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Inventory for AG2466 
 Copyright 2007, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa    
 Compiled by Claire Kruger    
 The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg1996    
 The EMPSA head office in Johannesburg closed its doors shortly after the 1994General Elections (1994/27 April). The programme was launched in September1992. International monitors working in successive teams monitored events up to and including the 1994 General elections    
 The Geneva office of EMPSA, responsible for recruiting, screening and selecting international monitors for the purposes of the programme, could then forward names to EMPSA South Africa for a final decision and endorsement. In practice, given the urgency of the situation, much of the liaison took place directly between international partners (church bodies; non-governmental organisations) and EMPSA South Africa.    
 Correspondence, lists, profiles on monitors and application forms resulted from this 'recruitment drive' and they are included in the collection.    
 The Johannesburg based EMPSA head office was responsible for coordinating the programme within South Africa. It provided the base from which monitors were deployed to various regions. Minutes, reports, correspondence, press statements and publications generated by this office are included.    
 Detailed reports, each with its own distinctive character, submitted by successive monitoring teams deployed in priority areas such as KwaZulu Natal, the Eastern Cape and the PWV make up the bulk of this collection. It should be kept in mind when reading the reports that some of the monitors, unfamiliar with the circumstances in which they found themselves and given the shortness of their stay (approximately six weeks), experienced difficulties in adjusting to the many demands that were placed upon them during the course of their work. Thus certain reports might represent events in a 'subjective light'.     
 This in no way invalidates their relevance as social documents attempting to convey the intensity of events as they unfolded. Daily and weekly reports (this includes correspondence) supplements the monitors regional final reports. During the approach to the elections, and the elections themselves, the EMPSA monitoring presence was increased. Election teams were grouped under specific areas in a particular region and their reports can also be found under daily/weekly reports.    
 Monitors were handed background information packs at the start of their programme. They were also issued with a uniform which served to identify the programme. These items are to be found in the collection.    
 EMPSA worked closely with church networks and established links with other non- governmental organisations, both nationally and internationally. Some of these records are reflected in the collection, notably the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), the Independent Forum for Electoral Education (IFEE), the National Peace Accord, the Network of Independent Monitors, the Panel of Religious Leaders for Electoral Justice, Media Monitoring Projects and other observer missions to South Africa.    
 Other topics in the form of background documents are also included. They include education/youth, election monitoring and observing, policing, negotiations and violence.    
 Other collections which might be consulted in conjunction with EMPSA include:1994 General Election, South Africa Collection [AG2459] and NEON.    
 EMPSA was established as a result of a call by the South African Churches - the South African Council of Churches (SACC) and the South African Catholic Bishops Conference (SACBC) to the international church community to send teams of monitors to address the question of violence.    
 The structure, policy and vision of the programme was agreed at a meeting with EMPSA's international partners in Geneva in August 1992. EMPSA was established with a three-fold mandate: to monitor violence, the political transitional process and elections.    
 A group of eminent international church leaders, the Ecumenical Eminent Person's    
 Group (EEPG), launched the programme in September 1992.    
 The programme's international coordination was provided by the World Council of Churches in Geneva, in conjunction with the Vatican's Pontifical Commission on Justice and Peace. Recruitment, screening and initial selection of monitors proposed from countries all over the world was done in consultation with the EMPSA national office.    
 Programme coordination within South Africa was done from the Johannesburg head office, which had both national and international staff, and was responsible to a National Coordinating Committee representing participating churches and church agencies in the regions, the World Conference on Religion and Peace, and national independent monitoring organisations.    
 Participants in the EMPSA programme developed working structures in their own countries which represented interested church denominations and relevant non- governmental organisations. These committees/forums undertook a more systematic approach to recruiting, screening, selecting and proposing monitors, raising funds to cover fares, allowances, insurances etc., and lobbying and information work with returned monitors. More recent participating countries tended to have a weaker infrastructure in this regard and operated on the basis of a single church, organisation or even individual.    
 EMPSA monitors, deployed in successive teams to various priority areas, engaged in a wide range of activities, from monitoring marches and rallies to facilitating meetings between groups to resolve conflicts, to intervening with police and government officials. Victims of violence were visited and contact was established with the police, all the main political and community players, peace committees, local churches and businesses. EMPSA was at an advantage because it worked closely with church networks as well as non-governmental organisations. Monitors did experience problems with the length of their stay (approximately six weeks). They needed time to familiarise themselves with the situation in which they found themselves. They also needed to follow up on cases. However a good handover between successive teams and a growing network of local contacts was able to sustain a level of continuity.    
 Monitors worked under difficult conditions and frequently found themselves in dangerous situations. In one particular incident, EMPSA monitors Joyce Cashmore and Pieter van Reenen were detained by Bophuthatswana police sparking a local and international outcry. It is generally agreed that the presence of EMPSA monitors together with other monitoring structures contributed to a relatively peaceful electoral process.    
A3 EMPSA    
B3.2.1 DURBAN    
B3.2.6 SOUTH COAST    
B3.3.2 SOWETO    
B3.3.3 WEST RAND    
B3.3.4 EAST RAND    
B3.3.5 PRETORIA    
B3.3.6 VAAL    
C2 DATA    
EMPSA NATIONAL (Head Office: Johannesburg)    
 Various bodies/organisations to which EMPSA National responsible/participant    
A1.1 Ecumenical Eminent Persons Group (EEPG): (EMPSA programme launched through this initiative by Archbishop Sir Paul Reeves,1992/September)    
A1.1.1  1992/22 - 27 September:    
A1.1.2  1993/25 July - 1 August:    
 Items include: Programme; Memorandum from Department of Chief Minister, Kwazulu re visit of EEPG; Reports; Publication/Pamphlet -report of the visit    
A1.1.3  Third Visit of EEPG: 1994/23 April - 2 May:    
 Items include:    
A1.1.3.1  Lists of EEPG; Biographies and CV's    
A1.1.3.2  Programme; Reports; Statements/Press Releases (Includes notes re preparations for press conference)    
A1.1.4  Miscellaneous:    
 Items include; Suggested applicants (Lists); application forms    
A1.2 Geneva Consultation with International Partners: (See also: A3.1.6)    
A1.2.1  EMPSA International Partners' Meeting, Hotel Grenil, Geneva(1993/4 - June)    
 Items include: tentative list of participants; proposed agenda    
A1.2.2  EMPSA International Consultation on Elections in South Africa(1993/24 - 27 September)    
 Items include: Tentative list of participants; Proposed agenda; Paper: South Africa Today - From Resistance to Reconstruction by Noko Frans Kekana; EMPSA Report    
A1.3 Reports to the South African Council of Churches (SACC) National Executive:    
A1.3.1  1993/2 - 3 March    
A1.3.2  1993/4 - 7 July    
A1.4 Church Leaders' Meetings/National Church Leaders Forum:    
A1.4.1 _Reports/Minutes:    
A1.4.1.1  Report to the Church Leaders Meeting, Garden Lodge, 1993/30 - 31March    
A1.4.1.2  Minutes of an Extra-Ordinary Meeting of Church Leaders, Khotso House, 1993/6 August    
A1.4.1.2a  EMPSA Briefing to Church Leaders Meeting, 1993/6 August: Police Shootings at Katlehong on Wednesday 4 August    
A1.4.1.3  Meeting of Church Leaders to be held on 9 - 10 November 1993,SACC Conference Centre: Proposed Agenda    
A1.4.1.3a  EMPSA Report to the National Church Leaders Forum, 1993/9November    
A1.4.2 Memoranda/Miscellaneous items: (4 items)    
 Items include: Main points to follow up from monitors meeting, 1992/1December; EMPSA Experience in Katlehong, 1993/7 September; Notes for Report to National Church Leaders Forum, 1993/9 November    
A1.4.3 Statements:    
A1.4.3.1  Church Leaders Meeting, 1992/10 - 11 November (Includes statements made by the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference (SACBC): Massacre at Boipatong; Attacks on police and public institutions; statement on violence; SACBC statement on train massacre; statement on the violence    
A1.4.3.2  Church Leaders Statement on Violence: 1993/6 August    
A1.5 National Coordinating Committee Meetings (EMPSA):    
A1.5.1  1992/18 August - 1994/20 January: (13 items)    
A1.5.2  Expanded report-back meeting including sub-regional coordinators:1994/1 - 2 June    
A1.6 The Council of Churches for Britain & Ireland : Monitoring Minutes:    
A1.6.1  1992/October - 1993/November    
A1.7 Other Meetings (EMPSA):    
A1.7.1  Minutes/Notes    
A.2.1 EMPSA:    
A2.1.1  Beyers Naude: 1993/May - 1994/March (10 items)    
 Correspondence with: Chief Emeka Anyaoku (Commonwealth Secretariat); Mangosuthu G Buthelezi; Maggie Paterson; F W De Klerk; UN Assessment Team    
A2.1.2  Miscellaneous: 1992/December - 1994/April(8 items)    
 Correspondents include: Mary Mxadana; Maggie Paterson    
A2.1.3  Communications between EMPSA National Office and EMPSAregions:1993/June - 1994/May (51 items)    
A2.1.4  Correspondence to Monitors in the field from friends/colleagues etc.:1994 (8 items)    
A2.1.5  Correspondence from monitors who have returned to their country of origin:1993/March - 1994/May (13 items)    
A2.2 Media:    
  The Media & other related areas: (27 items)    
 (Includes requests from various sectors of the media for interviews with EMPSA/Monitors)1993/October - 1994/May    
A2.3 Other Organisations:    
A2.3.1  IEC (Independent Electoral Commission): (6 items)    
A2.3.2  Transitional Executive Council (TEC):    
 Correspondence: 1994/January - March (7 items) Subjects include: murder of Rev Johannes Nhlabathi (See also:B3.; EMPSA concern over Ciskei arrests; threat of violence arising from local council action in King William's Town; Situation in Bophuthatswana; control of police in Bophuthatswana    
A2.3.3  Various Organisations: (12 items)    
 Correspondents include: Commonwealth Observer Mission to South Africa (COMSA); Nadel; Legal Resources Centre, Durban; Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation    
A2.3.4  Invitations from various organisations: (5 items)    
 Correspondents include: Commonwealth Observer Mission to South Africa (COMSA); Students for Human Rights (Univ. of the Witwatersrand); The Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation; Network of Independent Monitors (NIM); IEC    
A2.3.5  Sending Agencies: (22 items)    
 Correspondents include: Australian Catholic Relief; Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales; Christian Fellowship Trust; Canadian Council of Churches; Finn Church Aid; ICCO (Interchurch Organisation for Development Cooperation); Swiss Interchurch Aid    
A2.4 World Council of Churches (WCC), Geneva:    
A2.4.1 Mary Balikungeri : Enquiries re Monitors: (19 items) 1992/February - 1993/April    
A2.4.2 Daniel Ntoni-Nzinga: (11 items)    
  1993/March - August    
A3.1 EMPSA Published Reports: (Summaries of Activities)    
A3.1.1  1992/January: Summary of reports presented to EMPSA by Nov- Dec Monitors    
A3.1.2  1992/1 - 20 November: Report for the period    
A3.1.3  1992/Dec - 1993/April: EMPSA Summary Report - covering the reports of EMPSA monitoring teams deployed in Natal, Eastern Cape region, PWV and Bophuthatswana    
A3.1.4  1992/September - 1993/July: South Africa: A Threatened Future?    
A3.1.5  1993/25 July - 1 August: Report of the Eminent Ecumenical Persons' Group Visit to South Africa (See also: A1.1)    
A3.1.6  1993/September: Geneva Consultation (See also: A1.2)    
 Part II: EMPSA and Elections - A Proposal/EMPSA Election Plan (outline plan discussed and agreed at the EMPSA National Coordinating Committee meeting, 1993/20 January)    
A3.1.7  Monitoring for Peace: An ecumenical contribution to a culture of life in South Africa    
A3.2 Financial Reports: 1992 - 1994 (8 items)    
A3.3 Press Statements: (9 items)    
  1993/March - 1994/May    
 Subjects include: Assassination of Chris Hani; International Monitors held in Bophuthatswana; Outrage at right-wing attack on World Trade Centre, scene of multi-party negotiations; EMPSA in place for SA elections    
A3.4 Bulletins: (8 items)    
  1993/13 December - 1994/8 March    
A3.5 Publications:    
 Up Date: International Office, Geneva (1993/April - October)(5 items)    
  Correspondence between Maggie Paterson and Daniel Ntoni-Nzingare information for Up Date    
A3.6 Business Cards/Bracers/IEC Observer Stickers:(8 items)    
A3.7 Miscellaneous:    
 Items include:    
 EMPSA Election Plan; EMPSA Monitors Guidelines; Letter of Understanding for EMPSA Monitors; EMPSA Reports and Media Work; Some Guidelines for Monitors; List of EMPSA Staff (National& Sub-Regional Coordinators - See also: C); Miscellaneous notes taken in the field    
B1.1 Proposed/Current Monitors: (listed by country)    
 (1992; 1993; 1994/January - April)    
 Correspondence/Lists/Monitors Profiles/Application Forms:    
B1.1.1 Africa, East: (See also: Kenya; Tanzania)    
B1.1.1.1 Correspondence/List: (2 items)    
B1.1.2 Australia:    
B1.1.2.1 Correspondence: (13 items)    
B1.1.2.2 Application Forms: (11 items)    
B1.1.3 Austria:    
B1.1.3.1 Correspondence: (12 items)    
B1.1.4 Belgium:    
B1.1.4.1 Correspondence: (13 items)    
B1.1.4.2 Application Forms: (9 items)    
B1.1.5 Brazil:    
B1.1.5.1 Correspondence: (24 items)    
B1.1.5.2 Application Forms: (2 items)    
B1.1.6 Canada:    
B1.1.6.1 Correspondence: (25 items)    
B1.1.6.2 Application Forms: (21 items)    
B1.1.7 Chile:    
B1.1.7.1 List/Application Form:(2 items)    
B1.1.8 Denmark:    
B1.1.8.1 Correspondence: (16 items)    
B1.1.8.2 Application Forms: (14 items)    
B1.1.9 El Salvador:    
B1.1.9.1 Correspondence/List: (4 items)    
B1.1.9.2 Application Forms: (2 items)    
B1.1.10 Finland:    
B1.1.10.1 Correspondence; (13 items)    
B1.1.10.2 Application Forms/Monitors Profiles: (5 items)    
B1.1.11 France:    
B1.1.11.1 Correspondence: (17 items)    
B1.1.11.2 Application Forms/Monitors Profiles: (9 items)    
B1.1.12 Germany:    
B1.1.12.1 Correspondence: (40 items)    
B1.1.12.2 Lists/Application Forms: A - M (24 items)    
B1.1.12.3 Application Forms/Monitors Profiles: N - Z(21 items)    
B1.1.13 Ghana:    
B1.1.13.1 Correspondence: (2 items)    
B1.1.13.2 Application Forms: (8 items)    
B1.1.14 Japan:    
B1.1.14.1 Correspondence: (2 items)    
B1.1.14.2 Monitors Profiles: (1 item)    
B1.1.15 India:    
B1.1.15.1 Correspondence/Lists: (11 items)    
B1.1.15.2 Application Forms: (2 items)    
B1.1.16 Kenya:    
B1.1.16.1 Correspondence: (45 items)    
B1.1.16.2 Lists/Application Forms: (26 items)    
B1.1.17 Korea:    
B1.1.17.1 Correspondence: (5 items)    
B1.1.17.2 Application Forms: (1 item)    
B1.1.18 Lesotho:    
B1.1.18.1 Correspondence: (10 items)    
B1.1.18.2 Application Forms: (7 items)    
B1.1.19 Namibia:    
B1.1.19.1 Correspondence: (5 items)    
B1.1.19.2 Application Forms: (3 items)    
B1.1.20 Netherlands:    
B1.1.20.1 Correspondence; (25 items)    
B1.1.20.2 Application Forms; (24 items)    
B1.1.21 New Zealand:    
B1.1.21.1 Correspondence: (9 items)    
B1.1.21.2 Application Forms: (3 items)    
B1.1.22 Norway:    
B1.1.22.1 Correspondence: (7 items)    
B1.1.22.2 Application Forms: (12 items)    
B1.1.23 Philippines:    
B1.1.23.1 Correspondence: (19 items)    
B1.1.23.2 Application Form: (1 item)    
B1.1.24 Sweden:    
B1.1.24.1 Correspondence: (24 items)    
B1.1.24.2 Application Forms: A - J (20 items)    
B1.1.24.3 Application Forms: L - Z (23 items)    
B1.1.25 Switzerland:    
B1.1.25.1 Correspondence: (14 items)    
B1.1.25.2 Application Forms: A - K (14 items)    
B1.1.25.3 Application Forms: L - Z (16 items)    
B1.1.26 Tanzania:    
B1.1.26.1 Correspondence/List: (5 items)    
B1.1.26.2 Application Forms: (10 items)    
B1.1.27 Togo:    
B1.1.27.1 Correspondence/List: (6 items)    
B1.1.27.2 Application Forms: (2 items)    
B1.1.28 Trinidad:    
B1.1.28.1 Correspondence/List: (2 items)    
B1.1.29 Uganda:    
B1.1.29.1 Correspondence: (8 items)    
B1.1.29.2 Application Forms: (1 item)    
B1.1.30 United Kingdom:    
B1.1.30.1 Correspondence: (43 items)    
B1.1.30.2 Application Forms/Monitors Profiles: A - M(19 items)    
B1.1.30.3 Application Forms/Monitors Profiles: N - Z(14 items)    
B1.1.31 United States of America:    
B1.1.31.1 Correspondence: (61 items)    
B1.1.31.2 Application Forms: B - M (12 items)    
B1.1.31.3 Application Forms: P - Y (13 items)    
B1.1.32 Uruguay:    
B1.1.32.1 Correspondence/List: (2 items)    
B1.1.32.2 Application Forms: (2 items)    
B1.1.33 Zambia:    
B1.1.33.1 Correspondence: (13 items)    
B1.1.33.2 Application Forms: (11 items)    
B1.1.34 Zimbabwe:    
B1.1.34.1 Correspondence/List: (13 items)    
B1.1.34.2 Application Forms: (9 items)    
B1.2 Proposed Monitors not deployed:    
B1.2.1 Australia:    
 Correspondence: (6 items)    
B1.2.2 Austria:    
 Correspondence: (1 item)    
B1.2.3 Belgium:    
 Correspondence: (11 items)    
B1.2.4 Brazil:    
 Correspondence: (2 items)    
B1.2.5 Canada: Correspondence: (2 items)    
 Application Forms: (2 items)    
B1.2.6 Czech Republic:    
 Application Form: (1 item)    
B1.2.7 France:    
 Application Forms; (2 items)    
B1.2.8 Germany:    
 Correspondence: (4 items)    
 Application Form: (2 items)    
B1.2.9 Kenya:    
 Correspondence/Application Forms: (11 items)    
B1.2.10 Lesotho:    
 Application Forms: (2 items)    
B1.2.11 Mozambique:    
 Application Forms: (7 items)    
B1.2.12 Norway:    
 Correspondence: (5 items)    
B1.2.13 Rwanda:    
 List/Application Form:(2 items)    
B1.2.14 Switzerland:    
 Correspondence: (2 items)    
 Application Form: (1 item)    
B1.2.15 United Kingdom:    
 Correspondence/Application Forms: (17 items)    
B1.2.16 United States of America:    
 Correspondence/Application Forms: (14 items)    
B1.2.17 Zambia:    
 Correspondence: (1 item)    
B1.2.18 Zimbabwe:    
 Application Form: (1 item)    
B1.3 Election Monitors - IEC Accreditation: (Form with attached ID photograph : Details required for registration of individual observers)    
B1.3.1 Australia: (8 items)    
B1.3.2 Austria: (1 item)    
B1.3.3 Belgium: (11 items)    
B1.3.4 Brazil: (1 item)    
B1.3.5 Canada: (13 items)    
B1.3.6 Chile: (1 item)    
B1.3.7 Denmark: (10 items)    
B1.3.8 El Salvador: (2 items)    
B1.3.9 Finland: (4 items)    
B1.3.10 France: (18 items)    
B1.3.11 Germany: (28 items)    
B1.3.12 Ghana: (10 items)    
B1.3.13 India: (3 items)    
B1.3.14 Kenya: (26 items)    
B1.3.15 Lesotho: (8 items)    
B1.3.16 Namibia: (3 items)    
B1.3.17 Netherlands: (22 items)    
B1.3.18 New Zealand: (2 items)    
B1.3.19 Norway: (8 items)    
B1.3.20 Philippines: (2 items)    
B1.3.21 South Africa: (3 items)    
B1.3.22 Sweden: (21 items)    
B1.3.23 Switzerland: (26 items)    
B1.3.24 Tanzania: (7 items)    
B1.3.25 Togo: (2 items)    
B1.3.26 Uganda: (1 item)    
B1.3.27 United Kingdom: (25 items)    
B1.3.28 United States of America: (24 items)    
B1.3.29 Uruguay: (2 items)    
B1.3.30 Zambia: (2 items)    
B1.3.31 Zimbabwe: (13 items)    
B2.1 Monitors : Profiles:    
B2.2 Lists Monitors : Deployment by Country/Regions:    
B2.2.1 Standard correspondence to respective embassies    
B2.2.2 Lists    
B2.3 Monitors : Deployment Contacts:    
B2.3.1 Lists:    
B2.3.1.1  General    
B2.3.1.2  Cape, Eastern (Border/Ciskei)    
B2.3.1.3  Kwazulu/Natal    
B2.3.1.4  PWV (Pretoria/Witwatersrand/Vaal)    
B2.3.1.5  Transkei    
B2.3.1.6  Transvaal    
B2.4 Monitors : EMPSA Information Packs:    
B2.4.1 Checklist    
B2.4.2 Section : EMPSA:    
 Items include:    
 EMPSA Pamphlet; Letter of Introduction; EMPSA Code of Conduct; EMPSA Rules; EMPSA Guidelines; EMPSA Election Plan    
B2.4.3 Section : Maps:    
 White towns and associated black townships (HRC - "The Two South Africa's")    
B2.4.4 Section : National Peace Accord (NPA):    
 Items include: NPA Summary Poster (English/Zulu)    
B2.4.5 Section : Inter-Governmental Observer Missions:    
 Items include: Leaflet - United Nations Observer Mission(1993/August); Report of the UN Secretary General on the question of South Africa (1994/January); Contact list - UNOMSA    
B2.4.6 Section : Human Rights Commission (HRC):    
 Items include: HRC Monthly Summary Repression Reports (from1993/June - 1994/January); Election Watch No 1)    
B2.4.7 Section : Policing:    
 Items include: The Movement towards Community-Supported Policing in SA (1993/April); Extract from "South Africa's Police - From police state to democratic policing?" (CIIR booklet, 1992); Headings from Melanie Lue's presentation (Centre for the Study of Violence &Reconciliation)    
B2.4.8 Section : The Election:    
 Items include: The Electoral Act; The Independent Electoral Commission Act; Background to the IEC; IEC Code of Conduct for Observers    
B2.4.9 Section : Some Recent Press Cuttings    
B2.4.10 Section : Contacts/Miscellaneous    
B2.4.11 Light Blue Document Wallet:    
 Items include:    
 National Peace Accord Booklet    
 Human Rights Commission Publications    
B2.4.11.1 Training Booklets:     
 Extracts from booklets by Legal Education Action Project (LEAP) [Includes: How to be a good monitor; how to be a good mediator; how to be a good marshall; how to run a workshop]    
B2.5 Monitors : Programme Identification:    
 Monitors Uniform : T Shirt; Cap; Overcoat; Flag    
B3 Regions - Monitors : Reports/Correspondence:    
B3.1.1 Final Reports:    
B3.1.1.1  1992/18 November - 12 December: Marie Dilger (Germany); Marie Teinila (Finland)    
B3.1.1.1a - Draft report    
B3.1.1.1b - Additional report : Marie Dilger - 1994/9 December    
B3.1.1.2  1993/27 January - 28 February: Elizabeth Adler (Germany); Ulf Stirs (Finland) [Includes miscellaneous notes on report]    
B3.1.1.3  1993/17 March - 19 May: Christopher Esdaile (UK)    
B3.1.1.4  1992/20 July - 16 August: Jim Knutson (USA); Christian Mellon (France)    
B3.1.1.5  1993/29 May - 24 June (Part 1): Joint Report - Alan McDonald (Scotland); Sigrid Thomsen (Germany) ... 1993/24 June - 19 July (Part 2): Sigrid Thomsen    
B3.1.1.6  1993/13 October - 19 November: Toni Strasburg (UK); Stephan    
 Kuhn-Schmidlin (Switzerland)    
B3.1.1.7  1993/24 November - 31 December: Herbert Chibwe Nondo (Zambia); Christel Buttler (Germany) [Includes handwritten notes -Christel Buttler?]    
B3.1.1.8  1994/10 January - 13 February: Heiderose Hesse (Germany); Claire Loxton (England); Lars Tidbeck (Sweden)    
B3.1.1.9  1994/19 February - 4 April: Sylvie de Montmollin; HazelCampayen; Ejvor Fox; David Jones    
B3.1.2 Border/Ciskei:    
 Daily/Weekly Reports (Includes Correspondence):    
 1992/December; 1993/March (2 items)    
 1994/January - April (22 items)    
B3.1.3 Lists:    
  Contact list: Individuals/Organisations in the area    
  List of Polling Stations (Ciskei)    
B3.2.1 Durban:    
B3.2.1.1 Final Reports:    
B3.  1992/21 November - 18 December: Lars Rehof (Denmark)    
B3.  1993/10 January - 7 February: Jorgen Nielsen (Denmark)    
B3.  1993/11 March - 18 April: Erik Van Dijk    
B3. - Handwritten report    
B3.  1993/17 April - 31 May: Pirjo Virtaintorppa & Paul Bruer    
B3.  1993/May - July: Cecille Swaisland (UK) & Gottfried Kraatz (Germany)    
B3. - Handwritten report    
B3.  1993/18 July - 30 August: Goran Skogland (Sweden)    
B3.  1993/October - November: Herman Herzog (Switzerland); Joke Hartmans (Netherlands)    
B3.  1993/24 November - 1994/4 January: Michael Murezi (Switzerland); Henri Thommen (France)    
B3.  1994/10 January - 13 February: Bo Pehrson (Sweden); Francois Bellec (France) & David Phillips (UK)    
B3.  1994/15 February - 5 April: Pierre-Andre Diserens (Switzerland); Mee Ling Ng (United Kingdom) & Ingemar Rolander (Sweden)    
B3.2.1.2 Daily, Weekly Reports/Election Teams' Reports    
 (Includes Correspondence): (49 items)    
  1993/October - November ... 1994/January - 2 May (Includes invitation to all EMPSA monitors to attend a meeting organised by NEON (National Electoral Observer Network) reconsultation on election monitoring/observing)    
B3.2.2 Natal Midlands (including Pietermaritzburg):    
B3.2.2.1 Final Reports:    
B3.  1992/6 October - 7 November: Robin Hutt (UK)    
B3.  1992/16 November - 15 December: Mary Anglin (Canada)    
B3.  1992/22 December - 1993/23 January: George Millard (Canada)    
B3.  1993/28 January - 5 March: Hildegaard Lenz-Matthies (Germany)    
 [Includes miscellaneous notes on report]    
B3.  1993/15 February - 22 March: Bill Fairbairn (Canada)    
B3.  1993/April - May: Cora Richardson    
B3.  1993/April/May: Garth Legge (Canada) [Includes report on Johannesburg: 15 - 22 April ... 25 - 28 May)    
B3.  1993/24 - 25 May: Christopher Esdaile (UK)    
B3.  1993/2 June - 7 July: Kirsten Roep (Netherlands); Charles    
 Swaisland (UK)    
B3.  1993/17 July - 30 August: Sr Betsy Clark    
B3.  1993/14 October - 20 November: Bernd Ludermann (Germany); Lawrencia Kwark (France) [See also: Daily/Weekly Reports]    
B3.  1993/24 November - 1994/3 January: Daniel Fischer (Switzerland); Bisset Nkonga (Zambia)    
B3.  1994/9 January - 14 February: Peter Gessler (Switzerland); Christer Paulsen (Sweden); Kath Stiles (Canada)    
B3.  1994/20 February - 4 April: Pre-Election Team - Hanns Walter Huppenbauer (Switzerland); Shawn Whelan (Australia); LiefWindmar    
B3.2.2.2 Daily, Weekly Reports (Includes Correspondence):    
B3. 1993/25 October - 15 November: (3 items) (Reports from Bernd Ludermann & Lawrencia Kwark/See also: Final Reports)    
B3. 1994/16 January - 30 April: (20 items)    
B3. Area Reports/Election Teams:    
B3.  Bulwer: 1994/20 April - 2 May (5 items)    
B3.  Howick Team: 1994/13 - 29 April (8 items)    
B3.  Ixopo Team: 1994/14 - 29 April (14 items)    
B3.  Montebello Team: 1994/15 April - 4 May (8 items)    
B3.  Pietermaritzburg: 1994/21 February - 5 May(23 items)    
B3.2.2.3 Miscellaneous:    
  List: Contact names/addresses (3 items)    
B3.2.3 Natal North Coast:    
B3.2.3.1 Final Reports:    
B3.  1994/9 January - 12 February: Judith Lawson (Australia); Paul Rule (Australia); Thomas Bruckner (Germany)    
B3.  1994/3 March - 4 April: Judith Campbell (Australia); Hans Steuernagel (Germany); Johanna Roth (Switzerland); Jerker Svensson (Sweden)    
B3.  1994/12 April - 1 May: Group 1/Empangeni: Asst.Co-ordinator -Jim Knutson; Team Members - Egil Hauge; Wies Kalsbeek;Lonrenti Skosana; Margaret Sumadh    
B3.  1994/13 April - 1 May: Eshowe - Janice McLaughlin (USA); Soren    
 Sievers (Denmark); Jenny Van der Veen (Netherlands); Michael Sealy (USA)    
B3.  1994/14 April - 30 April: Group 5/Hlabisa & Ubombo District: NiiArmah Ashittey (Ghana); Chris Esdaile (UK); Elizabeth Nilsson(Sweden); Flavius Nkanini (South Africa); Ronald Uden (Germany)    
B3.2.3.2 Daily, Weekly Reports/Election Team Reports (Includes Correspondence): (37 items)    
  1994/January - April (+ undated items)    
B3.2.4 Northern Natal (Ladysmith):    
B3.2.4.1 Final Reports;    
B3.  1992/16 - 21 December: Rev George Millard    
B3.  1992/15 December - 1993/23 January: Fran De'Ath (UK); Karen Baldwin (Canada); Lisa Cantwell (Canada)    
B3.  1993/27 January - 28 February: Marta von Schantz (Finland);Christoph Kohler (Germany) [Includes miscellaneous notes on report]    
B3.  1993/7 March - 20 April: Nini Kraatz (Germany); Joachim Trostler(Germany)    
B3.  1993/2 June - 7 July: Peter Dorfield (Australia); Kristen Lee (US)[Includes report by Peter Dorfield to Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, 30 July 1993]    
B3.  1993/20 July - 28 August: Bernard Causemann (Germany); SharonLee (Canada)/(Includes first draft of report)    
B3.  1993/28 August - 13 October: Richard Lumumba (Kenya); HuyseHuib (Belgium)    
B3. #NAME?    
B3. - Comments on paper by Richard Lumumba    
B3.2.5 Northern Natal:    
B3.2.5.1 Final Reports:    
B3.  1993/13 October - 21 November: Margaret Herzog (Switzerland);Rev Lloyd Jonathan (UK); Patrick O Onyango (Kenya)    
B3.  1993/23 November - 1994/2 January: Vivienne Hiett (UK); Ross Shorthill (Canada)    
B3.  1994/19 February - 4 April: Geoff Chapman (UK): Leonard Syamambo (Zambia); Stig Utnem (Norway); Norman West (New Zealand)    
B3.2.5.2 Community Profiles/Analyses (Compiled from previous monitors' reports)    
B3.2.5.3 Daily, Weekly Reports (Includes Correspondence/Minutes of various organisations):    
B3.  1992/25 December - 1993/14 December: (59 items) (Includes correspondence: Bernard Causemann & Sharon Lee; P OOnyango)    
B3.  1993/January - September: (24 items)    
B3.  1993/October - December: (45 items)    
B3.  1994/January - 27 March: (31 items)    
B3.2.5.4 Area Reports/Election Teams:    
B3.  Dundee/Glencoe Team: 1994/20 April - 1 May(6 items)    
B3.  Bergville/Estcourt Team: 1994/14 April - 2 May(6 items)    
B3.  Ladysmith Team; 1994/22 April - 29 April(4 items)    
B3.  Newcastle: 1994/20 - 30 April (8 items)    
B3.  Vryheid: 1994/5 March (date submitted) (1 item)    
B3.2.5.5 Miscellaneous:    
  Contact Lists (10 items)    
  Funeral Programmes/Notices/Pamphlets (Ezakheni; EkuvukeniTownship ...)(6 items)    
B3.2.6 South Coast (Port Shepstone):    
B3.2.6.1 Final Reports:    
B3.  1992/12 October - 15 November: Karl Schmidt (Germany)    
B3.  1992/16 November - 15 December: Bp Johana Mbogori (Kenya)    
B3.  1993/25 January - 2 March: Ivan George (USA)    
B3. - Report on Rev Ivan George/Miscellaneous notes    
B3.  1993/15 February - 15 March: Patti Talbot (Canada)    
B3.  1993/17 April - 21 May: Simon Fisher (UK)    
B3.  1993/2 June - 15 July: Gottfried Wellmer (Germany)    
B3.  1993/17 July - 31 August: Herbert Hotting    
B3. - Diary/Notebook of events which also contains correspondence; pamphlets    
B3.  1993/September - Gottfried Wellmer/Bertha von Suttnerplatz(Germany) 1993/September - Katrien Sansen (Belgium)    
B3.  1993/13 October - 20 November: Frederick Schulze (Germany); Fr Joe Elsener (Switzerland)    
B3.  1994/21 February - 4 April: Christine Giller (Austria); Henrik Hammargren (Sweden); Evelyn Schaad (Switzerland); Ivar Solbu(Norway)    
B3.2.6.2 Minutes:    
B3.  1992/21 July: Minutes of Meeting of EMPSA: Natal Lower South Coast - Port Shepstone    
B3.  1993/2 March: Minutes of EMPSA Lower South Coast Steering Committee Meeting    
B3.2.6.3 Daily, Weekly Reports (Includes Correspondence):    
B3.  1992/November - 1993/14 July: (35 items)    
 Correspondents include: Herbert Hotting; Gottfried Wellmer    
B3.  1993/15 July - September: (33 items)    
 Correspondents include: Gottfried Wellmer; Brigadier DirkSchoeman (Assistant Regional Commissioner - SAP/Minutes of Port Shepstone Peace Committee)    
B3.  1993/October - November: (32 items)    
B3.  1994/February; March - May: (57 items)    
 Correspondents include: Josef Elsener/Minutes of Port Shepstone Peace Committee    
B3.2.6.4 Miscellaneous:    
  Contact Lists (9 items)    
  Funeral Notices (4 items)    
  Press Cuttings (8 items)    
B3.3 PWV (Pretoria/Witwatersrand/Vaal): Bophuthatswana: See Report of EMPSA Monitors - Joyce Cashmore & Pieter Van Reenen (See also:E2 - E2.3)    
B3.3.1 Final Reports:    
B3.3.1.1  1992/16 November - 12 December: Ruth Weiss (Germany); Claire Holder (Britain); Dorothea Giesche (Germany)    
B3.3.1.2  1993/25 January - 28 February: Cathy Buccholz (Germany); Peter Jackson (UK) [Includes miscellaneous notes on report]    
B3.3.1.3  1993/12 March: Peter Jackson (UK)    
B3.3.1.4  1993/5 March - 21 April 1993: Joyce Cashmore (UK); Pieter van Reenen (Netherlands) (See also E2 - E2.3)    
B3.3.1.4a - Duplicate (updated)    
B3.3.1.4b - Memorandum    
B3.3.1.4c - Confidential report on Joyce Cashmore    
B3.3.1.5  1993/17 July - 31 August: Suzanne Long (UK); Rina Kuypers (Belgium)    
B3.3.1.5a - Corrected master copy    
B3.3.1.5b - Report: Suzanne Long    
B3.3.1.5c - Report: Suzanne Long    
B3.3.1.6  1993/27 August - 13 October: Patrick O Onyango (Kenya); Rev Robert Higgs (USA)/Location Coordinator - Patrick D Gxilishe    
B3.3.1.7  1993/9 - 31 October: Luis Mitras/Marcia? (Brazil)    
B3.3.2 Soweto:    
B3.3.2.1 Daily, Weekly Reports (Includes Correspondence):    
 Covers: Area Reports/Election Teams:    
B3.  Soweto Team 1: 1994/12 - 30 April: (7 items)    
B3.  Soweto Team 2 & 3: 1994/April: (2 items)    
B3.  Soweto Team 4: 1994/14 - 27 April: (7 items)    
B3.  Soweto Team 5: 1994/April: (3 items)    
B3.  1994/25 - 26 April: (3 items)    
B3.3.2.2 Miscellaneous:    
  Contact Lists    
B3.3.3 West Rand:    
B3.3.3.1 Daily, Weekly Reports (Includes Correspondence):    
  1994/20 April - 3 May: (13 items)    
B3.3.4 East Rand:    
B3.3.4.1 Final Reports:    
B3.  1993/1 September - 8 October: Miscellaneous Report    
B3.  1993/October: Brian Blancharde (UK); Marcia Pereira de Anchieta(Brazil) [Draft Reports Ms & Ts)    
B3.  1993/24 November - 1994/4 January: Regula Kummer(Switzerland); Samuel Mulafulafu (Zambia)    
B3.  1994/9 January - 13 February: Noreen Christian (Northern Ireland);    
 Carl Osterwald (Germany); Michele Robinson (USA); Torbjorn Ryneus (Sweden)    
B3.  1994/21 February - 4 April: Marryanne Ure (UK); Ian Paton (Australia); Stellan Buckland (Sweden)    
B3.3.4.2 Daily, Weekly Reports (Includes Correspondence): (See also: B3. Team)    
B3.  1993/August - November ...1994/19 February - 29 March: (37items)    
 Items include: Police shootings at Katlehong/August, 1993(statements by amongst others, Suzanne Long & Rina Kuypers); Report on the shooting incident at Phola Park, 28 November 1993    
B3.  1994/April: (31 items)    
B3.3.5 Pretoria:    
B3.3.5.1 Final Report:    
B3.  1994/21 February - 5 April: Sue Chapman (Britain); Uno Johansson (Sweden); Elton Muwowo (Zambia)    
B3.3.5.2 Daily, Weekly Reports (Includes Correspondence):    
B3.  1994/21 February - 2 April: (14 items)    
B3.  1994/April - May: Covers:    
 Area Reports/Election Teams:    
B3.  Pretoria Groups 1- 2    
B3.  Pretoria Groups 3 - 5    
B3.  27 April - 5 May    
B3.3.6 Vaal:    
B3.3.6.1 Final Reports:    
B3.  1993/10 October - 24 November: Deborah Ewing (UK); Markus Wyss (Switzerland)    
B3.  1993/24 November - 29 December: Joe Elsener (Switzerland); Ute Caspers (Germany)    
B3.  1994/9 January - 15 February: Rolf Hagman (Sweden); Kees Maxey (UK); Bo Rudin (Sweden)    
B3.  1994/21 February - 3 April: Florence Laag Brandell (Sweden);Jostein Nesvag (Norway); Louise Vincer (UK)    
B3.3.6.2 Daily, Weekly Reports (Includes Correspondence):    
B3.  1993/January; August - November (Includes reference material/contact cards/minutes of meetings with variousorganisations)[42 items]    
 Includes reports of Vaal Team: Deborah Ewing; Markus Wyss(with Patrick Gxilishe) on visits to Tokoza & Katlehong to follow up murder of a pastor and attend a funeral (affidavits included) [See also: A2.3.3]    
B3.  1994/January - March: (20 items)    
B3.  1994/April: (25 items)    
B3.4 TRANSKEI:    
B3.4.1 Final Reports:    
B3.4.1.1  1994/10 January - 13 February: Edgar Ruddock (UK); Thomas Schwarz (Swiss); Bertil Hogstorm (Sweden)    
B3.4.1.2  1994/20 February - 3 April: Stanley Miti (Zambia); Ing-Britt O stlund (Sweden); Graham Smith (UK); Laurent Sturm(Switzerland)    
B3.4.1.3  1994/13 April - 2 May: Alan Barker (UK); Leni Altwegg(Switzerland); Joseph Dzakpasu (Ghana); Enos Chomutiri(Zimbabwe) - Location : Matatiele    
B3.4.2 Daily, Weekly Reports (Includes Correspondence):    
B3.4.2.1  1994/10 January - 19 March; 27 April: (16 items)    
B3.4.2.2  1994/April: (21 items)    
B3.  Team 1/Umtata: (3 items)    
B3.  Team 'B'/Port St Johns: (7 items)    
B3.  Team 3Butterworth: (6 items)    
B3.  Team 4/Matatiele: (6 items)    
B3.  Team 5: (3 items)    
B3.5.1 Eastern Transvaal:    
B3.5.1.1 Final Report:    
B3.  1994/21 February - 4 April: Pierre Benson (Canada); Lennart Hognert (Sweden); Einar Ims (Norway); Pirjo Virtaintorppa(Finland)    
B3.5.1.2 Daily, Weekly Reports:    
B3.  1994/22 February - 30 April: (17 items)    
B3.5.2 Northern Transvaal:    
B3.5.2.1 Pietersburg:    
B3. Daily, Weekly Reports (Includes Correspondence):    
B3.  1994/12 - 28 April: (10 items)    
B3.5.3 Western Transvaal:    
B3.5.3.1 Final Report:    
B3.  1994/9 January - 12 February: June Abrahamsson (Sweden);Waltraud Haas-Lill (Switzerland); John Parkin (Ireland)    
B3.  1994/20 February - 1 April: Inger Nesvag (Norway); Margaret Kiloh (England); Justin Kambikambi (Zambia); Roger Harless(USA)    
B3.5.3.2 Daily, Weekly Correspondence (Includes Correspondence):    
B3.  1994/January - 1 April: (25 items)    
B3.  1994/12 April - 2 May: (Includes Area Reports/Election Teams from following areas - Klerksdorp Team; Rustenburg Team;Bloemhof Team)(18 items)    
B3.5.3.3 Contact Lists:    
  Useful names & telephone numbers    
C1 Coordinator's Correspondence: (21 items)    
 Items include:    
 Letter of Appointment; Job Specifications; Registration with IEC    
C2 Coordinator's Data: (See also: A3.7) (12 items)    
 Includes list of Sub-Coordinators for EMPSA)    
C3 Coordinator's Reports:    
C3.1 Cape, Eastern: (4 items)    
C3.2 Natal/Kwazulu:    
C3.2.1  Durban: (2 items)    
C3.2.2  North Coast: (4 items)    
C3.2.3  Northern Natal: (2 items)    
C3.2.4  South Coast: (2 items)    
C3.3 PWV:    
C3.3.1  East Rand:-    
C3.3.1.1 - Tembisa: (1 item)    
C3.3.1.2 - Tokoza & Katlehong: (1 item)    
C3.3.2  Soweto: (5 items)    
C3.3.3  Vaal: (5 items)    
C3.3.4  West Rand: (2 items)    
C3.4 Transkei: (3 items)    
C3.5 Transvaal:    
C3.5.1  Northern Transvaal/Pietersburg: (2 items)    
D1 Bophuthatswana: (See also: A2.3.2; F3.2.7; I2.1)    
D1.1 Background Documents:    
 Items include:    
  Latest disturbing incidents of political repression in Bophuthatswana (Justice & Social Ministries, SACC)    
  Increased repression in Bophuthatswana    
  Background report for an Inkatha rally to be addressed by Chief Buthelezi, Driefontein, Bophuthatswana    
D1.1  Correspondence re application to hold a Public Meeting -Winterveldt Memorial Service (Includes Report: The hardships in rural South Africa)    
  Memorandum addressed to the TEC from Lawyers for Human Rights re Pre Election Crisis in Bophuthatswana    
  Lawyers for Human Rights: Briefings for National Church Leaders on Bophuthatswana    
  Increased repression in Bophuthatswana : MAREF (1992/13November)    
D1.2 Ecumenical Forum on Human Rights in Bophuthatswana:    
D1.2.1 Agenda/reports:    
 Items include:    
  Draft agenda    
  Memorandum re Steering Committee Meeting, Taung, 1993/25 - 26March    
  Report - JSM Conference: 1993/5 - 7 May    
D1.2.2 South African Council of Churches, Northern Cape Branch:    
D1.2.2.1 Correspondence:    
  Correspondence sent by Sophy Molokoane re:    
  funeral of Johannes Ramokhoasa, shot by Bophuthatswana Security Forces at a Parent Committee Protest March (1993/23 March)    
D1.2.2.2 Reports:    
  Justice and Social Ministries Activities Report for 1992    
  Report on Covenant Programme (1993/March)25    
D1.2.3 Incident : Interruption of training workshop ("Education for Democracy") by Bophuthatswana police, Thlabane, 1993/March:    
D1.2.3.1 Reports:    
  Items include reports by EMPSA Monitors Elizabeth Adler &Christoph Koehler & Rustenburg SACC Branch    
D1.2.3.2 Correspondence:    
  Letter addressed to Lucas Mangope (SACC)    
D2 Cape, Eastern : Border/Ciskei: (See also: I2.2)    
D2.1 Background Documents:    
 Items include:    
  Draft Document: Bank project for statistics on living standards and development - Border/Ciskei Regional Profile)    
  Documents re The Africa Democratic Movement (ADM) including: The ADM - A Military Intelligence Project? (1992/22 October); address by Brigadier O J Gqozo, President of the ADM to the consultative conference of the ADM, Bishop, 1992/10 October; list of incidents involving the ADM    
  Background taxi violence : Border/Ciskei RDRC Region    
  Report of the Pickard Commission on the shooting incident at Bisho,1992/7 September    
  Address to the Ciskei Chamber of Industries from the Chairman of the Council of State, Brigadier O J Gqozo, Amatola Sun, Bisho,1993/25 October    
D2.2 Publications:    
  Independent Monitoring Network (Border/Ciskei): ReportsNo.1 - 5    
  News from Africa Watch, 1991/20 December: Ciskei - Ten Yearson/Human Rights and the Fiction of "Independence"    
D3 KwaZulu/Natal: (See also: I2.3)    
D3.1 Background Documents/Reports/Press Statements/Miscellaneous:    
 Items include:    
  The Seven Days War: 1990/25 - 31 March - The victims' narrative(edited by John Aitchison)    
  The Opinion Polls: How do the parties fare? - John Aitchison(Centre for Adult Eduction, University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg)1991/October    
  Memorandum re situation on Natal North Coast: Roy Ainslie &Mary De Haas, 1992/13 November    
  Practical Ministries: Submission to the Goldstone Commission,1992/30 November    
  Draft of a synthesized chronology of violence in the areas of Kwa Zulu in the immediate surroundings of Port Shepstone: Gottfried Wellmer    
  The KwaZulu Bantustan as a contributor to the violence and an obstacle to peace in Natal: part of ANC submission to Goldstone Commission, Durban, 1992/December    
  Natal: Prospects for democracy - John Aitchison    
  Patterns of Violence: Case studies of Conflict in Natal (Editor:Anthony Minnaar/Human Sciences Research Council, 1992)    
  The Heart of Darkness: Paul Bell (Leadership)    
  Report on Natal Violence, 1992    
D3.1  Joint Press Statement by the IFP and ANC on International    
  Press Release: IEC - Working Committee Report on the feasibility of elections in KwaZulu/ Natal, 1994/5 April    
D3.2 Publications:    
  Pietermaritzburg 1990 - The Fractured City (Natal Midlands Black Sash)    
  Comrade Lost - A Life to Inspire Us (Sikhumbuzo Mbatho).Published by: Pietermaritzburg Agency for Christian Social Awareness (PACSA)    
D3.3  Natal Monitor: Vol.2 No's 3/4, 6/7, 8 (1992)Documents collected by EMPSA Monitor, Cora Richardson:    
 Items include:    
  The State vs Z Mdletshe and Others accused of contravening Riotous Assemblies Act and Intimidation Act    
  The crisis in Mpophomeni Township - A Chronology    
D4 Tokoza:    
 Area Maps:    
D4.1  Details: Major Crime, 1993/August - September [Key: Forced evictions; murder; arson]    
  Map of Tokoza    
E1 Boipatong Massacre:    
E1.1 Memorandum:    
  Attempts to prevent the Boipatong Massacre (Nicholls, Cambanis,Koop sammy & Pillay)    
E2 Incident in which EMPSA Monitors Joyce Cashmore and Pieter van Reenen were detained by Bophuthatswana police: (See also: B3.3.1.4)    
E2.1 Reports    
E2.2 Correspondence/Statements: (1993/March; May)    
 Items include: Correspondence notifying various organisation of the incident (eg. National Peace Secretariat; World Council of Churches; Church Leaders letter to President Mangope) [1993/31 March]    
E2.3 Press Cuttings    
E3 Chris Hani's Assassination/Funeral: (See also: 13.2 - 3.2.1)    
E3.1 Reports/Correspondence/Statements/Press Cuttings:    
 Items include:    
  "The Death that was no ordinary death" - Frank Chikane (1993/14April)    
E4 Police Shootings at Katlehong:    
E4.1 Correspondence;    
  Correspondence addressed to the State President, F W de Klerk    
  1993/13 August & response from the State President's Office,1993/22 September    
E4.2 Briefing:    
  EMPSA Briefing (1993/6 August): Police Shooting at Katlehong on Wednesday, 4 August    
OTHER ORGANISATIONS (Non-governmental organisations/church networks with which EMPSA interacted)    
F1 Africa Fund:    
Fl. 1 Briefing Papers:    
F1.1.1  Action after sanctions - building a new South Africa: Jennifer Davis, 1993/February    
F1.1.2  South Africa's winding road to freedom - a short guide to the transition from Apartheid to democracy: Jennifer Davis,1993/December    
F1.1.3  Brochure: Voting in the shadow of Apartheid - questions and    
 answers on the South African Election: Elizabeth Landis(Perspectives 1993 #3)    
F2 African National Congress (ANC):    
F2.1 International Solidarity Conference (From Apartheid to Peace, Democracy & Development) 1993119 - 21 February, NASREC:    
  Documentation Package - Items include: Agenda/Programme; Declaration; Presentations/Speeches/Statements    
F2.2 Reports/Statements:    
F2.2.1  Report on Violence in Meadowlands: 1991/April - 1992/June    
F2.2.2  Record of Understanding between Government and ANC, 1992/26September    
F2.2.3  Statements of National Executive Committee in response to Motsuenyane Commission's report (see Commissions of Inquiry:F2.4.2) [Includes Human Rights Commission Statement re NEC's response to report]    
F2.2.4  Statement of the National Executive Committee on the occasion of the 82 Anniversary of the ANC, 1994 (Published in the form of a booklet)    
F2.3 Publications:    
  ANC Negotiations Bulletin: Nos.27 - 33; 37 - 38    
  Door-to-door work canvassing manual    
  Pamphlet: ANC scenario for transition to democracy    
F2.4 Commission of Inquiry:    
F2.4.1  Report: Commission of Inquiry into recent development in the People's Republic of Angola, 1984/14 March, Lusaka    
F2.4.2  'Motsuenyane Commission': Reports of the Commission of Inquiry into certain allegations of cruelty and human rights abuse against ANC Prisoners and Detainees by ANC members, 20 August 1993    
F3 Amnesty International:    
F3.1 Statements: 1993 - 1994    
  Subjects include: Fear of/Extrajudicial Executions; Death Penalty- fear of resumption of executions; Legal concern/Fear of torture/Possible prisoners of conscience; "Disappearance"/fear for physical safety (in South Africa)    
F3.2 Reports:    
F3.2.1  South Africa - Human rights violations and the security forces - a problem of accountability, 1991/June    
F3.2.2  The 80th International Labour Conference: Amnesty International's concerns relevant to the Committee on Application of Standards and the Committee on Action against Apartheid, 1993/April    
F3.2.3  Peace-Keeping and Human Rights, 1994/January    
F3.2.4  South Africa - Oral statement by Amnesty International to the 49Session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (1993/8February - Summary)    
F3.2.5  South Africa - Policing, human rights and the prospects for free and fair elections - oral statement by Amnesty International to the 50Session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, 1994/4February    
F3.2.6  Summary of previous statement (1994/16 February)    
F3.2.7  South Africa - Hostages to a Righ wing Agenda - human rights violation against Bophuthatswana residents on the eve of the South African elections, 1994/11 March (See also: D1; I2.2)    
F3.2.8  South Africa - Securing the Peace - Issues of justice and accountability in the wake of the Bophuthatswana uprising (1994/29March)    
F4 Anti-Apartheid Movement (United Kingdom):    
F4.1 International Conference: Southern Africa - Making Hope a Reality,1993/14 - 15 June:    
  Declaration and the Conference Secretary's Report29    
F4.2 Publication:    
  Election Monitor: No.1 1993/27 July - No.21, 1994/30 March    
F4.3 Miscellaneous:    
  Britain's contribution to free and fair elections in South Africa: Memorandum presented by Robert Hughes MP to Baroness Chalker,1994/31 January    
F5 Centre for Intergroup Studies:    
  Peace and Security : Outline of project    
F6 Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation:    
  Incomplete annual report(?)    
  Notes : How to deal with trauma cases    
F6a Ecumenical Task Force on Violence: (See also: F16)    
F6a.1 Minutes/Reports:    
F6a.1.1  1992/2 October, Khotso House    
F6a.1.2  1993/10 February    
F6a.1.3  1993/2 April    
F6a.2 Additional Material:    
  Items include: Commonwealth Observer Mission to South Africa (COMSA) Report - 1992/17 December; Draft Proposal - On Train Violence - Meeting the Challenges the Metro Way; A Joint Peacekeeping Unit - Mmutlanyane Stanley Mogoba; Johannesburg Hostel Residents' Peace Initiative - H Mvume Dandala; Report on the Natal Strategic Think Tank Meeting on Violence, 1993/29 - 31January    
F7 entraide et fraternite:    
  Minutes of contacts in South Africa in Jan/Feb 1993    
F8 Independent Board of Inquiry:    
F8.1 Reports: (Topics include: State Institutions; Goldstone Commission; Attacks on Individuals; Violence - areas; Rightwing Activities; National Peace Accord)    
F8.1.1  1991/November    
F8.1.2  1991/December - 1992/January    
F8.1.3  1992/March    
F8.1.4  1992/7 July - August    
F8.1.5  1992/September    
F8.1.6  1992/October    
F8.1.7  1992/November    
F8.1.8  1993/June & July    
F8.1.9  1993/August    
F8.1.10  1993/September    
F8.1.11  1993/October & November    
F8.1.12  1993/December & 1994/January    
F8.2 Publications/Special Reports:    
F8.2.1  Blood on the Tracks : A special report on train attacks    
F8.2.2  Special Report on Bisho : Ciskei Shootings - 1992/7 September    
F8.2.3  Fortresses of Fear (Hostels)    
F9 Independent Electoral Commission (IEC):    
F9.1 Minutes:    
F9. 1.1  Draft minutes of the Meeting of the IEC Division on Accreditation and Logistics and members of the Inter-Sectoral Forum, 1994/10 February, World Trade Centre    
F9.1.2  Notes of meeting between Ashley Green-Thompson (IEC Monitoring Division: Accreditation & Logistics) & EMPSA Transkei Team,EMPSA Eastern Cape & Border Team, Chairperson of Committee, representatives of Eastern Cape NGO's re Setting up a Monitoring Network for the Eastern Cape Province, 1994/21 February    
F9.2 Correspondence: 1994/9 March - 30 April (6 items)    
  Subjects include: observing of issuing of Temporary Voters Cards in Prisons by EMPSA; Notice of a meeting to coordinate activities of international and domestic observers; equipment for voting centres in Transkei    
F9.3 Miscellaneous:    
  Background report (from briefing documents of the IEC,1994/February)    
  Form: Accreditation for International Observer Organisations(EMPSA)    
F10 Independent Forum for Electoral Education (IFEE):    
F10.1 Minutes:    
F10.1.1  National Meeting, 1993/27 January    
F10.1.2  IFEE Plenary Meeting, 1993/6 October    
F10.1.3  IFEE Plenary Meeting, 1994/February (Items include: proposed agenda; various reports; previous minutes)    
F10.1.4  IFEE Plenary Meeting, 1993/6 December (Minutes & Appendices)    
F10.2 Election Monitoring Commission (A project of IFEE) : Minutes:    
F10.2.1  1993/July - November    
F10.2.2 Correspondence/Memoranda/Reports: 1993/5 November - 1994/January    
F10.2.3 Miscellaneous:    
 Items include:    
  The Monitoring Commission - Proposed Operational Guidelines    
  Report - considerations re the structure for IFEE    
  Code of Conduct    
  Application Form : IIiLE Volunteer Observer/Monitor    
  Pre-Election Monitoring Report Form: Political Rallies/Demonstrations/Meetings    
F11 Inkatha:    
F11.1 Speeches/Statements/Memoranda:    
  Public Meeting - Vryheid (1993/27 November): Address by Mangosuthu Buthelezi    
  Joint Statement by Nelson Mandela, President of the ANC and Mangosuthu Buthelezi, Royal Hotel, Durban, 1994/1 March    
F11.1  Complaints to the District Commissioner of the South African Police: J K Kheswa, Okhahlamba Region    
F11.1  Memorandum for presentation to F W de Klerk and the chairman of the IEC, Justice Kriegler from the Inkatha Freedom Party, Harding,Natal South Coast, 1994/16 April    
F12 Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law/Southern Africa Project: Gay.1 McDougall - Director:    
F12.1 Briefing Paper:    
  Amnesty for the South African Government    
F12a National Peace Accord: (See also: 11.10)    
F12a.1 National Peace Secretariat/Committee : Reports/Discussion Paper;    
F12a.L1  Report: 1992/4 November - 1993/30 April    
F12a.1.2  Report of the Working Group of the SADF Code of Conduct Sub- Committee    
F12a.1.3  Guidelines for the role of the NPS structures during the April 1994Elections    
F12a.2 Regional Peace Secretariats/Committee (Wits Vaal/Natal KwaZulu)    
F12a.2.1 Minutes/Correspondence/Press Releases:    
F12a.2.1.1 Wits Vaal Regional Peace Secretariat:    
F12a.  Minutes: 11T Planning Meeting for Imbizo at FNB Stadium, Peace Secretariat Offices, 1993/22 July    
F12a.  Correspondence: (4 items)    
F12a.2.1.2 Natal KwaZulu Regional Peace Committee:    
F12a.  Press Release: Murder of Isaac Shandu & 4 others    
F12a.3 Report/Proposal:    
F12a.3.1  Internal Peace Institutions Act: Base or Grave of the NPA - Dr M John Lamola (Justice & Social Ministries/SACC)    
F12a.3.2  Proposal for a Peace Corps to be implemented as a pilot project in the Wits Vaal Region, 1993/October    
F12a.4 Statements/Declarations:    
F12a.4.1  Statement by the Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa and Vice-Chairman of the National Peace Accord, Rev Dr Stanley Magoba, on the shootings at Wadeville, 9 September1993    
F12a.4.2  Conference Resolution    
F12a.5 Publications:    
F12a.5.1  NPA Booklet    
F12a.5.2  "Accent on Peace", 1993/December (special issue published by SA Communication Service)    
F12a.6 Miscellaneous:    
  Items: Miscellaneous Conference Resolution; March procedures in central Johannesburg; Programme - Peace Music Festival    
F13 Network of Independent Monitors (NIM):    
F13.1 National : Minutes/Reports:    
F13.1.1  NIM National Meeting: 1993/23 - 24 January    
F13.L2  NIM Executive Meeting (NIM): 1993/30 March    
F13.L3  NIM National Council Agenda: 1993/1 - 2 May    
F13.1.4  NIM National Council Agenda: 1993/August    
F13.1.5  Head Office Report: 1993/14 June - 2 August    
F13.L6  NIM Second National Council: 1993/2 - 3 August    
F13.1.7  Minutes of the Meeting between the IEC and NEW 1994/3February    
F13.2 Regional Branches:    
F13.2.1 Cape, Western:    
  Memorandum to National Council re Election Monitoring    
F13.2.2 Natal:    
  Report to National Council: 1993/2 - 3 August    
  Miscellaneous Report    
F13.2.3 Transvaal:    
 Items include:    
  Invitation to the Regional Launch of the Network of Independent Monitors    
  Agenda - Launch of NIM Transvaal    
  Minutes - 1993/13 February    
  Report on activities    
  Summary of the Monitoring Services available in the PWV Area(Transvaal)    
F13.3 Reports/Proposals - General:    
F13.3.1  Analysis of Violence in Ciskei - 1992    
F13.3.2  Proposals for a National Elections Monitoring Structure    
F13.3.3  Proposal to do research into the links between development and conflict    
F13.3.4  NIM Presentation to the Independent Electoral Commission: 1994/3 February    
F13.3.4a  Proposal to the Independent Electorial Commission    
F13.3.5  Relationship with International Observers    
F13.4 Miscellaneous:    
  Items include: Constitution; Application for Accreditation    
F14 Panel of Religious Leaders for Electoral Justice:    
F14.1 Proposal    
F14.2 Minutes: 1993 - 1994    
F14.3 Memorandum/Briefings:    
 Items include:    
  A contribution to discussion on a monitoring programme for elections, 1993/28 July    
  Briefing on the religious Right Wing    
F14.4 Statements/Press Releases    
F14a PEMSA (Swedish Peace Monitoring in South Africa):    
F14a.1  Cooperation agreement between Caritas Sweden (on behalf of Swedish PEMSA, Peace Monitoring in South Africa) and EMPSA, concerning financial, material and personnel capacity support and operative cooperation    
F14a.2  Correspondence: Includes Letters of Introduction    
F14a.3  Newsletter from PEMSA: 1994/26 April    
F15 Practical Ministries:    
F15.1 Agenda/Minutes/Correspondence/Press    
F16 South African Council of Churches: (See also: DL1; D1.2; H8)    
F16a Reports:    
F16a.1  General Secretary's Report to the 25 National Conference, Eskom Conference Centre, Midrand, 1993/5 - 9 July    
F16a.2  Report on Katlehong Violence    
F16.1 Press Statements: 1992 -1993    
F16.2 Publications:    
 *Booklet: Constitution, 1991/June    
  Ecunews: Issue No.1/March 1993 Issue No.7/October 1993    
  Booklet: South Africa - The Transition to Democracy    
F17 World Council of Churches:    
F17.1 Memoranda/Statement: 1991/1993    
F18 Media Monitoring Projects:    
F18.1 Broadcast Monitoring Project:    
F18.1.1 Reports on Radio & Television News:    
F18.1.1.1  1993/7 June - 29 August (14 items)    
F18.1.1.2  1993/31 August - 7 November (12 items)    
F18.1.2 Publication    
  Newsletter : Issue No.1 - 4 (1993/June - October)    
F18.1.3 Miscellaneous:    
  Items include: Invitation to the official launch of the Broadcast Monitoring Project; Questionnaire for 1993 SABC Review; extract from Survey of organisations re television coverage    
F18.2 Campaign for Open Media:    
F18.2.1 Memorandum/Submission to Codesa Working Group 1:    
F18.2.1.1  Memorandum re proposals concerning statutory provisions which restrict the media    
F18.2.1.2  Submission from the "Free, fair and open: South African Media in the transition to democracy" Conference    
F18.2.2 Reports : Background Information    
F18.2.3 Reports on SABC TV News:    
 Items include:    
  Report on SABC TV 1 News Coverage of the Boipatong Crisis,1992/21 June - 29 June    
  Report on SABC TV 1 News Coverage of the Negotiations Crisis,1992/30 June - 5 July    
  Report on SABC TV 1 News Coverage of Mass Action Campaign,1992/27 July - 9 August    
  Report on SABC News Coverage of the Bisho Massacre, 1992/7 -9 September    
F18.3.0 Media Monitoring Project:    
F18.3.1 Interim Report : Election News:    
  Election News Coverage of February and March 1994    
F18.4 Conference : Making Media Work for Southern Africa's Development, Department of Journalism, Rhodes University, Grahamstown:    
F18.4.1 Invitation    
F18.4.2 Programme    
F18.4.3 Conference Papers:    
 Subjects include:    
  Bushwacking the locals: a preliminary assessment of the impact of Rural Television in Natal: the watchdog role of development journalists; the role of community newspapers in promoting development; the South African Media Council in a society in transition; problems encountered by East Cape News Agencies; non-governmental organisations and media for development; towards a southern Africa media network for development information; beyond the print world - reaching into the rural areas of southern Africa through the visual media    
F19 Observer Missions to South Africa: (See also: 13 - 3.1)    
F19.1 Commonwealth Observer Mission to South Africa (COMSA):    
F19.1.1 Background Documents:    
F19.1.1.1  Violence in South Africa: The report of COMSA to South Africa(Phase 1: 1992/October - 1993/January)    
F19.1.1.2  Violence in South Africa (Phase II: 1993/February - May)    
F19.1.1.3  Human Resource Development for a Post-Apartheid South Africa    
F19.1.1.4  Press Release: report on the first phase of the Commonwealth Observer Mission to South Africa    
F19.2 United Nations:    
F19.2.1 General Memoranda/Reports: South Africa:    
 Items include:    
  Memorandum to EMPSA from the Anglican Observer at the UN,Rev Sir Paul Reeves, 1993/19 October    
  Memorandum to UN Needs Assessment Team from Rev Dr Beyers Naude, 1993/19 December    
  Report of the Secretary-General on the Question of South Africa    
  UN Meeting of Representatives of National Institutions and Organisations promoting tolerance and harmony and combating racism and racial discrimination, Sydney, Australia, 1993/19 - 23April: Working session V - International system and the role of legislation: Background Paper prepared by Dumisa Ntsebeza(President: Black Lawyers Association)    
F19.2.2 Commentaries:    
F19.2.2.1  Building the Peace: The Role of the United Nations in El Salvador -David Holiday & William Stanley (Journal of International Affairs, Winter 1992/93)    
F19.2.2.2  In a time beyond warnings: strengthening the United Nations System (Catholic Institute for International Relations)    
F19.2.3 General : Peace Operations:    
  Electoral Assistance activities of UN System    
  Enlarging the UN's humanitarian mandate    
  UN electoral assistance to Haiti    
  Election Supervision: the UN Experience in Namibia and Nicaragua    
  Albania's second multi-party elections, 1992/22 & 29 March    
  United Nations Role in the Demobilization of the Nicaraguan Resistance    
F19.2.4 United Nations Observer Mission in South Africa (UNOMSA):    
F19.2.4.1 Minutes/Reports/Press Statements/Publications:    
 Items include:    
  Minutes of the third meeting called by UNOMSA with representatives of Peace Monitoring/Promotion Organizations and of the IEC, 1994/25 March    
  Report on Ascension Day Service - Roman Catholic Church,Istoseng, Bophuthatswana, 1993/20 May    
  An expanded mandate for the United Nations Observer Mission in South Africa    
  International Observers applaud peaceful marches (held in honour of the late Chris Hani)    
  UNOMSA - Facts and Figures, 1994/15 March    
F19.3  UNOMSA Observing South Africa's first democratic elections United Nations Association (UK):    
 Items include:    
  Memorandum on an Agenda for Peace    
  South Africa Revisited: Malcolm Harper (Director)    
  UNA Briefing No.47 - 48    
F19.4 Other Observer Missions to South Africa;    
F19.4.1  Association of West European Parliamentarians (AWEPA) Observer Mission to South Africa:    
F19.4.1.1 - Report: Last gasps of a dying apartheid regime    
F19.4.2  European Community Observer Mission in South Africa:    
F19.4.2.1 Memorandum on the role of the European Community Observer Mission in South Africa    
F19.4.2.2 Documentation Package: The European Community's Special Programme on South Africa    
F19.5 Contact Lists    
OTHER TOPICS: Background Documents    
G1 The Economy:    
G1.1 Reports, Various:    
G1.1.1  Towards a Code of Investment: A report on the Conference for South Africa's International Economic Relations (compiled by the Communications Department, South African Council of Churches,1992/April    
G1.1.2  The Church and the Environment: Ecumenical Task Force on Economic Matters (Report No.1 SACC)    
G1.1.3  Occasional Papers 27: Economic Prospects after Apartheid - Three    
 Papers by Pieter Le Roux, Ronnie Bethlehem and Alex Erwin(Institute for a Democratic Alternative for South Africa)    
G1.2 Publications:    
G1.2.1  ANC Economics Briefing, 1993/22 January    
G1.2.2  Eltsa Southern Africa, Monitor No 3    
G2 Education/Youth    
G2.1 Reports/Various:    
G2. 1.1  Education and Violence, South Africa: Peter J Jackson (Religious Society of Friends)    
G2.1.2  National Development of South African Youth: Framework for Strategic Planning    
G2.1.3  National Youth Development Conference, Broederstroom, 1993/22- 26 March:    
G2.1.3.1 - Presentation by the National Youth Development Coordination Committee (NYDCC)    
G2.1.3.2 - Synthesis of recommendations made in consultations and through the research conducted for youth development    
G2.1.3.3 Putting youth on the national agenda: Seven reports researched and written for the Joint Enrichment Project by Community Agency for Social Enquiry (CASE)    
G2.1.3.4 -'Growing up tough' - A national survey of South African youth: Designed and analyzed for the Joint Enrichment Project by CASE    
G2.1.4  Case studies of youth development organisation, 1993/March(Project ABEL/Joint Enrichment Project)    
G2.1.5  Education Update: An Interfund briefing on education in South Africa    
G2.2 Pamphlets:    
 Items include:    
G2.2.1  Enterprise Education Initiative - a joint project of CIC, EIC, CRIC;    
G2.2.2  National Youth Development Coordinating Committee    
G3 Election Monitoring and Observing:    
G3.1 Reports/Papers, Various:    
G3. 1.1  International monitoring as a mechanism for conflict resolution in Southern Africa: Douglas G Anglin, Carleton University, Canada(Centre for Foreign Relations, 7th International Conference on Peace and Security in Southern Africa, Arusha, Tanzania, 1992/20 - 24July)    
G3.1.2  Election Monitoring in Africa: Prepared by Larry Garber & Eric Bjornlund, 1992 (National Democratic Institute for International Affairs)    
G3.1.3  Report to EMPSA on key points in the legislative framework for the coming election relating to the role of monitors: Lene Johannessen,1993/16 December    
G3.1.4  Monitoring and the First Democratic Elections in SA: Fax sent to EMPSA by Popo Molefe/Elections Committee (IEC?)    
G3.1.5  Extract from a Goldstone Report (Commission of Inquiry regarding the prevention of public violence and intimidation): 'Monitors and Observers'    
G3.2 Miscellaneous:    
 Items include:    
  List of Participants - Second informal meeting between international observer missions and foreign NGOs    
  Correspondence/Circular generated by Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights under Law (Gay McDougall) - Includes attached list of 38American non-governmental organisations planning to be involved in election monitoring & copies of reporting forms for different aspects of election monitoring; emergency health services plan for foreign NGO observers    
  Miscellaneous handwritten notes taken at a conference/workshop? on election monitoring and observing    
G3.3 Conferences:    
G3.3.1  Election Monitoring and Observing in South Africa: A National Conference, Durban, 1993/14 - 16 May:    
 - Resource Book: Table of Contents/Headings:    
I. Introduction to Election Monitoring(5 items)    
II. Election Monitoring by Domestic Organisation (3 items)    
III. Election Monitoring by Intergovernmental Organisations (3 items)    
IV. Election Monitoring by International Non-Governmental Organisations (2 items)    
V. Guidelines for Effective Election Monitoring (3 items)    
V1. Organisation and Recruitment (9 items)    
VII. Examples of Election Monitoring and Pollwatcher Training Manuals (6 items)    
VIII. Monitoring the Election Campaign (3 items)    
 A: Voter Registration (2 items)    
 B: Monitoring the Media (6 items)    
 C: Violence and Intimidation (6 items)    
IX. Examples of Pre-Election and Election Day Checklists for Monitors (7 items)    
X. Vote Count Verification (6 items)    
XI. Samples of Pre-Election Survey and Post-election Assessment Reports    
 A: Zambia (3 items)    
 B: Ethiopia (5 items)    
 C: Angola (1 item)    
 D: Ghana (1 item)    
 E: Kenya (2 items)    
 F: Cameroon (1 item)    
G3.3.2  National Conference on Election Monitoring & Observing, 1993/8- 10 December:    
 Items include:    
  Draft Programme    
  Planning Committee Minutes, 1993/24 November    
  Questionnaire; Invitation; List of Delegates    
  Background Information - Completed Questionnaires/Various Monitoring Organisations - fact sheet (eg.COSATU - Elections Monitoring Co-ordinating Unit; Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law; Organisation of African Unity; Commonwealth Observer Mission to South Africa/COMSA; EMPSA; United Nations Observer Mission in South Africa; Independent Forum for Electoral Education; Business Forum (BF); Commission of the European Communities (CEC); IDASA; Peace Action; South African Catholic Bishops Conference (SACBC); YWCA; Panel of Religious Leaders for Electoral Justice; ANC - National Monitoring Coordinating Unit; Association of European Parliamentarians for Southern Africa/AWEPA; Federal Council of African Indigenous Churches; Institute for Multi-party Democracy - Launching Democracy Project    
  Conference Booklet/Package:    
 - Section A: Programme and Information sheets for Delegates and Observers    
 - Section B: Draft Minutes/1993, 8 - 9 December    
 - Section C: Speakers' Addresses to the Conference:- Speakers include: Sheena Duncan; Rev Mkhatshwa; MValli Moosa; Angela King; G McDougall; Ivan Lloyd    
  Notes taken by Maggie Paterson at the Conference    
  Circular: Update on developments following the Conference    
  Draft Minutes of the meeting of the sub-committee on election monitoring of the IEC and the interim Committee of the National Conference on Election Monitoring and Observing, 1994/5 January, World Trade Centre    
G4 Elections: SA/Other.    
G4.1 South Africa:    
G4. 1.1 Reports/Papers:    
G4.1.1.1  An Electoral System for the new South Africa: Bertus de Villiers(Centre for Constitutional Analysis/Human Sciences Research Council)    
G4.1.1.2  Prospects for a free, democratic election: inhibiting and facilitating factors in voting intention: Chris de Kock, Cosmas Mareka, Nic Rhoodie and Carl Schutte (Socio-political Monitoring and Analysis Group: Social Dynamics/Human Sciences Research Council,1993    
G4.1.1.3  Voting for Peace - An independent assessment of the prospects for free and fair elections in South Africa by the International Commission of Jurists    
G4.1.1.4  The Road to Democracy: Democratic elections in South Africa - A Christian Perspective (Discussion Paper - Institute for Contextual Theology/ICT)    
G4.1.1.5  The Prospects for Democracy in Southern Africa - A Report on the Proceedings of the Mt.Etjo Conference on Democratic Transitions,1992/15 - 21 January (National Democratic Institute for International Affairs)    
G4.1.2 Statement:    
  Statement of the Elections Commission (ANC) to the International Solidarity Conference    
G4.2 Other Countries:    
G4.2.1 Reports/Papers:    
G4.2.1.1 Cambodia:    
  Background Paper on the runup to elections (1993)    
G4.2.1.2 Canada: (See Poster Cabinet, Room 70)    
 *'Canada at the Polls': Election Simulation Kit    
G4.2.1.3 Ghana:    
  The Presidential Election in Ghana: 1992/3 November - Report of the Commonwealth Observer Group    
G4.2.1.4 Guyana:    
  The General and Regional Elections in Guyana: 1992/5 October -Report of the Commonwealth Observer Group    
G4.2.1.5 Kenya:    
  The Presidential, Parliamentary and Civic Elections in Kenya:1992/29 December (Report of the Commonwealth Observer Group)    
G4.2.1.6 Lesotho:    
G4.  Report on Lesotho Election Observation    
G4.  Statement by International Observers    
G4.2.1.7 Namibia:    
G4.  The Namibia Voter Education Project, 1992/15 October - 15December (the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs in cooperation with the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation)    
G4.  Preparing for a Free Namibia: Elections, Transition and Independence: Report of the Commonwealth Observer Group on Namibia    
G4.2.1.8 Nicaragua:    
G4.  Observation of the Electoral Process, Nicaragua 1989 - 1990: OAS Observers' Guide    
G4.  Press Cutting: Lessons of loosing power: the case of Nicaragua(SALB: Vol.15 No.6)    
G4.2.1.9 Philippines:    
G4.  The Changing Face of Philippine Politics    
G4.  The Politics of Popular Democracy: Edicio De La Torre    
G4.  Political Economy of Popular Democracy: Horacio R Morales, Jr    
G4.  Pamphlets: 10 Commandments for Voters: Movement of New Politics; Notes on the current situation: Institute for Popular Democracy    
G4.2.1.10 Seychelles;    
G4.  Elections to the Constitutional Commission in Seychelles:1992/23 - 26 July - Report of the Commonwealth Observer Group    
G4.  Referendum on the Draft Constitution in Seychelles: 1992/12 - 15November - Report of the Commonwealth Observer Group    
G4.2.1.11 Uganda:    
  Uganda Elections: 1980/December - Report of the Commonwealth Observer Group    
G4.2.1.12 Yugoslavia:    
  Report of the CSCE Elections Mission to Yugoslavia(Serbia/Montenegro): CSCE ODIHR Bulletin, Vol.1 No.1    
G5 Elections: General:    
G5.1 Background Documents:    
G5. 1.1  Evaluating elections: Basic principles and issues and selected case studies: South African Elections Studies Project, 1994/8 March(National Democratic Institute for Interactional Affairs)    
G5.1.2  Electoral Systems: A critical survey - Kader Asmal (Occasional    
G5.1.3 Paper: Centre for Development Studies, UWC) An International and Independent Institute for Electoral Assistance? - A Feasibility Study: Position Paper of the Independent Electoral Institute Commission as of 2 November 1992    
G5.2 Conference/Seminar:    
G5.2.1  Conference on "Competing in Democratic Elections" (Training Seminar), Johannesburg, 1992/2 - 4 April: Convened by Matla Trust:    
  Table of Contents:    
 I. Organisation Development/Management    
G5.2.1 II. Campaign Planning/Budgeting    
 Ill. Communications/Public Relations    
 IV. Voter Contact/Turnout    
 V. Financial Management/Fundraising    
 VI. Research/Message Development    
G5.2.2  Seminar on Electoral Justice, Johannesburg, 1992/10 - 12 May:    
G5.2.2.1 - Background Documents - Includes papers on the Namibian/Angolan/Nicaraguan experience of holding democratic elections    
 Negotiations (See Transition/Negotiations)    
G7 Peacekeeping Force, Proposals for a South African:    
G7.1 Reports:    
G7. 1.1  Interim measures relating to the control of armed forces: prepared by Jakkie Cilliers & Paul-Bolko Mertz (Submission to Codes Working Groups 1 & 3 by The Institute for Defence Politics)    
G7.1.2  Demobilisation, Integration and the Sub-Council on Defence: Dr Jakkie Cilliers (Co-director, Institute for Defence Policy) [Submission to the Technical Committee on Violence and the Technical Committee on the 'IEC]    
G7.1.3  Peacekeeping Force for South Africa - Is it practicable?: Jakkie Cilliers    
G7.1.4  Proposal for a Peace Corps to be implemented as a pilot project in the Wits Vaal Region, 1993/October    
G8 Policing:    
G8.1 Reports/Papers:    
G8.1.1  ANC Discussion Document: Policing in the New South Africa    
G8.1.2  The role of the South African Police in a changing South Africa(SAP Document)    
G8.1.3  The movement towards community supported policing in South Africa: Submission by the SAP to the Second Session of the United Nations Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, Vienna, 1993/13 - 23 April    
G8.1.4  Community Safety and Community Policing: Bottom-up and Top- down Accountability Initiatives: Seminar No. 6, 1993 - Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation    
G8.15  Controlling the South African Police: A Transitional Proposal: Clifford D Shearing, Community Law Centre, UWC    
G8.1.6  The South African Police and the transition to democracy    
G8.2 Miscellaneous items:    
  Items include: History and Development of Policing in South Africa; Service Questionnaire; Pamphlet - Your rights and the police under the peace accord (NADEL)    
G9 Policies/Proposals:    
G9.1 ANC - Various Documents:    
 Items include:    
  Reports of the Commission of the ANC Constitution, ANC National Conference, Durban, 1991/July    
  Declaration of the 48th National Conference of the ANC, 1991/July    
  ANC Policy Guidelines for a Democratic South Africa as adopted at National Conference, 1992/28 - 31 May    
  Electoral Systems - A critical survey: Kader Asmal (In-house seminar on constitutional guidelines, ANC, Lusaka, 1988/1 - 4March)    
  ANC Negotiations - A Strategic Perspective    
  ANC Press Statement on the Constitutional Proposals of the Nationalist Party, 1991/September    
  Statement of the NEC on the occasion of the 81 Anniversary of the ANC, 1993/8 January    
 - ANC Regional Policy (Draft Discussion Document)    
 - Ready to Govern (ANC Policy guidelines for a democratic South Africa adopted at the National Conference, 1992/28 - 31 May    
 - ANC Draft Bill of Rights (Preliminary Version, 1993/February)    
G9.2 National Party (NP) : Paper    
  National Party for a future South Africa    
G10 Transition/Negotiations:    
G10.1 Reports/Papers, Various:    
G10.1.1  The Shapers of Things to Come? National Party Choices in the South African Transition    
G10.1.2  Negotiations for a New South Africa - Problems, Participants, Policies: Trevor B Jepson    
G10.1.3  Reports and recommendations from the negotiating council to the negotaitiating forum, World Trade Centre, 1993/2 July    
G10.2 Miscellaneous:    
  Items include: ACP-ECC Joint Assembly, Gaberone, Botswana,1993/1 April - resolution on South Africa; CODESA Scenario; Negotiating Forum, Meeting on 1 April 1993 - resolution on violence; Transitional Executive Council - resolution; Agreement on finance, services and service rendering; Booklet - South Africa- the Transition to Democracy/SACC    
G11 Violence:    
G11.1 Reports, Various:    
G11.1.1  Overview of Violence and the National Peace Accord: Laurie    
 Nathan, Centre for Intergroup Studies    
G11.1.2  Behind the violence in South Africa: A Christian View - Thomas    
 Cochrane (Methodist Church of South Africa/Christian Citizenship Department)    
G11.1.3  Violence in the Vaal: Report by a Dutch Violence Observation    
 Mission to the Vaal Triangle in South Africa    
G11.1.4  Politics of Hope and Terror: South Africa in Transition - Report on    
 Violence in South Africa by an American Friends Service Committee Study Team, 1992/November    
G11.1.5  South Africa: The on-going violence - Brother Jude Pieterse    
G11.1.6  Political Violence in Perspective: submission by the SAIRR to the    
 Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Johannesburg, 1992/30 July    
G11.1.7  Violence in South Africa during the first four months of 1991: A comment from the Institute of Criminology, 1991/2 May    
G11.1.8  The Reef Violence: the election endgame: Community Agency for Social Enquiry (CASE)    
G11.1.9  Hostel violence in Soweto: Material prepared by CASE for the Goldstone Enquiry    
G11.1.10  A Map of Political Violence in Contemporary South Africa: Dr Jacklyn Cock - Occasional Papers No. 17 - Institute for a Democratic Alternative for South Africa (IDASA)    
G11.1.12  Agenda for Peace: An independent survey of the violence in South Africa by the International Commission of Jurists    
G11.1.13  The Churches and Violence in South Africa: Rev Brian Brown(Christian Concern for Southern Africa - Occasional Paper, No.1,1993)    
G11.1.14  A pastoral letter on violence from Ministers United for Christian Co- Responsibility to the People of Soweto    
G11.2 Statistics (Press Cuttings)    
G12 Miscellaneous Topics, Papers:    
G12.1  Memorandum re systematic stripping of legislative prohibitions against, and penalties for, the possession of dangerous weapons: David Pitman for Lawyers for Human Rights    
G12.2  South Africa: From Apartheid to Democracy: Abdul S Minty    
G12.3  The effects of sanctions on formal sector employment in South Africa: Carolyn Jenkins, 1993/March (Institute of Development Studies: Discussion Paper)    
H1 Centre for Intergroup Studies:    
 *Track Two: Vol.1, No.2 1992/August    
H2 Christian Fellowship Trust:    
  News: Issue 6, 1994/January    
H3 Gun Free South Africa Campaign:    
H4 Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC):    
H4.1  In Focus: Vol.2, No.6, 1993/July - August    
H4.2 *In Focus: Vol.2, No.9, 1994/February -March    
H4.3  Prodder (Programme for Development Research) Newsletter: Vol 6,No.1 1994/March    
H5 Natal Forum on Education for Democracy:    
 *Bulletin: 1994/February -April (8 items)    
H6 Pietermaritzburg Agency for Social Awareness (PACSA):    
H6.1  Information Sheet: 1994/March    
H6.2  Newsletter, No.53    
H7 South African Catholic Bishops Conference (SACBC):    
H7.1  Summary of SACBC Pastoral Letter, 1993    
H7.2  Justice & Peace News, 1993/August & November (2 items)    
H8 South African Council of Churches (SACC)/World Council of Churches (WCC): (See also: D1.1; D1.2; F16)    
H8.1  South Africa: The transition to democracy (SACC)    
H8.2  Eculink: The Western Province Council of Churches Newsletter,Vol.3 No.2 1993/February    
H8.3  Towards an Ecumenical Agenda for a Changing South Africa (A Cape Town Statement and Plan of Action Proposals), Cape Town,1991/21 - 24 October: An Ecumenical Consultation of member church representatives of the WCC and the SACC and other christian bodies    
H8.4  The dynamics of the ecumenical scene in South Africa    
I1 Subjects:    
I1.1 Comments/Political:    
I1.1.1  1993/July - 1994/March    
I1.1.2 Political Transition:    
  Various articles    
I1.2 Economy:    
I1.2.1 General;    
I1.2.1.1  1993/July - December    
I1.2.1.2  1994/January    
I1.2.1.3  1994/February    
I1.2.1.4  1994/March    
I1.2.2 Land:    
I1.2.2.1  1993/July - 1994/March    
I1.3 Education:    
I1.3.1  1993/94    
I1.4 Elections:    
I1.4.1 Comments:    
I1.4.1.1  1993/December - 1994/April    
I1.4.2 Campaigning:    
I1.4.2.1  1993/August - 1994/March    
I1.4.3 Polls/Survey:    
I1.4.3.1  1993/November - 1994/March    
I1.5 Goldstone Commission:    
I1.5.1  1992 - 1994    
I1.6 Media:    
I1.6.1 1993 - 1994/March    
I1.7 Negotiations:    
I1.7.1 General:    
I1.7.1.1  1993    
I1.7.2 News:    
I1.7.2.1  1992/November - 1993/June    
I1.7.2.2  1993/July - December    
I1.7.2.3  1994/January - April    
I1.7.3 Local Government:    
I1.7.3.1  1993/July - August; December    
I1.7.4 Regions:    
I1.7.4.1  1993/July; December    
I1.7.5 Parties: (See also: News)    
I1.7.5.1  1993/January; June - September    
I1.8 Transitional Executive Council (TEC):    
I1.8.1  1993/December - 1994/February    
I1.9 Townships (Services etc.):    
I1.9.1  1993    
I1.10 National Peace Accord (NPA): (See also: F12a)    
I1.10.1 General:    
I1.10.1.1  1992/December - 1994    
I1.10.2 "War Talk":    
I1.10.2.1  1992/September - 1993/September    
I1.11 Security Forces:    
I1.11.1 General:    
I1.11.1.1  1993/January; July - December    
I1.11.1.2  1994/January - March    
I1.11.2 Peace Keeping Force:    
I1.11.2.1  1993/1994    
I1.11.3 Others - MK?apla etc.:    
I1.11.3.1  1993/June - September    
I1.12 Violence:    
I1.12.1 General:    
  1993 - 1994/February    
I1.12.2 PWV:    
I1.12.2.1  1993/June - July; 1994/March    
I1.12.3 East Rand:    
I1.12.3.1  1993/July - 1994/March    
I2 Regions:    
I2.1 Bophuthatswana: (See also: D1; F3.2.7)(Events include Mangope's deposition; AWB 'invasion'; riots etc.)    
  1994/February - March    
I2.2 Cape, Eastern: Border/Ciskei (Background): (See also: D2)    
I2.3 KwaZulu/Natal (Background):     
I2.3.1 (See also: D3) 1991/1992    
I2.3.2  1993/February - May    
I2.3.3  1993/June    
I2.3.4  1993/July    
I2.3.5  1993/August - September    
I2.3.6  1994/January; March    
I3 Other/Various:    
I3.1 Observer Missions to South Africa: United Nations, Commonwealth etc. (See also: F19)    
I3.2 Chris Hani: Assassination & Funeral: (See also: E3)    
I3.2.1  1993/April    
I3.3 EMPSA:    
I3.3.1 Reference to EMPSA Monitors/Leaders in Press:    
  1993/April - 1994/April    
I3.3.2 Articles written by EMPSA Monitors: local and international press    
I3.4 Press Cuttings - Collected by: Cora Richardson; Garth Legge(1993/16 April - 28 May)     
I3.5 Voter Education (Pull Out Supplements)     
I3.6 Kairos Workgroup (items collected for benefit of Dutch participants in EMPSA programme):    
I3.6.1 (1) Subjects include: TEC; Electoral Bill; Political Parties;    
 problems associated with the organisation of the electoral process    
I3.6.2 (2) Subjects: (Political) Violence    
I3.6.3 (3) Subjects: Role of Monitors    
I3.6.4 (4) Subjects: EMPSA