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Collection Index:GOLDSTONE Commission of Enquiry, PHOLA PARK /TOKOZA , 32 Batalion
Collection Name:GOLDSTONE Commission of Enquiry into PHOLA PARK Records
Photos:PHOLA PARK (Goldstone Enquiry), 1992-93• click to view
AK2702 GOLDSTONE Commission of Enquiry into PHOLA PARK Records 
 GOLDSTONE Commission of Enquiry, PHOLA PARK /TOKOZA , 32 Batalion 
 Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 Copyright 2012, Historical Papers, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 The digitisation of this collection was made possible by a generous grant from the Carnegie Foundation in 2012. 
 10 boxes 1992-1993 
 Records of the Goldstone Commission of Enquiry into events at Phola Park when members of 32 Battalion allegedly assaulted, raped and murdered certain township residents. Includes court records, affidavits, statements, photos and medical records of individuals 
Records of the Goldstone Comm ission of Enquiry into events at Phola Park and Tokoza 
 Vols 52-60 (pp 3879-4785) 
A1 Index    
A2 Interim Report, 8 April 1992    
A3 Tokoza Committee, 29 April 1992. Volume 52. pp 3849 - 3958    
A4 Tokoza Committee, 4 and 6 May 1992. Volume 53. pp 3959 - 4096    
A5 Tokoza Committee, 7 and 8 May 1992. Volume 54. pp 4097 - 4201    
A6 Tokoza Committee, 11, 12, 13 and 14 May 1992. Volume 55. pp 4202 - 4322    
A7 Tokoza Committee, 19 May 1992. Volume 56. pp 4323 - 4428    
A8 Tokoza Committee, 20 and 21 May 1992. Volume 57. pp 4429 - 4521    
A9 Tokoza Committee, 22 and 26 May 1992. Volume 58. pp 4522 - 4606    
A10 Tokoza Committee, 02 June 1992. Arguments on 32 Batallion. pp 1 - 66    
A11 Tokoza Committee Report. pp 1 - 64    
A12 Interim report, 3 June 1992    
A13 Tokoza Committee, 27, 29 May 1992 and 1 June 1992. Volume 59. pp 4607 - 4719    
A14 Tokoza Committee, 02 and 03 June 1992. Volume 60. pp 4720 - 4801    
A15 Tokoza Committee, 12 June 1992. Evidence of Themba Dludlu.    
A16 Statements on behalf of 32 Batallion    
Affidavits including one by Sally Sealey 
B1 Sally Sealey    
B2 Mark Hermanson.    
B3 Lists of victims and hospital numbers    
Medico-Legal reports (see also individual files) 
C1 Joshua Mdake    
C2 Cynthia Mnisi    
C3 Nomnyala Mkanunu    
C4 Florence Stuurman    
C5 Ntombeko Mqandu    
C6 Hlalisile Makaula    
C7 List of Patients and their addresses    
C8 Report on examination in a case of alleged assault    
C9 Doctor's report on examination of Tutu Vela    
C10 Memorandum on Medico-legal Aspects    
C11 Newspaper photocopies    
Postmortem reports 
D1 Fumanekile Sokinaqa    
D2 Patrick Ntsaluba    
D3 Andries Yothibi    
D4 Johannes Makananise    
D5 Doctor Majadima    
D6 Swazi Mawethu    
D7 Lulama Fekade    
D8 Bongiwe Mhqonya    
D9 Joshua Mdake    
D10 John Dube    
D11 Evelyn Morake    
D12 Virginia Mqoto    
D13 Jabu Khumalo    
D14 Fixen Shabangu    
D15 Thabo Mofokeng    
D16 Freddie Notice    
D17 Phola Park Claims / Minister of Defence    
D18 N.A. Magxala and Others / Minister of Defence    
D19 Nora Kay / Minister of Defence    
D20 Phola Park Civil Claims    
 The photos have not been digitised. 
Court Records : P Dabula and 29 Others 
F1 Draft Order    
F2 Notice of Intention to Oppose    
F3 Supporting Statement    
F4 Filing Sheet    
F5 Notice of Set Down    
F6 Affidavit: Hendrik Johannes Luus    
F7 Filing Sheet: Applicant's Replying Affidavit    
F8 Filing Sheet: Notice of Motion    
F9 Defendant's Questions to the Plaintiffs in Terms of Rule 37    
F10 Minutes of Pretrial Conference held on 2 August 1994.    
F11 The Plaintiff's Questions to the Defendant.    
F12 Telephone message    
F13 Correspondence    
 Includes Notices, Police Case dockets, Police Reports and Soldiers based at Pomfret Statements. 
G1 Notices    
G2 Medico-legal Post-mortem report    
G3 Police case dockets    
G4 Pomfret soldiers' statements    
G5 Police reports    
Individual files 
 Includes Court and medical recrds, and assessment for compensation records. 
H1 Bhamu, Joshua M    
H2 Dabula, N Paulina    
H3 Dada, Themba W    
H4 Dada, Woodworth M    
H5 Gqumisa, N    
H6 Gusha, A A Mkisi    
H7 Kay, Nora    
H8 Mavimbela, Stephen    
H9 Magxala, N Alfred    
H10 Magxunyana, N Harriet    
H11 Makaula, Hlalisile    
H12 Memani, N Sylvia    
H13 Mnisi, Cynthia    
H14 Mnqando, Nombeko Nokhaya    
H15 Mofokeng, Thabo    
H16 Motloung, T Francis    
H17 Msimango, John    
H18 Msimango, Sipho Dube    
H19 Nqonywa, Bongiwe    
H20 Nkanunu, N Elizabeth    
H21 Nkonyana,Constance    
H22 Notisi, Freddie    
H23 Nxinto, Michael    
H24 Phangabantu,Welile    
H25 Phiri, Tenford    
H26 Samweli Montsapo    
H27 Shabangu Fickson    
H28 Sithole, Gertrude    
H29 Stuurman, Florence    
H30 Vela, N Tutu    
Press Cuttings (Copies)    
Goldstone Commission Report on Enquiry into violence in Tokoza, Nov. 1992    
Plaintiffs claims against the Minister of Defence 
Ka Letter from State Attorney with Appendix of list of names and case numbers.    
K1 Jackie Herbst - no file 
K2 Joseph Keni - no file 
K3 Lennox Bhedi - no file 
K4 Steven Zali - no file 
K5 Richard Roger - no file 
K6 Malibongwe Mkhatyana - no file 
K7 Koekie Mofokeng - no file 
K8 Colledge Nkwenkwezi - no file 
K9 Nceba Somakile - no file 
K10 Nelson Tsotetsi - no file 
K11 Zwelinlangene George - no file 
K12 Siswe Arosi - no file 
K13 Portia Rawu - no file 
K14 Fumanekile Zweli - no file 
K15 Ben Khesa - no file 
K16 Ndudumo Mayekiso - no file 
K17 Larrington Nogaroia - no file 
K18 Mxoleli Bambeta 72638/92   
K19 Lungile Gabhayi 72639/92   
K20 Zolani Dina 72640/92   
K21 Matthews Mahloma 72665/92   
K22 Sampson Ngumla 72666/92   
K23 Lennox Sinoko 72667/92   
K24 Noweight Monco 72645/92   
K25 Nophumzile Bokoda 72644/92   
K26 Mbekeni Makiki 72664/92   
K27 Jojo Kuzani 72656/92   
K28 Amos Fumbatha 72657/92   
K29 Albert Gqutyana 72636/92   
K30 Boy Tshetsha 72635/92   
K31 Peterson Sweli 72642/92   
K32 Walter Mnisi 72641/92   
K33 Priscilla Qaqane 72640/92   
K34 Nophakamile Khala 72647/92