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Inventory for AG1977 
Collection Index:END CONSCRIPTION CAMPAIGN (ECC) 1983-1988
Collection Name:END CONSCRIPTION CAMPAIGN (ECC) 1983-1988
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 Copyright 2014, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
 123 Boxes   
 NOTE: This collection has been digitised in part up to item B9, and continuation is envisaged in the near future.   
 The quality of some original documents could not be enhanced through digitisation, particularly documents on faded fax and copy paper.   
A1 Constitution, Structure and History   
A2 Minutes of National Committee Meetings   
A3 Conferences   
A4 Correspondence   
A5 Memoranda and Papers   
A6 National Employees   
A7 Campaigns   
A8 Reports   
A9 Internal circulars   
A10 Finance and Fundraising   
A11 Dealings with Overseas Organisations   
A12 Evidence submitted to United Nations   
A13 Visits/Tours Overseas   
A14 Complaints by ECC to Media Council   
A15 ECC Festivals   
A16 Press Statements and Releases   
A17 Legal matters / Opinions   
A18 Proposals   
A19 Education Sub-Group   
A20 Membership of ECC and lists of Conscientious Objectors   
A21 Dealings with Schools   
A22 Harassment, Detentions and ECC Security   
A23 Workshops   
A24 Churches and Church Groups (See also I4)   
A25 Statements and Messages of Support for ECC   
A26 National Campus ECC   
A27 Banning of ECC (1988)   
A28 Surveys   
A29 National Community Service Group   
A30 Military Research Group   
A31 Natal Violence ECC Fieldworkers report   
A32 Training for Transformation   
A33 Conscription Advice Service   
A34 Training for Transformation   
A35 The end of ECC - Transition and Post-Apartheid   
B1 Johannesburg   
B2 Pretoria   
B3 Bloemfontein   
B4 East London   
B5 Port Elizabeth   
B6 Grahamstown   
B7 Eastern Cape Regional Co-ordination Forum   
B8 Cape Town   
B9 Stellenbosch   
B10 Durban   
B11 Pietermaritzburg   
B12 Reports on Regional Activities   
C1 Aida Parker Newsletter   
C2 End the ECC   
C3 Frontline Fellowship   
C4 National Student Federation   
C5 Veterans for Victory   
C6 Women for South Africa   
C7 Miscellaneous   
E1 Conscientious Objection (See also I3)   
E2 Namibia   
E3 President's Council Report on Youth of South Africa   
E4 Joint Management Committees   
E5 Angola   
E6 Negotiation   
E7 Mozambique   
E8 Local Government   
E9 Women   
E10 Nuclear Power in South Africa   
E11 Defence Amendment Bill   
E12 Questionnaire on attitudes in the business community   
E13 Foreign Nationals in the SADF   
E14 Cartoons, illustrations   
E15 Quaker Peace and Service   
E16 Parliament   
E17 Practical advice for conscripts   
F1 Defence Bills   
F2 Affidavits re SADF Action   
F3 Meeting between ECC and SADF   
F4 Miscellaneous   
G1 Louise Carol Vale and others   
G2 Krugersdorp Residents' Organisation and others   
H1 National Union of South African Students   
H2 United Democratic Front   
H3 Civil Rights League   
H4 National Education Crisis Committee   
H5 Environmental and Development Agency   
H6 Black Sash   
H7 Progressive Federal Party   
H8 Institute for a Democratic Alternative for South Africa   
H9 Conscientious Objectors Support Group   
H10 Detainees' Parents' Support Committee   
H11 Five Freedoms Forum   
H12 Johannesburg Democratic Action Committee   
H13 Miscellaneous   
I1 ECC   
I2 SADF and SAP Actions   
I3 Conscientious Objection   
I4 The Church Response to Conscription Issue   
I5 School, Education, Youth   
I6 Detentions   
I7 Press Restrictions   
I8 Political Unrest   
I9 Militarisation of Society   
I10 Arms   
I11 Culture   
I12 Other Organisations   
I13 South African Press Clips   
I14 Homelands   
I15-40 Miscellaneous topics   
M1 ECC Publications   
M2 Publications Not ECC   
NATIONAL 1983 - 1992   
A1 Constitution, Structure and History of the ECC 1f.   
A1.1 Historical And Literacy Papers: Inventories of Collections 1983 - 1988 (old inventory)   
A1.2 Documents relating to the End Conscription Campaign   
A1.3 Other   
A2 National Committee 1984-1992 7f.   
A2.1 Minutes of Meetings 1984 - 1992 .   
A2.1.1 1984 - 1985 1f   
A2.1.1.1 Minutes   
A2.1.1.2 Reports   
A2.1.1.3 Agendas   
A2.1.1.4 ECC Assessment   
A2.1.2 ECC Committee Minutes 1986   
A2.1.3 ECC Committee Minutes 1987   
A2.1.3.1 Agendas   
A2.1.3.2 National Conference   
A2.1.3.3 ECC The Future   
A2.1.3.4 Tasks   
A2.1.3.5 Reports   
A2.1.4 ECC National Committee 1988   
A2.1.4.1 Agendas   
A2.1.4.2 Minutes   
A2.1.4.3 Reports   
A2.1.5 National Committee Meeting 1990   
A2.1.5.1 ECC National Committee Agenda   
A2.1.5.2 Paper Article   
A2.1.5.3 Minutes   
A2.1.5.4 Other   
A2.1.6 National Committee Meeting 1991   
A2.1.6.1 Towards a civilian-based National defence policy for post-apartheid South Africa   
A2.1.6.2 Minutes   
A2.1.6.3 Proposal for publication   
A2.1.6.4 Newspaper clips   
A2.1.6.5 National Committee meeting August 1991   
A2.1.7 National Committee meeting 1992   
A2.1.7.1 National Committee meeting 22-23 February 1992   
A2.1.7.2 National Telephone Conference 27 April 1992   
A2.1.7.3 National Committee meeting 28 November 1992   
A2.1.7.4 National Committee meeting 28-29 November 1992   
A2.1.7.5 National Committee meeting 17 December 1991   
A2.1.7.6 Report   
A2.1.7.7 Program and draft agenda   
A2.2 National Committee Reports and Discussion   
A2.2.1 Proposed National Agenda   
A2.2.2 NC proposal for a national campaign around the February call up   
A2.2.3 ECC National Committee Discussion   
A2.2.4 Issues   
A2.2.5 Reports   
A2.2.6 Issues from national committee   
A3 Conferences 1983-1992   
A3.1 National Conferences 1983-1992 8f.   
A3.1.1 1983 , 1984 and 1985 1f.   
A3.1.1.1 Conscription and Conscience: The report of the 4th national conference on conscientious objection   
A3.1.1.2 Plenary: National issues and Campaigns   
A3.1.1.3 1st National Conference Botha's Hill, 25 - 27 January 1985   
A3.1.1.4 Conference: Agenda   
A3.1.1.5 ECC National Discussion: Phoenix Settlement, Durban 1-12-1984   
A3.1.1.6 Cape Town ECC Report - January 1985   
A3.1.1.7 Minutes   
A3.1.2 1986 1f.   
A3.1.2.1 ECC Cape Town Branch: Annual Assessment in Preparation For the National Conference of January 1986   
A3.1.2.2 Report to National Conference   
A3.1.2.3 Minutes of National Conference 9 -12 May 1991   
A3.1.2.4 ECC Cape Town Branch: Reports   
A3.1.2.5 National Organizer's Report to National conference January 1986   
A3.1.2.6 End Conscription Campaign Port Elizabeth: Annual Assessment for January 1986 Conference   
A3.1.2.7 Provisional Agenda For January National Conference   
A3.1.3 1987 1f.   
A3.1.3.1 Report on ECCs National Structures and Employers   
A3.1.3.2 National Conference JHB Tasks   
A3.1.3.3 ECC 1986 Conference Agenda   
A3.1.3.4 Revised National Conference Agenda   
A3.1.3.5 Minutes of the End Conscription Campaign's Third National Conference   
A3.1.3.6 Proposal for a National Conference Agenda   
A3.1.4 1988 1f.   
A3.1.4.1 National Conference Agenda February 1988   
A3.1.4.2 Proposed National Conference Agenda   
A3.1.4.3 Proposal for a National Conference Agenda   
A3.1.4.4 Security Instructions for travel to national conference   
A3.1.4.5 Agenda proposal   
A3.1.4.6 Minutes of National Anti-Conscription Consultative Conference   
A3.1.5 (Undated) agenda only)   
A3.1.6 1990 1f   
A3.1.6.1 Building The Future Not Fighting It   
A3.1.6.2 Building The Future Not Fighting It: Agenda   
A3.1.6.3 Wits Campus Report   
A3.1.6.4 East London End Conscription Report   
A3.1.6.5 Durban Branch Of The End Conscription Campaign Report   
A3.1.6.6 correspondence   
A3.1.6.7 ECC National Conference Delegates List: May 1990   
A3.1.6.8 National Contact Addresses And Phone Numbers   
A3.1.6.9 Other   
A3.1.7 1991 1f   
A3.1.7.1 Minutes of National Conference 9 -12 May 1991   
A3.1.7.2 ECC's Draft Policy On Conscription In A Post Apartheid South Africa   
A3.1.7.3 ECC National Conference Delegates List: May 1991   
A3.1.7.4 Summary of Decisions   
A3.1.7.5 ECC Workshop   
A3.1.7.6 Update on South African War Resistance Issues   
A3.1.7.7 correspondence   
A3.1.7.8 Other   
A3.1.8 1992 1f (Combined conference with COSG and CAS)   
A3.1.8.1 Summary of Decisions Reached at the ECC, COSG, CAS Combined Conference   
A3.1.8.2 Minutes   
A3.1.8.3 ECC Policy Update   
 Miscellaneous conferences   
A3.2 Conference on Militarization in South Africa 1f.   
A3.3 International Feminism and Non-Violence Conference 1987 1f.   
A3.3.1 Articles   
A3.3.2 Statements from the conference   
A3.3.3 Report to Executive meeting in London   
A3.3.4 correspondence   
A3.3.5 Glencree News August 1986   
A3.3.6 Glencree Centre For Reconciliation: The First Ten Years   
A3.3.7 Various   
A3.4 Symposium on Conscientious Objection, Strasbourg. October 1984   
A3.5 Report of the 5th National Conference of COSGs July 1984   
A3.6 CAS Counselling workshop 1988   
A3.7 Anti-conscription consultative conference 1989   
A3.7.1 Minutes   
A3.7.2 Consultation About Anti-Conscription Work   
A3.7.3 Anti-Militarisation   
A3.7.4 Paper for Discussion by Regional Workshops   
A3.7.5 Memorandum to ECC Branches   
A3.7.6 Objector Update   
A3.7.7 Release Objector Campaign   
A3.7.8 Correspondence (last page cut off on left side)   
A3.7.9 Other   
A3.8 Anti-militarisation workshop and consultation 1989   
A3.9 Conference on the future of security and defence in SA 1990   
A3.9.1 ECC Draft Policy Guideline With Amendments   
A3.9.2 Military Conscription In South Africa: The Past, The Present And The Future   
A3.9.3 From Partisanship To Neutrality? Changing Perspectives On The Role Of The South African Security Forces During Transition (document pages are not numbered)   
A3.9.4 The Conduct of the South African Security Forces, Police, Military and Para-Military Operations inside South Africa   
A3.9.5 External Aggression And Destabilisation: The Record of The SADF. ANC Background Paper   
A3.9.6 Articles   
A3.9.7 The Future Of Security And Defence In South Africa 1990 Lusaka   
A3.9.8 Other   
A3.10 Report of the COSAWR Consultative Conference on War Resistance London 1990   
A3.10.1 Report Of The COSAWR Consultative Conference On War Resistance London 10 March 1990   
A3.10.2 COSAWR Draft Position For ECC Conference   
A3.10.3 Consultative Conference   
A3.10.4 Future of COSAWR/ Resister   
A3.10.5 correspondence   
A3.11 Minutes and documents relating to various conferences 1990-1992   
A3.11.1 Misc ECC Conference   
A3.11.1.1 Minutes   
A3.11.1.2 Langsyde Catholic Mission: COSG Conference September 1990   
A3.11.1.3 Summary of the decisions August 1992   
A3.11.1.4 correspondence   
A3.11.2 Civil-Military Relations In A Post -Settlement South Africa   
A3.11.3 Changing Dynamics: Military-Strategic Issues For A Future South Africa   
A3.11.4 Summit On Government Corruption And Murder 1992   
A3.11.4.1 Coalition Against State Murder And Corruption 1992   
A3.11.4.2 African National Congress Briefing Document To Summit On Corruption And Murder 1992   
A3.11.4.3 Focus On State Assassinations And Murder   
A3.11.4.4 correspondence   
A3.11.4.5 Other   
A3.11.5 ECC Patriotic Conference 1993   
A3.11.5.1 Welcome Address by Maj. Gen. B Holomisa Of Transkei   
A3.11.5.2 Keynote Address By Nelson Mandela   
A3.11.5.3 A Patriotic Call From The Second Patriotic Front Conference   
A3.11.5.4 List Of Organizations And Observers At The Patriotic Front   
A3.11.5.6 Report: The First national Workshop On Monitoring And Research Into Political Violence   
A4 Correspondence 1985-1992 7f (See also: Circulars A9)   
A4.1 1974-1987 3f.   
 Correspondents include: UCT SRC, Laurie Nathan, F van Zyl Slabbert, SACC and NF of Students.   
 Subjects include: National Festival, Troops out of the Townships   
 Campaign, Geldenhuys Commission, detentions of Durban ECC members and overseas tour.   
 Also: Letters of complaint to editors re their treatment of the ECC, as well as letters sent to magazines/newspapers for publication.   
A4.1.1.1 National: 1974   
A4.1.1.2 National: 1979   
A4.1.1.3 National: 1980   
A4.1.1.4 National: 1981   
A4.1.1.5 National: 1982   
A4.1.1.6 National: 1983   
A4.1.1.7 National: 1984   
A4.1.1.8 National: 1985   
A4.1.1.9 National: 1987   
A4.1.2. Regional 1985   
A4.1.3 Letters to magazines and newspapers 1985   
A4.2 1986 2f.   
A4.2.1 February - April 1f.   
 Correspondents include: David Shandler, L. Nathan, M. Blatchford and the Black Sash.   
 Subjects include: Working for a Just Peace Campaign; overseas tour; and military research group.   
A4.2.2 May-December 1f.   
 Correspondents include: Gavin Evans, L. Nathan, D. Shandler, Karen Thorne, Richard Steele and Beyers Naude   
 Subjects include: Alternative service; Breyten Breytenbach; Philip Wilkinson; Pretoria ECC; Delmas Treason Trial; attacks on ECC; conscription.   
A4.3 1987 1f.   
 Includes: Draft letter to SAP re 1987 ECC Diary; internal newsletters; Adele Kirsten's article for Cosmopolitan.   
A4.3.1 January   
A4.3.2 February   
A4.3.3 March   
A4.3.4 April   
A4.3.5 April, correspondence relating to article written in The Cosmopolitan magazine.   
A4.3.6 May   
A4.3.7 June   
A4.3.8 July   
A4.3.9 August   
A4.3.10 September   
A4.3.11 October   
A4.3.12 November   
A4.3.13 Undated   
A4.4 ECC correspondence 1988   
A4.4.1 January and February   
A4.4.2 March and April   
A4.4.3 May and July   
A4.4.4 July-December and undated   
A4.5 ECC correspondence 1989   
A4.5.1 January - April   
A4.5.2 June - July (document pages not numbered)   
A4.5.3 August - September   
A4.5.4 October   
A4.5.5 November   
A4.5.6 December and undated   
A4.6 ECC Correspondence 1990   
A4.6.1 January   
A4.6.2 February   
A4.6.3 March   
A4.6.4 April   
A4.6.5 May   
A4.6.6 June   
A4.6.7 July   
A4.6.8 August   
A4.6.9 September   
A4.6.10 October and December   
A4.6.11 No dat3   
A4.7 ECC correspondence 1991   
A4.7.1 January   
A4.7.2 February & March   
A4.7.3 April   
A4.7.4 June   
A4.7.5 August   
A4.7.6 September   
A4.7.7 October   
A4.7.8 November   
A4.7.9 December and undated   
A4.8 ECC correspondence with organisations 1992   
A4.8.1 January   
A4.8.2 February   
A4.8.3 March   
A4.8.4 April   
A4.8.5 May   
A4.8.6 June   
A4.8.7 July   
A4.8.8 August   
A4.9 National correspondence, undated   
A4.10 Misc pamphlets and correspondence.   
A5 Memoranda, Papers, Articles, Theses 1985-1988 1f.   
A5.1 Everything you ever wanted to know about the New Focus on Conscription but   
A5.2 Campaign for the Call to End Conscription Undated   
A5.3 Memorandum re The History of the War Resistance Movement in South Africa, 1983, 34p   
A5.3a Two handwritten accounts   
A5.4 Memorandum re ECC, prepared for the Black Sash   
A5.5 "Working for Peace" Memorandum by L. Nathan on Compulsory Conscription and Troops in the Townships   
A5.6 Memorandum re ECC 1985   
A5.7 "A Buffer in a China Shop" - re role of SADF by D. Shandler   
A5.8 Speech by D. Shandler, St. Georges Cathedral Hall 3 Sep 1985   
A5.9 Conscription - The Real Debates Ts. 9p   
A5.10 Memorandum re ECC Newsletter 20 Apr 1985   
A5.11 Memorandum re Structure and History of Military Political Power in South Africa. Presented by Cape Town ECC Military Research Group   
A5.12 ECC's Relationship to the White and Black Communities   
A5.13 Questions and Possible Answers about ECC. Undated   
A5.14 Talk to PMB AGM re Angola   
A5.15 Conditions of Community Service rendered by Religious Objectors, by Peter Kantor. 12 Dec 1985   
A5.16 Resistance to the Military 1988   
A5.17 The State of the South African War Resistance Movement 1983-1988   
A5.18 The ECC and Municipal Elections 1988   
A5.19 Voting with Their Feet: White Students, Conscription and the Brain Drain at Rhodes University by J. Bernstein and F. Adams. 1988   
A5.20 "Kleilat Gooi Saam Met die Bruin Seuns": The Politics and Economics of the Armaments Industry in South Africa by G. Simpson   
A5.21 Beyond the Barracks: Reflections on the Role of the SADF in the Region by Andre Du Pisani, Feb 1988   
A5.22 Paper by Gary Cullen concerning the ECC's relationship to the municipal elections.   
A5.23 Paper: Support for Alternative Service   
A5.24 An Exploratory Phenomenological Study of Conscript's Attitudes Towards, and Perceptions of, the SADF. Psychology Honours Paper by Karl Bergh.   
A5.25 Organisation, Structures and Ranks of the SADF, Feb 1988   
A5.26 Structure and History of Military-Political Power in South Africa, May 1986   
A5.27 Paper: Militarisation - Preparing our Country for War by Margaret Nash, 1987   
A5.28 Militarisation and Conscription   
A5.29 The Steel Crocodile. An analysis of the role of the military establishment in the South African social formation with particular reference to Paratus by T. Moll. 1981.   
A5.30 The History of the Cape Corps in Brief   
A5.31 A Black Foreign Legion in South Africa? by Kenneth Grundy. 1981   
A5.32 Security. Extract from Race Relations Survey 1986   
A5.33 Reform, Security and White Power: Re-Thinking State Strategies in the 1980's by Mark Swilling, July 1988   
A5.34 Conscientious Objectors under Renewed Attack . Article by Peter Moll in South African Outlook, Oct 1986 (some pages were copied skew)   
A5.35 The Implications of the Military Situation for the Education System for Whites in the Republic of South Africa by J.H. Jacobs, Nov 1985   
A5.36 Paper. To investigate the extent to which the degree to avoid military service in South Africa is a motivating factor for white male South Africans to emigrate by Mark Symonds, October 1988   
A5.37 Paper. Different Class and Community Attitudes Towards Conscription in South Africa by M. Marks and J. Radus, 1988 (pages 23-24 missing)   
A5.38 The Position of the Military in the Institutional Matrix of the State and the concept Militarization by Ivor Sarakinsky, 1988   
A5.39 Nuclear Schizophrenia: Civilian-Military Connections by Mark Gandar, July 1988   
A5.40 Thesis. Alternatiewe Media in Suid-Afrika: Die benutting van plakkate deur die ECC. 1987 (the documents seems water damaged)   
A5.41 "There shall be Peace and Friendship" - the South African Peace Council in the 1950's   
A5.42 Numbering the Dead. Patterns in the Midlands Violence by John Aitchison 1988   
A5.43 A few questions about our current and future direction. Nic Borain 8p   
A5.44 The right to alternative service : Youth and Conscription Symposium. Helsinki, Finland 1985   
A5.45 War and Society: the militarisation of SA. Synopsis of book by Jacklyn Cock   
A5.46 Dealing with the Media   
A5.47 The future of security and Defence in SA G Cawthra, J Cilliers, P-B Mertz 1990   
A5.48 Manpower: considerations for a future defence force. Jakkie Cilliers 1992   
A5.49 Force of Arms, Force of Conscience D. Phil Thesis by Laurie Nathan, 1990 (page 189 missing)   
A5.50 Profile of the 143 (conscientious objectors) Monique Marks, 1990   
A5.51 South African Law and the Conscientious Objector. Andrew Smail, 1980   
A5.52 Organisation Structures and Ranks of the SADF Feb 1988   
A5.53 Hawks and Doves: The pro-and anti-conscription press in SA Michael Graaf, 1988   
A5.54 National Service..or service to the nation? : The case for civilian National Service. David Shandler, May 1990   
A5.55 Security forces. The future of security and defence in South Africa.   
A5.56 Fighting for Apartheid a job for life. European citizens in the SADF. By Alman Metten and Paul Goodison 1988   
A5.57 Facing Prison: a Handbook for Conscientious Objectors May 1988   
A5.58 Conscientious Objection in SA (Ad-hoc committee research papers) 1980 (pages 28, 29, 49, 65 missing)   
A5.59 In whose defence?: Conscription and the SADF (NUSAS) 1984   
A5.60 Memorandum prepared by the ECC re the Defence Amendment Bill 1992   
A5.61 Miscellaneous articles on conscientious objection, (some for, some against) 30 items   
A5.61.1 "Conscientious objection and the imitation of Christ" James moulder, April 1976   
A5.61.2 Conscientious Objection-The South African Bishops Conference, April 1977   
A5.61.3 "Conscience in Conflict" A historical case study, Dr. Kistner   
A5.61.4 "Some Study Aids on Conscientious Objections and War", University of the Witwatersrand, 1978   
A5.61.5 "Selective Conscientious Objection" December 1978   
A5.61.6 "South African law And The Conscientious Objector" Andrew Smail, May 1979   
A5.61.7 "The non-competency Option and The Disobedience Option" Peter Mole, 1979   
A5.61.8 Ad Hoc Committee on Voluntary and Alternative Service, August, 1979   
A5.61.9 Letter regarding the counselling of possible Conscientious Objectors to Military service" 1982   
A5.61.10 "Responses to the Naude' Commission" December 1982   
A5.61.11 Un report titled "Question of Conscientious Objection to Military Service" Mr Eide & Mr Mubanga-Chipoya June 1983   
A5.61.12 "Some Study Aids on Conscientious Objections and War", University of Cape Town, 1981 (page 8 missing)   
A5.61.13 "Conscientious Objection to Military Service" Un Report, 1982   
A5.61.14 Economic and Social Council report on Conscientious objections in Austria, Costa Rica, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Great Britain, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland   
A5.61.15 "The Prison Option" September 1987 (pages 4-5 missing)   
A5.61.16 "Stepping Out the Line: Conscientious Objections in Contemporary South Africa", J. Rauch, June 1989   
A5.61.17 UN Centre against Apartheid: The Issue of Conscientious Objections in Apartheid South Africa, Growth of the Anti-Conscription Movement, November 1989   
A5.61.18 "Conscription and Conscientious Objection - A Chronology"   
A5.61.19 The Weekly Mail, 5 - 11 August 1988. Various articles on Conscientious Objection to war in Angola and Namibia   
A5.61.20 ECC Newsletter, ND   
A5.61.21 Fact Sheet: South African War Resisters in Exile, nd   
A5.61.22 "Why Conscription Must Continue" nd   
A5.61.23 "Dissension in the Ranks An Argument For Conscientious Objection", P. Hathorn   
A5.61.24 Diakonia: Some questions about peace, war and conscription, nd   
A5.61.25 "Pacifists and Southern Africa" J. Bristol, article from WRL news   
A5.61.26 "Draft Statement on Conscientious Objector Brett Mydral" nd   
A5.61.27 "Conscience in Conflict"   
A5.61.28 "Conscientious Objection to the Conscription of Money"   
A5.61.29 "Support for Alternative Service"   
A5.61.30 "Should we have national Service?" Discussion paper for ECC.   
A5.62 Miscellaneous articles on militarisation 16 items   
A5.62.1 "The march of militarisation" 23 June 1978 article in the Financial Mail   
A5.62.2 "The militarization of the Apartheid state" COSAWR paper no 1, April 1982   
A5.62.3 "Militarisation focus" Speeches, May 1982   
A5.62.4 "No to Militarization Conference" Cape Town, 16-18 July 1982   
A5.62.5 The militarisation of South Africa society : "The SADF and the sate", M. Evans, February 1983 (document erroneously marked as A5.62.6)   
A5.62.6 Peace Festival programme, JHB Wits University, 28-30 July, 1985 (document erroneously marked as A5.62.7)   
A5.62.7 ECC: Militarisation Facts and Figures, 1987   
A5.62.8 "Keeping the fires burning: militarisation and the politics of gender in South Africa" J. Cock, Black Sash National Conference, March 1988   
A5.62.9 South African Outlook, Militarisation in South Africa, October 1989   
A5.62.10 Commission on Violence and Non-Violence (page 75 missing)   
A5.62.11 "Militarisation of South Africa'   
A5.62.12 "The military chaplaincy"   
A5.62.13 "Dimensions of militarisation: separate development, state structures and the rise of the military in South Africa" A. Seegers   
A5.62.14 Information on militarisation and it's effects   
A5.62.15 "Student probes the psychology of militarisation" article in the Weekly Mail   
A5.62.16 ECC fact sheet   
A5.63 Articles on the cost of the military, including the special report of the auditor-general on the special defence account pursuant to the first report of the joint committee on public accounts, 1989-1990, and background information from the Coalition Against Military Spending, 2000. Statistics on people not reporting for military service 1991-1992.   
A5.63.1 Statistics on people not reporting for military service 1991-1992.   
A5.63.2 ECC Militarisation facts and figures   
A5.63.3 "On the real costs of military conscription" C. Lingle 1989 (document erroneously marked as A5.63.4)   
A5.63.4 Special report of the auditor-general on the special defence account pursuant to the first report of the joint committee on public accounts, 1990 (document erroneously marked as A5.63.5)   
A5.63.5 "The economics of alternative national service", A Roux, The SA Journal for Economics, 59(1), 1991 (document erroneously marked as A5.63.6)   
A5.63.6 Coalition against military spending: Background information, compiled by Rob Thompson, September 2000   
A5.63.7 First report of the joint committee on public accounts   
A5.63.8 Pamphlet titled "The defence force cares, Project curamus"   
A5.63.9 Parliamentary debate on defence force, 20 April 1989   
A5.63.10 "War, armies and the spread of HIV" in Aids analysis Africa, June/July 1991   
A5.63.11 Army suicide statistics   
A5.63.12 Letter on the Loggerenberg Committee, 1989 (document erroneously marked as A5.63.13)   
A5.63.13 Paratus, march 1990   
A5.63.14 "Reduced National Service"   
A5.63.15 Paratus, June 1989   
A5.63.16 The South African Defence Force, a survey, supplement to the financial mail. July 1987   
A6 National Employees 1985-1988 5f   
A6.1 National Organisers Reports 1985-1987   
A6.1.1 05/03/1985 Durban   
A6.1.2 19/03/1985 Johannesburg   
A6.1.3 15/04/1985 Cape Town   
A6.1.4 20/04/1985 Port Elisabeth   
A6.1.5 06/05/1985 Durban   
A6.1.6 20/08/1985 Pietermaritzburg   
A6.1.7 09/1985 Eastern Cape   
A6.1.8 09/11/1985 Johannesburg   
A6.1.9 National Organisers Report to the National Conference January 1986   
A6.1.10 Some comments made by the National Organisers about Cape Town ECC, June 1987   
A6.1.11 Report to Cape Town ECC Following National Organiser's visit, October 1987   
A6.1.12 National Organiser's report to Johannesburg ECC December 1987   
A6.1.13 Proposal for campus national organisers and discussion around campus contact and coordination, undated   
A6.1.14 National organisers report to PMB reference group, No date   
A6.2 Motivations for Position of ECC National Organiser 1987-1989   
A6.2.1 Cape town motivation for Paula Hathorn as ECC National Organiser   
A6.2.2 Motivation for Alastair Teeling-Smith for the post of National Organiser   
A6.2.3 Motivation from the Cape Town ECC for Nic Borain for the position of National Organiser   
A6.2.4 Motivation from CT ECC for Laurie Nathan as National Organiser   
A6.2.5 Motivation for Clare Verbeeck as National Organiser for 1987   
A6.2.6 Motivation for Gary Cullen as ECC National Organiser 1988   
A6.2.7 Motivation from CT for Vaun Cornell in the positions of either National Organiser or National Secretary   
A6.3 Reports on National Employees and Structures   
A6.3.1 Proposal for positions of ECC national staff for 1989   
A6.3.2 Timing of election of National Workers and Regional Executives, nd   
A6.3.3 ECC executive   
A6.3.4 Report on ECCs national structures and employees   
A6.3.5 Report on ECCs national structures and employees   
A6.3.6 Report on ECC employees and structures   
A6.3.7 Conditions of employment for all ECC workers   
A6.3.8 Report on ECC employees and structures   
A6.3.9 National employees summary of discussion at national comm(?)   
A6.3.10 "National Employees"   
A6.3.11 Report on ECCs national structures and employees   
A6.3.12 National employees report for national organiser   
A6.4 National Secretary 1986-1988   
A6.4.1 Motivations for: Alistair Teeling-Smith, David Shandler, Kirsten   
A6.4.2 National secretary's report December 1986   
A6.4.3 Press report   
A6.5 Miscellaneous 1f.   
 Includes: Motivations, conditions of employment for ECC workers and proposal for position of ECC National Staff for 1989   
A6.5.1 Note book 1   
A6.5.2 Note book 2   
A6.5.3 ECC employee contact details   
A6.5.4 Motivations   
A6.5.5 Conditions of employment for ECC workers   
A6.5.6 Criteria for national treasurer   
A6.5.7 Proposal for national resource URCE list   
A6.5.8 Press officers   
A6.5.9 Proposal of ECC national staff for 1989   
A7 Campaigns 1985-1992 .   
A7.1 Troops out of the Townships Campaign Aug-Oct 1985 1f.   
A7.1.1 Memorandum from Durban - 'Reaching out for a Just Peace' 27 Aug 1985   
A7.1.2 Memorandum re 'Fasting for a Just Peace'   
A7.1.3 Memorandum and Press release re campaign   
A7.1.4 Motivation for ECC troops out the townships campaign nd   
A7.1.5 Report on the ECC's international contact during the "Troops out of the Townships" and peace fast campaign   
A7.1.6 Black Sash message of support   
A7.1.7 Letter from V. Cornell, Cape Town   
A7.1.8 Cathedral programme, Cape Town (some pages erroneously marked as A7.1.13)   
A7.1.9 ECC assessments for Troops out the Townships campaign   
A7.1.10 ""ECC Troops out campaign" contents   
A7.1.11 ECC troops out campaign, meetings   
A7.1.12 Open letter from the Rector of the St. John's Parish and other message, September 1985   
A7.1.13 Message from the ECC to the United Nations, n.d.   
A7.1.14 Pamphlets   
A7.1.15 "Troops out", A Conscript Special Edition   
A7.1.16 ECC troops out hand written notes   
A7.1.17 Miscellaneous   
A7.1.17.1 Correspondence 1985   
A7.1.17.2 ECC Focus, "Fasting for a just peace" 1985   
A7.1.17.3 Fast for a just peace campaign pamphlets and stickers   
A7.1.17.4 Troops out! Hunger for justice petition with signatures   
A7.1.17.5 Notes   
A7.1.17.6 "Who is fasting?" nd   
A7.1.17.7 "Why we're fasting for peace", newspaper clip, Weekly Mail, September 1985   
A7.1.17.8 Call for release of conscience objectors from detention   
A7.1.17.9 Contentious objection at the United Nations   
A7.1.17.10 ECC peace campaign Grahamstown   
A7.1.17.11 Statement by Harald E. Winkler on the fast for the withdrawal of troops from Townships   
A7.1.17.12 The three week fast motivation by Ivan Thoms   
A7.1.17.13 Signed statement by Richard Luyt   
A7.1.17.14 Call for 24 hour fast   
A7.1.17.15 Brief History of Political Fasting   
A7.1.17.16 Troops out of the townships campaign and peace fast in South Africa   
A7.1.17.17 Draft policy on SADF troops in black townships, April 1990   
A7.2 Just Peace Campaign March-May 1986 1f.   
A7.2.1 Correspondence 1986   
A7.2.2 Just Peace Campaign details of activities. 26 March 1986   
A7.2.3 Campaigns proposal. Cape Town February 1987   
A7.2.4 "War is not compulsory - lets choose peace" ECC Just peace Press Release 10/04/1987   
A7.2.5 War is not compulsory, ECC campaign information 12 April 1986   
A7.2.6 "Construction not conscription" Press release 23/04/1986   
A7.2.7 Motivation for WJP campaign in South Africa, Namibia, and Mozambique. Nd   
A7.2.8 ECC Cape Town, Work for a Just Peace Survey.   
A7.2.9 Proposal foe expanding Cape Town's just peace memorial project into a national project   
A7.2.10 Detention information   
A7.2.11 The defence act of 1957   
A7.2.12 "ECC: Working for a just peace" nd   
A7.2.13 "Working for a just peace success   
A7.2.14 ECC Working for a just peace press release, nd   
A7.2.15 Assessment of working for a Just Peace Campaign, Pietermaritzburg   
A7.2.16 "Campaign to demand alternative to military service, Working for a just peace campaign"   
A7.2.17 Alternative service project, campaign proposal   
A7.2.18 Working for a Just peace, Open Forum nd   
A7.2.19 "Sand Sleeve" A community project that could serve as an alternative to military service   
A7.2.20 Construction not conscription   
A7.2.21 Report on regional workshop on War is not compulsory campaign   
A7.2.22 War is not compulsory, lets choose a just peace. Apartheid 1987, a few facts   
A7.2.23 "ECC National campaign   
A7.2.24 Campaign proposal: war is not compulsory - lets choose a just peace   
A7.2.25 Projects for ECC working for a Just Peace campaign   
A7.2.26 Working for a just peace campaign meeting minutes, 6/05/1987   
A7.2.27 Working for a just peace campaign demands and proposals. Nd   
A7.2.28 Working for a just peace crche working group   
A7.2.29 Working for a just peace calendars and project outlines.   
A7.2.30 Working for a just peace assessment   
A7.2.31 National campaign and other public work.   
A7.2.32 Organisations invited to working for a just peace organisational workshop   
A7.2.33 Logo's and pamphlets. Includes one newspaper clipping   
A7.2.34 Working for a just peace survey circular   
A7.2.35 Working for a just peace survey proposal (Cape town and Johannesburg) and demands   
A7.2.36 Working for a just peace questionnaires and interviewing instructions   
A7.3 ECC Speaks Campaign Aug-Sep 1986   
 Includes: motivation for Johannesburg campaign and endorsed statement by well known figures   
A7.3.1 Motivation for the ECC speaks campaign. (Page 6 bottom of page cut off)   
A7.3.2 Pamphlets   
A7.3.3 Petitions   
A7.3.4 Press Statement   
A7.3.5 Questionnaire   
A7.4 Anti-War Toys Campaign Dec 1986 Durban 1f.   
 Project proposal only   
A7.5 Cadets Out Campaign 1986 2f.   
A7.5.1 Cadet Focus.   
A7.5.2 Information on cadets   
A7.5.3 Proposal for Cadets out campaign   
A7.5.4 Cadets campaign, A personal and critical appraisal thereof   
A7.5.5 Cadets Out Campaign pamphlets   
A7.6.1 Aspects of the law surrounding Cadets   
A7.6.2 Minutes of a workshop around the 'cadets out campaign'   
A7.6.3 Miscellaneous graphics used for pamphlets   
A7.6.4 "School cadets rolls in south African security"   
A7.7 Alternative Service Campaign 1987-1990 2f.   
 Includes: memorandum, minutes, proposals, reports and timetable for the alternative service campaign, and questionnaire for NGOs re alternative service   
A7.7.1 Correspondence, 1986-1990 and undated   
A7.7.1.1 "The possibility of people doing community service by working in your organisation as an alternative to military service. 11 October 1989   
A7.7.1.2 "The possibility of people doing community service by working in your organisation as an alternative to military service. June 1987   
A7.7.1.3 Alternative service programme, 24 September 1987   
A7.7.1.4 Alternative service programme 7 October 1987   
A7.7.1.5 Follow up on conference 20 April 1988   
A7.7.1.6 Proposed alternative national service project 20 June 1988   
A7.7.1.7 The need for alternative forms of national service 11 July 1988   
A7.7.1.8 Churches' alternative national service programme 12 December 1988   
A7.7.1.9 Churches' alternative national service programme 10 May 1989 (document erroneously marked as A7.7.1.8)   
A7.7.1.10 CANSP national meeting 8 August 1989 (document erroneously marked as A7.7.1.9)   
A7.7.1.11 On the peace project 12 October 1989 (document erroneously marked as A7.7.1.10)   
A7.7.1.12 Alternative to national service letter to COSATU 19/9/89 (document erroneously marked as A7.7.1.11)   
A7.7.1.13 CANSP workshop 23 November 1989 (document erroneously marked as A7.7.1.12)   
A7.7.1.14 National medical students' group on community service 21 February 1990 (document erroneously marked as A7.7.1.13)   
A7.7.1.15 CANSP draft letter to senior church members, 2 March 1990 (document erroneously marked as A7.7.2.14)   
A7.7.1.16 Organisational information in ECC in Johannesburg 12 September 1990 (document erroneously marked as A7.7.2.10)   
A7.7.1.17 Johannesburg CANSP working group 2 March 1990 (document erroneously marked as A7.7.2.16)   
A7.7.1.18 Response to the closing down of Johannesburg CANSP 19 July 1990 (document erroneously marked as A7.7.2.17)   
A7.7.1.19 Update on the Alternative Service Forum 12 September 1990 (document erroneously marked as A7.7.2.18)   
A7.7.1.20 On 'draft dodgers' 20 September 1990 (document erroneously marked as A7.7.2.19)   
A7.7.2 Memorandums 1990 and undated   
A7.7.2.1 Memo to alternative service workshop members, 8 March 1990   
A7.7.2.2 Memo for the alternative service campaign nd   
A7.7.2.3 Motivation for underlying message of alternative service   
A7.7.2.4 Discussion memo on alternative national service   
A7.7.3 Minutes on meetings for alternative service campaign 1985-1989   
A7.7.3.1 24/11/85   
A7.7.3.2 31/08/1987   
A7.7.3.3 04/11/1987   
A7.7.3.4 13/11/1987   
A7.7.3.5 08/01/1988   
A7.7.3.6 17/04/1988   
A7.7.3.7 28/03/1989   
A7.7.3.8 04/04/1989   
A7.7.3.9 25/04/1989   
A7.7.3.10 10/07/1989   
A7.7.3.11 22/09/1989   
A7.7.3.12 Misc meetings and notes   
A7.7.4 Pamphlets, Calendars, recommendations and information sheets   
A7.7.4.1 Alternatives to national service pamphlets   
A7.7.4.2 Alternative service project time table   
A7.7.4.3 Alternative service project recommendations   
A7.7.4.4 "Everything you ever wanted to know about the new focus on conscription but"   
A7.7.4.5 Conscientious objectors support group   
A7.7.4.6 Church's' alternative national service programme fact sheet: Church resolutions   
A7.7.4.7 Diary of events for the ECC working for a just peace   
A7.7.4.8 Notes   
A7.7.4.9 The Methodist order of peace makers pledge   
A7.7.5 Proposals concerning the Alternative service campaign:   
A7.7.5.1 Proposal for an consolidated service March 1988   
A7.7.5.2 Proposal for the opinion survey arising out of discussion at the Cape Town ECC weekend away March 1988   
A7.7.5.3 Proposal for workshop/conference 20 May 1988   
A7.7.5.4 Draft proposals on Alternative/civilian national service   
A7.7.5.5 Proposals for an alternative service programme supported by the churches   
A7.7.5.6 Proposal on alternative/civilian national service composed by the Alternative National Service forum   
A7.7.5.7 Alternative Service Project, Campaign Proposal   
A7.7.5.8 Proposals: Lobbying and conference on Alternative national service   
A7.7.5.9 A proposal for an alternative national service project   
A7.7.5.10 Militarisation and white attitudes to conscription - a research proposal   
A7.7.5.11 Cape Town ECC motivation for alternative national service campaign in South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique   
A7.7.5.12 Research Proposal: Military Service and Alternative national Service   
A7.7.5.13 Proposals for an alternative service programme within the churches   
A7.7.6 Reports and articles:   
A7.7.6.1 Alternatives to conscription, DJ Mc Quoid-Mason Speech on 20 July 1988   
A7.7.6.2 Six compelling arguments for alternative to national service' P. Storey in "Sash", March 1989   
A7.7.6.3 "National Service..or Service to the nation? The case for civilian National Service" D. Shandler May 1990   
A7.7.6.4 "Alternative Service Commission"   
A7.7.6.5 notes on the SADF   
A7.7.6.6 "The South African ANS Campaign" written for a West German total resistor magazine   
A7.7.6.7 Alternative national service research project, overview of Argument and Policy Framework   
A7.7.6.8 "Current systems of alternative service in South Africa" J. Bernstein   
A7.7.6.9 "Alternative National Service Research Report"   
A7.7.6.10 "Manpower, compulsory military service, and alternative national service - views of a group of representatives of key employer and professional organisations. H. Van Dyk   
A7.7.6.11 "The economics of alternative service" Prof. A. Roux   
A7.7.6.12 "Alternative Service - international position" G. Evans   
A7.7.6.13 "Emigration, conscription, and alternative service - a survey of training institutions" C. Glaser   
A7.7.6.14 "The costs of emigration" Prof. An. Asher   
A7.7.6.15 "Alternative Service and rural Development - A case study" E. Ritchkin   
A7.7.6.16 "Conscription and Alternative Service in South African Law" K. Motshabi   
A7.7.6.17 "Conscription, alternative national service and emigration - a survey of white male students in key field of study" D. Shandler   
A7.7.6.18 "Alternative National Service Research Project, overview of argument and policy framework"   
A7.7.6.19 Report of alternative service working group to the 2nd organisations forum and conscription   
A7.7.6.20 Outline of alternative service campaign   
A7.7.6.21 ECC roadshow report   
A7.7.6.22 Campaign report   
A7.7.6.23 Alternative Service Campaign 1987-1990 2f.   
A7.7.6.24 Process for church action on the alternative service campaign   
A7.7.6.25 Alternative service campaign statement of demands   
A7.7.7 Questionnaire for survey on alternative national service   
A7.7.8 Workshops and conferences   
A7.7.8.1 Invitation to 'Broad Forum' meeting 2 January 1989   
A7.7.8.2 Alternative national service workshop 24 June 1989   
A7.7.8.3 Alternative national service workshop, working document. 12 August 1989   
A7.7.8.4 National anti-militarisation workshop 28 August 1989   
A7.7.8.5 Centre for inter group studies, Workshop on Alternative National Service   
A7.7.8.6 A Consultative Conference on Alternative National Service: Some ideas for discussion   
A7.7.8.7 Lobbying and conferences - taking forward the campaign for alternative national service   
A7.8 Delegation by ECC to Natal Command July 1986 1f   
 Records (scanned in the sequence received)   
A7.9 Memorandum from ECC to SADF 15/6/88 and attachments   
A7.10 Give our men a choice/ Give our sons a choice 1989 2f   
 Petition forma and other documents relating to this campaign   
A7.10.1 Give our men a choice Petition   
A7.10.2 Give our sons a choice petition   
A7.10.3 Give our sons a choice protest in Cape Town   
A7.10.4 Give our sons a choice minutes of meeting 27 July 1989   
A7.10.5 Give our sons a choice public declaration   
A7.10.6 Give our sons a choice news clips 1989   
A7.11 Returning exiles campaign 2f 1990   
 Documents relating to a campaign for the return of exiles who left South Africa to avoid conscription. Includes petition forms, statements, letter to Pres. De Klerk etc.   
A7.11.1 Return of exiled conscientious objectors   
A7.11.2 Press statements from the ECC regarding the return of exiled defectors and draft dodgers   
A7.11.3 Statements on the return of conscientious objectors   
A7.11.4 Messages of support for Francois Krige as well as profiles of returning exiles   
A7.11.5 News clippings on returning exiles   
A7.11.6 Correspondence   
A7.11.7 Pamphlets   
A7.11.8 Report by the National Co-ordinating Committee for the repatriation of South African exiles   
A7.11.9 Petition for the safety of returning draft dodgers   
A7.12 Welkom Campaign 1f 1990   
 Documents relating to an ECC campaign to investigate right wing violence in Welkom- Thabong   
A7.12.1 correspondence   
A7.12.2 Proposals   
A7.12.3 Reports   
A7.13 CCB Campaign (against death squads) 1f 1990   
 Documents about a campaign for consciousness-raising about the activities of hit squads and demands for state assurances that these activities will cease   
A7.13.1 Correspondence   
A7.13.2 Memorandum on the civil co-operation bureau   
A7.13.3 Memorandum on extreme right wing organisations in South Africa   
A7.13.4 Motivation for campaign against death squads   
A7.13.5 Pamphlet on SADF death squad   
A7.13.6 Independent Board of Inquiry into informal repression, July 1990   
A7.14 End Racist Conscription campaign 1f 1991   
 Documents about a campaign for deracialising the army   
A7.14.1 correspondence 1991-1992   
A7.14.2 Campaign declarations   
A7.14.3 Pamphlets, posters and news clippings   
A7.14.3 Meeting, 19-20 August 1991   
A7.15 Non-cooperation campaign 1f 1992   
 Documents about non cooperation with military call-up.   
A7.15.1 correspondence 29 September 1992   
A7.15.2 Discussion documents 1992   
A7.15.3 Campaign decisions. August 1992   
A7.15.4 Memorandum   
A7.15.5 Misc-List of names, possibly call ups   
A7.15.6 ECC statement of support   
A7.16 Campers Stand 1f 1993   
 Protest against continued military call-ups   
A7.16.1 Contact details and names   
A7.16.2 Correspondence 1992-1993   
A7.16.3 Motivation and support statements for campaign   
A7.16.4 Petitions and questionnaires   
A7.16.5 Press statements and news clippings   
A8 Reports 1985-1992 4f.   
A8.1 Report of ECC Electoral Commission Undated   
A8.2 Youth Committee Report, Apr 1985   
A8.3 Contact Group Report to ECC, 25 Apr 1985   
A8.4 Report of ECC Media Sub-Committee to ECC General Body, 25 Apr 1985   
A8.5 General ECC Report on period January 1985 - March 1986   
A8.6 ECC Assessment and Planning Report   
A8.7 Coalition Workshop Report, 22 Feb 1987 re white elections issue   
A8.8 ECC Roadshow Report   
A8.9 Report re possible national action/campaign around February 1987call-up   
A8.10 Report re Planning and Assessment Undated   
A8.11 Report on ECC Activities. Jan - May 1985   
A8.12 ECC Round Up August 1985   
A8.13 Report, 29 February 1988 (document erroneously marked as A8.17.7)   
A8.14 ECC Assessment - 19 October 1985   
A8.15 Regional Round Up, July 1988   
A8.16 Brief Report from ECC National Discussion held in December   
A8.17 Regional and other reports of ECC activities 1f 1987-1988 (see also B1-12)   
A8.17.1 Pietermaritzburg 1987   
A8.17.2 Durban 1987   
A8.17.3 Port Elisabeth 1987   
A8.17.4 Stellenbosch 1987   
A8.17.5 Cape town   
A8.17.6 Johannesburg 1986-1987   
A8.17.7 National guidelines and messages to regions   
A8.17.8 Affiliated organisations   
A8.18 Reports, general 1990-1991 1f   
A8.18.1 ECC cake news. October 1990   
A8.18.2 Report by Michael Graff on travels in Namibia and South Africa 16-03-1990 - 12-04-1990   
A8.18.3 South African anti-militarisation work, report on activities, January - August 1990   
A8.18.4 ECC conferences, national and in natal. May 1991   
A8.18.5 Review of South African War Resisters' issues. May 1990 - April 1991 (document erroneously marked as A8.18.4)   
A8.18.6 Criminalising Conscience: Resistance to conscription in South Africa (document erroneously marked as A8.18.5   
A8.18.7 Invitation to discussion forum on conscription (document erroneously marked as A8.18.6)   
A8.19 Reports, general 1992   
A8.19.1 Discussion document: A Strategy to end conscription, July 1992   
A8.19.2 Discussion paper: A system of civilian national service for a democratic south Africa 20/06/1993   
A8.19.3 Report on ECC national structures   
A8.19.4 National and regional reports.   
A8.20 Diary of important events for ECC 1983-1993 1f 1993   
A10 Finance and Fundraising 1985-1988 29f.   
A10.1 1985 1f.   
A10.1.1 ECC Western Cape Financial statements.   
A10.1.2 correspondences   
A10.1.3 ECC application for finances   
A10.1.4 Festival budget   
A10.1.5 Receipts 1985   
A10.2 1986 14f.   
A10.2.1 1986 7f.   
A10.2.1.1 Finance correspondence 1986   
A10.2.1.1 Finance report of the national treasurer for 1986   
A10.2.1.3 National quarterly financial report 1986   
A10.2.1.4 ECC budget for 1986, national and regional   
A10.2.1.5 National quarterly budget sheet 1986   
A10.2.1.6 Analysis of national cash books 1986   
A10.2.1.7 ECC finance CT national A/C cash book 1986   
A10.2.1.8 Invoices   
A10.2.1.9 Invoices 2   
A10.2.1.10 Deposit slips, Bank Statements and Receipts 1986   
A10. Annual financial statements for the period ended December 1986   
A10. Cape town cheque book   
A10. ECC committee cheque book   
A10. ECC local cash receipt book   
A10. Deposit slips   
A10. Deposit slips, national   
A10. National bank statements   
A10. National receipts   
A10. Copies of the 1986 books   
A10. Cheque books   
A10.2.2 Regional 7f.   
A10.2.2.1 Analysis of regional cash books 1986   
A10.2.2.2 Regional financial statements   
A10.2.2.3 ECC Cape Town statements   
A10.2.2.4 "ECC PE statements   
A10.2.2.5 ECC Grahamstown statements   
A10.2.2.6 Durban statements   
A10.2.2.7 Pietermaritzburg statements   
A10.3 1987 6f.   
A10.3.1 National unemployment insurance documentation 3f.   
A10.3.2 ECC Finance and national treasurers report   
A10.3.2.1 ECC National financial report and recommendations 1987   
A10.3.2.2 ECC budget for July - December 1987   
A10.3.2.3 ECC financial statement for the year ended 31 December 1987   
A10.3.2.4 Report of the treasurer to the ECC national conference: January 1988   
A10.3.2.5 ECC financial statement for the year ended 31 December 1988   
A10.3.2.6 Cashbooks 1988   
A10.3.2.7 Bank Deposits 1988 (scanned in sequence received)   
A10.3.2.8 Bank Statements 1988 (scanned back of deposit slip)   
A10.3.2.9 correspondence 1988   
A10.3.2.10 Budgets: Regional and National 1988   
A10.3.2.11 Legal and audits 1988   
A10.3.2.12 Special applications 1988   
A10.3.3 national cheque books 1986-1987 4f.   
A10.3.3.1 ECC Johannesburg financial statements 1987   
A10.3.3.2 ECC Pretoria financial statement 1987   
A10.3.3.3 ECC Durban and Pretoria financial statements 1987   
A10.3.3.4 ECC Cape Town income and expenditure   
A10.4 1988-1988 3f.   
A10.4.1 ECC financial statement for the year ended 1988   
A10.4.2 Bank statements 1988   
A10.4.3 Payments out 1988   
A10.4.4 Deposits into account   
A10.4.5 Direct transfers and bank notices   
A10.4.6 ECC national bank account details.   
A10.5 Fundraising and Funding 1987-1988 4f.   
A10.5.1 Fundraising Act (107 of 1978) 1f.   
 Includes: Act and memorandum re Act by Clive Plasket, 26 Apr 1988 (odd page numbers)   
A10.5.2 New Funding Bill (Orderly Internal Politics Bill) 1988 1f.   
A10.5.2.1 Representations from ECC on the Promotion of Orderly Internal Politics Bill Ts 33p.   
A10.5.2.2 Memorandum re Promotion of Orderly Internal Politics Bill Ts 1f.   
A10.5.2.3 Memorandum re Promotion of Orderly Internal Politics Bill by Clive Plasket of Cheadle, Thompson and Haysom, 10 March 1988   
A10.5.2.4 Promotion of Orderly Internal Politics Bill (odd page numbers)   
A10.5.2.5 CPSA, Department of Justice and Reconciliation memorandum to Archbishop from Sheena Duncan on the Restriction on Foreign Funding 21 Mar 1988   
A10.5.2.6 Proposal of Structure of Evidence to be presented to Parliamentary Committee Ts 1p.   
A10.5.2.7 Press Cuttings and correspondence   
A10.5.3 Investigation into ECC Funding 1987 1f.   
 Includes: Directorate of Fund-Raising Inspection Report of ECC; memorandum re Fundraising Act Workshop; and minutes of Fund-Raising Act and Funding Meetings   
A10.5.3.1 Inspection of the ECC funds 17 October 1986   
A10.5.3.2 Search warrant for the ECC 10/04/1987   
A10.5.3.3 Letter to the secretary of the ECC   
A10.5.3.4 Letter regarding the funding raising act investigation on ECC   
A10.5.3.5 Fund raising act and funding meeting. 2 April 1987   
A10.5.3.6 Fund raising act and funding meeting. 4 June 1987   
A10.5.3.7 Fund raising act and funding meeting. 10 June 1987   
A10.5.3.8 Fund raising act and funding meeting. 30 July 1987   
A10.5.3.9 Fund raising act and funding meeting. 12 August 1987   
A10.5.3.10 Fund raising act and funding meeting. 27 August 1987   
A10.5.3.11 Fund raising act workshop ND   
A10.5.3.12 Fund Raising' article by Dorie Wilsnack   
A10.5.4 Applications for Funding 1985-1988 1f.   
A10.5.4.1 ECC diary for 1989   
A10.5.4.2 ECC correspondence relating to funding 1984-1988   
A10.5.4.3 Support for Dr. Ivan Toms: Application for financial aid   
A10.5.4.4 Know your rights booklet, application for funding   
A10.5.4.5 Kagiso Trust, a guide to applicants   
A10.5.4.6 Process - Project Street Children, Educational and social support   
A10.5.4.7 ECC Application for funding   
A10.5.4.8 Agencies approached via their Africa Desk to fund the ECC feb/march 1985   
A10.5.4.9 ECC western cape financial statement 1.1.1985 - 31.7.1985   
A10.5.4.10 ECC Application for finances 1985   
A10.5.4.11 ECC Application for funds, 1985 - 1986   
A10.5.4.12 Letter to Beyers Naude regarding an application for financial assistance   
A10.5.5 Overseas Funding Agencies 1985-1986 1 box   
A10.5.5.1 Brot Fur Die Welt   
A10.5.5.2 Broederlijk Delan   
A10.5.5.3 Comite' Catholique contre la Faim et pour le Development   
A10.5.5.4 Christian Aid   
A10.5.5.5 Development and peace   
A10.5.5.6 Diakonisches Werk   
A10.5.5.7 Entraide et fraternite'   
A10.5.5.8 Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust   
A10.5.5.9 Jubilee   
A10.5.5.10 Misereor   
A10.5.5.11 New York Friends   
A10.5.5.12 Oxfam   
A10.5.5.13 Oikoumene, world council of churches   
A10.5.5.14 Quaker peace and service   
A10.5.5.15 Tro'caire, the catholic agency for world development   
A10.5.5.16 Bisschoppelijke Vastenaktie Nederland   
A10.5.5.17 War on want   
A10.5.5.18 Special applications 1985   
A10. Letter from the western province council of churches   
A10. ECC application for funding 1986   
A10. Application for funding assistance 2 September 1985   
A10. Application for funding assistance 9 September 1985   
A10. Application for funding assistance 12 September 1985   
A10. General correspondence 1986   
A10.5.6 Application for Funding Assistance 1988 1f   
A10.5.6.1 Application for funding document 1-3 January 1988   
A10.5.6.2 Correspondence regarding funding applications, 1986 - 1987   
A10.5.6.3 News clippings regarding the ECC 1986 - 1987   
A10.6 Cape Cultural Forum 3f.   
 Receipts and Accounts 1986-1987   
A10.6.1 Cash book. 1986   
A10.6.2 Deposit slips 1986   
A10.6.3 Cheque book August 1986   
A10.6.4 Cheque book November 1986   
A10.6.5 Cheque book December 1986   
A10.6.6 Cashed cheques 1986   
A10.6.7 Receipts 1986   
A10.6.8 Financial statements 1986   
A10.6.9 Books for cape cultural forum 1986   
A10.6.10 Festival expenses   
A10.6.11 correspondence re festival expenses   
A10.6.12 Receipts of pay   
A10.7 Jacaranda Trust 1f 1990-1992   
 Minutes, correspondence , budgets and other records of the Jacaranda Trust (a fund for peace activities emanating from the SACBC?)   
A10.7.1 Budgets 1990-1992   
A10.7.2 correspondence 1990-1992   
A10.7.3 Outstanding accounts and bills 1990-1992   
A10.7.4 Funding applications and pamphlets 1990-1992   
A10.7.5 Meetings 1990-1992   
A10.7.6 news clippings 1990-1992   
A10.7.7 Reports, motivations and proposals 1990-1992   
A10.7.8 Statements 1990-1992   
A10.8 Disclosure of foreign funding 1f 1989   
 Documents on the Disclosure of Foreign Funding Act and ECC correspondence   
A10.8.1 Act, fundraising, 1983   
A10.8.2 Government gazette no. 12067 relating to fund raising act 1989   
A10.8.3 Inquiry into kagiso foreign donations under the regulation of the fundraising act   
A10.8.4 Comparison of proposed disclosure of foreign funding act and Us foreign agents registration act.   
A10.8.5 Summary of Comparison of proposed disclosure of foreign funding act and Us foreign agents registration act.   
A10.8.6 correspondence 1989   
A10.8.7 Misc   
A10.8.8 Memorandum: The disclosure of the foreign funding act-current developments. 1989, Johannesburg   
A10.8.9 Memorandum: On the ECC   
A10.8.10 Memorandum: On the fund raising act   
A10.8.11 Statement of a consultation held at the Harare Sheraton hotel on the legitimacy of the South African government, September 1989   
A11 Dealings with Overseas Organisations 1983-1988   
A11a Also includes appeals for the granting of political asylum and refugee status to South African conscientious objectors (addressed to the governments of Western countries and the US Department of State )   
A11a.1 Refugees of Conscience   
A11a.2 Concerning the granting of political asylum and refugee status to South African Conscientious Objectors   
A11a.3 American Friends Service Committee News Release : December 21 1978   
A11a.4 Correspondence   
A11.1 Correspondence 1985-1988 5f.   
 Correspondents include: Fellowship of Reconciliation, Catholic Peace Fellowship, Pax Christi, Amnesty International, Quakers, American Committee on Africa and the UNO; Lawyers Committee for International Human Rights   
A11.1.1 1985-1985   
A11.1.1.1 Correspondence January - May 1985   
A11.1.1.2 Correspondence June 1985   
A11.1.1.3 Correspondence July 1985   
A11.1.1.4 Correspondence August 1985   
A11.1.1.5 Correspondence September 1985   
A11.1.1.6 Correspondence October 1985   
A11.1.1.7 Correspondence November - December 1985   
A11.1.2 Dealings With international Bodies Correspondence from 1986   
A11.1.2.1 Post cards   
A11.1.2.2 Correspondence January - March   
A11.1.2.3 Correspondence April   
A11.1.2.4 May   
A11.1.2.5 June - August   
A11.1.2.6 Sept - October   
A11.1.3 1987   
A11.1.4 1988   
A11.1.5 Undated (scanned in sequence received)   
A11.2 Documents Relating to Resolutions on South Africa 1983-1986 1f.   
A11.2.1 ACP-ECC resolution 1 Southern Africa, Sept 1985   
A11.2.2 ACP-ECC motion for resolution re Right to Refuse Military service in South Africa, Jan 1986   
A11.2.3 Resolution of European Parliament on Conscientious Objection Feb 1983 and April 1985   
A11.2.4 Resolution of Ecumenical Commission for Church and Society in European Community, Oct 1985   
A11.2.5 List of signatories to resolution in support of ECC, 1985   
A11.2.6 American House of Representatives resolution re Asylum for SA Draft Evaders, 1985   
A11.2.7 UNO resolution in favour of ECC Undated   
A11.3 Dealings with War Resisters League 1985-1988 1f. (Posters - Q4)   
 Includes correspondence, memoranda, reports and newsletters   
A11.3.1 WRL and WRI   
A11.3.1.1 WRI Published Articles   
A11.3.1.2 War Resisters League Published Articles   
A11.3.1.3 Correspondence   
A11.3.1.4 Reports   
A11.3.1.5 The Nonviolent Activist September 1985 and June 1986   
A11.3.2 ECC International Vietnam Veterans   
A11.4 Lists and Addresses of International Organisations and Embassies 1f.   
A11.5 ECC Correspondence to Overseas Organisations 1987-1988 1f.   
A11.5.1 Correspondence   
A11.5.2 Open Appeals   
A11.6 Publications 1984-1988 1f.   
A11.6.1 CPDH Nov - Dec 1987, Jan 1988   
A11.6.2 Pax News May 1988   
A11.6.3 National Guard Update Feb/Mar 1988, Apr/May 1988   
A11.6.4 Youth Information Bulletin (UN), Vol 1985 No. 56   
A11.6.5 Draft Notices Feb/Mar 1986 . Issued by the Committee opposed to Militarism and the Draft   
A11.6.6 The Mobilizer Vol 5/no. 2 1986   
A11.6.7 Peace News 2 May 1986   
A11.6.8 CIIR Newsletter Sept 1984   
A11.6.9 Real War Stories Comic Book CCCO August 1987   
A11.6.10 Southscan Vol 2 No. 30-31, April 1988   
A11.6.11 World Military And Social Expenditures 1987 - 1988   
A11.6.12 The Right To Refuse To Kill June 1987   
A11.6.13 The Right To Refuse To Kill Dec 1987   
A11.6.14 Other   
A11.6.15 The Ploughshares Monitor three Publications   
A11.6.16 On Guard Newspaper   
A11.7 Articles and Reports 1981, 1983, 1985 1f.   
A11.7.1 Conscientious Study submitted by Quaker Council for European Affairs re Objection to Military Service in Europe, 27 Aug 1981   
A11.7.2 The Right of Youth to Alternative Service. Quaker paper to Youth and Conscription Symposium, 1985   
A11.7.3 United Nations Report on Conscientious Objection, 1983   
A11.8 Vietnam Veterans Against War 1987 1f.   
 Includes: ECC motivation for tour of South Africa by Vietnam Vets, and article written by veteran   
A11.8.1 Council Of Europe Committee Of Ministers (pages 2-6 missing)   
A11.8.2 Published Articles   
A11.8.3 Paper Articles by Richard Knight and Thomas Hackman   
A11.8.4 Update On ECC's International Desk   
A11.8.5 Newspaper Cuttings   
A11.8.6 Correspondence   
A11.8.7 Other   
A11.9 Miscellaneous 1f.   
 Includes: ECC memoranda, pamphlets, and open appeal to all governments in Europe, the United Kingdom and the USA re conscientious objection from 31 prominent South Africans (18 Aug   
 1987) Update on ECC international desk, Files on anti-conscription organisations in other countries (Israel, Spain, Italy, Committee on South African War Resistance (COSAWR), 1990)   
A11.9.1 ECC - Israel   
A11.9.1.1 The Other Israel: Newsletter of the Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace 1988   
A11.9.1.2 The Other Israel: Newsletter of the Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace 1989   
A11.9.1.3 The Other Israel: Newsletter of the Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace 1990   
A11.9.1.4 The Other Israel: Newsletter of the Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace 1991   
A11.9.1.5 The Other Israel: Newsletter of the Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace 1992   
A11.9.1.6 Other   
A11.9.2 ECC - Spain   
A11.9.2.1 Companeros y companeras de Sudafrica   
A11.9.2.2 International Conscientious Objector Day: Focus on Spain   
A11.9.2.3 Movimiento De Objecion De Conciencia   
A11.9.2.4 Mocador 1990 - 1991   
A11.9.2.5 Derechos Humanos   
A11.9.3 ECC Italy   
A11.9.3.1 Servizio Civile Internazionale   
A11.9.3.2 CPDH   
A11.9.3.3 Correspondence   
A11.9.3.4 Other   
A11.9.4 ECC other countries, international newsletters, postcards and stickers   
A11.9.4.1 Stickers   
A11.9.4.2 Post cards   
A11.9.4.3 Correspondence   
A11.9.4.4 Report of the COSWAR   
A11.9.4.5 Various Publications and Articles   
A11.9.4.6 Newspaper Cuttings   
A11.9.4.7 WRI Newsletters   
A11.9.4.8 Synapses Messages   
A11.9.4.9 Rita-Fax Infos   
A11.9.4.10 other relating Documents   
A12 ECC Evidence Submitted to the United Nations 1986-1987 2f.   
A12.1 Evidence submitted by Gavin Evans to UN Special Committee Against Apartheid. Incomplete. 21 March 1986 1f.   
A12.2 Evidence compiled by ECC for UN Commission on Human Rights Working Group of Experts on Southern Africa, Aug 1987 1f.   
A12.3 Evidence submitted to the universal committee against apartheid 1986 (some pages have been copied skew)   
A13 International Visits and Tours 1985-1988 7f.   
A13.1 Youth and Conscription Symposium - Helsinki Dec 1985 1f.   
 Attended by Laurie Nathan and Paula Hathorn   
 Includes: Draft programmed, ECC Report to National Conference, correspondence and press cuttings. (See also A11.7.2)   
A13.1.1 Correspondence regarding ECC activities abroad. 1985 (some pages erroneously marked as A13.1.3)   
A13.1.2 Youth and Conscription Symposium - Helsinki Dec 1985 1f.   
A13.1.3 Some finish articles regarding youth and conscription in South Africa. 1986 (document erroneously marked as A13.1.4)   
A13.1.4 "Youth and Conscription" Edited by Kimmo Kiljunen and Jouko Vaananen, published in Helsinki 1986 (document erroneously marked as A13.1.5)   
A13.2 ECC Visit to France, America and Britain Apr 1986 1f.   
A13.2.1 Un Special Committee against Apartheid March 1986   
A13.2.2 Postcard from Paris to the ECC   
A13.2.3 News clipping about ECC's attendance at conscription symposium March 1986   
A13.2.4 Pamphlets, Talks by Gavin Evans April 1986   
A13.2.5 Report on ECC trip too France and Britain. April 1986   
A13.3 1986 Tour of the United States of America 1f.   
 Gavin Evans represented the ECC. Includes: Programmed, correspondence and press cuttings   
 (some pages erroneously numbered)   
A13.3.1 Correspondence   
A13.3.2 Conference's and meetings   
A13.3.3 News clippings   
A13.3.4 Pamphlets, Talks by Gavin Evans April 1986   
A13.3.5 Press releases   
A13.3.6 Proposed UDF-ECC tour of the United States, from the Johannesburg office   
A13.3.7 Reports of tour   
A13.4 1987 Tour of the USA 1f.   
 Laurie Nathan represented the ECC   
 Includes: Tour proposal, correspondence, assessment of tour; programmes and press cuttings   
A13.4.1 correspondence   
A13.4.2 Pamphlets   
A13.4.3 Proposals and motivations (second document erroneously marked as A13.4.2)   
A13.4.4 News clippings   
A13.4.5 Report submitted by Laurie Nathan on tour.   
A13.5 Canadian Tour 1988 1f.   
 Includes: Proposal for tour; report on tour by Paula Hathorn; and correspondence   
A13.5.1 correspondence   
A13.5.2 Proposals and motivations   
A13.5.3 Report by Paula Hathorn   
A13.6 Report by S. Lowry on Visit to Europe 23 Aug-30 Sept Undated   
A13.7 Motivation for West German Tour 1988   
A13.7.1 Correspondence   
A13.7.2 Motivation for tour   
A13.7.3 Pamphlets   
A13.8 European Tour 1989, by Alastair Teeling-Smith, Rob Goldman and Mandy Taylor, hosted by War Resisters International   
A13.8.1 Correspondence   
A13.8.2 Notes book and diary of Alastair Teeling-Smith   
A13.8.3 Press cuttings   
A13.8.4 Press releases   
A13.8.5 Programmes   
A13.8.6 Reports of tour   
A13.8.7 "Apartheid ist Krieg" German antiapartheid magazine,   
A13.8.8 Business Cards (some pages erroneously marked as A13.8.9)   
A13.8.9 Pamphlets and photos (some pages erroneously marked as A13.8.10)   
A14 Complaints by the ECC to the Media Council 1985 - 1986 3f.   
A14.1 ECC vs 'Rapport' 1985 1f.   
A14.1.1 Documents relating to Rapport (page 2 missing)   
A14.1.2 Minutes   
A14.1.3 correspondence   
A14.1.4 Memorandum   
A14.1.5 End Conscription Campaign: Rapport - Uitgewers (EDMS) Beperk   
A14.1.6 Newspaper cuttings   
A14.1.7 End Conscription Campaign Committee   
A14.1.8 Other   
A14.2 ECC Media Council Complaints: Correspondence   
A14.3 Constitution of Media Council 1f.   
A14.4 ECC vs Aida Parker Newsletter 1986 2f.   
A14.4.1 Report of the South African Media Council   
A14.4.2 Memorandum   
A14.4.3 Additional Memorandum   
A14.4.4 Affidavits   
A14.4.5 Exhibits   
A14.5 ECC vs Aida Parker   
A14.5.1 Report of the South African Media Council End Conscription Campaign Versus AIDA Parker Newsletter (pages 2-5 missing)   
A14.5.2 Memorandum   
A14.5.3 Update On ECC's International Desk   
A14.5.4 Matters Not Traversed In Original Complaint   
A14.5.5 South Africa's Nuclear Capacity: John Weinberg   
A14.5.6 ECC Youth Campaign   
A14.5.7 Who Is Fasting?   
A14.5.8 Newspaper Cuttings   
A14.5.9 Publications and Circulation   
A14.5.10 Court Cases   
A14.5.11 Correspondence   
A14.5.12 Other relating documents   
A15 Festivals 1985-1986 2f.   
A15.1 Peace Festival June 1985 1f.   
A15.1.1 Includes: Invitation; programme; speech by C. Tongue; booklet; assessment of festival; articles re festival; and messages of support for festival   
A15.1.1.1 ECC Activities : January - May 1985   
A15.1.1.2 ECC Assessment of Festival Conference and Laurie's Role - Held 18 June 1985   
A15.1.1.3 Press Statements   
A15.1.1.4 Stop The Call-Up End Conscription Campaign Peace festival: Draft Programme   
A15.1.1.5 Articles   
A15.1.1.6 Circulations   
A15.1.1.7 Other (incomplete letters)   
A15.1.1.8 Correspondence   
A15.1.2 Peace Festival September 1985   
A15.1.2.1 Correspondence   
A15.1.2.2 Publication; Synapses Messages   
A15.1.2.3 Documents relating to ECC Peace Festival   
A15.1.2.4 Pamphlets and Circulations   
A15.1.3 ECC Peace festival July 1985 newspaper reports and clips   
A15.2 Towards a People's Culture Arts Festival (BANNED) 1986 1f.   
 Includes: Programme; discussion paper re festival; pamphlet; sticker; budget proposal; full-time organiser's report; and accounts   
A15.2.1 Minutes   
A15.2.2 Correspondence   
A15.2.3 Reports   
A15.2.4 Budget proposals and festival articles   
A15.2.5 Towards a People's Culture Arts Festival notices   
A15.2.6 Other (duplicate stickers)   
A15.3.1 Peace Festival 1993 6f   
A15.3.1.1 Registration forms   
A15.3.1.2 Invitation lists   
A15.3.1.3 Programme   
A15.3.1.4 Correspondence   
A15.3.1.5 Agendas   
A15.3.1.6 Paper Articles   
A15.3.1.7 Festival Report and Program   
A15.3.1.8 Organizations and Funders Contact details   
A15.3.1.9 Planning, funding,   
A15.3.2 ECC Peace Festival 1993   
A15.3.2.1 Speeches and Paper Articles   
A15.3.3 ECC Peace Festival   
A15.3.3.1 Documents relating to South Africa Peacekeeping   
A15.3.3.2 correspondence   
A15.3.3.3 Various   
A15.3.4 ECC Peace Festival Funding   
A15.3.4.1 Financials   
A15.3.4.2 Correspondence   
A15.3.4.3 Other   
A16 Press Statements and Releases 1985-1988 5f.   
A16.1 1985   
A16.2 1986   
A16.3 1987   
A16.3.1 Articles   
A.16.3.2 Media campaigns   
A.16.3.3 Press releases 1987   
A.16.3.4 Press releases undated   
A16.4 1988 and undated   
A16.4.1 1988   
A16.4.2 Undated   
A16.5 1989   
A16.6 1990   
A16.7 1991   
A16.8 1992   
A16.9 1993   
A17 Legal Matters 1986-1987 2f.   
A17.1 Opinion re June 1986 Emergency Regulations   
A17.2 Opinion re December 1986 Emergency Regulations   
A17.3 Letter from ECC lawyers to Chief of Army re proposal of meeting between ECC and SADF, 13 February 1987   
A17.4 Letter from ECC lawyers to Commissioner of Police re seizure of ECC Diary, 10 April 1987   
A17.5 Opinion re ECC 1987 programme   
A17.6 Opinion re Defence Act   
A17.7 Opinion re Press Statement calling on government to recognise freedom of conscience   
A17.8 Opinion re SABC Network programme, 21 July 1987   
A17.9 Review of the Media and Emergency Regulations by Bell, Dewar and Hall, 10 Sep 1986 (missing pages)   
A17.10 Opinion re ECC in terms of Commission's Act 8 of 1947, Sep 1987   
A17.11 Ex-parte ECC opinion by C.R. Nicholson, 26 January 1987   
A17.12 Judgement. Janet Cherry v State. Application for release from detention.   
A17.13 Judgement. The Directorate of Publications v The Committee of Publications re At Ease -April 1987   
A17.14 Representations from the ECC on the Promotion of Orderly Internal Politics Bill   
A17.15 Record of proceedings: Court Martial of Peter Moll, 1979 (incomplete)   
A17.16 Judgment in a matter between David Andrew Hartman and the Board for religious objection 1986   
A17.17 Court proceedings (incomplete) in a matter between Mark S Manley and the Board of religious objection - undated   
A17.18 Judgment in a matter between Donn Milton Edwards and the Board for religious objection, 1987   
A17.19 Examination of Stephen John Louw (incomplete record, 1987?)   
A17.20 Transcript of the trial of David Bruce, 1988 (incomplete, bad quality at times)   
A17.21 Documents in a matter between Ivan Peter Toms and the State 1988; judgment in the matters between Ivan Peter Toms and the State, and Robert David Bruce and the State.1990   
A17.22 Judgement re costs in a matter between the Minister of Defence and others and the ECC and Crispian Olver, 1991 (page 3 missing)   
A17.23 Opinion in re the effect of the repeal of the Population Registration Act on the conscription provisions in the Defence Act 1991. (DI Berger)   
A17.24 Affidavits by Siphiwe Ximba and others about ill-treatment during police interrogation, 1986 (pages 1,50, 55 missing)   
A17.25 Detention of Teeling-Smith, documentation from jail   
A17.25.1 correspondence 1985-1987   
A17.25.2 Information on alternatives to conscription and registration in the SADF 1986   
A17.25.3 Letter to the state president   
A17.25.4 Legal documents relating to the arrest of Teeling-Smith and others 1985-1988   
A17.25.5 Memorandum regarding police power, to Saul Betzov from C. Plasket and C. Thompson. 1988   
A17.25.6 Memorandum regarding conscientious objectors, to Carruthers and company, from C. Plasket, 1990   
A17.25.7 Statement regarding the murder of Mrs. V. Mxenge 3 December 1985 (page 7 missing)   
A17.25.8 Statement of Andre Croucamp in application to be classified as a religious objector. 1990\   
A17.25.9 Alistair Teeling-Smith's dairy while in detention in December 1986   
A17.26 Petition re. setting aside call-up, 1992, Eco vs. Minister of Defence   
A17.27 Memorandum re. Restriction of the ECC, August 1988   
A17.28 Issue of a warning notice by the Ministry of Home Affairs re. publication 'Out of Step', Aug/Nov 1987   
A17.29 Undesirable publication "Are you prepared - call up January 1986", declared by the directorate of Publications, July 1985   
A18 Proposals and policy documents 1985-1992 2f.   
A18.1 Draft proposal re ECC programme. Undated   
A18.2 ECC contact group proposal for internal education programme, May1985   
A18.3 Proposal for national publication   
A18.4 Proposal for News Clipping Service   
A18.5 Proposal for Production of ECC film   
A18.6 Proposal for ECC Film Festival   
A18.7 Proposal for International Record Album, Mar 1987   
A18.8 Proposal for Continuation of Peace Project, 1987-1988   
A18.9 Opinion Survey Proposal re Attitudes of White South Africans to the Military (fax page 4/8 missing)   
A18.10 Proposals for Attitude Study, Jan 1988   
A18.11 Proposal for National ECC Training Workshop, Undated   
A18.12 Proposal for ECC Video   
A18.13 Proposal for ECC Album of Anti-War Songs, 1987   
A18.14 Proposals and policy documents for a changing South Africa 1f 1990-1992   
A18.14.1 ECC Draft policy guideline, 1990-03-25   
A18.14.2 Proposal for a book on the experiences of South African Soldiers April 1990   
A18.14.3 Discussion paper on future military manpower policy, L. Nathan, August 1990   
A18.14.4 ECC workshop, principles related to a future defence force in South Africa 19-12 May 1991   
A18.14.5 ECC Policy on conscription in a post apartheid south Africa 18 June 1991   
A18.14.6 Motivation for defiance, August 1991   
A18.14.7 COSWAR draft position for ECC conference   
A18.14.8 The African national congress and war resistance   
A18.14.9 Discussion paper for the Johannesburg ANC 'Discussion Group' on security in a changing South Africa   
A18.14.10 The politics of peace: A new approach to security and defence   
A18.14.11 ECC policy update   
A18.14.12 ECC's draft policy on conscription in a Post Apartheid South Africa   
A18.14.13 Military conscription in South Africa: The past, the present and the future   
A18.14.14 End conscription campaign Policy on conscription in a Post-Apartheid South Africa   
A18.14.15 Resolutions of the ECC Cape Town office   
A18.14.16 Thoughts on the NUSA July festival paper   
A18.14.17 Draft ECC positions on Troops in the Townships   
A18.14.18 Working draft of programme to end conscription in South Africa   
A18.14.19 Draft policy document on use of SADF troops in Black Townships   
A18.14.20 ECC's position on Conscription and Conscientious objection   
A18.14.21 ECC and policy formulation: A discussion paper   
A18.14.22 Draft proposal on alternative/civilian national service   
A19 Education Sub-Group 1f.   
A20 Membership and lists of Objectors 3f.   
A20.1 Includes: Memorandum re Membership Drive; Proposal to nationalise ECC's membership; membership database and application forms   
A20.1.1 Applications for membership to the ECC   
A20.1.2 ECC Membership drive-associate members   
A20.1.3 ECC proposed honorary membership   
A20.1.4 ECC membership proposals   
A20.1.5 Statements by ECC members   
A20.2 National Register of Conscientious Objectors 1f 1989   
 (some documents are marked incorrectly and are of bad quality)   
A20.2.1 Declarations of convictions in response to military call ups22/08/88   
A20.2.2 Misc.   
A20.2.3 News clippings 1, 1989   
A20.2.4 News clippings 2, 1989   
A20.2.5 Register of conscientious objectors, 1989   
A20.2.6 Report back on meetings with conscientious objectors   
A20.2.7 Report of the Huddleston international register of South African war resistors 1990   
A20.2.8 Statements on conscience 1989   
A20.2.9 Support group for objectors   
A21 Dealings with Schools 1986-1987 1f.   
 Letter to Principals from 'Women of SA'   
 Letter from ECC to principals   
 motivation on School Organisation for NC, Aug 1987   
 list of schools   
 school lessons in Cadet Training (Std's 7-10)   
 PAAG Newsletter, March 1987   
 Linx petition re non-racial schooling   
 Article by J. Jacobs in TED NEWS, Aug 1987: "A pedagogic justification for the inclusion of the Military Reality in Education"   
 letter to Black Sash from Conference of headmasters and Headmistresses (1986)   
A21.1 Aspects of the law surrounding cadets   
A21.2 Conference of headmasters and headmistresses and minutes of a meeting for cadets out campaign   
A21.3 Various contact details   
A21.4 Correspondence 1986   
A21.5 Pamphlets   
A21.6 Pupils awareness action group   
A21.7 Motivation on schools organisation for NC, August 1987   
A21.8 Proposal for troops out campaign   
A21.9 Schools committee assessment and planning February 1987   
A21.10 A Pedagogic justification for the inclusion of the military reality in education, J. Jacobs, 1987   
A21.11 personal and critical appraisal of the cadets campaign   
A21.12 Cadets curriculum, Oct 1982   
A21.13 The necessity of compulsory military service, Std. 8.   
A21.14 Pupils peace group membership.   
A22 Harassment, Detentions and Security 1983-1988 9f.   
 (See also A23.2)   
A22.1 Cape Town 1986-1988   
A22.2 Durban 1986   
A22.3 Grahamstown Undated   
A22.4 Johannesburg 1983-1985   
A22.5 Pietermaritzburg 1985-1988   
A22.6 Port Elizabeth 1986   
A22.7 Pretoria 1987   
A22.8 General Reports and Memoranda on police harassment   
A22.8.1 ECC Johannesburg, Chronology of activities Feb. 1985-jan 1986   
A22.8.2 State repression and press attacks on ECC, Johannesburg region, Jan 1985- Jan 1986   
A22.8.3 ECC Security Workshop, 12.05.1986   
A22.8.4 Update on repression against the ECC, 07.08.1986   
A22.8.5 Repression of ECC members under the state of Emergency, 14 August 1986   
A22.8.6 Motivation for action in response to the harassment of ECC   
A22.8.7 Some guidelines for discussion on support of pollsmoor detainees   
A22.8.8 Harassment Document   
A22.8.9 ECC security guidelines (page 1 missing)   
A22.8.10 Security and Defence   
A22.8.11 Report on the 1986 state of emergency   
A22.8.12 ECC state of emergency detentions   
A22.8.13 What to do when your house is searched.   
A22.8.14 ECC repression report   
A22.8.15 Guidelines of what to do when your house is searched   
A22.8.16 Attacks of ECC exposed   
A22.8.17 Discussion paper on ECC security   
A22.8.18 Simulation exercise no.3: ECC, security and harassment   
A22.8.19 Report on arrest of 9 members of the ECC   
A22.8.20 Security memorandum   
A22.8.21 Security and legal report   
A22.8.22 State of emergency detentions   
A22.8.23 ECC members detained   
A22.8.24 Security at public meetings   
A22.8.25 Police power, Part 2: arrest and detention   
A22.8.26 Suggested procedure for dealing with suspected informers   
A22.9 News clippings, reports, and misc. relating to harassment of ECC members by state and police   
A22.9.1 News clippings regarding ECC 1985-1988   
A22.9.2 Misc.- Press releases, correspondence and statements   
A22.9.3 Reports: State repression against and press attacks on ECC, JHB region, Jan 1985-Jan 1986   
A22.9.4 List of harassment: Johannesburg ECC, from August 1986   
A22.9.5 Incidents of harassment - Cape Town ECC 1986   
A22.9.6 Harassment of ECC Port Elizabeth 1986   
A22.9.7 Harassment of ECC Durban branch 1986   
A22.9.8 The ECC in 1988   
A22.9.9 Statement of Johann Petrus Wright 1990   
A22.9.10 Incidents of harassment against NUSAS, the SRC and it's members   
A22.9.11 Information pack about ANC   
A22.9.12 ECC detentions   
A22.9.13 Motivation for action (missing)   
A22.9.14 Broad trends of harassment on ECC members   
A22.9.15 Affidavit of Robert Goldman   
A22.9.16 Letter to mother of student involved in ECC activities from a 'concern academic'   
A22.9.17 PARATUS, July 1990   
A23 Workshops 1985-1988 1f.   
A23.1 Civil War Workshop, May 1985   
A23.2 Security Workshop, May 1986 (erroneously marked as A23.3)   
A23.3 Media Workshop, June 1985 (erroneously marked as A23.2)   
A23.4 ECC Public Speaking Skills Workshop. 1985   
A23.5 Workshop Discussion, Johannesburg, Oct 1985   
A23.6 South Africa's Nuclear Capacity Workshop   
A23.7 Women in ECC Workshop, 1988   
A23.8 Defence Act Workshop. Undated   
A23.9 Workshop outline for schools   
A23.10 Conceptual workshop   
A23.11 ECC Workshop, 12.08.1984 (also contains document Nov 1984)   
A23.12 ECC Meeting minutes, 24.04.1985   
A23.13 Workshop on detention and organisational security   
A23.14 ECC regional workshop May 1987   
A23.15 Notes for strategy workshop with IDSA   
A23.16 Black areas workshop   
A23.17 ECC national workshop   
A23.18 Proposal for ECC training workshop   
A23.19 "Workshop" incomplete documents   
A23.20 Conscription counselling workshop   
A24 Churches and Church Groups 1974-1988 10f.   
A24.1 ECC Churches Group 1986-1988 1f.   
 Includes: List of Church Leaders; CHURCH No.1, May 1986; Poem by Chris Mann; pamphlets; and memoranda   
A24.1.1 Addresses lists   
A24.1.2 correspondence 1986   
A24.1.3 Minutes 1986   
A24.1.4 Misc.   
A24.1.5 Pamphlets 1978-1988   
A24.1.6 Reports 1986   
A24.2 South African Catholic Bishops' Conference 1977-1987 1f.   
A24.2.1 Report on Conscientious Objection, 1977   
A24.2.2 Know the Facts booklet. Information re South Africa's extra-parliamentary groups   
A24.2.3 Copy of letter received from Methodist Church re military chaplains,1978   
A24.2.4 Proposal for Alternative Service Campaign. Undated   
A24.2.5 Background to Alternative Service Campaign: History of the Churches support for Conscientious Objection, June 1987   
A24.2.6 Peace and War sub-committee   
A24.2.6.1 Minutes of meetings: 23 June 1986; 3 June 1987; 30 July 1987; 2 Sept1987; 7 Oct 1987   
A24.2.7 Justice and Reconciliation Commission Report and Assessment of Peace Project, Oct 1986   
A24.2.8 Proposals re Restructuring of J & R work in SACBC Territory   
A24.2.9 The Catholic Church and support for conscientious objectors. Working paper   
A24.2.10 Draft Statement re War in Namibia   
A24.2.11 Press Statement re Conscientious Objectors, 1987   
A24.2.12 Statement explaining SACBC call for an end to conscription   
A24.2.13 Press release from the Southern African Catholics Bishops conference 23 June 1985   
A24.2.14 Letter from the Southern African Bishops Conference, about Philip Wikinson, 21 April 1986   
A24.2.15 Debate: Should the church/we support the SADF?   
A24.2.16 Letter and info pack from the South African Catholic Bishops conference about contentious objection, 15 march 1986   
A24.2.17 "Conscientious Objection" nd   
A24.2.18 Pamphlets (Pamphlet no. 6, page 4 missing)   
A24.3 Alternative Service Programme within the Churches 1987-1988 1f.   
 Proposals for ASP programme   
 proposed structure   
 minutes of meetings   
 paper re Support for a new system of alternative service   
 Draft proposal for overview of ANS in South Africa   
 overview of project re Alternative forms of National Service   
A24.3.1 Correspondence undated   
A24.3.2 Minutes 1987 - 1988   
A24.3.3 Notes   
A24.3.4 "How will the programme be administered?" suggested structures. Nd   
A24.3.5 Proposed structures for the alternative service programme   
A24.3.6 Proposals for an alternative service programme supported by the churches   
A24.3.7 Proposals for an alternative service programme supported by the churches Second draft   
A24.3.8 Military conscription and possibilities for alternative forms of national service   
A24.3.9 An overview of alternative national service in South Africa   
A24.3.10 Support for Alternative Service   
A24.3.11 The response of the churches to military conscription   
A24.3.12 Christians and the call up   
A24.3.13 national Service: A Christian Reflection   
A24.3.14 Alternative service commission   
A24.3.15 Background to the alternative service campaign: History of the churches support for Conscientious Objectors   
A24.4 Church of the Province of Southern Africa 1981-1987 1f.   
A24.4.1 Report by Fr. G. Hermerick on visit to SWAPO camps in Angola, Aug 1987   
A24.4.2 Resolutions and Reports of Special Meeting of Provincial Standing Committee on Church's response to State of the Nation, Apr 1978   
A24.4.3 A Christian Response to military call-up - an Anglican perspective,1981. Paper by Charles Yeats   
A24.4.4 Controversial resolutions passed by Provincial Synod   
A24.4.5 'Children at War' pamphlet   
A24.4.6 Resolutions re Conscientious Objection   
A24.4.7 Newspaper cuttings re Bishop's statement on civil disobedience, Nov 1986   
A24.4.8 Memorandum from the Archbishop to Sheena Duncan concerning restrictions on foreign funding, 1988   
A24.5 Methodist Church of Southern Africa 1974, 1977, 1985 1f.   
A24.5.1 Resolutions re Conscientious Objection, conscription, religious objection   
A24.5.2 Dimension, Nov 1977   
A24.5.3 The Methodist Church of South Africa Study document on the issue of conscription   
A24.6 United Congregational Church of SA 1977 1f.   
 Pastoral letter re Conscientious Objection and Chaplaincy   
A24.7 South African Council of Churches 1974-1986 1f.   
A24.7.1 Submission to the SADF Geldenhuys Committee (pages 42, 45, 46, 110, 114 missing)   
A24.7.2 Resolution passed at 1983 SACC National Conference   
A24.7.3 Conscientious Objection: A counsellor's resource manual   
A24.7.4 Letter to the state president 22 August 1986   
A24.7.5 Non-Violence News, Second Quarter 1986   
A24.7.6 Crisis News, June - August 1988   
A24.7.7 Reaction to the SACC Hammanskraal resolution   
A24.7.8 Memorandum on the Chaplain General on 5th January 1983 on the Naude committee's proposals regarding conscientious objectors   
A24.8 Other Church Publications 1977-1987 1f   
A24.8.1.1 Crossfire December 1983   
A24.8.1.2 Crossfire March 1985   
A24.8.2.1 Ecunews October 26 1977   
A24.8.2.2 Ecunews October 28, 1977   
A24.8.3.1 Kairos September 25, 1985   
A24.8.3.2 Kairos, November 1985   
A24.8.4 Militarisation Dossier   
A24.8.5 National Newsletter, No2/84   
A24.8.6.1 Outlook, December 1983   
A24.8.6.2 Outlook, April 1984   
A24.8.6.3 Outlook, April 1985   
A24.8.7.1 Perspective August, 8, 1983   
A24.8.7.2 Perspective September, 3, 1984   
A24.8.8.1 Salt, Vol1, No.2   
A24.8.8.2 Salt, no3   
A24.8.8.3 Salt, Vol2, No1   
A24.8.8.4 Salt, Vol4, no 4   
A24.8.9.1 Reflections, Vol 4, No 1   
A24.8.9.2 Reflections, No 4   
A24.8.10 Universities Conference, 1984   
A24.9 Miscellaneous 1f.   
A24.9.1 Report to the 1984 general census of PCSA   
A24.9.2 Report to the board of religious objection 22 May 1985   
A24.9.3 Apartheid and taxation 1987   
A24.9.4 Letter form St. David's Congregational Church, 23 November 1987   
A24.9.5 National service between me and God by rev. T.O. Scarborough   
A24.9.6 Hand written notes   
A24.9.7 Memorandum on the board of religious objectors addressed to the sate president and minister of defence by Church Leaders   
A24.9.8 Information on 'Service civil international'   
A24.9.9 Church leaders call for genuine service   
A24.9.10 Information on religious objectors   
A24.9.11 Church leaders call for genuine alternative service   
A24.9.12 news clippings   
A24.9.13 Information clippings   
A24.10 Churches and contentious objection. Includes pamphlets, reports and news clippings. (some documents are erroneously marked as A25)   
A24.10.1.1 correspondence 1983   
A24.10.1.2 Memorandum   
A24.10.1.3 News clippings 1974   
A24.10.1.4 News clippings 1977   
A24.10.1.5 News clippings 1979   
A24.10.1.6 News clippings 1980   
A24.10.1.7 News clippings 1981   
A24.10.1.8 News clippings 1982   
A24.10.1.9 News clippings 1983   
A24.10.1.10 News clippings 1984   
A24.10.1.11 News clippings 1986   
A24.10.1.12 News clippings Undated   
A24.10.1.13 Pamphlets   
A24.10.1.14 Reports and papers:   
A24. "Scholastic Teaching on Just War" 1952   
A24. "The Freedom Charter" June 1955   
A24. "South Africa in the 1980's" paper by the CIIR   
A24. "War and Conscience in South Africa, the Churches and Conscientious Objection" paper by the CIIR and Pax Christi, December 1982   
A24. "Response to the Proposed Legislation Regarding Conscientious Objectors as Given at a Briefing of the Churches by the SADF on 5 January 1983"   
A24. "Proposal for an Ambulance Unit at Rundu, South West Africa/Namibia" 31 January 1979   
A24. "A report to the Executive Committee of the SACC by the Commission on Violence and Non-Violence." February 1983   
A24. "Struggling for Justice and Human Dignity" 10 August 1983   
A24. "Resolution passed by Anglicans Present at the Annual Conference on Conscientious Objection", Durban, 14/17 July 1983   
A24. "Ministry in Conflict Situations" Peter G. Moll, Durban, August 1987   
A24. "Final Report on Pilot Study on Right Wong Church Groups for Department of Religious Studies of Cape Town" H. E. Winkler, UCT, January 1988   
A24. "Wolves in Sheep's' Clothing, Religious Groups and Lobbyists in the Service of Apartheid" D. Knight, February 1989   
A24. "A Historical Investigation into the Relationship Between the South African Baptist Union and Military Conscription into the South African Defence Force" 31 May 1990   
A24. "Background to the End Conscription Campaign" ND   
A24. Information on the ECC and the SADF   
A24. "Defence Force Chaplains"   
A24.10.2 Religious Objectors statements and misc.   
A24.10.2.1 Applications' for recognition as a religious objector A   
A24.10.2.2 Applications' for recognition as a religious objector B   
A24.10.2.3 Applications' for recognition as a religious objector C   
A24.10.2.4 correspondence relating to the board of religious objectors 1988   
A24.10.3 Reports to the board of Religious Objection, 1984-1988 and undated   
A24.10.3.1 Additional Details About the Board - 1984 June   
A24.10.3.2 Report on the Board for Religious Objection August 1984   
A24.10.3.3 Second Report on the Board for Religious Objection, September 1984   
A24.10.3.4 Board for Religious Objection, Report on Hearing Held at Pretoria on Wednesday 22 May 1985   
A24.10.3.5 The Board for Religious Objection, Ecc Peace Festival, 28 June 1985   
A24.10.3.6 Current information on the Board of Religious Objection 1984-1986   
A24.10.3.7 Report on Hearing of Board for Religious Objection: Pretoria 25/03/87   
A24.10.3.8 Learnings from attendance at the Board for Religious Objectors, Bloemfontein, February 25 1985   
A24.10.3.9 Representation to the Gleeson Committee: From Religious Objectors named in annexure "A"   
A24.10.3.10 "Digger Update #1" An informal report on objector activities in Bloemfontein, Nd   
A24.10.3.11 Memorandum regarding the Board For Religious Objectors, To Mr. M.t. Steyn from Rev. R.J.D. Robertson   
A24.10.3.12 Religious Objection, CAS fact sheet number 7   
A25 Messages of Support and Endorsements of ECC Declaration (South African) 1f.   
 Includes messages from: Beyers Naude, Mike Savage, Black Sash, JODAC, Muslim Judicial Council, Women's Movement for Peace, Call of Islam, AZASO, Methodist Church of South Africa   
A25.1 Conference papers.   
A25.2 Other organisations' endorsements   
A25.3 ECC member organisations   
A25.4 Misc., assessment, news clipping and paper   
A25.5 Motivations for campaigns   
A25.6 Statements made by ECC. Press and support statements 1984 -1985   
A25.7 Statements of support to the ECC 1984   
A25.8 Statements of support to the ECC 1985   
A25.9 Statements of support to the ECC 1986   
A25.10 Statements of support to the ECC 1987   
A25.11 Statements of support to the ECC 1988   
A25.12 Statements of support to the ECC undated   
A25.13 Statements of support to the ECC from the general public, with specific reference to the detention of Dr. Ivan Thomas   
A26 National Campus ECC 1987-1988 1f.   
A26.1 Statement concerning Ivan Toms   
A26.2 Minutes of ECC-on-Campus National Gathering, 16-18 Jan 1987   
A26.3 Proposal for Campus National Organiser and Discussion around National Contact and Coordination   
A26.4 Proposal for National Campus Gathering - Nusas July Festival, 1987   
A26.5 Notes re Campaign Issues   
A27 Banning of the ECC 1988 1f.   
A27.1 Government notice, 22 August 1988   
A27.2 SAPA Report, 22 August 1988   
A27.3 Press Statement, Ministry of Law and Order, Cape Town, 22 Aug 1988   
A27.4 Statement by National Secretary, Alistair Teeling-Smith, 22 Aug 1988   
A27.5 Memorandum to ECC from Clive Plasket of Cheadle, Thompson and Haysom re Restriction of ECC, 31 Aug 1988   
A27.6 Message of Support for ECC and against Government Restrictions.   
 These include: University bodies, Diakonia, Durban Democratic Association, Women for Peaceful Change Now, Conscientious Objectors Support Group, Bishop of Natal, Archbishop Hurley, Quakers, War Resisters' International, COSATU, Lawyers for Human Rights, and UN Special Committee Against Apartheid   
A28 Surveys 1f   
A28.1 Proposals for an Attitude Study for ECC, January 1988   
A28.2 Proposals for the Opinion Survey Arising out of the Discussion at the Cape Town ECC, 5-6 March 1988   
A28.3 Blank survey questionnaires   
A28.4 Completes surveys   
A29 National Community Service Group 1f 1984-1991   
A29.1.1 Reports and Memorandum   
A29.1.2 Minutes   
A29.1.3 National Community Servers   
A29.1.4 Correspondence   
A29.1.5 The South African Council of Churches   
A29.1.6 Articles   
A29.1.7 Newspaper clippings   
A29.1.8 Circulations   
A29.1.9 Other   
A29.2 National Community Servers Groups   
A29.2.1 Minutes   
A29.2.2 Dovelink Publication August 1989   
A29.2.3 Correspondence   
A29.2.4 Notifications   
A30 Military Research Group 1f 1991-1993   
A30.1 ECC Military Research Group   
A30.1.1 Military Research Group 1992   
A30.1.2 Military Research Group April 1993   
A30.1.3 Confidence -Building Defence for South Africa January 1993   
A30.1.4 Issues relevant to the development of National Intelligence Policy Framework for a democratic South Africa   
A30.1.5 The South African Defence Force Intelligence "Family"   
A30.1.6 Development In The Defence "Family": The Relationship Between Roelf Meyer and The S.A.D.F General Staff   
A30.1.7 Covert Action and Democracy: General Considerations and Concepts   
A30.2.1 Reports   
A30.2.2 Minutes   
A30.2.3 Publication: The Origins of Indian defence policy   
A30.2.4 Documents relating to Arms Trade   
A30.2.5 Different Seminar Papers and Articles   
A30.2.6 A needs analysis based on technology   
A30.2.7 Biographical Details   
A30.2.8 Other   
A31 Violence in Natal: ECC Fieldworkers reports 1f 1990-1991   
 Reports and other documents by Haydn Osborn appointed by the ECC to get a balanced view of the Natal violence, and a copy of his report The Richmond War 1991   
A31.1 The Richmond War: A case study by H.B. Osborn   
A31.2 Conflict Trends: The Richmond War   
A31.3 Durban ECC Proposal to employ a full time fieldworker   
A31.4 The Natal Violence: The SADF as a peace-keeping force   
A31.5 correspondence   
A31.6 Reports   
A31.7 Newspaper cuttings   
A31.8 Other   
A32 Training For Transformation: Collective Leadership Training   
A32.1 Training manual, Part 1 (pages 62-63 missing)   
A32.2 Training manual, Part 2   
A32.3 Training manual, Part 3   
A32.4 Training manual, Part 4   
A33 Conscription Advice Service and End of ECC, 4f, 1988-1992   
A33.1 Counselling Record Forms 1989 - 1991   
 Please note: These records have not been digitised for reasons of Third Party information   
A33.2 Conscription Advice Service, 1989-1992, File 1   
A33.2.1 Reports and   
A33.2.2 CAS 087 Lines   
A33.2.3 Correspondence   
A33.2.4 Accounts and Statements   
A33.2.5 Documents relating to Conscription Advice Service   
A33.2.6 Pamphlets and notifications   
A33.3 Conscription Advice Service, 1989-1992, File 2   
A33.3.1 Committee On South African War Resistance (COSWAR)   
A33.3.2 South African War Resisters Guide To Asylum In The United Kingdom   
A33.3.3 Conscription Advice Service   
A33.3.4 Evidence of the Conscription Advice Service to Van Loggerenberg Committee   
A33.3.5 Conscription Advice Service: Constitution and other relating documents   
A33.3.6 SADF - Deferment, Exemption, and Commandos   
A33.3.7 Reports and Minutes (Appendix 2 missing)   
A33.3.8 Correspondence   
A33.3.9 South African Outlook Archbishop Desmond Tutu   
A33.3.10 Newspaper Clippings   
A33.3.11 Pamphlets and other   
A33.3.12 Related various documents   
A33.4 Conscription Advice Services, 1989 - 1992, File 3   
A33.4.1 Minutes (pages 3-4 missing)   
A33.4.2 Correspondence   
A33.4.3 Publication articles and newspaper cuttings   
A33.4.4 Various   
A33.5 Conscription Advice Services, 1988 - 1992, File 4   
A34 Training for Transformation 1f   
 Leadership Training course for ECC members (Missing)   
A35 The end of ECC - Transition and Post-Apartheid   
A35.1 Correspondence and Memoranda   
A35.1.1 Correspondence   
A35.1.2 Memorandum   
A35.1.3 Circulations   
A35.2 Press releases   
A35.2.1 Press releases, chronological, 1990-1994   
REGIONAL ACTIVITIES 1984-1988 67f.   
 (For Financial Statements etc. see A10; for stickers see J)   
B1 Johannesburg 1985-1988 13f.   
B1.1 Executive Committee 3f.   
B1.1.1 Structure 1f.   
B1.1.2 Election Process (1986) 1f.   
B1.1.3 Minutes of Executive Meetings 1986-1987 1f.   
 Includes: Feb-May 1986 and 21 Aug 1987   
B1.1.4 correspondence 1987   
B1.2 Minutes of General Meetings 1985-1986 1f.   
 March-June 1985 and January-May 1986   
B1.2.1 1985   
B1.2.2 1986   
B1.3 Reports 1985-1988 1f.   
B1.3.1 Johannesburg Regional Report. Undated   
B1.3.2 Johannesburg Branch Report to N.C. 1988   
B1.3.3 Report of Johannesburg ECC Afrikaans Group - END, 1986   
B1.3.4 Johannesburg Annual report, 1985   
B1.3.5 Annual Report and Evaluation, 12 January 1986   
B1.3.6 Johannesburg Regional Workers Report, Aug 1987   
B1.3.7 Johannesburg Front Report, 1987   
B1.3.8 Johannesburg NC Report. Undated   
B1.3.9 Johannesburg ECC Repression Report - August 14 1987   
B1.3.10 ECC Johannesburg annual Report 1985   
B1.3.11 The Education Sub Group of the ECC   
B1.3.12 ECC: The Future   
B1.4 Memoranda 1985-1987 1f.   
B1.4.1 Working for a Just Peace Campaign: Johannesburg   
B1.4.2 Preparations for 1987   
B1.4.3 Proposed Culture Weekend, Apr 1986   
B1.4.4 State Repression Against and Press Attacks on ECC, Johannesburg Region, Jan 1985-Jan 1986   
B1.4.5 ECC Workshop - Johannesburg Region. Undated   
B1.4.6 Information Kit   
B1.4.7 From Verulam to X - An Overview of Johannesburg EEC, 1985-1987   
B1.4.8 Memorandum re ECC/JOYCO Meeting   
B1.4.9 Relationship between NUSAS and the ECC   
B1.4.10 ECC Johannesburg: Structures   
B1.4.11 Memorandum to ECC regions from ECC Johannesburg regarding the decision not to invite Breyten Breytenbach to speak on an ECC platform in Johannesburg   
B1.4.12 Johannesburg ECC, an assessment of 1984   
B1.4.13 ECC Johannesburg, Evaluation of the Troops Out campaign and Fast For a Just peace   
B1.4.14 Motivation for the ECC Speaks campaign: Johannesburg   
B1.4.15 Johannesburg ECC 1988 Programme   
B1.5 Affiliate Newsletters Jan-Apr 1986 1f.   
B1.6 Publications 1f   
 ECC News 2 items 1988 1f.   
B1.7 Pamphlets Mainly undated 1f.   
B1.7.1 ECC Speak Out: Phone In Opinion Poll   
B1.7.2 Army Call-Up? Know Your Rights!   
B1.7.3 I want to serve my country, but how?   
B1.7.4 ECC Spring Fair   
B1.7.5 The Real Thing!   
B1.7.6 Has the Army Invaded Your Life?   
B1.7.7 Wondering What It's All About?   
B1.7.8 What does the call-up mean for you?   
B1.7.9 Is War the Cost of Living?   
B1.7.10 Werk vir 'n Regverdige Vrede   
B1.7.11 Working for a Just Peace   
B1.7.12 Stop the Call-Up   
B1.7.13 Women and Conscription   
B1.7.14 Is This Really Solving Anything?   
B1.7.15 War Games   
B1.7.16 Troops Out of the Townships!   
B1.7.17 Focus on Namibia/A Just Peace Now!   
B1.7.18 Let Us Speak!   
B1.7.19 Angola. The War With No Boundary   
B1.7.20 The Problem with this General Election is that we don't know which General we're electing   
B1.7.21 Fighting Apartheid Conscription   
B1.7.22 War is Not Compulsory Let's Choose Peace   
B1.7.23 SADF/SAP and Health   
B1.7.24 We Call on the Government to Recognise Freedom of Conscience   
B1.7.25 Work for a Just Peace   
B1.7.26 Working for a Just Peace. What Can You Do?   
B1.7.27 Peace Rally   
B1.7.28 The Movie Hair   
B1.7.29 Day of Concern   
B1.7.30 What is the ECC?   
B1.7.31 Conscription queries?   
B1.7.32 We Demand the Right to Speak   
B1.7.33 Platoon   
B1.7.35 How important is peace to you?   
B1.7.36 Working for a just peace   
B1.7.37 How doe the ECC take up the call to end conscription?   
B1.7.38 ECC information pamphlets   
B1.7.39 "Wanted: Gene Louw, Minister of Defence"   
B1.7.40 End Conscription Now   
B1.7.41 It's time to stop conscription   
B1.7.42 The ECC in Perspective   
B1.7.43 We shall overcome   
B1.7.44 ECC events (erroneously marked as B1.7.43)   
B1.7.45 ECC poster: Construction not conscription   
B1.7.46 Another boring pamphlet another boring call up   
B1.8 Wits University ECC 1987-1988 1f.   
 Includes: Reports, pamphlets, and memo re Actions Around Angola   
B1.8.1 ECC wits newsletter, 1987-1988 and undated   
B1.8.2 ECC wits pamphlets   
B1.8.3 ECC campaign Wits regional report, 22 October 1987   
B1.8.4 Wits ECC Campus report, 1987 activities   
B1.8.5 Report from wits branch of the ECC. ND   
B1.8.6 ECC wits regional report, ND   
B1.8.7 ECC wits internal operations report, ND   
B1.8.8 ECC wits report, ND   
B1.8.9 Focus on the conscript, wits regional report, ND   
B1.8.10 ECC National Committee Report, including Wits region, ND   
B1.8.11 Wits ECC, proposal for the effective functioning of the Advice Bureau on campus   
B1.9 Membership 1f.   
 Includes amongst others: Lists, membership drive, proposed honorary membership list   
B1.9.1 ECC Application forms for membership   
B1.9.2 ECC Wits member lists   
B1.9.3 ECC Wits proposed membership drive   
B1.9.4 ECC Wits Proposed honorary membership   
B1.10 Proposals 1f.   
B1.10.1 Publicity Group Proposal for Media Distribution   
B1.10.2 Media Proposal   
B1.10.3 Front Proposal   
B1.10.4 JHB regional worker report   
B1.10.5 JHB internal education 1988   
B1.11 Miscellaneous 1f.   
B1.11.1 Calendars and planners. 1984-1986 and undated   
B1.11.2 correspondence and circulars. 1985-1987   
B1.11.3 Plans and guidelines. 1985 - 1987   
B1.11.4 Misc. meetings, 1985 - 1987   
B1.11.5 Misc. Including: Testimonials, invitations, directions, maps, pamphlets and contract. 1985 - 1987 (document 24/5/85 only contains page 2)   
B1.11.6 Various notes. 1986 and undated   
B2 Pretoria 1986-1988 4f.   
B2.1 Minutes of Meetings May and Nov 1986 1f.   
B2.2 Reports 1987 and 1988 1f.   
B2.3 Pamphlets 2 items Undated 1f.   
B2.4 Miscellaneous 1f.   
 Includes memorandum on Pretoria ECC and the State of Emergency, publications, contact list, Omkeer, Winter 1988 and notes   
B3 Bloemfontein 1986 1f. 1 item   
B4 East London 1987 1f. 1 item   
B5 Port Elizabeth 1985-1988 6f.   
B5.1 Reports 1986-1988 1f.   
B5.1.1 Port Elizabeth Regional Report, 17/08 - 22/10/1987   
B5.1.2 Port Elizabeth report to the ECC national conference, an overview of activities 1986 - 1988   
B5.1.3 Port Elizabeth Report, ND   
B5.1.4 Port Elizabeth Report, includes Moral and Cohesion, ND (document erroneously marked as B5.1.5)   
B5.1.5 NC Report: Port Elizabeth, ND (some pages erroneously marked as B5.1.6)   
B5.2 Proposals 1f.   
 Includes proposals: for Recruitment Drive; to Institute a Conscript Advice Service; for Regional Art Exhibition; for local video   
B5.3 Alternative Service Campaign Undated 1f.   
 Includes: Summary of campaign meeting and motivation   
B5.4 Pamphlets Undated 1f.   
B5.5 ECC News 1f.   
B5.5.1 Vol.1.no.1 1985   
B5.5.2 Vol. 1 no. 1, 1988 (June)   
B5.5.3 Vol. 1 no. 2, 1988 (August)   
B5.5.4 ECC news , no date   
B5.6 Miscellaneous 1f.   
B5.6.1 Campaigns and reports. ND   
B5.6.2 Meetings, programmes, and agendas. 1985 - 1986   
B5.6.3 News clippings 1985-1988   
B5.6.4 Notes and position papers, ND   
B5.6.5 Statements, messages and correspondence, 1985 - 1987 and undated   
B6 Grahamstown (Includes Rhodes University) 1986-1988 7f.   
B6.1 Reports 1985-1988   
 Includes: Reports to National Committee - May 1986, Aug 1987, Oct 1987, Feb 1988, Mar 1988, Jun 1988 and Aug 1988; Rhodes University ECC Reports, Oct 1985 and August 1987 and Report to National Conference, Feb 1988   
B6.1.1 Rhodes University ECC report, October 1985   
B6.1.2 Grahamstown ECC Report to National Committee, May 1986   
B6.1.3 Rhodes Centre Report, August, 1987   
B6.1.4 Grahamstown ECC Report to National Committee, August 1987.   
B6.1.5 Report to National Committee, October 1987   
B6.1.6 Grahamstown ECC Report to National Conference, February 1988   
B6.1.7 Grahamstown ECC Report to National Committee, March 1988   
B6.1.8 Grahamstown ECC Report to National Committee, June 1988   
B6.1.9 Update on Research: Report to Grahamstown ECC, July 1988   
B6.1.10 Grahamstown ECC Report to National Committee, August 1988   
B6.1.11 ECC Rhodes University, Internal Work, No Date   
B6.1.12 ECC Peace campaign Grahamstown, No Date   
B6.1.13 ECC Grahamstown, Application information, No date   
B6.2 Correspondence 1987-1988 1f.   
 Letters from Grahamstown ECC to Johannesburg ECC; letters to members; letter to parent re activities of daughter in ECC   
B6.3 Proposals 1f.   
 Proposals re: National Communication (1987) and Opinion Survey ( two items)   
B6.4 Pamphlets Undated 1f.   
B6.5 ECC News April 1986 (Rhodes ECC Mouthpiece) 1f.   
B6.6 ECC Newsletter 1986-1987 1f.   
B6.6.1 31503   
B6.6.2 Vol. 2 no. 1, 1987   
B6.6.3 Undated   
B6.7 Miscellaneous 1f.   
 Includes: Song sheet, newspaper cuttings (1987-1988) re SADF actions in Cape   
B6.7.1 Misc. correspondence, No date   
B6.7.2 Undated information on the ECC   
B6.7.3 News clippings, 1986-1987   
B7 Eastern Cape Regional Co-ordination Forum 1987 1f.   
 Minutes of meetings (Apr 1987) only   
B8 Cape Town 1984-1988 (Includes UCT ECC Branch)   
B8.1 Minutes of Meetings 1983-1988 2f.   
B8.1.1 Minutes of Meetings 1983-1984   
B8.1.2 Minutes of Meetings 1985   
B8.1.3 Minutes of Meetings 1986   
B8.1.4.1 Minutes of Meetings January 1987, and other notes.   
B8.1.4.2 Minutes of Meetings Feb- December 1987   
B8.1.4.3 Minutes of Meetings 1988   
B8.2 Correspondence 1984 - 1988 9f.   
B8.2.1 Correspondence with the United Democratic Front and Affiliates 1984 - 1986   
B8.2.1.1 Correspondence with churches, 1985 - 1986   
B8.2.1.2 Correspondence with the Civil Rights League, 1985   
B8.2.1.3 Correspondence from the ECC to member organisations, 1985- 1986   
B8.2.1.4 Correspondence with Government departments, 1985   
B8.2.1.5 Correspondence with Koeberg Alert, No Date   
B8.2.1.6 Correspondence with Progressive Federal Party 1986 - 1987   
B8.2.1.7 Correspondence with the Black Sash, 1984 - 1987   
B8.2.1.8 Correspondence with the Women's Movement for Peace No date   
B8.2.1.9 Correspondence with the United Democratic Front, 1984 - 1986   
B8.2.1.10 Correspondence with The University Of Cape Town and University of The Western Cape, 1985 - 1987   
B8.2.1.11 Correspondence with The ED SA (Education South Africa) 1986-1987   
B8.2.1.12 Correspondence with The Pretoria ECC 1987 -1988   
B8.2.1.13 Correspondence with The Ecumenical Action Movement Team 1986   
B8.2.1.14 "The Week That Was" Western Cape News, No 2 - No 31, 1986   
B8.2.1.15 Correspondence with The United Women's Organisation, 1985 - 1986   
B8.2.2 Correspondence with other Organisations   
B8.2.3 Correspondence with City Council 1985 - 1987   
B8.2.4 Correspondence concerning legal matters 1986 - 1987   
B8.2.5 Correspondence concerning lease/office 1986 - 1987   
B8.2.5.1 1985 - 1986   
B8.2.5.2 1987   
B8.2.5.3 1988   
B8.2.6 Anti-ECC letters (page 12 missing)   
B8.2.7 Letters of Support and Thanks to ECC 1984 - 1987   
B8.2.8 Letters of thanks from ECC   
B8.2.9 General Correspondence 1984 - 1987   
B8.2.9.1 1983 - 1984   
B8.2.9.2 1985   
B8.2.9.3 Jan - June 1986   
B8.2.9.4 July - December 1986   
B8.2.9.5 1987   
B8.2.9.6 Jan - June 1988   
B8.2.9.7 July - December 1988   
B8.2.9.8 Undated 1f.   
B8.3 Memoranda 1985, 1987-1988 1f.   
B8.3.1 Apartheid 1987: A few facts   
B8.3.2 An Introduction to ECC. Issued by UCT ECC, 1987   
B8.3.3 Discussion Paper re ECC's New Focus on the Conscript Act 1987   
B8.3.4 New Focus on Conscription, December 1987   
B8.3.5 Some Recommendations for Structural Changes in Cape Town ECC   
B8.3.6 Lobbying and Conferences - Taking forward the Campaign for Alternative National Service. Undated   
B8.3.7 Memorandum sent to General Magnus Malan. Undated   
B8.3.8 Memorandum re Cape Town ECC   
B8.3.9 Alternative Service Project Campaign proposal. Undated   
B8.3.10 Outline of Youth Campaign, 1985   
B8.3.11 "Contemporary Youth Culture in Cape Town" Graduate seminar, S. M. Gordon, University of Cape Town, 26 April 1985   
B8.3.12 The Just peace memorial project. Project to erect a monument to peace in Cape Town, by artist Gavin Young. 1987   
B8.3.13 Proposal for expanding Cape Town's Just Peace Memorial Project into a national project.   
B8.3.14 Function of the Cape Town ECC executive committee, June 1988   
B8.3.15 "Students and Militarism" paper by B. Myrdal and C. Giffard   
B8.3.16 ECC Assessment, Troops out campaign. 19 October 1985   
B8.3.17 ECC Campaign Overview for 1987   
B8.3.18 ECC Cape Town Just Peace Campaign Seminar, 1988   
B8.3.19 Memorandum on the detainment of nine ECC members.   
B8.3.20 Popular resistance and the growth of the SADP, n.d.   
B8.4 Reports 1985-1988 5f.   
B8.4.1 Cape Town University Branch Reports, Sept 1982 - Aug 1988 1f.   
B8.4.1.1 Report on the military focus at UCT, 1982 (pages 3-4 missing)   
B8.4.1.2 Financial Report For UCT Branch. 29/09/1987   
B8.4.1.3 "A Brief History of ECC at UCT" 1987   
B8.4.1.4 "So what is the UCT ECC doing anyway?" UCT ECC report. October 1987   
B8.4.1.5 UCT report to the National Committee, March 1988   
B8.4.1.6 UCT ECC Branch Report, 1988   
B8.4.1.7 UCT eternal ECC report, August 1988   
B8.4.1.8 Contact Subcommittee of UCT ECC   
B8.4.1.9 UCT ECC Internal Education report   
B8.4.1.10 Information on militarisation for students.   
B8.4.2 1985-1986 1f.   
B8.4.2.1 Report from the ECC Youth Committee 14/02/85   
B8.4.2.2 Report on Activities of the ECC in the Western Cape, March 1984 -February 1985 (no Appendix 2)   
B8.4.2.3 Cape Town ECC Report, January 1985   
B8.4.2.4 Cape Town ECC Campaign Report, 21 March 1986   
B8.4.2.5 ECC Contact Committee Report on Self Assessments and Proposals Regarding the Future. September 1986   
B8.4.2.6 ECC report on Workshop held on October 1986   
B8.4.2.7 ECC Cape Town Branch Annual Assessment, 1986   
B8.4.2.8 Introduction the ECC Youth Campaign 1986   
B8.4.2.9 Cape Town Subcommittee reports to the National Conference, 1986   
B8.4.2.10 Cape Town ECC Report Back on Plenary Session, 1986   
B8.4.3 1987 1f.   
B8.4.3.1 January Research Report (page 5 missing)   
B8.4.3.2 Report on ECC Exec Discussion about it's role. January 1987   
B8.4.3.3 Report on Cape Town ECC Weekend Away, January 1987   
B8.4.3.4 Report of Cape Town's Press Gang, 12 May 1987   
B8.4.3.5 Report of Workshop Discussion, 20 May 1987   
B8.4.3.6 Cape Town Subcommittee Report, August 1987   
B8.4.3.7 Cape Town ECC Suburbs Report on House meeting Held, 21/07/1987   
B8.4.3.8 Cape Town Report to the ECC National Committee October 1987   
B8.4.3.9 Some Recommendations for Structural Changes in Cape Town ECC arising from workshop held on: 29/11/1987   
B8.4.3.10 Report from Cape Town ECC Commission of Enquiry, 1987 (page 14 upside down in original document)   
B8.4.3.11 ECC Cape Town Front Report, 1987   
B8.4.4 1988 1f.   
B8.4.4.1 Initial report of the Education and Training Officer, Cape Town ECC, 7 January 1988   
B8.4.4.2 Cape Town ECC Harassment Report, Feb - Aug 1988   
B8.4.4.3 Report of the Cape Town ECC to National Conference, February 1988   
B8.4.4.4 Cape Town ECC Report to National Committee, March 1988   
B8.4.4.5 Report of the Cape Town Office Worker, 30 May 1988   
B8.4.4.6 Cape Town ECC Report, June 1988   
B8.4.4.7 Cape Town ECC Research Group to national Committee, August 1988   
B8.4.4.8 Cape Town ECC Security and Legal Report, 1988   
B8.4.5 Undated 1f.   
B8.4.5.1 Summary of position reached at workshop in subcom discussion on National Committee report.   
B8.4.5.2 Report from ECC commission of enquiry   
B8.4.5.3 Report to National Committee on the Functioning of the End Conscription Campaign's member organisation in Cape Town   
B8.4.5.4 Cape Town ECC Campaign Report   
B8.4.5.5 ECC Cape Town Subcommittee Report   
B8.4.5.6 Report from Cape Town ECC, hand written   
B8.4.5.7 ECC Roadshow Report   
B8.4.5.8 Report of Discussion Around ECC's Direction With Member Organisations (Addendum appears upfront)   
B8.4.5.9 ECC Cape Town Planning session report   
B8.4.5.10 Cape Town Mid Year Report   
B8.4.5.11 ECC Cape Town Draft Report from commission of enquiry   
B8.4.5.12 Report Back on Plenary Session   
B8.4.5.13 ECC Western Cape Assessment   
B8.4.5.14 Cape Town ECC Campaign Report   
B8.4.5.15 ECC Cape Town Half Year Report of the Fair Planning Group   
B8.4.5.16 ECC Report to the National Committee   
B8.4.5.17 ECC Cape Town Planning session report   
B8.4.5.18 ECC Cape Town Office Report   
B8.4.5.19 ECC Report from Cape Town Sub Committee   
B8.5 Pamphlets 1984-   
B8.5.1 Pamphlets 1   
B8.5.2 Pamphlets 2   
B8.5.3 Pamphlets 3   
B8.5.4 Pamphlets 4   
B8.6 Publications 1985-1988 4f.   
B8.6.1 Out Of Step   
B8.6.1.1 Out Of Step: 1987/04/01   
B8.6.1.2 Out Of Step1987/05/01   
B8.6.1.3 Out Of Step: August 1987   
B8.6.1.4 Out Of Step September 1987   
B8.6.1.5 Out Of Step: November 1987   
B8.6.2 ECC Focus 1985-1987 1f.   
B8.6.2.1 ECC Focus: May 1985   
B8.6.2.2 ECC Focus June 1985   
B8.6.2.3 ECC Focus September 1985   
B8.6.2.4 ECC Focus March 1986   
B8.6.2.5 ECC Focus September 1986   
B8.6.2.6 ECC Focus May 1987   
B8.6.2.7 ECC Focus August 1987   
B8.6.2.8 ECC Focus September 1987   
B8.6.3 The Conscript (UCT) 1f.   
B8.6.3.1 The Conscript, Vol 1 No. 1, Vol 1 No. 2+3, Vol 2 No. 1-3   
B8.6.4 ECC Calendar 1985-1986 1f.   
 April, June, Aug, Sept, Nov 1985; Feb, April, Aug 1986   
B8.7 Press Releases 1985 - 1990 1f.   
B8.7.1 1985   
B8.7.2 1986   
B8.7.3 1987 (letter to Business Day page 2 missing)   
B8.7.4 1988   
 Please note: transcripts relating to the trial of David Bruce have been incorporated under A17.20   
B8.7.5 1989   
B8.7.6 1990   
B8.7.8 Undated 1f.   
B8.8 Miscellaneous Items 1f.   
 Includes: Address by Gwen Lister - Dec 1987; newspaper cuttings re 23 Cape Town Objectors - Sep 1987; discussion paper re Objector Support Group; working principles of the Western Cape ECC; ECC assessment - Oct 1985; and various proposals and motivations   
B8.8.1 Parents group:   
B8.8.1.1 Notes and memo's. 1986 and undated   
B8.8.1.2 Worlds at War, Paper on War and South Africa (document erroneously marked as B8.1.1.2)   
B8.8.2 Cape Town ECC Out Reach programme   
B8.8.2.1 Out Reach Committee meetings and proposals. No Date   
B8.8.2.2 ECC Guidelines on public speaking   
B8.8.2.3 ECC Outreach programme application forms. (document erroneously marked as B8.2.2.3)   
B8.8.3 ECC Youth Committee Documents   
B8.8.3.1 Cultural campaigns. Includes information on film festivals, and dramatic production.   
B8.8.3.2 ECC Colouring book for children   
B8.8.3.3 ECC Youth Committee meeting and agenda. No date   
B8.8.3.4 Youth Committee reports. 1985 and undated   
B8.8.3.5 The Education Gazette of the Province of the Cape Of Good Hope. 27 September 1984   
B8.8.3.6 "The South African Youth year" report from the Registrar of the University of Cape Town, 1985   
B8.8.3.7 "Come to the Youth Year Launch" UDF pamphlet   
B8.8.4 Cape Town Media Sub-Committee   
B8.8.4.1 "Combat" ecc publication   
B8.8.4.2 "The Conscript" ECC publication Vol 2, No 3   
B8.8.4.3 Meeting for ECC national publications committee 29 May   
B8.8.4.4 Misc. - photo's, writing instructions and pamphlets and newsletter distribution information   
B8.8.4.5 "Objector" ECC Publication, vol 2   
B8.8.4.6 "Objector" ECC Publication, vol 3   
B8.8.4.7 Objector ECC Publication, 1983   
B8.8.4.8 Objector ECC Publication, 1990   
B8.8.4.9 Objector ECC Publication, 1991   
B8.8.4.10 Objector ECC Publication, 1992   
B8.8.4.11 "Objector" ECC Publication, 1993   
B8.8.4.12 Conscientious Objector, Special edition on the Philip Wilkinson Trial   
B8.8.4.13 ECC Play   
B8.8.4.14 Proposals, 1985 - 1987, and undated   
B8.8.4.15 Reports, undated   
B8.8.4.16 Stop the call up campaign.   
B8.8.5 Cape Town Contact Group   
B8.8.6 Other material relating to Cape Town (3 folders)   
B9 Stellenbosch 1986-1988 1f.   
B9.1 Memorandum, Mar 1986   
B9.2 Report of Meeting - Stellenbosch Executive, 5 Mar 1987   
B9.3 Report, March - May 1987   
B9.4 Nasionale Kommittee verslag, 1988   
B9.5 Kampus Kruis, Vol.1 no.3, 16 August 1988   
B9.6 Kan Ons Die Oorlog in Ons Land Voorkom? Pamphlet   
B9.10 Correspondence 1986   
B9.11 Agenda. Weekend Away   
B10 Durban 1986-1988 10f.   
B10.1 Correspondence 1984-1988 1f.   
B10.2 Minutes of Meetings 1984-1988 1f.   
B10.3 Reports 1984-1988 1f.   
B10.3.1 Report to National Committee, Oct 1987   
B10.3.2 Campus Report, 22 Oct 1987   
B10.3.3 Campus Report, end 1987   
B10.3.4 Report - 24 March 1988   
B10.3.5 Report to National Committee, 31 May 1988   
B10.3.6 Report to National Committee, August 1988   
B10.3.7 Durban Regional Summary - undated   
B10.3.8 Campus Report - undated   
B10.3.9 Report on Movement Against Conscription for National Meeting, 17 July 1984   
B10.4 Pamphlets 1f.   
B10.4.1 Township Residents! Aug 1986   
B10.4.2 Namibians. Aug 1986   
B10.4.3 Don't give a War Toy this Christmas. Dec 1986   
B10.4.4 What is the ECC? Apr 1987   
B10.4.5 Peace Call-Up! May 1987   
B10.4.6 Working for Peace   
B10.4.7 Non-violent Direct Action   
B10.4.8 A State of Undeclared Civil War. Can conscription be justified?   
B10.4.9 The Real Thing   
B10.5 Publications 1986-1988 2f.   
B10.5.1 Echoes 1987 1f.   
 July, August, November 1987   
B10.5.2 At Ease 1986-1988 1f.   
 March, April, May, Oct, Dec 1986   
 Feb, March, April, June, July 1987   
 April, August 1988   
B10.6 Press Releases 1987 1f.   
B10.7 Proposals 1f.   
B10.7.1 Proposal for a Namibian Campaign   
B10.7.2 Proposed Durban Campaign   
B10.7.3 Proposal for the establishment of Media Resource Cooperative, June1987   
B10.7.4 Proposed Structure of Durban ECC 1986   
B10.8 Press Cuttings 1987 1f.   
 Subjects include ECC and SADF   
B10.9 Miscellaneous 1f.   
B11 Pietermaritzburg 1985-1988 8f.   
B11.1 Correspondence 1985-1987 1f.   
 Includes messages of support for ECC   
B11.2 Minutes of Meetings 1985-1987 1f.   
B11.3 Reports 1986-1990 1f.   
B11.3.1 Campaign Assessment Report, Apr-May 1987 (WJP)   
B11.3.2 Report of Workshop Discussion, 20 May 1987   
B11.3.3 Office Workers Report, Aug 1987   
B11.3.4 General Report, Oct 1987   
B11.3.5 Contact Committee Report to National Committee, Oct 1987   
B11.3.6 Report, 1986-1988   
B11.3.7 Campus Regional Report, Mar 1988   
B11.3.8 Report, May 1988   
B11.3.9 Campus Regional Report, May 1988   
B11.3.10 Regional Report, Aug 1988   
B11.3.11 Report on Posters - Undated   
B11.3.12 Report for January and February 1987   
B11.3.13 Campus Regional Report, August 1988   
B11.3.14 Pietermaritzburg Centre Report, 1990   
B11.4 Pamphlets 1985-1987 1f.   
B11.4.1 Ex-Pietermaritzburg student sentenced for refusing to go into Townships, 1985   
B11.4.2 Klaar met Skool...wat nou? Nov 1985   
B11.4.3 School's over...what now? Nov 1985   
B11.4.4 You and the Army, 1985   
B11.4.5 Apocalypse Now - Film, May 1986   
B11.4.6 Count the Cost of War, Apr 1987   
B11.4.7 The Emergency and ECC, June 1987   
B11.4.8 Your Right to Choose.   
B11.4.9 Fast for A Just Peace   
B11.4.10 End Conscription Campaign   
B11.5 Publications 1986-1988 2f.   
 ECsCene, 1986-1987 1f.   
 ECC News, 1985, 1988 1f.   
 Vol 1 no 1, 1985   
B11.6 Press Cuttings 1987 1f.   
 Subjects include: SADF, Conscription and ECC   
B11.7 Miscellaneous 1f.   
B12 Regional Reports 1985 - 1992 10f.   
DISINFORMATION 1985-1988 10f.   
 (See also Q for Posters)   
C1 Aida Parker 1985-1987 1f.   
 Includes: Newsletters 1985-1987; Report of Media Council re ECC vs Aida Parker Newsletter no. 102 of 1987; extract from "Inside Boss" s   
C2 End the End Conscription Campaign Undated 1f.   
 (Incorporates "Positive Students Organisation")   
 Pamphlets only   
C3 Frontline Fellowship 1986-1987 1f.   
 Includes: Pamphlets; press cuttings; and Frontline Fellowship News -Sept 1986 and Vol.1 of 1987   
C4 National Student Federation Undated 1f.   
 Pamphlets only   
C5 Veterans for Victory 1987-1988 4f.   
C5.1 Correspondence 1987-1988 1f.   
 Includes: Letters to members; letter from ECC National Secretary to Attorneys re Rob Brown; and letter from P. Poovalingham to Veterans for Victory   
C5.2 Pamphlets 1f.   
C5.3 Bulletins and Booklets, 'Stand To' 1f.   
C5.4 Miscellaneous 1f.   
C6 Women for South Africa Undated 1f.   
 Publications and letter sent to School Principals   
C7 Durban Student Alliance 1f   
 Leaflets, statements, publications etc   
C8 Moderate Student Movement 1f   
 Leaflets, publications   
C9 Miscellaneous 2f.   
 "Peace Off' sticker   
 newspaper articles   
 Update, July 1988   
 Signposts, vol.7 no.3 1988   
 ECC memorandum re Smear CampaignsVeterans Against Terrorism Newsletters, vol.1 nos.2 and 3   
 File 2 contains abusive notes..   
 Statements by well-known South African individuals and organisations re military issues. They include: P.W. Botha; the PFP; the SADF; F.W. de Klerk; Archbishop Hurley; ECC and conscientious objectors   
E1 Conscientious Objection 1978-1988 25f.   
E1.1 Conscientious Objectors 1978-1992 f.   
E1.1.1 Philip Wilkinson 1986 1f.   
 Messages of support; declaration; pamphlets; AT EASE interview   
E1.1.2 Ivan Toms 1985-1988 2f.   
 Curriculum Vitae; Messages of support; pamphlets; statement; press clippings; press releases   
E1.1.3 Brett Myrdal 1983 1f.   
 Interview and statement to Court Martial   
E1.1.4 Peter Hathorn 1f.   
E1.1.5 Neil Mitchell lf.   
 Pamphlet and copies of letters written while in detention barracks   
E1.1.6 Billy Paddock 1982 lf.   
 Pamphlets, assessment of support campaign; and memorandum   
E1.1.7 Peter Moll 1978 - 1979 lf.   
 Statement and excerpts from an open letter   
E1.1.8 Adrian Paterson lf.   
E1.1.9 Brian Woods 1986 1f.   
E1.1.10 Michael Viveiros lf.   
E1.1.11 Ettiene Essory lf.   
E1.1.12 Richard Steele 1979 lf.   
 Copy of letter sent to Wits Command   
E1.1.13 Ronald Louw 1985 lf.   
 Request to be classified as religious objector   
E1.1.14 Paul Dobson 1983 lf.   
 Pamphlets and statement   
E1.1.15 Bruce Meier lf.   
 Copy of application for classification as religious objector   
E1.1.16 Graham Philpott 1981 lf.   
E1.1.17 Mike Roux 1f.   
E1.1.18 David Schmidt 1984 1f.   
 Objector on religous grounds   
E1.1.19 Neil Myburgh 1984 1f.   
 Includes: CV; statement; and documents placed before the Board for Religous Objectors   
E1.1.20 Donn Edwards 1985 1f.   
E1.1.21 Gunter Winkler 1f.   
 Includes: Statement before Board for Religious Objection   
E1.1.22 David Bruce 1987-1988 2f.   
 Includes: Newspaper cuttings; pamphlets; motivation; and press statements   
E1.1.23 Tam Alexander 1988   
E1.1.24 Charles Bester 1 box 1988   
E1.1.25 Alan Storey   
E1.1.26 Douglas Torr   
E1.1.27 Rob Goldman   
E1.1.28 Gary Rathbone   
E1.1.29 Merrick Douglas   
E1.1.30 Louis Bredenkamp   
E1.1.31 Michael Graaf   
E1.1.32 Saul Batzofin   
E1.1.33 Brendan Moran   
E1.1.34 Leaflets and documents on various objectors including:   
 John Downie and John Kelly, Alan Dodson, Francois Krige, David Schmidt, Charles Yeats   
E1.1.35 Military Service call-ups for Alistair Teeling-Smith in 1988, applications for deferment, renewed call-up in 1992   
E1.2 General Information re Conscientious Objection 1f.   
 Statements by conscientious objectors (see also individual files)   
 Summary of "143" (1988)   
 Centre for Intergoup Studies (UCT) Occasional Paper no.8 1983   
 newspaper cuttings   
 statements by objectors   
 Words of Conscience: Religious Statements on Conscientious Objection' - issued by the National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors, USA   
 press cuttings re 23 objectors, 1987   
E2 Namibia 1987-1988 3f.   
E2.1 Namibia Peace Plan Study and Contact Group (NPP) 1987-1988 1f.   
E2.1.1 Lecture by Adv. B.O'Linn on Recent developments affecting Namibian Peace Plan and the prospects for peace and war, 4 Sep 1987   
E2.1.2 Chairman's Address delivered at AGM, 19 Nov 1987   
E2.1.3 News Conference, 29 March 1988   
E2.1.4 News Release, 21 April 1988   
E2.1.5 News Release, 16 May 1988   
E2.1.6 The Choice! Undated   
E2.1.7 Notes of Points made in the Statement by Adv Bryan O'Lynn, July 1988   
E2.2 Memoranda and Notes 1986-1987 1f.   
E2.2.1 Proposal for ECC action on Namibia   
E2.2.2 Namibia Alternative Service Project   
E2.2.3 Conscription and Militarisation in Namibia - ECC Visit, March 1987   
E2.2.4 Memorandum arising out of an IFOR visit, Oct 1986   
E2.2.5 Peace in Namibia? 12p   
E2.2.6 Namibia 1979: A sketch   
E2.2.7 Human Rights Index: 1 June to 30 September 1987   
E2.3 Publications 1f   
E2.3.1 The Whole Truth About SWAPO. Distributed by the American Society for the Defence of Tradition, Family, Property   
E2.3.2 Work In Progress, no. 29, 1983   
E2.3.3 Desert Conflicts. Published by the CIIR, October 1981   
E2.4 Press Cuttings 1f   
E2.5 Miscellaneous 1982-1987 1f.   
 report on Namibia by SACBC (1982)   
 statement on evaluation of the Justice of the War prepared for SACBC   
 interview with Anton Lubowski (Aug 1987)   
 press statement by Evangelical Lutheran Church in SWA   
 Court documents for Kotjipani and Amporo Trial   
 Binga Affidavit in matter between Binga and the Administrator-General   
 interview with Z Kameeta (church leader)   
 statement by Sam Nujoma, May 1987   
E3 President's Council Report on the Youth of South Africa 6 October 1987 1f.   
E4 Joint Management Committees 1f.   
E4.1 Paper on Changes in State Strategy Ts. 8p.   
E4.2 Article re New Emergency Management   
E4.3 Memorandum re Emergency Management System   
E5 Angola 2f. 1983 - 1988   
E5.1 A response to the First Angola Paper by Matthew Blatchford Ts. 7p.   
E5.2 The War in Southern Angola Ts. 6p.   
E5.3 South Africa's Undeclared War on Angola. Address to ECC at Claremont Civic Centre, by Gwen Lister Dec 1987   
E5.4 Angola. War and Development, vol.2. Compiled by Suzanne Dansereau, April 1988   
E5.5 Angola. The war and the prospects for peace. Documents and articles, July 1988   
E5.6 Canadian Council for International Co-operation Delegation to Angola. Final Report 14-25 November 1987. March 1988   
E5.7 Focus on Angola 1-4. Nusas Publication   
E5.8 Sunday Times inteview with Savimbi, September 1983   
E5.9 Angola: Building the new Jamba. Article in Africa Confidential, May 1988   
E5.10 Angola. Talk by Nic Borain to Pmb Agm   
E5.11 Frontline Angola, 7 Oct 1987. ECC publication   
E5.12 Memorandum on the Borain Talk   
E5.13 Extracts from Tony Lodges book Angola in the 1990's   
E5.14 White Politics and Angola: What can be Done?   
E5.15 Statement of H.E. Ambassador Elisio De Figueiredo, permanent representative of the People's Republic of Angola to the United Nations, on the question of the South African Aggression since 1981, Dec 1983   
E5.16 Miscellaneous   
E6 Negotiations 1f.   
E7 Mozambique 1f.   
E7.1 Summary of Mozambican Refugee Accounts of Principally Conflict   
 Related Experience in Mozambique. Report submitted to Ambassador J. Moore and Dr Chester Crocker, April 1988   
E7.2 Africa Confidential, vol.28 no.24, 2 Dec 1987. Mozambique/SA: The special forces behind Renamo   
E7.3 Summary of Press Conference by Ex Renamo spokesman Paolo Oliveira   
E7.4 Handwritten notes   
E8 Local Government 1f   
E8.1 Beyond Local Option: Coercive Cooption or Democratic Transition?   
E8.2 Local Government Restructuring. The Significance of the Municipal Elections and Some Thoughts on alternative Strategies by Mark Swilling, June 1988   
E8.3 White Local Government   
E9 Women 1f   
E9.1 Feminism and the Student Movement. UCT Women's Movement. 1983 5p   
E9.2 Overcoming Masculine Oppression in Mixed Groups by B. Moyer and A. Tuttle 3p   
E9.3 Women and the Military, 1982 2p   
E9.4 Women in the Defence Force 2p   
E9.5 Keeping the Fires Burning: Militarisation and the Politics of Gender in South Africa. Paper by Jacklyn Cock 66p   
E9.6 Article on Janet Cherry 3p   
E9.7 Articles in Paratus, 1979 concerning women   
E9.8 Assessment of an ECC rep at the WRI Feminism and Nonviolence Conference, London 1987   
E9.9 Problems Experienced by Women in ECC   
E10 Nuclear Energy 1f   
 newspaper cuttings   
 Paper: South Africa's Nuclear Capacity - presented to ECC Peace conference by KoebergAlert, 1985   
 Article: The Afrikaner Bomb by Samuel H. Day Jr.   
E11 Defence Amendment Bill 1f 1992   
 Memorandum by ECC and correspondence, etc   
E12 Questionnaire on attitudes in the business community to national service 1989   
E13 Foreign nationals in the SADF 1f 1988   
 Includes `Fighting for Apartheid: European citizens in the SADF' and other documents   
E14 Cartoons / pictures on ECC and military subjects 1f   
E15 Quaker Peace and service 1f 1988-89   
 Correspondence, including a letter to President Botha re conscription   
E16 Parliament: 1f 1985-86   
 Questions asked in parliament on the military, letter on ECC from Dr van Zyl Slabbert   
F1 Defence Bills 1f.   
 Includes: Amendment to Defence Act; White Paper on Defence and Armament Supply 1986; House of Assembly Questions   
F2 Affidavits from Township Residents and others re SADF Action, 1985 1f.   
F3 Meeting between SADF and ECC, 15 June 1988 1f (See also A17.3)   
 Includes: Memorandum from ECC to SADF - 14p and appendices; questions to SADF; memorandum to Minister of Defence; press release;assessment of the meeting; Joint Statement by SADF and ECC; cassette recording of meeting   
F4 ECC Workshop: Ideology and the Military   
F5 SADF Briefing: Naude Committee proposals for a law on conscientious objection   
F6 Summary of Proposals of Naude Committee   
F7 Evidence submitted to Geldenhuys Committee by Michael Evans (CT ECC) and Richard Steele (Durban ECC), 13 August 1985. Also includes submissions by the Progressive Federal Party and ECC correspondence.   
F8 Security Screening Questionnaire Directorate Counter-Intelligence   
F9 Leadership interview with Jannie Geldenhuys   
F10 Report concerning atrocities committed by SADF members in Eastern Cape   
F11 Intensifying Civil War - the role of the SADF' Paper by Michael Evans and Mark Philips Ts. 39p   
F12 Pamphlets issued by the SADF.   
 "We Need the SADF..."   
 The State's Origin, Responsibilities and Rights   
 Theology of the Revolution   
 Our Defence Force in South West Africa - Why?   
 National Service and I   
 The SADF in Riot-Stricken Areas   
F13 Militarisation Facts and Figures, 1987   
F14 Paper: Organisation, Structures and Ranks of the SADF, Feb 1987   
F15 SADF Survey on National Service   
F16 SADF Publications.   
 YearbookParatus, June 1984   
 Kadet, 1985   
 Civvy Street. Your Future Career, April 1983 Uniform, 1984 - 1985, April 1988   
 National Service '84   
F17 Petition sent to SADF from women of Slangspruit Undated   
F18 News briefs re SADF action 1986   
F19 Judgement delivered in the matter between ECC and the Minister of Defence, 1988   
F20 Defence Budget, 1987/88   
F21 Cape Flats Battalion. Additional Call up instructions for June - August 1988.   
F22 Submissions by ECC to the Van Loggerenberg Committee investigating Conscientious Objection, and to the Gleeson Committee for religious objection 1989-1991 1f   
F23 Statement on National Service by the Minister of Defence and Communication, Mr Roelf Meyer 1991   
G1 Louise Carol Vale and 6 others vs Minister of Law and Order, Commissioner of Police and Commissioner of Prisons. Grahamstown.   
 Court records are not complete. 2f.   
G2 Krugersdorp Residents' Organisation and 4 others vs Minister of Law and Order, 1986. Court records 5f.   
H1 National Union of South African Students 1982-1988 (See also Bl) lf.   
 Press statement re Detention of ECC leadership (1986)   
 Joint NUSAS-SANSCO statement   
 ECC Statement re NUSAS 1987   
 Nusas Congress Motion re Conscientious Objectors, 1982   
 Report on meeting between ECC and NUSAS, March 1987   
 Memorandum. The relationship between SA government and the Universities   
 NUSAS July Festival, Durban 1984. Invitation and speech by Jeremy Cronin on Culture and the National Democratic Struggle   
 NUSAS workshop re Municipal Elections 1988   
 NUSAS Draft statement re Municipal Elections 1988   
 Booklet. In Whose Defence? Conscription and the SADF   
 Booklet. Riding the Tiger. Reform and Repression in S.A. 1982   
 Memorandum. Re-examining the Motivation for NUSAS taking up ECC   
H2 United Democratic Front 1985-1988 5f.   
H2.1 Minutes of Meetings 1987 - 1988 and Undated lf.   
 Includes: Minutes of National meetings, conference meetings and meeting between COSATU and UDF   
H2.2 Memoranda and Discussion Papers 1987-1988 lf.   
H2.2.1 Taking the Struggle into the Ruling Bloc   
H2.2.2 Implications of current developments for White Sector Organisation   
H2.2.3 Democratic organisations working in the White Sector   
H2.2.4 Tasks of White Democrats   
H2.2.5 UDF Strategies   
H2.2.6 Memorandum on Violence in Pietermaritzburg area, 4 Nov 1987   
H2.2.7 Building People's Democracy, Mamelodi 1985, by A. Boraine, June 1987   
H2.2.8 Call to Whites   
H2.2.9 Anti-Apartheid Conference Themes   
H2.2.10 Municipal Elections. 1988   
H2.2.11 Analysis of the Recent Clampdown, 1988   
H2.2.12 Position Paper on Whites-Only Election, March 1987   
H2.3 Reports Undated 1f.   
H2.3.1 Report from UDF National Working Committee re White Area   
H2.3.2 NCC Report   
H2.3.3 Workshop Report   
H2.3.4 Regional Reports - JODAC   
H2.3.5 Grahamstown Democratic Action Committee Report   
H2.3.6 Cape Town Report - Cape Democrats   
H2.3.7 Anti-Conscription Commission   
H2.4 Publications 1987-1988 1f.   
H2.4.1 UDF Information Bulletin, January 1988 no.1   
H2.4.2 Isizwe - Build the Front   
H2.4.3 Upfront, No. 4, June 1986   
H2.5 Miscellaneous 1985-1988 1f.   
H2.5.1 Statement of Pietermaritzburg Community Organisations on the New Local Government Structure, June 1988   
H2.5.2 UDF Statement to Press Conference, 5 Nov 1985   
H2.5.3 Press Release, 9 Sept 1985   
H2.5.4 Press Release, 12 Nov 1986 re Christmas Against the Emergency   
H2.5.5 UDF Rejects Botha's Army - pamphlet   
H2.5.6 Pamphlet re Meeting on State of Emergency, July 1985. Cape Town   
H2.5.7 UDF Call to Whites Information Sheet. Has the State of Emergency Really Ended. March 1986   
H2.5.8 Sticker: We Support the Consumer Boycott   
H2.5.9 Position on Municipal Elections 1988   
H2.5.10 Leadership interview with Archie Gumede   
H2.5.11 Leaflets   
H3 Civil Rights League lf.   
 Aims of the Civil Rights LeagueChallenging the Myths of War. Pamphlet   
 Statement by Brian Bishop re 1985 State of Emergency Proposals for a Movement Ad Pacem - 1985 International Year of Youth   
H4 National Education Crisis Committee (NECC) lf.   
 Resolution taken at Second NECC Conference only   
H5 Environmental and Development Agency 1987 lf.   
 Includes Rural News and newsletter   
H6 Black Sash 1986-1988 lf.   
H6.1 TRAC (Transvaal Rural Action Committee) statements re Holgat, Mogopa   
H6.2 TRAC Newsletter, no.13, Aug 1987   
H6.3 Pamphlet re Education   
H6.4 1988 National Conference Agenda and Resolutions   
H6.5 Lead-in Paper for Item for Discussion for NC, 1988 re Municipal Elections by Joyce Harris   
H6.6 Star article, 18 May 1986 by Sheena Duncan re Bill of Rights   
H6.7 Memorandum re Public Safety Amendment Bill, May 1986   
H6.8 Sash, Vol 28 No. 3, Nov 1985   
H6.9 Cape Western Region Membership Resource Survey   
H6.10 Resolution on conscription, 1983 National Conference   
H6.11 National Conference, 1985 - Report on Transvaal ECC and Group discussion questions   
H6.12 Free the Children vigil, 1987   
H7 Progressive Federal Party 1987 lf.   
 Includes: Speech by Brian Goodall (PFP Spokesman) May 1987; pamphlet re 1987 elections; and press cuttings   
H8 Institute for a Democratic Alternative for South Africa 1986-1988 lf.   
H8.1 Eastern Cape Perspectives, May 1987   
H8.2 Goals   
H8.3 Report, Nov/Dee 1986   
H8.4 Report on IDASA from UDF White Affiliates   
H8.5 Speech by Murphy Morobe (UDF) at 1987 IDASA Conference   
H8.6 Projects and Programs for 1988   
H8.7 Democracy in Action, Apr/May 1988   
H8.8 Draft Proposal for Conference on 'Women, War and Peace', June 1988   
H8.9 Invitation to ECC to function, 25 July 1988   
H8.10 List of contact numbers   
H8.11 Press Statement re 143, 23 August 1988   
H9 Conscientious Objectors Support Group 1983-1990 5f.   
H9.1 Constitution lf.   
H9.2 Minutes of Meetings 3f.   
H9.2.1 Johannesburg, 1987 1f   
H9.2.2 Durban, 1985 1f   
H9.2.3 Cape Town, 1983 1f   
H9.3 Conferences 1f   
H9.3.1 Report on the 5th National Conference of the Conscientious Objectors Support Groups,Wilgespruit, Johannesburg, July 1984   
H9.3.2 1987 National Conference. Includes: agenda, proposals, report back, and memorandum re support for conscientious objectors.   
H9.4 The Objector 1983-1985 1f.   
 Includes: Decision by Publications Appael Board against the March/April 1985 issue as "undesirable"   
 July 1983 (no.1)   
 Sept 1983 (no.2 and 3)   
 Nov 1983 (no.4)   
 Vol. 2 nos. 1-6 (1984)   
 March/April. vol. 3 No 1 1985   
 Aug-Sept 1985   
 May, Aug, Sept, Dec 1989   
 April May 1990   
 Nov-Dec 1990   
 Feb-Mar 1991   
 Dec 1991June, November 1992   
H9.5 Miscellaneous lf.   
 Survey re alternative Service (1986)   
 Alternative National Service Questionnaire   
 Profile for 1988 Five Freedoms Forum   
 IDASA Workshop (Mar 1988)   
 Manual for running COSG support groups   
 Submission to the Van Loggerenberg Commission, 1990   
H9.6 General records of COSG (additions, unsorted) 3 boxes 1984-1995   
 Minutes, correspondence, reports, proposals and general records of the COSG (mainly Durban and Johannesburg,)   
H10 Detainees' Parents' Support Committee 1986-1987 lf.   
H10.1 Fourth Special Report on State of Emergency, 31 Oct 1986   
H10.2 Memorandum on Public Safety Amendment Act, May 1986   
H10.3 Public Safety Amendment Bill   
H10.4 Pamphlet - Stop Le Grange's Law   
H10.5 Copy of Restriction Orders, Nov 1986   
H10.6 Report for Jan/Feb/Mar 1987   
H11 Five Freedoms Forum 1987-1991 lf.   
H11.1 Manifesto   
H11.2 Membership Form   
H11.3 National Conference, Sep 1987. Includes: proceedings, resolution, invitation, agenda and speeches delivered by Azhar Cachalia and Dr Van zyl Slabbert   
H11.4 Memorandum re Pietermaritzburg FFF Conference, March 1988   
H11.5 Memorandum re "101 Ways to End Apartheid Campaign", May 1988   
H11.6 Newsletter, July 1988   
H11.7 Minutes of Co-ordinating Council Meetings, 8 Apr 1987, 25 Feb 1988, 5 July 1988   
H11.8 Invitation to seminar re Schools in the Future, Sept 1988   
H11.9 Press Cuttings, 1988   
H11.10 Minutes of Steering Committee Meetings, November 1987   
H11.11 Miscellaneous   
H11.12 Additions from 1990, including: Newsletters and Five Freedom Proposals 1990-1991; Book "Whites from 'Home' in talks with the ANC. Four days in Lusaka"; "101 ways and more to end Apartheid"   
H12 Johannesburg Democratic Action Committee 1987-1988 lf.   
H12.1 Memorandum re Present tasks of the Democratic Movement. Undated   
H12.2 Memorandum re National Initiative   
H12.3 Additional comments around National Initiative Discussion   
H12.4 Meeting on National Initiative   
H12.5 Report re 1987   
H12.6 Issues for Discussion, 1988   
H12.7 Questions for Discussion on 1988 Municipal Elections   
H12.8 Photographs of JODAC/ECC Cultural Evening   
H12.9 Pamphlet re new Group Areas Bills, 1988   
H12.10 Cultural Forum - letter   
H12.11 Stickers - "Vote Now Pay Later" and "One Person One Vote in a United South Africa"   
H13 Miscellaneous 1987 1f.   
H13.1 Action Group Against Apartheid News, No.4 1987   
H13.2 Pamphlet re ACCESS Inc. (Alternative Consulting Co-operative of Engineers and Social Scientists)   
H13.3 CAP News, Aug-Oct 1987   
H13.4 Pamphlet issued by Concerned Social Workers and the Organisation for Appropriate Social Services in SA (OASSA) re Detention, Torture to the Mind   
H13.5 Free the Children Alliance. Summary of Report on Children on the Front Line by M. Ramphele and F. Wilson, 1987   
H13.6 Free the Children Alliance publication re Children and Detention   
H13.7 The Independent Party. Statement of Intent   
H13.8 JOYCO News, 1987   
H13.9 National Democratic Movement Manifesto   
NEWSPAPER CUTTINGS 1979-1988 37f.   
I1 End Conscription Campaign 1983-1988 9f.   
I1.1 1983-1984   
I1.2 1985   
I1.3 1986   
I1.4 1987   
I1.5 Undated   
I1.6 Repression, detention etc, 1986-1987   
I1.7 Letters to Editors re ECC, 1986-1987   
I1.8 Smears and Right Wing Propaganda   
I1.9 Resistance to Conscription, 1988   
I2 SADF And SAP 1982-1988 16f.   
I2.1 1982 lf.   
I2.2 1983 lf.   
I2.3 1985 lf.   
I2.4 1986 lf.   
I2.5 SAP Action - 1985-1986 lf.   
I2.6 1986-1987 2 boxes.   
I2.7 Undated l f.   
I2.8 Defence Budget, 1986/1987 lf.   
I2.9 Destabilisation Raids into Frontline States - 1987 lf.   
I2.1 Destabilisation Raids into Frontline States - 1988 lf.   
I2.11 Angola 1987-1988 2f.   
I2.12 Namibia 1987-1988 lf.   
I2.13 Mozambique lf.   
I2.14 Botswana lf.   
I2.15 Zimbabwe lf.   
I3 Conscription and Conscientious Objection 1979, 1985-1987 lf.   
I4 The Church and Conscription 1985-1987 1f   
I5 Cadets and Schools 1987 lf.   
I6 Detentions 1986 - 1987 lf.   
I7 Press Restrictions 1986 - 1987 lf.   
I8 Political Unrest 1985 - 1986 1f.   
I9 Militarisation of Society 1f.   
I10 Arms 1986 - 1987 1f.   
I11 Culture 1986 - 1987 1f.   
I12 African National Congress 1987 - 1988 1f.   
I13 South African Press Clips Service 1985-1986 1f.   
 Subjects include:   
 general politics   
 the economy   
I14 Homelands 1988 1f.   
I15-40 Additional press cuttings, mainly 1990s   
I15.1 Military (CORE press cuttings) 1992   
I15.2 Military and Militarisation CORE 1993   
I16.1 Violence (CORE press cuttings collected weekly)   
I16.2 Violence (CORE Press cuttings collected weekly)   
I17 Various topics (SA press clips)   
 Emergency, academic boycott, Kitskonstabels, university clampdown, talking to the ANC, Release of Govan Mbeki   
I18 Conscription (General) 1989-1990   
I19 Black soldiers in the SADF 1991-1992   
I20 Arms deals and international 1990s   
I21 SADF (code of conduct and SADF actions) 1990s   
I22 Destabilisation of neighbouring states 1988-91   
I23 MK, self-defence units and Inkatha 1990s   
I24 Gun sales/ Illegal arms 1990s   
I25 Army suicides 1989   
I26 Government and opposition on military matters 1989-1991   
I27 Pretoria minute 1990   
I28 Religious objectors 1989-90   
I29 Alternative National service, brain drain 1990s   
I30 Government funding for township violence 1990s   
I31 Hit squads, CCB 1990s   
I32 Safe return campaign 1990s   
I33 Future defence force 1990-1991   
I34 Appeal, Ivan Toms and David Bruce   
I35 Harassment; right wing 1989-1992   
I36 Armscor. Defence budget 1990s   
I37 Peace initiatives 1991   
I38 Civil conflict, state security, homeland armies 1990s   
I39 Natal conflict 1990-1992   
I40 Letters to press 1989-1992   
STICKERS 1985-1988 lf.   
 Includes the following:   
 Towards a Just Peace in Our Land (RCC Declaration)   
 Cadets, you can say no!   
 Apartheid Emergency. Legalised Murder. July 1986   
 State of Emergency. Licence to Kill   
 Will This Budget Kill Your Son? May 1986   
 SADF Get Out   
 SADF Hands Off Our Neighbours   
 Stop SADF Aggression   
 Apartheid Emergency. See no Casspirs...Speak no Protest ... Hear noGunshots. June 1986   
 Voters Have a Choice, Conscripts Don't. Johannesburg, May 1987   
 1914 Konskripsie - Nee, 1939 Conscription - No, 1987 Conscription -Why? May 1987   
 Is War The Cost of Living? May 1987   
 Nothing that produced this War has been changed by it. May 1987   
 It the War doesn't happen to kill you, it's bound to start you thinking. May 1987   
 Stop the Draft   
 Conscription Kills   
 Braaivleis, Rugby, Sunny Skies and Civil War   
 Working for a Just Peace. Apr 1986   
 Fast for a Just Peace. Oct 1985   
 War is Not Compulsory. May 1987   
 It will be a great day when the Army has to hold a cake-sale to buy a new casspir   
 Casspir is not just a Friendly Ghost. Aug 1986   
 Troops Out Now!   
 Troops Out of the Townships   
 Real Guns Kill! Don't Buy War Toys. Durban, Dec 1986   
 Warning real Guns Kill!   
 Working for a Just Peace. April 1986   
 No Call-up for Civil War   
 War is No Solution   
 Conscription Continues. ECC Lives!   
 We Demand the Right to Oppose Conscription!   
 The ECC Demands a Just Peace. July 1986   
 Cadets. Schoolyard Today Townships Tomorrow. Cape Town   
 Conscripts with No Right to Choose   
 Cancel the Call-up (Issued by Black Sash)   
 Ons Stem ...Ons Reg!   
 We Demand the Right to Speak   
 The ECC Demands the Right to Speak. Johannesburg   
 Peace not Call-up   
 Write Against the Call-up. Cape Town   
 Can we Let our Country Bleed in Silence?   
 Tie a Yellow Ribbon against the Civil War   
 Tie a Yellow Ribbon for a Just Peace. Johannesburg   
 Peace Picnic. Cape Town   
 We Call for an End to Conscription   
 I Will Serve (Issued by SADF)   
 Youth Unite Against the Call-up. Johannesburg   
 Bring Our Boys Back from Angola   
 Make Love Not War   
 Conscripts Need Alternatives   
 War is Sic!   
 Botha Ek's Gatvol   
 I (tomato) PW   
 They Make the Laws We Fight their Wars. Johannesburg   
 SADF - Apartheid Puppets?   
 National Service Need Not be Military Service   
 For Many South African People the State of Emergency is War   
 Watch for the Yellow Ribbon!   
 August Call-up. Let Conscripts Choose (Cape Town)   
 SADF wants you! Do You want them?   
 It's illegal under emergency rule for us to state our case. Why?   
 The Problem with this general election is you don't know which general you're electing   
T-SHIRTS 1 box   
 The photographs are stored in the Media Room with collections of photographs. See also online display of photographs ahead of this inventory.   
L1-16. Photographs include: Sue Lund; Alternative Service Campaign at Zoo Lake; Harold Winkler at Peace Fast, August 1985; Placard Holder - Lamontville; Westbury Children's Holiday programme, April 1986.   
L17-35. Set of photos including Rev. Douglas Torr, Nan Cross, the Quaker Centre in Cape Town, ECC marches, Working for a just peace   
L36 Set of contact prints ECC peace festival of 1993, with speakers, inclu. Mandela. No negs. or larger prints of these.   
 One packet of unidentified photos and duplicates, which are stored with collection of papers.   
M1 ECC Publications 7f.   
M1.1 Forces Favourites (includes record)   
M1.2 War is No Solution   
M1.3 Combat, Feb. No.2   
M1.4 Marching Orders   
M1.5 Know Your Rights - booklet   
M1.6 1987 ECC Diary (rough draft)   
M1.7 1988 ECC Diary   
M2 Publications not ECC 1982-1988 26f.   
M2.1 Varsity (UCT), 5 Oct 1983, 12 Oct 1983, 1986 lf.   
M2.2 Other UCT Publications 1982-1985 lf.   
M2.2.1 Conscription Action Group Focus Week Speeches, May 1984   
M2.2.2 Speech re militarisation focus, May 1982   
M2.2.3 SADF: Cutting Edge of Apartheid   
M2.2.4 War in the Townships, Why. Booklet Apr 1985   
M2.3 Wits Student   
 vol.35 no.3 1983   
 vol. 36 no. 11 1984   
 vol.37 no. 7 1985   
 vol.40 nos. 11 & 121988   
M2.4 An Eyewitness Report of Violent State Action in South Africa. Issued by Grahamstown Committee of Democrats. Nov 1984 lf.   
M2.5 De Lange: marching to the same order. Neusa publication lf.   
M2.6 CRIC. Workshop papers presented at Mamelodi Youth Congress/ CRIC seminar on Education Crisis in South Africa. Mar 1986 lf.   
M2.7 POLSTU Werkstuk II lf.   
M2.8 Change Newsletter, June 1986 lf.   
M2.9 SASPU National, vol.7 no.3, June 1986 1f.   
M2.10 Dome, Aug 1987. Durban University Publication lf.   
M2.11 Soweto Parents Crisis Committee. Published by Urban Foundation lf.   
M2.12 Research material for Peter Vale's book on ECC. 1988 lf.   
M2.13 Catholic Institute for International Relations: Book on ECC lf.   
M2.14 Rhodeo, (Rhodes University) Aug 1988 lf.   
M2.15 Catholic Institute for International Relations. South Africa in the1980s. State of Emergency 1987 lf.   
M2.16 Hawks and Doves - The Pro- and Anti-Conscription Press in South Africa. Edited by Michael Graaf. Published by Contemporary Cultural Studies Unit, May 1988 lf.   
M2.17 Work in Progress, No. 53 - Apr/May 1988 lf.   
M2.18 An Overview of Peace Initiatives, Movements and Organisations in South Africa by Winkler, van der Merwe and Geldenhuys. CAPS series no.4, August 1987   
M2.19 Southern African Perspectives : 2 articles by Laurie Nathan:   
 `Marching to a different Drum (re Namibia. Feb 1990)   
 `Riding the Tiger: the integration of armed forces and Post apartheid military.' November 1991   
M2.20 Children on the front line a report for UNICEF 1987   
M2.21 Christians make Peace Margaret Nash 1982   
M2.22 Conscription an Islamic response (Muslim Youth Movement)   
M2.23 South African Defence Review 6 issues, 1992-1993   
M2.24 South Africa in the nineties: prospects for solutions 4 issues, 1992-1993   
PAMPHLETS 2f. (See also B)   
N1 ECC Pamphlets 1f.   
N1.1 I Need You! Join the Army and See the Township   
N1.2 What Cost This War. ECC fact sheet   
N1.3 Young Men are conscripted to maintain the illegal occupation of Namibia, and to wage unjust war against Foreign Countries   
N1.4 War is Not Compulsory. Let's Choose a Just Peace   
N1.5 The Declaration to End Conscription   
N1.6 Merry Xmas in South Africa   
N1.7 In Perspektief, June 1987   
N1.8 June 16 SADF: Stay away from the Townships   
N1.9 Nkosi Sikelel 'I'Afrika   
N1.10 The ECC. Sep 1985   
N1.11 Working for a Just Peace. Construction not Conscription   
N1.12 Got Them Conscription Blues?   
N1.13 March 21 - So What's Changed?   
N1.14 Pamphlets and leaflets, miscellaneous 1 box   
N2 Pamphlets Not ECC 1f.   
N2.1 SABC News is Biased   
N2.2 Weg Met Verpligte Militere Diens? Issued by Bridgton Jeug   
 Organisasie, Oudtshoorn   
N2.3 Some People are Dying for Change. UCT, May 1985   
N2.4 June 16. Produced by Linx   
O1 Acts and Bills 1f.   
O2 1984 Directory of Cape Town Services and Resources 1f.   
O3 Songsheets 1f.   
O4 Handwritten Notes 1f.   
O5 Artwork for pamphlets 1f.   
O6 General 1f.   
 Various - (Kept with posters)   
Q1 ECC Posters 1985-   
Q1.1 Pietermaritzburg Public Launch 1985   
Q1.2 Construction Not Conscription   
Q1.3 We Call For A Just Peace   
Q1.4 Towards a Just Peace, April 1986   
Q1.5 The problem with this Election is we don't know which General we're electing, 1987   
Q1.6 Troops out of the townships, Oct 1985   
Q1.7 No apartheid War, Oct 1985   
Q1.8 Troops out of Alexandra, Oct 1985   
Q1.9 Wat soek jy in die townships troepie? May 1986, Johannesburg   
Q1.10 Soldiers, out of the schools, Sept 1986   
Q1.11 Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe...stop SADF terror, May 1986   
Q1.12 Stop SADF Terror, May 1986   
Q1.13 So where's the party? 75 years of the SADF, Apr 1987   
Q1.14 He doesn't look like a terrorist (Cape Town)   
Q1.15 Is war the cost of living? May 1987   
Q1.16 Where's the border now? SADF Get Out, Oct 1985   
Q1.17 A Civil War is not very relaxing, May 1987   
Q1.18 Spring Fair. ECC Declaration launch   
Q1.19 Stop the Call-up, 1985   
Q1.20 Free us from the Call-up, 1985   
Q1.21 ECC Peace Festival, 1985   
Q1.22 South Africa in Conflict, Photographic Exhibition   
Q1.23 Posters for Peace   
Q1.24 Anti-War Film Festival, Sept 1986, Cape Town   
Q1.25 Forces Favourites, Dec 1985   
Q1.26 Forces Favourites, Dec 1985 (Record/Tape)   
Q1.27 Lord make me an instrument of Thy peace   
Q1.28 Vigil - Philip wilkinson   
Q1.29 ECC Fair, May 1987, Cape Town   
Q1.30 ECC Fair, Cape Town   
Q1.31 Fast Against Apartheid, Oct 1985   
Q1.32 Working for a Just Peace Picnic, Johannesburg   
Q1.33 Peace Now. SADF Out   
Q1.34 War. An ECC Film Festival   
Q1.35 Namibia. South Africa's Vietnam   
Q1.36 Out of Step. An ECC cultural evening   
Q1.37 Toys are for cuddling, Dec 1986, Durban   
Q1.38 Don't give a war toy this christmas, Dec 1986, Durban   
Q1.39 END/ECC   
Q1.40 The Southern African war. (Advert for Public Talk - Cape Town)   
Q1.41 ECC Lives! Aug 1986   
Q1.42 Why Fight Namibia's people? Cape Town   
Q1.43 You and your call-up, Cape Town   
Q1.44 Do a national service: help us renovate the graveyard of victims of the civil war   
Q1.45 The Right to Speak   
Q1.46 Panel Discussion. Why End Conscription? Johannesburg   
Q1.47 Mass Debate. Conscription. How do you feel? Johannesburg   
Q1.48 No to Botha's Army. Don't vote   
Q1.49 Campaign for Alternative National Service, Cape Town   
Q1.50 National Service need not be military service, Cape Town   
Q1.51 Working for a Just Peace. Public Meeting Pietermaritzburg   
Q1.52 Come and Hear Philip Wilkinson, Pietermaritzburg   
Q1.53 Two Borders. Angola and Townships, Cape Town   
Q1.54 Support Ivan Toms, Cape Town   
Q1.55 Do a National Service: Join ECC   
Q1.56 Church Service for Peace, Grahamstown   
Q1.57 Concerned About your call-up?   
Q1.58 ECC and FILMSOC anti-war film festival   
Q1.59 Know your Rights in the SADF. Booklet Launch, Cape Town   
Q1.60 Not even the toga party   
Q1.61 Dave Bruce on Trial for refusing to serve in the SADF, 19 Jul 1988   
Q1.62 We Call for an end to conscription   
Q1.63 The Way to Peace. Stop the call-up peace festival   
Q1.64 Students! Support ex-Witsie David Bruce (Wits University) 1988   
Q1.65 Angola. Bringing you the Real News (UCT)   
Q1.66 SADF Troops out now   
Q1.67 Have you filled in the SRC Conscription Survey?   
Q1.68 Do I have to fight in the SADF? SRC Advice Bureau on Military Conscription, Jhb.   
Q1.69 Philip wilkinson on Trial   
Q1.70 Troops Out, Johannesburg   
Q1.71 Namibia Focus Meeting. Wits University   
Q1.72 World in conflict. The need for peace. Public meeting. Wits University   
Q2 Smear Posters   
Q2.2 Russian Roulette   
Q3 SA Posters, not ECC   
Q3.1 Public Health Warning. Issued by Young Progs   
Q4 War Resisters League (USA) Posters   
VIDEOS 5 items   
 Stored in Media Room   
R 1 Charles Bester 1st anniversary (COSG ) 1989   
R 2 Procession ECC Durban Feb 1990   
R 3 Too far apart - exiles   
 Above Board Religious Board   
R 4 Ivan Toms resons for objectingToo far apart   
R 5 Out of Step ECC cultural evening 8 Aug 1987   
 Placard stand Namibia Day 26 August 1987   
AUDIO TAPES 2 items   
 NOTE: The tapes in this collection have been digitised. Please refer to the list of digitised audio material on our website.   
S1 Capital Radio ECC discussion   
S2 ECC meeting