Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 Compiled by Joan Knoesen, 1987 
 On the 9th July 1875, two young missionaries, Ernest Creux and Paul Berthoud founded the Swiss Mission station of Valdezia in the Northern Transvaal. It was on many occasions a hard hit and tested society. The field of action was in the unhealthy Lowveld, on the Transvaal side as well as beyond the Portuguese East African border, into Mocambique. The mission has constantly developed, not only geographlcally, but in the nature of its work and variety of its undertakings. 
 Its hospitals were famous for the efficiency of their work and the practical help which they rendered to patients. There are hospitals and clinics, three of the hospitals having training schools for nurses. Female missionaries were of great importance in teaching and social work. Its schools and Normal College have done outstanding work. From the scientific standpoint, writers such as H.A. Junod, H.P. Junod, A.A. Jacques and others have contributed much to Bantu studies in all its branches, especially in linguistics and social anthropology. The church has helped to foster good race relations. 
 There is a feeling of affinity and friendship between the Reformed Church of Switzerland, including the Mission Suisse Romande and a large section of South Africans of the same religious faith. There is a strong desire for union between the Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa Presbyterian/Congregational and the Tsonga Presbyterian Church (Swiss Mission in South Africa). Among the tribes of Portuguese East Africa as well in the Northern Transvaal, in Pretoria and Johannesburg, thousands of African people have been built into the fabric of a church whose standards are unusually high. Its relations with other missionary societies have been most cordial and brotherly. 
 The principal task of the mission was evangelisation, but another very important function was education. Schools were opened at Shiluvane, Lemana Training Institution, near Elim, and Rikatla Bible School for the Mozambicans. Some schools had an industrlal and agricultural syllabus. 
 Church organization, Shangaan literature, the Blue Croat' (temperance movement). scout and guide troops, teaching patrols who were went out from the stations Into the bush, are all part of the work of the Swiss Mission. 
 The collection consists of 168 boxes spanning the years 1878-1976. In 1976, the Swiss Mission agreed to send their archives to Historical Papers, which Professor Tim Couzens collected and brought down in December 1976. A second part arrived in November 1977. A formal agreement was drawn up in 1981 between the Swiss Mission and the University of the Witwatersrand. At a later stage the Bible Translation Project was added and at a further date, M. Beuchat's Tsonga lexographic material for a Tsonga dictionary, consisting of 6 boxes and 2 box files were despatched and are kept here until a decision regarding publication is reached. 
 The original classification provided by the Swiss Mission has been retained, keeping the 2nd additions in like order as far as possible, making adjustments where necessary during integration. The Education section was done in detail by a former member of staff, which is kept in the same order in which she sorted that section of the collection. 
 Part 70.19 - The Bible in Standard Tsonga. There is a listing of the items, stored in 58 boxes, which is attached to the hardcopy inventory. 
 Part S 1-8 - Schneider Papers. The items stored in these S 1-8 boxes are referred to in the inventory. The listing of the items is attached to the hardcopy inventory. 
 Reference is made to the collection A1379 Swiss Mission in South Africa, consisting of photocopies only. The original collection is held in the UNISA Documentation Centre, Pretoria, where it had been deposited by the Junod family. 
 Further reference is made to the holdings on the Swiss Mission in South Africa at the Giyani Archive, consisting of another more than 200 boxes and French church journals. The archival material had been collected from all Swiss Mission stations in the region. 
 PLEASE NOTE: 3 maps in this collection have been digitised and can be downloaded in PDF format, see items no. 10.1.2g, 10.1.2h, 10.1.2i . 
8.1 Letters to Missionaries 
8.2 Letter-book - copies of letters 
8.3 General Correspondence 
8.11 Individual Missionaries Correspondence 
10.1 Maps 
10.2 Circulaires du Conseil 
10.3 Preparation Missionaire 
10.4 Departement Missionaire 
10.5 Documentation 
10.8 Bulletins 
10.1 Reports 
11.1 Statistiques 
11.2 Societe Immobillere de la Mission Romande 
11.3 Travel Expenses 
11.4 Finance 
20.1 Evangelistic Campaign 
20.2 Women (Vamanana) 
20.3 Ku Vumbiwa 
20.4 Convention between the Swiss Mission in South Africa and the Tonga Presbyterian Church - Transval (See Box 52 TRS Papers) 
20.5 Proposed Union or Tsonga Presbyterian Church (Swiss Mission in South Africa) and the Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa (Presbyterian /Congregational) 
20.6 To Increase Work (Ku andzisa ntirho) 
20.7 Collections/Offerings (Mihlengo) 
20.8 The Church - Studies 
20.9 Liturgy (See Box 58 TDS Papers) 
20.1 Indigenous Churches 
20.11 Statutes of the Tsonga Church (See Box 58 TDS Papers) Statutes of the Tsonga Church (See Box 52 TRS Papers) 
21.1 Lobolo/Circumcision 
21.2 Marriage 
21.3 Alcoholism 
21.4 Jubilee + 1975 Centenary (See Boxes 53 & 54 TRS Papers) 
21.5 Witchcraft 
22.2 Church, School and Residential Sites 
22.3 Salaries 
22.4 Pension Funds 
23.1 Valdezia Parish 
23.2 Elim 
23.3 Kuruleni 
23.4 Mhinga 
23.5 Dzombo 
23.6 Tlangelani 
23.7 Ngove 
23.8 Jungeni 
24.1 Shiluvape 
24.2 Nwamitwa 
24.3 Graskop 
24.4 Masana 
24.5 Mpisane 
25.1 Pretoria 
25.2 Johannesburg 
26.1 Births, Deaths, Marriages in the Transvaal 
26.2 Messina 
26.3 Mahele 
26.4 Lessouto 
27.1 Nhloko and Ntsombano 
27.2 Presbyteries 
27.3 Synod Committee (Komiti ya Sinodo) 
27.4 Conferences, Meetings (Colloques) 
30.1 Pastoral Schools 
30.2 School of Evangelists 
30.3 Correspondence of Pastoral Schools 
30.4 Education Committee (Tsonga Presbyterian Church) 
30.5 Religious Instruction 
30.6 Bible Studies and Bible Committee (See Boxes BST 1-59, 70-79) 
30.7 Youth Movement. 
30.8 Revivals 
30.9 Sunday School Course and Committee 
30.1 Staff 
30.11 Staff Files 
30.12 Schools 
30.13 Transvaal Education Department (TED) 
30.14 General Educational Matters 
30.15 Transvaal Education Department Staff 
30.16 Women's Work 1960-1982 (See Box 56 TRS & CMS Papers) 
31.1 Native Education 
31.2 The State of Native Education 
31.3 Education Commissions/Committees 
31.4 School Commissions/Committees and Other Associations 
31.5 Agricultural and Industrial Schools 
31.G Transfer of Schools 
31.7 Teaching of Women 
31.8 Salaries of Teachers/Evangelists 
31.9 Rehabilitation of Convicts 
32.1 Internal 
32.2 Lemana Correspondence 
32.3 Dressmaking, Arts and Crafts 
32.4 PCSA-BPC-TPC Union Negotiations 
40.1 Elim Hospital 
40.2 Shiluvane Hospital 
40.3 Masons Hospital 
40.4 Medical Commissions 
40.5 Bushbuckridge Clinic 
40.6 Chikoumbane Hospital 
40.7 Graskop Medical Mission 
40.8 Inhambane Medieal Congress 
40.9 Lourenco Marques Missionary Hospital 
40.1 Matoutouene Clinic 
40.11 Muhlava Clinic 
41.1 Nutrition 
41.2 Divine Healing 
41.3 Dispensaries 
42.1 Health Pamphlets 
42.2 Blind Institutions 
50.1 Missionaries 
50.2 Demoiselles Missionaires 
50.3 Evangelisation 
50.4 Superintendent, Secretary, Secretary or Advisor in Africa 
50.5 Staff Meetings 
50.6 Treatment of Missionaries in South Africa 
50.7 Rules of Pension Fund of Swiss Mission in S.Africa. 
51.1 Conferences 
51.2 Commissions 
51.3 Executive Commission 
51.4 Field Commission 
51.5 Power of Attorney and Lease 
51.6 Commissions - Valdezia 
52.1 Administration of Swiss Mission 
52.2 Plans 
52.3 Inventories 
52.4 Commissions/Committees - General 
53.1 Farms 
53.2 Farms Commission 
53.4 Landed Property - Studies 
53.5 Water 
53.6 Excision and Exploitation of Farms 
53.7 Fire Insurance 
53.8 Permission to Occupy 
53.9 Finance Committee 
54.1 Position of Women in the Mission Fields 
54.2 Native Housing 
54.3 Native Trust Fund 
54.5 Joint Council 
54.6 Miscellaneous 
55 RACE 
56.1 Jeports 
56.2 Correspondence 
56.3 Stop Orders 
56.4 Memoranda 
60.1 Christian Council for the Blind 
60.2 Transvaal Missionary Council 
60.3 International Missionary Council 
60.4 General Missionary Conference (Transvaal) 
60.5 All Africa Conference of Churches 
60.6 Inter-Church Meetings 
60.7 Mozambique 
60.8 Students Christian Association 
60.9 World Council of Churches 
60.1 African Independent Churches 
60.11 Other Institutions 
60.12 Christian Institute of Southern Africa 
60.13 Presbyterian Church 
70.1 Bible 
70.2 Hymnary (Tinsimu) 
70.3 Tsonga Dictionary 
70.4 Komiti ya Mutsalwa 
70.5 Tsonga Language 
70.6 Mahlahle 
70.7 Nyeleti ya Wiso 
70.8 Nungu yu Ba-Thongu 
70.9 Umteteli wa Bantu 
70.1 French Bulletins 
70.11 Pamphlets 
70.12 Tsonga Words 
70.13 Proverbs 
70.14 Poetry 
70.15 Libraries 
70.16 History of Mission Romande: "Album de la Mission Romandes" 1889 
70.17 Music and Songs 
70.18 Studies and Publications on Theology 
70.19 Tsonga Bible Translation Project - The Bible in Standard Tsonga BST 1956-1990 (see separate inventory) 
70.2 Testamente le Vintsha yi nga Evangeli ya Yesu Kriste 
70.21 Literature Committee 
70.22 Tsonga Bibliography 
70.23 Tsonga Centenary Exhibition - WITS 
80-89 PEOPLE 
80.1 African Biography 
80.2 Biographies 
80.3 Correspondence 
80.4 Obituaries 
91 Inventory of the Archives of the Swiss Anti-Apartheid Movement kept at the State Archives in Geneva. 
8.1 Letters to Missionaries by P. Leresehe, Sec., Swiss: Mission, Lausanne. 
 In French. 1f 1884-1895 
8.2 Book containing Copies of Letters. In French. 1v 1896-1900 
8.3 General Correspondence 10f 1910-1964 
8.3.1 Missionaries' Correspondence 9f 1910-1964 
8.3.2 Missionaries Correspondence 1f Undated 
8.4 Individual Missionaries' Correspondence 24f 1897-1965 
8.4.1 A. Aicher 1949-1955 
8.4.2 R. Bill 1936-1963 
8.4.3 A.M. Charles Bourquin 1920-1934 
8.4.4 M. Buehler 1939-19h2 
8.4.5 M. Chaputte 1948-1964 
8.4.6 R. Cuenod 1915-1940 
8.4.7 A. Jacot 1934-1955 
8.4.8 C. Jeannot 1931-1947 
8.4.9 S. Khosa 1935-1959 
8.4.10 P.T. Lerenche 1923, 1951 
8.4.11 A. Mapele 1950 
8.4.12 E.C. Marivate 1930-1952 
8.4.13 N. Mphelo 1948, 1961 
8.4.14 H. Muller 1949-1963 
8.4.15 H.W.E. Ntanwisi 19947-1963 
8.4.16 F. Ouwehand 1939-1958 
8.4.17 P. Loze 1897-1919 
8.4.18 M. et Eug. Reymand 1949-1964 
8.4.19 T.J. Schneider 1950-1964 + 1975-1990 (See also Box S6) 
8.4.20 J.S. Shimate 1947-f95? 
8.4.21 A. Sprunger 1962-1965 
8.4.22 B. Terrisse 1932-1959 
8.4.23 J.H. Thehir 1898, 1902 
8.4.24 D. Theron 1915 
8.4.25 L.P. Vautier 1918-1929 
8.4.26 Extracts of Letters from Missionaries with English Translations 1913-1930 
19-Oct MISSION EN SUISSE 46f + 6v 1880-1971 
10.1 Maps 1 box and folio 1880-? 
 Various maps of the Swiss Mission / La Mission romande, particularly from the Zoutpansberg area. 3 of these maps are digitally available. Some of the larger maps are stored as folio items separately from the collection. 
10.1.1 Copies of various maps of Mission stations in the wider Transvaal area, and drawings relating to daily mission life. Including map of Klein Letaba, compiled from the farm surveys of the Transvaal, May 1904; Plan showing area proposed to excise from 'released area' in Zoutpansberg district marked A to X, also area offered to Native Trust to replace these, marked 1 to 24. 
10.1.2 Individual maps: 
10.1.2a La Mission Romande, Supplement au No.142 du Bulletin de la Mission romande, Map of Stations in Transvaal and Gaza (Mozambique), 1897 
10.1.2b Carte des Spelonken, by P. Berthoud, 1880 - including Valdezia mission 
10.1.2c Carta da Provincia de Mocambique, 1909 
10.1.2d Scetch of "Morgenzoon" No.60, district Zoutpansberg, Spelonken, no year 
10.1.2e Carte des Spelonken, by H. Berthoud, 1883, 2nd edition 
10.1.2f Map of Lesotho, indicating Evangelical, Catholic and Anglican mission stations, no year 
10.1.2g Carte des Districts du Zoutpansberg (Transvaal) et de Lorenzo Marquez (Possissions Portugaises), by Henri Berthoud, after his travels in 1881, 1883 and 1885, colour, 1886 (also available in digital format)        
10.1.2h Route map of the Gasa Country, by St. Vincent Erskine. Taken from Jeppe - Map of Transvaal, Berhoud, Map of Spelonken, prepared for the Mission Romande (also available in digital format)        
10.1.2i Map of Zoutpansberg, by Henri Berthoud, Swiss missionary, Valdezia, Spelonken, 1903 (also available in digital format)        
10.1.2j General Plan of 128 places (farms?) in Spelonken and 3 places (farms?) in Houtboschdorp, District Zoutpansberg, copied by Henri Berthoud, Valdezia, Spelonken, on 27 February 1899, from the original Plan done by the Special Commission, F.H. Rissik, Surveyor, in the months of July, August, September 1888 
10.1.2k True copy of Original plan filed in Registry Office, Pretoria, 20 December 1883, a plan of private and Government places (farms?) in the Zoutpansberg district 
10.1.2l General Plan of 128 places (farms?) in Spelonken and 3 places (farms?) in Houtboschberg, District Zoutpansberg, done by the Special Commission, F.H. Rissik, Surveyor, in the months of July, August, September 1888 
10.1.2m General Plan of 627 places (farms?) in the district Zoutpansberg, South African Republic Government inspector, 4 November 1871 
10.1.2n Union of South Africa. Province of Transvaal. Magisterial District of Zoutpansberg. Compiled and lithographed in the Surveyor-General's Office, Pretoria. Revised and reprinted September 1922 
10.1.2o Map of the districts of Lourenzo Marques and Inhambane, by the Commission for indigenous school books, 1909 
10.2 Circulaires du Conseil 21f 1896-1963 
 Council Circulars 
10.3 Preparation Missionaire 1f 1925-1931 
 Memoranda, reports, correspendence on missionary training 
10.4 Departement Missionaire 1f 1965-1966 
 Correspondence to members of Swiss Mission from Departement Missionaire des Eglises Protestantes de Suisse Romande 
10.5 Documentation 1f 1897-1929 
 Reports re: the Vaudois Synod and the Mission 1897; the prospective extension of the Mission Romande; Conseil International des Missions, Lake Mohonk, Oct 1921; Lu Caisse de Jetraite en Faveur des Ouvriers de la Mission Suisse Romande, son histoire, ses charges actuelles et futures, Apr-May 1923; work of the mission presented by Mr Badertscher to the RGPM, 1929; report to the Examination Commission 
10.8 Bulletins (Rapports divers Lausanne) 4f 1880-1920, 1950, 1954 
 Bulletin Missionaire, f880-1888; 1891-1897 
 Bulletin de la Mission Jomande 1901, 1914 
 Rapport du Conseil de la Mission Romande 1898, 1901-1912, 1914-1916 
 Bulletin Commemoratif du 25 Anniversaire de la Mission Romande 1900 
 Bulletin de la Mission Suisse 1950, 1954 
 Rapport Annuel de la Mission Suisse Romande 917-1920 
 Berthoud: La Mission Romande a la baie de Delagoa 1888 
10.1 Reports 4f 1904-1956 
10.10.1 Rapports divers Lausanne. Miscellaneous reports 1904-1938 
10.10.2 Mission Suisse Romande 1921-1956 
10.10.3 Annual Reports of Mission Suisse Romande 1921-1928 
 Annual Reports of Mission Suisse Romande dans l'Afrique du Slid 1920-1956 
11.1 Statistiques 1 Item 1913, 1921 
 Resume statisque des Societies de Missions; contribution de la Suisse aux missions en 1921 
11.2 Societe lmmobiliere de la Mission Romande 1f 1905 
 Proces-Verbal de la Commission nommee par la Conference du Transvaal des 14-19 Septembre 1905; statuts de la Societe lmmobiliere de la Mission Romande 1905 
11.3 Travel Expenses 1f Undated 
 Mission Suisse dans l'Afrique du Sud - M. Chapatte 
11.4 Finance 10f + 6v 11378-1971 
 Annual expenses, accounts, statements, school fees, travel expenses, budget project including Elim, Valdezla, Tsonga Presbyterian Church, the Hertig Fund, cash books, journals and analysis book. 
20-29 AFRICA - CHURCH 197f + 39v 1875-1976 
20.1 Evangelistic Campaign 1f 1960 
 Evangelistic campaign - Tsonga Presbyterian Church 
 Les Moira et L'Evangile - preambule. The Blacks and Evangelism 
20.2 Vamanana (Women) 1f 1924 
 Enquete Internationale Concernant la Situation de la Femme dans les Eglises des Champs de Mission 
 International Inquiry concerning the situation of women in the mission fields 
20.3 Ku Vumbiwa 1f 1912-1964 
 Constitution and memoranda on baptisms 
20.4 Convention between the Swiss Mission in South Africa and the Tsonga Presbyterian Church - Transvaal 1f 1959-70 (See also Box S2) 
 Memoranda between the Missionary Department of the Protestant. Churehes of French speaking Switzerland and the Tsonga Presbyterian Church of the Transvaal. 
20.5 proposed union of Tsonga Presbyterian Church (Swiss Mission in South Africa) the Presbyterian Church of Southern Afriea Presbyterian/ Congregational) 1f 1962-1976 
 Constitution of the United Church in Southern Africa (Presbyterian/Congregational), minutes, memoranda, reports on unity, the Presbyterian Church in Mocambique, Wilgespruit course 
20.6 To increase Work (Ku andzisa ntirho) 1f 1926, 1956-1962 
 Correspondence and memoranda on bible study, course at Valdezia for pastors and church-eiders, black gold in the OFS, the occupation of the Swiss Mission in the Lydenburg district 
20.7 Collections, Offerings (Mihlengo 1f 1891-1906, 1948 
 Lists of donations and offerings 
20.8 The Church (Studies} 1f 1909, 1934, 19h4 
 Memoranda and reports on the indigenous pastoral churches, discipline, the disappearance of the Christian church in North Africa, the primitive church and the mission, world mission of churches 
20.9 Liturgy 1f 1892-1961 Liturgical documents (See also Box S8) 
 Memoranda on catechism and baptised communicants, Liturgy of Communion, on the consecration of indigenous pastern, baptisms at Elim 1952-1961 
20.1 Indigenous Churches 2f 1905-1914, 1970-1962 
 Constitution, rules and statutes, memoranda, circulars, reports on various subjects 
20.11 Statutes of the Tsonga Church 1f 1911 
21 Lobolo/Circumcision 2f 1910-1943 
21.1a Lobolo 1f 1910-1943 
 Memoranda on the subject of Lobolo Circumcision 1926-1927 
 Correspondence and memoranda 
21.2 Marriage 2f 1871-1961 
21.2a Banns of Marriage 1f 1909-1961 
 Correspondence, memoranda, circulars, certificates 
21.2b Marriage Lawn and Marriage Cert1ficates 1f 1871-1910 
 Law No.3, 1871; Native, White and Coloured Marriages - Instructions to marriage officers; questions concerning marriage among Thonga ministers re polygamy, lobolo, baptisms and marriage; laws relating to native marriages and customary unions; marriage certificates 1905-1910 
21.3 Alcoholism 1f 1917, 1920 
 Blue Cross Poster, report on the question of teaching anti-alcoholism, estatutos da Liga antl-alcoolica da Provincia de Mocambique 
21.4 Jubilee 4f 1875-1961 Centenary 1975 (See also Box S3 + S4) 
21.4a Jubilee - Valdezia 1f' 1875-192!, 
 Memoranda and pamphlet Swiss Mission to Shangaan tribes - A Retrospect and a Forecast by K.11. Brookes. Fifty years of missionary work in S.A. 
21.4b Jubilee - 75 Years 1f 1950 
 75 years 1875-1950 Swiss Mission in South Africa; correspondence and memoranda 
21.4e Jubilee - Elim It 1954 
 Correspondence and memoranda of Elim Mission Station 
21.4d Jubilee - Tsonga1f 196f 
 Munungulo ya Nkhuvo wa Yubili 1886-1961. Memorandum 
21.5 Witchcraft 1f 1924-1926 
22 CHURCHES AND SCHOOLS 20f 1914-1965 
22.2 Church, School and Residential Sites 2f 1933-1964 
22.2a Permits to Occupy - Church and Residential Sites1f 1933-1964 
22.2b Church and School Sites 1f 1933-1964 
 Correspondence, memoranda, applications, sketch maps of sites including Barota, Zoetfontein; Houtoueni; Mania; Tsakane, Weltervreden 
22.3 Salaries 1f 1917-1955 
22.4 Pension Funds 1f 1914-1964 
 Correspondence, memoranda and minutes 
22.5 Statistics 8f 1923-1965 
22.5a Statistics of the Church 6f 1923-1964 
22.5b Statistics - Memoranda And lists 1f 1946-1965 
22.5c Station Accounts 1f 1955-1962 
23 PRESBYTERIES: ZOUTPANSBERG 101f + 12v 1889-1975 
23 i) Zoutpansberg Joint Council 2v 1931-1950 
 Letter to Mr Cuenod from SAIRR re Joint Council (Europeans and Bantu) 18 Apr. 1931 ; Bantu Eisteddfods 
23 ii) Zoutpansberg Presbytery 2f 1929, 1947-1961, 1969-1972 
 Correspondence and memoranda 
23 iii) Contributions1f 1945-1961 
 Correspondence re cheques 
23 iv) Bantu Swiss Mission Church1f 1904, L949-1959 
23 v) Notebook 1v 1942-1946 
23.1 Va)lezia Parish 28f.1v 1889-1973 
23.1a Correspondence 51 1891-1973 
23.1a.1 General Correspondence 1f 1891-1954 
23.1a.2 Nholoko ya Komili (Chairman of Committee) 1f 1969-1973 
23.1a.3 General Secretary's Correspondence1f 1968-1973 
23.1a.4 M. Chapatte's Correspondence1f 1969-197? 
23.1a.5 Prof H.W. Ntsanwisi's Correspondence 1f 1968-1971 
23.1b Papers of the Church 1f 1952-1960 
23.1c Construction of Minister's House1f 1953-1955 
23. Id Agriculture 1f 1912 
23.1e i) Reports Of 1889-1960 
 ii) Reports Valdezia-Kouroulene1f 1933-1935 
23.1f Notebook 1v 193h 
23.1g Presbytery Meetings I1f1f968-1973 
23.1h Papers of Valdezia Consistory 1f 1969-1973 
23.1i Transvaal Conference 1f 1963-1972 
23.1j Social Services, Famine Relief, Home Industries 1f 1963-1972 
 Correspondence, memoranda, minutes 
23.1k Committee to Improve the Work1f 1968-1970 
23.1.l Vehicles 1f 1969-1972 
23.1m Youth Committee 1f 1963-1971 
23.1n Men1for the Ministry and Bursaries1f 1965-1973 
23.1o Pastoral Correspondence and Testimonials 1f 1969-1973 
23.1p T. Schneider 1f 1969-1973 
 Personal Correspondence 
23.2 Elim 63f + 31v 1889-1975 
23.2a1 Annual Reports 2f 1890-1960 
23.2a2 Medical Annual Reports 1f 1899-1908 
23.2b News of the Parish of Elim1f 1969 
23.2c Mission Work1f Undatad 
23.2d Notes 2f 1938-1960 and Undated 
23.2e Notebooks 4v 1951, 1953-1956 
 Bernard Terrisse's catechism studies in French and Tsonga - Elim and Leman 
23.2f Resolutions1f 1930 
 Resolutions adopted by the congregation of the Elim Native Church 
23.2g Elim Correspondence 42f 1903-1975 
23.2g1 General 10f 1948-1959 
 Correspondence and memoranda 
23.2g2 Individual 9f 1v 1943-1975 
 i) Rev D. Jacque' 4f 1943-1948 
 ii) P. Cuenod 5f 1952-1958 
 iii) A. Lamberg 1v 1970-1975 
 1 book of copies of correspondenee + 1 photograph referring to last letter 
23.2g3 Mixed Correspondence 23f 1903-1964 
 i) English 10f 1903-1964 
 ii) Freneh 11f 1912-1964 
 iii) German 1f 1939-1960 
 iv) Afrikaann 1f 1963 
 v) Tsonga 10f 1905-1964 
23.2h1 Church Meroranda 2f 1945-1959 
23.2h2 Mixed Memoranda 3f 1910-1962 
 i) English 1f 1939-1962 
 ii) Freneh 1f 1910, 1934-1940 
 iii) Tsonga 1f 1927, 1929, .1948-1951 
23.2.3 Elim Minute Books 25 items 1920-1961 
23.2.4 Finance 2f 1945-1960 
 General correspondence, expenses, financial reports, statistics 
23.2.5 Home Industries Committee 1f 1969 
 Executive Committee Report, correspondence and inventory 
23.2.6 Registers and Cert1ficates 1f 1906-1961 
 Church members, baptisms, publications of banns, catechists and new Converts 
23.2.7 Inventories 1f 1956-1967 
 Inventories of furniture, linen, office equipment and tools at Elim 
23.2.8 Tennis Club1f' 1910 
 Correspondence and memoranda 
23.2.9 Consistory of Elim 2v 1945-1952 
23.2.10 Miscellaneous Papers1f 1948-1971 
23.2.11 New Contracts - Hospitals 1f 1969-1970 
23.3 Kuruleni 2f t Iv 1906-1961 
 i) Reports 
 ii) 1f 1921-1925 
 iii) Notebook 1v .1937 
 iv) Constitution of the Native Churches of La Mission Romande in the Transvaal and one district of L.M. 
23.4 Mhinga 2f 1900-1962 
 i) Reports 
 ii) School 1f 1939-1949 
 iii) Correspondence, memoranda, plans 1f 1928-1949 
23.5 Dzombo1f 1895 
23.6 Tlangelani1f 1932-1967 
 Reports, eorrespondence, memoranda and plans 
23.7 Ngove 1f 1953-1964 
23.8 Bungeni 1f 1961, 1969 
 Letter, finaneial statement and memorandum 
24 PRESBYTERIES: SELATI 14f 1887-1962 
 Report - Traduction 1f 1932-1933 
24.1 Shiluvane 5f 1887-1962 
 i) Reports 2f 1900-1960 
 ii) Church Reports 1f 1920-1942 
 iii) Accounts 11' 1951-1961 
 iv) Correspondence and Memoranda 1f 1887-1962 
24.2 Nwamitwa 2f 1914-1958 
 I) Reports1f 1914-1940 
 ii) Church Statistics 1f 1958 
24.3 Graskop 3f 1927-1958 
 i) Reports 1f 1927-1933 
 ii) Correspondence, Lease and Report 1f 1927 
 iii) Church Statistics 1f 1958 
24.4 Manana 2f 1935-1960 
 i) Reports 1f 1935-1960 
 iI) Correspondence and Memoranda 1f 1924-1951 
24.5 Mpisnae 1f 1914-1929 
25-26 PRESBYTERIES: TOWNS 15f + v 1897-1961 
25.1 Pretoria 1v + 5f 1897-1961 
 i) Reports 1v + 4f 1897-1959 
 ii) Correspondence, minutes, memoranda 1f' 1f 1913-1961 
25.2 Johannesburg 6f 1905-1960 
 i) Jeports 2f 1905-1958 
 ii) Correspondence, Memoranda and Accounts 
26 TRANSVAAL 4f 1903-1959 
26.1 Births, Deaths, Marriages in the Transvaal 1f 1936-1953 
 Correspondence and documents: (Johannesburg, Pretoria, Elim, Brakpan, Komatipoort) 
26.2 Messina1f 1953-1959 
 Correspondence and notes 
26.3 Mahele 1f 1934-1938 
26.4 Lessouto 1f 1903 and Undated 
 Regulations and reports 
27 PRESBYTERIES: SELATI 33f + 2v 1902-1971 
27.1 Nhloko and Ntsombano 9f 1910-1971 
27.1.1 Executive Committee (Nhloko) 1f 1928-1968 
 Minutes and memoranda 
27.1.2 All Ministers Meetings - Black and White (N1:eombano) 8f 1910-1971 
 Minutes and memoranda 
27.2 Presbyteries 5f 1925-1971 
27.2.1 Presbytery Minstes 2f 1927-1971 
 i) Zoutpansberg Presbytery 1f 1951-1971 
 ii) General 1f 1977-1934 
27.2.2 Presbytery Aceounts 1f 1950-1969 
27.2.3 Presbytery Reports 2f 1925-1971 
 i) General 1f 1925-1967 
 ii) Selati 1f 1932-1971 and Undated 
27.3 Komiti ya Sinodo 9 files + 2v 1905-1976 
 Minute-books, minutes, reports, memoranda and notes, Pasteur S.Khosa's; reminiscences, 1928, Komatipoort siding, Mpisane 1924, 1950 
27.4 Conferences, Meetings (Colloques) 10f 1902-1970 
27.4.1 Spelonken 3f 1902-1960 
 Minutes and Reports 
27.4.2 Colloques des Villes 1f 1928-1960 
 Minutes and Reports 
30-39 EDUCATION 131f 1891-1975 
30 General 1f 1935-1938 
30.1 Pastoral Schools 2f 1905-1968 
 a) Reports on pastoral schools, minutes, correspondence asd notes, regulations, examination results. In Freneh, Tsonga and English 
 b) Jakkalskrull School 1f 1942-1950 
 Correspondenee, memoranda and statistical forms for native and Coloured pupils 
 a) Correspondence, budgets, aeeounts, on training of native ministers, the reorganisation of the missionary and pastoral schools in the Transvaal, correspondence on vacation courses in theology, Aicher House maintenance, the Morija Theological School, establishment of a theologieal department: at the University of the North. In French and Tsonga 
 b) Adams College, Natal 
 Prospectus 1947, application, medical and church membership forms 
 e) Minutes, reports and regulations, 1907-1948 including minute-book of AME School 1932-1934 
30.3 Corrrespondence of the Pastorial School Ir 1905-1975 
 In French, English and Tsonga 
30.4 Education Committee (Tsonga Presbyterian Church) 1f 1950-1966 
 Xihuhyo xa tldyondzo (St.Columba's College), pamphlet on Training for the Ministry 1950, draft constitution, minutes and memoranda 
30.5 Religious Instruction 1f 1922-1949 
 Correspondence, memoranda and notes in French, English and Tsonga 
30.6 Bible Studies and Bible Committee 1f 1924-1966 
 Reports, memoranda, Scheme and Record of Work Book in Bibie studies, Bible Study - World Alliance of Jeformed Churches, Frankfurt., Germany, 1964. In English and Tsonga. Some undated 
30.7 Youth Movement (Nxaxu) 2f 1938-1967 and Undated 
 u) Correspondence, memoranda and reports 
 Constitution and reguiations in English. Memoranda in Tsonga 
30.9 Sunday School Course and Committee (Xikolo xa Santo)1f c1943-1959 and Undated 
 Reports and memoranda. In Tonga, French and Engiish 
30.1 Staff 2f 1924-1957 and Undated 
 a) General correspondence relating to staff 
30.11 b) Students: general correspondence including expulsion of students, students record cards etc. Staff Files 14f 1908-1947 
 File 1 (A-C) 
 Miss Madelaine Aguet 
 R.M. Arnot 
 Mrs Bailie 
 A.L. Baker 
 A.A.S. Baloyi 
 Daniel S. Baloyi 
 Francis Baloyi 
 J.H. Baloyi 
 J.M. Baloyi 
 M.G. Baloyi 
 L.J. Booi 
 Miss E. Mauristhene 
 Rev. Jean Maurice Bguin 
 Mrs Kathleen Bennett 
 Miss Johanna Sara Rester 
 Miss Margaret Black 
 Mrs Arona Bolitho 
 Mrs T. Botha 
 Miss Irene Bourcarl 
 Miss L.M. Bourquin 
 A. Bremmin(?) 
 Miss L. Brunnschweiler 
 Miss A. Burger 
 J.A.G. Coetzee 
 George Percy Cooke 
 J.R. Coombs 
 Mrs Marjorie E. Craig 
 Rev F.A. Cuendet 
 Rev Jene Cuenod 
 File 2 (D-G) 1908-1954) 
 M.P. Dandliker 
 Benjamin Davies 
 C.C. de Groot 
 F.E. de Klerk 
 J. de Kock 
 Miss Rachele de Kock 
 J.B. de Vaal 
 Gilbert Dick 
 Joyce Dlomu 
 J .A. Dreyer 
 U.S. Dzivhane 
 Luiza Eliashib 
 E.H. Endemann 
 F.H. EngeIbrecht. 
 Rangane Eny 
 J.G. Erasmus 
 Miss Nastia Fatton 
 Mrs G.M. Ferguson 
 Samuel B. Fleming 
 E. Giesekke 
 File 3 (H-I) 1924-1956 
 Bassic Halala 
 Joe P. Halata 
 Crpl. A.J. Hamman 
 Dr Charles Hermann Henking 
 Dr M. Hillkowitz 
 Miss Lina E. Hlaise 
 Maxwell Hlekang 
 Noel A. Hlomane 
 Lt.Col Harold Spurgeon Hobby 
 Alfred Hans Hotz 
 Miss Lucy Hurlimann 
 Rubert Ivy 
 File 4 (J-K) 1926-1955 
 Rev Alexander Augustus Jaques 
 Dr Samuel Jaques 
 Rev D.A. Jaquet 
 Mrs 1. Jaquet. 
 Abel A. Jassie 
 S. Jeannot 
 Tela Jonas 
 C.J.J. Joubert 
 U.E. Kamela 
 Demetrius Khosa 
 Mrs E. Khosa (formerly E. Malali) 
 Lita Kolbe 
 lrmela Krause 
 E. Kubaye 
 F.P. Kubayi 
 Theophile D. Kahn', 
 File 5 (I.) 1940-1954 
 Mrs Launs 
 Rev P.T. Leresche 
 Miss Violet G. Leresche 
 Le Rol H. le Riche 
 Samuel Le Tsoala 
 Hannah Le Roux 
 Char] W. Louw 
 Benjamin C. Lowane 
 J.H. Lowane 
 Simon Lowane 
 C.P. Lowry 
 File 6 (MAA-MAG) 1925-1958 
 A.T. Maake 
 Richard J. Mabalr 
 Daniel S. Mabobo 
 Francis Mabobo 
 Peter I'uxicy Daniel Mabobo 
 Mru Charlotte Maboko 
 Felix Kabula Mahoko 
 Edmund S. Mabyalane 
 Thomas Mabyalane 
 Miss P. McGregor 
 A. Machao 
 Miss Bertha Goodsir' Mackay 
 Elian Manacle 
 S. Maganu 
 Adrian Edison Mageza 
 Al ina Mageza 
 Alien Mngeza 
 Amos Esdras Mageza 
 C.K. Mageza 
 E.A. Mageza 
 Mrs J.R. Mageza 
 Louisa Mageza 
 Maria Mageza 
 Reuben E. Mageza 
 Trifosa Mageza 
 Clarisse Magwaza 
 File 7 (MAH-MAM) 1919-1955 
 James J. Mahamu 
 A.O. Mahange 
 H. Mahange 
 Obed W. Mahange 
 S. Mahange 
 Harris Ridley Mahangi 
 Charles Willie Jim Mahangu 
 R. Mahawane 
 E. Mahlale 
 S. Mahlat.Jie 
 Joseph Mahuhuehi 
 J. Maimela 
 Charles Harry Majozi 
 Basler Makama 
 Harry Makamu 
 E.H. Makankan 
 Abel Makhuvha 
 Hlghson Makhuvha 
 E.N. Makondo 
 Karl M. Makwela 
 Miss I. Malan 
 William Daniel Malan 
 Dan D. Mat ongane 
 Francina Maluleke 
 Amos Malumbete 
 Mins Vernmie Mamabolo 
 File 8 (MAN-MAZ) 1926-1955 
 EIisha J. Mankherise 
 P.M. Mannya 
 Anna Mapengo 
 W.D. Mapimele 
 J.M. Maranele 
 Joel Marhanele 
 Abel Elijah Zakes Mareana 
 Noria Mareane 
 G.J. Maree 
 Paul Maringa 
 Miss Beatrice Marivate 
 Charles Daniel Cornelius Marivate 
 C.T.D. Marivate 
 E. Marivate 
 R.D.C. Marivate 
 D.P. Marolen 
 Marie-Louise Martin 
 Monique E. Martin 
 Dr Richard Martin 
 Abel Marule 
 E. Masenya 
 J.W. Mashaba 
 Elias Mashamba 
 Francis Mashamba 
 Lucia Mashamba Alexandre Mushun 
 Mrs Elizabeth Mushao (See also Elizabeth Miyen [nee]) 
 Alexander Mashawa 
 Richard Mashisane 
 Wilson J. Masilana 
 Jackson Masahiko 
 F. Maswanganya 
 Charlie Mathonsi 
 E. Mathonei 
 C. Mathye 
 Sellina Mathye 
 Frederick Matjikana 
 J.S. Matobela 
 Robert Matsapola 
 Ernest Mawila 
 Louis MacDonald Mawila 
 Jim Mayayisi 
 File 9 (MB-MOT) 1925-1955 
 Richard Mbambu 
 Alfred Mbodi 
 J. Mboweni 
 A. Meehan 
 Miss Millin 
 A. Miyen 
 Elizabeth Mi yen (married name = Mashao) 
 Ernest E. Miyen 
 Hezekias E. Miyen 
 Joel Miyyen 
 Joseph Miyen 
 M.A. Miyen 
 Ozlas Miyen 
 J. Mkhabele 
 M. Mkhabele 
 E. Mkhombo 
 A. Mlati 
 George Mlati 
 Eddy Solomon Moaba 
 S. Moedi 
 M.M. Moerane 
 Mrs C. Mokwele 
 J.M. Molele 
 Miss Grace Moloto 
 Philippe de Montmollin 
 Maemo M. Motenda 
 Georgina Mothudi 
 R. Motsinoni 
 Selina Motsoasele 
 File 10 (MP-MZ) 1925-1958 
 Philip T. Mpai 
 Leah Mpakati 
 Abel Mpangela 
 Abel E. Mpapele 
 Anna A. Mpapele 
 David Mphelo 
 N. Mphelo 
 Manasse Mphelu 
 Walter Emmanuel Msimang 
 Lybon Mtsetwene 
 Sylvia-Mary Muedi 
 Afred Mugari 
 Irene Mugari 
 Martha Mugari 
 Tom Mukhansi 
 John M. Mukhari 
 Robert Mukhawane 
 Peter Mukhoblobwone 
 Ephraim Makhombo 
 Elias Mavhivha Livhona Mukwevho 
 Violet Mala 
 Christian T. Mulandzi 
 Gideon Kone Mulandzi 
 Dr Helmuth Muller 
 Otto Wilhelm Muller 
 Hugh G. Murcott 
 Mrs H.G. Murcott. (nee Miss L.M. Bourquin) 
 Henry Muswayine 
 File 11 (N-O) 1918-1955 
 Etienne Ndhambi 
 Juliana Ndhambi 
 Miss C. Neethling 
 Elias M. Nemadzivhanani 
 Samuel C. Nemanungane 
 Nelson Nethengwe 
 Mrs I. Nicholls. 
 Mrs Nkehli 
 E. Nkhnubo 
 Albert Nkondo 
 J. Nkazana 
 Zoliswa Nkwanca 
 Andries Nlati 
 A. Nuhalati 
 Solomon J. Nshalati 
 E. Ntaben 
 N. Nthunga 
 H.E. Ntsanwisi 
 let: I 1 e George Nutt. 
 Philip Wilfrid Nutt. 
 O.J. Nzala 
 Miss Johanna Helena Oosthuysen 
 Miss Kitty Organe 
 File 12 (P-R) 1908-1955 
 B. Pandeka 
 Miss H. Pandeka 
 Miss Annie Gertrude Pascoe 
 Mr Pearson 
 A. Phadziri 
 Florence Phalala 
 Roberts Phaswane 
 P.A. Phephenyane 
 Miss Lily Poppltt 
 Mary Potter 
 J.L. Pretorius 
 N.B.H. Quirke 
 Wilson R. Rabuma 
 Andreas Ramanyimi 
 Jaekson Rambau 
 Manasseh Rambau 
 J. Rammala 
 William Maphyanyi Ramolefho 
 Miss Ramsay 
 John Raymond Rapson 
 Dan M. Rasengane 
 E.R.B. Rasengane 
 Moses R. Rasengane 
 Vivienne C. Reynolds 
 P. Rikotso 
 T.C. Robson 
 Miss Isabelle Roch 
 Rev A. Rosselet 
 Miss L. Rosselet 
 Miss R. Rundle 
 File 13 (S) 19261957 
 Morris Sayimane 
 Miss Martha Schlaulelo 
 Miss Sonja Sehlesin 
 Edna Shihambe 
 E. Shihambi 
 F. Shihambi 
 Nelson Shikahele 
 M.L. Shilote 
 H. Shilubana 
 Richard Shiluvane 
 P. Shimange 
 Afred Shimati 
 R. Shimati 
 Norman Joseph Shipalana 
 Johason J.M. Shishavele 
 Elles Kaba Shitlhavane 
 Arthur Sililo 
 Paul V.D. Simiron 
 Mrs M.R. Simms 
 M. Sono 
 Keystone P. Soundy 
 P.J. Soundy 
 J.P.J. Steenkamp 
 J.P. Stegmann 
 Miss G.E. Stonehouse 
 Miss F.M. Symes 
 File 14 (T) 1907-1955 
 Mrs Adriana Tait 
 Everit J. Tau 
 J. Templeton 
 Rev B. Terrisse 
 Puxley M. Thombakgale 
 Mrs A.A.G. Thomas. 
 Mrs E. Thomas 
 Miss M. Thomas 
 Miss M. Thomo 
 Elsie M. Tilney 
 Griffiths Gideon Tinghitsi 
 Sam Tingitsi 
 Christian Elihu Tlakula 
 Eliza' L. Tlakula 
 Etienne Tlakula 
 Mrs F. Tlakula 
 Ph. Tlakula 
 John Tlavela 
 Alfred Tlhavela 
 Han Dieter Trupelmann 
 Etienne S. Tshabane 
 F. Tshavane 
 Joseph Tsongayinwe 
 File 15 (U-2) 1928-1955 
 Miss Luise Ulrich 
 J.W.P. van der Wart 
 Jan Johannes van der Westhuizen 
 Johannes Christiaan van der Westhuizen 
 P.W. van Heerden 
 A.D. van Niekerk 
 C.J. van Niekerk 
 Miss Antonin A. van Vloten 
 Wiiliam Wells 
 Roux Wilsenach 
 P.M. Witkop 
 Dr Elspeth Clara Ziegler 
 L.S. Zwane 
30.12 Schools 89f 1891-1975 
 General correspondence, bsilding and maintenance, inspection reports, quarterly returns and sundry material relating to individual schools whtch are listed alphabetically hereunder: 
30.12.1 Baratta School 1f 1940-1951 
30.12.2 Don Accord School1f 1929 
30.12.3 Bordeasx School1f 1953 
30.12.4 Burghersdorp School 1f n.d. 
30.12.5 Central Public School/Rev H.P. Junod's Public School, Atteridgeville Pretoria 1f 1939-1946 
30.12.6 Dan School 1f 1950-1955 
30.12.7 Djunane School 1f 1938-1952 
30.12.8 Dzumeri School 1f 1950-1955 
30.12.9 Errata School 1f 1906-1929 
30.12.10a Elim School: General matters1f 1905-1952 
30.12.10b Elim: Financial concerns 1f 
30.12.11 Emmano School 1f 1907 
30.12.12 Emmaus School 1f 1905-1952 
30.12.13 Hebron Public Native school 1f n.d. 
30.12.14 Kaslaagte School1f 1947-1948 
30.12.15 Khujwana School1f 1950-1955 
30.12.16 Kurulen School 1f 1942-1948 
30.12.17a Lemana Training College (Normal) 1f 1911-1956 
30.12.17b Lemana Junior Practising School 1f 1942-1955 
30.12.17c Lemana: Douglas Laing Smit Secondary School 1f c1912-1956 
30.12.17d Lemons Industrial School 1f 1945-1950 
30.12.17e Lemana Training Institution: Music Coarse 1f 1947-1949 
30.12.17f Lemana Domestic Science School1f 1938 
30.12.17g Lemana: Genera] Correspondence 6f 1903-1957 
 Includes information re students, staff, examinations etc. 
 Many letters either to or from the Education Deportment: 
 A particularly interesting letter from C.T. Loram offering constructive criticism after a visit to Lemana 22 Nov.1923 
30.12.17h Lemana: Correspondence re suppliers 
30.12.17i Lemana: Staff - Assumption of duties at the beginntng of term 
30.12.17j Lemana School magazine and sundry press clippings 1906-1934 
30.12.17k Lemamo: Correspondence re syllabi c1905-1936 
30.12.17l Lemana: Finaneial eoncerns 3f 1905-1952 
 Annual accounts:, balance sheets, budgets and correspondence relating thereto 
30.12.17m Lemana: Building and Maintenanca 1906-1936 
 Includes water supply, pipeline plans, maistemonce grants, buildisg grants, Lemamo transfer from Rossbach 1919-1920 (for Lemana transfer In 1950s See School transfers 31.6) 
30.12.17n School Fees 2f 
 General payment of school fees and repayment of 1can bursaries, filed alphabetically according to student money. (For further information on Lemana students See Students General 30.10b) 
30.12.17o Lemana: inventories 
30.12.17p Lemana: Cosstitution, rules and regulations, applieation forms, Lemasa Students Christian Association, graph of number of new students between 1906-1931 
30.12.17q Lemana: Reports and Statistics 5f 1906-1962 
30.12.17r Lemana Commission and Lemana Advisory Committee 3f 1906-1971 
30.12.18 Lelen (Santini) Sehool 1f 1953-1954 
30.12.19 Maake School 1f 1950-1955 
30.12.20 Mafarane School 1f 1950-1955 
30.12.21 Mambedi School 1f 1949 
30.12.22 Mamitwa School 1f 1938-1955 
30.12.23 Manavele School1f e1927 
30.12.24 Manobele School 1f 1925 
30.12.25 Mariveni School 1f 1950-1955 
30.12.26 Mashamba School 1f 1942-1951 
30.12.27 Mashashane School 1f Undated 
30.12.28 Matsila School 1f 1948 
30.12.29 Mbokota School 1f 1942-1952 
30.12.30 Mhinga School 1f 1939-1951 
30.12.31 Mohlaba School 1f' 1949-1955 
30.12.:32 Molopane Private School 1f 1954 
30.12.33 Ngobe School 1f 1954-1955 
30.12.34 Nkambako School 1f 1950-1954 
30.12.35 Pfukane School 1f 1942 
30.12.36 Phaphazela School 1f 1941-1942 
30.12.37 Riverplaats School 1f 1940-1951 
30.12.38 Rooistadt Shangaan Pu1ic School1f 1939-1948 
30.12.39 Runnymede School 1f 1950-1954 
30.12.40 Salem School 1f 1948 
30.12.41 Shigalo School 1f 1942-1948 
30.12.42 Shihlobyeni School 1f 1955-1956 
30.12.43 Shikundu Sehool 1f 1942-1947 
30.12.44a Shiluvane School: general correspondence 1f 
30.12.44b Shiluvane Primary School 1f 1950-1954 
30.12.44c Shiluvane Secondary School 1f' 1950-1955 
30.12.45 Shirley School 1f c1946 
30.12.46 Sbirulurulu School 1f 1938-1955 
30.12.47 Swiss Mission Private Eerste Rust Native School 1f 1947-1948 
30.12.48 Tiyiselane School 1f 1935-1946 
30.12.48 Tlangelane School 1f 1942-1951 
30.12.50 Tours School1f 1950-1957 
30.12.51 Tsakane School 1f 1945-1951 
30.12.52 Tshakhuma School 1f 1943-1946 
30.12.53 Tsofim School 1f 1905-1906 
30.12.54 Valdezia 1f' 1944-1954 
30.13 Transvaal Education Department (T.E.D.) 13f 1903-1957 
30.13.1 General Correspondence1f 1907-1955 
30.13.2 Circulars, Notices and Heports of Meetings 1f 1931-1947 
30.13.3 Jegulations and Codes 1f 1903-1955 
30.13.4 Grants, Bursaries and Subsidies 10f 1904-1957 
30.14 General Educational Matters 2f 1899-1958 
30.14.1 Educational films, school books, general syllabus, teachers' syllabus, teachers' special course, Native teachers' course: higher and lower 1f 1907-1955 
30.14.2 Examinations 1f' 1899-1958 and Undated 
 Includes examination papers, timetables, results, correspondence re inclusion of Tsonga/ Shangaan language into nitric examinations, T.E.D. circulars, applications to mark scripts 
30.15 Transvaal Education Department Staff 5f 1909-1957 
30.15.1 Principals and Superintendents 1f 1909-1952 
 General correspondesce and memoranda 
30.15.2 Inspectors and Organizers 1f 1924-1957 
 Correspondence and memoranda re lists of transfers of and notices to: inspections, administrative and departmental organizers 
30.15.3 Conferences and Meetings 1f 1950-1954 
 Conference of Principals and Superintendents of Training Institutions, minutes and general corresposdence 
30.15.4 Allowances 1f 1425-1955 
 Allowances of Commissioner, cost of living and Prineipals 
30.15.5 Staff Salaries 1f 1924-1956 
 Correspondence and memoranda 
30.16 See also Box S6 
31 EDUCATION 18f 1894-1968 
31.1 Native Edacation 2f 1928-1968 
31.1a T.E.D. correspondence 1f 1928-1936 
31.1b Examtnation papers 1f 1967-1968 
31.1.1-64 Transvaal Education Department 2f 1907-1968 
 Minutes and agendas of meetings of various educational boarda on Native Education, memoranda, reports, resolutions, circulars, questionnaires, Administrator's notices and ordinances, which include T.E.D.'s training in natve institutions, regulations governing admission of students, examinations of candidates. proposal for higher certificate for native teaehers. the practical orthography of Tswana, Bantu schools on mission farms, SAIRR summary of report of Commission os Native Education in S.A. 1949-1951, constitutfon of Superintendent Teachers of the Swiss Mission In Letaba District, Division of Christian Education - Wilgespruit Fellowship Centre, Feb.1966, Shiluvane attempts to encourage on adult education programme, Winter conferences and courses. 
31.2 The State of Native Education 2f 192.6-1947 
 Studies and essays on various aspects of native education. finance. missionary and theological training in Johannesburg, reports re disturbances at native edueational isstitutions, Jul.1947 
31.3 Education Commissions/Committees 1f 1928-1949 
 Education commissions, boarding school committees and the question of obligatory education on the mission farms in the Transvaal 
31.4 Schooi Commissions/Committees and Other Assoc1ations 2f 1950-1952 
 Commissions and committees of schools and Zoutpansberg Inter-Schools Athletic Association 
31.5 Agricultural and Industrial Schools 2f 1911-1950 
 Correspondence, reports, memoranda, including letter from H. A. Junod to members of council, Mission Romande, Lausanne re the creation of 
 industrial and commercial establishments in S+A.; the foundation of an agricultural and industrial branch following visit of delegates to 
 Africa; Shirley School, Shilouvane, and agricultural, domestic science and nursing school at Elim; administration of government subsidies for handwork schools in the Transvaal; probable cost of superintendence of min;ion schools 1950 
31.6 Transfer of Schools 2f 1949-1958 
 Correspoadence, reports from schools, ineludtng deed of agreement between Swiss Mission in S.A. and the Transvaal Education Department 1949; cost of superintendency of schools; departmental policy regarding take-over of schoois; transfer of control of state-aided schools to Bantu commanity organisations except in teacher training schools; control and subsidization of state-aided farm, mine and factory schools and conditions of nervice for teachers; details of Swiss Mission schools, private farms, schools on land belonging to the Mission; remittance of mission schools to native school boards; restitution of school buildings 
31.7 Teaching of Women 1f 1934 
 Project of a school for young girls and report on Hartzell Girls School 
31.8 Salaries of Teachers/Evangelists 3f 1894, 1923, 1931 
 Letter in Tsonga re salaries of teachers and evasgelists: report presented to Couneil of Swiss Mission it salaries of Black pastors., teachers and evangelists; record of legal proceedings or the Salary Test Caso of the Transvaal African Teachers Association (TATA); workmen's compensation; deductions received; correspondence with T.E.D., copies of atop orders 
31.9 Rehabilitation of Convicts 1f Undated 
32 LEMANA 50f 1905-1974 
32.1 Internal 4f 1906-1970 
32.1.1 Lemana Training Institution 1f 1906-1966 
32.1.2 Constitution 1f 1952 
32.1.3 Lemana Parish 1f 1960-1970 
 Correspondesce, memoranda and finance 
32.1.4 Land and Agricsltsral flask Loan1f 1913 
 Corresposdence and application for loans 
32.2 Correspondence - Lemana 28f 1903-1974 
32.2. i) General 3f 1905-1963 
 ii) M. Chapatte 4f 1951-1972 
 iii) T. Schneider 1f 1966-1969 
 iv) Staff 1f 1903-1944 
32.2.2 Memoranda, Reports and Statistics 1f 1906-1970 
32.2.3 Finance 1f 1923-1970 
32.2.4 Committees, Councils and Commissions 12f 1945-1974 i) Lemana Advisory Committee 1f 1968-1974 
 Correspondence, draft budgets, memoranda and sotes 
 ii) Lemana Building Committee (Xihubyana xa ku aka) 1f 1969-1972 
 Correspondence, memoranda, estimatas and plas. In Tsonga and English. 
 iii) Camps Committee (Magovelo) 1f 1969-1973 
 Correspondence and memoranda 
 iv) famine Relief and Home Industries Committee (Vamanana) 1f 1969-1973 
 Correspondence, memoranda and reports 
 v) Farms Committee (Majurasi) 1f' 1969-1973 
 Correspondence, memorasda, minutes, balance sheets asd reports 
 vi) Medica) Committee (Xihabyana xa Swibedlele) 1f 1969-1973 
 Minutes, study bursary agreements, loan agreements, memoranda 
 vii) Sehool Committees 1f 1945-1947 
 Circular minute re native school feeding scheme, income and expenditure account 1947, constitution of committee of registered native mission schools Native Council System 1f Undated 
 Memorandum in Tsonga. Commissions 4f' 1920-1955 
 i) Letter to Rev A. Eberhardt from S.B. Fleming for communication to commission; commission to plan for a school at Lemana. In French 
 ii) Missionary Schools Commission 1f 1948-1952 
 Correspondence and memoranda. In French 
 iii) Sub-Commission of Schools 1f 1952 
 Correspondence, memoranda and reports. In English and French 
 iv) Native Education Commission 1f 1938-1955 
 Minutes, correspondence, questlonnaire, reports. In English and French 
32.3 Dressmaking, Arts and Crafts 2f 1938-1958 
32.3.1 Lemana Dressmaking Courses 1f 1938-1955 
 Correspondence, memoranda, certificates re courses in dressmaking 
32.3.2 Arts and Crafts 1f 1958 
 Correspondenca re Bantu crafts nod sketch plan for proposcd new display cabinets in the Ethnological Museom at Lemana 
32.4 PCSA-UPC-TPC Union Negotiations 1f 1961-1972 
32.4.1 Basis of Union 1f 1970 
 Oasis of union between the Bantu Presbyterian Church of South Africa, the Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa and the Tsonga Presbyterian Church with Tsonga translation 
32.4.2 Union Negotiations 2f 1961-1972 
 Correspondence, memoranda, addresses, amendments to draft, reports, press cutting, on negotiations to unite the 3 charches 
32.4.3 United Presbyter1an Church in Southern Afrtca 1f Undated 
 Constitution of congregations 
32.4.4 The Presbyterian Church of Southern Afriea 1f 1969-1970 
 Memoranda, minutes, final draft of Book of Order, opinion and constitutional set-up 
32.4.5 Union Negotiations Committee 1f 1969-1970 
 Completed forms by parishes to the sub-committee on use of service books and hymnals. 
32.5 Other Institutions 
32.6 Lemana Photographs, undated - stored with photographs 
34 GENERAL 1f 1908-1953 
 Correspondence and memoranda on books; statement on the consequences of war on staff of Mission Romande In Switzerland; teaching course; native teachers' certificate, examinations, memorandum on teaching of hygiene in the native primary schools; course of hygiene and domestic science for Bantu women; report for 1953 of Chaplain's activities at the Leeuwkop Farm Colony 
40 MEDICAL WORKS (Oeuvre Medicale) 19f 1898-1967 
40.1 Elim Hospital 4f 1898-1967 
40.1.1 Constitution and Regulations 1f 1915-1964 
40.1.2 Annual Reports 1f 1898-1961 
40.1.3 Hospital Board 1f 1941-1967 
 Minutes and reports 
40.1.4 Correspondence of the Administrative Committee, general workings of the mtssion, land, schools and personnel working on the various stations. 
 Correspondents include Rev F.A. Cuendet, Rev B. Terrise, Rev D. Jacques. In French, English and Tsonga 
 (See also box S1) 
40.2 Shiluvane Hospital 2f 1929-1953 
40.2.1 Erection of hospitals, clinics and nursing homes 1f 1929-1953 
 Correspondence re establishment of the hospital, nursing home and nurses' quarters, reports, plans and notes 
40.2.2 Dispensary Reports 1f 1930-1937 
 Construction statements and reports. 
40.3 Masona Hospital 1f 1936-1955 
 Minutes, expenditure accounts, reports and annual report 1955 
40.4 Medical Commissions 1f 1902-1951, 1961(In Tsonga) 
 Minutes and reports 
40.5 Bushbuekridge Clinic 1f 1939-1941 
 Expenditure account and report on the working of the Clinic 
40.6 Chikoumbane Hospital 1f 1910-1938 
 Reports on the working of the hospital 
40.7 Graskop Medical Mission 1f 1927 
 Report on establishing the mission 
40.8 Inhambane Medical Congress 1f 1929 
 Report of Dr Perret-Gentil 
40.9 Lourenco Marques Missionary Hospital 1f 1909-1938 
 Reports on the activities of the hospital 
40.1 Matoutouene Clinic 1f 1929-1936 
 Reports and notes 
40.11 Muhlava Clinic 1f Undated 
 Plans of erection of Clinic 
 Report of the Committee appointed to inquire into the training. Of natives in medicine and public health. U.G.35, '28 
41.1 Nutrition 1f 1926 
 Letter from Sophie Johannot accompanying her TS for publication as n brochure on nutrition. In French 
41.2 Divine Healing 1f Undated 
 The ministry of divise healing. by John Macdonald. TS. 13p. 
41.3 Dispensaries 1f 1930-1938 
 Reports from various dispensaries, statistics - Sbilouvane, Manjekeze and Matoutouene 
42.1 Health Pamphlets 1f 1911-1922 
42.2 Blind Institutions 1f 1912, 1975-1976 
 Correspondence and 4th report to the Committee of Le Foyer, Chailly, Lausanne - the Swiss Institution for the Blind; minutes and memoranda re the Revoni Workshop for the Blind 
50-59 SWISS MISSION IN AFRICA 109f + 5v 1084-1971 
50.1 Missionaries; (Missionaires) 5f 1909-1960 
50.1.1 General Correspondence and Memoranda 1f 1909-1938 
 inciudes misce1faneous correspondence and memoranda on administrative work in Africa. the death or the Secretary-General in Laosanne. The Funeral or Mr A. Grandjean, regulations of the Superannuation Fund, the distribution of seats elected by the Council and delegates. in French 
50.1.2 Instructions to Missionaries in Africa 1f 1909-1942 
50.1.3 Reports 4f 1884-1890, 1922-1961 
 Annual reports. In French 
50.1.4 Missionaries in the Transvaal 1f' 1937-1962 
 Memoranda on missionary work, salaries, reorganisation. politics, independent. African churches, Pentecost. the disappearance of the Christian Church in N.Africa, Christ1an hope. orientation, and coal in the OFS 
50.1.5 Mission Church in Africa 1f 1957-1960 
 The mission-church relationship approach, relations between the Tsonga Presbyterian Church and the Swiss Hission and proposed union; mission-church relations in the Transvaal. In French, Tsonga and English 
50.2 Demoiselles Misslonaires (Women Missionaries)1f 1911-1958 
 Memoranda on the preparat1cn of sending women missionaries to South Africa and Lourenco Marques to teach in schools, boarding of women missionaries; the employment and payment of domestics, use of motor vehicles; organisation of Sunday schools; religious instruction in schools, home builders 
50.3 Evangelisation 1f Undated 
 Memoranda in Tonga and French on the Tsonga Presbyterian Church and the Blacks and evangelism 
50.4 Superintendent, Secretary. Secretary or Advisor in Africa 1f Undated 
50.5 Staff Meetings 1f 1966-1967 
 Minutes and report 
50.6 Treatment of Missionaries in South Africa 1f 1939-1953 
 Reports and correspondence on expenses and charges of missionaries, salaries and conditions of personnel of the Swiss (Mission 
50.7 Rsles of Pens1cn Fund of Swiss Mission in South Africa 1f 1913-1958 
 Memoranda on rules and pensioners' cases (Caisse de retraite) 
51 CONFERENCES AND COMMISSIONS 45f + 3v 1879-1971 
51.1 Conferences 9f + 3v 1879-1946 
51.1.1 Mission Romande 1f 1886-1900 
 Decisions of Committee and Conference, Elim, Spelonken. In French 
51.1.7 Minutes and Minute-Books 31 + 3v 1879-1899, 1905-1944 
51.1.2a Minute-hooks 3v 1879-1899 
 In French 
51.1.2b Minutes 3f 1905-1944 
 Minutes and reports from conference held in Transvaal and Lourenco Marques. In French 
51.1.3 Correspondence 2f 1893-1944 
 Letters to conferences from Lausanne and Transvaal. In French 
51.1.4 Papers from Conference 1f 1945 
 Letter and paper presented to Elim Missionary Conference. In French and Tsonga 
51.1.5 Programme for Conferences, Switzerland 1f 1946 
 Correspondence, memoranda and notes re programmes for conferences 
51.1.6 Commission for Reorganisation of Conferences 1f Undated 
 Reports on the administration of reorganising conferences 
51.2 Commissions 14f 1895-1968 
51.2.1 Administrative Commission, Transvaal 7f 1930-1959 
51.2.1a Minutes 6f' 1930-1961 
51.2.1b Correspondence 1f 1945-1956 
51.2.1c Reports 1f 1935-1959 
51.2.2 Administrative Commission du Littoral (Coastal - Mozambique) 7f 1895-1968 
51.2.2a Minutes 5f 1895-1968 
51.2.2b Reports 2f 1907-1959 
51.3 Executive Commission 2f 1928-1969 
51.3.1 Minutes, Coastal 1f 1928-1956 
51.3.2 Minutes, Transvaal 1f 1954-1969 
51.4 Field Commission (Commission du Chump) 1f 1961-1968 
 Minutes. In French and English 
51.5 Power of Attorney and Lease 1f 1919. 1943 
51.6 Commissions - Various 18f 1920-1971 
51.6.1 Building Commission (Commission des Batisses) 1f Undated 
 Report on the construction of the new church at Valdezia 
51.6.2 Schools Commission (Commtssion des Ecoles) 1f 1924-1951 
 Minutes and reports of schools 
51.6.3 Education Commission (Commission d'Education) 1f 1947, 1949. 1954 
51.6.4 Examinations Commission (Commission d'Examen) 1f' 1939, 1953, 1957 
 Reports on examinations 
51.6.5 Family Dependants Commission (Commission pour Examiner ia Question des "Charges de Famille") 1f 1928 
 Reunion of the Committee named by the Senate. Minutes 
51.6.b Farms Commission (Commission den Fermes) 2f 1936- 1951 
 Mtnutes re farms 
51.6.7 Finance Commission (Commission des Finances) 1f 1935-1939 
 Minutes of Finance Committee to examine the rehabilitation of workmes in the native church, budget of Central Bank and reorganise the treatment of workers 
51.6.8 Youth Commission (Commission de Jeunesse) 1f 1942, 1951-1952 
 Reports of Youth Committee 
51.6.9 Library Commission (Commission de Librairie) 3f 1920-1961 
 Meeting of the Extraordinary Library Committee Commission 1970; reports and minutes 
51.6.10 Literary Commission (Commission de Litterature) 1f 1959 
 Minutes on Literature 
51.6..11 Medical Commission (Commission Medicale) 1f 1930-1956 
51.6.12 Mille' Commission (Commission du Moulin) 1f 1922-1924 
51.6.13 Social Work Commission (Commission da I'Oeuvre Sociale) 1f 1920-1921 
 Minutes and reports on social work 
51.6.14 Mining and Industrial Regions Commisston (Commission des Regiones Minieres et Indastrielles)1f 1951-1960 
 Minutes on mining and industry 
51.6.15 Motor Vehicle Commission (Commission des Vehicles a Moteur) 1f 1910-1971 
 Minutes, reports, correspondence and memoranda on Motor Vehicle Commission 
52 ADMINISTRATION 6f 1899-1964 
52.1 Administration or Swiss Mission1f 1910-1964 
 Reports on the administration of the Swiss Mission in Lourenco Marques, reorgantzation minutes, change of name of the Mission Suisse Romande, occupation of Swiss Mlesion in Lydenburg distriet, ereetion of chapels and sociat centras 
52.2 Plans1f 1959-1961 
 In Tsonga 
52.3 Inventories 3f 1899-1950 
 Inventories of the various stations and hospitals 
52.4 Commiss1cns/Committees - General 1f 1912-1932 
 Report of the Council to examine the project of founding an agricultural and industrial branch; rules of Transvaal Commission; minutes of Tsonga Commission 
53 FARMS COMMISSION (Commission des Fermes) 28f + 1v 1889-1970 
53.1 Farms 6f 1936-1962 + 1959- 1975 (See also Box S1 + S5) 
 Correspondence and memoranda re excisions of land, farm commission, purchase and sale of iand. In English, French and Tsonga 
53.1.1 Deeds of Sale 1f 1905-1944 
 Deeds of sale for the Swiss Mission with accompanying correspondence and menoranda 
53.1.2 Reports on Agricultural Institution1f 1906-1950 
 Reports on the forming of an agricultural Institution soil conservation and reclamation 
53.1.3 Farm 'Sedan', Shilonvane' 5f 1889-1956 
 Correspondence and memoranda on leasing of farm 'Sedan', soil erosion division of plots, production and working of farm. In English and French 
53.1.4 Farm 'Schiel' 1f 1903-1916 
 Correspondence and pian re reservation of part of farm Schiel' for Swims Mission station, negotiations with Natve Affairs Dept., culling of livestock on native farms. In English and French 
53.1.5 Klipfontein 109, Zoutpansberg 3f 1903-1949 
53.1.5a Correspondence, memoranda, plans, finance, re farm tax, fencing etc. in English 
53.1.5b Transfer of portions of land to Timeteo Makapa and others+ In English and Tsonga 
53.1.5c Sale of plots of land to natives on Klipfontein 109. In English and French 
53.1.6 Kurulene1f 194b-1954 
 Correspondenee and memoranda re fencing of boondary lines between forms Ongedact and Trust Farm Vygeboomdrift 
53.1.7 Farms - Rossbach and Riverplaats 2f 1904-1923 
 i) Correspondence and menoranda on application for search, budget, sale of farms, power of attorney 
 ii) Deed of sale and tax receipts 
53.1.8 Waterval 118 1f 1929-1930 
 Correspondence re lease. to F.D. Thomas 
53.1.9 Shirley 1f 1934-1943 
 Correspondence re fencing of boundary line between Elim and Shirley by Mr H.S. Phillips; letter to Mr Cuenod re appotnting a church committee 
 consisting of the missionary at Elim as chairman and Mrs Lucette Phillips as vice-chairman and elders of Shirley 
53.1.10 Farm Contracts 1f 1922-1947 
 Contracts, deed of transfer, agreements of lease and lease of trading rights between Swiss Mission and C.H. Khoja 
53.1.11 Trading Rights 1f 1922-1947 
 Correspondence re trading rights on stores, general dealers, estate of B.B.J. Vorster - Elim Butchery. fresh produce and hawkers' licences permission to open co-operative store at Valdezia 
53.1.12 Mineral Rights1f 1910-1948 
 Correspondence and memoranda on the digging of corundum on the Farm Waterval No..118 and certiftcate of agreement of conditions and mineral rights 
53.1.13 Farm Tax 1f 1904-1950 
 Correspondence, memoranda and reports concerning the administration of rents and taxes on farms at Elim and Valdezia, tax receipts to Rev E. Thoma 
53.1.14 Tenants' Rents 1f 1984-1970 
53.1.15 Tree Planting 1f 1906-1924 
 Correspondence re tree seeds, supply and plasting of trees 
53.2 Farms Commission 3f + 1v 1892-1969 
53.2.1 Correspondence, memoranda and minutes re farms commission 1f 1910-1969 
53.2.2a Soil Erosion Committee 1v 1951-1957 
53.2.2b Soil Erosion Commission 1f 1952-1966 
 Minutes, statements, memoranda and proposed constitution of "Huvo ya Mapurasi" and "Swihuhyana swa Mapurasi" 
53.2.3 Management Commission f 1892-1908 
 Correspondence, m1autea and translation of deed of sale 
53.4 Landed Property - Studies (Proprietes foncires - etudes) 1f 1914-1958 
 Reports and memoranda 
53.5 Water 1f 1929-1955 
 Correspondence and memoranda on water supply, water rights, letters between Professor M.W. Henning and Mr R. Cuenod 
53.6 Excision and Exploitation of Farms 3f 3907-1968 
 Correspondence, memoranda. reports; re farms Klipfontein 109 and Waterval 318 
53.6.1 H.R. Mingard 1f 1907-1954 
 Correspondence and memoranda re buying and selling of land between the Swiss Mission and Mr H.R. Mingard 
53.7 Fire Insurance 1f 1912-1935 
 Insurance and receipts with Phoenix Assurance Co+ of London against fire 
53.8 Permission to Occupy 5f 1911-196] 
53.8.1 General 1f 1930-1961 
 Correspondence re applications for church sites and school purposes; Native Service Contract Act 1932 
53.8.2 Riverplaats 1f 1942-1959 
 Correspondence land memoranda on church site of Riverplaats; and application for school site and the making of bricks on commonage, school gardens land fencing 
53.8.3 Mashamba, Riversdale 206 1f 1949-1959 
 Correspondence. memoranda and sketch plans re application for school and church site 
53.8.4 Mbokota, Mashappe 865 1f' 1911, 1944-1955 
 Correspondence. memoranda, report of inspection of Mbokota Native School, 1911; applications for assistance for building a second classroom and permission to occupy; teachers site 
53.8.5 Way iii, Bellevue 1f 1953-1957 
 Correspondence and memoranda re application to establish church and school sites at Be1fevue 
53.9 Finance Committee 3f 1902-1970 
 Memoranda, minutes, expenditure accounts: and budgets. In French, English and Tsonga 
54.1 Positions of Women in the Mission Field 1f 1924 
 International enquiry into the situation of women in the mission field churches 
54.2 Native Housing 1f 1948 
 Memorandum on an experiment in native housing 
54.3 Native Trust Fund 2f 1909, 1913, 1930, 1941 
54.3.1 Letter to Dept. or Native Affairs from E. Stubbs, Native Commissioner, Zoutpansberg on Native Land Act 1913 - mission stations; note on financial position of the native development account 1930; lecture on the S.A. Native Trust, 1941 
54.3.2 Central Native Fund 1f 1909 
 Report on the Foundation and progress of the fund 
54.5 Joint Council lfrv+ 1925-1957 
 Constitution, minutes and minute book, correspondence and memoranda of Joint. Council 
54.6 Miscellaneous 11 1911-1914, 1961 
 Circular concerning the study of a type of mission station, Geneva, 1911; Report to the Commission to examine the chapel at Elim; building of churches, 1961 
55 RACE 1f 1962 
 Notes on talk 'The Church and Race' given at African Hinisters' Retreat, Wilgespruit, 21 Mar.1962 
56 NATIVE AFFAIRS 8f 1886-1956 
56.1 Reports 1f 1905, 1924 
 South African Native Affairs Commission, 1903-1905. Report with Annexures, Nos.1-9 
 Summary of reports of certain pre-Union Commissions on Native Affairs, Mar.1924 
56.2 Correspondence 5f 1886-1953 
56.2.1 2 letters from Capt Dahl, Native Commissioner's Office+ 1 in Dutch with translated copy, July 1886 
56.2.2 2 letters from the office of the Veldcornet, Spclonken, 1896, 1899. 
56.2.3 Lottery from the Department of Native Affatrs and Commissioners re iand for natives, regulations on kaffir beer, missionary activities; in native locations, church and school sites, accommodation for mental pattents and matters re iadividuals, 1904-1953 
56.2.4 Correspondence from the Department. of' Immigration and Asiatic Affairs re permit of Solomon Mbofona, 1951 
56.2.5 Correspondence re application for permanent residenee in SA and aliens registration 
56.3 Stop Orders 1f 1954-1956 
 List of stop orders, deductions, abolishment of stop orders 
56.4 Memoranda 1f 1935-1937 
 Memoranda on native ;Juvenile de1faquency; re a collection of native history and customs 
60 ECUMENICAL (Occumenisme) 76f + 1v 1902-1976 
60.1 Christiao Council of South Aft-lea 3i' 1926-1968 
 Constitution, minutes, memoranda, correspondence, roporls on the (Iran constitution; Bloemfontein Conference Jun.1936; Executive Committee of Native Welfare; native education; budget; directory; youth movements; Women's Work Committee; evangelism; council meetings; South African Outlook, V.67, No.798, 1 Nov.1937; Girl Wayfarers Movement; division of Christian education 
60.2 Transvaal Missionary Council 1f 1905-1968 
 Constitutios, memoranda, reports, questionnaire re future work in the Transvaal, administration in Africa, combat against mosquitoes, orthographic unification of Tonga, Ronga and Tswa, formation of country branches, reports from delegates on the budget, treatmcst of missionaries in the Transvaal, reports on questionnaire regarding allocations to couples and young women missionaries 
60.3 International Missionary Coonc1f (Conseil internasionale des missions) 1f 1905-1938 
 Memoranda, press cutttings and minutes: including reports from conferences, Transvaal African missions, enquiry into missionary problems, statistics, resolntions of conference, 'The Chureh in the World of Today', Hangchow 1938 
60.4 General Missionary Conference (Transvaal) 1f 1904-1961 
 Minotes, reports, resolutions and circulars in Engiish, French and Tsonga 
60.4.1 Minate Book of the Conference of the Transvaal lv 1900-1907 In French 
60.5 All Africa Conference of Chsrches 1f 1969 
 Memoranda containing a message of the 2nd AACC Assembly, Abidjan 1969 to the churches of Africa; notes of suggestions: from the divisional meeting about work to be done by commissions 
60.6 Inter-Church Meetings 1f 1961-1962 
 Correspondence and minates re first meeting for all churches in Venda, bible school, meeting of Committee of the Bantu Presbyterian, Tsonga Presbyterian and Presbyterian Church of Southern Afriea churches, Johannesburg 1962 and between representatives of Tonga Presbytarian Church and the Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk, Tzaneen 1960 
60.7 Mozambique 40f 1902-1960 
60.7.1 Correspondence and Memoranda 2f 1902-1950 
 Letters, articles and memoranda on the Mission Romande, the work of the mission in Mozambique, general reports on the administration of stations and schools. In French and Tsonga 
60.7.2 Beira 1f 1935-1950 
 Memoranda re the station at Beira and Its reports and statistics 
60.7.3 Station Reports 26f 1885-1948 
 Reports 25f 1906-1948 
 1 Antioka 1f 1906-1938 
 2 Chichongi 1f 1912-1938 
 3 Chikhoumhane 1f 1908-1936 
 4 Croix-Bleue 1f 1922-1932 
 5 Elim 1f 1911 
 6 Ouija1f 1922-1938 
 7 Inhambane 1f 1929 
 8 Johannesburg 1f 1910-1911 
 9 Kouroulene 1f 1910-1817 
 10 Lourenco Marques 21 1906-1948 
 11 Magoule 1f 1922-1938 
 12 Makoulane 1f 1909-1910 
 13 Manhica 1f 1932-1938 
 14 Manjakaze 1f 1919-1938 
 15 Mapoute 1f 1927-1928 
 16 Mathouthwini 1f 1907-1922 
 17 Matontouene1f 1906-1936 
 18 Mpicane-Maboulanene1f 1925 
 19 Noupbulane (Nwaphalane)1f 1920-1938 
 20 Ntchomhano 1f 1911, 1926 
 21 Rikatla 1f 1907-1938 
 22 Shilouvane 1f 1910-1911 
 23 Tempe 1f' 1906-1936 
 24 Valdezia 1f 1911 
60.7.4 Report on Expedition Magud 1f 1885 
60.7.5 Minutes 3f 1911-1960 
60.7.5a Miscellanoous minutes in Tsonga 1f 1913-1930 
60.7.5b Christian Council of Mocambiqoe 1f 1945 
60.7.5c Minutes of Commissions in AdminIstration, Education and Coastal Executive 1f 1911, 1926, 1953-1960 
60.7.6 Conferences (Colloques) 7f 1911-1968 
60.7.6a Minutes and reports, of miscellaneous conferences. In French 1f 1911-1926 
60.7.6b Conference du Littoral (Coastal) 4f 1911-1968 
 Minutes of Conferences 
60.7.6c Contra Costa Conference 1f 1931 
 Papers read. In English 
60.7.6d S.C.A. Cirele Conference 1f 1457 
 Lemana Training Institution, 6 Apr.1957. In English 
60.7.6e Miscellaneous: reports on Conference 1968 
 Is French and Portuguese 
60.8 Students Christian Assoeiation 8f 1949-1962 
60.8.1 Minutes 1f 1952-1962 
 Minutes of other committees of S.C.A. especially Central Committee (E.M.W. - English Medium Work) land Executive Committee (E.M.W.), Regional Committees in Transvaal and Natal 
60.8.2 Reports 1f 1949-1955 
 Reports on missions, meetings, committees and special school correspondenee 
60.8.3 Conferences. 2f 1952-1957 
 a) High School Conference 1f 1952-1954 
 Minutes, correspondence and reports 
 b) S.C.A. Circle Conference, 1f 1957 
 Lemana Training Institution, 6 Apr.1957 
60.8.4 Students' Day of Prayer 1f 1955 
 Prayer sheets, correspondence and memoranda re Day of Prayer for students. 
60.8.5 Finances 1f 1955-1956 
 Correspondence and memoranda on Student Friendship Fund, monies, finaneial statements, loans and contrtbutions to the SCA Fusd 
60.8.6 Correspondence and Memorasda 1f 1950-1961 
 Re Land Serviee Clubs, constitution, the SCA in Natal, camps, Durban Local Committee register, newsletters. 
60.8.7 Camps 1f 1949-1956 
 Correspondence and memoranda, reports, brochures on Land Service camps; on boys, girls, mixed and general, previous camps, reports on camps for purposes of comparison, baekground for travelling secretaries 
60.9 World Council of Churches 1f 1957 
 Message from the Presidents of the World Council of Churches, Whitsunday 1957 
60.1 African Independent Churches 1f 1950-1969 
 Memoranda on Native Separatist Churches, preferably (Independent Churches) including revision by Native Affairs Department of principles of recognit.iorr, memorandum by Theo Schneider at the Coafereuce des Missionaires de la Mission Suisse, Elim, May i952, and a tetter from Marie-Louise Martin in Switzerland 
60.11 Other Institutions 14f 1903-1970 
60.11.1 Gooldville, Sibasa 1f 1914, 1916 
60.11.2 Kilnerton Traising institution 1f' 1926, 1955 
 Correspondence and memoranda, application forms, syllabus 
60.11.3 Lovedale 1f 1903, 1905, 1918 
60.11.4 Medingen, Duivelskloof 1f 1910, 1915 
60.11.5 Miscellaneous 1f 1930-1963 
 Memoranda, notes, correspondence, draft plan and constitution of the United Church, Lemana 2nd report to the Ecumenical Council of Churches, minutes of Minsiosaries of Churches or Missions working in mining or industrial areas of the Union, Bantu Education Act, questionnaire, Christian Council Quarterly, Mar.1958 
60.11.6 Mission Romande and Swiss Mission in South Africa 1f 1919-1970 
 Correspondence , memoranda, report from Administrative Council, forms concerning monthly allowances. Is French, 'Tsonga and English 
60.11.7 Morija1f 1906, 1917, 1955 
 3 letters, each in English, Freuch and Tsonga 
60.11.8 Sehweitzer Mission in South Africa 1f 1960 
 Memoranda re mission and apartheid. including pamphlet 'Schweitzer Mission in Sudafrika, Jahrgang XXIX, No.161, Nov.1952 
60.11.9 St.Peter's Secondary School 1f 1950-1954 
 Correspondence between the Headmaster of St. Peter's. D.11. Darling and Superintendent Rev Bernard Terrisse re the meeting of the Heads of Native Institutions and the notice of the closure of the school by Trevor Huddleston, Superintendent 
60.11.10 Shiluvane, Elim 1f 1910 
 Correspondence and statistics, 1930 
60.11.11 Superistendcnts and Principals of Native Teacher Training Institutions 1f 1948-1951 
 Memoranda, minutes land circulars re union-wide conference of heads of native institutions, B1cemfontein 1949; draft constitution for a new institution named Transvaal Association of Missionary Institutions; admission to the NTH course (Native Teachers Higher Certificate) 
60.11.12 Transvaal Association of Missionary Institutions 1f 1951-1955 
 Constitution, minutes, memoranda and correspondence re maintenance grants for boarders in mission secondary schools, amended report of Association's deputation to the C.I.N.E; notes on Bantu education development 
60.11.13 Transvaal Missionary Association 1f 1955-1961 
 Minutes and memoranda re refresher courses at. Wilgespuit; the mission of the church; AGM, Wilgespruit., 1961 
60.11.14 Valdezia 1f 1912-1950 
 Correspondence re course in First Aid for Native Teachers. in English; 3 letters in Tsonga 
60.12 Christian Institute of Southern Africa 1f 1973-1976 
 Constitution land memoranda, financial statements. 1974-1976; Christian principles; reports after Soweto lunch hour meeting, 23 Jul.1976 
60.13 Presbyterian Church 3f 1952-1955 
60.13.1 Worid Presbyterian Alliance 1f' 1952 
 Report on a visit to Greece land Africa by Dr Marcel Pradervand. Executive Secretary, Oct-Dec. 1952 
60.13.2 Policy 1f 1953-1955 
 Memoranda on the indigenous church of the Swiss Mission in the Transvaal; the difference hetween the ecclesiastical ministers and missionaries; the ministry of the Tsonga Presbyterian Church 
 Transvaal; the difference between the ecclesiastical ministers and missionaries; the ministry of the Tsonga Presbyterian Church 
60.13.3 Tsonga Presbyterian Church 1f 1954-1960 
 Memoranda and notes re accounts 
70-79 LITERATURE 47f + 4v . 27 boxes 1894-1971 
70.1 Bible 3f 1926-1961 
70.1.1 Tsonga Bible1f 1958-1961 
 Reports on revision of Tsonga Bible by P.T. Leresche, Jul.1958, May 1989 to secretaries of the B.F.B.S. (London, 1960 - in Tsonga. Oct.1961 - in English); corrections to be added to manuscript of St.Mark's Gospel 
70.1.2 Bible Studies 1f 1926, 1957. 1960 and Undated 
 Memoranda on Bible studies 
70.1.3 Rible Pictures 1f Undated 
70.2 Hymnary (Tinsimu) 3f 1923, 1944-1955 
 Correspondenee and music, negro spirituals and ba1lads. In French and Tsonga 
70.3 Tsonga Dictionary 6 boxes Undated 
 Catalogue cards for dictionary, A-Z - R. Cunod; Index cards; cards not confirmed 
70.4 Komiti ya Matsalwa 1f 1956-1971 
 Memoranda In Tsonga and French 
70.5 Tsonga Language 3f 1938-1964 and Undated (See also Box S7) 
70.5.1 Notes on the Tsonga Language 1f Undated 
 Notes on the Tsonga Predicative Verb; The Locative in Tsonga; Notes on the Qualificative, Locative and Adverb in Tsonga; Notes on the Tsonga Noun; Notes on the Tsonga Pronoun, all by P-D Beuchat 
70.5.2 Tsonga Langaage Board 1f 1938-1964 
 Correspondence, minutes and memoranda re the Board 
70.5.3 Tsonga Lectures 1f' Undated 
 Lectures in Tsonga by A.A. Jacques 
70.6 Mahlahle 12f 1949-1967 
70.6.1 Minutes and Jeports1f 1954-2960 
70.6.2 Mahlahla Journal 11f 1949. 1953, 1955-1957 
 Vol.1 No.2 Jul.1949 
 Vol.5 No.6 Dec.1953 
 Vol.7 No.4 Oct.1955 
 Vol.7 No.7,10,12 Jan,Apr,Jun.1956 
 Vol.8 No.1-4, 6 Jul-Oct,Dec.1956 
 Vol.8 No.7-12 Jan-Jun.1957 
 Vol.9 No.1-6 Jul-Dec.1957 
 Vol.9 No.7-8 Jan,Feb.1958 
 Vol.10 No.4-6 Oct-Dec.1958 
 Vol.10 No.7-12 Jan, Jun.1959 
 Vol.11 No.11-12 May, Jun.1960 
 Vol.12 No.l-6 Jul-Dec.1960 
 Vol.12 No.7-11 Jan-May.1960 
 Vol.13 No.1-6 Jul-Dec.1961 
 Vol.13 No.7. 9-10 Jan. Mar-Apr/May 1962 
 Vol.13 No.11-12 Jun, Jul.1962 
 Vol.14 No.1-6 Aug-Dec.1962 
 Vol.14 No.7-10, 12 Jan-Apr. Jun.1963 
 Vol.15 No.1-3 Jul-Sep.1963 
 Vol.15 No.5-6 Nov-Dec.1963 
 Vol.15 No.7-11 Jan-May 1964 
 Vol.20 No.1-4 Jul-Oct.1967 
70.7 Nyeleti ya Miso 2f 192-1948 
70.7.1 1921 Jan-Feb, Apr-Dec. Nos.1-2, 4-8. 9 (Sep-Oct.), 10-11 
 1922 Jan, May, Jun. Nov. Dec. v.1, No.12, v.11, Nos.5-6. 11-12 
 1923 Jan-Apr. Jun-Dec. v.111, Nos.1-4. 6-12 
 1924 Jan-Mar. v.IV. Nov.1-3 
 1947 Jun. v.XXIX, No.6 
70.7.2 Letter 1 item 1948 
 From E.A.Hakula, ed. to the Administrative Commission, Elim re Nyeleti ya Mixo 
70.8 Nanga ya Ba-Thonga 1f 1899 
 Nos.1, 3-10 
70.9 Umteteli wa Bantu 1f 1924 
 1924 Apr-Jul. 
70.1 French Bulletins 5f 1916-1923 
70.10.1 Jeunesse 1f 1916 
 63me Annee, No.1, Jan.1916 
70.10.2 Le Lien 1f 1920-1923 
 27 Annee, No.7-8, Mai-Juin 1920 
 29 Annee, No.7, 5 Avr.1922 
 30 Annee No.19, 5 Nov.1923 
70.10.3 Notre Messager 1f 1918 
 Bulletins des Eglises Rformees de France. Sep-Oct..1918 
70.10.4 Le Messager 1f 1921 
 12me Annee, No.4, Avr.1921 
70.10.5 La Semaine Jeligieuse de Geneve 1f [Date torn off] 
 Jousnal Evangliqne Protestant 
70.11 Pamphlets 6f 1933-1964 
70.11.1 Der Anderer von Land zu Land 1f 1956-1964 
 1956 2. 30.Jahrgang 
 Undated 5. 33. 
 Undated 6. 34. 
 1964 2. Nov/Dec 
70.11.2 Basutoland Witness 1f 1948-1959 
 1948 Vol.2, No.2, Mar-Apr 
 1949 Vol.3, Nos.2-3. 6. Mar-Jun. Dec 
 1950 Vol.4, Nos.1-6. Jan, Mar-Dec 
 1951 Vol.5. Nos.1-4, Jan-Dec 
 1952 Vol.6. Nos.1-4, Jan-Dec 
 1953 Vol.7. Nos.1-4. Jan-Dec 
 1954 Vol.8. Nos.1-3. Jan-Sep 
 1956 Nos.1-4. Mar, Jun, Sep. Dec 
 1957 Nos.1-4. Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec 
 1958 No.1. Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec 
 1959 Nos.1-3. Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec 
70.11.3 Aux Jeunes 1f 1946-1951 
 1946 Dec. No.28 
 1948 Nov. No.32 
 1949 Dec. No.34 
 195i Jan. No.36 
70.11.4 The Livingstonian 1f 1933 
70.11.5 Nouvelles de nos Missiens Medicales 1f 1946-f961 
 1946 Dec. No.21 
 1947 Aug. No.22 
 1949 Jun, Dec. Nos.26, 27 
 1950 Jun, Dec. Nos.28, 29 
 1951 Aug. Dec. Nos.30, 31 
 1953 Jun. No.34 
 1956 Dec. No.41 
 1957 Jun, Dec. Nos.42, 43 
 1958 Dec. No.45 
 1959 Jun. Dec. Nos.46, 47 
 1960 Jun, Dec. Nos.48, 49 
 1961 Jun, No.50 
70.11.6 The Tsonga Messenger (Die Tsonga Bode) 1f 1949-1954 
 1949 Apr-Dec. Vol.1 Nos.1-3 
 1950 Jan-Jun, Oct-Dec Vol. 2 Nos.1-2, 4 
 1951 Jan-Dec. Vol. 3 Nos.1-4 
 1952 Jan-Sep. Vol. 4 Nos.1-3 
 1953 Jan-Apr Vol.5, No.1 
 1954 May-Dec No.2 
70.12 Tsonga Words 1f 1938-1939 
 Handwritten notes of worth; in Tsonga, on Ideophones, Cries of animals and birds etc. 
70.13 Proverbs 2f Undated 
 Cuttings of proverbs and handwritten pages of proverbs 
70.14 Poetry, 2f 1942 land Undated 
 Shangaan and Tsonga poetry 
70.15 Libraries 1f 1928-1929, 1951-1961 
 Minutes and reports, inventories, commissions on libraries 
70.16 History of Mission Romande 1v 1917 "Album de la Swisse Romande" 1889 
70.17 Music and Sengs 3v+3f 1943-1944 and Undated 
 Shangaan songs, Hutto ya Tinoto ta Tinsimo, English Song Book, words and music of chants, hymns and psalms 
70.18 Studies land Publications on Theology 1f 1910-1954 
70.19 Tsonga Bible Translation Projeet, 20 boxes. (see listing at item level, attached to hardcopy inventory) 
70.2 Testamente le Yintsha yi nga Evangeli ya Yesu Kriste 1v 1894 
 Testament books, Lausanne, 1894 
70.21 Literature Committee. Minutes, Correspondence, Reports 1981-1989 
70.22 Tsonga Bibliography. Correspondence services, Photocopies etc. 
70.23 Miscellaneous: includes "Breakthrough to Tsonga" project for Tsonga literacy 1f. Tsonga Text ie Swiss mission? 
 5 photograpshs of the Mission, missionaries and Tsonga chiefs, stored with photographs 
80-89 PEOPLE 29f 1884-1974 
80.1 African Biography 1f 1925 
 Biographical notes on Calvin Mapope 
80.2 Biographies 1f 1909-1930 
 Correspondence and memoranda re communications with A.Grandjean, Secrtaire de In Mission Romande; interview with Dr des Ligneris; biographical sketch of 2 ministers with 50 years on the mission - Ernest Creux and Paul Berthoud; 70th anniversary of M.Grandjean; letter from Lausanne, Switzerland on missionary personnel in South Africa 
80.3 Correspondence 26f 1884-1974 
 Correspondence and memoranda of:: 
80.3.1 Mission Personnel 1884-1901 
80.3.2 H. Berthoud 1886-1904 
80.3.3 P. Berthoud 1885-1902 
80.3.4 S. Bovet 1910, 1932 
80.3.5 M. Creux 1892-1914 
80.3.6 A. Cuendet 1912-1952 
80.3.7 A. de Neuron 1897-1936 
80.3.8 A. Eberhardt 1910-1919 
80.3.9 P. Fatton 1926-1954 
80.3.10 A. Grandjean 1893-1930 
80.3.11 H. Guye 1946 
80.3.12 H.A. Junod 1890-1 933 
80.3.13 D.P. Lenoir 1904-1906 
80.3.14 P. Leresche 1891 
80.3.15 Dr C. Lienjme 1892-1898 and undated 
80.3.16 O. Magadzi 1920-1923 
80.3.17 Chief Mahlaba 1928 
80.3.18 S. Mahnle 1911-1923 
80.3.19 C. Maphophe 1890-1926, 1950-1958 
80.3.20 V. Maphophe 1892-1926 
80.3.21 L. Phillips 1948-1951 
80.3.22 P. Rosset 1893-1922 
80.3.23 A.A. Naples Undated 
80.3.24 N. Sapies 1888-1933 
80.3.25 E. Thomas. 1886-1911 
80.3.26 From Lausanne 1972-1974 
80.4 Obituaries 1f 1929-1930 
 Paul Berthoud and M. Arthur Grandjean 
90 Map dated 1903 of Zoupansberg area, by H. Berthoud 
 Booklets in English, French and vernacular on the history of the Swiss Mission, the nature of mission work. Includes "Rapport sur le Rand", 1958. 
91 Inventory of the Archives of the Swiss Anti-Apartheid Movement kept at the State Archives in Geneva.