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 Copyright 2012, Historical Papers, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
 Digitisation of material in this collection was made possible by a generous grant from The Atlantic Philanthropies.   
 Archivist Notes   
 Item D3.1, a map of Zululand produced for the Centenary was digitised in August 2012. (Deborah Wilson, Digital Archivist)   
A1 Ad Clerums 3 files 1950s-1970s   
 Letters and circulars from the bishop to all clergy. The letters include news and information on the running of the diocese.   
A2 Ancestor worship 1f 1964   
 Articles and correspondence about ancestor worship among the Zulus   
A3 Anglican Womens Association /Anglican Womens Fellowship   
 2f and 1 vol 1961-1978   
 Minutes, correspondence, reports   
A4 Anthony and Margaret Barker Homes 1f 1966-1975   
 Constitution, correspondence and records relating to a home for the Aged at Nqutu   
A5 Archdeaconries 1f 1960s   
B1 Baptism registers   
B1.1 1879-1891 - Miscellaneous files (Baptisms, & some marriages and burials)   
 Includes: Etalaneni, St Andrew's, Lower Tugela, Usutu, Vryheid, Eshowe, Utrecht, Wakkerstroom, KwaMagwaza, Komati Mission , St Pauls Mission, Enhlozana (Swaziland) 8 files   
B1.2 1855-1889 - Kwamagwaza (and other areas) 1 volume   
 Includes: St Augistine, Enhlozana, Isandhlwana, Hlubis Location, Ezulwini, Vryheid, Etalaneni, Inyoni, Impapala, St Pauls, Komati Eshowe etc   
B1.3 1895-1905 - Enembe St Andrew (a few whites)   
B1.4 1905-1959 - Eshowe St Michael and All Angels (white) (see also B1.54 etc   
B1.5 1905-1914 - Eshowe St Columba   
B1.6 1920-1948 - Eshowe (Various, loose pages)   
B1.7 1905-1963 - Eshowe St Columba (loose pages)   
B1.8 1937-1957 - Inyoni St Mary (and others)   
B1.9 1940-1960 - Inyoni St Peter   
B1.10 1937-1960 - Gingindhlovu, Mtunzini All Saints etc (white)   
B1.11 1949-1961 - Eshowe, Mtunzini St Mary (white)   
B1.12 1960-1962 - Gingindhlovu, Mtunzini (white)   
B1.13 1939-1959 - Impapala St Denys   
B1.14 1966-2002 - Impapala St Denys   
B1.15 1936-1943 - Mlalazi St Thomas   
B1.16 1943-1952 - Mlalazi St Thomas   
B1.17 1943-1962 - Eshowe St Philips Chapelry   
B1.18 1947-1952 - Nodwengu   
B1.19 1952-1959 - Nsukazi   
B1.20 1954-1956 - Eshowe Mission (St Thomas, St Francis and others)   
B1.21 1952-1959 - Eshowe Mission (St Thomas and others)   
B1.22 1953-1959 - Eshowe (St Francis, St Columba)   
B1.23 1951-1962 - Nkonjeni St Mary   
B1.24 1971-1981 - Nkonjeni   
B1.25 1924-1958 - Bazini St Cyprian (also St James Kupapameni, St Barnabas)   
B1.26 1946-1958 - Nongoma St Margaret (and outstations)   
B1.27 1946-1958 - Nongoma St Margaret etc   
B1.28 1949-1956 - Nongoma   
B1.29 1949-1961 - Nongoma St Margaret etc (includes whites)   
B1.30 1949-1962 - Nongoma (incl whites and /or coloureds)   
B1.31 1956-1958 - Nongoma   
B1.32 1957-1962 - Nongoma   
B1.33 1895-1905 - Nongoma St Aidan (some white)   
B1.34 1905-1944 - Nongoma St Aidan (some white) (see B1.73)   
B1.35 1938-1949 - Nongoma St Aidan   
B1.36 1929-1965 - Ncepheni St Andrew (KwaMsindisi?)   
B1.37 1881-1989 - Isandhlwana St Vincent (a few whites) (and burials 1883-1898)   
B1.38 1894-1964 - Isandhlwana St Vincent (a few whites)   
B1.39 1959-1965 - Klwayisa St Michael   
B1.40 1915-1930 - Empangeni, Lower Umfolozi (white and black)   
B1.41 1892-1951 - Utrecht St Michael (white)   
B1.42 1948-1977 - Utrecht St Michael (white and black)   
B1.43 1941-1970 - Nkandhla Christ the King (white)   
B1.44 1889-1982 - Melmoth All Saints (white) copies (+ some marriages)   
B1.45 1909-1978 - Melmoth All Saints (white)   
B1.46 1956-1962 - Inhlwati St John   
B1.47 1893-1903 - Etalaneni, St Cyprian   
B1.48 1907-1915 - Etalaneni St Cyprian   
B1.49 1916-1945 - Etalaneni St Cyprian (12 bks; 11 has baptisms for 1914-1915)   
B1.50 1947-1957 - Etalaneni St Cyprian   
B1.51 1957-1967 - Etalaneni St Cyprian   
B1.52 1967-1976 - Etalaneni St Cyprian   
B1.53 1976-1988 - Etalaneni St Cyprian   
B1.54 1963-1988 - Eshowe St Michael, St Philip (white) (see also B1.4-7. 20-22   
B1.55 1963-1980 - Eshowe St Francis and outstations   
B1.56 1921-1979 - Amatshenzikazi St Paul (incomplete)   
B1.57 1977-1983 - Amatshenzikazi St Paul   
B1.58 1962-1974 - Nkonjeni St Mary   
B1.59 1974-1982 - Nkonjeni St Mary   
B1.60 1982-1994 - Nkonjeni St Mary   
B1.61 1964-1991 - Isandhlwana St Vincent (see B1.37)   
B1.62 1991-2002 - Isandhlwana St Vincent (see B1.37-38   
B1.63 1962-1974 - Eshowe St Thomas   
B1.64 1922-1966 - Holy Name Empangeni (loose files in envelope)   
B1.65 1969-1986 - Holy Name Empangeni   
B1.66 1911-1958 - St Cyprian Ndulinde   
B1.67 1962-1990 - St Cyprian Ndulinde (includes Gingindhlovu)   
B1.68 1895-1929 - Ndwandwe / Nongoma   
B1.69 1929-1961 - Emsebe   
B1.70 1922-1955 - Nsuze (some missing)   
B1.71 1902-1968 - Nhlwati   
B1.72 1963-1984 - Miscellaneous loose pages   
B1.73 1909-1937? Nongoma St Aidan Baptised children and list of communicants   
B1.74 1928-1946 - Mkuze   
 NB Baptism records for St Augustines Mission and Hlayakazi see AB1053mfe   
B2 Bishops' Charges at Synod 1f 1883-1979, 1997   
 Includes: 1883, 1889, 1894, 1909, 1912, 1938, 1949, 1952, 1955, 1959, 1962, 1964, 1967, 1974, 1977, 1979, 1997   
B3 Bishops' Commissioner 1f 1973   
 Reports of the Bishop's Commissioner on the Diocese of Zululand   
B4 Bishops' Council 1 vol, 2 files   
 Minutes 1914-1937, 1969-1975   
B5 Bishops House 2f 1967   
 Documents about a house at Gezinsela, and documents about an application (refused) for Bishop Alpheus to reside in the White area of Eshowe   
B6 Bishops Reference Book 1910-1921   
 Notes about the bishops work   
B7 Blood River St Johns 1f 1960s   
B8.1 Burial Register 1 vol 1874-1889   
 Burials at Utrecht , Wakkerstroom, Komati, St Andrews, St Paul's, Usutu, Etalaneni, Isandhlwana, St Augustines, Enhlozana, Hlayakazi, Rorke's Drift etc. See also Baptism files (misc. 1879-1891), which include some burials   
B8.2 1898-1941 - Nongoma St Aidan (some white)   
B8.3 1919-1949 - Nongoma St Aidan (some white)   
B8.4 1913-1960 - Empangeni Holy Cross (white)   
B8.5 1921-1930 - Empangeni Holy Cross (white)   
B8.6 1934-1990 - Etalaneni St Cyprian   
C1 Cathedral Chapter 1 vol 1905-1921   
C2 Challenge Group 1f 1973-1976   
 Minutes and other documentation from a group for improving race relations and empowering black clergy. Includes a memorandum: ' Human relations and reconciliation programme' - a report of the commission dated 1973   
C3 Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital 5f 1963-1978   
 A history of this hospital at Nqutu (undated) by Dorothy McLean. Constitution, minutes, correspondence and financial records, and a survey of the hospital done in 1977, with photographs. Building plans   
C4 Christian Education Department 3f 1960s-1982   
 Correspondence: RA Kraft, Dorothy Boocock and others (includes information on Sunday school and Christian leadership, and on Church Schools)   
C5 Christian Leadership Consultation 1f 1982   
C6 Church Agricultural Projects 2f 1965-1973   
 Correspondence re a project to develop mission and other farmland and promote agriculture with profit-sharing for the people   
C7 Church Missionary Society 2f 1970s   
 Correspondence mainly about funding and about the church in Maputaland   
C8 Church Unity Commission (Zululand) 1f 1970-1975   
 And other memoranda and documents on Church unity   
C9 Clergy files 1900s-1980s   
C9.1 Oaths of canonical obedience 3 f 1960s-1980s   
C9.2 Also: Si Quis, testimonials and declarations by clergy of the Diocese (early 1900s) 1 box   
C9.3 Includes correspondence and documents on the following clergy:   
 Africander, Joshua   
 Africander, Victor   
 Atherstone, Ivor   
 Bhengu, Lancelot   
 Bishop, Tom   
 Bragg, Randolph   
 Buthelezi, Alford   
 Carter, Richard   
 Cutts, Richard   
 Dhlamini, Isaac   
 Duffett, Paul   
 French, Edward   
 Frommurze, Ivan   
 Gould, Frank   
 Gready, Leslie   
 Griswold, Don   
 Gumede, Patrick   
 Hardwick, William George   
 Jali, Wilmot   
 Khumalo, Simon   
 Kraft, Richard   
 Mabaso, Andreas   
 Mabaso, Wilmot   
 Madela, Philemon   
 Madi, Samson   
 Makhoba, P   
 Mazibuko, Cleopas   
 Mbatha, E and H   
 Mbatha, Vincent   
 Mbuli, F   
 Mfeka, Edmund   
 Mfeka, Edmund   
 Mhlungu, Percy   
 Mkize, A   
 Mkize, Selby   
 Mkize, Selby   
 Mnyandu, W and Z   
 Msane, Midian   
 Msane, Midian   
 Mthethwa, Z   
 Ndlamlenze, Edward   
 Ntuli, Clement   
 Nxumalo, Alphaeus   
 Pennells, Stephen   
 Pringle, Neville   
 Rutter, AEH (Claude)   
 Seku, Henson   
 Shange Isaiah   
 Shezi, Zephaniah   
 Sibiya, James   
 Simelane, Barnabas   
 Sithole, David   
 Syson, Stanley   
 Ter Blanche, Harold   
 Tshazibane, Phakamile   
 Van der Plank, Robin   
 Wallace, Hugo   
 Watson, David   
 Wood, George   
 Xaba, EHS   
 Zondie, Arnold   
 Zungu, Yedwa   
C10 Clergy retreat/Clergy conference 1f 1963-1968   
 Correspondence and circulars re Zululand Clergy conference 1963 and clergy retreats   
C11 Community Development 3f 1973-1976   
 Consultant's report on a pilot Community Development project 1973; Community development 'University' and workshop. See also Zululand Churches Health and Welfare Association.   
C12 Companion Diocese 1f 1960s   
 Correspondence with the Diocese of Chicago, the companion diocese to the Diocese of Zululand   
C13 Confirmations (lists) 8f 1940s-1980s (includes Swaziland)   
C13.1 Blood River (St John) Includes Ncome (St Peter), Dadala (St Thomas)   
 Chwezi (St Andrew)   
 Dlebe (St Matthew)   
 Empangeni (Holy Cross) Includes Heatonville St Francis   
 Empangeni (Holy Name, Holy Nativity) Includes St Mary, All Saints   
 Eshowe (Kwambuzi Ukristu)   
 Eshowe (St Michael) incl Sunningdale (St Philip)   
 Esikhaweni (Holy Trinity)   
 Etalaneni (St Cyprian) Includes Amatshesikazi St Paul)   
C13.2 Gingindhlovu (All Saints) (Includes Mtunzini St Mary)   
 Gingindhlovu (St Matthew) Includes Amatikulu, Nyoni   
 Hlazakazi (All Saints)   
 Ingwavuma (St Mary)   
 Inhlwati (St John) Includes KwaMsindisi)   
 Isandhlwana (St Vincent)   
C13.3 Kambula (St John) incl: Bivane, Enxaneni, (St Joseph) Groenvlei (St Paul)   
 Kwa-Dlangezwa (Kwamalusi Omuhle)   
 KwaMagwaza (Good Shepherd)   
 KwaMsindisi (includes: Enembe St Andrew)   
 Louwsberg ( St Faith)   
C13.4 Mafitleng ( St Margaret) Incl Patswana St Francis   
 Magogo (St James) incl: Mkonjane (St James) , Blood River   
 Mahashini (St Cyprian) Incl: Efefe, Dlamahlahla   
 Mandini (St Andrew) (incl: Mangete Christ Church)   
 Melmoth (All Saints)   
 Mondlo (St George) Incl: Nhlokomo (St Peter)   
 Mphophoma (St Luke) incl: Qongqo St Stephen, Kuvuleni St Catherine   
C13.5 Msebe (All Saints) incl: Nkwene St Mary   
 Mtubatuba (Holy Redeemer)   
 Mtubatuba (St John)   
 Mvulazi (Holy Name)   
 Mvunyane (St Alban) Incl Nkaba, Thelezini ( St Paul), Mhlungwane. St Bart.   
C13.6 Ndlangubo (St Saviour)   
 Ndulinde (St Cyprian)   
 Nkonjeni (St Mary)   
 Nkwenkwe (St Paul) incl: Qongqo   
 Nongoma (St Margaret, St Aidan) incl: Bazini St Cyprian   
 Nquthu (St Augustine) Incl: Christ the King, St Simon   
 Nsunguza (St Matthew) (incl. Qudeni, Isandhlwana, Magogo Nqutu)   
C13.7 Ondini (St Joseph) incl Ulundi   
 Paulpietersburg (St Luke, Holy Trinity)   
 Ubombo (St John) Incl: Mbazwana   
 Umlalazi (St Thomas) incl: Impaphala (St Denis), Insukazi, (St James)   
 Utrecht (St Michael) incl St Matthias, Didane, Esitelenga (St George   
 Vryheid (St David) incl: Hlobane, Nyati (All Saints)   
 Vryheid (St Peter)   
 Vumanhlamvu (All Saints)   
C13.8 Confirmations lists for the following parishes, some in Swaziland Diocese   
 Bremersdorp (St George, St James) Includes St Michaels School   
 Mbabane (All Saints, Epiphany) Includes Havelock   
 Piet Retief (St John, St James, St Michael) Now in JHB Diocese   
 Piggs Peak ( St Anne, St Aidan)   
 Stegi (St Christophers School)   
 Usuthu Mission (St Philip and St James   
 Miscellaneous confirmations: Amanzashisayo, Coronation, Dondota, Endlozana, Ngome, Ntshiza, Mantambe, Kwaduma, Nqabeni, Lembe, Mkhonjane, Hlomisa, Matanjeni, Nqutu, Nkande, Ntumbeni, Ekwandeni, Dukumbane, Nongoma, Paulpietersburg, Kwabiyela, Richard's Bay, Kwamsindisi, Esitilenga, Nkandhla, Ihlwati, Nsukazi, KwaMpanza, Haladu, Nkaba, Makwane, Dalala, Enyati, Silutshane, Gunjanene, Isibabe, Sangkrans, Ntatshana, Nkomo, Ingwempisana, Dukumbane, Hlatikulu, Enyati, Esizibeni, Maputa, Stanger, Impophotha, Manzini, Sigangeni, Matanjane, Hlatikulu, Mathapa, Hlalela, Lansdowne, Enzimane, Intabankulu, Nkwaleni, Kingsley, St Francis Mission, Embasheni, (etc, not in order).   
C13a Confirmations (volumes)   
C13a1 1926-1975 - Empangeni Holy Cross (some whites)   
C13a2 1974-1998 - Empangeni   
C13a3 1905-1944 - Eshowe St Columba   
C13a4 1959-1970 - Eshowe St Columba   
C13a5 1925-1937 - Etalaneni   
C13a6 1937-1947 - Etalaneni   
C13a7 1936-1954 - Etalaneni   
C13a8 1965-1978 - Etalaneni   
C13a9 1966-1980 - Etalaneni   
C13a10 1945-1982 - Eshowe (white)   
C13a11 1915-1951 - Hlazakazi   
C13a12 1982-2000 - Nkonjeni   
C13a13 1900-1932 - Isandhlwana   
C13a14 1967-1988 - Isandhlwana   
C13a15 1931-1965 - Ensebe   
C13a16 1931-1951 - Ensebe   
C13a17 1938-1955 - Nongoma   
C13a18 1904-1981 - Nongoma / Ndwandwe   
C13a19 1939-1990 - Gingindhlovu   
C13a20 1939-1955 - St Saviours   
C13a21 1963-1978 - Inhlwati also1978-1991 KwaMsindisi   
C14 Convent of the Holy Name (Isandhlwana) 4f 1960s to 1980s   
 Correspondence and other documents   
C15 Correspondence - Bishop and Diocesan Secretary 3 boxes 1960-1970s   
 Correspondence with individuals and with various parishes   
 Correspondence with archbishop, other dioceses, other countries (Canada, USA including Protestant Episcopal Churches of the USA) and organisations such as Community of the Resurrection and the South African Church Institute   
C16 Cross-cultural ministry 1f 1980/81   
 Memorandum re interracial church ministry and activities (Melmoth / Nongoma)   
D1 Deaneries 2f and 1 vol 1960-1982   
 Rural deaneries 1960s; Mthonjaneni deanery (1978-1982); Umfolozi Deanery 1970s, Eshowe Deanery 1970s. Correspondence, reports   
 Survey of the organisation and administration of the Anglican Deaneries of Northern Zululand 1970   
D2 Department of Training for Ministries 1f 1977-1982   
 Director's correspondence, mainly letters by Rev Stephen Hayes on the training programme for self-supporting ministry . Also circulars and correspondence with candidates for training, and circulars from the Theological Education by Extension College (TEE).   
D3 Diocesan Centenary 1969-1970 2 f   
 Historical information, programmes, correspondence   
D3.1 Included a map produced for the Centenary, depicting the Diocese of Zululand with historical comments, and the following inscription in Zulu, see the English translation: "It was drawn to commemorate the founding of the Diocese in 1870 with the consecration in England of the first Bishop Edward Wilkinson, to thank God for all his faithful servants and to enable all who attended the commemoration to see and rejoice at how the Gospel has spread in Zululand."   
D4 Diocesan Council 1 box   
 Minutes, memoranda, reports 1972-1982   
D5 Diocesan Development Commissioner 1f 1971-1974   
 Reports, correspondence   
D6 Diocesan Finance Board 5 vols   
 Minutes 1900-1949   
D7 Diocesan Standing Committee 3 vols 1949-1971, 1f 1970-1977   
 Minutes , reports, financial records   
D8 Diocesan Synod 1883-2003   
 Minutes 3 vols 1883-1929   
 Acts and resolutions 1f 1909-1914, 1917-1923, 1937,1949, 1967   
 Synod papers, (including some reports and financial statements) for 1964-1979, Acts and Resolutions, 1995, 1997, Agenda and documents, 2000, Acts and constitution 2003   
D9 Diocesan Trusts Board 10 vols + 1 file 1900-1982   
 Minutes, etc (See also 'Kwamagwaza')   
D10 Discipline/Dispensations 1 box 1960s   
 Records of matters of church discipline, and dispensations mainly for people remarried after divorce. Handbook of the penitents class.   
E1 Empangeni Holy Cross   
E1.1 Minutes   
1939-1953 Parish Council   
1954-1968 Parish Council   
1968-1972 Parish Council   
1973-1978 Parish Council   
1939-1956 Vestry   
1957-1975 Vestry   
1958-1966 Committee   
1966-1971 Committee   
1971-1975 Committee   
1939-1948 Churchwardens   
1939-1950 Finance committee   
1959-1964 Womens Association   
1961-1964 Womens Association   
E1.2 Members and Communicants Roll, Sunday School lists   
E1.3 Building church and rectory 1f 1920s   
E1.4 Correspondence 1f 1940s, 1970s + I file for St Thomas, Felixton   
 (Parish magazines 1958-1891 kept with CPSA periodicals)   
E2 Episcopal churchmen for South Africa 1f 1960s   
 Correspondence, mainly re gifts to the diocese   
E3 Eshowe St Michaels 2 vols and 2 files 1915-1970s   
 Parish Council minutes 1921-1960; plans 1965, correspondence, financial returns, agreement re pipe organ. Correspondence and records of St Michaels as Cathedral Parish   
E4 Etalaneni if   
 Felixton see Empangeni   
F1 Fellowship of vocation 1f 1971-1972   
 Correspondence re prospective ordinands   
F2 Financial Matters/ Finance Committee   
 Bequests/Estates: H Guy (also documents on lease of Riversdale farm), SC Harbinson, WE Harrison, RI Netter. Report of Financial Commission 1959 Records of Finance Committee. Balance sheets 1928-1970, including some for Pension and Medical Aid fund: (see also: Diocesan Finance Board)   
F3 Funeral rites 1f 1974   
 Report of a commission of the Diocese of Swaziland concerning customary (tribal) funeral rites and the church's attitude.   
G1 Gingindhlovu - (All Saints Church) 2f 1970s   
 Correspondence and other documents   
G2 Group areas 1f 1963   
 Memorandum discussing the effect on the churches of the movement of people as a result of Group Areas legislation (see also: Bishops House)   
H1 Hayes Rev Stephen 2f 1972-1982   
 Correspondence (see also Dept of Training for Ministries)   
H2 Historical material (miscellaneous) 1 box 1960s - 2000   
 Lists of stipends and assessments: lists of intercessions, publications (Indaba, 1966,1970; Messenger, 1998-2000) Diocesan directories ; report of the Bishops Commission on structures of the church, report of priorities of work from priests in the diocese See M9   
H3 Hlazakazi 2f 1963-1975   
 Correspondence, etc   
H4 Hospital Mission Reports 1 box 1927-1953   
 Annual reports for the following hospitals:   
 St Annes, Umlazi, St Mary's Kwamagwaza; Charles Johnson Memorial; Holy Rood, Endhlozana; Bishop Roach Memorial Hospital, Etalaneni; District Nursing Service. Also Zululand Diocese Medical Board minutes 1934-1946   
I1 Indulinde - St Cyprian 1f 1965-1969   
 Correspondence re Indulinde and Canon Jali: Commission of inquiry into church finances 1969   
I2 Ingwavuma 1f 1960s   
 Includes St Marys Mission   
I3 Inhlwati 1f 1963   
 Correspondence re Inhlwati parish   
I4 Insurance reports 1f 1978-1982   
 Reports for insurance brokers, describing buildings in the diocese and giving the value for insurance purposes   
I5 Isandhlwana 2f 1960s   
 Correspondence, St Vincents Memorial Hospital   
 (see also: Convent of the Holy Name)   
K1 Kambula Mission 2f 1960s   
 Parish and mission correspondence, some re property   
K2 Kwamagwaza 1 box (see also: Hospital reports) 1930s-1960s   
 Kwamagwaza Farm Committee Minutes 1952-1971   
 Kwamagwaza Normal College. Log Book 1914-1919   
 Convent of the Holy Name, Kwamagwaza   
 History of KwaMagwaza Mission (Ts undated, anon. c1930?)   
 St Mary's Hospital 1973-1982. Correspondence, 1f, 1960s   
K3 KwaMbusi uKristu 1f 1970s   
K4 KwaMsindisi 1f 1970s   
K5 Kwanzimela Centre 2f 1972-1982   
 Kwanzimela Centre Memoranda 1972-1981   
 Kwanzimela Board minutes and reports 1978-1982   
L1 Letters and articles for publication 1f 1960s   
 Articles, etc for 'Church News' and other publications   
M1 MacKenzie Bp Douglas 1f 1880s   
 Correspondence. Also biographical notes on McKenzie and other bishops (Trapp, Vyvyan, Wilkinson)   
M2 MacKenzie Memorial College Isandlhwana 2 vols   
 Log Book, 1896-1937; Roll 1890-1927   
M3 MacKenzie Memorial Mission 1 box 1892-1932   
 Reports, Financial records, list of people helped. (For additional reports, se CPSA journals for Zululand   
M4 Mahashini Mission 2f 1960s   
 Maputaland see Church Missionary Society   
M5 Marriage Registers   
M5.1 1864-1924 Kwamagwaza, Utrecht, Komati, Swaziland, Enhlozana, St Pauls, St Augustines, Usutu, Lower Tugela, Etalaneni, Isandhlwana, Wakkerstroom.   
 See also files for miscellaneous baptisms, 1879-1891 which include some marriages   
M5.2 1895-1923 - Eshowe St Michael and All Angels,St Columba etc (wh & bl)   
M5.3 1924-1936 - Eshowe St Michael and All Angels (white)   
M5.4 1936-1955 - Eshowe St Michael, St Philip & other (white)   
M5.5 1956-1971 - Eshowe St Michael and All Angels . St Philip(white& bl)   
M5.6 1905-1935 - Eshowe St Columba (see also M5.41)   
M5.7 1924-1950 - Eshowe St Columba   
M5.8 1926-1954 - Eshowe St Denys   
M5.9 1924-1935 - Eshowe St Andrew, St Thomas, St Saviour, St Peter, St James   
M5.10 1935-1942 - Eshowe St Thomas, St James, St Saviour   
M5.11 1942-1955 - Eshowe St Thomas   
M5.12 1940-1954 - Gingindhlovu, Mtunzini (file)   
M5.13 1938-1959 - Gingindhlovu, Mtunzini (white)   
M5.14 1956-1965 - Gingindhlovu, Mtunzini St Mary, St Matthew   
M5.15 1956-1971 - Gingindhlovu Mtunzini , Inyoni(St Mary, All Saints, St Peter)   
M5.16 1929-1935 - Nkonjeni, Mahlabatini. St Mary St Matthew   
M5.17 1938-1955 - Nkonjeni, Mahlabatini St Mary   
M5.18 1956-1964 - Nkonjeni St Mary, also St Matthew Dhlebe, Nodwengu St A.   
M5.19 1956-1964 - Nkonjeni St Mary, also St Matthew, St Cyprian   
M5.20 1899-1923 - Enembe St Andrew   
M5.21 1914-1930 - Ndhlangubo St Saviour   
M5.22 1930-1937 - Nongoma St Aidan   
M5.23 1988 - Nongoma St Aidan   
M5.24 1928-1930 - Zulu National Training Institution (Col)   
M5.25 1925-1952 - Ncepheni St Andrew   
M5.26 1930-1943 - Isandhlwana St Vincent   
M5.27 1944-1952 - Isandhlwana St Vincent   
M5.28 1948-1955 - Inhlwathi St John (includes some for Nongoma)   
M5.29 1914-1923 - Empangeni Holy Cross, Lower Umfolozi (white)   
M5.30 1924-1935 - Empangeni Holy Cross ,Lower Umfolozi (white & black)   
M5.31 1935-1950 - Empangeni Holy Cross (white and black)   
M5.32 1950-1954 - Empangeni Holy Cross (white)   
M5.33 1956-1972 - Empangeni Holy Cross (white)   
M5.34 1972-1989 - Empangeni Holy Cross (white)   
M5.35 1941-1955 - Empngeni Holy Nativity (black)   
M5.36 1955-1974 - Empangeni Holy Name (black)   
M5.37 1974-1978 - Empangeni Holy Name   
M5.38 1978-1983 - Empangeni Holy Name   
M5.39 1984-1993 - Empangeni Holy Name   
M5.40 1914-1924 - Mombeni St John   
M5.41 1965-1977 - Eshowe Mthunzini (see also M5.1-5.11)   
M5.42 1911-1929 - Ndulinde St Cyprian   
M5.43 1924-1955 - Ndulinde St Cyprian (loose in folder, includes Mombeni))   
M5.44 1939-1955 - Ndulinde St Cyprian   
M5.45 1956-1965 - Ndulinde St Cyprian   
M5.46 1979-2000 - Ndulinde St Cyprian (includes Inkanyezi)   
M5.47 1969-1982 - KwaMsindisi, Nyoni and others   
M5.48 1984-1985 - KwaMsindisi   
M5.49 1992-1994 - KwaMsindisi / Sundumbili   
M5.50 1924-1939 - Etalaneni St Cyprian   
M5.51 1940-1955 - Etalaneni St Cyprian ( a few white)   
M5.52 1925-1938 - Amatshenzikazi St Paul   
M5.53 1944-1954 - Amatshenzikazi St Paul   
M5.54 1924-1945 - Nqundu Holy Cross   
M5.55 1945-1955 - Nqundu   
M5.56 1927-1948 - Qudeni   
M5.57 1924-1949 - Nsuze   
M5.58 1988 - Nongoma (a few, not completely filled in)   
M5a Marriages (Dispensations, lent marriages, customary unions) 1f 1970s   
M5b Banns of marriage 3 vols   
M5b1 Holy Cross Empangeni 1930-1970   
M5b2 Nongoma 1949-1964   
M5b3 Gingindhlovu 1949-1971   
M5c Questions before marriage 8 vols   
M5c1 Empangeni 4 vols 1915-1977   
M5c2 Nkonjeni 2 vols 1967-1982   
M5c3 Inhlwati 1 vol 1958-1968   
M5c4 Mbazwane 1 vol 1964-1976   
M6 Melmoth - All Saints Church 2 boxes 1898-1982   
 Council minutes 1898-1982,   
 Vestry Minutes 1968-1969, Memoranda,   
 minutes and reports, 1965-1982, Sunday school meetings, 1975-1976 (for baptism registers, see Baptisms)   
M7 Memoranda and circulars 1f 1963-2000   
 Circulars, messages to the people and statements by clergy, example of a parish inventory, ideas for worship etc. Includes map of Church sites in Zululand and notes from a conference teaching church people about the keeping of financial records (2000)   
M8 Mission (Department of, ) 1f 1970s   
 Correspondence (see also: Partners in Mission)   
M9 Moberly, Selwyn 1f 1960   
 The Bamboo Cross a history of the Dioceses of Zululand and Swaziland   
M10 Mondlo Mission House 1f   
 Correspondence priests house   
M11 'Morning Star' 1f 1908   
M12 Mothers Union 2f 1963-1978   
 Minutes, reports, Correspondence   
M13 Mtubatuba 1f 1970s   
 Parish correspondence   
M14 Mtunzini 1f 1980   
 A short history of the parish (St Marys)   
M15 Mvunyana 1f 1960s   
 Parish correspondence   
N1 'Net', The 1 box   
 Unbound copies. 1902-1910, 1957-1964 and correspondence   
 NB Bound copies of the Net 1866-1983 are with CPSA periodicals   
N2 Nkandla 1f 1950-1973   
 Correspondence (includes Qudeni)   
N3 Nkonjeni 1f 1960s   
 Parish correspondence   
N4 Nongoma 3f 1960s and 1970s   
 Correspondence (St Aidans and St Margarets)   
 Council and vestry minutes 1927-1965   
 Financial records 1894-1920, 1955-1965   
N5 Nqutu 2f 1969-1970s   
 Correspondence, reports of archdeacon etc   
 (See also: Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital)   
Order of Ethiopia 1f 1970s   
 Correspondence with Rev Hopa of the Order.   
P1 Partners in Mission 1f 1979-1982   
 Includes a profile of the Diocese of Zululand, 1982   
P2 Piet Retief 3f 1964-1969   
 Correspondence with Diocesan Secretary. Includes information on Holy Rood Mission, Endhlozana.   
P3 Population 1f 1970-1973   
 Demographic reports, Zululand and Natal, -various districts   
P4 Property 1889-1970s 5 boxes   
 Title deeds and correspondence relating to property sold in the following areas: Ginginhlovu, Melmoth. Mtubatuba, Nongoma, Nqutu, Rorke's Drift, Kandaspunt. Also correspondence re mortgage bonds, 1930s-1940s   
 Lists of property owned by the diocese (1920s, 1934) 2f   
 Information on churches built or to be built   
 Correspondence and documentation about church property at: Bishop's House (1948); Bivane Mission; (1940s); Empangeni (1920-1927); Eshowe (1930-1940s); Grootvlei (1940s); Isandhlwana, (1920s); Ingwavuma(1920s); Kingsley (1932-1933); Kwamagwaza (1920s-1940s); Nondweni, (1939-1946); Piet Retief (1945-1947); St Augustines (1907-1909); St Mark's School (1931-1941) Usutu (1940s); Vryheid (1909-1912).   
 General correspondence re property , mission sites and school sites. Various parishes. 1889-1963; 1967-1973 Agreements of lease (of schools to government after Bantu Education) 1960s   
R 1 Reports 1f 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2003, 2004   
 Reports of departments/ Institutions/ Organisations (including ASF, AWF,   
 Convent of the Holy Name, Dept of Christian Education, Dept of Evangelism   
 Training for ordained ministry, Donsumndeni, Fellowship of Vocation, Institute of Spirituality, Kwanzimela, Mothers Union, etc.   
R 2 Rorke's Drift St Augustines 1f 1898, 1960s   
 An account of the parish with photographs of the new churches and of church members and catechists, by Archdeacon Johnson Also correspondence re St Augustines Mission , on property, agricultural project - 1960s   
S1 Savage, Bp Thomas 1f 1960s   
S2 Self-Supporting Ministry 2f 1976-1979   
 Memoranda, application forms   
S3 Service registers (Volumes for various parishes , some not identified.)   
 Parishes include Eshowe, Inhlwati, Isandhlwana, Ndulinde, Nongoma, Empangeni, Gingindhlovu, Melmoth , Nkonjeni, KwaMbusi Ukristu   
S4 Slides/Tapes (5 boxes, 2 audiotapes)   
 On the Congress for Mission and Evangelism and other subjects   
S5 Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge 1f 1960s   
 Correspondence re grants, bursaries, publications   
S6 St Augustines Mission and Hostels 6 files, 1 vol 1963-1997   
 Minutes of Board Meetings, correspondence, plans of buildings, reports including a memorandum on the desirability of coeducational hostels   
 St Augustines See Rorkes Drift, (R) Property, (P4)   
 For baptisms see AB1053mfe   
S7 Stipends 1f 1970=1982   
 Stipends in the Diocese of Zululand   
S8 Sunday School 2f Undated and 1960s   
 Sunday school 'syllabus' (in Zulu), lessons (in English) correspondence and a memorandum 'Lawrence's Dream' by Bishop Lawrence concerning training of Sunday school teachers.   
 Swaziland see Diocese of Swaziland AB2914   
T1 Toronto Conference 1f 1963   
 Correspondence about a conference in Toronto with representatives from the Diocese of Zululand, including Chief Buthelezi   
T2 Transport Committee 2 files, 1966-1975   
 Minutes, correspondence   
 Trapp EJ (see MacKenzie, M1)   
U1 United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel 3f 1963-1977   
 Correspondence with diocese of Zululand, including information on missionaries and financial assistance   
U2 Universities 1f   
 Correspondence various universities   
U3 University of Zululand 1f 1960s-1970s   
 Correspondence mostly about university chaplaincies, courses offered and the moral conduct of students at the university   
V1 Vryheid (St Peters, St Davids) 2f 1964-1971   
 Parish correspondence   
V2 Vyvyan Bp   
 Statements on excommunications, etc (see also MacKenzie, Mi)   
 Wilkinson (see MacKenzie, M1)   
Y1 Yearly returns from parishes (Parochial/financial) 2 boxes 1964-1979   
 Accounts of income/expenditure and statistics re membership and services, for various parishes.   
Z1 Zulu, Bp Alphaeus 2 boxes, 1960s-1970s   
 Curriculum vitae: 1905-1988. Correspondence to and from the bishop including some with the SACC and WCC. (Some may be from Bp Savage?) See also: Correspondence   
Z2 Zulu, Bp Lawrence 1 box 1970s   
 Correspondence (See also Correspondence   
Z3 Zululand Churches' Health and Welfare Association (Helwel) 3 boxes 1964-1980 (see also papers of Richard Kraft)   
 Minutes, programmes, correspondence   
Z4 Zululand Council of Churches 2f 1971-1981   
 Minutes, reports. Includes documentation on a dispute between Chief Buthelezi and the SACC who allegedly accused Buthelezi of 'collaboration' with apartheid.   
Z5 Zululand Diocesan Magazine 4 vols 1911-1914   
Z6 Zululand Diocesan Newsletter / Bishop's Newsletter 1 box 1971-1986   
 Also: 'Idayosisi yaKwazulu Esomndeni' and 'Amazwibela ' Zulu versions of the newsletters'   
Z7 'Zululand Diocesan Paper ' 1 file 1898-1900   
 Newsletter for the diocese   
 Also 'Zululand Diocesan News Sheet' and leaflets from the 'Association in aid of the Mission to Zululand'.   
Z8 Zululand Diocesan service book/Zulu Hymn Book 2f 1960s   
 Correspondence and documents   
Z9 Zululand Missionary Association 1f 1960s   
Z10 Zululand Swaziland Association 4f 1960s-1990   
 Correspondence, minutes etc, of an organisation in England giving financial and other support to the diocese.   
 Correspondents include the Bishops of Zululand and Swaziland, Phyllis Sargent, .Michael Westropp.