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Collection Index:SOUTH AFRICAN INSTITUTE OF RACE RELATIONS, Unrests, banishments, removals, 1950-1969
Collection Name:SOUTH AFRICAN INSTITUTE OF RACE RELATIONS, Unrests, banishments, removals, 1950-1969
AD1646 SOUTH AFRICAN INSTITUTE OF RACE RELATIONS, Unrests, banishments, removals, 1948-1969   
 Copyright 2011, Historical Papers, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
 Correspondence, memoranda and press clippings on unrest, banishments and removals, 1950-1969, 2 boxes   
 NOTE: The digitisation of this collection has been made possible with generous funding from the Atlantic Philanthropies Foundation.   
REEF RIOTS, 1948-1951   
A1 Petitions and Protests   
A1.1 Letter signed by Nelson Mandela for Walter Sisulu and by Yusuf Cachalia, inviting all democratic organisations to a National Day of Protest Coordinating Committee   
A1.2 Statement by Dr Moroka, President-General of the ANC in support of the Unlawful Organisations Bill Conference Committee, June 1950   
A1.3 Statements and letters of condemnations regarding the Riots   
A1.4 Participation by the SAIRR in a petition by The Personal Liberties Defence Committee, constituted by the Unlawful Organisations Bill Conference Committee, with the purpose of campaigning against the form and content of the Suppression of Communism Bill, June 1950, also included the text of the Bill.   
A2 Reports and submissions to Commission of Inquiry   
A2.1 Including: Report of a visit to Munsieville Township / Krugersdorp   
A2.2 Submission by SAIRR of Evidence for the Commission of Inquiry into Violence committed by Natives at Newlands, Krugersdorp and Randfontein, February 1950   
A2.3 Typescript relating to a Survey by the SAIRR and the Riots and Disturbances, pp 97-103   
A3 Correspondence   
 Letters between the SAIRR and its Director Quintin Whyte and various Government departments and individuals, 1948-1951   
A4 Newspaper cuttings, 1949-1950   
A5 Other   
 Notes and Minutes of the monthly meeting of the Joint Advisory Board (comprising board members of Orlando, Pimville, Moroka, Eastern and Western Native townships), 22 March 1950   
B1 Conferences and Commission of Inquiry   
 Including figures relating to a survey of Sophiatown, Martindale and Newclare, and invitation list for the Conference on Western Areas Removal Scheme, July 1953; Evidence presented to the Johannesburg City Council Commission of Enquiry into the Disturbances in Certain South-Western Townships by the SAIRR, January 1958   
B2 Press statements   
 Statement by the ANC regarding the notices served on people in the Western Areas by the Natives Resettlement Board, 6 January 1955; Mr. Broomberg's Draft of a Press statement on the Western Areas Removal Scheme, SAIRR, 11 January 1955; Draft Press Statement by the SAIRR about the Western Areas Removal Scheme, 12 January 1955   
B3 Correspondence   
 Letters between the SAIRR and various Government departments and individuals, including amongst others:   
B3.1 Letter by AJ Cutten, Town and Country Planning consultant enclosing a scheme regarding Sophiatown and the proposed removal with a plan attached for suggested rezoning of certain townships to surround the Western Native areas with an Industrial zone, April 1950, and subsequent correspondence in 1952 and 1953 including his article about the Western Areas Scheme as published in the "Mail"   
B3.2 1950-1951, including correspondence by the Acting Regional Secretary of the SAIRR Dr. Ellen Hellman with the Non-European Affairs Department about the planned removal, 1950-1951   
B3.3 1952, amongst others asking what will happen to the churches in Sophiatown once people are removed   
B3.4 1953-1954   
B3.5 Correspondence between the Director of the SAIRR Quintin Whyte and Father Trevor Huddlestone who called on the SAIRR to support the Western Areas Protest Committee, January/February 1955, Jan-Feb 1955   
B3.6 1955, including amongst others correspondence by the SAIRR with the ANC, addressed to OR Tambo, attached the ANC's statement on the removal of the people of the Western Areas, January 1955; enquiry by The American Board, John Reuling, to the SAIRR (letter dated 2 February 1955 to The Chairman, only first page present)   
B4 Newspaper clips, 1950-51   
B5 Other   
 Including typed page of a survey "slum dwellers happy in their new homes", March 1955; examples of notifications which were send out by the Natives Settlement board to residents of Sophiatown and their respective employers, informing them of their resettlement, December 1954 and March 1957   
 Summary of the Report of the Commission of Enquiry into the Disturbance in the Witzieshoek Native Reserve, by Quintin Whyte, SAIRR, 1951 (see Paulus Mopeli)   
DUBE HOSTEL RIOTS, 1957-1958   
 Correspondence and statement in regard to the riots at the Dube hostel and the subsequent appointment of a Commission of Inquiry   
E1 Confidential Account of Events in Sekhukhuneland, SAIRR, June 1958   
E2 Newspaper clips and correspondence regarding a petition for the reprieve of 16 Sekhukhune tribesmen condemned to death, namely John Kgoloke and Others, which was supported by church groups and other organisations, 1959/1960, the death sentence of fourteen of the condemned was commuted in May 1960   
F1 Sharpeville massacre   
 Correspondence in the aftermath of the Sharpeville massacre, including one letter by the Sharpeville Relief Fund to the SAIRR, June 1960   
F2 Langa riots   
 Report of the Langa Commission of Enquiry, established in April 1960 (with correspondence)   
F3 Cato Manor riots   
F3.1 Memorandum to Inter-departmental Committee of Enquiry into incidents at Cato Manor on Sunday, 24th January 1960, issued by the SAIRR Natal, February 1960   
F3.2 Translation of public statement by A.J. Luthuli concerning the disturbances in Natal, August 1959   
F3.3 Article entitled "Natal Unrest", no author and date   
F3.4 Correspondence   
F4 Unrest in Pondoland   
F4.1 Views on Pondoland by Mosaka entitled 'Self-government in Pondoland: Bantustan"   
F4.2 Report on unrest in Pondoland, by M.H. Draper, SAIRR Natal, 1960 (with letter by SAIRR   
F4.3 Correspondence and Outline of the Transkei Emergency Regulations   
F5 General issues around the Emergency Regulation   
F5.1 Detainees held under the 1960 Emergency Regulation   
F5.1.1 The establishment of a Defence and Aid Fund for the purpose of helping the detainees and their families, together with a Donation Form with explanation about the South African Defence and Aid Fund   
F5.1.2 Correspondence with Z.K. Matthews who was detained in the East London jail and letter of thanks by Z.K. Matthews on his release in August 1960   
F5.1.3 Memorandum by the SAIRR regarding the Emergency Regulations of 1960   
F5.1.4 Correspondence in support of families of detainees   
F5.2.1 Correspondence expressing concerns about the recent riots and the implications for business as expressed by the Chamber of Mines, as well as concerns regarding the Emergency regulations   
F5.2.2 Letter received by Leo Marquard at Executive Committee meeting, May 1960; document entitled "The crisis and the future. The Institute's viewpoint", SAIRR, May 1960, newspaper clip   
 Typed letter to Sir De Villiers Graaff, written by Nelson Mandela on behalf of the South African Congress of Democrats, calling on the Government to convene a National Convention, with the task of drawing up a new Constitution, May 1961; Statement by Quintin Whyte with reference to the banning of the South African National Coloured Convention, July 1961   
 Correspondence with Helen Suzman, May 1962 in relation to the Transkei Emergency Regulations, SAIRR, April 1962, as well as her question asked in Parliament; Orders under the Regulations for the administration of the Transkeian Territories, by K.Matanzima, 13 January 1961;   
PAARL RIOT, 1963   
I1 Memorandum to the Commission enquiring into the Paarl Riot, SAIRR   
I2 Correspondence   
 Report entitled "Removals under Group Areas Act, Besterspruit (Vryheid)", by Danie van Zyl; correspondence   
K1 Reports and Working notes   
 Statements, reports, definitions and notes regarding banishments, including:   
K1.1 Confidential Report on investigation into conditions in which political exiles are living in Vryburg-Kuruman area. Trip undertaken by Mrs Green and Mrs Fisher, 17-19 November 1959; including Q&A concerning the administration of the Pass Laws   
K1.2 The banishment of Africans in the Union of South Africa, Legislation   
K1.3 Banishments points which call for clarification   
K1.4 Deportation of Africans, statement by W.B. Ngakane, Field Officer, June 1957   
K1.5 Banishments of Africans   
K1.6 Banishments, document by the SAIRR, October 1961   
K1.7 Various notes   
K2 Requests to National Assembly and Government departments   
 Questions to The Senate and National Assembly regarding banishments and deportations, with reference to the respective Hansard protocols, including:   
K2.1 Reply to Muriel Horrell by Senator Rubin regarding his questions in Senate about deportations and banishments, August 1958   
K2.2 Annexure 'A' with the list of banished persons who have not been traced, February 1959   
K2.3 Document in reply to the Minister of Bantu Administration and Development's list of Africans, provided in the Assembly on the 10 April 1959, on whom removal orders were served from 1948-1958   
K2.4 Extract from Hansard on removal orders served by government, January 1960   
K2.5 List of questions posed by Mrs Suzman and Mr Cope in the House of Assembly, 31 January 1961 (with correspondence)   
K2.6 Extract from Hansard on Bantu persons removed from their homes, in reply to Mr Stanford, 8 and 15 March 1960   
K2.7 List of questions posed by Mrs Suzman and Mr Cope in the House of Assembly, 14 March 1961   
K2.8 Questions relating to banishments for Mr Cope to put to the Minister of Bantu Administration and Development, March 1961   
K2.9 Extract from Hansard, House of Assembly, 14 June 1961   
K3 List of banished people   
K3.1 Information concerning deportees, February 1961   
K3.2 Notes on 41 African men and women still in banishment, September 1961   
K3.3 List of banished people, October 1965   
K3.4 List of banished and tried people from 1956-1959, handwritten, no author   
K4 Correspondence   
K4.1 Correspondence with banished people, 1961-1969   
K4.1.1 Replies by the SAIRR to a number of people removed or restricted, who had approached the SAIRR for assistance, following questions in the House of Assembly, 5/6 June 1961   
K4.1.2 Requests to SAIRR for assistance by people affected by banishments and deportations   
K4.1.3 Notes about files of people affected by deportations and banishments, such as Dennis Brutus (South African Sports Association SASA) and Mr Landman (Coloured teacher)   
K4.1.4 Correspondence with the lawyers of Winnie Mandela, Mendel Levin & partners, about the delivery of a book to her place of banishment in Brandfort, August 1969   
K4.2 General correspondence, 1957-1963   
K4.2.1 Correspondence with The Rt. Rev. Ambrose Reeves after his deportation from South Africa in 1960, enclosed the statement of the SAIRR regarding Bishop Reeves' deportation   
K4.2.2a letter by Helen Joseph to Lawrence Reyburn at the SAIRR, representing the Human Rights Welfare Committee, who acted on behalf of banished people, 6 February 1961 as well as a later letter following an article on banished people in Race Relations News together with a list of banished people, dated 14 May 1961   
K4.2.2b Followed by a letter of Reyburn to Mr Cope, M.P., following up on the issues raised by Helen Joseph, 15 February 1961; followed by correspondence with Helen Suzman, M.P. regarding the banished persons mentioned by Helen Joseph, dated 16 March 1962   
K4.2.3 Letter received by the SAIRR from V.J. Matthews from Maseru/Basutoland regarding the position and situation of South African refugees in Basutoland, saying that the Basutoland Congress Party has no longer the financial means to support them, 13 April 1961   
 Other: mainly between the SAIRR and Government departments such as Department of Native Affairs, Department of Bantu Administration and Development, Members of Parliament and House of Assembly;   
K4.2.4a 1957-1959   
K4.2.4b 1960   
K4.2.4c 1961   
K4.2.4d 1962-1963   
K5 Articles and newspaper clips   
K5.1 Printed publications   
K5.1.1 Booklet by the Human Rights Welfare Committee entitled "The forgotten men"   
K5.1.2 Typescripts of an appeal by the Committee, and A message: tribute to Exiles   
K5.1.3 Issue of the quarterly magazine of The Black Sash with an article entitled "South Africa's Siberians. What it means to be banished", Vol.5 No.5, December 1961   
K5.2 Typescripts of articles published in 'Contact' and 'New Age'   
K5.3 Newspaper clips, 1959-1965   
K5.3.1 1959-1960   
K5.3.2 1961-1962   
K5.3.3 1963-1964   
K5.3.4 1965   
K5.3.4.1 Including a special part in the Drum magazine entitled "Life in Banishment" with photographs by Ernest Cole, May 1965