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Collection Index:FISCHER, Abram, trial records, 1966
Collection Name:FISCHER, Abram, trial records, 1966
AK2411 STATE vs ABRAM FISCHER, 1966, Trial records 
 Copyright 2015, Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 Copies of court proceedings in the trial State vs Abram Fischer, 1 box; 1 DVD 
 Please note that the copies in this collection are of poor quality in parts, which could not always be enhanced through digitisation. 
 Abram Fischer was arrested on the 11 November 1965 and put on trial in March 1966 on charges of furthering the aims of communism and conspiracy to overthrow the government. Judge Boshoff found him guilty of these charges and sentenced Bram Fischer to life imprisonment. 
 Also included in the collection is the reprint of Bram Fischer's statement from the dock on the occasion of a colloquium, held on the 26 March 2015 at the University of the Witwatersrand, in honour of Bram Fischer. At the same event the University bestowed an Honorary Doctorate on Abram Fischer. 
 Reference is made to the trial records held at the National Archives Repository and its reference number TPD CC 254/1966. There are 30 dictabelts included in the archival boxes together with the paper records. 
A1 Charge with Count 1-15 and Appendix        
A2 Statement by Bram Fischer in response to the Charge        
PREPARATORY EXAMINATION, Magistrate's Court, Johannesburg 
B1 Preparatory Examination forms        
B2 Record of Evidence, 26 January 1966, 248 pages 
B2.1 Record of Evidence, pages 1-37        
B2.2 Records of Evidence, pages 38-93        
B2.3 Records of Evidence, pages 94-137        
B2.4 Records of Evidence, pages 138-167        
B2.5 Records of Evidence, pages 168-208        
B2.6 Records of Evidence, pages 209-247        
B3 List of Exhibits, 11 pages        
THE STATE vs ABRAM FISCHER, Supreme Court of South Africa (Transvaal Provincial Division) 
C1 Record of Proceedings, 23 March 1966 
C1.1 Bartholomew Hlapane, Witness, pages 1-85        
C1.2 Petrus Beyleveldt, Witness, pages 86-114        
C1.3 Witnesses, pages 114-166        
C1.4 Witnesses, pages 167-201        
C2 Abram Fischer, Statement from the Dock, 28 March 1966, pages 202-265        
C3 Sentence, by Judge Boshoff, 9 May 1966, pages 1-8