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Collection Index:XUMA, A.B., Papers
Collection Name:XUMA, A.B., Papers, 1917-1960
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AD843 A.B. XUMA PAPERS, 1917-1960   
 Copyright 2013, Historical Papers Research Archive, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
 The digitisation of this collection has been made possible with generous funding from the Atlantic Philanthropies Foundation.   
 57 Boxes   
 The procedure followed in this calendar of the A.B. Xuma Papers has been to separate the correspondence from other material, and to list the former in simple date order, irrespective of subject or type of document, with the following exceptions:   
 1) Dr Xuma's medical papers, whether dated or not, have been grouped together under R. These include correspondence with his patients, which we considered should be kept out of the general calendar. 2) Printed pamphlets and leaflets have been placed under S. 3) Press cuttings though usually dated, have been placed together with T and U. 4) Documents of a purely personal nature, such as Christmas cards, membership cards, diaries, family photographs and private business letters considered to have little general historical interest, some of them belonging to the second Mrs Xuma, can be found under P and Q. Dr Xuma's Autobiography, of which only pp. 1-48 were found in the collection, is also placed with the personal material.   
 As for the correspondence under A to M, a simple six-digit numbering of these documents was decided on: The first pair of digits standing for the last two figures of the calendar year; the second pair for the calendar month; and the third pair for the day of the month. If more than one document carries the same date, they are distinguished by additional letters. Thus the reference 430817a means that the document referred to is one of those dated 17 August 1943.   
 T.R.H. Davenport and Sheila Hindson   
 Archivist's notes:   
 This collection has very fragile and damaged material, and most of the time the poor quality of documents could not be enhanced through digitisation.   
AAAR African Academy of Arts and Research   
AA-ERA + PHM African Anti-Expropriation Ratepayers Association and Peoples Housing Movement   
AAC All African Congress   
AANC All African National Convention   
ABCFM American Board of Commissions for Foreign Missions   
ABL African Business League   
ABM American Board Mission   
ABMA Abantu-Batho Musical Association   
ABOA Alexandra Bus Owners' Association   
ACBC African Council for Boys Clubs   
ACCPWU African Cement & Cement Products Workers' Union   
ADA African Dingaka Association   
ACDWU African Commercial and Distributive Workers' Union   
ADC African Democratic Council   
ADP African Democratic Party   
ADSL African Domestic Servants' League   
AEAW Association of European and African Women   
AES Army Educational Services   
ACPWU African Can and Power Workers' Union   
AHC Alexandra Health Centre   
AIAC All-In African Conference   
AIMC African Independent Mission Church   
AJC Alexandra Joint Committee   
ALAS African Life Assurance Society   
AM Anglican Mission   
AMEC African Methodist Episcopal Church   
AMS Adams Mission Station   
AMWU African Mine Workers' Union   
ANBA African National Business Association   
ANC African National Congress   
ANP Associated Negro Press, Chicago   
ANPC African National Publishing Company   
ANYIL African National Youth Improvement League   
AOWU African Offices Workers' Union   
APDS African Provident and Development Society   
APO African People's Organization   
APS Aborigines Protection Society   
AUCDWC African United Cultural and Domestic Workers' Club   
A(W)HBFWU African (Witwatersrand) Hotel, Boarding House & Flat Workers' Union   
AWU African Workers' Union   
BCHF Bantu Children's Holiday Fund   
BEMEC Board of Education, Methodist Episcopal Church   
BFBS British & Foreign Bible Society   
BFM Board of Foreign Missions   
BMCJ Bantu Methodist Church of Johannesburg   
BMHSS Bantu Methodist Helping Hand Society   
BMSC Bantu Men's Social Centre   
BSC Bantu Sports Club   
BMSC Bantu Men's Social Centre   
BSHS British Social Hygiene School   
BUS Bantu United School   
BWF Bantu Welfare Fund   
BWT Bantu Welfare Trust   
CAA Council on African Affairs, New York   
CAC Cape African Congress   
CAB Coligny Advisory Board   
CRUSC Crescent Bantu United Sports Club   
CCCC Central Council for the Care of Cripples   
CCSA Christian Council South Africa   
CIC Caledonian Insurance Company   
CN-ETU Council of Non-European Trade unions   
CPHS Central Public Health Service   
CPS Civilian Protective Services   
CFSA Communist Party of South Africa   
CRJ Campaign for Right and Justice   
CTSSAC Cape Town Social Security Action Committee   
DNA Department of Native Affairs   
DOAA Daughters of Africa Association   
DOCC Donaldson Orlando Community Centre   
DPIF Deferred Pay Interest Fund   
DTCP Diocesan Training College, Pietersburg   
EAWU Explosives African Workers' Union   
ENT Eastern Native Township   
EPBTNA Eastern Province Bantu Trained Nurses' Association   
ERDBLTA East Rand District Bantu Lawn Tennis Association   
ERSA East Rand Students' Association   
EWFC East & West Friendship Council   
FCCCA Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America   
FOA Friends of Africa   
GALM Gremio Africano de Lourenco Marques   
GCRC Good Companions Rover Crew   
GGNWF Governor General's National War Fund   
GNF Gesuiwerde Nasionale Party   
GWBTAC Griqualand West Board of. Executors Trust & Agency Company   
HCT High Commission Territory   
IAA Indian Association of America   
ICAA International Committee on African Affairs   
ICYMCA International Committee of Young Men's Christian Associations   
IDAMF(IAMF) Inter-Denominational African Ministers' Federation   
IMC International Missionary Council   
IPAMA Inter-Provincial African Ministers' Association   
IOTT Independent Order of Trus Templars   
JAFA Johannesburg African Football Association   
JBFA Johannesburg Bantu Football Association   
JCEAW Joint Council of European and African Women   
JCN-ETU Joint Council of Non-European Trade unions   
JDSSU Johannesburg & District Sunday School Union   
JHSSW Jan Hofmeyr School of Social Work   
JIMCI Johannesburg Indian Young Men's Cultural Institute   
JISA Johannesburg Indian Sports Association   
JJCEA Johannesburg Joint Council of Europeans and Africans   
JJCEN Johannesburg Joint Council of Europeans and Natives   
JSAP Junior South African Party   
JSSAC Johannesburg Social Security Action Committee   
LABC Location Advisory Boards Congress   
LSHTM London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine   
MC Methodist Church   
MCCL Medical Correspondence College, London   
MCSA Methodist Church of South Africa   
MEC Methodist Episcopal Church   
MHSW Mental Hygiene Society of the Witwatersrand   
MLMM Methodist Laymen's Missionary Movement   
MMF Milbank Memorial Fund   
MMIC Methodist Mission Institution, Clarkebury   
MEL Methodist Men's League   
MMS Methodist Missionary Society   
MNA Minister of Native Affairs   
MOH Medical Officer of Health   
MTOA Motor Transport Owners' Association   
NAA Native Administration Act, 1927   
NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People   
NAC Native Affairs Commission   
NALGO National Association of Land Government Officers   
NAWO National Anti-Waste Organization   
NBRC National Bank of the Republic of Chicago   
NC Native Commissioner   
NCAW Notional Council of African Women   
NCCL National Council for Civil Liberties   
NCCW National Council for Child Welfare   
NCF Nurses' Christian Fellowship   
NCYMCA National Council of Young Men's Christian Associations   
NEFC (AES) New Educational Fellowship Conference (African Education Section)   
NEMTEU Non-European Meat Trades Employees' Union   
NEPT Non-European Progress Trust   
NEUM Non-European Unity Movement   
NMC Native Military Corps   
NOIB Nederlandse Opleidings Instituut voor het Buitenland   
NPPC Native Printing and Publishing Company   
NRC Native Representative Council   
NTLB Native Trust and Land Bill.   
NUAA Northwestern University Alumni Association   
OFSAHA Orange Free State African Herbalists' Association   
OFSATA Orange Free State African Teachers' Association   
OMWA Orlando Mothers' Welfare Association   
PCN-ETU Pretoria Council of Non-European Trade Unions   
PJCEN Pretoria Joint Council of Europeans and Natives   
PLIC Public Life Insurance Company   
PMCT Primitive Methodist Churches of the Transvaal   
PWF Public Welfare Foundation, Inc.   
RABA Reef Advisory Board Association   
RBHA Rural Bank Health Association   
RCSSA Ramsey County Sunday School Association   
RES Royal Empire Society   
RHAWU Railways and Harbours African Workers' Union   
RIE Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh   
SAAFA South African African Football Association   
SABA South African Association for Burial and Aid   
SACC South African Cultural Club   
SACIR South African Council on Induntria1 Relations   
SACWAYWCA S.A. Council of Word Affiliated Young Women's Christian Associations   
SAFSU Society of Friends of the Soviet Union   
SAGCC South African Gifts and Comforts Committee   
SALA South African Library Association   
SAMC South African Medical Council   
SANCU South African Native Co-operative Union   
SANCCW South African National Council for Child Welfare   
SANTF South African Native Teachers' Federation   
SAP South African Police   
SAPA South African Press Associations   
SAR South African Railways   
SARH South African Railways and Harbours   
SASSA South African Social Security Association   
SCA Students' Christian Association   
SMFA Steward Missionary Foundation for Africa   
SSM Society of the Sacred Mission   
SSASA Social Services Association of South Africa   
SSVdeP Society of St Vincent de Paul   
SWA South West Africa   
SWD South Western Districts   
TABC Transvaal African Boys' Clubs   
TAC Transvaal African Congress   
TASA Transvaal African Students' Association   
TATA Transvaal African Teachers' Association   
TATWU Transvaal African Timber Workers' Union   
TBFA Transvaal Bantu Football Association   
TBGU Transvaal Bantu Golf Union   
TBLTU Transvaal Bantu Lawn Tennis Union   
TCN-ETU Transvaal Council of Non-European Trade Unions   
TCPA The Chiefs and Peoples Association   
TED Transvaal Education Department   
TIAMA Transvaal Inter-Denominational African Ministers' Association   
TIC Transvaal Indian Congress   
TI-DMA Transvaal Inter-Denominational Ministers' Association   
TNC Transvaal Native Congress   
TNII Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute   
TSCNEB Transvaal Society for the Care of Non-European Blinds   
TVA Transkeian Voters' Association   
TWEA Transvaal Workers' Educational Association   
UDF Union Defence Force   
UEPI University Examination Postal Institution   
USPHS United States Public Health Service   
WAEWF Welfare of Africans in Europe War Fund   
WASU West African Students' Union   
WFDY World Federation of Democratic Youth   
WIAC Women's International Affairs Club   
WMC Wesleyan Methodist Church   
WNT Western Native Township   
WSCF World Student Christian Federation   
WSE World Service Exhibition   
WYWCA World Young Women's Christian Association   
YCL Young Communist League   
ZCA Zoutpansberg Cultural Association   
ZYWCA(Tvl) Zenzele Y.W.C.A. of the Transvaal   
1917 - 1933   
1934 - 1937   
1938 - 1940   
1942 (Jan. - Aug.)   
1942 (Sep. - Dec.)   
1943 (Jan. - Jun.)   
1943 (Jul. - Dec.)   
1947 - 1948   
1949 - 1960   
 Other documents   
N1 Africa - general   
N2 African National Congress   
N3 Atlantic Charter   
N4 Bantu Welfare Trust, Bantu Sports Trust   
N5 Constitutions of various bodies   
N6 Crime   
N7 Education   
N8 Health and Welfare   
N9 High Commission Territories   
N10 Housing and Locations   
N11 Labour, Trade Unions, Wages   
N12 Legal questions   
N13 Liquor Questions.   
O14 Military Matters   
O15 Non-African Material   
O16 Pass Laws   
O17 Political Issues - Segregation, Apartheid etc.   
O18 Political Representation   
O19 Religious Matters   
O20 Riots, Disturbances, Strikes   
O21 Vernacular Material   
O22 Wilberforce Institute   
O23 Y.M.C.A. , Zenzelo Institute   
A.B. Xuma: Personal Documents   
P24 A.B. Xuma, Autobiography   
P25 Personal Notes and Fragments   
P26 Unsorted Correspondence, mainly private and business   
P27 Private Accounts   
P28 Undated Private Letter: and Fragments   
P29 Family Photographs (File 29 removed, stored with photograph collection)   
Q30 A.B. and Madie Xuma: Notebooks and Diaries (File 30 removed)   
Q31 A.B. and Madie Xuma: Cards, Membership Cards, Invitations, etc.   
Q32 "If wishes were horses" (Typescript of Play)   
A.B. Xuma: Medical Practice, folders   
R 33 Personal Medical Practice   
R 34 Medical Lecture Notes (1)   
R 35 Medical Lecture Notes (2)   
R 36 Medical Lecture Notes (3)   
R 37 Medical. Advertisements   
Printed Documents. folders   
S38 Pamphlets and Leaflets, Cultural, Educational and Religious (*)   
S39 Pamphlets and Leaflets: Copies of Periodicals   
S40 Pamphlets and Leaflets: Pamphlets on Political Questions   
S41 Pamphlets and Leaflets: non - Southern African   
S42 Pamphlets and Leaflets: printed Legislation, Government Gazettes   
Press Cuttings, folders   
T43 Political matters   
T44 Education   
T45 Housing   
T46 Land   
Press Cuttings, folders   
U47 Unspecified.   
1917 - 1933   
Aa Calendar 1917-1933   
A1 1917 / 1918   
A2 1919 / 1920   
A3 1921   
A4 1922   
A5 1923   
A6 1924   
A7 1925   
A8 1926   
A9 1927   
A10 1928   
A11 1929   
A12 1930   
A13 1931   
A14 1932   
A15 1933   
1934 - 1937   
Ba Calendar 1934-1937   
B1 1934   
B2 1935   
B3 1936   
B4 1937   
1938 - 1940   
Ca Calendar 1938-1940   
C1 1938 (381207 - incomplete)   
C2 1939 (incomplete items)   
C3 1940 (400801 - Table 5 last column faded)   
Da Calendar 1941   
D1 1941 (January - June)   
D2 1941 (July - September) (410903a - incomplete; 410930c - page 16 missing)   
D3 1941 (October - December) (411022b - two pages 42 with different text)   
1942 (January - Augusts)   
Ea Calendar 1942 (January - August)   
E1 1942 (January - March) (420304b - no page, subset Malawi no page 1)   
E2 1942 (April - June)   
E3 1942 (July - August)   
1942 (September - December)   
Fa Calendar 1942 (September - December)   
F1 1942 (September - October)   
F2 1942 (November)   
F3 1942 (December)   
1943 (January - June)   
Ga Calendar 1943 (January - June)   
G1 1943 (January - February)   
G2 1943 (March)   
G3 1943 (April)   
G4 1943 (May) (poor quality)   
G5 1943 (June)   
1943 (July - December)   
Ha Calendar 1943 (July - December)   
H1 1943 (July - August) (poor quality)   
H2 1943 (September)   
H3 1943 (October) (431013 - no pages 2 & 3)   
H4 1943 (November)   
H5 1943 (December) (431216e - page 1 missing)   
Ia Calendar 1944   
I1 1944 (January - March)   
I2 1944 (April - June) (440403 & 440502 - missing; 440503a - no page 2)   
I3 1944 (July - September)   
I4 1944 (October - December)   
Ja Calendar 1945   
J1 1945 (January - April)   
J2 1945 (May - June)   
J3 1945 (July) (450709c - missing)   
J4 1945 (August)   
J5 1945 (September)   
J6 1945 (October)   
J7 1945 (November) (451102a - missing)   
J8 1945 (December) (451201 - incomplete)   
Ka Calendar 1946   
K1 1946 (January) (460114e - missing)   
K2 1946 (February)   
K3 1946 (March)   
K4 1946 (April - May)   
K5 1946 (June - August)   
K6 1946 (September - December)   
1947 - 1948   
L1 1947   
L1a Calendar 1947   
L1.1 1947 (January - June) (470131a - bad quality)   
L1.2 1947 (July - December) (471013a - cut off at the bottom; 471204 - page 9 missing)   
L2 1948   
L2a Calendar 1948   
L2.1 1948 (January - June)   
L2.2 1948 (July - December)   
1949 - 1960   
Ma Calendar 1949 - 1960   
M1 1949   
M2 1950   
M3 1951   
M4 1952 (520107c - no page 4)   
M5 1953   
M6 1954   
M7 1955   
M8 1956   
M9 1957 / 1958   
M10 1959 / 1960   
Undated documents, folders   
N1 Africa - general   
N1.1 Resident General of the African National Congress , Feb.1946   
N1.2 A letter of ANC Mandating Territory of South - West Africa.   
N1.3 Statements of Natives in South - West Africa.   
N1.4 Memorandum prepared by Chief Tshekedi for transmission to the British Government.   
N1.5 Votes for Southern Rhodesia.   
N1.6 A letter of East Africa of four territories, from page 1 - 23.   
N2 African National Congress   
N2.1 Constitution of the African National Congress, page 1 - 9, Incomplete, n.d.   
N2.2 African National Congress - Natal Province, Executive committee elected at Pietermaritzburg.   
N2.3 A letter from the President - General of African National Congress to C.S Ramohanoe of Alexandra Township.   
N2.4 The formation of other organisations in Bloemfontein, by African National Congress.   
N2.5 A meeting agenda of Transvaal Congress Conference.   
N2.6 African National Congress Affairs to be taken to Transvaal Congress.   
N2.7 A letter to the Rev. Dr. John L. Dube from the President General of African National Congress.   
N2.8 A song for African National Congress Youth.   
N2.9 The abolition of Pass Laws, by the Councillors.   
N2.10 Drought problem in the land of African National Congress, page 1 - 4.   
N2.11 Legal Aid. 1945   
N2.12 Programme Action. 1948   
N2.13 African National Congress, World War No.2, 1940 - 1945 .Bantu Men's Social Centre Programme.   
N2.14 African National Congress, Warrant.   
N2.15 African National Congress personal notes on expulsion of Cape officials.   
N2.16 Last page of circular by Xuma, n.d   
N2.17 National and Provincial Office for rent.   
N2.18 CALATA, President, Cape African Congress, T.C. New Brighton, Port Elizabeth. Greetings   
N2.19 Cape Nominations.   
N2.20 A letter to James A. Mdatyulwa from Potchefstroom by President -General.24th July, 1945/6   
N2.21 Conditions Governing the Appointment of Organisers. 1946   
N2.22 Extracts Constitution of the African National Congress.   
N2.23 Constitution of the African National Congress.   
N2.24 Political Aspect.   
N2.25 The Past and Present Work of the A.N.C.   
N2.26 Memorandum of A.N.C.   
N2.27 Amendments to the Constitution of the African National Congress.   
N2.28 Post Card to Dr. Xuma from Rev. Nkabinde   
N2.29 List of Members of A.N.C. Names in different places.   
N2.30 African National Congress Brakpan Branch Report, to the office Administering the Transvaal Province.   
N2.31 Resolutions of African National Congress.   
N2.32 African National Congress Transvaal Province Alexandra Branch, Report. 1943   
N2.33 African National Congress (CAPE PROVINCE)   
N2.34 African National Congress, National Service held at Community Hall Orlando 1st October 1944.   
N2.35 A letter to Dr. Xuma from Edgar. M. Siwahla.   
N2.36 A note from Calata's handwriting.   
N2.37 Honorary Life Presidents - General of the African National Congress. 1943   
N2.38 Orange Free State Interim Committee of the A.N.C.   
N2.39 African National Congress Organisers. 1947   
N2.40 African National Congress Administrative Officers founded in 1912.   
N2.41 African National Congress - Natal Province, Executive Committee Elected at Pietermaritzburg. 1945   
N2.42 African National Congress Addresses of supervisors. 1945   
N2.43 Opinions and Resolutions . 1943   
N2.44 Nyasaland African Congress (S.A. Branch) Special General Meeting held at Bantu Men's Social Centre, on Sunday, 17th Feb. 1946.   
N2.45 African National Congress (Orange Free State Province) general meeting held at Bantu Social Institute Bloemfontein, 26th Feb, 1944.   
N2.46 African National Congress (Transvaal) Orlando Branch Elections. 1945   
N2.47 African National Congress Cape Province Payments.   
N2.48 African National Congress Notice of Elections (Orlando Branch).1945   
N2.49 African National Congress Local Branches, Vigilance and Residents Associations.   
N2.50 African National Congress Annual Conference of honouring delegates Agenda. 1946   
N2.51 African National Congress Report on the Administrative Affairs of the Transvaal Province. 1944   
N2.52 Memorandum to Transvaal Executive Committee of A.N.C. On South African Political and Economic Bureau.   
N2.53 Deputation, Travelling Expenses for Rev. J. A. Calata.   
N2.54 A letter to African National Congress from Letaba Branch.   
N2.55 A letter to African National Congress from Trade Unions.   
N2.56 Venue of Annual Conference of the African National Congress.   
N2.57 A.N.C. Bloemfontein Rally Programme. 1947   
N2.58 A letter to the Minister of Native Affairs.   
N2.59 Itinerary Organiser for Orange Free State.   
N2.60 Transvaal Congress Conference, Agenda. 1945   
N2.61 Results of the Administration of the Native Trust and Lands Act. 1936   
N2.62 Telegram from Middledrift to Dr. Xuma.   
N2.63 A letter from A.N.C. Orange free State Branch to the President.   
N2.64 Collection List. 1947   
N2.65 Honorary Life President of the A.N.C.   
N2.66 Telegram from Inando to Dr. Xuma   
N2.67 A letter to Dr. Xuma from Julius Sewin.   
N2.68 A letter from Cape African Congress to Dr. Xuma.   
N2.69 Unknown letter.   
N2.70 List of Members of the Committee.   
N2.71 Greetings.   
N2.72 The Policy and Platform of the African National Congress by. Dr. Xuma. 1941   
N2.73 A letter from National Service M.T. Moerane. 1946   
N3 Atlantic Charter.   
N3.1 Atlantic Charter Committee, Summary of Essays.   
N3.2 The Term of the Atlantic Charter.   
N3.3 The Educational Aspect of Post - War Reconstruction. Page: 1 - 19   
N3.4 Public Health and the Africans, Hospitalisation.   
N3.5 The Training of Medical Personnel.   
N3.6 Declaration of the Rights of a child. Page: 1 - 7   
N3.7 Charter File Contents. Page: 1- 10   
N3.8 A letter from Paul Robeson to Dr. Xuma   
N3.9 African National Congress Atlantic Charter, Terms of Reference. Page: 1 - 4   
N3.10 Sub - Committees   
N3.11 The Atlantic Charter Memorandum.   
N3.12 Atlantic Charter Committee, Organising Secretary for A.N.C .Page: 1 - 4   
N3.13 The Atlantic Charter from the African Standing. Page: 1 - 3   
N3.14 Declaration of the Rights. Page: 1 - 6   
N3.15 Atlantic Charter Africans and Post War Political Developments.   
N3.16 Atlantic Charter Memorandum on Post War Reconstruction Political Aspect.   
N3.17 An African's Vision of a Post - War South Africa.   
N4 Bantu Welfare Trust, Bantu Sports Trust.   
N4.1 Bantu Welfare Trust Memorandum. 1947   
N4.2 Bantu Welfare Trust Report On Two Related Items On Agenda.   
N4.3 Bantu Welfare Trust Draft Letter to Mr Hofmeyer regarding South - West Africa.   
N4.4 Bantu Welfare Trust To LT. Colonel James Donaldson, Friend Of Justice and Benefactor Of the Bantu Population of South Africa.   
N4.5 Bantu Sports Club Membership Campaign.   
N5 Constitutions of Various Bodies.   
N5.1 Constitution of The Xuma National Education Fund.   
N5.2 Constitution African Peoples Organisation.   
N5.3 The Venda Progress Association Constitution.   
N5.4 Constitution.   
N5.5 The Crogman Community Clinic Evaton Advisory Committee Constitution.   
N5.6 Proposed Constitution for Crogman Community Clinic Wilberforce Institute Evaton.   
N5.7 Constitution And Regulations of the Crogman Community Clinic Evaton.   
N5.8 Council of Non - European Trade Unions Constitution. Page: 1 - 6.   
N5.9 Constitution and Suggested Activities of the Bantu Youth League.0   
N5.10 African Youth League Constitution. 1948   
N5.11 The South African National Council for Mental Health Constitution. Page: 1 - 13 .   
N6 Crime.   
N6.1 Crime Wave Agitation. 1946   
N6.2 Provisional Draft of Resolution to be Proposed to the Joint Council of Johannesburg.   
N6.3 Reducing Native Crime and Disease Carrier By Dr. Xuma.   
N6.4 Native Crime Men's League (Jeppe Circuit )   
N6.5 Pass Laws.   
N6.6 Pass Laws Relation.   
N6.7 Statistics of Crime.   
N6.8 Native Pass Fees. 1935 - 1942   
N6.9 Pass Laws.   
N6.10 Pass Laws.   
N7 Education.   
N7.1 Training School for Non - European Social Workers.   
N7.2 Extracts from Dr. James Henderson's Memorandum.   
N7.3 Outstanding Questions in African Education. Page: 1 - 5   
N7.4 Memorandum on Plea for Higher salaries for African Teachers in the Province of the Transvaal.   
N7.5 Native African Scholar from Uganda, East Africa   
N7.6 Some Social and Economic Factors in African Education.   
N7.7 Memorandum on Behalf of the N.B.T.U. to the post War Construction Cabinet Committee.   
N7.8 Culture and Education.   
N7.9 The Diseases of School Life.   
N7.10 South African Institute of Race Relations Conference on African Education: A Ten Years Plan.   
N7.11 Full and Free Compulsory Education.   
N7.12 African National Congress and Native Education.   
N7.13 Summary of Aims of the African National Congress re Native Education.   
N7.14 The African National Congress and Native Education.   
N7.15 BRITZIUS TUTORIAL COLLEGE. Memorandum of Sponsored Native Education.   
N7.16 Evidence Submitted before the Committee on Native Education. 1955   
N7.17 Native school Report.   
N7.18 University Education.   
N7.19 Johannesburg Local Committee for Non - European Adult Education.   
N7.20 An Estimate of the Per Caput Cost of Native Education.   
N8 Health And Welfare.   
N8.1 Memorandum on the Medical Aid Scheme.   
N8.2 Addendum to Memorandum on Medical Aid Scheme.   
N8.3 The African Concept of Disease. Page: 1 - 10.   
N8.4 The letter of Christians.   
N8.5 Medical Aid and Diseases.   
N8.6 This letter talks about Health.   
N8.7 The Health Problems. Page : 1 - 13 (page 2 missing, page 3 damaged)   
N8.8 Medical needs for Natives in the Union.   
N8.9 Union Public Health Department.   
N8.10 Health Matters - General Area. 1934. Page:1 - 14   
N8.11 Changes taking place in Health Department. Page: 2 - 14   
N8.12 Problems of Public Health, Medical and Dental Act. Pages: 3 - 6 (Incomplete)   
N8.13 Medical Aid Committee of Enquiry.   
N8.14 Medical Aid Signing Committee.   
N8.15 African Medical Training and in Education in General.   
N8.16 Study of Diseases.   
N8.17 Health and Wealth of the South African Natives. Pages: 1 - 12   
N8.18 Infant Welfare.   
N8.19 Conclusions and Recommendations.   
N8.20 Health of the African and his Economic Status.   
N8.21 Preliminary Questions. Pages : 1 - 11.   
N8.22 Child Labour and Education. Pages: 1 - 20.   
N8.23 Child Marriage and Related Questions.   
N8.24 Health Report.   
N8.25 Land Question.   
N8.26 Obstructive Organisation and leadership among Africans.   
N8.27 What are the causes of diseases.   
N8.28 Report on Mental survey conducted at Paynesville at the request of mental hygiene council.   
N8.29 Predominant Offences.   
N8.30 Pass Laws.   
N8.31 Wage Board Draft Determination.   
N8.32 Theory and Practical.   
N8.33 Special Taxation.   
N8.34 Non - European Health Week.   
N8.35 Health Problems.   
N8.36 Programme for National Tuberculosis Conference to be held at Medical House.   
N8.37 Pathways to ILL - WILL.   
N8.38 Exhibition of Standard VI. Needlework.   
N8.39 Health - -Bridgman Hospital Minutes.   
N8.40 A letter from Bridgman Hospital to Dr. Xuma   
N8.41 Minutes of the Combined House Committee & Board Meeting held at the Bridgman Memorial Hospital.   
N8.42 Dr .Xuma seconds a vote of thanks to his honour, the Administrator, GEN. J. J. Pienaar, at the Annual Meeting.   
N9 High Commission Territories.   
N9.1 Joint Statement of the Dominion Office.   
N9.2 The Paramount Chief's Ideas On Swazi Courts.   
N9.3 Swaziland Native Courts Proclamation.   
N9.4 Explanatory Notes on Draft Swaziland Native Courts Proclamation.   
N10 Housing and Locations.   
N10.1 Summary of Complaints by Residents in the Western Native Township.   
N10.2 The Crime of Alexandra Township.   
N10.3 Residential Areas And the Non - Europeans in Johannesburg.   
N10.4 Black Spots or White Spots in Western Areas.   
N10.5 Black Spots Removal Plan.   
N10.6 Protest Mass Meeting.   
N10.7 Reply to notes of a meeting with the Chief Native Commissioner, Chief of the Police, and Manager of Native Affairs.   
N10.8 The locations with Fences Around them.   
N10.9 People living in Ncembeni, Coalmines, Yown Lands and Lebombo.   
N10.10 Statements of Rent.   
N10.11 Reef Native Advisory Board's Conference.   
N10.12 Housing .   
N10.13 A Community Housing Corporation.   
N10.14 Rents meetings.   
N10.15 First Public auction of produce from Native Trust lands. Orlando Township Johannesburg.   
N11 Labour, Trade Unions, Wages   
N11.1 Statement of Evidence by Dr. A. B. Xuma   
N11.2 The African National Congress & African Trade Unions   
N11.3 Bantu and their Wages.   
N11.4 Manpower Development Corporation.   
N11.5 Recognition of African Trade Unions.   
N11.6 Labour Conditions on Coal Mines.   
N11.7 The fraud of the South African Congress of Trade Unions.   
N11.8 Native Unemployment.   
N11.9 Effects of increase of wages and Improvement of Social amenities in Urban Areas.   
N11.10 Memo on suggested wage increase for municipal Employees.   
N12 Legal Questions.   
N12.1 Statement of Chomano Ramabiane.   
N12.2 Statutory Offences for Natives Only.   
N12.3 Joint Council of Europeans and Natives, Durban Report on the issue of Letters of Exemption from Native Law (bad quality)   
N12.4 Deductions of fines from Wages of Native Offenders.   
N13 Liquor Questions.   
N13.1 Liquor Act. Incomplete   
O14 Military Matters   
O14.1 A letter to Dr. A. B. Xuma   
O14.2 Legal Aid Bureau.   
O14.3 The War.   
O14.4 Memorandum on the Question of increased pay for soldiers and their Dependants.   
O14.5 Native Military Corps - African National Library.   
O14.6 African Military Service (page 2 damaged)   
O15 Non - African Material   
O15.1 The Merry Blackbirds Band.   
O15.2 The Labour Party, Report of the National Executive Committee. 1940 - 1941   
O15.3 The Yugoslav Relief Society of S.A   
O15.4 The Losses of the French Universities during the War.   
O15.5 The Peace. Memorandum Submitted by the National Executive Committee.   
O15.6 The African Negro and his Achievement.   
O15.7 Immigration - Some Notes.   
O15.8 Pakistan Supports India U.N. Debate on S.W.A ,Pages missing   
O15.9 The African Study Circle Hitler's Mein-------- Kampf. Pages: 1 - 7   
O15.10 Nyasaland Protectorate.   
O15.11 Nigeria   
O16 Pass Laws.   
O16.1 The Art of Criminalising a people.   
O16.2 The Pass Laws.   
O16.3 Anti - Pass.   
O16.4 White Labour Policy.   
O16.5 Letter to the Councillor.   
O16.6 Away with Passes.   
O17 Political Issues - Segregation, Apartheid etc.   
O17.1 The State of the Nation Under Apartheid.   
O17.2 Union African Reaction to Apartheid.   
O17.3 The Evil Effects of Political Differentiations based on Race and Colour. Pages: 1 - 23 (page 8 missing)   
O17.4 Effect of Apartheid.   
O17.5 Draft Thesis. The Native Question.   
O17.6 The Re - Integration of Native Life. The Economic Aspect.   
O17.7 South Africa : History & Civics. Pages : 1 - 14.   
O17.8 The Problem of South Africa.   
O17.9 Is free Democracy Worth Fighting for? Pages : 1 - 6.   
O17.10 Segregation in the Union of South Africa.   
O17.11 The Three Principles of the People. Pages : 1 - 11   
O18 Political Representation.   
O18.1 Bantu and Politics.   
O18.2 Mr Chairman, chief and Delegates. Pages : 1 - 13   
O18.3 Representation of Natives Act.   
O18.4 Resolution of the Council.   
O18.5 Letter to Dr. Xuma.   
O18.6 The Natives Land and Trust Bill.   
O18.7 Nominator of Finances.   
O18.8 Conferences of Chiefs and Representatives.   
O18.9 Provincial Council Joint Report.   
O18.10 Land Policy.   
O18.11 Description.   
O18.12 Representation of Natives Bill. Pages : 1 - 19   
O18.13 Johannesburg Joint Council of Europeans and Africans.   
O18.14 Vote for Richard Grenville Baloyi, Thomas Mtobi Maphikela and Richard Victor Selope Thema.   
O19 Religious Matters.   
O19.1 An envelope for church contributions.   
O19.2 National Christian Council.   
O19.3 African Methodist Episcopal Church.   
O19.4 Motions.   
O19.5 Presbyterian Church of Africa.   
O20 Riots, Disturbances, Strikes.   
O20.1 The Northfield Colliery Strike Decision.   
O20.2 A.N.C. Evaton Branch ,Memorandum of Evidence for Submission to the Commission on Native Bus Services.   
O20.3 Owners.   
O20.4 Home Issues.   
O20.5 Students Strike's at Fort Hare.   
O20.6 Institute of Race Relations.   
O20.7 The Report and the Position Pertaining matters affecting Sekhukhuniland and Areas.   
O20.8 Schweitzer Reneke District African Farmers and African Labours Union.   
O20.9 Re: Stoning of Care in Western Areas, Johannesburg   
O21 Vernacular Material (all vernacular material in included in this folder , whether dated or not.   
O21.1 Letters written to Dr. Xuma in Vernacular.   
O21.2 African Methodist Episcopal Church.   
O21.3 Personal Matters. Re: Wife's death. 1934   
O21.4 Zulu + Swazi translated by Thembi Mtselu, Wits.1990   
O21.5 Another Letters translated by : Zanemvula S. Zotwana. Dept. of African Languages UCT July 1990.   
O21.6 New Pietersburg Defence Fund for Deportation.   
O22 Wilberforce Institute.   
O22.1 Health - Cogman Community Clinic.   
O22.2 A letter to Dr. Xuma from Wilberforce Institute.   
O22.3 Education - Wilberforce Institute.   
O22.4 Annual School Report.   
O22.5 Wanted : Greater and better Wilberforce Institute.   
O22.6 Circular Letter.   
O23 Y.M.C.A. Zenzelo Institute.   
O23.1 Y.M.C.A. National Council.   
O23.2 Outline of Community Centre Service.   
O23.3 Establishment of Community Centres and Y.M.C.A.s Joint Scheme - Organisation and Procedures.   
O23.4 Witbank Zenzele Club.   
A.B. Xuma : Personal Documents, Folders   
P24 A.B. Xuma, Autobiography.   
P24.1 Dr. Xuma Autobiography. 1954   
P25 Personal Notes and Fragments.   
P25.1 A Second Release of the American Negro Revue   
P25.2 African Physician makes striking success but looks after social and Political Welfare of people: Predicts British Empire in for trouble.   
P25.3 The African In The Professions.   
P25.4 Price - List of Books On Medicine.   
P25.5 List of groceries.   
P25.6 Present Domicile Period.   
P25.7 Addresses of People from Sophiatown.   
P25.8 Memberships and Subscriptions.   
P25.9 Xuma - Personals.   
P25.10 Anti - Pass National Council.   
P25.11 Native Education (two page no. 6, but different content)   
P25.12 Native Affairs.   
P25.13 The Pretoria Riots.   
P25.14 Segregation fallen everyday.   
P25.15 The Urban Areas Act (only pages 2 & 4)   
P25.16 South African Act and the African.   
P25.17 Study of Mafufunyane (Possession) from the Scientific and the African Point of view.   
P25.18 Twee en Twintigste Les.   
P25.19 The People's Division of the Minnesota Sunday School Association December.   
P25.20 Adams College Report.   
P25.21 Personals of Dr. Xuma.   
P25.22 Questionnaire.   
P25.23 Amanzimtoti Institute Re: Supplies for Students.   
P25.24 Sun Life Assurance Company Re: Pension Investment Bond - With Assurance.   
P25.25 Education - General.   
P25.26 Dr. Xuma Personal Documents.   
P25.27 Military Matters.   
P25.28 Political Rights.   
P25.29 Bad Pound Note.   
P25.30 Department of Public Health.   
P26 Unsorted Correspondence, mainly private and business.   
P26.1 The Board of Education of the Methodist Episcopal church.   
P26.2 Bursaries Matters.   
P26.3 Personal files of Race Relations.   
P26.4 Personal Letters to Dr. Xuma.   
P26.5 Payments Details to Dr. Xuma.   
P26.6 Bursaries and Personal Matters of Dr. Xuma.   
P26.7 Personal - Professional Education.   
P26.8 Bursaries Ventures.   
P26.9 Post Cards and payment Receipts.   
P26.10 Telegrams and Important Letters.   
P26.11 Cogman Community Clinic Reports.   
P27 Private Accounts.   
P27.1 Payments and Statements.   
P27.2 Notice to Property Owners.   
P27.3 Telegrams and Invoices (incomplete page 2 of letter)   
P27.4 Delivery Notes.   
P27.5 Personal Matters of Payments.   
P28 Undated Private Letter: and Fragments.   
P28.1 Private Letters.   
P28.2 South African Committee on Industrial Relations (incomplete)   
P29 Family Photographs   
 (Stored with photographs)   
P29.1-31 Including amongst others: portraits of AB Xuma as a student at the University of Minnesota and later; graduation portrait; individual and group photographs of family and friends; one photograph of Charlotte Maxeke (P29.22)   
P29.32-34 Folio items   
Q30 A.B. and Madie Xuma : Notebooks and Diaries   
Q30.1 Alpha Kappa messages.   
Q30.2 Wreath Messages of Mrs Xuma.   
Q30.3 Diaries (incomplete and some damaged)   
Q31 A.B. And Madie Xuma : Cards, Membership Cards, Invitations, etc.   
Q31.1 Passport and Certificate of Mrs Xuma.   
Q31.2 Cards, Membership cards and Invitations.   
Q32 " If wishes were horses" ( Typescript of Play)   
Q32.1 Booklets.   
A.B. Xuma: Medical Practice, Folders   
R 33 Personal Medical Practice.   
R 33.10 Letters and Health Matters for Dr. Xuma.   
R 33.20 The Westdene Pharmacy.   
R 33.30 To All Medical Practitioners. Notification of Infectious Disease.   
R 33.40 Non - European Hospital Medical Matters.   
R 33.50 In the Matter of the application of Wilfred Edwyne Knight for registration under the Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Act No.13 of 1928.   
R 33.60 Estate of the Late Moses Mdlankomo and Personal Medical Matters Letters.   
R 33.70 Medical Inspector of Schools.   
R 33.80 Son Insurance Office, Workmen's Compensation Department.   
R 33.90 Hospitals and Doctors Report.   
R 33.10 Letters stating payments and outstanding balances.   
R 33.11 Personal and Unofficial Medical Matters.   
R 33.12 King George V Hospital for Tuberculosis. Diet Scale List and Letters of Medical Matters.   
R 33.13 Theatre News and Tasks of Industries.   
R 33.14 Health Matters - Diseases. Fighting Against T.B. 1946   
R 33.15 Wits SRC African Medical Scholarships Trust Fund.   
R 33.16 Venereal Diseases Statistics.   
R 33.17 The Medical and Dental Enquiry and Collecting Bureau.   
R 33.18 Municipality of Witbank, Location Superintendent's Officer.   
R 33.19 South African Merchants Combined Credit bureau, Our New Deal Service Plan.   
R 33.20 List of Better Known Vitamins and List of Names of T.B. Infected people.   
R 34 Medical Lecture Notes (1)   
R 34.10 Summary - Mental Defection   
R 34.20 Willesden Borough Council. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.   
R 34.30 Public Health Division.   
R 34.40 Ringworm Fungi.   
R 34.50 Instruments for the Measurement of Air - Borne Dust.   
R 34.60 Meat Inspection.   
R 34.70 Examination for Physical Fitness.   
R 34.80 Mother's Committee Food.   
R 34.90 Analyses of Diets suggested by the Technical Commission of the League of Nations.   
R 34.10 Meteorology and Physics of Hygiene.   
R 34.11 Physiology Applied To Hygiene.   
R 34.12 Borough of Willesden. The Public Health.   
R 34.13 Report on House Inspection, Municipal Borough of Willesden.   
R 34.14 Borough of Willesden Midwives Acts.   
R 34.15 Diploma In Public Health.   
R 34.16 Identification of Unknown Culture.   
R 34.17 Tetanus and Gas Gangrene.   
R 34.18 Brucella.   
R 34.19 Main Sub - Division of Neisseria.   
R 35 Medical Lecture Notes (2 )   
R 35.10 Analysis of the Vibrio.   
R 35.20 D.P.H. Notes on Water.   
R 35.30 Notes on the Ethology, Source of Infection and Prevention of Puerperal Fever (pages 2 & 3 damaged)   
R 35.40 Chemistry Notes for D.P.H. Class : Volumetric Analysis.   
R 35.50 Hydrogen Ion Concentration.   
R 35.60 Titration Curves of a Strong and a Weak Acid with a Strong Base.   
R 35.70 D.P.H. Lecture and Practicals.   
R 35.80 D.P.H. Class, Water Analysis.   
R 35.90 D.P.H. Food Values.   
R 35.10 D.P.H. Chemistry.   
R 35.11 D.P.H. Alcoholic Beverages.   
R 35.12 D.P.H. Milk.   
R 35.13 D.P.H. Disinfectants.   
R 36 Medical Lecture Notes (3 )   
R 36.10 Births, Deaths and Marriages, Infectious Diseases.   
R 36.20 General Register Office, Somerset House London.   
R 36.30 Coroner's Order for Burial (certificate E damaged)   
R 36.40 Births and Deaths Registration Service.   
R 37 Medical Advertisements.   
R 37.10 The Transvaal Society for the Care of Non - European Blind.   
R 37.20 Coates and Cooper Medical and Pharmaceutical Products.   
R 37.30 Clinical Proceedings.   
Printed Documents, Folders.   
S38 Pamphlets and Leaflets, Cultural, Educational and Religious (*)   
S38.1 "What an Educated African Girl Can Do" Charlotte Maxeke.   
S38.2 South African Bantu Brotherhoods Committee.   
S38.3 Men's League. (Jeppe Circuit.)   
S38.4 Pamphlets and Leaflets, Cultural, Educational and Religious. (some of the items are damaged)   
S38.5 Child - Welfare Concert.   
S38.6 Voice of Missions (damaged)   
S38.7 New Bantu Talent.   
S38.8 Transvaal Tamil Benefit Society.   
S38.9 People's Bookshop.   
S38.10 Transvaal Association of Girl's Clubs.   
S38.11 Booklets of Educational Information.   
S38.12 Booklets of Different Educational Topics.   
S39 Pamphlets and Leaflets: Copies of Periodicals.   
S39.1 News of the War.   
S39.2 Race Relations News.   
S39.3 News of the War Department of Native Affairs.   
S39.4 The Student World Books.   
S39.5 The Torch.   
S40 Pamphlets and Leaflets: Pamphlets on Political Questions.   
S40.1 Natal Relief Fund Of the Transvaal Indian Congress (damaged)   
S40.2 Society of The Friends of Africa.   
S40.3 Springbok Legion.   
S40.4 The Report of the Native Affairs Commission.   
S40.5 The Case for Bechuanaland.   
S40.6 Military Matters a call to the Citizens of South Africa (some pages incorrectly numbered)   
S40.7 The Left Club presents a series of Topical Lectures on Colour Bar Industry.   
S41 Pamphlets and Leaflets: non - Southern African   
S41.1 International African Service Bureau.   
S41.2 The greatest good to the greatest number Public Welfare Foundation.   
S42 Pamphlets and Leaflets: Printed Legislation, Government Gazettes.   
S42.1 The Union of South Africa Government Gazette.   
Press Cuttings, Folders   
 (Please note the bad quality of the clippings)   
T43 Political Matters.   
T43.1 Political the Native Questions. From: 8th January 1930 - 19th March 1937.   
T43.2 Senator for Natives. From: 21st May 1937 - 22nd November 1938.   
T43.3 Resolutions by Natives. From: 27th November 1938 - 3rd April 1939.   
T43.4 Nazi Attack on British Prelate. From: 9th April 1939 - 9th May 1939.   
T43.5 Government's Native Policy Leading to Race Suicide. From: 18th May 1939 - 8th July 1939.   
T43.6 Liberal Party Danger. From: 29th July 1939 - 13th October 1945   
T43.7 Land Board Defended. Undated.   
T43.8 Colour Problem In The Union. Undated.   
T43.9 Readers' Views. Native Laws. Undated.   
T43.10 Leader Warns Native Council Against Racial Antagonism. Undated.   
T44 Education   
T44.1 The Control of Native Education In Southern Africa. 1934   
T44.2 Through Time and Space. 1936   
T44.3 Training for Natives. Undated   
T44.4 Heredity and Sex. Humanity like Badly kept Stock Farm. Undated.   
T44.5 Methods of teaching English criticised. From: June 1939 - 6th May 1940.   
T44.6 Native School at Warmbaths. From: 18th May 1939 - 30th June 1939.   
T44.7 Native Education Will Suffer. From: 27th February 1939 - 18th May 1939.   
T44.8 Native Education in Transvaal. From: 23rd February 1937 - 13th February 1939.   
T44.9 Demand for Extension of Burdens and Privileges. From: 22nd December 1933 - 20th November 1934.   
T44.10 High School With Bantu Staff. From: 5th March 1936 - 18th November 1936.   
T44.11 Higher Fees At University. From: 26th May 1930 - 30th August 1933.   
T44.12 Presentation of Awards. From: 20th September 1945 - 13th June 1949.   
T45 Housing   
T45.1 Native Housing Scheme. From: 9th July 1936 - 7th April 1939.   
T45.2 Thousands of Natives Turned Away. Reef Locations Full, Many Overcrowded. From: 17th November 1937 - 30th December 1938.   
T45.3 Solving the Pimville Problem. Location whose Natives will not move. From: 7th January 1939 - 30th May 1939.   
T45.4 Proposed settlements in Western Areas. From: 5th June 1939 - 15th December 1939.   
T45.5 City Housing Orlando: Financial Policy of City Council. From: 1st March 1940 - 30th April 1940.   
T45.6 City Housing Schemes and Segregation: Coloured Spots in Johannesburg. Undated.   
T46 Land   
T46.1 Provision of Land for Natives. From: 18th March 1936 - 10th June 1939.   
T46.2 Political Land: Natives and the land. Undated   
Press Cuttings Folders.   
U47 Unspecified   
U47.1 Folders From: 1931 - 1945.   
U47.2 Folders From: 28th January 1946 - 23rd November 1948.   
U47.3 Folders From: 7th May 1955 - 17th January 1959.   
U47.4 Folders From: 18th January 1959 - 24th January 1959.   
U47.5 Folders From: 25th January - 4th September 1959.   
U47.6 Folders. Undated.   
U47.7 Different folders. Undated.