Collection Index: SAMUELSON, Samuel Olaf, Diary, 1871-1880
Collection Name: SAMUELSON, Samuel Olaf, Diary, 1872-1879

A639 Samuel Olaf SAMUELSON, Diary, 1871-1880 
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 Diary, handwritten, 1 notebook, 1871-1880 
 Samuel Olaf Samuelson, a civil servant in Natal, describes the life of a schoolboy at the Diocesan Collge in Rondebosch, sea voyages from the Cape to Natal and conditions in Natal and Zululand where his father was a missionary at the St. Paul's Anglican Mission, Empangeni. 
 Also included is an interesting account of an audience with the Zulu King Cetewayo in 1876. 
Part 1, 1871-1878        
Part 2, 1879-1880        
 Including notes 
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