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Collection Index:JOHANNESBURG CIVIC THEATRE, Records, 1962-2017
Collection Name:Johannesburg Civic Theatre, Records, 1962-2017
Collection - AG3290
AG3290 JOHANNESBURG CIVIC THEATRE, Records, 1962-2017 
 Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2017 
 55 boxes 
 The collection contains documents relating to the activities of the Johannesburg Civic Theatre for the period of 1962 to 2007. The records include historical information about the theatre and its development over the years, programmes of theatre productions and details of the performances, posters, newspaper clippings and photographs. 
 The construction of the Civic Theatre was approved by the Johannesburg City Council in the early 1960s. The theatre was completed in 1962 and its main goals were based on education and promoting the public interest in drama, opera, ballet, music, painting and other kinds of arts as well as subsidizing these productions and performances. The official opening of the theatre took place on the 27th of August 1962. The first manager and administrator appointed by the City Council, Michal Grobbelaar served as the head of this institution until 1993. One of the first performances included opera followed later by dramas, ballets and musicals. For a long time the theatre was unfortunately segregated and the performances were accessible mainly to white South Africans. This situation only changed in the 90s. A very important fact in the history of the theatre occurred in 1964 with the establishment of the puppet Marionette Company to offer performances for children. In the mid 1980s the complex needed renovation and reconstruction. The reopening of the newly renovated theatre took place in 1992. The Johannesburg Civic Theatre had been transformed into a body more representative of the whole population of the city. The newly appointed director Janice Honeyman in 1996 launched an ambitious programme of productions brought to the theatre by promoters and outside producers. International musicals and works of local artists were presented at the theatre. The childrens theatre, an art gallery and a series of restaurants provided a high standard of entertainment to visitors at the theatre. At a later stage continued financial pressure forced management to implement painful cost-cutting exercises. The City of Johannesburg made some important decisions concerning the future of the Civic Theatre which included: separating it from the City Council, appointing a new Independent Board of Directors and reconfiguring the theatre into a house able to accommodate productions brought in by the independent producers. The Main Theatre was renamed in 2001 as a Nelson Mandela Theatre. At present the Johannesburg Civic Theatre has seven five-star venues of which three are private dining rooms available for hire. The Civic Theatre is one of the best venues of live entertainment and is rated amongst the best theatres of South Africa. 
 This collection was deposited at Historical Papers by The Johannesburg Civic Theatre in 2008, with later additions in 2017. 
 History of the Johannesburg Civic Theatre covering the period from the official opening 27 August 1962 to 2007. 
A 1 Documents relating to the official opening of the Johannesburg Civic Theatre on the 27th of August.  
 They include: programme of official opening, speech by councilor Pieter M.Roos, inauguration programme, speech of the Mayor of Johannesburg, informational brochure and architectural plans for the stage. 
A 1.1 Fifth Birthday celebration of the Civic Theatre in August 1967. 
A1.2 Documents relating to the purchase of the Civic Theatre by the Transvaal Provincial Administration in 1979. 
A 2 Records illustrating the tenth/eleventh Anniversary of the official opening of the Civic Theatre 1972/1973.  
 They include programme of celebrations and information about Johannesburg Spring Festival. 
A 3 20th Anniversary of the Civic Theatre documented in the publication entitled: Ten Decades of Johannesburg Theatre and in other records. 
A 4 Opening ceremony of the Pavilion of Autographs on the 27th November 1985. 
A 5 Rebuilding of the Civic Theatre 1987-1989 and the reopening in 1992.  
 Further renovations up to 1994. Documents include: information pamphlet, newspaper cuttings, reports of the Building Committee describing the process of rebuilding and renaming of the Youth Theatre in 1996. 
A 6 Establishment of the Civic Theatre Art Gallery in 1998. 
A 7 Johannesburg Civic Theatre Association and its activities. 
A 7.1 Annual Reports and Financial Statements of the Johannesburg Civic Theatre Association. 1979-1987; 1992-1996 
A 8 Establishment of the Marionette Company. 
A 9 Johannesburg Centenary Festival Association and its activities. 
A 10 Johannesburg Civic Theatres planned strategy for 2000. 
A 11 Projects of the Civic Theatre for schools and communities 1996-1998. 
A 12 Civic Theatre Annual Reports: 1996/1997; 1997/1998; 1999 
A 13 Minute books of the Johannesburg Civic Theatre Association, 1964-1995 
A13.1 Minute books, December 1962 October 1964 
A 13.2 Minute books, October 1964 June 1967 
A 13.3 Minute books, February 1965 April 1966 
A 13.4 Minute books, June 1966 August 1967 
A 13.5 Minute books, August 1967 November 1969 
A 13.6 Minute books, November 1969 March 1973 
A 13.7 Minute books, April 1973 September 1975 
A 13.8 Minute books, November 1975 February 1980 
A 13.9 Minute books, March 1980 October 1984 
A 13.10 Minute books, November 1984 November 1989 
A 13.11 Minute books, November 1989 June 1992 
A 13.12 Minute books, June 1990 September 1992 
A 13.13 Minute books, July 1992 December 1993 
A 13.14 Minute books, December 1993 October 1995 
A 14 The Johannesburg Civic Theatre Publications. 
A 14.1 Johannesburg Civic Theatre News  
 Issues include: 1966 1997 vols.1 2, No 1 4 
A 14.2 Newsletter on Presentations by PACT. 
  Issues for 1973 January/February, No 1 - 2 
A 14.3 Special Drama Edition of PACTO INFO 13. November, December 1994; January 1995 
A 14.4 News Mag 98 March/April 1998 
A 14.5 Scenaria Art Magazine sponsored by SASOL and BMW South Africa.  
 Issues include: 1989 June-December; 1990 January- December; 1991 January December; 1992 January June 
A15 General correspondence of the Johannesburg Civic Theatre, 1965 - 1998. 
A16 Memoranda to the chairman and members of the Civic Theatre, 1961 - 1962. 
A17 Legal Agreements  
 between the Civic Theatre and the authors of plays, their performers, lease agreements on hiring the main auditorium in the theatre.  
A18 Documents relating to cooperation and common projects between Johannesburg Civic Theatre and Brickhill-Burke Productions (PTY) LTD. 
B18.1 Legal Agreements between the Civic Theatre and Brickhill-Burke Productions.  
A18.2 Memoranda and Reports of the JCTA and BBP Partnership. 
A18.3 Financial records of the Partnership between Johannesburg Civic Theatre and Brickhill-Burke Productions, 1983-1984. 
A18.4 Correspondence between Brickhill-Burke Productions and Johannesburg Civic Theatre, 1981 - 1983.  
A19 South African Association of Theatrical Managements.  
A19.1 Constitution of the South African Association of Theatrical Managements, 1956. 
A19.2 Minutes of the Meetings of the Executive Committee of the SA Association of Theatrical Managements, 1978 - 1980. 
A20 Records of the Friends of the Ballet, 1972 - 1989. 
A20.1 Brief history of the Friends of the Ballet. 
A20.2 Correspondence of the Friends of the Ballet, 1976 - 1983. 
A20.3 Newsletters of the Friends of the Ballet from 1972 to 1989. 
A21 Art organizations and institutions cooperating with Johannesburg Civic Theatre, 1990 - 1998. 
A22 Documents relating to the Johannesburg Centenary Festival Association and celebration of 100 Years of Johannesburg (1886 - 1986). 
A23 Records of the Commission of Enquiry into Performing Arts, 1975 - 1988. 
A23.1 Submissions from various art departments on educational and professional courses offered in the field of arts. 
A23.2 Memoranda on the Performing Arts in the Republic of South Africa to the Commission of Enquiry into Performing Arts. 
A23.3 Commission on the role and operation of the Public Broadcaster (SABC) and the National Symphony Orchestra in public art. 
A23.4 Historical overview of Council for Culture and Recreation and its powers.  
A23.5 Speeches and discussions from the Arts Conference in April 1988. 
A23.5.1 Commission of Inquiry into Performing Arts held in natal College for Advanced Technical Education in Durban on the 8 June 1976, vol 2. 
A23.5.2 Commission Meeting on the 9th of June in Pietermaritzburg.  
A23.5.3 Commission of Inquiry Meeting held on 12 July 1976 in East London.  
A23.5.4 Commission Meeting held on 13 July in Grahamstown. 
A23.5.5 Commission of Inquiry into the Performing Arts held on 15 July in Port Elizabeth. 
A23.5.6 Statistics from the Planning Department for the future urban development in terms of cultural centers in Witwatersrand, Pretoria and Vereeniging area. 
 The material relating to the productions includes: leaflets advertising productions, press releases, statements of the productions costs and accounts, performances schedules, correspondence, reviews of the productions, newspaper clips, lists of the performers and their biographies. 
B 1 A Sip of Jerepigo by Patrick Mynhard. November 1969 July 1970; October 1971 
B 2 Les Miserables (musical). 14 17 January 1992 
B 3 Dance Theatre of Harlem. Production presented on the grand opening of newly renovated Johannesburg Civic Theatre in September 1992. 
B 4 Production A Chorus Line. October 1992 
B 5 Cabaret Pure as Driven Slush. 4 15 November 1992 
B 6 A Sip of Jerepigo. November 1992 February 1993 
B 7 Sinbads African Adventures. 2 31 December 1992 
B 8 Ballet The Merry Widow. By PACT Ballet Company. February 1993 
B 9 Cabaret Cover Girl. February March 1993 
B 10 Musical Magic at 4 AM. April 1993 
B 11 Skadus Teen Die Muur (Shadows against the wall) 15 24 April 1993 
B 12 Musical King Kong. April June 1993 
B 13 Cabaret The Poggenpoel Sisters. 14 31 July 1993 
B 14 Musical Beecham. 14 July 21 August 1993 
B 15 NKoffer in die Kas/ Cupboard Case. Production August September 1993 
B 16 Pigs with attitude. 11 30 September 1993 
B 17 Porno Shoppe production. September 1993 
B 18 Abdullah Ebrahims concert. 18 25 September 1993 
B 19 Julius Caesar. By African Shakespeare Company. September October 1993 
B 20 Chiwele and the Giant. 4 16 October 1993 
B 21 Production of DockersN Daytrippers. 8 23 October 1993 
B 22 SAITEX The South African International Trade Exhibition. 18 October 1993 
B 23 Not the Raiders but the Temple of Boom production. 20 30 October 1993 
B 24 Cut Glass production. 19 30 October 1993 
B 25 Brecht/Eisler cabaret songs by Marie du Toit. 2 13 November 1993 
B 26 IGI Life Vita National Theatre Awards for 1992/1993; 1994/1995. September 1993 
B 27 If only we had arsenic production. 1 18 December 1993 
B 28 Kwela Bafana musical. 17 November 1993 8 January 1994 
B 29 Tales from the Pleasure Palace production. 24 November 25 December 1993 
B 30 Buddy Holly Story. November 1993 February 1994; August October 1994 
B 31 Beau Jest romantic comedy. December 1993 22 January 1994 
B 32 At the Edge production. 28 January 23 February 1994 
B 33 Die Kleine Man production. 28 January 12 February 
B 34 Come together dance together. 31 January 5 February 
B 35 Sisters in Sync production. February 1994 and 27 31 July 1994 
B 36 The Glass Menagerie classic play. 24 February 2 April 1994 
B 37 Johnny Clegg & Savuka live in Heat Dust and Dreams. 4 11 March 1994 
B 38 Play On the open road. 7 March 9 April 1994 
B 39 Mynhoop Afrikaans play by Ryk Hatting. 4 March 9 April 1994 
B 40 Free Flight Dance Company. 21 26 March 1994 and 8 24 December 1994 
B 41 My plunge to fame by Gaynor Young. 12 30 April 1994 and the second run 27 September 20 October 1994 
B 42 Ubuntu Bomhlaba musical drama. 15 April 14 May 1994 
B 43 I swear it wasnt me production. 4 28 May 1994 
B 44 Roadhouse 4 28 May 1994 
B 45 Hair musical. 5 may 2 July 1994 
B 46 Just Solo. One person plays. 17 25 June 1994 
B 47 Basel/Basler Ballet from Switzerland in: Spartacus,Carmina Burana, Paganini. 5 9 July 1994 
B 48 Paris Bonjour an adult puppet- show. 10 16 July 1994 
B 49 Cosi Fan (van) Tutte and Consul opera. 13 23 1994 
B 50 My life staged by Athol Fugard. 18 July 27 August 1994 
B 51 Nongopo by Jerry Mofokeng. 21 July 3 September 1994 
B 52 Buya Africa production. 21 July 3 September 1994 
B 53 Tessa Uys Piano recital. 14 August 1994 and second performance 28 July 1996 
B 54 A Handful of Keys. Musical. 7 September 29 October 1994 
B 55 Simuka Zimbabwe play. 27 September 8 October 1994 
B 56 International Spanish Dance. 19 29 October 1994 
B 57 Not the Midnight Mass. Cabaret. 18 October 3 December 1994 
B 58 La Traviata Opera. 31 October 19 November 1994 
B 59 Get Hard. 25 October 3 December 1994 
B 60 Oleanna production. 8 November 10 December 1994 
B 61 The Jukebox Jol production. 29 November 1994 14 January 1995 
B 62 A Xmas Party with Pieter Dirk Uys. 11 December 1994 
B 63 Young Wings by Free Flight Dance Company under Adele Blank. 8 24 December 1994 
B 64 Bo-Bee Boobies production. 16 December 24 January 1995 
B 65 Lodestar. 3 24 December 1994 
B 66 Young Wings by Free Flight Dance Company. 8 24 December 1994 
B 67 New Stages Play Readings. 13 January 4 February 1995 
B 68 A Knight Out. 23 26 January 1995 
B 69 Magic of the Future. 31 January 11 February 1995 
B 70 Sweat production. 8 February 4 March 1995 
B 71 Rosalinda. 13 25 February 1995 
B 72 The Twilight of the Golds. 18 March 22 April 1995 and February 13 April 1996 
B 73 Story of an African Vampire. 13 February 11 March 1995 
B 74 Arcadia comedic detective thriller. 3 February 11 March 1995 
B 75 Sizzling in Sync. 2 5 March 1995 
B 76 Don Pasquale opera. 11 15 March 1995 
B 77 Too Thin Man. 16 March 22 April 1995 
B 78 Les Liaisons Dangereuses by the Royal Shakespeare Company. 20 March - 29 April 1995 
B 79 Bambi sings the FAK songs. 26 March 1995 
B 80 The Nuns Romantic Story. 28 March 29 April 1995 
B 81 Danza Noventa Blood Wedding. 28 April 13 May 1995 
B 82 Old Ladies Guide to Survival. 26 April 27 May 1995 
B 83 Afrodizzia. 4 May 27 May 1995 
B 84 You ANC nothing yet by Pieter Dirk Uys. 7 May 1995 
B 85 Umabatha. 12 May 8 July 1995 
B 86 Heel against the head. 19 May 8 July 1995 
B 87 Got green chillis Makoti. 30 May 24 June 1995 
B 88 Psychodelic Cowboy and Sister Nun. 31 May 1 July 1995 
B 89 Lets sing Youth Day 95. 16th June 1995 
B 90 The Graduate (play). 22 July 1995 
B 91 Cuba and his Teddy Bear. 10 July 19 August 1995 
B 92 Juxtapower Free Flight. 17 - 29 July 1995 
B 93 African International Puppet Theatre Festival Paris Bonjour. 11 16 July and 18 25 September 1995 
B 94 Paradise is closing down. 31 July 26 August 1995 
B 95 Queen at the Opera. 7 August 16 September 1995 (Part 1 & 2) 
B 96 New stages: Curtains up.  
 Various plays: The Honeymoon is over, Brothers in Arts, The child of the moon, Ebony & Evory. 18 August 23 September 1995 
B 97 Karnaval production. 29 August 9 September 1995 
B 98 Gods Forgotten. 19 23 September 1995 
B 99 The Choice. 28 September 11 November 1995 
B 100 Truth Commission by Pieter Dirk-Uys. 2 7 October 1995 
B 101 Die Vleiros. 5 October 11 November 1995 
B 102 Six of the best. 12 15 October 1995 
B 103 A king is born. 14 November 1995 6 January 1996 
B 104 Santas Magic Bag. 1 23 December 1995 
B 105 Leader of the pack Musical. 6 November 1995 17 February 1996 
B 106 Together at last. 17 December 1995 
B 107 Swopping Comics. 23 November 1995 20 January 1996 
B 108 FNB Vita National Theatre Awards 1995/1996 10 October 1995 
B 109 Frida Kahlos Eyes production. 16 January 24 February 1996 
B 110 The Twilight of the Golds. 16 February 13 April 1996 
B 111 La Tragedie De Carmen by CAPAB Opera. 1 9 March 1996 
B 112 The Honeymoon is over. 7 - 9 March 1996 
B 113 SAA Sibongile Khumalo tour at the Civic Theatre. 14 16 March 1996 
B 114 Festival Strings Lucerne. Concert and production by the Johannesburg Musical Society. 17 March 1996 
B 115 Jonas Gwangwa in concert. 21- 31 March 1996 
B 116 First Night. 21 March 4 May 1996 
B 117 Masutsa production. 11 April 18 May 1996 
B 118 Swan Lake by PACT Ballet. 16 20 April 1996 
B 119 Six of the best. Various productions. 24 28 1996 
B 120 Phaedra production. 25 April 1 June 1996 
B 121 Freeplay. 1 11 May 1996 
B 122 A Tale of Two Cities production. 21 May 29 June 1996 
B 123 New stages III. Keeping the Faith, Episodes in light and dark,Please hold I m coming. 17 May 8 June 1996 
B 124 Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees Keur. 25 May 6 July 1996 
B 125 A handful of keys. 2 4 June 1996 
B 126 Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. 2 performances: 19 29 June 1996 and 4 31 December 1996 
B 127 Too many cookies? comedy. 21 June 3 August 1996 
B 128 Indiscretions. Les Parents Terribles. Opera 27 June 17 August 1996 
B 129 Netherlands Dans Theater. 3 programmes. June July 1996 
B 130 Truth Omissions by Pieter Dirk-Uys. 15 27 July 1996 
B 131 FrankN Stein production. 15 July 31 August 1996 
B 132 Heel against the head. 31 July 24 August 1996 
B 133 Women challenging the future. 9 August 1996 
B 134 Dance Explosion. 18 August 1996 
B 135 Pie Jesu by Nataniel. 25 August 1996 
B 136 Startime. 26 27 August 1996 
B 137 Piano Lesson. 29 August 12 October 1996 
B 138 Andre the Hypnotist. 8 September 1996 
B 139 Standard Bank National Arts Festival presents: Noisy Walk, Hot from the fringe, What Anette said in her sleep last night, Once a pirate. 3 28 September and 1 12 October 1996 
B 140 The Dutch Swing College Band. 22 September 1996 
B 141 Please hold Im coming. 27 30 September 1996 
B 142 Ritmo Danza Noventa. 15 October 2 November 1996 
B 143 Death defying acts. Adult comedy. 25 October - 21 December 1996 
B 144 Tickle to fine leg. 6 30 November 1996 
B 145 Yehudi Menuhin MTN concert. 8 9 November 1996 
B 146 La Cage Aux Folles. 26 November 2 December 1996 and January February 1997 
B 147 Black Nativity. A gospel song play. 6 December 1996 12 January 1997 
B 148 White men with weapons. 18 November 21 December 1996 
B 149 The Yo Kids Holiday Show. 10 December 1996 11 January 1997 
B 150 Showcases. January 1997 
B 151 Feedback. 8 January 1 February 1997 
B 152 Go Noah Go. 9 11 January 1997 
B 153 People are living there. 31 January 15 March 1997 
B 154 Stand up Ecstatic production. 28 January 15 February 1997 
B 155 Bolshoi Ballet. 15 16 February 1997 
B 156 Picasso at the Lapin Agile. 17 February 22 March 1997 
B 157 Griet Skryf N Sprokie. 21 February 27 March 1997 
B 158 A hand ful of keys. Benefit Concert. 24 February 1997 
B 159 In concert: The Music of Andrew Lloyd Weber. 12 March 19 April 1997 
B 160 Sixties Sunshine Underground. 8 April 17 May 1997 
B 161 Voices of the 90s. Woman to Woman. 17 April 24 May 1997 
B 162 Live from Boerassic Park by Pieter Dirk-Uys. 2 3 May 1997 
B 163 Krotoa production. 13 May 24 May 1997 
B 164 IPI Tombi. 28 May 14 June 1997 
B 165 Simpatico. 31 May 3 June 1997 
B 166 UMBATHA production. Performance in South Africa and the trip to USA. 
B167 Productions of The Marionette Theatre of the Johannesburg Civic Theatre, 1970- 1985. 
B167.1 Variety Programme with light, music and colour presented by The Marionette Theatre during the Rand Show in Johannesburg in 1970 - 1972. 
B167.2 "Jack and the Beanstalk", "Buzz Off", "Neptune's Pearl" Productions in 1971, 1979 & 1987. 
B167.3 Productions of the Marionette Theatre : "Amahl and the Night Visitors" and "Peter and the Wolf" December 1972. 
B167.4 "Senor Onyon": production presented in 1972. 
B167.5 Production of "A Dream Fantasy" presented in 1973 at the Rand Show. 
B167.6 "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" production presented by the Marionette Theatre in 1973. 
B167.7 "Aladdin and the Magic Lamp" Marionette Theatre production of 1981. 
B167.8 "Fun in the Veld" production of 1974. 
B167.9 Theatre production of "The Reluctant Dragon" in 1975. 
B167.10 "Eldorado" production of 1976. 
B167.11 "Once Upon a Time" ("Lank, Lank Gelede") production of 1977. 
B167.12 "Happy Harry's Health Circus" presented by the Marionette Company of the Johannesburg Civic Theatre in 1979. 
B167.13 Puppet Play : "Something Burning" presented in 1982. 
B167.14 Production of "Wicked Witch and Evil Giant" of 1984. 
B167.15 "Christmas Frolics" production of 1985. 
B168 First production of the Johannesburg Civic Theatre, musical "Eureka" presented in 1968. 
B169 Youth Concert presented by the teams from various schools at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre in August 1973. 
B170 Lunch Hour Concerts at Johannesburg Civic Theatre performed by The Light Horse Band in 1974. 
B171 Afrikaanse Kabaret performed at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre in August 1975. 
B172 Mercedes Molina and her Spanish Dance Theatre in the performance "Mosaico Espaniol" at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre in August 1977. 
B173 Programme of Spanish dances presented by Johannesburg Civic Theatre with Mercedes Molina Spanish Dance Theatre in August 1980.  
B174 "I Love my Wife", production of the Johannesburg Civic Theatre and Brickhill-Burke Productions presented in May 1982. 
B175 "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" production of 1983. 
B176 1983/84 Annual Drama Awards Event, 9 September 1984. 
B177 1984/85 Annual Vita Awards in Johannesburg Civic Theatre, 8 September 1985. 
B178 Production of "Ten Decades of Theatre" September/October 1986 presented on the occasion of the Johannesburg Centenary. 
B179 Annual Vita Award Ceremony held at Johannesburg Civic Theatre in September 1987. 
B180 "Black Nativity" Gospel Song Play by Langston Huges, 1966. 
B181 List of productions and performances at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre for the period of 1962 - 1980. 
B182 Production of "Mame" in 1982 through partnership of Johannesburg Civic Theatre and Brickhill-Burke Productions (PTY) LTD.  
B183 "Barnum" production in Johannesburg Civic Theatre in 1983. 
B184 Production of "Forum" in 1983. 
B185 "Razzle-Dazzle" production of 1983 through cooperation between Johannesburg Civic Theatre and Brickhill-Burke Productions. 
B186 "Koves /Coart" production of 1991 -1992 presented by Coordinating Association for Regional Theatres in Vereeniging . 
B187 Opera "La Boheme: Noir" (The Black Boheme) performed at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre in March 1998. 
B188 International Performances by foreign artists at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre, 1982 - 1990. 
B189 Press releases on various Johannesburg Civic Theatre Productions, 1967 - 2003. 
C 1 Programmes of the theatre productions for 1962.  
 The first production took place on the 27th of August 1962 on the occasion of the inauguration of the Civic Theatre. The programmes include only 12 productions for the months of August, September, October and December 1962. There were mainly opera, ballet and music concerts. 
C 2 Programmes of the productions for 1963.  
 They cover productions for the period of February 1963 up to December that year. There are 24 programmes. 
C 3 Programmes of the productions for 1964.  
 They cover period of February to November 1964. There were 38 various productions during this year which include: music concerts, ballet, recitals, opera, orchestra concerts, theatres plays and dramas. 
C 4 Programmes of the productions for 1965.  
 They include various theatre shows for the period of February December 1965. The performances include: ballet, opera, music concerts, classical plays, musicals and other shows.  
C 5 Programmes of the productions for 1966.  
 They cover a great variety of shows for the period of January December 1966 and include: music concerts, ballet, opera, dance, fashion shows, choir performances, musicals, recitals of the individual musicians, plays. There were 40 theatre performances during the year of 1966. 
C 6 Programmes of the productions for 1967  
 Including orchestral concerts, musicals, choir performances, classical plays, various recitals, fashion shows. There were 38 theatre productions in 1967.  
C 7 Programmes of the productions for 1968.  
 They cover 33 theatre productions like: opera, ballet, puppets shows, recitals, symphony concerts, plays. 
C 8 Programmes of the productions for 1969.  
 These programmes contain details for the following productions: ballet, opera, concerts, recitals of the individuals, plays, puppets shows, artists festivals. There were 31 performances this year in the theatre. 
C 9 Programmes of the productions for 1970.  
 There are 41 programmes of various shows like: recitals of individual musicians and with orchestra, ballet, opera, music festivals, choir performances, puppet shows of the Marionette Theatre, musicals. 
C 10 Programmes of the productions for 1971.  
 They illustrate only 25 productions which include: music programmes, opera, symphony orchestra concerts, recitals, ballet, musicals.  
C 11 Programmes of the productions for 1972.  
 They include 26 following productions: the puppet shows of the Marionette Theatre, ballet, opera, comedies, dramas, concerts, recitals of individual musicians, musicals.  
C 12 Programmes of the productions for 1973.  
 These programmes cover 36 productions like: ballet, dancing performances, festival of Greek drama, recitals, opera, musicals. 
C 13 Programmes of the productions for 1974.  
 They contain details of the following shows: opera, ballet, music recitals, symphony orchestra concerts, puppet shows, lunch hour concerts and for charity, Spanish Dance Theatre performances, various music shows, comedies and other plays. 
C 14 Programmes of the productions for 1975.  
 There are only 29 programmes of the productions like: orchestra concerts, folk song and dance evenings, ballet, opera, cabaret, lunch hour concerts, recitals, charity concerts, musicals, classical plays.  
C 15 Programmes of the productions for 1976.  
 These programmmes are for the following productions: puppet shows, dance performances, opera, music recitals and festivals, ballet, lunch hour and charity concerts, various plays, circus performance, orchestra concerts, musicals.  
C 16 Programmes of the productions for 1977.  
 They cover 31 productions like: African songs and dance, ballet, music recitals, puppet shows, musicals, arts competitions, charity concerts, choir performances, live shows, Marionette workshops.  
C 17 Programmes of the productions for 1978.  
 They include the following shows: opera, recitals, ballet workshops, puppet shows, musicals, choir concerts with an orchestra, education exhibitions, Radio and TV Awards, charity performances, theatre plays. 
C 18 Programmes of the productions for 1979.  
 These programmes provide information for the productions like: students performances, ballet, arts awards, operetta, recitals, opera, puppet shows, Springbok Radio Awards, charity performances, musical festivals, music concerts by school performers, various dance shows.  
C 19 Programmes of the productions for 1980.  
 They cover 41 performances like: ballet workshops, Arts Awards, concerts of the Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra, recitals, opera, puppet shows, musicals, students concerts, film evenings, various entertainment shows. 
C 20 Programmes of the productions for 1981.  
 They provide details for the following productions: singers in concert, ballet festival, opera, choir festivals, dance theatre, drama, special functions, recitals, exhibitions, entertainment groups, symphony orchestra concerts, Springbok Radio Awards, puppet shows, gala benefit performances, plays, conferences. 
C 21 Programmes of the productions for 1982.  
 The 26 programmes are for performances like: ballet, opera, jazz concerts, musicals, charity performances, choir concerts, students performances, comedies, symphony orchestra concerts, fund-raising events. 
C 22 Programmes of the productions for 1983.  
 They cover only 17 productions: exhibitions, opera, ballet, gala benefit concerts, art school performances, musicals, fashion shows, puppet shows and exhibitions.  
C 23 Programmes of the productions for 1984.  
 They are for the following productions: musicals, ballet charity performances, arts school concerts, gala benefit performances, arts awards, opera. There are only 27 programmes for this year. 
C 24 Programmes of the productions for 1985.  
 These programmes cover productions like: opera, ballet, arts awards, fund-raising gala shows, puppet shows, youth festivals by schools, performing arts workshops, dance theatre performances, students performances, dances festival, charity performances, festival of books, choir concert. 
C 25 Programmes of the productions for 1986.  
 They contain details of the following productions: ballet and other dance performances, opera, Miss South Africa Competition, performing arts workshops, puppet shows by Marionette Company, Gala Benefit Performances, music concerts, Johannesburg School of Arts concert, art exhibitions, arts awards, charity performances, choir concerts.  
C 26 Programmes of the productions for 1987.  
 These programmes cover the productions like: exhibitions, ballet, puppet shows, operetta, opera, drama, Indian dance performances, Annual Vita Awards, beauty competitions. There are only 24 programmes for that year. 
C 27 Programmes of the productions for 1992.  
 They illustrating the following shows: programme of the grand reopening of the Johannesburg Civic Theatre on the 12.06.1992 at the Gala Concert, cabaret, dance theatre, plays, pantomime, choir concerts, Gala Concert for the 30th Anniversary of the Civic Theatre, benefit performances. There are only 13 programmes for that year.  
C 28 Programmes of the productions for 1993.  
 They are for the productions: ballet, artistic exhibitions, plays, charity concerts, opera, choral concerts, recitals, cultural festival of arts, music competition, operetta, business awards, dramas, national theatre awards, dance groups, benefit performances.  
C 29 Programmes of the productions for 1994.  
 They include details of the following productions: musicals, comedy, various dance performances, the National Symphony Orchestra concert, plays, ballet, fashion show, recitals, opera, exhibition by Johannesburg Art Gallery. There are 53 programmes for the year of 1994. 
C 30 Programmes of the productions for 1995.  
 These programmes cover productions like: new South African plays, ballet, opera, dramas, awards ceremonies, dance performances, comedies, musicals, FNB Vita Awards, Afrikaans Radio Winners, artists against AIDS. 34 programmmes for 1995. 
C 31 Programmes of the productions for 1996.  
 They are for the following productions: dramas, ballet, dance theatre, musical, plays, comedies, art festival (Klein Karoo Keur), recitals by individual musicians, bands in concerts. 38 programmes for 1996.  
C 32 Programmes of the productions for 1997.  
 The 35 of them cover productions like: fundraising concerts, plays, jazz concerts,dance performances, dramas, music awards concerts, comedies FNB Annual South African Music and Theatre Awards, jazz concerts, ballet, music recitals, shows from Grahamstown Festival. 35 programmmes for 1997.  
C 33 Programmes of the productions for 1998.  
 They contain details for the following productions: plays, opera, musicals, Shakespeare festival, jazz concerts, dance performances, choir concerts, music and art awards, comedy, ballet, individual recitals. There are 38 programmes for the year of 1998. 
C 34 Programmes of the productions for 1999.  
 These programmes are for the productions like: comedy, classical plays, musicals, ballet, music competitions, dance performances. There are only 18 programmes for that year. 
C 35 Programmes of the productions for 2000-2005.  
 They cover the following productions: dance performances, concert by South African artists to fight AIDS, musical. There is only 10 programmes for that year. 
C 36 Programmes of the productions for 2006-2007.  
 The programmes cover: pantomime, musicals and dance performances. 
C 37 Programmes of the productions for 2008-2009.  
 The programmes for that period are for the shows like: ballet, opera, romantic musical, individual recital. 
C38 Programmes for 2010 - 2011. 
C39 Programmes of the productions for 2012 - 2017.  
C40 Programmes of the productions undated.  
D 1 The Blood Knot. A play in seven scenes. 
D 2 The Captains Tiger a memoir for the stage. By Athol Fugard. 
D 3 King Lear a play with edited text for Civic Reading. 
D 4 Kippie a play. 
D 5 The Nuns Romantic Story a play by Zakes Mda. 
D 6 The search for signs of intelligent life in the Universe production. 
D 7 Afro Dizzia (draft script). 
D 8 Arcadia by Tom Stoppard. 
D 9 Cuba and his Teddy Bear production. 
D 10 Death Defying Acts a play of 1995. 
D 11 Die Vleiros by Pieter-Dirk Uys. 
D 12 Giants by Sabata Sesin. 
D 13 La Cage aux folles the Broadway musical. 
D 14 Leader of the pack: the Ellie Greenwich Musical. 
D 15 Old Boys by Anthony Akerman. 
D 16 People are living there a play. 
D 17 Simpatico a play by Sam Shepard. 
D 18 Stand-up Ecstatic production. 
D 19 Sweet panic by Stephen Poliakoff. 
D 20 Talk Radio a play. 
D 21 The Captains Tiger. 
D 22 The music of Andrew Lloyd-Webber in concert the production of 1997. 
D 23 The Twilight of the Golds by Jonathan Tolins. 
D 24 Umbatha by Welcome Msomi. 
D 25 The Honeymoon's over by Napea Motana. 1995 
D 26 Heel against the head by Paul Slabolepszy. 1995 
D 27 Phaedra with translation by Robert Lowell. 
D 28 The Old Ladys Guide to Survival by Mayo Simon. 
D 29 Conversations. Please hold, Im coming by Thandi Brewer. 1994 
D30 "A King is born" The Gauteng Nativity, Musical with piano/keyboard and percussion score.  
 Documents containing biographical information about art and theatre as well as people relating to the theatre like : actors, directors, musicians,etc. 
E 1 Curriculum Vitae of Nicholas John ELLENBOGEN. 
E 2 C.V. of Michal Jacobus GROBBELAAR. 
E 3 C.V. , press releases, and newspaper cuttings relating to Janice HONEYMAN. 
E 4 Biography of Abdullah IBRAHIM. 
E 5 Biographical information on Sibonghile KHUMALO. 
E 6 Biography of Mirriam MAKEBA. 
E 7 Biography of Mannie MANIM. 
E 8 Biographical information on Zakes MDA. 
E 9 Newspaper cuttings relating to the theatre activities of Jerry MOFOKENG. 
E 10 Biography of Thembi MTSHALI. 
E 11 Biography of Patrick MYNHARDT. 
E 12 C.V. of Chantal NATIVEL. 
E 13 Biography of Mbongeni NGEMA. 
E 14 Biography of Kate NORMINGTON. 
E 15 Biography of Sarah ROBERTS. 
E 16 Biography of Barney SIMON. 
E17 Documents relating to Johannesburg Civic Theatre Staff matters, like: employment, conditions of service, salaries, pension (gratuity)fund.  
E18 Biography, press releases, newspaper articles relating to Bernard Jay, chief Executive Officer of Johannesburg Civic Theatre. 
 The material includes some programmes of various productions by The Marionette Theatre and the Visitors Book. 
G 1 Scrap Book which contains newspaper cuttings of the predecessor of JCT Johannesburg Repertory Players Theatre productions for the period of 1937 1939. 
G 2 Newspaper clippings of the theatre productions in the scrap book for the period of July 1962 December 1963. (Stored separately from the collection) 
G 3 Newspaper cuttings of the productions covering the period of January 1964 December 1964. (Stored separately from the collection) 
G 4 Clippings for the period of December 1964 January 1965. (Scrap Book stored separately from the collection) 
G 5 Cuttings for December 1965 November 1966. (Scrap Book stored separately from the collection) 
G 6 Newspaper clippings for January 1967 December 1967. (Scrap Book stored separately from the collection) 
G 7 Cuttings for January 1968 December 1968. (Scrap Book stored separately from the collection plus loose cuttings with the collection) 
G 8 Clippings for December 1968 December 1969. (Scrap Book stored separately from the collection) 
G 9 Newspaper cuttings for the period of January 1970 August 1972.  
 (Scrap Book stored separately from the collection plus loose clippings with the collection) 
G 10 Clippings for September 1972 November 1974. (Scrap Book stored separately from the collection plus loose clippings with the collection) 
G 11 Cuttings for November 1974 1976. (Loose clippings and scrap book stored separately from the collection plus loose cuttings with the collection) 
G 12 Clippings for October 1976 March 1980. (Loose cuttings and scrap book stored separately from the collection) 
G 13 Cuttings for February 1980 September 1985. (Loose cuttings and scrap book stored separately from the collection) 
G 14 Clippings for September 1985 September 1993 (Scrap book stored separately from the collection plus loose cuttings with the collection) 
G 15 Cuttings for July 1993 October 1995 (Scrap book stored separately plus loose cuttings with the collection) 
G 15a Clippings for 1993 (loose cuttings) 
G 15b Clippings for 1994 (loose cuttings) 
G 16 Newspaper cuttings of the period June 1995 June 1997 (Scrap Book stored separately from the collection plus loose cuttings with the collection) 
G 16a Clippings for 1995 (loose cuttings). 
G 16b Clippings for 1996 (loose cuttings). 
G 16c Clippings for 1997(loose cuttings). 
G 16d Clippings for 1998 (loose cuttings) 
G 16e Clippings for 1999 (loose cuttings) 
G 16f Clippings for 2000 (loose cuttings) 
G 17 Newspaper cuttings for June 1997- October 1998 (Scrap Book stored separately from the collection) 
G 18 Clippings for October 1998 May 2000 (Scrap Book stored separately from the collection) 
G 19 Clippings for 1999 (loose cuttings) 
G 20 Newspaper cuttings for 2000 (loose clippings). 
G21 Newspaper clippings for 2003 (loose cuttings).  
G22 Clippings for 2004 (loose clippings). 
G23 Clippings for 2006 (loose clippings). 
G24 Newspaper clippings for 2007 & 2008 (loose cuttings).  
G25 Clippings for 2008 & 2009 (loose cuttings). 
G26 Newspaper clippings for 2010 (loose cuttings). 
 Covering ballet, opera, musicals, dramas, comedies, dance performances, puppet shows, orchestra concerts, classical plays. 
H 1 Posters for the year of 1993. 
H 2 Posters advertising 1994 productions. 
H 3 Posters of the various productions for 1995. 
H 4 Posters of the 1996 productions. 
H 5 Posters of the 1997 productions. 
H 6 Posters advertising 1998 productions. 
H 7 Posters for 1999. 
H 8 Posters for 2000 and 2001 productions. 
H 9 Posters for 2008 and 2009 theatre productions. 
H10 Posters of various productions undated.  
I 1 Eureka musical about the early mining days of Barberton. March 1968.  
 Photographs of the performance, individual photos of the actors, Eureka City and actors visiting surroundings of Barberton. 
I1.1-I1.1.12 Group photos from the musical. 
I1.2-I1.2.5 Individual photos of some performers. 
I1.3-I1.3.6 Group photos of actors in Eureka City and the surroundings of Barberton. 
I2 What is Love? September 1968  
 Production with Fiona Fraser, George Jackson and Folk Singer Mel Green. 
I2.1-I2.6 Photographs of the play and two individual actors: Fiona Fraser and Mel Green. 
I3 The most Happy Fella by Frank Loesser, November 1962. 
 It was the first musical with American singer Edwin Steffe and actors like : Olive King, Edwin Steffe, June Hern and M. McGovan presented at the Civic Theatre. 
I3.1-I3.10 Photographs of various scenes from the show.  
 Photographs I3.8-I3.10 stored in a separate file (folio). 
I4 Collection of photographs of the production A Sip of Jerepigo 1969-1970  
 With Patrick Mynhardt in a title role. They include photos of various scenes from the play, contact sheets and pictures from the 100th performance of the production A Sip of Jerepigo which took place on 5th of March 1970. 
I4.1-I4.1.37 Patrick Mynhardt as Oom Shalk Lourens in Herman Charles Bosmans story Willem Prinsloos Peach Brandy in A Sip of Jerepigo. 1992 
I4.2-I4.2.21 Patrick Mynhardt in A Bekkersdal Marathon in A Sip of Jerepigo production, a toast to the writer Herman Charles Bosman,the man and his works.  
 The production was devised and directed by Michal Grobbelaar. There are also contact sheets containing small individual photos of Patrick Mynhardt. 
I4.3-I4.3.12 Photographs of the celebration of the 100th performance of the Johannesburg Chamber Theatre production A Sip of Jerepigo which took place on the 5th of March, 1970.  
 There are also photographs showing celebrating 382 performances of A Sip of Jerepigo between 1969 and 1971.  
I5- I5.53 Godspell the 21st anniversary of the production from 25th of May 1975.  
 Photographs include scenes from the show, individual photos of performers as well as the director (Dawn Lindberg), musical director (Bryan Schimmel) and musicians. There are also coloured slides containing scenes from the performance. 
I6 I love my wife production by Brickhill-Burke. May 1982 
I7 Musical Mame. Brickhill-Burke Productions directed by Louis Burke. November 1982 
I8-I8.1 Macbeth 1983 production. 
I9-I9.1 Ballet production Papillon by PACT Ballet in 1983. 
I10 Cinderella PACT Ballet production. 1983 
I11 The Three Musketeers by PACT Ballet. 1984 production. 
I12-I12.3 Photographs of performers from ARTS84 : Giorgio Lamberti, Luciana Sena and Rolf Harris. 
I13-I13.20 The Student Prince PACT production in November 1985.  
 Photographs include individual pictures of the performers, director Neels Hansen, Andrews Botha set designer, and Lindy Grindlay costume designer. 
I14-I14.2 Music show Bhakti. 25th July 1986. 
I15-I15.11 Chorus Line production directed by Troy Garza. 1992  
 Photographs include scenes from the performance, photo of the director Troy Garza and 3 contact sheets. 
I16-I16.7 Patrick Mynhardt in A Sip of Jerepigo. 1992 production. 
I17-I17.4 Not The Raiders production of 1993.  
 There is only one photograph of this production and two duplicates as well as 4 contact sheets. Negatives are stored in a separate file from the main collection. 
I18-I18.8 The Poggenpoel Sisters by Pieter Dirk Uys playing sister Bambi Kellermann Vera Cruz.  
 There are photographs of the show and a few slides. 
I19-I19.1 Beecham production presented in June-July 1993.  
 Two photographs only show Michael Atkinson as Sir Thomas Beecham with Peter Krummeck. 
I20-I20.4 Storm in a teacup one-woman show performed by Michelle Couves and directed by Bo Petersen in August 1993.  
 There are 4 photographs of the show and one individual of the performer. 
I21-I21.21 Abdullah Ibrahim plays Blues for A Hip King performances between 18-25 September 1993.  
 Photographs illustrate Abdullah Ibrahim himself playing piano and soprano sax as well as all his various accompanied musicians with their various instruments. There are also a few negatives of the concert. 
I22-I22.89 Pigs with Attitude production presented 16 - 30 September 1993.  
 Photographs present scenes of the performance with two actresses: Kate Normington and Gaby Lomberg and individual photos of these two performers. 
I23-I23.3 Puppet production Chiwele and the Giant presented from 4 -16 October 1993.  
 There are only 4 colour computer prints out of the show and 28 colour negatives. 
I24-I24.28 One person music show Cabaret Songs performed by Marie Du Toit in her programme Marie du Toit in Brecht/Eisler.  
 The photographic collection contains photos of the show, individual photographs of the performer and coloured and black and white negatives.  
I25-I25.1 Liz Meiring in one person performance If only we had arsenic/ N mens huil nie oor alles nie. November 1993.  
 There are only two photographs of the production and a few negatives. 
I26- I26.10 Tales from the Pleasure Palace production devised and directed by Janice Honeyman. 19 November 1993 up to January 1994.  
 There are 7 photographs of the production, 4 contact sheets and a few negatives. 
I27-I27.1 Cabaret Cover Girl performed by Elzabe Zietsman. February March 1993.  
 There are only two photographs of the performance. 
I28-I28.9 Magic at 4 a.m. production. April 1993.  
 There are 10 coloured photographs of the production presenting individual performers but no names of actors were given. 
I29-I29.1 De Kleine Man production with Jannie Du Toit and Christa Steyn. January/February 1994.  
 There is only one photograph of Christa Steyn, one contact sheet and 3 negatives. 
I30-I30.1 Musical performance Come Together Dance Together- An electrifying dance celebration! January/February 1994. 
 There is only one photo of the performance and one contact sheet.  
I31-I31. The Glass Menagerie production, 1March- 2 April 1994.  
 directed by Karoly Pinter and performed by Jocelyn Broderic, Jana Cilliers,Martin Le Maitre and Andre Odendaal. There are 4 photographs of the production, 5 contact sheets and 3 coloured slides. 
I32-I32.7 Mynhoop production directed by Gerrit Schoonhoven. March April 1994. 
  Actors playing are: Tanya Swanepoel, Gerrit Schoonhoven, Francios Viljoen, Marcelle van Heerden and Elize Scheepers.There are 4 photographs of the production, 4 contact sheets and a few coloured negatives. 
I33- I33.1 The Basler Ballet performance of Spartakus. 5 9 July 1994. 
 There is only one photograph of the ballet and one of the ballet master Youri Vamos.  
I34- I34.12 Music performance of Cosi Fan Tutte directed by Janice Honeyman. 13 23 July 1994. 
 There are 4 coloured photographs and 8 black and white of the performance and a few coloured negatives.  
I35- I35.2 Musical production Consul directed by Janice Honeyman. 16- 22 July 1994. 
 There are only 3 photos of this production.  
I36- I36.7 Musical Buya Africa. 21 July 3 September 1994.  
 The performers were: Thuli Dumakude (singing) , Valerie Naranja (marimbas) and Emma (guitar). There are 7 photographs of the musical.  
I37- I37.6 Free Flight Dance Companys performance Young Wings choreographed by young choreographers. 8 24 December 1994. 
 The production is presented in 7 photographs and in a number of coloured slides. 
I38- I38.18 Musical Doo-Bee Boobies in all-male performance. 16 December 1994 to 21 January 1995 
 The production was directed by Robert Whitehead. It contains of 8 photographs, 9 contact sheets and a number of slides and negatives. 
I39- I39.5 Christmas production Lodestar directed by Peter Krummeck. 3 24 December 1994. 
 There are 4 photographs, one contact sheet and number of coloured negatives. 
I40- I40.6 On The Open Road production directed by Ilse van Hemert, 7 March to 9 April 1994.  
 It contains 2 photographs only, 4 contact sheets and 3 coloured negatives.  
I41- I41.2 Nongogo production written by Athol Fugard and directed by Jerry Mofokeng. 21 July- 3 September 1994. 
 There are only two photographs and a few coloured slides.  
I42- I42.13 My life production containing images and stories from the personal biographies of Five Young South Africans. Directed by Athol Fugard. 30 June- 10 July 1994. 
 It contains of 12 photographs, 3 contact sheets and a few negatives. 
I43- I43.11 My plunge to fame one person performance directed by Maralin Vanrenen in which Gaynor Young tells her story. 12 30 April 1994 and 27 September to 20 October 1994. 
 Photographs, contact sheets and a few negatives cover two performances. 
I44- I44.3 Photographs of Tessa Uys the piano performer with a programme of works by composers Schubert, Schumann, Janacek and Rachmaninov. 28 July 1994. 
I45- I45.1 The Sibikwas Players Kwela Bafana, 17 of November till 8 January 1994. 
 Production choreographed by a Canadian Trudi Forrest and devised and co-directed by Phyllis Klotz and Smal Ndaba. There are only two coloured photographs advertising the show 
I46- I46.13 Arcadia theatre production presented from 3 February to 11 March 1995.  
 It contains only 3 photographs, but includes 8 contact sheets and high number of coloured negatives. 
I47- I47.4 Story of an African Vampire production directed and performed by Ian Fraser. 15 February 11 March 1995 
 There are 4 photographs of the performer and a few negatives. 
I48- I48.10 The Nuns Romantic Story written by Zakes Mda. March 1995 
 and directed by Jerry Mofokeng. 6 photographs and 4 contact sheets illustrate scenes from the performance and there are also large numbers of coloured slides. 
I49 Photograph of the production Sizzling in Sync directed by Janice Honeyman and presented in March 1995. 
I50- I50.2 Blondes one person show featuring Brenda Radloff and directed by David Lloyd-Jones. 5 March- 3 April 1995. 
 There are three photos of the performance.  
I51- I51.9 Afrodizzia production directed by Robert Colman and presented 4th to 27th of May 1995.  
 There are 3 photographs, 7 contact sheets, coloured slides and a few negatives. 
I52- I52.6 Got Green Chillies Makoti written and directed by Vivian Moodley and performed by Pertulia Ramaphala. 30 May to 24 June 1995.  
 There are 6 photographs of the production and a few negatives. 
I53- I53.31.9 Psychodelic Cowboy and Sister Nun production directed by Guy Delancy. 31 May- 1 July 1995.  
 It contains a number of photographs, 5 contact sheets as well as colour slides and negatives. 
I54- I54.1 Performance by Danza Noventa Dance Company in a Dance Blood Wedding. 10th March 1995.  
 There are only two photographs of the show. 
I55- I55.18 The Old Ladys Guide To Survival directed by Maralin Vanrenen and featured by Patricia Sanders and Shelagh Holliday. 2 27 May 1995. 
  It contains photographs, contact sheets and number of coloured negatives. 
I56- I56.5 P.J. Powers as Thandeka (The Loved One) in a concert Lets Sing. 16 June 1995.  
 There are a few photographs and coloured negatives. 
I57- I57.9.10 Truth Omissions written and performed by Pieter-Dirk Uys. July 1995. 
 The production contains a few photographs and coloured slides. 
I58- I58.4.11 The Free Flight Dance Company in a dancing performance Juxtapower. 17- 29 July 1995.  
 There are few photographs of the show and coloured slides. 
I59- I59.11.8 Cuba and his Teddy Bear production directed by Clare Stopford. 12 July- 19 August 1995. 
 There are only 4 photographs of this production, 6 contact sheets and a few coloured negatives.  
I60- I60.20.10 The Graduate conceived and directed by Tale Motsepe. 1- 12 August 1995.  
 The production is illustrated by 17 photographs, 3 contact sheets and a number of coloured negatives. 
I61- I61.9 One of the New Stages Child of the Moon directed by Jerry Mofokeng and presented from 7 to 16 September 1995.  
 There are 6 photos of the production, 3 contact sheets and a number of coloured negatives. 
I62- I62.13.16 The Choice directed by Lesley Nott and presented 28 September to 11 November 1995.  
 The production is illustrated by 8 photographs, 5 contact sheets and a few coloured slides. 
I63- I63.9 Queen at the Opera. We will rock you! Musical production on show from 16 September to 2 November 1995.  
 It contains 9 photographs of the production and 2 slides. 
I64- I64.1 Les Liaisons Dangereuses production. RSC/Allied Domecq International Tour. 1995. 
 Only two coloured negatives of the production are available.  
I65- I65.1 Frida Kahlos Eyes play.  
 There is only 1 photo of the production and a few coloured negatives. 
I66- I66.10 Opera La Tragedie De Carmen performed from the 1st of March to 9th of March 1996.  
 The production contains 7 photographs, 2 contact sheets, 5 slides and a few negatives. 
I67- I67.13.6 Romantic comedy First Night played from 26 March to 4 May 1996.  
 There are 12 photographs of the production and a few coloured slides and negatives. 
I68- I68.4.6 Freeplay dance performance by Free Flight Dance Company. May 1996.  
 There are only 2 photographs of the production, 2 contact sheets and a few coloured slides. 
I69- I69.37 New Stages for 1996. May/June 1996 
  Various productions include: Giants by Sabata Sesiu and directed by Walter Chakela, Keeping The Faith by Bryan Rostron and directed by Francois Venter, Episodes in Light and Dark by Norman Coombes and directed by George Menoe. Photographs illustrate scenes of the productions, individual photos of actors and there are also a few of coloured slides and negatives. 
I70- I70.5 Phaedra French drama by Jean Racine. June 1996. 
 There are only 6 photographs of the production.  
I71- I71.8 Nederland's Dans Theater 3 (NDT3) in the programme of contemporary dance performed by one of the worlds leading dance groups. 1- 6 July 1996.  
 The performance is illustrated by 9 photographs. 
I72- I72.1 The monstrous hit entitled: Frank N Stein. 15 July- 12 August 1996. 
 Only two photographs are available of this production. 
I73- I73.2 Comedy Too many cookies..? played by Alyn Adams and Adrian Alper. August 1996 
 There are two photos of the production and one slide.  
I74- I74.2 Performance by Dutch Swing College Band and blues singer Sonja Kimmons in concert. September 1996.  
 There are only 3 photos available of this production.  
I75- I75.7.10 Please hold Im coming production directed by Melinda Ferguson-Yazbek. 27 September to 2 November 1996. 
 There are 3 photographs, 3 contact sheets and a number of coloured slides and negatives.  
I76- I76.18.4 Punchline Pub presented by a comedy and cabaret club. November 1996 
 The production contains 10 coloured photos, 4 black and white photos, 4 contact sheets and a few slides and negatives. 
I77- I77.26.11 Death Defying Acts in three new one- act comedies directed by Bobby Heaney. 25 October 21 December 1996.  
 "Central Park West by Woody Allen, An Interview by David Mamet and Hot Line by Elaine May. There are 19 photographs, 6 contact sheets and a number of negatives and slides. 
I78- I78.1 Free Flight Dance Company presents Young Wings in a Young Choreographers Season. December 1996. 
 There is only one photo and one contact sheet available of this performance.  
I79- I79.6 Masuta production presented in 1996  
 There are 6 photographs and one contact sheet of this production. 
I80- I80.34 La Cage production of 1996  
 The show is represented by set of coloured photographs, 2 contact sheets and a large number of coloured negatives. Unfortunately the names of actors were not provided. 
I81- I81.10 The Piano Lesson production directed by Jerry Mofokeng. 30 August 12 October 1996. 
 There are 11 photographs of the play.  
I82- I82.16 The Nativity a celebration with Gospel Songs directed by Fred Hagemann. 6 December 1966 to 12 January 1997. 
 The production is represented by 14 photographs and 4 contact sheets. 
I83- I83.14 The YO Kids Holiday Show musical programme for children in association with YO TV. 11 December 1996- 11 January 1997.  
 There are 16 photographs and a few slides and negatives.  
I84- I84.8.8 People are living there by Athol Fugard and directed by Dorothy Ann Gould. 31 January 15 March 1997 
 The play is illustrated by 4 photographs, 4 contact sheets and a few slides.  
I85- I85.6 Concert in honour of Mr. Ian Haggie . 19 March 1997. 
 For his dedication to the Performing Arts entitled: "In concert, the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber. There are 7 photographs of this event 
I86- I86.3 The classic South African Hit Musical IPI TOMBI. 29 May- 14 June 1997. 
 There are 4 coloured photographs of the show.  
I87- I87.2 The Captains Tiger by Athol Fugard. 4 September 1 November 1997. 
 There are only two photographs and one slide available of this production.  
I88- I88.8 Blind Dog Fourie written and performed by Jurgen Helleberg and directed by Maralin Van Renen. 30 September- 18 October 1997. 
 There are 8 photos of the production.  
I89 Bouncers production. October 1997. 
 Only one photo is available of this performance.  
I90- I90.4.3 Sinderella music production directed by Charmaine Weir-Smith. 26 November 1997- 10 January 1998.  
 There is only one photo, 3 contact sheets and a few slides available. 
I91 Performance of the Theatre Talipot The Water Carriers. 1997  
 Only one photo is available. 
I92- I92.6 Dinner Talk presented in the theatre in February 1998 
 Directed by Jay Pather. There are only 6 contact sheets and one slide available. 
I93- I93.2 Tragi-comedy Mistress Magumbo presented from 27 March to 11 April 1998.  
 There are only 3 contact sheets available. 
I94- I94.1 A play by Ben Elton Popcorn directed by Dawn Lindberg. 6 March 11 April 1998. 
 Only two photos are available of this production.  
I95- I95.7 A Tribute to Gibson Kente music production presented in April 1998.  
 It contains 5 coloured photographs and 3 contact sheets. 
I96- I96.135 Palang Van Dwaal production written by Ian Roberts and directed by Lynne Maree. 27 April 30 May 1998.  
 There is a large number of coloured photographs of this production available. 
I97- I97. Talk Radio production. 4 May- 6 June 1998. 
 Directed by Graig Freimond and played by: Antony Coleman, Amanda Lane, Frank Opperman and Steven Raymond. There are coloured photographs of this production available.  
I98- I98.1 Waiting for Godotproduction. TJune 1998 
 here are only two photographs available of this performance.  
I99- I99.12 The Blood Knot a play written by Athol Fugard. 4 June 4 July 1998. 
 Directed by Mark Graham and played by Zane Meas and Ian Roberts. There are 8 coloured photographs and 5 contact sheets 
I100- I100. 2 Birmingham Royal Ballet in a performance Carmina Burana. July 1998 
 With a ballerina Leticia Muller as a Roast Swan. There are 3 photographs of this ballet stored in a separate folder 
I101- I101.13 Shakespeare Festival at the Civic Theatre. July 1998  
 It includes productions like: Hamlet, King Lear, Midsummer Night Dream. There are 8 coloured photographs and 7 contact sheets of these productions. 
I102- I102.5 Scribble the miraculous musical. Music, lyrics & book by Jervis Pennington. 7 August- 26 September 1998. 
 There are only 3 coloured photographs, a few duplicates and 3 contact sheets of this production.  
I103- I103.13 Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in a ballet performance. 24 September 1998. 
 Artistic director Judith Jamison. The production includes 14 photographs. 
I104 Love Child production with storyteller Gcina Mhlope. 6- 17 October 1998.  
 There is only photograph available of this performance. 
I105 After Nine production. 1998 
 Only one photo is available. 
I106- I106.23 New York State of Mind musical production. 12 November 1998 to 9 January 1999.  
 There are 23 photos of this performance and a few negatives. 
I107- I107.12 Divine Divas performance of three ladies sopranos. 1998  
 There are 12 photographs of the performers available and a few negatives but unfortunately no names were provided.  
I108- I108.21 Woza music production which is illustrated by 16 coloured photographs. 1998 
I109 Townhouse Tango production of 1998.  
 There is only one photo available of this performance. 
I110- I110.15 Little Shop of Horrors production of 1999.  
 It contains : 5 laminated coloured printed photocopies of the photos stored in a separate folder, 6 coloured photographs and 5 contact sheets. 
I111- I111.3 Take Two an entertaining and stylish cabaret with Melanie Roberts and Chantel Sanders. N.d. 
 There are 3 photographs of the performer and a few negatives. There was no date of this performance provided. 
I112- I112.3 Opera Turandot presented by the University of Cape Town Opera Company at the Civic Theatre, Johannesburg in February 1966.  
 There are 4 photographs available of this production. 
I113- I113.3 A King is born. The Gauteng Nativity production, 14 November 1995- 6 January 1996. 
 Directed by Jerry Mofokeng and played by Don Eric Mlangeni, Gugu Nxumalo, Jones Hlope and Teresa Tambourlas. There are 4 photographs of this production. 
I114- I114.1 Script Workshopped in Voices of the 90s Woman to Woman production. 17 April- 24 May 1997. 
 Directed by Magi Noninzi Williams and played by Mmabatho Mogomotsi, Dieketseng Mnisi and Amanda Quwe. There are only two photos of the production 
I115- I115.3 An adult puppet show Paris Bonjour performed by Jacques Templeraud. 11-16 July 1994  
 There are 3 photographs of this show and 1 negative. 
I116- I116.8 Jubilation production. 2-5 July 1998. 
 Directed by Ivor Jones and choreographed by Adele Blank. Performers: Ivor Jones, Malie Kelly, Trevor Sampson, Gloria Bosman 
I117- I117.1 Thando gets a parcel production. 10 February to 26 March (no year provided).  
 With performers: Clementine Mosimane, Patronella Mpolenyane and Stanley Jacobs. There are only two photos of this production. 
I118- I118.8.7 Young Peoples Project production Safe and Sound. 30 September-14 October (no year provided). 
 Deals with the sensitive issue of child abuse in a non-threatening way. There are 8 photos of the production and 8 slides 
I119- I119.11 Oceana theatre production. (No dates are available)  
 There are 10 photographs of this play and a few negatives.  
I120- I120.1 Musical I love my wife with main character played by Toby Cronje. (No date of the performance is available) 
 There are only two photographs of this production. 
I121 Photo of Sipiwe Khumalo,the director of the production Love Child played from 6 October to 17 October 1998. 
I122- I122.5 Jerry Joko production, n.d. 
 Performed by Matthew Stewardson and James van Helsdingen. There are 6 photographs of this production. 
I123 Christo Compion in the play The Emperor.  
 One photo only and the date of the performance not available. 
I124- I124.3 Photos of the former Civic Theatre director Janice Honeyman.  
 There are 5 photos available. 
I125 Photo of Civic Theatre CEO Bernard Jay. 
I126 Photo of Patricia Sanders. 
I127 Photo of S. Holliday. 
I128 Photograph of Maralin Vanrenen. 
I129 Photo of tenor Sidwill Hartman. 
I130 Photo of Frikkie Prinsloo. 
I131 Photograph of a comedian Andy Myers. 
I132 Photo of Peter-John and Adam Small. 
I133 Photo of Piet Koornhof. 
I134-I134.1 Photographs of Alfred (Brenbel?- surname illegible) 1969 
I135 Photo of soprano diva Mimi Coertse. 1971 
I136 Old photograph of 1889 illustrating a lady Gismonda. 
I137 Photo of Mimi Coertse. 1986 
I138 Photograph of Enrique Segovia. 
I139 Photo of Anna Neethling-Pohl. 
I140 Early photograph of Mannie Manim. 1976 
I141 Photo of Leanie Rysanele. 1986 
I142 Photo of Yoko Watanabe. 1985 
I143  Photograph of a distinguished British choreographer Sir Frederick Ashton. 
I144 Photo of an actor Terry Lester who played in a production Funny thing happened on the way to the forum. 
I145 Photograph of an American singing and dancing actress Janis Paige. 1971 
I146- I146.1 Two photos of Peter Frankl. 1968 
I147 Photo of Maxine Denys, a principal dancer of PACT Ballet. 1971 
I148 Photo of a ballet dancer Dawn Weller. 
I149 Photo of a performer Zoleka Duma in the production The Tribe. 
I150 Abdullah Ibrahim in concert. 18 September 1993.  
 Only one photograph and two negatives are available. 
I151- I151.3 Photos of performer Nataniel. N.d. 
 Here are two photos of the performer and two of the preparations for the production. 
I152 Photograph of the theatre director John Kani. 
I153- I153.5 Unknown event which took place in the Civic Theatre in September 1973 with various participants under its director Mr. Grobbelaar. 
I154- 154.1 Two photographs of Mr. Grobbelaar with Mimi Coertze and Mrs. Verwoerd. 
I155 Photo of an opera singer Sally Gain. 
I156 Photo of an actress Joanna Leinberg. 
I157 One of the early Civic Theatre productions Die Vroue van Troje by Euripides, n.d. 
 Played by Hannes Herne as Poseidon and Margo Luyt as Pallas Athena.  
I158 The Afrikaans drama production Die Besoek van die ou dame 
 A translation of Durrenmatts The visit presented at the inaugural festival of the Johannesburg Civic Theatre and directed by Fred Engelen.  
I159 Photo of opera singer Yasuko who performed at the theatre in April 1983. 
I160- I160.2.4 Photos and coloured positives of the conference facilities at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre.  
 The collection also includes one photo of the outside view of the theatre.  
I161 Opening of the Johannesburg Civic Theatre on 27 August 1962. 
I162.1-I162.2 Exterior view of the Civic Theatre. 
I163.1-I163.2 Interior view of the Johannesburg Civic Theatre. 
I164 Celebrations of the 10 Anniversary of the Civic Theatre, 29 August 1973. 
I165.1-I165.11 Performances at the African International Puppet Theatre Festival in Johannesburg Civic Theatre (no date provided). 
I165.12.1-12.4 Contact sheets from various performances at The African International Puppet Theatre Festival in Johannesburg Civic Theatre. 
I165.13.1-13.11 Positives in colour of the production "The Magic Fun" presented during the International Puppet Theatre Festival in Johannesburg Civic Theatre. 
I165.14.1-14.7 Positives in colour of the production "Watch out for the Crocs" presented during the International Puppet Theatre Festival in Johannesburg Civic Theatre. 
I165.15.1-15.3 Positives in colour of the productions "The Elephant Child" and "Kolobok" presented during the Puppet Theatre Festival. 
I165.16.1-16.4 Positives in colour of the production "The Princess and the Unicorn" presented during the Puppet Theatre Festival. 
I165.17.1-17.2 Slides in colour of the production "Tobby's Puppet Cabaret" presented at the Puppet Theatre Festival. 
I165.18.1-18.2 Slides in colour of the production "Playing for Keeps" presented at the Puppet Theatre Festival. 
I165.19 Slide in colour of the production "City Wisdom" presented at the Puppet Theatre Festival. 
I165.20 Colour slide of the production "Box of Tricks, Things on Strings and Stories with Shadows" presented at the Puppet Theatre Festival. 
I165.21 Colour slide of the production "How Man came to have fire" presented at the Puppet Theatre Festival in Johannesburg Civic Theatre. 
I166 Negatives of the unidentified actresses participating in the Puppet Theatre Festival. 
I167.1-I167.2 Masks presented at the Puppet Theatre Festival in Johannesburg by The Mask Studio from London. 
I168.1-I168.2 Tenor of the Metropolitan Opera of New York, Richard Tucker at the birthday party of Civic Theatre in Johannesburg, 28 August 1968. 
I169.1-I169.3 The National Society of Dance Teachers donation of bronzed heads of ballet pioneers to Johannesburg Civic Theatre, 25 July 1993. 
I170 Photograph of Michal Grobbelaar, former director of the Civic Theatre. 
I171 Photograph of David Tidboald, dirigent of the orchestra in on of the operas performed in the Civic Theatre. 
I172.1-I172.8 Photos of Mercedes Molina and Enrique Segovia in performance in "Mosaico Espanol" on the occasion of Johannesburg Civic Theatre 15th Birthday. 
I173.1-173.2 Photos of Marie Tredoux performing in the 'Afrikaanse Kabaret', 20 August 1975.  
I174 Photo from the performance "Three Dances to Japanese Music" at the Johannesburg Civic Theatre. 
I175 Music Group "Trilogie". 
I176 Performer Lucero Jena. 
I177 Alida von Maltitz paints the puppet for the play "A Green Christmas", 1968. 
I178 Dancers in performance of Alvin Aileys American Dance Theater 'Revelations". 
I179 Photo of an actress Rulan Booth. 
I180 Photo of a singer Laurika Rauch. 
I181 Gys de Villiers and Anna-Mart van der Merve in one of the scenes of production "Uit die Blante". 
I182 Photo caption from the production "Waiting for Godot". Cast: James Ngcobo & Russel Savadier, June 1998.