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Collection Name: Wulf Sachs, script

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 Deborah Wilson, Digital Archivist (July 2010)   
 The collection contains the typscript for "African tragedy: the life story of a native doctor", written by the Psycho-analyst Wulf Sachs (1893-1949). There is no date on the typescript, it was received in 1944, and has 'Draft' written on its spine. The content is similar to "Black Anger" by W. Sachs, published in 1947, as it deals with the same character 'John'. But whereas "African tragedy" is told in the first person, "Black Anger", although including identical incidents, is written by Wulf Sachs as told to him by 'John'.   
Script, Typescript, 378 pages Wulf Sachs undated , possibly 1940s 
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