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Collection Index:NATIVE ECONOMIC COMMISSION, F.A.W. Lucas papers
Collection Name:NATIVE ECONOMIC COMMISSION, F.A.W. Lucas papers
AD1769 NATIVE ECONOMIC COMMISSION 1930-1932, F.A.W. Lucas papers   
 Copyright 2011, Historical Papers, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.   
 NOTE: The digitisation of this collection has been made possible with generous funding from the Atlantic Philanthropies Foundation.   
 Papers collected by F.A.W. Lucas, member of the Commission, 1930-1931. Forms part of the archives of the South African Institute of Race Relations.   
 Advocate Frank Archibald William Lucas was one of the commissioners of the Native Economic Commission 1930-1932, which was headed by Dr. John Edward Holloway.   
 Reference is made to collection AD1438, which contains the minutes of oral evidence tendered before the Commission in public hearings.   
A1.1 Published list of 15 subjects, which formed the basis of the Commissions inquiry, to obtain evidence through submissions and oral evidence. The subjects were published in the Union Government Gazette on the 17 July 1930 and included the following areas, which were subdivided further:   
 1) Tribal and Detribalised Natives   
 2) Land   
 3) Landless Native Population   
 4) Native Migrations   
 5) Native Agriculture   
 6) Rural Native Areas   
 7) Urban Native Areas   
 8) Native Labour   
 9) General Economic Conditions   
 10) Education of Natives   
 11) Native Taxation   
 12) Crime and Litigation in Relation to Natives - Social and Economic Aspects only   
 13) Inter-Racial Relations   
 14) Trade   
 15) Legislation Specially Affecting Natives, Considered within Terms of Reference only   
A1.2 Compilation of oral evidence in accordance with 30 subjects, and with reference to contributors and page numbers of transcripts. It is not clear, if and when these have been reduced to the 15 subjects which ultimately became part of the report.   
A1.2.1 1) Tribal and Detribalised Natives   
A1.2.2 2) Land   
A1.2.3 3) Landless Native Population   
A1.2.4 4) Native Migrations   
A1.2.5 5) Native Agriculture (point 5(4) missing)   
A1.2.5a Agriculture, Notes by F.A.W. Lucas for Major R.W. Anderson)   
A1.2.6 6) Rural Native Areas (point 6(3) missing)   
A1.2.7 7) Urban Native Areas (points 7(4) & 7(5) missing)   
A1.2.8 8) Native Labour   
A1.2.9 9) General Economic Conditions (points 9(2), 9(4), 9(6) and 9(8) missing)   
A1.2.10 10) Education of Natives   
A1.2.11 11) Native Taxation (point 11(2) missing)   
A1.2.12 12) Crime and Litigation in Relation to Natives - Social and Economic Aspects only   
A1.2.13 13) Inter-Racial Relations   
A1.2.14 14) Trade   
A1.2.15 15) Legislation Specially Affecting Natives, Considered within Terms of Reference only (point 15(5) missing)   
A1.2.16 16) Change in Habits   
A1.2.17 17) Working Age   
A1.2.18 18) Progress or Retrogression   
A1.2.19 19) Economic condition of the Native   
A1.2.20 20) Economic Outlook of Natives   
A1.2.21 21) Family Life: Marriage Rights   
A1.2.22 22) Character & Intellect   
A1.2.23 23) Injustice   
A1.2.24 24) Undefined Laws   
A1.2.25 25) Economic Inter-Dependence: Europeans & Natives   
A1.2.26 26) Complaints   
A1.2.27 27) Men & Women out at Work   
A1.2.28 28) Missions   
A1.2.29 29) European Influence on Natives   
A1.2.30 30) Welfare Work: Public and Private   
A2.1 Two printed General Questionnaires   
 (Other questionnaires issued by the Commission included: Questionnaire for Magistrates and Native Commissioners; Questionnaire for Union Department of Native Affairs; Questionnaire for Extension Officers, Department of Agriculture; Questionnaire for Town Clerks)   
A2.1.1 General Questionnaire, 2 versions with notes   
A2.1.2 Typescript of Questionnaire for Magistrates and Native Commissioners   
A2.2 Replies to General Questionnaires, including the Regulations for the administration of Native locations and reserves in the Natal Province; Amendment of Grazing Proclamation   
A3.1 Index to transcripts of Minutes of oral evidence (see also collection AD1438 for Transcripts)   
A3.2 Name index to evidence   
A3.3 Written submissions and evidence to the Commission   
 Various written submissions from individuals and organisations; some of the minutes of oral evidence presented before the Commission; submissions of Town Councils, State entities, Mining houses, Government departments and others, some of which include:   
A3.3.1 Report of a conference between representatives of the Union Government, the Transvaal Chamber of Mines and the Transkeian Territories and Pondoland General Councils, held in the chamber of Mines Building, Johannesburg, on Friday, 30th November 1928. The report covers aspects like Immorality, Pass system, Cleanliness, Wages, Medical examination of recruits, Compensation and Deferred pay.   
A3.3.2 Report of Commission of Enquiry - Native riots at Durban, by d. de Waal, Commissioner, Pretoria, 29th July 1929   
A3.3.3 Extracts from literature placed at disposal of commissioners by Sir Spencer Lister, Director, South African Institute for Medical Research, Johannesburg   
A3.3.4 Submission by Professor Burchell about the Native Service Contract Bill, and a public address about the laws affecting Natives   
A3.3.5 Evidence tendered on behalf of the Municipality of the City of Kimberley, including amongst others:   
A3.3.5a Submissions by W.I. Macdonald, Superintendent of Native Locations, about the liquor problems of the Cape Province; further evidence by Sol Plaatje, Social Worker; Rev. Likhing, G.W. Branch of the African National Congress. February 1931   
A3.3.5b Other submissions from Kimberley   
A3.3.6 Various submissions, explaining proclamations and laws, including: the Native Reserves Management Ordinance; Proclamation providing for the protection of Natives of the Bechuanaland Protectorate; Duties assigned to Native Commissioners; Proclamations and regulations issued under Native Administration Act of 1927; Draft Proclamation, Chapter X for Lobolo   
A3.3.7 Various other submissions   
 Correspondence mainly relating to submission to the Commission on a variety of subjects, such as housing, cow milk yields, wages, health, beer brewing, and many others, including amongst others:   
A4.1 Letter by Henry Maleke, District Secretary of the Industrial and Commercial Union (I.C.U.) of Africa, Western Transvaal and Borders, describing the life of Native farm labourers in Schweizer Reneke, 7 April 1931; Letter by D.R. Hunt, Native Commissioner to Dr. Holloway, outlining the Sekwati / Mampuru / Sekukuni bloodline, 17 April 1931; Letter by Magistrate in Dundee correcting a passage in The Star newspaper, which was reported on the 5 February 1931: "All the Native witnesses said they believed that witch doctors could prevent Europeans from discovering that a man had done wrong", 5 August 1931; Letter by Chief Native Commissioner in King Williams Town regarding concessions to tap latex from Euphorbia trees, 18 September 1931; Letter by H.C.Meyer, Agricultural Extension Officer, Natal, with expert advise about the Lalla Palm and its economic and otherwise value of the Fibre, 7 October 1931; Letter from B.E.H. Clifford, Imperial Secretary for the British Bechuanaland Protectorate, with a copy of the Proclamation regulating the "recovery of debts incurred by Natives living in the Bechuanaland Protectorate in respect of the sale to such Natives of goods and livestock", 12 October 1931;   
A4.2 Others   
A5.1 Note book no.1 of F.A.W. Lucas   
 Including typed notes of Terminology for the Report; and printed matter containing the Native Recruiting Corporation's "Schedule of Rates of pay and symbols to be used on pay rolls"   
A5.2 Note book no.2 of F.A.W. Lucas   
 Including a pasted newspaper clip of the "Daily Dispatch, 28 May 1932 depicting the Native areas in the Union of South Africa, 28 May 1932   
A5.3 Other handwritten notes   
A6.1 Typed transcripts of press clips from South African newspapers, mainly 1931, including amongst others the typed translation of an extract from "A man's enemy is - he himself", by John Dube, printed at Mariannhill Mission Press, 1928; and Zulu Chiefs' reply to Government   
A6.2 Printed matter - cover of file   
A6.2.1 Memorandum on the Inter-racial problems of South Africa, issued by the general meeting of the Society of Friends (Quakers) held at Cape Town, January 1931   
A6.2.2 Native Economic Commission 1931, Urban Native Areas, by Col. F.A. Saunders, Medical Superintendent of the Prince Alfred Infirmary Grahamstown, 1931   
A6.3 Newspaper clips, 1930-31 - cover of file   
A6.3.1 Excerpts from the supplement of The Listener, with articles by Dr Bronislaw Malinowski on Race and Labour; and by Prof Arnold Plant on The Settler looks at Africa   
A6.3.2 Series entitled 'Affairs in Bechuanaland Protectorate', Part I-VIII (Part V missing), published in The Star, 1931; and 'Comments by a Native' to the Editor of The Star relating to the series, by Silas Molema, 3 September 1931   
A6.3.3 Series entitled 'Tropical Africa and the Union', Part I-V, published in The Star, 1931   
A6.3.4 Series entitled 'The New Swaziland' - No. 1-7, published in The Star, 1931   
A6.3.5 Series entitled 'An Objective Survey of The Native Question', 3 parts, published in Natal(?) Witness, 1931   
A6.3.6 Article entitled 'Greater Powers for Native Chiefs', striking address by Anglican Missionary, detribalisation 'too rapid and drastic', A Zulu National Council, much good in old tribal ways of life, published in Natal Mercury, July 1931   
A6.3.7 Article entitled 'The Psychology of Colour, Native policy and the fear of miscegenation', by Professor Alfred Hoernle, published in The Star, September 1931 (with duplicate pre-print for editing)   
A6.3.8 Other