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Collection Name:Records of the SOUTH AFRICAN INSTITUTE OF RACE RELATIONS Papers Part II
 Copyright 2007, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
 Copyright 2011, Historical Papers, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
 Archivist's notes   
 A folder of correspondence between the Bantu Welfare Trust and Nelson R Mandela was digitised. See Pb.11.3.9 (Deborah Wilson, Digital Archivist, Dec. 2011)   
 Compiled by Anna M. Cunningham   
 The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg 1990   
 In November 1972 the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) transferred to the University of the Witwatersrand various of its archival collections including 315 boxes of the papers of John David Rheinallt Jones, a former director of the Institute. These boxes were known as the "RJ" collection. At the same time 103 boxes of SAIRR "R" box collection were transferred. Both collections relate to the work of the Institute and both contain the papers of Rheinallt Jones. The Institute's archivist in 1972, the late Jeanette Curtis (Mrs J.Schoon), thought that the "B" box collection contained the official records of the Institute and the "RJ" collection the personal papers of J.D. Rheinallt Jones. This is not so as the two collections have virtually the same sort of material and cover the same period of time.   
 The "B" box collection was described in Inventory No.10, 'Records of the South African Institute of Race Relations, Part I published by the University Library in 1981. The Institute's archivist, J.Curtis, came to the library and re-sorted the "R.J." collection into broad subject categories. Unfortunately, her detention by the government and her resignation from the Institute prevented the task from being completed. In 1981 the papers of Edith Rheinallt Jones (10 boxes) were made into a separate collection and an unpublished inventory of them was compiled. Similarly, in 1984, a separate collection was made of the records of the Joint Council movement (53 boxes), described in Inventory No.12, Records of the Joint Council of Europeans and Africans. The remainder of the "RJ" collection is described by the University Library's Curator of Manuscripts, Anne Cunningham, in this present inventory, No.15.   
 The "RJ" collection, now comprising 305 boxes, spans the years 1929 to 1954 although there are some items as early as 1921 and as late as 1968. There is a large section on the foundation and work of the Institute covering its policy, publications, membership, administration, activities and regions. The other subject divisions are urban affairs, land, taxation, legislation, franchise, justice, economics, labour, education, Coloured and Indian affairs, social services, World War II, organisations with which the Institute was associated, Protectorates, Africa, church and missionary and J.D.Rheinallt Jones in his personal and senatorial capacity. The collection reflects the Institute's efforts to upgrade the economic, social and political status of Blacks, Coloureds and Indians in South Africa, with particular reference to housing, health, education and franchise, and to improving relations between the different races.   
 J.D.Rheinallt Jones, whose papers are contained in this collection, was a remarkable man who used his prodigious industry to help the downtrodden and underprivileged. He was born on 5 July 1884 in Llanrug, North Wales and in 1905 joined his brother in Cape Town where he interested himself in the welfare of the Coloured people. After working in a bank and as a clerk in a solicitor's office, he moved to Johannesburg where, in 1919, he became Secretary of the Witwatersrand Council of Education and, subsequently, organising secretary of the Witwatersrand University Committee.   
 He had a long association with the University of the Witwatersrand as assistant registrar from 1922 to 1927 and part-time lecturer in Native Law and Administration from 1927 to 1936. In 1930 he was awarded an honorary M.A. for his contribution to the University and to research.   
 His involvement with both the Council of Education and the University of the Witwatersrand is strongly reflected in his papers. He was active in helping to found the multi-racial joint council movement and the South African Institute of Race Relations, with which he had a long association as adviser from 1930 to 1944, director from 1944 to 1947 .and president in 1950. From 1937 to 1942 he represented the Africans of the Transvaal and Orange Free State in the Senate. When he left the Institute in 1947 he became Advisor on Native Affairs to the Anglo-American Corporation of South Africa, travelling extensively throughout Africa in the course of his work.   
 His interests were widespread and he gave of his time generously to many movements including the Pathfinders (the African Boy Scouts), being awarded the Silver Wolf in 1947. He contributed articles to many journals and served on several committees and public bodies such as the Transvaal Advisory Board for Native Education, the Advisory Council for Adult Education, the Joint Native Advisory Board, the South African Institute of International Affairs and the National Council of the Young Mens Christian Associations. He had a voluminous correspondence and friends in many African countries, particularly the Rhodesias. In 1910 he married Edith Barton, a schoolteacher who, until her death in 1944, shared her husband's interest; and activities. There was one daughter of the marriage. In 1947 he married his second wife, Clare, who also supported her husband's work. Rheinallt Jones died on 30 January 1953, leaving behind him, in these papers, a record of his activities.   
 This inventory is dedicated to the late Jeanette Curtis, the SAIRR's archivist, who was responsible for gathering together this collection and ensuring its preservation for researchers.   
 Anna M. Cunningham, February 1990   
 After the formation or the Union of South Africa in 1910, legislation was enacted which discriminated against the non-White section of the population and increased the racial segregation existing at the time of Union. This angered many Blacks and caused a series of strikes by Black workers. By the 1920s responsible Europeans, particularly churchmen, saw the importance of bringing the races together. Native Welfare Societies, consisting of liberal and philanthropic Europeans, were founded which in due course were replaced by Joint Councils, inter-racial in character.   
 The Joint Council movement was largely the inspiration of Dr Thomas Jesse Jones and Dr J.E.K.Aggrey who in 1921 conducted a study tour of education in South Africa on behalf of the Phelps-Stokes Fund of the United States of America. They had seen the value of inter-racial councils in America and persuaded Dr C.T.Loram, Chief Inspector of Education in Natal, and his friend J.D.Rheinallt Jones, Secretary of the Witwatersrand Council of Education, to establish a multi-racial organisation with the aim of promoting understanding and goodwill between the races. Rheinallt Jones founded the first Joint Council of Europeans and Africans in Johannesburg in 1921 and by 1931. there were in existence thirty European-African Joint Councils, three European-Indian Joint Councils and a European-Coloured Joint Council was in the process of formation. In all eighty Joint Councils were established, many of them continuing to exist side by side with the Institute of Race Relations after it was founded in 1929. By 1981 only two Joint Councils remained, of which only one was active.   
 During visits to South Africa in the 1920s, Dr Thomas Jesse Jones convinced Rheinallt Jones of the need to set up a national body to centralise inter-racial activities. The project was made possible by finance from the Phelps-Stokes Fund and the Carnegie Corporation. Rheinallt Jones convened an inter-racial conference in Cape Town in January 1929 which revealed enthusiasm for a national organisation. He called together a committee of seven prominent South Africans not connected with any political party - E.H.Brookes, Professor J. du Plessis, Professor D.D.T.Jabavu, Dr C.T.Loram, T.W.Mackenzie, J.H.Nicholson and J.H.Pim. They met on 9 May 1929 at the house of the Rev. Dr R.E.Phillips in Johannesburg, resolved to form a South African Institute of Race Relations and elected C.T.Loram chairman, Howard Pim, treasurer and Rheinallt Jones, secretary.   
 With the deaths of Mackenzie and Nicholson and the transfer of Loram to a professorial choir at Yale, the Committee was reduced to six but in 1930 Dr J.G.van der Horst was added and in 1931 Professor R.F.A.Hoernle, Leo Marquard and Senator Lewis Byron. These ten committee members are regarded as the foundation members of the institute.   
 The principal aims of the Institute were:   
 "(a) To work for peace, goodwill and practical cooperation between the various sections of the population of South Africa.   
 (b) To initiate, support, assist and encourage investigation that may lead to greater knowledge and understanding of the racial groups and of the relations that subsist or should subsist between them.   
 (c) To co-operate with and assist bodies and persons concerned with either or both of the two aforesaid objects.   
 (d) To promote co-operation between such bodies and persons."   
 There have been five directors of the Institute: John David Rheinallt Jones 1930-1947 (1930-1944 as Adviser), Quintin Whyte 1947-1970, Frederick Johannes van Wyk 1970-1980, John Rees 1980-1983 and currently John Kane- Berman.   
 After the formation or the Union of South Africa in 1910, legislation was enacted which discriminated against the non-White section of the population and increased the racial segregation existing at the time of Union. This angered many Blacks and caused a series of strikes by Black workers. By the 1920s responsible Europeans, particularly churchmen, saw the importance of bringing the races together. Native Welfare Societies, consisting of liberal and philanthropic Europeans, were founded which in due course were replaced by Joint Councils, inter-racial in character.   
 The Joint Council movement was largely the inspiration of Dr Thomas Jesse Jones and Dr J.E.K.Aggrey who in 1921 conducted a study tour of education in South Africa on behalf of the Phelps-Stokes Fund of the United States of America. They had seen the value of inter-racial councils in America and persuaded Dr C.T.Loram, Chief Inspector of Education in Natal, and his friend J.D.Rheinallt Jones, Secretary of the Witwatersrand Council of Education, to establish a multi-racial organisation with the aim of promoting understanding and goodwill between the races. Rheinallt Jones founded the first Joint Council of Europeans and Africans in Johannesburg in 1921 and by 1931. there were in existence thirty European-African Joint Councils, three European-Indian Joint Councils and a European-Coloured Joint Council was in the process of formation. In all eighty Joint Councils were established, many of them continuing to exist side by side with the Institute of Race Relations after it was founded in 1929. By 1981 only two Joint Councils remained, of which only one was active.   
 During visits to South Africa in the 1920s, Dr Thomas Jesse Jones convinced Rheinallt Jones of the need to set up a national body to centralise inter-racial activities. The project was made possible by finance from the Phelps-Stokes Fund and the Carnegie Corporation. Rheinallt Jones convened an inter-racial conference in Cape Town in January 1929 which revealed enthusiasm for a national organisation. He called together a committee of seven prominent South Africans not connected with any political party - E.H.Brookes, Professor J. du Plessis, Professor D.D.T.Jabavu, Dr C.T.Loram, T.W.Mackenzie, J.H.Nicholson and J.H.Pim. They met on 9 May 1929 at the house of the Rev. Dr R.E.Phillips in Johannesburg, resolved to form a South African Institute of Race Relations and elected C.T.Loram chairman, Howard Pim, treasurer and Rheinallt Jones, secretary.   
 With the deaths of Mackenzie and Nicholson and the transfer of Loram to a professorial choir at Yale, the Committee was reduced to six but in 1930 Dr J.G.van der Horst was added and in 1931 Professor R.F.A.Hoernle, Leo Marquard and Senator Lewis Byron. These ten committee members are regarded as the foundation members of the institute.   
 The principal aims of the Institute were:   
 "(a) To work for peace, goodwill and practical cooperation between the various sections of the population of South Africa.   
 (b) To initiate, support, assist and encourage investigation that may lead to greater knowledge and understanding of the racial groups and of the relations that subsist or should subsist between them.   
 (c) To co-operate with and assist bodies and persons concerned with either or both of the two aforesaid objects.   
 (d) To promote co-operation between such bodies and persons."   
 There have been five directors of the Institute: John David Rheinallt Jones 1930-1947 (1930-1944 as Adviser), Quintin Whyte 1947-1970, Frederick Johannes van Wyk 1970-1980, John Rees 1980-1983 and currently John Kane- Berman.   
 Others who have contributed to the work of the Institute are Dr E.H.Brookes, Dr Ellen Hellmann, Professor R.F.A.Hoernle, Miss Muriel Morrell, Mrs Edith Rheinallt Jones, Donald Molteno, Maurice Webb and Mrs Maida Whyte. Distinguished Blacks associated with the Institute included Professor D.D. T.Jubavu, the Rev.E.E.Mahabane, Professor Z.K.Matthews, P.R.Mosaka, W.F.Nkomo and Dr A.B.Xumu.   
 The Institute has many functions, one of its most important being the accumulation of factual data on the living conditions of the Black, Coloured and Indian peoples and their legal status and civil rights.   
 Enquiries range from ad hoc investigations of specific conditions to major research projects, often resulting in representations being made to government and local authorities and evidence being submitted to commissions. Amongst the Institute's publications are the annual Survey of Race Relations, quarterly Race Relations Journal. (discontinued in 1962), monthly Race Relations News and the Handbook on race relations in South Africa, edited by Ellen Hellmann, first published in 1949 by Oxford University Press and reprinted by Octagon Books of New York in 1975. Other publications are the annual Presidential Address and Hoernle Memorial Lecture and many pamphlets on a great variety of topics. A specialist library on race relations is provided at Auden House, Johannesburg, the Institute's headquarters, and the archives section, which no longer exists, had, over the years, built up valuable collections of the papers of prominent individuals and the records of corporate bodies, now in the safe-keeping of the University Library.   
 Other tasks undertaken by the Institute are assisting various organisations to hold conferences, administering Trusts and educational bursary funds and, where necessary, providing services such as the Legal Aid Bureau 1938, Penal Reform League 1939, Bureau of Literature and Literacy 1946 and Domestic Workers and Employees Project 1971.   
 All the activities prior to 1950 mentioned above are reflected in the "RJ" collection.   
Aa Head Office   
Aa1 Foundation   
Aa2 Policy and publicity   
Aa3 Correspondence   
Aa4 Publications   
Aa5 Finance   
Aa6 Membership   
Aa7 Reports   
As8 Council Meetings   
Aa9 Executive Committee   
Aa10 Library   
Aa11 Activities   
Aa12 Memoranda   
Ab Regions   
Ab1 Cape Western   
Ab2 Cape Eastern   
Ab3 Natal   
Ab4 O.F.S.   
Ab5 Southern Rhodesia   
Ab6 Southern Transvaal   
B1 General   
B2 Urban Native Census   
B3 Townships and locations   
B4 Local government in townships   
B5 Legislation and administration of urban areas   
B6 Illicit liquor   
B7 Transport   
C1 Native Trust and Land Act   
C2 Trust land   
C3 Lund: general   
C4 Tribes and their land in the Transvaal   
C5 Agriculture   
C6 Farm labour   
D1 Poll tax petition   
D2 Exemption from taxation   
D3 Maize levies   
D4 Miscellaneous memoranda and notes   
E1 Native law and administration: general   
E2 Native Code of Native Law   
E3 Natives Representative Council   
E4 Natives Representation Act   
E5 Succession, inheritance and salaries of chiefs   
E6 Coffee carts and hawkers   
E7 Suppression of Communism Act   
E8 Pass laws   
F1 Black   
F2 Coloured   
G1 Administration of justice   
G2 Crime   
G3 Police   
G4 Courts   
G5 Emergency   
H1 Trading rights   
H2 Markets   
H3 Native Economic Commission   
H4 Cost of living   
H5 Token system on Natal coal mines   
H6 Blacks and paper currency   
J1 Legislation   
J2 Trade unions   
J3 Employment policy   
J4 Labour in specific industries   
J5 Industrial relations   
J6 Coloured labour   
J7 International   
Ka Council of Education   
Kb Education   
L1 Cape Coloured Commission   
L2 Coloured Advisory Council   
L3 Commission of Inquiry regarding Cape Coloured population   
L4 Conferences   
L5 Education   
L6 Franchise   
L7 General   
L8 Health and housing   
L9 Joint councils   
L10 Labour   
L11 Land   
L12 Liquor   
L13 Northern Rhodesia   
L14 Nursing   
L15 Segregation   
L16 Social welfare   
L17 Welfare societies   
Ma Johannesburg Indian Social Welfare Association   
Mb Social welfare   
Mc South African Institute of Race Relations   
Md Other organizations   
Na Health   
Nb Social welfare   
Nc Child welfare   
Nd Juvenile affairs   
O1 Allowances   
O2 Civic guards   
O3 Diet   
O4 Discharges   
O5 Governor General's National War Fund   
O6 Internees   
O7 Native Military Corps   
O8 News of the war   
O9 Peace Aims Committee   
O10 Pensions   
O11 South African Gifts and Comforts Fund   
O12 War topics   
O13 Welfare   
O14 Y.W.C.A. TOC H   
ORGANISATIONS (Arranged alphabetically)   
Q1 General   
Q2 Basutoland   
Q3 Bechuanaland   
Q4 Swaziland   
R 1 Abyssinia   
R 2 Kenya   
R 3 Northern Rhodesia   
R 4 Nyasaland   
R 5 Sierra Leone   
R 6 South West Africa   
R 7 Southern Rhodesia   
Sa Personal   
Sb Senatorial   
Aa Head Office   
Aa1 Foundation of the Institute 7 files 1929-1944   
Aa1.1 Preliminary announcement 2p. Aug.1929   
Aa1.2 Minutes of meetings of Committee 5 items 1929-1932   
 This Committee was appointed to deal with the grant by the Phelps-Stokes Fund for Inter-racial Work in South Africa   
Aa1.3 Constitution 21p. Undated   
Aa1.4 Incorporation of the Institute 4 files 1934-1944   
 Includes Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Memorandum or Agreement, amendments and correspondence between J.D.R.Jones, H.A.Damant, life and other members   
Aa2 Policy and Publicity   
Aa2.1 Policy 4 files 1933-1967   
 Memoranda, printed items, reports of activities and press statements including the following:   
 1933 The South African Institute of Race Relations: what it is and what it does   
 1940 Memorandum by a Committee of Enquiry into the organisation of the Institute   
 1947 Memorandum from the SAIRR to the Native Laws Committee of Enquiry   
 1948 The next 25 years in race relations: articles by E.H.Brookes, T.J.Haarhoff, Z.K.Matthews, A.I.Minty, Q. Whyte   
 1954 Institute's findings on recent legislation, from Indian opinion, 22 Jan.1954   
 1954 Silver Jubilee of the Institute   
 1955 Statement on the Reservation of Separate Amenities by Local Authorities Ordinance   
 1967 Institute's attack on the Population Registration Amendment Bill   
 Undated How the race groups came together in South Africa. By Oliver Walker   
 Undated Memorandum on the Institute   
Aa2.2 Publicity 5 files 1947-1952   
 Correspondence mainly of Oliver Walker, with editors, publishers, town councils and the S.A. Board of Censors   
 Subjects: public relations and the possibility of performing stage shows in the locations   
Aa3 Correspondence   
Aa3.1 General 61 files 1929-1953   
Aa3.1.1 1929 1 file   
 Correspondents; H.B.Catlin, A.N.Doki, J.du Plessis, E.W.Grant, J.G.Gubbins, L.P.Hardaker, Dr T.Jesse Jones, H.A.Junod, F.P.Keppel, R.M.Lester, E.Lewis, T.W.Mackenzie, J.H.Nicolson, R.H.W.Shepherd, W.C.Terril, D.R.O.Thomas, J.G.van der Horst, M.Wilman   
 Grant's by Phelps-Stokes Fund and the Carnegie Corporation for inter-racial work and the foundation of the Institute. Appointment of J.D.Rheinallt Jones as Advisor   
 Workers Educational Association to investigate a multi-racial society and social and economic conditions   
 Possible support for the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union from the Institute   
Aa3.1.2 1930 1 file   
 Correspondent: Marquess of Lothian, J.H.Oldham   
 Survey by the international Missionary Council of religious and social agencies among Blacks in mining areas.   
 Research to be undertaken by L.Marquard   
Aa3.1.2a 1931 3 files   
 Correspondents: C.H.Buxton, D.D.T.Jabavu, H.A.Junod, E. Ross   
 Opening of a Negro Social Club in Liverpool   
 Native Bills   
 World Conference for International Peace through Religion; Help given by T.J.Jones in starting Joint Councils; Request for a study circle on black affairs   
 Native Economic Commission; Article on John Tengo Jabavu for the Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences   
 British Commonwealth Education Conference   
Aa3.1.3 1932 1 file   
 Correspondents: F.W.Demont, P. Duncan, J. F.Herbst, T.Jesse Jones, F.P.Keppel, R.M.Lester, H.Birch Reynardson, R.H.W.Shepherd, A. Phelps Stokes   
 Inter-University Committee for African Studies   
 Introduction of the new Governor General to Blacks   
 Draft amended Natal Native Code of Law   
 Financing and progress of the SAIRR   
 Lack of support from within South Africa and plan for E.H.Brookes to work for the SAIRR for 6 months to raise funds Acknowledgement of the work done by T.Jesse Jones in his visits to South Africa   
 Support from Phelps-Stokes Fund for Fort Hare   
 Request for Patrick Duncan to consult with the Carnegie Corporation re SAIRR   
 Freehold title for Blacks in urban areas   
 Grant from the Carnegie Corporation for libraries for Cape Coloureds   
 Removal of Blacks from crown lands   
 Black unemployment   
Aa3.l.4 1933 1 file   
 Correspondents: D.D.T.Jabavu, T.Jesse Jones, F.P.Keppel, F.S. Livie-Noble, A. Phelps Stokes   
 Comment on S.M.Molema   
 Need for continued support for the SAIRR from the Phelps-Stokes Fund and the Carnegie Corporation   
 Appointment of E.H.Brookes to raise funds   
Aa3.1.5 1934 8 files   
 Correspondents: P. Duncan, L.E.Hertslet, J.Reyneke   
 Anti-semitism and race relations   
 Appeal from Lads Hostel Committee   
 Proposed Bantu Legion to defend white women   
Aa3.l.5a 1935 6 files   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, F.Buckton, K.Campbell, J.G.Coka, A.V.Davis, R.F.A.Hoernle, B.Huss, D.D.T.Jahavu, A.Kerr, L.Marquard, W.A.Norton, J.H.Oldham, Bp.W.Parker, H.Pollak, J.Venter   
 Native Bills   
 Proposed that F.S.Malan be co-opted as foundation member   
 Maternity benefit   
 Report of discussion between Sir Malcolm Halley and J.D.R. Jones   
Aa3.1.6 1936 7 files   
 Correspondents: Sir G.Albu, B.M.Bellasis, I.Bud-Mbelle. H.Coaker, W.W.M.Eiselen, J.Gray, Sir J.Harris, H.R.G.Howman, P.Mitchell, L.R.Mothlabe, J.H.Oldham, A.L.Saffery, D.G.Shepstone, D.L.Smit, M.J.Thomas   
 Death of Winifred Holtby   
 Facilities for blacks from inside and outside South Africa to visit the Empire Exhibition in Johannesburg   
 Projected visit of Mrs Paul Robeson   
 The International Peace Campaign   
 Intention of the Commission to divide the Cape Province into three "native" electoral divisions   
 Merits of the McCord Zulu Hospital   
Aa3.1.6a 1937 6 files   
 Correspondents: E.L.Benjamin, J.H.Brent, E.H.Brookes, I.Bud-Mbelle, J.A.Calata, W.R.Caley, J.G.Carson, J.Donaldson, W.E.B.du Bois, J.Gray, C.L.Harries, L.E.Hertslet, H.R.G.Howman, T.J.Jones, A.Kerr, T.Khama, E.Mancoba, P.Millin, R.E.Phillips, C.F.Rey, P.J.Schoeman, P.Ka I.Seme, J.H.Sims, A.S.Vil-Nkomo   
 Possibility of starting joint councils in Dordrecht and Barkly East   
 Visit of Jones to Southern Rhodesia   
 Johannesburg Jubilee Memorial   
 Award of a coronation medal to Edith Jones   
 Congratulations on Jones' election as senator   
 Jones' attitude to the ANC   
 Difference of opinion between Saffery and Jones   
 Uplifting of the African races   
Aa3.1.7 1938 7 files   
 Correspondents: M.Adams, A.W.Blaxall, E.H.Brookes, J.A.Calata, H.I.E.Dhlomo, L.E.Hertslet, R.F.A.Hoernle, B.Huss, H.P.Junod, J.K.Mahemane, S.Ngcobo, Bp.W.Parker, A.L.Saffery, A.Schauder, J.H.Sims, J.Stevenson-Hamilton, M.Webb, M.Wilman   
 African marital unions   
 Proclamation of Sophiatown, Newclare and Martindale under the Natives (Urban Areas) Act   
 Housing schemes for blacks, Coloureds and Indians   
 Accommodation for civilised blacks in the Kruger Park   
 Trading rights in OFS locations   
 Formation of a Bantu national dramatic movement   
Aa3.1.8 1939 5 files   
 Correspondents: E.Batson, H.Bollen, I.Bud-Mbelle, W.R.Caley, J.M.du Tit, A.J.Haile, W.F.Hlll, K.A.Hobart Houghton P.Ibbotson, C.M.Muxeke, S.Ncobo, R.E.Phillips, F.Postma, J.R.Rathebe, D.L.Smit, J.G.van der Horst, S.van der Horst A.W.Wilkie, R.R.Wright   
 Tax collection   
 Invitation for the SAIRR to have a member on the Joint Universities Committee on Social Studies   
 Application by the Catholic Christian Church of Zion for recognition   
 Imposed or agreed separation   
 Centenary of the Anti-Slavery Aborigines Society   
 Conference on vocational training   
 Africans from Nyasaland and Rhodesia in the Union   
 Plan to spread the SAIRR's work to S.Rhodesia   
 Insurance for Africans   
 Educability of the African: article by S.Biesheuvel   
 Scheme to establish a scholarship in memory of Mrs Maxeke   
Aa3.1.9 1940 3 files   
 Correspondents: A.W.Blaxall, E.H.Brookes, I.Bud-Mbelle, J.A.Calata, R.Coupland, H.A.Damant, M.Gluckman, A.J.Haile, F.Haythornwaite, P.Ibbotson, M.Kavnat, A.Keppel-Jones, Lord Lugard, E.G.Malherbe, D.B.Molteno, E.G.Ramsay, C.Roberts, P. Ka I.Seme, D.L.Smit, R.C.Street, J.D.Taylor, A.S.Vil-Nkomo,   
 E.M.Waring, O.Warner, A.Winter   
 Suspension of International Institute of African Languages and Cultures   
 Regret at the death of Sir John Harris expressed on behalf of Blacks by P.Ka I.Seme,   
 Care of the African blind   
 Mental health and Dr A.B.Xuma's nomination to the Mental Hygiene Society of the Witwatersrand   
 Poor conditions in the Hermanus location   
 Conditions of Blacks in the Rhodesias and the possible extension of the Institute's work to Northern Rhodesia   
 Death of C.T.Loram   
 Johannesburg City Council's refusal to allow Blacks into the Rio Cinema   
 Centenary of David Livingstone's arrival in Africa   
 Housing for Blacks   
 Kaffir beerhalls   
Aa3.1.10 1941 7 files   
 Correspondents: W.Benson, E.Brookes, Lt.Col S.Gore Brown, Bp.G.H.Clayton, A.J.Haile, J.F.Herbst, V.W.Hiller, R.F.A.Hoernle, P.Ibbotson, J.I.Macnair, D.B.Molteno, J.M.Moremoholo-Mackhabaney (Public Education Centre, Africans), E.D.Mountain, J.Nhlapo, J.L.Omond   
 Memorial to C.T.Loram   
 Institute's invitation for government officials in other African territories to be shown administrative methods in South Africa   
 Request for free seeds to be issued to Unity Clubs in Transkei Pauper funerals   
 Miners Phthisis Laws and discrimination against Blacks   
 Transport facilities for Black soldiers on leave   
 Government's refusal to allow Bantu languages to be used in telegrams   
 Black housing and transport problems   
 Dr Xuma's dislike of social services instead of wages   
 Memorial in honour of Chief Seeiso Griffith Moshoeshoe   
Aa3.1.11 1942 3 files   
 Correspondents: J.M.Greenfield, L.E.Hertslet, J.K.Ingram, D.D.T.Jabavu, T.J.Jones, J.D.Krige, P.R.B.Lewis, M.Yergan   
 Possibility of the Rhodesias amalgamating   
 Living conditions of black servants   
 Possible bequests in favour of the SAIRR   
 Information on the Council on African Affairs   
 Death of Dr J.E.K.Aggrey   
Aa3.1.12 1943 6 files   
 Correspondents: E.L.Benjamin, E.H.Brookes, J.P.Cope, Lady A.Duncan, Sir P.Duncan, A.W.Hoernle, J.H.Hofmeyr, P.Ibbotson, J.K.Ingram, Sir Shafaat Ahmed Khan, J.D.Krige, N.MacVicar, D.McK.Malcolm, B.G.Paver, G.Saron, O.D.Schreiner, C.J.Uys, O.D.Wollheim, A.B.Xuma   
 Proposed National Home for Bantu   
 Aims of women voters   
 Death of Sir P.Duncan   
 Fund in memory of R.F.A.Hoernle who died in 1942   
 Need for a coastal health resort for black children   
 Clinic at Plaston   
 Position of the SAIRR in Rhodesia   
 Franchise for blacks   
 Anti-semitism and Jewish control of financial institutions   
Aa3.1.13 1944 8 files   
 Correspondents: W.G.Ballinger, L.E.Hertslet, D.D.T.Jabavu. E.Jokl, Sir Shafaat Ahmed Khan, J.D.Krige, J.Lewin, M.R.Mamabolo, D.B.Molteno, A.R.S.Poto, L..M.Povall, J.Reyneke, H.W.Rist, J.C.Smuts, H.J.Swart, M.Webb, O.D.Wollheim   
 Apartheid in Kirstenbosch tea room   
 Constitution of the Cape Voters Association   
 Causes of African drinking problems   
 Learn and work scheme for farm schools   
 Appeal for funds for SAIRII   
 Constitution of the African People's Organisation   
 Campaign for Right and Justice   
 Appeal for funds for Guardian court case   
 Threatened internment of Dr Dadoo   
 Appeal for funds for Johannesburg Indian Social Welfare Association   
 Aims of the Society of Servants in South Africa   
 Death of Edith Rheinaltt Jones   
 Conference on National Reconstruction   
 Durban International Club   
 Invitation to Gen.J.C.Smuts to address the Council of SAIRR   
Aa3.1.14 1945 5 files   
 Correspondents: R.First, Sister Frances Mary, D.D.T.Jabavu   
 P.L.Meyer, W.J.O'Meara, Bp.W.Parker, R.E.Phillips, M.T.Soga, Transvaal African Congress, Transvaal African Teachers Association, M.Wilson   
 Split-up of Black families due to legislation   
 Free school meals   
 Migrant labour   
 Statistics of income, crime, labour, malnutrition   
 Aims of the, Progressive Youth Council   
 ANC Youth League Council   
 Memorial to Edith Jones   
 Deportation of Africans - defence fund   
 Frieze for Voortrekker monument   
Aa3.1.15 1946 12 files   
 Correspondents: A.W.Blaxall, E.H.Brookes, W.R.Caley, A.J.B.Desmore, R.H.Godlo, J.H.Hofmeyr, B.Holt, J.Lewin, B.W.Lloyd, W.M.Macmillan, N.MacVicar, L.Marquard, Z.K.Matthews, S.Ngcobo, J.L.Omond, R.E.Phillips, J.Reyneke, S.G.Pitts, H.J.Simons, Springbok Legion, J.C.Stokoe, M.Webb, O.D.Wollheim   
 Possible help from SAIRR for Natives Representative Council Kaffir beer   
 Accusation that Bantu Welfare Trust gave ANC 1,000   
 Influx control helped by restriction on sale of rail tickets to Blacks   
 Training of Black dieticians   
 Need for parent-teacher associations in Black schools   
 Need for a conference of all anti-fascist bodies   
 Scholarship, for Blacks tenable in Britain   
 Juvenile delinquency   
 Civilian Conservation Corps   
 Friends of Africa School Essay Competition   
 Bantu United School., Heilbron   
Aa3.1.16 .1947 12 files   
 Correspondent;: Bantu buying Union Ltd., E.H.Brookes, Sir S.Gore Browne, J. Donaldson, C.J.Ferguson-Davie, A.H. Hartung, L.E.Hertslet, J.H.Hofmeyr, B.Holt, T.Huddleston, P.Ibbotson, H.P.Junod, P.R.B. Lewis, C.T.Astley Maberley, T.R.Masethe (African Agencies and Complaints Office), E.T.Mofutsanyana, D.B.Molteno, H.V.Morton, K.B.Mosenyi, Bp.W.Parker, F.Rodseth, J.C.Smuts, P.C.Sykes, C.J.Uys, O.D.Wollheim   
 Meet the Bantu radio series   
 Pamphlet to help rural Blacks who move to town   
 Natives Representative Council   
 Colour bar and the need to improve race relations   
 Constitution of Mogogora Social Association   
 White fear of the influx of Blacks into urban areas   
 Employment opportunities for educated Blacks   
 Need to preserve Bantu culture   
 Cooperation between Blacks, Coloureds and Indians   
 Use of the term African instead of native   
 Need for a joint convention of all races   
 African Mutual Credit Association   
 Proposed new legislation affecting Blacks   
Aa3.1.17 190 2 files   
 Correspondents: A.W.Blaxall, J.Lewin, D.F.Malan   
 Natives Representative Council   
 Deterioration in race relations   
 Political representation of non-Europeans   
 A.Blaxall's decision to stand for Senate   
 Q.Whyte's appointment as Director   
Aa3.1.18 1949 3 files   
 Correspondents: Dr A.Cardosa, L.Kraft, W.S.Lean, J.Lewln, Bp.R.A.Reeves, H.W.Rist, D.C.Thompson, J.B.Webb   
 Series of lectures Our neighbours in Africa, on Africa today and tomorrow, British colonial policy, Angola, Madagascar and Nyasaland   
 Need for churches to cooperate in improving race relations   
Aa3.1.19 1950 2 files.   
 Correspondents: E.Beaud, M.Horrell, A.B.Hughes, D.F.Malan, C.P.van der Merwe, S.P.van der Walt   
 Division between Afrikaner and English sections   
 Political rights and duties for Blacks   
 Minister of Native Affairs (H.F.Verwoerd) refuses to meet a mixed delegation   
 Request for a National Convention to discuss the racial situation   
 Commission of Enquiry into riots at Newlands, Krugersdorp, Randfontein and Newclare   
 Unlawful Organisations and Group Areas Bills   
 Request for a location at Bronkhorstspruit   
Aa3.1.20 1951 2 files   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, A.J.Cutten, R.E.Phillips, G.D.Tsie   
 Minister of Native Affairs refusal to meet a delegation including Professor Jabavu   
 Housing for Blacks   
 Liquor Bill and Kaffir beer   
 South West Africa   
 Problems of the Bantu National School, Western Native Township   
Aa3.1.21 1952 2 files   
 Correspondents: T.Boydell, J.M.Hlongwane, Native Farmers Association of Africa, Ltd., W.B.Ngakane, G.D.Tsie   
 Purchase of stands at Driefontein   
 T.Boydell's views on political equality between the races   
 Black housing   
 Separate Representation of Voters Act   
Aa3.1.22 1953 1 file   
 Correspondent: T.Huddleston   
 The Tsotsi problem and youth gangs   
Aa3.1.23 Undated 1 file   
 Correspondent: F.S.Malan   
 Complaints of the Bamangwato tribe   
 Congratulations to J.D.R.Jones on his speech in the senate   
Aa3.2 Correspondence: individuals   
Aa3.2.1 E.H.Brookes 2 files 1933-1946   
 Correspondence with J.D.R.Jones and the following:   
 Sir C.Beattie, R.H.Birt, J.du Plessis, J.F.Herbst, L.E.Hertslet, R.G.Millburn, E.C.Parnell, R.H.W.Shepherd, J.Soobiah   
 1933 Carnegie Corporation grant to allow Brookes to work for SAIRR to raise funds   
 1933 Race relations   
 1934 Publication of Brookes' pamphlets   
 1934 Discrimination against Indians   
 1934 Acceptance by Brookes of principalship of Adams College   
 1934 Suggestion that Jones be Oxford University Press advisor   
 1935 Native Bills   
 1937 Cooperation between senatorial representatives   
 1937 Permission to hold meetings in native arena   
 1939 G.Heaton Nicholls and the financial control of black education   
 1941 Protest at exclusion of blacks from census   
 1944 Race attitudes of English-speaking South Africans   
 1947 Setting up of a branch office in Durban   
 1947 Presidential survey of Race Relations   
Aa3.2.2 E.W.Grant 1 file 1933-1934   
 Correspondence with J.D.R.Jones   
 1933 Possible use of W.R.Caley for Joint Council work in Eastern Province   
 1934 Resignation by Grant us SAIRR representative   
Aa3.2.3 B.Grimston 1 file 1937   
 Conditions for Africans in Southern Rhodesia - with particular reference to health and education   
Aa3.2.4 L.E.Hertslet 1 file 1944   
 Correspondents: J.D.R.Jones, J.Lewin, M.Webb   
 Pamphlet on nutrition and health   
 Suggested open letter to individual town councillors on their duty to Blacks   
 Direct representation of Blacks on municipal councils   
Aa3.2.5 R.F.A.Hoernle 13 files 1934-1942   
 Correspondentu: Mainly J.D.Rheinallt Jones. Other correspondents are W.G.Ballinger, E.H.Brookes, D.M.Buchanan, L.Curtis, J.M.du Toit, J.Harris, A.M.Jabavu, F.P.Keppel, F.S.Malan, D.B.Molteno, H.R.Raikes, J.H.Sims, M.Webb   
 1934 Poor whites   
 1936 Native Bills and SAIRR's policy towards them   
 1937 Housing in Orlando   
 1937 Notes on liberalism   
 1938 Quotation of the Protectorates being incorporated in South Africa   
 1938 German refugees and German labour camps   
 1939 Medical training for Non-Europeans   
 1939 Publication of Phelps-Stokes lecture by Hoernle on Native policy and the liberal spirit   
 1940 Carnegie Corporation's support of institute and grant to Adams College for the education of sons of chiefs   
 1940 Development of the SAIRR library   
 1940 Appointment or S.S.Tema as travelling Non-European Secretary for Student Christian Association   
 1940 Dental training for Non-Europeans   
 1940 Discrimination against blacks in payments made from the Governor Generals National War Fund   
 1940 Suggestion that SAIRR literature be circulated in secondary schools   
 1942 Hoernle's resignation as President of SAIRR   
 1942 Dispute between J.D.R.Jones and A.L.Saffery and Jones' decision not to stand as senator   
 Undated Plans for Wits University's medical and dental training for Non-Europeans   
Aa3.2.6 J.H.Hofmeyr 1 file 1931-1948   
 Corrospordents: C.Dollard, R.F.A.Hoernle, D.D.T.Jabavu, J.D.R.Jones, J.M.Russell, A.L.Saffery, Q.Whyte   
 1931 Native Bills   
 1933 Thanks for the support of SAIRR   
 1934 Commission on social and economic conditions among the Coloured people   
 1934 Medical training for Blacks   
 1935 Civilised labour policy   
 1938 Transfer of the control of black education to the Union Department   
 1938 Proposed visit of Dr W.E.B.du Toit   
 1942 Financing of black education   
 1942 Hofmeyr made life member of SAIRR   
 1945 Hofmeyr appointed Vice-President of SAIRR   
 1945 Frieze for Voortrekker Monument   
 1948 Conference on human rights   
Aa3.2.7 C.T.Loram 2 files 1927-1937   
 Correspondents; W.Eveleigh, J.D.R.Jones, K.M.Nkabinde, B.Wark   
 1927-29 Bantu studies and research   
 1929 Mission activities   
 1930 Functions or the SAIRR   
 1930 Native Economic Commission   
 1931 Union Committee on African Studies   
 1931 Membership of SAIRR Committee   
 1931 Itinerary of T.Jesse Jones   
 1931 Progress of Joint Councils   
 1931 Resignation of Loram as chairman of SAIRR and farewell letter on his leaving for USA   
 1935 Itinerary of C.T.Loram   
 1935 Cooperative movement for Blacks   
 1936 Plea for Coloured South African students to be admitted to graduate schools in USA   
 1937 J.R.Rathebe, Secretary of Bantu Men's Social Centre, to be sent to USA for training   
Aa3.2.8 J.H.Pim 1 file 1929-1931   
 Correspondence with J.D.R.Jones   
 1927-28 Stipends of black clergy   
 1929 Need for a council for SAIRR   
 1930 Work of W.G.Ballinger   
 1930 Mr Stallard and the Native (Urban Areas) Amendment Bill   
 1931 Financial support given by Pim   
 1931 Native Economic Commission   
Aa3.2.9 A.L.Saffery 3 files 1936-1942   
Aa3.2.9.1 General 2 files 1936-1942   
 Correspondents: Enquirers for information   
 Race relations, joint councils and A.L.Saffery's visit to England in 1939 to study trade unions   
Aa3.2.9.2 Friends of Africa l file 1937-1943   
 Correspondents: M.L.Ballinger, W.G.Ballinger, E.H.Brookes, E.Hellmann, A.Creech Jones   
 Subject: Dispute between W.G.Ballinger and the Institute   
Aa3.2.10 H.Sonnabend 1 file 1935   
 Correspondents: A.Abrahamson, S.H.Frankel, J.D.R.Jones, M.Liknaitzky, A.Ovedoff, I.Schapera   
 Ideals of Zionism   
 Inauguration of South African Economic Committee for Palestine Demographic surveys   
Aa3.3 Correspondence: subjects   
Aa3.3.1 Invitations 21 files 1936-1947   
 Invitntions, letters of acceptance and refusal to various functions such as banquets, school prize givings, graduations and to address meetings. The invitations come from all races   
Aa3.3.2 Press: Black 5 files 1931-1938   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, I.Bud-Mbelle, J.R.Clothier, J.G.Coke, J.L.Dube, D.D.T.Jabavu, R.Muir, S.Norton, D.G.Paver, J.H.Pim, C.F.Rey   
 1931 Sale of Ikwezi le Afrika   
 1931 Increasing Black market for consumer goods and newspapers   
 1931 Subsidising of Our Heritage to which S.T.Plaatje contributes the Secuana pages   
 1931 Paver's plan to amalgamate vernacular newspapers,   
 improve the plants and increase circulation   
 1933 Formation of The Bantu Recorder, in English, Xhosa and Sechuana   
 1934 Possibility of Bantu newspapers affiliating to SAIRR   
 1936 Request for financial help for The African Liberator, a joint venture between the Joint Council and the trade unions.   
 Includes copy of V.1 No.5, Mar-Apr 1936   
 1938 Publication of The Now Outlook, the first South African magazine for all Non-Europeans   
 1938 Column for Bantu news in Witbank News   
 1938 Raising funds for The Bantu World   
Aa3.3.3 Race Relations 2 files 1936-1939   
 Correspondents: J.A.I.Agar-Hamilton, O.F.Black, C.Bullock, R.F.A.Hoernle, J.A.La Guma, A.C.Lombard, I.D.MacCrone, L.Marquard, J.Moore, H.M.Robertson, P.J,Schoeman, R.H.W.Shepherd   
 1936 Intelligence testing in Non-European children   
 1936 Mixed marriages   
 1936 Bantu child research programme   
 1936 Attitude of English-speaking and Jewish students to Blacks   
 1936-37 Article in Die Basuin, Oct 1936, attacking the Catholic Church, the Joint Councils and the SAIRR   
 1937 Miscegenation   
 1939 Petition from the National Liberation League protesting against racial separation   
Aa3.3.4 Overseas visitors 8 files 1931-1952   
 Correspondents: A.W.Blaxall, G.M.Childs, B.de Blank, E.Eybers, M.Gluckman, C.T.Loram, J.H.Oldham   
 Arrangements for overseas visitors and for Black students to study in South Africa. Includes items on the visits of Dr Jesse Jones and J.Merle Davis 1931, Major F.J.Ney 1944, Dr Rufus Jones and E.Russell Brayshaw 1946, the Royal Visit 1947 and Gladwyn M.Childs 1948   
Aa3.3.5 Visits by SAIRR staff 8 files 1938-1952   
 Correspondents: E.Russell Brayshaw, T.Cocker Brown, R.K.Cope, W.Cullen, H.J.E.Dumbrell, A.R.Fry, M.Gluckman, B.Grimston, Sir J.Harris, P.Ibbotson, E. Madoc Jones, T.Jesse Jones, F.S.Livie-Noble, M.MacDonald, F.H Melland, E.Ross, M.Wrong, M.Yergon   
 Visits by J.D.R.Jones to Britain 1938, A.L.Saffery 1938, J.D. G E.Jones to Bechuanaland and S.Rhodesia 1944, E.Hellmann to USA 1944-1945, J.D.R.Jones to East, Central and West Africa 1946, P.R.B.Lewis and H. Suzmnn to USA 1947-1948, Q.Whyte to USA 1950 and J.D.R.Jones to West Africa and Britain. 1951-1952   
Aa4 Publications   
Aa4.1 Correspondence 91 files 1931-1953   
 Correspondence, mainly with publishers and printers such as Morija Printing Works and Lovedale Press, town councils and individual contributors or those ordering publications. The Institute's publications included Race Relations News, Race Relations Journal, Survey of Race Relations in South Africa and pamphlets. Underneath are listed, selectively, correspondents and subjects.   
Aa4.1.1 1931 1 file   
 Correspondents: S.Nyonpwana, D. Westermann, T.Cullen Young   
 Publication or J.D.R.Jones' book by the International Institute of African Languages and Cultures   
 Proposed book by S.Nyongwana, First Zulu editor in Natal   
Aa4.1.2 1934 1 file   
 Correspondents: F.L.Cannon, G.Cooper, G.H.Dunn, A.J.Fowler, H.Milford, B.G.Paver   
 Invitation from The Congregationalist to write on the pass laws   
 Article in Umteteli wa Bantu condemning the SAIRR for interposing itself between Black councils in the Transkei and the government   
 Articles for The African Observer   
 Afrikaans version of the annual report   
 Failure of the plan for OUP to retain Rheinallt Jones as adviser   
Aa4.1.3 1935-1936 1 file   
 Correspondents; H.P.Bull, Lord Hailey, C.Northcott, P.Ribbink, A.S.Vil-Nkomo   
 Exchange of journals   
 Criticism of article by A.S.Vi1-Nkomo   
 Information for African Research Survey on released areas   
Aa4.1.4 1937 1 file   
 Correspondents: A.S.Cripps, T.F.Dreyer, R.F.A.Hoernle, T.Reay, E.Ross, R.H.W.Shepherd   
 Native Bills Test Case   
Aa4.1.5 1938 8 files   
 Correspondents: J.M.du Toit. L.Fouche, A.Kerr, J.D.Krige, J.Maud, H.P. Madibare, L.Marquard, A.H.Murray, I. Schapera, R.H.W.Shepherd, B.W.Vilakazi, C.G.Woodson   
 Analysis of Natives (Urban Areas) Act   
 Publication of Houghton's lectures on the economic problems of the Bantu   
 The Voortrekker Centenary Number of Race Relations   
Aa4.1.6 1939 4 files   
 Correspondents: R.Bill, J.L.Gray, A.Jaques, L.Marqand   
 Nutrition number of Race Relations   
 Report on the racial situation by a deputation from the Society of Friends   
 H.J.Simons article on Disability of the native   
 Farm labour pamphlet:   
 Industrial relations symposium   
Aa4.1.7 1940 6 files   
 Correspondents: J.S.Allison, E.H.Brookes, P.Duncun, Sir J.Harris, L.E.Hertslet, R.F.A.Hoernle, P.Ibbotson, J.Lewin, E.Lewis, A.P.J.Mohasi, R.E.Phillips, D.C.Thompson, Sir E.N.Thornton, S.P.Woodfieid   
 Publication of Hoernle's book South African native policy and the liberal spirit   
 Phelps-Stokses lectures   
 Urban Areas number of Race Relations   
 Translation of Aggrey of Africa into Sesuto   
 Bibliography of books on Blacks, in South Africa   
 Publication of E.Hellmann's thesis Problems of urban Bantu youth   
Aa4.1.8 1941 10 files   
 Correspondents: J.A.I.Agar-Hamilton, A.W.Blaxall, R.Coupland, W.E.Dawson, G.Findlay, G.Gale, L.E.Hertslet, R.F.A.Hoernle, Sir J.Hoffend, Rev. B.Huss, J.Lewin, D.B.Molteno, A.H.Murray, R.H.W.Shepherd   
 Start of Inkokuli ya Bantu, a Cape Town paper   
 Centenary of Livingstone's arrival in Africa   
 Pim pamphlets on cooperatives and the coloured problem in Swaziland, Africans and the police, Masters and Servants, workmen's compensation   
Aa4.1.9 1942 12 files   
 Correspondents: A.C.Braby, G.H.R.Edmunds, B.F.A.Hoernle, W.H.Hutt, S.L.Kark, N.Macvicar, Chief Msogwaba, G.H.Nicholls, M.H.Nkosi, J.Rollnick, E.R.Roux, L.Schapera, A.Phelps Stokes   
 Capital and the copper mines   
 New Africa Series of pamphlets   
 Definition of a newspaper   
 Pamphlets on Bantu infant mortality and psychic element in illness   
 Law affecting Blacks in employment.   
Aa4.1.10 1943 12 flies   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, H.R.Burrows, H.S.Cooke, L.E.Hertslet, J.Lewin, N.Macvicar, D.D.Molteno, H.L.Msimang, J.L.Omond, E.R.Roux, M.Webb, A.C.White   
 Indians in Natal   
 Atlantic Charter and the American view of Africa   
 Arrears in publishing Race Relations   
Aa4.1.11 1944 6 files   
 Correspondents: E.Batson, S.Biesheuwel, E.H.Brookes, J.Lewin, D.B.Molteno, R.H.W.Shepherd, M.Wilson   
 Criticism of Brookes' pamphlet The Bantu in South Africa   
 Resignation of J.Lewin as editor of SAIRR publications   
Aa4.1.12 1945 2 files   
 Correspondents: Lt.Col. Sir S.Gore-Browne, J.Lewin, E.R.Roux, S.P.Woodfield   
 Possibility of establishing a branch of SAIRR in Northern Rhodesia   
 Articles on nutrition and penal reform.   
Aa4.1.13 1946 9 files   
 Correspondents: L.Abrahams, Dr F.T.Auden, E.H.Brookes, H.R.Burrows, P.A.W.Cook, C.J.Ferguson-Davie, N.N.Franklin, D.Hobart-Houghton, P.S.Joshi, P.R.Kirby, D.Lewis, H.Macvicar, E.C.Malherbe, Z.K.Matthews, S.Mokitimi, D.B.Molteno, H.M.Robertson. E.R.Roux, M.Shaw, R.H.W.Shepherd, H.J.Simons, H.Sonnabend, J.D.Taylor, S.T.van der Horst, B.W.Vilakazi, O.J.M.Wagner   
 Start of Race Relations Yearbook and negotiations with contributors writing on subjects such as labour, religion, Bantu and Malay literature, music, arts and crafts, land and agriculture, Indians. Published under the title of Survey of Race Relations in South Africa   
Aa4.1.14 1947 8 files   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, C.V.O.Bulkeley, H.R.Burrows. P.A.W.Cook, C.J.Ferguson-Davie, N.N.Franklin, L.E.Hertslet, P.R.Kirby, O.McCann, I.D.McCrone, S.I.Mokitimi, V.S.Naidoo, R..J.Randall, M.Shaw, R.H.W.Shepherd, H.J.Simons, J.D.Taylor, H.Tracey, S.T.van der Horst, O.Walker   
 Subjects: Articles for the Survey of Race Relations in South Africa   
 Series of broadcasts Meet the Bantu. Includes texts   
Aa4.1.15 1948 4 files   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, O.Chevrier, L.E.Hertslet, L.Marqard, O.Walker   
 Publication of a book for Blacks To guide those in towns by L.E.Hertslet. Includes draft   
 Institute Fund Drive: newspaper campaign   
 Publication of folklore tales   
Aa4.1.16 1949 2 files   
 Correspondents: A.J.Crosby. J.Hertslet. P.Ibbotson, R.E.Luyt, S.B.Ngcobo, E.Nightingale. J.Rollnick, O.Walker   
 Distorted article in Race Relations News on labour conditions in Northern Rhodesia   
 Appeal for funds for African medical students   
Aa4.1.17 1950 2 files   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, J.Donaldson, K.Kirkwood, B.L.Salli, O.Walker, A.B.Xuma   
 Possibility of publishing K.Kirkwood's: Native policy of Southern Rhodesia   
 Publication of a new Race Relations Journal   
Aa4.1.18 1951 1 file   
 Correspondents: L.Rlackwell, E.H.Brookes, H.R.Burrows, S.P.Freeland, K.Kirkwood, F.Thiel   
 Pamphlet on the early history of Indians in Natal   
 Group Areas Act   
Aa4.1.19 1952-1953 1 file   
 Correspondents: C.J.Ferguson-Davie, S.P.Freeland, L.M.Thompson, M.Webb   
 Disagreement over acknowledgements in L.E.Hertslet's To help those in towns   
 Includes list of publications issued by the Institute, 1953   
Aa4.2 Publication Committee: minutes 3 files 1939-1945   
 Includes financial statements and memoranda   
Aa4.3 Press Bulletin l file 1946-1954   
 Incomplete set of monthly press bulletins   
Aa4.4 Monthly Press Digest (continued as Monthly Leader Digest) 1 file 1947-1950   
Aa5 Finance   
Aa5.1 General 45 files 1930-1953   
 Correspondents: Barclays and Standard Banks, Howard Pim and Hardy and the following individuals E.H.Brookes, P.Duncan, J.D.R.Jones, F.P.Keppel, P.R.B.Lewis and R.E.Phillips   
 The SAIRR's accounts and financial status, sponsorship by the Carnegie Corporation, Phelps-Stokes Fund and the Ford Foundation, accounts due to and to be paid by the SAIRR, death of SAIRR's financial adviser, H.Pim in 1934 and the salaries and expenses of staff   
Aa5.2 Membership Campaign 65 files 1933-1947   
 Correspondence of E.H.Brookes, J.D.R.Jones and O.D.Wollheim relating to membership campaigns which aimed at improving the SAIRR's finances by increasing membership. The correspondence is with individuals and organizations   
Aa5.3 Carnegie Corporation Visitors Grants 3 files 1934-1938   
 Correspondents: C.C.P.Anning. E.H.Brookes, P.Duncan, R.Feetham, A.F.Grant, J.D.R.Jones, F.P.Keppel, A.Kerr, R.B.Macfie, L.Murray, M.M.Stirling   
 Application and awards of Visitors Grants and the following specific topics   
 1933 Max Yergan's proposal of an Institute of Social Research and Service   
 1934 O.Bull's report on his visit to USA   
 1935 Request for Carnegie grant for Non-European library facilities in Port Elizabeth   
 1936 Grants for Transvaal libraries   
Aa5.4 Appeals for Financial Help 5 files 1941-1952   
 Requests for financial assistance from individuals. Includes minutes and correspondence of Building Fund appeal 1951-1952   
Aa5.b National Navy Week 1 file 1947   
 List of subscribers   
Aa6 Membership 28 files 1933-1952   
 Correspondence with individuals and organisations relating to subscriptions, change of address, affiliation fees arid the work of the SAIRR   
 Included transcript of a letter from R.Campbell to V.C.Slater, attached to a letter from Slater to J.D.R.Jones, 10 Dec.1936, Campbell congratulates Slater on Dark folk and refers to his "trading in horses and I am a bit out touch with literary events"   
 See also Ab5.2 Finance - Membership campaign   
Aa7 Reports 11 files 1931-1943   
Aa7.1 1931 1 file   
 Annual and summarised reports of Executive Committee and Adviser's reports on visits to Ciskei and Eastern Cape   
Aa7.2 1932 1 file   
 Reports (in Afrikaans) and financial statement   
Aa7.3 1933 1 file   
 Annual report, reports of the Adviser and the Campaign Organiser   
Aa7.4 1934 1 file   
 Adviser's report and summary, report of Hon. Organiser of Women's Section and of the Campaign Organiser   
Aa7.5 1935 1 file   
 List of correspondence files and subjects, list of newspaper files and annual report   
Aa7.6 1936 1 file   
 Correspondence re annual report   
Aa7.7 1937 1 file   
 8th annual report   
Aa7.8 1938 1 file   
 9th annual report   
Aa7.9 1941 1 file   
 12th annual report   
Aa7.10 1942 1 file   
 13th annual report   
Aa7.11 1942-1943 1 file   
 14th annual report   
Aa8 Council Meetings 61 files 1933-1954   
 Correspondence, and some reports, relating to meetings of council and to the representatives attending from various organisations. Correspondence is with officials of the Institute such as E.H.Brookes, R.F.A.Hoernle, M.Horrell, J.D.R.Jones, A.L.Saffery, F.J.van Wyk. M.Webb and Q.Whyte. Below are selectively listed some of the correspondents   
Aa8.1 1933 1 file   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, R.F.A.Hoernle, J.D.R.Jones and G.P.Lestrade   
Aa8.2 1934 4 files   
 Correspondents: P.J.Conradie, H.A.Damant, J.Dube, J.du Plessis, C.H.Goodlatte, J.E.Holloway, M.Hore-Ruthuen, J.Rose Innes, D.D.T.Jabavu. A.A.Jaques, H.P.Junod, H.Kallenbach, A.Kerr. C.P.Lestrade, F.S.Malan, S.R.Naidoo, J.C.Smuts, H.F.Verwoerd, R.W.Wilcocks, A.W.Wilkie, Chief Shadrach Zibi   
Aa8.3 1935 1 file   
 Correspondent: A.S.Vi1-Nkomo   
Aa8.4 1936 2 files   
 Correspondents: O.B.Bull, G.F.Dingemans, W.Eise1en, D.H.Houghton, D.D.T.Jabavu. P.G.J.Meiring, F.Postma, H.L.Seligson. D.G.Shepstone, F.C.Slater, D.L.Smit, B.Solomon, Sir C.Tredgold, W.Webber, A.W.Wilkie   
Aa8.5 1937 2 files   
 Correspondents: M.Alexander, W.Ballinger, A.J.B.Dugmore, A.I.Kajee, A.R.Kempe, G.H.Nicholls, S.S.Tema, Sir C.Tredgold, S.T.van der Horst   
Aa8.6 1938 3 files   
 Correspondents: S.Carter, D.D.T.Jabavu, G.P.Lestrade, A.H.Murray, R.E.Phillips, C.Runge, L.Schapera   
Aa8.7 1939 4 files   
 Correspondents: E.Hellmann, L.E.Hertslet, J.H.Hofmeyr, P.Ibbotson, O.D.T.Jabavu, Z.K.Matthewa, R.E.Phillips, F.Postma   
Aa8.8 1940 3 files   
 Correspondents: E.Batson, D.M.Buchanan, A.J.Carter, A.J.B.Desmore, L.Egeland, S.W.Lavis, Z.K.Matthews, D.J.Peacock. C.R.Wyche   
Aa8.9 1941 6 files   
 Correspondents: J.A.Calata, A.J.Carter, J.R.Coan, V.Couldridge, J.H.Hofmeyr, P.Ibbotson, S.W.Lavis, J.Lewin, C.H.Malcomess, J.S.Marais, D.J.Peacock, H.R.Raikes, H.J.Simons, O.L.Smit, J.C.Smuts, A.Phelps-Stokes, C.J.Uys   
Aa8.10 1942 4 files   
 Correspondents: D.M.Buchanan, H.A.Damant, E.W.Grant, L.E.Hertslet, E.E.Mahabane, D.F.Malan, C.H.Malcomess, Z.K.Matthews, B.M.Narbeth, J.R.Nhlapo, F.Postma, R.A.Reeves, A.Schapers   
Aa8.11 1943 4 files   
 Correspondents: C.V.O.Bulkeley, B.D.Mdledle, J.Reyneke, D.G.Shepstone   
Aa8.12 1944 8 files   
 Correspondents: A.W.Blaxall, H.R.Burrows, J.H.Edmunds, G.B.A.Gerdener, E.W.Grant, J.Herbst, L.E.Hertslet, O.D.T.Jabavu, H.P.Junod, J.Lewin, Z.K.Matthews. D.B.Molteno, V.Sirkari Naidoo, A.Schauder, P.V.G.van der Byl   
Aa8.13 1945 2 files   
 Correspondents: H.A.Damant, T.A.Hall, F.R.Luke, O.B.Molteno, S.T.van der Horst   
Aa8.14 1946 4 files   
 Correspondents: M.Ballinger, C.J.Ferguson-Davie, M.Gluckman, J.Herbst, Z.K.Matthews, O.B.Molteno, Transvaal African Teachers Association, M.Wilson   
Aa8.15 1947 2 files   
 Correspondents: H.R.Burrows, C.J.Ferguson-Davie, J.H.Hofmeyr, E.G.Malherbe, Z.K.Matthews, S.B.Ngcobo, Bp.W.Parker, H.J.van Eck, O.J.M.Wagner, O.D.Wollheim   
Aa8.16 1948 1 file   
 Correspondent: R.H.Godlo   
Aa8.17 1951 6 files   
 Correspondents: E.A.Batson, A.J.Cutten, R.Feetham, C.J.Ferguson-Davie, T.A.Hall, L.Marquard, H.Palmer. H.P.Rolfe. R.H.W.Shepherd, Sir H.Stanley, R.E.van der Ross   
Aa8.18 1952 4 files   
 Correspondents: R.Feetham, C.J.Ferguson-Davie, T.A.Hall, D.E.McCausland, L.Marquard, M.Palmer, A.Scnauder, R.H.W.Shepherd, R.E.van der Ross, Q.Whyte   
 Includes replies to a questionnaire on council meetings   
Aa8.19 1953 3 files   
Ae8.20 Correspondents: J.M.Hlongwane, M.Wilson 1954 1 file   
 Correspondents: W.H.Craib, E.G.Malherbe, S.Ngcobo   
Aa9 Executive Committee 39 files 1930-1955   
 Notices. minutes. proxy funds and correspondence relating to meetings of the Committee and to the work of the Institute. Some of the correspondents are listed below:   
Aa9.1 1930 1 file   
 Correspondent: T.W.Mackenzie   
Aa9.2 1931 1 file   
 Correspondents: P.M.Anderson, E.H.Brookes, J.du Plessis, D.D.T.Jabavu, H.G.Stuart, Sir C.Tredgold, J.G.van der Horst   
Aa9.3 1932 1 file   
 Correspondents: C.R.Goodlatte, E.W.Grant, L.Marquard   
Aa9.4 1933 1 file   
 Correspondents: P.J.Conradie, L.Marquard, Sir C.Tredgold   
Aa9.5 1934 1 file   
 Correspondents: W.Eiselen, D.D.T.Jabavu. Kunwar Sir Maharaj Singh   
Aa9.6 1935 1 file   
 Correspondents: G.C.B.Bain, T.J.Jones   
Aa9.7 1936 1 file   
 Correspondents: Nil   
Aa9.8 1937 l file   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, R.F.A.Hoernle, D.D.T.Jabavu, H.P.Junod, K.S.Latourette, F.Postma, I.D.Schapera, O.D.Schreiner, H.S.Seligson, T.R.Swartz, S.S.Tema   
Aa9.9 1938 1 file   
 Correspondents: J.G.Birch, S.H.Dixon, J.M.du Toit, E.W.Grant   
Aa9.10 1939 1 file   
 Correspondents: J.Hardy, R.F.A.Hoernle   
Aa9.11 1940 1 file   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, C.M.Doke, L.Marquard, F.Postma, M. Webb   
Aa9.12 1941 1 file   
 Correspondents: M.Ballinger, D.H.Darling, A.Fischer   
Aa9.13 1942 3 files   
 Correspondents: M. Ballinger, S.H.Brookes, D.M.Buchunan, A.T.Habedi, J.F.Herbst, R.F.A.Hoernle, P.Ibbotson, J.D.Krige, J.Lewsen, E.E.Mahabane, J.G.Malie, D.B.Molteno, P.R.Mosaka, S.P.Mqubuli, R.E.Phillips, F.Postma, H.J.Simons, I.Glyn Thomas, M.C.Weiler   
Aa9.14 1943 6 files   
 Correspondents: A.Amor, M.Ballinger, H.M.Basner, R.T.Bokwe. E.H.Brookes, J.L.Dube, E.W.Grant, J.F.Herbst, J.H.Hofmeyr, A.Kerr, G.P.Lestrade, J.Lewin, E.E.Mahabane, D.McK Malcolm, C.H.Mulcemers, D.B.Molteno, O.G.S.Mtimkulu, J.Reyneke.   
 J.J.Ross, J.H.M.Stofberg, I.G.Thomas, Transvaal African Teachers Association, M.Webb   
Aa9.15 1944 1 file   
 Correspondents: H.A.Damant, J.Lewin, P.van der Byl, M.Webb   
Aa9.16 1945 4 files   
 Correspondents: A.W.Blaxall, E.H.Brookes, C.J.Ferguson-Davie, H.Gluckman, H.Lawrence, P.R.Mosaka, R.A.Reeves, C.F.Stallard, L.I.Venables   
Aa9.17 1946 2 files   
 Correspondents: A.Amor, J.P. Dalton, C.J.Ferguson-Davie, E.W.Grant, D.D.T.Jabavu, A.I.Kajee, S.W.Lavis, E.E.Mahabane, L.Marquard, D.B.Molteno, P.R.Mosaka   
Aa9.18 1947 1 file   
 Correspondent: S.Pitts   
Aa9.19 1949 1 file   
 Correspondents: E.H. Brookes, D.D.T.Jabavu, L.Marquard, D.G.S.Mtimkulu   
Aa9.20 1950 6 files   
 Correspondents: M.E.Bothner, E.H.Brookes, M.L.Grant, D.H.Houghton, P.Ibbotson, D.D.T.Jabavu, A.Jajbhay, J.D.Lardner-Burke, P.R.Mosaka, D.G.S.Mtimkulu, J.R.Rathebe, J.Reyneke, B.L.E.Sigamoney, D.L.Smit, Sir H.Stanley, M.Webb   
Aa9.21 1951 1 file   
 Correspondent: A.W.Blaxall   
Aa9.22 1952 .1 file   
 Correspondent: D.G.Fannin   
Aa9.23 1954-1955 1 file   
 Proxy forms   
Aa10 Library 12 files 1933-1956   
 Correspondence relating to the service provided by the library, loans, exchange publications and the provision of libraries for all races. Some of the correspondents are listed below.   
Aa10.1 1933 1 file   
 Correspondents: P.Duncan, S.C.Germond, G.E.Haynes, H.R.Raikes, F.Wheeler   
Aa10.2 1934 1 file   
 Correspondent: State Library, Pretoria   
Aa10.3 1935 1 file   
 Correspondents: Sir M.Hailey, M.M.Stirling, Sec. of South African Library Association   
Aa10.4 1936 3 files   
 Correspondents: A.E.Borland, librarian of Transvaal Carnegie Non-European Library, W.R.Caley, Cape African Teachers Association, C.Crabtree, J.M.Greenfield, R.M.Gush, P.L.Meyer, E.D.Mountain, H.C.Peacock, M.M.Stirling, Tuskejee Normal and Industrial Institute, M.N.Work   
Aa10.5 1937 2 files   
 Correspondents: E.A.Borland. M.Butler, H.I.E.Dhlomo, H.C.Peacock, M.M.Stirling, M.Wrong   
Aa10.6 1938 4 files   
 Correspondents: E.A.Borland, E.H.Brookes. H.J.E.Dumbrell, E.B.Jones, J.Rollnick (librarian of SAIRR). R.E.Phillips, I.Schapers, Servants of Indian Society, M.M.Stirling   
Aa10.7 1939 8 files   
 Correspondents: E.A.Borland. E.H.Brookes. A.A.Jaques. A.Kerr, L.Marquard, G.A.Mbeki, D.J.Peacock. M.Perham, H.S.Phillips, L.Reitz, I.Schapera, R.H.W.Shepherd, H.J.Simons, M.M.Stirling, P.G.Stroud, B.Sundkler   
Aa10.8 1940 5 files   
 Correspondents: A.W.Blaxall, J.H.Hofmeyr   
Aa10.9 1941 8 files   
 Correnpondents: C.C.B.Bain, E.A.Borland, I.Bud-Mbelle, S.P.Freeland. A.R.Fry. K.C.Johnson, P.S.Joshi, I.Schapera, M.M.Stirling. D.Varley   
Aa10.10 1942 5 files   
 Correspondents: D.H.Darling, F.W.Fox. P.S.Joshi. Chief Sobhuza, M.Webb   
Aa10.11 1943 8 files   
 Correspondents: E.A.Batson, A.W.Blaxall, I.Bud-Mbelle, P.Ibbotson, P.S.Joshi. M.Leeke. R.M.Lester, J.Lewis. D.B.Molteno. E.R.Roux, D.L.Smit   
Aa10.12 1944 6 files   
 Correspondents: V.S.Naidoo, P.Robeson, Transvaal African Teachers' Association, M.Yergan   
Aa10.13-19 1945-1956 7 files   
 Correspondence between those years is of a routine nature   
Aa11 Activities   
Aa11.1 Essay competitions 4 files 1935-1936; 1944-1946   
 Correspondents: Participants, Principals of African schools, Mrs A.W.Hoernle, Mrs S.G.Millin   
 1936 New History Society Essay Competition "How can youth develop cooperative and harmonious relations; among the races?"   
 1944-46 Sarah Gertrude Millin Prize: includes several essays "What I hope to do for my people", the subject of 1944   
Aa11.2 Films 1 file 1936-1950   
 Correspondents: African Consolidated Films Ltd, Rev. W.W.Hitchings, R.F.A.Hoernle, E.G.Malherhe, S.C.Searle   
 The provision of films for Blacks and proposed brains trusts   
Aa11.3 Legal aid 3 files 1942-1944   
 Correspondents: H.A.Damant, T.A.Hall, M.Kuper, L.Meyer, Rev. P.L.Mey, F.I.Philpott (Hon.Sec. Legal Aid Bureau). J.Reyneke, M.Sonnenberg, M.Webb   
 Financial support for the legal aid programme and requests for help   
Aa11.4 Vacation schools 9 files 1948-1950   
Aa11.4.1 Winter School 7-14 July 1948 7 files   
 Correspondence, programme, circulars, registrations, notes, reports of study groups and addresses   
 Correspondents: Sir E.Baring, E.H.Brookes, H.H.Curson, B.Holt (Organiser), C.Rheinallt Jones, K.C.Johnson, H.P.Junod, L.Kraft, A.B.Lazarus, L.Marquard, G.W.Mears, P.R.Mosaka, S.Mokitimi, E.M.Moss, S.Ngcobo, S.G.Pitts, S.C.Searle, L.I.Venables   
 "The intelligent person's approach to racial questions"   
 Includes the following addresses:   
 The African in the rural economy - H.Curson (Report of study group)   
 The meaning of apartheid - W.W.Eiselen   
 Alternatives to apartheid - A.W.Hoernle   
 Some problems and a plan - L.I.Venableu   
 Problems of the Cape Coloured people - C.h.Carr (Report)   
 Native production and markets - E.L.P.Thomau   
 Problems of urban native administration - W.J.P.Carr (. Report)   
 Colonial policy in Africa - L.Kraft C. Summary)   
 The Bantu in the Reserves - G.W.Meara   
 Fundamental education: the content of mass education for Africa - E.Roux   
 Fundamental education in South Africa - M.Whyte   
 Trends in colonial administration in Africa - Sir H.Stanley   
 The future of the Non-European in industry - H.F.Oppenheimer   
 South Africa and the world - S.Fielding   
 Fundamental education: leisure time activities - G.Young   
 Community organisation amongst the urban African - V.Junod   
 Penal reform and the Non-European - A.W.Hoernle   
Aa11.4.2 Winter and Summer Schools 1949 and 1959 2 files   
 Correspondence, programme and addresses   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, M.L.Grant, B.Holt, A.Seward, Q.Whyte   
 Winter School 1949 with the theme "Ourselves and social order" and proposed uummer school on racial relations in January 1950   
 Includes the following addresses for Winter School, 1949:   
 Social disabilities of Indians in South Africa - S.R.Naidoo (Outline)   
 Curbs on progress - E.Hellmann (Draft)   
 Apartheid: policy and aims - E.H.Brookes   
Aa11.5 Hoernle Memorial Lecture 13 files 1943-1955   
 Correspondence, mainly efforts to find and sponsor speakers and lists of guests and donors   
Aa11.5.1 1943-1944 1 file   
 Correspondents: Mrs A.W.Hoernle, H.R.Raikes   
 Subject: Death of Professor Hoernle, the Hoernle Memorial Fund and decision to establish an annual lecture in his memory   
Aa11.5.2 1945 1 file   
 Correspondent: T.Jesse Jones   
 Subject: Inaugural lecture by J.H.Hofmeyr on "Christian principles and race problems"   
Aa11.5.3 1946 1 file   
 Correspondents: T.Jesse Jones, J.Lewin, W.M.Macmillan, E.G.Malherbe, Dr.G.Myrdal, M.Webb   
 Lecture by E.G.Malherbe on "Race attitudes and education"   
 Question of personalities from overseas being invited to lecture   
Aa11.5.4 1947 1 file   
 Correspondents: Mrs A.W.Hoernle, W.M.Macmillan   
 Subject: Lecture by Mrs A.W.Hoernle vn "Penal reform and race relations"   
Aa11.5.5 1948 1 file   
 Correspondents: C.W.de Kiewiet, J.H.Hofmeyr, W.M.Macmillan, W.N.Shepardson   
 Subject: Question of finding financial sponsorship to bring Professor Macmillan to South Africa to deliver the lecture   
Aa11.5.6 1949 1 file   
 Correspondents: M.L.Grant, E.H.S.Henochsberg, W.M.Macmillan, W.H.Shepardson, C.J.Uys, F.J.van Wyk, M.Webb   
 Subject: Lecture by W.M.Macmillan on "Africa beyond the Union" and grant by the Carnegie Corporation to make his visit possible   
A11.5.7 1950 1 file   
 Correspondents: Lord Elton, S.Radakrishana, A.Toynbee, H.J.van Eck, F.J.van Wyk   
 Subject: Choice of a lecturer   
Aa11.5.8 1951 1 file   
 Correspondents: W.W.Esnelen, Lord Elton, M.Perham, E.Roosevelt, E.Ross, Q.Whyte   
 Subject: Lecture by H.J.van Eck on "Some aspects of the South African industrial revolution"   
Aa11.5.9 1952 1 file   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, S.H.Frankel, K.Kirkwood, E.Ross, M.Webb   
 Subject: Lecture by S.H.Frankel on "Some reflections on civilisation in Africa"   
Aa11.5.10 1953 1 file   
 Correspondents: E.Hoss, H.J.van Eck   
 Subject: No lecture given this year   
Aa11.5.11 1954 2 files   
 Correspondents: E.Ross, S.van der Horst, M.Webb   
 Subject: Lecture by E.Ross on "Coloured Christian communities" Includes typed copy of lecture and biographical information on Ross   
Aa11.5.12 1955 1 file   
 Correspondents: G.W.Allport, A.W.Blaxall, Bp.T.B.Davie, M.Draper, Dr A.W.Hoernle, L.Marquard. M.Niemoller, H.Pollak, M.Webb   
 Subject: Lecture by G.W.Allport on "Prejudice in modern perspective"   
Aa11.6 Study Circles 22 files 1947-1951   
Aa11.6.1 Conference of Study Circles 1 file 1948   
 Press clippings, list of questions. minutes, findings and correspondence   
 Correspondents: Mrs C.Rheinallt Jones (Organiser) with editors of newspapers, government officials and participants   
Aa11.6.2 General 3 files 1947-1951   
 Reports, lists of societies. press clippings and correspondence   
 Correspondents: J.Boyd, C.Goodall, Mrs C.Rheinallt Jones, Q.Whyte   
 Organisation of study circles   
 Death of B.W.Vilikazi in 1947 and Vilakazi Memorial Fund   
Aa11.6.3 Individual study circles 16 files 1947-1951   
 Correspondence of Mrs C.Rheinallt Jones and some minutes of meetings   
Aa11.6.3.1 Bloemfontein 1 file 1948-1950   
 Correspondent: Mrs M.Flndlay (Sec.)   
Aa11.6.3.2 Bryanston 1 file 1950   
 Correspondent: Mrs P.Normand (Sec.)   
Aa11.6.3.3 Cape Town 1 file 1948   
 Correspondents: P.Higgins (Sec.), J.Hertslet   
Aa11.6.3.4 Germiston 1 file 1947-1951   
 Correspondents: J.Adler, Rev.T.J.Kell,. F.Miller (Sec.)   
Aa11.6.3.5 Hillbrow 2 files 1947-1950   
 Correspondents: V.Bolitho (Sec.): G.H.Candy, M.Monsarrat, E.Sacks   
Aa11.6.3.6 Houghton 1 file 1947-1950   
 Correspondents: Mrs M.Broomherg, L.F.Freed, B.a(Sec.). B.Turpin (Sec.)   
Aa11.6.3.7 Kensington 1 file 1947-1950   
 Correspondents: Rev G.Mabille, M.McLarty (See.)   
Aa11.6.3.8 Oaklands 1 file 1947-1950   
 Correspondents: M.King, M.Mueller (Sec.)   
Aa11.6.3.9 Parktown North/Rosehank 1 file 1948-1950   
 Correspondent: B.Moon (Sec.)   
Aa11.6.3.10 Parkview 1 file 1947-1950   
 Correspondents: A.de V.Ellenberger (Sec.), R.M.Houghton (Sec.), H.W.Marshai1 (Sec.), R.P.Y.Rouse   
Aa11.6.3.11 Pretoria 1 file 1948-1950   
 Correspondents: M.S.Geen (Soc.), K.B.Hartshorne   
Aa11.6.3.12 Rosettenville. 1 file 1948-1950   
 Correspondents: A.Hamilton (Sec.), E.Kinsey   
Aa11.6.3.13 Sydenham/Orange Grove/Highlands North 1 file 1947-1951   
 Correspondents: E.R.Burnett, S.Kier (Sec.), Mrs S.E.Murray, F.Richter   
Aa11.6.3.14 West Rand 1 file 1948-1950 Correspondents: A.W.Blaxull, M.King (Sec.), G.Johnson   
Aa11.6.3.15 Dead Circles 1 file 1947-1949   
 Include Boksburg, Dynamite Factory (Edenvale), Kimberley, Sandown   
Aa11.6.4 Membership 1 file 1949-1950   
 Correspondents: Mrs C.Rheinallt Jones, F.J.van Wyk   
 Subject: Applications by new members   
Aa11.6.5 Publicity 1 file 1948-1950   
 Articles and correspondence of Mrs C.Rheinallt Jones with   
 various organisations   
Aa11.6.6 Visits to locations 1 file 1949-1950   
 Correspondent: Mrs S.L.Jaff (Organiser}   
 Subject: Requests to be allowed to attend and for transport   
Aa11.7 Research 8 files 1931-1946   
 Correspondence of J.D.Rheinallt Jones   
Aa11.7.1 1931 1 file   
 Correspondents: J.H.Oldham, A. H. Radcliffe-Brown   
 Finance for research   
 Research to come under the Inter Universities Committee   
 Need to research tribal groups   
Aa11.7.2 1934-1935 1 file   
 Correspondents: W.T.H.Beukes, C.Gini, B.W.L1oyd, S.D.Porteus,. H.J.Simons, E.G.Wyatt   
 Leverhulme research fellowships   
 Administration of criminal law in South Africa   
 Research into Bushmen, social survey of Pemba. effects of urban   
 areas legislation and primitive populations   
Aa11.7.3 1937-1938 1 file   
 Correspondents: R.H.Birt. Lord Hailey, E.Hellmann, E.G.Malherbe, C.Runge   
 Grants from the S.A.Council for Educational and Social Research Studies into the causes of early school-leaving among Blacks and African marital unions   
 Lord Hailey's African Research Survey   
Aa11.7.4 1939 1 file   
 Correspondents: R.Coupland, K.M.Jeffreys, A.Pendered   
 Research into African affairs, urban dwellers in Umtali, miscegenation at the Cape in 17th and 18th centuries   
Aa11.7.5 1941 1 file.   
 Correspondent: F.W.James   
 Subject: Field work technique and approach to study of culture   
Aa11.7.6 1942 1 file   
 Correspondent: P.Main   
 Subject: Request for subjects which need research   
Aa11.7.7 1943 1 file   
 Correspondents: M.Butler, E.B.Jones, J.D.Krige, A.M.Lembede   
 Research topics   
 Problem of entering the reserves to conduct research   
Aa11.7.8 1944-1946   
 Correspondents: E.C.Malherbe, H.Tracey, M.Webb   
 Investigation into Zulu speaking school children and the Protectorates   
 Need for a research committee in Durban   
Aa12 Memoranda/Circulars 388 items 1929-1958   
 Incomplete set issued by the SAIRR, excluding notices and minutes of meetings of committees;   
Aa12.1 1929-1931 2 items   
Aa12.1.1 1929 Memoranda for Native Affairs Report: administration Accompanied by correspondence with J.H.Pim and Bishop W.Barker   
Aa12.1.2 1931 The school and the community. By J.D.R.Jones   
Aa12.2 1932 2 items   
Aa12.2.1 21/32 Kort oorsig van die Doeleindes en bedrywighede van die Instituut   
Aa12.2.2 38/32 Training of native nurses   
Aa12.3 1933 3 items   
Aa12.3.1 33/33 Brief report on the Joint Council movement   
Aa12.3.2 44/33 Report of Conference of Joint Councils of Europeans and Natives   
Aa12.3.3 55/33 Tho problems of municipalities and the SAIRR: address by E.H.Brookes   
Aa12.4 1934 7 items   
Aa12.4.1 26/34 Summary of the provisions of the liquor law of South Africa (Act No30,1928) as it affects Natives   
Aa12.4.2 32/34 Non-European nursing services   
Aa12.4.3 33/34 Conference on rural nursing   
Aa12.4.4 33a/34 questionnaire re non-European nursing training and services   
Aa12.4.5 75a/34 Civilised labour policy   
Aa12.4.6 89/34 Memorandum on Institute policy   
Aa12.4.7 91/34 Economic maldjustments and the civilised labour policy   
Aa12.5 1935 14 items   
Aa12.5.1 30/b4/35 Notes on the scout movement in Uganda   
Aa12.5.2 30/b5/35 Specimen of adapted badge work for African   
Aa12.5.3 30d/35 The moral and educative efforts of initiatory rites. By T.G.Benson   
Aa12.5.4 47/35 Findings of conference on youth movements in Africa   
Aa12.5.5 56/35 Terms of reference of the Commission appointed by the Minister of Interior with regard to native education in the Union   
Aa12.5.6 59/35 Description of Representation of Natives Bill   
Aa12.5.7 59/35 Housing of urban natives   
Aa12.5.8 65/35 Native Trust and Land Bill: purpose of the Bill   
Aa12.5.9 67/35 Legal Aid Bureau   
Aa12.5.10 67/35 Natives (Urban Areas) Act Further Amendment Bill   
Aa12.5.11 83/35 Native education   
Aa12.5.12 86/35 Rural education   
Aa12.5.13 102/35 The civilised labour policy and the displacement of non-European labour   
Aa12.5.14 List of memoranda   
Aa12.6 1937 1 item   
Aa12.6.1 5/37 Report of the South West African Commission 1936 summary of matters of inter-racial interest   
Aa12.7 1939 9 items   
Aa12.7.1 49/39 Statement re "Colour Petition"   
Aa12.7.2 13/39 Cooperative societies amongst Africans. By J.D.R.Jones   
Aa12.7.3 14/39 Welfare of Non-Europeans from Southern Africa proceeding overseas   
Aa12.7.4 35/39 Annual report 1938: legal assistance rendered to individuals by Legal Aid Bureau   
Aa12.7.5 58/39 Brief summary of living and working conditions in Salsibury and Bulawayo municipal areas   
Aa12.7.6 65/39 Conference on finance and control of native education   
Aa12.7.7 66/39 Conference on vocational education of Africans   
Aa12.7.8 67/39 Natives Taxation (Amendment) Act No.25 of 1939   
Aa12.7.9 109/39 Legal aid   
Aa12.8 1941 7 items   
Aa12.8.1 3/41 Congregational Union of South Africa: resolution passed at 1940 assembly   
Aa12.8.2 23/41 Proposed separate Scout association for Coloured youths   
Aa12.8.3 50/41 Draft resolutions for consideration by the Legal Aid Committee   
Aa12.8.4 64/41 Urban native administration: housing   
Aa12.8.5 73/41 Night schools for adult Africans: history of African College and Muyibuye night schools   
Aa12.8.6 95/41 Legal Aid Bureau   
Aa12.8.7 150/41 American Committee on "Africa and peace aims", communicated by Anson Phelps-Stokes   
Aa12.9 1942 21 items   
Aa12.9.1 2/42 Education   
Aa12.9.2 3/42 Social welfare agencies supported by the Department of Social Welfare   
Aa12.9.3 5/42 Housing of the very poor   
Aa12.9.4 33a/42 Inter-University Committee for African Studies: application for grants   
Aa12.9.5 45/42 Copy of letter from Dr O.D.Wollheim, East London   
Aa12.9.6 62/42 Proposals for course of training for prospective African trade union officials   
Aa12.9.7 63/42 Organisation of African workers in Port Elizabeth   
Aa12.9.8 88/42 SAIRR Ordinary members: Western Province of the Cape   
Aa12.9.9 88a/42 SAIRR Ordinary members: Eastern Province of the Cape   
Aa12.9.10 88b/42 SAIRR Ordinary members: Natal   
Aa12.9.11 88c/42 SAIRR Ordinary members: Southern Transvaal   
Aa12.9.12 88d/42 SAIRR Ordinary members: Northern Transvaal   
Aa12.0.13 88e/42 SAIRR Ordinary members: Orange Free State   
Aa12.9.14 88f/42 SAIRR Ordinary members: Southern Rhodesia   
Aa12.9.15 88g/42 SAIRR Ordinary members: Extra Union   
Aa12.9.16 88h/42 SAIRR Ordinary members: Overseas   
Aa12.9.17 88i/42 Donor members   
Aa12.9.18 96/42 Notes on Dr Wollheim's letter   
Aa12.9.19 115/42 Memorandum on development work: a brief outline of the work done in other centres by the Johannesburg Legal Aid Bureau   
Aa12.9.20 130/42 The effect of price control at Alexandra Township   
Aa12.9.21 140/42 Peace aims   
Aa12.10 1943 47 items   
Aa12.10.1 1/43 The policy of the SAIRR   
Aa12.10.2 5/43 Summary of report of the Inter-Departmental Committee on the social, health and economic conditions of urban natives   
Aa12.10.3 7/43 Interpretation in the courts   
Aa12.10.4 10/43 Non-Europeans on military service. By Dr E.Hellmann   
Aa12.10.5 11/43 National Social Security Council: proposed statement of policy   
Aa12.10.6 20/43 Proposed cost of living enquiry   
Aa12.10.7 23/43 Draft letter to Dr A.B.Xuma   
Aa12.10.8 30/43 Draft letter to Dr A.B.Xiuna   
Aa12.10.9 40/43 Legal aid   
Aa12.10.10 43/43 Broadcasting for Africans   
Aa12.10.11 50/43 Indian Penetration Bill   
Aa12.10.12 51/43 Legal aid   
Aa12.10.13 53/43 Free meals for school children   
Aa12.10.14 54/43 Racial legislation   
Aa12.10.15 58/43 Banning of Lekhotla la Bafo organisation in Basutoland   
Aa12.10.16 59/43 Legal aid   
Aa12.10.17 63/43 Social security: summary of memorandum by Dr O.D.Wollheim   
Aa12.10.18 68/43 The Institute and Joint Councils   
Aa12.10.19 71/43 Research: studies completed or in hand   
Aa12.10.20 78/43 The we:faro of non-European soldiers. By E.Hellmann   
Aa12.10.21 79/43 Memo on recognition of African trade unions   
Aa12.10.22 80/43 The Indian in South Africa   
Aa12.10.23 81/43 Social security in relation to non-European population of the union   
Aa12.10.24 82/43 Summary of evidence to the Mine Natives Wages Commission   
Aa12.10.25 83/43 Memo to the Mine Natives Wages Commission   
Aa12.10.26 84/43 Second memo to the Mine Natives Wages Commission   
Aa12.10.27 85/43 Annexure to first statement to the Mine Natives Wages Commission   
Aa12.10.28 90/43 Native education   
Aa12.10.29 92/43 Resolutions of Conference on Native Education   
Aa12.10.30 105/43 The Indian situation in Durban   
Aa12.10.31 108/43 Discharged Afrlcan soldiers   
Aa12.10.32 109/43 Memo to National Health Commission   
Aa12.10.33 114/43 Indian life and labour in Natal   
Aa12.10.34 116/43 Africans in urban areas   
Aa12.10.35 118/43 Exclusion or ejectment of children from schools on grounds of race   
Aa12.10.36 119/43 Native education: finance   
Aa12.10.37 120/43 Discharged Cape Coloured soldiers   
Aa12.10.38 124/43 The role of food in post-war reconstruction. By Sir J.Boyd Orr   
Aa12.10.39 134/43 A programme for the Penal Reform Committee   
Aa12.10.40 135/43 Subjects suggested for action by Penal Reform Committee   
Aa12.10.41 140/43 Proposed new articles of association of SAIRR   
Aa12.10.42 141/43 Recognition of African trade unions   
Aa12.10.43 142/43 Letter from D.M.Buchanan, K.C., to the Adviser   
Aa12.10.44 147/43 Local government aspects of transportation of Non-European workers   
Aa12.10.45 149/43 Report on Legal Aid Conference   
Au12.10.46 150/43 Cape Town Legal Aid Bureau   
Aa12.10.47 160/43 Penal reform   
Aa12.11 1944 50 items   
Aa12.11.1 1/44 Welfare of Non-European soldiers: Cape Corps   
Aa12.11.2 4/44 Summary of provisions of the Native Laws Amendment Act 1944   
Aa12.11.3 5/44 Farm labour in the Transvaal   
Aa12.11.4 10/44 Farm labour in the Union   
Aa12.11.5 12/44 Urban organisation in a multi-racial society   
Aa12.11.6 14/44 Development of native areas   
Aa12.11.7 19/44 Penal reform   
Aa12.11.8 23/44 Resolutions and suggestions of Council   
Aa12.11.9 29/44 The control of native education   
Aa12.11.10 55/44 Main points of reply received from General Manager of SARandH   
Aa12.11.11 61/44 Memorandum on pass laws   
Aa12.11.12 63/44 Cape Coloured franchise in the Northern Provinces   
Aa12.11.13 64/44 Coloured Advisory Council   
Aa12.11.14 65/44 Summary of report of Select Committee on Social Security   
Aa12.11.15 66/44 Demobilisation of Non-European soldiers   
Aa12.11.16 69/44 The Mines Phthisis Acts Commission   
Aa12.11.17 70/44 Draft outline for evidence to Indian Commission   
Aa12.11.18 71/44 Suggested lines of evidence to be placed by the Institute before the Distribution Costs Commission   
Aa12.11.19 74/44 Legal aid   
Aa12.11.20 75/44 Native policy in urban arena   
Aa12.11.21 77/44 Mine Wages Commission: review by L.E.Hertslet   
Aa12.11.22 78/44 Recovery of the Reserves: memo by L.E.Hertslet   
Aa12.11.23 79/44 Notes on the Housing Amendment Act 1944   
Aa12.11.24 89/44 Native Laws Amendment Act No 36, 1944   
Aa12.11.25 91/44 Extract from letters from General Manager SARandH   
Aa12.11.26 92/44 To Joint Councils and Native Welfare Societies   
Aa12.11.27 100/44 Memo submitted by SAIRR to Distribution Costs Commission   
Aa12.11.28 101/44 Notes on report of Select Committee on Social Security proposed for SAIRR by E.Batson and subcommittee to the Committee   
Aa12.11.29 102/44 Social security and the Non-Europeans   
Aa12.11.30 115/44 To orgunisations concerned with the welfare of the Cape Coloured people of the Union   
Aa12.11.31 116/44 To organisations concerned with the welfare of the Indian population of the Union   
Aa12.11.32 124/44 Workmen's Compensation Act No 30 of 1941: suggested amendments   
Aa12.11.33 127/44 Public Service Enquiry Commission   
Aa12.1I.34 134/44 Proposed Penal Reform League   
Aa12.11.35 137/44 Racial attitudes: the Cape Coloured view. By E.T.Dietrich   
Aa12.11.36 140/44 Social security and the Indian. Dy V.Sirkari Naidoo   
Aa12.11.37 146/44 Native labour in industry   
Aa12.11.38 147/44 The political status of the Cape Coloured in the Transvaal and Orange Free State   
Aa12.11.39 149/44 Notes on statement of the Dominions Office on the provision of additional land for native settlement in Swaziland. By E.Rheinallt Jones   
Aa12.11.40 150/44 The place of Non-Europeans in industry, housing and other municipal problems   
Aa12.11.41 151/44 The influx of African to towns   
Aa12.11.42 152/44 Legal aid   
Aa12.11.43 154/44 Proposed amendments to the Workmen's Ccmpensation Act   
Aa12.11.44 155/44 Comments on memo re political status of the Cape Coloured people in the Transvaal and Orange Free State   
Aa12.11.45 156/44 Social security and the Coloured people   
Aa12.11.46 157/44 Race attitudes: Indian. By A.I.Kajee   
Aa12.11.47 158/44 Race attitudes: The African   
Aa12.11.48 159/44 Racial attitudes: The Dutch-speaking South African   
Aa12.11.49 160/44 Racial attitudes: The English-speaking South African   
Aa12.11.50 162/44 Summary of proposals of the report of the National Health Services Commission   
Aa12.12 1945 2 items   
Aa12.12.1 3/45 Suggested outline of statement of race relations for submission to Council   
Aa12.12.2 197/45 Recognition of African trade unions   
Aa12.13 1946 33 items   
Aa12.13.1 1/46 Evidence for submission to Commission of Inquiry into penal reform   
Aa12.13.2 2/46 A review of the present position of the Coloured people   
Aa12.13.3 3/46 Social welfare aspects of urban native administration   
Aa12.13.4 5/46 The future of the Institute   
Aa12.13.5 6/46 Memo on the demobilisation of African volunteers   
Aa12.13.6 7/46 Demobilisation of African volunteers: recommendations to the Minister   
Aa12.13.7 9/46 Urban native administration: functions of native advisory boards   
Aa12.13.8 10/46 Native labour in urban areas: the Registration for Employment Act (No.34 of 1945)   
Aa12.13.9 11/46 Native housing   
Aa12.13.10 21/46 Problems of urban native administration   
Aa12.13.11 23/46 Interpretation in the courts   
Aa12.13.12 27/46 Notes on the Housing Act No.45 of 1945   
Aa12.13.13 58/46 The South West Africa question   
Aa12.13.14 78/46 Commission on migratory labour, urban areas, pass laws   
Aa12.13.15 79/46 African immigration into urban areas: restrictions on railways passengers   
Aa12.13.16 81/46 Food and health conditions in the Ciskei   
Aa12.13.17 82/46 The main points from the French report (on food)   
Aa12.13.18 83/46 Proposed conference on adult education for Non-Europeans   
Aa12.13.19 91/46 The future in South West Africa   
Aa12.13.20 102/46 Statement on the Asiatic Land Tenure and Indian Franchise Bill   
Aa12.13.21 118/46 New economic social and political conditions   
Aa12.13.22 123/46 Memo to the Committee appointed to inquire into the training of dentists   
Aa12.13.23 135/46 Summary of recommendations in the evidence to the Committee of Adult Education   
Aa12.13.24 138/46 Statement on issues arising out of the Asiatic Land Tenure and Indian Franchise Bill   
Aa12.13.25 164/46 Some of the problems South Africa has to face   
Aa12.13.26 165/46 Make the most of our human resources. By J.H.Hofmeyr   
Aa12.13.27 167/46 Food distribution   
Aa12.13.28 174/46 Memo of evidence to the Commission of Inquiry into broadcasting services   
Aa12.13.29 177/46 Points affecting Non-European adult education   
Aa12.13.30 181/46 Memo on a programme for the Institute with regard to certain aspects of social segregation   
Aa12.13.31 182/46 Report of Commission of Inquiry re Cape Coloured population   
Aa12.13.32 192/46 Mass campaign against literacy   
Aa12.13.33 196/46 Population problems in Africa: inter-territorial conference to be convened by SAIRR   
Aa12.14 1947 43 items   
Aa12.14.1 1/47 Conference on adult education for Non-Europeans   
Aa12.14.2 4/47 Adult Education Conference: summary of recommendations   
Aa12.14.3 5/47 Literacy for Africans   
Aa12.14.4 6/47 Native Laws Commission of Enquiry   
Aa12.14.5 8/47 Conference on adult education for Non-Europeans   
Aa12.14.6 9/47 International aspect of race relations   
Aa12.14.7 10/47 Memo on statutory recognition of African trade unions   
Aa12.14.8 13/47 Native Laws Commission of Enquiry   
Aa12.14.9 23/47 Roport on Conference on adult education for Non-Europeans   
Aa12.14.10 24/47 Evidence by the Johannesburg Joint Council to the Fagan Commission of Enquiry into the Moroka Riot   
Aa12.14.11 26/47 Evidence to the Native Laws Commission of Enquiry   
Aa12.14.12 20/47 Report on financial campaign by the Director   
Aa12.14.13 43/47 Supplementary memo of evidence to the Commission of Inquiry into broadcasting services   
Aa12.14.14 45/47 Literacy for Africans   
Aa12.14.15 52/47 UNESCO memo on human rights   
Aa12.14.10 55/47 Africans and the police   
Aa12.14.17 59/47 The legal disabilities of African women   
Aa12.14.10 65/47 Memo on Cape municipal franchise   
Aa12.14.19 66/47 African Trade Union Advisory and Technical Committee   
Aa12.14.20 68/47 The case for Mission hospitals. Dy Dr R.D.Aitken   
Aa12.14.21 74/47 Welfare and efficiency of industrial personnel   
Aa12.14.22 76/47 Natives Representative Council   
Aa12.14.23 78/47 Marital conditions in urban African life. By E.E.Mahabane   
Aa12.14.24 82/47 Industrial Conciliation (Natives) Bill 1947. By E.S.Sachs   
Aa12.14.25 85/47 Urban African family life: parent-child relations. By Rev. A.H.Zulu   
Aa12.14.26 89/47 National vocational training and social and economic development   
Aa12.14.27 91/47 Industrial Conciliation (Natives) Bill   
Aa12.14.28 97/47 Industrial conciliation in relation to native mine   
Aa12.14.29 101./47 The scope of investigation into the efficiency of farm labourers   
Aa12.14.30 103/47 Facilities for training Non-European pharmacists   
Aa12.14.31 115/47 The Indian in South Africa   
Aa12.14.32 116/47 Subsidies for adult education   
Aa12.14.33 127/47 Notes for submission to the Inter-Departmental Committee on deviate children   
Aa12.14.34 131/47 Black-white relations in South Africa   
Aa12.14.35 149/47 Outline of evidence for the Commission on Moroka   
Aa12.14.36 162/47 Memo to the Select Committee of the Unemployment Insurance Act   
Aa12.14.37 163/47 Letter to Minister of Labour on Industrial Conciliation (Natives) Bill   
Aa12.14.38 166/47 Natives Representative Council   
Aa12.14.39 175/47 Natives Representative Council   
Aa12.14.40 181/47 School to train social welfare workers in Cape Town   
Aa12.14.41 183/47 Outline of evidence for Industrial Legislation Commission   
Aa12.14.42 186/47 Proposed legislation 1948   
Aa12.14.43 193/47 Note on Indo-European relations for the consideration of the Executive   
Aa12.15 1948 37 items   
Aa12.15.1 1/48 United Nations Trusteeship Council: South West Africa   
Aa12.15.2 2/48 Consideration of proposals re Natives Representative Council   
Aa12.15.3 6/48 Culture contacts and social change   
Aa12.15.4 8/48 Multi-racial problems and the development of manufacturing industry in South Africa. By G.E. Williamson   
Aa12.l5.5 9/48 The inter-relationship of races in the trade union movement. By M.I.Benischowitz   
Aa12.15.6 10/48 Patterns of segregation. By O.D.Wollheim   
Aa12.15.7 12/48 Patterns of segregation. Dy M.T.Soga   
Aa12.15.8 13/48 The inter-relationship of races in the trade union movement. By E.A.Dean   
Aa12.15.9 25/48 Statement to Minister of Labour re proposed Industrial Legislation Commission   
Aa12.15.10 43/48 The Institute as a welfare organization   
Aa12.15.11 53/48 Training scheme Zwelitsha   
Aa12.15.12 60/48 Report of a meeting between Peri-urban Areas Board and representatives of SAIRR and other bodies   
Aa12.15.13 83/48 Strike of African employees in Southern Rhodesia   
Aa12.15.14 86/48 The next 25 years of race relations in South Africa: articles by E.H.Brookes, T.J.Haarhoff, A.I.Minty, Z.K.Matthews and a summing up   
Aa12.15.15 89/48 Apartheid and other policies   
Aa12.15.16 94/48 Summary of the Native Laws Commission   
Aa12.15.17 95/48 The Broome Commission Report   
Aa12.15.18 96/40 Non-Europeans in the public service   
Aa12.15.19 116/48 Fundamental education: the content of mass education for Africa. By E.Roux   
Aa12.15.20 117/48 South Africa and the world: address by Dr Samuel Fielding   
Aa12.15.21 123/48 Fundamental education: leisure time activities. By G.Young   
Aa12.15.22 127/48 The meaning of apartheid. By W.M.M.Eiselen   
Aa12.15.23 137/48 List of ordinary members, N.Transvaal   
Aa12.15.24 138/48 List of ordinary members, S.Transvaal   
Aa12.15.25 144/48 List of ordinary members, Cape Western   
Aa12.15.26 145/48 List of ordinary members, The Rhodesias   
Aa12.15.27 146/48 List of ordinary members, Cape Eastern   
Aa12.15.28 147/48 List of donor and life members   
Aa12.15.29 148/48 List of ordinary members, African territories   
Aa12.15.30 149/48 List of ordinary members, Natal   
Aa12.15.31 151/48 List of ordinary members, OFS   
Aa12.15.32 167/48 Memo to the Prime Minister   
Aa12.15.33 178/48 Apartheid and other policies: the problem stated   
Aa12.15.34 233/48 Memo of evidence to Committee on Native School Feeding.,   
Aa12.15.35 234/48 Industrial Legislation Commission of Enquiry: questionnaire   
Aa12.15.38 237/48 The implications of the Fagan report   
Aa12.15.37 249/48 An African policy for South Africa. By Z.K.Matthews   
Aa12.16 1949 11 items   
Aa12.16.1 16/49 Native housing in Johannesburg   
Aa12.16.2 94/49 Memo to Minister of Native Affairs re conference on native housing   
Aa12.16.3 132/49 Comments on Report of the Commission of Enquiry into riots in Durban   
Aa12.16.4 135/49 Commission on Native Education: draft memo   
Aa12.16.5 136/49 The I.C.N.O. pamphlet and "Blueprint for Blackout"   
Aa12.18.6 145/49 Fundamental education in South African: address by M.Whyte   
Aa12.16.7 182/49 Native housing: short term policy   
Aa12.16.8 193/49 Production and sale of margarine   
Aa12.16.9 207/49 Memo on Union Government's native housing policy   
Aa12.16.10 215/49 Native Building Workers Bill   
Aa12.16.11 233/49 Copy of letter from Professor W.M.Macmillan   
Aa12.17 1950 31 items   
Aa12.17.1 8/50 Some notes on national representation in other countries   
Aa12.17.2 9/50 Memo to special committee of Phelps-Stokes Fund on important projects in American-African relations   
Aa12.17.3 18/50 Unemployment insurance   
Aa12.17.4 32/50 Comments by the Institute on the Native Building Workers Bill   
Aa12.17.5 67/50 An analysis of the Group Areas Bill   
Aa12.17.6 78/50 Evidence to the Commission considering the feeding of school children   
Aa12.17.7 84/50 Draft record of decisions and recommendations made by the SAIRR over the past ten years   
Aa12.17.8 86/50 Draft programme or political rights and duties for Africans   
Aa12.17.9 91/50 Native African housing   
Aa12.17.10 92/50 Local aspects of Joint Council policy - K.B.Hartshorne   
Aa12.17.11 93/50 The Institute reports on school feeding. By Glanville Le Sueur   
Aa12.17.12 95/50 The status of the African township resident   
Aa12.17.13 98/50 Employment of Africans in administrative posts. By W.S.Pela   
Aa12.17.14 99/50 Comments on the Group Area Bill by an anonymous K.C.   
Aa12.17.15 100/50 Financing of social services   
Aa12.17.16 103/50 Correspondence with the P.M. re the deterioration of race relations and the advisability of holding a national convention   
Aa12.17.17 108/50 Suggested action to be taken by the Institute following on its recent correspondence with the P.M.   
Aa12.17.18 109/50 The duty of the European towards the Non-European. By F.J.van Wyk   
Aa12.17.19 112/50 Self-help for the African. By G.Le Sueur   
Aa12.17.20 113/50 Summary of address "A national convention on rate questions" by E.B.Brookes   
Aa12.17.21 114/50 Employment of Non-Europeans   
Aa12.17.22 119/50 Labour conditions in Johannesburg   
Aa12.17.23 129/50 Immediate constructive programme for Africans by the Institute to the Secretary for Native Affairs   
Aa12.17.24 138/50 Draft Programme of political rights and duties for Africans   
Aa12.17.25 150/50 Native housing - our duty and our opportunity   
Aa12.17.26 152/50 Exemption certificates   
Aa12.17.27 151/50 Institute's statement on the report of the Commission of Inquiry into Acts of Violence at Krugersdorp Newlands, Randfontein and Newclare   
Aa12.17.28 161/50 Immediate constructive programme for Africans   
Aa12.17.29 165/50 The Coloured franchise   
Aa12.17.30 167/50 Native Advisory Boards to urban local authorities their scope, functions, position and development   
Aa12.17.31 171/50 Some aspects of the South African Industrial revolution. By H.J.van Eck   
Aa12.18 1951 33 items   
Aa12.18.1 2/51 Native housing in urban areas with special consideration of its social affects. By J.D.Rheinallt-Jones   
Aa12.18.2 3/51 The selection of African workers in industry   
Aa12.18.3 5/51 The Group Areas Act   
Aa12.18.4 6/51 The Coloured franchise   
Aa12.18.5 9/51 The principles underlying urban native administration in the Union. By E.A.E.Havemann   
Aa12.18.6 10/51 Report by MOH, East London   
Aa12.18.7 11/51 Human relations in the USA. By Q.Whyte   
Aa12.18.8 12/51 The urban African youth programme. By J.R.Rathebe   
Aa12.18.9 14/51 Bill to amend the Natives (Urban Areas) Consolidation Act 1945   
Aa12.18.10 14u/51 Explanatory memo in Native:: (Urban Areas) Amendment Bill 1951   
Aa12.18.11 29/51 Summary of Representations of Non-Europeans Bill   
Aa12.18.12 30/51 Summary of Suppression of Communism Amendment Bill   
Aa12.18.13 32/51 Comments on the Native Building Workers Bill   
Aa12.18.14 37/51 The Suppression of Communism Amendment Bill - SAIRR statement:   
Aa12.18.15 62/51 Institute's comments on Prevention of Illegal Squatting Bill.   
Aa12.18.16 66/51 Native Trust and Land Amendment Bill   
Aa12.18.17 69/51 Memo for Commission on the socio-economic development of native areas   
Aa12.18.18 71/51 Native Laws Amendment Bill   
Aa12.18.19 78/51 Summary of report of Commission of Enquiry into the disturbances in the Witzieshoek Native Reserve   
Aa12.18.20 79/51 Bantu Authorities Bill   
Aa12.18.21 81/51 Administration of South West Africa - welfare of the indigenous population   
Aa12.18.22 83/51 The production and distribution of Kaffir beer   
Aa12.18.23 86/51 Review of legislation and administrative action   
Aa12.18.24 95/51 Supplementary memo on Kaffir beer   
Aa12.18.25 106/51 Memo in answer to the questionnaire of the Native Juvenile Unemployment Committee   
Aa12.18.26 121/51 Native housing   
Aa12.18.27 160/51 Proposed African inter-state conference to reconcile disparate inter-racial relationships   
Aa12.18.28 168/51 Native housing   
Aa12.18.29 169/51 The new liquor bill   
Aa12.18.30 172/51 Housing schemes for Non-European families   
Aa12.18.31 173/51 Report of Rhodesia National Affairs. Association   
Aa12.18.32 L74/51 Local government for Africans in urban areas   
Aa12.18.33 175/51 Draft programme of political rilghts and responsibilities for Africans   
Aa12.19 1952 5 items   
Aa12.19.1 6/52 Art to provide for the establishment of certain Bantu authorities in urban areas and to define their functions   
Aa12.19.2 9/52 Native housing   
Aa12.19.3 10/52 The Liquor Law Amendment Bill:   
Aa12.19.d 76/51 The logic of economic integration   
Aa12.19.5 177/52 Report on three-day investigation of the riots at No.2 location Kimberley on 8 November 1952   
Aa12.20 1953 7 items   
Aa12.20.1 3/53 At the Crossroads: presidential address by J.D.Rheinallt Jones   
Aa12.20.2 9/53 Report by director on visits to Port Elizabeth, East London and Kimberley in connection with the riots   
Aa12.20.3 41/53 Investigation into case histories of African juvenile delinquents in East London   
Aa12.20.4 85/53 Economic developments in South Africa and the contributions by the various racial groups. By H.Horrell   
Aa12.20.5 153/53 Memo to the Public Service Enquiry Commission   
Aa12.20.6 186/53 Evidence to the Commission to enquire into the   
 Separate Representation of Voters Act Validation and Amendment Bill   
Aa12.20.7 193/53 Evidence to the Coloured Education Commission   
Aa12.21 1954 4 items   
Aa12.21.1 12/54 Equal pay for equal work. By S.T.van der Horst   
Aa12.21.2 179/54 Nkosi Family cost of living test; report No.1   
Aa12.21.3 183/54 Nkosi Family cost of living test: report No.2   
Aa12,21.4 189/54 Nkosi Family cost of living test: report No.3   
Aa12.22 1955 12 items   
Aa12.22.1 1/55 Johannesburg: Influx control   
Aa12.22.2 15/55 Coloured originate in white society   
Aa12.22.3 19/55 Report on working of the Bantu Education Act. By   
Aa12,22.4 23/55 Leases for sites in urban African locations. By Mrs F.Kentridge   
Aa12.22.5 24/55 Review of recent legislation. By Q.Whyte   
Aa12.22.6 32/55 Natives (Urban Areas) Amendment Bill 1955: statement   
Aa12.22.7 33/55 Group Areas Amendment Bill 1955: statement   
Aa12.22.8 94/55 Group Areas Amendment Bill 1955: certain comments   
Aa12.22.9 108/55 The racial situation   
Aa12.22.10 113/55 Review of Non-European housing position for Johannesburg, Pretoria and the Reef   
Aa12.22.11 135/55 Population Registration Act No.30 of 1950   
Aa12.22.12 227/55 Recent developments in urban native administration. By J.E.Mathewson, Director of Non-European Affairs, Benoni   
Aa12.23 1957 2 items   
Aa12.23.1 225/57 The implementation of the Bantu Education Act. ByJ.W.Macquarrie   
Aa12.23.2 228/57 A review of recent legislation, Part 1. By Q.Whyte   
Aa12.24 1958 8 items   
Aa12.24.1 1/58 Institute policy   
Aa12.24.2 3/58 Techniques in race relations   
Aa12.24.3 17/58 Statement by the Executive Committee of the SAIRR   
Aa12.24.4 18/58 Draft findings on civil liberties   
An12.24.5 19/58 Some observations on the Group Areas Act. By A.D.Lazarus   
Aa12.24.6 20/58 Draft findings on Group Areas Act   
Aa12.24.7 22/58 Evidence to the Johannesburg City Council Commission of Enquiry into the disturbances in certain south-western townships in Sept 1957   
Aa12.24.8 140/58 Draft report on legal status of African women. By J.Lewin   
Aa13 Staff 3 files 1941-1949   
 Correspondents: applicants for positions at the Institute and requests for advice on suitable applicants   
Ab1 Cape Western   
Ab1.1 Minutes and reports 3 files 1945-1951   
Ab1.2 Correspondence 20 files 1934-1937, 1942-1956   
 Correspondents: G.Bain, O.Caldecott, W.R.Caley, F.Hertslet, G.Cleaton-Jones, J.D.R.Jones, P.R.Lewis, D.D.Molteno   
 Subjects: Membership, finuncv, regional representation, visits by the Director of the SAIRR and bus apartheid 1955-1956   
Ab2 Cape Eastern   
Ab2.1 Minutes and reports 1 file 1942-1944, 1946-1948   
Ab2.2 Correspondence 16 files 1934-1937, 1941-1949   
 Correspondents: W.R.Caley, R.H.Godlo, H.C.Peacock, J.D.R.Jones, O.D.Wollhein   
 Subjects: membership, finance and the following topics:   
 1934 Black trading rights   
 1935 Regional Conference, East London   
 1935 Social work among Non-European women and girin   
 1937 Black housing   
 1943 Black and Coloured education in East London   
Ab2.3 Legal Aid Bureau, Lout London 1 file 1943-1945   
 Analyses of services   
Ab3 Natal   
Ab3.1 Minutes and reports 1 file 1934-1935, 1941-1951   
Ab3.2 Correspondence 23 files 1934-1951   
 Correspondent: M.Webb   
 Subjects: Regional representation, membership, accounts, publications and the following topics:   
 1935 Libraries for Blacks   
 1935 Civilised labour policy   
 1935 Asiatic Land Tenure Commission   
 1936 Native Bills   
 1943 Regional Conference: includes opening address by Sir Shafa'at Ahmed Khan, papers on "Indian life and labour In Natal" and "Africans in urban areas"   
 1947 Regional Conference: report of proceedings and findings on Indians in South Africa, and urban African family life   
Ab4 Orange Free State   
Ab4.1 Correspondence 4 files 1933-1934   
 Correspondent: L.Marquard   
 Subjects: Regional representation, membership, publications, Kroonstad Conference on Race Relations, 1934, and the appointment of Marquard as a research officer of the SAIRR   
Ab5 Southern Rhodesia   
Ab5.1 Correspondence 14 files 1932-1952   
 Correspondents: W.A.Carnegie, S.J.Christelow, P.Ibbotson, B.J.Mnyanda   
 Subjects: Membership, finance, extension of SAIRR's work in Southern Rhodesia and relationship with the Federation of African Welfare Societies in Southern Rhodesia   
Ab6 Southern Transvaal   
Ab6.1 Minutes and reports 3 files 1947-1952   
Ab6.2 Correspondence 10 files 1934, 1936, 1947-1951   
 Correspondent: Clare Rheinallt Jones   
 Subjects: Membership, representation on the committee and the following subjects:   
 1936 Investigation into Transvaal farms   
 1948 Non-European hospitals   
 1949 Appeals for used sports equipment; for Non-European Clubs   
 1949 Boycott of trams   
 1950 Recreational facilities for Blacks   
Ab7 England 1 file 1931-1946   
 Correspondents: C.M.Hore-Ruthven, F.S.Livie-Noble   
 1931-33 Activities of the London Group on African Affairs   
 1936 Protectorates and black representation   
 1944-46 Contact with overseas members   
B1 General correspondence 9 files 1932-1946   
B1.1 1932, 1935-1936 1 file   
 Correspondents: J.R.Brent, W.E.Farre, L.E.Hall   
 1932 Natives (Urban Areas) Act   
 1935 Colesberg Location   
 1935 Location hall regulations at Kroonstad   
 1936 Departmental Committee on Natives in Urban Areas   
B1.2 1937 1 file   
 Correspondents: H.Bloom, Lord Hailey, E.E.Mahabane, Bp.W.Parker, F.Rodseth, J.D.Taylor   
 Effect of Native Laws Amendment Act on Blacks in urban areas   
 Threat of closure of churches and places of entertainment for Blacks   
 Protest by Benoni Location Protest Committee on the insanitary state of proclaimed area set aside for Blacks   
 Question of village settlements outside urban areas   
 Erection of 3000 houses in New Brighton by Port Elizabeth municipality   
B1 .3 1938 1 file   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, T.M.Mapikela, M.B.Moiloa, J.G.F.Moult, S.P.Mqubuli   
 Token system on Natal coal mines;   
 Advantage of resettlements where progressive farming systems are introduced   
 Indian traders in Evaton   
 Proposed cooperative society for Kimberley Blacks   
 Deputation to Minister of Native Affairs   
 Trading in OFS locations   
B1.4 1939 1 file   
 Correspondents: H.Britten, Mrs H.E.Erslin, D.L.Smit   
 Resolutions by Johannesburg Diocesan Synod against the law prohibiting occupation of land by Coloureds   
 Need for a location for Blacks in Edenvale   
 Complaints by Klerksdorp location residents   
B1.5 1940 1 file   
 Correspondents: M. Fair, P.W.Pougnet, H.C.Rance   
 Sub-economic housing schemes   
 Need for better housing for Blacks in Benoni, Potchefstroom and King Williams Town   
 Rent profiteering in Soweto and the Town Council's decision to reduce rents in Johannesburg locations   
 Pauper burials in Middelburg   
 Influx of Blacks in the urban areas   
B1.6 1941 1 file   
 Correspondents: Rev.J.Mabele, D.Tshabalala   
 Problem of epidemic illness in Viljoenskroon location   
 Treatment of Blacks at New Machavie Station   
B1.7 1942 1 file   
 Correspondents: S.R.Koller, A.Seroalo   
 Complaints by residents of Frankfort Location   
 Waiting room at New Machavle Station   
B1.8 1943-1944 1 file   
 Correspondents: J.R.Brent, O.Clark, R.Feldman   
 Economic houses for Pretoria Blacks to buy   
 Rents in Newclare and Sophiatown   
 Overcrowding at Payneville (Springs)   
B1.9 1946 1 file   
 Correspondents: Mrs E.Lownds, T.D.M.Skota   
 Election of office bearers for Johannesburg Joint Locations Advisory Board   
 Functions and powers of advisory boards   
 Lack of housing for Blacks in Barberton   
B2 Urban Native Census 1 file 1938   
 Correspondents: Location superintendents   
 Subject: Replies giving distribution of population and employment statistics.   
 Includes report of an interview with G.Ballenden re census   
B3 Townships and locations   
B3.1 General: housing 18 files 1934-1952   
 Correspondents: Locations superintendents, Town Clerks, City Engineers and other municipal officials   
 1934 Administration of locations in urban areas   
 1934 Kaffir beer   
 1936-37 Use of Black labour on municipal housing schemes and report by City Engineer, Pietermaritzburg, on 4 cottages erected by Black workers   
 1937 Plans for New Brighton location   
 1937-43 Hoopstad location   
 1938-40 Hostels for Blacks and Coloureds   
 1940 Cottage schemes for Asiatics in Durban   
 1940 Langa location   
 1942-43 Housing in Pretoria locations   
 1944 Statistics of Black locations   
 1944 Kliptown floods   
 1944 Housing in Rhodesian locations   
 1944 Hostel for Black males   
 1944 Development of Cape Flats   
 1945 Removal of residents from Bothaville location, without compensation   
 1945 Possibility of Blacks obtaining loans on 1st mortgage property bonds   
 1945 Building Society facilities for Blacks   
 1945 Housing of African industrial and commercial employees   
 1945 Costs of Black housing   
 1945 Increased rents in New Brighton   
 1946 Cheap housing experiment in Uitenhage   
 1946 Shortage of housing in Johannesburg, draft regulations for Dube township and squatters at Orlando West   
 1946 Prefabricated houses   
 1946 Location at Howick   
 1946 Housing scheme at Pietermaritzburg using Black labour   
 1947 Factors in establishing model villages for families   
 1947 The 'Minimum Unit' house   
 1947 Cost of housing using Black labour   
 1949 Notes on Orlando. Moroka/Jabavu and Klipspruit   
 1950 Indian housing in the Transvaal   
 1951 Native Housing and Transport Levy Bill   
 1951 Municipal housing schemes   
 1951 Housing achievement in Port Elizabeth   
 1951 Coloured housing in Cape Town   
 1952 Increased hostel rents in Sharpeville   
 1952 Proposed Western Areas Removal   
B3.2 Housing: Specific locations   
B3.2.1 Alexandra 6 files 1935-1947, 1964   
 Correspondents: African Townships Committee, Alexandra Health Committee, H.G.Falwasser, A.J.Haile, A.H.Macintosh, J.K.Mrupe,   
 1935-36 Inefficiency of Black sanitary inspectors   
 1938-39 Medical Officer's report   
 1939-43 Threat to remove Alexandra   
 1940 Interview with A.R.Moatse   
 1942 Conference on Alexandra   
 1943-44 Lack of police protection   
 1947 Visit by women's organisations to 'shanty towns'   
 1964 Application of Act No.51 of 1963 to Alexandra   
B3.2.2 Brakpan 1 file 1944   
 Correspondents: L.G.Rosenstein, J.D.Taylor   
 Subject: Grievances of residents and resulting strikes   
B3.2.3 East London 1 file 1946-1947   
 Correspondents: D.B.Molteno, O.D.Wollheim   
 1946 Judgment in case of resident refusing to leave a house in East Bank Location   
 1947 Demolition of houses   
B3.2.4 Grahamstown 1 file 1941   
 Correspondents: J.D.Krige, C.H.Malcomess   
 Subject: Freehold titles in the Fingo and Hottentot villages   
B3.2.5 Havengaville and Hennerman 2 files 1939   
 Correspondents: Chief Native Commissioner, Northern Areas, Secretary for Native Affairs, Rev.T.Matebesi   
 1938 Eviction of squatters at Havengaville   
 1939 Need to establish a location   
B3.2.6 Heilbron 1 file 1944-1945   
 Correspondents: J.Nthakha and Secretary for Native Affairs   
 Use of Afrikaans in schools   
 Unsuitability of superintendents   
B3.2.7 Kroonstadt l file 1943-1946   
 Correspondent: J.E.F.van Zyl   
 Subject: Experimental cottage sub-economic housing scheme   
B3.2.8 Moroka 1 file 1937   
 Correspondent: H.M. Basner   
 Subject: Grievances felt by residents and history of this "shanty town"   
B3.2.9 Nelspruit/White River 1 file 1938-1940   
 Correspondents: E.B.Jones, D.A.Pott   
 Child welfare in Nelspruit   
 Detribalism and social welfare in White River   
B3.2.10 Newcastle 1 file 1944-1947   
 Correspondents: Municipal officials   
 Subject: Removal to a new location with permission for residents to build their own houses   
B3.2.11 Pella's Location 1 file 1939-1940   
 Correspondent: Department of Native Affairs   
 Subject: Compensation in respect of exchange of land   
B3.2.12 Piet Retief 1 file 1942   
 Correspondent: Native Commissioner, Piet Retief, and Department of Native Affairs   
 Subject: Exchange of land for a new location   
B3.2.13 Port Alfred 1 file 1944-1945   
 Correspondents: Mrs E.Lewis and the Department of Native Affairs   
 Subject: Deplorable conditions in the location   
B3.2.14 Potgietersrust 1 file 1937-1942   
 Correspondents: Native Commissioner and Department of Native Affairs   
 1937-40 Meetings of chiefs to be addressed by J.D.Rheinallt Jones on the land question   
 1942 Circumcision schools   
 1942 Complaints about inadequacy of compensation, for land   
B3.2.15 Rustenburg 1 file 1933-1945   
 Correspondents: Native Commissioner, Department of Native Affairs, Chief A.G.Mabalone and residents   
 1933 Question of freehold title in a location   
 1937 Poor state of the location   
 1937 Need for clinics   
 1939-40 Ownership of Mabaalstad and possible removal.   
 1945 Status of owners of houses in the location   
B3.2.16 Springs 1 file 1939-1947   
 Correspondents: Department of Native Affairs, municipal officials and O.Clark   
 1939 Shortage of land for locations   
 1941 Postal facilities   
 1942 Need for better housing   
 1944-46 Site for a new location   
 1947 Housing of mine Blacks   
 Includes annual report of Payneville Social Welfare Council   
B3.2.17 Zeerust 1 file 1933-1941   
 Correspondents: Town Clerk, Advisory Board, residents, D.A.Bailey   
 1933-39 Inadequate facilities   
 1936 Complaint that Advisory Board not consulted   
 1937 List of chiefs   
 1940 Need for a Joint Council   
 1940-41 Site for a new location   
B4 Local government in townships   
B4.1 African Townships Committee (Johannaburg and District) 3 files 1941-1944   
 Minutes of meetings 1941-1943; report on financial policy and programme of development in the Johannesburg Municipal Native Townships 1941; memorandum on recreational and educational requirements of the Africans in Johannesburg 1941; evidence to the Interdepartmental Committee on Housing, Health and Social Conditions of Natives in Urban Areas 1941; .extract of letter from R.F.A.Hoernle to J.D.R.Jones, being a report on Alexandra Township 1943; notes on interview granted by the Rent Board, Johannesburg, to African Township Committee representatives 1943 and correspondence with the Rent Board; deputation to the Minister of Welfare and Demobilisation 1943; Circular letter re the Committee becoming affiliated to the Johannesburg Joint Council 1943   
B4.2 Location Advisory Boards Congress of South Africa   
B4.2.1 Minutes, resolutions, reports and addresses 5 files 1929-1956   
B4.2.2 Correspondence 6 files 1932-1936, 1953-1954   
 Correspondents: N.M.Motshumi (Gen.Sec.), S.P.Mqubuli,   
 H.S.Msimang, W.B.Ngakane, Z.P.Ramailare (Sec.ANC), A.P.Sidzumo   
 1933 Government recognition of Congress   
 1934 Advisability of a Location Superintendent being chairman of Advisory Board   
 1934 Need for a good chairman to make meetings effective   
 1934 Cooperation between advisory boards and joint councils   
 1937 Riot in the Vereeniging location   
 1938 Effort of Native Laws Amendment Act of 1937   
 1938 Direct representation of Natal Advisory Boards on N.R.C.   
B4.3 Advisory Boards 1 file 1937-1946   
 Correspondents: M.Ballinger, Johannesburg Joint Council and Johannesburg City Council   
 1940 Appeal by Western Native Township for repeal of permit system   
 1943-46 Revival of the advisory board and representation of the Non-Europeans on the City Council. includes draft regulations for Advisory Boards and Locations, Native Villages and Hostels submitted by the Non-European Affairs Department of the City Council, 1945   
B4.4 Local Councils 1 file 1939-1940   
 Correspondents: Department of Native Affairs, Native Commissioners and officials of councils   
 1939-40 Local council at Rustenburg   
 1939-40 Exchange of information among local councils   
 1940 Exclusion of areas outside reserves established by Land Act of 1913 from having local councils   
 1940 Cooperation between local councils and representatives of Blacks   
B4.5 Johannesburg Citizens Native Housing Committee 1 file 1950   
 Minutes and memoranda   
B5 Legislation and Administration of urban areas   
B5.1 Natives (Urban Areas) Amendment Act, 1945 2 files 1944-1945   
B5.l.1 Copy of the Act 1 item 1945   
B5.1.2 Correspondence and memoranda 1 file 1944-1945   
 Correspondents: J.Lewin, D.B.Molteno, A.S.Welsh   
 Subject: Comments on the Act and on workmen's compensation   
B5.2 Commission on Natives in Urban Areas 1 file 1935   
B5.2.1 Report 1 item 1935   
B5.2.2 Correspondence 1 file 1935   
 Correspondents: J.N.Brent, O. Clark, F.Rodseth, Director of Native Labour   
 Subjects: Requests for information   
B5.3 Fagan Commission 2 files 1946-1947   
 Correspondents: Secretary of the Commission and individuals giving evidence   
 Includes minutes of Sub-Committee, joint report of Town Clerk and Manager, Non-European Affairs Department, to Non-European Affairs Committee, Johannesburg, for submission to the Commission containing an outline history of squatter movement, applications and allocation of trading sites in Moroka   
B5.4 Local Government Commission 1 item 1954   
 Memorandum of evidence by Godfrey Le May   
B5.5 Administration: general 1937-1947   
 Correspondents: Municipal officials, government departments and African Business league, E.Calder, H.S.Coaker, J.R.Cooper, J.Donaldson, J.G.F.Moult, Natal Indian Congress, F.J.M.Thabade, H.H.Wild   
 1937-42 Trading in Dohne Model Village and restrictions on Welcome Bazaar   
 1941-43 Trading rights in townships   
 1941 Influx of Blacks   
 1941 Kaffir Beer Hall enquiry   
 1941 Commission on Urban Native Conditions   
 1941 Control of locution superintendents   
 1941 Police raids on Blacks   
 1942 Trading rights of Asiatics in Transvaal   
 1942 Black traders in European areas   
 1942 Coloured housing in Kimberley   
 1943 Proposed association of location superintendents   
 1947 Restrictions on visitors to locations   
B5.6 Memoranda   
B5.6.1 The urban native problem. By J.R.Cooper Ts. 1930   
B5.6.2 Report on the inadequacy of wages paid to urban Blacks. Ts. Undated   
B5.6.3 Notes on the conditions of urban Blacks. Ms. Undated   
B6 Illicit Liquor   
B6.1 Native Economic Commission: Liquor 1 file 1931   
 Summary of references to liquor, memoranda on liquor law convictions and replies to questionnaire   
B6.2 Illicit Liquor Commission   
B6.2.1 Minutes and evidence 3 files 1934-1935   
B6.2.2 Report of Unofficial Commission appointed by the South African Temperance Alliance and, the South African Institute of Race Relations. 85p. Ts.   
B6.2.3 Memoranda 15 items 1933-1934   
B6.2.3.1 Questionnaire for native liquor dealers, 1933   
B6.2.3.2 The Illicit Liquor problem on the Reef, 1933   
B6.2.3.3 Notes on liquor in Germiston location, 4 Dec 1933   
B6.2.3.4 Statistics from Booysens Police Station, 18 Jun 1934   
B6.2.3.5 Statistics from Jeppe Magistrate's Court, 25 Jun 1934   
B6.2.3.6 Memorandum by H Britten   
B6.2.3.7 Memorandum by G.Hallenden, Manager, Native Affairs Department of Johannesburg City Council   
B6.2.3.8 Natives and liquor: statement by Johannesburg Joint Council, undated   
B6.2.3.9 Observations and suggestions by J.D.Rheinallt Jones. Undated   
B6.2.3.10 Conclusion arrived at by Captain Seligson based upon evidence, undated   
B6.2.3.11 Recommendations by J.D.Taylor, R.E.Phillips, P.H.A.Fouche, undated   
B6.2.3.12 Memorandum on Kaffir beer domestic brewing at New Brighton   
B6.2.3.13 Notes of evidence by E.P.Kitch   
B6.2.3.14 Liquor investigation in Johannesburg   
B6.2.3.15 What the Rand was like before prohibition to natives by the S.A.Temperance Alliance   
B6.2.4 Correspondence 5 files 1933-1935   
 Correspondents: Members of the Commission - G.Ballenden, H.Britten, E.Carter, P.de Villiers, W.F.Hill, E.P.Kitch, W.C.Laurence, Bp.B.W.Peacey, R.E.Phillips, H.L.Seligson, South African Temperance Alliance, J.D.Taylor   
 Subjects: Meetings of the Commission and recommendations made   
 by them   
B6.3 Liquor: general 5 files 1930-1951   
B6.3.1 The liquor problems of the Cape Province. By W.I.Macdonald, Superintendent of Native Locations, Kimberley, 16 Jul 1930   
B6.3.2 The liquor problems on certain Natal coal mines and The token system on Natal coal mines. Nov 1932   
B6.3.3 Questionnaires on Kaffir beer sent by SAIRR to municipalities and local authorities 1 file 1939   
B6.3.4 Correspondence: general 1 file 1938-1947   
 Correspondents: G.L.Klaff, C.K.Mageza, S.A.Temperance Alliance   
 1938-47 Question of home brewing   
 1944 Liquor law   
 1946 Right of police search for illicit liquor   
B6.3.5 Liquor Law Amendment Bill 1 file 1951   
 Copy of the Bill and memoranda   
B7 Transport   
B7.1 Railways 1 file 1937-1945   
 Correspondents: South African Railways and Harbours   
 1937-40 Waiting rooms for Blacks   
 1944 Treatment of Non-European passengers   
 1945 Poor train servlce   
B7.2 General 1 file 1943-1945   
 Correspondents: Department of Transport, F.Meyer, Sec. to Non-European Bus Commission, Abp. G.H.Clayton   
 1943-44 Non-European Bus Commission   
 1945 Transportation of African workers   
B7.3 Safety First Campaign 1 file 1934-1936   
 Correspondent: Safety First Association   
 Subject: Blacks as motorists   
C1 Native Trust and Land Act   
C1.1 Native Trust and Land Act 1927, 1 file   
 Copy of the Act schedule and letter from K.Wyndham to E.Rheinallt Jones   
C1.2 Native Trust and Land Act 1936   
C1.2.1 Miscellaneous 1 file 1936   
 Map to illustrate the Act prepared and published by the SAIRR; annexure to Schedule 1, Part II Natal; "Native land: the position of tribes and individuals" by J.D.R.Jones; area of native occupied territories in acres   
C1.2.2 Some considerations which arise from the administration of the Native Trust and Land Act 1936. By E.Rheinallt Jones, 1938   
C1.2.3 Memorandum on the Native Trust and Land Bill 19p. Ts.   
C1.2.4 Chapter IV 2 item 1938   
 Correspondence with J.A.Calata   
C1.2.5 Chapter IV - Lydenburg 1 item 1938   
 The proclamation of Chapter IV to the Magisterial district of Lydenburg: statement by J.D.R.Jones   
C1.2.6 Section 13 1 file 1936-1940   
 Extracts from the Act; extract from the judgment of Mr Justice Centlivres re appropriation of ground under the Vaal River Government Irrigation Scheme; memoranda and notes re effect of the Act on Wildebeestpan and Kroomdraai   
C1.2.7 Press cuttings 1 file 1938-1939   
 From Die Vaderland   
C1.2.8 Extract from Assembly Debates: Native Trust Land purchase: Thahu N'Chu 1 item 1942   
C1.2.9 Distribution of native population in South Africa: statistics 1 file 1938   
 Taken from the 1936 census   
C1.2.10 Correspondence 1 file 1935-1936   
 Correspondents: J.J.G.Carson, R.Guenod, A.W.Davis, J.L.Dube, C.A.L.Green, J.F.Herbst, H.C.Lugg, F.S.Malan, D.B.Molteno, L.Reitz, A.L.Saffery   
 Conference on native bills   
 Released areas   
 Articles by J.D.R.Jones on land for the Cape Argus   
C2 Trust Land   
C2.1 Trust Land: genera! 7 files 1936-1947   
 Correspondents: Chiefs, headmen, village residents, Department of Native Affairs and the following: E.Bottrill, F.C.Erasmus, M.Knight, J.M.Lekgetha, Chief Tatan Letsoalo, D.C.Marivate, L.Marquard, G.S.Masemola, D.B.Molteno, S.Mqubuli, R.H.W.Shepherd   
 Subjects: Effects of the Land Act on the purchase of land by Blacks and the following specific topics   
 1936 Land figures for Natal   
 1938 Elimination of Black ownership in white areas   
 1938-40 Purchase and lease of land in released areas   
 1939 Notes on Native land acquired   
 1939 Instructions to District Committees re acquisition of land for Blacks   
 1940 Elimination of "Black Islands"   
 1940 Quality of land for Blacks   
 1940 Request for proclaimed land for Swazi chiefs   
 1941-43 Regulations affecting tree-cutting on trust land   
 1943 Water rights: Loskop canals   
 1944 Cash value of grazing rights   
 1944-45 Complaint of Headman Marendela, Louis Trichardt   
 1945-46 Problems at Modutung, Taungs District   
 1947 Sale of land owned by Church of Sweden Mission in Natal to Blacks   
 Undated Excision of released areas   
C2.2 Trust Land: specific areas   
C2.2.1 Barberton 1 item Undated   
 Native Affairs Deportment notes   
C2.2.2 Bechuanaland 1 file Undated   
 Statistics of crown land and native reserves   
C2.2.3 Cape Transkeian Territories 1 file Undated   
C2.2.4 Frankfort 1 file 1937-1940   
 Correspondence with farm workers re tenure of land   
C2.2.5 Klerksdorp 1 file 1.936   
 Correspondent: Rev. Spencer Watson   
 Subject: Land owned by Blacks in Klerksdorp. Includes sketch map   
C2.2.6 Lydenburg, 1 file 1938   
 Correspondents: D.H.Molteno, W.Parker   
 Application of the Land Act to Lydenburg   
 Lydenburg labour tenants and squatters   
 Details of European farms, company farms, European land occupied by Blacks and tribally owned and the Sekukuniland part of Lydenburg   
C2.2.7 Middelburg 1 file Undated   
C2.2.8 Nelspruit 1 file 1939-1940   
 Correspondents: Department of Native Affairs, J.M.Watt   
 Subject: Lease or purchase of land   
C2.2.9 Peach Hill Farm, Natal 1 file 1940   
 Correspondent: E. Masimula   
 Subject: Legality of the sale of the farm to a syndicate   
C2.2.10 Piet Retief 1 file 1937-1942   
 Correspondents: B.J.Dhlamini, A.D.Mdhluli (ANC, Piet Retief)   
 1937 List of chiefs and headmen   
 1938 Question of how many cattle allowed in reserves   
 1938 Request for information on released areas   
 1939 Complaint by workers of low wage   
C2.2.11 Pietersburg 6 files 1938-1947   
C2.2.11.1 Farm Westphalia 1 file 1938-1947   
 Correspondent: R.Broekman, Department of Native Affairs   
 Subject: Sale of the farm to Blacks   
C2.2.11.2 Farm Waterplaats 1 file 1930   
 Correspondent: Josiah Madiba   
 Subject: Purchase of this land by Blacks   
C2.2.11.3 Cyferkuil 1 file 1941   
 Correspondents: F.E.Magagane, Native Commissioner   
 Subject: Occupation of native trust land   
C2.2.11.4 Farm Cracouw 1 file 1945   
 Correspondents: J.Moakamedi, Councillor D.Mamabola, Native Commissioner   
 Subject: List of families to be displaced in the farm and the question of others remaining on a rent-paying basis   
C2.2.11.5 Toitskraal 1 file 1946   
 Correspondents: G.S.Masemola, Department of Native Affairs   
 Subject: Expropriation of the farm and the preservation of tribal graves   
C2.2.11.6 Vaalfontein 1 file 1940-1941   
 Correspondent: Chief G.L.Majapelo   
 Subject: Residential rights on the farm   
C2.2.12 Potgietersrust 2 files 1936-1939   
C2.2.12.1 General 1 file 1936-1936   
 Correspondents: M.K.Maleka, Chief Kutter Seleka, Petty Chief Niklikitlana   
 1936 Report of G.Heaton Nicholls on the request by whites to exclude land from released area   
 1938 Expropriation of Black owners of erven in the area   
C2.2.12.2 Clermont 1 file 1939   
 Correspondents: E.N.Mokoena, Department of Native Affairs   
 Subject: Removal of the tenant from the farm   
C2.2.13 Pretoria 2 files 1938-1941   
C2.2.13.1 Palmietfontein 1 file 1940   
 Correspondents: Department of Native Affairs, Rev.A.Siebelts, A.M.Thipe   
 Subject: Ownership of farm and the Bakwena-ba-Magopa tribe   
C2.2.13.2 Zandfontein 1 file 1938-1941   
 Correspondents: Headman Josiah R.Malebye, Chief A.R.Maubane   
 1938 Lease of land   
 1941 Compulsion to leave the land   
C2.2.14 Thaba'Nchu 1 file 1933, 1940-1942   
 Correspondents: Barolong Progressive Association, Department of Native Affairs   
 1933 Request for restoration of Barolong land   
 1940-41 Proposed exchange of farm Buccleugh, Mafeking, for farm Gladstone, Thaba N'chu   
C2.2.15 Tzaneen 1 file undated   
 Notes on land in Letaba District   
C2.2.16 Warmbaths 1 file 1939-1940   
 Correspondent: C.S.Masemola   
 Subject: Farm Vlaklaagte and the Loskop Irrigation Scheme   
C2.2.17 Waterberg 1 file 1937-1040   
 Correspondents: S.Mampuru, C. S.Masemola   
 1937 Evidence to the Native Farm Labour Committee   
 1940 Question of ownership of farm Vogelstreisfontein   
C2.2.18 Zeerust 1 file 1938-1943   
 Correspondents: Assistant Native Commissioner, Headman Tlhabanang Mothoagao   
 1939 Compulsory labour for tenants on trust lands   
 1940 Problems in trust farms including protection of stock by building kraals   
C2.2.19 Zoutpansberg 1 file 1938-1940   
 Correspondents: Department of Native Affairs. M.F.Mamadi   
 Subjects: The position of the Ba-Birwa tribe. Includes sketch of Kibl, Malaboch, Saltpan, Mamadi   
C3 Land: general 13 files 1931-1945   
C3.1 1931 1 file   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, J.Lewin, I.Schapera, R.C.Streeten. W.S.Webber   
 Urban village settlements   
 Rights granted by Boers to Blacks in Thaba 'Nchu   
 Financing of land for Blacks and the question of land tenure   
C3.2 1933 1 file   
 Correspondent: Department of Native Affairs   
 Subject: Vaal-Harts Rivers Irrigation Scheme   
C3.3 1934 1 file   
 Correspondents: Bp.A.A.Jacques, Bp.H.J.Meyring, Department of Native Affairs   
 Vaal-Harts Irrigation Scheme   
 Selection of sites for townships   
 Northern Natal petition from chief;   
 Exclusion of native produce   
C3.4 1938 1 file   
 Correspondents: Department of Native Affairs, D.R.Hunt, A.A.Jacques, J.Nhlapo   
 Different forms of land tenure in the Transvaal   
 Tenure of land in Sekukuniland and OFS   
 European request for land in Zoutpansberg   
C3.5 1935 1 file   
 Correspondents: Barolong Progressive Association, I.Bud-Mbelle, D.Eland   
 Sale of crown land in Pietersburg released area   
 Visit of the Native Affairs Commission to Thaba N'Chu   
C3.6 1937 1 file   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, J.L.Dube, A.Fischer, J.S.Moroka, N.M.Motshumi   
 Native Affairs Commission   
 Land settlement at Bushbuckridge   
 Proposed water works on Umgeni River   
 Kuruman Crown Reserve   
 Abolition of exemption from legislation for mission land   
 Mining rights in Black-owned land   
C3.7 1938 .1 file   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, A.J.M.Mtimkulu   
 Released areas in the OFS   
 Land in Sedan farm, Letaba   
C3.8 1939 1 file   
 Correspondents: M.Ballinger, Boxwell, Chief A.G.Mabalane, A.Phiri, B.A.Tindall   
 Purchase of the farm Kaffirskraal   
 Case of James Dhlameni   
 Removal of Mabaalstad location from Rietfontein   
 Refusal to allow Blacks to buy land in released areas   
C3.9 1940 1 file   
 Correspondent: D.B.Molteno   
 Survey of the relative values of European and Black-owned land Statistics of the reserves   
C3.10 1941 1 file   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, J.Mbete, J.E.Rhodes   
 Land question at Bushbuckridge   
 Claim by Mbete family to land in Rabula Valley. Keiskama Hoek   
 Position of the small Non-European farmer   
 Blacks in forest reserves   
C3.11 1942 1 file   
 Correspondents: J.Mbete, H.J.van Eck   
 Subject: Economic conditions of the reserves   
C3.17 1943 1 file   
 Correspondent: E.H.Brookes   
 Subject: Development of the native areas   
C3.13 1944-1945 1 file   
 Correspondents: M.Ndhlovu, F.M.L.Stoker   
 Land hire purchase agreements   
 Land in Bushbuckridge   
C4 Tribes and their land in the Transvaal   
C4.1 General 2 items   
 Details of chiefs, locality, district and numbers   
C4.2 Alphabetically by name of tribe 2 files   
 Includes: Amandebele, Baharutsi, Bakgatlo, Bakhaha, Bakhananwa Bakhatla, Bakoni, Baku1ubeng, Bakwebo, Bakwena, Baloyi Bamelete, Bamolichi or Malitzi's, Banareng, Bankhunu Baphireng, Bapo and Batlako, Barolong, Batlaung, Lekhali Letwaba, Maake, Mamabolo, Mamuthola, Mantatis (Batlokwa) Mapela, Matala, Mutalerwa, Oorlams, Paledi, Mathibe, Sekhopo Shangaan   
C5 Agriculture 3 files 1936-1951   
 Correspondents: Government officials and agricultural schools   
 Subjects: Agricultural training for Blacks and the need to upgrade their standard of agriculture   
C6 Farm Labour   
C6.1 Farm Labour: general 5 files 1937-1947   
 Correspondents: Government officials, villagers, I.Bud-Mbelle, R.Feldman, R.First (1944), D.H.Houghton, J.D.Krige   
 Subjects: Conditions of farm labour and the following specific topics   
 1938 Care of infirm farm servants   
 1940 Proper feeding and housing   
 1940 Insufficient farm labour in the OFS   
 1940 Labour troubles in the Bethal district '   
 1944 Need for a for a labour charter   
 1944 Danger of resolutions put forward by the Transvaal Agricultural Union   
C6.2 Specific districts   
C6.2.1 Eldorado Farm, Rustenburg 1 file 1938   
 Correspondent: A.W.Baker   
 Subject: Payments made by workers on the farm to the tenant   
C6.2.2 Lydenburg 1 file 1938-1939   
 Notes on residents and squatters   
C6.2.3 Potgietersrust 1 file 1930-1931   
 Rules and regulations of the Potgietersrust Farm Native Labour Bureau 1930; evidence submitted to Native Economic Commission by E.W.Hunt 1931; summary wage survey native farm labour tenants compiled by the Department of Agriculture 1931   
C6.2.4 Southern Rhodesia 1 file 1941-1942   
 Notes made after conversations with R.Howman and others, 1941; "Farm labour in S.Rhodesia" by R.Howman, 1942   
C6.3 Notes, memoranda, printed items   
C6.3.1 Notes   
C6.3.1.1 Farmers and native labourers   
C6.3.1.2 General information. By J.D.R.Jones   
C6.3.1.3 Extracts from "Agricultural and pastoral prospects of South   
 Africa" by Owen Thomas   
C6.3.1.4 Miscellaneous notes including item on Welgevonden settlement (District Zoutpansberg)   
C6.3.2 Memoranda and printed items   
C6.3.2.1 The land question in South Africa. By J.D.R.Jones, 1927   
C6.3.2.2 Native farm labour: memo by E.Rheinallt Jones, 1938   
C6.3.2.2a South African Native land policy. By E.B.Jones, 1940   
C6.3.2.3 Native farm labour in the Transvaal: an analysis of the problem, 1941   
C6.3.2.4 Farm labour in the Transvaal: an attempted classification with notes by E.Rheinallt Jones, 1944   
C6.3.2.5 Farm labour in the Union: main points, 1944   
C6.3.2.6 Farm labour in the Union: measures for stability and security, 1944   
C6.3.2.7 European farmers and native farm workers in the Transvaal, undated   
C6.3.2.8 Institute's scheme for developing the reserves, 1952   
C6.3.3 Printed items   
C6.3.3.1 Wages of natives on fares, from "Farming in South Africa", Sep 1930   
C6.3.3.2 Agreement under Section 28 (2) of the Land Apportionment Act. 1930 - blank form   
D1 Poll Tax Petition 2 files 1936-1937   
 Correspondents: M.Butler, E.M.Ireland, L.Marquard, R.H.Mason, National Council of Women, E.R.Roux, A.L.Saffery, Bp. C.C.Watts   
 Subject: Petition to abolish or substantially reduce the Poll Tax of one pound imposed on all male Blacks of 18 and over   
D2 Exemption from taxation 7 files 1931-1947   
D2.1 1931-1934 1 file   
 Correspondents: M.Alexander, E.C.Bryant, Bp. T.S.Gibson, R.V.Selope Thema, R.H.Walters   
 1931 Cancellation of exemptions   
 1931 Effect of the depression   
 1932 Convictions for non-payment of tax   
 1934 Cost of collecting taxes   
D2.2 1935 1 file   
 Correspondents: Government departments   
 Subject: Amount of taxation collected   
D2.3 1936 1 file   
 Correspondents: Department of Native Affairs, A.A.Jacques, G.A.Leyds, A.W.H.Mears, Sir C.Tredgold   
 Statistics of tax paid and of those imprisoned for non-payment   
 Exemption of scholars   
D2.4 1937 1 file   
 Correspondents: O.Clark, M.F.Fair, F.S.A.Graves, W.D.Jones, Bp. W. Parker   
 Direct taxation of Blacks   
 Departmental Committee of Enquiry on the collection of tax   
 Proposals of Native Advisory Board, Vereeniging   
D2.5 1938 1 file   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, J.M.du Toit, C.Garratt   
 Treatment of tax defaulters   
 Demand for abolition of Poll Tax   
D2.6 1939 1 file   
 Correspondent: Department of Native Affairs   
 Subject: Method of improving collection of tax   
D2.7 1940-1947   
 Department of Native Affairs, M.Ballinger, E.Hellmann   
 1941 Tax defaulters   
 1942-43 Payment of poll tax by members of Native Military Corps   
 1944 Use made of tax   
 1947 Personal and income tax   
D3 Maize Levies 3 files 1937-1942   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, W.H.Collins, F.W.Fox, L.E.Hertslet, F.J.Rumsey, J.M.Tinley   
 1938 Complaints about the maize levy and profiteering in location stores   
 1940 Operation of the wheat marketing scheme   
 1940 Orlando-Pimville Vegetable Farm   
 1940 Native markets   
 1940 Maize levy due by St. Cuthbert;'s Mission   
 1941 Proposed Poultry Industry Control Board   
 1941 Supplementary payment on maize produce by farm labour tenants   
D4 Miscellaneous memoranda and notes   
D4.1 Memoranda 1 file 1928-1946   
 Statistics of tax collected and conviction under the Act, extracts from the Government Gazette, statement of Native Development Fund 1937   
D4.2 Notes 1 file c1937   
 On method of collection and police raids   
E1 Native law and administration: general 6 files 1931-1946   
E1.1 1927-1933 1 file   
 Correspondents: L.Byron, R.D.Furse, J. H.Hofmeyr, Lord Lugard, J.Kirk, J.H.Oldham, C.F.Rey, Rev.T.Stanton, R.C.Streeten, H.E.Wood   
 1930 Request for the repeal of the Pass Laws   
 1931 Abandonment of the native census   
 1931 Effect of the Urban Areas Act   
 1931 Curfew regulations   
 1932 Native Service Contract Bill   
 1933 Training of African administrators   
 1933 Proposed provincial control of native affairs   
 1933 Native Economic Commission report   
E1.2 1935 1 file   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, I.Bud-Mbelle, C.W.Cousins, A.W.Cragg, A.V.Davis, F.W.Demont, G.Findlay, E.L.Harries, D.D.T.Jabavu, M.Knight, I.Schapera, D.L.Smit, J.C.Smuts, H.Stuttaford, Sir C.Tredgold   
 Subject: Native Bills   
E1.3 1936 1 file   
 Correspondents: H.Bollen, D.L.Smit   
 Gulf between native administration and missionaries   
 Marriages of Blacks   
E1.4 1937-1939 1 file   
 Correspondents: I.Bud-Mbelle, Bp.A.W.Lee, Z.Mahabane, D.G.Shepstone, Rev.D.Shropshire, D.L.Smit, H.A.Stick   
 1937 Native legislation   
 1937 Elections to Natives Representative Council   
 1938 Status of Black women in Natal   
 1938 Native marital unions: problems   
E1.5 1940-1945 1 file   
 Correspondents: R.H.Baker, E. H.Brookes, R.Cuenod, J.Lewin, D.B.Molteno, D.Shropshire, D.L.Smit, J.D.Taylor   
 1940 Native marital unions   
 1940 Exemption from the Liquor Act   
 1940 Native law in the Transkei   
 1940 Riots on the Copperbelt of N.Rhodesia   
 1941 Urban Native Administration Conference   
 1941-45 Need to reform the marriage laws   
 1944 Native Laws Amendment Bill   
E1.6 1945-1946 1 file   
 Correspondent: M.Ballinger   
 Subject: Registration of African births and deaths   
E1.7 1946-1947 2 files   
 Correspondents: Secretary of the Broadcasting Commission and M.T.Soga   
 Subjects: Evidence to the Broadcasting Commission and the Women's Legal Disabilities Commission. Includes minutes and memoranda re broadcasting service for blacks, 1943-1947   
E2 Natal Code of Native Law 1 file 1931-1932   
 Correspondents: Department of Native Affairs, P.Duncan, Sir J.Rose Innes, Sir C.Tredgold   
 Subject: Amendment to the code of native law   
E3 Natives Representative Council (N.R.C.) 2 files 1940-1951   
 Correspondents: A.W.G.Champion, H. Cooper, J.H.Hofmeyr, T.K.Mapikela, Z.K.Matthews, P.R.Mosaka, H.S.Msimang, D.Reitz, D.G.Shepstone   
 1940 Recognition or African separatist churches   
 1940 Need for the government to consult with N.R.C.   
 1941 Native Military Corps   
 1945 Proposed liaison between SAIRR and N.R.C.   
 1946-48 Future of N.R.C.   
 1950-51 Legal case N.R.C. v Government re 11th session of Council   
E4 Natives Representation Act. 1 file 1941-1945   
 Correspondents: Department of Native Affairs, D.D.Molteno   
 1941 Position of taxpayers in urban locations   
 1945 Disenfranchisement of Port Elizabeth municipal tenants   
E5 Succession, inheritance and salaries of chiefs 1 file 1930-1942   
 Correspondents: Chiefs and Native Commissioners   
 Undated Draft constitution for administration of a tribe   
 1930 Rules for inheritance   
 1940 Tribal disputes   
 1942 Chieftainship: Bavenda Tribe   
E6 Coffee carts and hawkers 1 file 1935-1936   
 Correspondents: Town Clerk, Johannesburg. W.H.Ramsbottom   
 1935 Exclusion of hawkers from the main centre   
 1936 Application for licence to sell tea, coffee and cakes   
E7 Suppression of Communism Act 1 file 1951-1955   
 Copies of the Bill and amendment, notes and memoranda on it by the Civil Rights League, African Food and Canning Workers Union and Q.Whyte   
 Subject: Comments on the Act and on its effect on individuals such as O.Mpetha   
F1 Black 1 file 1929-1942   
 Correspondents; I.Bud-Mbelle, T.E.Harvey, J.Rose Innes, D.D.T.Jabavu, E.Maggs, Non-Racist Franchise Association, D.Reitz   
 1928 Cape franchise in danger   
 1929 Franchise Bill   
 1931 Cape native vote   
 1938 Proposal to challenge legality of Fourie's nomination to Senate   
 1940 Vote for black women   
 1942 List of voting units and members: of units 1937-1942   
F2 Coloured 1 file c.1933   
 Memoranda on the Coloured franchise by A.Linton, M.P.C. and SAIRR   
G1 Administration of justice: correspondence 3 files 1931-1945   
 Correspondent: Department of Justice   
 Subjects: Injustices and the following specific topics   
 1931 Imprisonment for petty offences   
 1934 Discussion on justice held by the SAIRR   
 1937 Use of pick-up vans by the police   
 1938 Corporal punishment   
 1938 Refusal to grant Nkomo passport   
 1939 Penal reform   
 1941. Deportation of members of Bakwena tribe   
 1941 Internments   
 1942 Assaults by railway constables   
 1942 Shootings of blacks in a military camp at Germiston   
 1942 Vested interests in the pass laws   
 1943 Light sentences imposed on white youths   
 1943 Judicial Commission of Enquiry on Pretoria Municipal Riot   
 1943 Police raids on the Reef   
 1945 Crime and punishment   
G2 Crime   
G2.1 Statistics 1 file 1931   
 Details of sentenced prisoners admitted direct from the courts and police lock-ups, 1928-1930   
G2.2 Committee appointed to investigate the position of crime on the Witwatersrand and in Pretoria 2 items 1942-1943   
G2.2.1 Report (Incomplete)   
G2.2.2 Minority report submitted by A.B.Xuma. S.P.Mqubuli, R.V.Selope Thema   
G3 Police 7 files 1933-1946   
 Correspondents: Department of Native Affairs and Justice, South African Police, H.I.E.Dhlomo (1936) and R.Raynes (1940)   
 Subjects: Unfair treatment by police of Blacks and the following topics   
 1933 Need for a special welfare officer to do court work   
 1936 Police Commission of Inquiry   
 1937 Complaints by residents of Eastern Native Township, Johannesburg   
 1939 Regulations re detention of prisoners awaiting trial   
 1940 Arrest of pupils at St. Cyprian's school   
 1940 Need for better educated Black police   
 1946 Analysis of relations between the police and Blacks in Pretoria   
G4 Courts   
G4.1 Treatment of Blacks 2 files 1934-1946   
 Correspondents: Departments of Justice and Prisons, M.Ballinger, J.Lewin, L. Marquard, C.H.Murray, A.B.Payn, I.Pilane, A.W.Wilkie   
 1935 Criminal Law Amendment Bill   
 1939 Need for investigation into the prison system   
 1939 Shooting of a Black by a farmer (Rex vs C.J.Uys)   
 1940 Penal Reform Committee forms   
G4.2 Interpreters 2 files 1937-1945   
 Correspondents: Department of Justice, E.L.Benjamin, D.D.T.Jabavu, W.T.Welsh   
 Subject: Training, setting of standard and importance of having qualified well-paid Black interpreters   
G5 Emergency. 4 files 1960-1961   
 Correspondents: Department of Justice, Commissioner of Police, K.R.Matthews (Regional Chairman), S.A.Red Cross Society   
 1960 Banishment of Elizabeth Mafekeng   
 1960 Political dismissals of railway and municipal workers   
 1960 Care of children whose parents were arrested   
 1960 Arrest and detention of young people, including minors   
 1960 Disturbances in Cape Town from Mar-May 1960   
 1960 Red Cross Emergency Relief Fund for families affected by the riots in Langa and Nyanga   
 1960 Death of a detainee in prison   
 1960 Hardships for released detainees   
 1961 Remission of sentences under the Emergency Regulations   
H1 Trading Rights   
H1.1 General 4 files 1932-1945   
 Correspondents: African Traders Association, Department of Native Affairs, Superintendent of Locations, Secretaries of Location Advisory Boards and OFS Bantu Traders Association of South Africa   
 Subjects: Trading in urban locations and the following topics   
 1932 Rentals for trading sites in Black areas   
 1933 Economic conditions in the Orange Free State   
 1933 Trading In the Transkei   
 1933-41 Trading in the Orange Free State locations   
 1938 Petition from Urban Native Advisory Boards of OFS to Minister of Native Affairs   
 1940-41 Trading In Johannesburg   
 1940-41 Hawkers, pedlars and eating-houses in Bloemfontein   
 1941-42 Herbalist's licences   
 1941 Regulations of the Bantu Trading Society, Bulawayo   
 1942 Trading in the N.Transvaal   
 1942 Sale of mealies by Blacks   
 1945 Private hotel for Africans In Johannesburg   
 Undated Notes and memoranda on trading   
H1.2 Kroonstad 1 file 1931-1941   
 Correspondents: Department of Native Affairs, Joint Council of Europeans and Natives, J.R.Brent, Superintendent of Location and Resident Magistrate   
 Subject: Resistance to requests for trading rights   
H2 Markets 1 file 1938-1944   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, H.R.Burrows, J.M.Tilney   
 1938 Composition of marketing produce boards   
 1938-40 Marketing control for agricultural products   
 1940 Operation of wheat marketing scheme 1938-1939. By H.M.Robertson   
 1942 Native markets   
 1944 Arguments for municipal sale and distribution of foodstuffs in urban locations   
H3 Native Economic Commission   
H3.1 Correspondence and statistics 2 files 1930-1933   
 Correspondents: A.Kerr, F.A.W.Lucas, H.C.Lugg, J.H.Pim   
 1930 Importance of determining extent of deposits by Blacks in banks etc   
 1931 Amount of tax collected from Blacks: returns submitted   
 to the Commission   
 1933 Availability of evidence for research   
 1933 Criticism of N.E.C. report by Rev. G.Callaway   
H3.2 Extracts of evidence by G.Ballenden and Major H.Cooke. 1 file   
H3.3 Statistics on health 1 file 1930-1931   
 Includes statistics on Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Sekukuniland and articles on health by E.H.Cluver   
H4 Cost of living 8 files 1928-1954   
 Correspondents: Office of Census and Statistics, Departments of Agriculture and Native Affairs, Controller of Food, E.H.Brookes (1946) and M.H.Xuma (1946)   
 1930 Budget for Black family expenditure   
 1930 Black village economist survey 1940 Completed questionnaires for budget survey   
 1941 Enquiry into the cost of living and wages at Kroonstad   
 1942 Shortage of maize   
 1943-44 Memoranda from Springs Joint Council and SAIRR to Distribution Costs Commission   
 1944-45 Prices in locations   
 1946 Completed questionnaires for survey   
 1946-48 Shortage of foodstuffs and rationing. includes minutes of Witwatersrand Regional Food Committee and Liaison Food Committee   
 1954 African family cost of living survey   
H5 Token system on Natal coal mines l file 1936-1937   
 Correspondents: J.M.du Toit, Pietermaritzburg Joint Council   
 Subjects: Problems caused by coupon system. Includes "Scandalous exploitation of natives on Natal mines: an open letter by Rev. D.J.Kambule"   
H6 Blacks and paper currency 1 file 1929   
 Correspondent: S.Evans   
 Subject: Dislike of paper currency and desire for half sovereigns   
J1 Legislation   
J1.1 Factories Act 4 items 1941   
 Leaflet by the Communist Party of S.A. protesting against the colour bar in this Act; letter from W.G.Ballinger re the Act   
J1.2 Industrial Conciliation Bill 1 file 1939-1947   
 Correspondents: V.R.Atkinson, H.W.Cooper (Sec. to P.M.), Department of Labour, D.Gosani (Council of Non-European Trade Unions), D.D.Molteno, E.S.Sachs, M.Webb   
 Subject: Recognition of Black trade unions   
J1.3 Pass laws and influx control 1 file 1938-1945   
 Correspondents: E.M.Holland, E.Newman, A.Schauder (P.E.Council)   
 1938 Registration of contracts   
 1940 Closing of municipal areas to Black workers   
 1944 Compulsion to carry a pass in Worcester   
 1945 Registration for Employment Act (No.34)   
J1.4 Unemployment Insurance Act 1 file 1947   
 Correspondents: Rev. K.H.Swensson, O.D.Wollheim   
 Subject: Complaint about deductions, especially for mission school teachers   
J1.5 Wage Act 1 item Undated   
 Memorandum: Natives and the Wage Act   
J1.6 Workmens Compensation Act 1 file 1935-1947   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, D.B.Molteno, P.L.Meyer   
 1935-36 Pension scheme for SAIRR staff   
 1939-41 Effect of the Act on Blacks   
 1941-42 Case of E.J.Makhetha v. W.N.L.A.   
 1942 Position of cripples under the Act   
 1946 Suggested amendments   
 Undated Comparison of the Act on different races   
J1.7 General 1 file Undated   
 Memoranda on labour legislation in South Africa and native law and administration   
J1.8 Commissions 1 file 1934-1947   
 Correspondents: H.F.Cuff (Sec, of Industrial Legislation Commission), L.J.du Pleasis, M.Knight, H.Suzman   
 1934 Terms of reference of Industrial Legislation Commission   
 1937 Select Committee   
 1946 Preparation of evidence on migrant labour for the Native Laws Enquiry Commission   
 1947 Evidence by Transvaal Steel Pressing Syndication to the Fagan Commission   
J2 Trade Unions   
J2.1 East London 1 file 1941-1943   
 Correspondents: R.Behr, H.D.Tyamzashu, O.D.Wollheim   
 1941 Statement of the Joint Council to the Wage Board re poverty of Blacks   
 1941 Interdepartmental Committee of Enquiry concerning economic, health and social conditions of natives in urban areas   
 1942 SAIRR's policy re Black trade unions   
 1942 Wage determination: unskilled labour   
 1943 Effects of paying higher wages   
J2.2 Kimberley 1 file 1934-1947   
 Correspondents: J.H.Hofmeyr, G.M.Kgosi, Kimberley African General Workers Union, A.L.Saffery, M.Wilman   
 1934 Black poverty   
 1941 Wage Board: unskilled labour   
 1941 SAIRR investigation into the Social and economic conditions of unskilled workers   
 1941 Agreement between the City Council and De Beers   
 1941 Consolidated Mines Ltd.   
 1941 Grievances at Riverton   
J2.3 Kroonstad 1 file 1934-1941.   
 Correspondents: Superintendent of Locations, Kroonstad Joint Council and Native Affairs Board   
 1934 Need for a minimum wage   
 1934 Evidence to Industrial Legislation Commission   
 1937 Shortage of labour   
 1940 Need for a Wage Board enquiry and SAIRR investigation into wages and cost of living   
 1941 Wage Board determination   
J2.4 Lydenburg 1 file 1941   
 Notes on an investigation into working conditions in Lydenburg.   
 Includes photographs, which have been removed from collection and are stored with photographs, see Photo guide.   
J2.5 Natal and Durban 1 file 1938-1947   
 Correspondents: G.V.O.Bulkeley (Durban Joint Council), P.Morel, M. Webb   
 1938 Unskilled labour in Durban: memorandum by SAIRR   
 1939-40 Wage Board enquiry into unskilled labour in Durban   
 1941 Investigation into the position of Non-Europeans in the sugar industry   
 1942 Future of Black trade unions   
 1946 Funding of Black labourers on Natal collieries   
 1947 Report from Burnside Colliery   
 Undated Account of at young Black employee in the cane fields   
J2.6 Port Elizabeth 1 file 1939-1945   
 Correspondents: M.Ball, V.F.Couldridge, E.M.Holland, P.J.Kaplan, Port Elizabeth Fishermen's Union, A.Schauder, A.Z.Tshimula   
 1939 Enquiry into minimum wage for workers   
 1939 Merits of wage fixation   
 1940-41 Wage Board enquiry into unskilled workers memoranda from Brewery Employees Union (Cape), P.J.Kaplan for Eastern Province Trades Council. J.P.McNamee (Superintendent of Location) and Port Elizabeth Training and Bus Workers Union   
 1941 Organisation of trade unions   
 1941 Interdepartmental Committee of Enquiry re economic and social conditions of Blacks   
 1941 Statistics of trials and admissions of guilt for illicit possession of Kaffir beer and drunkenness 1939-1941   
 1941 Memorandum by Non-European United Front re social conditions   
 1941 Memorandum from African Child Welfare and Benevolent Society   
 1942 Statement by Eastern Province Trades Council, trade unions and friends of the native people of P.E. on the activities and conduct of Max Gordon during his stay in P.E.   
 1944 Wages of Non-European municipal employees   
 1945 Wages and conditions of stevedoring workers   
J2.7 Pretoria 1 file 1958   
 Correspondents: Department of Labour, Pretoria Ministers' Fraternal   
 Subject: Financial position of Blacks   
J2.8 Schweizer-Reneke 1 file 1941.1947   
 Correspondents: D.Cosani (Sec. of Council of Non-European Trade Unions), Department of Labour, Scweizer-Reneke District Workers Union   
 1941-46 Complaints by employees of Hadet Mills and Malt Factory   
 1947 Application of the Factory Act to Hadet Mills   
J2.9 Transkei 1 file 1943   
 Memorandum: A labour and manpower survey of the Transkeian territories. By E.Jokl   
J2.10 Vereeniging 1 file 1937   
 Legal records King vs Vereeniging workers, charged with rioting, killing and wounding policemen on 19 Sep.1937. Includes preparatory examination and statements   
J2.11 Vryheid 1 file 1941-1942   
 Correspondent: H.A.Guy (Town Treasurer)   
 1941 Conditions of municipal employees   
 1942 Economic standard of living of Blacks   
J2.12 Winburg 1 file 1940-1941   
 Correspondents: Town Clerk, Superintendent of Locations, Native Advisory Board, Rev. Z.L.Mahabane   
 1940 Wages and cost of living   
 1941 Statistics re wages and cost of food   
J2.13 African trade unions and wages: Witwatersrand 5 files 1930-1948   
 Correspondents: African Bakers Industrial Union, African Building and Allied Trades Workers Union, African Clerks, Messengers and Office Cleaners Union, African Commercial and Distributive Workers Union, African General Workers Union, African Mineral Water Workers Union, African Office Workers Union, African (Witwatersrand) Hotel, Boarding-House and Flat Workers Union, W.G.Ballinger, Council of Non-European Trade Unions, W.J.de Vries, Dairy Workers Trade Union, M.Gordon, D.Gosani, P.Ibbotson, G.Makabeni, Non-European Meat Traders Employers Union, E.S.Sachs, Ruth Saffery, A.M.Thipe, Witwatersrand Non-European Servants Association, South African Trades and Labour Council   
 1937-39 Determination: motor transport drivers   
 1937 Black strike at Sayled Rossaak (Pty) Ltd. And the firm's refusal to acknowledge Ballinger as mediator   
 1938 Memorandum by African Printing Workers Union to the National Industrial Council for Printing and Newspaper Trade re unskilled workers   
 1938 Memorandum by African Commercial and Distributive Workers Union to the Wage Board   
 1939 Interview of J.D.R.Jones with Secretary for Labour on wages   
 1939 Need to organise Black workers   
 1940 Memorandum to the Wage Board by the African Tin Workers Union   
 1940 Need for parallel or separate African unions   
 1940 Non-European workers rally on May Day   
 1940 Banning of a mass meeting re Nkana strike   
 1941 Formation of the Council of Non-European Trade Unions   
 1941 Request for release of M.Gordon from internment   
 1941 Wage Bourd's recommendation for the dairy industry   
 1941 Working conditions in coal mines   
 1942-43 Wage determination in the commercial distributive trade   
 1942-43 Wage determination in the mineral water industry   
 1942-43 Recognition of African trade unions   
 1942-43 Demand for improved wages in hotel industry and for domestic servants   
 1942-43 Industrial Council agreement for the building industry   
 1942-43 Organisational difficulties among African trade unions   
 1942-43 Wage Board recommendation for unskilled workers, Witwatersrand and Pretoria   
 1944 Training courses for African trade union organisers   
 1945 Statistics of African trade unions in South Africa   
 1945 Conditions in the timber industry   
 1945 Financial help for strikers in coal distributive strike   
 1947 Formation of African Trade Unions Technical Advisory Committee   
 1948 List of organizations affiliated to the Transvaal Council of Non-European Trade Unions   
J2.14 African trade unions and wages: smaller towns in South Africa 2 files 1939-1947   
 Correspondents: Department of Native Affairs, municipal officials, joint councils and N.N.Franklin, J.D.Krige, D.B.Molteno, United Industrial and Commercial Workers Union of Africa   
 1940 Complaints about poor wages paid in small towns   
 1940 Request to joint councils to submit evidence to Wage Board for Bethlehem, Klerksdorp, Pietersburg. Potchefstroom, Vereeniging, Witbank   
 1941 Wage Board investigation into commercial, distributive and catering trades, smaller towns   
 1942 Wages and conditions of unskilled labourers   
 1942 Cost of living allowances not paid in smaller towns   
 1942 Attempt to form a trade union of commercial and distributive trades in Grahamstown   
 1943 Formation of trade unions in Cradock, Bothaville and Nelspruit   
 1944-47 Requests for trade unions in many centres   
 1946 List of individuals in Oliphantshoek. who wish to join a trade union   
J2.15 General 6 files 1932-1952   
 Correspondence and memoranda   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, R.F.A.Hoernle, W.H.Hutt, H.M.Robertson, S.T.van der Horst, G.E.de Burgh Wilmot   
 1932 Vocational training of Non-European youth and their opportunities of employment   
 1933 Contracts between farmers and workers   
 1934 Civilised labour   
 1935 Report of Native Recruiting Corporation Ltd.   
 1937 Establishment of industries in native territories   
 1937 Female domestic workers   
 1938 Black trade unions   
 1938, Native wages and the cost of living. By W.C. and M.Ballinger   
 1938 Wages and hours of work of unskilled labourers   
 1938 Investigation into the commercial and distributive trade   
 1939 Family subsidies for poorly-paid workers   
 1939 Memorandum by Garment Workers Union objecting to Wage Board recommendations   
 1940 Desertions of migrant mine workers   
 1940 Dispute between OK Bazaars and NUDW   
 1941 Strikes by black workers   
 1942 Bus workers dispute   
 1943 Industrial development in relation to the Native Population. By J.N.Reedman   
 1943 Article by E.Hellmann on the urban black   
 1944 Statistics of various races employed in print manufacturing industries   
 1946 Racial distribution and wages in different industries   
 1946, The native in industry: address by Vernon Atkinson to Pretoria Rotary Club   
 1947 Disparity in wages   
 1947, Future of the African in industry: address to Rotary Club by J.D.R.Jones   
 1947 Nurses and midwives salaries   
 1949 Careers for Africans   
 1950 The African factory worker. By E.D.Hill   
 1950 May Day victims   
 1951, Aspects of recent personnel research re the Non-European. By A.M.Masilela   
 1951 Sell goods: a social survey of an African commercial labour force' by E.Hellmann   
 1953 Enquiry file of field officer W.B.Ngakane   
 1954, Trade unions in South Africa. By Trades Union Congress   
 Undated, The scope for native employment. By M.Gordon   
 Undated, The South African economic problem: the native aspect. By J.D.R.Jones   
 Undated, Ethnology of the Bantu. By H.Kuper   
 Undated, The selection of African workers in industry. By W.Hudson   
 Undated, Need to include all workers in cost of living allowances   
 Undated, General conditions of work as regards African children and young people and the protection of children at work. By J.D.R.Jones   
 Undated, The recruiting of African labour   
 Undated, Need for an industrial tribunal   
 Undated, Industrial organisation among Blacks in South Africa   
 Undated, The position of the worker under the labour laws of the Union: with special reference to the African labourer. By J.D.R.Jones   
J3 Employment policy   
J3.1 Civilised labour 2 files 1934-1935   
 Correspondents: H.S.Coaker, Department of Labour, P. Duncan, J.H.Hofmeyr, M.Knight, W.B.Madeley, E.P.Reim, I.L.Walker, A.W.Wilkie   
 Subjects: Definition of "Civilised labour" by the government as "Civilised labour is to be considered as labour rendered by persons whose standard of living conforms to the standard generally recognized as tolerable from the usual European standpoint" and its effect on Black unemployment   
J3.2 Employment bureaux 1 file 1936-1937   
 Correspondent: Bantu Lads Hostel Committee   
 1936 Hostel in Orlando for delinquent Non-European juveniles   
 1936 Recruitment of labour   
 1937 Question of a labour bureau for Non-Europeans in Johannesburg   
 Undated Need for a bureau for farm labour and domestic workers   
J3,3 The scope for native employment: By M.Gordon. Undated   
J3.4 Career opportunities for Africans: replies to a circular, 1950   
J3.4,1 Replies from the private sector 2 files   
 Arranged alphabetically by the name of the company   
J3.4.2 Replies from municipalities 1 file   
 Arranged alphabetically   
J3.4.3 Replies from government and other public bodies 1 file From government departments, universities and technical colleges   
J4 Labour in specific industries   
J4.1 Mines   
J4.1.1 Gold mines 3 files 1931-1947   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, Rev. J.H.L.Burns, J.P.Cope, W.Gemmill, C.Legum. Chief Tshekedi Khama, Sir E.Oppenheimer, G.Radebe, Transvaal African Congress, Transvaal Chamber of Mines, S.T.van der Horst   
 1935 Recruitment of labour   
 1938 Conditions in the mines   
 1938-39 Transport costs of mine workers to and from mines   
 1941 "Safety, first aid and health factors for use in the Witwatersrand Gold Mines"   
 1941 Feeding of mine labourers   
 1943 Witwatersrand Native Mine Labour Wages Commission   
 1944-45 Disabilities facing the African Mine Workers Union   
 1946 Poor sleeping facilities for miners   
 1946 Housing for Orange Free State mine labour   
 1946 African mine workers strike   
 1946 Tribal natives and trade unions; the policy of the Rand Gold Mining Industry. Statement by Transvaal Chamber of Mines   
 1947 Workers organizations and industrial conciliation in relation to native workers of the Witwatersrand Gold Mines. By J.D.R.Jones   
J4.1.2 Coal mines 2 files 1935-1946   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, D.J.Kambule, G.E.Mathews, F.G.Payne   
 1935-39 Token system on Natal coal mines   
 1936 Strike on a coal mine   
 1944 Visit by J.D.R.Jones to the Durban Navigation Collieries Ltd.   
J4.1.3 General 1 file 1937-1947   
 Correspondents: D.Gradwell, Department of Social Welfare   
 1937 Strike on the mine at Gravelotte   
 1939 Conditions on the diamond diggings   
 1944 Minimum wage for miners   
J4.2 Farm labour 9 files 1930-1955   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, W.R.Caley, C.M.Doke, J.F.Herbst, R.F.A.Hoernle, E.B.Jones, L.Marquard, N.M.Motshumi, A.L.Saffery, H.A.Shannon   
 1930 Memorandum on labour conditions presented by Zululand Farmers Union to the Native Economic Commission   
 1937 Report of Holme Park-Nyl Basin Farmers Association on the labour shortage in the Northern Transvaal   
 1937 Formation of the Native Farm Labour Committee   
 1938 Conditions for families of farm workers and suggestions for improvements   
 1940 Photographs of farm labourers' conditions   
 1941 Research trip by E.Rheinallt Jones in the Transvaal   
 1943 Need to make farm labour more attractive   
 1953 Statistics on crops, animal husbandry, orchards, trees and wages   
 1955 African Farm Labour Enquiry: draft questionnaire   
 Undated Farm labour in the Transvaal. By E.Rheinallt Jones   
 Undated Working conditions of prison farm labourers   
 (Photographs in File 4 have been removed and are stored with photographs, see Photo guide)   
J4.3 Railway workers 6 files 1930-1954   
 Correspondents: M.L.Ballinger, R.M.Christopher, C.R.Goodlatte, Natal Indian Congress, H.C.Peacock, South African Railways and Harbours, S.A.Railway and Harbour Workers Union, M.Webb   
 1931 Public meeting at Elim to discuss decline in rail passenger traffic in the Eastern Transvaal   
 1932 Gratuities to discharged Black workers   
 1933 Reduction in wages   
 1934 Report of Railways Commission   
 1936-40 Wages of Non-European railway workers   
 1936 Reduction in wages of Indian labourers and dismissal of Indian stokers in Durban   
 1942 Housing for families of railway workers   
 1942 Speech by J.D.R.Jones in the Senate on the Railways and Harbours Appropriation Bill   
 1944 Conference of Department of Transport with S.A.Railway and Harbour Workers Union   
 1944 Treatment of Non-European passengers on railways   
 1944 Need for facilities for Non-Europeans to negotiate   
 1947 Protective clothing   
 1950-54 Personal complaints of ill treatment by workers   
J4.4 Professional, clerical and government service 4 files 1936-1947   
 Correspondents: Government officials, D.G.S.Mtimkulu, N.M.Motshumi   
 Subjects: Individual grievances and the following specific topics   
 1938 Statistics of Black clerks in government service   
 1939 Regrading of the salaries of clerks and interpreters   
 1941 Employment of Non-Europeans in the public service, including the postal services   
 1941 Reduction in salaries and Sekukhuni Local Council employees   
 1942 Dentistry and the law as professions for Blacks   
 1944 C.O.L. allowances   
J4.5 Municipalities 1 file 1938-1942   
 Correspondents: Managers of Non-European Affairs Departments   
 Subject: Wages of Black municipal employees in Bethlehem, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, Kroonstad and Pietermaritzburg and proposed employment of women beersellers in municipal beerhalls   
J4.6 Skilled black labour in industry 1 file 1937-1947   
 Correspondents: C.Bullock, C.S.Martin, S.T.van der Horst   
 Subject: Wages and opportunities for Blacks in skilled trades   
J4.7 Leather industry 1 file 1941-1944   
 Memoranda issued by the Leather Industry Research Institute including the report of a preliminary survey of employment problems in seven boot and shoe factories in Port Elizabeth   
J4.8 Domestic servants 1 file 1939-1945   
 Correspondents: African Domestic Servants League, The Community Action League   
 1939 Minutes of a meeting of African Domestic Servants League and addresses by Albert Segwai and G.J.Coke   
 1939 Notes on training facilities by J.L.Dube   
 1942 Invitation to the opening of the African United Cultural and Domestic Workers Club   
 1943 Control of domestic servants   
 1945 Thanks to J.D.R.Jones for help in organizing a domestic servants union   
J5 Industrial relations   
J5.1 Southern African Committee on Industrial relations 1 file 1940-1943   
 Correspondents:G.Routh, A.L.Saffery, C.H.Stohr   
 1940 Donations for expenses of sending J.Lewin to attend the Commission of Enquiry into African Miners on the Copperbelt   
 1941 Donations to help African workers; make representations to the Wage Board   
 1942 Organising campaign for workers in Port Elizabeth   
J5.2 Advisory Council of Labour 1 file 1937-1946   
 Correspondents: Department of Labour, J.Lewin, H.M.Robertson   
 1937 Revival of Council and appointments to it   
 1941 Council's report on minimum wage   
J5.3 Chambers of commerce and industry 1 file 1937-1938   
 Correspondent: Association of Chambers of Commerce in South Africa   
 Subject: Wages and economic situation of Blacks   
J6 Coloured labour 1 file 1934-1944   
 Correspondents: Department of Labour, Congregational Union of South Africa, Methodist Church of South Africa, D.D.Molteno, South African Union Conference of Seventh Day Adventists   
 1934 Memorandum by the Committee of the Coloured Adult and Juvenile Labour Exchange, Johannesburg, for the Commission on industrial Legislation   
 1941 Training and employment of Coloured youths   
 1942 South African Coloured Mine Workers Union   
 1943 Union for Coloured men at the Mint   
 1943-44 Wages of Cape Coloured workers   
 1944 Coloured Advisory Council   
 1944 Wages of Coloured ministers   
J7 International   
J7.1 International Labour Organisation 1 file 1929-1941   
 Correspondents: W.H.Andrews (Sec. S.A. Trades Union Congress), W.G.Ballinger, M.Benson, C.W.Cousins, Department of Labour, A.G.Forsyth (Sec. S.A. Trades and Labour Council, J.Hofmeyr, C.H.Stohr   
 1929-31 Forced Labour Convention   
 1935-39 Black representation on South Africa's delegation to I.L.O.   
 1938 Visit of I.L.O. delegates to South Africa   
 1941 I.L.O. resolution on the recognition of Black trade unions   
J7.2 Rhodesia and Nyasaland 1 file 1933-1947   
 Correspondents: W.G.Ballinger, Rev.A.J.Cross, Sir Stewart Gore-Browne, R.S.Hudson (Labour Commissioner, Lusaka), P.Ibbotson, J.A.Rodger (Church of Scotland Mission, Blantyre)   
 1933 Industrial Conciliation Act in Southern Rhodesia   
 1937 Position of Rhodesia and Nyasaland Blacks in South Africa   
 1940 Report on a visit to the Copperbelt to the Southern African Committee on Industrial Relations by J.Lewin   
 1940-42 Strike on the Copperbelt   
 1942 Workmen's Compensation in Northern Rhodesia   
 1942 Peasant farming in Nyasaland   
 1942 Question of amalgamation of the Rhodesian   
 1943 Wage Boards and the Black in industry   
 1943 Need for Block labour on the Copperbelt   
 1945 Trade unions in Bulawayo   
 1947 Royal Commission to investigate conditions on the Copperbelt   
J7.3 Other African countries 1 file 1940-1942   
 Corrospondents: H.J.E.Dumbrell, Labour Officers, Lagos and Dar Es Salaam   
 1940 Organisation of trade unions in Nigeria   
 1942 Education in Bechuanaland   
Ka Council of Education, Witwatersrand   
Ka1 Applications for appointments 3 files 1926-1930   
 Correspondence with teachers and principals of schools   
Ka2 Applications for grants 6 files 1920-1939   
 Correspondence with applicants seeking the Council's support for various projects   
Ka3 Articles 1 file 1926   
 By J.D.Rheinallt Jones on the needs of the University of the Witwatersrand, Education in Johannesburg, Native studies in our universities and "The Asiatic Bill: a plea for second thoughts"   
Ka4 Elliott exhibition of photographs 1 file 1930   
 Correspondent: Secretary of the Exhibition   
 Subject: Financial grant to enable the exhibition to be shown in Johannesburg   
Ka5 Finance 14 files 1926-1940   
Ka5.l Finance: general 6 files 1926-1940   
 Correspondents: Sir W.Dalrymple, W.A.Mackenzie, G.W.Morrison and auditors   
 Subjects: Financial statements, loans, insurance, lists of assets and subscribers   
Ka5.2 Finance: Standard Bank of S.A. 1 file 1930-1939   
 Correspondence with the Bank re signing of cheques and deposal   
Ka5.3 Stock 7 files 1926-1932   
 Correspondence with stock-brokers and Treasury re Union 5% stock, Local Registered Stock, Colonial Stock and treasury bills   
Ka6 General 6 files 1926-1937   
 Correspondents: Enquirers seeking help and information. Also M.L.Ballinger, F.Brownlee, Sir W.Dalrymple, L.Marquard, F.C.Metrovich, H.R.Raikes, T.Reunert, Transvaal Teachers Association, M.Webb   
 1926 Gift of Africans collection to the Department of Bantu Studies, Wits University   
 1927 Development of higher education in the Transvaal   
 1927 Study of race relations   
 1927 Memorandum by Alex Aiken "Is the metric worth while: South Africa's education as a businessman sees it"   
 1927 Coordination of charitable institutions in Johannesburg   
 1930 Origin of clicks in Xosa   
 1931 Welsh Student Self Help Council   
 1932 Minute on the Beit Bequest in the records of the Council   
 1932 Sympathy on the fire at Wits in December 1931   
 1933 Position of English-speaking children in rural areas   
 1933 Dr Gubbins' scheme for a National Bureau of Illustrations   
Ka7 Hospitals   
Ka7.1 Bridgman Hospital l file 1930-1931   
 Minutes of the Board   
Ka7.2 Transvaal Memorial Hospital for Children 5 files 1927-1940   
 Correspondent: Secretary of the Ladies Visiting Committee   
 Subject: financial help to pay for a teacher for permanently invalided children   
Ka8 League of Nations Union 1 item 1926   
 Correspondent: Secretary   
 Subject: Federation of branches of League of Nations Union   
Ka9 League of the Empire Conference 1 file 1926   
 Correspondents: Secretary rand W.Cullen   
 Subject: Representation at the conference in Paris   
Ka10 List of files 1926   
Ka11 Loans   
Ka11.1 Loans to members of university staff 7 files 1926-1940   
 Correspondents: Members of staff of Wits University   
Ka11.2 Individuals   
Ka11.2.1 Buckland, C.T. 1 file 1927   
Ka11.2.2 Buckland, F. 1 file 1930   
Ka11.2.3 Caldecott, M.J. 1 file 1931   
Ka11.2.4 Fleming, R.J. 1 file 1931   
Ka11.2.5 Jamieson, V.A. 1 fire 1926   
Ka11.2.6 Morgan, M. 2 files 1926-1927   
Ka11.2.7 Patterson, E.G. 2 files 1926-1927   
Ka12 Membership 1 file 1937   
 Correspondents: F.E.Kanthack, B.Price, M.W.Richards   
 Subject: Appointment as member of council   
Ka13 National Library Organisation 1 file 1928-1930   
 Correspondents: Sir W.Dalrymple, R.T.A.Innes, F.K.Keppel, M.M.Stirling, R.B.Young   
 1928-30 Development of a national Iibrary in Pretoria as proposed by the South African Library Conference   
 1929 Future end needs of Johannesburg, Public Library   
Ka14 Native education 3 files 1926-1927, 1942   
 Correspondents: S.A.Germond, O.E.Lovell, H.Thomas   
 1927 Circular and programme of the annual conference of the Transvaal African Teachers Association   
 1927 Development of Black education   
 1942 Shortage of suitably trained African teachers for appointment as principals   
Ka15 Nursery school teachers 1 file 1942-1948   
 Correspondents: Dr R.S.Arndt, Dr M.B.Cook, National War Memorial Health Foundation, Nursery School Association of South Africa   
 1942 Memorandum from Nursery School Association to the National Health Commission   
 1944 The pre-school child in the post-war world: address by Dr R.Arndt   
 1944 Report by Nursery School Association to the Commission on Technical and Vocational Education   
 1946 Memorandum on child health activities including the training of health visitors by Professor J.Young   
 1946-48 Training of Non-European nursery school teachers   
Ka16 Policy of the Council 1 file 1926   
 Correspondents: Sir W.Dalrymple, C.M.Doke   
 Subject: Comments on a memorandum by the secretary (J.D.Rheinallt Jones) on policy   
Ka17 Prize fund 1 file 1925-1927   
 Details of pupils with first class matric-is passes and of awards   
 made to schools   
Ka18 Publications   
Ka18.1 General 1 file 1929-1931   
 Correspondents: Booksellers, Prof. A.Schepot1ieff (Russia) and M.Work (Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute)   
 Subject: Ordering of journals and books   
Ka18.2 Re Meinhof's Bantu Philology 1 file   
 Correspondents: R.F.A.Hoernle, F.Keppel, H.R.Raikes, D.Westermann   
 Subject: Publication of Dr J.G.van Warmelo's translation into English of Professor Meinhof's "Lautlehre der Bantusprachen"   
Ka18.3 Re Father Marcones vernacular grammar 1 file   
 Correspondents: C.M.Doke, J.Henderson, H.Jowitt (Director of Native Development, S.Rhodesia), Father Marconess, S.J.   
 Subject: Publication of Father Marecness' Karanga grammar   
Ka19 Publicity 1 file 1926   
 Correspondents: Johannesburg Publicity Association, Sir W. Thomson   
 Information on education progress of the city for Johannesburg's 40th souvenir brochure   
 Information on Dr Eustace Henry Cluver   
Ka20 Rotary Club 1 file 1930   
 Correspondents: Durban and Johannesburg Rotary Clubs   
 Minutes and resolution or Johannesburg Rotary Club on passes and tax receipts   
 Meeting of the Durban Rotary Club to be addressed by J.D.R.Jones   
Ka21 Schools   
Ka21.1 Governing bodies or high schools 5 files 1926, 1933-1940   
 Correspondents: Secretaries of governing bodies   
 Subject: Appointment of Council of Education representatives on governing bodies   
Ka21.2 Individual schools   
Ka21.2.1 Auckland Park Preparatory School 1 file 1938-1939   
 Correspondent: A.A.Hope {Chairman of Governing Body)   
 Subject: Financial grant   
Ka21.2.2 Hilton College 1 file 1938-1941   
 Correspondent: Bursar   
 Subject: Payment of fees for D.H.Robinson   
Ka21.2.3 Jeppe High School for Boys 1 file 1926   
 Correspondent: Headmaster   
 Subject: Donation from the Council   
Ka21.2.3a Jeppe High School for Girls 1 file 1930   
 Correspondent: Headmistress   
 Subject: Loan from the Council   
Ka21.2.4 King Edward VII School 1 file 1926-1932   
 Correspondent: Headmaster   
 Subject: Donation and loan from the Council   
Ka21.2.5 Kingsmead College 1 file 1939-1940   
 Correspondent: D.V. Thompson, Headmistress   
 Subject: Loan from the Council   
Ka21.2.6 Lord Milner School Farm 1 file 1940   
 Correspondent: Principal   
 Subject: Grant to help establish a farm school for English speaking children at Settlers   
Ka21.2.7 Mayfair Convent 1 file 1926-1933   
 Correspondents: Insurance Company and solicitors   
 Subject: Insurance and loan   
Ka21.2.8 Parktown Boys High School 1 file 1927-1930   
 Correspondent: Secretary of Governing Body   
 Subject: Loan from the Council   
Ka21.2.9 Parktown High School for Girls 1 file 1927-1930   
 Correspondents: Chairman of Governing Body, Sir W.Dalrymple and accountants   
Ka21.2.10 Parktown School (Mountain View) 2 files c.1939   
 Correspondents: R.G.L. Austin, J. Barrow   
 Subjects: Rates, insurance and repairs   
Ka21.2.11 Ridge School 1 file 1932-1940   
 Correspondents: W.A.Mackenzie, G.W.H Nicolson, J.Waterson   
 Subject: Loan   
Ka21.2.12 Roedean School 1 file 1926-1939   
 Correspondents: Principal. and Secretary of school and accountants   
 Subject; Loan   
Ka21.2.13 St. Andrews School 2 files 1926-1940   
 Correspondents: Secretary of School, lawyers and accountants   
 Subjects; Insurance, Fletcher Trust, water rights of Bedford Farm and loan   
Ka21.2.14 St. Dunstans School 1 file 1931-1940   
 Correspondents: H.Cranswick, G. Evans and accountants   
 Subject: Loan and insurance   
Ka21.2.15 St. John's College 2 files 1926-1940   
 Correspondents: Headmaster, secretary and chairman of Council   
 Subject: Loan and insurance   
Ka21.2.16 St. Mary's Diocesan School for Girls 4 files 1926-1940   
 Correspondents: Secretary and Chairman of Council   
 Subject: Insurance and loan   
Ka21.2.17 Springs Preparatory School 1 file 1938-1940   
 Correspondent: Chairman of Council   
 Subject: Loan   
Ka22 Seymour Memorial Library l file 1926   
 Correspondent: W. Thomson (Chairman of Library)   
 Subject: Grant from the Council   
Ka23 South African Association for the Advancement of Science   
Ka23.1 Minutes and reports 6 files 1926-1931   
Ka23.2 Memoranda 1 file 1942-1944   
 Draft constitution of the Association of Scientific Workers of Southern Africa 1942 and notice of meeting 1944   
Ka24 South African Association of Municipal Employees 1 file 1926   
 Correspondent: R.J.Stickland   
 Subject: Standardisation of exams for municipal service   
Ka25 South African Council for Educational and Social Research   
Ka25.1 Constitution and functions 1 file 1935   
Ka25.2 Minutes of meetings 3 files 1935-1942   
Ka25.3 Correspondence 4 files 1935-1948   
 Correupondents: P.A.W.Cook and E.G.Malherbe (Directors of Council) and J.H.Hofmeyr, H.J.Simons   
 Subjects: Areas of research, applications for grants and the following   
 1936 Plan of work for social division   
 1941 Investigation into cost of living and wages   
 1941 Investigation into miscegenation in the 18th Century   
 1943 Report on progress   
 1945 Formation of the S.A. Council for Educational, Sociological and Humanistic Research   
 1945 Application of G.M.Pitje for grant to research Sekukuniland   
 1945 Register of current research in the humanities at universities   
Ka25.4 Memoranda   
Ka25.4.1 Transvaal African Teachers Association 1 file 1939-1962   
 Constitution, programme for annual conference 1923, notes on interview of TATA and Professor Hoernle with Dr Eiselen, report 1941, programme for Rand Eisteddfod 1943, memorandum on plea for higher salaries for African teachers, notes on native education and presidential address by C.A.R.Motsepe to 5th annual conference of Transvaal United African Teachers Association 1962   
Ka25.4.2 National Bureau of Educational and Social Research 1 item Undated   
 Classified bibliography of social work   
Ka25.4.3 Social and economic conditions of the South African Indiana 1 file Undated   
 Pamphlet and memorandum on research   
Ka25.4.4 The Economic Society of South Africa 1 file 1946   
Ka26 South African National Council for Child Welfare 1 file 1926   
 Correspondents: T.Hoydell, H.R.H. Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone   
 Subject: "Our Children's Day"   
Ka27 South African Quarterly 1 file 1926-1927   
 Correspondents: A.S.Cripps, J.H.Hofmeyr   
 Subject: Items for publication   
Ka28 South African Social Hygiene Council 1 file 1926-1927   
Ka29 South African Temperance Alliance 1 file 1926   
 Minutes and report   
Ka30 Syndic   
Ka30.1 Minutes 3 files 1938, 1942-1952   
Ka30.2 Reports 29 items 1926, 1933-1942, 1944-1947, 1950-1959, 1962   
Ka30.3 Correspondence 2 files 1926-1940   
 Correspondents: M.Cullen, Sir W.Dalryrple, C.M.Doke, J.H.Hofmeyr   
 Subjects: Meetings of Syndic and work of the Council   
Ka31 Tours   
Ka31.1 Professor Edwin Cannon's lecture tour 1 file 1926-1927   
 Correspondents: E.Cannan, Sir M.Dalrymple   
 Subject: Details of the tour including financial expenses, itinerary and address   
Ka31.2 F.S.Marvin's tour 1 file 1931   
 Correspondent: P.S.Marvin   
 Subject: Itinerary and details of lectures   
Ka32 University bursaries 1 file 1930   
 Correspondents: Applicants for bursaries   
Ka33 University of the Witwatersrand   
Ka33.1 University Committee 1 file 1926-1927   
 Correspondent: Organising Secretary   
 Subject: Notes on the history of the University and proposals for a financial campaign   
Ka33.2 Grants 1 file 1939   
 Correspondent: Wits University (Accountant)   
 Subject: Financial help from the Council   
Ka33.3 Lectures Committee 1 file 1926   
 Correspondent: W.Cullen and the Registrar   
 Subject: Arrangements for visiting lecturers   
Ka33.4 Libraries   
Ka33.4.1 Medical Library 1 file 1926   
 Correspondent: R.A.Dart   
 Subject: Grant From the Council   
Ka33.4.2 Gubbins Library 1 file 1927-1931   
 Correspondents: J.G.Gubbins, A.D.Philip, H.R.Raikes   
 1927 Acquisition of Philip Papers   
 1930-31 Gubbins collection of Africans and transfer to the University   
Ka33.4.3 Scholarships 1 file 1931-1940   
 Correspondents: J.P. de Vos, S. Jackson, C.Niven, I.Glyn Thomas   
 1931 Naming of Niven, Robinson and Caldecott scholarships   
 1931 Scholarships at St.John's   
 1939-40 Post-graduate, scholarships   
Ka34 Witwatersrand Technical Institute 2 files 1927-1928   
 Minutes and reports   
Ka35 Workers Educational Association 2 files 1926-1927   
 Correspondents: E.Gitsham, J.S.Hall, Transvaal W.E.A., World Association for Adult Education   
 1926 Relationship between W.E.A. and Wits University   
 1927 Need to extend facilities for workers education   
 1927 Organisation for World Conference on Adult Education   
Ka36 World Service Exhibition 1 file 1929-1930   
Kb Education: general files (Arranged alphabetically)   
Kbl Adult Education 8 files 1941-1956   
Kbl.1 1941-1943 1 file   
 Correspondents: J.Rollnick, E.R.Roux, M.Webb   
 Organisation of a night school for Johannesburg Blacks   
 Nominations to the Adult Education Committee   
Kbl.28 1944 1 file   
 Correspondents: G.W.Eybers, R.First, J.H.Hofmeyr, W.H.Satchell   
 Campaign against illiteracy   
 Correspondence schools   
 Provision of books from libraries   
Kb1.3 1945 l file   
 Correspondent: I.Fanarof   
 Subject: Position of adult education in South Africa   
Kbl.4 1946 2 files   
 Correspondents: T.Atkinson, H.J.E.Dumbrell, G.W.Eybers, H.S.Holt, A.Kerr, D.McK.Malcolm, L.Marquard, J.L.Omond, B.G.Paver, R.E.Phillips, H.P.Schmoller, L.I.Venables   
 Night schools in Johannesburg   
 Literacy campaign   
 Classes for domestic servants in Port Elizabeth   
 The Eoan Group's offer of help   
 Programme and minutes for Adult Education Conference   
 Vocational and technical education   
Kb1.5 1947 2 files   
 Correspondents: V.J.Clapham, Q.Whyte, G.Young   
 Need for development of adult education services for Non-Europeans   
 Report of the Conference on Adult Education   
 Physical education, communal and leisure-time activities   
 Literacy for Africans: report and programme by SAIRR   
Kbl.6 1956 1 file   
 Evening schools and continuation classes   
 "The bearing of literacy upon the distribution of Christian literature" by M.Whyte   
 Memorandum of Association of The Council of Literacy and Literature   
Kb2 Advisory Committee on African Studies   
Kb2.1 Minutes 1 file 1927-1931   
Kb2.2 Correspondence: general 4 files 1928-1931   
 correspondents: T.T.Barnard, E.H.Brookes, C.M.Doke, W.Eiselen, International Institute of African Languages and Cultures, A.Kerr, P.R.Kirby, G.P.Lestrade, C.T.Loram   
 1928-29 Allocation of grants   
 1928 .Decision that funds be spent on research and not on books   
 1928 Attendance of civil servants at vacation courses   
 1928 Bantu studies at universities   
 1929-30 Functions of the Committee   
 1929-30 Bushman paintings   
 1930 Research into musical practices of Africans   
 1931 Dissolution of the Committee because the Department of Bantu Studies at universities had been established   
Kb2.3 Correspondence: orthography 1 file 1928-1930   
 Correspondents: A. F.Christoferson, C.M.Doke, H.Huss, International Institute of African Languages and Cultures, C.T.Loram, D.McK.Malcolm, J.R.Norenius, G.Pakendorf   
 1928 Orthography of African languages such as Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi   
 1928 Need to coordinate the work in orthography   
 1929-30 Appointment of sub-committees for each language area and their reports   
Kb2.4 Application to Rockefeller Foundation l file 1930-1931   
 Correspondents: S.M.Gunn, J.H.Oldham (International Missionary Council)   
 Subject: Unsuccessful appeal for financial help for African studies   
Kb3 African students overseas 11 files 1930-1939   
Kb3.1 1930 1 file   
 Correspondents: International Student Service, M.Rodger, E.Waring   
 9th Annual Conference of I.S.S   
 Questionnaire on relations between the universities and the working classes   
 Statistics of students in South Arrican universities and colleges   
Kb3.2 1931 1 file   
 Correspondents: W.F.Hill, W.W.Lee, F.S.Livie-Noble, M.Rodger, E.Setlogelo, E.Waring   
 Problem of finding work for students on their return   
 Possibility of Alex Hlubi entering the trade union movement   
 Financial support for students   
 Formation of a South African branch of I.S.S. to advise intending students   
Kb3.3 1933 1 file   
 Correspondents: D.Fraser, C.T.Loram, J.S.Sililo, E.Waring   
 Desirability of South African students meeting Negros and seeing Negro institutions in USA   
 Passport issued to Noni Jabavu for studying overseas   
 Desperate financial situation of Silas Molema   
 Medical bursaries   
Kb3.4 1934-1935 1 file   
 Correspondents: International Student Service, A.Kerr, W.E.Smyth   
 1934-35 Stranding of Emil Blume in Germany   
 1935 Yale scholarships   
 1935 Sponsorship by A.E.Haviland Trust of C.N.Dhlamini to study medicine   
Kb3.5 1936-1937 1 file   
 Correspondents: C.W.A.Coulter, I.Monare   
 Subject: Passports for Black students   
Kb3.6 1938 1 file   
 Correspondents: C.N.Dhlamini, N.Jabavu, E.Mancoba, S.M.Molema, Bp.W.Parker, C.J.K.Riliso, P.Slessor, W.E.Smyth, E.Waring, M.Wrong   
 Passports for students   
 J.D.Rheinallt Jones' meeting with students in the UK   
Kb3.7 1939 5 files   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, C.N.Dhlamini, D.D.T.Jabavu, A.Kerr, K.Lewis, E.Mancoba, Z.K.Matthews, G.B.Molefe, I.Monare, W.Parker, T,G.Presslie, M.Si1ilo, P.Slessor, W.E.Smyth, A.B.Taylor, E.Waring, A.B.Xuma   
 Qualification of C.N.Dhlamini, S.Molema and I.Monare as doctors and 9 other Bantu medical students studying overseas   
 Passport: Mina Soga   
 Criticisms by Blacks of J.D.Rheinallt Jones' memoranda on the welfare of Non-Europeans from Southern Africa going overseas and of the proposed SAIRR scheme   
 Attempt to find work for Dr C.N.Dhlamini   
Kb4 Agricultural training for Africans l file 1938-1943   
 Correspondents: T.L.Davis, E.Rheina11t Jones, D.McK.Malcolm and students   
 1938-41 Bursaries for Fort Cox Agricultural. School   
 1941 Opening of Shiluvane Industrial and Agricultural School by the Swiss Mission   
 1941 Training of rural women students at Fort Cox   
Kb5 Bursaries   
Kb5.1 General 8 files 1938-1947   
 Correspondents: Applicants for bursaries, principals or schools and Transvaal Education Department   
 Subjects: Applications for financial help, appeal for funds to sponsor an African delegates to the 2nd World Youth Congress 1938 and correspondence re legacies and trusts   
 Note: There is a letter from O.R.Tambo, 2 Oct 1947, asking for information on post-matric and post-graduate bursaries and saying that he was leaving the teaching profession to take up law   
Kb5.2 Trust funds   
Kb5.2.1 Abe Bailey Trust 1 file 1940-1945   
 Correspondent: Syfret's Trust Ltd,   
 Subject: Application to SAIRR for help   
Kb5.2.2 Bantu Welfare Trust 1 file   
 Corespondents: Applicants to the Trust   
Kb5.2.3 Carnegie Corporation 1 file 1933-1952   
 Correspondents: C.Birkby, E.H.Brookes, W.de Kiewiet, F.Keppel (President), W.H.Shepardson   
 Subjects: Allocation of funds and the following specific topics   
 1948 Investigation by the Corporation of race problems in South Africa   
 1948 Sponsorship or a visit by W.M.Macmillan   
 1950 Visit of Q. and M.Whyte to USA   
 1952 Defiance campaign   
Kb5.2.4 Mendi Memorial Fund 1 file 1933-1939   
 Correspondent: H.P.Bull   
 1933 Co-operation with joint councils   
 1936 Administration of the fund   
 1939 Meeting of ex-servicemen in view of political crisis   
 Includes "Objects of the Mendi Memorial Fund"   
Kb5.2.5 Milburn Trust 1 file 1938-1946   
 Correspondents: H.S.Polak, R.Gordon Milburn   
 Subject: A bequest in Milburn's will for the improvement of the Black people   
Kb5.2.6 Phelps Stokes Fund 12 files 1939-1952   
 Correspondents: T.J.Jones, A.Phelps-Stoke . L.A.Roy, C.Tobias   
 Subject: Financial help for the SAIRR and the following topics   
 1931 Visit of Dr Anson Phelps-Stokes to South Africa   
 1933 Education in Bechuanaland   
 1933 Grants to buy books for Black students   
 1933 Proposed Encyclopaedia of the Negro   
 1934 Visit of Dr John R.Mott to South Africa   
 1935 Distribution of copies of Dr J.E.K.Aggrey's portrait   
 1936 Help given to A.B.Desmore in USA   
 1937 Congrutulations to Dr T.J.Jones for 25 years with the Fund   
 1942 Estublishment of the Committee on Africa, the War and Peace Aims   
 1942-43 Criticisms of the report on the "Atlantic Charter and Africa from an American standpoint" by F.L.Midfield (Bantu Mirror, Bulawayo), Lord Harlech, R.F.A.Hoernle, D.D.T.Jubavu and H.J.Stanley   
 1945-46 Retirement of Dr A.Phelps-Stokes and T.J.Jones and their replacements to be Dr Jackoon Davis and Dr Channing H.Tobias   
 1947 Appreciation or J.D.Rheinallt's work by Dr A.Phelps-Stokes   
 1948 Sponsorship by the Fund of Dr J.M.Nhlapo's visit to USA to study education   
 1949 Report by Dr Liston Pope of widespread black unrest in Africa   
 1949-51 Visit by Q. and M. Whyte to USA   
 1952 Proposal by Dr A.Phelps-Stakes that the liberal element: in the D.R.C. should oppose apartheid   
Kb5.2.7 The Rhodes Trust 3 files 1938-1939, 1949-1954   
 Correspondents: Lord Elton, J.Irving, M.Wilson   
 Subject: Applications for African Research Scholarship, selection of Gilbert S.Budaza in 1949, six monthly reports on his thesis "Accommodation and resistance patterns of urban Africans to urbanisation"   
Kb5.2.6 Robert Shapiro Trust 1 file 1945-1946   
 Correspondent: R.Shapiro   
 Subject: Foundation of the Trust in 1945 and applications to it   
Kb5.2.9 South African Native Trust Fund 1 file n.d.   
 Memoranda on the fund's support of social services for Africans   
Kb6 Churches 4 files 1931-1950   
 Correspondents: A.Amor, A.W.Blaxall., E.H.Brookes, S.Carter, A.S.Cripps, R.Cuenod, M.Knight, C.Jones, F.A.C.Millard, R.H.W.Shepherd, Transvaal Teachers Association, A.Winter   
 1931 Union control of black education   
 1934 Funds to extend Lemana Training College   
 1936 Bantu Sunday School Convention   
 1937 Lovedale Bible School   
 1940 Financing of black education   
 1940 Question of correspondence colleges   
 1940 Inadequate provision of education for urban African children   
 1940 Study of secondary education at St. Peter's Rosettenville   
 1940 Special course for sons of chiefs at Adams College   
 1940 Proposed Non-Europeans Students Union as distinct from NUSAS   
 1949-50 Indian and Coloured education   
 1950 Replies by various church denominations to an enquiry about the training given by churches to their missionaries   
 1950 Replies by organisations, including prospectuses and brochures, to the question of careers for Africans   
Kb7 Coloured education 1 file 1938-1940   
 Correspondents: H.Hofmeester, P.L.Meyer   
 1938 New school for Coloureds at Athlone built by Independent Congregational Church   
 1940 Future of St. Joseph's Secondary School for Coloureds,   
 Aliwal North   
 1940 Fees for pupils at Grace Dieu Diocesan Training College, Pietersburg   
Kb8 Commissions : Native Economic Commission   
 Memoranda kept by F.A.W.Lucas, member of the Commission, on the administration of native education, "Native education in the Transvaal" by H.M.Burrough, "The education of natives in the Cape Province" by G.H.Welsh, circumcision schools and comparative statistics of educating different races. Also etter to editor on the hardships caused by the cut in teachers' salaries   
Kb9 Compulsory education 1 item n.d.   
 Memorandum on "Compulsory education of native children in urban areas" 4p. Ts.   
Kb10 Conferences   
Kbl0.1 New Education Fellowship Conference 9 files 1933-1936   
 Correspondents: J.F.Burger, H.J.E.Dumbrell, H.Dyke, A.J.Haile, J.H.Hofmeyr, M.Hunter, P.S.Joshi, C.T.Loram, D.McK.Malcom, E.G.Malherbe, B.Malinowski, A.V.Murray, A.I.Richards, I.Schapera, Transvaal African Teachers Association, Transvaal Teachers Association, G.H.Welsh   
 Subject: Arrangements for the New Education Fellowship Conference (African education section) held in 1934 and publication of papers   
Kb10.2 South African Missionary Conference 1 item 1932   
 Memorandum on native education submitted to Minister of Native Affairs   
Kb11 Domestic science training l file 1921-1941   
 Correspondents: H.J.E.Dumbrell, E.Rheinallt. Jones, A.Kerr, G.H.Welsh   
 1921 Memorandum on the present needs of domestic science training in the Transvaal by M.Higham, Principal, School of Domestic Science, Johannesburg   
 1931 Employment or girls as domestic servants   
 1938 Need for an advanced course   
 1938-41 Domestic science training in Bechuanaland   
Kb12 Films 2 files 1935-1938   
 Correspondents: J.Merle Davis, G.Hartog, L.Marquard and Union Film Productions   
 1935 Film as an educational medium for Blacks   
 1937 Effect of films on Blacks   
 1938 Agenda for a meeting of the Film Advisory Board   
Kb13 Friends School. 1 file 1933   
 Correspondentu: J.Butler, G.Reynolds   
 Subject: Resignation of J.D.R.Jones from the Council of the school and its possible re-opening for Indians and Coloureds   
Kb14 General 36 files 1929-1960   
 Relates mainly to the financing and control of education for Africans   
Kb14.1 1929 1 file   
 Correspondents: Department of Native Education, H.Jowitt   
 Exemption from matriculation   
 Memorandum on the teaching of hygiene in black primary schools by A.A.Jacques   
Kb14.2 1931 1 file   
 Correspondents: Children Aid's Society, University of the Witwatersrand   
 Subject: Proposed vacation course for social workers   
Kb14.3 1933 1 file   
 Correspondents: Departments of Native Education and Native Affairs, S.Carter, Ciskeian Missionary Council, E.W.Grant, A.J.Haile, O.D.T.Jabavu, A.Kerr, R.H.W.Shepherd, A.W.Wilkie   
 Lack of facilities for Non-European education on the Witwatersrand   
 Evidence to the Provincial Finance Commission re education   
 Case of L.J.Mokgeledi vs. The Administrator of the Transvaal   
 Visit of Dr Brookes to Lovedale, Fort Hare and Healdtown   
Kb14.4 1934 1 file   
 Correspondents: Department of Native Education, M.Ballinger, C.Bullock, A.C.Grant, M.Knight, H.G.Kuschke, E.C.Malherbe, C.A.Steer, Transvaal African Teachers Association, Transvaal Eurafrican Teachers Association   
 Resolutions from Native Affairs Committee on education   
 Composition of the Transvaal Non-European Advisory Board   
 Cuts in the salaries of Black teachers   
 "Education and the native": paper read at the Conference of the South African Teachers Association, 1934, by Dr Jean van der Poel   
 Night schools for blacks in Johannesburg   
Kb14.5 1935 1 file   
 Correspondents: R.Cuenod, G.H.Franz, A.Forbes Grant, L.Marquard, P.R.Mosaka. Transvaal African Teachers Association   
 Jagger Bequest to buy books for schools   
 Lack of night. schools for Bloemfontein Blacks   
 Progress at Lemana Training College   
 Status of Black teachers   
 Inter-territorial Jeanes Conference. Salisbury   
 Statistics on black education   
Kb14.6 1936 3 files   
 Correspondents: Union Department of Education, S.Carter, A.J.Haile, C.T.Loram, E.G.Malherbe, P.R.Mosaka, G.H.Welsh, A.W.Wilkie   
 Publication of the Jeanes Conference report   
 Vocational training for Blacks   
 Report of the Inter-Departmental Committee on Native Education   
Kb14.7 1937 2 files   
 Correspondents: M.Ballinger, E.Bottnill, E.H.Brookes, S.Carter, K.L.Denai, A.D.Dodd, H.F.G.Kuschke, Bp.A.W.Lee, O.G.Myklebust, G.H.Nicholls, G.L.von Heerde, D.Wark, R.R.Wright   
 Additional sum set aside for black education   
 Tutoring of Indian pupils   
 Need to follow up the report of the Advisory Board on Native Education   
 Need to upgrade the Wilberforce Institute   
 Proposed Union Advisory Committee on Education   
 Resolutions of the conference of representatives of provincial advisory boards.   
Kb14.8 1938 2 files   
 Correspondents: R.Bill. H.J.E.Dumbroll, A.J.Haile, H.P.Junod, M.Knight.. P.R.Mosaka, J.Nhlapo, O.F.S. African Teachers Association, D.L.Smit. L.Sowden   
 30th anniveruary of Wilberforce Institute   
 Request by L.Sowden for financial help to enable him to study negro theatre in USA   
 Request for help by Peter Abrahams to buy books   
 African Education Conference in Bloemfontein   
 Question of state control of African education   
 Plan by the Swiss Miuuion for an industrial school at Shiluvane   
 Deputation to the Minister of Native Affairs   
Kb14.9 1939 3 files   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, C.Bullock, L.E.Hertslet, A.Kerr, P.R.Mosaka, L.Murray, R.E.Phillips, R.H.W.Shepherd, Transvaal African Teachers Association, O.Warner   
 Degree in Native Law and Administration   
 Proposed transfer or black education to the Union Department of Education   
 Proposed Bill to discriminate at. UNISA between external and internal students   
 Statistics or black students at colleges and universities   
Kb14.10 1940 1 file   
 Correspondents: H.J.E.Dumbrell, L.B.Greaves, A.J.Haile, M.Knight, M.Perham, L.Scott   
 Education of African girls in Southern Africa   
 Dismissal of T.P.Ntai and problems at the Bantu High School, Bloemfontein   
Kb14.11 1941 3 files   
 Correspondents: S.Carter, M.Gubbins, O.F.S. African Teachers Association, Public Educational Centre (Africans), M.Webb, A.W.Wilkie, A.Winter   
 Dismissal of T.P.Ntai   
 Offer by NUSAS to tutor black students   
 African representation on the Advisory Board on Native   
 Request for grant to extend St. Peter's School, Rosettenville   
 Principalship of Coloured schools   
 Salaries of Transvaal teachers   
Kb14.12 1942 3 files   
 Correspondents: A.Amor, K.Campbell, S.Carter, O.Clark, D.K.Clinton, Bp.T.S.Gibson, A.A.Jaques, A.Kerr, E.D.Mountain, W.S.Pela, O.D.Wollheim   
 Courses on Bantu affairs available at universities   
 Financial help for W.B.Ngnkane, Principal of Bantu Lads Hostel   
 Question of blacks being appointed principals of high schools   
 Coloured education   
 Recognition of farm schools   
 Day schools in rural areas   
Kb14.13 1943 5 files   
 Correspondents: Association of European and African Women, D.H.Darling, Federation or Progressive Students, A.Kerr,   
 Bp.A.W.Le, D.B.Molteno, J.Orr, B.Paver, S.L.Sidzumo, D.L.Smit, K.H.Swensson, A.Winter   
 Articles on education for the Bantu press   
 Grant for books   
 Classes for Non-Europeans in the Witwatersrand Technical College   
 Progress at St. Peters' School, Rosettenville   
 Removal of sensitive words like "Kafir" from school books   
 School site at Roodepoort Location   
 Question of exclusion of children from schools on grounds of colour   
 Conference on Native Education convened by the National Council of Women   
 Resolutions by joint councils on the transfer of education to the Union Education Department   
Kb14.14 1944 4 files   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, H.P.Bull, S.Carter, G.H.Franz, E.B.Jones, C.Martin, New Education Fellowship, D.D.Ngubani, H.S.Phillips, A.I.Richards, F.Rodseth, A.J.Sililo, D.L.Smit, J.G.Stokoe, Transvaal African Teachers Association, R.G.Turner   
 Comments on the control of black education   
 Expulsion of coloured children from white schools   
 Need for free books   
 Committee to investigate teachers' salaries   
 Financial needs of schools in the Northern Transvaal   
 School sites in Western Native Areas, Johannesburg   
 Request to help Maja Tribal School   
 Scholarships granted by Gold Producers Committee   
 Request for help to encourage music at Adams College   
 Need for an agricultural school for Bavenda   
 S.G.Millin Prize   
Kb14.15 1945 3 files   
 Correspondents: E.H. Brookes, I.D.Du Plessis, Glen Grey Council of African Women, A.J.Haile, E.G.Malherbe, Transvaal Missionary Association   
 Night schools for African minors   
 Needs of black and coloured education   
 Native Education Bill: transfer of control to Union Government   
 Education in Sophiatown   
 Constitution of Union Advisory Board on Native Education   
 Strike at Freemantle School   
 Need for funds to encourage physical education at Healdtown Missionary Institute   
 Film on the Cape Malays   
Kb14.16 1946 1 file   
 Correspondents: E.W.Grant, A.A.Jaques, A.Kerr, J.L.Omond   
 Education of chiefs' sons   
 Conditions in Mokgatlhe's Memorial School, Sophiatown   
Kb14.17 1947-1960 1 file   
 Correspondents: T.Huddleston, V.E.Miller   
 1947 Need for school committee with parent representatives   
 1947 Need for compulsory free education   
 1947 Conditions in Mokgatlhe's Memorial School   
 1947 Appeal for 50,000 for Adams College   
 1947 School at Moroka   
 1950 Comments on Bantu Education Act   
 1960 Some comments on Bantu education by E.Hellmann   
Kb15 Government 1 file 1924-1939   
 Correspondent: National Bureau of Educational and Social Research   
 1924 Primary syllabus for use in government and government-aided schools in Natal (29p. ptd.)   
 1929 Code for primary schools issued by Education Department of the OFS   
 1938 Application of A.W.Blaxall for grant from the S.A.Council for Educational and Social Research   
 1939 Inter-Departmental Committee of Enquiry into the Invalidity Scheme   
Kb16 Helping Hand Club for Native Girls 1 item n.d.   
 Information for intending students   
Kb17 International   
Kb17.1 Africa   
Kb17.1.1 Bechuanaland (now Botswana) 3 files 1936-1943   
 Correspondents: H.J.E.Dumbrell (Director of Education), E.B.Jones, Chief Tshekedi Khama   
 1936 Suggested primary school syllabus   
 1936-37 Setting and marking of needlework and housewifery papers by Mrs Jones   
 1937 Division of the Wayfarer and Guide movements   
 1937 Subsidiary training course   
 1940 Help by Mrs Jones in arranging new training courses   
 1940 Domestic science course for girls   
 1941 Visit by Mrs Jones to conduct exams   
 1941 Domestic science and needlework courses for 2nd year students at Khama Memorial School. Serowe   
 1941 Ninth annual report of maternity work, Serowe, by Evelyn Haile   
 1943 Course at Maun for teachers from Ngamiland, Chobe and Ghanzi   
Kb17.1.2 Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) 3 files 1937-1944   
 Correspondents: E.B.Jones, J.D.Rheinallt Jones, C.J. Tyndale-Biscoe   
 1937 Report of the Sub-Committee on Female Education   
 1939 "The school and the community" by J.D.R.Jones   
 1939 Report of the meeting of the Central Advisory Board in African Education (61p.)   
 1939-40 Request for Mrs Jones to help with education for girls   
 1940 Vacancies for African headmasters in the Copperbelt   
 1941 Notes on staffing of mission stations and institutions, Nyasaland and Northern Rhodesia   
 1942 "Lubuto: the Copperhelt African Schools Magazine", Mar 1942   
 1944 Proposal to send students for medical training to other countries   
Kb17.2 General   
Kb17.2.1 International Bureau of Education 1 item n.d.   
Kb17.2.2 International Sociological Association 1 item 1950   
 Tho program of the Races Organization Committee   
Kb17.2.3 UNESCO 1 file 1947   
 Correspondents: J.Huxley, J.Lewin, L.Marquard, Q.Whyte   
 Disappointment at union's failure to participate in UNESCO   
 Need for international relations clubs in South Africa   
 Request for comparative figures for education in Africa   
Kb18 Inter-University Committee for African Studies 17 files 1930-1944   
Kb18.1 1930-1931 1 file   
 Correspondents: T.T.Barnard, R.Coupland, E.E.Day, W.Eiselen, P.R.Kirby, G.P.Lestrade, C.T.Loram, A.R.Radcliffe-Brown   
 1930-31 Unsuccessful appeal by SAIRR and Wits University to the Rockefeller Foundation to suppert research on African subjects   
 1931 Appeal to universities for funds to help "Bantu Studies" continue   
 1931 Proposal to form Inter-University Committee for African Studies   
Kb18.2 1932 1 file   
 Correspondents: T.T. Barnard, C. Bullock, W.Eiselen, J.H.Oldham   
 Subject: Agenda and minutes of the first meeting of the Inter-University Committee   
Kb18.3 1933 2 files   
 Correspondents: C.Bullock, S.P.Bunting, International Institute for African Languages and Cultures, A.Kerr, G.P.Lestrade, J.H.Oldham, I.Schapera, E.W.Smith, H.Sonnabend, H.T.Tracey   
 Proposed vacation course on African studios in Salisbury   
 Stayt's study of the Bavenda   
 Professor D.Westermann's tour   
 Need to develop Bantu literature   
 Encyclopaedia on African tribes   
 Funds to study Bantu music   
 Application for grant by S.P.Bunting and Monica Hunter, with biographical details   
 Eligibility of Blacks for research scholarships   
 Tswana and Zulu orthography   
Kb18.4 1934 5 files   
 Correspondents: A.Amor, E.H. Brookes, C.Bullock, J.H.Dugard, P.Duncan, W.W.Eiselen, A.W.Hoernle, H.Jowitt, A.Kerr, E.Krige, G.P.Lestrade, H.G.Luttig, J.H.Oldham, 1.Schapera   
 Minutes of the 4th meeting   
 Proposed university course of Bantu studies in Southern Rhodesia   
 Need for racial studies   
 Comments on applications of various people for scholarships in London including Z.K. Matthews and K.H.Ashton   
 Representative on the Inter-University Anthropological Congress   
 Zulu orthography   
Kb18.5 1935 l file   
 Correspondents: W.T.H.Beukes, C.Bullock, D.D.T.Jabavu, I.Schapera   
 Application for grants, with testimonials, by H.M.Gluckman, Z.K.Matthews, K.T.Motsete, J.H.Oldham   
Kb18.6 1936 3 files   
 Correspondents: W.T.H.Beukes, E.H.Brookcs, R.A.Dart, C.M.Doke, W.Eiselen, H.M.Gluckman, G.P.Lestrade, I.Schapera   
 Grant for anthropological research   
 Tswana orthography   
 Proposed Committee on Physical Anthropology   
 Editorial work for "Handbook of South African tribes"   
 Classification terminology for Bantu languages   
 Grants to publish the results of research   
 Report of the Committee on Practical Zulu Orthography   
Kb18.7 1937 5 files   
 Correspondents: O.B.Bull, C.Bullock, C.M.Doke, International Institute of African Languages and Cultures, A.Kerr, G.P.Lestrade, L.Murray, I.Schapera, R.H.W.Shepherd, T.B.Soga, W.H.Stead, S.S.Tema   
 Grants to the Committee   
 Spelling of Afrikaans place names   
 Publications in Sesuto, including a life of Moshesh   
 Possibility of forming a collection of African art   
 Conference on Tswana orthography   
 Training and use of Africans in research   
 Spelling of names of Bantu languages and tribes in English   
 Development of African literature   
Kb18.8 1930 3 files   
 Correspondents: T.Boydcll, J.A.Engelbrecht, G.P.Lestrade, E.G.Malherbe, H.E.Scully   
 Publication of songs collected by W.C.Scully   
 Standing Committee to investigate the welfare of Bushmen   
 Spelling of geographical proper names   
 Relations between the Inter-University Committee and the International Institute of African Languages and Cultures   
Kb18.9 1939-1940 4 files   
 Correspondents: Department of Education, C.M.Doke, J.Gerstner, A.Kerr, Z.K.Matthews, A.H.Zulu   
 Zulu plant names   
 Carnegie grant for bibliography of native affairs   
 Report of the Sub-Committee on folklore   
 List of members   
Kb18.10 1941-1944 1 file   
 Correspondents: A.Kerr, I.Schapera   
 1941 Request for grants   
 1941 Minutes of meeting   
 1943 Museum of Bantu Culture, Fort Hare   
Kb19 Jan Hofmeyr School of Social Work 3 files 1942-1952   
 Correspondents: F.Jabuvu, E.B.Jones, R.E.Phillips (Director),   
 1942 Recognition of D.R.C.Training School for Coloured workers in Cape Town   
 1943 Tribute by Francis S.K.Thaele to her husband Kennan Saul Thaele (with photographs)   
 1944 Objects of the school   
 1944 Use of aloe roots to make pots   
 1944 Need for student accommodation   
 1947 Absence of Dr Phillips   
 1952 Report of the Ncona (Experimental) Rural Community Welfare Centre   
Kb20 Juveniles 1 file 1939   
 Correspondents: E.G.Malherbe, National Bureau of Educational and Social Research, Union Education Department   
 Subject: E.Hellmann's report on "The causes of early school leaving among native children and occupational opportunities open to native juveniles"   
Kb21 Literacy 1 file 1949-1950   
 Correspondents: Transvaal golf clubs   
 Subject: Welfare of caddies including educational facilities and employment after leaving the clubs   
Kb22 Medical training 4 files 1934-1945   
 Correspondents: Applicants for bursaries, R.F.A.Hoernle, T.J.Jones, A.I.Kajee, J.L.Moroka, B.G.Paver, M.H.Wahed   
 Subjects: Bursaries for Non-European students and the following topics   
 1934 Need to provide medical training in South Africa   
 1934 Question of full or half training   
 1941 Admission of Non-European students to Wits University   
 1941 Training of Non-Europeans as pharmacists   
 1941 Recognition of homeopathic certificate   
 1942 Application to Rockefeller Foundation refused   
 1944 Suggested dentistry course at Wits   
 1944 Apartheid at UCT Medical School   
Kb23 Native Law and Administration 3 files 1923-1936   
 Correspondents: Colonial Office, London, and African governments   
 1933-34 Proposed Diploma in Native Administration at Wits University   
 1934 Proposed Chair of Bantu Studies at Natal University College   
 Includes examination papers, syllabi and lectures   
Kb24 Nursing 8 files, 1933-1950   
 Correspondents; R.D.Aitken, Bantu Trained Nurses Association, N.MacVicar, A.B.Taylor and mission hospitals   
 1933 Completed questionnaires from mission hospitals re facilities and training for Non-Europeans   
 1933 Problems in finding hospitals to train nurses and in securing employment for them on completion of training   
 1933 Question of full or partial training   
 1934 Report on medical mission work in Natal and Zululand   
 1936-38 Question of black nurses training for Medical Council's exam   
 1936 Black male orderlies   
 1936 List of available training hospitals   
 1937 Health visitors course   
 1940 Black sister tutors   
 1941 Salary scales   
 1941 Poor financial position of Holy Cross Hospital, Pondoland   
 1946-50 Advice to nurses   
Kb25 Schools   
Kb25.1 General 1 file 1938-1949   
 1938 Results of high school examinations   
 1938 List of black schools in O.F.S.   
 1942 "Native education in post-war South Africa" by R.F.A.Hoernle from Education v.52 No.B, Aug.1942   
 1942 School at Zeerust   
 1949 Letter to Administrator of Transvaal re schools in Moroka-Jabavu   
 1949 List of black high schools in 4 provinces   
 n.d. "The African and education" by Dr G.M.M'Timkulu   
 n.d. Africans and the English language   
 n.d. Preliminary investigation of school conditions in African municipal townships including Sophiatown and Newclare   
Kb25.2 Rural 1 file 1937-1944   
 Correspondents: P.Leseyane, Chief S.M.Mabe   
 1937 Tribalisation of schools   
 1937-39 Building of Mabeskraal School and transfer from mission to government control.   
 1939 Lecture to Phokeng School by Mrs E.B.Jones   
 1941 Visit to Phokeng School by inspectors   
 1943 Registration of R.C.School at Tusserin   
Kb25.3 St. Peter's School, Rosettenville 1 file 1935-1940   
 Correspondents: S.Carter, F. Runge, H.W.Shearsmith (Principal;   
 Subjects: Meetings of the Advisory Council and surveys of education at the school   
Kb25.4 Printed items on schools   
Kb25.4.1 Bethal Training College. Annual handbook 1955   
Kb25.4.2 Lemana College Magazine No.1, Dec.1933   
Kb25.4.3 Tiger Kloof Magazine Nos 23, 25-27 1941, 1943-1045   
Kb26 South African Association of University Women 1 file 1938-1942   
 Correspondent: Secretary   
 1938 Questionnaire on secondary education from World Bureau of Girl Guides   
 1942 Success of women students at Fort Hare   
Kb27 Teachers   
Kb27.1 Publications 8 items 1951-1957   
Kb27.1.1 Association of European Teachers in African Education. Annual Conference 1951   
Kb27.1.2 The Cape Peninsula Students Union : The Student, 1957   
Kb27.1.3 Cape Teachers Federal Council: Report of the Commission on Native Education (The Eiselen Commission), Oct.1952   
Kb27.1.4 Teachers League of South Africa : C.A.D. Schooling, the first three months, a report to parents, students and the general public, Apr.1964   
Kb27.1.5 Transvaal Indian and Coloured Teachers Association: The Teacher 3 items 1955-1957   
Kb27.1.6 "The teachers' struggle", undated   
Kb27.1.7 Transvaal African Teachers Association 1 item   
 Record of the work 1906-1927   
Kb27.2 Teachers : salaries 1 file 1944-1947   
 Correspondents: Indo-European Council, South African Teachers Association, Transvaal African Teachers Association   
 Subject: Conditions of service and salaries   
Kb28 Technical education   
Kb28.1 General 1 file 1931-1947   
 Correspondents: Government departments and A.J. Haile   
 1931 Native Continuation classes   
 1934 Information re Bantu School of Motor Mechanics   
 1934 Technical training available at. Tigerkloof Native Institution   
 1939 Chairman's annual report of Indian Technical Education Committee   
 1941 Admission of Non-Europeans into basic technical training scheme   
 1947 Building instruction for blacks   
Kb28.2 African arts and crafts 4 files 1931-1939   
 Correspondents: D.Eland, P.Kirby, E..Mancoba, O.J.P.Oxley, G.Sikoto   
 1931 Proposed central depot in Johannesburg for handicrafts   
 1931 Use of tribal art in buildings   
 1932-33 Criticism of musical composition   
 1934 Development of craft industries   
 1935 Dramatic displays   
 1935-38 Transvaal African Eisteddfod   
 1936 Encouragement to black artists   
 1936 Wood carvings   
 1937 help for Bantu People's Theatre   
 1938 Art teacher for Swazi National School   
 1938 Bantu Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Grahamstown   
 1938 Letaba Native Agricultural Show and Sale of Native Arts and Crafts   
 1938 Spinning and weaving in Natal   
 1939 Need for home industries   
Kb29 Transvaal Workers Educational Association 1 file 1930-1931   
 Correspondent: Secretary   
 Subject; Activities of the T.W.E.A   
 Includes annual reports. minutes and syllabuses of lecturers   
Kb30 Universities: general 1 file 1933-1947   
 Correspondents: W.T.H.Beukes, E.Mancoba, NUSAS and various universities   
 1933 Vacation course for social workers in Bloemfontein   
 1937 Encouragement of E.Mancoba   
 1937 NUSAS Conference: Health Session   
 1937 Visit by Bantu Studies Group of Pretoria University to gold mine and compound   
 1941 Notes on the need for a university post-graduate education diploma   
 1947 Non-European attorneys   
 n.d. Native studies at universities   
Kb31 Fort Hare University College (Previously South African Native College) 4 files 1931-1945, 1959, .1968   
 Correspondents: D.D.T.Jabavu, A.Kerr   
 1931 Information on John Tonga Jabavu   
 1931 Need for funds from overseas   
 1933 Fire at Fort. Hare   
 1934 Medical training for blacks   
 1934 Refusal to take any students under matric   
 1935 List of graduates   
 1936 Request for medical equipment   
 1940 Use of graduates for social work   
 1940 Speech by M.Ballinger at graduation   
 1959 Final ceremony of University College of Fort Hare under the Department of Education, Arts and Science and as an affiliated institution of Rhodes University   
 1968 Sit-in at the University   
Kb32 University of the Witwatersrand   
Kb32.1 General 2 files 1921-1945, 1953   
 Correspondents: R.F.A.Hoernle, J.D.R.Jones, M.M.Mia   
 1921 The case of Witwatersrand for a university charter   
 (47p. Ptd.)   
 1922 The University of the Witwatersrand: Its civic relations, the business aspect. Reprinted from The Star, 18 Sep.1922   
 1931 Applications for bursaries   
 1931 Fire which destroyed the library   
 1938 Problem in lectureship for Native Law and Administration   
 1945 Hostel for Indian students   
 1947 Vilakazi Memorial Fund   
 1953 Statistics of African graduates   
Kb32.2 Department of Bantu Studies   
Kb32.2.1 Bantu Research Affairs Committee 5 files 1926-1930   
 Minutes of Committee, statements on research undertaken and correspondence   
Kb32.2.1.1 1926 1 file   
 Correspondents: K.M.Dall, R.A.Dart, C.M.Doke, C.M.Drennan, A.W.Hoernle, J.M.Watt   
 Research into philology of N. Rhodesia   
 Research into stone implements in Kimberley   
 Research into materials used as medicines, charms, etc   
 Research into finger-prints of Bantu   
 Need to build up anthropological library   
Kb32.2.1.2 1927 1 file   
 Correspondents: R.T.Caluza, C.M.Doke, C. M. Drennan (Chairman), W.M.Eiselen, E.W.Grant, A.W.Hoernle, H.P.Junod, D.McK.Malcolm, J.M.Watt, G.Westphal   
 Research grant to publish Zulu songs by R.T.Caluza   
 Research into Bantu philology   
 Research into Lamba dictionary and social anthropology   
 Research into Ila philology   
 Research into South African medicines and poisons   
 Research into Ethnography of Ba-Pedi   
 Research into stone implement site on Vaal river   
 Research into Izibongo of Zulu chiefs   
 Research into Blaawbank Farm archaeology   
Kb32.2.1.3 1928 1 file   
 Correspondents: M.L.Ballinger, W.J.Clissold, C.M.Doke, E.D.Earthy, F.H.Ferreiro, C.L.R.Harries, P.R.Kirby, A.S.Mbelle, I.B.Mbelle, F.W.T.Posselt, D.W.T.Shropshire, J.H.Soga   
 Report by C.M.Doke on research trip to Baila   
 Research into the music of Black people in mine compounds   
 Secoana customs   
 Xhosa language   
 Religion of the Moshona   
 Sesuto books   
 Bantu forestry and cultural uses made of indigenous trees in Griqualand West   
 Organisation of Pondos   
Kb32.2.1.4 1929 1 file   
 Correspondents: F.H.Brownlee, F.H.Ferriera, M.L.Hodgson, S.T.Plaatje, J.H.Soga, J.N.van Warmelo, J.M.Watt   
 Research into the Transkei   
 Research into folktales and praises of Bechuana chiefs   
 Research into Batlhapin uses of trees of Griqualand West   
 Research into Thonga language   
 Research into Sechuana language   
 Research into Ama-Xosa life and customs   
 Films made by A.A.Jaques of scenes in the N. Transvaal   
Kb32.2.1.5 1930 1 file   
 Correspondents: F.H.Brownlce, E.D.Earthy, F.H.Ferreira, G.H.Franz, R.Guma, R.F.A.Hoernle, A.A.Jaques, E.Krige, J.D.Krige, S.T.Plaatje, J.W.Price, T.J.Roos   
 Subjects :   
 Films on the N. Transvaal   
 Research into life and habits of Bushmen   
 Research into customs of Modjadji's tribe, N.E. Transvaal   
 Research into Sesotho literature   
 Research into Zulu clans   
 Research into social and economic life of VaLenge women   
 Research into Ila language   
Kb32.2.2 Bantu Studies Vacation Course l file 1929-1930   
 Programme, list of participants and notices   
 Correspondents: T.T.Barnard, C.M.Doke, H.Jowitt, C.T.Loram, J.Mancoe   
 Subject: Arrangements for the course held on 14-26 July 1930   
Kb32.2.3 Bantu Studies, continued as African Studies 14 files 1923-1953   
 Correspondents: publishers, printers, contributors, subscribers. The chief correspondents are: C.M.Doke, W.Eiselen, R.F.A.Hoernle, J.D.R.Jones, G.P.Lestrade, J.Lewin, I.Schapera. Other correspondents include: D.F.Bleek (1926-1927, 1937); M.Gluckman (1942); D.R.Hunt (1931); J.D.Krige (1944); M.Read (1936), W.C.Scully (1926); J.H.Soga (1926-1927); C.van Riet Lowe (1943); A.Werner (1929); T.C.Young (1930)   
Kb32.2.4 Publications: general 1 file 1929-1934   
 Correspondents: writers and publishers   
 Subject: Publications and the following   
 1929 Orthography of African languages   
 1931 Review of J.H.Soga's "South Eastern Bantu"   
 1934 Proposed library of Bantu literature   
 1934 Reviews of H.Rogers' "Native administration in the Union of South Africa"   
 1938 Offer by A.T.Bryant of his Ms. "The Bantu people and language: their origins"   
Kb32.2.5 Work or the Department 2 files 1925-1931   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, A.T.Bryant, J.G.Gubbins, H.A.Junod, C.T.Loram   
 1925 Report on the work of the Department   
 1925 Meeting to consider an International Bureau of African Languages and Cultures   
 1925 Grants for study in African life and languages   
 1925-26 Syllabus for the Higher Diploma in Bantu Studies   
 1926 Minutes and report of Bantu Studies Committee   
 1927 Inventory of books and manuscripts lent by Dr J.G.Gubbins   
 1931 Survey of the work of the Department of Native Affairs   
Kb33 Vocational training 5 files 1929-1947   
 Memoranda, minutes of meetings and correspondence with individuals and institutions   
 1929 Question of Apprenticeship Committee restricting boys from obtaining employment in skilled trades   
 1931 Vocational agricultural schemes   
 1931 Rotary Conferences on vocational problems of South African youth   
 1931 Need for young women's employment bureau   
 1934 Conference of Native Training Institutions   
 1936 Care of youths leaving school   
 1939 Conference on vocational training of Africans   
 1945-47 Civilian Conservation Corps for Non-Europeans   
 1945 Memorandum of Association of African Vocational Training Services   
L1 Cape Coloured Commission 1 file 1934-1937   
 Correspondents: M.J.Adams, J.A.I.Agar-Hamilton, Cape Coloured Commission, Coloured and European Council of SA., A.J.B.Desmore, R.Dunlop, J.du Plessis, W.E.Farre, C.H.Petersen, Port Elizabeth Coloured Community Service League, L.Schapera, Transvaal Cape Malay Association   
 Subjects: Government's decision to set up a Commission to consider the welfare of the Coloured people and the evidence given to the Commission   
L2 Coloured Advisory Council (CAC) 1 file 1943-1947   
 Correspondents: D.M.Buchanan, Dr F.H.Cow, H.G.Lawrence, O.D.Wollheim   
 1943-44 Opposition of Coloureds to setting up of CAC as they fear it means a separate franchise   
 1947 Proposals on how CAC should function   
L3 Commission of Inquiry regarding Cape Coloured population 1 item 1946   
 Report of the Commission; schedule of recommendations   
L4 Conferences   
L4.1 Joint Coloured and European Conference 1 file 1933-1934   
 Correspondents; Cape Coloured and European Council, A.J.B.Desmore, Transvaal Coloured People's Welfare Association   
 Subjects; Invitations to the Conference and the report published afterwards.   
 Includes agenda and conference findings   
L4.2 National Convention of organisations concerned with the welfare of the Coloured people to consider the "report" of the   
 Commission of Enquiry 2 files 1938   
 Correspondents: A.J.B.Desmore, S.W.Lavis, D.B.Molteno, A.J.Weber   
 Subject: Arrangements for the Convention and findings   
L4.3 SAIRR Conference 3 files 1941-1942   
L4.3.1 Agenda, draft minutes, resolutions for the conference held on 20-21 January 1942   
L4.3.2 Correspondence l file 1942   
 Correspondents: African Peoples 0rgunlnation, Afrikaanse Christelike Vroue-Vereniging, E.Batson, D.M.Buchanan, W.H.Hutt, P. Ibbotson, E.R.Roux, H.J.Simons, Teachers League of S.A.   
 Subject: Request for articles for a special issue of Race Relations dealing with Coloured affairs, to help delegates at the conference   
L4.3.3 Race Relations Vol.9 No.l, 1942   
 Articles and design for contents page; this issue related to Coloured affairs   
L4.4 SAIRR Conference of Coloured Organiautions 1 file 1949   
 Correspondents: Floranians Football Club. Johannesburg City Council, Transvaal Grand Temple T.O.T.T.   
 Subject: Need to organise Coloureds into a non-political organisation to fight for education, social and economic needs   
L5 Education 3 files 1933-1946   
 Correspondents: C.Bullock, M.Carney, A.J.B.Desmore, T.T.Jones, S.W.Lavis, M.G.Lawrence, P.L.Meyer, T.L.Murray (Sec.of Carnegie Corporation), Transvaal Eurafrican Teachers Association   
 1933-35 A.J.B.Desmore's study tour to USA funded by the Carnegie Corporation   
 1933-34 Advice on Coloured education to officials in S.Rhodesia   
 1937 Recommendations on the education of Coloured children in the Witwatersrand by the Johannesburg Coloured-European Joint Council   
 1939 Information on St.Joseph's Institute, Aliwal North   
 1943 Financing of Coloured education   
 1943 Need for compulsory education and trade schools   
 1944 Government's policy for Coloured education   
 1945 Objections to words "God's step-children" in newsreel film on Cape Coloured Carnival   
L6 Franchise 1 file 1950-1953   
 Press clippings on the proposed removal of Coloured voters from the roll and on separate representation   
L7 General 3 files 1933-1947   
 Correspondents: Alexandra Coloured Associated Associations, E.Batson. D.K.Clinton, H.G.Lawrencc, A.C.Playfair, Transvaal Eurafrican Teachers Association, M.Wrong   
 1933 List of organisations for Coloureds in Natal   
 1933 Possibility of Coloured children benefiting from Star Seaside Fund   
 1935 Proposed "Who's Who in the Coloured World"   
 1938 History of Coloureds in the world   
 1941 Restrictions on Coloureds in industry   
 Proposed memorial hall in Coronationville to Canon G.H.Ridout   
 1943 Economic problems of Coloureds   
 1944 Needs of Coloureds in the Northern Provinces   
 1944 Work of the Eoan Group   
 1945 Survey of Coloureds in the Transvaal   
 1947 Request by African People's Organisation for funding   
L8 Health and Housing 1 file 1941-1946   
 Correspondent: H.G.Lawrence   
 1941 Cape Coloured people and their uneconomic status with special reference to housing: paper read at 9th AGM of SAIRR by W.C.Foster   
 1942 Port Elizabeth's five-year plan of sub-economic housing   
L9 Joint Councils 1 file 1934-1937, 1944   
 Correspondents: E.Batson, Cape Peninsula Coloured and European Council, A.J.B.Desmore   
 1934 Future of Coloureds linked to Whites   
 1935 Position of the Cape Coloured and European Council   
 1936 Conference on youth movement.   
 1937 Plans for a second National Coloured-European Conference   
 1944 Report of the Johannesburg Coloured and European Joint Council   
L10 Labour 1 file 1933-1946   
 Correspondents: Department of Labour Johannesburg Coloured-European Joint Council, S.W.Lavis   
 1933 Coloured unemployment and relief   
 1934 Agricultural training   
 1937 Entry of Coloureds into the civil service   
 1937 Financial support for Coloured Adult and Juvenile Labour Exchange   
 1937 Legislation affecting employment of Coloureds   
 1941 Employment of Coloured youths   
 1943 Position of Coloured mint workers in Kimberley   
 1945 Training of Coloured girls   
L11 Land 1 file 1941-1946   
 Correspondents: P.Ibbotson, Joint European and Coloured Council (Bulawayo), J.W.Swan   
 1941 Proposed Coloured Land settlement in S.Rhodesia   
 1942 Position of Coloureds in buying land   
L12 Liquor 1 file 1943   
 Correspondent: Regional representative of SAIRR, Cape Town   
 Subject: Degeneration of the tot system   
L13 Northern Rhodesia 1 file 1942   
 Correspondent: Chief Secretary   
 Subject: Interim report of the Committee appointed to consider the status of the Coloured people   
L14 Nurses 1 file 1933-1942   
 Correspondents: First Eurafrican Home Nursing Section, S.W.Lavis, S.A.Red Cross Society   
 1934 Hostel facilities and training for Coloured nurses   
 1942 Report of the work of the S.A. Trained Nurses Association   
L15 Segregation 1 file 1939-1942   
 Corresspondents: African People's Organisation, European and Coloured Christian League for Social Justice, Federated Council of Coloured Churches, Organisation:; and Societies, J.A.La Guma, P.L.Meyer, J.Phillips, H.C.Samuels, M.B.Spilhaus   
 1939 Petition against segregation and counter-petition   
 1939 Definition of Coloured   
 1939 Statement of government policy re Coloured people   
 1939-42 Plea for Coloured franchise to be extracted to OFS and Transvaal   
L16 Social welfare 1 file 1934-1947   
 Correspondents: African People's Organisation, Cape Coloured Children's Holiday Fund, R.Dunlop, P.Ibbotson, S.W.Lavls, D.B.Molteno, L.Muller   
Ma Johannesburg Indian Social Welfare Association (JISWA)   
Ma1 Constitution 2 items   
 Draft constitution of JISWA and constitution of the Child Welfare Committee of JISWA, 1939   
Ma2 History 1 file   
 Notice of inaugural meeting, 1934; memorandum on its working 1935 and early history   
Ma3 Registration Certificate 1 file 1934-1940   
 Correspondents: Department of Social Welfare and Johannesburg Board of Charities   
 Subject: Registration as a charitable institution   
Ma4 Finance   
Ma4.1 Cash books 2 vols. 1936-1941   
Ma4.2 Statements of account 1 item 1940   
Ma4.3 Bank statements l file 1936-1941   
Ma4.4 Receipts 2 files 1940-1942   
Ma4.5 Correspondence 2 files 1935-1946 Includes accounts   
Ma5 Meetings   
Ma5.1 Minutes 3 vols. 1934-1939, 1947-1949 and 1949-1964 l file   
 Loose minutes 1934-1941, 31 Oct.1946, 30 Jun.1947, 30 Jun .1949. 27 Feb.1964   
 Includes AGM, monthly and executive committee meetings, agenda and annual reports   
Ma5.2 Correspondence 1 file 1934-1941   
 Includes an invitation to Sir Maharaj Singh to become a patron, 1935   
Ma6 Reports   
Ma6.1 Annual reports 1-8 1935-1942   
Ma6.2 Welfare worker's reports 1 file 1935-1941   
Ma7 Correspondence   
Ma7.1 General 3 files 1934-1948   
 Correspondents: E.L.Benjamin, M.Gandhi, A.W.Hoernle, S.M.Nana, L.Ruxton, A.L.Saffery, B.L.Sigamoney, Kunwar Sir Maharaj Singh, Transvaal Muslim Association, Transvaal Tamil Benefit Society   
 1934 Destitution of Johannesburg Indians and decision to form a welfare society   
 1935 Kunwar Sir Maharaj Sing and Kunwarani become patrons   
 1935 Opening of a school for Indian girls in Johannesburg   
 1936 Exemption of Indian waiters from Liquor Act   
 1937 Old age pensions   
 1939 Questionnaire re charitable work in Johannesburg   
 1941 Representation on Johannesburg Board of Charities   
 1944 Death of Suleiman Nana   
 1948 Need for social welfare amenities   
Ma7.2 Health 3 files 1934-1946   
 Correspondents: District Nursing Association, A.W.Hoernle, E.Katz, Dr A.J.Milne (M.O.H.), S.M.Nana, L.Ruxton   
 1934-35 Establishment of a clinic and health visitor for Indians   
 1935 Opening of an ante-natal clinic   
 1938 Non-European Health Education Week   
 1938 Treatment of indigent school children   
 1938 Need for Indian wards in Johannesburg General Hospital   
 1939-43 Grants in aid for a school clinic   
 1940 Dental Training for Non-Europeans   
 1943 Memorandum to the National Health Services Commission   
 1946 Training of Indian nurses   
Ma7.3 Indian troops 1 file 1940-1941   
 Correspondents: S.A.Red Cross Society, S.A.Women'a Auxiliary Services, O.C.Indian and Malay Corps   
 1940 Need for recreational facilities for Indian Corps   
 1940 Poor conditions in military hospital at Crown Mines   
 1941 Gifts and comforts for Indian troops   
 1941 Need for convalescent home for discharged servicemen   
Ma7.4 Indian women 1 file 1934-1950   
 Correspondents: E.Jokl, Newclare Indian Women's Association, M.Palmer   
 1934 Collection of funds for JISWA   
 1940 Physical training for Indian girls   
 1950 Unemployment of older Indian women in Natal   
Ma7.5 Indo-European Women's Association 1 file 1934-1935   
 Correspondent: A.W.Hoernle (President:)   
 1934 Extreme poverty among Indians and formation of JISWA   
 1935 List of officers and members of Indo-European Women's Association   
 1935 Printed pamphlet "Indian social work in Johannesburg" with photograph of Kunwarami Lady Maharaj Singh   
Ma7.6 Maintenance grants 1 file 1939-1941   
 Correspondents: Department of Social Welfare, E.Katz, B.L.E.Sigamoney   
 Subject: Grants for destitute children   
Ma7.7 Premises 1 file 1934-1941   
 Correspondent: Johannesburg Municipality   
 Subject: Rent and electricity   
Ma7.8 Prisoners 1 file 1941   
 Correspondents: Department of Prisons, J.Lewin   
 Subjects: Complaints about treatment and employment of prisoners   
Ma8 Child Welfare Committee   
Ma8.1 Constitution 2 Items 1939   
 Typed constitution, 1939 and printed one of the Children's Aid Society   
Ma8.2 Application for registration 1 item 1940   
Ma8.3 Minutes I file 1939-1941   
Ma8.4 Correspondence 1 file 1934-1945   
 Correspondents: Children's Aid Society, South African National Council for Social Welfare   
 1935 Health centre for Indian children   
 1939 Affiliation of the Committee to the Children's Aid Society and constitution of the Committee drawn up   
 1939 Request for Indian child welfare to be transferred to   
 the Committee   
Mb Social Welfare   
Mbl Johannesburg Board of Charities 1 file 1935-1944   
 Minutes, agenda, report, circular letters re certificate of registration, dates of functions and list of registered charitable institutions   
Mb2 Johannesburg City Council 1 item 1944   
 Newsletter of the Social Welfare Department   
Mb3 Johannesburg Social Welfare Board   
Mb3.1 Minutes of meetings 1 file 1943-1946   
Mb3.2 Reports 1 file 1941-1944   
Mb4 Pretoria Board of Charities 1 file 1943-1944   
 Correspondents: J.D.Taylor, Q.Whyte   
 Subject: Social work amongst Non-Europeans in Pretoria. Includes completed questionnaires returned by various bodies   
Mb5 Hand Aid Association 1 file 1934-1941   
 Correspondent: Indian Social Welfare Association   
 Subject: Relief for indigent Indians   
Mb6 Social Services Association of South Africa 1 file 1942-1944   
 Correspondents: E.Batson, Friends of the Sick Association, T.Hall (Sec.)   
 1942-43 TB prevention settlement in Natal   
 1943 Report of the social worker in Durban   
 1944 Reports from branches on Non-European activities   
 1944 Inter-Departmental. Committee on Social Welfare   
Mb7 Social Welfare Committee 1 file 1939-1945   
 Correspondents: Secretary of the Committee and the Johannesburg Welfare Board   
 1939 Invitation to the Indian Welfare Association to send representatives   
 1941 Exclusion of Indians from the Social Welfare Committee   
 1945 List of organisations represented on the Social Welfare Board   
Mb8 South African National Council for Child Welfare 1 file 1939-1943   
 Memoranda on case work and child welfare   
Mb9 Transvaal Society for the Care of Non-European Blind 1 item 1940   
 Report and balance sheet   
Mc South African Institute of Race Relations   
Mc1 Circular l item RR6/1950   
 Indians - past, present, future. By B.L.Sigamoney   
Mc2 Correspondence and memoranda. Alphabetically by subject   
Mc2.2 Agent of the Government of India in South Africa 1 file 1933-1941   
 Correspondents: Syed Riza Ali, Sir Shafaat Ahmed Khan, H.S.L.Polak, Sir B.Rama Rau, Kunwar Sir Maharaj Singh, Q.Whyte   
 Subject: Indians in South Africa   
Mc2.2 Education   
Mc2.2.1 Correspondence: general 1 file 1931-1950   
 Correspondents: K. L. Desai, Transvaal Education Department, Transvaal Eurafrican Teachers Association, Witwatersrand Central School Board   
 1931 Indian secondary education   
 1934-37 Invitations to J.D.Rheinallt Jones to attend prize givings   
 1940 Classes in physical culture for Indian girls   
 1949 Need for more schools in Johannesburg   
Mc2.2.2 Correspondence: teachers 1 file 1934-1944   
 Correspondents: K.L.Desai, B.L.Sigamoney, Transvaal Education Department, Transvaal Indian Teachers Association   
 Subject: Salaries of Indian teachers   
Mc2.2.3 Memorandum - Educational. Facilities for Indians in East Africa 1 item 1942   
Mc2.3 Facilities   
Mc2.3.1 Films and cinemas 1 file 1938-1939   
 Correspondents: Non-European and Native Affairs Department of Johannesburg Municipality   
 Subject: Showing of films: to Asiatics   
Mc2.3.2 Library 1 file 1934-1941   
 Correspondents: Agent of the Government of India in South Africa and Johannesburg City Council   
 1934 Library for Indians in Krugersdorp   
 1935 Library facilities for Indians at. Johannesburg Public Library   
 1941 Books on social welfare to be made available   
Mc2.3.3 Tennis courts 1 file   
 Correspondent: Rangers Tennis Club   
 Subject: Request for boys from the Muslim Hostel to be allowed to play   
Mc2.4 General 2 files 1934-1948   
 Correspondents: C.H.Clarkson, M.Gandhi, P.S.Joshi, R.C.Milburn, M.Palmer, H.S.L.Polak, E.P.Reim, D.G.Shepstone, P.C.Sykes, M.Webb   
 Subjects: Invitations to J.D.Rheinaillt Jones to attend functions and the conditions of Indians   
Mc2.5 Housing   
Mc2.5.1 Housing: evictions 1 file 1949   
 Correspondents: Johannesburg City Council and D.L.Sigamoney   
 Subject: Eviction of Indian families from Doornfontein and poor condition of the houses. Includes photographs of the houses and press clippings   
 (Photographs have been removed and are stored with photographic collections, see Photo guide)   
Mc2.5.2 Housing: general 1 file 1946-1950   
 Correspondents: Johannesburg City Council, Johannesburg Tamil Benefit Society   
 1946-49 Indian housing at Diepkloof   
 1948-49 Need for sub-economic housing schemes   
 1949 Asiatic Bazaar No.2: East Rand, Boksburg   
 1950 Deputation on housing to the City Council of Johannesburg   
 1950 Tenure of Indians in Zindabad Township, Boksburg   
Mc2.6 Legislation   
Mc2.6.1 General 1 file 1934-1949   
 Correspondents: R. Feetham, C.J.Ferguson-Davie   
 1934 Wage legislation   
 1935 Asiatic land tenure in the Transvaal   
 1943 Law restricting Indians from purchasing property   
 1946 Indian franchise   
 1949 Laws affecting Asiatics in the Transvaal   
Mc2.6.2 Brief survey of Indian legislation in the Transvaal prepared for the Rotary Club, 30 Nov.1939   
Mc2.6.3 Indian Penetration Bill 1 file 1943   
 Correspondent,: J.D.R.Jones and M.Webb   
 Includes report on the Bill by J.D.R.Jones   
Mc2.6.4 Welfare Organisations Bill 1 item 1944   
 Copy of the Bill   
Mc2.6.5 Asiatic Land Tenure and Indian Franchise Bill 1 file 1946   
 Correspondent: E.H.Brookes   
 Includes notes on The Pegging Act and statement on the Bill   
Mc2.7 Natal   
Mc2.7.1 Agriculture 1 item Undated   
 The Indian in agriculture   
Mc2.7.2 Education   
Mc2.7.2.1 Correspondence 1 file 1934-1942   
 Correspondents; Department of Education, Natal Indian Teachers Society, H.W.Vilakazi   
 1934 Thanks to J.D.Rheinallt Jones from teachers   
 1942 Need for Indian teachers to move to Transvaal for health   
 1942 University education for Natal Indians   
Mc2.7.2.2 University scheme for Natal: Dr Bews outlines ambitious development policy. From Natal Witness, Nov. 1928   
Mc2.7.2.3 Indian Technical Education Committee 1 file 1938-1941   
 Annual reports and memorandum   
Mc2.7.2.4 Natal University College 1 item 1940   
 Annual report of the Department of Economics - The distribution of tropical fruits and vegetables in Durban with special reference to the Indian squatters market   
Mc2.7.2.5 Departmental Committee on University and Technical Education 1 file 1942   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, R.F.A.Hoernle, M.Palmer, Shafaat Sir Ahmed Khan   
 Subject: Provision of higher education. Includes memoranda from the Natal Technical College, Natal Indian Teachers Society, M.L.Su1tan and comments on Sir Shafaat's memorandum by R.F.A.Hoernle   
Mc2.7.2.6 Notes on the future policies of Non-European students in Natal 1 item Undated   
Mc2.7.3 General 2 files 1934-1955   
 Correspondents: M.Gandhi, A.I.Kajee, W.H.Satchell, M.Webb   
 1934 First meeting of Blacks, Indians, Coloureds and Europeans in Durban   
 1942-46 Situation of the Indian in Natal   
 1942 Indian Depot Hospital   
 1946 Condemnation of legislation affecting Indians   
 1955 Economic and political background: history of Indian in Natal. By M.Palmer   
Mc2.7.4 Housing 1 file 1940-1943   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, H.G.Lawrence, W.H.Satchell, M.Webb   
 1940 Preliminary report on housing of Durban Indians   
 1942-43 Expropriation of Indians: at Riverside, Durban North   
 1943 New Council housing schemes   
Mc2.7.5 Indian research enquiry 2 files 1938-1943   
 Correspondents: H.R.Burrows, E.G.Malherbe. Sir B.Rama Rau, P.C.Sykes, M.Webb   
 Subject: Research into the economics of Indian employment is Natal   
Mc2.7.6 Indo-European Joint Council 1 file 1943   
 Correspondents: O.Oberlin-Harris, H.Rooknoodeen   
 Subject: Ineffectiveness of the Council. Includes abstract of an address to it by J.D.Rheinallt Jones   
Mc2.7.7 Juvenile delinquency 1 item 1940   
 Summary of a report on Indian male juvenile delinquency, Durban, 1938-1939   
Mc2.7.8 Labour 1 file 1939-1943   
 Correspondents: Department of Labour, H.r. Burrows   
 1939 Durban Coloured and Indian Labour Exchange   
 1943 Report on Indian life and labour in Natal   
 1943 Report on Durban Indian Municipal Employees Association   
Mc2.8 Passive resistance 1 file 1946-1962   
 Correspondent: W.H.Satchell   
 1946 Press release from S.A.Passive Resistance Council   
 1947 Satchell's statement before Court and J.D.Rheinallt Jones' views   
 1948 Statements by Drs Dadoo and Naicker. Statement by Dr Y.M.Dadoo at a press conference, London, being a reply to Eric Louw   
Mc2.9 Social welfare 1 file 1934-1947   
 Correspondent: J.D.Rheinallt Jones   
 Subject: Help sought by individual Indians   
Mc2.10 Tamil speaking Indians 1 item Undated   
 Memorandum on Tamil-speaking population in Johannesburg, and the Reef   
Mc2.11 Traders 1 file 1940-1947   
 Correspondent: S.M.Nana   
 1940 Trading licences   
 1941 Hawking by Indian children in Fordsburg   
 1941 Indian traders in native reserves   
 1947 Deputation by leaders of Indian community re refusal of licences and statement on ownership, occupation and trading by Transvaal Indians   
Mc2.12 Transport 1 file 1941-1942   
 Correspondents: Central Transportation Board, M.M.Mia   
 Subject: Transport for Indians from the Waterval Islamic Institute   
Md Other organisations   
Md1 All India Congress Committee 1 file 1939-1940   
 Newsletter No.13, Jan 4, 1939 on "Malicious misrepresentation of Indian conditions by the High Commissioner"; circular letter, 25 January 1940 "Our countrymen abroad", an appeal   
Md2 Greytown Indian Literary Society 1 file 1943   
 Memorandum and accompanying letter inviting J.B.Rheinallt Jones to be a literary advisor   
Md3 Indian Cultural Society 1 file 1936-1939   
 Correspondents: Honorary Secretaries C.Patel, R.Pillay and M.R.Varachia   
 Subjects: Invitation to J.D.Rheinallt Jones to become Hon. Vice-President and information about meetings   
Md4 Indian Youth Welfare Society 1 file 1934   
 Correspondent: President   
 Subject: Boy scout movement for Indians   
Md5 Natal Indian Congrenn 1 file 1935-1944   
 Correspondents: Hon. Secretaries   
 1935 Invitation to J.D.Rhelnallt Jones to meet Sir Syed Raza All   
 1941 Third Provincial Conference at which legislation will be discussed and implications of the Asiatic Land Tenure and Indian Representation Act   
Md6 Natal Indian Organisation 1 item 1948   
 Correspondent: Minister of the Interior   
 Subject: Invitation to send a deputation to discuss matters   
Md7 South African Indian Congress 1 file 1935-1944   
 Correspondent: A.I.Kajee (Sec.), Minister of the Interior   
 1935 Old-age pensions for Indians   
 1937-44 Information about meetings   
Md8 The Transvaal Hindu Seva Samaj 1 file 1936   
 Correspondent: P.S.Joshi   
 Subject: Invitation to .R.D.Rheinallt. Jones to attend a meeting to celebrate 68th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi   
Md9 Transvaal Indian Congress 1 file 1935-1949   
 Correspondents: Joint Hon. Secretaries   
 1941 Indian traders in native reserves   
 1947 India Independence Day   
 1948 Passive resistance   
 1949 Nationalist policy towards Indians   
 1949 Question of an Indian township at Diepkloof   
Md10 Transvaal Indian Organisation 1 file 1948   
 Correspondent: Secretaries   
 Subject: Housing for Indians   
Md11 Transvaal Indian Youth Volunteer Group 1 item 1947   
 Correspondent: K.Pillay (Sec.), A.Kathrada (Chairman)   
 Subject: Invitation to a "Youth Parliament"   
Na Health   
Na1 Alexandra Health Committee   
Na1.1 Minutes and reports 9 files 1933-1946   
Na1.2 Correspondence 3 files 1927-1943   
 Correspondents: Secretary of the Committee. R.F.A.Hoernle (Chairman), Standholders Committee, A.B.Xuma   
 1927 Deed of sale of lot 383   
 1932 Typhoid in the township   
 1933 Arrears in sanitation fees   
 1935 Foundation of Alexandra Health Centre   
 1935 Memorandum from City Boundaries Commission   
 1937 Conference on Native Law Amendment Act   
 1938 Proposal to incorporate Alexandra into Johannesburg   
 1940 Loan for reticulation of water   
 1940 Failure of Health Committee to function efficiently   
 1943 Investigation into the administration of Alexandra   
Na2 Basutoland 1 file 1943   
 Correspondent: O.Bull   
 Subjects,: Report on medical services for 1942 and appointment of a matron for Maseru Hospital   
Na3 Blind 1 file 1934-1947   
 Correspondents: A.V.Blaxall, Transvaal Council for the Care of the Non-European Blind   
 1935 Formation of the Council for the Care of the Non-European Blind   
 1935 Visit of A.W.Blaxall with a blind concert party to   
 raise funds for the Athlone School and Workshops for the Blind   
 1935 Needs of blind Blacks in the Transvaal   
 1936 Exclusion of Blacks from the Blind Persons Act   
 1937 Financial relief for a Black man blinded on a reef mine   
 1938 Grants for blind persons   
 1939 Opening of Ezenzeleni   
 1944 Institutions for the blind in High Commission Territories   
Na4 Bushbuckridge Health Centre 1 item Undated   
 Main points arising out of discussion with Dr Morell   
Na5 Deaf and Dumb Association 1 file 1944-1946   
 Correspondents: Raleigh-Fitkin Memorial Hospital, School for Non-European Deaf, Worcester   
 1944 Help for a deaf Swazi youth   
 1945 Minutes of the Deaf and Dumb Association   
 1946 Invitation to A.G.M. 1946   
Na6 De Beers Ranch, Shangani 1 file 1941-1942   
 Correspondents: G.H.R.Edmunds, J.L.Hardy, Director of Medical Services, Southern Rhodesia   
 Subject: Plan of Sir Ernest Oppenheimer to provide medical facilities on his ranch for workers   
Na7 General 17 files 1931-1948   
Na7.l 1931 1 file   
 Correspondents: Municipal officials   
 Subject: Condition in urban locations   
Na7.2 1933 1 file   
 Correspondents: R.D.Aitken, L.E.Hertslet   
 Subject; Medical service and training for Blacks   
Na7.3 1934 1 file   
 Correspondents: R.D.Aitken, C.C.P.Anning, G.W.Gale, A.C.Grant A.A.Jaques   
 Incidence of TB among non-mine Blacks in the Transvaal   
 Appeals for help from mission hospitals   
 Medical examination of Black women servants   
Na7.4 1935 1 file   
 Correspondents: P.J.Bennett, G.W.Gale, A.J.Haile, B.G.Paver, J.D.Taylor   
 Medical missions in Bechuanaland   
 Medical training   
 Sale and advertisement of proprietary medicines   
Na7.5 1936 2 files   
 Correspondents: R.D.Aitken, C.C.P.Anning, G.W.Gale, P.Hoffend, South African Medical Council, A.B.Taylor   
 Establishment of the Medical Work Committee of the Christian Council   
 Minutes of Standing Committee on Non-European Health Services   
 Cost of medical service for Blacks   
 Commission of Inquiry on Native Hospitals   
 Registration of medical missionaries   
Na7.6 1937 1 file   
 Correspondents: C.C.P.Anning, A.D.Marwick, P.L.Meyer   
 Clinics for venereal diseases   
 Problem of overseas doctors and nurses having to requalify   
 Training of Non-European health assistants and dentists   
Na7.7 1938 1 file   
 Correspondents: C.C.P.Anning, M.I.Fair, F.W.Fox, J.L.Hardy, E.B.Jones   
 Finance for a survey of slum areas in Cape Town   
 Training of Non-European health assistants   
 Need for a chronic sick institution in the Transvaal   
 Shortage of mission doctors   
 Importance of a survey into health conditions of Non-Europeans   
 Medical services at Evaton   
 Appeal for help for Mrs C.M.Maxeke   
Na7.8 1939 1 file   
 Correspondents: C.C.P.Anning, V.Couldridge, G.W.Gale, D.Hynd   
 Extension of the state-aided butter scheme to Blacks   
 Importation of pyagra to combat malaria   
 Registration of births and deaths of Non-Europeans   
 Presidential address by C.C.P.Anning to the South African (Native and Coloured) Health Society, Lovedale   
Na7.9 1940 1 file   
 Correspondents: E.H.Cluver, C.Crabtree, F. W.Demont, N.Macvicar, C. Thorpe   
 Conditions in Ladybrand Location   
 Medical training   
 Need to combat malaria   
 Eye work at Elim Hospital   
 Extensions to Moroka Hospital   
 Need for a Non-European hospital in Bloemfontein   
 Ban on "enemy" subjects working with Non-Europeans   
 Exclusion of women from district surgeoncies   
 Training of Non-European health assistants and mental nurses   
Na7.10 1941 1 file   
 Correspondents: R.D.Aitken, D.Back, M.Buchler, E.Chapman, E.M.L.Elliot, E.Krige, N.Macvicar, J.Stansfeld   
 Need's of Zeerust location   
 Work of Mtutuzele for unmarried mothers   
 Milk sales in townships   
 Clinics at Ladybrand and Naauwpoort   
 Non-European soup kitchen at Bethlehem   
 Treatment of TB   
Na7.11 1942 2 files   
 Correspondents: R.D.Aitken, O.CLark, R.Cuenod, R.R.Currie, H.Gluckman, D.Hynd   
 Help for Vuldezia dispensary   
 Aims of the National Committee for Health Education   
 Miners Phthisis Commission   
 Registration of Glen Gray Missionary Hospital as training school for nurses   
 Overcrowding in the Non-European Hospital, Johannesburg   
 Pentz report on a scheme of free hospitalisation for Non-Europeans   
 Poor diet given to prisoners   
Na7.l2 1943 1 file   
 Correspondents: R.D.Aitken, D.L.Smit   
 Training for health services   
 Training of Non-Europeans as dentists   
 Medical services in Sibasa   
 Health visitors course   
 Hygiene of the urban house   
Na7.13 1944 1 file   
 Correspondents: H.D.Altken, Bantu Trained Nurses Association, W.Parker, E.PAterson, P.C.Sykes   
 Miners Phthisis   
 Summary of preliminary report on investigation at the Non-European Hospital, Johannesburg   
 Films on Hygiene   
 Courses for medical orderlies   
 Training of Blacks as veterinary surgeons   
Na7.I4 1945 1 file   
 Correspondents: L.Melzer, E.T.Stubbs   
 Training of Non-European sanitary inspectors   
 Prevalence of TB among blacks   
Na7.15 1946 3 files   
 Correspondents: C.C.P.Anning, G.W.Gale, R.E.Phillips   
 Applications for sanitary inspectors' course at Witwatersrand Technical College   
 Conditions in Coronation Hospital   
 Training of male orderlies   
Na7.l6 1947 1 file   
 Correspondents: Department of Public Health, G.W.Gale   
 Representation on National Health Council   
 Article on health services in the Year Book   
Na7.17 1948 1 file   
 Correspondents: applicants   
 Subject: Sanitary inspectors course   
Na8 Herbalists 2 files 1935-1942   
 Correspondents: African Bongaka Custom, African Dingaka Association, M.Ballinger, Bantu Nyanga Association of South Africa, Orange Free State African Herbalists Association, J.M.Watt   
 1935 Petition for licence to sell herbs to the Bantu population   
 1937-39 Recognition of African herbalists   
 1938 Constitution of the Bantu Nynaga Association of South Africa   
 1939 Complaints about the avarice of some herbalists   
 1940 List of prices for cures or ailments   
 1942 Attempt to form the Natal and Zululand Inyangas and Herbalists Association   
Na9 Hospitals   
Na9.1 Bridgman Memorial Hospital 1 file 1931   
 Minutes of board meetings and 1 letter to Mrs F.H.Bridgman re the work of the hospital   
Na9.2 General 3 files 1939-1944   
 Correspondents: Christian Council. of South Africa, O.Clark   
 1939 Free Hospitalisation Commission   
 1943 Laying of foundation of Coronation Hospital for Non-Europeans, Johannesburg   
 1943 Friends of the Sick Association, Durban   
 1944 Report on the Non-European Hospital, Johannesburg   
Na9.3 Mission 3 files 1934-1947   
 Correspondents: R.D.Aitken, H.M.Bennett, C.Crabtree, J.M.du Toit, N.Macvicar, P.L.Meyer, F.H.Thompson   
 Subjects: Financing of mission hospitals and the following topics   
 1939 Registration of St. Francis Hospital, Aliwal North as a training centre for coloured nurses   
 1939 Aims of the Medical Work Committee   
 1939 Appeal from Moroka Hospital, Thaba'Nchu   
 1940 Draft constitution of Church of Scotland hospitals   
 1943 Future of mission hospitals in relation to a national health service for South Africa   
 1947 Questionnaire re the part played by missionaries in providing medical services   
Na10 Natal 1 file 1933-1942   
 Correspondents: C.C.P.Anning (M.O.H., Pietermaritzburg), Non-European United Front   
 1933 Training of Non-European health assistants   
 1933 Medical health problems of Non-Europeans in Pietermaritzburg   
 1934-35 Pamphlets for use of Non-Europeans   
 1936 Venereal diseases   
 1942 Treatment of Non-Europeans at air commando display   
Na11 National Health Services Commission 3 files 1943-1946   
 Correspondents: Government and provincial officials   
 1943 Terms of reference and copies of evidence submitted by SAIRR, South African Society of Medical Officers of Health, Medical Association of South Africa, Pretoria Joint Council and Cripple Care Association of the Transvaal   
 1944-45 Conference called by SAIRR to consider the report of the Commission. Includes list of attendance. Ms minutes, summary of introductory speech by Dr F.R.Luke, summary of proposals of the report by the NHSC and reply from the Secretary for Public Health   
 1946 Summary of developments on the findings of the Commission   
Na12 National War Memorial Health Foundation   
Na12.1 Correspondence 5 files 1945-1950   
 Correspondent: Secretary of the Foundation   
 1945 Formation of the Foundation and donations to the Fund 1945 List of members and aims   
 1946 Statement by Minister of Health   
 1946 Recommendations of the Cape Town Technical Committee   
 1946 Plea for a TB settlement for Blacks   
 1946 Memorandum on the Community Health Centre, University of the Witwatersrand   
 1946 Memorandum on the Foundation by H.P.Cruse   
 1946 Report on investigation into establishing a pilot people's centre in the Ciskei   
 1946 Adoption of constitution and issue of newsletters   
 1947 Conference to discuss activities   
 1947-49 Minutes of meetings   
 1950 Annual report.   
Na12.2 Foundation: Journal of the National War Memorial Health Foundation 15 items 1949-1950   
Na13 Nursing 1. file 1933-1942   
 Correspondents: C.C.P.Anning, Bantu Trained Nurses Association, King Edward VII Order of Nurses, Union Department of Health   
 1933 Training of nurses   
 1934 Conference on rural nursing   
 1935 Cost of providing nurses for clinics at Kruisfontein and Humansdorp   
 1935 Reports on visits to Cape Town by Mr and Mrs Rheinallt Jones   
 1935 Training of Coloured midwives   
 1942 Nursing as a profession for the Non-European woman   
Na14 Nutrition 4 files 1939-1945   
 Correspondents: Government officials   
 1939 Nutrition Number of Race Relations. Includes copy of "Health policy in relation to nutrition needs" by C.C.P.Anning and "Food resources of the Union in relation to nutritional requirements of the population" by D.C.Haylett   
 1943 Free meals for school children   
 1943 Price of mealies   
 1943-44 Raisins for school meals   
 1945 Establishment of National Food Supplies Council   
 1945 Fund for starving Blacks   
Na15 Physically handicapped 10 files 1938-1947   
 Correspondents: Government officials, Cripple Care Association of the Transvaal, National Council for the Care of Cripples in South Africa, OFS Society in Aid of Cripples   
 Subjects: Care of cripples and the following topics   
 1939 Conference on the care of cripples, London   
 1941 Opening of the Hope Training and Convalescent Home School   
 1941 Care of cripples in Lady Selborne   
 1941 Scheme for training orthopaedic nurses   
 1941 Disablement problems arising out of the war   
 1942 Artificial limbs for Non-European cripples   
 1942-44 Orthopaedic unit at Pretoria for Non-Europeans   
 1942-43 Non-European Committee of Cripples Care Association formed and pamphlets issued on their work   
 1943 Conference on rehabilitation of the handicapped   
 1944 Treatment of blacks injured in mines   
 1944 After-care home in Orlando for orthopaedic cases   
 1945-47 Establishment of a rehabilitation centre for Non-Europeans with special reference to Coronation Hospital   
Na16 South African National Council for Mental Hygiene 1 file 1940-1944   
 Correspondent: Secretary   
 1940 Sane epileptics   
 1943 After-care of discharged patients   
 1944 Lack of accommodation for mentally defective children   
Na17 South African National Tuberculosis Association 2 files 1949-1952   
 Correspondent: Secretary of S.A.N. T.A. and Southern Transvaal Tuberculosis Association   
 1950 Leaflets in vernacular on T.B.   
 1951 Report on disability and maintenance grants to black T.B. patients   
 1951 Programme to immunize   
 1951 papers presented to the SANTA Conference; "The T.B. I Settlement: a synthesis in methods"   
Na18 South African Red Cross Society   
Na18.l Constitution and rules 1 file 1921-1938   
 Constitution 1921, memorandum of association 1930; bye-laws of the Transvaal Branch; minutes 1938   
Na18.2 Annual reports 8 items 1927-1937   
Na18.3 Minutes and reports 6 files 1935-1938   
 Includes minutes of council and committees and report; on rural health work at Pietersburg, Potgietersrust, Brits, Rustenburg, Zeerust, Ventersdorp, Lichtenburg, Zwartruggens   
Na18.4 Correspondence and memoranda 11 files 1928-1950   
 Correspondents: Secretary, Sir E.Kilpin, Dr A.J.Orenstein (Pres.)   
 1928 Future of the Society   
 1928 Disposal of money left to the Joint Council of S.A. Red Cross Society and Order of St. John   
 1933 Social hygiene lectures   
 1934 Submission from Transvaal branch to Administrator   
 1935 Facts about ourselves for growing boys and girls. By R.P.H. West.   
 1935 Red Cross Week   
 1938 Papers presented to conference by Sir G.Albu, A.J.Orenstein, H.Gluckman, R.Phillips, Col.A.J.van der Spuy   
 1939 Film on V.D.   
 1941-47 National health education   
 1950 Child guidance   
Na18.5 Junior Red Cross 1 file 1926-1944   
 Newsletters, posters, health publications, copies of The Junior and memorandum on the work of the Junior Red Cross   
Nb Social welfare   
Nb1 African Children's Feeding Scheme   
Nb1.1 Minutes 1 file 1945   
Nb1.2 Correspondence 1 file 1940-1944   
 Correspondents: Departments of Education and Social Welfare   
 Includes press clippings on the start of the Rand school feeding scheme, 1944   
Nb2 Campaign for Right and Justice 1 file 1944-1945   
 Circulars, memoranda, pamphlets and record of activities July 1944-Dec 1945   
Nb3 Convicts l file 1934   
 Correspondents: Superintendent of East Rand Prisons, JL.Hardy   
 Subject: After care of Non-European indeterminates   
Nb4 Cooperative societies   
Nb4.1 Correspondence 2 files 1936-1946   
 Correspondents: J.L.Hardy, B.Huss, S.Mampuru   
 1938 Affairs of the African Cooperative Trade Society   
 1939 W.F.C.Trollip's report on cooperative societies in the Transkei   
 1939 Statements on cooperative movement by J.L.Hardy, B.Huss, J.D.Rheinallt Jones   
 1940 Cooperatives in the Transkei and Southern Rhodesia   
 1943 Failure of cooperative at New Brighton   
 1944 Failure of cooperatives on the Witwatersrand   
Nb4.2 Reports of cooperative societies 2 files 1959   
Nb5 Federation of African Welfare Societies in Southern Rhodesia (Previously Federation of Native Welfare Societies in Southern Rhodesia)   
Nb5.1 Correspondence 4 files 1947-1952   
 Correspondent: P.Ibbotson (Sec.)   
 1947 Beit Trust support for research fellowship   
 1949 Appeal to Beit Trust to support Institute's activities in Rhodesia   
 1950 Constitution, minutes and reports of African Welfare Society of Bulawayo   
 1950-51 Question of Ibbotsonon being regional representative of SAIRR   
 1951 Memorandum to Native Education Commission   
 1952 Question of a branch of Institute in S.Rhodesia   
Nb5.2 Bulletins   
 Nos 11, 26-29. 31, 36-39. 50-55, 57, 61-63, 65-71, 73-81, 87-93, 96-97, 99-104, March 1944-Dec.1952 (Incomplete)   
Nb5.3 Minutes   
Nb5.3.1 Federation of African Welfare Societies in Southern Rhodesia 8 items 1937-1952   
Nb5.3.2 African Welfare Society of Bulawayo (Previously African Welfare Society of Matabeleland) 41 items 1938-1941, 1950-1952   
Nb5.3.3 Oue Que and District African Welfare Society 25 items 1938-1939, 1946-1947   
Nb6 General 14 files 1931-1947   
 Correspondent: Department of Social Welfare   
 1931 Scheme for voluntary social workers   
 1935 Course on social work for Blacks   
 1937 Inter-Departmental Committee on poor relief   
 1938 Subsidization of SAIRR's social workers   
 1939 Gift by R.G.Milburn to sponsor a qualified Black social worker   
 1939 List of social welfare Institutions on the Reef   
 1939 Courses on social work for women   
 1939 Obituaries of Charlotte Maxeke and Chief Senthimule   
 1939 Establishment of a social welfare office in Johannesburg   
 1939 Work of Mtutuzele under Non-European Moral Welfare Society   
 1941 Free supply of seeds to Johannesburg locations   
 1941 Need for recreational facilities for Blacks in Rustenburg   
 1942 Cinemas for blacks   
 1943 Subsidization of salaries of trained black and coloured social workers and of boys and girls clubs   
 1943 Visit to Helping Hand, Diepkloof Reformatory and Ezenzeleni by F.Russell   
 1943 Activities of Daughters of Africa Association (Transvaal)   
 1943 Hostels for servants   
 1944 Summary of report of Select Committee of House of Assembly on Social Security   
 1944 South African Gifts and Comforts Fund   
 1945 Social Welfare Organisations Bill   
 1945 Activities of the African United Cultural and Domestic Workers Club   
 1945 Poverty in Salisbury: report on the survey by E.Batson   
 1946 Invalidity schemes for Non-Europeans   
 1946 Newsletters of the Social Work Department of Johannesburg City Council   
 1946 Diamond jubilee celebrations of Johannesburg: institutions for aged Blacks and Coloureds   
 1946 Vocational training centre, Orlando   
 1946 Organisations represented on the Social Welfare Board   
 Activities of the Transkeian Coordinating Welfare Council   
 1947 Proposed new hostel for Helping Hand for Native Girls   
 1950 House for inebriate women   
Nb7 Insurance 1 file 1935   
 Correspondent: South African National Life Assurance Co.   
 Subject: Life assurance for Blacks   
Nb8 Jackson's Drift 1 item 1940   
 Report on social work, signed A.M.S.Harrington   
Nb9 Jan Hofmeyr School of Social Work 7 files 1940-1950   
 Correspondent: R.E.Phillips (Director)   
 Subjects; Formation and work of the school   
 Includes time-tables, courses of study, minutes, financial statements, and reports   
Nb10 Johannesburg Planning Council for Non-European Social Welfare   
 Minutes 1961-1965   
Nb11 Mendi Memorial 2 items 1938, 1941-1942   
 Correspondent: Secretary   
 Subject: Memorial service and fund   
Nb12 National Conference on Social Work 2 files 1936   
Nb12.1 Programme and general notices, invitation and memoranda on Non-European problems   
Nb12.2 Correspondence 2 files 1936   
 Correspondents: R.D.Aitken, Union Education Department H.P.Junod, A.J.H.Desmore, M.Palmer   
 Subject: Arrangements for the conference   
Nb13 Northern Rhodesia 1 file 1944   
 Correspondent: Mufulira Township Management Board   
 Subject: Appointment of a welfare officer   
Nb14 Recreational facilities for blacks 1 file 1933-1946   
 Correspondents: M.Hore-Ruthven, North-Eastern Rugby Football Union, R.S.S.Plaatje   
 1933 Need to encourage sports   
 1937 Constitution of Bantu People's Theatre   
 1931 Orlando Sports Stadium   
 1931 Bantu arts and crafts   
 1939 Cups for sporting competitions   
 1940 Broadcasting   
 1946 Why People's Centres: a lecture by H.Sonnabend   
Nb15 TOC H 4 files 1932-1939   
 Correspondents: officials of TOC H including Sir H.Stanley   
 Subject: Meetings and activities   
 Includes roll of members and reports   
Nb16 Witwatersrand Conference on Non-Europeans Urban Social Work 1 item 1955   
Nb17 Y.M.C.A. 1 file 1943-1944   
 Correspondent: Secretary   
 Subjects: War Work Council of Y.M.C.A. and establishment of community centres   
Nc Child welfare   
Nc1 General 12 files 1931-1947   
 Correspondents: Child Welfare Society, Children's Aid Society, Association of European and African Women   
 1931 Formation of a Joint Council to undertake Non-European work   
 1934 Diet for rural children   
 1934 Need for orphanages   
 1935 Departmental Committee on Neglected and Delinquent Children   
 1938 Work of the Children's Aid Society   
 1939 Soup Kitchens   
 1939-40 Cancellation of grants for black children   
 1940 Child welfare among Coloureds   
 1940-41 Maintenance grants in Maitland Cottage House   
 1941 Holidays for black children   
 1941 Investigation of home conditional of children of women prisoners.   
 1942 Appeal for Khaiso creche   
 1945 Subsidising of nursery schools in Khaiso, Sophiatown and Potchefstroom   
 1946 Diamond Jubilee Children's Fund   
 1946 Springbok Memorial Children's Homes   
 1947 Inter-Departmental Committee on deviate children   
Nc2 Save the Children Union International 4 files 1928-1934   
 Correspondent: Secretary   
 1928 Documents re work of children and young people in Africa   
 1931 International Conference on African Children: completed questionnaires for South Africa, Southern Rhodesia and the Protectorates   
 Includes newsletters 1932-1934   
Nc3 South African National Council for Child Welfare   
Nc3.1 Constitution 1 item Undated   
Nc3.2 Minutes and reports 13 files 1931-1946   
Nc3.3 Child Welfare 2 issues 1934   
Nc3.4 Correspondence 4 files 1931-1947   
 Correspondent: L.K.Mackenzie (organising Secretary)   
 1931 Resolutions passed re Non-European communities   
 1934 Campaign to raise funds   
 1937 Day nursery in Rustenburg   
 1939-40 Replies from J.A.Calata. A.J.B.Desmore, S.S.Tema re a Standing Committee for Non-European Child Welfare Work   
 1940 A children's charter for South Africa   
 1943 Maintenance grants for Indian children   
 1943 Potchefstroom Location Nursery School   
 1945 Black infant mortality   
Nd Juvenile Affairs   
Nd1 Diepkloof Reformatory   
Nd1.1 Minutes, reports, statistics 3 files 1936-1941   
Nd1.2 Correspondence 3 files 1935-1941   
 Correspondents: Department of Education, S.H.Elliot, J.L.Hardy, J.H.Hofmeyr, A.S.Paton (Warden)   
 1935 Question of village (small units) as against hostel system   
 1935 Employment and suspension of discharges   
 1935 Report on a visit by Mr and Mrs J.D.Rheinallt Jones   
 1936 Principle of discharge of inmates   
 1938-40 Staff for hostels   
 1939 Reformatory school farms   
Nd2 General 2 files 1930-1952   
 Correspondents: Department of Education. D.Hynd, E.B.Jones, S.S.Tema   
 1930 Prison and reformatory conditions for juveniles   
 1331 Employment of black juveniles   
 1934-35 Youth movements in Africa   
 1935 Conference on 'Ibutho' system   
 1936 Absorption of Wayfarers into Girl Guides   
 1950 Juvenile beggars   
 1952 Work of the Native Youth Board   
Nd3 Juvenile delinquency 4 files 1935-1947   
 Correspondents: Bantu Lads Hostel Committee, I.Bud-Mbelle, C.F.Ferguson-Davie, P.Ibbotson, Transvaal Association of Non-European Clubs   
 1935-36 Work of the Committee on Native Juvenile Delinquents   
 1937 Statistics of illegitimate urban births   
 1938 World Youth Congress, New York   
 1938 Juvenile delinquency in urban areas   
 1943 Success of the hostel system and need for a youth centre   
 1943 Place of safety and detention in East London   
 1943 Delinquency and unemployment   
 1944 Help given to Orlando Community Centre   
Nd4 Urban Juvenile Native Delinquency Conference   
Nd4.1 Minutes l vol. 1938   
Nd4.2 Continuation Committee 2 files 1938-1944   
 Correspondents: Non-European Affairs Department of Johannesburg City Council, A.S.Paton, R.E.Phillips   
 Includes minutes and circulars   
Nd5 Witwatersrand Central Juvenile Affairs Board   
Nd5.1 Reports   
Nd5.1.1 Annual 2 files 1917-1924, 1931-1934   
Nd5.1.2 Employment officers 1 file 1931-1935   
 Includes statistical returns   
Nd5.2 Minutes   
Nd5.2.1 Board meetings 3 files 1925, 1929, 1934-1939   
Nd5.2.2 Staff meetings 1 file 1924   
Nd5.2.3 Conference 2 files 1920-1935   
 Includes some papers   
Nd5.2.4 Special Cases Sub-Committee 1 file 1928-1932, 1937   
 Includes recommendations   
Nd5.2.5 Continuation Committee 1 item 1936   
Nd5.2.6 Miscellaneous 1 file 1924-1938   
 Includes Sub-Committee on pamphlet of careers (food and clothing) 1924, Sub-Committee on wages 1924, Catering Sub-Committee 1925, meeting with deputation of National Council of Women 1925,   
 Deputation re apprenticeship in commerce 1925, Domestic Service Sub-Committee 1932, Committee to inquire into the effect on juvenile employment of influx into towns 1937, Meeting on the Industrial Council for Native Trade 1938 (with notes by A.L.Saffery)   
Nd5.3 Correspondence 1 file 1925, 1935-1938   
 Correspondents: Secretary of the Board, Department of Labour   
 Subjects: Meetings and the following topics   
 1925 Statistics re book-binding apprentices   
 1935 Domestic science training for girls   
Nd5.4 Constitution 1 item 1923   
Nd5.5 Memoranda 16 items 1920-1936   
Nd5.5.1 Evidence to the Unemployment Commission, 1920   
Nd5.5.2 Government notice re employment of European junior messengers 1922   
Nd5.5.3 Apprenticeship conditions in the furnishing industry   
Nd5.5.4 Memorandum on juvenile affairs, 1925. By J.D.Rheinallt Jones   
Nd5.5.5 Outline of evidence to Economic And Wage Commission, 1925   
Nd5.5.6 Registration of contracts., 1931   
Nd5.5.7 Need for an after-care association. 1932   
Nd5.5.8 Vanishing functions of the Board, 1932. By I.H.Harris   
Nd5.5.9 Memorandum on subjects to be discussed with the Minister of Labour, 1933   
Nd5.5.10 Programme of the National Conference on Social Work, 1936   
Nd5.5.11 Our educational system: after-school training. Undated   
Nd5.5.12 Survey on conditions in the baking industry. Undated   
Nd5.5.13 Farm Lands Bureau. Undated   
Nd5.5.14 Memorandum on juvenile affairs by J.D.Rheinallt Jones. Undated   
Nd5.5.15 Our industrial future - 1. Juvenile training by J.D.Rheinallt Jones. Undated   
Nd5.5.16 Statistics re employment of disabled juveniles   
Nd5.6 Publications 1 item Undated   
 A service for employers: Juvenile Affairs Board free employement service   
O1 Allowances 1 file 1940-1942   
 Correspondents: African People's Organisation, E.H.Brookes, S.W.Lavis, P.C.Sykes   
 1940 Discrimination in allowances for black soldiers   
 1941 Allowances to dependents of Indian men on active service with the Indian Malay Corps from Natal   
 1941 Recommendations by the National Council of Women to the Defence Ministry on allotments   
 1941 Dependents of Coloured soldiers   
 1942 War cost of living allowances to dependents   
O2 Civic guards 1 file 1941-1942   
 Correspondent: District Commandant   
 Subject: Mistreatment of blacks by civic guards and desirability of forming a black civic guard   
O3 Diet 1 file 1940   
 Correspondent: Department of Defence   
 Subject: Rations for different races   
O4 Discharges 1 file 1941-1946   
 Correspondent's: Civil Re-Employment Board, P.R.Mosaka, Non-European Demobilisation Committee   
 1941 Dispersal camps for Non-European troops on discharge   
 1942 Provision of civilian clothing to black discharged soldiers   
 1942 Conditions of service of black soldiers   
 1942 Representation on the Non-European Soldiers Dependants League   
 1943-45 Need to give help for reinstatement of Blacks to civilian life   
 1945 Discrimination in civilian clothing and cash allowances to race groups   
 1945 Sheltered employment for Non-European disabled volunteers   
O5 Governor General's National War Fund 1 file 1940-1944   
 Correspondents: A.J.B.Desmore, R.Feetham, W.T.Welch   
 1940 Financial assistance to families of Non-European troops during and after the war   
 1940 Eligibility of men in the Native Guards Brigade and question of their dependents benefitting from the Fund   
 1941 Circular on "Assistance to Bantu soldiers and   
O6 Internees 2 files 1940-1944   
 Correspondents: E.W.Grant, D.Hynd, F.Klenerman, E.Lewis, South African Red Cross Society   
 1940 Stopping of visits and letters for internees   
 1941 Internment of Max Gordon, Dr M. Joffe, L.C.Joffe   
 1941 Release of Dr O.F.Raum   
 1941 Government's refusal to admit foreign missionaries   
 1941 Expulsion of Swiss missionary, Marcel Creux   
 1941-42 Application of J.R.Coan (Wilberforce Institute) for permanent residence   
 1943 Application for naturalisation of Max Buchler, F.Schimlek   
 1943 Question of child refugees from Europe   
 1944 Red Cross report on civilian internment camp at St. Denis and the work of Ernest Mancoba, sculptor, in the camp   
O7 Native Military Corps 2 files 1940-1945   
 Correspondents: M.Ballinger, E.H.Brookes, Department of Native Affairs, Sir E.Harding, D.Reitz, R.Selope Thema   
 1940 Question of calling up and arming Blacks   
 1940 Appeal by A.N.C. for Blacks to be allowed to fight   
 1940 Formation of Native Military Corps: terms of recruitment and pension rights   
 1941 Regulations for Non-European army services   
 1941 Complaints about diet and pay   
 1941 Attacks by Europeans on black troops   
 1941 Question of rank between the races   
 1942 Proposed Fund for the corps   
 1945 Souvenir publications for the Corps   
O8 News of the war 2 files 1940-1941   
 Statements issued by the Department of Native Affairs for the information of natives of the Union of South Africa   
O9 Peace Aims Committee 1 file 1942-1943   
 Correspondent: Sir H.J.Stanley   
 Subject: Lack of progress   
O10 Pensions 1 file 1942   
 Correspondent: South African Legion of the British Empire Service League   
 Subject: War pensions, with particular reference to Non-Europeans   
O11 South African Gifts and Comforts Fund   
O11.1 Memorandum and Articles of Association 1 item 1944   
O11.2 Minutes and reports 4 files 1940-1943   
O11.3 Correspondence 4 files 1940-1943   
 Correspondent: Secretary   
 Subject: Organisation and distribution of gifts to Non-Europeans troops including the Cape Corps and the following topics:   
 1940 Formation of Bantu Women War Workers Association   
 1941 Formation of Indian and Malay Women Gift and Comforts Committee   
 1941 List of comforts required   
 1941 Notes by M.Ballinger on the organisation of African women to provide gifts   
 1942 Welfare of Cape Corps   
O12 War topics 6 files 1940-1946   
 Correspondents: J.A.I.Agar-Hamilton, M.Ballinger, A.J.B.Desmore, R.F.A.Hoernle, J.H.Hofmeyr, L.Marquard, A.Phelps-Stokes, E.T.Stubbs   
 1940-41 Programme of lectures for the troops   
 1941 War Resisters International plan to send food to civilians in enemy-occupied territories   
 1941 Travelling facilities for black troops   
 1941 Part played by black troops from African territories in the war   
 1941 Visit from the National Council of African Women to training camps   
 1941-42 Literature for black troops   
 1941 Teachers on military service   
 1942 Question of white lower-ranking troops having authority over Non-European commissioned officers   
 1942 American negro in national defence industries   
 1942 Memorandum by the Democratic League on South Africa's participation in the war   
 1942 Formation of South African Prisoners-of-War Association   
 1942 Grievances of Non-European troops   
 1943 Red Cross facilities   
 1943 Training of Junior Cape Corps   
 1944 Lectures for Cape Coloured troops to Potchefstroom   
 1946 Food rationing   
O13 Welfare 1 file 1943-1944   
 Correspondents: Individual soldiers   
 Subject: Grievances of a personal nature   
O14 Y.M.C.A. - TOC H South African War Work Council 1 file   
 Correspondent: R.E.Phillips (Director)   
 1940 E.L.Benjamin released by SAIRR for Y.M.C.A. work   
 1942 Opening of Y.M.C.A. Huts in South Africa   
 1942 Newsletters of activities   
 1943 Committee on post-war work established   
ORGANISATIONS (Arranged alphabetically)   
Pa1 Action Committee for freedom of speech, assembly and movement 1 item 1949   
 Circular letter re Riotous Assemblies Act   
Pa1a African Chamber of Commerce 1 file 1956   
 Correspondent: P.R.Mosaka   
 Subject: Discussions within the Chamber   
Pa2 African Domestic Training Centre 1 item 1939   
 Card of admission for opening ceremony   
Pa3 African Music Society 1 file 1949-1950   
 Occasional letters and prospectus for H.Tracey's "Lalela Zulu: 100 Zulu lyrics" published by the Society   
Pa4 African Peoples Organisation 1 file 1940   
 Circular letter, with tribute to Dr A.Abdurahman   
Pa5 African Public Servants Association 1 file c.1947   
 Rules and regulations, memorandum for submission to the Public Service Inquiry Commission and notes of a deputation of members of executive committee to the Department of Native Affairs   
Pa6 African Social Service League 1 file c.1928   
 Constitution, circular re the opening of the Bridgman Memorial Hospital, memoranda on native affairs   
Pa7 African Women's Christian Fellowship 1 item 1940   
Pa8 Anti-Slavery and Aborigines Protection Society 1 file 1938-1943   
 Correspondents: D.M.Buchanan, C.W.W.Greenidge, J.Lewin   
 1941 Purchase of released land for Blacks   
 1941 Memorial for the work of Sir J. Harris   
 1941 Possible amalgamation of Northern and Southern Rhodesia and Nyasaland   
 1942 Criminal appeals in the Protectorates   
Pa9 Anti-Tram Fares Increase Committee 1 item 1949   
 Circular re boycott   
Pa10 Association of European and African Women 1 file 1943-1944   
 Correspondents: E.B.Jones, U.B.Potter   
 Subject: Margaret Ballinger Home   
Pb1 Bakgatla Tribal Association 1 item Undated   
 Draft constitution   
Pb2 Bantu Animal Welfare Society 1 item 1945   
Pb3 Bantu Animals Protection Club 1 item 1945   
Pb4 Bantu Authors Conference 2 files 1936-1937   
 Correspondents: R.H.W.Shepherd, V.Stent   
 1936 Literature for South African Bantu   
 1936 Conference held in Johannesburg; draft minutes, agenda and group photograph including R.T.Caluza, H.I.E.Dhlomo, D.D.T.Jabavu, E.B.Jones, J.D.Rheinallt Jones, R.H.W.Shepherd, R.V.Selope Thema, M.Wrong   
 (The group photo has been removed and stored with photographic collections, see Photo guide)   
 1937 Proposed play by Vere Stent for black actors   
Pb5 Bantu Community League 1 item 1930   
 Bulletin No.l by Rev. O.E.Lowell   
Pb6 Bantu Lads Hostel Committee 1 file 1938-1941   
 Minutes 1938 and annual report 1941   
Pb7 Bantu Men's Social Centre   
Pb7.1 Minutes 3 files 1930, 1938-1939, 1949-1952   
Pb7.2 Annual reports 1 file 1926, 1948-1949   
Pb7.3 Bulletins 1939, 1944, 1949-1951   
Pb7.4 Prospectus 1 item Undated   
Pb7.5 Correspondence 1 file 1934-1939, 1942-1949   
 Correspondents: J.K.Mahemane, R.E.Phillips, J.R.Rathebe (Sec.)   
 Subjects: Meetings and the following topics   
 1938 Position of Nyasaland Blacks   
 1946 Restrictions on migration of Blacks from rural areas   
Pb8 Bantu National Guild 1 item Undated   
 Objects of the proposed organization   
Pb9 Bantu Refuge 2 items 1947-1948   
 Annual reports   
Pb10 Bantu Sports Club   
Pb10.1 Constitution 1 item Undated   
Pb10.2 Minutes 1 file 1930   
Pb10.3 Correspondence 1 file 1930-1938   
Pb11 Bantu Welfare Trust   
Pb11.l Files arranged by subject 68 files 1936-1941   
Pb11.l.1 Accounts and finance 2 files 1937-1940   
 Correspondent: J.L.Hardy   
 Includes statements of account   
Pb11.1.2 Adams College 1 file 1936-1940   
 Correspondent: E.H.Brookes   
 Subject: Help for the school of music   
Pb11.1.3 African National Congress 1 file 1938-1939   
 Correspondents: J.L.Hardy, D.D.T.Jabavu, Z.R.Mahabane, A.Mtimkulu   
 Subject: Funds to pay expenses of delegation from ANC and Congress of Advisory Boards to the Minister of Native Affairs   
Pb11.1.4 All Africa Convention 1 file 1936-1940   
 Correspondent: H.S.Msimang (Sec.)   
 Subject: Finance for publications   
Pb11.1.5 Annual report 1 file 1937-1941   
Pb11.1.6 Appeals 1 file 1937-1938   
 Correspondents: J.Donaldson, A.L.Saffery   
 Subject: Appeals for money to build up the fund   
Pb11.1.7 Applications for education grants 2 files 1936-1938   
 Correspondents: C.P.Anning, W.G.Ballinger, O.Bull, H.J.E.Dumbrell, D.D.T.Jabavu, C.T.Loram, National Council of Women, R.E.Phlllips   
 1936-37 Applications to help Tati Training Institution, to establish a domestic science school in King William's Town, for the travel expenses of D.D.T.Jabavu and for Joshua Pulumo Mohapeloa, Basuto musician, to study Music   
 1938 Plan for bursaries to help students go to the USA   
Pb11.1.8 Applications for grants 2 files 1936-1939   
 Correspondents: petitioners for help from the fund   
Pb11.1.9 Athlone School for the Blind 1 file 1936-1938   
 Correspondent: A.W.Blaxall   
 Subject: Needs of the school   
 Includes annual report for 1937   
Pb11.1.10 Ballinger, W.G. 1 file 1939   
 Correspondent: S.A.Trades and Labour Council   
 Subject: Subsistence for Ballinger to prepare a case for Port Elizabeth workers for the Wage Board   
Pb11.l.11 Bantu Authors Conference 1 file 1936-1937   
 Correspondent: R.H.W.Shepherd   
 Subject: Funds to sponsor another conference   
Pb11.1.12 Bantu Business 1 file 1937-1938   
 Correspondents: petitioners for help   
 Subjects: Requests for loans by store keepers and the training of retail store keepers   
Pb11.1.13 Bantu Business and Commercial Betterment 1 file 1937   
 Proposals for consideration by D.D.T.Jabavu   
Pb11.1.14 Bantu churches 1 file 1937   
 Correspondents: J.M.Hlongwane, Bp.R.R.Wright   
 Subject: Help for the African Methodist Episcopal Church   
Pb11.1.15 Bantu press 1 file 1937   
 Correspondent: B.G.Paver   
 Subject: Raising of capital in form of shares for The Bantu Press   
Pb11.1.16 Bantu Youth League 1 file 1937   
 Correspondent: D.McK. Malcolm   
 Subject: Financial help   
Pb11.1.17 Blind 2 files 1937-1940   
 Correspondent: A.W.Blaxall   
 1937 Survey of handicapped including blind and dumb   
 1938 Grant to help Non-European blind   
 1940 Appeal for help for Ezenzelent   
Pb11.1.18 Cooperative movement 2 files 1936-1940   
 Correspondents: B.Huss, C.T.Loram, M.Webb   
 1936 Cooperative propaganda carried on by B.Huss   
 1936-38 Help for various cooperative societies   
 1936-40 Cooperative credit societies in the Transkei   
Pb11.1.19 Dinner: fund-raising 1 file 1936-1937   
 Correspondents: J.Donaldson and guests including J.H.Hofmeyr   
Pb11.1.20 Donaldson, Colonel James 2 files 1936-1940   
 Subjects: Administration of the Trust and the Donaldson Award   
Pb11.1.21 Donations 1 file 1937-1940   
 Correspondents: Donors to the Fund including H.Dalrymple J.H.Hofmeyr and O.D.Schreiner   
Pb11.1.22 Ekutuleni 1 file 1936   
 Correspondent: D.Maud   
 Subject: Financial help   
 Includes annual reports for 1935 and 1936   
Pb11.1.23 Friends of Africa 1 file 1937-1938   
 Correspondent: W.G.Ballinger   
 1937 Appeal for help for Friends and Self Mampuru   
 1936 Winifred Holtby Memorial   
Pb11.1.24 General 3 files 1936-1940   
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, J.Donaldson, L.F.Freed, J.L.Hardy, D.D.T.Jabavu, A.Kerr, W.S.Pela, A.Phelps Stokes   
 1936-37 Formation of the Trust and appointment of trustees   
 Includes copy of a letter to Lord Selborne from the Pretoria branch of The New Guard re the Protectorates   
 1938-39 Registration of the Trust as a charity end amendments   
Pb11.1.25 Grants 2 files 1937-1940   
 Correspondents: applicants   
 Includes statement of policy re grants, 1937   
Pb11.1.26 Health 1 file 1938   
 Correspondent: Medical Officer of Health, Benoni   
 Subject: Help for Non-European health assistants   
Pb11.1.27 Hospital grants 1 file 1937-1939   
 Correspondents: applicants for help for mission hospitals   
Pb11.1.28 Housing 1 file 1937   
 Correspondent: D.H.de Kock   
 Subject: Need for sub-economic housing   
Pb11.1.29 Kentani Spinning and Weaving School 1 file 1937-1938   
 Correspondent: Principal   
 Subject; Appeal for help   
Pb11.1.30 King William's Town secondary education 1 file 1936-1937   
 Correspondents: A.F.Grant, J.L.Hardy   
 Subject: Need to educate young people   
Pb11.1.31 Legal Aid Committee 1 file 1940   
 Correspondents: J.L.Hardy, J.Donaldson   
 Subject: accounts   
Pb11.1.32 Libraries 1 file 1938-1938   
 Correspondents: H.Bull, A.Kerr   
 Subject: Grant to the Maseru African Library   
Pb11.1.33 Machaviestad 1 file 1938   
 Correspondent: E.Calder   
 Subject: Support for agricultural experiment   
Pb11.1.34 Meetings 3 files 1938-1940   
 Correspondents: J.Donaldson, J.L.Hardy, D.D.T.Jabavu, A.Kerr   
 Includes minutes and press statements   
Pb11.1.35 Mendi Memorial Scholarship Fund 1 file 1937-1938   
 Correspondents: Officials   
 Subject: Appeal for funds   
Pb11.1.36 Music conservatoire 1 file 1937   
 Correspondent: Della Ritchie   
 Subject: Establishment of a conservatoire in Johannesburg   
Ph11.1.37 Natal Bantu and Indian Blind Society 1 file 1937-1940   
 Correspondent: Secretary   
 Subject: Appeal for funds   
Pb11.1.38 Native handicrafts and village industries 1 file 1936-1938   
 Correspondent: D.A.Hunter   
 Subject; Need for rural industries   
Pb11.1.39 Nursery schools 1 file 1937-1939   
 Correspondents: M.Cook, D.Maud, D.M.Ogilvie   
 Subjects: Need for nursery schools for black children in Pretoria and Sophiatown   
Pb11.1.40 Ohlange Institute 1 file 1936-1940   
 Correspondent: E.H.Brookes, J.L.Dube   
 Subject: John Dube Commemoration Fund and the needs of the Institute   
Pb11.1.41 Pamphlet 1 file 1937   
 Proofs for a pamphlet on the Trust   
Pb11.1.42 Pathfinders 1 file 1938   
Pb11.1.43 Pietersburg Diocesan Native Training College (Grace Dieu) 1 file 1938   
 Correspondent: Bp.W.Parker   
 Subject: Purchase of farm   
Pb11.1.44 Press attacks 1 file 1937   
 Attack in Die Noord Transvaler, 13 Jan.   
Pb11.1.45 Press propaganda 1 file 1937-1938   
 Press statements   
Pb11.1.46 Publication grants 1 file 1937-1938   
 Correspondent: applicants who wish to publish   
Pb11.1.47 Publishing of native music 1 file 1937   
 Correspondent: R.H.W.Shepherd   
 Subject: Sponsorship of music books for schools.   
 Includes copies of "A junior song book for native schools" and "Five S.S.C. part songs for native schools"   
Pb11.1.48 Social Services Association of South Africa 1 file 1938-1939   
 Correspondent: T.A.Hall   
 Subject: Legal defence fund   
Pb11.1.49 South African Native College, Fort Hare 1 file 1937-1939   
 Correspondent: A.Kerr   
 Subject: Allocation of the grant and course of lectures sponsored by the Trust   
Pb11.1.50 Transvaal African Congress 1 file 1939   
 Correspondent: Secretary   
 Subject: Financial grant   
Pb11.1.51 Transvaal African Eisteddfod 1 file 1938-1939   
 Correspondent. M.S.Radebe   
 Subject: Financial help   
Pb11.1.52 Trustees 2 files 1936-1939   
 Correspondents: J.Donaldson, J.L.Hardy, D.D.T.Jabavu, A.Kerr, A.Mtimkulu   
 Subjects: Notarial deed, Issue of shares and meetings   
Pb11.1.53 Trustees: report to 1 file 1937   
 Report by Max Gordon on black trade unions   
Pb11.1.54 Vereeniging Defences 1 file 1938   
 Correspondents: Reitz and van der Merwe   
 Subject: Legal expenses for defence of 2 blacks charged with "Geweld" in the Vereeniging location   
Pb11.1.55 Wilberforce Institute 1 file 1939   
 Correspondent: A.J.White   
 Subject: Support for the Institute   
Pb11.1.56 Women's Home Improvement Association of S.A. 1 file 1936-1939   
 Correspondent: Secretary   
 Subject: Financial help   
Pb11.2 Chronological files 22 files 1940-1960   
 Correspondents: Principally J.Donaldson, D.D.T.Jabavu, J.D.R.Jones, A.Kerr   
 Subjects: Administration of the Trust, the Donaldson Award and applications for help. Also the following specific topics   
 1946 Survey of Bantu domestic servants   
 1947 Position of mission and other small hospitals in the National Health Service Scheme   
 1947-50 Moroka/Jabavu School   
 1949 Need for Non-European branch of Witwatersrand Technical College   
 1951 Case in the Supreme Court: Natives Representative Council and Minister of Native Affairs re the authority of the Council to report on the government's native policy.   
 Note: There are 2 files for 1947-1948 (Files 4 and 5) in which. the applicants are arranged alphabetically. Details are listed below.   
Pb11.2 File 4 1947   
Pb11.2.4.1 All Africa Convention   
 Correspondent: D.D.T.Jabavu   
 Subject: Work done by the Convention   
Pb11.2.4.2 Art Centre   
 Correspondents: P.A.Hendricks, M.M.Pemba, G.Sekoto   
 Subject: Training of African artists   
Pb11.2.4.3 Bamangwato College   
 Correspondents: T.Khama, R.E.Phillips   
 Subjects: Mineral resources and the need for a high school   
Pb11.2.4.4 British Empire Service League   
 Correspondent: Secretary   
 Subject: Rehabilitation of African ex-servicemen   
Pb11.2.4.5 Donaldson Night Schools   
 Correspondent: O.S.D.Mooki (Organiser)   
 Subject: Literacy campaign   
Pb11.2.4.6 Friends of Africa   
 Correspondent: Manager   
 Subject: Donation for pamphlets   
Pb11.2.4.7 Healdtown Institution   
 Correspondent: E.W.Grant   
 Subject: Physical training facilities   
Pb11.2.4.B Jan H. Hofmeyr School of Social Work   
 Correspondent: R.E.Phillips   
 Subject: Grant   
Pb11.2.4.9 Kameelboom Agricultural Holdings   
 Correspondent: S.S.Tema   
 Subject: Completion of schoolrooms   
Pb11.2.4.10 Literacy campaign   
 Correspondent: Q.Whyte (Director, SAIRR)   
 Subject: Grant   
Pb11.2.4.11 Middledrift Nursing Home   
 Correspondents: R.T.Bokwe, A.B.Xuma   
 Subject: Grant   
Pb11.2.4.12 National War Memorial Health Foundation   
 Correspondent: Secretary   
 Subject: Grant   
Pb11.2.4.13 Ohlange institute   
 Correspondent: D.G.S.Mtimkulu   
 Subject: Further developments   
Pb11.2.4.14 Penal Reform League   
 Correspondent: H.P.Junod   
 Subject: Grant   
Pb11.2.4.15 Rhodes Scholarships   
 Correspondent: Lord Elton   
 Subject: Need for Non-European scholarship   
Pb11.2.4.16 Social Services Association of South Africa   
 Correspondent: T.A.Hall   
 Subject: Grant to pay extra Non-European social welfare workers   
Pb11.2.4.17 Springbok Legion   
 Joint report on the rehabilitation of African ex-volunteers in the N. Transvaal   
Pb11.2.4.18 Xhosa orthography   
 Correspondent: D.D.T.Jabavu   
 Subject: Pamphlet on Xhosa orthography   
Pb11.2 File 5 1948   
Pb11.2.5.1 African Music Society   
 Correspondent: H.T. Tracey   
 Subject: Formation of the Society   
Pb11.2.5.2 African Trade Unions Technical Advisory Committee   
 Correspondent: A.W.Blaxall   
 Subject: Need for trade union unity   
Pb11.2.5.3 African Youth Board   
 Correspondents: J.Donaldson. R.E.Phillips   
 Subject: Need for an employment bureau   
Pb11.2.5.4 Bamangwato College   
 Correspondent: Principal   
 Subject: Grant   
 Includes prospectus, photograph and plan   
Pb11.2.5.5 Fellowship of Faith Service   
 Correspondent: A.W.Blaxall   
 Subject: Need for a Christian Conference Centre   
Pb11.2.5.6 International Club   
 Correspondent: Secretary   
 Subject: Guarantee for the rent.   
Pb11.2.5.6 National War Memorial Health Foundation   
 Includes reports and minutes relating to the Foundation   
Pb11.2.5.7 Natives Representative Council   
 Correspondent: Z.K.Matthews   
 Subject: N.R.C.Conference expenses   
Pb11.2.5.7 Social Services Conference   
 Minutes of meeting to coordinate provision of communal facilities and services for the Non-European community of Johannesburg   
Pb11.2.5.8 Springbok Legion   
 Correspondent: Secretary   
 Subject: Grant   
Pb11.2.5.9 Students' Medical Council   
 Correspondent: L.W.Osburn   
 Subject: Survey of Non-European health service in the Transvaal   
Pb11.2.5.10 Vuka Msinga Bantu Cooperative Trading Society   
 Correspondent: Secretary   
 Subject: Application for loan   
 Includes financial statement for 1947   
Pb11.2.5.11 Xhosa orthography   
 Correspondent: D.D.T.Jabavu   
 Subject: Grant   
Pb11.3 Individuals 23 files 1936-1958   
Pb11.3.3 Abrahams, Peter 1 file 1947   
Pb11.3.2 Dhlamini, C.N. 2 files 1936-1940   
Pb11.3.3 Dhlomo, H.I.E. 1 file 1936-1937   
Pb11.3.4 Hertslet, L.E. 1 file 1947-1958   
Pb11.3.5 Kobus, C.M. 1 file 1948-1958   
Pb11.3.6 Mabosa, A. 1 file 1949-1958   
Pb11.3.7 Majola, R.R.S. 1 file 1946-1958   
Pb11.3.8 Mancoba, E. 1 file 1937-1939   
Pb11.3.9 Mandela, N.R. 1 file of correspondence with the Bantu Welfare Trust Nelson Mandela 1946-1958 
Pb11.3.10 Mbobo, V.V.T. 1 file 194571958   
Pb11.3.11 Molefe, A.L. 1 file 1945-1958   
Pb11.3.12 Mtimkulu, D.C.S. 1 file 1936-1952   
Pb11.3.13 Ngcwabe, L.M.S. 1 file 1947-1958   
Pb11.3.14 Paoli, E. 1 file 1946-1958   
Pb11.3.15 Pela, W.S. 1 file 1945-1958   
Pb11.3.16 Phethlu, M.R. 1 file 1946-1958   
Pb11.3.17 Rathebe, J.R. 1 file 1936-1938   
Pb11.3.18 Sekoto, G. 1 file 1948-1949   
Pb11.3.19 Sikakane, S.S.A. 1 file 1949-1958   
Pb11.3.20 Tambo, O.R. 1 file 1947-1958   
Pb11.3.21 Toni, M.H.S. 1 file 1945-1958   
Pb11.3.22 Transvaal Association for Non-European Professional Boxing 1 file 1947-1958   
Pb11.4 Attendance register 1 vol. 1946-1957   
Pb12 Bantu Women's Home Improvement Association 1 file 1936-1948   
 Correspondent: Secretary   
 Subject: Self-improvement clubs   
 Includes constitution, annual reports for 1942-1943 and a circular relating to the African Domestic Servants League, 1938   
Pb13 Bantu Youth League 1 file 1930-1931   
 Correspondents: M.Carney (Secretory, American Committee), C.T.Loram, S.Makanya (Organiser), D.McK,Malcom   
 Subject: Visit of Miss Makanya to obtain support.   
 Includes constitution, minutes, financial statement and radio talk by S.Makanya   
Pc1 Campaign for Right and Justice 2 files 1943-1946   
 Correspondent: M.Scott   
 1943 Conference of delegates from various organisations for a nation-wide campaign   
 1944 Post-war problems   
 1945 Conference on regional development   
 1945 Legal action re Springs Location Incident   
 1945 Cooperation with SAIRR   
 1945 Deputation to Prime Minister   
 1946 Conference to review activities   
 Includes copies of Fortnightly Newsletter and the pamphlet "The shape of the future"   
Pc2 Cape Native Voters Convention 1 file 1937-1944   
 Correspondent: Z.Mahabane   
 Subject: Election campaign for J.D.Rhelnallt Jones and change of name to Cape African Voters Association   
Pc3 Chartered Institute of Secretaries 1 file 1943-1944   
 Correspondent: Secretary   
 Subject: Question of admitting Non-Europeans   
Pc4 Christian Council of South Africa 2 files 1941-1943   
 Correspondents: E.W.Grant and J.D.Taylor   
 1941 Admission of missionaries to the Union   
 1941 Relations of government and missions   
 1943 Women's part in the Christian council   
 1943 Proposed youth council   
 1944 Control and management of black education   
 1944 Training of women in the African church   
Pc5 Christian Unity Association 1 file 1939   
 Correspondent: R.E.Phillips   
 Subject: Meetings   
 Includes membership list   
Pc6 Civil Rights League 1 file 1948-1951   
 Circulars, newsletters and brochures   
 Subjects: Protest at the elimination of the Cape franchise for Blacks and Coloureds and the banning of the Guardian   
Pc7 Communist Party of South Africa 1 file 1949   
 Circular letters protesting at the banning of Dr Y.M.Dadoo and an all-in conference to protest about the Riotous Assemblies Act and the banning of S.Kahn from speaking   
Pc8 Council of Europeans of the Union of South Africa 1 item Undated   
 Program of principles   
Pc9 Cripples Care Association of the Transvaal   
Pc9.1 Minutes 1 vol. 1948-1953   
Pc9.2 Correspondence 1 file 1943-1946   
 Correspondent: Mrs Madie Hall Xuma   
 Subject: Work amongst the Non-Europeans   
Pd1 Democratic League of South Africa 1 file 1939-1940   
 Correspondent: Secretary   
 Subject: Internment of trade unionists and the danger of fascism   
 Includes minutes and draft press release   
Pd2 Donaldson Orlando Community Centre   
Pd2.1 Constitution 1 file 1945-1955   
 Copies of the constitution and amendments   
Pd2.2 Minutes 5 files 1949-1955   
 Includes reports, financial statements and bulletins   
Pd2.3 Pamphlet 1 item Undated   
Pd2.4 Correspondence 5 files 1947-1963   
 Correspondents: Secretary of the Centre and officials of the Non-European Affairs Department of the Johannesburg City Council   
 Subject: Administration of the Centre until its handing over to the YMCA in 1963   
Pe1 The Economic Society of South Africa 1 file 1941-1946   
 Minutes, by-laws, reports and circulars   
Pf1 Federal League of African Women 1 file 1944   
 Correspondent: Secretary   
 Subject: Aims of the League to uplift African women   
Pf2 Food, Canning and Allied Workers Union 1 item 1942   
 Circular re the strike at Messrs Montrose Ltd. of Indian, Coloured and African workers   
Pf3 Freedom of Speech and Assembly Committee 1 file 1949-1950   
 Circulars and leaflets condemning the Riotous Assemblies Act and advertising a convention to be addressed by Dr J.S.Moroka   
Pf4 Friends of Africa 1 file 1939-1946   
 Correspondent: W.G.Ballinger (Organising Sec.)   
 Subject: Work of the Friends   
 Includes reports, newsletters, leaflets and notes of a meeting of Mrs M.Ballinger, R.F.A.Hoernle and A.L.Saffery, 1940   
Pg1 General 1 file Undated   
 Lists of Non-European organizations   
Pg2 Girl Guides (S.A.) Association 29 items 1928-1938   
 Copies of the Girl Guide Magazine (S.Africa)   
Ph1 Handhawersbond 1 file 1933   
 Correspondent: C.H.Venter   
 Subject: Questionnaire on Europeans employed by Non-Europeans   
Pi1 Institute of Citizenship 1 file 1949   
 Programme of lectures and pamphlet "Training for citizenship"   
Pi2 Inter-Denominational African Ministers Federation 1 file 1957-1958   
 Addresses by the Rev. Zaccheus R. Mahabane   
Pi3 International Institute of African Languages and Cultures 2 files 1930-1936   
 Correspondents: D.G.Brackett (Sec.), J.H.Oldhnm, I.Schapera   
 Subjects: Research fellowships and visits to South Africa by overseas lecturers   
Pj1 Johannesburg Bantu Music Festival Committee 1 file 1948-1949   
 Circulars re film show and annual festival of Bantu music, art and drama   
Pj2 Johannesburg Consultative Committee for Non-European Social Amenities 1 file 1948-1949   
 Correspondents: L.I.Venables, J.G.Young   
 Subject: Coordination of effort to provide communal facilities and services for Non-Europeans of Johannesburg   
Pj3 Johannesburg International Club 1 file 1950   
 Circulars re the running of the club   
Pj4 Johannesburg Local Committee for Non-European Adult Education 1 file 1949-1951   
 Reports, minutes and circulars   
Pl1 Legal Aid Bureau   
Pl1.1 Minutes 3 files 1935-1952   
Pl1.2 Reports 2 files 1937-1940, 1950-1953   
 Includes statistics   
Pl1.3 Correspondence 25 files 1928-1953   
 Correspondents: Lawyers, Departments of Social Welfare and Justice, H.Britten, F.W.Hutchinson, Incorporated Law Society of the Transvaal. S.Maynard Page, Society of Advocates of South Africa   
 Subjects: Legal aid for the poor, formation and administration of the Legal Aid Bureau and the following specific topics:   
 1928 Complaints about the unfairness of civil court cases for Blacks   
 1933 Report by J.W.Langstaffe to J.H.Pim giving observations on the Magistrate's Court re Blacks brought to trial   
 1933-34 Proposed provision of pro Deo defence of indigent persons by S.Maynard Page and comments on his memorandum   
 1935 Conference on the position of legal aid for the poor and deputation to Secretaries for Justice and Native Affairs   
 1936-37 Setting up of the Legal Aid Bureau   
 1937 List of attorneys prepared to serve on the panel   
 1937 Legal aid - Vereeniging riots   
 1938 Permanent basis of the Bureau under F.W.Hutchinson   
 1939 Report by Self Mampuru on his visit to courts   
 1939 Report on the women's section of the Fort   
 1942 Relationship of Bureau to SAIRR   
 1943 Differences with the Department of Social Welfare   
 1943-46 Control of legal aid   
 1945 Closing of the Cape Town Legal Bureau   
 1948-49 New constitution for the Legal Aid Bureau, Johannesburg   
 1950 Shortage of funds hampering the Bureau   
 1952 Revision of the means test.   
Pl1.4 Investigations 6 files 1933-1940   
 Statistics, draft reports, panel payments, notes and correspondence of F.W.Hutchinson, Director of the Legal Aid Bureau, mainly with lawyers and litigants   
Pl2 League against imperialism 1 file Undated   
 The truth about the African children: memorandum   
Pl3 League against Fascism and War 1 file 1935   
 Correspondent: Secretary   
 Subject: National Conference   
Pn1 National Council for Civil Liberties (London) 1 file 1943-1944   
 Correspondent: Secretary and N.M.Tlale, editor of "Mochochonono"   
 Subject: Banning of Lekhotla la Bafo in Basutoland   
Pn2 National Council of African Women of South Africa   
Pn2.1 Constitution 1 file Undated   
 Includes history and lists of officers   
Pn2.2 Minutes of annual conference 1 file 1937-1954   
Pn2.3 Reports from branches 1 file 1945   
Pn2.4 Circulars and newsletters 1 file 1940-1946   
Pn2.5 Correspondence 7 files 1938-1955   
 Correspondents: E.P.Hlahle, E.B.Jones, M.T.Soga (President)   
 Subjects: Arrangements for conference, finance and formation of branches   
Pn3 National Council of Women of South Africa (Johannesburg Branch)   
Pn3.1 Branch by-laws 1 file 1947-1951   
Pn3.2 Council meetings 2 files 1942. 1947-1951   
 Agenda and minutes; includes items on the Goodwill Club   
Pn3.3 Conference 1 file 1942   
 Resolutions and agenda   
Pn3.4 Annual general meeting 1 file 1941. 1947-1950   
 Agenda and minutes   
Pn3.5 Executive Committee 1 file 1939-1943, 1947-1948   
 Agenda and minutes   
Pn3.6 Circulars 1 file 1941-1942   
Pn3.7 Annual reports 1 file 1942, 1949-1950   
Pn3.8 Publications   
Pn3.8.1 N.C.W. News: official organ of the National Council of Women of South Africa 1 file 1947-1950 (Incomplete)   
Pn3.8.2 Branch News 1 file 1950-1951 (Incomplete)   
Pn3.9 Memoranda 1 file 1937-1950   
 Includes the following:   
 1937 Statement of recommendations to the Transvaal Provincial Education Commission   
 1939 Report of Committee on the reconstruction of the platform   
 1940 Memorandum on state allowances to dependents of soldiers. By H.Pollak   
 1941 Memorandum on unmarketed surpluses of certain agricultural products   
 1942 Report on education   
 1944 Distribution Costs Commission   
 1947 Memorandum on the franchise   
 1947 Recommendations of Broadcasting Commission re commercial broadcasting   
 1949 Memorandum on African affairs   
 1949 The South Africa Act (Act of Union)   
Pn3.10 Correspondence 2 files 1941-1949   
 Correspondents: Officials   
 Subject: Meetings and resolutions for conference   
Pn4 National Publications Corporation 1 file 1955-1956   
 Constitution, minutes and list of donations   
Pn5 National Road Safety Organisation   
Pn5.1 Memorandum of Association 1 item Undated   
Pn5.2 Council meetings 1 file 1949   
 Agenda, report of proceedings and addresses   
Pn5.3 Memoranda 1 file 1949-1950   
 On road safety including statistics of accidents   
Pn6 National Veld Trust 1 file 1949-1953   
 Memorandum of Association and letter from T.C.Robertson re the African soil conservation movement   
Pn7 Nursery School Association of South Africa   
Pn7.1 Constitution 1 file 1942-1948   
Pn7.2 Agenda and minutes 1 file 1946-1950   
 Of Committee meetings   
Pn7.3 Correspondence 1 file 1947-1950   
 Correspondent: Secretary   
 1947 Representation on the National War Memorial Health Foundation   
 1948 Training of nursery school teachers   
 1948 School feeding for Non-Europeans   
Pn7.4 Memoranda 3 items c.1949   
Pn7.4.1 The mental hygiene aspect of the Community's responsibility. By L. van Schalkwyk   
Pn7.4.2 The home and the nursery school. By R.C.Albino   
Pn7.4.3 The responsibility of the state to the nursery school child   
Pn8 NUSAS   
Pn8.1 Minutes 2 files 1935-1937   
 Minutes of Council meetings and conferences, reports and financial statements   
Pn8.2 Correspondence 1 file 1938   
 Corresondents: J.Rollnick and NUSAS officials   
 Subject: NUSAS activities   
Pn8.3 "Songs from the night, being the attempt of a son of the dark to express the soul of the "Darkwater", his people'. Unsigned and undated   
Pn8.4 International Student Service 1 file 1930   
 Correspondents: Secretary and M.Yergan   
 Subject: Conferences   
 Includes circulars and documents for conference   
Pn8.5 Memoranda and printed 1 file 1949-1973   
 1949 A guide to the activities of NUSAS   
 1955 Relationship between NUSAS and the Afrikaanse Studentebond