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Collection Index:RIVONIA TRIAL, MANDELA, Nelson and others 1963-1964
Collection Name:State vs Nelson Mandela and 9 Others (Rivonia Trial)
Photos:RIVONIA TREASON TRIAL - Aerial photographs of house and outbuildings• click to view
 Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
 13 boxes   
 Please note:   
 The records in this collection have been received from the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) and were the Defence team's set.   
 This collection is not a complete record of the Rivonia Trial. Important sections of evidence by the accused are missing or incomplete.   
 The missing volumes are:   
 Volume 21 Walter Sisulu's Evidence (vol 2)   
 Volume 22 Walter Sisulu's Evidence (vol 3)   
 Volume 23 Walter Sisulu's Evidence (vol 4)   
 Volume 27 Denise Goldberg's Evidence   
 Volume 35 Exhibit: Plan of Liliesleaf and Rivonia   
 Incomplete volume:   
 Volume 29 Elias Motsoaledi's Statement   
A1 Charge Sheets   
A1.1 EM Motsoaledi: Charge sheet, copy, October 1963   
A1.2 AM Mlangeni: Charge sheet, copy, October 1963   
A1.3 RM Mhlaba: Charge sheet, copy, October 1963   
A1.4 GA Mvunyelwa: Charge sheet, copy, October 1963   
A1.5 WMU Sisulu: Charge sheet, copy, October 1963   
A1.6 NR Mandela: Charge sheet, copy, October 1963; including list of previous convictions, copy   
A2 Indictments   
A2.1 First Indictment, short version   
A2.2 First Indictment, full document   
A2.2.1 Index to Rivonia Treason Trial record   
A2.2.2 Indictment in the matter of: The State against "The National High Command"   
A2.2.3 Annexure B to Indictment: The Defence request for further particulars and the State's reply thereto Parts I and II   
A2.2.4 Notice of application to quash the Indictment in terms of Section 167 of Act 56 of 1955   
A2.2.5 Heads of argument   
A2.2.6 Application to quash, continued   
A2.2.7 Authorisation in terms of Section 21(3) of Act 76 of 1962, and direction in terms of Section 152 BIS (1) of Act 56 of 1955, as amended   
A2.2.8 Judgment to the objections to counts 1, 2 and 3 of the Indictment, 30 October 1963   
A2.3 Second Indictment   
A2.3.1 Second Indictment   
A2.3.2 Second Indictment: Annexure A: Particulars to the account set out in the Indictment, 14 November 1963   
A2.3.3 Second Indictment: Annexure B: Particulars of commission of acts   
A2.3.4 Second Indictment: Annexure C: Request for further particulars on behalf of Accused nos. 1 - 7, 9 and 10, and the State's reply thereto   
A2.3.5 Second Indictment: Notice of application to quash the Indictment in terms of Section 167 of Act 56 of 1955   
A2.3.6 Heads of argument   
A3 Bail Applications - Bernstein and Kantor   
A3.1 Application for Bail: L Bernstein   
A3.2 Application for Bail: Kantor   
A3.3 Application for Bail: Judgment   
A4 Opening address   
A5 Index to State witnesses and exhibits   
A5.1 Index to State Witnesses, for State Exhibits   
A5.2 Alphabetical Exhibits (List)   
A5.3 Exhibits Numerical (List   
A5.4 Exhibits - K (Kantor)   
A5.5 Mountain View - Exhibits   
A5.6 Exhibits R Rivonia   
A5.7 Exhibits T (Trevallyn)   
A6 Notes of State witnesses evidence 1 - C 19   
A6.1 State Witnesses evidence   
A6.2 Bruno Mtolo's evidence   
A6.3 State Witnesses evidence   
A6.4 Essop Amod Suliman's evidence   
A6.5 Alfred Jaantjies evidence   
A7 Notes of State witnesses evidence D - F 71   
A7.1 D1 - D25: Evidence by: Suliman Essop, Harry Bambane, Piet Coetzee, Caswell Zikle Nboxele, Isaac Rani   
A7.2 E1 - E66 Evidence by: Harry Mbambani, Caswell Zikle Nboxele, Piet Coetzee, PJ du Preez, Abel Mthembu, Mrs Batcheldar, Herbert Hodes, Theodorus Palos, Desmond Todd, Frederick Milbourne, Leon Ruff, Franz Marabec, Mrs Anita Levanos   
A7.3 F1 - F70 Evidence by: Mrs Nana Weinburg, Mr DG Williams, Lennox Smollan, JC Lankenau, Bennet Nbuyo Nashigana, Reginald Mdubi, Det. Sgt Donald John Card, Emily Sebone, John Tshingana, Det. Sgt van Tonder, Lieut. Swanepoel   
A8 Notes of State witnesses evidence G - H 63   
A8.1 G1 - G105 Evidence includes that by police detectives, and other State witnesses   
A8.2 H1 - H63 Evidence includes that by Florence Ntonmela statements from witnesses, reading of exhibits   
A9 J - M 22 Notes of State witnesses evidence   
A9.1 J1 - J15 Notes of State witnesses evidence   
A9.2 K1 - K51Notes of State witnesses evidence   
A9.3 L1 - L36 Notes of State witnesses evidence   
A9.4 M1 - M22 Notes of State witnesses evidence   
A10 O - O50 Notes of State witnesses evidence   
A11 State Witnesses evidence (general)   
A11.1 Evidence: J Mashipane   
A11.2 Evidence: VP Jelliman   
A11.3 Evidence: EA Suliman   
A11.4 Evidence: PA Coetzee   
A11.5 Evidence: A Mthembu   
A11.6 Evidence: DJ Huggett   
A11.7 Evidence: E Sebone, E Hlongwane   
A12 State Witnesses evidence (East London)   
A12.1 Evidence: BN Mashiyana   
A12.2 Evidence: R Mdubi   
A12.3 Evidence: DJ Card   
A13 State Witnesses evidence (Port Elizabeth   
A13.1 Evidence: J Singani   
A13.2 Evidence: Zizi   
A13.3 Evidence: A Njikelane   
A13.4 Evidence: Norman Dondashe   
A13.5 Evidence: J Du Preez   
A14 State Witnesses evidence (Port Elizabeth)   
A14.1 Evidence: Peter Nvombu   
A14.2 Evidence: J du Preez   
A14.3 Evidence: P Peyise   
A14.4 Evidence: J Singana   
A15 Record of State witness, Bruno Mtolo   
A16 Record of State Witness, Bruno Mtolo   
A17 Record of certain State Witnesses with regard to James Kantor   
A17.1 Evidence: IE Makda   
A17.2 Extract of Evidence: IE Makda   
A17.3 Extract of Evidence: C Gaitz   
A17.4 Extract of Evidence: S Boner   
A17.5 Extract of Evidence: C Egnal   
A17.6 Evidence: Various State Witnesses   
A17.7 Extract of Evidence: GW Cox   
A17.8 Extract of Evidence: GW Cox recalled   
A17.9 Extract of Evidence: RM First   
A17.10 Extract of Evidence: D Fenn   
A17.11 Extract of Evidence: KPF Jansen van Rensburg   
A18 Analysis of Evidence of Certain State Witnesses   
A18.1 Analysis of Evidence: Bennett Mashiyana   
A18.2 Analysis of Evidence: Reginald Mdube   
A18.3 Analysis of Evidence: Det. Sgt Card   
A18.4 Analysis of Evidence:Emmy Sebone   
A18.5 Analysis of Evidence:John Singani   
A18.6 Analysis of Evidence:Det. Sgt Grobler   
A18.7 Analysis of Evidence:Lieut. Swanepoel   
A18.8 Analysis of Evidence:Sgt van Niekerk   
A18.9 Analysis of Evidence:Eva Hlongwane   
A18.10 Analysis of Evidence:Zisi Njikelane   
A18.11 Analysis of Evidence:Norman Dondashe   
A18.12 Analysis of Evidence:Det. Sgt du Preez   
A18.13 Analysis of Evidence:W.O. Huggett   
A19 Defence Opening Address and Nelson Mandela's Statement   
A20 Walter Sisulu's Evidence, Volume 1   
A20.1 Walter Sisulu's Evidence, Volume 1 pp1-21   
A20.2 Walter Sisulu's Evidence, Volume 1 pp22-129   
 There is an additional certified copy pp1-155   
A20.3 Walter Sisulu's Evidence, Volume 1 pp156-171 certified copies   
A20.4 Extract of Walter Sisulu's evidence (Volume 1)   
A24 Ahmed Kathrada's Evidence   
A24.1 Extract of Ahmed Kathrada's Evidence (3 folders)   
A24.2 Ahmed Kathrada's Evidence on resuming (copy)   
A25 Raymond Mhlaba's Evidence   
A25.1 Raymond Mhlaba's Evidence (Accused No 7)   
A26 Lionel Bernsteins's Evidence   
A26.1 Lionel Bernsteins's Evidence (3 folders)   
A26.2 Extract of Lionel Bernsteins's Evidence (copy)   
A27 Missing volume, Denise Goldberg's Evidence   
A28 Govan Mbeki's Evidence (2 folders)   
A28.1 Govan Mbeki's Evidence (copy)   
A28.2 Extract of Govan Mbeki's Evidence (copy)   
A29 Elias Motsoaledi's Evidence (incomplete)   
A29.1 Elias Motsoaledi's Statement in Court - copy   
A30a. Argument by the State.   
A30a1 Part I: A factual analysis of the documentary exhibits handed in and of the oral testimony given by the State witnesses; Part II: The persons who were parties to the conspiracy and the implementation thereof   
A30a2 Part II: The persons who were parties to the conspiracy and the implementation thereof   
A30b. Analysis of Defence Evidence   
A30b1 Analysis of Defence Evidence: Author's note   
A30b2 What acts of sabotage were put to our witnesses   
A30b3 A.N.C.'s position in regard to M.K.   
A30b4 A.N.C.'s position vis--vis CP   
A30b5 Guerilla warfare - foreign intervention - revolutionary government   
A30b6 Attitude to loss of life   
A30b7 Arthur Goldreich, what he did according to Sisulu and Mbeki   
A30b8 Reasons for formation of MK   
A30b9 Analysis of Defence Evidence: Sisulu (Personal position)   
A30b10 Analysis of Defence Evidence: Kathrada   
A30b11 Bernstein, Accused No6 (Personal position)   
A30b12 Mbeki (Personal position)   
A30b13 Matters raised in cross examination (XX) for first time   
A31 Judgment: includes Justice De Wet's remarks inpassing sentence   
A31.1 Justice De Wet's remarks in passing sentence   
A31.2 Judgment   
A32 Evidence in mitigation of sentence   
A32.1 Extract of Evidence: A S Paton, copy only, see also A32.5   
A32.2 Address in mitigation   
A32.3 Judgment   
A32.4 Indictment, copy only, see A2.1   
A32.5 Extract of Evidence: A S Paton   
A32.6 Sentence, passing remarks   
A33-38 Exhibits   
A33 Photograph Album   
 Originally labelled in Afrikaans, includes listing relating to the locations surrounding Liliesleaf farm (empty, photographs are stored separately), see display of photographs in historicalpapers-atom.wits.ac.za   
A33.1-2 Aerial photographs of the large house and outbuildings at Rivonia.   
A33.3-6 Exterior and interior views of the house at Rivonia, with police inspectors on the scene.   
A33.7-19 Rooms in the outbuildings.   
A33.20-31 Views of the surroundings and outbuildings of the house at Rivonia.   
A33.32-34 Vehicles found at Rivonia.   
A33.35-40 Exterior and interior photos of small thatched house, Travallyn.   
A33.41-48 Photographs of property at 10 Terrace Rd., Mountain View.   
A34 Photograph Album   
 Originally labelled, includes the Police photographs of the accused, some in disguise, and those wanted or questioned by the police in connection with the Rivonia case (empty, photographs are stored separately), see display of photographs in historicalpapers-atom.wits.ac.za   
A34.1 Nelson Mandela.   
A34.2 Walter Sisulu.   
A34.3a-b Dennis Goldberg.   
A34.4 Govan Mbeki.   
A34.5 Ahmed Kathrada.   
A34.6 Lionel Bernstein.   
A34.7 Raymond Mhlaba Photograph missing   
A34.8a-b James Kantor.   
A34.9 Elias Motsoaledi.   
A34.10 Andrew Mlangeni.   
A34.11 Vivian Ezra.   
A34.12 Julius First.   
A34.13a-b Arthur Goldreich.   
A34.14a-b Michael Harmel.   
A34.15 Bob Hepple.   
A34.16a-c Percy John (Jack) Hodgson.   
A34.17 Ronald (Ronnie) Kasrils.   
A34.18 Moses Kotane.   
A34.19 Arthur Lelele.   
A34.20 Tennyson Makewane.   
A34.21 John Joseph Marks.   
A34.22 Johannes(Joe) Modise.   
A34.23 George Naicker.   
A34.24a-b Philemon Duma Nokwe.   
A34.25a-b Robert Resha.   
A34.26 Joe Slovo.   
A34.27a-b Oliver Tambo.   
A34.28 Cecil George Williams.   
A34.29 Harold Wolpe.   
A35 Missing item, Plan of Liliesleaf farm and Rivonia   
A36 Lists of exhibits   
A36.1 List of documents found by police in their raids (some not handed in as evidence)   
A36.2 Full list of exhibits   
A37 Document: ANC policy and racial harmony, prepared by defence attorneys for guidance of Counsel   
A38 ANC document: Operation Mayibuye. Exhibit number R71 (copy)   
B(a) Evaluation of evidence of State Witnesses   
B(a)1 Evaluation of evidence: Piet Coetzee   
B(a)2 Evaluation of evidence: Cyril Davids   
B(a)3 Evaluation of evidence: Norman Dondashe   
 Duplicate: See A18.11   
B(a)4 Evaluation of evidence: Detective Sergeant J. du Preez   
 Duplicate: See A18.12   
B(a)5 Evaluation of evidence: Warrant Officer Huggett   
 Duplicate: See A18.13   
B(a)6 Evaluation of evidence: Alfred Jaantjies   
B(a)7 Evaluation of evidence: Tolo Mashiloane   
B(a)8 Evaluation of evidence: Bennett Mashiyane   
B(a)9 Evaluation of evidence: Reginald Mdube   
 Copy, also see A18.2   
B(a)10 Evaluation of evidence: Bruno Mtolo   
B(a)10.1 Evaluation of evidence: Notes on Mtolo   
B(a)10.2 Memorandum on evidence by Mtolo, extracts cut out of pages   
B(a)10.3 Notes: Japhta Luthuli, Johannes Pungala, Simelane - Pitless Humfrere   
B(a)10.4 Evaluation of evidence: Willie Nair and Ebrahim Ishmail   
B(a)10.5 Link up between SACTU and ANC   
B(a)10.6 Bruno notes on disillusionment   
B(a)10.7 Bruno Mtolo background and personality   
B(a)10.8 McCord Hospital notes   
B(a)10.9 Bruno's Johannesburg trips   
B(a)10.10 Notes extract: sabotage, membership   
B(a)10.11 Notes by R Bernstein   
B(a)10.12 Kathrada's notes   
B(a)10.13 Goldberg's notes   
B(a)10.14 Memorandum re specific acts of sabotage - Durban (handwritten)   
B(a)10.15 Notes by Joffe   
B(a)10.16 Examination in chief and Cross examination   
B(a)11 Evaluation of evidence: Caswell Nboxele   
B(a)12 Evaluation of evidence: Sikumbuza Njikelane   
B(a)13 Evaluation of evidence: Zisi Njikelane   
 Copy, also see A18.10   
B(a)14 Evaluation of evidence: Peter Novombu   
B(a)15 Evaluation of evidence: Peter Peyise   
B(a)16 Evaluation of evidence: Isaac Rani   
B(a)17 Evaluation of evidence: John Singani   
 Duplicate see A18.5   
B(a)18 Evaluation of evidence: Lieutenant Swanepoel   
 Duplicate see A18.7   
B(a)19 Evaluation of evidence: Essop Suliman   
B(a)19.1 Analysis of evidence Essop Suliman   
B(a)19.2 Document: As to Essop Suliman   
B(b) Notebooks re State witnesses   
B(b)1 State witnesses: Green school exercise book with handwritten notes   
B(b)2 State witnesses: Letter addressed to Messrs. Frank Bernadt and Joffe with attached Council's notes   
B(b)3 State witnesses: Yellow school exercise book with handwritten notes   
B(b)4 Attorney's handwritten notes referring to Suliman   
B(b)5 State witnesses: Blue school exercise book with handwritten notes See B(b)6   
B(b)6 State witnesses: Loose handwritten notes found inside B(b)5   
B(b)7 State witnesses: Yellow school exercise book with handwritten notes See B9b)8   
B(b)8 State witnesses: Loose handwritten list found inside B(b)7   
B(b)9 State witnesses: Yellow school exercise book with handwritten notes   
B(b)10 State witnesses: Grey school exercise book with handwritten notes   
B(b)11 State witnesses: Copy of analysis of Peter Nobomvu evidence found inside B(b)10   
B(b)12 Analysis of question of conspiracy, typed with annotations and handwritten notes   
B(b)13 Analysis of question of conspiracy, Handwritten draft of B(b)12   
B(c) Defence miscellaneous items   
B(c)1 Notes made by Govan Mbeki regarding his interrogation while in detention   
B(c)2 Walter Sisulu's statement on which his evidence was led   
B(c)3 Nelson Mandela's statement from the dock, not included here, see collection A2519   
B(c)4 List of names of the accused, brief biographies,charges and defence council information   
B(c)5 Biographical information on Nelson Mandela   
B(c)6 Extract from a letter from Leo Bernstein regarding defence counsel   
B(c)7 Photocopy of handwritten notes   
B(c)8 Letter from ANC with statement concerning appeal against sentence   
B(c)9 Statement about ANC strugggle a published shortened version of NR Mandela's statement from the dock   
B(c)10 Draft: Why I am Ready to Die (annotated copy)   
B(d) Defence Correspondence   
B(d)8.1 Statement by Vernon Berrange in answer to a questionnaire presented to him by the Minister of Justice and after he had made a further application to have his name removed from the Liquidator's list of named communists. (copy)   
B(d)8.2 Correspondence and statements relating to Defence costs.   
B(d)8.2.1 Letter: from Vernon Berrange to Freda Nuell   
B(d)8.2.2 Letter from Freda Nuell to Vernon Berrange   
B(d)8.2.3 Costs - Rivonia and other trials   
B(d)8.2.4 Letter from Freda Nuell to B Bunting   
B(d)8.2.5 Letter from BP Bunting to Freda Nuell   
B(d)8.2.6 Letter from Freda Nuell to B Bunting   
B(d)8.2.7 Defense Costs   
B(d)8.2.8 Letter from Freda Nuell to B Bunting   
B(d)8.2.9 Letter from Joel Joffe to Freda Nuell, with Statement of Account   
B(d)8.2.10 Letter from Freda Nuell to J Joffe   
B(d)8.3 Correspondence between IDAF and Bram Fischer (4 items)   
B(d)8.3.1 Letter to Bram Fischer (unsigned copy)   
B(d)8.3.2 Note about to Advocate Fischer   
B(d)8.3.3 Letter from Bram Fischer to "John"   
B(d)8.3.4 Letter from Bram Fischer to "John"   
 International Defence and Aid Fund (IDAF) correspondence, statements and pamphlets regarding the Rivonia Trial   
C1 My Fight is for All; reprint from Rand Daily Mail   
C2 Draft article about the role of people outside South Africa in the struggle against apartheid   
C3 Draft article headed: Strictly Confidential   
C4 Note about legal defence fund   
C5 Sentence on Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu and 6 others; draft, annotated   
C6 Rivonia Trial Sentences; Statement   
C7 Life Imprisonment for 8 Brave Men; Satement   
C8 MANDELA, A Message from Prison; marked as printed in The Times   
C9 RIVONIA TRIAL, Mandela and Colleagues in Good Heart, appeal   
C10 Letter to The Minister of Justice   
C11 Campaign letter to the Prime Minister, Dr HF Verwoerd   
C12 Draft article about the trial   
C13 Campaign graphic: SAVE THESE LIVES   
C14 Their Fate is in Our Hands; Campaign article   
C15 Emergency Campaign to Save South Africa's Resistance Leaders; article   
C16 SAVE THESE MEN, Campaign article   
C17 In July 1963 S.A. Police surrounded etc ; Draft article; annotated   
C18 The Message of Rivonia; Campaign article   
C19 In your editorial dealing with the vote etc; Draft letter   
C20 The Rivonia Treason Trial; Draft letter to the Editor, The Guardian   
C21 Cable; Sending Dingle Foot MP to trial as observer   
C22 The trial of Nelson Mandela etc: Copy of handwritten draft   
C23 Letter to Mr Leshnick, acknowledgement of gift   
C24 Letter to Canon Collins, request to forward a letter to Nelson Mandela; hanwritten   
C25 Letter to Mr Leshnick re request   
C26 Cable: Message about contact with Kellock   
C27 Letter to Cannon Collins   
C28 Statement issued by Mr Tom Kellock at a press conference (2 copies)   
C29 Report on first and seconf indictment   
C30 Letter to Vernon Berrange about defence in trial   
C31 Notes in point form about the trial, annotated   
C32 Notes to be used for letters and adverts re the Rivonia Trial   
C33 Draft article about trial; annotated   
C34 Nelson Mandela's statement from the dock (signed, copy)   
C35 Letter to The Observer re: Nelson Mandela (copy)   
C36 Letter to Canon LJ Collins (signed, copy)   
C37 Letter to The Observer, London (signed, copy)   
C38 Letter to Mr Ephraim about letter forwarded by The Observer   
C39 Letter to J Lang, Defence and Aid Fund (signed, copy)   
C40 Letter to Miss Page, The Observer   
C41 Letter to Mr Werner Holzer, Frankfurter Rundschau (copy)   
C42 Letter to the Defence and Aid Fund   
C43 Letter to Miss Smith, JAGUAR, Cambridge   
C44 Report of visit of Mr H.J. Brown to Mr. Billy Nair now at Robben Island Prison, on Saturday morning the 9th May 1964   
C45 Telegram to Rev. Canon John Collins (copy)   
C46 Form letter for membership (copy)   
C47 List of names, contributions and receipt numbers (copy)   
C48 Letter with donation to Defence Aid Fund   
C49 Letter to the Defence and Aid Fund re Dartmoor donation   
C50 Letter to Cleveland Reid, Dartmoor re donation   
C51 Letter to John, Phyllis and Hugh   
C52 Letter to Dear Sir (?Defence and Aid Fund)   
C53 Letter to Hannon Rose, Oxford   
C54 Letter to John Lang, Defence and Aid Fund (copy, signed)   
C55 Letter to Joan Page, The Observer   
C56 Letter to Defence and Aid Fund   
C57 Letter to RFM Gill, University of Hull   
C58 Letter to Cliff Michelmore   
C59 Pamphlet calling for action: We ask you to do all you can to save these men   
C60 Letter to Christian Action with subscription   
C61 Letter to Hugh Lee, JAGUAR   
C62 Letter to Mr Turner   
C63 Letter from Ningadinwa Nangomso. Appeal for funds for defence   
C64 The Rivonia Trial: report   
C65 Letter re Mandela Petition, appeal letter and petition form   
C66 Press statement about sentence   
C67 Letter to Canon Collins: overseas donations (copy, signed)   
C68 Letter to Mr Hadebi about appeal by H Kamanga , Blantyre, Malawi, and return letter dated 9 September 1964   
C69 Letter to Defence and Aid Fund about appeal and return letter dated 24 June 1964   
C70 Letter to Mrs ET Sherwood, London   
C71 Trial related reporting   
 Copies of four press clippings reporting trial proceedings; copy of telegram to Canon Collins at St. Pauls Cathedral London, saying "To hell with Mandella (sic) pray for Hacey and Platt" from Vaudrey, with attached excerpt from Hansard, of a statement about Major Macey and Driver Platt, who disappeared some weeks ago while serving with the United Nations Force in Cyprus, dated 16 July 1964 (all not digitised)   
C72 Miscellanous copies (not digitised)