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Collection Name:United States - South Africa Leader Exchange Program(USSALEP)
Collection - AG3237
 Copyright 2012, Historical Papers, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 156 boxes, 3 albums 
 In the year 1955 the American Friends Service Committee held a conference at Haverford College, to examine the value of two-way exchanges between the Union (of South Africa) and the United States, to determine the most effective type of exchanges, and to explore the organisational and financial resources for carrying out such exchange programs. South African leaders were approached with the intention of finding people with a similar commitment to problem-solving by international contact. The South Africans were interested, and plans were made for the creation of an organisation that would co-operate in bringing together leaders from various ethnic and political groupings in the two countries by means of exchange visits. The organisation was founded in 1957 with the name USSALEP (United States-South Africa Leadership Exchange Program: later renamed the United States-South Africa Leader Development Program) and in December 1957, the African-American Institute agreed to add USSALEP to its existing projects. In 1960 USSALEP separated from the African-American Institute and became an independent organisation a private, voluntary, non-profit corporation. Over the next half-century large numbers of leaders and potential leaders from South Africa and the United States benefited from exchange visits, cultural contacts, conferences and training opportunities arranged by USSALEP. Exchangees were encouraged to travel and meet people who could assist them in gaining insight into their countrys problems and possible solutions. As well as the exchange visits, conferences were arranged and various training and empowerment projects were launched (See B: History of USSALEP) 
 The papers were deposited at Wits University in 2007. They consist mainly of historical information on USSALEP, minutes, correspondence, records of the various projects and individual files on management committee members and some exchangees. Not all files have been retained; in the case of fundraising correspondence and individual files a sample was considered sufficient to indicate the scope of the project for historical purposes. There is a certain amount of duplication; for the convenience of researchers the minutes have been collected separately in D and additional copies may be found in the correspondence files and mailings to members; material of historical interest may also be found in correspondence files, which are a rich source of information on the organisation. Some photographs are in the original personal files and some have been assembled under N. A number of photos are not identified. 
Constitution, formation, dissolution 
History of USSALEP 
Minutes and other documents 
Publications, press releases 
Correspondence and memoranda 
Board members (lists and individual files) 
Projects and programs 
Conferences and Symposia 
Visits to South Africa by US delegations 
Finance and Funding 
Special Topics 
Administration, staffing 
Video and audio tapes 
South African and US alumni (individual files) 
Miscellaneous items 
A1 Constitution and By-laws 1f 1960-1994. 
A2 Memorandum of Intent. Includes registration papers 1f  
A3 Memorandum and Articles of Association. Articles of Incorporation (various versions) 1f 1960-1992. 
A4 Documents relating to the closing of USSALEP 2002-2003. 
A5 Tax exemption correspondence 1f 1959-1999. 
B1 Printed historical pamphlets 
 The USSALEP Story 1958-1980. 
 The first decade (1959-1968). 
 A report on USSALEPs major activities and concerns, 1980-1981. 
 Various pamphlets and leaflets. 
B2 Various articles relating to the history of USSALEP 3f 1958-1990s 
 The early years of USSALEP - a personal View. By Alan Pifer 1991? 
 US-SALEP History -a summary by Lewis M Hoskins (1972) 
How USSALEP began Other articles and correspondence of historical interest, prospectus, reports, press release, press cuttings. 
B3  Archives project; Correspondence and other documents re the archives project. 
 2 files 2001-2003. 
C1 Annual reports 
C1.1-13  1958, 1959-1960, 1960-1961, 1961-1962, 1962-1963, 1963-1964, 1964-1965, 1965-1966, 1966-1967, 1967-1968, 1968-1969, 1969-1970, 1970-1971 
C1.14 1972 
C1.15 1973 
C1.16 1974 
C1.17 1988 
C1.18 1998 
C2 Program reports 1f 1982-1996 
 Reports of various projects and programs. 
C3 Monthly reports, and other reports by SA Executive Director. 1f 1983-1985 
C4 Miscellaneous reports and papers 
C4.1 Report of Cambridge business meeting, July 1969. 
C4.2 A report on USSALEPs major activities and concerns 1980-1981. 
C4.3 The state of black journalism in SA (undated). 
C4.4 An exchange of views between American and SA members of the legal profession. Report by RJ Waldmann, 1980. 
C4.5 Where is SA Headed? By Michael Clough 1980. 
C4.6 Brokers in Human Relations USSALEP program 1983. 
C4.7 Role of the US in furthering higher education in SA. Report of colloquium, 1983. 
C4.8 Causes of civil unrest and the private sector response 1984. Discussion report. 
C4.9 Conflict management skills training for the Cape African Teachers Union, 1985. 
C4.10 Report on Young Academics team programme 1985. 
C4.11 Report on the 1989 trial advocacy skills training programme in SA. 
C4.12 Lawyers team: Legal Education Project report 1984. 
C4.13 Journalism workshop in SA 1f 1985. 
C5 Reports to National Endowment for Democracy 1f 1988 
C6 Reports by exchangees 2f 
C6.1 Reports by SA exchangees visiting USA 1f. 
 Sample: others are found in individual files and/or program files. 
C6.2 Reports by Americans visiting SA 1f 
 Sample: others are found in individual files. 
 Visitors include George Sweazey, Prof and Mrs G Kennan, Dr Lewis Hoskins. 
C7 Reports in the form of letters from Lewis Hoskins, (mainly reports of board meetings), 1f 1996-1999. 
 There is some duplication: some minutes have been kept separate (D1, D2, D4) and others have been included with documentation relating to the minutes. 
D1 US Management Committee, Board and Council Minutes 
D1.1 1958-1960 
D1.2 1961-1966 
D1.3 1967-1969 
D1.4 1970-1972 
D1.5 1973-1983 
D1.6 1984-1989 
D1.7 1990-1996 
D1.8 1997-2003 
D2 South African Committee Minutes. Executive, Council and Board meetings 
 (includes some additional material) 
D2.1 1958-1961 
D2.2 1962-1965 
D2.3 1966-1978 
D2.4 1979 
D2.5 1980 
D2.6 1981 
D2.7 1982 
D2.8 1983 
D2.9 1984 
D2.10 1985 
D2.11 1986 
D2.12 1987 
D2.13 1988 
D2.14 1989 Includes reports 
D2.15 1990-2002 
D3 Minutes, correspondence and documents:  
D3.1 1957-1959 Reports, correspondence, articles of incorporation, prospectus. 
D3.2 1958-1961. Correspondence etc. Includes Report on the progress and value of USSALEP. 
D3.3 1963. Meeting at Wingspread, Wisconsin. Includes report from SA; remarks by Alan Pifer at joint management meeting. 
D3.4 1964-1965. Correspondence etc. Includes a talk by FS Loescher: South Africas dilemmas and ours. 
D3.5 1996-1997. Correspondence, minutes 
D3.6 1968-1969. Correspondence, minutes, etc. 
D3.7 1970-1971. Correspondence, minutes; a booklet: Southern Africa: proposals for Americans and a confidential memo by George Shephard. 
D3.8 1972. Includes a report by a US delegation to South Africa. 
D3.9 1973. Correspondence etc. Includes a statement by Dan McHenry before Congressman Diggs sub-committee, and a report of an attack on USSALEP by PW Botha. 
D3.10 1973 Records of a Symposium on SA at Umhlanga Rocks, Natal. Includes papers by Lucy Mvubelo, Robert Kraft, CL Dunnard, HJ Van Zyl, WD Wilson, WFJ Steenkamp, S Biesheuvel, B Llewellyn, W van Graan, S Motsuenyane. Theme: Optimum involvement of manpower in business and industry. (see also I5) 
D3.11 1974. Correspondence etc. Report on a visit to SA by J Bertotti 
D3.12 1974. Records of Symposium in US. Includes papers by Clark Kerr and others. 
 (see also I6) 
D3.13 1975. Minutes, correspondence. 
D3.14 1976. Minutes, correspondence, reports. Includes a statement by US members on the situation in SA, including the detention of people associated with the USSALEP programs. 
D3.15 1976. Symposium including papers. 
D3.16 1977. Correspondence, reports. 
D3.17 1977. Minutes and papers including some on SA by John Seiler, SP Cilliers. 
D3.18 1978. Minutes, correspondence, reports, press cuttings. Includes an article: South Africa: what is to be done? by Clyde Ferguson and William Cotter. 
D3.19 1979. Minutes, correspondence, CVs of new committee members and records of the USSALEP careers development project. 
D3.20 1980. Correspondence, a report : A Transatlantic Symposium: where is SA headed? by Michael Clough and other papers on South African affairs. (See I10) 
D3.21 1981. Correspondence, minutes. Includes Elizabeth Purcells remarks re USSALEP. 
D3.22 1982. Minutes, correspondence, report on planned activities, speeches by Executive director. 
D3.23 1983. Minutes, correspondence. Includes a letter and speech by Chief Buthelezi re constitutional dispensation in SA. 
D3.24 1984 Minutes, correspondence. (Prof Cefkin, S McDonald, A Pifer) Also report by SA director on the activities of USSALEP in SA 1983-1984, newsletter on workshop for black journalists. 
D3.25 1985 Minutes, program reports 
D3.26 1986 Minutes, financial records 
D3.27 1987 Financial records 
D3.28 1988 Minutes, resolutions 
D3.29 1989. Includes reports, financial records. 
D3.30 1990. Minutes, correspondence, financial records. 
D3.31 1991 Contains Unsolicited proposal to USAID for the expansion of USSALEPs Black South African Human Infrastructural Development Programs. 
D3.32 1992 Minutes, correspondence (correspondents include R Hoen, L Soudien). 
D3.33 1993 Minutes, correspondence (correspondents include A Pifer, 
 L Soudien, M Cowley). Also progress reports on CLTP project, TTD project and EEP/EI project. 
D3.34 1994 Minutes and reports, (including closeout report on 1990 Pifer Fellowships), correspondence (R Hoen , A Pifer), profile on Walter Massey. 
D3.35 1995 Mainly minutes, council member highlights, Anne Bernsteins address at the launch of the Centre for Development and Enterprise. 
D3.36 1996. Minutes, correspondence. 
D3.37 1997. Minutes, correspondence, Includes an article on Mandela from the NY Times magazine, by Anthony Lewis, and a report of the BUILD programme by Nell and Shapiro.. 
D3.38 1998. Minutes, correspondence 
D3.39 1999. Minutes, correspondence. Report by Pippa Green re her Nieman year in USA 
D3.40 2000-2002. Minutes, correspondence. 
D4 Joint / Plenary Meetings 
 Includes minutes, programmes and some speeches and reports 
 1966, 1976, 1978, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1985, 1986 
E1 USSALEP Exchange (Occasional newsletter) 1f 1964-1968 
E2 USSANET/USSALEP Alert 1986-1988 2f 
E3 USSALEP Newsletter 1983-1985 1f 
E4 USSALEP Update 1988-1998 1f 
E5 USSALEP Trends Monitor 1f 1984-1985 
E6 USSALEP Newsbriefs 1986 1f (for Council Members) 
E7 Press releases 1f 1967-1986 
F1 Mailings to members of the management committee 
 Includes some minutes (duplicates of D above) reports of visits, reports of programmes, reports of financial matters, papers on US-SA relations etc., correspondence and press cuttings from the SA and overseas press on current events. 
F1.1 1978 6 files 
F1.2 1979 2 files 
F1.3 1980 1f 
F1.4 1981 1f 
F1.5 1982 1f 
F1.6 1983 1f 
F1.7 1984 1f 
F1.8 1985 2f 
F1.9 1986 1f 
F1.10 1987 1f 
F1.11 1988 1f 
F1.12 1989 1f 
F1.13 1990 1f 
F1.14 1991 1f 
F2 Correspondence General. Includes reports and other documents 
F2.1 1957-1969 1f 
F2.2 1970-1980 1f 
F2.3 1981-1982 1f includes proposals, articles, memoranda. 
F2.4 1983 1f Includes a proposal on the training of black journalists from SA. 
F2.5 1984 3 files 
F2.6 1985 3 files. Includes USSALEP Journalism workshop report and an annual report from the Black Lawyers Association. 
F2.7 1986 3 files Includes memos and reports. 
F2.8 1987 2 files Correspondents include A Pifer, R Hoen, S Davis, H Moolman, E Purcell, M Clough. 
F2.9 1988 2 files Correspondents include A Pifer, JW Fredericks. 
F2.10 1989 2 files Correspondents include A Pifer, R Hoen. 
F2.11 1990 2 files. Correspondents include B Googins. 
F3 Correspondence Robin Hoen 
 Contains records of many USSALEP activities. 
F3.1 1990-1991 
F3.2 1993-1994 
F3.3 1995-1997 
F3.4 1998-2003 
F4 Correspondence United States South Africa 
F4.1 1972-1973 
F4.2 1975-1976 
F4.3 1977-1978 
F4.4 1979-1980 
F4.5 1981-1983 
F4.6 1984-1988 
F5 Correspondence 3f 
 Photocopies of USSALEP correspondence held at Columbia University 
 Rare book and Manuscript Library 
F5.1 1968-1978 (from Box 857) 
F5.2 1973-1984 (from Boxes R1016, 1017) 
F5.3 1982-1987 (from Boxes 1387-1388) 
F6 Memoranda 1f (mainly 1990s) 
 Lists and individual files. 
G1 Lists of board members 2 boxes 1958-2002 
 US and SA board members (lists, and council member highlights which includes biographical material. Also recommendations for council membership and correspondence 
G2 Board members individual files (arranged alphabetically) 
 These files contain materials such as CVs, obituaries, correspondence, reports and memoranda, press cuttings and photographs. Some are more informative than others.. 
G2.1 Armstrong, Winifred 1f 1991-2004 
 Bennett, George 1f 1961-1985 
 Bernstein, Todd 1f 1996-2003 
 Blake, Elias 1f 1979-1985 
 Blake, Eugene C 1f 1964-1974 
 Burditt, George 2f 1972-2003 
G2.2 Carter, Hodding 1f 1966-2002 
 Cashin, Molly 1f 1993-2000 
 Cathcart, David 1f 1986-2003 
 Coles Julius, 1f 1999-2002 
 De Villiers, Dawie 1f undated  
 Duster, Donald 1f 1975-2003 
 Eagle, Vernon 1f 1960 
 Fierce, Hughlyn 1f 1984-1985 
 Fleming, Harold 1f 1967-1992 
 Fredericks, Wayne 1f 1979-2004 
 Goldberg, Harry 1f 1958-1984 
G2.3 Greig, Lucius 1f 1975-1986 
 Grobler, Willem, 1f 1974-1983 
 Hamilton, William, 1f 1966-1984 
 Harris, Petra 1f 1996 
 Hoen. Robin 1f 1979-2002 (see also F3) 
 Hoge, James 1f 1975-1984 
 Hoskins, Lewis 2f 1960-2001 
 Hughes, Joyce 1f 1978-1982 
G2.4 Kitchen, Helen 3f 1978-1998 
 Klipin, Colin 1f 1989-1995 
 Kunene, Obed 1f 1977 
 LaBonte, Joseph, 1f 1992-2003 
 Llewellyn, Bruce 1f 1973-2002 
G2.5 Loescher, Frank 1f 1963-1973 
 Logan, Rayford 1f 1966-1976 
 Mabuza, Enos, 1f 1991 
 Macdonald, Steve 1f 1985-2003 
 Madden, Carl 1f 1972-1974 
 Marcum, John A 1f 1980-2003 
 Marzullo, Sal 1f 1983-1993 
 Massey, Walter 1f 1986-2002 
 Maubane, Moses 1f 1982-1985 
 Menell, Clive, 1f 1968-1996 
 Miller, Melvyn 1f 1993-2002 
 Mokoatle, Ben 1f 1972-1979 
G2.6 Motsuenyane, Sam, 1f 1960-1992 
 Munger, Edwin, 3f 1958-1999 
G2.7 Mvubelo, Lucy, 1f 1980-1984 
 Myburgh, Tertius 1f 1965-1992 
 Myers, Terry, 1f 1977-1983 
 Olivier, Gerrit, 1f 1977-1983 
 Osgood, John, 1f 1964-1983 
 Overton, Nina, 1f 1983-1993 
 Paffrath, Leslie 1f 1961-1977 
 Pifer, Alan 1f 1961-2005 (see also correspondence files F2) 
G2.8 Poovalingham, Pat 1f 1979-1982 
 Pretorius, Johan, 1990-1991 
 Purcell, Betty 2f 1960-2000 
 Purcell, John 1f 1979-1994 
 Qoboza, Percy 1f 1974-1988 
 Reynders, Hendrik 1f 1974-1980 
 Richardson, Clive, 1f 1990 
 Riley, Stephen 1f 1996 
 Rockhill, Victor 1f 1970-1981 
G2.9 Sisulu, Sheila 1f 1993-1997 
 Sonn, Franklin 1f 1978-1999 
 Tucker, Robert 1f 1984-1996 
 Van den Berg, Martin, 1f 1968-1976 
 Van der Ross, 1f 1972-1980 
 Van der Walt, Tjaart 1f 1986 
 Wallace, Martha 1f 1989 
 Wheat, Francis 1f 1979-2000 
 Yates, Earl 1f 1993-1996 
H1 Leader exchanges 1 box 
H1.1 Guides for leader exchanges, lists of exchangees 1950s-1060s. 
H1.2 Lists of exchangees 1970s-1980s. 
H1.3 Lists of alumni 1f. 
H1.4 Alumni update project. 
H1.5 Reports on exchanges. 1955-1964 Includes a report by Virginia Robinson for the Haverford Conference on US-SA Cultural Exchange. 1955. 
H2  Linguistics project 1f 1961-1967 
 Memoranda and papers on teaching English as a foreign language, correspondence. 
H3 Wingspread project 1f 1967 
 Correspondence and a paper Learning by teaching by Jerrold Zacharias 
H4 Faculty Exchange program 1f 1961-1964 
 Includes reports on the program. 
H5 Union Leaders Exchange 1f 1965 
 Correspondence, press reports. 
H6 Small business project 1f 1967-1968 
 Correspondence only. 
H7 Two-way clergy exchange 1f 1966-1968 
 Correspondence only. 
H8 National Science Foundation 1961- 
H8.1 Background documents, correspondence, minutes for the NSF programme which arranged for South African science teachers and lecturers to attend academic institutes in the USA, funded by the NSF of America. 
H8.2 Proposed National Science Foundation Conference 1969. 
 Correspondence and records. 
H8.3 Responses to questionnaires completed by NSF exchangees 1972. 
H8.4 Participants (CVs etc) 1961-1969 
H8.5 Participants (CVs etc 1970-19 
H9 Careers Development Project 5f 1975-1980 
H9.1 Background and guidelines 1f 1975-1979.  
H9.2 Correspondence, reports, proposals re higher education for black South Africans. 
H9.3 Proposals, minutes and documents re SAMEE (South African Management and Engineering Effort) 1f 1978-1979. 
H9.3 Proposals and documents 2f 1978. 
H9.4 Finance 1979-1980. Includes names of grantees.  
H10  Journalist Exchange Program 1f 1964-1977 
 Mainly correspondence about this exchange program. 
H11 Leadership Communication Program 1f 1984 
 Description of program, papers, discussion documents, lists of people attending the program. 
H12 Leadership and organisational skills program 1f 1985 
 Proposal, participants and documents relating to a program for training community leaders. 
H13 Conflict management skills training for Cape African Teachers Union 1f 1985 
 Reports, correspondence. 
H14 Project Books 1f 1985 
 Correspondence and documents about a project to supply books to black schools in South Africa. 
H15 Seminar: Discrimination in the Workplace 1f 1985 
 Discussion document, summary of survey, list of seminar participants 
H16 USSANET 1f 1986 
 Briefing paper on proposed US-SA network, correspondence. 
H17 Proposed Church Conference in Johannesburg, May 1984 1f 
 Correspondence . 
H18 Church Study Team 1f 1985 
 Program, minutes, report of discussions. 
H19 Church contacts and projects (general) 2f 1977-1985 
H20 Alan Pifer Travel Fellowship 13f  
H20.1 Press release announcing fellowship, finance documents 1f 1983-1987. 
H20.2 Correspondence 1983. 
H20.3 Correspondence 1984. 
H20.4 Correspondence and documents 1985. 
H20.5 Correspondence and documents 1986. 
H20.7 Application and program Philip Balie 1988. 
H20.8 Application, program, report and other docs. Stan Kahn 1989. 
H20.9 Application, program, report, correspondence etc Angela du Plessis 1989. 
H20.10 Application, program, report, correspondence etc Sheila Sisulu 1990. 
H20.11 Application, program, report correspondence etc Nqabomzi Nyakana 1990. 
H20.12 Evaluation reports (misc) 1f 1984, 1990 . 
H20.13 Miscellaneous correspondence 1983-1990. 
H21 Young Academics Program 1980-1990 
H21.1 1980 Correspondence and reports, program. 
H21.2 1981 
H21.3 1983 
H21.4 1984 
H21.5 1985 
H21.6 1987 
H21.7 General records 1983-1984. 
H21.8 General records and reports 1985-1987. 
H21.9 1980-1990 Correspondence, memos (2f). 
H22 SAIS Teaching Fellowship ( at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University) 2f 1984-1994. 
H22.1 Description of program, proposal and evaluation reports by SAIS fellows including Blade Nzimande, Michael Cross, Bongani Majola, Tembeka Ntusi and others. 2f 1984-1991. 
H22.2 Correspondence and documents relating to the selection of fellows 
 If 1984-1994. 
H22.3 Files for a selection of SAIS Fellows (Blade Nzimande, BC Majola, Thembeka Ntusi, Philip Mtimkulu, Windsor Leroke, Michael Cross). 
H23 Community Leader Training Program (renamed Community Leader Development Program in 1996) See also National Endowment for Democracy 
 This project was involved with leadership training at Wits University. 
H23.1 Reports 1987, 1988, newsletter, proposals, correspondence and other records 1f 1987-1997.  
H23.2 Progress reports 1997, 1998, 1999; proposals, (11th and 12th anniversaries).Final report 1999. Bobi newsletter 1997-1998 2f. 
H23.3 Restructuring of CLTD and other documents 1996-1997 1f. 
H24 American-South African Lawyers Network 10f 1988 
H24.1 Description of ASALN conference (at Washington Cathedral). 
H24.2 List of participants. 
H24.3 Conference transcript. 
H24.4 Summary of transcript. 
H24.5 Advisory committee. 
H24.6 Conference steering group 1f (memoranda, etc). 
H24.7 Correspondence (participants) 2f 1988 Includes cvs, photos. 
H24.8 Correspondence (funding 1f). 
H24.9 Invitations 
H24.10 Follow-up letters (sample). 
H25 Trial Advocacy Skills Training Program ( run by USSALEP for black South African Lawyers) 1987-1998 
H25.1 Reports of program and evaluations, minutes, proposals, budgets 1987-1990. 
H25.2 Correspondence 1987-1991 (with Black Lawyers Association and others.) 
H25.3 National Institute for Trial Advocacy 1f. 
H25.4 Miscellaneous documents and memoranda 1f 1995-1996. 
H26 South African Student Leader Exchange Program (SASLEP) 1f  
 Correspondence, reports, memoranda, arrangements, evaluation of trip by 1997 student leaders. 
H27 Childrens Television workshop 1f 1993 
 Proposal for a six-month workshop for black South Africans, in New York, correspondence. 
H28 Wilgespruit Fellowship Centre Negotiation Training Programme 
 1f 1994-1995 
 Documents on a training programme run by the Conflict Management Group. 
H29 South African Management Program (SAMP) 3f 1990-1994 
H29.1 Minutes, description of the program (which aimed to address the need for a strong middle management program for the historically disadvantaged.) 
H29.2 Correspondence 1993-1994. 
H29.3 SAMP alumni files for N Manentsa, P Du Plessis, L Edwards, W Bodibe. 1994 
H29.4 Miscellaneous records 1993-1994 
H30 Transition to Democracy Project 10f 1991-1996 
 This program provided financial support to the ANC and IFP as they prepared to participate in the government of the new SA. Assistance included rental of office space, provision of equipment and human resource development and training. 
H30.1 Quarterly reports on the Project 1991-1994 and final report. 1f. 
H30.2 Assessment of the needs of the IFP and ANC (by Zille Shandler Associates, 1f 1991 
H30.3 Helen Zilles evaluation of the project (and correspondence) 1f. 
H30.4 ANC and PAC proposals and responses 2f.  
H30.5 Documentation. Mainly re funding of the project 2f. 
H30.6 Post-election program. 1f.  
H30.7 Miscellaneous correspondence and documents relating to the project 2f. 
H30.8 Press cuttings. 
H31 Andover Breadloaf Writing Program  
H31.1 Proposal for funding the Phillips Academy Andover Breadloaf Writing Workshop for Black South African Teachers. 1f 1991 
H31.2 Reports on the workshop, press cuttings. 
H31.3 Documents on the program, including correspondence, application forms, and 2 issues of Breadloaf News (1991 and 1992). 
H32 SCAT program 1f 1993 
 Records of a program to train (in USA) a South African security force to protect the ANC leadership 1f press cuttings, arrangements. 
H33 Entrepreneur Exchange Program/Entrepreneurs International. (EEP/EI) 
 1f 1993-1994 
H33.1 Description of program, interim report 1992 and final report by Robin Hoen (1994). 
H33.2 Contracts and subcontracts 1f 1990-1993. 
H33.3 Debriefing interviews with participants 1f 1992-1993. 
H33.4 Evaluation reports, 1991, 1994. 
H33.5 Correspondence (R Hoen and Dumisani Mahlasela) re admininistration, financial obligations 1f. 
H33.6 Miscellaneous records 2f. 
H34 South African Black Economic Empowerment Program (SABEE) 
H34.1 SABEE contract agreement 1994 (with attachments). 
H34.2 Reviews of SABEE Program Activities 1995-1996. 
H34.3 Project summary of BUILD program (ie Business Integration and Leadership Development a component of SABEE) also an evaluation of the program and USSALEP update report. Proposal to Kagiso Trust 1f 1995-1997. 
H34.4 Final reports for Executive Leadership Development Programs (by Martha Bayliss, Stephen Hurley) 1995. 
H34.5 Quarterly Reports (financial:SABEE) 1f 1995-1996. 
H34.6 Financial records, budgets etc. (SABEE) 2f 1994-1996. 
H34.7 Memoranda relating to the project 1f 1994. 
H34.8 Profiles of Build candidates 1997 1f. 
H34.9 BUILD final report 1f June 1994. 
H34.10 BUILD alumni association launch. 
H34.11 Executive Leadership Development for SA Program. Outline of program 
 by Arthur D Little, presented to USSALEP Jan 31 1995 
H34.12 Final reports by Wharton School and Morgan state University on the SA leadership program 1996 2f. 
H34.13 Appendix to financial audit of SABEE March 1997. 
H34.14 Correspondence 1f 1995-1996. 
H35 Nieman Foundation and Fellowship 7f 1978-2002 
H35.1 Description of the program: (the Nieman Foundation awarded Fellowships for approximately 12 US journalists annually at Harvard University, and additional Associate Fellowships for journalists from abroad). 1f 
H35.2 Reports by Nieman Fellows 1f 1987-1996. 
H35.3 Lists of Nieman Fellows. 
H35.4 Miscellaneous fundraising correspondence, budgets and funding proposal 1986-1990. 
H35.5 Correspondence (sample) 2f 1960-1977; 1979-1996. 
H35.6 Minutes/reports of meetings of SA Nieman fellows, 1978-1982. 
H35.7 Financial Records: Nieman Society of Southern Africa Fund 1f 2002. 
H36 Harmony Child Foundation (Program for outreach to SAs street children and youth) 3f 1995-1996 
H36.1 Memos, correspondence, records of steering committee for Boys Choir of Harlem Tour 1f. 
H36.2 Boys Choir of Harlem: history, planned itinerary for SA tour. 
H36.3 Funding correspondence 1f . 
H37 Lewis Hoskins Fellowship 1f 1999-2002 
 Correspondence and reports on the Lewis Hoskins Fellowship, founded in 1997 and sponsored by the United States Information Service. Visits to the USA were awarded to South African fellows, giving them exposure to American NGOs and the chance to exchange ideas. 
H38 Citizen Ambassador Program 1f 1995 
 Memos and correspondence re exchanges 
I1 Wingspread Conferences 1f 1962-1963 
I2 Symposium (Cambridge, England ) 1f July 1970 
 Program and papers on development aid and US investment in SA. 
I3 Symposium (Paris, France) 1971 
 Program, correspondence, photo, participants. 
I4 Symposium, Johannesburg, SA 2f 1971 
 Development in Southern Africa . 
 Papers, speeches, program, photos, press cuttings 
I5 Symposium, Umhlanga Rocks, Natal. 2 f 1973 
 Theme: The optimum involvement of manpower in business and industry. 
 Programme, participants, papers, press cuttings, photos See also: D3.10 
I6 Symposium, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 1f 1974 
 Theme: Manpower, development and participation in business and industry in the US. 
 Program, papers by SA Levitan et al (on black employment opportunities) and by EG Graves (on black enterprise). (see also: D3.12) 
I7 Symposium, Seven Springs 1975 1f 
 Theme: Change in contemporary South Africa. 
 Press cuttings, photos and a paper by Heribert Adam, on Decolonising South Africa. 
I8 Symposium, Sabie River, SA. 1f 1976 
 Theme: Southern Africa: outlook and perspectives. 
 Program, participants, papers delivered at the symposium, correspondence. 
I9 Wingspread symposium 1f 1976 
 Theme: Dilemmas of Southern Africa . 
 Report of symposium. 
I10 Symposium, Seven Springs. 1f 1980 
 Theme: Where is South Africa Headed?. 
 Participants, and a report by Michael Clough. 
I11 Symposium, Johannesburg and Pretoria 1f 1980 
Theme: Manpower development 
 Planning, papers, correspondence. 
I12 Symposium, Wilderness, 1f 1980 
 Theme: Interacting values in contemporary Africa. 
 Program, correspondence, press cuttings, address, papers, photo. 
I13 Colloquium, Washington and Sandton, SA 1f 1983 
 Theme: Furthering Higher Education in SA: the status of the US role 
 Summary of the colloquium by Michael Sinclair; address by Chester Crocker and various supporting documents. 
J1 Visit by University team from USA 1977 1f 
 Program, photo, press release. 
J2 Visit by womens team, 1f 1977 
Program of visit, conference program 
J3 Visit by University presidents 1978 1f 
 Program, report, correspondence, press cuttings. 
J4 Visit by legal team 1f 1980 
 Program, report of visit, press cuttings, papers, biographical notes, memo on the rule of law in SA, report Exchange of views between American and SA members of the legal profession. 
J5 Visit by University presidents, 1981 1f 
 Program, press cuttings, papers, correspondence. 
J6 Visits by US Senate and Congressional staff 1f, 1988, 1989. 
K1 Financial statements 
K1.1 1972-1978 
K1.2 1979-1989 (some unaudited) 
K1.3 1990-1997 
K2 Budgets 
K2.1 1958-1971 
K2.2 1973-1986 (US and SA offices) 
K2.3 1987-1993/94 
K3 Tax returns 1 box 1982-1992 
 Also documents and correspondence re tax exemption 
K4 Funding proposals and reports to funders. 
K4.1 Unsolicited proposal to the US agency for International Development for the expansion of USSALEPs Black South African Human Infrastructural Development Programs 1 vol 1990? 
K4.2 USSALEP Mid-term evaluation (Final Report to USAID) March 1991 
K4.3 Proposal for funding the Phillips Academy Andover Breadloaf writing workshop for black SA Teachers. Jan 15 1991. 
K4.4 Proposal to USAID/SA private sector division for the SA Black Economic Empowerment Program (SABEE) Undated. 
K4.5 Miscellaneous funding proposals 1f 
K5 Funding correspondence (sample) 
 Subjects include requests for funding and discussion of the state of SA and the value of American contributions 
 Correspondents include: 
 Rockefeller Foundation 1f 1962-1976 
 Ford Foundation 1f 1966 
 McGraw-Hill co 1f 1977-1988 
 Mobil Petroleum, 1f 1962-1986 
 Abe Bailey Trust 1f 1981-1996 
 Norton International 1f 1957-1987 
 Olin Mathieson 1f 1973-1986 
 Otis Elevator Co. 1f 1972-1979 
 Pfizer International 1f 1957-1977 
 Phelps-Dodge 1f 1973-1986 
K6 National Endowment for Democracy 
K6.1 Statement of objectives, memo to grantees, Challenge of democracy. 
K6.2 Grant agreement with USSALEP 1989. 
K6.3 General records 1990-1995 2f. 
K6.4 Records relating to the Community Leadership Training Program 1f 1991. 
K7 Fundraising subcommittee 
K7.1 Minutes, records of donors 1f 1980s-1991. 
K7.2 Reports, summaries , lists of donations etc 2f 1983-1994. 
K7.3 Fundraising correspondence 1983-1986 1f. 
K8 Records of funding for USSALEP by American companies 1f 
 Mainly 1980s-1990s. 
L1 Friends of USSALEP 1f 1972-1982 
 Correspondence, reports of meetings, records of members. The organisation existed to provide a program of support for upgrading employment practice and business interests in SA. 
L2 South African Information Exchange 1f 1988-1990 
 Working papers 4-12, and correspondence. The working papers give information on American initiatives to benefit black South Africans, including raising money for change, providing bursaries, providing information and aiding transformation in various ways. 
L3 Investor Responsibility Research Centre. 1f 1988 
 American Philanthropy: a guide for South Africans, by Michael Sinclair and Julia Weinstein. 1988. Also other documents and papers on disinvestment and business in SA. 
L4 Secretary of States advisory committee on SA. 1f 1987 
 Final report of the committee, dealing with the US contribution to eliminating apartheid and assisting its victims. Amendments, acknowledgements. 
L5 US Department of State 2f 1967-1985 
 Documents re US and Canadian policy towards SA. 
L6 Council on Foreign Relations 1f 1968-1994 
 Correspondence, proposal, paper by Michael Clough: The possibilities for joint action to end apartheid. 
L7 United States Information Service. 1f 1995-1996 
 Professionals-in-residence program. Correspondence re project. 
L8 African-American Institute 1f 1990-1997 
 Correspondence, 1960s-1980s, proposed budget 1991, Annual Report 1995-1996 
L9 African Research and Communications 1f 1987 
 Project reports, proposed conference on business and investment in SA. 
L10 US Congress 2f 1983-1987 
 Paper on SA reform and US policy by Raymond Copson, (for Congressional Research Service, 1983) ; congressional presentation on SA, Congress Quarterly March 1985 (re sanctions). 
L11 US House of Representatives 1f 1977-1985 
 Documents re US policy. 
L12 American Friends Service Committee 1f 1961-1968 
 Documents re AFSC relations with SA and Africa. 
 Includes documents on the CIA. 
L13 UK Department of Industry 1f 1986 
 Code of conduct for companies with interests in SA. 
L14 US colleges and universities 1f 1972-1988 
 Policies towards SA. 
L15 Crocker, Chester 1f 1980-1989 
 Papers, press cuttings and correspondence on US policy in SA; submissions by Chester Crocker. 
L16 Protea Educational Trust 1f 1994-1995 
 Trust deed and correspondence re this educational trust (previously the South African American Educational Trust). Also documents re transition to democracy. 
L17 Rockefeller Foundation 1f 1981-1989 
 Documents re project for SA. Includes a paper Grant-making and Black Leadership development in SA by ST Lue, 1983. 
L18 Sullivan Principles 1f 1984-1994 
 Documents, guidelines, pamphlets, publications. 
L19 Potomac Institute 1f 1969-1977 
 Correspondence and other documents by Harold Fleming of Potomac Institute, Alan Pifer and others. 
L20 Black Consumers Union 1f 1983-1987 
 History, mission correspondence and other documents. 
L21 Black Management Forum 1f 1983-1987 
 Correspondence, issues of The Black Leader, trust deed, proposal for a sponsorship system. 
L22 Black Lawyers Association 1f 1992-1993 
 Annual report (undated?) and correspondence and other documents, mainly re Trial Advocacy Program. 
L23 Public Administration Initiative 1f 1992-1994 
 Research paper, proposal re training in local government, correspondence. 
L24 Consulate-General SA. 1f 1961-1982 
L25 SA Embassy 1f 1961-1985 
L26 Bi-national Commission 1f 1995-1996 
 Correspondence, press cuttings and documents re Gore-Mbeki bi-national commission. (Includes documents re Russian Commission). 
L27 Maru a Pula School 1f 1971-1972 
 Correspondence with USSALEP and others. 
L28 READ Educational Trust 1f 1986 
L29 JE Seagram / Stellenbosch Wine Trust. Joint Venture in KwaZulu 1f 1976 
L30 Miscellaneous papers on Southern Africa. 1f  
M1 Office policy, restructuring 1f 1988-1993  
M2 Personnel reports 1985-1996 
M3 Staff files (sample) 
M3.1 James Brewer 1f 1975-1979 
M3.2 Garth Le Pere 1f 1987-1990 
M3.3 Michael Clough 1f 1986-1987 
M3.4 Mariella Lehfeldt 1f 1985-1987 
M3.5 Dan Matthews 1f 1985-1990 
M3.6 Hazel Moolman 1f 1986-1987 
M3.7 Stanley Kahn 1f 1993-1994 
M4 Minutes of staff meetings (SA) 1f 1999-2000 
N1 Photographs of individuals 
N1.1 Portraits , mainly A4 size 
 Bennett, GH 
 Brown, William O 
 Carter, Hodding 
 De Villiers, David 
 Doob, Leonard 
 Griswold, Dean 
 Grobler. ER 
 Hiemstra ? 
 Horwood, Owen 
 Johnson ? (Carnegie Corp) 
 Kitchen, Helen 
 Loescher, Frank 
 Logan, FGL 
 McLean, CS 
 Mncube, Francis (and Mrs M 
 Moolman, Hazel 
 Myburgh, Tertius 
 Paffrath, Leslie 
 Pifer, Alan 
 Purcell, Betty 
 Qoboza. Percy 
 Randall, Clarence 
 Sargent, Dwight 
 Sinclair, Dr M 
 Stratten, TP 
 Tucker, Theodore 
 Van Eck Dr J 
 Wassenaar ? 
 Wheeler, John 
. N1.2 Individual photos, various sizes 
 Allsopp, Rosemary 
 Alyea, HN 
 Biesheuvel, Mrs ? 
 Bradley, Peter, 
 Brink, B du P 
 Brown, Basil 
 Brown, WO 
 Burnett, Bishop Bill 
 Carner, DC 
 Coalbaugh, Frank 
 Cowan, Gray 
 De Villiers, David 
 De Villiers, G 
 Denecke, A 
 Eagle, Vernon 
 Felmeth, Rev WH 
 Ford, Richard 
 Forgason, James 
 Gerber ? 
 Green MJ 
 Hobart Houghton, Desmond 
 Hobbs HW 
 Holtzhausen, J 
 Kutumela, Frances 
 La Grange, JJ 
 Lekhela, EP 
 Little, Dr G 
 Lombard, PJ 
 Malan, Jan Du Plessis 
 Marcus, JF 
 Mbata ? 
 McIntyre, KHC 
 Moir, WGC 
 Mokitimi, Rev and Mrs 
 Munro, Winsome 
 Nabe, H 
 N abrit, SM 
 Oberholzer, PCJ 
 Oosthuizen, DCS 
 Peur, Sister Mary Jean 
 Pieterse, JE 
 Pifer, Alan 
 Pretorius, DJ 
 Reinert, Paul 
 Replogle, LI 
 Riekert, PJ 
 Rockhill, Victor 
 Ross, Emory 
 Sankor, M 
 Shuenyane, Esline 
 Sisulu ? 
 Smuts, F 
 Stephens, Mrs W 
 Stewart, William and Maria 
 Sutton, WG 
 Thlagale, Buti 
 Thompson, ME 
 Van den Berg ? 
 Van der Walt, PJ 
 Van Eck, HJ 
 Watson, GR 
 Wilson, Hilton 
 Wilson, Max E 
 Wynn, JC 
N2 Groups (people identified) 1f (52 photos) 
 Includes: (inter alia) 
 First SA Management Committee (1963?) 
 Symposium, August 1973 
 Nieman fellowship Alumni meeting 1983 (Qoboza, de Villiers, Kitchen) 
 Wingspread, 1966 
 Plenary meeting, US and SA council members 1982 
 SA executive and joint council, July 1991 
 Plenary meeting, SA 1980 
N3 Groups (occasion identified) 
 Wingspread 1963 
 First Joint meeting, Wisconsin (?) 
 Journalist training program 1984 
 Joint meeting 1969 
 Reception in honour of James Thomson Jr 1984 
 Business men of the year, 1981 
 Nieman alumni association meeting 1985 
N4 Good quality photographs (unidentified) 1f  
N5 Snapshots and small photos 1f  
 Some identified 
N6 Albums 
N6.1 Includes photos of 1973 Symposium (SA), Joint US-SA board meeting (Cambridge); USSALEP office 1983, plenary meeting Glen Cove 1984; Ndaba Centre SA, 1985, and assorted pictures. 
N6.2 Includes photos of Steve McDonald, Eldridge Mathebula, Bill Zartman, Dan Matthews, Fleur de Villiers, H Maseloane, Putney Westerfield, Chuck Taylor, Harris Wofford, Bob Browne, Helen Kitchen, Mariella Lehfeldt, Zwelakhe Sisulu, Elizabeth Purcell, Linda and Dean Matthews, , Lionel Davies, Lyn Soudien, Ruth Simes, Noleen Allison, Harold Fleming, John Purcell, John Marcum, Francis Kornegay, Michael Clough, Wayne Fredericks, Elize Bezuidenhout, Stan Sanders, Leonard Mosala, Willem Grobler, Garth le Pere, Stan Kahn, Dumisani Masekhehla, Brian Pottinger, Bill Kovach, Lewis Skweyiya, Walter Sisulu, Nelson Mandela, Franklin Sonn, Allan Boesak and others 
 Also 1989 CLTP awards ceremony; 1992 CLTP class and tutors; Trial Advocacy Program, Nieman Fellowship Anniversary at Harvard . 
N6.3 Miscellaneous photos 
 Includes : Umhlanga Rocks 1973, Pasadena Council meeting 1990, Robin Hoen, Lyn Soudien, Steve McDonald, Lewis Hoskins, Stan and Melba Sanders, Ned Munger, Wayne Fredericks, George and Barbara Burditt (and others 
N7 USSALEP plenary meeting March 19-22, 1997 1 Album 
 Includes photos of: Kitty Hempstone, Don Duster, Wayne Fredericks, Robin Hoen, Lewis Hoskins and Lois, Ned Munger, Stan Sanders and Melba, Putney Westerfield, Tony Ardington, John Barratt, David de Villiers, Michael Leaf, Sydney Maree, Hilary Matthews, Kristine Menell, Chris Saunders, Windsor Shuenyane, Sheki Sibiya, Peter Vale, Lyn Soudien, (and others) 
N8 Wingspread Symposium 20-26 July 1963 37 items 
 Mainly identified 
N9 Wilderness meeting 1979 1f 
 Snapshots, not identified 
N10 BUILD launch (+ new board members) 1f 
 Includes photos of Robin Hoen, Lyn Soudien, Sydney Maree, Steve Wedell, Danisa Baloyi, Richard Steyn, Steve Riley, Elizabeth Park, Otto Krause, Dr Nthato Motlana and Zanele Motlana, Bheki Sibiya and others 
N11 Artists workshop photos , SA 1996 1f  
 Not identified 
N12 ASALN photos 1f 
 Not identified 
O1 Face to Face: SA looks at us . Taped 20/5/1980 
O2 Weeknight Interview South Africa Aired May 29 and 30, 1980 
O3 Ned Munger Excerpts from the Ron Reagan show 
O4 CLTP Graduation 19 March 1994 
O5 CLTP Graduation 26 Aug 1995 
O6 Build Alumni Association launch 28 Sept 1996 
O7 The ANC and the business sector 
O8 Interview with Franklin Sonn March 8 1995 
O9 Mziwoxolo Stokwe (?)  
O10 Ndiko Nkukwana (?) 
O11 Clives memorial service (Clive Menell?)  
O12 Audio tapes, 4 items 
P1 SA Alumni 
 These files contain items such as correspondence, curricula vitae, records of arrangements and itineraries, reports by alumni of their experiences, photographs of alumni and articles or papers written by them and biographical material. (Not all files contain all these items). 
P1.1 Abrahamse, Leonard 1f 1976-1977 
 Adendorff, Johannes 1f 1963 
 Akhalwaya, Ameen 1f 1977-1982 
 Ballinger, Prof Ronald 1960-1971 
 Bell, Hildegaard, 1f 1984 
 Bergh, Dr Johann, 1f 1981 
 Beukes, Wiets, 1f 1977 
 Bhowan, Kantilal 1f 1981 
 Biesheuwel, S 1f 1960-1972 
 Black, Stephen 1f 1980 
 Blignaut, Andries and Audrey, 1f 1963-1967 
 Bloemetjie, Jane 1f 1986 
 Bodenstein, Dr JW 1f 1976 
 Boulle, Prof Lawrence 1f 1983 
 Brand, Simon 1f 1982 
 Brink, Ds CB 1f 1957-1968 
 Brown, Rev Basil, 1f 1965-1966 
 Buitendag, Frederik, 1f 1964-1965 
 Burnett, Bishop Bill, 1f 1968-1969 
 Butler, Nadine, 1f 1984-1987 
P1.2 Carlyle, Stewart 1f 1971-1973 
 Cohen, Walter 1f 1965 
 Conco, Simon Z 1f 1967-1968 
 Corbett, Judge MM 1f 1976-1977 
 Cortis, Dr Lucien 1f 1974 
 Crouse, Elsa 1f 1983 
 Dalziel, Rev Dr Jack 1f 1968 
 Damoyi, Owen, 1977 
 Davenport, Dr TRH 1f 1962-1963 
P1.3 De Kiewiet, Dr CW 1f 1965-1966 
 De Klerk, Willem 1f 1965-1976 
 De Swardt, Salie 1f 1982-1983 
 De Villiers, Rev DW 1965-1966 
 De Villiers, Dirk C 1f 1960 
 De Villiers, Fleur 1f 1973 
 De Villiers, Rev Izak 1f 1978-1983 
 De Villiers, Francois 1f 1959-1966 
 De Villiers, Prof JN 1f 1974-1977 
 De Villiers, John 1f 1963 
 De Villiers, Willem 1f 1963 
 De Wet, Prof JC 1f 1961-1973 
 Dlamini, Charles 1f 1983 
 Doman, Edward J 1f 1973-1974 
P1.4 Drysdale, Andrew 1f 1974-1978 
 Dugard, John 1f 1968-1988 
 Duminy, Prof Pieter 1f 1973 
 Duncan, Pat 1f 1959-1962 
 Du Plessis, Francois 1f 1962 
 Du Plessis, Rev JP 1f 1965-1966 
 Du Plessis, Lourens 1f 1981-1994 
 Durand, Johannes 1f 1975 
P1.5 Erasmus, Garth 1f 1985 
 Falkson, Geoffrey 1f 1966 
 Figaji, Brian, 1f 1981-1989 
 Fourie, Chris, 1f 1961-1967 
 Fredericks, Izak, 1f 1987 
 Frost, Mervyn 1f 1984 
 Gerber, Dr JJ 1f 1967 
 Gericke, Rev JS 1f 1958 
 Golding Charles, 1f 1969 
 Golding George, 1f 1961 
 Gordon, Rev Charles 1f 1969-1970 
P1.6 Green, Michael, 1f 1968 
 Gugushe, Richard 1f 1970 
 Hartshorne, Dr Ken, 1f 1984-1985 
 Hendricks, Frederick 1f 1986 
 Hey, Douglas, 1f 1960 
 Hiemstra, Judge Victor 1f 1968-1970 
 Hlongwane, Benny, 1f 1984 
 Holland, Dr Errol 1f 1985-1987 
 Horner, Dudley, 1f 1972 
 Horwood, Owen, if 1968  
 Hobart Houghton, Desmond 1f 1974 
 Hugo, Pierre, 1973 
 Human, JJ 1f 1964 
P1.7 Israelstam, SS 1f 1961 
 Jansen, Johannes, 1f 1967 
 Jantjies, Cyril 1f 1983 
 January, DM, 1f 1967-1970 
 Jones, Rev David 1f 1968 
 Jubber, Kenneth 1f 1981 
 Kakana, GL 1f 1970-1976 
 Kambule, Addis 1f 1977 
 Klaaste, Aggrey, 1f 1979 
P1.8 Kleu, Sebastiaan 1f 1961-1966 
 Knapp-Fisher, Rev Edward 1f 1972-1973 
 Kotze, Prof JCG, 1f 1962 
 Krause, Otto, 1f 1972 
 Kumalo, Moses, 1f 1983 
 Kumalo, Sydney, 1f 1967 
 Kunene, Obed, 1f 1976-1978 
 Kutumela, Simon P 1f 1965-1982 
P1.9 La Grange, JJ 1f 1969 
 Lambrechts, Dr HC 1f 1960 
 Langdown, Amos A 1f 1970 
 Legae, Esrom 1f 1969-1970 
 Lekhela, EP 1f 1967 
 Lepuru, Shadrack, 1f 1982 
 Linder, Prof Conrad 1f 1965 
 Lombard, PJ 1f 1967 
 Louw, Paul Louis, 1f 1967 
P1.10 Loveday, Peter 1f 1973 
 Lubbe, Rev WJ 1f 1962 
 Mabaso, Dumisane 1f 1985 
 Mabe, Sam 1f 1987 
 Madiope, Christine 1f 1984 
 Magomola, Gaby and Edith 1f 1976-1985 
P1.11 Maisels, Letepe 1f 1984-1985 
 Makhanya, Ephraim, 1f 1971 
 Malatje, Mohale, 1f 1983 
 Manaka, Seth, 1f 1971-1975 
 Manca, Joseph, 1f 1963-1964 
 Manganyi, Noel, 1f 1971 
P1.12 Mangope, Chief Lucas, 1f 1973 
 Manuel, George, If 1960-1967 
 Marais, Ben 1f 1968 
 Maree, Willem 1f 1985 
 Marsden, Ronald, 1f 1981-1984 
 Maseloane, Chief Herman, 1f 1981 
 Masihleho, Maepane, 1f 1981 
 Matanzima, Chief Kaiser, 1f 1972 
 Mathebula, Eldridge, 1f 1988-1991 
 Matthews, Prof Jacqueline 1f 1984 
 Mayer, Prof Philip, 1f 1963 
 Mbau, GG 1f 1968 
 Mbuli, Judge LHD, 1f 1970 
 McLachlan, Philip 1f 1962-1967 
 Meiring, Rev Dr Pieter, 1f 1983 
 Mkalipe, Sello, 1f 1980 
 Mkhabela, Octavia, 1f 1987 
 Mlokoti, Clarence, 1f 1983 
 Mncube, Francis, 1f 1965-1968 
 Mogane, Moffat, 1f 1984 
 Mokitimi, Rev Seth 1f 1959-1961 
 Mokgabudi, Wilfred, 1f 1982 
 Mokgatle, Dolly 1f 1984 
 Mokoditoa, Chris, 1f 1984 
 Molala, Geoffrey, 1f 1980 
P1.15 Molepo, Moss 1f 1985 
 Mojapelo, John 1f 1978-1979 
 Molete, Lucas, If 1978-1979 
 Moolman, Ds DT 1f 1969 
 Moshakga, Jeffrey, 1f 1984 
 Motlanthe, Peter 1f 1989 
 Motlatla, David 1f 1985 
 Motsepe, Oscar, 1f 1976 
 Motshologane, Grace 1f 1977-1980 
 Motsuenyane, Dr Samuel 1f 1983-1992 (see also G2) 
 Mountain, Alan 1f 1979 
P1.16 Mphahlele, Charles, 1f 1978 
 Mphahlwa, Maxwell, 1f 1976 
 Mulder, Manie, 1f 1974 
 Muller, Prof and Mrs JJ 1f 1960 
 Mutloane, MM 1f 1981 
 Mutloatse, Mothobi 1f 1985 
 Mzimela, Arthur, 1f 1978 
 Nabe, Hobson, 1f 1967 
 Nero, Ralph 1f undated 
 Ngcobo, Thebekile, 1f 1978 
 Ngumbela, McThomson 1f undated 
 Nkatini, Ntlawini, 1f 1981 
 Nkonyeni, Archibald 1f 1974 
 Ntsanwisi, HWE, 1f 1966 
 Nupen, GRB, 1f 1983 
 Nyamakazi, Simon 1f 1977 
P1.17 Oberholzer, PCJ, 1f 1968 
 Olivier, Prof Nic 1962-1996 
 Olivier, NJJ 2f 1962-1996 
 Olivier, SPP 1f 1969 
 Oosthuizen, Prof DLS 1f 1968-1969 
 Oosthuizen, Pfof GC 1f 1965-1975 
 Otto, Prof Johannes Marthinus, 1f 1984 
P1.18 Padayachee, Vishnu, 1f 1986 
 Pakendorf, Harald, If 1968-1969 
 Palm, Rowland 1f 1963 
 Papenfus, JN 1f 1965 
 Parish, GL 1f 1965 
 Parsons, Raymond, 1f 1976 
 Pather, Dennis, 1f 1987 
 Paton, Jonathan 1f 1983 
 Pauw, Theo, 1f 1962 
 Pellissier, SH 1f 1969 
 Pentz, Mj 1f 1977 
 Perold, Guido, 1f 1964 
 Petersen, GJ 1f 1969 
 Petersen, SV 1f 1959 
P1.19 Phatudi, CN 1f 1963 
 Philander, PJ 1f 1967 
 Pieterse, Johannie, 1f 1984 
 Pietersen, Jan 1f 1968 
 Potgieter, Prof FJ 1f 1961 
 Potgieter, Mathardus, 1f 1967 
 Pretorius, DA 1f 1968 
 Prinsloo, Prof LA 1f 1972 
 Qoboza, Percy, 1f 1988 
P1.20 Radebe, Godfrey 1f 1074 
 Radebe, Sipho, 1f 1984 
 Ramontja, R 1f 1976 
 Ramodipa, LR 1f 1985 
 Ramoshaba, William, 1f 1985 
 Ramushu, R, 1f 1979 
 Rasebotsa, AJ 1f 1975 
 Reddy, JN 1f 1974 
 Reddy, P 1f 1069 
 Rees, John 1f 1978 
 Reese, Richard 1f 1979-1980 
P1.21 Riekert, PJ 1f 1969 
 Ries, Alfred 1f 1972-1974 
 Roodt, AK 1f 1984 
 Rose, Brian 1f 1961-1968 
 Roux, Andre 1f 1985 
 Rupert, Anton, 1f 1959-1993 
 Russell, Rev Philip 1f 1959-1961 
 Ryan, John 1f 1969-1974 
P1.22 Sadie, JJ 1f 1961 
 Sadie, Prof John 1f 1970 
 Sandamela, VN 1f 1984 
 Sanderson, AE 1f 1965 
 Sankar, M 1f 1967 
 Saron, Gustav, 1f 1960-1966 
 Scholtz, JT 1f 1963-1866 
 Schmidt, Prof CW 1f 1965 
 Sedibe, Joyce, 1f 1985 
 Seopela, EN 1f 1964 
 Seroke, Joyce, 1f 1986 
 Shapiro, B 1f 1968 
 Shaw, Lynette, 1f 1965 
 Shiburu, Fanyana, 1f 1977 
 Shikwane, Habakuk, 1f 1985 
 Shuenyane, Esline 1f 1981 
 Sigcau, Stella 1f 1974 
P1.23 Silberbauer, Raymond 1f 1964-1972 
 Simkins, Charles 1f 1984 
 Sisulu, Z 1f 1984-1994 
 Sithole, Solomon 1f 1978 
 Skotnes, Cecil 1f 1963 
 Slabbert, F van Zyl 1f 1985 
 Slater, Raymond G 1f 1972 
P1.24 Smit, Philippus, 1f 1971 
 Smith, Ds Johannes 1f 1969 
 Smuts, Prof G 1f 1968 
 Sowazi, Richard, 1f 1978 
 Sparks, Allister 1f 1962-1992 
 Spargo, PE 1f 1966 
 Squier, Casper 1f 1976 
 Steneveld, Karl 1f 1962 
 Stewart, RR 1f Undated 
 Steyn, Judge JH, 1f 1968-1975 
 Steyn, Richard, 1f 1985-1993 
 Steyn, Robert, If 1963 
P1.25 Sturgess, Irene, 1f Undated 
 Sullivan, Peter, 1f 1990 
 Summers, Dr R 1f 1975 
 Sussens, Aubrey, 1f 1960-1993 
 Taukobong, P 1f 1977 
 Tekane, Ishmael, 1f 1975 
 Tema, Rev SS 1f 1964 
 Theron, Pierre, 1f 1982-1987 
 Theron, S 1f 1963-1964 
 Thobela, Phillip, 1f 1985 
 Thom, Prof HB 1f 1965 
 Thomson, ME 1f 1967 
P1.26 Titus, Barnabus, 1f 1978 
 Thlagale, Buti, 1f 1986-1994 
 Thlopane, Silas, 1f 1986-1987 
 Tober, Karl, 1f 1986 
 Toerien, SCA 1f 1968 
 Tshabalala, Vuka, 1f 1977 
 Tyson, Harvey 1f 1975 
 Vale, Peter 1f 1980-1984 
 Van den Berg M 1f 1968 
 Van der Heever, Randall, 1f 1984-1985 
 Van der Walt, Prof CP 1f 1976 
 Van der Walt, Chris, 1f 1985 
 Van der Walt, PJ 1f 1968-1969 
P1.27 Van Deventer, Jakob H 1f 1976-1977 
 Van Heerden, Andries 1f 1985-1986 
 Van Reenen, Rykie, 1f 1975 
 Van der Rheede, I 1f 1981 
 Van der Schyff, HP 1f 1969 
 Van Wyk, Andreas, 1f 1976-1977 
 Verhoef, PA 1f 1963-1969 
 Versveld, Dr M 1f 1966 
 Vilakazi, PG 1f 1967 
 Viljoen, Dr Gerrit 1f 1969-1971 
 Viljoen, SP 1f 1961 
P1.28 Vogel, Thomas 1f 1974 
 Vokana, Stanley 1f 1979-1980 
 Verwey, James, 1f 1977 
 Vosloo, Ben 1f 1977 
 Vosloo, Theunissen, 1f 1970-1971 
 Vries, Edith 1f 1987 
 Walters Dr Schalk, 1f 1994 
 Wassenaar, AD, 1f 1963-1979 
 Watson, GR, 1f 1967 
P1.29 Webb, Rev JB 1f 1962-1974 
 Webb, Ronald, 1f 1972-1977 
 Weiss, Prof PFD 1f 1959-1960 
 Whyte, Maida 1f 1965-1966 
 Whyte, Quintin, 1f 1957-1966 
 Wicht, Prof CL 1f 1966 
 Wiechers, Prof Marinus, 1f 1973 
P1.30 Wilkins, Ivor 1f 1983 
 Wilkinson, Rev CE 1f 1964 
 Wilson, Monica, 1f 1963-1970 
 Woodhouse, HC 1f 1966 
 Wolfson, Jeffrey, 1f 1978 
 Blake, Elias 1f 1979-1985 
 Worrall, Denis, 1f 1967-1973 
 Yates, Deane, 1f 1970-1971 
P2 US Alumni and others 16 boxes (Not individually indexed.) 
 May includes files for some Americans who were not alumni, but were involved in some way with USSALEP. 
 CVs, arrangements for visits, articles and some reports by alumni, correspondence and photographs. Not all files may contain all the above. 
P2.1 Ahrens-Bradley 
P2.2 Banson-Buttrick 
P2.3 Caldwell-Curtis 
P2.4 Denecke-Duchac 
P2.5 Edmonds-Freeman 
P2.6 Gilford-Guice 
P2.7 Hammer-Himes 
P2.8 Hofstedler-Jordan 
P2.9 Kaiser-Knorr 
P2.10 Kornegay-Lyons 
P2.11 Manning-Milne 
P2.12 Moffett-Piper 
P2.13 Reinert-Rutman 
P2.14 Salem-Stewart 
P2.15 Stokeld-Vilakazi 
P2.16 Wachman-Wilson 
Q1 Visitors Book (not clear from where) 
Q2 Certificates of Membership, from the National Council for International Visitors and the American Chamber of Commerce in South Africa 
Q3 Proclamation, from Pittsburg City Council 
Q4 Miscellaneous photos, mounted 
Q5 Official paper seal, reading "United States - South Africa Leader Exchange Program, Inc., Corporate Seal, Pennsylvania, 1960