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Collection Index:Ndungane, Archbishop Njongonkulu, 1930s-2011
Collection Name:Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane Papers
Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane Papers, 1930s-2011 
  Copyright 2016, Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
  127 boxes 
  The collection contains Archbishop Ndungane's personal papers which include speeches, addresses, articles, statements and press releases, sermons, correspondence, awards, newspaper clippings and his diaries.  
  Other records in this collection are relating to the various activities of the Bishop during his reign and his involvement with organizations, institutions and projects in South Africa and abroad. These documents include theological education including clergy and Anglican schools, various universities in South Africa, CPSA developments, SACC activities, missions and ministries, episcopal synod, bishops consensus, diocese of Cape Town and some others in South Africa, various churches and their communities, religion in public life, women's and youth issues, Apartheid debt and other issues, poverty and housing matters, HIV/AIDS, Global Fund, and USAID. 
  Winston Hugh Njongonkulu Ndungane was born in Kokstad in 1941. He graduated from Lovedale High Scholl, Alice, in December 1958. During March 1960 he was involved in anti-Pass Law Demonstration while a student at the University of Cape Town for which he was arrested under apartheid law. Between 1963 and 1966 Njongonkulu served a three-year sentence on Robben Island as a political prisoner. While in prison, he decided to enter the church. He was ordained as a priest of the Anglican Church in July 1974 in the Diocese of Cape Town. His higher education was completed at King's College, London by obtaining Bachelor of Divinity, Honours degree and in 1979 Master of Theology in Christian Ethics. From January 1985 to December 1986 he was Principal of St Bede's Theological College in Umtata and in September 1981 he became the Provincial Liaison Officer for the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. In September 1991 he was consecrated Bishop of Kimberley and Kuruman. Five years later in 1996 he was nominated Archbishop of Cape Town - head of approximately 4 million Anglicans. The area covers 26 dioceses in Angola, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland and the island of St. Helena. The Archbishop has served as an Anglican representative to the Vatican, and in 1998 as one of the four chairmen of the Lambeth Conference, the largest and most important of all worldwide Anglican meetings. 
  The Archbishop Ndungane has been awarded several honorary degrees including Dr. of Divinity from Rhodes University, Grahamstown, Dr. of Philosophy from the University of Cape Town and, most recently, Dr. of Theology from the University of Stellenbosch. He has written many essays and made numerous contributions to books. During his tenure as Archbishop, Ndungane has devoted much of his energies to challenging the structural inequalities of post-apartheid South Africa and on a wider scale, of global society. The Archbishop has retired in 2008. 
  The inventory consists of 2 parts: the first part AA contains the Personal Papers of Archbishop Ndungane. The second part A-Z relates to Bishop Ndungane's Working Papers, and the filing system in alphabetical order has been retained as it was received from the office of the Archbishop. 
AAa1  Curriculum Vitae of Winston Hugh Njongonkulu Ndungane. 
AAa2  Enthronement of Njongonkulu Ndungane as the 11th Archbishop of Cape Town, 14 September 1996 1f 
  Including an invitation card; programme of service; Enthronement Charge by N. Ndungane, and challenges arising from the Charge; correspondence; first Media statement by the new Archbishop and responses 
AAa3  Honorary Doctorates and Recognitions, 1996-2005, 1f 
  Including Honorary Doctorates from the Universities of Stellenbosch, Rhodes, Natal and Cape Town; as well as election as a Fellow of Kings College, amongst others, together with Address by N. Ndungane at the University of Cape Town, 20 June 2003 and various letters of congratulation 
AAa4  A World with a Human Face', 2003 
  Book, written by N. Ndungane and published by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK), London 
AAa4.1  Final proofs and editing, 2f 
AAa4.2  Correspondence relating to the publishing and launch of the book, 2000-2003, 1f 
  Including 2 newspaper cuttings 
AAa5  Archbishop's Diaries, 2001, 2003/2004 & 2006. 
  Consisting of print-out's of the electronic diaries. 
AAa6  Greeting cards and invitations 
  Including decorated cards 
AAa7  Personal letters of support and some opinionated, 1997-2003, 1f 
  Including letters offering support to N. Ndungane after a public critique of his office by President Nelson Mandela in 1998. 
AAa8  Correspondence from the Office of the Archbishop, 2005-2007, 5f 
AAa8.1  Correspondence, December 2005 - April 2006. 
  It relates to issues of AIDS/HIV, African Scholar’s Fund, Anglican Mission and Ministry and land. 
AAa8.2  Correspondence, April 2006 - December 2006. 
  It discusses topics like: launch of The African Monitor, initiatives in education and training, sexuality issues, land claims, diocesan and parishes matters, and violence against women and children. 
AAa8.3  Correspondence for January - August 2007. 
  It is relating to: invitations to speak at the public events, Archbishop’s retirement, visit Anglican School, participation in the meeting of Inter-Faith Action for Peace in Africa in Libya. 
AAa8.4  Correspondence for May - December 2007. 
  It includes topics like: Anglican education, academic appointments at School of Theology and Religion, congratulation wishes on various occasions, service agreements, and Archbishop’s retirement.  
AAa8.5  E-mail correspondence with Sarah Rowland Jones, research assistant and secretary of the Archbishop, 2006 - 2007. 
  It is mainly related to various events in the Anglican and Episcopal Churches on the African continent and world- wide. 
AA1  ADDRESSES, 1991 - 2007 
AA1.1  Enthronement Charge of Reverend Winston Ndungane, tenth Bishop of Kimberley & Kuruman delivered on 21 September 1991. 
AA1.2  Address at the University of Western Cape entitled: ”Racism and Christianity” 31 October 1996 and at the Provincial Synod in 1995. 
AA1.3  Address by the Archbishop Ndungane to the Church Leaders Forum on the Ecumenical Commission on Poverty, November 1996. 
AA1.4  Archbishop Ndungane's addresses, 1997. 
  They include among others: speech at the Southern African Bishops Conference in Pretoria and at Southwark Cathedral on the new Millennium and reshaping the World’s Economy. 
AA1.5  Addresses, 1998 
  Including the one to the Transformation Commission of the CPSA in Johannesburg and to the Lambeth Plenary Session. 
AA1.6  Addresses, 1999. 
  They include among others: speeches on poverty and cancellation of international debt in the USA, to a Diocesan College Transformation Workshop in Rondebosch, and at the 3rd Commonwealth NGO Forum in Durban.  
AA1.7  Addresses, 2000. 
  The significant ones are: address given at the “Healing Leaves” Conference in California (USA), to the All-College Honours Convocation of Worcester College at its 125th Anniversary, at the South African Reparations Conference in Johannesburg, to the Los Angeles Council for World Affairs (USA), at the U.N. Millennium Peace Summit in New York, to the Synod of Bishops in Bloemfontein, at the White House, Washington D.C. during HIV/AIDS Summit. 
AA1.8  Addresses, 2001 
  They include among others: address at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, at the Primates Meeting in North Carolina (USA), to the Student Body at the College of the Transfiguration in Grahamstown, at the 125th Anniversary Celebration of the Mother’s Union, at St Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney, Australia, at the CPSA Land Summit in Durban, at World’s AIDS Day Celebration in Cape Town, at the International Conference on AIDS in Africa in Burkina Faso. 
AA1.9  Addresses for 2002. 
  They include: address at the USAID’S Regional HIV/AIDS Programme in Johannesburg, at the conference at the University of Notre Dame in USA, at a special Faculty Assembly of the UCT Faculty of Health Sciences in Cape Town, at an African Roundtable in Washington D.C., at the New Economics Foundation Conference in Johannesburg, at the Church Land Summit in Durban, at the International Colloquium in Bonn, Germany on globalization and social justice, at St Alban Cathedral in Pretoria at the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Ordination of Women to Priesthood. 
AA1.10  Addresses by Archbishop Ndungane for 2003. 
  They include among others: address to the Synod of Bishops, at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church of the USA, at the conference on deepening democracy in South Africa, at the Reparations Conference in Gauteng, to the H.O.P.E Africa Annual Consultation, at World Aids Day in Cape Town.  
AA1.11  Addresses for 2004. 
  The most significant among those are: at the Washington National Cathedral on AIDS in Africa, at the Launch of the General Elections in the Western Cape, Memorial Lecture on Sobukwe at the University of Fort Hare, at the Trade and Poverty Conference in Brussels, at the UCT on the ten years of democracy in South Africa, at Alma College in Michigan on freedom and justice in South Africa, at Virginia Theological Seminary on life under apartheid in South Africa, on World AIDS Day.  
AA1.12  Addresses for 2005. 
  They include among the others: in St Louis on Global Justice Ministry, at Washington University Episcopal Campus Ministry Eucharist, at St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town on reaffirmation of vows, in Durban at the Diakonia Council of Churches on the role of churches in fight against poverty, at the Rural Development Conference in Umtata on the role of the church in rural development, in Stellenbosch at the inauguration of the Diocese of False Bay. 
AA1.13  Addresses of Archbishop Ndungane for 2006. 
  They include among others: address at the OXFAM’s 50th Anniversary in Africa, at the launch of the African Monitor in Kigali, at the Global Fund Partnership Forum in Durban, at Inter-Faith Summit on Africa in Washington, at the 40th Anniversary of the Anglican Women’s Fellowship in Port Elizabeth, at the Peace-Maker Ward in the USA, at the Trinity Theological College. 
AA1.14  Addresses for 2007. 
  They include among others: at the Leadership Course at the University of Kwazulu-Natal, at the Steve Biko Conference, at the Anglican Communion Bishop’s Forum, at the Global Inter-Faith Dialogue on Human Trafficking, at the Conference of Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco. 
AA2a  The challenges of change in South Africa, lecture in Portland, 1991 
AA2.1  Lectures presented in 1997 
  including lectures in Stellenbosch University, in Cape Town and at the University of Edinburgh. 
AA2.2  Archbishop’s lectures given in 1999 in Saldanha Bay Region and in Brunswick, Germany. 
AA2.3  Introduction for the Bishop Gray Lecture, 4 September 2001. 
AA2.4  Hobart lecture presented in New York, 3 November 2004. 
AA2.5  Lectures delivered by Archbishop Ndungane in 2005 in New York Cathedral and at the University of Cape Town. 
AA2.6  Harold Wolpe Memorial Lecture presented by Archbishop of Cape Town at the University of Kwazulu-Natal, 30 November 2006. 
AA2.7  Lectures given in 2007 in Durban and in Pretoria. 
AA3.1  Prayers for 1997 & 1998 given in Cape Town. 
AA3.2  Archbishop Ndungane prayers for 1999 given at various religious and public events. 
AA3.3  Prayers for Good Friday 2000 in St John’s Cathedral, Umtata. 
AA3.4  Prayer services in 2001 in Cape Town and Durban. 
AA3.5  Prayers for 2002 at religious and public events. 
AA3.6  Good Friday prayers and the prayer for the Men’s March, 2003. 
AA3.7  Opening Prayer for Parliamentary Service, Ash Wednesday Service at St George’s Cathedral and the Prayer for Good Friday, 2004. 
AA3.8  Prayer services for Good Friday and Easter Sunday, at the Provincial Synod, at the Saldanha Bay Clergy School, Archbishop’s Christmas Message, Eucharist at the Cathedral, 2005. 
AA3.9  Prayers at the Confirmation Ceremony, Midnight Mass at the St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town Easter Sunday and the Eucharist Southwark Cathedral in 2006. 
AA3.10  Celebration and Thanksgiving for the life of George Alfred Swartz in Cape Town and prayers at the Trinity Church in Boston and Westminster Abbey, Homily at the Synod of Bishops and Eucharist at Westminster Abbey and at USPG Conference in 2007. 
AA4.1  Sermons for 1997 given by Archbishop in churches of Cape Town and Johannesburg areas. 
AA4.2  Sermons for 1998 preached by Archbishop Ndungane in Cape Town, Uganda, London and Denmark. 
AA4.3  Sermons for 1999 delivered in Cape Town, Honduras, Germany (Brunswick Cathedral) and in Canada (St James Cathedral).  
AA4.4  Sermons for 2000 given in Gauteng, Atlanta (St Philip Cathedral), San Francisco (Grace Cathedral), Cape Town (St George’s Cathedral), Umtata (St John Cathedral), Boston (USA), Pasadena (California), London, Glasgow Cathedral (Scotland).  
AA4.5  Sermons for 2001 preached by Archbishop in Zurich (Switzerland), New York (St James Church), Rotterdam (Holland), Auckland, New Zealand, Washington D.C. 
AA4.6  Sermons for 2002 given in Western Cape Province, Johannesburg, Washington D.C. (St John’s Church), Sophiatown (Gauteng), Soweto and Nottingham (UK).  
AA4.7  Sermons for 2003 given in Cape Town, Johannesburg (St Mary’s Cathedral), Melbourne (Australia), Natal. 
AA4.8  Sermons preached by Archbishop Ndungane in 2004 in the Washington Diocesan Convention, in the Anglican Chaplaincy in Helsinki, in the Diocese of Port Elizabeth, in Umtata (St Andrew’s), in New York Cathedral, at Virginia Theological Seminary. 
AA4.9  Sermons for 2005 given in Scotland at the Conference on Afro-Anglicanism and in the College of the Transfiguration. 
AA4.10  Sermons preached by Archbishop in 2006 in Washington at St Columba’s and in Maputo.  
AA4.11  Sermons at the Funeral of Adelaide Tambo in Johannesburg, 10 February 2007. 
AA5.1  Remarks made by Archbishop Ndungane at various public events, 1997, 2003- 2006. 1 file 
  They include: Global Fund Meeting in Paris, Virginia Theological Seminary, Closing Remarks at Provincial Synod. 
AA5.2  Speeches delivered by Archbishop Ndungane at various public meetings, ceremonies, receptions and celebrations, 1996 - 2007. 2 files 
  The most significant among them are: the Enthronement Charge of the Archbishop, speech at the Lambeth Conference, Washington Speech on the International Debt, to the Diakonia Council of Churches in Durban and in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. 
AA5.3  Messages and Statements made by Archbishop Ndungane on various occasions of public events, 1997 - 2007. 1 file 
  They include: Christmas messages, message for African Refugee Day, statements to the Primates of the Anglican Communion, at Virginia Theological Seminary, USA on the Windsor Report, and message to the Anglican Students Fellowship. 
AA5.4  Talks given by Archbishop Ndungane at various forums, 1998/1999, 2004 - 2006. 1 file 
  They include: talk during a seminar on government, politics, and spirituality, at the Community Forum at Virginia Theological Seminary, at St Luke's Episcopal Church in Atlanta, and at the College of Transfigurations. 
AA5.5  Tributes by Archbishop Ndungane to other bishops of the Anglican Church and other government officials, 2005/2006. 1 file 
AA6.1  Press Statements for 1993, 1995/1996. 
  They include topics like: education crisis, human sexuality, death penalty and arms sales in South Africa and debt crisis. 
AA6.2  Press Statements for 1997. 
  They are relating to the following topics: state of correctional services in South Africa, pregnancy issues, national sport and land issues, poverty reduction, the foreign debt, quest for peace, and crime and violence.  
AA6.3  Press Statements for 1998. 
  They are on the topics like: TRC, food security, housing, socio-economic transformation, state of education in South Africa, poverty summit, moral principles summit, globalization issues, arms purchases. 
AA6.4  Press Statements for 1999. 
  They are relating to the topics like: issue of homosexuality, Apartheid-caused debt and its cancellation, International Jubilee 2000 Movement, South Africa’s arms deal and crime and imprisonment of criminals.  
AA6.5  Press Statements for 2000. 
  They include the following topics: debt cancellation and reparations for Southern Africa, racism and healing in South Africa, race relations and nation building. 
AA6.6  Press Statements for 2001. 
  They cover the topics like: racism, government and churches cooperation, HIV/AIDS approach, land issues in South Africa, violence on women and children, church’s position towards the national budget. 
AA6.7  Press Statements for 2002. 
  They are relating to the following topics: global peace, World Economic Forum, elections in Zimbabwe, Aids Conference in Barcelona, poverty issues in Western Cape Province, democracy in South Africa.  
AA6.8  Press Statements for 2003. 
  They were made on topics like: same sex unions, apartheid reparations, peace in Zimbabwe, election of gay bishops, HIV/AIDS treatment, violence against women and children. 
AA6.9  Press Statements for 2004. 
  They cover the following topics: church’s position on gay appointments, farming in South Africa, Windsor Report, and attack on former President Mandela. 
AA6.10  Press Statements for 2005. 
  They related to topics like: Anglican Church on marriage and same-sex relationship, release of prisoners, on London bomb blast, UN Report on Zimbabwe, fight against global poverty, and World Aids Day. 
AA6.11  Press Statements for 2006. 
  They include topics like: Anglican Conference, Africa’s development, African Monitor and the collapse of World Trade Talks, Christian faith, homosexuality, Global South Communique, and violence against women. 
AA6.12  Statements for 2007. 
  They are relating to the following topics: death of Adelaide Tambo, State of the Nation Address, Diocesan College, The Episcopal Church. 
AA7.1  Press and Media Releases for 1997. 
  They are relating to the following topics: addressing issues of crime, poverty, and prison reform in South Africa, cancellation of debt of developing countries, corruption in South African society, TRC hearings, economic growth in SA, religious broadcasting on SABC, arms sales, protection of women and children rights, World Bank Conference in Washington, and housing shortages.  
AA7.2  Media Releases for 1998. 
  They cover the topics like: pensions crisis in SA, creating an Episcopal Church of Africa, war on corruption in Africa, the role of the church in the next Millennium, human environmental rights, debt relief for the poorest countries, bursary fund for the students, job creation, economic co-operation for eradication of poverty, launch of the Jubilee 2000 African Campaign, peaceful resolution of the conflict in Lesotho, special disaster relief fund for the victims of Hurricane in Honduras.  
AA7.3  Press and Media Releases for 1999. 
  They are on public issues like: South African elections, the state of the African continent, crime and violence, national debt burden, legislation on gun control, ordination of women and “Africanisation”.  
AA7.4  Press Statements/Releases for 2000. 
  They are relating to the following topics: national budget allocation for poverty relief, crisis in Angola, national conference on racism, high debt of poor countries, HIV/AIDS crisis. 
AA7.5  Press Releases for 2001. 
  They cover topics like: government public accounts, arms deal, meeting of religious leaders with President Mbeki, distribution of lottery funds. 
AA7.6  Media Releases for 2003 & 2004. 
  They are on topics like: AIDS programme in African countries, life and function of the Anglican Communion, position of the CPSA on homosexuality, corruption in society, tribute to women, and call for economic justice. 
AA7.7  Press and Media Releases for 2005. 
  The topics include: HIV/AIDS Aid, drought and other disasters in the Western Province, environmental and ecological issues, role of the church in society, World TB Day, Global Week of Action on Trade, African debt write-off, and change of the CPSA name into the Anglican Church of Southern Africa (ACSA).  
AA7.8  Media and Press Releases for 2006 & 2007. 
  The topics are relating to: Local Government Elections, cooperation with Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland, treatment of Southern African Women, Retirement of Archbishop Ndungane, national violence, heartlands of Anglicanism, fighting poverty and HIV/AIDS, developments in Anglican Communion, March against Violence, conflicts in African countries, and restoration of historic schools in South African Provinces.  
AA8.1  Articles by the Archbishop written and published in 1997 
AA8.2  Articles written and published in 1998 
AA8.3  Articles published in 1999 
AA8.4  Articles published in 2000 and in 2001 
AA8.5  Articles written and published in 2002/2003 
AA8.6  Articles published in 2004 and 2005 
AA8.7  Articles written and published in 2006 
AA8.8  Articles written and published in the official newsletter of the Diocese of Cape Town ‘Good Hope’ and in ‘Southern Anglican’, 2000 - 2007. 
AA10  INTERVIEWS WITH ARCHBISHOP NDUNGANE, Transcripts, 1997 - 2005. 1 file  
AA11  ARCHBISHOP'S DUTIES, 1996-2000, 1f 
  Including: Memo's from the Information Service of Archbishop’s Office entitled: What's Your Archbishop Been Up To Recently 2001; list of Parishes visited from 1996; ACTA Episcopes for Diocesan and Provincial Synods, 1996-2000 
  They include: memoranda to the President Mandela, comments on arms deal, reports on education and HIV/AIDS programme in SA, human sexuality, amongst others. 1 file 
  Enthronements of Bishops of Dioceses, Declarations, Deed of Delegations, Oaths, which were overseen by Abp Ndungane 
  They include various documents relating to the theological education, Inter-Religious Commission, HIV/AIDS in Africa, Diocese of Cape Town, Lambeth Conference and The Anglican Communion. 
AA15  NEWSPAPER CUTTINGS, 1996 - 2007. 
AA15.1  Newspaper clippings for 1996. 3 bound volumes 
AA15.2  Cuttings for 1997/1998. 1 file 
AA15.3  Clippings for 1999. 1 bound volume 
AA15.4  Newspaper clippings for 2000. 4 bound volumes and 1 file of loose cuttings 
AA15.5  Cuttings for 2001. 15 bound volumes and 1 file of loose cuttings 
AA15.6  Clippings for 2002. 58 bound volumes and 1 file of loose cuttings 
AA15.7  Newspaper clippings for 2003. 
AA15.8  Clippings for 2004. 47 bound volumes and 1 file of loose cuttings 
AA15.9  Newspaper cuttings for 2005. 41 bound volumes and 1 file of loose clippings 
AA15.10  Newspaper clippings for 2006 & 2007. 28 bound volumes and 1 file of loose clippings 
  They include various booklets and pamphlets of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Cape Town as well as other dioceses in South Africa. 1 box 
AA17a  Photoalbum presented to Bishop Ndungane, 1993 
  Presented at a visit to the St Peter's Parish in Morristown, New Jersey, USA. Stored in Media Room 
AA17.1  Group photo of Archbishop Ndungane with other bishops in the unidentified church. 
AA17.2-3  Visit of a group of foreigners at Robben Island in September 2004. 
AA17.4-6  Photos of St John’s Anglican Church. 
AA17.7  CD containing colour photographs (36 Jpgs) of Archbishop’s Ndungane to Helsinki in Finland, January 2004. 
AA17.8  Photograph of Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane, undated 
AA18.1  CD containing a video on formation of the ‘Peace Centre’ of Desmond Tutu Peace Trust. 
AA18.2  CD entitled: A step by step to HIV/AIDS Planning for the Anglican Communion. 
AA18.3  Session Summaries of the Annual Meeting 2004 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, 21-25 January 2004. 
A.1  Termination of Pregnancy. 
A1.2  Southern African Anglican Church position on abortion. It includes religious leaders’ statements and reports, 1996-1997. 
A1.3  Documents relating to the issue of termination of pregnancy legislation. 
A2.1  Correspondence with Archbishop Ndungane. 
A2.2  Paper presented at the 13th Lambeth Conference entitled: Becoming fully human: an ethic or relationship in difference and otherness. 21st July 1998. 
  Documents include correspondence of Archbishop Ndungane relating to his contribution towards articles published in this magazine. 
  They include Memoranda from the Archbishop to the clergy of the diocese of Cape Town on various matters relating to the CPSA. (1997-1998) 
A5.1  Documents relating to the Consultation on African Culture and Anglican Liturgy. Kempton Park Conference Centre, 18-21 November 1996. 
A5.2  Paper presented by John S. Pobee entitled: Towards Anglican Liturgical Expression in Africa. 
A5.3  Clergy comments regarding the Transformation Commission formed by the Provincial Synod. 
A5.4  Dr Aggrey Klaaste (1940-2004) legacy. Africa Cultural Trust and Africa Cultural Centre. 
A6.1  Correspondence between Archbishop Ndungane and Michael Cassidy of African Enterprise. (2000-2005) 
A6.2  Article by Michael Cassidy entitled: Considerations for Parliament on Same Sex Marriage. February 2006 
A6.3  Theologically Speaking Deciphering Fact and Fiction in Da Vinci by Michael Cassidy. African Enterprise, May 19, 2006. 
  Documents include material relating to the 8th Africa Partnership Forum hosted by the government of Germany in Berlin in May 2007. 
A8.1  The Newsletter of the Fund (2002-2007) 
A8.2  Correspondence of Archbishop Ndungane with the students awarded bursaries form the African Scholars Fund.  
A8.3  ASF Annual Reports 1997- 2006. 
A8.4  The submission to the Hearings on Poverty. Annual Report on findings of a survey on social background of school children. 
A9.1  Western Cape Provincial Aids Council Minutes of the Meetings (2004-2006). 
A9.2  Summary Report to the Western Cape Provincial Aids Council (1 January-30 June 2005). 
A9.3  Correspondence between Archbishop Ndungane and various clergy members relating to the CPSA position on HIV/AIDS. (2005-2006) 
A9.4  Action Alert Newsletter and its HIV/AIDS Campaign. 
A9.5  A Letter from participants of the Ecumenical AIDS Consultation 2005, Bangkok, Thailand 
A9.6  Treatment Action Campaign Project 2004-2005. 
A9.7  Treatment Action Campaign Annual Report (1st March 2004 to 28 February 2005). 
A9.8  TAC National Executive Committee Resolutions taken during a meeting on the 23rd of November 2004 at the National Office in Cape Town. 
A9.9  Archbishop Ndungane’s letter of reference for Zackie Achmat for the Gleitsman Foundation’s International Activist Award, 2005. 
A9.10  Memorandum to Minister of Health and all provincial MECs for health on the ARV treatment programmes in South Africa. 
A9.11  Treatment Action Campaign electronic Newsletter published by the TAC News Service (2004-2006). 
A9.12  Fund raising for the Khayelitsha Family and Community Support Centre to assist mothers and children living with HIV/AIDS. 
A9.13  Women’s Partnership Against AIDS. National Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS (NAPWA) and Treatment Action Campaign to fight AIDS. 
A9.14  CPSA HIV/AIDS Conference, 18-21 June 1998, St. Peter’s Lodge, Rosettenville. 
A9.15  AMASA UBUNTU donation towards Camden House Project for opening HIV/AIDS Centre for people living with HIV/AIDS. 
A9.16  Pastoral Letters form the Synod of Bishops on subject: The Church lives with AIDS!. 
A9.17  Evaluation of the AIDS Conference held in Cape Town, 17-20 September 1996. 
A9.18  CPSA restricting of the office in 2005 relating to the HIV/AIDS funding and other issues. 
A9.19  Minutes of the staff meeting of the CPSA HIV/AIDS Office, 11th March 2005. 
A9.20  2nd African Conference on Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS Research. 9-12 may 2004, Cape Town. 
A9.21  Request for funding for Usizo Development Projects and Association for AIDS Campaign. 
A9.22  Project of the Pennsylvania State University and Human Research Council to build capacity for research on AIDS in South Africa. (2003) 
A9.23  Local Links to a US Government Annual Program Statement (ASP) issued by USAID. Project: South Africa Care, 20 April, 2004  
A9.24  Dare To Be You Program in the USA to combat AIDS. Collaboration with African countries. 
A9.25  The Outcome Of The African Summit on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and other related infectious diseases. Abuja, Nigeria, 24-27 April, 2001. 
A9.26  Wellness Management Programme run by the CPSA Office of HIV/AIDS Community Ministries and Mission. 
A9.27  Southern Africa AIDS Conference, September 23-25, 2004, Toronto, Canada. 
A9.28  All Africa Heads of Churches Summit on HIV/AIDS in Nairobi, Kenya and Cameroon. 
A9.29  15th International AIDS Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, 11-16 July 2004. 
A9.30  Siyafundisa - Towards a Generation without AIDS Project. HIV/AIDS Prevention through abstinence and healthy choices for youth. 
A9.31  Wellness, a newsletter of the Anglican AIDS Office. 
A9.32  A letter to the President Thabo Mbeki on AIDS, 26 October 2006. 
A9.33  CPSA Narrative Report entitled: Anglican AIDS & Healthcare Trust. 1st January-30 June 2006. 
A9.34  Programme Time to Talk lunched by Western Cape provincial HIV/AIDS Office, 2005. 
A9.35  Western Cape Provincial Health Department and Global Fund Grant Agreement and collaboration on managing and raising funds to eliminate HIV/AIDS. 
A9.36  The Global Fund (To Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria) revised guidelines on requirements for Grant Eligibility. 
A9.37  Publication of the Children's HIV/AIDS Network entitled: Uniting state and community responses to the impact of HIV and AIDS on children.  
A9.38  Documents relating to The Global Fund Conference in Paris, July 2003. 
A9.39  UN General Assembly. Report of the Secretary-General on progress towards implementation of the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS. (12 August 2002) 
A9.40  Commitment of the Anglican Communion across Africa towards people living with HIV/AIDS in the document: Our Vision, Our Hope. The first step All Africa Anglican Aids Planning. August 2001, Johannesburg 
A9.41  Contract for the Reverend Canon Ted Karpf/Diocese of Washington and Support Services through USAID-Sponsored CORE Initiative. 
A9.42  List of the organizations and representatives who attended Prof. Richard Feachem’s Meeting with NGO’s hosted by Archbishop Ndungane in Cape Town, 11 April 2003. Programme of the event and invitations to participants. 
A9.43  Summary Quarterly Report on Global Fund Grant ARV Treatment Programme Prepared and published by the Western Cape Provincial Health Department for the funding period of 1 July 2004 31 March 2005. 
A9.44  Minutes of the Western Cape Provincial AIDS Council Meetings, 2003-2004. 
A9.45  The Global Fund Grant to The Western Cape Provincial Health Department. Strengthening and Expanding the Western Cape HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care programme (budget and work plan). 
A9.46  Summary Report to the Western Cape Provincial AIDS Council Global Fund Programme. 1 July - 30 September 2004. 
A9.47  Program Grant Agreement between The global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Global Fund) and The Provincial Health Department of the Western Cape, South Africa (Principal Recipient). 
A9.48  Results of the Global Fund application by Western Cape. 
A9.49  An article ‘A life of service to God: the Archbishop of Cape Town’ by Meg Dendler. 
A9.50  AIDS. The Global Fund Observer Newsletter, 2006. 
A9.51  Western Cape Provincial Health Department/ Global Fund Grant Agreement, 1 January- 30 June 2005. 
A9.52  Western Cape Provincial AIDS Council Minutes of the Meetings, 2005. 
A9.53  Global HIV Prevention Working Group document entitled: Global Mobilization for HIV Prevention. A Blueprint for Action. July 2002 
A9.54  Access to HIV Prevention. Closing the Gap, published by the Global HIV Prevention Working Group. May 2003 
A9.55  Summary Quarterly Report published by the Western Cape Provincial Health Department on Global Fund Grant ARV Treatment Programme. January - March 2005 
A9.56  Evaluation Report of the Wellness Management Programme of the Church of The Province of Southern Africa from May 2002 to April 2004. Written by Penny Morrell. 
A9.57  HIV/AIDS Proposal to DFID- Pretoria, South Africa for Building a Foundation ‘Isiseko Sokomeleza’. CPSA & Christian Aid, February 2003 
A9.58  Report of the ‘Isiseko Sokomeleza’ Programme Final Evaluation. 
A9.59  AIDS statistics according to some surveys. 
A9.60  Local links with USAID to HIV/AIDS effected children in South Africa. 
A9.61  Archbishop Ndungane’s Appeal to Episcopal Church USA for AIDS Relief. 
A9.62  An issue of IPAC Monthly, February 2004, vol.10, No 2. Article by Holly Burkhalter ‘AIDS and the Evangelicals’. 
A9.63  Treatment Action Campaign newsletter for August 2006. 
A9.64  Statement by Peter Okaalet, Africa Director, Map International before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 13 February 2002. 
A9.65  Photocopies of the photos from the Anglican AIDS Conference South Africa 2001. 
A9.66  Documents relating to the AIDS Office of the Church of the Province of Southern Africa, 2000-2003. 
A9.66.1  Publication of the HIV/AIDS Ministries of the CPSA entitled: From Boksburg to Canterbury: Steps to putting HIV/AIDS on the Anglican Map. 
A9.66.2  Visit of the Bishop J.M. Tsubella and Diocesan HIV/AIDS Committee to the orphans at Ha Ramapepe in Lesotho, 28th May 2003. 
A9.66.3  Archbishop Ndungane speech on HIV/AIDS issues from the theological point of view. The Anglican Communion’s response to HIV/AIDS. Australia: September/October 2003 
A9.66.4  Hope for African Children Initiative. September 2003 
A9.66.5  Noncedo Home Based Care for people living with AIDS at Cradock. 
A9.66.6  Minutes of the Provincial AIDS Committee Meeting, Cape Town, April 2003 
A9.66.7  Community driven ‘Monkeybiz Bead Project’ for jobs creation. 
A9.66.8  CPSA AIDS programmes. HIV/AIDS Community Ministries and Mission initiatives. 
A9.66.9  CPSA HIV/AIDS technical Assistance Proposal, December 2000. 
A9.66.10  Social Development Unit of Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa CAPA and its HIV/AIDS Programme. Strategic Plan 2001 - 2006. 
A9.66.11  Diocesan HIV/AIDS Project of the Diocese of Cape Town. 
A9.67  Documents relating to the All Africa Anglican Conference on HIV/AIDS. August 2001 
A9.68  Booklet entitled: World AIDS Day 2003. A liturgy to be used itself or incorporated into the Eurcharist. 
A9.69  The Policy Project (South Africa) relating to HIV/AIDS plan for the Anglican Church in Southern Africa. 
A9.70  Vision 2020 AIDS Scenario Planning Project. Workshop, 19 October 2004. 
A9.70.1  Document entitled: Vision 2020 AIDS Scenarios and Practical Strategies for South Africa’s future. Steering Committee Consultation held on 21 June 2004. 
A9.71  Washington Office on Africa: An urgent action alert on the availability of medicines to confront HIV/AIDS in Africa. 
A9.72  Wola Nani Agency- A caring Response to AIDS and its national Income Generation and Child Programme to combat AIDS. 
A9.73  Australia AIDS South Africa movement and its affords to raise funds to provide financial assistance to HIV effected people, especially children. 
A9.74  Article published by Celia W. Dugger in New York Times on Africa’s life expectancy effected by HIV/AIDS. 
A9.75  Inter-Agency PEPFAR Annual Program Statement. US Government Mission to South Africa. Documents supporting the USA President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). 
A9.76  Religious representation to South African National AIDS Council. 
A9.77  South African AIDS Vaccine Initiative (SAAVI). 
A9.78  All Africa Anglican Conference on HIV/AIDS. Johannesburg, August 2001 
A9.79  Archbishop Ndungane correspondence relating to the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance and its commitment towards HIV/AIDS initiative. 
A9.80  Motivation for funding for the Diocese of Cape Town HIV/AIDS Project. May 2001 
A9.81  A Report to the Synod of Bishops on some Theological and Ethical Issues published by The South African Anglican Theological Commission Natal Branch. Written by Ronald Nicolson. 
A9.82  Electronic Newsletter by Inter-Religious E-mail Conference on HIV/AIDS issues. 
A9.83  Documents relating to the KERUX/MOHAU (Care for the Young Cancer and AIDS Sufferers) Model of Holistic Care and Prevention in Support of People Infected or Affected by AIDS. 
A9.84  AIDS TASK FORCE. Records 1996- 2003 
A9.84.1  Diocesan AIDS Programme of the Anglican Diocese of Johannesburg. November 1999 
A9.84.2  The briefing on HIV/AIDS Conference in Durban in 1999. 
A9.84.3  Partnership between South Africa and Washington, D.C. to develop sustainable solutions for Africa. Commitment of Bristol-Myers Squibb Company to donate funds to improve the state of HIV/AIDS research in South Africa.  
A9.84.4  South African AIDS Plan Meeting, 6 July 1999. 
A9.84.5  The role of the church in sexual health: An overview. 
A9.84.6  National Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS Campaign: Fast to save lives. March 21 1999 
A9.84.7  Process Report of the Provincial AIDS Conference, Rosettenville, June 1998. 
A9.84.8  The CPSA Task force on AIDS. Document prepared for the Synod of Bishops, February 1996. 
A9.84.9  HIV/AIDS and Business, comments on an article published in Business Day in November 1999. 
A9.84.10  HIV/AIDS Technical Assistance Proposal to the Anglican Church of the Province of Sothern Africa. December 2000 
A9.84.11  HIV/AIDS Campaign run by the National Association for People Living with HIV/AIDS and Positive Women’s Network for women living with HIV/AIDS. September 2000 
A9.84.12  Voluntary counselling and testing for HIV. 
A9.84.13  The divine child: Report on a workshop on children made vulnerable or orphaned by HIV/AIDS held in Cape Town, 28 September 2000. 
A9.84.14  Programme of a Global March for access to HIV/AIDS treatments organized by the Treatment Action Campaign on the 9th of July 2000. 
A9.84.15  XIII World AIDS Conference, Durban, July 2000. 
A9.84.16  Open Letter to Members of the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces on the Opening of Parliament from the HIV/AIDS Treatment Action Campaign. 
A9.84.17  Case of death of HIV/AIDS activist Gugu Dlamini. Ref. D99/99; 1/4/18-17/99 
A9.84.18  Press Release on ‘Love Life Games’. 
A9.84.19  Opening of Perinatal HIV Research Unit, 25th of January 2001. 
A9.84.20  Memorandum on Government funding for HIV/AIDS Programmes run by Religious Bodies. 
A9.84.21  World AIDS Day Programme, 23rd November 2001. 
A9.84.22  Ford Foundation-Sponsored HIV/AIDS Workshop in Pretoria, 30 November 2001. 
A9.84.23  Learning and Sharing Conference on AIDS related issues. Johannesburg, November 2001. 
A9.84.24  National Telephone Cooperative Association submission to the U.S. Agency for International Development on the Collaborative Project with CPSA to introduce information and communications technology into rural areas across South Africa. 
A9.84.25  Statement issued by Archbishop Ndungane on AIDS pandemic in Sub-Saharan area, Cape Town, 3 July 2001. 
A9.84.26  Correspondence of Archbishop Ndungane on AIDS issues (2000-2001). 
A9.84.27  ‘Africa Now!’ A leadership Summit to Define African Priorities for AIDS, November 2000. 
A9.84.28  Archbishop Ndungane appeal to the nation: ‘Give AIDS a human face’. 
A9.84.29  Article published electronically by Globe Newspaper with a plan to treat Africa. February 2001 
A9.84.30  Correspondence of Archbishop Ndungane with various clergy members relating to AIDS issues. 
A9.84.31  Programme of the St. James Anglican Church Service for World AIDS Day, 1st December 2002. 
A9.84.32  Western Cape Provincial Health Department Presentation of the Healthcare 2010, a Conceptual Frame Work for Change. 
A9.84.33  Summary of the Anti-Gang Meeting by the MEC of Western Cape. 
A9.84.34  Archbishop Ndungane letter of support for AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s HIV/AIDS Treatment Proposal with CPSA, December 2003 
A9.84.35  Minutes of the Cabinet Meeting on Expansion of the Provincial AIDS Council. 5.11.2003 
A9.84.36  Nedlac’s Framework Agreement on a National prevention and treatment Plan for Combating HIV/AIDS. (Annexures: A, B, G) 
A9.84.37  Discussion Paper entitled: Future imperfect: protecting children on the brink. Prepared for Africa Leadership Consultation, Johannesburg 10th September 2002. 
A9.84.38  TAC statement on the Health Minister’s Plan for Antiretroviral Program. August 2003 
A9.84.39  Letter from Frank Chikane( The Presidency Office) to Archbishop Ndungane on AIDS issues. 
A9.84.40  Articles by Zackie Achmat on HIV/AIDS treatment published in New York’s magazines. 
A9.84.41  TAC award of Nelson Mandela Health and Human Rights Award for his affords to alleviate the HIV epidemic. 
A9.84.42  Archbishop’s Letter of Support for the Khayelitsha Antiretroviral Therapy Programs. 28th May 2003 
A9.84.43  Urgent Call by Church Leaders to commitment in fighting HIV/AIDS. 
  A Treatment Action Campaign Fact Sheet on The Costs and Benefits of Preventing and Treating HIV/AIDS. 
A9.84.45  TAC Electronic Newsletter. Issues for May 2003 
A9.84.46  Confidential Report on TAC meeting with deputy-President Jacob Zuma. 
A9.84.47  Masibambane Community Project to benefit communities with fight against AIDS. 
A9.84.48  TAC campaigns, marches to fight AIDS. 
A9.84.49  Siyamkela Project to assist HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan in South Africa. 
A9.84.50  Motivation for the Gleitsman Foundation International Activist Award 2003 for Archbishop Ndungane. 
A9.84.51  CPSA Strategic Plan to fight HIV/AIDS. 
A9.84.52  Records relating to the Institute of The Faith & Politics. 
A9.85.1  Correspondence AIDS related. 
A9.85.2  Correspondence AIDS related and AIDS workshop in 2001. 
A9.85.3  Correspondence AIDS related. 
A10.1  7th General Assembly, 5 - 13 October 1997. 
A10.2  Appointment of a new president of the AACC. 
A10.3  News release for the media conference of AACC in Johannesburg, 17 July, 1997. 
A10.4  An exhibition Project The Living Church in Africa. 
A10.5  The Interim General Secretary’s Reflection presented at the AACC Executive Committee Meeting, 24-25 September, 2002, Nairobi, Kenya. 
A10.6  Correspondence. 
A11.1  Report on Ethiopia entitled: Prisoners of conscience on trial for treason: opposition party leaders, human rights defenders and journalists. May 2006 
A11.2  Letters from the Amnesty International to the governments of South Africa and Zimbabwe relating to human rights abuses in Zimbabwe. 
A12.1  Minutes of the Strategic Planning Committee Meetings, 1998 
A12.2  Weaving a Barrier Against Violence Project. 
A12.3  Violence Prevention Programs. 
  One document only containing an enquiry into problems experienced in coloured children’s homes in various provinces 
  Records include correspondence of the various members of clergy with Archbishop Ndungane. 
A15  ANGLICAN COMMUNION, Records 1993 - 2006 
A15.1  Records for the period of 1993 - 1999. 
A15.1.1  Afro-Anglicanism Conference, 1995. 
A15.1.2  Report of the ACC 10 Meeting in Panama. 
A15.1.3  Corrections and changes into the Bishop’s Directory for 1999. 
A15.1.4  Memo on Lambeth Conference addressed to the Primates of the Anglican Communion. 
A15.1.5  Invitation to Anglican-Catholic Consultation, May 2000 
A15.1.6  News releases on various events of Anglican church published by the press office of the Lambeth Palace. 
A15.1.7  Report of the Healing Ministry of the Church of England. 
A15.1.8  The Waterloo Declaration of 1997. 
A15.1.9  The Churches Commission on Mission. 
A15.1.10  The Anglican Consultative Councils meetings in Scotland, 1999.  
A15.1.11  International Anglican Liturgical Commission. 
A15.1.12  Anglican Communion News Service Notes (1999). 
A15.1.13  CMS Africa Consultations Statement. 
A15.1.14  The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Christmas message to the Anglican Communion.  
A15.1.15  Congratulations Letter form the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Prime Minister of Israel, November 1999. 
A15.1.16  Correspondence of Archbishop Ndungane with the Anglican Consultative Council, November 1999. 
A15.1.17  List of the Confirmation Candidates from St. George’s Church in Cape Town, October 1999. 
A15.2  Anglican Communion Records for the period of 1994 - 1999. 
A15.2.1  The Anglican Communion Handbook, 1994 edition. 
A15.2.2  Christmas Message from bishop Malik of the Diocese of Egypt. 
A15.2.3  Reforms proposed for the Church of England, September 1995. 
A15.2.4  The Oxford Theology Summer School Programme. 
A15.2.5  The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Christmas Message to the Anglican Communion, 1996. 
A15.2.6  Report of the Joint Working Group of the Anglican Communion and the World Alliance of Performed Churches, 1996. 
A15.2.7  The Church of England and Its World Mission Partnerships Conference 7-10 July 1998. 
A15.2.8  How goes the Decade? The Decade Vision of the Anglican Church. 
A15.2.9  Letter to Archbishop Ndungane from Rev. Andrew Wingate, July 1997. 
A15.2.10  A police attack on worshippers at All Saints Cathedral, Nairobi, July 1997. 
A15.2.11  The Anglican Cycle of Prayer 1998. 
A15.2.12  Secretariat Arrangements for the Lambeth Conference 1998. 
A15.2.13  Possible participation of the Church of England in South Africa. 
A15.2.14  Minutes of the Primates Meeting in Jerusalem at St. George’s College, Jerusalem, 10-17 March 1997 
A15.2.15  Archbishop’s Memo on Lambeths Conference theme: Called to Full Humanity. 
A15.2.16  New Release on the Bethlehem Museum 2000. 
A15.2.17  Plan to host the Anglican Congress in Cape Town, 1998. 
A15.2.18  Episcopal Newsletter, 19 March 1999. 
A15.2.19  Publication by the Anglican Communion: Authority in the Church III. Dialogue between Anglicans and Roman Catholics. 
A15.3  Anglican Communion Records for 2000-2006. 
A15.3.1  Publication by the Anglican Congregations on Mission relating to the Petition to the Primates Meeting of the Anglican Communion. 
A15.3.2  Anglican-Roman Catholic Joint Unity Commission. 
A15.3.3  Anglican World article about the Jubilee. 
A15.3.4  Appointment of a new Suffragan Bishop of the Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe. 
A15.3.5  Provincial Responses to the Papal Encyclical ‘Ut Unum Sint’. 
A15.3.6  Agreeing How To Disagree. Consideration of Koinonia and The Anglican Communion. 
A15.3.7  Chairman’s Commentary on responses made to the Inter-Anglican Theological and Doctrinal Commission Study on issues of Communion. 
A15.3.8  Civil Society Statement for UNCTAD Conference. 
A15.3.9  Archbishop Ndungane Statement on gay appointments among Church Community. 
A15.3.10  Lambeth Palace reaction to the action of a bishop in the USA by blessing a same-sex couple. 
A15.3.11  The Anglican Communion Delegation to Swaziland. 
A15.3.12  The Recognition of Living Legend-2004 Award offer to Archbishop Ndungane. 
A15.3.13  Announcement of a new Anglican Communion Secretary General, July 2004. 
A15.3.14  A letter from Paul Rippon, a Reader in the Church of England, 2004. 
A15.3.15  A course offered to newly-appointed bishops, Canterbury, Kent, UK. 
A15.3.16  The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Advent Pastoral Letter to Primates and Moderators of the Anglican Communion. 
A15.3.17  A letter by Revd. Canon John Peterson, Secretary General of the Anglican Communion on his retirement to Archbishop Ndungane, 2004. 
A15.3 18  From Lambeth to Dublin: Fourth Meeting of World Faith and Development Leaders. Dublin, Ireland January 31 - February 1, 2005. 
A15.3.19  The Anglican Communion Primates Meeting Communique, February 2005. 
A15.3.20  Appointment of Revd. David Peck to the international team at Lambeth Palace. 
A15.3.21  Global Initiative to end All Corporal Punishment. 
A15.3.22  Archbishop Ndungane nomination as International Professional of the Year 2005. 
A15.3.23  Workshop run by the Africa Partnership Forum, London, 3 October 2005. 
A15.3.24  Archbishop’s R. Eames talk at Virginia seminary on realty of Communion. 
A15.3.25  The Anglican Communion Personal Emergencies Fund. 
A15.3.26  A Letter to Archbishop Rowan Williams from Primates of the Anglican Communion containing their statements on various church issues. 
A15.3.27  The Primates Meeting of the Anglican Communion, February 2005. 
A15.3.28  Synod of Bishops Statement on the Anglican Communion, September 2006. 
A15.3.29  The Road to Lambeth: A Statement by the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa. 
A15.3.30  A letter to Archbishop Ndungane from bishop William R. Trevitt on the current state of the Anglican Communion. 
A15.3.31  Archbishop Ndungane Statement on the Global South Communique, Kigali, Rwanda, September 2006. 
A15.3.32  Anglican Communion Newsletter, November 2006. 
A15.4  Anglican Communion Primates Meetings for a period of 1994 - 2004. 
A15.4.1  Records of the meetings covering period 1994 - 1999. 
A15.4.1.1  Life in Christ. Morals, Communion and the Church. Statement by the second Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission. 
A15.4.1.2  Minutes of the Meeting of the Joint Standing Committees of the Primates and the Anglican Consultative Council, 21-25 April 1996, Ely, England. 
A15.4.1.3  Minutes of the Primates Meeting at St. George’s College, Jerusalem, 7-10 March 1997. 
A15.4.1.4  Minutes of the Primates Meeting of the Anglican communion in Canterbury, England, 12-16 March 1998. 
A15.4.1.5  Minutes of the Primates of the Anglican Communion, Canterbury, 9 August 1998. 
A15.4.1.6  First Supplement to Petition to the Primates Meeting of the Anglican Communion, April 7, 1999. 
A15.4.1.7  Consultation of Anglican Primates in Africa. 
A15.4.2  Records of the Primates Meetings for 2000-2007. 
A15.4.2.1  A Communique from Primates of the Anglican Communion of the meeting in Porto, Portugal, 22-29 March 2000. 
A15.4.2.2  A Report on the Anglican Consultation on Community Transformation in African Countries, Cape Town, 30 October-2 November, 2000. 
A15.4.2.3  Mission of the Scottish Episcopal Church. 
A15.4.2.4  News about events involving the Anglican Mission in America, 2001. 
A15.4.2.5  Reports of the Primates Meeting in Kanuga, USA, March, 2001. 
A15.4.2.6  A Letter and report by Maurice Sinclair to the Synod in Argentina, 3-5 November, 2001. 
A15.4.2.7  Conference Information Sheet of the Provincial Mission and Evangelism, Kenya, 15-22 April, 2002. 
A15.4.2.8  Primates meeting on legal and constitutional issues, October, 2003. 
A15.4.2.9  Primates Statement, Lambeth, October, 2003. 
A15.4.2.10  African Anglican Bishops Conference, Lagos, Nigeria, October 26, 2004. 
A15.4.2.11  A message from the Presiding Bishop Revd. Frank Griswold to the Anglican Communion Primates. 
A15.4.2.12  Itinerary of the Primates Meeting in Dar es Salam, Tanzania, February, 2007. 
A15.5  Anglican Communion News Service (ACNS). Documents include Newsletters for 1996-1998. 
A16.1  Records of the ACC for the period of 1994-1998. 
A16.1.1  Annual Accounts of the Anglican Consultative Council for 1994. 
A16.1.2  Statement on the official visit by the Anglican Communion to the Vatican in Rome, December, 1996. 
A16.1.3  Anglican Consultative Council’s Newsletter, October, 1997. 
A16.1.4  ACC Report and Financial Statements, December, 1997. 
A16.1.5  Minutes of an Anglican Peace and Justice Network Steering Committee, January, 1998 
A16.1.6  Extract from the Minutes of the Meeting of the Joint Standing Committees of the Primates of the Anglican Communion and the ACC, 12-16 March, 1998. 
A16.1.7  International Debt discussion on a topic: Debt and Poverty: A Broad Perspective and Agenda. 
A16.1.8  A letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury to Revd. M. Peers- Anglican Church of Canada. 
A16.1.9  Questionnaire of ACC on Filioque Clause. 
A16.1.10  Consent form of membership of the Anglican Consultative Council of Southern Africa. 
A16.1.11  Article by Archbishop Ndungane published in Argus, 1998. 
A16.1.12  Christmas Message 1998 to the Anglican Communion from the Archbishop of Canterbury. 
A16.1.13  Annual Report of Trinity Grants, 1998. 
A16.2  Records of ACC for 1999-2006. 
A16.2.1  Second Report of proposed Anglican Conference in January 2003. 
A16.2.2  ACC Anglican Congress, July 1999. Proposal for 2003 in South Africa. 
A16.2.3  Inter Anglican Standing Commission on Mission and Evangelism (IASCOME) , its function and mandate. 
A16.2.4  Anglican Consultative Council Meeting. Nottingham, England, June, 2005. 
A16.2.5  Report of the Anglican Consultative Council Delegation to the 50th Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women. 27 February-10 March 2006, New York, USA. 
A16.3  Anglican Consultative Council Correspondence for the period of 1999-2003. 
A16.4  Miscellaneous. 
  Records include: Newsletter of 1997 (2 issues) and correspondence. 
A19.1  Document entitled: The Gift of Authority. Storrington Draft, 1997. 
A19.2  Roman Catholics and Anglicans Commissions Statement on Authority, 12 May, 1999. 
A20.1  Report on Evaluation of the Anglican Institute (ASDI), April 1997. 
A20.2  Correspondence. 
A21.1  Background of the Organization. 
A21.2  Account of the provincial chaplain of the ASF, September 1996. 
A21.3  Correspondence. 
A21.4  The International Conference of Young Anglicans, 1997. 
A21.5  ASF Budget for 1996/97. 
A21.6  A Discussion Document of ASF on administrative restructuring of the Organization. 
A21.7  Budget of the ASF Provincial Conference, 1997. 
A21.8  Response to the Report on the strategic evaluation into Youth Ministry presented by Dr. Brian Germond. 
A21.9  ASF FACTS official Newsletter of the ASF. 
A21.10  Issue of ASF Provincial Chaplain. 
A21.11  Conference of Anglican Chaplains in Higher Education, November 1997. 
A21.12  ASF Annual Provincial Conference for 1998. 
A21.13  The ASF Chaplains Conference, Durban, 30 November-3 December 1998. 
A21.14  Campus Sunday 1999 among the students in South Africa. 
A21.15  Election of the new ASF President from Swaziland, 1999. 
A21.16  Recruitment of new student members of the ASF. 
A21.17  ASF Celebration of 40 Years including 40th Anniversary Conference, 3-9 July 2000, Swaziland. 
A21.18  Attendance of the ASF president at the Episcopal National Gathering of Students in USA, 2000. 
A21.19  ASF Provincial Conference in Lesotho, 1-7 July, 2001. 
A21.20  Anglican Chaplaincy Trust for the tertiary institutions. 
A21.21  Records relating to the 42nd ASF Provincial Conference in George, PE Technikon, 30 June-6 July, 2002. 
A21.22  Project Appeal for supporting the Anglican Students Federation in Angola. 
A21.23  ASF 43rd Provincial Conference 2003, 29th of June-5th of July, Pretoria. 
A21.24  ASF Annual Conferences: Durban, 27th June-3rd July 2003 and Cape Town, 25th of June. 
A21.25  Anglican Malaria Project. 
A21.26  ASFACTS Magazine, March, 2001 and ASF Newsletter Dec/Jan 2004. 
A22.1  Prospectus of the Anglican Contextual Theologians Network (ACTS Network). 
A22.2  Issues of City Cries. Lambeth Report: July and November 1998. 
A22.3  Report on proposals for an International Anglican Urban Programme. 
A22.4  Religious Declaration on Human Sexual Morality, August, 2000. 
A22.5  Conference ‘Hear My Voice’ at Guildford Cathedral, 16th of September, 2000. 
A22.6  Publication entitled: The Impact of The Global: an urban theology. By L. Green, Bishop of Bradwell, 2001. 
A23.1  Annual General Meeting of AWF, 17th of May 1997. 
A23.2  Christmas wishes from the President of AWF and the Calendar of the Organization events for 1997. 
A23.3  Election of a new president of the AWF Mrs. Sylvia Adams. 
A23.4  Constitution of the Anglican Women’s Fellowship. 
A23.5  Bursary Fund offered by AWF. 
A23.6  AWF Provincial Executive, 1998. 
A23.7  Minutes of AWF Council Meeting, 14th of August, 1999. 
A23.8  Election of a new diocesan president of the Anglican Women’s Fellowship. 
A23.9  Message from Archbishop Ndungane for the Annual Report Book. 
A23.10  Keynote Address to CORAT AFRICA Silver Jubilee Celebration, August, 2000, Kenya. 
A23.11  Election of a new diocesan president of AWF, 2001. 
A23.12  Annual General Meeting of AWF, May, 2000. 
A23.13  Studies offered by the Haggai Institute in South Africa. 
A23.14  Anglican Women’s Congress, 2001. 
A23.15  Anglican Women’s Conference, Kempton Park, 12-15 May, 2002. 
A23.16  18th Provincial Council Meeting of the AWF, 16-20 October, 2002. 
A23.17  Newsletters of the AWF (2002). 
A23.18  Address of the AWF president at St. Cuthberts Parish, Tsolo. 
A23.19  40th Anniversary Celebrations of the AWF in Port Elizabeth, 28 September, 2006. 
A23.20  AWF Provincial Newsletter ‘Contact’, vol. 1, Issue 1, December, 2006. 
A24  ANGOLA, DIOCESE OF, 1 file 
A24.1  Donation to the Diocese of Angola from the Christ Church, Kenilworth. 
A24.2  Inaugurating Angola as a Diocese of the CPSA. 
A24.3  Possible visit of Archbishop Ndungane to Angola in 2005. 
A24.4  Diocese of Angola membership of the CPSA Provincial Pension Fund. 
A24.5  Educational assistance for the Diocese of Angola. 
A24.6  Angola Voluntary Repatriation Operation run under The UN Refugee Agency, 19th of November, 2003. 
A24.7  Publications of ‘MANNA’- Anglican Church in Mozambique and Angola. Issues: 2002, 2003, 2006. 
A24.8  Report on the progress of work in Angola, July 1997. 
A24.9  Pastoral Visitation to Angola, May 1998. 
A24.10  Report to the Synod of Bishops of the CPSA on the Pastoral Visit to Angola in November 1998. 
A24.11  Diocese of Niassa, 1999. 
A24.12  Angola Bishopric Endowment, April 1999. 
A24.13  Correspondence relating to the international support for Angola, June 1999. 
A24.14  New Missionary Diocese of Angola as part of CPSA, August 1999. 
A24.15  Missionary Bishop for Angola, December 1999. 
A24.16  Documents relating to the inauguration of the Anglican Diocese of Angola, 2000. 
A24.17  Church leaders delegation to Angola in July 2000. 
A24.18  Audited accounts for the Church in Angola for 2001. 
A24.19  Problems in functioning of the Missionary Diocese of Angola, June 2000. 
A24.20  Resolution passed by the Synod on the United Evangelical Church in Angola, June 2000. 
  Records include correspondence of archbishop of Canterbury relating to the position of the Anglican Observer at UN. 
A26  APARTHEID DEBT 1996-2002 
A26.1  Report entitled: The Economics of South Africa’s Public Debt Problem, 1996. 
A26.2  Submission to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) by The Alternative Information and Development Centre (AIDC). 17th of October, 1997. 
A26.3  Publication of AICD entitled: Challenging Apartheid’s Foreign Debt by Jeff Rudin. 
A26.4  AICD document on Apartheid Debt- The Pension Component. 
A26.5  Vision and mission of The black Economic Empowerment, 1998. 
A26.6  Funding Proposal to the potential donors prepared by The Office of the Archbishop of Cape Town, 1998/1999/2000. 
A26.7  Paper entitled: Odious Debt. A South African Case Study presented at the International Campaign on Debt Cancellation and Reparations in Southern Africa Conference, Cologne, 18-20th June, 1999. 
A26.8  Preparations to launch of Jubilee 2000 in South Africa. 
A26.9  Paper by Joseph Hanlon entitled: Still paying for Apartheid. 
A26.10  Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Trustees of The H B Webb Gift Trust, 24th of January 2000. 
A26.11  Campaign To Make Banks Serve the People, 2001. 
A26.12  Big Coalition Leaders Summit on 30th November 2002. 
A27.1  Commission for the Bishop of Saldanha Bay and Table Bay. 
A27.2  Records relating to the Archbishop of Canterbury (1996-1999). 
A27.2.1  Correspondence between Archbishop of Canterbury and Archbishop Ndungane. 
A27.2.3  Speeches, sermons and statements of the Archbishop of Canterbury. 
A27.2.4  Archbishop’s of Canterbury visit to Rome, December 3-6, 1996. 
A27.2.5  The Annual Report of The Friends of Lambeth Palace Library. Annual Review 1998. 
A27.3  Issues of ‘The Archbishop’s Charge’ To the Sessions of Provincial Synod of the CPSA (1997-2008). 
A27.4  Visit of Archbishop of Canterbury Revd. George Carey in South Africa and Namibia in January/February 2000. 
  Documents include: correspondence relating to the visits preparations, programme of the visits in South Africa and Namibia.  
A27.5  HIV/AIDS Workshop, Johannesburg 13-18 August, 2001. 
A27.6  Correspondence of Archbishop Ndungane with Archbishop of Canterbury. 
A27.7  Records relating to the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams. 
  They include: various statements of the clergy on the appointment of Revd. Rowan Williams as Archbishop of Canterbury in January 2002, the Enthronement of the one hundred and fourth Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, correspondence between Archbishop Ndungane and Archbishop Williams, Letter of Archbishop of Canterbury to the Bishops of the Church of England, Anglican Leaders response to the Archbishop of Canterbury on Anglican Communion. 
A27.8  Archbishop of Canterbury’s Commission. 
  Records include: invitation to the Advent season from Archbishop Williams to the Primates of the Anglican Communion (2004), comments on Windsor report 2004. 
A27.9  Archbishop of York Church of England 
  Documents are relating to: link of the Diocese of Cape Town with the Diocese of York, York Companion Relationship with the Diocese of Cape Town - Legal Agreement, Inauguration of the Archbishop of York Reverend Dr. John Sentamu, November 2005 
A28  ARMS DEAL, 2000-2003 
A28.1  Research Fellowship Programme on Peace, Disarmament and Security in Africa. 
A28.2  Archbishop Ndungane comments on the Arms Deal Probe and Church request to investigate corruption in arms deal (November 2000). 
A28.3  Meeting in Cape Town of some officials from Somalia, Kenya, USA and Australia on the Moral Re-Armament (November 2000). 
A28.4  Records relating to the Economists Allied for Arms Reduction South Africa. They include: The Auditor General’s Report into the armaments acquisition process, comments on the Conventional Arms Control Bill, correspondence and submissions of Terry Crawford-Browne relating to the issue of ‘Export Controls on Firearms and Ammunition’.  
A28.5  The Gun Control Alliance Briefing ten. 5 July 2000 and Amendments in the Penalties in the May 2000 Firearms Control Bill. 
A28.6  Church of the Province of Southern Africa Memorandum on the Conversion of the Arms Industry. 
A28.7  Arms Acquisition Investigation. Report and Press Statements. 
A28.9  Parliamentary Hearings organized by the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry, 2001. 
A28.10  Issue of a ‘Ceasefire. Anti-war News’. 1/01 March 2001 
A28.11  Submission to the Public Protector on behalf of ECAAR a document on The Armaments Acquisition Programme as Unlawful, July 2001. 
A28.12  Issue of funding for Court Application Against Arms Deal. 
A28.13  Submission to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Defence on the: National Conventional Arms Control Bill (2000). 
A28.14  Memorandum to the Minister of Defence Lekota on the occasion of a meeting with the National Executive Committee of the SACC, 26 October 2001. 
A28.15  Informal Briefing to Members of Parliament on the Arms Deal Report, National Assembly, 15th November, 2001. 
A28.16  The Myburgh Commission, January 2002. 
A29.1  Memorandum to the bishops and Chapter of the Diocese of Cape Town clergy of the Federation of Belville and Blue Downs Archdeaconries. 
A29.2  Archdeacon of the Ordinary. Records include: clergy and various parishes of the Diocese of Cape Town correspondence relating to matters of operating churches and parishes, their challenges they face, and various projects run by churches. 
A30.1  Petition to the Primates of the Anglican Communion plus two Appendixes, December, 1998. 
A30.2  Petition to the Primates of the Anglican Communion for Emergency Intervention in The Province of the Episcopal Church of the USA by Association of Anglican Congregations on Mission, December, 1998. 
A30.3  Petition to Orthodox Bishops of the Anglican Communion for the protection of orthodox Anglicans in the USA. Submitted by the Association of Anglican Congregations on Mission, December, 1998. 
  Records include: Annual Report of the Athlone School for the Blind Association 2005/6, correspondence relating to serving on the Board of the Association. 
  Documents include The last Will and Testament of Bessie Jones (1936), correspondence relating to The Bessie Jones Ecclesiastical Trust and the Statement of Account of the Trust.  
B3.1  Draft copy for the Service of Consecration of the Venerable Garth Quinton Counsel, 3rd July, 2004. 
B3.2  Appeal for greater involvement of Bishops in the volatile political situation of Swaziland, March, 2004. 
B3.3  Bishop’s Portfolios. 
  Documents include: bishops correspondence, information about the diocesan meetings, Report back to various dioceses on Lambeth Conference in 1998 sent by the Bishops of the CPSA to Anglicans in Southern Africa.  
B3.4  Bishops Circulars. 
B3.4.1  Documents relating to staff appointments, meetings and clergy stipends (1996). 
B3.4.2  Bishops Memoranda and notices 
  Relating to: students scholarships, Anglican Prayers, bishops statements, meetings of Anglican leaders, Anglican Church’s contribution into education, and financial issues (1997).  
B3.4.3  Memoranda to bishops of various provinces 
  Concerning: clergy and bishops appointments, poverty hearings, consecration of clergy, attendance of the Lambeth Conference, issues of the law and taxation of churches, Synods of the bishops, clergy retirement matters, diocesan youth ministry (1998).  
B3.4.4  Bishops Memoranda and circulars for 1999 
  On the following matters: domestic violence in South Africa, CPSA clergy conferences, bishops statements on various events on the African continent, provincial budget issues, clergy code of conduct, press statements, theological education (1999). 
B3.4.5  Memoranda from Archbishop Ndungane to the regional bishops 
  Relating to the following matters: visit of the Anglican Peace and Justice Network Delegation to Burundi in November, 1999, communiques from the Primates of the Anglican Communion, request for humanitarian assistance to the people of Angola, various dioceses matters, correspondence with Independent Electoral Commission, consecration of the bishops, training for taking care for people living with HIV/AIDS (2000-2003).  
B3.4.6  Bishops Circulars for 2004-2007 
  Concerning the following issues: same-sex partnership, ordination to the priesthood, ALPHA Conference in Soweto (1-2 October 2004), CPSA HIV/AIDS office, human sexuality debate, prayer for the media, CPSA Synod of Bishops Statement on the State of the Nations, Anglican House of Studies.  
B3.5  Bishops Consensus. 
B3.5.1  Case of Allan Boesak and the Minister of Justice Dullah Omar (1997). 
B3.5.2  Consensus on the maintenance of Bishopscourt. 
B3.5.3  Consensus of Archbishop Emeritus. 
B3.5.4  Bishop’s Consensus on three matters: Robert Gray Anniversary Booklet, Visit to Robben Island (2 March 1997) and Meeting with Commissaries and Diocesan Bishops.  
B3.5.5  Bishop’s Consensus on the appointment of minutes taking secretary. 
B3.5.6  Bishop’s Consensus on conferring on Mrs. Adelaide Tambo Order of Simon of Cyrene (1997). 
B3.5.7  Consensus on the TRC. 
B3.5.8  Consensus on the following matters 
  The Order of Ethiopia, Attendance of Bishop-Elect to Synod of Bishops, Talks between Methodists and Anglicans, Bishop’s Richard Kraft’s early retirement on medical grounds, Gay and Lesbian Relationships, Provincial Synod of 1999, CPSA/CESA relationships.  
B3.6  Bishop’s Meetings. 
  Documents include memoranda to the diocesan and regional bishops about meetings relating to various issues (1996-1999). 
B3.7  Bishop’s Statements 
  On issues like: education, crime and violence, crisis in Africa, poverty, peace, made at the Synod of Bishops or at the Special Meetings (1995-1999). 
B4.1  Documents relating to the renovations and refurbishment of the Bishops Court Chapel (1987-1992). 
B4.2  Garden adjustments including irrigation and planting and landscaping in Bishops Court. 
B4.3  Bishops Court armed reaction service. 
B4.4  Refurbishment of Archbishop’s Apartment at Bishops Court. 
B4.5  Plans of the restoration and alterations of Bishops Court. 
B4.6  Documents relating to sale of part of Bishops Court in Cape Town (1997-1998). 
B4.7  Records on the maintenance of various buildings at Bishops Court. 
  The documents include: correspondence between the Trust Board and City Planners Department concerning the subdivision in the Bishops Court area, legal agreements relating to the sale of portion of the Bishops Court property (1987-1998). 
B7  BISHOPS COURT STAFF MATTERS. They relate to: staff employment including issues of appointments, retrenchments, dismissals and benefits.  
  Documents contain information relating to raising funds for the restoration of the complex, newspaper clippings and correspondence. 
B9  BLACK LEADERS CONSULTATION. Records include: minutes of the meetings, report of the conference and correspondence. 
B10.1  Elective Assembly for the election of the Bishop of the Diocese of Bloemfontein. 
B10.2  Internal matter of the Diocese concerning ‘Incidents at the Annunciation’, May 1997. 
B10.3  Proposal to establish an Education and Conference Centre in Modderpoort. 
B10.4  Issue of running two schools in Bloemfontein: St Andrew’s for boys and St. Michel’s for girls functioned up to 1975 as private schools founded by the Anglican Church. 
B10.5  The Parish of St Mary The Virgin, Botshabelo. 
B10.6  International Conference of Principals’ Council Meeting: Cape Town: 28-31 March 1999. 
B10.7  The Diocesan Link’ Newsletter July/August 1999. 
B10.8  Proposed factory development in Ficksburg. 
B10.9  Independent Forum for Religious Broadcasting. 
B10.10  Synod of Bishops Strategic Planning Process. 
B10.11  Election of the Bishop of the Diocese of Bloemfontein (1994). 
B11.1  Booklets and pamphlets on the Diocese of the Free State. 
B11.2  ‘The Diocesan Link’ (2000-2006), Bi-monthly newsletter of the Diocese of Bloemfontein/ Orange Free State. 
  Documents include: programme of the workshop, minutes of the meeting, Summary Report of Social Responsibility and Welfare Development Consultation. 
  Minutes of the meetings of the Board of Trustees. 
  Minutes of the meeting. 
  Documents include: correspondence, annual financial statements, information booklet on the House, (1990-2005). 
  The records contain: the correspondence and list of the Commission members. 
C2.1  Background of the Company. 
C2.2  Legal Agreement between The City of Cape Town and Cape Town Community Housing Company, 26 July 1999. 
C2.3  Proposed special purpose vehicle for housing. 
C2.4  Financial funding of the company. 
C2.5  Minutes of the meetings of the Company, 1998- 1999. 
C2.6  Contact numbers and CVs of people associated with CTCHC. 
C2.7  Memorandum and Articles of Association of Cape Town Community Housing Company (PTY) Limited, 22 October 1998. 
C2.8  Confirmation of Contractual Relationship between The City of Cape Town and The Cape Town Community Housing Company (PTY) LTD. 
C2.9  CTCHC Meeting of the Board, 12th April 1999. 
C2.10  The National Housing Finance Corporation Annual Report 1998 and a Newsletter of March 1999. 
C2.11  Housing Project No 1 of the CTCHC in Cape Town area, August 1999. 
C2.12  Records of the Cape Town Community Housing Company for the year of 1999. 
C2.12.1  Synopsis-Shareholders Agreement between the National Housing Finance Corporation and City of Cape Town, 5 May 1999. 
C2.12.2  Official launch of the Cape Town Community Housing Company (Pty) Ltd, 14 May 1999. 
C2.12.3  Cape Town Community Housing Company (PTY) LTD Business Plan July 1999-June 2008. 
C2.12.4  Walk through resolutions of the Board of Cape Town Community Housing Company including a number of acquisitions in terms of operationalizing the Company. 
C2.12.5  Merrydale Community Forum and their involvement in improving the community lives. 
C2.12.6  Minutes of a special meeting of the Board of Directors of Cape Town Community Housing Company, 6 May 1999. 
C2.12.7  Draft of a Newsletter to all participants who have made application to join CTCHC Project. 
C2.12.8  Draft Paper on The Issue of Land for Company Housing Projects by Mervyn Bregman, July 1999. 
C2.12.9  Minutes of the Meetings of the Board of Directors of the Company, July and August 1999. 
C2.12.10  Expenditure and Balance Sheets of the Company for 1999. 
C2.12.11  Wholesale Finance Proposal of the Cape Town Community Housing Company. 
C2.12.12  Building quotes for the Project 1 of the Cape Community Housing. 
C2.12.13  Statistics on opened accounts and savings queue. 
C2.12.14  CTHC Application for Funding submitted to the African Bank, October 1999. 
C2.12.15  Presidential Job Summit; Pilot Project on Housing- Project Proposal Call, 11th October 1999. 
C2.12.16  Proposal to Cape Town Community Housing Company for Tenant Education, 14 October 1999. 
C2.12.17  Notice of Board Meeting on the 27th October 1999. 
C2.12.18  CTCHC funding of top up loans and administration of the associated instalment sale agreements. 
C2.12.19  Programme of the Conference on Developing Housing Environments for the New Millennium. October 1999 
C2.12.20  Capital structure of the Cape Town Housing Company. 
C2.12.21  Minutes and Agendas of the General and Board Meetings, October-November 1999. 
C2.12.22  CTHC support at the technical and political levels for achieving the delivery of housing at scale. 
C2.12.23  CTHC Payments Summary, November 1999. 
C2.12.24  Progress Report on CTHC housing delivery, November 1999 
C2.12.25  Report on Training and Orientation for Hanover Park Residents, 15th December 1999. 
C2.12.26  Minutes of a Meeting of Cape Town Community Housing Company on the 15th of December 1999. 
C2.13  Records of the Cape Town Community Housing Company for the year of 2000. 
C2.13.1  Newsletter of the CTHC for March and May of 2000. 
C2.13.2  Minutes of a CTHC meeting held on 16th February 2000. 
C2.13.3  Financial statements of the Company and Credit Control Report of the 30th of April 2000. 
C2.13.4  Agreement for the Provision of Housing. 
C2.13.5  CTCHC Management Report to Executive Committee, 15th of May 2000. 
C2.13.6  Correspondence on progress development by the CTCHC. 
C2.13.7  Notification of a Board Meeting on the 18th of May 2000. 
C2.13.8  Issue of resignation and nomination of the CTCHC Company Director, January 2000. 
C2.13.9  Total costs of the CTCHC projects for the period of 1July 1999-30 June 2000. 
C2.13.10  Formal Offer of Land for Housing Development to the Cape Town Community Housing Company, February 2000. 
C2.13.11  Redevelopment of Manenberg/Guguletu Residential Units Destroyed by Tornado, February 2000. 
C2.13.12  Proposal for restructuring of Board Meetings. 
C2.13.13  Nomination of a Director to the Board of The Cape Town Community Housing Company. 
C2.13.14  Cape Town Municipality’s responsibility in regards to implementation of housing projects. 
C2.13.15  Municipal services to ERF 8448 Guguletu Side. 
C2.13.16  Termination of housing projects on Hanover Park sites. 
C2.13.17  New land for housing development offered to the CTCHC. 
C2.13.18  Update on housing developments in the CTCHC Newsletter in March 2000. 
C2.13.19  Agenda of the Board of Directors Meeting, 18th of May 2000. 
C2.13.20  Information on First Hundred Savers in the savings queue. 
C2.13.21  CTCHC purchase of additional land in Strandfontein area. 
C2.13.22  Reasons for non-completion of last phase of building houses in Hanover Park area (Railway site). 
C2.13.23  Manenberg Housing Project. 
C2.13.24  CTCHC Press Statement on delivery of housing units for the year of 2000. 
C2.13.25  Accreditation of Cape Town Community Housing Company as Primary market Institution PMI, September 2000. 
C2.13.26  Synopsis of Incident Reports on CTCHC (Pty) building sites. Fact Sheet: Meeting with Archbishop Ndungane, 12 September 2000. 
C2.13.27  Cape Town Community Housing Company Business Plan 1999-2007. Assumptions 
C2.13.28  Cape Town Community Housing Company Annual Financial Statements up to 30 June 2000. 
C2.13.29  Agenda for a Board of Directors Meeting on the 20th of September 2000 at Bishops Court. 
C2.13.30  Disciplinary Hearing of the one of CTCHC employees. 
C2.13.31  Condensed Monthly Reports and Progress Programs of the CTCHC Housing Projects as well as its Financial Statements and Balance Sheets for the year of 2000. 
C2.13.32  Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting on the 8th of December 2000. 
C2.14  Documents of the Cape Town Housing Company for the year of 2001. 
C2.14.1  Information pack regarding implication of Build Africa’s provisional liquidation, March 2001. 
C2.14.2  CTCHC Housing: Progress Report: March 2001. 
C2.14.3  Land Use Planning Ordinance, 1985 Subdivision Approval. 
C2.14.4  Manenberg Project and its alternatives. 
C2.14.5  Revised Offer to Purchase of Strandfontein Land. 
C2.14.6  CTCHC assistance from Home Loan Guarantee Company. 
C2.14.7  Reports of incidents on the building site in Manenberg, March 2001. 
C2.14.8  CTCHC short-term insurance portfolio. 
C2.14.9  Unapproved plans and unauthorized building construction of community housing units for CTCHC by CSM. 
C2.14.10  Minutes of the executive Committee Meeting of the CTCHC, 22 February 2001. 
C2.14.11  Proposed meeting with the mayor on a Hanover Park issue, April 2001. 
C2.14.12  Report to Executive Committee on Directors of CTCHC, 8 May 2001. 
C2.14.13  CTCHC Draft Press Statement. 
C2.14.14  Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting, 15 May 2001. 
C2.14.15  Minutes of the meeting between the Community Representative Forum and the Cape Town Community Housing Company, 8th of May 2001. 
C2.14.16  Community Representative Forum grievances towards the Cape Town Community Housing Company relating to the quality of homes built by this Company. 
C2.14.17  Letter of resignation of the Director of the Cape Town Community Housing Company, May 2001. 
C2.14.18  Draft Letter to the mayor of Cape Town from the directors of the CTCHC, June 2001. 
C2.14.19  Report on the audit of Cape Town Community Housing Company for the year ended 30 June 2001. 
C2.14.20  CTCHC Annual Financial Statements up to 30 June 2001. 
C2.14.21  Correspondence relating to various problems experienced during building of the houses. 
C2.14.22  Expanding the Board of Directors of CTCHC. 
C2.14.23  Youth Radio Project. 
C2.14.24  CTCHC matter of approval of building plans and concerns on quality construction. 
C2.14.25  Issues related to the CTCHC requiring urgent attention addressed to the Company’s Chief Executive Officer Mervyn Bregman.  
C2.14.26  Minutes of a CTCHC meeting on 8 December 2001. 
C2.15  Cape Town Community Housing Company's records for 2002. 
C2.15.1  CTCHC meeting on the performance of the Company, January 2002. 
C2.15.2  Issues related to the Cape Town Community Housing Company, February 2002. 
C2.15.3  Services of the Consulting Engineers and Project Managers provided for the CTCHC Project: Development of 25000 Housing Units. 
C2.15.4  Problems experienced by the CTCHC during running of the building project. 
C2.15.5  Composition of the CTCHC Board of Directors. 
C2.15.6  Overview of the ICHUT Business Planning Framework. 
C2.15.7  Remedial/Rectification Programme and Plan Approval Process for Existing CTCHC Developments.  
C2.15.8  Proposal to act as a communications and media service provider for the CTCHC prepared by Ryland Fisher Communications, July 2002. 
C2.15.9  Updates on issues discussed during the CTCHC Audit Committee, August 2002. 
C2.15.10  Correspondence of Tony Leon, leader of DA with the CTCHC Executive Officer on the Company’s matters. 
C2.15.11  Special CTCHC Board Meeting in September 2002 considering recapitalization of the Company and implementation of a new business plan. 
C2.15.12  General Meeting of the shareholders of the CTCHC in October 2002. 
C2.15.13  Position of the Mayor of Cape Town, Gerald Morkel regarding CTCHC current status and its financial affairs, October 2002. 
C2.15.14  Rescheduling of General Meeting of CTCHC shareholders into November 2002. 
C2.15.15  Newsletter to CTCHC Homeowners, November 2002. 
C2.15.16  Minutes of a Meeting of the Cape Town Community Housing Company on the 3rd of April 2002. 
C2.16.1  CTCHC EU Capacitation Grant Application, 2003. 
C2.16.2  CTCHC meeting with the new City Manager of Cape Town, May 2003. 
C2.16.3  Agenda of Meeting of the Board of Directors of CTCHC in Bishops Court in July 2003. 
C2.16.4  CTCHC request for an urgent meeting with the Minister of Housing to discuss Social Housing Policy, July 2003. 
C2.16.5  Archbishop Ndungane letter addressed to the Mayor of Cape Town asking for a meeting to discuss CTCHC housing delivery in the area. 
C2.16.6  Document prepared by the Eslin Meyer Attorneys regarding various CTCHC issues on housing, September 2003. 
C2.16.7  Legal Agreement between the Cape Town Community Housing Company and its Chief Operating Officer, Lindsay John Butler. 
C2.16.8  Nominations of non-executive directors to the Board of the CTCHC, October 2003. 
C2.16.9  Report of a special meeting of the Board of Directors of the CTCHC, November 2003. 
C3  CAPE TOWN, DIOCESE OF 1999 -2005 
C3.1-17  Records of the Diocese of Cape Town 
  Including: Minutes of the meetings, appointments of the clergy, correspondence, theological education issues, prison ministry report, notice of Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Cape Town, Archbishop’s reports on his visits to some educational institutions and the revision of the shape of the Liturgy. 
C3.18  Vision Statement of the Diocese of Cape Town and the list of names of the clergy. 
C3.19  Diocesan Management Bosberaad, 12 March 2003. 
C3.20  Position papers for the Conference of Synod in 2006 in Cape Town.  
C3.20.1  Arrangements for Diocesan Synod. 
C3.20.2  Function of the Ministry of the Bishops. 
C3.20.3  Motions for the special session of Provincial Synod in 2006. 
C3.20.4  Revised Commission for the RT Revd. Garth Quinton Counsel. 
C3.20.5  Governance, training for the Ministry and the vision for growth. 
C3.20.6  Acting against the violence against women. 
C3.20.7  The role of the Young People Ministries. 
C3.20.8  ACSA Growing the Church Network and its strategic plan. 
C3.20.9  Measures to amend some of the Acts of the Diocesan Synod. 
C3.20.10  Draft Motions arising from the Conference Synod. They include Agendum 3-22 providing the most significant Motions of the Synod. 
C3.20.11  Reports to the Synod of 2006. 
C3.20.11.1  Anglican Women’s Fellowship Report to Diocesan Synod. 
C3.20.11.2  Anglican Youth Fellowship’s-Diocese of Cape Town Report to the Synod. 
C3.20.11.3  Clergy and Layworkers Accommodation Fund Report to the Synod. 
C3.20.11.4  Diocesan Council Report to Synod August 2006. 
C3.20.11.5  Diocesan Finance Board Report to the Synod. 
C3.20.11.6  Diocesan Health Care Fund Report to Diocesan Synod (17- 19 August 2006). 
C3.20.11.7  Diocesan Trusts Board Report to the Synod. 
C3.20.11.8  Fikelela Aids Project’s Report to the Synod. 
C3.20.11.9  Small Christian Communities Team’s Report to Diocesan Synod. 
C3.20.11.10  Report to Diocesan Synod of 2006 submitted by The Diocesan Board of Interfaith Relations. 
C3.20.12  Diocesan Council’s Financial Statements, December 2005. 
C3.20.13  Minutes of the Meeting of the Synod Advisory Committee held on the 20 July 2006. 
C3.20.14  List of CPSA Bishops to be by the dioceses. 
C3.20.15  The Acts of Diocesan Synod up to 2003, Cape Town. 
C3.20.16  CPSA publication entitled: Acts and Resolutions of the Fifty-Eighth Session of the Synod of the Diocese of Cape Town, 1997. 
C3.20.17  Reports and Minutes of a Diocesan Conference of the Diocese of Cape Town held at the Church of St. Cyprian, Retreat on 13 May 2006. 
C4  CATHOLIC CHURCH 1996-1999 
  Records contain mainly clergy correspondence relating to: church movements, public lectures, news of the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference and relationship between the Anglican and Catholic Churches. 
C5.1  Time table of events organized by the Contextual Spiritualty Group taking place in various places In Cape Town and its area. 
C5.2  Formation of the Little Stream Spiritual Formation Group. 
C5.3  Contemporary readings outside prayer times. 
C5.4  80 Days course in apostolic spirituality. 
C5.5  Plans for renovations and equipment for the premises of the Centre. 
C5.6  Memorandum on the Centre for Spirituality Annual Report. 
C5.7  Letter of Resignation from Margie Weir, an employee of the Centre.  
C5.8  Centre for Christian Spirituality Newsletter (2001-2006). 
C6.1  Legal document of the Registration of the Company. 
C6.2  Agreement on Cooperation between The University of Cape Town (UCT) and The Centre for Conflict Resolution (CCR). 
C6.3  Medium Term Plan for CCR Structure and Personnel. 
C6.4  CCR Annual Reports for 1997-2001. 
C6.5  Financial Statements of the Centre for the period of 2000 - 2002. 
C6.6  CCR Minutes of the Meetings 1999-2000. 
C6.7  Minutes of the CCR Meetings for 2001-2003. 
C6.8  CCR Reports 2000-2002. 
C6.9  Conference Opening Civil Society Dialogue on Reparations, 27-28 August 2003. 
C6.10.1  Record of the second plenary meeting on the Western Cape Transport Conflict, September 2000. 
C6.10.2  UCT Masters Programme on Peace and Conflict, 2001. 
C6.10.3  CCR contribution to the edition of a publication Track Two. 
C6.10.4  Documents on resignation of the CCR director Laurie Nathan, 2002. 
C6.10.5  CCR Prisons and Transformation Project Submission to the Jali Commission of Inquiry, Cape High Court, 14 November 2002. 
C6.10.6  CCR Workshop on the Reflecting on Peace Practice Project, March 2002. 
C6.10.7  Paper by Laurie Nathan Mediation and the African Union’s Panel of the Wise, November 2002. 
C6.10.8  National Reparations Conference, 2003. 
C6.10.9  Correspondence between the CCR and Archbishop Ndungane. 
C6.10.10  Seminar Report entitled: The New Partnership for Africa’s Security, May 2004. 
C6.10.11  Problems experienced during running of the Youth Programme. 
C6.10.12  Concept Paper for a Policy Advisory Group Meeting on African Perspectives on the UN High-Level Panel Report, A More Secure World: our Shared Responsibility. Compiled by the CCR, Cape Town, April 2005. 
C6.10.13  March Against Violence in Cape Town, 25th of November 2006. 
C6.10.14  CCR Mediation and Training Services External Evaluation Questionnaire. 
C6.10.15  CCR seminar entitled: Promoting Restorative Justice in South Africa’s Correctional Services. 
C7.1  Information booklet on the Centre. 
C7.2  Emerging Leaders Programme description as a joint initiative of The Southern Africa represented by the University of Cape Town and the Duke University in USA. 
C7.3  Nominations of the candidates as fellows in the Emerging Leaders Programme 2004/2005. 
C8.1  Documents relating to the property CASA NUOVA of the Cape Town Child Welfare Society. 
C8.2  Cape Town Child Welfare’s Annual Report for 2005. 
  The documents include: Annual Report for 2002, Fundraising of the Hospital Trust Fund and UCT students ‘Hope, Dream Trust’ to upgrade HIV/AIDS Research Laboratory at the Hospital and the Newsletter of the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Southern Africa, issue No 47, December 2003. 
C10.1  Records of the Diocese for 1996. 
  They include: document on prevention of sexual misconduct in pastoral care, description and recommendations for the archdiocese of Cape Town on child abuse and correspondence relating to various dioceses. 
C10.2  Diocese’s documents for 1997. 
  They are: correspondence relating to the Synod of Bishops, religious education and the Christian education movement, subject of homosexuality, correspondence and bishop’s Peter Lee lecture given at Harrow School in September 1997. 
C10.3  Records for 1998/1999. 
C10.3.1  The Millennium Project. 
C10.3.2  Christian Education Movement. 
C10.3.3  Rainbow Youth Mission to South Africa. 
C10.3.4  Minister Bengu meeting with the members of the Synod. 
C10.3.5  Christian Education Movement Conference. 
C10.3.6  Correspondence relating to the CPSA educational matters. 
C10.3.7  Pastoral Code of Conduct. 
C10.3.8  Episcopal Church matters. 
C10.3.9  ‘Compass’ Newsletter of the Diocese of Christ the King, winter 1999. 
C10.3.10  Issues of clergy employment in the Diocese. 
C10.3.11  Interface Publication, May/June 1999. 
C10.3.12  Documents relating to the Tiger Kloof Educational Institution. 
C10.4  Diocese records for the year of 2000. 
C10.4.1  An Open Letter to the Minister of Education from the Liaison Bishop for Education of the Anglican Church Bishop Peter Lee, 11 January 2000. 
C10.4.2  Matter of conducting Chaplaincy appointments in various government areas including SANDF and Correctional Services, January 2000. 
C10.4.3  Issue of microfilming Anglican Church registers. 
C10.4.4  Documents relating to Archbishop Ndungane visitation at the Diocese of Christ the King. 
C10.4.5  Three addresses by Bishop Peter Lee on self-care of the clergy, October 2000. 
C10.4.6  Formation of the Commission on Mission. 
C10.5  Dioceses of Christ the King records for 2001. 
C10.5.1  Bishop’s Lee comments on the Diocese of Canterbury. 
C10.5.2  Newsletter No 92 of Spring 2001 entitled: Servants of Christ the King. 
C10.5.3  Programme of the meeting of the Pastoral Commission, May 2001. 
C10.5.4  Address given by Bishop Lee at the Annual General Meeting of St Mary’s Children’s Home in Rosettenville, 19th September 2001. 
C10.6  Christ of the King records for 2002. 
C10.6.1  The president’s Charge to the Seventh Session of the Synod of the Diocese of Christ the King, 8 February 2002. 
C10.6.2  Pastoral Commission on the CPSA clergy employment. 
C10.6.3  Correspondence between Bishop Lee and Archbishop Ndungane. 
C10.6.4  Compass- Newsletter of the Diocese of Christ the King, Spring 2002. 
C10.7  Records of the Diocese for 2003. 
C10.7.1  Servants of Christ the King Newsletters No 98 and 100, 2003. 
C10.7.2  Moral Charter Campaign Launch, 31 January 2003. 
C10.7.3  Document entitled: Policy: Religion in Education prepared by the National Department of Education, March 2003 and SACC comments. 
C10.7.4  HIV/AIDS 1996 statistics for Anglican Church in Southern Africa. 
C10.7.5  Bishop’s Lee visit to the Diocese of Virginia, 2003. 
C10.7.6  Ecumenical matters of the Diocese for August 2003. 
C10.7.7  Arerapeleng Information for prayer from the Diocese of Christ the King. 
C10.7.8  Bishop Lee Message to the people of the Diocese of Christ the King after his visit to USA. 
C10.7.9  Compass two issues of a Newsletter of the Diocese of Christ the King for 2003. 
C10.8  Diocese’s records for 2004. 
C10.8.1  Meeting with the minister of Social Development concerning funding of Children’s Homes in the Year of the Family. 
C10.8.2  Servants of Christ the King Conference 2004. 
C10.8.3  Bishop Lee speech at the Cross of Nails Conference, July 2004. 
C10.8.4  Report on Boipatong massacre presented by Bishop Lee in July 2004. 
C10.8.5  Pastoral letter to the Clergy of the Diocese of Christ the King with book reviews, August 2004. 
C10.8.6  Annual Report of the Southern African Council for Theological Education, 2003-2004. 
C10.8.7  Progress Report Form for 2005 of the Education in the Pastoral Standards of the CPSA. 
C10.9  Records of the Diocese for 2005. 
  They include only the Newsletter for Christmas 2005 and correspondence relating to the case of unauthorized ordination. 
C10.10  Diocese’s records for 2006. 
  They contain only of : the ‘Information for Prayer from the Diocese of Christ the King’, Newsletter ‘Compass’ for July 2006 and the booklet with lectures and sermons commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Parish of Christ the King, Sophiatown and the 50th Anniversary of Forced removals from Sophiatown. 
C11  CHRISTIAN AID, 2000-2003 
C11.1  South Africa Country Policy and Strategy Paper 2000-2005, Christian Aid Focus Paper for Discussion. 
C11.2  An invitation to Archbishop Ndungane to the launch of an exhibition on HIV/AIDS in Africa. 
C11.3  Primates meeting 2001: Working party on poverty/trade. 
C11.4  Forgotten Farmers: Small farmers, trade and sustainable agriculture, paper by Kevan Bundell prepared on behalf of Christian Aid. June 2002 
C11.5  Christian Aid open letter to Tony Blair entitled: Listen to Africa, October 2001. 
C11.6  Information and Guidelines for Contributors to the Lent Book 2004 published by the Christian Aid. 
C11.7  Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Church of the Province of Southern Africa (CPSA) and Christian Aid, 23 April 2003. 
C11.8  Department for International Development financial support for the Christian Aid Project Building a Foundation. 
C11.9  Archbishop Ndungane contribution to the Lent Book entitled: Opening our hearts to people in need, June 2003.  
C11.10  Christian Aid News Across the Divide, Summer 2003, issue 21. 
C11.11  Dying to learn: Young people, HIV and the churches, A Christian Aid Report, October 2003. 
C11.12  Christian Aid publication: Struggling to be heard. Democratizing the World Bank and IMF, 2003. 
C11.13  Proposed publication with the Bible reading Fellowship, October 2003. 
C11.14  Christian Aid application to DFID Pretoria for HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa 
C11.15  Christian Aid Annual Report 2002/2003. 
C12.1  The Christian Practice Movement and its Awareness Programme. 
C12.2  Africa Christian Community Development Trust Information Document. 
C12.3  Anglican/Roman Catholic Bishops Consultation. 
C12.4  Correspondence between Archbishop Ndungane and Cardinal Napier of Durban, September 2003. 
C12.5  Documents relating to the Programme Agreement between Christian Aid and the Church of the Province of Southern Africa. 
C13.1  Issue of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth membership of the SACC. 
C13.2  Heads of Churches Meeting for Church Based Community Organization, 25 March 2002 at Bishops Court. 
C13.3  Address of the Bishop Suffragan Reverend Garth Counsel to C.B.C.O Ecumenical Clergy Group at Sahara Park Newlands on the 2nd of November 2004. 
C13.4  C.B.C.O Public Meeting in Athlone Civic Centre on the 18th of November 2001 to prepare the National World Aids Day Event on the 1st of December 2004. 
C13.5  Report on CBCO South Africa’s National Work for the period of March 2002 to May 2003. 
C13.6  CBCO Report for Archbishop Ndungane, May 2003. 
C13.7  CBCO and City of Cape Town councillors meeting on the 20th of July 2004. 
C13.8  Launch of the Safety Communities 2010 Programme by Western Cape CBCO. 
C14.1  Second Church-Business Dialogue Meeting on Overcoming Poverty in South Africa, 21st of November 2001. 
C14.2  Issues for discussion with Business Leaders during meeting on the 25th of September 2003. 
C14.3  Introduction and background papers on Overcoming poverty in South Africa. 
C14.4  Cooperation between the Foundation Council and Business Trust. 
C14.5  Request for advice from the Business Trust. 
C14.6  An international consultation hosted by the Ecumenical Foundation of Southern Africa in March 2003 in Stellenbosch. A Conversation on Development within the CPSA. 
C14.7  Strategic planning meeting with Archbishop Ndungane on Church-Business Dialogue & Partnership: Overcoming poverty in South Africa, 13th of April 2003. 
  Records include: Research Proposal for Recommendations and Funding and correspondence of Archbishop Ndungane.  
C16.1  Application for Financial Assistance from The Church Community Leadership Trust. 
C16.2  History and background of the Church Community Leadership Trust. 
C16.3  Curriculum and practice of the Workshop entitled: Contextualization of Theological Education run on the 28-30 October 1997. 
C16.4  Board of CCLT Trustees Meeting held on the 18th of August 1977 in Johannesburg. 
C16.5  Church Community Leadership Trust Trustees Meeting 19-21 February 1998. 
C16.6  Response to the Questionnaire from various institutions. 
C16.7  Reports on Workshops from Partner Institutions. 
C16.8  Proposals/Applications for workshops funding from various organizations and institutions. 
C16.9  Finance Report of the Church Community Leadership Trust. 
C16.10  Special advertisements for the award of the Contextualization of Theological Education Prize. 
C16.11  CCLT funding proposal for projects. 
C16.12  Minutes of Trustees Meeting on the 31- 1st of November 1999. 
C16.13  Deed of Trust of the Church Community Leadership Trust. 
C16.14  Funding Proposal of the CCLT for 2000-2002. 
C16.15  A Comprehensive CCLT Historical Report entitled: Facilitating Moral Leadership for Social Transformation, March 2001. 
C16.16  4 educational booklets published by CCLT under common topic: Facilitating Moral Leadership for Social Transformation. 
C16.17  Formation, programme and strategic planning of the CCLT. 
C16.18  Minutes of the CCLT meetings August/September 2001. 
C16.19  Annual Financial Statements of the CCLT for the year ended 31 March 2001. 
C16.20  CCLT Report on the programme for youth and women. 
C16.21  CCLT correspondence relating to various staff issues. 
C16.22  CCLT Policies, Procedures & Human Resources Manual, 2001. 
C17.1  67th Anniversary Service on Sunday 29th of April 1990. 
C17.2  Election of Regimental Staff, 12 November 1995. 
C17.3  Constitution of the Church Lads and Girls Brigade, Southern Africa (The Brigade). 
C17.4  The appointment of Archdeacon Anthony Langenhoven as the Regimental Brigade Chaplain, June 1997. 
C17.5  Invitation to the Brigade from the Anglican Women of Australia to participate in their Triennial Conference in May 2000. 
C17.6  Recommendation to Commission on the Church Lads & Girls Brigade. 
C17.7  Report to the Bishops of the Diocese of Cape Town from the Church Lads and Girls Brigade and the Church Girls Brigade Commission to Examine the Ministry to Young People, August 2001. 
C18.1  Report of the workshop for the Anglican Bishops of Southern Africa entitled: Leadership into the Future, 26-28 February 2002 Kempton Park Conference Centre.  
C18.2  Agendas and information about Archbishop’s meetings in 2004. 
C18.3  Declaration by Church Leaders on violence and crime in South Africa made at the Church Leaders Conference on Violent Crime in South Africa held at Kempton Park on the 13th of October 2006. 
C18.4  Two papers on leadership: Rethinking Leadership published by the UCT Press, Cape Town and Four roles of a Leader by S. Covey. 
C19.1  A short historical survey of the development of the Church Men’s Society in SA. 
C19.2  Message of Goodwill for Provincial Tri-Annual General Meeting of the Church Men’s Society in May 2000. 
C19.3  Hospital Report of the CMS for 2004. 
C19.4  Church Men’s Society Vision for 2004-2009. 
C19.5  Minutes of the meetings in March and June 2004. 
C19.6  CMS Forum held at Church of the Annunciation on the 27th of June 2004. 
C19.7  Church Men’s Society correspondence with the clergy. 
C19.8  CM Report for 1995 -1996. 
C19.9  Church Men’s Society Minutes of the Meetings for January 2001-September 2001 and for January 2002. 
C19.10  Triennial Annual General Meeting and Conference of the Church Men’s Society, 20th 21st October 2001 at Good Shepherd Grassy Park. 
C19.11  Minutes of the CM Council Meetings for the period of: 24th March 2002 to 30th of November 2003. 
C19.12  Minutes of the CM Forum Meetings for the period of: 24th February 2002 to 22nd June 2003. 
C19.13  Quite Day held by CM in Zonnenbloem on 8th June 2002. 
C19.14  CM Hospital Officer’s Report. 
C19.15  CM involvement in fighting the HIV/AIDS pandemic in South Africa. 
C20.1  Private meeting between the Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishop Joe Bell in Lambeth Palace, 3 July 1991. 
C20.2  Correspondence between Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the clergy of The Anglican Communion about the Church of England in South Africa, 1995-1996. 
C20.3  Relationships between the Church of England in South Africa and The Anglican Communion and attempts for their improvement.  
C20.4  Documents relating to the reconciliation process between the Church of England in South Africa (CESA) and the Church of the Province of Southern Africa (CPSA). 
C20.5  CESA News for September-November 1998. 
C20.6  CESA 2000 document entitled: Vision for the Future by Bishop Frank Retief, September 1999. 
C20.7  Correspondence of the Archbishop Ndungane with Bishop Retief of CESA relating to various issues of CESA-CPSA relationships (2000-2003). 
C20.8  Archbishop Ndungane statement on the issue of homosexuality. 
C20.9  St James Educational Trust help to poverty-stricken schools on the Cape Flats. 
C20.10  Letter addressed to Archbishop Ndungane about the transformation issues in CESA in KwaZulu-Natal. 
C20.11  Archbishop Ndungane reply to CESA relating to Bishops Court funding.  
C21.1  Annual Report of the Church Unity Commission for 1996. 
C21.2  Minutes of the meetings on the 15th and 26th of November 1996. 
C21.3  CUC correspondence relating to the matter of the combined services with other ministries. 
C21.4  Church Unity Commission Newsletter for 1998/1. 
C21.5  Activities of the Kairos Prison Ministry. 
C21.6  Record of a meeting of the CUC held on 6th of August 1999. 
C21.7  Correspondence between Archbishop Ndungane and Bishop Michael Nuttall relating to various issues of CUC. 
C21.8  The Ordination of a Presbyter in a United Church, February 2000. 
C21.9  CUCs invitation to a meeting of heads of the churches. 
C21.10  Church Unity Commission Annual Report for 2003-2004. 
C21.11  Reading material for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, 5th-15th May 2005. 
C21.16  Document entitled: Orders of Worship for a United Church. 
  Records include clergy correspondence on appointments of chaplains in church and other public institutions. 
  Documents include correspondence relating to applications for financial assistance of the Trust for various projects, financial statements of the Trust and the Bulletin for 1999. 
C24.1  Clergy Circulars (1998-1999) They are relating to payments issues and raising funds to help people affected by the natural disasters. 
C24.2  Documents relating to the clergy code of conduct. 
C24.2.1  Proposal for the need of Professional Indemnity Insurance for Ministers of the Diocese. 
C24.2.2  The Pastoral Letter addressed by Archbishop Ndungane to all bishops and clergy after settling misunderstanding between the Bishop and the President Nelson Mandela. 
C24.2.3  A Pastoral Letter from the Bishops of the Province to the Clergy of the CPSA. 
C24.2.4  Documents relating to the CPSA Code of Conduct Workshop, 4 June 2002. 
C24.2.5  Clergy Synod on the 3rd of July 2003. 
C24.2.6  Correspondence between Reverend Sarah Miller and Archbishop Ndungane concerning her possible employment in South Africa. 
C24.2.7  Open Letter of Archbishop Ndungane to all clergy and leaders of Diocesan Organizations, 31 August 2006. 
C24.3  Clergy and Layworkers Retirement Housing Committee. 
C24.3.1  Documents relating to the lease of housing accommodation for the clergy, licence to occupy homes for retired clergy and Memorandum of Agreement of Lease. 
C24.3.2  Parishes Proposal of purchase a house/flat in Pinelands for the use of retired clergy. 
C24.3.3  The Retired Clergy Housing Accommodation Fund Committee. 
C24.3.4  Building plans for the proposed housing for retired clergy for the CPSA in Constantia, Cape Town, August 1984 and an information booklet containing a new design’s criteria for low cost accommodation for the aged. 
C24.3.5  Minutes of the meetings of the Clergy & Layworkers Retirement Housing Fund Committee, April 1984-October 1986. 
C24.3.6  Correspondence relating to an issue of retirement housing for clergy and widows. 
C24.3.7  Report of Commission on Community Clergy, March 1997, Diocese of Pretoria. 
C24.4  Documents relating to Clergy Commission on Stipend Augmentation and Clergy Stipends. 
C24.5  CPSA Research Report entitled: Clergy Stress within the CPSA. 
C24.6  Colenso, John William - Bishop 
C24.7  Counsel, Garth - Bishop of Table Bay 
C25.1  The Constitution of the College of the Transfiguration, Grahamstown. 
C25.2  Mission Statement of the College. 
C25.3  Information Booklet for those coming to College for the first time. 
C25.4  Establishment of the Endowment Fund for the College of Transfiguration. 
C25.5  Financial records of the College 1993-1998. They include Annual Financial Statements and the budget of the institution. 
C25.6  The College of the Transfiguration Admission Policy.  
C25.7  1994 Report of the College activities to Provincial Standing Committee. 
C25.8  1995 College Report to the Provincial Synod on the events and aspects in the life of the College and theological education in the CPSA. 
C25.9  Physical Survey of the buildings on the campus of the College of the Transfiguration. 
C25.10  Report of the SACTE meeting in February 1997 and its proposal to the Department of Education. 
C25.11  Letters to the Friends of the College of the Transfiguration, 1997-1998. 
C25.12  Lecture of the Rector of the College of the Transfiguration, Luke Lungile Pato entitled: Anglicanism and Africanisation: The Legacy of Robert Gray presented at the Bishop Gray Memorial Lecture, 24 April 1998. 
C25.13  Memorandum to the Community of St Denys from the College of the Transfiguration on the subject of the possible donation of 15ÿ000.00 GBP towards theological education. 
C25.14  Proposal of the programme for mission education in rural areas organized by the Kalahari Desert School of Theology. 
C25.15  Documents relating to the appointment of the rector of the College of the Transfiguration, Grahamstown, March - September 1999, January- February 2000. 
C25.16  Handling the financing of the College of the Transfiguration Endowment Fund. 
C25.17  Publishing of the College of the Transfiguration Journal, April 2000. 
C25.18  College’s plans for a reunion of all its former students in June 2000. 
C25.19  The Archbishop Ndungane visit to the College of the Transfiguration, 23-26 July 2001 
C25.20  AIDS Workshop carried out at the College of the Transfiguration, 8-13 July 2002. 
C25.21  Correspondence relating to the 10th Anniversary of the College, 4-6 December. 
C25.22  Questionnaire on Strategic Planning of the College of the Transfiguration, 2006. 
C25.23  Comments on the purpose and value of theological education. 
C25.24  Theological conferences in Africa. 
C25.25  Minutes of the Meetings of the Council of the College of the Transfiguration, 1994-1998; 1999, 2003. 
C25.26  College Students academic records, their evaluation reports and requests for financial assistance. 
C25.27  Staff of the College matters. They include: teaching posts, professional and leadership training, educational and sabbatical courses, vacation seminars and continuing ministerial education programmes. 
C25.28  Two issues of The College of the Transfiguration Journal for 1994. 
  Records include correspondence between the members and Archbishop Ndungane, 1998-1999. 
C27.1  Circular letter written by Sister Margaret Magdalen of the Community addressed to the Bishops of the Church of the Province of South Africa, June 24th 1997. 
C27.2  Correspondence between sisters from the Community of St Mary the Virgin and Archbishop Ndungane. 
C27.3  Documents relating to honouring and recognition of Henrietta (Stockdale) CSM AA by the Liturgical Committee of the CPSA, 1999. 
C27.4  Information regarding ownership of the properties at St Cuthbert’s Mission in Transkei provided by sister from the Community of St Mary the Virgin. 
C27.5  Application for Work and Resident’s Permit in South Africa for Sister Elizabeth Tweddle from England. 
C27.6  Lenten Reflections by Sister Margaret Magdalen CSMV. CPSA publication, 2001. 
C27.7  Religious Life Conference, 28th of May - 1st of June 2001. 
C27.8  Finding Christ in Pain, typescript by Revd. Jane Richards and Sister Anne Julian CSMW . 
  Published by Servants of Christ the King 
  Records include correspondence between Archbishop Ndungane and sisters from the Community. 
C29.1  Historical background of Coventry Cathedral and the Cross of Nails Ministry. 
C29.2  Booklet entitled: From Protea to Coventry on the history of the Church of The Good Shephard prepared by Jenny Wilson, August 2000. 
C29.3  The Second International Conference of the Community of the Cross of Nails under theme: The Catastrophe of Conflict. Religion Cause or Cure?, 13-18 July 2004. 
C29.4  Community of the Cross of Nails Youth Conference, April 2006. 
C29.5  Publication on the Coventry Cathedral’s International Centre for Reconciliation. 
  Records consist of the correspondence of sisters from the Convent of the Holy Name in Lesotho and Archbishop Ndungane. 
C31.1  Correspondence between Archbishop Ndungane and members of clergy of the Community of the Resurrection. 
C31.2  Appointment of a new Superior of the Community of the Resurrection. 
C31.3  College of the Resurrection Mirfield. 
C31.4  Reports prepared by Sister Margaret Magdalen for the Provincial Standing Committee, 1997 & 1998. 
C31.5  Relationship between the Community of St John the Baptist, Tsolo and the Diocese of St Johns. 
C31.6  Memorandum issued by the Department of Land Affairs containing Proposals for the Development of a Flexible Engagement Strategy on Dealing with the Church as a Substantial Landowner. Submitted by Directorate: Tenure Reform, PC.Doc. 68/1999. 
C31.7  The Council for the Religious Life and its activities. 
C31.8  Newsletters of the Community of the Resurrection, 2001. 
C31.9  Preparations for the centenary of the Community of the Resurrection and St Peter’s College in 2003 in Rosettenville. 
C31.10  Constitutional matter of transferring sisters from one Community to another. 
C31.11  Correspondence between bishops in South Africa and the Superior of the Community of the Resurrection in UK 
  Relating to the closure of activities and pulling out of South Africa the Community of the Resurrection. 
C31.12  The Community of the Resurrection sister’s long service and retirement matters. 
C31.13  Community of the Resurrection of Our Lord Fellowship Newsletters, 1997-2007. 
C32.1  Programme of the Conference and its theme: Prophetic Christianity and Church-State Relations, 22-26 March 2004. 
C32.2  Correspondence. 
  Records include: Programme of the opening devotions, minutes of Church Leaders Forum on the 24th of August 2004, programme of the group discussions, correspondence. 
C34.1  Workshop on Forgiveness and Reconciliation, 25-28 April 1995. 
C34.2  Information on the Council’s Conference in Kwanzimela Centre, Zululand, April 1997. 
C34.3  Minutes of the meetings of the Council for the Religious Life, 1997-1999. 
C34.4  Council’s for the Religious Life budget, accounts and financial statements, 1998-2000. 
C34.5  Issues of The Christian Challenge for December 1997 and January/February 1998. 
C35.1  Extract from the Treasurer’s Report to the Standing Committee of the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa held in Nairobi from the 28th - 29th of October 1996. 
C35.2  CAPA announcement about new General Secretary of the Council. 
C35.3  Minutes of the CAPA Council meetings for 1996 and 1997 in Nairobi, Kenya. 
C35.4  Contributions towards CAPA for 1995, 1996 and 1997. 
C35.5  Documents relating to 1998/1999 CAPA Training Programme for the newly consecrated bishops. 
C35.6  Church Mission Society (CMS) Africa Consultation, 8-17 November 1999. 
C35.7  An article for the CAPA Newsletter about the situation in Sothern African countries. 
C35.8  Plans for a lecture tour of bishop John S. Spong from New Jersey to South Africa in the year 2001. 
C35.9  Information on CAPA Council Meeting in Nairobi, Kenya from 28th of June to 1st of July 1999. 
C35.10  Search for a new General Secretary for the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa. 
C35.11  Election of new members of the Standing Committee of CAPA. 
C35.12  CAPA 20th Anniversary Newsletter, September 1999. 
C35.13  Proposal to move away CAPA from Kenya. 
C35.14  Agenda for CAPA Council Meeting to be held in Cairo from 23-30 October, 1996. 
C35.15  Appeal for financial support of CAPA. 
C35.16  An article entitled: Long Range Planning and the Church published in the journal Long Range Planning in December 1979. 
C35.17  Workbook entitled: Growth in Context designed as a standard management tool for local churches to foster the healthy and balanced growth of the church. 
C35.18  Work Paper No. 2 of the Urban Church Project entitled: Divide and Conquer. 
C35.19  Congregational Survey prepared for the church to gain an accurate picture of its present life and membership. 
C35.20  Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa (CAPA) Report on HIV/AIDS Programme for the period of 2001- February 2004. 
C35.21  Documents relating to the CAPA AIDS Board Sub-Committee activities. 
C35.22  Minutes of CAPA AIDS Board Meeting in Kenya, 19-22 August 2002. 
C35.23  Donations to the CAPA’s HIV/AIDS Board. 
C35.24  HIV/AIDS Workshop entitled: Towards a Future Free from AIDS: Strengthening Church Leadership for HIV Prevention, AIDS Care and Impact Mitigation across CAPA Provinces run by the Ankrah Foundation in Uganda in 2003. 
C35.25  CAPA/CORE Initiative Conference on Scaling up our responses to the HIV/AIDS Crises, September 26, 2003, Nairobi , Kenya.  
C35.26  CAPA and 2004 general elections in South Africa. 
C35.27  Statements from the Primates of the Council of the Anglican Provinces of Africa in the Anglican Communion News Service, 2004. 
C35.28  CAPA Provincial Financial Assessment of Member Provinces as at August 2004. 
C35.29  Programme for the African Anglican Bishops Conference in Nigeria, 27 October - 1st November 2004. 
C35.30  Lists with the names of CAPA AIDS Board members and CAPA Primates for 2006. 
C35.31  Information on CAPA Primates meetings. 
C35.32  Statement from the Standing Committee of the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa (CAPA), Nairobi, Kenya, 5th of September 2006. 
C35.33  Notes on The Road to Lambeth. Draft of CAPA Statement. 
C35.34  Some points of clarification on the Kigali Meeting and Communique by Archbishop John Chew. 
  Documents include clergy reports from various parishes of Cape Province on the Decade of Evangelism, January 1999. 
D2.1  Agenda of the meeting of Diocesan Alcoholism Intervention Team on the 20th of August 1991. 
D2.2  Alcohol Awareness Sunday, 30 August 1992. 
D2.3  Information brochure on Cape Town Drug Counselling Centre. 
D2.4  Diocesan Policy on alcoholism and other drug abuse. 
D2.5  Guidelines to How to develop an Addiction Team Ministry. 
D2.6  Report of the Diocesan Alcoholism Intervention Team addressed to Archbishop Ndungane about the future of the team.  
  Documents are relating to the appointment of the diocesan chancellor in 2002. 
D4.1  Celebrations of St George’s Cathedral Centenary in Cape Town on the 18th of August 2001. 
D4.2  Issue of appointment of Cathedral Staff. 
D4.3  Proposed Financial Plan for a refurbishment of Grammar School Buildings at St George’s Cathedral. 
D4.4  Documents relating to the matter of Dividing the Diocese of Cape Town. 
D4.5  Document entitled: Partners in Ministry- a briefing of the history, concept and way forward, May 2003. 
D4.6  Diocesan Chapter Workshop in Bishops Court, 25-26 November 2003. 
D4.7  Activities of the Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust. 
D4.8  Basic Income briefing to the Bishops, September 2004. 
D4.9  The appointment of the Administrator of the region of Saldanha Bay, 2004-2005. 
D4.10  Debate on topic of Human sexuality and the issue of faithful same-sex partnerships. 
D4.11  Appointment of Garth Quinton Counsel as a Vicar General of the Diocese of Cape Town for the time of absence of Archbishop Ndungane, 2004/2005. 
D4.12  Minutes of the meetings of the Diocesan Chapter for the period of 2002-2007. 
D5.1  Documents relating to St George’s Grammar School in Cape Town. 
D5.2  Document entitled: Diocesan Church Schools, July 2005. 
D5.3  Report to the Anglican Board of Education, 21st February 2006. 
D5.4  Correspondence of the teaching staff at the Anglican Schools. 
D5.5  Minutes of the meetings of the Anglican Board of Education, 2006/2007. 
D6  DIOCESAN COLLEGE (1996-2007) 
D6.1  Newsletter to Parents for 1996. 
D6.2  Correspondence relating to the Diocesan College Council. 
D6.3  Minutes of the meeting of the Finance Committee, 29 August 1996. 
D6.4  School fees for 1997. 
D6.5  The launch of The Bishops 150 Appeal in Cape Town on the 3rd of August 1996 and 3 Reports to Trustees and College Councillors relating to the Appeal. 
D6.6  College Principal’s Letter to Parents, 4th Quarter 1996. 
D6.7  Report of the College Headmaster to the Diocesan Council members on the IAPS Conference in Coventry in September 1996. 
D6.8  Vacancies on Diocesan Council. 
D6.9  Invitation to Archbishop Ndungane to attend the Royal School of Church Music Residential Summer School in December 1997. 
D6.10  Diocesan College Headmaster’s Newsletters to Parents for February 1997- November 1998. 
D6.11  Commemorative volume of Bishops 150. A history of the Diocesan College, Rondebosch published by Juta. 
D6.12  Reports to Trustees and Councillors of The Parents Association The Bishops 150 Appeal regarding Scholarships and Bursaries. 
D6.13  Minutes of the Meetings of the Diocesan Council and Finance Committee, 1997-1998. 
D6.14  Principal’s/Headmaster’s Reports to the Diocesan Council for 1998. 
D6.15  Old Diocesan Union 1998 Member Survey. 
D6.16  Report on the South African educators visit to laptop schools in Australia. 
D6.17  Disciplinary case at the Diocesan College handled by the school attorneys. 
D6.18  Notarial Deed of Trust Creating The Bishops Trust, May 1997. 
D6.19  The Bishops 150 Appeal Monthly Report, October 1997. 
D6.20  Annual Financial Statements at 31 December 1997 for Diocesan College Council, two Estates and a Will Trust. 
D6.21  The Bishops 150 Monthly Reports for January and April 1998. 
D6.22  Annual Financial Statements of The Bishops Trust at March 31 1998. 
D6.23  Bishops Astroturf Project Funding Proposal. 
D6.24  The Bishops 150 Appeal Monthly Reports for March to October 1999. 
D6.25  Diocesan College Operating Budget 2000. 
D6.26  Diocesan College Sponsorship Policy, September 1999. 
D6.27  Minutes of the Diocesan College Council Meetings for February - November 1999. 
D6.28  Report entitled: How good is our Boarding School Or A South African Dominie Abroad in the Lothians compiled by R. Lamplough, March 1999. 
D6.29  Principal’s comments on Strategic planning proposals-transformation for the Diocesan College, March 1999. 
D6.30  Comments of the chief officer of the College on the negative article in Financial Mail published by the Chairman of the College Council in March 1999. 
D6.31  Policy of the College to create more representative pupil composition. 
D6.32  Documents relating to the 150th Celebrations of the Diocesan College, March 1999. 
D6.33  Constitution of the Students Representative Forum of the Diocesan College, August 1999. 
D6.34  Principal’s Report to the Diocesan Council, September 1999. 
D6.35  Diocesan’s College Application for membership of Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA). 
D6.36  Principal’s Reports to Council, 1999. 
D6.37  Diocesan College Transformation Workshop, November 1999. 
D6.38  Principal’s Letters to Parents for January-December 1999. 
D6.39  Transformation Meeting of the College senior executive staff with the Council, 20 November 1999. 
D6.40  Address of the Archbishop Ndungane at the Rondebosch Diocesan College, 20 November 1999. 
D6.41  Miscellaneous. 
D6.42  Diocesan College Transformation Meeting, 21 &22 January 2000. 
D6.43  Principal’s/Headmaster’s Letters to Parents for January November 2000. 
D6.44  Principal’s/Headmaster’s Reports to Council: March, June and October 2000. 
D6.45  Vacancy on Council at the Diocesan College, June 2000. 
D6.46  Chairmanship of the Diocesan College Council. 
D6.47  Appointment of a new Principal of Diocesan College. 
D6.48  Draft Outline of the Outreach Programme of Diocesan College. 
D6.49  Paper entitled: Africa at the Crossroads: AIDS presented to the Convention of African Leaders in August 2000. 
D6.50  Actuarial Valuation Report of the Diocesan College (Bishops). 
D6.51  Commissioning of Mr. James McGregor as Chairman of Council and Installation of Mr. Grant Nupen as Diocesan College Principal, 3 May 2001. 
D6.52  Minutes of the Meeting of Diocesan Council, 30 July 2001. 
D6.53  College Headmaster’s Information Letters to Parents, August/September 2001. 
D6.54  Documents relating to Bishops 2010 Conference, 21 September 2001. 
D6.55  Diocesan College Calendar, second Quarter 2002. 
D6.56  Correspondence to Archbishop Ndungane concerning appointments of Diocesan College Councillors. 
D6.57  Council and Council Sub-Committees Distribution Lists. 
D6.58  Principal’s Letters/Newsletters to Parents 2001/2002. 
D6.59  Bishops Academic Newsletters, September/October 2002. 
D6.60  Diocesan’s College Calendar, Fourth Quarter 2002. 
D6.61  New members of the College Council. 
D6.62  The Bishops 2010 Transformation Initiative. 
D6.63  Principal’s Newsletter No 4, December 2003. 
D6.64  Diocesan College Schedule of Council and Committee Meetings for 2004 and Council members contact numbers. 
D6.65  Minutes of the Diocesan Council Meeting, 14th of March 2005. 
D6.66  Bishops Empowerment Strategy in ‘A Ditikeni Proposal, May 2005. 
D6.67  College Principal’s Newsletter, September 2005. 
D6.68  Diocesan College Eucharist and Prize Giving 2005. 
D6.69  Legal Agreements between Ditikeni Investment Company, Diocesan College and The Bishops Ditikeni Empowerment Trust (March 2006). 
D6.70  Trust Deed constituting The Bishops Diversity Trust between Diocesan College and two individuals: Peter Anderson and Mukesh Govan (March 2006). 
D6.71  Draft Copy of a document for comment and additions by Parents and Boys of Bishops from Council members and Spirituality Committee. 
D6.72  Schedule of Council and Committee Meetings for 2006. 
D6.73  Notes from The Diocesan College Council Strategic Planning Meeting, 16th September 2006. 
D6.74  Bishops Prep Weekly News from the Headmaster, 2006. 
D6.75  Bishops Diocesan College Calendar for Third Quarter 2007. 
D6.76  Appointment of a new Headmaster at Bishops Preparatory School. 
D6.77  Miscellaneous. 
D7.1  Courses offered by the Theological Education by Extension Studies for 1995/1996. 
D7.2  Diocesan Council News No1, April 2, 1995. 
D7.3  Report to Diocesan Council from the Western Region of the Diocese of Cape Town, 12th of August 1995. 
D7.4  Southern Region Report to Diocesan Council, 12th of August 1995. 
D7.5  Minutes of a Meeting of the Diocesan Council held at St Saviour’s Church, Claremont, 12th of August 1995. 
D7.6  Various Reports submitted to the Diocesan Council for 1995  
  Including: Central Regional Report of the 10th of November, Project Vote Report, Board of Social Responsibility and Hospital Chaplaincy Report. 
D7.7  Minutes of Diocesan Council’s Meeting at St Mark’s Athlone with attached documents, 22nd of February 1997. 
D7.8  Letter of Commendation to be used in the Diocese.  
D7.9  Memorandum of the Diocesan Assessment Review Committee on methods for Diocesan Assessments. 
D7.10  Minutes of the Meetings of Diocesan Council for the period of June 1997 to 2nd of December 2006. 
D7.11  Report to Diocesan Council covering issues from November 1997 to February 1998. 
D7.12  Memorandum to the Bishops of the Anglican Communion on a topic ‘Called to Full Humanity’, February 1998.  
D7.13  Social issues discussed at the Synod: crime and violence in the Western Cape, national and international debts, social developments projects and transformation. 
D7.14  Resolution for Diocesan Council, 28 February 1998. 
D7.15  Interim Report on Review of Theological Education in the Diocese of Cape Town, October 1998. 
D7.16  Diocese of Cape Town Budget Summary for 1999. 
D7.17  Suggested Archdeaconries for the False Bay Region. 
D7.18  Report on the Conference held on 20th of October 2001at Grassy Park. 
D7.19  Diocesan Council of the Diocese of Cape Town Annual Financial Statements for the period of 1996 to 2004. 
D7.20  Management Letter for the Diocesan Council of the Diocese of Cape Town for the year ended 31 December 2001. 
D7.21  Provincial Report back to the Diocese. 
D7.22  Rules of the Diocesan Health Care Fund. 
D7.23  Reports of the Diocesan Health Care Fund to the meeting of Diocesan Council, 2 November 2002, for the 30 July 2005 and 22 February 2003. 
D7.24  Diocesan Health Care Fund Newsletter, January 2003. 
D7.25  Fikelela Annual Report for 2002. 
D7.26  Rules of the Ayakhululeka Prison Ministry. 
D7.27  Memorandum of Understanding between Government of the Republic of South Africa and The National Religious Leaders Forum. 
D7.28  Some Salient Points arising out of Provincial Synod. 
D7.29  A sermon preached by Reverend Bruce Jenneker in St George Cathedral, Cape Town. 
D7.30  Clergy Wellness Programme for the Diocese of Cape Town, May/June 2006. 
D7.31  Report and Minutes of a Diocesan Conference of the Diocese of Cape Town held at the Church of St Cyprian, 13 May 2006. 
D7.32  Budget for 2006 of the Diocese of Cape Town (Table Bay). 
D7.33  Report for Diocesan Council on assets and liabilities of Old Diocese of Cape Town. 
D7.34  Report to Diocesan Council on the Diocese restructuring process. 
D7.35  Common Rates for all three Dioceses for Budget 2007 within the Diocese of Cape Town. 
D7.36  Hope Africa Chairperson Report for 2007. 
D7.37  The Cross Parish Magazine for December 2003/2004 of the Church of the Transfiguration. 
D8.1  Diocese of Cape Town Budget and Assessment Income for 1994. 
D8.2  Diocesan Engagements for 1994. 
D8.3  Budget of the Diocese of Cape Town for 1996. 
D8.4  Diocesan Finance Board Report, 25 October 1996. 
D8.5  Budget of the Diocese for 1997. 
D8.6  Diocesan Assessment Review Committee Report for 1997. 
D8.7  Minutes of the Meetings of the Diocesan Finance Board for the period of February 1999 to December 2003. 
  Diocesan Finance Board Report, 23 October 1999. 
D8.9  Diocese Budget Summary for 2001/2002. 
D8.10  Diocese Budget Presentation Options/Regionalization Analysis Interim Report. 
D8.11  Diocesan spending for the period of 10 years. 
D8.12  Diocesan Finances Workshop in June 2002. 
D8.13  Budget Notes of the Diocese of Cape Town 2003. 
D8.14  Annual Cost of a Parish Priest for the year of 2002. 
D8.15  Diocesan Budget Variance Report for 2003. 
D8.16  Diocesan Finance Board IT Strategic Planning Committee Report for the period of 1st of January to 30 of May 2003. 
  Records include correspondence relating to rehousing of the Diocesan Collection and re-establishing the Diocesan Library at Church House as well as issues of its regional distribution to the clergy. 
  Documents include: contents of the new Diocesan Handbook, minutes of the committee meeting for the preparation of the manual, cost of production and printing and launch of the new Diocesan Manual.  
D11.1  Guidelines on Disciplinary Proceedings approved at the Synod of CPSA. 
D11.2  Memorandum relating to the division of the Diocese of Cape Town and the legal position of the Bishop’s Court Property. 
D11.3  Deed of the Zonnenbloem Educational and Charitable Trust. 
D11.4  Overseas Bishop Fund. 
D11.5  Judgment of the Industrial Court of South Africa in the matter between G. G. Paxton and Church of the Province of Southern Africa, Diocese of Port Elizabeth, 1985. 
D11.6  Case of ERF 202, Langa: Conversion of certain rights into ownership in terms of Act No 81 of 1988. 
D11.7  Prevention of Pastoral Misconduct according to the Canon 25. 
D11.8  Appointment of the Provincial Registrar. 
D12.1  Letter of Appointment of the Diocesan Secretary in the Diocese of Cape Town, April 1995. 
D12.2  Circular from the Diocesan Secretary addressed to clergy and churchwardens about diocesan budget and funds. 
D12.3  Memorandum from the Diocesan Secretary to the Archbishop on some clergy issues. 
D12.4  Bishops Court Operational Expenses. 
D12.5  Issue of the priests salaries. 
D12.6  Agenda of the Secretaries and Administrators Meeting in June 1998. 
D12.7  Memorandum to all clergy about financial benefits. 
D12.8  Rules and policies of CPSA Layworkers Pension Fund. 
D12.9  Notes for the Archbishop in preparation for the Chapter Meeting on the 14th of April 1999. 
D12.10  Appeal of financial assistance by the editor of Challenge Magazine, June/July 1999.  
D12.11  Repairs and maintenance to buildings of the Anglican Church on the Atlantic Seaboard. 
D12.12  Issue of the Diocesan Secretary remuneration package, November 1999. 
D12.13  Documents relating to the appointment of the Diocesan Secretary, 2000/2001. 
D12.14  ASDI accounts matters as a section of the Diocesan Trust Board. 
D12.15  Information on CPSA Pension Fund’s Investment Performance, December 1999. 
D12.16  The state of the Diocese of Cape Town in a report of the Diocesan Secretary, December 2000. 
D12.17  The Management of the Diocesan accounts in 2002. 
D12.18  Empilweni Project for the children adolescents and their families in the disadvantaged area of Khayelitsha. 
D12.19  CPSA Clerical Directory 2003. 
D12.20  Newsletter entitled: Consultation of Christian Churches, Western Cape 2004/2005. 
D12.21  Overseas donations to the Anglican Church, 2005. 
D12.22  Budget Review Committee comments on the presentation of the budget, November 2005. 
D12.23  Lease agreement between the Diocese of Cape Town and Kildare Pre-primary School, March 2006. 
D13  DIOCESAN SYNOD 1981-2007 
D13.1  Documents relating to the Commission on Lay Participation in Synod. 
  Documents include: Report of CPSA Commission on the Redistribution of Wealth and Human Resources, November 1981, minutes of the meeting of Cathedral Chapter, 1985 and correspondence. 
D13.2  Agenda Book of the Fifty-Sixth Session of Synod, October 1990 and for Fifty-Second Session of Synod, October, 1980. 
D13.3  Archbishop’s Ndungane Charge to 58th Session of the Synod of the Diocese of Cape Town entitled: The Joy of Discipleship, November 20, 1997. 
D13.4  Minutes of the 58th Session of the Synod of the Diocese of Cape Town, 20 November, 1997. 
D13.5  A Resolution from the Church of the Transfiguration to be placed before the Synod of the Diocese of Cape Town in November 1997. 
D13.6  Nominations to various statutory bodies of Synod submitted to a Standing Committee of Synod, it’s Regional Chapter, 25th of September 1997. 
D13.7  Measure/Motion dealing with Social Responsibility and Welfare Development in the Diocese of Cape Town, October 1997. 
D13.8  List of clergy’s names in Synod’s Motions of Appreciation and Gratitude, November 1997. 
D13.9  Diocese of Cape Town Synod’s Paper, 20-22 November 1997. 
D13.10  Issue of Ad Clerum No 13/97, 25th November 1997. 
D13.11  Results of the Elections on the 23rd of November 1997 at Diocesan Synod. 
D13.12  Representation at Provincial Synod and proposed amendments to the Chapters in the Acts of the Acts of Diocesan Synod. 
D13.13  Re-structure of the Diocese of Cape Town according to the Motion on the Future of the Diocese during Diocesan Synod in November 1997. 
D13.14  Resolutions submitted to Diocesan Chapter in line with the Provincial Synod. 
D13.15  Submission of the Motions for the oncoming Synod: 20-23 November 1997. 
D13.16  Proposals submitted as amendments to the Chapters of the Acts of the Diocese of Cape Town during the Synod in November 1997. 
D13.17  Synod’s Resolution on Violence Against Women. 
D13.18  Minutes of the Standing Committees of Synod for February 1998 and May 2000. 
D13.19  Motions for Diocesan Synod calling for implementation of the recommendations in the Discussion Document, 1999/2000. 
D13.20  Documents relating to the Diocesan Synod in August 2000. 
D13.21  Minutes of the Synod Advisory Committee, 13 September 2000. 
D13.22  Feasibility Group Report of Anglican Congress/Gathering. 
D13.23  Preparations for the 60th Session of the Diocesan Synod in August 2003. 
D13.24  Minutes of the 1st Meeting of Diocesan Synod Standing Committee, 13th of November 2002. 
D13.25  The Acts of Diocesan Synod up to 2003 of the Diocese of Cape Town. 
D13.26  Time Chart for Synod 2003. 
D13.27  Draft letter to Bishops with Regard to Nominations. 
D13.28  Minutes of the 2nd Meeting of Diocesan Synod Standing Committee, 4th of February 2003. 
D13.29  Arrangements for the Diocesan Synod of 2003. 
D13.30  Tamar Task Group Report of the 30 April 2003 and the programme Listening to Women. 
D13.31  H.O.P.E. AFRICA Project 2002/2003. 
D13.32  Proposals to be submitted to Diocesan Synod regarding the establishment of a small Diocese of Cape Town, June 2003. 
D13.33  3rd Meeting of Diocesan Synod Standing Committee on the 1st of July 2003. 
D13.34  Minutes of the Clergy Synod of the Diocese of Cape Town held on the 3rd of July 2003. 
D13.35  Regional Benchmarking Exercise for the Diocese of Cape Town, June 2003. 
D13.36  Documents relating to multiplication of the Diocese of Cape Town. 
D13.37  Synod’s Resolution on the South African Arms Deal. 
D13.38  Jubilee Debt Campaign, March 2003. 
D13.39  Documents relating to the Diocesan Synod on the 6-9 August 2003. 
D13.40  Road Map for sub-division of the Diocese of Cape Town. 
D13.41  Resolutions passed at the meeting of the Diocesan Synod at Lotus River on 6-8 August 2003. 
D13.42  Measure to amend Chapter 13 of the Acts of the Diocesan Synod The Anglican Department of Social Development. 
D13.43  Clergy correspondence 2003/2004 relating to the Synod’s matters. 
D13.44  Documents relating to the Special Diocesan Synod Meeting on the 27th of April 2005. 
D13.45  Letter of ACSA Growing the Church Network, January 2006. 
D13.46  An article published in Anglican Communion News Service in June 2006 entitled: The Challenge and Hope of being an Anglican Today. 
D13.47  Archbishop’s Ndungane article entitled: The Heartlands of Anglicanism, 10 July 2006. 
D13.48  Statement of the Synod of Bishops regarding the 10th anniversary of the democratic Constitution, May 2006. 
D13.49  Invitations to 61st session of Diocesan Synod at the Parish Church of St Cyprian’s, 17-19 August 2006 and the Retreat, Order Paper. 
D13.50  Position Papers and motions for Diocesan Synod, 2006. 
D13.51  A Meeting of the Standing Committee of Synod, 20 July 2006. 
D13.52  Letter to all Synod Representatives (Clergy and Laity) about arrangements for the Diocesan Synod in August 2006. 
D13.53  Documents relating to 61st Session of Synod, August 2006. 
D13.54  Archbishop Ndungane speech at the Synod entitled: The Charge to The Cape Town Diocesan Synod, 17 August 2006. 
D13.55  Statement from the Synod of the Diocese of Cape Town condemning violence against women and children and Motions for the Synod. 
D13.56  Summary of the Synod in August 2006 presented by Archbishop Ndungane. 
D13.57  Tasks for Action & Follow-Up of the Diocesan Synod, 17-19 August 2006. 
D13.58  CPSA’s position within the Anglican Communion. 
D13.59  First Agenda Book for the Special Session of Diocesan Synod 2007 including measure to amend the Acts of Diocesan Synod & Report of the Governance Task Team. 
D14.1  Proof of a purchase of ERF 6492 Huguenot, Paarl and Upgradings, March 1994. 
D14.2  Medical Aid Fund Rules of the Diocese of Cape Town. 
D14.3  Project of a church building for the Parish of the Annunciation, September 1994. 
D14.4  Development at Myddleton and the issue of the sale of the parish land. 
D14.5  Proposed accommodation for retired clergy. 
D14.6  List of Units managed by the Clergy and Layworkers Retirement Accommodation Fund Committee, October 1994. 
D14.7  Sale of the piece of land (Erf No 564) to CPSA by the Municipality of Lutzville. 
D14.8  Requests of the parishes to the Trust Board relating to the sale of land in Parish of Malmesbury area.  
D14.9  The beneficiaries of The Steensma Trust, September 1995. 
D14.10  Application for Scheme Departure of some land at Claremont area in Cape Town, August 1997. 
D14.11  Continuation of the Building Project of 1992 the Church of the Holy Nativity in Hazendal. 
D14.12  Lease of properties at Abbotsdale, September 1997. 
D14.13  Development Plan of the Constantia Parish, September 1997. 
D14.14  Proposal for the erection and sale by life right of seven dwellings at Christ Church, in, Constantia, submitted to The Diocesan Trust Board of the Diocese of Cape Town. 
D14.15  Report of the Strategic Planning Task Team of the Diocese of Cape Town presented to the Archbishop Ndungane. 
D14.16  Diocese of Cape Town Guidelines for building work carried out by parishes. 
D14.17  Application from the Parish of Malmesbury to the Regional Office to sell a property, 22 April 2002. 
D14.18  Assessment of the building costs of the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi, May 2002. 
D14.19  Lease of the Remainder of the Farm Old Baths No 406, division Caledon, May 2002. 
D14.20  St George’s Cathedral Plans for renovations and refurbishment, June 2002. 
D14.21  Plans for construction of Fikelele Aids Orphanage in the diocese of Cape Town. 
D14.22  Proposed extension to church building of St Faith’s Anglican Church, Epping. 
D14.23  Minutes of the Meetings of the Diocesan Trust Board for 1997-2005. 
D14.24  Diocesan Trust Board Financial Statements for 1994-2005. 
D14.25  Governance Task Team of the Diocesan Trust Board and its duties. 
  Records include documents on mismanagement of some clergy at the Anglican Social Development Institute.  
D16.1  Documents relating to proposal for Division of the Diocese of Cape Town in 1992. 
D16.2  Regionalization meetings, rationalization of parishes and financial matters of the Division of the Diocese of Cape Town, 1992-1995. 
D16.3  Reports to Diocesan Council and the Archbishop on a meetings of the western and southern representatives on Division of the Diocese, April 1995. 
D16.4  Minutes of the Southern Region Conference of the Diocese of Cape Town, 2 December 1995. 
D16.5  Maps of the Cape Region with the boundaries of parishes. 
D16.6  Pastoral Letter to the clergy and laity of the Western Region from Bishop Edward Mackenzie, 4 February 1996. 
D16.7  Documents relating to the Archbishop’s Meeting with the clergy of the Diocese on the 5th of November 1996 on the issues of Multiplication/Division of the Diocese. 
D16.8  Archbishop’s special meeting with lay persons about restructuring of the Diocese of Cape Town, 11 January 1997. 
D16.9  Agenda Book of the Fifty-Eighth Session of Synod, November 1997. 
D16.10  Comments for the improvement of the process of electing a Bishop, May 1998. 
D16.11  Aspects of re-structuring of the Diocese of Cape Town discussed by Revered Canon Louis Bank, August 1997. 
D16.12  Reasons for re-assessment of the paradigms of episcopacy in the Diocese of Cape Town presented by Reverend Louis Bank, March 1999. 
D16.13  Documents relating to the activities of the Strategic Planning Task Team regarding the re-structuring of the Diocese of Cape Town. 
D16.14  Minutes of a Meeting on Subdivision of Diocese, 22 June 2002. 
D16.15  Diocese of Cape Town Budget Review for 2002. 
D16.16  Questions for Discussion and replies from various parishes on the future of the Diocese of Cape Town, August 2003. 
D16.17  Report of the Financial Technical Committee on the Question of Dividing the Diocese of Cape Town, November 2003. 
D16.18  Minutes of a Meeting of the Archbishop’s Advisory Committee to consider the Resolution to look into the Division of the Diocese of Cape Town, 20 August 2003. 
D16.19  Statement of the Parish of Port Nolloth not supporting the Division of the Diocese of Cape Town, November 2003. 
D16.20  Report by the Technical Committee on possible Division of the Diocese of Cape Town, September 2003. 
D16.21  Observations of the Parish Councillor on the possible subdivision of the Diocese of Cape Town, September 2003. 
D16.22  Issue of Xhosa-speaking parishes and their integrations with the Diocese of Cape Town. 
D16.23  Report on the False Bay Regional Conference in Portlands, Mitchells Plain, 8 November 2003. 
D16.24  Statements from various parishes relating to the future of the Diocese of Cape Town. 
D16.25  Minutes of a Meeting of the Archbishop’s Advisory Committee to consider the future of the Diocese, 11 December 2003. 
D16.26  Division of assets and liabilities of the Diocese of Cape Town as at December 2003. 
D16.27  Summary of Report back from Groups of the Regional Conference at Saldanha Bay, 6 March 2004. 
D16.28  Report on the Technical Committee findings and recommendations on the establishment of new dioceses, November 2004. 
D16.29  Minutes of a Meeting of Diocesan Chapter held at the Parish of St Oswald, Milnerton, 9 November 2004. 
D16.30  Archbishop’s Options towards the re-structuring of the Diocese of Cape Town. 
D16.31  Briefing notes for the Archbishop for Diocesan Chapter on the restructuring of the Diocese, 15 February 2005. 
D16.32  Report on Technical Committee findings and recommendations on the establishment of new dioceses, February 2005. 
D16.33  Paper presented at the Table Bay Regional Conference on the 29th of January 2005 entitled: A New Diocese, A New beginning and A New Future: Mission & Ministry in the Diocese of Cape Town- Some Reflections. 
D16.34  Diocese of Cape Town Restructuring Process Mandates. 
D16.35  A Diocesan Conference of Anglican Church of Southern Africa and Diocese of Cape Town reporting on progress on new beginnings, 21 April 2007. 
D16.36  Documents relating to the Strategic Planning Task Team and Diocesan Synod in August/September 2000. 
D16.36.1  Appointment of a Strategic Planning Task Team and its first meeting in September 2000. 
D16.36.2  Strategic Planning Task Team Bulletin No 1, 13 September 2000. 
D16.36.3  Resources for the process of parish reflection offered by the Strategic Planning Task Team. 
D16.36.4  Report of the Strategic Planning Task Team of the Diocese of Cape Town to the Diocesan Chapter, 7 February 2001. 
D16.36.5  Strategic Planning Task team Meeting on the 5 June 2001. 
D16.36.6  Arrear Assessment Issue and proposals for Diocesan Assessments. 
D16.36.7  Mandate and Process of Transformation discussed during Chapter Meeting of the Strategic Planning Task Team on the 15th of September 2001. 
D17.1  Agenda and Minutes of the Meeting between The Anglican Church & Dutch Reformed Church on the 25th of July 2003.  
D17.2  Minutes of the Dutch Reformed Church-CPSA bilateral discussions on the 14th of November 2003 in Stellenbosch. 
D17.3  Consultation between CPSA and Dutch Reformed Church and launching of the Partnership for Missional Churches in Southern Africa in 2003. 
D17.4  Invitation to a Church Leaders Conference on Violent Crime in South Africa, 13 October 2006. 
E1.1  Correspondence relating to the proposed formation of an Ecclesiastical Law Society for Southern Africa, 1996-1997. 
E1.2  Department of Labour Document providing Principles and Fair Employment Practice, October 1999. 
E1.3  Commission of Enquiry on the Royal Peculiars in England and the Review of the Royal Peculiars, November 1999. 
E1.4  Some Biblical principles to give Guidance for determining fairness and justice in Employment Practices of the CPSA, September 1999. 
E1.5  General correspondence. 
E2.1  ECAAR submission to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Defence on the National Conventional Arms Control Bill (B50B-2000), 7 September 2001. 
E2.2  Israeli/Palestinian Conflict and initiative between St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town and the Cathedral in Jerusalem to start negotiations.  
E2.3  A letter from ECAAR chairman addressed to the Minister of Defence on an Arms Deal Settlement, 9 September 2002. 
E2.4  Chairman of ECAAR, Terry Crawford-Browne presentation at the NGO Forum to the World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg, August 27-28, 2002 entitled: Arms Reduction and Sustainable Development: The South African Arms Deal, and Civil Society. 
E2.5  Documents relating to the Arms Deal of the South African Government, September 2002. 
E2.6  Report by Terry Crawford-Browne entitled: Offsets and the affordability of the arms deal, 14th of October 2002. 
E2.7  The Constitution of Economists Allied for Arms Reduction South Africa. 
E2.8  Written presentation to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Defence on Anti-Personnel Mines Prohibition Bill (B44-2002) entitled: Is South Africa still making and exporting landmines, 17 October 2002.  
E2.9  Questions for Swartklip and the Minister of public Enterprises relating to employment, education and training of the employees manufacturing and transporting pyrotechnics products and chemicals.  
E2.10  ECAAR Press Statements on South African Arms Deal 2003/2004. 
E2.11  ECAAR - SA Submission to the British Parliamentary Trade and Industry’s Committee Inquiry into the Export Credits Guarantee Department, March 2004. 
E2.12  Terry Crawford-Browne Report entitled: Motivations for the Arms Deal Appeal, 2 April, 2004. 
E2.13  Arms Deal and Robben Island issues discussed in a letter to Archbishop Ndungane, April 2004. 
E2.14  Correspondence of the ECAAR chairman Terry Crawford-Browne with Archbishop Ndungane on various issues relating to arms deals in South Africa. 
E2.15  Press Statement on dismissal ECAAR’s Application to High Court on the Arms Deal. 
E2.16  A Letter to Ministers Pahad and Kasrils on Banking Sanctions Against Israel, 9 August 2006. 
E2.17  Paper by Terry Crawford-Browne entitled: Human Security and the War Industry presented at the Conference at Cape Peninsula University of Technology in 31 August-2 September 2006. 
E2.18  Special Report on the arms trade entitled: Arms deal investigators probe BAE payments to South African, January 2007. 
E2.19  ECAAR chairman’s submissions to the Serious Fraud Office in London and to Judge Langa in SA relating to arms deal. 
E2.20  Miscellaneous. 
E3.1  Information on the ministerial education courses offered at the Institute. 
E3.2  Publications of the Ecumenical Pastoral Institute in Cape Town. They include articles by Dr. George Malek, 1996/1997. 
E3.3  Minutes of the Meeting of the Standing Committee between the Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt and the Church of South Africa, 27 November 1997. 
E3.4  Staff changes in the Mission Personnel Team. 
E3.5  Documents relating to the Ecumenical visit to Rome, 1998/1999. 
E3.6  Annual Reports of the activities of the Ecumenical Pastoral Institute for 1997/1998 and 1998/1999. 
E3.7  Ecumenical Worship Service during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, 1999. 
E3.8  Correspondence between Director of Ecumenical Institute and Archbishop Ndungane, June November 1999. 
E3.9  Minutes of the Meeting between Archbishops: Lawrence Henry of the Roman Catholic Church, Archbishop Ndungane of CPSA and Dr. Malek of Ecumenical Pastoral Institute in Cape Town on the 9th of December 1999. 
E3.10  General information on vision and objectives of the Institute. 
E3.11  The Ecumenical Pastoral Institute Annual Report 1 March 2000-28 February 2001. 
E3.12  A Vision for the Ecumenical Pastoral Institute in Cape Town and a proposal for a pastoral and financial support to the Institute. 
E3.13  A paper by Dr. Malek entitled: Prayer, A series in Psycho-Theological Understanding of Christian Healing Vol.3, No 3, January 1997. 
E3.14  Documents relating to the Visit of the South African delegation to Vatican in August of 2001. 
E3.15  Miscellaneous. 
E3.16  Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance. Documents contain information on the Faith-based Strategy Session at the Global Fund Partnership Forum in July 2006. 
E3.17  Ecumenical Service for Socio-Economic Transformation.  
  Records contain of: A South African Resource Manual: Your Socio-Economic Rights and the information on the Annual General Meeting on the 24-25 October 2002. 
E3.18  Ecumenical Commission on Poverty 
E3.18.1  Report written at the request of RDP Office entitled: Key Indicators of Poverty in South Africa, October 1995. 
E3.18.2  Churches Task Force on Poverty. 
E3.18.3  Statement on Poverty by the Church Leaders Forum. 
E3.18.4  Seminar on Proposed SA-EU Free Trade Agreement jointly organized by the SACC and Ecumenical Service for Socio-Economic Transformation. 
E3.18.5  SACC Update Newsletter, February 1997. 
E3.18.6  Minutes of the Minutes of the Meetings of The Ecumenical Commission on Poverty, February-May, 1997. 
E3.18.7  Documents relating to A National Ecumenical Consultative Workshop on Poverty, 23-25 June, 1997. 
E3.18.8  Initiative by the Development of Community-Based Entrepreneurial Resource Centres for relieving poverty through transition of Black Enterprises in South Africa. 
E3.18.9  Summit meeting on Poverty, 25 September 1997. 
  Establishment of an Ecumenical Commission on Poverty by the Presbytery of Upington. 
E3.18.11  National Poverty Forum Meeting, 5th of May 1999. 
E3.18.12  Ministry Development Foundation National Poverty Summit, June 1998. 
E3.18.13  Miscellaneous. 
E4.1  Document entitled: Establishment of Constructive Partnership between GDE and the religious Sector.  
E4.2  Documents relating to the education crisis in The Western and Eastern Cape Education Departments, March 1998. 
E4.3  Memorandum submitted to the Minister of Education by the Archbishop Ndungane on behalf of the CPSA on matters related to Education, 30 March 1998. 
E4.4  Appointment of Peter Lee, Bishop of the Diocese of Christ the King in Gauteng as a Liaison Bishop for Education. 
E4.5  Executive Summary on religious education, 1997 and 1999. 
  Documents include the material on the National Consultative Workshop on Education in March 1997. 
E4.6  Policy on Religion in Education approved by the Council of Education Ministers on 4 August 2003. 
E4.7  Documents relating to the restructuring of the higher education with proposed mergers and closures of mostly the Historically Black Colleges, 2002. 
E4.8  Draft Submission from the Church of the Province of Southern Africa to the Educational Curriculum for 2005. 
E5.1  Electoral Code of Conduct Observer Commission of the Western Cape. 
E5.1.1  SACC's Electoral Justice Project and its proposal entitled: Religious Leaders for Electoral Justice, 1993. 
E5.1.2  Information on Registration for 1999 Election provided by the Independent Electoral Commission to all Religious/Church Leaders, November 1998. 
E5.1.3  The role of the Electoral Code of Conduct Observer Commission, 2000. 
E5.1.4  Support of Religious Community during The Local Government Elections. 
E5.1.5  CPSA Information Manuals on Democracy and Voting in South Africa. 
E5.1.6  Opening of the Media Results Centre for the Local Government Elections, 1st of December 2000. 
E5.1.7  Concept Document entitled: IEC Community Newspaper on Governance and Democracy prepared by Ryland Fisher Communications, April 2002. 
E5.1.8  IEC Survey about the voter registration campaign, October 2003. 
E5.1.9  IEC presentation on Election Readiness, January 2004. 
E5.1.10  Minutes of the Meeting of Commissioners and Observers of the Electoral Code of Conduct Observer Commission for Western Cape, 19 February 2004. 
E5.1.11  ECCOC Elections Feedback and Recommendations, 26/05/2004. 
E5.1.12  Invitation to the Faith Based Organizations for 2005/6 Local Government Elections. 
E5.1.13  ECCOC Meetings with Media and Political Parties, January-March 2006. 
E5.1.14  Correspondence relating to the Launch of Elections 2006 and the Signing of the Code of Conduct by the Political Parties, January 2006. 
E5.1.15  Electoral Code of Conduct Observer Commission of the Western Cape Meetings on the 8th and 22nd February and 14th of March 2006. 
E5.1.16  Complaints on elections received by the ECCOC, February 2006. 
E6.1  Follow up on the Commission on Election of Bishops. 
E6.2  Documents relating to the nominations and elections of the Canons. 
E6.2.1  Transformation Commission Report to Provincial Synod Call to Mission Appeal 1999. 
E6.2.2  Report of the Meeting on the Transformation of the CPSA Canons and Constitutions on the 28 April 2000. 
E6.2.3  Jubilee 2000 South Africa Campaign and the Jubilee Church Caucus Activities. 
E6.2.4  Nominations and Election of a Canon in August 2000. 
E7.1  List of the Clerical and Lay elected as members of the Advisory Committee for the Election of an Archbishop, 23 November 1997. 
E7.2  Documents for Elective Assemblies for the Diocese of Lesotho. 
E7.3  Provincial Executive Officer’s Check List for the Elective Assembly to elect a Diocesan Bishop for the Diocese of George, 15 September 1998. 
E7.4  CPSA documents for the election of the Bishop of the Diocese of St Helena. 
E7.5  Checklist for the Procedure of the Elective Assembly. 
E7.6  Documents relating to the Elective Assembly for election of Archbishop of Cape Town, March-September 1996. 
  They include: personal information about the candidate, his CV, motivation and nomination letters from various senior members of the clergy. 
E7.7  Elective Assembly of the Diocese of Bloemfontein to elect the Bishop of the Diocese. 
E7.8  CPSA Mandate for the election of a Bishop of the Diocese of George, 1998. 
E7.9  Election of Nceba Bethlehem Nopece as Bishop Suffragan of Grahamstown, 1998. 
E7.10  Elective Assembly of the Diocese of Kimberley and Kuruman to elect a Bishop of the Diocese. 
E7.11  CPSA Mandate to Summon the Elective Assembly for the election of the Bishop of the Diocese of Lesotho. 
E7.12  Election of the Bishop of the Diocese of Namibia. 
E7.13  Elective Assembly of the Diocese of Pretoria to elect Johannes Thomas Seoka as a Bishop of the Diocese of Pretoria, December 1998. 
E7.14  Election of Revd. Anthony Thembinkosi Bonga Mdletshe to be Bishop of the Diocese of Zululand, June 1997. 
E7.15  Elective Assembly for the Regional Bishops. Election of Bishop Christopher Gregorowski as Bishop-Suffragan of Cape Town. 
E7.16  Reports on Nominated Candidates for the Bishop of Table Bay of the Diocese of Cape Town. 
  Documents include CVs of the Candidates and Independent References. 
E7.17  Clergy Correspondence relating to the Elective Assembly for Election of Suffragan Bishop in 2004. 
E7.17.1  Responses from the Bishops regarding the election of Suffragan Bishop for Cape Town. 
E7.17.2  Responses from the members of the Diocesan Chapter on the matter of election of Suffragan Bishop for the Diocese of Cape Town. 
E7.18  Minutes of the Meetings of the Elective Assembly in February and March 2004. 
E7.19  A Profile/Job Description of the Bishop Suffragan of the Diocese of Cape Town for 2004. 
E7.20  Documents of the CPSA Commission for the election of the Diocesan and Suffragans Bishops. 
  Documents include Minutes of the Committee Meetings for the period of 1987 to 1997. 
  Documents include: correspondence, documents on affected communities by large dams in SA and publications. 
E10.1  A Confidential Report of the Commission appointed by the Archbishop to determine a Christian understanding of Homosexuality. 
E10.2  Documents discussing relationship between Christianity and other faiths. 
E10.3  Notes on certain Endowments and Funds held in Trust by the Board of Provincial Trustees, April 1986. 
E10.4  Final Report of the Commission on the Division of Dioceses. 
E10.5  Digest of the Minutes of the Synod of Bishops, April 1986. 
E10.6  Documents on the Episcopal Synod in November 1986. 
E10.7  Clergy correspondence with Archbishop Ndungane, 1988. 
E10.8  Second Working Paper of the Episcopal Commissions in the Diocese of Cape Town, April 1997. 
E10.9  Miscellaneous. 
  Documents include: historical information about the organization and ESSA Conference on poverty and inequity in access to public health in South Africa, February 2000 in East London. 
  Documents discuss issue of moral acceptance by Christians an issue of Euthanasia. 
  Documents contain information relating to the Ecumenical Visit of the EKG delegation to Cape Town in August 1999 and cooperation between CPSA and Evangelical Church of Germany. 
F1  FALSE BAY, DIOCESE OF 1996-2007 
F1.1  Guidelines for awarding of the Order of Simon of Cyrene. 
F1.2  Service for Blessing a Covenant Relationship. 
F1.3  CPSA Theological Education Advisory Board and its Primary Theological Education Bursary Fund for 1998 Academic Year. 
F1.4  Correspondence with Archbishop Ndungane about some problems in some of the parishes in the Diocese of Cape Town. 
F1.5  A residential Formation Conference for the Anglican Church Ministers in Grassy Park, 21-24 April 1997. 
F1.6  Awarding Freedom of the City to Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, 1997. 
F1.7  Consultation on the Distinctive/Permanent Diaconate and CPSA Report of the Commission on the future of the Permanent Diaconate. 
F1.8  Ordination of three candidates to the Anglican Priesthood in the Diocese of Cape Town, 1997. 
F1.9  Chaplaincy work at the University of Stellenbosch. 
F1.10  Minutes of a Meeting of the Southern Region Chapter held on 23 October 1997. 
F1.11  Advent Ordinations 1997. 
F1.12  Sabbatical of the Bishop of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania USA, Reverend Robert Duncan in Cape Town in 1999. 
F1.13  Memorandum of the CPSA Annual Planning Meeting in February 1998. 
F1.14  Correspondence relating to the matter of suicide. 
F1.15  Proposed sale of the church property in Glenhaven, Belville, 1998. 
F1.16  Visit of Rev. Matthew Esau of the Diocese of Cape Town to Barbados in November 1998. 
F1.17  Appointments to the Diocesan Liturgical Resource Team, December 1998. 
F1.18  Statement by the Archbishop Ndungane on the Issue of Homosexuality, 23 December 1998. 
F1.19  Correspondence to bishops concerning the employment of Deacon of St Chad’s parish. 
F1.20  Confirmation Schedule 1999 for the False Bay Region. 
F1.21  Proposed Programme of Post Ordination Training for 1999. 
F1.22  Process of the Transformation of the Church. 
F1.23  Minutes of the Business Meeting of the False Bay Regional Chapter, 26-28 January 1999. 
F1.24  Minutes of the Meetings of the False Bay Region Chapter, 25 February 1999, 25 March 1999, 22 April 1999. 
F1.25  Implementation of the recommendations of the Commission on Youth Ministry in the Diocese of Cape Town. 
F1.26  Recommendations by the Board of Tutors regarding education of some clergy members at the College of the Transfiguration. 
F1.27  Possible Plan to address the opportunities and Challenges of the Rural Ministry in the Designated Archdeaconry of Clan William, 1999/2000. 
F1.28  Pastoral Visitation of the Archbishop of Cape Town to the False Bay Region, 1999. 
F1.29  Post Ordination Training Program; Country Exposure/Experience. 
F1.30  Diocese of Cape Town Youth Department Annual Report 2000/20001, False Bay Region 
F1.31  Notices of Meetings of the CPSA Advisory Committee and the Elective Assembly of the Diocese of False Bay. 
F1.32  Profile of the Diocese of False Bay for 2006. 
F1.33  Prayers and Intercessions for the Diocese of False Bay, February 2006 - July 2007. 
  Documents include correspondence and memoranda submitted to The Federal Theological Seminary Council. 
F3.1  Basic information about the Project. 
F3.2  Fikelela Aids Conference, 29 September 2001. 
F3.3  Mission, Vision and Strategic Plans of the Fikelela. 
F3.4  Constitution of Fikelela (Reach Out) Aids Project. 
F3.5  CPSA Funding Committee for Fikelela Aids Project. 
F3.6  Fikelela Newsletters: November 2002, March 2003, May 2003, August 2003. 
F3.7  Strategic Plans for 2003 of Fikelela. 
F3.8  The Diocesan Lenten Appeal for children affected and infected by HIV/AIDS, 2003. 
F3.9  Donation from the churches in Canada towards AIDS Relief Initiative Fikelela. 
F3.10  Survivor Africa: A Human Sexuality Workbooks for the youth of the Cape Town Diocese. Compiled by Fikelela AIDS Task Team, 2003 and 2006. 
F3.11  Correspondence relating to the parishioners donations for the children infected with the HIV/AIDS virus. 
F3.12  Fikelela’s Annual Reports for 2003, 2004 and 2006. 
F3.13  Strategic Plans of Fikelela for 2004(Kleinmond, November 2003). 
F3.14  Proposed Project Gender based violence and HIV/AIDS to support a special event with the aim of mobilizing clergy around HIV/AIDS. 
F3.15  Minutes of Fikelela Annual General Meeting, 13 May 2004. 
F3.16  Donation towards the HIV/AIDS Fikelela’s campaign. 
F3.17  Fikelela Newsflash, 2004 and 2005. 
F3.18  Monthly Report of Fikelela’s Children’s Centre, May 2004. 
F3.19  Quarterly Narrative Reports for Fikelela Aids Project, January-March, April-June and July-September 2006. 
F3.20  Fikelela (Reach Out) Aids Project Annual Financial Statements, 31 December 2003. 
F3.21  Designed Christmas Cards for sale on behalf of Fikelela Aids Project and other initiatives of the Outreach Programme to raise funds for HIV positive children. 
F3.22  Day of the Orphan on the 1st of June 2005 declared by the CPSA in the Diocese of Cape Town. 
F3.23  Granting status to Fikelela as a Jubilee Centre , 2005. 
F3.24  A retreat for Christians living with HIV and AIDS, August 2005 in Mpumalanga. 
F3.25  Scientific Letter on HIV/AIDS initiatives published in the South African Medical Journal in February 2006. 
F3.26  Feedback from the first monitoring and evaluation with the Agents of Change from Hout Bay, 25 March 2006. 
F3.27  Copy of the thesis entitled: Church Teaching and the Views of Youth on Sexual Practices: A Study amongst Anglican Youth of the Cape Town Diocese aged 12-19 founded by HIV/AIDS Office of the CPSA, 2006. 
F4.1  Inaugural Board Meeting in Kigali, Rwanda, 12 & 13 February 2007. 
F4.2  Inauguration of the Board of Directors and Advisory Board of Friends of the Global Fund Africa in Kigali, Rwanda, 27-28 November 2006. 
F4.3  Board of Directors Meeting on 13 February 2007. 
F4.4  Strategic Plan of Friends of the Global Fund Africa, 2007. 
F4.5  Friends Africa Newsletter, May 2007. 
F4.6  Terms of Reference of Friends Africa Advisory Group. 
F4.7  Agenda of Friends of the Global Africa Board Meeting on the 16 June 2007. 
F4.8  Strategic Summary of The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. 
F4.9  Friends of the Global Fund Africa LTD/GTE Certificate of Incorporation issued by the Corporate Commission in Nigeria, 27 March 2007.  
F4.10  Minutes of the 2nd Friends Africa Board Meeting in Johannesburg on the 16th June 2007. 
F4.11  Global Fund News Releases, June 2007. 
F5  FUNDS AND TRUSTS 1996-2005 
F5.1  Wills of some donors of funds to be donated to the church in the Diocese of Cape Town. 
F5.2  List of Funds under control of the Archbishop Ndungane and the Board of Provincial Trustees, 1996. 
F5.3  Amy Biehl Foundation Trust Project called: Weaving a Barrier against Violence. 
F5.4  Lunch of the Shuttleworth Foundation in Cape Town, 17 May 2001. 
F5.5  Rhodes Trust Centenary Celebrations, 31 January 2003. 
F5.6  CF Silberbauer Trust and its distribution. 
F5.7  Summary of Discussion of Task team on Role and Functions of the Archbishop & Bishop Suffragan, 8 August 2005. 
F5.8  Reconstruction and Development Programme of the Polokwane Trust. 
F5.9  Statements of Accounts of Memorial Funds and Trusts under control of Archbishop Ndungane, 1993-2000 and 2001-2003. 
G1  GEORGE, DIOCESE OF 1997-2006 
G1.1  Proposed visitation of the Archbishop Ndungane to the Diocese of George, 1997. 
G1.2  150th Celebrations of St Mark’s Cathedral in George, October 1998. 
G1.3  Fifty-Third Session of Diocesan Synod of the Diocese of George, 1998. 
G1.4  Retirement of Reverend Derek Damant, January 1998. 
G1.5  Diocesan News Newsletters for the Diocese of George, May 1998 and Lent 2001. 
G1.6  Elections of Reverend Donald Frederick Harker as Bishop of the Diocese of George, 2 October 1998. 
G1.7  Christ Church in Swellendam 150 years Anniversary, October 1999. 
G1.8  Programme of events at St Mark’s Cathedral for Easter, April 1999. 
G1.9  St. Monica’s Mission Kwanokuthula, Plettenberg Bay, April 2000. 
G1.10  In the Footsteps of Gray: Archbishop Ndungane visit to George Diocese, 6-10 March 2003. 
G1.11  Continental Ecumenical Consultation on NEPAD hosted by South African Council on Churches, 23-27 March 2003, Midrand (South Africa). 
G1.12  Finding Sanctuary: A Discussion on Refugee Policy in South Africa, 11 June 2003. 
G1.13  Invasion of the Farm owned by an Anglican Farmer in Zimbabwe in 2003. 
G1.14  Nominations and transfer of clergy within the Diocese, 2003. 
G1.15  Mission and functioning of Ecumenical NGO ACROS, 2004. 
G1.16  Booklet of St Mark’s Cathedral, November 2006. 
G1.17  Issues of Anglican News of the Diocese of George, 2003-2007. 
G2  GERMOND REPORT 1997-1999 
  Documents include: an Anglican Students Federation Response to The Germond/Mncube Report and appointments to the Committee working on the Youth Work. 
G3  GOOD HOPE 2000-2003 
G3.1  Memorandum concerning the spending of the Diocese of Good Hope. 
G3.2  Support of USTAWL of Seattle in Washington to the Anti-Corporate Globalization Campaign, October/November 2000. 
G3.3  Training for Parish Information Officers, July 2001. 
G3.4  Project entitled: Formation of an Ecumenical Church Communication Network in the Greater Cape Town Area (South Africa). 
G3.5  Proposal to form a Department of Communications and Information in the Anglican Diocese of Cape Town (CPSA), 2001/2002. 
G3.6  Media Training Program. A proposal for funding to the CPSA Pan Anglican Fund; and the CPSA Mission and Ministry Fund, July 2002. 
G3.7  Correspondence relating to staff matters of the Good Hope editing issues, 2002. 
G3.8  Article by Miles Giljam entitled: Partners in Ministry a briefing of the history, concept and way forward, 22 May 2003. 
G3.9  Column for Good Hope by Archbishop Ndungane, 29 August 2003. 
G4.1  Ad Clerum for January 1996 and July 1996. 
G4.2  Department of Social Responsibility of the Diocese of Grahamstown Public Exhibition to display its development projects and to promote the skills and talents of local communities, 18/19 October 1996. 
G4.3  Response to Archbishop Tutu’s call to The Anglican Church to confess to the TRC, 1996. 
G4.4  Letter from the Bishop of Grahamstown to the Minister of Transport S. Maharaj on Taxi Violence Crisis, November 1996. 
G4.5  Being One Ubunye, Newsletter of the Ecumenical Media Centre, December 1996. 
G4.6  Change of Membership between Order of Ethiopia and the Diocese, December 1996. 
G4.7  The Ecumenical Media Centre’s First Annual Conference 5-7 February 1997. 
G4.8  Christmas edition of a Newsletter of the Liberation Theology Centre in Jerusalem, Issue 6, Christmas 1996. 
G4.9  Creation of a more representative pupil composition at Diocesan College, Rondebosch 
G4.10  The South African Council of Churches Statement on The Termination of Pregnancy Bill, 14 October 1996. 
G4.11  Issues of Ad Clerum for the period of 1997 to 2003. 
G4.12  Personal Letter of Bishop David Russell to the Bishops of the CPSA, April 1997 and other South African Government officials. 
G4.13  Election of Bishop Anthony as the next Bishop of Zululand, 4 October 1997. 
G4.14  Letter of Bishop David Russell to the Archbishop of Canterbury on the issue of Homosexuality, 3 October 1997. 
G4.15  Letter from Professor Piet Meiring of the TRC relating to the Faith Communities Hearing of the TRC in November 1997. 
G4.16  Bishop’s David Russell Open Letter to the Premier of Eastern Province on Pension Crisis, 9 January 1998. 
G4.17  Call to Prayer for Good Government in the Eastern Cape: for an end to corruption and greed, and a commitment to integrity, hard work and caring for God’s people, January 1998. 
G4.18  Correspondence between Bishop David Russell and The Minister of Welfare and Population Development on Pension Crisis in the Eastern Cape Province, March 1998. 
G4.19  Bishop’s Russell letter concerning the Institute for Pastoral Education, February 1998. 
G4.20  Archbishop’s Ndungane visit to Grahamstown, May 1998. 
G4.21  Education Crisis in the Eastern Cape Province, June 1998. 
G4.22  Problems at the Parish of St Mar the Virgin, Botshabelo, June-October 1998. 
G4.23  Clergy correspondence on issue of human sexuality, March 1999. 
G4.24  The Spire, a Newsletter of the Cathedral of St Michael and St George: Grahamstown. May 1999. 
G4.25  Proposal for a Millennium Pilgrimage of the Diocese of Grahamstown on Palm Sunday, 16 April 2000. 
G4.26  Proposal for the Reparations for victims of Apartheid offered to SA government by the Church, July 1999. 
G4.27  Letter addressed to The Minister of Transport A. Omar by the Bishop David Russell on the taxi violence crisis, October 1999. 
G4.28  Personal Response by the Bishop David Russell to the Directory on Ecumenism for Southern Africa on the issue of Eucharistic Hospitality, October 1999. 
G4.29  Bishop’s Russell Christmas and end of the year letter to clergy, 12 December 2000. 
G4.30  Social Security Hearings 2000. 
G4.31  Document prepared by the Southern African Anglican Theological Commission entitled: Towards a Theology and Pastoral Practice of Marriage, 27 February 2001. 
G4.32  Bishop’s Russell Reflections on Celebrations to mark 1700 years of Armenian Christianity, Lebanon 25-27 May 2001. 
G4.33  Booklet published for the Sixty-first Session of the Synod of the Diocese of Grahamstown, 8 August 2001. 
G4.34  Booklet with the profile of the Diocese of Grahamstown on the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the Diocese, 2003. 
G4.35  Manifesto for a New Anglican Reformation, January 2003. 
G4.36  Discussions with the Ethiopian Episcopal Church, January 2003. 
G4.37  Bishop’s David Statement of Repentance and Affirmation on the 150th Anniversary of the Diocese of Grahamstown, February 2003. 
G4.38  Pietermaritzburg Agency for Christian Social Awareness Newsletter No 94 for Easter 2003. 
G4.39  Ntabethemba Community Address to the Archbishop Ndungane during his visit in June 2003. 
G4.40  Situation in the Ilitha Higher Primary School in Eastern Cape and appeal for help. 
G4.41  Retirement of Bishop David Russell, Diocese of Grahamstown. 
G4.42  Installation of Thabo Cecil Makgoba as Bishop of Grahamstown, 14 February 2004, Cathedral Church of St Michael and St George, Grahamstown. 
G4.43  Letter from Bishop Makgoba to the President Thabo Mbeki, 25 May 2005. 
G4.44  Issues of The Spire, The Newsletter of The Cathedral of St Michael and St George: Grahamstown, 2004-2007. 
G4.45  Issues of Umbuliso, The Newsletter of the Diocese of Grahamstown, 1997-2007. 
G5.1  Minutes of the Annual General Meetings of The GreyLadies Association, 1996 - 2005. 
G5.2  The Greyladies Association Newsletter, August 2003-April 2007. 
  Documents include: correspondence, Report on activities of the Guild and appointments of the clergy. 
H1  HAMILTON, Agar TRUST BURSARY 1997-1998  
  Documents contain of information on the Bursary and the correspondence. 
H2  HAVEN NIGHT SHELTER, Welfare Organization 1998-2002  
  Documents include: Organization’s Constitution, Minutes of the Meetings, Report on the Evaluation of the Shelter, Budget, staff matters, service plan and residents correspondence. 
H3  HERSCHEL SCHOOL 1996-2005 
H3.1  Appointment of a new headmistress (Mrs. Van Zyl) of Herschel from 1997. 
H3.2  Speech Day and Prize Giving of 1996. 
H3.3  Founders Day celebration, February 1997. 
H3.4  Eucharist at Herschel on the 2nd of October 1997. 
H3.5  Herschel Observer, Newsletter for the first quarter 1997. 
H3.6  Annual General Meeting on the 21st of May 2001. 
H3.7  Founder’s Day, 15 February 2001. 
H3.8  Change of the Auditors of Herschel Trust and Herschel Association, March 2004. 
H3.9  Letters of Gratitude from Archbishop Ndungane addressed to the candidates of the confirmation at St Saviour’s Church, October 2005. 
H3.10  Information Brochure on Herschel School with its history and activities. 
H4  HIGHVELD, DIOCESE OF 1996 - 2005 
H4.1  Correspondence of the Bishop of South Eastern Transvaal, Revd. David Beetge on various clergy issues (September - December 1996). 
H4.2  Position of the provincial Registrar in the Diocese. 
H4.3  A Pastoral Letter from the Bishop Beetge on non-violence in the society. 
H4.4  Submission to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission by the Bishop of South Eastern Transvaal, Revd. Beetge, 19 April 1997. 
H4.5  Background notes for the Trinity Church (New York) Grant motivation for a Media/Research Assistant for the Archbishop of Cape Town. 
H4.6  Resignation Letter from Bishop of Pretoria, Revd. Richard Kraft, January 1998. 
H4.7  Letter to the TAX Commissioner concerning the deduction of mortgage bond interest of the clergy houses, February 1998. 
H4.8  Church Education and Development Partnership for Southern Africa. 
H4.9  Campus Sunday organized by the Anglican Students Federation. 
H4.10  Revd. Cynthia Botha’s liaison functions for the Province as the P.E.O. 
H4.11  Request from Gun Free South Africa to endorse by Archbishop Ndungane ‘The Charter for Gun Control’, February 1999. 
H4.12  Draft resolution of the Board of Trustees of the CPSA Pension Fund, 1999. 
H4.13  A Seminar organized by the SACP and the Christian Council of Sweden on Defence Expenditure and Poverty Alleviation, 22-24 November 1999. 
H4.14  Pastoral Letter of the Anglican Bishop of the Highveld to the Diocese: Christmas 1999. 
H4.15  Diocese of the Highveld Board of Social Responsibility and Pastoral Care. 
H4.16  Bishop’s Charge at the Diocesan Synod 2000. 
H4.17  10th Anniversary of the Diocese of the Highveld, January 2000. 
H4.18  CPSA Call for Cannon Indaba, September 2000. 
H4.19  Issues of clergy appointments at the Congregation of the Parish of St Pater’s Chains in Katlehong, September/October 2000. 
H4.20  Proposals for transformation of some Anglican parishes in South Africa. 
H4.21  Proposal to purchase St Dunstan’s Preparatory School for a Diocesan Centre. 
H4.22  Essential Finance for Non-Financial Executives Workshop, 17-18 September 2002. 
H4.23  A letter to the State President T Mbeki from the Bishop of Highveld on economic issues in the country. 
H4.24  Provincial Secretaries Conference, Johannesburg, August 2004. 
H4.25  Inventory of CPSA land: Proposed Process, January 2003. 
H4.26  Archbishop’s Ndungane visit to the Diocese of St John’s, June 2003. 
H4.27  Special Meeting between The Deputy President and The National Religious Leaders, 28 March 2003. 
H4.28  Consultation on Communicating on Sex and Sexuality, April 2003. 
H4.29  The Bishop’s Charge to the 5th Session of the Synod of the Diocese of the Highveld, 2003. 
H4.30  Episcopal Church of the Sudan Resourcing/Funding Conference in London, 10 November 2003. 
H4.31  Anglican Diocese of the Highveld 2003 Report of HIV/AIDS Work in The Diocese. 
H4.32  A Crisis in Koinonia: Biblical Perspectives for Anglicans, by David Short, May 2004. 
H4.33  Correspondence relating to SIYAFUNDISA PROJECT, October/November 2004. 
H5  HOME FOR ALL CAMPAIGN 2001- 2003  
H5.1  Background, mission and aims of the organization. 
H5.2  Establishment of the Home For All Development and Reconciliation Trust Fund, 2001 and Notarial Deed Of Trust. 
H5.3  Letter to the Trustees of the Home for All Development and Reconciliation Trust Fund, September 2001. 
H5.4  Minutes of the Founding Meetings of the Home for All Development and Reconciliation Trust Fund, 8 November 2001 and 13 January 2002. 
H5.5  Report to the Ford Foundation on the work done by the Home to All Campaign for the funding period of 31 July to 31 December 2002. 
H5.6  Correspondence. 
H5.7  Home to All Campaign Business Plan 2003-2006. 
H6  HOMOSEXUALITY 1993-2005 
H6.1  Statements of the Bishops of the Diocese of Cape Town on Human Sexuality and the ordination of Women, 1993. 
H6.2  Public debate on Homosexuality, run by the SRC of Rhodes University on the 2-4 August 1994 during the Non-Homophobia Campaign. 
H6.3  Paper presented by R. Blassoples on topic of Towards an understanding of Human Sexuality and Homosexuality in the light of children having that orientation. 
H6.4  Sexuality Practical Report by R. Blassoples of Rhodes University, 1995. 
H6.5  Statement of the Anglican Primates on Human Sexuality, February 1997. 
H6.6  Press Statement on Homosexuality issued by the CPSA, Synod of Bishops, Cape Town, 6 March 1997. 
H6.7  Equality- News and Views of the National Coalition for Gay and Lesbian Equality (NCGLE) Issue 4 Nov.1996; Issue 3 May 1996. 
H6.8  Paper by Barney Pityana entitled: Human Sexuality: A Call for Dialogue, 11 June 1997. 
H6.9  Study Document on Homosexuality, 1997. 
H6.10  Speech by Archbishop of Canterbury on Human Sexuality, General Synod York, July 1997. 
H6.11  News Letters of the Ecumenical News International discussing various issues on human sexuality, July 1997. 
H6.12  Letter to the Bishops of the CPSA from Bishop David Russell on issue of Homosexuality. 
H6.13  Lambeth Conference debate on the question of Homosexuality, August 1997. 
H6.14  Bishops Statements from various worlds dioceses of the Anglican Church on some issues relating to sexuality, 1997. 
H6.15  Bishops correspondence relating to issues of homosexuality, 1998. 
H6.16  The joint statement by Bishop Spong (USA) and Bishop P. Lee (SA) Catechesis: A Dialogue between Believers, May 1998. 
H6.17  Bishop Peter Lee Letter to my friends on Homosexuality, 10 June 1998. 
H6.18  St Andrew’s Day Statement on Human Sexuality, 1995. 
H6.19  Bishops public support of gay Christians, 1998. 
H6.20  Clergy’s reflections on Human Sexuality after Lambeth Conference in 1998. 
H6.21  Plan of the Anglican Church to review ban on gay priests, September 1999. 
H6.22  Issue of homosexuals dispensing Holy Communion. 
H6.23  The Cambridge Accord and its position towards homosexual people, October 1999. 
H6.24  Archbishop Ndungane questions towards scriptural authority on homosexuality. 
H6.25  Documents relating to the Court Case CCT 60/04 in the Constitutional Court of South Africa: Lesbian and Gay Equality Project and Eighteen others versus Minister of Home Affairs and Others, October 2004; Decided on 01 December 2005. 
H7  HOPE AFRICA 2000-2009 
H7.1  CPSA, Diocese of Cape Town Church Based Community Organizing Report on Grant No. 5485, February 2000. 
H7.2  The Voice of the Youth Radio Station Project in Cape Town, February/March 2000. 
H7.3  Advisory Body for Social Development, February 2000. 
H7.4  Anglican diocese of Cape Town 2000 March Acquisition Test Mailing. 
H7.5  First and Second Meetings of the Advisory Body of the Department of Social Development for the Diocese of Cape Town, 26 April 2000 and 31 May 2000.  
H7.6  Fundraising Appeal Video Production of Journey to Wholeness, May 2000. 
H7.8  Hope Africa brings a little hope- Press Release, June 2000. 
H7.9  The Primary School Nutrition Programme. 
H7.10  First Annual Report of the Department of Social Development, December 2000. 
H7.11  Proposed Partnership between the Department of Social Development and Episcopal Relief and Development, USA, January 2001. 
H7.12  Primates request for practical issues for the church to deal with poverty, debt and jobs creation, February 2001. 
H7.13  Oscar Mpetha Foundation, March 2001. 
H7.14  Lunch of Wings of Hope, 19 April 2001. 
H7.15  The Accountability Institute SA First Regional Conference entitled: Measuring Impact: Accountability Methodologies for Service & Organizational Excellence, Cape Town, 26-28 August 2001. 
H7.16  Operational issues of the department of Social Development. 
H7.17  Department of Social Development Monthly Report to the Advisory Board, July 2001. 
H7.18  An Annual Report of the Department for 2001, December 2001. 
H7.19  Minutes of Advisory Board Meeting of the Department of Social Development, 6 July, 2001. 
H7.20  Lenten Appeal towards helping unemployed people, 2001. 
H7.21  Business Initiative to channel funds for the Development of Needy Communities in South Africa, July 2001. 
H7.22  Archbishop Ndungane Letter of Support to the workers of a shipping company Maersk Shipping Lines US based to treat them with respect and according to the labour standards, July 2001. 
H7.23  Mentoring and Coaching Conference, 21 August 2002. 
H7.24  Department of Social Development Financial Reports to Advisory Board: January-June 2001; January-October 2001; January-August 2001; January-December 2001. 
H7.25  Department’s Quarterly (August 2001) and Monthly (September 2001) Reports. 
H7.26  Minutes of Advisory Board Meeting on 3 August 2001. 
H7.27  The Anglican Diocese of Cape Town, its association and authority over HOPE AFRICA Foundation. 
H7.28  Fund raising for a video production for Hope Africa, November 2001. 
H7.29  Appointment of a new CEO of Hope Africa, 2002. 
H7.30  Hope Africa Board of Directors Meetings Reports, August 2002 and 20 November 2002. 
H7.31  Annual Programme Report of Hope Africa projects assistance to various parishes in the Diocese of Cape Town in 2002. 
H7.32  Hope Africa Financial Statements for 2012. 
H7.33  Minutes of a special Meeting of the Board of Directors, 14 February 2003. 
H7.34  African Labour Solutions Mediation for the Board of Hope Africa, 17 March 2003. 
H7.35  Report on HOPE AFRICA Visioning and Organizational Development Process. 
H7.36  HOPE AFRICA Board Meeting and issues of Directors membership, April/May 2003. 
H7.37  Report of the HOPE AFRICA Social Development Sub-Committee for the year 2002/03. 
H7.38  Chairperson’s Address at HOPE AFRICA Annual General Meeting, 12 June 2003. 
H7.39  A project of the Hawston Community in partnership with HOPE AFRICA, FCR and Greenhaus Architects (July 2002). 
H7.40  Resignations of HOPE AFRICA Board of Directors, issue of appointment of the Interim Board and Organization’s Budget for 2003/2004. 
H7.41  Chaplain’s of HOPE AFRICA Report on his first year in this position, 2003. 
H7.42  Minutes of a Meeting of the members of HOPE AFRICA on the 3rd of September 2003 and supporting documents.  
H7.43  Special Board of Directors Meeting on the 23 October 2003. 
H7.44  The Archbishop’s Address to the HOPE AFRICA Annual Consultation, 13 November 2003. 
H7.45  Report of the Independent Auditors to the members of Health, Opportunity, Partnership and Employment in Africa including annual financial statements, 31 December 2003. 
H7.46  HOPE AFRICA Annual Report for 2004. 
H7.47  SANGOCO Annual report 2004-2005. 
H7.48  HOPE AFRICA Consultation Meeting, 11 October 2005. 
H7.49  Technical Committee Meeting of the CPSA Poverty and Development Course, 26 October 2005. 
H7.50  List of HOPE AFRICA teams tasks to be completed before the next meeting in 2006. 
H7.51  Minutes of the Diocesan Chapter, 26 January 2006. 
H7.52  Governance Proposal for HOPE AFRICA Board of Directors on its members appointments and Boards functionality. 
H7.53  HOPE AFRICA Research Project for the database of the Organization and the diocesan social developments projects. 
H7.54  Records relating to An International Conference on Prophetic Witness, Social Development and HIV & AIDS entitled: Towards Effective Anglican Mission (Team), 7-16 March 2007, Boksburg, South Africa. 
H7.55  HOPE AFRICA Annual Report 2008. 
H7.56  HOPE AFRICA Newsletter, January 2010 and organization’s pamphlets. 
H8  HOUSING ( Western Cape area, 1997-1998) 
H8.1  Proposed Low Cost Housing Delivery Model for Cape Town. 
H8.2  Conceptual Report on the Joint Social Housing Initiative in Cape Town between The Church of the Province of South Africa and The new Housing Company, 1997. 
H8.3  Various housing options offered to the communities in the Western Cape area. 
H8.4  New Housing Policy for Cape Town Municipality. 
H8.5  The New Housing Company information pamphlet No 4, November 1997. 
H8.6  Prioritization of Housing Projects: Procedures and Criteria by The Housing Committee, February 1998. 
H8.7  Financial Motivation for a Low Cost Housing. 
H8.8  Principles for the Management of Public Rental Stock, Home Ownership Purchases and Hostels. 
H8.9  Report on Proposed Low-Cost Housing Delivery Model for Cape Town, 25 June 1998. 
H8.10  Documents relating to the Social Housing Foundation established in 1997. 
H9  HUMAN RIGHTS 2000-2007 
H9.1  Proposed National Conference on Racism addressing issues of racism and xenophobia, August/September 2000. 
H9.2  Human Rights Day Message, 10 December 2000. 
H9.3  Appointment of new Chairperson of the South African Human Rights Commission, 1 January 2002. 
H9.4  Summary of a Hout Bay community dialogue process with assistance of Archbishop 
  Ndungane to address the problems and find a common ground. 
H9.5  World Mental Health Day 2004 focused on the relationship between mental and physical health, October 2004. 
H9.6  Common Initiative of the Religious Leaders and representatives of various NGO organizations to combat Human Trafficking, 2007. 
H9.7  People’s Hurricane Relief Fund and Oversight Coalition (PHRF) and the International Tribunal addressing the US Government’s human right violations, December 2008. 
  The records include: an information on the Roundtable Discussion- Power to the People, 3 June 2004 and IDASA Conference on Deepening Democracy in South Africa. 
I2.1  Annual Report & Financial Statements of the Institute for the year of 2000. 
I2.2  The Institute’s Application for Funding, August 2002. 
I2.3  Footprint Newsletters from The Institute for Healing of Memories, First Quarter 2003 and July 2007. 
I2.4  Report on a Conference entitled: Journey to Healing & Wholeness, Robben Island, 14-17 April 2004. 
I3.1  Funding Proposals for establishment of an Institute for Change, Memory and Reconciliation/Institute for Justice and Reconciliation in Africa, 1997-1999.  
I3.2  Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum and Articles of Association of Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, 26 November 1999. 
I3.3  Minutes of an Inaugural General Meeting of the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, 9 May 2000. 
I3.4  Meeting of the Directors and Board of Management of the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation in Africa (IJARA), 10 August 1999. 
I3.5  Institute for Justice and Reconciliation Funding Proposal on Reparations and Memorialization, Reconciliation after the TRC, August 2000. 
I3.6  Statement entitled: Declaration of Commitment by White South Africans, November 2000. 
I3.7  Annual Report 2000 of the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation. 
I3.8  Home for All Campaign, 2001. 
I3.9  Minutes of the Institute Executive Committee Meetings for the year of 2001. 
I3.10  Report entitled: Truth Yes, Reconciliation Maybe: South Africans Judge The Truth and reconciliation Process by J. Gibson & H. Macdonald, 11 June 2001. 
I3.11  Press Statement by the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation on an issue of Presidential Pardon of 33 Prisoners, 24 of Whom Were Denied Amnesty by the TRC, 17 May 2002. 
I3.12  Nominations list for the Annual Reconciliation Award for 2003. 
I3.13  Institute for Justice and Reconciliation Annual Financial Statements for 2004. 
I3.14  Cape Town Memory Project, 2005. 
I3.15  Public Symposium on: The State of Democracy in South Africa Today, 18 April 2007. 
I3.16  Minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings of the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, 2002-2007. 
I3.17  Annual General Meetings of the Institute, 2001-2004; 2007. 
  Records include: Interim Report and correspondence, 2003/2004. 
  Documents include correspondence relating to the activities of the Organization and the Conference for CPSA clergy in Interfaith situations. 
I6.1  Agenda and Minutes of the Trustees Meeting of the Church Community Leadership Trust, 20 February 1998. 
I6.2  Report to Trustees on: The current state of Theological Education, the National Qualifications Framework, and possible opportunities for CCLT. 
I6.3  Contextualization of Theological Education Prize, 1998. 
I6.4  Partner institutions programmes funded by the CCLT. 
I6.5  Steering Committee Meeting of the International Anglican Symposium, 31 January - 2 February 2006. 
I6.6  Documents relating to the Anglican Conference on Social Development and HIV/AIDS, 10-16 September 2006. 
  Documents are related to the First African Peace through Tourism Conference in Mpumalanga, March, 3-7, 2002. 
I8.1  Financial arrangements between the Inter-Religious Commission on Crime and violence in the Western Cape and the World Conference on Religion and Peace, 1998. 
I8.2  Religious leaders serving on the Governing Body of the Inter-Religious Commission, 1999 and 2001. 
I8.3  Report on the activities of the Inter-Religious Commission on Crime and Violence in the Western Cape, January 1999. 
I8.4  Inter-Religious Commission Governing Board Meetings in February and March of 1999. 
I8.5  Presentation at Media Function towards elections of 1999. 
I8.6  Archbishop Ndungane appeal to the leaders of the political parties in the Legislature of the Western Cape on behalf of the Inter-Religious Commission for peace and reconciliation, June 1999. 
I8.7  Reflections on the Electoral Code of Conduct Observer Commission for the 99 Elections in the Western Cape, July/August 1999. 
I8.8  Documents relating to the Meeting between SAPS Commissioner and religious leaders of Western Cape, 31 July 2001.  
I8.9  Inkatha Freedom Party Memorandum on Crime and Violence in the Western Cape. 
I8.10  UDM Memorandum to the Minister of Community Safety in the Western Cape, 18 September 2001. 
I8.11  Archbishop Ndungane press release on violence against any person or community, 15 September 2001. 
I8.12  Board of Governors of the Centre for Conflict Resolution statement on terror attacks on the United States, 18 September 2001. 
I8.13  Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Inter-Religious Commission on Crime and Violence in the Western Cape, 21st September 2001. 
I8.14  Statement to religious leaders on behalf of the Inter-Religious Commission on Crime and Violence, 27th September 2001. 
I8.15  Minutes of the All-Party Summit in Bishopscourt on the 28th of September 2001. 
I8.16  Transcript of Achmat Cassim interview, 30 September 2001. 
I8.17  UDM Statement at a Media Conference on gunning down one of their members. 
I8.18  Muslim Judicial Council Letter of Complaint on SABC Xenophobia, 1st of November 2001. 
I8.19  Project entitled: Men against violence on women, February/March 2002. 
I8.20  Crime Prevention Awareness Campaign organized by the SAPS, communities, church leaders and various organizations of the Western Cape, February 2002. 
I8.21  Constitution of the inter-Religious Commission on Crime and Violence in the Western Cape. 
I8.22  Adopted Proposals for Setting-up the Inter-Religious Commission on Crime & Violence in the Western Cape, October 1997. 
I8.23  Memorandum to the President of the republic of South Africa submitted by the Religious Leaders serving on the Governing Board of the Inter-Religious Commission on Crime and Violence in the Western Cape, 24 April 1998. 
I8.24  Commission’s Consultation with Political Parties, 7 March 2000. 
I8.25  Update on the work of the Commission, 3 March 2000. 
I8.26  Application for financial assistance to run a project in the run-up elections. 
I8.27  Working Group Meeting, 24 May 2000. 
I8.28  Resignation of the Commission’s Coordinator, July 2000. 
I8.29  Rally for Peace, Khayelitsha, 6 August 2000. 
I8.30  Commission Meeting, 18 October 2000. 
I8.31  Commission EXCO Meeting, 16 May 2002. 
I8.32  Statement by the Archbishop Ndungane, 17th October 2002. 
I8.33  Anti-Gang Strategy Workshop, February 2003. 
I8.34  Submission by the Inter-religious Commission on Crime and Violence in the Western Cape to the Portfolio Committee on Justice and Constitutional Development, 15th September 2003. 
  Documents include: programme of the seminar, Archbishop Ndungane address and presentations by other international speakers. 
J1  JEWISH AFFAIRS 1996-1999  
  Documents include: correspondence and Archbishop Ndungane address delivered at Temple Israel on the 17th of January 1997. 
J2  JOHANNESBURG, Diocese of 1996-2003 
J2.1  Report of the Diocesan Commission on Growth and Clergy Deployment, October 1996. 
J2.2  Good Friday Service at St Martins-in-the Veld Anglican Church, Johannesburg, February 1997. 
J2.3  Southern African Council for Theological Education Annual Report, 1996-1997. 
J2.4  Feedback on the meeting of the clergy and parish members of St. Luke’s Church with Archbishop Ndungane, August 1997. 
J2.5  Constitutional Education Initiatives Report, September 1997. 
J2.6  Lambeth Conference Questionnaire on Islam and Homosexuality, 1998. 
J2.7  Service of Reclamation of the Church of Christ the King, Sophiatown, 23rd of November 1997. 
J2.8  Letter from the bishop of Johannesburg to President Mandela, 28 February 1998. 
J2.9  Archbishop Tutu statement on Homosexuality and The World Council of Churches, March 1998. 
J2.10  Memorial Service for Archbishop Sir Ernest Trevor Huddleston on the 5th of May, 1998 at the Cathedral of St Mary The Virgin, Johannesburg. 
J2.11  Africa Christian Community Development Trust Housing Division Project, September 1998. 
J2.12  Correspondence relating to Mr. Gumede, March/April 1999. 
J2.13  Diocesan AIDS Programme of the Anglican Diocese of Johannesburg. 
J2.14  Diocese of Johannesburg Elective Assembly, November 1999. 
J2.15  Order of Service for the Installation of The Right Reverend Brian Charles Germond as Bishop of Johannesburg in the Cathedral Church of St Mary the Virgin, 14th May 2000. 
J2.16  CPSA Provincial Budget for the year 2001. 
J2.17  Parish of St Luke’s, Bosmont in Johannesburg and case of Rev Ernest Quickfall. 
J2.18  Case of Peter Beart’s resignation as a stipendiary priest in the diocese of Johannesburg, October/November 2002. 
J2.19  AD CLERUM: March- December 2003 and February 2004. 
J2.20  St Peter’s Anniversary Celebration, June 2003. 
J2.21  Institute for Housing of South Africa (Gauteng Branch) and Housing Awards 2003. 
J2.22  St Michael’s Jubilee, September 2003. 
J2.23  The Coalition of Anglican Children’s Homes (COACH) Project of the Diocese of Johannesburg. 
J2.24  Diocesan Youth Council of the Anglican Diocese of Johannesburg. 
J2.25  Moral Regeneration Movement, 2004. 
J2.26  St Augustine College of South Africa, December 2005. 
J2.27  Letter to Bishop Brian Germond from the priest Geoff Paxton, 2005. 
J2.28  Status of St Ansgar’s Combined School, 2006. 
J2.29  CPSA Note to the Archbishop and All Diocesan Bishops, Report from Diocesan Secretaries, June 2006. 
K 1  KAISER FAMILY FOUNDATION 2003-2004 1 file 
K1.1  Brief History of the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Involvement in South Africa. 
K1.2  Results of the National Survey of HIV and Sexual Behaviour among young South Africans carried out in 2003. 
K1.3  Information on Visit to South Africa of the Board of Trustees of the Henry J. Kaisler Family Foundation and members of the Board of Trustees, 2004. 
K1.4  Bishop Ndungane speech at meeting with Kaiser Family Foundation Board on South Africa’s fight against HIV/AIDS, 5 July 2004. 
K1.5  Correspondence relating to the visit of Kaiser Family to South Africa. 
K1.6  Love Life and HIV Prevention Project, 2003. 
K2  KIMBERLEY AND KURUMAN, DIOCESE, 1996 2007. 4 files 
K2.1  The Diocese Profile. 
K2.2  Report of the Diocesan Strategic Meeting, 16 January 1996. 
K2.3  Appointment of the Vicar General of the Diocese of Kimberley and Kuruman, September 1996. 
K2.4  The Anglican Clergy Children’s Care Fund Trust. 
K2.5  Documents relating to the Consecration and Enthronement of Bishop Itumeleng Baldwin Moseki as Bishop of the Diocese of Kimberley & Kuruman, 30 November 1996. 
K2.6  Kuruman Moffat Mission Trust. 
K2.7  Report on work and activities in the Diocese of Kimberley and Kuruman for the period of April 1996 - March 1998. 
K2.8  Tribute to late Canon Abel Letebele, 20.12.1997. 
K2.9  Religion and Crime Believers Summit in the Mmabatho Convention Centre, 15 May 1998. 
K2.10  Notice of Annual Vestry Meeting of the Parish of St Paul-Kimberley, 28 June 1998. 
K2.11  President’s Charge for the 46th Session of the Synod of the Diocese of Kimberley and Kuruman held at St Cyprian’s Cathedral, 2-4 October 1998. 
K2.12  Application for Financial Assistance for St James Parish Choir to participate in a concert in the Diocese of Oxford, UK, March 2002. 
K2.13  Documents relating to problems encountered at St James Parish In Kimberley, 2002. 
K2.14  Records relating to the employment and dismissal of Reverend Augustine Maropong, 1998/1999. 
K2.15  Correspondence of the Diocese of Kimberley and Kuruman, 1996- 2003. 
  Topics discussed: chaplaincy work, opening of a new library at the Kuruman Moffat Mission Trust, training of the ministers, asbestos litigation case, meetings of church leaders. 
K2.16  Diocese of Kimberley and Kuruman publications. They include issues of Highway, 1999-2006 and Prayer Diaries, 2001-2007. 
K3  KLERKSDORP, DIOCESE, 1998- 2005. 1 file 
K3.1  Possibility of working Society of Sacred Mission in the Diocese of Klerksdorp. 
K3.2  Bishop’s Charge to Synod 1998 for the Diocese of Klerksdorp. 
K3.3  Archbishop Ndungane visitation to Klerksdorp in October 2002. 
K3.4  Proposal for the Joint Insurance Fund (JIF), the Dioceses of Johannesburg and Matlosane (previously Klerksdorp) to jointly cover the costs of reconstructing the rectory at Holy Family Church, 2005. 
K3.5  AD CLERUM Newsletters for 1996, 1997 & 1999. 
K3.6  Correspondence (1996-2004). 
K4  KAIROS FOUNDATION 1998 - 2001 1 file 
K4.1  Background of the Kairos Prison Ministry. 
K4.2  One City Leadership Indaba organized by the Kairos Foundation in Cape Town in 2000. 
K4.3  Kairos Prison Ministry in the USA. 
K5  KARPF TED, Reverend Canon, 2000 - 2003. 1 file 
K5.1  CV and achievements of Reverend Canon Ted Karpf. 
K5.2  Documents relating to involvement of Ted Karpf in the CPSA work in South Africa in the strategy of the HIV/AIDS and children Project in 2003. 
K5.3  Programme Responsibilities of the HIV/AIDS Coordinator for the Anglican Communion. 
K5.4  Documents relating to the CPSA Application for Financial Aid to the Episcopal Relief and Development in New York, 2000/2001. 
L1  LAMBETH CONFERENCE, 1998 & 2004. 1 file 
L1.1  Resolutions from the regions accepted by the Lambeth Conference. 
L1.2  Paper presented at the 13th Lambeth Conference by D. Ackermann on humanity. 
L1.3  Documents relating to the sexuality issues discussed at the Lambeth Conference in 1998. 
L1.4  Invitation to Anglican-Catholic Consultation , May 2000. 
L1.5  The Anglican Communion Institute submission to the Lambeth Commission. 
L1.6  Design Group Meeting of the 2008 Anglican Gathering and Lambeth Conference in June 2004. 
L1.7  Correspondence, 2000-2004. 
L2.1  Documents relating to the South African Council of Churches (SACC) and The National Land Committee Conference on land issues entitled: The Effective Utilization of Church Land, November 1997. 
L2.2  Submission to the National Land Committee by Andile Mngxitama, land rights coordinator, a document Speak out on poverty 1998.  
L2.3  South African Church’s position on land issue in South Africa introduced in an article Towards a theology of church land in South Africa 1999. 
L2.4  The Public Launch of the Church Land Programme, July 2000.  
L2.5  CPSA workshop on land for Abbotsdale Community, 15 October 2000. 
L2.6  Proposal to the CPSA on The just and sustainable use of its land in South Africa, September 2000. 
L2.7  Documents relating to the CPSA Land Summit in the Pastoral Centre in Durban, 31 October-2 November 2001. 
L2.7.1  Invitation to Archbishop Ndungane to participate in the Summit. 
L2.7.2  Programme of the Summit and topics to be discussed. 
L2.7.3  Comments to Archbishop Ndungane to his keynote address at the CPSA Land Summit. 
L2.7.4  A Review of South African Land Reform presented at the Land Summit in Durban, 31 October 2001. 
L2.7.5  Resolution from the CPSA Land Summit 2001. 
L2.7.6  The CPSA position on the land issue in the Diocese of Natal. 
L2.7.7  Justice and Peace presentation during the Land Summit on the land ownership. 
L2.7.8  Report of the Land Summit entitled: A Place to Belong, Durban 2001. 
L2.7.9  Paper entitled: Land A Challenge to the Church of the Province of Southern Africa. 
L2.7.10  CPSA call for an Impact Assessments during the Land Summit, Durban 2001. 
L2.8  Introduction of Church Land Programme in the dioceses, 2003. 
L2.9  Documents relating to the Prestwich Place Burial Ground in Cape Town, 2003. 
L2.10  Government Communal Land Rights Bill and its impact on the democratic rights of the South Africans living in former homelands. 
L2.11  Concept Proposal presented by The Social Housing Company to The Anglican Diocese of Cape Town on a Social Housing Project, 22 August 2005. 
L2.12  Luyolo Community land Claim submitted by the Simon’s Town Restitution Development Trust 2005/2006. 
L2.13  Seminar on the Land Reform Programme in the Western Cape, October 2006. 
L2.14  Documents relating to the land issue in Zimbabwe. 
L2.15  Request by The National African Farmers Union of South Africa for a meeting with the South African Council of Churches to discuss land issue. 
L2.16  Land Update publication of the National Land committee for February & December 1997. 
L3  LAY MINISTRIES TRAINING, 1988 - 1998. 1 file 
L3.1  Prospectus 1988/89 Training for Ministries of the Laity published by the Diocese of Johannesburg. 
L3.2  Minutes of the Meeting of the Central Region Lay Training Forum, November 1997. 
L3.3  Pastoral Care Laity Training Course for Central Region in 1997/1998. 
L3.4  Lay Training Modules prepared and published by the Lay Training Forum, 1997/1998. 
L3.5  Lay-Ministry Training Courses planned in the Western Region. 
L3.6  Matters discussed at the Lay Training Forum meeting in the diocese of Cape Town, 1998. 
L3.7  Information Schedule for Lay Training in 1998/1999. 
L3.8  Lay Training Modules published by the Lay Training Forum in the Diocese of Cape Town, 1998/1999. 
L3.9  Minutes of the meeting of the lay Training Forum on the 15th of August 1998. 
L4  LEBOMBO DIOCESE, 1996 - 2003 1 file 
L4.1  Award to the Bishop of Lebombo, Dinis Sengulane by the British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth, as Honorary Companion of St. Michael & St. George (CMG), December 1996. 
L4.2  Correspondence to Bishop of Lebombo relating to the Synod of Bishops and possibility of churches to work in agricultural, health and education programmes in cooperation of SA Embassy in order to help Angola, 1997. 
L4.3  Letter from Graca Machel to Archbishop of Cape Town about the Mozambican Debt, 25 August 1997. 
L4.4  Ordination of women to the priesthood and the position on the issue of the Bishop of Lebombo, November/December 1999. 
L4.5  Support to the flood victims in Mozambique. 
L4.6  Confirmations and ordinations in Angola, December 2000. 
L4.7  Planning of Archbishop Ndungane’s visit to Mozambique, 2001. 
L4.8  Financial matters of the Diocese of Lebombo, 2002. 
L4.9  Lebombo Diocesan Standing Committee appeal for help to the floods victims, 2003. 
L4.10  A proposed Relief to the Development Programme for transforming Mozambique, April 2000. 
L5  LELIEBLOEM HOUSE, 1994-2006. 1 file 
L5.1  Documents containing information about activities of the Leliebloem House, 1997-1998. 
L5.2  Recommendations for the proposed Women and Gender Board (WGB). Female priests and bishops, July/August 2003. 
L5.3  Leliebloem House Annual Reports 1994 - 2006. 
L5.4  News Updates, 2004 - 2006. 
L6  LESOTHO DIOCESE, 1997- 2002. 1 file 
L6.1  Annual Report of St James Hospital In Lesotho for 1995/1996. 
L6.2  Information on fellowship at the College of Ascension in Birmingham. 
L6.3  Review of the Durham-Lesotho Link in a Partnership for World Mission. 
L6.4  Newsletter of the Anglican Church in Lesotho, November 1997. 
L6.5  Documents relating to the elections of the Bishop of Lesotho, 1997, 1999. 
L6.6  Position of the Anglican Church in Lesotho on the urgent situation in this country, 1998. 
L6.7  Transfer of Bishop Andrew Duma to the Diocese of Bloemfontein, 1999. 
L6.8  Visit of Archbishop Ndungane in Lesotho in May 1999 and his audience with King Letsie III. 
L6.9  Appeal of the Bishop of Lesotho to people of this country for peace towards the elections, 11 May 2000. 
L6.10  50 years of the Diocese of Lesotho, June 2000. 
L6.11  Bishop Joseph’s visit to Durham in September 2000. 
L6.12  The Bishop’s Charge delivered at the 15th Session of Diocesan Synod by Bishop of Lesotho, Joseph Tsubella, 12th of February 2002. 
L6.13  Articles of Presentment against Bishop J Tsubella- Lesotho Diocese, January 2002. 
L6.14  Message to the people of Lesotho from archbishop Ndungane before the elections in May 2002. 
L6.15  Donation to the Diocese of Lesotho towards HIV/AIDS related work in this area. 
L6.16  Correspondence. 
L7  LINK DIOCESES, 1998 - 2005 2 files 
L7.1  Planned visit of archbishop Ndungane to Honduras following devastating Hurricane Mitch in 1998 discussed in correspondence with bishop of Washington Rev. Haines. 
L7.2  Message from the clergy and the people of the Diocese of Cape Town to the clergy and people of the Diocese of Honduras. 
L7.3  Archbishop’s Ndungane media statement on situation in Honduras, December 1998. 
L7.4  The Washington Office on Africa document entitled: Toward a just settlement to the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 12.06.1998. 
L7.5  Invitation for archbishop Ndungane to deliver the keynote address to the national Consultation on Trade, Aid and Debt: Toward Economic Justice in Africa in Washington in June 1999. 
L7.6  Minutes of a meeting held with the bishop of Washington, Rev. Haines at Bishopscourt, Diocese of Cape Town, 8th of March 1999. 
L7.7  Archbishop Ndungane visit to Honduras in January 1999. 
L7.8  Notes for a speech made in Washington at companion diocesan meeting, June 1999. 
L7.9  Re-establishment the link between the diocese of Cape Town and Washington, 1999. 
L7.10  Note of a meeting between the archbishop of Cape Town and the bishop of Selby. 
L7.11  Cooperation between the Diocese of Washington DC, USA, Honduras and St Johns in Cape Province through the Diocesan Link Committee, June 2000. 
L7.12  Documents relating to the Pilgrimage 2000 organized by the Diocese of Washington DC and Diocese of Cape Town Companionship Relationship Committee. 
L7.13  Minutes of the Washington Companion Relationship Women’s Sub-Committee meetings for 2002 - 2004. 
L7.14  Memorandum from the bishop of Washington for a meeting of people interested in cooperation with African Continent, 14 August 2002. 
L7.15  Action Plan of the Washington DC visit to Cape Town in 2003. 
L7.16  Letter to archbishop Ndungane from the German Marshall Fund of the United States about their project called the Trade and Poverty Forum, January 2003. 
L7.17  Correspondence relating to redefining link between the Dioceses of Washington and Cape Town, May 2003. 
L7.18  Assistance of the US Corporate Council on Africa, Constituency for Africa & Africare to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa, Legislative Alert, May 2003. 
L7.19  Proposals of extended partnership between Washington Committee and the diocese of Cape Town, May 2003. 
L7.20  Problems with USAID funds and its supported programme for African continent. 
L7.21  Testimony before the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee by the Washington Office on Africa concerning vision of US- Africa trade relations and Archbishop Ndungane comments of the document, June 2003. 
L7.22  Report on the visit of the bishop of Umzimvubu to the Washington DC sent to archbishop of Cape Town, July 2003. 
L7.23  Cape Town Women’s Committee project on violence against women, August 2003.  
L7.24  Model for the Southern Africa Partnership Committee. The document includes: Diocese of Washington Report of the Task Force, Resolution and Statement on The Diocese of Washington Partnership with the CPSA, Proposed Budget 2004. 
L7.25  Publication of the Washington Office on Africa entitled: Washington Notes on Africa, 3 issues for 2003. 
L7.26  Celebration of the Partnership between the Diocese of Washington and The Church of the Province of Southern Africa, 31 January/1 February 2004 in Washington. 
L7.27  Donations from the Washington National Cathedral to the AIDS ministry of the CPSA , February/March 2004. 
L7.28  Bishop of Washington Appeal for donations to the Annual Fund for Mission, Ministry, Outreach and Development, Easter 2004. 
L7.29  Disbanding of The Washington Women’s Committee, June 2003. 
L7.30  Correspondence relating to the visit of bishop Barbara Harris to South Africa in October 2004. 
L7.31  News form Episcopal News Service, 17 May 2005. 
L7.32  Consultation of International Religious Leaders on Global Poverty in the Washington National Cathedral, 11 September 2005. 
L7.33  Discussion organized by archbishop Ndungane during a global Consultation of Religious Leaders on Global Poverty, September 2005. 
L8  LITURGICAL COMMITTEE, 1994- 2004 1 file 
L8.1  Liturgical Committee Special Meeting in February 1994. 
L8.2  New draft of the funeral service written by Liturgical Commission. 
L8.3  Modern version of the Lord’s Prayer approved by the Church of England, February 1998. 
L8.4  Criteria for decent hymns and hymns books, 1998. 
L8.5  Issue of morning prayer and lessons with Eucharist, May 1998. 
L8.6  Article on Jacob Tabane prepared for inclusion by the Liturgical Committee, May 1998. 
L8.7  Liturgy Course Report, October 1998. 
L8.8  International Anglican Liturgical Consultation, October/November 1998. 
L8.9  Lay Training Forum Meeting, 14 November 1998. 
L8.10  Liturgical Committee Report for Synod of Bishops, 21 August 1998. 
L8.11  Reports of the Liturgical Conferences in India, August 1999. 
L8.12  Special day of prayer in the Lectionary for orphans, vulnerable and abandoned children, Cape Town 2004. 
L8.13  Diocesan liturgical events plan for 2004 in the Diocese of Cape Town. 
L8.14  Correspondence. 
L9  LOVE LIFE, 2003-2010. 1 file 
L9.1  Love Life National Advisory Board Meeting in Langa Y-Centre, Cape Town, 31 January 2003. 
L9.2  South Africa’s National HIV Prevention Programme for Youth, 1999-2003. 
L9.3  Presentation by David Harrison, chief executive officer of Love Life. 
L9.4  Love life launch of the national campaign for parents. 
L9.5  Presentation of archbishop Ndungane, deputy chairperson of love Life Advisory Board, on HIV/AIDS infection among children and sexual life among teenagers, May 2003. 
L9.6  Opening of the Love life games in Durban, 29 September 2003. 
L9.7  Love life Advisory Board Meeting, 20 November 2003. 
L9.8  Report on sexual behaviour among South African youth, May 2004. 
L9.9  Reply to an article in Mail & Guardian criticizing South Africa’s affords to prevent HIV/AIDS infections among children and youth, 19 August 2005.  
L9.10  Loss of the Global Fund money to the Love Life Campaign, 2006. 
L9.11  Article on AIDS in South Africa published in New York Times, August 2006. 
L9.12  Love Life Advisory Board meeting, 11 November 2006. 
L9.13  Booklet of Love Life Talk about it August 2006. 
L10  LUTHERAN CHURCH, 1993-2005, 1file 
L10.1  Guidelines for Anglican-Lutheran Worship published by the Anglican-Lutheran International Commission 1993. 
L10.2  Approval by the Episcopal Church of the historical agreement with Lutherans, 1997. 
L10.3  Report of the African Anglican-Lutheran Consultation in Kempton Park, Johannesburg, 17-18 December 1997. 
L10.4  Commentary by the Lutheran-Episcopal Coordinating Committee on the rejection of the Concordat of Agreement to establish full communion, 28 August 1997. 
L10.5  Anglican/Lutheran Unity in Canada, June 1998. 
L10.6  Report of the Interim Committee of the African Anglican Lutheran Consultation, Harare, 9-12 March 1999. 
L10.7  Signing of the Joint Declaration between the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and the Roman Catholic Church in Augsburg, Germany, 31 October 1999. 
L10.8  Interfaith Consultation on Peace in Africa organized by the Lutheran World Federation, March/April 2001. 
L10.9  Working Paper of the Lutheran World Federation entitled: Engaging Economic Globalization as a Communion May 2001. 
L10.10  Lutheran World Information service providing information on the HIV/AIDS situation in African countries.  
L10.11  Biographical information on the Lutheran Secretary General, Reverend Dr Ishmael Noko. 
L10.12  Topics discussed at the joint staff meeting of Anglican-Lutheran international Working Group, May 2004. 
L10.13  Possible visit of archbishop of Finland to Cape Town, 2005. 
M 1  MARION INSTITUTE, 1998. 1 file 
  Records include the Annual Report of 1998 and correspondence. 
M2  MARRIAGE, Practice as proposed by the Church of the Province of South Africa. 1 file 
M2.1  Form of Application for Marriage prepared and published by CPSA, 1981. 
M2.2  Application for a Marriage Officer’s Licence, 1997. 
M2.3  Correspondence relating to the Church Marriage Officers duties towards solemnizing marriages, 2000, 2003. 
M2.4  Study Guide prepared by the Southern African Anglican Theological Commission entitled: Towards Theology and Practice of Marriage 2001. 
M2.5  Marriage Alliance of South Africa Project and its purpose, 2005. 
M2.6  An Anglican perspective on understanding marriage according to Christian tradition. 
M2.7  Liturgy for recognizing the closure of marriage. 
M2.8  Presentation of the biblical view of marriage in the article Marriage is published by the United Church Ministry, August 2006. 
M2.9  Civil Union Bill published by the Republic of South Africa in Government Gazette, 31 August 2006. 
M2.10  Publications of the African Enterprise, 2004. 
M3  MEDIA, 1994-1999. 1 file 
M3.1  Release form for using Archbishop Ndungane interview in a TV & Radio production in the United States, July 1994. 
M3.2  Proposal to support a Communications Officer for the Church of the Province of Southern Africa. 
M3.3  Portfolio prepared for the Archbishop of Cape Town, Reverend Ndungane by the QUO VADIS COMMUNICATIONS, January to March 1997. 
  It contains the Archbishop’s statements, addresses, messages, articles and press releases. 
M3.4  Selection of newspaper clippings compiled by the QUO VADIS COMMUNICATIONS, January to March 1997. 
M3.5  Press Statements and media releases of Archbishop Ndungane on issues of land and crime and violence in South Africa, March- September 1997. 
M3.6  Proposed contribution towards Christian celebration article for publication in edition of EBONY magazine, October 1998. 
M3.7  Press statements and media releases by the SACC and other Christian organizations on sharing news and resources for mission and development in African context. 
M3.8  Media releases, statements and articles by Archbishop Ndungane presented in 1998. 
M3.9  Lunch of Foreign Correspondents Association, 17 September 1998. 
M3.10  Anniversary celebrations of the Langa-Kwanobuhle Self Help and Resource Exchange, 9 November 1998. 
M3.11  Course in Religious Journalism approved by the CPSA, October 1998. 
M3.12  Collaboration between Independent Newspapers and the Washington based Kaiser Family Foundation, December 1998. 
M3.13  Position of Archbishop Ndungane towards issue of cancellation of the international debt, December 1998. 
M3.14  Open letter to Archbishop Of Cape Town and his statement on Homosexuality, December 1998/January 1999. 
M3.15  One City Many Cultures Project, 1999. 
M3.16  Request by the Perspective Christian newspaper for an interview with Archbishop Ndungane on the topic of Christian involvement in government and politics, 1999. 
M3.17  Participation of archbishop Ndungane in the project Reality Show organized by the Independent Newspapers and the Kaiser Family Foundation (USA) April 1999. 
M3.18  IXth International Anti-Corruption Conference in Durban, 10-15 October 1999. 
M3.19  Memorandum from the Independent Forum for Religious Broadcasting to the government of SA about restoring of the religion in the Broadcasting Bill, May 1999. 
M3.20  CPSA Media Committee strategy to help the Diocese of Cape Town become more visible in the media, May 1999. 
M3.21  Pimsa International Ecumenical Organization for SADC churches, its concept, aims and objectives, May 1999. 
M3.22  University of the Western Cape and Ecumenical Foundation of Southern Africa Project to launch series of millennium conferences in 1999. 
M3.23  Peace Prayer Service at the St Mary Magdalien Church in Guguletu, 30 May 1999. 
M3.24  Pastoral Letter from Archbishop Ndungane to the People of the Diocese of Cape Town. 7 December 1999. 
M3.25  Christmas message to Cape Argus readers from Archbishop Ndungane, 24 December 1999. 
M3.26  Study and national adult survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation and Independent New Group to establish how South Africans feel about democracy, the government performance and the future of the country. 
M3.27  Statements and press releases by Archbishop Ndungane and CPSA for 1999. 
M3.28  Information on children’s colouring competition and project for the Study of Alternative Education in South Africa, May 1999. 
M3.29  SACP publication New Life May 1999 and The Washington Post of October 1995. 
M3.30  Media Print, 1997-1998. 
M3.30.1  Profile of Archbishop Ndungane. 
M3.30.2  Newspaper Articles written by Archbishop Ndungane published in South African major newspapers. 
M3.30.3  Newspaper clippings relating to Archbishop Ndungane opinions on various social, political and economic matters, 1997/1998. 
M4  MEN'S MARCH, 2000 - 2006. 2 files 
M4.1  Correspondence and meetings with various organizations and big business relating to the Mens March Against Violence Against Women, August-September 2000.  
M4.2  Minutes of the Women Demand Dignity Network supporting the planned Men’s March in November 2000 in Cape Town. 
M4.3  Donations offered by big companies towards The International Day for Combating Violence against Women and Children/Men’s March on the 25th of November 2000. 
M4.4  Invitations to the Government Departments and Ministers to participate in the Men’s March. 
M4.5  Statement form Archbishop Ndungane on the Men’s March, 25 November 2000. 
M4.6  The background of the Men’s March, 22 November 2000. 
M4.7  Demands presented by the participants during the Men’s March. 
M4.8  Letters of support to Men’s March offered by Ilitha Labantu in Guguletu. 
M4.9  Newspaper clippings relating to the March, 27 November 2000. 
M4.10  Meetings with Archbishop Ndungane and the Steering Committee of the Men’s March 2001, April -July 2001. 
M4.11  The Men’s March Mobilizing Document, January - March 2001. 
M4.12  Plan and resources needed for a successful Men’s March in 2001 according to meetings of the Steering Committee. 
M4.13  Letters of support to the Men’s March of 2001. 
M4.14  Men’s March 2001 Budget. 
M4.15  Updates on the Men’s March 2001. 
M4.16  Mobilizing letter written by Allan Boesak for the March Against Violence on Women 25 October 2015. 
M4.17  Press Conference for the Men’s March with Minister Zola Skweyiya and archbishop Ndungane, 30 October 2001. 
M4.18  Men’s March Programme, 14 November 2001. 
M4.19  Men’s March Agenda for a Change, 16 November 2001. 
M4.20  White Ribbon Rally organized by the White Ribbon Rally, 25 November 2001. 
M4.21  Newspaper clippings, 2001. 
M4.22  Invitations to prominent South Africans and organizations to the Men’s March Steering Committee, July 2001. 
M4.23  Statement following a joint meeting of Government, Civil Society Structures, NGO’s Media and religious groups on the Men’s March against Violence on Women and Children, 30 July 2001. 
M4.24  Document providing the National Statistics on rape crisis in Cape Town. 
M4.25  Newspaper clippings on violent crime in Cape Town, 2003. 
M4.26  16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children Campaign 2003. 
M4.27  Women Demand Dignity campaigns. 
M4.28  Press releases on the issue of pornography, May 2003. 
M4.29  Moral Regeneration Movement Western Cape in support of Violence against Women Strategies, press release on the 3rd November 2003. 
M4.30  Draft Programme of the Annual Good Men’s March and the Women’s Rally, 25 November 2003. 
M4.31  Kairos position on violent crime, 25 August 2006. 
M4.32  Archbishop Ndungane invitation to meeting to discuss 2006 Men’s March, 2006. 
M4.33  Religious Leader’s meeting in Bishopscourt, 2 November 2006 and community leaders meeting for March against violence. 
M4.34  March against Violent Crimes Plan. 
M4.35  Letter from Archbishop Ndungane to the Mayor of Cape Town about 2006 March against Violence, 2 November 2006. 
M4.36  March against Violence Meeting Minutes, 15 November 2006. 
M4.37  Media Briefing by Archbishop Ndungane on the March against Violence, 22 November 2006. 
M4.38  Booklet of March against Violence and White Ribbon Awards. 
M4.39  Prayer for the March against Violence, 25 November 2006. 
M4.40  Pledge/Petition to Parliament to Building Peace, 25 November 2006. 
M4.41  Women Demand Dignity proposal for funding for the 2006 International day for the Prevention of Violence against Women Campaign in South Africa, 25 November - 10 December 2006. 
M5  MILLENIUM PROJECT, 1997 - 2001. 1 file 
M5.1  Correspondence relating to planning of Millennium Project, 1997. 
M5.2  Overall Theme of the Millennium 2000 Jubilee: Journey to Wholeness and comments on the celebrations from bishops. 
M5.3  Message for the Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders, August 2000. 
M5.4  Millennium Development Goals and targets for 2005, 2015. 
M5.5  Documents relating to the e-MALI Trust in Umtata, 2001. 
M6  MISSION AND MINISTRY, 1988 - 2007. 3 files 
M6.1  Minutes of the meetings of the Commission on Mission and Ministry, 1994-2002. 
M6.2  Financial Records of the Mission and Ministry Funding Committee, 1988-1999. 
M6.2.1  CPSA overview diocesan grants allocated: 1988 - 1995. 
M6.2.2  CPSA Mission & Ministry funding allocations for 1996/1997. 
M6.2.3  Allocation of funding for a Research & Media Assistant by the Mission & Ministry Funding Committee, January 1997. 
M6.2.4  Mission and Ministry Funding Committee Guidelines for Funding Applications 1997. 
M6.2.5  Mission & Ministry Grants 1997/1998. 
M6.2.6  Funds available for 1998. 
M6.2.7  Application to the Funding Committee for Project Funding research trip to the UK and USA in 1999. 
M6.2.8  Guidelines for Funding Applications 1998/1999. 
M6.2.9  Funding application for transformation of the Anglican Church, March 1998. 
M6.2.10  Contributions to call to Mission by various dioceses of the Anglican Church, 1998. 
M6.2.11  Mission & Ministry Grants and funds available in 1999. 
M6.2.12  Application for Project Funding from the Community of Jesus Compassion Sisters in Kwazulu-Natal, September 1999. 
M6.2.13  Request for funding to assist with the transport to parishes in Maputo, July 1999. 
M6.2.14  Funding applications for various projects for the year 2000. 
M6.2.15  Mission & Ministry Funding overview of Diocesan Allocations, 1988-1999. 
M6.2.16  Overview of Diocesan and extra Diocesan Allocations for 1988-1999 discussed at the Funding Committee, 28 September 1999. 
M6.2.17  List of the Grants offered by the United Thank to Southern Africa, 1969-1996. 
M6.2.18  Mission and Ministry Funding Committee meetings, 1996-1999. 
M6.3  Records of the Commission on Mission and Ministry for 1996. 
M6.3.1  News on Training for Ministry in the Diocese of Cape Town. 
M6.3.2  Agenda for a Commission meeting on the 10 October 1996. 
M6.3.3  A personal statement to the Diocese of Cape Town Commission on Mission and Ministry by John Stubbs, 19 October 1996. 
M6.3.4  Notes on African Culture and Christianity Commission, 9-11 December 1996. 
M6.3.5  Bulletin for Contextual Theology in Southern Africa & Africa, October 1996. 
M6.4  Records of the Commission on Ministry & Mission for 1997. 
M6.4.1  1997 Vocational Guidance Process in recommendation to the Commission. 
M6.4.2  APM Groups Work on Focuses according to their reports. 
M6.4.3  International Conference Reconciliation 97. 
M6.4.4  Coordinator’s report to the Mission and Ministry Commission 7-9, April 1997. 
M6.4.5  Guidelines for selection of Ordination Candidates in the Diocese of Cape Town. 
M6.4.6  Strategic planning of the CPSA Transformation Commission towards transformation for the period of 1997-2000. 
M6.4.7  Paper on the Decade of Evangelism, May 1997. 
M6.4.8  Report on the Meeting entitled: Jubilee and The Kairos- An Agenda for the Reconstruction of Africa, May 1997. 
M6.4.9  Submission to the Mission and Ministry Commission from the Gamaliel Foundation from the United States, July 1997. 
M6.4.10  Mission and Ministry Commission Report to PSC, September 1997. 
M6.4.11  Link of the CPSA with the diocese of Madagascar, September 1997. 
M6.4.12  Bishops Training Programme, 7 October 1997. 
M6.4.13  Significant events in life of the Mission and Ministry Commission during the year of 1997. 
M6.4.14  Publications of the Mission and Ministry for 1997. 
M6.5  Documents of the Mission and Ministry Commission for 1998-2000. 
M6.5.1  Correspondence relating to issues on transformation. 
M6.5.2  CPSA AIDS Conference, June 1998. 
M6.5.3  Anglican Students Federation application for Mission and Ministry funding for 2 projects. 
M6.5.4  Formation of the Women’s Desk Forum, June 1998. 
M6.5.5  Mission & Ministry Commission PSC Report 1998. 
M6.5.6  African Culture and Christianity Standing Commission meetings and progress report. 
M6.5.7  Recommendations towards the Transformation Commission from bishop Vundla. 
M6.5.8  Anglican Peace and Justice Network meetings and report of its visit to Burundi in 1999. 
M6.5.9  Proposal to produce a Capa Newsletter for its 20th anniversary, September 1999. 
M6.5.10  Trinity Church Grants New York- Guidelines for Applications. 
M6.5.11  Situation of the church in Sudan in report of bishop of Maridi, 1999. 
M6.5.12  Commissary and Missionary for diocese of Angola, May & September 1999. 
M6.5.13  Funding applications form the United Thank Offering in New York for the year of 2000. 
M6.5.14  Hengrave Hall Community East Anglia U.K. September 1999. 
M6.5.15  Appointment of coordinator of Mission and Ministry, 2000. 
M6.5.16  Documents relating to the Commission on Mission and Ministry & Council for Theological Education meeting on the 2nd of February 2002. 
M6.5.17  Report to Diocesan Council on the Diocese of Cape Town Transformation Process, March 2007. 
M7  MISSIONS TO SEAMEN, 1996-1999. 1 file 
M7.1  Letter from Seamen/Fishermen mission in Taiwan, 24 March 1996. 
M7.2  Sea Sunday in the church, 13 July 1997. 
M7.3  The Missions to Seamen Prayer Union for July/September 1997, published in London. 
M7.4  The Ministry Secretary, Revd Canon Bill Christianson visit to South Africa in January 1998. 
M7.5  Minutes of the meeting of the Western Region Chapter held at the Missions to Seamen, 28 October 1997. 
M7.6  Congratulations on the Centenary of the Missions to Seamen, November 1997. 
M7.7  Retirement Housing for The Missions to Seamen and purchase and sale of properties. 
M7.8  Appointment of Braehead House Warden, 1998. 
M7.9  The Missions to Seamen Sea Sunday prayers in July 1998 & 1999. 
M8.1  Mitchell’s Plain Project, March 2002. 
M8.2  Documents relating to The Mitchell’s Plain Youth and Family Development Centre, 2003. 
M9  METHODIST CHURCH, 1996, 2000-2004. 1 file 
M9.1  History of Methodism in Sekhukhune written by prof Mphahlele, November 1996. 
M9.2  Correspondence between archbishop Ndungane and bishops of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa relating to his visit to Umtata and issue of traditional leaders, 2000/2001. 
M9.3  Triennial Conference of Methodist Church of Southern Africa, July 2001. 
M9.4  Correspondence, 2002 &2004. 
M9.5  Programme of the Covenant Service of the Methodist Church in Xhosa. 
M10.1  The Modderpoort Property Commission Report for 1996. 
M10.2  Feasibility Study on Modderpoort Education Institution, 30 October 1996. 
M10.3  Address by archbishop Ndungane at the International Institute in Milan, 31 October 1998. 
M10.4  Issues to be addressed by archbishop Ndungane at the University of Western Cape on the 11th of November 1998. 
M11  MOTHERS' UNION, 1996-2006. 2 files 
M11.1  Diocesan President Report for 1996. 
M11.2  The Mothers’ Union Corporate Plan in the document entitled: The Way Ahead 1997 to 2000 and beyond. Produced by the World Wide Council, York 1998. 
M11.3  The Mothers’ Union Annual Review 1996/1997 published in London. 
M11.4  Election of the Provincial President of mothers’ Union, 3 September 1997. 
M11.5  Visit in Cape Town of representatives of Mothers’ Union from London, August 1997. 
M11.6  Records keeping by the branches of Mothers’ Union. 
M11.7  Minutes of the Provincial Mothers’ Union Executive Meeting, 6-8 February 1998. 
M11.8  Grants awarded to the Province of Southern Africa by the Worldwide Grants Committee of the Mothers’ Union for the financial year 1998/1999. 
M11.9  National Conference on witch-hunt and witchcraft violence, September 1998. 
M11.10  Christian family Life published by the Mothers Union of the Diocese of Cape Town in 1998. It contains minutes of the Annual General Meeting and Diocesan President’s Report for 1998. 
M11.11  Information on Prayer Day for Clergy families planned for 15 October 1999. 
M11.12  Women’s World Day of Prayer, 1999. 
M11.13  Report on the Mothers’ Union activities in 1999 published in Christian Family Life by the Mothers’ Union of the Diocese of Cape Town. 
M11.14  Constitution and history of the Mothers’ Union in South Africa, August 1999. 
M11.15  Anglican Women’s Congress planned in South Africa in 2001 in Cape Town. 
M11.16  Salary and travel grants for the financial year 2000/2001 awarded to the Mothers’ Union by the World Wide Grants Committee. 
M11.17  Foreword for Mothers’ Union Manual, August 2000. 
M11.18  Election of Provincial Mothers’ Union President, 29 November- 3 December 2000 at the CPSA Anglican Woman’s Congress. 
M11.19  125th Anniversary of Mothers’ Union Celebrations, 9-12 August 2001, Grahamstown. 
M11.20  Statement to the Press by Church Women’s organizations in support of the Treatment Action Campaign to compel the government to provide the anti-AIDS drugs to all pregnant women with HIV. 
M11.21  Reports of the Annual General Meetings of the Mothers’ Union for 2001 & 2002 published by the Diocese of Cape Town. 
M11.22  MU worldwide provincial presidents meeting, Kempton Park, 21-30 June 2002. 
M11.23  Booklet compiled by the Mothers’ Union Centre of the Anglican Diocese of St Johns in Umtata, 13 July 2002. 
M11.24  Funding of the project awarded to the Anglican Diocese of Angola by the Worldwide Grants Committee, July 2002. 
M11.25  Reports of the Annual General Meetings of the Mothers’ Union Christian Family Life of the Diocese of Cape Town for 2003 & 2004. 
M11.26  Correspondence relating to the activities of the Mothers’ Union, 2004. 
M11.27  Centenary Message from Archbishop Ndungane to the Mothers’ Union on their celebrations, 2 October 2005. 
M11.28  World Wide Grants Committee dates of the meetings for 2005. 
M11.29  Launch of the Mothers’ Union of the Diocese of Saldanha Bay, 22 October 2006. 
M11.30  Mothers’ Union Annual Review 2005/2006. 
M12  MPUMALANGA DIOCESE, of, 2004. Documents contain: information on inauguration of the Diocese of Mpumalanga and correspondence. 1 file 
M13  MUBURGH EDUCATIONAL TRUST, 1987- 1997. 1 file 
M13.1  Last Will of Robert Wilberforce Myburgh, 3 October 1962. 
M13.2  Draft of the R. W. Myburgh Educational Trust. 
M13.3  Financial records of the Trust, 1992-1997. They include statements of the account. 
N1  NAMIBIA DIOCESE, 1996-2006. 1 file 
N1.1  Documents relating to the retirement of James H. Kaluma, Bishop of Namibia, 1996/1997. 
N1.2  Financial matters of Diocese of Namibia relating to the renovations on the mission House, 1997. 
N1.3  Mandate for election of a Diocesan Bishop for the Diocese of Namibia. 
N1.4  Report of the Board of Preliminary Inquiry to the Bishop of Namibia concerning a matter of witchcraft, June 1997. 
N1.5  Election of Shilala N. Hamupembe, a new bishop elect of the Diocese of Namibia, 4th November 1997. 
N1.6  Church Youth Brigade of the St Boniface Church in Swakopmund, Namibia. 
N1.7  Visit of Bishop of Namibia to Ondjiva, the capital of Cunene Province in Angola, 8-10 November 1997. 
N1.8  Correspondence relating to the consecration and enthronement of the new Diocesan Bishop of Namibia, 21 May 1998. 
N1.9  Call for Economic Union of African States by Archbishop Ndungane and president of Namibia, Sam Nujoma, June 1998. 
N1.10  The proposed Commission for the Bishop Suffragan of the Diocese of Namibia, 4 December 1998. 
N1.11  Request for an intervention of Archbishop Ndungane in a case of Reverend Samuel Kaxuxuena, July/August 1999. 
N1.12  Recommendations for Rev. Roger Key for his work in the UK, April 2000. 
N1.13  Request for grants for a project involving missionary work in Angola, July 2001. 
N1.14  Kulimukweni- Periodic News from the Anglican Diocese of Namibia, February 2001. 
N1.15  Annual Vestry Meeting in march 2003 at the Cathedral Church of Saint George the Martyr in Windhoek, February 2003. 
N1.16  Reconciliation between Bishop of Namibia and Suffragan Bishop Rev. Petrus Hilukiluah, August 2004. 
N1.17  Correspondence relating to the matters of the Diocese of Namibia, 2005. 
N1.18  Consecration of Nathaniel Ndaxuma Nakwatumbah as Bishop of Namibia, 25 March 2006. 
N2  NATAL DIOCESE, 1996-2007. 7 files 
N2.1  Appointment of the Provincial Executive Officer, June 1996. 
N2.2  Transformation Commission, its function and duties. 
N2.3  Matters discussed after the Synod of Bishops, 1997. 
N2.4  Correspondence of the Diocese of Natal, November/December 1996. 
  It relates to issues of clergy, parishes, ministry and Synod of Bishops. 
N2.5  Diocese of Natal Diocesan Directory, 1995/96. 
N2.6  Agreement between the Lutherans and Episcopal Church in the USA, November 1996. 
N2.7  Notes on the Petrine Office entitled: The Place of the Petrine Office in the Church today February 1997. 
N2.8  Comments on Minutes of Synod of Bishops, April 1997. 
N2.9  Restructuring proposal of the Province of Central Africa, April 1997. 
N2.10  Bishop Michael Nuttall’s Charge at the Natal Diocesan Synod, 23 May 1997. 
N2.11  Bishop Michael’s letter published in Anglican News, July 1997. 
N2.12  The transformation of the church discussed by Bishop Nuttall in the diocesan newspaper. 
N2.13  Ordination of women in the Anglican Communion. 
N2.14  Letter of support for Archbishop Tutu, June 1997. 
N2.15  Celebrations of 110th Anniversary of St Aidan’s Church, 31 August 1997. 
N2.16  Open Letter to the Bishops of the Anglican Communion, 22 July 1997. 
N2.17  Church support to human rights of prisoners. 
N2.18  Faith Communities Hearings Programme, November 1997. 
N2.19  CPSA submission by Bishop Michael Nuttall to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, East London, 17-19 November 1997. 
N2.20  The Diocese of Natal link with Niassa, November 1997. 
N2.21  Appointment of Revd Janet Trisk to the staff of the College of the Transfiguration as a lecturer in Systematic Theology from 1st January 1998. 
N2.22  Open Letter to the State President Nelson Mandela from Rod Van Zuylen, Anglican Archdeacon of Durban, on Crime in Morningside, 9 February 1998. 
N2.23  Ecumenical relations with the Anglican Communion, February 1998. 
N2.24  Honorary Degree awarded to Bishop Michael Nuttall by the UWC 25 March 1998. 
N2.25  Meeting of the President Mandela with Anglican delegation in Durban, 13 March 1998. 
N2.26  Proposed international consultation between Anglican and Catholic leaders, May 1998. 
N2.27  Proposal for a farewell to Bishop Michael. 
N2.28  Letter from Bishop of Natal to members of the Special Synod, 23-25 October 1998. 
N2.29  Recommendations of NADRIC Report to be presented at the Natal Diocesan Vision Conference, November 1999. 
N2.30  Response to the Archbishop Ndundgane letter on the role of the church in all matters affecting public issues, published in St Cyprian’s Parish Magazine in June 1998. 
N2.31  Anglican Students Federation plans for Campus Sunday 1999. 
N2.32  Diocese of Natal Diocesan Directory 1998/99. 
N2.33  Report on the CPSA religious Communities for 1998. 
N2.34  Issues relating to the publishing of Anglican News. 
N2.35  Departure of Peter Kerchoff, founder and leader of PACSA, July 1999. 
N2.36  Elections of the Bishop of Natal, 1999/2000. 
N2.37  Retirement of Reverend Michael Nuttal, October 1999. 
N2.38  Bursary from the Diocesan Clergy Scheme for Thabo and Sidney Lucketts, November 1999. 
N2.39  Documents relating to case of Bishop Matthew Makhaye, March- September 2000. 
N2.40  Registration Guide on International Conference on Nonviolence, Durban 18-21 July 2000. 
N2.41  Rotary Club movement’s initiatives, March 2000. 
N2.42  Pastoral Letter from the Bishop of Natal about a Week of Prayer for Renewal and Reconciliation, 14 or 21 May 2000.  
N2.43  The Ordination and Consecration of Rev Cannon Elijah Robert Thwala, 12 May 2001. 
N2.44  PACSA Factsheet No 49 on Privatisation, January 2001. 
N2.45  Appointment of a new Dean of Pietermaritzburg, Rev Fred Pitout, March 2000. 
N2.46  Contact details of Youth and Children’s Ministries in Natal, 2001. 
N2.47  Meeting of the Indian leadership in Durban, April 2001. 
N2.48  Pastoral visit to Niassa, Mozambique, June 2001. 
N2.49  Statements on Zimbabwe land and racial issues, September 2001. 
N2.50  Prayer service in Cathedral in Bulawayo to commemorate the UN Day for the victims of torture, June 2002. 
N2.51  Appeal the bishop of Natal to raise funds for the construction of the Health Care Centre as a community project in Kwamashu, November 2003. 
N2.52  Complaint against reverend Fred Pitout, November 2003. 
N2.53  Position on homosexuality in the Anglican Communion, November 2003. 
N2.54  Diocesan Prayer Cycle for the Diocese of Natal for 2003. 
N2.55  Financial situation of the St Gregory College in Frere, Kwa Zulu Natal, February- April 2003. 
N2.56  Discussion on topic: What should be the role of the church in a democratic South Africa September 2003. 
N2.57  Project ‘Anglican House of Studies’, October 2003. 
N2.58  Visit of the Archbishop of Cape Town to the Diocese of Natal, 27-30 November, 2003 for the celebration of 150 years of the Diocese. 
N2.59  Mass of the Resurrection for Archbishop Denis Eugene Hurley, OMI at ABSA Stadium in Durban, 28 February 2004. 
N2.60  Bishop of Natal diary with diocesan events from August to December 2004. 
N2.61  Donation towards purchasing translation equipment for the Diocese of Natal, august 2004. 
N2.62  Clergy Pension Fund/CPSA Layworkers Fund, December 2004. 
N2.63  A Liturgy of Prayer and Reflection for the General Elections in Zimbabwe by the Diocesan Liturgical Resource Team of the Diocese of Natal, March 2005. 
N2.64  Rev Warren Oxford ordination, September 2005. 
N2.65  Report of Bishop Nutall’s visit to the USA in September 2005. 
N2.66  Cycle of Prayer in August 2006 for the diocese of Natal. 
N2.67  Documents relating to the animals cruelty, brutality and slaughter of animals submitted to the Archbishop of Cape Town in 2007. 
N2.68  Retirement of Bishop of Natal, Michael Nuttal, 1998-2000. 
N2.69  Records relating to the Bishop-Suffragan of Natal, Rev Rubin Phillip, 1996-1999. 
N2.69.1  Resignation of Rev R. Phillip as Liaison Bishop for Mission and Ministry, 1996. 
N2.69.2  USAID/South African Stakeholders Meeting in Johannesburg, November 1997. 
N2.69.3  Case study on Christianity and African Culture by Bishop Peter Lee. 
N2.69.4  An Occasional Letter from Bishop Rubin to the clergy of the Coastal Episcopal Area, No 6, January 1998. 
N2.69.5  Reinstatement of Thembalethu Children’s Home, 21 November 1998. 
N2.69.6  CPSA/USPG Consultation discussed at Synod of Bishops in George, 1999. 
N2.69.7  Bible Week 1999 organized by the Study of the Bible in Pietermaritzburg in June 1999. 
N2.69.8  Cuts in government subsidies to Old Age Homes, Child Welfare Organizations, Social Work discussed during Anglican Church meetings in South Africa, 1999. 
N2.69.9  Correspondence, 1997-1998. 
N2.70  Records relating to Bishop Suffragan of Natal, Rev Elijah Thwala, 2000-2006. 
N2.70.1  Motivation for the notice of motion regarding the authority of Scripture, tabled at the Annual Vestry Meeting of St Thomas, Berea, Diocese of Natal, 2000. 
N2.70.2  Retirement accommodation for Rev Jeffrey from Margate, 2002. 
N2.70.3  Article entitled: African Music and its significance for use in the Anglican Church worship, by Vukile Ndudane, 2002. 
N2.70.4  The Sermon of the Installation Ceremony of Bishop Suffragan of Natal, Rev Elijah Thwala, March 2006. 
N2.70.5  Report on Bishop Thwala trip to Mauritius, February 2006. 
N2.70.6  Correspondence, 2002, 2004. 
N2.71  Anglican News 2000-2004, 2007. 
N3.1  Documents relating to the Rustenburg II, National Conference of Church Leaders planned for 1999. 
N3.2  Council of Elders of the National Consultation of Churches. 
N3.3  Documents relating to National Meeting of the National Consultation of Churches in South Africa, 22-26 February 1999. 
N4.1  President Mandela speech at the Meeting with Religious Leaders in Johannesburg on 24 June 1997. 
N4.2  Report on the Religious Leaders follow up to President Mandela’s Meeting in June 1997. 
N4.3  Statement containing religious view of the Transformation process in South Africa issued by the Religious Leaders, February 1998. 
N4.4  The National Religious Leaders Forum Statement of Collective Moral Commitment, 12 February 1998. 
N4.5  Minutes of the Meeting of NRLF, 25 May 1998. 
N4.6  The Ubuntu Week and Morals Summit projects of NRLF, September 1998. 
N4.7  Minutes of the NRLF Meeting, 23 November 1998. 
N4.8  Invitation from the President Mbeki to a meeting with Religious Leaders, 3 April 2001. 
N4.9  Report of the working group of the NRLF, October 2001. 
N4.10  Report on the Meeting between the Deputy President and the National Religious Leaders, 19 April 2002 and extended meeting with the President in April 2003. 
N4.11  Minutes of the Plenary Meeting of the NRFL, 19 March 2003. 
N4.12  Brief Report on Stakeholders Workshop of the Department of Social Development and on Child Protection Week 26 May- 7 June 2003 submitted to the NRFL. 
N4.13  Letter of Frank Chikane after the meeting between the NRLF and the President Mbeki. 
N4.14  NRLF message on the occasion of Ten Years of Freedom celebrations in South Africa, February 2004. 
N4.15  Religious Leaders Meeting with Minister of Health, 21 February 2005. 
N4.16  Memorandum of Understanding between Government of the Republic of South Africa and The National Religious Leaders Forum. 
N5  NAUDE, BEYERS, 1915-2004. 1 file 
  The file include booklets and pamphlets published to commemorate life of Beyers Naude 
N6  NIASSA DIOCESE (Mozambique) 1997-1999, 2001-2005. 1 file 
N6.1  Report of Bishop Donald Arden about the situation in the Diocese of Niassa. 
N6.2  Correspondence relating to problems in the Diocese of Niassa, 1997. 
N6.3  Documents relating to the visit of Archbishop Ndungane to the Diocese of Niassa, 1997. 
N6.4  Registration of CPSA Coat of Arms for the Diocese of Niassa, 1988/1999. 
N6.5  Situation in the Diocese of Niassa in 1998/1999. 
N6.6  Election of Mark van Koevering as bishop of Niassa, 2003. 
N6.7  Financial matters of the Diocesse of Niassa, 2004/2005. 
N6.8  Publication entitled: Lebombo and Niassa Leaves, Anglican Church in Mozambique and Angola, Autumn 1996. 
  File contains financial statements and information on managing trust funds 
  Records contain information on the activities of the Norwood Centre and 21st Anniversary celebrations. 
O1  ORDER OF ETHIOPIA, 1998-2006. 1 file 
O1.1  Possible Resolution for Provincial Synod to approve for the Order of Ethiopia, 1990. 
O1.2  Order of Ethiopia Liaison Committee. 
O1.3  Discussion Document of Order of Ethiopia/CPSA concerning proposed the New Canon 48, October 1997. 
O1.4  Service of Welcome and Thanksgiving for Boudewijn Wegerif arriving to Cape Town, 10 December 1997. 
O1.5  94th Conference of the Order of Ethiopia at St Stephen’s Church Langa, January 1998. 
O1.6  Clergy matters of the Order of Ethiopia, 1998. 
O1.7  Centenary of the Order of Ethiopia, 21-27 August 2000. 
O1.8  The Order of Ethiopia request to the CPSA to be linked to Anglican Communion, December 1998. 
O1.9  Provincial Pension Fund contributions by the Order of Ethiopia, January 1999. 
O1.10  Relationship between CPSA and the Order of Ethiopia, March-August 1999. 
O1.11  Change of the name Order of Ethiopia into Ethiopian Episcopal Church and establishment of the Committee to prepare guidelines for the Ethiopian Episcopal Church, October 1999. 
O1.12  Centenary Celebrations of Ethiopian Episcopal Church, 21-27 August 2000. 
O1.13  Resolution 1 of Provincial Synod 1999concerning and supporting the relationship between CPSA and The Ethiopian Episcopal Church. 
O1.14  Memorial Service in thanksgiving for the lives of bishop Sigqibo and his wife Ntombezintlanu Dwane in St George Cathedral in Cape Town, 11 July 2006. 
O1.15  Pamphlets published by the Order of Ethiopia contacting texts of church services. 
O2  ORDER OF THE HOLY CROSS, 1998/1999. 1 file 
  Documents are relating to welcoming the order of the Holy Cross to the Province of Southern Africa and its blessing by in Grahamstown by bishop David Russell. 
O3  ORDER OF THE HOLE PARACLETE, 1996-1999. 1 file 
O3.1  Support of the Order of the Holy Paraclete for the education and training at the Swaziland Skills Centres. 
O3.2  Letter to Archbishop Ndungane from St Benedict’s House in Rosettenville about church support for bursaries and projects, November 1996. 
O3.3  Sister Jane Whitby and her ministry at St Benedict’s Retreat House in Johannesburg. 
O3.4  Elections of Sister Judith Ellen as Prioress of the Order of the Holy Paraclete, May 1998. 
O3.5  Correspondence of the St Benedict’s House, 1999. 
O4  ORDER OF SIMON OF CYRENE, 1962, 1996-2000. 1 file 
O4.1  Documents relating to the history of The Order of Simon of Cyrene and guidelines to awarding it for outstanding service to the Church of the Province of South Africa, 1960, 1996.  
O4.2  Order of Simon of Cyrene awarded to the recipients for the distinguished and dedicated service to church and communities in 1996. 
O4.3  Award of Simon of Cyrene Order to Mrs. Adelaide Tambo, July 1997. 
O4.4  Recipients of the Order of Simon of Cyrene for outstanding service to the church and community in 1998. 
O4.5  Order of Simon of Cyrene awards to people committed and dedicated to the communities and the church in 1999/2000. 
O5  ORDER OF ST JOHN, 2001 - 2007. 2 files 
O5.1  Historical overview of the Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem, March 2002. 
O5.2  The Grand Council meetings of the order of St John in Washington 2001/2002 where the role and business of the Council was discussed. 
O5.3  St John Day Celebration 22 June 2003. 
O5.4  The Priory for South Africa of the Order of St John, 2002. 
O5.5  An Investiture and Rededication Service of the Order of St John in Johannesburg, 24 July 2003. 
O5.6  St John Ambulance Foundation and its First Aid Courses. 
O5.7  Minutes of the Meeting of The Priory Council & Chapter, 12 November 2003. 
O5.8  Resignation of Archbishop Ndungane from his appointment as a Knight in the Order of St John. 
O5.9  Minutes of the Priority Council & Chapter of the Order of St John, 2004/2005. 
O5.10  Easter message from Archbishop Ndungane to all members of St John, February 2005. 
O5.11  Investiture and Rededication Services in St George’s Cathedral, Johannesburg 11 June 2006 & 21 July 2007. 
O5.12  Second revision of The Order of The Hospital of St John of Jerusalem, October 2006. 
O5.13  African Prayer Summit in Pretoria held by the Transformation Africa, 19-23 February 2007. 
O5.14  Grand Council Meeting in Cape Town in May 2007. 
O5.15  Annual Reports of St The Order of St John, 2001-2006. 
O5.16  The official newsletter of the Priory for South Africa of the Order of St John, 2003- 2007. 
O6  OVERSEAS BISHOP'S FUND, 1986 - 2002. 1 file 
O6.1  See of Cape Town Endowment Fund, 1986. 
O6.2  Overview of The Overseas Bishoprics Fund, London 1987. 
O6.3  Administering of the funds by Diocesan Bishops. 
O6.4  Cooperation between the CPSA House of Bishops and the Overseas Bishoprics Endowment Fund, 1996. 
O6.5  Matter of the ownership of Bishopscourt and the Protea Estate in the Diocese of Cape Town, November 1996. 
O6.6  New UK Charity Regulations, January 1997. 
O6.7  Documents relating to the transfer of the property of Bishopscourt to the Diocese of Cape Town, 1997-1999. 
O6.8  The Overseas Bishoprics Fund grants to dioceses in the Province of Southern Africa, July 1997. 
O6.9  OBF Grants to Bishoprics in the CPSA for 2000 & 2002. 
O6.10  Change of Secretary of Overseas Bishoprics Fund, 2001. 
O7.1  Anglican Communion and the Anglican Church of Canada close relationships with the Anglican Church in South Africa and Archbishop Ndungane, 1999-2006. 
O7.1.1  Trinity Divinity Associates Conference, Toronto June 1999. 
O7.1.2  Partnership Grants for the years 2000/2001. 
O7.1.3  Statement by Archbishop Michael Peers on the election of bishops. 
O7.1.4  Response of the Diocese of New Westminster to the Report of the Lambeth Commission, May 2005. 
O7.1.5  Press Release by the Invitation to Live Ministries, May 2005. 
O7.1.6  Anglican Communion Conference held by The Anglican Church of Canada, March 2007. 
O7.1.7  Correspondence, 2000-2006. It covers the correspondence between Archbishop Ndungane from the South African side and bishops of Canada on various religious topics. 
  Records include: correspondence relating to clergy appointments and dialogue between church leaders of Botswana, Congo (DRC) and South Africa. 
  Documents are relating to matters of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. 
O10  JERUSALEM & MIDDLE EAST, 2000-2003 &2006. 
O10.1  Fest of Pentecost in Jerusalem as part of the Millennium celebrations, June 2000. 
O10.2  Comments on the Middle East situation, April 2002. 
O10.3  Articles relating to the situation in the Middle East, especially on the West Bank side and occupation of Gaza Strip, 2002. 
O10.4  Correspondence. 
O11  KENYAN ANGLICAN CURCH, Cooperation with the Anglican Church in South Africa, 2000-2004. 
O11.1  Poverty Alleviation in Africa Conference, 6010 March 2000 in Nairobi, Kenya. 
O11.2  CORAT AFRICA (Pan-Africa Christian Training and Consulting Organization) Silver Jubilee celebrations, 14-15 August 2000. 
O11.3  Celebration of 25 years of the Ministry of Bishop David M. Gitari, July 2000. 
O11.4  Kenya Programmes of Disabled Persons, February/March 2002. 
O11.5  Request for financial assistance for church leaders surplices for the Diocese of Kenya, February 2004. 
O11.6  Sabbatical leave and Missionary Enterprise (SOMA) in Cape Town, June 2004. 
O11.7  Publication on transition to democracy in Kenya Phatlalatsa, November 2002. 
  Records include the Statement from the Bishops of the Anglican Church of Nigeria, letter to the president of Nigeria to save one of the Nigerian women activists and correspondence. 
  Documents relating to the international hostages being held in the Philippines by rebels and extreme Muslim criminal group in May 2000 and correspondence. 
O14  An interview by Nick Holtam with Archbishop Winston Ndungane at St Martin in the Fields, UK, February 2001. 
O15  Correspondence of Archbishop Ndungane and the Southwark Cathedral, 2006/2007. 
O16  Statement from The Province of the Anglican Church in South East Asia, 25 April 2000. 
O17  Episcopal Church of Sudan, 2003/2004. 
  Documents include correspondence between Archbishop Ndungane and Rev Munda from the Diocese of Mundri. 
O18.1  Anglicans assistance to the victims of the train accident in the Diocese of Mpwapwa, 29 June 2002. 
O18.2  Election of Archbishop of Tanzania, February 2003. 
O18.3  Central Tanganyika Press Golden Jubilee 2004. 
O18.4  Launch of Fundraising Campaign for St John’s University in Dodoma, 2005/2006. 
O18.5  Anglican Lutheran International Commission Communique, January 2006. 
O18.6  The Anglican Church of Tanzania Provincial Selective Diary 2006. 
O18.7  CPSA meeting with the delegation from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland, Cape Town, 26 April 2006. 
O18.8  Correspondence, 2001 & 2005. 
O19  CHURCH OF THE PROVINCE OF UGANDA, 1998, 2000-2006. 
O19.1  Sermon by the Archbishop of Cape Town, Rev Ndungane at the Consecration and Enthronement of the Bishop of Kigezi, Church of the Province of Uganda, Kigale, 18 January 1998. 
O19.2  Letter of support, sympathy and encouragement from Archbishop Ndungane to the Christian Community in Uganda during the devastating floods in the country, 2000. 
O19.3  Message of Appreciation and gratitude from Rev Gideon Byamugisha for all support received from other world’s church bodies in the struggle against HIV/AIDS, January 2002. 
O19.4  Installation of Rev Gideon Byamugisha as a Canon of St Paul’s Cathedral in the diocese of Namirembe, province of Church of Uganda, 9 December 2001. 
O19.5  Request for financial support of Kent Foundation College in Uganda, 28 March 2002. 
O19.6  HIV/AIDS Project (WISE PROJECT) in the Diocese of Ankole, Church of Uganda, 2004. 
O19.7  Documents concerning the unfolding genocide in Northern Uganda submitted by the former Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Uganda, 2005. 
O19.8  Correspondence, 2006. 
O20  WEST AFRICA, 2003. 
  Documents relating to the election of a new Archbishop of West Africa, Bishop Ofei Akrofi and pastoral visit to the Anglicans by Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams. 
O22  OXFAM, 2000-2002. 
O22.1  Operation Hunger’s Appeal for a Day of Prayer, 14 April 2000. 
O22.2  Open Africa document prepared by Rev Ndungane. 
O22.3  OXFAM Trade Policy, 2001. 
P1  PARLIAMENT OF THE WORLD'S RELIGIONS, 1993 - 2004. 3 files 
P1.1  Document entitled: Towards a Global Ethic containing an interfaith Declaration signed by the members of Endorsements at the Assembly of Religious and Spiritual Leaders at the 1993 Parliament of the World’s Religions session. 
P1.2  1993 Parliament of the World’s Religions Catalogue. 
P1.3  Planning Proposal from the Council for Parliament of the World’s Religions offered to Cape Town, South Africa in 1999. 
P1.4  CPWR Newsletter, September 1997. 
P1.5  Visit of the Director of CPWR’s International Interreligious Initiative, Jim Kenney to Cape Town, 18 January 1998. 
P1.6  Correspondence relating to the Parliament of the World’s Religions to be held in Cape Town in December 1999. 
P1.7  Draft of the document A Call to Our Guiding Institutions to be presented at the 1999 Parliament Assembly in Cape Town in December 1999. 
P1.8  Documents relating to the 1999 Parliament of World’s Religions in Cape Town, December 1999. 
P1.9  Statement to the Church of Province of Southern Africa relating to The Parliament of the World’s Religions in Cape Town, 1-8 December 1999.  
P1.10  Programme of the seminars to be presented at the sessions of the Parliament of World’s Religions, December 1999. 
P1.11  Information on the 1999 Parliament Assembly in Cape Town, South Africa. 
P1.12  Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions publication A Call to Our Guiding Institutions presented on the occasion of the 1999 Parliament of the World’s Religions, Cape Town, 1-8 December 1999. 
P1.13  Proposed draft outline of Kwazulu-Natal Plenary Presentation during the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Cape Town. 
P1.14  Press release based on address to Parliament of World’s Religions, 2 December 1999. 
P1.15  Summary Report of the 1999 Parliament of the World’s Religions, 1-8 December, Cape Town, South Africa. 
P1.16  Documents relating to the registration to the PWR in Cape Town. 
P1.17  Blessing of Cape Town prayer for the Parliament of the World’s Religions. 
P1.18  Programme of the sessions and presentations of the 1999 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Cape Town, 1-8 December 1999. 
P1.19  A New Day Dawning, Spiritual Yearnings and Sacred Possibilities publication by the 1999 Parliament of the world’s religions. 
P1.20  1999 Parliament Assembly Report published by the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions, April 2000. 
P1.21  Participant’s Questionnaire of the 1999 Parliament Assembly, April 2000. 
P2  PARTNERS-IN-MISSION, 2001/2002. 1 file 
P2.1  CPSA Minutes of the Partners-in-Mission Meeting, 12 &13 March 2001. 
P2.2  PIM Process and analysis of questionnaires, May 2002. 
P2.3  PIM Consultation Budget, 2001. 
P2.4  List with contact details of PIM offices in different countries of the world, May 2002. 
P3.1  Pastoral Committee and planned co-operation agreements on various theological issues, June/July 2004. 
P3.2  False Bay Region’s Response to Report of the Technical Committee, 12 November 2004. 
P3.3  Interim Governance of Saldanha Bay Region, 6 July 2004. 
P3.4  Pastoral Letters, 1997/1998. 
P3.5  Memorandum to the President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, from Archbishop of Cape Town Rev Ndungane, March 1998. 
P3.6  Briefing and comments by Archbishop Ndungane on the Lambeth Conference, 13 August 1998. 
P3.7  Message from Rev Ndungane to end crime and violence, 14 September 1998. 
P4  PERMANENT DIACONATE, 1994-1995; 1998. 1 file 
P4.1  Commission on the Permanent Diaconate providing dates and data on the Restoration of the Diaconate, 1994. 
P4.2  Draft Workbook to accompany the Provincial Report on the Future of the Permanent Diaconate, produced by Bishop Robin Briggs in White River. 
P4.3  CPSA Report of the Commission on the Future of the Permanent Diaconate, Provincial Synod 1995. 
P4.4  Comments on the Stubbs Discussion Notes on the Diaconate made by Rev Canon Bank, 24 November 1998. 
P5  POLITICAL PARTIES, 2000-2002.  
  Records include correspondence between Archbishop Ndungane and representatives of a few political parties before elections in 2002.  
P6  POVERTY, 1998, 2000, 2003. 1 file 
P6.1  Report of the Poverty Summit held at Midrand, Gauteng, 26-28 June 1998. 
P6.2  Poverty Committee Meetings, August 2000. 
P6.3  Global campaign of the World Evangelical Alliance and the Micah Network to mobilize Christians against poverty, December 2003. 
P7  PRISON MINISTRIES, 2000-2006. 1 file 
P7.1  Report on Prison Ministry in the UK compiled by Rev Brenda Payne, April 2000. 
P7.2  Article by Brenda Payne about Prison Ministry in South Africa published in the Anglican World Magazine, June 2000. 
P7.3  Report on effects of overcrowding at Pollsmoor Prison written by the chaplain of that prison, Claude Ross, 24 July 2000. 
P7.4  Letter form Anglican Prison Ministry for Archbishop Ndungane about financial assistance for the family of the prisoner, February 2002. 
P7.5  Proposal of the rehabilitation project by the Anglican Prison Ministry, 2002/2003. 
P7.6  Open Letter to Prof Kader Asmal, Minister of Education, from Allan Boesak on attacking Christian gathering, 23 March 2001. 
P7.7  Documents relating to the projects run by the Anglican Prison Ministry in the Diocese of Cape Town area in 2003. 
P7.8  Code of Conduct for Hope House Ayakhululeka Prison Ministry in Athlone, 2004. 
P7.9  Service offered by the Prison Ministry to inmates in prisons in 2004. 
P7.10  Report on the International Prison Chaplain’s Association Conference in Canada, September 2005. 
P7.11  Letters of appreciation from inmates of Leeuwkop Maximum prison to the School of Vision organized by the Prison Ministry offering bible classes and spiritual support, 2000- 2005. 
P7.12  Reverend Garth Counsel reply to a letter by Brenda Payne about the appointment of fulltime chaplain in Prison Ministry, November 2005.  
P7.13  Letters to Archbishop Ndungane from a Prison Chaplain Rev Nancy Charton about situation in prisons and recommendations for transformation, 31 May 1997.  
P7.14  Social Intervention Strategy Group with historical profile in community upliftment and development in Cape Town area. June 1997.  
P7.15  Request for a meeting with Archbishop Ndungane from the United Prisoners of South Africa, June 1997. 
P7.16  Response by the Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town to the recommendations made as a result of the investigation into the battering of prisoners at Pollsmoor Prison on 23 May 1997. 
P7.17  Thank you letter to Archbishop Ndungane from the Williams prisoner’s family for assistance application to the Parole Board, April 1997. 
P7.18  Information about possible debate in Parliament concerning the new Prison Bill, August 1998. 
P7.19  Launching a new project at Pollsmoor Prison Kairos SA as a first-ever ministry to prisoners nation-wide, September 1998. 
P7.20  Correspondence relating to the matters of Prison Ministry and Chaplaincy to be discussed at the Synod of Bishops in October 1999. 
P7.21  Educational training for Ministries offered by the Anglican Diocese of Cape Town, 1999/2000. 
P7.22  Process of appointment of Prison Chaplains, November 1999. 
P7.23  Request to Archbishop Ndungane for urgent intervention in case of victimization of Correctional Staff Forum Leadership by Correctional Services, 25 November 1999. 
P8  PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, 1996-1998. 1 file 
P8.1  Church of Scotland General Assembly Moderator’s Visit, March 1997. 
P8.2  Second General Synod of Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa, April 1997. 
P8.3  First General Assembly/Act of Union: the Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa and the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa, 24-28 September 1999. 
P8.4  UCCSA Press Statement on farming communities and killing of the farmers, September 1998. 
P8.5  Correspondence with St Giles Presbyterian Church. 
P9  PORT ELIZABETH DIOCESE, 1989-2007. 3 files 
P9.1  Celebrations of the 25th Anniversary (1964-1989) of The Anglican Church of Christ the King in Port Elizabeth. 
P9.2  Response by the Bishop of Port Elizabeth to the matter of Termination Pregnancy Bill, October 1996. 
P9.3  Matter of early retirement for bishops, January 1997. 
P9.4  Student Bursaries for Clergy Children, February 1997. 
P9.5  Pastoral Letter prepared by the Bishop of Port Elizabeth, Eric Pike, 4 April 1997. 
P9.6  Mission and Ministry Vision, April 1997. 
P9.7  Sharing of Ministries Abroad (SOMA) April 1997. 
P9.8  Global South Anglican Communicators Project, May/June 1997. 
P9.9  Action brought against the Diocese of Port Elizabeth by Rev Geoff Paxton, May/June 1997. 
P9.10  Response to Poverty by Bishop Eric Pike in Iindaba News 1997. 
P9.11  The Submission by the CPSA to the Human Rights Violations Committee of the TRC, 2 July 1997. 
P9.12  Provincial Standing Committee, September 1997. 
P9.13  Medical Benefits for Clergy and Income TAX Act, March 1998. 
P9.14  Employment of Rev Cliff Felix in the Diocese of Cape Town. 
P9.15  Order of Ethiopia/CPSA relationships, March 1998. 
P9.16  Work of the Gamaliel Foundation, April 1998. 
P9.17  Pilgrimage of Cleansing & Healing Services, June 1998. 
P9.18  The Collegiate Church of St Mary the Virgin, October 1998. 
P9.19  Visit to the House of Resurrection Haven in Port Elizabeth, 23 October 1998. 
P9.20  The annual Newsletter of The House of Resurrection Haven 1997. 
P9.21  Brochure containing information on the history and activities of the House of Resurrection Haven, 1998. 
P9.22  Youth for Christ Port Elizabeth, December 1998. 
P9.23  Request for patronage of the House of Resurrection Haven, February 1999. 
P9.24  Pilgrimage of Presence, Prayer and Protest, March 1999. 
P9.25  The Girls Friendly Society World Council, July 1999. 
P9.26  Statements regarding Rape & Violence against women, August 1999. 
P9.27  Request for retirement of the Bishop of Port Elizabeth, Eric Pike, September 1999. 
P9.28  Tribunal’s work and duties, September 1999. 
P9.29  CMS African Consultation, November 1999. 
P9.30  Bishops in Communion with Canterbury, November 1999 & January 2000. 
P9.31  Reflections on the Church Missionary Society Africa Consultation in Kampala, Uganda, 18 November 1999. 
P9.32  Problems caused by some of the clergy members at the Diocese of Port Elizabeth, March 2000. 
P9.33  Pastoral Letter about retirement of Bishop Eric, 23 July 2000. 
P9.34  Voluntary HIV/AIDS counselling and testing in Port Elizabeth, November 2000. 
P9.35  Retirement of Canon Roy Snyman, 2001. 
P9.36  Candidates for the Vacant See of Port Elizabeth, February 2001. 
P9.37  Notes for the Archbishop for 30 June 2002 on Christian Discipleship. 
P9.38  Notes of the SACLA Council Meeting held at the Hotel 224 on 12 September 2002. 
P9.39  Copy of Juniper’s Jottings for August 2003. 
P9.40  The Inauguration of the Collegiate Church of St Mary the Virgin as the Anglican Cathedral of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth, 2 November 2003. 
P9.41  Diocese of Port Elizabeth response to the issue of homosexuality, December 2003. 
P9.42  Diocesan Council Resolution concerning ECUSA/CPSA relationship, December 2003. 
P9.43  Report on Diocesan and Archbishop’s visit to the Parochial Area of St Luke The evangelist Northern Area Extensions in Port Elizabeth, February 2004. 
P9.44  Service to commemorate the Retracing of the Journey of Bishop Robert Gray held at the Cathedral of St Mary The Virgin in Port Elizabeth, 22 February 2004. 
P9.45  Correspondence relating to the Letter of Suspension of the members of St Timothy Anglican Church in Motherwell Township, 2004. 
P9.46  Letter of Appeal against Canon 25 and the Judgement on Rev Koliti, July 2004. 
P9.47  Commemorative Anniversary Brochure on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Parish of Gelvandale, August 2004. 
P9.48  150th Anniversary of the Parish of St Peter, Mossel Bay, 2005. 
P9.49  Monthly Intercessions 2006/2007 of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth. 
P9.50  Booklet containing history of the Parish of St Peter in the Diocese of Cape Town. 
P9.51  Brochure with the history of the No 7 Castle Hill house in Port Elizabeth, 1990. 
P9.52  Official gazette of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth Iindaba 1998-2007. 
P10  PRETORIA DIOCESE, 1996 - 2003. 5 files 
P10.1  Appointment of a new Provincial Executive Officer, 1996. 
P10.2  Invitation to Archbishop Ndungane from the Bishop of Pretoria to a Eucharistic celebration of elections of Rev Ndungane as Archbishop, July 1996. 
P10.3  Position of the church concerning the Rwandan crisis. 
P10.4  Report of the Commission on Community Clergy published by the Diocese of Pretoria, 1996. 
P10.5  Research Assistant and CPSA Media, January/February 1997. 
P10.6  Church position on the TRC and human rights violations, May 1997. 
P10.7  Correspondence relating to Mrs Solveig Croft request about re-interment of her son’s ashes, 1993-1997. 
P10.8  Nomination for the Deacon according to the Canon 43 of Provincial Standing Committee, May 1997. 
P10.9  Proposal of conferring of the Order of Simon of Cyrene on Mrs. Adelaide Tambo, May/June 1997. 
P10.10  Church position towards situation in Kenya, July 1997. 
P10.11  Establishment of a Pastoral Programme in the Warren Oxford parish, July 1997. 
P10.12  Christian Church position concerning the content of SATV programmes, August 1997. 
P10.13  Agreement between the Anglican Church, CPSA and the South African Police Service, September 1997. 
P10.14  Documents relating to the Pretoria Diocesan Synod 1997. 
P10.15  Commission on the Identity and Mission of the Parish, St Wilfrid’s Church, Pretoria, November 1997. 
P10.16  Documents relating to the early retirement on medical grounds of Bishop Rev Richard Kraft, January 1998. 
P10.17  Appointment of Rev Roland Carle as the first minister of Christ the King United Church, January 1998. 
P10.18  Funds for training of Christian Communicators, January 1998. 
P10.19  Resignation of Bishop Richard Kraft as a Bishop of the Diocese of Pretoria, 1 February 1998. 
P10.20  Documents relating to the financial and other issues relating to the early retirement of Bishop Richard Kraft including change of schedule of his duties, January, February 1998. 
P10.21  CPSA Mandate for the election of a Diocesan Bishop for the Diocese of Pretoria, 1998. 
P10.22  Regional Board Meeting discussing printing and distribution of the bibles and other religious publications, February 1998. 
P10.23  Documents relating to the Elective Assembly February/March 1998. 
P10.24  Anglican/Roman Catholic Bishop’s Consultation, March 1998. 
P10.25  Formal farewell to Bishop Richard Kraft, 7 June 1998. 
P10.26  Election of Johannes Thomas Seoka as a new Bishop of the Diocese of Pretoria, 30 June 1998. 
P10.27  Rev John Streak visit to the Vatican, May 1999. 
P10.28  Pension/early retirement of Bishop Robin Briggs, June 1999. 
P10.29  SACC Reconciliation Workshop, July 1999. 
P10.30  Report of the Provincial Youth Structure meeting in September in Pretoria, November 1999. 
P10.31  Anglican Church participation in the NAFCOC Millennium 2000 Conference, September 2000. 
P10.32  Campaign of the African Renaissance Congress, October 2000. 
P10.33  Resignation of Prof Mike Cant as a governor of Diocesan Governors Body, November 2000. 
P10.34  Diocesan Family Day, Annual Celebration organized by the Pretoria Community Ministries held at St Alban’s Anglican Cathedral, 3 June 2001. 
P10.35  Appointment of Rev Jabulani Nxumalo as Titular Bishop of Fico and Auxiliary of Durban 
P10.36  The order of the service for the Consecration of Archdeacon of Grahamstown, Mazwi Ernest Tisani as Bishop Suffragan of Pretoria in the Cathedral Church of St Alban The Martyr in Pretoria, 20 July 2002. 
P10.37  Justice in Palestine Conference 19-20 July 2002. 
P10.38  Donation to the Diocese of Pretoria towards HIV/AIDS work. 
P10.39  African Council of Religious Leaders inaugural meeting, 10-12 June in Abuja, Nigeria. 
P10.40  African Anglican Bishops Conference in Nigeria, October 2003. 
P10.41  Clergy matters discussed in correspondence, August/September 2003. 
P10.42  Programme of the National Religious Leaders Forum Plenary Conference, 18 March 2004. 
P10.43  African Anglican Bishops Conference in Nigeria, October 2004. 
P10.44  Bench Mark Foundation of Southern Africa for Corporate Social Responsibility) BeFSA CSR), principles for global responsibility, 2003. 
P10.45  CPSA Synod of 2005 Resolutions relating to the malaria infections in SADC countries, October 2005. 
P10.46  Nomination of Bishop Kevin Dowling of Rustenburg as 2006 International Person of the Year for his work for hospices and palliative care community in Sub-Saharan Africa. 
P10.47  Selection of Archbishop Ndungane as the 2006 Leader of the Year by the Leadership Journal. 
P10.48  Consecration of the Rev Canon Dr Bill Atwood as Suffragan Bishop, 30 August 2007. 
P10.49  Documents relating to the elections of Rev Robin Briggs as the Bishop-Suffragan of the Diocese of Pretoria, 1993. 
P10.50  Resignation and early retirement of Bishop Robin Briggs in 1999. 
P10.51  Miscellaneous documents relating to the Diocese of Pretoria. 
P10.52  Publications of the Diocese of Pretoria: AD CLERUM 1999-2003; The Kingdom The Official Newspaper of the Diocese of Pretoria, 2004, 2005 & 2007. 
P11.1  Letter from Archbishop Ndungane to President Mandela to intervene in a conflict between Israel and Palestine, 2 October 1996. 
P11.2  Archbishop Ndungane Press Statement on Arms sales to Rwanda 7 November 1996. 
P11.3  Letter of gratitude from President Mandela to Archbishop Ndungane for the services to SABC Board, 29 November 1996. 
P11.4  Opening Address by President Mandela to the fourth Session of Parliament in Cape Town, 7 February 1997. 
P11.5  Letter from Archbishop Ndungane to President Mandela requesting a meeting with the religious leaders in the Western Cape to restore law and order in townships, March 1997.  
P11.6  Letters to President Mandela to intervene in the conflict at Pollsmoor Prison, May 1997. 
P11.7  Invitation of President Mandela to address the Lambeth Conference in London, 28 July 1998. 
P11.8  Request from archbishop Ndungane and other bishops for a meeting with President Mandela to get clearance on media reports about archbishop, February 1998. 
P11.9  Memorandum to the President of South Africa Nelson Mandela from Archbishop of Cape Town on various CPSA issues and its position towards the government, 5 March 1998. 
P11.10  Letter by the CPSA General Secretary on government initiatives in education, March 1998. 
P11.11  Invitation to President Mandela’s Birthday Gala Dinner on the 19th July 1998. 
P11.12  Congratulatory letters addressed to President elect, Thabo Mbeki on his taking the Government Office, June 1999. 
P11.13  Documents relating to the project entitled: Mandela’s Millennium Maidens Movement, November 1999. 
P11.14  Urgent Appeal by archbishop Ndungane to the President Mbeki to intervene in the Maswiri Boerdery farm at Tshipise near Messina, December 1999. 
P11.15  Meeting between the SA President Thabo Mbeki and the Amakhosi of the Kingdom of Kwazulu Natal in Pretoria, 24 January 2000. 
P11.16  State of the Nation Address by President Mbeki, 4 February 2000. 
P11.17  Correspondence relating to the non-recognition of Tibetans Identity Certificates by the Government of South Africa, January-March 2000. 
P11.18  March for Reparations for the Former Political Prisoners and Torture Survivors Group in Cape Town, 12 April 2000. 
P11.19  Documents relating to the role, powers and functions of the Traditional Leaders in the South African Government, May-December 2000. 
P11.19.1  Discussion of the President Thabo Mbeki with the Chairman of the National House of Traditional Leaders Inkosi Mzimela, May 2000. 
P11.19.2  Addresses by Mangosuthu Buthulezi, Chairman of the house of Traditional Leaders at the meeting of Amakhosi of the Kingdom of Kwazulu Natal, 2 June 2000 & 5 September 2000. 
P11.19.3  Meeting between President Thabo Mbeki and Traditional Leaders in Pretoria, 30 September 2000. 
P11.19.4  Letter to President Mbeki from the Delegation of Traditional Leaders on their position in the Government, 5 October 2000. 
P11.19.5  Report of the Joint Committee on Traditional Leadership, 9 October 2000. 
P11.19.6  Press Conference on Traditional Leaders issues with opening statement by the Chairman of the National House of Traditional Leaders, Inkosi Mzimela, Pretoria, 10 October 2000. 
P11.19.7  Documents relating to the Coalition of Traditional Leaders October- November 2000. They include: Addresses by the Chairman of the House of Traditional Leaders, Mangosuthu Buthelezi and Inkosi Mzimela and Coalition Resolutions. 
P11.19.8  Newspaper clippings relating to the powers of Traditional Leaders, October 2000. 
P11.20  Letters to former President Mandela asking him to be part of peace process and end the violence in the Western Cape, July 2000. 
P11.21  Thabo Mbeki Opening Speech at the National Conference on Racism in Johannesburg, 30 August 2000. 
P11.22  Addresses on the Alleviation of Poverty at the National Council of Provinces in Cape Town, 12 October 2000. 
P11.23  Opening Remarks by Mangosuthu Buthulezi at the meeting with IFP elected councillors, 20 January 2001. 
P11.24  Joint Meeting of Amakhosi of the Kingdom of Kwazulu Natal and IFP Municipal Councillors in Ulundi, 20 April 2001. 
P11.25  Documents relating to a meeting between President Mbeki and the Religious Leaders, 13 December 2001. 
P11.26  President’s Meeting with the National Religious Leaders in Pretoria, 19 April 2002. 
P11.27  Meeting between the president and the National Religious Leaders in Pretoria, 21 October 2003.  
P13.1  Statement from the acting Provincial Executive Officer of the CPSA on the election of the successor of the Archbishop of Cape Town, Desmond Tutu, 23 April 1996. 
P13.2  Appointment of Peter Gunning as Honorary Canon of the CPSA, 1996. 
P13.3  Launch of the HIV/AIDS Task Forces by the Cathedral of St Mary the Virgin in the Diocese of Johannesburg, 31 August 1996. 
P13.4  CPSA Statement on the Death Penalty in South Africa, 3 September 1996. 
P13.5  Awarding a General Licence as a CPSA Provincial Executive Officer to Peter Leslie Gunning, 11 September 1996. 
P13.6  Land Claim at Lohatla Battle School, October 1996. 
P13.7  United Thank Offering Grant Applications, October 1996. 
P13.8  Mandate for Diocese of Bloemfontein’s Elective Assembly for the Election of the Bishop of the Diocese of Bloemfontein, October 1996. 
P13.9  SACC workshop on crime and violence, Johannesburg, October 1996. 
P13.10  Meeting with Church Unity Commission Church Leaders, 26 November 1996. 
P13.11  Commission for the Promotion and protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities, December 1996. 
P13.12  Stipend Augmentation and Clergy Stipends, December 1996. 
P13.13  Notices to Bishops, February & April 1997. They include Bishops Portfolios. 
P13.14  Circular from the Provincial Executive Officer to all Bishops, Diocesan Secretaries/Administrators, 24 February 1997. 
P13.15  Response to Archbishop Tutu’s call to the Anglican Church to confess, as reported in the Cape Argus of October 16, 1996. CPSA submission to the TRC Commission. 
P13.16  Proposal to the Anglican Church to participate in the International TB Conference in Johannesburg, 25 June 1997. 
P13.17  Documents relating to the Assent or Objection to the Election of a Bishop. 
P13.18  Synod Debate by House of Bishops on Issues in Human Sexuality, June 1997. 
P13.19  The Multi- Purpose Community Centre Research Project, June 1997. 
P13.20  Action brought against the Diocese of Port Elizabeth by Reverend Geoff Paxton, May 1997. 
P13.21  Member Churches of the World Council of Churches, Year Book 1997. 
P13.22  Special Issue of postage stamps in 1998 to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Arrival of Bishop Robert and Sophie Gray to Cape Town in 1848. 
P13.23  National Masakhane Focus Week, 1-7 September 1997. 
P13.24  Cooperation concerning youth-related research offered by Die Algemene Jeugkommissie in Bloemfontein, May 1997. 
P13.25  CPSA Mandate for the Election of a Bishop Suffragan. 
P13.26  United Thank Offering Grant Cycle Calendar 1997-1998. 
P13.27  Finance Subcommittee Meeting, 2-3 June 1998. 
P13.28  Canonisation of Canon John Rowland’s in March 1983 discussed by the Synod of Bishops in October 1997. 
P13.29  Invitation to meet Ambassador Thomas Graham from the USA during his visit to South Africa, November 1997. 
P13.30  Programmes of the Graduate School of Ecumenical Studies offered in 1998. 
P13.31  Representatives of the Diocese of Cape Town to the Synod Elections, 20-23 November 1997. 
P13.32  Robert & Sophie Gray 150th Anniversary Celebrations, April 1998 Consecrations. 
P13.33  Diocesan Assessment and CPSA Mission Fund List. 
P13.34  National Youth Ministry Forum, 3-4 September 1997. 
P13.35  Position of the Bishop to the Forces in South Africa at the Lambeth Conference, 11 February 1998. 
P13.36  CPSA/CESAQ Relationship discussed during the meeting with bishops in February 1998. 
P13.37  CPSA versions of the Certificate Concerning Objections to the Election of a Bishop. 
P13.38  Anglican/Roman Catholic Bishops Consultation, March 1998. 
P13.39  Special Meeting at the Wilgespruit Fellowship Centre, 27 may 1998. 
P13.40  Proposal for the Provincial Secretaries Conference in Southern Africa in 2000. 
P13.41  Interreligious Council on Public Education & Development Concept for Promoting Interfaith Participation in the Revival of Public Education and the Moral Regeneration of Society October 1998. 
P13.42  Memorandum to All Bishops of the Province concerning the Morals Summit, October 1998. 
P13.43  Report and Recommendations for Siting offices for the CPSA in Gauteng, by Rev Canon Peter Gunning, Provincial Executive Officer. 
P13.44  CPSA Parish Development Questionnaire sent to all parishes in the CPSA on the Development Network. 
P13.45  Request for the Episcopal Relief and Development Fund for the Bishop of Namibia HIV/AIDS Project in 2002. 
P13.46  CPSA Meeting at Bishopscourt, 2 January 2003. 
P13.47  Provincial Executive Officer comments on 2004 RSA Budget. Includes SACC Executive Summary on 2005-2006 People’s Budget Proposals. 
P13.48  CPSA Appointment of Geoffrey Francis Davies as Provincial Executive Officer of the CPSA, 25 February 2004. 
P13.49  Meeting between the Archbishop Ndungane and the Provincial Treasurer discussing the office of the Provincial Executive Officer, 10 March 2004. 
P13.50  Raising Funds for Poverty Stricken Rural Children in Africa by a charity company and their project Food 4 Africa August 2005. 
P14.1  CPSA Information Book on The Provincial Pension Fund, 1989. 
P14.2  CPSA administration of the Provincial Pension Fund, September 1996. 
P14.3  Pension Fund Management, August 1996. 
P14.4  Rights of the members of the CPSA Provincial Pension Fund Suspense Members. 
P14.5  Presentation of the Pension Fund services to CPSA Provincial Pension Fund by SANLAM, August 1996. 
P14.6  Investment Presentation by the Sanlam Asset Management to The Provincial Pension Fund of the Church of the Province of Southern Africa, 1996. 
P14.7  SANLAM Corporate Social Involvement Programme, August 1996. 
P14.8  Confirmation letter of approval the transaction between the Anglican Church and Sanlam concerning the CPSA Pension Fund, 18 October 1996. 
P14.9  Documents relating to Resolutions of Provincial Synod recommendations towards the retirement age of bishops and financial reports on diocesan contributions and to the Pension Fund for 1996. 
P14.10  Duties of Trustees and Principal Officer of the Pension Fund. 
P14.11  Presentation to the CPSA Provincial Pension Fund by The Alexander Forbes Fund Management Service its financial solutions for the Pension Fund, August 1996. 
P14.12  Conceptual Proposal to the CPSA for a review of their Employee Benefits by Liberty Life Association of Africa Limited. 
P14.13  Investment Presentation to the Provincial Pension Fund of the CPSA, November 1996. 
P14.14  Minutes of the Meetings of the CPSA Provincial Pension Board, 1996-2003. 
P14.14.1  CPSA Provincial Pensions Board Minutes of the Meetings for September & December 1996. 
P14.14.2  Minutes of the Meetings of the CPSA Provincial Pension Board for 1997: April, August, September, December 1997. 
P14.14.3  CPSA Provincial Pension Board Minutes of the Meetings for 1998: March, June, November and the CPSA Technical Committee Meetings for January & September 1998.  
P14.14.4  Minutes of the Meeting of the CPSA Provincial Pension Fund Trustees, 13 May 1999. 
P14.14.5  CPSA Provincial Pension Fund Meetings of Trustees and the CPSA Layworkers Pension Fund: 26 June 2001, 12 September 2002. 
P14.14.6  Minutes of the Meetings of the Trustees of the CPSA Provincial Pension Fund for 2003: March, May, August, November. 
P14.15  Copy of Judgment in case of CPSA in the Diocese of Port Elizabeth (Applicant) and G. Paxton (Applicant), 27 June 1997. 
P14.16  Documents relating to the changes of the rules and contributions in the CPSA Pension Fund 1997/1998. 
P14.17  CPSA Layworkers Pension Fund Premiums Received in 1997 and monthly contributions in 1998. 
P14.18  CPSA Provincial Pension Fund Claims for 1997/1998. 
P14.19  Minutes of the CPSA Provincial Standing Committee, September 1997. 
P14.20  Presentation of SANLAM Disability/Ill Health Retirement Assessment Services to the CPSA Provincial Pension Fund, March 1998. 
P14.21  Quotation proposed Family Cover Scheme for CPSA Provincial Pension Fund, March 1998. 
P14.22  Correspondence relating to the Canon S.E. Bennett pension payment, 1998. 
P14.23  SANLAM donation towards the renovations of Bishopscourt, June 1998. 
P14.24  Transfer of the pension funds from Old Mutual to SANLAM for the clergy in the Diocese of Natal, August 1998. 
P14.25  Member’s Information Booklet of the CPSA Provincial Pension Fund/Clergy Funeral Scheme, October 1998. 
P14.26  CPSA Provincial Pension Fund Monthly Contributions from various dioceses for 1998 and some retirements and death claims for 1997/98. 
P14.27  Presentation to the CPSA Pension Fund on The Umbrella Trust of SANLAM Trust, 1998. 
P14.28  CPSA pension contribution increases from 1 January 1999. 
P14.29  Budget and Financial Statements of the CPSA Provincial Pension Fund for 1996/97. 
P14.29.1  Valuation of the CPSA Provincial Pension Fund, 1 January 1997. 
P14.29.2  Budget Summary of the Common Provincial Fund 1996/97. 
P14.29.3  Income & Expenditure of the Common Provincial Fund for the period of 1.10.1996 - 31.3.1997. 
P14.29.4  Budget and expenses of various CPSA finance committees including the Advisory Board on Theological Education, 1996/97. 
P14.29.5  Management Financials of the CPSA Layworkers Pension Fund for the period 1 May 2001 to 30 April 2002. 
P14.29.6  CPSA Provincial Pension Fund Annual Financial Statements, 31 December 2000. 
P14.30  Monthly Reports to the Provincial Pension Fund of the CPSA for 1998: May, June, October & November. 
P14.31  The Provincial Pension Fund of the CPSA Investment Portfolio for 1998 & 1998 prepared by the Fedsure Asset Management. 
P14.32  CPSA Provincial Pension Fund Investment Reports for: 1997, 1998, 2002 & 2003. 
P14.33  Revised rules of the CPSA Provincial Pension Fund administered by Liberty Group Limited, 1 June 2000. 
P14.34  CPSA Provincial Pension Fund Newsletters Pension Focus June 2001& July 2003. 
P14.35  Actuarial Valuation Results of the CPSA Pension Fund in 2002. 
P14.36  Draft Regulation 28 discussed at the Pension Funds Symposium in 2002. 
P14.37  Increase in clergy contributions to the CPSA Provincial Pension Fund. 
P14.38  Code of Conduct for Trustees prepared by the Financial services Board, October 2002. 
P14.39  Retirement Planning for the CPSA Provincial Pension Fund (Clergy) and Layworkers Pension Fund for 2002 and 2003. 
P14.40  Trustee Training and Support Course for trustees of the retirement fund, 2003. 
P14.41  Amendment No 2 to the revised rules of the CPSA Provincial Pension Fund administered by Liberty Group, 2003. 
P14.42  Recommended pension increase of the CPSA Provincial Pension Fund from 1 January 2004. 
P15  PROVINCIAL REGISTRAR, 1996-2005. 1 file 
P15.1  Correspondence of the CPSA Registrar with Archbishop Ndungane, June/July 1996. 
P15.2  Lease of land St Cyprian’s Primary Church School in Langa, October 1996. 
P15.3  Certification by the CPSA Registrar, Max Hales of the documents for the election of the Bishop of the Diocese of Bloemfontein, 2 May 1997. 
P15.4  Copy of the Judgement and Notes of the Paxton Case, June 1997. 
P15.5  Constitutions of Sister Churches in Africa, July 1997. 
P15.6  Marriage Objection Act concerning all marriage councillors of the South African Republic, 1997. 
P15.7  Deed of Delegation for the elections of the Bishop of the Diocese of Lesotho, August/September 1997. 
P15.8  Election of Bishop of Namibia, December 1997. 
P15.9  Rates on Church Property, case of All Saints School in Lansdowne. 
P15.10  Independent Development Trust nomination for a member of the Board of Trustees, January 1998. 
P15.11  Proposed formation of an Ecclesiastical Law Society for Southern Africa, January 1998. 
P15.12  Nomination of Henry Bennett as candidate for Judicial Appointment, February 1998. 
P15.13  Certificate concerning Objections to the Election of a Bishop Christopher Gregorowski as Bishop Suffragan of the Diocese of Cape Town and Confirmation of the Election, February /March 1998. 
P15.14  150th Anniversary Celebrations of the founding of the Diocese of Cape Town, April 1998. 
P15.15  Commission for the Bishop of Table Bay, 1st May 1998. 
P15.16  Deed of Delegation for an appointment of the Provincial Registrar of Namibia, May 1998. 
P15.17  Draft Pro Forma Agreement between The Executive Council member representing MEC (Education) and the Diocese concerning public schools on private property, June 1998. 
P15.18  Election of Bishop of Pretoria, June 1998. 
P15.19  Certificate of no objections to the election of John Salt, OGS tit he Sacred Office of Bishop of St Helena, 10 April 1999. 
P15.20  Draft Licence for a Commissary for Angola, August 1999. 
P15.21  Provincial and Diocesan Legal Team, October 1999. 
P15.22  Appointment of Advocate Ronald Bracks as a Provincial Registrar, 1 January 1999. 
P15.23  Missionary Diocese of Angola, May 2000. 
P15.24  Litigation against Anglican Church, August 2000. 
P15.25  Memorandum regarding the employment of Priests, September 2000. 
P15.26  Property Rates Bill 2000, 4 December 2000. 
P15.27  Report on Anglican Communion Legal Advisers Consultation- March 2002. 
P15.28  Proposal for a Conference of Legal Advisors, 20 July 2001. 
P15.29  Statement from Anglican Archbishop Ndungane on the Constitutional Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriages, December 2005. 
P16.1  CPSA Common Provincial Fund Budget 1996/97. 
P16.2  Archbishop’s Trust Funds details, June 1996. 
P16.3  Changes to the draft of Canon 46 relating to the Pension Fund Bye-Laws, August 1996. 
P16.4  Contribution of the Outreach Committee of St Bede’s Episcopal Church to Archbishop Ndungane Discretionary Fund, August 1996. 
P16.5  Addendum to the Common Provincial Fund Budget third draft, 1996/97. 
P16.6  Missions to Seamen Central Committee in the CPSA, February 1997. 
P16.7  Medical benefit fund for Anglican Church, March 1997. 
P16.8  Response to the Memorandum from Diocesan Secretaries and Administrators, 21 May 1997. 
P16.9  Medical Aid and Outstanding Claims of the staff members of the College of the Transfiguration, October 1997. 
P16.10  Responsibilities of the CPSA Provincial Trusts Board members, November 1997. 
P16.11  CPSA Layworkers Pension Fund Member’s Handbook, 1997. 
P16.12  Payouts of the death benefits and pensions, November 1997. 
P16.13  Report of the Provincial Secretary/Treasurer to the CPSA Provincial Standing Committee, November 1997. 
P16.14  Memorandum of Agreement between Mr S N Colam as Provincial Secretary/Treasurer and the CPSA, December 1997. 
P16.15  Dioceses Holding Units in the Provincial Investment Fund, February 1998. 
P16.16  Trinity Church in New York Grant award to the CPSA, December 1997. 
P16.17  The law and taxation of Clergy, March & May 1998. 
P16.18  Audit Sub-Committee Report, September 1998. 
P16.19  Enquiry on Suspension of Chaplain M. Sibeko, November 1998. 
P16.20  Transfer of funds to the Diocese of Lesotho, November 1998. 
P16.21  Grant payment by the Trinity Church in New York to the CPSA bank account in Cape Town, November 1998. 
P16.22  Administrative expenses of the meetings of the Provincial SAATC in the Diocese of Cape Town, January 1999. 
P17  Gauteng Council of Churches programmes focusing on poverty eradication and ensuring justice, July 2000. 
P18  Western Cape Consultation of Churches, 8 February 2000. 
P19  Consultative meeting between Archbishop Ndungane, Premier of the Northern Province Government and director of the Ecumenical Pastoral Institute, March 2000. 
P20  National Water for all campaign and workshop, 23-25 May 2000. 
P21  Public participation in the draft policy document Calming Residential Streets for Communities in the City of Cape Town, April 2003. 
P22  The Transformation Directorate of the City of Cape Town campaign to make the city work, December 2002. 
P23  Right to Work Campaign and Alternative Information and Development Centre in Cape Town, 3 October 2006. 
P24  PROVINCIAL SYNODS, 1998-2007. 1 file 
P24.1  Summons to Twenty-Ninth Session of the Provincial Synod, 8 September 1998. 
P24.2  Documents relating to the 29th Session of the Provincial Synod in Kwazulu Natal, 13 July 1999. 
  Including the Archbishop's Charge entitled "Journey to Wholeness" 
P24.3  Provincial Synod Motion proposed by the Bishop of Natal, 2002. 
P24.4  Comments on the successful Provincial Synod in 2002. 
P24.5  Charge to the Provincial Synod by Archbishop Ndungane in his speech: Building Bridges of Hope, July 2005. 
P24.6  Draft Measures for provincial Synod, September 2005. 
P24.7  Synod Report, March 2002. 
P25.1  CPSA Board of Provincial Trustees Deposit Fund Balance Sheets, 30 June 1996. 
P25.2  CPSA Provincial Trusts Board Minutes of the Meetings, August & November 1996. 
P25.3  Pension Fund contributions matters, August/September 1996. 
P25.4  Provincial Endowment Fund and Funds under control of the Synod, September 1996. 
P25.5  CPSA Addendum to the Report of the Finance Sub-Committee to Provincial Standing Committee, September 1996. 
P25.6  Funds under control of the Archbishop, September 1996. 
P25.7  Costs involved in the transfer of the portfolio to BOE Unit Trust Management Company, November 1996. 
P25.8  Special functions of the Provincial Trust Board and responsibilities of Trustees, August/September 1997. 
P25.9  Resignation of the Chairman of the Provincial Audit Sub-Committee. 
P25.10  Lists of the National Monuments being the property of the CPSA, October 1997. 
P25.11  Detailed Ledger of the Provincial Trust Board Investment Fund, 1997/98. 
P25.12  Developments regarding Norwich Holdings shareholders, April 1998. 
P25.13  Norwich Investments Report for the first quarter 1998 submitted to the CPSA Provincial Pension Fund. 
P25.14  Documents relating to the meeting of the Provincial Trust Board, 21 September 1998. 
P25.15  Provincial Investment Fund, January 1999. 
P25.16  Minutes of the CPSA Board of Trustees meeting, 26 February 1999. 
P25.17  CPSA Annual Financial Statements, 31 December 2000 & 2001. 
P25.18  Deed of Trust of The College of The Transfiguration Endowment Fund, 2001. 
P25.19  Minutes of the meeting of the Bishopscourt Trust, 24 April 2002. 
P25.20  Notarial Trust Deed of The Bishopscourt Ecclesiastical Trust, 2002. 
P25.21  CPSA Provincial Trust Board Meeting, 23 May 2002. 
P25.22  Agenda documents for the meeting of the CPSA Board of Trustees, 6 May 2005. 
P26  PUBLISHING COMMITTEE, 1997-2004. 1 file 
P26.1  Suggestions for Seminars based on the Archbishop’s Charge, 1997. 
P26.2  New CPSA publications on Transformation Commission and Reconciliation, April 1997. 
P26.3  CPSA Press Release on President Mandela talks with SA’s religious leaders, July 1997. 
P26.4  List of new CPSA publications, August 1997. 
P26.5  Study Material arising out of The Archbishop’s Enthronement Charge, 1997. 
P26.6  Submission to the CPSA for publishing a manuscript entitled: The Anglican Way: Southern African Perspectives February 1999. 
P26.7  Services for parish use in Xhosa, August 1999. 
P26.8  Appointment of the Communications Officer for the Diocese and the Archbishop’s Office as Liaison person with the CPSA Media Committee, August 1999. 
P26.9  Distribution to the clergy promotions for the CPSA publications for 1998. 
P26.10  CPSA Media Committee Memorandum to the Transformation Commission meeting 13-15 June 1997. 
P26.11  The Trust’s Training Portfolio Committee Meeting to discuss the draft programme for the Inaugural Conference in October 1996. 
P26.12  Lent Course 2000. 
P26.13  Correction to Standing Rule 9 in the Constitution and Canons, March 1999. 
P26.14  Renew as an official Provincial Programme for the entire CPSA in 1994 and its continuation. 
P26.15  CPSA new publications for 2001. 
P26.16  Bible Studies and its approach to HIV/AIDS issues, October 2003. 
P26.17  Challenges facing CPSA Publishing Committee, 2004. 
Q1  QUAKERS, Religious Society of Friends, 1996-1998. 1 file 
Q1.1  Letter of appreciation to Archbishop Ndungane for his condemnation of SA Government decision to export arms to Rwanda, October 1996. 
Q1.2  Letter from the Quaker Peace Centre to the Finance Minister Trevor Manuel containing great concerns about military expenditure, February 1998. 
Q1.3  Coalition for Defence Alternatives workshop, 20 May 1998. 
Q1.4  Quaker Peace Centre’s 10 Year Celebration, 21 November 1998. 1 file 
Q2.1  Press release by Archbishop Ndungane on corruption, crime and violence, Cape Town 8 June 1997. 
O2.2  Statements by the CPSA Synod of Bishops and Archbishop Ndungane on the issue of arms sales by South Africa, 22 September 1997. 
Q2.3  Termination of the Quo Vadis Communications services, 12 June 1998. 
Q2.4  Gratitude letter from Archbishop Ndungane to the Quo Vadis Communications for its assistance, February 1999. 
R 1  RADIO STATIONS, 1996-1998. 1 file 
R 1.10  Proposal for a series of seminars on Religious Broadcasting in South Africa, August 1996. 
R 1.20  Action for Southern Africa delegation’s visit to South Africa from Britain, October 1996. 
R 1.30  Uplink Broadcasting Limited meeting in Johannesburg, October 1996. 
R 1.40  Request by Thobela FM African language Radio Station for an interview with Archbishop Ndungane, January 1997. 
R 1.50  Archbishop Ndungane participation in BBC programme Good Morning Sunday March 1997. 
R 1.60  Comments on an interview with Tim Modise from PM Live on crime for today, 24 June 1997. 
R 1.70  Live interview on PM Live with Archbishop Ndungane on crime and violence in South Africa, June 1997. 
R 1.80  Letter from the Bishop Peter Lee to the SABC Complaints Office on treating the South African religious community by the public broadcaster, 18 September 1997. 
R 1.90  Invitation to Archbishop Ndungane from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Toronto to be on a discussion panel on the international development issues, October 1997. 
R 1.10  Archbishop Ndungane participation in BBC Radio 2 programme Good Morning Christmas, December 1997. 
R 1.11  Letter to Archbishop Ndungane from a journalist of the Radio 702 station about his interview on various issues relating to the South African Government, March 1998. 
R 2  RELIGIOUS COMMUNITIES, 1996-2007. 1 file 
R 2.10  Commission for the Regional Bishops in the Diocese of Cape Town, 1996/97. 
R 2.20  Correspondence relating to the visit of the Mount Calvary Retreat House and Monastery delegation in California to the Cape, February/March 1997, 1998. 
R 2.30  Establishment of the Chapter of the Order of the Holy Cross, June/August 1997. 
R 2.40  The Society of Saint Francis, May 1998. 
R 2.50  Establishment of a monastic community according to an agreement between the Chapter of the Order of the Holy Cross and the Community of the Resurrection of our Lord, 15 June 1998, New York. 
R 2.60  Prior and Novice Master of the monastic community appointments (uMaria uMama we Themba)June 1998. 
R 2.70  CPSA Religious Communities News, July 1998. 
R 2.80  Assistance of the Sisters in Lesotho to alleviate the poverty, October 1998. 
R 2.90  Report on the Questionnaires on the Religious Communities in the CPSA. 
R 2.10  Documents relating to the Journey to Wholeness Jubilee 2000 Campaign in 2000. 
R 2.11  Religious Life Consultation 2001 Programme. 
R 2.12  Documents relating to the activities of St Benedict’s House in Rosettenville. They include: correspondence, Religious Life Conference and opening of the new Convent. 
R 2.13  The Order of the Holy Cross in Grahamstown and Kwazulu Natal, 2002. 
R 2.14  The Society of the Sacred Mission in Maseru, 2003. 
R 2.15  Correspondence of the Order of the Holy Cross based in Toronto, Canada, 2003. 
R 2.16  Society of the Precious Blood in Maseru, Lesotho, 2005/2006. 
R 2.17  Newsletters of the Religious Communities, 1995, 1998, 2001, 2004, 2006. 
R 3  RELIGION IN PUBLIC LIFE, Minutes of the 1999 First National Steering Committee Meeting . 1 file 
R 4  RELIGIOUS LEADERS, 2004-2006. 1 file 
R 4.10  Letter from Religious Leaders to the G-8, 2004. 
R 4.20  Response by father John Oliver to the meeting with Religious Leaders, December 2004. 
R 4.30  Campaign 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence December 2004/2005. 
R 4.40  Western Cape Religious Leaders Forum, 2006. 
R 5  RENEW TEAM, 1994-2001. 1 file 
R 5.10  Tasks of the Anglican Renewal Ministries, 1989/1990. 
R 5.20  Management Pack for the Parish Renew Team of the Diocese of Cape Town. 
R 5.30  Renew Training Workshops for 1994. 
R 5.40  Liturgy Notes for the Renew Season 3 in 1995. 
R 5.50  Renew Newsletter, 1993 & 1995. 
R 5.60  Documents relating to the resignation of the Provincial Renew Coordinator, October 1996. 
R 5.70  Renew Thanksgiving Service in 1997. 
R 5.80  Anglican Provincial Renew Convocation in Bloemfontein, 21-24 May 1998. 
R 5.90  Work of the Renew in Kempton Park, 1998. 
R 5.10  Small Christian Communities Team, 1999. 
R 5.11  Provincial Small Group Resource Team, its activities and conference, 1999/2000. 
R 6  REPARATIONS, 1999-2004. 4 files 
R 6.10  Letter of support the struggle for final reparations after the TRC Final Report, 1999.  
R 6.20  Documents relating to the South African Reparations Conference Planning Committee, March/April 2000. 
R 6.30  Report on the Khulumani Indaba to address victims problems and non-delivery of reparations, 25-26 April 2001, Cape Town. 
R 6.40  Attorney Client and Work Product Litigation Strategy Memorandum to Advocate Dumisa Ntsebeza Apartheid Class Action Claims Case, June 2002. 
R 6.50  Apartheid Debt and Reparations Campaign, Jubilee 2000 South Africa, November 2002. 
R 6.60  Paper published by the Amnesty International/Human Rights Watch in February 2003 entitled: Truth and Justice: Unfinished Business in South Africa. 
R 6.70  Correspondence relating to the litigation against business in South Africa for reparations for apartheid victims, May 2003. 
R 6.80  Statement of Archbishop Ndungane on the case involving South African Corporations and victims of Human Rights Violations under Apartheid, 10 May 2003. 
R 6.90  Submission from NGO Working Group on Reparations for the Parliamentary AD HOC Committee on Reparations, June 2003. 
R 6.10  Bench Marks Foundation of Southern Africa, May 2003. 
R 6.11  Meeting on the National Reparations Conference, July 2003. 
R 6.12  Resignation of the Coordinator of National Executive Committee of the Jubilee South Africa, August 2003. 
R 6.13  Documents relating to the National Preparations Conference entitled: Opening Civil Society Dialogue on Preparations 27-28 August 2003, Johannesburg. 
R 6.14  Article by advocate Ntsebeza for Sunday Times in response to the President of the RSA address on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, August 2003. 
R 6.15  Report entitled: Victim Perspective on the National Civil Society Dialogue on Reparations and its Outcomes, 1 September 2003. 
R 6.16  Affidavit made by professor Terblanche for the case of South African Apartheid Litigation, September 2003. 
R 6.17  Letters to the Minister of Justice Penuell Maduna from the Jubilee Campaign South Africa and attorneys in Johannesburg on Apartheid Reparations Lawsuits, 1 September 2003. 
R 6.18  Letter to Archbishop Ndungane from advocate Ntsebeza on Apartheid Reparations Case, 2 September 2003. 
R 6.19  Press Statement on the Apartheid Reparations Litigation in New York, September 2003. 
R 6.20  Apartheid Debt and Reparations Task Team Meeting, 12 September 2003. 
R 6.21  Archbishop Tutu statement to the TRC, 15 December 2003. 
R 6.22  Newspaper clippings relating to the apartheid lawsuits, 2003. 
R 6.23  Documents relating to the Apartheid Debt and Reparations Campaign International Strategic Planning Meeting and Seminar, June/July 2004. 
R 6.24  Legal Claims submitted to the United States District Court of New York, 2002/2003. 
R 7.10  Annual Reports of Religion and Social Change Unit of the University of Cape Town, 1995-1998. 
R 7.20  Religion and Social Change Unit Minutes of the Review Meeting, 6 August 1997. 
R 7.30  RICSA Bulletin, July 1997 and programme of workshops on issues on public policy, August 1997. 
R 7.40  Proposed programme and the Framework Document of RICSA Multi-Event of 1999. 
R 7.50  Documents relating to church’s involvement in the discussions around International Debt, June 1998. 
R 8  RELIGIOUS GROUPS, 1997 - 2006. 2 files 
R 8.10  South African Hindu Maha Sabha, 1999, 2001. 
R 8.20  Tibetan Central Administration, 2000. 
R 8.30  Correspondence relating to the challenge of Islam on the continent of Africa. 
R 8.40  Paper on Islamic Finance published by The Islamic Research and training Institute, 2002. 
R 8.50  Document entitled: Channel Islam containing protocols of 1st Meeting of Illuminati, 19 June 2003. 
R 8.60  Reply and comments by the South African Jewish Board of Deputies on Channel Islam programmes, August 2003. 
R 8.70  Documents relating to the Islamic Propagation Centre International, 2004-2006. 
R 8.80  South African Jewish Board of Deputies and Jewish Faith, 1997 - 2005. 
R8.8.1  Address to the Annual Conference of the Cape Council of South African Jewish Board of Deputies by Imam Omar, 28 September 1997. 
R8.8.2  Development projects run by members and organizations within the Jewish Community, 1999. 
R8.8.3  Documents relating to the Middle East conflict, October 2000. 
R8.8.4  Correspondence on Holocaust, 2001. 
R8.8.5  Joint Press Statement with COSATU and the Palestine Solidarity Group, 15 June 2004. 
R8.8.6  Union of Orthodox Synagogues of South Africa, Cape Council, 2005. 
R8.8.7  Temple Israel Newsletter, March/April 1997. 
R8.8.8  Project run be Youth for Christ in Port Elizabeth, 1999/2000. 
R8.8.9  Newsletters (2 issues) of the Bahai International Community, 2006. 
R 9  RESOURCE TEAM, 2004. 1 file 
  Documents include the Small Group Resource Team Report on Small Christian Communities. 
R 10  RESTRUCTURING, Commission on, 1997. 
  Documents include records on restructuring of the Diocese of Cape Town, like: recommendations, maps, budget and correspondence.  
R 11  RETIRED BISHOPS, 1989 - 2007. 2 files 
R 11.10  List of CPSA Bishops retired/emigrated, April 1998. 
R 11.20  Citation for conferring Archbishop Emeritus Philip Russell the title Archbishop Emeritus 1 March 1997. 
R 11.30  Correspondence between Reverend Beresford and Archbishop Ndungane, 1989-1992. 
R 11.40  Provincial Retirement Scheme for clergy concerning pension fund and housing. 
R 11.50  Bishop’s Peter Harker correspondence with Archbishop Ndungane and other members of the clergy, 1998/1999.  
R 11.60  Correspondence of Rev Michael Nuttal, Bishop of Natal with Archbishop Ndungane and other bishops, relating to his retirement, book publishing on Archbishop Tutu and other clergy issues, 2000-2005.  
R 11.70  Archbishop Emeritus Rev P. Russell correspondence with Archbishop Ndungane on the booklet The Bible & Homosexuality and other matters of the Anglican Church, 2000 - 2006. 
R 11.80  Correspondence of other bishops with Archbishop Ndungane relating to their retirement: Bishop of Table Bay, J. Schuster, Bishop of St Helena, Rev John Ruston, Bishop of Johannesburg, Rev Duncan Buchanan, Rev Philip Le Feuvre, Rev Thomas Stanage, Bishop Richard Kraft, 1998-2001.  
R 11.90  Correspondence relating to the 150 Anniversary Celebrations of Robert and Sophie Gray, Cape Town, 1998. 
R 11.10  Correspondence between Archbishop Ndungane and Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu. 
R 11.11  Service of Thanksgiving and Celebration of the Golden Wedding Anniversary of Leah and Desmond Tutu, 2nd July 2005. 
R 11.12  Celebration of Bishop Charles Albertyn 50th Anniversary of his Ordination to the Priesthood, 23 December 2006. 
R 11.13  Obituary of Ray Carter, Anglican Church activist and chaplain at UCT. 
R 11.14  Correspondence of archbishop Ndungane with the retired bishops and clergy living abroad in: United Kingdom, USA, Namibia, Australia, 1997-2004. 
R 12  RETIRED CLERGY. 1 file 
  Records include the correspondence relating to issues of retired clergy accommodation, their fellowship the retired clergy association. 
R 13  RETREATS, Archbishop's 1997, 2001 & 2006. 1 file 
R 13.10  RETREATS, Archbishop Ndungane, 1997. 
R 13.20  Correspondence and invitations to Archbishop’s Retreat in November 2001. 
R 13.30  Archbishop Ndungane's Ordination Retreat, 12 December 2006. 
R 14  ROBERT GRAY, 150 Anniversary celebrations. 3 files 
R 14.10  Robert Gray Memorial Lecture and Workshop on Church Planting, 18 June 1997. 
R14.1.1  Programme of the Lecture. 
R14.1.2  Bishop Gray Memorial Lecture presented by Archbishop Ndungane in Cape Town, 18 June 1997. 
R14.1.3  Lecture entitled: Anglicanism and Africanisation: The Legacy of Robert Gray presented by Luke Pato from the College of Transfiguration in Grahamstown. 
R14.1.4  Sermon by the Archbishop of Cape Town to mark the 150th Anniversary of the Consecration of Bishop Robert Gray, 29 June 1997. 
R14.1.5  Clergy responses, participants of the Lecture to the Robert Gray Memorial Lecture in correspondence with Archbishop Ndungane, April-August 1997. 
R 14.20  Documents relating to preparations for the celebrations of the 150th Anniversary of the arrival of Robert Gray, 1997/1998. 
  Including funding of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Cape Town. They include mainly correspondence with clergy, memoranda from Archbishop Ndungane, programme of the celebrations and list of invited guests for this event 
R 14.30  Publishing of the book Change and Challenge containing essays commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the arrival of Robert Gray, 1998. 
R 14.40  Sermon delivered by Archbishop Ndungane to commemorate the arrival of Robert Gray in Cape Town, 26 April 1998. 
R 14.50  Outline of the journey of Bishop Gray first visitation to various dioceses and missions across South Africa, 1848-1860. 
R 14.60  An article on Sophie Gray, bishop’s wife and her contribution to the Anglican Church. 
R 14.70  Report of the Steering Committee for the 150th Anniversary for the Diocese of Cape Town and the Province. 
R 14.80  Documents relating to the Annual Robert Gray Lecture delivered by Prof Alan Whiteside at St Cyprian’s Anglican Church in Cape Town, 1 September 2003. 
  The documents include only correspondence relating to sabbatical plans of the clergy. 
S2  SALDANHA BAY DIOCESE, 1996 - 2007. 2 files 
S2.1  General Licence of the Chaplain to the Archbishop given by Archbishop Ndungane to Ronald Edward Philips to perform all Ecclesiastical Duties, 11th of September 1996. 
S2.2  AD CLERUM Pastoral Letter issued by the Western Region Bishop’s Office in October 1997. 
S2.3  Church support for Boudewijn Wegerif anti-debt walk, 1997. 
S2.4  Appeal from the African Culture and Christianity Standing Commission, 20 January 1998. 
S2.5  Appointment of father Ronald Jonathan as Archdeacon, March 1998. 
S2.6  Minutes of the Meetings of the Saldanha Bay Region Chapter, 1998/1999 & March 2006. 
S2.7  Archbishop Ndungane Statement on Homosexuality, December 1998. 
S2.8  The Order of Service for the Licensing and Commissioning of Revd. Justus Marcus as The Regional Bishop of Saldanha Bay, 27 July 2002. 
S2.9  Documents relating to the inauguration of the Diocese of Saldanha Bay, April-December 2005. 
S2.9.1  Proposed Committees for the inauguration of the new diocese from the region of Saldanha Bay. 
S2.9.2  Applications for use auditoriums for the inaugural service of the new diocese. 
S2.9.3  Interim Pastoral & Administrative Management for the region of Saldanha Bay. 
S2.9.4  Telecommunications Grant for the new dioceses of False Bay. 
S2.9.5  Pastoral Letter of Information on regional update of the Saldanha Bay region, August 2005. 
S2.9.6  Draft measures for Provincial Synod, September 2005. 
S2.9.7  Saldanha Bay Regional Conference, 15 October 2005. 
S2.9.8  Report of the Inaugural Committee, 30 September 2005. 
S2.9.9  Recommendations for the establishment of Saldanha Bay region as an independent diocese in the Report of the Select Technical Committee, September 2005. 
S2.9.10  Visioning meeting with Archbishop concerning the Table Bay Chapter, 15 November 2005. 
S2.9.11  Budget of the Diocese of Saldanha Bay for 2006. 
S2.9.12  Elective Assembly, March 2006. 
S2.9.13  Inauguration Service of the Diocese of Saldanha Bay, 10 December 2005. 
S2.9.14  Ordination of the Diaconate in St George’s Cathedral, 16 December 2005. 
S2.9.15  Memorandum from the Diocese of Saldanha Bay, 10 May 2006. 
S2.9.16  The Williams Family matter in the parish of St John’s, Belville. 
S2.9.17  Newsletter of the Diocese of Saldanha Bay entitled: Prayers for Parishes and People February 2006 - April 2007. 
S2.9.18  The Diocese of Saldanha Bay Newsletter, November 2006 & June/July 2007. 
S3  SALVATION ARMY, 2002/2003. 
  Records include correspondence relating to the 120th Anniversary of the Salvation Army in Southern Africa. 
  Material includes correspondence between Bishop Desmond Tutu and the director of the Union, Stuart Burns and a booklet commemorating 25th anniversary of the Scripture Union.  
S5  SEAFARERS MISSION, 2000-2006. 
  Documents include correspondence between Archbishop Ndungane and the secretary of the Mission relating to the Deconsecration of Mission to Seafarers Chapel, Saldanha Bay, 2004. 
S6.1  Documents relating to SOMA International Consultation on Transforming Communities in Cape Town, 30 October to 2 November 2000. 
S6.1.1  Information about the Conference. 
S6.1.2  Report on Transformation Events in Cape Town Oct/Nov 2000. 
S6.1.3  SOMA Chairman’s Final Statement on the Consultation. 
S6.1.4  SOMA Statements on Community Transformation Consultation and its results. 
S6.1.5  Feedback on SOMA Conference from its participants. 
S6.1.6  SOMA Newsletters, 200/2001 & 2005. 
S6.1.7  Information booklet on SOMA Silver Jubilee 2004 International Conference In England, 5-8 July 2004. 
  Documents contain the procedures for working towards Small Christian Communities in the Diocese of Cape Town. 
  Records consists mainly correspondence of the sisters, members of the Society in Maseru, Lesotho relating to their activities. 
  Documents include correspondence relating to the activities of the Society and publications. 
  Records contain of correspondence with Archbishop Ndungane and information about activities of the Society. 
S11  ST ANNE'S HOME IN CAPE TOWN, 1996 - 2006. 1file 
S11.1  History of St Anne’s Home, 1904-2004. 
S11.2  Constitution of St Anne’s Home in Cape Town. 
S11.3  Minutes of the Annual General Meetings of St Anne’s Home for 1996 & 1997. 
S11.4  Documents relating to the Launch of St Anne’s Homes New Shelter and Multi-Purpose Centre for Mothers and Children, 9 August 1997. 
S11.5  St Anne’s Homes Annual Reports and Audited Financial Statements for: 1996-1998 & 2002/2003, 2005/2006. 
S11.6  St Anne’s Homes Mid-Year News, June 1998. 
S11.7  St Anne’s Homes Centenary Media Launch, 9 May 2004. 
S11.8  Appeal of the Director of St Anne’s Homes for the financial support of the institutions. 
S12.1  PHD research degree offered by St Augustine College of South Africa in 1999. 
S12.2  Documents relating to the St Augustine College Seminar entitled: The Moral Renaissance Government, Politics, Ethics and Spirituality May 2000. 
S12.3  History, structure and studies offered at St Augustine College of South Africa. 
S12.4  Summary Letters of the President of St Augustine College of the institution’s activities for the years of 2003 & 2006. 
S12.5  Information on a week of lectures by father Martin Badenhorst in January 2007. 
  Documents include the information on the College proposal to the Fund for World Relief and a Newsletter for 1997. 
S14  ST CYPRIAN'S SCHOOL, 1979 - 2004. 1 file 
S14.1  Constitution of St Cyprian’s School, 12 October 1979. 
S14.2  Correspondence relating to the amendments of the Constitution, 1985. 
S14.3  Congratulatory letter from the St Cyprian’s School to Archbishop Ndungane on his election as Archbishop of Cape Town, August 1996. 
S14.4  Independent Schools of Southern Africa Conference in September 1998. 
S14.5  Correspondence relating to the using of school’s image on the SABC, 2000. 
S14.6  Documents relating to the St Cyprian’s Development Project, which would include New Sports Centre and Pre-School, 2000. 
S14.7  Meeting between the Archbishop Ndungane, Dr Saliem Mowzer, Muslim Judicial Council and St Cyprian’s School, 16 August 2000. 
S14.8  Reports of the St Cyprian’s Project Technical Team on background and processes involved in the Project, September 2000. 
S14.9  Summary Report on Upper Campus Development Plan of St Cyprian’s School. 
S14.10  Accord between St Cyprian Council, 8 December 2000. 
S14.11  St Cyprian’s School initiative to fight AIDS, September 2001. 
S14.12  Opening of the new Pre-school at St Cyprian’s School, 30 November 2001. 
S15  ST FRANCIS HOME, ATHOLONE, 1995 -1999. 1 file 
S15.1  The history of St Francis Home. 
S15.2  St Francis Home Annual Reports for 1995 & 1997. 
S15.3  80th Annual General Meeting of St Francis Home, September 1999. 
S16  ST GEORGE'S CATHEDRAL, 1996 - 2007. 6 files 
S16.1  Correspondence relating to special events in the Cathedral in December 2005 and June 2006. 
S16.2  Documents relating to the Visit of Ravi Shankar in May 2006. They mainly include correspondence relating to organizing Shankar’s visit in Cape Town and the Cathedral, his public meetings and presentations. 
S16.3  39th Annual Conference of the International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains in Cape Town, September 2006. 
S16.4  Sermon preached by Rev Bruce Jenneker in the St George’s Cathedral on the 10 September 2006. 
S16.5  Ordination of Priests and Deacons in the Cathedral Church of St George the Martyr on the 17th of December 2006. 
S16.6  Memorial Service in the Cathedral for Mrs. Adelaide Tambo, 7 February 2007. 
S16.7  Exhibition of Luthuli Collection during Cape Town Festival, March 2007. 
S16.8  Great Vigil of Easter celebrations in the Cathedral on the 7th of April 2007. 
S16.9  Task Team Chairman’s update on the examining the Mission and Ministry of the Cathedral Church of St George the Martyr in Cape Town, June 2001. 
S16.10  Proposed renovations of the Cathedral Nave, September 2001. 
S16.11  Meeting of Task Team examining the Mission and Ministry of the Cathedral, 8 May 2001. 
S16.12  Task team appointed by the Archbishop Ndungane to assess the Pastoral needs and resources of the St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town, April 2001. 
S16.13  Records relating to the office of the Dean of St George’s Cathedral. 
S16.13.1  Notarial Deed of Removal Restrictive Conditions on the Immovable Property used as a Cathedral in Cape Town. 
S16.13.2  Documents relating to the Development of the St George’s Cathedral Precinct, May 1997. 
S16.13.3  Consecration of the Bishop of Table Bay, March 1998. 
S16.13.4  Inter-Religious Commission on Crime and Violence in the Western Cape, 1998/1999. 
S16.13.5  IEC Voter Registration, January 1999. 
S16.13.6  The Diocesan Library Report, September 1999. 
S16.13.7  Dean of the St George's Cathedral correspondence, 1996 - 2007. 
S16.13.7.1  Dean's correspondence for the period of 1996 - 1999. 
  Topics discussed include: Appointment of the Revd. Canon Rowan Smith as Dean of the Cathedral Parish of St George, cathedral staff matters, Episcopal Commissions in the Diocese of Cape Town, restructuring of the Diocese, consultation on issue of sexual orientation, office of Lay Minister, CPSA Coat of Arms, recommendations to the Diocesan Council.  
S16.13.7.2  Correspondence of the Cathedral’s Dean for 2000 - 2002. 
  It covers: statement of the clergy of the Diocese of Cape Town relating to the Dean’s position in the Cathedral, same-sex relationships, visit of Sri Sri Ravi Shanker in Cape Town and his speech in the Cathedral.  
S16.13.7.3  Dean's correspondence for 2003. 
  Main topics include: visit of Sri Ravi Shankar and his talk at the Cathedral, issues relating to the Dean Rowan Smith, appointment of Revd. Walter B.A. Brownridge from OHIO (USA), issue of the use of the cathedral for commercial advertising, notes for a Draft Cathedral Measure, Ministry reviews, Public Reading Library and Research Centre, consultation on Christians and Homosexuality. 
S16.13.7.4  Cathedral's Dean correspondence for 2004 - 2007. 
  The topics in the correspondence are: celebrations of 40 years of service of the Cathedral organist, Barry Smith, Dean’s participation in the Gay parade, election of Garth Quinton Counsel as Bishop Suffragan of the Diocese of Cape Town, Cancer Association Forum, report on the Reconciliation and Development Bonds Project, Airport Chaplain’s Conference, 160th Anniversary of the Cathedral-Diocese in 2008, 50th Anniversary of the Womens March, operational issues of the Cathedral, ordination of priests & deacons, Cathedral property.  
S16.14  St George's Cathedral Foundation, 1997 - 1999. 
S16.14.1  Presentation of the St George’s Cathedral Foundation to Archbishop Ndungane. 
S16.14.2  Archbishop’s proposed Social Commission on the breakdown of community life in the Western Cape, 1997. 
S16.14.3  Lay Minister’s Licensing, 1997. 
S16.14.4  150th Anniversary of Bishop Gray’s arrival to Cape Town. 
S16.14.5  Ithemba Awards 1998. 
S16.14.6  Employment of voluntaries in the Cathedral Foundation. 
S16.14.7  Food Bank Project, 1998.South African new Economics Network Information Forum, May 1998. 
S16.14.8  Cathedral’s Foundation correspondence. 
S17  ST GEORGE'S GRAMMAR SCHOOL, 1966 - 1990. 1 file 
S17.1  Constitution of the Grammar School dated 1929/1930. 
S17.2  Trust Deed of the School, 1951. 
S17.3  St George’s Grammar School Property Trust, 1984. 
S17.4  Elections of a new headmaster of the School. 
S17.5  150th Anniversary of St George’s Grammar School, 1998. 
S17.6  School Year Books for 1987/88 & 1989/90. 
S18.1  Reports of the Annual General Meetings of St George’s Home: 1996/1997, 1997/1998, 1998/1999, 1999/2000, 2002. 
S18.2  St George’s Home Annual Financial Statements for: 1997, 1999, 2002 & 2003. 
S18.3  Management Committee Proposal of St George’s Home for Girls, 2004. 
S19.1  History of The Diocese of St Helena and its Precursors 1502-1984 by Bishop of St Helena, Reverend Edward Cannan, 1985. 
S19.2  Election of Baldwin Moseki as Bishop of Kimberley and Kuruman, 1996. 
S19.3  Visitation to the Diocese of St Helena, 1997/1998. 
S19.4  Newsletter of the Diocese of St Helena, 1997 & 1999. 
S19.5  Placements in the Diocese of St Helena, November 1997. 
S19.6  St Helena Community Help Association, 1997. 
S19.7  Correspondence relating to the Overseas Bishoprics Fund and Gay & Lesbian Relationship, December 1997. 
S19.8  Retirement of the Bishop of St Helena, 1998. 
S19.9  Documents relating to the election of John William Salt, new Bishop of St Helena, 3rd July 1999. 
S19.10  Open Letter from the Anglican Communion to the Episcopal Church of the USA, 1999. 
S19.11  Membership of the Order of Simon of Cyrene, 1999. 
S19.12  Consecration of Revd. John William Salt as Bishop of the Diocese of St Helena. 
S19.13  Restoration of full British Citizenship to the people of St Helena and their Dependencies 
S19.14  Correspondence relating to the Ascension Island. 
S20  ST JOHN'S DIOCESE, 1996 - 2006. 2 files 
S20.1  Girl’s Friendly Society Organization, 1996/1997. 
S20.2  Christmas Message from the Bishop of St John’s, 1997. 
S20.3  GFS World Conference in Umtata, July 1999. 
S20.4  Archbishop Ndungane visit to Umtata, October 1999. 
S20.5  Dedication of a new church building, 7 June 1998. 
S20.6  Closure of the Transkei Agricultural Corporation, 1999. 
S20.7  Expulsion of father A. M. Guma, September 1999. 
S20.8  Naming the Diocesan Administration Block in Umtata after Archbishop Ndungane, 10 October 1999. 
S20.9  CMS Consultation in Kampala Uganda, December 1999. 
S20.10  Prayers for Good Friday at St John’s Cathedral in Umtata, 2000. 
S20.11  Documents relating to the special Parish Church Council and its reports, Umtata, 2000. 
S20.12  Financial matters of the Cathedral Parish of the Diocese of St John’s and repeated violation of Canons, May 2000. 
S20.13  Transfer of priests to the Diocese of Cape Town, October 2000. 
S20.14  Consecration and Enthronement of Sitembele Tobela Mzamane PhD as the tenth Bishop of St John’s, 3 August 2000. 
S20.15  Review The SEE of Canterbury, January 2001. 
S20.16  Application for funds for renovations of St Mary’s Parish in the Mqanduli District, 2001. 
S20.17  Invitation of Archbishop Ndungane to visit the Diocese of St John’s in June 2003. 
S20.18  Ukwakha Sport Project, March 2003. 
S20.19  Project of building a new church at Lower Ngqungqu area, February 2004. 
S20.20  Change of the name of the Diocese of St John’s into the Diocese of Mthatha. 
S20.21  St John’s Diocesan News Ikhonco 1997, 1998 & 2000. 
  Records include only the Annual Reports of the Home. 
S22  ST MARK'S COLLEGE, 1996-2002. 1 file 
S22.1  History of the College. 
S22.2  Visiting schools around South Africa by teachers form the College, 1996. 
S22.3  Correspondence relating to the activities of the College, 1997. 
S22.4  Position of the Chaplain at Peterhouse, 1998. 
S22.5  St Peter’s Preparatory School Choir tour to the United States, 2002. 
S23  ST MARK THE EVANGELIST DIOCESE, 1996 - 2006 2 files 
S23.1  Planned celebrations for the 10th anniversary of the Diocese of St Mark in 1997. 
S23.2  Rwandan question discussed in the correspondence between bishops, 1996. 
S23.3  Prayer Letter from Bishop Philip Le Feuvre, 12 December 1996. 
S23.4  Documents relating to the Celebrations of 10 years of the Diocese of St Mark Evangelist, June 1997. 
S23.5  Augmentation of stipends for clergy, 1997. 
S23.6  Freedom of the Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist awarded to Archbishop Ndungane, June 1997. 
S23.7  Bishop Le Feuvre Prayer Letter, October 1997. 
S23.8  Correspondence relating to matters to be discussed at Lambeth Conference, 1997. 
S23.9  Consecration of Bishop Martin Breytenbach of the Diocese of St Mark, 5 February 2000. 
S23.10  Assistance of the Diocese office to the farm residents at Maswiri Boerdery, April 2000. 
S23.11  Manche Masemola Pilgrimage, 5-6 August 2000. 
S23.12  Issues of Africanization, June/July 2000. 
S23.13  Northern Province of Churches Hearings on Human Rights Violations, June 2000. 
S23.14  Help to flood victims by the Diocese of St mark, July 2000. 
S23.15  Newsletter of the Diocese of St Mark The Evangel, No 1, 2000. 
S23.16  Fund Raising Campaign for St Mark’s College, February 2002. 
S23.17  Annual Manche Masemola Pilgrimages in August 2002, 2003 & 2006. 
S23.18  Funding of deacon Ledwaba doctoral studies, 2002. 
S23.19  Year Book of the Diocese of St Mark The Evangelist for 2002/2003. 
S23.20  Diocesan Confidential Prayer Letters for 1998 & 2002/2003. 
S23.21  Conflict resolution in Zimbabwe and the allocation of funds from the Mission Fund, March 2003. 
S23.22  The Anglican Communion and the CPSA position CPSA towards homosexuality, 2003. 
S23.23  Postponement of Jane Furse land to the Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist, 2004. 
S23.24  Appointment of Rev Canon Mudzover, 2004. 
S23.25  Diocesan Intercessions, April 1999 & January to March 2005. 
S23.26  Theological Education in the Anglican Communion, 2006. 
S23.27  Bishop’s Charge Diocesan Synod 2006. 
S23.28  The Road to Lambeth Statement by the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa, 25 August 2006. 
S23.29  Diocesan Standing Committee of the Diocese of St Mark on transformation matters, January 1998. 
S23.30  Meeting of the Diocesan Board of Trustees, 1998. 
S23.31  Elective Assembly in the Diocese of St Mark The Evangelist, 5-7 August 1999. 
S23.32  Retirement of Bishop Philip Le Feuvre, January 2000. 
S23.33  Comparative clergy stipends in the dioceses, October 1998. 
S24  ST MICHAEL'S CHILDREN'S HOME, 1996-2003, 1 file 
S24.1  Appointment of a new principal of the Home, November 1996. 
S24.2  Annual General Meeting of St Michael’s Children’s Home, 7 October 1999. 
S24.3  Annual Reports on the Home for All Saints Vestry Meetings in: 1999, 2000, 2001 & 2002. They include Annual Financial Statements for 1998, 1999 & 2000. 
S24.4  Resignation of the representative on the Management Committee of St Michael’s Children’s Home, 2001. 
S24.5  Assistance in social matters by the Children’s Home. 
S25  ST MONICA'S MATERNITY HOSPITAL, 1996-1999, 1 file 
S25.1  Stewardship of the Hospital by the Church of The Province of South Africa, 1996. 
S25.2  Annual Reports of St Monica’s Maternity Home in Cape Town, 1995/1996 & 1996/1997. 
S25.3  Labour and financial matters at the Hospital, 1997. 
S25.4  80th Anniversary of the St Monica’s Hospital, September 1997. 
S25.5  St Monica’s Management Committee Meeting, 20 May 1998. 
S25.6  Agreement between the labour unions and St Monica’s institution, October 1998. 
S25.7  Strategic Planning Workshop Report of the St Monica’s Maternity Hospital in Cape Town, February 1999. 
S26  ST RAPHAEL'S RETREAT HOUSE, 1987-2004, 1 file 
S26.1  Appointment of a Warden, September 1987. 
S26.2  News briefs to the clergy and laypeople, 1989. 
S26.3  Re-introducing of ‘Friends of St Raphael’s during an Open Day 5 May 1990. 
S26.4  Minutes of a Meeting of a House Committee, 15 December 1990. 
S26.5  Report of the Diocesan Council, 1988-1990. 
S26.6  Open Days of St Raphael’s Retreat House, 1 May 1997 & 24 September 1997. 
S26.7  St Raphael’s House Diocesan Retreat Centre. 
S26.8  New Committee members of the Diocesan Retreat House, September 1998. 
S26.9  St Raphael’s Retreat House Programme of events for 1999. 
S26.10  Minutes of the Meetings of the Committee of St Raphael’s Retreat House, 1999 - 2002. 
S26.11  Present and future of the Retreat House. 
S27.1  Documents relating to the church position towards human sexuality. 
S27.2  SAATC Regional Committee in Cape Town area, 2000. 
S27.3  SAATC position on Vitro Fertilization and Genetic Engineering, October 2000. 
S27.4  SAATC view on Euthanasia, 2000. 
S27.5  New appointments on the Regional SAATC Committee, December 2002. 
S27.6  Future of the relationships between CPSA and Roman Catholic Church, 2003. 
S27.7  African theologians views on human sexuality, 2004. 
S27.8  The call of the Gospel and the role of the church, 2005. 
S27.9  Minutes of the SAATC Meetings for 2004 & 2006. 
S28.1  SACBS Parliamentary Office briefing on the TRC Report, November 1998. 
S28.2  Launch of the SACBC Pastoral Statement on Economic Justice 13 June 1999. 
S29.1  Documents relating to SACLA Health Project, 2001. 
S29.2  Notes of the SACLA Council meeting held at Kempton Park on 23 April 2002. 
S29.3  South African Christian Leadership Assembly II in Pretoria, 7-12 July 2003. 
S29.4  Consultation of Christian Churches Leadership Forum and SACLA Meeting in October 2003. 
S29.5  Documents relating to the South Christian Leadership Conference in Pretoria, 7-12 July 2003. 
S29.5.1  Programme of the Conference. 
S29.5.2  CPSA Grant to the SACLA Conference. 
S29.5.3  Speeches and presentations on the reconciliation and unity made at the SACLA Conference. 
S29.5.4  Press releases and media comments on the SACLA Conference. 
S29.5.5  Pledge of unity and commitment of the church leaders to work together against major giants facing South Africa, like HIV/AIDS, poverty, unemployment and rime. 
S29.5.6  SACLA News, May - September 2003. 
  Records include only the history of the Trust and Bulletins for 1996 & 1997. 
S31  SUNDAY SCHOOLS, 1 file. 
  Historical material provides information on Sunday School education and appointments of education officers. 
S32  SOUTH AFRICAN COUNCIL OF CHURCHES, 1992 - 2007 6 files 
S32.1  Structure and functions of the SACC. 
S32.2  Constitution of the South African Council of Churches, 1992 & 1995. 
S32.3  SACC Central Committee Meeting in Johannesburg, 20 - 28 January 1994. 
S32.4  Compassion Week Project sponsored by the SACC to support needy children, October/November 1997. 
S32.5  Report on a Meeting in Pretoria between President Mandela and the SACC Delegation, 26 September 1996. 
S32.6  Vacant position for the Deputy General Secretary of the SACC, October 1996. 
S32.7  SACC Women Theologians and Women in Ministry Conference November 1996. 
S32.8  Campaign against neo-liberalism in South Africa, November 1996. 
S32.9  SACC Training Unit. 
S32.10  World Council of Churches Programme and Special Fund to Combat Racism, November 1996. 
S32.11  SACC Media Statement on Democracy in South Africa, January 1997. 
S32.12  SACC Central Committee Meeting, March 1997. 
S32.13  SACC round table meeting, October 1997. 
S32.14  Statement of the SACC on Dr Boesak’s return to South Africa, April 1997. 
S32.15  SACC Newsletter, July 1997. 
S32.16  Submission of the SACC to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, August 1997. 
S32.17  Public Policy Alert relating to the Skills Development Bill, September/October 1997. 
S32.18  SACC position on the new policy on refugee work and the death penalty, November 1997. 
S32.19  Charities Aid Foundation in Southern Africa. 
S32.20  SACC and the National Land Committee Conference entitled: The Effective Utilization of Church Land November 1997. 
S32.21  SACC Youth Forum Statement on church land, youth policy and young women, December 1997. 
S32.22  New SACC General Secretary and the emergency programme for evicted farm workers, January 1998. 
S32.23  Open Letter of the SACC Staff Association chairperson to the General Secretary of the SACC, Brigalia Bam, February 1998. 
S32.24  Matters discussed at the SACC Executive Committee in February 1998. 
S32.25  SACC Newsletters for April 1998. 
S32.26  Special meeting of the Central Committee of the CPSA, May 1998. 
S32.27  SACC Public Policy Liaison Unit position towards Open Democracy Bill, May 1998. 
S32.28  SACC Invitation to a National Consultation on Reconciliation, June 1998. 
S32.29  Recommendations to amend SACC Constitution, June/July 1998. 
S32.30  Message from PAC Deputy President, Dr Pheko to all Church Leaders and Christians in South Africa, January 1998. 
S32.31  The Law and Taxation of Churches, May/June 1998. 
S32.32  SACC Disciplinary Enquiry against one of the workers, June 1998. 
S32.33  SACC Public Policy Update on all national legislation, June, July & September 1998. 
S32.34  Church Leaders Forum/Central Committee, 24-25 November 1998. 
S32.35  SACC Review Process Preliminary Report, September to November 1998. 
S32.36  SACC Budget Proposal for the years 1998 to 2000. 
S32.37  SACC Annual Financial Statements, 31 December 1998. 
S32.38  Churches of South Africa assistance in voting registration, January 1999. 
S32.39  National Conference on Land Reform and Challenge to the Churches planned for October 1999. 
S32.40  SACC Annual Report of 1998. 
S32.41  Members Churches of the SACC. 
S32.42  SACC Workshop on the Project for Revitalization of Education, 3-4 August 1999. 
S32.43  Meeting of the SACC delegation with President Thabo Mbeki, 29 July 1999. 
S32.44  Institutional Collaboration with the Churches. 
S32.45  SACC call to its members for commitment to the fight against AIDS/HIV Pandemic. 
S32.46  Minutes of the SACC Meeting on Angola in Johannesburg, 15 December 1999. 
S32.47  SACC support for Equality Act, February 2000. 
S32.48  Report on a special SACC Mission to Angola, 21-22 February 2000. 
S32.49  SACC submission on homosexuality, February 2000. 
S32.50  Operational matters of the SACC discussed in correspondence with Archbishop Ndungane, July 2000. 
S32.51  Resignation of the SACC General Secretary, July 2000. 
S32.52  Report on Zimbabwe elections 2000. 
S32.53  SACC statement on the world’s developing countries debt, July 2000. 
S32.54  Acting General Secretary of the SACC, September 2000 - April/May 2001. 
S32.55  Church against Racism Conference, 31 October - 2 November 2000. 
S32.56  SACC Ad Hoc Transformation Committee Report to the leaders of member churches, 3 November 2000. 
S32.57  Anglican Aids Initiative, August 2001. 
S32.58  Appointment of the SACC General Secretary, April 2001. 
S32.59  SACC request for details on programmes on poverty reduction etc. June 2001. 
S32.60  Triennial National Conference of the SACC in Johannesburg, 14-17 August 2001. 
S32.61  SACC Public Policy Updates, July 2001. 
S32.62  Projects of the SACC in cooperation with the Department of Social Development in Cape Town, July 2001. 
S32.63  Launch of Campus Crusade for Christ during the church leaders breakfast in Cape Town, 1 November 2001. 
S32.64  Departure of the personal assistant of President Mandela, October 2002. 
S32.65  Church Leaders Forum Meeting, November 2002. 
S32.66  Request for National Day of Prayer, December 2002. 
S32.67  Resolution from the meeting of church leaders convened by the SACC in Johannesburg, 11 April 2003. 
S32.68  Appointment of All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) new General Secretary, May 2003. 
S32.69  SACC participation in the special funeral service of the Late Walter Sisulu, 17 May 2003. 
S32.70  Uitenhage victims of Apartheid Support Group, May/June 2003. 
S32.71  Launch of the SACC and Umsobomvu Youth Fund Project, June 2003. 
S32.72  SACC submission on Anti-Terrorism Bill, June 2003. 
S32.73  Article on Anglican Communion and Gay Priests, December 2003. 
S32.74  SACC Call for new Initiatives to Tackle Crime and Violence, December 2003. 
S32.75  Church Leaders Forum Meeting, 1 March 2004. 
S32.76  Appointment of Representatives to and Advisory Committee to the SACC Parliamentary Office, June 2004. 
S32.77  The Jesus Project, July 2004. 
S32.78  Invitation to the SACC to attend Inaugural Meeting of the Parliamentary Office advisory Committee, 9 September 2004. 
S32.79  SACC Statement on behalf of the Beyers Naude family on passing Rev Beyers Naude, 7 September 2004. 
S32.80  International Day of Prayer for Peace, September 2004. 
S32.81  National Youth Development Project, November/December 2004. 
S32.82  Appointment of the SACC General Secretary, 1 April 2006. 
S32.83  SACC Open Letter on marriage and homosexuality, September 2006. 
S32.84  SACC press statement on fight against HIV/AIDS Pandemic, 25 August 2006. 
S32.85  SACC Church Leaders Forum, 1996 - 1999. 
S32.85.1  Minutes of Church Leaders Forum Meetings, 1996 - 1999. 
S32.85.2  SACC Memorandum to President Mandela on Crime and Violence, 20 September 1996. 
S32.85.3  SACC Conference on Reconciliation and Healing: TRC & The Church, Johannesburg, 23-25 October 1996. 
S32.85.4  Statement on the official visit by the Anglican Communion to the Vatican in Rome, December 1996. 
S32.85.5  Establishment of the Ecumenical Commission on Poverty by the SACC Church Leaders Forum, November 1996. 
S32.85.6  Letter from the Bishop of Grahamstown to the minister of transport on taxi violence crisis, November 1996. 
S32.85.7  SACC Church Leaders Forum Statement on Crime and Violence, November 1996. 
S32.85.8  Media Statement of the SACC on Democracy in South Africa, January 1997. 
S32.85.9  Seminar on the Proposed SA-EU Free Trade Agreement organized by the SACC and Ecumenical Service for Transformation, January 1997. 
S32.85.10  SACC Update Newsletter, May 1997. 
S32.85.11  Presentation on issues of land and church land at the Church Leaders Meeting, 27 May 1997. 
S32.85.12  Statement by The Church Leaders Forum on poverty and crime and violence, May 1997. 
S32.85.13  Report of the SACC Standing Committee to the National Forum of Church Leaders, 28 May 1997. 
S32.85.14  Global Launch of the Human Development Report 1997. 
S32.85.15  Launch of the South African Youth Council and elections of the president, 2 August 1997. 
S32.85.16  SACC/UNISA Theological Units Conference, 29-31 October 1997. 
S32.85.17  SACC Standing Committee Report on Education. 
S32.85.18  Message to all Church Leaders and Christians in South Africa on human dignity and African values from the Deputy President of Pan African Congress, January 1998. 
S32.85.19  Request for a special meeting with Church Leaders by the president of the SACC, March 1998. 
S32.85.20  Reconciliation and Healing Programme of the SACC, February 1998. 
S32.85.21  Law and Taxation of churches discussed by the Church Leaders Forum, May 1998. 
S32.85.22  Morals Summit for the leaders of Political Parties and Religious Communities organized by the National Religious Leaders Forum, September 1998. 
S32.85.23  SACC Council Statement on Richmond Tragedies, 26 January 1999. 
S32.85.24  Minutes of the SACC Central Committee Meeting, 24-25 November 1998. 
S32.85.25  SACC response to the emergency and disaster situation in South Africa, March 1999.  
S32.85.26  Conference on The Role of the Churches in the Elections 14-15 April 1999. 
S32.85.27  Invitation for Meeting with Minister Trevor Manuel, 16 April 1999. 
S32.85.28  SACC Poverty Alleviation Project, April 1999. 
S32.85.29  Prayer Day Services for Elections 1999. 
S32.85.30  Religious Leaders Summit, 5 May 1999. 
S32.85.31  Pastoral Letter to all Member Churches in support of democratic elections in June 1999. 
S32.85.32  Women’s Ecumenical Conference, 26-28 November 1999. 
S32.85.33  SACC Appeal for truce between Government and Unions. 
S33  SOUTH AFRICAN COUNCIL OF CHURCHES (SACC), Workshops, 1996-1999. 1 file 
S33.1  Workshop on Public Policy, 4-6 November 1996. 
S33.2  National Education Consultative Workshop, 17-19 March 1997. 
S33.3  Material Aid Workshop, 28-30 January 1997. 
S33.4  Workshop on national Budget, 11-13 March 1997. 
S33.5  Workshop on Human sexuality and sexual orientation, 28-29 May 1998. 
S33.6  Workshop on the project for revitalization of education, 3-4 August 1999. 
S33.7  SACC Review Process, August 1998. 
S34  SACC National Consultation on Racial and Gender Justice Conference in Johannesburg, 25-26 October 2005. 
S35  Report on the Consultation Meeting of the African Anglican Women held at Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania, 24-28 October 2005. 
S36.1  Press Statement of the churches and NGO’s Anti-Poverty Coalition Budget Workshop in Cape Town, 18 February 1999. 
S36.2  Statement by Archbishop Ndungane on the budget presented to the South African Parliament, 17 February 1999. 
S36.3  Consultation of Christian Churches in Western Cape, February 2000. 
S36.4  South African NGO Coalition efforts to eradicate the poverty in South Africa. 
S36.5  Appeal for humanitarian assistance to the people of Angola, April 2000. 
S36.6  Church claims for restitution of land rights submitted to the Commission on Restitution of Land Rights, July/September 2000. 
S36.7  Renaming streets in Cape Town as part of the reconciliation process, May 2001. 
S36.8  Presentation by Mangosuthu Buthelezi at the meeting with Church Leaders in Durban, 4 June 2001. 
S36.9  Archbishop Ndungane statement on impacts of poverty and HIV/AIDS on South Africa’s population, 20 September 2000. 
S36.10  Statement by Archbishop Ndungane on the situation in informal settlements and plan-of action in case of flooding and other natural disasters, July 2002. 
S36.11  Documents relating to Faith Summit towards Nation Building, 25 November 2002. They include information on the launch of Hands off Our Children Campaign. 
S36.12  Special Programme of the Department of Community Safety for the festive season, December 2002. 
S36.13  Minutes of the Mayoral Listening Campaign on the Indigent Policy, 17 June 2003. 
S36.14  Report of the UN Secretary-General on the 10th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family (2004) 4-13 February 2004. 
S36.15  Action Plan for the Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family in 2004 in South Africa. 
S36.16  IDASA Report on Stellenbosch Municipalities agricultural land and PDI’s farming community, October 2003. 
S36.17  Matters raised with President Mbeki by Archbishop Ndungane in a Memorandum submitted to the President, May 2004. 
S36.18  Report on the International Conference on Families in Durban, 1-4 March 2005. 
S36.19  Integration of former SADF Black members and subsequent Board of Inquiry SANDF 1/2000, 24 May 2005. 
S36.20  Document published by the Department of Social Development entitled: Parenting capacity Development Programme on Children from birth to five June 2006. 
S36.21  Correspondence between Archbishop Ndungane and the Minister of Finance, Trevor Manuel relating to the sermon presented at St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town, 10 September 2006.  
S36.22  Documents relating to Minister of Finance Budget Speech, February 2003. 
S36.23  Summary Reports to the Western Cape Provincial AIDS Council on Global Fund Programme, 1 July-30 September 2004 & 1 July-31 December 2006.  
S36.24  Newsletter Welfare Update, March 2000. 
S37  STEYTLER MEMORIAL FUND, 1996/1997. 1 file 
S37.1  Registration forms for the clergy stipends and pensions. 
S37.2  Lists of Applicants to the Steytler Memorial Fund for 1995, 1996 &1997. 
S37.3  Financial Statements of the Steytler Memorial Fund for 1996 & 1997. 
  Records include only correspondence relating to the process of constituting the Commission dealing with payments of stipends and other benefits to clergy. 
S39  STUBBS, AELRED REV., Will, document dated 2001. 
S40  SWAZILAND DIOCESE, 1996 - 2006. 2 files 
S40.1  Correspondence of Archbishop Ndungane with sister Judith relating to functioning of the Swaziland Skills Centres, 1996. 
S40.2  Participation of Bishop of Swaziland in the Enthronement of Archbishop of Kenya, 12 January 1997. 
S40.3  Plans for the restructuring of the provinces and dioceses, April 1997. 
S40.4  Financial situation and pension fund in the Diocese of Swaziland, 1996/1997. 
S40.5  Resolution passed at a joint meeting between the Swaziland Diocesan Finance Committee and the Diocesan Trusts Board, 3 July 1997. 
S40.6  Elective Assembly, October 1997. 
S40.7  Archbishop Ndungane visitation to Swaziland in September 1998. 
S40.8  Bishop of Swaziland comments on The Virginia Report 2 December 1997. 
S40.9  Media release on Prayer for Christian Unity December 1997. 
S40.10  Invitation to Robert & Sophie Gray 150th Anniversary Celebrations in Cape Town, April 1998. 
S40.11  Notice of administration problems in the Diocese of Swaziland, May 1998. 
S40.12  Archbishop Ndungane visit to Swaziland, 1998. 
S40.13  Correspondence between Bishop of Swaziland and other clergy relating to the elections to the Synod of Bishops, eligibility for Episcopal Office and the diocesan clergy, 1998/1999. 
S40.14  Documents relating to the Ordination of Rev L. Buthelezi, Bishop of Kwazulu Natal, 23 June 1990. 
S40.15  Report on the audit of finances of the Swaziland Diocesan Council and Trust Board, September 1999. 
S40.16  Lesotho Consecration, 19 December 1999. 
S40.17  Resignation from the SEE of Swaziland by Bishop Lawrence Swaziland, 2000. 
S40.18  Diocesan Council Meeting at the Thokoza Church Centre, 14 October 2000. 
S40.19  Departure of Bishop Dlamini, Vicar-General for the Diocese of Swaziland, 30 June 2001. 
S40.20  Appointment of Bishop David Beetge as Vicar- General of the Diocese of Swaziland, July 2001. 
S40.21  Consecration of Rev Meshack Boy Mabuza as the fourth Bishop of Swaziland, Bosco Skills Centre in Manzini, Swaziland, 9 November 2002. 
S40.22  Invitation to Bishop Mabuza to address seminar on constitutionalism in Swaziland, April 2003. 
S40.23  Diocesan Synod of the Bishops in Swaziland, October 2003. 
S40.24  Dedication of the new church at Lomahasha, 13 November 2004. 
S40.25  Bishop Mabuza participation in the course for the new bishops in the UK, February 2004. 
S40.26  Pastoral Visit of the clergy delegation to Swaziland, July 2004. 
S40.27  Anglican Communion Affairs, May 2004. 
S40.28  Visit of overseas senior clergy representatives to the diocese of Swaziland, July 2004. 
S40.29  Appreciation for Pastoral Visit and Ministry in Swaziland, August 2004. 
S40.30  Reports on the visit of the Archbishop and the Delegation from around the Anglican Communion, August 2004. 
S40.31  Appointment of the Provost in the Diocese of Swaziland, May 2006. 
S41  SYNOD OF BISHOPS, 1997 - 2006. 1 file 
S41.1  Documents relating to the Provincial Synod of 1999. 
S41.2  Reports prepared by The Southern African Anglican Theological Commission endorsed for study by the Synod of Bishops, 2000. 
S41.3  Request by Bishop of the Diocese of Natal for long term leave on compassionate grounds, July 2004. 
S41.4  Agendas for Synod of Bishops in Bloemfontein, 21-27 September 2000 & in Johannesburg, 19-23 April 2004. 
S41.5  Resolution of the 2nd Session of the Synod of the Evangelical Unites Church Anglican Communion in Angola, regarding the constituting into Diocese. 
S41.6  Synod of Bishops planned at Robben Island in 2001. 
S41.7  Anglican Congress Design Group Report, January 2001. 
S41.8  Statements of the Synod of Bishops on issues of homosexuality and corruption in society, 1997, 2003, 2004 & 2006. 
S42.1  Purpose & principles of the SANE Foundation. 
S42.2  Reader for South African New Economics. 
S42.3  Conference Report on confrontation of the globalization by South Africa, March 1998. 
S42.4  Newsletter of the South African new Economics Network, vol. 2, No 1, 1998. 
S42.5  People’s Summit Core Document, May 1998. 
S42.6  SANE Network document entitled: New Economics in the New South Africa: A Retrospective View from 2010, July 1998. 
S42.7  Acceptance by Archbishop Ndungane position of a patron of the SANE Network, November 1998. 
S42.8  Comments on the presentation The World Bank Lie November 1998. 
S42.9  SANE events during November 2000. 
S42.10  SA New Economics Forum, July 2002 & April 2003. 
S42.11  Letter of Endorsement by Archbishop Ndungane, patron of SANE for funding for continuation of its work, May 2003. 
S42.12  Minutes of SANE 2003 Annual General Meeting in Cape Town, 16 July 2003. 
S42.13  Public comments on Archbishop Ndungane addresses and speeches, July 2002. 
S42.14  Feedback and comments on SANE scenario for South Africa in 2010 entitled: Guinea Fowl Scenario 2004. 
S42.15  SANE News Bulletin published by its Network, 1998 - 2001. 
S42.16  SANE Views, 2002/2003. 
S43.1  Invitation to Archbishop Ndungane to speak at NGO Week of 1997, September 1997. 
S43.2  SA National NGO Coalition minutes of the meeting on Apartheid Debt, July 1997. 
S43.3  Invitation to a SAIRR Seminar in Parliament on a new NGO law for a free society, September 1997. 
S43.4  Conference with Media editors, television, business leaders, trade unions, civic leaders, religious institutions on violence. 
S43.5  SA National NGO Coalition Annual Report for 1997/1998. 
S43.6  SANGOCO press release on anti-poverty coalition. 
S43.7  SA National NGO Coalition questionnaire on code of ethics and membership, 11 May 1998. 
S43.8  SANGOCO & SA Human Rights Commission Poverty Hearing. 
S43.9  SANGOCO News, June 1998. 
S43.10  Guidelines for NGO - Government Relations, September 1998. 
S43.11  SA National NGO Coalition Membership Policy, September 1998. 
S43.12  SANGOCO Salary Survey, September 1998. 
S43.13  Establishment of the National Development Agency, September 1998. 
S43.14  NGOS call for TAX Reforms, September 1998. 
S43.15  SANGOCO approach to the 1999 general elections, September 1998. 
S43.16  South African NGO Sector Advocacy Training Workshops, 1998/1999. 
S43.17  National Poverty Forum meeting on a National Programme of Action to Eradicate Poverty, 28 October 1998. 
S43.18  NGO workshop on the responsibility of civil society and the role of NGOs in the post-TRC period, October 1998. 
S43.19  NGO Coalition Meeting, 18 November 1998. 
S43.20  SANGOCO Advocacy Training Workshops, 2-4 December 1998. 
S43.21  Report on the Consultative Workshop regarding establishment of a Civil Society Institute to follow up on TRC issues, Cape Town, 28 November 1998. 
S43.22  Letter to Finance Minister, Trevor Manuel relating to the Budget Week Workshop, 25 February 1999. 
S43.23  Commonwealth People’s Centre run by SANGOCO, 1999. 
S43.24  SANGOCO Economics Campaign, 16 February 1999. 
S43.25  Resolution on a Macro-Economic Strategy for Poverty-eradicating Job Creation, September 1999. 
S43.26  SANGOCO membership renewal and training courses offered in 2000. 
S43.27  Appeal to the participation at the Poverty Forum, December 1999. 
S43.28  SANGOCO News, 2000. 
S43.29  SANGOCO help to flood victims in Southern Africa, March 2000. 
S43.30  Poverty Forum Minutes, 6 July 2000. 
S43.31  Meeting on the national Reparations Conference chaired by SANGOCO, 16 July 2003. 
S43.32  SANGOCO Newsletters for 1997 & 1998. 
S44  SOUTH AFRICAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION (SABC), Religious Broadcasting Policy, 1994-1998. 2 files 
S44.1  Outline of process and criteria for the nomination and selection of the Religious Broadcasting Panel of the SABC, 2 November 1994. 
S44.2  Programme highlights for 1996 of the SABC Religion. 
S44.3  Report to the SABC Board of the Religious Broadcasting Pane, September 1996. 
S44.4  SABC Religion Ministry Programme Schedule for 1996/1997. 
S44.5  CPSA position on the Abortion Debate, October 1996. 
S44.6  Discussion Document of the Christian Sub-Committee of the Religious Broadcasting Panel, November 1995/1996. 
S44.7  Minutes of the Meetings of the Religious Broadcasting Panel, August & November 1996. 
S44.8  List of members of the Religious Broadcasting Panel. 
S44.9  Letter from the Chairperson of the SABC to all Board Members on the SABC policies, November 1996. 
S44.10  Amendment to Religious Broadcasting Policy submitted by TVN Religion, August 1996. 
S44.11  SABC slashing religious broadcasting on its channels by 75%, June 1997. 
S44.12  Independent Forum for Religious Broadcasting Press Release on the rights of religious communities, 26 June 1997. 
S44.13  Letter to Bishop Nuttall about reduction of Religious Broadcasting, August 1997. 
S44.14  Article entitled: Whither religion at SABC, September 1997. 
S44.15  Minutes of the Independent Forum for Religious Broadcasting, 12 January 1998. 
S44.16  New coordinator of IFRB, May 1998.  
S44.17  Nominations to the Religious Broadcasting Panel of the SABC, June 1998. 
S44.18  Documents relating to the Broadcast Bill and its legislation in Parliament, August 1998. 
  Documents include Memorandum of Association Sakhisizwe Trust and information about the Trust. 
S46.1  SACC Public Policy Update, 18 February 1998. 
S46.2  Funding Proposal of the Social Development Department of the Diocese of Cape Town. 
S46.3  Community projects and programmes run by various NGO’s in 1999 in Cape Town area. 
  File contains only correspondence with Archbishop Ndungane about the activities of the Society. 
  Records contain mainly correspondence relating to HIV/AIDS issues in South Africa and cooperation with other churches. 
  Material contains the Archbishop’s briefing for SACLA press conference, 29 May 2002.  
S50.1  Minutes of the Council meetings, 1995-1997. 
S50.2  SA Council for Theological Education Reports, 1994-1996. 
S50.3  CPSA Advisory Board on Theological Education, 1996-1998. 
S50.4  College of the Transfiguration in Grahamstown, 2003. 
  Documents include the detailed information on the Foundation and its purpose. 1 file 
  Records contain information on World TB Day 24 March 1999, donations to SANTA and newspaper clippings. 
T1  TABLE BAY REGION, 1996 - 1999. 1 file 
T1.1  Correspondence relating to the Provincial Renew Committee, October/November 1996. 
T1.2  Employment of Father Sogiba in the Diocese of Cape Town, November 1996. 
T1.3  Letter from William Simons, Parish Councillor at St George’s Church in Silverton to Archbishop Ndungane about Parish Council matters, December 1996. 
T1.4  Letter to Archbishop Ndungane from Bishop Suffragan about his future retirement, January 1997. 
T1.5  Correspondence of Lane Hanan relating to his offer of services to the people of church in South Africa, January & March 1997. 
T1.6  Bishop’s Permission to Officiate granted to the priest John Speelman, 5 June 1997. 
T1.7  Diocesan Renew celebrations, June 1997. 
T1.8  Ordination in the Cathedral in Cape Town, 16 December 1997. 
T1.9  World Council of Churches Special fund to Combat Racism, December 1997. 
T1.10  Diocesan College Sesquicentenary, March 1999. 
T1.11  Profile of the Holy Cross Church at Nyanga East in Cape Town, July 1998. 
T1.12  Memorandum on Inner City Ministry, November 1998. 
T1.13  Retreat House Committee, December 1998. 
T1.14  Diocesan Library location, November 1998. 
T1.15  Minutes of the Meeting of the Table Bay Region held at St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town, 21 January 1999. 
T1.16  The proposed church of the Holy Spirit, January 1999. 
T1.17  Request for School Memorabilia for exhibition, February 1999. 
T1.18  Bishop Gregorowski letter to the Overseas Bishopric Fund, January 1999. 
T1.19  Permission to Officiate granted to the priest Geoffrey Rackstraw by Bishop Gregorowski, 23 February 1999. 
T1.20  Annual Vestry Meeting at St John’s Crawford, April 1999. 
T1.21  Kairos Western Cape Bulletin, first quarter 1999. 
T1.22  Invitation to Archbishop Ndungane from the National Advocacy Office South Africa to attend AIDS meeting in Cape Town, 29 May 1999. 
T1.23  Donation offer of the vegetable seeds to a Crossroads Township from the Rutherford College in the UK in the Seeds for Africa campaign, May 1999.  
T1.24  Annual Prayer Day for Cancer Survivors, August 1999. 
T1.25  Activities of African Enterprise, July 1999. 
T1.26  Prayer for people living with HIV/AIDS, 3 October 1999. 
T1.27  Messages from the Bishop of the Table Bay to the clergy of the Diocese of Cape Town, September 1999. 
T1.28  Code of Conduct according to the document Shepherds of the Flock, November 1999. 
T1.29  Archbishop Ndungane visitation to Table Bay Region, November 1999. 
T2  THEOLOGICAL COMMISSION (SAATC) Southern African Theological Commission) 1991-1997. 1file 
T2.1  Minutes of the Meeting of the SAATC in Durban, 21-24 January 1991. 
T2.2  Sotho translation of the SAATC Constitution, December 1992. 
T2.3  Agenda for the Annual Meeting of the SAATC at Bishops house in Johannesburg, 23-26 January 1995. 
T2.4  Comments on a proposed meeting of Anglican and Catholic Leaders in 1999. 
T3.1  Theological Education Advisory Board. 
T3.1.1  Minutes of the meetings of the CPSA Advisory Board on Theological Education, 1995-1999. 
T3.1.2  Reports of the Advisory Board of the Theological Education, 1995-1998. 
T3.1.3  Documents relating to the CPSA Theological Education Advisory Board Primary Theological Education Bursary Fund, 1994-1999. 
T3.1.4  Report on the conference with church and community leaders called by the Faculty of Theology of the University of the North, 18-19 September 1995. 
T3.1.5  Research Project on Theological and Pastoral Formation for Rural Ministry organized by the Kalahari Desert School of Theology at Kuruman Moffat Mission, October 1995. 
T3.1.6  Theology of Ministry requirements for the CPSA. 
T3.1.7  Reports on Vacation School for Clergy and Laity, 9-12 April & 16-19 July 1996. 
T3.1.8  Report on the consultation between CPSA and USPG, May 1996. 
T3.1.9  Report of a National Workshop on the contextualization of Theological Education held in Pietermaritzburg, 11-13 June 1996. 
T3.1.10  College of the Transfiguration Endowment Fund. 
T3.1.11  Admission Policy of the College of the Transfiguration, August 1996. 
T3.1.12  Proposal for the establishment of the St Peter’s Anglican House of Studies at the University of Natal, 1995. 
T3.1.13  CPSA Training for Ministries Consultation at the College of Transfiguration, 2-4 September 1997. 
T3.1.14  Invitation to launch of the National Initiative for the Contextualization of Theological Education and the workshop, July 1998. 
T3.1.15  Workshop for Diocesan Coordinators of Theological Education, 9 July 1998. 
T3.1.16  Educational proposal from The Evangelical Theological House of Studies, August 1998. 
T3.1.17  Newsletter of the All Africa Conference of Churches, June 1993. 
T3.2  Theological Education in the Anglican Diocese of Cape Town. 
T3.2.1  Introduction of the Church Army Theological College, October 1996. 
T3.2.2  Minutes of a Meeting of the Council of The Federal Theological Seminary of Southern Africa, 13 January 1997. 
T3.2.3  Bishop’s Seminar, Lent 97 in Cape Town, 3 March 1997. 
T3.2.4  Review of Theological Education in the Diocese of Cape Town, 1998. 
T3.2.5  Budget of the Theological Education/Training for Ministry for 1999 in the Diocese of Cape Town. 
T3.2.6  Comment on Budget Watch, vol.4 September 1998. 
T3.2.7  Minutes of the meeting of the Council for Theological Education of the Diocese of Cape Town, 17 September 1998. 
T3.2.8  Interim Report on the review of Theological Education in the Diocese of Cape Town, October 1998. 
T3.2.9  Documents relating to the topic: South Africa and the UN Climate Negotiations at COP4 in Buenos Aires, October 1998. 
T3.2.10  Trust Funds available for grants/loans by the Synod of Bishops on the recommendations of the Advisory Board on Theological Education, January 1999. 
T3.2.11  International Southern Africa Launch of campaign Education Now, March 1999. 
T3.2.12  Correspondence to Archbishop Ndunagne about the situation of communities in Eritrea and Ethiopia, 1998. 
T3.2.13  Voters campaigns in 1999 in Western Cape area. 
T3.2.14  Shared responsibilities in the Diocese of Cape Town for Theological Education, 20 April 1999. 
T3.2.15  Documents relating to the training for Ministry and local ordination in the Diocese of Cape Town, 1999/2000. 
T3.2.16  Publications: Amnesty International and Urgent Action 1999. 
T3.3  Theological Education, Council for, 1997-1999. 
T3.3.1  Minutes of Meetings of the Council for Theological Education, 1997-1999. 
T3.3.2  Diocese of Cape Town Ordinands Report to the Council for Theological Education, 1997. 
T3.3.3  Diocese of Cape Town Theological Education/Training for Ministry Projected Budget for 1997-1999/2000. 
T3.3.4  CPSA Advisory Board on Theological Education Report, June 1997. 
T3.3.5  Minutes of the meeting of the Committee for Ecumenical Training (CETE), July 1997. 
T3.3.6  Dean of Students Draft Report for Council for Theological Education, September 1997. 
T3.3.7  Documents relating to the Ordination Training. 
T3.3.8  Questionnaire to the Review Theological Education in the Diocese of Cape Town. 
T3.3.9  Summit of stakeholders in Theological Education, September 1998. 
T3.3.10  Primary Theological Education Bursary Fund for academic year 1999. 
T3.3.11  Dean of Studies Report to the Council for Theological Education, March 1999. 
T3.3.12  Faculty of Theology at the University of Stellenbosch, July 1999. 
T3.4  Theological Education, Dean of Studies, 2000-2005. 
T3.4.1  Millennium/Jubilee 2000 Programme, 24/25 January 2000. 
T3.4.2  Minutes of the Board of Examining Tutors Meeting, 18 January 2000. 
T3.4.3  Academic Requirements for Transfiguration Academic Standard 2000. 
T3.4.4  Launch of the Journey to Wholeness in August 2000. 
T3.4.5  Appointments of examining tutors and wardens. 
T3.4.6  Encyclical Letter of John Paul II to the Bishops and Deacons, April 2003. 
T3.4.7  Clergy issues discussed in correspondence to Bishop Gregorowski, February 2003. 
T3.4.8  2004-2006 Bishop Williams Memorial Fund Visiting Researcher Programme. 
T3.4.9  Proposed structure for the training of deacons at the Diocese of Cape Town. 
T3.4.10  Summary proposal for All Africa and Diaspora Religious Service on 2 December 2004 International Day to commemorate the Abolition of Slavery in Cape Town, June 2004. 
T3.4.11  Agenda for the Theological Education Visioning Conference in Cape Town, 14 October 2004. 
T3.4.12  Theological Education in the Diocese of Cape Town, 14 September 2005. 
T3.5  Theological Education, Review Panel, 1998. 
  Documents contain information on setting up the Commission to review theological education in the Diocese of Cape Town. 
T3.6  Theological Education, Training for Ministry and Internship, 1997-1999. 
T3.6.1  Evaluation Form providing information on the missionary’s work and contribution to theological education by John Stubbs, 29 September 1992. 
T3.6.2  Library Report to the Theological Education Commission/Council, March 1997. 
T3.6.3  Farmington Institute for Christian Studies fellowships and Bursaries for Religious Education for Academic Year 1997/1998. 
T3.6.4  College of Transfiguration Admission Policy and Ordinand’s request to the College Council, March 1997. 
T3.6.5  Publishing of the Theology in Transition journal in April 1997. 
T3.6.6  Report to the Diocesan Council on Theological Education, March 1997. 
T3.6.7  System of theological studies at the Theological College, June 1997. 
T3.6.8  Schedule of forthcoming meetings at various levels of theological organization, 1997. 
T3.6.9  Proposal for funding the appointment of a Black Faculty member as a national director of TEE and coordinator of the Certificate in Community Development Programme. 
T3.6.10  Carlie College for Theology and Business studies run by the Society of Church Army Africa Missioners, November 1997. 
T3.6.11  Theological Education by Extension College Courses in 1998 & 1999. 
T3.6.12  Training for Ministry Budget for 1997-1999. 
T3.6.13  Dean of Studies Report to the Council for Theological Education, 7 March 1998. 
T3.6.14  Report from the Clergy Workshop, April 1998. 
T3.6.15  Security Services Advisory Board, November 1998. 
T3.6.16  Minutes of the Board of Examining Tutors Meeting, 26 January 1999. 
T3.6.17  Paper on the organizational changes in the CPSA by John Stubbs, 12 February 1999. 
T3.6.18  Comments by Rev Louis Bank on the education of deacons and their role in the church. 
T3.6.19  Minutes of the meeting of the Diocese of Cape Town on the training for ministries in rural parishes, 8 May 1999. 
T3.6.20  Views on the Millennium and its significance for Christians presented by Rev T. Groepe. 
T3.6.21  Ecumenical cooperation discussed at the meeting at the Moravian Theological Centre, 6 September 1999. 
T3.7  Theological Education by Extension College (TEEC) 1995 - 2007. 
T3.7.1  CPSA document on discernment of those called to be deacons and priests, 1995. 
T3.7.2  Report on theological education and ministerial formation in the CPSA, 1995.  
T3.7.3  Report on the Advisory Board on Theological Education and Training Ministries meeting, 22 November 1995. 
T3.7.4  Report of a National Workshop entitled: The Contextualization of Theological Education, Pietermaritzburg, 11-13 June 1996. 
T3.7.5  Paper by Archbishop Ndungane entitled: Theological Education in the last fifty years, 1997. 
T3.7.6  TEE College project proposal to CCLT on employment of a black woman theologian, 1998. 
T3.7.7  Report on the CPSA Survey of The relationship between the CPSA and the University Faculties of Theology and Religious Studies conducted by A. Williams. 
T3.7.8  Practical Christian Ministries courses offered by the Theological Education by Extension College in 2000/2001. 
T3.7.9  Clustering Theological Education and Training with Institutions in Pietermaritzburg, 10 March 2000. 
T3.7.10  Annual Consultation of Diocesan Theological Education/Training for Ministries Coordinators, 20 September 2000. 
T3.7.11  Minutes of the Board of Examining Tutors Meeting, 27 February 2001. 
T3.7.12  Information on the planned conference on education in 2001. 
T3.7.13  Church and State Conference Summary, Stellenbosch, 24-25 October 2001. 
T3.7.14  The Research Survey and Report on the state of Theological Education in the CPSA in 2001 and beyond, Trinity 2001. 
T3.7.15  CPSA Advisory Board on Theological Education and Training for Ministries Report entitled: Consultation on Theological Education Cape Town, November 2001. 
T3.7.16  Centenary Celebrations of Theological Education in Southern Africa, December 2003. 
T3.7.17  DARE to be YOU/AIDS Project, June 2004. 
T3.7.18  Post-Graduate Programme in Theology and Development in the School of Theology at the University of Kwazulu-Natal for 2005. 
T3.7.19  Minutes of the Meeting of the Visioning Conference for the Commission on Mission & Ministry of the Diocese of Cape Town, 14 October 2004. 
T3.7.20  Theological Education by Extension College Examination Board decision to disqualify students for copying in their exams, November 2004. 
T3.7.21  Report on Dean’s Conference in October 2004 in Bloemfontein. 
T3.7.22  Young Theologians in South Africa, January 2005. 
T3.7.23  Synopsis of the Local Programme of Theological Education for 2005/2006. 
T3.7.24  Launch of the Saldanha Bay Clergy School, 29-31 August 2005. 
T3.7.25  The future of Theological Education in the Diocese of Cape Town, September/October 2005. 
T3.7.26  Report on the Meeting of the Diocesan Theological Coordinators at the College of Transfiguration, 7-11 November 2005. 
T3.7.27  2007 Prospectus of the South African Theological Seminary. 
T3.7.28  Anglican Women’s Fellowship and Mother’s Union presidents lists. 
T4.1  Minutes of the Tiger Kloof Finance Committee Meetings, 16 & 17 August 1996. 
T4.2  Documents relating to the meetings between the MEC for Education in the North West Province and the Board of the Tiger Kloof Educational Institution to reach an Agreement on the operating of the Tiger Kloof School and its Governing Body, September 1997. 
T4.3  Support to the victims of tragic accident Tiger Kloof pupils and their families, offered by the principal and rector of the school, David Matthews, September 1998. 
T4.4  Student exchange between Tiger Kloof and Mowbray College in Melbourne, 2001. 
T4.5  Appointment of Archbishop Ndunagne to the position of the Honorary Director of the Tiger Kloof Educational Institution, 27 October 2001. 
T4.6  Principal’s Report of the Tiger Kloof Secondary School, October 2001 to January 2002. 
T4.7  2002 Budget Revision of the Tiger Kloof School, 18 January 2002. 
T4.8  Minutes of the meetings of the Board of the Tiger Kloof Educational Institution, January- September 2002. 
T4.9  Biography and Obituary of Rev Aubrey Lewis, one of the Principals of Tiger Kloof. 
T5.1  Seminar to celebrate 20 Anniversary of the Surplus People Project, 24 February 2006.  
T5.2  Press statement for the Towards Effective Anglican Mission about the CPSA & TEAM International Conference on Prophetic Witness, Social Development and HIV/AIDS planned for March 2007. 
T5.3  Documents relating to the International Conference organized by the Towards Effective Anglican Mission on Prophetic Witness, Social Development and HIV/AIDS, 7-14 March 2007. 
T6  TRADITIONAL LEADERS, 2000/2001. 1 file 
T6.1  Statement of Traditional Leaders. 
T6.2  Memorandum for discussion submitted by the chairman of the National House of Traditional Leaders to the office of the President of the Republic of South Africa, 16 May 2000. 
T6.3  Government’s Response to the submissions by Traditional Leaders on their role, powers and functions. 
T6.4  Summary of the Proposal of Traditional Leaders for their accommodation in the new Local Government Dispensation, 21 September 2000. 
T6.5  Introductory Remarks by the Chairman of the National House of Traditional Leaders made during meeting with the President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki, 30 September 2000. 
T6.6  Transcript of a recording of a meeting between President Mbeki, Minister for Provincial and Local Government and Amakhosi of Houses of Traditional Leaders, 30 September 2000. 
T6.7  Response to the draft Discussion document towards a White Paper on Traditional Leadership, Contralesa and the Royal Bafokeng Nation, June 2000. 
T6.8  Memorandum to the President Mbeki by Task Group of Traditional Leaders, June 2000. 
T6.9  Report of the Subcommittee of the Joint Technical Committee on Traditional Leadership, 2000. 
T6.10  Powers, Functions, Entitlements and Customary Role of Traditional Leadership and Institutions. 
T6.11  The Proposal of Traditional Leaders submitted to the government. 
T6.12  Local Government Powers and Functions in terms of the 1996 Constitution, October 2000. 
T6.13  Request for a meeting between religious people and Traditional Leaders of South Africa, 10 October 2000. 
T6.14  Press Statement by the Chairman of the national House of Traditional Leaders, 9 October 2000. 
T6.15  Statement by Archbishop Ndungane on the occasion of his visit to the Diocese of Zululand regarding the status of African Royalty, 22 May 2001. 
T6.16  Letter to Rev Chikane from the Chairman of Traditional Leaders on local government powers of traditional leaders, 10 October 2000. 
T7  TRAINING FOR CLERGY, 1997/1998. 1 file 
T7.1  Proposed Programme for Post Ordination Training for 1997. 
T7.2  Training opportunities for the bishops. 
T7.3  Documents relating to the ordination of deacons and priests, 1997/1998. 
T7.4  Training and study opportunities for clergy in South Africa and abroad. 
T8  TRANSFORMATION COMMISSION, 1996-2006. 2 files 
T8.1  Establishment of the CPSA Transformation Commission, 1996. 
T8.2  Minutes of the meetings of the CPSA Transformation Commission, 1996-2004. 
T8.3  Lists and contact numbers of the members of CPSA Transformation Commission. 
T8.4  Structures and tasks groups of the Transformation Commission, October 1996. 
T8.5  CPSA commitment to transformation on the ministry and leadership. 
T8.6  Commission on the Pastoral Care of the Clergy. 
T8.7  Preparations of the Transformation Commission to the Millennium Year of 2000. 
T8.8  Report on the meeting in Swaziland of one of the task groups, 1996/1997. 
T8.9  Task Group 4 of the Transformation Commission Report, 26 February 1997. 
T8.10  Audit of churches resource base. 
T8.11  Report of the Leadership Committee of the Transformation Commission of the CPSA. 
T8.12  Reports of Group 3 and Group One of the CPSA Transformation Commission. 
T8.13  CPSA Bible Study on Transformation and the Church April/May 1997. 
T8.14  Report on the work of the CPSA Transformation Commission, 25 June 1997. 
T8.15  Reports of the Media Commission and Pastoral Care of the Clergy Commission, June/July 1997. 
T8.16  Report of the work of the Transformation Commission to the Executive of the Mission and Ministry Commission, 9 November 1997. 
T8.17  Documents relating to the Annual Planning Transformation Meeting of the CPSA in Johannesburg, 2-6 February 1998. 
T8.18  Clergy Remuneration by Provincial Stipends Commission (Resolution 15) March 1998. 
T8.19  Lebombo, Niassa, Swaziland Cluste Workshop, 23-25 July 1998. 
T8.20  Keynote address by Archbishop Ndungane to the Diocese of Cape Town Conference on Transformation and the feedback from the Conference, September 1998. 
T8.21  Transformation Through Training Report, March 2004. 
T8.22  Invitation to Global Day of Prayer, 4 June 2006. 
T8.23  Archbishop Ndungane contribution to the book on Cultural Transformations, May 2006. 
T9  TRAUMA CENTRE, 1997-2005. 2 files 
T9.1  Deed of Trust establishing The Trauma Centre for Victims of Violence and Torture Trust, March 1997. 
T9.2  Proposal for Partnership with Cowley House (Building a Nation of Survivors) prepared by The Trauma Centre for Victims of Violence and Torture, May 1996. 
T9.3  Constitution and Rules of The Trauma Centre for Victims of Violence and Torture, Cape Town, South Africa. 
T9.4  History and operations of The Trauma Centre. 
T9.5  Invitations to Archbishop Ndungane to attend special events at the Trauma Centre in March 1997. 
T9.6  The Cowley House Building Fund and donation to the Renovation Fund, June 1997. 
T9.7  Africa Refugee Day, 20 June 1997. 
T9.8  Tree-Planting at Cowley House, September 1997. 
T9.9  Archbishop Ndungane Media Statement on the death penalty. 
T9.10  Chaplaincy Project, November 1997. 
T9.11  Healing of the Memories Workshops, 1997 & 1998. 
T9.12  Documents relating to the status of Rhoda Kadalie as Human Rights Commissioner in the Western Cape, 1997/1998. 
T9.13  Foreword by Archbishop Ndungane for the book Apartheid’s Violent Legacy: A report on Trauma in the Western Cape and the conclusion by The Trauma Centre, April 1998.  
T9.14  Activities of the Institute for Healing of Memories, June 1998. 
T9.15  Archbishop Ndungane acceptance to be a patron of a new Trust of the Trauma Centre for Victims of Violence and Torture, September 1998. 
T9.16  Annual Report of The Trauma Centre for 1998/1999. 
T9.17  Institute for Healing of Memories Annual Report and Financial Statements for 1999. 
T9.18  Support from the Scandinavian countries to the Trauma Centre, February 1999. 
T9.19  Lease agreement of the building for Trauma Centre, October 1999. 
T9.20  COPES Project of the Trauma Centre, January 2000. 
T9.21  Documents relating to the Appeal of the Trauma Centre to the Cowley Fathers for financial assistance to avoid the treat of closure and to recover the costs of renovations, March 2000. 
T9.22  Comments on the minutes from the meeting on reparations, September 2000. 
T9.23  Report on the Men’s Summit on Violence Against Women, July 2001. 
T9.24  Biographical information on Nomfundo Walaza, director of The Trauma Centre. 
T9.25  Application for Grant from the Trauma Centre for the Project General Violence Programme August 2001. 
T9.26  Promised funds form the Dissolution Committee, March 2003. 
T9.27  Annual Report of The Trauma Centre for 2003. 
T9.28  Trauma Centre Funding Application to AngliCORD in Australia, May 2004. 
T9.29  Letter of resignation for the director of Trauma C, July 2005. 
T10.1  TRC Newsletters, August 1995. 
T10.2  Statement by Archbishop Tutu, Chairperson of the TRC, January 1997. 
T10.3  Invitations to TRC seminars in February and May 1997. 
T10.4  Church’s appearance at the submissions to the TRC, May 1997. 
T10.5  Submissions by CPSA to TRC in June and November 1997. 
T10.6  Statement by the deputy chair of the Human Rights Violations Committee of the TRC, 16 May 1997. 
T10.7  Faith Communities Hearing in East London, 17-19 November 1997. 
T10.8  Ecumenical International News on pastoral support to Winnie Mandela at the TRC. 
T10.9  Religious Response to the TRC, 29 January 1998. 
T10.10  Funding Proposal of the Institute for Change, Memory and Reconciliation. 
T10.11  Faith communities response to the apartheid years during meeting in February 1998. 
T10.12  Conference From Truth to Transformation 21 & 22 April 1998, Johannesburg. 
T10.13  Publication of the book on the reflections on the South African TRC. 
T10.14  Study on Reconciliation in South Africa. Conversations with Religious Leaders and Representatives, August 1999. 
T10.15  Statement by Archbishop Ndungane on the findings of the TRC, October 1998. 
T11  TUTU PEACE TRUST, 2005 -2007. 3 files 
T11.1  Vision and purpose of the Trust. 
T11.2  List of the Trustees of The Desmond Tutu Peace Trust. 
T11.3  Information booklet on vision and opportunities of the Tutu Peace Trust. 
T11.4  Fundraising Feasibility Study for The Desmond Tutu Peace Trust, September 2006. 
T11.5  Operational Plan for the Desmond Tutu Peace Trust, December 2006-May 2007. 
T11.6  Minutes of the meetings of the Tutu Peace Trust, 2006/2007. 
T11.7  Resolution of the Board of Trustees of the Tutu Peace Trust, 20 November 2006. 
T11.8  Minutes of the meetings of the Board of Trustees of the Tutu Peace Trust, 2006/2007. 
T11.9  Financial Statements of the Peace Trust for 2005 & 2006. 
T11.10  Report of Governance, Internal Control Environment& Possible Irregularities of the Desmond Tutu Peace Trust, August 2006. 
T11.11  CEO Report for the Trustee Meeting, 25 June 2007. 
T11.12  Electronic Newsletter of the Tutu Peace Centre, October & December 2005. 
T11.13  Correspondence relating to the activities of the Trust, 2006/2007. 
U1  UMZIMVUBU DIOCESE, 1995 - 2005. 2 files 
U1.1  Bishop Pastoral Newsletters to the people of the Diocese of Umzimvubu, 1995. 
U1.2  Financial matters of the Diocese of Umzimvubu, May 1996. 
U1.3  Appointment of Provincial Executive Officer, June 1996. 
U1.4  Position of the Diocese of Umzimvubu towards ordination of women, October 1996. 
U1.5  Discussion on the location of the Synod of Bishops in 1997. 
U1.6  Application for Financial Support for Umzimvubu Diocese, 1997. 
U1.7  Orientation/Planning Workshop for Heifer Project South Africa, 15-18 July 1997. 
U1.8  Documents relating to the case of Rev Sandile Mokoena, 1997. 
U1.9  Umzimvubu News, November 1997. 
U1.10  Booklet with resource material for celebrating and commemorating special days in 1997. 
U1.11  Diocese of St John’s support for the Diocese of Umzimvubu and the Diocese’s transformation, February/March 1998. 
U1.12  Launching of the Church Environment Network, April 1998. 
U1.13  Memorandum from the members of St Francis Parish to the Bishop of the Diocese of Umzimvubu, April/May 1998. 
U1.14  Letter to President Mandela from the members of the Diocesan Council and Clergy of the Diocese of Umzimvubu expressing concern over crime, October 1998. 
U1.15  Programme of Archbishop Ndungane visit in the Diocese of Umzimvubu, October 1998. 
U1.16  Structure and purpose of the provincial Standing Committee, October 1998. 
U1.17  Vehicles from Prime Leasing in the Diocese of Umzimvubu, 11 January 1999. 
U1.18  Comments by Bishop of Umzimvubu on issues discussed during Provincial Synod, August/September 1999. 
U1.19  Umzintlanga Training Centre in the Diocese of Umzimvubu, September 2000. 
U1.20  Programme of the International Anti-Corruption Conference in Durban, 10-15 October 1999. 
U1.21  News about South African churches and clergy in the US church press, April 2001. 
U1.22  Profile of the Ikaheng Community Association, June 2001. 
U1.23  Global Anglican Congress on the Stewardship of Creation, August 2002. 
U1.24  Request for intervention in the case of governance and pastoral issues of Kwa-Msindisi parish in the Diocese of Umzimvubu, May 2004. 
U1.25  Request from the parish of St Andrews for a meeting with Bishop of the Diocese, May 2004. 
U2  UNITED DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT, 1999/2000. 1 file 
U2.1  Discussion Document for the establishment of the Champions of the Environment Foundation (CEF) in South Africa by Bantu Holomisa (UDF MP), October 1999. 
U2.2  UDM document entitled: South African involvement in the Democratic Republic of Congo February 2000. 
U2.3  UDM submission to Standing Committee on Public Accounts Hearings, 12 April 2000. 
U2.4  Letter from UDM to the Religious Commission on Crime & Violence in the Western Cape on tensions between the UDM and ANC, January 2001. 
U3  UNITED NATIONS, 1998/1999. 1 file 
U3.1  Visit of the United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan to South Africa. 
U3.2  Launch of the Human Development Reports for 1998 & 1999. 
U3.3  Informational Update by The Anglican Communion Office at the United Nations, October 1998. 
U3.4  Letter to the United Nations Development Programme from the Department of Health Care at the University of Cape Town about poverty in South Africa, November 1999. 
U4  UNIVERSITIES, South Africa. 3 files 
U4.1  University of Cape Town, 1997- 2002. 2 files 
U4.1.1  University of Cape Town Foundation. 
U4.1.1.1  List of the names of Trustees and Governors on the Board and duties of the Trustees, May 1997. 
U4.1.1.2  Annual Financial Statements of the University of Cape Town Foundation for 1997. 
U4.1.1.3  Minutes of the meetings of the UCT Foundation Board of Trustees and Governors, 1998- 2001. 
U4.1.1.4  Recommendations on the Religion and Social Change Unit of the UCT, August 1997. 
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U5.27  USAID Programme in South Africa, 1997/1998. Documents include correspondence between Archbishop Ndungane and Director of USAID, Aaron Williams and m