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Collection Index:JANE FURSE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Records, 1920s-1980s
Collection Name:JANE FURSE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Records 1920s-1930s
AB 3168                  
Jane Furse Memorial Hospital and the Sekhukhuniland Mission, 1920s-1980s   
  Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2017   
  10 boxes and photographs   
  Collection of papers amassed by Dr Albert Davies who worked at the Jane Furse Memorial Hospital in Sekhukhuniland from 1957 - 1982, most of the time as Medical Superintendent. Dr Davies was an avid photographer and the collection includes slides and photographs depicting the work of the hospital and the surrounding communities and vegetation. His wife, Grace Davies, wrote a book on the hospital and her source material and original manuscript is contained in the collection. The collection was deposited by his son, Andy Davies.   
  The records are part of the archive of the Anglican Church in Southern Africa, Diocese of Pretoria.   
  The first patients of the Jane Furse Memorial Hospital were admitted in 1921. It has remained open ever since.   
A1  Constitution, 1936 (1f)   
A2.1  Annual Reports - bound volume   
A2.2  Annual Reports (1f)   
  Jane Furse Memorial Hospital Reports, 1922-1968.   
  Bound volume of multi-sectoral reports, organised per year   
  The following annual reports are missing from the volume, but are included unbound:   
  1 April 1956 - 31 March 1957   
  1969 - 1970   
  1 April, 1961 - 31 March, 1962   
  Duplicates x 10   
  Khaiso School, Annual Report, August 1936 - June 1937.   
A3  Jubilee Edition 1921-1971 (1f)   
  Report of the Jane Furse Memorial Hospital and of the Sekhukhuniland Mission for the period 1971-1972.   
A4  Meeting minutes, 1932, 1936, 1937-1938 (1f)   
A5  Writings by Grace M Davies (1f)   
  Grace Davies was the wife of Dr Albert Davies, who worked as Medical Superindent of the Jane Furse Memorial Hospital for most of a 25-year period from 1957-1982.   
A5.1.1  Thaba ea Thuso/Hill of Help: An account of Jane Furse Memorial Hospital, Sekhukhuniland by Grace Davies, Natal, 1984. Typed and bound. Loose leaf correspondence contains memoirs, anecdotes and photograph of Miss Edith Lugsden (see C8).   
A5.1.2  Thaba ea Thuso/Hill of Help: An account of Jane Furse Memorial Hospital, Sekhukhuniland by Grace Davies, Natal, 1984. Typed and bound. Shipping details enclosed as loose leaves.   
A5.1.3  Thaba ea Thuso/Hill of Help: An account of Jane Furse Memorial Hospital, Sekhukhuniland by Grace Davies, Natal, 1984. Typed and bound. Additional loose leaf documentation.   
A5.2  Thaba ea Thuso/Hill of Help: An account of Jane Furse Memorial Hospital, Sekhukhuniland by Grace Davies, Natal, 1984 (2 copies). Printed.   
  Loose typed pages of Thaba ea Thuso manuscript   
  Jane Furse Memorial Hospital. Potted history compiled by Grace M Davies (undated)   
  Jane Furse Memorial Hospital. Founded 1921. Historical account of the hospital, signed A H Davies (undated).   
A6  Memories of Bishop Michael Furse, D.D. K.C.M.G.    
  Michael Bolton Furse, of Oxford in the United Kingdom, was Archdeacon of Johannesburg from 1903 - 1909 and Bishop of Pretoria from 1909 - 1920. Jane Furse Memorial Hospital was named for his daughter, Jane Diana Furse, born 1904, who died of scarlet fever in 1918.   
  Typed and bound memoirs (1f).   
  Contributors: Sir Ralph Furse, G R Routh (friend and contemporary), the Reverend J Carlisle and the Right Reverend Bishop Barkway. Edited by M.W.R. (Undated).   
A7  Medicine amongst the Sesutu (1f)   
  Dissertation by Bernard T Squires, Medical Officer of the Jane Furse Memorial Hospital (undated).   
A8  The Pattern of Christian Belief in Sekhukhuniland, Philip Tyler (undated). (1f)   
A9  Newspapers/newspaper cuttings (1f)   
  Seek, official newspaper of the Church of the Province of South Africa, 10/1966 and 11/1971   
  Retyped articles from Cape Argus and Middleburg Observer (undated).   
A10  Miscellaneous historical documents (1f)   
  Northern Transvaal Notes No.6   
  From the Bishop of Pretoria, 1935. Describes issues encountered by the church in its ministry, including a ritual murder, resistance against conversion to Christianity and racial prejudice.   
  Student Nurses Admission Service, St Mary's Church, 16/05/1958.   
  Letter conferring the Order of Simon of Cyrene on Dr Albert Davies, 9/12/1981.   
  Licence issued by the Church of the Province of South Africa to Dr Albert Davies to perform the duties of a Lay Minister, 21/10/1984.   
A11  Photographs (undated)(1f)   
  Album of black and white photographs of Sekhukhuniland including landscapes; inhabitants in traditional Pedi dress; church services at St Peters Church, Mooifontein; hospital buildings. (Photographs are stored with the collection)   
B1  In As Much As, Jane Furse Memorial Hospital, Sekukuniland, Diocese of Pretoria. Appeal leaflet, 1947.   
B2  Mission Hospitals in Southern Africa, Interdenominational Organising Committee, Medical Missions Exhibition, Cape Town, 14 - 17 September 1969.   
B3   Historic and Descriptive Review of Bathurst, Cape Province by C E Hilligan, 31 January 1951 (relevance unclear)   
  Stored in media room   
C1  Bishop and Jane Furse   
C1.1  Jane Diana Furse   
  Jane Diana Furse was the only child of Bishop Michael Furse from England and Frances Furse from the USA. She is buried in the cemetery at Irene, Gauteng. Her parents' grave is in a churchyard at Cuddesdon just outside Oxford. The original pastel image of this photograph hangs over the Bishop Furse's chest in the entrance of the hospital.   
C1.2  Bishop Michael Furse, the founder of Jane Furse Memorial Hospital   
C2  Dr Albert Davies   
C2.1  Dr Albert Davies and nurses   
C2.1.1  Dr Albert Davies (front, centre)   
C2.1.2  Dr Davies (front), midwives and Rollo Davis (dog)   
C2.1.3  Dr Davies (extreme left) and nurses   
C2.1.4  Dr Davies (centre) and nurses   
C2.1.5  Dr Davies (centre) and midwives   
C2.1.6.1  Dr Davies (front) and nurses   
C2.1.6.2  Dr Davies (front) and nurses   
C2.1.6.3  Dr Davies (front, centre) and nurses   
C2.1.7.1  Dr Davies (standing left) and pupil midwife Rebecca Diale (standing right) address patients outside St Anne's maternity ward.   
C2.1.7.2  Dr Davies (standing right) and pupil midwife Rebecca Diale (standing left) address patients outside St Anne's maternity ward.   
C2.1.7.3  Dr Davies and midwife lecture mothers-to-be in front of St Anne's maternity ward.   
C2.2  Dr Albert Davies and others   
C2.2.1  Dr Davies, Ms Anne Stevens and others   
C2.2.2  Dr Davies, Ms Anne Stevens and others   
C2.2.3  Dr Davies, Ms Anne Stevens and others   
C2.2.4  Ms Anne Stevens   
C2.3  Dr Albert Davies and others   
C2.3.1 - C2.3.5  Dr Davies and others, unknown.   
C3  Dr Kenneth Francis McMurtrie    
C3.1  Dr McMurtrie, the first doctor at Jane Furse Memorial Hospital   
C3.2  Dr McMurtrie in retirement, Warmbaths (Bela Bela) in 1970   
C4  Dr William John Lawrence Downing    
  Dr Downing was Medical Superintendent at the Jane Furse Memorial Hospital from 1944 - 1962.   
C4.1 - C4.5  Dr Downing: various head and shoulder images. (See E7.8)   
C5  Mrs Weston, Radiographer   
C6   Doctors' library/tearoom/common room   
C6.1  (L to R): Unknown, Dr Margaret Morton(UK), Dr Andy McGiven (2 copies)   
C6.2  (L to R): Dr Sally Walker; unknown; Dr Margaret Morton   
C6.3  (L to R): Dr Andy McGiven; Pharmacist Peter Rhodes (New Zealand)   
C7  Miss Edith Lugsden (found with A5.1.1)   
  Miss Lugsden joined Jane Furse Memorial Hospital in the 1940s.   
C7.1 - C7.3  Head and shoulders images   
C8  Senior nursing members of staff   
C8.1 - C8.2  Identities unknown    
C9  Individual staff images   
  Photographs of single members of hospital staff   
C9.1  Nurse Minah Morife   
C9.2.1  Pupil midwife Nora Langa   
C9.2.2  Pupil midwife Nora Langa   
C9.2.3  Pupil midwife Nora Langa and another   
C9.3  Doctor/medical student outside St Nicholas Children's' ward   
C9.4 - C9.15  Identities unknown    
C10  Posed nursing staff group photographs   
C10.1  Sister Sally-Anne Evans (centre) and nurses (2 copies)   
C10.2  Nurses and orderlies. Second right: Peter Marishane (2 copies)   
C10.3  Pupil midwives   
C10.4  Father Blake (front, centre) and nurses   
C10.5 - C10.6  Staff from Maternity and Frere (TB) Wards   
C10.7  Pupil midwives with tutor Sister Muriel Howe   
C10.8  Sister Doreen Slater, tutor, with first year nurses   
C10.9 - C10.10  Jane Furse nurses 1929   
C10.11 - C10.30  Unidentified groups of nursing staff.   
C11  Nursing staff at prayer   
C11.1  Graduate nurses making their pledge in St Mary's Hospital Chapel with Father (later Bishop) John Ruston and Father (later Dean) John Tsebe.   
C11.2 - C11.6  Nurses at prayer   
C11.7 - C11.8  Daily corridor prayers   
C12  Nursing staff relaxing   
C12.1  Matron Ann Stoneman with sisters   
C12.2 - C12.5  Images of nursing staff dining and celebrating    
C12.6 - C12.8  Nurses recreation class   
C12.9  Grace Davies and nurses   
C13  Medical staff, babies and young children   
C13.1  Triplets born in St Anne's Maternity Ward at Jane Furse Memorial Hospital (undated).   
C13.2.1  Blind patient sees for the first time   
C13.2.2  Blind patient sees for the first time   
C13.2.3  Blind patient sees for the first time   
C13.3 - C13. 33  Nurses pictured with young patients   
C13.34 - C13.39  Children in bed   
C13.40 - C13.49  Children engaged in play and other activities   
C13.50 - C13.55  Feeding time   
C13.56 - C13.65.3  Orthopaedic patients   
C13.65.4  Patient with children of staff - Andy Davies (left) and David Horsefall (right)   
C13.66 - C13.67.2  Weighing children See C14.7 - C14.8   
C13.68.1 - C13.68.9  Twins   
C13.69.1 - C13.73.3  Groups of children   
C13.74 - C13.79.2  Babies and infants   
C14  Medical staff at work   
C14.1  Sister Edith, Manche Ward   
  Manche Ward was the children's ward and carried the name of Manche Masemola, and early convert to Christianity who faced much opposition by her family.   
C14.2.1 - C14.2.1  Outpatients   
C14.3 - C14.6  Nurses and children   
C14.7 - C14.8  The weigh-in, St Anne's Maternity Ward See C13.66 - C13.67.2   
C14.9 - C14.12  Nurses with wheelchair patients   
C14.13 - C14.17  Nurses at bedside   
C14.18 - C14.28  Nurses engaged in various hospital duties and training   
C14.29 - C14.30  View of Central Sterilisation Department    
C14.31- C14.44  Nurses in engaged in various hospital duties   
C15  Groups of hospital personnel   
  Mostly unidentified   
C15.1 - C15.8  Various groups   
C15.9  Orderly Amos (extreme left) and unknown delegates   
C15.10  Medical students from USA, John and Marian Phiffer, and unknown.   
C15.11  Anne Stevens, Therese Morife, Doreen Payne (Matron)   
C16  Medical procedures   
C16.1  Eye treatment and opthalmic surgery   
C16.1.1 - C16.1.2  Nurse delivers eye treatment   
C16.1.3 - C16.1.5  Opthalmic surgery   
C16.2  Surgery   
C16.2.1  Dental surgery   
C16.2.2 - C12.2.9  Images taken in operating theatres   
C16.2.10  Exchange transfusion   
C16.3  Laboratories   
C16.3.1  Hans Masemola, Lab Technician, preparing histological sections (x 2)   
C16.3.2  Hans Masemola, Lab Technician, preparing histological sections    
C16.3.3.1 - C16.3.3.4  Peter Marishane, Lab Technician, bacteriology   
C16.3.4 - C16.3.8  Staff at work in laboratories   
C16.4  Pharmacy   
C16.4.1 - C16.4.5  Hospital staff preparing medications   
C16.5  Equipment   
C16.5.1 - C16.5.2  Incubator   
C16.5.3  Cryo cataract unit   
C16.5.4  X-ray machine   
C17  Hospital Wards   
C17.1  Manche ward at midnight at Jane Furse Hospital (x2)   
C17.2  Men's ward   
C17.3 - C17.4.2  Mothers and babies (groups)   
C17.5 .1 - C17.5.2  Female ward   
C17.6.1 -C17.6.2  Male patient    
C17.7.1   Young boy   
C17.7.2  Young boy and male patient   
C17.8  Young male patients   
C17.9.1 - C17.9.2  Mother and child   
C17.10.1 - C17.10.7  Mothers and children   
C17.11 - C17.19  Children   
C17.20  The Physiotherapy Department   
C17.21.1 - C17.21.2  Nurse and wheelchair patient outdoors   
C17.21.3  Nurse, patient on crutches and children outdoors.   
C17.22  Meal time, Manche ward.   
C18  Clergy   
C18.1  Bishop Knapp-Fisher and another   
C18.2.1 - C18.2.2  Clergy wives on course at St Francis Priory with Canon Tsebe and Father John Ruston. Alternatively marked: Lady church workers and clergy wives.   
C18.3  Dr King, wife, identity unknown, Sister Mabel Wells, Dr Ethel Smith, identities unknown   
C18.4 - C18.8  Church/At prayer   
C18.9.1 - C18.9.3  Posed group outside church (x3)   
C18.10  Posed group   
C18.11  Clergyman with nurses   
C18.12  Clergyman with unknown group   
C18.13  Clergyman (unknown)   
C18.14 - C18.19  Nuns   
C19  Stage Events   
  Including entertainment, religious processions, weddings.   
C19.1 - C19.44  On stage performances and off-stage merriment   
C19.45 - C19.62  Amahl and the Night Visitors performed for the Jane Furse Memorial Hospital Jubilee, August 1971.   
C19.63.1 - C19.63.  Choir groups - performance by Swazi nurses, January 1972   
C19.64 - C19.71  Choir groups   
C19.72.1 - C19.72.2  Choir of School for Blind   
C19.73 - C19.116  Miscellaneous stage performances   
C19.117.1 - C19.117.2  Social function circa 1969. Centre: Dr John Larking, a New Zealander, who also acted as Deputy Medical Superintendent from August 1970 - December 1974.   
C19.118 - C19.126  Children's nativity performance   
C20  Dance and party scenes   
C20.1 - C20.52  Staff and nurses' parties   
C21  Weddings   
C21.1 - C21.5  Wedding scenes   
C22  Christmas    
C22.1 - C22.4  Patients and crib, hospital church (Christmas 1971)   
C22.5 - C22.11  Children's Christmas party, children with gifts   
C22.12 - C22.14  Christmas in TB Ward   
C22.15 - C22.26  Various scenes of Christmas celebrations in hospital wards   
C22.27.1  Nurses' Christmas dinner   
C22.27.2 - C22.7.3  Christmas Day Procession - nurses on milk cart   
C23  St Joseph's School   
C23.1  Blessing of St Joseph's School - Father Ian   
C23.2  Opening of St Joseph's School in the 60s for child patients - Father Carrick and Father Ruston   
C23.3  Children of hospital school on apparatus provided by the Jane Pyner bequest. Jane Pyner, an English girl, died at 14 of leukaemia.   
C24  Opening of nursery school   
C24.1  Bishop Knapp-Fisher opening nursery school with Father John Ruston   
C24.2  Opening of nursery college. John Tsebe (left), Bishop Knapp-Fisher   
C24.3 - C24.4  Opening of nursery school.   
C25  Easter Procession   
C25.1 - C25.25  Various scenes of Easter procession (undated)   
C26  Function for Pedi Royalty and hospital staff, 1971   
C26.1  Paramount Chieftainess (Regent) and Chief Sekwati Mampuru, 60 years a chief (x2).   
C26.2  Paramount Chieftainess    
C26.3  Pedi royalty   
C26.4 - C26.23  Scenes of occasion.   
C27  Community gathering (details unknown)   
C27.1 - C27.6  Various scenes   
C28  Religious event (details unknown)   
C28.1 - C28.11  Various scenes   
C28.12 - C28.13  Outdoor worship scenes   
C29  Empire Day Sports   
C30  Traditional healers (see C42)   
  Traditional healers invited to the hospital to visit laboratories (late February 1981)   
C31  Occupational Therapy department sale   
C31.1 - C31.5  Items on sale and attendees   
C31.6  Mrs Renate Chosane, occupational therapist since 1963, displays some of the occupational therapy work done at the Jane Furse Memorial Hospital.   
C32  Irrigation   
C32.1 - C32.15  Scenes of community involvement    
C32.16- C32.17  Site of the hospital dam on the Ngwaretse River, 4miles west.   
C33  Cemetery   
  Country and Mirfield Fathers   
C33.1 - C33.5  Various scenes   
C34  General events   
  There is no information on the events depicted in this set of photographs.   
C34.1 - C34.22  Various scenes   
C35  Medical Conditions (SENSITIVE)   
C35.1 - C35.16  Photographs of patients with various medical conditions (See E3.13 - E3.16)   
C35.17  Child with Kwashiokor   
C35.18  Eye ward patients   
C35.19.1 - C35.19.5  Children with eye conditions   
C35.20.1 - C35.20.2  Blind mother and new-born baby (See E2.6)   
C36  Kitchens and Laundry   
C36.1   Kitchen and staff   
C36.2   Sheets on washing line   
C36.3 - C36.10  Laundry staff at work   
C36.11 - C36.12  Head and shoulders images of laundry staff   
C36.13 -C36.14  Laundry staff    
C37  Maintenance and construction   
C37.1.1 - C37.1.2  Alan Hall, Senior Controller, and new boilers   
C37.2.1- C37.2.3  Boilers   
C37.3.1 - C37.3.2  Alan Hall and workers engaged in an installation   
C37.4 - C37.5  Various scenes of maintenance and repairs   
C37.6.1 - C37.6.2  New sewerage works being off-loaded on farm   
C37.7  Ken Western and Joseph ?? For hospital farm   
C38  Building exterior and views   
C38.1  View from top of boiler room   
C38.2  View of nurses' home and laboratories, early 1970s. In 1986/7 a new nurses' home was completed.   
C38.3 - C38.9  Views of building exterior    
C38.10  Jane Furse Memorial Hospital in the middle distance   
C38.11  Looking east from hospital towards Schoonord and Margaret (?) Heights over Madibeng Village.    
C38.12  Jane Furse Memorial Hospital from the west   
C38.13  Jane Furse Memorial Hospital, circa 1965   
C38.14  View from Mapotts Village. Lulu/Leolo mountains in far distance. Hospital on far ridge to centre of ridge.   
C38.15  Aerial view of Jane Furse Memorial Hospital from the west.   
C38.16 - C38.21  General landscapes   
C39  Unidentified people   
C39.1 - C39 .8  Unidentified groups of people   
C39.9 - C39.13  Unidentified individuals   
C40  Library   
C40.1 - C40.2  At work in the library   
C41  Community   
C41.1 - C41.17  Children   
C41.18 - C41.33  Mothers and children   
C41.34  Church group   
C41.35   Compound at Nebo with workers ? From the mines having completed their contract.   
C42  Traditional Scenes   
C42.1  William Campbell and Daisy Lugsden with local sangomas (see C30)   
C42.2  Pedi girls   
C42.3  Initiation school   
C42.4 - C42.12  Various scenes of tradition and traditional practices   
C42.12  Beating for witchcraft? SENSITIVE   
C42.13  Ritual murder. SENSITIVE   
C43  Churches   
C43.1 - C43.3  St Francis Church   
C43.4 - C43.5  Chapel   
C43.6  Chapel and bell 1923   
C43.7  Chapel 1924   
C43.8   Chapel 1929   
C43.9 - C43.10  Unidentified images   
C44  Buildings   
C44.1 - C44.2  Milk shed, hospital farm   
C44.3 - C44.4  Rondavels   
C44.5  Glen Cowie - old homestead on neighbouring Roman Catholic mission   
C44.6  Side of house   
C44.7 - C44.10  Assorted images   
C45  Village scenes   
C45.1 - C45.5  Horse and ox carts   
C45.6 - C45.13  Various scenes   
C45.14 - C45.16  Street scenes   
C46  Miscellaneous   
C46.1  Mortuary facilities - location unknown (SENSITIVE)   
C46.2  Instruction to dance or stage performance   
C46.3 - C46.11  Miscellaneous photographs   
C47  Negatives   
  Negatives of this photographic collection. Includes images of ritual murder. SENSITIVE. (3f + small box)   
D1  Correspondence relevant to the position of Medical Superintendent at Jane Furse Memorial Hospital, 1932-1937 (1f)   
D2  Correspondence on the purchase of an X-ray plant, 1936 - 1938 (1f)   
D3  Correspondence on financial matters: 1932, 1936-1937 (1f)   
D4  Correspondence on construction matters at Jane Furse: 1932, 1935, 1936. (1f)   
D5  General correspondence: 1932, 1936-1937 (1f)   
D6  Correspondence on staff: 1924- 1938 (1f)   
  Covers contracts, resignations and financial claims   
D7  Correspondence and documentation 1971-1972   
  Covers dealings with state officials, human resources and administrative issues (salary scales), meeting agendas.   
  Stored in Media Room   
E1  Buildings   
E1.1 - E1.22  Depictions of various buildings   
E2  Mothers and children   
E2.1 - E2. 5  Various images   
E2.6  Blind mother and new-born (see C35.20.1 - C35.20.2)   
E3  Patients   
E3.1 - E3.12  In-hospital patients   
E3.13 - E3.16  Medical conditions (SENSITIVE) (See C35)   
E3.17 - E3.24  Outpatient queues   
E4  Nurses   
E4.1 - E4.14  Nurses at work   
E5  Children   
E5.1 - E5.12  Images of single and groups of children   
E6  Hospital workers   
E6.1 - E6.6  Miscellaneous images   
E7  Doctors and medical personnel   
E7.1 - E7.6  Doctors and medical personnel at work   
E7.7  Unidentified   
E7.8  Dr Downing (see C4.1 - C4.5)   
E8  Landscapes   
E8.1 - E8.20  Unidentified landscapes   
E9  Processions and ceremonies   
E9.1 - E9.47  Images of various religious processions   
E9.48  Witchdoctor and son   
E9.49  Witchdoctor's dance   
E9.50  Manganeng   
E9.51  Manganeng school   
E10  Local life   
E10.1 - E10.13  Images of rural life   
E10.14  Witchdoctor's son   
E10.15  Road to Ditchweyong   
E10.16 - E10.19  Unidentified people   
E11  Social events   
E11.1 - E11.7  Stage performances and dance scenes   
E11.8 - E11.11  Sisters' shop