A2674 Israel Aaron MAISELS Papers, 1923-1994   
 Copyright 2012, Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg   
 Archivist Notes   
 The letter from the 1956 Treason Trialists was digitised see item A2.2.1. The digitisation of papers in this collection was made possible by a generous grant from The Atlantic Philanthropies   
A1 Photographs of I.A. Maisels, his family and others   
A1.1-4 Folio group photos including: Marist Brothers College,1920; Student committees at Wits in the 1920s; South African Bar Council, 1954.   
A1.5 Portrait of Maisels as a young man, c.1930.   
A1.6 Portrait of Maisels when he became Queens Counsel.   
A1.7-8 Portraits of Muriel Maisels, 1934.   
A1.9 Maisels in uniform, early 1940s.   
A1.10 Maisels as President of the United Hebrew Congregation, welcoming Jan Smuts to the Congregations jubilee celebration, 1947.   
A1.11 Bram Fischer & Sydney Kentridge with his wife Felicia, c. late 1950s. NEGATIVE in file.   
A1.12 Maisels hoisted aloft at the end of the Treason Trial, after all the accused had been aquitted, March 1961. NEGATIVE in file.   
A1.13-14 Portraits of Maisels in the 1960s.   
A1.15-17 Maisels as a judge in former Rhodesia, 1963.   
A1.18 Muriel Maisels meeting Golda Meir in Israel.   
A1.19 Group of advocates including Maisels and George Bizos, 1980s.   
A1.20-21 Maisels in the 1980s.   
A1.22 Maisels with Walter Sisulu, c.1993.   
A1.23 Court room, probably the Old Synagogue in Pretoria, n.d.   
A2 Personal documents, 1923-1988   
A2.1 Various oversize documents and certificates   
 Including: Letter fromMarist Brothers' College confirming I Maisels pass of the Cape Matriculation Examination,1924; Matriculation Certificate for Muriel Freed, 1928; Certificate of Bachelor of Arts, University of the Witwatersrand, 1926; Certificate of Bachelor of Law, University of the Witwatersrand, 1928; Antenuptial Contract between Israel Aaron Maisels and Muriel Honor Freed, 1934; Letters Patent issued under the Great Seal of the Union of South Africa, 1948; Admissions as Advocate to various Courts, 1930-1957 (See oversize folder)   
A2.2 Correspondence re. Treason Trial, 1956   
A2.2.1 Letter of thanks signed by a number of the Treason trialists, dated 22 February 1961   
A2.2.2 Others include: Letter of encouragement by Albert Luthuli for the Treason Trial Defence Team, November 1960; 2 telegrams of congratulation on the aquittal of the Treason Trial accused, one by Albert Luthuli, one by Henry Lazarus, March 1961   
A2.3 Letters to Maisels in response to him leaving for his appointment as Judge in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), 1961   
 Including amongst others a Motion in the Senate Debates (author unknown), lamenting the loss of Maisels through the policy of the Minister of Justice, 6 March 1961; letter by Albert Luthuli, 20 April 1961   
A2.4 Various personal documents   
 Including amongst others Testimonials from Sacred Heart Colleague And Marist Brothers College, 1913-1918; certification of South African citizenship; letter by the University of the Witwatersrand, informing Maisels that the University intends to confer the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws onto him, March 1978; a letter by Nelson Mandela, congratulating Maisels for his 80. Birthday, written from Pollsmoor Maximum Prison, 26 November 1985   
A3 Letters from Isie Maisels to his wife 1940-1941   
 Letters between Isie and Muriel Maisels   
A4 Letters to and from Muriel Maisels (nee Freed) and press cuttings on her wedding.   
A5 Letters of congratulation, miscellaneous 1935-1993   
A6 Memoirs 1 box   
A7 Retirement of I Maisels/Hon. Doctorate/ Funeral Address 1992-1994   
 Album with press cuttings, letters, and tributes to Maisels; correspondence, congratulations on the award of his Honorary Doctorate. Funeral address by Joel Mervis; obituaries.   
A8 Miscellaneous letters and memorabilia   
 Records of the trial of Daisy de Melker who was accused of poisoning three people including her husband and son and of the murder of her son Rhodes Cecil Cowle. She was executed in December 1932. Also press cuttings on the trial. (Isie Maisels was junior counsel)   
 3 vols 1932   
 (miscellaneous records)   
E1 Letters re appointment to Rhodesian Bench and resignation 1961-1962   
E2 Press Cuttings re Victoria Falls conference, 1975   
LESOTHO, 1966-1984   
 Correspondence re Maisels' appointment as Justice of appeal in Lesotho (1966) and the award to him of the Meritorious Order of Mohlomi in 1984; Judgement in Molefi Case, 1970, concerning Molefi's 'refugee status' in Lesotho.   
F1 Photographs taken in Lesotho   
F1.1-3 Maisels receiving an award in Lesotho.   
 Some duplicate portraits of Issie Maisels and some photos of family events and official functions, are stored with the collection of papers. Proof copies of photos and captions used for the book I A Maisels A life at law, are also stored with the collection of papers.   
 (Includes I vol of legal cases, circa 1898)