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Collection Index:HEYWOOD, MARK, Papers, 1981-2012
Collection Name:Mark Heywood Papers, 1981-2012
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A2562  MARK HEYWOOD PAPERS, 1981-2012 
  Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa - 2017 
  31 boxes, photographs and videos 
  The first part of the collection (A-C) deals mainly with the "Marxist Workers Tendency (MWT) of the ANC", which was founded in 1979 by Mark Heywood, Paula Ensor, Dave Hemson and Martin Legassick. The MWT was a result of a conflict with the South African Congress of Trade Unions (SACTU) and the then exiled African National Congress (ANC), trying to persuade them to commit to policies towards a socialist revolution in South Africa. 
  During that time Mark Heywood was instrumental in setting up the Philemon Mauku Defence Campaign and the Leeukop Political Prisoners Support Committee.  
  In 2016 Mark Heywood deposited additional material, see sections A + C-F. These documents relate mainly to his post-1994 activism as part of organisations such as the Centre for Applied Legal Studies (CALS); the AIDS Law Project (ALP), which evolved from CALS and which was later incorporated into 'Section 27', where Mark Heywood served as Executive Director at the time of the additional submissions; and the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC). The documents also include some personal papers.  
  See also collections AK2915-Centre for Applied Legal Studies and AG3077-Aids Law Project 
A1  CV and biographical notes 
  Included latest CV submitted in February 2018. Also included 'Life Award' by HE-TIC, December 2001 
A2  Autobiographical notes of a young Mark Heywood, undated 
  The photographs which he described were not included in the submission. 
A3  Correspondence, 1983-1999, 1f 
  Including: written from Botswana and from Wilgespruit Fellowship Centre in South Africa to friends in the UK; at Balliol College enquiring about scholarship; one personal letter from Edwin Cameron, Justice of the Constitutional Court. 
A4  Immigration and student registration, 1981-1995, 1f 
  Forms and correspondence re. study permit in South Africa , during his studies at Wits University; also included travel permit to the Republic of Transkei. 
A5  Writings, 1980s-2000s, 3f 
A5.1  Essays and short stories, 1f 
A5.2  Poetry, 1f 
A5.3  Published journal articles, 1f 
A5.4  A colony for a stage: Shakespeare, the English and the African writer, 1994 
A5.5  Dissertation for the Degree of Master of Arts, 1994 
  Entitled: 'Books made the white man's success, they said, and it shall make ours' - Lovedale, literature and cultural contestation, 1840-1940. The degree was never formally awarded because it was converted into a PhD which MH never had time to finish in the years that followed. 
A6  Miscellaneous items, 2f 
A6.1  Various items, 1f 
  Including a newspaper clip covering the court appearance of Mark Heywood, student at Balliol College, University of Oxford, and Ex-JCR President of Pembroke Doug Taylor. Both were charged with public order offences during the All Soul's demonstrations. Undated; Shakespeare post coloniality, programme, with contribution by Mark Heywood, 1996; St Peter's School Newsletter, with article about Mark Heywood, 1996; Another blanket: Report on an investigation into the migrant situation, June 1976 
A6.2  Lay-out and design portfolio, Mark Heywood, 1994-1995, 1f 
  With index, including "Tell" Training in English language literacy, and documents relating to advocacy work in HIV/AIDS 
A7  Photographs 
  Stored in Media Room. 
A7.1-8  Protests against the Labour Relations Act (LRA), October 1989 
  Copyright Afrapix, including: Cedric Nunn, Paul Grendon, Warren Parker, Anna Zieminski, Benny Gool 
A7.9-10  Launch of NUMSA, May 1987 
  Copyright Afrapix, including: Eric Miller 
A7.11-14  Annual NUMSA Congress, 1989 
  Copyright Afrapix, including: Cedric Nunn, Anna Zieminski 
A7.15  Militant Congress, undated 
A7.16  Cyril Ramaphosa, undated 
A7.17-25  Demonstrations, undated 
A7.26  Portrait and tribute to Joe Slovo, 1995 
A7.27-31  Demonstrations for the release of Philemon Mauku and other political prisoners, undated 
A7.32-42  Philemon Mauku Reception, undated 
A7.43  Second International Consultation on Public Health Law, Chairo, 26-28 April 2010 
  Group photo with participants, including Mark Heywood 
B1  Administration, 1f 
B1.1  Membership, 1990s 
B1.2  Financial records, 1990s 
B2  Regions and Branches, 2f 
B2.1  Transvaal, Alexandra, 1992 - 1993, 1f 
B2.2  Natal, 1989-1994, 1f  
  Articles on Inkatha 
  Report on the problem in Pietermaritzburg from EC (South African Section), July 1991 
  Correspondence, 1992 
  Reports on meeting between representatives of the ANC Regional Executive Committee of Southern Natal and comrades of the Marxist Workers' Tendency, September 1992 
B3  Correspondence, 1991 - 1993, 1f 
B4  Handwritten Material 3f 
B4.1  Discussion on South African Perspectives, 1989 - 1992, 2f 
B4.1.1  Notes, 1989-1990, 1f 
B4.1.2  Notes, 1991-1992, 1f 
B4.2  Reports on meetings, minutes of meetings and other notes, 1f 
B5  Discussion documents and articles, 4 files, many undated 
  Subjects include 'Platform of the MWT'; present political situation, mass movement in the ANC, living wage campaign, the De Klerk regime, defiance campaign, Natal violence, MK's ceasefire, apartheid and capitalism, strategy and tactics, the state of the `Tendency' etc. Includes stickers `What the MWT stands for' 
B6  Publications, Printed Items, Papers, Articles, 3 boxes 
B6.1  Various pamphlets and flyers, 1f 
B6.2  Inqaba Ya Basebenzi, Journal no. 1-28, January 1981 - January 1990, 10f 
  Includes: index to numbers 1 - 17; South African Perspectives: Workers' revolution or racial civil war, May 1985 by Paul Storey; and South Africa's socialist revolution has begun, November 1986. Also included the Supplement to Inqaba Ya Basebenzi. 1981 - 1987  
B6.2.1  Inqaba Ya Basebenzi, 1981 
B6.2.2  Inqaba Ya Basebenzi, 1982 
B6.2.3  Inqaba Ya Basebenzi, 1983 
B6.2.4  Inqaba Ya Basebenzi, 1983-1984 
B6.2.5  Inqaba Ya Basebenzi, 1985 
B6.2.6  Inqaba Ya Basebenzi, 1986 
B6.2.7  Inqaba Ya Basebenzi, 1987 
B6.2.8  Inqaba Ya Basebenzi, 1988 
B6.2.9  Inqaba Ya Basebenzi, 1990 
B6.2.10  Inqaba Ya Basebenzi, Supplements 
B6.3  Congress Militant, 1990-1994 (incomplete), 2f 
B6.4  Bulletin (Internal) 1988 - July 1993, 1f 
B6.5  Other MWT of the ANC Publications, 1f 
B6.5.1  The Workers' Movement, SACTU and the ANC. A struggle for Marxist policies 
B6.5.2  'South Africa's Impending Socialist Revolution', 1982 
B6.5.3  The Legacy of Leon Trotsky by Richard Monroe and Philip Masters 
B6.5.4  S'khokhele COSATU! Campaign for a Specific National Minimum Wage!, March 1987 
B6.5.5  What We Stand For, April 1988 
B6.5.6  Eyewitness in China - the events in Tiananmen Square, May - June 1989 by Steve Jolly 
B6.5.7  Open letter to Comrade Mandela from comrades of the MWT of the ANC, February 1990 (in Afrikaans) 
B6.5.8  The necessity of socialism by Martin Legassick, May 1991 
B6.5.9  Trade unions and politics. A letter form Leon Trotsky to a French syndicalist, August 1920 
B6.5.10  The lessons of October by Leon Trotsky 
B6.5.11  The collapse of Stalinism 
B6.5.12  Discussion on the August coup and perspectives for the Soviet Union 
B6.6  Articles, Papers and Notes, 1f 
  Discussion Article: Left-wing Deviation, 1988 
  Circular: What could have been done with the national minimum living wage campaign 
  Finance is the key to building, 3/90 
  Mandela's demand that the government ban the AWB, 15 August 1991 
  Submission from Paul (South Africa) to the International Commission, 14 September 1991 
  Criticism of Slovo's and the ANC's negotiations 
  Notes from an EC discussion on negotiations, 3 December 1992 
  Circular on breakdown of negotiations an plans for mass action, 12 June 1992 
  Circular on International Dispute (contains various attached documents 
  Report on discussions with IS comrades, June/July 1992 
  Report and recommendations on Cape Town, November 1992 
  Paper re Capitalism, socialism and the freedom charter 
  What is the Marxist Workers' Tendency of the ANC? by David Hemson 
  The start of negotiations - our slogans and tasks, 1 December 1991 
  Notes on the ANC and the Constitutional Assembly 
  South Africa in Crisis: What route to democracy? by Martin Legassick 
  The past and present role of the Marxist Tendency of the ANC by Martin Legassick 
  South Africa - slogans and tactics, September 1993 
  Proposals on Socialist Conference, 1 April 1994 
  Discussion on the South African Platform, 20 January 1993 
  Document on Nationalism by PT 
  Analysis of the elections, and perspectives for the post-election period, 23 May 1994 
  Notes on discussion on SA and the world economy, 12 February 1994 
  Building a new PWV province, 2 May 1994 
B6.7  Special Topics, 3f 
B6.7.1  Sectarianism, 1f 
B6.7.2  Stalinism in South Africa, 1f 
B6.7.3  Labour Issues, 1f 
  "Looking Forward", SACTU Publication, 1978 
  Correspondence between COSATU and MWT, 1991-1992 
  "Asinamali! The Workers 'case", SALEP publication, March 1981 
  The Sarmcol strike 
B7  Press Cuttings and Press Releases, 1987-1993, 1f 
B7.1  Press cuttings: Subjects include South Africa politics and Marxist Workers' Tendency 
B7.2  Press Releases, 1f 
B8  Miscellaneous, 1f 
B9  Political Prisoners Campaign 16f & 2 videos 
B9.1  Philemon Mauku, 5f 
B9.1.1  Solidarity letters to Mauku, 1f 
B9.1.2  Correspondence and notes by Mauku, 1f 1991 - 1994 
B9.1.3  Completed petitions in support of Mauku, 2f 
B9.1.4  Miscellaneous, 2f 
  Includes: press cuttings and pamphlets and videos. Amongst the videos are: "Philemon Mauku on trail for self defence" and "Lost generation", both of which have been digitised. 
B9.2  Internal correspondence and reports re campaign, 1f 
B9.3  Leeuwkop Hunger Strike Solidarity letters, 1f 
B9.4  Letters from Leeuwkop Prisoners, 1f 
B9.5  Release Political Prisoners Committee, 1990-1994, 8f 
  Includes: ANC and Leeuwkop Political Prisoners Support Committee material; list of names of Leeuwkop prisoners, profiles of political prisoners, correspondence and `Nkululeko' campaign bulleting. 
B9.5.1  Nkululeko!' and other campaign material, 1f 
B9.5.2  Profiles of political prisoners, 1f 
B9.5.3  Correspondence from and on behalf of political prisoners, 3f 
B9.5.4  General campaign material, 3f 
B9.6  Demetrio Skoularikis and Frederich Brenner 1f  
  Appeals for their release, and other material. 
B9.7  Various, 1990s-2003, 1box 
  Additional material submitted in 2016, relating to the political prisoners campaign; amnesty and indemnity; workers issues. 
B9.7.1  Philemon Mauku defence campaign, 1f 
  Package of typed up letters to and from Philemon, for an edited selection of letters for publication. 
B9.7.2  Political Prisoners campaign, 1993-1994, 1f 
  Including campaign flyers, press releases, correspondence, names of political prisoners at Leeuwkop Maximum Security prison, requests to visit political prisoners. 
B9.7.3  Amnesty and indemnity processes, 1f 
  Including a critique of the indemnity & amnesty process 1990-1994. 
B9.7.4  Workers issues, 1f 
  Relating to national minimum wage, with Government Gazette No. 17002 re. employment standards. 
B9.7.5  Miscellaneous, 1977-2003, 1f 
  Including: Work in Progress, issue no.2, November 1977 (publisher Glenn Moss); letter to Noor, 1994; notes; Analysis of the elections, draft for NC members, May 1994; photographs from a sabotage scene, presented as exhibits, no details; interview with Rob Petersen, Martin Legassick and Thozama April re. the history of the MWT, 5 September 2003.  
B9.7.6  Newspaper clips, 1990-1994, 1f 
B10  International activities, 26 
B10.1  International Secretariat, 4 files, 1990-1994 
  Includes: International Executive committee meetings 1991-1992, IEC circulars and correspondence, Report dated 1/7/91 by `Sam' to the UC (on IEC conference) and resolutions 
B10.2  International Bulletin' and 'International Information Bulletin', 1f, 1975-1994 
B10.3  World Congress 1993' Agenda and resolutions, 1f 
B10.4  Militant International Review', 1975-1995, 2f incomplete 
B10.5  International Perspectives and others, 1973-1988, 1f, incomplete 
B10. 6  Publications from other countries, 17f 
B10.6.1  Australia 1f 
B10.6.2  China 1f 
B10.6.3  Cuba 1f 
B10.6.4  The Gulf 1f 
B10.6.5  India 1f 
B10.6.6  Ireland 1f 
B10.6.7  Poland 1f 
B10.6.8  Portugal and Spain 1f 
B10.6.9  Scotland 1f 
B10.6.10  Syria 1f 
B10.6.11  United Kingdom, 5f 
B10.6.11.1  Militant' Publications and Articles, 1f 
B10.  Marxism on Trial (Liverpool) 
B10.  Socialism Made Easy, by James Connolly 
B10.  How Trade Unionism came to Pressed Steel 
B10.  What we Stand for 
B10.  A Socialist Education Programme 
B10.  A Fighting Programme for Print Workers 
B10.  Nuclear Time Bomb or a Socialist Energy Plan? 
B10.  Abortion Rights 
B10.  The Life and Legacy of Malcolm X, by Andrea Enisuoh 
B10.  The State...a warning to the labour movement 
B10.  Marxism opposes individual terrorism 
B10.  Out, proud and militant (the fight for lesbian and gay rights) 
B10.  The way forward for women 
B10.  Trotsky against the stream 
B10.  The coming world revolution, by Ted Grant 
B10.  Socialism or catastrophe, by John Thorne 
B10.  The Marxist theory of the State 
B10.  Trotsky on the Communist Manifesto to-day 
B10.  The General Strike 
B10.  Inflation and the Financial System 
B10.  Menace of Fascism, by Ted Grant 
B10.  The rise of DeGaulle and the class struggle, by Ted Grant 
B10.  Socialism and German re-armament, by Ted Grant 
B10.  Trotsky on Stalinism and Bolshevism 
B10.  The transitional programme, by Leon Trotsky 
B10.  I stake my life, by Leon Trotsky 
B10.  Bureaucratism or Workers' power, by Roger Silverman and Ted Grant 
B10.  Divide and rule: labour and the partition of Ireland, by Peter Hadden 
B10.  In defence of the October revolution, by Leon Trotsky 
B10.6.11.2  Marxist Study Guides, 1f 
  Including Marxist Studies brochures re. Spanish civil war, Bolshevism, Divide and rule 
B10.6.11.3  Selected Publications, 1f 
B10.  The collapse of Stalinism 
B10.  Discussion on the new Turn 
B10.  Two trends: the political roots of the breakaway 
B10.  The Marxist, issue no.4, October 1991 
B10.  The coming world revolution 
B10.  The colonial revolution 
B10.  The national question 
B10.  The fourth international, 1918 - 1948 
B10.  Marxism and the Trade unions, Leon Trotsky 
B10.  Discussion on the Tendency for the rate of profit to fall 
B10.  A charter for women Workers 
B10.  Women's right to work 
B10.  Socialist Appeal, July/August 1992 
B10.6.11.4  Miscellaneous Publications, 2f 
B10.6.12  United States of America 
B10.6.13  Zimbabwe 
  Documents mainly relating to the Political Prisoners Campaign, see item no. B9, as part of latter additions to the collection, and where Mark Heywood acted as a member of CALS. Including correspondence; issues relating to indemnity and amnesty; minutes of a meeting with Ahmed Kathrada and Carl Niehaus.  
  Also included an article entitled 'COSATU House murders - facing up to the violence', by David Dison, practicing attorney, where he relates the case of The State vs Bongani Sibisi and 17 Others, a trial taking place from 1987-1991. 
AIDS LAW PROJECT, 1993-2010, 1 box + 17 files 
Da  First meeting of the Board of Directors of ALP, 15-16 September 2006, 1f 
  Document pack for the meeting, providing an overview of the work of the ALP and the role of the Board. 
Db  Correspondence, 1999-2000, 1f 
D1  Annual Reports, 1997-2006, 4f 
  Including reports by CALS and ALP. Incomplete 
D1.1  CALS and ALP Report, 1997 
D1.2  ALP Report, 1999 
D1.3  ALP Report, 2000 
D1.4  CALS and ALP Report, 2001 
D1.5  ALP Report, 2002 
D1.6  CALS and ALP Report, 2003 
D1.7  CALS and ALP Report, 2004 
D1.8  ALP Report, 2005-2006 
D2  Conferences and Seminars, 2003-2010, 6f 
D2.1  Implementing DOHA, Increasing access, 17-18 March 2003, 2f 
  Including Seminar documents and Seminar report. 
D2.2  Human resources for health seminar, Seminar readings, 4 March 2005, 1f 
D2.3  HIV & Access to legal services, Conference pack, 17-18 February 2006, 1f 
D2.4  Joint Civil Society Monitoring Forum, 2007, 1f 
  Including 10th and 11th meeting documentation pack. 
D2.5  South African National Aids Council Trust (SANAC), Law and Human Rights Working Group meeting, 3 October 2007, 1f 
D3  ALP Outreach and training material, 1 box 
D3.1  HIV/AIDS and the law, A resource manual, 1997 
  Published by the ALP and Lawyers for Human Rights. Included the manual in file format and as bound publication. 
D3.2  Your victory is our victory: The case of "A" v South African Airways 
D3.3  Various outreach and training material, 2000-2004 
  Included: pocket guides for domestic workers; brochure guides and guidelines on various issues such as Current law and policy relating to Rights in prison, Privacy, Rights in the workplace, Women and HIV/AIDS, Testing, Living & Dying. 
D4  Newspaper clips, 1996-2006, 2f 
D5  Other publicity, 1f 
  Including a South Korean publication with Mark Heywood and Edwin Cameron on front page, 2010; poster and flyers for an event at Concordia University, Community Lecture Series on HIV/AIDS, which was presented by Mark Heywood, undated. 
D6  Other, 2003-2004, 1f 
  Including: 'The price of life' Hazel Tau and Others vs GlaxoSmithKline and Boehringer Ingelheim: A report on the excessive pricing complaint to South Africa's Competition Commission, joint publication of the Law and Treatment Access Unit of the ALP and the Treatment Action Campaign, July 2003; AIDS Consortium newsletter, May 2004 
D7  Incorporating ALP into Section 27, brochures, 1f 
  Brochure explaining the incorporation of the AIDS Law Project into the newly formed organisation Section 27 in 2010. Also included the Section 27 Review, 2012-2013. 
TREATMENT ACTION CAMPAIGN (TAC), 2000-2012, 5 boxes 
E1  Administrative matters, 2 boxes 
E1.1  TAC Funder's Information Pack, 2003 (?), 1f 
E1.2  TAC National Executive Committee meeting, 18-19 May 2007, 2f 
  The meeting took place after a Settlement meeting between Government and the Tack on provision of comprehensive health care services to offenders. 
E1.2.1  Meeting pack for the NEC meeting, 1f 
  Also included Mark Heywood's notes to contribute to the discussion on re-organising the TAC; Minutes of the NEC meeting 
E1.2.2  Financial statements and Human Resources issues, 1f 
E1.2.3  Documents relating to the Settlement meeting, 1f 
E1.2.4  Various documents, 2f 
  Including amongst others: 'Rewarding engagement?: The Treatment Action Campaign and the politics of HIV/AIDS', by Steven Friedman and Shauna Mottiar, 2004; 'Social Movements: Challenging the state', Paper by Mark Heywood for Harold Wolpe Memorial, 4 May 2005; Grant proposal for 3 years, 2007-2010; Billboards 2006: An open letter to Love Life; 'A clash of fundamentalisms', 2 chapters, author and book unknown, relating to Thabo Mbeki's handling of HIV/AIDS; document re. to the restructuring of the South African National AIDS Council; memos relating to traditional medicine. 
E1.3  TAC Organisational review - July-August 2007, 2f 
  Terms of reference, evaluations, proposals, reports, notes 
E1.4  Annual Reports, 2004-2006, 1f 
  Including Report 2004-2005; 2005-2006 
E1.5  Position papers, 2005, 1f 
  Including: Steering the storm: TB and HIV in South Africa: A polity paper of the TAC, by Zackie Achmat and Reid Roberts; Securing access to health care in South Africa: A discussion paper prepared for the TAC.  
E1.6  Provincial coordinators meeting, Document pack, 5 September 2007, 1f 
E2  Legal matters, 2000-2009, 7 files 
E2.1  Minister of Health and Others vs TAC and Others, Constitutional Court, case no. CCT8/2002, May 2002 
  Print out from a law publication. 
E2.2  TAC vs Minister of Health, High Court, case no. 15991/04, December 2004 
E2.3  Pharmaceuticals & South African Government vs TAC, High Court, case no. 4183/98, 2001 
  Affidavits. The case covered the aspect of affordable medicine for people affected by HIV/AIDS. 
E2.4  TAC & South African Medical Association vs Rath respondents (Matthias Rath and Others), High Court, case no. 12156/05, 1f 
  The case related to the activities of Rath and others, who distributed medicines for the treatment of HIV/AIDS, which were not registered with the Medicines Control Council. 
E2.5  NM & SM & LH vs Charlene Smith, Patricia de Lille, New Africa Books, 2005-2007, 3f 
E2.5.1  Arguments and Judgement, High court, case no. 02/24948, 1f 
E2.5.2  Notice and Application for Leave to Appeal, case no. 02/24948, 1f 
E2.5.3  Affidavits and Judgement, Constitutional Court, case no. CCT69/05, 1f 
E2.6  Costa Gazidis vs Eastern Cape Provincial Government, High Court, case no. A2050/04, 2006 
E2.7  TAC and Others vs Government of South Africa and Correctional Services, High Court, case no. 4576/2006 
  Judgement in the case for the provision of anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment to prisoners. 
E2.8  TAC and Others vs MEC of Health and Others, High Court, case no. 7991/07 
  Judgement relating to the disruption o health services in Khayelitsha. 
E2.9  Mahammud Hirsi & TAC vs Western Cape Government, High Court, application, 2008 
  Relating to provision of services in accordance with the minimum humanitarian assistance standards in Cape Town. 
E2.10  TAC vs Minister of Correctional Services and Inspectorate of Prisons, High Court, case no. 18379/08, 2009 
  Judgement and Notice of Appeal relating to the right of access to information. 
E3  Conferences, seminars, workshops, 2001-2011, 5 files 
E3.1  1st Congress of TAC, Soweto, 18-20 March 2001, 1f 
  Including amongst others: Agenda, resolutions, guidelines, messages of support, financial report, TAC constitution. 
E3.2  HAART Projects: Getting started in South Africa, Durban, 29-30 November 2002, 1f 
  Relating to Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART). 
E3.3  Tack National Congress, Congress Reports, 23-25 September 2005, 1f 
  Entitled: Women and PLWA (People Living with HIV/AIDS) leadership for a people's health service. 
E3.4  Civil Society Congress south Africa, Randburg, 27-28 October 2006, 1f 
  National Civil Society HIV and AIDS Prevention and Treatment Congress "Building solidarity and action plan to save lives", organised by COSATU, Oxfam, TAC, SACC, SANGOCO. 
E3.5  Other, 2007-2011, 1f 
  Including: 3rd South African AIDS Conference, Declaration on HIV and AIDS, June 2007; National Consultation for PLHIV sector on the NSP (National Strategic Plan) 
E4  Guides and handbooks, 2f 
  Publications by the TAC relating to aspects of nutrition, TB, antiretroviral treatment, and pregnancy. 
E5  Equal Treatment, monthly publication, incomplete, 2001-2012, 1f 
E6  Other publications, 1f 
  Flyers, postcards, brochures 
  Publications produced by various NGOs and Government departments. 
F1  South African National AIDS Council (SANAC), 2007-2009, 1f 
  Including HIV/AIDS National Strategic Plan, 2007-2011; SANAC Annual Report, 2008; National Strategic Plan, mid term review, November 2009;  
F2  Other Government departments, 2001-2008, 
F2.1  Government departments, various documents, 1f 
  Including amongst others: Review of Health Care Sector response to HIV/AIDS, 2001;  
F2.2  Statistics South Africa, 1f 
  Causes of death in South Africa, 1997-2001 & 2006 
F2.3  Interim Findings on the National PMTCT Pilot Sites, 2002, 1f 
  Relating to Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission 
F2.4  Operational Plan for comprehensive HIV/AIDS care, management and treatment, Department of Health, November 2003, 1f 
F2.5  Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Health Section, National Survey, Department of Health, 2002, 1f 
F3  A workers handbook to fight HIV, COSATU, 2002, 1f 
F4  Publications by the HSRC and the NMF, 2002-2005, 2f 
  Relating to a collaborative effort of the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), the Medical Research Council, the Centre for AIDS Development Research and Evaluation, and Agence Nationale de Recherches sur le Sida (ANRS); funded by the Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF) and others. 
F4.1  Nelson Mandela/HSRC Study of HIV/AIDS, 2002, 1f 
  Report and Executive Summary of a household survey of South African National HIV prevalence, behavioural risks and mass media 
F4.2  South African National HIV prevalence, HIV incidence, behaviour and communication survey, 2005, 1f 
  Review draft and publication, funded by the Nelson Mandela Foundation 
F5  Various articles, 2003-2008, 1f 
  Including amongst others: The extraordinary 'ordinary': The campaign for comprehensive AIDS treatment in South Africa, by Steven Friedman, 2006; Traditional medicines and traditional healers in South Africa, prepared by Marlise Richter, September 2003 
F6  Various publications, 1998-2009, 1f 
  Including "Beat it! Your guide to better living with HIV/AIDS", weekly TV programme for SABC1, directed by Zackie Achmat