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Collection Index:AIDS LAW PROJECT, Records, 1988-2011
Collection Name:Aids Law Project, Records, 1988-2011
AG3077  AIDS LAW PROJECT, 1988-2011                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  Copyright 2015, Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
  116 boxes 
  Please note: 
  The alphabetical filing system used by the AIDS LAW PROJECT has been retained. Additions to the collection have been incorporated into the numbering system accordingly. 
  Some files have been removed from this collection for CLOSED ACCESS - they are marked accordingly. 
  Newsletters, correspondence, minutes, reports, working draft ‘Righting AIDS – using advocacy, law and human rights’ 
  Request to ALP help them draft a HIV/AIDS policy, 1999, incl their policy and document by Clive Evian, Hiv/AIDS risk analysis and recommendations, Oct 1999 
A1B.1  Letter to The Star  
  Letter to The Star from TAC re Smuts Ngonyma's condemnation of the TAC defiance campaign (the importing of generic antiretrovirals by the TAC into SA), 2002; Letter to Kgalema Mothlante and Thenjiwe Mtintso from MH and ZA of TAC requesting a meeting and then a letter from MH to Kgalema Motlanthe confirming what was agreed to at meeting of TAC and ANC on 23 March 2002; ; Letter to Mbeki from TAC in Sept 2006 requesting reasons for retaining Tshabalala-Msimang, Min of Health ; Translation of speeches given at funeral of Nozipho Bhengu, June 2006 by Zizi Zodwa (ANCYL representative and Peggy Nkonyeni (MEC for Health KZN); Meeting with ANC March 2004 and 2003; correspondence with Saadiq Karim, ANC health committee secretary, Sept 2001 and 2000; Presentation to ANC Health committee by MH, undated 
A1B.2  Newspaper articles, cartoons 
  including "ANC youth league leaders descend into irrationality by Zackie Achmat -response to Khulekani Nsthangase's attack on TAC, Sowetan, April 2003; Article on the comments made Zackie Achmat about the ANC by at a conference in January 2004 in Durban ( Celebrating a decade of democracy); Comments by Motlanthe in Feb 2004 - does not regret the way it, the government dealt with the epidemic 
A1B.3  ANC Today newsletters  
  ANC Today newsletters, Cabinet statements and Media releases - including Cabinet meeting statement, Sep 2006; Lancet article on " SA needs an HIV truth and reconciliation commission", May 2006 and response from ANC Today to the article; State of address by Mbeki on 9 Feb 2007; Cabinet statement of April 18 2002 and TAC response 
A1C  ACHMAT ZACKIE, 1999-2006 
  New York Times article on ZA and his refusal to take ARV's, May 2003; Speech by Achmat at Microbicides conference , April, 2006 -"Make truth powerful- leadership in science, prevention and the treatment of hiv AIDS; "We can use compulsory licensing and parallel imports - a SA study" by ZA for the Conference "Increasing access to essential drugs in a globalized economy , held in Amsterdam, Nov 1999; Various articles and photos; John Foster lecture delivered by ZA on "HIV/AIDS and human rights " a new SA struggle; Article written by ZA about Ronald Louw, a friend living with HIV but who was in denial, undated; Invitation to ZA from world Bank to meeting on ARV treatment in June 2003 
A2  AIDS AND THE WORKPLACE FORUM (Department of Health) 1f 7 vols 
A2.1  Minutes and documentation: Inaugural meeting March 1996 and other meetings in 1996-1999. ‘Aids and the workplace – an overview of legal issues’ (See also: Employment, Workplace) 
A2.2  Draft minutes 11 Aug 1997 
A2.3  Draft minutes 22 Sept 1997 
A2.4  Draft Minutes 3 Nov 1997 
A2.5  Draft Minutes Jan 1998 
A2.6  Draft Minutes March 1998 
A2.7  Draft Minutes 4 May 1998 
A2.8  Draft Minutes 26 Jan 1998 
A2.9  Draft Minutes 3 Aug 1998 
A2.10  Minutes 10 Nov 1998 
A2.11  Draft Minutes 20 Jan 1999 
A3  AIDS CONSORTIUM 3f 1993-1998 
A3.1  Constitution, Newsletters 1 and 2 1996, Press releases, reports, memos 
A3.2  Minutes 1993-1996 
A3.3  Minutes 1997-1998 Includes financing proposal to the European Commission 
A3.4  Annual reports 1999, 2000, 2001 
A3.5  Minutes of meetings, 2002-2003 
A3.6  Misc. Docs 1f 
A4.1  Reports – Annual 1994, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002 
A4.2  Reports - General 
  Reports of the review and planning meetings 1998 and 1999; activity report (1st quarter 2000); evaluation report by Yasmin Turton Jan 1998; Report Jan-June 1995, Third progress report to the EU for July 1996-Mar 1997; Report on previous funding for the ALP by the European union, (1998); Report on the finances for the year 1996; Report on the ALP pre-award survey for the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency); ‘Equality or bust” ALP policy review and update; History of the ALP 1993-2003 by MH - presentation; Monthly report, May 1998 to David Underhalter, Director of CALS  
A4.3  Monthly reports 1f 2000 (see also Individual files) 
A4.4  Planning meetings / Strategic planning 1994-2001 3 files 
  Minutes and other documents, reports, memoranda 
A4.5  Staff meetings 2f 1994-2000 
  Minutes and other documents 
A4.6  Staff memos (internal) 1f  
A4.7  Correspondence 12f 1994-1999  
  E-mail correspondence to and from ALP and others, including information about legal matters 
  File 1 - 1994-1995 
  File 2 - 1996 
  File 3 - 1997 
  File 4 - 1998 
  File 5 - 1999 
  File 6 - 1994-1998 (Edwin Cameron’s correspondence) 
  File 7 - 1996-1999 
  File 8 - 1997-1999 
  File 9 - 1997-1998 (includes letter from Mark Heywood to Mr Mbeki) 
  File 10 1999-2000 
  File 11 2001 
  File 12 Removed from collection – Closed access  
A4.8  Internship programme 1f 
A4.9  File removed from collection – Closed access 
A4.10  Memoranda and articles on various topics by ALP staff 1f (see also Individual files) 
A4.11  Miscellaneous  
  Includes Statement of intent, mission statement circular re legal help, codes of conduct, (in dealing with clients and handling the media) submission to TAC: objections to merger between Glaxo Wellcome and Smith Kline Beecham 2000; Panel presentation on constitutional and legal issues to the Commission on Gender Equality 6 May 1997; organizational description of ALP 1998; Notes for a discussion on the future of ALP by MH, 2003 
A4.12  Litigation department 2f 1996-1998 
  Minutes; cases handled by the department 
A4.12.1  cases handled by the department and minutes of meetings 1f 2000-2006 
A4.13  File removed from collection – Closed access 
A4.14  MANCOM meetings - minutes; agendas 2005, 2006 
A4.15  ALP Board  
A4.15.1  Members of the ALP advisory board, July 1998 (while ALP was located at Wits university (Prof David Underhalter, Director of CALS; Liesl Gernholtz, Commission Gender Equality, William Kerfoot, Legal Resources Centre; Mazibuko Jara (National Coalition for gay and lesbian equality; Dr Dave Frankin, Chris Hani hospital 
A4.15.2  First meeting of the Board held September, 2006 when ALP moved from WITS to be an independent body - pack including legal documents, policies staff and financial; Financial statements for Centre for Applied legal studies, 2005; List of ALP donors; overview of ALP work from 1993 to 2006, List of current cases in 2006 
A5A.1  Publications 
  "The new apartheid" by Richard Burnett, Hour magazine, interview with MH Nov 2001; query to MH on AIDS and confidentiality in the media, article feed back in Femina from MH; Press codes incl "Reporting on HIV/AIDS Ethical guidelines for SA media 
A5A.2  Press releases  
  Press releases on the cases - GRIP V MEC Health, Mpumalanga (ARVS for rape survivors); VRM v the Health Professions Council of South Africa (2002); Kate Pereira v Buccleuch Montessori nursery school, 2002 and press releases TAC re Pfizer Campaign 
A5.1  AIDS Legal Network – Financial Reports etc. 1f 1998 
  Reports to the European Union Foundation for Human Rights; financial records, funding proposals, 
A5.2  ALN National meeting / conference 1f 1996-1997 
  Minutes, ALN response to SA Law Commission report 1996; 
  Summary of activities 1994-1997, para-legal training report 1995; 
  ALN News No.1 Nov, Dec 1994; 
  AIDS Legal Quarterly Winter 1997, Feb 1998, June 2000 
A5.3  Gauteng ALN 1f 1995-1997 
A5.4  Kwa-Zulu Natal ALN 1f 1996-1997 
A5.5  Western Cape ALN 1f 1996 
A5.6  Eastern Cape ALN 1f 1996 
A5.7  Miscellaneous documents 1 vol 
  Invitation from the perinatal HIV research unit, Helen Struthers, Programme Director to formulate the AIDS museum "Conceptualising the AIDS museum, 1-2 Nov 2004 
A6  AIDS POLICY 5f 1997-2002 
A6.1  HIV / AIDS in Southern Africa (The policy project, 2001) 
A6.2  National and Sector HIV / AIDS policies in SADC member states 2002 
A6.3  AIDS policy, Swaziland 2002 
A6.4  Miscellaneous docs on various aspects of policy including Gauteng provincial government policy. 
A6.5  Department of health: Guidelines for developing a workplace policy on HIV / AIDS and STDs 1997 
A6.6  Alliance for Children's Entitlement to Social Security (ACESS) established March 2001 
  Social security policy and law reform update, produced for Access by Children's' institute; case alerts, Access newsletters; submission to the Committee of inquiry into a comprehensive social security system "Social Security for children in SA; the first call for children, March 2001; Fact sheets - Extend the child support grant to 18 (years), Access welcomes cabinet probe into extending the child support grant, Comment on the proposed amendments to the Social Assistance act 59 of 1992,May 2001 and submission by Child Health Policy institute, UCT Special focus on social security for children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, Minutes of meeting on the basic income grant at COSATU Parliamentary office, June 2001 
  Documents on a non profit-making organization of artists and others, to combat the AIDS pandemic in South Africa and advance democracy and equality. 
  Anti retrovirals - A rollout plan was announced by government in Nov 2003. ALP together with other civil society members monitored the rollout - including the Health Systems Trust, Centre for Health Policy, Institute for democracy in SA, TAC, UCT School of public health, Public Service Accountability Monitor and MSF) 
A8.1  Years 2003-2004 
  Civil society submission on the operational plan for the rollout of ARV programme, 30 Sept 2003 - (this was in response to announcement of task team by government on 22 August 2003); Meeting with MH and Mbazima Shilowa, the Gauteng Premier, Gwen Ramakgoba, the MEC for health 26 February 2004; Response from government to Letter of demand from ALP - 24 March 2004 ; correspondence between ALP and TAC regarding article "Slow start to roll-out of free AIDS drugs" regarding voluntary testing; June 2004: Agenda for meeting; and discussion document; Minutes of the ALP consultation on civil society monitoring and evaluation of the Operational plan for Comprehensive HIV and AIDS care, management and treatment for SA (The Plan); First report on the Plan published on 2 July 2004 compiled by Fatima Hassan and the Treatment Access Unit of the ALP -( covers first 7 months from when the Plan was announced in Nov 2003); An organisation called the Joint civil society monitoring meeting on the Plan was launched on 7 Sept 2004; Second Joint civil society monitoring meeting on the Plan, 19 November ; High level civil society consultation on HIV AIDS prevention and treatment, 26 Nov 2004; Interview with Nono Simelela on national roll-out, Feb 2004; co-ordinator of "operational plan" media statement from dept. of Health, pharmacovigilance centre launched Sept 2004; providing ARVs in Rural Eastern Cape, MSF, June 2004 
A8.2  Years 2005-2007 
  Speech by Zuma, may 2005 on HIV; Third National meeting of the Joint Civil Society Monitoring forum, 2005, Durban - draft programme; "Let them eat cake -short assessment of provision of treatment and care 18 months after adoption of the operational plan"; Monitoring (Joint civil society monitoring forum) 2007, statistics of who is on public sector treatment; Press article - "ARV rollout - where we are at", 23 Feb 2007, Sunday Times; Article by Nicoli Natrass "Antiretroviral treatment rollout in SA, March 2006; ALP report on monitoring ARV provision in KZN October 2006; Preliminary report on the status of the Plan, Eastern Cape, April 2006 ;  
A8.3  Report 
  AIDS law project report on the status of the Implementation of the operational plan for comprehensive HIV and AIDS care… for SA - based on a four day visit to Limpopo by Deena Bosch; Letter to MEC for Health, Limpopo re unavailability of treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS in Limpopo, July 2005; ALP report on Limpopo for the 5th JCSMF meeting in Cape town, 29 August 2005; resolutions of Limpopo provincial congress, TAc 20-21 August, Polokwane 
B1  BANKS 1f 2002 
  Articles and correspondence re policy on bank loans eg to customers with HIV 
B2  BLOOD TRANSFURSION 1f 1992-1995 
  Articles (mainly USA) re safety of blood transfusions. Includes ‘Exclusions of male homosexuals from donation of blood’. B Silver ALP; Articles on SA blood transfusion services from a consultation between ALP and Routledge modise law firm, 2000 
  File removed from collection – Closed access 
  correspondence between MH and Ron Boon re funding proposal for AIDS experiential theatre shows 
C1  CODES OF CONDUCT (HIV) 1f 1995, 2001 see also E1.1 
  Submissions and comment relating to an HIV Code of Conduct (the Employment Equity Act) mainly relating to employment of staff with HIV, and subsequent medical aid implications of employing staff with HIV; draft for NEDLAC - HIV/AIDS employment code of good practice from AIDS Consortium/AIDS Law Project, Letter from MH to Ann Strode, Human Rights Adviser, DOH confirming that ALP will draft code on HIV and employment for discussion by NEDLAC labour market chamber, Feb 1999 
C2  CONFERENCES AND SEMINARS ON AIDS RELATED ISSUES 2f 1990-2005 (see also E1.9, H, M4.12) 
C2.1  CD (?) with records of the 12th International conference on AIDS (Geneva 1998) ; Programme and papers from the 13th International AIDS Conference in Durban, 2000 ; Programme for the 14th International conference in Barcelona. 2002. 
C2.2  The correspondent’ – newsletter of the 15th international AIDS conference 2004 
C2.3  Second International Consultation on HIV /AIDS and Human Rights Geneva 1996  
C2.4  International conference on Global Health Law ,New Delhi, 1997 (Includes New Delhi Declaration) 
C2.5  International Conference on Global Drugs Law , New Delhi 1997 
C2.6  Article by David Fidler for International Colloquium on Public Health Law , Durban,1998 
C2.7  AIDS Care Conference Johannesburg 1997 
C2.8  Report of 5th SANASO conference (Swaziland, 1997) 
C2.9  Report of 8th International conference for people living with HIV / AIDS 1997 
C2.10  Health Sector Transformation Seminar (ALP) 2004 
C2.11  Human Resources for Health Seminar (ALP and TAC) , March 2005 
C2.12  Treat the People’ National HIV-AIDS Treatment Congress June 2002 
C2.13  SANASO project management and networking workshop 1995 
C2.14  Tenth International conference on AIDS, Yokohama Japan, 1994 
C2.15  AIDS in context conference JHB 2001 (report in a special issue of ‘African Studies’) 
C2.16  Items 
  Minutes of the HIV / AIDS policy workshop for psychiatric hospitals Nov 2000; Presentation to senior managers of psychiatric hospitals by Rita Thom , 2001 and meeting with MH re HIV and people with mental illness, Memo to Rita Thom, dept. of Health, Mental Health from ALP, 2002 on issues on medico, legal/ethical aspects related to HIV/AIDS 
C2.17  NHIS / SA workshop proceedings and recommendations: Socio-demographic surveillance, Pretoria 1995 
C2.18  HIV and Access to legal Services” 
  Conference resource pack containing readings on access to justice, 17-18 February 2006 (conference called "Improving access to legal services to challenge hIV-related discrimination and Claim socio economic rights (co hosted by the ALP, Centre for the Study of AIDS, Acornhoek Advice Centre and the Street Programme at the Univ of the Witwatersrand; 
  Key note address by Chief Justice Pius Langa; Media release by ALP ; speakers included Jody Kollapen (Chairperson of the SAHRC, Pregs Govender, Zackie Achmat, Dr Harsh Mander (India), Mark Heywood, Fatima Hassan and consensus statement signed by conference participants on "improving access to legal services for people living with HIV/AIDS 
C2.19  Programme sessions “Basic Science” reports. Documents containing information on HIV issues like: vaccines, antiretroviral, community programme, Durban, July 2000 
C2.20  Items 
  European Commission High Level Round Table on Accelerated Action Targeted at Major communicable diseases within the context of poverty reduction - HIV/AIDS Malaria and TB, held in Brussels , 28 Sept 2000; including speech by Tshabalala- Msimang, Affordability of drugs in relation to communicable diseases, Agenda; Report on proceedings and list of attendee organisations, governments and drug companies 
C3  CONFIDENTIALITY AND AIDS 2f 1994-1998 (see also T1, N4 
C3.1  Death Registration and the right to privacy: Opinion on medical certificates in respect of HIV / AIDS related deaths’ by A Maisels. 1997. Also correspondence and other opinions and documents on the same subject. 
C3.2  File removed from collection – Closed access 
C3.3  Various articles by Mark Heywood, Edwin Cameron and others on the subject of confidentiality; HIV infection and a limit to confidentiality by GR Mclean, SA Journal on Human Rights , 1996 
C3.4  Transcript of HIV AIDS and confidentiality video 
C4.1  File removed from collection – Closed access 
C4.2  File removed from collection – Closed access 
C4.3  File removed from collection – Closed access 
C 4.4  File removed from collection – Closed access 
C 4.5  Hoffman v SA Airways 1f CCT 17/00 Judgment handed down September 2000 in the Constitutional Court 
  Documents relating to the publicly reported court case of the refusal by SAA to employ Hoffman solely on the grounds of his HIV Status (submissions, judgement); Press release from ALP ; Press statement from SAA; also mention of A v SAA name mentioned in media; appellants submissions by Adv. Wim Trengove, Anton Katz and Zareena Camroodien, June 2000; Founding affidavit by Fatima Hassan, AIDS law project; Respondents submissions; Amicus submission (July 2000) and supplementary submission (Aug 2090) (ALP) by Adv. Tip; Witwatersrand Local Division - High court, Hoffmann v SAA judgment by Hussain J, Dec 1999 
C4.6  File removed from collection – Closed access 
C4.7  File removed from collection – Closed access 
C4.8  File removed from collection – Closed access 
C4.9  Nanditume v Minister of Defence - judgment handed down in Namibia Labour Court 10 May 2000 1f 2000 
  Court records in a publicly reported case where Nanditume was refused employment in the Namibian Defence Force due to his HIV status. 
C4.10  Lectio publishers vs Greg Wood et al 1f 1994 
  Court records in a matter concerning a comic book informing children about AIDS 
C4.11  File removed from collection – Closed access 
C4.12  File removed from collection – Closed access 
C4.13  File removed from collection – Closed access 
C4.14  File removed from collection – Closed access 
C4.15  File removed from collection – Closed access 
C4.16  Minister of Health and others versus Treatment Action Campaign, Dr Haroon Saloojee and the Children’s Rights Centre 1f 2001-2002, Constitutional court case see also M6 MTCT Mother to child transmission  
  NB There were two cases with this citation but (1)(CCT 8/02 dated 5 July 2002) and (2) case no CCT9/02, dated 2002/04/01 (there was also another case "re certain amici curiae: Minister of health and other v TAC, dated 2 May 2002, CTT8/02 (judgment on admission as an amicus by Prof Mhongo and Cotlands Baby Sanctuary - both applications were refused), Supplementary submissions on behalf of the TAc, Saloojee and children's right centre , may 2002 relating to the date of registration of Nevirapine; Minutes of Health MINMEC, august 2000 and "preventing MTCT in SA, 18 August 2000 contained in a fax sent to MH from Geoff Budlender, LRC dated 30 sept 2002 
C4.17  Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Association of SA et al and the President of the RSA and the Treatment Action Campaign. 1f 1998  
  Index to court records (these records are not with ALP papers) and affidavits from people, in a matter concerning the provision of antiretrovirals to AIDS patients. 
C4.18  File removed from collection – Closed access 
C4.19  S v Jordan and Others (Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Task Force and Others as Amici Curiae (CCT31/01) [2002] ZACC 22, Constitutional Court case 
  Court records, affidavit and submissions by amicus curiae in a matter relating to prostitution, trafficking in women and children and the danger of AIDS infection; affidavit, Sinead Delany, Reproductive Health research unit, Wits; Amicus made on behalf of Sex workers education and advocacy task force, Centre for applied legal studies and Reproductive Health research unit, Wits  
C4.20  International cases 3 boxes 1990s  
C4.21  Reports of AIDS-related cases in USA courts, some of which are South African cases 
  Case No. 542/04 Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa and Six others and the Minister of Health, Supreme Court of Appeal 
  Case No. 543/04 New Clicks South Africa (Pty)Ltd and Dr. Manto Tshabalala Msimang. The case concerns pricing system for medicines and access to it. Supreme Court of Appeal  
C4.22  Expert response to Case No.29, SAHIV Clinicians Society Paediatric Discussion group by M. Heywood, October 2003 
C4.23  Case No.21182/01 Treatment Action Campaign and others and Minister of Health and others.  
  Contains Applicant’s replying affidavits and other documents relevant to the case Transvaal Provincial Division, Judge Botha see also C4.16 for the Constitutional Court case; Minister of Health and MECs v TAC, Dr Salojee and Children's Rights centre, 8 March 2002 (21182/2001)(Respondents filed an application for leave to appeal against an order made by Botha J on Dec 2001; Certificate in terms of rule 18(6) of the Constitutional court rules , 25 March 2002 (Botha J); request from Women's Legal Centre on behalf of the reproductive rights alliance to be an amicus, sept 2001; affidavit (25 Feb 2002)on behalf of Premier of the Province of KZN, for the proceedings that are to take place on 1 March 2002 regarding 1) application for leave to appeal judgment handed down by Botha on 14 Dec 2001 and 2) for leave to execute orders 1 and 2 made by Botha, j on 14 Dec 2001 with certain alternative relief 
C4.24  HIV status - Unfair discrimination case. Note: File removed from collection – Closed access  
  Karen Perreira applied to enrol her foster daughter at the Buccleuch Montessori Nursery School in January 2001. She informed the principal of the school that the child was living with HIV. .... The school indicated that they wished to defer the application until she was three years old and "past the biting stage" 
C4.25  Treatment Action Campaign and MEC for Health, Mpumalanga and Minister of Health, Transvaal Provincial Division, Case No.35272/02, Contempt proceedings launched on 17 December with Constitutional Court judgment 
C4.26  NM and others v Charlene Smith, Patricia De Lille and New Africa Books, judgment handed down in the Constitutional Court on 7 April 2007. 
  Concerns the publication of applicants full names and HIV status in a biography about Patricia De Lille written by Charlene Smith. The 3 respondents were ordered to pay damages of R35 00 each to the applicants as damages. Applicants Heads of argument in the Concourt (DI Berger and PL Mokeona) March 2006; Application for leave to appeal - volume 13 of 15 , including the judgment of the High court, second judgment of the High court, High court judgment refusing leave to appeal (22 August 2005) , and SCA order refusing leave to appeal (29 nov 2005) 
C4.27  NS' v Old Mutual life insurance company C658/99 (Labour Court, Cape Town) 
  Applicants heads of argument and respondents heads of argument by Advocates Tip and Boda for ALP, Labour Court judgment as well as conciliation, Dispute in terms of schedule 7 section 2(1)(a) and (b) of the LRA 66 of 1995 - NB mentions person by name 
C4.28  ACM v Bulktrans (J4398/00) 2000 (Labour court) 
  Pre employment testing case which was settled at pre-trial conference, July 2001; includes Leslie London's draft report "HIV/AIDS and medical testing for driving"(affect on psychomotor fitness) Request for comment on Advocate's memo from Leslie London 
C4.29  Mpanza cases (saps ) 1994, Achmat v minister of safety and security. Note: Closed access - confidential  
C4.30  Member of the Executive Council for Health, KZN in re Minister of Health v TAC CCT 15/02, handed down 5 July 2002 (leave to appeal against the constitutional court case Minister of Health and others versus Treatment Action Campaign, Dr Haroon Saloojee and the Children’s Rights Centre CCT 8/02 
C4.31  Langemaat v Minister for Safety and Security, National Commissioner of the SAPS and the Chairperson of the SA police medical aid scheme (POLMED) 
  Case against Polmed by Langemaat, a member of SAPS requesting Polmed benefits for her same sex partner as a dependent; judgment by Roux, J in the High Court, Transvaal Provincial division (Langemaats lawyers, Nicholls, Cambanis and Assoc); Founding affidavit by JM Langemaat; Polmed, respondents answering affidavit, Eduard Boersema; Heads of argument for Minister of safety and security etc..; Applicants heads of argument, Adv. PR Jammy, 1998 
C4.32  J Venter v G Nel (High court, Durban and coast local division, delivered 21 Feb 1997 by Broome DJ - extract of judgment, re damages, plaintiff infected with HIV by Nel 
C4.33  Gazidis, Costa v Minister of Public Services (High court - Transvaal provincial division) case no 25519/01 by Motata, J. 
  See also AIDS law project collection - it was an ALP case. The applicant, a medical doctor and a secretary for Health for the Pan African congress, made a public statement criticizing the Minister of Health for refusing to provide AZT for pregnant women. The applicant was found guilty of misconduct under section 20(F) of the Public Service Act of 1994. The decision went on review in the TVL Provincial Division 
C4.34  VRM v the Health Professions Council of SA Case no 26129/2001 (Transvaal Provincial Division, High Court) - see also A5.2 Press release on case 
  Judgment handed down Judge Daniels on 27 May 2002. HIV Testing without consent for pregnant patient. Patient not told she had HIV prior to giving birth and as a result she was not told to take measures to prevent MTCT  
C5.1  Sexual Offences Bill 
  Copy of bill (Criminal law (sexual offences and related matters amendment bill) ; Fact sheets Hiv/AIDS and the Sexual offences Act; Copy of Compulsory HIV testing of alleged sexual offenders Bill, B10-2003; Minutes of meeting to discuss draft legislation on sexual offences 2004; article :"Africa's HIV transmission laws based on questionable science" Nature Medicine, August 2007; Passing of act in Nov 2007; Sexual offences bill Working Group - Terms of reference, 2007; Fact sheets on the sexual offences Bill (2006) from National working group on the sexual offences Bill; Submission by Centre for the Study of Violence, Lawyers for Human Rights and People Opposing Women abuse, on the Sexual Offences bill, 2003; Compulsory testing of alleged sexual offenders bill, public hearings parliament, 2003 including submission of ALP and submission made in 2006 "submission on criminal law (sexual offences and related matters) amendment bill to parliament 
  Various studies and publications relating to AIDS as it affects children and AIDS orphans. SA and overseas studies. 
C6.1  Various studies and publications including papers relating to AIDS as it affects children and AIDS orphans 
C6.2  ESR Review published by Community Law Centre at Western Cape University focused on children’s rights. Vol. 4, No. 2, June 2003 
C6.3  Coastlands Consensus statement on guidelines for VCT( Voluntary Counselling Testing) and children, October 2002 - over 100 delegates met in Durban from 30-31 October at National Consultative workshop to develop guidelines for HIV testing of children 
C6.4  Pre-Schools and HIV policy 
  see Karen Perreira v Buccleuch Montessori Nursery School C4.24 
  Alleta Sutton Educare Centre - Draft HIV/AIDS policy (Wits University) 
C6.5  Children living with AIDS, 1997- 
  Complaint from Ethembeni children's home, (Salvation Army in JHB) against JHB General Hospital Paediatric Casualty re their treatment of babies from Ethembeni children's home; correspondence between ALP and Dr Frankish, Superintendent of Johannesburg General hospital, Dec 1997 and Prof Cooper (Head dept. of Paediatrics, JHB hospital); Letter to The Star by Prof Cooper, Oct 1997 re article on treatment of Lerato, a child from Ethembeni children's home; Guidelines for management of HIV infected children 1997(Produced by the Paediatric HIV working group of the Dept. of Paediatrics, Univ of Witwatersrand); Invitation from Dept. of Paediatrics to speak at the dept. on legal issues surrounding the medical management of HIV positive children 
  Complaint against Discovery for misleading advertising re people living with HIV, 2001  
  File removed from collection - Closed access. 
D1A  DISSIDENTS, 2006-2007 (see also Presidential Advisory Group) 
D1A.1  Dissidents items 
  Complaint to The Citizen re the prominence given to Sam Mhlongo and David Rasnick; correspondence with The Citizen and letter from Leigh Johnson, (Centre for Actuarial Research) to The Citizen, 2006; Transcript E TV- Sam Mhlongo, Mark Heywood 2001; Amicus - affidavit by Prof Sam Mhlongo for the case, Tshababala-Msimang v Treatment Action Campaign (TAC ); email interview with Tine van Der Maas (AIDS denialist), who invented African Solution (with lemon and olive oil mixture) - her relationship to Manto-Msimang and Dr Rath, 2005 and comments by Nigel Rollins (UKZN); Complaint to Mail and Guardian by Elliott Small (the International Coalition to end AIDS censorship) about an article in the MG "All the president's scientists: diary of a round earther', Sept 2000 and reply from MG editor; Report of the Public Protector (Adv. Mushwana) on an investigation into allegations of impropriety in connection with the approval by the cabinet of a operational plan for comprehensive HIV and AIDS care (Dept. of National Health), complaint made by Anita Allen, AIDS denialist (SA), Nov 2004; Molecular virologist Peter Duesberg of UC Berkeley various articles on denialists, Mail and Guardian, 2000, Expert advisory panel, march 2001; Diary compiled by David Scondrasa, a member of the panel , August 2000 (Diary emailed to MH and emailed to Zackie and Edwin Cameron) 
D1A.2  Dissidents items 
  Rath - Advertising Standards Association, 2005- correspondence with Gail Schimmel of the Advertising Standards Association; Adverts by Rath foundation; Various cases against Rath - TAC and SA Medical Assoc v government of SA to interdict Rath from distribute unregistered medicines, conducting a unauthorised clinical trial and making false advertising claims, 2007; media release from TAC re collusion between Rath and government officials; TAC v Matthias Rath, Dr Rath Health Foundation and Traditional Healers' Organisation; Cape of Good Hope Provincial Division; Case No: 2807/05; 3 March 2006 (launched in June 2005, Cape High court(TAC wanting to stop Rath from defaming the TAC ; ALP correspondence on Anton Harber article criticizing the defamation case that TAC "Bad idea to use courts to gag voices, even quacks' Business Day, March 2006; Press release from Rath in response to judgment in high court; articles - Rath withdraws cases against health e news, and Rath withdraws case against Dr Eric Goemaere Feb 2006; email - also withdrew other two cases , Jerry Coovadia and Kadar Asmal and 5 others but not Kadar Asmal himself, Email from Fatima Hassan to various roleplayers, report on litigation against and by Rath, brief to TAC NEC, Jan 2006, ALP acting for TAC in defamation case and QUNTA representing Rath in all cases; Letter to Dr G Ramokgopa MEC for Health appealing to her to denounce the Public meeting of Matthias Rath in Soweto, October 12 ; Articles on rath; Article in which Kader Asmal's letter to Rath is mentioned "Kader Asmal tells AIDS dissident Rath to "voetsek"with his (Raths's )campaign against the TAC, (cape times May 4 2005) - Rath had written to MPs claiming TAC was funded by "the pharmaceutical drug cartel" 
D1A.3  Anthony Brink of the Treatment Information Group 
  Correspondence with Mark Heywood 2007; Brink letter to Tamar Kahn of Business Day 2006; "Introducing AZT" booklet sent to MH 2005; John Le Carre (David Cornwell), Pilger and Beltz on AIDS denialist Anthony Brink, 2006;  
D1A.4  Responses to Dissidents 
  AIDS, Science and Governance - the battle over antiretroviral therapy in Post Apartheid South Africa', Article by Prof Nattrass, UCT, 2006; "Echoes of Lysenko: state sponsored pseudo science in South Africa', Social Dynamics journal, article by Nathan Geffen 
D2  DRUGS, 1996-2002 
D2.1  Items 
  Includes: Oxfam update on SA court case: ‘South Africa vs the Drug Giants 2001; ‘Access to treatment for people living with HIV / AIDS in Africa’ – (Proposal 2002); ‘Candidate drugs for advocacy work: SA 2000’ (Toby Kasper, 2000); Circular re campaign to make Fluconazole available for those who need it (TAC ); Nevirapine trial, May 2000, FTC-302, correspondence between Ian Sanne,(Infectious diseases clinical trials unit, Wits Health Consortium) Triangle Pharmaceuticals and Helen Rees, Medicines Control Council regarding termination of the study, correspondence with ALP and newspapers articles ; Memorandum outlines two possible litigation strategies re securing compulsory licences for antiretroviral drugs 
  The Petra study’ – report of drug study in mother-to-child transmission 
  HIV /AIDS medicines pricing report 2000 (Campaign for access to essential medicines) 
D2.2  Items 
  Legal opinion by G Marcus re drugs, 2000; records of meetings 1999, 2000 and undated; guidelines on HIV / AIDS management; proposed project by Bristol - Myers Squibb 1999 ; ‘National drug policy’ (Dept. of Health) 1996 - and other documents. 
D2.3  Correspondence, memoranda etc. re drugs 1999- 2000 1f 
  Including mention of International Dispensary Association, The Netherlands which supplies affordable essential medicines to developing countries, correspondence with ALP, 2005; email correspondence between Treatment Action Campaign (Nathan Geffen) and the Director of the International Intellectual Property Institute, Washington DC, February 2001 on the IIPI's report "Patent protection and access to HIV/AIDS pharmaceuticals in Sub-Saharan Africa (2000) 
D2.4  Drug prices - HIV 1f 2000-2001 
D2.5  Treatments for opportunistic infections for people living with AIDS 
  T2.2 TAC publications on guidelines to opportunistic infections assoc with HIV/AIDS; Letter from DOH , July 2003 to Adv. Budlender in reply to a letter he, Budlender, wrote wrt treatment of opportunistic infections - STD treatment guidelines; also email from Zackie Achmat "list of medicines in the official standard treatment guidelines for the management of HIV/AIDS related opportunistic infections, April 2001  
D2.6  Abacavir (ABC)/Ziagen  
  Abacavir (ABC)/Ziagen - anti retroviral marketed by Glaxo Wellcome - Ziagen was developed by the University of Minnesota who licensed it to Glaxo Wellcome in 1998 
  Correspondence with Univ of Minnesota students (2001) re organizing against Glaxo Wellcome (US) as well as request of MH for information on US case - "Regents of the University of Minnesota v Glaxo Wellcome " 
  Articles and memoranda on AIDS and the protection of people with disabilities 
  Social assistance, disability and chronic illness, report of a workshop held by Wits Law school, 20 June 2007; Article from Lancet, HIV/AIDS and people with disability by NE Groce, April 2003; Presentation by Marlise Richter "Disability grants and PWAs: what happens with the advent of treatment, SA AIDS conference, June 2005; AIDS and the disability grant in SA by Nicoli Natrass, June 2005; "A big HAART, these days is hard to find social security and people living with AIDS in the context of public sector antiretrovirals', Marlise Richter, LLM research assignment, Oct 2005; "Trading off income and Health" AIDS and the disability grant in SA, N Natrass for the Journal of Social Policy; HIV disease and the protection of people with disabilities in employment by Bradley Silver, ALP; HIV as a disability - argument by Adv. Wim Trengove in the Hoffman case; other material on disability grants 
D4  DEATH CERTIFICATES 2f 1997-2000 
  Correspondence, workshop proceedings and a training manual for the death notification form, re the identification of AIDS as the cause of death on death certificates. Instructions for completing the death notification form, doh, 1998; Death registration and the right to privacy: Opinion on medical certificates in respect of HIV/AIDS related deaths by Amanda Maisels for the ALP 1997; Letter to Min Zuma, Minister of health re medical certificates on death: Confidentiality even after death, March 1995 including an opinion by Edwin Cameron, Mildred Legodi and David Angel, ALP, 1993 
D4.1  Surveillance 
  Contribution by MH to, Disclosure and surveillance of HIV infection and AIDS UN 2000, also TAC submission to Health dept. 1999 on adding AIDS and AIDS related deaths to Schedule of notifiable conditions. correspondence with David Miller, (Psychosocial advisor, UNAIDS, Geneva,)also comments on document by Edwin Cameron, invitation to MH to International consultation on HIV/AIDS reporting and disclosure, Geneva, 20-22 October 1999; "Conditions facilitating disclosure for PLWA" outline of presentation by Edwin Cameron 
  ALP complaints to Discovery Health medical scheme: 1) EL and 2) BB and 3) Mr S; Opinion by Karrisha Pillay, EL and BB v Discovery Health ; Complaint against Discovery for misleading advertising re people living with HIV, 2001 written to Medical Schemes Council (complaint from employer, Laragh Courseware and from Dr Doug Wilson wrt booklet "Discovery Health Fact file - "We cover you for AIDS", MAY 2001; HIV /AIDS benefits in medical schemes an analysis of benefit designs in 2002, draft version by Andrew Stein, Dept. of Actuarial science, UCT; Medical aid scheme treatment of HIV/ AIDS selection and discrimination? Feb 2003, Shibe Libelo and Simon Roberts, Wits University- Prepared at the request of ALP in relation to the cases of EL and BB v Discovery Health; Letter to Discovery from Emile Stipp, consulting actuary on two cases - independent opinion: dispute re HIV benefits "alleging that Discovery Medical Aid's "in hospital HIV/AIDS benefit limit" is discriminatory" 
  DFID report on intellectual property 2003, link, and invite to Zackie from DFID to meet with Acting Secretary of the Commission on Intellectual property Rights, Charles Clift, May 2001, email correspondence between DFID and ALP, request for funding from DFID, 2004; Invitations from DFID; Publication for DFID by Alex de Waal and Joseph Tumushabe "HIV/AIDS and food security in Africa, 2020; HIV/AIDS in Africa, DFID programme managers meeting , Jan 2002 including DFID funding in Africa with invitation to MH to attend meeting with DFID Africa Division in Jan 2002 
  Speech by Ministry of Labour at the launch of the Commission for Employment Equity and chapter two of the Employment Equity act, August 1999; Invitation to MH to submit proposals for the dev. of a technical assistance manual on implementing HIV/AIDS policy and programmes in the workplace, March 2001; Employment Equity act - Code of good practice on key aspects of HIV/AIDS and employment (from Dept. of labour); Mdladlana condemns coerced HIV testing of domestic workers, Nov 2002; Launch of Technical assistance guidelines on the key aspects of HIV/AIDS and employment, May 2003; Feb 2003, TAC responds to Minister of Labour (re NEDLAC agreement) who accused TAC of not negotiating in good faith with government; draft Human resources code of good practice published for comment in terms of Employment Equity Act and submission by ALP, Nov 2004; Submission to the dept of labour on the draft circular instruction regarding compensation for occupationally acquired HIV (GG, 27003, 19 Nov 2004) and the gazette itself; Submission on HIV/AIDS workplace discrimination to Portfolio committee on labour Sept 2007 drafted by Dan Pretorius, ALP; Letter to ALP from Compensation Commissioner re Compensation for Occupational injuries and diseases Act, (1993), 1997 re needleprick injuries and a memo from Compensation commissioner "criteria laid down in repsect of AIDS for health workers" 
  Memorandum to Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry "Regulatory options for ensuring access to a sustainable supply of affordable medicines" by Jonathan Berger, May 2005 on amendments to Patents law; Guardian article mentioning Minister Erwin on cheap drugs for poor countries ; Letter to Alec Erwin, Min of Trade and Industry "Licensing of generic brands of essential medicines" from MH, COSATU and SANGOCO, Nov 2000; Urgent request to Dr Ruiters, Director general of Trade and industry to negotiate licenses for generic ARVs, 23 Feb 2001 ; Record of meeting held on 23 Feb 2001 between Dr Ruiters and TAC, COSATU and SANGOCO and MSF on TRIPS and HIV medicines (letter written to Ruiters, 16 March 2001); 2004 letter from Geoff Budlender to Minister Erwin "Treatment and ARV for people living with HIV and AIDS, (had written on April 2003, asking "what steps you have taken to enable people living with HIV to obtain access to medicines used to treat or prevent opportunistic diseases and ARV"; DTI's response to ALP submission on Patents Amendment bill of 2005, see 26 August 2005, Patents Law Amendment bill - finalisation; Oct 2005, Submission to DTI: SA's position on the amendment of the TRIPS agreement; TAC and ALP joint submission on Patents Amendment bill( B17-2005) 
  Invitation from DOT to MH to speak at conference Transport sector HIV/AIDS strategy launch, Nov 2001; copy of Transport sector strategic HIV/AIDS plan, Nov 2001 and draft programme 
  AIDS focus newsletter from DA, 2006 -2007; Newspaper articles and media statements from DA re AIDS; Manto Tshabalala Msimang on HIV prevalence - critique of DA and TAC, 2004; ALP on DA call for public HIV tests, 2004; DA policy 2001 on AIDS; Answers by political parties on what they think of TAC defiance campaign on drugs, 2000 
  Letter from Lisa Forman, 1998 to Minister of Welfare, Ms Fraser-Moleketi 
E1.1  Pre-Employment testing 2f 1994-1998 
  ‘Attitudes to HIV testing and legal reform in the SA public and private sector’. (Wits Faculty of Management, August 1998) ‘Prohibition of pre-employment testing for HIV’ (Proposal, Aids Law Project Feb 1996 ), Submission from ALP to Minister of Safety and Security reviewing SAPS policy on HIV and AIDS 1994; update of current trends regarding AIDS and the insurance industry (Theo Hartwig, OM); judgement in the High Court judicature in Bombay. Also other articles about pre employment; Notes on the prohibition of pre-employment testing for the HIV bill; The SA proposed bill on the prohibition of pre-employment testing for HIV - a comment on the need for HIV/AIDS specific legislation; Memorandum for NEDLAC labour market chamber meeting, Feb 1997 - Labour sector response to the prohibition of pre-employment testing for the HIV bill; Memo to Ann Strode , Human Rights Advisor, Dept. of Health - HIV/AIDS and STD directorate, from MH re ALP to draft code on HIV/AIDS and employment, Feb 1999; Letter from Dept. of Community health, UCT to dept. of Health and dept. of defence respectively , 1995 regarding HIV Testing in the workplace and an article by Dr L London on hiv testing in the workplace to be published in the SA Medical journal, 1995 
E1.2  Employment equity. See also.: SA Law Commission Project 85 1f 2002-2003  
  Judgment on Section 7(2) of the Employment Equity Act Creates Uncertainty Regarding HIV Testing in the Workplace by Mark Heywood and Jennifer Joni; Rand Water Board v SAMWU(2001) Case no J5063/01, Labour Court; Mhkongo v Delta , Labour court, HIV testing case involving ALP, 1999; Ex parte application Ndebele Mining company, Labour Court, 2001 -Consent to test employees for HIV; "Evaluation of workplace AIDS programmes in SA' Compiled by Barbara Mason, Sept 1994 
E1.3  Publications 
  ‘Evaluation of the Employee benefits environment in SA with respect to the AIDS epidemic’ By Alex van den Heever. Papers on employment and HIV by Mark Heywood including "employment equity act and HIV/AIDS, a step in the right direction, Industrial law journal, 1999; liability issues in the counselling field, 1998; ALP: lobbying and litigating for employment equity by MH, Mandatory testing in the military; Hiv/AIDS and the workplace - bargaining issues for trade unions ; Code of good practice on HIV/AIDS and employment launched at last - 2000; HIV testing in the workplace - clarifying the meaning of SA's Employment Equity act; AIDS and employment - the changing legal environment in AIDS Analysis Africa 
E1.4  AIDS and Employment – Report on SA by Zackie Achmat and Edwin Cameron (ILO 1995) 
E1.5  Strategies for effective employee benefit management’ by Janina Slawski 
E1.6  HIV and employee benefits : where to from here? Peter Doyle 
E1.7  Research report on AIDS: Benefits, employment and discrimination 
E1.8  HIV / AIDS overview and likely impact on business including employee benefits’ by Deane Moore 
E1.9  Papers prepared for the Southern African Conference on AIDS and employment Harare, Nov 1994  
E1.10  Press clippings 
E1.11  Miscellaneous articles on AIDS in the workplace 3f  
  HIV/AIDS in the Workplace Research Symposium, 29-30 June 2004, organised by various Schools at WITS and funded by WITS AIDS Research Institute and the Carnegie Foundation; various papers incl and "Is it reasonable to expect small and medium sized enter "HIV/AIDS services to employees by P Connolly and S Rosen; "Understanding the response of large SA companies to HIV/AIDS by D Dickinson and M Stevens and "Women's rights , HIV/AIDS and the workplace" by EJ Win and list of abstracts  
E1.12  Various HIV/AIDS workplace policies 
E1.13  Research workers occupational exposure to HIV  
  Letter from Mark Cotton, Faculty of Medicine , Univ of Stellenbosch, - query on obligations of Pharmaceutical companies to research workers undertaking ARV drug studies in case of needle stick exposure and possible seroconverting, 1998 and response  
  Miscellaneous research papers and other documents relating to equality legislation. 
E2.1  Includes ‘An examination of the methods of protection proposed for HIV / AIDS in the equality legislation ‘ (final draft) by Lisa Forman. 
E2.2  First research paper on the need for equality legislation to provide explicit protection against unfair discrimination for people living with AIDS’ by Lisa Forman 
E2.3  The need for protection against discrimination for people living with HIV / AIDS’ (presentation by Phumi Mtetwa 28 April 1998 
E2.4  Equality alliance action plan  
E2.5  Report on equality alliance workshop 28 April 1999 
E2.6  Draft bill on the prevention and prohibition of unfair discrimination 
E2.7  Submission by ALP on the Employment Equity Bill. Feb 1998, the Promotion of equality and prevention of Unfair Discrimination Bill (2001) and similar documents 
E3.1  Various submissions and documents on the Employment Equity Bill 
E3.2  Papers on Equality legislation 
E3.3  Bench book for equality courts 
  Condoms for schools, letter from Jack Bloom re "TAC raps Pandor for banning school condoms" The Star , April ?;2001, Koornhofs condom plan is premature" and Kadar Asmal response; Education Portfolio Committee meetings - various; Draft National Policy on HIV/AIDS for learners and educators in public schools, Aug 1999 with notes for TAC members and a charter developed by ALP called "Charter on HIV/AIDS in the education system" (email from Zackie, Sept 2001); Article on "Mbeki's pension", (child support grant) behind increasing teenage pregnancy, May 2003; Letter from Kadar Asmal, Minister of Education to MH on July 2003 on letter that MH sent him on 21 July on antiretrovirals ; Agenda for Conference on HIV/AIDS and the education sector, 2002; Conference "Protecting the right to innocence- conference on sexuality education', 2001, convened by Kadar Asmal 
  Correspondence between ALP and AVBOB see also L1.6 Life Offices Association 
  Complaints re AVBOB Instances of the company refusing to pay out insurance to the families of people who the firm suspects of having died of HIV/AIDS were brought to the attention of the coalition. discriminating against people who died of AIDS related illness (Hazel Tau and Derrick Nyundu and Sarah Hlalele) response to request for information on AVBOB insurance - doesn’t contain an HIV exclusion clause (2002?); two cases Sarah and derrick; Minutes of meeting with AVBOB and the AIDS consortium, SA Communist Party, TAC, and ALP, 25 Feb 2003; Letter to AVBOB, 23 April 2003 and response from AVBOB 6 May 2003; Draft memo to be handed to AVBOB to end discrimination against PLWHIV (AVBOB continues to repudiate claims for funeral cover for people who died of AIDS related conditions notwithstanding the impression given by their letter that their policy is inclusive) and letter from MH to AVBOB about points he would like to see in the AVBOB statement on their new funeral policy; Confidential report of meeting with AVBOB managers in response to TAC campaign/picket on 26 august ; , Response from AVBOB to members of the AIDS consortium, 25 Aug; Memo to AVBOB - Picket by Financial Sector Coalition Campaign (which included SACP, AIDS Consortium, TAC, Black Sash and AIDS law project); Response to complaint with LOA against AVOB -person mentioned (24 July 2003, Tobile Ngenbgemani; 28 Aug 2003 end of AVBOB, now to Hollard and Randmeester (Press release 1 September 2003. Copies of Finance portfolio Committee meetings in Parliament, Aug 2003 about funeral scheme benefits, including summary, minutes and discussion and presentation by AIDS law project , Black Sash and Chris Shone of Goodall and Bourne Assurance.  
  On 26 August, the Financial Sector Coalition Campaign (SACP, AIDS Consortium, TAC, Black Sash and ALP) held a picket outside AVBOB's offices in Johannesburg. AVBOB provides funeral insurance. The company argued that this was justifiable because the policy-holders had not disclosed their status when the policy was taken out. However, many people do not know their HIV status when they take out funeral policies, nor are they properly informed by brokers on the exclusion clauses in the policy. The Coalition had a number of meetings with AVBOB management calling on them to remove the disclosure clause. After the picket was announced, AVBOB called for a meeting with representatives of the coalition and informed them that a new product had been introduced as of 1 August 2003. This new product did not require medical examinations or disclosure, but only that the policy-holder does not die within 6 months of the policy being taken out. The Coalition has welcomed this new product.  
F3  FINANCE DEPAR6TMENT (Trevor Manual, Minister of Finance 1996 – 2009 
  Various budget speeches 2002 - 2006; Comments made by Trevor Manual at Harvard forum on human rights and development, 2003; Fringe benefit taxes in relation to off site workplace treatment programmes for hIV/AIDS written by ALP for COSATU; opinion to ALP to consider the legality or constitutionality of the Treasury regulations, in part management of losses and claims - regulations have shifted the response of settling claims against the state from the central office to the institutions where the cause of a claim or litigation arises, Anthea Platt, 2003 
G1.1  Gauteng Province 
  Invitation to attend workshop on the revised prevention strategy for the Gauteng AIDS programme, 2007; Invite to attend the health portfolio workshop on home based care, 2006; Gauteng AIDS conference 2005; to Moral Regeneration movement JHB region workshop , 2004; Launch of world AIDS day campaign 2004 from Councillor Prema Naidoo; Gauteng dept. of housing meeting with ALP, 2004; Draft HIV/AIDS policy of the Gauteng office of the premier; , Gauteng ready to roll out AIDS treatment plan, 25 Feb. 2004; Meeting with MH and TAC and Premier, (Shilowa) and Gwen Ramakgoba,( MEC Health) and Liz Floyd; correspondence between Shilowa and ALP on ALP support for the expansion of the programme to prevent mother to child transmission of HVI, Feb 2002 and letters of congratulation to Shilowa from TAC and AIDS Consortium; Letter from TAC to Shilowa on 27 August 2001 after TAC launched an application in the Pretoria High Court demanding prog of MTCT across South Africa on 21 August 2001; Progress report on programmes of the financial sector campaign coalition Aug 2002- June 2003; First Draft HIV/AIDS policy for the Gauteng provincial government , 1998 
G2  Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)HIV/AIDS Programme supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GRI a collaborating centre of the UN Environment Programme, 2002- 
  Original meeting held on 29 May, 2002; attendance list; terms of reference; Other meetings held in 2002; Working draft (6) Nov 2002; Pilot edition for public use and feedback, Nov 2003 
G3  Government Communications and Information Services (GCIS)  
  "Response to enquiries and comments on HIV/AIDS" statement issued by GCIS, 2000 (refers to full text interview Mbeki had with Time magazine) Letter of demand to GCIS, re article "Black people are not guinea pigs" (Provision of ARV therapy to patients in Khayelitsha by Al-Ameen Kafaar, GCIS, Western Cape), 2001; Response to Al-Ameen Kafaar article by Eric Goemaere of Medicins Sans Frontieres; Reply by TAC, 2001 "GCIS misinforms on HIV/AIDS treatment"; Statement on StatsSA report on mortality, 2002; , Social Sector cluster parliamentary media briefing including re rollout of PMTCT and continued implementation of the Concourt order, Feb 2003 ; Statement of special cabinet meeting: enhanced programme against HIV , Aug 2003; Statement on joint cabinet committee : Operational plan for comphrehensive HIV and AIDS care and treatment, Nov 2003; statement on cabinet meeting, feb 2005, on mortality statistics released; GCIS Statement on AIDS-related death on the rise among SA youth, June 2006 
  Held at Gallagher estate, Midrand, TAC to hold a picket; and present a memorandum to the sector convenors "Prevent and treat AIDS to promote growth and development; Speech by Minister Mdladlana at the summit and the agreement, 7 June 2003 
H1.1  Records of cases of needle stick injury during hospital employment 2f 1996-2000; infection control policies and Occupational exposure; Life care, 1997 ;  
H1.2  Philadelphia Hospital Mpumalanga. 
  Treatment of rape cases . correspondence and other records 1f 2002 
H1.3  Johannesburg Hospital HIV clinic: 2000 - 2001 (complaint about quality of care for PLWA at JHB Hospital HIV clinic, including advocacy by AIDS Consortium, TAC, CARE and Nehawu and responses from the Gauteng Department of Health, JHB Hospital CEO, Dean of Health Sciences, Prof Max Price at Wits University; Response from Gauteng Dept. of Health to AIDS Consortium memorandum, May 2001 
  Invitation to MH to present at HEARD's 2007 planning for HIV/AIDS workshop incl programme and invitation to present a paper at the Private sector conference on the impact of HIV/AIDS on May 2004 and request to speak at Winter School of representatives of Ministries of Education across Africa (funded by USAID) 
  Harvard Consensus Statement on antiretroviral treatment for AIDS in poor countries, 2001 signed by members of the Faculty and Staff of Harvard University and the response from Treatment Action Campaign; Introducing ARVs in resource poor settings: Expected and unexpected challenges and consequences by Paul Farmer, Harvard Medical school; debate online with Prof Attaran re his paper 2001 (research into patents in sub Saharan SA with IIPI; Email correspondence between Treatment Action Campaign (Nathan Geffen) and the Director of the International Intellectual Property Institute, Washington DC, February 2001 on the IIPI's report "Patent protection and access to HIV/AIDS pharmaceuticals in Sub-Saharan Africa' (2000) 
  Human Rights Commission draft HIV / AIDS policy; Report on site visits to Eastern Cape Hospitals 2003, guidelines for facilitators and other records of a Human Rights Conference 20-23 May 1997; correspondence between the Human Rights commission and various provincial health departments re socio economic rights protocols, 1998-1999; Report on a workshop held by the HRC, (Western Cape), 1999 on language as a barrier to access to health care; Complaints submitted to the HRC against certain bodies ; MEC for Health in Mpumalanga, 2002 - Contempt of Constitutional Court order, Dec 2002 (Min of Health v TAC, (1) 2002 (10) BCLR 1033 (CC) handed down July 2002 re provision of Nevirapine to pregnant women, plus media release from TAC; Complaint to SAHRC re life insurance and HIV, May 2001, response from Integral Risk management actuary, Dominic Liber; Submission to SAHRC on the equality legislation research report "HIV/AIDS status"2001; Shareholder consultative meeting to discuss the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on the activities of the different sectors, build capacity of the sectors…. 2000;  
  Invitation from the SAHRC to a workshop on the National Action Plan 1997 (after a national conference on Human rights was held on 20-23 May 1997 theme "The bill of rights: an agenda for action"; statement and programme of action ; HRC draft HIV/AIDS policy 1997; Summary of conference workshop report including equality, civil and political rights, freedom of expression, admin of justice, socio economic rights etc.; Note of thanks to SAHRC from MH to thank them for organising a workshop on HIV and insurance in May 2003; Invitation to a workshop on the recommendations of the report on sexual offences against children, June 2002; Note re meeting that MH and ALP had with Jody Kollapen, Commissioner of HRC) the chair of Equality Act's equality review committee in 2006 re progress made with its report to the Minister of Justice re the inclusion of the proposed additional grounds to the Equality Act; Programme for HRC public hearings on access to health care services, May/June 2007 and its terms of reference; 'Access to life saving medical technologies for HIV and tuberculosis' by Nathan Geffen (May 2007 - version for the SAHRC) to be presented at SA AIDS conference, Durban 2007 
  No entry. 
  HPCSA position on the Management of the HIV/AIDS epidemic 2002; Public Protector report on complaint by the ALP against the HPCSA, 2001?; Complaints sent from the AIDS Law Project about doctors regarding HIV issues 2001; Memo from Marlise to Chloe, Dec 2001 "Difficulties with the HPC" with list of cases that ALP has dealt with; Regulations relating to the functions and functioning of professional boards (in terms of HPCSA Act); Letter to Public Protector - complaint against the HPC on Jan 2001 including table of complaints, 1998-2000; SA Medical Association "Human rights and ethical guidelines on HIV- a manual for medical practitioners", Nov 2001 
  Information about SA refugees and ability to get ARVs; Tracking progress initial experiences with the Refugees Act of 1998, Sept 2002; correspondence between DHA and MH re HIV and yellow fever vaccinations at SA and Passport Control Instruction 37 of 1995 re admission to RSA of people living with HIV and AIDS, 1995; Revenue Directive from the dept. of health-Refugees/asylum seekers with/without a permit regarding Hospital fees and ART, Sept 2007 
  correspondence with MH and Edwin Cameron (Chairperson of SA Law Commotion Project on HIV) and Rose Smart (Director HIV/AIDS, National dept. of Health) respectively about HIV home test kit advertised in the Financial Mail of June 1998 
I1  Individual files (ALP staff and others) 1998-2000 
  Includes articles on AIDS matters, monthly reports, reports of visits, correspondence and CVs relating to the following: 
I1.1  Zackie Achmat 1f (see also C4.2 AND A1.2-2) 
  Letter on HIV to all NGCLE affiliates, members, allies and supporters disclosing his HIV status 
I1.2  Lisa Forman 1f (see also E2) 
  Reports, correspondence etc. 
I1.3  Fatima Hassan 1f 
  Articles, reports 
I1.4  Mark Heywood 2f 
  Articles, reports; email correspondence between MH and Dennis Altman, La Trobe University Australia, re article which they co authored "The limits of the human rights approach' , 1998; The price of denial by Mark Heywood, Dec 2004 in "Development update"; Invitation to MH to serve on editorial board - HIV/AIDS policy and law review, Canada, august 2005; "Patents on drugs: manufacturing scarcity or advancing health? Bebe Loff and Mark Heywood in Journal of law, Medicine and Ethics, 2002; Article by MH on photography exhibition by Gideon Mendel of people living with HIV "a broken landscape" and Mbeki denialism 
I1.5  Teboho Kekana 1f 
  Reports, correspondence, presentation 
I1.6  Anita Kleinschmidt 1f  
I1.7  Lindiwe Kunene 1f 
I1.8  Phumzile Mtethwa (Finance and fundraising officer) 1f 
  Reports and memoranda, mainly about finance, budgets etc.. 
I1.9  Betsi Pendry 1f 
  Reports, findings from HIV, women and employment report 
I1.10  Fatima Rahiman 1f 
I1.11  Ruth van der Vindt 1f 
  Reports, minutes of a meeting of African network on ethics, law and HIV, 1996 
I1.12  Anneke Meerkotter 
  PowerPoint Presentations to various organisations, (2004-2006) 2 presentations to ALP strategy meeting and ALP Litigation Strategy meeting (2006); Submission on the early release of prisoners with HIV/AIDS to the Jali Commission (Inquiry into alleged incidents of corruption, maladministration, violence and intimidation in the Department of Correctional Services) Anneke Meerkotter and Liesl Gerntholtz 2001 
I1.13  Edwin Cameron 
  "Human rights, legal rights and the battle against HIV" October 1993; "Human rights , AIDS and the new constitution" May 1994; The history of the AIDS epidemic in SA: legal perspectives by Edwin Cameron and Anna Marie Havenga, (SA Law commission; Culture, history and the protection of rights in the new SA constitution" the right to equality under the new constitution by Edwin Cameron, Law and Society meeting Arizona, June 1994;AIDS/Hiv and Health care, 1993 
I2.1  Programme of the 10th International conference on AIDS and STD in Africa, 1997 
I2.2  Loose papers (emailed: for 11th Conference?) Af-AIDS and ICASA 2001 
  Includes: ‘ICASO, human rights and social equity’ June 1998 (MH member of the ICASO human rights advisory and review committee who contribute to document); ‘ ICASO update’ - Newsletter, 1997, 1999; ‘Stories from the Frontlines’ June 1999; ‘Strategy document for improving linkages between AIDS service organizations and Human Rights Non-governmental Organisations ‘ 1998; Annual report 1996; Strategy paper on the involvement of ICASO in the activities of UN Human Rights Bodies 1997; National update: South Africa Presentation to ICASO Inter regional consultation on Human rights, social equity and HIV/AIDS by MH, 1998? 
I4.1  Canadian HIV / AIDS Legal Network 1f 1998-2000 
  Documents concerning cooperation between ALP and the Network 
I4.2  Zambia. HIV / AIDS in Zambia . Background, projections, impacts, interventions 1999 
I4.3  Zimbabwe . Various documents on AIDS and AIDS programmes in Zimbabwe 
I4.4  USA. Miscellaneous documents from US including ‘AIDS Litigation Project’ - a national survey of Federal, state and local cases before court and human rights commissions. Washington DC 1990. 
I4.5  USA/Canada trip made by Mark Heywood in September to October 2001: includes Itinerary for Mark Heywood, presentations made to Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network AGM, Montreal, Concordia University - Community lecture series on HIV/AIDS, 27 September 2001, Health and Human Rights Conference, Philadelphia 
  Reinventing development conference held on 1-3 Dec 2005, in London (funded by CIDA) 
I4.6  Invitation to conference by Centre for International Human Rights, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, Univ of London to MH to speak on behalf of TAC (October 2005) ; including narrative report, list of participants and speakers; MH spoke on the approach adopted by TAC using rights-based advocacy; Chapter of book to be launched "Reinventing development Translating rights based approached from theory into practice', P Grady and J Ensor, Zed books 
I4.6  International Network for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR-Net) 1f  
  Includes: Inaugural conference, November 2002, draft proposal for meeting on human rights and HIV/AIDS, 2001, invitation to strategy meeting in Kenya, 2008  
I4.7  International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) 
  Leaflet from ILGA Africa, 2000 "20 Lesbians raped after PRIDE 2000' October 2000; Email from Zackie Achmat IGLHRC alert "Civil Society is not corporate society'; Two Reports by Phumi Mtetwa, Co-secretary general, August 2001. Oakland, California and Rome, July 2000; email from Sydney Levy, IGLHRC to Mark Heywood, 1999  
I4.8  International Labour Organisation change no 
  Hiv/AIDS and the world of work in SA "Much ado about nothing" by MH, April 2000, a report for the ILO; ILO/USDOL United States Dept. of Labour International HIV/AIDS workplace education programme, invitation to ALP to participate in Project Advisory Board, 2004 includes Project document, Project presentation, draft work plan 
  Extent of provincial underspending of HIV/AIDS conditional grants' by Alison Hickey, IDASA Budget Information Service, 13 November 2001; Funding the fight, budgeting for HIV in developing countries, Nov 2004; 'Evaluation of the Department of Social Development's response to the HIV/AIDS crisis by Jolene Adams, Dec 2000, Budget Information Service, IDASA; 'Politics briefing : what Trevor Manual said' Epoliticssa, February 12, 2000; 'Monitoring AIDS treatment rollout in South Africa: lessons learnt from the Joint Civil Society Monitoring Forum' by Nhlanhla Ndlovu of IDASA, February 2006 (draft) 
I6  INVITATIONS 1f 1998-1999, 2007  
  Adoption criteria and screening procedures of the JCWS including people living with AID/HIV, 1999 
J2  JOHANNESBURG AIDS COUNCIL (City of Johannesburg )2002-2007 
  Confirmation of appointment of MH on the City of JHB AIDS Council and invitation of launch of council on 2 Nov 2001, October 2001; Agendas, minutes of meetings; request to MH to do a presentation, Local government HIV and AIDS Indaba programme 29-30 June 2006 
  2 presentations by Mark Heywood to the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network AGM, September 2001. Access to HIV/AIDS treatments in developing countries - a South African perspective and Some reflections on Globalization, Development, Human Rights, and Access to medicines 
K1  Kadalie, Ruth Dr 2000-2002 
  correspondence between MH and Dr Kadalie re support of TAC case, March 2001 - drug profiteering 
L1  LIFE INSURANCE 1f 1997-1998 
L1.1  Correspondence and articles re life insurance and AIDS 
  Paper by ALP "HIV/AIDS and the financial sector, undated, letter to ALP from Sanlam re random testing of prospective policies holders for the HIV; Mortgage loan related insurance complaints, advisory bulletin no 1, office of the Banking adjudicator, draft for consideration by the policy board HIV/AIDS housing loans task group, banking Council of Sa; Impact of AIDS on life insurance and employee benefit arrangements, TE Hartwig; Insurance and HIV/AIDS by Ms Teboho Motebele, attorney, ALP presentation undated? 
L1.2  OMUCARE” – Old Mutual’s approach to product enhancements for people who have a shortened life expectancy.. 1996 
L1.3  Project report: ‘The response of the insurance industry to the impact of HIV/AIDS on employee risk benefits’. SF Mtimkulu, 2001 
L1.4  Press cuttings on AIDS and life insurance.  
  Opinion by Adv. W Trengove SC for the Human Rights Commission (HIV/AIDS discrimination in insurance 
L1.5  Metropolitan 
  IDS solutions and newsletters- AIDS analysis Africa; Request for comment from ALP on Metropolitan's employee benefits HIV/AIDS workplace solution structure with opinion on product by Adv. Sholto Douglas, May 2020 (demarcation between health insurance and medical aid) 
L1.6  Life Offices Association 1997-2007 
  Includes announcement by LOA and ALP regarding waiver of all AIDS exclusion clauses in life and funeral cover policies for any person who took out a policy prior to Jan 2005 (dated March 2007); articles from LOA Consumer Education Programme, 2003; Personal pre-test counselling (PPTC) for HIV testing: Proposal for pilot project in cooperation with department of Health,(LOA) 20 Sept 2001; LOA code of conduct on AIDS and HIV testing, 1997; Presentation to PCOF Portfolio Committee on Finance , 8 August 2003; re funeral insurance, by Life offices association of SA; Letter from SA Law commission to Deputy Minister of Justice on constitutional validity of Life Offices Association code on AIDS and HIV patients, June 1999; Underwriting as a discriminatory practice by Edwin Cameron, 1994; Developing a legal strategy to challenge unfair discrimination in the insurance industry, ALP, July 2003 
  Association with ALP; 2000-2000 
  Attendance of conference: Realising the right to health, Mumbai, March 2005 
  inclusion of HIV as a prohibited ground of discrimination in the labour bill, Namibia 2004, submission made by LAC, letter from MH to LAC re draft policy on notification and the draft Namibian HIV/AIDS charter of rights - his comments, 2000 
L1C  LEGAL RESOURCES CENTRE see also case - VRM v Health Profession Council of SA 
  correspondence with LRC re SOLANGO conference Nov 1998 - Southern African Network of legal aid and legal assistance NGOs , request to MH to speak on HIV and human rights 
  LRC discussion with ALP to leave Wits Univ and merge with the Legal Resources Centre , correspondents between Director of the LRC, Bongani Majola and Mark Heywood, 1998-2000; Complaint from MH to LRC who were correspondents in two cases, PK v Highveld Mediclinic and VRM v Health Professions Council, 2002 
L2  LIVING WILL 1f 1992-1995 
  ‘The living will declaration’ – information and guidelines for people living with HIV /AIDs (ALP), examples of living wills (and ordinary wills) Issues of the ‘Living Will Society ‘ Newsletter 1992-1994. Articles on living wills 
  Draft copy, Aug 2006 from dept. of justice, letter to Head of secretariat, steering committee, DOJ from ALP requesting information on the charter process and its objectives, 26 Jan 2007 
  TAC letter from Nathan Geffen and Zackie Achmat of Treatment Action Campaign, 2001, criticising Love Life Report "Impending Catastrophe Revisited"(which was commissioned by the Henry J Kaiser Foundation and produced by Abt Associated); Emails from various people criticising Love Life campaign - David Patient, Neil M Orr, Research Psychologist, UCT; Lovelife: a measure of success? compiled by the Centre for AIDS Development, Research and Evaluation (CADRE) South Africa, 2002 and response from Love Life, Oct 2002; Lovelife Phase II application: overview of Board Concerns (SANAC meeting, 21 Oct 2005 and 27 October 2005; Global Fund request for revised submission for Phase II funding to lovelife; Additional funding for grant closure costs; Criticism of Lovelife campaign by AIDS Law project, 2006; Letter from Cheryl Carolus, Chair of Love life trustees requesting meeting with MH and MH response; response to Marlise Richter by Lovelife re limitations in Love life campaigns 
  Includes: MASA Clinical guidelines programme; documents from the HIV Clinical Guideline working group; notes on MASA ethical guidelines; background document for the meeting of MASA 2/2/95 on the revision of the MASA HIV / AIDS ethical guidelines, and related documents.. 
M1A.1  2000 
  Biozole generic for fluconazole (diflucan); Delay in registration of (No Suggestions); ; TAC press release responding to attacks on TAC by MCC, Oct 2000 re Biozole and Pfizer; Memorandum of meeting between Helen Rees, MSF and TAC, Feb year? on use of section 21 by MCC; Declaration of doctors to MCC re Biozole generic for fluconazole (diflucan see and response from Helen Rees; Memorandum from TAC to MCC, 24 Nov, 2000; Record of meeting with Helen Rees and MH, 27 Nov ; Response from MCC re Biozole applicate on behalf of Brooklyn clinic; MCC grants a conditional exemption for importation of generic fluconazole (section 21) 30 Nov 2000; Participation on Fluconazole working group by MH, Nov 2000 
M1A.2  2001 
  letter to Helen Rees, 25 Jan on s.21 applications wrt PMA court papers ; request for resolutions made by MCC on (No Suggestions) 2001; Letter to ALP from Registrar of medicines re application for use of Biozole, Feb. 2001 
M1A.3  2002 
  Emails on registration of HIV/AIDS drugs; Affidavit by Samuel Mhlongo, Constitutional Court, Tshabalala-Msimang v TAC, wishing to be amicus curiae, dated 30 April 2002 (mother to child transmission); MCC independence and governance at stake, Treatment Action Campaign, 14 August 2002;  
M1A.4  2004-2007 
  MCC's Zokufa moves to private sector , 27 October 2005, Business Report, 'Some key amendments to Medicines Act affecting independence of MCC and powers of the Minister of Health' written by Jonathan Berger? 2006 (email to journalist); 'Minister names new medicines body head' (Mandisa Hela) Business Day 2006; Notes by Fatima Hassan on meetings with Aspen and Cipla on drug registration with MCC, April, 2006; 'MCC official arrested 'for attempting to solicit a bribe', March 2007 Business Day; Judge tells MCC to back down' (MCC accused of obstructing vital HIV research by UKZN) July 2007 Clinical Trial, Protocol HPTN 046 focuses on research into the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) through breastfeeding 
  Letter to City Press on Thami Mazwai's article attack on NM and on the TAC implying TAC was funded by pharmaceutical companies, March 2002; NM announces the death of his son, Makgatho of AIDS, Jan 2005; TAC expresses condolences to NM's family; article "Mandela: I failed SA's AIDS challenge" , March 2003, " Mandela calls for AIDS drugs for all, July 2002 (at AIDS conference in Barcelona); Meeting with NM and Zackie Achmat, 2002 and email from ZA re this meeting after which Mandela requests a formal meeting with Mbeki to discuss ARVS; BBC news report on Mandela, 2003? 
  Microbicides - Research body head defends ethics of AIDS gel project, 2007; Microbicide research gets boost - MRC one of the recipients of R272m grant from British government; 2002 
  Includes: correspondence between MRC and ALP, TAC; MRC's HIV/AIDS report of 2001 and criticism thereof; Joint statement by Anglican Church, Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference, COSATU and TAC on the MRC report and request to the Minister of Health for the MRC report to be made public; presentation to the portfolio committee on science and technology March 2005, by Mbewu on Socio economic impact of HIV/AIDS; Letter of congratulations from MRC on MMC granting conditional section 21 exemption for generic fluconazole, Nov 2000; 2001, Makgoba and Achmat challenge the media over AIDS report, August 2001 
  Medicines and Related Substances Control Amendment act 90 of 1997 (dated 2001?, written prior to case being heard March 200 see also PMA case1; Summary of draft regulations (government gazette 22235 dated 1 June 2001)written by Eric Lee; TAC Fact sheet "why do we need a new law on medicines?" ; submission on the medicines and related substances amendment bill, 2002 written by J Berger, ALP on 21 June 2002 
M1E  MLAMBO-NGCUKA, P (Deputy President of SA June 2005-2006, resigned Sept 2008) 
  Request for meeting with TAC, August 2005 and Oct 2005; Meeting with Mlambo on Oct 2006 and agenda ; Speech Oct 2005 and July 2006; Acknowledgement of receipt of consensus report of 9th Joint Civil Society monitoring forum national meeting, Dec 2006 
M1F  MBEKI, T (President), ANC and HIV/AIDS 1f 2001 -2002 
  Includes Letter from Nathan Geffen to Financial Mail journalist re questions about Mbeki's smear of the tAC and progress on MTCT case, 2000; Letter from Mbeki to Minister of Health, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang on mortality statistics, WHO, August 2001; ANC National Executive Committee on AIDS, March 2002; Civil disobedience campaign by Treatment Action Campaign "Dying for treatment", 2003; Speech by Mark Heywood (National Secretary, Treatment Action Campaign, ' Silence of the lions - the HIV/AIDS epidemic and dual loyalties in the new SA; 'The politics of AIDS in South Africa: Beyond the controversies' by Didier Fassin and Helen Schneider, British Medical Journal 2003; Youth League statement on the order to provide Nevirapine, 26 March 2002; ANC speaks on calls for Comrade Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, Health Minister to resign, 18 July 2002; The politics behind AIDS the case of SA presentation to 12th world AIDS conference, Geneva, 19998 
M2.1   The economic impact of the AIDS epidemic in SA . J Bloomberg et al, 1991 
M2.2   Migrancy and AIDS (Workshop papers August 1993) 
M2.3   Love is a dangerous thing’: micro-dynamics of violence in sexual relationships of young people in Umtata. By Katharine Wood and Rachel Jewkes; CERSA – Women’s health Medical Research Council. 
M2.4   The development of Community-based media for AIDS education in South Africa. (Viva condoms!) By Warren Parker 1995 
M2.5   The blood in the pool’ HIV AIDS and employment benefits. By Mark Silver 
M2.6   Human rights and AIDS in Southern Africa. By Mark Heywood and Morna Cornell 
M2.7   The AIDS epidemic in Africa: ‘Openness’ and Human Rights, By Mark Heywood 
M2.8   HIV/AIDS in the Southern African Mining sector. By Mark Heywood 
M2.9  Report on South Africa . By Zackie Achmat and Edwin Cameron 1995 
M2.10  The right to health, equality and dignity. By Mark Heywood 
M2.11  Sports and HIV / AIDS legal and ethical issues. By Fatima Hassan;  
M2.12  The politics of HIV/Aids in Africa June 2001. Not signed 
M2.13  Traditional African Society and HIV/AIDS By Marius Pieterse 
M2.14  Attitudes to HIV testing and legal reform in the SA public and private sectors 1998 
M2.15  Minority rights in the new SA: the right to health by M Cornell 
M2.16  Human rights and HIV/AIDS. By S Gruskin, D Tarantola and M Heywood 
M2.17  Infect one, infect all: Zulu youth response to the AIDS epidemic in SA. and "On the virgin cleansing myth: gendered bodies, aids and ethno medicine" African journal of AIDS research, 2002 By S Leclerc-Madlala 
M2.18  Doomed youth on a mission to spread AIDS  
M2.19  ‘Castro Hlongwane, caravans, cats, geese, foot and mouth and statistics: HIV / AIDS and the struggle for the humanisation of the African’ 2002 
M2.20  SA Country report on human rights practices for 1997. (US Dept. of State) 
M2.21  Country gender profile: SA (Womensnet, 1999) 
M2.22  Epidemiological Fact Sheet on HIV /AIDS and STDs in SA (UNAIDS and WHO) 
M2.23  Human right treaties acceded to or ratified by SA 
M2.24  Mother-to Child transmission of HIV: What’s new? By J McIntyre and G Gray 
M2.25  The constitutional rationale for provision of AZT to pregnant women with HIV 
M2.26  HIV / AIDS and the right to have access to reproductive health care 
M2.27  Statistics on violence against women in SA and internationally 1998 
M2.28  Human Rights violations of people with HIV / AIDS . By Mark Heywood 
M2.29  Beat it! Your guide to better living with HIV / AIDS. Weekly television magazine programme By Mark Heywood 
M2.30  Securing access to Health Care in SA: a discussion paper by R. Balasubramaniam and C Sprague for TAC, Feb. 2005 
M2.31  Equality or Bust… A luta continua. ALP 
M2.32  Traditional African Healers: their role in the fight against STD’s HIV and AIDS in South Africa. Rebecca Rogerson and Traditional medicines and traditional healers in SA, Marlise Richter, revised 2004 for the TAC and ALP 
M2.33  Action for health and human rights M Richter, (ALP, ALN) June 2002 
M2.34  Regional audit on HIV /AIDS, Human Rights and other relevant issues June 2000 
M2.35  Gender-related socio-economic impact of HIV / AIDS in Zimbabwe 2000 
M2.36  Assessing knowledge about HIV / AIDS amongst staff at the United Nations agencies in SA. V Makoe and M Heywood 1996 
M2.37  Health and Health Care in Mount Frere 1997 
M2.38  The AIDS epidemic in Africa: ‘Openness’ and human rights. Mark Heywood 1997 (at Conference on AIDS and STDs in Africa 
M2.39  How the poor die: HIV / AIDS and poverty in SA. M Heywood 1998 
M2.40  Issues in Social Security, employee benefits and HIV / AIDS. M Heywood, 1996 
M2.41  Employment law and HIV /AIDS. S Albertyn, ALP 
M2.42  Mitigating the impact of AIDS at the workplace. Helen Jackson, Nov. 1994 
M2.43  Tracking South Africa’s progress on Health Care rights.. Karrisha Pillay. Undated 
M2.44  Human Rights and public health: Dichotomies or synergies in developing countries? Examining the case of HIV in Africa. L London 
M2.45  Gender equality at the crossroads: Finding legal strategies to address women’s vulnerability to HIV / AIDS. Prof C Albertyn 
M2.46  The economic and employment implications of AIDS. R Loewenson, Harare 1996 
M2.47  Implications of current legislation for implementation of National Health Plan. (Cheadle Thompson and Haysom), April 1994 
M2.48  An examination of whether a right to health or access to health care facilities ought to be entrenched within the final constitution of SA. A Strode 1995 
M2.49  An actuarial analysis of the impact of SA Health Care reforms. By Timothy Courtney and others. Undated 
M2.50  The management of patients with HIV infection or AIDS (SAMDC) 
M2.51  Report on the CSVR and ALP strategy session on the provision of HIV post-exposure prophylaxis for rape survivors 
M2.52  The impact of HIV / AIDS on medical scheme solvency. D Katz Nov 1999 
M2.53  More harm than help: the ramification for rape survivors of mandatory HIV testing of rapists . Centre for Women policy studies. (?) USA 
M2.54  Miscellaneous articles, not separately listed (File 1) 
M2.55  Miscellaneous articles (File 2) 
M2.56  Miscellaneous articles (File 3) 
  (See also Individual files (I1), Aids Law Project A4) 
M2.57  Various items  
  Pat(i)ent abuse: life dignity and the manufacturing of scarcity, presented at African Human Rights Camp, Cairo, 2002 by Jonathan Berger; Understanding public health policy and health systems development within a constitutional framework, 2003 by J Berger; implementing DOHA what should government be doing? Rethinking patent law conferece, 2003;Law and treatment access ,briefing to Portfolio committee on health, 2003 by J Berger; access to essential medicines and medical products for treating HIV, 2002 by J Berger 
M2.58  "A rights- based approach to HIV/AIDS' and "HIV/AIDS, human rights and access to treatment" presented at African Human Rights Camp, Cairo, 2002 by Jonathan Berger 
M2.59  Preventing unfair discrimination and promoting equality: sexual orientation and the rights of lesbian and gay people' Jonathan Berger, presentation to Provincial Symposium on the Equality Act, Limpopo Province, November 2002 
M2.60  Treatment Access: human rights issues' PPT presentation by Fatima Hassan, Windhoek, 2002 
M2.61  NEDLAC FSTSC presentation by Sharon Ekambaram and Fatima Hassan on 22 November 2002 (Life insurance, funeral cover, Banking Council and Financial Services Board) 
M2.62  Using law to protect human rights and end discrimination' , presentation by Mark Heywood to PWA summit, Sept 2002 
M2.63  Draft Consensus Statement (Coastlands) - National Consultative Workshop to Develop Guidelines for HIV testing of Children, 30-31 October 2002 
M2.64  The economic impact of HIV/AIDS on business in SA 2003 (researched and compiled by the Bureau for Economic Research, 2004) 
M2.65  Show us the money: is violence against women on the HIV and AIDS funding agenda, 2007, Action Aid for the Women wont wait campaign, US 
M2.66  Public interest Litigation in the 1980's by Adv. Gilbert Marcus (for ALP), 2001 - mention of TAC case against Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association 
M2.67  Nature and extent of discrimination against PLWA's in SA 
  Interviews and a study of ALP client files - 1993-2001 by Marlise Richter, July 2001; Second draft of the report for the Dept. of Health tender "report on the nature and extent of HIV/AIDS discrimination in SA, April 2001, Marlise Richter and the Draft report, "Discrimination and HIV/AIDS" researched and compiled for the Dept. of health by Ross Jennings and Jowie Maludzi of Strategy & Tactics and Marlise Richter and MH of ALP, May 2002 also a PowerPoint presentation, 2002 (ALP and Strategy & Tactics ) 
M2.68  Various articles written by Marlise Richter 
  Including: Pepping up the public health care system for rape survivors, 2004; Young women's access to reproductive health care services in the context of hIV. 2002; Aiding intolerance and fear: the nature and extent of AIDS discrimination in SA, 2001; Right to social security of PLWA in the context of public sector provision of highly active antiretrovirals, 2006; Are nursery schools "nice places" for children with hIV/AIDS "Karen Pereira v Buccleuch Montessori pre school and Primary, South African Law Journal vol 123, part 2; Disability grants or antiretrovirals a quandary for PLWA by Chloe Hardy and Marlise Richter, African Journal of AIDS research 2006 
M2.69  Between ignorance and tolerance" SA public attitudes on issues concerning gays, lesbians and AIDS by Craig Charney for the ALP, 1995 
M2.70  Aids, witchcraft and the problem of public power in the post apartheid SA, Adam Ashforth, May 2001,  
M2.71  The status and threat of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Sa by Pia Bergman and Staffan Uddeholt, Jan 1998 (consultancy commissioned by the Swedish embassy, Pretoria 
M3.1  SANDF 1f 1996-1998  
  Minutes of a meeting of the SA Civil-Military Alliance steering group on 5 November 1997, documents on mandatory AIDS testing of SANDF personnel and other documents re AIDS and the defence force; Memo by Lt Gen DP Knobel “Human Immunodeficiency virus and STDs”; SAGD order March 1996; Draft - Sub committee to deal with legal and constitutional aspects of HIV Testing in special circumstances (MH a member of committee)resigns from steering committee, 1998; Cabinet decision, 1997 Summary of memorandum, no 10/1998, dated Oct. 1998 The SANDF - medical standards(HIV testing); SANDF contract case, Memo to MH from Ian, Jan 1996 
M3.2  Military - other countries  
  Botswana Defence Force - Policy on administration of personnel infected with HIV 1994 
  The Zambia Defence Force HIV policy on mandatory pre-recruitment testing - Zaran's position 
  Report of the UNAIDS Expert Panel on HIV testing in UN Peacekeeping Operations, November 2001, Thailand 
  HIV testing of UN Peacekeeping forces: legal and human rights issues, Canadian HIV/AIDS legal Network, September 2001 
  Submission on the Defence Amendment Bill of 2001 (Namibia) made on behalf of NANGOF on 30 January 2002, Windhoek (exclusion of people from the Defence Force solely on the basis of their HIV status 
M3.3  Defence Force (Dept. of Defence) 
  Conference snubs Defence union envoys, Nov 2007; Budget vote for defence, 2005; Defence Portfolio Committee meeting, 2004 mention of HIV testing in the military and prevalence of hIV; article 2004 on prevalence; Presentation "HIV/AIDS testing in the SA Dept. of defence by Office of the Surgeon General, ALP requests meetings with T Lekota, the new Min of Defence, 1999 and Thandi Modise, Chairperson of the Parliamentary portfolio committee on defence, 2002 
M4.1  Southern African Regional Seminar on HIV / AIDS in the mining sector (Vic Falls, Zimbabwe, Aug-Sept 1995) Report and papers 1f 
M4.2  Research needs and priorities for the management of HIV /AIDS transmission in the Mining Industry 1f Nov 1995 
M4.3  Response of the Mining sector to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Southern Africa Sept 1995 
M4.4  Knowledge, attitudes and practices of gold miners in the Welkom area in relation to HIV / AIDS and condom usage July 1995 
M4.5  Retrospective literature search (bibliography) on miners and AIDS. 1995 
M4.6  STD/HIV prevention in SA’s mining industry 1996-1999 
M4.7  HIV / AIDS, the mining and minerals sector and sustainable development in Southern Africa Undated 
M4.8  HIV / AIDS and the productivity sectors in the SADC region, a case study of the mining industry. By C Campbell and B Williams 1996 
M4.9  Managing HIV / AIDS in the mining and metallurgical industries (Mintek, 2000) 
M4.10  Various papers on the same subject 
M4.11  National Union of Mineworkers’ AIDS policy and agreement with the Chamber of Mines; letter to General Manager of the C of M. 1989-1991 
M4.12  HIV/AIDS Mining conferences 
M4.12.1  Mining industry HIV/AIDS summit, Gallagher Estate, 30 April 2003 
  Programme, Position Paper on the HIV and AIDS in the SA mines (drafted by depts. of Minerals and Energy, Health and Labour for the AIDS mining summit; the mining industry and HIV/AIDS; Press release by Chamber of Mines on the Summit; Declaration of intent of the summit, final version 20 April 2003; Position paper on HIV/AIDS by the United Association of SA 
M4.12.2  HIV / AIDS in mining . Conference 2004 
M4.13  Anglo American Working for Sustainable Development , 2003 page 45 HIV/AIDS 
M5.1  Guidelines for the management of HIV /AIDS (SA Medical and Dental Council, MASA) 1f 1995. 
M5.2  Post-exposure prophylaxis for health care workers exposed to HIV 1f 1997 
M5.3  Condoms. Report of a WHO consultation on condom quality, and docs on condoms in SA 
M5.4  Medical Aid Schemes. 4f 1995-2002 see also Discovery Health medical aid, 2003 
M5.4.1  Joint memorandum from NACOSA and ALP on HIV/AIDS and PARMED, and other documents on medical aid discrimination. Also various records and case files of ALP dealings with Medical Aid schemes .  
M5.4.2  Summary and commentary on the regulations under the Medical Schemes Act prepared by Medscheme - including PMBs and HIV (1999); Aid for AIDS programme and various medical schemes programmes for members living with HIV; submission by ALP on draft regulations ito the Medical Schemes act - dated, August 1999 with specific reference to PMBs for people living with HIV 
M5.4.3  Newspaper articles Article on survey by Old Mutual Health Care on affordability of medical aid and health care (2001); "Work it out or watch it die - drastic change is needed to save SA system of health care" June 2001, Financial Mail;  
M5.4.4  Complaint against industry wide provision of sub standard HIV/AIDS medical treatment regimes - duty of CMS to investigate, 2002; HIV/AIDS benefits in Medical schemes in 2002, Centre for Actuarial Science, UCT 
M5.4.5  complaint by Shaun Mellors against Omni health Trustees, 2003 re waiting period 
M5.4.6  Circulars from Council for Medical schemes 
  Mother to Child Transmission Constitutional Court case (handed down in July 2002)including what happened after case in Constitutional Court see also Medicines Control Council and also C4.16 
M6.1  Various documents  
  Including: 2000; WHO new data on the PMTC transmission of HIV, 2004 - report warned of severe reactions, Houston Chronicle; 2005; Safety and tolerability of Zidovudine - a review of literature 
M6.1.1  1998-2000  
  MH - Possible legal arguments on the issue of access to AZT to prevent MTCT, 1999; Letter to Glaxo welcome, April 1999 " AZT for pregnant women with HIV" from Peter Busse and Sharon Ekambaram, Gauteng TAC co coordinator 
M6.1.2  2001 
  Side effects; Adv. Geoff Budlender 2002 April, amendment to Nevirapine affidavit July 2001 by ; Availability of Nevirapine for patients in the public health sector , letter from DOH to Adv. Budlender; Offer from Boehringer Ingelheim , Donation programme' offer of free Nevirapine made in July 2000 to developing economies for prevention of MTCT(2001); Anita Kleinschmidt The constitutional rationale for provision of Azt to pregnant women with HIV, "working paper to provide the basis for the discussion of a legal strategy seminar at the ALP"; "Taking responsibilities seriously- the role of the SA state in preventing Transmission of HIV from Mother to child", Jonathan Berger, 2001 for the Univ of Toronto;  
M6.2  2002 
  Statements by ANC Youth League on order to provide Nevirapine, March 2002 and SA Communist Party on (No Suggestions) statement criticising the roll out of Nevirapine in Gauteng, Feb 2002; Transcript of interview with Ayanda Ntsaluba with Freek Robinson, April 2002; New application by TAC in Nevirapine case, Jan 2002; Circular Minute (from government)on prevention of MTCT wrt Constitutional Court's interim order, 16 April 2002; correspondence between Geoff Budlender and various provincial Health depts. after the Concourt case was handed down 6 July)as well as Dr Ntsaluba, DG of Health, July -September 2002;  
M6.3  2003 
  Letter from Ntsaluba to Adv. Budlender "HIV/AIDS the prevention and treatment of opportunistic infections, (April 2003); TAC lodges complaint with the SA Human Rights Commission re contempt of court of the Concourt order by the Dept. of Health of Mpumalanga - letter from LRC (Adv. Budlender) to MEC for Health requesting reply from DOH, 2003 responding to request of April 2003; Letter to TAC from Adv. G Budlender re Manana MEC of Health, Mpumalanga) contempt application including letter from Office of the State attorney (20 March 2003); Affidavit of Nonkosi Khumalo, in TAC v MEC for Health, Mpumalanga, Case no 35272/02; Mark Heywood "Preventing MTCT in SA: background, strategies and outcomes of the TAC case against the Minister of Health" in SA Journal on Human Rights, 2003; Briefing on a two-day visit to PMTCT programmes in Mpumalanga, May 2003 by Steven Robins 
M6.4  Congratulations to TAC/ALP re Concourt Case, July 2002 
M6.5  Nevirapine 
  Registration of Nevirapine registration briefing by MCC, August 2002 in Parliament; Letter to the Minister of Health by Adv. Geoff Budlender(August 2003), - "What will happen if MCC withdraws approval of Nevirapine? - "the government will be obliged to make other provision for treatment to reduce the risk of PMTC transmission of HIV" correspondence with Medicines Control council re registration of Nevirapine, 2002 
M6.6  Articles and data on Mother-to-child-transmission in provinces from 2002 onwards 
  (see also Human Rights Commission and M6 Mother to Child transmission (MTCT case)  
  AIDS programme money used to purchase televisions (Nov. 2002) in The Star; transcript between Manana and Nolene, Radio 702, on R6 million and press release from MEC for Health, Manana 
N1.1  A National AIDS plan for South Africa; Draft constitution for NACOSA 
N1.2  Minutes of NCC meetings , Exec. Committee meetings and others 1995-97 
N1.3  Miscellaneous NACOSA documents 1994-1995 Includes Regional NACOSA Conference Feb 1995 ; plan for 1995-1996.; contact addresses. 
N1.4  Miscellaneous NACOSA documents 1996-1997 
  Includes: Report of the National Lobbying office to the NCC (May, Aug-Sep 1996) 
  Strategic planning workshop report (Oct 1996); 
  Proposal to the South African Rugby Football Union to adopt NACOSA for 1997 (Sept 1996); 
  Media statement by NACOSA on Sarafina 2 and the Public Protector’s report, 1996. correspondence 
  Constitution, code of conduct, outline of functions, financial policies etc. 
  Submission by ALP, AIDS Consortium and Treatment Action Campaign to Parliament , Feb 2002; email from Jonathan Berger comparing the regulation-making performed by the dept. of health compared to that of Home Affairs 
N2B.1  Meeting attended by F Hassan and J Berger of ALP on 2004, March NEDLAC Trade and Industry Chamber re US SACU free trade agreement, plus presentation by ALP; 2003, TAC COSATU - NEDLAC Framework agreement on national prevention and treatment plan for combatting HIV /AIDS(hereafter Framework Agreement); 2003 letter from MH to representative of NGO sector of SANAC to find out from government what are the views of government on the Framework Agreement, when will government revert to NEDLAC with its views and when will government sign the Framework agreement; March 2003, correspondence between SABCOHA and MH re Framework agreement and TAC briefing document on TAC's civil disobedience campaign, "TAC would like support from SABCOHA for both!"; Email sent by Edwin Cameron to MH, Zackie and Nathan "See what trouble you are getting people into" email sent from head of SABCOHA (SA Business Coalition on Health and AIDS) re "Unfortunate correspondence relating to the NEDLAC agreement ;
Presentation to Financial Sector transformation steering committee, Nov 2002 by Sharon Ekambaram (AIDS Consortium ) and Fatima Hassan; Framework agreement needs to be signed - by MH, Bday 2003; correspondence between MH and Phillip Dexter, CEO of NEDLAC, June 2003 re picket by TAC at Growth and Development Summit; email from Nathan Geffen on costing and modelling documents for NEDLAC, Nov 2002; ALp's input to the financial Sector campaign, in preparation for a summit to be held at NEDLAC in May (dated March, 2002) "HIV/AIDS and the financial sector  
N2B.2  HIV and AIDS task team meetings (MH a member) see also N2-2.4 
  NEDLAC Framework Agreement on a National Prevention and Treatment plan for Combatting HIV/AIDS (hereafter Framework agreement )included in a pack for the HIV task team meeting on 23 October 2002; ; Draft of Framework agreement , 23 Nov 2002?; Pack containing minutes of meeting held on 3 October 2002 and agenda for meeting of 23 October 2002 and NEDLAC agreement - draft dated 17 Oct 2001; Declaration of the 7th NEDLAC summit, 9 Nov 2002; Short report BY MH to TAC staff on a meeting at NEDLAC which included MH, Director General of Health (Ayanda Ntsaluba) and Director General of Labour( Rams Ramashia)as well as role players in business, labour and community on the progress made on Framework agreement 15 July 2003; List of members of NEDLAC management committee inc government ministers M Ramos, A Ruiters and L Kettledas and labour representatives incl Neil Coleman and G Mantashe ; Minutes of meetings held on 22 March 2007; Sept 2007; various drafts of Framework agreement; Draft minutes of meeting held on 28 Feb 2007 
N2B.3  Nedlac media releases re Framework agreement 
N2B.4  Nedlac correspondence with ALP and others re Framework agreement 
  NMF study of HIV/AIDS - SA National HIV prevalence, behavioural risks and mass media, Household survey, 2002 (executive summary) and PowerPoint presentation - Principal investigator - Olive Shisana; Letter from MH to NMF re meeting in Nov 2003 and on further collaboration with NMF and AIDS Law Project and tAC; 2004, Letter from Zackie Achmat to NMF (Jakes Gerwel, Chairperson of NMF) to thank him for meeting on 20 Jan 2004 and regarding TAC request for funding for one of 3 projects; Notes of the second prevention summit conceptualising meeting, March 2006 (first meeting held in Jan 2006; address by Mlambo-Ngcuka at the African broadcast media leaders summit on HIV/AIDS , held at Nelson Mandela Foundation ; speech by Ms Graca Machel on awarding of Nelson Mandela award for Health and human rights to the Treatment Action Campaign, Oct., 2003 
N3  NATIONAL STD / HIV / AIDS DIRECTORATE, Department of Health (see also national dept. of health change to N5) 
N3.1  Strategy , Business and structure plans 1995-96; short-term plan 1996-1997; strategic plan 2000-2005 
N3.2  Summary of Comprehensive Report 1f 1997 
N3.3  Minutes and progress reports, 1995-1997; Background document for a meeting in April 1998; papers for a workshop to develop strategies for care 
N3.4  Miscellaneous policy papers, proposals, submissions. Includes leaflets and a cartoon booklet promoting awareness of AIDS issues 
N4   NOTIFICATION OF AIDS 3f 1998-1999 (see also Confidentiality, C3) plus 1999, 2000 
N4.1   Various documents  
  Including: Contribution by MH to, Disclosure and surveillance of HIV infection and AIDS UN 2000, also TAC submission to Health dept. 1999 on adding AIDS and AIDS related deaths to Schedule of notifiable conditions. correspondence with David Miller,( Psychosocial advisor, UNAIDS, Geneva,)also comments on document by Edwin Cameron, invitation to MH to International consultation on HIV/AIDS reporting and disclosure, Geneva, 20-22 October 1999; "conditions facilitating disclosure for PLWA" outline of presentation by Edwin Cameron made 20-22 October , Geneva and, Namibia August 1999, including: 
  Historical background to AIDS surveillance 
  Draft document on AIDS notification (DOH, 7 Jan 1998) 
  DOH notice re notification of communicable diseases, government gazette no 19946, 23 April 1999 
  ‘Legal implications of the draft notice declaring AIDS to be a notifiable medical condition’, (K Barrett and A Strode) 
  TAC Submission to draft regulation relating to AIDS notification (government gazette no 19946, 23 April 1999) and fact sheet on the prevalence of HIV among women and the dept. of Health's proposed policy on notification of immediate family members and caregivers and letter from Lawyers for Human Rights, (Ann Strode) to the dept. of health and to MH on regulations (which want to make AIDS a notifiable condition, 22 July 1999 
  Workshop report: ‘Making AIDS a notifiable disease – the gender implications’ (Commission on Gender Equality, 14 July 1999 
  A review of the proposed regulations to the Health Act to make AIDS disease and AIDS death notifiable medical conditions. By L Forman 
  Comments by Mark Heywood on Ron Bayer’s report “Public Health and surveillance in the HIV epidemic” also included - "public health and surveillance in the HIV epidemic - the role of notification" by Bayer?? 
  Article by Mark Heywood: “ Reverse the decision to make AIDS ‘notifiable’ before it’s too late” Undated 
  AIDS notification, public health and human rights (ALP reading package) 
  Documents on international approaches to AIDS notification. 
N4.2  Documents from UNAIDS re modifiability 1f 1999 NEW correspondence see N4,4 
N4.3  Minutes, correspondence, press cuttings and articles re notifiability 1f 1999 
N4.4  Items 
  20-22 October, 1999 - invite to MH to participate in consultation " HIV/AIDS reporting and disclosure aimed at the formulation of the UN policy on HIV notification; correspondence between MH and UNAIDS (Dept. of Policy, strategy and research, Geneva)regarding "Disclosure and surveillance of HIV infection and AIDS: guidance and policy options for governments and health policy makers ; Minutes of HIV notification task team, 10 Dec 1999 
  Correspondence with ALP between various people in DOH including National Minister, Director General of Health, Dr Nono Simelela, Head of the National HIV/AIDS directorate 
N5.1  Correspondence, 1995-2003  
  (largely unsorted) 
N5.2  Correspondence, 2004-2005, 1f 
  Speech by Tshabalalala-Msimang, framework for the Health charter, August; Speech on strategic priorities for the national health system, 2004-2009, attached; ALP submission on the proposed regulations relating to foodstuffs for infants,(ito Foodstuffs, cosmetics and disinfectants Act of 1972, Feb 2004 (regarding hIV and breastfeeding) 
  Hearing on the dept. of health, research and capacity building - Standing committee on public accounts, Feb 2005; Media briefing session: Health and social fabric by Tshabalala-Msimang; Health dept. budget and strategic plan, briefing, April 2005 social services select committee; Letter to Dr Tammy Meyers < Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital, Concerned Paediatricians from the Dept. of Health in reply to their letter dated, 3 April 2005 regarding imminent printing of document "national guidelines for the manage of the HIV infected child' to which may paediatricians made input, ; interview with DG of Health and Health-e news, sept 2005 on Rath; Commencement of National Health Act, April 2005 
N5.3  Correspondence, 2006, 1f 
  Response to SA Health Review, by DOH, 2006, criticism of Fatima Hassan who wrote a chapter on ARVs in SA; DOH response to TAC's invitation to a People's Parliament, Sept 2006; Independent ARV plan integrated into government AIDS programme, Nov 2006 (Medicines Sans Frontiers in Khayelitsha and Lusikisiki; DOH bans foreign TV crews from filming in state health facilities, August 2006, "in light of all the polemics around HIV/AIDS at present within SA"; RSA Progress report on declaration of commitment on HIV/AIDS prepared for the UN General Assembly Special session on HIV/AIDS, Feb 2006; Invitation to MH to attend first meeting of the National Consultative Health Forum including the Discussion document on Policy and Planning for National Health consultative forum, May 2006 and Minutes of the meeting held on 6 October 2006 
N5.4  Correspondence, 2007, 1f 
  Invitation to MH to workshop on "Draft national framework and sectorial plan of action of HIV and AIDS stigma mitigation to sectors", with copy; Letter to DOH from TAC "Regarding Revision of national treatment guidelines to prevent mother to child transmission and improvement of maternal and paediatric health services "(re dual therapy)(2 previous letters had been written on 6 and 30 August to which there was no reply) 27 Sept; Concerned Paediatricians Group letter to Min of Health, with Memorandum of Concern endorsed by 101 organisations /depts. who work with women and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS (3 September); Interdict against COSATU, Nehawu and Denosa re strike by essential services. Labour Court, June 2007; Jeff Radebe appointed Acting Minister of Health from 26 Feb 2007 until June 2007, Tshabalala- Msimang returned to work on 7 June and comment by TAC; report of the meeting of the National Consultative health forum, July 2007, Hilton Hotel 
N5.5  Publications and Surveys, 3f 
  Documents published by the DOH - Prevention of Mother to Child HIV, May 2000; Management of Occupational exposure to HIV, 1999; Submission on the draft National Health Bill, 2002; HIV prevalence among women at antenatal clinics, July 2003, June 2002; Recommendations for the prevention and treatment of opportunistic and hIV diseases in adults, January 2000; 2001 12th National HIV and syphilis sero prevalence survey of women attending public ante natal clinics in Sa, dated June 2002; Patients' Rights Charter )(various drafts) 1998-1999, (Department of Health, correspondence with ALP); National policy on counselling and testing for hIV in SA, draft October 2006; Strategic priorities for the National health system, 2004-2009; Health summit report, 2004; Strategic plan 2006/7-2008/09; National Human Resource plan for health, 2006; Executive summary of Operational plan for comprehensive HIV and AIDS care and treatment for SA, 2003 ; Full report of the Joint health and treasury task team charged with examining treatment options to supplement comprehensive care for HIV/AIDS in the Public health sector, August 2003 
N6.1  Items 
  Indaba declaration, NUM and De Beers, regarding HIV/AIDS; 2007, fact finding meeting on NUM's strike for access to ARVs ; email, 2004; Record of meeting between COSATU, NUM and TAC re collaboration; Letter to General secretary NUM, Gwede Mantashe, from MH, national treasurer, July 2004; Input on HIV/AIDS by CDE Tanya Manuel chairperson women structure , 2002?; Request from NUM to MH to participate in HIV/AIDS workshop August 2001 on developing NUM HIV/AIDS training manual; Invitation to MH, 2002, to meet with Danish trade unionists and present on the challenges and response of civil society on HIV/AIDS; Memorandum for the NUM: HIV/AIDS and benefits schemes-and employer, government and labour movement responsibility, 1995 by MH, ZA and Ryan Goodman, ALP; Agreement , NUMSA, 1997 ...setting down principles and procedures which will govern relationship in respect of employees who experience a serious medical condition.....; AIDS agreement between National union of mineworkers and Chamber of mines, 1991; Interventions to reduce the transmission of HIV on SA mines, 1995, concept paper for the Overseas Development Administration submitted by the Epidemiological Research unit of SA 
N6.2  Items 
  Response by National Union of Mineworkers to the Chamber of Mines proposals concerning changes in the compensation of TB in miners, 1998, (Occupational Diseases in Mines and Works act) ; Valuation of the compensation fund and dev. of a revised levy system for the Compensation Commissioner for Occupational diseases in Mines and Works prepared by NMG Risk Managers and Actuaries, April 1997; Minutes of Tripartite meeting "impact of HIV infection on TB compensation for HIV/TB, Dec 1997 - dept. of Health , Mining industry? and Compensation commissioner for occupational disease; "Implications of an HIV associated TB epidemic for the mining industry - preliminary report 1 (annexure A) by Dr. M.A.C. La Grange, Health Adviser of the Chamber of Mines and Annexure 2 - Direct cost of TB to the industry by IJ v H Fourie, Health advisor 
  Declaration on the AIDS epidemic in Africa July 1992 (Dakar); report of Secretary-General on the follow-up of OAU declarations on HIV / AIDS in Africa; articles and documents on AIDS in various African countries and the protection of human rights. 
P1.1  Submissions by various organisations to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health (the Medical Schemes Bill), 3f 
  Submissions by SAMDP, SA Institute of Chartered Accountants, representatives of Medical Aid Schemes. Also correspondence from NCGLE. 2f 1998 
P1.2  Submissions to Portfolio Commission on Health re SA Medicines and Medical Devices Regulatory authority bill 1f 1998 
P1.3  Items 
  Transcript of tape recordings made during public hearings on the Medicine and Related Substances Control Amendment Bill; Memorandum of comment by SACOB to the Portfolio Committee on Health, (1997). Also opinion (by Gilbert Marcus) on the application of Section 21 of the Medicines and Related Substances Control Act, (2000) 
P1.4  Email from Zackie Achmat to ALP re Members of Parliament in turf war over health bill (re health brokers) Financial advisory and intermediary services bill drafted by Ministry of Finance (who should regulate health brokers - Finance or DOH?) 
P1A  PRESCRIBED MINIMUM BENEFITS (see Medical aids transfer to medical aids) 
  ALP draft submission PMB regulations, published for comment, 2004 
  2002: co operation between TAC and PSSA, - commencement of joint mother to child HIV reduction program until there is full public access in SA; correspondence with Lorraine Osman and MH regarding Rath case, and PSSA support for TAC, Pharmacies as resource centre - Pharmacy council published minimum standards for VCT and for AIDS resources centres in pharmacies, 2005; Copy of standard operating procedures in community pharmacies, for comment (draft) Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa and Others v Minister of Health and Another; New Clicks South Africa (Pty) Limited v Tshabalala-Msimang NO and Another (542/2004, 543/2004) (2004) ZASCA 122 (20 December 2004)(Supreme court of appeal) Minister of Health and Another v New Clicks South Africa (Pty) Ltd and Others (CCT 59/2004) (30 September 2005)(Constitutional Court) TAC was an amicus in both the SCA and Concourt Counsel included DI Berger SC, F Ismail and A Hassim, instructed by AIDS Law Project re pricing system for medicines - Briefing from Jonathan Berger, TAC on Concourt judgment - Minister of Health v New Clicks (and Pharmaceutical Society of SA), email dated 4 October 2005 
  Background document and request for funding from UN; Draft agenda; Resolutions of the Peoples Health summit, East London, 4 July 2004 (co hosted by TAC and various other NGOs; Speech by Zackie Achmat at conference of July ; Minutes of meeting held on 11 August 2004; Summary report for Gauteng Peoples Health Summit, Nov 2004 
  Meeting with National Pathology Group (NPG) (A special group of the SA Medical Assoc)TAC and chairperson of SAMA (Dr Kgosi Lethlape) on Sept 2002 incl ALP; Notes for meeting of 5 September incl main role players, Ampath and Lancet; Information submitted by the TAC in support of the Competition Commission (CC) investigation and referral to the Competition Tribunal into health care practices and price fixing agreements,- private pathology practices and costs and the role of the National Pathology Group, July 2003 (also draft dated 19 July); Complaint by TAC (with ALP as lawyers) on excessive pricing and price fixing sent to CC about National Pathology Group ,2003 Sept, correspondence between ALP. TAC and NPG and CC; Letter to ALP from CC on the recommendations that the investigation team would make to the Exec committee of the CC, June 2006) 
P2.1  Items 
  Minutes and reports of the Work Group to consider the operational effectiveness of health care services in South African prisons ; comments on the first draft of the "report by the working group investigating the operational effectiveness of health care services in SA prisons by Bronwen Manby and Zackie Achmat 1f 1995; Policy document - management strategy : HIV/AIDS in prisons from the Dept. of correctional services; Report and recommendations of the ALP seminar on "Implementing and evaluating the new HIV/AIDS management policy within the Dept. of Correctional Services,1996; Prison policy guidelines on HIV/AIDS - Submission to the Minister of Correctional Services, July 1994, by ALP 
P2.2  Articles, reports and information about AIDS in SA Prisons 
  Includes ‘AIDS in Prisons’ ( Colloquium CSIR Pretoria Sept 1992); HIV in prison - legal implications for the dept. of correctional services, KC Goyer and Jeff Gow, AIDS Analysis Africa, 2000, Qualitative evaluation of the ‘puppets in prison’ pilot programme conducted in Diepkloof prison May 1996; Prevalence of STD and HIV infection among individuals entering Johannesburg prison; Strategy: AIDS in prisons (Major Greyling; Judges and policy on AIDS: prisons and medical ethics. (Z Achmat and E Cameron); “Prisoners and AIDS : Research to explore the implications for the development of policy on condom distribution in prison’ (Z Kola, A Gulati, D Everatt, S Rule, CASE research for ALP, June 1997) Rape homosexuality, assault and injuries (J Pegge, paper for Colloquium); care for people with AIDS after release from prison. 
P2.3  Letters from AIDS sufferers in prisons and responses to questionnaire 1f 1994-95 
P2.4  Dealings with Correctional services (Minutes of meetings between ALN and Correctional services, correspondence, White papers etc. 2f 1991-1996 
P2.5  AIDS in prisons in foreign countries 2 
  Articles, including some by Len Curran, reports; various articles from the US re medical parole, Stds for hIV/AIDS care in prisons and jail, US ; Too little, too late, too slow - compassionate release of terminally ill prisoners, Widener Journal of Public law, 1994 
P2.6  Case files removed from collection – Closed access 
P2.7  Miscellaneous correspondence, workshop report etc. 
P2.8  HIV in prisons, 2003- 2007 
  Agreement entered into between ALP and Depts. of Correctional Services and Health - National framework for a comprehensive prevention, treatment and care plan for HIV/AIDS in Correctional Centres; Reports of various Correctional Services Portfolio parliamentary committee meetings ; Judicial Inspectorate of Prison's Annual report for 2003/2004; HIV/AIDS in prison: treatment, intervention and reform by KC Goyer, draft March 2004 (A Submission to the Jali Commission?) 
P3  PRESS CUTTINGS 1f miscellaneous 
P4  PUBLICATIONS 1f 1990s - 2004 
  Various issues of publications including: 
P4.1  SAFAIDS 12 issues 1996-2000 and Occasional paper series March 1997 
P4.2  Sexual Health Exchange 9 issues 1998-2003 
P4.3  AIDSscan 8 issues 1992-1999 
P4.4  Leadership in HIV-AIDS 3 issues 2004 
P4.5  Southern African journal of HIV medicine 4 issues 200o-2001 
P4.6  HST Update 16 issues 1998-2000 
P4.7  SIDAfrique 5 issues 1995-1998 
P4.7  Miscellaneous publications 
P4.8  Civil-military Alliance to combat HIV and Aids, AIDS policy and Law, National Aids Bulletin (Australia); Guidelines for HIV interventions in emergency settings, Global AIDS news, AIDS organizations worldwide 
P4.9  General publicaions, 3f 
P5  PUBLIC HEALTH LAW 1f 1997-1998 
  White Paper for the Transformation of the Health System in SA, 1997, and memorandum re summary of the White Papers 1998; Draft Dept. of Health Policy document on reforming financing of private health care, 1997; ‘A National Health Plan for SA’ prepared by the ANC; ‘The successful implementation of Public Health Legislation: lesson from the US’ and other documents on the subject. 
  Report on the evaluation of the policy framework on managing HIV and AIDS in the public service, 2006; Attitude of public servants towards HIV/AIDS 2006; Public Service Regulations, amendment of 2002 
  Collaboration with ALP, including funding proposal to Charles Stewart Mott Foundation , 2005, correspondence between Centre for Applied Legal studies where ALP was housed, RADAR and Wits Acornhoek Advice centre 
  correspondence between ALP with various churches, and religious organisations such as Catholic Health Care Assoc (annual report where MH presented a talk; Paul Verryn at Central Methodist Church, Catholics for a Free Choice (overseas); Anglican church ; SA Council of Churches; Southern African Catholic Bishops Conf; ANC outraged by Archbishop Ndugnane, Jan 2003; Methodist Church response to HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa, strategy and implementation plan; Newspaper article religious leaders focus on AIDS, June 2004; Request from ALP to some organisations to support the "Stand up for our lives march" in Cape Town 14 Feb 2003 
  Excerpts from Satchwell "Road Accident Fund commission - exec summary and recommendations' (Vol one); Copy of Road Accident Fund Act 56 of 1996 (as amended until 2001); Request to Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network AIDS law for info on comparative law in Canada; request for RAF'S official policy on testing accident victims for HIV and reducing compensation on the basis of HIV status, 2003 with reply from Chris Greenland, RAF, March 2003; correspondence with law firm Adams and Adams relating to a case of theirs on RAF and AIDS, Jan 2003 
  Lina Papo abo Minors - case file, medical records; confidential with medical records 
  Draft proposal about developing an effective vaccine for AIDS 
  Invitation from Verne Harris of SAHA to ALP to meeting on HIV/AIDS access to information project (May 2003) - SAHA briefing document; Summary of meeting held on 16 May with key decisions made, Article by ALP staff member, Marlise Richter "Affirmation to realisation of the right of access to information: some issues on the implementation of PAIA, Law Democracy and Development Journal, 2005; Article in Business Day, "Information law not accessible to Public" (SA Human Rights Commission); Email from Fatima Hassan to TAC re use of either PAIA or AJA (Administrative Justice Act) see briefing for TAC members - "Why has TAC launched legal proceedings against the minister "- request to minister for Annexures A.1 and A.2 of the operational plan , papers filed on 18 June 2004 The Minister filed her responding affidavit seven weeks late on 29 September 2004, which stated that any reference to the annexures in the Operational Plan were a mistake as no such annexures existed. The Minister further mentioned that, while timeframes were discussed and designed (spearheaded by the Clinton Foundation which was serving as a consultant for the Government), they were not adopted by the task team and therefore excluded from the eventual Operational Plan. An “oversight” had resulted in all references to these documents being erroneously included in the final published document. TAC website TREATMENT ACTION CAMPAIGN v MINISTER OF HEALTH Case No 15991/04 Court Transvaal Provincial Division Judge Ranchod AJ Judgment December 14, 2004 
S2  SOUTH AFRICAN LAW COMMISSION 1f 1996-1997, 1999-2002 
S2.1  Aspects of the Law relating to AIDS (Project 85) 
  Discussion paper, Interim reports, committee papers 1f 1996-1999 add "planning of the investigation' ; AIDS Legal networks response to SALC report on "Aspects of the law relating to AIDS", Jan 1996 - endorsed by CALS, Lawyers for Human Rights, NACOAA and Township AIDS project 
  Subjects include harmful HIV-related behaviour; disposable syringes and needles, condoms (compulsory standard,) Notifiable diseases, national policy on HIV Testing and informed consent, pre-employment testing 
S2.2  ALN and ALP responses to SA Law Commission report and comments by various bodies (eg Chamber of Mines) on the draft discussion paper particularly as it concerned pre-employment Aids testing(See also: Employment and AIDS) 
S2.3  Consultative paper on children living with AIDS 1f 1999 
  Prepared for the SA Law Commission 
S2.4  Draft Bill on Euthanasia and the artificial preservation of life (produced by the SA Law Commission, 1993. 1f Also documents, law reports on euthanasia 
S2.5  Records of a SA Law Commission workshop, 1997, on medical certificates in respect of HIV /AIDS related deaths (see also: M4.5) 
S2.6  Invite to workshop on the Draft Children's bill in 2002; submission by the Children's Institute, ALP and Access on the Review of the Child Care Act; also consultative meeting;  
S2.7  Is there a need for a new statutory offence aimed at harmful HIV related behaviour, 2000, also response paper by ALP to this Discussion paper 80, Project 85, 1999; Submission from Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre to end violence against women, Feb 1998 
S2.8  Response by ALP to SALC questionnaire : Domestic Partnerships: Project 118 - submitted tog with CALS gender research project's submission Questionnaire , Nov. 2001 
S3  SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE SERVICE 1f 1994 -95 (See also Court Records) 
  Includes: Memorandum: The SAPS policy on pre-employment testing for HIV; submission to Minister for Safety and Security reviewing the SAPS policy on HIV and AIDS; ‘Protect yourself against HIV / AIDS - a briefing document for police and Armed forces personnel’ (WHO 1995). Report of meeting between ALP and SAPS in July 1994, correspondence. 
  Also: The roles of the SAPS in furthering a national human rights ethos, addressing issues relevant to gay and lesbian police officers and the gay and lesbian community, and dealing effectively with anti-gay hate crimes (Sept 1994 
  Health sector draft protocol; SA Code on HIV / AIDS and Employment; SADC / EU Conference on HIV/AIDS, Lilongwe,1996; Statement on regional responses to HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa and other documents; Regional code of practice on HIV/AIDS and employment, drafted 1995; Workshop report - southern African tripartite workshop on AIDS and employment - Organisation of African Trade union unity, (OATUU) 1996; Policy report from Southern African conference on AIDS and employment, Nov 1994, for OATUU , Zimbabwe; Paper "Legal and ethical aspects of HIV in the workplace" prepared for Southern African conference on AIDS and employment, Nov 1994 by Edwin Cameron and Barbara Adair ; Proposal for a regional tripartite workshop on the SADC code on AIDS and employment to be held in Feb/March 1996 from OATUU) ; SA and SADC codes on AIDS and employment - UNAIDS best practice case study by the ALP(?) contracted by David Patterson, Human Rights advisor, UNAIDS to write the case study; National tripartite codes on AIDS and Employment - Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zamiba; HIV/AIDS epidemic in Southern Africa by R Kerkhoven and Helen Jackson (SAfAIDS) Jan 1996 to OATUU workshop; Review of HIV/AIDS Legislation in 6 Southern African countries report to the HSRC as a tender requirement from the AIDS Law project, Marlise Richter, Dec 2002; Southern African Development Community code on AIDs and employment, 1996 
  Newsletters 1995-1998 and information on workshops etc. eg ‘Women and AIDS workshop, Swaziland Oct 1997’; 5th conference records (Mbabane, 1997) 2000- 
  Survey on the need for advocacy on HIV/AIDS issues in Southern Africa, prepared by MH of SANASO, Aug 1998; correspondence between MH and SANASO , invite to join SANASO advocacy prog advisory board, board meetings, work plans; HIV/AIDS advocacy issues warranting advocacy intervention in South Africa - a country level situational analysis prepared for the Southern African Network of AIDS service organisation (SANASO) , 2000 (authors , Ms P Goliath, Ms L Hatane and Ms M Caesar); Summary report regional advocacy meeting, Zimbabwe, 2000 SANASO 
S6  SURVEY 1f 1998 
  Results of a CASE survey on public attitudes to AIDS and legal reform; attitudes to HIV testing and legal reform in the South African public and private sectors, July 1998 - authors Hugh Mclean, Mike Muller, Keith Yeomans and Margie Sutherland of University of Witwatersrand - Faculty of management, also includes interviews with Charles Parsons, Pharmaceutical industry, Malcom Steinberg and Anthony Kinghorn, Zackie Achmat; Janet Dickman, SACOB; John Gaunt, Anderson Consulting; Mark Heywood and Haggis Guild, Medical officer , Gencorp 
S7.1  2003-2005 
  Public service HIVAIDS Indaba III, 12-15 October 2003 - Report; Draft minutes of the South African national AIDS council meeting, 2005 
S7.2  2006 
  June "New body may replace AIDS council, Assessment of the implementation of the HIV, AIDS and STI National strategic framework 2000-2005, government consultative workshop Sept 2006, Birchwood Hotel and copy of plan; Invite to MH from Dept. of Health to the National HIV and AIDS and STi's strategic plan 2006-2011 people living with HIV and AIDS summit, 15 Nov 2006; An assessment of the implementation of the HIV and AIDS and STI strategic framework 2000-2005; Meetings of SANAC : May 2006, Agenda; Draft minutes of meeting October, 2005 SANAC extra ordinary meeting, July 2006 - Global Fund Round 6 application and Soul City round 6 regional proposal to the Global fund; Draft ME and E framework for Global Fund Project 
S7.3  2007 
  National Strategic plan for HIV 2006-2010, request to MH request for assistance with the assessment of the Implementation of the HIV and AIDS strategic plan 2000-2005; Task team to assist with the finalisation of the NSP 2007-2011 from MH to Chief Director of HIV AIDS and STDs; Copy of restructuring of SANAC 2006, The Presidency, 2007; Presentation of new structure - 3 tier - Programme implementation committee and sectorial coordination level , 2007; Understanding the institutional dynamics of South Africa's response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, A Strode and Kitty B Grant, 2004, IDASA; Copy of NSP 2007-2011 (draft 10, April 2007 
  MH tour to Sweden April year?, Invite to farewell function for First Secretary of Swedish Embassy, 2002; correspondence between MH and SIDA re writing of paper on HIV and Human rights, includes copy "HIV and AIDS: from the perspective of human rights and legal protection", SIDA studies no. 7; Invitation to MH to participate in workshop, Malawi, 2000; SIDA country strategy for development co-operation between Sweden and South Africa 1999-2003; Status of the existing cooperation programme - Sida? incl funding for AIDS Law Project, 2000 
  Outline of presentation to SAfAIDS by MH 1999 "Declaring AIDS a regional emergency" 
  Admission to medical faculties of students who are HIV positive or who are Hepatitis B carriers (Wits: correspondence between the medical school and ALP. 1998-1999 
  Memorandum of understanding between SACOHA and LP regarding the BizAIDS programme funded by USAID, 2004; BizAIDS The micro business risk survival guide - a tool to help business owners prepare for emergencies 
  Memorandum for submission to the task group for decriminalization of sexwork in respect of Mandatory testing for STDs with particular reference to HIV AIDS, ALP A730 
  AIDS and the Law : Maintaining the balance: a para-legal manual. By Ann Strode 
  HIV / AIDS and the Law: A resource manual , written by Zackie Achmat, Catherine Barrett, Ben Cohen, Derrick Fine, Antony Gotz, Brenda Grant, Mark Heywood, Teboho Kekana, Colleen Richardson, Karen Stone, Ann Strode. May 1997 
  AIDS and the Law Training Programme: Trainers’ Manual. Designed by Colleen Richardson, published by AIDS legal network 1996; Seminar on health sector transformation resource Pack, 10 Feb 2004 
  HIV /AIDS and confidentiality (Transcript of video) 
  Reading package on AIDS notification, public health and human rights. Compiled by AIDS law project June 1999 
  Collaboration with Gender links (NGO) 2002, Gender, HIV/AIDS and Media training manual, including background note 
  Course outline for "The politics and Law of HIV/AIDS: human rights and public responsibilities" for UNDP/UNISA initiative , course co coordinator, Marlise Richter, ALP; Proposal to Wits Law school from ALP re mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS in LLB curriculum; Mother to Child transmission of HIV, a guide for health workers and HIV/AIDS trainers published by ALP and TAC 
T2.1  Documents 
  Constitution, Overview, background and introduction to TAC, minutes of NEC meetings, (2001-2002); documents relating to 1st congress March 2001 and Gauteng Provincial Congress, July 2003 ; discussion document on TAC work and structure until Oct 2002 Business plan and proposal for fundraising support.(2001) Also: Rationale and Proposal for a National HIV /AIDS prevention and treatment plan. 2002. TAC Memorandum: Defiance Campaign against patent abuse and profiteering. 1f 1999-2002; State, Civil society and the reconfiguration of power in post apartheid SA by Ran Greenstein, August 2003, contains profile of TAC 
T2.2  Treatment issues 1f 
  Includes TAC pledge, informative articles on nutrition, HIV fatigue, Antiretroviral Therapy , side effects, women with HIV (Treatment issues for women: Discussion document, prepared by Vicci Tallis for the TAC, 2002), clinical trials, Opportunistic infections etc. Issues of ‘project inform’ and ‘wise words’. 
  National AIDS drug policy (Brazil) 
T2.3  Miscellaneous documents, fact sheets , plans for Global March, July 2000 
T2.4  Save our babies campaign’ . 1f 2001 
  Messages of support from medical staff signatures for a petition, in a campaign to provide (No Suggestions) to pregnant mothers to prevent transmission of the virus 
T2.5  Correspondence (emails) and other documents 2f 1999-2001 
  correspondents include Zackie Achmat, Quarraisha Karim, Mark Heywood and others . Includes a letter to USA Vice-President Al Gore re pharmaceuticals, (1999) and a memorandum addressed to Jacob Zuma, to be presented during a march for AIDS treatment 2000;  
T2.6  NAPWA-TAC 1f 1999 
  Correspondence and documents re campaigns (see also N2) 
T2.7  Treatment Action Campaign vs Minister of Health 
  Notice of motion and other documents in a matter : ‘Treatment Action Campaign vs Minister of Health’ (2004). Also submission, and documents in response to the TAC submission, regarding the proposed merger between Glaxo Wellcome PLC and Smith Kline Beecham PLC 2000.  
T2.8  Treatment literacy 
  Evaluation of 2004 TAC treatment literacy programmes; paper on the TAC treatment literacy programme, Funding request for financial years 2004/5 to 2007; Treatment literacy report - in various provinces ; Email correspondence between Sipho Mtathi (National treatment literacy co coordinator) and other TAC members re organisation of programmes 2004; SADC regional plan for treatment literacy (TAC, ARASA AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa and CHMT Community Media Trust), report on TL mobile campaign in George; HIV and access to treatment, presentation to tAC treatment literacy workshop , 2003 by Marlise Richter 
T2.9  TAC/TAG workshops  
  SA and US speakers with agenda; 3 day "teach in" held in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town, Nov 2000 
T2.10  TAC Secretariat  
  TAC evaluation dated June 2005 by Jacqui Boulle and Tenu Avafia; Notes to contribute to a discussion on the reorganisation of the TAC, Mark Heywood, May 2007; Overview of 3 provincial structures of the TAC, Eastern Cape, KZN and Mpumalanga, 2007, Teleconference minutes of 8 August 2007 and Agenda; TAC treatment programme strategy planning meeting minutes, 29-30 July 2007; minutes of TAC Women's reference group national meeting 1 August 2007; TAC National Executive committee meeting 20-21 September 2007 incl a report of the TAC provincial and district organisational review processes; Financial report for TAC, TAC minutes of the NEC meeting May 2007 
T2.11  TAC civil disobedience campaign see also Mbeki 
  TAC briefing document on Civil disobedience ,March 2003; Questions and answers on their civil disobedience campaign; Breaking the law - civil disobedience campaigns and strategies by Marlise Richter, 2003; Civil disobedience resource pack from TAC; Gene Sharp - 198 methods of non violent action 
T2.12  TAC Treatment Project 
  Aim is to extend and improve the quality of life for treatment access activists in SA by making HAART available . Launched 2003. Funding proposal, Oct 2003; Work plans ; guide to patient selection; ARV treatment protocol by dr Kwezi Matoti, June 2003; Work reports; TAC Treatment Project board meetings 
T2.13  Mpumalanga TAC office - Workplan, budget ; Terms of reference for the evaluation of the TAC in Mpumalanga, 2006 
  Report on SA National Tuberculosis Association (SANTA) by Deepika Grover, researcher, NTP, Sept 2001; 
  Tuberculosis diagnosis and drug sensitivity testing: an overview of the current diagnostic pipeline, Martine Guillerm etc.., Paris, October 2006; 
  TAC factsheet - HIV/AIDS and TB - the impact of HIV/AIDS on mineworkers with TB, undated; The second board meeting of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, April 2002, New York - Report from the Delegation of NGOs from Developing countries; Call for proposals - The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Geneva, January 2002; TB in the world of HIV, Port St Johns, May 2005, draft summary and recommendations on a workshop to discuss the TB and HIV epidemics in two districts of the Eastern Cape and to plan a strategy to tackle the problem; Statement of SA government on mortality statistics from STATS SA, 2002; Steering the storm : TB and HIV in south Africa; a policy paper of the Treatment Action campaign, Reid Roberts, revised by Zackie Achmat, 2005; XDR-TB in South Africa: no time for denial or complacency, Jerome Amir Singh et al, PLosMed 4(1), January 2007; articles on prisoner patients (with TB) who escaped and demanded to be out patients (2007); Radebe speech on world TB day, March 2007; Draft national infection prevention and control policy for TB, MDRTB and XDRTB, April 2007 
U1.1  United Nations, UNAIDS, UNDP 4f Miscellaneous information on AIDS and AIDS programmes (see also W1.7), 6f 
  Nomination of ALP to be a UNAIDS collaborating centre, Jan 1999 incl terms of collaboration; UN declaration of commitment on HIV/AIDS June 2001; UNDP HIV/AIDS implications for poverty reduction, June 2001 written by Dr Ren Loewenson and Prof Alan Whiteside; Request from UN, Pretoria, for a meeting between ALP and Stephen Lewis, UN Secretary -general's special envoy for HIV /AIDs in Africa in Sept 2001; article by Stephen Lewis in The Globe and Mail, Jan 26 2001; Kofi Annan, Secretary General, to the African summit on HIV/AIDS, TB and other infectious diseases, April 2001; Annan gains pledges from drug makers while promising neutrality in patent fight, April 2001; Kofi Annan appeals for compassion and frankness in fight aids, General Assembly, June 2001; Handbook for legislators on HIV/AIDS law and Human rights, UNAIDS, 1999 
U2.1  Documents from NEHAWU, SACTWU (see also: M4.11 for National union of Mineworkers NUM) 
  National Education Health and Allied Workers' Union NEHAWU - various press statements on health issues; correspondence between MH and NEHAWU regarding reciprocal support for each others' activities; Research analysis on the private health sector by NEHAWU, Aug 2000; 2001 June, NEHAWU meeting with TAC and AIDS Consortium; Meeting with President of NEHAWU, Mr Vusi Nhlapo - letter of confirmation of their discussion on 19 Feb 2002, and summary of resolutions adopted at TAC NEC meeting; letter of thanks to Mr Vusi Nhlapo for his participation in "Stand up for your rights' march with the TAC on 2 May 2002 (day of hearing at Concourt re MTCT case) 
U2.2  South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (Satawu) 
  correspondence with MH re compensation for employees who may be exposed to hiv in the workplace; Memorandum from dept. of labour to the Occupational health and safety board, 2000 - HIV testing following an occupational accident and provision of prophylaxis 
U2.3  AIDS, a challenge to the labour movement by Zackie Achmat and Edwin Cameron 
  Including four case studies on employer policies and case studies of discrimination against employees ; Trade union task team meeting - agenda from MH, Feb 1999 
  Comments by Andrew Natsios, Director of USAID on "Africans don’t have a "Western" sense of time" , 2001 various articles and responses 
V1  VIRODENE 1f 1997  
  Report to the University of Pretoria and the Gauteng Department of health on the alleged discovery of a drug for the treatment of AIDS 17p ; - Virodene being tested in Tanzania by Olga and Zigi Visser Wall Street Journal, 2001 ; Media statement from ALP, Nov 1997 regarding illegal supply of Virodene; ANC has no financial stake in Virodene, 1998 (Thabo Mbeki) 
  "How do you fight a disease of mass destruction? AIDS Vaccine Advocacy coalition; 2005 email from Zackie Achmat to TAC, re WHO UNAIDS on vaccines for AIDS; article from New Yorker, 2003 'Has the race to save Africa from AIDS put western science at odds with Western ethics?' ; Michael Kremer "Creating markets for new vaccines" part one (rationale) and part two (Design issues) 2005/2006 Harvard University; Newsletter of International AIDS Vaccine Research, 2000 ;Developing vaccines to prevent HIV and AIDS, an introduction for community groups, July 2000 (International Council of AIDS Service Organisations)Ethical legal regulation of hIV vaccine research in Africa (2005); brochures on International AIDS vaccine initiative and South African AIDS vaccine initiative 
W1.1  SADC Conference on preventing violence against women August 1998 
  Minutes, Conference objectives and proposed declaration; Also papers : ‘Understanding HIV and AIDS’; ‘Women and AIDS’. 
W1.2  Various documents and articles including : 
  Women and AIDS in South Africa (1992) 
  Women, Violence and AIDS (H Rees, 1998) 
  Summary report of 1994 , 1995, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001 National HIV Sero-Prevalence survey of women attending public Ante-Natal clinics in SA’ 
  NAPWA Gender Report for Workshops held in Gauteng Mar/April 1997 
  NAPWA Gender Project Report 1996 
  Report on NAPWA Gender Workshop in KwaZulu Natal March 1997 
  Article from Agenda 50: “There’s absolutely nothing I can do: just believe in God’”: SA Women with AIDS 
  The rights of pregnant women in the context of HIV 25 July 1997 
  Facing HIV/AIDS a gender based response 
  The need for a definition: the meaning of reproductive rights and the case of HIV / AIDS (draft ) 
  HIV / AIDS and the right to have access to reproductive health care. L Blamey 
  Health and hope in our hands: addressing HIV and AIDS in the aftermath of rape and women abuse. (Manual compiled by K Bhana and others) 
W1.3  Various publications including: 
  Improved justice for survivors of Sexual Violence? Adult survivors’ experiences of the Wynberg Sexual Offences Court. 
  Women, Children and AIDS 
  Report of Women and AIDS Workshop, Mbabane, Swaziland Oct 1997 
  Positive Women’s Network Magazine March 1996 
  Family Planning in the era of AIDS May 1998 
  Gender-based violence and HIV infection among pregnant women in Soweto, K Dunkle et, 2003 
  Open talk’ Dept. of health cartoon booklet 
W1.4  Various papers and articles on: 1f 
  Rape and HIV, including post exposure prophylaxis 
  Pregnancy and HIV 
  Breastfeeding and HIV 
  Reproductive rights and HIV 
  Sexual rights (Women’s Health Project) 
  The portrayal of HIV positive women in the SA media, Mpine Qakisa 
W1.5  Gender inequality HIV and Human Rights 1f 
  Panel presentation on constitutional and legal issues to the Commission on Gender Equality May 1997 and other articles on human / women’s rights 
W1.6  Articles on Women and AIDS (International / overseas) 
  Includes: HIV and Sexual Violence against Women (Canada, 1988); Women and AIDS – Agenda for action (WHO) ; papers from UN development programme on women and AIDS. 
W1.7  Abstracts from the 13th International AIDS conference (2000) on Mother-to-child transmission, and other documents 
W1.8  Mother-to child transmission of AIDS 1f 1997-2004 see also Mother to child transmission  
  Various documents including 
  ‘Lessons and challenges of the Mother-to-child transmission programme in Khayelitsha, W Cape, SA ‘ By Saadiq Kariem DPH and M Shung-King 2000 
  ‘The prevention of Mother-to Child HIV Transmission: costing the service in four sites in SA’ (Health Systems Trust and DOH) 2004; draft report - affordable options for the prevention of MTCT 1997?; Protocol for providing a comprehensive package of care for PMTCT in SA, draft May 2001 
  HIV prevention in maternal health services (UN Population Fund) 
W1.9  Tshwaranang Update 11 issues, 1997-2000 + Annual Reports of an organization to end violence against women: also ‘Thetha’ – breaking the silence on secondary victimisation 
W1.10  Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre to end Violence against Women and ALP seminar on HIV/AIDS and violence against women, Aug 1998, draft minutes of seminar 
W2  WORKPLACE SURVEY 1f 1995-1996 
  Copy of a questionnaire on AIDS policy sent out to businesses and results of an MRA survey conducted for Business Day. 
  Survey on worker attitudes and knowledge about HIV/AIDS programmes at the workplace (ALP), 1996 by Bradley Silver of ALP 
  Various documents including: 
  Report of the consultation on AIDS and the workplace. Geneva 1988 
  WHO guidelines on HIV and AIDS in prisons 1993 
  Guidelines for HIV in emergency settings 1996 
  Tabular information on legal instruments dealing with HIV infection and AIDS 1994 
  Documents on long-term travel restrictions and AIDS 
  Towards a strategic agenda for the WHO secretariat, statement of the Director General Jan 2000; Safety and tolerability of Zidovudine - review of the literature, 2000? WHO 
  Globalisation, TRIPS and access to pharmaceuticals, 2001 
  Opening remarks by Director General at Parliamentary commission on investigation of medicines, 2000 
  Revised drug strategy - report by the Secretariat, at WHO 53rd World Health assembly, March 2000 
  WHO medicines Strategy 2000-2003 Framework for action in essential drugs and Medicines policy, 2000 
  WHO model list of essential drugs EDL 1999; WHO African Regional Health report released, Nov 2006, revised March 2007 
  Email - re original v generic ARV drugs - implications for WHO, August 2001 from W Bannenberg of WHO - Technical Advisor Pharmaceuticals, SA  
  WHO includes new AIDS and malaria medicines on prequalification list, 2006 
  Antiretroviral drugs for treating pregnant women and preventing HIV infection in infants in resource-limited settings - towards universal access, recommendations for a public health approach 2006 
  Lessons learnt in "3 by 5" should guide efforts to move towards universal access to treatment by 2010 (2006) 
  WHO executive board resolution on HIV/AIDS Universal Access to prevention, care < 2006 
  Provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling in clinical settings: operational recommendations, July 2006 
  Guidance on provider-initiated HIV testing and counselling in health facilities, WHO and UNAIDS May 2007 
  H Hoverzeil, "Is access to essential medicines as part of the fulfilment of the right to health enforceable through the courts?" in The Lancet (2006) and in "Essential medicines and human rights: what can they learn from each other?" Bulletin of the WHO (2006) 
  Rape and HIV Post-exposure prophylaxis. Paper given at WHO meeting 2000 
W3.1  World Health Assembly (the main policy making organ of WHO) 
  2001, adopted a revised resolution "Scaling up response to HIV/AIDS), also 2004 -3 by 5 strategy "Treating 3 million by 2005"; Revised drug strategy at WHA, May 2001; SA pledges R20 million for HIV/AIDS TB and Malaria to the Global fund to fight HIV/AIDS TB and Malaria announced at WHA,May 2002; From International sanitary conventions to Global Health security: the new international health regulations, Fidler, 2005, Chinese Journal of International Law; "3 by 5' = reaching 3 million people in need of ARVs by 2005 (WHO and UNAIDS), attendance by MH of meeting in Zambia, Interim recommendations for technical and operational procedures for emergency scaling up of ARV treatment in resource limited settings (Nov 2003) Final report, 01 Dec 2003; Document published in 2003 "Treating 3 million by 2005" making it happen - the WHO strategy; email from Judge Michael Kirby, Jan. 2005 re Technical update: Scaling up voluntary HIV counselling and testing, 3rd meeting of the global reference group on HIV/aids and human rights; "3 by 5" progress report Dec 2004; Progress on global access to HIV ARV therapy, June 2005, Article by Ruth Macklin, Ethics and equity in access to HIV treatment, 3 x 5 initiative, 2004; Article mentioning Tshabalala-Msimang lashing out at WHO target on AIDS ("3 by 5 campaign" "not consulted", May 2005; email from Kevin M DeCock of WHO to the "Missing the target" team, 2006 (WHO response to ITPC (International treatment Preparedness coalition)treatment report letter , copy of report included - 1) 2005 and an update, published in May 2006 (Missing the target- off target for 2010: how to avoid breaking the promise of universal access; Free by Five declaration from Health economics and HIV/AIDS research Division, letter to MH to sign, 2004 I(free treatment) 
W4.1  Items, 2001-2006 
W4.2  2001 
  Joint NGO amicus brief on human rights and TRIPS for the US/Brazil dispute over patents ; correspondence between Richard Elliott (Canadian HIV/AIDS legal network) , ALP , Lawyers collective, India and Grupo pela vidda, Brazil; "From floor to ceiling? SA, Brazil and the impact of the hIV/AIDS crisis on the interpretation of TRIPS, Heinz Klug, undated 
  "The long run economic costs of AIDS: theory and an application to SA" 2003; email to MH from Varun Gauri, World Bank economist, author of article "Social rights and economics; claims to health care and education in developing countries" 2003 to be published in "World Development" Global Fund-World Bank HIV/AIDS programs comparative advantage study, 2006 by Alexander Shakow 
  HIV/AIDS medicines and related supplies: contemporary context and procurement, Technical Guide, 2004, World Bank 
  Various educational material relating to HIV/AIDS, being pamphlets, brochures, toolkits, leaflets