangwe, Chairman Doornkop Committee, H. Suzman. 
Ba4  Driefontein 4 f. 
Ba4.1  Correspondence 1951, 1981-1983, 1989. 
  Correspondents: J.Adler, G.M.Budlender, Moray Hathorn, P.G.J.Koornhof, Saul Mkhize, Stephen Msibi, Dr P. Ka I Seme [Missing], H.Suzman, E.Walt, J.J.G. Wentzel. Subject: Proposed Resettlement of the Residents of Driefontein; press cutting from the RDM on the murder of Saul Mkhize and a reconstruction of what happened (first week of April 1983); note addressed to “Dear Van” and signed by John Battersby (Parliamentary Press Gallery); March 1983: 2 handwritten letters from ‘Ethel’ [Walt?] to HS about visits to Driefontein 
Ba4.1.1  Copies of letters to and from Saul Mkhize (not HS), including some from Piet Koornhof, Minister of Cooperation and Development1981-1982 
Ba4.1.2  Other items of correspondence (see above) 
Ba4.2  Notes, speeches and minutes of meetings 
  Notes / speeches by Saul Mkhize: one is in fact signed by him and starts “Mrs. Suzman and Gentlemen”; speaks of the unmandated actions of Chairman Stephan Msibi and the unelected Community Board; another letter starts “Bishop Tutu & gentlemen” – about why black people are treated so badly - “We are black so we do not matter.” – of old people being threatened, of graves being removed, of people being forced to live in tents 240 km away etc., Asks why Zulu and Swazi people are suddenly being separated even though they hold title deeds to their land and aren’t part of any Bantustan;  
Ba4.2.1  Minutes and reports of meetings 3 Dec 1982, 26 Dec 1982; 03 Jan 1983; 11 Jan 1983 
Ba4.2.2  Undated memoranda / speeches: 'Mrs Suzman and Gentlemen', 'The Voice of the Driefontein People', 'Bishop Tutu and Gentlemen'. 
Ba4.3  Reports and Articles 
Ba4.3.1  Driefontein. Background: The Land; Some Alternative Proposals. 
Ba4.3.2  Field Report: Visit to Driefontein, 27-29 Jan 1982, by Buntu Mfenyana and Lungile Makapela, Khotso House, 16/02/1982, 15p. 
Ba4.3.3  Report on the proposed Usutu-Vaal River Govt. Water Scheme 1981-1982. 
Ba4.3.4  The Resettlement of the People of Driefontein, Saul Mkhize, 07/09/1982 
Ba4.3.5  District of Wakkerstroom. Replies to General Questionnaire No. NEC 51/7. 1931 Native Economic Commission: replies concern Driefontein, Daggaskraal, Wakkerstroom and Vlakplaats 
Ba4.3.6  "Feudalism" in the Age of Computers: An analysis of recruitment strategies to reserve and allocate labour, paper by Marian Lacey presented to Black Sash National Conference, March 1983 
Ba4.4  Miscellaneous 
  Includes: Budget Speech by H.Suzman re shooting of Saul Mkhize; handwritten general notes on Driefontein; press cuttings 1982-1983; 2 cassette recordings of meetings held at Driefontein, 19 Mar 1983 & 3 April 1983. 
Ba4-4-01  Meeting, 19-03-1983, Audio tape  
Ba4-4-02  Questions and Answers, 03-04-1983, Audio tape 
  NOTE: The audio recordings in this section have been digitised and may be accessed at the Historical Papers archive.  
Ba5  Kalkfontein 1 f. 1984-1985 
  Includes: Memorandum by Felicia Kentridge concerning the Tswana Community living on Portion 2 of Portion 1 of the farm Kalkfontein No.143JR Waterberg. Correspondence between Kentridge and HS 1984-1985. 
Ba6  Koster 1 item 
  Information sheet on Koster, 4p. 
Ba7  Louis Trichardt 1 item  
  Copy of letter from Titus Kganakga to Chris Heunis, re removal of N. Sothos from Louis Trichardt, 30 April 1986. 
Ba8  Majaneng Ndebeles 1 f. 1979-1981 
  Correspondents: N.S.Kekana, Don MacRobert, H. Suzman. Subjects: 1979 Application for Registration of six schools to be in the Warmbaths district; threats regarding the land issue of the Ndebeles at the Moretele District; request that Majaneng be excised from Bophuthatswana; report on Meeting held on 29 May 1979 with the Hon. Minister for Co-operation and Development and senior members of the dept.; correspondence 1978-1981: Withdrawal of Kekana's exemption from visa requirement. 
Ba8.1  Correspondence February 1979 
Ba8.2  Correspondence March 1979 
Ba8.3  Correspondence April 1979 
Ba8.4  Correspondence May 1979 
Ba8.5  Correspondence November 1981 
Ba9  Makgato and Batlokwa 1 f. 1980 
  Notes to be presented to Dr Piet Koornhof, Minister of Cooperation and Development, at an interview on Friday 22 Feb 1980. Compiled by Joyce Harris. 
Ba10  Mathopestad 1 f. 1982-1983 
  Preliminary analysis of the Mathopestad household questionnaires: A Community under Threat of Removal, 1982, 13p., Press Cuttings; Correspondence,1982-1983: correspondents: Heads of the Bakubung tribe: A.B.A.Brink, G. Budlender, J.Harris, Dr P. Koornhof, H.Suzman, J.J.G.Wentzel. Subject: The Removal of the Bakubung tribe at Mathopestad. 
Ba11  Magopa 3 f. 1986-1988 
Ba11.1  Notes, Minutes and Memoranda 1986-1987 
Ba11.1.1  Minutes: Meeting between the Deputy Minister of Development Aid and a delegation of the Bakwena Ba Magopa tribe of Bethanie, 5 Dec 1986. 
Ba11.1.2  Statement (for immediate release) by Dr. Gerrit Viljoen, Minister of Education and Development Aid, on the resettlement of a section of the Magopa tribe, 07/09/1987 
Ba11.1.3  Minutes: Meeting between the Minister of Education and Development Aid and the Magopa Committee, 5 Sept 1987. 
Ba11.1.4  Magopa: Land Proposals, 5 Oct 1987, 47p. (pages 24 and 47 missing) 
Ba11.1.5  Note on Meeting with Minister Viljoen in Pretoria, 28 November 1987 (notes by Geoff Budlender). 
Ba11.1.6  Memorandum on the Farm Holgat, 17p., plus annexures (possibly by the EDA) 
Ba11.2  Correspondence 1986-1988 
  Correspondents: A. Claasens, Director-General: Development Aid; N.Haysom of Cheadle, Thompson and Haysom; M. Ludemann; H.J. Tempel; R.Tucker; G.Viljoen, Minister of Education and Development Aid; TRAC; Mr. Cillie 
Ba11.2.1  Correspondence 1986 
Ba11.2.2  Correspondence 1987 
Ba11.2.3  Correspondence 1988 
Ba11.3  Miscellaneous 
Ba11.3.1  Press Cuttings 1983, 1985 
Ba11.3.2  Mogopa: And now we have no home, a TRAC Publication, 1987, pamphlet. 
Ba11.3.3  TRAC press briefing documents, 29/07/1987 
Ba11.3.4  Press statement by Dr. Gerrit Viljoen, Minister of Education & Development Aid, on the expropriation of the Farm Holgat, 04/08/1987 
Ba11.3.5  TRAC press statement, 09/05/1989 
Ba11.3.6  Botho Sechabeng: a feeling of community, a description of forms of tenure in the Transvaal rural communities by the Transvaal Rural Action Committee (TRAC), 1992 
Ba12  Moutse 4 f. 1983-1986 
Ba12.1  Petition 
  Form of Petition to the House of Assembly, stamped 'Passed by Mr. Speaker, dated 30 Janaury 1986; Petition to be heard at the Bar of the three Houses of Parliament, by the Moutse Community, including Annexures A,B,C (signed by John Dugard); Nota: Petisie in verband met Moutse (28 Jan 1986); House of Assembly Order Paper for Thursday 13 February 1986 (petition listed under Notices of Motion, p.57). 
Ba12.2  Articles, Reports and Memoranda 
Ba12.2.1  Why the Incorporation of Moutse into Kwandebele should be rejected, D.Mokgatle, 19 p. 
Ba12.2.2  A Place like Moutse: Colonialism Raises its Ugly Head, by John Dugard, Director, Centre for Applied Legal Studies, 2p. 
Ba12.2.3  Memorandum re incorporation of Moutse into Kwa Ndebele, by D.Mokgatle, 26 Nov 1985, 7p. 
Ba12.2.4  Fact sheet on: KwaNdebele Consolidation and the Moutse district dispute, by C. McCaul, SAIRR, 19/08/1993, 6p. 
Ba12.2.5  Report of visit to Moutse, 13 Nov 1985. 
Ba12.2.6  Report of events at Moutse, 14-30 Nov 1985. 
Ba12.2.7  Report on visit to Moutse on Monday 6th January 1986, by Sue Sparks, 8 Jan 1986, 3p. 
Ba12.2.8  Moutse - TRAC Newsletter No.10, April 1986 
Ba12.2.9  Report on a trip to Moutse on 5 Jan 1986 with MP Mrs H.Suzman, by Durkje Gilfillan. 
Ba12.2.10  TRAC Moutse Dossier, 1988, 13p. 
Ba12.3   Press Statements and Cuttings, 1982-1987 
Ba12.3.1  Cuttings 1982-1983, 1985 
Ba12.3.2  Cuttings January 1986 
Ba12.3.3  Cuttings February 1986 
Ba12.3.4  Cuttings 1987 and undated 
Ba12.4  Miscellaneous 
  Includes: Notes, correspondence, The Moutse Issue, issued by Dept. of Foreign Affairs. 
Ba13  Pageview 1 f. 1980-1985 
  Memoranda from the S.A.Indian Council to Minister of Environmental Planning, F.W. de Klerk (March 1980) and correspondence of the Save Pageview Association (1985) 
Ba14  Rust Der Winter 1 f. 
  Notes and Memoranda, incl. a memo entitled “What you must know about Rust de Winter” distributed “under the auspices of the Pretoria District Agricultural Union and the Waterberg / Warmbaths District Agricultural Unions” (white farmers opposing the taking of their land) + appendix, no date. 
Ba15  Tshikota 1 f. 1986, 1988. 
  Includes: Apartheid is Alive and Well: The Removal of Tshikota and the incorporation of Vleifontein; TRAC Newsletter, No.14, Feb 1988; Questions in House of Assembly; correspondence (Feb 1986); petition to TRAC, 19/02/86 signed by 55 people; 25/02/86 letter to Dr. G. Viljoen, Minister of Education & Development Aid from residents of Vleifonteon / Tshikota 
Ba16  Valspan (Jan Kempdorp) 1980 
Ba17  Winterveld 1 f. 1980-1984 
Ba17.1  Winterveld: Interim Fact Paper: up to 31/01/1980, Black Sash, 3p. 
Ba17.2  A Profile on the Winterveld, Commission for Justice & Peace of the Archdiocese of Pretoria and the Winterveld Action Committee of the Pretoria Council of Churches, 1983, 8p. 
Ba17.3  Press cutting Pretoria News 06/12/84, Mrs. Suzman visits Winterveld “Pilgrimage to a Slum” 
Ba17.4  Extracts from unrevised copy of Hansard: 22 April 1982 
Ba17.5  Correspondence with Annica van Gylswyk, May-June 1983 
Ba17.6  10/02/81 handwritten letter to HS from Jappie Mahlangu in Winterveldt: “Now we beg people like yourself to be our spokesman there because according to the fashion, we are not needed in the white-man’s parliament … Have a pleasant parliamentary session." 
Ba18  General 1 f. 
  Includes: Update of Transvaal Report: Vol.5, Nov 1983; 1982 departmental Memo T8/7/2/1, 'Resettlement of Black People', re Ventersdorp and Koster, also attached correspondence; Transvaal Overview, TRAC Newsletter No.1 May 1983; handwritten notes on Kwangema, Mogopa, Valspan, Machakaneng, Pachsdraai, Bethanie; RDM cuttings April & July 1982 concerning Daggakraal, Driefontein, Ngema, ‘Black Spots’, Barolong & Rooigrond; 11/07/1981 HS notes on Vryburg; also notes on Boputhatswana, Doornkop, De Hoop, on a House of Assembly notepad, 13p. 
Bb  CAPE 8 f. 
Bb1  Bossiesgif (Plettenberg Bay) 1 f. 
  Press cuttings and lists of signatures of Bossiesgif residents who wish to move. 
Bb2  Crossroads 1982-1984 1 f. 
Bb2.1  Crossroads correspondence 
  28/10/82 letter from Ken Andrew to HS, mentions no response from Piet Koornhof, also that the black community in Cape Town is having a war waged against it, “in less than a month 2000 arrested in pass raids … and fined more than R40,000! Good news re the lowering of rents at the Nyanga new project housing scheme” from between R65 and R117 to a uniform monthly rental of R26.80 and Bright Bashe conveys the gratitude and sincere thanks of his community; 
Bb2.2  Affidavits from Crossroads residents re violent gang [Witdoeke] activities, all “signed and sworn to before me … at Mowbray, Cape Town, Diana June Bishop, MPC Gardens”, 30/01/1984. 
Bb2.3  Letter and statement from Ken Andrew, MP, to G. van N. Viljoen concerning Old Crossroads / Khayelitsha, 21/02/1985 
  Hansard extract from 1977, typed with handwritten notes, and photocopy of 2 pages of Hansard of 05/04/1960 replying to HS questions concerning Sharpeville shootings; in the 1977 extract HS mentions that she had read “that the Minister had said to a newspaperman that the reason why South African police were not properly equipped [in Soweto in 1976] was that South Africans like to be unencumbered and, according to him, in the Western desert [in World War II] our men wore very short shorts. And I then asked him what the Hon. Minister knew about what our men wore in the Western desert.” 
Bb2.4  Carbon copy of HS letter 
  Carbon copy of HS letter [apparently to a member of her family] interalia noting her attendance at “one or two boring diplomatic dinners, including one at the Austrian embassy where I found myself sitting next to Anton Rupert, who commiserated with me on the loss of Piet. I put him right on that one. Of course, being in the tobacco business he knew the brothers Suzman, Barney and Piet, quite well. He then said to me “You must be very pleased, Mrs. Suzman, that we are now on the right road” and I gave him one of my nastiest looks and said “You’ve got an awfully long way to travel on that road before you’ll get any praise from me, Mr. Rupert.” … Have been very busy preparing the speech for Crossroads … let me tell you, it is much more difficult to try and prepare a 15 minute speech than a half-hour speech … I had a dramatic moment when I produced a rubber bullet which Max had sent down to me to show Parliament what the damned things looked like,” 
Bb2.5  Notes: 'Points raised at meeting with Dr. Viljoen Minister of Cooperation & Development regarding Crossroads by Dr. van Zyl Slabbert, Mrs. H. Suzman, Mr. Ray Swart and Mr. Ken Andrew (Feb. 19 1985)';  
Bb2.6  HS notes 'No consultation!' 
Bb2.7  Notes: 'points demanded by XR (Mr. Langa)' 
Bb2.8  Press cuttings 
  February 1985 and undated, including one by Dr. Ivan Toms of the Sacla Clinic, Sunday Tribune, 24/02/1985, and another by Francis Wilson, Sunday Times, 24/02/1985 'Blood AND unmoved'. 
Bb2.9  Drafts of a speech, probably to be given in parliament. 
Bb3  Dimbaza 1 f. 
Bb3.1  A Place called Dimbaza: A case study of a rural resettlement township in South Africa, published by Africa Publications Trust, London, November 1973, 30p. 
Bb3.2  A Place called Dimbaza, Report from South Africa, no date (appears to be a government-sponsored article) 
Bb3.3  Publications 
  07/03/74 double-page spread from the UK Guardian newspaper “Fair play code for British firms in South Africa: report of Commons Committee on pay and conditions of Africans employed by British companies”, by Adam Raphael. 
Bb3.4  Statement by Mrs. H. Suzman, 16/03/1975, concerning removals and purchase of land, 1p., 
Bb4  Kwanobuhle/Langa 1986 1 f. 
Bb4.1  The Langa/Despatch Removals: Conditions in the Tent Town, 6p. 
Bb4.2  Results of Survey of 56 houses in the Kwanobuhle Resettlement Area: Survey 1, 29 Oct 1986, 9p. 
Bb4.3  The Langa/Despatch Removals: Forced or Voluntary (includes “Results of survey of 20 households in Kwanabuhle, 12p. Resettlement Area, Survey 2, 3 Nov 1986; 
Bb4.4  Press Statement on the Kwanobuhle Resettlement, 6p. 
Bb5  Lawaaikamp 1983-1988 1 f. 
Bb5.1  Dossier on the Lawaaikamp removal, issued by South Cape Against Removals, 1987. 
Bb5.2  Leaflets against the Lawaaikamp removals, Issued by National Committee Against Removals (NCAR); SRC (UCT) & NUSAS 
Bb6  Majeng 1974-1976 1 f. 
Bb6.1  Correspondence with Benson B. Lekaota, Jan Kempdorp 1974-1975 
Bb6.2  HS to Robert Sobukwe, 17 March 1976, Mayen removals and 'fowls'. 
Bb6.3  Findlay Moult enclosing charge sheet from Windsorton Police Station, Barkly West / Windsorton, against Monica Senge from Majeng dated 16/02/1976 
Bb6.4  Correspondence with Robert Sobukwe concerning his clients, the women of Majeng; parliamentary questions, answers and press cuttings attached, March 1976. 
Bb6.5  Press cuttings, February and May 1975 
Bb7  Mgwali 1 f. 
Bb7.1  Report on Mgwali, by Errol Moorcroft M.P. & Andrew Savage M.P., 25 Feb 1984, 2p. Plus attachments 
Bb8  Nyanga 1981 1 f. 
Bb8.1  Statement by various organisations concerning homeless families, 20 Aug 1981. 
Bc1  Botshabelo 
Bc1.1  Botshabelo: Incorporation Now, Independence Next?' Published by NCAR (National Committee Against Removals), Pamphlet, 58p. 
Bd  NATAL 3 f. 
Bd1  Limehill 1 f. 
Bd1.1  Typed notes on Limehill, 2p. 
Bd1.2  Limehill Revisited: A Case study of the longer-term effects of African Resettlement, by Cosmas Desmond. DSRG (University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg) Working paper No.5, 1978; 
Bd2  Roosboom 1 f. 
Bd2.1  The Removal of Roosboom, by E.Mngadi, Association for Rural Advancement (AFRA) Special Report No.2 1981, pamphlet 
Bd3  General 1 f. 
Bd3.1  Articles 
Bd3.1.1  Black Spot removals in Northern Natal, by D. Patrick. Black Sash Conference Fact Paper 1968, 6p. 
Bd3.1.2  Forced Removals in Natal: No more black South Africans - Apartheid's answer to majority rule by Cherryl Walker, AFRA. August 1982, 13p. 
Bd3.1.3  Kwazulu and its stance and problems associated with resettlement of persons in Natal, Dr. Oscar Dhlomo, Secretary General of Inkatha, paper delivered at the Annual Conference of the SAIRR, 24 June 1981, 15p. 
Bd3.1.4  Dispossession in Natal, by Cherryl Walker, South African Outlook, Dec. 1982, 3p. 
Bd3.2  Notes and documents referring to Mondlo, Hlatikulu, Uitval, Mhondu, Vryheid, Besterspruit, Vergelegen and the Kunene people 
Bd3.2.1  Personal letter, 2 pages, 1967, from Dr. Anthony Barker, District Surgeon, Nqutu, probably to HS [NB: fragile] 
Bd3.2.2  Transcription (ts.) of Daily News story “Area at Vryheid ideal for border industries”; 
Bd3.2.3  Harsh directive caused rush in Vryheid removals” 
Bd3.2.4  Document [might be part of a letter] relating the story of Hlatikulu and the forced removal of the Kunene people, who had bought the farm “80 years ago”; on page 2, paragraph 6 “Yet right until the moves started the Chief had been visiting our home before dawn to ask how he could prevent his people from being moved.” 
Bd3.3  Map of Kwazulu attached to Government Gazette No. 7382, 23/01/81 
Bd3.4  Letter to H.Suzman concerning removals in Natal, 16/01/69, questions to ask in Parliament from Crevia Atholl [?], Wasbank, Natal 
Bd3.5  Pages 3-6 of an SAIRR Newsletter October / November 1982 
Bd3.6  The Black Sash, Vol.12 No.3, November 1968 
Be  GENERAL 4 f. 
Be1  Articles & Memoranda, Speeches 
Be1.1  The economic implications of African Resettlement, Charles Simkins of SALDRU-UCT, SAIRR, 1980, 29p. 
Be1.2  Processes, Policies and African Population Relocation, by Gerhard Mare, SAIRR, 1981, 17p. 
Be1.3  Population Removal, Displacement, and Divestment in South Africa: Appendix, 31p. 
Be1.4  List of Conference papers presented to the 2nd Carnegie Inquiry into poverty and development in Southern Africa, 14p. 
Be1.5  Incorporation and the Development Aid Laws Amendment Bill - the new form of removal, TRAC, concerning Magwali, Ciskei and Bophuthatswana, no date, 9p. 
Be1.6  Memo re discussion: Mrs H.Suzman, MP, with the Honourable the Minister on Resettlement, 26 Oct 1982, 4p. 
Be1.7  TRAC - an introduction, 2p. 
Be1.8  Threatened Removals (Transvaal, Natal, Eastern Cape, OFS, 2p. 
Be1.9  Copy of "Removals", speech by Mrs Helen Suzman MP, given at the Black Sash Conference 24 June 1983, 11p. 
Be2  Publications 
Be2.1  Relocations: The Churches' report on forced removals, published by the SA Council of Churches and SA Catholic Bishops Conference, 1984, pamphlet, 64p. 
Be2.2  The Myth of Voluntary Removals, TRAC, 9p. 
Be2.3  Forced removals in many guises, National Committee Against Removals (NCAR), No.4 Sept 1987, pamphlet, 24p. 
Be2.4  Update on Volume 3 of the Surplus People Project Reports; ”Forced Removals in South Africa”, The Surplus People Project (SPP) Reports Volume 1, January 1983, 124 pages; incl. a large coloured map [in a pocket at the back of the report] “South Africa: A Land Divided” – Black Sash Publication, 1982, compiled by Ethel Walt 
Be2.5  List of main changes included in Volume 3 of the SPP Report, 8p. 
Be3  Press Cuttings 
Be3.1  Press Cuttings 1974-1975 
Be3.2  Press Cuttings 1979-1981 
Be3.3  Press Cuttings 1982-1983 
Be3.4  Press Cuttings 1986-1988 and undated 
Be3.5  South Afrrican Pressclips: Focus on Resettlement Part 2 1980-1981 
Be4  Miscellaneous 
  Includes: Press statements; correspondence; notes; programme of Black Sash Vigil, Khotso House Johannesburg, 20-24 June 1983. 
Ca1  Papers, Notes 1 f. 
Ca1.1  Summary of the contribution of the United Party to the debate on the development of the Bantu Areas (Tomlinson Report) 15th & 16th May 1956, prepared 18th June 1956, 8p. (fragile document) 
Ca1.2  Notes for 1956 Session: The Tomlinson Report and "White Paper", 23p. 
Ca1.3  The Tomlinson Report: Summary prepared for the U.P. by Helen Suzman and June van Lingen, 1956 (2 annotated and corrected drafts) 
Ca1.4  Page of statistics projecting population figures from 1951 to 1981 and 2000 
Ca2  Publications 1 f. 
Ca2.1  The Tomlinson Report: A Summary of the Findings and Recommendations in the Tomlinson Commission Report, by D.Hobart Houghton, SAIRR, 1956, pamphlet, 76p. (page 60 missing) 
Ca2.2  Race Relations Journal Vol.xxiii Nos. 2&3 Oct 1956, the Tomlinson Report, pamphlet, 20p. 
Ca2.3  A Plan for the Union's Backward Areas: some economic aspects of the Tomlinson Commission's Report, by Dr. Sheila T.van der Horst, The South African Journal of Economics Vol. 24 No.2, June 1956, pamphlet, 112p. 
Ca2.4  Report on Tomlinson, South African Industry and Trade Vol.52 No.5, May 1956,  
Ca2.5  The Forum Vol.5 No.2, May 1956, contains pieces by Arthur Suzman, Alex Hepple, Ambrose Reeves, R.B. Ballinger, Julius Lewin& Arthur Keppel-Jones on the Tomlinson Report, apmphlet, 56p. 
Ca2.6  The Future in the Light of the Tomlinson Report, Prof. Z.K. Matthews, Dr. D.G.S. Mtimkulu, Race Relations Journal, Vol XXIV, Nos.1&2, Jan.-June 1957, pamphlet, 27p. 
Ca2.7  The Economic Development of the "Reserves": The extent to which the Tomlinson Commission's recommendations are being implemented, by Muriel Horrell. Fact Paper published by SAIRR. No.3, 1959, 26p. 
Ca2.8  The Native Reserves and their Place in the Economy of the Union of South Africa, by the Social and Economic Planning Council, Report No.9, Union of South Africa, 23 March 1946. 
Cb   HOMELANDS 8 f. 
Cb1   Bophuthatswana 1 f. 
  Includes: copy of petition by the Bophuthatswana National (SeopoSengwe) Party opposing independence; Letter from the Bophuthatswana Cabinet re: matters relevant to Bophuthatswana becoming independent (23 May 1977), signed by L. Mangope and 6 others; Status of Bophuthatswana Bill; Explanatory Memorandum on the Status of Bophuthatswana Bill, 1977; Financial Mail interview with Mangope, 22/05/81 
Cb2  Ciskei 2 f. 
Cb2.1  Report of the Ciskei Commission, The Quail Report, 08/02/1980, 328p. (pages 4 and 8 missing) 
Cb2.2  Folder of Ciskei government pamphlets incl. 8th Annual Report of the Ciskei People’s Development Bank, items (annotated by HS) on the Keiskamma, Tyefu & Shiloh irrigation schemes; 
Cb2.3  Paper entitled “Political Recommendations”, nd, 3p. 
Cb2.4  Political Propositions: A Draft for the Ciskei Commission, Robert I. Rotber, Oct. 1979, 21p. 
Cb2.5  A description of social conditions in a Ciskeian Homeland, 36p., nd, no author 
Cb2.6  Press cuttings 1974-1984 
Cb2.7  Memorandum and others 
  Memorandum, dated 06/09/74, on Tyefu Irrigation Scheme paper, to Mrs. H. Suzman, Dr. A. Boraine “by phone”, from Mr. G. Godden: it’s a response to their (HS & AB) request to meet political detainees arranged for 7th Sept. at the Mdantsane Central Prison; detainees mentioned are Priscilla Maxongo, Nomakhepha Ntsatsha & Melvin Manponye. 
Cb2.8  Change Newsletter No.2, Sept. 1981, published by the Human Awareness Programme: “Ciskei: An Assessment”. 
Cb2.9.1  May-Oct. 1984 correspondence concerning proposed visit by PFP MPs, incl. HS, to Ciskei at the invitation of Lennox Sebe; 
Cb2.9.2  Itinerary for visit of PFP delegation to Ciskei: 5th-7th Sept. 1984, annotated by HS 
Cb2.9.3  24/10/84 letter to HS from Alex Boraine concerning attached item from the Office of the Ciskei Presidency. 
Cb3  Kangwane 1 f. 
  Interview with Enos Mabuza in Growth, Vol.1 No1. May 1981; memo outlining reasons by Chief Johannes Mkolishi Dlamini for not signing the document concerning additional land to KaNgwane Legislative Assembly, 1976. 
Cb4  KwaNdebele 1 f. 
  Includes: Memorandum on the situation in KwaNdebele, by T.C.Gilfillen (31 July 1986); KwaNdebele Briefing Document press cuttings. 
Cb5  KwaZulu 1981 1 f. 
Cb5.1  ”Report on Tugela Estates”, Neil Alcock, Manager of the Church Agricultural Project, Nov. 1978, “written on behalf of the Mtembu tribes people living in the area”, 29/01/79 letter fromAlcock to Piet Koornhof, Cherryl Walker letter to HS enclosing Alcock material February 1979 
Cb5.2  Further reports by Neil Alcock on situation in the Msinga Area, including a petition drawn up by 'the Induna of the Majola clan', March 1979 
Cb5.3  A Political Strategy for the elimination of injustice in a growing South African economy, address by M.G.Buthelezi to 1st National Congress of The Political Students Society of SA, Pretoria, 7 July 1981, 17p. 
Cb5.4  Natal and KwaZulu: Their constitutional position, by Prof. J.A.du Pisanie, The Condenser, 1981 
Cb5.5  Ubuntu Batho, by Jordan Ngubane, The Condenser 1981 
Cb5.6  Combining state and private enterprise for KwaZulu sugar cane, 1981 
Cb5.7  SAPA stories 1981 
Cb6  Lebowa 1983 1 f. 
  Correspondence re The African Child Development Centre, 1983. 
Cb7   Qwa Qwa 1 f. 
  Qwa Qwa - Economic Revue: Benbo 1978. 
Cb8  Transkei 1 f. 
  Includes: Transkei Independence – An obvious case of incitement, S.Duncan, 3 March 1977; correspondence re Transkei citizens application for travel documents, 1976; motion to amend Transkeian Constitution Act; ”Transkei Burgers: Aansoeke om bewysboeke, Transkei-Reisdokumente, Wettiging van Transkei-Burgers in die Republiek van Suid-Afrika en Aanverwante sake”, 13/12/76 
Cc1  Informal record, made by Mangosuthtu Gatsha Buthelezi, of the conference of eight Black Leaders with the Hon B.J.Vorster and the Hon.M. C.Botha, Pretoria, 6 March 1974 (Eschel Rhoodie, Secretary of Department of Information also present), 68p. (pages 51-54 missing) 
Cc2  Informal record, made by Mangosuthtu Gatsha Buthelezi, of the conference of eight Black Leaders with the Hon B.J.Vorster and the Hon. M.C.Botha, Pretoria, 22/01/1975, 141p. 
Cc3  Joint Communiqué issued after the meeting of Black Leaders, 21 Aug 1976, which Vorster was not present at; Black leaders very critical of SA government and of what took place on June 16th 1976 saying that if the SA government had taken heed of their warnings & requests made at the 2 meetings in 1974 and 1975, June 16th wouldn’t have happened. 
Cd  HOMELANDS TOUR 1972-1973 1 f. 
  Correspondents: M.G.Buthelezi, Mr de Wet Nel, R.Dey, P.Koornhof, J.K.M.Mabandla. L.Mangope,K.Matanzima, M.M.Matlala, P.R.Mphephu, H.Ntanwisi, E.F.Potgieter, H.Suzman. 
Cd1  HS letters to all Homeland / Bantustan leaders proposing visits in 1972, July-August 1972 
Cd2  Responses to visit proposal 
  Including 30/08/72: personal letter from Buthelezi to HS “We send our love, yours affectionately, Gatsha”, thanking HS for attending his surprise birthday party and for a present that she gave him and proposes that she visit on Sept. 28th;  
Cd3  Correspondence concerning the planned visits 
  Including 01/09/1972-29/09/72, including a letter from HS to Richard Dey, National Secretary, Progressive Party, Cape Town, concerning arrangements for visit to Northern Transvaal: “Sorry to leave this all in your hot little hands; but as you know, I am off, thank God.”, 26/09/1972. 
Cd4  Further correspondence about the visit 
  Including 09/10/72 official and personal letters to HS from Buthelezi concerning her visit, 01/10/1972- 21/11/1972 
Cd5  Letters and handwritten notes 
  Including one on the back on a United Air envelope which contains a used ticket, costing R17.00, from Pietermaritzburg to Johannesburg and a timetable, December 1972 - Janaury 1973. 
Ce1  Consolidation of land used primarily for agricultural purposes, by G.McIntosh, 7 Mar 1980, 3p. 
Ce2  Principles and Guidelines of Consolidation, by C.J.Jooste, SA Bureau for Racial Affairs, 23 June 1981, 9p. 
Ce3  Meaningful consolidation?, James Rennie, Sept 1979, 2p. 
Ce4  Some thoughts on Homeland consolidation, by E. Moorcroft, 4p. 
Ce5  Opmerkings oor "Konsolidasie", 29 p. including appendices 
Cf1  Financial Mail 
Cf1.1  Financial Mail 18/08/1967, Vol. XXV No. 7 
Cf1.2  Financial Mail 26/01/1968, Vol. XXVII, No. 4 
Cf1.3  Lighten Our Darkness: Decentralisation, Financial Mail Special Survey, 30/03/1973 
Cf1.4  Financial Mail article, 13/10/1967, pp. 107-110, Slow trek to the border 
Cf2  FCI Viewpoint, January 1968 (official journal of the SA Federated Chambers of Industry) 
Cf3  Black Industrial Labour – Cornucopia of Pandora’s Box?, S. Biesheuvel inaugural lecture, 01/08/1974, published by Wits University Press, 1975, pamphlet, 26p. 
Cf4  Speech by HS, “Border Industries”, possibly given on 16/01/1968 in Cape Town; 
Cf5  Speech by Mrs. H. Suzman M.P., Progressive Party dinner, East London, 23/08/1973, 35p. 
Cg1  General 
Cg1.1  Bantu Investment Corporation of S.A.Ltd, 15th Annual Report, 1974 
Cg1.1  Notes on the Bantu Investment Corporation, including statistics and items from the press 
Cg1.3  Further notes which also cover some discrepancies conerning funds which mention T.J. van Breda, C.J. Vorster, Zandberg Jansen, N. Heyns amongst others. 
Cg1.4  Statement by Minister of Bantu Administration & Development and of Bantu Education M.C.Botha, 10 September 1974, concerning Commission of Enquiry into the BIC; Summons for HS to appear at Court D, Office of the Bantu Affairs Commissioner in Pretoria on 06/01/1975, with a railway warrant attached; correspondence about the Commission. 
Cg1.5  Handwritten list of questions put to Mr. Janson / Jansen, [who was deaf] by journalist Stephen Mulholland; transcript of conversation between Stephen Mulholland and Dr Adendorff, Managing Director of the BIC. 
Cg1.6  Notes on the Bantu Development & Adminstration Dept., and the B.I.C 
Cg1.7  Notes on Babelegi, Vanucci factories, excerpt from the B.I.C. Act 
Cg2  Questions asked in the House of Assembly, 1972-1974 
Cg3  Press cuttings 
Cg3.1  Press cuttings 1971-1973 
Cg3.2  Press cuttings 1974, incl. 28/07/74 “Top official aided dagga smuggler’s curio business” by Stephen Mulholland, Sunday Times News Editor 
Cg3.3  Press cuttings 1975 
Ch  GENERAL 4 f. 
Ch1  Articles, Memoranda 
Ch1.1  Social and Political Implications of Separate Development in the "White" areas, by Dr W.F.Nkomo, Jan. 1966, 10p; paper presented at the 36th Annual Council Meeting of the SAIRR, Cape Town, 18-21/01/66 
Ch1.2  Actual and Potential economic resources of the Homelands examined, by M.J.Moerane. Jan. 1966, 10p; paper presented at the 36th Annual Council Meeting of the SAIRR, Cape Town, 18-21/01/66 
Ch1.3  The Economics of Separate Development in White Areas, by J.A.Grobbelaar, Jan. 1966, 9p; paper presented at the 36th Annual Council Meeting of the SAIRR, Cape Town, 18-21/01/66 
Ch1.4  A Bruckner de Villiers Report on: The Practicability of South Africa's Black "Homelands" Project, November 1975, 43p. 
Ch1.5  Rural Poverty, by Ruth Imrie, March 1981, 5p. 
Ch1.6  Rural Poverty, by Ruth Imrie, undated, 2p. 
Ch1.7  Notes regarding the Self-governing Territories Bill. 
Ch1.8  Dossier on the Alteration of Boundaries of Self Governing Territories Bill 1989; Faxed document from TRAC, May 1989 “on advice of Jules Browdie [sic]”; authors appear to be Geoff Budlender and Jules Browde; NADEL (National Association of Democratic Lawyers) document; “Joint Statement by Communities Faced with Incorporation into the Homelands” issued by the communities of Braklaagte, Moutse, Leeufontein, Matjakaneng, Botshabelo, Thornhill, Peelton and Potsdam, 12/04/1989 
Ch1.9  Economic Aspects of Separate Development in the Bantu Homelands, by L.A.Pepler, 27-30 Jan 1970, paper presented at 40th Annual Council Meeting of the SAIRR, Cape Town, 27-30 January 1970 
Ch1.10  The Political Future of the Homelands, by Chief L.M. Mangope, 7p. 
Ch2  Publications 
Ch2.1  Independent homelands - Failure of a Fiction, by Prof. J. Dugard, 1979 Presidential Address at 50th Anniversary of the SAIRR 2-5 July 1979, pamphlet, 19p. 
Ch2.2  Optima. March 1963, includes Separate Development: A Look at the Facts, by J.W. Patten (page 26 missing) 
Ch2.3  World Bank 
Ch2.3.1  Land Reform, by World Bank, Sector Policy Paper, May 1975, booklet, 73p. 
Ch2.3.2  Letter to HS on Land Reform from Ian Hume at the World Bank, Washington DC 21/01/1980 
Ch2.4  The Homelands: Focus on Key Economic, No.9, July 1974, Dept. of Economics at University of Pretoria, published by Mercabank Ltd. 
Ch3  Newsletters 
  Vestiging van Gesinne en Werkers vanuit die Blankegebiede van die Republiek van Suid-Afrika in Nasionale en Onafhanklike Swart State. Algemene Omsendbrief No. 2 of the Dept.of Cooperation and Development. 22 Jan 1982. 
Ch4  Miscellaneous 
Ch4.1  Press cuttings 1973-1973 
Ch4.2  Press cuttings 1974 
Ch4.3  Press cuttings 1975 
Ch4.4  Press Cuttings 1980-1981 
Ch4.5  Press Cuttings 1984-1985 and undated 
Ch4.6  Press statement Dept. of Home Affairs 'Employment of Alien (Foreign) Black Labour; excerpt from Hansard (unrevised copy) concerning 'Tweede Wysigingswetsontwerp op Bantoewetgewing'; map 'RSA Black Homelands Consolidation Proposals 1973', Dept. of Bantu Administration and Development 
Ch4.7  Draft speeches 'Bantu Laws Amendment Act' 2nd reading (2); typescript notes on removals. 
Da1  Articles, Addresses, Memoranda 1 f. 
Da1.1  Cities and Citizens, by Ann Bernstein, 5p., Urban Foundation 
Da1.2  Swartes en Stadsgebiede, by M.Olivier, Snr. Lecturer, UNISA, De Rebus, July 1982. 
Da1.3  Urbanisation in South Africa, Hon. J.H. Steyn. Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce Speech, 30 Oct 1984, 19p. 
Da1.4  Summary of Media Coverage on Urbanisation Speech, 34 pages of photocopied press cuttings 
Da1.5  Concept of urbanisation, 13p. 
Da1.6  Untitled paper on urbanisation, 27p. 
Da1.7  The Urbanisation and the Industrial and Constitutional Development of Blacks over the next twenty years: challenges and opportunities to local and regional authorities, address by J.C. Knoetze, Chairman of the West Rand Administration Board (WRAB), May 1972, 16p. 
Da1.8.1  The White Paper on Urbanisation, booklet, 73p., no date 
Da1.8.2  The White Paper on Urbanisation - 16 months later, 4p., no date 
Da1.9  The Budget of the West Rand Board ? Some Comments, by E. Hellmann, 30 Aug 1974, 2p., and a letter dated 01/09/74 to HS from Hellman: “My dear Helen, Many thanks for your letter and the answers about Soweto. I was a blasted idiot not to have requested you to ask them to give separate figures for houses provided to rehouse people from the condemned slum of Pimville and for Africans on the waiting list … I am enclosing a short piece (in my unavoidable deadpan style) on the WRB which you might care to look at … I do hope you are really well again and not being driven round the bend by either your colleagues or your opponents. Much love, Ellen” 
Da1.10  Urban Black government and policy, by Peter Franks and Pauline Morris, 1980, SAIRR Topical Briefing, 30/05/1980, 8p. 
Da1.11  Urban Black Aged: A study by the Transvaal region of the Urban Foundation, 1980, 170p. (pages 14, 28, 46, 94, 164 missing) 
Da2  Memoranda and Reports 1 f. 
Da2.1  Memorandum to the Hon. The Deputy Minister of Bantu Administration & Education, on Suggestions for the easing of the burden placed by legislation on African people living and working in the urban areas, 10p., Black Sash, 1 Sept 1973. 
Da2.2  Discussions with Urban Africans, report, 10p., 1974; people interviewed were: P. Lengene, MA Ramaite (in Chiawelo), MH Khanyile (Soweto), Ellen Kuzwayo, Joyce Seroke, Smangaliso Mkatslina [sic – probably Mkhatshwa], Rev. John Tau and Mr. Rheeder about Tembisa; topics included schools, school uniforms, hostels, transport, housing, divorcees, lodgers, police raids, clinics, widows, pass raids, school boards and crime; on first page one of the interviewees objects to tours of Soweto saying “it’s not a zoo.” 
Da2.3  Black Sash Johannesburg Advice Office Annual Report: Oct 1972 to Sept 1973, 8p. 
Da2.4  Report of the Dept. of Bantu Admin & Development: 1 Jan 1972-31 March 1973. 
Da2.5  Committee on Legislation concerning Black Community Development (Grosskpf Committee); appointed to consider draft legislation which had been prepared pursuant to the White Paper on the Report of the Riekert Commission) on legislation concerning black community development, 1981, 52p.  
Da2.6  Report of the Inter-departmental Committee on the Social, Health and Economic Conditions of Urban Natives, Dept. for Native Affairs, 1942-1943, booklet, 30p. 
Da3  A Change of Heart or a Change of Method? An Examination of the Riekert Report and the 'New Deal' for South Africa's Urban Townships, by Sara Ann Bernstein; M.A.Thesis, University of California (Los Angeles), 1981. 
Da4  Correspondence 2 f. 
Da4.1  General 1973-1975 
Da4.1.1  Correspondence 1970, 1973 
  Including telex, 25/02/1970, to HS from Margaret Smith asking for comment on the Bantu Laws Amendment Bill as soon as possible “Many adjectives. Strongest language and some length please.”;  
Da4.1.2  Correspondence February & August 1974 
  Letters from HS to Ellen Hellman dated 02/08/74 & 13/12/74, one saying “Am up to my ears in Schlebusch Commission Reports, eyes out on stalks trying to get through the bloody things. What a damp squib the Institute is. I always thought you had to be the decoy duck.”; 08/08/74 circular letter & memo from Jean Sinclair, Black Sash National President, about their meeting on 22/07/74 with Deputy Minister of Bantu Administration; 
Da4.1.3  Correspondence August 1974 
  Correspondence with Geoff Budlender, then Regional Chairman of the SAIRR (CT) and memos attached about influx control in the Cape 
Da4.1.4  Correspondence October 1974 
  HS letter to T.N.H. Janson Deputy Minister of Bantu Administartion; February 1975 W.J.P. Carr, Progressive Party Director of Information to A.H. de Villiers PP Research Assistant concerning home ownership, disabilities of urban African women, modernisation of "Pass Laws" and other matters. 
Da4.2  Dept. of Cooperation and Development 1980-1985 (mostly concerning individuals who asked HS for help in dealing with the Department because they needed a birth certificate or had been banished to a so-called homeland) 
Da4.2.1  Correspondence 1980 
  Includes Helen Joseph forwarded a letter from a Mr. Laynas Mashile who had been banished; HJ to HS 27/04/80: “… as I always admire your spirited and principled stand and I wish we had a hundred like you, especially in parliament. And thank you for Hansard – it is very useful to me.”; 15/09/80 HS to P. Koornhof [Minister of Cooperation & Development]: “Dear Piet, Thank you for giving up so much of your time on Thursday afternoon, I enjoyed our talk and I look forward optimistically to the next session of Parliament when I anticipate some “goodies” from you”; HS gopes on to list the items that they discussed: “Grahamstown, Mrs. Emily Modise [banished from Kwa-Thema to Qwa-Qwa], Laynas Mashile, schools in Bloemfontein, bus services, Alex Hostel, impendsing trouble in Soweto because of decision to greatly increase house rentals … That should keep you busy for a day or two!”; Koornhof to HS 30/09/80: “Dear Helen … It was indeed a pleasure to see you on Thursday 11 September and I, too, enjoyed our talk … Warm regards …” 
Da4.2.2  Correspondence February-March 1981 
  03/02/81: includes letter from Melville Festenstein about the amendment to the Sectional Title Act and his purchase of a flat in Roxdale Gardens, 2nd Ave., Houghton; 04/08/80-18/02/81: correspondence about an increase in rents at Alexandra Hostel and the lack of hot water in winter just past – HS and Dr. G. de V. Morrison, Deputy Minister of Cooperation & Development; Feb. 1981: correspondence between HS and the SAIRR concerning Joseph Kobo and Livingstone Malotana who were banished from Ciseki and not allowed to visit or reside in Transkei or East London; Feb.-March 1981: Chief Moses S. Mabhoma’s letter about actions taken against certain members of the South Ndebele people in Kwa-Thema; 
Da4.2.3  Correspondence July-September 1981 
  23/07/81: includes HS to Mr. Knoetze thanking him for information about housing in Soweto “ … hope you will be able to achieve your objective before you and I retire!” Goes on to ask that he see “what can be done” for Miss Margaret Mahlo [working for HS since 1953] who needs a house of her own “not in Jabavu or White City as these places are rough” [HS quoting her]; Mahlo and her daughters are all working and have a combined monthly income of R330.00; 25/08/81: HS letter to Dept. of Community Development concerning the families Farred (in Eldorado Park) and Rangasamy (in Booysens) need for housing;  
D4.2.4  Correspondence October-December 1981 
  Oct. 1981: includes correspondence concerning whether Ben Mhlongo will be permitted to remain in Sandton as a ‘displaced person’; Correspondence between HS and Alf Widman MP concerning Houghton Heights being ‘de-controlled’ from June 1981; 
D4.2.5  Correspondence August-November 1985 
  Includes correspondence between HS and SJ de Beer, Deputy Minister of Education and Cooperation; he addresses her as “Dear Helen” and signs himself “Kind regards, Sam”; he is responding to her letter dated 21/12/84 and regrets it’s taken so long; the issue being whether town house owners have to apply for special “compassionate” permits to have live-in [sleep-in] domestic workers; HS writes “ The day will come, no doubt, when ordinary flat dwellers will also be relieved of this burden. I suppose I shall live long enough to see many of the absurd restrictions which I have opposed over the years, gradually falling away!’; Sept. 1985: a ‘Thank you’ card from Mr. and Mrs. Mohamed Hoosen and family: “I was allocated a plot in Lenasia Extension 11 with thanks to you.” 
Da5  Native Laws Commission of Enquiry (Fagan Commission) 1 f. 
Da5.1  Report of the Native Laws Commission 1946-48 (Fagan Commission), Department of Native Affairs, Union of South Africa, 1948 (annotated in pencil, pages 1-8 are loose, FRAGILE) 
Da5.2.1  SAIRR evidence to the Native Laws Commission of Enquiry, 25 Feb 1947 (Helen Suzman, Ellen Hellmann, J.D. Rheinallt-Jones were members of the SAIRR sub-committee), complete document 
Da5.2.2  Evidence of SAIRR, 25 Feb 1947 (index and last few pages missing) 
Da6  Press Cuttings 1 f. 
Da6.1  Press cuttings 1965 
Da6.2  Press cuttings 1973-1975 
Da6.3  Press cuttings 1979-1980 
Da6.4  Press cuttings 1981 
Da6.5  Press cuttings 1982-1986 
Da6.6  Press cuttings undated 
Da7  Miscellaneous 1 f. 
Da7.1  Draft questions / notes: "Mr. Janson", 25/09/1974 
Da7.2  Draft speech 'The time has surely come to call a halt to a policy which is based on a pernicious system…' 
Da7.3  Draft Sppech: Urban Africans 
Da7.4  Notebook includes notes on U.B.C, B.A.D., foreign Africans, 'Black Africa', 'Cloud Cuckoo Land' 
Da7.5  Notes and cutting concerning Bantu Administration and Deputy-Minister Janson, 1974 
Da7.6  Notes in pencil on yellow paper (first page missing) conerning SA society, effets of policies on African families etc., 
Da7.7  HS parliamentary question 30/08/1974 
Db  HOUSING 5 f. 
Db1  Articles, Papers, Memo 1 f. 
Db1.1  Mass Housing - its need and priorities, address by J.C.Knoetze 11 June 1982 at the AGM of Brick Development of SA Ltd., 10p. 
Db1.2  Housing in Soweto and other black towns and cities of the future: the road ahead in the light of the Viljoen Report, by J.C.Knoetze 12 August 1982, presented at a UNISA School of Business Leadership seminar, 17p. 
Db1.3  How can an improvement be effected in mass housing in South Africa, by J.C.Knoetze, 17 Sept 1982, talk given to the SA Association of Consulting Engineers, 6p. 
Db1.4  Stedelike swart behuising opsies tot by die jaar 2000, by J.C.Knoetze, 14 Oct 1982, at RAU, 16p. 
Db1.5  Urban Black Housing, Urban Foundation Transvaal Region, Feb. 1978, 20p. plus appendices 
Db1.6  Freehold Title for Blacks, by Get Ahead Ltd., and correspondence between HS and Don MacRobert, MD of Get Ahead, Feb. / March 1986  
Db1.7  Black Housing in South Africa - Problem or Challenge? By Dr R.H.Lee (14 pages photocopied from a book) 
Db1.8  Seven potential dangers in the 'New Approach' to low income housing provision, by David Dewar, April 1982, Project Report produced by the UCT Urban Problems Research Unit, 11p. 
Db1.9  The Challenge of Replicability: Toward a new paradigm for urban shelter in developing countries, by Michael A.Cohen, 1983, World Bank Reprint Series No. 287,  
Db1.10  An example of upgrade, by Development Action Group, partly about Lawaaikamp, booklet, 14p. 
Db1.11  Draft statement on housing, by Andrew Savage, note attached 
Db1.12  In the service for human dignity, justice and shelter for all, Durban Central Residents' Association, 3 Aug 1988; The Case of the Homeless Victims by Sayed Iqbal Mohamed, 8p. 
Db2  Reports and Memoranda 1 f. 
Db2.1  Memorandum re Employment and Housing Prospects for blacks in Western Cape Area. From Peninsula Welfare Forum, 9 Sept 1981; 1981 correspondence with Minister of Cooperation & Development 
Db2.2  Report of Committee to Investigate Private Sector Involvement in resolving the Housing Backlog in Soweto, 1982 (Chairman A.F.V. Viljoen), booklet, 85p. 
Db2.3  Housing Report to Black Sash Conference, March 1979 re Mbekweni, 3p. 
Db2.4  160 Nuwe Wonings in Nyanga, Cape Town, 12-15/3/1982, 3p. 
Db2.5  Joint Submission to the Hon.O.P.F.Horwood and Dr the Hon. P.G.J.Koornhof re the Finances of the three Black Community Councils of Greater Soweto ("Soweb") and the possible consequences of two rapid increases in the service charges payable by Black households. 12 June 1981, from Die Johannesburgse Afrikaanse Sakekamer, The Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and the Transvaal Chamber of Industries, 3p. 
Db3  Correspondence  
  [NB: some of these letters are related to / continuations of correspondence filed at Da4.1- Da4.2] 
  Correspondents include Dot Cleminshaw, Ken Andrew, Mr. S. O;Grady, Dr. de V. Morrison, Sam de Beer; Topics include: houses in Nyanga East; provisions of the Black Communities Development Bill; Kellogg building houses for employees in Kwa-Thema; HS employee Margaret Mahlo [trying in vain for a house since 1981];  
Db3.1  Correspondence 1979, 1982 
Db3.2  Correspondence 1984 
  Includes 18/09/84 letter from HS to Morrison “Dear Morry” mentions that the house that Mahlo has finally managed to get “is a pretty scruffy structure, having no usable floors, no ceilings, no plaster and no inside doors.”; 21/12/84 HS letter to Sam de Beer “Best wishes for 1985, though I have to tell you that I have seldom been more apprehensive about the future of our country than I am at the present time.”; 
Db3.3  Correspondence 1985-1989 
  Includes 13/06/89 HS letter to Mr. D.J. Hough, Administrator of the Transvaal: “ My apologies for not having replied sooner … I have been very busy trying to clear the accumulated collection of 36 years of documents in my office at Parliament and also to prepare to vacate my flat in Cape Town. All very traumatic and I must say I am having withdrawal symptoms already. Nevertheless, I feel I have done the right thing in leaving while people are still asking why I am doing so rather than waiting until they ask why I am not doing so.”  
Db4  Press Cuttings 
Db4.1  Press cuttings 1969-1970 
Db4.2  Press cuttings 1981 
Db4.3  Press cuttings 1982 
Db4.4  Press cuttings 1983 
Db4.5  Press cuttings 1984, 1986, 1988 
Db4.6  Press cuttings undated 
Db5  Miscellaneous 
  Notes on conditions in Pretoria / Mamelodi / Attridgeville etc., mentions transport, lack of facilities, clinics, Garankuwa, Mabopane, trading facilities etc.,; House of Assembly question 20/05/1983 re housing in Soweto; photocopy of information about housing rentals. 
Dc  SQUATTERS 10 f. 
Dc1  Prevention of Illegal Squatting Bill 1988 2 f. 
Dc1.1  Submissions to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Prevention of Illegal Squatting Bill. Includes correspondence, memoranda, reports and comments. 
Dc1.1.1  Natal Provincial Administration 11/07/88 
Dc1.1.2  Urban Foundation 25/07/88 
Dc1.1.3  Office of the Administrator, OFS, 26/07/88 
Dc1.1.4  National Medical & Dental Association (NAMDA) 29/07/88 
Dc1.1.5  Joint Resident’s Association Action Committee (JORAC), Durban 
Dc1.1.6  Enos Mabuza, KaNgwane 01/08/88 
Dc1.1.7  American Chamber of Commerce in South Africa 01/08/88 
Dc1.1.8  Legal Resources Centre (on instructions from 21 organisations including NAMDA, Jorac, Black Sash, Natal Indian Congress, Nusas etc.,) 01/08/88 
Dc1.1.9  Chamber of Mines 01/08/88 
Dc1.1.10  General Bar Council of South Africa 09/08/88 
Dc1.1.11  SACBC 10/08/88 
Dc1.1.12  City of Durban 17/08/88 
Dc1.1.13  Urban Foundation Supplementary Submission 09/09/88 - note by HS on front page concerning an interaction with Dr. Bekker. 
Dc1.1.14  LRC additional submission 14/09/88 
Dc1.1.15  Report of the Committee for Social Affairs on the Prevention of Illegal Squatting Amendment Bill 29/11/88 
Dc1.1.16  Stapled compilation of 23 submissions from A to W 
Dc1.1.17  LRC: Analysis of Provisions of the Prevention of Illegal Squatting Amendment Bill, Geoff Budlender, 08/07/88 
Dc1.1.18  Association for Rural Advancement (AFRA), Pietermaritzburg, to Ray Swart MP on the Bill, 12/07/88 
Dc1.1.19  Letter from SA Institution of Civil Engineers to Ann Bernstein, Urban Foundation, saying SAICE wishes to be associated with UF submission, 28/07/88 
Dc1.1.20  SA Federation of Industries to D.L. van Coller, Urban Foundation, endorsing their submission, 28/07/88 
Dc1.1.21  Chamber of Mines of SA, as above; 
Dc1.1.22  LRC to HS re sections 6E and 6F, Moray Hathorn 
Dc1.1.23  Declaratory Statement by HS of behalf of the Progressive Federal Party, 29/09/88 
Dc1.1.24  Impact of the Committee System proposed for Rural Areas 
Dc1.1.25  The Association of Law Societies of the RSA memorandum on Prevention of Illegal Squatting Amendment Bill (B93-88) 
Dc1.1.26  The Illegal Squatting Amendment Bill and Black People Living in White Rural Areas 
Dc1.2  Speeches, Memos 
  Includes: Explanatory memorandum on the Prevention of Illegal Squatting Amendment Bill: notes for speech by H.Suzman, 22 Aug 1988; notice of meetings of Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Development Aid; HS draft speech for parliamentary debate, 29 Sept 1988. 
Dc2  Squatter Communities 7 f. 
Dc2.1  Transvaal 5 f. 
Dc2.1.1  Grasmere 1 f. 
Dc2.1.1.1  Items 
  21/11/1984 letter from Josie (Adler) to 'John' enclosing: 'Squatters with Urban Rights but No Houses' article on Grasmere squatters from Indicator SA, July 1984; full text of original paper entitled 'When legal is not good enough : the Grasmere Case', 1p.; press cuttings on Weiler’s Farm, Ennerdale, Grasmere, Eikenhof, Kliptown. 
Dc2.1.1.2  Press cuttings 1983-1984 
Dc2.1.2  Finetown 1 item 
  Memorandum to HS re 'Arrests of and Assaults to Squatters... residing at a squatters camp known as Finetown', from Graeme A. Reid at Krish Naidoo & Company, 16/10/87. 
Dc2.1.3  Vlakfontein 1 f. 
  Includes: correspondence to Minister of Law & Order and letter from Josie Adler to HS with documents that form the basis of an application to the Supreme Court in connection with repeated arrests of squatters on Portion 19 Vlakfontein, Oct. 1987. 
Dc2.1.4  Kwa-Thema 1 f. 
Dc2.1.4.1  Letter addressed to 'Leader, S.V.P., Kwa Thema, dated 17/10/1979 re 'Aromelina Mapokane - Vestitute with 3 children', from C.M. Ndlovu, Office of the Commissioner, Springs. 
Dc2.1.4.2  Press release by Deputy Minister of Co-operation, Dr G. de V. Morrison, 02/11/1979, 'regarding the resettlement of squatter families in Kwa Thema, a black residential area near Springs.' 
Dc2.1.4.3  Letter to HS from Jean Henderson about the squatter camp at KwaThema, mentions Mrs. Emily Modise and family; attached are 2 examples of “a typical form given to the squatters when informed they would be sent to their homelands", 25/02/80  
Dc2.1.4.4  Correspondence from HS to Jean Henderson, attached is letter from Piet Koornhof mentioning Emily Modise had been resettled at her own request and also the case of Laynas Mashile and the Alexandra Hostel which ends off “Warm regards” and “Looking forward to seeing you again!” 23/06/81 
Dc2.1.4.5  My mother's hard times in search of shelter', by Sarah and Sophie Modise (handwritten), concerning the plight of Emily Modise who was ‘dumped’ in Qwa-Qwa, 6p.  
Dc2.1.4.6  Press cuttings 1977 (Selcourt), 1979 (Qwa-Qwa) 
Dc2.1.5  General 1 f. 
  Preliminary Notes on Wynberg Squatters, from 'G.G. Black Sash', July 1988, with attached press cutting and 'Media Release: the Handling of Squatters in the Walkerville and Evaton Area by JSA Mavuso and OAW van Zyl, MECs'; Notes from the Black Sash file: Private and Not for Publication 'Squatters Plot 120 Olifantsvlei', 28/02/87; front page of The Sowetan, 27/01/1988 "Squatters to Stay". 
Dc2.2  Cape 2 f. 
Dc2.2.1  Western Cape 
Dc2.2.1.1  Map of Main Squatter Areas (KTC, Old Crossroads, Nyanga, Bush, Hout Bay etc.) with explanatory notes, Jan 1985; 
Dc2.2.1.2  Copies of statements by Dr G.van N.Viljoen, on squatting at Crossroads: 18 Feb 1985, 19 Feb, 21 Feb 1985, 25 Feb 1985;  
Dc2.2.1.3  HS speech concerning squatter camps in the Western Cape; 
Dc2.2.1.4  Personal’ letter from Piet Koornhof, Minsiter of Cooperation & Development, to HS about squatters and poverty, 25/05/84 
Dc2.2.1.5  Press cutting (photo) from RDM 19/02/85 re police firing on crowds at Crossroads the day before 
Dc2.2.2  Kwazakhele 
  Correspondence, March 1989; correspondents include HS, Rory Riordan (Human Rights Trust), Minister Chris Heunis, Roelf Meyer 
Dc3  Articles, Memoranda and Factsheets 1 f 
Dc3.1  Nearly an A-Z Guide to Homelessness on the Witwatersrand. Compiled by Black Sash, Homelessness Group & Community Research and Information Network. Feb 1989, 45p. 
Dc3.2  Memorandum on Aspects of Homelessness on the Witwatersrand, by G. Glover & J. Adler, July 1987, 20p. 
Dc3.3  Homeless in and around the Witwatersrand. Network Information sheet, No.3, Sept 1987, 4p. 
Dc3.4  Homeless on the Witwatersrand - Factsheets: Why are people homeless; No policies: Any solutions? The Group Areas Act. 
Dc3.5  The Freedom to Move - But no freedom to stop moving, by Josie Adler, Agency for Industrial Mission, Shack Dwellers Project, March 1987. 
Dc3.6  Shack dwellers: Network Information Sheet, by G. Glover and J. Adler, Black Sash & AIM Shack Dwellers Project, March 1987, 6p. 
Dc3.7  Of Squatters, Slums, Group Areas and Homelessness, by Black Sash, Johannesburg 1988 
Dc3.8  Homeless in South Africa - why?, 2p., no date 
Dd1  Articles, Memoranda and Reports 1 f. 
Dd1.1  Group Areas - An Assessment and Change Implications, by TWS Public Relations, Community Relations Link, Aug 1986. 
Dd1.2  The Group Areas Bills, by N.J.J.Olivier. July 1988, 26p. 
Dd1.3  Group Areas Bills: Memo No.2, by N.J.J.Olivier. Sept 1988, 36p. 
Dd1.4  Submission by the Urban Foundation, in regard to The Free Settlement Areas Bill, the Local Government in Free Settlement Areas Bill & the Group Areas Amendment Bill, 28 July 1988. 
Dd1.5  A memorandum on the Group Areas Amendment Bill 1988, by Kate O'Regan, Labour Law Unit, UCT, 12 July 1988. 
Dd1.6  Extracts from articles and speeches on Group Areas. Prepared by the PFP’s Ken Andrew, 09/09/88 for various PFP entities. 
Dd1.7  Report of the Committee for Constitutional Affairs to the President's Council on the Group Areas Amendment Bill 28/11/1988 
Dd1.8  Explanatory Annotations to Selected Data concerning Mowbray Group Area Removees, by John Western, 13p. 
Dd1.9  The Group Areas Act - Its effect on human beings, by Muriel Horrell, South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR), November 1956, 156p. Booklet 
Dd1.10  Carbon copy of an Amendment moved by Mr. H. Tucker in the Senate, 14 June, 1950 … "this House declines to pass the second reading of the Group Areas Bill …" 
Dd2  Parliamentary issues 1 f. 
  Includes:HS draft speech for debate on Group Areas Amendment Bill, 28 Sept 1988; transcript of HS speech in debate on Group Areas Amendment Bill, 28 Sept 1988; Circular to Members of Parliament (29 Sept 1988); NP leaflet on Group Areas, Sept 1988. 
Dd3  Press Cuttings 1987-1988 1 f. 
Dd4  Applications for concessions in terms of Group Areas Act, 1f. 
Dd4.1  Bhulabhai Chhita re Stand 534 NBS Centre, Glenhazel, 11/11/1986 
Dd4.2  C.D.S Langa, Langa Dry Cleaners, Stand 0831, 68 Wynberg Road, Kew, 07/04/1987 
Dd4.3  B.J. Xaba, Elias Motor Spares, Stand 731 Wynberg Road, Kew, 28/08/1987 (recommended for approval, HS) 
Dd4.4  A.O. Nkabinde, Mbalenhle Lighting Enterprises, 731 Wynberg Road, Kew, 01/09/1987 (supported by HS) 
Dd4.5  S. Bolus, Multi Racial Nursery School, 48 1st Road, Kew, 23/09/1987 
Dd5  Statement by Nana Sita (age 69 years) in his trial under the Group Areas Act, Pretoria, 7 August 1967, 18p. 
De1  Articles and Publications 
De1.1  The Black Sash Vol. 3 No.19, June/July 1959, "Why passes?", incl. piece by Lewis Nkosi 'I am a Reference Book', one by Nancy Dick 'What it costs' and another by Bertha Thage 'Why we don't want passes' (pamphlet) 
De1.2  A Progressive contrasts the United Party and Progressive Party policies on Pass Laws and Influx Control, 21 Mar 1960, 5p. (probably by HS) 
De1.3  The "Pass Laws": points for consideration by the Institute's Council. SAIRR, 20 Oct 1960, 7p. 
De1.4  The "Pass Laws": a Fact Paper compiled by M. Horrell, No.7, 1960, SAIRR, 78p. (page 56 missing) 
De1.5  The effect of the Pass Laws on African Life, by G.M. Pitje, Jan 1961; 11p., presentation to SAIRR Council Meeting, Cape Town, 17-20/01/1961, 11p. 
De1.6  Influx control as seen by an administrator of Non-European Affairs, by W.J.P. Carr (Manager, Non-European Affairs Dept., Johannesburg), 11p., presentation to SAIRR Council Meeting, Cape Town, 17-20/01/1961; 
De1.7  Brief historical survey of the Pass Laws, c. 1961, 12p. 
De1.8  Memorandum on the application of the pass laws and influx control, compiled by Black Sash, 1966, pamphlet, 32p. 
De1.9  The "Pass Laws" and their suggested improvement, signed by W.J.P. Carr, 5 Aug 1973, 7p. 
De1.10  Memorandum on the pass laws and influx control, Sash, Vol. 16 No.8, Feb 1974, pamphlet, 73p. 
De1.11  From pass courts to deportation: changing patterns of influx control in Cape Town, Martin West, African Affairs, Vol. 81, No. 325, Oct 1982 (one reprint, one photocopy) 
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De1.13  Influx control in urban South Africa: an international and empirical view, by Ann Bernstein, June 1984, 44p. 
De1.14  Migration and urbanisation: areas of investigation, 1984, 15p. 
De1.15  Workshop on urbanisation and influx control held by the Urban Foundation, 23 Jan 1985, 56p. 
De1.16  Identity documents and reference books, by N.J.J. Olivier, April 1985, 15p. 
De1.17  South African Outlook: Pass Laws? Vol. 116, no. 1382, August 1986. 
De1.18  The Pass Laws, 4 page leaflet published by the Consultative Committee of Fourteen Organisations, nd. 
De1.19  Everybody's guide to the pass laws, by Black Sash, undated, 4 p., booklet 
De1.20  Pass laws and the disorganisation and reorganisation of the African population in South Africa, by Michael Savage, undated first draft, 58p. 
De1.21  Sections photocopied from a book: chapters entitled “Is Influx Control Succeeding?”, “Summary of Recommendations”, Guidelines for an Urbanisation Strategy” 
De1.22  The New Townsmen: The Legal position of the African in the White Areas To-day, by Dr. O.D. Wollheim, M.P.C., published by the Civil Rights League, Cape Town, 8p., "reading time: 20 minutes". 
De2  Correspondence 1972-1985 1 f. 
De2.1  June-September 1972: includes correspondence about repatriation of black Rhodesians / Zimbabweans; 05/09/1972 letter from HS to editor of the RDM about the Alexandra Hostel, domestics living in blocks of “white” flats etc., in most of HS replies she recommends that people visit the Black Sash offices. 
De2.2  1974: includes Aug / Sept. 1974 letter to HS and to the Bantu Affairs Dept., from Will Carr, PFP, concerning alleviating the impact of influx control / pass laws; 
De2.3  1979: letter from Columbus A. Malebo, Mofolo Central, 20/01/1979, thanking HS for "helping me get a year's re-endorsement of my children's travel documents back to school in Lesotho … I am afraid that these denials and refusals are having more than a double blow to a black parent. The frustration from being incapacitated, humiliation in us and sharp feeling of being humiliated in the presence of our children...", 3p. 
De2.4  1981: from and to Sheena Duncan, Black Sash, to G. Swart Office of the Reference Bureau re repatriation of Zimbabwean Mr. David Ndhlovu, Bill vd Merwe Dept. of Cooperation & Development re her constituent Mrs. M. Munro; Sept / Oct. 1981 HS comments to Sheena Duncan on her nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize “something tells me that this is as far as it will go, and certainly if I were on the selection committee I would choose Lesch Walesca [sic], as I told you.” 
De2.5  1982: mostly about the continuing repatriation of Zimbabweans working in SA, Black Sash advice office, Key Kiwa Solomon Ndlovu, Rev. Joseph Moyo. 
De2.6  1984-1985: includes 12/03/85 letter from Sheena Duncan, Black Sash, to HS concerning Ekangala, Kwa-Ndebele and HS replies 22/03/85 congratulating her on her “confrontation with Viljoen. Poor fellow, it is not easy to defend the indefensible. I thought that you and Motlana did very well indeed.”;  
De3  Press cuttings 1961-1972, 1979-1986. 
De3.1  Press cuttings 1961, 1964 
De3.2  Press cuttings 1972, 1975 
De3.3  Press cuttings 1979 
De3.4  Press cuttings 1980 AAC Industrial Relations Dept., Supplement to the daily press cutting service. 
De3.5  Press cuttings 1982-1983 
De3.6  Press cuttings 1984-1985 
De3.7  Press cuttings 1986 
De3.8  Press cuttings 1988 and undated 
De4  Miscellaneous 
De4.1  HS speech and other interventions, transcript of parliamentary debate, subsequently corrected by HS, no date, 18p. 
De4.2  Partial speech by HS, pp. 17-25 
De4.3  10 pages of handwritten quotes from various people such as Chris Ball and Mike Rosholt. 
De4.4  Questions in House of Assembly, letter re registration of black servants, HS notes on Rkhoto case and black family life. 
Df1  Individual Townships 5 f. 
Df1.1  Profiles on townships 1 f. 
Df1.1.1  An Historical Review of the Supply of Housing for Urban Africans in the Cape Peninsula 1900-1982 by C.M. Elias, Research Unit for Sociology of Development, Occasional Paper 7, University of Stellenbosch, May 1983, 138p. 
Df1.1.2  Profile of Greater Soweto, 11p. 
Df1.1.3  Profiles of Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Pretoria townships 
Df1.2   Alexandra 2 f. 
Df1.2.1  Correspondence, 1975 1 f. 
  Correspondents include: W.J.P.Carr, J.C.de Villiers, S.Duncan, G.Dyzenhaus, H.P.P.Mulder, WRAB, M. Sithole, H.Suzman. Subjects: 1975 Alexandra compensation for expropriation of properties; complaints from residents of Alexandra Women's Hostel; petition from residents of Alexandra Women's Hostel. 
Df1.2.2  Miscellaneous 1 f. 
Df1.2.2.1  HS notebook with notes concerning hostels in Alexandra 
Df1.2.2.2  The Alexandra Dossier, in Sash, Vol.17 No.2, Aug 1974 
Df1.2.2.3  BaNtu, May 1966, Vol. XIII No.5, article 'New Alexandra' p.146 (also ' SA's First Quintuplets', born to Mrs. Nokesi Tukutese) 
Df1.2.2.4  Memorandum on the Resettlement of families from Alexandra Township, by Black Sash, Aug 1974, 13p. 
Df1.2.2.5  Press cuttings 1971-1973, 1975-1976 
Df1.2.3  Henrietta Mqokomiso, forced eviction, 2001-2006.  
Df1.2.3.1  Henrietta Mqokomiso and Stanley Langa vs City of Johannesburg, Notice of Motion, July 2001, sent to HS by the Legal Resources Centre 
Df1.2.3.2  Correspondence, much of it by email, 2001: including 16/07/2001: email to HS from John Carlin “Well, well. I see that the old harridan from Houghton … has, if anything, gained in mental sharpness with the passing of the years. The famous Suzman combination of rapier thrusts and large clubs in the back of the opponents’ head, I see. And still, devastatingly, finding their mark.” 
Df1.2.3.3  Correspondence 2002 
Df1.2.3.4  Correspondence 2004 
Df1.2.3.5  Correspondence 2005 
Df1.2.3.6  Miscellaneous notes and 'letter of authority' that Nonkosi Henrietta (Mqokomiso) Langa can take control of the assets of Stanley Langa who died on 04/02/2006 
Df1.2.3.7  Press cuttings 
Df1.3  Soweto 1 f. 
Df1.3.1  Soweto: Johannesburg's African City, by Ellen Hellmann, address given to the Natal Region of the SAIRR in 1967, 30p pamphlet; 
Df1.3.2  Soweto: a study by the Transvaal region of the Urban Foundation, 244p., 1980, includes large coloured map 
Df1.3.3  26/03/73 letter from “Cedric”, Wits Graduate School of Business Administration about Soweto and trading therein, various documents attached. 
Df1.3.4  HS notes on Soweto in Eclipse Note Book written 'Envelope Writing Book' 
Df1.3.5  Press cuttings 1973-1974 
Df1.3.6  Housing in Soweto, telex and notes 
Df1.4  Mamelodi 1 f. 
Df1.4.1  Report on tour of Mamelodi Township - Wednesday 14th November 1973, K. Cokayne. PFP N. Transvaal Secretary, 3p. 
Df1.4.2  Letter to HS from Rowan Haarhoff, PFP N. Transvaal, Pretoria, 17/07/1974 enclosing copies of newspaper clippings on Pretoria Indian Traders and Mamelodi Hostels 
Df1.4.3  Newspaper cuttings 1970-1972 
Df1.4.4  Newspaper cuttings 1973 
Df1.4.5  Newspaper cuttings 1975 
Df1.5  Khayelitsha 1 f. 1984-1985. 
  You and Khayelitsha, by Mary Burton, D.Cleminshaw & J. de Tolly, Black Sash booklet, Aug. 1984; From Crossroads to Khayelitsha, Dot Cleminshaw, in Reality, March 1985 
Df1.6  Nyanga and Crossroads 
  Some aspects of social and economic activity. Working Paper of Urban Problems Research Unit of UCT, by K. Weichel, L.C. Smith, M.S. Putterill, Feb 1978, 52p. 
Df2  Correspondence 1 f. 
  Correspondents: S.J.de Beer, Dept. Bantu Administration & Development, Dube Vigilance Committee, Evaton Residents' Vigilance Association, T.Henderson, Min. T.N.H.Janson, Min. P.Koornhof, H.J. Mooi, S.R. Rabotapi, G.Simelami, H.Suzman, R.A.F.Swart, J. Nehang, D. Konyane, J.C. Knoetze; Subjects: 1974 Question of consultation between Evaton Residents and Local administration. 1974 Present position in Evaton. 1974 Conditions of Bantu in urban townships. 17/08/80 Memorandum on the Grahamstown situation. 1982 Rent increases in Dube Village. 1984-1985 Statement by the Hon. S.J.de Beer, MP on the circumstances in the residential areas of the Vaal Triangle. 1987 Demand for land: Soweto. 1988 Investigation: Urbanisation PWV area; acute housing shortage in ‘Bantu’ urban townships; health clinics; widows and unmarried women; conditions in Tembisa; school uniforms; Pretoria / Mamelodi; “Memo on the Grahamstown Situation: Proposals for positive measures to reduce the causes of unrest and to generally improve the living conditions of the Black Community”, by Thelma M. Henderson, Constituency Chairman, PFP, 12/08/90; 29/08/90 letter from HS to Piet Koornhof forwarding the above memo and containing the paragraph “Please discuss the possibility of resolving the bus boycotts in the Cape peninsula with Chris Heunis. According to Mr. John Barnard of Tollgate, an amount of R2 – R2 ½ [two and a half] million would suffice as a subsidy to enable the bus company to maintain the old fares for the daily cash-paying users who are hardest hit by the increases.” 
Df2.1  Evaton notes and letters 1974 
Df2.2  Evaton letters 1973-1974 
Df2.3  Correspondence concerning conditions in Grahamstown, 1980 
Df2.4  Dube Vigilance Committee, 1982 
Df2.5  Press Statements, 1984-1985, concerning situation in the (black) residential areas of the Vaal Triangle 
Df2.6  Investigation: Urbanization PWV Area, Town Clerk of Soweto, 1988 
Df3  Publications 1 f. 
  Athlone Advice Office. Annual reports: Oct 1980- Dec 1981, Jan-Dec 1982. 
Dg1  Articles 1 f. 
Dg1.1  The October Municipal Elections Background Information, Private Sector Council on Urbanisation, Urbanisation Unit, Sept 1988, 110p. Plus appendices 
Dg1.2  Beyond ungovernability: Township Politics and Local Level Negotiations, by Mark Swilling, Policy Issues and Actors, Centre for Policy Studies, Graduate School of Business Administration, Wits University, 13p. 
Dg1.3  On the Beaches...' South Africa's local government elections: October 1988, by R.Humphries, Policy Issues and Actors, Centre for Policy Studies, Graduate School of Business Administration, Wits University, 23p. 
Dg2  Miscellaneous 1 f. 
Dg2.1  Mbekweni / Paarl 
Dg2.1.1  May 1979 Paarl community cancels elections in Mbekweni, correspondence, cuttings and copy of election form sent to HS by people from Mbekweni 
Dg2.1.2  Further correspondence on the Mbekweni May 1979 election between HS and Piet Cronje (government official), Richard Rosenthal (attorney), F. Cronje Dept. Cooperation & Development,  
Dg2.2  Motion of No Confidence against the Mayor and Trades Committee of Lekoa Town Council; press cuttings. 
Dg2.3  Cutting: Zamdela quiet after rioting 14/12/1984 
  Rents Board attempted eviction of servants in Killarney Court: correspondents include HS, M.S. Schneider, Brian Martin, W. Kunz, Dept. of Community Development, Selma Browde, Neville, Harry Apple, SA Property Portfolios, Institute of Estate Agents of SA, Minister of Community Development A.H. de Plessis. 
Dh1  Correspondence 1974-1975 1 f 
  Includes harassment of tenants; exemption of flats from control; increase of rents; Rent Control Act 43/1950, as amended 
Dh1.1  Correspondence September - October 1974 
Dh1.2  Correspondence December 1974 
Dh1.3  Correspondence February - March 1974 
Dh1.4  Correspondence April - May 1974 
Dh1.5  Correspondence June 1974 
Dh1.6  September - December 1975 
Dh2  Memoranda, affidavits 1 f. 
Dh2.1  Memorandum from the SA Property Owners Association Ltd., to the Minister for Community Development on the Rents Amendment Bill (AB 91-'74), 13p. 
Dh2.2  Memorandum on the proposed legislation - Rents Amendment Bill No. B11/75, 5p. 
Dh2.3  Affidavits by residents of Seven Oaks, Killarney. 
Dh3  Press cuttings 1974-1975 1 f. 
  Items on Killarney, Yeoville, Illovo, Ben Mouton of SAPPM, Eddie Parnell (United Tenants' Rights Association), Chaim Wainer (property tycoon), Durban. 
Dh4  Miscellaneous 1 f. 
Dh4.1  HS notes for a speech on the Rents Act 
Dh4.2  Unrevised Hansard (2 different dates) with HS speaking on the Rents Act 
Dh4.3  Copy of the Rents Amendment Bill [A.B. 91-'74]; one page with detail from Rents Act No.43 of 1950 
  Statement by Dr G.Viljoen re resettlement of part of Magopa tribe, 1987 (NB: this item missing); Focus on resettlement Part I (a reissue): press cuttings supplement 1978-1979, produced by Barry Streek, Hout Bay. 
LABOUR 13 f. 1951-1984. 
Ea  LABOUR: GENERAL 4 f. 1968-1984 
Ea1  Articles, papers 1 f. 1968-1983 
Ea1.1  Industrial Relations in the South African workplace: A viewpoint from experience gained , by R.J.Ironside (Pres. FCI), presentation to Parliamentary Caucus Groups, 26/27 Jan 1983, 16p. 
Ea1.2  International Action and South African Labour Law, 21 Jan 1983, 11p. 
Ea1.3  The Political Economy of Employment and Unemployment in South Africa: Spatial Aspects, by N.Muller, University of Transkei, presented to the SAIRR Urbanisation Cnoference, 30/31 Oct 1982, 27p. 
Ea1.4  White paper on the Information Document about the Promotion of Industrial Development as an element of a Coordinated Regional Development Strategy for Southern Africa (incl. a map) 
Ea1.5  Black labour as a political factor, by Dr. Alex Boraine, address given at the Wits University Summer School, 4 Feb 1974, 23p. 
Ea1.6  The Effects of Industrialisation on Social Structure and Family Life, by E. Hellmann, paper presented to the SAIRR 38th Annual Council Meeting, 30/01/1968-02/02/1968, 21p. 
Ea1.7  A Mining Survey, issued by Wages Commission, SRC, University of Cape Town (UCT), 8p. 
Ea1.8  The Black-White wage gap: what can be done about it?, S.Biesheuvel, SAIRR booklet, 19p., Nov. 1972. 
Ea1.9  Black pay and productivity in South Africa, by J.A.Horner. SAIRR booklet, 23 p. Sept 1972. 
Ea1.10  Regulations for the establishment and control of native labour bureaux. 31 Oct 1952. 
Ea2  Correspondence 1 f. 
  1973; 1979; 1982-1983. Correspondence concerning Bantu Labour Relations Regulation Amendments Bill 1973; Garment Workers Union (from David Hemson); Dudley Horner, SAIRR; Mrs. F.M. MacDonald, Durban, re daily work for Africans, 15/05/79; Mr. S.M. Nkohla, Mdantsane, about exploitation of black women workers by Berkshire International Stocking factory; HS writes to Alex Boraine, 28/02/83 about a letter she’s received from 62 year old Mr. Kleinbooi Yemani, who still wants to work, “As an old lady of 65 who is still offering her services (not the sort you are thinking of…”; Memo by Ronnie Bethlehem, JCI Ltd., office of the Economic Consultant, on The costs of Job Creation 04/07/83 
Ea2.1  Correspondence 07/06/1973 (3 letters) 
Ea2.2  Correspondence 1979; 1982-1983 
Ea2.3  Paper by Margaret Patterson “Works Committees in South Africa & Decisions within the plant”, 10p., photocopy; HS notes 
Ea3  Newsletters, Publications 1 f. 1959-1984 
Ea3.1  Manpower 2000 Vol 2, Nos. 2,3 7,9, August & November 1982; 
Ea3.2  Change Newsletter – Human Awareness Programme (HAP), Nov 1982, & Nov 1984.  
Ea3.3  The Southern Africa Financial Mail, Vol 1, No.15, 18 Sept 1959.  
Ea3.4  Black Pay and Productivity in South Africa, by J.A.Horner. SAIRR, June 1972. 
Ea3.5  2 pages covering various labour-related issues (no date or author) 
Ea4  Press Cuttings 1978 - 1985; 1988 1 f. 
Ea4.1  Press Cuttings 1978 
Ea4.2  Press Cuttings 1979 
Ea4.3  Press Cuttings 1980-1981 
Ea4.4  Press Cuttings 1982 
Ea4.5  Press Cuttings 1983-1984 
Ea4.6  Press Cuttings 1985 
Ea4.7  Press Cuttings June 1988 
Ea4.8  Press Cuttings Undated 
Eb1  Industrial Legislation Commission of Enquiry, Report, 1951 
Eb2  Commission of Inquiry into Legislation affecting the Utilisation of Manpower 1978 (Riekert) 1 f. 
Eb2.1  Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Legislation Affecting the Utilisation of Manpower (Excluding Legislation Administered by the Departments of Labour & Mines) RP32/1979, 29 Aug 1978. 
Eb2.2  Statement on the White Paper on the Riekert Commission, by H.Suzman. 20 Jun 1979. 
Eb2.3  Memorandum on the Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Legislation affecting the Utilisation of Manpower and the Government White Paper thereon, 15 Feb 1980. 
Eb2.4  Implications of the Riekert Report for Metropolitan Areas and City Centres. Address by S.N. Mandy, 5 Oct 1979. 
Eb2.5  Papers at S.A.Institute of Race Relations Annual Council Meeting with the theme 'The Riekert and Wiehahn Reports', 1980. 
Eb3  Commission of Inquiry into Labour Legislation(Wiehahn) 1979 2 f. 
Eb3.1  Reports of the Commission of Inquiry into Labour Legislation Parts 1-6. Dept. of Manpower Utilisation. 
Eb3.1.1  Part 1 RP 47/1979 
Eb3.1.2  Part 2 RP 38/1980 
Eb3.1.3  Parts 3 and 4 RP 82/1980 
Eb3.1.4  Part 5 RP 27/1981 
Eb3.1.5  Part 6 RP 28/1981 
Eb3.2  White Paper on the Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Labour Legislation, parts 1-6. 
Eb3.2.1  White Paper on Part 1 
Eb3.2.2  White Paper on Part 2 
Eb3.2.3  White Paper on Parts 3 and 4 
Eb3.2.4  White Paper on Part 5 
Eb3.2.5  White Paper on Part 6 
Eb3.3  Summary of the Wiehahn Commission Report, Part 1 - Key Issues, 6p. 
Eb3.4  IPM Wiehahn Conference: Note for the Record, by R.M. Godsell. 29 May 1979, 4p. 
Eb4  National Manpower Commission 1980 1 f. 
  Report. Dept. of Manpower Utilisation. 1 Sept 1980. 
Eb5  Report of the Witwatersrand Mine Natives' Wages Commission on the Remuneration and Conditions of Employment of Natives on Witwatersrand Gold Mines and Regulation and Conditions of Employment of Natives at Transvaal undertakings of Victoria Falls and Transvaal Power Company, Limited. Union of South Africa, 1943. 
Eb6  Report of Native Economic Commission 1930-1932, Chairman J.E. Holloway. Union of South Africa, January 1932. 
Ec  FARM LABOUR 7 f. 1953-1982. 
Ec1  Notes by H.Suzman 1 f. c.1973 
Ec1.1  Stapled notes 5p. 
Ec1.2  Notebook 
Ec2  Department of Native Affairs 1 f. 1954 
Ec2.1  General Circular No.23 of 1954 “Scheme for employment of petty offenders in non?prescribed areas”, 14/06/1954, annotated in parts;  
Ec2.2  Unauthored 4p. memo on “The administrative procedure which is followed by the Non-European Affairs Departments’ Local Labour Bureaux in regard to the procedure followed in dealing with Natives who have been refused entry into the urban area of Johannesburg for the purposes of taking up employment …”, 1959 
Ec3  Press clippings 1 f. 
Ec3.1  Press clippings 1970 
Ec3.2  Press clippings 1971 
Ec3.3  Press clippings 1972-1973 
Ec3.4  Farm Labour Special Survey 13/10/72 “Calling All Farmers” 
Ec3.5  Press clippings 1981-1983 
Ec4  Publications 
Ec4.1  Report of the Department of Native Affairs 1953-1954, incl. introductory remarks by Minister H.F. Vorster 
Ec4.2  Report of the Department of Native Affairs 1954-1957, incl. introductory remarks by the Secretary for Native affairs, W.W.M. Eiselen 
Ec4.3  Labour in the farm economy, by Margaret Roberts, SAIRR, booklet, 1959. 
Ec4.3a  African Farm Labour Survey: Race Relations Journal Vol. 26 No.3, July-Sept 1959, incl. obituary of D.D.T. Jabavu by Z.K. Matthews  
Ec4.4  The approaching crisis - land and population in the Transvaal and Natal, Presidential address, SAIRR, by D.C.Grice, 1973, pamphlet, 22p. 
Ec4.5  White farming: a case study of change in South Africa, by Merle Lipton, in Journal of Commonwealth and Comparative Politics, March 1974; letter from Merle Lipton to HS dated 30/07/74 sent from the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, London 
Ec5  Submission to Manpower Commission on Farm Labour by the Farm Labour Project, 1982, 47p. plus appendices 
Ec6  Surveys 
Ec6.1  Farm labour. Issued by S.R.C. Wages Commission, University of Cape Town, 1973, 13p. 
Ec6.2  The state and farm labour. Bulletin 9 of the Wages Commission, University of Natal, SRC, Durban, 7p. 
Ec6.3  A socio-economic survey into the Saligna Forestry and Development Co. at Eston, Natal. Wages Commission, University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 1973, 6p. 
Ec6.4  A socio-economic survey into the government forestry estates of Sihleza at Harding, Nkonzo at Creighton, Ingwangwane at Riverside, Sarnia at Bulwer, Ingeli at Weza and the State Saw Mills at Weza. Wages Commission, University of Natal, Durban, 9p. 
Ec6.5  Report on the conditions of African farm labour in the Republic of South Africa, 21p. 
Ec6.6  African Farm Labour by S.J. du Toit, Senior Professional Officer, Union Dept., of Agricultural Economics & Marketing, 1959, 8p. 
Ec7  South African Agricultural Union: Bantu Labour Policy, October 1974, sent to HS with a covering letter and press cutting 01/07/75 
Ec8  Miscellaneous 1 f. 1970-1971: Letter from Mrs D.Harper re wages, 17 Feb 1971; Notes on labour tenants in Natal, question asked in parliament 13 Apr 1971; press clippings re eviction of Zulu farmers, Jan-April 1971 
Ed  MIGRANT LABOUR 1 f. 1945-1974  
Ed1  The implications of the policy of migratory labour, by Sheila T. van der Horst, 1945, 7p. 
Ed2  Evidence of the S.A.Institute of Race Relations to the Native Laws Commission of Enquiry, 1947, 25p. 
Ed3  Optima Vol.29 No. 2-3, Nov 1980, on migrant labour  
Ed4  Sash, Vol.16 No.2, Aug 1972;  
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Ed7  “Helen, my dear, As promised, and I'm sure you've got them all. Good luck with it & see you Friday … ": Possible points for your motion on Migrant Labour”, 1p. 
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Ed9  Press cuttings 1971, 1974, 1976 
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Ee  SULLIVAN CODE 1 f. 1979-1983  
Ee1  Sixth Report on the Signatory Companies to the Sullivan Principles, 1 Nov 1982;  
Ee2  Why Sullivan's Code is a farce; 
Ee3  Pess cuttings 1979-1983 
Ef1  Draft speech, 23p., on HS opposition to 2nd reading of the Industrial Conciliation Bill;  
Ef2  Explanatory Memorandum on the Industrial Conciliation Amendement Bill, 1979 
Ef3  Parliamentary questions 1982 
Ef4  Anglo American Corporation Industrial Realtions Dept. on the Bill, 2p. 
Eg1  Employment Equity Bill and comments thereon 
Eg1.1  Employment Equity Bill, precis of the Bill and recommendations for changes (no author but possibly SAHRC), 7p. 
Eg1.2  Comments on the Employment Equity Bill (South Africa), faxed document from the USA, 2p. 
Eg1.3  Victoria Mayer, SAHRC, email to Idah Motsoeneng, SAHRC, with copy of her comments on the Bill for HS; 'Comments on the Employment Equity Bill, July 1998', 10p. In total 
Eg2  South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) 
Eg2.1  Issue Alert Special Service for Members: The Employment Equity Bill, Anthea Jeffery and Martin Schonteich, No. 1/98, January 1998, 18p. 
Eg2.2  Some Implications of the Employment Equity Bill, Professor Themba Sono, President, SAIRR, A Briefing for Business Executives, 29/01/1998, 6p. 
Eg2.3  The Employment Equity Bill of 1997: A Briefing to Business, DR. Anthea J. Jeffery, 29/01/1998, 15p. 
Eg3  Correspondence 
Eg3.1  HS letter ('urgent fax') to Peter Sullivan (The Star): Objections to the Employment Equity Bill, 21/07/1998; draft of letter; Dissenting Opinion sent by HS to the other SAHRC Commissioners, 20/07/1998 
Eg3.2  HS letter to Martin Brassey commenting on his Sunday Times article, 13/07/1998 (SEE Eg4) 
Eg3.3  HS letter to her son-in-law, Prof. Jeffrey Jowell, UCL, London, thanking him for sending Canadian Equity Acts, 24/02/1998; 'Canada - The Law', an extract, 1p. 
Eg4  Press Cuttings: None so silent as those afraid to speak, Martin Brassey, Sunday Times, 12/07/1998; Equity target is off beam, Martin Brassey, Business Day, 14/07/1998; Death blow for workplace apartheid, Chris Vick, The Star, 23/02/1998; Build-up to Employment Equity Act: Disarray, The Citizen, 15/04/1999. 
Fa1  Correspondence 3 f. 1971-1988 
  Correspondents include: ALRA, Abortion Reform Action Group, Abortion Reform Movement, R.Bernstein, P.Beumont, Birth Control Campaign, B. Bloch, D.Bourne, E.Cochrane, A.T.Cope, J.Cope, A.M.Crous, Dr M.Dyer, C.Eglin, Family Planning Association of South Africa, Federation of Women's Institutes, M.M.Kriseman, J.A.Kunst, Prof. W.T.McClain, D.M.Maister, E.Murray, National Council of Women of S.A., M.N.Radclyffe, P.Rooney, S.A.Abortion Law Reform League, S.A.Council of Soroptomists Clubs, S.A.Federation of Business and Professional Women, K.Tedder, Dr S.van der Merwe, G.Waddell, Women's Legal Status Committee, Dr S.Woodrow. 
Fa1.1  Correspondence 1971-1975 
Fa1.1.1  Correspondence 1971-1973 
Fa1.1.2  Correspondence Feb. - Aug. 1974 
Fa1.1.3  Correspondence Sept. - Dec. 1974 
Fa1.1.4  Correspondence 1975 
Fa1.2  Correspondence 1976-1979 
Fa1.2.1  Correspondence 1976 
Fa1.2.2  Correspondence March - May 1977 
Fa1.2.3  Correspondence June - Nov. 1977 
Fa1.2.4  Correspondence 1978-1979 
Fa1.3  Correspondence 1980-1988 
Fa1.3.1  Correspondence 1980- 1981 
Fa1.3.2  Correspondence 1982 
Fa1.3.3  Correspondence 1983, 1985-1986, 1988 
Fa1.4  Correspondence 1990-1997 
  Includes documents by F Cleaton-Jones of Women’s Lobby also Tony Leon, CF Slabber (Minister of Health), E. Ramaite, M. Dyer, Dolly Maister, M. Warrington, Dr. Nkosazana Zuma, P. Sutton, Margaret Lessing, Rina Venter (Minister of Health) 
Fa1.4.1  Correspondence 1990 
Fa1.4.2  Correspondence 1992-1993 
Fa1.4.3  Correspondence 1994 
Fa1.4.4  Correspondence Jan. - June 1995 
Fa1.4.5  Correspondence July - Sept. 1995 
Fa1.4.6  Correspondence 1996-1997 
Fa2  Organisations 4 f. 
Fa2.1  Abortion Law Reform Association (ALRA) (UK) 2 f. 
Fa2.1.1  ALRA 1 f. 
  Abortion now; some figures and comments on the working of the Abortion Act , UK (1973). 
Fa2.1.2  Newsletter: Breaking Chains 
Fa2.1.2.1  Breaking Chains 1977-1978, Nos. 3, 5, 9, 10 
Fa2.1.2.2  Breaking Chains 1979 -1980, Nos. 14 - 18 
Fa2.1.2.3  Breaking Chains 1981, Nos. 23, 24 
Fa2.1.2.4  Breaking Chains 1982 - 1983, Nos. 25 - 29 
Fa2.1.2.5  Breaking Chains 1984 - 1985, Nos. 37, 39, 40 
Fa2.1.2.6  Breaking Chains 1986, Nos. 43 (50th Anniversary Issue), 44 
Fa2.1.2.7  Breaking Chains 1987 - 1989, Nos. 46, 47, 50; letter to members 16/04/1988 
Fa2.2  Abortion Reform Action Group (ARAG) 2 f. 
Fa2.2.1  Correspondence, submissions, draft legislation 
Fa2.2.1.1  Memorandum to the Select Committee on the Abortion and Sterilisation Bill submitted by the Abortion Law Reform Action Group, compiled by June Cope, 05/04/1973, 11p. 
Fa2.2.1.2  Letter from ARAG's President, June Cope, about the Abortion and Sterilisation Bill, 13/08/1974, 4p. 
Fa2.2.1.3  Includes: assorted 1976 correspondence, Press Release on G.B. McIntosh's defanatory statement to the Natal Mercury, minutes of a general committee meeting 03/08/1976 
Fa2.2.1.4  ARAG Memorandum: Comments & representations regarding the Abortion & Sterilisation Amendment Bill 1982, 8p. 
Fa2.2.1.5  Drafts of ARAG's Freedom of Choice Bill, May 1994 
Fa2.2.1.6  ARAG additional submission to the chairman and members of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Abortion, April 1995, 13p. 
Fa2.2.1.7  Leaflet: Abortion on Demand or Request - What does it mean?; publication order form 
Fa2.2.2  ARAG Newsletter 
Fa2.2.2.1  ARAG 1974, 1976, Nos. 5, 10, 11 
Fa2.2.2.2  ARAG 1977, Nos. 12, 13 
Fa2.2.2.3  ARAG October 1978, No. 16 
Fa2.2.2.4  ARAG 1979 - 1980, Nos. 17, 19 
Fa2.2.2.5  ARAG May 1981 (Cape); Feb. 1982 No. 20 
Fa2.2.2.6  ARAG Cape Branch Newsletter: Sept. 1984, Oct. 1985 
Fa2.2.2.7  ARAG Cape Branch Newsletter: Sept. 1986, August 1987  
Fa2.2.2.8  ARAG Cape Branch Newslette:r Sept. 1988, Oct. 1995 
Fa2.3  Birth Control Campaign (UK) 1 f. 
  The benefits of birth control: Aberdeen's experience 1946-1970; Report on Non-Medical Abortion Counselling, by N.Simms (MISSING); News bulletin No.4, 1973. 
Fa2.3a  Co-ord (UK) 1 f. 
  Co-ord Inform, No. 74, Dec 1978. 
Fa2.4  Family Planning Association of South Africa1 f. 
  Policy Statement on Abortion 06/08/77; Memorandum to Mr F.J.le Roux, MP (26 May 1977); Memorandum to the Cillie Commission on the causes of Urban Violence (18 Mar 1977). 
Fa2.5  National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) (USA) 1 f. 
  Includes: Results of Congressional Questionnaires on the Abortion Issue; Abortion Factsheet; Facts and Figures on Legal Abortion; Newsletter, Sept 1976; The Abortion Issue and the first session of the 93rd Congress; The Issue of Abortion, The Washington Survey (Feb 1974); press statements. 
Fa2.6  National Council of Women of South Africa (NCWSA) 1 f. 
  Includes: Address to the Institute of Citizenship on the S.A.Abortion Act of 1975 (handwritten); Conference 1977 Resolutions; comments on the Department of Health Reports for 1979 and 1980. 
Fa2.7  Pro-Life 1 f 
  Fact Sheet. April 1979. 
Fa2.8  Reason (UK) 1 f. 
Fa2.8.1  Material from the launch of 'Reason', 1973, incl. list of high profile supporters 
Fa2.8.2  Abortion in Prespective, November 1973: Abortion: the continuing controversy; Longterm side effects of abortion; Abortion Answers 1-7; Five years after the Abortion Act. 
Fa2.8.3  Abortion in Perspective, Janaury, April, May, Sept. 1974; July, Sept. 1978  
Fa2.9  South African Abortion Law Reform League 1 f. 
  Includes: Representations to the select committee on the Abortion and Sterilization Bill; Newsletters and articles. 
Fa2.10  South African Council Soroptomists International1 f. 
  Memorandum re Abortion and Sterilization Act 1975. (30 Nov 1975); SABC Women's World, October 1975: Abortion in a Modern World 
Fa2.11  Women's Bureau of South Africa 1 f. 
  Includes: Memorandum to Dr W.A.van Niekerk, Minister of Health and Population Planning re the Abortion and Sterilization Act No.2 1975, by M. Lessing, April 1986; Report presented by Prof. M.Mellish at the end-of-the-decade for women conference held in May 1985; Comments on the memorandum on the Abortion and Sterilization Act No.2 of 1975, submitted by the Women's Bureau; List of delegates to meeting with Min. of Health and Population Planning; organisations that have requested former ministers of health to set up a commission to enquire into the workings of the 1975 Abortion and Sterilization Act; Cosmopolitan's Abortion survey. 
Fa2.12  Women's Legal Status Committee (WLSC) 1 f. 
  Newsletter, Feb 1985; The 1975 South African Abortion Reform Law, (1976 convention, UNISA). 
Fa3  Newsletters and Journals 1 f. 
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Fa4.31  Talking Point: Abortion, Ippa Green and Belinda Walker, Cosmopolitan, June 1992 
Fa5  Reports 2 f. 
Fa5.1  South Africa 1 f. 
Fa5.1.1  Report of the Select Committee on the Abortion and Sterilization Bill, 1973, booklet (annotated) 
Fa5.1.2  Report of the commission of Inquiry into the Abortion and Sterilization Bill, 1974 (annotated) 
Fa5.1.3  Report of the Ad Hoc Select Committee on Abortion and Sterilisation, 29/06/95 
Fa5.2  England and Other 1 f. 
Fa5.2.1  Extracts from the Report of the Committee on the Working of the Abortion Act (UK), Vol.1, April 1974. 
Fa5.2.2  Extracts from On the State of the Public Health, Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer of the Dept. of Health and Social Security for the year 1972, HMSO, 1973 
Fa5.2.3  Selections from the Report of the Committee on the Working of the Abortion Act, 1974 (Lane Committee), Birth Control Campaign, London, booklet, 26p. 
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Fa6  Publications and Books 1 f. 
Fa6.1  Abortion in South Africa and Attitudes of Natal Medical Practitioners towards South African Abortion Legislation, J.Westmore, CASS, University of Natal, Durban, 1977. 
Fa6.2  Abortion in Demand, by Victoria Greenwood and Jock Young, Pluto Press, 1976 (book) (page 12 missing) 
Fa6.3  Abortion, Ten Years On, Birth Control Trust (UK), May 1978. 
Fa7  Statistics 1 f. 
Fa7.1  Annexures 21, 22, 34: abortion, sterilisations, family planning, pregnancy,  
Fa7.2  Abortion now; some figures and comments on the working of the Abortion Act (UK), Winter 1973, No. 2 Edition 2 
Fa7.3  Office of Population Census and Surveys (UK), OPCS Monitor, AB 75/4 and AB 75/8 
Fa7.4  SA statistics, 1974-975, 1975-1977, 1978 and undated 
Fa8  Population Explosion and Birth Control 1 f. 
Fa8.1  Birth control, by Patrick Laurence (5 Nov 1970); 
Fa8.2  World Population Explosion: Just how far can we go? by Dr G.Machanik (10 March 1970); 
Fa8.3  Population Growth: South Africa's Ticking Time Bomb, Optima Sept 1986; 
Fa8.4  Notes by H.Suzman - Interesting question of population statistics;  
Fa8.5  Advances in Fertility Control, ExcerptaExcepta Medica Foundation, Vol.5 No.2, Sept 1970; 
Fa8.6  Population Control: It's sorely needed, Dr. P.R. Erlich, Daily News 06/08/1970;  
Fa8.7  opening address by H.Suzman for Family Planning Conference, 31 July 1975;  
Fa8.8  press cuttings  
Fa9  Parliament 4 f. 
Fa9.1  Questions and Answers 1 f 
Fa9.1.1  South Africa 
Fa9.1.1.1  1968-1969 
Fa9.1.1.2  1977-1978 
Fa9.1.1.3  1980 
Fa9.1.1.4  1985 
Fa9.1.2  UK 
Fa9.1.2.1  Parliamentary Questions and Population References (PQR) Information Servuces (UK) Written Answer, Hansard 23 Nov. 1973, 29 Nov. 1973 
Fa9.1.2.2  PQRIS: Extract from Budget Debate, Hansard 28 Mar. 1974, Mrs. Castle; Hansard 03 Apr. 1974; Registrar General's Weekly Returns, 1974 No. 14; The Lancet Oct. 12 1974 'Why Admit Abortion Patients?'; Registrar General's Weekly Returns for England & Wales, week ended 13 Sept. 1974 
Fa9.1.2.3  PQRIS: Written Answer, Hansard 15 Oct. 1975 
Fa9.2  Debates, Readings and Motions 1f. 
Fa9.2.1  Unrevised Hansards - with some corrections by HS, no dates 
Fa9.2.2  Hansard (copy): debate on the Second Reading of the Abortion and Sterilisation Bill, 02/03/1982 
Fa9.2.3  Motions by HS and Alex Boraine on the Abortion and Sterilisation Bill (A.B. 51-'74) 1974 
Fa9.2.4  Motions by HS on Abortion and Sterilisation Bill, 1982 
Fa9.3  Bills, Acts 1 f. 
Fa9.3.1  Various items 
  Abortion and Sterilization Bill, 1973 [VW. 15-'73] (introduced by the Minister of Health as Read a First Time); Abortion and Sterilization Bill, 1974 [A.B. 51-'74], annotated by HS; Abortion and Sterilization Bill, 1975 [W. 7-'75]; Motion put by HS that "this house decline to pass the Second Reading...." 
Fa9.3.2  Abortion and Sterilization Act, No.2 of 1975 
Fa9.3.3  Abortion and Sterilization Draft Amendment Bill, in Government Gazette No. 7684, Vol. 193, 29/07/1981; Abortion and Sterilization Amendment Bill [B. 35-'82] as read a first time; House of Assembly Order Papers with amendments to the Bill 
Fa9.3.4  Abortion Act 1967 (UK), 4p. 
Fa9.4  Speeches made by H.Suzman 1 f. 
Fa9.4.1  Abortion & Sterilisation Act (amendment bill) AB 35-82, draft speech, 8p. 
Fa9.4.2  Draft speech, no date, 19p. 
Fa9.4.3  Draft speech to be given in House of Assembly on 2nd reading of the Bill, 28p. 
Fa9.4.4  Health Vote 1985, Personal Views, embargoed until delivered, 9p. 
Fa9.4.5  Draft speech which begins "Was disappointed to hear from the new Minister of Health …", no date, 6p. 
Fa9.4.6  Draft speech "A good deal has been said in the House this session about the population explosion…", no date, 6p. 
Fa9.4.7  Speech, Health Vote (Own Affairs) 19/08/1987, 7p. 
Fa10  Notes 1 f. 
Fa10.1  Assorted handwritten notes 
Fa10.2  Notes on legislation in the UK, 15p. 
Fa10.3  Some Personal Comments', PB, 5p. 
Fa10.4  Situation in the USA, 5p. 
Fa11  Press Cuttings 1 f. 
Fa11.1  Press Cuttings 1968, 1971-1976 
Fa11.1.1  Press Cuttings 1968 and Undated 
Fa11.1.2  Press Cuttings 1971 
Fa11.1.3  Press Cuttings 1972 
Fa11.1.4  Press Cuttings 1973 
Fa11.1.5  Press Cuttings 1974-1975 
Fa11.1.6  Press Cuttings 1976 
Fa11.2  Press Cuttings 1977 - 1985 
Fa11.2.1  Press Cuttings 1977 
Fa11.2.2  Press Cuttings 1978-1979 
Fa11.2.3  Press Cuttings 1980 
Fa11.2.4  Press Cuttings 1981-1982 
Fa11.2.5  Press Cuttings 1983-1986 
Fa11.2.6  Press Cuttings Undated 
Fa12  Miscellaneous 1 f. 
  Includes press cuttings on Mrs. Barbara Castle (UK Labour MP) on the NHS and abortion. 
Fb  MARRIAGE 9 f. 
Fb1  Matrimonial Affairs Act 1 f. 
Fb1.1  The Rights of Married Women, Hester M. Steyn, National Council of Women, pamphlet, English and Afrikaans, 20p. 
Fb1.2  Report in regard to the right of recourse of a spouse married out of Community of Property in respect of contributions for necessaries for the joint household in terms of section 3 of the Matrimonial Affairs Act, 1953, SA Law Commission, 1975 
Fb1.3  HS speech 'Brides Beware', 8p. 
Fb2  Matrimonial Property Law 4 f. 
Fb2.1  Select Committee on Matrimonial Property 1982. 1 f. 
Fb2.1.1  Submissions to the Select Committee. Includes letters and memoranda, 7 vols. 
Fb2.1.1.1  Volume 1: AA - II 
Fb2.1.1.2  Volume 2: JJ - ZZZ 
Fb2.1.1.3  Volume 3: 4A - 6B 
Fb2.1.1.4  Volume 4: 6C - 7G 
Fb2.1.1.5  Volume 5: 7H - 8C 
Fb2.1.1.6  Volume 6: 8D - 9S 
FB2.1.1.7  Volume 7: 9T - 9X 
Fb2.2  Reports 1 f. 
Fb2.2.1  Report pertaining to the Matrimonial Property Law with special reference to the Matrimonial Affairs Act, 1953, the status of the married woman, and the law of succession in so far as it affects the spouses, RP 26/1982 
Fb2.2.2  Report of the Select Committee on Matrimonial Property Law 1983. 
Fb2.2.3  Annual Report of the South African Law Commission 1980. 
Fb2.2.4  Transcript of discussion between H.Suzman and June Sinclair on the Matrimonial Property Bill, 59p. 
Fb2.2.5  Comments on the Matrimonial Property Bill, annotated and corrected, 10p. 
Fb2.2.6  Bill to Amend the Matrimonial Property Law and to Provide for Incidental Matters, 3p. 
Fb2.3  Memoranda 1 f. 
Fb2.3.1  Memorandum by the NCWSA re The Inheritance Rights of Spouses from each other, 31 July 1974, 4p. 
Fb2.3.2  Memorandum on the Proposed Matrimonial Property Act of 1978, Women's Legal Status Committee, May 1975, 7p. 
Fb2.3.3  Memoranda: Matrimonial Properties Bill, Women's Action Council of the PFP, Feb 1979, 7p. 
Fb2.3.4  Matrimonial Property and Women's Legal Disabilities, by Mr A.de Kock, paper given at the 1976 National Convention to Advance Women’s Legal Rights, 2p. 
Fb2.3.5  Memorandum on behalf of the National Council of Women of South Africa, by Mrs. Eily Murray, 3 Dec 1980, 5p. 
Fb2.3.6  SA Law Commission: Project No.6 of 1974, completed questionnaire by E.Murray of NCWSA on Matrimonial Property Law and related topics, 5p. 
Fb2.3.7  Explanatory Memorandum in respect of the Matrimonial Property Bill, SA Law Commission (?), 15p. 
Fb2.3.9  Review of the Law of Succession: report by S.A. Law Commission, Project 22, August 1987, booklet, 34p. 
Fb2.3.9  Marriage: a new deal, by Old Mutual, 1986, pamphlet, 16p. 
Fb2.3.10  Correspondence and documents on Matrimonial Property Bill, 1994 
Fb2.3.10.1  Dept. of Justice: Draft Explanatory Memorandum on the Matrimonial Property Bill 1984 (B4-1984), 31p. 
Fb2.3.10.2  HS taypescript rticle for The Star on the Bill, 18/06/84, 4p. 
Fb2.3.10.3  Document concerning a seminar to take place at UNISA, convened by the UNISA Forum Ladies Club, for husbands and wives to discuss the Matrimonial Property Bill and to be held on 09/09/85, 3p. 
Fb2.3.10.4  Four (4) page document ‘for June Sinclair’ headed ‘Chapter 9 – 33 – Mozambique’ (this was probably written after 05/10/92 as part of her memoir and is about the Matrimonial Property Bill), 5p. 
Fb2.3.10.5  Matrimonial Property Bill [B. 94-84, annotated by HS 
Fb2.2.10.6  Printed copy of the Dept. of Justice Explanatory Memorandum on the Matrimonial Property Bill, [W.P. 7-84]  
Fb2.3.10.7  Amendments to the Bill 
Fb2.3.10.8  Article from the Financial Mail on the Act, 26/10/84 
Fb3  Correspondence 1966, 1976-1978, 1980, 1982-1984, 1987 1 f. 
  Correspondents include: Margaret Babb, Ethne Cochrane, Min. H.J. Coetsee, S.de C.O'Grady (Bowman, Gilfillan & Blacklock), Mary de Haas, Min. J.Kruger, M.Lessing, V.G.Mansell (Edward Nathan & Friedland Inc.), Matrimonial Law Reform Society of SA,E ily Murray, R.Newton, Else Schreiner, Prof. C.H. (Cathy) Smith, R.Vice, Women's Legal Status Committee; J. Barrow, E. Moorcroft, E.H. Isaacs, Carmen Nathan. NB: there is much discussion in this correspondence of the effect that changes in the law will have on black women and their current legal status. 
Fb3.1  Correspondence 1966 
Fb3.2  Correspondence 1976 
Fb3.3  Correspondence 1977-1978 
  Includes Letter to HS from Eily Murray (NCWSA) 08/03/78 mentioning riots in Port Elizabeth Prison and a possible visit there; letter from E. Murray 19/04/78 about the black community’s attitude to the SA Police and why could there not be black women police who could handle cases to do with the Children’s Act, Maintenance Act etc., the black delegates to the NCWSA conference also concerned about birth certificates and about how the ‘ethnic group’ of a particular baby was determined; 
Fb3.4  Correspondence 1980, 1982 
Fb3.5  Correspondence 1983 
  Includes letter from Minister of Justice, H.J. Coetsee, 08/12/83 to HS “I would like to avail myself of the opportunity to express appreciation for your contribution towards meaningful [sic] law reform.” 
Fb3.6  Correspondence 1984 
  Includes: 07/06/84 letter from E. Murray about Child Welfare; 20/06/84 PS on a letter from HS to E. Murray “Not a single, solitary, female in the gallery to give silent encouragement while the debate was going on the whole of last week. Most extraordinary.” Letter from Mary de Haas, July 1984, about black women, the Matrimonial Affairs Bill and her research on marriage & divorce amongst black people in Durban; 
Fb3.7  Correspondence 1987 
Fb4  African Women and Marriage 1 f. 
Fb4.1  SA Law Commission, Working Paper 10, Project 51, Marriages and Customary Unions of Black Persons, Sept. 1985 
Fb4.2  Draft response to SA Law Commission Discussion Paper 74, Customary Marriages 22/01/1998 (SAHRC?); Media Statement by the SA Law Commission concerning its investigation into the review of the Marriage Act 25 of 1961, 07/01/1998 
Fb4.3  Penultimate draft of ‘The Changing Relationship between African Women and Property in Urban South Africa’, by S.Burman, 38p., Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Wolfson College, Oxford. 
Fb4.4  The Interaction of Legislation relating to Urban Africans and the laws regulating family relationships, by S.Burman, Acta Juridica, 1984. 
Fb4.5  Property, Marriage and Inheritance: The implications for Black South Africans, booklet, Standard Trust Ltd., Feb 1986, 32p. 
Fb4.6  Kwazulu Act on the code of Zulu Law, 1981 (Act 6 of 1981) 
Fb4.7  You and the Law: A Guide Book for Women who fall under the Natal Code of Native Law, by Z.Seedat and M.Nyembezi (in Zulu and English), The Women's Federation, 1975 
Fb4.8  Legal aspects of marriage in the townships, paper presented by Henry Helman, to the Conference on African Family Life organised by the Southern Transvaal region of the SAIRR & the Witwatersrand Christian Council, Nov 1967, 12p. 
Fb4.9  The suggested amendments to the laws recommended by the select committee appointed by the Kwazulu Government (carbon copy on flimsy paper), 6p. 
Fb5  Press cuttings 1 f. 
Fb5.1  Press cuttings 1965, 1970, 1975-1976 
Fb5.2  Press cuttings 1977 
Fb5.3  Press cuttings 1978-1979 
Fb5.4  Press cuttings 1980 
Fb5.5  Press cuttings Undated 
Fb6  Miscellaneous 1 f., incl. the Matrimonial Homes (Family Protection) (Scotland) Bill (H.L.) 27/04/1981; HS notes. 
Fc  DIVORCE 2 f. 
Fc1  Articles, Reports and Notes 1 f. 
Fc1.1  Report on the Law of Divorce and matters incidental thereto, South African Law Commission, 1978. 
Fc1.2  Aanvullende verslag - Die Egskeidingsreg en aangeleenthede wat daarmee verband hou, S.A.Law Commission, 9 April 1979. 
Fc1.3  Comments on the Divorce Bill, by June Cope, 7p. 
Fc1.4  Views of the NCWSA on the bill to amend the law relating to divorce, 1978, 2p. 
Fc1.5  Divorce and deprivation in South Africa, by S.B. Burman and J.Barry, Carnegie Conference Paper No.87, April 1984, booklet, 54p. 
Fc1.6  Divorce and the "Guilty" party, by Abri Meiring, in Her Own Financial Forum, Vol.2 No.1, 1981. 
Fc1.7  Divorce Bill, HS draft speech to House of Assembly, 17p. 
Fc1.8  Zeeman v. Zeeman. The question of 'token maintenance'; note from Carmen Nathan, Wits, 11/04/1979 
Fc1.9  Investigation into the possibility of making provision for a divorced woman to share in the pension benefits of her former husband, Report by S.A.Law Commission, 1986. 
Fc1.10  Divorce: what both parties should know, by Ian McNally, pamphlet, Women's Bureau of SA and Old Mututal, 28p. 
Fc2  Correspondence 1978-1980 1 f. 
  Correspondents include: Henry Helman, Jennifer Johnson, Roberta Johnston, Babette Kabak, A.I.Mackenzie (Pres. of NCWSA), Eily Murray, H.Suzman, Mrs. M.Viljoen. 
Fc3  Press Cuttings 
Fd1  Legal Status of Women 4 f. 
Fd1.1  Articles, Papers and Addresses 1 f. 
Fd1.1.1  The legal position of black women in South African Society, Carmen Nathan, University of the Witwatersrand, August, 1980, 38p. 
Fd1.1.2  Legal position of African women, Joan Church, Codicillus 1975(2), 6p. 
Fd1.1.3  The Legal Status of Black Women, speech to the 1976 National Convention to Advance Women's Legal Rights, G.M. Pitje, 1976, 8p. 
Fd1.1.4  The Legal Disabilities of Black Women in Employment, speech to the 1976 National Convention to Advance Women's Legal Rights, Lucy Mvubelo, 3p. 
Fd1.1.5  Women's Legal Disabilities, 9p. 
Fd1.1.6  The Legal Disabilities of African Women, by Zubie Seedat, Daphne Nene, Merina Nyembezi, Virginia Gcabashe, 8p. 
Fd1.1.7  Women and the Law by J. Lindemann and Z.Seedat. 
Fd1.1.8  Extracts from 06/03/1930 Debate on Women's Franchise, Hansard 
Fd1.1.9  1976 National Convention to Advance Women's Legal Rights. Opening Address of Justice Trengove, 27/09/1976 
Fd1.1.10  Report of Committee on the Legal Status of African Women, by SAIRR, 03/11/1958. 
Fd1.2  The Legal Disabilities of Zulu Women 1973 - 1982 
Fd1.2.1  Copy of a report by the Select Committee on the Legal Disabilities of Zulu Women (as appointed by the Kwazulu Legislative Assembly in May 1974), 35p. Plus Annexures A to E 
Fd1.2.2  Report to the Executive Councillor for Justice by the Select Committee investigating legal disabilities of Zulu women' 
  Original / later version (?) of 'Report to the Executive Councillor for Justice by the Select Committee investigating legal disabilities of Zulu women', sent to HS by M.G. Buthelezi, Mhlabatini, Kwazulu (includes a large pasted together survey of which there is a copy at Fd1.2.1) large spread sheet [not computer generated – 15 pages stuck together] entitled ‘A Summary of Views of the People in Places Visited by the Select Committee’ which range from Okhahlamba, Maphumulo and Umlazi to Nongoma Eshowe and Soweto. 
Fd.1.2.3  The Final Report of the Select Committee that was appointed to investigate the legal disabilities of Zulu women' 
  "The Final Report of the Select Committee that was appointed to investigate the legal disabilities of Zulu women: It would be recalled that this Committee submitted an interim report of its finding to the Executive Councillor for Justice on the 6/3/1975 and that that report was subsequently tabled before the Assembly in May 1975. The Committee wishes to point out that infact that report was complete in that all the terms of reference had been fully canvassed .... it was decided to table an interim report instead of a final one.", 8p., (part in Zulu) 
Fd1.2.4  The Suggested Amendments to the Laws recommended by the Select Committee appointed by the Kwazulu Government", 2p. 
Fd1.2.5  Iziphakamisi sekomidi zokujobeleia imithetho - Natal Native Code, 4p., Zulu 
Fd1.2.6  Reality, November 1975, A Journal of Liberal and Radical Opinion: Inside - Chief Buthelezi Speaks on Inkatha, M.L. Lipton on Zulu Women's Rights, 20p. 
Fd1.2.7  Republic of South Africa Government Gazette, No. 6188, Vol. 160, 20/10/1978 Amendment of the Natal Code of Black Law and Proclamation 103 of 1973 
Fd1.2.8  Kwazulu Government Notice No. 47 of 1982: Kwazulu Act on the Code of Zulu Law, 1981 (Act 6 of 1981), 18p., photocopy 
Fd1.2.9  HS notes 'Natal (Kwazulu) Code, 29/10/1982', 5p. 
Fd1.3  Correspondence 1973, 1975, 1977 
  Correspondents include: Dr P.M.Clark, M.Horrell, M.Lessing, K.E.Lindner, P.H.R.Loppert, J.Mann, Min. H.Muller, P.Sharratt, Dr S.Singh, H.Suzman, B.Walker, R.Webb, M.Wilson. 
Fd1.3.1  1973 and Jan. - March 1975: includes 19/02/75 telegram from Ronnie Webb of TUCSA congratulations to HS from the Equal Opportunity Committee of TUCSA for her “historic fighting speech on women’s rights”; 10/03/75 letter, on the embossed notepaper “Governor Sind” [presumably Sind in India] sending ‘you my personal congratulations and all good wishes” from Raana Liagnat [?] Ali Khan. 
Fd1.3.2  April - Aug. 1985, 1977 
Fd1.4  Women's Legal Status Committee 
Fd1.4.1  Correspondence 1977 
Fd1.4.2  Correspondence 1978 
Fd1.4.3  Newsletters: Dec. 1979, April 1981, Jan. 1982, May 1988 
Fd1.5  Women’s National Coalition 
Fd1.5.1  Compilation of papers submitted by foreign experts & background material for the International Conference ‘Ensuring Gender Equality in the New SA’, 7-9 May 1993, Jhb, SA.  
Fd1.5.2  Correspondence 1992-1993' document 'Multi-Party negotiating process monitoring report to the Women's National Coalition, 9th Report, 19/11/1993, Elsabe Wessels, 2 p. 
Fd1.6  The Women’s Lobby 
  Programme of action, 1992 
Fd2  Women's Rights in other countries 3 f. 
Fd2.1  Britain 1 f. 
Fd2.1.1  Women in Britain – Their Part in Public Affairs, booklet, Central Office of Information, 1954, booklet, 33 p. 
FD2.1.2  Women In Britain, Central Office of Information (COI), 1966, booklet, 33p. 
Fd2.1.3  Sex Discrimination – a guide to the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, COI, booklet, 54 p. 
Fd2.1.4  Sex Discrimination Act, 1975, HMSO 
Fd2.1.5  Women in Britain, COI, April 1975, booklet, 56 p. 
Fd2.1.6  Women in Britain, COI, August 1958, 20p. 
Fd2.1.7  Sex Discrimination Bill, Explanatory and Financial Memorandum, HMSO, 1975, 64 p. 
Fd2.1.8  Equality for Women, White Paper, HMSO, 1974 
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Fd2.1.10  Factel, Britain & International Women’s Year, COI Reference Division, 1975, 4p. 
Fd2.1.11  Chapter 3: Women’s Space in a Men’s House: The British House of Commons by Silvia Rodgers (from: Women & Space – Ground Rules and Social Maps, edited by Shirley Ardener, Cromm Helm, London, 1981) with a note to HS 29th January from ‘Virginia’, photocopy 
Fd2.1.12  Equal Opportunities Commission leaflets, 1975: A Guide for Employees; A Guide for Employers; Equal Opportunities - Education; EO - Housing, Goods, Facilities and Services; EO - A Short Guide to the Sex Discrimination Act 1975. 
Fd2.2  U.S.A. 
Fd2.2.1  The Proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution: A Memorandum, Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women (CACSW), March 1970, 18p. 
Fd2.2.2  The Equal Rights Amendment and Alimony and Child Support Laws, CACSW, 1972, 11p. 
Fd2.2.3  The Equal Rights Amendment – what it will and won’t do, CACSW, August 1970, 4p. 
Fd2.2.4  Interpretation of the Equal Rights Amendment in accordance with legislative history, 1974, 15p. 
Fd2.2.5  Recognition of Economic contribution of homemakers and protection of children in divorce law and practice, CACSW, 1974, 13p. 
Fd2.2.6  The Equal Rights Amendment – Senator Ervin’s Minority report and the Yale Law Journal, 1972, 13p. 
Fd2.2.7  Programme of the International Conference on the Status of Women, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, April 9-12 1975 
Fd2.2.8  Women’s Power to influence US Policy, Irene Tinker, Equity Policy Centre, Washington DC, 1984, 21p. 
Fd2.2.9  Equality of Rights Shall not be Abridged on Account of Sex – Questions & Answers on the proposed 27th Amendment to the Constitution, 4p. 
Fd2.2.10  How Women’s Rights could be the key to many of the world’s problems, Helvi Siplia, UN Assistant Secretary General, The Times, 23/04/75 
Fd2.2.11  ERA leaflets produced for the National Federation of Business & Professional Women’s Clubs 
Fd2.2.12  How & why to ratify the ERA, leaflet, NFBPWC 
Fd2.2.13  Answers to Questions about ERA, National Women’s Party, Washington DC 
Fd2.3  Other 1 f. 
Fd2.3.1  Africa Report, March-April 1981: Special Issue on Women and Africa 
Fd2.3.2  Women - a world survey, by Ruth Leger Sivard, World Priorities, Washington D.C., 1985. 
Fd2.3.3  Some Thoughts on Japanese Women, by M.Kuniko, 1980, 1p. 
Fe1  Various items 
Fe1.1  Memorandum on Women in Employment, The study group on Women in Employment, Hillbrow, Johannesburg, Feb. 1978, 60p. plus annexures  
Fe1.2  Where are Women in South Africa's Labour Force? Paper presented to Conference of Women in the Economy, Rand Afrikaans University (RAU) by Dr Dina Wessels, 22 Sept 1980, 3p. 
Fe1.3  South African Women, no date, no author, 8p. 
Fe1.4  Career Woman, No.56, May 1981, published by South African Federation of Business and Professional Women, booklet, 32p. 
Fe1.5  Statistics and List of Female Judges in different courts, SA Constitutional Court, 2004, fax 4p. 
Ff  TAXATION 4 f. 
Ff1  Memoranda, Articles and Reports 
Ff1.1  To the Honourable Senator O.P.F. Horwood, Minister of Finance: Petition concerning the taxation of married couples, March 1980, 6p. 
Ff1.2  To the Honourable Senator O.P.F. Horwood, Memorandum concerning separate taxation of married couples, submitted by the South African Society of Medical Women, 14 March 1980 
Ff1.3  Taxation as it affects women, the 1976 National Convention to advance women's legal rights, speech by Mr. B.Wunsh, 10p. 
Ff1.4  Taxation as it affects women, by B.Wunsh, English and Afrikaans, 3p. 
Ff1.5  Report on the Inquiry into the Taxation of the income of married women conducted by the Department of Inland Revenue in co-operation with the Standing Commission of Inquiry with regard to the taxation policy of the Republic, 1976, English and Afrikaans 
Ff2  Correspondence 1979-1980 
  including: 29/03/79 Handwritten letter on ‘J. Levine & Company Taxation Consultants’ headed notepaper “Hi Sweetie Pie, I really couldn’t be earlier off the mark on the Budget than this could I? Especially in view of my optical disability following recent cataract op. Thanks for your messages of condolence and hope. … Love Joe. [NB: in a 1978 letter HS calls him “My Skat”]; notes by HS for debate in parliament re taxation of married women, approx. April 1980. notes by HS for debate in parliament re taxation of married women, approx. April 1980.  
Ff3  Press Cuttings 
Ff3.1  Press cuttings 1975 and undated 
Ff3.2  Press cuttings 1976 - 1978 
Ff3.3  Press cuttings 1979 
Ff3.4  Press cuttings 1980 
Ff3.5  Press cuttings 1981 
Ff4  Miscellaneous 
  June 1977 telegram from Adelemarie van der Spuy, Chairwomen of Action 75 Aksie, 11th Ave. Parktown North: “Kindly refrain from representing married women as if they were beggars requesting further tax relief stop The promulgation of this attitude further institutionalizes joint taxation which the public does not want.”; 09/06/77 HS replies: “Suggest you read my entire speech before you presume to instruct me on how to argue taxation case in Parliament.”; also HS notes, unrevised Hansard and short speech for the Budget debate, quetionnaire on the taxation of the income of married women. 
Fg1  The Criminal Law and the Criminal Procedure Act Amendment Bill 3 f. 
Fg1.1  Correspondence 1987-1988. 
Fg1.2  Memoranda and comments on the Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Act Amendment Bill 1987 [B106-87 (GA)] 
  These are submissions from various individuals and entities on the Bill: there is an index; submissions are in 4 sequences A-Z (1987), A-Z (1988), 2A-2Z, 3A-3Z; NB - the collection is not complete 
Fg1.2.1  Index 
Fg1.2.2  J-Z (1987) (section N missing) 
Fg1.2.3  2A-2Q (1987) (sections 2F, G, M, O missing) 
Fg1.2.4  2R-2Z (1987) 
Fg1.2.5  3A-3I (1987-1988) 
Fg1.2.6  A-U (1988) (section C missing) 
Fg1.2.7  Miscellaneous un-numbered submissions 
Fg1.3  Miscellaneous. 
Fg1.3.1  HS speech, draft and final version, Criminal Law & Criminal Procedure Act Amendment Bill 'Rape Bill' 
Fg1.3.2  The Criminal Law and the Criminal Procedure Act Amendment Bill, 1987, 1b-1v-2404884, 14p (summarises supporting and opposing viewpoints) 
Fg1.3.3  The Criminal Law and the Criminal Procedure Act Amendment Bill, 1987, 1b-sg-2007886, 15p (support for and opposition to amended clauses) 
Fg1.3.4  The Criminal Law and the Criminal Procedure Act Amendment Bill [B 106-87 (GA)], 1b-th-0205886, alternative clauses document (shorter and longer versions, one annotated by HS) 
Fg1.3.5  Unrevised translation "The Minister of Justice: Mr Chairman, I move …", 2p. 
Fg1.3.6  Documents concerning the Bill (Afrikaans) 
Fg1.3.7  Notice of Meeting of Joint Committee on Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Act Amendment Bill, 07/02/1989, Draft Report (attached) with HS annotation as follows: “Most chauvinistic statement I’ve ever read and totally confused. Refuse to be party to such a statement.” 
Fg1.3.8  Criminal Law and the Criminal Procedure Act Amendment Bill [B 106-87 (GA)] (as introduced), annotated by HS; Government Gazette No. 10986, 09/10/1987 
Fg1.3.9  The Criminal Law and the Criminal Procedure Act Amendment Bill [B 106-87 (GA)] (as agreed to and rejected by the Joint Committee on the Criminal Law and the Criminal Procedure Act Amendment Bill) 
Fg1.3.10  The Criminal Law and the Criminal Procedure Act Amendment Bill [B 106-87 (GA)]-[B 36-89 (GA)], (as amended by the Joint Committee on the Criminal Law and the Criminal Procedure Act Amendment Bill) 
Fg1.3.11  Parliament of the Republic of South Africa, Announcements, Tablings and Committee Reports, Friday 10/02/1989 
Fg1.3.12  HS notes, 1p. 
Fg2  Articles, memoranda and reports 1 f. 
Fg2.1  Report on Women and Sexual Offences in South Africa, Project 45 of the South African Law Commission, April 1985, 200p. 
Fg2.2  Memorandum on proposed definition of rape, 3p. 
Fg2.3  Second report of the PMB Rape Crisis Group, 29 Nov 1982, 12p. 
Fg2.4  Motivations for Legal Reforms, proposed at the POWA / Rape Crisis Conference in Johannesburg, 10-11 April 1982, 3p. 
Fg2.5  Memorandum for Helen Suzman M.P., Rape Crisis (Judy Sandison), 17 May 1983, 2p. 
Fg2.6  Completed questionnaire on Project 45, Women and Sexual Offences in South Africa, Eily Murray NCWSA, 1983, 13p. 
Fg3  Miscellaneous 1 f. 
Fg3.1  Correspondence between Mike Tarr and Judy Sandison, 1988 
Fg3.2  Press cuttings: The Argus, 2-3 May 1983 
Fg3.3  Press cuttings: The Star, no date. 
Fh  GENERAL 3 f. 
Fh1  Articles 1 f. 
Fh1.1  Preliminary Research on Rural Women in South Africa, by Elize Moody, (notes taken from tape recording, original speech not available), 3p. 
Fh1.2  Natal Convention of Women, NCAWSA Durban Branch, 'Women: What of Your Future?', 12/07/1975, 3 papers: 'What remains to be done for women in South Africa', Helen Suzman, M.P., heavily corrected, 5p., 'The Blossoming Woman', DR. K. Goonam, LRCPS, 5p.,; 'Women - Prisoners of Normative Systems', DR. Harriet Sibisi, 5p, 
Fh1.3  South African Outlook, July 1975, Special Edition on women, with articles by Monica Wilson, Cherryl Walker, Sindi Sayedwa, Katherine Whitehorn, Han Suyin. 
Fh1.4  Article by Nicholas Smythe re Natal and Kwazulu codes of Zulu law (re women), 1994, 16p., letter to and from HS re the article. 
Fh2  Speeches (mostly drafts) by H.Suzman (See Mb2 for more speeches) 
Fh2.1  On the Power of women, to the Union of Jewish Women, 11/06/1974, 18p. 
Fh2.2  What remains to be done for women in South Africa, address by Mrs. Helen Suzman to the National Council of Women's Conference, Durban City Hall, 12/07/1975, 27p. (final version) 
Fh2.3  Women's Legal Disabilities, Private Member's Motion, 18/02/1975, 28p. 
Fh2.4  Address to Association of University Women, 18/08/1975, 17p. (imcomplete) 
Fh2.5  Critical Appraisal of Women in the Professions: Women in Politics, Grahamstown Convention, 01-05/12/75  
Fh2.5.1   Manuscript version 
Fh2.5.2  Typescript version 
Fh2.5.3  Carbon copy version (incomplete) 
Fh2.6  Address to Women's Luncheon, Durban, 30/08/1977, 4p. 
Fh2.7  Women's Rights, speech to the Congress of the Federation of Women of South Africa, Grahamstown (only page 1 of this document in file)  
Fh2.8  Women in Public Life, Herzlia School, 18/05/1978, 13p. 
Fh2.9  Speeches given to the Cape Town Business & Professional Women’s Club Symposium on Equal Pay for Equal Work with Equality of Opportunity, 23/05/1956, by DR. Myra Beyers, Mr. A. Roland Cohen, Mrs. Bertha Solomon, Mr. A. Loxton, Mrs. Helen Suzman 
Fh2.10  Toast to Federation of Business & Professional Women of South Africa, 3p., no date 
FH2.11  Women in Politics in South Africa (carbon copy), 7p., no date 
Fh2.12  Women’s Role in Politics (carbon copy), no date, 3p. 
Fh2.13.1  Handwritten in pencil: “Mr. Chairman, Ladies & gentlemen, in proposing the motion ‘In our age of progress South African Women lag behind’ … “, no date, 10p. 
Fh2.13.2  Notes for Fh2.13.1, pencil, ‘Summary women in Britain’, 7p. 
Fh2.13.3  More pencilled notes for Fh2.13.1 – ‘In an age of progress do SA women lag behind? 12 points’; some notes also on the reverse; 
Fh2.13.4  More pencilled notes for Fh2.13.1, 8p. 
Fh3  Press Cuttings 
Fh3.1  Press cuttings 1975-1976 
Fh3.2  Press cuttings 1977 
Fh3.3  Press cuttings 1981 
Fh3.4  Press cuttings 1982, 1988, 1992, undated 
Fh4  Miscellaneous  
Fh4.1  ‘Very confidential’: Women’s case as put to the Public Service Commission, concerning the South African government Treasury Circular No.2 of 1958 
  ‘Very confidential’: Women’s case as put to the Public Service Commission, concerning the South African government Treasury Circular No.2 of 1958 [probable date 30/09/1958] concerning women’s status and pay being reduced in SA civil service; “We are not interested in relief measures. What we want is a restoration of existing rights – they still exist up to 30th Sept. 1958. We have been placed in a paralysingly inferior position and the possibility of ever again competing with men on anything approaching equal terms has been taken from us by the ill-timed Treasury Circular No. 2 of 1958”; 7p., no author. 
Fh4.2  Majority Report, a publication of the Office for Women’s Affairs, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA 
Fh4.2.1  Vol. 3, Nos. 2-3, March 1990; 
Fh4.2.2  Vol. 5 No.1 Sept 1991;  
Fh4.2.3  Vol. 5 No.2 Jan. 1992; 
Fh4.2.4  Vol. 5 No.3 March 1992; 
Fh4.3  Maintenance of Surviving Spouses Act, No. 27 of 1990 
Fh4.4  Breaking Chains, the newspaper of the Abortion Law Reform Association (ALRA) UK, Spring 1991 
Fh4.5  Committee of Enquiry into Sexism & Sexual Harassment: Report, January 1992, Wits University, 27p. 
Fh4.6  ANC Women's League (Written) Representations to CODESA, 06/03/1992, 18p. 
Fh4.7  HS to the Director-General of the Department of Justice, Advocate J.J. Noeth, re ‘Equality for Women’ questionnaire, 17/03/1993 
Fh4.8  Adv. Noeth to HS replying to her letter / fax of 17/03/1993 
Fh4.9  Notes for the Women’s Conference of 17-18 May 1993, 3p. 
Fh4.10  27/07/93 & 10/08/93 correspondence between HS & Adv. F. Bosman, Dept. of Justice, about the Women’s Bureau that existed in 1984 
Fh4.11  Women’s Charter for Effective Equality Working document, adopted in principle at the National Convention convened by The Women’s National Coalition, 25-27/02/94, 11p. 
Fh4.12  25/02/94 & 12/03/94 Dot Cleminshaw to HS asking for her support for the “Declaration on raising the status of Women” & HS signed support document; Maintenance of Surviving Spouses Act, 27 of 1990 
Fh4.13  Abstract, 9p. 
Fh4.14  Corrected proofs for HS memoirs, Chapter 10 ‘Women’s Affairs’ ‘Abstract’, pp. 335 - 355 
Fh4.15  Draft speech (?), 'Women', 9p., 2 pages notes 
Fh4.16  Handwritten ‘Message from Helen Suzman to Gertrude Shope’ concerning campaign to ensure participation of women In the negotiation process, 30/03/1993 
Ga  Education: General 9 f. 
Ga1  Articles, Addresses and Notes 1 f. 
Ga1.1  Some comments on Bantu Education, Ellen Hellmann, 17-20 Jan 1961, SAIRR, Annual Council Meeting, Cape Town, 9p. 
Ga1.2  Financing of Bantu Education, by F.J. de Villiers,Secretary for Bantu Education, SAIRR, 18 Jan 1961, 22p. 
Ga1.3  The Financing of Bantu Education, SAIRR, 31 Aug 1964, (English and Afrikaans) 
Ga1.4  Secondary Education for Africans, SAIRR, 1965, 14p. 
Ga1.5  Address to the Teachers Educational and Professional Association, Cape Town, by Stanley G. Osler, 28 June 1965, 43p. 
Ga1.6  The Africans' Drive for Education in South Africa, by R.K. Muir and R. Tunmer, reprint from Comparative Education Review, Oct 1965, p. 303-322  
Ga1.7  Note on Introduction of Compulsory Primary Education for Bantu Children, Prof. Robert Birley, 30 Nov 1965, 8p. 
Ga1.8  Speech by Prof. R.Birley to Black Sash, 8 Dec 1965, 15p. 
Ga1.9  Context of speech delivered by Mrs T. Henderson when she spoke to the following resolutions at the Transvaal Congress, 23 June 1973, 4p. 
Ga1.10  The Real Cost of Education in South Africa, by G.R. Bozzoli, Sept 1973, p. 263-266, reprint from SA Journal of Science Vol. 69, Sept. 1973 
Ga1.11  People's Education for People's Power', SAIRR Topical Briefing, 3 Mar 1986, 8p. 
Ga1.12  Education for Blacks, policy Statement by Dr the Hon G.van N.Viljoen, MP, Min. of Cooperation, Development and Education, undated, English & Afrikaans, 13p. 
Ga1.13  Advisory Committee on Education. Background information to resolutions A17, A18 and A19, undated, 17p. 
Ga1.14  Human Resources and Education in the Republic of South Africa, by C.Wyndham, undated, 13p. 
Ga1.15  Some Educational Problems of East Africa, by Prof. Robert Birley, SAIRR, Dec 1964, 17p. 
Ga1.16  The school and the community: education for progress with special reference to the needs of the Coloured community, Achmat Davids, SAIRR conference, UCT, Jan 1971, 5p. 
Ga1.17  Coloured schools in chaos, Labour Party Bulletin - Transvaal Division, 19/01/1973 
Ga1.18  Education in South Africa: What has been done and what remains to be done, Mary McLarty, South African Affairs Pamphlets published by Society of the Friends of Africa, no date, pamphlet, 40p. 
Ga1.19  The Failure of Bantu Education, by Dr. W.G. McConkey, a publication by the Progressive Party (PP), undated, 15p. 
Ga2  Memoranda 2 f. 
Ga2.1  Memorandum submitted to Select Committee on the Union Education Advisory Bill, by the Home and School Council, undated, 27p. 
Ga2.2  Memorandum on Higher Education for Non-whites in South Africa consequent upon the enactment of the extension of University Education and Fort Hare University College Transfer Legislation, NUSAS, SAIRR Council Meeting, Cape Town 17-20 Jan 1961, 29. 
Ga3  Statistics 1 f. 
Ga3.1  Progressive Party's Educational Cutting and comments: No. 3, Oct. 1973, No. 5 April 1974, No. 10 May 1975. 
Ga3.2  Summary of dates of the introduction and extension of the limits of compulsory attendance for whites in the 4 provinces; Statistical Facts About Bantu Education; Schools and Pupils in the Union according to the type and course as at the 30th June 1960; other statistics 
Ga3.3  Document prepared by Frans Cronje from the South African Institute of Race Relations, giving an overview of African participation in education , December 2005, the document lists schools and pupils "in the Union" (the-then Union of South Africa) according to type of school and course as at 30/06/1960  
Ga4  Publications 1 f. 
Ga4.1  Blackout: A commentary on the Education Policy of the Instituut vir Christelike Nasionale Onderwys, 1959, The Education League, Sept. 1959, 35p.; enclosed is a leaflet: 'C.N.O. A Thing of the Past? What Verwoerd says and what we say", The Education League. 
Ga4.2  The 13th Step? The Education League, 1961, 20p. (English & Afrikaans) 
Ga4.3  The Bantu Education Act in Operation. NCW (National Council of Women) News, Sept 1962, Vol. 28, No. 3 
Ga4.4  The Mankind Quarterly, Vol v No.5, July-Sept 1964. 
Ga4.5  Saturday Review (US magazine), 15 May 1965, articles on education and poverty. 
Ga4.6  Bantu, Vol. 14 No. 2, Feb 1967, 'Education Explosion: S.A. Bantu all literate by 2,000' 
Ga4.7  Bantu Education Journal, Vol XIII, No.2, Feb 1967. 
Ga4.8  Wits University Convocation Commentary, Dec 1973, p. 14 'The day Helen got her DCL (Hon. Causa)', S.C. Newman 
Ga5  Correspondence 2 f. 
Ga5.1  General 1962-1975, 1979, 1986-1988. 
Ga5.1.1  1962, 1966: 14/03/62 letter from W. Colbourne [?], Secretary of Progressive Party offices in East London re the Joint Matriculation Board figures for 1961; also comments on extracts from the Daily Dispatch on the Treason Trial and Luthuli quotes on the franchise, Freedom Charter, ZK Matthews quote and from speech by Sir John Maud at the King Williamstown centenary celebrations in 1961; at the end he says “Please do not divulge the source of this information in any way.”; June 1966 [from London] Albert Beit [?] writes to HS about giving correct information re employment possibilities for qualified black people to a professor Manning; 
Ga5.1.2  1974 includes: 06/03/74 written reply to HS parliamentary question No. 129 about how many pupils enrolled in state schools, teachers and language of instruction in the previous year; 04/04/74 HS writes to Prof. I. Gordon “As you can imagine, life in Parliament is very much easier now for me. It is so good to have my sextuplets, all very nice chaps, as well as being able in their particular field. I can even contemplate taking a few days leave during the session – something previously unheard of for me”; she goes on to write about a possible merger with people who’ve left / are going to leave the United Party and about the “damn fool electorate in Natal” who repeatedly reject Ray Swart; 21/08/74 Barry Streek writes to HS about black students being refused by UNISA on the grounds that they have no ‘good conduct’ certificates from their previous universities that they were expelled from during “the disruptions last year.” 
Ga5.1.3  1975, 1979 includes: letter from Prof. E.G. Malherbe, Prof. I. Gordon and Feb. 1979, Henry Helman, attorney, re Ithole School, Amsterdam location; 
Ga5.1.4  1986 and undated: Sept.-Nov. 1986 correspondence between Charlene Smith, HS and Sam de Beer (Deputy Minister of Education & Training) about Bramwell Ndlovu’s attempts to write his matric exams for previous 3 years; Dec. 1986 – Jan. 1987 Travers Lister about setting up a farm school and finding funding for it; 07/09/87 letter to Richard Eyeington, headmaster of Wareford School in Swaziland about Mandla Mandela [Nelson Mandela grandson] and funds for his schooling from Form 1 to Form 5; Undated note about Rochelle Mtirara [young relative of Nelson Mandela] needing money for school fees etc., an additional note says “Bursary granted by USAID programme.” 
Ga5.2  Education Trust 1972-1973. 
  Most of the material in this folder consists of requests for educational funds / bursaries - see also Gb3 
Ga5.2.1  Items July-August 1972 
Ga5.2.2  Items September - December 1972 
Ga5.2.3  Items 1986 
Ga5.2.4  Items 1987-1988 
Ga5.3  Coloured schools in Riemvasmaak Reserve 1 f. 1966-1967. 
  21/10/66 James Rennie re Damaras and ‘Bantu education’ taking over Roman Catholic Schools, the children need to be taught in Afrikaans; should Riemvasmaak Bantu Reserve be re-classified as a Coloured area; correspondence between HS and Minister Viljoen (Coloured Affairs) on same topic, Nov. & Dec. 1966 
Ga6  Press Cuttings, 1978, 1986 1 f 
Ga7  Newsletters 1 f. 
Ga7.1  TACT (Transvaal Association of Coloured Teachers), Nov 1971 
Ga7.2  TACT Oct. 1972 
Ga8  Miscellaneous 1 f. 
Ga8.1  Article from Illustrated London News, 16/09/67, on using TV as a medium for teaching 
Ga8.2  “South Africa in Fact”, leaflet, Ministry of Information, 1967 (?); 
Ga8.3  Cuttings on the closure of the Lebagong Farm School, Muldersdrift (1972) and text of parliamentary question 
Ga8.4  1973 notes and cuttings and Action Committee agenda on Chris Jan Botha High School, Bosmont;  
Gb1  De Klerk Bills, 1987 1 f. 
  1987 documents concerning attempts by the SA government / Minister of Education to amend Section 25(1) of the Universities Act, No. 61 of 1955, to reduce the autonomy and to curtail on-campus protests by students and / or staff, threatening to withhold subsidies if they don’t comply; includes correspondence between P.J. Clase, Minister of Education and Culture and N.Stutterheim, Chairman of Council (1987); Statements and responses to the Minister's letter; The Truth about Wits; Wits World, Vol.3 No.2, Dec 1987; legal opinion; Academic Staff Association Statement (18/08/87); Statement by Student Observers on Council who were Rosemary Hunter, Etienne Marais and Scott Hazelhurst; other statements by Vice-Chancellor K. Tober, Prof. R.W. Charlton and President of the Convocation Eyvin Finsen. 
Gb1.1  Letter from Minister of Education and Culture, P.J. Clase, to Chairman of the Council, University of the Witwatersrand, 'Conditions Determined under Section 25(1) of the Universities Act, 1955 (Act 61 of 1955)', 05/08/1987 
Gb1.2  Letter from Minister of Education & Culture dated 5th August, 1987: Advice, 12/08/1987, 10p. 
Gb1.3  Academic Staff Association: Statement by the Executive Committee on the conditions which the Minister of Education and Culture intends to determine as a basis for the allocation of subsidies', 18/08/1987; Memorandum issued after discussion by student leaders, Etienne Marais, Scott Hazelhurst, Rose HUnter (Student Observers on Council), 19/08/1987; 
Gb1.4  Letter to P.J. Clase fromProf. Karl Tober, VC and Principal Wits, 25/08/1987; letter to P.J. Clase from N. Stutterheim, Chairman of Council, 25/08/1987; The Senate's Response to the Minister's letter; statement by the Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Professor K. Tober, 28/10/1987; 'The Truth About Wits: Excellence in teaching and research - let the facts speak', signed by various Faculty Deans; 
Gb1.5  Letter to Dr. N. Stutterheim from Minister P.J. Clase, 13/10/1987; declaration by the Vice-Chancellor Designate, Prof. R.W. Charlton, 28/10/1987 
Gb1.6  Wits World, Vol. 3, No. 2, December 1987, 'University's Autonomy Challenged' 
Gb1.7  Statement on Academic Freedom and the Autonomy of the Universities, President of the Convocation of the University of the Witwatersrand, Eyvind Finsen; Call for Nominations - President of the Convocation. 
Gb2  Turfloop 1 f. 
  (1146 students expelled on 04/05/72) 
Gb2.1  Telexed text of Abraham Onkgopotse Ramothibi Tiro's graduation speech at the end of which he said “Remember that Mrs. Suzman has said ‘There is one thing which the Minister cannot do: he cannot ban ideas from men’s minds.’”; 
Gb2.2  HS Committee Speech on Bantu Education Vote referring to 'recent events at the University of the North at Turfloop', undated, 4p. 
Gb2.3  House of Assembly paper with text of HS question on declarations of loyalty being demanded at 'Bantu' universities, and the answer thereto, 12/03/1971; 05/02/1971 letter from Geoffrey Norman, Wits SRC, enclosing a copy of the 'oath' or declaratio; cuttings from The Star 10/12/1970, 02/03/1971. 
Gb2.4  Assorted press cuttings on situation at Turfloop, May 1972 
Gb3  Bursaries 1 f. 
Gb3.1  Register of Bursary Funds available to Black, Coloured and Indian students for the 1987 and 1990 Academic Year, Education Information Centre, Johannesburg 
Gb3.1.1  Register 1987 
Gb3.1.2  Register 1990 
Gb3.2  Correspondence 7 f. 1973-1989 
Gb3.2.1  Correspondence 1973-1975 
  Includes: Iketsetseng Private School for Girls – Lesotho, 1973; The United Sisterhood, Temple Emmanuel; AH Leon; Patience Sithole (recipient); Zach de Beer; Pearl Nkumane (recipient); H.M. Hirsch; ASSET (American-South African Study & Education Trust) report 1975; Merle Lipton;  
Gb3.2.1.1  Correspondence 1973-1974 
Gb3.2.1.2  Correspondence January - August 1975 
Gb3.2.1.3  Correspondence Sept. -Dec. 1975 
Gb3.2.2  Correspondence 1976 - 1977 
  Includes: Alex Boraine MP; Isaacson Foundation Bursary Fund, Valerie Chipkin; David Brodie; M. Seedat; letter from H.M. Hirsch to HS has a postscript which says “Can we doing anything for Winnie? Together? I am so busy – but if there is anything I can do – I will find the time.” 
Gb3.2.2.1  Correspondence 1976 
Gb3.2.2.2  Correspondence 1977 
Gb3.2.3  Correspondence 1978 
  Includes: Ernest Oppenheimer Memorial Trust letter with statistics attached showing distribution & racial breakdown of donations in 1976-78; United Sisterhood; Rosemary Thabisile Dlamini (bursary recipient) “… I wish you a Happy Christmas and please may I know your birthday date. I have always heroworshipped you, I never knew you would do me such a big life-saving favour. Whatever good I shall be hereafter, I will be, because of you … I have got a lot of your newspaper-cutting-pictures I feel I already know you.” 
Gb3.2.3.1  Correspondence Jan - Sept 1978 
Gb3.2.3.2  Correspondence Oct - Nov 1978 
Gb3.2.4  Correspondence 1979-1980 
  Includes:July 1979 Mrs U.B. Mothopeng (wife of man recently jailed for 15 years at the Bethal Trial) re her Nightingales Choir in Orlando West; V. Chipkin, SAIRR; Ernest Oppenheimer Memorial Trust (EOMT); United Sisterhood – Temple Emmanuel; Thabisile Rosemary Dlamini; Alcott P. Blow (who says he’s PAC and was on Robben Island 1963-66); Clare Rheinallt-Jones (re the Bridgman Memorial Trust); Andrew Browne; 
Gb3.2.4.1  Correspondence Jan-Aug 1979 
Gb3.2.4.2  Correspondence Sept-Dec 1979 
Gb3.2.4.3  Correspondence 1980 
Gb3.2.5  Correspondence 1981-1982 
  Includes: EOMT; Dr. Sandra Burman; Randolph Erentzen (UWC); Zach de Beer about Rebecca Mphahlele; Bishop Desmond Tutu (SACC); 
Gb3.2.5.1  Correspondence 1981 
Gb3.2.5.2  Correspondence Jan-Aug 1982 
Gb3.2.5.3  Correspondence Sept-Dec 1982 
Gb3.2.6  Correspondence 1983-1985 
  Includes: Bishop Tutu who addresses HS as “My dear child”; Raymond Tucker; Z. de Beer; Winnie Mandela (in Brandfort); HS letter to de Beer mentions “… A rather strange-looking fellow called Matthews Malefane, who lives with Winnie as a general factotum – body guard (what have you?). Don’t be put off by his appearance – he’s a Rastafarian.”; letter from Rosemary Dlamini (Nov. 1984) now doing her Masters degree in education, “Dear Mother – I have every right to call you mother because you have brought me to where I am … when I saw you on TV battling Ciseki’s battles I just felt a great rush of emotion . You are the greatest! … God bless you are a rare find, I will always love you.”; Pierre Hugo, UNISA, SAIRR; McLean Trust re Letaba Junior School; De Beer’s Chairman’s Fund Education Trust; 
Gb3.2.6.1  Correspondence 1983 
Gb3.2.6.2  Correspondence 1984 
Gb3.2.6.3  Correspondence 1985 
Gb3.2.7  Correspondence 1986-1989 
  Includes: letter from HS to BP to ask for help with school fees for Sino Xaba (Winnie’ s niece, daughter of her sister who was killed in car crash in 1985), letter also mentions Coretta Scott King’s visit to SA; Himie Bernadt, 25/06/87 “Dear Helen, Thank you for your letter on 23rd instant. I have conveyed contents to Nelson as well as the gist of our telephonic discussion on 22nd instant. I look forward to hearing from you concerning any progress regarding Mandla Mandela.”; Billy Gundelfinger, The SA ORT Bursary Trust; HS letter to a Mr. Freimond, at EOMT re the possibility of them funding 13 year old Mandla Mandela through Waterford School; Rose Magid re artists to study opera in New York, Bongani Tembe & Sinda Bukhosini & HS replies mentioning that her husband Mosie is in hospital after a suspected stroke; Mr. B.L. Matlala of St. Peter’s Secondary School, Ga-Rakgoadi about a bursary to be in HS name for female students to attend university 
Gb3.2.7.1  Correspondence 1986 
Gb3.2.7.2  Correspondence 1987 
Gb3.2.7.3  Correspondence 1988 
Gb3.2.7.4  Correspondence Jan-Aug 1989 
Gb3.2.7.5  Correspondence Sept-Dec1989 
Gb4  Universities 1 f. 
Gb4.1  Analysis of the 2nd Interim Report of the Van Wyk de Vries Commission of Inquiry into Universities by Senate Academic Freedom Committee, University of the Witwatersrand, April 1975.  
Gb4.2  The rights and responsibilities of Universities in contemporary society: A series of special lectures given in July-August 1973 at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, edited by L.J. Suzman, Professor and Head of the Department of Philosophy. 
Gb4.3  Universities and Utopia, lecture by Robert Birley for The Chancellor's Lecture, Witwatersrand University Press, 1965, with personal letter and dedication to Helen Suzman by Dr Robert Birley. 
Gb4.4  The Open Universities in South Africa, published on behalf of the conference of representatives of the University of Cape Town and the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, held in Cape Town, 9, 10 and 11 January 1957, Witwatersrand University Press, 1957 
Ha1  Articles 1 f. 
Ha1.1  S.A.Progressive Reform Party: Health Policy; includes comments on draft health policy by Dr. Selma Browde, Oct 1975 (page 2 missing) 
Ha1.2  Apartheid Medicine, by David Mechanic, a reprint from Society, March/April 1973. 
Ha1.3  Family Planning is the Only Solution, by P.H. Moore. 
Ha1.4  Apartheid and Medical Education: The training of black doctors in South Africa, by Phillip V. Tobias, Journal of the National Medical Association, Vol.62 No.4, 1980, with annotation “ For Helen Suzman in admiration and affection from Philip Tobias” 
Ha1.5  The perverse politics of procreation, by Denis Beckett, Frontline, Feb 1982 
Ha1.6  Health: Basic Statistics, 4p. 
Ha2  Reports 1 f. 
Ha2.1  Department of Health Services & Welfare, Annual Report, 1986. 
Ha3  Correspondence 1976, 1982 1 f 
  Includes: 22/01/1976 to Dr. A.L. Boraine from Dr. G.O. Barbezat concerning health policy; correspondence concerning Leonard Gordon, certified and in Valkenberg, HS, Gordon and Marius Barnard M.P.; correspondence between HS and Dr. C. vd Heever concerning article by J.F. Smith on Baragwaneth Hospital (1982) 
Ha4  Press Cuttings 1 f. 
  1975, 1981, 1986. 
Hb1  Articles and Reports 1 f. 
Hb1.1  The Problem of Gastro-Enteritis and Malnutrition in the Non-European Preschool Child in South Africa, I.Robertson, J.D.L.Hansen, A.Moodie, reprint fromS.A.Medical Journal, Vol.34, 23 April 1960, 7p. 
Hb1.2  The Management of Gastro-Enteritis with dehydration in Out-patients, M.D.Bowie, reprint from S.A.Medical Journal, Vol. 34, 23 April 1960, 4p. 
Hb1.3  The Clientele of a Children's Hospital in Cape Town, F.J.Ford, G.M.Lurie, W.Wittman, F.Harri, reprint from S.A.Medical Journal, Vol.35, 23 Dec 1961, 5p. 
Hb1.4  Kwashiorkor in Cape Town: the Background of Patients and their progress after discharge, A. Moodie, reprint from The Journal of Paediatrics, Vol.58 No.3, March 1961, 12p. 
Hb1.5  Optimal Nutrition and the Responsibility of the Nutritionist, M.M.Suzman, 7 Nov 1960, Presidential address to the Nutrition Society of SA, 8p. 
Hb1.6  Paper on Malnutrition. Response to Questionnaires by the Dept. of Health, 34p. 
Hb1.7  Malnutrition in South Africa, T.Vergnani. Unit for Future Research (UFR), Stellenbosch Bureau for Economic Research (BER) Occasional Paper 83/1, Feb 1983. 
Hb2  Correspondence 1 f. 
  1974, 1976, includes: Sept. / Oct. 1974, correspondence between HS, Dr. R.S. Henderson (about Ngwelezama Hospital) S.J. de Beer (Secretary for Health) & Deputy Minister for Bantu Administration & Development Raubenheimer; 23/01/1976 HS to Dr. Peter Price in Bloemfontein about malnutrition to again be a notifiable disease and mentions “This is going to be a terrible session – much patriotic breast-beating over Angola … I had a little letter from Sakkies Fourie. He is a wonderful old man. Please give him my love. How I wish he were here with us.” HS also sends condolences to Mrs. Marquard on the death of Dawie Marquard 
Hb3  Press Cuttings 1 f. 
Hb3.1  Press cuttings 1959-1960 
Hb3.2  Press cuttings 1961-1962 
Hb3.3  Press cuttings 1963, 1980, undated 
Hc  DRUGS 7 f. 
Hc1  Articles 1 f. 
Hc1.1  Papers (5) given at The American Federation for Clinical Research Symposium on Drug Abuse, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 01/05/1971 
Hc1.2  Medical Progress: Marihuana, Richard Colestock Pillard, M.D., NEJM, Vol. 283, No. 6, 06/08/1970, 10p. 
Hc1.3  LSD Revisited: A Ten-Year Follow-up of Medical LSD Use, W.H. McGlothlin and D.O. Arnold, Arch Gen Psychiat, Vol. 24, Jan 1971, 15p. 
Hc1.4  Drug Abuse and Medical Leadership, editorial, Arch Gen Psychiat, Vol. 25, Oct. 1971, 2p. 
Hc1.5  Narcotics and Medical Practice: Medical Use of Morphine and Morphine-like Drugs and Management of Persons Dependent on Them, Council on Mental Health, JAMA, 25/10/1971, Vol. 218, No. 4, 6p. 
Hc1.6  Special Communication: Patterns of Drug Use Among Marihuana Smokers, A.S. Carlin and R.D. Post, JAMA, 08/11/1971, Vol. 218, No. 6, 2p. 
Hc1.7  Cerebral Atrophy in Young Cannabis Smokers, A.M.G. Campbell, M. Evans, J.L.G. Thomson, M.J. Williams, The Lnacet, December 4 1971, 8p. 
Hc1.8  South Africa's New Pattern of Drinking, SA Outlook, December 1972; press cutting "Arrests not the answer to drugs' 
Hc1.9  House of Assembly 'Question standing over from Friday 04/05/1973', 'Mrs. H. Suzman to ask Minister of Statistics…', reply included; press cutting 'Suzman attacked on dagga question' 
Hc1.10  ISR Newsletter, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, Winter 1975, 'Increasing Marijuana Use Accompanied by Decreases in Other Offenses, National Survey of Youth Shows' pp. 4-6 
Hc1.11  Party, on the debate in Parliament on drugs, 1p. 
Hc2  Statistics 1 f. 
Hc2.1  SA House of Assembly questions and answers on various drug-use related matters, 1974, 1979, 1980 
Hc2.2  UK Statistics of Drug Addiction and Criminal Offences involving Drugs, 1958-1971 
Hc2.3  1967 Statistics for Drug Addiction and Drugs Offences, Home Office, 8p. 
Hc2.4  1968 Statistics for Drug Addiction and Drugs Offences, Home Office, 810p. 
Hc2.5  1969 Statistics for Drug Addiction and Drugs Offences, Home Office, 5p. 
Hc2.6  1970 Statistics for Drug Addiction and Drugs Offences, Home Office, 6p. 
Hc2.7  1971 Statistics for Drug Addiction and Drugs Offences, Home Office, 5p. 
Hc3  Reports 1 f. 
Hc3.1  Report of the Committee of Inquiry into the Abuse of Drugs, 1970;  
Hc3.2  Powers of Arrest & Search in Relation to Drug Offences, UK Advisory Committee on Drug Dependence, HMSO, 1970; 
Hc3.3  The Amphetamines and Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD), Advisory Committee on Drug Dependence, HMSO, 1970; 
Hc3.4  Misuse of Drugs Bill (UK), HMSO, 10/12/1970; 
Hc3.5  Misuse of Drugs Act (UK), HMSO, 1971; 
Hc3.6  Drug Abuse Prevention Report Vol.1 No.3, July / August 1973 (USA); 
Hc3.7  Drug Abuse Prevention Report Vol. 1, No. 4, Sept. / Oct. 1973 (USA); 
Hc3.8  A ‘NORML’ Special Report, 15/08/1975, A compilation of State Citation Laws for Minor Marijuana offences (USA); 
Hc3.9  Drugs and the Schools, Department of Education and Science, UK, pamphlet, 20p. 
Hc3.10  National Drug Abuse Personnel Selection and Data system, Executive Office of the President, Washington DC (nd) 
Hc4  Correspondence 1971-1973, 1 f. 
Hc4.1  Correspondence 1971-1972 
  Includes: 09/06/1971 HS to the editor of the Sunday Tribune on the United Party’s misrepresentation of what she said and did in parliament; 26/06/1972 HS to the editor of The Star replying to letter from A.D. Bensusan; 
Hc4.2  Correspondence 1973 
  Includes: correspondence with Ralph M. Sussman, member of the US National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse; 14/08/1973 HS sets out her position on drugs in a letter to Mr. A. Cahill of Scottburgh South; draft PFP / HS notes on the 'Dagga issue' 12/12/1973; 
Hc5  Publications 1 f. 
Hc5.1  Medical Proceedings: SA Journal for the Advancement of Medical Science, Vol. 17, No. 19, 18/09/1971; 
Hc5.2  as above, Vol. 17, No. 8, 17/04/1971 
Hc5.3  as above, Vol. 17, No. 26, 25/12/1971 
Hc5.4  ‘New York’ magazine, August 25 1975: Entering the New Age of Pot, by Albert Goldman 
Hc6  Press Cuttings 1971-1973, 1975 1 f. 
Hc6.1  Press cuttings 1971 
Hc6.2  Press cuttings 1972 
Hc6.3  Press cuttings 1973 
Hc6.4  Press cuttings 1975 and undated 
Hc7  Miscellaneous 1 f. 
  Includes: assorted notes, draft speeches, letters, press cuttings on the issue of drugs in South Africa and HS opinion on the matter; Mayor’s Committee on Dagga (Office of the Mayor, City of Johannesburg) – leaflet on drug dealers and children (nd); HS question in parliament about Mdadeni Township drugs rehabilitation centre 
Hc8  Legalisation of Marijuana 
Hc8.1  Correspondence re input and opinions on the legalisation of marijuana, 1f. 1998-2005 
  Correspondents include: Sheila Camerer, Ethan Nadelson (Drug Policy Alliance, New York), Andre du Plessis, Richard Tren, Dr. Frances Ames, Phillip O. Coffin (the Lindesmith Centre, New York), J. Odendaal (Sandringham Precinct Drug Forum, Johannesburg); HS letters to newspapers; 
Hc8.1.1  Correspondence May 1998, 15-17/06/1998 
  Includes: 17/06/1998 Frances Ames to HS commenting on hemp and at the end of her letter she says “I always remember how you made time to drop in to the Supreme Court during the Biko case hearing – it put new strength into it.”17/06/1998 Frances Ames to HS commenting on hemp and at the end of her letter she says “I always remember how you made time to drop in to the Supreme Court during the Biko case hearing – it put new strength into it.” 
Hc8.1.2  Correspondence 24-30/06/1998 
  Includes: June 1998 correspondence between HS and Frances Ames: FA’s quite personal – concerning her son in the US amongst other things; June 1998: Stephen Suzman, HS nephew in the USA, sends her 9 pages of info on hemp and marijuana, HS replies “My dear Nephew, … I don’t intend to make this Custer’s last stand, but it will certainly be useful, as I still have a couple of television interviews on my death-defying statement on decriminalising dagga. … Life here proceeds as usual. We advantaged neo-conservative liberals continue to live our privileged life; unemployment is as high as ever; crime and violence continue to occupy suburban dinners conversations, and the Rand goes down the drain.” 
Hc8.1.3  Correspondence August-Sept. 1998 
  Includes: 14/09/1998 HS to Simon Jenkins, a journalist at The Times in London who sent some of his articles on the UK Drugs Act etc.,. HS puts forward her views on dagga decriminalisation, the Human Rights Commission “most of the complaints we receive are not for us” and “However now and then we do get an interesting case to deal with, other than white boys at integrated schools calling the black boys baboons, which infuriates most of my fellow commissioners, but which I don’t consider to be sufficiently serious to warrant full-scale public hearings.” She also writes about the case of a women who’s been “house-arrested by the tribe for 10 months” (this was near the Botswana border, the community of Chief Pilane) because she refuses to perform a “tribal ritual” because it clashed with her religion as a Jehovah’s Witness. She goes on to mention that there are too many expensive meetings, workshops and bosberaade – which money should go to “building houses which provide shelter and jobs, both desperately needed.” 
Hc8.1.4  Correspondence 1999-2000 
  Includes: more correspondence with Dr. Frances Ames HS writes about the Democratic Party (DP) and “nasty little Mr. Crystal”, she is “bothered re the number of card-carrying SACP members there are in the ANC caucus”, COSATU doesn’t “give a damn about unemployment, they are only out for higher wages for their own members”, cats – “it’s lovely to have furry, purry creatures next to you while you are reading or snoozing. Me – I much prefer them to little children. I should be in the Guinness [sic] Book of Records as the only politician who, while in office for 36 years, never kissed a baby!”; 
Hc8.1.5  Correspondence 2001-2002 
Hc8.1.6  Correspondence 2003-2005 
  Includes: correspondence with Sheila Camerer, M.P. 
Hc8.2  Personal notes and information on dagga (mraijuana) 
Hc8.2.1  The Anatomy of Prohibition, Andre Croucamp, February 1998, 68p. 
Hc8.2.2  Includes: Towards a Sane National Drug Policy, Ethan Nadelman and Jann S. Wenner, Rolling Stone, 03/05/1994; article from the San Francisco Examiner on the 'pros' and 'cons' of cannabis, 27/12/1997; Reefer Madness 1997, Ethan Nadelman, Rolling Stone, 20/02/1997;  
Hc8.2.3  HS notes, assorted 
Hc8.3  News clips and personal replies by H.Suzman to various newspapers 1 f. 
  Including: Peter Mascher cartoon of a Rasta Party meeting “Helen for President” and a Zapiro cartoon of HS smoking a spliff (dagga joint) labelled ‘Decriminalisation’ and a badge written ‘Skankin’ Suzman’; one set of cuttings with letter from HS to the Citizen newspaper concerning Ronelle Sartor, Director of Phoenix House Rehabilitation Centre has “Sod her” written across the top; 
Hc8.3.1  News clips and personal replies 2000 
Hc8.3.2  News clips and personal replies 2001 
Hc8.3.3  News clips and personal replies 2002-2005 
Hc9  The case of Brigene Young,  
  Convicted of Drug trafficking in Mauritius. Included: notes; various correspondence with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Mauritius, Paul Raymond Berenger and Government offices of Mauritius and South Africa; email correspondence with concerned individuals; correspondence with Brigene Young, from the Women's prison in Mauritius, 2003-2007 1 f.  
Hc9.1  Correspondence August-October 2003 
Hc9.2  Correspondence November 2003 
Hc9.3  Correspondence December 2003 
Hc9.4  Correspondence January-May 2004 
Hc9.5  Correspondence June-October 2004 
Hc9.6  Correspondence 2005 
Hc9.7  Correspondence 2007-2008, undated 
Hc9.8  Southern African Development Community (SADC) Protocol of Extradition, 9p. 
Hd1  Correspondence 1966, 1974-1975 1 f. mainly between HS, Dr. Hymie Penn and Dr. Selma Browde 
Hd1.1  Letters to Dr. H. Penn from the Ministry of Health, 1966 
Hd1.2  Letters 1974 
Hd1.3  Hymie Penn and Selma Browde, item from SA Medical Journal 02/03/75; 
Hd1.4  Hymie Penn (Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon) to HS, 03-09/04/1975 
Hd1.5  Undated 'Friday 8pm', DR. Hymie Penn to HS, 6p. 
Hd2  Miscellaneous 1 f. 
Hd2.1  HS notes 29/12/1972 
Hd2.2  One page from Government Gazette No. 3750, 29/12/192; one page from SA Mediese Tydskrif, 14/12/1972 'New Statutory Tariff'; 
Hd2.3  Recognised Medical Aids', Confidential, January 1973, fax, 6p. 
Hd2.4  Minutes of a Special Meeting of Federal Council held on Saturday 8 February 1975, Medical Association of SA, supplement to SA Medical Journal 08/03/1975 
Hd2.5  Medical Schemes Amendment Bill, [B. 50-'75], as read a First Time 
Hd2.6  HS notes, undated 
Hd2.7  Memorandum re Proposed Amendments to the Medical Schemes Act (1967), 6.,; undated press cuttings 
Hd2.8  Unrevised Hansard, undated, HS speech in Parliamentary debate 
He  PENSIONS 1 f. 
  Includes: correspondence (1970, 1979, 1988); Pensions should add life to years; incl. 1970 letter to Dr. Bella Shawsin from HS thanking her for curing fibrositis in her shoulder, 1979 letter from Mr. Thomas Baloyi an OAP in Mamelodi and 1988 from Mrs. Sandy Stewart of the PE Black Sash re speedier processing of pensions for Black pensioners 
Hf1  Photocopied chapters from the book 'The Reagan Experiment' by John Palmer, c. 1982 
Hf2  Photocopied pages from the book 'Meeting Human Needs: Towards a New Public Philosophy' edited by Jack A. Meyer, 1982 (pages 434-437 missing) 
Hf3  Unemployment Insurance Fund, Dept. of Manpower, Report for the Year End 31/12/1983 
Hf4  Photocopied pages from Public Administration Review September/October 1984 
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Hf6  Photocopied pages from 'Health and Human Services': Food Stamps, Medicaid, Social Services and Aging 
Hf7  Photocopied chapter from the book 'The County and Public Welfare': 'Welfare - Federal, State, Local' by Arthur E. Fink 
Hf8  Photocopied pages from 'State and Local Governments': 'Welfare, Health and Housing' (page 354 missing) 
Hf9  Government documents on welfare sent to HS from the USA, 29/01/1985 
Hg1  The case of Sister Zebia Mpendu 
  Correspondence, 1971-1976, concerning repeated attempts to effect the restoration of nurse Miss Zebia Mpendu to the nursing register (she was convicted under the Suppression of Communism Act, and served time in prsion); correspondents include Reverend David Russell, Lilly Herbstein, Peggy Levey, Judge J.H. Steyn, the SA Nursing Council, Mrs. A.M. Gurney (Hutton and Cook Attorneys), Justice J.H. Steyn, the Minister of Health Dr. J. de Beer 
Hg1.1  Correspondence 1971 
Hg1.2  Correspondence 1972 
Hg1.3  Correspondence 1973 
Hg1.4  Correspondence 1974 
Hg1.5  Correspondence 1975 
Hg1.6  Correspondence 1976: includes a 'Thnak you' card to HS from Sister Mpendu 
Hg2  The Pros and Cons of Fluoride 1 f. 
Hg2.1  Fluoride: Facts for the Health Professions in South Africa, The Dental Association of SA, May 1978, pamphlet, 28p. 
Hg2.2  Journal of the Dental Assoxiation of SA, Vol. 34, No. 3, March 1979 - Fluoridation Issue 
Hh1  Publications & Articles 
Hh1.1  The Politics of AIDS, by Virginia van der Vliet, Bowerdean Briefings, Bowerdean Publishing Company, 1996 
Hh1.2  AIDS Alert, OMEGA Investment Research, The Expert Analysis Service by Virginia van der Vliet, printouts of various electronic copies, 2004-2006  
Hh1.3  Articles 
Hh1.3.1  Health care reform and the crisis of HIV and AIDS in South Africa, by Solomon Benatar, The New England Journal of Medicine, July 2004 
Hh1.3.2  Old ways, new rules: On integrating Traditional and Western medicine, Part I: Practicalities, by Virginia van der Vliet, in response to the Traditional Health Practitioners Act of January 2008, published April 2008. 
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Hh1.3.7  The most devastating health crisis in history', published in Fast Facts, a publication of the South African Institute of Race Relations, December 20004 
Hh2  Correspondence and notes, 1998-2004 
  Correspondents include Virginia van der Vliet, Gavin Humphrey, HS, Steven Markovitz (Big World Cinema), Joseph G. Hatterley (USA); HS letters to the Citizen; Dr. Nthato Motlana; Dr. N.C.D. Zuma, Minister of Health, Prof S.R. Benattar 
Hh2.1  1998; includes letter to Dr. Nathato Motlana saying: "Herewith a copy of the letter I sent to DR. Zuma about AIDS and the rape of virgins, together with an article I have just received, which was published in the Los Angeles Times. Please see if you can persuade that obstinate Zulu lady about a media campaign to counter this dangerous belief." 
Hh2.2  1999 
Hh2.3  2004 
Hh3  Newspaper clips 
Ja  AFRICA 12 f. 
Ja1   South West Africa/Namibia 4 f. 
Ja1.1  Ovamboland Strike 2 f. 
Ja1.1.1  Articles and Publications 1 f. 
Ja1.1.1.1  Contract Labour in South West Africa, by John Kane-Berman, SAIRR, April 1972, 69p. 
Ja1.1.1.2  The Ovambo Strike, by John Kane-Berman, Feb 1972, paper delivered at PFP meeting in Houghton, 5p. 
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Ja1.1.2  Miscellaneous 1 f. 
Ja1.1.2.1  Press cuttings 1971 
Ja1.1.2.2  Press cuttings 1972 
Ja1.1.2.3  Correspondence 1972: letter to HS from Miss Marja Ilmatar Vaisala, a Finnish missionary in South-West Africa since 1941 (and now over 60 years ols) writes about what the Finnish missionaries have heard is going on in Ovamboland since the emergency was proclaimed such as shootings, killings, collaborators being attacked, police using torture, including electric shocks, wet blankets, hanging people from poles, “I just wanted to let somebody know what we know.”; 27/04/1972 from John Kane-Berman, then a SA Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) research assistant, about SWA Employment Bureaux Regulations;  
Ja1.1.2.4  HS notes "Ovamboland', 8p. 
Ja1.1.2.5  House of Assembly Question and Reply, 11/04/1972; Government Gazette No. 3377, 04/02/1972; Government Gazette No.3442, 30/03/1972 
Ja1.2  Commission of Enquiry into Security Legislation in South West Africa 1 f. 
  Report of the Council of Churches in Namibia, 21/05/1984, 96p. 
Ja1.3  General 1 f. 
  Includes: SWA/Namibia: Review of the international Dispute, by J.Dugard (1973); The Internal Situation in SWA, by C.Kapuuo, Chief of the Council of Herero Headmen (1973); Notes; 1973 telexes from John Dugard to HS about SWA; South Africa Namibia Update Vol.8 No.3, March 1984. 
Ja1.3.1  HS notes, telex and quotes for use in 'S.W.A 3rd reading' debate in House of Assembly 
Ja1.3.2  HS notes on 'S.W.A.' 
Ja1.3.3  Cuttings; notes (not made by HS)'Attitude to 1968 Bill on S.W.A.'; telex from Prof. John Dugard; 'The Internal Situation in South-West Africa, Clemens Kapuuo, Chief of the Council of Herero Headmen, SAIRR 16-19/01/1973; 
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Ja2  Mozambique 1 f. 
Ja2.1  Press cuttings 1974 
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Ja2.3  Post-Nkomati Security, Dr. Tom Millar, 1984, 13p. 
Ja2.4  Documentos da Gorongosa (extractos) / (extracts) Gorongosa Documents: Caderno 2 / Notebook 2 and Caderno 3 / Notebook 3 [ extracts from documents found when the FPLM - Mozambican Army - captured the Renamo base in Gorongosa]. 
Ja2.5  Colin Eglin parliamentary question to Minsiter of Mines 
Ja3  Angola 1 f. 
  Includes: 19/01/1976 confidential briefing letter to Senator Brian Bamford of the Progressive Reform Party ‘The Angolan Situation and the PRP Response’ by Bobby Godsell, National Chairman, Youth Progressive Reformists; Angola ? Why is South Africa involved? How to Arrange Disaster, by A.Lewis. 
Ja4  Rhodesia/Zimbabwe 2 f. 
Ja4.1  Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) (11 November 1965) 1 f. 
Ja4.1.1  Draft letter to Sunday Times, 01/12/1965, defending the United Party’s Steytler’s attitude, and that of the SA government towards Rhodesia after UDI, 6p. 
Ja4.1.2  HS letter to Rand Daily Mail, 24/02/1966 
Ja4.1.3  South Africa, Britain and Rhodesia', Prof. B. Cockram, given at SA Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA), Jan Smuts House, 13/09/1966, 12p. 
Ja4.1.4  Press cuttings 1964-1965 
Ja4.1.5  Draft speech and quotes, 10p. 
Ja4.1.6  Notes for City Hall speech 
Ja4.1.7  Draft Hansard, corrected by HS, debate on UDI, HS speaking on Rhodesia and UDI and the issue of oil supplies for the RF regime, 13p. 
Ja4.1.8  Draft speech, 4p. 
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Ja4.1.10  The Economist, 13-19 November 1965, 'Tackling Rhodesia' 
Ja4.1.11  The Economist, 8-14 January 1966, 'Why Not Talk to Him?' 
Ja4.1.12  Parliamentary comments by HS, Cape Town, 11 February 1966 
Ja4.2  Settlement Proposals 1 f. 
Ja4.2.1  Rhodesia Settlement Proposals – Courage and Faith Needed, For the Record No. 16, reprint of an article, by Rev R.G.Forrest (first published in The Rhodesia Herald on 19/01/1972), Ministry of Information Salisbury;  
Ja4.2.2  Settlement Proposals: Yes or No?', The Centre Party, Salisbury, booklet, 11p. 
Ja4.2.3  08/02/1972 letter, 4p., written in Salisbury, from Geoff Budlender to HS about the political situation in Rhodesia, and the possible support for a settlement; Centre Party newsletter and leaflet attached 
Ja4.2.4  Press Cuttings 
Ja4.2.5  Notes 
Ja4.3  Zimbabwe crisis and Robert Mugabe (post 1998) 
Ja4.3.1  Political opinion and the crisis of Zimbabwe, by R.W. Johnson, Director Helen Suzman Foundation, October 2000, 83p. 
Ja4.3.2  Various emails and documents relating to political violence; land invasions; the court case against Roy Bennett 
Ja4.3.2.1  Speech, notes and thank you letter: Willie Musarwa Memorial Trust Dinner, 23/05/1997, Harare, Zimbabwe 
Ja4.3.2.2  Includes: emails from Dren Nupen, Anthony Hazell, Ken Andrew, Sokwanele Newsletter; email from R.W. (Bill) Johnson to HS, 11/06/2003 on how he “slipped in and out of Zimbabwe last week and interviewed Morgan – quite an emotional meeting since we hadn’t seen one another for months”, also the article he then wrote for the London Sunday Times; 
Ja4.3.2.3  Media Conference: Roy Bennett, 30/05/2006: media statement; High Court Judgment on alleged "arms cache"; Statement by Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights in support of Roy Bennett's asylum application; Statement by Amnesty International; Dept. Home Affairs (SA) reply to Bennett's application; ACHPR resolution on Human Rights situation in Zimbabwe. 
Ja4.3.2.4  HS letter, handwritten, to the South African Sunday Times re Mbeki’s “softly, softly” approach to Mugabe, 18/06/2000; Citizen article 'Zim wants Mugabe out, says Suzman poll', 26/10/2000 
Ja4.4  General 
Ja4.4.1  Report of the Franchise Commission, Southern Rhodesia, Salisbury 1957, 23p. 
Ja4.4.2  Summary of Proposed New Franchise provisions, issued by the Southern Rhodesia Government, Salisbury 1957, 7p. 
Ja5  Zambia 1 f. 
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Ja5.4  Dear Mr Vorster…: Details of exchanges between President Kaunda of Zambia and Prime Minister Vorster of South Africa', Zambia Information Services, Lusaka, 1973; covering letter to HS from Mr. S. Wina, Zambian Minister of Information, 19/05/1971 
Ja5.5  Press cuttings on Mrs. Suzman's visit to Zambia: November 1970 
Ja5.6  Press cuttings on Mrs. Suzman's visit to Zambia: December 1970 and undated 
Ja5.7  Letter to HS from Ministry of Foreign Affairs re coments on Lusaka Manifesto, 23/04/1971; cuttings from The Economist, 13/06/1970, 'South Africa - Exporting an Image'; 
Ja6  Africa: General 2 f. 
Ja6.1  Publications 
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Ja6.1.6  Africa Report, May-June 1981. (pages 17-28 and 43-46 were torn out) 
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Ja6.2  Miscellaneous 
Ja6.2.1  Press Digest No.42, 21/10/1971 
Ja6.2.2  Press cuttings 1970 and May-Sept. 1971 
Ja6.2.3  Press cuttings Oct-Nov 1971 
Ja6.2.4  Press cutiings 1972 
Jb1  Articles 6 f. 
Jb1.1  General articles 5 f. 1978-1984 
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Jb1.1.14  The South Africa Investment Debate: Divestiture or Stcokholder Pressure?, the moral dilemma of owning stock in corporations doing business in South Africa', Business and Society Review, August 1984.  
Jb1.1.15  United States Policy Toward South Africa Act of 1984, photocopy, 29/09/1984, 20p 
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Jb1.2  Articles 1985 
Jb1.2.1  Congressional Record, 03/01/1985, S.147 A bill to prohibit U.S. banks from making loans to enterprises in South Africa…. 
Jb1.2.2  U.S. urges S. Africa to move toward equality (U.S. statement in U.N. Security Council), United States Information Service (USIS) 13/03/1985 (?) 
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Jb1.3  Articles 1986 
Jb1.3.1  Will South Africa Survive?, U.S. lecture (HS annotated speech), October 1986, 35p. 
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Jb1.3.9  What America Should Do About South Africa: A South African liberal tells U.S. liberals 'Why sanctions against Pretoria would hurt blacks most of all', Helen Suzman (corrected in pencil), pamphlet published by Freedom House 
Jb1.3.10  Various items 
  Choosing the Right Prescription for our South African Policy, Armistead M. Lee, with covering letter addressed to Richard C. Lugar, Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 01/07/ 1986; A.M. Lee letter to Senator Larry Pressler 05/08/1986; A.M. Lee letter to John H. Chettle, Director of the South Africa Foundation, 12/10/1986 
Jb1.3.11  US Policy toward South Africa, Council on Foreign Relations Studies Program Background Papers; inside is a 'One Man's plan for peaceful change in South Africa' (a profile of Robert Conway), article by David G. Wilck published by the Christian Science Monitor, 18/07/1983 
Jb1.4  Articles 1987 
Jb1.4.1  HS notes 
Jb1.4.2  Various items 
  Documents from the 100th (United States) Congress, 1st Session: S.556, a Bill to prohibit investments in, and certain other activities with respect to, South Africa, and for other purposes, 19/02/1987; H.R.1580, 12/03/1987; H.R.3328 - To prohibit investment in US capital markets by certain South African mining interests, 22/09/1987; H.R.3317 - To require divestiture from the oil industry in SA unless certain conditions are met, and for other purposes, 21/09/1987; H.R.2443 - To prohibit US intelligence and military cooperation with South Africa, 18/05/1987; 
Jb1.4.3  Have sanctions worked? An International conference on the effects of snactions on the process of peaceful reform in South Africa, Jefferson Educationl Foundation, 21/10/1987 
Jb1.4.4  Journal of Defense and Diplomacy, Study Series No.1, The Republic of South Africa: Sanctions, 1987 
Jb1.5  Articles 1988-1990 
Jb1.5.1  Ambassador Herman Nickel, Foreign Policy Institute, Washington D.C., 11/01/1988, "… this report is almost exclusively the Ambassador's response to my questions" (on sanctions and disinvestment) 
Jb1.5.2  South African Sanctions Counterproductive, Freeman testimony before House Banking committee, 06/03/1988, USIS Wireless File, 4p. 
Jb1.5.3  The Erosion of Apartheid, testimony before the sub-committee on Africa and international economic policy etc., of the House of Representatives, by John Kane-Berman, Washington DC, 22 pages, 22/03/1988; 
Jb1.5.4  Freeman Congressional Testimony, text of a statement on US-SA relations by US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Charles W. Freeman, 22/03/1988, USIS, 5p. 
Jb1.5.5  PFP Comment, April 1988, Egling, Suzman Slam Sanctions in US, 2p. 
Jb1.5.6  Morning Comment, 29/04/1988, "Dellums Bill" - Prohibitionof investment in South Africa; Futile Gesture, Ronald Bailey, Forbes, 16/05/1988 
Jb1.5.7  Fax to HS from Davis Borkum Hre & Co. Inc., parts of US sanctions legislation 
Jb1.5.8  HS speech [in SA parliament] during the Foreign Affairs vote, 09/05/1988 
  In which she speaks about current sanctions and the possibility that there will be more, “Surely the intelligent adult attitude South Africa should adopt in the short remaining period before total isolation faces us, and we end up tasking in each other’s washing, would be to assist our few remaining allies by at least refraining from provocative actions … Withdraw Orderly Internal Politics Bill … cease threatening the alternative press … drop all plans to reverse the Moutse decision … cease all harassing communities into forced removals such as is happening in Oukasie … desist from raids into neighbouring countries” (annotated and corrected by HS); 
Jb1.5.9  Tough Sanctions Against South Africa are sought by House Democrats, New York Times article by Susan F. Rasky, sent to HS by Raymond R. Snider, 1st Secretary, Political Section, US Embassy in South Africa 
Jb1.5.10  Fax to HS from the USIS Cape Town, The Export Administration Act of 1979 (as amended, 1985), Foreign Policy Controls, Section 6, annotated in pencil "Congress could be uncomfortable with implications for Israel". 
Jb1.5.11  Press Statement by US Senator David Boren, Chairman, US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and Senator Sam Nunn, Chairman, US Senate Committee on Armed Services, 10/12/`1988, on the future of US-SA relations, 4p. 
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Jb1.5.13  A Guide to American State and Local Laws on South Africa, edited by Meg Voorhes, Investor Responsibility Research Center, June 1990 (pages 18, 58, 68-70 missing) 
Jb1.6  Chester Crocker 
Jb1.6.1  A U.S. Policy for the 80s, Chester Crocker, SAIIA Occasional Paper, 20p., May 1981; A U.S. Policy for the 80s, C. Crocker with Mario Greznes and Robert Henderson, Africa Report, Jan.-Feb. 1981 
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Jb1.6.6  Reagan and Africa: edited text of Chester Crocker's statement at his confirmation hearing before the U.S. Senate, no date, press cutting 
Jb2  Press Cuttings 1 f. 
Jb2.1  Press cuttings 1974-1975 
Jb2.2  Press cuttings 1981 
Jb2.3  Press cuttings 1983-1984 
Jb2.4  Press cuttings 1985-1986 
Jb2.5  Press cuttings 1987 
Jb2.6  Press cuttings Undated 
Jb3  Correspondence 1 f. 1976-1988 
Jb3.1  Correspondence 1976-1977 
  Includes: copy of 18/06/1976 letter from Charles C. Diggs Jr. to Henry Kissinger which mentions “wanton massacres of 50 African youth in Soweto”; March / April 1977, copy of letter from Andrew Young concerning remarks he was supposed to have made about HS (cutting attached);  
Jb3.2  Correspondence 1979 
  Includes: Feb. /March 1979, letter from Bob (Robert) Rotberg, a professor at M.I.T. about his unhappy participation in a “Ciskei Commission” and response from HS; general correspondence from HS during her 1979 visit to Smith, Harvard and the Council on Foreign Relations 
Jb3.3  Correspondence 1980, 1985-1986 
  January 1980 letter from Stephen J. Solarz, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Africa of the US Congress and HS reply; 30/05/1985 letter from HS to Derek Bok, President of Harvard about his changed stance on divestment [was anti, now pro];  
Jb3.4  Correspondence 1988 
  Includes: 'Representations by Mr. Colin Eglin, M.P., Leader of the PFP and Mrs. Helen Suzman, M.P., National Chairman of the PFP to the Congressional Sub-Committee on Africa in respect of proposed measures to combat apartheid in South Africa', 10/03/1988, 9p. 
Jc1  Criticism of “South Africa: Crisis for the West”, as described in Review in R.D.M. 26/9/64, TS copy, 9 pages; 
Jc2  Apartheid and United Nations: collective measures, an analysis, edited by A.C.Leiss, Cranegie Endowment for International Peace, New York, March 1965, 170pp;  
Jc3  The Simonstown Agreement: South Africa, Britain and the United States, by C.J.R. Dugard, offprint from S.A.Law Journal, May 1968, annotated on the front cover by Dugard “Mrs Suzman, a few thoughts on Simonstown which may interest you, [signed] John Dugard”;  
Jc4  United Nations (UN) Commission on Human Rights, 1989, 45th Session, Geneva: 3 documents; 
Jc5  Intervention / speech by HS in the National Assembly on 21/02/1989, possibly in reply to speech by the Minister of Education & Culture, corrected transcript, 6 pages, refers to hunger-striking detainees (St. Alban’s and Westville Prisons), book by David Beresford called Ten Men Died (about Northern Ireland) 
Jd1  Implications of the Report of the Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group – Part 1, June 1986, Part 2, 29 July 1986, issued by the SA Institute of International Affairs; 
Jd2  Wilton Park Conference No. 282, Report 22-26 July 1985 ? Southern Africa: the search for ways out of conflict, 29 pages [cover has printed colour photo of HS talking with Joaquim Chissano, then Foreign Minister of Mozambique and Geoffrey Denton then Director of Wilton Park]; 
Jd3  Paper on sanctions submitted by S.A.Foundation to the All Party Foreign Affairs Select Committee of the British Parliament, July 1986;  
Jd4  One page of notes by H.Suzman on E.P.G. 1986; 
Jd5  Handwritten speech by HS to Union of Jewish Women, 19/11/1986, after her return from visit to the USA, 16 pages;  
Jd6  Sixth (6th) Report of House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, Session1985?1986: South Africa, July 1986; 
Jd7  Sixth (6th) Report of House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, Session1985?1986: South Africa: Observations by Government, October 1986; 
Jd8  Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, Vancouver, Statement on Southern Africa and Programme of Action 16 October 1987, 6 pages; 
Jd9  Faxed 3 page report on meeting between British Minister of State for Africa, Mrs. Lynda Chalker and businessmen, from David Villiers in London to Michael Spicer, Anglo-American in Johannesburg, 30/09/1986; 
Jd10  “What to do about South Africa” by Malcolm Fraser and Olusegun Obasanjo, 9 pages [appears to be a photocopy of pages 154-162 of a book chapter]; 
Jd11  An Open Letter to the South African Ambassador, from Robert L.C. Hunter, Writer to the Signet, Senior Lecturer in Jurisprudence, University of Aberdeen, 4 pages, no date; 
Jd12  Press clippings 1984-1988  
Je  SANCTIONS: GENERAL 1 f. 1978-1988 
Je1  Correspondence 
Je1.1  Items 
  22/09/1978 from ‘Laurie’ [Laurence Schlemmer?] in Southbroom to HS on the issues of sanctions and disinvestment. He concludes on a personal note [with reference to her forthcoming visit to Australia]: “ I just want to send you good wishes for this daunting trip and for a safe return. Some protective clothing, some additional insurance and a gas pistol might not come amiss and your various hosts should certainly see there are no loose stones lying around.”, 4p.; 22/06/1988 to Ronnie Bethlehem thanking him for sending a publication; 09/02/1989 thanking Dennis Solomon for sending various Citrus Exchange ‘Fact Sheets’ (which are attached). Solomons also writes to HS on 25/01/1989 at some length about his farm ‘Crocodile Valley Estates cc’ near Nelspruit, about the 2000 black people on the farm and what a tragedy sanctions would be for them 
Je2  Press clippings, assorted topics, 1982-1991; 
Je2.1  Press clippings 1982, 1985 
Je2.2  Press clippings 1986 
  Including a piece by HS 'What America should do about South Africa', published in The New York Times Magazine, 03/08/1986 
Je2.3  Press clippings 1987-1988 
Je2.4  Press clippings 1989-1991 
  Including a clipping apparently sent as 'hate mail' where the sending has typed above the headline "Always the same Jewish agitators". 
Je3  Publications 
Je3.1  South African Outlook, ‘Sanctions’, May 1987, Vol. 117, No. 1392; 
Je3.2  PFP Comment April 1988: Eglin, Suzman slam Sanctions in US; 
Je3.3  Disinvestment, the struggle and the future: what Black South Africans really think' by Mark Orkin, 1986, Ravan Press, Johannesburg 
Je3.4  Mobil Foundation Report: Policy, Activities, Projects Sept. 1986-June 1988;  
Je3.5  'Views of coal miners in South African on sanctions', H. Puhe & K.P. Schopper, Deutsche Afrika-Stiftung, Schriftenreihe, Heft 45, Bonn, 1987;  
Je4  Papers and speeches 
Je4.1  PFP Position Paper on Sanctions and Disinvestment, by James Selfe, 12/11/1985, 3 p. 
Je4.2  HS speech for Lloyds Conference: Does South Africa Deserve a Break?”, 11/02/1988;  
Je4.3  ‘Towards the 21st Century: The Silent Revolution’, address by John Kane-Berman, SAIRR to the SA Institute for Librarianship & Information Science, 29/09/1988;  
Je4.4  Businessmen and sanctions' by M.Lipton, 1989 (?), 6 pages; 
Je4.5  ‘The Challenge of Sanctions’, Merle Lipton, Investor Responsibility Research Center (IRRC), Washington DC, Sept. 1989; 
Je4.6  Prepared Statement of Merle Lipton before the House of Representatives Subcommittees on Africa etc., Washington DC, 21/01/1990; 
Je4.7  Assorted documents from the US Senate, 1990 
Je4.8  “If not Disinvestment, then what?”, appears to be a speech, no date, 5p. 
Ka1  African National Congress 1 f. 1969-1984 
Ka1.1  ANC prepares for Consultative Conference: report by Howard Barrell, 1985, 5 pages;  
Ka1.2  Towards a climate for Negotiation, SAIRR Topical Briefing, 21/11/1984, SAIRR press release re the banning of political organisations, 20/11/1984; 
Ka1.3  ’Planning for a People’s War’, Howard Barrell interviews the ANC’s Oliver Tambo (for the New Statesman), 25/01/1985, 1p. 
Ka1.4  ANC press statement: Alfred Nzo, 30/08/1985, condemning 'Mr. Sabela, a local leader of Inkatha', 1p. 
Ka1.5  Ten (10) transcripts of Radio Freedom broadcasts 08/02/1985-08/11/1985 
Ka2  All African Convention 1 f. 1958. 
  ‘The National Situation’, an address delivered at the Edendale Conference of the All African Convention, December, 1958, original pamphlet, 8p. 
Ka3  Ossewa Brandwag 1 f. 1942-1962. 
  Secret reports 1942-1944 on the O.B. and press clippings on B.J.Vorster, former chief of the O.B. 1961-1962; material appears to have been faxed and is ordered (in red pen) A - I (NB: some pages are almost illegible) 
Ka4  Progressive Party (PP), Progressive Federal Party (PFP), Democratic Party (DP) and Democratic Alliance (DA) 
Ka4.1  Memoranda & Speeches 1 f. 1961-1988. 
Ka4.1.1  Articles by Donald Molteno, Q.C., published in the Natal Mercury: 'Progressives have social security plans' 30/11/1961, 'Progressives will not let reserves decay' 01/12/1961, typescript 
Ka4.1.2  Statement by the leader [of the P.F.P.], Dr. J. van A. Steytler on constitutional policy, 4p. 
Ka4.1.3  The "Colour" policy of the Progressive Party, 08/03/1966, 3p. 
Ka4.1.4  Towards Unity, a memorandum on franchise policy for South Africa submitted by the Progressive Party in November, 1966, to the Commission of Inquiry into Improper Political Interference and the Political Representation of the Various Population Groups', booklet, 20p. 
Ka4.1.5  PRP Comment, Issue 1, The South African Progressive Reform Party, 'Angola and its consequences'; PRP-Kommentaar, Nommer 2, die Suid-Afrikaanse Progressiewe Reformisteparty, 'Die Verdedigings-wetsontwerp'. 
Ka4.1.6  Principal meaures regarding security and affecting civil liberties, no date 
Ka4.1.7  Message to the Congress of the Progressive Party of South Africa by the Hon. M. Gatsha Buthelezi, Chief Executive Councillor of KwaZulu, Durban, 04/09/1973, 8p. 
Ka4.1.8  The Role of the South African Businessman Now, an address by Mr. C. W. Eglin, leader of the PRP, to the Cape Town Graduate School of Business, 23/09/1976, 12p. 
Ka4.1.9  National Advisory Committee on Education, PFP Fact Sheet No. 61, November 1983, 21p. 
Ka4.1.10  The Functioning of the New Tricameral Parliament, N.J.J. Olivier, PFP Research Dept., October 1984, 19p. 
Ka4.1.11  Promoting the politics of negotiation, press statement by the leader of the P.F.P., Dr. Van Zyl Slabbert, 19/06/1985, 2p. 
Ka4.1.12  The Role of the PFP in Parliamentary and extra-Parliamentary politics, Colin Eglin, leader of the PFP, (based on address to Special Meeting of the Cape Western Region of PFP, Mowbray Town Hall, 06/03/1986, 4p. 
Ka4.1.13  There can be no substitute for direct participation by all the people of South Africa in the central parliament of S.A., Colin Eglin M.P., (slightly edited version of speech delivered by Eglin during Budget Debate in Parliament 10/01/1986), pamphlet, 9p. 
Ka4.1.14  National Council Bill, speech Helen Suzman, June 1988: note attached 'speech not delivered, copy handed to Peter Fabricius for article in Pretoria News; The National Council Bill, PFP memorandum, no date, 6p. 
Ka4.1.15  Promotion of Constitutional Development Bill, Colin Eglin, 21/06/1988, 12p., ; PFP Viewpoint / Standpunt, Council 'Fatally Flawed' - Eglin, 27/06/1988, 4p. 
Ka4.1.16  Memorandum on Progressive Economic Policy, A Positive Policy for Full Employment, 14p. 
Ka4.1.17  Annexure: Economic and Labour Policy, 2p. 
Ka4.2  Correspondence and statements, press comments 2 f. 1962-1987 
Ka4.2.1  Correspondence 1961-1981 
Ka4.2.1.1  Correspondence 1961-1962 
  Includes: 02/12/1961 HS writes “Dear Mac, Now that what is humorously known as the heat and dust of the election is over, and cold light of the dawn has revealed my lonely future, I am writing to you for some fatherly advice.” HS goes on to list 8 questions that bother her ranging from where she should sit in the house and will she be allowed to attend Whip’s meetings to can she move an amendment at 2nd reading even if she has no seconder, and, lastly, “Why did I ever start in politics?”; reply dated 09/01/1962 author states that he is returning from “the worst fishing holiday I ever had” and goes on to answer her questions; copy of letter to the Editor of the Cape Times from Donald Molteno Q.C., 21/02/1962, annotated in pencil: "This was published. Is it surprising that the U.P. prevailed upon somebody to prevail upon Victor to silence the Progs in the Western Cape?"; 30/03/1962 ms [in red pen] to HS about what troubles ‘ordinary’ people and ends “Last point! I have found most effective to the left of us always the contention that we provide the only conceivable basis of compromise between adult suffrage (African Nationalism) on the one hand, and white baaskap (as ‘supremacy’ or whatever) on the other. Unless we “bring it off” there can be nothing but civil war!”, writer’s signature could be Peggy R.;  
Ka4.2.1.2  Correspondence 1964-1968 
  Includes: letters to Natal Mercury, the Evening Post, Die Vaderland, The Star and telexes between HS and one of her parliamentary staff 
Ka4.2.1.3  Correspondence 1970 
  Includes: 09/02/1970, letter and draft speech, one TS one MS, to HS from someone at 44 Main Street Johannesburg [Anglo-American HQ] “Why One Should Vote Prog”; 14/03/1970 letter to ‘Dear Ray’ from E.G. ‘Ernie’ Malherbe looking at income and education levels amongst blacks and ends “I hope these figures may help to allay the “swart gevaar” fears of being swamped overnight if people subscribed to Prog. Policies.”; ‘Comment’ by E.G. Malherbe, published in The Daily News of 14/04/1970 criticising educational and income statistics released by “Mr. Wood, M.P.”; 16/04/1970 letter to HS from Malherbe on item he sent to Ray Swart [above], “You cannot think how much I admire you and love you. It would have done your heart – brave little ( & big-hearted) heart, - good to have heard the thunderous applause in the packed City hall in Durban whenever your name was mentioned … last Tues. night.” […] “I am already happy in being associated with such a lovely, adorable & able little person like yourself in this great cause. May God grant you and Jan a big victory on the 22nd. This is the fervent prayer of Janie – and Ernie.” 
Ka4.2.1.4  Correspondence 1971-1972 
  Includes: 20/03/1971 roneoed partial copy of letter from Ellen Hellman to Colin Eglin on the income and property qualifications; draft letter to Editor, Sunday Tribune, 09/07/1971, 7p.; 16/03/1972 carbon-copy of personal (?) letter from HS which begins "Well here I am back from Lesotho, feeling very much like the Big White Queen ... " and recounts her visits to Chief Jonathan, "who is nobody's fool", "tea with Her Majesty" and dinner with King Moshoeshoe, and "Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this trip was the astonishingly cordial greeting that I got from the South African POliceman at the Border - stuck his hand through the window, said he'd always wanted to shake me by the hand, and told me to carry on with my good work! Hard to believe, but true!"; draft letter to Die Transvaler, 1972 
Ka4.2.1.5  Correspondence 1974-1975 
  Includes: 05/08/1974 letter to HS from Walter Stanford [?] in Swaziland who is to be “working on the Criminal Procedure Bill”; 17/03/1975 letter from Ernie Malherbe to HS on the Progressive’s educational and property-related franchise qualifications matter – for ‘Coloureds, Asiatics and Bantu’, 5p. document attached 
Ka4.2.1.6  Correspondence 1980, 1981 and undated 
  Includes: 29/10/1980 & 05/01/1981 letters from ‘Leader of the Opposition’ Dr. F. Van Zyl Slabbert M.P. on allocation of portfolios to PFP members of parliament for 1981; undated note congratulating HS on her ‘Silver Report Back meeting’, “you have a very special place in our hearts, Love from all in Houghton” and signed by, amongst others Irene Menell, Jill Wentzel, Janet Levine and Dawn Cohen; Undated note, clearly passed to HS in parliament, from John Wiley, addressed to “Dear Bishop Boraine or Helen!!!”; 2 sheets of PFP blank letterheads 
Ka4.2.2  Compilations / lists of HS activities in Parliament, speeches made, press comment on HS, quotes 1962-1970 
Ka4.2.2.1  List of HS interventions in Parliament 1962-1969, 9p. 
Ka4.2.2.2  Comments from newspapers on HS, 1966-1969, 3p. 
Ka4.2.2.3  "The Easiest Task in Parliament" - statistics of Mrs. Suzman's work in Parliament since the 1966 General Election, 1966-1970, 2p. 
Ka4.2.2.4  "U.P. failure in opposition: Mrs. Suzman fights alone", press comment, 1963-1970, 4p. 
Ka4.2.2.5  Listing of HS activities in Parliament in 1962: speeches and questions, 1962-1963 (handwritten and typed) 
Ka4.2.2.6  List of HS meetings 1962-1965, 3p., and list of 1965 speeches and questions, 3p. 
Ka4.2.2.7  2 lists of 'press comment on Mrs. Suzman', 1962-1966 and 1962-1969 and press cutting 'A fitting tribute' on the award by the World Council of Synagogues 
Ka4.2.2.8  3-page document headed 'Mrs. J. van Lingen's objections to your statement …', 3p.  
Ka4.2.2.9  1967 Session of Parliament, 26/06/1967, 7p. 
Ka4.2.2.10  Document on Progressive Party policies, March 1972, 4p. 
Ka4.2.2.11  Statement by Mrs. Helen Suzman, M.P., r the Communist Party and the PFP's attitude to it, 13/02/1974, 1p. 
Ka4.2.2.12  Typed HS quotes taken from Hansard 1962-1965 
Ka4.3  Press clippings 1 f. 1960-2007 
  On H.Suzman, F.van Zyl Slabbert, PFP policy, Mozambique, H.Suzman and W.Mandela; including anti-PFP adverts placed in The Star on 05/05/1987 by the National Party on the eve of 1987 election 
Ka4.3.1  Press clippings 1960, 1962, 1970 
Ka4.3.2  Press clippings 1984 
Ka4.3.3  Press clippings 1987 
Ka4.3.4  Press clippings 1989, 2007 
Ka4.3.5  Various press clippings 
  On H.Suzman, F.van Zyl Slabbert, PFP policy, Mozambique, H.Suzman and W.Mandela; including anti-PFP adverts placed in The Star on 05/05/1987 by the National Party on the eve of 1987 election 
Ka4.3.6  Progress - newspaper of the Progressive Party in the Transvaal, 1965-1974, incomplete (stored as folio item in flat folder with collection) 
Ka4.4  Elections 
Ka4.4.1  Elections 1952-1983 2f. 
  Political propaganda, posters and leaflets for H.Suzman; notes for speeches by H.Suzman for parliamentary and municipal elections; copy of Election poster (A3 size), as printed in Rand Daily Mail, 23 April 1974, mounted (stored as folio item in flat folder with collection). (See also collection AG883 / Posters) 
Ka4.4.1.1  Speeches: 7 speeches, ts and ms, mostly for municipal, national and by-elections, one given at a Progressive Party social function; 
Ka4.  Ms. speech, possibly from 1961 election, which begins: "Ladies and Gentlemen, We have now reached the final stage in our election campaign, & tomorrow you will go to the polls …"; 30p. 
Ka4.  Ms. speech, which begins: "Let me say at once I have no illusions about the personal side of my being the only (temporarily) voice in Parl. of Prog. Party …"; 19p. 
Ka4.  Ms. speech, which begins: "It is a great pleasure for me to be here tonight speaking in support of our Progressive Party candidate … What do I see as I sit in the House of Assembly? - On the Govt. side sit 105 people, smug & fat & revelling in power & dedicate to a course which can only lead to disaster ..."; 27p. 
Ka4.  Ms. speech, which begins: "Pleasure to be at a Prog. Social function for a change - all of us have had enough of election meetings for time being. You have had your share in Cape but the poor Jhb Progs have really had no respite at all since the Party first came into existence in Nov. 1959 ..."; 9 p. in green House of Assembly notebook. 
Ka4.  Speech by Mrs. Helen Suzman, M.P., made at Rosebank School on Monday 18th August, 1960, Ward 8 By-Election', ts., 11p. 
Ka4.  Speech by Mrs. Helen Suzman, M.P.,: Houghton School: Monday 14th February, 1972, Municipal Elections, ts., 10p. 
Ka4.  Ts. speech, which begins: "It is said that the first priority is to get the Nats. out - that the Opposition can't afford the luxury of quarrelling among themselves. There is an appealing ring to this sentiment - sometimes believe it myself."; 2 drafts; total 16p. 
Ka4.  2 pages (5 & 6) of speech, p. 5 begins: "… to wait until all faith in the good intentions of the White man towards the Black man has vanished, and then offer concessions - such concessions will only be greeted with suspicion …". 
Ka4.4.1.2  Progressive Party election material, assorted 
Ka4.  PFP leaflet 'You have never had a Member of Parliament like this!', probably 1966, 2 copies. 
Ka4.  PFP leaflet 'U het nog nooit so 'n Volksraadslid gehad nie!', probably 1966, 2 copies. 
Ka4.  PFP leaflet announcing meeting featuring Helen Suzman and Zach De Beer, Houghton School, 28th March, 2 copies 
Ka4.  Cyclostyled handwritten letter from HS to constituents which encloses "a card which gives your voting number and tells you where to vote on 30th March.", 2 copies of letter, 1 copy of voting card 
Ka4.  Cyclostyled handwritten letter from HS to constituents which encloses "'n kaartjie in wat u stemnommer aantoon asook waar u moet stem", 2 copies of letter, 1 copy of voting card 
Ka4.  Stapled photocopy of a PP leaflet giving some highlights of HS report to her constituents for the year 1969 
Ka4.  PP leaflet 'Helen Suzman for Houghton, 1966, English and Afrikaans, 3 copies 
Ka4.4.1.3  Lists (5) of HS private member’s motions in parliament, 1960-1980; 
Ka4.  Motions 1960-1980, 2 copies, one with handwritten notes attached 
Ka4.  Motions 1962-1969, 2p. 
Ka4.  Motions 1960-1980, different version, 2p. 
Ka4.  Motions 1961-1980, draft, 6p. 
Ka4.4.1.4  Cuttings, telegrams, letter on the occasion of HS 30th anniversary of entering parliament (1983); includes letter from the government Chief Whip, Alex van Breda, 15/04/1983, "It gives me great pleasure to congratulate you on behalf of the whips of my party …. Though my colleagues and I differ from you politically, we hold you in high esteem as parliamentarian." 
Ka4.4.1.5  26/04/1982 letter to Sheena Duncan on prisons, and upcoming legislation; 
Ka4.4.1.6  27/03/1966 cutting from Sunday Times suggesting people vote for HS rather than her opponent Dr. Bensusuan, 2 copies; 07/02/1980 cutting, The Herald, 'Suzman ordered out of House'. 
Ka4.4.1.7  PFP election flyers and leaflets 
Ka4.  Helen Suzman in Parliament 1966, report back, letter to constituent and 'calling card' 
Ka4.  Election '81 Helen Suzman & Irene Menell in Houghton, flyer, letter, postal voting form, addressed envelope 
Ka4.  1970 flyer 'Put Helen Suzman Back'; 'Helen Suzman Houghton'; DP HS report back flyer 
Ka4.  Joint publicity material for Helen Suzman and Selma Browde 'The Team You Can Trust', 5 items 
Ka4.  Progressive Party flyers: The PP and Your Job, Your Property, Your Language, Your Security….; Colin Eglin - for effective opposition; The PP - Real Federation; 
Ka4.  PFP - The Alternative: security through consensus government; The PP's Real Federation - The Policy for the Provinces; For South Africa's sake. 
Ka4.  PP: This is Our Policy; For effective opposition vote Progressive; PP - safeguard your future. 
Ka4.  1977, 1981, 1987 PFP flyers incl. 'Your team for Houghton' featuring HS with Irene Menell 
Ka4.  PP pamphlet 'Ten good reasons why you should support the Progressive Party…'; 'A Life Without Hate - isn't this what we all want?' 
Ka4.  Safeguard yor Future - the Progressive Way!'; Vote PFP: Helen Suzman - Peace Freedom Prosperity (2 copies) 
Ka4.  Helen Suzman for Houghton: 'Dear Fellow Voter, we are four ordinary people who live in the Houghton Constituency..', features pictures of HS, J. Douglas Roberts, Mrs. Jean Trollip, E. Bradlow and G.A.J. Cronje, 3 copies, one annotated. 
Ka4.4.1.8  Letters to voters  
Ka4.  24/11/1952, top copy and flimsy 
Ka4.  07/09/1961, one addressed to Mr. Ariason and one to Mr. Alteman (annontated) 
Ka4.  18/03/1966 signed by Bernard Friedman 
Ka4.  1970 
Ka4.  20/10/1977, thank you letter from HS and Irene Menell 
Ka4.4.1.9  Press cuttings 1960, 1970, 1973, 1974 and undated 
Ka4.4.1.10  National Party pamphlets 
Ka4.  October 1977 National Party elections pamphlet “A New Policy Dispensation for Whites, Coloureds and Indians”, annotated by HS; 
Ka4.  Undated NP pamphlet (in English & Afrikaans) about the PFP and HS, compiled by F.W. de Klerk MP, and issued by the Federal Council of the National Party; 
  Itinerary for PFP [?] visit to People’s Republic of China (undated) 
Ka4.4.1.11  PFP publications 
Ka4.  The PFP's plan and policies for a better, safer New South Africa - What it means to you 
Ka4.  Progressive Federal Party: What it stands for, your questions answered 
Ka4.  PFP Constitution Plan for a New South Africa - a framework within which South Africa can be governed in a peaceful, stable and democratic way 
Ka4.  Twelve Points for Education (2 copies); A Call To Opposition Voters 
Ka4.  PFP Security Commission Report, for the information of delegates, 11p. 
Ka4.  The PFP Policy: Consensus Government, English & Afrikaans, 16p. 
Ka4.  Progressive Party Comment, printed version of speech made by candidate Professor Frederik van Zyl Slabbert, English & Afrikaans; Fact Paper - Progressive Party of SA: Let's Talk Sense About Rhodesia, 17/02/1966, 2p. 
Ka4.4.1.12  HS quotes copied from the press; invite to a public meeting on 1981 parliamentary session; Itinerary for the PFP Delegation (visit to the People's Republic of China 1987), 2p. 
Ka4.4.1.13  DP: Helen Suzman Report Back poster (stored separately with folio items) 
Ka4.4.1.14  Election poster: Helen Suzman Progressive vir / for Houghton (stored separately with folio items) 
Ka4.4.2  Election 1981 1 f. 
Ka4.4.2.1  HS speeches 
Ka4.  Ms. speech which begins: "Some Nats have a noticeable habit of talking Prog. When they are abroad - they throw off the shackles of the Nat caucus when the ocean lies between them & the beady eyes of Dr. Treurnicht.", 15p. Incl. one typewritten page 
Ka4.  Speech which begins: "I would be less than honest if I comenced this speech by telling you how glad I am to be here tonight to help our candidates in this election campaign - honoured, yes, but glad, no. For when you come to think of it, this election is farcical.", 2 copies (the carbon copy is written 'Constantia'), 13p. 
Ka4.  Speech by Mrs. Helen Suzman, M.P., Durban, 12/03/1981, 23p. (page 15 missing) 
Ka4.  Speech which begins: "In Kimberley South you have to choose between three Parliamentary candidates - N.P., H.N.P. or P.F.P.", three copies, of which two are 6 pages long, third copy is 12 pages long  
Ka4.  Speech which begins: "There is no good basic reason for this election - the Prime Minister's reasons, i.e. too many by-elections pending, makes no sense, and the other reasons not mentioned are all bound up with party political expediency…", annotated by HS, 14p. 
Ka4.  Speech which begins: "It is vitally necessary to strengthen the Official Opposition in Parliament where it can push and prod the Government into implementing meaningful change, and where it can use the forum of Parliament to present a real alternative to the people of South Africa.", top copy and carbon copy, 2p. 
Ka4.  Speech which begins: "Only genuine reforms will provide moderate Blacks with ammunition to counter the extreme radicals who look to a violent solution in South Africa.", incomplete, pages missing, 7p. 
Ka4.  Genera Election, April 1981, speech which begins: "I'm very glad to be here in support of the P.F.P. candidate…", top copy and carbon copy, 9p. 
Ka4.  Three possibly incomplete speeches or interventions each 2 pages in length, one written 'Wynberg' 
Ka4.  Speech which begins: "Piet du Plessis, Minister of Agriculture, speaking near Thabazimbi on 20/3/81 - called Alec Boraine and me the new liberals - (I, of course, am not new at all - I am a very old liberal).", annotated by HS, 3p. 
Ka4.  Speech which begins: "Certain anti-Government newspapers, says the Prime Minister, Mr. Botha, are doing the work of Soviet Russia in South Africa.", 3p.; three losets. Pages, possibly from draft speeches 
Ka4.2.2.2  Possible Election Points' which begins: "Is there not a lesson for South Africa in the dramatic events in Poland during the past few months?", annotated, 3p.  
Ka4.4.2.3  African Index, 11/02/1981, Vol. IV No. 2; South Africa Namibia Update 11/02/1981, Vol. 5 No. 2 
Ka4.4.2.4  Press cuttings, incl. 2 articles by Helen Zille, Political Correspondent 
Ka4.4.3  1987 Election 1 f. 
Ka4.4.3.1  Speeches 
Ka4.  Lyndhurst Laer School, 22/04/1987, Houghton Election, ms. 16p. 
Ka4.  Extracts from speech by Helen Suzman at election meeting Lyndhurst Laer Skool, Houghton Constituency 22/04/1987, photocopy, ms., 4p. 
Ka4.  Speech by Mrs. Helen Suzman M.P. at final election campaign meeting at Houghton Primary School on Monday 4th May 1987, 23 typed pages plus 2 handwritten pages of thanks 
Ka4.  Speech which begins: "Every now and then, something really nice happens to one in life, and for me tonight is one of those occasions. It is a rare privilege and a great honour to have been asked by Helen to share the platform with her.", 21p. 
Ka4.4.3.2  Notes, article 
Ka4.  Notes for 1987 General Election, Helen Suzman, page one starts off: "There is a popular conception going around on many campuses…", typed copy (annotated) 12p., photocopy, annotated, 6p. 
Ka4.  Notes for 1987 General Election, Helen Suzman, page one starts off: "I think it is common cause that South Africa is more beleaguered now than at any other time in its history.", 2 slightly different versions, photocopies, 7p. Each 
Ka4.  Handwritten notes, 9p. 
Ka4.  Handwritten 'Article by Helen Suzman, M.P.' which begins: "The widespread campaign to present the election on May 6 as irrelevant has been reinforced recently by two articles written by Mr. Murphy Morobe, the acting National Publicity Secretary of the U.D.F.", photocopy, 5p. 
Ka4.4.3.3  NP campaign material, 5 flyers distributed by the National Party candidate Girogio Pagan in 1987 (the first time that the N.P. had contested Houghton) 
Ka4.4.3.4  Press cuttings concerning free speech and bans being imposed on certain speakers at Wits and UCT, 1986-1987 
Ka4.  Articles by Kenneth Minogue, Anthony Kenny and Peter Brimelow in The Times (UK) on free speech, mentions of South Africa, 1986-1987 (Brimelow article headline is 'For Alabama read Pretoria') 
Ka4.  23/03/1986-24/04/1987 articles from SA press on UCT (Connor Cruise O'Brien) and Wits (Helen Suzman) bans 
Ka4.  26/04/1987-01/05/1987 articles from SA press on Wits speaker ban 
Ka4.  04/05/1987-04/06/1987, on the Wits ban of HS and other topics 
Ka4.  Undated items on Wits ban and sanctions 
Ka4.4.3.5  April 1987 exchange of letters between Tony Leon M.P. and Wits law lecturer and Mervyn Shear Wits DVC; notice signed by Prof Karl Tober Wits VC and Principal 
Ka4.4.3.6  Article by Helen Suzman M.P. 29/04/1987, which begins: 'Professor Tober< Vice-Chanvellor of Wits University, defends the electioneering curb at Wits by pointing to "the fragile situation on campus in relation to the circumstances existing in the country." (The Star, 27th April).', ms., photocopy, 4p. 
Ka4.4.4  Post 1990 – 1f. 
  Speeches: ‘Women’s Day: Westonaria’ on gender equality, 9 pages, no date; ‘An overview of South Africa’s recent election’, 4 pages, 08/06/1999; ‘DP Rally Soweto 27/04/1999’, 5 pages plus ms. notes 
Ka4.5  Reports of United Party (UP) Information Officer (H.Suzman) 1 f. April 1950 – August 1951 
  These were written before HS entered parliament and consist of , amongst other items, 10 very detailed reports on what was going on in the SA parliament in the 2 years when the NP was pushing ahead with it’s apartheid legislation (some were made to the ‘Women’s Council) ; topics covered include the Disabilities of Women Commission, the Population Registration Bill, the Potchefstroom University Bill, Passports Bill, Bill to Outlaw Communism in SA, amendment to Native Urban Areas Act, Apartheid, Group Areas Bill (incl. here is a leaflet on the subject by the SAIRR), Unauthorised Organisations Bill, divisions within the Dutch Reformed Church on apartheid policy, the Suppression of Communism Bill, Immorality Bill, Rents Act, the Afrikaner Party congress in July 1959 (led by Havenga), the Franchise Bill (removal of Coloured voters from the roll), South-West Africa (S.W.A.), the Radio Bill, the tot system, immigration, Wolmeranstad, the Vote Bill, the Torch Commando, Bill to Compensate ex-Internees, ‘temporary settlement of [the] go-slow strike’ [by railway workers?] in August 1951, language / bilingualism, the United Trust Fund, the Johannesburg Bar Council’s opposition to the appointment of Dr. Steyn as a judge (1951), the cost of living, and an address [?] to the “Pretoria Women’s Rally”. 
Ka4.5.1  Report of Information Officer to Women's Council April 1950, ms., pencil, 12p., includes one typescript page statement from the SAIRR 
Ka4.5.2  Political Review May 31st 1950 - June 20th 1950, ms., 7p. 
Ka4.5.3  The Suppression of Communism Bill, ms., pencil, 5p. 
Ka4.5.4  Report to Women's Council July 4th 1950, ms., pencil, 4p. 
Ka4.5.5  Women's Council, Report of Information Officer 1st August 1950, ms., pencil, 15p. 
Ka4.5.6  Report of Information Officer Sept. 1950, ms., partly pencil, 6p. 
Ka4.5.7  Information Officer [Report], April 1951, ms., 2p. 
Ka4.5.8  Report of Information Officer May 1951, ms., 6p. 
Ka4.5.9  Information Officer [Report], June 1951, ms., pencil, 5p. 
Ka4.5.10  Report of Information Officer Aug. 1951, ms., 8p. 
Ka4.5.11  Cost of Living (date probably 1951), ms., 6p. 
Ka4.5.12  Pretoria Women's Rally (probably 1952), more of a speech than a report, 4p. 
Ka4.6  Newsletters from parliament 1 f. 1953-1959. 
  The newsletters, of which there are 17 are addressed to Houghton Branch members (of the United Party) and consist of succinct accounts of what has been going on in parliamentary sessions; the first was sent out 3 weeks after HS took her seat in July 1953. Topics covered include the South Africa Act Amendment Bill, her first few weeks in parliament, rifts in the UP, February 1954 no-confidence debate, the Native Land and Trust Amendment Bill, the Natives Resettlement Bill, the Coloured Franchise Bill, the ‘Locations in the Sky’ bill, maladministration of SA Railways & Harbours, the Appellate Division Quorum Bill, various budgets, the Industrial Conciliation Bill, the Separate University Education Bill / the University Apartheid Bill, the National Anthem, the Bantu Investment Corporation Bill; 
Ka4.6.1  News Letter to Branch Members, 25th July 1953, 3p.; News Letter to U.P. Branch Members - Houghton Division, 05/09/1953, 4p. 
Ka4.6.2  Newsletter to Branch Members 12/02/1954, 2p.; Newsletter to Branch Members (No. 2), 11/03/1954, 2p. 
Ka4.6.3  Newsletter to Branch Members (No. 3), 27/04/1954, 3p.; Newsletter to Branch Members (No. 4), 10/06/1954, 2p. 
Ka4.6.4  Parliamentary Newsletter No.1, 12/02/1955, 2p.; Parliamentary Newsletter No.2, 15/03/1955, 2p. 
Ka4.6.5  Parliamentary Newsletter Number 3, 10/05/1955, 3p.; Newsletter to Branch Members, 18/02/1956, 2p.; Newsletter to Branch Members (No. 2), 13/04/1956, 2p. 
Ka4.6.6  Newsletter to Branch Members, 14/02/1957, 2p.; Newsletter No. 2, 04/04/1957, 2p.; Newsletter No. 3, 09/05/1957, 2p. 
Ka4.6.7  Newsletter No. 1, 13/02/1959, 2p.; Newsletter No. 2, 12/03/1959, 1p.; Newsletter No. 3, 04/05/1959, 2p. 
Ka4.6.8  Houghton Divisional Committee: Chairman's Report for period June 1953 to April 1955, 2p. 
Ka4.6.9  Letter from HS introducing herself "as a candidate for the Houghton Parliamentary nomination…", 24/11/1952, 1p.; letter to The Star, 21/10/1953, concerning 'rebels' who split from the United Party, 2p. 
Ka4.7  Reports-back 1 f. 1982, 1987 
Ka4.7.1  Houghton Report Back, 03/08/1982, F. Van Zyl Slabbert, 13p. 
Ka4.7.2  Excerpts from Report Back Meeting – Mrs Helen Suzman, 26/06/1989 (where HS confirmed she would not stand again for parliament), 11p. 
Ka4.7.3  Excerpt from Report Back Meeting – Mrs Helen Suzman, 26/06/1989, 4p.,written 'embargoed until 8pm' 
Ka4.8  Notes by H.Suzman 
  Includes note for a no-confidence debate 
Ka4.9  The Constitution of the Progressive Party  
Ka4.9.1  The Constitution incorporating the Principles of the Party as adopted by the National Congress of the Party, apmphlet, no date 
Ka4.9.2  Safeguarding your future – the Principles and Policies of the Progressive Party of South Africa, pamphlet, 23p. 
Ka4.9.3  The Constitutional Policy of the PFP, Report of the Constitutional Committee of the Progressive Federal Party and Policy Decisions taken by the Federal Congress of the PFP in Durban on 17th and 18th November 1978, pamphlet, 31p. 
Ka4.9.4  The South African Progressive Reform Party – Alternative to Apartheid, address at the inaugural congress by Colin Eglin, M.P., 26/07/1975, pamphlet, English and Afrikaans. 
Ka5  South African Bond 1 item post-1948 
  ‘The truth about Etienne Malan’, (then the UP candidate for Orange Grove), issued by Jack Klipin (SA Bond parliamentary candidate); 
Ka6  United Party 2 f. 1952-1975. 
Ka6.1  Correspondence 
Ka6.1.1  Copies of correspondence to Harry Lawrence in August-September 1959 concerning the resignation of a group of ‘liberals’ from the UP [which led to the formation of the Progressive Party] from Walter Stanford, ‘Gray’, Zach de Beer, ‘Sidney’ and a cable from Harry Oppenheimer to Harry Lawrence 01/09/1959;  
Ka6.1.2  Letters to Sunday Times 20/12/1961 (no author) and 27/12/1961 (no author) about the UP federation plan 
Ka6.2  Copy of ‘Zac’s original statement’ (1959): handwritten, concerning “the United Party’s congress today took a decision to oppose further purchase of land for Native settlement by the present government … deeply disturbed by the whole undertone of congress..”, signed by 11 people including Zach de Beer, Helen Suzman, Colin Eglin, Leo Boyd, Jannie Steytler 
Ka6.3  original 1952 United Party campaign pamphlet about HS; copies of political campaign material for H.Suzman at 1952 election and subsequent elections; 
Ka6.4  UP Policy documents, Congress agenda, campaign material 
Ka6.4.1  The Native Policy of the United Party, as approved by the Union Congress of the Party, Bloemfontein, 16, 17, 18 November 1954, pamphlet, 26p. 
Ka6.4.2  Letter to UP members, 28/02/1955, from Henry Cooper concerning the Provincial Council meeting of 15/02/1955 
Ka6.4.3  Agenda for 12th Union Congress of the U.P., 11-13 August 1959, Bloemfontein 
Ka6.4.4  UP election campaign material, September 1961 
Ka6.4.5  Progressive Party of SA, Fact Paper No. 12, The Common Roll and the United Party, 3p. 
Ka6.5  Press clippings 1961-1962, 1975, undated: includes, photocopy of 1952 articles on HS being likely to win UP seat in Houghton; Optima, June 1961, 'The double roll as a means of enfranchising Africans', Sir Ivor Jennings, K.B.E., Q.C.; article by HS 'Progressive analyses U.P. Race Federation plan' Sunday Times 07/01/1962 
Ka7  Democratic Party (DP) / Democratic Alliance (DA) 
Ka7.1  General 
Ka7.1.1  Speeches, papers, policy documents 
Ka7.1.1.1  The State of Our Democracy, David Welsh, no date, 10p. 
Ka7.1.1.2  Speech by AJ Leon, M.P., State of the Nation Debate, Parliament, 08/02/2000 'The Signs Needed for a Prosperous, Free and Safe South Africa', 12p. 
Ka7.1.1.3  Article for Liberal Democrats UK), Helen Suzman, 14/09/2002, 3p., and faxes concerning the article 
Ka7.1.1.4  Freedom from Fear: Making the Criminal Justice System Wor - A Policy Programme for Positive Change, DA Document for Discussion, June 2003, 24p. 
Ka7.1.1.5  A Social Market Economy, Democratic Part Economic Proposals, no date, 11p. 
Ka7.1.1.6  Proposed Electoral System for South Africa, DA submission to the Electoral Task Team chaired by Dr. F. Van Zyl Slabbert, 16/10/2002, 17p. 
Ka7.1.2  Correspondence (includes emails) 
Ka7.1.2.1  1999-2000: includes letter to Business day on Ken Owen's decision to vote for the ANC in 1999; letter from Ray Barrell to HS explaining his decision to join the ANC caucus in the Johannesburg Council, 29/11/2000 
Ka7.1.2.2  2002-2003: includes HS letter to M. Lowe, M.P., 22/03/2004,"… I must say I am very depressed on the few occasions that I turn on the TV to listen to the parliamentary debates. They seem so shallow and spiteful."; also comments on the lack of acknowledgement of whites who were involved in "the struggle' in the Apartheid Museum; speech by Janet Semple M.P. 'Enhancing paticipation of women in African Party Politics', Dakar Senegal, 23/10/2003 
Ka7.1.2.3  2004-2006 
Ka7.2.1.4  2007-2008: includes extract from a lecture by Helen Zille, leader of the DA, at Wits Law School 'The new verligte and verkramptein South Africa', 22/07/2008 
Ka7.1.3  Press clippings 1999-2001 
Ka7.1.4  Miscellaneous 
  Includes: DA Gauteng Provinical Legislature Portfolios 2008; Freedom Day Rally material, Gauteng South Region April 1999, held at Orlando East Community Hall, HS was one of the speakers; DA Youth Honorary Membership certificate, thank you emal and photo November 2003; Association of Democratic Alliance Councillors questionnaire - completed by HS, 01/02/2003 
Ka7.2  1999 Elections 
Ka7.2.1  Notes: HS handwritten notes for speeches 
Ka7.2.2  Speeches: DP lunch at Gosforth Park 16/02/199; DP Houghton 40th Anniversary 11/03/1999; Speech for DP Pretoria 22/04/1999 (and invitation); DP Seminar Cape Town 14/08/1999 
Ka7.2.3  Correspondence: 2 letters from Tony Leon; correspondence with Hennie Van Vuuren, F.E.S. concerning postal votes and letters to the media on this topic;  
Ka7.2.4  Issues with the IEC: faxes and other items to do with the regulations / legislation governing 'Special Votes', which includes postal votes from overseas. 
Ka7.2.5  Newspaper cuttings; photocopied pages from 'Launching Democracy in South Africa', ed. R.W. Johnson & L.Schlemmer, Yale University Press, 1996 
Ka7.3  Bill of Rights 
Ka7.3.1  HS comments, and other correspondence, on the DP's draft Bill of Rights, May-June 1993 
Ka7.3.2  Freedom under the rule of Law: Advancing Liberty in the New South Africa, Democratic Party Draft Bill of Rights, May 1993, 17p. 
Ka7.3.3  Newspaper article by Tony Leon 'A shield … and a sword: The DP Bill of Rights could bridge divisions in SA', The Star 18//05/1993; 'Blueprint for the new South Africa', The Star 26/07/1993, Esther Waugh 'explain the nuts and bolts of the draft Interim Constitution'. 
Kb1  Memoranda and articles 1 f. 
Kb1.1  Will we be banned for this?, pamphlet, Springbok Legion of Ex-Service Men and Women, 1951, 32p. 
Kb1.2  'Is South Africa a good risk?', 05/11/1959, H.F. [Harry] Oppenheimer to the Institute of Directors, London, 8p. 
Kb1.3  South Africa: the future, G.H.Le May, no date, 7p. 
Kb1.4  South Africa's position in the world: a European perspective, Marion Countess Doenhoff, presented at SAIIA, 31/08/1981, 21p. 
Kb1.5  Reconstructing South African liberalism, Charles Simkins, SAIRR, 1986, 100p. 
Kb1.6  Liberalism and the Middle Ground: 1986 presidential address and the proceedings of a symposium on liberalism at S.A. Institute of Race Relations, 21/03/1986, with contributions by Stuart Saunders, Simon Bekker, Ken Owen, Jonathan Suzman, David Adler, Jill Wentzel; 
Kb1.7  Black politics at the Crossroads, Steven Friedman, SAIRR Topical Briefing,1986, 20p. 
Kb1.8  The plight of responsible Black leaders in South Africa, address by Mangosuthu Buthelezi, Boston University, 17/11/1986, 12p. 
Kb1.9  Incremental Change or Revolution?, F. Van Zyl Slabbert in ‘Democratic Liberalism in South Africa’, Chapter 24, pp. 399-409, photocopy 
Kb1.10  South African Letter by Joe Clark, Canadian Secretary of State for External Affairs, 16/09/1988, 4p. 
Kb1.11  The carrot or the stick: reflections on the reform process in South Africa, Laurence Schlemmer, undated, 28p. 
Kb1.12  Beyond Protest: thoughts on change strategies in South Africa, Lawrence Schlemmer, Centre for Policy Studies, Wits University, 12p. 
Kb1.13  South Africa - the Afrikaner angst, Pauline H.Baker, in Foreign Policy, no date, pp. 61-79; 
Kb1.14  South Africa and the walls of Troy, C.W.de Kiewiet, in Virginia Quarterly Review, no date, pp. 515-537; 
Kb1.15  Mandela's speech just before he was sentenced, part of HS book, pp.123-131 
Kb1.16  PFP Progress, December 1987 
Kb1.17  Report of the Commission of enquiry into the circumstances of the death of the late Dr. the Honourable Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd, published by Authority, December 1966.  
Kb1.18  Letter from Rowland 'Rowley' Huttley Peart to David Welsh re his paper “FW de Klerk – Enlightened Conservative", Ms note to HS, January 2003 
Kb1.19  Democratic challenges and opportunities for South Africa, by David Welsh, June 2004, 13p., annotated by HS 
Kb1.20  Perspective, President Mbeki and the question of racism, David Welsh, October 2004, 3p. 
Kb1.21  Hollowed-Out Democracy?, David Welsh, 2005, 5p. 
Kb1.22  Thank God we didn't try to save South Africa, Simon Jenkins, no date, 3p. 
Kb1.23  Believe in Miracles – a reporter’s story, memoir of his life as a journalist by Gerald Shaw, copy of the manuscript with HS note for back cover, 2007; 
Kb2  Press clippings 1 f. 1979, 1981, 1985, 1986, undated 
Kc1  Apartheid 1 f. 1960- 
Kc1.1  Race classification in South Africa: its effects on Human beings, A Fact paper published by the South African Institute of Race Relations, No.2, 1958. 
Kc1.2  Days of crisis in South Africa (Events up to 15th May 1960), A Fact paper compiled by Muriell Horrell and published by the South African Institute of Race Relations, No.5, 1960.  
Kc1.3  Conference at Bulugha, South Africa's first All-Race Assembly, convened by Donald Woods, Conference proceedings, 1973.  
Kc1.4  Press clippngs: 1979, 1980, 1985 
Kc1.5  American Psychiatric Association: Resolution against apartheid 1985; Report of the Committee to Visit South Africa , 1979  
Kc1.6  Anti-Apartheid Act of 1985, Proceedings of the 99th Congress, Washington, with personal dedication written on cover to HS: "To Helen, Who is with us in principle, even if she disagrees with us in practice!", June 1985.  
Kc1.7  What is apartheid?, Topical briefing, SAIRR, 1985, 12p. 
Kc1.8  The crumbling of apartheid: crisis, confusion and opportunity, address by J.Kane-Berman to Chicago Council on Foreign Relations, 1985 (NOT given) 
Kc1.9  Apartheid - How much longer? Report about the journey of an ISHR Delegation to South Africa, International Society for Human Rights (pages 71-72 missing) 
Kc2  Censorship 1 f. 1973. 
Kc2.1  Press clippings 1973,  
Kc2.2  ‘A Free Press?’, address to 18th AGM of the Black Sash by Benjamin Pogrund, 6p., reprinted in The Black Sash August 1973 
Kc2.3  Censorship and the Courts: The (Suggested) Abolition of the Right of Appeal to the Supreme Court from Decisions of the Publications Control Board, Arthur Suzman (Chairman of the South African PEN Centre of International PEN), SALJ, pp.191-205 
Kc2.4  Handwritten notes by H.Suzman for a speech on censorship; corrected typescript of draft talk, by HS, 'Censorship – it’s features and futilities' 7p. 
Kc3  Civil liberties 1 f. c.1973. 
Kc3.1  Control breeds Subservience, Address delivered at Annual Meeting of the Civil Rights league (Cape Town), by Dr. Sheila T. van der Horst, October 1950. 
Kc3.2  Statistical Profile of the Negro American, no author, 03/12/1963, 21p. 
Kc3.3  The Civil Rights Act, Alexander M. Bickel, Yale Law Professor, published in Commentary Vol. 38 No. 2, August 1964 
Kc3.4  America's New Civil Rights Act, pamphlet, 1964, 21p. 
Kc3.5  Civil Rights News Letter (Cape Town), Vol. XX: No.5, 27/06/1973 and No. 6, 27/07/1973 
Kc3.6  First Century of Freedom, John Hope Franklin, USIS, London, pamphlet, 23p. 
Kc3.7  HS handwritten notes for talk at R.A.U., 'Civil Rights in S.A', 13/09/1973, 28p. 
Kc3.8  A South African Looks at the Southern States [of the USA], no author, no date, carbon copy with corrections, 7p. 
Kc4  Coloureds 1 f. 1951-1973. 
Kc4.1  The Coloured vote and the Constitution, issued by the Civil Rights League (Witwatersrand) in response to the Coloured Franchise Bill, 1951. 
Kc4.2  Community sentiment at the New Coloured townships: paper by Achmat Davids, delivered at a General Meeting of Coloured Prisoners Aid Committees, National Council of Social Services Association of SA, 8-9 July 1970; 
Kc4.3  Motion: "That this Management Committee calls upon the responsible Authority to declare the area Riverlea Extension a slum and unfit for human occupation in acoordance with the Slums Act and the Public Health Act…", July 1973 
Kc4.4  Memorandum from the Transvaal region of the Labour Party of SA to the Minister of Community Development: living conditions of Johannesburg's Coloured community, August 1972; response to Labour Party Memo from the Commissioner for Coloured Affairs, March 1973; 
Kc4.5  Memorandum submitted to the Commission of Inquiry into matters relating to the Coloured population group by the Progressive Party, 1973; 
Kc5  Commonwealth 1 f. 1960-1961. 
Kc5.1  Extract from UK Hansard: Debate on South-West Africa 15/12/1960, columns 671-729 
Kc5.2  Extract from UK Hansard: Debate on "South Africa (Withdrawal from the Commonwealth)", 22/03/1961, columns 441-532 
Kc5.3  Articles from The Economist: Blood on the Club Steps, 26/03/1960; Urgent Africa: How Tough Can You Get?,The Union's Moment of Truth, Africa in London, 02/04/1960; Notes of the Week, 09/04/1960; Commonwealth in Convoy, 16/04/1960 
Kc5.4  Articles from The Economist: One Month after Sharpeville, 23/04/1960; The Commonwealth - The Shadow of Parkinson, 07/05/1960; In Black and White, 14/05/1960. 
Kc6  Flag controversy 1 f. 1981. 
  Press clippings on the burning of the SA flag by Wits University students, May-June 1981; notes by H.Suzman, letter to HS on the subject from Janet Speck 
Kc7  Immorality Bill 1 f. 1960-1985. 
Kc7.1  Corrected page-proof of article by Julius Lewin 'Sex, colour and the law', Africa South, April 1960 
Kc7.2  Draft speech by H.Suzman 'Immorality Amendment Bill', 1962, 16p. (page 4 has been renumbered as 13a) 
Kc7.3  Questions in the House of Assembly, 1962; statistics 1975;  
Kc7.4  Press cuttings: article from New Age, 15/09/1960 on New Statesman censored for carrying Lewin’s article; Statement by H. Suzman on the scrapping of the Act 1985 
  Report, Proceedings and Evidence of the Joint Committee on the Subject of the Separate Representation of Voters Act Validation and Amendment Bill, April 1954 
Ke1  Parliamentary issues pre 1994 1f.  
Ke1.1  Parliamentary Register 1910-1961, published by the House of Assembly.  
Ke1.2  Programme of the Opening of Parliament, 19 January 1962 
Ke2  Parliamentary issues post 1994 
Ke2.1  General 
Ke.2.1.1  DA document on 2005 Budget Votes; (overview of how political parties voted and analysis)m prepared by Gareth van Onselen, 26p. 
Ke2.1.2  The re-hanging of the portrait of Helen Suzman in the caucus room of the Democratic Party (DP) in Parliament, June 2000;  
Ke2.1.3  South Africa – Thabo Mbeki’s Presidency, A Profile by Stanley Uys and James Myburgh, 11 pages (no date, no publisher);  
Ke2.1.4  Draft transcript of debate on Question 2 – HIV / AIDS and Rape, President’s Question Time, Parliament, 21/10/2004; ANC Today and SA Today, 22/10/2004 
Ke2.1.5  Research requested by HS (from the SAIRR)on: women in parliament and historic matters to do with Prime Ministers of SA; 'Power couples' - ANC Ministers etc. with equally important spouses; proportion of women MPs per politicl party; MPs accused of crimes (from Rhoda Kadalie);  
Ke2.1.6  Trascript (not Hansard though) of President's Budget Vote Debate (part), 25/05/2005; press cuttings 2004, 2007 
Ke2.2  Elections. 1f. 
Ke2.2.1  Pre-Election Speech, April 1994, HS handwritten notes, 6p. 
Ke2.2.2  South Africa Free Elections Fund Final Report, December 1994 (Chairman was Anthony 'Tony' O'Reilly) 
Ke2.2.3  Press cuttings and other items concerning 2004 general elections - voter registatration, voter trunout, results etc., 
Ke2.2.4  HS notes; press cuttings 
Ke2.3  Travel facilities for former Members of Parliament 1f.  
Ke2.3.1  Submission to Parliament by J.H. Heyns in response to the Steyn Commission: A Preliminary evaluation on the travel privileges of former Ministers, political office bearers and long-serving parliamentarians, 3p; letter to HS from Secretary to Parliament, S.G. Mfenyana, with attached proposed consitions of revised travel facilities scheme for former M.P.s, 18/11/1999; HS letter to Mfenyana, 28/09/2000 
Ke2.3.2  Legal opinion: 'Certain Former Members of Parliament - Domestic Travel at State Expense', A.M. Breitenbach, 18/06/2004, 38p., related email annotated by HS "Phoned Johan to say I think case is hopeless & I no longer want to be associated with it." 
Laa  Third Interim Report of the Industrial and Agricultural Requirements Commission: Fundamentals of Economic Policy in the Union, 1943 
La1  Publications 1 f. 1979-1993. 
La1.1  Towards equal opportunity in South Africa, by H.Oppenheimer, chancellors' Lecture, University of the Witwatersrand, 20/03/1979, 8p. 
La1.2  South Africa in the eighties: a selection of three speeches. Southern African Forum Occasional Paper 2, 1981, pamphlet, 34p. 
La1.3  Prospects for 1981, Bureau for Economic Research (BER), A.J.M. de Vries & O.D.J. Stuart, Stellenbosch University, pamphlet, 30p. 
La1.4  South Africa: mainstay of Southern Africa, issued by the Dept. of Foreign Affairs Pretoria, September 1985, photocopy, 20p. 
La1.5  The South African Co-ordinating Consumer Council Annual Report 1989. 
La1.6  Book Review of An Economist's Testimony: The autobiography of S.Herbert Frankel, 1993. 
La2  Memoranda and articles 1 f. 1960- 
La2.1  Africa and the economic awakening of our times: address to the Economic Society of southern Africa by Prof. S. Herbert Frankel (Nuffield College, Oxford), 1960, 12p. 
La2.2  Reorganisation of the Industrial Relations Department: Anglo-American Corporation of SA Ltd, 1981, 3p. 
La2.3  Memorandum on the economic situation for ASSOCOM Executive Council meeting, May 1981, 8p. 
La2.4  Article by Helen Suzman for The Observer, July / August 1985, 2p. (incomplete) 
La2.5  Report from South Africa: Economic Sanctions aren't working: Why South Africa shrugs at sanctions, Peter Brimelow, Forbes, 09/03/1987 
La2.6  Notes and Comments: The Poverty Datum Line, J.F. Potgieter (Professor, University of Port Elizabeth); Median Incomes of Economically Active Population (annexure of paper by Dr. E.G. Malherbe) 
La3  Press clippings 
La3.1  Press clippings 1978 
La3.2  Press clippings 1980-1981 
La4  Disinvestment/sanctions 
La4.1  Articles 2 f. 
La4.1.1  Articles 1976, 1978 
  South Africa – can it go it alone? Forbes, 01/05/1976; Campaigning for Divestment by Shelly Pitterman and David Markun, Africa Report, Sept-Oct, 1978; 
La4.1.2  Articles 1984-1985 
  South African Divestment: the investment issues, Wayne h. Wagner, Allen Emkin & Richard L. Dixon, Financial Analysts Journal, Nov-Dec., 1984; Some thoughts on the disinvestment debate, Dr. J.C. van Zyl, Executive Director, SA Federated Chamber of Commerce, 11/02/1985 (some incomplete) 
La4.1.3  Articles 1986 
  Opportunities for the funding of education and small business development in south Africa, a note for the record, Anglo American Corporation of SA Ltd., 1986; Beyond Divestment: The Moral University, reprint of speech by Alan Pifer, Carnegie Corporation, New York, SA International, July 1986; Reflections of a retired American Foreign Service officer, 07/07/1986; Sanctions and the processes of adjustment, R.W. 'Ronnie' Bethlehem, JCI Ltd., 12/09/1986; A Marshall Aid Plan for SA?, David Welsh address to UCT’s Graduate School of Business (GSB) July 1986; 
La4.1.4  Articles 1987 
  What happens when U.S. companies sell their south African operations?, David Hauck, May 1987, South African Review Service, 16p.; Sanctions won’t end Apartheid by Helen Suzman, New York Times, 04/10/87; HS article for Canadian magazine Chatelaine (typescript and published version); 
La4.1.5  Articles 1988 
  Representations by Colin Eglin, M.P. and Mrs. Helen Suzman M.P. to the Congressional Sub-Committee on Africa in respect of proposed measures to combat apartheid in South Africa, Cape Town, 10/03/1988; Congressional Hearings on further sanctions Amcham submission, American Chamber of Commerce in South Africa, 07/03/1988; Economic muscle is the ONLY weapon for blacks, Archbishop!, Helen Suzman, Sunday Times 29/05/1988 
La4.1.6  Articles undated 
La4.1.6.1  Epilogue – January 1986, concluding chapter in (book) ‘Capitalism and Apartheid’; 
La4.1.6.2  Disinvestment of American Companies as experienced by Black South Africans on the management level: a qualitative investigation undertaken by the HSRC, G. Puth; 
La4.1.6.3  Socialism, Capitalism and the Freedom Charter, David Welsh, 16p. 
La4.1.6.4  What America should do about South Africa, Helen Suzman, New York Times Magazine 03/08/1986; State and Municipal Action Against Investment in South Africa, CAISA; 
La4.1.7  H.R. 1580: A Bill to prohibit investements in, and certain other activities with respect to, South Africa, and for other purposes,  
La4.1.8  H.R. 3317: A Bill to require divestiture from the oil industry in South Africa unless certain conditions are met, and for other purposes,in the House of Representatives, 100th Congress, 1st Session, 21/09/1987 
La4.1.9  Sanctions and the processes of adjustment, a chapter by R.W. Bethlehem, 30 March 1987 (a version appeared in Sunday Tribune on 12/10/1986) 
La4.1.10  Additional items 1985 
La4.1.10.1  Press cuttings Sept-Oct. 1985 
La4.1.10.2  The effect of South African sanctions on its neighbours, Joseph Hanlon, released by the Catholic Institute for International Relations, London, 12 September 1985, 6p. 
La4.1.10.3  Press cuttings, August 1985 
La4.10.1.4  Conference Report submitted to the House of Representatives of the USA, to amend the existing bill to the proposed Anti-Apartheid Act of 1985, 1 August 1985. 
La4.1.10.5  Seven scenarios for South Africa, by Robert I. Rotberg, published in Africa Notes, a publication of the Georgetown University Center for Strategic and International Studies, October 1985. 
La4.2  Speeches and addresses 1 f. 1972-1990 
La4.2.1  Sppeches by Helen Suzman 
La4.2.1.1  HS speech, Houghton School, 14/02/1972, 2 versions 
La4.2.1.2  Handwritten speech re Alan Paton and his new book “Save the Beloved Country”, 4p. 
La4.2.1.3  Handwritten speech “What can America do about South Africa?”, 9p. 
La4.2.1.4  Talk by Helen Suzman to European Democratic Group, Luxembourg, 10/07/1985, 15p.; Extracts from the talk, 3p. 
La4.2.2  Speeches by others 
La4.2.2.1  US denounces apartheid at UN Forum, 16/02/1981, speech by Representative Richard Schifter; George Bush, US Vice-President speech to Kenya Chamber of Commerce, 19/11/1982; 
La4.2.2.2  Construction and Engagement at Mid-Term, Ambassador Herman W. Nickel to the American Chamber of Commerce, Johannesburg, 16/02/1983, 11p. 
La4.2.2.3  Secretary of State George Schultz remarks on the role of US business in South Africa, Blair House, 29/04/1984, 8p. 
La4.2.2.4  Speech by John McQuiggan, Director of UKSATA, Eastbourne UK, 08/11/1984: Why British business prefers constructive engagement in South Africa, 13p. 
La4.2.2.5  Think Tank: Disinvestment – Food for thought and action, addresses and comments made at the meeting held on 12/11/1984 at Fourways Park, Johannesburg, 13p. 
La4.2.2.6  The South African Economy in 1985: Address by Arthur Hammond-Tooke, Director Economic Affairs of the SAFCI to Parliamentary Groups, January 1985; 
La4.2.2.7  Extracts of a speech by the Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary, Sir Geoffrey Howe, to the Royal Commonwealth Society, 23/07/1985, 6p. 
La4.2.2.8  Text of a live interview of the Director of UKSATA, John McQuiggan, on the BBC Radio 4 “Today” programme, 24/07/1985 and on BBC TV “Breakfast Time”, 26/07/1985 and again on BBC Radio on 01/08/1985;Text of a live interview of the Director of UKSATA, John McQuiggan, on the BBC Radio 4 “Today” programme, 24/07/1985 and on BBC TV “Breakfast Time”, 26/07/1985 and again on BBC Radio on 01/08/1985; 
La4.2.2.9  Presentation to the Board of Regents, University of Washington, Paul Suzman [nephew of HS], 18/04/1985, 4p. 
La4.2.2.10  Great Risks and Uncertain Gains – South Africa and Sanctions, keynote address by the Director of the SAIRR, John Kane-Berman to the inaugural conference of the NAFCOC Transvaal Regional Convention, 11/06/1986, 11p. 
La4.2.2.11  Address by Gavin Relly to Financial Economic Magazine, 10/09/1987, The Hague, Netherlands, 18p. 
La4.2.2.12  Securing the Future, address by R.W. Tookey, Director Shell Petroleum, to the International Conference on South Africa in Transition, Sept. 1987, 8p. 
La4.2.2.13  David Welsh, Professor of Southern African Studies, UCT, to the US House of Representatives, no date, 4p. 
La4.3  Reports 1 f. 
La4.3.1  Draft report on sanctions and their effect on the economy and employment compiled for COSATU by CRIC (Community Resource & Information Centre), 1986, 35p. 
La4.3.2  Implications of the Report of the Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group, SA Institute of International Affairs, Special Report for SAII Members Only, 27/08/1986, 24p. 
La4.3.3  Eleventh report on the Signatory Companies to the Statement of Principles for South Africa, compiled by Arthur D. Little for the Industry Support Unit, 05/11/1987, booklet, 46p. 
La4.3.4  Code of conduct for companies with interests in South Africa: Analysis and summary of companies' reports for the period 01 July 1983 to 30 June 1984, Department of Trade and Industry [UK]; 
La4.3.5  Code of Conduct for Companies with Interests in South Africa, Government Guidance to British Companies on the Code of Conduct Adopted by the Governments of the Nine Member States of the European Community on 20 September 1977, HMSO, 1983 
La4.3.6  The Voice of the South African People, A survey of South Africans on the subject of sanctions and foreign corporate divestment, conducted by the Gallup Organisation for the SA Chamber of Mines, May 1989. 
La4.3.7  Codes of Conduct, Trade Union Directory 1984-1985 
La4.4  Correspondence 1 f. 1978-1988 
La4.4.1  1978: Harvey Picker, Columbia University to HS concerning the retention of "securities of corporations which have holdings in South Africa in their portfolios" by US universities, HS reply 22/06/1978 
La4.4.2  1983-1984: Timothy O'Shea to C.A. Sadlow re pressure in the USA for divestment 25/03/1984; Robert C. Frasure, Political Section, U.S. Embassy London to HS with a message from Ambassador Herman Nickel, 04/10/1985 
La4.4.3  1985: Marion E. Doro, Connecticut College re anti-apartheid demos in the USA and calls for sanctions, 25/04/1985; HS to President of Harvard, Derek Bok, 30/05/1985; Face the Press, Sarah Lovegrove to HS re a forthcoming panel discussion, 05/07/1985 
La4.4.4  1988: cable from Congressman Sal Marzulo, 05/03/1988; HS to J.P. Raath, SA Transport Services thnking him for stats sent and saying 'it will be extremely useful to me when I go overseas in two weeks time and try to talk some sense into United States citizens on the question of sanctions...", March 1988; telex from Canadians re their imports from and exports to SA, 1988 
La4.5  Statements 1 f. 1985. 
La4.5.1  Statement of Derek Bok, President, Harvard University, before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs on S. 635, the Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986, 24/05/1985, 10p. 
La4.5.2  Canadian Government Policy Statement on South Africa, Secretary of State for External Affairs Joe Clark, 06/07/1985, 9p. 
La4.5.3  Statement by President Ronald Reagan on South Africa, text of Executive Order on realtions with SA, Reagan's message to Congress on SA, nd other matters, USIS, 10/09/1985 
La4.6  News reports and press releases, 1984-85, 1988 1 f. 
La4.6.1  New York Times, 04/08/1984 'PensionSystem to Drop Stocks Over Apartheid' 
La4.6.2  USIS Wireless File, appears to be the full text of the Anti-Apartheid Action Act of 1985, sent 06/08/1985 
La4.6.3  Summary of U.S. South Africa Bills "approved last week by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House", July 1985 
La4.6.4  South Africa Sanctions Bills Advance in Congress, US Information Agency; Anti-Apartheid Act of 1985 announcement by Bi-Partisan Committee 
La4.6.5  SAIRR Press Release, statement in London By John Kane=Berman on non-violent strategies for change in SA, 19/02/1988 
La4.7  United States Senate & Congress, 1f. 1985-1986. 
La4.7.1  The Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986, 11/08/1986 
La4.7.2  Congressional Record – Senate, 03/01/1985; 
La4.7.3  House of Representatives report No. 99-76, Parts I and II, 99th Congress, 1st Session, To express the opposition of the United States to the system of apartheid in South Africa, and a Bill; 
La4.8  Publications 1 f. 
La4.8.1  Prospects for change in Southern Africa, by H. Oppenheimer, address to the Foreign Policy Association, New York, 14/10/1977, pamphlet, 8p. 
La4.8.2  How the United States should react to apartheid: a liberal South African's view, the Gabriel Silver Memorial Lecture delivered by H.Suzman, Columbia University 31/10/1978, pamphlet, 30p. 
La4.8.3  Interviews with five prominent Americans on US investment in South Africa, Professor Meyer Feldberg, Director, UCT GSB, Occasional Series Paper 6, November 1978, pamphlet, 26p. 
La4.8.4  British trade with South Africa: a question of national interest, UKSATA, 1982, booklet, 71p. 
La4.8.5  The Sampson Letter, 22, 30/07/1985, 8p. 
La4.8.6  Disinvestment: a Leadership Publication, June 1985; 
La4.8.7  International Affairs Bulletin, Vol. 9, No. 2, 1985.  
La4.8.8  CSIS Africa notes, Nos. 52, 60, 55, 57, 94, 1985, 1986, 1989, The Georgetown University Center for Strategic & International Studies, Washington DC 
La4.8.9  Divestment on Campus: Issues and Implementation, Jennifer D.Kibbe, Investor Responsibility Research Center, November 1989. 
La4.8.10  Conflict Studies No. 179, The South African crisis: time for international action, William Gutteridge, August 1985; 
La4.9  Press clippings 1977-1989 
La4.9.1  Press clippings 1977-1979 
La4.9.2  Press clippings 1981, 1983-1984 
La4.9.3  Press clippings 1986 
La4.9.4  Press clippings 1987, 1989 
La4.9.5  Press clippings Jan-March 1985 
La4.9.6  Press clippings April-May 1985 
La4.9.7  Press clippings June 1985 
La4.9.8  Press clippings July 1985 Part 1 
La4.9.9  Press clippings July 1985 Part 2 
La4.9.10  Press clippings August 1985 
La4.9.11  Press clippings undated 
La4.10  Lifting of sanctions from 1990 1f. 
La4.10.1  Correspondence with overseas politicians and business urging them to lift sanctions against South Africa, particularly after the release of Nelson Mandela. Press clips. 
La4.10.2  Press clipping 
La4.10.3  South Africa Review Service, Facts and Figures on South Africa – answers to 12 frequently asked questions, August 1990, IRRC 
La4.11  Farming in South Africa: The future of farming in South Africa 
  Report No.4 by the Social and Economic Planning Council (Including comments on the Report of the Reconstruction Committee of the Department of Agriculture and Forestry on the 'Reconstruction of Agriculture'), Pretoria, 31 August 1944. 
Lb1  Publications 1f. 
Lb1.1  Summary of the Report of the Commission for the Socio-Economic Development of the Bantu Areas within the Union of South Africa, with Forewords by W.W.M.Eiselen, Secretary for Native Affairs and F.R.Tomlinson, Chairman of the Commission, Government Printer, Pretoria, 1955, annotated in places by HS 
Lb1.2  Hansard, 14 May to 18 May 1956, debate on the Tomlinson Report 
Lb1.3  Various articles in response to the Tomlinson Report, published in The Forum, Vol.5 No.2, May 1956, by A.Suzman, Q.C., A.Hepple, M.P., Julius Lewin, A.K.Fryer, J.R.Neame.  
Lb1.4  SABRA Nuusbrief / Newsletter N. 18, May / June 1956; 
Lb1.5  Special Issue of: A Commentary on Politics To-Day, on The Tomlinson Commission Report, issued by the United Party, pamphlet, November 1956; 
Lb1.6  Memorandum: Government decisions on the recommendations of the Commission for the Socio-Economic Development of the Bantu Areas within the Union of South Africa, Government Printer, 1956; 
Lb2  Miscellaneous 
Lb2.1  HS summary of the Tomlinson Report (or 'Brown Book') 20 ts. pages and 2 ms. pages 
Lb2.2  Letter to “Dear Clyde” from “your loving brother Thomas” (whose address is 88 Athol Street, Highlands North), 28/02/1955, on the topic of Evert Frederick Potgieter’s D.Phil. thesis “An ethnological investigation into the process of integration of the Bantu into the White economic system in South Africa”, 8p., summary in English of the thesis is attached, 12p. 
Lb2.3  Notes from HS to “Dear Tommy”, April / May 1956 firstly asking for his comments on the Tomlinson Report and then thanking him for them saying “I shall use them with gusto (if I get into the debate) … By the way, I found the five million missing Africans – according to the Report, the Reserves will, by 2000 AD, be able to hold not 10,000,000 Africans but 70% of the total black population. Easy, ain’t it?”; 
Lb2.4  Handwritten pencil notes on the Tomlinson Report, written on the back of a section of the 1954 Johannesburg Municipal Voters Roll; 
Lc  HUMAN RIGHTS: GENERAL 1947, 1988-1989, 1993, 1998 1f. 
Lc1  Publications 
Lc1.1  S.A. Law Commission Working Paper 25: Project 58, Group and Human Rights, 1989 and Summary thereof;  
Lc1.2  S.A.Journal on Human Rights, Vol.4 Part II, July 1988; 
Lc1.3  International Conference on Human Rights 1947, 'Mrs Suzman's Statement' on behalf of the SAIRR (page 4 missing); press cutting 06/06/1947 
Lc1.4  SA Law Commission: Project Group and human rights - Summary of the most important conclusions and recommendations, 2p. 
Lc1.5  “CEO’s Report to Commissioners Meeting, 01 September 1998” 
Lc1.6  Proposed Agenda for the Meeting of the Trustees of the Human Rights Trust to be held on 02/12/1993 and letter to trustees 20/10/1993 
Lc2  International League for Human Rights 1f. 
Lc2.1  Programme and invitation to H.Suzman, in award of the League's Human Rights Award 1983, for which she sent her regrets telephonically, November 1983 
Lc2.2  Including correspondence regarding the case of 13 jailed Iranian Jews accused of spying for Israel, 1999.  
Lc3  Legal Resources Centre / and Lawyers for Human Rights 1f. 
  Support of the nomination of the Legal Resources Centre for the European Human Rights Prize made by President Nelson Mandela, 1994. Letter of acceptance by H.Suzman for her nomination for election to the office of trustee of Lawyers for Human Rights, 1995.  
Ld  FREEDOM OF THE PRESS 1 f. 1979. 
Ld1  Legislative and other provisions affecting the Press and Press freedom in South Africa – A Synopsis, by N.J.J, Olivier (mostly taken from 1977 edition of Kelsey Stuart's "The Newspaperman's Guide to the Law"), photocopy, 14p. 
Ld2  Why the Press must pursue the truth, by Ben Bradlee, speech made at the Stellenbosch Farmers’ Winery Awards for Enterprising Journalism, SA Outlook, February 1979 pp. 29-31 
Ld3  Press clippings re press freedom in South Africa, 1979 
Ld4  To The Point, Vol. 8, No. 22, 01/06/1979, “How Free is the SA Press?” 
Le1  Memoranda on the riots by the South African Institute of Race Relations: Events of 1976 which culminated in the riots of June 1976, 28/07/76, 17p. 
Le2  South Africa in Travail: The disturbances of 1976/77, Evidence presented to the Cillie Commission by the Institute of Race Relations, 1978, booklet, 143p. 
Le3  South African Outlook Vol. 106, No. 1223, August 1976, mainly covering the disturbances in Cape Town; 
Le4  Memorandum presented to the Cillie Commission of Inquiry into the riots at Soweto and elsewhere in June 1976 by Mrs H.Suzman, 12p. (see also: An1 in this collection) 
Le5  Affidavits by parents on their children's involvement and death, Soweto, Athlone and Crawford (Cape townships), 1976 
Le6  Message for 1977 – to those in authority and to white South Africa, sent to parliamentarians by the Ministers Fraternal of Langa, Guguletu and Nyanga, 13/01/1977, 2p. And cover note 
Le7  Press clippings concerning HS visit to Soweto school 11-12/02/1977 
Le8  Role of Riot Police in the Burnings and Killings Nyanga Cape Town Christmas 1976, issued by the Ministers’ Fraternal of Langa, Gugulethu and Nyanga, January 1977, 4p. 
Le9  Memorandum by the SAIRR on 'The language medium issue as a causative factor in the Soweto disturbances', 26/07/1976, 24p. 
Le10  Statements on events of 1976, mostly by youth who were arrested 
  Letter to HS from Alex (Boraine), 13/03/1986, forwarding right-wing material that had been sent to PFP supporter Brian Watkyns; the material appears to be from the “Anti-communist Anti-terrorist resistance movement” including what appears to be a kind of 'hit list': 'definite and suspect enemy activists', names include “Cheryl Karolis”, Sefako Nyaka, Hohhman Galeng, Gus Silber, P. Qoboza, Janet Cherry, Mono Badela, Thabo Mbeki, “Tutu”, Ronnie Kassirls (sic) amongst others; [Boraine’s letter also says “… I am of course deeply distressed that my recent resignation has obviously gravely affected a friendship and a relationship which I have treasured over many years. I honestly still believe that once Van Zyl had resigned, I was left with no other alternative….”] 
Lg1  Correspondence: HS, Olusegun Obasanjo, Hans d'Orville 
Lg2  Inter Action Council Statements: 'Statement on Southern Africa', Harare, 22/03/1988;'Positions by the Inter Action Council on Southern Africa and Apartheid' 1985-1987 
Lh  INTERCEPTION OF MAIL 3f 1979-1980 
  The Observer (UK) broke the story of the defection of BOSS agent Arthur McGiven and the material that he had taken with him from South Africa, on 30/12/1979, which included letters to and from Helen Suzman. This folder includes photocopies of the BOSS folders and comments as well as of Mrs. Suzman’s letters; correspondents included Bob Rotberg, Winston Churchill M.P., Rex Collings, Walter Morris-Hale, Arlene P. Jacobs, Anne T. Fraker and others; the letters are dated from 1976 to 1979.  
Lh1  Press Cuttings 1979-1980, including the original Observer story and follow-up items 
Lh2  Legal opinion from Sidney Kentridge and Rex van Schalkwyk of Edward Nathan & Friedland Attorneys, 28/05/1980, 18p. 
Lh3  Photocopies (presumably the ones obtained by The Observer from McGiven) of the secret (Geheim) files of intercepted mail and comments thereon, 1976, 1978, 1979 
Lh3.1  HS to Winston Churchill, 1976 
Lh3.2  Rex Collings to HS, 1976 
Lh3.3  Columbia University, Cynthia Tharaud, Dean Harvey Picker, Arlene Jacobs, 1978 
Lh3.4  Anne T. Fraker, Patrick O'Meara (ndiana University), March 1979 
Lh3.5  Concerning the Herstigte Nasionale Party, June 1979 
Lh3.6  Smith College - Walter Morris-Hale, June 1979 
Lh3.7  Robert I. Rotberg, M.I.T., Cambridge Massachusetts, June 1979 
Lh3.8  Jonathan Moore, John F. Kennedy School of Government, July 1979 
Lh4  Intercepted correspondence 
Lh4.1  Winston Churchill, July 1978 
Lh4.2  Robert Rotberg, January 1978 (several versions) 
Lh4.3  Letter to HS from her daughter Francie Jowell in London, concerning The Observer story and the intercepted correspondence, undated, 2p. 
Lh5  Miscellaneous 
Lh5.1  Draft Affidavit by Mr. McGiven, sent to B. Wunsch Esq., from N.C.D. Hall of Linklater & Paines, London 
Lh5.2  Notes taken during a visit to General H.J. van den Bergh on 13/05/1980 by C. Graham and R. Shapiro concerning about his time as head of the Bureau for State Security (BOSS) and the interception of mail, 3p. 
Lh5.3  Handwritten notes and office stationery 
Lh6  Report in terms of Section 5(1) of the Advocate-General Act, 1979 (Act 118 of 1979) to the Honourable S.P. Botha, Leader of the House of Assembly, 22/04/1980, re a complaint by the Herstigte Nasionale Party 
Lh7  Photocopies of parts of certain Acts, highlighted in places 
Lh8  Questions by HS put to the Prime Minister, the Minister of National Security and Minister of Post and Telecommunications 
Lh9  Draft Hansards 
Lh9.1  Draft Hansard, with corrections, no date, 'Interception of potsal articles, telegrams or communications by telephone to or from Members of Parliament', debate features HS on the interception of her own mail, 16p. 
Lh9.2  Photocopy of draft, corrected, Hansard: debate in Afrikanns, copy of June 1979 letter from Robert Rotberg attached 
Lh9.3  Draft, corrected, Hansard which begins: 'Committee Stage, Clause 1 - Mrs H. Suzman: Mr Chairman I want to try to clarify a very interesting point which has arisen out of the reply which the Hon. The Minister gave to me in the Second Reading debate…", 28p. 
Lh9.4  Hansard, unrevised copy, highlighted in places, English and Afrikaans, on the interception of HS mail, 7p. 
Lh9.5  Hansard, unrevised copy, yellow carbon copy, 7p. 
Lh10  Very large compendium of documents which includes extrracts from SA Statutes, extracts from Hansards, unrevised Hnsards and more copies of the intercepted correspondence 
  Report of the Commission of Enquiry into the events which occurred on the campus of the University of Cape Town, Oct. 1986, signed by Commissioners D.J. du Plessis, A. Chaskalson and I. Mahomed, 18/12/1986, 93p. (the Conor Cruise O’Brien affair) 
Lj1  Publications 
Lj1.1  IEC publications 
Lj1.1.1  An End to Waiting, the Story of South Africa’s Elections 26 April to 6 May 1994, IEC, editors Paul Bell & Riaan Malan, Johannesburg, 1995, 128pp (page 35 missing) 
Lj1.1.2  Report of the Independent Electoral Commission: the South African Elections of April 1994 
  IEC, Johannesburg, October 1994, 88p. plus maps and appendices; contains covering letter to HS from Judge Johann Kriegler (IEC Chairperson) saying:"Heaven knows, Helen Suzman may not be the easiest colleague on earth but she is certainly one of the most valuable. Thank you." 
Lj1.1.3  IEC: Directorate Voter Education - Final Report (draft) 
Lj1.1.4  IEC: Election Administration Directorate - Final Report, May 1994 (draft) 
Lj1.1.5  The Ten Years of Democracy Award, booklet, IEC, Johannesburg, 2004 
Lj1.2  Other publications 
Lj1.2.1  You and the Vote, Black Sash, Johannesburg, September 1992, 35pp; 
Lj1.2.2  The New South Africa: The Dawn of Democracy  
  Report of a Mission by W.J. Butler, Prof. B.B. Lockwood Jr., P.O.A. Solbert & Dean J.P. Tomain, American Association for the International Commission of Jurists, Pretoria, 1994, 54pp (page 42 missing) 
Lj2  General IEC Matters, 1993-1994 
Lj2.1  Documentation Pack for the Meeting of the IEC to be held on 27 January 1994, Volume 1, 146p. 
Lj2.2  RSA 1994 General Election National results by Province / District prepared by Election Administration Directorate IEC, 26/05/1994; Talk to the School of Journalism by Helen Suzman, nd, 5 pages; 
Lj2.3  Two Information Packs, one for internal use dated 02/02/1994 and one for the press / media 
Lj2.4  Documentation concerning proposed Transitional Executive Council's (T.E.C.) Sub-Council on Women National Conference, March 1994 
Lj2.5  Two sample ballot papers; suggestions for IEC logo 
Lj2.6  Report of the Chief Executive Officer (IEC) on the Planning Session held February 11-12, 1994,  
Lj2.7  Legal matters: Memorandum to Ms. McDougall Re: Jurisdiction over Bophuthatswana; section of the Electoral Act sent to Prof. E. Mureinik, 17/02/1994; extract of Electoral regulations faxed by CALS; Documentation Pack: Meeting between representatives from the NMC and IEC, 11/02/1994 
Lj2.8  Documentation from persons / companies wanting to tender for balloting technology provision to the IEC 
Lj2.9  Talk to School of Journalism' (probably by HS), 5p.; article from the Financial Mail, 14/01/1994, 'Election Brief: A Heavy Burden'. 
Lj2.10  Miscellaneous internal IEC documentation: memoranda, agendas, complaints procedures, item on Special Voting and template for letter to the Auditor General dated 09/11/1994 
Lj3  Prisons / Prisoners Voting in 1994 
Lj3.1  Memoranda sent to IEC / HS by the Ecumenical Eminent Persons Group, EMPSA, concerning conditions of voting on 26th and 27th April 1994 
Lj3.2  Memorandum: to HS, Oscar Dhlomo, Dawn Mokhobo from R. Alberts (Voter Education: Business Liaison) concerning Correctional Services and the practicalities of prisoners voting, 03/02/1994 
Lj3.3  Proposals and comments conerning the possibility of the Electoral law being altered to allow prioners to vote from the T.E.C., Correctional Services and Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR), March-April 1994 
Lj3.4  HS handwritten notes 
Lj3.5  List of voting stations (annotated), undated 'Contact Report' concerning meeting between IEC and Correctional Services 
Lj4  Correspondence 1993-1994 
Lj4.1  Correspondence November 1993 - January 1994 
  Includes: HS accepts nomination to IEC (proposed by Sheena Duncan and Laura Pollecutt0, 18/11/1993; fax from TEC appointing HS to IEC, 15/12/1993; HS declares sources of income, 22/12/1993; fax from Peter Bruckner of full list of 'IFEE' membership, 18/01/1994;  
Lj4.2  Correspondence February - March 1994 
  Includes: HS letter to Albert Mokoena, IEC Voter Education Unit expressing her unhappiness with the work of the Unit, 07/02/1994; list of forthcoming Black Sash Voter Workshops for Business, 24/02/1994; letter from HS to Mr. Fouere, President of the European Union, requesting finding for IEC Women's Desk, 05/03/1994 
Lj4.3  Correspondence April - May 1994 
  Includes: fax from Richard Suzman in the USA, with New York Times article by Bill Keller on the SA election attached, also mentions Ambassador Harry Schwartz, 25/04/1994; letter from Cliff Smith, Mmabtho concerning alleged irregularities (nepotism) by a Ms. Felicia E.T. Roberts at the IEC Mafikeng office, 10/05/1994; letter and questionnaire from the International Republican Institute, Washington D.C.. 
Lj4.4  Other 1994 
  Undated letter from HS to Patricia J. Keefer, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, USA, June 1994; 'Comments on the Report of the IEC by Helen Suzman', 30/09/1994, 4p. 
Lj4.5  IEC full-page newspaper advertisement, Sunday Times 13/02/1994 (stored with folio items) 
  3 Posters published by the IEC, explaining the work of the Commission and the Election process (stored as folio items in flat folder separately from collection)  
Lk1  Publications / General / Plenary Meetings 
Lk1.1  Annual Reports 
Lk1.1.1  Draft Annual Report 1995-1996 
Lk1.1.2  Annual Report 1995-1996  
Lk1.1.3  Draft Annual Report 1996-1997  
Lk1.1.4  2nd Draft Annual Report 1996-1997  
Lk1.1.5  Annual Report 1996-1997  
Lk1.2  Other SAHRC publications 
Lk1.2.1  South African Human Rights Commission – What You Need To Know, Protecting You, Protecting Your Rights, booklet, 13p. 
Lk1.2.2  My Rights, Your Rights: Respect, Responsibilities and the SAHRC, English, booklet, 1998, 40p. 
Lk1.2.3  Undocumented Immigrants, an SAHRC Policy Paper, 1997 no. 3, 4p. 
Lk1.3  Other publications 
Lk1.3.1  Human Rights Institutions, 3. The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), published by the Human Rights Committee of South Africa, 1997, 10p. 
Lk1.3.2  You and the Constitution, English, booklet, 30p. Published by the Constitutional Assembly 
Lk1.3.3  Rights Brought Home: The Human Rights Bill, Home Office (UK), October 1997, 22p. 
Lk1.4  General 
Lk1.4.1  HS nomination as a Human Rights commissioner, appointment and related matters, 1994-1995, 1998-1999 
Lk1.4.2  Setting up the SAHRC, 1995 
Lk1.4.2.1  Includes: letters and faxes exchanged with Minister of Justice Dullah Omar, incl. the matter of remuneration and a copy of the SAHRC Bill 
Lk1.4.2.2  Includes: letters to the Premiers of Gauteng and and North-West, an early SAHRC organogram and an information pack from the launch and oath-taking ceremony 21/03/1996 
Lk1.4.3  Resignation of Rhoda Kadalie, 1997 
Lk1.4.3.1  Rhoda Kadalie letter to DR. Barney Pityana, SAHRC Chairperson, conerning her reasons for resigning from the Commission on 17th July 1997; letter from Dr. Pityana to Ms. Kadalie concerning her resignation and the way it had been handled, 24/09/1997 
Lk1.4.3.2  Correspondence and evidential material concerning Ms. Kadalie's resignation, including items from and to the Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA), 1997-1998 
Lk1.4.4  Papers given by HS and Dr. Barney Pityana 
Lk1.4.4.1  Development of Human Rights in South Africa, paper given by HS at the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, 18/11/1996, 11p., document entitled 'Functions of the Human Rights Commission', 8p. 
Lk1.4.4.2  Human Rights Beyond the Millenium, address to Trocaire's 25yh Annoversaty Conference, Dublin, Dr. Barney Pityana, Chair, SA Human Rights Commission, 26/02/1998, 13p (pages 11-12 missing) 
Lk1.4.4.3  Xenophobia: A Violaton of Human Rights, N. Barney Pityana, 15/10/1998, 5p. 
Lk1.4.5  First Annual Human Rights Conference, 1997 
Lk1.4.5.1  Programme, An Agenda for Action 20-23 May 1997, Eskom Conference Centre 
Lk1.4.5.2  Workshop 2: Civil and Political Rights, Background Paper, booklet 
Lk1.4.5.3  The South African Human Rights Commission, introduction and background (profile of the SAHRC), 2nd ed., May 1997 
Lk1.4.5.4  Experiences of the Swedish legslation on fundamental rights and freedoms, Rune Lavin, Sweden, 21p. 
Lk1.4.5.5  Human Rights and equality in divided societies - experience in N. Ireland, Europe and Africa, a working paper, Tom Hadden, Queen's University Belfast, 21p. 
Lk1.4.6  Miscellaneous 
Lk1.4.6.1  Miscellaneous January 1997 
  Includes: letter from Minister of Justice re lack of funds 
Lk1.4.6.2  Miscellaneous February 1997 
  Includes: draft Code of Conduct, radio broadcast draft script, Racism Workshop Programme,  
Lk1.4.6.3  Miscellaneous March, July 1997 
  Includes: memoranda on crime in SA and an ccount of HS activities on behalf of SAHRC 
Lk1.4.6.4  Miscellaneous September 1997 
  Defining 'Relevant Organs of State' in Scetion 184(3) of the Constitution, prepared by Karrisha Pillay, UWC Community Law Centre, 12/09/1997 
Lk1.4.6.5  Miscellaneous October 1997 
  Report on Gauteng - August, September, October 1997, report by HS, 14/10/1997 
Lk1.4.6.6  Miscellaneous February 1998 
  South Sfrica Capacity Building Programme - Assistance to the SAHRC, Strategic Planning Workshop, Consultant Report 16-20 February 1998, 29p. 
Lk1.4.6.7  Miscellaneous March-April 1998 
  Reports and memoranda 
Lk1.4.6.8  Miscellaneous July 1998 
  Minutes of a Commissioners' Meeting 13/07/1998; documents for the 2nd Conference of African National Institutions, July 1998 
Lk1.4.6.9  Miscellaneous September 1998, undated 
  Inter-office memo re new commissioners; document concerning the admission of female SANF members to the army medical system 
Lk1.5  Plenary Meetings 
Lk1.5.1  15th Plenary Meeting of the HRC, 22/23 January 1997 
Lk1.5.2  22nd Plenary Meeting of the HRC, 18/19 February 1998 
Lk1.5.3  25th Plenary Meeting of the HRC, 19/20 August 1998 (incomplete) 
Lk1.5.4  26th Plenary Meeting of the HRC, 10/11 November 1998 (incomplete) 
Lk2  Reports and documentation on socio-economic rights 
Lk2.1  Socio-Economic Rights Workshop June 30th-1 July 1997 
Lk2.1.1  Socio-Economic Rights Workshop: issues raised by 'working group A', 8p. 
Lk2.1.2  Draft Protocols 
Lk2.1.2.1  Draft Protocol for requesting information from relevant organs of state in terms of Section 184(3) pf the Constitution: Education Draft Protocol 
Lk2.1.2.2  Draft Protocol for requesting information from relevant organs of state in terms of Section 184(3) pf the Constitution (different version) 
Lk2.1.2.3  Draft Protocol for requesting information from relevant organs of state in terms of Section 184(3) pf the Constitution: Amended Draft Housing Proposal 
Lk2.1.2.4  Draft Protocol for requesting information from relevant organs of state in terms of Section 184(3) pf the Constitution: Social Security and Assistance 
Lk2.1.3  Some preliminary points for and interpretation of 'Relevant Organs of State' for the purposes of Section 184(3) of the Constitution, prepared by Karrisha Pillay, 30p. (pages 19-23, 26 missing) 
Lk2.1.4  Monitoring Socio-Economic Rights in South Africa – The Role of the SA Human Rights Commission: Report of a Joint Workshop organised by the Community Law Centre (UWC), Centre for Human Rights (University of Pretoria), SA Human Rights Commission, 30 June – 1 July 1997, booklet, 40 p. 
Lk2.2  Draft Rights documents 
Lk2.2.1  Draft Rights concerning Education 
Lk2.2.2  Draft Rights concerning the Environment 
Lk2.2.3  Draft Rights concerning Food 
Lk2.2.4  Draft Rights concerning Housing 
Lk2.2.5  Draft Rights concerning Water (page 39 missing) 
Lk2.3  Draft Report on Socio-Economic Rights 
Lk2.3.1  Draft Report on Socio-Economic Rights, (Preface, Parts 1-4) 107p. (incomplete) 
Lk2.3.2  Annexure A and Annexure B, 100p. (incomplete) 
Lk2.3.3  Annexure B, 217p. 
Lk2.3.4  Annexure C: CASE Report, 100p. 
Lk2.3.5  Annexure D: SANGOCO Report - Poverty and Human Rights, 55p. 
Lk2.4  Miscellaneous documents 
Lk2.4.1  Supervision of the implementation of economic, social and cultural rights from an international perspective, presentation for the SAHRC, Catarina Krause, Johannesburg, 18/09/1996, 11p. 
Lk2.4.2  The Maastricht Guidelines on Violations of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights 
Lk2.4.3  Identifying violations of socio-economic rights under the South African Constitution - The role of the SAHRC, Sandy Liebenberg, UWC, May 1997, 32p. 
Lk2.4.4  A comparative overview of reporting on socio-economic rights under international human rights law (Provisional Report), N. Bayat, G. Bekker, C. Heyns, University of Pretoria, 30/06/1997, 61p. 
Lk2.4.5  Internal Memorandum: Draft copy of the Socio-Economic Report, 27/10/1998 
Lk2.4.6  Monitoring the Implementation of Socio-Economic Rights in South Africa Draft Report, researched for the SAHRC by Piers Pigou, Ran Greenstein, Nahla Valji and David Everatt of CASE, May 1998, 77p. (pages 8, 9, 11, 53 missing) 
Lk2.4.7  Various documents, including: memos from the CEO, Louisa Zondo, 1997; draft CASE questionnaire, 1997; 'Annexure 1 Socio-Economic Rights Protocol, Explanatory Memorandum, 30/04/1998; copy of questionnaire sent to Dept. of Housing; Report of Group 1 on Economic and Social Rights; letter from JUlia Smuts re mental health issue, 11/04/1998; memo from M.C. Moodliar, SAHRC Legal Dept., re Boshoff High School, 11/05/1998 
Lk3  Poverty Hearings 1998  
  The Poverty Hearings were held jointly by Commission on Gender Equality (CGE), SANGOCO and the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) 
Lk3.1  Correspondence concerning the Hearings 1998-1998, includes: items from SA NGO Coalition (SANGOCO) and the National Poverty Forum to HS and also suggestions made by HS on the hearings 
Lk3.2  Internal Memo from SAHRC CEO Louisa Zondo to Commissioners on the proposed hearings, fax, 14p. 
Lk3.3  Launch documentation, Speak Out on Poverty' (the name for the campaign / hearings), February 1998 
Lk3.4  Poverty and Inequality in South Africa, Summary Report, 01/03/1998, 63p. (pages 36-37 missing) 
Lk3.5  Poverty and Inequality in South Africa, Summary Report, 13/05/1998, prepared for the Office of the Executive Deputy President & the Inter-Ministerial Committee for Poverty and Inequality, photocopy, 67p. plus appendices (page 67 missing) 
Lk3.6  Confronting the segregation and apartheid legacies of urban poverty and inequality, Background paper on housing and urban development: South African Poverty Hearings, Cape Town, June 1998, Susan Parnell, UCT, 34p. 
Lk3.7  Draft Summary Report on the National Speak Out Poverty Hearings, March-June 1998, Debbie Budlender, CASE, July 1998, 19p. (2 versions) 
Lk3.8  War on Poverty Forum documentation, 1998 
Lk3.9  Poverty and Human Rights: National Speak Out on Poverty Hearings, March to June 1998, CGE, SANGOCO, SAHRC, 64 pages;  
Lk3.10  The People’s Voices: National Speak Out on Poverty Hearings, March-June 1998, CGE, SANGOCO, SAHRC, 106 pages; 
Lk4  Procedures, instruments and evaluation of the Commission 1f. 
Lk4.1  Lgeislation and Regulations 
Lk4.1.1  Human Rights Commission Act, No. 54 of 1994, photocopy 
Lk4.1.2  The Human Rights Commission: Regulations in Terms of Section 12(5) of Act No. 54 of 1994, draft for discussion, 10p. 
Lk4.1.3  General Notice of 1996, Human Rights Commission, Determination of Procedure Contemplated in Section 9(6) of the Human Rights Commission Act, 12p. 
Lk4.1.4  Government Gazette 17183, Proclamation, 17/05/1996, Commencement of Certain Sections of the Human Rights Commission Act, 1994