Collection Index: MUTSI, Sipho 1985-1989 (inquest)
Collection Name: Sipho MUTSI Inquest records.

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 Background 1985 - 1989 1 box  
 The deceased Sipho Mutsi was arrested by police in connection with riots at Odendaalsrus. The police maintained that during cross examination of Mutsi on the 4 May 1985 he had an epileptic fit. He lost consciousness and was admitted to hospital. Later he was transferred to Pelonomi Hospital in Bloemfontein. However on admission he was found to be dead.   
 The family of Mutsi maintained that he did not die of a epileptic fit. Thus an Inquest was held.  
 This collection consists of Heads of Argument, Judgement and correspondence (records).  
 Compiled by :  
 K. Green (Mrs)  
Heads of Argument   
Main heads of argument p.1 - 96  
 Mutsi, not quite 18 yrs died at the Pelonomi Hospital Bloemfontein 5 May 1985. A post mortem was conducted on 9 May 1985. The result was that the death was a head injury and was result from other than natural causes. An inquest became necessary which commenced on 2 December 1985.  
 A total of 23 witnesses were called.  
a) Warrant Officer Sithole: p.97 - 176  
 The inquest held that his evidence contained inconsistencies and improbabilities.  
b) Constable Moya: p. 177 - 193  
 The inquest also held his evidence contained untruths, etc.  
c) Constable Mashabe: p. 194 - 206  
 Unreliable witness.  
d) Constable Makhoee: p. 207 - 225  
 Unreliable witness.  
e) Mipi: p.226 - 260 (student constable)  
Judgement: 27.10.1988 p. 2 - 24  
 The magistrate found no one was responsible.  
Letter from Webber & Newdigate (attorneys) to P. Jana concerning the post mortem on Sipho Mutsi 1985/05/13  
Letter from attorney P. Jana to Mr M. Smart 1985/06/07  
Letter from Webber & Newdigate to P. Jana 1985/07/01  
Letter from Advocate Mendelow to P. Jana 1985/12/31  
Letter from Mendelow to P. Jana 1986/01/27  
Letter from A. Mendelow to P. Jana  
Letter from P. Jana to S.A.C.C.1986/04/16  
Letter from A. Mendelow to P. Jana 1986/09/22  
Letter from Mendelow to P. Jana 1986/12/19  
10 Letter from Mendelow to P. Jana 1987/01/06  
11 Letter from Mendelow to P. Jana 1987/01/19  
12 Letter from Mendelow to P. Jana 1987/02/04  
13 Letter from Mendelow to P. Jana 1988/04/28  
14 Letter from Mendelow to P. Jana 1988/06/10  
15 Letter from Mendelow to P. Jana 1988/06/20  
16 Letter from Magistrate (Seaman) to P. Jana 1988/10/18  
17 Letter from P. Jana to Miller and Co. 1989/02  
II Statements  
Leon Pithebe: 13 pages. 18.05.85  
Memorandum re Sipho Mutsi - Inquest Aug. 1985  
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