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COLLECTION INDEX: GOLDSTONE COMMISSION, Boipatong 1990-1992  Related Photos
COLLECTION NAME: Goldstone Commission BOIPATONG ENQUIRY Records 1990-1992


 Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 Records of Goldstone Commission enquiry (1992), an appeal heard in the Supreme Court (1994) and Amnesty Committee records. 
 21 boxes 1992-1990 (Includes some Sebokeng records, 1990-1991) 
 These papers relate to the events which took place on June 17 1992 at Boipatong, during which 39 people were murdered, several people injured and property was stolen or destroyed. There were accusations of police involvement in the crime. 
 The collection comprises 3 sets of documents: the Goldstone Commission of Enquiry (1002), the Appeal Court record with accompanying documents (1993-1994) and the Amnesty applications with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (1999) 
Goldstone Enquiry 1992 
 Record of Proceedings 2/7/92..pp 1-836 1 box 
 Record of Proceedings 20/10/92 pp 1-339 1 box 
Submissions to Goldstone Enquiry, documentation 
B1 Waddington Report on the investigation into events at Boipatong, submitted to the Goldstone Commission of Inquiry (and police reaction) 1f 
B2 Submission by SAP to Goldstone Commission 1f 
B3 Statements/affidavits if (see also: B12) 
B4 Memoranda 1f 
B5 Expert witness by CP de Kock re background to violence in Tokoza 1f 
B6 Miscellaneous information for and from Goldstone Commission 
B7 Transcripts of police tapes (partially erased) 
B8 Press cuttings re Boipatong 
B9 Records and press cuttings of three separate incidents of violence in Sebokeng (Hostel murders 4/9/90; vigil shootings 12-13/1/91; beer hall massacre 3/5/91) 
B10 Photocopies of SAP vehicle records, etc (ephemeral) 
B11 Additional information on events in Boipatong (later additions)  
 Memorandum on Police and other records (chronological account) 
 Memorandum on SADF vehicles 
 Progress report by SAP on Waddington report 
 Recollection and impression of inspection at Boipatong, 14/8/1992 
 Memorandum of Iscor Ltd 
 Affidavits by Sally Ann Sealey, Rev Peter Moerane, Dennis Moerane Pink Log Vaal Commando 17 June 1992 
 Facts which are not in dispute (the crossing of the armed group from Kwa-Madala to Boipatong. 
 Attacks on Boipatong residents prior to the massacre 
 Attempts to prevent the Boipatong massacre 
 Killing of Saul Tsotsetsi and of Dr Elliot Motsitsi 
 Memorandum on Vaal history 
 Memorandum on ongoing violence 
 Aspects of the conduct of the police 
B12 Statements by witnesses 3 boxes 
B13 Argument on behalf of the Minister of Law and order and the SAP 
B14 Memoranda submitted on behalf of ANC (PWV; ANC (Vaal) and Vaal council of Churches 
Boipatong Appeal 1993-1994 (Case no CC123/93) 
C1 Record of appeal vols 1-36 (v 33-35 missing) 6 boxes 
 Also: Heads of Argument 
C2 Exhibits and documentation 2 boxes 
Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Amnesty Committee 1999 
 Records: Amnesty applications, affidavits etc (2 vols) and Heads of Argument 1 vol 
Miscellaneous background documentation 
 Includes a list of recorded incidents of violence against IFP office bearers, members and supporters.  
 1985-1996 and articles on the IFP and ANC 


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