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Collection Index:1956 TREASON TRIAL
Collection Name:1956 TREASON TRIAL
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 TREASON TRIAL, 1956 1961 
 Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 Copyright 2012, Historical Papers, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
 Note: This collection is not a complete set of the trial records. It does not include the complete court records but does include a full set of the preparatory examination and documentary exhibits. For a detailed analysis of the trial see the collection of KARIS, T. The Treason Trial in South Africa: A guide to the microfilm record of the trial, Hoover Institute, Standford University, 1965. 
 Digitisation of records: 
 The 1956 Rivonia Treason Trial records were digitised and published in May 2012. Sections E (Evidence) and F (Sydney Kentridge Papers) were not digitised. 
 The digitisation of the 1956 Treason Trial collection was made possible by a generous grant from The Atlantic Philanthropies. (July 2009) 
 The digitisation of the 1956 Treason Trial Evidence (E) and The Treason Trial Defence Fund (I) papers was made possible by a generous grant from Carnegie Corporation. 
 (Deborah Wilson, Digital Archivist, September 2012) 
 INDICTMENT (FIRST) Aug. - Oct.1958 
 INDICTMENT (SECOND) Jan. - Jun.1959 
 DR.MURRAY'S EVIDENCE 15 Oct. - 24 Nov.1959 
 JUDGEMENT 29 Mar.1961 
 N.B. See also F & G 
COURT RECORDS CONTINUED 3 Aug.1959 - 14 Mar.1961 
 DEFENCE 3 Jun.1960 - 8 Oct.1960 
 Box 1 
A(1)a Preparatory examination in the matter of Regina vs 153 individuals on a charge of high treason; Outlinr of Crown case (72pp.) 2 files with loose papers   
 Box 2 
A(1)b1 Preparatory examination (transcript) (41 v.) 
A(1)b1.Vol1 Volume 1    
A(1)b1.Vol2 Volume 2    
A(1)b1.Vol3 Volume 3    
 Box 3 
A(1)b1.Vol4 Volume 4 3 volumes   
A(1)b1.Vol5 Volume 5    
A(1)b1.Vol6 Volume 6    
 Box 4 
A(1)b1.Vol7 Volume 7 3 volumes   
A(1)b1.Vol8 Volume 8    
A(1)b1.Vol9 Volume 9    
 Box 5 
A(1)b1.Vol10 Volume 10 3 volumes   
A(1)b1.Vol11 Volume 11    
A(1)b1.Vol12 Volume 12    
 Box 6 
A(1)b1.Vol13 Volume 13 2 volumes   
A(1)b1.Vol14 Volume 14    
 Box 7 
A(1)b1.Vol15 Volume 15 4 volumes   
A(1)b1.Vol16 Volume 16    
A(1)b1.Vol17 Volume 17    
A(1)b1.Vol18 Volume 18    
 Box 8 
A(1)b1.Vol19 Volume 19 3 volumes   
A(1)b1.Vol20 Volume 20    
A(1)b1.Vol21 Volume 21    
 Box 9 
A(1)b1.Vol22 Volume 22 3 volumes   
A(1)b1.Vol23 Volume 23    
A(1)b1.Vol24 Volume 24    
 Box 10 
A(1)b1.Vol25 Volume 25 3 volumes   
A(1)b1.Vol26 Volume 26    
A(1)b1.Vol27 Volume 27    
 Box 11 
A(1)b1.Vol28 Volume 28 3 volumes   
A(1)b1.Vol29 Volume 29    
A(1)b1.Vol30 Volume 30    
 Box 12 
A(1)b1.Vol31 Volume 31 3 volumes   
A(1)b1.Vol32 Volume 32    
A(1)b1.Vol33 Volume 33    
 Box 13 
A(1)b1.Vol34 Volume 34 3 volumes   
A(1)b1.Vol35 Volume 35    
A(1)b1.Vol36 Volume 36    
 Box 14 
A(1)b1.Vol37 Volume 37 3 volumes   
A(1)b1.Vol38 Volume 38    
A(1)b1.Vol39 Volume 39    
 Box 15 
A(1)b1.Vol40 Volume 40 2 volumes   
A(1)b1.Vol41 Volume 41    
 Box 16 
A2 Indictment. Regina vs Adams and others on a charge of high treason etc. (3v.) 
A2.Vol42 Volume 42    
A2.Vol43 Volume 43    
A2.Vol44 Volume 44    
A3 Schedule 3 of new indictment issued 22 Nov.1958 and preface of Schedule 4 
 Box 17 
A3.1 Schedule 3 of new indictment issued 22 Nov.1958    
A3.2 Schedule 4 preface    
A4 Reasons for judgement, March 1959, Regarding rejection of defence motion    
 "Notice of exemption of application to quash the indictment on 28 Jan.1959" by Judge J. Rumpff 
A5 Reasons for judgement, March 1959, regarding rejection of defence motion    
 "Notice of exemption to quash the indictment on 28 Jan.1959" by Judge J. Bekker 
A6 Further particulars by the Crown in response to the order of the court, 2 March 1959, after the court dismisses indictment on 61 accused (20 Apr.1959)    
A7 Opening address on prosecution, 10 Aug.1959 (27pp.)    
A8 Admissions of fact made by the defence, 11 Aug.1959    
A9 Further admissions of fact made by the defence, 20 Aug.1959    
A10 Evidence of, examination of Dr Andrew Murray 
A10.1 Evidence of Dr Andrew Murray, Professor of Philosophy, U.C.T., and prosecution's 'expert' witness on Communism, 15 Oct. - 4 Nov.1959 2 folders, pp1-60, 61-130   
A10.2 Annexures A and B of Evidence of Dr Andrew Murray, Professor of Philosophy, U.C.T., and prosecution's 'expert' witness on Communism,    
A10.a Examination of Dr Andrew Murray, Professor of Philosophy, U.C.T., and prosecution's 'expert' witness on Communism,    
A11 Reply by Defence, begins 6 March 1961    
A12 Judgement as read out to court by the presiding judge, Mr Justice F.L.H. Rumpff on Wednesday, 29 Mar.1961 (12pp.)    
A13 Reasons for judgement, Rumpff, J. (Justice)    
 Box 18 
A14 Reasons for judgement, Bekker, J. (Justice)    
A15 Schedules No's one to nineteen regarding reasons for judgement 
A15.1 Reasons for Judgment with Schedule A , J Kennedy    
A15.2 Reasons for Judgment with Schedule B, Sejake    
A15.3 Reasons for Judgment with Schedule C, D Resha 29 April 1956    
A15.4 Reasons for Judgment with Schedule D, speech by Resha, 5 February 1955    
 Box 19 
A16 Schedules No's one to nineteen regarding reasons for judgement    
A17 Crown gives notice that Prof. Bochenski will testify as expert of Communism (2pp.) Attached is a statement by Bochenski (110pp.)    
A18 Notes on Bochenski's memorandum    
A19 Chronological schedule of meetings, 1953-1956    
A20 Notices of amendments (bound volume)    
 Box 20 
B1 "To all treason trial accused" 13 May 1958 (General Information)    
B2 "To all accused (concerning indictment particulars)" 21 Jul.1958    
B3 "Analysis of opening address by Crown Prosecutor" by Council for the Accused 2    
 Box 21 
B4 Detailed analysis of Crown witnesses and reliability of evidence given by them (115 files) 
B4.1 No file 
B4.2 April, J., Nat.Det.Const.    
B4.3 Assegaai, E.S., Det.    
B4.4 Baard, Det.Sgt.    
B4.5 Baartman, Hed.Const.    
B4.6 Bester, H.P., Det.Const.    
B4.7 Bester, J.M., Det.Sgt.    
B4.8 Botha, L.J., Det.Sgt.    
B4.9 No file 
B4.10 No file 
B4.11 Camane, Joe (reporter)    
B4.12 No file 
B4.13 Coetzee, J.L., Det.Sgt.    
B4.14 Coetzee, P.J., Det.Sgt.    
B4.15 Cokie, E., Native Det.Const.    
B4.16 De Villiers, D.J., Det.Sgt.    
B4.17 Diedericks, M.B., Det.Sgt.    
B4.18 No file 
B4.19 No file 
B4.20 Dunga, Solomon (reporter)    
B4.21 Ellis, S.J., Det.Const.    
B4.22 Fani, N.Det.Const.    
B4.23 Fourie, D.C., Det.HD.Const.    
B4.24 Freemantle, A.F.    
B4.25 Gazo, Nat.Det.Sgt.    
B4.26 Gxumiso, Native.Det.Const.    
B4.27 Hattingh, Det.Const.    
B4.28 Helburg, Det.Sgt.    
B4.29 No file 
B4.30 Hlengwa, Z. (reporter)    
B4.31 Ivy, Colored Det.Const.    
B4.32 Johnson, D.M.C.    
B4.33 No file 
B4.34 Kruger, Det.Sgt.    
B4.35 No file 
B4.36 Language, I.C.    
B4.37 Loubscher, C.H., Det.Sgt.    
B4.38 Louw, Det.Sgt.    
B4.39 Luttig, J.J.P., Det.    
B4.40 Mabuna, Native Det.Sgt. (includes B4.41)    
B4.41 Included in B4.40 (previous) 
B4.42 McKechnie, Det.Sgt.    
B4.43 Mdunga, Native Det.Sgt.    
B4.44 Madyuta, Native Det.Sgt.    
B4.45 Magadla, P., Native Det.Sgt.    
B4.46 Mahanyana, Native Det.Const.    
B4.47 Makalina, Native Det.Sgt.    
B4.48 Mokoena, Native Det.Sgt    
B4.49 Mananywa, Moses, Native Det.Const.    
B4.50 Markram, Det.Const.    
B4.51 Marshall, L.A. (civilian)    
B4.52 Masokanye, Native Det.Const.    
B4.53 Maselela, M. (reporter)    
B4.54 Minni, Det.Sgt.    
B4.55 No file 
B4.56 No file 
B4.57 Mollson, J., Coloured Det.Sgt.    
B4.58 Monyamangene, Eric (reporter)    
B4.59 Mothabeng, Native Det.Sgt.    
B4.60 Motlaung, Native Det.Const.    
B4.61 Mredlana, Native Det.Const.    
B4.62 Munnick, P.S., Coloured Det.Const.    
B4.63 Naidoo, M., Indian Det.Sgt.    
B4.64 Ndaba, Douglas (African Detective)    
B4.65 Nel, M., Coloured Det.Sgt.    
B4.66 Ngcai, Gladwell, Native Det.Const.    
B4.67 Nhlapo, A., Native Det.Const.    
B4.68 Nkhi, Native Det.Const.    
B4.69 Nyathi, Native Det.Const.    
B4.70 Nyimba, B., Native Det.Sgt.    
B4.71 Oosthuizen, P.J. (Civilian recorder, Superintendent of Kayamandi Location)    
B4.72 No file 
B4.73 Patosi, J., Native Det.Const.    
B4.74 Sauerman, S.E., Det.HD.Const.    
B4.75 Schoeman, Van Zyl, Det.Const.    
B4.76 Scholtz, J.J., Det.HD.Const.    
B4.77 Serfontein, T.J., ex Det.Sgt.    
B4.78 Sofolo, N.B., Native Det.    
B4.79 Setakge, Native Det.Const.    
B4.80 Sharp, Isaac, Coloured Det.Sgt.    
B4.81 Sibuta, Headman, Native Det.Sgt.    
B4.82 Sogoni, N., Native Det.Sgt. (includes B4.83)    
B4.83 Included in B4.82 (previous) 
B4.84 No file 
B4.85 Strydom, P.A., Det.Sgt.    
B4.86 Strydom, Det.Sgt.    
B4.87 Swanepoel, Det.Sgt.    
B4.88 Swart, Det.Sgt.    
B4.89 Tabeta, J., Native Det.Sgt.    
B4.90 Thomas, Det.Const.    
B4.91 Truter, Det.HD.Const.    
B4.92 Van der Heever, O.A., Det.Sgt.    
B4.93 Van Heerden, F.J., Det.Const.    
B4.94 Van Staden, M.P., Det.Sgt.    
B4.95 No file 
B4.96 Van Zyl, J.P., Det.Sgt.    
B4.97 Vermaak, J.L., Det.Sgt.    
B4.98 Viviers, J.S., Det.Sgt.    
B4.99 Van Papendorff, Det.Sgt.    
B4.100 Vlok, J.H., Det.Sgt.    
B4.101 Voskuil, A., Coloured Det.Const. (includes B4.102)    
B4.102 Included in B4.101 (previous) 
B4.103 Wade, R.C. (stenographer)    
B4.104 Wessels, Det.Sgt.    
B4.105 No file 
B4.106 White, S.H., Det.Sgt.    
B4.107 Zietsman, Det.HD.Const.    
B4.108 Zondi, P.S., Native Det.Sgt.    
B4.109 Zulu, Paul, D.Det.Sgt.    
B4.110 Fritz, F., Coloured Det.Sgt.    
B4.111 Grobler, F., Det.Const.    
B4.112 Nhlabene, N., Native Const.    
B4.113 Moukhe, W., Native Const.    
B4.114 Kawe, L., Native Const.    
B4.115 Plaatjes, J., Det.Const.    
 Box 20 
C1 "Summary of preparatory examination of the treason trial, June 1957"(Privately issued by the Treason Trial Defence Fund Committee, Johannesburg)    
 Box 22 
C2 "Treason Trial Defence Fund Press Summary" No.1 (9.Aug.1959) to No.58 (29 Mar.1961) (Complete)    
 Box 23 
C3 "Treason Trial Bulletin" (Issued by the Treason Trial Defence Fund) Volumes 1-13 (Complete)    
 Box 23 
D1 "The South African Treason Trial" (Issued by the Information Office, South African House, Trafalgar Square, London, 29.Jul.1958 (4pp. Explanatory Memorandum)    
 Separated material 
D2 "Dramatic Moment at Treason Trial", Cartoon by R. Sumner (separated material, folio item) folio item  03/08/1958 
 Box 23 
D3a Notes on Acts of Association (in order of Meetings) 2 files   
D3b Notes on Acts of Association (in order of Accuseds' numbers) 2 files   
D4 Memorandum (historical and legal precedents), includes Schedules A, B, C and D)    
 Box 24- 
EXHIBITS 49 Boxes 
E1a "Original List of Exhibits"    
E1b "List of Exhibits relating to Various Organisations" (original and copy)    
E1c Indexes and Skeleton Analysis of Speeches. Bound volume    
 Box B 
E2a Exhibits sorted according to Official Index (ANC) - File 1. Lever arch file    
 Box C 
E2b Exhibits sorted according to Official Index (ANC) - File 2. Lever arch file    
Ea1 African National Congress 
Ea1.1 Constitution 
Ea1.1.1 Draft 4 Copies    
Ea1.1.2 Amendments Copy    
Ea1.1.3 Memo Copy    
Ea1.1.4 Comments Copy    
Ea1.1.5 Constitution 5 Copies    
Ea1.2 National Executive Committee 
Ea1.2.1 Copy. Rules and Regulations    
Ea1.2.2 Copy. Plans for Organisation    
Ea1.2.3 Copy. Programme    
Ea1.2.4 Original. Organisation Report. 3    
Ea1.2.5 Meetings Copies 10 Jun.1955-?    
Ea1.2.6 Reports 
Ea1.2.6.1 Copy. Nov.1956. To the N.E.C. of the A.N.C.    
Ea1.2.6.2 Copy. Secretarial Report to the ANC    
Ea1.2.6.3 Copy. To Special Conference of the ANC    
Ea1.2.6.4 Copy. Nov.1955. To the NEL from the from the ANCWL    
Ea1.2.6.5 Copy. From the Cape Provincial Secretarial    
Ea1.2.7 Resolutions 
Ea1.2.7.1 Copy. 17 Aug.1956    
Ea1.2.7.2 Copy. To be submitted to Annual National Conference    
Ea1.2.7.3 Copy. To ANCWL    
Ea1.2.7.4 Copy. On Bantu Education    
Ea1.3 National Working Committee 
Ea1.3.1 Minutes Copies 19 Feb.-10 Jul.1955    
Ea1.3.2 Report. Copy To the ANC    
Ea1.3.3 Statements 
Ea1.3.3.1 Copy. To the Branches: re: Rent Question    
Ea1.3.3.2 Copy. 6 May 1955. Re: Fort Hare University College    
Ea1.3.3.3 Original. Feb.1955. In reply to Minister of Justice, Mr C.R.Swart    
Ea1.3.3.4 Copy. In reply to Verwoerd's statement    
Ea1.3.3.5 Copy. Re: the new Prime Minister of South Africa    
Ea1.3.3.6 Copy. Re: Invasion of Suez    
Ea1.3.3.7 Copy. "A National Call to all African Women"    
Ea1.3.3.8 Copy. "The Sisulu Banning"    
Ea1.3.3.9 Copy. Re: Bantu education    
Ea1.3.3.10 Copy. "Open Letter to Chiefs"    
Ea1.4 National Consultative Committee    
 Copy. Document of the Struggle against Passes 
Ea1.5 Finance Copies Miscellaneous    
 BOX 2 
Ea1.6 Correspondence 3 Sep.1952-26 Nov.1956 
 Correspondents are, predominantly, the NEC and the various branches of the NAC and concern administration, campaigns, etc. 
Ea1.6.1 Copies. 3 Sep.1952-1 Dec.1954    
Ea1.6.2 Copies. 1 Jan.-30 Dec.1955    
Ea1.6.3 Copies. 9 Jan.-26 Nov.1956    
Ea1.6.4 Copies. Undated.    
 BOX 3 
Ea1.7 Conferences - National 
Ea1.7.1 36th Annual General, Bloemfontein. Copy. 15-19 Dec.1949    
Ea1.7.2 41st Annual General, Queenstown. Copy. 18-20 Dec.1953    
Ea1.7.3 42nd Annual General, Durban. Copy. 16-19 Dec.1954    
Ea1.7.4 43rd Annual General, Bloemfontein. Copy 16-18 Dec.1955    
Ea1.7.5 44th Annual General, Pretoria, 3-4 Nov.1956    
Ea1.7.6 Special Conferences - National 
Ea1.7.6.1 Resolutions. Copy. Anti-Bantu Education Act. 9-10 Apr.1955    
Ea1.7.6.2 Resolutions. Orlando - Anti-Pass Campaign. 31 Mar.-1 Apr.1956    
Ea1.7.6.3 Minutes. Copy. Undated    
Ea1.7.7 Resist Apartheid Conference. Copies + Originals. Mass Conference, Johannesburg. 27 Jun.1954    
 BOX 4 
Ea1.8 Meetings Copies + Originals 
 Transcripts of meetings nation-wide 
Ea1.8.1 13 Dec.1953-4.Nov.1954    
Ea1.8.2 9 Jan.-1 May 1955    
Ea1.8.3 8 May-11 Dec.1955    
Ea1.8.4 8 Apr.-22 Nov.1957    
 BOX 5 
Ea1.9 Provincial Branch - Cape 
Ea1.9.1 Meetings 
Ea1.9.1.1 Executive Committee. 3 Copies. 11 Sep.1954-1 Mar.1956    
Ea1.9.1.2 Joint Executive of Cape Sponsoring Organisations. 16-18 Oct.1954    
Ea1.9.2 Provincial Annual Conferences 
Ea1.9.2.1 40th Annual Cape Conference. 2 Copies. 14 Feb.1953    
Ea1.9.2.2 42nd Annual Cape Conference. 2 Copies. Cradock (sic) 15 Aug.1953    
Ea1.9.2.3 43rd Annual Cape Conference. 3 Copies. Uitenhage 26 Jun.1954    
Ea1.9.2.4 Annual Report of Provincial Conference and ANCYL Provincial Conference, Korsten, Port Elizabeth 18-19 Jun.1955    
Ea1.9.2.5 Presidential Address to the Annual Conference: Queenstown 9-11 Oct.1954    
Ea1.9.3 Finance Copies 1953, 1954    
Ea1.9.4 Correspondence 
Ea1.9.4.1 Correspondence. Copies. 6 Dec.1953-18 Nov.1954    
Ea1.9.4.2 Correspondence. Copies 1 Jan-30 Dec.1955    
Ea1.9.4.3 Correspondence. Copies 9 Jan-23 Nov.1956    
Ea1.9.4.4 Correspondence. Copies Undated    
Ea1.9.5 Source Material 
Ea1.9.5.1 Inyaniso (Truth). 3 Copies. 1954-1956    
 One transcript; newsletter of the Cape ANC 
Ea1.9.5.2 Statements 
Ea1. Copy. "On the Present Session of Parliament"    
Ea1. Re: 'Coloured' vote    
Ea1.9.5.3 Message. Copy of NEC to Cape Conference    
Ea1.9.5.4 Speech. Copy. "Bans and Deportations" by Z.K. Mathews    
Ea1.9.5.5 Call. Copy. "The Pass must be Resisted"    
Ea1.9.5.6 List. Copy of Branches and their Secretaries    
Ea1.9.5.7 Notice. Copy 4 Jul.1956    
Ea1.9.6 Miscellaneous    
 BOX 6 
Ea1.10 Provincial Branch - Natal 
Ea1.10.1.1 Executive Committee. Copy of minutes 26-27 Nov.1955    
Ea1.10.1.2 Executive Committee. Copy. Report 9-11 Oct.1954    
Ea1.10.2 Working Committee. Copy. Agenda 11 Jul.1955    
Ea1.10.3 Conferences - Annual 
Ea1.10.3.1 Original + Copy. Ekuphumuleni, Ladysmith. Transcript. 31 Oct.-1 Nov.1953    
Ea1.10.3.2 Copy. Durban 30-31 Oct.1954    
Ea1.10.3.3 Copies. Durban 9-10 Oct.1955    
Ea1.10.3.4 Copies. Pietermaritzburg 28-29 Jul.1956    
Ea1.10.3.5 Annual Conference: 1 Nov.1955    
Ea1.10.4 Correspondence. Copies 5 Sep.1955- Nov.1956    
Ea1.10.5 Source Material 
Ea1.10.5.1 Publications 
Ea1. 4 Copies. Mauibuye i-Africa, Vol.1, Nos.1-2; Vol.2, Nos.1-2    
Ea1. Copy. Afrika, No.5, 4 Dec.1952 (missing)    
Ea1.10.5.2 Statements 
Ea1. Copy. Re: Passes for Women    
Ea1. Re: "The Removal of Sobantu Village (P.M.Burg)"    
Ea1. Copy. "Dockstrike ... the Facts ..."    
Ea1.10.5.3 Notice. Copy    
Ea1.10.5.4 Notes. Copy (Partial)    
Ea1.10.5.5 Lists of Branches and Members    
Ea1.10.5.6 Miscellaneous    
 BOX 7 
Ea1.11 Provincial Branch - Transvaal 
Ea1.11.1 Executive Committee 
Ea1.11.1.1 Minutes. Copies. 20 Feb.- 16 Jun.1955    
Ea1.11.1.2 Lectures. Originals. "What every Congress Member should know"    
Ea1.11.2 Conferences 
Ea1.11.2.1 Copy. Sophiatown: Programme 11 Jul.1954    
Ea1.11.2.2 42nd Annual Provincial Conference. Western Native Township; Agenda & Presidential Address. Copy. 9-11 Oct.1954    
Ea1.11.2.3 Special Conference. Sophiatown - Partial. Anti-Bantu Education. Copy. 9 Jan.1955    
 Special Conference. Sophiatown; Programme & Resolutions. Copy. 13 Mar.1955 
Ea1.11.2.4 43rd Annual Provincial Conference? Copy. Orlando; Presidential Address 8-10 Oct.1955    
Ea1.11.2.5 Continuation Conference. Copy. Orlando; Report 6 Nov.1955    
Ea1.11.2.6 44th Annual Provincial Conference, Lady Selborne. Copies. 3-4 Oct. 1956    
Ea1.11.3 Correspondence. Originals. 26 May 1950, 12 Jan.1954-30 Nov.1956    
Ea1.11.4 Source Material 
Ea1.11.4.1 Sechaba. 3 Copies. Bulletin of the Transvaal National Congress 6 Sep.1956    
Ea1.11.4.2 Notices. Copies    
Ea1.11.4.3 Copy. "1956 - Fields to Conquer" - Partial pamphlet    
Ea1.11.4.4 3 Copies. Speech by J. Hadebe re Bantu Education    
 Statements re Bantu Education 
Ea1.11.4.5 Copy. "The Removal of the Western Areas of Johannesburg" 2 Nov.1951    
Ea1.11.4.6 "Memorandum on Anti-Pass Campaign" issued by National Consultative Committee 25 Oct.1956    
Ea1.11.4.7 Lists. 3 Copies. "Organising Scheme Transvaal"    
 "List of Branches of ANC Tvl" 
Ea1.11.4.8 Copy. Press Statement    
 BOX 8 
Ea1.12 Orange Free State Provincial Branch 
Ea1.12.1 Executive Committee. 2 Copies. 18, 25 Nov.1954    
Ea1.12.2 Conferences. Copies. Sep.1954-Sep.1956    
Ea1.12.3 Correspondence. Copies. 25 Jan.1954-12 Nov.1956    
Ea1.12.4 Source Material. 2 Copies. "Congress Demands"    
Ea1.12.5 Regional Branch Thaba'Nchu. Copy. Correspondence 21 Jun.1955    
Ea1.13 ANC Regional Branches 
Ea1.13.1 Cape 
Ea1.13.1.1 Eastern Cape 
Ea1. Correspondence. Copy. "Re Schools Boycott in Cape Eastern Region" 25 May 1955    
Ea1. Source Material: Press Clipping re Ban on Meetings, 12 Mar.1956    
 Statement re above, 9 Mar.1956 
 "Unity is strength" 
 "Do not sleep, the country is in a critical position" 
Ea1.13.1.2 East London: Correspondence. Copy. To Farmers' Supply Butchery re dissatisfactory service, 10 Feb.1954    
Ea1.13.1.3 Kimberley: Correspondence. Copy. To the Provincial Secretary, Port Elizabeth, 15 Jun.1955    
 Report. Copy. Annual Report of ANC Kimberley Branch 
Ea1.13.1.4 Korsten: Notice. Copy. 30 Oct.1954    
Ea1.13.1.5 Queenstown: Minutes. Copy. Special Meeting re Boycott of United Tobacco Co.    
 Correspondence. 3 Copies, 1956 
Ea1.13.1.6 New Brighton: Executive. Copy. 27 Jan-14 Feb.1956    
 Report. Copy. Annual Report, 22 Jan.1956 
 Correspondence. 2 Copies, 29 May.1954, 28 Jun.1955 
 Source Material 
 Newsletter. 2 Originals. Vol.1, Nos.1-2. "Verwoerd takes away the riches" 
 "Where there's confusion, there is no truth" 
 Pamphlets. 6 Copies. "Verwoerd's Schools are Boycotted", 
 "All the Roads to Veeplaats on Sunday". 2 Transcripts, 13 May 1955 
 "The People and the Boycott of Verwoerd's Schools". Transcript 
 "The Boycott of A.C.S.Bazaars has been Released". Transcript, 8 Dec.1955 
 "Ingqungqu Thela yo Phondo Livase Koloni" 
 "The Struggle for Culture" 
 List. ANC Branch Delegates and ANCWL Delegates 
Ea1.13.1.7 Western Cape: Meeting. Copy. Of Cape Western Branches, 14-15 Apr.1956    
 Agenda. Copy. Mr Kwebulana's Farewell Function, 16 Jun.1956 
 Correspondence. Copies + Original, 22 Feb-20 Oct.1955 
 Report. Copy. On T.E. Tshununau's (National Organiser ANC & COP) 
 Visit to Cape Western Region 
 Source Material 
 Pamphlet. Copy. "To the Native Commissioner", 1956 
 Notice. Copy. 8 Jul.1956 
 Minutes of meeting: 14-15 April 1956 
Ea1.13.1.8 Umtata, Transkei: Correspondence. Copy. 4 Jun.1955    
Ea1.13.2 Natal    
 Pietermaritzburg: Membership Lists 
Ea1.13.3 Transvaal 
Ea1.13.3.1 Alexandra: Meetings. 7 Copies. 29 Nov.1955(?)    
 Correspondence. 3 Copies. 6 Oct.1955-31 Jul.1956 
 Notice. Copy. 
Ea1.13.3.2 Benoni: Meetings. 2 Copies. Benoni Location, 23 Jan.1955    
 East Rand Branches Executive, 16 Apr.1955 
 Conference. Original. Mass Conference at Davey Social Centre, 6 Sep.1953 
 Source Material. 2 Copies. "Benoni Bantu Education 
 Resistance Appeal Fund" 
 Notice, 17 Oct.19? 
Ea1.13.3.3 Brakpan: Report. Copy. To Provincial Executive, 31 Jan.1955    
Ea1.13.3.4 Dube: Reports. Copy. 17 Jul.1954 - To Annual Provincial Congress; To All Branches Executive    
 Notice. Copy. 10 Apr.1955 
Ea1.13.3.5 Evaton: Joint Meeting. ANC (Evaton) and T.I.C., 24 Oct,1953    
Ea1.13.3.6 Jabavu: Meeting. Copy. 23 Oct.1956    
 Report to the S.W. Region. Copy. 9 Aug.1955 
 Correspondence. Copy. 9 Oct.1956 
 List. Copy. C.O.P. Volunteers 
Ea1.13.3.7 Klerksdorp Correspondence. 2 Copies. 24 Jun. & 19 Sep.1955    
 Notice. Copy. 24 Jun.1955 
Ea1.13.3.8 Germiston Source Material. Copies. 2 Resolutions re Removal of Western Areas and National Stoppage    
 Notice. Copy. 29 Nov.1956 
Ea1.13.3.9 Moroka Meetings. 2 Copies. Mass Meeting (Transcript), 29 Jan.1956; Mass Meeting, 5 Aug.1956    
 Correspondence. 3 Copies - (2) 10 Apr.1956; (1) 2 Dec. 1956 
 Lists. Copies. Collection Form + Re:Tickets 
Ea1.13.3.10 Newclare Correspondence. 4 Copies - (2) 26 Oct.1956; (2) 24 Nov.1956    
 Source Material. Copy. Report of a funeral, 29 Apr.1956 
 Notices. 2 Copies 
Ea1.13.3.11 Roodepoort Correspondence. Copy. 29 Oct.1954    
Ea1.13.3.12 Sophiatown Recommendations. Copy. To the Draft Constitution of the ANC    
 Correspondence. 3 Copies. 11 Jan-21 Nov.1956 
 Notices. 5 Copies 
 List. Copy of Delegates for Queenstown Conference of the ANC 
Ea1.13.3.13 Western Region: Notices. 4 Copies    
 BOX 9 
Ea1.14 ANC Source Material 
Ea1.14.1 Publications 
Ea1.14.1.1 South Africa's Way Forward by M. Kotane. Original. May 1954    
Ea1.14.1.2 A.N.C. Handbook. Original. 1958    
Ea1.14.1.3 Forward to Freedom. Strategy, Tactics and Programme of the A.N.C. Original    
Ea1.14.1.4 Congress Voice Bulletin of the ANC. 4 Copies. Nov.1955-Mar.1956    
Ea1.14.1.5 Towards A Congress Newspaper.    
Ea1.14.2 Analyses of the A.N.C. Copy 
Ea1.14.2.1 "What is the ANC?" Copy    
Ea1.14.2.2 "Comment on the Programme on (1949) African Nationalism. Copy    
Ea1.14.2.3 "The Coming into Being of the ANC in 1912 ..." Copy    
Ea1.14.2.4 "Programme". Copy    
Ea1.14.2.5 "Why you should join Congress". Copy    
Ea1.14.2.6 "A Word to the Youth on African Nationalism: Ubuzwe". Copy    
Ea1.14.2.7 "The Correctness of the Lead given by the A.N.C. ..." Copy    
Ea1.14.2.8 Notes by R. Resha on Conferences (Transcript). Copy    
Ea1.14.2.9 "It is quite a natural development that ..." Original    
Ea1.14.2.10 "Revision of the Boycott Decision" in "Special Bulletin"    
Ea1.14.2.11 "A Single Spark can start a Prairie Fire" Copy    
Ea1.14.2.12 ". Of education in the struggle for freedom".    
Ea1.14.3 Analyses of the South African State 
Ea1.14.3.1 "The Race Attitude in S.A." by Dr W.Z.Conco. Copy    
Ea1.14.3.2 "Social Problems facing the African People" by M. Njisane. Copy    
Ea1.14.3.3 "African Nationalism Today" by J.G. Matthews. Copy    
Ea1.14.3.4 "The Struggle for Liberation" by Dr W.Z. Conco. Copy    
Ea1.14.3.5 "A Message to the African People and their Allies in the Struggle for Freedom in the Union of South Africa" by A. Lutuli    
Ea1.14.3.6 "Since the Nationalist Government came into Power ..." Copy    
Ea1.14.3.7 "Draft Manifesto". Copy    
Ea1.14.3.8 "Where your Power lies". Copy    
Ea1.14.3.9 "Bantu Authority Act". Copy    
Ea1.14.3.10 "Ethnic Grouping" by W. Sisulu    
Ea1.14.3.11 "Even the Nationalists have no Doubt but that a Handful of Collaborators and Traitors have affected Apartheid". Copy (Partial)    
Ea1.14.3.12 "The National Economy of South Afica".    
Ea1.14.4 Anti-Bantu Education 
Ea1.14.4.1 Boycott Bulletin. Copy    
Ea1.14.4.2 Anti-Bantu Education Action Committee (missing)    
 "Bantu Education. What it is". Copy 
Ea1.14.4.3 "Education and the African". Copy    
Ea1.14.4.4 "African Children on Strike - Against Education for Ignorance". Copy. 26 Apr.1955    
Ea1.14.4.5 "The Place of Education in the Struggle for Freedom". Copy    
Ea1.14.4.6 "The Workers and Education". Copy    
Ea1.14.4.7 "The Bantu Education Act - Education for Slaves". Copy    
Ea1.14.4.8 "Bantu Education ...". Copy    
Ea1.14.4.9 Memorandum on Bantu Education with Special Reference to the Decision of the 42nd Annual Conference of the A.N.C.". Copy    
Ea1.14.4.10 "Awake! Africans Awake!! Withdraw the Children Now ..." Copy    
Ea1.14.4.11 "... Struggle Against the Bantu Education Act". Copy    
Ea1.14.4.12 Re: Boycott of "Bantu Education" Schools. Copy    
Ea1.14.4.13 "While the English Churches oppose the new Education Act ... " Copy    
Ea1.14.4.14 "There is a Need of New People for Both Camps, Left and Right.    
 Copy. Nota Bene: Re: Education Transformed into Bantu Education". 
Ea1.14.4.15 "Remembering the Past" - President Luthuli    
Ea1.14.5 Anti-Pass Campaign 
Ea1.14.5.1 "10 Reasons why I refuse to carry a Pass" by Mrs Lilian Ngoyi. Copy    
Ea1.14.5.2 "On the Struggle against Passes" (Transcript). Original    
Ea1.14.5.3 "Memorandum on Anti-Pass Campaign". Copy    
Ea1.14.5.4 "Passes are enslavement". Copy    
Ea1.14.5.5 Speech re Passes for Women    
Ea1.14.5.6 The Nursing Bill of 1957 - 30 April 1957.    
Ea1.14.6 Anti-Removal Campaign 
Ea1.14.6.1 "Congress and the Removal". Copy    
Ea1.14.6.2 "A survey of the first Removal (Western Areas). Copy    
Ea1.14.6.3 "People are asking why Congress allowed itself to be taken unawares by the Government ..." Copy    
Ea1.14.7 The "Liberatory Struggle" and Trade Unions 
Ea1.14.7.1 "Labour Report". Copy    
Ea1.14.7.2 "The Alliance of National Liberatory Movements and Trade Unionism in South Africa". 3 Copies    
Ea1.14.8 The "Liberatory Struggle" and World Peace 
Ea1.14.8.1 "Africa and World Peace". Copy    
Ea1.14.8.2 "The People on the March to Freedom". Copy    
Ea1.14.8.3 "Nearer to Freedom". Copy    
Ea1.14.9 Kliptown Anniversary    
 Speeches by Chief Lutuli. Originals + 4 Copies, 26 Jun.1956 
Ea1.14.10 Walter Sisulu's Notebook    
 Transcript. Copy 
Ea1.14.11 Visit to the USSR    
 Transcript. Copy 
Ea1.14.12 Story of Karl Marx    
 Transcript. Copy 
Ea1.14.13 'Sacking' of Chief Lutuli    
 Pamphlet "Our Chief Speaks". Copy. 12 Nov.1952 
 "Chief Lutuli. Told to Resign" 
Ea1.14.14 Resignation of Walter Sisulu as Secretary General of the ANC. Copy    
Ea1.14.15 Lectures by S.B. Skotoyi. 3 Copies    
Ea1.14.16 Rumania of Yesterday and Today. Copy    
Ea1.14.17 Postcard to Minister of Justice. Copy    
Ea1.14.18.a Flash!! Congress Leaders arrested for Treason!! Copy    
Ea1.14.18.b The Anniversary of "June 26" - 7 June 1956.    
Ea1.14.18.c "Ukugcinwa eNatal komkhosi wokudumisa usuku-nyanga luka "June 26".    
 BOX 10 
Ea1.14.19 Press Statements    
 Re: Western Areas Removals, the Suez Agreement, Pass Laws, the Senate Bill and Boycott of Schools. Copies 
Ea1.14.20 Notices. Original and Copies    
Ea1.14.21 Membership Cards. Copies    
Ea1.14.22 Miscellaneous Fragments, Songs. Copies    
Ea2 ANC Women's League (ANCWL) 
Ea2.1 Executive Committee. Copy. 10 Aug.1956    
Ea2.2.a National Working Committee. Copies. 19 Feb.-20 Jul.1955    
Ea2.2.1 Report from ANCWL (Transvaal) to the Working Committee. Copies. 30 Aug.1955    
Ea2.3 Annual Conferences 
Ea2.3.1 ANCWL (Transvaal) Germiston. Copy. 13 Nov.1955    
 ANCWL (Transvaal) Jabavu. Copy 11 Nov.1956 
Ea2.3.2 ANCWL (O.F.S.) Bloemfontein Copy 17 Dec.1955    
 ANCWL (O.F.S.) Ficksburg Copy 13 Oct.1956 
Ea2.3.3 ANCWL (Cape) Port Elizabeth Copy 19 Jun.1955    
 ANCWL (Cape) Kimberley Copy 26 Jun.1956 
Ea2.3.4 ANCWL (Natal) Partial Copy 8 Oct.1955    
Ea2.3.5 National Peace Conference. Copy    
Ea2.4 Branch Meetings 
Ea2.4.1 Orange Free State. Copies    
Ea2.4.2 Transvaal    
Ea2.5 Meetings- Transcripts    
 Original + Copies. 19 Dec.1954-25 Nov.1956. 
Ea2.6 Finance. Copy 31 Oct.1956    
Ea2.7 Correspondence. Copies 17 Apr.1954-13 Nov.1956    
Ea2.8 Source Material 
Ea2.8.1 Press Statement Issued by the National Working Committee    
 Re: Western Area Removals. Copy 
Ea2.8.2 Statement re Situation in the Middle East. Copy    
Ea2.8.3 "Warning to Women"    
 Re: Passes. Transcript. 
Ea2.8.4 Notices. Copies    
Ea2.8.5 Lists of Names. Copies    
Ea2.8.6 Miscellaneous    
Ea2.8.7 Correspondence    
 BOX 11 
Ea3 ANC Youth League (ANCYL) 
Ea3.1.a Constitution and Policy    
 "Constitution", "Revised Constitution", "Basic Policy", "Programme for the Building of a Mass Youth League" (v2), "The Youth Movement in S.A." Copies 
Ea3.1.1 African National Youth League    
Ea3.2 Meetings 
Ea3.2.1 Joint Executive Committee of ANCWL and ANCYL    
 Minutes. Copy 
Ea3.2.2 ANCYL Working Committee    
 "Draft Plan for the Campaign against Bantu Education". Statement re Fort Hare University. 2 Copies 
Ea3.2.3 Annual General Meetings. 2 Copies 1954 + 1955    
Ea3.2.4 Provincial Conferences 
Ea3.2.4.1 Cape. Copies 1955    
Ea3.2.4.2 Transvaal. Copies 1954-1956    
Ea3.2.5 Regional Branches' Meetings 
Ea3.2.5.1 New Brighton. Copies 4-10 Oct.1955    
Ea3.2.5.2 Sophiatown. Copy 2 Aug.1956    
Ea3.2.5.3 ? Copy 21 Jul.1955    
Ea3.2.5.4 Cape. Originals + Copy 2 Jun.1956    
Ea3.2.6 Meetings (Transcripts). Copy 12 Jun-30 Oct.1955    
Ea3.3 Correspondence. Copies 28 May 1950-28 Nov.1956    
Ea3.4 Source Material 
Ea3.4.1 Publications    
 The Africanist Issued by Orlando ANCYL. Copies May 1955-Feb.1956 
 The African Codestar Issued by ANCYL Transvaal. Copies Jul.1950- Aug.1956 
 ANC Periodicals 
 Youth League Issued by ANCYL Transvaal. 2 Copies 
 Pioneer Vol.1, No.1. Copy 
 Youth Forum Copy 
 Youth Prepare!! By A.J. Luthuli. Copy 
Ea3.4.2 Notices. Copies    
Ea3.5 Basupatsela 
Ea3.5.1 Rules. Copy    
Ea3.5.2 The First Report on the Basupatsela Youth Organisation. Copy 6 Dec.1955    
Ea4 Basutoland African Congress 
Ea4.1 Manifesto. Copy    
Ea4.2 Annual Report. Copy 1954    
Ea4.3 Memorandum to C.O.P. Original 1955    
Ea4.4. Correspondence. Copy    
 BOX 12 
Eb1 Asian Socialist Conference 1954-1956 
Eb1.1 Correspondence. Photocopies. Oct.1954    
Eb1.2 Source Material 
Eb1.2.1 "Newsletter". Photocopies. Aug.1955-Jun.1956    
Eb1.2.2 Anti-Colonial Newsletter. Photocopies. May 1955, Jun.1956    
Eb1.2.3 "Freedom Day Message". Photocopies    
Eb1.2.4 "The War in Malaya". Photocopies    
Eb1.2.5 "The Meaning of the Chinese Revolution". Photocopies    
Eb1.2.6 "National Liberation Struggles in Asia". Photocopies    
Eb1.2.7 "A New Socialist Programme". Photocopies    
Eb2 Council on African Affairs (Asian African Bandung Conference Apr.1955 
Eb2.1 Conference Recommendations. Photocopies    
Eb2.2 Spotlight on Africa. Asian African Conference, Apr.1955. Photocopies    
Eb2.3 "Text of Communique issued at the Asian African Conference ..." Photocopies    
Eb2.4 Re: Conference. Issued by S.A. Society for Peace and Friendship with the U.S.S.R. Photocopies    
Eb2.5 "The Afro-Asian Conference - A Bulwark of Peace and Independence" Photocopies    
Eb2.6 "The Significance of the Afro-Asian Conference". By Oliver Tambo Photocopies    
Eb2.7 Correspondence, May 1955    
Eb3 Kenya Committee for Democratic Rights for Kenyan Africans (London) 
 Source Material, 1952-1955 
Eb3.1 Kenya Report, 1953. Photocopies    
Eb3.2 "Information Notes". Photocopies    
Eb3.3 "Kenya". Photocopies    
Eb3.4 Circular re National Deputation - Empire Day, Mar.1954. Photocopies    
Eb3.5 Press Statements. Photocopies. 3 Mar.1954, 12 Apr.1954    
Eb3.6 Press Extracts. Photocopies. Sep.1952-Mar.1955    
Eb4 Pan African State Organisation    
 ("For Free Independent Native People's Africa and the Africans' 
 New Way of Life") Instrument of Establishment. Photocopies, 1955 
 BOX 13 
Ec1.a Friends of China    
 Membership Form. Photocopies, 1955 
Ec1.1 Society    
 Correspondence (To the Congress of Democrats), 19 Sep.1955 
Ec2 New China News Agency    
 News Bulletins 31 May 1954-8 Nov.1956. Photocopies, 1954-1956 
Ec3 South Africa-China Friendship Society, 1953 
Ec3.1 Correspondence. Photocopies    
Ec3.2 Chee Lai! Photocopies, 29 Mar.1953    
 BOX 14 
Ed1 National Association for the Advancement of the Coloured People (NAACP) U.S.A., 1955 
Ed1.1 "Report of Youth Workshop on Programming 48th Annual NAALP Convention, 1955. Photocopies    
Ed1.2 "How to Organise an NAACP College Chapter on your Campus". Photocopies    
Ed1.3 "How to Organise an NAACP Youth Council". Photocopies    
Ed1.4 "Handbook for Advisors to NAACP Youth Councils and College Chapters". Photocopies    
Ed2 South African Coloured Peoples' Organisation (SALPO), 1955-1956 
Ed2.1 Constitution 
Ed2.1.1 Draft Constitution. Photocopies    
Ed2.1.2 Draft Constitution    
Ed2.1.3 Draft Programme and Constitution. Photocopies (missing)    
Ed2.1.4 Proposed Programme and Amendments to Constitution. Photocopies    
Ed2.2 Source Material 
Ed2.2.1 "To the Coloured People" (pam.) Original    
Ed2.2.2 "The Coloured People are a Historically Constituted ..." Copy    
Ed2.2.3 Questions and Answers re SACPO. Copy    
Ed2.2.4 SACPO Rally Vol.1, No.2. Copy    
Ed2.2.5 "Now or Never". Copy    
Ed2.2.6 "Group Parents and You!". Copy    
Ed2.2.7 Press Statement Re: Senate Bill. Copy    
Ed2.2.8 "Don't be Tricked!" Re: Passes. Copy    
Ed2.2.9 Notices. Copy    
Ed2.2.10 Membership Form. Copy    
Ed2.2.11 Song. Copy    
Ed2.3 Meetings (Transcripts). Copies + Originals, 18 Apr. 1955- 15 Apr.1956    
Ed2.4 Correspondence. Copies + Originals, 8 Jul.1955-4 Dec.1956    
 Source Material 
Ee1 For the Struggle for Full Independence and People's Democracy (Communist Statement of Policy) First Published, Dec.1947. Copy    
Ee2 Afrika Newsletter, Sep.1953, Jun.1954. Copy    
Ee3 Communist Bi-Monthly, May 1950. Copy    
Ee4 "Stop Fascism". Copy    
Ee5 What the Nationalists are After". Copy    
Ee6 "What is behind the 'Anti-Communist' Campaign?". Copy    
Ee7 "Dissolution of the Communist Party of South Africa". Copy    
Ee8 Miscellaneous    
 BOX 15 
Ef1 Meetings 
Ef1.1 National Executive Committee, 10 Jan.-22 Aug.1955. Copy    
Ef1.2 Secretariat, 2 Dec.1954-26 May 1955. Copy    
Ef1.3 National Council, 13 Feb-10 Aug.1954. Copy    
Ef1.4 Annual General Meetings. Copy    
Ef1.5 Branch Meetings. Copy 
Ef1.5.1 Cape (Western). Copy    
Ef1.5.2 Durban. Copy    
Ef1.5.3 Johannesburg. Copy    
Ef1.5.4 Miscellaneous. Copies    
Ef1.6 National Conferences, 1954-1956    
Ef1.7 Financial Reports, 1954-1956. Copies    
Ef2 Correspondence, 9 Mar.1953-30 Nov.1956    
 BOX 16 
Ef3 Source Material 
Ef3.1.1 Constitution. Copies    
Ef3.1.2 Policy. Copies    
Ef3.2 Official Statements. Copies 
Ef3.2.1 Press Statements. Copies    
Ef3.2.2 Memorandum to Government    
 Re: rent increases, local government and land tenure. Copies 
Ef3.3 Lectures and Information Notes. Copies 
Ef3.3.1 "The Road to Liberty"    
Ef3.3.2 "Notes for Speakers"    
Ef3.3.3 "Memo" re: speakers guarding against contravening certain laws    
Ef3.3.4 "How South Africa is Governed"    
Ef3.3.5 "Political Organisation"    
Ef3.3.6 "Segregation in South Africa"    
Ef3.3.7 "Race and Intelligence"    
Ef3.3.8 "History of the Non-European Franchise"    
Ef3.3.9 "The Struggle for Non-European Rights"    
Ef3.3.10 "Political Organisation"    
Ef3.3.11 "South Africa Today"    
Ef3.3.12 "Situation"    
Ef3.3.13 "Indians in South Africa"    
Ef3.3.14 "Education for Knowledge"    
Ef3.3.14a "Education for Ignorance"    
Ef3.3.15 "Police Powers of Questioning and the Rights of Citizens"    
Ef3.3.16 "Facts Relating to the Native Urban Areas Consolidation Act ..."    
Ef3.3.17 "Extract from the Workers' Charter"    
Ef3.3.18 "Speakers' Notes on Passes"    
Ef3.3.19 "Attack on Civil Rights"    
Ef3.3.20 "The Suppression of Communism Act"    
Ef3.3.21 "Restrictions on Civil Liberties"    
Ef3.3.22 "The Western Areas Scheme"    
Ef3.3.23 "Demands of the People"    
 Re: Freedom Charter 
Ef3.3.24 "We are not alone"    
Ef3.3.25 Transcripts of Meetings    
Ef3.3.26 Miscellaneous    
Ef3.4 SACOD    
 Notices, Circulars re: Meetings, Freedom Charter, Congress of the People, Western Areas Removals, the S.A.R. Constitution, Passes etc. 
 Originals + Copies 
Ef3.5 Counter Attack Bulletin of the C.O.D.    
Ef3.6 "Educating for Ignorance. The S.A.C.O.D.'s View of the Bantu    
 Education Act" by Father T. Huddleston. Original (missing) 
 "The Threatened People. The Case for a S.A. Democracy". Original 
 "We are Many!" 
 "Where the Devil Drives. SACOD's View of the Verwoerd Bills" 
Ef3.7 The Young Democrat". Copies    
 BOX 17 
Eg1 National Action Council (NAC) 
 N.A.C. consists of ANC, SAIC, SACOD and SACPO 
Eg1.1 Conference of Sponsoring Organisations    
 "Memorandum on the C.O.P. Submitted by the ANC to the Conference of Sponsoring Organisations ..." Originals + Copies, 21 Mar.1954 
 "The Congress of the People" 
 "Draft Memorandum on the C.O.P." 
Eg1.2 National Action Council 
Eg1.2.1 Correspondence    
 Correspondents include S.A. Peace Council; Food, Canning and Allied Workers Union; Women's International Democratic Federation and sponsoring organisations. 
 Contents include the planning and organisation of the C.O.P. and the Freedom Charter: provincial committees, national volunteers, Kliptown, Freedom Charter demands and signatures. Originals and Copies. 1 Jul.1954-2 Sep.1955 
Eg1.2.2 Source Material    
 Press releases, membership lists, statement, C.O.P. forms, Mass Meeting notice, newsletter extract 
Eg1.2.3 Meetings    
 BOX 18 
Eg2 Committees 
Eg2.1 Area Action Committee    
Eg2.2 Provincial Committee    
Eg2.3 Source Material 
Eg2.3.1 Source Material General    
 Notices, circulars etc. Play: "Let us speak of freedom" by Lionel Forman. Original + Copies 
Eg2.3.2 Lectures    
 "The World we live in" 
 "The Country we live in" 
 "Change is Needed" 
 "Historical Background of the English Congress of the Peoples" 
 "Political Review" 
 "The March to Fascism" 
 "Fight for Democracy in South Africa" 
 "When the Government first started monkeying around with Passports" 
 "Joint Message to the C.O.P. or S.A. from A.J.Lutuli and M.B.Yengwa" 
Eg2.3.3 Publications    
 The Call 
 Speaking Together 
 Originals + Copies. Aug.1954-Jan.1955 
 BOX 19 
Eg3.1 National Volunteers Board 
Eg3.1.1 Source Material 
 Includes Notices and Circulars but in particular deals with the rules governing volunteers and their self-discipline. Originals and Copies 
Eg3.1.1.1 Pamphlet "Why have you not Volunteered?"    
Eg3.1.1.2 Pamphlet "Welcome Freedom Volunteer"    
Eg3.1.1.3 Pamphlet A Talk to Volunteers" by P.H.Simelane    
Eg3.1.1.4 Pamphlet Self-discipline for Volunteers of the C.O.P." by Dr. G.M. Naicker    
Eg3.1.1.5 Pamphlet National Volunteers: Code of Discipline"    
Eg3.1.1.6 Pamphlet Greetings, Comrade Volunteer!"    
Eg3.1.1.7 Pamphlet Copy of Proposed Handover for Volunteers"    
Eg3.1.1.8 Instructions and Duties for Volunteers at the C.O.P."    
Eg3.1.1.9 Pamphlet Volunteer is Something Special"    
Eg3.1.1.10 Pamphlet National Volunteer Corps: General Rules of Discipline"    
Eg3.1.1.11 Pamphlet The Prime Task of Volunteers ... "    
Eg3.1.1.12 Correspondence re: Volunteers in Brits, 1 Nov.1954    
Eg3.1.1.13 "What it means to be a volunteer" - Speaking Together, Aug.1954    
Eg3.1.2 Report from the National Volunteer Board    
 Includes a Call for Volunteers by Chief A.J. Lutuli 
Eg3.1.3 Enrolment Lists    
Eg3.2 Congress of the People, Kliptown 
Eg3.2.1 Campaign 
 Consists of the Planning and Organising of the C.O.P. Originals and Copies 
Eg3.2.1.1 "Draft Plan of Campaign"    
Eg3.2.1.2 "Draft Plan of Campaign"    
Eg3.2.1.3 "Elections to the Congress of the People"    
Eg3.2.1.4 "C.O.P. Campaign"    
Eg3.2.1.5 "The Congress of the People" by Ben Giles    
Eg3.2.1.6 "The Peace Movement and the C.O.P."    
Eg3.2.1.7 "The C.O.P. will ..." (missing)    
Eg3.2.1.8 "The Call to the C.O.P."    
Eg3.2.1.9 "C.O.P."    
Eg3.2.1.10 Speaking Together "Comrades for the Charter"    
Eg3.2.1.11 "The C.O.P."    
Eg3.2.1.12 "Speakers Notes on the C.O.P."    
Eg3.2.1.13 Calls for Demands (2)    
Eg3.2.2 Credential Committee    
 Committee responsible for Organising Delegates to the C.O.P. consists of Credential Forms stating the chosen Delegate. Also: 
 Report of the Credential Committee to the C.O.P. "Instructions to Branch Visitors" for Delegates 
Eg3.2.3 Kliptown, June 26 
Eg3.2.3.1 Agenda. 2 Copies    
Eg3.2.3.2 Transcript. 1 Original    
Eg3.2.3.3 Speeches and Messages    
 Basutoland African Congress. Memorandum to C.O.P. Originals + Copies 
 A.J. Lutuli's Message to C.O.P. 
 International Messages to C.O.P. 
 Lutuli and M.B. Vengwa's Messages to C.O.P. 
 "There shall be Peace and Friendship. The Address" by E.J. Mayekiso 
 Greetings from SACOD 
 Greetings from Paul Robeson 
Eg3.2.3.4 Resolutions. Originals and Copies    
Eg3.2.4 Post-Kliptown Descriptions 
Eg3.2.4.1 "Draft" re: Formation of N.A.C., sponsoring organisations, Freedom Charter + C.O.P. speech on behalf of the N.A.C. to the C.O.P.    
 [N.B. For History See above]. Originals and Copies. Post 26 Jun.1955 
Eg3.2.4.2 "This Great People's Congress is the Culmination ... " [N.B. For History See above]. Originals + Copies    
Eg3.2.4.3 "Kliptown, Sunday Night". Originals and Copies    
Eg3.2.4.4 "C.O.P. I". Originals and Copies    
Eg3.2.4.5 "It is well known that the C.O.P. was held ... " Originals and Copies    
Eg3.2.4.6 "Now that the Congress is Over?" Originals and Copies    
Eg3.2.4.7 "Since Union in 1910 ... " Originals and Copies    
Eg3.2.4.8 "At this moment - the opening of the COP - ... " Originals and Copies    
Eg3.2.4.9 "Report on the C.O.P." Originals and Copies    
Eg3.2.4.10 "The Freedom Charter and the Congress are inseparable ... " Originals and Copies    
Eg3.2.4.11 Transcription of History of the C.O.P. Original    
 BOX 20 
Eg4.1 Freedom Charter    
Eg4.1.1.1 "Freedom Charter: Draft". Original and Copies    
Eg4.1.1.2 "The Freedom Charter Adopted at the C.O.P. at Kliptown ... " Original and Copies    
Eg4.1.1.3 The Freedom Charter Adopted at the C.O.P."    
Eg4.1.1.4 "The Freedom Charter Adopted at the C.O.P and ANC(?)    
 Colours: Black, Green, Yellow. Original and Copies 
Eg4.1.1.5 "Die Vryheidshandoves". Original and Copies    
Eg4.1.1.6 "Uhlelo: Incwadi yom thetho Wenkululeko (Zulu). Original and Copies    
Eg4.1.1.7 Freedom Charter Speakers' Notes: "The People shall Govern". Original and Copies    
Eg4.1.1.8 "All shall be equal before the Law". Original and Copies    
Eg4.1.1.9 "The People shall share in the Country's Wealth". Original and Copies    
Eg4.1.1.10 "The Land shall be shared among those who work it". Original and Copies    
Eg4.1.1.11 "All shall enjoy equal Human Rights". Original and Copies    
Eg4.1.1.12 "There shall be Houses, Security and Comfort". Original and Copies    
Eg4.1.1.13 "The Doors of Learning and of Culture shall be Opened". Original and Copies    
Eg4.1.1.14 "General Remarks". Original and Copies    
Eg4.1.1.15 "An African Reviews the Freedom Charter" by H. Ndaba. Original and Copies    
Eg4.1.1.16 Miscellaneous. Original and Copies    
Eg4.1.1.17 "The Freedom Charter and Communism". Note.    
Eg4.2 Freedom Charter Demands    
Eg4.3 Signature Campaign 
Eg4.3.1 "Plan of Campaign for the Collection of Signatures for the Freedom Charter"    
Eg4.3.2 "The Freedom Charter - Signature Campaign"    
Eg4.3.3 "One Million Signatures in 12 Months"    
Eg4.3.4 "Police Interference and Intimidation cannot deter us!"    
Eg4.3.5 "Sign the Freedom Charter"    
Eg4.3.6 Collected Signatures    
Eg4.4 Post - Kliptown 
Eg4.4.1 "Suggested Programme"    
Eg4.4.2 "Political Organisation"    
Eg4.4.3 Messages from Father Huddleston and Dr.Naicker re: 1st Anniversary of Freedom Charter    
 BOX 21 
Eg5 Regional Branch: Cape 
Eg5.1 Eastern Cape Regional Action Committee 
Eg5.1.1 Correspondence    
 Circular Letters, 7 Dec.1954-3 Dec.1955 
Eg5.1.2 "Unity is Strength"    
Eg5.2 Korsten Action Committee 
Eg5.2.1 List of Committee Members and Volunteers    
Eg5.2.2 Special Conference, 13 Mar.1955    
Eg5.2.3 "Opening Speech"    
Eg5.2.4 Notice    
Eg5.3 Cape Town Meetings    
 Transcripts. 31 Oct.19954-11 Dec.1955 
Eg5.4 Western Action Council 
Eg5.4.1 Correspondence, 5 Aug.1954-17 Sep.1955    
Eg5.4.2 Conference, 15 Aug.1954 
Eg5.4.2.1 Agenda    
Eg5.4.2.2 Chairman's Report. 2 Copies    
Eg5.4.3 The Congressman    
 Bulletin of the Cape Western C.O.P. 
Eg5.4.4 "Plan for Preparing the Journey for our Freedom Delegates"    
Eg5.4.5 Speech    
 Re: Election of Delegates, C.O.P., Freedom Charter, etc. 
Eg5.4.6 Secretary's Report    
 Re: Signature Campaign 
Eg5.4.7 Notices    
Eg5.4.8 Miscellaneous    
Eg5.5 Western Consultative Committee 
Eg5.5.1 Correspondence, 2-29 Sep.1955 (missing)    
Eg5.5.2 "Report on the C.O.P."    
Eg5.5.3 Miscellaneous    
 BOX 22 
Eg6 Regional Branch: Natal 
Eg6.1 Action Committee 
Eg6.1.1 Meetings 
Eg6.1.1.1 Mayville Action Committee. Copies    
Eg6.1.1.2 First Natal Conference of C.O.P. Copies    
 Opening Address by Chief Lutuli, 5 Sep.1954 Copies 
Eg6.1.1.3 Plan of Meetings. Copies    
Eg6.1.2 Finance 
Eg6.1.2.1 Statement re: Transport of Delegates to the C.O.P. Copies    
Eg6.1.2.2 Statement re: Income and Expenditure Aug.1954-16 May 1955. Copies    
Eg6.1.3 Correspondence. Originals and Copies, 25 Aug.1954-14 Jun.1955    
Eg6.1.4 Press Statements    
 Re: First Natal Conference of the C.O.P., C.O.P. Campaign, 
 Volunteers and the C.O.D. 5 Items 
Eg6.1.5 Source Material Originals and Copies 
Eg6.1.5.1 "Let us speak of Freedom"    
Eg6.1.5.2 Volunteer's Card    
Eg6.1.5.3 C.O.P. Bulletin, 15 Sep.1954    
Eg6.1.5.4 Volunteer Enrolment Forms    
Eg6.1.6 Miscellaneous    
Eg6.2 Natal Consultative Committee 
Eg6.2.1 Meeting, 7 Aug.1955(?)    
Eg6.2.2 Correspondence, 13 Nov.1956, 1 Dec.1956    
Eg6.3 Natal Midlands 
Eg6.3.1 Meetings    
 Transcripts, 5 Dec.1954, 12 Jun.1955 
Eg6.4 Midlands Regional Committee 
Eg6.4.1 Correspondence, 16 Jan.1953-31 Aug.1955    
Eg6.4.2 C.O.P. News    
 Official Organ of the Midlands Regional Committee of the C.O.P., Vol.1, No.1 
Eg6.4.3 Source Material 
Eg6.4.3.1 "A Call to the People of the Natal Midlands"    
Eg6.4.3.2 Notice    
Eg6.4.3.3 "If you could make the Laws"    
Eg6.4.4 Volunteer Board 
Eg6.4.4.1 Press Statement    
 Re: Volunteers 
Eg6.4.4.2 Volunteer Card    
Eg6.4.4.3 Correspondence, 30 May 1955    
Eg6.4.4.4 Charles Robert Swart    
 BOX 23 
Eg7 Regional Branch: Transvaal 
Eg7.1 Transvaal Action Council 
Eg7.1.1 Meetings. Originals 
Eg7.1.1.1 Transvaal Action Council. Originals, 1-15 Mar.1955    
Eg7.1.1.2 Correspondence. Originals and Copies, 18 Aug.1954-23 May 1955    
Eg7.1.3 Source Material    
 "Plan of Campaign" Originals and Copies 
Eg7.2 The Consultative Committee 
Eg7.2.1 Meeting, 26 Nov.1956. Copies    
Eg7.2.2 Correspondence, 24 Oct.1955-29 Nov.1956    
Eg7.2.3 Forward to Freedom    
 Bulletin of the Transvaal Consultative Committee of the ANC, TIC, SALPO and COD, 27 Nov.1954-18 May 1956. Originals and Copies 
Eg7.2.4 Source Material    
 Notices, Charter Signatures 
Eg7.3 Meetings, Johannesburg    
 Transcripts, 25 Jul.1954-26 Jun.1956 
Eg7.4 The Provincial Committee. Originals and Copies 
Eg7.4.1 Meetings, 25 Jan.1955-24 May 1955. Originals and Copies    
Eg7.4.2 Correspondence, 9 Nov.1954-26 Jul.1955    
Eg7.4.3 Source Material. Originals and Copies 
Eg7.4.3.1 Transvaal Provincial Committee C.O.P. Conference 25 Jul.1954:    
 Agenda, Draft Resolution and Forward to Freedom Article (Aug.1954) 
Eg7.4.3.2 "Draft Report on the C.O.P."    
Eg7.4.3.3 "The Plan of Work for the C.O.P."    
Eg7.4.3.4 "Report on the C.O.P."    
Eg7.4.3.5 "Report of Mr David Mahopo to the Provincial Secretary of the C.O.P."    
Eg7.4.3.6 Lists of Names and Places re: C.O.P.    
Eg7.5 The Volunteer Board 
Eg7.5.1 Meetings, 26 Aug.1954-25 Sep.1954. Copies    
Eg7.5.2 Reports    
 "Orlando Unit" and Volunteers to Zeerust, Groot Marico, Rustenburg, Doornfontein, 24 Oct.1954 
Eg7.5.3 Source Material    
 Application for Enrolment. Copy 
Eg7.6 Transvaal West Region 
Eg7.6.1 Meeting    
 Executive, 23 May 1955. Copy 
Eg7.6.2 Source Material    
 "Donation". Copy 
Eg7.7 Johannesburg Regional Committee 
Eg7.7.1 Meeting, 6 Apr.1955. Copy    
Eg7.7.2 Speakers' Notes    
 Sydenham Branch, 21 Oct.1954. Original 
 BOX 24 
Eh1 African Education Movement 
Eh1.1 Constitution, 10 Apr.1955    
Eh1.2 A.E.M. News    
 Official Organ of the African Education Movement, Jul-Nov.1956. Copies 
Eh2 Left Club    
 Annual Report, Mar.1946. Copy 
Eh3 S.A. Federation of Cultural Organisations    
 Constitution. Copy 
Ej1 Education League Source Material    
 "The Background to the Bantu Education Bill and the Future of Bantu Education", 18 Sep.1953. Copy 
Ej2 People's College Pamphlet    
 Source Material. "Why Socialism?" by I. Chegk 
Ej3 Progressive Forum    
 Source Material. "Human Culture and Bantu Education" 
Ek1 Meetings 
Ek1.1 Executive Committee, 1956. 3 Copies    
Ek1.2 Committee, 19-25 Sep.1956. 2 Copies    
Ek1.3 E.P.T.C. and Evaton Passenger Service (E.P.S), 7 Feb.1956. Copy    
Ek1.4 Public, 8 Jul.1956. Copy    
Ek2 Source Material 
Ek2.1 Bulletin    
 Evaton Boycott Bulletin Nos.1-2 and Supplement. Copies 
Ek2.2 Notes    
 Re: Bus Boycott, Rise of Unions and the Transport Crisis in the Townships. Copy 
Ek2.3 Correspondence, 14 Nov.1955. Copies    
 BOX 25 
El1 All-in-One Group Areas Conference 
 Convened by the T.I.C., 25-26 Aug.1956 
El1.1 Agenda Book, 25-26 Aug.1956. Copy    
El1.2 Message from Dr. G.M. Naicker, 25-26 Aug.1956.Copy    
El1.3 Source Material 
El1.3.1 Press Statement. Copy    
El1.3.2 Notes re Youth, Group Areas Alt. Copies    
El1.3.3 Notice, 20 May 1955. Copy    
El2 Civil Vigilance Committee, Johannesburg    
 Notice, 19 Nov.1956. Copy 
El3 Conference on Group Areas Act 
 Convened by N.I.C. 5-6 May 1956 
El3.1 Conference Papers. Copies    
 Opening address by Mr Leo Lovell (M.P.) 
 "Some Aspects of the Apartheid Union Land Laws and Policy as Affecting Africans" by A.J. Lutuli, 5-6 May 1956 
 "The Group Areas Act and its Effects on the Indian People" by Dr. G.M. Naicker 
 "The Implications of the Group Areas Act for Indian Education" by Dr. S. Cooppan 
 "The Group Areas Act as a European Democrat sees it" by Mrs J. Arenstein 
El3.1.1 Annexures "A" to "D"    
El3.1.2 Draft Resolutions    
El3.2 Correspondence including Agenda for Above, 1 May 1956. Copies    
El3.3 Notice, 2 Dec.1956. Copies    
El3.4 Discussion Notes    
 "Genesis of Apartheid" (Submitted by T.I.C.) and "The Western Areas Scheme". Copies 
El3.5 Miscellaneous    
 "Headings of Draft Memo to U.N." Copies 
El4 Johannesburg Western Areas Anti-Group Joint Commission 
El4.1 Resolutions passed at a Conference, 14 Oct.1956. Copies    
El4.2 Collection List    
 Anti-Gas Campaign. Copies 
El4.3 Source Material 
El4.3.1 Notices. Copies    
El4.3.2 Pamphlet "Displaced Persons". Copies    
El5 Mass Anti-Removal Conference    
 Convened by ANC and TIC, 28 Jun.1953 
 Draft Resolution 
El6 The Resist Apartheid Committee    
 Pamphlet "We shall not Move" 
El7 Western Areas Protest Committee 
El7.1 Meeting, 14 Aug.1954. Guest Speaker: Father Huddleston    
El7.2 Correspondence, 12 Mar.1954. Kensington Western Areas Protest Committee    
El7.3 Source Material 
El7.3.1 Pamphlet "Mr Dado's Appeal"    
El7.3.2 Application Form. Copies    
El7.3.3 Petition Form. Copies    
 BOX 26 
Em1 Natal Indian Congress 
Em1.1 Constitution . Copy    
Em1.2 Annual Conferences 
Em1.2.1 21-22 Feb.1953. Copy    
Em1.2.2 5-7 Feb.1954    
Em1.2.3 25-27 Mar.1955    
Em1.2.4 22-24 Jun.1956    
 BOX 27 
Em1.3 Special Conference Resolutions 
Em1.3.1 Anti-Bantu Education. Copy    
Em1.3.2 "Passport Regulations Bill". Copy    
Em1.3.3 "Banning and Police State". Copy    
Em1.3.4 "Group Areas in Johannesburg". Copy    
Em1.3.5 Afro-Asian Conference. Copy    
Em1.4 Committee Meetings 
Em1.4.1 Executive (Special)    
 Re: Reception for Indian High Commissioner in S.A.. Copy 
Em1.4.2 Working, 21 Nov.1954, 19 Aug.1956. Copies    
Em1.4.3 Vigilance. Formation and Inauguration, May-Jun-1956. Copies    
Em1.4.4 Organising Sub-Committee, 4 Aug.-30 Sep.1956    
Em1.4.5 Merebank Branch Meetings, 31 Jul.1955-22 Jul-1956    
Em1.5 Reports on N.I.C. Organisation. 3 Copies    
Em1.6 Correspondence, 17 Dec.1952-1 Nov.1956. Copies    
Em1.7 Source Material 
Em1.7.1 N.I.C. News    
 Organisation Bulletin of the N.I.C., 15 Apr.1953-20 May 1954. Copies 
Em1.7.2 Congress Branch News    
 N.I.C. Branch Bulletin. 2 Copies 
Em1.7.3 Flash    
 Issued by the ANC (Natal) and the N.I.C., 16 Jul.1952, 16 Jan.1953-?. 2 Copies 
Em1.7.4 "Tales of Bhoola". Issued by D.A. Seedat, 6 Feb.1954. Copy    
 "Zenana" by A.I. Bhoola, 20 Jan.1954. Copy 
Em1.7.5 Press Statements. 2 Copies    
Em1.7.6 Statement. "Your Legal Right when questioned by the Police". Copy    
Em1.7.7 Meeting Notices. 8 Copies    
Em1.7.8 Miscellaneous. 3 Copies    
Em2 Natal Indian Youth Congress 
Em2.1 Meeting, 27 Feb.1955. Transcript: NIYC and ANC Youth League    
Em2.2 Correspondence, 21 Sep.1955-22 Apr.1956    
 BOX 28 
Em3 South African Indian Congress 
Em3.1 Conferences 
Em3.1.1 Twenty First Conference, 9-11 Jul.1954. Opened by A.J. Lutuli. Original    
Em3.1.2 Twenty-Second " , 19-21 Oct.1956 Opened by A.J. Lutuli. Original    
Em3.2 Executive Meeting, 2 May 1955. Copy    
Em3.3 Correspondence, 9 Mar.1954-15 Oct.1956. Copy    
Em3.4 Statement of Accounts, 1954-1956. Copy    
Em3.5 Source Material 
Em3.5.1 "The Immigrants Regulation Amendment Bill"    
Em3.5.2 High Commissioner for India in S.A. Information Service    
Em3.5.3 Press Releases    
Em4 S.A.Indian Youth Congress    
 "Listen Young Friend" 
 BOX 29 
Em5 Transvaal Indian Congress 
Em5.1 Executive Committee Meetings, 9 May 1954-15 Nov.1955. Copies    
Em5.2 Working Committee Meeting, 13 Sep.1953. Copies    
Em5.3 Source Material 
Em5.3.1 Resolution of Conference on Group Areas, 25-26 Aug.1956. Copies    
Em5.3.2 "Congress of the People". Copies    
Em5.3.3 "The Great Threat to the Country is to be Found ... ". Copies    
Em5.3.4 Police Observation of a Meeting, 1 Apr.1956. Copies    
Em5.3.5 "T.I.O. Out to Harm Indian Cause". Copies    
Em5.3.6 "Vote for Dadoo Policy". Copies    
Em5.3.7 "Calling Indian Tenants". Copies    
Em5.3.8 Notice, Aug.1956. "All-In Conference on the Group Areas Act" (See 5.3.1). Copies    
Em5.3.9 Congress News, 20 Aug.1955. Issued by the T.I.C. Copies    
Em5.3.10 "T.I.C. Warns the Indian People of the Dangers of the Population Registration Act". Copies    
Em5.4 Correspondence, 9 Jul.1953-11 Nov.1956    
Em6 Transvaal Indian Congress 
Em6.1 Meetings 
Em6.1.1 Tenth Annual General Meeting, 15 May 1955    
Em6.1.2 Eleventh Annual General Meeting, 17 Jun.1956    
Em6.1.3 Executive, 13 Dec.1954    
Em6.2 Correspondence, 7 Dec.1954-2 Oct.1956.    
 Correspondents include: Women's International Democratic Federation, Government of Iran, ANCYL, SACOD, S.A. Peace Council, SACPO, etc. 
Em6.3 Source Material 
Em6.3.1 "Paper on the Reorganisation of the TIUC"    
Em6.3.2 "Resolutions" re: Culture, Paul Robeson, People's Republic of China, Egypt (Suez Canal), Indian housing    
Em6.3.3 Press Releases    
 Re: Cultural boycott, World Peace, People's Republic of China, Egypt, German Federal Republic, 10th Annual General Meeting. Copies 
Em6.3.4 Statement. 1 Copy    
Em6.3.5 Messages to F.S.A.W., May Day Celebrations, World Youth Day. Copies    
Em6.3.6 Notices    
Em6.3.7 Miscellaneous    
Em6.4 New Youth, Jul.1954-Oct.1956. Official Organ of the TIYC    
 BOX 30 
En1 All-In African Conference 
En1.1 Notices, Nov, Dec.,1956. Re: Group Areas Act and Urban Areas Act    
En1.2 Statement, 4-6 Oct.1956    
 "The Statement by the All-In African Conference" (From SACTU) 
En2 S.A. Fellowship of Reconciliation Message    
 For the Peace Council Newsletter 
Eo1 Joint Action Committee of ANC and NIC    
 Correspondence, 3 May 1955 
Eo2 Joint Congress Committee 
 Cape Western Region (See Also: COP Eg5.4-5.5) 
Eo2.1 Meetings, 12 Sep.1955    
Eo2.2 Correspondence, 15 Jul.-20 Sep.1955    
Eo2.3 Source Material    
 Notices, Um Qulu Wen Kululeko 
Eo3 Joint Executive ANC, SAIC, SACOD AND SACPO 
Eo3.1 Meetings 
Eo3.1.1 Report to the National Executive Committee of the Annual National Conference, Apr.1956    
Eo3.1.2 Minutes of the Joint Executive, Jun.1955    
Eo3.1.3 Report of the Cape Sponsoring Organisations to the Joint Executive, 16-18 Oct.1954. (See Also: COP Eg1.1)    
Eo3.1.4.1 Report of the National Action Committee (N.A.C.) of the C.O.P. to the Joint Executive, Jul.1955. Copies    
Eo3.1.4.2 Report of the NAC to the Joint Executive (See Also: C.O.P.Eg1.2). Copies    
Eo3.1.5 Report of the National Consultative Committee to the Joint Executive (See Also: C.O.P.), Jul.1955    
Eo3.2 Source Material 
Eo3.2.1 Appeal to Sign for World Peace. Issued by ANC, SAIC, SACOD and SACPO    
Eo3.2.2 "Solidarity with Mathiny" Petition    
Eo3.2.3 Solidarity with Egypt    
Eo3.2.4 "The Treason Arrests"    
Eo3.2.5 Pamphlet    
 "No to War! Yes - to Freedom". Issued by ANC, SAIC, SACPO, SACOD and SACTU 
Eo3.2.6 Notices    
 "The Imperialists must Quit Egypt" and "Stop the War in Egypt" 
 "Let's Go Forward to Freedom" and "Spread the Freedom Charter" 
Eo3.2.7 Notice    
 Delegates' Meeting, 27 Jul.1955 
Eo3.3 Correspondence (Miscellaneous)    
Eo4 National Consultative Committee of ANC, SAIC, SACOD and SACPO(N.C.C.) 
Eo4.1 Meetings, 22 Sep.1955-21-Nov.1956    
Eo4.2 Correspondence, 14 Jul.1955-3 Dec.1956    
Eo4.3 Source Material 
Eo4.3.1 "Memorandum on Anti-Pass Campaign", 25 Oct.1956. Original    
Eo4.3.2 "Report of N.C.C. on the Struggle against Passes". Original    
Eo4.3.3 "The N.C.C. - It's Role". Copy    
Eo4.3.4 "The Congress of the People". Original    
Eo4.3.5 "We Call the People of S.A.". Original    
Eo5 National Day of Protest Co-ordinating Committee    
 Statements re: Status of Africa. 2 Copies 
Eo6 National Executive of ANC, SAIC, SACOD and SACPO 
Eo6.1 Meeting of Preparatory Committee for C.O.P., 21 Mar.1954. Original    
Eo6.2 Correspondence, 1 Mar.1954. Original    
 BOX 31 
Ep1 Advance    
 Correspondence, Ju.-Jul.1953. 3 Copies 
Ep2 Africa Bulletin, Vol.1, No.1, Sep.1954. 1 Copy    
Ep3 The Call, No.1 and No.1 Special, Feb.-May 1955. 3 Copies    
Ep4 The Citizen, Vol.1, No.2, 27 Aug.1956. 1 Copy    
Ep5 Isizwe, Vol.1, Nos.1-3; Unnumbered, Jul.1955-Mar.1956. 5 Copies    
Ep6 Liberation, Nos.1-2, Feb.-Apr.1953. 2 Copies    
 Correspondence. Copy 
Ep7 New Age 
Ep7.1 New Age, Vol.1, No.35, 23 Jun.1955. Original    
Ep7.2 Correspondence, 30 Nov.1953-7 May 1956. Copies    
Ep7.3 Source Material    
 Name Lists. Copies 
Ep8 Reasoner, No.2, Sep.1956. 1 Copy    
Ep9 Fighting Talk, Vol.10, No.9; Vol.11, Nos.1, 3, 4, Oct.1954-Jun.1955 4 Originals    
 See Also: 
 Ef3.5 Counter Attack, Nov.1953-Nov.1956 
 Ef3.7 Young Democrats 
 Eg2.3.3 Speaking Together, Aug.1954-Jan.1955 
 Eg7.2.3 Forward to Freedom, Nov.1954-May 1956 
 Em1.7.1 NIC News, Apr.1953-May 1954 
 Em1.7.3 Flash 
 Em6.4 New Youth, Jul.1954-Oct.1956 
 En1.2 A.E.M. News, Jul-Nov.1956 
 Eq7.4 South Africans for Peace, Apr.1953-Oct.1954 
 Ev2.1 Viewpoints and Perspectives, Mar.1953-Feb.1954 
 Ew Morning Star, Mar.-Dec.1956 
 Ew2.3.1 For Peace and Friendship, Jul.1952-Nov.1957 
 Ew3.1 Textile Unity, May 1953-Oct.1954 
 Ew8 The Tin Worker, Mar.1953 
 Ez3 New Views, Jan.1953 
 Ez5.2.2 Youth Festival Bulletin 
 BOX 32 
Eq1 Cape Town Peace Conference, 14 Oct.1956 
Eq1.1 Agenda. Copies    
Eq1.2 Statement to be Adopted. Copies    
Eq1.3 Resolutions. Copies    
Eq1.4 Correspondence re Convention. Copies    
Eq2 Cape Town Peace Council 
Eq2.1 Correspondence, 9 Jun-1953-26 Nov.1956. Copies    
Eq2.2 Draft Constitution. Copies    
Eq3 Durban Peace Council 
Eq3.1 Correspondence, 24 Jun.1953-13 Aug.1955. Copies    
Eq3.2 Source Material    
 Press Statement. Copies 
Eq4 Natal Peace Council 
Eq4.1 Executive Meeting, 27 Feb.1954, 27 Nov.1954    
Eq4.2 Report on Activities Submitted to the Second Annual Conference. Copies    
Eq4.3 Correspondence. Copies    
Eq4.4 Source Material 
Eq4.4.1 "Names of Prominent Individuals and Organisations for Invitations". Copies    
Eq4.4.2 Message to Natal Indian Youth Congress. Copies    
Eq5 National Peace Convention Preparatory Committee, 1956 
Eq5.1 Meetings, 22 Jul.1953, 5 Aug.1953. Copies    
Eq5.2 Agenda, 27-28 Oct.1956    
Eq5.3 Address by A.J. Lutuli to the Convention. Copies    
Eq5.4 Message from F.S.A.W. to the Convention. Copies    
Eq5.5 Correspondence re Convention. Copies    
Eq5.6 Source Material. Copies 
Eq5.6.1 Press Statement. Copies    
Eq5.6.2 "A New Wind Arising". Copies    
Eq5.6.3 Notice. Copies    
Eq5.6.4 List of Sponsors, 2 Oct.1956. Copies    
Eq6 Pietermaritzburg Peace Committee    
 Speakers' Notes. Copies 
Eq7 South African Peace Council (S.A.P.C.) 
Eq7.1 Meetings. Copies 
Eq7.1.1 Executive (?), 28 Nov.1953, 12 Jan.1954    
Eq7.1.2 Secretariat. Copies    
Eq7.1.3 Organising Committee, 28 Apr-15 Jun.1953. Copies    
Eq7.2 Policy Statements. Copies 
Eq7.2.1 Draft Constitution. Copies    
Eq7.2.2 "Problems of Organisation". Copies    
Eq7.2.3 "The Peace Movement in S.A.". Copies    
Eq7.3 First National S.A. Peace Congress, 22-23 Aug.1953 
 (See Eq5 for 1956 Convention) from South Africans for Peace (?) 
Eq7.3.1 Report. Copies    
Eq7.3.2 Report, 9 Oct.1953. Copies    
Eq7.3.3 Draft Resolutions. Copies    
Eq7.3.4 Messages from A.J. Lutuli and Dr. G.M. Naicker. Copies    
Eq7.4 South Africans for Peace    
 Bulletin of the S.A.P.C., Dec.1950-May 1955. Originals and Copies 
Eq7.5 Source Material 
Eq7.5.1 Publication    
 South Africans in the Soviet Union. Articles by Walter Sisulu, Paul Joseph, Sam Kahn, Brian Bunting, Ouma Nokwe, Ruth First and Rev. D.C. Thompson, June 1955 (?) Original 
Eq7.5.2 Peace News. Issued by New South Wales (NSW) Peace Council, 29 Mar.1954. Copy    
Eq7.5.3 "The Peace Movement and the Congress of the People". Original    
Eq7.5.4 Declaration made by the Bureau of the World Council of Peace (WPC), 15 Sep.1954. Copy    
Eq7.5.5 Conference Notes re: Progress of S.A.P.C. during 1954. Original    
Eq7.5.6 Speech re: WPC. Copy    
Eq7.5.7 "Address to the Peoples" from W.P.C., Stockholm, 23 Nov.1954. Copy    
Eq7.5.8 Press Statement re: Geneva Agreement. Copy    
Eq7.5.9 Press Statement re: War in Egypt. Copy    
Eq7.5.10 Messages from T.I.C., N.I.Y.C., National Baking Industrial Union, Amalgamated Union of Building Trade Workers of S.A. to the Formation of the S.A.P.C., 1953 (?) Copy    
Eq7.5.11 "Draft Resolutions". Copy    
Eq7.5.12 "Africa for Peace". Copy    
Eq7.5.13 "Speech by the Dean of Canterbury". Original.    
Eq7.5.14 "European Security". Copy    
Eq7.5.15 "Festival at Warsaw". Copy    
Eq7.5.16 Account of Demonstration in London against German Rearmament. Copy    
Eq7.5.17 "Statement on German Re-Armament". Copy    
Eq7.5.18 "New Life in China" by Ruth First. Copy    
 "Comments on a Peoples Democracy - Poland" by Ruth First 
Eq7.5.19 Press Statement    
 "Geneva is a Beginning". Copy 
Eq7.5.20 "World Church Leaders on H-Bomb". Copy    
Eq7.5.21 Notes for an SAPC Meeting (?). Copy    
Eq7.5.22 "Statement by Prof. Bleksley on the Hydrogen Bomb". Copy    
Eq7.5.23 Speech "Prof. Bleksley on the Hydrogen Bomb", 21 Apr.1954. Copy    
Eq7.5.24 "Act Now to Save Peace". Original    
Eq7.5.25 "There is no Freedom without Peace". Original    
Eq7.5.26 Pamphlet: "Peace is within your Grasp", Aug.1953. Copy    
Eq7.5.27 Pamphlet: "China must be admitted to UNO". Copy    
Eq7.5.28 Pamphlet: "If this were your Child". Copy    
Eq7.5.29 Pamphlet: "German Rearmament. The People can Prevent It". Copy    
Eq7.5.30 Pamphlet: "The H-Bomb. We Want to Live!". Copy    
Eq7.5.31 "The Hydrogen Bomb will Dwarf the Effects of the Atomic Bomb ...". Copy    
Eq7.5.32 "Stop the War in Egypt!"    
Eq7.5.33 "Declaration of Peace" (World Pacifist Conference, Tokyo, 21 Apr.1954    
 and World Pacifist Conference, 18 Apr.1954). Copy 
Eq7.5.34 "There shall be Peace and Friendship!". Original    
Eq7.5.35 Appeal for Signatures for a Peaceful S.A.. Copy (missing)    
Eq7.5.36 Notice, 12 Jul.1953. Copy    
Eq7.5.37 Songs by Paul Robeson. Copy    
Eq7.5.38 Ballot Form. Copy    
Eq7.5.39 Representatives of Organisations on the Peace Council Committee. Copy    
Eq7.5.40 "The Call to Peace has been Endorsed by: (List of Names)". Copy    
Eq7.5.41 Open Letter to Minister of Internal Affairs    
Eq7.5.42 Appeal against the Preparation for Atomic War - Signatures and Blank Forms (2). Copies (56)    
 BOX 33 
Eq7.6 Correspondence with National and International Branches of the Peace Councils 
Eq7.6.1 20 Apr.-18 Dec.1953. Copies    
Eq7.6.2 15 Jan.-15 Dec.1954. Copies    
Eq7.6.3 11 Jan.-22 Mar.1955. Copies    
Eq7.6.4 19 Feb.-6 Dec.1956. Copies    
Eq7.6.5 Undated. Copies    
 BOX 34 
Eq8 Transvaal Peace Council (T.P.C.) 
Eq8.1 Meetings. Copies 
Eq8.1.1 Executive Committee, 28 Jun.-8 Aug.1955. Copies    
Eq8.1.2 Organising Committee, 15 Jul.1953. Copies    
Eq8.2 First Transvaal Conference, 28-29 Apr.1951. Copies    
Eq8.3 Correspondence, 10 Nov.-15 Feb.1956. Copies    
Eq8.4 Policy 
Eq8.4.1 Draft Rules for the T.P.C. Copies    
Eq8.4.2 Suggested Amendments    
Eq8.5 Source Material 
Eq8.5.1 Newsletter    
 Bulletin of the T.P.C., 25 May 1952 
Eq8.5.2 Draft Resolutions. Copies    
Eq8.5.3 Draft Resolution One. Copies    
Eq8.5.4 Annual Report on Activities during 1954. Copies    
Eq8.5.5 "Speakers Notes for Peace Workers on Postcard Campaign". Copies    
Eq8.5.6 "Bacteriological Warfare. Memorandum". Copy    
Eq8.5.7 "Could Peace cost so Much?". Copy    
Eq8.5.8 "A 10-Point Programme for Peace". Copy    
Eq8.5.9 "The Workers and Peace". Copy    
Eq8.5.10 Message to the Fourth World Festival of Peace and Students for Peace and Friendship (See EZ6.2.2). Copy    
Eq8.5.11 Speech by Rev. D.C. Thompson re: Union of S.A. Copy    
Eq8.5.12 To all Clergy, Ministers, Pastors and Leaders of all Religious Communities" from Rev. D.C. Thompson. Copy    
Eq8.5.13 Press Statement by Rev. D.C. Thompson, 21 May 1952. Copy    
Eq8.5.14 "Protest against Bannings". Petition Form. Copy    
Eq8.5.15 "Let's Fight - for Peace!" Pamphlet. Copy    
Eq8.5.16 Notices. Copy    
Eq8.5.17 Lists of Members and Addresses    
Eq9 World Congress of Peoples for Peace    
 Published by International Union of Students Press and Information Service, I.U.S., No.34 
 BOX 35 
Eq10 World Peace Council (W.P.C.) 
Eq10.1 Secretariat 
Eq10.1.1 Documentary Service, 1952- Jul.1956. Copies    
Eq10.1.2 Press Bulletins, 25 Jan.1954-23 Oct.1956. Copies    
Eq10.1.3 "Recommendations on Problems of Organisation", 30 Sep.1954. Copies    
Eq10.2 Bureau: Meetings, Sep.1953-Dec.1955. Copies    
Eq10.3 Sessions of the W.P.C. 
Eq10.3.1 Vienna, 1953. Copies    
Eq10.3.2 Berlin, 1954. Copies    
Eq10.3.3 Stockholm, 1954. Original    
 BOX 36 
Eq10.3.4 Stockholm, 1956. Copy    
Eq10.4 Correspondence, 20 Oct.1953-6 Jan.1956    
Eq10.5 Source Material 
Eq10.5.1 "National Liberation Struggles in Asia". Copy    
Eq10.5.2 "For the Establishment of Collective Peace and Security in Asia". Copy    
Eq10.5.3 "News from Bulgaria". Copy    
Eq10.5.4 "Report on the State of Czechoslovakian Women and Children". Copy    
Eq10.5.5 "Chechoslovak News Agency Information Bulletin", 4 Oct.1956. Copy    
Eq10.5.6 "Legation of the Republic of Egypt 'News from Egypt'", 15 Nov.1955. Copy    
Eq10.5.7 "The Situation in Hungary". Copy    
Eq10.5.8 "Labour Protection in the Rumanian People's Republic". Copy    
Eq10.5.9 Background    
 Bulletin of the W.P.C. (?), Jul.1956. Copy (1) 
Eq10.5.10 "Appeal against the Preparations for Atomic War", 19 Jan.1955. Copy    
Eq10.5.11 "British Youth say NO to a New German Army". Copy    
Eq10.5.12 Statements, 20 Oct., 28 Nov.1953. Copy    
Eq10.5.13 "A Message from the World Council of Peace to all Organisations and Personalities who desire a Relaxation of International Tension", 23-28 Nov.1953. Copy    
Eq10.5.14 List of Cultural Figures to be Celebrated in 1956. Copy    
Eq10.5.15 "Some Suggestions on the Celebration of the Cultural Anniversaries". Copy    
Eq10.5.16 "Peace will Prevail". Copy of "New Times" Editorial, 12 Mar.1955. Copy    
Eq10.5.17 "Riccardo Lombarie (Former Minister)". Copy    
Eq10.5.18 "World Protests mount over latest State Department Refusal of Robeson Passport". Copy    
Eq10.5.19 "A Great Danger Threatens the Peoples. The NATO Council has decided to use Atomic Weapons". Pamphlet. Original    
Eq10.5.20 "The N.A.T.O. Decisions to use Atomic Weapons as described in the British and American Press". Copy    
Eq10.5.21 "The World Assembly for Peace at Helsinki ... ", Jun.1955. Copy    
Eq10.5.22 "Appeal to the Peoples of Europe", 30 Mar.1954    
Eq10.5.23 S.A. Peace Movement    
Eq10.5.24 Re: Helsinki Assembly (See Eq10.5.21), 22 Jun.1955    
Eq10.5.25 "World War No.3?"    
 BOX 37 
Er1 Alwin Amnesty Committee    
 Correspondence. Copies 
Er2 Anti-Banning Committee Source Material    
 "This Act Means Fascism in South Africa". Pamphlet 
Er3 Let the People Speak Committee 
Er3.1 Meeting Transcriptions, 13 Dec.1953-7 Aug-1954. Original and Copy    
Er3.2 Notices. 5 Copies    
Es1 African Peasants Association    
Es2 Anti-Permit Committee 
Es2.1 Notice, 18 Nov.1956    
Es2.2 Minutes, 23 Apr.1956    
Es3 Mai Mai Beer Hall Riots    
Es4 Claremont Residents' Association Source Material    
 "Protest against Bus Apartheid" 
Es5 Democratic League of Cape Town 
Es5.1 Constitution    
Es5.2 Source Material    
 Pamphlet - "Rule by Sjambok" 
Es6 Natal Provincial Vigilance Committee 
Es6.1 Meetings 
Es6.1.1 Inaugural Meeting, 3 Jun.1956    
Es6.1.2 Executive, 12 Jun.1956    
Es6.2 Source Material 
Es6.2.1 "Specimen Propaganda"    
Es6.2.2 "Property Ownership in Ladysmith. Details"    
Es6.2.3 "Historical Survey of the Coming of Indians to Ladysmith ... " by Mr O.S. Asmal    
Es6.2.4 "The Problem of Penetration". Copies    
Es6.2.5 "Indian Business" (List)    
Es6.2.6 "Amenities". Copies    
Es6.2.7 "Indians in South Africa". Copies    
Es6.2.8 "Extracts from 'Conflict of Races in S.A.'" by P.S. Aiyar. Copies    
Es6.2.9 "The Great Threat to the Country is to be Found ... ". Copies    
Es6.2.10 Notice, 9 Sep.1956. Copies    
Es6.3 Correspondence, 30 Jun.-3 Oct.1956. Copies    
Es7 Peoples Defence Committee 
Es7.1 Meeting. Transcript, 9 Dec.1956. Copies    
Es7.2 Notice, 9 Dec.1956. Copies    
Es8 Worcester United Action Committee    
 Collection Lists. Copies 
Et1 S.A. Club-Forum Club Liaison Committee    
 Source Material. "Symposium on the National Question (What are the National Groups in SA?)", Jun.1954. Original 
 BOX 38 
Eu1 Springbok Legion 
Eu1.1 Executive Committee, 30 Sep.1953. Copy    
Eu1.2 National Conference    
 Chairman's Report, Resolution 1, Proposed Amendments to Constitution, 1953. Original and Copies 
Eu1.3 Correspondence, 15 Jun-16 Jul.1953    
Eu1.4 Source Material    
 "'O' Day for Democracy" Pamphlet 
Eu2 Fighting Talk Committee 
Eu2.1 Fighting Talk. Partial Copies and Supplement    
Eu2.2 Correspondence    
 Correspondents include: Natal Mercury, Minister of Justice, COD, 18 Nov.1953-1 Oct.1956 
Eu2.3 Business Matters, 17 Feb.-11 Aug.1955. Copies    
Eu2.4 Subscription Lists. Copies    
Ev1 Durban Study Circle 
Ev1.1.1 Source Material    
 "Lectures" by Dr H.J. Simons: 'Imperialism', 'Socialism Today', 'Colonial Policies and Nationalsims', 'War or Peace', 'Integration and Segregation in S.A.', 'Class and Race', 'National Liberation and Socialism' 
Ev1.1.2 "Notes on Lecturing"    
Ev1.1.3 "Capitalism"    
Ev1.1.4 An Introduction to the Historical Development of the ...Question in S.A."    
Ev1.1.5 "Notes for Lecturers. Elementary Course on Politics and Economics"    
Ev1.1.6 "Economics and Politics in S.A."    
Ev1.1.7 "Political Rights and the Political Parties"    
Ev1.1.8 "Race. Are Some People Inferior? What is 'White Civilisation?'"    
Ev1.1.9 "Capitalist's Democracy"    
Ev1.1.10 "Monopolies by Economist"    
Ev1.1.11 "Book Review. The Rosenberg Letters"    
Ev1.1.12 "The Struggle for Culture"    
Ev1.1.13 "Marxian, Liberal and Sociological Theories of Imperialism" from The Journal of Political Economy, Vol.39, No.6, Dec.1951    
Ev2 Johannesburg Discussion Club 
Ev2.1 Viewpoints and Perspectives, Mar.1953-Feb.1954. Original and Copies    
Ev2.2.1 Source Material    
Ev2.2.2 Commemoration of the Death of the Rosenbergs and "Animals Sick with Rabies" by Jean-Paul Sartre    
Ev2.2.3 "Nationalisms in South Africa" by L. Forman    
Ev3 Kensington Discussion Club    
 Source Material. Notices 
Ev4 Port Elizabeth Study Group 
Ev4.1 "Political Consciousness - Its Use and Abuse in S.A.", Sep.1950 (?). Copy    
 BOX 39 
Ew1 African Laundry, Cleaning and Dyeing Workers Union 
Ew1.1 Meetings    
 Annual General Members, 12 Mar.1955-22 Oct.1956. Copies 
Ew1.2 Bulletin of the Laundry Worker, Jul.1954. Copy    
Ew1.3 Miscellaneous. Copy    
Ew2 African Milling Workers Union    
 Correspondence, 20 Sep.1956. 1 Copy 
Ew3 African Textile Workers Industrial Union 
Ew3.1 Textile Unity    
 A Journal for Textile Workers, May 1953-Oct.1954. Copies 
Ew3.2 Source Material    
 Statement. Copy 
Ew4 Council of Non-European Trade Unions (CNETU) 
 Source Material 
Ew4.1 "Memorandum Presented to the Visiting British Trade Union Delegates, by CNETU (Transvaal), 14 Nov.1953. Copy    
Ew4.2 Notice. Copy    
Ew4.3 "The Native Labour (Settlement of Disputes Act)". Summary. Copy    
Ew5 Food and Canning Workers Union (FCWU) 
Ew5.1 Morning Star FCWU, Vol.2, No.3, Jul.1954. Copy    
Ew5.2 Correspondence, 22 Jun.1955    
Ew5.3 Source Material 
Ew5.3.1 Freedom Charter Demands    
Ew5.3.2 Stop Order    
Ew5.3.3 Christmas Card from Alexander    
Ew6 Non-European Trade Union Organising Committee    
 "South Africa's Slave Law" by M.P. Naicker. Source Material 
Ew7 South African Congress of Trade Unions (SACTU) 
Ew7.1 Meetings 
Ew7.1.1 Executive Committee, 17 Jul.1954-9-10 Jun.1956. Originals and Copies    
Ew7.1.2 Management Committee, 13 Apr.1955-1 Nov.1956. Originals and Copies    
Ew7.1.3 General - Transcripts, 8 Feb.-23 Sep.1956. Copies    
Ew7.1.4 Witwatersrand Local Committee, 19 Jul.1953 (?)-13 Oct.1956    
Ew7.1.5 Trade Union Co-ordination Committee, 1 Mar.1955 
Ew7.1.5.1 Opening Address at Conference, 5 Mar.1954    
Ew7.1.5.2 Memorandum on the Industrial Conciliation Bill, Mar.1955. Original and Copy    
Ew7.1.5.3 "Draft Resolution on Industrial Conciliation Act". Copy    
Ew7.1.5.4 "The Industrial Conciliation Act". Copy    
 BOX 40 
Ew7.2 National Conferences 
Ew7.2.1 Inaugural Conference, 1955. Copies    
Ew7.2.2 First Annual Conference, 1956. Copies    
Ew7.3 Constitution    
 Preamble, Constitution, Amendments, Local Committee By-Laws 
Ew7.4 Source Material 
Ew7.4.1 Lectures 
Ew7.4.1.1 "Course I - Trade Unionism". Copy    
Ew7.4.1.2 "Lecture I. Our Modern Society and How It Arose". Copy    
Ew7.4.1.3 "Lecture II. Relationship between Workers and their Union". Copy    
Ew7.4.1.4 "Lecture III. Short History of the International Trade Union Movement". Copy    
Ew7.4.1.5 "Lecture IV. Trade Unions as a Weapon in the Struggle of the Workers". Copy    
Ew7.4.1.6 "Lecture V. Trade Unions in the Struggle for Liberation in S.A.". Copy    
Ew7.4.1.7 "Lecture VI. How to Organise Unorganised Workers". Copy    
Ew7.4.1.8 "Lecture VII. The Problems of the .S.A Trade Union Movement". Original    
Ew7.4.1.9 "Lecture VIII. Workers' Solidarity". Copy    
Ew7.4.1.10 "Lecture IX. Relationship between Workers and their Union. Organisation at the Factory"    
Ew7.4.1.11 "Lecture V. Relationship between Workers and their Union". Copy    
Ew7.4.1.12 "Trade Union Movement". Copy    
Ew7.4.1.13 "Trade Unionism in South Africa. Original and Copy    
Ew7.4.1.14 General' "Marxism and the National and Colonial Question". Copies    
Ew7.4.1.15 "The Syllabus"    
 "The Campaign for the Freedom Charter" 
 BOX 41 
Ew7.4.2 Publications 
Ew7.4.2.1 Morning Star / Workers' Unity / Textile Unity    
 Workers Unity (Bulletin of SACTU), Vol.1, Nos.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8. Apr.-Dec.1955. 7 Originals 
 Morning Star/Workers Unity, Vol.3, No.10. 1 Original 
 Morning Star/Textile Unity, Vol.3, Nos, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, Apr.1956-Apr.1957. 8 Originals 
Ew7.4.2.2 The Workers Monthly, Vol.1, No.1, 11 Dec.1954. Copy    
Ew7.4.3 Statements    
 Resolutions/Press Statements. May 1955-Oct.1956. Originals and Copies 
Ew7.4.4 Individual Trade Unions    
 Information re: Railway Union, Toy Workers Strike, Engineering Workers, Durban Cigar Workers, African Metal and Engineering Workers, African Textile Workers' Industrial Union, Transvaal Non-European Iron, Steel and Metal Workers' Union, International Food, Tobacco and Hotel, Cafe and Restaurant Workers and Garment Workers Union. 
 Originals and Copies 
Ew7.4.5 Notices. Originals and Copies    
Ew7.4.6 Membership Lists. Originals and Copies    
Ew7.4.7 General and Miscellaneous 
Ew7.4.7.1 "The False Prophets". Originals and Copies    
Ew7.4.7.2 "May Day is our Day" from L. Levy and L. Massina. Originals and Copies    
Ew7.4.7.3 "To the General Secretary of SACTU". Originals and Copies    
Ew7.4.7.4 "South Africa Stands at the Crossroads of History"    
Ew7.4.7.5 "Talking C.O.P."    
Ew7.4.7.6 "The Workers and Education"    
Ew7.4.7.7 "The Training of T.U. Leaders". Copy    
Ew7.4.7.8 "The Question We, as Trade Unionists ... Have to Answer ... " by E.S. Sachs. Copy    
Ew7.4.7.9 "The Industrial Conciliation Amendment Act is Shortly ..." Copy    
Ew7.4.7.10 "War has been waged since the End of the Last World War ... " Copy    
Ew7.4.7.11 "The Senate Bill". Copy    
Ew7.4.7.12 "Leslie Masina - Gen.Sec. of SACTU". Copy    
Ew7.4.7.13 "Never Before has the Leadership of our Country been as Challenged ... " by Walter Sisulu (?). Copy    
Ew7.4.7.14 "Beware of the Trap". Copy    
Ew7.4.7.15 "Draft for a Pamphlet on the Native Labour Act". Copy    
Ew7.4.7.16 "The Trade Union Movement is Organised, First of All, ... ". Copy    
Ew7.4.7.17 "Dear Comrade as Early as 1945 ... ". Copy    
Ew7.4.7.18 "Fellow Worker - Be Wise". Copy    
Ew7.4.7.19 "A Person who makes a Table ... ". Copy    
Ew7.4.7.20 "On Thursday Evening, and Emergency Meeting was Convened, ... ". Copy    
Ew7.4.7.21 "The New World Unfolds ...". Copy    
Ew7.5 Correspondence    
 Affiliated Unions, 24 Mar.1955-30 Nov.1956. Originals and Copy 
 BOX 42 
Ew8 South African Tin Workers Union    
 The Tin Worker, Vol.1, No.6 Copy 
Ew9 S.A. Trades and Labour Council 
Ew9.1 Constitution. Copy    
Ew9.2 Inaugural Conference Agenda. Copy    
Ew9.3 Correspondence, 19 Jan.1955. 2 Copies    
Ew10 Transport Workers Union    
 Correspondence. 1 Copy 
Ew11 United May Day Committee 
Ew11.1 Notice, 1 May 1954. Copy    
Ew11.2 Correspondence, 13 Apr.1954. 2 Copies    
Ew12 United Tobacco Company    
 Source Material. 1 Copy 
Ew13 World Congress of Trade Unions    
 3rd World Trade Union Congress. Speeches by N.M. Shvernik and Alain Le Leas, 11 Oct.1953. Copies 
Ew14 World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) 
Ew14.1 Publications    
 World Trade Union News (Bulletin), Sep.1954-Jan.1956. Copies 
Ew14.2 Documents of the 11 International Conference of Workers of the Building, Wood and Building Materials Industries (of WFTU). Copy    
Ew14.3 Communique of the Conference of Information Bureau of Communist Parties    
Ew14.4 Correspondence, 19 Mar.1953-22 Jul.1955. Copy    
Ew14.5 Source Material    
 Communist/Marxist Literature Lists 
 "Statement of the Events in Kenya" 
 BOX 43 
Ex1 Society for Cultural Relations with the U.S.S.R 
 Source Material 
Ex1.1 "The Development of Living Processes in the Pre-Cellular Period". Copy    
Ex1.2 "Soviet Criminal Law and Procedure". Copy    
Ex2 S.A. Society for Peace and Friendship with the U.S.S.R SPFSU) 
Ex2.1 Meetings 
Ex2.1.1 General, 12 Nov.1955. Copy    
Ex2.1.2 Public - Transcripts, 9 Feb.1954, 4 Jul.1955, 6 Nov.1955, 7 Nov.1956. 5 Copies    
Ex2.2 Correspondence    
 Correspondents include: Rev. Thompson, "The Outspan", S.A.P.C., Minister of Justice, The Sunday Times, Molly Fischer, 1 Aug.1952-5 Dec.1956 
 BOX 44 
Ex2.3 Publications 
Ex2.3.1 For Peace and Friendship (Bulletin, Jul.1952-Nov.1957. Originals and Copies    
Ex2.3.2 The Soviet Union and Hungary (Information Bulletin), 17 Nov.1956. Originals and Copies    
Ex2.3.3 Hungary - Poland - USSR (Facts and Documents), Dec.1956. Originals and Copies    
Ex2.3.4 20 Questions Answered. Originals and Copies    
Ex2.3.5 The Stalin Cult. What the Soviet Leaders Say Originals and Copies    
Ex2.3.6 Malenkov, Kauanovich, Molotov. Why they had to go. Originals and Copies    
Ex2.3.7 Life is more Joyous" Report of a Visit to the Soviet Union by B. Bunting. Originals and Copies    
Ex2.3.8 South Africans in the Soviet Union Originals and Copies    
Ex2.4 Source Material 
Ex2.4.1 Information Notes 
Ex2.4.1.1 "General Information about the Soviet Union". Copy    
Ex2.4.1.2 "Some Aspects of Soviet Education". Copy    
Ex2.1.4.3 "S.A.-Soviet Relations". Copy    
Ex2.1.4.4 World Council of Churches. Lutheran World Federation. Circular. Copy    
Ex2.1.4.5 "Israel the Policeman of the Middle East". Copy    
Ex2.1.4.6 "Nationalism and Internationalism". Copy    
Ex2.1.4.7 "Declaration of the Soviet Union" Re Friendship with Socialist Countries. Copy    
Ex2.1.4.8 "Imperialism is Bankrupt". Copy    
Ex2.1.4.9 "Hungary". Copy    
Ex2.1.4.10 "Education in the Soviet Union is ... ". Copy    
Ex2.4.2 Statements 
Ex2.4.2.1 "Resolution on the Political Line of the SPFSU"    
Ex2.4.2.2 "Stop Press". Original    
Ex2.4.2.3 By D.C. Thompson, 23 Sep.1954. Copy    
Ex2.4.2.4 "On the Closing of the Soviet Consulate", 1 Feb.1956. Copy    
Ex2.4.2.5 Message from FPSU Chairman: D.C. Thompson    
Ex2.4.2.6 Press Statement re Police "Conduct at a Public Meeting" of SPFSU, 26 Aug.1954. Copy    
Ex2.4.2.7 Re Police Raids. Copy    
Ex2.4.3 Notices    
Ex2.4.4 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union    
Ex2.4.5 Resolutions of the 7th World Congress Communist International    
Ex2.4.6 Geneva Four-Power Conference, Jul.1955. Original    
Ex2.4.7 Memo for Defence    
 "Allegations against SPFSU" 
 "Character and History of Society" 
Ex2.4.8 Miscellaneous 
Ex2.4.8.1 "The Theory and Methodology of Communism" by J.D.Bochenski. Copy    
Ex2.4.8.2 Songs. Copy    
Ex2.4.8.3 Notes. Copy    
 BOX 45 
Ey1 Federation of S.A. Women (FSAW) 
Ey1.1 Meetings 
Ey1.1.1 National Executive Committee - Special Meeting, 7 Nov.1956. Copy    
Ey1.1.2 Working Committee, 10 Oct.1956. Copy    
Ey1.1.3 Public (Transcript), 29 May 1955    
Ey1.1.4 Cape Regional Conference, 19 Jun.1954. Copy    
Ey1.1.5 Local (?), 22 Sep.1956. Copy    
Ey1.1.6 Congress of Mothers (Transcript), 7 Aug.1955. Copy    
Ey1.2 Conferences 
Ey1.2.1 First National Conference    
 Report, 7 Apr.1956 
Ey1.2.2 Second National Conference 
 Report, 12 Aug.1956 
Ey1.2.2.1 Agenda    
Ey1.2.2.2 Minutes    
Ey1.2.2.3 Resolutions    
Ey1.2.3 Conference on Increased Rentals in Municipal Sub-Economic Housing Schemes, 14 Nov.1954. Copy    
Ey1.3 Constitution    
 Draft, Amendments (Proposed by Transvaal Region) 
Ey1.4 Source Material 
Ey1.4.1 Statements 
Ey1.4.1.1 "Children of South Africa"    
Ey1.4.1.2 "Statement for the Information of C.O.D. Members"    
Ey1.4.1.3 "The Demands of the Women of S.A. Presented by the Transvaal Region of PSAW". Copy    
Ey1.4.1.4 Press Statement    
Ey1.4.1.5 "Passes for Women are an Outrage". Copy    
Ey1.4.1.6 "Don't Stifle the Work of the Women's Federation. Copy    
Ey1.4.1.7 "The Demands of the Women of South Africa" (Freedom Charter). Copy    
Ey1.4.2 Notices. Copies    
Ey1.5 Correspondence    
 Correspondents include: TIYC, The Native Commissioner, ANCWE, FCWU, SA Liberal Party, SAIRR, ANC, 16 Mar.1954-28 Nov.1956 
 BOX 46 
Ey1.6 Miscellaneous. Copies    
Ey2 Women's International Democratic Federation (WIDF) 
Ey2.1 Constitution    
Ey2.2 Resolution on the Convening of the World Congress of Women, 20 Dec.1952. Copies    
Ey2.3 Correspondence, 23 Jun.1953-19 Oct.2954. Copies    
Ey2.4 Source Material 
Ey2.4.1 Special Information Bulletin, Mar.19    
Ey2.4.2 Information Bulletin, Aug.-Oct.1956. Copies    
Ey2.4.3 News in Brief, Nov.1952-Nov.1956    
Ey2.4.4 Bureau of the WIDF - Moscow, 2-4 Nov. 1955    
Ey2.5 Miscellaneous    
 BOX 47 
Ez1 Cape Youth Festival Committee    
 Correspondence. Copy 
Ez2 Colonial Youth Day 
 Organized by ANCYL (Tvl), TICYL, COD Youth, SALPO Youth 
Ez2.1 Meeting    
 Public (Transcript). Copy 
Ez2.2.Aa Correspondence. Copy    
Ez2.2.1 Notices    
Ez2.3 Source Material 
Ez2.3.1 Notices. Copies    
Ez2.3.2 Statement    
 Resolution, 21 Feb.1955. Copy 
Ez3 Modern Youth Society, Cape Town    
 Source Material. New Views, Vol.2, No.1, Jan.1953. Copy 
Ez4 Transvaal Youth Action Committee    
 Correspondence, 3 Feb.1956. Copy 
Ez5 Transvaal Youth Festival Committee 
Ez5.1 Correspondence, 20 Mar.1954. Copy    
Ez5.2 Source Material 
Ez5.2.1 Notice, 13 Nov.1955. Copy    
Ez5.2.2 Youth Festival Bulletin    
Ez5.2.3 "Topical Song Book". Copy    
Ez6 World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) 
Ez6.1 Council of WFDY in Peking, Aug.1954. Copy    
Ez6.2 Congresses and Festivals 
Ez6.2.1 3rd World Congress, 1953. Copy    
Ez6.2.2 4th World Festival, 1953. Copy    
Ez6.2.3 5th World Festival, 1955. Copy    
Ez6.2.4 6th World Festival, 1957. Copy    
Ez6.3 Correspondence    
 Correspondents include: Transvaal Peace Council, NIYC, TIYC, 15 Jun.1953-27 Dec.1955. Copies 
 BOX 48 
Ez6.4 Publications 
Ez6.4.1 Information Service, Nov.1953-Sep.1956    
Ez6.4.2 Rural Youth (Bulletin of the Rights of Youth Commission of WFDY). Copy    
Ez6.4.3 Bulletin of Information of the Italian Initiative Committee. Copy    
Ez6.4.4 World Youth Affairs (Issued by TIYC). Copy    
Ez6.5 Source Material 
Ez6.5.1 Press Communiques, 1953/54. Copies    
Ez6.5.2 Messages. Copies    
Ez6.6 Miscellaneous. Copies    
Ez7 Youth Action Committee 
Ez7.1 Constitution. Copy    
Ez7.2 Youth Action Council Sub-Committee on Methods for Initiating a Progressive Youth Movement in S.A.    
Ez7.3 Youth Conference Proposals. Copies    
Ez7.4 Correspondence, 2 Sep.1954-29 Oct.1955. Copies    
 BOX 49 
EMISC1 Cheesa Cheesa Army    
 Correspondence. Correspondents: Dr G.B.A. Gerdener, Mr Jansen, Secretary to Native Advisory Board, 1954. Copies 
EMISC2 Huddleston, T. Fr. 
EMISC2.1 Farewell Meeting (Transcript), 25 Feb.1956. Copies    
EMISC2.2 Farewell Speech. Copies    
EMISC2.3 Death of a School. Copies    
EMISC3 United Kingdom Information Office    
 Commentary from Britain. Soviet Imperialism. Copy 
EMISC4 C.I.H.S. News    
 A Scholar's Independent Fortnightly", Vol.1, No.2, 12 Mar.1956 
EMISC5 Meeting held under the Auspices of the Interdenominational African Ministers Federation (I.A.M.F.). Bound volume    
 See En 
EMISC6 "LYS 'B'"    
 List of Items confiscated from Dr A.E. Letele 
COURT RECORDS (Continued from A) 
 Box 24 
F1 Vol. 1-3 pp. 1-600 3-11 Aug.1959 
F1.Vol1 Volume 1    
F1.Vol2 Volume 2    
F1.Vol3 Volume 3    
 Box 25 
F2 Vol. 4-6 pp. 601-1200 11-18 Aug.1959 
F2.Vol4 Volume 4    
F2.Vol5 Volume 5    
F2.Vol6 Volume 6    
 Box 26 
F3 Vol. 7-9 pp. 1201-1800 18-27 Aug.1959 
F3.Vol7 Volume 7    
F3.Vol8 Volume 8    
F3.Vol9 Volume 9    
 Box 27 
F4 Vol. 10-12 pp. 1801-2400 27 Aug.-3 Sep.1959 
F4.Vol10 Volume 10    
F4.Vol11 Volume 11    
F4.Vol12 Volume 12    
 Box 28 
F5 Vol. 13-15 pp. 2401-3000 3-15 Sep.1959 
F5.Vol13 Volume 13    
F5.Vol14 Volume 14    
F5.Vol15 Volume 15    
 Box 29 
F6 Vol. 16-18 pp. 3001-3600 15-23 Sep.1959 
F6.Vol16 Volume 16    
F6.Vol17 Volume 17    
F6.Vol18 Volume 18    
 Box 30 
F7 Vol. 19-21 pp. 3601-4200 23 Sep.-1 Oct.1959 
F7.Vol19 Volume 19    
F7.Vol20 Volume 20    
F7.Vol21 Volume 21    
 Box 31 
F8 Vol. 22-24 pp. 4201-4800 1-12 Oct.1959 
F8.Vol22 Volume 22    
F8.Vol23 Volume 23    
F8.Vol24 Volume 24    
 Box 32 
F9 Vol. 25-27 pp. 4801-5400 12-26 Oct.1959 
F9.Vol25 Volume 25    
F9.Vol26 Volume 26    
F9.Vol27 Volume 27    
 Box 33 
F10 Vol. 30, 33, 34 pp. 5801-6000 pp. 6401-6800 3-5, 11-23 Nov.1959 
 [Vol. 28, 29, 31, 32 Missing] 
F10.Vol30 Volume 30    
F10.Vol33 Volume 33    
F10.Vol34 Volume 34    
 Box 34 
F11 Vol. 35-37 pp. 6801-7396 23-24 Nov.1959 
F11.Vol35 Volume 35    
F11.Vol36 Volume 36    
F11.Vol37 Volume 37    
 Box 35 
F12 Vol. 38-40 pp. 7401-8000 18-21 Jna.1960 
F12.Vol38 Volume 38    
F12.Vol39 Volume 39    
F12.Vol40 Volume 40    
 Box 36 
F13 Vol. 41-43 pp. 8001-8700 25 Jan.-4 Feb.1960 
F13.Vol41 Volume 41    
F13.Vol42 Volume 42    
F13.Vol43 Volume 43    
 Box 37 
F14 Vol. 44-46 pp. 8701-9300 4-10 Feb.1960 
F14.Vol44 Volume 44    
F14.Vol45 Volume 45    
F14.Vol46 Volume 46    
 Box 38 
F15 Vol. 47-49 pp. 9301-9900 10-25 Feb.1960 
F15.Vol47 Volume 47    
F15.Vol48 Volume 48    
F15.Vol49 Volume 49    
 Box 39 
F16 Vol. 50-52 pp. 9901-10500 25 Feb.-7 Mar.1960 
F16.Vol50 Volume 50    
F16.Vol51 Volume 51    
F16.Vol52 Volume 52    
 Box 40 
F17 Vol. 53-55 pp. 10501-11100 7-16 Mar.1960 
 Dr Conco pp.10851- 
F17.Vol53 Volume 53    
F17.Vol54 Volume 54    
F17.Vol55 Volume 55    
 Box 41 
F18 Vol. 56-58 pp. 11101-11700 16-24 Mar.1960 
 Dr Conco to p. 11404 
 A.J. Lutuli p. 11405- 
F18.Vol56 Volume 56    
F18.Vol57 Volume 57    
F18.Vol58 Volume 58    
 Box 42 
F19 Vol. 59-61 pp. 11701-13200 24 Mar.-3 May 1960 
F19.Vol59 Volume 59    
F19.Vol60 Volume 60    
F19.Vol61 Volume 61    
 Box 43 
F20 Vol. 62-64 pp. 13201-13800 3-24 May 1960 
F20.Vol62 Volume 62    
F20.Vol63 Volume 63    
F20.Vol64 Volume 64    
 Box 44 
F21 Vol. 65-67 pp. 13801-14400 25 May-13 Jun.1960 
 A.J. Lutuli to p. 13911 
 H. Joseph pp. 13911- 
F21.Vol65 Volume 65    
F21.Vol66 Volume 66    
F21.Vol67 Volume 67    
 Box 45 
F22 Vol. 68-70 pp. 14401-15000 13-23 Jun.1960 
 H. Joseph to p.14888 
 I.A. Cachalia pp. 14889- 
F22.Vol68 Volume 68    
F22.Vol69 Volume 69    
F22.Vol70 Volume 70    
 Box 46 
F23 Vol. 71-73 pp. 15001-15600 23 Jun-1 Aug.1960 
 I.A. Cachalia to p.15238 
 S. Lollan pp. 15238-15568 
 S.P. Nkalipi pp. 15586- 
F23.Vol71 Volume 71    
F23.Vol72 Volume 72    
F23.Vol73 Volume 73    
 Box 47 
F24 Vol. 74-76 pp. 15601-16200 1-16 Aug.1960 
 S.P. Nkalipi to p.15758 
 N.Mandela pp. 15759- 
F24.Vol74 Volume 74    
F24.Vol75 Volume 75    
F24.Vol76 Volume 76    
 Box 48 
F25 Vol. 77-79 pp. 16201-16800 16-29 Aug.1960 
 N.Mandela to p.16204 
 F.B. Ntsangani p.16204-16369 
 R.Resha pp. 16370- 
F25.Vol77 Volume 77    
F25.Vol78 Volume 78    
F25.Vol79 Volume 79    
 Box 49 
F26 Vol. 80-81, 84 pp. 16801-17200 29 Aug.-27 Sep.1960 
 [Vol. 82 & 83 pp. 17601-17800 Missing] 
 R.Resha to p.17184 
 P.Moloao pp. 17184-17336 
 G.Sibande pp. 17337-17463 
 M.B.Yengwa pp. 17464-17722 
 I.Bhengu pp. 17723-17750 
 D.Sebolai pp. 17750-17759 
 H.Marawu pp. 17761-17766 
 D.Sebolai pp. 17767-17771 
 H.Marawu pp. 17771-17772 
 A.Monhwabone pp. 17773-17779 
 M.Mosheko pp. 17779-17783 
 A.Magwaza pp. 17783-17790 
 J.Mokamedi pp. 17790-17794 
 Mrs M.Motshabi pp. 17794- 
F26.Vol80 Volume 80    
F26.Vol81 Volume 81    
F26.Vol82 Volume 82    
 Box 50 
F27 Vol. 85-87 pp. 17800-18322 27 Sep.-7 Oct.1960 
 Mrs J. Motshabi to p.17810 
 M.Ramakhula pp. 17811-17818 
 S.Nxumalo pp. 17818-17822 
 Adv.J. Lewsen pp. 17823-17861 
 G.Sibende pp. 17862-17864 
 Prof.Z.K.Matthews pp. 17864- 
 (Betty Kekana pp. 17931-17933) 
 Prof.Matthews to p.18307 
 W.Sisulu pp. 18308-18309 
 T.E. Tshunungwa pp. 18309-18311 
F27.Vol85 Volume 85    
F27.Vol86 Volume 86    
F27.Vol87 Volume 87    
 Box 51 
F28 Vol. 88-89, 91 pp. 18323-18700 7 Nov.-10 Nov.1960 
 [Vol. 90 Missing] pp. 18901-19100 16 Nov.1960 
F28.Vol88 Volume 88    
F28.Vol89 Volume 89    
F28.Vol91 Volume 91    
 Box 52 
F29 Vol. 92-94 pp. 19101-19722 16 Nov.-7 Dec.1960 
 [Vol. 95 Missing] 
F29.Vol92 Volume 92    
F29.Vol93 Volume 93    
F29.Vol94 Volume 94    
 Box 53 
F30 Vol. 96-99 pp. 20550-21024 16-18 Aug.1961 
 [Vol. 100 Missing] S.A.C.O.D., Indian Congress, S.A.C.T.U. and S.A.P.C. 
F30.Vol96 Volume 96    
F30.Vol97 Volume 97    
F30.Vol98 Volume 98    
F30.Vol99 Volume 99    
 Box 54 
F31 Vol. 101-104 pp. 21123-21536 23 Jan-6 Feb.1961 
 S.A.C.T.U., F.S.A.W., Dr Conco, R.Resha 
F31.Vol101 Volume 101    
F31.Vol102 Volume 102    
F31.Vol103 Volume 103    
F31.Vol104 Volume 104    
 Box 55 
F32 Vol. 105-108 pp. 21537-21906 6-9 Feb.1961 
 P.P.D. Nokwe, W.Sisulu, T.E. Tshunungwa 
F32.Vol105 Volume 105    
F32.Vol106 Volume 106    
F32.Vol107 Volume 107    
F32.Vol108 Volume 108    
 Box 56 
F33 Vol. 109-112 pp. 21907-22266 9-15Feb.1961 
 [Vol. 113 NOT T.Tshume, B.Ndimba, 
 Missing but J.Nkampeni, pp. 22053-22097 
 Misnumbered] F.Ntsangani, pp. 22097-22219 
 S.Nkalipi, pp. 22219-22266 
F33.Vol109 Volume 109    
F33.Vol110 Volume 110    
F33.Vol111 Volume 111    
F33.Vol112 Volume 112    
 Box 57 
F34 Vol. 114-120 pp. 22266-22685 15-20 Feb.1961 
 S.Lollan pp. 22266-22310 
 F.Adams pp. 23211-22347 
 A.M.Kathrada pp. 22348-22379 
 M.Moola pp. 22379-22408 
 H.Joseph pp. 22409-22476 
 N.Mandela pp. 22479-22628 
 G.Bibande pp. 22628-22685 
F34.Vol114 Volume 114    
F34.Vol115 Volume 115    
F34.Vol116 Volume 116    
F34.Vol117 Volume 117    
F34.Vol118 Volume 118    
F34.Vol119 Volume 119    
F34.Vol120 Volume 120    
 Box 58 
F35 Vol. 121-122, pp. 22686-22788 20-24 Feb.1961 
 Vol. 124-128 pp. 22817-23059 
 [Vol. 123 Missing] P.Malaoa pp. 22686-22762 
 E.P.Moretsele pp. 22763-22788 
 S.Tyiki pp. 22817-22844 
 P.Selepe pp. 22845-22879 
 J.Molife pp. 22880-22976 
 P.Nene pp. 22977-23020 
 J.Nkadimeng pp. 23021-23059 
F35.Vol121 Volume 121    
F35.Vol122 Volume 122    
F35.Vol124 Volume 124    
F35.Vol125 Volume 125    
F35.Vol126 Volume 126    
F35.Vol127 Volume 127    
F35.Vol128 Volume 128    
 Box 59 
F36 Vol. 129-133 pp. 23060-23414 24 Feb.-1 Mar.1961 
 Mrs L. Ngoyi pp. 23060-23125 
 L. Levy pp. 23126-23219 
 L. Masina pp. 23172-23221 
 Co-Conspirators pp. 23255-23414 
F36.Vol129 Volume 129    
F36.Vol130 Volume 130    
F36.Vol131 Volume 131    
F36.Vol132 Volume 132    
F36.Vol133 Volume 133    
 Box 60 
F37 Vol. 134-137 pp. 23415-24143 1-7 Mar.1961 
 Mr Maisels on Pleadings 
 Mr Nicholas on the Law 
F37.Vol134 Volume 134    
F37.Vol135 Volume 135    
F37.Vol136 Volume 136    
F37.Vol137 Volume 137    
 Box 61 
F38 Vol. 138-141 pp. 23998-24396 8-14 Mar.1961 
 Mr Maisels on A.N.C. Policy 
 S.Kentridge on A.N.C.Political Method 
 Mr Maisels on A.N.C. Policy Documents 
F38.Vol138 Volume 138    
F38.Vol139 Volume 139    
F38.Vol140 Volume 140    
F38.Vol141 Volume 141    
 Box 62 
F39 Miscellaneous 
F39.1 (1) pp. 4523-6256 May-Jul.1957    
 Evidence of A.H.Murray 1958 
F39.2 (2) pp. 1214-1354 1958    
 Mr Nicholas on Treason 
 Box 63 
Ga Notice of amendment by the Crown to amend the indictment and schedules 3-12    
Gb Reasons for judgment re above by F. Rumpff, A.A. Kennedy, S.Bekker (pp.1105-1180)    
 Box 64-67 
Gc Extracts from Speeches 
 Supplies volume and page numbers of defence and crown indices. 
 Organisations include A.N.C. and Federation of South African Women 
 Box 64 
Gc.A Speech extracts A1 to A100 Lever arch file   
 Box 65 
Gc.B Speech extracts A100 to A155, U101 to U122, Lever arch file   
 Box 66 
Gc.C Speech extracts U1 to U100 Lever arch file   
 Box 67 
Gc.D Speech extracts Lever arch file   
 The file contains Index to Brief and court records, as well as various documents used as evidence by the state. 
H1 Court records, pages 1-156, containing: 
 Indictment, 1-25 
 Request for particulars to the Indictment, 26-50 
 do First alternative charge, 51-57 
 do Second alternative charge, 58-60 
 Notice of amendment, 61-63 
 Further particulars, 64-98, a, b, c 
 Notice of exception and Application to quash, 99-116 
 Notice of amendment, 117 
 Notice of amendment, 118-120 
 Judgement, 121-124 
 Notice of amendment, 125-127 
 Further particulars in terms of the Order of court, 128-139 
 Request for further and better particulars (Part I), 140-144 
 do (Part II), 145-146 
 Reply to request for further and better particulars, 147-149 
 Notice of amendment, 150-151 
 Second request for further and better particulars, 152-156 
H2 Evidence relating to the Freedom Charter 
H2.1 Meeting: African National Congress, South African Coloured People's Organisation, Transvaal Indian Congress, and the South African Congress of Democrats, Congress of the People Conference, Johannesburg, 25 July 1954. The transcript of the meeting ended with the announcement of a successful application to the Supreme Court to ask that the Police who are present at this conference be ordered to leave, which resulted in an instruction by Major Spengler to the detectives present in the audience, to leave the room (see also H7). 
H2.2 Meeting Congress of the People (Tvl), Johannesburg, 21 May 1955, Transcript, might have been taken by Security Police (see H7) 
H2.3 Pamphlets for distribution, including a Congress of Democrats leaflet "Sign the Freedom Charter", leaflet for public meetings, and leaflet with the text of the Freedom Charter, adopted 25 and 26 June 1955 
H2.4 Freedom Charter Committee Meeting, Johannesburg, 18 September 1955, Transcript, might have been taken by Security Police (see H7) 
H3 Evidence relating to the African National Congress (ANC) 
H3.1 List of branches of the ANC in the Cape Province 
H3.2 The Annual Report of the National Executive Committee of the 43rd Annual General Conference of the African National Congress, Bloemfontein, 16-18 December 1955 
H3.3 Agenda and part of the minutes, African National Congress (Natal) Provincial Conference, 31-31 October 1954 
H3.4 Various documents issued by the ANC (Natal) 
H3.5 Draft resolution by the Provincial Executive Committee, African National Congress, Natal, submitted at the Provincial Annual Conference of the African National Congress, Natal, 28-29 July 1956 
H4 Evidence relating to Women's organisations 
H4.1 Meeting of Congress of Mothers, Johannesburg, 7 August 1955, convened by the South African Federation of Women 
H4.2 The demand of the women of South Africa for the Withdrawal of Passes for Women and the Repeal of the Pass Laws, 9 August 1956, flyer 
H5 Evidence relating to the Transvaal Indian Congress 
 Including amongst others: Report of the Executive Committee to the Bi-ennial General meeting of the Transvaal Indian Congress, 9 May 1954; Address to the annual General meeting of the Transvaal Indian Youth Congress, June 1956 
H6 Various 
 Copies of flyers, announcing meetings, campaigns, rallies 
H7 Police surveillance 
 Notes about the attendance of various public meetings by members of the Security Police between September 1953 to November 1956, providing the date, time and place of the meeting, the name of the officer, names of speakers, names of people attending the meeting and summary or verbatum of speeches and discussions 
 Box 68 
I1 Treason Trial Press Summaries 1956-1961, nos. 1 - 58 (incomplete)    
I2 Treason Trial Bulletin 1 f, 8 issues    
 Box 69 
I3 Publications 
 Some notes on the legislation; an account of the trial by LJ Blom-Cooper 
I3.1 "The South African Treason Trial: R. v. Adams and Others" by L.J. Blom-Cooper. Reprinted from The International and Comparative Law Quarterly, January 1959.  L.J. Blom-Cooper January, 1959 
I3.2 "South African Treason Trials. Some notes on the LEGISLATION involved in these trials." Published by The National Council for Civil Liberties, London.  The National Council for Civil Liberties, London  
I4 Christian Action Appeal for the Defence and Aid Fund 
 Includes brief biographies of some of the accused 1f 
 Consists mostly of photostat copies of appeals, letters, statements from Christian Action and the Defence and Aid Fund. 
I4.1 Newspaper clipping "Voices from S. Africa". Appeal for national fund; published in "The Times", London, 27 November 1959. (original) Newspaper clipping - large, original, fragile The Times", London 27th November 1959 
I4.2 Christian Action programme for "Midnight Jazz Matinee", at the Royal Festival Hall, 15 October 1957, in aid of the Christian Action Defence and Aid Fund.  Christian Action  
I4.3 Christian Action Defence and Aid appeal with a "Catalogue of an Auction of Paintings" held at the Cathedrall Hall, Cape Town on 31 January and 1 February 1958.  Christian Action  
I4.4 Lists of accused    
I4.5 Brief biographies of some of the accused    
I4.6 Christian Action Defence and Aid Fund initiation of Treason Trial appeal, progress reports. 1 file   
 Consists of announcements, appeals and notes. 
I4.7 Christian Action notes and commentary on the Treason Trial 1 file   
I4.8 Appeals to clergy and churches 1 file   
I4.9 Legal observers and commentators 1 file   
 Includes Louis Blom Cooper and Gerald Gardiner 
I4.10 Appeals for sponsorship 1 file   
 Includes industrial leaders and others 
I4.11 Appeals, statements and the press 1 file   
I4.12 The Treason Trials Defence Fund and other organisations 1 file   
 Box 70 
I5 The Treason Trials Defence Fund with an account of the arrest of some trialists and their imprisonment in the Johannesburg Fort 
I5.1a Notes "The Arrests"    
I5.1b Correspondence    
I5.2a South African Treason Trial Appeal (with copy of photo of accused)    
I5.2b Progress report and finance    
I5.3 The Press    
I5.4 Letters of thanks 
I5.4.1 Luthuli (copy, handwritten)  Luthuli 15th August 1960 
I5.4.2 Mathole (copy, handwritten)  Mathole  
I5.4.3 Unsigned    
I5.4.4 AMK    
I5.5 Braam Fischer  Braam Fischer  
I5.6 Jack Barnett 
I5.6.1 Correspondence    
I5.6.2 Catalogue for auction (original}    
I5.7 Father Sidebottom    
I5.8 Gerald Gardiner    
I5.9 G.W.F. Dold - opinion    
I5.10 L.A. Maisels    
I5.11 E.S. Sachs and Treason Trial book    
I5.12 "Solicitor's Journal"    
I5.13 Archibishop of Cape Town, Most Rev. de Blank    
I5.14 Women's Citizens' Association, United Kingdom    
I5.15 Hilary Flegg    
I5.16 South Africa Defense Fund, New York    
I6 Correspondence and other records of the Defence and Aid Fund (miscellaneous) 1f