A2675 KARIS-GERHART Collection of South African political materials, 1964-1990   
 Copyright 2015, Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
 200 boxes   
 PLEASE NOTE: The digitisation of the audio items in PART I - INTERVIEWS of this collection was made possible by a grant from the Carnegie Foundation in 2012. Please refer to the list of digitised audio material on our website.   
 The collection includes interviews, political trial material, political documents, trade union documents and biographical files covering the political scene from 1964-1990.   
 "South African Political Materials, 1964-1990. A Catalogue of the Karis-Gerhart Collection". Compiled by Gail M. Gerhart, Thomas G. Karis, Antony J. Levine and Senti Thobejane, August 1998   
 The collection catalogue contains 6 parts, being Introduction & Parts I-V, which can be downloaded as PDF from each section below.   
 Please note that the reels of microfilm are not held at Historical Papers - please discregard the reference made to 'Reels' in the catalogue.   
INTRODUCTION - Using the Catalogue   
 This part contains an explanation how to use the catalogue, acronyms, source key.   
PART I - Interviews   
 Interviews are listed alphabetically by the name of the person interviewed. Transcripts of the interviews are contained in folders as indicated below. The entries below indicate the month, year, and city where the interview was conducted, the length of the transcript, and whether the interviewer was Karis, Gerhart, or both. Some tapes contain short miscellaneous notes about other topics. The tapes were deposited at Historical Papers in 2002 and 2004, and are indicated in the list of interviews. The transcripts are also available on microfilm.   
 For more tapes deposited with Historical Papers in July 2004, please see collection A3049 Gerhart Interviews.   
PART II - Political Trials   
 Trials are organized by year (the year the trial began). Within each year, trials are listed alphabetically, in most cases by the name of the first accused.   
PART III - Political Documents   
 Documents are listed chronologically, either (a) under the organization which issued them (or the organization with which their authors were identified), or (b) under a miscellaneous organizational category (e.g. Youth organizationsMiscellaneous, JournalistsMiscellaneous)   
 Organizations and miscellaneous organizational categories are listed alphabetically. Some documents are crosslisted under more than one organization or category. Serials (i.e. periodicals numbered by volume and/or number) appear under their issuing organizations, at the end of the listing for the organization.   
PART IV - Trade Union Documents   
 Trade union documents are listed chronologically under their issuing organizations. Issuing organizations are listed alphabetically. Serials appear under their issuing organizations, at the end of the listing for the organization.   
PART V - Biographical Files   
 Biographical files are listed alphabetically in two categories, Main Files and Supplementary Files. The Main Files contain information on persons who appear in volume 7 of From Protest to Challenge, which is a political who's who.   
 The Supplementary Files contain information on other persons who were prominent in the politics of the 1964-1990 period but who are not profiled in volume 7 (with some exceptions still undetermined at the time of printing this Catalogue).