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Collection Index:DELMAS TREASON TRIAL 1985-1989
Collection Name:DELMAS TREASON TRIAL 1985-1989
AK2117 DELMAS TREASON TRIAL, 1985 - 1989   
 Copyright 2012, Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
 Digitisation Notes:   
 A generous grant from The Atlantic Philanthropies funded the digitisation of court records - Sections I, K, L (July 2009)   
 The digitisation of the Evidence - Section J - was made possible by a generous grant from Carnegie Corporation (September 2012)   
 Sections A-H and S have not been digitised yet.   
 This inventory (No.21) describes the Records of the State vs. P.M. Baleka and others, commonly referred to as the Delmas Treason Trial.   
 The records came to Historical Papers in various instalments, the bulk of which were donated by Advocate Gilbert Marcus. Trial material was also added by Advocate George Bizos and the legal firm of Cheadle, Thompson and Haysom. The result is the most complete set of records pertaining to the trial available in South Africa.   
 This inventory describes 223 boxes of Delmas Treason Trial Records. The records include the charge, indictment, applications for discharge, bail applications, admissions, evidence and argument, exhibits, judgment, pronouncement of sentence and the appeal.   
 These records also contain material relating to the dismissal of the assessor and important items collected by the Defence such as indexes to the trial, trial summaries, statements, affidavits and memoranda. Notes, statements and memoranda by the accused, particularly Popo Molefe, are also included.   
 The records are a rich source for those researching state repression and opposition politics in the 1980's. They are of considerable interest to lawyers, historians, sociologists and political scientists. There is much about opposition to the tri-cameral parliament, the United Democratic Front, the Vaal Triangle, Azanian People's Organisation, civic associations, the Freedom Charter, the African National Congress, education, Inkatha and the South African Council of Churches.   
 Michele Pickover   
 The Delmas Treason Trial, so named because it was heard in Delmas for the first eighteen months, was one of the longest running political trials in South African legal history. It commenced on 16 October 1985 and ended on 8 December 1988, lasting 437 court days. The Record of Evidence and Argument consists of 459 volumes and runs to 27 194 pages. Documents, consisting of 14 425 pages, as well as forty two videos and audio tapes, five rolls of 16mm film and numerous photographs and maps were handed in as exhibits during the trial.   
 The trial involved people belonging to the management structures of the United Democratic Front, its affiliates and persons supporting and sympathetic to the UDF. It also included a member of AZANYO, a priest and a trade unionist.   
 At the end of the state's case in November 1986 the defence applied for the discharge of all of the accused. The defence contended that the State had not made a case against the accused. The judge, however, only discharged three of the accused. At the same time six of the accused were released on bail. The remaining ten were released on bail in June 1987. This left the "UDF Three" (Molefe, Lekota and Chikane) inside prison. Each accused was released on bail of R15 000 and they had to report twice daily to a police station whenever they were not in court. They were not allowed to enter the black townships of the Vaal - 14 of the accused were from the Vaal. Bail of eight of the accused was withdrawn when judgment began in November 1988.   
 When the trial started in Delmas in November 1985 the judge sought the assistance of two assessors. On 10 March 1987 one of the assessors, Professor W Joubert, was dismissed by the judge. Joubert had signed a UDF Million Signature Campaign petition. The judge consequently ruled that Joubert would not be able to dispassionately decide the issues in the case since the UDF MSC formed part of the state's case. As a result of this the accused brought three applications for the quashing of the trial, the recusal of the judge and the recusal of the other assessor. The grounds of the applications were that the judge was biased and that the remaining assessor was a member of the Broederbond and could therefore not judge the issues dispassionately. All three applications were dismissed.   
 The indictment consisted of 368 pages. This was increased to more than 565 pages when particulars were sought by the defence, and when the state was granted leave to amend the indictment. The indictment started in January 1983 until July 1985. The central thesis of the state's case was that the UDF intended to violently overthrow the state. It was alleged that this goal was pursued by the UDF itself or by the UDF in conspiracy with the ANC. The accused were consequently charged with treason. Alternatives to this charge were three counts of terrorism, two counts of subversion, five counts of murder and one of furthering the aims of an unlawful organisation. Nine hundred and eleven co-conspirators were named in the charge sheet. Fifty youth, women, labour, civic and church organizations were also named as part of the conspiracy, for example, the Soweto Civic Association, the Vaal Civic Association, COSAS and AZASO.   
 The state argued that the UDF was formed as a result of a call made by ANC President, Oliver Tambo, on 8 January 1983. It was alleged that the call was taken up by ANC supporters and sympathisers inside South Africa and as a result the UDF was launched nationally in Cape Town on 20 August 1983. The UDF took up campaigns and issues which were a source of grievance within the community. These included the new constitution, the Black local authorities, education, removals, group areas, homelands, release of political prisoners etc. The state alleged that these campaigns and issues were identified by the ANC and then pursued by the UDF as part of the conspiracy to overthrow the government. The state further alleged that the UDF popularised the ANC at its meetings through freedom songs and poems and that the language used by the UDF and the ANC was similar.   
 The state also contended that the UDF was responsible for the violence which broke out in some 31 areas throughout the country. (This number was reduced to 23 areas at the end of the state's case). It argued that the UDF saw its affiliated civic organizations as "alternative structures" to the local authorities. It was alleged that they were to be organs of "People's Power". The state sought to interpret the meaning of "People's Power" as the forcible seizure of power.   
 The state relied on documents purportedly issued by the ANC and its allies. These documents were Sechaba, Dawn, Umsebenzi, Mavibuye and VOW. It also relied on minutes of the UDF National and Regional Executive Committee meetings. Documents produced as evidence of a conspiracy with the ANC included the UDF Launch Booklet, UDF Launch Resolutions, UDF News, UDF Update, and various community newspapers such as Speak, Saspu National, Grassroots and The Eve.   
 The defence case was that the UDF had its origins from a call made by Dr Allan Boesak at an Anti-SAIC meeting in January 1983. The defence argued that this call was made after the Labour Party decision to participate in the Tricameral Parliament. It argued that the UDF was formed in order to oppose the New Constitution and the Koornhof Bills and that it sought to unite existing organizations such as the Natal and Transvaal Indian Congresses, COSAS, SCA and AZASO.   
 The defence argued that the UDF's opposition to the Tricameral Parliament was inseparable from its opposition to the Black local authorities. The UDF believed in a united, non-racial, democratic South Africa and the Black local authorities structures were therefore seen as an unacceptable substitute for meaningful political rights for blacks. The Black local authorities were seen to be administratively impotent because they could not effect any of their major decisions without the approval of the white member of parliament under whose department they fell.   
 The defence led evidence with the objective of demonstrating that issues allegedly initiated by the ANC and allegedly taken up by the UDF were in fact long standing grievances within the black community and that they pre-dated the formation of the UDF. The accused denied knowledge of a conspiracy to overthrow the state either in conspiracy with the ANC or with other members of the UDF or its affiliates. The accused argued that the UDF was an independent, non-violent organisation.   
 In his judgment the judge found that the dominant leadership of the UDF acted as the internal wing of the ANC. However, he pointed out that not all the affiliates of the UDF nor all the persons in the indictment were co-conspirators. He found that the UDF was conceived by the ANC and that, since its launch, the UDF had consistently popularised the ANC and fomented distrust and hatred amongst blacks against the government.   
 The judge found that the "dominant core" of the UDF leadership formulated and executed a policy of mass organisation whilst fomenting a revolutionary climate leading to mass action against state institutions. Violence was an intended, necessary and inevitable component of such action by the masses. He also found that the UDF, AZAPO, COSAS and AZASO were revolutionary organisations and that the Transvaal Indian Congress was sympathetic to the South African Communist Party.   
 The trial ended with the conviction of 11 defendants. Four were convicted of treason, Thomas Madikwe Manthata, Popo Simon Molefe, Mosiuoa Gerard Patrick Lekota and Moses Mabokela Chikane. Lekota was sentenced to twelve years imprisonment, Molefe and Chikane to ten years and Manthata to six years. Malindi, Mokoena, Mphuthi, Nkopane, Hlanyane, Matlole and Ramagula were convicted of terrorism. Malindi was sentenced to five years imprisonment and the remaining defendants received suspended sentences with severe restrictions on their rights to freedom of speech and association.   
 In 1989 the case went on appeal and the judgment was set aside.   
 AFCWU African Food and Canning Workers Union   
 ANC African National Congress   
 AZAPO Azanian Peoples' Organisation   
 AZASM Azanian Students' Movement   
 AZASO Azanian Students' Organisation   
 BSS Black Students' Society   
 CCAWUSA Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers Union   
 COSAS Congress of South African Students   
 COSATU Congress of South African Trade Unions   
 CRASCO Cradock Students' Council   
 CUSA Council of Unions of South Africa   
 DESCOM Detainees' Support Committee   
 DHAC Durban Housing Action Committee   
 DPSC Detainees' Parents Support Committee   
 ECC End Conscription Campaign   
 ERAPO East Rand People's Organisation   
 FC Freedom Charter   
 FCCA Federation of Cape Civic Associations   
 FEDSAW Federation of South African Women   
 FEDTRAW Federation of Transvaal Women   
 GAWU General and Allied Workers Union   
 GRACA Grahamstown Community Association   
 JODAC Johannesburg Democratic Action Committee   
 MSC Million Signature Campaign   
 NECC National Education Crisis Committee   
 NEUSA National Education Union of South Africa   
 NGC National General Council   
 NIC Natal Indian Congress   
 NUSAS National Union of South African Students   
 OAU Organisation of African Unity   
 PC President's Council   
 RCA Ratanda Civic Association   
 AMC Release Mandela Campaign   
 SAAWU South African Allied Workers Union   
 SACC South African Council of Churches   
 SACP South African Communist Party   
 SADF South African Defence Force   
 SADWU South African Domestic Workers Union   
 SAIC South African Indian Council   
 SAIRR South African Institute of Race Relations   
 SARHWU South African Railways and Harbour Workers Union   
 SASPU South African Students' Press Union   
 SAYCO South African Youth Congress   
 SCA Soweto Civic Association   
 SOYCO Soweto Youth Congress   
 TIC Transvaal Indian Congress   
 UDF United Democratic Front   
 VCA Vaal Civic Association   
 1. P.M. Baleka   
 2. O.J. Hlomoka   
 3. T.G. Moselane   
 4. M.L. More   
 5. G.P. Malindi   
 6. M.P. Mokoena   
 7. T.D. Mphuthi   
 8. N.M. Nkopane   
 9. T.E. Ramagula   
 10. B.H. Vilikazi   
 11. S.J. Mokoena   
 12. M.A. Malindi   
 13. S.T. Nkoli   
 14. P.J. Tlhopane   
 15. S.J. Hlanyane   
 16. T.M. Manthata   
 17. H.S. Matlole   
 18. M.S. Vilikazi   
 19. P.S. Molefe   
 20. M.G.P. Lekota   
 21. M.M. Chikane   
 22. T.A. Ratsomo   
 Accused 4, 12 and 18 were discharged.   
 Accused 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 15 and 17 were found guilty of terrorism   
 Accused 16, 19, 20 and 21 were found guilty of treason.   
Charge and Indictment   
Defence Request for Further Particulars   
Defence Request for Further and Better Particulars   
State's Reply to Defence Request for Further and Better Particulars   
Application for Discharge   
Judgment on Application for Discharge   
Bail Applications   
Defence Admissions   
Evidence and Argument   
Closing Arguments   
Defence Evidence Relevant to Sentence   
Defence Argument in Mitigation of Sentence   
Pronouncement of Sentence   
Dismissal of Assessor, Professor Joubert   
Judgments Handed Down During the Trial   
Material Collected by the Defence   
A1 Charge Sheets   
A2 Annexure to Charge 339p   
A3 Indictment (Four Volumes)   
A4 Accused's' Response to Paragraphs 67-77 of the Indictment (the Vaal)   
A5 Analysis of Paragraphs 66 and 67   
A6 Schedule of Potential Problematic Areas in the Indictment   
A7 Preliminary Analysis of the Structure of the Indictment 19p   
A8 Notes on the Indictment   
A9 Schedule of References to Persons other than the Accused   
A10 Schedule of References to the Accused 26p   
A11 Analysis in Respect of the Charge of Treason   
A12 Documents Relied on in the Indictment and Further Particulars   
A13 Analysis of the Indictment   
A14 Amendments to Indictment Affecting the Accused   
A15 Analysis of the Indictment   
A16 Objection by the Accused in Terms of Section 85 of the Criminal Procedure Act   
B1 Request, August 1985   
B2 State's Reply, October 1985   
C1 Volume A, p 1 - 46   
C2 Volume B, p 47 - 136   
C3 Volume C, p 137 - 236 (includes Judgment)   
E1 Defence Argument and Memoranda 2 boxes   
E1.1 Accused's' Heads of Argument 152p and 27p   
E1.2 The Case Against the Accused and Reasons for Discharge 132p   
E1.3 The UDF Side of the Case 148p   
E1.4 Judgment in State v Naidoo, 1965   
E1.5 Documents found possession of Accused No's: 1 - 6, 12 - 14, 16 - 22   
E1.6 Documents relating to the Launch of the UDF   
E1.7 Documents Authored by the Accused   
E1.8 Notes on documents Relied On   
E1.9 The Case Against Molefe, Lekota and Chikane   
E1.10 Allegations in the Indictment concerning the Violent Overthrow of the Government Emerging from Documents Relied On   
E1.11 Notes on UDF National Executive Committee Meetings   
E2 State's Reply 4 boxes   
E2.1 P 1 - 368   
E2.2 p 369 - 754   
E2.3 p 755 - 1122   
E2.4 p 1123 - 1331   
BAIL APPLICATIONS 1985 - 1989 6 boxes   
G1(a) First Bail Application 1985 2f   
 Notice of Motion   
 Accused's' Response to State Affidavits   
 Applicants Main Heads of Argument   
 Rulings re new conditions of bail   
G1 Second Bail Application 1986 11f   
G1.1 Notice of Motion   
G1.2 Application (includes affidavits of the accused)   
G1.3 Applicants Main Heads of Argument   
G1.4 The Use of Assessors in Bail Applications   
G1.5 State's Notice of Opposition and Argument Against the Application   
G1.6 Affidavits   
G1.7 Applicants reply to Affidavits   
G1.8 Judgment   
G1.9 Defence Correspondence with Attorney-General of the Transvaal   
G1.10 Memorandum by G. Marcus. Bail: Selected Issues   
G2 Third Bail Application January - June 1987   
G2.1(a) Applicants' Founding Affidavit   
G2.1 State's Reply February 1987   
G2.1.1 Notice of Opposition   
G2.1.2 Index   
G2.1.3 Statement: Captain FPR Botha   
G2.1.4 Sechaba, March 1986   
G2.1.5 Sechaba, April 1986   
G2.1.6 UDF Update, Vol 2, No 3, November 1986   
G2.1.7 Isizwe, Voll, No 3, November 1986   
G2.1.8 State President's Address, 12 December 1986   
G2.1.9 Pamphlet: Noordregulasies and Media   
G2.1.10 Statement by Captain JF Conradie   
G2.1.11 SAYCO pamphlet: Free the Sharpeville Six   
G2.1.12 Pamphlet: Consumer Boycott   
G2.1.13 ANC pamphlet: Defeat Botha's Emergency   
G2.1.14 ANC pamphlet: Rent Boycott   
G2.1.15 UDF pamphlet: Christmas Against the Emergency, 1986   
G2.1.16 Statement by Lekoa Town Council   
G2.1.17 Statement by JP Kleynhans (SAP)   
G2.1.18 UDF memorandum: From Protest to Challenge   
G2.1.19 Notes on the Aims of Civics Conference   
G2.1.20 Statement by Captain JA Lubbe   
G2.1.21 Notes on Krugersdorp Residents' Organisation   
G2.1.22 Statement by PJ Wiederman   
G2.1.23 Memorandum on the Theory of the South African Revolution, October 1986, Youth National Congress   
G2.1.24 Report of the NEC of the ANC, June 1985   
G2.1.25 SARHWU leaflet   
G2.1.26 UDF Workshop Report on the Campaign for United National Action   
G2.1.27 CCAWUSA leaflet   
G2.1.28 Joint MAWU/COSATU leaflet on repression   
G2.1.29 COSATU leaflet on repression   
G2.1.30 Publication on the Freedom Charter   
G2.1.31 Statement by CTM De Vries   
G2.1.32 Leaflet on Street Defence Committees   
G2.1.33 Statement by Major CJE Van Wyk   
G2.1.34 Leaflet issued by Alexandra Action Committee   
G2.1.35 Memorandum : Organising for People's Power, May 1986   
G2.1.36 Statement by Co10nel WC Pretorius   
G2.1.37 Leaflet issued by Duduza Stay-Away Committee   
G2.1.38 Statement by Lt-Col. GH Nel   
G2.1.39 Statement by SC Venter   
G2.1.40 Ratanda Civic Association pamphlet   
G2.1.41 DPSC leaflet - Release our People   
G2.1.42 UDF News, June 1986   
G2.1.43 Statement by TJ Hough (SAP)   
G2.1.44 Report of the ANC to OAU Coordinating Committee for   
 the Liberation of Africa, July 1986   
G2.1.45 Graffiti   
G2.1.46 Lingelihle (Cradock) SRC Committee pamphlet   
G2.1.47 Pamphlet issued by Cradock Students' Council   
G2.1.48 NECC Conference speech   
G2.1.49 NECC leaflet   
G2.1.50 Minutes of Cradock Students' Council Meeting, Apr 1986   
G2.1.51 Notes on Missing People   
G2.1.52 Leaflet on Cape College   
G2.1.53 Cradock Students' Council Meeting, 1986   
G2.1.54 List of Important Historical Events   
G2.1.55 Leaflet issued by E. Cape Students' Council   
G2.1.56 Education Charter Campaign leaflets   
G2.1.57 Leaflet: Resist Victimisation and Banning   
G2.1.58 Leaflet: Christmas Against the Emergency   
G2.1.59 Statement by Captain FPR Botha   
G2.1.60 Statement by SJ Coetzer   
G2.1.61 Leaflet found in Delmas   
G2.1.62 Statement by DB Brunette   
G2.1.63 Statement by Lt. DB Erasmus   
G2.1.64 Charge sheet in S v TE Mokhele   
G2.1.65 Statement by Major PEJ Kruger   
G2.1.66 Statement by Captain FPR Botha   
G2.2 Defence Reply   
G2.2.1 Applicants Affidavits   
G2.2.2 Supplementary Affidavits. Includes affidavits by Azhar Cachalia, AEM Dawber, J. Duarte, E. Makue, P. Mokaba, B. Monama, Beyers Maude and Sisa Njikelana   
G2.2.3 Memorandum prepared by Zac Yacoob   
G2.3 State's Supplementary Papers June 1987   
G2.3.1 Statement by Captain FPR Botha. Includes:   
 ANC Planning Document, 1987   
 Sechaba, January 1987   
 Mavibuye, No's 1, 2, 3, 1987   
 Voice of Women, No 1, 1987   
 Isizwe, Vol 1 no's 2 and 4, 1987   
 Press cuttings, 1987   
 Schedule of conditions of release of R. Sa10ojee   
 President's Statement to Parliament, June 1987   
 UDF News, June 1987 (Transvaal)   
G2.3.2 Statement by Captain JF Conradie.   
G2.3.3 Statement by TJ Hough concerning Cradock   
G2.3.4 Statement by Captain JJH Van Jaarsveld   
G2.3.5 Statement by EHK Mattysen   
G2.3.6 Statement by GJ Mynhard   
G2.3.7 Statement by CL Prins10o   
G2.3.8 State's Heads of Argument   
G2.4 Defence Reply to State's Supplementary Papers   
G2.4.1 Applicants Memorandum and Affidavits   
G2.4.2 Main Heads of Argument   
G2.4.3 Notes   
G2.5 Judgment   
G3 Fourth Bail Application November 1987 8f   
 Application by: Molefe, Lekota and Chikane   
G3.1 Index   
G3.2 Notice of Motion   
G3.3 Conditions of Bail   
G3.4 Application for Bail   
G3.5 Applicants Affidavits   
G3.6 Affidavits of John Kane-Berman and J. Duarte   
G3.7 State's Notice of Intention to Oppose   
G3.8 Affidavit of FPR Botha 72p. Includes:   
 UDF Calendar, 1987   
 Sechaba, September 1987   
 Sechaba, April 1987   
 Isizwe, Vol 1, no 1., Sept 1987   
 UDF National Working Committee Conference, May 1987   
 Sechaba, February 1987   
 Poster concerning political prisoners   
 COSATU Second National Congress Report, 1987   
 Sechaba, October 1987   
 COSATU Education document on the UDF, 1987   
 Grassroots, October 1987   
 Graphs concerning terrorist attacks, 1976 - 1987   
 Summary of Acts of Terrorism   
 Document concerning strategy objectives   
 SAYCO poster concerning Tambo's 70th birthday   
G3.9 Affidavit of JF Conradie   
 Includes the fol10wing annexures:   
 SAYCO pamphlet: Save the 32 South African Patriots   
 Leaflet: Stay at Home   
 Leaflet: Community Organisation   
 Leaflet: Stay-Away   
 Leaflet issued by the Vaal Civic Association   
 Leaflet concerning Vaal evictions   
 UDF sticker - Unban the ANC!   
 NEUSA/UDF pamphlet: Goniwe Day   
 COSATU pamphlet concerning the NUM strike   
 AZAPO pamphlet: Remember Biko Rally   
 AZAPO sticker: Azania shall prevail   
 CCAWUSA sticker   
 SAYCO leaflet: Tambo's 70th birthday   
 SAYCO leaflet: Cultural Festival   
 SADWU Newsletter, Vol 1, No 1   
 OASSSA pamphlet on detention   
 Vaal Civic Association document on rents   
 COSATU Information Bulletin, October 1987   
G3.10 Affidavit of EHK Matthysen   
G3.11 Affidavit of DB Brunette   
G3.12 Affidavit of Henning Brand   
G3.13 Applicants' General Memorandum   
G3.14 State's Notice of Delivery of Further Declaration   
G3.15 Respondent's Heads of Argument   
G4 Fifth Bail Application 1988   
 Applicants' Main Heads of Argument   
 Respondents' Heads of Argument   
 Umsebenzi, First Quarter 1988   
 The African Communist, First Quarter 1988   
 UDF National Working Committee Conference, May 1987   
 ANC Message, 8 January 1988   
 UDF New Year's Message, 1988   
 South, Feb/March 1988   
 Minutes of UDF Meetings, 1983 - 1984   
 UDF Update, Vol 2, no 3, November 1986   
 Applicants' Replying Memorandum   
 Notes on the Attitude of the Attorney-General   
G5 Sixth Bail Application 1989   
H1 Admissions in terms of Section 220 - AAS(1)   
H2 Admissions in terms of Section 220 - AAS(2)   
H3 Admissions in terms of Section 220 - AAS(3)   
H4 Admissions in terms of Section 220 - AAS(4)   
H5 Admissions in terms of Section 220 - AAS(5)   
H6 Clarification and Amplification of AAS(4)   
H7 AAS(6) and AAS(7)   
H8 AAS(8)   
H9 AAS(9)   
H10 AD Paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of the Annexure to the Indictment and Exhibit A   
 For some of the judgements and rulings - which were revised and submitted later, therefor not included in the volumes - please also refer to Section R in this inventory.   
I1 STATE CASE 20 Jan - 17 Nov 1986, Vols 1-157, 7649 p.   
I1.1 Volumes 1-6 pages 1-321   
I1.1.1 Vol 1 p 1-15. Opening arguments   
I1.1.2 Vol 2 p 16-46. Witnesses: E Maluleka, JF Conradie   
I1.1.3 Vol 3 p 47-116. Witnesses: KJ Mohage, JH Buchener   
I1.1.4 Vol 4 p 117-228. Witnesses: A Branders, T Steyn, MS Bham   
I1.1.5 Vol 5 p 229-281. Witness: L Mhlobo (IC6)   
I1.1.6 Vol 6 p 282-321. Witness: L Mhlobo   
I1.2 Volumes 7-13 pages 322-656   
I1.2.7 Vol 7 p 322-381. Witness: L Mhlobo (IC6)   
I1.2.8 Vol 8 p 382-425. Witness: L Mhlobo   
I1.2.9 Vol 9 p 426-490. Witness: L Mhlobo   
I1.2.10 Vol 10 p 491-5S7. Witnesses: L Mhlobo, F Xolambane   
I1.2.11 Vol 11 p 558-589. Witnesses: F Xolambane, LJ Masenya   
I1.2.12 Vol 12 p 590-608. Witness: Masenya   
I1.2.13 Vol 13 p 609-6S6. Witness: Masenya   
I1.3 Volumes 14-20 pages 657-952   
I1.3.14 Vol 14 p 657-717. Witness: Masenya   
I1.3.15 Vol 15 p 718-726. Witness: Sekgoto   
I1.3.16 Vol 16 p 727-777. Witness: Sekgoto   
I1.3.17 Vol 17 p 778-796. Witness: Sekgoto   
I1.3.18 Vol 18 p 797-807. Witness: Sekgoto   
I1.3.19 Vol 19 p 808-884. Witness: Sekgoto   
I1.3.20 Vol 20 p 885-952. Witness: Sekgoto   
I1.4. Volumes 21-29 pages 953-1424   
I1.4.21 Vol 21 p 953-1022. Witness: Sekgoto   
I1.4.22 Vol 22 p 1023-1098. Witness: Sekgoto   
I1.4.23 Vol 23 p 1099-1148. Witness: Sekgoto   
I1.4.24 Vol 24 p 1149-1163. Witnesses: Sekgoto & TR Koaho   
I1.4.25 Vol 25 p 1164-1233. Witness: TR Koaho   
I1.4.26 Vol 26 p 1234-1266. Witness: TR Koaho   
I1.4.27 Vol 27 p 1267-1300. Witness: TR Koaho & IC9   
I1.4.28 Vol 28 p 1301-1373. Witness: IC9   
I1.4.29 Vol 29 p 1374-1424. Witness: IC9   
I1.5 Volumes 30-36 pages 1425-1686   
I1.5.30 Vol 30 p 1425-1447. Witness: IC9   
I1.5.31 Vol 31 p 1448-1468. Witness: P Mogakla   
I1.5.32 Vol 32 p 1469-1480. Witness: MacCamel   
I1.5.33 Vol 33 p 1481-1487. Witness: MacCamel   
I1.5.34 Vol 34 p 1488-15S6. Witness: MacCamel   
I1.5.35 Vol 35 p 1557-1620. Witness: MacCamel   
I1.5.36 Vol 36 p 1621-1686. Witnesses: MacCamel, Branders   
11.6 Volumes 37-43 pages 1687-2104   
I1.6.37 Vol 37 p 1687-1724. Witnesses: Branders, Mokoena   
I1.6.38 Vol 38 p 1725-1786. Witness: Mokoena   
I1.6.39 Vol 39 p 1787-1849. Witness: Mohapi   
I1.6.40 Vol 40 p 1850-1916. Witnesses: Mohapi,Mahlatsi   
I1.6.41 Vol 41 p 1917-1980. Witness: Mahlatsi   
I1.6.42 Vol 42 p 1981-2033. Witness: Mahlatsi   
I1.6.43 Vol 43 p 2034-2104. Witness: Mahlatsi   
I1.7 Volumes 44-50 pages 2105-2553   
I1.7.44 Vol 44 p 2105-2174. Witnesses Mahlatsi, Mokoena   
I1.7.45 Vol 45 p 2175-2253. Witness: Mahlatsi   
I1.7.46 Vol 46 p 2254-2314. Witnesses: Mahlatsi, Mgcina   
I1.7.47 Vol 47 p 2315-23S9. Witness: Mgcina   
I1.7.48 Vol 48 p 2360-2424. Witnesses: Mgcina, Mogakla, Jokozela   
I1.7.49 Vol 49 p 2425-2485. Witnesses: Jokozela, Mofokeng   
I1.7.50 Vol 50 p 2486-2553. Witness: Mofokeng   
I1.8 Volumes 51-58, pages 2554-3054   
I1.8.51 Vol 51 p 2554-2664. Bail Application   
I1.8.52 Vol 52 p 2665-2699. Witness: Phosisi   
I1.8.53 Vol 53 p 2700-2765. Witness: Phosisi   
I1.8.54 Vol 54 p 2766-2805. Witness: Phosisi   
I1.8.55 Vol 55 p 2806-2851. Witness: Matthysen   
I1.8.56 Vol 56 p 2852-2915. Witnesses: Matthysen, Louw   
I1.8.57 Vol 57 p 2916-2999. Witness: Louw   
I1.8.58 Vol 58 p 3000-30S4. Witnesses: Louw, Mhohajane   
I1.9 Volumes S9-66 pages 3055-3487   
I1.9.59 Vol 59 p 3055-3109. Witnesses: Mhohajane, Malatsi   
I1.9.60 Vol 60 p 3110-3175. Witness: Malatsi   
I1.9.61 Vol 61 p 3176-3222. Witness: Malatsi   
I1.9.62 Vol 62 p 3223-3287. Witness: Malatsi   
I1.9.63 Vol 63 p 3288-3363. Witnesses: Malatsi, Viljoen   
I1.9.64 Vol 64 p 3364-3399. Witness: Viljoen   
I1.9.65 Vol 65 p 3400-34S8. Witness: Viljoen   
I1.9.66 Vol 66 p 3459-3487. Witness: Viljoen   
I1.10 Volumes 67-73 pages 3488-3924   
I1.10.67 Vol 67 p 3488-3553. Witness: Viljoen   
I1.10.68 Vol 68 p 3554-3622. Witnesses: Viljoen, Coetzee, Riekert & Bruyns   
I1.10.69 Vol 69 p 3623-3704. Witnesses: Bruyns, Visser, Terblanche, Prinsloo, Schlebusch   
I1.10.70 Vol 70 p 3705-3784. Witnesses: Niemand, van Deventer, Nienaber, Motsoening   
I1.10.71 Vol 71 p 3785-3826. Witnesses: Motsoening, Crous, Pharka, Molontoa   
I1.10.72 Vol 72 p 3827-3860. Witnesses: van Niekerk, Modise, Mgcina, Sekokane, Nkhiwane   
I1.10.73 Vol 73 p 3861-3924. Witness: IClo   
I1.11 Volumes 74-88 pages 3925-4446   
I1.11.74 Vol 74 p 3925-3936. Witness: IClo   
I1.11.75 Vol 75 p 3937-3978. Witness: Dikhole   
I1.11.76 Vol 76 p 3979-4035. Witnesses: Dikhole, Maklhoko   
I1.11.77 Vol 77 p 4036-4077. Witness: Maklhoko   
I1.11.78 Vol 78 p 4078-4140. Witness: IC11   
I1.11.79 Vol 79 p 4141-4173. Witness: IC11   
I1.11.80 Vol 80 p 4174-4186. Witness: IC11   
I1.11.81 Vol 81 p 4187-4216. Witness: IC12   
I1.11.82 Vol 82 p 4217-4233. Witness: IC12   
I1.11.83 Vol 83 p 4234-4288. Witness: IC12   
I1.11.84 Vol 84 p 4289-4310. Witness: IC12   
I1.11.85 Vol 85 p 4311-4342. Witness: IC12   
I1.11.86 Vol 86 p 4343-4367. Witnesses: Naidoo, Basdeo   
I1.11.87 Vol 87 p 4368-4394. Witness: IC13   
I1.11.88 Vol 88 p 4395-4446. Witnesses: IC14, Cloete, Singh and Hutchinson   
I1.12 Volumes 89-98 pages 4447-4854   
I1.12.89 Vol 89 p 4447-44G2. Witness: IC15   
I1.12.90 Vol 90 p 4463-4469. Witness: IC15   
I1.12.91 Vol 91 p 4470-4514. Witness: IC15   
I1.12.92 Vol 92 p 4515-4532. Witness: P. John   
I1.12.93 Vol 93 p 4533-45G2. Witness: IC16   
I1.12.94 Vol 94 p 4563-4618. Witnesses: Neveling, Venter, Adendorf, Kok, van Niekerk   
I1.12.95 Vol 95 p 4619-4644. Witnesses: Van Niekerk, Carr, Erasmus, Maesker   
I1.12.96 Vol 96 p 4645-4695. Witness: Mong   
I1.12.97 Vol 97 p 4696-4806. Witness: IC17   
I1.12.98 Vol 98 p 4807-48S4. Witness: Du Toit   
I1.13 Volumes 99-105 pages 4855-5247   
I1.13.99 Vol 99 p 4855-4891. Witness: IC18   
I1.13.100 Vol 100 p 4892-4944. Witness: Vorster   
I1.13.101 Vol 101 p 4945-5036. Witness: IC19   
I1.13.102 Vol 102 p 5037-5096. Witnesses: IC19, Sijadi   
I1.13.103 Vol 103 p 5097-5144. Witnesses: Sijadi, IC20, Jenkins   
I1.13.104 Vol 104 p 5145-5199. Witnesses: Jenkins, Letsoenyo   
I1.13.105 Vol 105 p 5200-5247. Witnesses: Lesoenyo, 10ots, Mgawu   
I1.14 Volumes 106-111 pages 5248-5553   
I1.14.106 Vol 106 p 5248-5282. Witness: IC21   
I1.14.107 Vol 107 p 5283-53S6. Witnesses: Nel, Bosch, Meistre, Wentzel, Botha, Hough   
I1.14.108 Vol 108 p 5357-5417. Witnesses: Labuschagne, Benade, Woods, Mantewu, du Pisanie   
I1.14.109 Vol 109 p 5418-5446. Witnesses: du Pisanie,Labuschagne   
I1.14.110 Vol 110 p 5447-5500. Witnesses: Labuschagne, Mguba   
I1.14.111 Vol 111 p 5501-5553. Witness: Mguba   
I1.15 Volumes 112-116 pages 5554-5804   
I1.15.112 Vol 112 p 5554-5600. Witnesses: Rich, MacDonald   
I1.15.113 Vol 113 p 5601-5669. Witnesses: Springbok, Waters, Mvelasi, Baliwe, Stander   
I1.15.114 Vol 114 p 5670-5726. Witnesses: Stander, Vorster, Erasmus, Dreyer   
I1.15.115 Vol 115 p 572705792. Witnesses: Erwee, Machudi, Manuel, Smith, Muller   
I1.15.116 Vol 116 p 5793-5804. Witnesses: Muller, Simelane   
I1.16 Volumes 117-121 pages 5805-6091   
I1.16.117 Vol 117 p 5805-5875. Witnesses: Muller, Coetzee, Labuschagne, Rossouw   
I1.16.118 Vol 118 p 5876-5946. Witnesses: Rossouw, van Tonder, Hugo, Morolong   
I1.16.119 Vol 119 p 5947-5969. Witnesses: Morolong, Labuschagne, van der Berg, Whitecross   
I1.16.120 Vol 120 p 5970-6032. Witness: IC22   
I1.16.121 Vol 121 p 6033-6091. Witnesses: Du Plooy, Mkhalipe, Kruger, van Dyk,Fourie   
I1.17 Volumes 122-132 pages 6092-6564   
I1.17.122 Vol 122 p 6092-6168. Witnesses: Nkosi, Nel, Uren,Benjamin   
I1.17.123 Vol 123 p 6169-6252. Witnesses: Benjamin, Niewoud,Baker, Sons, Benene,De War   
I1.17.124 Vol 124 p 6253-6289. Witnesses: Miles, Jansens   
I1.17.125 Vol 125 p 6290-6352. Witness: Jansen   
I1.17.126 Vol 126 p 6353-6402. Witness: Jansen   
I1.17.127 Vol 127 p 6403-6418. Witness: Maile   
I1.17.128 Vol 128 p 6419-6444. Witness: IC12   
I1.17.129 Vol 129 p 6445-64S7. Witness: Kunene   
I1.17.130 Vol 130 p 6458-6496. Witness: IC23   
I1.17.131 Vol 131 p 6497-6540. Witness: IC23   
I1.17.132 Vol 132 p 6541-6564. Witness: Pruis   
I1.18 Volumes 133-135 pages 6565-6696   
I1.18.133 Vol 133 p 6565-6592. Witness: Pruis   
I1.18.134 Vol 134 p 6593-66S6. Witness: Pruis   
I1.18.135 Vol 135 p 6657-6696. Witness: Pruis   
I1.19 Volumes 136-141 pages 6697-7054   
I1.19.136 Vol 136 p 6697-67S4. Witness: Jansen   
I1.19.137 Vol 137 p 6755-6839. Witness: Jansen   
I1.19.138 Vol 138 p 6840-6882. Witness: Jansen   
I1.19.139 Vol 139 p 6883-6933. Witness: Jansen   
I1.19.140 Vol 140 p 6934-6985. Witness: Jansen   
I1.19.141 Vol 141 p 6986-70S4. Witness: Jansen   
I1.20 Volumes 142-149 pages 7055-7490   
I1.20.142 Vol 142 p 7055-7113. Witness: Jansen   
I1.20.143 Vol 143 p 7114-71G2. Witness: Jansen   
I1.20.144 Vol 144 p 7163-7220. Witness: Atkinson (Defence)   
I1.20.145 Vol 145 p 7221-7283. Witness: Atkinson. Argument re videos   
I1.20.146 Vol 146 p 7284-7327. Judgment re admissibility of videos   
I1.20.147 Vol 147 p 7328-7419. Witness: IC24   
I1.20.148 Vol 148 p 7420-7465. Witness: IC24   
I1.20.149 Vol 149 p 7466-7490. Witness: IC24   
I1.21 Volumes 150-157 pages 7491-7649   
I1.21.150 Vol 150 p 7491-7518. Witness: IC25   
I1.21.151 Vol 151 p 7519-7540. Application by Defence to re-examine IC6   
I1.21.152 Vol 152 p 7541-7586. State argument against above   
I1.21.153 Vol 153 p 7587-7593. Judgment   
I1.21.154 Vol 154 p 7594-7599. Witness: IC6   
I1.21.155 Vol 155 p 7600-7612. Argument   
I1.21.156 Vol 156 p 7613-7626. Argument re exhibits   
I1.21.157 Vol 157 p 7627-7649. State application for postponement and judgment on Defence application for discharge   
I2.1 Volumes 158-164 p 7650-8297   
I2.1.158 Vol 158 p 7650-7750. Opening address.Witness: BH Vilakazi   
I2.1.159 Vol 159 p 7751-7834. Witness: SH Vilakazi   
I2.1.160 Vol 160 p 7835-7896. Witness: BH Vilakazi   
I2.1.161 Vol 161 p 7897-7980. Witness: BH Vilakazi   
I2.1.162 Vol 162 p 7981-8093. Witness: BH Vilakazi   
I2.1.163 Vol 163 p 8094-8192. Witness: BH Vilakazi   
I2.1.164 Vol 164 p 8193-8297. Witness: BH Vilakazi   
I2.2 Volumes 165-169 pages 8298-8747   
I2.2.165 Vol 165 p 8298-8373. Witness: BH Vilakazi   
I2.2.166 Vol 166 p 8374-8471. Witness: BH Vilakazi   
I2.2.167 Vol 167 p 8472-8570. Witness: BH Vilakazi   
I2.2.168 Vol 168 p 8571-8663. Witness: BH Vilakazi   
I2.2.169 Vol 169 p 8664-8747. Witnesses: BH Vilakazi,NM Nkopane   
I2.3 Volumes 170-179 pages 8748-9250   
I2.3.170 Vol 170 p 8748-8785. Witness: Nkopane   
I2.3.171 Vol 171 p 8786-8844. Witness: Nkopane   
I2.3.172 Vol 172 p 8845-8901. Witness: Nkopane   
I2.3.173 Vol 173 p 8902-8924. Witness: Nkopane   
I2.3.174 Vol 174 p 8925-8980. Witness: Nkopane   
I2.3.175 Vol 175 p 8981-9022. Witness: Nkopane   
I2.3.176 Vol 176 p 9023-9080. Witness: Nkopane   
I2.3.177 Vol 177 p 9081-9135. Witness: Nkopane   
I2.3.178 Vol 178 p 9136-9182. Witness: Nkopane   
I2.3.179 Vol 179 p 9183-9250. Witnesses: Nkopane, TE Ramagula   
I2.4 Volumes 180-187 pages 9251-9761   
I2.4.180 Vol 180 p 9251-9314. Witness: Ramagula   
I2.4.181 Vol 181 p 9315-9382. Witness: Ramagula   
I2.4.182 Vol 182 p 9383-9448. Witness: Ramagula   
I2.4.183 Vol 183 p 9449-9499. Witness: Ramagula   
I2.4.184 Vol 184 p 9500-9566. Witness: Ramagula   
I2.4.185 Vol 185 p 9567-9629. Witnesses: Ramagula, MP Mokoena   
I2.4.186 Vol 186 p 9630-9696. Witness: Mokoena   
I2.4.187 Vol 187 p 9697-9761. Witness: Mokoena   
I2.5 Volumes 188-192 pages 9762-9995   
I2.5.188 Vol 188 p 9762-9801. Witness: Mokoena   
I2.5.189 Vol 189 p 9802-9872. Witness: Mokoena   
I2.5.190 Vol 190 p 9873-9875. Witness: Mokoena   
I2.5.191 Vol 191 p 9876-9934. Witness: Mokoena   
I2.5.192 Vol 192 p 9935-9995. Witness: Mokoena   
I2.6 Volumes 193-200 pages 9996-10481   
I2.6.193 Vol 193 p 9996-100S7. Witness: Mokoena   
I2.6.194 Vol 194 p 10058-10119. Witness: Mokoena   
I2.6.195 Vol 195 p 10120-101S5. Witness: Mokoena   
I2.6.196 Vol 196 p 10156-10228. Recusal   
I2.6.197 Vol 197 p 10229-10297. Recusal   
I2.6.198 Vol 198 p 10298-10342. Recusal   
I2.6.199 Vol 199 p 10343-10433. Recusal   
I2.6.200 Vol 200 p 10434-10481. Witness: TD Mphuthi   
I2.7 Volumes 201-209 pages 10482-11029   
I2.7.201 Vol 201 p 10482-10537. Witness: Mphuthi   
I2.7.202 Vol 202 p 10538-10604. Witness: Mphuthi   
I2.7.203 Vol 203 p 10605-10671. Witness: Mphuthi   
I2.7.204 Vol 204 p 10672-10730. Witness: Mphuthi   
I2.7.205 Vol 205 p 10731-10782. Witness: GP Malindi   
I2.7.206 Vol 206 p 10783-10824. Witness: GP Malindi   
I2.7.207 Vol 207 p 10825-10894. Witness: GP Malindi   
I2.7.208 Vol 208 p 10895-10964. Witness: GP Malindi   
I2.7.209 Vol 209 p 10965-11029. Witness: GP Malindi   
I2.8 Volumes 210-216 pages 11030-11455   
I2.8.210 Vol 210 p 11030-11097. Witness: GP Malindi   
I2.8.211 Vol 211 p 11098-11167. Witness: GP Malindi   
I2.8.212 Vol 212 p 11168-11229. Witness: GP Malindi, SJ Mokoena   
I2.8.213 Vol 213 p 11230-11275. Witness: Mokoena   
I2.8.214 Vol 214 p 11276-11326. Witness: Mokoena   
I2.8.215 Vol 215 p 11327-11391. Witness: Mokoena   
I2.8.216 Vol 216 p 11392-114S5. Witness: Mokoena   
I2.9 Volumes 217-222 pages 11456-11812   
I2.9.217 Vol 217 p 11456-11S20. Witness: Mokoena   
I2.9.218 Vol 218 p 11521-11580. Witnesses: Mokoena, OJ Hlomoka   
I2.9.219 Vol 219 p 11581-11629. Witness: Hlomoka   
I2.9.220 Vol 220 p 11630-11692. Witness: Hlomoka   
I2.9.221 Vol 221 p 11693-11751. Witness: Hlomoka   
I2.9.222 Vol 222 p 11752-11812. Witness: Hlomoka   
I2.10 Volumes 223-231 pages 11813-12290   
I2.10.223 Vol 223 p 11813-11868. Witness: Hlomoka   
I2.10.224 Vol 224 p 11869-11909. Witness: Hlomoka   
I2.10.225 Vol 225 p 11910-11965. Witness: Hlomoka   
I2.10.226 Vol 226 p 11966-12023. Witness: Hlomoka   
I2.10.227 Vol 227 p 12024-12068. Witness: Hlomoka   
I2.10.228 Vol 228 p 12069-12129. Witnesses: Hlomoka, Kevin Harris   
I2.10.229 Vol 229 p 12130-12190. Witnesses: Harris, TG Moselane   
I2.10.230 Vol 230 p 12191-12245. Witness: Moselane   
I2.10.231 Vol 231 p 12246-12290. Witness: Moselane   
I2.11 Volumes 232-239 pages 12291-12741   
I2.11.232 Vol 232 p 12291-12341. Witness: Moselane   
I2.11.233 Vol 233 p 12342-12395. Witness: Moselane   
I2.11.234 Vol 234 p 12396-12453. Witness: Moselane   
I2.11.235 Vol 235 p 12454-12S18. Witness: Moselane   
I2.11.236 Vol 236 p 12519-12579. Witness: Moselane   
I2.11.237 Vol 237 p 12580-12637. Witness: Moselane   
I2.11.238 Vol 238 p 12638-12682. Witness: Moselane   
I2.11.239 Vol 239 p 12683-12741. Witness: Moselane   
I2.12 Volumes 240-245 pages 12742-13088   
I2.12.240 Vol 240 p 12742-12780. Witness: Moselane   
I2.12.241 Vol 241 p 12781-12842. Witness: Moselane   
I2.12.242 Vol 242 p 12843-12919. Witness: Moselane   
I2.12.243 Vol 243 p 12920-12984. Witnesses: Moselane, ST Nkoli   
I2.12.244 Vol 244 p 12985-13031. Witness: Nkoli   
I2.12.245 Vol 245 p 13032-13088. Argument re bail application   
I2.13 Volumes 246-252 pages 13089-13S23. Witness: PS Molefe   
I2.13.246 Vol 246 p 13089-13109   
I2.13.247 Vol 247 p 13110-13167   
I2.13.248 Vol 248 p 13168-13209   
I2.13.249 Vol 249 p 13210-13307   
I2.13.250 Vol 250 p 13308-13383   
I2.13.251 Vol 251 p 13384-13474   
I2.13.252 Vol 252 p 13475-13623   
I2.14 Volumes 253-259 pages 13524-13953. witness: PS Molefe   
I2.14.253 Vol 253 p 13524-13609   
I2.14.254 Vol 254 p 13610-13667   
I2.14.255 Vol 255 p 13668-13709   
I2.14.256 Vol 256 p 13710-13802   
I2.14.257 Vol 257 p 13803-13858   
I2.14.258 Vol 258 p 13859-13897   
I2.14.259 Vol 259 p 13898-13953   
I2.15 Volumes 260-266 pages 13954-14384. Witness: PS Molefe   
I2.15.260 Vol 260 p 13954-14008   
I2.15.261 Vol 261 p 14009-14049   
I2.15.262 Vol 262 p 14050-14108   
I2.15.263 Vol 263 p 14109-14150   
I2.15.264 Vol 264 p 14151-14244   
I2.15.265 Vol 265 p 14245-14321   
I2.15.266 Vol 266 p 14322-14384   
I2.16 Volumes 267-272 pages 14385-14813. Witness: PS Molefe   
I2.16.267 Vol 267 p 14385-14472   
I2.16.268 Vol 268 p 14473-14530   
I2.16.269 Vol 269 p 14531-14571   
I2.16.270 Vol 270 p 14572-14667   
I2.16.271 Vol 271 p 14668-14757   
I2.16.272 Vol 272 p 14758-14813   
I2.17 Volumes 273-274 pages 14814-14979   
I2.17.273 Vol 273 p 14814-14897. Witness: Molefe   
I2.17.274 Vol 274 p 14898-14979. Witnesses: Molefe, TM Manthata   
I2.18 Volumes 275-281 pgs 14980-15378. Witness: TM Manthata   
I2.18.275 Vol 275 p 14980-15024   
I2.18.276 Vol 276 p 15025-15056   
I2.18.277 Vol 277 p 15057-15143   
I2.18.278 Vol 278 p 15144-15199   
I2.18.279 Vol 279 p 15200-15250   
I2.18.280 Vol 280 p 15251-15343   
I2.18.281 Vol 281 p 15344-153378   
I2.19 Volumes 282-285 pages 15379-15733   
I2.19.282 Vol 282 p 15379-15478. Witnesses: Manthata, MGP Lekota   
I2.19.283 Vol 283 p 15479-15536. Witness: Lekota   
I2.19.284 Vol 284 p 15537-15633. Witness: Lekota   
I2.19.285 Vol 285 p 15634-15733. Witness: Lekota   
I2.20 Volumes 286-290 pages 15734-16174. Witness: Lekota   
I2.20.286 Vol 286 p 15734-15817   
I2.20.287 Vol 287 p 15818-15925   
I2.20.288 Vol 288 p 15926-16020   
I2.20.289 Vol 289 p 16021-16077   
I2.20.290 Vol 290 p 16078-16174   
I2.21 Volumes 291-295 pages 16175-16565. Witness: Lekota   
I2.21.291 Vol 291 p 16175-16276   
I2.21.292 Vol 292 p 16277-16363   
I2.21.293 Vol 293 p 16364-16412   
I2.21.294 Vol 294 p 16413-16495   
I2.21.295 Vol 295 p 16496-16565   
I2.22 Volumes 296-299 pages 16566-16952. Witness: Lekota   
I2.22.296 Vol 296 p 16566-16643   
I2.22.297 Vol 297 p 16644-16746   
I2.22.298 Vol 298 p 16747-16844   
I2.22.299 Vol 299 p 16845-16952   
I2.23 Volumes 300-304 pages 16953-17420. Witness: M Chikane   
I2.23.300 Vol 300 p 16953-17048   
I2.23.301 Vol 301 p 17049-17152   
I2.23.302 Vol 302 p 17153-17211   
I2.23.303 Vol 303 p 17212-17322   
I2.23.304 Vol 304 p 17323-17420   
I2.24 Volumes 305-309 pages 17421-17712   
I2.24.305 Vol 305 p 17421-17536. Witness: M.M. Chikane   
I2.24.306 Vol 306 p 17537-17605. Witnesses: M.M. Chikane, Ratibisi   
I2.24.307 Vol 307 p 17606-17645. Witness: Ratibisi   
I2.24.308 Vol 308 p 17646-17704. Witness: Harris   
I2.24.309 Vol 309 p 17705-17712. Estreatment of Bail   
I2.25 Volumes 310-315 pages 17713-18089   
I2.25.310 Vol 310 p 17713-17819. Witness: Harris   
I2.25.311 Vol 311 p 17820-178S6. Witness: Harris   
I2.25.312 Vol 312 p 17857-17929. Witnesses: Harris & Mjeza   
I2.25.313 Vol 313 p 17930-17979. Witness: Mjeza   
I2.25.314 Vol 314 p 17980-18030. Witness: Mjeza   
I2.25.315 Vol 315 p 18031-18089. Witness: Mjeza   
I2.26 Volumes 316-322 pages 18090-18465   
I2.26.316 Vol 316 p 18090-18125. Witness: Mjeza   
I2.26.317 Vol 317 p 18126-18190. Witness: Mjeza   
I2.26.318 Vol 318 p 18191-18244. Witness: Namane   
I2.26.319 Vol 319 p 18245-18305. Witnesses: Namane and Zulu   
I2.26.320 Vol 320 p 18306-18368. Witnesses: Zulu and Maphalla   
I2.26.321 Vol 321 p 18369-18408. Witness: Maphalla   
I2.26.322 Vol 322 p 18409-18465. Witness: Mqudlwa   
I2.27 Volumes 323-329 pages 18466-18858   
I2.27.323 Vol 323 p 18466-18S20. Witnesses: Mqudlwa and Tau   
I2.27.324 Vol 324 p 18521-18583. Witnesses: Tau and Mokate   
I2.27.325 Vol 325 p 18584-18609. Witnesses: Mokate and Dlamini   
I2.27.326 Vol 326 p 18610-18677. Witnesses: Dlamini and Nyembe   
I2.27.327 Vol 327 p 18678-18734. Witness: Nyembe   
I2.27.328 Vol 328 p 18735-18794. Witnesses: Nyembe & Oliphant   
I2.27.329 Vol 329 p 18795-188S8. Witness: Oliphant   
I2.28 Volumes 330-335 pages 18859-19145   
I2.28.330 Vol 330 p 18859-18894. Witnesses: Oliphant, Tsotso   
I2.28.331 Vol 331 p 18895-18929. Witness: Mbatyazwa   
I2.28.332 Vol 332 p 18930-18972. Witness: Mbatyazwa   
I2.28.333 Vol 333 p 18973-19018. Witnesses: Mbatyazwa & Radebe   
I2.28.334 Vol 334 p 19019-19082. Witnesses: Radebe & Mhlapo   
I2.28.335 Vol 335 p 19083-19145. Witness: Mcetywa   
I2.29 Volumes 336-342 pages 19146-19555   
I2.29.336 Vol 336 p 19146-19175. Witness: Lepele   
I2.29.337 Vol 337 p 19176-19244. Witnesses: Lepele, Mazibukho   
I2.29.338 Vol 338 p 19245-19302. Witness: Mazibukho   
I2.29.339 Vol 339 p 19303-19367. Witnesses: Mazibukho, Mokati   
I2.29.340 Vol 340 p 19368-19524. Witness: Mokati   
I2.29.341 Vol 341 p 19525-19488. Witnesses: Mokati, Msimanga   
I2.29.342 Vol 342 p 19489-195S5. Witnesses: Msimanga, Maime   
I2.30 Volumes 343-350. pages 19556-20036   
I2.30.343 Vol 343 p 19556-19619. Witnesses: Maime, Smith, Chabaku   
I2.30.344 Vol 344 p 19620-19685. Witnesses: Chabaku, Cholota, Mathabo, Phalie   
I2.30.345 Vol 345 p 19686-19719. Witness: Phalie   
I2.30.346 Vol 346 p 19720-19804. Witness: Mosala   
I2.30.347 Vol 347 p 19805-19878. Witnesses: Thekiso, Vilakazi   
I2.30.348 Vol 348 p 19879-19933. Witness: Vilakazi   
I2.30.349 Vol 349 p 19934-19997. Witnesses: Vilakazi, Xava   
I2.30.350 Vol 350 p 19998-20036. Witness: Mogatsi   
I2.31 Volumes 351-356 pages 20037-20474   
I2.31.351 Vol 351 p 20037-20084. Witness: Lethae   
I2.31.352 Vol 352 p 20085-201S9. Witnesses: Platzky, Bloem   
I2.31.353 Vol 353 p 20160-20269. Witness: Bloem   
I2.31.354 Vol 354 p 20270-20315. Witnesses: Bloem, Magcuntsu   
I2.31.355 Vol 355 p 20316-20391. Witness: Magcuntsu   
I2.31.356 Vol 356 p 20392-20474. Witnesses: Khambule, Khuzwayo   
I2.32 Volumes 357-363 pages 20475-20957   
I2.32.357 Vol 357 p 20475-205S6. Witnesses: Khuzwayo, Tau   
I2.32.358 Vol 358 p 20557-20617. Witnesses: Tau, Sebetoane   
I2.32.359 Vol 359 p 20618-20650. Witness: Sebetoane   
I2.32.360 Vol 360 p 20651-20727. Witness: Mhlapo   
I2.32.361 Vol 361 p 20728-20822. Witness: Raboroko   
I2.32.362 Vol 362 p 20823-20886. Witnesses: Raboroko, Leeba   
I2.32.363 Vol 363 p 20887-209S7. Witnesses: Radebe, Leeba, Mbutuma   
I2.33 Volumes 364-369 pages 20958-21307   
I2.33.364 Vol 364 p 20958-21001. Witnesses: Dipitso, Moloi   
I2.33.365 Vol 365 p 21002-21055. Witnesses: Moloi, Thobela   
I2.33.366 Vol 366 p 21056-21118. Witness: Thobela   
I2.33.367 Vol 367 p 21119-21186. Witnesses: Thobela, Morobe, Mbonani   
I2.33.368 Vol 368 p 21187-21245. Witnesses: Mbonani, Phala   
I2.33.369 Vol 369 p 21246-22307. Witnesses: Phala, Cachalia, Phate   
I2.34 Volumes 370-376 pages 21308-21802   
I2.34.370 Vol 370 p 21308-21388. Witnesses: Phate, Cachalia, Thusi   
I2.34.371 Vol 371 p 21389-21453. Witnesses: Thusi, Manyokoseli   
I2.34.372 Vol 372 p 21454-21S25. Witnesses: Monyokoseli, Dangor   
I2.34.373 Vol 373 p 21526-21574. Witnesses: Dangor, Mocancoeng, Pule   
I2.34.374 Vol 374 p 21575-216S9. Witnesses: Pule, Ngubo   
I2.34.375 Vol 375 p 21660-21734. Witnesses: Dangor, Mhlambi   
I2.34.376 Vol 376 p 21735-21802. Witnesses: Mhlambi, Leholo, De Vos, Mokwebo   
I2.35 Volumes 377-383 pages 21803-22224   
I2.35.377 Vol 377 p 21803-21872. Witnesses: Mokwebo, Mabena   
I2.35.378 Vol 378 p 21873-21936. Witnesses: Mabena, Peter   
I2.35.379 Vol 379 p 21937-21999. Witnesses: Peter, Badi   
I2.35.380 Vol 380 p 22000-220S7. Witnesses: Badi, Moleleki   
I2.35.381 Vol 381 p 22058-22119. Witnesses: Moleleki, Tsagane   
I2.35.382 Vol 382 p 22120-22181. Witness: Nkomo   
I2.35.383 Vol 383 p 22182-22224. Witness: Nkomo   
I2.36 Volumes 384-390 pages 22225-22598   
I2.36.384 Vol 384 p 22225-22288. Witnesses: Nkomo, Sam   
I2.36.385 Vol 385 p 22289-22346. Witnesses: Sam, Ngwenya   
I2.36.386 Vol 386 p 22347-22383. Witnesses: Ngwenya, Nonyana   
I2.36.387 Vol 387 p 22384-22437. Witnesses: Nonyana, Hanna   
I2.36.388 Vol 388 p 22438-22468. Witnesses: Hanna, Sello   
I2.36.389 Vol 389 p 22469-22534. Witnesses: Sello, Makoatsane,Moloi   
I2.36.390 Vol 390 p 22535-22598. Witnesses: Moloi, Modise   
I2.37 Volumes 391-396 pages 22599-23061   
I2.37.391 Vol 391 p 22599-22653. Witnesses: Modise, Masibuko   
I2.37.392 Vol 392 p 22654-22744. Witness: Duncan   
I2.37.393 Vol 393 p 22745-22806. Witness: Duncan   
I2.37.394 Vol 394 p 22807-22917. Witnesses: Duncan, Gqobane   
I2.37.395 Vol 395 p 22918-229S9. Witnesses: Gqobane, Ngwalangwala, Mapela   
I2.37.396 Vol 396 p 22960-23061. Witnesses: Mapela, Tlaatjie, Diale   
I2.38 Volumes 397-402 pages 23062-23500   
I2.38.397 Vol 397 p 23062-23138. Witnesses: Nhlapo, Maseko   
I2.38.398 Vol 398 p 23139-23210. Witnesses: Maseko, Mkhanza   
I2.38.399 Vol 399 p 23211-23260. Witnesses: Mkhanza, Hlomoka, Zikhale   
I2.38.400 Vol 400 p 23261-23333. Witness: London   
I2.38.401 Vol 401 p 23334-23431. Witnesses: London, Buthelezi   
I2.38.402 Vol 402 p 23432-23500. Witness: Buthelezi   
I2.39 Volumes 403-412 pages 23501-24067   
I2.39.403 Vol 403 p 23501-23543. Witnesses: Buthelezi, Thebe   
I2.39.404 Vol 404 p 23544-23604. Witness: Thebe   
I2.39.405 Vol 405 p 23605-23633. Witnesses: Thebe, Mahlalela   
I2.39.406 Vol 406 p 23634-23699. Witnesses: Mahlalela, Mbotsha, Ndwebisa   
I2.39.407 Vol 407 p 23700-23763. Witnesses: Ndwebisa, Moketsi   
I2.39.408 Vol 408 p 23764-23836. Witnesses: Moketsi, Kemp, Mahlangu   
I2.39.409 Vol 409 p 23837-23903. Witness: Mahlangu   
I2.39.410 Vol 410 p 23904-23968. Witnesses: Mahlangu, Nkonki, Skweyiya   
I2.39.411 Vol 411 p 23969-24033. Witness: Skweyiya   
I2.39.412 Vol 412 p 24034-24067. Witness: Skweyiya   
I2.40 Volumes 413-418 pages 24068-24538   
I2.40.413 Vol 413 p 24068-241S9. Witnesses: Mosiapoa, Ngobese   
I2.40.414 Vol 414 p 24160-24266. Witness: Hartshorne   
I2.40.415 Vol 415 p 24267-243S6. Witnesses: Hartshorne, Nkayi   
I2.40.416 Vol 416 p 24357-24393. Witness: Nkayi   
I2.40.417 Vol 417 p 24394-24485. Witnesses: Wilson, Motlana   
I2.40.418 Vol 418 p 24486-24538. Witness: Motlana   
I2.41 Volumes 419-424 pages 24539-24823   
I2.41.419 Vol 419 p 24539-24584. Witness: Motlana   
I2.41.420 Vol 420 p 24585-24637. Witness: Douwes-Dekker   
I2.41.421 Vol 421 p 24638-24698. Witness: Mabasa   
I2.41.422 Vol 422 p 24699-24742. Witnesses: Mabasa, Letsele   
I2.41.423 Vol 423 p 24743-24797. Witnesses: Letsele, Poonyana, Miller   
I2.41.424 Vol 424 p 24798-24823. Witness: Potgieter   
EXHIBITS 37 boxes   
J2.1 Al - 4   
J2.1.A1 UDF National Launch Booklet. 20 August 1983.   
 Includes: declaration, national patrons and executive, working priciples, messages of support, resolutions, speeches, biographies, list of organisations that registered as delegates of observers.   
J2.1.A2 UDF Resolutions.   
 Subjects include: removals, housing, workers, cost of living, education, Ciskei, women, militarisation, Namibia, Bantustans, imperialism, detentions, harassments and repression.   
J2.1.A3 As above   
J2.1.A4 List of organisations present at launch   
J2.2 B1 - 28   
J2.2.B1 AZAPO Constitution and Policy.   
J2.2.B2 AZAPO Publication: Mobilise and Consolidate the Liberatory efforts of the oppressed masses. 3rd Annual Congress, 4-6 February 1983.   
J2.2.B3 Presidential address to 3rd Annual Congress, 1983.   
J2.2.B4 AZASM letter to UDF, October 1984.   
J2.2.B5 AZAPO letter to UDF re Sharpeville commemoration, March 1984.   
J2.2.B6 AZAPO speeches.   
 By Lydon Mabasa, T.Manthatha and L.Sibidi, entitled: In Search of National Unity:a quest for true self-determination.   
J2.2.B7 AZAPO Resolutions.   
J2.2.B8 AZAPO June 16 Commemoration Speech.   
 The role of students in the liberation struggle, by S Mabaso, 1983.   
J2.2.B9 AZAPO Speech by M. Myeza.   
 Mobilise and Consolidate.   
J2.2.B10 AZAPO Speech by M. Marishane.   
 Black student-worker solidarity in perspective.   
J2.2.B11 AZASM Presidential Address at First National Congress.   
J2.2.B12 AZASM Constitution.   
J2.2.B13 AZASM Speech by S. Mabaso at First Congress:   
 There can be no just education in an unjust society.   
J2.2.B14 AZAPO Education Policy. Adopted at First Congress, 25 January 1981.   
J2.2.B15 AZASM Publication - June 16 Commemoration, 1983.   
J2.2.B16 AZAPO Manifesto.   
J2.2.B17 AZAPO Minutes of 2nd Annual Congress, March 1982.   
J2.2.B18 AZAPO 4th Congress, 1984.   
J2.2.B19 AZAPO Publication re The National Situation.   
J2.2.B20 AZAPO Pamphlet - Don't vote for New Constitution.   
J2.2.B21 AZAPO Policy. On the march:facing the challenges.   
J2.2.B22 AZAPO Pamphlet - Bloody murder re Inkatha.   
J2.2.B23 AZAPO Pamphlet - Black unity.   
J2.2.B24 AZAPO Pamphlet - Umbutho Wesizwe.   
J2.2.B25 AZAPO Speech by T Mabasa - Shaping our destiny.   
J2.2.B26 AZAPO New Year Message, 1984.   
J2.2.B27 AZAPO Speech by N Phosa: The law and the struggle.   
J2.2.B28 AZAPO Publication - Frank Talk, vol. 1, no's 2 & 3, July/August 1984.   
J2.3 C1 - 143   
J2.3.C1 UDF Publication. Assessment. The United Front:Why did we form it? And how appropriate is it today?   
J2.3.C2 Envelope addressed to Vaal Civic Association, (containing C1).   
J2.3.C3 UDF letter from Popo Molefe to UDF President, King Williams Town, 1984.   
J2.3.C4 Paper by S. Tshwete. The UDF and the struggle for National Democracy.   
J2.3.C5 Paper: Organisational Aspects of the UDF.   
J2.3.C6 Paper delivered by N. Stofile at UDF Border Regional General Council Meeting.   
J2.3.C7 Paper: The Youth in the Democratic Movement.   
J2.3.C8 Article: What is the UDF?   
J2.3.C9 UDF Secretariat Report to National General Council.   
J2.3.C10 Paper: In search of National Unity by L. Mabasa.   
 (AZAPO. Same as B6)   
J2.3.C11 Border Region Secretarial Report to UDF NEC, February 1985.   
J2.3.C12 UDF, Western Cape. Report in preparation for the UDF AGM, January 1985.   
J2.3.C13 Paper by M. Ramgobin : Glimpses of our struggle, April 1984.   
J2.3.C14 Paper: The Democratic Movement.   
J2.3.C15 Discussion Paper: UDF Area Committees.   
J2.3.C17 UDF Border Region. Secretarial Report, November 1984.   
J2.3.C18 Discussion Paper. Call for a National Convention.   
J2.3.C19 Paper: The National Convention.   
J2.3.C20 UDF Speech : 1976 and after.   
J2.3.C21 Speech - UDF.   
J2.3.C22 Speech by I.J. Mohamed, UDF People's Rally, Lenasia. The crisis and our tasks.   
J2.3.C23 Speech by I.J. Mohamed, delivered at Soweto, SC Anti-Black local Authorities Meeting: The broad struggle, November 1983.   
J2.3.C24 Anti-President's Council Report, 1983 UDF Conference.   
J2.3.C25 Address. AZAPO Youth Conference. The Constitution and its implications by I.J.Mohamed, July 1984.   
J2.3.C26 Speech by I.J. Mohamed (UDF) at Funeral of J.Ngcobo, December 1984.   
J2.3.C27 Assessment of likely events, by I.J. Mohamed (UDF), January 1985.   
J2.3.C28 Paper on UDF and Publicity.   
J2.3.C29 Report on 1st National Seminar of Media Committee of UDF, January 1984.   
J2.3.C30 Motivation for UDF Publication - "UDF Update".   
J2.3.C31 Letter re Media & Resource Services, January 1984.   
J2.3.C32 UDF Interview Kit.   
J2.3.C33 UDF Circular re Media Committee.   
J2.3.C34 UDF Media Workshop Report, 5 February 1985.   
J2.3.C35 Letters of support for AFRASCOPE (Community based video access organisation).   
J2.3.C36 AFRASCOPE Report to Netherlands Embassy, July 1984.   
J2.3.C37 UDF Paper re Referendum for new constitution.   
J2.3.C38 Letter from P. Molefe (UDF Gen Sec) to Regional Secretaries re Relationship with Unions, January 1985.   
J2.3.C39 Evaluation of UDF Natal Region, 4 November 1984.   
J2.3.C40 Notes re UDF Workshop.   
J2.3.C41 UDF Circular to Regional Secretaries, Feb 1985.   
 Includes: Mandela's response to P W Botha's offer.   
J2.3.C42 UDF Report to Regional Secretaries concerning UDF demandsand the anti-election campaign, September 1984.   
J2.3.C43 UDF letter re application for membership, August 1984.   
J2.3.C44 Notes confiscated from M.M. Chikane (accused no.21).   
J2.3.C45 Memorandum to UDF Executive from Secretariat re co-ordination of efforts to prepare for national launching, 4 August 1983.   
J2.3.C46 Resolutions passed by Eastern Cape Regional Council of UDF, 4 December 1983.   
J2.3.C47 Report of National Secretariat on the launching of UDF Border Region, 24 September 1983.   
J2.3.C48 UDF Border Region, Annual Secretarial Report, 1984.   
J2.3.C49 Statement by Commission on the feasibility of a UDF against constitutional reform proposals.   
J2.3.C50 UDF Area Committee Workshop re Structuring the Front, November 1984.   
J2.3.C51 UDF Briefing Document re House visits.   
J2.3.C52 UDF Report re Organisation in the OFS.   
J2.3.C53 Motivation for Funding, November 1984.   
J2.3.C54 UDF interviews, statements, debates re UDF & Unions.   
J2.3.C55 Interview with UDF's Terror Lekota (Publicity Secretary).   
J2.3.C56 Additions to C55.   
J2.3.C57 Notes confiscated from M.M. Chikane (accused no.21).   
J2.3.C58 UDF (Tvl) Evaluation Commission circular to area committees, 26 October 1984.   
J2.3.C59 UDF Circular to all Regional Secretaries re Demands of UDF and anti-election campaign, September 1984 (same as C58).   
J2.3.C60 Circular from UDF Western Cape re proposals for Naional Conference of Civic organisations.   
J2.3.C61 Press Statements re Launching of UDF, Western Cape, September 1983.   
J2.3.C62 UDF Circular from Publicity Secretary (Lekota) to affiliates re million signature campaign, May 1984.   
J2.3.C63 UDF, Western Cape, Circular re Workshop re Region, August 1984.   
J2.3.C64 Memorandum from Trevor Manuel (National Office).   
 re National Executive Assessment of Objectives, October 1984.   
J2.3.C65 Speech re Education by Y. Khan at Workshop on Constitutional Proposals organised by UDF (Western Areas Branch), August 1983.   
J2.3.C66 Guidelines for Functioning of Area Committees in Transvaal Region, September 1984.   
J2.3.C67 Same as C66.   
J2.3.C68 Assessment of UDF (Eastern Cape), September 1984.   
J2.3.C69 Messages of Support from Affiliates.   
 Includes: Mankweng Youth Congress, AZASO, Seshego Youth Congress, 1984.   
J2.3.C70 Report of Discussions of DHAC, August 1983.   
J2.3.C71 Minutes of 2nd TIC Council Meeting TIC, October 1983.   
J2.3.C72 Report on TIC Workshop, December 1, 1984.   
J2.3.C73 Report re PE Workshop on Front, August 14, 1983.   
J2.3.C74 AZASO Pamphlet re UDF.   
J2.3.C75 NIC perspective on constitutional proposals.   
 Presented at SAIRR   
J2.3.C76 UDF (Northern Cape), Regional Activity for December.   
J2.3.C77 Application by JODAC for affiliation to UDF, 1984.   
J2.3.C78 JODAC Draft Programme of Action, February 1985.   
J2.3.C79 Report from UDF (Western Cape Region) re UDF video project.   
J2.3.C80 Letter to Professor Mohamed from AFRASCOPE re video on new constitution.   
J2.3.C81 UDF List of officials, affiliates and organisations supporting UDF Declaration.   
J2.3.C82 UDF Notes re Government and violence.   
J2.3.C83 Memorandum from UDF Head Office re International Youth Year, February 1985.   
J2.3.C84 Agenda for UDF (Tvl) Media Committee Meeting, January 1985.   
J2.3.C85 Report on UDF National Secretariat Meeting, July 1984.   
J2.3.C86 UDF Pamphlet re solidarity with SAAWU and our people in Ciskei.   
J2.3.C87 UDF (Transvaal) Memorandum re Million Signature Campaign, January 1984.   
J2.3.C88 Report from Transvaal UDF Signature Committee, March 1984.   
J2.3.C89 Minutes of Joint National Secretariat and Treasury of UDF, April 1984.   
J2.3.C90 Memorandum to UDF Executive Members from Secretariat re co-ordinating efforts to prepare for national launching, August 1983.   
J2.3.C91 Report on proposed UDF from Planning Committee to General Body of Disorderly Bill Action Committee (Cape).   
J2.3.C92 UDF (WC) Launching Conference, July 1983.   
J2.3.C93 Statement on Launching of UDF (WC).   
J2.3.C94 Publication containing biographies of: L.Bernstein, D.Goldberg, A.M.Kathrada, N.R.Mandela, G.A.M.Mbeki, R.Mhlaba, A.Mlangeni, E.Motsoaledi, W.M.Sisulu, 1984.   
J2.3.C95 UDF document containing: list of National Patrons, National Executive and Western Cape Executive Profiles.   
J2.3.C96 Pamphlet issued by NIC and AFCWU - Welcome Back Comrade Billy Nair.   
J2.3.C97 Workshop Papers re Freedom Charter Campaign, January 1985.   
J2.3.C98 Letter from COSAS to UDF re Alliance.   
J2.3.C99 Report on Civic Workshop.   
J2.3.C100 Memorandum re UDF Publication: "Protest to Challenge".   
J2.3.C101 Handwritten letter from UDF National Treasurer, A. Cachalia to Netherlands re Funding.   
J2.3.C102 UDF National General Booklet Council: "From Protest to Challenge, from mobilisation to organisation", April 1985.   
J2.3.C103 Policy of COSAS.   
J2.3.C104 UDF Position paper re National Democratic struggle and struggle of the working class.   
J2.3.C105 UDF Plea to government to abandon new constitution.   
J2.3.C106 Speech at First NGC.   
J2.3.C107 Message of support from UDF for June 16th meeting of Anti-Apartheid Movement of London.   
J2.3.C108 FEDTRAW Workshop Report, May 1985.   
J2.3.C109 UDF NEC Statement on Durban Treason Trial.   
J2.3.C110 Paper: UDF and Black local Authorities, February 1985.   
J2.3.C111 ANC and SACP Publications.   
J2.3.C112 UDF Pamphlet: What is the UDF?   
J2.3.C113 "COSAS" Pamphlet: "Forward with the struggle".   
J2.3.C114 Resolutions passed by UDF Eastern Cape Regional Council, December 4, 1983.   
J2.3.C115 Pamphlet: Build the United Front.   
J2.3.C116 UDF (Natal) Evaluation Committee Questionnaire for Affiliates.   
J2.3.C117 UDF Circular re Rural Organisers.   
J2.3.C118 Emergency UDF Working Document, September 1984.   
J2.3.C119 Motivation for Amendments to the Working Principles of the UDF National, February 15, 1985.   
J2.3.C120 UDF (Transvaal) Programme of Action, September - November 1983.   
J2.3.C121 UDF (Border) Working Principles, January 1984.   
J2.3.C122 List of Songs.   
J2.3.C123 List of Songs.   
J2.3.C124 List of Songs.   
J2.3.C125 List of Songs.   
J2.3.C126 List of Songs.   
J2.3.C127 Publication: Democratic Opposition: The progressive movement in South Africa. Text of speech by Auret van Heerden to Nusas, AZASO and COSAS, November - December 1982.   
J2.3.C128 Letter, allegedly from ANC, April 1980.   
J2.3.C129 Notes re the Release Mandela Campaign by C. Nkondo.   
J2.3.C130 Letter from Curtis Nkondo, August 21, 1984.   
J2.3.C131 Paper by Curtis Nkondo: "United Front to end apartheid".   
J2.3.C132 UDF (N. Transvaal) Programme of Action.   
J2.3.C133 DESCOM paper: "The onslaught against the people's organisations, September 1984 - June 1985.   
J2.3.C134 Pamphlet issued by Mankweng Civic Association (N. Transvaal).   
J2.3.C135 Petition issued by Mankweng Civic Association.   
J2.3.C136 Pamphlet re pledging of solidarity - Mankweng.   
J2.3.C137 UDF Declaration.   
J2.3.C138 AGM UDF (Western Cape) Report and Resolutions, March 1985.   
J2.3.C139 UDF (WC) Pamphlet re Memorial Rally for F. Calata, S. Mahlawuli, S. Mkhonto, M. Goniwe.   
J2.3.C140 UDF (W Cape) - Assessment in preparation for AGM, January 1985.   
J2.3.C141 UDF (W Cape) - Circular from T. Tsolo of United Women's Organisation.   
J2.3.C142 Student Committee Against New Constitution Newsletter no. 3, September 1983, UCT.   
J2.3.C143 AZASO Publication: "Education and Democracy", Undated.   
J2.4 D1-3   
J2.4.D1 Minutes of UDF (NEC) held in Durban, September 1983.   
J2.4.D2 UDF, National Secretariat Workshop, P.E., 1983.   
J2.4.D3 UDF, National Secretariat Report on Launching of UDF.   
J2.5 UDF NEC Meetings. (see also S5.2.13).   
J2.5.E1 Minutes of UDF NEC Meeting, Johannesburg, November 1983.   
J2.5.E2 UDF (Tvl) Report to NEC, November 1983.   
J2.5.E3 Report of NEC (UDF) Meeting, November 1983.   
J2.5.E4 Report on UDF NEC Meeting, February 19, 1985.   
J2.6.F (see also S5.2.14).   
 Minutes of UDF NEC Meeting, January 1984, Pretoria.   
J2.7 NEC Meeting, Cape Town, June 1984 (see also S5.2.16).   
J2.7.G1 Minutes of UDF NEC Meeting, June 1984, Cape Town.   
J2.7.G2 Report to NEC, June 1984.   
J2.7.G3 Report of UDF NEC, June 1984.   
J2.7.G4 Summary of UDF NEC Meeting, June 1984.   
J2.7.G5 Report of NEC Meeting, June 1984.   
J2.7.G6 W.C. Regional Report to NEC, June 1984.   
J2.8 (see also S5.1.17).   
J2.8.H1 Minutes of UDF (NEC) Meeting, July 1984, Bloemfontein.   
J2.8.H2 National Secretariat Recommendations to UDF NE, July, 1984.   
J2.9 (See also S5.1.18).   
J2.9.J1 Minutes UDF NEC Meeting, Johannesburg, November 1984.   
J2.9.J2 Secretarial Report, UDF (Tvl). Undated.   
J2.9.J3 UDF NEC, November 1984. Input on Political Aspects.   
J2.9.J4 Paper re Input on Organisational Aspects of the UDF.   
J2.9.J5 UDF Report re International Youth Year, November 1984.   
J2.9.J6 Memorandum re International Youth Year (1985).   
J2.9.J7 UDF Report on International Youth Year.   
J2.9.J8 Minutes of UDF NEC Meeting, Handwritten, November 1984.   
J2.9.J9 NEC held on 10-11 November 1984.   
J2.9.J10 UDF National Office, November 16, 1984.   
J2.10 (See also S5.2.19).   
J2.10.K1 Minutes of UDF (Tvl) General Council Meeting, September 1983.   
J2.10.K2 Programme of Action, UDF (Tvl).   
J2.10.K3 UDF Memorandum re Referendum.   
J2.10.K4 Memorandum re Programme of Action.   
J2.10.K5 Memorandum re Sunday Times, Daily Dispatch, Finance Week, The Friend and Natal Mercury.   
J2.11 (See also S5.2.20).   
J2.11.L1 UDF (Tvl) Minutes of General Council Meeting, October 1983.   
J2.11.L2 Reports from UDF Affiliates re New Constitution. Includes: Anti-PC, Nusas & Vaal Action Committee.   
J2.11.L3 Invitation to UDF (Tvl) General Council Meeting, November 1983.   
J2.11.L4 UDF (Tvl) Minutes of GCM, October 1983.   
J2.11.L5 As L2 (Anti PC).   
J2.11.L6 As L2 (Nusas).   
J2.11.L7 As L2 (Vaal Action Committee).   
J2.12 (See also S5.2.21).   
J2.12.M1 Invitation to General Council Meeting (Tvl) November 1983.   
J2.12.M2 Minutes of above meeting.   
J2.13 N1-4   
J2.13.N1 Notice of GCM, UDF (Tvl), 14 January 1984.   
J2.13.N2 Minutes of GCM, UDF (Tvl), 10 December 1983.   
J2.13.N3 Secretarial Report to GCM, UDF (Tvl), December 10, 1983.   
J2.13.N4 UDF (Tvl) Press Release re Analysis of 1983 Black Authorities Elections, December 12, 1983.   
J2.14 O1-6   
J2.14.O1 UDF (Tvl) Minutes of GCM, January 14, 1984.   
J2.14.O2 Secretarial Report to GCM (Tvl), January 14, 1984.   
J2.14.O3 Vaal Civic Association Report, 1984.   
J2.14.O4 Vaal Civic Association Mandate on Coloured and Indian Referendum.   
J2.14.O5 NEUSA Report to UDF.   
J2.14.O6 UDF (Tvl) Report re Million Signature Campaign.   
J2.15 (See also S5.2.22).   
J2.15.P1 UDF (Tvl) Minutes of GCM Meeting, April 14, 1984.   
J2.15.P2 MSC Report to GCM Meeting, April 14, 1984.   
J2.15.P3 Descom Report to GCM Meeting, April 14, 1984.   
J2.16 (See also S5.2.23).   
J2.16.Q1 Notice of GCM Meeting, UDF (Tvl), July 1984.   
J2.16.Q2 Minutes of GCM Meeting, UDF (Tvl), June 30, 1984.   
J2.16.Q3 Secretarial Report to GCM, UDF (Tvl), June 1984.   
J2.17 (See also S5.2.24).   
J2.17.R1 Notice of Special GCM, UDF (Tvl), July 14, 1984.   
J2.17.R2 Minutes of Special GCM, UDF (Tvl), July 14, 1984.   
J2.18 Minutes of UDF Executive Committee Meetings (Tvl).   
J2.18.S1 15 September 1983.   
J2.18.S2 8 December 1983.   
J2.18.S3 3 January 1984.   
J2.18.S4 5 January 1984.   
J2.18.S5 22 March 1984.   
J2.18.S6 10 May 1984.   
J2.18.S7 14 June 1984.   
J2.18.S8 21 June 1984.   
J2.18.S9 28 June 1984.   
J2.18.S10 11 September 1984.   
J2.18.S11 4 October 1984.   
J2.18.S12 22 October 1984.   
J2.18.S13 25 October 1984.   
J2.18.S14 1 November 1984.   
J2.18.S15 15 November 1984.   
J2.18.S16 22 November 1984.   
J2.18.S17 7 December 1984.   
J2.18.S18 17 January 1985.   
J2.18.S19 31 January 1985.   
J2.18.S20 7 February 1985.   
J2.19 National Launching Conference Papers, August 20, 1983.   
J2.19.T1 The National Secretariat Report on the UDF National Launching Conference and the People's Rally.   
J2.19.T2 Secretarial Report to UDF NEC, January 21, 1984.   
J2.19.T3 UDF (Tvl) Report to NEC, January 21, 1984.   
J2.19.T4 UDF National Secretariat Meeting, March 10, 1984.   
J2.19.T5 National Secretariat Meeting, March 10-11, 1984.   
J2.19.T6 Summary of Minutes of Joint National Secretariat and Treasury, April 28, 1984.   
J2.19.T7 Agenda for National Secretariat Meeting, July 7-8, 1984.   
J2.19.T8 Notes on National Secretarial Meeting, July 7, 1984.   
J2.19.T9 UDF Officers Report to NEC, June 1, 1984.   
J2.19.T10 Report of UDF (NEC) Committee, July 21, 1984.   
J2.19.T11 Report of National Secretariat Meeting, October 13-14, 1984.   
J2.19.T12 Summary of National Secretariat Discussions, October 13-14, 1984.   
J2.19.T13 Report of Secretariat to National General Council, 1983.   
J2.19.T14 Agenda - NSM - January 12-13, 1985.   
J2.19.T15 Minutes of UDF NS Meeting, January 12-13, 1985.   
J2.19.T16 As T15.   
J2.19.T17 Secretarial Report to GCM (Tvl), December 10, 1983.   
J2.19.T18 Report of Natal Region General Council of UDF, P.E. Conference, December 17-18, 1983.   
J2.19.T19 Secretarial (Tvl) Report to General Council (Tvl), February 25, 1984 (Incomplete). Includes Vaal Civic Association Report to UDF General Council, February 22, 1984.   
J2.19.T20 Minutes of GC of UDF (Tvl), June 30, 1984.   
J2.19.T21 Secretarial Report (E. Cape) November 1984 - February 1985.   
J2.19.T22 Secretarial Report from Tvl.   
J2.19.T23 Assessment of UDF (Tvl) to NEC, Undated.   
J2.19.T24 Notes re Political and Socio-Economic Background to militarization in SA today. UDF (E. Cape). Includes: Report to NEC on events in Cradock.   
J2.19.T25 UDF (Tvl) Secretarial Report to AGM, 9 Mar 1985   
J2.19.T26 UDF (Tvl) Circular to all Affiliates & Volunteer Groups re National People's Weekend, October 18, 1983.   
J2.19.T27 Includes: UDF Circular on Housing Conference, January 1985, UDF (W. Cape) Letter re proposals for NC of Civic Organisations, UDF (W. Cape) circular re NC of Civic Organisations, Content of Conference on Housing.   
J2.19.T28 Constitution of UDF.   
J2.19.T29 Memorandum re preparation for National General Council, January 1985.   
J2.20 U1-11   
J2.20.U1 Workshop Document re The Role and Training of Development Activists, November 1979. Organised by CDRA and FAO at Bangalore.   
J2.20.U2a Notes by Lekota re UDF Publicity Campaign, 1984.   
J2.20.U2b Report on First National Seminar of Media Committee of UDF, January 21-22, 1984.   
J2.20.U3a Proposals for Freedom Charter Campaign emerging from Workshop, January 20, 1984.   
J2.20.U3b Freedom Charter Campaign Workshop, programme.   
J2.20.U3c Speech by L. Chiba, made at above workshop. The origins of the Freedom Charter.   
J2.20.U3d Speech at above workshop by Raymond Suttner.   
J2.20.U3e Proposals for Freedom Charter Campaign emerging from Workshop, January 20, 1984.   
J2.20.U4a Invitation to UDF Education Workshop re Anti?Community Council and Civic Organisation. Includes Programme, April 1984.   
J2.20.U4b Report re Education Workshop, April 1984.   
J2.20.U4c List of Workshop participants.   
J2.20.U4d Pamphlet re Black local Authorities Act.   
J2.20.U4e UDF Education Committee - Education Programme for Civics.   
J2.20.U5a FEDSAW Transvaal Workshop Report, June 1984.   
J2.20.U5b Report of Transvaal Interim Committee submitted at first Launching Conference - FEDSAW, December 1984.   
J2.20.U5c Documents confiscated from Amanda Kwadi, Soloojee and Constance Hlatwayo.   
J2.20.U6a Invitation to UDF Conscription Committee Workshop on conscription and militarisation, July 1984.   
J2.20.U6b Programme for above Workshop.   
J2.20.U6c UDF Comments on conscription.   
J2.20.U6d Memorandum re UDF Anti-Conscription Campaign.   
J2.20.U6e Memorandum re UDF Anti-Conscription Programme.   
J2.20.U6f Report re UDF Anti-Conscription Workshop, July 1984.   
J2.20.U6g Letter to Affiliates re UDF A-C Workshop.   
J2.20.U6h Same as U6(f) and (g).   
J2.20.U7 Report to National Office from UDF (W. Cape) on Assessment of the Front. Undated.   
J2.20.U8 Report on the UDF (N. Cape) Regional Workshop, October 1984.   
J2.20.U9a Report of UDF Evaluation Workshop, November 1984.   
J2.20.U9b Report of UDF Evaluation Workshop held on November 4, 1984.   
J2.20.U10a Programme of UDF Soweto Area Committee Workshop, November 1984.   
J2.20.U10b List of Organisations invited to above Workshop.   
J2.20.U10c Paper re "The Structure of the UDF" delivered at Evaluation Workshop.   
J2.20.U10d As above.   
J2.20.U11a Programme for UDF (West Rand) Area Committee Workshop, December 1984.   
J2.20.U11b Theme and aims of above Workshop.   
J2.20.U11c Notes on what organisations should be included.   
J2.20.U11d Paper re The Community Organisation.   
J2.20.U11e Report re UDF (West Rand) Area Committee Workshop.   
J2.20.U11f Workshop notes.   
J2.21 Transcripts of Meetings.   
J2.21.V1 National Launch of UDF, Mitchells Plain, Cape Town, August 20, 1983.   
J2.21.V2 Solidarity with SAAWU and Ciskei people meeting, September 22, 1983. Speakers include: Popo Molefe, J Mokoena, P Camay, F Chikane and H. Barnabas.   
J2.21.V3 UDF/AZASO Protest Meeting following the killing of students at NGOYA University, October 29, 1983. Speakers include: Oupa Monareng (SOYCO), M Myeza (AZAPO), Popo Molefe (UDF), Rev Bill, Frank Chikane, H Barnabas (SAAWU), T Moseneke (AZASO), S Radebe (CUSA) and B.Barry (NUSAS Wits).   
J2.21.V4 Meeting to inaugurate Alexandra Youth Congress, September 25, 1983.   
J2.21.V5 Youth Rally, Kwa Mashu. Undated. Speaker: T Lekota.   
J2.21.V6 UDF Meeting, Cape Town, November 26, 1984 Speakers: F Chikane, A Borraine, M Philips and A Boesak.   
J2.21.V7 Krish Rabilal Memorial Meeting, Durban, February 5, 1984. Speakers: Ramsamy, P David, Victoria Mxenge and Archie Gumede.   
J2.21.V8 UDF One Year Rally, Port Elizabeth, August 25, 1984. Speakers: Lekota and Boesak.   
J2.21.V9 TIC Meeting, Lenasia, February 8, 1984. Speakers: Jassat, Lekota, Cachalia, Naidoo and Ramgobin.   
J2.21.V10 June 16 th Commemoration Meeting, Regina Mundi. Speakers: Chikane and Montsitsi.   
J2.21.V11 AZAS0 1984 Annual Congress, Womens Meeting, Soweto, June 28-29, 1984. Speakers: B Monama, Albertina Sisulu, Amanda Kwadi, Dorothy Nyembe.   
J2.21.V12 Huhudi Youth Organisation Meeting, July 1, 1984.   
J2.21.V13 Release Mandela Campaign Meeting, Regina Mundi, July 8, 1984.   
J2.21.V14 TIC Mass Meeting, July 18, 1984. Speakers: Cassim Solojee, David Webster, D. Montsitsi, Fatima Meer, 'Terror' Lekota, Popo Molefe.   
J2.21.V15 UDF Youth Rally, Lenasia, July 26, 1984.   
J2.21.V16 UDF "Don't Vote" Rally, Kimberley, July 28, 1984.   
 Speakers: Albertina Sisulu, Ismael Mohamed, Lekota, Mewa Ramgobin.   
J2.21.V17 NIC Meeting, Ladysmith, August 1, 1984.   
 Speakers: Fatima Meer, E. Bawa, M. Ramgobin, Lekota, Allan Boesak.   
J2.21.V18 UDF One-Year Rally, Johannesburg, August 19, 1984.   
 Speakers: Cassim Salojee, T Mbane, S. Mkhatshwa, Frank Chikane, Mzwathe Mbuli, Dorothy Nyembe, Albertina Sisulu, Laloo Chiba, Ismael Mohamed.   
J2.21.V19 UDF People's Weekend Meeting, Lenasia, October 29-30, 1984. Speakers: Desmond Tutu, Ntatho Motlana, Ismael Mohamed, David Webster, Aubrey Mokoena.   
J2.21.V20 UDF Rally in opposition to P W Botha's meeting with Indian leaders, Durban, November 14, 1985. Speakers: Aubrey Mokoena, Mcebisi Xundu, Ram Saloojee, Fatima Meer, George Sewpersaadhy, Mewa Ramgobin, Allan Boesak.   
J2.21.V21 ANTI-SAIC Congress, Tvl, Johannesburg, January 22-23, 1983. Speakers: I Cachalia, Helen Joseph, Thomazile Gqweta, Allan Boesak, RAM Saloojee, Ismael Mohamed, E Jassat, NG Patel, Coovadia.   
J2.21.V22 Luthuli Memorial Meeting, July 24, 1983, Durban.   
 Speakers: Archie Gumede, R. Maphanga.   
J2.21.V23 Soweto Youth Congress Inaugural Meeting, July 31, 1983. Speakers: Oupa Monareng, Dr Motlana, Archie Gumede, Dan Montsitsi, Mewa Ramgobin, Cassim Salojee, Oscar Mpekha.   
J2.21.V24 Transcript of June 16 Commemoration Meeting held at Methodist Church, Alexandra, June 19, 1983.   
J2.21.V25 UDF Meeting in honour of Bishop Tutu, and reading of Nelson Mandela's message, Jabulani, February 10, 1985.   
V31 Sharpeville Meeting, August 26, 1985. Speaker: T Moselane.   
J2.21.Va Notes on V exhibit 5.   
J2.22 W1-79   
J2.22.W1 State of the Nation, August 1983. (Extract).   
J2.22.W2 Speak, March 1985.   
J2.22.W3 lzwilethu, September 1984 (CUSA Publication).   
J2.22.W4 Extract from SASPU National - poster - "Ono Year of United Action".   
J2.22.W5 State of the Nation, February/March 1985 (SASPU, Publication).   
J2.22.W6 UDF News (Newsletter of N. Tvl. Region), vol. 1, no. 1, 1984?   
J2.22.W7 Pamphlet Support TIC - Don't Vote.   
J2.22.W8 UDF Press Release re petrol price increase - January 1985.   
J2.22.W9 Work in Progress, No. 35, 1985.   
J2.22.W10 Work in Proaress, No. 31, 1984.   
J2.22.W11 lzwilethu, November 1984 (CUSA Publication).   
J2.22.W12 FEDTRAW Resolutions passed at First Congress, December 1984.   
J2.22.W13 AZASO National Student Newsletter, October 1983.   
J2.22.W14 AZASO National Student Newsletter, November 1983.   
J2.22.W15 AZASO National Student Newsletter, March 1984.   
J2.22.W16 AZASO National Student Newsletter, Undated.   
J2.22.W17 AZASO National Student Newsletter, Undated.   
J2.22.W18 SAM Focus, December 1982.   
J2.22.W19 SASPU National, Vol. 5, no. 1, March 1984.   
J2.22.W20 SASPU National, Vol. 5, no. 2, May/June 1984.   
J2.22.W21 SASPU Focus, Vol. 3, no. 2, November 1984.   
J2.22.W22 State Of the Nation (SASPU), vol. 1, no. 2, December 1983.   
J2.22.W23 SASPU National, October 1983.   
J2.22.W24 UDF News (National Newsletter), Vol. 1, no. 2, October 1983.   
J2.22.W25 Learn and Teach, No. 8, 1983.   
J2.22.W26 Objector 1984 (ECC Publication).   
J2.22.W27 Objector, Vol. 2, No. 5, August 1984.   
J2.22.W28 Spiked, UCT Publication, Vol. 2, no. 2.   
J2.22.W29 Work in Progress, 28, 1983.   
J2.22.W30 Congress Resister, TIC Newsletter, Vol. 2, no. 1, February 1984.   
J2.22.W31 UDF News, National Newsletter, October 1983.   
J2.22.W32 SASPU National, December 1984.   
J2.22.W34 Challenge, (BSS-AZASO Publication, Wits), Vol. 4, no. 2.   
J2.22.W35 ADAC News. Newletter of the Detention Action Committee. No. 9, July 1984.   
J2.22.W36 AZASO National Focus: Repression on Campuses.   
J2.22.W37 Work in Progress, No. 25, 1983.   
J2.22.W38 Work in Progress, No. 30, 1984.   
J2.22.W39 Anti-PC News, No. 1, August 1983.   
J2.22.W40 Anti-PC News, No. 2, April 1984.   
J2.22.W41 UDF News (W. Cape Region).   
J2.22.W42 UDF News (Transvaal Region), Vol. 2, no. 2, October 1984.   
J2.22.W43 UDF News, (N. Cape Region), Vol. 1, no. 1.   
J2.22.W44 UDF News, (Transvaal Region), Vol. 2, no. 1, August 1984.   
J2.22.W45 UDF News, (W. Cape Region).   
J2.22.W46 UDF News, (Border), No. 1, Vol. 1, August 1984.   
J2.22.W47 UDF News, August 1984.   
J2.22.W48 Grassroots, Vol. 5, no. 2, March 1984.   
J2.22.W49 TIC Pamphlet.   
J2.22.W50 Pamphlet, COSAS: "New Deal".   
J2.22.W51 UDF (E. Cape), AGM Documents, March 1984.   
J2.22.W52 UDF Million Signature Campaign Volunteers' Handbook.   
J2.22.W53 UDF Million Signature Campaign Organisers' Handbook.   
J2.22.W54 NUSAS Publication: Make your mark - MSC, 1984.   
J2.22.W55 NUSAS Pamphlet: No to new Constitution.   
J2.22.W56 Ilizwi Laserhini, UDF Grahamstown Voice, May 1984.   
J2.22.W57 Africa Perspective, No.23, 1983.   
J2.22.W58 Congress Resister, TIC Newsletter, October 1984.   
J2.22.W59 UDF News, (Transvaal Region), November 1983.   
J2.22.W60 UDF Publication: Repression in a time of reform. A look at the events in the Transvaal since August 1984.   
J2.22.W61 BSM (Benoni Student Movement) - UDF Affiliate - Publication, October 1983.   
J2.22.W62 SASPU National, October 1984.   
J2.22.W63 SASPU National, September 1984, Vol.5, no.5.   
J2.22.W64 SASPU National, August 1984, Vol.5, no.4.   
J2.22.W65 AZASO Newsletter, Undated.   
J2.22.W66 Grassroots, Vol.6, no.1, February 1985.   
J2.22.W67 The Eye, Vol.4, no.3, August 1984.   
J2.22.W68 The Eye, Vol.5, no.1, March 1985.   
J2.22.W69 Speak, Vol.2, no.1, January 1984.   
J2.22.W70 Speak, Vol.2, no.4, November 1984.   
J2.22.W71 JODAC News, August/September 1984.   
J2.22.W72 Cape Areas Housing Action Committee Report of 3rd AGM, October 1984.   
J2.22.W73 Voice of AYCO (Alexandra Youth Congress), Vol.2, no.1, 1984.   
J2.22.W74 Soweto Civic Association, AGM, December 1, 1984.   
J2.22.W75 Ilizwi Laserhini, (Grahamstown Voice), Vol.7, no.1, March 1983.   
J2.22.W76 Ilizwi Laserhini, Vol.7, no.4, June 1983.   
J2.22.W77 Ilizwi Laserhini, Vol.7, no.5, August 1983.   
J2.22.W78 Ilizwi Laserhini, Vol.7, no.6, October 1983.   
J2.22.W79 Ilizwi Laserhini, Vol.8, no.6, October 1984.   
J2.22.W39-59 Refer J22.W39 to J22.W52 above (Box 13)   
J2.23 X1-10   
J2.23.X1 Programme for UDF Conference against forced removals. Undated.   
J2.23.X2 Black Sash pamphlet: The Crime of forced removals. Includes article on Driefontein.   
J2.23.X3 UDF Press Release re Kennedy visit - January 9, 1985.   
J2.23.X4 Letter from UDF General Secretary (Popo Molefe) to Jackson Fuzile (UDF Border) re removals, January 1985.   
J2.23.X5 UDF (E. Cape) Report on Relocation, removals and rural areas.   
J2.23.X6 Message of Support from UDF (National) to UDF (W. Cape).   
J2.23.X7 Letter to Secretaries of Border Region re removals, January 1985.   
J2.23.X8 UDF (W. Cape) Pamphlet: "No to Forced Removals!".   
J2.23.X9 UDF (National) Circular to all Regions, September 1984.   
J2.23.X10 Diakonia (W. Cape) Pamphlet re Removals and Khayelitsha.   
J2.24 Y1-11   
J2.24.Y1 Cape Areas Housing Action Committee Factsheet.   
J2.24.Y2 Lavender Hill Resident's Association Pamphlet (UDF Affiliate).   
J2.24.Y3 UDF (National) Circular to Regional Secretaries re Housing Conference and local Authorities, January 1985.   
J2.24.Y4 Durban Housing Action Committee Report re Meeting, August 22, 1983.   
J2.24.Y5 Circular from UDF (WC) re National Conference of Civic Organisations.   
J2.24.Y6 UDF Press Release re Soweto Council price increases.   
J2.24.Y7 University Durban-Westville publication re Housing.   
J2.24.Y8 Cape Town Housing Action Committee Factsheets.   
J2.24.Y9 Ratanda Civic Association pamphlet, March 1985.   
J2.24.Y10 Durban Housing Action Committee Publication: "A brief history of DHAC" and the Joint Rent Action Committee (JRAC).   
J2.24.Y11 Ratanda Civic Association Pamphlet, February 1985.   
J2.25 Z1-12   
J2.25.Z1 Pamphlet issued by Transvaal Stay Away Committee.   
J2.25.Z2 Preliminary Report by Community Research Centre and DPSC to UDF, DPSC, SAAWU re Effect of "State of Crisis" on Labour in East London area, September 1983.   
J2.25.Z3 Pamphlet: May Day. Issued by CCAWUSA, GAWU, B & CWU and CUSA.   
J2.25.Z4 UDF Pamphlet re Workers Day, May 1984.   
J2.25.Z5 Paper: May Day.   
J2.25.Z6 The Worker (Newsletter of SAAWU), October 1984.   
J2.25.Z7 UDF Circular re Meetings between Trade Unions and UDF, October 1984.   
J2.25.Z8 Letter from Popo Molefe (UDF Gen Sec) to Cyril Ramaphosa re solidarity with NUM, September 1984.   
J2.25.Z9 UDF Circular to Regional Secretaries re UDF Relationship with Unions (January 1985).   
J2.25.Z10 SAAWU Letter to UDF.   
J2.25.Z11 AZAPO Pamphlet re May Day, 1984.   
J2.25.Z12 Work in Progress, 33, 1984.   
J3 AA - AZ   
J3.1 AA1-8   
J3.1.AA1 Leaflet advertising UDF (West Rand) Rally, December 16, 1984.   
J3.1.AA2 UDF Handwritten Report on meeting to discuss Black Christmas, 1984.   
J3.1.AA3 UDF Pamphlet: Black Christmas, 1984.   
J3.1.AA4 UDF Press Statement on Black Christmas, 1984.   
J3.1.AA5 UDF Appeals. Black Christmas, 1984.   
J3.1.AA6 UDF Pamphlet re Black Christmas, 1984.   
J3.1.AA7 UDF Notes and pamphlet re Black Christmas, 1984.   
J3.1.AA8 UDF Leaflet re Black Christmas, 1984.   
J3.1.AA1-8 Refer to J3.1.AA1 to J3..1.AA8 (Box 16)   
J3.2 AB1-48   
J3.2.AB1 AZASO Dossier re Education and Liberation.   
J3.2.AB2 Report from UDF (Tvl) Education Committee to UDF (Tvl) Executive.   
J3.2.AB3 UDF Education Committee Programme for Civics.   
J3.2.AB4 Same as AB1.   
J3.2.AB5 Memorandum from UDF and COSAS re Proposals for discussion on education crisis, January 1985.   
J3.2.AB6 Notes re Area Committee discussions.   
J3.2.AB7 Documents by CUSA and COSAS re education crisis.   
J3.2.AB8 COSAS and UDF Documents re Education.   
J3.2.AB9 Documents include: COSAS NEC statement re students demands, list of organisations the Community Resource & Information Centre works with, Unions statement in support of call for regional stay-at-home.   
J3.2.AB10 UDF Memorandum re International Youth Year, February 1985.   
J3.2.AB11 Report of UDF National Youth Conference, Durban, January 1985.   
J3.2.AB12 Decisions taken after Reports on National Youth Conference.   
J3.2.AB13 Group discussions on International Youth Year.   
J3.2.AB14 Report on International Youth Year.   
J3.2.AB15 Handwritten notes by 'Terror' Lekota.   
J3.2.AB16 Leaflet issued by COSAS: 'Workers build support for students struggle in the schools'.   
J3.2.AB17 AZASM Publication re 8th Anniversary of 16 June 1984.   
J3.2.AB18 Letter from UDF (National) to Secretary (N. Cape) re education crisis, June 1984.   
J3.2.AB19 Memorandum from UDF and COSAS re proposals for discussion on education crisis, January 1985.   
J3.2.AB20 Memorandum on facing the crisis in Black Education, March 1984.   
J3.2.AB21 Handwritten Paper: "Students as the lifeblood of the people's struggle.   
J3.2.AB22 Griewe van studente (UWC), May 29, 1984.   
J3.2.AB23 UDF Press Release re return of pupils to school, January 7, 1985.   
J3.2.AB24 Song Sheet - Joint Union Education Project.   
J3.2.AB25 Soweto Youth Congress's Programme of Action.   
J3.2.AB26 Black Students Movement (Rhodes). President's message.   
J3.2.AB27 Leaflet: Notes for demonstrators.   
J3.2.AB28 Missing.   
J3.2.AB29 COSAS Publication: United Action for Democratic Education.   
J3.2.AB30 Handwritten AZASO Notes re Education.   
J3.2.AB31 COSAS support pledge for all worker organisations in the Transvaal.   
J3.2.AB32 COSAS (Tvl) Meeting Report, April 6, 1984.   
J3.2.AB33 Policy of COSAS.   
J3.2.AB34 AZASO/BSM (Rhodes University) Campus Report.   
J3.2.AB35 AZASO Report re Cape College of Education.   
J3.2.AB36 AZASO Pietermaritzburg Report.   
J3.2.AB37 Contact (Lenasia Youth League), no. 4, 1982.   
J3.2.AB38 Mankweng Youth Congress Solidarity pledge.   
J3.2.AB39 UDF Letter re SOYCO, 1984. Includes: COSAS News re education, 1984.   
J3.2.AB40 UDF Leaflet re June 10th Commemoration.   
J3.2.AB41 Paper: Intervention strategies in Black education.   
J3.2.AB42 Joint Union Education Project documents. Includes: Minutes of Meeting, September 1983.   
J3.2.AB43 COSAS National Newsletter, June/July 1984.   
J3.2.AB44 COSAS Leaflet: Support Students Demands.   
J3.2.AB45 COSAS Pamphlet: COSAS calls on students to unite.   
J3.2.AB46 Principles for changing education - extract from book entitled "Apartheid and education" by Peter Kallaway.   
J3.2.AB47 Notice of Public Meeting, Evaton and Sebokeng, October 1984.   
J3.2.AB48 Africa Perspective, no. 24, 1984. Article on Bantu Education.   
J3.2.AB1-48 Refer to J3.2.AB1-AB48 (Box 16)   
J3.3 AC1-8   
J3.3.AC1 UDF Pamphlet: Solidarity with SAAWU and people in Ciskei.   
J3.3.AC2 UDF Pamphlet: NO to Ciskei Terror.   
J3.3.AC3 UDF (Natal) NEC Report - January 21, 1984.   
J3.3.AC4 Leaflet re Removals.   
J3.3.AC5 Circular re UDF SAAWU and Border Region Solidarity Committee, September 1983.   
J3.3.AC6 UDF Pamphlet: NO to Ciskei Terror.   
J3.3.AC7 AZASO Publication: Bantustan Repression at UNITRA (University of the Transkei).   
J3.3.AC8 Report to UDF Ciskei Solidarity Committee by Peter Harris (UDF Border Solidarity Comm) on Companies operating within the Ciskei, October 1983.   
J3.4 AD1-25   
J3.4.AD1 ECC Declaration.   
J3.4.AD2 Resolution re Militarisation passed by Regional Council of the UDF (E. Cape), December 4, 1983.   
J3.4.AD3 ECC (Jhb) Leaflet calling for end to conscription.   
J3.4.AD4 Report re UDF Anti-Conscription Workshop, July 15, 1984.   
J3.4.AD5 Handwritten UDF Resolution re militarisation of the South African state.   
J3.4.AD6 UDF (W. Cape) Conscription Commission Factsheet.   
J3.4.AD7 UDF News, Stellenbosch, November 1984.   
J3.4.AD8 ANTI-Conscription Committee Report (UDF).   
J3.4.AD9 UDF (Natal) Military Sub-Committee Report.   
J3.4.AD10 UDF Anti-Conscription Committee Programme.   
J3.4.AD11 UDF Commission on Conscription Report.   
J3.4.AD12 Letter from Diakonia (Durban) to UDF Secretary (Natal) re request for collaboration with ECC.   
J3.4.AD13 Paper from W. Cape UDF re Anti-Conscription Campaign.   
J3.4.AD14 ECC Publication: Objector: 1984.   
J3.4.AD15 Article from Grassroots, April 1984, re Conscription.   
J3.4.AD16 ECC Pamphlet: End conscription.   
J3.4.AD17 Anti-Conscription Committee Report (UDF). Undated.   
J3.4.AD18 Speech by Brett Myrdal at NUSAS UCT Meeting: "Students reject the Apartheid Constitution", September 1983.   
J3.4.AD19 UDF (W. Cape) Circular to community re "SADF in our schools".   
J3.4.AD20 UDF Pamphlet: NO to Botha's army - Don't vote!.   
J3.4.AD21 Report of Conference on Conscientious Objection, Natal University, July 1983.   
J3.4.AD22 Objector 1984, ECC Publication.   
J3.4.AD23 UDF Pamphlet: UDF rejects Botha's army.   
J3.4.AD24 Minutes of ECC Meeting, Durban, December 8, 1984.   
J3.4.AD25 Extract from Grassroots, June 1984 re conscription.   
J3.5 AE1-34   
J3.5.AE1 Leaflet re Women's Rally.   
J3.5.AE2 History of FEDSAW.   
J3.5.AE3 Report re FEDSAW, 1983.   
J3.5.AE4 The Women's Charter.   
J3.5.AE5 FEDSAW Invitation to Meeting, October 24, 1984.   
J3.5.AE6 Publication: "The Federation of South African Women".   
J3.5.AE7 UDF and UWO Memorandum re United Nations Decade of Women.   
J3.5.AE8 1985 FEDTRAW Calendar.   
J3.5.AE9 FEDSAW Publication: Women against pass laws.   
J3.5.AE10 Papers from AZASO Womens Conference. Undated.   
J3.5.AE11 AZASO paper: Organising women students, December 1983.   
J3.5.AE12 FEDSAW, Minutes of Meetings, October 6, 1984.   
J3.5.AE13 FEDSAW Rally invitation to UDF, August 1984.   
J3.5.AE14 FEDSAW Rally Progamme, August 1984.   
J3.5.AE15 FEDSAW Press release calling for attendance at Diepkloof civic meeting, September 1984.   
J3.5.AE16 FEDSAW Press release, August 24, 1984 re detentions of UDF members.   
J3.5.AE17 Letter from FEDSAW (Soweto) to SWAPO Women's group re forging of units, August 14, 1984.   
J3.5.AE18 Leaflet advertising film on Women against Apartheid.   
J3.5.AE19 FEDSAW (Tvl) Interim Co-ordinating Committee, minutes of meeting, July 21, 1984.   
J3.5.AE20 Minutes of FEDSAW (Soeto) Meeting, July 22, 1984.   
J3.5.AE21 FEDSAW Letter to 'CITY PRESS', November 20, 1984.   
J3.5.AE22 Message of support from UDF to inaugural conference of organisation of Transvaal Women, December 7, 1984.   
J3.5.AE23 Message of support from University of the North women's club to Women's Rally in N. Transvaal.   
J3.5.AE24 Resolution taken at FEDSAW Meeting, May 13, 1984 re commitment to a united struggle.   
J3.5.AE25 Letter from UDF to FEDSAW (Soweto) re Launch of Soweto Women's Group, June 1984.   
J3.5.AE26 Paper: Women in South AFrica continue the struggle in spite of Pretoria's repressive policies, by Ela Ramgobin, November 1984.   
J3.5.AE27 Invitation to FEDSAW Launching Conference. Undated.   
J3.5.AE28 Letter from UDF ( W. Cape) UWO re Commemoration of National Women's Day, 1984.   
J3.5.AE29 Report on Unity Talks between the UWO and Women's Front Organisation, March 1984 (W. Cape).   
J3.5.AE30 Leaflet: Women - Attention, Queenstown, September 17, 1984.   
J3.5.AE31 Women's Front Organisation (W. Cape) Pamphlet: Women in the struggle.   
J3.5.AE32 Tsogang Basadi, Newsletter of FEDSAW, August 1984.   
J3.5.AE33 Report on Seminar re The struggle of Women in South Africa, December 1983.   
J3.5.AE34 TIC Pamphlet: Women unite!.   
J3.6 AF   
J3.6.AF1 UDF Resolution on Imperialism, August 20, 1983.   
J3.7 AG1-29   
J3.7.AG1 UDF Press Release on attempts to release Nelson Mandela.   
J3.7.AG2 UDF Press Release re Call for stayaway, September 1984.   
J3.7.AG3 UDF Press Release on Release of Nelson Mandela, January 1985.   
J3.7.AG4 UDF Press release on P.W.Botha's Parliamentary address, January 1985.   
J3.7.AG5 UDF Press Release on Mandela's responses to President Botha's offer, February 9, 1985.   
J3.7.AG6 Letter from UDF to Mr Cooper (Wits) re Nelson Mandela, July 1984.   
J3.7.AG7 UDF Memorandum re Treason Trial, February 11, 1985.   
J3.7.AG8 Publication re Mandela published by AZASO Affiliate.   
J3.7.AG9 Pamphlet to TIC, NIC and RMC Leaders charged with treason in Durban, December 1984.   
J3.7.AG10 RMC leaflet: invitation to prayer meeting in solidarity with Nelson Mandela and commemorating death of Luthuli.   
J3.7.AG11 RMC Working Document.   
J3.7.AG12 Pamphlet re Yusuf Dadoo issued by TIC.   
J3.7.AG13 Leaflet re Free Mandela Campaign.   
J3.7.AG14 A Paper on the planning of the Release Mandela Campaign.   
J3.7.AG15 Paper re nature of RMC and its modus operandi.   
J3.7.AG16 As AG11.   
J3.7.AG17 AZASO pamphlet. Release Mandela.   
J3.7.AG18 UDF sticker: Release our leaders Now.   
J3.7.AG19 Brief Biography of Popo Molefe.   
J3.7.AG20 Written speech by 'Terror' Lekota at funeral of 'Bertie'.   
J3.7.AG21 Pamphlet: Griffiths Mxenge... the struggle was his life.   
J3.7.AG22 TIC pamphlet. Protest Rally. Leave our leaders alone!.   
J3.7.AG23 Statement by I.J.Mohamed to City Press re: Cliff Saunders' request interview with Oliver Tambo, September 1983.   
J3.7.AG24 Songsheet.   
J3.7.AG25 Message of support from I.J.Mohamed, Chairman TVL Anti-President's Council, at launching conference of UDF, August 1983.   
J3.7.AG26 Speech by A.J. Mohamed in tribute to Dorothy Nyembe, March 1984.   
J3.7.AG27 Projects Committee. Wits pamphlet re political prisoners.   
J3.7.AG28 TIC pamphlet: We shall not be intimidated! Release our leaders.   
J3.7.AG29 Letter from UDF to Jeannette Schoon's parents on her death, July 1984.   
J3.8 AH1-11   
J3.8.AH1 Publication: Congress Perspective on the struggle (UDF).   
J3.8.AH2 Handwritten notes by Morobe re The Origins and Historical Significance of the Freedom Charter.   
J3.8.AH3 Leaflet issued by RMC: The Freedom Charter.   
J3.8.AH4 Publication on the Freedom Charter by S Tshwete.   
J3.8.AH5 Paper: Freedom Charter as an organising tool.   
J3.8.AH6 The Freedom Charter.   
J3.8.AH7 Proposals for Freedom Charter Campaign emerging from workshop of January 20, 1984.   
J3.8.AH8 Lecture by R Suttner: The Freedom Charter the people's Charter in the 1980's, September 1984.   
J3.8.AH9 Invitation to RMC Workshop in celebration of 30th Anniversary of the Freedom Charter.   
J3.8.AH10 Draft proposal on structure and functioning of the 30th anniversary of the Freedom Charter Campaign Committee.   
J3.8.AH11 The Freedom Charter, issued by RMC.   
J3.9 AJ1-54   
J3.9.AJ1 Descom report of result of a survey of 37 Transvaal organisations, September 1983-July 1984: Hidden Repression.   
J3.9.AJ2 Pamphlet: Mass Rally. Issued by NIC.   
J3.9.AJ3 Minutes of joint Descom, TIC, Anti-PC, FEDSAW, JODAC meeting, October 1, 1984 re UDF Campaign against Repression.   
J3.9.AJ4 UDF Campaign against Repression. Minutes of Meeting, October 9, 1984.   
J3.9.AJ5 UDF leaflet: Unite against Suffering!   
J3.9.AJ6 Black Sash telegram sent to members of Parliament, September 1984, re preventive detention.   
J3.9.AJ7 UDF NEC statement for UDF news re state repression.   
J3.9.AJ8 UDF Press statement re detention of UDF activists - August 1984 (includes list of those detained).   
J3.9.AJ9 UDF Press release re shooting of W. Kiatshi (UDF activist), January 1985.   
J3.9.AJ10 UDF Press Statement on release of Section 28 Detainees, December 1984.   
J3.9.AJ11 UDF Press Release on ban of TIC meeting, December 13, 1984.   
J3.9.AJ12 UDF Press release on Meetings ban, December 15, 1984.   
J3.9.AJ13 UDF Press Release on Popo Molefe's Detention, October 2, 1984.   
J3.9.AJ14 UDF Press Release on Cradock, Undated.   
J3.9.AJ15 UDF Press Release on state repression, September 12, 1984.   
J3.9.AJ16 Joint Statement issued by UDF, FOSATU, SAAWU, OVGWU,GAWU, CCAWUSA, FAWU, JOSDA, SACWU, SALDCWU, CUSA, and DPSC re condemnation of banning of SAAWU and repression in Ciskei, September 1983.   
J3.9.AJ17 UDF Press Statement re Labour Party Decision on new constitution, 6 Jan 1984   
J3.9.AJ18 UDF Press release re arrest of 'Terror' Lekota. Undated.   
J3.9.AJ19 UDF Press Release re detention of Elliot Shabangu and Amos Masondo, February 1984.   
J3.9.AJ20 UDF Press Release re State Repression, Undated.   
J3.9.AJ21 UDF Press Release re Smangaliso Mkhatshwa's Detention, October 31, 1983.   
J3.9.AJ22 UDF Press Release on detention of Terror Lekota, October 24, 1983.   
J3.9.AJ23 UDF letter sent to embassies re state attack on UDF, October 31, 1984.   
J3.9.AJ24 UDF and DPSC Press statement on death of Johannes Ngalo, undated.   
J3.9.AJ25 UDF Circular re detentions, August 1984.   
J3.9.AJ26 UDF letter to patrons re 1st Anniversary of UDF, August 30, 1984.   
J3.9.AJ27 Pamphlet re Swoop on AZAPO - what it means.   
J3.9.AJ28 TIC pamphlet demanding release of leaders.   
J3.9.AJ29 UDF Speech at meeting rejecting arrest of leaders.   
J3.9.AJ30 CUSA pamphlet condemning detentions.   
J3.9.AJ31 UDF leaflet re banning of meeting.   
J3.9.AJ32 TIC pamphlet: Botha, Rajbansi, Hendrickse, Reddy...Leave our leaders alone!   
J3.9.AJ33 AZAPO publication: Heroes' Day.   
J3.9.AJ34 TIC demands Release our leaders! Protest Rally, October 11, 1984.   
J3.9.AJ35 Sticker: Release our leaders.   
J3.9.AJ36 BSM/AZASO (Grahamstown) leaflet: Eenheid met Uitenhage, March 25, 1985.   
J3.9.AJ37 DESCOM circular re changing nature of State repression, March 19, 1984.   
J3.9.AJ38 TIC demands Release our leaders!   
J3.9.AJ39 DPSC publication. Targets of State repression. Profiles of organisations affected by detentions (UDF, COSAS, VCA etc).   
J3.9.AJ40 Detention Action Committee (ADAC) report.   
J3.9.AJ41 Leaflet issued by SAC (Solidarity Action Committee): They are killing our people.   
J3.9.AJ42 UDF Leaflet: What were the soldiers doing here?   
J3.9.AJ43 UDF circular re education crisis, June 1984.   
J3.9.AJ44 UDF message of solidarity for service to commemorate murder of 42 patriots in 1982, December 1984.   
J3.9.AJ45 DPSC Report on Preventive Detention, September 1984.   
J3.9.AJ46 DPSC Report, November 1984.   
J3.9.AJ47 TIC leaflet: Essop Jassat Charged for Treason! December 1984.   
J3.9.AJ48 Press statement issued by UDF, DESCOM, DPSC re detention of COSAS and DESCOM members, October 12, 1984.   
J3.9.AJ49 UDF letter to president of Mozambique, July 19, 1984.   
J3.9.AJ50 UDF letter to Prime Minister of Swaziland, July 25, 1984.   
J3.9.AJ51 UDF letter to SWAPO, July 16, 1984.   
J3.9.AJ52 UDF letter to German Action Group. Undated.   
J3.9.AJ53 UDF letter to embassies re state repression.   
J3.9.AJ54 UDF letter to Australian ambassador, October 31, 1984.   
J3.10 AK   
J3.10.AK UDF pamphlet. What is Inkatha up to?   
J3.11 AL1-160   
J3.11.AL1 Notes on a call for a National Convention, UDF publication.   
J3.11.AL2 UDF report on SACC Workshop on Constitutional proposals and Koornhof bills, Kimberley.   
J3.11.AL3 UDF Programme of Action.   
J3.11.AL4 UDF notes on referendum to oppose new constitution.   
J3.11.AL5 UDF Paper re national convention.   
J3.11.AL6 UDF Paper re UDF and the new South African Constitution.   
J3.11.AL7 Transvaal Anti-PC Paper: Why we cannot participate in an election/referendum related to Botha's Constitutional proposals.   
J3.11.AL8 UDF Paper: Why the UDF opposes the new Constitution Act.   
J3.11.AL9 UDF speech re Koornhof Bills.   
J3.11.AL10 UDF Paper re New Constitution.   
J3.11.AL11 UDF Acceptance speech for "Let Live" Prize, May 27, 1984.   
J3.11.AL12 Speech by Nakedi Mathews Phosa: Apartheid in the ballot box, August 19, 1984.   
J3.11.AL13 Invitations to Protest Conference and rally in Soweto by Civic Associations.   
J3.11.AL14 Statement issued by UDF re white referendum.   
J3.11.AL15 Resolutions taken at Mass Rally calling for rejection of Government's "reform" initiatives.   
J3.11.AL16 TIC Launching Conference of East Rand Branch.   
 Includes: messages of support, Programme.   
J3.11.AL17 UDF resolution taken at Seshego, N.Tvl. (August 15, 1984) rejecting new constitution.   
J3.11.AL18 JODAC pamphlet: Million Signature Campaign.   
J3.11.AL19 UDF White working group newsletter re Million Signature Campaign.   
J3.11.AL20 Discussion Paper re UDF Million Signature Campaign, February 2, 1984.   
J3.11.AL21 Programme for Million Signature Campaign.   
J3.11.AL22 Emergency UDF Working Document, UDF (Transvaal) September 25, 1984.   
J3.11.AL23 List of Anti-Constitutional Campaign meetings, UDF (Tvl), July-August 1984.   
J3.11.AL24 UDF (W.Cape) Circular to all affiliates and regional committees, re evaluation of work done.   
J3.11.AL25 UDF memorandum re MSC, August 31, 1984.   
J3.11.AL26 UDF MSC Briefing Document.   
J3.11.AL27 Guide to the UDF MSC organising handbook.   
J3.11.AL28 UDF - invitation to SAAWU to GCM, April 14, 1984.   
J3.11.AL29 UDF Publication re MSC.   
J3.11.AL30 UDF (E. Cape) Briefing Publication for Fieldworkers.   
J3.11.AL31 UDF (NEC) Report, June 1-2, 1984.   
J3.11.AL32 Statement by Commission of Feasibility of a United Front Against the Constitutional Reform Proposals.   
J3.11.AL33 Report re UDF MSC - Transvaal.   
J3.11.AL34 UDF Million Signature Campaign Petition.   
J3.11.AL35 UDF (Natal).Notice of UDF Conference December 1983.   
 Includes: agenda, programme, list of delegates.   
J3.11.AL36 UDF (Natal N. Coast) Report, June 1984.   
J3.11.AL37 UDF (Kimberley) Report on MSC, March 18, 1984.   
J3.11.AL38 UDF Signature Committee Survey.   
J3.11.AL39 Notice from UDF (Natal) MSC Co-ordinator to activists.   
J3.11.AL40 Report of UDF National Secretariat Meeting, April 28/29, 1984.   
J3.11.AL41 MSC (Tvl) Launching Programme.   
J3.11.AL42 Report from UDF (Tvl) Signature Committee, March 10, 1984.   
J3.11.AL43 MSC Co-ordinator's report, June 30, 1984.   
J3.11.AL44 Report of MSC (Kimberley), March 18, 1984.   
J3.11.AL45 Letter from UDF to Indira Gandhi re UDF.   
J3.11.AL46 UDF (Natal) Letter to Prime Minister.   
J3.11.AL47 UDF Letter to affiliates re MSC, February 1984.   
J3.11.AL48 UDF Letter to Unions re campaign against the elections, October 19, 1984.   
J3.11.AL49 Report of National Conference of UDF, P.E., December 17-18, 1983.   
J3.11.AL50 UDF paper re UDF and the new South African Constitution.   
J3.11.AL51 UDF paper re the demands of the UDF and the Anti-Election Campaign.   
J3.11.AL52 UDF paper re August Elections.   
J3.11.AL53 UDF notes re new constitution.   
J3.11.AL54 UDF paper re new constitution.   
J3.11.AL55 Paper by Transvaal Anti-P.C.: Why we can't participate in an election/ referendum on Botha's constitutional proposals.   
J3.11.AL56 Transvaal Anti-PC. Draft for discussion. Response to Constitutional proposals.   
J3.11.AL57 Broad Guidelines proposed at the Tvl. Anti- PC Committee by I.J.Mohamed.   
J3.11.AL58 Correspondence, Prof. I.J.Mohamed.   
J3.11.AL59 Correspondence, Prof. I.J.Mohamed, January 7, 1983.   
J3.11.AL60 Message from Anti-PC Committee Chairman I.J.Mohamed.   
J3.11.AL61 Memorandum re Anti-PC programme of action.   
J3.11.AL62 Statement by Chairman, Anti-PC, November 3, 1983.   
J3.11.AL63 Minutes of Anti-PC Executive meeting, February 2, 1984.   
J3.11.AL64 Notes on Anti-PC by I.J.Mohamed. February 1984.   
J3.11.AL65 Press Statement by Anti-PC. February 15, 1984.   
J3.11.AL66 Minutes of Anti-PC Meeting, March 21, 1984.   
J3.11.AL67 Statement by Anti-PC, July 5, 1984.   
J3.11.AL68 Minutes of Tvl. Anti-PC Meeting, September 5, 1984.   
J3.11.AL69 TIC resolution re new constitution.   
J3.11.AL70 TIC president's message.   
J3.11.AL71 NIC Recommendations to Executive re New Parliaments, February, 1983.   
J3.11.AL72 Agenda and secretarial report to TIC Council Meeting, April 1, 1984.   
J3.11.AL73 Minutes of 4th Council meeting of TIC, April 1, 1984.   
J3.11.AL74 Minutes of TIC Executive meeting, March 11, 1984.   
J3.11.AL75 Minutes of TIC Executive meeting, January 13, 1984.   
J3.11.AL76 Report of UDF Evaluation Workshop, November 4, 1984.   
J3.11.AL77 UDF Circular re Anti-Election Campaign, July 2, 1984.   
J3.11.AL78 Letter from Grahamstown MSC Committee to UDF (E Cape) re Workshop to plan election campaign.   
J3.11.AL79 UDF Report to all affiliates re MSC Workshop, April 13, 1984.   
J3.11.AL80 UDF Circular to all NEC members re urgent NEC workshop, July 10, 1984.   
J3.11.AL81 Speech by Yacoob Khan re Education at workshop on the Constitutional proposals organised by UDF (Western Areas) August 6, 1983.   
J3.11.AL82 UDF Leaflet: UDF invites you to a Public Meeting.   
J3.11.AL83 Black Sash pamphlet: Vote NO in November.   
J3.11.AL84 UDF leaflet: 40 UDF Leaders Detained! Peace or Conflict? You decide. Don't Vote.   
J3.11.AL85 UDF pamphlet: Sign against Apartheid.   
J3.11.AL86 UDF Pamphlets re new Constitution.   
J3.11.AL87 UDF pamphlet (Mitchell's Plain) Waarom UDF mense vra om nie te stem.   
J3.11.AL88 UDF Pamphlet.   
J3.11.AL89 TIC pamphlets re Elections.   
J3.11.AL90 TIC pamphlets re Elections.   
J3.11.AL91 Leaflet issued by E.L. Friends of UDF.   
J3.11.AL92 UDF leaflet: Don't Vote for Hardship and Botha's Army.   
J3.11.AL93 TIC pamphlet: Unite to stop Rajbansi.   
J3.11.AL94 TIC pamphlet: Don't Vote.   
J3.11.AL95 TIC pamphlet: Special Votes...Beware!   
J3.11.AL96 TIC leaflet: Don't Vote Rally.   
J3.11.AL97 TIC leaflet: Victory is certain; Don't Vote.   
J3.11.AL98 UDF leaflet: (Vryburg) Don't vote in the coming Apartheid elections.   
J3.11.AL99 UDF Press Releases on Election Results for Coloureds and Detention of UDF activists in Natal (August 1984).   
J3.11.AL100 UDF leaflet (Vryburg): Ons Gaan Nie Stem Nie!   
J3.11.AL101 UDF leaflet (Durban) Rally of Unity. Don't Vote.   
J3.11.AL102 Cape Pamphlet: Boycott the elections.   
J3.11.AL103 UDF sticker: Don't vote in apartheid elections!   
J3.11.AL104 UDF sticker: Don't Vote in apartheid elections! Forward to freedom.   
J3.11.AL105 UDF (Pmb) Pamphlet: Say No to the elections.   
J3.11.AL106 TVL Anti-PC pamphlet: Boycott August Elections!   
J3.11.AL107 TIC pamphlet: Don't believe their empty promises. Oppose Botha.   
J3.11.AL108 UDF pamphlet: First Year Rally.   
J3.11.AL109 UDF pamphlet: Say no to the new Constitution.   
J3.11.AL110 UDF pamphlet: Declaration.   
J3.11.AL111 UWO leaflet: The Future is Ours.   
J3.11.AL112 UDF pamphlet: One Year Forward.   
J3.11.AL113 UDF leaflet: Unite against Botha's Plans! People's Rally.   
J3.11.AL114 UDF pamphlets: Don't Vote.   
J3.11.AL115 UDF pamphlet: Youth Unity Under UDF. Reject Apartheid Constitution.   
J3.11.AL116 NUSAS (WITS) leaflet: Apartheid Constitution No Thanks!   
J3.11.AL117 UDF pamphlet: Down with High Prices!   
J3.11.AL118 UDF Pamphlet: (Queenstown) Nuwe Bedeling Nuwe Besteling.   
J3.11.AL119 Same as above.   
J3.11.AL120 Resolution rejecting Government's 'reform' initiatives.   
J3.11.AL121 Health Workers Association pamphlet: a new Constitution - what's in it for us?   
J3.11.AL122 Same as AL115.   
J3.11.AL123 UDF pamphlet: You and the UDF: Join a million people.   
J3.11.AL124 TIC pamphlet: Don't Vote Rally: Election Promises are empty Promises.   
J3.11.AL125 TIC leaflet: Congress says No to new constitution.   
J3.11.AL126 TIC pamphlet: Can we forget June 16?   
J3.11.AL127 TIC pamphlet: Congress supports UDF.   
J3.11.AL128 UDF (WITS Uni) Pamphlet: Setting the Record Straight.   
J3.11.AL129 TIC Pamphlet: Congress supports UDF.   
J3.11.AL130 UDF (Cape) pamphlet: Don't Vote!   
J3.11.AL131 UDF Pamphlet. UDF Meeting, Lyric Cinema. Bury the New Deal.   
J3.11.AL132 UDF (Kimberley) Pamphlet: It's a Trap; Don't Vote.   
J3.11.AL133 UDF Pamphlet: Don't vote for Apartheid.   
J3.11.AL134 UDF Pamphlet: Stop Labour Party Now!   
J3.11.AL135 Joint Civic Committee pamphlet: A Voice from Soweto.   
J3.11.AL136 UDF Pamphlet: 1 million signature Campaign.   
J3.11.AL137 UDF Pamphlet: The decision that everyone will have to make - one million signature campaign.   
J3.11.AL138 Same as AL117.   
J3.11.AL139 UDF Pamphlet: Sign the Million Signature Campaign.   
J3.11.AL140 UDF Press Statement, 10 October 1984 -Government's propaganda campaign against UDF.   
J3.11.AL141 UDF Press Release, 22 October 1984. Protest against Opening of Parliament.   
J3.11.AL142 UDF Press Release, 22 August 1984 re Coloured Elections.   
J3.11.AL143 UDF (W. Cape) Press Release, 15 August 1984 re Rally marking first anniversary of UDF.   
J3.11.AL144 UDF Press Release on Labour Party, July 5, 1984.   
J3.11.AL145 UDF Press Release on Labour Party decision to impose new Constitution, January 6, 1984.   
J3.11.AL146 UDF Press Release re Government Decision on Coloured and Indian Referendum, February 15, 1984.   
J3.11.AL147 UDF (NEC) Statement for UDF News - Unity and Democracy Call.   
J3.11.AL148 UDF Press Release on election results for Coloureds.   
J3.11.AL149 UDF Proposed position statement on Coloured/ Indian Election for Tricameral Parliament.   
J3.11.AL150 UDF Press Release re Pik Botha's claim that Government is committed to dialogue, July 2, 1984.   
J3.11.AL151 UDF Statement on Apartheid Elections held on August 28, 1984, and related events.   
J3.11.AL152 UDF Press Release re government's decision to go ahead with plans despite opposition, February 10, 1984.   
J3.11.AL153 UDF (Tvl) Press Release re new constituion, November 3, 1983.   
J3.11.AL154 Press Release UDF (W.Cape) re Election results, House of Representatives, August 23, 1984.   
J3.11.AL155 UDF Press Release re call for non-racial referendum, January 25, 1984.   
J3.11.AL156 UDF Circular re boycott campaign against constitution June 19, 1984.   
J3.11.AL157 UDF Circular re MSC, May 4, 1984.   
J3.11.AL158 UDF letter to P Poovalingum asking why he has turned his back on the African People. 25 June, 1984.   
J3.11.AL159 UDF Circular to churches re campaign against undemocratic constitution, August 14, 1984.   
J3.11.AL160 Sticker: Moenie Stem Nie! (Grahamstown).   
J3.12 AM1-69   
J3.12.AM1 UDF (Tvl) Programme of Action for September-November 1983.   
J3.12.AM2 UDF (Tvl) Media Committee report on Campaign against local Authority elections in 1983.   
J3.12.AM3 Moss Chikane's handwritten notes.   
J3.12.AM4 Document on proposed Orderly Movement and Settlement of Black persons Bill.   
J3.12.AM5 Paper: The President's Council.   
J3.12.AM6 Pamphlet on Black local Authorities Act.   
J3.12.AM7 Paper: a critical analysis of the Black local Authorities Act.   
J3.12.AM8 Paper: Reasons for workers/ trade unions to join the UDF.   
J3.12.AM9 UDF Circular re housing Coference, January 21, 1985.   
J3.12.AM10 Minutes of UDF (Border) Solidarity Committee Meeting, October 5, 1983.   
J3.12.AM11 UDF (Border) Annual Secretarial Report 1984.   
J3.12.AM12 UDF (Border) Secretarial report for 18 November 1984-15 February 1983.   
J3.12.AM13 UDF (Border) report submitted to UDF Special Conference, P.E. December 17-18, 1983.   
J3.12.AM14 UDF (N.Cape) -list of Organisations represented at N.Cape Regional Steering Committee.   
J3.12.AM15 UDF (Tvl) Occurrence Book September 1984-January 1985.   
J3.12.AM16 Grahamstown Civic Association (GRACA) Constitution.   
J3.12.AM17 UDF (N. Cape) Minutes of Regional Steering Committee Meeting, October 27, 1984. (Huhudi)   
J3.12.AM18 UDF (N. Cape) Report re Anti-Election Campaign.   
J3.12.AM19 UDF (N.Cape) Regional Programme.   
J3.12.AM20 Report of Secretary General at Executive Committee Meeting of Huhudi Civic Association, February 10, 1984.   
J3.12.AM21 Soweto Civic Association. Constitution.   
J3.12.AM22 UDF (Tvl) letter to SCA re affiliation to the UDF.   
J3.12.AM23 Soweto Civic Association Resolution.   
J3.12.AM24 Soweto Civic Association Workshop Report, June 8-10, 1984.   
J3.12.AM25 Soweto Civic Association Blueprint.   
J3.12.AM26 Message of support to SCA from UDF, November 30, 1984.   
J3.12.AM27 Application to minister by UDF on behalf of Tumahole Civic Association for use of church, July 16, 1984.   
J3.12.AM28 Minutes of COSAS and Ratanda Civic Association Executive Meeting, February 26, 1985.   
J3.12.AM29 Letter from Ratanda Civic Association.   
J3.12.AM30 Ratanda Civic Association Notes.   
J3.12.AM31 Letter to UDF from Ratanda Civic Association applying for affiliation. includes RCA constitution.   
J3.12.AM32 Report on SACC Workshop on Koornhof Bills and PC. Kimberley, October 29, 1983.   
J3.12.AM33 Paper: Orderly Movement and Settlement of Black Persons Bill, Black Communities Deve10pment Bill and (Koornhof Bills) presented at UDF Regional Workshop, Durban, June 26, 1983.   
J3.12.AM34 Paper re Koornhof Bills presented at UDF Workshop, 25 May 1984   
J3.12.AM35 Notes on Black local Authorities Act.   
J3.12.AM36 UDF proposals for NCG Civic Associations, April 16, 1984.   
J3.12.AM37 AZASO National Newsletter, March 1984.   
J3.12.AM38 UDF (Tvl) Pamphlet: A vote for the council is a vote for apartheid.   
J3.12.AM39 GRACA pamphlet.   
J3.12.AM40 BSM/NUSAS (Grahamstown) leaflet. Programme for Workshop.   
J3.12.AM41 SCA pamphlet. Don't vote!   
J3.12.AM42 UDF pamphlet: Black Christmas: Nothing to Celebrate.   
J3.12.AM43 Anti-Community Council Committee leaflet.   
J3.12.AM44 Invitation to a protest conference and rally in Soweto, August 2, 1984. Issued by Civic Associations on the Witwatersrand.   
J3.12.AM45 SCA sticker: Don't Vote for Community Councils.   
J3.12.AM46 RCA leaflet: Asinamali Asithadali.   
J3.12.AM47 Ratanda CA leaflet: Attend mass meeting.   
J3.12.AM48 RCA Statement.   
J3.12.AM49 RCA leaflet: Mass Meeting.   
J3.12.AM50 Huhudi Civic Association Secretarial Report at First Meeting.   
J3.12.AM51 Huhudi Youth Organisation leaflet .   
J3.12.AM52 Huhudi Youth Organisation leaflet .   
J3.12.AM53 Huhudi Youth Organisation leaflet .   
J3.12.AM54 Huhudi Youth Organisation leaflet .   
J3.12.AM55 Huhudi Youth Organisation leaflet .   
J3.12.AM56 UDF (N.Cape) pamphlet: Guns for Reform.. or for repression?   
J3.12.AM57 Joint Rent Action Committee (JORAC) pamphlet: Protest meeting.   
J3.12.AM58 UDF leaflet: Don't vote for Apartheid.   
J3.12.AM59 UDF (Tvl) Press Release re analysis of 1983 Black local Authorities Elections, December 12, 1983 (Includes statistics).   
J3.12.AM60 UDF Press Release on Mr Tom Boya, April 10, 1984.   
J3.12.AM61 Press Statement by Mohammed Vali on 'reform' proposals.   
J3.12.AM62 UDF telex to Holland re Vaal Triangle.   
J3.12.AM63 UDF Press Release on National Day of Protest, September 1984.   
J3.12.AM64 UDF Press Release on announcement that Community Councillors in the Vaal will be given powers to establish their own police force, October 12, 1984.   
J3.12.AM65 UDF Press Release re rent hikes, January 7,1985.   
J3.12.AM66 UDF Press Release re UCASA-BLA, January 9,1985.   
J3.12.AM67 UDF Press Release re resignation of Lekoa councillors, ll/1/85.   
J3.12.AM68 UDF Press release re Black Township Police Forces, 23/1/85.   
J3.12.AM69 UDF Press Release re UDF.   
J3.13 AN1-15   
J3.13.AN1 Letter from Vaal Organisation of Women to UDF re affiliation.   
J3.13.AN2 Constitution of Vaal Student Movement of Azania.   
J3.13.AN3 Vaal Action Committee pamphlet: Meeting: No to high Rents.   
J3.13.AN4 Invitation issued by Sebokeng Working Group to launch of Vaal Youth Organisation.   
J3.13.AN5 Vaal Action Committee leaflet. Mass Meeting.   
J3.13.AN6 UDF Receipt book 1983 - payments made by affiliates.   
J3.13.AN7 UDF leaflet: Ban Apartheid.   
J3.13.AN8 Vaal Case Study.   
J3.13.AN9 Bophelong Civic Association letter to Vanderbijl Park Joint Committee re dismissal of students.   
J3.13.AN10 Leaflet issued by Boipatong Civic Association. Banning of meetings in the Vaal areas local churches.   
J3.13.AN11 Notification of COSAS AGM.   
J3.13.AN12 UDF News (Stellenbosch) November 1984.   
J3.13.AN13 Resolutions of the Vaal Civic Association.   
J3.13.AN14 UDF Press Statement on Vaal rents, January 10, 1985.   
J3.13.AN15 Vaal triangle pamphlets.   
J3.14 AO1-2   
J3.14.AO1 Handwritten notes on Education.   
J3.14.AO2 Handwritten notes.   
J3.15 AP1-29   
J3.15.AP1 Work in Proaress No 26 1983.   
J3.15.AP2 Publication: Black Trade Unions in South Africa, by M. Plaut and D.Ward.   
J3.15.AP3 (missing).   
J3.15.AP4 Note from Terror Lekota, June 16, 1984.   
J3.15.AP5 Programme of funeral service for J.S.Tshabalala, April 1984.   
J3.15.AP6 Social Review October 1982.   
J3.15.AP7 AZAPO programme for 4th Annual Congress, January 8-9, 1984.   
J3.15.AP8 AZAPO - Minutes of Annual Conference, January 24-25, 1981.   
J3.15.AP9 AZASM - Policy Document.   
J3.15.AP10 AZAPO Paper presented to 2nd Annual Congress, January 23-25, 1981: Black Consciousness as a Driving Force, by K Makhado.   
J3.15.AP11 Handwritten notes re Sharpeville.   
J3.15.AP12 Letter to AZAPO members re lack of finances, 6/8/84.   
J3.15.AP13 AZASM pamphlet: massacre at Ngoye (Zululand University).   
J3.15.AP14 AZAPO - Invitation to meeting in Sharpeville.   
J3.15.AP15 AZAPO Membership forms.   
J3.15.AP16 AZAPO circular re Evaton meeting, July 17, 1982.   
J3.15.AP17 Speech at AZAPO Congress 1984: Reaching the People, by P.C.Jones.   
J3.15.AP18 Report of National Health Secretariat to First National Council Meeting of AZAPO held in Port Elizabeth, June 1-3, 1984.   
J3.15.AP19 AZAPO policy on local and International Relations.   
J3.15.AP20 AZAPO Code of Conduct.   
J3.15.AP21 AZAPO leaflet - Your Legal Rights.   
J3.15.AP22 Outline of All People's Party.   
J3.15.AP23 AZAPO Leaflet: Why Community Projects?   
J3.15.AP24 Handwritten notes by Tsepo, October 7, 1984.   
J3.15.AP25 Vaal Student Movement of Azania. Constitution.   
J3.15.AP26 Invitation to seminar of Black Women and Trade Unions, September 1984.   
J3.15.AP27 (missing).   
J3.15.AP28 Notes re Black Consciousness.   
J3.15.AP29 AZAPO Circular.   
J3.16 AQ1-8   
J3.16.AQ1 CIIR Publication: Profile Namibia.   
J3.16.AQ2 Paper: Some Historical Aspects of Land.   
J3.16.AQ3 Institute for Contextual Theo10gy in Southern Africa: Constitution.   
J3.16.AQ4 National Forum Booklet: National Forum (1983).   
J3.16.AQ5 SAAWU Newsletter No 2. September 1981.   
J3.16.AQ6 Publication: Preventative Detention, Tool of Repression, September 1984.   
J3.16.AQ7 AZAPO leaflet: Forward with the People's Struggle.   
J3.16.AQ8 Leaflet: Convicted, a young, gallant brave and dedicated hero: Khotso.   
J3.17 AR1-11   
J3-17-AR1 Inaaba va basebenzi, May-July 1983, Supplement No 10. Journal of Marxist Workers' Tendency of the ANC.   
J3-17-AR2 Wits Student Vol 35, No 13, August 1983.   
J3-17-AR3 Leaflet advertising meeting at Small Farms, Vaal Triangle, September 3, 1984.   
J3-17-AR4 Invitation to Youth Organisation Meeting.   
J3-17-AR5 Notes re Civic Rights (Sebokeng).   
J3-17-AR6 Handwritten note to IMF Geneva re dismissal of worker at 'African Cables'.   
J3-17-AR7 FCCA Civic News, Vol 2, No 1, December 1982-February 1981.   
J3-17-AR8 Izwilethu June/ July 1984, Vol 2 No 4. CUSA Publication.   
J3-17-AR9 Grassroots January 1983 and December 1982 .   
J3-17-AR10 Speak November 1982.   
J3-17-AR11 South African Labour Bulletin, vol 8. no 3, December 1982.   
J3.18 AS1-8   
J3.18.AS1 UDF (Tvl) Information Document re MSC.   
J3.18.AS2 UDF (Tvl) pamphlet: Don't Vote for Apartheid!   
J3.18.AS3 DPSC Special Interim Report on Detention Statistics, November 16, 1984.   
J3.18.AS4 UDF (Tvl) Circular to all affiliates, June 14, 1984.   
J3.18.AS5 TIC pamphlets.   
J3.18.AS6 Work in Progress, No 24, 1982.   
J3.18.AS7 List of contact phone numbers.   
J3.18.AS8 Leaflet advertising meeting at Methodist Church, Sebokeng, October 14, 1984.   
J3.19 AT2-10   
J3.19.AT2 UDF leaflets.   
J3.19.AT3 UDF leaflet: Sign the UDF Declaration.   
J3.19.AT4 Million Signature Campaign lists.   
J3.19.AT5 Notice of Vaal Civic Association meeting.   
J3.19.AT6 Boipatong Residents Association notes.   
J3.19.AT7 Boipatong Youth Organisation Resolutions.   
J3.19.AT8 Boipatong Youth Organisation. Letter to newspaper (Sowetan).   
J3.19.AT9 Minutes of meeting, Khotso House, January 18, 1984.   
J3.19.AT10 Boipatong Youth Organisation. Letter to pastor, AME Church.   
J3.20 AU1-12   
J3.20.AU1.12 (All Missing).   
J3.21 AV1-3   
J3.21.AV1 Membership Card of Release Mandela Campaign.   
J3.21.AV2 NEUSA booklet: De Lange.. Marching to the same Order.   
J3.21.AV3 WITS Student, vol. 35, No 13, October 1983.   
J3.22 AW1-37 (Confiscated from Jerry Hlopane)   
J3.22.AW1 COSAS membership card.   
J3.22.AW2 COSAS (Vaal) letter re financial pledge.   
J3.22.AW3 COSAS leaflet: Solidarity with Atteridgeville and Saulsville Students.   
J3.22.AW4 COSAS (Vaal) letter to principal asking permission to use school for COSAS study groups.   
J3.22.AW5 COSAS leaflet: Solidarity!   
J3.22.AW6 AZASO president's speech, 1983.   
J3.22.AW7 COSAS (Tvl Regional Committee) Notice of meeting, October 6, 1984.   
J3.22.AW8 Notes (COSAS).   
J3.22.AW9 Agenda of COSAS 3rd National Congress, December 12-17, 1983.   
J3.22.AW10 COSAS memorandum re educational institutions in Kwazulu.   
J3.22.AW11 Speak (Community Newspaper project) Draft Constitution.   
J3.22.AW12 Handwritten notes (COSAS).   
J3.22.AW13 (missing).   
J3.22.AW14 Speak balance sheet, 23 November 1981-4 May 1984.   
J3.22.AW15 (missing).   
J3.22.AW16 Circular from Speak re assessment, February 1984.   
J3.22.AW17 Notes re faster training courses.   
J3.22.AW18 Report on 1983 COSAS Congress.   
J3.22.AW19 COSAS (Vaal) notes.   
J3.22.AW20 Freedom Charter.   
J3.22.AW21 COSAS circular, November 29, 1982.   
J3.22.AW22 Letter to COSAS (Vaal) from students.   
J3.22.AW23 MSC list.   
J3.22.AW24 New Sense (NEUSA, S. Tvl) broadsheet, March/April 1984.   
J3.22.AW25 Notes re poster designing.   
J3.22.AW26 Notes re problems students are experiencing in townships.   
J3.22.AW27 COSAS Workshop notes, undated.   
J3.22.AW28 COSAS pamphlet: what type of representation?   
J3.22.AW29 COSAS Constitution.   
J3.22.AW30 JODAC News., October/November 1984.   
J3.22.AW31 DESCOM Bulletin, No. 7, October 1984.   
J3.22.AW32 TIC pamphlet, June 16.   
J3.22.AW33 AZAPO pamphlet: Biko lives.   
J3.22.AW34 COSAS circular re executive meeting, December 1982.   
J3.22.AW35 Receipts from Cosas.   
J3.22.AW36 JODAC pamphlet: Remember the women in prison.   
J3.22.AW37 COSAS notes.   
J3.23 AX1-16   
J3.23.AX1 Civic Organisations (Tvl) Position Statement on Coloured/ Indian election for Tricameral Parliament.   
J3.23.AX2 UDF leaflet: Media Committee.   
J3.23.AX3 Paper by Lebamang L. Sebidi: A Critical Analysis of the Dynamics of the Black Struggle in SA and its implications for Black Theology, September 1984.   
J3.23.AX4-9 (missing)   
J3.23.AX10 AZAPO (Soweto) Notice of General meeting, February 2, 1985.   
J3.23.AX11 (missing).   
J3.23.AX12 (missing).   
J3.23.AX13 Handwritten notes re majority rule.   
J3.23.AX14 Documents re Soweto Civic Association and Committee of 10.   
J3.23.AX15 Documents re Soweto Civic Association, SOYCO and UDF.   
J3.23.AX16 FEDSAW pamphlets re meeting of women's Organisations, July 1984.   
J3.23.AX17 "Liberation Ethics" by John M. Swomley, Jr(Extract, poor photostat copy) - not published   
J3.23.AX18 "The Theory and Practice of Black Resistance to Apartheid" by Mokgethi Motlhabi (Extract, poor photostat copy) - not published   
J3.24 AY1-7   
J3.24.AY1 Letter from Glenda Webster to Sam Mat10le re Vaal detentions, February 2, 1985.   
J3.24.AY2 Letter from Sam Matlole to Glenda Webster.   
J3.24.AY3 Letter to Moleleke from Lebowa.   
J3.24.AY4 UDF Declaration and notice of People's Rally, October 30, 1983.   
J3.24.AY5 Evaluation of Anti-Community Council Campaign questions.   
J3.24.AY6 Questions relating to Civics.   
J3.24.AY7 Questions: How does our struggle fit in with other struggles?   
J3.25 AZ1-2   
J3.25.AZ1 COSAS (Vaal) Notice of meeting.   
J3.25.AZ2 AZAPO Notice of meeting - Sebokeng and Sharpeville branches.   
J4.1 AAA1-21   
J4.1.AAA1 Sun visor - UDF People's Festival.   
J4.1.AAA2 Notes of accused No 19, P.S.Molefe.   
J4.1.AAA3 Publication: we stand by our leaders: Profiles of 16 UDF Treason Trialists, 1985.   
J4.1.AAA4 FOSATU letter to UDF re May Day Worker Conference, April 1985.   
J4.1.AAA5 List of Diplomats and Embassies.   
J4.1.AAA6 (Missing).   
J4.1.AAA7 SAAWU letter re funding.   
J4.1.AAA8 UDF Notice and agenda of NEC meeting, May 1985.   
J4.1.AAA9 UDF Report on Repression in Galeshewe, Kimberley, April 1985.   
J4.1.AAA10 Minutes of First National General Council of UDF, .April 6-7, 1985, Tvl.   
J4.1.AAA11 Letter from UDF (N.Cape) to UDF National Treasurer re Travelling Cash Vouchers.   
J4.1.AAA12 Proposed Working Principles presented for adoption at UDF National General Council Meeting, April 7, 1985.   
J4.1.AAA13 UDF - International Youth Year National Co-ordinating Committee Working Document, March 16, 1985.   
J4.1.AAA14 Money spent - IYY campaign.   
J4.1.AAA15 Statement of UDF NGC, April 5-7, 1985.   
J4.1.AAA16 Notes by accused No. 19. (P.S.Molefe).   
J4.1.AAA17 UDF Receipt book for T-shirts.   
J4.1.AAA18 UDF Pamphlet: Over 70 people killed in P.E.   
J4.1.AAA19 (Missing).   
J4.1.AAA20 Receipts from UDF to AZASO.   
J4.1.AAA21 P.S.Molefe - GAWU membership card.   
J4.2 AAB1-14   
J4.2.AAB1 (Missing).   
J4.2.AAB2 Chronology of resistance by women in SA, 1905-1976.   
J4.2.AAB3 Report of Transvaal Interim Committee (FEDTRAW) submitted at first Launching Conference, December 1984.   
J4.2.AAB4 Programme for above conference.   
J4.2.AAB5 Women's Charter.   
J4.2.AAB6 AZASO Women's Group (MEDUNSA) pamphlet: Beware! the proposals might be laws, November 2, 1983 - President's Council.   
J4.2.AAB7 List of FEDTRAW officials (illegible).   
J4.2.AAB8 UDF Message of Support for AYCO (Alexandra Youth Congress).   
J4.2.AAB9 DPSC Reports for September and October 1984.   
J4.2.AAB10 (Missing).   
J4.2.AAB11 (Missing).   
J4.2.AAB12 Report re Special General Council Meeting (UDF) to discuss Kennedy Visit, January 9, 1985.   
J4.2.AAB13 Resolutions taken at GC Meeting, 9 March 1985.   
J4.2.AAB14 (Missing).   
J4.3 AAC1-64   
J4.3.AAC1-3 (Missing).   
J4.3.AAC4 Sticker: Save the Family, Abolish Influx Control.   
J4.3.AAC5 Article for Grassroots: The Way Ahead.   
J4.3.AAC6 Berry Cartoon re new constitution.   
J4.3.AAC7 (Missing).   
J4.3.AAC8 Extract from SAIRR Handbook (1983) "Facts the Constitution can't change".   
J4.3.AAC9-23 (Missing).   
J4.3.AAC24 Notes on SAAWU meeting, April 1985.   
J4.3.AAC25 NUSAS pamphlet: Focus on Education.   
J4.3.AAC26 (Missing).   
J4.3.AAC27 AZASO Circular re education Charter Campaign.   
J4.3.AAC28 UDF Pamphlet "UDF Unites, Apartheid Divides".   
J4.3.AAC29 Black Students Movement (Rhodes University) membership Form.   
J4.3.AAC30 AZASO Policy.   
J4.3.AAC31 Speech: The Role of Youth in our Struggle.   
J4.3.AAC32-33 (Missing).   
J4.3.AAC34 Leaflet: The Freedom Charter.   
J4.3.AAC35 Preamble to the Freedom Charter.   
J4.3.AAC36-42 (Missing).   
J4.3.AAC43 Article from SALE: The Workers' Struggle - Where does FOSATU Stand?.   
J4.3.AAC44 Rhodes University Black Students Movement pamphlet: Sharpeville 1960.   
J4.3.AAC45 Rhodes SRC pamphlet: Attention: SRC condemns Police Brutality.   
J4.3.AAC46-64 (Missing).   
J4.4 AAD1-5   
J4.4.AAD1 Report on UDF National General Council, April 5-7, 1985.   
J4.4.AAD2 UDF Update, Vol 1, No. July 1, 1985.   
J4.4.AAD3 UDF Leaflet: We celebrate 30 Years of the Freedom Charter.   
J4.4.AAD4 Pamphlet: Destroy the puppets and collaborators of the enemy.   
J4.4.AAD5 UDF Paper: Protest to Challenge.   
J4.5 SECHABA ANC Publication   
J4.5.AAE1 January Issue, 1982.   
J4.5.AAE2 February Issue, 1982.   
J4.5.AAE3 March Issue, 1982.   
J4.5.AAE4 April Issue, 1982.   
J4.5.AAE5 May Issue, 1982.   
J4.5.AAE6 June Issue, 1982.   
J4.5.AAE7 July Issue, 1982.   
J4.5.AAE8 August Issue, 1982.   
J4.5.AAE9 September Issue, 1982.   
J4.5.AAE10 December Issue, 1982.   
J4.5.AAE11 January Issue, 1983.   
J4.5.AAE12 February Issue, 1983.   
J4.5.AAE13 March Issue, 1983.   
J4.5.AAE14 April Issue, 1983.   
J4.5.AAE15 May Issue, 1983.   
J4.5.AAE16 July Issue, 1983.   
J4.5.AAE17 August Issue, 1983.   
J4.5.AAE18 January Issue, 1984.   
J4.5.AAE19 February Issue, 1984.   
J4.5.AAE20 April Issue, 1984.   
J4.5.AAE21 May Issue, 1984.   
J4.5.AAE22 June Issue, 1984.   
J4.5.AAE23 July Issue, 1984.   
J4.5.AAE24 August Issue, 1984.   
J4.5.AAE25 September Issue, 1984.   
J4.5.AAE26 October Issue, 1984.   
J4.5.AAE27 November Issue, 1984.   
J4.5.AAE28 December Issue, 1984.   
J4.5.AAE29 March Issue, 1985.   
J4.5.AAE30 April Issue, 1985.   
J4.6 MAYIBUYE, African National Congress Journal, January 16.   
J4.6.AAF1 No.1, 1982.   
J4.6.AAF2 No.2, 1982.   
J4.6.AAF3 No.10, 1982.   
J4.6.AAF4 No.3, 1983.   
J4.6.AAF5 No.3, 1982.   
J4.6.AAF6 No.9, 1983.   
J4.6.AAF7 No.8, 1983.   
J4.6.AAF8 No.6, 1983.   
J4.6.AAF9 No.7, 1983.   
J4.6.AAF10 No.1, 1984.   
J4.6.AAF11 No.2, 1984.   
J4.6.AAF12 No.3, 1985.   
J4.6.AAF13 No.4, 1986.   
J4.6.AAF14 No.5, 1984.   
J4.6.AAF15 No.8, 1984.   
J4.6.AAF16 No.9, 1984.   
J4.7 PAWN (Journal of Umkhonto we Sizwe)   
J4.7.AAG1 Vol 7, No 8, 1983.   
J4.7.AAG2 Vol 8, No 4, 1984.   
J4.7.AAG3 Vol 8, No 5, 1984 (3 pp only).   
J4.8 AAH1-4   
J4.8.AAH1 Statement of NEC of ANC, January 8, 1983.   
J4.8.AAH2 Same as above.   
J4.8.AAH3 Message of NEC of ANC, January 8, 1985. Delivered by O.R.Tambo.   
J4.8.AAH4 Statement of NEC of ANC, January 8, 1984.   
J4.9.AAJ Voice of Women, Journal of ANC Women's Section, No.1, 1983.   
J4.10.AAK1 No 95, 4th Quarter, 1983.   
J4.10.AAK2 No 97, 2nd Quarter, 1984.   
J4.10.AAK3 No 98, 3rd Quarter, 1984.   
J4.10.AAK4 No 101, 2nd Quarter, 1985.   
J4.10.AAK5 No 96, 1st Quarter, 1984.   
J4.10a AAL   
J4.10a-AAL ANC Publish, No.1, 1985.   
J4.11.AAM Forward to Freedom (Strategy, tactics and programme of the ANC). Document on the National Policies of the ANC.   
J4.12.AAN (Missing).   
J4.13.AAO (Missing).   
J4.14.AAP Newspaper article (Sunday Times) re AZAPO, October 9, 1983.   
J4.15 AAQ1-56   
J4.15.AAQ1 Poems published in 'Africa my beginning'.   
J4.15.AAQ2 Statement by Dr Viljoen, Minister of Co-operation, Development and Education re educational process in Vaal Triangle, January 4, 1985.   
J4.15.AAQ3 Press Cuttings re AZAPO, 1983.   
J4.15.AAQ4 List of names.   
J4.15.AAQ5 Map.   
J4.15.AAQ6 Newspaper Article (Rand Daily Mail) re Sharpeville rent increases, August 21, 1984.   
J4.15.AAQ7 Article (Sowetan) re rent in Sharpeville, August 21, 1984.   
J4.15.AAQ8 Article re arrest of 'Terror' Lekota.   
J4.15.AAQ9 Article (The Star) re death of youth at funeral in Seeisoville, Kroonstad, February 20, 1985.   
J4.15.AAQ10 Article (Rand Daily Mail) on redevelopment scheme in Evaton, August 28, 1984.   
J4.15.AAQ11 List of tenders in various areas and values of buildings.   
J4.15.AAQ12 Article (Sowetan) re Lekoa, September 3, 1984.   
J4.15.AAQ13 Article (Sowetan) re jailing of Vaal Community Council members, October 3, 1985.   
J4.15.AAQ14 Article(Sowetan) re Vaal Community Council's plan to tour Europe and America, February 5, 1982.   
J4.15.AAQ15 Article (Sowetan) re bribery charge of 2 Lekoa Town Councillors, March 12, 1985.   
J4.15.AAQ16 Article re Community Council System (Sowetan, July 15, 1981).   
J4.15.AAQ17 Article re car for mayor of Evaton (RDM, May 3, 1984).   
J4.15.AAQ18 Article re Atteridgeville Town Council (Sowetan, May 30, 1985).   
J4.15.AAQ19 Circular from Lekoa Town Council to residents re increased service charges and rentals, August 2, 1984.   
J4.15.AAQ20 Official letter to resident from orange-Vaal Administration Board (Sharpeville).   
J4.15.AAQ21 Article re transfer of staff of Lekoa Council, (Star, July 10, 1984).   
J4.15.AAQ22 Notices in RDM and Vaderland concerning tariff increases in Lekoa.   
J4.15.AAQ23 Town Council of Lekoa, Executive Committee, "Strategy for collection of arrear rental and service charges"   
J4.15.AAQ24 Minutes of Lekoa Town Council Ordinary Meeting, July 17, 1984.   
J4.15.AAQ25 Town Council of Lekoa, Minutes of the 23rd October 1984   
J4.15.AAQ26 Lekoa Town Council Resolutions, November 1984.   
J4.15.AAQ27 Article 'Vaal families must pay for power' (Sowetan, July 31, 1984).   
J4.15.AAQ28 Article re Vaal rentals (Sowetan, September 20, 1984).   
J4.15.AAQ29 Article re involvement of Lekoa town councillors in liquor business.   
J4.15.AAQ30a Letter from Oranje-Vaal Administration board to Chancellor Catholic Diocese re use of church in Sebokeng for political meetings, February 13, 1984.   
J4.15.AAQ30b Letter from Oranje-Vaal Administration board to Chancellor Catholic Diocese re use of church in Sebokeng for political meetings, January 5, 1984.   
J4.15.AAQ30c Letter from Oranje-Vaal Administration board to Chancellor Catholic Diocese re use of church in Sebokeng for political meetings, September 13, 1983.   
J4.15.AAQ31 List of members of Lekoa Town Council   
J4.15.AAQ32 Article re Lekoa Town Council (Star, February 28, 1984).   
J4.15.AAQ33 List of Dead, Vaal Triangle, September 2, 1984 November 1, 1984.   
J4.15.AAQ34 Report of Commission of Enquiry into Black Education in the Vaal Triangle following events of September 3, 1984, by Prof. Tjaart van der Walt, Rector of Potchefstroom University.   
J4.15.AAQ35 Letter from Huhudi Civic Association to Regional Manager of NCDB re rent-hikes, 1984.   
J4.15.AAQ36 Circular re tariff increases.   
J4.15.AAQ37 Circular to Tumahole residents re site rentals.   
J4.15.AAQ38 List of tariff charges for Parys township.   
J4.15.AAQ39 Circular on site rentals in Parys.   
J4.15.AAQ40 Circular on tariffs and rentals in Parys Township.   
J4.15.AAQ41 Report on meeting between community members of Parys, Community Council of Tumahole and the Orange-Vaal Administration Board, September 10, 1984.   
J4.15.AAQ42 Notice from Leandra Community Council re election of Councillors, August 9, 1983.   
J4.15.AAQ43 Letter from Department of Justice to Chairman f Leandra Action Committee re Community Council Elections, September 12, 1984.   
J4.15.AAQ44 Leandra Action Committee resolution re Community Council, November 15, 1984.   
J4.15.AAQ45 Article re removals of Leandra township families to Kwandebele (RDM, June 7, 1984).   
J4.15.AAQ46 Article re East Rand Urban Councils' Association (Star, October 4, 1984).   
J4.15.AAQ47 Article re Silvertown (Brakpan) housing (Star, May 18, 1983).   
J4.15.AAQ48 Article re Tsakane shack-dwellers (RDM, March 4, 1985).   
J4.15.AAQ49 Breakdown of Tapes.   
J4.15.AAQ50 Book: Guerrilla warfare and Marxism, 1969. (Contents only).   
J4.15.AAQ51 Book: A Critique of Arms, by Regis Debray. Pg 232-233 only.   
J4.15.AAQ52 Book: Selections from the Smuts Papers, vol 11. 1966. Pgs 212-227.   
J4.15.AAQ53 Book: Working Papers in Southern African Studies, Vol 2. P.Bonner. Contents only.   
J4.15.AAQ54 Book: The Rise of Afrikanerdom, by T.Dunbar Moodie. Extract only.   
J4.15.AAQ55 Book: Liberalism in South Africa, by Janet Robertson. 1948-1963, Pgs 60-61.   
J4.15.AAQ56 Article re AWB (Rapport, May 1, 1986).   
J4.16.AAR Minutes of the meeting of the N.E.C of the U.D.F held on July 21-22, 1984 at Molemela Hotel in Bloemfontein.   
J4.18 Lekoa Town Council, January 16.   
J4.18.AAT1 Draft Capital Budget 1984-85.   
J4.18.AAT2 Revenue and Expenditure, 1983-84.   
J4.18.AAT3 Capital Budget, 1984-85.   
J4.18.AAT4 Memorandum re 1984-85 Budget.   
J4.18.AAT5 Extract from Lekoa Executive Committee, June 1984.   
J4.18.AAT6 Fund estimates, 1984-85.   
J4.18.AAT7 Report of Auditor-General on Accounts of Orange-Vaal Area Development Board, 1983-84.   
J4.18.AAT8 Comparison of Vaal rents and other urban centres in South Africa.   
J4.18.AAT9 Lekoa Town Council notification of increased service charges and rentals, Vaal Triangle Area, August 2, 1984.   
J4.18.AAT10 Budget Resolution, June 29, 1984.   
J4.18.AAT11 Rental increases resolution, 1984-85   
J4.18.AAT12 Report on meeting between Town Clerk and Sharpeville residents, September 5, 1984.   
J4.18.AAT13 Notes on introductory meetings of Lekoa Town Council and residents.   
J4.18.AAT14 Letter from Lekoa Town Council re Discussions between church leaders in the Vaal Triangle and Lekoa Town Council, August 8, 1984.   
J4.18.AAT15 Same as AAT14.   
J4.18.AAT16 Memorandum of church leaders in Vaal Triangle to the Mayor.   
J4.19 AAU   
J4.19.AAU Photographs of Vaal Youth Congress, January 5.   
J4.20 AAV1-9   
J4.20.AAV1 Statement by Minister L. Le Grange on police methods of obtaining videos of meetings used in the Delmas Treason Trial.   
J4.20.AAV2 Search Warrant for house of G.H.Galeng, 1741 Seyake St, Huhudi, Vryburg.   
J4.20.AAV3 List of confiscated items taken from the home of G.H.Galeng (Huhudi).   
J4.20.AAV4 Warrant to search Khotso House.   
J4.20.AAV5 Photographs of Khotso House.   
J4.20.AAV6 Afrascope Video Borrowing book, 1982.   
J4.20.AAV7 Inventory of property seized - Afrascope. October 9, 1984.   
J4.20.AAV8 Search Warrant for UDF, Khotso House. Includes inventory of property seized.   
J4.20.AAV9 Inventory of property seized, February 19, 1985.   
J4.21 AAW1-13   
J4.21.AAW1 Pamphlet issued by Committee of Concern: Let's Reject Apartheid Education.   
J4.21.AAW2 COSAS pamphlet: COSAS calls on students to unite.   
J4.21.AAW3 ASAZM leaflet: Black Student-Worker Solidarity.   
J4.21.AAW4 Leaflet issued by Soweto Parents' Committee re Education Crisis.   
J4.21.AAW5 Leaflet issued by Atteridgeville/Saulsville Residents' Organisation re meeting, November 1984.   
J4.21.AAW6 Leaflet issued by Atteridgeville/Saulsville Residents' Organisation re meeting, February 17, 1985.   
J4.21.AAW7 Leaflet issued by Atteridgeville/Saulsville Residents' Organisation re meeting, March 17, 1985.   
J4.21.AAW8 COSAS leaflet: COSAS pledges solidarity.   
J4.21.AAW9 COSAS leaflet: COSAS supports students' demands.   
J4.21.AAW10 Joint statement by FOSATU, CUSA, SAAWU, CCAWUSA, UMMAWOSA, GAWU, MGWUSA, SASDA and NUPAWO to support call for national stayaway, October 1984.   
J4.21.AAW11 Lekoa Town Council service charges.   
J4.21.AAW12 Pamphlet re funeral service of late Ephraim Papeki Loape, August 2, 1984. Died during school uprising at Motsethabang.   
J4.21.AAW13 COSAS leaflet: COSAS wishes you well during the Black Christmas.   
J4.22 AAX1-12   
J4.22.AAX1 UDF Leaflet re Million Signature Campaign.   
J4.22.AAX2 Notes re UDF.   
J4.22.AAX3 Article: United Fronts and Political Unity.   
J4.22.AAX4 Letter from UDF to Feasibility committee re Worker Unity, October 7, 1983.   
J4.22.AAX5 UDF Letter to USA Consulate re repression in Ciskei, November 21, 1983.   
J4.22.AAX6 Notice of UDF (Tvl) General Council Meeting, September 17, 1983.   
J4.22.AAX7 Recommendations for UDF Publicity.   
J4.22.AAX8 Extracts from South African Labour Bulletin re UDF.   
J4.22.AAX9 Rand Daily Mail article (14/9/83) UDF Rallies on eve of riots.   
J4.22.AAX10 Functions and duties of the UDF Secretary General and Publicity Secretary.   
J4.22.AAX11 Notes re formation of the UDF.   
J4.22.AAX12 Leaflet: UDF on the referendum.   
J4.23 AAY1-60   
J4.23.AAY1 Leaflet issued by Rhodes Black Students Movement: Anti-Election Boycott.   
J4.23.AAY2 Leaflet issued by Rhodes Black Students Movement: Anti-Election Boycott.   
J4.23.AAY3 Leaflet issued by Association of Durban Democrats. Ourselves and the UDF.   
J4.23.AAY4 Memorandum Assessment and Planning: UDF (E.Cape) September 1984.   
J4.23.AAY5 Leaflet issued by Ad Hoc Committee, Grahamstown, re 1 Million Signature Campaign, May 1984.   
J4.23.AAY6 Pamphlet: Education Charter Campaign.   
J4.23.AAY7 COSAS (Grahamstown) leaflet: Unite in Action for a Democratic Education.   
J4.23.AAY8 Pamphlet issued by BSM Women's Group (Grahamstown): Sharpeville 1960 - Mass Meeting.   
J4.23.AAY9 Freedom Songs.   
J4.23.AAY10 Songsheet.   
J4.23.AAY11 NUSAS Songsheet.   
J4.23.AAY12 Worker Songs.   
J4.23.AAY13 COSAS (Cradock) leaflet: boycott schools.   
J4.23.AAY14 Leaflet.   
J4.23.AAY15 Cradock leaflet: Consumer boycott, May 1985.   
J4.23.AAY16 Cradock leaflet: Consumer Boycott, May 1985.   
J4.23.AAY17 AZASO pamphlet: Hamba Gahle Courage Hendrick Matikweni Nkuna.   
J4.23.AAY18 (Missing).   
J4.23.AAY19 (Missing).   
J4.23.AAY20 Graffiti.   
J4.24 AAZ1-17   
J4.24.AAZ1 UDF Circular re proposals for National Conference of Civic Organisations.   
J4.24.AAZ2 Note Book.   
J4.24.AAZ3 Telephone Book.   
J4.24.AAZ4 Handwritten Notes.   
J4.24.AAZ5 Circular from SACC re broad based meeting to meet leaders of Carnegie Corporation.   
J4.24.AAZ6 Report on the Annual General Council (UDF, E.Cape) meeting, March 3, 1985.   
J4.24.AAZ7 Letter from UDF (E.Cape) re invitation to Regional General Council Meeting, March 3, 1985.   
J4.24.AAZ8 Letter of resignation from organising secretary of Cradock Residents and Youth Associations, April 1, 1985.   
J4.24.AAZ9 UDF (E.Cape) Regional Report, March 14, 1985.   
J4.24.AAZ10 Black Sash invitation to Media Workshop, P.E., June 14-16, 1985.   
J4.24.AAZ11 Letter from UDF to HART (New Zealand) re All Blacks Rugby tour of SA, March 1, 1985.   
J4.24.AAZ12 Diagrams re Community struggle.   
J4.24.AAZ13 Address given by Zinzi Mandela re Nelson Mandela's response to President P.W.Botha's offer made in Parliament, February 10, 1985.   
J4.24.AAZ14 Publication: Solidarity of Labour. The story of International Worker Organisations. Workers of the World Series No 4.   
J4.24.AAZ15 Report of UDF National Conference, 12 and 13 January, 1986.   
J4.24.AAZ16 Report of Housing Commission. Organisations represented : PEBCO, GRACA, CRADORA, Rhodes LRC, PEAC.   
J4.24.AAZ17 UDF Memorandum re Militarisation.   
J5 ABA1-70   
J5.ABA1 Leaflet. Zweletemba Residents stay away from Bodi's and Tsobo's Taxis.   
J5.ABA2 Leaflet re detention of UDF leaders.   
J5.ABA3 UDF Pamphlet National Stayaway: 43 killed, hundreds wounded by police in Eastern Cape.   
J5.ABA4 GRAFCOM leaflet: Don't Vote for Apartheid.   
J5.ABA5 UDF Songs, August 1984.   
J5.ABA6 GRAFCOM NUUS (leaflet).   
J5.ABA7 GRAFCOM NWS (leaflet).   
J5.ABA8 FEDSAW sticker.   
J5.ABA9 UDF pamphlet: Over 70 people killed in P.E. Day of Mourning, March 28, 1985.   
J5.ABA10 Leaflet (ANC?) 1985 - Year of the Cadre.   
J5.ABA11 ANC Struggle Update No.1, 1985.   
J5.ABA12 Women's Charter.   
J5.ABA13 Draft Constitution: Mankweng Civic Association.   
J5.ABA14 ANC leaflet: ANC speaks!   
J5.ABA15 TIC pamphlet: Yusuf Dadoo.   
J5.ABA16 List of members of UDF (Tvl) Regional Executive Committee.   
J5.ABA17 Report of N. Tvl UDF Conference, February 3, 1985.   
J5.ABA18 As above.   
J5.ABA19 UDF (Tvl) Circular to Tvl Affiliates re General Council Meeting, May 1985.   
J5.ABA20 Resolution re opening of UDF (N.Tvl) bank account.   
J5.ABA21 UDF (N.Tvl) leaflet: No cause to celebrate,Boycott Lebowa Agricultural Show.   
J5.ABA22 Notes re relationship between UDF and SAAWU (N.Tvl).   
J5.ABA23 Draft Budget for N.Tvl UDF Co-ordinating Committee, 1985.   
J5.ABA24 (Missing).   
J5.ABA25 Pamphlet issued by 'Underground of the ANC': Thirty Years of the Freedom Charter.   
J5.ABA26 (Missing).   
J5.ABA27 Memorandum from University of the North SRC president to SRC re resignation, May 2, 1985.   
J5.ABA28 Constitution, University of the North SRC.   
J5.ABA29 (Missing).   
J5.ABA30 ANC pamphlet: We dip our Banner in Salute to Heroes of the Revolution - murdered by the Apartheid regime on June 9, 1983.   
J5.ABA31 Speech by Sydney Mutamadi (GAWU) The National Democratic Struggle, June 25, 1986.   
J5.ABA32 Paper re Nkomati and obstacles to peace.   
J5.ABA33 SECHABA No.13, March 1983.   
J5.ABA34 ANC pamphlet: Nelson Mandela will be 65 tomorrow, July 18, 1983.   
J5.ABA35 Statement of National Executive Committee of the ANC, January 8, 1984.   
J5.ABA36 UDF Transvaal. List of Nominations for REC, July 1985.   
J5.ABA37 AMC Pamphlet: The Freedom Charter.   
J5.ABA38 Draft Programme for UDF (N. Tvl) Youth Workshop, June 1985.   
J5.ABA39 IYY Committee pamphlet: Come to the Launch of Youth Year.   
J5.ABA40 COSAS circular re Meeting to discuss education crisis, July 14, 1985.   
J5.ABA41 Leaflet re launching of Mankweng Residents' Organisation, 1986.   
J5.ABA42 Report on UDF (N.Tvl) Conference, March 3, 1985.   
J5.ABA43 Pamphlet (UDF) Don't Vote in Apartheid Elections!   
J5.ABA44 Booklet: May Day. Published by CRIC.   
J5.ABA45 Paper re Mankweng Youth Congress.   
J5.ABA46 COSAS Programme re commemotration of 'fallen'.   
J5.ABA47 UDF leaflet: Long Live UDF. Ban Apartheid.   
J5.ABA48 Duduza Civic Association leaflet: No to Bucket System; More Houses.   
J5.ABA49 UDF leaflet: Attend Commemoration Service.   
J5.ABA50 Leaflet: Commemoration Service, June 16, Duduza.   
J5.ABA51 COSAS pamphlet: June 16.   
J5.ABA52 Pamphlet: Remember June 16, 1976.   
J5.ABA53 (Missing).   
J5.ABA54 List of names.   
J5.ABA55 COSAS Membership card.   
J5.ABA56 Extract from Diary of Samuel M. Banzana, Somerset East.   
J5.ABA57 Leaflet issued by South African Suicide Squad.   
J5.ABA58 Envelope containing ABA57.   
J5.ABA59 Threatening letter from SA Suicide Squad.   
J5.ABA60 VOICE OF AYCO Vol.2, November 1984.   
J5.ABA61 Notes re AYCO (Alexandra Youth Congress).   
J5.ABA62 AYCO Constitution.   
J5.ABA63 Invitation to JODAC AGM, November 1984.   
J5.ABA64 Notebook re Women's Struggle.   
J5.ABA65 Notes re Media and Resource Services (MARS).   
J5.ABA66 University of North Student Body resolution re Mandela Students Defence Fund, 1985.   
J5.ABA67 AZASO (University of the North) recommendations to AZASO NEC, October 4, 1984.   
J5.ABA68 Message from ANC Underground.   
J5.ABA69 AZASO Regional Newsletter, Transvaal.   
J5.ABA70 Leaflet: STAY AWAY!!! Monday and Tuesday 5 and 6 November 1984.   
J6 CA1-46   
J6.CA1 UDF Update, Vol 2, No 3. November 1986.   
J6.CA2 Extract from Government Gazette, March 30, 1984, Prohibition of gatherings.   
J6.CA3 Aerial Photograph.   
J6.CA4 Minutes of First Special Meeting of Evaton Community Council, March 14, 1980.   
J6.CA5 Aerial photographs of Township.   
J6.CA6 Aerial photographs of Township.   
J6.CA7 Notes re relationship between Evaton Residents and Administration Board, 1979.   
J6.CA8 Photographs taken at meeting, November 27, 1983.   
J6.CA9 UDF Poster.   
J6.CA10 Sticker: Unite against Botha's Plans, Bophelong Youth Congress.   
J6.CA11 Poster: We support Vaal Civic Association and UDF.   
J6.CA12 Aerial photograph (township).   
J6.CA13 Invitation from AZAPO to prayer meeting to commemorate 23rd anniversary of Sharpeville shootings 1983.   
J6.CA14 Aerial photograph of township.   
J6.CA15 (Missing).   
J6.CA16 (Missing).   
J6.CA17 UDF Press Statement re resignation of Councillors, November 9, 1984.   
J6.CA18 Table of film segments of exhibits 37,38,40.   
J6.CA19 Table of missing film segments, exhibits 37 and 38.   
J6.CA20 Table of film parts.   
J6.CA21 MAYIBUYE, No 9. 1982.   
J6.CA22 Leaflet: Boycott the Community Council Elections!   
J6.CA23 Items seized from Moxala S. Vilakazi, Sebokeng, January 27, 1984.   
J6.CA24 SASPU National, Vol 4 No. 5, November 1983.   
J6.CA25 Statement by Dennis V Bloem re 'Terror" Lekota, December 19, 1983.   
J6.CA26 Photographs - Kroonstad Township (Seeisoville).   
J6.CA27 Receipt for items seized by police - Kroonstad, August 28, 1983.   
J6.CA28 Notes written by Mamokhele Sebetoane, Seeisoville.   
J6.CA29 Programme of funeral Service for 4 youths. Issued by ERAPO (Benoni).   
J6.CA30 (Missing).   
J6.CA31 Leaflet: 3000 say no to increases. Issued by ERAPO, Benoni.   
J6.CA32 Leaflet: Rents we can afford! Issued by ERAPO, Benoni.   
J6.CA33 Press cutting: Daveyton rent Increases. Undated.   
J6.CA34 Statement by Januarie Badi re events in Zweleletemba, Worcester, on September 15, 1984.   
J6.CA35 Statement by Paulos Diale re shooting of son in Tsakane Township, Brakpan. November 16, 1984.   
J6.CA36 Minutes of SACC consultation, Geneva, October 22-23, 1987.   
J6.CA37 Letter from Grahamstown Civic Association to CRADORA re harassment of CRADORA Executive.   
J6.CA38 Extract from ISIZWE, Vol 1. No. March 2, 1986.   
J6.CA39 Leaflet: Tembisa Residents. A meeting concerning PUTCO increases, high rents, school crisis.   
J6.CA40 Department of Education and Training memorandum: Communication Structure.   
J6.CA41 Resolutions re Education crisis taken at National Consultative conference, December 28-29, 1985 (convened by SPCC).   
J6.CA42 Report on second National Consultative Conference on the Crisis in Education, March 29-30, 1986. Published by NECC.   
J6.CA43 Programme of COSAS Eastern Cape Regional Executive Committee, June 1985.   
J6.CA44 Register for CA43.   
J6.CA45 COSAS (E Cape) circular on school SRC's.   
J6.CA46 Second National Consultative Conference Keynote Address: People's Education for People's Power. NECC, March 29, 1986.   
J7 Defence Exhibits   
DA DA2-217   
J7.DA2 Press cuttings. ANC support and support for Mandela, 1980 1984.   
J7.DA3 Memorandum re Commission of Enquiry 1976 (Cillie) submitted by Evaton Advisory Committee.   
J7.DA4 Memorandum: A Comparison between requests of Evaton Community Council to minister and resolutions received from minister.   
J7.DA5 Memorandum for presentation by Evaton Ratepayers Association to Evaton Community Council.   
J7.DA6 Petition from Evaton landowners re Government replanning scheme.   
J7.DA7 Notice of Evaton Ratepayers Association meeting, April 8, 1984.   
J7.DA8 (Missing).   
J7.DA9 HNP leaflet: Die NP se magsdeling; wat wag vir ons kinders?.   
J7.DA10 Press Cutting - Sharpeville call for rent protest, RDM, August 16, 1984.   
J7.DA11 Survey of Race Relations (1983) Title Page only.   
J7.DA12 Letter to SAP, Vanderbijlpark, from Rev. Tebogo Moselane (Anglican Rector, Sharpeville) re police action against him, October 15, 1984.   
J7.DA13 Speech by Popo Molefe, Annual National Congress of SACC. The Black Worker and the demands of our time, May 4, 1981.   
J7.DA14 Article by Dr Alexander: Let us unite in the year of the United Front.   
J7.DA15 Press Cutting, Financial Mail, November 25, 1983; Resisting the Constitution, by Popo Molefe.   
J7.DA16 Press Cutting: Evening Post, August 21, 1984; UDF denies plans to disrupt elections.   
J7.DA17 Press Cutting, City Press, December 23, 1984, re Black Christmas.   
J7.DA18 Press Cutting, Evening Post, October 24, 1983: Call for Unity under Umbrella of UDF.   
J7.DA19 Press Cutting; Sowetan, February 12, 1985: Inkatha calls for Nelson's Freedom.   
J7.DA20 Press Cutting, Star, August 12, 1985: Mayors call on government to release Mandela.   
J7.DA21 Letter from UDF Presidents, Oscar Mpetha and Archie Gumede to Prime Minister re bannings of meetings, October 25, 1983.   
J7.DA22 Letter from UDF to Prime Minister re request to respond to previous letter, December 6, 1983.   
J7.DA23 Press Cutting, City Press, (July 12, 1989): Vlok must act against right wing.   
J7.DA24 Letter to A. Gumede (President UDF) from KwaZulu Government inviting UDF Executive to meeting to discuss common black strategies.   
J7.DA25 Response from UDF to DA24.   
J7.DA26 Booklet, Koornhof Bills. Published by JODAC.   
J7.DA27 UDF Press Release. The UDF's position on school situation in Atteridgeville.   
J7.DA28 UDF (Western Cape) circular re monitoring of polling stations, August 21, 1984.   
J7.DA29 UDF Legal Advice sheet re pamphlets, vehicles, police.   
J7.DA30 UDF Press Release on successful court order setting aside ban on UDF meetings, December 16, 1984.   
J7.DA31 Press Cutting, The Star (8/2/85). PFP calls for lifting of ban on ANC.   
J7.DA32 Press Cutting, The Star (12/12/84) NP Paper says time may be right for ANC talks.   
J7.DA33 Press Cutting, Sowetan (26 August 1987) Decorative Puppets.   
J7.DA34 Press Cutting, Star (8/4/80) Labour Party to have nothing to do wth CPC (Coloured People's Council).   
J7.DA35 Press Cutting, Sowetan (13/6/83) Inkatha Leader Slams Reform.   
J7.DA36 Press Cutting, Star, (16/5/83) New Rule called 'Plan for Hatred'.   
J7.DA37 Press Cutting, Sunday Express (12/6/83) Atrocity: Who did What?   
J7.DA38 Press Cutting, Star, (30/6/83) Tempers Flare as Nazi War Trials Gibe Riles Government.   
J7.DA39 National People's Party, leaflet: The NPP has always opposed military conscription.   
J7.DA40 Solidarity opposes military conscription. Leaflet.   
J7.DA41 Press Cutting, Rand Daily Mail (23/10/82) Buthelezi hits back at Government.   
J7.DA42 Press Cutting, Star,(20/4/85) 'Make up your mind, Mr Botha'.   
J7.DA43 Press Cutting, Star, (20/7/84) New system blamed for violence in Parys.   
J7.DA44 Resolutions taken by UDF NEC, 1 July 1984 re urgent application to Supreme Court against SAP harassment.   
J7.DA45 UDF Press release on smear pamphlets.   
J7.DA46 UDF memorandum re Nobel Peace Prize celebration, 30/1/85.   
J7.DA47 Press Cutting, The Star, (22/1/86) FCI talked to ANC after drafting charter.   
J7.DA48 Leadership interview with Dr Oscar Dhlomo, Sec. Gen. of Inkatha, 1st quarter 1984.   
J7.DA49 Hansard: 25/1/85 - 16/6/85.   
J7.DA50 Hansard: 27-30 June 1983.   
J7.DA51 Memorandum: The Structure and functioning of Soweto local Authority.   
J7.DA52 Memorandum: Soweto local Authority: Preamble to 5 year Plan.   
J7.DA53 Five Year Action Programme re Soweto (Accused no. 16).   
J7.DA54 Report of Soweto Civic Association Workshop, 14 July 1984.   
J7.DA55 Press Cutting, Star. (20/8/83) UDF may cause a bigger stir later on.   
J7.DA56 Press Cutting, City Press (7/8/83) The best of luck to all.   
J7.DA57 Press Cutting, Argus, (17/8/83) Uniting against the Botha Plan.   
J7.DA58 Press Cutting, Sowetan, (22/8/83) Unwise to restrict growth of UDF.   
J7.DA59 Press Cutting, RDM (27/10/83) How to say it?   
J7.DA60 Press Cutting, Beeld, (25/8/83) Nuwe Front, ou turksvy??   
J7.DA61 Press Cutting, Beeld, (24/8/83) UDF polarisasie 'n dilemma vir Progge.   
J7.DA62 Press Cutting, RDM (4/11/83) Buthelezi speaks of marriage with ANC.   
J7.DA63 UDF leaflet: UDF rally postponed.   
J7.DA64 Press Cutting, RDM (4 May 1984) Government move to scrap influx Bill welcomed.   
J7.DA65 Press Cutting, Evening Post, (5/12/83) Lekota denies any UDF link with ANC.   
J7.DA66 Press Cutting, SA Foundation News, (Mar. 1985) on Mosiusa 'Terror' Lekota.   
J7.DA67 Press Cutting, Argus (11/11/83) UDF plans National Conference.   
J7.DA68 Press Cutting, Sunday Express, (24/2/85) Terror: the striker with a special goal.   
J7.DA69 (A-C) Correspondence between PFP and UDF Jan/Feb 1985.   
J7.DA70 Press Cutting, Beeld (26/9/86) ANC se geweld in 1960 is begryplik.   
J7.DA71 Publication: praat met die ANC, 1985.   
J7.DA72 Press Cutting, Star, (6/4/85) UDF Conference stresses "non-violent direct action".   
J7.DA73 Press Cutting, Star, (12/4/85) UDF: We won't harm All Blacks.   
J7.DA74 Press Cutting, Sunday Tribune, (21/4/85): The man who's out to sink the tour (Terror Lekota).   
J7.DA75 Press Cutting, Argus (10/8/84: a roaring trade with some legal hitches.   
J7.DA76 Press Cutting: Sunday Tribune, (19/8/84) UDF not inspired by Moscow.   
J7.DA77 Press Cutting, Natal Witness, (20/8/84): Crowds flock to UDF.   
J7.DA78 Press Cutting, RDM, (27/7/84); Rapport refuses to print UDF's anti-violence ad.   
J7.DA79 Press Cutting, RDM (22/2/85): I was consulted about Mandela, says Mangope.   
J7.DA80 UDF Press Statement re Nobel Prize, 5/2/85.   
J7.DA81 Press Cutting, E.P.Herald (18/4/84) Drive by UDF aimed at August Election.   
J7.DA82 Smear Pamphlet. UDF=ANC=UDF.   
J7.DA83 Press Cutting, Cape Herald. (9/6/84): UDF smear pamphlets slammed.   
J7.DA84 Press Cutting, Cape Times (29/5/84): UDF attacks hysterical pamphlet.   
J7.DA85 Press Cutting, RDM (19/5/84): Smears by State Agents.   
J7.DA86 Press Cutting, RDM (22/6/84): We don't misuse names UDF.   
J7.DA87 Press Cutting, Star (29/2/84): Find out the truth, urges UDF's Lekota.   
J7.DA88 Press Cutting, RDM (1/5/84): We were abused, says party.   
J7.DA89 Press Cutting, Sowetan, (24/6/84) Police take 29 in UDF swoop.   
J7.DA90 Press Cutting, RDM (14/7/83) I'll work for new SA Matanzima.   
J7.DA91 Press Cutting, Citizen, (27/9/83) Blacks should set up own Parliament says Kaiser.   
J7.DA92 Press Cutting, Business Day, (19/3/86) Mabuza on Black unity, white fears.   
J7.DA93 Paper (RAU): Voorlegging aan kabinetskomitee insake stedelike swart politieke regte.   
J7.DA94 Extract from Mission to SA. The Commonwealth Report Chapter 3: The release of Nelson Mandela and others.   
J7.DA95 Press Cutting, Sowetan, ((/6/83): Clemency appeals at 11th hour.   
J7.DA96 Press Cutting, RDM, (10/6/83) World outcry over Pretoria hangings continues unabated.   
J7.DA97 Press Cutting, Star,(26/1/85): Policy for Urban Rights scorned.   
J7.DA98 Press Cutting, Star, (11/12/84) Doors are Closing on this committee.   
J7.DA99 Press Cutting, Star, (16/7/84) Parys Township Normal after Riot.   
J7.DA100 Press Cutting, Star, (18/7/84): Tutu calls for calm but is worried over detainees' death (Parys).   
J7.DA101 Press Cutting (Guardian) (10/6/84): The difference between what Botha says and does (letter from UDF).   
J7.DA102 Address delivered to National Anti-CAD Conference (29 May 1943) by B.M.Kies: The Background of Segregation.   
J7.DA103 Unity Movement. Ten-point Programme.   
J7.DA104 Press Cutting, Star (11/2/85) First Unban the ANC - Mandela.   
J7.DA105 Press Cutting, Beeld (11/2/85) Mandela laat deur oop.   
J7.DA106 Book: Europe and South Africa by A.N.Boyce. Title page only.   
J7.DA107 Press Cutting: Star (11/3/85) Youth Year Sparks off controversy.   
J7.DA108 Book: Freedom for my people. Autobiography of Z.K.Matthews pgs 174-177.   
J7.DA109 Press Cutting, Cape Times (27/7/84): Boesak: Bid to discredit me.   
J7.DA110 Press Cutting, Star, (29/3/85): Tutu warns: Uitenhage burnings harm race struggle.   
J7.DA111 UDF internal letter re use of National Office by Tvl Region.   
J7.DA112 Press Cutting, Sowetan (15/2/84): Call to government on unrest.   
J7.DA113 Press Cutting, Pretoria News (24/2/84) Boycott halted: Tutu praised.   
J7.DA114 National Student Federation Press Release: election of SRC, Pretoria (11/5/84).   
J7.DA115 (Missing).   
J7.DA116 Notes for Demonstrators.   
J7.DA117 Pamphlet issued by Fordsburg Women's Group.   
J7.DA118 Minutes of 10th Annual Conference of Labour Party, January 1976.   
J7.DA119 Address by Prof. S.M.E.Bhengu on 'Politics of the situation' at Twelfth Annual Conference of Labour Party, December 1977.   
J7.DA120 Minutes of 12th Annual Conference of Labour Party, December 1977.   
J7.DA121 Annual Report from Labour Party National Secretary at 12th Annual Conference, December 1977.   
J7.DA122 Report on talks held between Inkatha, Labour Party and Reform Party.   
J7.DA123 Minutes of 17th Annual Labour Party Congress, January 1983.   
J7.DA124 Minutes of Labour Party Annual Conference (incomplete).   
J7.DA125 Town Council of Atteridgeville: Notice to all Householders (11/6/84).   
J7.DA126 Letter from LRC to Town Clerk of Atteridgeville re tariff increses in Tembisa, July 31, 1984.   
J7.DA127 Letter to LRC from Atteridgeville Town Council, August 7, 1984.   
J7.DA128 Letter from Atteridgeville-Saulsville Residents' Organisation to Atteridgeville Town Clerk, September 21, 1984.   
J7.DA129 Citizens' Ad Hoc report on inaugural meeting.   
J7.DA130 Black Sash Booklet re homelands.   
J7.DA131 Black Sash Paper re Orderly Movement and Settlement of Black Persons Bill.   
J7.DA132 Comment by Black Sash to Churches re Orderly Movement and Settlement of Black Persons.   
J7.DA133 Minutes of Meeting of New Constitution Committee, 13 August 1978.   
J7.DA134 Minutes of Meeting of New Constitution Committee, 3 Dec., 1978.   
J7.DA135 Minutes of Black Sash National Conference, 13-15 March 1979.   
J7.DA136 Black Sash booklet: You and the New Constitution, Vote No, Aug. 1983.   
J7.DA137 Speech, 22 Feb 1983 re President's Council, Orderly Movement Bill and Militarisation.   
J7.DA138 Minutes of Black Sash National Conference, 12-15 March 1982.   
J7.DA139 Minutes of Black Sash National Conference, 10-13 March 1983.   
J7.DA140 (Missing).   
J7.DA141 Black Sash notes on Establishment of Advice Centres.   
J7.DA142 Minutes of Black Sash National Conference, 13-16 March 1981.   
J7.DA143 Minutes of Black Sash National Conference, 11-13 March 1980.   
J7.DA144 Minutes of Black Sash National Conference, 14-17 March 1985.   
J7.DA145 Article in AAgjl: Homes for the Homeless, November 1973.   
J7.DA146 ,fib, Vol 17, May 1974.   
J7.DA147 Black Sash statement to ROM, 3 Feb. 1983.   
J7.DA148 Black Sash letter to Star, 8 Feb., 1983.   
J7.DA149 Black Sash statement to City Press, 1983.   
J7.DA150 Sash, vol 26, No. 1, May 1983.   
J7.DA151 Sash, vol 27, No. 1, May 1984.   
J7.DA152 Article by Sheena Duncan: The right to live Free - Sash, Feb. 1975.   
J7.DA153 Article by Sheena Duncan: Woman Talk - Sash, Feb. 1976.   
J7.DA154 SACC Conference Report: Women - A Power for Change, 24-27 June, 1985.   
J7.DA155 Article - , Sash, November 1972.   
J7.DA156 Black Sash Statement to Sowetan re invasion of neighbouring states, 9 Dec., 1982.   
J7.DA157 Letter from Black Sash to Sunday Times re Namibia, 11 Nov. 1982.   
J7.DA158 Presidential Address to 12th Annual National Conference of the Black Sash, November 1976.   
J7.DA159 Article in Sash: The Transkei, by John Kane-Berman, August 1976.   
J7.DA160 Article in Sash, November 1976.   
J7.DA161 Article in Sash, May 1976.   
J7.DA162 Article in Sash, Nov 1976.   
J7.DA163 Article in Sash, re Bantustans.   
J7.DA164 Black Sash Press Statement re Kangwane and Ingwavuma.   
J7.DA165 Article in Sash re Ciskei, May 1982.   
J7.DA166 Article in Sash re Districy Six, Feb/Apr. 1966.   
J7.DA167 Article in Sash re Group Areas, November 1967.   
J7.DA168 Article in Sash re Forced Removals, August 1968.   
J7.DA169 Article in Sash re Removals, August 1968.   
J7.DA170 Memorandum to State President by Citizen's Action Committee re Removals, Sash, November 1968.   
J7.DA171 Copy of letter in Sash to Minister of Bantu Administration and Deve10pment re Starvation, December 1970.   
J7.DA172 Article in Sash, June 1971.   
J7.DA173 Article in Sash re Rural Poverty, May 1981.   
J7.DA174 Article in Sash re State Repression, Aug., 1969.   
J7.DA175 Article in Sash re 10st freedoms, Aug. 1969.   
J7.DA176 Article in Sash re detention, May 1970.   
J7.DA177 Article in Sash re Internal Security Act, Aug. 1976.   
J7.DA178 Article in Sash re Internal Security Act, Aug. 1976.   
J7.DA.179 Correspondence - February 19, 1982.   
J7.DA180 Black Sash Presidential Address, 1982.   
J7.DA181 Black Sash March 1983.   
J7.DA182 Black Sash 1985.   
J7.DA183 Funeral Oration by Vusi M Diale.   
J7.DA184 Paper by Bp. Manas Buthelezi: The Reformation Questions and our Questions, March 1985.   
J7.DA185 Paper by Bp. Manas Buthelezi: Black Theo10gy and the Le Grange Commission.   
J7.DA186 Copies of photos of Archbishop Mordochai Sikakane and Swazi church members on Good Friday   
J7.DA187 (Missing).   
J7.DA188-90 (Missing). (photographs of Somerset-East).   
J7-DA191 Press Cuttings on Grahamstown Township unrest, 20 Jan. 1984.   
J7-DA192 Press Cuttings on violence in E.Cape, 15 Nov. 1984.   
J7-DA193 Letter to Rhini Town Council from GRACA, 6 Jun.1984.   
J7-DA194 Letter to Rhini Town Council from GRACA, 14 Jun.1984 .   
J7-DA195 Letter to Rhini Town Council from GRACA, 3 Sep.1984   
J7-DA196 Letter from GRACA to ECAB re housing, 9 Nov. 1983.   
J7-DA197 Letter from GRACA to ECAB re housing, 15 Nov.1983.   
J7-DA198 Letter from GRACA to ECAB re housing, 29 Dec. 1983.   
J7-DA199 Letter from GRACA to Minister of Co-operation and Deve10pment re housing, 18 Apr. 1984.   
J7-DA200 Letter from GRACA to Rhini Town Council, 21 June 1984.   
J7-DA201 Interview with Boesak re the Labour Party.   
J7-DA202 Press Cutting re Boesak's call for a United Front, 7 Jan. 1983.   
J7-DA203 Letter to Highveld Administraion Board from Leandra Action Committee attorneys re removals to Kwandebele, 23.Jan 1984.   
J7-DA204 Reply to DA203 from Minister of Co-operation and Deve10pment, 6 July 1984.   
J7-DA205 Leaflet issued by Tembisa Civic Association re rent, 5 April 1984.   
J7-DA206 Tembisa Civic Association leaflet re increases in tariffs.   
J7-DA207 Press Cutting re police role in Tembisa rent issue, 2 July 1984.   
J7-DA208 Personal Biography of K.B.Hartshorne.   
J7-DA209 Book (title page only). Provision of Education in RSA, HSRC Report, 1981.   
J7-DA210 Article by K.B.Hartshorne: Can Separate mean Equal? A commentary on the White Paper on Education, Jan 1984.   
J7-DA211 Article by K. Hartshorne: The state of Education in SA. Some Indicators, 1985.   
J7-DA212 Statistics re Coloured, Indian, White education, 1985-86.   
J7-DA213 Paper by Hartshorne: The Current Crisis in Education against the Background of the Ideo10gical Political Situation in SA. 1988.   
J7-DA214 Comparisons between UDF resolutions, Freedom Charter, Education Charter and HSRC Report.   
J7-DA215 South African Federated Chamber of Industries. Business Charter of Social, Economic Rights.   
J7-DA216 FCCA Civic News, Vol 2, Nol, Dec 1982-Feb 1983.   
J7-DA217 Cape Action League, Vol 1, No 2. Aug.1983.   
K1 State's Closing Argument (3 boxes)   
K1.l Preparation for argument (includes 3 areas). 8 volumes   
K1.2 Argument as presented in court, Volumes 425-431 Pages 24824-25273   
K1.2.425 Vol.425   
K1.2.426 Vol.426   
K1.2.427 Vol.427   
K1.2.428 Vol.428   
K1.2.429 Vol.429   
K1.2.430 Vol.430   
K1.2.431 Vol.431   
K1.3 Argument in terms of article 174 of Act 51 of 1977   
K2 Defence Closing Argument (6 boxes)   
K2.1 Preparation   
K2.1.1 The 31 Areas   
 Alexandra, Atteridgeville/Saulsville, Cradock, Daveyton, Duduza, Graaff Reinet, Grahamstown, Huhudi, Kwa Thema, Leandra, Mankweng, Seisoville, Soweto, Tembisa, Thabong, Tsakane, Tumahole, Worcester   
K2.1.1.1 Memorandum on the 31 Areas 7 p.   
K2.1.1.2 Report by D.L.Rogers. Includes annexures and statements   
K2.1.1.3 Miscellaneous matters Arising out of the State's Argument on the 31 Areas, 13p.   
K2.1.1.4 Area No 15 - Atteridgeville 48p.   
K2.1.1.5 Area No. 16 - Huhudi 25p.   
K2.1.1.6 Area No. 17 - Tumahole 33p. and 62p.   
K2.1.1.7 Area No. 18 - Seeisoville 17p.   
K2.1.1.8 Area No. 20 - Cradock 30p.   
K2.1.1.9 Area No. 21 - Worcester 15p.   
K2.1.1.10 Area No. 23 - Graaf-Reinet 23p.   
K2.1.1.11 Area No.31 Thabong   
K2.1.2 The 17 Campaigns 142p.   
K2.1.3 The Main Count 42p.   
K2.1.4 Summaries of Expert Defence Witness Evidence. Includes: Buthelezi, Cachalia, Dangor, Douwes-Dekker, Duncan, Hartshorne, Khuzwayo, Mosala, Motlana, Platzky   
K2.1.5 call for a National Convention 46p.   
K2.1.6 The Formation of the UDF   
K2.1.7 Supplementary Notes on Subversion 18p.   
K2.1.8 Random Notes 13p.   
K2.1.9 Notes on UDF NEC Meetings, 8p.   
K2.1.10 Supplementary notes on Memorandum entitled "States bound by particulars".   
K2.1.11 Impact of Civil Wars   
K2.1.12 Reasoning by Inference   
K2.1.13 Handwritten Notes   
K2.1.14 Draft Closing Argument 155p.   
K2.1.15 Submissions in reply on behalf of the accused   
K2.2 Defence Argument as presented in court (vols 432-458)   
K2.2.1 Vols. 432-438   
K2.2.1.432 Vol.432   
K2.2.1.433 Vol.433   
K2.2.1.434 Vol.434   
K2.2.1.435 Vol.435   
K2.2.1.436 Vol.436   
K2.2.1.437 Vol.437   
K2.2.1.438 Vol.438   
K2.2.2 Vols. 439-448   
K2.2.2.439 Vol.439   
K2.2.2.440 Vol.440   
K2.2.2.441 Vol.441   
K2.2.2.442 Vol.442   
K2.2.2.443 Vol.443   
K2.2.2.444 Vol.444   
K2.2.2.445 Vol.445   
K2.2.2.446 Vol.446   
K2.2.2.447 Vol.447   
K2.2.2.448 Vol.448   
K2.2.3 Vols. 449-458   
K2.2.3.449 Vol.449   
K2.2.3.450 Vol.450   
K2.2.3.451 Vol.451   
K2.2.3.452 Vol.452   
K2.2.3.453 Vol.453   
K2.2.3.454 Vol.454   
K2.2.3.455 Vol.455   
K2.2.3.456 Vol.456   
K2.2.3.457 Vol.457   
K2.2.3.458 Vol.458   
K2.2.3.459 Vol.459   
 Page References to specific attorneys   
 Mr Bizos: 25578-26018   
 Mr Chaskalson: 25274-25577   
 Mr Tip: 26018-26107   
 Mr Yacoob: 26577-27194   
JUDGEMENT 4 boxes 1520p   
L1 Preface pgs. 1-15   
L2 Historical Background 16-29   
L3 The United Democratic Front 30-48   
L4 The State Case on the UDF 49-72   
L5 The Law 73-116   
 Treason 73-90   
 Sedition 90   
 Charges under Internal Security Act 90-102   
 Documents 102-116   
L6 Policies of Various Organisations 117-169   
 Black Consciousness Movement 117-119   
 Azanian Peoples' Organisation 119-138   
 African National Congress 139-169   
L7 UDF Policies and Campaigns 170-448   
L7.1 Black local Authorities 170-181   
L7.2 Youth and Education 182-218   
L7.3 Documentary Evidence 219-286   
L7.4 Speeches 287-413   
L7.5 Defence Answer 414-448   
L8 The African National Congress Connection 449-507   
L9 Areas 1984-1985 508-721   
L9.1 Adelaide 509-512   
L9.2 Alexandra 513-520   
L9.3 Atteridgeville/Saulsville 521-528   
L9.4 Cradock 529-544   
L9.5 Daveyton 545-556   
L9.6 Duduza (Nigel) 557-570   
L9.7 Graaff-Reinet 571-577   
L9.8 Grahamstown 578-587   
L9.9 Huhudi (Vryburg) 588-600   
L9.10 Katlehong 601-606   
L9.11 Kwa-Thema 607-612   
L9.12 Leandra 613-619   
L9.13 Mame10di (Pretoria) 620-621   
L9.14 Mankweng (Pietersburg) 622-636   
L9.15 Seeisoville (Kroonstad) 637-643   
L9.16 Somerset East 644-660   
L9.17 Soweto 661-668   
L9.18 Tembisa 669-676   
L9.19 Thabong (Welkom) 677-684   
L9.20 Thokoza (Alberton) 685-687   
L9.21 Tsakane (Srakpan) 688-697   
L9.22 Tumahole (Parys) 698-714   
L9.23 Worcester 715-721   
L10 Conclusion on General Situation in SA 722-725   
L11 Conclusion on UDF 726-729   
L12 The Vaal Triangle 730-897   
L12.1 General 730-740   
L12.2 State's Allegations 741-756   
L12.3 Activities of Organisations in Vaal 757-805   
L12.4 Meetings of the VCA 806-814   
L12.5 Organisations active in Sharpeville 815-820   
L12.6 The Sharpeville Meetings 821-844   
L12.7 Stay-away 845-851   
L12.8 Protest March 852-876   
L12.9 Vaal Riots 877-891   
L12.10 Who Organised the Riots 892-897   
L13 The Individual Accused 898-1010   
L13.1 P.M.Baleka (Ace. No.1) 901-903   
L13.2 O.J.H10moka (Acc. No.2) 904-908   
L13.3 T.G.Moselane (Acc. No.3 909-911   
L13.4 G.P.Malindi (Acc. No.5 912-924   
L13.5 M.P.Mokoena (Acc. No.6) 925-930   
L13.6 T.D.Mphuthi (Acc. No. 7) 931-937   
L13.7 N.M.Nkopane (Acc. No. 8) 938-942   
L13.8 T.E.Ramakgula (Acc.No.9) 943-947   
L13.9 B.H.Vilikazi (Acc. No. 10) 948-952   
L13.10 S.J.Mokoena (Acc. No. 11) 953-969   
L13.11 S.J.Nkoli (Ace. No. 13) 970-971   
L13.12 T.J.Tlhopane (Acc. No.14) 972-975   
L13.13 S.J.Hlanyane (Acc. No. 15) 976-980   
L13.14 T.M.Manthatha (Acc. No.16) 981-985   
L13.15 H.S.Mat10le (Acc. No. 17) 986-993   
L13.16 Molefe, Lekota, Chikane(Acc. Nos. 19-21) 994-1006   
L13.17 T.A.Ratsomo (Acc. No. 22) 1007-1010   
L13.18 Conclusion   
L14 Comments on Witnesses (Annexure Z) Z1-510   
L14.1 General Remarks Z1-27   
L14.2 The Accused as Witnesses Z28-120   
L14.3 Witnesses A-H Z121-183   
L14.4 Witnesses in Camera Z184-212   
L14.5 Witnesses K-L Z215-248   
L14.6 Witnesses M Z249-383   
L14.7 Witnesses N-Z Z384-510   
L15 Background Document regarding the Conviction of Certain Accused in the Case of the State v. P.M.Baleka and others 20p.   
M1 Volume 460   
M1.1 Volume 460 pgs 27195-28808   
 Defence witnesses include:   
 Gerwel, Gert (UWC Rector), pgs 28716-28741   
 Mabuza, Ngannani Enos John (Kangwane Chief Minister) pgs 28741-28762   
 Kistner, Wolfram (SACC) pgs 28762-28778   
 Tlhagale, Buti, (Priest) pgs. 28778-28808   
 Gordimer, Nadine (Author) pgs.28793-28808   
 Questioned by Adv George Bizos and the Prosecution, Nadine Gordimer committed to the ANC and Umkhonto we Sizwe as part of the struggle of the ANC.   
M1.2 Statement of Nganani Enos John Mabuze, pgs 1-7   
M2 Volume 461 pgs 28809-28838   
 Witnesses include:   
 Kalk, William (Doctor) pgs. 28809-28820   
 Slabbert, Frederick van Zyl (Politician) pgs. 28820-28836   
M3 Volume 462   
M3.1 Volume 462 pgs 28839-28888   
 Motsuenyane, Samuel (Chairman, Africa Bank) pgs. 28839-28858   
 Helm, Brunhilde (Sociology Professor) pgs. 28860-28885   
M3.2 Report by Professor Brunhilde Helm   
N1 Volume 463 pgs. 28889-28956   
 Includes State's Argument against Mitigation (pgs. 28931-28943)   
PRONOUNCEMENT OF SENTENCE 8 December 1988. 1f   
O1 Sentence pgs 28947-28956   
APPEAL December 1988-September 1989 4 boxes   
P1 Application for leave to appeal December 1988   
P1.1 Volume 464, pgs. 28957-28991   
P1.2 Volume 465, pgs. 28992-29055   
P1.3 Volume 466, pgs. 29056-28117   
P1.4 Volume 467, pgs. 28118-29222   
P1.5 Defence notes including thoughts on what is to be included in Notice of Appeal concerning the 31 Areas   
P1.5.1 Presentation in court   
P1.5.2 Defence Notes   
P2 Grounds of Appeal filed on behalf of the Appellants February 1989, 68p.   
P2.1 Court record pgs 1-48   
P2.2 Notes   
P3 Petition March 1989, 41p.   
P4 Respondents' Answering Affidavit, pgs 228-464, March-May 1989   
P5 Petitioners' Replying Affidavit May 1989   
P5.1 Petitioners' replying Affidavit to Respondent's Answering Affidavit   
P5.2 Applicants' Replying Memorandum pgs 465-508   
P6 Petitioners' Main Heads of Argument June 1989   
P7 Respondents' Main Heads of Argument June 1989 4 vols   
P7.1 Volume 1, pgs. 1-93   
P7.2 Volume 2, pgs. 94-187   
P7.3 Volume 3, pgs 188-272   
P7.4 Exhibits   
P8 Petitioners' Supplementary Heads of Argument, August 1989   
 The procedure adopted for the dismissal of Professor Joubert.   
P9 Appellants' Main Heads of Argument on Special Entry No. 1. 78p   
P10 Judgement delivered 25 September 1989. 58p   
 The judge made an order for the hearing of the appeal in two stages   
P11 Defence Notes   
P11.1 Points to be considered for appeal   
 Including typescript dealing with the question of Black Local Authorities (BLA), in response to the Judgement. The UDF throughout its existence called for the destruction of the BLA.   
P11.2 Miscellaneaus points arising out of the Judgement, handwritten noticeblock   
Q1 Statement by Professor Wi11em Adolf Joubert, 31 March 1987 22p   
Q2 Further affidavits of the applicants, 1 April 1987   
Q3 Reasons for Judgement, 10 April 1987 37p   
Q4 Notice of Motion of Schedule concering his dismissal, 14 November 1988 18p   
Q5 Applicants Main Heads of Argument for recusal of Judge Van Dijkorst and the quashing of the trial proceedings 35p   
Q6 Accuseds' founding affidavit, 11 December 1988   
Q7 Affidavit of D.S. Dison, 11 December 1988   
Q8 State Argument against Professor Joubert, 3 vols 280p   
Q9 Defence notes on state argument   
Q10 Statement by Judge Van Dijkorst in reaction to Professor Joubert's statement 16p   
Q11 Memorandum on legislative history concerning provisions relating to incapacity of jurors and assessors 12p   
Q12 Memorandum of provisions relating to the discharge of Jurors   
Q13 Memorandum on Public Policy 9p   
Q14 Paper: "The Recusal of Assessors in South African Law with special reference to the matter of the State v P.M. Baleka and 21 others" by R.M. We11s, University of Pretoria, 1988   
Q15 Defence handwritten notes   
Q16 Huldigingsbundel vir W.A. Joubert, 1988   
Q17 Relevant cases   
Q18 Press Statement by Professor Joubert, 3 April 1987   
Q19 Report on Certain Events in the Trial Between the State and and Patrick Baleka and 18 others   
Q20 Attorney-General of the Transvaal, D.B. Brunette, Answering Affidavit   
Q21 Respondents Heads of Arguemnt concerning the admissibility of the further statementsof the accused, dated 1 April 1987, as we11 as Professor Joubert's third affidavit   
Q22 Affidavit of Jan Serfontein, author of "Brotherhood of Power"   
 Contains various judgments, orders and rulings, many of which were sent for revision and submitted later, therefor not included in the volumes.   
 Also refer to Section I - Evidence and Argument.   
R 1 Judgment in the application for the release of the applicants on bail, pgs 1-11, 18 October 1985   
R 2 Judgment in the objection by the accused in terms of Section 85 of the Criminal Procedure Act, pgs 211-233, 8 November 1985   
R 3 Judgments, Orders and Rulings relating to Evidence Volumes 4-153, 1986   
R 4 Judgments, Orders and Rulings relating to Evidence Volumes 199-381, 1987-1988   
DEFENCE DOCUMENTS 1983 -1988 376f & 5 boxes   
S1 Defence Council Meetings 1985 - 1987 4f   
S1.1 August - December 1985   
S1.2 January - May 1986   
S1.3 June - November 1986   
S1.4 January - November 1987   
S2 Defence Correspondence 1985 - 1988 1f   
S3 Defence Indexes 4 boxes   
S3.1 List of keywords   
S3.2 Index to Exhibits   
S3.3 Combined list of names from Further Particulars and Further and Better Particulars 56p   
S3.4 Index of organisations mentioned during the trial   
S3.5 Schedule of Witnesses   
S3.6 References to defence witnesses in the meeting of 19 August 1988 in Sharpeville   
S3.7 Computer print-out to Institute of Contemporary History press clippings on the UDF   
S3.8 Schedule of references in the Indictment to persons by name, other than the accused 1985 7p   
S4 Trial Summaries 31f   
S4.1 Summaries of Video and Audio Transcripts 22f   
S4.1.1 National Launch of the UDF, 20 August 1983, Cape Town. Accused present: PS Molefe   
S4.1.2 Solidarity with SAAWU and the people of Ciskei Meeting, 22 September 1983. Accused present:PS Molefe   
S4.1.3 UDF/AZAPO protest meeting, 29 October 1983. Accused present: PS Molefe   
S4.1.4 Inauguration of Alexandra Youth Congress, 29 October 1983. No accused present   
S4.1.5 UDF meeting, 26 November 1984. No accused present   
S4.1.6 Krish Rabilall commemoration, 5 February 1984. No accused present   
S4.1.7 UDF One Year Rally, 25 August 1984. Port Elizabeth. Accused present : Terror Lekota   
S4.1.8 TIC meeting. 8 February 1984. Accused present: Terror Lekota, PS Molefe and M. Chikane   
S4.1.9 June 16th Commemoration, Regina Mundi, 1984. No accused present   
S4.1.10 AZASO Annual Congress, Soweto, June 1984. No accused present   
S4.1.11 Release Mandela Campaign meeting, July 1984. No accused present   
S4.1.12 TIC meeting, 18 July 1984. Accused present: Lekota and Molefe   
S4.1.13 UDF Youth Rally, Lenasia, 26 July 1984. No accused present   
S4.1.14 UDF Don't Vote Rally, Kimberley, 28 July 1984. Accused present: Lekota   
S4.1.15 NIC Meeting, Ladysmith, 1 August 1984. Accused present:Lekota   
S4.1.16 UDF One Year Rally, Johannesburg, 19 August 1984. No accused present   
S4.1.17 UDF People's Weekend, Lenasia, October 1984. No accused present   
S4.1.18 UDF Rally, Durban, 14 November 1984. No accused present   
S4.1.19 AZAPO(?) meeting, Alexandra, 19 June 1983. No accused present   
S4.1.20 Luthuli Memorial Service, 24 July 1983. Accused present:Lekota   
S4.1.21 Inauguration of SOYCO, 31 July 1983. Accused present: Molefe   
S4.2 Daily Summaries of Proceedings 20 January 1986 - 30 June 1987 895p 9f   
S4.2.1 Pages 1 - 104   
S4.2.2 Pages 105 - 200   
S4.2.3 Pages 201 - 300   
S4.2.4 Pages 301 - 400   
S4.2.5 Pages 401 - 502   
S4.2.6 Pages 503 - 600   
S4.2.7 Pages 601 - 700   
S4.2.8 Pages 701 - 801   
S4.2.9 Pages 802 - 895   
S5 Statements and Affidavits Co11ected by the Defence 1f   
S5.1 Dennis Victor Bloem (Kroonstad)   
S5.2 Thomas Lodge   
S5.3 Devikarani Priscilla Jana   
S5.4 Patrick Kiernan Noonan   
S5.5 George Duncan Buchanan   
S5.6 William Lane   
S5.7 Denis Eugene Hurley   
S5.8 Norman Michael Manoim   
S5.9 Clive Mennell   
S5.10 Mohammed Valli Moosa (re Afrascope)   
S5.11 Edward Motobatse (Sebokeng)   
S5.12 ZD Ngcokofu (Cape Town)   
S5.13 Lebamang J Sebedi   
S6 The 31 Areas 27f   
 Includes State's Argument and Defence Notes   
S6.1 General Memoranda   
S6.2 Adelaide   
S6.3 Alexandra   
S6.4 Bedford   
S6.5 Cookhouse (Mbekweni)   
S6.6 Cradock   
S6.7 Daveyton   
S6.8 Duduza   
S6.8(a) Ekangala   
S6.9 Evander/Leandra   
S6.10 Graaf-Reinet   
S6.11 Grahamstown   
S6.12 Huhudi   
S6.12(a) Xatlehong (Germiston)   
S6.13 KwaThema   
S6.13(a) Mamelodi   
S6.14 Mankweng (Pietersburg)   
S6.14(a) Noupoort   
S6.14(b) Ratanda (Heidelberg)   
S6.15 Saulsville/Atteridgeville   
S6.16 Seeisoville (Kroonstad)   
S6.17 Somerset-East   
S6.18 Soweto   
S6.19 Tembisa (Kempton Park)   
S6.20 Thabong (Welkom)   
S6.21 Thokoza (Alberton)   
S6.22 Tsakane (Brakpan)   
S6.23 Tumahole (Parys)   
S6.24 Worcester   
S7 The Accused 80f   
S7.1 General 2f   
 Statement by the accused in terms of Section 115   
 list of previous convictions   
 joint references to accused no's 19, 20 and 21   
 references to the accused in the Argument   
 the accused as witness   
 list of possible questions which may be put   
 consultation with accused no's 5, 13 and 17   
 notes concerning the accused   
 list of the documents in which they are the subject   
 notes to G. Marcus during the trial   
S7.2 PM Baleka - Accused no 1 1f   
 implicating evidence   
 list of items seized by the police   
 statement on relationship between the UDF and AZAPO   
 memorandum on the case against Baleka   
S7.3 OJ Hlomoka - Accused no 2 1f   
 implicating evidence   
S7.4 TG Moselane - Accused no 3 lf   
 list of items seized by the police   
 implicating evidence   
S7.5 ML More - Accused no 4 1f   
 list of items seized by the police   
 implicating evidence   
S7.6 GP Malindi - Accused no 5 lf   
 list of items seized by the police   
 implicating evidence   
S7.7 MP Mokoena - Accused no 6 1f   
 list of items seized by the police   
 implicating evidence   
S7.8 TD Mphuti - Accused no 7 1f   
 implicating evidence   
S7.9 NM Nkopane - Accused no 8 1f   
 references to Nkopane   
 implicating evidence   
S7.1 TE Ramagula - Accused no 9 1f   
 Implicating evidence only   
S7.11 BH Vilakazi - Accused no 10 1f   
 schedule of references in examination of Vilakazi implicating evidence   
S7.12 SJ Mokoena - Accused no 11 1f   
 items seized by the police   
 implicating evidence   
S7.13 MA Malindi - Accused no 12 1f   
 list of items seized by police   
 implicating evidence   
S7.14 SJ Nkoli - Accused no 13 1f   
 list of items seized by police   
 implicating evidence   
S7.15 PJ Tlhopane - Accused no 14 1f   
 list of items seized by police   
 implicating evidence   
S7.16 SJ Hlanyane - Accused no 15 1f   
 Implicating evidence only   
S7.17 TM Manthata - Accused no 16 1f   
 items seized   
 implicating evidence   
S7.18 HS Matlole - Accused no 17 1f   
 list of items seized by police   
 implicating evidence   
S7.19 MS Vilakazi - Accused no 18 1f   
 Implicating evidence only   
S7.20 PS Molefe - Accused no 19 44f   
S7.20.1 Statement (two versions - 50p and 126p)   
S7.20.2 Statement 32p   
S7.20.3 Statement concerning 31 Areas 23p   
S7.20.4 Statement concerning the State allegation that the UDF conducted 17 campaigns furthering the ANC and the SACP which were designed to overthrow the government 122p   
S7.20.5 Statement on the ANC 42p   
S7.20.6 Statement on UDF National Secretariat meetings 27p   
S7.20.7 Statement on UDF Regional Executive Committee meetings,1983 - 1985 14p   
S7.20.8 Statement on UDF Conference, Port Elizabeth, December 1983 3p   
S7.20.9 Statements on the UDF and the Vaal Triangle, 9 January 1986, 15 May 1987 and 14 July 1987   
S7.20.10 Statement on the Rivonia Accused   
S7.20.11 Statement on political speeches 1987 7p   
S7.20.12 Statement on his general attitudes 28p   
S7.20.13 Statement on the UDF 90p   
S7.20.14 Statement on miscellaneous matters concerning the UDF 15p   
S7.20.15 Statement on the ANC, UDF and violence 4p   
S7.20.16 Statement on documents found in his possession (exhibits AAA1-21). Also includes list of items seized by the police 22p   
S7.20.17 Evidence relating specifically to Molefe   
S7.20.18 Memorandum. The case against Molefe: Allegations, admissions and oral evidence 31p   
S7.20.19 Memorandum prepared by Molefe: Allegations in respect of which no evidence was led and my response thereto 144p   
S7.20.20 Chikane's response to matters arising out of Molefe's evidence 31p   
S7.20.21 Notes for the re-examination of Molefe, August 1987 56p   
S7.20.22 Molefe's response to the exhibits 3f   
S7.20.23 Analysis of Molefe's speeches   
S7.20.24 Summary, by Molefe, of State's Argument on the UDF case 25p   
S7.20.25 Molefe's notes for consultation   
S7.20.26 Molefe's notes on documents relied on in the Indictment and Further Particulars. Includes his comments on the allegations in the Indictment and Further Particulars and the Further and Better   
S7.20.27 Molefe's comments on press cuttings referring to him   
S7.20.28 Molefe's comments on press cuttings referring to the ANC   
S7.20.29 Molefe's comments on press cuttings referring to the UDF/ AZAPO relationship   
S7.20.30 Molefe's comments on miscellaneous matters arising out of the press cuttings 22p   
S7.20.31 Handwritten notes   
S7.20.32 Transcripts of video exhibits in which he appears (V1, 2, 3, 9, 26, 29) 6f   
S7.20.33 Notes by G. Marcus on Molefe's cross-examination. Includes notes by Molefe on themes which emerge under cross-examination   
S7.20.34 Material collected by Molefe on Regional Services Councils and local authorities. Includes material relating to SOWETO   
S7.20.35 Memorandum on Rent Struggles   
S7.20.36 Material collected by Molefe   
 UNO Reports   
 memoranda on the "Koornhof Bills"   
 minutes on COSATU CEC meeting, 14 April 1986   
 address by J. Naidoo (COSATU), 19 March 1986   
 paper:The causes and effects of the education crisis   
 NECC Conference Keynote Address, 29 March 1986   
 view on Work in Proqress   
 paper on the state of the economy in 1986   
 poem by Di Scott for Popo Molefe   
 UDF and Popo Molefe v The Acting Magistrate of Johannesburg. Affidavit of George Schoeman only 1984   
S7.20.37 Comments on Meeting held on 18 September 1983 at Roman Catholic Church Small Farms   
S7.20.38 Affidavit 1986 6p   
S7.21 MGP Lekota - Accused no 20 13f   
S7.21.1 Transcript of Capitol Radio interview 1f   
S7.21.2 Memorandum: The case against accused no 20 1f   
S7.21.3 Statement (includes index) 337p 4f   
S7.21.4 Comments on exhibits which refer to Lekota   
S7.21.5 Points arising out of the cross-examination of Lekota by Moss Chikane   
S7.21.6 Affidavit   
S7.21.7 Implicating evidence   
S7.21.8 Notes for re-examination   
S7.21.9 Handwritten Notes   
S7.21.10 Matter relating to Lekota arising out of the evidence of Molefe   
S7.22 MM Chikane - Accused no 21 2f   
 handwritten notes   
 implicating evidence   
 list of references to Chikane   
S7.23 TA Rotsomo - Accused no 22 1f   
 allegations against Rotsomo   
 implicating evidence   
S8 The Vaal Triangle 1978 - 1988 28f   
S8.1 Evaton 1f   
 General notes and background (as obtained from accused no 6)   
S8.2 Lekoa 6f   
S8.2.1 Memorandum on the legality of the increased service charges and rentals effected by the Lekoa Town Council during 1984 by David Unterhalter, July 1988. Includes source documents   
S8.2.2 Analysis by the SAIRR of Lekoa Town Council election results   
S8.2.3 Memorandum on the socio-economic and administrative background of Lekoa 53p   
S8.2.4 Evidence by Town Clerk, N Louw in Dlamini case.   
 Includes a memorandum "answering" his evidence   
S8.2.5 Memorandum by Church Leaders in the Vaal to the Mayor of Lekoa Town Council   
S8.2.6 Lekoa Town Council Report on damage caused to private belongings of councillors, 23 October 1984   
S8.3 Sebokeng 1f   
 Includes Paper: The local Government and Community of Sebokeng by Simon Bekker 1978   
S8.4 Vaal Civic Association 1f   
S8.4.1 Memorandum on the emergence of the Vaal Civic Association 10p.   
S8.4.2 Memorandum on the background to the formation of the VCA 10p.   
S8.4.3 Memorandum on the background to the formation of the VCA 24p   
S8.4.4 Notes on the relationship between the Vaal Civic Association and the East Rand Provincial Administration   
S8.4.5 Evidence relating to the operations of the VCA   
S8.4.6 Evidence relating to the launch of the VCA: 9 October 1983 and early 1984   
S8.5 Vaal Councillors 1f   
S8.5.1 Evidence relating to a councillor's meeting at Bophelong, 29 August 1984   
S8.5.2 List of incidents or corruption by councillors   
S8.5.3 Summary of court proceedings in State v T. Mokoena and 5 others, following the death of Councillor J. Chakane 1986   
S8.5.4 Memorandum on councillor C. Motjeane   
S8.5.5 Notes on aspects of public meetings called by councillors, September 1985   
S8.5.6 Results of 1983 Black local Authority Elections in the Vaal   
S8.6 State Witnesses 1f   
S8.6.1 Memorandum concerning the credibility of witness Masenya 49p   
S8.6.2 Notes on the evidence of Phosisi   
S8.6.3 Notes on the evidence of Lord McCamel   
S8.6.4 Memorandum "answering" Louw's evidence   
S8.6.5 Memorandum on in-camera witness 8   
S8.6.6 Memorandum on Mahlatsi   
S8.6.7 Notes for the cross-examination of Brigadier Viljoen   
S8.6.8 Points for Precognition   
S8.7 Events of 3 September 1984 1f   
S8.7.1 Evidence relating to the events of 3 September 1984   
S8.7.2 Evidence relating to the events of the night of 2/3 September 1984   
S8.7.3 Memorandum concerning the meeting on 3 September 1984   
S8.7.4 Notes concerning events at the Roman Catholic Church   
S8.7.5 The Third Day of September: an eye-witness account of the Sebokeng Rebellion of 1984 by Johannes Rantete   
S8.7.6 Memorandum on distances and the march of 3 September. Includes response of accused no's 1, 2, 3 and 16 to the evidence of Thulo Ronald Koaho   
S8.7.7 Memorandum on the evidence relating to the 3 September 1984   
S8.7.8 Memorandum on the legality of the march and related matters   
S8.7.8 Affidavits and accounts   
S8.8 Vaal Triangle Meetings 1f   
 Includes evidence   
S8.9 Funerals 1f   
 Includes evidence   
S8.1 Memoranda and Papers relating to the Vaal 5f   
S8.10.1 Interpretations of Crowd Behaviour, Protests and "Riots": Some Thoughts on the Vaal Uprising. Paper by Mark Swilling 8p   
S8.10.2 Chronological schedule of demonstrations and dissatisfaction 9p   
S8.10.3 Diary of Events 19p   
S8.10.4 Events in the Vaal Triangle by Lisa Seftel   
S8.10.5 Memorandum on Vaal Triangle Background - part 1 18p   
S8.10.6 Memorandum on Vaal Triangle Background Community Councils: Introduction and Reactions - part 2 16p   
S8.10.7 Memorandum concerning the relationship between the UDF and the Vaal civics as evidenced from the minutes of the meeting of the General Council of the UDF (Transvaal)   
S8.10.8 Memorandum concerning Peter Mohapie and John Mokoena   
S8.10.9 Memorandum concerning themes which emerge during cross-examination 8p   
S8.10.10 Memorandum concerning the categorisation and sources of the Vaal investigation 12p   
S8.10.11 Socio-economic conditions, rent boycotts and the local government crisis: A Vaal Triangle field study.Published under the auspices of the Sullivan Code signatories, Social Justice Committee. 1987   
S8.10.12 Memorandum on the questions of law to be reserved in relation to the Vaal case   
S8.10.13 Draft argument in relation to the Sharpeville and AZAPO case 129p   
S8.10.14 Background to the Vaal, 1978 - 1984. 1985 33p   
S8.10.15 List of incidents of opposition, 1980 1984   
S8.10.16 List of incidents of councillor corruption   
S8.10.17 Memorandum concerning rent grievances in the Vaal   
S8.10.18 Memorandum on the Action Committee and the UDF   
S8.10.19 Notes of Discussion with Philip Masia, General Secretary of the Orange Vaal General Workers' Union   
S8.10.20 The Vaal Triangle during the Unrest in 1984 1985 by Rev Patrick Noonan OFM - Sharpeville   
S8.10.21 State submissions on the Vaal. Includes statements taken by the police   
S8.11 Statements Collected by the Defence 7f   
S8.12 Miscellaneous 1f   
 Bophelong township grievances   
 statements by G Van N Viljoen, Minister of Co-operation and Development re events in Vaal   
 comparative rent and subsistence figures index of Vaal investigation information press cuttings   
S9 State Witnesses 6f   
S9.1 Statement by the accused concerning Johnston P. Hlubi, a potential State witness 5p   
S9.2 Statement by the accused concerning J. Motete, a Section 31 detainee 6p   
S9.3 Notes and statements concerning in-camera witness no.8, Abraham T. Sekgoto   
S9.4 Notes and submissions on in-camera witness no. 6   
S9.5 Memorandum concerning in-camera hearings by G. Marcus 15p   
S9.6 Schedule of references to the evidence of Masenya   
S9.7 Defence cross-examination notes   
S9.8 The credibility of in-camera witness 8   
S9.9 Schedule of Witnesses   
S10 Defence Memoranda Relating To State Documents 3f   
S10.1 The admissibility of State documents by G Marcus 21p   
S10.2 Memorandum on the admissibility of documents by G. Marcus 17p   
S10.3 Notes on State documents 13p   
S10.4 Correlation of Defence and State documents 4p   
S10.5 Memorandum on the documentary evidence 40p   
S10.6 Memorandum on how to use the State coding system of documents 8p   
S10.7 An approach to speeches and documents   
S10.8 Memorandum on how the State has sought to use Documents   
S11 Defence Comments on the Exhibits 22f   
S11.1 "A" Series - UDF Launch 1f   
 Includes: nature of and comments on the UDF launch, Popo Molefe's Notes on the Launch Document and Memorandum on the Launch Document   
S11.2 "C" Series - UDF Documents 4f   
 Includes comments by Popo Molefe   
S11.3 "E" Series - NEC Meeting 1f   
S11.4 "F" Series - NEC Meeting 21/22 January 1984 1f   
S11.5 "G" Series - NEC Meeting, June 1984 1f   
S11.6 "H" Series - NEC Meeting, July 1984 1f   
S11.7 "J" Series - NEC Meeting, November 1984 lf   
S11.8 "L" Series - Transvaal Regional General Council Meeting 15 October 1983 1f   
S11.9 "M" Series - Transvaal Regional General Council Meeting 12 November 1983 lf   
S11.10 "P" Series - Transvaal Regional General Council Meeting 14 April 1984 1f   
S11.11 "Q" Series - Transvaal Regional General Council Meeting 30 June 1984 1f   
S11.12 "R" Series - Transvaal Regional General Council Meeting 14 July 1984 1f   
S11.13 "T25" - Transvaal Secretariat Report to AGM 9 March 1985 1f   
S11.14 "U3" and "U4" - Daleside Workshop 1f   
S11.15 "V" Series - Videos 1f & 1 box audio cassettes   
 notes and comments on V1-4, 6-18, 20, 23, 25, 26   
 list of errata in video transcriptions   
 memorandum on the admissibility of tapes and videos an analysis of videos 31 40   
 memorandum of video cassettes confiscated by the SAP from Khotso House   
 audio cassettes of "V series" meetings (V1, 6, 7, 12, 14, 26)   
S11.16 "W" Series 1f   
S11.17 "AB" - "AM" 1f   
 Notes and comments on: AB14,25,33,34,39; AC7; AE8,10; AJ10,29; AL5,8,12,71; AM20   
S11.18 "AAD" 1f   
S11.19 Reviews of Technical Evidence   
S11.20 Miscellaneous Notes on Exhibits 1f   
 Includes review of technical evidence presented by the State   
S12 Defence Response to Alleged UDF/ANC Conspiracy 1f   
S12.1 Memorandum on the alleged UDF/ANC conspiracy and the role of the black consciousness organizations 9p.   
S12.2 Memorandum on ANC colours 6p.   
S12.3 Sechaba, March 1984   
S12.4 Memorandum on the Evidence in respect of ANC documents 21p   
S12.5 List of some of the evidence of ANC/UDF links 7p   
S12.6 Interview by Douglas McClure with Major Craig Williamson concerning the structure of the ANC Message of the ANC Nec, 8 January 1986   
S12.8 Statement of the NEC of the ANC, 8 January 1987   
S12.9 Dawn, Journal of Umkhonto we Sizwe, Vol 7 No.8 1983   
S12.10 Africa Confidential, 11 Dec 1985   
S12.11 praat Met die ANC   
S13 Defence Response to Alleged UDF/AZAPO Conspiracy 1f   
S13.1 Memorandum concerning alleged conspiracy 15p   
S13.2 State references to AZAPO and the alleged AZAPO/UDF conspiracy 5p   
S13.3 Memorandum dealing with the State's evidence of the UDF/AZAPO conspiracy 6p   
S13.4 Memorandum concerning the alleged conspiracy 16p   
S14 Defence Response to State Case on Education 53p 1f   
S15 State References to the Freedom Charter 1f   
S15.1 List of some important references to the freedom charter 4p   
S15.2 Notes on exhibits that mention the freedom charter 24p   
S16 Mass Meetings 1f   
S16.1 Notes on mass meetings 22p   
S16.2 Additional notes on mass meetings 6p   
S16.3 Examples of how the State vi$$ meetings 4p   
S16.4 Memorandum on Speeches and Mass Meetings 18p   
S17 The Call for a National Convention 1f   
S17.1 Examples of calls for a National Convention in the Press 7p   
S17.2 Memorandum on the call for a National Convention 54p   
S17.3 Handwritten notes by G. Marcus   
S18 Songs and Singing 1f   
S18.1 Note on consultation on freedom songs with the following accused: Moselane, Mathata, Lekota, Molefe and Chikane 12p   
S18.2 Memorandum on freedom songs 27p   
S18.3 List of State's comments on freedom songs, slogans, colours, etc. 5p   
S18.4 Memorandum on the evidence concerning songs and slogans 17p   
S18.5 References to various propositions advanced in the argument relating to freedom songs 4p   
S18.6 Miscellaneous notes   
S18.7 Examples of freedom songs   
S19 Civic Associations 1f   
 Memorandum on the State view of civic associations and related matters 6p   
S20 United Democratic Front 1980 - 1987 48f   
S20.1 Memorandum concerning the formation of the UDF 27p   
S20.2 Memorandum concerning the basis of affiliation to the UDF 40p   
S20.3 An overview of the UDF's side of the case 26p and 29p   
S20.4 Notes of Consultation concerning the UDF 48p   
S20.5 Points from the Opening Address with regard to the UDF case by G. Marcus 20p   
S20.6 Summary of the State's Argument concerning the UDF 25p   
S20.7 References to Vaal Triangle in "UDF Case" 8p   
S20.8 Summary of and Comment on National Launch Meeting 3p   
S20.9 Note concerning NEC Minutes 2p   
S20.1 Memorandum concerning UDF workshops 12p   
S20.11 Founding affidavits in the Matter between the UDF (First Applicant), Popo Molefe (Second Applicant) and the Acting Magistrate of Johannesburg December 1984 1f   
S20.12 Anti-SAIC Committee 1f   
S20.13 UDF Constitution 1f   
S20.14 Inventories of Items Seized by Police 7f   
S20.14.1 Cape Town   
S20.14.2 Durban   
S20.14.3 East Rand   
S20.14.4 East London   
S20.14.5 Johannesburg   
S20.14.6 Northern Cape   
S20.14.7 Welkom   
S20.15 Correspondence 1983 - 1987 1f   
S20.16 Court Records in the Matter between the UDF, Durban Housing Action Committee, Natal Organisation of Women and C. Ndhlovu (applicants)   
 and the State, 1986. Concerns the declaration of the UDF as an Affected Organisation 1f   
S20.17 National Executive Committee Meetings 1983 1985 1f   
S20.18 National General Council Meetings 1984 - 1985 1f   
S20.19 National Secretariat Meetings and Reports. 1983, 1985, 1986 1f   
S20.20 National Conference 1985, 1987 1f   
S20.21 Border Region 1f   
 Includes handwritten notes concerning the death of Matthew Goniwe and others   
S20.22 Natal Region 1f   
S20.23 Transvaal Region 1f   
S20.24 Finance 1f   
S20.25 Speeches 1f   
S20.26 Press Releases and Statements 1983-1985 & undated 1f   
S20.27 UDF Declaration and list of Organisations which support the Declaration 1f   
S20.28 1984 Tricameral Elections 1f   
 Notes, memoranda and election results   
S20.29 Articles and Papers on the UDF 4f   
S20.29.1 Document on the United Democratic Front. Includes: establishment of the UDF, background to launch, structure of the UDF, chronology of major events, major campaigns, etc.   
S20.29.2 Notes on the future of the UDF 5p   
S20.29.3 Democratic Organisations Working in the White Sector: A Working Paper on the Current Situation and Possible Implications for Future Direction and Organisational Styles 4f   
S20.29.4 Proposals for the Restructuring of the National UDF 6p   
S20.29.5 UDF and the New Constitution 3p   
S20.29.6 Input on Organisational Aspects of the UDF   
S20.29.7 UDF Policy 3p   
S20.29.8 UDF Memorandum: A challenge to foreign governments, foreign business and organised South African business 2 August 1985 10p   
S20.29.9 Programme of Action 5p   
S20.29.10 The United Democratic Front by Jo-Anne Collinge   
S20.29.11 The UDF and National Forum: Their Emergence, Composition and Trends by Howard Barrell   
S20.29.12 The UDF and Township Revolt in South Africa by Mark Swilling   
S20.29.13 Let us unite in the year of the UDF by Stuurman   
S20.29.14 "From Protest to Challenge...From Mobilisation to Organisation..." UDF (Tvl) Education Forum, May 1985   
S20.29.15 General Memorandum on the UDF   
S20.29.16 Work in Progress articles concerning the UDF   
S20.30 Pamphlets and leaflets 1f   
S20.31 Disinformation pamphlets 1f   
S20.32 UDF News and other UDF Publications 1f   
S20.33 Miscellaneous Notes 1f   
S20.34 Press Cuttings on the UDF 1980 - 1987 16f   
S20.34.1 1980 1982   
S20.34.2 Jan-83   
S20.34.3 February - May 1983   
S20.34.4 June - July 1983   
S20.34.5 Aug-83   
S20.34.6 September - October 1983   
S20.34.7 Nov-83   
S20.34.8 Dec-83   
S20.34.9 January - June 1984   
S20.34.10 July - September 1984   
S20.34.11 October - December 1984   
S20.34.12 January - March 1985   
S20.34.13 April - August 1985   
S20.34.14 September - December 1985   
S20.34.15 1986   
S20.34.16 1987   
S20.35 Evidence in the Trial relating to the UDF 1f   
S20.36 Allegations Concerning the UDF made in thePietermaritzburg Treason Trial 13p   
S20.37 Project Motivation for the Freedom Charter Campaign   
S21 Defence Witnesses 35f   
S21.1 Memorandum concerning defence witnesses who deal with alleged "campaigns" 88p 1f   
S21.2 Boesak, A. 12f   
S21.2.1 Statement by Boesak 45p   
S21.2.2 Consultation with Boesak, December 1985, 8p   
S21.2.3 Consultation with Boesak, December 1987 16p   
S21.2.4 State v Boesak Charge sheet, bail applications and judgment   
S21.2.5 Evidence by Boesak to Chris Ball Commission   
S21.2.6 Extract from court record, State v The Star concerning an article on a pamphlet smear of Boesak   
S21.2.7 Speeches by Boesak that were used as exhibits   
S21.2.8 Farewell to Innocence   
S21.2.9 The Finger of God   
S21.2.10 $lack and Reformed , extracts only   
S21.2.11 If This Is Treason. I am Guilty, extracts only   
S21.2.12 Newspaper Cuttings referring to Boesak   
S21.3 Cachalia, D. 1f   
 Memorandum on evidence given   
S21.4 Dangor, M. 1f   
 Memorandum on evidence given   
S21.5 Douwes-Dekker, L.C. 1f   
 Summary of evidence   
S21.6 Duncan, Sheena 1f   
 Summary of evidence given   
S21.7 Gordimer, N. 1f   
S21.8 Hartshorne, K.B. 12f   
S21.8.1 CV and Personal Bibliography   
S21.8.2 Summary of Evidence   
S21.8.3 Memorandum on specific issues not covered in the statement 8p   
S21.8.4 Paper: Bantu Education 28p   
S21.8.5 Paper: Unfinished Business 37p   
S21.8.6 Paper: The State Education in SA. Some Indicators 5p   
S21.8.7 Paper: The Current Crisis in Education Against the Background of the Ideological Political Situation in South Africa 24p   
S21.8.8 Paper: People's Education 21p   
S21.8.9 Paper: Democracy and/in Education 11p   
S21.8.10 Paper: Some Thoughts on Education for and in a New South Africa 5p   
S21.8.11 Comments on: education clauses in the freedom charter, UDF resolutions on education, Education Charter and the Delange Report   
S21.8.12 Statistical/Comparative Background on Education in South Africa   
S21.9 Helm, B. 1f   
S21.10 Motlana, N. 1f   
 Memorandum on Evidence   
S21.11 Motsuenyane, S.M. 1f   
S21.12 Pavlicevic, B. 1f   
S21.13 Platzky, L. 1f   
 Statement and memorandum on evidence given   
S21.14 Slabbert, Van Zyl 1f   
S22 Other Organisations 46f and 1 box   
S22.1 Agency for Industrial Mission 1f   
 Report on seminar   
 Paper: Trade Unions before codes of conduct(1980)   
S22.2 Association of Chamber of Commerce of South Africa 1985 1f   
 report to UN on transnational corporations   
 press releases   
 speech on business and reform   
S22.3 Azanian People's Organisation 1982 - 1984 1f   
 history of AZAPO   
 comments by Hlomoka on the aforementioned history   
 notes on consultation in regard to AZAPO   
 details of people who are BCM experts   
 press clippings   
 gee AzaniA, vol.1 no.5   
 Frank Talk , Vol 1 No's 4, 5, 6   
 Forward, vol.l no.2   
 national Fsr , 1983 and July 1984   
 notes on formation of Vaal Branch of AZAPO   
 comments on charge sheet by Ismail Nkabela   
 Ethnicity in South Africa, paper by Saths Cooper   
 conference resolutions   
 Azaso newsletter (Transvaal)   
 speech: Black Man Whither Goest Thou   
 notes on Lybon Tiyani Mabasa   
S22.4 Bellville Civic Association 1983 1f   
 Includes: Denville Ciyic News, July & Nov. 1983   
S22.5 Belydende Kring 1985 1f   
S22.6 Black Civic Association 1f   
 Constitution only   
S22.12 Episcopal Church People for a Free Southern Africa 1985 1f   
 Includes: Analysis of the Sullivan code by Elizabeth Schmidt   
S22.13 Federated Chamber of Industries 1982 - 1985 1f   
S22.14 Federation of Cape Civic Associations 1980 - 1983 1f   
S22.15 Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Churches 1983 1f   
 Statements on the constitutional proposals   
S22.15(a) Inkatha 1975 - 1985 1 box   
S22.15(a).1 Remarks on the Occasion of the launching of a National Convention Alliance by M.G. Buthelezi. September 1985   
S22.15(a).2 Buthelezi and Inkatha: The Truth Exposed. Booklet issued by South Africa First Campaign   
S22.15(a).3 Press Cuttings   
S22.15(a).4 Secretary-General's Report to General Conference. 1979   
S22.15(a).5 Address by Buthelezi to a group of overseas businessmen. Change in South Africa A Black Perspective. March 1984   
S22.15(a).6 Extracts from article on Inkatha and the Government   
S22.15(a).7 Paper by G.J. Thula: Towards an Undivided South Africa. SAIRR Conference.   
S22.15(a).8 Memorandum to the Den Uyl, PM of the Netherlands from Buthelezi. Kwazulu's Attitude to Independence - within the Context of Separate Development. 1975   
S22.15(a).9 An Outline of Our Perspectives of the Black Liberation Struggle Within the Context of Kwazulu and the Whole of South Africa by G.M. Buthelezi. 1979   
S22.15(a).10 Address to Kwazulu Parents and Students by Oscar Dhlomo. 1980   
S22.15(a).11 Paper by L. Schlemmer: Inkatha: Its Image and its Strategy   
S22.15(a).12 Address by Buthelezi. The Preservation of Civil Liberties in South Africa. 1976   
S22.15(a).13 Speech by Buthelezi: South African Black Alliance and Strategies for Liberation. 1979   
S22.15(a).14 Article: Buthelezi and Inkatha   
S22.15(a).15 Inkatha Statement of Belief   
S22.15(a).16 Address by Buthelezi. South Africa Is There a Christian Perspective? 1978   
S22.15(a).17 Paper by G. Mare: Class Conflict and Ideology Among the Petty Bourgeoisie in the "Homelands":Inkatha a Study   
S22.15(a).18 Copy of letter to Sheena Duncan (Black Sash) from M.G. Buthelezi concerning Kangwane. 20 August 1982   
S22.15(a).19 Inhlabamkhosi. Official magazine of the Kwazulu government. February and June 1984   
S22.15(a).20 Memorandum of General Comment on Dr Koornhof's Three Bills by G.M. Buthelezi. November 1980   
S22.15(a).21 Comments on the Black Community Development Bill - Section 7 Curtailment or disestablishment of townships and hostels by G.M. Buthelezi. November 1980   
S22.15(a).22 Booklet. Inkatha replies to UDF pamphlet   
S22.15(a).23 Letter from Buthelezi to Oliver Tambo of the ANC. 20 May 1980   
S22.15(a).24 Inkatha and The ANC by Oscar Dhlomo. Article in Leadership SA, 1984   
S22.15(a).25 "Where Do We go From Here?" Message at Annual Conference of the Natal Indian Congress by MG Buthelezi, September 1974   
S22.15(a).26 Clarion Call, Volume 2, 1987   
S22.16 Islamic Council of South Africa 1983, 1987 1F   
 Includes statement on constitutional proposals   
S22.17 Kuils River Civic Association 1983 1f   
S22.18 Lawyers for Human Rights 1984 - 1985 1f   
 Subjects include:   
 freedom charter   
 denationalisation of black South Africans   
 incorporation of Moutse into Kwandebele   
 Kwandebele independence   
 Human Rights Monitoring Project   
 Commission of Inquiry into Kangwane   
S22.19 Methodist Church of Southern Africa 1983 1f   
 Statement on constitutional proposals   
S22.20 Moravian Church in Southern Africa 1983 1f   
 Statement on constitutional proposals   
S22.20(a) Natal Indian Congress 1971 - 1983 1f   
 Amended constitution, 1972   
 press cuttings   
S22.21 National Convention Movement 1985 1f   
 Includes: manifesto and press cuttings   
S22.22 National Council of Women 1984 1f   
S22.22(a) National Forum 1984 - 1985 1f   
 Includes Paper by Neville Alexander. For a Socialist Azania. An Approach to the National Question in South Africa and paper concerning the August elections   
S22.23 New Unity Movement 1983 - 1987 1f   
 Includes: pamphlets, declaration and publication   
S22.24 Pietermaritzburg Agency for Christian Social Awareness and Action 1983 1f   
S22.25 Progressive Federal Party 1978 - 1985 1f   
 speeches by Van Zyl Slabbert (1984 - 1985)   
 Constitutional committee report (1978)   
 statements on conscription and the SADF   
S22.26 Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference 1983 - 1985 1f   
 Subjects include:   
 declaration of commitment   
 education boycotts   
 constitutional proposals   
 mine workers   
 migratory labour   
 police conduct   
 Commission for Justice and Reconciliation   
 Sister Bernard Ncube   
S22.27 South African Council of Churches 1979 - 1988 2f   
S22.27.1 Pamphlet on new constitution and the Koornhof Bills   
S22.27.2 Message to Security Police, Krugersdorp re the detention of Thomas Manthata   
S22.27.3 Conference resolutions re conscription and conscientious objection   
S22.27.4 Covenant Project memorandum, 1984   
S22.27.5 Biblical references to civil disobedience and conscientious objection   
S22.27.6 Non-Violence News, 1979 - 1985 (incomplete)   
S22.27.7 Statement by Bp. Tutu, General Secretary, on the new constitution bill   
S22.27.8 Working paper with proposals for a memorandum on the new constitution   
S22.27.9 SACC response to the WCC Programme to Combat Racism (1969 - 1979)   
S22.27.10 Paper: Views on war, violence and non-violence in South Africa. A historical case-study. 32p   
S22.27.11 Background paper for the discussion of a memorandum on the concern of SACC member churches in education in South Africa   
S22.27.12 Draft memorandum to the Minister of Education and Training on the concern of the SACC member churches for the future development of education in South Africa. 1979   
S22.27.13 Paper to Carnegie Inquiry into Poverty and Development: The poor challenge church and society to the way of transformation. 1984   
S22.27.14 Publication: Christians and Apartheid   
S22.27.15 Response to SA Forum Position Paper on Bophuthatswana by Rev Palos. 1982   
S22.27.16 Press release concerning detentions. 1981   
S22.27.17 Extracts from reports to the Dependents' Conference Division, April 1984   
S22.27.18 Minutes of Commission on Violence and Non-Violence meeting, 8th & 9th February 1985   
S22.27.19 Anonymous memorandum concerning SADF activities in Botswana   
S22.27.20 Conference resolutions   
S22.27.21 1980 Conference, Group Findings   
S22.27.22 1980 Conference, resolutions   
S22.27.23 Report on the Division of Justice and Reconciliation to National Conference, 1980   
S22.27.24 Memorandum on the African Bursary Fund   
S22.27.25 Annual report on the work of the Dependents' Conference, May 1979 - March 1980   
S22.27.26 Ombudsman Report, 1979   
S22.27.27 Home and Family Life Report to National Conference   
S22.27.28 General Secretary's Report to National Conference, 1982   
S22.27.29 Report on the Cluster Justice and Society to National Conference 1982   
S22.27.30 Suggestions and Recommendations of the Cluster Justice and Society   
S22.27.31 Annual Report on the Work of the Dependents' Conference April 1981 - March 1982   
S22.27.32 African Bursary Fund Report to National Conference 1982 -   
S22.27.33 Report of Pilgrimage of Pain   
S22.27.34 National Conference resolutions   
S22.27.35 National Conference Manifesto Consultation, 1980   
S22.27.36 Newspaper cuttings concerning SACC policies   
S22.27.37 Ombudsman Report   
S22.27.38 1979 National Conference   
S22.27.39 Sermon preached by the President of the SACC, Rev Peter Storey, at 1982 National Conference   
S22.27.40 General Secretary's Report to National Conference, 1982   
S22.27.41 National Conference resolutions   
S22.27.42 Report of the Division of Justice and Reconciliation for National Conference, 1982   
S22.27.43 1981 National Conference   
S22.27.44 Booklet: Relocations: The Churches' report on forced removals in South Africa   
S22.27.45 Correspondence with State President's Office, 1988   
S22.28 South African Institute of Race Relations 1983-87 1f   
 Paper: The Businessman's Role in the Changing Circumstances of South Africa by AM Rosholt (Barlow Rand)   
 Paper: The Interrogation of Detainees by Gilbert Marcus   
 Memorandum to the Commission of Inquiry into Security Legislation   
S22.29 Thornhill Residents' Association 1982 1f   
S22.29(a) Transvaal Indian Congress 1983 - 1984 lf   
 constitution and revised constitution (1983)   
 Programme of Action 1984   
 Minutes of Executive Meetings   
 Minutes of Council Meetings   
 Estimation of Strength and Weaknesses   
S22.30 United Congregational Church of Southern Africa 1983 lf   
 Statement on constitutional proposals   
S22.31 Western Cape Youth League 1983 1f   
S22.32 Witwatersrand Council of Churches 1983 1f   
 Statement on constitutional proposals   
S22.33 Overseas Organisations 1f   
S22.34 Other Church Organisations 1f   
S23 Defence Memoranda 16f   
S23.1 Memoranda Relating to Delmas Treason Trial 2f   
S23.1.1 Miscellaneous Misrepresentations Arising out of the State's Argument 3p   
S23.1.2 Briefing on Mitigation Witnesses. Outline of Areas to be Traversed 4p   
S23.1.3 Points of precognition 7p   
S23.1.4 Verdict of Sedition 4p   
S23.1.5 Judicial Interventions by M. Chaskalson Oct 1988. 84p   
S23.1.6 Factors Contributing to Disorder in Crowds 12p   
S23.1.7 Adverse Inference l1p   
S23.1.8 Examples of "Smears" of Various People in the Trial 2p   
S23.1.9 Example of how the State sees the nature of the Freedom Struggle 4p   
S23.1.10 Analysis of Murder Allegations by K. Tip 1986 7p   
S23.1.11 State Bound by Particulars by G. Marcus 7p   
S23.1.12 Order of Defence Evidence by G. Marcus 8p   
S23.1.13 The Argument that a boycott of Black local Authorities would lead to chaos 3p   
S23.1.14 Freedom of Expression by G. Marcus 32p and 44p   
S23.1.15 Furthering the Objects of ab Unlawful Organisation by G. Marcus 15p   
S23.1.16 The Law of Conspiracy by G. Marcus 18p   
S23.1.17 Terrorism and Subversion by G. Marcus 16p   
S23.1.18 Supplementary Note on Subversion 18p   
S23.1.19 The Political Nature of the Trial by G. Marcus 34p   
S23.1.20 Rulings and Judgment During the Trial 8p   
S23.1.21 Working Document   
S23.1.22 Random Notes for Argument 13p   
S23.1.23 The Credibility of Witnesses Threatened with Detention or Detained before making their Statements   
S23.1.24 Possible Witnesses in Detention 22p and 30p   
S23.1.25 Professor Mohammed's Speeches 11p   
S23.1.26 Memorandum on Admissions made by Counsel during Cross-Examination 2p   
S23.1.27 Structure and Preliminary Draft of Opening Address   
S23.1.28 In Camera Hearings by G. Marcus 15p   
S23.1.29 The Evaluation of the Evidence 86p   
S23.1.30 The Use of Assessors in Bail Applications 5p   
S23.1.31 Cross Examination of Expert by Gilbert Marcus llp   
S23.1.32 The Evidential Value of Expert Testimony by Gilbert Marcus 6p   
S23.1.33 Admissibility of Documents by Gilbert Marcus 17p   
S23.1.34 Proposed Methodology Concerning the Management of Exhibits 8p   
S23.1.35 Notes for Consultation 7p and 11p   
S23.1.36 The Delmas Trial Information Sheet   
S23.1.37 Notes for Cross-Examination of Brigadier Viljoen   
S23.1.38 Themes Introduced or Suggestions made by the Prosecution 19p   
S23.1.39 Submissions in Reply on Behalf of the Accused   
S23.1.40 Memoranda Concerning the Taking of Statements   
S23.1.41 The Pleading of the Conspiracy 7p   
S23.1.42 Bail Applications: Procedure 30   
S23.1.43 Memorandum concerning the credibility of Police witnesses   
S23.2 Memoranda Relating to other Political Trials 2f   
S23.2.1 State v Sefatsa and seven others 1986. Memoranda relating to state witnesses by I. Hussain 6p   
S23.2.2 State v F.A. Nhlapo 1985   
S23.2.3 State v S.A. Notse 1985   
S23.2.4 State v M. Sakoane 1985   
S23.2.5 State v E. Ntshoa and B.I. Motaung 1985   
S23.2.6 State v L.E. Nyapoli and others 1985   
S23.2.7 List of unreported judgments 1986   
S23.2.8 State v Ramgobin and 15 others.   
 Includes: allegations concerning the UDF made during the trial, differences between Delmas and Pietermaritzburg Trial, trial preparation, repression in Ciskei and affidavit by N.M. Manoim   
S23.2.9 State v B.S. Hlanyane and T.P. Morobi 1985.   
 Includes:charge, request for further particulars and statements by the accused   
S23.2.10 State v N. G. Naidoo. Judgment. 1965   
S23.2.11 State v A. Tsotsobe and others   
 Evidence of Clinical Psychologist   
S24 Lawyers Handwritten Notes 2f   
 Mainly notes by Gilbert Marcus   
S25 Special Topics 10f   
S25.1 Conscription and Conscientious Objection 1f   
S25.2 Constitutional Proposals 1983 1f   
 Includes: lecture on Sport and the Constitutional Proposals by Y. Ebrahim, 1984; press cuttings; independent survey of the 1983 referendum issues and paper on the Congress perspective on the constitutional proposals   
S25.3 Cost of Living 1982 - 1985 1f   
S25.4 Detentions 1f   
 Includes: Report on Detention and Torture in South Africa by Don Foster and Diane Sandler 1985   
S25.5 Education 1f   
 Includes: New Era Schools Trust Report, Papers: A School System for South Africa and The Allocation of Educational Resources in South Africa by M.A.S. Corke, Headmaster of St. Barnabas College   
S25.6 Group Areas 1f   
 Press cuttings   
S25.7 Removals 1f   
 Includes: Ngema, Roosboom, Magopa, Ekangala, Winterveld and articles issued by the Association for Rural Advancement   
S25.8 Homelands 1f   
 Includes: press cuttings, report of a tour to Gazankulu by Saul Dubow 1981, article:Self? determination, International Law and the South African Bantustan Policy by Henry J. Richardson and memorandum on the relationship between QwaQwa and the Orange Free   
S25.9 local Government 1f   
 analysis of election results   
 handwritten notes by T. Ratsomo, 1986   
 articles in SASPU National, October 1982   
 article written by Sheena Duncan   
 Koornhof Bills   
S26 Articles, Papers and Reports 7f   
S26.1 Repression in a time of "reform". A look at events in the Transvaal since August 1984   
S26.2 Socio-Economic Conditions, Rent Boycotts and the the local Government Crisis: A Soweto Field Study by Political Studies Department Wits, 1987   
S26.3 Evaluation submitted by the SAP to the Commission of Inquiry into the SACC   
S26.4 Criticisms of the Transvaal Indian Congress 1983. 23p   
S26.5 "There shall be Peace and Friendship" - The South African Peace Council in the 1950's by L. Nathan 1985   
S26.6 Human Rights Violations in Apartheid South Africa. Article by The Africa Fund   
S26.7 Report on Activities of Cape Nutrition Project in the KTC Crisis 1983   
S26.8 Memorandum Relating to the Policies of Governments in South Africa Concerning the Imposition of the Death Sentence for Acts of High Treason 1895 1948 by Prof N. Garson 1982   
S26.9 Working Paper: Restrictions on Freedom of Association and the Right to Organise in South Africa. I10 1985   
S26.10 Paper: Revolutionary Movements in South Africa by I De Vries, Political Science Department, Rand Afrikanse Universiteit   
S26.11 The Comparative Study of Revolutionary Strategy by Mostafa Rejai 1977   
S27 Van Dijkhorst v Bizos and Marcus 1988 1 box   
 Correspondence and memoranda concerning an allegation of material non-disclosure   
S28 Miscellaneous Defence Documents 1f   
 Includes press cuttings and evidence relating to:   
 Bishop Tutu   
 Baba Ngcokota and others   
 Beyers Naude   
 Samson Ndou   
 Dennis Bloem   
 Thozamile Gqweta   
 lord McCamel   
 Esau Raditsela   
 Edith Lethlake   
 Community Councils