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Inventory for A2422 
Collection Index:GERHART, Gail, Interviews and documents
Collection Name:GERHART, Gail, Interviews and documents, 1940s-1950s
A2422 GAIL GERHART, Interviews and documents, 1945-1972   
 Copyright 2006, Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
 5 boxes, 7 reels microfilm   
 The collection contains the transcripts of interviews and copies of documents, some of which are available as hard copy or on microfilm.   
 The interviews focus on the evolution of the PAC up to the time of its banning in 1960. Also included are a number of memoranda by members of the PAC, including a lengthy autobiographical manuscript by Charles Lakaje.   
 The documents include material relating to the Africanist movement, from the formation of the PAC to the period of exile, with interviews, biographical profiles, ANC Annual reports, newsletters, journals such as the Africanist and African Lodestar, correspondence, flyers about meetings and campaigns, press cuttings, eg. on Sharpeville and on the PAC breakaway from the ANC, and material on the Federation of African Trade Unions of South Africa.   
 Correspondents and authors of articles include PK Leballo, CM Makwetu, MC Mampunye, S Motjuwadi, M Nkoana, DJ Nyaose, R Sobukwe and others.   
Transcripts of interviews, 1968-1972   
 Transcripts of interviews with PAC members, including: Gqobose, PL; Kgosana, Philip; Lakaze, Charles; Leballo, PK; Letelaka, TT; Magwentshu, E; Mahabane, Rev. EE; Mahomo, Nana; Molapo, Ellen; Marks, JB; Matthew, Joe; Mbata, J. Congress; Mda, AP; Mfaxa, Elliot; Modise, William; Molefi, Joe; Molete, ZB; Molapo, Ellen; Molotsi, Peter; Mvubelo, Lucy; Ngubane, J; Nkoana, M; Nokwe, D; Nyaose, JD; Pogrund, Benjamin; Raboroko, Peter; Sachs, Albie; Sifora, Victor; Sobukwe, Robert; Tambo, Oliver; Tsehlana, Andrew; Tucker, Raymond & Unterhalter, Jack; Van Rensburg, Patrick.   
 Kgosana-Mvubelo, item no. 1-15, Box 1   
 Ngubane-VanRensburg, item no. 16-28, Box 2   
Documents, hard copies, 1945-1968   
 Consisting of hard copies of some of the ANC, PAC and Black Consciousness papers, which were microfilmed for CAMP (Cooperative Africa Microform Project, USA), see circled items in the inventory, which can be downloaded here in PDF format.   
 All the documents are available on microfilm. The originals are held at Yale University.   
 Documents 1-299, Box 3, 3 files   
 Documents 300-736, Box 4, 3 files   
Miscellaneous documents, 1949-1958   
 There is no inventory for these items contained in Box 5, which consists of miscellaneous documents of the same kind as in Section B, arranged roughly by date.   
 Please note: Documents relating to the ANC have been moved to collection A3175 Gail Gerhart, ANC Records.   
 Documents, 1949-1958, Box 5, 2 files