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Collection Index:FOSATU WORKER NEWS, Newsletter, 1979-1985
Collection Name:FOSATU WORKER NEWS, Newsletter, 1979-1985
AG3307 FOSATU WORKER NEWS, 1979-1985 
 Copyright 2015, Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 Newsletter publication of the Federation of South African Trade Unions between 1979-1985 
 For FOSATU also refer to collections AH1999 Federation of South African Trade Unions (FOSATU); AH2065 Taffy Adler and A2168 Jane Barrett. 
 Please note: There are unidentified and duplicate items, which have not been digitised. 
1.1 Newsletter July (1st edition), Zulu        
1.2 Newsletter October (2nd edition) 
1.2.1 Newsletter October, English edition        
1.2.2 Newsletter October, Zulu edition        
1.3 Newsletter November 
1.3.1 Newsletter November, English edition        
1.3.2 Newsletter November, Zulu edition        
2.1 Newsletter February (3rd edition), English        
 FOSATU to register as non-racial union 
2.2 Newsletter April (4th edition), English        
 FOSATU's first year 
2.3 Newsletter June (5th edition) 
2.3.1 Newsletter June, English edition        
2.3.2 Newsletter June, Zulu edition        
2.4 Newsletter August (6th edition), English        
2.5 October (7th edition) 
2.5.1 Newsletter October, English edition        
2.5.2 Newsletter October, Zulu edition        
2.6 November (8th edition) 
2.6.1 Newsletter November, English edition        
 Union unity in the Motor Industry 
2.6.2 Newsletter November, Zulu edition        
2.7 December (9th edition), English, Zulu 
2.7.1 Newsletter December, English edition        
2.7.2 Newsletter December, Zulu edition        
3.1 Newsletter August 
3.1.1 Newsletter August, English edition        
3.1.2 Newsletter August, Zulu edition        
3.2 October, English, Zulu 
3.2.1 Newsletter October, English edition        
 Please note print error referring to October 1980. Including 'Pension panic' relating to the Government's new Pensions Bill; workers at Volkswagen (VW) and Union of Motor Assembly and Rubber Workers 
3.2.2 Newsletter October, Zulu edition        
4.1 Newsletter March, English        
 Covering the first national stoppage by workers for twenty years on 11 February, to mourn the death of trade unionist Neil Aggett who died in Security Police detention on the 5 February 1982. 
4.2 Newsletter April, English        
 Covering the Second national FOSATU Congress 
4.3 Newsletter May, English        
 MAWU annual general meeting at Wattville stadium 
4.4 Newsletter July, English        
 IMF expels two South African trade unions 
4.5 Newsletter September, English        
 Covering a three month wage dispute in the automobile manufacturing industry in the Eastern Cape 
4.6 Newsletter November, English        
 Including the signing of the first industry-wide agreement in the knitting industry; creation of a national education post with Alec Erwin in its appointment; FOSATU's reply to Wits University who cancelled FOSATU's Labour Studies course 
5.1 February (No.18), English, Zulu 
 FOSATU slams Labour Party, including a photographs of the FOSATU Executive; Interview with Andrew Zulu, in the first of a series of interviews with FOSATU worker leaders 
5.1.1 Newsletter February, English edition        
5.1.2 Newsletter February, Zulu edition        
5.2 Newsletter March (No.19), Zulu        
5.3 Newsletter April (No.20), Zulu        
5.4 Newsletter May (No.21), Zulu        
5.5 Newsletter July (No.22), Zulu        
 Interview with Chris Dlamini 
5.6 Newsletter August (No.23), Zulu        
 First part of a history series entitled "The making of the working class", which continued into 1984, and which was compiled by Phil Bonner. This part looked at the resistance of the Khoi. 
5.7 Newsletter September (No.24), English        
 Including the beginnings of international trade union organisations; the labour movement in Brazil; impact of the drought on workers; "The making of the working class", Part 2 - relating to the Khoi being forced into labour 
5.8 Newsletter October (No.25), Zulu        
 Including reporting about the "Solidarnosc" movement in Poland 
5.9 Newsletter November/December (No.26), English        
 Containing a pull-out calendar for 1984. Also included "The making of the working class" Part 3 - relating to the Xhosa forced into contract labour; bus boycott in Ciskei Homeland 
6.1 Newsletter January/February (No.27), English        
 "The making of the working class" Part 4 - The Mining revolution 
6.2 Newsletter March/April (No.27(28)), English (pages 5-8 missing)        
 Mentioning the decision by major independent unions to forming a new super federation of industrially based trade unions. Also included the story of the strike by Amato Textile workers in 1958, and the story of the Magopa people. 
6.3 Newsletter May (No.29, English        
 Including the history of May Day; and "The making of the working class" Part 6 - Gold Mining begins, containing Barnett photographs of mine workers 
6.4 Newsletter 1984 Special Issue, English        
 FOSATU Education workshop, Johannesburg 
6.5 Newsletter June/July (No.30), Zulu        
 Including "The making of the working class" Part 7 - Indian indented labour in Natal 
6.6 Newsletter August (No.31), English        
 With photographs from the FOSATU Worker Festival; an interview with a British miner; "The making of the working class" Part 7 - 1907-1922 white workers revolt. Also containing 1 page praise poem to FOSATU, written by Alfred Qabula, together with his manuscript. 
6.7 Newsletter September (No.32), English        
 Including Dunlop strike; "The making of the working class" depicting the slums of Ferreirastown and Sophiatown 
6.8 Newsletter October/November (No.33/34), Zulu        
 Including "The making of the working class" Part 10 - The formation of the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (ICU); also containing a pull-out calendar for 1985 
7.1 Newsletter February/March (No.35/36), English        
 Containing a poster for May Day; reporting about the settlement reached between the Chemical Workers Industrial Union and Sasol; "The making of the working class" Part 11 - The ICU collapses; American protests against Apartheid; report about the unions and the motor industry in South Africa 
7.2 Newsletter May (No.37), English        
 Covering the Langa march on 21 March 1985; "The making of the working class" Part 12 - The first Industrial Unions; reporting about the British miners' strike 
7.3 June (No.38), English, Zulu 
7.3.1 Newsletter June, English edition        
 Mourning the death of Andries Raditsela; "The making of the working class" Part 13 - The Trades and Labour Council; poem by Mi Sidumo Michael Hlatshwayo 
7.3.2 Newsletter June, Zulu edition        
7.4 Newsletter 1985 Special Issue, English        
 FOSATU Education Workshop, Jabulani Stadium, Soweto 
7.5 Newsletter July (No.39), English        
 Irish boycott of South African products; Workers' Party in Brazil; findings of the Kannemyer Report relating to the Langa shootings; "The making of the working class" Part 14 - The Council of Non-European Trade Unions; Bata shoe label, home work 
7.6 August (No.40), English, Zulu 
7.6.1 Newsletter August, English edition        
 National consumer boycott; VW and the All Blacks Rugby tour; Durban's bread strike; Workers' Party in Brazil; Sarmcol campaign; article for students about organised labour 
7.6.2 Newsletter August, Zulu edition        
7.7 September (No.41), English, Zulu 
7.7.1 Newsletter September, English edition        
 "Bloody Thursday" in Bellville, 29 August; "The making of the working class" Part 14 (error?) - Resistance during the 50s and 60s; "Apartheid in crisis" 
7.7.2 Newsletter September, Zulu edition        
7.8 October (No.42), English, Zulu 
7.8.1 Newsletter October, English edition        
 FOSATU campaign against detentions; "The making of the working class" Part 15 - SACTU and the Congress Alliance, with photographs of the delegates of the founding congress of SACTU, 1955; "What is education?" Part 1 
7.8.2 Newsletter October, Zulu edition        
7.9 Newsletter November (No.43), English        
 Last issue of FOSATU Workers News, before the launch of COSATU, including T-shirt project for fund raising; "The making of the working class" Final Part - Period 1973 up till now (1985); "What is education?" Part 2