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  Copyright 2007, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
  Compiled by Marcella Jacobson and Anna M Cunningham 
  The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, 1980 
  The records of the Garment Workers Union were acquired by the University of the Witwatersrand in the first half of 1977. They originally consisted of about 1150 files and boxes as well as several large cartons of miscellaneous documents. This rich hoard represents one of the best documented histories of a trade union in South Africa and spans the years 1915 to the present. The records of the Garment Workers Union 1 complement the records of TUCSA (Trade Union Council of South Africa) and also form the core of a documentation project to record the history of the industrialisation of South Africa. 
  On acquisition the records had to be arranged according to archival type. The vast size of the collection required a different method of processing to that previously used for other collections. The most important principle to be established was the arrangement of the records in such a way as to reflect the administrative organisation of the union. By this means the original order of the files could be ascertained rather than the order in which they ware received by the University. At first glance the records did not reveal an internal filing system and this was confirmed by union officials. Although most files were labelled, there was no indication of relationships between files. 
  The first task was a survey of the contents of the files and their appraisal. All the files and boxes were numbered and a shelf list card was made for each file listing its temporary number, title (which in many cases did not reflect its contents), the approximate years it covered and a brief description of its contents. Notes were also made on whether multiple copies of documents were to be discarded later, irrelevant or misfiled documents were to be refiled, as well as cross references to other files which contained similar material. Nevertheless, the basic principle of preserving the integrity of each file, where possible, was adhered to when sorting the files at the later stages. The preliminary survey took approximately nine months to complete. 
  During this time several researchers were using the documents. Some had had previous access to them while still in the possession of the Garment Workers Union, while others were writing theses on the activities of the union and had to have access to the records. As the sorting of the documents would take a few years, it was felt unfair to embargo the records completely. Those files which had been processed in the preliminary stage were made available and access to their contents was facilitated by the use of the shelf list cards. 
  Once this task was completed, a further three months were spent on drawing up a classification scheme, based on the contents of the files. The records revealed five main areas of activity of the Garment Workers Union: 
  1. Witwatersrand Tailors Association (the predecessor of the Garment Workers Union) 
  2. internal organisation and management of the Garment Workers Union 
  3. relationship between the Garment Workers Union and the clothing industry 
  4. Garment Workers Union activities in the trade union movement and labour economies 
  5. the relationship between the Garment Workers Union and the government. 
  1 See: Inventories of Collections, No.7 
  The final sorting of the documents was done according to this classification. Initially the shelf list cards (formerly filed in numerical order) were assigned a classification number and refiled accordingly. The formidable size of the collection made it impossible for one professional person to sort single-handed. Since much of the work was clerical and involved sorting into chronological order, recording of the minutes and labelling files and boxes, two students were employed on a part-time basis. The actual sorting of the records began in mid-1978. 
  One of the first problems to be faced was the vast amount of duplication in the files. Whereas many trade unions have unfortunately thrown out valuable records, the Garment Workers Union zealously hoarded all documents. This problem was not much in evidence in the earlier records, but from the 1950's, when duplicating machines were first used, it was not unusual to find up to thirty copies of a document in the same file. In addition in many cases, copies of documents were filed in more than one file. It was decided that, as space was at a premium and as the aim of an archive is permanent preservation, only one copy of a document per file would be kept (this same rule did not always apply where the original manuscript version and the typewritten document were available). This decision enabled the bulk of the collection to be reduced by at least one third. 
  There was also no organised record of the minutes of the various committees and branches. Many were scattered and interfiled in general correspondence files. All minutes were therefore extracted from such files and a complete record was made for the department. 
  I was able to sort and describe sections A and B, but unfortunately I was unable to see the project through to its conclusion. Sections C-E were sorted by Anna N Cunningham. 
  The records document the activities of the union which initially included both garment workers and bespoke tailors. They record the history of the struggle on behalf of the workers for fair wages and the attempt to combat underpayment and unfair dismissal by employers; the fight against contracting and piecework; acceptable hours of work and working conditions; recruitment of members and the appeal to workers to support the trade union in order to improve their lot; collective bargaining with the employers' associations in order to draw up mutually acceptable agreements; relationship of the Witwatersrand Tailors Association and Garment Workers Union with such trade union federations as South African Industrial Federation (SAIF), Cape Federation of Labour Unions, South African Trades and Labour Council and TUCSA; relationship with the government - in particular the Department of Labour and the Wage Board; organising of the union, discipline of members, help to members such as providing loan funds, welfare services, sick benefits and medical aid; financing of the union; the registration of branches in Johannesburg, Pretoria, the East Rand, Orange Free State and the Cape; strikes, including the miners' strike of 1913 and 1922; fostering of race relations (as a large percentage of garment workers were Coloureds); the struggle for unity and the attempt to create a united union for all garment workers in South Africa; industrial conciliation; the threat of Afrikaner nationalism to the unity and very existence of the union (the majority of the workers were Afrikaners); the Commission of Inquiry into the Garment Workers Union in 1949; support of political parties such as the South African Labour Party and the Communist Party of South Africa; the Suppression of Communism Act and the threatened listing of the leaders of the union leading to the eventual departure 
  of Solly Sachs from South Africa; the activities of Solly Sachs, Johanna Cornelius and Anna Scheepers; the fight against the Blankewerkersbeskermingsbond. 
  As the original arrangement in the files has been adhered to where possible, to a large extent like subjects are scattered throughout the records. As this collection forms part of a larger documentation project, a thesaurus of trade union and labour economic terms was compiled and has been used to index this collection as well as the records of TUCSA. All references in the index are to the clothing industry unless otherwise stated. (Note: index not included in the Internet version of this inventory) 
  The records are in English and Afrikaans with some odd correspondence in Yiddish (many of the tailors wore Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe). In the description of Afrikaans documents the spelling in use at the time has been followed. The union was multi-racial consisting of Whites, Coloureds and Indians. Branches were kept separate, No.1 branches being for Whites and No.2 branches for Coloureds. Throughout the inventory, the apostrophe denoting the possessive form in the case of all trade unions has been dropped, e.g. Sweet Workers Union. 
  I would like to acknowledge the help of those officials of the Garment Workers Union who gave me their time and offered me inside information about the union which was not recorded in the records, in particular Ms Fay Mandy and Mr Andrew Unsworth. I would also like to express my gratitude to the researchers who used the documents while they were being processed, and who drew my attention to information which I would otherwise have missed in so vast a collection. To the students Brian Cutler and Lesley Dean, who helped me sort the documents and who patiently bore with experimental methods of sorting and arrangement of the records, my sincere thanks. 
  The following abbreviations have been used: 
  ALS - Manuscript letter, wholly in the handwriting of, and signed by the author 
  Hg - Holograph: a manuscript, other than a letter, wholly in the handwriting of the author 
  MS - Manuscript 
  TL - Typed letter 
  TLS - Typed letter, signed 
  TS - Typescript 
  Marcelle Jacobson November 1950 
  The first successful attempt to organise workers in the clothing industry was the formation of the Witwatersrand Tailors Association in 1918. This period in the history of the union is characterised by its attempts to stamp out sweating and the systems of contracting and piecework, and to improve working conditions. The union was divided into two sections, the bespoke and the factory. An attempt was also made to ensure that employers and manufacturers adhered to log prices and did not underpay workers in order to be competitive. 
  After the strike of 1922, the government introduced machinery to regulate relations between workers and employers. This was the beginning of an attempt at conciliation which was later much championed by the leaders of the Garment Workers Union. The Industrial Conciliation Act was passed in 1924 and the Garment Workers Union was one of the first to be registered. With the formation of the Industrial Council for the Bespoke Tailoring Industry in 1928 and then the Industrial Council for the Clothing Industry, the union became party to both councils. 
  The union's membership was not confined to the Witwatersrand, but was extended to Bloemfontein where a branch was established by the Secretary, Cecil Frank Glass, in 1926. The members were mostly older males, many of them Jewish tailors who had emigrated from Eastern Europe to South Africa. During this period there were a number of individual strikes by workers against their 'rat employers'. 
  The Witwatersrand Tailors Association was active in promoting a trade union federation in South Africa, supporting first the South African Industrial Federation, and then, during its decline in 1922, the formation of ATUSA (Associated Trade Unions of South Africa) which later became SATUC (South African Trade Union Congress). The active leaders included M Baum, D Colraine, C F Glass, H Joseph and A F Tuffin. 
  The election of Emil Solomon Sachs as General Secretary on 14 November 1928 heralded a new era for the union. Sachs and his thinking dominated all its activities until 1952. He came to South Africa from Latvia at the end of 1913 or the beginning of 1914 (Sachs gives conflicting dates in various biographical accounts). He attended school until 1916, then worked in a bookshop and later in mine shops on the Witwatersrand. In 1919 he was active in the Reef Shop Assistants Union which agitated for shorter hours. According to Sachs' own testimony, he had to leave the trade as he was marked as an agitator, but he continued as Honorary Secretary of the union. In 1924 he enrolled at the University of the Witwatersrand for an engineering degree, but had to discontinue his studies because of insufficient means. He first came into contact with garment workers when he was elected Secretary of the Witwatersrand Middlemen Tailors Association on 31 March 1927. He subsequently became the General Secretary of the Witwatersrand Tailors Association. 
  In July 1929 a new constitution for the union was adopted, the name being changed to the Garment Workers Union, although the name was actually only adopted in 1930. There were 1750 members, two thirds of them factory workers.  
  Sachs immediately tackled the problem of the violation of the agreements of both the Industrial Council for the Bespoke Tailoring Industry and the Industrial Council for the Clothing Industry (Transvaal). He started examining wage registers and prosecuting employers, many of whom were paying irregularly and forcing workers to sign for wages which they had not received. Sachs firmly believed in the law in South Africa and in the following years the Garment Workers Union made much use of the courts to bring employers and enemies of the union to justice. 
  The union suffered a severe setback in the early 1930's in its fight for better wages. In 1931 there use a general strike which ended inconclusively and left the workers whose earnings were meagre and inadequate in no better position. In 1952 there was another strike of garment workers as a result of demands by employers to reduce wages. 
  Mr Oswald Pirow, then Minister of Justice, took a hard line and used the police force against the strikers. The workers were defeated although the employers achieved only a 10% reduction in wages, compared to their original demand for 25%. Sachs was served with a deportation order which was never enforced, although he was not allowed to live on the Witwatersrand for twelve months. Between 1928 and 1932 there were 100 strikes which to some extent helped to improve conditions or end grievances. In 1934 the bespoke section of the union was dissolved and the tailors formed the Tailoring Workers Industrial Union (Transvaal). 
  The 1930's and 1940's saw the blossoming of Afrikaner nationalism, and the National Party made a concerted effort to destroy the union which had attracted so many of their people. In 1935 a closed shop clause was included in the agreement. These were also the years which saw the rise and zenith of Fascism in Europe. Fascist groups such as the Greyshirts and Blackshirts used racist ideology to attack the union. 
  Anti-Semitism was also on the upswing and Sachs was repeatedly accused of being a 'Communist Jew'. It says much for Sachs and the personal loyalty of the workers: towards him, that the union did not succumb. He openly fought back and from 1939 he won a number of defamation cases against the Afrikaans press who were supported by the Nederduits Hervormde Kerk van Afrika. A very bitter struggle was waged in the Germiston branch where the National Party Member for Parliament, Johannes du Pisanie, was active in inciting the workers. The 1940?s were a period of bitter struggles for fair wages as also of feuding between the Transvaal garment workers and Cape workers, led by Robert Stuart, who was bitterly opposed to national unity among garment workers. 
  In 1948 the union obtained a forty hour week for the workers. 
  In 1948 a commission of enquiry was appointed to examine the affairs of the Garment Workers Union. From this time onwards Sachs was personally harassed, his passport being withdrawn on 20 May 1949, which prevented him from attending the International Conference of Garment and Textile Trade Unions that year. Sachs refused to surrender the passport and the Minister of Justice, Dr T E Donges, appealed to the Supreme Court, but Sachs eventually won the appeal. 
  The passing of the Suppression of Communism Act in 1950 caused another crisis in the history of the Union. Its leaders Anna Scheepers (President), Sachs (General Secretary) and Johanna Cornelius were listed as Communists. Sachs appealed on the grounds that he had been a member of the Communist Party from. 1921 until August 1931 when he had been expelled from the party for political differences. Subsequently he supported the South African Labour Party. Sachs' banning meant that he could no longer hold his position as General Secretary of the Garment Workers Union, nor could he attend public gatherings.  
  Sachs flagrantly disobeyed these orders by addressing a mass meeting of garment workers on 24 May 1952. He was supported by all the workers who again convened on 26 May after his arrest and condemned his listing as a Communist and his removal from the secretaryship of the Garment Workers Union. 
  Sachs' position eventually became so intolerable to him, that he left South Africa and settled in England. He died in London in 1976. 
  Over the years the composition of the union had changed. Whereas in 1938 Coloured workers were 22% of the total membership, by 1953 the union comprised 6o% Coloured workers to 4016 White. By law the union had had to establish parallel branches, No.1 branches being for Whites and No.2 branches for Coloureds. This has now been reversed and once again the Garment Workers Union is allowed to have combined branches. 
  Johanna Catharina Cornelius Fellner succeeded Sachs as General Secretary and served in this capacity until her death on 21 June 1974. In the first few years of his exile Sachs attempted to continue his fight for the workers in South Africa but lack of support from the Garment Workers Union caused his efforts to peter out. In general this was a quiet period of co-operation and negotiation. It was influenced by the Botha Commission (Industrial Legislation Commission) set up in 1945, and the passing of the Natives (Settlements of Disputes) Act and the Industrial Conciliation Act of 1956. There was a split in the ranks of the union, as the White workers felt that the provisions of the Industrial Conciliation Act would make it impossible for racially mixed unions to operate. They thus formed the Garment Trade Union of European Employees (SA). Other problems to which the union paid attention were job reservation, workers in uncontrolled areas, and the establishment of a training college for garment workers. 
  Another outstanding leader of the union was Anna Elizabeth Scheepers. Born on 18 March 1914 on the farm De la Rey near Krugersdorp, she attended Monument High School but was obliged to leave school in her matriculation year as her family had been severely affected by the depression. In 1933 she started work as a presser in a Johannesburg factory and began to be active in the activities of the Garment Workers Union. In August 1935 she was elected President of the union. Like other trade unionists of the time she visited Russia before the war and C R Swart attempted to list her as a Communist in 1952. She has distinguished herself, receiving a medal for voluntary services in World War II from Field Marshal J C Smuts. In November 1968 she was elected as the first and only woman on the General Council of the International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers Federation. In April 1973 she was awarded the Honorary degree of Doctor of Laws by the University of the Witwatersrand and in 1974 she was elected a Senator. 
  Besides the struggle for fair wages and a shorter working week, the union was able to obtain for the workers by 1949 three weeks' paid annual leave, whereas in 1928 there had been no such paid leave. In 1928 the only paid holidays were Christmas Day and May Day. In 1949 four other public holidays were added. By creating funds, two important social services were provided namely assistance to the sick and unemployed. 
  The Garment Workers Union struggled in order to obtain a better life for its members, relying almost entirely on its own strength and the moral support of fellow trade unionists. The union was respected by some employers and feared by others, but its members were treated with respect as they always had recourse to it if they were being mistreated. 
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F.  61 slides: A History of the GWU, by G Lewis (List in Room2, Slides in Room 27) 
Aa  Central Administration 
Aa1  Joint meetings 1927-1928 2 items 
  Minutes of the first meeting of the Joint Committee of the Witwatersrand Master Tailors Association and the Witwatersrand Tailors Association. 1927 Feb 24. 
  Minutes of a joint meeting of representatives of the Witwatersrand Tailors Association and Witwatersrand Master Tailors Association. 1928 Apr 1. 
  Re formation of an Industrial Council for the Bespoke Tailoring Industry (Witwatersrand) and constitution. 
Aa2  General meetings 1929 Apr 1 item 
  Minutes of the first quarterly general meeting, 1929 Apr 9. 
Aa3  Constitution 1922 1 item 
  Rules of the Witwatersrand Tailors Association. Amended 1922. 
Aaa  Central Executive Committee 
Aaa1  Minutes 1929 Jan-Dec 1 file 
  1st - 32nd meeting of CEC 
Aaa2  Reports (1929) 1 item 
  Report on the activities of the committee re the organising of the workers in particular the Pretoria branch and the decision to change the name of the association to "The Transvaal Tailors and Garment Workers Union". 
Aab  Transactions 
Aab1  General Correspondence and Papers 1918 Apr-1932 Jun 186 files 
  The divisions in the original files have been preserved and therefore subjects are scattered. The index should be consulted. 
  Main correspondents: 
  M Baum (Secretary Witwatersrand Tailors Association), D Colraine (Secretary Witwatersrand Tailors Association), Cecil Frank Glass, H Joseph (Secretary Witwatersrand Tailors Association), E S Sachs, A F Tuffin (General Secretary Witwatersrand Tailors Association). 
Aab1.1  Abolition of contracting and piece work 1922 Mar-1926 Jun 
  Mainly correspondence with the Transvaal Merchant Tailors Association re struggle for the abolition of piece work and contracting by employers in the Bespoke Tailoring Industry. 
Aab1.2  Abusive language 1926 May 1 item 
Aab1.3  Advisory Board 1920 Oct 1 item 
Aab1.4  Agreements 1918 Apr-1930 Oct 
  Correspondence and copies of agreements 
  1927 Jul 16 Agreement between Manboys and Witwatersrand Tailors Association 
  1929 Jul Agreement for the clothing industry. 
Aab1.5  Apology 1929 Oct 11 1 item 
Aab1.6  Appeal 1929 Oct 11 1 item 
  Scapszak and others v Rex. 
Aab1.7  Application for Conciliation Board 1926 Aug 17 1 item 
  Application for Conciliation Board, Bespoke Tailoring Industry, Bloemfontein. See also Aab1.13 
Aab1.8  Application for loans 1923 Mar-1932 Jun 
Aab1.9  Application for membership 1929 Aug-Sep 
Aab1.10  Application for membership - Transvaal Merchant Tailors Association. 1925 Nov 
Aab1.11  Application for substitution of ordinary working days as holidays in lieu of Sundays, public holidays and weekly half-holidays. NM 
  Substitution because of Jewish festivals. 1 item 
Aab1.12  Application for work 1921 Sep-1927 Jun 
Aab1.13  Appointment of conciliation board 1926 Jun-Jul 
  Correspondence re dispute between Bloemfontein branch and Merchant Tailors, Bloemfontein. Aab1.7 
Aab1.14  Arbitration 1918 May-1930 Jul 
  In particular arbitration 1922 between Witwatersrand Tailors Association and Master Tailors Association. 
Aab1.15  Arrear wages 1932 May 28 1 item 
Aab1.16  Assistance 1919 Oct-1932 May 
  Assistance for strike Oct 1919 against Messrs Henochsberg and Co.; assistance to other trade unions; Dec 1928 refusal. 
  of state assistance for medical expenses of employees; requests from workers for financial assistance owing to illness and unemployment. 
Aab1.17  Back pay 1927 Mar-1929 Jun 
  Back pay in lieu of underpayment of wages. 
Aab1.18  Benefits 1927 
  Agreement between Transvaal Master Tailors Association and Witwatersrand Tailors Association (Bespoke section) 1927 Jan 15. 
  Amendments to lapsed agreement for the Bespoke Tailoring Industry, Witwatersrand, submitted by the Witwatersrand Master Tailors Association, to a Joint Mooting of its Executive Committee with the Executive Committee of Witwatersrand Tailors Association, August 1927. 
Aab1.19  Bloemfontein branch 1919 Aug-1926 Nov 
  Correspondence with Orange Free State Tailors and Tailoresses Union re agreement 21 Jul 1919 with Merchant Tailors Association; visit by C F Glass Mar 1926 to organise workers; minutes of mooting 18 Apr 1926 where it was agreed to form a branch of the Witwatersrand Tailors Association; application of Witwatersrand Tailors Association to amend certificate of registration to include Bloemfontein Jul 1926; application to appoint conciliation board (see also Aab1.7, 1.13). 
Aab1.20  Break away 1923 May 
  Secession of members of the Transvaal Garment Workers Union from the South African Industrial Federation and an appeal for them to rejoin Witwatersrand Tailors Association. 
Aab1.21  Certificate of employment 1929 Jan-Dec 
  Correspondence to certificates of employment issued to workers. 
Aab1.22  Charging of members 1922 Jun 
  Charges preferred against Mr M Fisher, ex chairman of Witwatersrand Tailors Association, for starting a strike for his own financial benefit. 
Aab1.23  Cheap labour 1924 Jul 29 1 item 
Aab1.24  Circulars 1929 Aug 6 1 item 
  Re sweating conditions in the tailoring industry. 
Aab1.25  Claims 1929 Sep 2-Oct 28 
  Claims against clothing manufacturers for wages. 
Aab1.26  Closed shop 1926 Oct-1929 Jan 
Aab1.27  Collective bargaining 1918 May 28 1 item 
Aab1.28  Collector/organiser 1927 Mar-May 
  Application for the position. 
Aab1.29  Coloured question 1919 Jun 23 1 item 
Aab1.30  Commissioners of oaths 1932 Oct 29 1 item 
Aab1.31  Complaints 1924 Aug-1930 Feb 
  Complaints re underpayment, overtime and working conditions of employees, unsatisfactory work of employees. 
Aab1.32  Confinement 1929 Dec 7 1 item 
  Application for confinement allowance. 
Aab1.33  Contract system 1926 Apr-1929 Dec 
Aab1.34  Contravention of agreement 1929 Sep-Oct 
  Includes statements of workers as to the contravention of the clothing agreement by employers. 
Aab1.35  Contributions 1928 Oct 16 1 item 
  Subscriptions to the trade union. 
Aab1.36  Cost of living 1920 Jan 22 1 item 
Aab1.37  Council fees 1929 Mar-Apr 
  Fees due to the Industrial Council by employers. 
Aab1.38  Court action 1919 Jun-1928 Jun 
  Legal action against employers; statement by Daniel Colraine re pamphlet "The case against the National Council", 12 Jun 1928. 
Aab1.39  Customs duty and tariffs 1928 Mar 21 1 item 
  Grievances of factories re duties and tariffs. 
Aab1.40  Dance 1928 Jun-1945 Far 
Aab1.41  Deadlock 1922 Jan 
Aab1.42  Death 1925 Dec 
  Letters of condolence. 
Aab1.43  Delegates of Industrial Council for the Bespoke Tailoring Industry 1929 Feb. 
Aab1.44  Delegates to International Labour Organisation 1924 Mar 
Aab1.45  Department of Labour 1918 Jun-1929 May 
  Correspondence re record of all strikes and lockouts; strike Ben Pickles and Co. May 1919, 1922; Witwatersrand Tailors Association statistics supplied to the Census and Statistics Office; wages. Principal correspondent: R H Miller. 
Aab1.46  Deputation to Hepworths 1928 Jan-Mar 
Aab1.47  Dismissal of employment 1919 Jul-1931 Nov 
Aab1.48  Dispute - in industry 1919 Apr-1929 Nov 
  Negotiations with Transvaal Merchant Tailors Association re wages; settlement with Ben Pickles and Co. 1922; disputes with Fluxman Bros. 1929; Rex v Scapszak and others, case 1929; dispute with Enterprise Clothing and Shirt Manufacturers, Oct 1929 and assault on trade union officials and members. 
Aab1.49  Dispute - furniture workers 1930 May 
Aab1.50  Division of work 1919 Jun-1926 Jul 
Aab1.51  Draft proposals for new agreement 1926 
Aab1.52  Donations 1927 Oct-1931 Mar 
  Donations received and requests for donations in particular case of Scapszak and others 1929. 
Aab1.53  Employment 1924 Feb-1928 Jul 
Aab1.54  Exemptions - changing hours of work 1929 Sep 
Aab1.55  Exemption - wages 1929 Feb-Jun 
Aab1.56  Exemption - lower rate for coat, vest, trousers. 1926 Jul 
  Rejection by Industrial Council of the Bespoke Tailoring Industry of a third-class log. 
Aab1.57  Extension of jurisdiction 1926 Jun 
  Extension of jurisdiction to include the Orange Free State. 
Aab1.58  Factories Act - Section 42 1918 
Aab1.59  Factory inspection 1925 Sep-1929 Jan 
  Unsuitable premises, unsanitary conditions, unpaid overtime. 
Aab1.60  Fines 1918 Jun-1931 Jun 
  Fines for non-attendance at meetings, working during prohibited hours. 
Aab1.61  Formation of Industrial Council for the Bespoke Tailoring Industry 1928 Mar 23 1 item 
Aab1.62  Formation of Joint Committee, Witwatersrand Tailors Association and Witwatersrand Master Tailors Association 1925 Feb-1927 Feb 
Aab1.63  General Hertzog Presentation Fund ND 1 item 
Aab1.64  General meeting 1929 Jul-Aug 
  Notices of meetings. 
Aab1.65  Grants 1929 Aug-1931 Jul 
  Loans to members. 
Aab1.66  Holiday pay 1928 Feb-Dec 
Aab1.67  Hours of work 1920 Mar-1926 Sep 
Aab1.68  Immigrant labour 1930 Jan 
Aab1.69  Immigration Quota Bill 1950 
Aab1.70  Income and expenditure account 1921 Apr-1929 Dec 
  Includes financial statements 1926, 1928 and 1929. 
Aab1.71  Increased wages 1928 Jan-1931 Jun 
Aab1.72  Industrial Conciliation Act 1924-1929 Oct 
  Correspondence with Department of Labour. 
Aab1.73  Industrial Council for the Bespoke Tailoring Industry 1925 Oct 1 item 
Aab1.74  Industrial Council for the Clothing Industry (Transvaal) 1926 May-1927 Feb 
  Employment in the clothing industry - statistics 1926; financial statements of expenditure of Industrial Council. 
Aab1.75  Information 1929 Jul 
  Structure of the union and labour organisation in the clothing industry, employers' organisations and industrial councils; Fluxman Bros. case. 
Aab1.76  Inquiry re working conditions 1925 Nov-1929 May 
  Working conditions at John Scott and Co., Pretoria. 
Aab1.77  Insolvent estate - 0 K Clothing Manufacturers 1929 Sep-Dec 
Aab1.78  Inspection of factories - Department of Labour 1925 Jul 1929 Feb 
  Underpayment, arrear wages, hours of labour. 
Aab1.79  Inspection of tailors' premises - Germiston 1926 May 
  Payment of wages. 
Aab1.80  International Clothing Workers Federation 1927 May 
  Re conditions of workers in the clothing and tailoring industries in South Africa. 
Aab1.81  International Labour Conference 1926 Sep 
  Collecting of data by the Department of Labour on sickness insurance for International Labour Conference 1927. 
Aab1.82  Interview 1926 Apr-1927 Nov 
Aab1.83  Jewish Colonization Fund 1926 Nov 
  Request to raise money for the movement to assist destitute Jewish masses to settle on the land in Russia. 
Aab1.84  Jewish holidays 1927 Sep 
Aab1.85  Juvenile Affairs Board 1928 May-1930 Sep 
  Employment of juveniles in the clothing industry; activities of Girls Lunch Hour Club, Aug-Sep 1930. 
Aab1.86  M Kentridge 1928 Jun-Jul 
  Re Wage Board determination. 
Aab1.87  Labour Bank 
  Thesis for the establishment of a Labour Bank by Maurice G Epstein. TS. 12p. 
Aab1.88  Levies 1928 May 30 1 items 
Aab1.89  Liquidation 1923 Sep 30 1 
  Liquidation of South African Industrial Federation Co-operative Development Company Ltd. 
Aab1.90  Loans 1928 Dec 8 1 item 
  Loan to the Industrial Council for the Bespoke Tailoring Industry. 
Aab1.91  Log prices 1919 Apr-May 
  Competition from other manufacturers who do not pay log price. 
Aab1.92  Logs 1918 Dec-1928 Apr 
  Log prices, wages; log of Bloemfontein tailors May 1926. 
Aab1.93  May Day 1919 Mar-1929 May 
Aab1.94  Medical Aid Scheme proposal 1926 Feb-1928 Nov 
Aab1.95  Meetings 1920 Jan-1931 Feb 
  Notices of general and executive meetings; visit of Tom Mann Oct 1922; notice of first general meeting of Witwatersrand Master Tailors Association Mar 1924; minutes of dispute with Fluxman Bros. 
Aab1.96  Members 1919 May-1932 May 
  Apologies for non-attendance at meetings; illegal overtime work; proposals for discussion at meetings; denouncing of Michael Fisher; fines for non-attendance at meetings; dismissal of employees; closed shop; injuries to workers; applications for membership; employment; non-union wages; unemployment. 
Aab1.97  Members' complaints and statements 1929 Aug-1930 Nov 
  Applications for jobs; workers' statements about employment and complaints against employers. 
Aab1.98  Membership 1918 Jun-1928 Sep 
  Applications; withdrawal of membership; membership of the Transvaal Merchant Tailors Association; application for registration of the Industrial Council for the Bespoke Tailoring Industry. 
Aab1.99  Memoranda of agreement 1919 Apr-1920 Jan 
  Agreement between Transvaal Merchant Tailors Association and the Witwatersrand Tailors Association that workers will be paid on the basin of the log of Apr 1919. 
  Agreement between the Transvaal Merchant Tailors Association and the Witwatersrand Tailors Association to a 20% increase on log prices and wagon, 29 Jan 1920. 
Aab1.100  Memorandum to Minister of labour 1929 Oct 
  Submitted by the Witwatersrand Tailors Association in respect of immigrant tailors, bespoke tailoring work in clothing factories, amendments to the Industrial Conciliation Act, 1924. 
Aab1.101  Merchant and Master Tailors 1924 Jul-1927 Nov 
  Correspondence with Witwatersrand Master Tailors Association re position of merchant and master tailors. 
Aab1.102  Middlemen in the tailoring industry 1923 Feb-1932 Jan 
Aab1.103  Mine Workers' strike 1922 Jan-1927 May 
  Strike 1922: City Deep strike 1927. 
Aab1.104  Minimum wages - tailoring trade 1927 Feb 1 item 
Aab1.105  Negotiations 1918 May-1926 May 
  Wages, abolition of piecework and contracting in the Bespoke Tailoring Industry; opening of indoor workshops. 
Aab1.106  Non-European meeting - Indians and Asians 1929 Mar- 1929 May 
  Organising of workers. 
Aab1.107  Non-affiliated unions 1920 Mar-1927 Mar 
  Non-affiliation of Witwatersrand Tailors Association to proposed South African Council of Organised Workers. (Correspondent: Ivan L Walker); non-affiliation of Witwatersrand Master Tailors Association and Transvaal Master Tailors Association. 
Aab1.108  Non-members 1925 Dec-1926 Mar 
  Enforcement of closed shop. 
Aab1.109  Notice of meetings 1926 May-1927 Nov 
Aab1.110  Notice period 1926 Apr 12 1 item 
Aab1.111  Notice of termination of agreement 1926 Sep 
Aab1.112  Officials and staff members 1922 Jun-1927 Jan 
Aab1.113  Opening of workshop 1920 Aug 1 1 item 
  Opening of new workshop of Manboys Tailors. 
Aab1.114  Outstanding contributors 1932 Mar 9 1 item 
Aab1.115  Outwork 1926 Feb-1929 Sep 
Aab1.116  Overseas labour research departments 1926 Apr-1927 Jan 
  Re wages. 
Aab1.117  Overseas working conditions 1928 Feb-Mar 
Aab1.118  Overtime 1921 Mar-1929 May 
Aab1.119  Payment of wages 1928 Jun-1932 Jul 
Aab1.120  Petitions 1928 Jun 13 1 item 
  Complaints against fellow worker. 
Aab1.121  People's Press Limited 1922 May-1923 May 
Aab1.122  Piecework and contracting 1919 Apr-Jun 
Aab1.123  Proposals for new agreement 1927 Apr-1930 Apr 
Aab1.124  Premises 1926 Jan, 1927 Sep 
Aab1.125  Prosecutions - private 1929 Jun-Nov 
  In particular R Scapszak and others. 
Aab1.126  Proposed prosecution of Maurice Breslau 1929 Nov 1 item 
Aab1.127  Prosecutions 1926 Apr-1930 Feb 
  Criminal investigation. Case v H Fourie, 1926 
  Breach of agreement for the clothing industry by H Salamson 1929 Prosecution for perjury - Sam Gavizansky 
  Prosecution under Government Notice No.2249 
  Prosecution under Wage Act No.27 of 1925 
  Rex v Samuel Ginsberg 
  Witwatersrand Tailors Association v John Scott and Co. and others 
  Witwatersrand Tailors Association v Lak. 
Aab1.128  Publications 1925 Mar-1927 Aug 
  Support of Forward and trade union publications. 
Aab1.129  Racial complaints 1922 Jan-1929 Apr 
Aab1.130  Rate of wages 1926 Mar 
Aab1.131  Reduction in wages and working conditions 1922 Mar-1928 Mar 
Aab1.132  Registration of Industrial Council for the Bespoke Tailoring Industry 1928 Oct 6 1 item 
Aab1.133  Registration of Witwatersrand Master Tailors Association 1927 Jun 
Aab1.134  Reinstatement 1927 Mar 4 1 item 
Aab1.135  Re-opening of a workshop 1926 Feb-Mar 
  Witwatersrand Tailors Association demand that A Levy re-open workshop. 
Aab1.136  Re-organising Committee 1923 Jul 4 1 item 
Aab1.137  Report of work in union office - Mr Goodman 1929 Jun 
  Dismissal of employees, contravention of agreements, working conditions of employees. 
Aab1.138  Representations to Ministers 1928 Apr?May 
  Correspondence with Minister of Justice re harsh sentences for car theft and arrest under the Sedition Act. 
Aab1.139  Representation of Bespoke Tailoring Employers Association 1931 Dec 
  Correspondence between Middlemen Tailors Union and Garment Workers Union Bespoke Section re proposals of Bespoke Tailoring Employers Association. 
Aab1.140  Representation on Industrial Council 1919 Oct-1928 Feb 
  Representation of Transvaal Master Tailors Association, Witwatersrand Master Tailors Association and Witwatersrand Tailors Association on Industrial Council for the Bespoke Tailoring Industry. 
Aab1.141  Resignations 1919 Jul-1932 Feb Resignations from members and officials; resignation of Sam Levy, Chairman Witwatersrand Tailors Association Apr 1927; resignation of Pretoria District Merchant Tailors Association 1932. 
Aab1.142  Riotous Assemblies and Criminal Law Amendment Act 1914 1929 Dec 
  Protest against proposed bill. 
Aab1.143  Seasonal greetings 1922 Dec-1929 Jan 
Aab1.144  Secretary for Industrial Council 1926 Apr 1 item 
Aab1.145  Sedition Bill 1927 Mar 
  Objection to the Native Administration Bill and Sedition Bill. 
Aab1.146  Shares 1918 Sep 
Aab1.147  Sick Benefit Fund 1928 Nov 30 1 item 
Aab1.148  Sick members 1929 Oct-1931 Feb 
Aab1.149  Slackness in industry 1929 Feb-Jun 
Aab1.150  Social - Geserd "Press Fund" 1932 Apr 1 item 
Aab1.151  Solicitors 1929 Oct-1932 Apr 
Aab1.152  South African Industrial Federation 1923 Jun-1924 Mar 
Aab1.152a  S A Shop Assistants, Warehousemen, Clerks and Hairdressers Association 1924 Jun 1 
  Request that before purchasing, Garment Workers Union members should ask the assistants if they are members of a union. 
Aab1.153  South African Women Workers Union 1925 Apr 1 item 
  Request for donation from Fanny Klenerman. 
Aab1.154  Staff matters 1922 Jun-Sep 
Aab1.155  Statistics - Department of Labour 1928 Dec 1 item 
Aab1.156  Stoppage of work 1926 Mar 1 item 
Aab1.157  Strikes 1918 May-1922 Nov 
  Strike at Henochsberg 1919, tailors' strike 1920. 
Aab1.158  Strike pay 1922 Jan-Feb 
Aab1.159  Strike - tailors and Ben Pickles 1922 Nov-Dec 
Aab1.160  Subscriptions 1922 Jun-1928 Jun 
Aab1.161  Sunday Times Syndicate - Russian Famine Relief Committee 1923 Mar-1924 Sep 
Aab1.162  Sunday work 1920 Mar 1 item 
Aab1.163  Summons 1922 Aug-1929 May 
Aab1.164  Tailors' Log 1924 Jun 
Aab1.165  Tailors' Set 1927 Nov 
Aab1.166  Termination of service 1922 Jun-1933 Mar 
Aab1.167  Threat of Coloured labour 1929 Apr 1 item 
Aab1.166  Trade and Labour Report 1921 Jul-1922 Sep 
Aab1.169  Trade Union Committee of Action 1922 Aug 
Aab1.170  Transvaal Merchant Tailors Association 1921 Nov-1928 Feb 
  Report of conference of Joint Board of Transvaal Master Tailors Association and Witwatersrand Tailors Association re A Levy and Co. who had not paid the log prices, 30 Nov 1921; representation on Industrial Council for the Bespoke Tailoring Industry. 
Aab1.171  Trouser makers 1925 Mar-Jul 
Aab1.172  Trousers' Log 1922 Feb-1925 Jul 
  Conference between Transvaal Master Tailors Association and Witwatersrand Tailors Association re trousers' log, 16 Feb 1922; log table 1925. 
Aab1.173  Undercutting of prices 1924 Dec 
Aab1.174  Underpayment - wages 1925 Jul-1933 Mar 
  Underpayment by employers; underpayment by Messrs Hepworths and Rex v John Kidd, Manager of Hepworths, 1931. 
Aab1.175  Unemployment 1919 Sep-1931 Jun 
Aab1.176  Union badges 1920 May-1926 Aug 
Aab1.177  Union fees deductions 1928 Nov 23 1 item 
Aab1.178  University of the Witwatersrand 
  Notice of lecture series on practical problems of Wage Regulation. c1925. 
Aab1.179  Vacancies 1925 Oct-1926 Oct 
Aab1.180  Wage Board determination 1925 Sep-1930 Jan 
  Investigation 1926; contravention of agreement by John Scott and Co. 1929 and other employers. 
Aab1.181  Wage investigations 1919 Apr-1929 Jun 
Aab1.182  Witwatersrand Tailors Association Log 
Aab1.183  Warning - dismissal 1931 Jun 2 1 item 
Aab1.184  Weeks' notice 1927 Jul 26 1 item 
Aab1.185  Withdrawal of labour ND 
  Withdrawal of workers from firms failing to comply with agreement. 
Aab1.186  Witwatersrand Central Juvenile Affairs Board 1922 Nov-1925 Sep 
Aab1.187  Working conditions 1927 Fob 15 1 item 
Aab2  Special Topics 1920 Mar-1929 Sep 13 files 
Aab2.1  Cape Tailors 1927 Kay-Jun 1 file 
  Correspondence between C F Glass and John Comas about organisation and the tailoring industry, the question of amalgamation and piecework. 
Aab2.2  Manboys' strike 1927 Jun-Oct 1 file 
  Correspondence relating to the strike at Manboys 27 Jun-9 Jul 1927; support for the Witwatersrand Tailors Association from the Witwatersrand Master Tailors Association; register of strike pay; deed of agreement between Witwatersrand Tailors Association and Manboys; Hg minutes of meetings concerning the strike. 
Aab2.5  Legal matters 1926 Feb-1929 Sep 4 files 
  Legal proceedings against employers for underpayment, unjust dismissal of employees; report on investigation into wages paid in certain bespoke tailoring establishments in Germiston 5 May 1926; records of case Rex v Rachmiol Scapszak, Froem Gerver and Samuel Matz 8 Jul 1929 for unlawfully taking part in a strike because of the refusal of Messrs Flu man to grant an increase in wages. 
Aab2.4  Membership 1922 Aug-1929 Sep 1 file 
  Correspondence and application for membership, arrear subscriptions, enquiries re whereabouts of members, and resignations. 
Aab2.5  Employment 1924 Dec-1929 Dec 1 file 
  Correspondence re placement of tailors and tailoresses in employment. 
Aab2.6  Associated Trade Unions of South Africa (ATUSA) 1922 Nov-1924 Jul 1 file 
  Associated Trade Unions of South Africa was formed during the South African Industrial Federation's decline, when it ceased to have the confidence of the unions. A coordinating body was necessary to deal with problems and joint meetings of the executive committees of the unions were held. This organisation continued to function efficiently and cheaply after the 1922 strike. It was then decided to give it a permanent form and to define its functions. Thus Associated Trade Unions of South Africa cane into being. It changed name cMay 1924 to Associated Trade Unions and other Employees Organisations. It was a forerunner of South African Association of Employees Organisations, later South African Trade Union Council. 
  Correspondence between the Witwatersrand Tailors Association and J Wallace, Secretary of the Associated Trade Union of South Africa re retaining services of Mr Tom Mann, organiser; the 
  funerals of Messrs Hull, Lewis and Long; strike at Ben Pickles and Co. Ltd Nov 1922 and the use of scabs and strikebreakers encouraged by the South African Industrial Federation; proposed congress in 1923 to form a trade union congress; Industrial Conciliation Bill 1923; constitution of Associated Trade Unions of South Africa; affiliation of Witwatersrand Tailors Association to Associated Trade Unions of South Africa; membership statistics of Witwatersrand Tailors Association Mar 1923; consideration of a draft constitution in 1924 to form a co-ordinating body of trade unions. 
Aab2.7  Cape Federation of Labour Unions 1923 Jan-Apr 1 file 
  Correspondence between the Witwatersrand Tailors Association and Cape Federation of Labour Unions re convening of trade union congress conflicting with the national congress being planned by Associated Trade Unions of South Africa; failure to convene congress because of the Industrial Conciliation Bill; the convening of a congress at the Cape. 
Aab2.8  Johannesburg Trades Hall Society 1927 May-Aug 1 file 
  Correspondence between Witwatersrand Tailors Association and Amalgamated Engineering Union re legal opinions as to the activities of the Johannesburg Trades Hall Society re disposal of property in particular the Trades Hall Building and the refusal of Mr Tennant to allow the vote of the Furniture Workers Union. 
Aab2.9  Rex v Simon Cohen 1920 Mar 1 file 
  Victimisation of employee Simon Cohen by employer Mr Hainan, Cohen being arrested without cause. Case to acquit Cohen and bring Hairman to justice for ill treatment of his workers. 
Aab2.10  Clothing industry ND 1 file 
  Hg notes on the clothing industry by a worker re wages and conditions for workers in the industry. 
Ab  Bespoke section 
Aba  Executive Committee 
  Minutes 1929 
  Extracts from minutes 21 Jan and 9 May 
Abb  Transactions 1925 Nov-1929 Dec 3 files 
Abb1  General 1928 May-1929 Jan. 1 file 
  Notices of general and executive meetings; Hg minutes of general meeting re strike at John Scott and Co., Pretoria, 3 Jan 1929, 
Abb2  Contravention of agreement 1925 Nov-1929 Dec 1 file 
  Contravention of agreements by employers by underpaying workers; contraventions by employees by leaving their employ without due notice and disciplinary action taken against them by the Witwatersrand Tailors Association. 
Abb3  Distress Fund 1928 Nov-1929 Dec 1 file 
  Fund to aid workers in need of financial relief. Correspondence, financial statement for the half-year, ended 31st December 1929, constitution of the Witwatersrand Tailors Association. Bespoke Section. Distress Fund. 
Ac  Factory section 
Aca  Executive Committee 1926 1 file 
Aca1  Notice of meeting. [May] 1926 
Aca2  Minutes of executive meeting of factory workers. 1926 Aug 11 
Acb  Transactions 1926 Dec 1 file 
  General meeting of factory workers. 1926 Dec 21. 
Ba  National organisation 
Baa  Executive Committee 
Baa1  Minutes 1931, 1935-1977 13 boxes (45 files) 
  The Central Executive Committee changed its name to the National Executive Committee, 29 October 1962. 
  The minutes between 1931-1940 are incomplete and there are no minutes for 1938. There are no minutes for 1941-1949 with the exception of the minutes of the meeting on 27 Jun 1942 and 15 May 1948. These minutes have been reported as destroyed as they were used to slander the union at the Commission of Inquiry into the Garment Workers Union (Wolfaardt Commission) 1948. 
  There are draft minutes 1966-1972, the minutes of 1956-68 being extensively revised by J Cornelius (General Secretary). 
  An itemised record of the minutes is housed in the department. See Addendum: Baa1.1 - 1.14. NEC Minutes 1967-83 14 vols. 
Baa2  Joint meetings 
  Minutes 1952 Nov-1961 May 1 file 
Baa2.1  Minutes of a special joint meeting of the Central Executive Committee and the Executive Committee of the No 1 Transvaal branches. 1961 May 23. 
Baa2.2  Minutes of the Central Executive Committee and the No.2 Branch Executive Committee. 19t6 Jun 20; 1951 Mar 7 and Aug 22; 1952 Nov 3; 1953 Feb 17; 1953 Feb 28. 
Baa2.3  Minutes of Central Executive Committee and Germiston No 1 branch. 1957 Dec 4; 1957 Dec 13. 
Baa2.4  Minutes of a special meeting of the Central Executive Committee and Shop stewards of the No 2 branch, 1944 May 27. 
Baa3  Papers and correspondence 1958 Nov-1968 Oct 5 files 
  Notices and circulars re meetings; election of members, control of bank accounts; resolutions, special levy for Organising Fund Jan-Jul 1964; miscellaneous correspondence. 
Baa4  Interim Executive Committee of the No 2 Divisional Council 
  Minutes 1962-1975 24 files 
  Formerly Main Executive Committee of the No 2 branches, it changed its name to the Interim Executive Committee from 24 Apr 1963. Includes corrected drafts of the minutes by Johanna Cornelius. A full record of the minutes is available in the department. 
  See Addendum Baa4.1 - 4.7. Minutes 1968-75 7 vols. 
Bab  Committees 
Bab1  Finance Committee 
  Minutes 1937-1955 12 files 
  There are no minutes for 1939, 1940, 1942, 1944, 1946-1947 and 1953. Some minutes are undated. A full list of the minutes is available in the department. 
Bab2  Officers' Committee 
  Papers 1970 1 file 
  Salaries; proposals for consideration by the Officers' Committee. 
Bab3  Liaison Committee 1952 1 item 
  Minutes, 1952 Nov 20. 
Bab4  Organising Committee 1932 2 items 
  Minutes of the first meeting, 24 Feb 1932, and the second meeting 8 Mar 1932. 
Bab5  General Purposes Committee 1930-1931 1 file 
Bab6  Management Committee 1930 1 file 
Bab7  Shop Committees 1931 1 file 
  Miscellaneous minutes of coatings of shop committees; minutes of meetings of shop committee of Messrs Ministers. 
Bab8  Complaints Committee 1944 1 item 
  Minutes, 1944 May 10. 
Bab9  Emergency Committee 1931 1 item 
  Minutes, 1931 Apr 18. 
Bac  Divisional Council 
  Formerly the National Council 1953-1962 
  Papers 1953-1976 30 files 
Bac1  National Council 1953 Aug 7-8 
Bad .1  General correspondence and papers re delegates, notices of meeting, agenda, proposed resolutions, alterations to constitution, objection to the Native Labour (Settlement of Disputes) Bill. 
Bac1.2  Resolutions 
Bac1.3  Election of Central Executive Committee. 
Bac1.4  Minutes of the first meeting of the National Council. 
Bac2  National Council 1954 Feb 26-27 
Bac2.1  General correspondence re proposed resolutions, amendments to the constitution, accommodation. 
Bac2.2  Resolutions. 
Bac2.3  List of delegates and alternates; register signed at the first session. 
Bac2.4  Minutes of the second meeting of the National Council. 
Bac3  National Council 1954 Sep 17-18 
Bac3.1  General correspondence re appointment of delegates, amendments to the constitution, notices to delegates. 
Bac3.2  Lists of delegates and National Executive Committee members; register signed at the first and second sessions. 
Bac3.3  Minutes of the third meeting of the National Council. 
Bac4  National Council 1955 Feb 25-26 
Bac4.1  Correspondence and papers re delegates, resolutions, and statistics of membership of the branches including statistics of Africans employed in the clothing industry. 
Bac4.2  Notices. 
Bac4.3  List of delegates; signed register of attendance. 
Bac4.4  Resolutions. 
Bac4.5  Minutes of the fourth meeting of the National Council. 
Bac5  National Council 1955 Oct 14-15 
Bac5.1  Correspondence. 
Bac5.2  Notices. 
Bac5.3  Lists of delegates and correspondence; signed register. 
Bac5.4  Resolutions. 
Bac5.5  Minutes of the fifth meeting of the National Council. 
Bac6  Special meeting of the National Council 1955 Dec 5 
  Notice to delegates, register of attendance, minutes of the meeting "to consider an Amendment to the Constitution, so as to allow the scope of registration to be extended in respect of all activities specified in the revised definition of "Clothing Industry" as submitted by the Industrial Council for the Clothing Industry (Transvaal)". 
Bac7  National Council 1956 May 4-5 
Bac7.1  Resolutions and notices. 
Bac7.2  List of delegates and signed register of attendance. 
Bac7.3  Minutes of the sixth mooting of the National Council. 
Bac8  National Council 1956 Oct 26-27 
Bac8.1  Correspondence re appointment of delegates. 
Bac8.2  List of delegates; signed register of attendance. 
Bac8.3  Resolutions and notices. 
Bac8.4  Minutes of the first meeting of the second National Council. 
Bac9  National Council 1957 Mar 22-23 
Bac9.1  Correspondence and papers re election of representatives, notices, report of the Credentials Committee. 
Bac9.2  Resolutions. 
Bac9.3  Minutes of the second meeting of the National Council (1956-1958). 
Bac10  National Council 1957 Sep 13-14 
Bac10.1  Correspondence and notices. 
Bac10.2  Resolutions. 
Bac10.3  Delegates and report of Credentials Committee stating total membership of the union. 
Bac10.4  Minutes of the third meeting of the National Council (1956?1958). 
Bac11  National Council 1958 Nov 21-22 
Bac11.1  Correspondence re election of representatives. 
Bac11.2  Notices. 
Bac11.3  Resolutions. 
Bac11.4  Report of Credentials Committee. 
Bac11.5  List of delegates. 
Bac11.6  Minutes of the first meeting of the National Council (1958?1960) 
  Minutes of the first conference of the Provisional Council of the No 2 branches. 
Bac12  National Council 1959 Jun 26-27 
Bac12.1  Correspondence re delegates, notice, draft of presidential address by A Scheepers. 
Bac12.2  Resolutions. 
Bac12.3  Lists of delegates. 
Bac12.4  Reports of Credentials Committee. 
Bac12.5  Minutes of the second meeting of the National Council (1958-1960). 
Bac13  National Council 1960 Jan 28-30 
Bac13.1  Correspondence re arrangements for the National Council. 
Bac13.2  Resolutions and notices. 
Bac13.3  Reports of the Credentials Committee. 
Bac13.4  Presidential address. 
Bac13.5  Minutes of the third meeting of the National Council (1958?1960) 
  Minutes of the third conference of the Provisional Divisional Council of the No 2 branches. 
Bac14  National Council 1960 Jul 28-30 
Bac14.1  Correspondence re fourth meeting of the Provisional Divisional Council of the No 2 branches, election of delegates to the National Council. 
Bac14.2  Resolutions and notices. 
Bac14.3  Delegates. 
Bac14.4  Report of Credentials Committee. 
Bac14.5  Presidential address. 
Bac14.6  Minutes of the first meeting of the National Council (1960-1962) 
  Minutes of the first mooting of the Provisional Divisional Council of the No 2 branches. 
Bac15  National Council 1961 Feb 2-3 
Bac15.1  General correspondence re increase of trade union subscriptions and conversion to decimal coinage and arrangements for the conference. 
Bac15.2  Resolutions and notices. 
Bac15.3  Report and papers of Credentials Committee giving membership statistics. 
Bac15.4  Presidential address. 
Bac15.5  Minutes of the second meeting of the National Council (1960?1962) 
  Minutes of the second meeting of the Provisional Divisional Council of the No 2 branches. 
Bac16  National Council 1962 Feb 1-2 
Bac16.1  Correspondence re resolutions and delegates and arrangements for the National Council. 
Bac16.2  Resolutions and notices. 
Bac16.3  Reports and papers of the Credentials Committee. 
Bac16.4  Presidential address. 
Bac16.5  Minutes of the third meeting of the National Council (1960-1962) 
  Minutes of the third meeting of the Provisional Divisional Council of the No 2 branches. 
Bac17  Divisional Council 1963 Apr 4-5 
Bac17.1  Correspondence and notices to convening the council, election of chairman and vice-chairman. 
Bac17.2  Resolutions and notices. 
Bac17.3  Report and papers of Credentials Committee. 
Bac17.4  Election of delegates. 
Bac17.5  Presidential address. 
Bac17.6  Minutes of the first meeting of the Divisional Council (1963-1966) of the No 1 branches 
  Minutes of the first meeting of the No 2 Divisional Council. 
Bac18  Divisional Council 1964 May 14-15 
Bac18.1  General correspondence re convening of Divisional Council and result of ballots for chairman and vice-chairman of the above council. 
Bac18.2  Resolutions and notices. 
Bac18.3  Papers for credentials. 
Bac18.4  Presidential address 
  Report by C M S Gelvan on the International Labour Conference, Geneva. 
Bac18.5  Minutes of the second meeting of the Divisional Council (1963-1966) of the No 1 branches 
  Minutes of the second meeting of the No 2 Divisional Council. 
Bac19  Divisional Council 1965 May 20-21 
Bac19.1  Notices and correspondence re convening of Divisional Council. 
Bac19.2  Resolutions. 
Bac19.3  Papers and reports of the Credentials Committee. 
Bac19.4  Reports on Divisional Council meeting 
  Presidential address. 
Bac19.5  Minutes of the third meeting of the Divisional Council (1963-1966) of the No 1 branches 
  Minutes of the third meeting of the No 2 Divisional Council. 
Bac20  Divisional Council 1966 Jun 2-3 
Bac20.1  General correspondence re arrangements for Divisional Council, election of office bearers and delegates. 
Bac20.2  Resolutions and notices. 
Bac20.3  Reports and papers of the Credentials Committee. 
Bac20.4  Reports 
  Presidential address. 
  Report on the Twelfth Annual Conference of Trade Union Council of South Africa, 9-13 May 1966 by Miss A Scheepers. 
  Garment Workers Industrial Union (Natal). Secretary's report on visit to Rhodesia. 
  Report of the Overseas Delegation of the Garment Workers Union of South Africa to the: 
  1964 Congress of the International Textile and Garment Workers Federation - London. 
  1964 Annual Conference of the International Labour Organisation - Geneva, Switzerland. 
Bac20.5  Minutes of the first meeting of the Divisional Council (1966-1969) of the No 1 branches 
  Minutes of the first meeting of the No 2 Divisional Council. 
Bac21  Divisional Council 1967 May 25-26 
Bac21.1  General correspondence re arrangements for Divisional Council. 
Bac21.2  Resolutions and notices. 
Bac21.3  Reports and papers of the Credentials Committee. 
Bac21.4  Reports 
  Presidential address. 
  Joint Report by the delegation of the Garment Workers Union of South Africa on the public sitting of Section B of the Wage Board investigating the clothing industry ? certain areas, held on Monday, 17th April 1967. 
Bac21.5  Minutes of the second meeting of the No 1 Divisional Council. Draft and final copies. 
  Minutes of the second meeting of the No 2 Divisional Council (1966-1969). 
Bac22  Divisional Council 1968 May 16-17 
Bac22.1  General correspondence re convening of Divisional Council and election of office bearers and delegates. 
Bac22.2  Resolutions and notices. 
Bac22.3  Reports and papers of the Credentials Committee. 
Bac22.4  Miscellaneous reports. 
  Presidential address. 
Bac22.5  Minutes of the third meeting of the No 1 Divisional Council (1966-1959) 
  Minutes of the third meeting of the No 2 Divisional Council. 
Bac23  Divisional Council 1969 Jul 31 - Aug 1 
Bac23.1  General correspondence. 
Bac23.2  Resolutions and notices. 
Bac23.3  Papers and reports of Credentials Committee and nomination of office bearers. 
Bac23.4  General report on Divisional Council meeting 1969 
  Presidential address. 
Bac23.5  Minutes of the first meeting of the No 1 Divisional Council (1969) 
  Minutes of the first meeting of the No 2 Divisional Council. 
Bac23.6  Presidential address. 
Bac24  Divisional Council 1970 Aug 15-14 
Bac24.1  General correspondence. 
Bac24.2  Resolutions and notices. 
Bac24.3  Reports and papers of the Credentials Committee and election of office bearers and delegates. 
Bac25  Divisional Council 1971 Jul 22-23 
Bac25.1  Correspondence re convening of Divisional Council. 
Bac25.2  Resolutions. 
Bac25.3  Papers and reports of Credentials Committee. 
Bac25.4  Election of delegates and office bearers. 
Bac25.5  Presidential address 
  Report on savings on expenditure by Johanna Cornelius. 
Bac25.6  Minutes of the third annual conference of the No 1 Divisional Council 
  Minutes of the meeting of the No 2 Divisional Council. 
Bac26  Divisional Council 1972 Jul 20-21 
Bac26.1  Correspondence. 
Bac26.2  Minutes of an annual conference of the No 1 Divisional Council 
  Minutes of an annual conference of the No 2 Divisional Council. 
Bac26.3  Notices and resolutions. 
Bac27  Divisional Council 1973 Sep 13 
Bac27.1  Correspondence and papers re convening of Divisional Council and amendments to the constitution. 
Bac27.2  Resolutions. 
Bac27.3  Reports 
  Report on matters arising from the Divisional Council meeting. 
  Opening address by Mrs G Marks - Chairman of the No 1 Divisional Council. 
  Report by J Cornelius, General Secretary, to the Divisional Council Conference held on 13th September 1973, on amendments to the constitution of the Garment Workers 'Union of South Africa. 
  Report on Trade Union Council of South Africa's 19th annual conference, 13-17th August 1973. 
  General Secretary's report on major events for the period between the 1972 and 1973 Divisional Council conferences of the Garment Workers Union of South Africa. 
  Report on audited balance sheets and income and expenditure accounts for the year ended 31st December 1972. 
  Report on negotiations for the private new agreement between Dorian Hats (Pty) Ltd and the Garment Workers Union of South Africa. 
  Report by J Cornelius on the improvements negotiated for the Transvaal Millinery Agreement for the period 1 Nov 1973 - 31 Oct 1975, in comparison with wages in the Western Cape Millinery Agreement. 
  Report on negotiations for a private new agreement between the Harritz Hat Factory Ltd and the Garment Workers Union of South Africa. 
  Wage comparisons - Kimberley and other areas ? clothing industry South Africa. 
Bac27.4  Minutes of an annual conference of the No 1 Divisional Council. 
Bac28  Divisional Council 1974 Jul 19 
Bac28.1  Minutes of the annual conference of the No 1 Divisional Council. 
  Minutes of the annual conference of the No 2 Divisional Council. 
Bac29  Divisional Council 1975 Jul 24 
Bac29.1  Correspondence. 
Bac29.2  Resolutions. 
Bac29.3  Reports 
  Presidential address. 
  Report on audited balance sheets and income and expenditure accounts for the year ended 31st December 1974. 
  Branch reports. 
Bac29.4  Minutes of the annual conference of the No 1 Divisional Council. 
  Minutes of the annual conference of the No 2 Divisional Council. 
Bac30  Divisional Council 1976 Jul 23 
Bac30.1  Resolutions. 
Bac30.2  Reports 
  Presidential address 
  Report on audited balance sheets and income and expenditure accounts for the year ended 31st December 1975. 
  Branches' reports. 
Bad  General meetings 
Bad1  Minutes 1930-1956, 1959, 1968 1 file 
  Minutes of general meetings of the workers of No 1 and No 2 branches; general branch meetings; general meetings of factory committees. There are no minutes for the years 1934, 1939, 1953-1955. There are also minutes of a meeting of Black female workers in the clothing industry, 22 Aug 1946. 
Bad2  Apologies 1966-1967 1 file 
  Apologies for disciplinary measures taken against members for non-attendance at branch annual general meetings. 
Bad2.1  General 
Bad2.2  Factories 
Bad2.2.1  R L Antonis 
Bad2.2.2  Art Clothing 
Bad2.2.3  Bruno's Hats 
Bad2.2.4  Chiltern Bond 
Bad2.2.5  City Felt Hat 
Bad2.2.6  Dupa Clothing 
Bad2.2.7  Glenice Modes 
Bad2.2.8  Grand Clothing 
Bad2.2.9  Greys Ltd 
Bad2.2.10  Harlequin Fashions 
Bad2.2.11  Harritz Hats 
Bad2.2.12  Henochsberg 
Bad2.2.13  Jenilee Hats 
Bad2.2.14  Henley Blouses 
Bad2.2.15  Melonique 
Bad2.2.16  Monica Hats 
Bad2.2.17  Regent Neckwear 
Bad2.2.18  Rhine Fashions 
Bad2.2.19  Rodin Products 
Bad2.2.20  S A Shirt and Underwear 
Bad2.2.21  Safnit Mills Ltd 
Bad2.2.22  Select Fashions 
Bad2.2.23  Sharonwear 
Bad2.2.24  Uniform and Overall Suppliers 
Bad2.2.25  Windsor Hats. 
Bad3  Correspondence and papers 1930, 1950-1952 1 file 
  Miscellaneous notices of meetings, letters of admittance to non-members of the Garment Workers Union for the general meeting 1950, resolutions taken 1950 and 1952. 
Bae  Constitution 1929-1973 27 files 
Bae1  1929 
  Constitution of the Garment Workers Union (Transvaal). ND. 2 copies. 
  Constitution of the Garment Workers Union (Transvaal). Adopted 2 Jul 1929. Hg corrections on copy. This copy was probably used for the amendments to the constitution in 1931. R H Miller, Divisional Inspector, Department of Labour, states in a TLS, 23 Apr 1931, that "The statement in the heading to the effect that the constitution was adopted on the 2nd July, 1929, is not in fact true and should be deleted". (See Bae2). In the Central Executive Committee minutes of the Witwatersrand Tailors Association, 2 Sep 1929 (See Aaa), it is stated that "The constitution was re-edited and the Secretary was instructed to register the document with the Labour Department". 
Bae2  1931 
Bae2.1  Correspondence re amendments to the constitution. 1931 Jan-Jun 
Bae 2.2  Constitution of Garment Workers Union (Transvaal) [c1931?1932], Hg corrections (these may have been done in 1937 when the constitution was again amended in particular the name of the union). 
  Constitution of Garment Workers Union (Transvaal). ND. Refers in particular to the Bespoke section. 
Bae3  1932 
  Correspondence re amendments to the constitution. 1932 Jul-Aug. 
Bae4  1937 
Bae4.1  Correspondence re amendments to the constitution. 1937 Apr-Oct. 
Bae4.2  Lists of proposed amendments. 
Bae4.3  Instructions to Counsel and legal opinions as to whether the constitution could be amended by deleting the word "Transvaal" from the name without necessitating the registration of a new union. 
Bae4.4  Constitution of the Garment Workers Union ND 3 copies The constitution embodies the proposed amendments See Bae4.2) 
Bae5  1939 
  Correspondence re amendments to the constitution. 1939 May-Jul. 
Bae6  1939-1949 
  Proposed changes to constitution - 1948 conference. 
  Constitution of the Garment Workers Union. Various drafts. 
  Clause 2 stating where the Head Office is situated varies. ND 3 copies. 
  Konstitusie van die Klerewerksunie ND 2 copies. 
  Acknowledgements of receipt of a copy of the constitution. 1949 Feb-Aug 2 items. 
Bae 7  1950 
Bae7.1  Correspondence re amendments to the constitution. 1950 Jan-Dec. 
Bae7.2  Special conference 26 Apr 1950, to consider an amendment to clause 24 of the constitution, proposed by a Special General Meeting, 18 Feb. 1950. 
  Notices and minutes. 
Bae7.3  Special conference, 30 Nov-1 Dec 1950 to consider draft constitution. 
  Notices and minutes of conference; statement by A Scheepers, President, Garment Workers Union on the convening of the national conference; request by delegates of Germiston branch, Mrs S Oelofse and M Combrink, to the Industrial Registrar not to register amendments to the constitution, 21 Dec 1950. 
Bae7.4  Amendments to constitution 
  Resolutions to amend clauses 24, 10(a) and 10(d) of the constitution of the Garment Workers Union, 1950 Feb 21. 
  Approved by the Industrial Registrar, 13 Mar 1950. Sealed. 
  Drafts of proposed amendments to clauses 8(e), 10(a) (b) (c) and 17. English and Afrikaans. 
  Amendments to the above clauses in the constitution adopted 26 Mar 1950 and submitted to the Industrial Registrar 3 May 1950. 2 copies. 
  Draft for new constitution. ND. 
  Amendments to the draft constitution. 
Bae7.5  Memoranda 
  Memorandum submitted by the Garment Workers Union to the Industrial Registrar on the subject of the amendments to the constitution of the union. 1950 Feb and Mar 3. 2 drafts. 
  Memorandum submitted by the Garment Workers Union to the Industrial Registrar on the subject of the new constitution of the union adopted at a special conference held at Johannesburg on the 30th November and 1st December 1950. 
  Memorandum re draft constitution, Garment Workers Union. ND. 
Bae7.6  Legal opinions on the draft of the proposed constitution. 1950 Nov 25-29. 
Bae7.7  Legal action against the Industrial Registrar 
  Garment Workers Union, appellant and Barend Johannes Schoeman N.O. (Minister of Labour), respondent. Judgment. 1950 May 3. 
  Appeal in accordance with the provisions of Section 16 of the Industrial Conciliation Act to the Honourable the Minister of Labour against the decision of the Industrial Registrar. 1950 Nov 1. 
Bae7.8  Constitutions 
  Constitution of the Garment Workers Union as amended by the Registrar on 13th Mar 1950 and by Court Judgment on 13th Jun 1951. 
  Constitution of the Garment Workers Union of South Africa. 1950 Dec 1. Initialled and signed by A Scheepers and S Sachs. 2 copies. 
Bae8  1951 
Bae8.1  Correspondence 1951 Feb-Nov 
  Refusal of Minister of Labour to approve constitution adopted at the Special Conference on 30 Nov 1950; suggested alterations to the constitution submitted by the Industrial Registrar in Memorandum on the new constitution of the Garment Workers Union dated the 1st December 1950, Apr 1951; submission of amended constitution in November. 
Bae8.2  Special Conference 9-10 Nov 1951, to consider the objections of the Industrial Registrar to the new constitution adopted in Nov 1950. 
  Notices, correspondence, proposed amendments and minutes. 
Bae8.3  Legal opinion re amended constitution. Signed N E Rosenberg and S Kentridge, Johannesburg, 21 Jun 1951. 
Bae8.4  Amendments to constitution 
  Draft constitutions with proposed amendments. 
Bae8.5  Constitution as adopted by the Special Conference, 10 Nov 1951. 2 copies. 
Bae9  1952 
Bae9.1  Correspondence and papers May-Dec 1952 re objections of the Industrial Registrar to the constitution adopted in Nov 1951; particulars of a meeting between the Industrial Registrar and members of the Garment Workers Union held at the Department of Labour, Pretoria, 9 May 1952; suggested amendments to the constitution; amendments passed by the Special Conference, Oct 1952. 
Bae9.2  Special Conference, 25 Oct 1952 to consider the objections of the Industrial Registrar to the constitution adopted on 9-10 Nov 1951. 
  Notices and correspondence re convening of conference, proposed amendments to constitution, list of delegates, register of attendance, minutes. 
Bae10  1953 
Bae10.1  Correspondence 1953 Jan-Jul 
  Re amendments and submission of constitution 27 Jan 1953; registration of constitution 17 Feb 1953; correspondence with branches it new constitution and change of name to Garment Workers Union of South Africa. 
Bae10.2  Further session of Special Conference, 24 Jan 1953, to discuss further amendments to the constitution. 
  Notice and proposed amendments. 
Bae10.3  Legal opinion re constitution. By S Kentridge, Johannesburg, 4 Aug 1953. 
Bae10.4  Constitutions 
  Garment Workers Union of South Africa. Constitution. 
  Submitted to the Industrial Registrar for approval on 27 Jan 1953. 
  Garment Workers Union of South Africa. Constitution. 
  Approved by the Industrial Registrar on 13 Feb 1953. 
  Another copy of above with marginal captions. 
  Klerewerkersunie van Suid-Afrika. Grondwet. Goedgekeur deur die Nywerheidsregistrateur op 13 Feb 1953. TS and corrected draft. 
Bae11  1954 
  From 1954 all constitutional amendments had to be passed by the National Council and a special conference of members no longer had to be convened. 
Bae11.1  Correspondence and papers 1954 Apr-Oct 
  Correspondence with Industrial Registrar re proposed amendments to the constitution; approval of amendments 31 Aug 1954; correspondence with branches re amendments. 
Bae11.2  Amendments to constitution 
  Memoranda and resolution adopting amendments by members of the National Council, 26-27 Feb 1954. 
Bae11.3  Garment Workers Union of South Africa. Constitution. 
  Approved by the Industrial Registrar on 13 Feb 1953 and amended on 30 Aug 1954. 
  Klerewerkersunie van Suid-Afrika. Grondwet. Goodgekeur deur die Nywerheidsregistrateur op 13 Feb 1953 on gewysig op 30 Aug 1954. 
Bae12  1956 
  The Industrial Conciliation Act (No 28 of 1956) forbids the registration of mixed unions and existing mixed unions were required to establish separate branches for different racial groups. 
  Garment Workers Union of Coloured, Malay and Asiatic Workers (SA). Constitution. 9 May 1956. 
  Specimen constitution for a trade union with branches supplied by the Industrial Registrar, Jul 1956. 
  Garment Trade Union of European Employees (SA). Constitution. 25 Oct 1956. 
Bae13  1957 
  General papers and correspondence 1957 Jan-Dec 
  Circular letter to all trade unions from the Industrial Registrar re the Industrial Conciliation Act (1956). 23 Jan 1957. TS, lop. 
  Amendment to constitution of Garment Trade Union of European Employees (SA) as requested by Industrial Registrar at an interview with the union deputation, 20 Mar 1957. 
  Amendments necessary to the constitution to comply with the provisions of the Industrial Conciliation Act, and amendments as adopted by the National Council 13-14 Sep 1957. 
Bae 14  1958 
Bae14.1  Correspondence and papers 1958 Jan-Dec, re amendments to the constitution; report submitted by Miss A Scheepers on interview with Industrial Registrar re union's constitution on Tuesday, 18 Nov 1958; resolution adopting amendments to the constitution by the National Council, 21-22 Nov 1958. 
Bae14.2  Draft constitutions 
  Garment Workers Union of South Africa. Draft constitution for the consideration of the National Council, 21-22 Nov 1958. 
  Garment Workers Union of South Africa. Draft constitution as submitted to the Industrial Registrar and as amended by the National Council, 21-22 Nov 1958. 
  Klerewerkersunie van Suid-Afrika. Konsep konstitusie soos ingedien by die Nywerheidsregistrateur en soos gewysig deur die Nasionale Raad. 21-22 Nov 1958. 
Bae14.3  Constitution 
  Garment Workers Union of South Africa. Constitution as submitted to the Industrial Registrar and as amended by the National Council 21-22 Nov 1958. 
Bae15  1959 
Bae 15.1  Correspondence May-Oct 1959 re amendments to constitution. 
Bae 15.2  Amendments to 1958 constitution. 
Bae 15.3  Constitution 
  Second draft constitution as amended by the National Council on 21-22 Nov 1958, and 26-27 Jun 1959, and submitted to the Industrial Registrar for approval in October 1959. 2 copies. 
Bae 16  1960 
Bae16.1  Correspondence re amendments, Apr 1960. 1 item 
Bae 16.2  Amendments to second draft constitution of 1959. 
Bae16.3  Third draft constitution as amended by the National Council on 21-22 Nov 1958, 26-27 Jun 1959, and 29 Jul 1960 and submitted to the Industrial Registrar for approval in September 1960. 
Bae17  1961 
Bae17.1  Fourth draft constitution as amended by the National Council on 21-22 Nov 1958, 26-27 Jun 1959, 29 Jul 1960 and 3 Feb 1961 and submitted to the Industrial Registrar for approval in September 1960 and Jan. 1961. 
Bae17.2  Constitution of the Garment Workers? Union of South Africa as approved in terms of Section 9 (3) of the Industrial Conciliation Act, 1956, by the Industrial Registrar on the 16th March 1961. 
  Konstitusie van die Klerewerkersunie van Suid-Afrika soos goedgekeur kragtens Artikel 9 (3) van die Wet op Nywerheidsversoening, 1956, deur die Nywerheidsregistrateur op 16 Maart 1961. TS and TS draft with corrections. 
Bae17.3  Discussion on constitution at Main Executive Committee meeting of the No 2 branches, 29 Jun 1961. 
Bae18  1962 
  Correspondence re amendments, Jul-Aug 1962 
Bae19  1963 
  Correspondence re amendments, 12 Sep 1963 1 item 
Bae20  1965 
  Paper re proposed amendments to the constitution. 
Bae21  1966 
  Correspondence and papers re amendments to constitution. 
Bae22  1967 
Bae22.1  Correspondence and papers re amendments to the constitution. 1967 Nov-Dec. 
Bae22.2  Constitutions 
  Working copies and drafts of constitutions 1961-1963, with proposed amendments. 8 items 
Bae23  1968 
Bae23.1  Correspondence and papers re amendments to the constitution. 1968 Jan-Oct. 
Bae23.2  Proposed amendments to the 1963 constitution. 
Bae23.3  Constitution of the Garment Workers Union of South Africa as approved in terms of Section 9 (3) of the Industrial Conciliation Act, 1956, by the Industrial Registrar on 16 Mar 1961. Submitted with amendments to the Industrial Registrar, Feb 1968. 
  Constitution of the Garment Workers Union of South Africa as approved in terms of Section 9 (3) of the Industrial Conciliation Act, 1956, by the Industrial Registrar on 17 May 1963. Submitted with amendments for the consideration or the Industrial Registrar, 4 Oct 1968. 
Bae24  1969 
  Correspondence and papers re amendments to the constitution. 1969 Feb-Jun. 
Bae25  1972 
  Correspondence and papers re amendments to the constitution. 1972 Mar-Sep. 
Bae26  1973 
  Correspondence and papers re amendments to the constitution. 1973 Aug-Sep. 
Bb  Local Organisation 
Bba  Head Office 
Bba1  General Secretary 1967-1975 8 files 
  General notices, correspondence and reports of General Secretary (J Cornelius) re internal organisation and administration of the Garment Workers Union, reports of finance, visits to branches, reports on matters arising out of meetings and arrear contributions of factories. 
  Also general notices to Transvaal clothing manufacturers re employment in the industry and deductions from employees' salaries to the Group Funeral Assurance Fund, Loan Fund, Publications Fund, Wage Protection (Organising Fund), levy for donations, and contributions to the branches and Head Office. Some reports are also signed by the President (A Scheepers). 
Bba2  General 1951-1973 
Bba2 1  Lists of incoming poet 1972 Aug-1973 Sep 2 files 
Bba2.2  General correspondence 1951-1973 21 files 
  Miscellaneous correspondence and papers covering the following main topics: general enquiries, general administration, finance and investments, premises, labour economy, garment industry, correspondence with branches and members, agreements, training in the garment industry, industrial legislation, travel arrangements for conferences, WITSCO, publications, letters of condolence, wages. Of note: report on labour disputes at Collondale Aerodrome, East London, by S Kitching (Bba2.2.10); affidavit of Edward Michael Davoren, Secretary of the National Union of Laundering, Cleaning and Dyeing Workers, re negotiations for a new agreement Jan 8 1964 (Bba2.2.11); dismissal of Violet Weinberg from the Industrial Council for the Clothing Industry and correspondence with Anna Scheepers, Aug 1964 referring to her dismissal and political developments i.e. the bombing at Johannesburg station, Rivonia Trial, arrest of Nelson Mandela (Bba2.2.11); official opening of Garment Centre, Nay 1965 (Bba2.2.12); questionnaire on reasons for absenteeism and late arrival'(+- Bba2.2.17) at work; extracts from Labour problems by W V Owen, employment, Coalbrook mine disaster (1960), General Buyers Corporation to provide discounts for members. 
Bba2.3  Correspondence (by subject) 1932-1967 35 files 
Bba2.3.1  African females in Transvaal clothing industry 1954 Feb-Apr 
  Telegrams and correspondence with Minister of Labour re abuse of the Industrial Conciliation Act and Bantu Labour 
  (Settlement of Disputes) Act by employing Black females at lower wages than the agreement in force in the clothing industry. 
Bba2.3.2  Cars 1951-1967 
  General correspondence re insurance, insurance claims, repairs and traffic fines. 
Bba2.3.3  Central Executive Committee 1943 Sep-1953 Jan 
  Negotiations between the No 2 branch and the Central Executive Committee for representation of Coloured workers on the Industrial Council for the Clothing Industry; animosity of Communist Party to the Garment Workers Union and attempts to split the union 1943; letter of recommendation to Solly Sachs, 27 Jan 1953. 
Bba2.3.4  Coloured and Asiatic Mine Workers 1943 Apr 1 item 
Bba2.3.5  Coloured housing 1956 Jul-1959 Sep 
Bba2.3.6  Commission of Enquiry into Garment Workers Union 1948 Sep 1 item 
  TL to the Minister of Labour re the proposed commission. 
Bba2.3.7  Constitution - amendments 1957 1 item 
Bba2.3.8  Dental Association of South Africa 1945 Jan-Mar 
  Refers to Dental Mechanicians Bill. 
Bba2.3.9  Extracts from "Hansard" 1931 Sep-1948 Aug 
Bba2.3.10  General Strike 1946 Jan-Feb 
Bba2.3.11  Government Printer 1954 May-1972 Nov 
  Correspondence re orders of publications. 
Bba2.3.12  Health services 1942 Dec-1950 Oct 
  Extracts from Soviet Life, Dec 1942 
  Pirie, J Harvey President of the South African Medical Association). Social insurance and medicine. TS. 6p. 
  Cluver, E H (Director of Medical Services). Health services in the USSR. TS. 5p. 
  Address to the Transvaal Provincial Executive Committee of the South African Labour Party on the marketing of foodstuffs. TS. 4p. 
Bba2.3.13  Hours 1947 Ssp-1960 May 
  Working hours; shopping hours. 
Bba2.3.14  Insolvencies 1962-1967 Jul 
Bba2.3.15  Job reservation 1957 Aug-1961 Aug 
Bba2.3.16  Leather industry - statements 1953 Oct 
  Statements by workers about internal struggle in the Leather Workers Union. 
Bba2.3.17  Legislation 1942-1967 Sep 
  Re settlement of labour disputes. War Measure no 9 of 1942; factories, machinery and building work Act (1961). 
Bba2.3.10  Liquidation 1937 Jan-Mar 
  Liquidation of Manchester Clothing Manufacturers. 
Bba2.3.19  Minister of Labour 1930-1955 Jan 
  Interviews and general correspondence. 
Bba2.3.20  National Council 1957 Sep-1961 Feb 
Bba2.3.21  National Union of Distributive Workers 1944 Nov 
Bba2.3.22  National Unity 1939 Feb 1 item 
Bba2.3.23  National War Memorial Health Foundation 1956 Jun 
Bba2.3.24  Orange Free State - application for extension of agreement by Industrial Council (Tvl). 1960 Jul 1 item 
Bba2.3.25  Opinions - legal 1956 Apr-1960 May 
  Re Industrial Conciliation Bill and Public Safety Act (1960). 
Bba2.3.26  Organising 1942-1952 Oct 
  Re organising of workers. 
Bba2.3.27  Outwork 1965 Jan-1966 Oct 
Bba2.3.28  Overseas 
  Re overseas labour organisation and visits of officials of Garment Workers Union. 
Bba2.3.29  Premises (Head Office) 1950 Feb-1963 Mar 
Bba2.3.30  Questionnaire: "Why is your daughter not a Garment Worker?" 1957 Mar 
Bba2.3.31  South African Nursing Council 1956 Sep-1957 Feb 
  Re need for course in industrial nursing. 
Bba2.3.32  Saamtrek 1965 Jan 
Bba2.3.33  Statements [1932] 
  Statements of workers employed at Maccabee Clothing factory re dismissal. 
Bba2.3.34  Supreme Court 1948 Apr-1958 Sep 
  Miscellaneous labour cases and reports. 
Bba2.3.35  Telegrams 1953-1957 
Bba2.3.36  Registration of Coloured, Malay and Asiatic Garment Workers Union. 1957 
Bba2.3.37  Unemployment Insurance Act and Fund 1946-1966 
  General correspondence and memoranda on unemployment and slackness in the clothing industry. 
Bba2.3.38  Olive Schreiner Centenary Memorial 1955 1 item 
  Tribute by E S Sachs, Caxton Hall, 1955 Mar 29. 
Bba2.3.39  National Development Foundation 1961 1 item 
  Re contribution of Garment Workers Union and socio-economic progress of South Africa. 
Bba2.3.40  Membership 1937-1958 
  Membership statistics. 
Bba2.3.41  Knitters (Transvaal) 1959 1 item 
  Transvaal Knitters Association to the Secretary, Industrial Tribunal 
Bba2.3.42  Minister of Labour 1959 1 item 
  Correspondence re welfare of clothing workers. 
Bba2.3.43  Investigation on expenditures 1957 1 item 
  First interim report of the sub-committee appointed to investigate the reduction of expenditure of the union. 1957 Sep 20. 
Bba2.3.44  Industrial Tribunal 1957 1 item 
  A Scheepers to J Cornelius, 1957 Oct 19. ALS. 
Bba2.3.45  Economics of the clothing industry 1962 
  Publication announcement of H A F Barker's, The economics of the wholesale clothing industry of South Africa 1907?1957. 
Bba2.3.46  Financial statements 1945, 1956 
Bba2.3.47  Department of Labour 1954-1959 
  Re Unemployment Insurance Act (1946), slackness, replacement of White workers by Blacks; telegrams to Minister of Labour re agreements and wages. 
Bba2.3.48  Badges 1951-1953 
  Correspondence and specimen badges for the Garment Workers Union. 
Bba2.3.49  Forward 1946 
  Correspondence with the editor re mineworkers. 
Bba2.3.50  Unemployment 1954-1959 
Bba2.3.51  Bantu Areas 1956-1961 
  Memorandum. Government decisions on the recommendations of the Commission for the socio-economic development of the Bantu Areas within the Union of South Africa. L19561. Clothing factories in uncontrolled areas. 
Bba2.3.52  Uitenhage 1938 
  Clothing industry in the Eastern Cape Province. 
Bba2.3.53  United Nations Organization 1 item 
  United Nations Organization and the people of Africa. TS. 6p. incomplete. 
Bba2.3.54  Trade union unity conference 1954 
Bba2.3.55  Wage protection 1950-1958 
Bba2.3.56  Extension of scope 1944-1954 
  Application to extend scope of registration to include the milliners of the Cape Peninsula and the garment workers of the Eastern Cape Province. 
Bba2.4  Notices 1970 Nov-1975 0ct 5 files 
  General notices of meetings of National Executive Committee, committees and branches. 
Bba3  Appeals and donations 1955-1974 8 files 
  Appeals from charities and welfare organisations for donations. 
Bba3.1  Correspondence 1955 Jan-Dec 
Bba3.2  Correspondence 1958-1963 Filed alphabetically by name of organisation. 
Bba3.3  Correspondence 1965-1972 Filed alphabetically by name of organisation. 2 files 
Bba3.4  Correspondence 1964-1969 Filed alphabetically, A-K, by name of organisation. 
Bba3.5  Correspondence 1957-1959 Filed alphabetically, M-W, by name of organisation. 
Bba3.6  Correspondence 1971-1974 Filed alphabetically, A-L, by name of organisation. 
Bba3.7  Correspondence 1965-1974 Filed alphabetically, M-W, by name of organisation. 
Bba4  Fiftieth anniversary 1968 Mar-May 1 file 
  Arrangements for a cocktail party to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the union. Correspondence re catering, good wishes and apologies for non-attendance; lists of guests invited. 
Bba5  Premises 
Bba5.1  General correspondence and papers 1951 Mar-1972 Nov 6 files 
  Minutes and correspondence of the Premises Sub-Committee; furnishing of premises; letting of premises; alterations; buying of stand 1965; balance sheets of Samster (Pty) Ltd; negotiations with Industrial Council for the Clothing Industry; building of new office block 1963 - tenders, engagement of contractors J 0 Markovitz and Son (Transvaal) (Pty) bills of quantities for proposed new office block submitted by the architects, Abramowitch, Pinshow and Schneider and G W Doig, quantity surveyor; finance; rentals charged by Samster (Pty) Ltd. 
Bba5.2  Extracts of minutes of Executive Committee (Central Executive Committee and National Executive Committee) 1960 Oct?1962 Oct 
  Minutes relating to the building of the new premises for the Garment Workers Union. 
Bba5.3  Plans for new premises 6 items 
Bba6  Staff 
Bba6.1  Staff ? general 
  Correspondence and papers 1930 Oct-1973 Mar 33 files 
  Refers to the activities of Garment Workers Union officials as well as matters relating to the administrative staff of the head office and branches including: applications for jobs, leave, financial aid and loans to staff, salaries, resignations, leave applications, sick leave, provident fund, testimonials, use of cars and letters of sympathy to bereaved staff members. 
  There is no correspondence between 1931?1939. 
Bba6.2  Long Service Trust Fund 1966 Jun-1967 Jul 1 file 
  Establishment of fund by head office for its employees; constitution. 
Bba6.3  South African Staff Provident Fund 1958 Jul-1966 May 1 file 
  The South African Staff Provident Fund was established in July 1958 by the Garment Workers Union. 
  Minutes of annual general meetings and management committee. 
Bba7  Conferences 
Bba7.1  Delegations to conferences 2 files 
  Correspondence and papers 1946 Jan-1964 
  Arrangements for delegates to attend overseas conferences of garment workers, ILO etc., correspondence from delegates reporting on activities. Correspondents include: Hester de Wet, E S Sachs, A Scheepers. 
Bba7.2  USA Fact Finding Mission 1969 
  Fact finding mission to the USA by Johanna Cornelius and Anna Scheepers to investigate trade union organisation. 
  Includes correspondence with trade unions and relevant literature collected on the tour. 
Bba8  Balance sheets 1937-1973 1 file 
  There are no balance sheets for 1938, 1945-1947, 1951-1952, 1970?1972. 
Bbb  Combined branch administration 
Bbb1.1  Executive Committee - No 1 branches 1956-1976 26 files 
  Also known as Branch Executive Committee (BEC) Minutes 1955-1976. There are no minutes for 1958. A full list is available in the department. See Addendum: Minutes 1967-1979 12 vols. 
See also:   
  Baa2.1: Joint meetings of Central Executive Committee and No 1 Branch Executive Committee. 
  Bad1: Minutes of general meetings. 
Bbb1.2  Executive Committee - No 2 branches 1942-1976 22 files 
  Minutes 1942, 1946-1953, 1965-1976. From 1965 it is called the Joint Executive Committee. 
See also:  See Addendum: Minutes 1968-71 3 vols. 
  Baa2.2: Joint meetings of Central Executive Committee and No 2 Branch Executive Committee. 
  Bad1: Minutes of general meetings. 
Bbb2.1  Joint Administrative Committee - No 1 branches 1955-1959 5 files 
  Minutes of the Administrative Committee of the combined No 1 branches. 
Bbb2.2  Joint Administrative Committee - No 2 branches 1958-1959 2 files 
  Minutes of the Administrative Committee of the No 2 branches. 
Bbb2.3  General correspondence 1958-1959 1 file 
  Notices of meetings, legal opinion on the validity of the Administrative Committee in terms of Section 8 (3) of the Industrial Conciliation Act (1956). 
Bbb3  Branch correspondence and papers 
Bbb3.1  General 1947 Apr-1976 Aug 5 files 
  Correspondence concerning the branches - recreation and holiday facilities for members, activities of members, registration of members, Coloured and Indian housing, notices and correspondence re executive meetings, elections of branch office-bearers and officials, shop stewards and representatives to the Divisional Council and Industrial Council for Clothing Industry (Transvaal), allocation of fund-raising money, proposed amendments to agreements, transport problems of members, reports on matters arising at Branch Executive Committee meetings, financial statements to be considered by the executive committees. 
  Chief correspondents: J Cornelius (General Secretary), S Hedley (Organising Secretary No 2 branches Transvaal) B Eater (Chairman, No 2 branches Transvaal). 
  There are no files for 1960 and 1972-1974. 
Bbb3.2  Special topics 1942 Feb-1961 Apr 32 files 
Bbb3.2.1  Branch Executive Committee meetings 1958 Apr-May 
Bbb3.2.2  Benefits 1947 Sep-1955 Dec 
  Fringe benefits and financial help to members in distress. 
Bbb3.2.3  Central Executive Committee elections 1942 Nov-1958 Nov 
Bbb3.2.4  "Choice before South Africa" 1952 Jul 
  Sale of book. 
Bbb3.2.5  Complaints (members) 1942 Feb-1953 Mar 
Bbb3.2.6  Conference expenses 1959 Oct-1960 Feb 
Bbb3.2.7  Delegates 1949 Aug-1960 May 
  Delegates for committees and conferences. 
Bbb3.2.8  Department of Labour 1952 Sep-1961 Nov 
Bbb3.2.9  Dismissal of workers 1944 Aug-1952 Nov 
Bbb3.2.10  Donations 1942 Feb-1961 Feb 
Bbb3.2.11  Employment of Africans 1955 Sep-Oct 
Bbb3.2.12  Expulsion of students of Fort Hare 1942 Oct-Nov 
Bbb3.2.13  False statements 1947 Feb-Jun 
  False statements by members and disciplinary action taken against them. 
Bbb3.2.14  "Far away" branches 1948 Feb-1958 Sep 
Bbb3.2.15  Finance 1942 Jul-1961 Apr 
Bbb3.2.16  Finance (funeral expenses) 1951 Feb 
Bbb3.2.17  Fine moneys 1944 Sep-1959 May 
Bbb3.2.18  Functions 1951 Nov-1958 Apr 
Bbb3.2.19  Garment Worker 1958 Apr-1961 Jun 
Bbb3.2.20  "Miss Garment Worker" 1955 Nov 
Bbb3.2.21  Hire of halls 1948 Apr-1955 Jul 
Bbb3.2.22  Hours of work 1942 Feb 
Bbb3.2.23  Loans 1944 Jul-1956 Jun 
Bbb3.2.24  Office equipment 1950 Jan-1955 Feb 
Bbb3.2.25  Petitions 1955 May 
  Petition to improve rail transport for workers. 
Bbb3.2.26  Presentations - Executive members and members 1942 
  Aug-1951 Apr. 
Bbb3 2.27  Resignations 1951 Mar 
Bbb3.2.28  Resolutions 1955 Aug-Oct 
Bbb3.2.29  Staff 1947 Jun-1952 Nov 
Bbb3.2.30  Statements 1952 Apr-Aug 
  Statement by Miss Julia Maconi about false claim for sick leave by Christina Lala; statement by Theresa Thomas about discrimination against Black workers. 
Bbb3.2.31  Thefts and losses 1952 Sep 
Bbb3.2.32  Unskilled labour 1942 Sep 
  Circular letter issued by the Emergency Committee for the improvement of unskilled workers' wages. 
Bbb4  Financial statements 1950-1973 9 files 
  Balance sheets and accounts of combined and individual branches. 
Bbb5  Administrative Finance Committee 1955 1 item 
  Minutes of the first meeting of the Administrative Finance Committee of the combined branches of the Garment Workers Union, 25 Jul 1955. 
Bbc  Transvaal branches 
Bbc1  Correspondence 
Bbc1.1  Addresses of members 1930 Nov 
Bbc1.2  Affidavit 1930-1937 
  Statements by members about conditions of employment, hours of labour, wages. 
Bbc1.3  Affiliation of Indian workers 1930 1 item 
Bbc1.4  Agreements 1930-1945 
  Contravention of agreements by employers, negotiations for new agreements. 
Bbc1.5  Amendment of constitution 1930 
Bbc1.6  Application for Commissioners of Oaths 1932 
Bbc1 7  Application for employment 1933, 1938 
Bbc1.8  Application for membership 1930 1 item 
Bbc1.9  Apology 1932 
Bbc1.10  Apprenticeship 1931 Aug 
Bbc1.11  Arbitration awards 1930-1932 
  Effect on wages. 
Bbc1.12  Back-pay claims 1929-1938 
Bbc1.13  Breach of agreement 1931 Nov 1 item 
Bbc1.14  Central Executive Committee 1931 Jan 1 item 
  Summons to attend meeting. 
Bbcl.15  Charges 1931 May-Sep 
  Charges against behaviour of members. 
Bbc1.16  Civil agreement 1933 
  Agreement to obviate unfair competition and sweating in the Bespoke Tailoring Industry. 
Bbc1.17  Claims 1938 
  Claim for insurance by members. 
Bbc1.18  Clothing contracts 1930 
Bbc1.19  Closed shop principle 1933 Jan-Aug 
Bbc1.20  Club for working girls 1933 Apr 
Bbc1.21  Collections of monies 1931-1932 
Bbc1.22  Commissioner of oaths - President of union 1944 1 item 
Bbc1.23  Proposed Commission of Enquiry - Garment Workers Union 1948 Sep 
Bbc1.24  Company established 1929 
  Agreement between Joseph Hirschowitz (Jardin des Modes) and employees re shares in the company. 
Bbc1.25  Complaints 1930-1938 
  Statements and correspondence re complaints of members re wages and dismissals, in particular Risi Bros. 
Bbc1.26  Conciliation Board application 1926 Nov 
Bbc1.27  Conciliator - Mr Freestone 1941 Oct 1 item 
  Dispute in clothing industry, Port Elizabeth. 
Bbc1.28  Conclusion of agreement 1935 Feb 1 item 
Bbc1.29  Confinement allowance 1939-1945 
Bbc1.30  Contraventions of agreement 1933-1934 
  Conditions of work, hours of labour and wages. 
Bbc1.31  Contributions 1930-1935 
  Contributions to Garment Workers Union funds. 
Bbc1.32  Conferences 1933 Mar 1 item 
  Central Executive Committee attendance at preliminary meeting of the United Front Rank and File Conference. 
Bbc1.33  Constitution 1929-1933 
  Constitution of the Industrial Council for the Clothing Industry, Witwatersrand and Pretoria; Garment Workers Union Constitution (adopted 1929). 
Bbc1.34  cost of living 1941-1942 
Bbc1.35  Court matters 1933 1 item 
  Rex v K Angelos. 
Bbc1.36  Dance 1933 
Bbc1.37  Deadlock 1933-1942 
  Settlement of dispute between Transvaal Clothing Manufacturers Association and Garment Workers Union, Aug 1933; deadlock 1942, I L Walker (Arbitrator). 
Bbc1.38  Deduction of subscriptions 1931-1938 
Bbc1.39  Deduction of wages due to stoppages of work 1930 Mar 1 item 
Bbc1.40  Definition of clothing industry 1940-1941 
Bbc1.41  Demarcation between and scope of trades and sections of trades 1948 Jul 1 item 
Bbcl.42  Department of Labour - claims and complaints 1929-1942 
Bbc1.43  Deputation to Minister of Labour 1947 Jun 1 item 
Bbc1.44  Deputation to Minister refused 1941 May 
  Refusal of Minister of Labour to meet with Garment Workers Union deputation. 
Bbc1.45  Diplomatic relations between governments of South Africa and USSR 1941 Sep 
Bbc1.46  Discounts 1938 Apr 1 item 
Bbc1.47  Dismissals 1930-1935 
Bbc1.48  Disparity in wages - Transvaal and coastal areas 1948 Jul 
Bbc1.49  Disposal of assets of Industrial Council for the Clothing Industry 1932 Dec 
Bbc1.50  Disputes 1931-1938 
  Disputes between workers and management it conditions, "rat shop" and "rat employers" - Messrs W J Baker, 1932 Jan. 
Bbc1.51  Distribution of work 1931 
Bbc1.52  Dressmaking section 1929-1939 
  Addresses of dressmakers, membership forms of workers, statements by workers. 
Bbc1.53  Educational classes 1933 May 1 item 
Bbc1.54  Employment 1930-1937 
Bbc1.55  Employment cards 1930 Jul 1 item 
Bbc1.56  Exemption 1931-1947 
  Exemption from agreement. 
Bbc1.57  Expulsion of membership 1932 
Bbc1.58  Factories Act - amendment 1931 
Bbc1 59  Factory attendance 1930 Aug 1 item 
Bbc1.60  Factories and Machinery Bill 
Bbc1.61  Factory complaints 1929-1938 
  Complaints about conditions of work and underpayment of wages 
Bbc1.62  List of factories 
Bbc1.63  Factory visits 1932, 1953 
Bbc1.64  Finance 1933 
Bbc1.65  Finance Committee 1933 
  Notices of meetings. 
Bbc1.66  Fines 1932-1941 
Bbc1.67  General meetings 1933-1948 
  Notices of meetings. 
Bbc1.68  General protective service 1942 Mar 1 item 
  Correspondence with _Prime Minister re protection of citizens from air attacks. 
Bbc1.69  General strike 1931 1 item 
Bbc1.70  Germiston 1928-1929 
  Correspondence with African Clothing Manufacturers re conditions of employment, failure to clock off and threat to deduct wages. 
Bbc1.71  Holiday pay concessions 1930 1 item 
  Additional wages in appreciation of services to employees of Enterprise Shirt and Clothing Manufacturers. 
Bbc1.72  Hike 1933 Dec 1 item 
Bbc1.73  Import control 1949 Jun 1 item 
  TL, E S Sachs to Minister of Economic Affairs re import control and maximum employment. 
Bbc1.74  Increase of wages 1934-1935 
Bbc1.75  Indian members 1930-1934 
  Includes correspondence with the Transvaal Indian Tailors Association; formation of Garment Workers Union, Indian Tailoring Workers Section. 
Bbc1.76  Industrial acts 1940-1941 
  Memorandum submitted to the Prime Minister, 1941 Jun on the subject of the unsatisfactory social and economic position of the masses of workers and on the existing industrial acts. 
Bbc1.77  Insolvent estates 1930 
  Insolvent estate of Modern Clothing Manufacturers. 
Bbc1.78  Internment - E S Sachs 1941 Jun 1 item 
Bbc1.79  Interviews 1931-1941 
  Interviews with management and Minister of Labour (W B Madeley). 
Bbc1.80  Leave without notice 1931 Dec 1 item 
  Contravention of agreement by employees. 
Bbc1.81  Lecture 1913 1 item 
  Socialism. Lecture delivered before the Graaf Reinet Literary Society by Dr D F Malan. TS. 8p. 
Bbc1.82  Letter to garment workers ND 1 item 
  "Waarom elke Klerewerker verplig is om aan die Klerewerksters Unie te behoort". MS. 4p. 
Bbc1.83  Levy 1933 
  Levy to assist the workers and the middlemen in their fight for the agreement rates. 
Bbc1.84  List of employers 
Bbc1.85  Local trade unions ? list 
Bbc1.86  Log rates 1933 1 item 
Bbc1.87  Male employment 1931 1 item 
  Garment Workers Union objection to women machining coats. 
Bbc1.88  Mass meeting - dressmaking 1933 1 item 
  Notice of meeting. 
Bbc1.89  Maternity benefits 1932 Jun 1 item 
Bbc1.90  May Day 1934 Apr 1 item 
Bbc1.91  Medical Aid Society 1933 
Bbc1.92  Meetings - Branch Executive Committee 1933 
  Notices of meetings. 
Bbc1.93  Meetings - Central Executive Committee 1930-1937 
  Notices of meetings, correspondence re meetings and disciplinary action against members. 
Bbc1.94  Meetings - factory section 1933 
  Notices of meetings. 
Bbc1.95  Meetings: Joint Executive Committees 1933 
  Notices of meetings. 
Bbc1.96  Memorandum 1941 
  Draft memorandum of agreement between Garment Workers Union and unspecified employers. 
Bbc1.97  Middlemen section 1931-1934 
  Correspondence re organisation of Middlemen Tailors; Garment Workers Union - Middlemen Tailors section; statements by workers; log prices. 
Bbc1.98  Millinery 1942-1947 
  Correspondence with the Minister of Labour re the millinery industry. 
Bbc1.99  Ministers of Labour 1928-1948 
Bbc1.100  Moll and Nell ? meetings 
  Expulsion of workers Mesdames Moll and Nell and the championing of their cause by the Bree Kerklike Komitee. 
Bbc1.101  National agreement 1941 
  Interview with Mr Madeley, Minister of Labour, 16 Jun 1941 re calling of national conference of employers and employees, and correspondence relating to the same. 
Bbc1.102  Negotiations 1931 Oat 1 item 
Bbc1.103  Non-publication of agreement - closed shop clause 1949 1 item 
Bbc1.104  Notice pay 1929-1933 
Bbc1.105  Office - Germiston 1933 Aug 1 item 
Bbc1.106  Offices - Johannesburg 1933 Aug 1 item 
Bbc1.107  Organising Committee 1933 May 1 item 
  Notice of meeting. 
Bbc1.108  Outwork 1932 
  Dispute with W J Baker and Company. 
Bbc1.109  Pamphlets 1934 1 item 
  Reply to disrupters (Lazer Bach and others). See Bcc. 
Bbc1.110  Payment of wages 1930-1934 
Bbc1.111  Penalty 1931 
  Assault on worker and disciplinary action against member responsible. 
Bbc1.112  Private agreements between employer and employee 1930 Jan 1 item 
  Agreement between R Scapszak and Jardin des Modes. 
Bbc1.113  Production 1934 Jun 
  Discontent among employees of Anglo-African Shirt Manufacturers. 
Bbc1.114  Prosecution and conviction of garment workers 1944-1945 
  Case of Elsie Hartzenberg and others. 
Bbc1.115  Provision of rest rooms - Factories Act 1945 
Bbc1.116  Public meetings 1931-1947 
  Objection to the ballot taken at general meetings Feb 1931; activities of fascist groups 1947. 
Bbc1.117  Publication of agreement 1930-1947 
Bbc1.118  Ratio 1930 Dec 1 item 
  Agreement re ratio of employees. 
Bbc1.119  Recognition of African trade unions 1947 Feb 1 item 
Bbc1.120  Reduction in wages 1931-1932 
Bbcl.121  Reduction of lunch hour 1934 Jul 1 item 
Bbc1.122  Register of members 1937 may 31 
  Register of members of Mayfair, Fordsburg section. 
Bbcl.123  Registration of East London branch 1942 
Bbcl.124  Remuneration of wives of railway employees 1946 
Bbc1.125  Report on meetings 1930 1 item 
Bbc1.126  Resolution 1934 Jul 1 item 
  Resolution passed by Bespoke Executive Committee re organisation of Garment Workers Union into two sections. 
Bbcl.127  Sachs v John Scott 1929-1933 
Bbc1.128  Sachs v Trades and Labour Council 1947 Jan 1 item 
Bbc1.129  Saturday afternoon closing 1947 
Bbc1.130  Shop committees 1930 Dec 1 item 
  Powers and duties of shop committees 
Bbc1.131  Shop stewards meetings 1931-1933 
Bbc1.132  Special joint meeting 1933 Jun 1 item 
Bbc1.133  Special shop meeting 1931 
Bbc1.134  Search of the offices of Garment Workers Union 1945 Feb 1 item 
Bbc1.135  Short time 1930-1931 
Bbc1.136  Split in union 1934 
  Includes memorandum by S S Sachs on the history of the Garment Workers Union. 
Bbc1.137  Steam pressing plant 1948 Jun 1 item 
  Underpayment of workers and contravention of clothing agreement. 
Bbc1.138  Strike pay 1931-1937 
Bbc1.139  Summoned to appear before Central Executive Committee 1932?1934 
Bbc1.140  Summons in criminal case 1931 
  Summons served on employees of The Clothing and Shirt Manufacturers Limited for contravention of the Industrial Conciliation Act (1924). 
Bbc1.141  Social Survey Conference Committee 1941 Nov 1 item 
Bbc1.142  Social Services Association of South Africa 1937 
Bbc1.143  Sick leave 1934 
Bbc1.144  Suspension from membership 1932?1938 
Bbc1.145  Task work 1931 Feb 1 item 
Bbc1.146  Temporary staff 1931 
  Affidavits re slack work as a result of extra staff engaged. 
Bbc1.147  Tenants Protection Association of South Africa 1950-1951 
  Miscellaneous correspondence and papers; Rent Act. 
Bbc1.148  Termination of service 1930-1933 
Bbc1.149  Terms of employment 1932 Tan 1 item 
Bbc1.150  Threat to higher standards of Transvaal garment workers 1945 
Bbc1.151  Trade union labour 1932 Mar 1 item 
  Certificate of approval of the firm Cooper and Grevler. 
Bbc1.152  Trial period 1930 
Bbc1.153  Underpayment of wages 1931-1938 
Bbc1.154  Unemployment 1930-1931 
Bbc1.155  Unemployment Benefit Society 1932-1933 
Bbc1.155  victimisation 1930-1946 
Bbc1.157  Wage Act - determination complaint 1930 
Bbc1.158  Wage Act - offence of act 1933 
  King v W Sulski charged with offence of Wage Act. 
Bbc1.159  Wage Board investigations 1929-1948 
Bbc1.160  Wage determination 1931 Aug 1 item 
Bbc1.161  War Measure no 28 of 1941 1 item 
Bbc1.162  Workers Club 1933 Nov 1 item 
Bbc1.163  Working hours 1938 Jul 1 item 
Bbc1.164  Workmen's compensation 1938-1948 
Bbc1.165  Vigilance Committee 1933 Jun 1 item 
Bbc2  East Rand No 1 
Bbc2.1  Minutes 
Bbc2.1.1  Executive Committee 1963-1972 
  There are no minutes for 1966. Minutes are in Afrikaans. 
Bbc2.1.2  General meetings 1963-1968 
  There are no minutes for 1964 and 1966 
Bbc2.1.3  Joint meetings 
  Gesamentlike vergadering van Oosrand Nr 1 takkomitee en fabrieksverteenwoordigers, 28 Mar 1966. 
Bbc2.2  Correspondence and papers 1963-1973 
  Correspondence re general branch administration, collection of members' subscriptions, election of officials, notices of meetings. 
Bbc3  Central West Rand No 1 
Bbc3.1  Correspondence and papers 
Bbc3.1.1  1955 General notices about meetings, disciplinary action against members for non-attendance at general meetings, lists of members employed on pressing. 
Bbc3.1.2  1962-1968 
  General correspondence and notices filed alphabetically, notices of meetings and election of office bearers. 
Bbc3.2  Minutes 
Bbc3.2.1  Minutes of the Executive Committee. 1953-1956, 1958, 1960, 1968 
Bbc3.2.2  Minutes of the Executive Committee and shop stewards, 1968 Mar 14. 
Bbc3.3  Factory reports 1968 
  Reports of visits to factories by H Cornelius. 
Bbc3.4  Apologies 1966 
  Apologies for non-attendance at meetings. 
Bbc3.5  Applications for membership 1955-1964 3 files 
  Filed alphabetically by name of factory. 
Bbc4  Central West Rand No 2 1953-1967 6 files 
Bbc.4.1  Minutes 
Bbc4.1.1  Executive Committee 1954 
Bbc4.1.2  Annual general meeting 1956, 1965-1967 
Bbc4.2  Correspondence and papers 1953-1965 
  General branch administration, notices of meetings. 
Bbc4.3  Attendance registers 1964 
  Attendance registers of meetings filed alphabetically by name of factory. 
Bbc4.4  Nomination forms 1960, 1962, 1965 3 files 
  Nomination forms for branch officials. 
Bbc5  Doornfontein Northern Areas No 1 See also Bbc10 
Bbc5.1  Correspondence and papers 1956-1972 
  General branch administration, election of office bearers, notices of meetings. 
Bbc5.2  Minutes 
  Minutes of the Executive Committee 1955-1959. There are no minutes for 1957. 
Bbc5.3  General meetings 1963 
  Record of attendance, apologies, list of members to be fined for non-attendance. Filed alphabetically by name of factory. 
Bbc5.4  Applications for membership 1955-1964 2 files 
  Filed alphabetically by name of factory. 
Bbc6  Doornfontein Northern Areas and Knitwear No 2 
  Formerly Doornfontein Jeppe No 2 branch. See also Bbc11. 
Bbc6.1  Papers and correspondence 1953-1967 
  Notices of meetings, election of office bearers. 
Bbc6.2  Minutes 2 items 
  Annual general meeting, 3 Mar 1966, 8 Mar 1967. 
Bbc7  Fordsburg West Rand No 2 
  See also Central West Rand No 2 branch. 
  In 1953 the branch was reorganised when the new constitution of 13 Feb 1953 came into effect. 
Bbc7.1  Correspondence and papers 1942-1953 
  General branch administration, notices of meetings, election of office bearers. 
Bbc7.2  Minutes 
Bbc7.2.1  Executive Committee 1942-1955 
  There are no minutes for 1949-1952. 
Bbc7.2.2  Shop stewards 1942 Aug 20 
Bbc7.2.3  Dance Committee 1942 Sep-Nov 
Bbc7.2.4  General meetings 1942-1944, 1953-1954 
Bbc8  Germiston, East Rand and Pretoria No 2 1954-1968 
  Minutes of the Executive Committee, 1 Sep 1954; minutes of annual general meeting 29 Apr 1965 and 11 Mar 1968. 
Bbc9  Germiston No 1 
  See also East Rand No 1 branch. Most of the correspondence and minutes is in Afrikaans. 
Bbc9.1  Correspondence 
Bbc9.1.1  General correspondence 1939, 1948-1969 22 files 
  Notices for meetings and from the head office; general branch administration; election of officials; Sunshine Club; disrupters of union activities; split in union and fight against Sachs and Communists by pro-National Party White members; attempt to establish White union; activities of du Pisanie (MP for Germiston); dismissals at Germiston Clothing Mar 1956 over wages and competition of coastal areas; dismissal of Carel Meyer, chairman of the branch 1956; labour legislation; hire of offices, correspondence with the Minister of Labour re agreements; unemployment; loans to members; social functions. 
Bbc9.1.2  Special topics 1952-1957 1 file 
Bbc9.1.2.1  Dispute 1956 
  Gathering of Germiston garment workers at Elandspark, Germiston, 2 Nov 1956. 
Bbc9.1.2.2  Members 1952 Dec 
  Membership statistics. 
Bbc9.1.2.3  Memorandum c1954-1955 
  Memorandum on the distressed position of the clothing industry in Germiston. 
Bbc9.1.2.4  Reports 1953-1957 
  Reports of meetings of Germiston garment workers. 
Bbc9.1.2.5  Welfare Rand and loans 1954-1956 
  Applications for loans, lists of payments to workers, general correspondence re loans. 
Bbc9.2  Minutes 
Bbc9.2.1  Executive Committee 1939-1968 
  There are no minutes for 1941-1942, 1949-1952. The minutes from Nov 1956-1957 are the minutes of meetings of members of the branch under the supervision of the Central Executive Committee, following the dismissal of the branch chairman C Meyer. The committee is called variously the Uitvoerende Komitee, Takuitvoerende Komitee and Uitvoerende Bestuur. 
Bbc9.2.2  General meetings 1939-1967 1 file 
  There are no minutes for 1940-1942, 1944-1948, 1950-1953, 1955-1957, 1959, 1961-1963. 
Bbc9.2.3  Takbestuur (Branch Committee) 1954-1961 1 file 
  There are no minutes for 1957-1958. 
Bbc9.2.4  Raadplegendebestuur (Advisory Committee) 1957 1 item 
  Minutes of 22 Jan 1957. 
Bbc9.2.5  Welstand Komitee (Welfare Committee) 1954-1956 2 files 
Bbc9.2.6  Administratiewe Komitee (Administrative Committee) 1954-1955 1 file 
Bbc9.2.7  Sub-committee 1963 1 item 
  Minutes of meeting of 23 Apr 1963. 
Bbc9.2.8  Klagtes Komitee (Complaints Committee) 1954 1 item 
  Minutes of 24 Sep 1954. 
Bbc9.2.9  Shop committees 1939, 1952, 1955, 1967 
  Meetings of representatives of factories in the Germiston area. 
Bbc9.2.10  Germiston Clothing Factory 1944-1954 
  Miscellaneous minutes. 
Bbc9.2.11  Joint meetings 1948, 1956-1957 1 file 
  Minutes of joint meetings with Central Executive Committee, and of committee appointed by the Central Executive Committee to assist in managing the affairs of the Germiston/East Rand No 1 branch. 
  Minutes of a special meeting of all the executive committees of the No 1 branches of the Garment Workers Union of South Africa and the Provisional Executive Committees of the European Garment Workers Union of South Africa and the Garment Workers Union of European Employees (SA) 1956 Jul 28. 
Bbc9.2.12  Special meetings 1939, 1954 1 file 
  Notule van 'n gesamentlike vergadering van die komitee en die K W Uniewag, Germistontak, 19 Jun 1939. 
  Notule van samespreking tussen Germiston/Oosrand Nr 1 tak Nasionale Raadslede en werkgewers, 20 Jul 1954. 
  Bespreking met Mnr du Pisanie, parlementslid van Germiston, tussen fabriek werkgewers en werkers van die Nasionale Raad, 13 Sep 1954. 
Bbc9.3  Finance 1946-1958 1 file 
  Correspondence and financial statements. 
Bbc9.4  Nominations 1951-1957 1 file 
  Nominations of office bearers, shop stewards, delegates for special conference 1951. 
Bbc9.5  Branch secretary's reports 1939 1 file 
Bbc10  Jeppe-Doornfontein No 1 
  In 1955 the branch changes its name to Jeppe/Eastern Areas, No 1 branch. 
Bbc10.1  General correspondence 1954-1955 1 file 
  General administration of branch. 
Bbc10.2  Minutes 
Bbc10.2.1  Executive Committee 1953-1955 1 file 
Bbc10.2.2  General meeting ND 1 item 
Bbc11  Jeppe-Doornfontein No 2 
  Also known as Jeppe-Eastern Areas No 2 branch. 
Bbc11.1  General correspondence and papers 1955-1975 1 file 
  Branch administration, press clippings, agreements and elections of branch officials. 
Bbc11.2  Minutes 
Bbc11.2.1  Executive Committee 1954, 1970-1971 1 file 
Bbc11.2.2  Annual general meetings 1965-1967, 1969 1 file 
Bbc12  Klerksdorp 
  Correspondence 1954-1956 1 file 
  General correspondence between Head Office and shop stewards, factory reports. 
Bbc13  Knitting 
Bbc13.1  Correspondence 
Bbc13.1.1  General correspondence 1951-1961 
  Re general administration, knitting industry including negotiations with Transvaal Clothing Manufacturers Association, Transvaal Knitters Association, Industrial Council for the Clothing Industry and election of officials. 
Bbc13.1.2  Correspondence (by subject) 
Bbc13.1.2.1  1951-1966 arranged alphabetically A-Z 2 files 
  Re knitting industry, organisation of workers in knitting industry. 
Bbc13.1.2.2  1963-1972 arranged alphabetically A-Z 3 files 
  Re negotiations for agreements with Transvaal Knitters Association, importing of knitted garments. 
Bbc13.1.2.3  1945-1971 arranged alphabetically A-Z 3 files 
  Agreements, slack pay fund for the Transvaal knitting industry, application for registration of the Industrial Council for the Knitting Industry (Transvaal) 1970. 
Bbc13.1.3  Special topics 
Bbc13.1.3.1  Members 
  Lists and statistics of membership, lists of members by factory: Poister, Clay and Ward; Glen Carol; Goldin Florin; Italian Knitting; P K Mills; Safnit Mills; Thistledown. 
  Miscellaneous minutes and extracts of minutes 1949-1952, 1958-1959 
  Extracts of minutes of Executive Committee, Complaints and Exemptions Committee and Industrial Council for the Clothing Industry. 
  Memorandum submitted by the Garment Workers Union of South Africa to the Industrial Tribunal to demarcation in torts of section seventy six of the Industrial Conciliation Act 1956 - clothing and knitting industries 26 Jul 1957. TS. 6p. See Bcc Freinkel v Garment Workers Union and Follner. 
  Medical Aid Fund - Safnit Mills 1952 
  Notices of meetings 1952-1966 
  Safnit Mills 1951 
  Notices of meetings. 
  Pilfering of garments from Continental Spinning and Knitting Mills. 
  Report on meeting of SA Bureau of Standards, Cape Town 28 Feb 1957 to specifications for spinners, weavers and knitters. 
Bbc13.1.3.2  1949-1962 Topics covered in file include: deductions, demarcation, determinations, disputes, exemptions from the agreement, hours of work. Industrial Tribunal 1957-1961 jurisdiction of Industrial Council for the Clothing Industry over the knitting industry, opinion re certain knitwear firms (Melville Festenstein Aug 1959). 
Bbc13.1.3.3  1951-1967 Topics: Names and addresses of factories, fringe benefits, membership, annual leave (Safnit Mills), reduction of working hours, annual general meeting 1955 (attendance and apology slips), Industrial Council for the Knitting Industry, negotiations for agreement with Industrial Council and factories. 
Bbc13.1.3.4  1949-1967 Topics: Medical Aid Fund constitution (Safnit Mills), delegates to National Council, demarcation memoranda 1951-1961, replies by the Garment Workers Union to a questionnaire from the Industrial Tribunal with reference to demarcation in terms of Section 78 of the Industrial Conciliation Act, 1956: Clothing and Knitting Industries, determination 1958; entertainment committee, job reservation, reports on factory visits, textile workers, underpayment, X-rays for tuberculosis. 
Bbc13.1.3.5  Agreements 1963 
  Workers authorisation for Garment Workers Union to represent them in negotiations for an agreement for the knitting industry. 
Bbc13.2  Minutes 
Bbc13.2.1  Executive Committee 1952-1966 
  There are no minutes for 1953, 1955-1956, 1961-1965. 
Bbc13.2.2  Annual general meeting of No 1 branch 1960. 
Bbc13.2.3  Annual general meeting of No 2 branch 1953, 1965-1966. 
Bbc13.2.4  General meeting of knitting workers 14 Jun 1966. 
Bbc13.3  Membership 
Bbc13.3.1  Applications for membership 1957 1 file 
  Arranged alphabetically by name of member. 
Bbc13.3.2  Applications for membership 1957-1962 1 file 
  Arranged alphabetically by name of factory. 
Bbc13.3.3  Applications for membership 1964-1966 
Bbc13.3.4  Membership 1971-1972 
  Contributions, statistics, miscellaneous applications for membership. 
Bbc13.4  Annual general meeting 1960 Mar 1 file 
  Attendance register and apologies. 
Bbc13.5  Questionnaire 1954 May 1 file 
  Completed questionnaires by members about experience in industry, place of employment and wages. 
Bbc14  Millinery & Men's Hats 
  See also under names of individual factories. 
Bbc14.1  Van's Hats Section - Correspondence and papers 
Bbc14.1.1  Correspondence 1950-1960 3 files 
  Filed alphabetically by subject. Includes: agreements, annual leave, ballots, constitution and amendments to the constitution, closed shop, employment, factory meetings, grants, paid holiday, loans, May Day, attendance at meetings, members, registration of constitution, reduction of staff, resignations, resolutions of National Council, short time, shop stewards, victimisation of employees, unemployment, wages and welfare. 
Bbc14.1.2  Correspondence 1949-1961 1 file 
  Flied alphabetically by subject. Includes: establishment of conciliation board for Men's Hat Section 1950, employment, fines for non-attendance at meetings, hours of work, increased contributions to medical aid society, establishment of Industrial Council for Men's Hat industry, subscriptions. 
Bbc14.2  Millinery Section ? correspondence 
Bbc14.2.1  General correspondence 1938-1954, 1964-1968 3 files 
  Negotiations for agreements and amendments to agreements with Millinery Association (Transvaal) [later Transvaal Headwear Manufacturers Association]; general branch administration; meetings; list of factories; elections of officials; papers of the Industrial Council for the Millinery Industry; wages. 
Bbc14.2.2  Special topics 1938-1958 3 files 
  Filed alphabetically by subject. Includes: African Millinery Workers, agreements, notices of meetings, non-attendance of meetings by members, Branch Executive Committee meetings, election of officials to Branch Executive Committee and resignations, conciliation, employment, functions and entertainment, finance, correspondence with the head office, Industrial Labour Organisation, meetings, members' complaints, municipal elections, membership list, subscriptions, National Conference of representatives of trade unions engaged in the garment making trades, Aug 1942, negotiations for new agreement, overseas labour organisations, organising, outwork, presentations, prison training, provincial legislation, publications, South African Trades and Labour Council, Shop Hours Commission 1942, textile workers federation, Wage Board, war, workmen's compensation. 
Bbc14.3  Minutes - Men's Hat Section 
Bbc14.3.1  Executive Committee 1948-1960 1 file 
  From 1954 the section split into 2 branches. The minutes are only of the No 1 Branch Executive Committee. 
Bbc14.3.2  General meetings 1946-1956 1 file 
Bbc14.4  Minutes - Millinery Section 
Bbc14.4.1  Executive Committee 1937-1960 4 files 
  From 1953, minutes of No 1 branch. 
Bbc14.4.2  Executive Committee No 2 branch 1 item 
  Minutes of special meeting, 26 Feb 1953. 
Bbc14.4.3  Combined meetings 1954, 1956-1957, 1961 1 file 
  Joint meetings of the No 1 and No 2 branches. 
Bbc14.4.4  General meetings 1938-1960 1 file 
  There are no minutes for 1943 and 1949. There are minutes of a general meeting of Cape Millinery Workers, 5 0ct 1944. 
Bbc14.4.5  Millinery and Men's Hats - Combined general meetings 1964-1968 1 file 
  There are no minutes for 1967. The minutes are of the No 2 branch except for those of 8 Jul 1964. 
Bbc14.4.6  Special minutes 1953 2 items 
  Minutes of meeting of the Dance Sub-Committee of the Executive Committee of the Millinery Branch, 11 Feb 1953. 
  Minutes of e joint Executive Committee meeting of the Men's Hat (No 2) branch and the South African Clothing Workers Union, 9 May 1953. 
Bbc14.5  Agreements 1962-1973 1 file 
  Agreements in the millinery industry in the Transvaal and Cape Province - main agreements published in the Government Gazette and private agreements with City Felt Hat Manufacturers, Dorian Hats and Harritz Hat Factory. 
Bbc15  Potchefstroom 1935-1948 5 boxes 
Bbc15.1  Correspondence 1935, 1938-1948 11 files 
  Re agreements, general branch administration, entertainment, hours of work, medical aid society and sick pay, members' subscriptions, unemployment and wages. 
  Correspondence between branch secretaries Beasie Webster (1938-1942) and Violet Phillips (1943-1948) with Dulcie M Hartwell and A Scheepers at the head office. 
Bbc15.2  Special topics 1934-1946 1 file 
  Certificates of service; constitution of the Maccabbee Klerewerkers Unie van Potchefstroom 1937; petition to Garment Workers Union against closed shop 1934; applications for membership; questionnaire for Milliners Section; organisers' reports 1937-1941. 
Bbc15.3  Minutes 
Bbc15.3.1  Executive Committee 1938-1947 
  Includes some correspondence relating to the minutes and financial statements. 
Bbc15.3.2  General meetings 1938-1947 
Bbc15.4  Membership 1938-1942 1 file 
  Lists of paid subscriptions. 
Bbc16  Bespoke Section 
  See also Witwatersrand Tailors Association, Bespoke Section (Ab). 
Bbc16.1  Correspondence 1930-1934 4 files 
  Filed alphabetically by subject: agreements, hours of labour, members' subscriptions, wages, Bespoke Tailoring Employers Association, members complaints re contravention of agreements, working conditions and underpayment, confinement allowances, disputes, distress fund, distribution of work, election of shop committees, employment, factory inspections, fines to enforce discipline, notices of meetings, indoor workshops, list of members (tailors) and applications for membership, overtime, Pretoria Local Committee, private work, production, reduction of wages, Industrial Council for the Bespoke Tailoring Industry, retrenchment, Tailoring Workers Industrial Union, strike 1933, subcontractors, termination of service, union label, victimisation. 
Bbc16.2  Dissolution of Bespoke Section 1934 1 file 
  The Bespoke Section was dissolved in 1934 and tailors formed the Tailoring Workers Industrial Union (Transvaal). 
  Correspondence and papers; minutes of general meetings of the Bespoke Section. 
Bbc17  Lenasia 1966 1 item 
  Minutes of a meeting for the Lenasia workers, 15 Sep 1966. 
Bbd  Orange Free State and Northern Cape 
Bbd1  General correspondence and papers 1958-1965 2 files 
  Filed alphabetically. 
  Negotiation of agreements; formation of Industrial Council for the Clothing Industry (Orange Free State and Northern Cape); wages. 
Bbd2  Bloemfontein and Wepener 
Bbd2.1  Bloemfontein - correspondence and papers 1947-1950 4 files 
  Filed alphabetically by subject. Includes: agreements, constitution, conciliation board, finance, fund raising, correspondence with the head office, effect of import control on industry, notices of meetings, formation of branch of South African Labour Party in Bloemfontein, applications for membership, notices of meetings, negotiations for new agreement, organising, reports, registration of branch, strike Oct 1947, subscriptions, unemployment, wages. 
Bbd2.2  Bloemfontein - correspondence and papers 1948-1951 1 file 
  Filed alphabetically by subject. Includes: agreements, appointment of branch secretary, conciliation board, correspondence with the head office, membership, report on visit to the branch. 
Bbd2.3  Wepener - correspondence and papers 1950-1952 1 file 
  Filed alphabetically by subject. Includes: agreements, cost of living allowance, correspondence with the head office, registration of branch, unemployment and wages. 
Bbd2.4  Minutes ? Bloemfontein 
Bbd2.4.1  Executive Committee 1947-1948 1 file 
Bbd2.4.2  General meetings 1947-1951 
Bbd2.5  Minutes ? Wepener 
  Miscellaneous minutes 1950-1951 1 file 
Bbd3  Kimberley 
Bbd3.1  Correspondence 
Bbd3.1.1  General correspondence 1954-1968 3 files 
  There is no correspondence for 1960. 
  Agreements, amendments to agreements, general branch administration, Industrial Council for Clothing Industry (OFS and Northern Cape), correspondence with head office, office premises, elections of branch officials and delegates, slack pay fund, social functions, finance and wages. 
Bbd3.1.2  Correspondence (filed alphabetically) 
Bbd3.1.2.1  1960-1967 2 files 
  Agreements, extending scope of registration of Garment Workers Union to include districts of Parys and Frankfort, medical aid, Industrial Council for Clothing Industry (OFS and Northern Cape) - papers and miscellaneous minutes of meetings, OFS and Northern Cape Clothing Manufacturers Association, employment statistics of Coloured labour in Parys 1963, underpayment, applications for exemptions from wage determinations. 
Bbd3.1.2.2  1965-1970 1 file 
  General branch administration, donations, subscriptions, Garment Workers Consultative Committee, notices of meetings, medical aid fund and gratuity fund, reports of activities. 
Bbd3.1.2.3  1968 2 files 
  Elections of officials and delegates, social functions, gratuity fund, medical aid, financial statements, notices of meetings, membership, Trade Union Council of South Africa conference. 
Bbd3.1.2.4  1969-1971 3 files 
  General branch administration, meetings, finance, fringe benefits for members, Kimberley Garment Industry Medical Benefit Society - minutes of meetings and financial statements, elections of officials, agreements, meeting of Divisional Council, reports of activities, wages. 
Bbd3.1.2.5  1971-1972 2 files 
  General branch administration, finance, fringe benefits, Group Funeral Assurance Scheme, meetings, resignation of Branch Secretary, Peggy Paulse after twenty five years of service. 
Bbd3.1.3  Special topics 1947-1961 3 files 
  Filed alphabetically. Includes: Branch secretary correspondence with head office, constitution, Central Executive Committee, general correspondence and branch administration, members' complaints, dispatch packers (Jaxly Manufacturing Company), Divisional Council, Executive Committee, elections, exemptions from wage determinations, functions, meetings, Industrial Conciliation Act 1956, transport, loans, membership, national unity of garment workers, presentations, Publications Fund, Slack Pay Fund, strike Jaff and Company 1955, shop stewards, South African Trades and Labour Council, unemployment, confinement allowances, tuberculosis X-rays, victimisation, Wage Board, workmen's compensation. 
Bbd3.2  Minutes 
Bbd3.2.1  Executive Committee 1953-1972 20 files 
Bbd3.2.2  General meetings 1953-1961, 1968 1 file 
  There are no minutes for 1957 and 1960. 
Bbd3.2.3  Combined meetings 1962 1 item 
  Minutes of the combined meeting of shop stewards and executive committee members of the Kimberley branch, 27 Aug 1962. 
Bbd3.3  Kimberley Garment Industry Medical Benefit Society 1948-1959, 1971-1974 2 files 
  Papers including correspondence, constitution and financial statements. 
  See also 3.1 Correspondence files. 
Bbd3.4  Finance 1951-1961 1 file 
  Financial statements and correspondence. 
Bbd4  Kroonstad 
Bbd4.1  Correspondence 
Bbd4.1.1  General correspondence 1962-1964, 1968 2 files 
  General branch administration, meetings, elections, finance and balance sheets. 
Bbd41.2  Special topics 1951-1961 3 files 
  Agreements, ballots, cost of living, exemptions from agreement, finance - balance sheets and salaries, loans, labour force, medical benefits, membership, national unity, publications, questionnaire re working conditions of members, resignations of officials, subscriptions, Trade Union Council of South Africa, application for variation of scope of registration, Unemployment Insurance Fund, wages. 
Bbd4.2  Minutes 
Bbd4.2.1  Executive Committee 1951, 1953, 1961-1969 1 file 
Bbd4.2.2  General meetings 1949, 1951-1953, 1962, 1967-1969 1 file 
Bbd4.3  Finance 1955-1964 1 file 
  Correspondence relating to unauthorised loans of Branch Secretary, Margaretha Maria van Niekerk, attempts by Garment Workers Union to recover the money and a claim against the auditor J H Kleynhans for not alerting the head office to the irregularities. 
Bbd4.4  Membership 
Bbd4.4.1  Questionnaires of workers of Delswa Ltd. 1955 Nov 10 1 file 
Bbd4.4.2  Application forms for membership 1949-1951 2 files 
Bbd4.5  Provident Fund 1972 1 file 
  Papers, constitution and application for the registration of the Provident Fund of Garment Workers - Kroonstad. 
Bbe  Cape Province 
Bbe1  Cape Town 
Bbe1.1  Correspondence and papers 
Bbe1.1.1  Correspondence 1931-1945 1 file 
  Organisation of Cape Town branch and conflict with Robert Stuart and Garment Workers Union of the Cape Peninsula. Reports on the millinery industry, Wage 
  Board and wage determinations. Correspondents: Rose Crawford, J Fortuin, M Miller, L A Peterson, E S Sachs, A S Scheepers, R Stuart. 
Bbe1.1.2  Special topics 1930-1946 
  Strike at African Clothing Factory 1931, with correspondence from W H Andrews and A G Forsyth, and a dispute over the payment of a bonus 1935; dispute at I L Back's leading to a strike in 1936 - correspondents include Isaac Louis Back, E Weinberg, B S Sachs; minutes of the Standing Committee of the South African Trades and Labour Council and a statement on the dispute presented by the Central Executive 
  Committee at the SA Garment Workers Union to delegates of the Annual Conference of the South African Trades and Labour Council and Cape Federation of Labour Unions 1936; appeal of D L Lunn against expulsion from the union 1937; Cape of Good Hope Arbitrations Act 1898; cloning of Cape Town branch office 1937; dispute with Garment Workers Union of the Cape Peninsula; finance; formation of Industrial Council; 1930 joint deputation to the Minister of Economic Development; J W Mushet re importing of goods; negotiations for agreements, organising of branch; police protection to prevent disruption of meetings, press reports on trade union activities in the Cape; resolutions; strike of 1931; registration of Cape Town branch and attempt to deregister Garment Workers Union of Cape Peninsula; Sweet Workers Union; Wage Board investigations. 
Bbe1.2  Minutes 1936-1937 
Bbe1.2.1  Executive Committee 1935-1937 1 file 
  Also includes minutes of the Joint Augmented meeting of the Executive Committee and Shop Stewards of the Cape Peninsula, 17 Jun 1935; minutes of the Special Executive Committee 14 Mar 1936; minutes of Central Executive Committee 1936. 
Bbe1.2.2  Miscellaneous minutes 1933-1936 
  Minutes of the Social Club Committee, Bazaar Committee and minutes of the Conference of activists and factory representatives Aug 1936; Cape Peninsula Commercial Employers Association 6 Dec 1933; meeting of the Tailoring and Garment Workers, Cape Town 13 Nov 1934; meeting of the South African Garment Workers Union and Garment Workers Union Transvaal in Cape Town 30 Dec [1936?] 
Bbe2  East London 
Bbe2.1  Correspondence 
Bbe2.1.1  General correspondence and papers 1958-1965 1 file 
  General branch administration, finance, meetings, election of branch officials, members' affairs, agreements. 
Bbe2.1.2  Correspondence (filed alphabetically) 
  Correspondence of J Bush (Branch Secretary) with Head Office re general branch administration, meetings, finance, election of officials, members, agreements, Industrial Council, wage determinations, investments, meetings of Divisional Council, annual conference of Trade Union Council of South Africa, dispute with Berkshire International (SA Ltd), Loan Fund, group funeral insurance and organising of Plastic and Rubber Workers of Pakamac. 
Bbe2.1.2.1  1962-1964 2 files 
Bbe2.1.2.2  1965-1966 2 files 
Bbe2.1.2.3  1966-1968 2 files 
Bbe2.1.2.4  1968 2 files 
Bbe2.1.2.5  1969-1971 2 files 
Bbe2.1.2.6  1972 3 files 
Bbe2.1.3  Correspondence (alphabetically by subject) 1937-1959 3 files 
  Includes: agreements, exemption from Industrial Conciliation Act (1956), annual conference of South African Trades and Labour Council, badges, negotiation with Berkshire Knitting (SA) Ltd, oar, Suppression of Communism Act, Consultative Committee, Conray Clothing insolvent estate, dance, donations, election of President and General Secretary, exemption of Veka Werksklere Bpk, Standerton, application for extension of jurisdiction to East London 1941, factories, finance, general meetings, correspondence with Head Office, occupational health and safety, membership, National Council, negotiations for new agreements, organising of workers, police interference with organising of workers in Port Elizabeth 1937, presentations, Provident Fund, registration of constitution, Saamtrek, shopstewards, Industrial Tribunal 1952, unity, Wage Board investigations. 
Bbe2.1.4  Berkshire International (SA) Ltd 
  Dispute between Garment Workers Union and Berkshire re organising of workers and prevention of workers joining Garment Workers Union, hours of labour, wages, replacement of Whites by Black workers, working conditions, negotiations for agreement, application of Garment Workers Union to appoint a conciliation board, reports to the Minister of Labour re the industry for the manufacture of ladies' stockings. 
Bbe2.1.4.1  1963 1 file 
Bbe2.1.4.2  1964 1 file 
Bbe2.1.4.3  1963-1965 filed alphabetically by subject 2 files 
Bbe2.1.4.4  1963-1965 3 files 
Bbe2.2  Minutes 
Bbe2.2.1  Executive Committee 1950-1974 25 files 
Bbe2.2.2  General meetings 1949-1974 21 files 
  There are no minutes for 1969 and 1973. 
Bbe2.3  Finance 1946-1972 1 file 
  Balance sheets, lists of expenses, lists of deposits, balance sheets of branch loan fund. 
Bbe3  George 
Bbe3.1  Correspondence 1945-1946 
  Formation of branch, extension of jurisdiction, negotiations for agreement with employers. 
Bbe3.2  Minutes 
  General meetings 1946 1 file 
Bbe4  King Williams Town 
Bbe4.1  General correspondence 1954-1970 4 files 
  General branch administration, wages, finance, meetings, membership, election of branch officials, negotiations for agreements, exemptions from agreement. 
Bbe4.2  Minutes 
Bbe4.2.1  Executive Committee 1947-1968 22 files 
Bbe4.2.2  General meetings 1947-1967 1 file 
  There are no minutes for 1957 and 1966. 
Bbe5  Port Elizabeth 
Bbe5.1  Correspondence 
Bbe5.1.1  General correspondence 1940-1966 4 files 
  Branch administration, meetings, election of officials, organising of workers, agreements, finance, wages, Industrial Council, Clothing Industry Eastern Province, annual conference Trade Union Council of South Africa, Divisional Council meetings. 
Bbe5.1.2  Correspondence (filed alphabetically) 
  Branch administration, meetings, Divisional Council, donations, Industrial Council, reports of secretary (C M S Gelvan), agreements, closing of King Williams Town branch 1968, wages, Trade Union Council of South Africa, Death Benefit Fund, Provident Fund, delegates to international conferences, membership. 
Bbe5.1.2.1  1966-1969 3 files 
Bbe5.1.2.2  1968-1971 2 files 
Bbe5.1.3  Correspondence (special topics) 
Bbe5.1.3.1  1937-1939 
  Affidavits, agreements, arbitration, auditors' reports, branch matters, car, constitution. 
Bbe5.1.3.2  1940-1961 
  Dances, donations, elections of officials and committee members, finance, factories' names, Garment Workers Union v C Bouwer 1940, George branch, Garment Worker, Industrial Tribunal (Florence Jones v Minister of Labour) 1956, job reservation, industrial legislation prosecutions. 
Bbe5.1.3.3  1937-1957 1 file 
  Lion Clothing Manufacturing Company, labour force, members, membership of branches, meetings, Mosenthals, motor car, National Council, negotiation, Garment Workers National Unity, overseas trips of officials, provident Fund, reports about organising of workers and general meetings, registration of branch. 
Bbe5.1.3.4  1938-1961 1 file 
  Saamtrek, service cards, Sachs v Oosterlig 1938, South African Trade Union Council, short time, strikes and disputes in clothing industry, staff, testimonials, uncontrolled areas report, unemployment fund, underpayment, unity, victimisation, wages, Wage Board investigations in clothing industry, war. 
Bbe5.1.4  Correspondence with Head Office 1937-1962 3 files 
  General branch administration, negotiations for agreements, Garment Workers Union activities. 
Bbe5.2  Minutes 
Bbe5.2.1  Executive Committee 1937-1972 23 files 
  There are no minutes 1939-1950, 1952. 
Bbe5.2.2  General meetings 1937-1971 4 files 
  There are no minutes for 1939-1952, 1957, 1959, 1961, 1963-1964. 
Bbe5.2.3  Shop stewards 1953-1971 6 files 
  There are no minutes for 1956, 1959. 
Bbe5.2.4  Slack Fund 1958-1961 2 files 
Bbe5.2.5  Discussion held between Garment Workers European and Coloured Committees. 1969 Apr 29 1 item 
Bbf  Shop stewards 
Bbf1  Correspondence and papers 1933-1973 19 files 
  Head office correspondence with shop stewards of Nos 1 and 2 branches. Includes: circular letters, appointment and election of shop stewards, lists of shop committees, meetings, activities of shop stewards, organising and representing workers, agreements, wages, resolutions taken at meetings, Garment Workers Union constitution. 
Bbf2  Minutes 
Bbf2.1  No 1 branch 1937-1972 33 files 
  There are no minutes for 1939 and 1943. 
Bbf2.2  No 2 branch 1951-1972 1 file 
Bbf3  Elections 
Bbf3.1  General 1956-1969 1 file 
  Nomination forms and ballot papers. 
Bbf3.2  Protection of wage standards 1963-1969 1 file 
  Results of ballots. 
Bbf4  Registers of attendance 1965-1967 1 file 
Bc  Transactions 
Bca  Commission of Inquiry 1948 
Bca1  Correspondence and papers 5 files 
  Filed alphabetically by subject. 
  A American Vice Consul 
  Affidavits - A Scheepers E S Sachs 
  Auditors' Report - Commission. 
  B Bond - Blankewerkers Constitution. 
  C Commission - Correspondence 
  Secretary's membership of the Herenigde 
  Nasionale Party 
  Commencement Proceedings 
  Constitution Garment Workers Union 
  S Election Expenses 
  F Finance 
  G Garment Workers Union list of Meetings Central Executive Committee 
  Meetings Central Executive Committee Pamphlets and Minutes General Meeting 16.9.48 
  L Legal - Instructions to Counsel 
  Memoranda & Notes for Counsel 
  Applications for recusal of the Chairman Judgement Mr Justice Neser Opinions: Advocate N E Rosenberg 
  Advocate W Pollak 
  Advocate H Snitcher 
  Advocate G Lowen 
  Garment Workers Union Petition to Supreme Court Replying Affidavit Minister of Labour 
  Judgement Mr Justice Lucus 
  Garment Workers Union Appeal to Appellate Division 
  Questions and Argument in Court 
  Judgement Mr Justice Greenberg 
  M Minister of Labour. Letter Garment Workers Union to Minister 
  Minister of Justice: Telegram to Minister by A Scheepers 
  Minister of Justice - Reply to President 
  Circular letter to Members 
  Members of Parliament 
  Correspondence & Telegrams Members of Parliament 
  N Notes to Counsel 
  Notes on Miss Poley (Bond) 
  Notes on Report by Commission 
  O Opinion E S Sachs 
  P Provincial Council 
  Questions on Order Paper Page 180 
  R Report and Index 
  S SA Trades and Labour Council 
  T Trade Unions ? Correspondence 
  V v Walt 
  Criminal Record 
  Newspaper Cuttings 
Bca2  Miscellaneous papers 1 file 
  Miscellaneous evidence and proceedings of the Commission of Inquiry. 
Bca3  Statements 4 files 
  Statements of garment workers. 
  Mrs Anna Abner 
  Mrs Ray Arbuthnot 
  Mrs Maria Begg 
  Mrs Minnie Burger 
  Mr Albertus Bekker 
  Miss Johanna Breytenbach 
  Mrs Engels Badenhorst 
  Mr Alex Barnado 
  Mr Johannes Benzin 
  Miss Ella Coetzee 
  Miss Hester Cornelius 
  Mrs Hefty Calvert 
  Mrs Louisa de Bruyn 
  Mrs Mary Bowie 
  Mrs Johanna Dry 
  Miss Tokkie du Plooy 
  Mrs Hester de Wet 
  Mr Cecil de Wit 
  Miss Betty du Toit 
  Mrs S A Erasmus 
  Mrs Susanna Fourie 
  Mrs Adriana Geyer 
  Miss Sylvia Glazer 
  Mr Gustav Greet 
  Miss Dulcie Hartwell 
  Mrs Susan Hoskin 
  Mr Paul Huysamen 
  Mr Arthur Isaacs 
  Mr Dawid Jacobs 
  Miss Bertha Joffe 
  Mrs Rose Kemp 
  Mrs J Kleynhans 
  Mrs Susie Lottering 
  Mr Jan Lubbe 
  Mr Olwyn Laurens 
  Mrs Margaret Malan 
  Mrs Susanna Moolman 
  Mrs Molly McNaughton 
  Mrs Maree Nel 
  Mrs C Odendaal 
  Mrs Mary Oelofse 
  Miss Eileen O'Reilley 
  Mr Theodore Pienaar 
  Mrs Helen Pretorius 
  Mr P H Rorke 
  Miss H Roets 
  Mrs Sophia Slow 
  Mrs E M Smal 
  Mr Simeon Schoeman 
  Miss Anita Scholtz 
  Miss Anna Scheepers 
  Mr L C Scheepers 
  Mr E S Sachs 
  Mrs Magdalena v Rooyen 
  Mrs Sannie v Wyk 
  Mr Johannes J Venter 
  Mrs Joan Viljoen 
  Mr Jan H D Venter 
  Mr Morris Zimerman 
Bca4  Evidence 16 volumes 
  Garment Workers Union Commission of Inquiry. Report of proceedings, 11 Oct 1948-3 May 1949. 
Bcb  Financial affairs 
Bcb1  Garment Workers Union Consolidated balance sheets and accounts 1941-1972 1 file 
  There are no balance sheets for 1942, 1944-1948, 1950-1951, 1953, 1955-1957. 
Bcb2  Garment Worker 
  Balance sheet and accounts 1949, 1952. 
Bcb3  Gratuity and Service Fund 
  Balance sheets and report 1967-1968, 1970. 
Bcb4  Loan Fund 1964-1971 
  Balance sheets and accounts 1964-1968, 1970, constitution and rules of the Garment Workers Loan Fund (Transvaal); estimated income and expenditure. 
Bcb5  Pluto Publications (Proprietary) Limited 
  Balance sheets and accounts 1957, 1963, 1965-1966, 1971. 
Bcb6  Samster (Proprietary) Limited 
  Balance sheets and accounts 1963-1967. 
Bcb7  Staff Provident Fund 
  Balance sheets and accounts 1960, 1963-1970. 
Bcb8  Welfare Fund 
  Balance sheets and accounts 1963-1968, 1971. 
Bcb9  Death Benefit Trust Fund 1971 
Bcb10  Group Funeral Assurance Scheme 1970-1971 
  Estimates of income and expenditure. 
Bcb11  Head Office 1971 
  Estimates of income and expenditure. 
Bcb12  Reports 1947-1949, 1971 
  Report on the books of account and financial statements of the Garment Workers Union for 1947-1949. 
  Report on union's finance as submitted by the Finance Sub-Committee for consideration of the No 1 Branch Executive Committee and the National Executive Committee. 1971 Feb 23. 
Bcb13  Salaries and wages 1970-1973 
  Allocations of salaries to employees of the union. 
Bcb14  Investments 1952-1955 
  Investment of funds of Garment Workers Union. 
Bcb15  General correspondence and papers 1945-1969 
  Re financial affairs of Garment Workers Union. 
Bcc  Legal affairs 
Bcc1  Cases 
Bcc1.1  Sachs v City Council of Johannesburg 1931 Aug 4 
  Appeal against conviction and sentence for obstructing traffic and causing a crowd to collect in the street while addressing workers. The appeal was upheld and the conviction and sentence put aside. 
  Outline of Sachs points for defence, copies of previous judgements on similar offences. 
Bcc1.2  Rex v Blignaut and Malan 1931 
  Aegidius Jean Blignaut and Herman Malan (Herman Charles Bosman) editors of a weekly scandal newspaper, The New LSD, were convicted and sentenced for criminal libel, Sachs being the complainant. The newspaper was eventually banned. The appeal was dismissed. 
  The New LSD, vol 2, no 25, 29 Jan 1932 containing leading article, E S Sachs and Kafir Girl. This newspaper had also made previous attacks on Sachs. 
  Biography of E S Sachs. TS. 8p. 
  Details early life and activities up to the time of the case. 
  Court records and judgement. 
  Record of previous offences of Malan (Bosman) and Blignaut. 
  Papers for the appeal. 
Bcc1.3  Rex v Morris Miller 1931/2 Dec-Feb 
  Charge of inciting public violence during the general strike in the Transvaal clothing industry. Miller was then Vice?President of the Garment Workers Union. He was found guilty and fined œ20 or two months' imprisonment. 
  Correspondence with lawyers. 
  Record of court proceedings, 14-15 Dec 1931. 
Bcc1.4  Rex v E S Sachs 1932 Mar 
  Conviction of contempt of court. Sentenced to one month or a fine of œ10. 
  Summons, record of proceedings, ordinary jurisdiction and appeal. 
Bcc1.5  E S Sachs v Sam Kalmek 1932 Jul 
  Action for defamation. In newspaper New LSD, 22 Jan 1930 defamatory statements were made. 
  List of witnesses, reply of E S Sachs to the amendment of the plea of the defendant. 
Bcc1.6  Garment Workers Union (Transvaal) (Applicant) v Adrian Paulus Johannes Fourie, Minister of Labour and Social Welfare (Respondent). 1935 Oct. 
  Civil suit to compel the Minister of Labour to exercise his power to make a wage determination for the garment making industry in the interest of 230 Black workers not covered by the Industrial Council agreement in the Transvaal clothing industry. The application failed and was dismissed with costs. 
  Lucas, F A W. Opinion. Ex parte: Garment Workers Union (Tvl). 1935 Oct 28. TS. 5p. 
  Petition of applicant. 
  De Waal, J P. Judgement. TS. 15p. 
Bcc1.7  Rex v Sachs 1935 Aug 23 
  Accusation for transgressing municipal by-law Cape Town by addressing a public meeting in the street. The application was refused. 
  Record of proceedings 
  Appeal case. 
Bcc1.8  E S Sachs v A A Moore and twenty-two others 1938 
  E S Sachs against an order of expulsion from the National Executive Committee of the South African Trades and Labour Council. The application was granted with costs. 
Bcc1.8.1  Correspondence and papers 
  Statement by the Garment Workers Union for instituting the suit, letters of congratulation to Sachs on his successful application. 
Bad .6.2  Opinion 
  Rosenberg, N E. Ex parte E S Sachs. Re: SA Trades and Labour Council. 1938 May 3. TS. 5p. 
Bcc1.8.3  Court record TS. 114p. 
Bcc1.8.4  Judgement 
  Millin, J. Revised judgement. 1938 Jan 13 TS 33p. 
Bcc1.9  Sachs v Die Oosterlig 1939 
  Action for defamatory remarks in Die Oosterlig. The defendant paid œ250 and costs and published apologies in leading newspapers. The matter was settled out of court. 
  Stryd in die stad teen kommunisme. Die Oosterlig, 28 Apr 1939. 
  Statement by worker. 
  Extract from cross-examination of Sachs. 
Bcc1.10  Sachs v D B H Grobbelaar 1939 Aug 
  Action for defamation. Judgement in favour of plaintiff with costs. 
  Papers 1938 Jan-1940 Jan 
  Correspondence between Sachs and Grobbelaar re accusations that Sachs is a Communist Jew, public debate between Sachs and Grobbelaar 9 Mar 1939, circulars circulated by Grobbelaar to members of the union, legal fees, Grobbelaar's unacceptable letter of apology, plaintiff (Sachs) declaration. 
  Grindley-Ferris, I. Judgement. 1939 Aug 28 TS. 15p. 
Bcc1.11  Sachs v Dr H P Wolmarans 1941 
  Action for defamation. 
  See also Sachs v Voortrekkerpers 1941-1942. 
  Correspondence and papers 
  Pleas, legal opinion by Harry Snitcher 10 Feb 1941. 
  Wolmarans, H P. Kommunisme en die Suid-Afrikaanse vakunies. Voortrekkerspers. ND. 
Bcc1.12  Sachs v Voortrekkerspers 1941-1942 
  Action for defamation. A brochure was published as the result of certain commissions appointed by the Nederduits Hervormde Kerk van Afrika for the purpose of investigating communism in South Africa. The second part deals with South African trade unions naming various officials including E S Sachs. Sachs was awarded œ300 and costs (over œ10,000). 
Bcc1.12.1  Correspondence and papers 
  General correspondence re case, comments, pleas, legal opinion Harry Snitcher 10 Feb 1941, affidavit E S Sachs, instructions to counsel.