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Inventory for AD1897 
Collection Index:STATE VS ERNST, D, ARENSTEIN, RI and FINKELSTEIN, J, Trial records, 1966
Collection Name:STATE VS ERNST, D, ARENSTEIN, RI and FINKELSTEIN, J, Trial records, 1966
AD1897 State vs. David Ernst, Rowley Israel Arenstein and Joseph Finkelstein, Trial records   
 Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
 The digitisation of this collection has been made possible with generous funding from the Atlantic Philanthropies.   
 Please note: Some of the documents in this collection are illegible and the scanning process has not enhanced the quality of these documents.   
 The accused were charged in Contravention of Sections of Suppression of Communism Act (Act 44, 1950), in the Supreme Court (Witwatersrand Local Division), 1966   
A1 Indictment.   
A2 Request for further particulars to the Indictment on behalf of the First and Third Accused.   
A3 Summary of Reply to Indictment.   
A4 The States Reply to Request for Further Particulars.   
A5 Notice in Terms of Section 380 of the Criminal Procedures Act No.56 of 1955, as amended No.1 and No.3.   
A6 Copy Statement made by David Ernst to Police, 27 March 1966.   
A7 Trial Records   
A7.1 Further Examinations   
A7.1a Examination of Jeffrey David Rudin and Melville John Fletcher (Pages 1-338).   
A7.1b Examination of Louise Patricia Coetzee (Pages 341-355).   
A7.1c Examination of Cornelius John Brookes (Pages 355-360).   
A7.1d Examination of Christoffel John Brooks (Pages 500-694).   
A7.1e Examination of Christoffel John Brooks (Pages 695-866).   
A7.1f Examination of Christoffel John Brooks, James Dunne, Dennis Michael Bramski, Melville John Fletcher and Rowley Israel Arenstein (Pages 867-1155).   
A7.1g Examination of Rowley Israel Arenstein (Pages 1156-1422).   
A7.1h Examination of David Barkham (Pages 1-9).   
A7.1i Examination of Brian Michael Sidney Chaitow and Batholomew Moru Hlapane (Pages 1-46).   
A7.2 Notes.   
A8 Exhibits   
A8.1 Lists   
A8.1a Documents - Taken from the home of Arenstein on 6.7.1966.   
A8.1b Documents - Taken from offices of Arenstein on 6.7.1966.   
A8.1c Documents - Found at the home of D.Ernst.   
A8.1d List of property seized at 7 Raleigh Court, Raleigh Street, Yeoville, Johannesburg on 18 March 1966.   
A8.2 Documents and Reports   
A8.2a Memorandum on the Transkei Political Situation.   
A8.2b The Immediate Tasks of the National Liberation Movement.   
A8.2c The Peoples Day, June 26, 1966.   
A8.2d Memorandum on the Congress Movement, April 1960 (Discussion Note No.1).   
A8.2e A critical examination of Marxist Theory on Socialist Revolution and its application to South Africa, September 1965.   
A8.2f The theory of Proletarian Revolution.   
A8.2g United Front Day, June 26, 1966.   
A8.2h Remember the Proud Struggles of the People (Issued by the National Liberation Movement).   
A8.2i A statement on 90 Day Detention the system and its methods.   
A8.2j Directive to our fighting Comrades on 90 Day Detention.   
A8.2k Frelimo Memorandum - Interrogation and the Statue Method, By P.Lopez.   
A8.2l "Problems and Perspectives" Discussion Statement (i/c/w the state of the National Liberation Movement in SA).   
A8.2m A critical analysis of the role of the Urban Guerilla, July 1965.   
A8.2n Draft Discussion Statement, 24.8.1965, (i/c/w the present state and future aims of the National Liberation Movement).   
A8.2o Peking Review - Workers of all countries unite to oppose our common enemy.   
A8.2p "Prisoners of Apartheid", (A Christian Action pamphlet).   
A8.2q "The Revolutionary Way Out" - A statement by the central committee of the South African Communist Party.   
A8.3 Correspondence, Miscellaneous and Exhibits   
A8.3a Correspondence (22 October 1962 - 11 June 1966).   
A8.3b Exhibits.   
A8.3c Miscellaneous.   
A8.4 Transcripts of Conversations   
A8.4a Transcription of recording of conversation between Jackson, Nick and Jim on 09 February 1966.   
A8.4b Transcription of conversation between R.I.Arenstein and Q.082 on 24 March 1966 at Lincoln House, Masonic Road, Durban.   
A8.4c Transcription of conversation between R.I.Arenstein and Q.082 on 05 April 1966 at Lincoln House, Masonic Grove, Durban.   
A8.5 Security Police Reports on Individual Conversations.   
A8.5a Reports (21 December 1964 - 24 December 1964).   
A8.5b Reports (13 January 1965 - 30 December 1965).   
A8.5c Reports (03 January 1966 - 18 March 1966).   
B1 Memo from Council - Presumptions which may operate against the accused.   
B2 Re. Memorandum from Counsel. Comments on Presumptions which may operate against the accused.   
B3 Reply to Counsels Document entitled: Presumptions which may operate against the accused. (Handwritten)   
B4 Statement by Accused No. 1. (Incomplete).   
B5 Brief notes on letters, Charles to Dave Hubal(?).   
B6 Miscellaneous notes on reports (See Court Records (Exhibition: SP. Reports individual Conversations) above.   
B7 Miscellaneous statements by accused and defence as witness called by State.   
B8 Various handwritten notes by Council.   
B9 Letters connected with conduct of Defence.