Collection Index: DIAZ CROSS, 1938-1954
Collection Name: DIAZ CROSS Papers

A28f DIAZ CROSS Papers 1938-1954   
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 Sketches, list of fragments and correspondence between E. Axelson, J.C.N. Humphreys, L. Fouché and C. Van Riet Lowe relating to the Diaz Cross or 'Padrao' erected at Kwaaihoek, Cape Province, in 1488 by Bartholomew Diaz and rediscovered by Dr. E. Axelson in 1938. The fragments were reassembled at the University of the Witwatersrand and the reconstructed cross stands in the foyer of the William Cullen Library at the University.   
 DIAZ CROSS Papers   
A1 Letter to Mrs Humphreys, 29 April 1954   
 Written by Eric Axelson (handwritten, copy)   
A2 Letter to Mr Axelson, 29 April 1954   
 (handwritten, copy)   
A3 Letter to Mr JCN Humphreys, 22 May 1954   
 Written by Quentin Keynes (typed, copy)   
A4 Note to Prof. L Fouche with attached drawings, undated (original, handwritten)   
 Drawings (original and one stencil copy of inscription) of Diaz Cross, back of page, list of fragments given to carpenter van As for packing (pencil on cardboard)   
Photographs and drawings   
B1 Photo of fragments of Diaz Cross (by W Paff, University of the Witwatersrand)   
B2 Drawing of Diaz Cross, with fragments and measurements, (pencil on cardboard)   
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