Collection Index: AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS (ANC) 1970-1991
Collection Name: AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS (ANC) Records. 1970-1991

  Copyright 2006, Historical Papers, UWL, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
A1.1  Statements and Speeches 
A1.2  Correspondence 
A1.3  Presidential Visits 
A2.1  Provisional Head Quarters, Morogoro 
A2.2  National Consultative Conferences 
A2.3  General - Miscellaneous Papers/Reports 
A2.4  General - Press Statements 
A2.5  General - Publications 
A2.7  Miscellanoeus - ANC Land Commission 
A3  National Executive Committee (Office of the President) 
A4  Department of Information and Publicity (DIP) (Office of the President) 
B2.1  Department of Arts and Culture 
B2.2  Department of Economics and Planning 
B2.3  Department of Education 
B2.4  Department of International Affairs (External Missions) 
B2.5  Department of Legal and Constitutional Affairs 
B2.5a  Department of Religious Affairs 
B2.6  Women’s League/Section 
B2.7  Youth League/Section 
D1  Lutuli Memorial Foundation 
E1  Conferences 
E2  Countries 
E3  Individuals 
E4  Organisations 
A1  Oliver Tambo
A1.1  Statements/Speeches
A1.1.1  1971
  A Call to Freedom (Ts 5p.) 
A1.1.2  1980
  Message to the People of South Africa by Oliver Tambo on the occasion of the 68th Anniversary of the ANC, 8 January (Ts. 20p) 
A1.1.3  1981
  Address at the meeting of the Special Committee against Apartheid on 11 June (Draft. Ts. 13p.) 
A1.1.4  1982
A1.1.4.1  Mobilization for Sanctions against Apartheid - Address at the meeting against Apartheid, 12 January (Ts. 14p.) 
A1.1.4.2  The ANC, the United States and the future of South Africa - Statement to the Council on Foreign Relations, New York, 8 November (Draft. Ts. 9p.) 
A1.1.5  1983
  Statement of Acceptance by Oliver Tambo on the occasion of the presentation to Nelson Mandela of the Simon Bolivar Prize, Caracas, 24 July (Draft.Ts. 14p.) 
A1.1.6  1984
A1.1.6.1  Excerpts from: Transcript of the press conference held with Oliver Tambo at County Hall on the occasion of 21 March held under the auspices of the Greater London Council (Ts. 9p.) 
A1.1.6.2  Draft Speech 
A1.1.6.3  Statement of the ANC to the 42 Session of the OAU Liberation Committee, Arusha, Tanzania, 27 August - 1 September (Draft. Ts. 10p.) 
A1.1.7  1986
A1.1.7.1  Address to the 1986 Conference of the ILO, Geneva (Draft. Ts. 8p.) 
A1.1.7.2  Statements at the Funeral of the late Comrade Moses Mbheki Mabhida, Maputo, 1986/March 29 (Ts. 5p.) 
A1.1.7.3 Umkhonto we Sizwe. Born of the People. Statement delivered on Heroes Day, December 16 1986 on the occassion of the 25th Anniversary of the formation of MK.
A1.1.7.4 'Support the sacrifices we are making'. Address to the Royal Commonwealth Society, London, 1986/23rd June
A1.1.8  1987 
A1.1.8.1  Address at the 75 Anniversary Meeting of the ANC, Lusaka, Zambia, 1987/8 January (Ts. 5p.) 
A1.1.8.2  Address to the West Australian Council of Churches (Draft. Ts. 5p.) 
A1.1.9  1988
A1.1.9.1  Statement at the Harare Symposium on the Survival and Development of Children in the Frontline States and Southern Africa, Harare, 1988/1 - 5 March (Ts. 6p.) 
A1.1.9.2  Statement of the President of the ANC, Oliver Tambo, at the 50 Session of the OAU Coordinating Committee for the Liberation of Africa, Harare, Zimbabwe, 1988/13 May (Draft. Ts. 11p.) 
A1.1.9.3  Statement of the President of the ANC, Oliver Tambo, delivered on behalf of the Liberation Movements at the 25 Anniversary Summit of the OAU, Ethiopia, 1988/25 May (Ts. 4p.) [Includes different versions of the same speech/drafts (4 items)] 
A1.1.9.4  Statement at the War on Want Conference: ’Peace and Development in the Frontline States’, 1988/9 June (London. Ts. 7p.) [Includes Draft: South Africa’s Total Strategy and the Frontline States Ts. 13p.] 
A1.1.9.5  Address to the 10 General Conference of the United National Independence Party (UNIP), Zambia, 1988/August (Ts. 5p.) 
A1.1.9.6  Statement given on behalf of the Southern African Liberation Movements at the 7 Summit Meeting of the Preferential Trade Area for Eastern and Southern African States, held in Arusha, 1988/1 - 2 December 
A1.1.10  1989
  Statement to the Rally to welcome the released leaders held in Johannesburg, 1989/29 October (Ts. 8p.) 
A1.1.11  1990 
A1.1.11.1  Message to the Re-Launch of the ANC Women’s League, Durban, 1990/9 August (Ts. 3p.) 
A1.1.11.2  Message to the Launching Conference of the ANC Youth League, Johannesburg, 1990/27 October (Ts. 5p.) 
A1.1.12  1991
A1.1.12.1  Introductory Statement on the Presentation of the Statement of the National Executive Committee, 1991/8 January 
A1.1.12.2  Statement to the African National Conference, Durban, 1991/1 July (Ts. 11p.) 
A1.1.13  Miscellaneous, Undated
A1.1.13.1  Speech at the meeting of working people of Moscow devoted to the 50 Anniversary of the formation of the USSR (1971/?. Ts. 2p.) 
A1.1.13.2  Statement on behalf of the South Africa United Front: Oliver Tambo and Vusumzi L Make 
A1.1.13.3  Message by the Acting President of the ANC on the occasion of the 20 Anniversary of the Tanganyika African National Union (TANU) (Ts.3p.) 
A1.1.13.4  Acceptance speech on receiving the honourary Doctor of Law Degree, awarded by the University of the Western Cape (Draft. Ts. 8p.) 
A1.1.13.5  Miscellaneous Address to Women’s Conference (Ts. 1p.) 
A1.1.13.6  Miscellaneous Scheme of Presidential report to a Conference (Ts. 3p.) 
A1.1.14  Published (in the form of pamphlets, journal articles etc.) - 
A1.1.14.1  Racism, Apartheid and a New World Order - Third World Lecture, 1986 (Third World Foundation - Monograph 15) 
A1.1.14.2  President Tambo on South Africa Today - ’Support the Sacrifices we are making’: Address to the Royal Commonwealth Society, London, 1986/23 June (Issued by the ANC, London) 
A1.1.14.3  Olaf Palme Memorial Lecture on Disarmament and Development, Riverside Church, New York, 1987/21 January 
A1.1.14.4  Business International Conference: South Africa - Strategic Options for International Companies (Address, 1987/27 May) 
A1.1.14.5  Canon Collins Memorial Lecture: South Africa at the Crossroads (British Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa, 1988) 
A1.1.14.6  President Oliver Tambo Calls for Sanctions 
A1.2  Correspondence (3 items) 
A1.2.1   1983/26 May: Letter of support in the ’fight for freedom’ 
A1.2.2   186/3 January: Raises the possibility of a meeting, sponsored by Stanford University between leaders of ANC and the Chief Executive Officers of several American corporations with subsidiaries in South Africa  
A1.2.3   1990/26 April: Invitation to accept an honourary degree from Lincoln University 
A1.3  Presidential Visits 
A1.3.1   Visit to New Zealand (1987/12 April - 19 April): Programme and Itinerary 
A2  ANC - General
A2.1  Provisional Head Quarters, Morogoro, Tanzania
A2.1.1  Memoranda/Reports: 1969/18 February - 1973/26 May (8 items) 
  Items include: Notice of Expulsion - defiance of orders by certain ANC members to leave Lusaka before the Summit Conference of Non-aligned Nations; Report of the 12 Executive Committee Meeting of the Afro-Asian People’s Solidarity Conference, Aden (1973/24 - 27 February), attended by Joe Nhlanhla and Sindiso Mfenyane; specimens of ANC letterhead designs 
A2.1.2  Mayibuye: Special Conference Issue, Morogoro, 1969/May (Vol.3 No.10) 
A2.2   National Consultative Conferences
A2.2.1  1985/16 - 23 June:- 2 National Consultative Conference, Zambia 
A2.2.1.1   National Preparatory Committee Documents 
A2.2.1.2 Documents of Consultative Conference
A2.2.1.3 Report of Commission on National Structures, Constitutional Guidelines and Codes of Conduct
A2.2.2 1990 / 14-16 December, National Consultative Conference
A2.2.2.1 Draft Programme
A2.2.2.2 An introductory handbook to the ANC
A2.2.3 1991/July, National Conference, Durban
A2.2.3.1 Final Documents
A2.2.3.2  Declaration and Conference Resolutions. New Nation
A2.2.3.3 Towards developing a health policy. Discussion document
A2.2.3.4 Statement of the Deputy President of the ANC, Nelson Mandela, at the opening of the Conference
A2.2.3.5 Advance to National Democracy. Guidelines on strategy and tactics of the ANC
A2.2.3.6  Strengthening the ANC’s Negotiating Teams 
A2.3  General - Miscellaneous Papers/Reports (16 items) 
  Items include: 
  • The call for unity and a united front 
  • Comments and Observations on United Front and After: Judy Coburn 
  • The Nature of International Forces and Trends on the Revolutionary Situation in Southern Africa 
  • Africa and the Struggle for Liberation 
  • Brief Historical Background of Colonisation and Reflections on the Political Strategy of the South African Revolution 
  • Report on visit to Guinea-Bissau: Walter Mavuso 
  • L’Injustice Historique: Thabo Mbeki 
  • Mosebetsi: The Story of a South African Worker 
  • Resolution on negotiations and supsension of amed actions 
  • Mk and the future
A2.4  General - Press Statements, 1970 – 1991 (21 items) 
  Items include: 
  • The Dialogue Ruse: 1970? 
  • Statement re 21 March 1970, Day of Elimination of Racial Discrimination in South Africa 
  • Message on Africa Freedom Day, 25 May 1971 
  • Statements for June 26, 1971/1972 
  • The Struggle against the Apartheid Regime widens and intensifies 
  • ANC Statement on the Assassination of Ruth First 
  • Press Release re Labour Party’s decision to participate in the constitutional arrangements proposed by the ’President’s Council’, 1983/7 January 
  • Statement presented to the 28 Session of the OAU Liberation Committee, Lusaka 
  • Press Statement re release of Political Prisoners, 1989/11 October 
A2.5  General - Publications (10 items) 
  Items include: 
  • Forward to Freedom - strategy, tactics and programme of the ANC 
  • A Message to Western Europe 
  • Ebrahim Ismail Ebrahim - statement to the apartheid court 
  • Selected writings on The Freedom Charter 
  • Lutuli Speaks - Statements and Addresses 
  • Repression - Torture and Death - South Africa 
  • Apartheid Destabilisation - Pretoria’s Strategy in Southern Africa 
  • Bantustans and Forced Removals - Apartheid’s Policy of Genocide 
  • Advance to National Democracy - Guidelines on Strategy and Tactics of the ANC 
  • 75 years of struggle. 1987 
  • The road to peace: Resource material on negotiations. 1990
  • Building people's power. 1976-1986  
A2.6  ANC Land Commission
A2.6.1  Summary Report ANC Land Commission Workshop, 1990/14-21 October
A2.6.2 A discussion document for ANC Land Commissions and branches 
A3  National Executive Committee (Office of the President)
A3.1  Statements (unpublished), 1980 – 1991 (16 items) 
A3.2  Statements (published), 1984 – 1991 (7 items) 
A4  Department of Information and Publicity (DIP) (Office of the President) 
A4.1  General
  • Report submitted to the National Executive Committee: M P Naicker, 1971/15 July 
  • Guidelines to Action arising from the NEC enlarged meeting, Lusaka, 1974/16 - 18 May 
  • An ANC Press Centre (Proposal of the DIP) 
A4.2  Departments 
A4.2.1  Internal Propaganda Committee 
A4.2.1.1  Radios:
A4.  ANC Memorandum for Radio Facilities in Addis-Ababa, 1979/20 August 
A4.  Radio Freedom Script: 1 Anniversary Venda "Independence", 1980/12 
A4.2.2  September External Propaganda: 
A4.2.2.1  Research
A4.  Role of the Research Centre 
A4.2.2.2  Research Committee
A4.  Report of the Research Committee 
A4.2.2.3  News Briefings Committee
A4.  Publications - Weekly News Bulletin Summary: 1 Volume (1979/2 -12 April) 
B1  Alfred Nzo
B1.1  Correspondence/Memorandum 1971; 1974/January - February (3 items)
B1.1.1  nvitation extended to Mr Grey Zulu (Minister of Defence, Lusaka) to chair a public meeting to mark the 60 Anniversary of the ANC 
B1.1.2  Correspondence with Ismail Fahmy (Foreign Minister, Cairo) re Oil Embargo by Arab States 
B1.1.3  Memorandum: Appeal to mobilise public opinion behind the oil boycot movement 
B2  Departments
B2.1  Department of Arts and Culture 
B2.1.1  Correspondence: 
B2.1.1.1  Correspondence between Barbara Masekela and The Secretary, Department of Education re Hugh Masekela (1983/11 November) 
B2.1.2  Reports/Memoranda 
B2.1.2.1  Brief to the NEC/WC on the proposed "Amandla" Southern African Tour 
B2.1.2.2  Preliminary to Architect’s Brief for Dakawa Cultural Centre (1985/5 March) 
B2.1.3  CASA Conference, Amsterdam, 1987: 
B2.1.3.1  Preamble and Resolutions 
B2.1.3.2  Conference and Festival Report 
B2.1.4  Publication
  • DAC NewsLeter No.1 (1980?) 
B2.2  Department of Economics and Planning
B2.2.1  Reports/Proposals
B2.2.1.1  The ANC Economic Unit (For NEC Consideration) [1983/7 March - Received] 
B2.2.1.2  Seminar on Social Welfare, Lusaka, 1988/27 - 30 July: 
B2.  Proposals for a Plan of Action 
B2.  Report on the Seminar 
B2. Discussion document: Economic Policy. 1990/April/May, September, Harare workshops
B2.2.2  Miscelaneous 
B2.2.2.1  Draft: United Nations Economic Commission for Africa - Project Submission Data for assistance by the United National Development Programme 
B2.3  Department of Education
B2.3.1  Reports/Memoranda
B2.3.1.1  Notes addressed to the Secretary for Education for discussion to the Consultative meeting called by the President for January 17/18, 1985: Mohammed Tikly 
B2.3.1.2  Notes on discussions with NECC and other educational related bodies representatives atending RESA Conference, London, 1989/29 - 31 March 
B2.3.1.3  Action Plan for Operating inside South Africa: 1990 
B2.3.2  National Education Council Meetings, Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College, Mazimbu: 
B2.3.2.1  Minutes/Reports: 
B2.  Third Council Meeting, 1980/14 - 18 August 
B2.  Fifth Council Meeting, 1983/17 - 21 August 
B2.  Sixth Council Meeting, 1986/27 August - 2 September 
B2.3.3  Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College (SOMAFCO), Morogoro, Tanzania: 
B2.3.3.1  Reports/Memoranda: 
B2.  Set of Principles established in the First College Convention held in the Form IV Classroom on June 21, 1979 (Year of the Spear) on the problem of pregnancies among students: M W Njobe (Principal) 
B2.  Principal’s Second General Progress Report: M W Njobe (1979/18 October) 
B2.  Department of Professional Bodies: Memorandum on Incentives (Allowances): S Mfenyana 
B2.3.3.2  United Nations Development Programme: Project Document - SOMAFCO, prepared by the Inter-Agency Consultancy Mission (IACM) 
B2.3.3.3  Publication
  SOMAFCO - Official Opening, 1985/21 - 23 August: Progress Report - Special Edition (including the ANC Development Centre - Dakawa) 
B2.3.4  Mazimbu & Dakawa
B2.3.4.1  Publication: News and Views
B2.  Issue No 37: 1987/13 November 
B2.  1989/2 November 
B2.  1989/10 November 
B2.4  Department of International Affairs
B2.4.1  External Missions 
B2.4.1.1  Australasia/Pacific
  Items include:
  • South Africa: Actions taken by the Australian Government: 1983 - 1988 
  • Prime Ministerial Statement on South Africa: 1986/21 August 
  • Address by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Senator Gareth Evans, to the ANC Regional Conference Against Apartheid For a Democratic South Africa, Sydney, 1989/15 September 
B2.4.1.2  Indian Ocean (Madagascar/Seychelles)
B2.  Madagascar
B2.  Correspondence/Reports (5 items) 
  Items include: 
  • A Plot against President Ratsiraka: Bolofo Rasoarhoma, 1981/15 February 
  • Preliminary Report on the detention and repatriation of Radio Unit from the Democratic Republic of Madagascar, 1982/February (Also: correspondence; Report - Teddy Lucien Montso/ANC Deputy Representative, Madagascar) 
B2.  Seychelles
B2.  Report 
  Items include:
  • Coup d’etat: Pretoria Connection (Report: 1981/21 December - 1982/3 January) 
  • Report on visit to the Republic of Seychelles (1982/29 January - 5 February) 
  • Press Cuting 
B2.4.1.3  Tanzania 
  The Chief Representative’s Report, 1989/23 September 
B2.4.1.4  Zimbabwe
  Correspondence re disinformation campaign, 1990/14 June: Max Mlonyeni (Chief Representative) 
B2.5  Department of Legal and Constitutional Affairs
B2.5.1  General
B2.5.1.1  Reports/Memoranda: (3 items) 
B2.5.2  Documents re Constitutional Maters: 
B2.5.2.1  Reports/Memoranda 
  Items include: 
  • Foundations of Government in a Democratic South Africa 
  • The preliminary nature of the Constitutional Document 
  • Memorandum to the NEC by the Constitution Committee, 1986/20 September 
  • Report of the NWC Sub-Committee on the Report of the Legal and Constitutional Commission 
  • Draft Constitutional Guidelines for a Democratic South Africa 
  • The Freedom Charter and the Constitution 
B2.5.3  Conferences 
B2.5.3.1  Correspondence re suggestions for Conference on South Africa and Rule Under Law (Ronald Dworkin) [1987/October; December] 
B2.5.3.2  Final Communique: Lawyers Conference - The Role of Law in a Society in Transition 
B2.5.3.3  Consultation in preparation for the meeting with Law Professors from white South Africa (1986/31 December) 
B2.5.3.4  Towards the Reconstruction of South Africa - The Relationship between Self- Determination, National Liberation, Democracy and Civil Rights: Albie Sachs (United Nations Seminar on the Legal Status of the Apartheid Regime and other Legal Aspects of the Struggle against Apartheid): 
B2.5.4  Special Topics
B2.5.4.1  Bill of Rights 
  Items include: 
  • Draft Bill of Rights 
  • Commentary on the Draft Bill prepared by the South African Law Commission headed by Justice PJJ Olivier 
  • Towards a Bill of Rights in a Democratic South Africa: Albie Sachs (Draft discussion paper) [1988/1 March] 
  • A Bill of Rights for a New South Africa - Working Document 
B2.5.4.2  Legal Codes
B2.  Criminal and Civil Code of the People of South Africa, 1980, 4 June 
B2.  Code of Conduct: ANC Code of Discipline 
B2.5.4.3  Political Prisoners
B2.  Christopher Ephraim Shingane Mnisi (alias: Jackson Dira): Affidavit 
B2.  Ebrahim Ismail Ebrahim: Memorandum 
B2.5a  Department of Religious Affairs
  Newsletter: Vol.1 No.2, 1 November 1989 
B2.6  Women’s League/Section 
B2.6.1  Report/Press Statement
B2.6.1.1  Report to the ANC Women’s Secretariat - M Resha [1971/6 August]: 
  Information on Mission to the Federal Republic of Cameroon and the People’s Republic of Congo Brazzaville 
B2.6.1.2  Statement on South African Women’s Day - 1990/9 August 
B2.6.2  Publications
B2.6.2.1  VOW (Voice of Women): 1978 - 1984 (10 items) 
B2.6.2.2  Women and Children Under Apartheid: Newsletter - Issue No.2, April/May ’86 
B2.6.2.3  Pamphlets: ’Call to the Women of South Africa’; ’South Africa Women fight for Liberation’ 
B2.7  Youth League/Section
B2.7.1  Correspondence/Memorandum
B2.7.1.1  Correspondence addressed to President Kenneth Kaunda from the 3 Conference of the Pan-African Youth Movement, 1970/31 December 
B2.7.1.2  Memorandum re a youth conference, 1988/7 September 
B2.7.2  Press Statement 
  Statement of the ANC Youth Section on the occasion of the 14 Anniversary of June 16th 
B2.7.3  Publications
B2.7.3.1  Forward: 1983, No.6 
B2.7.3.2  Fighting Talk: 1986/July – August 
B2.8 Projects Department
B2.8.1 Discussion document on development. 1990/December
C1  T T Nkobi
C1.1  Correspondence/Memorandum 
D1  Lutuli Memorial Foundation
D1.1  Correspondence/Memoranda 
  1972/August - 1973/February (6 items) 
D1.2  Reports/Minutes: (3 items) 
D1.3  Establishment/Launch of the Foundation 
  Address by the Director of the Political Department of the OAU on the occasion of the inauguration of the Albert Luthuli Foundation 
D1.4  Miscellaneous
  Items include: Notarial Deed of Trust; Luthuli Memorial Foundation 
  Guidelines; Curriculum Vitae - PVT Mbatha; Budget for the year 1970/71; 
E1  Conferences 
E1.1  The Third Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Conference, 1963/4 - 11 February, Moshi, Tanganyika
E1.1.1  Speeches of Heads of Delegations
E1.1.1.1  Oliver Tambo 
E1.1.1.2  Ndabaningi Sithole (Leader of Southern Rhodesian Delegation of ZAPU) 
E1.1.1.3  Sheikh Ibuni Saleh (Zanzibar - Nationalist Party) 
E1.1.2  Resolutions (21 items) 
  Items include: resolution on the struggle against "The Japan-South Korean Talks"; resolution on treaties concluded by colonial powers; resolution on the Central African Federation; resolution on Palestine; resolution on Rwandan Refugees; resolution on South West Africa 
E1.1.3  Draft Declaration 
E1.2  Fourth Summit Conference of Non-Aligned Countries, Algiers, 1973/5 - 8 September
E1.2.1  Papers 
E1.2.1.1  Action Programme for Economic Co-operation among Non-Aligned Countries - Co-operation in Financial and Monetary Maters among Non-Aligned Countries: Paper presented by India and Indonesia 
E1.2.1.2  The role of non-aligned countries in the lights of international changes: Working papers submitted by Egypt 
E1.2.1.3  Economic issues and international action aimed at accelerating economic and social progress of non-aligned countries 
E1.2.2  Resolutions
E1.2.2.1  Draft Resolution on Apartheid and Racial Discrimination in South Africa: Submited by the Delegation of the ANC 
E1.2.2.2  Draft Resolution on Angola, Guinea Bissau, The Cape Verde Islands, Mozambique and Sao Tome E Princip 
E1.2.3  Declaration/Proposal 
E1.3  Conference of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Non-Aligned Countries, Lima, 1975/25 - 29 August
  Summary Record of the Fourth Meeting (Includes Messages to the conference/statements by representatives of various countries in language in which they were delivered) 
E1.4  World Conference for Action against Apartheid, Lagos, Nigeria, 1977/22 - 26 August
E1.4.1  Composition of the Steering Committee 
E1.4.2  Statements by Heads of States 
E1.4.3  Press Releases 
E1.5  Eighth Conference of Heads of State or Government of Non-Aligned Countries, Harare, 1986/August - September 
E1.5.1  Provisional List of Participants 
E1.5.2  Report/Memorandum
E1.5.2.1  Report on the activities of the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries during the Chairmanship of India, March 1983 to August 1986 
E1.5.2.2  Memorandum of Frontline States to the OAU Ad Hoc Committee on Southern Africa 
E1.5.3  Speeches/Statements
E1.5.3.1  Address by Sultan Ali Keshtmand, Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Democratic Republic of Afghanistan 
E1.5.3.2  Address by Yasser Arafat, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Commander-in-chief of the Forces of Palestine Liberation 
E1.5.3.3  Statement of Leader of Ghana Delegation, Mr Justice D F Annan, Member of the Provisional National Defence Council of the Republic of Ghana 
E1.5.3.4  Speech delivered by the Vice President of the Republic of Panama, Roderick Esquivel 
E1.5.3.5  Brief outline of the current situation in South Africa presented at the Summit on behalf of the ANC and the struggling people of South Africa 
E1.5.3.6  Speech by Chairman of Non-Aligned Movement, Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe 
E1.6  Harare Symposium on the Survival and Development of Children in the Frontline States and Southern Africa
E1.6.1  Correspondence (Invitation) (2 items) 
E1.6.2  Pamphlets (2 items) 
E1.7  Preferential Trade Area (PTA) for Eastern and Southern African States
E1.7.1  Report of the First Extraordinary Meeting of the Authority, Bujumbura, Burundi, 1986/27 - 28 May 
E1.7.2  Sixth PTA Summit, Kampala, 1987/3 - 4 December
E1.7.2.1  Correspondence (Invitation) 
E1.7.2.2  Provisional Agenda 
E1.7.2.3  Programme 
E1.8 Declaration of the OAU Ad-hoc Committee on Southern Africa on the Question of South Africa. Harare / Zimbabwe. 1989/21 August
E1.9  Miscellaneous
E1.9.1  International Consultation on Racism, Noting Hill, London, 1969/19 - 24 May: Final Text/Report 
E1.9.2  Sixth Pan African Congress
E1.9.2.1  Registration Form 
E1.9.2.2  Paper 
E1.9.3  Second Conference of Independent African States
E1.9.3.1  Statement: Alejandro Carrillo/Ambassador of Mexico 
E1.9.4  Delegations
  Items include: 
  • Notes on discussions held by Dr K D Kaunda with a delegation of South African Businessmen at State House, 1985/11 July 
  • The Dakar Declaration: A Joint Communique, 1987/11 July 
E2  Countries 
E2.1  German Democratic Republic
E2.1.1  Solidarity Committee of the GDR: Information on Activities and Initiatives of the Solidarity Committee of the GDR Against Racism and Apartheid in Africa 
E2.1.2  GDR Bulletin: Handing-over ceremony of GDR medicine consignment 
E2.2  Swaziland 
E2.2.1  Correspondence between B S S Mabizela and A Z Khumalo (Deputy Prime Minister, Swaziland) re arrest of ANC members (1978/20 March) 
E2.2.2  Memorandum to the Government of Swaziland on the Agreement between Swaziland and the Pretoria Regime on Ka-Ngwane and Ngwavuma 
E2.2.3  A Message by Kenneth Kaunda at the Somhlolo Stadium at the celebration of the 21 Birthday of Kin Mswati III of Swaziland, Mbabane, 1989/19 April 
E2.3  United Kingdom 
E2.3.1  Correspondence (3 items) 
  Items include: correspondence between Margaret Thatcher and Ian Lloyd (1983/28 July); correspondence between Nathaniel Masemola and Margaret Thatcher (1986, 16 June) 
E2.3.2  House of Commons - Foreign Afairs Committee: The Situation in South Africa/Minutes (1985/29 October): Witnesses - Oliver Tambo; Thabo Mbeki; A Pahad 
E2.4  United States of America
  Message of Senator Edward M Kennedy on departure from South Africa, 1985/13 January 
E2.5  Other Countries 
E2.5.1  Angola 
  Message of the ANC to the 1 Congress of the MPLA, Luanda, 1977/December 
E2.5.2  Botswana 
  Correspondence from the High Commission of Botswana re ANC delegation to Gaberone, 1989/22 February 
E2.5.3  Cuba
  Speech given by Ramiro Valdes, member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba in the main ceremony on the occasion of the 20 anniversary of the founding of the state security agencies in Havana, 1979/24 March 
E2.5.4  Guinea and Cape Verde Islands
  Speech by Amilcar Cabral - Secretary General of the African Independence Party of Guinea and Cape Verde Islands (50 Anniversary of the formation of USSR) 
E2.5.5  India 
  Memorandum issued by the Ministry of External Affairs re the Centenary of Jawaharial Nehru’s birth 
E2.5.6  Italy 
  10 Congresso Nazionale, Unione Italiana Del Lavoro: Conclusioni di Giorgio Benvenuto, Venezia, 1989/23 - 28 October 
E3  Individuals 
E3.1  Yussuf M Dadoo 
  Address to Moscow Working People devoted to 50 Anniversary of USSR 
E3.2  King Sabata Dalindyebo 
  Medical Report: 1986/14 April 
E3.3  F W De Klerk 
  Address by F W De Klerk: Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Royal African Society, London, 1991/23 April 
E3.4  Nelson Mandela 
E3.4.1  Correspondence
  Leters writen from Pollsmoor Prison, Robben Island, 1978 - 1988 + undated items (27 items) 
E3.4.2  Statements 
E3.4.2.1  Nelson Mandela’s full reply to P W Botha’s Offer (Rand Daily Mail: 1985/11 February) 
E3.4.2.2  Statement of the Deputy President of the ANC, Nelson Mandela at the CBM Conference: "Options for Building an Economic Future", Johannesburg, 1990/23 May 
E3.4.2.3  Statement of the Deputy President of the ANC, Nelson Mandela to the International Conference on the "The Anatomy of Hate", Oslo, 1990/26 August 
E3.4.2.4  Published Statements 
E3.  I have done my duty to my People and to South Africa: Statement from the dock, 1962/7 November 
E3.  Mandela Speaks: Statements from Nelson Mandela to the People of South Africa 
E3.  'We have waited too long for our freedom’: Nelson Mandela’s speech on his release - Cape Town, 1990/11 February 
E3.4.3  Miscellaneous: Leterhead: Mandela Family Office 
E3.4.4  Draft Play: What is to be done? - A play by Laurie C Sain (1985/1 August)
E4  Organisations
E4.1  Anglo-American
E4.1.1  Anglo American Policy on South Africa: Clem Sutner 
E4.1.2  Address by G W H Relly at the CBM/ANC Options for Building an Economic Future Conference, 1990/23 May 
E4.2  Anti-Apartheid Movements
E4.2.1  London
E4.2.1.1  Memorandum to the ANC, NEC and UDF Cultural Desk re criticisms of the cultural boycot: Mike Terry (1988) 
E4.2.1.2  Correspondence: 1985/March (2 items) 
E4.2.1.3  Publications
  Items include: 24 Hour Picket (1983/2 - 3 December: Release Nelson Mandela and all South African Political Prisoners); No to Apartheid! - Anti-Apartheid Movement National Demonstration, June 16; Declaration of the Conference - Southern Africa/The time to choose); Apartheid Gold; Anti-Apartheid News (1977/November) 
E4.2.1.4  Nelson Mandela: An International Tribute for a Free South Africa - Official Souvenir Programme, Wembley Stadium, 1990/16 April 
E4.2.2  National Apartheid Movement (NAM), Jamaica - A Southern African Liberation Working Committee
  Publications (2 items) 
E4.2.3  Publications - Miscellaneous
E4.2.3.1  Walter Sisulu: Published by Southern Africa - The imprisoned Society, London in cooperation with Centre Against Apartheid, United Nations 
E4.2.3.2  Le Combat D’un Homme et D’un Peuple: Nelson Mandela: Publication du Comite contre le colonialisme et l’apartheid 
E4.3  Inkatha 
E4.3.1  Publications 
E4.3.1.1  Constitution 
E4.3.1.2  Fourth Ordinary General Conference, 1978/July 
E4.3.1.3  Fifth Ordinary General Conference, 1979/June - July 
E4.3.1.4  Inkatha: Vol. 1 No. 4, 1978/July 
E4.3.1.5  Vol. 1 No.7, 1979/July 
E4.3.1.6  Pamphlet: Seek Your Rights as a South African 
E4.4  Organisation of African Unity (OAU) 
E4.4.1  1975
E4.4.1.1  May
E4.  Report of the need to open a regional sub-office of the Liberation Committee for the so-called French Somaliland (Djibouti) 
E4.  Co-ordinating Committee for the Liberation of Africa: Report of the Secretary of the Standing Committee on Administration and Finance, 1975/5 May 
E4.  Co-ordinating Committee for the Liberation of Africa: Report of the Secretary of the Standing Committee on Defence, 1975/5 May 
E4.  Report of the Standing Committee on Administration and Finance, 1975/8 May 
E4.  Co-ordinating Committee for The Liberation of Africa: Report of the Sub-Committee for the review of the structure of the Executive Secretariat in the light of the new strategy outlined in the Dar Es Salaam Declaration adopted at the 24 Session of the Liberation Committee in January, 1975/12 - 14 May 
E4.4.1.2  9 - 13 June: 25 Ordinary Session of the Liberation Committee, Rabat 
E4.  Opening Address - King Hassan II of Morocco 
E4.  Statement - ANC 
E4.  Report of the Executive Secretary 
E4.  Report of the Standing Committee on Defence 
E4.4.2  Miscellaneous
  • Decision on the establishment of a Committee of Heads of State and Government on the question of Southern Africa 
  • Resolution on special assistance to Southern African Refugees 
  • Report on the Mission of the Ministerial Delegation to Washington D C, 1989 12 - 16 June 
  • Declaration of the OAU AD-Hoc Committee on Southern Africa on the question of South Africa, Harare, Zimbabwe, 1989/21 August 
E4.5  Socialist International 
E4.5.1  General Circulars
E4.5.1.1  Report of Socialist International Mission to Southern Africa, 1977/2 - 11 September 
E4.5.1.2  Socialist International Statement on South Africa, 1977/25 October 
E4.5.1.3  Fourteenth Congress of the Socialist International, Vancouver, 1978/3 - 5 November: Invitation/Other Details - agenda/registration form etc. 
E4.6  South African Studies Project Ltd.(SASPRO) 
  Minutes of a Joint Meeting of the CDS & SASPRO, Harare, 1989/4 - 6 August 
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