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Collection Index:MATTHEWS, Zachariah Keodirelang, Papers, 1930-1967
Collection Name:Zachariah Keodirelang MATTHEWS Papers, 1930-1967
  Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
  Personal papers 1930-1967, contained on 5 reels Microfilm (negative), 1453 items.  
  EVENTS DURING 1961- 1968   
A1   Yale University   
Al.1-Al.18  Corrospondence 30.3.1933 - 20.1.1934 18 Items   
A1.19  Bantu law and Western civilization in South Africa   
  a study in the clash of cultures. MA thesis, Yale, May 1934 1item   
A2  Barolong research   
A2.1-A2.16  Correspondence 13.5.1935 - 5.11.1935 with International African Institute, Dr. A. Kerr, J. D. Rheinultt Jones, Dr. I. Schapera and others 16 items   
A2.17-A2.35  Field reports and Notes   
A2.36-A2.50  History of the Barolong   
A2-51-A2.77  Genealogies and regiments.   
A2.78-A2.97  Family life and culture of Barolong   
A2.98-A2.106.  Kingship among Barolong   
A2.107-A2.133  Miscellaneous, notes and notebook   
A2.134-A2.156  Praise peoms 146   
B1  Native Representative Council   
B1.1-B1.13  Correspondence relating to work of NRC 1942-44 13 items   
B1.14-BI.22  Documents ro NRC disputo with Govt.1946 9 items   
B2  African National Congress   
D2.1-B2.2  Constitution, 1942, Rules and regulations   
B2.3-D2.25  Conferences 1946-1955   
B2.26  Questioniare re Campaign against Bantu Education, 1955   
B2. 27-B2.31  ANC Quarterly Bulletin 1, 1, Sept 1949 -2,4 sept.1951   
B2.32  Summary of the 2KMS activities of ANC 1953-56   
B2.33-B2.73  General ANC correspondence (1945-1959)- with A.Benuie, J.A.Calata, W.S.Gawo,J.N.Hlekani,T.T.Letlaka, Z. Luthuli, T.T.Makwabo, A.P. Mda, E. Mfaxa, H.J. Simons. W.H sisulu   
B2.74-B2.115  Correspondence re Defiancecampaign1952-53 including 18 letters from J.G. Mathews describing eveents in S.Africa 28,6.52 -7.1.53; anid the collection of funds for the Campaign in the USA   
B2.116 -  Treason Trial 1956-61   
B2.116-B2.134  Correspondence 10.12.56 - l.5.61   
B2.135-B2.147  Treason Trial's defence fund. Press summaries feb-Nov .1959. 6, 8-13, 16-17, 21-22   
B2.148-B2. 149  Ruglna v. Adamts and others 149   
B3  General political correspondence, 1936-1967.   
  Includes letters from -   
B3.1-B3.72  M. Ballingor, 1938 (1), Dr. E.A. Gross 1965 (1),Guerge M. Houser 1959 (3),Moses Katane 1950 (2), A, Luthuli 1960 (1), J .G. Mathews 1956, 1957    
B3.1-B3.72  1967 (3) Govan Mbeki 1956 (1), P.R. Mosaka.1959, 1960 (2), H.M. Msimang 1937 (1), Senator L. Rubin 1959 (1), South African National Convention 1961 (15), Helen Suzman 1959 (1), Mrs. V. Weinberg 1961(1) and others.   
  Includes correspondence with:-   
  Canon Collins 1959, Defence and Aid Fund 1961, J.S. Dey re Multi -Racial Conference 1957, Professor Nic Olivier 1959 72 items.   
B4  Political artcles and statements by Z.K. Mathews, 1930-1967    
B4.1  The political needs of the Bantus 1930 ? 3p. Incomplete. TS 1 item.   
B4.2  The Colour problems of South Africa Review of the book by H.E Brookes. Diferent to published version see B4.3 1940 6p Ms 1 item.   
B4.3  The Colour problems of South Africa Review of the book by H.E Brookes. Race relations, 7, 2, 1940 P 35-37    
B4.4  The rehabilitation and devlopment of the Reserves. South African Outlook, 75, 895, Nov 1945 p.166- 170 1 item.   
B4.5  Native Laws inquiry Commision. Statements by Professor Z.K Mathews and Dr. N . Wilson.17.10.46. 9p. Renood 1   
B4.6  The Native Laws amendment bill. (1957?).11p. TS. 1item   
B4.7  The next twenty-Five years in race relations in South Africa.. S....I.R.R. 14.6.48. 3p Ronood 1item   
B4.8  The political needs of the African. 1.9413(Different version to B4.9) p.1-.1.5, 25-27 Incomplete. TS 1 item.   
B4.9  An Africa policy for South Africa S....I.R.R. 30.12.48. 7p. Ronood 1item.   
B4.10  Race relations in south Africa. (1940s?)16p. Ts 1item   
B4.11  Untitled incomplete article on politics (1940s?) 6p. Ms 1   
B4.12  (Historical Survey of °Non-European" Politics in South Africa. 1852 - late 1940) 32p. MS 1item   
B4.13  Memorial service, Port Elizabeth, May 14, 1950.   
  Incomplete. 5p. TS 1   
B4.14  (Non-co-operation and co-operation, early 1950)7p. MS 1item   
B4.15  The African reponse to racial laws. Foreign affairs, 30,1 Oct.1951. 14p. Ts 1item   
B4.16  Africa today and tomorrow. (Innugural address as henry W. Luce Visiting professor Of world of Christianity at Union Theological Seminary, NewYork),1952-53. 19p. TS 1item   
B4.17  The African National Congress (1952-53).5p. TS 1item   
B4.18  Apartheid - another view JournaI of International affairs Z, 2, 1953, P 145-150 .1item   
B4.19-B4.21  Untitled speech acrd articles re the Defiance Campaign and ANC. (1952-53) MS and TSS 3 items.   
B4.22  The Black man's outlook. Saturday Review, 2.5.53. 8p. TS 1item.   
B4.23  The challenge of Africa. (1952-53) 4P. MS 1item.   
B4.24  The Christian message and the struggle for freedom in South .Africa. (1952-53). 4P. MS I item   
B4.25  The crisis in South Africa.. (1952-53) 24p.TS 1item   
B4.26  Emancipation for all - or chaos.Emancipation day program. Peoples Baptist Church. 1.1.53. 7p. TS 1item.   
B4.27  Gandhi and South Africa. (1952-53) 4p. TS 1item.   
B4.28  The I.C.U. (1925-57) 8p. TS I item   
B4.29  The place of Africa in the world today.   
  (Howard University. 14.4.53). 16p. MS and TS 1item   
B4.30  Racial antagonism (1952-53) 12p. Ts. 1item   
B4.31  South Africa 1952. 3p. Ts. 1 item   
B4.32  South Africa: a land divided against itself•.Yale Review, summer 1953. 13P TS 1item   
B4.33  The South Africa election and after. Written for Life, May 1953, but not published, 4p. Ts 1item.   
B4.34  To be or not to be - interned. Includes African and the war', published in Commonsense 1942. 11p. MS and TS 1item   
B4.35  Miscelleneous notes for speeches on brotherhood. (1952-53) 19p. Ms l item.   
B4.36  Civil rights for Africans and the Tomlinson Report.(1956). 26p. TS 1item.   
B4.37  Political arrangements in a multi-racial society.Prepared for Multi Racial Conference, Sept. 1957 15P. MS   
B4.38  South Africa: alternative to disaster. The role of Non-Whites political organisations. Africa today, Nov-Dec. 1957. 4p. Ts. 1item.   
B4.39  1. memorandum for the Commission on Penal andPrison reform (1947?) 3p. TS 1   
B4.40  The outlook for our generation, (1959?)16p. TS 1item.   
B4.41  Social relations in a common society.(1957?) 11p MS 1 item.   
B4.42  Untitled article on general political situation in South Africa. (1959?) p. 19-44. Incomplete.TS 1item.   
B4.43  Bantu aspirations. (1950s). 12p. MS 1item.   
B4.44  The Emergency regulations 1960. 11p.   
  lncomplete. TS 1item.   
B4.45  Social relations in a common South Africa society. Supplement to Optima, March, 1961.30p. Ms 1item   
B4.46  Southern Africa and its lmplications for American Foreign policy. 1.3.1967, 11p. TS 1item   
B4.47  Crime and the Africans in South Africa.   
  No date. 3p. Ts 1 item.   
B5  Political miscellany   
  Articles etc.. by others.   
B5.1  Linington, P .A . A summary of the reports of certain pre union Comminsions on Native Affairs March 1924. Incomplete. 27p. Renood 1item   
B5.2  (NUSAS Survey of Transkei 1947?) 26p.   
  Incomplete. TS 1item.   
B5.3  Ntloko, C.S. The report of the Native Laws Commission, 1946-48; a review 7p. TS 1item.   
B5.4  Warner, H.S. South African who provoked the riots? The Nat ion, 21.2.1953, p. 167-169 1item.   
B5.5  Booth, A. R. Memorandum to W.C.C,. Colleagues re Policy on South Africa. July 1964, 6p. TS 1item.   
B5.6  African General Workers' Union. Constitution. No date. 5p. Ronood 1 item.   
B6.1-B6.55  Political newspaper clippings re :NRC, ANC,Treason Trial etc., 55 items   
C1. l-C1.6  Adams College 6 items.   
C2   Correspondence on education matters   
C2.1-C2.97  University College of Fort Hare 1935-58 with Sir Fulque Agnow, Dr. E.H. Brookes, C.P. Den t,Professor L.J. du Plossis, Professor A.S. Galloway,Professor D.D.T. Jabavu, A.C. Jordan, Dr. A. Kerr,Professor J.D Krigo, C. T. Loram, G.I.M. Nzamano, S.B.Ngcobe, M.O. M. Seboni P. Ka. I .Somo, Donald Stuart W.M. Tsootsi, A. Vilakazi, quintin Whyte, and others.   
C2.98-C2.262  1959-61. contains   
  correspondence re resignation from Fort Hare, including, advice, congratulations etc., from J.A. Calata, W.S. Gawo, A. Luthuli, Govan Mbeki, J.S. Moroka and others; and various offers of ether positions e.g..from Brandels University, wathams, Mass, New School of Social Research, New York, Union Theological Seminary, University of Cape Town etc..   
C2.263-C2.299  Union Theological Seminary 1952-53 299 items.   
C3  Lecture notes   
  University College of Fort Hare   
C3.1-C3.54  Native law - general and delicts   
C3.55-C3.81  Public -Administration - Native ,Administration and labour   
C3.82-C3.86  Miscelleneous   
C3. 87-C3.95  Union Theological Seminary 95 items.   
C4  Articles and statements on education, university apartheid etc.. 1930s - 1968 24 items.   
C4.1  (education. late 1930s) 5P. MS 3.items   
C4.2  South African Teachers Federation   
  Presidential address, Dec, 1940. 14p. MS (Publi. In The Good Shepherd. 13, 26 march 1941 1 item.   
C4.3  Comments on the letters by Dr. Volheim on the appointment of Africans as principal of Native Secondary Schools. 1.941?) 8p. MS 1item.   
C4.4  Untitled article on Native Education. (1947?)3p MS 1item.   
C4.5  African music in South Africa (1940s) 5p. TS 1item.   
C4.6  The aims of Native Education (.1940s) 3p. TS 1item   
C4.7  Higher education for the Bantu in South Africa(1940s?) 13p. TS 1 item.   
C4.8  Native Education in the Union (1940s?) 10p. MS 1item.   
C4.9  Native high schools in Natal (1940s?) 4p. MS 1item.   
C4.10  Recent developments in native education 1940s 11p. incomplete MS 1item.   
C4.11  The educational needs of the African (1952-53?) 3p. Incomplete Ts 1item.   
C4. 12  Transvaal African Teachers' Association Jubilee Conference. Address. 1956. TS and Ms   
C4.13  The University college of Fort Hare reprint from South African Outlook, April-may 1957- 35p 1item   
C4.14  Memorandum on separate university education1957. 19p. TS 1item.   
C4.15  Natal University Convocation. Address on history of Fort Hare. (June 1959) 14P. MS I item.   
C4.16  The crisis in university education in South Africa.(1959?) 18p . TS 1item.   
C4.17  The education of the African: the road ahead.(1959?) 31p. Ts   
C4.18  Africans in the Unions education. (1950s) 19 p MS 1 item.   
C4.19  (African education. 1960). 7P MS 1 item.   
C4.20  African awakening and the universities. T.B.David Memorial Lecture 1961. 35P. Ms 1 item.   
C4.21  Education for nationhood.. 1961. 6p. TS 1item.   
C4.22  The University in a multi-racial society.   
  No date. 5p. MS 1 item   
C4.23-C4.24  Notes on education. No date. 3p. Ms 2 items.   
C5.1-C5.32  Newspaper clippings on education, university apartheid 32 items.   
D1-D94  Contains very general matters such as invitations to attend conferences or to give talks or write articles e.g for Optima. other matters include correspondence re the African Horizon Insurance Company, l957, and correspondence re obtaining a passport for mathews' son, John Knox, to study medicine in the UK, etc. 94 items.   
EVENTS DURING 1961-1968   
E1.1-E1.112  Contains similar material to section D, but includes for example correspondence re receiving an honorary LLB degree from Rhodes Universty in 196, the delivery of the third T.B Davie memorial lecture at the university of Cape Town in 1961,and the series of articles called 'Our Heritage' from Imvo Zabantsundu. 112 items.   
E2  World Council of Churches   
E2.1-E2.22  World Council of Churches Consultation,Cuteosloo, Johannesburg 7-14 Dec. 1960 55 iotems.   
E2.23-E2.51  Correspondence.1961-66   
E2.52- E2.55  Miscellany 55 items.   
E3  Botawana   
E3.1- E3.43  Early political contacts 1935-1960, including documents re dispute over proclamation 74 and 75 of 1934, dispute between Tshokodi Khame's death 1959   
E3.44- E3.56  Various educational projects,Api1-June 1966   
E3.57- E3.81  Ambassadors to the United state and permanet representative to the United Nations 81 items.   
E4  Condolences and Tributes   
E4.1-E4.50  Selection of letter telegrams sent after the death of Z.K Mathews   
E4.51-E4.54  Degree Certificates   
E4.55-E4.61  Articles about Z.K mathews   
E4.62-E4.80  Biographical newspaper Clippings   
F1  Miscellaneous articles by Z.K. Mathews.   
F1.1  The over -widening; - over-narrowing world.Undated. 26P. Ts 1item.   
F1.2  Problems of bantu youth, a study in culture contacts. undated 12 TS. 1 item.   
F1.3  Thu South-Eastern Bantu: The Zulu Xosa group.Undated. 16p. TS 1 item   
F1.4  Professor D.D.T. Jabavu of fort Hare. Obituary, 1959. 5p. TS 1item.   
F1.5  Outline of chapters on South Africa (cf D72).3p. TS 1item.   
F1.6-F1.31  Our Heritage.A series of Biographical Articles written for Imvo Zabantsudun 1961 TS 31 items.   
F2  Miscellaneous Articles by others.   
F2.1  Pitje G.M. Some notes on marriage customs among the Pedi and cognate tribe . Undated 30p Ts 1 item.   
F2.2  On the teaching of law. Undated. Incomplete 21 p Ts. 1 item.   
F3  Miscellaneous documents   
F3.1  Union of South Africa. Department of Native Affairs.   
  Report of the inter-Departmental committee on the Social, health and economic conditions of the natives 1942 30P 1 item.   
F3.2  Ciskeian General council proceding at special session 1945 22p 1 item.   
F3. 3  Ciskeian missionary council,. Resolution of 14 Feb 1945 on the report of the National Healthservice Commission in so as affect missionary work. 1P Ts. 1 item.   
F3.4-F3.5  African Horrizon insurance Co. Ltd. Specimen premium receipt book and policy declaration 1957 2 items.   
F3.6  African Horrizon insurance Co. Ltd memo. On deposit receiving institutions for Africans (1957) 2P TS 1 item.   
F3.7  African Horrizon insurance Co. Ltd. Names and Adresses. 1P Ms. 1 item.   
F3.8  South African institute of race Relations. The logic of economic intergration. 1952. 15P Renood 1 item.   
F3.9  National council of churches of christ in the U.S.A. Information services. 20.6.1953. South Africa: is racial separation possible? 8p 1 item   
F3.10  The servey of Southern Africa. The Economists 7.8.1965   
  Total Items 1,453