A2950 SIMMER AND JACK MINES LTD, Records, 1930-1934   
 Copyright 2012, Historical Papers, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
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Accident recording book, entitled "Register of Accidents to Native Employees",1930-1934   
 This register gives a detailed insight into accidents involving African miners employed at the Simmer & Jack Mines. Between Jan 1930 - Dec 1934 a total number of 1112 accidents were recorded, many of which were of severe nature, some of them resulting in the death of the miner.   
 The register is very detailed in the recording of the cause of the accident, the nature of the injury, and the final result of the accident. It lists the work which the injured miner was doing at the time of the accident, and it lists the subsequent amount of compensation paid to the miner through an insurance claim. Each accident involving an African miner had to be reported to the Native Affairs Department for assessment.   
Letter book, 1931-1932