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Collection Index:AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS (ANC) 1928-1975
Collection Name:AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS (ANC) Records. 1928-1975
Collection - AD2186
 Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa         
 Compiled by Anna M. Cunningham         
 The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg 1992         
 Copyright 2012, Historical Papers, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa         
 Archivist Notes         
 January 2012: Item Ha2: Charlotte Manye (Mrs Maxeke): "what an educated African girl can do" by Alfred Xuma, digitised         
 The digitisation of this item was made possible by a generous grant from The Atlantic Philanthropies.         
 Deborah Wilson, Digital Archivist         
A1  Introductory note on the constitution by R.W.Msimang, 1919. 2p. Ts.         
A2  Constitution, 1 Dec. 1942 20p. Ts.         
A3  Constitution, 16 Dec. 1943. 5p. Ts.         
 Signed by A.B.Xuma, President-General and J.A.Calata, Secretary-General, Bloemfontein         
A4  Constitution, Jan. 1958 10p. Ts.         
 Signed by A.J.Luthuli, President-General and O.R.Tambo, Secretary-General         
A5  Constitution. Undated. 11p. Ts.         
A6  Membership. Undated. 1p. Ts.         
A7  African National Congress Handbook, 1958. 17p. Ptd.         
A8  Rules and Regulations. Undated. 4p. Ts.         
A9  Rules and Regulations of the N.E.C. Undated. 2p. Ts.         
Ba  National Conference 38 items 1945-1960         
Ba1  Bloemfontein, 14 December 1945Minutes 7p. Ts.         
Ba2  39th Annual Conference, Bloemfontein, 15-17 December, 1951         
Ba2.1  Report of the Executive Committee 10p. Ts.Signed by W.M.Sisulu, Secretary-General         
Ba2.2  Report of the Joint Planning Council of the ANC and the South African Indian Congress, 8 Nov. 1951. 12p. Ts.         
 Signed by J.B.Marks and W.M.Sisulu on behalf of the ANC and Y.M.Dadoo and Y. Cachalia on behalf of South African Indian Congress         
 Note: Page 5 is missing         
Ba3  42nd Annual Conference, Durban, 16-19 December 1954         
Ba3.1  Annual Report of the National Executive Committee, 15p. Ts         
Ba3.2  Address by Chief A.J.Luthuli, President-General of ANC 5p. Ts.         
Ba3.3  Address by Dr G.M.Naicker, President of the Natal Indian Congress         
Ba3.4  Messages 11p. Ts.         
Ba3.5  Annexure A: The Congress of the People 4p. Ts.         
Ba3.6  Annexure A1: Memorandum on the Congress of the People submitted by ANC to the Conference of Sponsoring Organisations on 21 March 1954. 4p.Ts.         
Ba3.7  Annexure A2: We call the People of South Africa, Black and White - let us speak together of freedom 2p. Ts.         
Ba3.8  Supplementary Report of the Secretariat of the ANC on the Congress of the People 4p. Ts.         
Ba3.9  Lists of banned and deported leaders and nationalist laws 2p. Ts.         
Ba4  43rd Annual General Conference, Bloemfontein, 16-18 December 1955         
Ba4.1  Annual Report of the National Executive Committee, 13p. Ts.Signed by O.R.Tambo, Acting Secretary-General. Contains list of banned leaders of ANC         
Ba4.2  List of organisations invited and affiliated 6p. Ms.         
Ba4.3  Letter of introduction for L. Ingalls, representing "New York Times", from O.R.Tambo, 5 December 1955. 1p. Copy         
Ba4.4  Telegram from O.R.Tambo, sending greetings and apologies for being unable to attend the conference. 1p.         
Ba5  45th Annual Conference, Johannesburg, 14-16 December 1957         
Ba5.1  Programme 1p. Ts.         
Ba5.2  Report of the National Executive Committee 14p.Ts.Signed by O.R.Tambo, Secretary-General         
Ba5.3  Presidential Address by A.J.Luthuli 7p. Ts         
Ba5.4  Messages 7p. Ts.         
Ba5.5  Memorandum dealing with the Programme of Action adopted at the annual conference of 1949 4p. Ts         
Ba5.6  Section 1b: Bill of Rights by A.B.Xuma. 5p. Ts.         
Ba5.7  Freedom Charter 4p. Ts.         
Ba5.8  Letter to the Prime Minister from A.J.Luthuli, President-General of ANC, 28 May 1957 and letter acknowledging receipt, 7 June 1957 6p. Ts copies         
Ba6  46th Annual Conference, Durban, 13-14 December 1958         
Ba6.1  Programme 1p. Ts.         
Ba6.2  Presidential address by A.J.Luthuli 10p. Ts         
Ba6.3  Report of the 46th Conference 33p. Ts.         
Ba6.4  Notes for delegates to the All-African People's Conference to be held in Accra, Ghana in December 1958 7p. Ts.         
Ba6.5  Report on Cape dispute by O. Mpetha, T.T.Makwabe and Z.K.Matthews 2p. Ts.         
Ba6.6  Resolutions 4p. Ts.         
Ba7  47th Annual Conference, Durban, 12-13 December 1959         
Ba7.1  Programme 1p. Ts.         
Ba7.2  Presidential Address by A.J.Luthuli 6p. Ts.         
Ba7.3  Executive report submitted to conference 16p. Ts.         
 Signed by D. Nokwe, Secretary-General         
Ba7.4  Messages 4p. Ts.         
Ba7.5  Annexure A: memorandum submitted by ANC to the 1959 session of the General Assembly of the United Nations on the question of race conflict in South Africa resulting from the policies of apartheid. 18p. Ts.         
 Signed by D. Nokwe, Secretary-General         
Ba7.6  Annexure B., Bantustans - a death trap. By G.Mbeki. 32p. Ts.         
Ba7.7  Annexure C: The Federation of Free African Trade Unions (S.A.) ANC comments, 27 October 1959. 4p. Ts.         
Ba8  National Conference, 15 April 1960Report of National Executive Committee, 4p. Ts.         
Bb  National Executive Committee 5 items 1945-1956         
Bb1  Johannesburg, 12 August 1945 3p. Ts.Attached are notes containing resolutions passed at the meeting 2p. Ts.         
Bb2  Bloemfontein, 14 December 1945 3p. Ts.         
Bb3  Bloemfontein, 1 February 1947, 6p. Ts         
Bb4  Durban, 14-15 January, 1956 3p. Ts.         
Bb5  1 April 1956 1p. Ms.         
 Held to report on anti-pass campaign. Signed by A.J.Luthuli         
Bc  Working Committee 32 items 1945-1947, 1961         
 Minutes of meetings. Attached is an undated letter to the Minister of Native Affairs, H. Verwoerd, re arrests under the Pass System and one to Dear Brother, January 1961, warning investors not to invest in South Africa         
Bd  ANC NOTEBOOKS 8 items 1945-47         
 This section comprises eight reporter's notebooks containing handwritten minutes of the National Executive Committee, the Working Committee and the National Conference         
Bd1  Book 1         
Bd1.1  Part 1         
 Minutes of the National Executive Committee held at the Rosenberg Arcade, 58 Market Street, Johannesburg on 12 August 1945 12p.         
 Note: These minutes are continued at the end of Book 1 in Part 11         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 2 September 1945 1p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 17 September 1945 5p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 8 October 1945 1p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 3 December 1945 9p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 10 December 1945 8p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 7 January 1946 7p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 4 February 1946 13p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 4 March 1946 10p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 11 March 1946 5p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 1 April 1946 1p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 6 May 1946 9p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 10 June 1946 9p         
Bd1.2  Part 2         
 Meeting of the Executive Committee held at Congress Headquarters, Johannesburg on 12 August 1945 where resolutions were adopted on native education, drought-stricken areas in the Ciskei, Demobilisation Conference, South African Legion and Mpanza's judgment 12p.         
Bd2  Book 2         
Bd2.1  Part 1Minutes of Working Committee, 12 September 1946 11p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 14 October 1946 6p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 24 October 1947(6?) 7p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 7 November 1946 7p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 14 November 1946 4p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 23 November 1946 6p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 28 November 1946 3p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 5 December 1946 8p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 9 January 1947 5p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 23 January 1947 7p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 13 February 1947 8p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 20 February 1947 1p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 6 March 1947 6p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 27 March 1947 5p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 1 May 1947 6p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 8 May 1947 3p         
 Minutes of Working Committee, 11 May 1947 6p         
Bd2.2  Part 2 (at the back of the book)         
 Minutes of the Working Committee, 5 June 1947 15p         
 Includes emergency meeting of 11.8.1947         
 Minutes of the Working Committee 19 June 1947 20p         
Bd3  Book 3         
 Minutes of the National Executive 5 August 1946(?) 3p         
 Note: some pages have been torn outMinutes of the National Executive 1-2 February 1947 29p.         
Bd4  Book 4Minutes of the (Working Committee) 17 June 1946(?) 6pNote: some pages have been torn out         
 Minutes of the Working Committee, 21 September 1947 5p         
 Financial Report, 1950 4p         
Bd5  Book 5         
Bd5.1  Part 1Minutes of the National Conference, 14 December 1945 32p         
 Note: Minutes are continued in Part 2 at the back of the book         
 Minutes of the Joint Executives comprising the Working Committee and the Transvaal Executive, 8 April 1946, 8p.         
Bd5.2  Part 2         
 Minutes of the National Executive. 14 December 1945 3p.         
Bd6  Book 6         
 Minutes of an Emergency Conference, Bloemfontein, 6-7 October 1946. 50p         
Bd7  Book 7         
Bd7.1  Part 1         
 Minutes of the Annual Conference, 14 December 1946, 68p.         
 Minutes of the Working Committee, 3 July 1947. 13p.Minutes of the Sub-committee, 14 July 1947. 2p.         
Bd7.2  Part 2Minutes of the Working Committee, 11 September 1947 2p.         
Bd8  Book 8         
 Record of a meeting of (? Natives Representative Council) recorded by Mrs Edith Rheinallt Jones, c. 1929-1931 69p.         
Bd9  Typed transcripts of sections from Bd1.1, Bd4, Bd6 and Bd7.1         
Be  Transvaal African Congress 9 items 1941-1958         
Be1  Programmes of Special Conference, 31 May-1 June 1941. 2 items Ts.         
Be2  Circular letter from Gaur Radebe, Secretary for Mines, Transvaal African Congress, re conditions of African mine workers, 9 June 1941. 2p. Ts.         
Be3  Supplementary report on administrative affairs of the Transvaal Province, Feb 1946. 1p. Ts.         
Be4  Agenda for conference, 1950, 1p. Ts.         
Be5  Presidential address by J.B.Marks to the Conference of the ANC (Transvaal) held in the Western Native Township, Johannesburg, 30 September-1 October 1951. 5p. Ts.         
Be6  Letter from P.Mathole, Provincial Secretary to the Federation of South African Women, asking for a fraternal message for the Annual Conference, 1951 (1p. TLs) and copy of message from H. Joseph (1p.) Ts         
Be7  Report of the National Executive to the Transvaal Special Conference, 1 November 1958. 6p. Ts.Signed by O.R.Tambo         
Bf  Miscellaneous 3 items 1948-1961         
Bf1  Notice of a Conference of ANC East Rand, 31 May 1948. 1p. Ts.         
Bf2  Minutes of the meeting of the Continuation Committee held in Orlando, 8 January 1961. 2p. Ts.         
Bf3  Circular issued by the Continuation Committee of African leaders, 12 January 1961. 1p. Ts         
C  RESOLUTIONS AND REPORTS 13 items 1938-1960         
C1  Text of resolutions passed at the Annual Conference, Bloemfontein, 1938. 2p. Ts.         
C2  Report to the United Nations on the disabilities of the non-white peoples of South Africa by the ANC and South African Indian Congress, 1952. 30p. + 10p. annexures Ts.         
C3  Report on activities, 1956 2p. Ts.         
C4  Report from the executive, c. 1956 p8-11 (Incomplete) Ts.         
C5  Report on the diminishment of civil liberties, removals and other subjects, c. 1956 p. 4-12 (Incomplete) Ts.         
C6  Stay-away from work demonstration: an appraisal of the reasons for its apparent failure. Report of the Field Officer, S.A.Institute of Race Relations, J.C.M.Mbata, 27 June 1958 9p. Ts         
C7  Summary report of the ANC's plans and activities, 1958. 2p. Ts.         
C8  Report on the ANC Conference held in Durban 12-13 December 1959 by the Field Officer of S.A. Institute of Race Relations, J.C.M. Mbata, 4 January 1960. 8p. Ts.         
C9  Guide to our organisers: report on the campaign of non-cooperation. Undated, 5p. Ts.         
C10  List of policy questions for the ANC. Undated. 1p. Ts         
C11  Report on the functions of a national organiser. Undated. 3p. Ms.         
C12  Report on the activities of the ANC. Undated. 11p. Ts.         
Da1  Native Research: land tenure. By Z.K.Matthews and G.A.Mbeki. A summary of their papers, 1944 2p. Ts.         
Da2  Memorandum on the programme adopted at the Annual Conference of the ANC, December 1949. 8p. Ts.         
Da3  Memorandum of the resolutions passed by the Annual Conference of the ANC held in Bloemfontein in December 1949. 8p. Ts.         
Da4  Memorandum on the nature and effects of racial discrimination in South Africa submitted jointly by the ANC and the South African Indian Congress to the United Nations Commission on Racial Discrimination in South Africa, August 1953. 46p. Ts.         
Da5  Memorandum on Bantu Education, 1956. 4p. Ts.         
Da6  Memorandum on an economic boycott by the ANC (Cape), 23 February 1957. 2p. Ts. In English and the vernacular         
Da7  Foreword: The Times, signed by A.J.Luthuli and followed by a review of apartheid legislation, boycotts, colonial youth day and the struggle, 1957. 9p. (Incomplete) Ts.         
Da8  Memorandum, in Zulu, about the emergency, 1960. 1p. Ts.         
Da9  Memorandum to be submitted to the Secretary-General of the United Nations Organisation on his arrival in the Union of South Africa in January 1961. 9p. Ts.         
Da10  Itinerary of Dag Hammarskjold's visit, January 1961. 2p. Ts. Attached are a sheet welcoming him to South Africa and a report on the visit (3p. Ts.)         
Da11  Memorandum on Bantu Education. Undated. 2p. Ts.         
Db  Deputations 36 items 1939-1958         
Db1  Deputation from the ANC (and Provincial Branches) and Congress of Native Urban Advisory Boards to the Minister of Native Affairs, 1939         
Db1.1  Report of the Deputation 13p. Ts.         
Db1.2  Correspondence and notes 33 items         
 This file was kept by J.D.Rheinallt Jones, Director of the S.A.Institute of Race Relations and includes background notes.         
 The correspondents are: R.G.Baloyi, Bantu Welfare Trust, J.A. Calata, Z.R.Mahabane, C.H.Malcomess, P. Ka I. Seme, D.L.Smit, R.V.Selope Thema.         
 Note: Some of the notes were kept by Edith Rheinallt Jones and might relate to the early 1930s. See Bd8         
Db2  Delegation to the All African People's Conference to be held in Accra, Ghana, in December 1958         
 Notes issued by the ANC 7p. Ts.         
E  PRESS STATEMENTS AND RELEASES 23 items 1956-1960         
E1  Re extension of the pass laws to women, 18 January 1956 2p. Ts.         
 Attached is headed paper for 'New Age', signed by Ruth First         
E2  Re declaration of a state of emergency in Southern Rhodesia, the banning of the ANC and the arrest of the leaders of the people, 27 February 1959. 2p. Ts.         
 Signed D. Nokwe, Secretary-General.         
 At the bottom of p2. is a protest about 'The baton charge against women in Pretoria'.         
E3  Re potato boycott. 2 June 1959. 1p. Ts.         
E4  Re banning of Chief A.J.Luthuli, June 1959, 1p. Ts.         
 Signed D. Nokwe, Secretary-General         
E5  Re banning of O.R.Tambo, Deputy President-General of ANC, 13 June 1959. 1p. Ts.         
 Signed by D. Nokwe.         
E6  Re banning of Duma Nokwe, Secretary-General of ANC, June 1959. 1p. Ts.         
 Signed by R. Resha         
E7  Denying that the ANC was the author of leaflets calling for a total food boycott and explaining the ANC's plans for the observance of 26 June, 23 June 1959. 2p. Ts.         
E8  Re potato boycott, 26 June 1959. 1p. Ts         
E9  Re Government threat to ban the ANC, 26 June 1959. 1p. Ts.         
E10  Re banning of R. Resha and attacks on ANC leadership, 4 July 1959. 1p. Ts.         
 Signed by D.Nokwe         
E11  Re the split in the United Party, 15 August 1959. 1p. Ts.         
 Signed by D. Nokwe         
E12  Re the situation in Natal and the need for a judicial commission of enquiry to investigate the causes of unrest, 27 August 1959. 3p. Ts.         
 Signed by D. Nokwe         
E13  Re the end to the potato boycott and extending thanks to all who supported it, 28 August 1959. 1p. Ts.         
E14  Re the proposed reorganisation of the Defence Force so that it can protect internal security against subversive elements, 3 December 1959. 2p. Ts.         
 Signed by D.Nokwe         
E15  Denying the existence of an underground liberation army, 1959. 1p. Ts.         
E16  Criticising Professor du Plessis' federation scheme, 1959. 1p. Ts.         
 Signed by D.Nokwe         
E17  Welcoming the suspension of the farm labour system, 1959. 1p. Ts.         
 Signed by D. Nokwe         
E18  Condemning the sale of farm labourers by the government through labour bureaux and prisons, 1959. 1p. Ts.         
 Signed by D. Nokwe         
E19  Re the decision of the government to go ahead with the compulsory carrying of reference books by African women, 1959, 1p. Ts.         
E20  Re the visit of Mr. H. Macmillan to Africa, 13 January 1960. 1p. Ts.         
 Signed by G.M.Naicker, President, South African Indian Congress         
E21  Condemning the announcement by Dr Verwoerd that the government plans to change the form of government to a republic and that the whites alone will decide this. 23 January 1960. 2p. Ts.         
 Signed by D. Nokwe         
E22  Condemning the explosion of the atomic bomb by the French Government in the Sahara Desert, 16 February 1960 1p. Ts.         
 Signed by D Nokwe         
E23  Condemning brutal police violence, 24 March 1960. 2p. Ts.         
 Signed by D.Nokwe         
Fa  Policy statements by ANC and related organisations 64 items 1946-1973         
Fa1  Notice re the Emergency Conference of All Africans, 21 September 1946 1p. Ts.         
 Signed by A.B.Xuma         
Fa2  Notice to All Africans and Friends of Justice re a campaign of liberation, issued by A.B.Xuma, 21 March 1947. 1p. Ts.         
Fa3  African National Congress: a critical review, 1948. 9p. Ts.         
Fa4  Statement issued by the Joint Meeting of African and Indian leaders held in Durban 6 February 1949. 1p.Ts.         
 Signed by J.H.Singh on behalf of Joint Meeting         
Fa5  Statement issued by the Working Committee of the ANC on the clash between Africans and the police, February 1950. 3p. Ts.         
Fa6  Our Fight: issued by the Youth League Executive, Transvaal, March 1950. 2p. Ts.         
Fa7  Statement made by the President General of the ANC, Dr. J.S. Moroka in launching the campaign against the Unlawful Organisations Bill, 27 May 1950. 3p. Ts.         
Fa8  Statement by the National Day of Protest Coordinating Committee on 26 June 1950. 2p. Ts.         
 Signed by W.M.Sisulu and Y.A.Cachalia         
Fa9  The Democratic Society Constitution, 29 November 1950. 2p. Ts.         
Fa10  Third anniversary of the freedom of India, 1950. 2p. Ts.         
Fa11  Press Digest, 7 February 1952. 10p. Ts.         
 Contains 'Further reactions to ANC civil disobedience threat'.         
Fa12  300 years of sorrow sin and shame, March 1952 1p. Ts.         
Fa13  The defiance of unjust laws: a historical parallel by S.M.Molema, April 1952. 6p. Ts.         
Fa14  The defiance of unjust laws: a historical parallel and warning, April 1952. 3p. Ts. draft with Ms. Corrections         
Fa15  Statement re the defiance of unjust laws, 1952. 1p. Ts.         
Fa16  We will not be the instruments of our own oppression, says All-African Convention, 1952. 1p. Ts.         
 Issued by the Society of Young Africa         
Fa17  Statement in the vernacular re defiance of unjust laws, 1952. 1p. Ts.         
Fa18  The African National Congress, Tlhakole 1952 1p. Ts.         
 Issued by the Non-European National Organisations to advise their constituents not to participate in the Van Riebeeck Festival         
Fa19  The African National Congress, Tlhakole 1952 1p. Ts.         
 Issued in English and the vernacular thanking people for not taking part in the Van Riebeeck Festival and asking all Africans to unite         
Fa20  Ten injustices, ten injuries, ten festering sores, 1952 1p. Ts.         
Fa21  An urgent call. By Chief A.J.Luthuli, June 1953. 3p. Ts.         
 A plea to observe 26 June as a day of commemoration and dedication         
Fa22  Know this Transvaal Coloured. Issued by the Transvaalse Kleurling- Volksbond, 1953 1p. Ts.         
 Condemns the Group Areas Bill         
Fa23  Know this Transvaal Coloured. Issued by the Transvaalse Kleurling Volksbond, 1953 1p. Ts.         
 Condemns the shortage of housing and exploitation of Coloured tenants         
Fa24  Resist Apartheid Conference: programme, 27 June 1954 2p. Ts.         
Fa25  Draft Freedom Charter. Drawn up by the Congress of the People, 1955. 4p. Ts.          
Fa26  The Freedom Charter: signature campaign, 1955 2p. Ts.         
Fa27  We call the people of South Africa, Black and White - let us speak together of freedom, 1955. 1p. Ts.         
Fa28  Freedom Charter, 1955 4p. Ts.         
Fa29  Statement on Native Laws Amendment Bill. Issued by the ANC, Natal Indian Congress, Congress of Democrats and S.A. Congress of Trade Unions (Local Committee).2p. Ts.         
Fa30  Africa Freedom Day: notes, 1958. 11p. Ms         
Fa31  Thulaganyo: tirelo ya segopotso sa Mendi lr bagale ba dintwa, 4 May 1958 1p. Ts.         
 Relates to the sinking of the Mendi troopship, 1917         
Fa32  Statement by the ANC re the emergence of the Pan Africanist Congress, 1959. 2p. Ts.         
 Signed by D.Nokwe         
Fa33  Statement of the Congress movement on the present situation in Durban, 1959 3p. Ts.         
Fa34  Statement of Conference of Joint Congress Executives, 1959. 2p. Ts.         
 Signed by D.Nokwe         
Fa35  A statement on the Ku Klux Klan, 1959 1p. Ts.         
Fa36  Anti-Pass Planning Council plan, 1959 4p. Ts.         
Fa37  A statement by the Emergency Committee of the African National Congress, 1 April 1960 2p. Ts.         
Fa38  The Anti-Pass Campaign goes on, 1960 1p. Ts.         
Fa39  Our aim and their aim. Issued by J.W.Serunya, 1960. 2p. Ts.         
Fa40  Noblesse oblige. By Selailar sa Machocho, 1p. Ts.         
 A poem in honour of the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to A.J.Luthuli.         
Fa41  The origins and functions of the Pass Laws. By H.J.Simons, 6 November, 1961 9p. Ts.         
Fa42  Our tasks for the next few months, 1961. 2p. Ts.         
Fa43  Statement issued by the All-in-African Natinal Action Council on plans for the second phase of the campaign for a national convention, 1961. 4p. Ts.         
Fa44  War preparation, 1962 2p. Ts.         
 Issued by the National Executive Committee         
Fa45  The people accept the challenge of the Nationalists, March 1963         
Fa46  Stand by our leaders, 1964 1p. Ts.         
 Asking for a boycott for 12 June when Rivonia trialists will be sentenced.         
Fa47  The message of Rivonia, 1964, 1p. Ts.         
Fa48  A brief on the invitation to the British Trade Union Council by the South African Trade Union Council issued by ANC (Provisional Headquarters) Tanzania, 18 April 1973 9p. Ts.         
Fa49  Remember Africa: provincial elections. Taken from papers given by G.M.Pitje. Undated. 1p. Ts.         
Fa50  All African Convention: Programme of Action. Undated. 4p. Ts.         
Fa51  Barolong Farms. Undated. 3p. Ts. with Ms. Corrections         
Fa52  Death of Ba-Ngwaketse Queen Mother. Undated. 1p. Ts. with Ms. Corrections         
Fa53  Africa and the peace of the world. Undated. 9p. Ts. with Ms. Corrections         
Fa54  Mafeking: a retrospect by S.M.Molema. Undated. 5p. Ts. with Ms. Corrections         
Fa55  History of the Defiance Campaign and the Freedom Charter. Undated. 2p. Ts.         
Fa56  What did the Defiance Campaign of 1952 achieve? Undated. 3p. Ts.         
Fa57  Statement about the conditions of political prisoners, including a list of names of those detained under the Emergency Regulations. Undated. 2p. Ts.          
 Attached is a list of names of those deported and reasons for it         
Fa58  Statement on whether workers will strike for political as distinct from economic reasons. Undated. 5p. Ts.         
Fa59  Policy statement on the campaign against the pass system and in particular passes for women. Undated. 3p. Ts.         
Fa60  On the struggle against passes. Undated. 2p. Ts.         
Fa61  The ANC's foreign policy. Undated. 2p. Ts.         
Fa62  The impact of European culture upon the African, by Victor Mbobo. Undated. 3p. Ts.         
Fa63  Tumello (permits): ho batho bohle ba Evaton. Undated. 1p. Ts.         
Fa64  Na oena oetsan G? Mahlo a ho shebile. Undated. 1p. Ts.         
Fb  Speeches 8 items 1950-1962         
Fb1  Dr J.S.Moroka's address at the opening of the South African Indian Congress Conference, 16 September 1950. 5p. Ts.         
Fb2  Speech on education, condemning Christian National Education and emphasising the role of the teacher, Mafeking, 5 July 1951. 7p. Ts.         
 Possibly by Professor Z.K.Matthews         
Fb3  The Mendi Memorial Festival: an address by S.M.Molema, 24 February 1952 2p. Ts.         
Fb4  Ashwin Choudree speaks: statement before the Durban Magistrate's Court at his trial for contravening a railway apartheid regulation in the Campaign for the Defiance of Unjust Laws, 1952. 5p. Ts.         
Fb5  Dr James S Moroka, President-General of the African National Congress, by S.M.Molema, c. 1952. 2 versions. 4p. Ts. and 2p. Ts. with Ms. Corrections         
Fb6  Opening address to the South African Indian Congress, 1952. 2p. Ts. with Ms. Additions         
Fb7  A presidential message and call on the eve of the 1956 anniversary of June 26 by A.J.Luthuli, 7 June 1956. 2p. Ts.         
Fb8  Speech by Mr Nelson Mandela at the conclusion of his trial in Pretoria, 7 November 1962. 15p. Ts.         
Ga  General 126 items 1928-1961         
Ga1  From the Secretary, ANC, to the Johannesburg Joint Council, 7 March 1928. 1p. TLS         
 Gives invitation to a meeting to form the Free Speech Defence Committee in view of repressive measures against Blacks         
Ga2  From P. Ka I. Seme (Secretary for Chiefs, ANC) and Chief Maitse P. Moloi to the people of Volksrust and Wakkerstroom, 18 October 1937. 1p. TL         
 Inviting people to a series of meetings at Daggakraal         
Ga3  From P. Ka I. Seme to J.D.Rheinallt Jones, 19 October 1937 1p. TLS         
 Re the commission on Native Farm Labour         
Ga4  From Z.R.Mahabane to J.D.Rheinallt Jones, 1 February 1938 1p. ALS         
 Acknowledges cheque for 5 pounds in favour of ANC and says he will be visiting Cape Town to help settle disputes among Congress leaders         
Ga5  From J.A.Calata to J.D.Rheinallt Jones, 1 February 1938. 1p. TLS         
 Condemns the summonsing of Cradock location tenants for arrears of rents and the proposal that South Africa take over the Protectorates; advocates co-operation between the ANC and the Joint Councils         
Ga6  From J.D.Rheinallt Jones to J.A.Calata, 3 February 1938 1p. TL.         
 Acknowledges letter         
Ga7  From Z.R.Mahabane to J.D.Rheinallt Jones, 6 March 1939. 2p. TLS         
 Re the date and constitution of the proposed delegation to the Minister of Native Affairs         
Ga8  From P.Ka I. Seme to President-General and members of Executive Committee of ANC, 8 April 1939 1p. TLS         
 Re the Conference of Chiefs (Transvaal Province) enclosing agenda         
Ga9  From G. Heaton Nicholls to J.D.Rheinallt Jones, 19 May 1939. 1p. TLS.         
 Re the ANC deputation meeting the Commission         
Ga10  From D.L.Smit to D.B.Molteno, 24 May 1939 1p. TLS.         
 Encloses J.D.Rheinallt Jones' notes (pp1-6, 13-19 Ms)giving an account of the meeting of the deputation from the ANC and the Congress of Native Urban Advisory Boards with the Minister of Native Affairs         
Ga11  From J.A.Calata to J.D.Rheinallt Jones, 31 May 1939 1p. ALS         
 Thanks him for help given to ANC Delegation and discusses the publication of the report of the meeting         
Ga12  From D.L.Smit to J.D.Rheinallt Jones, 5 June 1939 1p. TLS.         
 Refuses permission to publish notes on the meeting of the ANC delegation with the minister of Native Affairs as they are inaccurate         
Ga13  From P.Ka I. Seme to the Chief Native Commissioner, Northern Areas, 7 August 1939. 5p. TLS         
 Explains the functions of the Upper House of the ANC, made up of the council of Chiefs, and its importance in making the Natives' Representative Council work. Pleads for its recognition         
Ga14  From P. Ka I. Seme to J.D.Rheinallt Jones, 29 August 1939. 1p. Ts.         
 Invites him to address the Conference of Chiefs         
Ga15  From P. Ka I. Seme and C.S.Ramohanoe to the Chiefs, September 1939 1p. TLS.         
 First notice re the adjourned Conference of Chiefs explaining that the Upper House of the ANC is not a political body and its main function is to break down tribal prejudices         
Ga16  From P. Ka I. Seme and C.S.Ramohanoe to the Chiefs, September 1939 1p. TLS.         
 Re the adjourned Special Conference of Transvaal Chiefs         
Ga17  From P. Ka I. Seme to J.D.Rheinallt Jones, 6 September 1939. 1p. TLS.         
 Notifies him of the cancellation of the Conference of Chiefs due to the outbreak of war         
Ga18  From J.D.Rheinallt Jones to P. Ka I. Seme, 8 September 1939. 1p. TL         
 Asks whether the cancellation of the conference was done at the request of the Department of Native Affairs; says the parliamentary representatives will support the Smuts Government re war measures but retain independence of action on matters affecting Blacks         
Ga19  From P.Ka I. Seme to J. D. Rheinallt Jones, 20 September 1939. 2p. TLS.         
 Explains that the conference was postponed on his initiative and that most Blacks will support Britain in the war, hoping that social equality will come after the war         
Ga20  From P. Ka I. Seme to J.D.Rheinallt Jones, 2 May 1940. 1p. TLS         
 Thanks for help given to Chief Fakisandhla Nkambule         
Ga21  From P. Ka I. Seme to Mrs Edith Rheinallt Jones, 16 May 1940 1p. TLS.         
 Re an obituary on Sir John Harris for publication         
Ga22  From A.B.Xuma to J.D.Rheinallt Jones, 9 March 1942 1p. TLS.         
 Thanks for help given to ANC Deputation and hopes representation will be given to Africans so that they can participate fully in the war effort         
Ga23  From H.W.A.Cooper, Private Secretary to the Minister of Native Affairs to J.D.Rheinallt Jones, 14 March 1942 1p. TLS.         
 Arrangements have been made for parliamentary representatives of Blacks to see cabinet ministers         
Ga24  From J.D.Rheinallt Jones to A.B.Xuma, 27 March 1942 1p. TL.         
 Indicates that he has brought up in the Senate Debate the need for full recognition of Africans in the Defence Force         
Ga25  From J.D.Rheinallt Jones to P. Ka I. Seme, 22 December 1942. 1p. TL         
 Encloses letter from Killie Campbell asking where Dingane is buried and announcing an essay competition to be written on Zulu historical sites         
Ga26  From A.W.G.Champion to J.D.Rheinallt Jones, November 1943 1p. TLS.         
 Announces the launch of a new party to promote the claims of Blacks          
Ga27  From D.W.Bopape and Y.M.Dadoo, Anti-Pass Committee to Dear Sir 1p. TLS         
 Condemn the Pass Law and invite all progressive bodies to attend an anti-pass conference         
Ga28  From D.J.du Plessis and J.B.Marks to Dear Friend, 14 June 1949 1p. TL.         
 Demands the repeal of the Riotous Assemblies Act and that the government stop refusing passports to citizens who wish to travel overseas         
Ga29  From Mokgonane Pitje to Son of Africa, 5 October 1949 1p. TLS.         
 Recounts the facts about the nurses' strike at Victoria Hospital, Fort Hare. Attached is a list of nurses' grievances and a statement to be submitted to the lawyer for defence         
Ga30  From the ANC Youth League to 'My dear Francis' 6 October 1949 2p. TL.         
 Comments on the effects of A.P.Mda's article in Inkundla of 11 June 1949 on 'African National Congress at the crossroads', the possibility of a split in the movement and the relationship of the ANC to the Christian religion and the Communist Party         
Ga31  From S.M.Molema, Treasurer-General of ANC 1950. 1p. TLS.         
 Gives authority for himself to receive donations on behalf of the Co-ordinating Committee of ANC, South African Indian Congress and the African People's Organisation towards a national fund for liberation         
Ga32  Correspondence between the Prime Minister and the ANC, January-February 1952 4p. TL.         
 Contains an exposition by the ANC on the wrongs inflicted on the Black peole, the government's refusal to abolish differentiating laws because they are 'permanent and not man-made' and the ANC's decision for mass action         
Ga33  From J.S.Moroka and W.M.Sisulu to the Prime Minister, 11 February 1952 2p. TL         
 Explain why the policy of mass action against unjust laws is necessary          
Ga34  Circular letter issued by the South African Institute of Race Relations, signed by Q. Whyte, Director. March 1952. 1p. TL         
 Encloses a draft statement by M.Webb on 'The Government and the African National Congress' requesting comments.          
 The statement appealed for the mass demonstration to be orderly, that the police avoid acting provocatively and that the government and the Black leaders together work out solutions         
Ga35  From F.W.C.Buitendag to Q.Whyte, 7 March 1952 1p. TLS.         
 Encloses comment on the Institute's draft statement         
Ga36  From Errol E. Harris to Q. Whyte, 7 March 1952 1p. ALS.         
 Approves the statement         
Ga37  From T. Huddleston to Q. Whyte, 8 March 1952 1p. ALS.         
 Approves the statement.         
Ga38  From K.B.Hartshorne, Pretoria Joint Council to Q. Whyte, 9 March 1952. 1p. ALS.         
 Approves the statement         
Ga39  From Dr. J.L.Reyneke to Q. Whyte, 11 March 1952, 2p. Ts.         
 Refers to phoned comments, strongly recommending amendments         
Ga40  From A.W.Blaxall, Christian Council of South Africa, to Q. Whyte, 11 March 1952 1p. TLS.         
 Approves statement but wonders if it is timely         
Ga41  From J.D.Rheinallt Jones to Bishop A Reeves, 12 March 1952. 1p. TL.         
 Sends draft statement for comments         
Ga42  From Q. Whyte to Secretary, ANC, 13 March 1952. 1p. TL.         
 Expresses concern about the mass demonstration on 4 April         
Ga43  From George M. Houser, Director of Congress of Racial Equality, New York, to Q. Whyte, 17 March 1952 1p. TLS.         
 Asks how they can help the Defiance Campaign         
Ga44  From O.D.Wollheim to Q. Whyte, 25 March 1952. 1p.TLS.         
 Expresses discontent with the Institute's statement about mass action and that it should have been more supportive of the ANC         
Ga45  From W.M.Sisulu to Q. Whyte, 26 March 1952 1p. TLS.         
 Acknowledges letter of 13 March         
Ga46  From M.L.Grant to Q. Whyte, 27 March 1952 1p. TLS.         
 Sends alterations to proposed statement         
Ga47  From Q. Whyte to G.M.Houser, 28 March 1952 2p. TL.         
 Explains the South African situation and gives advice on financial help for ANC. Says "the ANC is today the strongest African political group in South Africa and it is right to say that the younger set of educated Africans are almost en bloc members of this organisation".         
Ga48  From F.J.van Wyk to Dr. G.A.Mears, 10 April 1942 1p. TL.         
 Regrets an amended statement cannot be sent         
Ga49  From F.J. van Wyk to Mrs M.L.Grant, 10 April 1952 1p. TL.         
 Regrets an amended statement cannot be sent         
Ga50  From F.J.van Wyk to O Wollheim, 10 April 1952. 1p. TL.         
 Regrets amended statement cannot be sent         
Ga51  From the ANC to News Editor, S.A.Press Association, 20 October 1952 1p. TL. Incomplete         
 Blames the police for provoking trouble, terrorising non-Europeans and propping up the structure of white domination         
Ga52  From W.M.Sisulu and Y.A.Cachalia, National Action Committee to the United Nations, 4 November 1952 1p. TL.         
 Gives factual account of racial discrimination and the need for the defiance campaign         
Ga53  From M.B.Yengwa, secretary, ANC Natal to Field Officer, S.A. Institute of Race Relations, 23 March 1953 1p. TLS         
 Explains that Chief Luthuli made a speech from notes and did not keep a copy         
Ga54  From W.B.Ngakane to M.B.Yengwa, 2 April 1953 1p. TL.         
 Requests a copy of Chief Luthuli's speech         
Ga55  From the Anti-Ban Committee to Dear Friend, 13 January 1954 1p. TL.         
 Invites citizens to attend the meeting to protest against repressive legislation         
 Signed by 38 people, affected by 'banning' orders         
Ga56  From W.M.Sisulu to S.A.Institute of Race Relations, 19 May 1954. 1p. TLS.         
 Acknowledges literature         
Ga57  From Conference Committee: ANC (Transvaal), Transvaal Indian Congress, S.A.Congress of Democrats, S.A.Coloured People's Organisation and Transvaal Council of Non-European Trade Unions, 31 May 1954 1p. TL.         
 Invitation to a conference to protest against the Western Areas Removal Scheme and other discriminatory laws - Bantu Education Act, Group Areas Act, Native Labour (Settlement of Disputes) Act         
Ga58  From National Action Council of Congress of the People to the S.A.Institute of Race Relations, 2 July 1954 2p. TLS         
 Invitation to attend the Congress of the People to draw up a Freedom Charter         
Ga59  From F.J.van Wyk to Congress of the People, 19 July 1954 1p. TL.         
 Asks to send 4 observers         
Ga60  From National Action Council of Congress of the People to the S.A.Institute of Race Relations, 27 September 1954 1p. TLS.         
 Invitation to co-sponsor the Congress of the People         
Ga61  From National Action Council of Congress of the People to S.A.Institute of Race Relations, 6 October 1954 1p. TLS.         
 Asking for an answer to invitation to become sponsor         
Ga62  From F.J.van Wyk to National Action Council of Congress of the People, 19 October 1954 1p. TL.         
 Regrets the Institute cannot be a convener but would like to know more about the Congress         
Ga63  From P. Beyleveld, S.A.Congress of Democrats to S.A.Institute of Race Relations, 20 October 1954 1p. TL.         
 Encloses pamphlet "Educating for ignorance"         
Ga64  From F.J.van Wyk to Congress of the People, 2 November 1954. 1p. ALS.         
 Makes arrangement for a meeting.         
Ga65  From Transvaal Action Council of Congress of the People to Dear Friend, 1 March 1955. 1p. TL.         
 Requests information for Freedom Charter         
Ga66  From OFS Treasurer ANC to Acting General Secretary ANC, 15 October 1955. 1p. TLS         
 On Financial Matters         
Ga67  From J.K.Morolong, Acting Regional Secretary, Cape to Provincial President, 21 October 1955 1p. TLS         
 Announces dissolution of Cape Western Region         
Ga68  From J.K.Morolong to Secretary-General ANC, 29 October 1955 1p. TLS.         
 Re the dissolution of Cape Western Region          
Ga69  From Organising Secretary, ANC Klerksdorp to Messrs. Mandela and Tambo, 9 November 1955 1p. TLS         
 Gives news of an attack by police on Bosrand causing injuries and one death         
Ga70  From O.R.Tambo to A.J.Luthuli, President-General ANC, 18 November 1955 2p. TL.         
 Thanks him for leading ANC in difficult times and regrets the effect it has had on his health         
Ga71  From Branch Chairman, ANC, Kimberley to O.R.Tambo, 16 January 1956 1p. TLS.         
 Informs him that the present Branch Secretary has betrayed information to Pretoria detectives and alleged that the ANC is a communist organisation         
Ga72  From O.R.Tambo to the Secretariat, National Consultative Committee, 20 January 1956 1p. TLS.         
 Informs them that they have been given the task of planning the campaign against the extension of passes to women         
Ga73  From O.R.Tambo to the Provincial Secretary, ANC, 18 January 1956 1p. TLS.         
 Gives details of the campaign against passes for women         
Ga74  From O. Mpetha, Secretary ANC Western Region to O.R.Tambo, 26 January 1956 1p. TLS.         
 Acknowledges letter about pass campaign         
Ga75  From P. Mathole to the Secretary, National Executive, 30 January 1956 1p. ALS         
 Acknowledges 3 pounds 6 shillings and 8 pence for 80 memberships at 10d per member         
Ga76  From P. Mathole to the Secretary-General, ANC, 30 January 1956 1p. ALS.         
 Acknowledges 3 pounds 18s. and 4d for 94 memberships         
Ga77  From Patrick Duncan to a newspaper, 18 February 1956 2p. TL.         
 On the Liberal Party, its relationship with the ANC and ANC's association with the Communist Party         
Ga78  From Secretary-General ANC to Prime Minister of Morocco, 6 March 1956 1p. TL.         
 Congratulates him on independence         
Ga79  From President-General ANC, A.J.Luthuli, to O.R.Tambo, Secretary- General ANC, 19 March 1956.6p. ALS.         
 Discusses revision of the constitution and ratification of the Freedom Charter and requests time to put his views to the leadership when his ban expires; suggests Rev. J.A.Calata be asked to reconsider his resignation from the executive         
Ga80  T.E.Ka Tshunungwa, Provincial Secretary ANC Cape to O. R.Tambo, Secretary-General, 24 March 1956 1p. TLS.         
 Re the Special Conference and the translation into Xhosa and printing of "Women in Chains"         
Ga81  From J.A.Calata to O.R.Tambo, 24 March 1956 1p. ALS.         
 Regrets he cannot attend Special Conference because of it clashing with Easter services         
Ga82  From C.J.Mayekiso, Chairman, Eastern Cape Regional Committee to Dear Friend, 25 March 1956. 1p. TLS.         
 Requests messages for the funeral of John Nangoza Jebe, shot by the police in New Brighton         
 Attached is a telegram from O.R.Tambo expressing sympathy and a draft holograph message signed by Tambo         
Ga83  From O.R.Tambo to A.J.Luthuli, 26 March 1956 1p. TL.         
 Acknowledges his letter of 19 March and agrees to his suggestions         
Ga84  From A.J.Luthuli to O.R.Tambo, 27 March 1956. 1p. ALS.         
 Encloses a message in his own hand for conference entitled "Freedom costs dearly"         
Ga85  From Arthur E. Letele to O.R.Tambo, 19 April 1956.         
 Discusses financial matters and questions whether a legal action should be taken against Awerbuck and Brown for summarily dismissing two leaders         
Ga86  From T.T. Tshume, Secretary ANC, New Brighton to O.R.Tambo, 1p. TLS.         
 Encloses cheque for defence fund of heroic women at Winburg         
Ga87  From Assistant General Secretary, ANC Western Region to O.R.Tambo, 1p. TLS.         
 Acknowledges letter about Winburg arrests          
Ga88  From P. Mathole to O.R.Tambo, 8 May 1956 1p. ALS.         
 Confirms that all directives are passed to branches         
Ga89  From Dr. A.E.Letele to O.R.Tambo, 13 May 1956. 1p. ALS.         
 Encloses ten pounds from Kimberley ANC towards the defence of the Winburg women         
Ga90  From A.J.Luthuli to O. R.Tambo, 22 May 1956. 1p. ALS.         
 Encloses minutes of meeting held on 4-5 May convened by A.W.G.Champion and H.S.Msimang. Subjects covered are the future of the ANC and the spending of funds collected.         
Ga91  From Dr. A.E.Letele to O.R.Tambo, 28 May 1956. 2p. ALS.         
 Reiterates the poor state of national finances (14 pounds debit) and regrets that Lilian Ngoyi did not turn up to address the Women's League in Kimberley         
Ga92  From A.J.Luthuli to O.R.Tambo, 28 May 1956. 2p. AL.         
 Regrets that the revised constitution came to him for comment before being approved by the executive and discusses the proper role of the executive         
Ga93  From A.J.Luthuli, a circular letter, 5 June 1956. 16p. TLS.         
 Replies to Jordan K. Ngubane's attacks on the ANC and its leadership published in Indian Opinion         
Ga94  From A.J.Luthuli to O.R.Tambo, 6 June 1956 2p. TLS.         
 Discusses soliciting financial support from liberal friends in the USA.         
Ga95  From A.J.Luthuli to O.R.Tambo, 8 June 1956. 2p. TLS         
 Discusses the need for a famine relief fund for the Transkei         
Ga96  From A.J.Luthuli to George M. Houser, 8 June 1956. 2p. TL.         
 Apologises for delay in giving details about a congress newspaper which is to be subsidised by friends in America         
Ga97  From an official in the ANC to A.J.Luthuli, June 1956. 1p. TL.         
 Recommends unity amongst liberation movements and proposes a national executive meeting.         
Ga98  From Wijona, Secretary of Asian Socialist Conference to O.R.Tambo. 1p. TL.         
 Invites ANC to send a representative to Asian General Conference.         
Ga99  From Dr. A.E. Letele, Treasurer-General ANC to O.R.Tambo, 22 July 1956 1p. TLS.         
 Encloses cheque for Winburg Defence Fund         
Ga100  From O.R.Tambo to all members of NEC, 26 July 1956. 1p. TL.         
 Postpones meeting of NEC to enable Cape Members to attend         
Ga101  From Dr. A.E.Letele to O.R.Tambo, 19 August 1956 1p. TLS.         
 Regrets he cannot send cheque as the account is overdrawn.         
Ga102  From S.Gawe to O.R.Tambo, 27 August 1956 2p. ALS.         
 Re the difficulty of holding board meetings in the Eastern Cape         
Ga103  From A.E.Letele to O.R.Tambo, 4 October 1956 1p. TLS.         
 On financial matters         
Ga104  From O.R.Tambo to all provinces. 1 November 1956 1p. TL.         
 Supports Egypt in their struggle against France, Britain and Israel.          
 Attached is a joint press statement from the Working Committee of various bodies including ANC         
Ga105  From M. Horrell to Natal Indian Congress, 28 January 1957 1p. TL.         
 Acknowledges resolutions of meeting of Joint Executives         
Ga106  From Transvaal Consultative Committee to Federation of South African Women, 28 August 1957 1p. TL.         
 signed by P. Mathole.         
 Announces a mass conference to discuss pass laws, Group Areas Act and low wages         
Ga107  From Kathleen R.Matthews to Q. Whyte, 4 June 1958 1p. TLS         
 Gives reasons for the failure of Black protest in the Western Cape Region         
Ga108  From T.T.Nkobi to Q. Whyte, 17 February 1959 1p. TLS.         
 Encloses resolutions from ANC conference         
Ga109  From J.J.Hadebe, Provincial Secretary, Transvaal, a circular letter, 16 November 1959 1p. TL.         
 Requests everyone to observe 10 December as Human Rights Day         
Ga110  From D.Nokwe, Secretary-General ANC to the Prime Minister, United Kingdom, 25 January 1960 3p. TL.         
 Regrets Harold Macmillan's visit to South Africa as showing approval of the Nationalist Government. Claims South Africa is a police state, condemns the Bantustans, the pass laws, poor wages and the inability of Blacks to work through trade unions. Invites him to meet the ANC leaders to hear their point of view         
Ga111  From H. Macmillan to D.Nokwe, 4 February 1950 1p. TL.         
 Regrets he cannot meet an ANC deputation         
Ga112  From J. Congress Mbata to Jordan K. Ngubane, 30 August 1960 1p. TL.         
 Asks his views on the merits of those African leaders who are not banned meeting. Copies of the letter were sent to H. Selby Msimang and H. Bhengu         
Ga113  From H. Selby Msimang to J. Congress Mbata, 3 September 1960 1p. TLS.         
 Agrees that, in view of the banning of the ANC, a consultative gathering of African leaders should be held         
Ga114  From H.J.Bhengu to J. Congress Mbata, 11 October 1960 2p. ALS.         
 Agrees that a meeting be held to form another national movement         
Ga115  From J. Congress Mbata to N.B.Tantsi, 8 December 1960 1p. TL.         
 Gives names of people to ask to coming conference of African leaders          
Ga116  From W.B.Ngakane, a circular letter, 21 December 1960 3p. TL.         
 Encloses resolutions adopted at the Consultative Conference of African leaders          
GA117  From W.B. Ngakane to All African Political, Cultural, Social and Religious Bodies, 12 January 1961 1p. TL.         
 Announces an All-in Conference of the African peopleto consider the calling of a national convention and to bring about unity         
Ga118  From South African Indian Congress to Dag Hammarskjold, Secretary-General, United Nations, January 1961 2p. TL.         
 Requests him to meet representatives of all bodies including Chief Luthuli         
Ga119  From W.B.Ngakane, a circular letter, 7 February 1961 1p. TLS.         
 Announces that the All-in Conference will be held 25-26 March 1961         
Ga120  From W.B.Ngakane, a circular letter, 22 February 1961 1p. TLS.         
 Requests the Continuation Committee to attend an emergency meeting to consider postponing the All-in Conference         
Ga122  Proposed letters to the Federation of South African Women and to the ANC Women's League. Undated, 2p. Typed drafts         
 Congratulations to both bodies on their anti-pass campaign and on the way in which they have worked together         
Ga123  From Z.K.Matthews to O.R.Tambo. Undated. 2p. ALS.         
 Agrees that a meeting of the National Executive be called before conference but questions the usefulness of a meeting of Joint Executives. Relates that all his ANC documents, both at home and in his college room, were seized when he was raided by the police         
Ga124  From G.I.M Mzamane, Secretary ANC Cape, a circular letter. Undated. 1p. TL.         
 Asks all branch secretaries and officials for information         
Ga125  From S.M.Molema to Rex Molema. Undated. 1p. TLS         
 Invitation to a meeting to devise economic independence         
Ga126  From Q.Whyte to G. Houser. Undated. 2p. TL.         
 Gives information on non-cooperation campaign being organised by ANC         
Gb  Telegrams 13 items 1952-1959Between officials of the ANC concerning arrangements for meetings and conferences         
Gc  Correspondence between the ANC and the South African Institute of Race Relations 53 items 1933, 1942-1943         
 Correspondents: E.H.Brookes, D.M.Buchanan, W.R.Caley, J. Donaldson, G.H.R.Edmunds, L.E.Hertslet, R.F.A.Hoernle, J.H. Hofmeyr, J.D.Rheinallt Jones, J.D.Krige, N. MacVicar, Z.R.Mahabane, Z.K.Matthews, D.G.S.Mtimkulu, H.J.Simons, N.B.Spilhaus, K.H.Swensson, C.J.Uys, A.E.Walker, M.Webb, O.D.Wollheim, S.P.Woodfield, A.B.Xuma         
 Subject: this mainly concerns the reply to be given to A.B.Xuma on the Institute's attitude toward segregation and to issues such as the pass laws and the recognition of African trade unions         
Gd  Specimens of Headed Paper         
Gd1  African National Congress 2 items         
Gd2  Richard Granville Baloyi 1 itemTreasurer-General ANC         
Gd3  Anti-Pass Committee 1 item         
Gd4  Anti-Pass National Council 1 item         
Gd5  Drought Relief Fund 1 item         
 c/o Dr A.B.Xuma, Johannesburg         
Gd6  National Day of Protest Co-ordinating Committee 1 item         
 Issued by the ANC, South African Indian Congress and African People's Organisation and is in the form of a donation with spaces for name, address and amount         
Ha  Pamphlets and leaflets 26 items 1928-1969         
Ha1  The powers of the Supreme Chief under the Native Administration Act 1927: original machinery of the African Native Government and Native Social Life, 1928 8p.         
 Published by the ANC         
Ha2  Charlotte Manye (Mrs Maxeke): "what an educated African girl can do" . By Alfred Xuma, 1930 27p.      Alfred Xuma 00-00-1930 1930 
Ha3  Kaffir beer. By Dr A.B.Xuma, 1941 24p.         
Ha4  The art of making criminals. By Dr A.B.Xuma. 6p. Reprinted from 'Common Sense', March 1943         
Ha5  Let's do it together. By G.A.Mbeki, 1944. 12p.         
 The sixpenny library No. 12         
Ha6  Reasons why the Natives' Representative Council in the Union of South Africa adjourned. By Z.K.Matthews, 1946. 12p.         
Ha7  South West Africa: annexation or United Nations Trusteeship? By Dr. A.B.Xuma, 1946 32p.         
Ha8  Meet our national leaders Dr J.S.Moroka, Dr. G. Naicker, Cllr. A.W.G.Champion, Dr. S.M.Molema, Prof. Z.K.Matthews at the Market Square, Johannesburg, on 16 July 1950 1p.         
 Issued by the National Co-ordinating Committee         
Ha9  April 6: People's Protest Day, 1952 1p.         
 On the reverse it is given in 2 Bantu languages. Issued by the ANC (Transvaal) and Transvaal Indian Congress         
Ha10  African National Congress Handbook, 1959 17p.         
Ha11  Notice by Chief Luthuli calling people to stay at home on 28 March 1960. 1p.         
Ha12  Notice by Chief Luthuli asking people to burn their passes because the government has banned the ANC, c. 1960         
 On the reverse the notice is in the vernacular         
Ha13  The war against passes continues, 1960 1p.         
 Issued by the Emergency Committee of the ANC         
Ha14  Slavery extended to African women, 1960 1p.         
 Issued by the Emergency Committee of the ANC         
Ha15  10 years of the Stay-at-Home, 1960 19p.         
Ha16  Police agents at work: stay at home May 29, 30, 31, 1961. 1p.         
 Issued by the ANC         
Ha17  National Action Council: a review of the stay-at-home demonstration May 29th, 30th, 31st, 1961, by Nelson Mandela. 15p.         
Ha18  After the Transkei killings: Listen, White Man. 1962 1p.         
 Issued by the ANC         
Ha19  June 26, 1968: title page of booklet 1p.         
Ha20  We are at war, 1968 4p.         
 In English and the vernacular         
Ha21  These men are our brothers, our sons. They fight for the freedom of the people, 1969 4p.         
Ha22  The African Nation Congress says to Vorster and his gang, 1969 4p.         
Ha23  Boycott! Boycott! Undated, 1p.Issued by the Johannesburg branch of ANC         
Ha24  What can I do? A guide to action against apartheid. Undated 43p.         
 Published by the ANC         
Ha25  African' claims in South Africa. Congress series No. 2. Undated. 13p.         
 Issued and published by the ANC         
Ha26  A message to every voter from the African National Congress Undated 1p.         
 In English and Afrikaans. Signed by A.J.Luthuli         
Hb  Periodicals         
Hb1  Issued by the ANC Arranged alphabetically 20 items1950-1963         
Hb1.1  African Lodestar 1 item July 1950         
 Signed by W.M.Sisulu and Y.A.Cachalia         
Hb1.2  ANC Bulletin Vol 1. Nos. 1-2 1959         
Hb1.3  Afrika Nos. 1, 3, 4 1952         
 Issued by the ANC and Natal Indian Congress         
Hb1.4  Bulletin of the Campaign for the Defiance of Unjust Laws, Nos. 1-4 1952         
Hb1.5  Congress Voice: an occasional bulletin Vol 1. Nos 1, 3, 4, April-July 1960 and unnumbered issued November 1960 and February 1961         
Hb1.6  Flash Nos. 14, 16, 54, 55 1952         
Hb1.7  Freedom Fighter No 4. c 1963         
Hb2  Other Arranged alphabetically 27 items 1948-1964         
Hb2.1  Bureau of African Nationalism Political Commentaries No.1. 1949         
 Issued by Africus for the Bureau of African Nationalism, East London          
Hb2.2  The Citizen Vol. 3. No. 4., 4 March 1958         
Hb2.3  Focus January/February 1964         
Hb2.4  Liberation: a journal of democratic discussion, Nos. 5, 13, 14, 20, 22-25, 30-36, 39. 1953-59         
Hb2.5  Mafube (The Dawn of Freedom) No. 1. May 1961         
 Issued by African Nationalists         
Hb2.6  New Youth: independent youth journal Vol 2., Nos 3, 4 1956         
Hb2.7  Newsletter Spotlight on Africa Vol. 11, Nos 12, 13, 15, 1952         
 Issued by the Council on African Affairs, New York         
Hb2.8  Results! Contact sheet No. 18, Sep/Oct 1948         
Hb2.9  The Voice of Africa 2 items 1950         
I  NEWSPAPERS AND PRESS CUTTINGS 44 items 1929-1962         
I1  1929-1955 10 itemsFrom the Bantu World, Rand Daily Mail, The Star and Umteteli wa Bantu         
 1929 ANC Bill of Rights         
 1931 ANC's decision to support the unity movement started by the non-European conference         
 1949 W.M.Eiselen, Secretary for Native Affairs, believes apartheid will mean complete separation         
 1952 ANC warned not to incite people to defy law and order         
 1952 Campaign of mass action by the ANC         
 1953 Article by S.M.Molema "Separate and inferior"         
 1955 Effect of the Pass Laws         
I2  1956 20 items From Rand Daily Mail, Star and New Age         
 ANC leaders attacked through the Pass Laws         
 Removal of the Bakgatla from Elandsfontein farm         
 Protests against deportations including Annie Silinga to the Transkei and banishment of Violet Hashe from Roodepoort         
 Resentment at the inhuman way in which deportations are carried out         
 Banishment of Chief Mopeli Paulus and others implicated in the Witzieshoek rebellion of 1951         
 Detention of Alcott Gwent         
I3  1957-1962 14 items         
 From New Age, Rand Daily Mail, Star, Die Transvaler and Views and News         
 1957 Death of Pedi Chief Ndlovu Msutu in exile         
 1957 Deportation of Transvaal Chiefs who do not accept government policy         
 1957 Deportation of Chief Moiloa leaves Bahurutshe tribe leaderless and a prey to agitators         
 1957 Opposition to passes for women         
 1957 Treason Trial         
 1961 Lashing of young Blacks arrested under the pass laws         
 1962 Mass arrests at Paarl create new tension         
J  FINANCE         
J1  Accounts and receipts 77 items 1941-1956         
 These were for stationery, newspaper advertisements, printing, rental of hall, rent of office accommodation, telephone calls, travel expenses of officials and delegates and legal expenses due to Mandela and Tambo, attorneys         
J2  Statement of receipts and payments 5 items 1946, 1950, 1961         
J3  Barclay's Bank (D.C.& O.) 3 items 1948-1950         
J3.1  Debit for unpaid cheque, 24 November 1948         
J3.2  Statement, December 1948         
 Includes paid cheques to O.R.Tambo and RV.Selope Thema         
J3.3  Letter reminding the ANC that the account is overdrawn, 23 August 1950         
J4  Petty Cash vouchers 45 items 1950         
J5  Membership cards 7 items         
 6 blank and 1 receipt for 1948         
J6  Book of stamps: Million shillings for freedom 1952         
K  LEGAL 7 items 1952-1960         
K1  Samuel Pico Sesidi and 10 others vs The State         
 In the High Court of South Africa (Griqualand West Division) charges against Sesidi and others of being members of the ANC in Kimberley in 1952 and of furthering the aims of the organisation         
K2  Harold Wolpe and Petrus Arnoldus Bernhardus Beyleveld vs Officer Commanding South African Police for the          
 District of Johannesburg, 1954Court record (135p. Ts.) including affidavits of P.A.B.Beyleveld, C.H.Feinstein, T. Huddleston, A.M.Kathrada, P.D.Nokwe, J. Slovo, A.T.Spengler         
K3  Regina vs Adams and others (Treason Trial)         
K3.1  Admission of defence 1p. Ts.         
K3.2  Treason Trial Defence Fund summaries Nos. 14-15, 17-28 August 1959. 7,8p. Ts.         
K3.3  Evidence by A.H.Murray, 15 October 1959 70p. Ts         
K4  Harold Jack Simons vs The Minister of Justice         
 Court Record, 1960, including notice of motion, affidavit by H.J.Simons and certificate of release         
La  ANC Youth League 83 items 1944-1961         
La1  Constitution and History 7 items 1944-1961         
La1.1  Congress Youth League Manifesto, March 1944 6p. Ts.         
La1.2  Constitution Undated. 4p. Ts.         
La1.3  Constitution. Undated but c. 1948 3p. Ts.         
La1.4  Memorandum on membership and subscriptions. Undated and incomplete 1p. Ts.         
La1.5  History: explanation of the forming of the ANC Youth League by J. C.Mbata 3 items 1961         
La2  Minutes of meetings 13 items 1944-1948         
La2.1  Minutes, 19 February 1944 2p. Ms.         
 Includes list of those present such as A Lembede, N.R.Mandela, J.K.Ngubane, W.M.Sisulu, O.R.Tambo and minutes of the committee asked to draft a memorandum         
La2.2  List of those present, 24 February 1944 1p. Ms.         
 Includes the names of N.R.Mandela, A.P.Mda, J.K.Ngubane, W.M.Sisulu, O.R.Tambo         
La2.3  Minutes and list of those present, 2 March 1944 4p. Ms.         
 Includes the names of D.W.Popape, A.M.Lembede, L.L.M.Majombezi, E.Maki (Miss), J.E.Malepe, N.Z.Mzimba, J.K.Ngubane, R.S.Nkile, W.F.Nkomo, R.S.Petje (Miss), A.B. Sililo, W.M.Sisulu         
La2.4  Papers for Special General Meeting, 5 December 1948 8 items         
 Notices, agenda, list of those present, resolutions and report of the meeting at Newclare, signed by O.R.Tambo         
La2.5  Bloemfontein Youth Conference, 15 December 1948 2 items         
 Notice and agenda         
La3  Memoranda, statements and speeches 18 items 1944-1949         
La3.1  Interview with President-General Dr. A.B.Xuma, 21 February 1944. 2p. Ms. (Ts.transcript 2p.)         
La3.2  African National Congress Youth League Bulletin No.1, 1947 3p. Ts         
 Issued by A.P.Mda, Acting President ANC Youth League, Johannesburg         
La3.3  1949 programme of the Congress Youth League, 3p. Ts.         
 Issued for the Working Committee by A.P.Mda         
La3.4  Address by Congress Youth President, New Brighton Hall, Port Elizabeth, 26 June 1949 5p. Ts.         
La3.5  Statement on the Congress Youth League programme issued on behalf of A.P.Mda, September 1949         
La3.6  List of members admitted at Atteridgeville on 18 September 1949 1p. Ms.         
La3.7  African Nationalism and the language question: text of a lecture by V.H.Kgadiete, Port Elizabeth, 16 October 1949 2p. Ts.         
La3.8  Address on African Nationalism by H.T.Hleli, Kroonstad, 21 October 1949 4p. Ms. (Incomplete +2p. Ts. Transcript)         
La3.9  Completers' Social: Mr.N.C.Mokhehle's speech, 21 October 1949 4p. Ts (+ 6p. Ts. Transcript)         
La3.10  Completers' Social: Mr Mangaliso R. Sobukwe's speech, 21 October 1949 2p. Ts. (+ 4p. typed transcript)         
La3.11  Address on the nurses' strike, c. October 1949 4p. Ms. ( + 3p typed transcript)         
La3.12  Devotions for the Youth League Session, Bloemfontein, led by the Rev. I.C.Duma, 15 December 1949. 2p. Ms. (+ 1p. typed transcript)         
La3.13  A message to African Youth by O.R.Tambo, National Secretary and Acting National President of the Congress Youth League, 1949 2p. Ts.         
La3.14  Sesedi's manifesto by I. Magengenene, Herschel, c. 1949. 4p. Ms. (+ 3p. Ts. Transcript)         
La3.15  Remember Africa: Provincial elections, Undated 2p. Ms. (+ 1p. typed transcript)         
La3.16  Apartheid, an old machinery subtly employed. By Youth League, Transvaal. Undated. 5p. Ms. (+ 3p. typed transcript)         
La3.17  The significance of the African nationalist programme. Undated. 2p. Ts. Incomplete         
La3.18  Basic policy of the Congress Youth League. Undated. 6p. Ts.         
La4  Correspondence 45 items 1948-1957         
La4.1  From A.P.Mda, O. Tambo and other members of the executive to the President-General, 7 May 1948 1p. TL.         
 Gives names of ANC Youth League office-bearers and executive         
La4.2  From D.H.Darling, Headmaster, St. Peter's Secondary School, Rosettenville to O.R.Tambo, 27 May 1948 1p. TLS.         
 Recounts a conversation with N.R.Mandela when he stressed that schools should not be used as a platform by political organisations such as the ANC Youth League         
La4.3  From A.P.Mda to G.M.Pitje, 24 August 1948 5p. ALS. (+ 2p. typed transcript)         
 Agrees that Fort Hare should have a Youth League and discusses African nationalism and the relationship between the ANC and the Youth League         
La4.4  From A.P.Mda to G.M.Pitje, 10 September 1948 2p. ALS. (+ 1p typed transcript)         
 Congratulates him on forming a branch at Fort Hareof the Youth League and asks if he wants the branch to be "secret"         
La4.5  From A.P.Mda to G.M.Pitje, 15 September 1948 5p. ALS. (+ 2p. typed transcript)         
 Explains the functions of the Youth League which is to mobilise youth and build a core of militant African nationalism and explains how to set about organising it         
La4.6  From L.A.Moumakgotla, Secretary, St. Peter's Branch of ANC Youth League, to Dear Sirs, 4p. ALS         
 Asks that a proposal be put forward to a conference of ANC that a national educational institution be put up for young Africans who have been expelled from institutions run by whites         
La4.7  From A.P.Mda to J. Matthews, 13 October 1948. 3p. ALS (+ 2p. typed transcript)         
 Discusses the relationship between ANC and the Youth League and announces a National Youth League Conference to be held just prior to the ANC conference         
La4.8  From A.P.Mda to My Dear Brother, 27 October 1948 2p. ALS (+ 1p. typed transcript)         
 Regrets his inability to visit and gives details of the ANC Youth Conference and All-in-Conference of leaders from ANC and AAC         
La4.9  From A.P.Mda to G.M.Pitje, 10 November 1948 3p. ALS. (+ 1p. typed transcript)         
 Comments on the need for mass action and a militant programme including boycotts         
La4.10  From A.P.Mda to Provincial Leagues, League Branches and individual members, 16 November 1948 3p. ALS.(+ 1p. typed transcript)         
 Reminds them to send the numbers of delegates who will be attending conference and gives details of the programme to be followed         
La4.11  From Lockington Kabane to Chairman, ANCYL, 26 March 1949. 2p ALS.         
 Lists subjects for discussion         
La4.12  From National Secretary, Congress Youth League to secretaries of branches, 29 March 1949 1p. TL.         
 Requests names and addresses of members and executive committee         
La4.13  From National Secretary, Congress Youth League to secretaries of branches. 13 April 1949 1p. TL         
 Announces date and agenda for a special Transvaal Provincial Conference         
La4.14  From A.P.Mda to Dear Son of Africa (G.M.Pitje) 27 May 1949 4p. ALS. (+ 2p. typed transcript)         
 Comments on the Nurses' strike, says he is going on sick leave, gives financial advice about preparations for conference, discusses relationship between Youth Congress and Inkundla, asks his views on the correspondence with R.M.Sobukwe and asserts "Isn't Matthews disgusting! He has become a positive danger to the cause of African freedom. His views are similar to those of any European liberal!"         
La4.15  From C.S.Ntloko to Dear Parent, 1 July 1949 1p. TLS (+ 2p. typed transcript)         
 Explains the reasons and cause of the nurses' strike.         
La4.16  From A.P.Mda to V. Sifora, Secretary-General Congress Youth League (Transvaal) 20 July 1949 5p. ALS.         
 Explains his attack on the Congress leadership and that new leaders should commit themselves to a basic policy and programme. Advises him to carry out the National Working Committee's directives, asks for the Transvaal cash contribution to be sent promptly, for a list of members and how far they have gone in carrying out various programmes         
La4.17  From Tsepo to Sons of Africa, 4 August 1949 2p. ALS (+ 1p. typed transcript)         
 Congratulates them on articles in Inkundla on African nationalism         
La4.18  From Tsepo to Son of Africa, 4 August 1949 4p. ALS (+ 2p. typed transcript)         
 Gives an account of A.P.Mda's lecture in Port Elizabeth and how the Convention and its leader, Mgotsi, were routed         
La4.19  From President ANCY.L. (Transvaal Branch) to Mr. Mphahlele, 9 September 1949 4p. TL.         
 Comments on the Lady Selborne Youth who prefer the Communist Party to the Youth League and says African nationalism is not compatible with communism. Strongly advises the Youth League to remain closely associated with the ANC.         
La4.20  From Secretary-General, Congress Youth League, Transvaal to Ottawa Molamu, 9 September 1949 1p. TL.         
 Asks for the changed date of tea party organised by branch of Youth League         
La4.21  From Secretary-General, Transvaal to members of Central Executive, 10 September, 1949. 1p. TL.         
 Notice of meeting, including agenda         
La4.22  From Secretary-General, Congress Youth League to G.M.Pitje, 19 September 1949 1p. TL.         
 Encloses consent forms for him to be elected as representative of the Governing Council of the South African Native College and suggests Mr. Kotsokoane as the other nominee         
La4.23  From P.O.Molamu, Sophiatown to President, Youth League, Transvaal, 20 September 1949 1p. TLS.         
 Asks him to speak on "The Youth League National Penny Fund" at the tea party on the 25th         
La4.24  From President, Youth League, Transvaal, to members of Central Executive, 21 September 1949 1p. TL.         
 Encloses copy of invitation from the secretary of Western Area Branch to a tea party         
La4.25  From O.R.Tambo for Secretary-General to Dear Madam, 21 September 1949 1p. TLS         
 Explains the financial details of the Penny Fund         
La4.26  From O.R.Tambo to Dear Sir/Madam, 21 September 1949 1p. TL.         
 Explains that they have been appointed collectors for the Penny Fund         
La4.27  From O.R.Tambo to P.O.Molamu, 21 September 1949 1p. TL.         
 Agrees to speak at the tea party         
La4.28  From O.R.Tambo to the Secretary, Orlando Branch, 22 September 1949 1p. TL.         
 Asks for publicity for the tea party and the Penny Fund         
La4.29  From O.R.Tambo to Dear Sir/Madam, 24/26 September 1949 1p. TL.         
 Explains the purpose of a joint meeting of executive committees of Youth League branches on the reef         
La4.30  From O.R.Tambo to the Secretary, Congress Youth League, Pimville, 27 September 1949 1p. TL.         
 Asks as many as possible to attend the ANC Transvaal Annual Conference on 1 October         
La4.31  From O.R.Tambo to the Secretary, Congress Youth League, Alexandra, 28 September 1949 1p. TL.         
 Requests support for fund-raising functions         
La4.32  From O.R.Tambo to Hardy Gwele, 28 September 1949 1p. TL.         
 Encloses copy of the constitution         
La4.33  From O.R.Tambo to members of the Central Executive, 28 September 1949 1p. TLS         
 Encloses circular convening a meeting         
La4.34  From O.R.Tambo to Solomon More, 29 September 1949 1p. TL.         
 Encloses letter to Peter Mabe, Krugersdorp, suggesting meeting between his committee and the executive to give advice how to form a branch         
La4.35  Unsigned letter from Fort Hare to Dear Son of Africa, 1 October 1949 1p. TL. (+ 1p typed transcript)         
 Comment on the Nurses' Strike         
La4.36  From O.R.Tambo to J.J.Dhlamini, 21 October 1949 2p. TL.         
 Appoints him an official in Pretoria area and advises him on his duties         
La4.37  From J.K.Ngubane to G.M.Pitje, 26 October 1949 2p. TLS. (+ 2p. typed transcript)         
 Explains his actions in supporting the ANC to give them room to hang themselves and stresses his support for the Youth League and Inkundla)         
La4.38  From A.P.Mda to Dear Son of Africa (G.M.Pitje) 1 November 1949 2p ALS (+ 1p. typed transcript)         
 Warns him to be careful, to move underground if necessary and regrets his leaving Fort Hare         
La4.39  From J.K.Ngubane to G.M.Pitje, 5 November 1949 3p. TLS. (+ 3p. typed transcript)         
 Advises him to send all items for publication in Inkundla to him and regrets that, if he retires due to ill health, the policy of Inkundla will change         
La4.40  From G.M.Pitje to J.K.Ngubane, 9 November 1949 3p. TL. (+ 3p. typed transcript)         
 Agrees that the attack on Sesedi must be signed and that the Electoral Act must be checked to ensure it is legal to publish it. Comments on Africans in the senate of Fort Hare, Z.K.Matthews 'a black liberal' and J.A.Mokoena and G.I.M.Mzamane 'African nationalists' and on the riot at St. Matthews. Refers to R.M.Sobukwe as 'by far the most brilliant fellow we have at college at the moment, and it is doubtful if Fort Hare will get the like of him within the foreseeable future'         
La4.41  From A.P.Mda to Dear Son of Africa (G.M.Pitje), 10 November 1949 7p. ALS. (+ 3p.typed transcript)         
 Regrets Professor Matthews' attitude to the Congress Youth League, comments on the banning of the Youth League at Fort Hare which will force the movement to go underground, advises him where to apply for a teaching post and mentions his own poor health and intimidation by the police         
La4.42  From G.M.Pitje to Jordan Ngubane, 1949 1p. TL.         
 Complains about the irregularity of his receiving his copy of Inkundla which he regards as vital because it is the only African-owned paper. The College copy disappears, particularly when it has articles attacking the "Old Guard".          
 Suggests that a cultural conference of African artists be held         
La4.43  From A.P.Mda to G.M.Pitje, c. 1949 1p. ALS.         
 Confirms that he has forwarded the attack on Sesedi to 'Inkundla'         
La4.44  From A.P.Mda, undated and incomplete being p. 5 only 1p. ALS. (+1p. typed transcript)         
 Comments on the struggle between youth and the old leadership in the Congress movement         
La4.45  From the Secretary, ANC Youth League to Federation of South African Women and S.A.Congress of Democrats, 22 July 1957 1p. ALS.         
 Invites them to attend a fund-raising concert and dance         
Lb1  Messages 9 items 1956-1959         
Lb1.1  Messages of support from the Federation of South African Women 8 items 1956-1959         
Lb1.2  Message from the women accused of high treason to the Special Conference of the ANC Women's League, January 1957 1p. Ts.         
Lb2  Correspondence 8 items 1956-1957         
Lb2.1  Federation of South African Women 7 items 1956-1957         
 Invitations to FEDSAW to attend meetings and conferences and to send messages         
Lb2.2  Letter from Elizabeth Leeuw, Kimberley, 14 March 1956 1p. ALS.         
 Asks copies of "Women in Chains" and to be sent literature regularly         
Lb3  Press Clippings 14 September 1961 2 items         
 From New Age, taken at the Port Elizabeth Conference of the Federation of South African Women         
M  OTHER ORGANISATIONS Arranged alphabetically 116 items 1937-1962         
M1  All African Convention         
M1.1  Minutes, 13-15 December 1937 62p. Ptd.         
M1.2  Programme of action. Undated 4p. Ts.         
M2  All-African People's Conference         
 News Bulletins vol 1, Nos 2,4. Accra, Ghana, December 1958         
M3  All-in African ConferenceResolutions passed at conference held in Pietermaritzburg, March 1961         
M4  Cape Passive Resistance CouncilResist Indian Ghetto Act, 1946 10p. Ptd.         
M5  Christian Council of South Africa         
M5.1  Cape Town's underworld, by the Rt. Revd. S.W.Lavis. Undated.         
 Christian Council Study Series No. 6.         
M5.2  The churches and the future of native education, by R.H.W.Shepherd. Christian Council Study Series No. 7.         
M6  Coloured People's Congress         
M6.1  We shall win 1p. Ptd.In English and Afrikaans         
M6.2  No surrender 1p. Ptd.In English and Afrikaans         
M7  Communist Party of South Africa         
M7.1  The Transvaal Communist: official organ of the Johannesburg District Communist Party. Vol 1, No. 3, June 1939 11p. Ts.         
M7.2  Inkululeko: Freedom         
 New Year message from the editorial board, 1944. 2p. Ts.         
M7.3  Freedom Vol. 2. Nos 4, 6. October-November 1943 and March 1944         
M7.4  Resolution passed by the Johannesburg District Conference, March 1946 19p. Ts.         
M7.5  Circular letter from F. Carneson and B.P.Bunting, New Age, inviting friends to attend a Christmas Eve dance in aid of New Age funds. 14 December 1955 1p. TLS.         
M7.6  Who runs our newspapers: the story behind the non-white press. By B.Bunting, reprinted from articles in New Age, 1959-1960 9p. Ptd.         
M8  Congress of the People         
M8.1  Agenda and arrangements for the Transvaal Provincial Committee of the Congress of the People conference, 25 July 1954 2p. Ts         
M8.2  We call the people of South Africa, Black and White - let us speak together of freedom 3p. Ptd.         
M8.3  Verwoerd's triumph must not last long 1p. Ptd.         
M8.4  The Freedom Charter adopted at the Congress of the People at Kliptown, Johannesburg, on June 25 and 26, 1955 2p. Ptd.         
M8.5  In defence of South Africa 4p. Ptd.         
M8.6  Discussion on the Freedom Charter 1p. Ts.         
M9  Consultative Conference of African Leaders         
M9.1  Notice of meeting 16-17 December 1960 1p. Ts.         
 Signed by A.J.Luthuli, N.B.Tantsi, Z.K.Matthews, D.Nokwe, W.B. Ngakane         
M9.2  Agenda and form 2 items Ptd.         
M9.3  Resolutions adopted at conference, 16-17 December 1960 2p. Ts.         
M10  Defend Free Speech Convention         
 Bulletin, 26 March 1950 4p. Ts.         
M11  Federation of South African Women         
M11.1  Women of South Africa No 5. June 1962 9p. Ts.         
M11.2  Waar is jou pas, Kaffermeid? 2p. Ptd.         
 On the reverse, printed in the vernacular         
M12  Joint Executives         
M12.1  Joint Executives of the ANC, Congress of Democrats, South African Indian Congress and South African Coloured People's Organisation, 20 November 1955 4p. Ts.         
M12.2  Resolution passed at a Joint Executives' meeting, Durban, 6 January 1957 1p. Ts.         
M13  Mafeking African Farmers' Association         
 Suggested constitution Undated 2p. Ts.         
M14  Multi-Racial Conference of South Africa         
M14.1  The Multi-Racial Conference held at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, 3-5 December 1957. 27p. Ptd.         
M14.2  Letter to S.A.Institute of Race Relations, thanking the Institute for lending the board room, 20 March 1959 1p. TLS.         
 Signed by Mrs J. Hepple         
M14.3  Report of the first meeting of the Sub-Committee on Religion. Undated. 1p. Ts.         
M15  Natal Indian Congress         
M15.1  Resolutions passed by 1951 Annual Conference 13p. Ts.         
M15.2  Resolutions passed at Working Committee meeting, 30 December 1956 2p. Ts.         
M15.3  Press Clippings in The Views and News, 28 December, 1962         
 Article on 'Congress on Group Areas' p.6         
M16  National Anti-C.A.D.Conference         
 The background of segregation: address by B.M.Kies, 29 May 1943 16p. Ptd.         
M17  National Conference of African People         
 Notice of conference to be organised by Inter-Denominational African Ministers' Federation. 1p. Ts.         
 Signed by Z.R.Mahabane. President         
M18  National Consultative Committee         
M18.1  Minutes,3 items November 1956, 1 item, November 1961         
M18.2  Discussion notes for a proposed plan. Undated. 3p. Ts.         
M19  People's Assembly         
M19.1  Assembly News: official bulletin of the First Transvaal-Orange Free State People's Assembly for Votes for All. Vol. 1. No.2. April 1948 4p. Ts.         
M19.2  Manifesto: notice of a mass rally to be held at the Gandhi Hall, Johannesburg, 23 May 1948 4p. Ptd.         
M20  Port Elizabeth African Organisations         
 Appeal to all African voters: boycott the coming elections, 1948. 1p. Ptd.         
M21  The Socialist League of South Africa         
M21.1  Socialist League of South Africa: ten years of the stay-at-home, c. 1960 13p. Ptd.         
M21.2  Spark, Vol. 2. No. 3. May 1961 2p. Ts.         
M22  Sons of Zululand         
 Notice encouraging people to go to work, in English and Zulu. Undated. 2p. Ptd.         
M23  South African Anti-Fascist Movement Newsletter, Undated 1p. Ts         
M24  South African Congress of Democrats         
M24.1  Correspondence 4 items 1956-1959         
M24.2  Memoranda 4 items. 1958-1961         
M24.2.1  Memorandum to the All-African People's Conference, Accra, 5-12 December 1958 submitted by Congress. 5p. Ts.         
M24.2.2  The price of apartheid, 1961. 1p. Ts.         
M24.2.3  Speakers' notes: Why C.O.D? Undated 2p Ts.         
M24.2.4  Resolutions passed at conference. Undated, 2p. Ts.         
M24.3  Pamphlets and leaflets 10 items 1960-1961         
M24.3.1  Vote against a minority republic, 1960 1p.         
M24.3.2  The Saracen Republic 1960 2p.         
M24.3.3  Republic: demonstrate your opposition to a Verwoerd Republic 1p.         
M24.3.4  The South African government prepares for war, 1960 4p.         
M24.3.5  Changing Africa: statement adopted at 17th annual congress of the South African Congress of Democrats, April 1961 4p.         
M24.3.6  The threatened people: the case for a South African Democracy. Undated 32p.         
M24.3.7  Educating for ignorance: S.A.Congress of Democrats view of the Bantu Education Act. Undated. 12p.         
M24.3.8  The real choice before white South Africa: to fight and lose or negotiate and live in peace. Undated. 4p.         
M24.3.9  Think it over - circular letter signed by Piet Beyleveld. Undated 2p.         
M24.3.10 National crisis in Pondoland. Undated. 4p.         
M24.4  Counter Attack: Bulletin of the S.A.Congress of Democrats 18 items         
 No.2, 1956; Vol. 8, Nos. 1,2,7,8, 1960; Vol. 9, Nos. 1,2,8-12,1961; Feb-July 1962         
M25  South African Indian Congress (SAIC)         
M25.1  5 months of struggle: a brief account of the Passive Resistance struggle from 13 June-13 November 1946 12p. Ptd.         
M25.2  Notice of 19th session of South African Indian Congress, 1950         
M25.3  Onward to freedom: a call to the people of South Africa by Dr. Dadoo and Dr. Molema. Presidential address by Dr. Y.M.Dadoo and opening address by Dr. S.M.Molema to 20th conference of SAIC, January 1952. 21p.         
M25.4  Discussion with Mr. Cachalia. Undated. 2p. Ts.         
M26  South African League of Women Voters         
 Democracy tolerates opposition, communism persecutes opposition 1951, 2p. Ptd.         
M27  South African Peace Council         
M27.1  Statement by Professor Bleksley on the hydrogen bomb, 13 April 1954 1p. Ts.         
M27.2  The H-bomb. We want to live! 4p. Ptd.         
M27.3  South Africans for Peace, Nov/Dec 1961 and March 1962 2 items         
M28  South African Society for Peace and Friendship with the Soviet Union.         
 Circular letter, 10 March 1950, signed by D.C. Thompson         
M29  Transvaal African Students' Association         
 Review of the constitution, 1947 1p. Ts.         
M30  Transvaal Consultative Committee         
M30.1  Correspondence with the Federation of South African Women 4 items 1956-1957         
M30.2  Memorandum to all provincial executives, asking for donations to pay legal expenses of those arrested for incitement. Undated. 1p. Ts.         
M31  Transvaal Indian CongressLeaflet advertising a people's protest rally to protest against unjust laws. Undated. 1p. Ptd.         
M32  Transvaal Indian Youth Congress         
 Resolution calling for a cultural boycott of South Africa Undated. 1p. Ts.         
M33  Transvaal Peace Conference         
 Notice of meeting. Undated. 1p. Ptd.         
M34  Transvaal Peace Council         
 South Africans for Peace Nos. 5,8. Oct-Nov. 1951         
M35  Union of Democratic Control         
 British Parliamentary protest against Malan, 11 July 1952 2p. Ts.         
M36  World Council for Colonial Liberation         
 Circular letter, form and report of conference together with objects and constitutions, 1955-1956 3 items         
M37  World Council of Churches' Consultation, Cottesloe, 7-14 December 1060(?)         
 Record of discussion         
N  MISCELLANEOUS 21 items 1943-1952         
N1  Pamphlets 3 items 1943 and undated         
N1.1  Let's finish the job. Issued by the Awake South Africa Campaign, 1943 17p.         
N1.2  Whither South Africa? World revolution or reformation. Issued by The African Liberator. Undated. 11p.         
N1.3  Mr. J.H.Hofmeyr, M.P. shows the way. Where do Christians stand? 4p.         
N2  Memoranda 3 items 1947-1952         
N2.1  Funeral notice for Anthony Mziwakhe Lembede, 3 August 1947 1p.         
N2.2  Summary of lecture by Julius Lewin on "Africa today and tomorrow", 12 May 1949 3p. Ts.         
N2.3  A deceptive calm prevails over south of the Sahara, says the writer, who discusses the significance of anti-white secret societies in Africa, by Louis Kraft, extracted from Star, 21 July 1952 3p. Ts.         
N3  Notes and draft letters 14 items 1952 and c. 1950         
N3.1  Possible matters for discussion with Mr. Eiselen, 1952 2p. Ms.         
N3.2  Miscellaneous notes, possibly belonging to Dr. S.M.Molema 13 items         
 Includes list of documents taken possession of from Dr. S.M.Molema's house; appeal for help for dependants of prisoners; draft letters to the Secretary of Commonwealth Relations, London, re banning of Seretse Khama and to R.H.W.Shepherd, 21 June 1948, re the life of Chief Moroka; notes on the ANC, lists of outstanding medical accounts, 1950; notes on the Barolong         
N4  Stickers 1 item         
 Bears the words "Freedom in our lifetime, Inkululeko Ngesikathu Sethu, Tokoloho Ka Nako ea Rona" with ANC superimposed.