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Collection Index:WORKERS´ PARTY OF SOUTH AFRICA, Records, 1933-1935
Collection Name:WORKERS´ PARTY OF SOUTH AFRICA, Records, 1933-1935
 Copyright 2010, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
 NOTE: The digitisation of the collection has been made possible with generous funding from the Atlantic Philanthropies Foundation.   
 Some documents in this collection are of poor quality, which could not be enhanced by scanning.   
 The Worker's Party of South Africa was formed in 1935 after the merger of the Communist League of South Africa and the Bolshevik Leninist League. The collection contains minutes, correspondence, articles and other records of this organisation. Also included are records of the Independent Labour Party and the League of International Communists.   
 This collection consists of two boxes containing the original documents and two boxes of photocopies of the original documents. The inventory for the photocopies differs slightly from the original collection and has been included in a file together with the photocopies for reference.   
 2 boxes   
 Two documents showing that the Communist League of South Africa and the Bolshevik Leninist League merged to become the Workers' Party of South Africa, January 1935 1f.   
 Membership applications and membership declarations for both the Communist League of South Africa and the Workers' Party of South Africa; list of Charter members enrolled in Cape Town before the Inaugural meeting on the 29 January 1935 1f.   
 Minutes of meetings of the Johannesburg Branch, February-December 1935 1f   
 Included a Declaration of resignation, dated 13 September 1935, regarding the motion of the 17 August 1935 to dissolve the Johannesburg branch. See also Max Gordon's letter to Koston regarding the disbanding of the Johannesburg branch, dated 3 September 1935, in D - Correspondence.   
 The correspondence held in these files mainly originates from contacts between the Workers' Party of South Africa, the Lenin Club, the Communist League, the Bolshevik Leninist League, and the overseas Secretariat and offices of the League of International Communists. They deal with issues of Workers movements, national and international political affairs, and views and theories of the international communist movement, as well as issues of disunity between the different communist fractions in South Africa at the time.   
D1 Correspondence, February, 1935   
D2 Correspondence, March, 1935   
D3 Correspondence, April, 1935   
D4 Correspondence, May, 1935   
D5 Correspondence, June, 1935   
D6 Correspondence, July, 1935   
D7 Correspondence, August, 1935   
D8 Correspondence, September, 1935   
D9 Correspondence, October, 1935   
D10 Correspondence, November, 1935   
D11 Correspondence, December, 1935 + 1 letter 15 January 1938   
ARTICLES (Some from 'The Spark' :Organ of the Worker's Party)   
 Most of these articles would have been written for 'The Spark', the organ of the Workers' Party of South Africa, mainly by members of the Party, the Lenin Club and the Communist League of South Africa. One of the contribution, written by Leon Trotsky, has probably been used for publication as well.   
E1 Remarks on the draft theses of the Workers' Party, by Leon Trotsky, translated into English, dated 20 April 1935   
E2 From 1914 to 1935: A brief sketch of the history of the Communist Party of South Africa   
E3 The A.B.C. of Communism   
E4 Working class history   
E5 The Native question   
E6 War danger   
E7 Discussion on draft thesis: The Native question   
E8 War   
E9 The Mines   
E10 The organisation of Native workers   
E11 Gandhi   
E12 1922   
E13 The March days of 1922   
E14 Lessons of the Laundry Workers' strike   
E15 The Conference of the Cape Federation   
E16 Editorial   
E17 History of the Working Class movement in South Africa   
E18 The Great War   
E19 The March of Events (3 articles)   
E20 What is Trotskyism?   
E21 And South Africa?   
E22 Capitalist education in South Africa   
E23 Jubilee - Twenty-five years of British Imperialism - Jubilee   
E24 Extract from an article 'Stalin has signed the death of the III. International', La Verite, 25 May, 1935   
E25 Others   
 Handwritten notes and short articles   
E25a Cartoon by unknown artist, undated   
 Relating to the betrayal by Joseph Stalin   
F1 Lenin Club   
F1.1 Speech by Chairman, 8 June 1935   
F1.2 Correspondence (numbered leaves 1-57)   
 Including a letter of the 11 March 1935 with newspaper clips attached, describing the event of a clash at the City Hall Johannesburg, between Fascists (Greyshirts) and Communists   
F2 Independent Labour Party (S.A.)   
F2.1.1 Draft Constitution and Constitution; Objectives and Rules; Members of Central branch; Draft policy;   
F2.1.2 Report about the conference of the Relief Committee for the Victims of German Fascism (Cape), 7 August, 1933; Resolutions; Information Bulletins   
F2.2 Correspondence   
 Some of which reflects on the differences of opinion between members of the party particularly with regard to a united front including the Communist Party   
F2.3 Minute book, Central branch   
F3 League of International Communists (L.C.I.)   
F3.1 Circulars and opinion papers   
 Including: Draft of a Letter to the French workers on Stalin's betrayal of the International Revolution, by Leon Trotsky, with corrections, 10 June 1935; a paper Concerning some Tactical Questions in South Africa, 2 April 1935; Open Letter to all Revolutionary Proletarian Organisations and Groupings For the Fourth International, undersigned by various Bolshevik-Leninist parties, August 1935; Letter to the International Secretariat; Trotsky's preface to Nicolle Braun's brochure L'Organe de Masse, on the crisis of the French section of the L.C.I.(B.-L.); circulars and notes   
F3.2 Press releases and minutes of the League   
 About amongst others: German Re-armament, Stalin's betrayal, call to the Italian soldiers against fascism and war, on War and the 4. International, and on the arrest of Chinese Bolshevik-Leninists, 1935   
F3.3 Press releases and minutes of the League, French 2f.   
G1 An issue of 'The Spark' Organ of the Workers' Party of South Africa, April 1938   
G2 Letter from Natalia Trotsky, dated 1 June 1935, sent by Adolphe from the L.I.C. to be published by 'a bourgeois paper'   
G3 Letter of the Workers' Party of South Africa to Comrade L.D. Trotsky, 20 June 1935   
G4 Open letter to the comrades of the Lenin Club, The Workers' Party, and the 'opposition' section in Cape Town, by M.Purdy, chairman of the Workers' Party, 7 June 1935   
G5 A call for a genuine United Front against Fascism!, by the Workers' party, 1935   
G6 Bill to raise the standard of citizenship in the Union, typescript undated   
G7 Letter by M.Gordon on the letterhead of the Transvaal Garment Workers' Union, together with article entitled 'Hands off the Garment Workers' Union!', by E.S. Sachs, 21 February 1935   
G8 Memorandum submitted by the members of the African Laundry Workers' Union to the Registrar and Secretary of the Wage Board, Pretoria, undated; minutes of the Committee of the African Laundry Workers Union, 9 April 1935   
G9 Resolutions adopted by the National Conference of the Bolshevik-Leninist Group, 21-22 September 1935   
G10 To all Delegates to Bantu Conference (Bloemfontein 1935), issued by the Communist League of South Africa   
 Various items including: two pamphlets for a United Front against Fascism and against Greyshirt-Nazi Fascist meetings, issued by the anti-Fascist League of South Africa; page from the 'la Verite' with an article by the Bolshevik-Leninist Group, French undated; newspaper clip; written scenes of a theatre play; Address to Italian soldiers against the war, issued by the Bolshevik-Leninist Group, 7 November 1935, Italian; Questionnaire for 'The Spark' to readers   
 The photocopies are arranged slightly different from the above originals. An inventory is included.