Collection Index: BURCHELL, William John, Papers, 1795-1865
Collection Name: BURCHELL, William John, Papers, 1795-1865

A342  William John BURCHELL Papers, 1795-1865 
 Copyright 2006, Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa      
 The collection contains the papers of William John Burchell (1781-1865), artist, naturalist and traveller. With the exception of few original manuscripts and notebooks, most items consist of transcriptions made by Mrs H.M. McKay. Originals of these are at the University Museum, Oxford, Sir Edward Poulton. 
 There are 16 boxes of sorted material of research and publications, collected and submitted by H.M. McKay. The material is relating to her extensive study of W.J. Burchell. 
 There is now an informal inventory of these items available, which can be downloaded in PDF format at the bottom of the inventory. 
 1795-1863, transcribed by H.M. McKay 
1.1-1.4 Letters from W.J. Burchell 
 Father, 20.5.1795,  Transcript  
 Father & mother, 15.8.1804, Transcript   
 Father, 18.9.1804, Transcript 
 Father, 20.8.1805, Transcript  
 Father, 27.8.1805, Transcript  
 Father, 24.3.1806, Transcript  
 Sister, Caroline, 10.4.1806, Transcript 
 Father, 8.6.1806, Transcript  
 Father, 5.6.1807, Transcript  
 Father, 23.6.1807, Transcript 
 Dr JE Smith, Pres. Linnean Society, 24.8.1807, Transcript  
 Mother, 26.10.1807, Transcript  
 Parents, 29.4.1808, Transcript  
 Parents, 5.5.1808, Transcript   
 Dr Tilesius, Herrn Loehe, Leipzig, 17.10.1808, Photostat of Transcript extract    
 Mother, 8.3.1809, Photostat of Transcript extract    
 Sister, Caroline, 14.7.1809, Photostat of Transcript extract   
 Mother, 16.7.1809, Photostat of Transcript extract    
 Caroline, 10.7.1810, Photostat of Transcript extract    
 Governor & Council, 17.8.1810, Photostat of Transcript extract    
 Governor, Earl of Caledon, 10.12.1810, Photostat of Transcript extract   
 Mother, 29.5.1811, Photostat of Transcript extract    
 Rev. Hesse, 14.1.1812, Photostat of Transcript extract    
 PH Polemann, 14.1.1812, Photostat of Transcript extract   
 Rev Hesse, Strand St., Cape Town, 25.5.1812, Photostat of Transcript extract    
 Rev Hesse, Strand St., Cape Town, 6.6.1812, Photostat of Transcript extract  
 Messrs Renkin & Scott, 6.6.1812, Photostat of Transcript extract   
 Mr Anderson, Klaarwater, 13.6.1812, Photostat of Transcript extract   
 Mr Anderson, Klaarwater, 27.7.1812, Photostat of Transcript extract    
 Rev Hesse, 27.7.1812, Transcript + Photocopy    
 Father, 27.7.1812, Transcript + Photocopy  
 Rev Hesse, 11.1.1813, Transcript + Photocopy    
 Henry Alexander, Colonial Secretary, Cape of Good Hope, 5.4.1813, Transcript + Photocopy   
 Rev Hesse, 7.4.1813, Transcript    
 Rev Hesse, 14.4.1813, Transcript    
 Rev Hesse, 10.5.1813, Transcript    
 Capt Andrews, 26.5.1813, Transcript   
 PH Polemann, 17.8.1813, Transcript    
 Rev. Hesse, 21.8.1813, Transcript    
 Lieut Ellert, Fort Louis, 7.9.1813, Transcript   
 JC Bergh or G Glaeser, Uitenhage, 7.9.1813, Transcript    
 Capt Lynch, not sent, 26.9.1813, Transcript    
 Lieut Garr, Lombard’s role, 1.10.1813, Transcript    
 Ensign J Laycock, Blauw Kranz, 12.10.1813, Transcript    
 A Stockenstrom, Graaff Reinet, 27.11.1813, Transcript    
 Rev Hesse, 2.12.1813, Transcript    
 Bergh, 7.12.1813, Transcript    
 Messrs Rankin and Scott, 15.12.1813, Transcript    
 Col Vicars, Algoa Bay, 6.1.1814 , Transcript   
 Capt Andrews, HM Cape Regiment, Zuureveld, 8.1.1814, Transcript   
 Landdrost Fisher, Graaff Reinet, 8.1.1814, Transcript    
 Capt Fraser, Graham’s Town, 8.1.1814, Transcript    
 Capt Evatt, 8.1.1814, Transcript    
 J.C. Bergh, 22.2.1814, Transcript    
 AG van Kervel, Landdrost, 20.9.1814, Transcript   
 Mynheer PH Nolemann, 22.9.1814, Transcript    
 Rev Hesse, 22.9.1814, Transcript    
 J.C. Bergh, Uitenhage, 14.10.1814, Transcript   
 Rev. Hesse, 7.1.1815, Transcript    
 J.C. Bergh, Uitenhage, 25.1.1815, Transcript    
 Rev. Hesse, 18.3.1815, Transcript  
 J.C. van der Graaff, Acting Sec. Tulbagh, 11.5.1815, Transcript   
 Lt-Col. Bird, Cape Town, 22.5.1815, Transcript    
 Major Fraser, Graham’s Town, 26.5.1815, Transcript    
 Lt. Col. Bird, Cape Town, 29.5.1815,  1.6.1815, Transcript   
 Mr Hawkins, Loop Street, 22.7.1815, Transcript  
 Mr Hawkins, 24.7.1815, Transcript    
 Father, 5.8.1815, photocopy Transcript 
 Lord Charles Henry Somerset, 15.8.1815, Transcript    
 Mr Hawkins, 24.7.1815, Transcript   
 Father, 5.8.1815, photocopy Transcript   
 Lord Charles Henry Somerset, 15.8.1815, Transcript    
 J.C. Bergh, Sec. George, 21.8.1815, Transcript    
 Earl Bathurst, 4.10.1817,   30.9.1817, Transcript   
 Father, 30.1.1818, Transcript   
 Wm Swainson, Elm Grove, near Liverpool, 22.3.1819, Transcript   
 W.J. Hooker, Suffolk, 31.3.1819, Transcript    
 W Swainson, 27.9.1819, Transcript    
 Father, 19.5.1820 , Transcript   
 Mr. Turner, 19.2.1822 , ALS Original 
 RA Salisbury, 7.3.1822, 17.8.1824, Transcript    
 W Swainson, 11.12.1824 , Transcript  
 W Swainson, 8.2.1825, ALS Original  
 W Swainson, 15.2.1825, Transcript   
 W Swainson, 22.2.1825, Transcript   
 W Swainson, 5.3.1825, Transcript  
 Father , 13.3.1825, Transcript  
 Father, 15.3.1825, Transcript    
 Father,19.5.1825, Transcript  
 RA Salisbury, 14.8.1825, Transcript    
 W Swainson, 31.8.1825, Transcript    
 Father, 6.9.1825, Transcript    
 Father, 25.11.1825, Transcript   
 Father, 7.1.1826, Transcript    
 Miss M Burchell, Fulham, 15.3.1826, Transcript    
 Dr Hooker, Prof of Botany, Glasgow University, 8.7.1826, Transcript    
 Father, 13.7.1826, Transcript    
 Father, 19.8.1826 , Transcript   
 Miss M Burchell, 29.8.1826, Transcript    
 RA Salisbury, 5.9.1826, Transcript    
 Father, 29.11.1826, Transcript    
 Miss M Burchell, 13.3.1827, Transcript   
 Father, 12.4.1827 , Transcript   
 Mother, 10.6.1827, Transcript    
 Prof. Hooker, Glasgow, 25.4.1828, Transcript    
 Father, 26.4.1828, Transcript   
 R.A. Salisbury (signed M. Burchell), 22.10.1828, Transcript   
 Mother, 15.10.1829, Transcript   
 Mother, 1.12.1827, Transcript    
 Prof Hooker, 18.4.1830, Transcript    
 JS Duncan, Bath, 31.5.1830, Transcript    
 W Swainson , 15.9.1830, Transcript  
 Prof Hooker, 4.10.1830, Transcript    
 W Swainson, 23.10.1830, Transcript    
 Prof Hooker, 1.11.1830, Transcript    
 W Swainson, 1.11.1830, Transcript    
 W Swainson, 11.11.1830, Transcript   
 W Swainson, 24.1.1831 , Transcript   
 W Swainson, 28.2.1831, Transcript   
 W Swainson, 21.4.1831, Transcript    
 W Swainson, 25.4.1831, Transcript   
 Sister, Mary, 21.7.1831, Transcript    
 Sister, Mary, 19.6.1832, Transcript    
 W Swainson, 18.9.1832, Transcript    
 Prof. Hooker, 3.9.1832, Transcript   
 Sister, Mary, 13.9.1832 , Transcript  
 Mother, 23.10.1832, Transcript   
 Mother, 31.10.1832, Transcript    
 Prof. Hooker, 5.12.1832, Transcript  
 Prof Meissner, Basel, 1.10.1833, Transcript    
 Sister, Mary, 7.12.1833, Transcript   
 Mother, Mary Anne, 14.2.1835, Transcript   
 Prof Hooker, 25.6.1835, Transcript  
 Mary, 27.8.1835, Transcript    
 Jane, 31.8.1837, Photocopy   
 Mary, 17.10.1837, Transcript    
 Mary, 20.11.1837 , Transcript  
 Mary, 24.12.1837, Transcript    
 Mary , 13.2.1838, Transcript   
 Mary, 30.5.1838, Transcript    
 Mary , 4.6.1838 , Transcript  
 W Swainson, 6.8.1838, Transcript    
 W Swainson, 29.1.1839, Transcript   
 W Swainson, 8.6.1839, Transcript    
 W Swainson, 23.8.1839, Transcript    
 W Swainson, 3.10.1839, Transcript    
 Sister - Sarah, 11.11.1839, Photocopy 
 W Swainson, 30.5.1840, Transcript    
 W Goddard Jackson, 10.8.1841 , ALS Copy  
 W Goddard Jackson, 16.9.1841, ALS Copy   
 W Goddard Jackson, 17.4.1843, ALS Copy  
 W Goddard Jackson, 7.8.1843, ALS Copy   
 W Goddard Jackson, 25.3.1844, ALS Copy   
 Dr JW Hooker, 26.8.1845, Transcript   
 Mrs SM Miers, 18.4.1849, Transcript  
 Dawson Turner, 19.3.1850, Transcript   
 Dawson Turner, 25.3.1850, Transcript  
 G Bentham, 3.7.1850 , Transcript   
 Sister, Sarah, 8.11.1855, Photocopy   
 Sister, Sarah, 20.10.1856, Photocopy 
 James (nephew), 2.3.1857, Transcript    
 W. Goddard Jackson, 1.11.1861, ALS Copy  
 Mrs. SA Burchell, 10.6.1852, Transcript  
 Miss MCH Sulwain, 9.2.1863, Transcript    
1.5 Letters to Burchell     
 1803 February 7 
 Letter with note addressed to W.J. Burchell by J. Metritz saying: "I enclose you all I can get out of the several Proclamations relative to the boundaries of the districts, which Iam sorry to say is very imperfectly defined by them.", relating to the divisions of the Cape Colony and the Tulbagh district in 1803. 2 items, ALS, original 
 1832 August 8 and August 22 
 Two letters by Lord Stuart de Rothesay to W.J. Burchell regarding drawing of Brazil. ALS, original  
 1832 August 10 
 Draft letter of reply by W.J.Burchell to Lord Stuart de Rothesay regarding his Brazilian scetches. ALS, original 
 1862 May 25 
 Letter by Jane Burchell (sister) to W.J. Burchell, Fulham. ALS, original 
1.6 Correspondence related to Burchell  
 1863 April 16 
 Letter by James Burchell to W. Goddard Jackson, his brother-in-law, with envelope. ALS, original 
 1864 October 29 
 Letter by Prof J. Phillips to W. Goddard Jackson, with envelope. 2 items, ALS, original  
 1864 October 31 
 Letter by Prof J.O. Westwood to Miss Anna Burchell, with envelope. ALS, original 
 1864 November 23 
 Letter by W. Goddard Jackson to Prof J. Phillips. ALS, original 
 1865 March 27 
 Letter by W. Goddard Jackson to Miss Anna Burchell with Addendum, being a copy of W.J. Burchell's memorandum about his collections and what should happen to them after his death, dated 15 October 1860, which Goddard Jackson had found in one of Anna Burchell's pocket book, and of which had a copy made and sent to her 
2.1  1807 February 25 
 Poem "Address to Lot Rock in Island of St. Helena", with transcript done by Robin Castell, August 2009. Manuscript, original 
2.2  1810 October 16 
 St Helena Journal, 2pages . Photocopy       
2.3  1811-1815  
 Catalogues Systematicus insectorum, Photocopy     
2.4  1812 May 24 - 1812 September 2 
 Memo book, Handwritten copy by H. McKay, September 1935  
2.5  1812 August 3 - 1812 September 2  
 Journal, Typescript     
2.6  1817 June  
 "Notes sur une nouvelle espèce de Rhinoceros" - in Bulletin des Sciences de la Societe Philomathique de Paris, Photocopy    
2.7  Undated (?) 
 Memoranda Botanica, p.74/75, Photocopy    
2.8  1820  
 "No. 737. The drawing of the inside of the waggon was finished in the following order" , Manuscript, original   
2.9 1825 
 Description of Malaconotus atro-coccineus - extract from Zoological Journal, Volume I, pp461-462, 1825, Typescript     
2.10  1832 & 1850 
 "A Tour in 1832 Anna Burchell with WJ. Burchell"; "A Tour in France and Belgium with Mary Burchell in 1850 with W.J.Burchell", Manuscript, original     
2.11 1837 November 1  
 Remarks written at Dresden (originally in Leipzig), from Sammlung Roemer, Photocopy  
2.12  1844 August 29 - 1852 June 16  
 Register of thermometer, wind v weather, Fulham , Photocopy    
2.13  1863 January 1-1863 March 21  
 Journal, with last entry on the 21 March, 2 days before he died on 23 March 1863, Manuscript, original  
2.14  Undated (?) 
 Annotations in WJB’S own copy of ‘Travels’ which is in Hope Department of Oxford Museum, Handwritten copy by H. McKay    
 Received by H.M. McKay from Mr N. Goddard, Stanford Lines, England, June 1945 
3.1  1834 - 1863  
 Sums received, Rents and dividends, Manuscript, original, lightblue cover  
3.2  Various dates  
 Loose notes about stocks bought and taxes of tenants in churchfield properties, receipts, Manuscript, original, white cover  
3.3  1857 - 1863  
 Paid bank notes, Manuscript, original, brown cover    
3.4  1856 - 1863  
 Received bank notes, Manuscript, original, brown cover   
3.5  1861 January 5 - 1863 March19  
 Account book, with merchants bills,receipts, list of rates and taxes, Manuscript, original, darkblue cover    
3.6  1815 November 10 - 1861 January 28   
 Record of expenditure, Hardcover accounts book, original, leather 
 Received by H.M. McKay from Mr N. Goddard, Stanford Lines, England, June 1945 
4.1 Notebook of W.J.Burchell, on administration of estates of Matthew Burchell (father), Jane Burchell (mother), 
 Charles Burchell (brother), Bound, original, green leather 
4.2 Notebook of W.Goddard Jackson, W.J. Burchell's brother-in-law, on W.J.Burchell's estate 
 Bound, original, blue leather     
4.3  Copy made in 1841 of the Will of Matthew Burchell (father), proved 1830 June 2  
4.4 Copy made in 1841 of the Will of Jane Burchell (mother), proved 1841 March 31   
4.5  Copy made of the Will of Anna Burchell (sister), died 1865 October 2, proved 1865 November 10 
 Letter  by Park Nelson & Co. relating to the above wills 
4.6  Burchell Family tree, presented by A. Collett, 20 Marie Crescent, Lesmurdie, Western Australia     
 The photographs and postcards have been submitted by H.M. McKay and are part of her Burchell studies, including photograph albums, loose photographs and glass slides. 
 Photographs of Pretoria, Botanical Gardens in Durban (?), Middleburg  
 Folio item: Panaromic view with aloes 
 Postcards: St. Helena, Orange River, Riversdale, Series on Mammals (Natal Museum) 
 Glass slides in wooden box: 
 1.         Young Burchell 
 2.         Map of the Cape Colony 
 3.         Map of Southern Africa by Burchell 
 4.         Cape Town in 1811 
 5.         Wild chestnut at Constantia 
 6.         Brandvlei 
 7.         Rev. Anderson 
 8-15.   Plants, birds, animals, reptiles 
 16.       Reception by Mattivi 
 17.       Map - location unclear 
 18.       Mokala grove 
 19.       Chue (?) 
 20.       Natives hunting 
 21-3.   Animals 
 24.       Photo of W.J. Burchell 
 25.       Crossing Gariep (Zak drift) 
 26-7.   Catalogue of insects (?) 
 28.       Snake 
 29.       Plettenberg Bay 
 30-2.   Plants 
 33-4.   Interior of wagon 
 35.       W.J. Burchell 
 36-50. Maps, mostly of the Cape (W and E) 
 51-54. Maps - these four slides are broken or cracked.  
5a Mahutu, pencil sketch, 31 July 1912 
 Stored in Media room with photographs. 
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