Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 Compiled by Joan Knoesen, 1988 
 Please note: The item JJ2.4.3.1 Marriage register Jeppestown, 1899-1906 has been digitised. The link to the digital item is available in the inventory further down. 
TRUSTEES 15v + 5f 1898-1977 
A1 Minute Books 14v+5f 1898-1975 
A1.1 Pretoria Diocesan Trustees 3v +4f 1898-1922 
 Also extracts from minutes concerning property in Diocese of Johannesburg 
A1.2 Johannesburg Diocesan Trustees 11v 1921-1975 
A2 Tyser Fund v 1964-1971 
 Minutes of Trustee meetings re: Tyser Fund bequest 
A3 Anglican/Roman Catholic Board of Trustees 1f 1971-1977 
 Correspondence, memoranda, Trust Deeds, minutes, notes, financial statement, debenture certificate, resolutions re: North Riding Ecumenical Church, Honeydew Anglican Catholic Joint Fund, bond for R75,000 by Anglican Roman Catholic Board of Trustees I.F.O. ArthurnMarshall Attack Trust over Ptn.1 of 289, North Riding 
B 1 Constitution of Diocese and Trustees f 1921-1922 
 Original documents: Episcopal Synod Resolution; appointment of Diocesan Trustees - First Trustees elected by Elective Assembly 
B2 Consecration and Enthronement of Bishop Karney 2f 1922 
 Correspondence, memoranda, minutes re: choosing a bishop for new Diocese of Johannesburg; notes of procedure for election of bishop; Rev A.B.L. Karney elected and consecrated first Bishop of Johannesburg, 25 Jul.1922 
B3 Enthronements 4f 1882-1961 
B3.1 Form and Order of Service for Enthronements f 1882-1920 
 Form for enthronisation of the Bishop of Pretoria, 31 Oct.1882; Order of Service 
 Service for the consecration and enthronement of Rt.Rev.Michael Bolton Furse as Bp of Pretoria, 29 Jun.1909 and as Lord Bp of St. Alban's, 22 Apr.1920; Order of Service for the enthronement of the Rt.Rev.Neville Stuart Talbot as Bp of Pretoria, 3 Oct.1920 
B3.2 Enthronement of Bp G.H. Clayton 1 f 1921-1934 
 Includes: mandate, summons, instructions to parishes, deacon's vote, certificate of parishes, summary of procedure, voting papers, roll call, minutes, certificate of election, certificate of appointment of Proctor, notice calling for objections, enthronement of Geoffrey Hare Clayton asnBp of Johannesburg, 24 May 1934 with mandate, deed of collation and certificate of enthronement 
B3.3 Enthronement of Bp R.A. Reeves f 1948-1949 
 Includes: appointment of Vicar-General, Lay Representatives to be elected, summons for elective assembly, summary of procedure, voting papers, Rt.Rev S.W. Lavis elected Proctor, minutes 23 Feb.1949, declaration of election, court of confirmation, form and order of service of the enthronement of Richard Ambrose Reeves as third Bp of Johannesburg, order of procession, deed of collation, mandate for enthronement and 2 paper cuttings 
B3.4 Enthronement of Bp L.E. Stradling f 1961 
 Includes: Elective Assembly 1961 papers re election of 4th Bp of Johannesburg, election of Bp L.E. Stradling, declaration of election, appointment of Proctor, court of confirmation, the enthronement and mandate, form and order for enthronement 1 Oct.1961 
B4 Nomination for 5th Bp of Johannesburg f 1974 
 Includes: summons re election of Abp of Cape Town, amendments to Canons, Articles etc., nominations for Bp of Johannesburg, ballots, election of lay representatives, Elective Assembly's AGM, attendance rolls, candidates for nomination, election of Timothy John Bavin, minutes ofnthe Elective Assembly 
B5 Bishop's Ad Clerum l f 1980-1986 
DIOCESAN FINANCE BOARD 19v + f 1918-1967 
C1 Minute-Books 18v + l f 1918-1967 
 Pretoria Diocesan Finance Board as affecting Diocese of Johannesburg - Jan-Dec.1921 
C2 Index Book v Undated 
C3 J.D.T. Nominees (Pty) Ltd No.68/1110 
 1-99: Equities; 101-150 L.R.S.; 152: Debentures v 1968-1977 
 Shares received and surrendered 
SYNODS 5v 1922-1926 
D1 Diocesan Synods 2v 1922-1961 
D2 Clergy Synods 3v 1922-1943, 1952-1959, 1962-1966 
SENATE 4v 1922-1969 
E1.1 Bishop's Senate (White Section) 2v 1922-1963 
E1.2 Bishop's Native Senate v 1939-1948 
E1.3 Bishop's Senate (Both Sections) v 1965-1969 
F1 Minutes and Agendas f 1971-1977 
 N.C. Gillies - Personal File 
F2 Correspondence 2f 1972-1975 
F2.1 N.C. Gillies - Personal file f 1972-1975 
F2.2 Darragh House Project f 1972-1973 
F3 Investments f 1971-1975 
 Correspondence, memoranda, graphs, debentures, budget statements re Darragh House project with Syfrets Trust and Diocesan Trustees 
F4 Cash Flow 2f 1971-1976 
F4.1 Building f 1971-1976 
 Debentures, development programme, cash outlays, budgets, contractors' estimated drawings, annexures, cash flow on Darragh House project 
F4.2 Long Term f 1971-1975 
 Financial Report on proposed development of Darragh House, Cathedral estimates 
F5 Legal f 1972-1982 
 N.C. Gillies: Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, debenture trust deeds, service brief Currie's Property Management, rules of St. Mary'sCathedral Parochial Council Staff Provident Fund 
CLERGY 2v + 43f 1930-1985 
G1 Official Registers of Clergymen 2v c.1930-1959 
G2 Clergy files 
 Aldridge, NM 
 Alexander, FR 
 Alexander, LD 
 Amoore, FA 
 Anderson, HD 
 Aphane, DEE 
 Atherstone, I 
 Atherstone, W 
 Badham, HW 
 Balkwill, CG 
 Ballantyne, JIT 
 Barnabas, Duma 
 Barron, Patrick 
 Bennett, S 
 Bishop, TH 
 Blaxall, A 
 Blyth, R 
 Brabant, F 
 Britton, CE 
 Brookes, P 
 Burnett, BB 
 Butter, A 
 Chancellor, SAM 
 Chipfupa, L 
 Clarke, GR 
 Comber, TG 
 Collyer, AAB 
 Cranswick, HF 
 Daba, L 
 Daniels, , RE 
 Davies, J 
 Davis, H 
 Davison, CKH 
 Dent, I 
 Devis, H 
 Dewing, RWD 
 Diale, DS 
 Edom, EB 
 Ellis, MA 
 Erasmus, CG 
 Erson, WK 
 Evans, DJ 
 Evans, WRP 
 Falkner, P 
 Fallowes, RP 
 Ferrey, Q 
 Fitzhugh, FC 
 Funani, HP 
 Gaylard, H 
 Gill, M 
 Gqwabaza, WS 
 Guinness, JC 
 Guma, M 
 Habberton, BW 
 Hall, JG 
 Hallendorf, JE 
 Harker, ha 
 Harnott, RR 
 Haynes, R 
 Heath, T 
 Henwood, AJ 
 Herdson, CR 
 Hewitt, C 
 Heyl, H 
 Hill, RD 
 Hipkin, A 
 Hloahloa, JQ 
 Hooper, C 
 Hopa, ELM 
 Howell, C 
 Johnson, AEM 
 Kgosane, RAM 
 Kidd, JA 
 Kingon, AC 
 Kingston, RWH 
 Kuhne, K 
 Kuse, WF 
 Leach, H 
 Leighton, JO 
 Letlala, MP 
 Llewellin, JRA 
 Lord, RA 
 Lovely, L 
 Lunnis, CM 
 Luyt, N 
 Mabuto, AJ 
 Main IR 
 Makgalemele, ER 
 Makhulu, W 
 Manentsa, RS 
 Martyn, D 
 Masita, CP 
 Maurick, BJC 
 Mayekiso, S 
 Mazibuko, 0 
 Mduna, JA 
 Meredith, D 
 Mguli, REN 
 Mlaba, JJM 
 Mnyandu, ZW 
 Mogapi, JM 
 Mokoatle, NC 
 Molale, M 
 Molefe, C 
 Moloi, BTL 
 Moloi, SE 
 Monala, P 
 Mongale, P 
 Montjane, N 
 Moseki, B 
 Motebe, AH 
 Motsoene, LAP 
 Mphenyeke, GA 
 Mpotoane, AH 
 Mthethwe, A 
 Murcott, HG 
 Namo, JR 
 Ndasa, J 
 Nduna, VH 
 Newth, FJ 
 Ntseare, BT 
 Nyovane, CHP 
 Oliver, J 
 Palmer, HW 
 Paterson, TJM 
 Pearson, LH 
 Petersen, RH 
 Phillips, FD 
 Photolo, B 
 Pickard, S 
 Pinnock, GW 
 Pitikoe, J 
 Pohl, W 
 Pugsley, E 
 Rakale, L 
 Reeves, A 
 Reeves, EW 
 Reynolds, AW 
 Richardson, E 
 Risdon, EM 
 Rouse, R 
 Salisbury, CE 
 Seach, TN 
 Sehume. AO 
 Sekgapane, Z 
 Sergel, C 
 Serongoane, T 
 Sexby, AJ 
 Seymour, W 
 Sharland, A 
 Sharman, GH 
 Sibeko, DF 
 Sidebotham, AG 
 Sigamoney, B 
 Silk, GW 
 Smith, DG 
 Smith, DJ 
 Sonn, PGD 
 Speight, PH 
 Spencer-Watson, A 
 Spyker, J 
 Stanton, T 
 Stevenson, H 
 Strong, TFL 
 Stubbs, ARP 
 Talazo, ST 
 Tee, C 
 Thelejane, SSM 
 Theyise, W 
 Tibbs, JA 
 Titus, J 
 Tshengkeng, ID 
 Tugman, C 
 Tutu, D 
 Van Aswegen, PL 
 Van Dijk, JJC 
 Venables, JO 
 Vogel, JR 
 Wade, SW 
 Wallace, V 
 Walls, E 
 Webb, WH 
 Webster, KG 
 Whitnall, D 
 Widdicombe, ACE 
 Wilkinson, WE 
 Williams, B 
 Williams, DI 
 Williams, G 
 Williams, JN 
 Willson, HR 
 Wimmer, M 
 Winterburn, IT 
 Worsnip, M 
 Yates, JC 
 Yates, RF 
G3 Ordinand Training 2f 1979-1985 
 Correspondence and memoranda, ordination candidates fund, lists of candidates, expenditure accounts, budgets, new schedule of fees, suggested syllabus for St. John's Extension Seminary 
CHURCHWARDENS 2v + 2f 1929-1978 
H1 Preachers and Churchwardens Meetings v 1929-1948 St.Peter's Church Committee, Crown Mines. In vernacular 
H2.1 Handbook for Churchwardens 2f 1967-1974 
 Memoranda, sketches, correspondence, minutes re handbook 
H2.2 Port Elizabeth Churchwardens Handbook v 1978 
 Draft copy of proposed handbook for Churchwardens 
DIOCESAN OFFICE 23f 1870-1968 
I1 Sundry Documents for Safe-keeping 18f 1870-1963 
I1.1 1870 Letter from Allan Becker, Bp of Bloemfontein to Thomas Edward, Bp of Zululand re: visit to Transvaal - before creation of Diocese 
I1.2 1883-1906 Troughton, Canon A.P. - Letters of Orders 
I1.3 1906, 1934 Reid, R.A. - Birth Certificate; Policy and Annuity 
I1.4 1907, 1932 Leach, Rev H.C.Birth Certificate; Baptism Certificate; Change of name from Wild to Leach 
I1.5 1913 Chamberlain, Canon G.E. - Deed of Consecration, 22 Jul. 
I1.6 1918-1919 Duplicate Original Marriage Certificate - H. Johnston and E.B. Bister 
I1.7 1920 Urquhart, Canon R.A.H. - Licence, 29 Sep. 
I1.8 1921 Duplicate Original Marriage Certificate - A.J. Petersen and H.F.I. Victor 
I1.9 1921 Oldacre, N., White River - Record of Baptism, 14 Aug. 
I1.10 1922-1946 Pearson, Lewis Henry - Licences, Letters of Orders, Birth Certificates and personal documents 
I1.11 1927 Sigamoney, Rev B.L.E. - Letters of Orders, 27 Feb. 
I1.12 1928 Duplicate Original Marriage Certificate - G.P.H. Gauche and W.M.I. Roger, 14 Feb. 
I1.13 1932 Mabuto, Rev A.J. - Mutual Will, 6 Oct. 
I1.14 1935 Acknowledgment of Deeds of Transfer - Girl Guides Association 
I1.15 1938 Salt, Miss D. - Fire and Burglary policies 
I1.16 1945 Sikiti, Rev I. - Will, 1 Feb. 
I1.17 1950 Lakaje, Mrs E. - 2 letters re Deeds of Transfer and Will 
I1.18 1951-1963 Estate late Elijah Qubu - personal correspondence 
I2 Division of Diocese 1922 5f 1913-1968 
I2.1 Folio 1f 1913-1921 
I2.1.1 1913 Letter to Parochial Councils, 27 Oct. 
I2.1.2 1914 Interim Report of Committee on Organization of Diocese, 3 Feb. 
I2.1.3 1914 Summary of Opinions of Parochial Councils (After 3 Feb.) 
I2.1.4 1914 Memo by Bp Furse on organization of the work, 11 May 
I2.1.5 1914 Final Report of Committee, 14 Jun. 
I2.1.6 1920 Private Memo by Geoffrey Hare Clayton to Bp Talbot (c.Aug.) 
I2.1.7 1920 Suggested boundaries 
I2.1.8 1920 Memo by Finance Sub-Committee 
I2.1.9 1920 Memo on Finances of N.Diocese by Bursar and Secretary of D.F.B. 
I2.1.10 1920 Memo on Finances etc. by Bp Furse, 15 Jan. 
I2.1.11 1920 Memo on Finances of S.Diocese by Bursar and Secretary of D.S.B. 
I2.1.12 1920 Bp Talbot's letter to Parochial Councils, 19 Nov. 
I2.1.13 See 22a Report of Committee Parochial Councils, 19 Nov. 
I2.1.14 1920 Schedule of Suggested Boundaries 
I2.1.15 1920 Report of Committee as presented to Synod 
I2.1.16 1920 Minority Report as presented to Synod 
I2.1.17 1920Memo by Geoffrey Hare Clayton on size and population of both Dioceses 
I2.1.18 1920 Memo by Geoffrey Hare Clayton contributions per communicant (both Dioceses) 
I2.1.19 1920 Summary of recommendations of Parochial Councils, 6 Dec. 
I2.1.20 1920 Report of Sub-Committee on Control of Institutions (G.H.C. and F.W.H.), 19 Oct. 
I2.1.21 1920 Memo by G.H.C. on Date of Division, 7 Dec. 
I2.1.22 1920 Bantu Population of N. and S. from Union Official Year Book, G.H.C. 
I2.1.22a 1920 Report of Committee to Parochial Councils, 18-19 Nov. 
I2.1.23 1920 Letter to Provincial Registrar about Date of Division, G.H.C., 10 Dec. 
I2.1.24 1920 Provincial Registrar's reply to G.H.C., 20 Dec. 
I2.1.25 1920 Letter to Sister-Superior of House of Mercy, Irene, 10 Dec. 
I2.1.26 1920 Final Report of Committee and Sister-Superior's reply to G.H.C. 9 Dec. and 8 Jan.1921 
I2.1.27 1921 Final Schedule of Boundaries, 18 Jan. 
I2.1.28 1921 Report on SPG Grants 
I2.1.29 1921 Report of Committee to Synod 
I2.2 Reports 1f 1914-1921 
 Reports, memoranda and correspondence includes: reports on organisation of the Diocese; Provincial Committee on Parochial Finance; Southern and Northern portions of the Diocese and financial position; Sub-Committee reports on finance and missionary work; allocation of trust funds, reorganisation and division of Diocese 
I2.3 Boundary Map 1 item Undated 
I2.4 Boundaries 2f 1938-1968 
I2.4.1 Parishes of: 
 Belgravia, May 1944 1f 1944-1968 
 Bezuidenhout Valley 
 Blyvooruitzight, Jul.1951 
 Bryanston (proposed boundaries), site, map, letter Jul.1951 
 Cathedral, Johannesburg 
 St.Mark's, Westonaria 
 Westlea, Riverlea, Kliptown, Robertsham, Turffontein, Rosettenville 
I2.4.2 Regent Hill 
 Mission districts of: 
 Alexandra, 28 Mar.1944 
 Benoni, 28 Mar.1944 
 Bethal, 1 Jan.1950 
 Bloemhof, 28 Mar.1944 - revised Jul.1951 
 Blyvooruitzicht - revised 1951 
 Boksburg, 28 Mar.1944 
 Brakpan, 28 Mar.1944 
 Crown Mines, 28 Mar.1944 
 Daveyton, 18 Jan.1967 
 Delarey, 1 Jan.1948 
 Ermelo, 28 Mar.1944 - revised Mar.1947 
 Evaton, 28 Mar.1944 
 Germiston Mar.1944 
 Klerksdorp Mar.1944 
 Koster, 1 Jan.1948 
 Krugersdorp, 28 Mar.1944 
 Lichtenburg, 28 Mar.1944 - revised 1 Jan.1948, Jul.1951 
 Nigel, Christ Church, 1938, 28 Mar.1944 
 Nourse Mines, 28 Mar.1944 
 Orlando, 1 Jul.1949, 13 Mar.1963, map, report - Orlando Boundaries 
 Commission, 28 May 1963 
 Parkhurst, 1951 
 Pimville, 28 Mar.1944 
 Potchefstroom, 28 Mar.1944, - revised Jul.1951 
 Randfontein, 28 Mar.1944 
 Roodepoort, 28 Mar.1944 
 Rosettenville, 28 Mar.1944 
 St.Cyprian's,28 Mar.1944 
 Springs,28 Mar.1944, revised 1 Jan.1950 
 Standerton, 28 Mar.1944 
 Ventersdorp, 28 Mar.1944 
 Vereeniging, 28 Mar.1944 
 Wakkerstroom, 28 Mar.1944 
 Wolmaranstad, Jul.1951 
 Zeerust, 28 Mar.1944 
I3 Record of Diocesan Officers lv 1878-1970 
 Started in 1967. Records relating to past years have been included but no guarantee that items relating to the past are either complete or correct. 
PARISHES (alphabetically) 
JA1 Alberton 2f 1954-1983 
JA1.1 St. Francis Church l f 1977-1983 
 Correspondence re alterations and additions to existing church 
JA 1.2 New Redruth l f 1954-1957 
 Correspondence re transfer of erf No.586 
JA2 Albertville v 1948-1964 
 Baptismal register 
JA3 Alexandra 4f 1958-1983 
JA3.1 Correspondence re property l f 1969-1983 
JA3 .2 Application for church sites f 1963-1970 
 Correspondence and memoranda 
JA3.3 St. Michael's Church - Stand 752 1 f 1959 
JA3.4 Family Centre - Lot No.877 f 1959 
JA4 Auckland Park and Melville f 1929-1983 
 Church of St.Peter - Deed of Consecration, memorial petitions, additions to church hall, Stand No.308 
JB1 Bedfordview f 1976-1983 [See also: Malvern - Bedford Gardens] 
 Correspondence re property for St. Margaret's parish 
JB2 Bekkersdal f 1978-1986 
 Correspondence and plan re building extensions to St.Mary's Church, 
 Bekkersdal Township, Westonaria 
JB3 Belgravia 12v + 1 f 1904-1985 
JB3.1 Correspondence re property - St. John's Church 
JB3.2 Baptismal registers 6v 1904-1950 
JB3.3 Marriage registers 6v 1905-1957 
JB4 Benoni 1 f 1920-1983 
 St. Dunstan's Church - petitions for faculties and memorials, dedication and consecration, properties in Actonville, Northmead, St.Mary Magdalene, Benoni South, and plans for proposed church on said properties; correspondence 
JB5 Bethal/Evander 2f 1913-1983 
JB5.1 St. Bede' s Church, Bethal l f 1913-1975 
 Dedication and because of its demolition, deed to revoke its consecration in 1975 
JB5.2 Anglican-Methodist Trust f 1974-1983 
 Constitution and correspondence re: sales and transfers of properties 
JB6 Bez Valley l f 1932-1985 
 St.Michael and St.George's Church - petition and deed of dedication and consecration, petitions for licence or faculty and deed of transfer 
JB7 Bloemhof 2f + v 1944-1981 
JB7.1 Properties f 1944-1981 
 Correspondence re St.Luke's, 1968-1981; Bloemhof location, 1964-1967; rectory; St.Catherine's Church - photographs and negs; District Lichtenburg - Kaalpan 334, 1944-1945 (St.Matthew's Church); Schweizer Reneke - Stand No.2 Location (Church of the Holy Spirit) 1949-1959; Maquassi - Lot 378, 1951-1956, Lot 203 - St.Stephen's Church 1956-1957;nChristiana - Erf 362, St.James' Church 1955; De Hoop No.34, 1953-1969; Coligny - Stand 224, Municipal Location 1961-1963; Lichtenburg - Driehoek 1961-1967, Rooijantjiesfontein 1961, New location - Boikutso No.359, 1961-1965 
JB7.2 Faculties f 1907-1979 
 Petitions and deeds of consecration; Christiana - St.Philip and St.James - deed of dedication 1907, 1957, 1979; Bloemhof - St.Catherine's Church - " 1917-1954, 1971, St.Luke's Church- petitions 1947; Maquassi - burial ground - petition and consecration, 1918, Lot 203n1957; Schweizer Reneke - St.Ninian's - petitions and deeds of dedication 1923, 1954, 1957; Farm Wolmaranstad - transfer to Johannesburg Diocesan Trustees 1957 for St.Michael and All Angels 
JB7.3 Bloemhof Confirmation Register v 1940-1950 [See also: JM11.4.2] 
 Includes: St.Luke's, Bloemhof 1940-1943, 1945-1946, 1948-1950 
 St. Paul's, Wolmaranstad 1945 
 St.Philip's, Schweizer Reneke 1945-1946, 1948-1950 
 St.Mary's, Christiana 1945, 1948-1950 
 St.John's, Leeuwdoornstad 1948-1950 
 Church of the Epiphany, Boskuil 1948 
JB8 Blyvooruitzicht 3f 1954-1985 
JB8.1 General f 1972-1985 
 Correspondence re transfer of service rights, St.Nicholas Church complex v. Howman Builders (Pty) Ltd 
JB8.2 Petitions and Consecration f 1954-1975 
 Also plan of St.Nicholas Church, Blyvooruitzicht, Carletonville 
JB8.3 Properties f 1973-1979 
 Correspondence, memoranda and plans re St.Nicholas Church 
JB9 Boksburg f + v 1895-1982 [See also: JS5.2] 
JB9.1 Property l f 1895-1982 
 Deeds of dedication and consecration, petitions, letter and diagram assigning church portion of Boksburg cemetery, plans, correspondence re St.Michael and All Angels Church, hall and rectory, and declaration as a national monument; St.Gabriel's Church, Boksburg North; proclamation of Sunward Park Township, Boksburg South 
JB9.2 St.Boniface, Boksburg v 1912-1928 [See also: JS5.3] 
 Baptismal register 
JB10 Boons v 1938-1949 
 Baptismal register 
JB11 Brakpan 3f 1923-1985 
JB11.1 St. Peter's - petitions for faculties, plans and correspondence 1923-1980 
JB11.2 St. Peter's, Geluksdal, Brakpan - correspondence and plans for site, 1979-1985 
JB11.3 All Soul's - general correspondence re All Souls Church and Mission House, Stand 1561, 1951-1952; rectory, Stands 769, 771, 1961; Stand 6895 Tsakane, 1964; Modderfontein No.6, 1968; Weltevreden 118 I.R. - reservation of land for township; Tsakane native township - site 1184, 1974-1980 
JB12 Bramley l f 1954-1984 
 Correspondence, memoranda, plans re deed of donation for farm Syferfontein 313, 1961; Raumarais Park, Syferfontein Church and hall; petitions - St.Monica' s, Halfway House; St. Catherine's, Bramley; Glen Austin 
JB13 Brixton 2f 1914-1984 
JB13.1 St.Augustine's - correspondence, memoranda, petitions and plans 1914-1984 
 St. Peter's, Newlands - petitions for deed of dedication, 1923 
 St. Saviour' s, Vrededorp petitions for deed of dedication, 1914, 1925, 1943, 1967 
JB13.2 St.Augustine's, Brixton - correspondence and plans re properties 
 St.Peter's, Newlands - correspondence and plans re properties 
JB14 Bryanston 2f 1953-1984 
JB14.1 St. Michael's - Faculties l f 1953-1984 
 Correspondence, memoranda, petition to consecrate church, 2 pulpit photographs 
JB14.2 Properties f 1975-1982 
 Correspondence and plans re Kensington B, Randburg parish 
JC1 Christiana 5v 1884-1955 
JC1.1 Baptismal Registers 2v 1904-1955 
 St.Mary's - Christiana lv 1904-1955, lv 1921-1929 
 Includes: Parish of Bloemhof, Dec.1947-1955, St.Luke's 1921-1923 
JC1.2 Marriage Registers 2v 1884-1893, 1905-1922 
 Includes: Bloemhof District; Schweizer Reneke; Maquassi - Wolmaranstad; Waterberg 
 St.Philip and St.James 
 Includes: Baptisms, 1884-1893 
 Burials, 1885-1892 
JC2 Clifton 5v 1903-1942 
JC2.1 Baptismal Registers 2v 1903-1942 
 All Saints 
JC2.2 Marriage Registers 3v 1903-1941 
JC3 Coronationville v 1948-1964 
 Baptismal Register - St.Helen's 
JC4 Crown Mines 9v + f 1926-1969 
JC4.1 Marriage Registers 5v 1922-1955 
 St.Peter's, Crown Mines 
 Includes: Roodepoort, Krugersdorp; St.Mary's, Denver; St.Michael's, Maraisburg; St.Martin's, Doornfontein; St.Andrew's, Klipspruit; Evaton, Vereeniging; Pimville; St.Mary's, Orlando 
JC4.2 Baptismal Registers 4v 1933-1969 
JC4.3 Property l f 1956-1966 
 Correspondence and memoranda re farm Langlaagte 
JD1 Daveyton l f 1974-1981 
 Properties: Correspondence, memoranda, plans for church and mission house site for Daveyton and extension; Witpoortje No.2 plan; Wattville, Actonville 
JD2 Diepkloof 2f 1962-1981 
JD2.1 St. Stephen's Church 
 Correspondence re properties 
JD2.2 Memoranda on rear assessments and general 
JD3 Dobsonville 2f 1939-1986 
JD3.1 Property f 1939-1971 
 St.Mary's Church, house and school: Correspondence and memoranda re church, school and similar sites in urban locations; relinquished to Roodepoort Municipality when Dobsonville completed; new Dobsonville church and payment for repairs by tornado damage; new churches at Mofolo North and Davidsonville 
JD3.2 General f 1953-1986 
 Correspondence re St.Mary's Church, Dobsonville 
JD4 Doornfontein 13v 1893-1935 
JD4.1 St.Augustine's Baptismal Registers 4v 1893-1935 
JD4.2 St.Augustine's Confirmation Registers 2v 1899-1917 
JD4.3 St.Augustine's Marriage Registers 7v 1894-1934 
JD5 Duduza f 1980.1983 
 Property: Correspondence and applications for faculty for work on St.Agnes Church, Balfour; deed of lease - Ratanda Stand 73 for church purposes 
JE1 Edenvale 2f 1926-1983 
JE1.1 St.Chad's 1f 1926-1980 
 Petitions for faculties for church; rectory building specifications; consolidation of stands 13, 14 and 15 and portion "B" of Lot 77, Edenvale 
JE1.2 General f 1964-1983 
 Correspondence re parish of Edenvale 
JE2 Eldorado Park f 1966-1986 
 Correspondence re proposed church at Lenasia Ext.3; parochial district of Kliptown, Eldorado Park - St.Philip's; St.Mary Magdalene's Church, Protea; certificates regarding public buildings; applications for Bishop's faculty for petitions for the Church of the Transfiguration 
JE3 Emdeni f 1958-1983 
 Correspondence re Church of St.Matthew, Kwa-Xuma; African church at Tladi and Emdeni South 
JE4 Ermelo 2f 1906-1984 [See also: Wesselton] 
JE4.1 Faculties f 1906-1984 
 St.Andrew's Church - requests for Bishop's faculties, petitions, deeds of licence, dedication and consecration, also for St.George's Church, Lake Chrissie; St.Mary's Church, Breyten; Church of the Resurrection, Carolina; St.Saviour's, Doornpoort Farm, Carolina and chapelry; certainnportion 76 of Farm Nooitgedacht and new St.Andrew's, Ermelo; farm school - The Brook; Davel, Erf 197 and 198; St.John the Forerunner, Ermelo with Piet Retief district 
JE4.2 General f 1952-1984 
 Correspondence re Wesselton location [See also: Wesselton] and parish of Ermelo 
JE5 Evander 8f 1951-1984 
JE5.1 Faculties f 1965-1981 
 Applications for faculties on petitions at St.Peter's, Evander; St.Bede's, Bethal; St.Francis, Val; deeds of donation 
JE5.2 Properties 7f 1951-1984 
 Correspondence, memoranda and plans re: St.Bede's Church, Bethal, St.Columbus Church, Devon; properties in Evander township; Evander - Stand 536 - Standerton/Bethal 1975-1978; transfer: 2984 Secunda Ext.7: SASOL, 1981-1983 
JE6 Evaton l f 1936-1984 
 Properties: Correspondence, memoranda and plans re St.Paul's Church, Poortje (Grasmere) 1936-1944; Lawley No.544 - St.Margaret's, Elandsfontein 1959; St.Luke's - Lot 856, Evaton 1962-1966; Bophelong- Sebokeng, Std.477, 1966-1977; Small Farms Township 1970 
JF1 Ferndale, Witkoppen l f 1944-1952 
 Marriage Register: St.Peter's, Rosettenville; St.Justin, Witkoppen; St. Thomas, Ferndale; Sophiatown 
JF2 Ferreirastown (as from 30 Sep.1967 now Kliptown, Riverlea, Westlea) 
JF2.1 St.Alban's - General f 1924, 1953-1980 [See also: JJ3.1.4-5] 
 Correspondence, memoranda, petitions, including deed of dedication of St.Martha's Church, Newclare, Dec.1924; matters arising from the hanging of painting, in St.Alban's - "Christ disputing with the Elders" (or doctors) by Hans van Meegeren, in imitation of Vermeer, donated by Sir Ernest Oppenheimer, petition, insurance and future of painting; establishment of 3 new parochial districts out of parish of St.Alban's and the renovation of St.Alban's for use of Anglican church for meetings, concerts and diocesan administrative offices. 
JF2.2 St.Alban's - Faculties f 1929-1975 
 Petitions, including dedication of St.Alban the Martyr church, Mar.1929; faculties or licence petitions to remove items from St.Alban's to St.Helen's, Coronationville, and to St.Margaret's Church, Noordgesig; consecration and deconsecration of the Church of Christ the King,nSophiatown; plans, correspondence, brochures and samples of material used in renovating St.Alban's 
JF2.3 St.Alban's - Property 3f 1937-1982 
JF2.3.1 Division f 1937-1967 
 Correspondence, memoranda, tenders, plans, specification of works and certificates regarding public buildings, building contracts for St.Helen's, Coronationville 1937-1967; St. Margaret's, Noordgesig 1941-1943; Klipriviersoog house and church 1951-1967; St.Mary Magdalene,nProtea 1956-1958; St.Martha's Church (Coloured) 1956-1965; St. Nicholas, Albertville 1957 
JF2.3.2 30 September 1967 1f 1960-1981 
 Certificates regarding public buildings, plans, memoranda and correspondence. From 30 Sep.1967 St.Alban's divided into 3 new districts: Kliptown (Fr.L.D. Alexander), Riverlea (L.D. Ilett), Westlea (W. E. Mackenzie). St.Alban' s to be used as centre for urban-industrialnmission 
JF2.3.3 St.Alban's Urban-Industrial Mission f 1963-1982 
 Correspondence, memoranda, plans, surface rights permits and administrative offices in rectory, Turffontein 
JF2.4 Marriage Register v 1924-1931 
JF3 Florida with Maraisburg 4f 1898-1986 
 Properties and Sites: St.Michael and All Angels, Maraisburg - St.Gabriel's Church, Florida - correspondence, memoranda and plans 
JG1 Geluksdal f 1983-1984 [See also: JB11.2] 
 Geluksdal correspondence, memoranda and plans, extract from minutes in St.Peter's Church, Brakpan, annual report 1983, on building of church and chapelry 
JG2 George Goch v 1956-1963 
 Marriage Register 
JG3 Germiston 6f 1918-1982 
JG3.1 Faculties and Petitions 4f 1918-1982 
 St.Boniface correspondence, requests for faculties and petitions, plans and deeds of dedication 
JG3.2 Property 2f 1952-1982 
 Lots 146/7 and 152/3 - Germiston sites and properties correspondence Lot 1943 and Location Church - Germiston Coloured Mission site 
 Correspondence, memoranda and photograph of interior of St.Mary and St.John, Lot 338, Lambton 
JH1 Half Way House f 1978-1983 
 General: Correspondence, plan and memoranda, petition for St. Augustine's, Ratanda; portion 55 - Farm Waterval for retirement cottages; St.Monica's Church, Halfway House 
JH2 Heidelberg f 1890-1892 
 General correspondence, deed of consecration, petitions for St.Ninian's, properties and sites, St.Giles, Balfour, Charterston/Duduza (Coloured township) 
JH3 Hope Woolith v 1959-1980 
 St.Cuthbert's Parochial Register of church services and collections; terrier and inventory of property 
JI1 Ikakeng 2f 1922-1984 
JI1.1 Faculties f 1922-1975 
 St.Michael's Church, Potchefstroom Mission - deed of dedication, application for Bishop's faculty, correspondence and memoranda 
JI1.2 Ikakeng Property f 1953-1984 
 Correspondence, memoranda and plan, agreement between Cyrene Mission Church and building contractors 
JI2 Itsoseng/Lichtenburg f 1970-1984 
 Property: De Hoop parish and Itsoseng mission church, Lichtenburg district - correspondence and memoranda re building materials etc and finance 
JJ1 Jabavu 2f 1948-1986 
 Property: Correspondence and leases re: Orlando, Moroka site 2A; Jabavu 1283 St.Paul's Church; Zondi. 
JJ2 Jeppe 2v + 2f 1889-1985 
JJ2.1 St.Mary's Church v 1950-1967 
 Minute-book, No.25 
JJ2.2 Faculties f 1898, 1920-1969 
 Deed of consecration 1898, correspondence and petitions for faculties from 1920 
JJ2.3 Properties f 1953-1985 
 St.Mary's Church properties, correspondence, certificates regarding public buildings and memoranda 
JJ2.4 Registers 19v 1894-1962 
JJ2.4.1 Baptisms 10v 1894-1951 
JJ2.4.2 Confirmations 2v 1920-1948 [See also: JM11.4] 
JJ2.4.3 Marriages 7v 1894-1962 
JJ2.4.3.1 Marriages, 1899-1906 (digitised)        
JJ2.5 Jeppe Jubilee v 1889-1939 by G.W. Dymond 
JJ3 Johannesburg Files and Registers 
JJ3.1 St.Mary's Cathedral 6f + 22v 1892-1984 
JJ3.1.1 Faculties 3f 1917-1970 
 Deeds of dedication, petitions, photographs, plans, memoranda, correspondence re: St.Columba's Church, Devon 15 Jul.1917; petition and deed for consecration of the chapel of All Souls (in connection with the Cathedral Church of St.Mary's, 11-12 Feb.1923; deed ofnlicence for Divine Service of St.Anne's Church, Hekpoort 14 Jun.1931 and petition for consecration 
JJ3.1.2 Properties 1f 1966-1983 
 Ownership of, and control over Cathedral properties and funds, 1966-1970; accommodation for Bantu minister - house: Stand 6981, Orlando West, Soweto; the Dean's Shelter - correspondence, memoranda, balance sheet; portions 1 and 267 of Lot 711, CraighallnPark; brochure - Deansgate; plans of alterations and additions to rectory, Stand 6981, Orlando; purchase of Stand 1087, Bosmont 
JJ3.1.3 Cathedral and Darragh House 2f 1971-1984 
JJ3.1.3.1 Budgets and Finance l f 1976-1984 
 Correspondence, memoranda, balance sheets re purchase of house for assistant priest, Riverlea; report on maintenance and restoration of St.Mary's, budgets and finance; Darragh House finance 
JJ3.1.3.2 General 1f 1971-1984 
 Correspondence, memoranda re proposed development of Darragh House; debenture trust deed; financial statements; investments in participation mortgage bonds; Blue Line Linen (Pty) Ltd premises in Darragh House 
JJ4. Baptism Registers 
JJ4.1 Baptisms, St Mary's Cathedral 15 vols, 1887-1997 
JJ4.1.1 Vol 1 17 July 1887 - 2 Oct 1892 &Index (Mainly whites) 
JJ4.1.2 Vol 2 2 Oct 1892 - 19 Feb 1896 &Index (Mainly whites) 
JJ4.1.3 Vol 3 19 Feb 1896 - 22 Sept 1901 &Index (Mainly whites) 
JJ4.1.4 Vol 4 2 Oct 1901 - 21 Dec 1910 &Index (Mainly whites See also JJ4.5.1) 
JJ4.1.5 Vol 5 21 Dec 1910 - 8 July 1923 &Index (Mainly whites) 
JJ4.1.6 Vol 6 22 July 1923 - 19 Oct 1930 &Index (Mainly whites) 
JJ4.1.7 Voll 19 Oct 1930 - 18 Aug 1936 &Index (Mainly whites) 
JJ4.1.8 Vol 8 27 Nov 1935 - 23 Oct 1938 &Index (Mainly whites) 
JJ4.1.9 Vol 9 23 Oct 1938 - 12 May 1940 &Index (Mainly whites See also JJ4.5.3) 
JJ4.1.10 Vol 10 12 May 1940 - 22 May 1943 &Index (Mainly whites See also JJ4.5.4) 
JJ4.1.11 Vol 1122 May 1943 - 7 Jan 1946 &Index (Mainly whites) 
JJ4.1.12 Vol 12 12 Jan 1946 - 11 Mar 1950 &Index (Mainly whites) 
JJ4.1.13 Vol 13 19 Mar 1950 - 8 Oct 1955 &Index (Mainly whites) 
JJ4.1.14 Vol 14 8 Oct 1955 - 22 Oct 1960 &Index (Mainly whites) 
JJ4.1.15 Vol 15 22 Oct 1960 - 3 Mar 1968 &Index (Mainly whites) 
JJ4.1.16 Vol 16 1968 - 1984 (black & white ) 
JJ4.1.17 Vol 17 1985 - 1997 ( black & white) 
JJ4.2 District of Johannesburg' Baptisms (see also Molote Mission) Baptisms for: 
 Alberton, Alexandra, Allandale, Benoni, Bertrams, Blumendal, Boksburg, Boschhoek, Brixton, Calabasfontein, Cardoville, Cleveland, Craighall, Crown Douglas, Crown Reef, De Deur, Denver, Driefontein, Doornkloof, Doornkuil, 
 Eikenhof, Elandsfontein, Evaton,Fortuna, Geduld, Geldenhuis Mine, George Goch, Germiston, Greylingstad, Heidelberg, Holfontein, Houtkoppies, Jeppe, Klipfontein, Klipgat, Klipriviersoog, Krugersdorp, Langlaagte, Louis Trichardt, Maraisburg, Meyerton, Misgund, Modderbee, Modderfontein, Natalspruit, Nigel, Nourse Mine, Olifantsfontein, Rietspruit, Rietvlei, Robinson Deep, Roodepoort, Rosettenville, Schweitzer-Reneke, Sekukuniland, Sophiatown, S-W Rand, Springs, Tabante, Turffontein, Tweefontein, Uitval, Van Ryn Deep, Venterspos, Vereeniging, Village Main, Vlakfontein, Wakkerstroom, Waterberg, Waterpan, Waterval, Welgedacht, Weltevrede, Wilgespruit, Wonderfontein, Zandfontein, Etc etc. 
 (See also: St Michael's Molote for Baptisms 1886-1894) 
JJ4.2.1 1906-1908 (Mainly black) 
JJ4.2.2 1908-1911 (mainly black, see also JJ4.5.2 & 3 ) 
JJ4.2.3 1911-1915 ( mainly black) 
JJ4.2.4 1915-1916 (mainly black ) 
JJ4.2.5 1916-1917 ( mainly black ) 
JJ4.2.6 1917-1920 ( mainly black ) 
JJ4.2.7 1920-1924 (mainly black ) 
JJ4.2.8 1922-1926 ( mainly black ) 
JJ4.2.9 1925-1926 ( mainly black ) 
JJ4.2.10 1927-1928 (mainly black ) 
JJ4.2.11 1920-1933 ( mainly black )( Mainly from Crown Reef) 
JJ4.2.12 1928-1932 (mainly black ) 
JJ4.3 St Cyprian's Church, Johannesburg Baptisms 3 vols, 1896-1969 
 (See also, Molote Mission for baptisms 1886-1894) 
JJ4.3.1 !896-1902 (mainly black) Same vol contains marriages 
JJ4.3.2 1901-1943 ( mainly black ) 
JJ4.3.3 1943-1969 (mainly black) 
JJ4.4 St Alban's Church, Johannesburg Baptisms 7 vols, 1898-1973 
 Iincludes: Noordgesig, Newclare, Protea, Kliptown, WT, Albertville 
JJ4.4.1 1898-1913 (mainly 'coloured') 
JJ4.4.2 1913-1941 ( mainly 'coloured' ) 
JJ4.4.3 1941-1945 (mainly 'coloured') 
JJ4.4.4 1945-1949 ( mainly 'coloured' ) 
JJ4.4.5 1949-1955 ( mainly 'coloured' ) 
JJ4.4.6 1955-1964 ( mainly 'coloured' ) 
JJ4.4.7 1966-1973 ( mainly 'coloured' ) 
JJ4.5 Miscellaneous Baptisms 5 vols 1906-1963 
JJ4.5.1 Mission of Northern Suburbs: Baptisms 1906-1909 (mainly white) 
JJ4.5.2 Mission District of W Rand: Baptisms 1913-1920 (mainly black) 
JJ4.5.3 Mission District, N and E Transvaal 1910-1919 (mainly black) 
JJ4.5.4 Baptisms at Deanery, 1942-1951 (mainly white) 
JJ4.5.5 Children's Hospital Baptisms, 1939-1969 (mainly white) 
JJ5 Marriage Registers 
JJ5.1 St Mary's Cathedral Marriages 24 vols (mainly whites) 
JJ5.1.1 1887-1894 (and index under husband's name) 
JJ5.1.2 1895-1895 (mainly whites) (thin volume) 
JJ5.1.3 1895-1906 (mainly whites ) 
JJ5.1.4 1906-1919 
JJ5.1.5 1919-1924 
JJ5.1.6 1924-1928 
JJ5.1.7 1928-1931 
JJ5.1.8 1931-1935 
JJ5.1.9 1935-1937 
JJ5.1.10 1937-1939 
JJ5.1.11 1939-1940 
JJ5.1.12 1940-1943 
JJ5.1.13 1943-1944 
JJ5.1.14 1944-1946 
JJ5.1.15 1946-1947 (small volume) 
JJ5.1.16 1947-1950 
JJ5.1.17 1950-1953 
JJ5.1.18 1953-1955 
JJ5.1.19 1956-1961 
JJ5.1.20 1961-1970 
JJ5.1.21 1970-1976 (all races ) 
JJ5.1.22 1977-1986 (all races) 
JJ5.1.23 1976-1989 ( all races ) 
JJ5.1.24 1985-1989 ( all races ) 
JJ5.2 'District of Johannesburg' Marriages 7 vols, 1910-1955 
 For locations, see baptisms, JJ4.2) 
JJ5.2.1 1910-1916 (mainly black ) 
JJ5.2.2 1916-1921 ( mainly black ) 
JJ5.2.3 1914-1921 ( mainly black ) 
JJ5.2.4 1914-1922 ( mainly black ) 
JJ5.2.5 1921-1928 ( mainly black ) 
JJ5.2.6 1924-1929 ( mainly black ) 
JJ5.2.7 1927-1928 (and 1955) mainly black ) 
JJ5.3 St Cyprians Marriages 5 vols 1903-1969 
 NB Marriages 1892-1902 in baptism volume, JJ4.3.1) 
JJ5.3.1 1903-1932 (mainly black and coloured) 
JJ5.3.2 1932-1938 ( mainly black and coloured ) 
JJ5.3.3 1938-1945 (mainly black and coloured ) 
JJ5.3.4 1945-1955 ( mainly black and coloured ) 
JJ5.3.5 1956-1969 (mainly black and coloured ) 
JJ5.4 St Alban's Marriages 6 vols 1899-1965 
JJ5.4.1 1899-1924 (mainly coloured) 
JJ5.4.2 1924-1931 ( mainly coloured ) 
JJ5.4.3 1931-1941 (mainly coloured ) 
JJ5.4.4 1942-1947 ( mainly coloured) 
JJ5.4.5 1947-1955 ( mainly coloured ) 
JJ5.4.6 1956-1965 ( mainly coloured) 
JJ5.5 Miscellaneous Marriages 2 vols 1952-1965 
JJ5.5.1 Hospital chapel marriages 1952-1955 (whites) 
JJ5.5.2 Hospital chapel marriages 1956-1965 ( whites) 
JJ6 Burials 4 vols 
JJ6.1a 1887-1897 (St Mary's) 
JJ6.1b 1897-1910 (St Mary's) 
JJ6.2 1974-1976 (St Mary's ) 
JJ6.3 1943-1956 (St Cyprian's) 
JJ7 Confirmations, Cathedral and St Cyprians See also, JM11.4 
JJ7.1 1889-1925 (St Mary's) 
JJ7.2 1907-1908 ( St Mary's) 
JJ7.3 1926-1932 St Mary's 
JJ7.4 1933-1941St Mary's 
JJ7.5 1942-1949 St Mary's 
JJ7.6 1950-1962 (St Mary's) 
JJ7.7 1909-1931 (St Cyprians) 
JJ7.8 1943-1946 ( St Cyprians) 
JJ7.9 1950-1969 ( St Cyprians) 
JJ8 St.Cyprian's Property 2f 1910-1976 
 Correspondence, memoranda, deeds of dedication, petitions, plans re Turffontein No.21, Claim 651 - St.James Church, Ferreiras Deep 1910-1928; petition for dedication of St.Zita's Chapel, Old Doornfontein 1925; deed of dedication of nave and side chapel of St.Cyprian's Church, City and Suburban Std.263, expropriated in 1963 
 and subsequent deconsecration; Orlando West Kopje site 6981, 1968-1969 
 St.Cyprian' s applications for surface rights, Robinson Deep, faculties and certificates regarding public buildings; St.Matthew' s church and house Croesus, petitions, applications and allocation of sites 
JK1 Kempton Park f 1941-1981 
 Correspondence, memoranda, plans, petitions and deed for consecration of Church of St. Edmund, King and Martyr 
JK2 Kensington 2f + v 1930-1985 
JK2.1 Faculties f 1943-1985 
 Correspondence, petitions, deed of dedication of Church of St.Andrew, certificates regarding public buildings of Stds.3610, 3607/9/11, Bedford Gardens Township plan 
JK2.2 General l f 1954-1986 
JK2.3 Confirmation Register v 1930-1949 [See also: JM11.4] 
 Includes: St.Mary's, Jeppe; St. Patrick's, Malvern; St.Michael and St.George, Bez Valley; Christ Church, Mayfair 
JK3 Khutsong l f 1952-1979 
 Correspondence, memoranda re Farm Foch 105 (also known as 40), portion sold to Fochville Village Council; rectory at Blyvooruitzicht, Fochville location, parish of Blyvooruitzicht, Carletonville 2896 (Tswana Group); Anglican Mission, Blyvooruitzicht receipts and payments; accounts; petitions 
JK4 Klerksdorp 5f + 2v 1888-1985 
JK4.1 General 3f 1950-1984 
 Correspondence, memoranda, plans re Jouberton Location Holy Family Church and house, Klerksdorp; Stilfontein Location, Site 241; Kawana Location, Orkney Std.698; trust funds; church and house at Hartebeesfontein 
JK4.2 Parish of St.Peter's, Klerksdorp 2f 1953-1985 
 General correspondence and memoranda 
JK4.3 Faculties l f 1896, 1931-1977 
 Petitions, deed of consecration, application for Bishop's faculty and greetings for St.Peter's Church 
JK4.4 Property l f 1951-1981 
 Includes Stilfontein, Alabama and Orkney. Correspondence, memoranda, plans, sites - St.Peter's Church, Stands 1019/20, rectory and old church stands 1023/5, Klerksdorp; Stilfontein church and rectory Lots 940, 961; Orkney church hall Stands 1341/2/3; Alabama (Coloured) 240-1 
JK4.5 Registers 2v 1888-1896 
 Baptismal registers 1888-1896 and in one, includes marriages 1894-1896 
JK5 Koster 2f 1953-1971 
 General correspondence and memoranda 
JK6 Kwa Thema 4f 1940-1985 
JK6.1 General l f 1940-1982 
 St.Andrew's - changed to Kwathema 1.9.1977. Correspondence, petitions and lease agreement 
JK6.2 Property 3f 1956-1985 
 Correspondence and memoranda re sites and property 
JK7 Krugersdorp 6f + 23v 1889-1985 
JK7.1 Kagiso 3f 1942-1985 
 General correspondence, memoranda, schedules, re Cape Coloured settlement, Krugersdorp No.181; St.Paul's Church and house, Munsieville Location; St.Mary's Church and house, Warrenslaagte; Luipaardsvlei No.8, Claims 2640/1, vacant site; Lebogang farm school, Bultfontein, No.90; Stand 3366; St.Thomas Church (lately known as Luipaardsvlei, alsonLewisham Location), Std.49/51 
JK7.2 Faculties if 1889-1980 
 Petitions for faculties, consecration of St.Peter's Church, Krugersdorp, plans, greetings, correspondence on: St.Mark (Coloured) Church, Lot 181; photograph of St.Peter's pulpit 
JK7.3 Property 1f 1953-1982 
 Correspondence and plans re: Stands 923/7, 950/1, 952/3/4a Hekpoort Lot 48, Portion B, Portion 81 St.Anne's Church; Kenmere Stand 244; parish of Mohlakeng 
JK7.4 General 1f 1953-1986 
 Correspondence, mainly of St.Peter's Church and its Golden Jubilee 1905-1955 "Onward", vol.xxiii, No.11 
JK7.5 Registers 23v 1889-1955 
JK7.5.1 Baptisms 9v 1894-1955 
 1894-1898 Mission of Krugersdorp (Native) 
 1898-1904 Parish of Krugersdorp (Native and European) 
 1903-1915 Mission of Krugersdorp ; Parish of Krugersdorp; Church of St.Mark; St.Peter's Church 
 1904-1905) Diocese of Pretoria 1904-5; Parish Church of Krugersdorp; 
 1918-1932) Chapelry of Krugersdorp - St.Peter's, (Whites) 
 1904-1908 Mission of Krugersdorp (Native) 
 1915-1918 St.Peter's, (White) 
 1932-1942 St.Peter's 
 1943-1947 St.Peter's 
 1947-1955 St.Peter's 
JK7.5.2 Confirmations 2v 1904-1918, 1925-1941 [See also: JM11.4] 
 St.Peter's; St.Mark's Coloured Mission; St.Mary, Johannesburg; St.John, Roodepoort; St.Anne's, Hekpoort 
JK7.5.3 Marriages 10v 1889-1955 
 1889-1894 St.Mark's, Krugersdorp 
 Includes: Baptisms (Europeans and Blacks) in parish of Krugersdorp. [Any baptisms previous to this date in Register of Baptisms, Johannesburg]; burials, parish of Krugersdorp 
 1895-1898 St.Mark's Chapel; the Public Hall, Maraisburg; Mission Chapel, Elandsfontein; Mission Chapel, Rietfontein; (house) Randfontein 
 1904-1912 St.Mark's Church; St.Peter's Church; St.Michael and All Angels, Maraisburg 
 1906-1923 St.Peter's Church; Nooitgedacht, Hekpoort; St. Stephen's, Krugersdorp; Magaliesburg; SAR "Fountains" (house) 
 1924-1928 St.Peter's Church; Randfontein; St.Mark's; Witfontein farm, Krugersdorp; Zandfontein Farm, Rustenburg 
 1928-1935 St.Peter's Church; St. Stephen's Church, W.Krugersdorp; St.Anne's, Hekpoort; Zeekoehoek, Krugersdorp 
 1935-1840 St.Peter's Church; St.Anne's, Hekpoort 
 1940-1946 St.Peter's Church; St.Anne's, Hekpoort 
 1947-1952 St.Peter's Church; St.Anne's, Hekpoort 
 1952-1955 St.Peter's Church; St.Anne's, Hekpoort 
JK7.5.4 Burials 2v 1903-1947 
 1903-1928 St.Peter's Church, Krugersdorp [register mutilated] 
 1932-1947 St.Peter's Church 
JL1 Leeuwdoornsstad lv 1928-1939 
 Baptismal Register: -St.John's mission church, Leeuwdoornsstad 
 Includes: St.Thomas, Maquassi; Bloemhof 
JL2 Lenasia 2f 1958-1987 
JL2.1 Includes: correspondence and memoranda of Mid Ennerdale known as St.Nicholas, Grasmere as well as parish of Lenasia 
JL2.2 Correspondence and memoranda re: Lenasia properties 
JL3 Lichtenburg 3f 1957-1985 [See also: Itsoseng] 
JL3.1 Itsoseng/Lichtenburg Faculties 1 item 1978 
 Petition for dedication - licensing of a church, chapel or building for divine worship not yet consecrated, 12 Mar.1978 
JL3.2 General 2f 1957-1985 
 Correspondence, memoranda, plans, offers, minutes, accounts, properties, resolutions 
JL4 Linden 4f 1951-1987 
JL4.1 General 3f 1953-1987 
 Correspondence, memoranda, agendas and minutes, petitions, greetings, brochure of St.Thomas - dedication festival, Oct.1961; plan, Golden Homes building contract, application for bishop's faculty 
JL4.2 Property l f 1951-1986 
 Correspondence, memoranda, on Stand 150, Linden Hall in parish of Linden, house and rectory Stand 150A; Portion 2, Lot 159 and St.Thomas Church 
JM 1 Malvern 4f 1921-1984 
JM1.1 Petitions if 1921-1936 
 Petitions and deeds for dedication 1921 and consecration 1927 of St. Patrick's Church, Cleveland; petitions for licence or faculty, petitions, correspondence and plan 
JM 1.2 General 3f 1951-1984 
 Portion A Lots 1049/51/53 - Rectory 1951-1959, re: Lots 1049/51/53 
 St.Patrick's Church 1953-1957, Malvern Lots 1055 and 1325 - Asst. Priest's house 1956-1966, correspondence, memoranda, Parish of St. Patrick's newsletter, financial statements; Stand II - Bedford Gardens 1968-1973 
JM2 Marico 4f 1951-1984 [See also: Zeerust] 
 General: correspondence, memoranda, petitions re: Church of the Holy Spirit, Gopane in Moiloa; church sites on farms, Dinokana; Ikagaleng, new location, Zeerust; Klein Maricospoort, Zeerust; houses without title; Braklaagte church building project 
JM3 Mayfair 2f 1897-1987 
JM3.1 Property l f 1897-1987 
 Petitions for Bishop's faculty for Christ Church, Fordsburg, Christ Church, Mayfair, correspondence, memoranda, certificates regarding public buildings; Langlaagte No.13, Portions 2 and 7, church rectory, hall and village site; St.Giles chapel, Mayfair, Stand No.1357 
JM3.2 General if 1953-1985 
 Correspondence, memoranda, certificates regarding public buildings, Ormonde project, Mayfair 
JM4 Meadowlands l f 1955-1984 
 Correspondence, memoranda, plan re site No.450, Zone 7; petitions, Meadowlands Lot 449 - nursery school, postponed completion of hall 
JM5 Melville, Auckland Park l f 1941-1983 
 Property: correspondence and memoranda re St.Peter's Church 
JM6 Modderfontein lv 1912-1933 
 Baptismal register 
JM7 Mohlakeng l f 1941-1982 
 Property: correspondence, memoranda, plans re: Mohlakeng Location, Randfontein 3050/1; Elandsvlei No.23; church extensions completed at Mohlakeng 
JM8 Molote 2v 1886-1895 
 St. Michael's Mission: 
 v.l: Baptisms 1886-1892; Confirmations 1886-1891; Marriages 1887-1892; 
 Burials 1889-1893 
 v.2: Baptisms 1892-1894; Confirmations 1894; Marriages 1892-1895 
JM9 Mondeor f 1978-1980 
 Property: correspondence, memoranda and plans, Erf 1045 
JM 10 Moroka l f 1959-1979 
 Property: correspondence and plans 
JM11 Miscellaneous and Mixed Abodes Registers 12v + 12f + 27 Box files 
JM11.1 Marriages 2v 1910-1916, 1916-1921 
 v.l: Includes: St.James Church, Germiston; St.Cyprian's Church, Vereeniging; C.R. Chapel, Mission District of Johannesburg; 
 Vischkuil Native Church, District of Johannesburg; 
 Holy Cross Good Hope.District of Johannesburg; 
 Nancefield Location Church,District of Johannesburg; 
 St.Mary's Church, Roodepoort, Mission District of Johannesburg; 
 Church of the Epiphany, Springs District of Johannesburg; 
 Koppieskraal Church District of Johannesburg; 
 Klopperskraal District of Johannesburg; 
 St.Peter's Church, Wit.Deep District of Johannesburg; 
 St.James Church, Heidelberg District of Johannesburg; 
 St.James Church, Nigel District of Johannesburg; 
 St.Boniface Church, Boksburg, District of Boksburg; 
 Driefontein Church, Boksburg, District of Boksburg; 
 C.R. Church, Boschoek, Heidelberg, District ofJohannesburg; 
 St.Philip's, Kleinfontein, Benoni, District of Boksburg; 
 Kortlaagte Church,Benoni, District of Johannesburg; 
 Evaton Native Church,District of Johannesburg; 
 Welgedacht Church, District of Johannesburg; 
 St.Aidan's Church, Comet District of Boksburg; 
 St.Matthew's, Doornkuil District of Johannesburg; 
 Rietfontein Church,District of Johannesburg; 
 Klipriviersoog District of Johannesburg; 
 St.Mary's, New Modderfotein, Benoni, District of Benoni; 
 Klipspruit Location Native Church, District of Benoni; 
 St.Alban's, Benoni Location, District of Benoni; 
 St.Michael's Church, Cardoville District of Benoni; 
 Uitval Native Church, District of Benoni; 
 St. Thomas's, Krugersdorp District of Benoni; 
 Church of the Blessed Trinity District of Benoni; 
 Rosettenville, District of Benoni; 
 St.Martin's Church, Doornfontein District of Benoni; 
 v.2: Includes: 
 St.Peter's Church, Balmoral, Magisterial District of Boksburg; 
 St.Luke's Church , Robinson Deep, Magisterial District of Krugersdorp; 
 Poortje Mission District of Johannesburg; 
 St.Augustine's VillageMission District of Johannesburg; 
 St.John the Baptist, Roodepoort, Mission District of Johannesburg; 
 St. Thomas's, Alexandra, Mission District of Johannesburg; 
 Zandfontein, Vereeniging, Mission District of Johannesburg; 
 Kalabasfontein, Mission District of Johannesburg; 
 Nourse Church, Mission District of Johannesburg; 
 Cason Church , ERPM, Boksburg District of Boksburg; 
 Village Main Church, District of Johannesburg 
JM11.2 Baptismal Registers 3v 1910-1933 
 1910 - 1919 Native District of Wakkerstroom, Diocese of Pretoria; 
 1910 - 1919 Schweizer Reneke,Diocese of Pretoria; 
 Crown Douglas Colliery, Diocese of Pretoria; 
 Louis Trichardt,Diocese of Pretoria; 
 Waterberg, Diocese of Pretoria; 
 Sekukuniland Diocese of Pretoria; 
 Zoutpansberg Diocese of Pretoria; 
JM11.3 Baptism and Marriage Records kept by Parishes 1 box file 1978 
JM11.4 Mixed Parishes - Confirmation Registers 7v + 12f + 26 box files + 7 boxes 1902-1982 
JM11.4.1 Europeans 5v + 5f + 13 box files + 3 boxes 1902-1982 
 In 3 boxes: photocopies of confirmation lists (some dups, some copies of originals, some originals missing) 1950-1970 
JM11.4.2 Africans 7f + 2v + 13 box files + 4 boxes 1902-1982 
 Mostly Africans. 1909-1982 Africans and Coloureds. In 4 boxes: photocopies of confirmation lists (some dups, some copies of originals, some originals missing) 1933-1957 
JM11.4.3 Service Registers 3v 1954-1979 
JM11.4.3.1 St.Martha's Church, St.Alban's Mission District v 1954-1964 
JM11.4.3.2 Un-named church or parish v 1962-1967 
JM11.4.3.3 Bishop's Chapel, Westcliff v 1967-1979 
JM11.5 Church Wardens, Sidesmen, Councillors 2 box files 1977-1979 
 Mixed parishes. Lists (Blacks and Whites) 
JN1 Natalspruit 3f 1940-1984 
 Property: correspondence, memoranda and plan re: Alberton Stand 1, St.Philip's Church; Natalspruit 2085 - Schedule "D": African "N"; proposed Anglican church, Natalspruit specification; Tokoza Native Township, Alberton, Site 1066; St.Peter's Chains Anglican Parish 
JN2 Newclare 3v 1938-1967 [See also: Sophiatown] 
 St.Francis, Newclare - Baptismal Registers 2v 1938-1962 
 In parish of Sophiatown, Church of Christ the King; St.Martha's, Newclare 
JN3 Newtown lv 1927-1930 
 Baptismal register - Good Shepherd (S.A.C.R.M.) 
JN4 Nigel 5f + lv 1934-1987 
JN4.1a Property - General 4f 1950-1987 
 Correspondence, memoranda on Christ Church, Nigel and St.Augustine's Mission, Heidelberg 
JN4.1b Properties if 1934-1987 
 Claims on Grootfontein No.152, Claims 2178 and 2239, S.R.P.No.B8/193 
 Sub-Nigel: St.Andrew's Church and house; All Saints Church, Charterston Location, Stand 106A; St.Augustine's Church, Heidelberg, Stand 464; Ratanda Location, Stand 73, Heidelberg; Cerutiville Coloured Township; Rietfontein No.72, Fortuna; Duduza, Stand 116; Delmas Mission Church and petitions 
JN4.2 Baptismal Register lv 1938-1943 
JN5 Noordgesig lv 1948-1961 
 St. Margaret's Baptismal Register 5 Mar.1948-14 May 1961 
JN6 Nourse Mines 6v 1928-1968 
JN6.1 Baptismal Registers 3v 1938-1968 
 Includes: St.Monica, George Goch; St.Paul, City Deep; St.Mary, Nourse; St. Bartholomew, Geldenhuis 
JN6.2 Marriage Registers 3v 1928-1968 
 Includes: St.Monica's, George Goch, Denver; St.Bartholomew, Geldenhuis; St.Mary's, Denver 
JO1 Orange Grove 3f 1937-1960 
 Correspondence, memoranda, petitions for faculty or licences, deeds of consecration for St.Augustine's Church, plans, stands 1247/9, parish of Orange Grove, Stands 186-9, Portion A of Erf 114 Fairmount Ext., photograph of sanctuary of St.Augustine's, transfer estate of late H.M. Wright to Diocesan Trustees, auditors' reports, parish boundaries 
JO2 Orchards 2f + 3v 1907-1985 
JO2.1 General 2f 1907-1985 
 Correspondence, deeds of dedication and consecration of St.Luke's Church, Orchards, plans, petitions, memoranda and auditors' report 1961 
JO2.2 Marriage Registers 2v 1924-1940 
JO2.3 History of St.Luke's v 1982 
JO3 Orlando 6f 1933.1985 
JO3.1 St.Mary's 2f 1933-1983 
 General: correspondence, memoranda, petitions and plans 
JO3.2 St.John's f 1939-1985 
 Correspondence, memoranda and plans re: church and school site 
JO3.3 Miscellaneous f 1944-1980 
 Correspondence and memoranda re: school buildings and sites 
JO3.4 St.Augustine's f 1947-1982 
 Property: correspondence, memoranda re: church and school 
JO3.5 Holy Cross f 1953-1985 
 Property: correspondence, memoranda, plans, including Orlando West 9013; nursery schools: Meadowlands, Ekutuleni and Holy Cross 
JP1 Parkhurst 2f 1931-1974 
JP1.1 Faculties f 1931-1974 [See also: Rosebank] 
 Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, order of service of consecration of St.Martin-in-the-Veld and St. Paul's order of service, greetings, applications for a bishop's faculty, petitions, proposed new church in Craighall Park, certificates regarding public buildings, dedication ofnthe chapelry of Parkhurst in parish of Rosebank 
JP 1.2 Property l f 1956-1967 
 Correspondence, memoranda and printed items re: Stand 829, report on ecclesiastical sites in Randburg, Bordeaux and Blairgowrie brochures on the parish of St. Paul, transfer lots 
JP2 Parkmore 3f 1966-1984 
 Property: correspondence, memoranda, minutes, deed of sale, plans, printed item including Rosebank Stands 340/1, brochure on St.John the Evangelist church, Morningside Ext.5, Sandown Erf No.81 
JP3 Parktown 4f 1919-1986 
JP3.1 General 2f 1951-1986 
 Correspondence, memoranda, plans, re: St.George's, accounts for the parish of Parktown, renovations for Bishop Suffragan's house, closure of lane between Loch and Seymour Avenues, application for bishop's faculty and petitions 
JP3.2 Faculties 2f 1919-1982 
 Petitions for licence or faculties and correspondence, plans and photographs for St.George's Church 
JP4 Parkview 2f 1935-1980 
 Petitions for licence or faculty in St.Francis Church, petition for consecration of Church of St.Francis of Assisi 
JP5 Piet Retief f 1970-1982 
 Correspondence and memoranda re: St.John's Church, deeds of transfer of sites in Piet Retief 
JP6 Pimville f+7v 1939-1984 [See also: Senaoane, Kliptown] 
JP6.1 Property: correspondence and plan of rectory and garage 
JP6.2 Registers 7v 1939-1965 
JP6.2.1 Baptisms 4v 1939-1965 
 St.Andrew's Anglican Mission - includes St.Peter's Racecourse, Kliptown 
JP6.2.2 Marriages 3v 1939-1964 
 Includes: St.Peter and St.Paul, Kliptown; St.Hilda's Church, Senaoane, Johannesburg 
JP7 Potchefstroom 2f+3v 1880-1984 [See also: Ikageng and Promosa] 
JP7.1 Faculties f 1880-1973 
 Petitions and correspondence re: licence or faculties for St.Mary's Church 
JP7.2 Properties f 1951-1984 
 Correspondence, memoranda including Erf 91 (portion) and 92,St.Mary's Church, Potchefstroom, with St.John's Church, Ventersdorp 
JP7.3.1 Baptismal Registers 2v 1881-1883, 1905-1918 
 1881-1883 Baptisms and marriages of native children and adults in St.Mary's parish 
 1905-1918 Baptisms of whites in garrison of Potchefstroom 
JP7.3.2 Marriage Register v 1905-1918 
 Marriages in garrison church, cantonments and St.Mary's Church 
JP8 Primrose 3f 1950-1981 
 Property: correspondence, memoranda, petitions, plans, contracts re estate of late J. Blackmore and new church and hall; Wychwood Erf 390, consecration of All Saints Church, Primrose; documents from Archdeacon Leo Alexander re 'Siege of Primrose', 1954; Dawnview Stand 391; Erf 602; extensions and alteration to church hall 
JP9 Promosa 2f 1973-1982 [See also: Potchefstroom] 
 Correspondence, memoranda, plans, financial statements, building fund on new church, St.Michael's, Promosa, and all the building and contracting involved 
JR1 Randfontein 4f 1921-1984 [See also: Mohlakeng] 
JR1.1 Marriage Records f 1929-1933 
JR1.2 Faculties 3f 1921-1984 
 Correspondence, petitions including consecration of Church of St.John the Divine, Randfontein 1935; rectory, West Porges, Erf 17; St.John's Church and rectory, No.3, 1953-1959; St.Paul's Mission; alterations and additions to church on Stand 3050 Mohlakeng, Randfontein; church sites: Toekomsrus; Randfontein Newsletter, Nr.36, Jul.1978 
JR2 Regent Hill l f 1945-1983 
 Property: correspondence, memoranda, plans, including South Hills church 
 hall, Welfare Park, Stand 420, 1945-1952; rectory, The Hill, Lot 33, 1951-1953; petitions to St.Mark's; St.Nicholas' Church expropriated by City Council 
JR3 Reiger Park 4f 1968-1984 
 Property: correspondence, memoranda, plans, financial statements re: Boksburg Erf 332, Ext.l; Erf 86, Stirtonville; transfer Erf 310, Boksburg; allocation of church premises - Reiger Park Coloured township, Erf 28; building of St.Vincent Community Centre 
JR4 Riverlea f 1962-1980 
 Properties: correspondence, memoranda and plans re: St.Alban's Stand 31, Riverlea Coloured Township for church site; housing of priest; application for surface right permit: Farm Langlaagte No.224 I.Q., 11/29 cancellation; St.Alban's property, Riverlea House for rectory; certificates regarding public buildings; extension of St. Margaret's Church, Stand 801, Noordgesig 
JR5 Robertsham 2f 1953-1984 
 General: correspondence, memoranda re: earth tremor damage to All Saints Church, Booysens; Erf 644, Robertsham - proposed parish room and rectory and transfer from Kalvern Estates Ltd, sub-division of Lot 644; dedication of All Saints Church; estate of late W.T. Murray donating Stand 48, Meredale Township for Anglican church purposes; proposed parish hall 
JR6 Roodepoort 4f + v 1903-1983 
JR6.1 General 4f 1924-1983 
 Correspondence, memoranda, plans, petitions for licence or faculty, and consecration of St.John's Church, St.Lawrence's Church, Stand 717, Discovery; Lots 623/5/7; Portion 33 of 1283, Horizon, sold Apr.1967; Erf 
 772, Horizon; Lot 110, Horizon Ext.No. 1 - rectory; Erven 190/192 - Davidsonville; loan application for parish of St.John's, Roodepoort 
JR6.2 Marriage Register 2v 1903-1909 
 Includes: St.James Mission Church in parish of St.John the Baptist, Roodepoort 1903; 
 In Mission District of Johannesburg: 
 Heidelberg Native Mission, 1903-5, 1908; City Suburban, Johannesburg; Jeppestown 1903; Church (sometimes Chapel) of the Resurrection, 1904-1909; Klip River Native Church 1904; Germiston Native Church (St.James) 1904, 1907-1909; All Saints Church, Modderfontein 1904; Uitval Church, 1904; Christ's Church, Vereeniging 1905, 1907-9; Rietvlei 1905, 1909; Holy Trinity, Rosettenville 1905; Cardoville 1906; Meyerton, District of Heidelberg 1906; St.Ninian's Church, Heidelberg 1906/7; Klopperskraal 1907; St.Cyprian's, Vlakfontein 1907-1909; Church of St.Matthew's, Doornkuil, 1907, 1909; Koortlaagte Church 1907; Church of the Epiphany, Springs 1908-1909; Wilderfontein Church 1908-1909; Church of of the Resurrection, Denver 1908; Church of the Resurrection, Heidelberg 1909; St.Boniface Church, Boksburg 1909; St.Peter's, Wit. Deep 1909; Church of St.Michael and All Angels, Fortuna 1909; Nancefield Location Church 1909 
JR6 .3 Parochial District of West Rand v 1973-1976 
 Payments Cash Book 
JR7 Rosebank 5f 1912-1984 
JR7.1 General: correspondence, memoranda, petitions, plans, deed of dedication of St.Martins-in-the-Veld, Dunkeld 1912; loan on Lot 1064 Parkhurst; St. Martins extension, Lot 181; financial statements; minutes; Stand 179 - new rectory; Craighall Park 267 (was 711); Lot 180, Dunkeld; Rosebank building programme 1963-1964; chapelry - Stands 1300 and 1302,nParkhurst; Lot 52, Parktown North; Erf 81, Sandown; deeds of consecration - St.Paul's, Parkhurst and St. Martin's, Rosebank; servitude over Stand 188, Dunkeld 
JR7.2 Marriage Register f 1913-1925 
 St.Martin's marriages (photocopies). Originals with others at St.Martin's 
JR8 Rosettenville 4f + v 1903-1986 
JR8.1 General 3f 1903-1986 
 Correspondence, memoranda, petitions, plans, deeds of dedication of the Church of St.Mary the Virgin, Rosettenville 1903 to its consecration 1928; deed of consecration of the Chapel of Jesus the Good Shepherd College of the Resurrection and St.Peter 1941; specification fornclergyman's residence, Stand No.33 The Hill for St.Mary's Church, Rosettenville; petition for licence or faculty for St.Wilfrid's Church hall, South Hills; Eikenhof No.7, All Saints Church, Jackson's Drift; certificates regarding public buildings; St.Mary's hall, Stands 683 and 683a; Stands 568, 549a and b; deed of transfer on Erven 681, 682 and 885; sale of Portion Lot 563 - estate of late L.G. Clark to Rosettenville; Priory Church of St.Peter and St.Peter's parish; purchase of Portion 17 of Erf 394, West Turffontein for the Community of the Resurrection 
JR8.2 Property f 1923, 1936-1957 
 Correspondence, memoranda, plans re: new buildings at the Priory, Rosettenville; St.Peter's Theological College and agreement; leasehold lots Nos. 550/3, 564/8, 591/6, 570/1, 587/9 and 590. Also freehold lots Nos. 569 and 864; Bantu Sports Club proposal; inventory and valuation of properties for the Community of the Resurrection, the Priory, Rosettenville. 
JR8 .3 Marriage Register v 1929-1939 
 Includes St.Peter's Church; Church of St.Mary Magdalene, Ophirton; 
 George Goch Church; St.Thomas, Alexandra Township; St.Anne's, Meyerton;St .Bartholomew's, Geldenhuis; Turffontein Mine Location; Denver, Eikenhof 
JS1 Secunda f 1981-1984 
 General: correspondence, memoranda, plans re church/hall Stand 557; rectory; purchase of site 734 and transfer 
JS2 Senaoane 2f + 3v 1949-1983 [See also: Pimville] 
JS2.1 Kliptown (Pimville) l f 1949-1957 (then Pimville became a separate parish) 
 Correspondence, petition and deed of consecration of Church of St.Peter and St.Paul, Kliptown; contracts on St.Andrew's Church, Kliptown; Klipriviersoog Estate: Portion 10 of Lot "A" and Portion 14 of Lot 60 
JS2.2 General f 1958-1983 
 Correspondence, memoranda, plans and photograph of pulpit for St.Hilda's Church, re Orlando Site 510, Senaoane; Pimville lease of sites 1318/23 and 1162/67 to St.Andrew's Church 1960-1969; church site Moroka 1988; Chiawelo 2826; maintenance of St.Hilda's Church 
JS2.3 Registers 3v 1958-1975 
JS2.3.1 Marriages v 1958-1963 
 Marriages solemnised at St.Hilda's Mission, Moroka West; Pimville and Senaoane 
JS2.3.2 Baptisms 2v 1968-1975 
 St.Hilda's, Senaoane 
JS3 Sharpeville 4f 1946-1982 
JS3.1 General 3f 1953-1981 
 Correspondence, memoranda, plans re: St.Cyprian's Mission, Vereeniging; Sebokeng - parishioners from Sharpeville and Meyerton; Evaton with Sebokeng, Bophelong with Sharpeville, Vereeniging 
JS3.2 Property l f 1946-1982 
 Correspondence, memoranda, petitions, plans including church and school at St.Cyprian's, 1/4 of Stand No.1996 and 7070A and specification No.8; St.Mary's Church: Brick and Tile Co.; petition for St.Michael's and All Angels; rectory - Site 3799A, Portion 2 
JS4 Sophiatown l f + 16v 1926-1966 
JS4.1 General f 1935, 1938, 1955, 1959 
 Deeds of consecration and petitions of The Church of Christ the King, Sophiatown 8 Sep.1935 and the Church of St.Athanasius, 28 Aug.1938 
JS4.2 Registers 16v 1926-1966 
JS4.2.1 Baptisms 12v 1926-1966 [See also: Newclare, Ferndale and St.Alban's, Johannesburg] 
 Includes: St.Mary Magdalene, Sophiatown and Newclare; Church of Christ the King; St.Alban's, Johannesburg 1964-1966; St.Justin 1943-1961, Ferndale and Witkoppen 
JS4.2.2 Marriages 4v 1927-1964 
 St.Mary Magdalene, Sophiatown, Christ the King; St.Martha's, Newclare; St.Alban's, Johannesburg; St.Thomas' Church, Ferndale; St.Paul's Church, 
 Meadowlands, Ferndale; St.Francis Church, Newclare 
JS5 Springs 4f + v 1899-1986 
JS5.1 Faculties 2f 1931-1986 
 Correspondence, petitions, memoranda, deeds of dedication of the Church of St.John the Evangelist, Delmas, 8 Jan.1931 and the Church of St.Peter and St.Paul, Springs, 3 Sep.1933 and petition for consecration, 3 Oct.1943 
JS5.2 Property 2f 1940-1984 
 Correspondence, memoranda, building contracts re: St.Andrew's Church and house, Springs Stands 569, 751, 753, 755 and 757; St.Paul's Church, hall and rectory; Paul Krugersoord hall 45/7 
JS6 Standerton 4f +2v 1904-1983 
JS6.1 Registers 2v 1904-1908 
JS6.1.1 Baptisms v 1904-1908 
 In the Garrison of Standerton, Transvaal Colony 
JS6.1.2 Marriages v 1905-1907 
JS6.2 Property f 1920-1982 
 Petitions, plans, correspondence, deeds of lease on new location 1941-1956; memoranda, St. Mary's Church, Stand 16, Volksrust 1952, 1961; Coloured joint church with R.C.'s 
JS6.3 General 3f 1951-1983 [See also: Wakkerstroom and Volksrust] 
 Correspondence, memoranda, plans re: restoration of St.Andrew's Church; church councils in parishes of Standerton and Wakkerstroom including Volksrust; list of building materials for St.Peter's non-European church, Standerton 
JS7 Stilfontein 2f 1959-1985 
JS7.1 Property f 1959-1985 
 Petitions, greetings, correspondence and plan re: new church and rectory at St.Anne's, Stand 940, Stilfontein and consecration; insurance on new hall and extensions; dedicated giving 1983 and annual loan statement 
JS7.2 General f 1966-1980 
 Correspondence and auditors' report for St.Anne's Church 
JT1 Tembisa 2f 1958-1982 
 Property: correspondence, memoranda, plans, specifications of building materials re Kaalfontein Location 1958; proposed church, hall and mission house, Site 135, Sedibeng, Tembisa; application for church site - 1 Esangweni Section; rectory maintenance 
JT2 Tladi f 1957-1982 
 Property: correspondence, memoranda, specification of materials, application for approval of plans re Tladi, Orlando - Church of the Good Shepherd, Stand 109, Tladi; St.Hilda's, Stand 510, Senaoane; extensions of Church of the Good Shepherd, Tladi 
JT3 Turffontein 3f + v 1907-1982 
JT3.1 General f 1907-1982 
 Request and deed of dedication for Church of the Holy Trinity, Turffontein 1907, petitions and correspondence 
JT3.2 Property 2f 1951-1981 
JT3.2.1 1951-1965 Erf 1671, Turffontein 
 Correspondence, resolution, memoranda, loan, bond on Church of the Holy Trinity, plans, Mondeor Stand 536 and memorandum of agreement and bond; Stands 306 and 307, Turffontein; sale of portion of pavement, c/r Hay and De Villiers Streets, Turffontein 
JT3.2.2 1960-1981 
 Certificates regarding public buildings, additions, alterations and renovations to Holy Trinity Church, grant of loan, plans 
JT3.3 Marriage Register v 1924-1928 
 Church of the Holy Trinity 
JV1 Van der Bijl Park 2f 1949-1983 
 General: correspondence, memoranda, plans, photographs and petitions re: Church of St.Mary and St.John, Vereeniging; new constituted parish of Vanderbijl Park; additions to All Saints Church; barrage - portion "B" of portion farm Kaalplaats No.32, parish of Bophelong; Erf 270 and 271 Van der Bijl Park C.W.1 loan for erection of church; Rus-ter-Vaal; St.Francis Church, Walkerville 
JV2 Ventersdorp 3f 1921-1983 
JV2.1 Faculties 1f 1921-1967 
 Deed of dedication of St.John's Church, 30 Jan.1921, petitions and correspondence, St.Francis Church; St.Mary Magdalene Church, Rietvlei 
JV2.2 General 2f 1921-1983 
 Correspondence, memoranda, petitions, contracts, retirement accommodation project agreements; St.Francis Mission Church deed of lease; Goedgevonden, district Ventersdorp; Klipplaasdrift - donation of R.Johnson - lease of portion of land - expired 30 Nov.1969; St.Paul's Church, Ventersdorp; Swartkop Reserve 1964-1965 
JV3 Vereeniging 6f + v 1902-1984 
JV3.1 Faculties f 1927-1980 
 Petition for dedication and consecration of St.Mary and St.John's Church, Vereeniging 1927 and 1932; petitions, plans, assessments, correspondence, financial statements and brochure, including St.Paul's Church, Henley-on-Klip; Church of St.Francis, Walkerville AGM 
JV3.2 Property 2f 1951-1984 
 Correspondence and memoranda re: St.Mary and St.John's Church, rectory and hall - Lots 949/50 and 967/8; St.Paul's Church, Henley-on-Klip, Lot 1535; Erven 505 and 506, Meyerton Ext.No.3; Golf View, Walkerville and St.Francis Church; Barrage Church; Three Rivers Township, Erf 185 and 967 
JV3.3 General 1f 1968 
 Correspondence re: Vereeniging property 
JV3.4 Survey of Rus-ter-Vaal f 1969-1978 
 Correspondence, memoranda and plans re: St.Andrew's, Erf No.294 
 submitted for approval of Diocesan Trustees 
JV3.5 Brochure f 1902-1962 
 St.Mary and St.John - The Growth of a Parish 
JV3.6 Marriage Register v 1949-1956 
 Springfield, Vereeniging - Native and Coloured 
JV4 Volksrust f 1912, 1938-1946 
 Petition and deed of dedication of Holy Innocents Church, Volksrust 1912; correspondence and petitions 
JV5 Vosloorus 2f 1953-1984 
 Property: correspondence and photograph of Cinderella Church - Boksburg Mission District; St.Boniface Church, Stirtonville Location, Boksburg; reservation for township purposes - portion of Klippoortje No.112 I.R.; Vosloorus Church 
JV6 Vrededorp 2v 1929-1955 
JV6.1 Baptismal Register v 1929-1955 
 St.Antony's Chapel, 14 Nov.1929-16 Oct.1955 
JV6.2 Marriage Register v 1930-1955 
 St.Antony's Church, 16 Aug.1930-27 Apr.1955 
JW 1 Wakkerstroom l f 1890-1984 
 account at Petition for consecration 1890 and deconsecration of St.Mark's Church on of it being sold, 23 May 1979; correspondence, memoranda, petitions, minutes of meeting - St.George's Church, Parktown re rectory Wakkerstroom; sale of Plot No.13, Daggakraal to Rev S.K. Moloi, Vlakplaats No.87; St.Mary's Mission House, Daggakraal; St.Paul's Church, Amsterdam; Erf No.9, Wakkerstroom; St.Stephen's Church, Stand 55, Wakkerstroom 
JW2 Wattville f 1980-1988 
 Certificates of balance (photocopies) and correspondence re: Church of the Resurrection Building Fund, Wattville and request for parish to buy more land and build a new church 
JW3 Welgedacht v 1942-1945 
 Baptismal Register - military area 
JW4 Wesselton 2f 1933-1983 [See also: Ermelo] 
 General: correspondence, petitions and memoranda re: St.Paul's Church and house, Ermelo; St.Paul's Church, Wesselton Location, Stand 244; Farm Amsterdam No.990; Stands 274 and 275 Mdluli Street, Wesselton for church building and rectory; erection of church in Ezenzelini Bantu Township, Carolina; application for new location church site, Breyten; Lots 152/3nNew Ermelo sold to Community Development Board 1966; building of new mission house at The Brook and valuation of Brook property 
JW5 West Rand f 1964-1978 
 Property: correspondence, building specifications, deed of lease, plans, memoranda, hire purchase agreement, re: allocation of stands for churches: Davidsonville Ext.No.1, Erven Nos.190/2; lease of house from Wenkor Construction (Pty) Ltd to the Johannesburg Diocesan Trustees; Toekomsrus Erf No.801 
JW6 Westlea 3f 1963-1986 
JW6.1 General 2f 1965-1982 
 Correspondence, memoranda, plans, certificates regarding public buildings re: parish of Westlea, Christ the King, Coronationville; Bosmont (Coloureds) mission church, Stand 1451, with plans, and Stand 1450; church buildings, Albertsville, Lots 940/941 sale to Maranata Pinkster Kerk; adequate facilities for storage of registers - no need to send to Diocesan Office; purchase of Stand 469, Coronationville 
JW6.2 Property f 1963-1986 
 Correspondence, memoranda, plans re: Bosmont proposed mission church, Stand 1451, labour contract for construction; application to purchase land in parish of Christ the King, Westlea, at Newclare - Stands 460-465 and Stand 469, Coronationville; petition to build Garden of Remembrance in grounds of Christ the King, Westlea 
JW7 Westonaria 2f 1950-1987 
 General: correspondence, memoranda, petitions and plans re: St.Mark's, Stands 810/811, Westonaria; deed of consecration of St.Mark's Church, 21 Apr.1957 and petitions; Stand 797, Westonaria 
JW8 Wolmaranstad 2f + 3v 1930-1984 
JW8.1 General f 1937, 1953-1984 
 Correspondence re: amalgamation of schools at Schweizer Reneke; new church - Leeuwdoornstad Location; St.John's Church, Leeuwdoornstad; parish matters 
JW8.2 Property f 1951-1981 
 Correspondence, memoranda, estimates, specifications of building materials, plans re: Portion 48 of site for Anglican church in Wolmaranstad; St.Thomas' Church, Maquassi Location, Stand 48a; project proposal forms for new church and rectory, Stilfontein Location; house for catechist, Stands 5 and 6, Leeuwdoringstad Location mission station; Stands 411-414, Ottosdal Bantu Township; St.Paul's Site No.221, Wolmaranstad mission church and rectory; petition 
JW8 .3 Marriage Register 2v 1930-1946 
 St.Paul's, Wolmaranstad. Includes: St.Mary's Church, Christiana; St.Philip's Mission, Schweizer Reneke; St.Thomas', Maquassi; St.Luke's, Bloemhof; St.Paul's, Wolmaranstad Location; St.John's, Leeuwdoornstad 
JW8.4 Baptismal Register v 194-1955 
 St.Michael and All Angels, Wolmaranstad 
JY Yeoville 3f 1913-1985 
JY1.1 Faculties f 1913-1981 
 Deed of dedication of St.Aidan's Church, Yeoville 1913; petitions and applications for faculties and plans 
JY 1.2 General 2f 1950-1968 
 Correspondence, memoranda and dividend warrants re: Stands 1079/80/3; rectory - Stand 1086/7; Stand 1090; Stands 1076/7 for library purposes; proposed new hall specification for St.Aidan's; Stand 1091 loan; donation of Stands 1088 and 1089 by Lindisfarne Estates, Yeovillentownship; Bannerman bequest; survey of church and domestic premises - St.Aidan's; report on clergy consultation 
JZ Zeerust f + 2v 1873-1984 
JZ 1.1 General l f 1884-1984 
 Petitions, plans, correspondence re: St.John the Baptist Church, 2 photographs of new mission house, Supingstad Native Village 70 miles north of Zeerust and native church at Rietpan; financial statement 1965; St.John the Baptist Church declared a national monument 1965; sale andntransfer of Portions 1-4 of Block 6, Zeerust to Cloete Eiendomsagente 
JZ1.2 Marriage Register v 1873-1914 
 Includes: English Church, Marico; Ramoeitsa, British Bechuanaland; St.John the Baptist Church, Marico; Lichtenburg; St.Augustine's Mission, Marico 
JZ1.3 Confirmation Register v 1904-1955 [See also: JM11.4.1] 
Ja NULLITY OF MARRIAGE 12f + 4 Tapes + 2 Items 1950-1974 
Ja1 Procedure in Presentation of Application for Nullity and Oath 
Ja2 Matrimonial Dispensations and Nullity of Marriages f 1950-1974 
Ja3 Nullity Court 11 f + 4 Tapes + 1 Item 1950-1973 
Ja3.1 List of Application Heard - no verbatim record kept - as listed: 
 Case Nos.AR/1-AR/5 1950-1956 
 Case Nos.LES/1-LES/6 1962-1966 
Ja3.2 Case No.LES/7 f 1966 
 Doreen May Gouws (born Jennings) - Nullity 22 Nov.1966 
Ja3.3 Case No.LES/8 f 1967 
 Dryden Frank Osborn - Nullity 29 Aug.1967 
Ja3.4 Case No.LES/9 f 1967 
 Willem Boudewyn Reinchen Hardonk - Nullity 29 Aug.1967 
Ja3.5 Case No. LES/ 10 l f 1967 
 John Richard Hawes - 28 Nov.1967 
Ja3.6 Case No. LES/ i i l f 1969 
 Miss Jillian Margaret Bourne - 22 Jan.1969 
Ja3.7 Case No. LES/ 12 l f 1969 
 Margarite An McLeod Campbell - 28 Nov.1969 
Ja3.8 Case No. LES/ 13 l f 1970 
 Shirley Patricia Mark (born Penny) - Nullity 14 Apr.1970 
Ja3.9 Case No. LES/ 14 l f + 1 Tape 1971 
 Denise Linda McGregor - Nullity granted to A.E. Stockton 21 Mar.1971 
Ja3.10 Case No. LES/ 15 l f + 1 Tape 1972 
 V.A. Wentzel - Nullity petition granted 15 Feb.1972 
Ja3.11 Case No. LES/ 16 l f + 1 Tape 1972 
 Wendy Tessie Meyer (born Bowles) - Nullity 29 Aug.1972 
Ja3.12 Case No.LES/17 f + 1 Tape 1973 
 Mary Alice Gordon van Deventer (born Jones) - Nullity 23 Aug.1973 
K1 Minutes 3f 1979-1984 
K1.1 Joint Advisory Council l f 1979-1983 
 Confidential minutes 
K1.2 Joint Advisory Board f 1983-1984 
 Confidential minutes 
K1.3 CPSA Chaplains f 1979-1981 
 Minutes of meetings, Voortrekkerhoogte, including papers by Dr James Moulder on 'conscientious objection' 
K2 Correspondence and Memoranda 2f 1978-1984 
 Chaplains serving in the SADF includes: comprehensive policy directive of SA Chaplains service; SA Defence Force Orders; Ad Clerum - Provincial Synod 1979 from Bp Michael, Pretoria; border duty; revision of Chaplain's duties 
K3 Press Cutting 1 item 28 Jun.? 
 NGK attack SACC on National Service 
K4 Publications f 1978-1980 and Undated 
K4.1 The Kingdom, Vol.LXVIII, No.673, Nov.1978 
K4.2 Resister: Bulletin of the Committee on South African War Resistance, London - May/June 1980, No.8 
K4.3 Geloofsbesware teen Diensplig, 1980 
K4.4 In Hoc Signo, Vol.8, No.3, Dec. (no year) 
K4.5 4 Pamphlets Undated 
 Man, You've really got a problem 
 Church Attendance 
 Guide to National Service - for school leavers 
 'The Whole Armour of God' 
K4.6 The Centenary of the Church of the Province of South Africa 
SCHOOLS 10f + 4v 1919-1957 
L1 St.Mary's Diocesan School for Girls (DSG) 4f + 3v 1923-1954 
L1.1.1 Minutes 2f + 3v 1923-1954 
 Minutes of the Board of Directors 
L1.1.2 Balance Sheets and Accounts 2f 1930-1935 
L1.2 Girls Diocesan Hostel 6f 1919-1957 
L1.2.1 Annual Reports f 1919-1955 
L1.2.2 Minutes and Reports f 1937-1957 
L1.2.3 Certificates 4f 1922-1954 
L1.2.3.1 Baptism Certificates f 1922-1954 
 7 certificates 
L1.2.3.2 Birth Certificates f 1923-1937 
 5 certificates 
L1.2.3.3 Confirmation Certificates f 1940-1954 
 16 certificates 
L1.2.3.4 School Certificates f 1947-1954 
 1 St.John Ambulance Association, Dec.1947 
 1 Natal Schools Amateur Swimming Association, 4th Class, 9.3.1951 
 1 National Standard Seven Certificate, 1951 
 2 Swimming-Beginners Certificates, 3.3.1954 
L2 Board of Management of Mission Schools v 1951-1954 
BOARDS 6v 1899-1961 
M1.1 Diocesan Board of Missions v 1924-1931 
M1.2 Railway Diocesan Mission, Grahamstown v 1899-1914 
M2 Board of Preliminary Inquiry v 1968 
 Proceedings re: Rev Solomon Talazo (one-time rector of St.Alban's, Benoni) 
M3 Board of Religious Instruction v 1954-1961 
M4 Diocesan Sunday School Board v 1949-1953 
M5 Board of Works of Mercy v 1919-1944 
COMMITTEES 2v 1950-1975 
N1 Building Committee v 1950-1964 
N2 Development Committee v 1966-1975 
CONFERENCES 3v 1925-1951 
 Diocesan Missionary Conferences 
LEGISLATION 4v + 14f + 6 Tapes + 1 Item 1895, 1964 
P1 The Ecclesiastical Law of the Church of England 2v 1895 
 By the late Sir Robert Phillimore, Bart. D.C.L.; 2nd ed. by his son, Sir Waltr 
 Walter George Frank Phillimore, Bart. D.C.L. in 2 vols. London, Sweet and Maxwell, 1895 
P2 Erskine May's Parliamentary Practice v 1964 
 Seventeenth ed. by Sir Barnett Cocks 
P3 Diocesan Tribunals 14f + 6 Tapes + v 1935-1971 
P3.1 Bishopscourt - Record of Proceedings v 1935-1936 
P3.2 Tribunals 14f + 6 Tapes 1940-1971 
P3.2.1 Rev C.P. Masita f 1946 
 Correspondence and memoranda re: charge and judgment on Rev C.P. Masita 
P3.2.2 James Mdatyulwa 2f 1940-1946 
 Correspondence and memoranda re: case against J.Z. Mdatyulwa 
P3.2.3 Jasper Amm Mduna l f 1960-1961 
 Correspondence and memoranda re: Articles of Presentment laid against Rev J.A. Mduna, and shorthand notes in evidence - case heard 11 Mar.1961 
P3.2.4 Rev Cyprian Halley Pangisane Nyovane f 1943, 1950 
 Correspondence, pencilled notes [translation] of statements of case against Nyovane, 30 Sep.1950 
P3.2.5 T. Serongoane f 1965 
 Correspondence re: Articles of Presentment against Rev T. Serongoane 
P3.2.6 Rev E.B. Edom f 1960-1964 
 Correspondence, memoranda, exhibits, book of bank deposit slips; 3 Church Shillings Books for St.Paul's, and St.Mary's, Venterspost, Randfontein 1962-1964; 3 Service Registers for St.Paul's, St.Mary's, and St.Luke's, Robinson, Randfontein; 1 Church Dues Book - St.Mary's,nVenterspost; notebook - expenditure; shorthand notes of trial of Rev E.B. Edom, 28.11.64 - guilty of theft and violation of Canons and disobedience; sentence 
P3.2.7 Rev Cyprian D. Moloi f + 4 Tapes 1970-1971 
 Memoranda and correspondence re: Board of Preliminary Enquiry; oath; Articles of Presentment; sentence 
P3.2.8 Rev J.B.M. Mzamane f + 2 Tapes 1968-1970 
 Correspondence, memoranda re: proceedings of Board of Preliminary Enquiry 
 16.8.69; file of papers on Rev Mzamane re: St.Barnabas parish, Kwa-Thema 
P3.2.9 Rev S.T. Talazo 5f 1968 
P3.2.9.1 Articles of Presentment and court hearing f 1968 
P3.2.9.2 Affidavit Book l f 1967 
P3.2.9.3 Correspondence f 1965-1968 
P3.2.9.4 Finances f 1967-1968 
P3.2.9.5 Visitation f 1967-1968 
P4 Commemoration 1 item 1986 
 Commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Soweto riots, 16 Jun.1976 - petition for justice by the People of Goodwill of the United States of America 
PHOTOGRAPHS 1 box 1980 
 From the "Service of the Beginning" at the Cathedral, Aug.1980 
TROWELS 2 items 1955, 1958 
R 1 Trowel presented to Mr M.C. Koch, Northmead, 9.9.1955 
R 2 H.C. Koch, to commemorate the laying of the foundation stone of the Anglican Church, Stilfontein, 8 Jun.1958