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Collection Index:AGGETT, Dr Neil, Inquest, 1982
Collection Name:AGGETT, Dr Neil, Inquest, 1982
AK2216 AGGETT, Dr Neil   
 Copyright 2006, Historical Papers, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
 Record of Inquest, 9 boxes   
 NOTE: The digitisation of this collection has been made possible with generous funding from the Atlantic Philanthropies Foundation.   
 Some of the records in this collection consist of photocopies of poor quality, which could not be enhanced through the scanning process, particularly in section B - EXHIBITS.   
 Dr Neil Aggett (6 October 1953 - 5 February 1982) was born in Nanyuki, Kenya, and later went to school at the Kingswood College in Grahamstown. In 1976 he completed a medical degree at the University of Cape Town. Having moved to Johannesburg he became actively involved in the trade union movement as an appointed organiser of the Transvaal branch of the African Food and Canning Workers' Union.   
 On the 11 December 1981 Neil Aggett was detained in terms of Section 6 of the Terrorism Act 83 of 1967, initially at the Pretoria Central Prison and later transferred to the notorious police headquarter at John Vorster Square in Johannesburg. On the 5 February 1982 he was found hanging in a cell at John Vorster Square while in the custody of the South African Police, and it was alleged that he had committed suicide.   
 In 1982 an Inquest into the death of Dr Neil Aggett was held. The court held that the cause of death was suicidal hanging and that the death was not brought about by any act amounting to an offence on the part of any person.   
 In May 1982 the Minister of Law and Order et al had brought a case against three respondents, with Mr J.A.E. Aggett, father of the deceased, as Third Respondent. The Minister claimed that an affidavit by the deceased constituted inadmissible evidence and should not he used at the inquest "as it could create irreparable prejudice to the SAP and the State". Part of these proceedings are included in this collection as well.   
 Reference is made to our collection A2505 Dr Jonathan Gluckman.   
EXHIBITS (No photographs)   
A1 Volume I (Volumes 1 and 2, p1-372)   
A1.1 Witnesses   
A1.1.1 John Edward Lloyd (Constable in SAP between 2/1/1979 31/1/1982, p7-15   
A1.1.2 Daniel Hendrik Petrus Zeeley (Constable in SAP), p15-23   
A1.1.3 Vernon Dennis Kemp (District Surgeon of Johannesburg), p23-140   
A1.1.4 Nicolaas Jacobus Scheepers (Doctor senior state pathologist), p140-174   
A1.1.5 Vernon Dennis Kemp (recalled), p174-176   
A1.1.6 Jan Barend Christiaan Botha (Dr. pathologist in private practice), p176-197   
A1.1.7 Johan David Loubser (Professor and Head pathologist), p197-222   
A1.2 Affidavits (presented in the proceedings as 'Exhibits')   
A1.2.1 Christopher Johannes Hendrik Delport (Lietenant in the Prison Services), p(222-)224-225   
A1.2.2 Wessel Johannes Strydom van Niekerk (Lieutenant Colonel in the Prison Services), p225-226   
A1.2.3 Marais Louis E. Smit (Constable in SAP), p226   
A1.2.4 Jacobus Frederik Visser : (Warrant Officer in SAP), p227   
A1.2.5 Paul Anthony Burger (brother in law), p227   
A1.2.6 Jacobus Johannes Mostert (Warrant Officer in SAP), p228   
A1.2.7 Dorothy Elizabeth (Chief professional officer in the chemistry laboratories, Dept of Health, Welfare and Pensions), p228   
A1.2.8 Morris Saayman (Bachelor of Science in chemistry at Wits & employed by government as Assist Chief of the chemical laboratory of Dept of Health)   
A1.2.9 Michael C. Joubert (Sergeant in SAP, attached to the Security Branch at John Vorster Square)   
A1.2.10 Johannes Stefanus Marais, p231 232   
A1.2.11 Christian Stephanus Scholtz (Lieutenant Colonel SAP), p232 233   
A1.2.12 Andries Abraham Stuwig (Captain in SAP at John Vorster Square), p233   
A1.2.13 Theunis Jacobus Swanepoel (Brigadier in S.A.P), p 234 235   
A1.2.14 Johannes Christian Pretorious, p236   
A1.3 Witnesses (continued)   
A1.3.1 James Aggenbach (Sergeant in SAP at John Vorster Square), p 238-285   
A1.3.2 Andre Martin (Constable in SAP at John Vorster Square), p286-297   
A1.3.3 Walter MacPherson (Warrant Officer in SAP at John Vorster Square), p297-323   
A1.3.4 Johannes Stephanus Marais : (Warrant Officer in SAP stationed at John Vorster Square), p324-339   
A1.3.5 Charl Wynand Lambrecht : (Detective Warrant Officer in SAP in the finger printing dept), p340-345   
A1.3.6 Jacob Casper Strauss : (Captain in SAP), p345-365   
A1.3.7 Lawrence Charles Phillip Prince (Detective Warrant Officer in SAP at John Vorster Square), p365-372   
A2 Volume II (p373 769)   
 Witnesses (continued)   
A2.1 Lawrence C.P. Prince (continued), p373 399   
A2.2 Daniel Gert Oosthuizen (Colonel in SAP stationed at John Vorster Square), p400-415   
A2.3 Daniel Dennis Mahoney (Major in SAP in John Vorster Square), p415 433   
A2.4 Masoeu Paul Sehloho (Constable in SAP at John Vorster Square), p434 451   
A2.5 Aletta Gertruida Blom (Detective Sergeant in SAP at John Vorster Square), p452 500   
A2.6 Morris Peter Smithers (he was detained and questioned first at Randburg and then at John Vorster Square in terms at the Terrorism Act)   
A2.7 Jabulani Petrus Khlakla (Lieutenant in the SAP stationed at the Security Branch, John Vorster Square). He took Smithers from Randburg to John Vorster Square, p560 590   
A2.8 Mohani Gedden Maketha (Constable in SAP attached to the Security Police in Vereeniging), p590 639   
A2.9 Caswell Magoro (Lieutenant in SAP at John Vorster Square), p640 690   
A2.10 Abraham Johannes Mouton (Inspector of detainees), p690 - 769   
A3 Volume III (p770-1192)   
 Witnesses (continued)   
A3.1 Abraham Johannes Mouton (continued), p770-772   
A3.2 Aletta Gertruida Blom (recalled), p 772-775   
A3.3 George Mashinini : (Detective Warrant Officer in the SAP stationed at John Vorster Square, Security Branch ), p775-808   
A3.4 Aletta Gertruida Blom (recalled), p808-837   
A3.5 Hendrik Christoffel Muller (Brigadier in SAP in charge of the Security Branch in Johannesburg), p837-1019   
A3.6 Arthur Benoni Cronwright (Major in SAP, station in Security Branch , John Vorster Square), p1019-1192   
A4 Volume IV (p1193-1589)   
 Witnesses (continued)   
A4.1 Evett Louise Breytenbach (friend of the deceased), p 1196-1215   
A4.2 Keith Coleman (detainee), p 1216-1267   
A4.3 Elizabeth Catherine Floyd (girlfriend of the deceased), p 1267-1341   
A4.4 Thabo Lerumo (detainee), p 1341-1388   
A4.5 Ismail Momoniat (detainee), p 1388-1440   
A4.6 Pramanathan Naidoo (prisoner), p 1441-1525   
A4.7 Sisu Njikelana (detainee), p 1526-1589   
A5 Volume V (p1590-1994)   
 Witnesses (continued)   
A5.1 Shirish Nanabhai (prisoner at the fort in Johannesburg), p1590-1638   
A5.2 Gabriel Jabulani Ngwenya (detained by Security Police, he knew Dr Aggett), p1638-1710   
A5.3 Carel Petrus Frederik Jansen van Rensburg (Captain in the Security Police in Johannesburg), p1711-1713   
A5.4 Martin Johan Naude (Captain in SAP and involved in the Security Police in East London), p1713-1794   
A5.5 Karel Johan de Bryn (Detective Warrant Officer in SAP and involved with Security Police in Ladybrand), p1795-1858   
A5.6 Desire Kerr (detective A/O in SAP), p1858-1961   
A5.7 Dirk Jakobus Lucas A/O in SAP (stationed at John Vorster Square), p1961-1987   
A5.8 Johannes Nicolaas Visser (Captain in SAP, in charge of Security Police at John Vorster Square), p1987-1994   
A6 Volume VI (p1995-2398)   
 Witnesses (continued)   
A6.1 Johannes N. Visser (continued), p1995-2010   
A6.2 Daniel Ilardus Swanepoel (Captain in SAP and linked to Security Police in Benoni), p2010-2055   
A6.3 Nicolas Johannes Deetlefs (Detective Warrant Officer in SAP, connected with Security Police in Johannesburg), p2056-2088   
A6.4 Joseph Petrus Woensdregt (Lieutenant in SAP Security Police at John Vorster Square), p2089-2137   
A6.5 Danvey Maphophe (Warrant Officer in SAP attached to Security Branch at John Vorster Square), p2138-2163   
A6.6 Magezi Eddie Chauke (detective Constable in SAP attached to Security Branch in Johannesburg), p2163-2184   
A6.7 James Andrew van Schalkwyk (Detective Sergeant attached to Railway Police), p2184-2225   
A6.8 Stephan Peter Whitehead (Lieutenant in SAP, attached to Security Branch at John Vorster Square), p2225-2398   
A7 Volume VII (p2399-2800)   
 Witnesses (continued)   
A7.1 Stephan Peter Whitehead (continued), p2399-2487   
A7.2 Rulof Jacobus Venter (recalled), p2488-2566   
A7.3 William Smith (Adjutant Officer, John Vorster Square), p2566-2609   
A7.4 Argument, p2610-2648   
A7.5 Ruling on admission of Affidavits, p2649-2659   
A7.6 Auret Denis van Heerden (detainee and friend), p2660-2800   
A8 Volume VIII (p2801-3165)   
 Witnesses (continued)   
A8.1 Dr Norman Jacobson (a doctor, a senior District Surgeon for Johannesburg), p2801-2827   
A8.2 Hendrik Cornelius Jacobus Pitout: (Lieutenant in SAP attached to the Security Branch ), p2827-2854   
A8.3 Norman Jacobson (recalled), p2855-2863   
A8.4 Arthur Benoni Cronwright (recalled), p2863-2920   
A8.5 Carel Jacobus Adriaan Victor (Captain in SAP, stationed at John Vorster Square), p 2921-2951   
A8.6 Charl Vorster : (Professor, clinical pbcologist), p2952-3045   
A8.7 Jan Adriaan Plomp : (Professor), p3045-3165   
A9 Volume IX (p3519-3707)   
A9.1 Judgement   
 The court held: In terms of 516(2) of the Inquest Act, the identity of the deceased was established namely Neil Hudson Aggett, the cause of death was suicidal hanging, date of death was 5 February 1982, and that the death was not brought about by any act or omission involving or amounting to an offence on the part of any person.   
A10 Summary of record (1-271)   
B1 Docket Volume 1 (Volumes 1-3)   
 (Note: Volumes 2 + 3 of Volume 1 are missing/not submitted.)   
B1a Index to Docket Volume 1 / Volumes 1-3, p B1a1-5   
B1.1 Ikululeko Freedom, p1-7   
B1.2 Statement Captain M.J. Naude, p8-10   
B1.3 Finger prints, p11   
B1.4 Statement Captain C.J.A. victor, p12-14   
B1.5 Affidavit by Warrant Officer J.J.F. Mostert, p15-16   
B1.6 Request for Toxicological examination of specimens, p17   
B1.7 Statement by M. Freiman, p18-19   
B1.8 Certificate in terms of S212 (4) and 8 of Criminal Procedure Act, 1977, p20   
B1.9 Affidavit by Constable M.L.T. Smit, p21   
B1.10 Affidavit by Warrant Officer J.F. Visser, p22   
B1.11 Identification of body, p23   
B1.12 Affidavit by Warrant Officer J.J.F. Mostert, p24   
B1.13 Affidavit by Constable A Ntsoane, p25   
B1.14 Statement by Prof N.J. Scheepers, p26   
B1.15 Set of photographs, p27-29   
B1.16 Statement Captain Jansen van Rensburg, p30   
B1.17 Statement by Captain J.C. Strauss, p31-32   
B1.18 Leaflet Peoples Hero= Dr. Neil Aggett, p33   
B1.19 Photograph, P34 Photograph missing (blank space in document)   
B1.20 Enquiry register, p35-40   
B1.21 Statement Warrant Officer W. Macpherson, p41-42   
B1.22 Inventory, p43-45   
B1.23 Statement Warrant Officer J.C. Pretorius, p46   
B1.24 Letter by Magistrate, Pretoria to Director-General, Justice, p47   
B1.25 Letter by Magistrate, Johannesburg to Director-General, p48-51   
B1.26 Report by Inspector of Detainees, p52-55   
B1.27 Letter by Magistrate to Director-General, p56-57   
B1.28 Report by Inspector of Detainees, p58-65   
B1.29 Letter by Magistrate, Johannesburg to Director-General: Justice, p66-67   
B1.30 Statement Warrant Officer Lambrechts, p68   
B1.31 Letter to Warrant Officer Lambrechts, p69   
B1.32 Statement by Warrant Officer Lambrechts, p70-71   
B1.33 Set of photographs, p72-76   
B1.34 Statements by Brigadier T.J Swanepoel, p77-78   
B1.35 Statement by Captain A.A Struwig, p79   
B1.36 Statement by Lt Col C.S. Scholtz, p80   
B1.37 Detention warrant, p81-83   
B1.38 Place and conditions of detention, p84   
B1.39 Statement colonel H.C Mullen, p85   
B1.40 Statement Constable M.P Sehloho, p86-87   
B1.41 Statement Constable A.Martin, p88   
B1.42 Statement Warrant Officer J.S. Marais, p89   
B1.43 Statement Sergeant J.Agenbag, p90-92 (p92 missing/not submitted)   
B2 Docket Volume 2   
 Missing / Not submitted   
B3 Docket Volume 3   
B3a Index to Docket Volume 3   
B3.1 New affidavits by detainees   
B3.1.1 Eric Mntonga - A   
B3.1.2 Frank Chikane -B   
B3.1.3 Barbara Hogan - D (C is missing/not submitted)   
B3.2 Supplementary affidavits by detainees   
B3.2.1 Montgomery Narsoo - E   
B3.2.2 Firoze Cachalia - F   
B3.2.3 Samson Ndau - G   
B3.3 New material made available by police   
B3.3.1 Affidavit by Norman Jacobsen (re Momoniat) - H   
B3.3.2 Affidavit made by Momoniat to Sgt Blom - I   
B3.3.3 Affidavit by Norman Jacobsen (re Nanabhai) - J   
B3.3.4 Affidavit made by Nanabhai to Sgt. Blom - K   
B3.4 Documents already handed in at the inquest but not yet made available to Bell, Dewar and Hall   
B3.4.1 Manuscript of affidavit made by Neil Aggett to Sgt Blom, stating that he has been repeatedly assaulted by the Security police, 4 February 1982 - L   
B3.4.2 Affidavit by Sgt M.S. Joubert - M   
B3.4.3 Search warrant + supporting affidavit - N   
B3.4.4 Inventory by Maj Mahoney (exhibits Y3+ Y4) - O   
B3.5 Other documents which would not be handed in at inquest   
B3.5.1 Statement by Frank Chikane   
B3.5.2 Statement by Thozamile Gqweta   
B3.5.3 Statement by Eric Mntonga   
B3.5.4 Statement by Sisa Njikelana   
B3.5.5 Supplmentary statement by Firoze Cachalia   
B3.5.6 Supplementary statement by Ismail Momoniat   
B3.5.7 Confession by Nanabhai (re Robert Lee matter)   
B3.5.8 Statement made by Nanabhai to police (re Robert Lee matter)   
B3.5.9 Statement made by Naidoo to police (re Robert Lee matter)   
B3.5.10 Confession by Naidoo (re Robert Lee matter)   
B3.5.11 Summary of evidence given by Maj Williamson (trial of AM Fine)   
B3.5.12 Letter from Helen Suzman to Bell Dewar & Hall   
B3.5.13 Affidavits relating to Somerset West incident   
B3.5.14 Note on argument regarding criminal responsibility for induced suicide (D Kuny)   
B3.5.15 Notes on the law relating to suicide (W Lane)   
B3.5.16 Some legal aspects of the Aggett inquest (including relevant portions of Inquests Act and Terrorism Act)   
B3.5.17 Correspondence between Donald B Sole and Ad Hoc Monitoring Group on Southern Africa   
B3.5.18 Statement by Auret van Heerden   
B3.5.19 Statement by Barbara Hogen (not included)   
B3.5.20 Statement made by Lerumo to police and typed transcript   
B3.5.21 Close Comrades' (copy)   
B4 Docket Volume 4   
B4a Index to Docket Volume 4   
B4.1 Auret van Heerden   
B4.1.1 Affidavit by Auret van Heerden - A   
B4.1.2 Main Statement by Auret v Heerden - B   
B4.1.3 Statement on Assaults by Auret van Heerden - C (missing/not submitted   
B4.1.4 Supplementary Statements by Auret van Heerden taken by Gilbert Marcus - D   
B4.1.5 Affidavit by Auret van Heerden's father - E   
B4.1.6 Affidavit by Auret van Heerden's girlfriend - F   
B4.1.7 Affidavit by Gilbert Marcus - G   
B4.1.7.1 Affidavit by Gilbert Marcus with Appendices A-C - G1   
B4.1.8 Letter from Webber Wentzel to Attorney General - H   
B4.2 Barbara Hogan   
B4.2.1 Affidavit by Barbara Hogan - I   
B4.2.2 Statement by Barbara Hogan - J (missing/not submitted)   
B4.3 Other   
B4.3.1 Portion of record : State v. Gaba + others - K   
B4.3.2 Speech by le Granje - L   
B4.3.3 Points on le Granjes speech - M   
B5 Docket Volume 5   
B5a Index to Docket Volume 5   
B5.1 New affidavits by police and district surgeon   
B5.1.1 A/O William Smith - A   
B5.1.2 Lieutenant Roelof Jacobus Venter - B   
B5.1.3 Lieutenant Johannes Jacobus Steyn - C   
B5.1.4 A/O Cornelis Hendrik van der Merwe - D   
B5.1.5 A/O Adriaan Jacobus Booysen - E   
B5.1.6 A/O Damvey Maphophe - F   
B5.1.7 District Surgeon Jacobson - G   
B5.2 New affidavits related to Auret van Heerden   
B5.2.1 Affidavit of Gilbert John Marcus - H   
B5.2.2 Affidavit of Dennis Antonie van Heerden - I   
B5.2.3 Affidavit of Ruth Estelle Becker - J   
B5.2.4 Affidavit of Ivan Cohen (written) - K   
B5.2.5 Affidavit of Ivan Cohen (typed) - L   
B5.2.6 Affidavit of Deputy Attorney General Swanepoel - M   
B5.3 Heads of Argument regarding Admissibility of certain further Affidavits tendered on behalf of the family of the deceased - N   
B5.4 Recently released hand-written notes of Neil Aggett while in detention   
B5.4.1 Notes made between the 25th and 28th January - exhibit FFF2 - O   
B5.4.2 Rough notes made on the weekend of the 28th January - exhibit FFF3 - P   
B5.4.2.1 Typed transcript of notes - exhibit FFF3 - P1   
B5.4.3 Neater notes made on the same weekend - exhibit FFF4 - Q   
B6 Docket Volume 6   
B6a Index to Docket Volume 6   
B6.1 Vorster, Charl, Affidavit - A (missing/not submitted)   
B6.2 Plomp, J A, Affidavit - B   
B6.3 Plom, J A, Translation of affidavit - C   
B6.4 Vorster, Charl, Note on discussions - D   
B6.5 Wolf, Z, Note on discussions - E   
B6.6 Plom, J A, Translation of affidavit - F   
B6.7 Lane, W, Note on psychological aspects with annotations by Liz Floyd - G   
B6.8 Tyson, G, Notes on Plomp affidavit - H   
B6.9 Other Psychological material   
B6.9.1 Textbook of Psychiatry - Notes by Alfred M Freedman, Harold I Kaplan and Benjamin J Sadock - I   
B6.9.2 Textbook of Psychiatry - Contribution by Harold I Kaplan, Alfred J Freedman and Benamin J Sadock - J   
B6.9.3 Textbook of Psychiatry by Henderson and Gillespie - K   
B6.9.4 Guide to Psychiatry by Myre Sim, 1974 - L   
B6.9.5 Social Psychiatry by Mayer Gross - M   
B7 Docket Volume 7   
B7a Index to Docket Volume 7   
 Psychological material   
B7.1 Sakinofsky, Isaac Suicide in doctors and wives of doctors - N   
B7.2 Sakinofsky, Isaac letter to British Medical Journal - O   
B7.3 Tyson, G Points relating to alleged torure of detainess - P   
B7.4 Kelman, Herbert c violence without moral restraint Journal of social Issues, 1973 - Q   
B7.5 West, L.J Psychosis of sleep deprivation - R   
B7.6 West, L.J The act of violence - S   
B7.7 West, L.J The Psychobiology of racial violence - T   
B7.8 West, L.J Dissociative reaction - U   
B7.9 Vorster, Charl Draft note on solitary confinement - V   
B7.10 Vorster, Charl Draft report dated 3 April 1982 - W   
B7.11 Ames, Frances letter to W. Lane dated 28 Sept 1982 - X   
B7.12 Riekert, J Note on solitary confinement - Y   
B7.13 Nash, Eleanor S Psychological manipulation, sensory deprivation, social isolation, interrogation and indoctrination - Z   
B7.14 Ames, Frances Brian dysfunction in detainees - AA   
B7.15 Tyson, G Report on Firose Cachalia - BB   
B7.16 Tyson, G Note on Ismail Momoniat - CC   
B7.17 West, L J outline of proposed testimony - DD   
B7.18 Tyson, G Psychological effects of detention - EE   
B8 Docket Volume 8   
B8a Index to Docket Volume 8   
B8.1 Unsworn statement of Captain Martin Johan Naude   
B8.2 Affidavit of Constable John Edward Lloyd with annexed copy of a page from the "parcel register"   
B8.3 Finger prints of Neil Aggett   
B8.4 Affidavit of Carel Jacobus Adriaan Victor   
B8.5 Post-mortem report by Medical Officers and Officials at the Government Mortuary   
B8.6 Affidavit by Carel Petrus Frederik Jansen van Rensburg   
B8.7 Affidavit by Captain Jacob Casper Strauss   
B8.8 Leaflet calling for mass rally for Dr Neil Aggett on the the 13 February 1982   
B8.9 Affidavit by constable Daniel Hendrik Petrus Zeelie   
B8.10 Detainees receipt signed by N H Aggett on 11-12-1981   
B8.11 Schedule of returned articles signed by constable Lloyd dated 18-12-1981   
B8.12 Detainees receipt signed by N H Aggett dated 18-12-1981   
B8.13 Detainees receipt signed by N H Aggett dated 22-12-1981   
B8.14 Detainees receipt signed by N H Aggett dated 23-12-1982   
B8.15 Schedule of returned articles signed by Constable Zeelie dated 29-12-1981   
B8.16 Detainees receipt signed by NH Aggett dated 5-1-1982   
B8.17 Schedule of returned articles signed by Sergeant Joubert on Friday 1982   
B8.18 Detainees receipt signed by NH Aggett dated 11-1-1982   
B8.19 Detainees receipt signed by NH Aggett dated 18-1-1983   
B8.20 Detainees receipt signed by NH Aggett dated 22-1-1984   
B8.21 Detainees receipt signed by NH Aggett dated 2-2-1985   
B8.22 Deleted (9 pages duplicates)   
B8.23 Document entitled "Navrae Register" Enquiry Register signed by NH Aggett and W MacPherson   
B8.24 Affidavit by Warrant Officer Walter MacPherson   
B8.25 Inventory drawn up by Captain CJA Victor and Warrant Oficer JC Pretorius of the contents of Cell Number 209, John Vorster Square on 5-2-1982   
B8.26 Affidavit by Warrant Officer Johannes Christiaan Pretorius   
B8.27 Pro-forma affidavit regarding finger prints of NH Aggett   
B8.28 SAP 191 form in respect of NH Aggett   
B8.29 Affidavit by Brigadier Theunis Jacobus Swanepoel   
B8.30 Affidavit by Captain Andries Abraham Struwig   
B8.31 Affidavit by Lieutenant Colonel Christiaan Stefanus Scholtz   
B8.32 Warrant of detention for Neil Aggett in terms of Section 6 of the Terrorism Act 83 of 1967, dated 11 December 1981   
B8.33 Place and condition of detention of Neil Aggett under Section 22 of the General Law Amendment Act no. 62 of 1966   
B8.34 Affidavit by Colonel Hendrik Christoffel Muller   
B8.35 Affidavit by Constable Mosoeu Paul Sehloho   
B8.36 Affidavit by Constable Andre Martin   
B8.37 Affidavit by Warrant Officer Johannes Stephanus Marais   
B8.38 Affidavit by Sergeant James Agenbag   
B8.39 Copy of a page from the Cell Register for the month of December 1981   
B8.40 Copy of a page from the Cell Register for the month of February 1982   
B8.41 Copies of 53 pages of the John Vorster Square Cells Occurance Book dating from 11 December 1981 to 5 February 1982   
B8.42 Affidavit by Warrant Officer Karel Johan De Bruin   
B8.43 Affidavit by Captain Johannes Nicolaas Visser   
B8.44 Affidavit by Warrant Officer Disre Carr   
B8.45 Affidavit by Captain Daniel Elardus Swanepoel   
B8.46 Affidavit by Warrant Officer Nicolaas Johannes Deetlefs   
B8.47 Affidavit by Lieutenant Stephan Peter Whitehead   
B8.48 Affidavit by James andrew Van Schalkwyk   
B8.49 Affidavit by Warrant Officer Walter MacPherson   
B8.50 Affidavit by Detective Sergeant Aletta Gertruida Blom   
B8.51 Affidavit by Detective Constable Magezi Eddie Chauke   
B8.52 Afficavit by Detective Sergeant James Andrew Van Schalkwyk   
B8.53 Affidavit by Lieutenant Stephan Peter Whitehead   
B8.54 Affidavit by Arthur Benoni Cronwright   
B8.55 Affidavit by Neil Aggett (see B3.4.1)   
B8.56 Letter from Regional Court President to Senior Public Prosecutor Johannesburg   
B8.57 Letter from Regional Court President to Senior Public Prosecutor dated 25-2-1982   
B8.58 Affidavit by Captain Daniel Almbrechtz Brand   
B8.58b Affidavit by Dirk Jakobus Lucas (Afrikaans)   
B8.59 Copies of 7 pages from the Meal Register relating to Neil Aggett   
B8.60 Report by Magistrate AH Louw, regarding visit to Dr Aggett on 11-12-81, which report is dated 15-12-81   
B8.61 Report by Chief Magistrate of Johannesburg regarding visit by Magistrate PC Van Der Merwe on 17 December 1981, which report is dated 18 December 1981   
B8.62 Report by Chief Magistrate of Johannesburg regarding visit by Magistrate PC Van Der Merwe on 29 December 1981, which report is dated 29 December 1981   
B8.63 Report of Inspector of Detainees regarding visits to Dr Aggett by him on 23-12-1981 and 4-1-1982 which report is dated 6-1-1982   
B8.64 Report by Chief Magistrate of Johannesburg regarding visit by Magistrate AGJ Wessels on 6 January 1982, which report is dated 7 January 1982   
B8.65 Report by Inspector of Detainees regarding his visit to Dr Aggett on 23 December 1981, which report is dated 24-12-1981   
B8.66 Report by Inspector of Detainees regarding his visit to Dr Aggett on 22 January 1982, which report is dated 25 January 1982   
B8.67 Report by Chief Magistrate of Johannesburg regarding visit by Magistrate AGJ Wessels on 18 January 1982, which report is dated 19 January 1982   
B8.68 Afficavit by Michael Stephen Joubert dated 2 March 1982   
B8.69 Affidavit by Wessel Johannes Strydom Van Niekerk dated 10 March 1982   
B8.70 Affidavit by Josephus Johannes Hendrik Delport dated 10 March 1982   
B8.71 Affidavit by Alette Gertruida Blom dated 10 March 1982   
B8.72 Affidavit by Colonel Daniel Gert Oosthuizen dated 9 March 1982   
B8.73 Signed statement of NH Aggett dated 6 January 1982, 7 January 1982 and 8 January 1982   
B8.74 Unsigned and undated second statement of NH Aggett, as typed   
B8.75 Statement of Dr West   
B8.76 Post mortem report by family Pathologist   
B8.77 Psychiatric report by Dr Zalman Wolff   
 The applicants being the Minister of Law and Order, the South African Transport Services and four members of the Security Police, objected to the reference to Neil Aggett's Affidavit, dated 4 February 1982 during the Inquest. One of the Respondents was John Aubrey Edward Aggett, Neil Aggett's father.   
C1 Main Heads of Argument Concerning admissibility of evidence. Affidavits.   
C1.1 Applicants' Heads of Argument   
C1.2 Third Respondent's Main Heads of Argument   
C1.3 Index; Notice of Motion; Affidavits, p 1a1-4, 1-126   
C2 Heads of Argument presented on behalf of the family of the deceased, by Adv. G. Bizos, p1-196   
C3 Preparatory records file   
C3a Index to Main file   
C3.1 Transcripts of Proceedings - B   
C3.2.1 Some legal aspects of the Aggett Inquest - D1   
C3.2.2 Legal argument on induced suicide - D2   
C3.3.1 Notes - EF1   
C3.3.2 Memoranda to Counsel - EF2   
C3.4 Report to MASA - G   
C3.5 Sundry statements - H   
C3.6 Interrogtion chart - IJK   
C3.7 Note on BRUFEN - LM   
C3.8 Notes on Neil Aggett's cell - NO   
C3.9.1 Comparison of First and Second Statements by Neil Aggett, typed - S1   
C3.9.2 Second Statement by Neil Aggett, handwritten. It includes the phrase "I am also an idealist", which was omitted from the typed transcript of the statement submitted to the family. - S2   
C3.10 Sundry - UVW   
C4 Judgement, Supreme Court, Transvaal Provincial Division, Case 6533/1982   
 The Judgement allowed Neil Aggett's Affidavit of his torture to be included in the Inquest. 4 June 1982   
D1 Attorney Reports / Memoranda re. Inquest   
D2 Attorney correspondence re. Inquest   
 2 news paper clips relating to demands by Neil Aggett's family and friends to re-open the case of Neil Aggett's death in police custody, 2013