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Inventory for AB2658 
Collection Index:ST ALBANīS CATHEDRAL, Diocese of Pretoria 1870-2014
Collection Name:ST.ALBANīS CATHEDRAL, Diocese of Pretoria Records 1870-2014
  Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2017 
  73 boxes, 2 oversize folders and 7 loose volumes and photographs 
  Please note extensive additions were made to the collection in 2017, which were processed by Michelle Colman.  
  Many additions contain lists of contents, but these do not always correspond fully with the material filed. 
  See also: AB1368 - DIOCESE OF PRETORIA, for parish registers 
Bishop's Senate 
Election of Canons 
Service Registers 
Religious Events 
Services, Sermons and Prayers 
Partial Documentation 
Newspaper Reports 
MINUTES 19 volumes 1877-1995 
A1  St Alban's Council Minutes 
A1.1  1877-1931 
A1.2  1910-1919 
A1.3  1919-1931 
A1.4  1931-1936 
A1.5  1936-1942 
A1.6  1942-1949 
A1.7  1949-1956 
A1.8  1956-1967 
A1.9  1967-1976 
A1.10  1977-1986 
A1.11  1986-1995 
A2  St Albans. Vestry Minutes and related documents 
A2.1  1931-1965  
A2.2  1963-1995  
A2.3  Parish Vestry 1983 - 1989 (1f) 
A2.4  Vestry Reports 1994 - 1995 (1f) 
A2.5  Vestry Reports 1994 - 1996 (1f) 
A2.6  Notices of Vestry Meetings 1997 - 1998 (1f) 
A2.7  Vestry Minutes/Financials/Renovations 2000 - 2011 (2f) 
A2.8  Vestry Reports 2008 - 2010(2f) 
A2.8  Vestry 2010 - 2014 (2f) 
A3  Servers' Minutes 1935-1943 
A4  Finance Committee Minutes 
A4.1  1912-1915 
A4.2  1934-1945 
A5  Church Men's Society Minutes 1906-1909 
A6  Choir Meeting Minutes 1909-1964 
A7  Publicity Sub-committee Minutes 1970-1974 
A8  Church Women's Society Minutes 1955-1966 
A9  Cathedral Archdeaconry: Minutes of Archdeaconry Council 1984-1988; 2005 
B1  Register of early records of documents 1882-1891 (1f) 
B2  Historical publications (1f) 
  Pretoria Diocesan Centenary 1878 - 1978 souvenir album; St Albans Cathedral 1957 and Pretoria Religious Landmarks 1996 
B3  Drafts relating to proposed Cathedral guide (1f) 
B4  Background information (1f) 
  Information on St Alban's Anglican Church and the Anglican Church in South Africa, and notes on the Four Great Glass in Concrete Windows. 
C1  Church structures, policies and rules (1f) 
  Organograms and functional map, Cathedral Administration Board Constitution, policy for payment of allowances and expenses for stipendiary and non-stipendiary clergy for 2001, 2005 and 2006, rules of the Diocese of Pretoria, rules of Incumbent and Parish Officers and Parish Councils. 
C2  Church Warden  
C2.1  Church Wardens Guide 1997/98 (1f) 
C2.2  Church Wardens file 1998 (4f) 
C3  Chapter 1982 - 1989; 2006 (5f) 
C4  Cathedral Council 1993 - 1996 (3f) 
C5  Executive Committee 2006; 2010 - 2013; undated (1f) 
C6  Archdeaconry 1986 - 1994 (2f) 
C7  Synod 
C7.1  Synod 1991 - 1996 (2f) 
C7.2  Provincial Synod 2002 (2f) 
C8  Diocese of Pretoria 
C8.1  Diocesan Minutes 1978 - 1985 (includes other matters) (2f) 
C8.2  Diocese 1984 - 1985 (2f) 
C8.3  St Michael's Sunnyside 1984 - 1995 (2f) 
C8.4  Diocesan Executive Committee 1985 - 1986 (2f) 
C8.5  St Michael's Ga-rankuwa/St Mary's Pretoria North/St Margaret's Hercules Jan 1991 - Feb 1992 (1f) 
C8.6  Diocesan Meetings 2006 (3f) 
C8.7  Diocesan Standing Committee 2007 (2f) 
C8.8  Diocese of Pretoria 2008 - 2011 (2f) 
C8.9  Diocesan Committee Meeting 2009 (1f) 
C8.10  Diocesan Standing Committee Meeting 2009 (1f) 
C8.11  Diocese of Pretoria Executive Committee Meetings 2010 - 2011 (1f) 
C8.12  Diocesan Meetings 2010 - 2011 (4f) 
C8.13  Diocese of Pretoria and St Albans 2011 (1f) 
C9  Parish Business 
C9.1  1984-1986 (1f) 
C9.2  1991-1997 (1f) 
C9.3  1993 (1f) 
C9.4  2005 (1f) 
C9.5  2006 -2009 (1f - bound book) 
C9.6  2006; 2007-2008; 2008 (1f) 
C9.7  2010; Dean's input to Parish Council 12 - 13/02/2010 (1f) 
C9.8  Minutes 2004 - 2010(1f) 
C9.9  Parish Council Duties 
C10  Building maintenance 
C10.1  Faculties 1922 - 1966 (1f) 
C10.2  Servers' Guild building fund 1927 - 1935 (1f) 
C10.3  Proposed scheme for completion of cathedral as a peace thank offering and as a war memorial 1914 -1919 and 1939 - 1945, dated 1946. Includes appeal for funds, Cathedral Book of Remembrance and design for bronze memorial tablet. (1f) 
C10.4  Correspondence regarding choir stalls, pews, chairs, acoustics 1954 - 1960 (1f) 
C10.5  Specified bills of quantities for completion of St Albans Cathedral and erection of ancillary buildings for the Pretoria Diocesan Trustees, September 1955. (1f) 
C10.6  Completion of St Alban's Cathedral and Building Appeal 1955 - 1965 (2f) 
C10.7  File of reports, accounts and correspondence re-completion of St Alban's Cathedral 1955 - 1961 (1f) 
C10.8  Correspondence re maintenance of buildings, grounds etc., Dec 1963 - April 1965 (1f) 
C10.9  Faculty 1976 - 1997 (1f) 
C10.10  Building development at the Deanery, 1985 (1f) 
C10.11  Cathedral Sanctuary Renewal 1986 (2f) 
C10.12  Design of proposed cairn, Garden of Remembrance, Dec 1986 (1f) 
C10.13  Hall Alterations 1990 - 1991 (1f) 
C10.14  Cathedral Roof 1994 - 1995 (1f) 
C10.15  Repairs 2006 (1f) 
C10.16  Ground plan (including transparency) (1f) 
C10.17  Loose leaf items (1f) 
C10.18  Inventories (8f) 
  Inventories 1930- 1940 
  Inventories 1953 
  Inventories 1958 
  Inventories 1968- 1971 
  Deanery 1986 - 1988 
  Items 1994 
  Loose notes 
  (see also N7) 
C11  Choir and Church Music 
C11.1  Affiliated Church Choir Certificate from School of English Church Music 1924 (1f) 
C11.2  Correspondence on the provision of an organ 1945 - 1960 and specification of completed organ by South African Organ Builders Oct 1985 (1f) 
C11.3  Church Music 1984 - 1985 (2f) 
C11.4  Clergy licensing and choir 1995 - 2003 (1f) 
C11.5  St Albans Music Committee 2001- 2004 (1f) See also pew leaflets (under publications - get no) 
C11.6  Choir Report, Vestry 2005 (author unnamed) 
C11.7  Copyright 2004 - 2007 
C11.8  Old Psalm/Music books and music sheets 
C12  Financials  
C12.1  General index: funds and assets 1952 - 1986 (1 bound book) 
C12.2  Parish Financial Returns 1962, 1969, 1973-1977, 2004-2005 (1f) 
C12.3  Legacies and bequests 1960 - 1983 (1f) 
C12.4  Minutes of Diocesan Finance Board 2006 (1f) 
C12.5  Trusts and funds (2f) 
  Deans' Ministry Fund 1988-1989; Pews Charitable Trust; St Martins of the Poor Trust 1991-1992;Bishopric Endowment Fund 1997-1998. 
C12.6  Pledge information and generosity giving response forms (1f) 
C12.7  Bantu Tax 1970 - 1980 (1f) 
C13  Staff meetings  
C13.1  1993 (3f) 
C13.2  1994 (1f) 
C14  Correspondence 
C14.1  Correspondence re The Deanery 1963 - 1964 (1f) 
C14.2  St Mathews Church Brits October 1964 - October 1965 (1f) 
C14.3  Correspondence on Anglican-Presbyterian conversations; the Nederlandse Gereformeerde Kerk and Church Unity Commission 1966 - 1974 (1f) 
C14.4  Correspondence regarding the passing of the Very Reverend J G Weatherston 1964 (1f) 
C14.5  Feb 1967 - March 1986 (1f) 
C14.6  Day file Nov 1982 - April 1984 (4f) 
C14.7  St Peter's Ga-Rankuwa Sept 1986 - 1988 (includes minutes and other documentation) (1f) 
C14.8  1986 - 1989 (3f) 
C14.9  St Hilda's Church Gezina 1988-1989 (1f) 
C14.10  General correspondence 1993 (1f) 
C14.11  2002 - 2007 (1f) 
C14.12  2005 - 2006 (1f) 
C14.13  2006 (2f) 
C14.14  2007 - 2010 (also contains financial statements, minutes, reports and other administrative matters. (2f) 
C14. 15  2010 (1f) 
C14.16  Correspondence 2010 (4f) 
C14.17  Miscellaneous correspondence 
C15  Readers and Lay Ministers 
  Readers' Roster September - October 2001; Readers' and Lay Ministers' Roster 2004 - 2007; Lay Ministers and Readers Roster May - June 2006; Lay Ministers at the Cathedral in 2005. 
C16  Additional Administrative Matters 
C16.1  Hire of church and conditions for hosting functions (f) 
C16.2  Guidelines to the use of Parish cars (1f) 
C16.3  Miscellaneous administrative issues 
C16.3.1  Includes Proposal for Youth Resources Centre and Report on Ministry to Refugees and Youth (1f) (See G2) 
C16.3.2  Includes job description of Verger, role of the Theological Advisory Committee (TAC)of the board of Radio Pulpit, proposal for a Transport Committee and Transport Fund, weekly staff programmes, service roster, clergy rota 2006, meetings and correspondence. (1f) 
C16.4  Miscellaneous meetings 2006 (1f) 
  Memorandums, calendars, correspondence, agendas, minutes of Parish Council, Diocese and Executive Committee. (Also see C8 and C9) 
C16.5  St Albans 2009 (1f) 
  Correspondence, minutes, sermons, church rules, reports - see listing. (Also see C8 and C9) 
C16.6  Notebooks (authors not named) (1f) 
BISHOP'S SENATE (later Cathedral Chapter) Minutes 1910-1951 
ELECTION OF CANON 1999 - 2006 
E1  Nomination list for election of Canons 1965 
E2  Election of Canon 1999 - 2006 
SERVICE REGISTERS 16 vols 1879-1992 
F1  St Alban's Cathedral 
F1.1  1879-1884 
F1.la  1884-1893 
F1.2  1893-1905 
F1.3  1905-1911 
F1.4  1911-1933 
F1.5  1934-1939 
F1.6  1939-1944 
F1.7  1944-1949 
F1.8  1953-1960 
F1.9  1961-1964 
F1.10  1964-1972 
F1.12  1975-1979 
F1.13  1979-1983 
F1.14  1983-1986 
F1.15  1986-1992 
F2  St Mark's Church 1903-1915 
F3  St Augustine's 1960-1967 
G1  Religious Education 
G1.1  Theology and Strategy Group 1985 - 1989 (2f) 
G1.2  Church School 1993 (1f) 
G1.3  South African Alpha Course 2001 (1f) 
G1.4  Theology Examination Questions 2004 (1f) 
G1.5  Systematic Theology Eve Studies (EICS) 2004 (1f) 
G1.6  Church History I (CHI) 2004 (1f) 
G1.7  Question papers of The College of the Transfiguration (COTT) 2005 (2f) 
G1.8  Stewardship Bible Study and prayers 2007 - 2012 (1f) 
G1.9  Living the Good News - church school education curriculum and materials (2f) 
G1.10  Sunday School (1f) 
G1.11  Parish Visitors' Training School - lectures (1f) 
G1.12  The Signposts of our Spiritual Landscapes (contains a document of this title and other reading) 2008-2009 (2f) 
G1.13  Readings: Leadership Contract and Essentials (1f) 
G2  Refugees 
G2.1  Refugees 2005 (1f) 
G2.2  Ministry to Refugees 2006 (1f) 
G2.3  Tshwane Refugee Service Providers Forum (TRSP) 2006 (1f) 
  See C16.3.1 
G3  Religious Ceremonies 
G3.1  Confirmation  
G3.1.1  Confirmation educational material (1f) 
G3.1.2  Confirmation guidelines (1f) 
G3.2  Baptism (1f) 
  Application forms, baptism certificates 
G3.3  Marriages 
G3.3.1  Marriage declaration forms and certificates; application for licence to marry (1f) 
G3.3.2  Christian sexuality; notes on marriage (1f) 
G4  Church structures and assistances 
G4.1  Citizens Advice Bureau (1f) 
  Meetings, correspondence, annual reports 1995 - 2005, requests for help 
G4.2  Mothers' Union - constitution (1f) 
G4.3  Pretoria Initiative for Reconciliation (PIR) 1987 - 1990 (1f) 
G4.4  St Alban's Hostel for Girls 
G4.4.1  1993 - 1996 (1f) 
G4.4.2  1999 - 2001 (2f) 
G4.4.3  Financial: includes documentation relevant to fees and financial statements (1f) 
G5  St Alban's Badminton Club 1958 - 1961 (1f) 
  Minutes, correspondence, constitution. 
H1  Departure of Knapp Fisher 1975 (1f) See N6 
H2  Consecrations and Enthronements 1982 - 2006 (2f) See also (cross reference to pics) 
  Includes: Kraft 1982; Tutu 1985; Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist 1987; Diocese of St John's Kokstad 1989; Diocese of Klerksdorp 1990; Diocese of Christ the King 1990; Ndungane 1991; Moseki 1996; Seoka 1998; Tisani 2002; Gabriel/Walker 2005; Swartz 2006). 
H3  Ordinations, installations of priests and deacons 1985 - 1994 (2f) 
H4  Clergy conference February 1987 (1f) 
H5  St Alban's Parish 130th anniversary celebration 17 - 19/06/1994 (1f) 
H6  Blessing and dedication of the Centre for Peace, Justice and Reconciliation, 2 Nov 1996 (1f) 
H7  Human Rights Day 2003 (1f) 
H8  Deans' Conference 1999; 2004 - 2006 (1f) 
H9  National Consultation on Urban Ministry, 14 - 16 July 2004 and Programme fro Retreat 21 -23 April 2006 (1f) 
H10  Renewal of priestly and diaconal vows 19 April 2011 (1f) 
H11  Funeral of Dean L L Ngewu 2014 
H12  Miscellaneous events 
  Vocational Guidance Conference 1991; Bishop Richard's Archdeaconry Visit 1993; Summer Special 1993; Farewell to Briggs family 1993; Anglican Mission Association Annual Conference 1993; Urbanisation - challenge to theology and mission 1993; Two Masters Play 2006; Scripture Union Annual Prize giving (year not given); Friends of the Cathedral new weekday programme (year not given); Michael Cassidy talk (year not given). 
I1  Historic Services (1f) 
  Thanksgiving on the restoration of peace to South Africa 1900; Military thanksgiving for the restoration of peace 1902; Coronation of King Edward VII 1902; Visit of Pioneer Mission, 1902; Consecration of Wilfred Parker 1933; Hymns for Parade Service - SA Field Force; Sermon on the death of Queen Victoria. 
I2  Special orders of service 1957 - 1983 (1f) 
  Memorial service for Winston Churchill 1965; Funeral service for Doreen Dolan 1975; Memorial for Dr Verwoerd 1966; Enthronements of BB Burnett and FA Amoore as Bishops of Bloemfontein 1957 and 1967; Royal School of Church Music Service 1977; Requiem for Cannon Verryn 1983. 
I3  Additional services and events (1f) 
  Holy Eucharist for the visitation of the Archbishop of Cape Town Most Rev Desmond Tutu 18/11/1990; Pentecost 1992; Jesus is our Peace with speaker The Rev Cecil Kerr of Northern Ireland 1994; Chrism Eucharist and Renewal of Vows 1995 and 1996; Crib Service 1996; Farewell Eucharist for Archbishop Tutu 1996; Family Day 2002 Mpumalanga, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Ecumenical Worship Service; Signing up to be a steward; An order of service for midday; Directions for the conduct of church services with general instructions to the clergy 1963; Advent. 
I4  The Litany (1f) 
I5  Order of Services 
  Carol Services (Easter and Christmas), Ordination Services, Diocesan Synod (Solemn Eucharist), Institutions and Installation of Deans of Pretoria, various special services and Consecration of the Very Rev. Mark Nye as First Bishop Suffragan of Pretoria. 
I6  Easter Material (1f) 
I7  Services of Stations of the Cross (1f) 
I8  Sermons (2f) 
I9  Miscellaneous (1f) 
  The Breaking of the Bread - Eucharist for Justice and Reconciliation; Communion of the Sick; Candlelight Memorial; Sunday Services x 4 1993; Greetings and Christian Love; Daily Meditations for Advent 2014; Listing of weekly services and special services. 
J1  Pew leaflets and services 
J1.1  1999; 2000 
J1.2  2001; 2002 
J1.3  2003; 2004 
J1.4  2006; mixed folder 
J2  Miscellaneous St Albans printed material (1f)) 
  Pamphlets, leaflets, circulars, newsletter - both printed and photocopied  
J3  Newsletter originals, Sword magazine (1f) 
J4  Miscellaneous printed material from other sources (1f)) 
L1  Newspaper cuttings 1930 - 1993 (bound album) 
L2  Newspaper cuttings on women 1995 (1f) 
L3  Newspaper cartoons by Jonny Hawkins 1999 - 2001 and newspaper articles 2004 - 2009 (1f) 
L4  Newspaper cuttings: Centenary supplement of the Pretoria News 1855 - 1955, 24/10/1955; ordinations of three bishops in St George's Cathedral (undated); Christian publications, undated cuttings.(1f) 
M1  Pietermaritzburg Agency for Christian Social Awareness (PACSA) 
M2  Impasse: dispute between Bishop and parish 2012 -2013 
M3  Diocese of Limbombos, Maputo 
M4  Association of Community Development of Pretoria 1985 
M5  Dr Bray Library 
N1   Historical Images 
N1.1-2  Group photographs, unidentified (in oversize folder) 
N1.3  The Hermitage, Middelburg, one-room shelter used by Bishop Bousfield 1881 - 1885 (captioned on back) 
N2  Royal Family Visit, Easter 1947 
N2.1   Bishop Parker and Dean Rumbold greet Royal Party 
N2.2-18  Royal Family attend Evensong at Cathedral on Easter Day 1947 
N3   Crusade Week 1953 
N3.1  L to R: Cannon Charles Jones; the Bishop of Glasgow Rt. Revd. Francis Moncrieff; Bishop Robert Selby-Taylor and Dean T A Amore. 
N3.2  Crusade Week 1953 poster 
N3.3  The crib, St Albans Cathedral, Christmas 1953 
N4  Enthronements  
N4.1  Enthronement of Bishop Carter 1902 (captioned on back) 
N4.2  Enthronement of Bishop M B Furse 1909 (captioned on back) 
N4.3  Enthronement of Bishop Robert Selby Taylor ± 1951 (duplicate in oversize folder) 
N4.4-5  Ordination of David Swanepoel as Deacon by the Rt. Revd. Mark Nye, Bishop Suffragan of Pretoria, 1975 (captioned) 
N4.6-22  Enthronement of Rt. Revd. Michael Nuttal 1976 (captioned) 
  See also H2 
N5  Clergy 
N5.1   Ascension Day 1939 
N5.2  Servers' Guild 1958 (in oversize folder) 
N5.3  Mrs Bamber, widow of Cannon Bamber, Bloemfontein and aunt of Miss Winnie Orford, Sunday School teacher at St Albans for many years. 
N5.4  Rev George Sharley 
N5.6  Bishop Henry Brougham Bousfield 1878-1902 
N5.7  Bishop Wilfrid Parker 1933-1950 (in oversize folder) 
N5.8  Bishop Richard Austin Kraft 1982-1998 
N5.9  Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu 
N5.10  Archdeacon SP Woodfield 
N5.11  Canon Rumbold (negative) 
N6  Bishop Edward George Knapp-Fisher 1960-1974 
N6.1-4  Farewell event (see H1) 
N7  Cathedral 
N7.1-33  Building of Cathedral Hall 1955-1957. See C10 
N8  Building 
N8.1  Exterior 
N8.1.1-3  Historical images (in oversize folder) 
N8.1.4-18  Various exterior images 
N8.1.19-23  Exterior line drawings 
N8.2  Interior  
N8.2.1-7  Images of cathedral seating 
N8.2.8-32  Images of cathedral interior 
N8.2.33-34  St Albans statuette plus negative 
N9  Negatives (unidentified)