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Collection Name:ALEXANDRA LOCAL PEACE COMMITTEE Records 1992-1999
 Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 Records of the Alexandra Local Peace Committee, a structure of the National Peace Accord in the Wits-Vaal Region. The records were assembled by Rev Dr Liz Carmichael, the Churches' Representative and first convernor of the Alexandra Interim Crisis Committee. 
 11 boxes, 4 vols 1992-1999 
Main Committee 6 files 1992-1996 
A1 Minutes and other records if 1992 (Jan-June) 
 Includes minutes of the Alexandra Peace Forum, Regional Dispute Resolution Committee, Interim Crisis Committee for Alexandra, and some memos by witnesses reporting on events in the township. 
A2 Minutes and other records if 1992 (July-Dec) 
 Includes minutes of the Interim Crisis Committee for Alexandra, questions raised during discussion between the ICC and representatives of the displacees, a sermonpreached by Rev Dr Carmichael in St Mary's Cathedral 9 August 1992, text of agreement between security forces and hostel dwellers, press releases. 
A3 Minutes and other records if 1993 (Jan-June) 
 Includes minutes of the ICC for Alexandra, background document on Justices of the Peace and other records of the Wits/Vaal RDRC; correspondence and a proposal about the reconstruction of the `Disaster Area' of Alexandra; reports and a paper on crisis intervention; a `Fair Lady' article about Rev Dr Liz Carmichael; photographs and a press report of the funeral of Maria Mnguni in Alexandra. 
A4 Minutes and other records if 1993 (July-Dec) 
 Includes minutes of ICC for Alexandra and Disaster management working group; an article `Nurturing Peace: the Alex story' that appeared in People Dynamics, July 1993; reports, correspondence, posters, discussion papers including a research report by Mark Shaw `Crying Peace where there is none?'. 
A5 Minutes and other records if August 1993-April 1994 
 Includes minutes of ICC for Alexandra, report of activities , press statements, reports of incidents, account of 1994 election and message of thanks to peace committees 
A6 Minutes and other records if May 1994-April 1996 
 Includes minutes of ICC and other meetings, a review of the operational effectiveness of the monitoring functions managed by Wits / Vaal Regional Peace Secretariatprogramme of service of thanksgiving 6 May 1994, records of Alexandra Local Peace Committee conference July 1994; preliminary draft report on the Wits Vaal Peace Secretariat, information on the Alexandra Plenary Group for Reconciliation and reconstruction and a report `How the Alexandra community directory was written' (1996) 
Task Groups  
B1 Communications Task Group 1f 1992-1994 
 Includes: minutes of meetings, correspondence, proposals, report on voter education records of Alexandra Educational Support Network 
B2 Security Task Group 3f 
B2.1 Minutes and other records if Oct-Dec 1992 
 Includes a statement by Deane Yates on the cases of James Maponya and Solly Pienaar, 29 May 1992  
B2.2 Minutes and other records if Jan- May 1993 
 Includes minutes of STG and Taxi meeting, lists of unrest-related deaths, advice to monitors and marshals during marches and funerals, agreements between ANC, COSATU, SACP and the Police.  
B2.3 Minutes and other records if June 1993- Nov 1994 
 Includes minutes, proposals for a peace corps (August, Oct 1993); letter from Sizakele Nkosi; proposal re Policing Research Project, report on information centre, background information on the Alex Peace Rally. 
B3 Election Task Force if 1993-1994 
 Minutes of meetings and other records relating to the provision of peace monitors and organization of the 1994 General Election  
B4 Development Task Group (with ICC / autonomous) 4f 1992-1994 
B4.1 Minutes and other records of this group which promoted reconstruction and development in Alexandra if 1992-1993  
B4.2 Minutes and other records 1f 1994 
 Includes records of the Northern Joint Negotiating Forum and info about reconstruction including lists of displaces.  
B4.3 Correspondence, reports etc. if 1992-1994 
 Includes applications for funding for development, reports re upgrading of hostels, lists of displaced people and students, details of losses due to violence,proposal for reconstruction of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (and photos,history of church) 
B4.4 Alexandra Development Coordinating Form 1f 1993 
 Minutes and other records re projects for rehousing etc. 
B4.5 Alexandra relief work if 1992-1994 
 Reports on allocations of funds for relief work and correspondence about provision of facilities for displaced people 
B5 Alexandra Taxi Peace Committee (autonomous) 
B5.1 Minutes and other records if 1992-1995 
 Minutes of `taxi meetings' , taxi task group steering committee, ATPC meeting,records of talks between ATA and ARMSTA, correspondence, press cuttings on taxi violence, account of taxi-related incidents, constitution of Alexandra Taxi Peace Committee, Code of Conduct 
B5.2 Minutes and other records if 1994 
 Includes minutes, correspondence and a proposal for the establishment of a taxi- conflict management system. Also proposals for restructuring the taxi industry 
Alexandra Plenary Group for Reconciliation and Reconstruction 3f 1995-1998 
Cl Minutes and other records if 1995 
 Text of declaration of reconciliation, (1 May 1995) minutes, reports of workshops etc, correspondence, proposals. 
C2 Minutes and other records 1f 1996 
C3 Minutes and other records if 1997-1998 
 Includes records of workshops on Spatial Development Plan, minutes of RCA Consultative Forum 
Wits-Vaal Regional Peace Secretariat 5f 1992-1994 
D1 Minutes and other records 1992-1993 
 Includes minutes of the Wits-Vaal Regional Dispute Resolution Committee and other meetings, correspondence, needs assessments. 
D2 Minutes and other records 1f 1994 
 Minutes, conference reports, preliminary draft report on the Wits-Vaal Peace Secretariat, `Operation Peace"". 
D3 Religious bodies sub-committee of the Wits-Vaal Regional Peace Committee 
 Minutes of various committees, reports of peace monitor training, statement by religious leaders in the Wits-Vaal region, motion for Anglican Synod 
D4 Monitoring Training Programme of the Wits-Vaal RPC if 1993-1994 
 Includes Monitoring Training Courses, and a review of the operational effectiveness of the monitoring functions managed by the Wits-Vaal RPC during the election period, agreement with police, etc 
D5 Monitors' bib and flag (Wits-Vaal Peace Secretariat). 
Press cuttings if 1992-1999 
 Mainly about Alexandra; includes article on Liz Carmichael and one on the Queen's visit in 1999 
F1-4 `Alexandra Peace Notes' 4 vols 1992-1996 
 Volumes of Ms notes by Liz Carmichael giving a day-to day account of events and activities in Alexandra.