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Collection Index:SEEDAT, Hassim, Papers, 1905(1927-1951)-1961
Collection Name:SEEDAT, Hassim, Papers, 1905(1927-1951)-1961
 Historical Papers Research Archive, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2017   
 1 mfm   
 The collection contains documents relating to the Natal Indian Congress and other related organisations, also including the Communist Party of South Africa.   
 Please note: Item H12 has been digitised from the original publication, which is held at the William Cullen Library, University of the Witwatersrand.   
A1 Proceedings of the Natal Convention April 1961   
A2 Black and white in S.A. History A New Age Pamphlet (From the Notebooks of Lionel Forman.) (undated).   
A3 A Blade man Speaks of Freedom - Poems by Peter Abrahams (undated)   
A4 Economics and Politics - A Communist Course for South Africans   
 Published by the Communist Party of South Africa   
A5 The National Question Solved - Published by the Friends of the Soviet Union (undated)   
A6 Statement of Dr Y M Dadoo Before the Court 6 September 1940 Published by Authority of the Non-European United Front (Tvl).   
A7 The Great Crisis Ahead A Call to Unity - By Moses Kotane (undated)   
A8 The Ghetto Resistance. Hoshomer Hatzair March-April 1947.(Organ of Revolutionary Zionist Socialist Youth South Africa)   
A9 Communists in Conference. The 1943-44 National Conference of the Communist Party of South Africa   
A10 Education The Communist Party and its Programme. "Now South Africa" Series No. 2.   
A11 Report of Proceedings National Anti-Cad Conference May 1943.   
A12 The Asiatic Act - A Brief Survey of its background, terms and implications By George Singh   
A13 Minutes of the First Non-European Conference June 1927   
A14 Resist... Indian Ghetto Act - Issued by the Cape Passive Resistance Council   
A15 Treatment of Indians in South Africa - A memorandum of Facts by A I Kajee, P R Parker; and Advocate Christopher; South African Indian Congress November 1946.   
A16 They Grow Your Sugar Issued by the Agricultural Workers' Federation   
A17 Minutes of the All African Convention December 1937.   
A18 The Awakening of a People, by I B Tabata Published by the The All African Convention 1950   
A19 Chapters in the History of the March to Freedom By Lionel Forman.   
B1 First Conference Natal Indian Congress December 1938   
B2 South African Indian Conference March 1948   
B3 Natal Indian Congress Sixth Annual Provincial Conference Agenda Book (includes presidential and secretarial reports) February 1953   
B4 Natal Indian Congress Ninth Annual Provincial Conference Agenda Book June 1956   
B5 Natal Indian Congress Tenth Annual Provincial Conference Agenda Book November 1957   
B6 Natal Indian Congress Eleventh Annual Provincial Conference Agenda Book November 1958   
B7 Natal Indian Youth Congress Conference Agenda September 1959(includes presidential address and various papers)   
B8 Natal Indian Congress Twelfth Annual Provincial Conference October 1959   
C1 Memorandum of the South African Indian Congress submitted to the Minister of the Interior 21 February 1939   
C2 Statement submitted by the Natal Indian Organisation to The Chairman and Members of the Judicial Commission Appointed to Enquire into The Durban Riots. 1949   
C3 Natal says No! Reports submitted to Natal People's Conference6 September 1959   
C4 Representation submitted by the South African Indian Congress in connection with the report of the Transvaal Asiatic Land Tenure Act Commission and Draft Bill published in the Union Gazette 1 November 1935 - December 1935.   
C5 Moderates in our Midst by A I Meer (undated)   
C6 Memorandum submitted to the Administrator of Natal by Natal Indian Congress re: Natal Indian Teachers Salaries. (incomplete)   
C7 Memorandum submitted to the Minister of Education by the Natal Indian Congress, re: (1) Separate Non-European University College, and (2) Indian Education in Natal August 1947   
C8 Letter to the Editor of Daily News from Council for Human Rights re: Passive Resistance 4 July 1946   
 Relating to Appeal against decision of the Durban Local Road Transportation to increase fares in February 1954, where the Natal Indian Congress appeared as objectors.   
E1-4 Correspondence re: Natal Indian Congress vs. Golden Tone Micro Service 1954   
E5-14 Correspondence re: Search of Natal Indian Congress Offices by Security Branch July 1952   
THE SOYAN, 1959   
 The Official Organ of the Society of Young Africa affiliated to the All-African Convention.   
F1 The Soyan February 1959   
F2 The Soyan June 1959   
 Official Organ of the Cape Peninsula Students' Union   
G1 The Students Journal, November 1958   
G2 The Students Journal, October 1959   
H1 Pamphlets - Bulletin of Wayville Youth Congress n.d.   
H2 Incomplete - Legal dispute involving Natal Indian Congress n.d.   
H3 NIC Draft resolution by N T Naiker   
H4 Genesis of Apartheid - Submitted by Transvaal Indian Congress, monograph, n.d.   
H5 Pamphlet - 'The fight for Freedom must go on' Grayville Branch   
H6 of NIC.S.A.R.& H. - Notice of Expropriation   
H7 Memo. concerning Rev. Michael Scott   
H8 Durban Combined Indian Ratepayers Association - Secretary's Second Annual Report, 1954   
H9 Cape Indian Congress to S.A. Indian Congress 23/4/1943   
H10 Draft Petition to his Honour the Resident commissioner from District Councillors of Basuto nation. 1950   
H11 N.I.C. Statistical analysis of Passive Resistance Campaign1946-48   
H12 Meet the Indian in South Africa: a pictorial survey', 61 pages, 1949   
 Printed by Hortors for the Government Printer, Johannesburg.   
 Please note: The original item is held at the William Cullen Library, University of the Witwatersrand and is not part of this collection.   
H13 Booklet 'Points of View' - Cape Debating Society, October 1959   
H13.1 The Land Question in South Africa by K Jordaan   
H13.2 The Individual in Society by M Gaffe   
H14 Pamphlet - John Gomas - a Son of the People, Cape District Committee of Communist Party n.d.   
H15 A Call to the Indians of Transvaal - Why we support Dr Dadoo, Nationalist Block of N.I.C. 1943   
H16 Article - 'Indian Land and Agriculture in South Africa' Anonymous n.d.   
H17 Symposium on 'The National Question' L. Forman, K.A. Jordaan, T Ngwenya, H.J. Symons, June 1954   
H18 Pretoria Asiatic Bazaar Regulations - 1905   
H19 Deputation to High Commissioner by S.A. Indian Congress (Incomplete), 1943   
H20 The Graphic - Mahatma Gandhi Centenary Supplement.   
H21 Report of the National Consultative Committee, n.d.   
 Presented to Joint Executives African National Congress, S.A. Indian Congress, S.A. Coloured People's Organisation, S.A. Congress of Democrats and S.A. Congress of Trades Unions   
H22 Press Council for Asiatic Rights, 22 March 1947   
H23 Not by Might... A Christian pleads guilty... Rev. Michael Scott, pamphlet, June 1946   
H24 Article - 'History of Indian Immigration into South Africa' (Anonymous) n.d. 43 pages   
H25 S.A. Indian Organisation, First Conference April 1951   
H26 The Call - Special edition 4 March 1941, 30 April 1931   
H27 Correspondence   
 Relating to Mr D A Seedat and Emergency regulations, exemption certificates, books found in his possession, (1943-44),Charge under Lose- majesty.   
H28 The Observer, no. 1 vol. 1, 2 March 1941   
H29 Cutting - Indian Views, 7 March 1941   
H30 Indian Opinion, re Indira Gandhi, 16 April 1941   
H31 Memorandum submitted to 'Wadley' Health Commission by Durban Indian Municipal Employees Society, 8 May 1944, 25 pages   
H32 Proceedings of Third South African Hindu Conference, May 1934   
H33 Natal Muslim Council, Second Provincial Conference, August 1.944   
H34 Pravasi, 1948-1949   
 Including Vol. 1 no. 1, January 1948, 7 June South Africa and UNO, Vol 1 no. 2, April 1949, Vol 2. No. 5 , June 1949, Vol 2, No. 6, July 1949   
H35 Memorandum submitted by S.A. Congress of Trades Unions to Wage Board   
 Investigating Rates of Wage Board in Durban, Pinetown and Pietermaritzburg   
H36 Proceedings of 4th Anti-CAD Conference, January L951