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Collection Index:NON-RACIAL SPORTS HISTORY PROJECT, TRANSVAAL, records, 1969-2005
Collection Name:NON-RACIAL SPORTS HISTORY PROJECT, TRANSVAAL, records, 1969-1988
 Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2017 
 An important part of our history that has seriously been neglected is non-racial sports. This was a crucial facet of the anti-apartheid struggle and, crucially, was probably the most effective arena of independent and community-based sports in black communities. Moreover, non-racial sports was intrinsically linked to communities and their schools, and depended heavily on voluntarism for its enduring success. This project aims to recover, record, preserve and popularize this rich and multi-faceted history. 
 The NON RACIAL SPORTS HISTORY PROJECT was formed in June 2015. 
 The primary mandate of the project is to record the histories of non-racial sport from the ground up clubs and their administrators and players, provincial and then national ,paying special attention to the role played by women. 
 However, we see the project as contributing to the revival of the ethos that characterised the non-racial movement. To this end, some of the main objectives of the project are: 
 1. Revive the concept of community sport (which represents the majority of our population ) compared to professional sport. 
 2. Actively to promote and support the formation of community based sporting bodies. 
 3. Safeguard and secure the future of amateur sport. 
 4. Where there is an interest, to assist in the revival of sporting codes that are currently dormant. 
 5. Where possible to assist those who were active in non-racial sport and who have fallen on hard times. 
 6. To acknowledge the role played by sportspeople for the struggle for non-racial sport 
 7. Finally, to revive the spirit of voluntarism and non-racialism. 
 The SOUTH AFRICAN COUNCIL ON SPORT (SACOS) was formed on 17 March 1973 to co-ordinate the fight against racial discrimination in sport and to promote non-racial sport in a non-racial and democratic SA.It consisted of 24 national non-racial sports organisations and 11 co-ordination Provincial Councils of Sport,of which the Transvaal Council of Sport (TRACOS) was one of them. 
 Please note: 
 This collection is a work in progress. Items are not always ordered chronologically, as they were added to the collection in the way in which they have been received. 
 The digitisation of this collection is ongoing and the display of digitised items becomes available as each section is completed. 
ASASA Amateur Swimming Association of South Africa 
AVASA Amateur Volleyball Association of South Africa 
 Chess Association of South Africa 
 Netball Association of South Africa 
 South African Amateur Athletics Board 
SABA South African Baseball Association 
 South African Billiards and Snooker Board 
SABC South African Boxing Council 
SACB South African Cricket Board 
 South African Cycling Board 
SACB South African Dart Board of Control 
SAHB South African Hockey Board 
 South African Non Racial Amateur Golf Association 
 South African Primary Schools Sports Association 
SARU South African Rugby Union 
 South African Senior Schools Sports Association 
SASF South African Soccer Federation 
SASA South African Softball Association 
SASRF South African Sqauch Racketts federation 
 South African Surf Life Saving Association 
SATTB South African Table Tennis Board 
 South African Tertiary Institutions Sports Association 
 South African Weightlifting & Body Building Federation 
SAWHB South African Woman's Hockey Board 
TASA Tennis Association of South African 
AA1 Leaflets/Publications/Newspaper cuttings 
AA1.1 Launch leaflet        
AA1.2 Exhibition Poster for Women in Non-racial Sports, 6 May 2017 
AA1.3 Women in Non-racial Sports, Brochure, 6 May 2017 
AA2 Reports 
AA3 Meetings 
AA5 Interviews 
 Audio files and Transcripts of the interviews are available. 
A1 South African Council on Sports (SACOS) 
A1.1 Policy matters 
A1.2 Biennual General Meeting 
A1.2.1 Biennial Conference, Durban, October 1975        
A1.2.2 Biennial Conference, Cape Town, September 1979        
A1.2.3 Biennial Conference, Durban, April 1985        
A1.2.4 Special General Meeting, Cape Town, November 1986        
A1.2.5 Biennial Conference, Johannesburg, April 1987        
A1.2.6 Biennial Conference, Cape Town, March 1989        
A1.2.7 Biennial Conference, Cape Town, March 1993        
A1.3 Conferences/Meetings 
A1.3.1 SACOS-Sport and Liberation Conference, 20-21 August 1983        
A1.3.2 The South African Council on Sport (SACOS): The sports wing of the liberation movement, by Frank van der Horst, Sport and Liberation Conference, East London, 14-16 October 2005        
A1.4 Publications/Newspaper articles 
A1.4.1 SACOS-Sport Festival, 1982        
A1.4.2 SACOS Sports administrators course, November 1983        
A1.4.3 SACOS 15th Anniversary, 2-6 April 1988        
A1.4.4 Other external commentary        
 Including newspaper clips with tributes to Manickum Pather; Role of the non-racial sportsperson in the liberatory struggle, typescript; National Sports Congress, Statement of Intent; Discussion paper of a meeting between SACOS and the National Sports Congres, 1988 
A1.4.4.1 Opposing Apartheid through sport. The role of SACOS in South African sport, 1982-1992, by Noel Goodall, MA thesis, 2004        
A1.5 Awards/Other 
A1.5.1 Sportsperson of the year award, Programme brochure, Port Elizabeth, 1984        
A1.5.2 Sportsperson of the year award, Programme brochure, Johannesburg, 1985        
A1.6 Soft goods 
A1.6 Biographies 
A2 Provincial Council of Sports 
A2.1 Border Council of Sport (BORCOS) 
A2.1.1 Policy matters 
A2.1.2 AGM/Minutes 
A2.1.3 Functions 
A2.1.4 Publications/newspaper articles 
A2.1.5 Other 
A2.1.6 Biographies 
A2.1.7 Affiliates 
A2.2 Eastern Province Council of Sport (EPCOS) 
A2.2.1 Policy matters 
A2.2.2 AGM/Minutes        
A2.2.3 Functions 
A2.2.4 Publications/newspaper articles        
A2.2.5 Other 
A2.2.6 Biographies 
A2.2.7 Affiliates 
A2.3 Graaf Reinet Council of Sport (GRCOS) 
A2.3.1 Policy matters 
A2.3.2 AGM/Minutes 
A2.3.3 Functions 
A2.3.4 Publications/newspaper articles 
A2.3.5 Other 
A2.3.6 Biographies 
A2.3.7 Affiliates 
A2.4 Grahamstown & Districts Council of Sport (GDCOS) 
A2.4.1 Policy matters 
A2.4.2 AGM/Minutes 
A2.4.3 Functions 
A2.4.4 Publications/newspaper articles 
A2.4.5 Other 
A2.4.6 Biographies 
A2.4.7 Affiliates 
A2.5 Griqualand West Council of Sport (GWCOS) 
A2.5.1 Policy matters 
A2.5.2 AGM/Minutes 
A2.5.3 Functions 
A2.5.4 Publications/newspaper articles 
A2.5.5 Other 
A2.5.6 Biographies 
A2.5.7 Affiliates 
A2.6 Natal Council of Sport (NACOS) 
A2.6.1 Policy matters 
A2.6.2 AGM/Minutes        
A2.6.3 Functions        
A2.6.4 Publications/newspaper articles 
A2.6.5 Other 
A2.6.6 Biographies 
A2.6.7 Affiliates 
A2.7 South Western Districts Council of Sport (SWDCOS) 
A2.7.1 Policy matters 
A2.7.2 AGM/Minutes 
A2.7.3 Functions 
A2.7.4 Publications/newspaper articles 
A2.7.5 Other 
A2.7.6 Biographies 
A2.7.7 Affiliates 
A2.8 Boland Council of Sport (BOLCOS) 
A2.8.1 Policy matters 
A2.8.2 AGM/Minutes 
A2.8.3 Functions 
A2.8.4 Publications/newspaper articles 
A2.8.5 Other 
A2.8.6 Biographies 
A2.8.7 Affiliates 
A2.9 Victoria East Council of Sport (VECOS) 
A2.9.1 Policy matters 
A2.9.2 AGM/Minutes 
A2.9.3 Functions 
A2.9.4 Publications/newspaper articles 
A2.9.5 Other 
A2.9.6 Biographies 
A2.9.7 Affiliates 
A2.10 Western Province Council of Sport (WEPCOS) 
A2.10.1 Policy matters 
A2.10.2 AGM/Minutes 
A2.10.3 Functions 
A2.10.4 Publications/newspaper articles 
A2.10.5 Other 
A2.10.6 Biographies 
A2.10.7 Affiliates 
B1 Policy matters 
B1.1 AGM 
B1.1.1 Annual Report, 1977-1978        
B1.1.2 Second Annual General Meeting, Report, May 1979        
B1.1.3 Annual General Meeting, Report, 4 June 1980        
B1.1.4 Annual Report presented to the 4th Annual General Meeting, 24 June 1981        
B1.1.5 Sixth Annual General Meeting, Report, 24 July 1983        
B1.1.6 Seventh Annual General Meeting, Report, 22 July 1984        
B1.1.7 8th Annual General Meeting, presentation of Minutes of the 7th AGM, 27 July 1985        
B1.1.8 9th Annual General Meeting, presentation of Minutes of the 8th AGM, 26 July 1986        
B1.2 Minutes 
B1.2.1 Minutes of Council meeting, 30 July 1978        
B1.3 Publications/newspaper articles 
B1.3.1 Publications presented at the 4th Annual General Meeting, 1981        
B1.3.2 Various        
B1.4 Other        
B1.5 Biographies 
C1 Associations 
C1.1 Bosmont Football Association 
C1.1.a Policy matters 
C1.1.b AGM/BGM/Meetings 
C1.1.b1 Minute book, 1970-1973        
C1.1.b2 Minute book, 1973-1975        
C1.1.b3 Minute book, 1974/1975        
C1.1.b4 Minute book, 1982-1988        
C1.1.c Publications/newspaper        
 Including: 50th Anniversary brochure, 2015 
C1.1.d Tournaments/league competitions 
C1.1.e Biographies 
C1.2 Lenasia Football Assocation 
C1.2.a Policy matters 
C1.2.b AGM/BGM/Meetings 
C1.2.c Publications/newspaper        
 Including: 25th Anniversary brochure, 1982 
C1.2.d Tournaments/league competitions 
C1.2.e Biographies 
C1.3 Eastern Transvaal Football Association 
C1.3.a Policy matters 
C1.3.b AGM/BGM/Meetings 
C1.3.c Publications/newspaper 
C1.3.d Tournaments/league competitions 
C1.3.e Biographies 
C1.4 Northern Transvaal Football Association 
C1.4.a Policy matters 
C1.4.b AGM/BGM/Meetings 
C1.4.c Publications/newspaper 
C1.4.d Tournaments/league competitions 
C1.4.e Biographies 
C1.5 Azaadvile Football Association 
C1.5.a Policy matters 
C1.5.b AGM/BGM/Meetings 
C1.5.c Publications/newspaper 
C1.5.d Tournaments/league competitions 
C1.5.e Biographies 
C1.6 Southern Transvaal Football Association 
C1.6.a Policy matters 
C1.6.b AGM/BGM/Meetings 
C1.6.c Publications/newspaper 
C1.6.d Tournaments/league competitions 
C1.6.e Biographies 
C1.7 TBA 
C1.8 TBA 
C2 Professional Clubs In Transvaal 
C2.1 Bosmont Chelsea Football Club 
C2.2 Swaraj Football Club 
C2.2.1 Match programmes 
C2.2.2 Brochures 
C2.2.3 Meetings 
C2.2.4 Leaflets/Press cuttinggs 
C2.2.5 Biographies 
C2.3 Bluebells Football Club 
C2.3.1 Match programmes 
C2.3.2 Brochures 
C2.3.3 Meetings 
C2.3.4 Leaflets/Press cuttinggs 
C2.3.5 Biographies 
C2.4 Vereeniging Old Boys Football Club 
C2.5 Sundowns Football Club 
C2.6 Dynamos Football Club 
C2.6.1 Match programmes 
C2.6.2 Brochures 
C2.6.3 Meetings 
C2.6.4 Leaflets/Press cuttinggs 
C2.6.5 Biographies 
C3 TSB 2nd Division Semi Pro League 
C3.1 Tigers 
C3.2 Fordsburg City 
C3.3 Swaraj Sporting 
C3.4 Gorretti 
C3.5 Benoni Manchester 
C3.6 Lenasia Spurs 
C4 Tournaments 
C4.1 Tournaments organised by the TSB/SASF 
C4.1.1 SASF-Interprovincial tournaments, Various age groups 
 Including: SASF Datsun/Nissan Cup 1976; SACOS Tournament 1984 
C4.1.1.1 SASF Datsun/Nissan Cup, Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th July 1976        
C4.1.1.2 SACOS Inter Provincial Soccer Tournament, 19th to 23rd September 1984, Lenasia        
C4.1.2 TSB-Inter district tournaments, Variuos age groups        
 Including: Soccer Festival 1983 
C4.1.3 SASF/FPL Finals 
C4.1.4 SASF Club Champions 
C4.2 Tournaments organised with the agreement of TSB/SASF 
C4.2.1 Amrit Bhowan Memorial Tournament 
C4.2.1.1 1st Amrit Bhowan Memorial Tournament, Souvenir brochure, 27 pages, 13-14 July 1969        
C4.2.1.2 2nd Amrit Bhowan Memorial Tournament, Souvenir brochure, 66 pages, 6-7 September 1970        
C4.2.1.3 3th Amrit Bhowan Memorial Tournament, Souvenir brochure, 52 pages, 4-6 September 1971        
C4. 4th Amrit Bhowan Memorial Tournament, Invitation, 3-4 September 1972        
C4. 4th Amrit Bhowan Memorial Tournament, Souvenir brochure, 51 pages, 3-4 September 1972        
C4.2.1.5 5th Amrit Bhowan Memorial Tournament, Souvenir brochure, 63 pages, 2-3 September 1973        
C4.2.1.6 6th Amrit Bhowan Memorial Tournament, Souvenir brochure, 67 pages, 31 August - 2 September 1974        
C4. 7th Amrit Bhowan Memorial Tournament, Souvenir brochure, 68 pages, 30 August - 1 September 1975        
C4. 7th Amrit Bhowan Memorial Tournament, Team brochure, 16 pages, 30 August - 1 September 1975        
C4. 8th Amrit Bhowan Memorial Soccer Tournament, Programme, 9 pages, 1-3 October 1976        
C4. 8th Amrit Bhowan Memorial Soccer Tournament, Souvenir brochure, 68 pages, 1-3 October 1976        
C4.2.1.9 9th Amrit Bhowan Memorial Soccer Tournament, 14 pages, 30 September - 1 October 1977        
C4.2.1.10 Amrit Bhowan Memorial Scholarship Fund & Sports Trust's Big Walk, Lenasia Stadium, 8 pages, 4 September 1988        
C4.2.2 Benoni Students Movement        
 Including: Soccer Festival, 1979, 1980, 1983 
C4.2.2.1 Second Annual Soccer Festival, 3rd and 4th March 1979        
C4.2.2.2 3rd Annual Soccer Festival at Actonville Stadium, Benoni. 31st August - 1st September 1980        
C4.2.2.3 6th Annual Soccer Festival at the Actonville Stadium, 15th - 16th October, 1983        
C4.2.3 Mckenzeville Soccer Tournament 
C4.2.4 Actonville Soccer Tournament 
C4.2.5 Excelsior Tournament, 1977        
C4.2.6 Young Natalians FC        
 Including: 50 Anniversary brochure, 1979 
C4.2.7 Gona Seelen Memorial Bursary Campaign 
C5 Structures before the formation of the S A Soccer Federation 
C5.1 S A Colored Football Association 
C5.1.1 Transvaaal Independent Football Association - Coloureds 
C5.1.1.1 Blackpool 
C5.1.1.2 Rovers 
C5.1.1.3 TBA 
C5.1.1.4 TBA 
C5.2 S A Indian Football Association 
C5.2.1 Sam China, 1967        
C5.2.2 Transvaal Independent Football Association - Indians 
C5.2.2.1 Vredons 
C5.2.2.2 Swaraj 
C5.2.2.3 Delfos 
C5.2.2.4 TBA 
C6 Reports 
C6.1 South African Soccer Federation 
C6.1.1 Policy matters 
C6.1.2 AGM 
C6.1.3 Publications/newspaper articles 
C6.1.4 Minutes 
C6.1.5 Biographies 
C6.2 Transvaal Soccer Board 
C6.2.1 Policy matters 
C6.2.2 AGM, 1985        
C6.2.3 Brochures/Leaflets 
C6.2.4 Minutes 
C6.2.5 Biographies 
C7 Other Soccer interests 
C7.1 National Soccer League        
 Including: AGM, 1992 
C7.2 S A Soccer Manual, 1988        
C7.3 Curries Fountain 
C7.4 Fed Fan Soccer Magazine 
C8 Amateur Clubs 
C8a Azad Swaraj Sporting Club-Lenasia Football Association 
C8a.1 Meetings 
C8a.2 Finance 
C8a.2.1 Accounting book, 1940s-1970        
 Club fees and other expenditure. Initial entries in Gujarati. 
C8a.3 Leaflets/Brochures/Newspaper cuttings 
C8a.3.1 Souvenir brochures 
C8a.3.1.1 Souvenir brochures, 1995        
C8a.3.2 Invitations, 1971-2000        
C8a.4 Matches 
C8a.4.1 Team lists/Fixtures 
C8a.4.2 Match programmes 
C8a.4.2.1 Junior Soccer Tournament, 1995        
C8a.4.3 Certificates of participation, 1996-2000        
C8a.6 Reports 
C8a.6.1 Record Clerk's Report, AGM, February 1999        
C8a.7 Biographies 
C8a.8 Photographs 
C8b Ason Villa FC-Bosmont League FA 
C8b.1 Meetings 
C8b.2 Finance 
C8b.3 Leaflets/Brochures/Newspaper cuttings 
C8b.4 Team lists/Fixtures 
C8b.5 Match programmes 
C8b.6 Reports 
C8b.7 Biographies 
C8b.8 Other 
C8b.9 Photographs 
C8c Fordsburg United Football Club 
C8c.1 Meetings 
C8c.2 Finance 
C8c.3 Leaflets/Brochures/Newspaper cuttings        
 Including: 30th Anniversary brochure, 1994 
C8c.4 Team lists/Fixtures 
C8c.5 Match programmes 
C8c.6 Reports 
C8c.7 Biographies 
C8c.8 Other 
C8c.9 Photographs 
D1 Transvaal Table Tennis Association 
D1.1 Tournaments 
D1.2 Brochures 
D1.3 Clubs 
D1.3.1 Trojans 
D1.3.2 Anchors 
D1.3.3 Swifts 
D1.3.4 Redwings 
D1.3.5 Olympians 
D1.3.6 Eagles 
D1.3.7 Spurs 
D1.3.8 Tembisa 
D1.3.9 Ntokozweni 
D1.3.10 Roodepoort 
D1.3.11 Azaadville 
D1.3.12 Thunderbolts 
D1.4 Biographies 
D1.5 Publications/newspaper articles 
D2 Western Areas Table Tennis Association 
D2.1 Tournaments 
D2.2 Brochures 
D2.3 Clubs 
D2.4 Aryans 
D2.5 Blubells 
D2.6 Azad 
D2.4 Biographies 
D2.5 Publications/newspaper articles 
D3 Northern Areas Table Tennis Association 
D3.1 Tournaments 
D3.2 Brochures 
D3.3 Clubs 
D3.3.1 TBA 
D3.3.2 TBA 
D3.3.3 TBA 
D3.4 Biographies 
D3.5 Publications/newspaper articles 
D4 South African Table Tennis 
D4.1 Tournaments 
D4.2 Brochures 
D4.3 Biographies 
D4.4 Publications/newspaper articles 
D4.5 Affiliates 
D4.5.1 Southern Natal Table Tennis Union 
D4.5.2 TBA 
D4.5.3 TBA 
D4.5.4 TBA 
D4.5.5 TBA 
D4.5.6 TBA 
D4.5.7 TBA 
D4.5.8 TBA 
D5 Other table tennis matters of interest 
D5.1 Tournaments 
D5.2 Brochures 
Ea-i Organisational matters 
Ea Annual General Meetings 
Eb Council meetings 
Ec Finance 
Ed Constitution 
Ee Functions 
Ef Team lists/Fixtures 
Eg Leaflets/Brochures/Newspaper cuttings 
Eh Reports 
Ei Biographies 
E1 Clubs 
E1.1 Actonville Ramblers 
E1.2 Actonville Spurs 
E1.3 Azaadville 
E1.4 Azad Swaraj Sporting Club 
E1.4.1 Annual Reports, 1988-2009 
E1.4.1.1 Annual Report, 1988        
E1.4.1.2 Annual Report, 1989        
E1.4.1.3 Annual Report, 1990        
E1.4.1.4 Annual Report, 1991        
E1.4.1.5 Annual Report, 1999        
E1.4.1.6 Annual Report, 2000        
E1.4.1.7 Annual Report, 2004-2009        
E1.4.2 Minutes of meetings, 1936-1992 
 Notebooks with various meetings, including Annual General Meetings (AGM), Council meetings, general meetings. 
E1.4.2.1 Minutes of meetings, 1936-1964        
 Partly written in Gujarati. 
E1.4.2.2 Minutes of meetings, 1965-1979        
E1. Minutes of meetings, 1970-1972        
E1.4.2.3 Minutes of meetings, 1979-1986        
E1.4.2.4 Minutes of meetings, 1986-1992        
E1.4.3 Finance 
 Various items, including cheque book; United Building Society Passbook; receipts. 
E1.4.4 Constitution, 1969        
E1.4.5 Functions, 1972-2009 
E1.4.5.1 Invitations and programmes        
E1.4.6 Team lists/Fixtures 
E1.4.6.1 Fixtures Premier League, 1973-1974        
E1.4.7 Leaflets/Brochures/Newspaper cuttings, 1970s-2000s        
E1.4.8 Captains Reports, 2009-2017 
E1.4.8.1 Season 2009/2010 
E1.4.8.2 Season 2010/2011, 2 Reports 
E1.4.8.3 Season 2011/2012 
E1.4.8.4 Season 2012/2013 
E1.4.8.5 Season 2013/2014 
E1.4.8.6 Season 2014/2015 
E1.4.8.7 Season 2015/2016        
E1.4.8.8 Season 2016/2017 
E1.4.9 Biographies 
E1.4.10 Lease agreements, June 1993        
 Between the Johannesburg City Council, the Azad Cricket Club and the Swaraj Sporting Club 
E1.4.11 Correspondence, 1960s-1970s        
E1.4.12 Normal Cricket, 1976-1986 
E1.4.12.1 Correspondence, 1976        
E1.4.12.2 Memorandum, July 1986        
 Prepared by Azad Cricket Club for the South African Cricket Board Commission of Inquiry into the Lenasia Cricket stadium, which makes reference to the Correspondence. 
E1.4.13 Azad Cricket Club Souvenir brochure, 1968-2003 
E1.4.13.1 Azad Cricket Club Souvenir brochure, 1968/1969        
E1.4.13.2 Azad Cricket Club Souvenir brochure, 1982/1983        
E1.4.13.3 Azad Cricket Club Souvenir brochure, 1993/1994        
E1.4.13.4 Azad Cricket Club Souvenir brochure, 2003        
E1.5 Balfour Sporting 
E1.6 Bank Sporting 
E1.7 Barbados 
E1.8 Benoni Sporting 
E1.9 Burma Lads 
E1.10 Cambridge 
E1.11 Cavaliers 
E1.12 College 
E1.13 Crescents 
E1.14 Delfos 
E1.15 Ermelo 
E1.16 Heidelburg 
E1.17 Hinds 
E1.18 Klerksdorp Delfos 
E1.19 Klerksdorp Sporting 
E1.20 Koster 
E1.21 Lenasia South 
E1.22 Lenasia Spurs 
E1.23 Lenz Utd 
E1.24 Nigel Sporting 
E1.25 Orient 
E1.26 Ottomans 
E1.27 Pirates 
E1.28 Potchefstroom Utd 
E1.29 Protea 
E1.30 Queensland 
E1.31 Rand College 
E1.32 Riverlea 
E1.33 Rustenburg 
E1.34 Sheffield 
E1.35 Siraj 
E1.36 Splendid 
E1.37 St Trinians 
E1.38 Thistles 
E1.39 Vaal Utd 
E1.40 Valachi Chiefs 
E1.41 Vredons 
E1.42 Young Divisions 
E1.43 Zeerust 
E1.44 Zulfikaars 
E2 Associate members 
E2.1 Transvaal Junior Cricket Board 
E2.1a Annual General Meeting 
E2.1b Minutes 
E2.2 Transvaal Cricket Board Umpires Association 
E2.2a Annual General Meetings 
E2.2b Minutes 
E2.3 Eastern Transvaal Cricket Union 
E2.3a Reports 
E3 Tournaments organised by the TCB/SACB 
E3.1 SACB-Competitions/Tournaments, various age groups (HOWA BOWL/BOOLEY BOWL/SFW/B&H) 
E3.2 TCB-Inter district tournaments, variuos age groups 
E3.3 TBA 
E4 SA Cricket Board (formed in 1977) 
E4.1 Reports 
E4.2 Brochures 
E4.3 Policy 
E4.4 Biographies 
E4.5 Affiliates 
E.4.5.1 Border 
E.4.5.2 Boland 
E.4.5.3 Eastern Province 
E.4.5.4 Griqualand West 
E.4.5.5 Komani and District 
E.4.5.6 Natal 
E.4.5.7 South Western District 
E.4.5.8 Transvaal 
E.4.5.9 Western Province 
E.4.5.10 Victoria East 
E.4.5.11 Karoo 
E.4.5.12 S A Primary School Sports Association 
E.4.5.13 S A High School Sports Association 
F1 Clubs 
F1a Whalers, Eldorado Park 
F1b Aquadale, Ennerdale 
F1c Bluefins, Newclare/Bosmont 
F1d Crest, Horseshoe/Coronationsville 
F1e Atlantis, Lenasia 
F2 Amateur Swimming Association of South Africa (ASASA) 
F2.1 Minutes 
F2.2 Tournaments 
F2.3 Brochures 
F2.4 Policy matters 
F2.5 Reports 
F2.6 Biographies 
F2.7 Publications/newspaper articles 
F3 Other provinces 
F3.1 Minutes 
F3.2 Brochures 
F3.3 Leaflets/Publications/Newspaper cuttings 
F3.4 Tournaments 
F3.5 Functions 
F3.6 Policy 
F3.7 Invitations 
F3.8 Constitution 
F3.9 Projects 
F3.10 Reports 
F3.11 Biographies 
G1 Affiliates 
G1.1 Lenasia Primary Schools Sports Association 
G1.1.1 Minutes 
G1.1.2 Brochures 
G1.1.3 Leaflets 
G1.1.4 Tournaments 
G1.1.5 Functions 
G1.1.6 Biographies 
G1.2 TBA 
G1.3 TBA 
G1.4 TBA 
G1.5 TBA 
G1.6 TBA 
G1.7 TBA 
G1.8 TBA 
G1.9 TBA 
G1.10 TBA 
G2 Transvaal Primary School's Sports Association 
G2.1 Minutes 
G2.2 Brochures 
G2.3 Leaflets 
G2.4 Tournaments 
G2.5 Functions 
G2.6 Biographies 
G2.7 Publications/newspaper articles 
G3 South African Primary Schools Sports Association 
G3.1 Minutes 
G3.2 Brochures 
G3.3 Leaflets 
G3.4 Tournaments 
G3.5 Functions 
G3.6 Biographies 
G3.7 Publications/newspaper articles 
H1 Affiliates 
H1.1 Lenasia High Schools Sports Association 
H1.1.1 Minutes 
H1.1.2 Brochures 
H1.1.3 Leaflets 
H1.1.4 Tournaments 
H1.1.5 Functions 
H1.1.6 Biographies 
H1.2 TBA 
H1.3 TBA 
H1.4 TBA 
H1.5 TBA 
H1.6 TBA 
H1.7 TBA 
H1.8 TBA 
H1.9 TBA 
H1.10 TBA 
H2 Transvaal High School's Sports Association 
H2.1 Minutes 
H2.2 Brochures 
H2.3 Leaflets 
H2.4 Tournaments 
H2.5 Functions 
H2.6 Biographies 
H2.7 Publications/newspaper articles 
H3 South African Senior Schools Sports Association 
H3.1 Minutes 
H3.2 Brochures 
H3.3 Leaflets 
H3.4 Tournaments 
H3.5 Functions 
H3.6 Biographies 
H3.7 Publications/newspaper articles 
I.1 Southern Transvaal Darts Association 
I.1.1 Minutes 
I.1.2 Brochures 
I.1.3 Leaflets 
I.1.4 Tournaments 
I.1.5 Functions 
I.1.6 Biographies 
I.1.7 Publications/newspaper articles 
I.1.8 Affiliates 
I.1.8.1 Sacel Darts Club 
I.1.8.2 Willows Darts Club 
I.1.8.3 Lazy Boys Darts Club 
I.1.8.4 Browns Darts Club 
I.1.8.5 Feathers Darts Club 
I.1.8.6 Hawks Darts Club 
I.1.8.7 TBA 
I.1.8.8 TBA 
I.1.8.9 TBA 
I.1.8.10 TBA 
I.1.8.11 TBA 
I.1.8.12 TBA 
I.2 Western Transvaal Darts Association 
I.2.1 Minutes 
I.2.2 Brochures 
I.2.3 Leaflets 
I.2.4 Tournaments 
I.2.5 Functions 
I.2.6 Biographies 
I.2.7 Publications/newspaper articles 
I.2.8 Affiliates 
I.2.8.1 Lions Darts Club 
I.2.8.2 Bluebells Darts Club 
I.2.8.3 Eagles Darts Club 
I.2.8.4 Feathers Darts Club 
I.2.8.5 Rebels Darts Club 
I.2.8.6 Wings Darts Club 
I.2.8.7 Burning SpearsDarts Club 
I.2.8.8 Ashoka Darts Club 
I.2.8.9 TBA 
I.2.8.10 TBA 
I.2.8.11 TBA 
I.3 Northern Transvaal Darts Association 
I.3.1 Minutes 
I.3.2 Brochures 
I.3.3 Leaflets 
I.3.4 Tournaments 
I.3.5 Functions 
I.3.6 Biographies 
I.3.7 Publications/newspaper articles 
I.3.8 Affiliates 
I.3.8.1 TBA 
I.3.8.2 TBA 
I.3.8.3 TBA 
I.3.8.4 TBA 
I.3.8.5 TBA 
I.3.8.6 TBA 
I.3.8.7 TBA 
I.4 Eastern Transvaal Darts Association 
I.4.1 Minutes 
I.4.2 Brochures 
I.4.3 Leaflets 
I.4.4 Tournaments 
I.4.5 Functions 
I.4.6 Biographies 
I.4.7 Publications/newspaper articles 
I.4.8 Affiliates 
I.4.8.1 TBA 
I.4.8.2 TBA 
I.4.8.3 TBA 
I.4.8.4 TBA 
I.4.8.5 TBA 
I.4.8.6 TBA 
I.4.8.7 TBA 
I.5 South Eastern Transvaal Darts Association 
I.5.1 Minutes 
I.5.2 Brochures 
I.5.3 Leaflets 
I.5.4 Tournaments 
I.5.5 Functions 
I.5.6 Biographies 
I.5.7 Publications/newspaper articles 
I.5.8 Affiliates 
I.5.8.1 TBA 
I.5.8.2 TBA 
I.5.8.3 TBA 
I.5.8.4 TBA 
I.5.8.5 TBA 
I.5.8.6 TBA 
I.5.8.7 TBA 
I.6 Interdistrict 
I.6.1 Minutes 
I.6.2 Brochures 
I.6.3 Leaflets 
I.6.4 Tournaments 
I.6.5 Functions 
I.6.6 Biographies 
I.6.7 Publications/newspaper articles 
I.7 South African Darts Board of Control 
I.7.1 Minutes 
1.7.2 Brochures 
1.7.3 Leaflets 
1.7.4 Tournaments 
1.7.5 Functions 
I.7.6 Biographies 
I.7.7 Publications/newspaper articles 
Ja-h General 
Ja Minutes 
Jb Brochures 
Jc Leaflets/Publications/Newspaper cuttings 
Jd Tournaments 
Je Functions 
Jf Policy 
Jg Statements 
Jh Biographies 
J1 Affiliates 
J1.1 South Eastern Transvaal Tennis Association (SETTA) 
J1.1.1 Minutes 
J1.1.2 Brochures 
J1.1.3 Constitution 
J1.1.4 Tournaments 
J1.1.5 Leaflets/Publications/Newspaper cuttings 
J1.1.6 Softgoods 
`J1.1.7 Biographies 
J1.2 South Western Transvaal Tennis Association (SWTTA) 
J1.2.1 Minutes 
J1.2.2 Brochures 
J1.2.3 Leaflets/Publications/Newspaper cuttings 
J1.2.4 Tournaments 
J1.2.5 Functions 
J1.2.6 Constitution 
J1.2.7 Biographies 
J1.3 Western Transvaal Tennis Association (WETTA) 
J1.3.1 Minutes 
J1.3.2 Brochures 
J1.3.3 Leaflets/Publications/Newspaper cuttings 
J1.3.4 Tournaments 
J1.3.5 Functions 
J1.3.6 Biographies 
J1.4 Eastern Transvaal Tennis Association (ETTA) 
J1.4.1 Minutes 
J1.4.2 Brochures 
J1.4.3 Leaflets/Publications/Newspaper cuttings 
J1.4.4 Tournaments 
J1.4.5 Functions 
J1.4.6 Invitations 
J1.4.7 Memorandums 
J1.4.8 Biographies 
J1.5 Far Northern Transvaal Tennis Association (FANTTA) 
J1.5.1 Minutes 
J1.5.2 Brochures 
J1.5.3 Leaflets/Publications/Newspaper cuttings 
J1.5.4 Tournaments 
J1.5.5 Functions 
J1.5.6 Biographies 
J1.6 Giyani Tennis Association (GTA) 
J1.6.1 Minutes 
J1.6.2 Brochures 
J1.6.3 Leaflets 
J1.6.4 Tournaments 
J1.6.5 Functions 
J1.6.6 Biographies 
J1.7 Southern Transvaal Tennis Association (STTA) 
J1.7.1 Minutes 
J1.7.2 Brochures 
J1.7.3 Leaflets/Publications/Newspaper cuttings 
J1.7.4 Tournaments 
J1.7.5 Functions 
J1.7.6 Biographies 
J1.8 Northern Transvaal Tennis Association (NTTA) 
J1.8.1 Minutes 
J1.8.2 Brochures 
J1.8.3 Leaflets/Publications/Newspaper cuttings 
J1.8.4 Tournaments 
J1.8.5 Functions 
J1.8.6 Biographies 
J2 Tennis Association of South Africa (TASA) 
J2.1 Minutes 
J2.1.1 TASA Letter to Steve Tshwete, Minister of Sport and Recreation, 22 November 1994 
J2.2 Brochures 
J2.3 Leaflets/Publications 
J2.4 Tournaments 
J2.5 Softgoods 
J2.6 Policy 
J2.7 Reports 
J2.7.1 TASA Report on SACOS, 31 December 1994 
J2.8 Constitution 
J2.9 Press cuttings 
J2.10 Biographies 
J3 Other 
J3.1 Minutes 
J3.2 Brochures 
J3.3 Leaflets/Publications/Newspaper cuttings 
J3.4 Tournaments 
J3.5 Functions 
J3.6 Policy 
J3.7 Invitations 
J3.8 Constitution 
J3.9 Projects 
J3.10 Reports 
J3.11 Biographies 
K1 Western Areas Squash Rackets Federation 
K1.1 Annual General Meetings 
K1.2 Council meetings 
K1.3 Finance 
K1.4 Constitution 
K1.5 Functions 
K1.6 Team lists/Fixtures 
K1.7 Leaflets/Brochures/Newspaper cuttings 
K1.8 Reports 
K1.9 Biographies 
K1.10 Clubs 
K1.10.1 TBA 
K1.10.2 TBA 
K1.10.3 TBA 
K1.10.4 TBA 
K1.10.5 TBA 
K1.10.6 TBA 
K1.10.7 TBA 
K1.10.8 TBA 
K1.10.9 TBA 
K1.10.10 TBA 
K1.10.11 TBA 
K1.11 Tournaments organised by the WASRAF 
K1.11.1 TBA 
K1.11.2 TBA 
K1.11.3 TBA 
K1.11.4 TBA 
K1.11.5 TBA 
K1.12 TOURNAMENTS organised with the agreement of WASRAF 
K1.12.1 TBA 
K1.12.2 TBA 
K1.12.3 TBA 
K1.12.4 TBA 
K2 Eastern Transvaal Squash Racquets Federation 
K2.1 Annual General Meetings 
K2.2 Council meetings 
K2.3 Finance 
K2.4 Constitution 
K2.5 Functions 
K2.6 Team lists/Fixtures 
K2.7 Leaflets/Brochures/Newspaper cuttings 
K2.8 Reports 
K2.9 Biographies 
K2.10 Clubs 
K2.10.1 TBA 
K2.10.2 TBA 
K2.10.3 TBA 
K2.10.4 TBA 
K2.10.5 TBA 
K2.10.6 TBA 
K2.10.7 TBA 
K2.10.8 TBA 
K2.10.9 TBA 
K2.10.10 TBA 
K2.10.11 TBA 
K2.11 Tournaments organised by the ETSRF 
K2.11.1 TBA 
K2.11.2 TBA 
K2.11.3 TBA 
K2.11.4 TBA 
K2.11.5 TBA 
K2.12 Tournaments organised with the blessing of ETSRF 
K2.12.1 TBA 
K2.12.2 TBA 
K2.12.3 TBA 
K2.12.4 TBA 
K3 S A Squash Rackets Federation 
K3.1 Annual General Meetings 
K3.2 Council meetings 
K3.3 Finance 
K3.4 Constitution 
K3.5 Functions 
K3.6 Team lists/Fixtures 
K3.7 Leaflets/Brochures/Newspaper cuttings 
K3.8 Reports 
K3.9 Biographies 
K3.10 Tournaments 
K3.10.1 Individual 
K3.10.2 Inter-provincial 
L1 Transvaal Association of Volleyball 
L1.1 Annual General Meetings 
L1.2 Council meetings 
L1.3 Finance 
L1.4 Constitution 
L1.5 Functions 
L1.6 Team lists/Fixtures 
L1.7 Leaflets/Brochures/Newspaper cuttings 
L1.8 Reports 
L1.9 Biographies 
L1.10 TBA 
L1.11 TBA 
L1.12 TBA 
L.2 Clubs 
L.2.1 Rave Volleyball Club 
L.2.2 Strikers Volleyball Club 
L.2.3 Phoenix Volleybal Club 
L.2.4 All Blacks Volleyball Club 
L.2.5 TBA 
L.2.6 TBA 
L.2.7 TBA 
L.2.8 TBA 
L.2.9 TBA 
L.2.10 TBA 
L.2.11 TBA 
L.2.12 TBA 
L3 Tournaments organised by the TAVA/AVASA 
L3.1 TBA 
L3.2 TBA 
L3.3 TBA 
L3.4 TBA 
L4 Tournaments organised with the agreement of TAVA/AVASA 
L4.1 TBA 
L4.2 TBA 
L4.3 TBA 
L4.4 TBA 
L4.5 TBA 
M1 Transvaal Independent Rugby Football Union 
M1.2 Annual General Meetings 
M1.3 Council meetings 
M1.4 Finance 
M1.5 Constitution 
M1.6 Functions 
M1.7 Team lists/Fixtures 
M1.7.1 Photograph of TIRFU 1st XV, 1973        
M1.8 Leaflets/Brochures/Newspaper cuttings 
M1.9 Reports 
M1.10 Biographies 
M2 Clubs 
M2.1 All Blacks 
M2.2 Falcons 
M2.3 Roses 
M2.4 Newtonians 
M2.5 Good Hopes 
M2.6 Jaguars 
M2.7 Swansea 
M2.8 Collegians 
M2.9 Boksburg Pioneers 
M2.10 Saint Anthony's 
M2.11 Tigers 
M2.12 Eldorodians 
M2.13 Rhodes 
M2.13.1 Photograph of TIRFU Rhodes Champs, 1957        
M2.14 TBA 
M2.15 TBA 
M2.16 TBA 
M2.17 TBA 
M2.18 TBA 
M2.19 TBA 
M2.20 TBA 
M3 Tournaments organised by the TIRFU/SARU 
M3.1 TBA 
M3.2 TBA 
M3.3 TBA 
M3.4 TBA 
M4 Tournaments organised with the agreement of TIRFU/SARU 
M4.1 TBA 
M4.2 TBA 
M4.3 TBA 
M4.4 TBA 
M4.5 TBA 
M5 South African Rugby Union 
M5.1 Annual General Meetings 
M5.2 Council meetings 
M5.3 Finance 
M5.4 Constitution 
M5.5 Functions 
M5.6 Team lists/Fixtures 
M5.7 Leaflets/Brochures/Newspaper cuttings 
M5.8 Reports 
M5.9 Biographies 
N1 Lenasia Sports Forum 
N1.1 Reports 
N2 UN Centre against Apartheid 
N2.1 Reports 
N2.2 Press 
N3 S A Sports Commission 
N3.1 Reports 
N4 S A Sports Action 
N4.1 Reports 
N5 Campaign Against Racial Discrimination in Sport 
N5.1 Reports 
N6 South African Non Racial Olympic Committee 
N6.1 Leaflets/Publications/Newspaper cuttings 
N6.2 Reports