Collection Index: Woodward, Herbert Willoughby, Handbook of the Makua
Collection Name: Herbert WOODWARD, Handbook of the Makua

AB358 Herbert WOODWARD, Handbook of the Makua   
 Woodward, Herbert Willoughby, Handbook of the Makua   
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 The handbook by Woodward was a revision of "Collections for a Handbook of the Makua" by the Rev. Chauncey Maples (afterwards Bishop of Likoma), which were published in 1879, in which he said "The Makua language is a step further from Swahili than Yao, and is on the whole more difficult to acquire upon a basis of a knowledge of Swahili. The Makuas are a very large and extensive tribe, inhabiting the country that lies at the back of Mosambique, stretching inland for several hundred miles."   
A Handbook of the Makua Language, as spoken in the Archdeaconry of Ruvuma, for the Universities' Mission to Central Africa, by H.W. Woodward, S.S.M. Archdeacon of Magila, Bonde, Tanganyika Territory, 1915 Woodward, Herbert Willoughby 1915 
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