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Inventory for AD1137 
Photos:Records of the Federation of South African Women (FEDSAW)• click to view
 Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa   
 Compiled by Desiree Y. Patel   
 Edited by Anna M. Cunningham   
 NOTE: The digitisation of this collection has been made possible with generous funding from the Atlantic Philanthropies Foundation.   
 The records of the Federation of South African Women (FEDSAW) comprise 1,184 items spanning the years 1953 to 1963. They were originally part of the archives of the South African Institute of Race Relations and were transferred to the Department of Historical and Literary Papers of the Library in 1978 by the Institute's archivist, the late Jeanette Curtis (Mrs Marius Schoon) who was assassinated in Angola in 1984. She gave them to the library for safekeeping to ensure their survival as she was detained and banned. At the time she maintained that some of FEDSAW's records had been seized by the security police. Certainly the collection is incomplete, but, despite this fact, very valuable as an insight into the part played by women in the struggle for sexual equality and the wider struggle for racial equality in South Africa.   
 The original arrangement and classification of the records and the compilation of an inventory was carried out by Miss Curtis. Subsequently, the inventory was revised by Desiree Patel (nee Soudien), one of the staff of the Department of Historical Papers, to bring it into line with the style used for compiling inventories. The broad divisions were retained but some re?classification within the categories took place. At first sight it is puzzling to find Congress Alliance material included in FEDSAW's records but this is explained by the very close association between FEDSAW and the bodies which made up the alliance.   
 The FEDSAW collection should be used together with the papers of Helen Joseph, which are also in this library. She was joint regional secretary of the Transvaal Region of FEDSAW and national secretary until the government made it impossible for her to carry out her duties.   
 The following abbreviations have been used:   
 ANC - African National Congress   
 FEDSAW- Federation of South African Women   
 LS - letter signed: the letter is signed by the author but is not in his/her handwriting   
 Ms - Manuscript   
 NEC - National Executive Committee   
 p. - page   
 Ptd. - printed   
 SACOD - South African Congress of Democrats   
 SACTU - South African Congress of Trade Unions   
 TLS - typed letter signed by the author   
 Ts. - typescript   
 This inventory has been edited by the undersigned who supplied an index of all personal names mentioned in the inventory and of selective subject fields together with a brief history of FEDSAW.   
 The Federation of South African Women (FEDSAW) was formed at the "First National Conference of Women" as the inaugural conference was called, held in the Trades Hall, Johannesburg on 17 April 1954. This meeting was the culmination of months of planning, having been first suggested at a conference held in Port Elizabeth in April 1953, which was an informal meeting of women, trade unionists and African National Congress members to which Ray Alexander had been invited. She, from her home in Cape Town, assisted by Hilda Watts in Johannesburg, organised the inaugural conference. Both women had been members of the Communist Party of South Africa before its banning in 1950 and had widespread contacts amongst women of various organisations.   
 There were close on 150 delegates representing 230,500 women at the inaugural conference and they came from all over South Africa and from a wide cross?section of women of all colours, although mainly Black. They were drawn mostly from the Congress Alliance, made up of the African National Congress, South African Indian Congress, South African Congress of Democrats, South African Coloured Peoples Organisation and trade unions which left the Trade Union Congress of South Africa and formed the South African Congress of Trade Unions in 1955. The conference adopted a Women's Charter which included these words "We women have stood and will stand shoulder to shoulder with our menfolk in a common struggle against poverty, race and class discrimination". A draft constitution was drawn drawn up stating the aims and objects of the Federation as being "To bring the women of South Africa together, to secure full equality of opportunity for all women, regardless of race, colour or creed; to remove social and legal and economic disabilities; to work for the protection of the women and children of our land". There was some debate as to whether the Federation should provide for individual membership but this point was settled in 1956 when the National Conference voted in favour of the Federation consisting only of affiliated organisations and no individual members.   
 By 1957 the following organisations had affiliated: African National Congress Women's League, South African Congress of Democrats, South African Coloured Peoples Organisation, Cape Housewives League, League of Non?European Women (Cape), Transvaal Indian Congress for Women and the Food and Canning Workers' Union. The Federation grew into a massive organisation which played its part in the national struggle for liberation and was involved in the convening of the Congress of the People by the Congress Alliance at Kliptown on June 25?26, 1955, at which the Freedom Charter was adopted. FEDSAW led the great protest against the extension of passes to African women in the 1950s, the most important event in this campaign being the mass gathering at Pretoria on 9 August 1956, thereafter observed as "Women's Day" during which 20,000 women stood in silence for 30 minutes after presenting their petition. It was on this occasion that they sang "Strijdom, you have tampered with the women/ you have struck a rock/ you have unleashed a boulder/ you will be crushed", later to be adopted as an anthem. This was followed by several demonstrations in 1957 and 1958. Other campaigns protested against Bantu education, beerhalls, Group Areas, discrimination in the nursing profession, rent increases and basic community problems. They supported the boycott of the Union Festival in 1960 and the stayaway from the Republic celebrations in 1961. In 1962 they tried to draw up a Bill of Women's Rights.   
 From the very beginning the Federation suffered from the fact that, although as an organisation it was never banned, the leaders - Ray Alexander, Hilda Bernstein, Lilian Ngoyi, Frances Baard, Helen Joseph, Dorothy Nyembe, Amina Cachalia and Albertina Sisulu were and so were its affiliates, the African National Congress Women's League and the women's branch of the South African Congress of Democrats. The Federation was weakened by the Treason Trial of 1956-1961 and some members were detained during the state of emergency which followed Sharpeville in 1960. For a few years they struggled on under difficult circumstances but the last conference of any size took place in August 1962. Thereafter it went into rapid decline as more and more women were either banned, house-arrested or left the country. By the mid-1960s it had ceased to exist as a viable, mass-based organisation. It was never dissolved and, from time to time, the members attended historical funerals wearing their black and green uniforms.   
 In the early 1980s there was an attempt to revive the Federation. A 30th birthday celebration meeting was held in Mamelodi on 9 August 1984. On the 2 August 1986 a national assembly of women was held, followed a week later by a prayer service to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the march to Pretoria to protest against passes for women. Grassroots organisations were formed, including the Federation of South African Transvaal Women (FEDTRAW) in the Transvaal in December 1984, and others were formed in the Eastern and Western Cape, Natal and the Orange Free State.   
 In the Transvaal an interim committee was formed, an open day held on 1 June 1987 which included speakers from the old executive of FEDSAW and newsletters were published. In the Western Cape there was a regional launch in August 1987. Women demanded an end to conscription, a free equal educational system for all and the total abolition of apartheid. Further repression followed during the state of emergency and it was not until 1990 that women were free to demonstrate openly. In the intervening 30 years times had changed and many women had other loyalties than to FEDSAW. There had been a division in the ranks as not all women could subscribe to a total redistribution of wealth as demanded by some organisations. Many women preferred to join organisations like the African National Congress Women's League. As a national organisation FEDSAW has not been resurrected.   
Aa Constitution   
Ab History   
Ac Conference   
Ad Executive   
Ae Meetings   
Af Membership   
Ag Finance   
Ah Press   
Ai Articles   
Ba Transvaal Region   
Bb Johannesburg Region   
Bc Eastern and Western Transvaal   
Bd East Rand   
Be West Rand   
Bf Pretoria   
Ca Bantu Education   
Cb Passes for African Women   
Cc Nurses Campaign   
Cd Group Areas Act   
Da African National Congress Women's League   
Db International   
Ea Congress of the People   
Eb National Consultative Committee   
Ec African National Congress   
Ed South African Congress of Democrats   
Ee Indian Congresses   
Ef South African Congress of Trade Unions   
Fa Entokozweni   
Fb Liberal Party of South Africa   
Fc The People's Choir   
Aa Constitution   
Aa1 Draft Constitution Undated 3p. Ts.   
Aa2 Letter from R. Alexander to I.Mtwana, African National Congress Women's League, 2 Sep. 1954. 2p LS.   
 Relates to the clause in the constitution admitting individuals as members of FEDSAW.   
Aa3 Statement for the information of South African Congress of Democrats members. 1956. 2p. Ts.   
 Relates to the adoption of the constitution.   
Ab History   
Ab1 Circular letter, 23 May 1955. 1p. Ts.   
Ab2 The work of the Federation of South African Women, April 1957. 2p.Ts.   
 An outline of the history of FEDSAW since 1954.   
Ab3 The Federation of Women, 1963. 3p. Ts.   
 A history of the formation and activities of FEDSAW.   
Ac Conference   
Ac1 Inaugural Conference. 17 April 1954.   
Ac1.1 Invitation to attend a Conference to promote Women's Rights, in English and Xhosa, and completed, signed invitations expressing support. 6 items.   
Ac1.2 Appeal for support from the African National Congress, 17 April 1954. 1p. TL   
Ac1.3 Credentials form 1p. Ts.   
Ac1.4 Agenda. 1p. Ts.   
Ac1.5 Addresses. 5 items.   
Ac1.5.1 R. Alexander 10p. Ts.   
Ac1.5.2 H. Watts 'Women's struggle for peace' 14p. Ms.   
 and Ts.   
Ac1.5.3 F. Meer 'The position of Indian women in South Africa' 8 p. Ts.   
Ac1.5.4 R.Alexander presented the Women's Charter; Dora Tamana spoke to it. The Charter was adopted unanimously. 5p.Ts.   
Ac1.5.5 C.A.N.Kuse 'Women's Rights Conference', with statements in brackets not mentioned when making the speech. 2p. Ts.   
Ac1.6 Reports   
Ac1.6.1 Report of Conference. 9p.Ts. (p3 missing)   
Ac1.6.2 Report of the First National Conference of Women held in the Trades Hall, Johannesburg, 16p.Ts.   
Ac1.7 Photographs. 4 items.   
 Of delegates and platform party with R.Alexander chairing the conference.   
Ac1.8 Correspondence 21 items.   
 Correspondents: R.Alexander, H.Joseph, C.Rosier, W. Sigwana, H.Watts.   
Ac2 National Conference 1956.   
Ac2.1 Invitation Circulars, 31 July 1956 2 items.   
Ac2.2 Agenda 1p.Ts.   
Ac2.3 Statement for the information of South African Congress of Democrats members re the constitution. 2p. Ts.   
Ac2.4 Correspondence 12 items.   
 Correspondents: M.Ballinger, R.A.Dietrich, H.Joseph, J. Kubeka, C.Kuse, A. la Guma, O.Mpetha, M.Sodinda, S.Stephen.   
Ac2.5 Messages of support 15 items.   
 The messages came from the African Food and Canning Workers' Union, African National Congress, Democratic Women's Committee, Progressive Students, South African Coloured People's Organisation, South African Congress of Democrats, the people of Worcester, Hilda Watts on behalf of all those banned from attending gatherings and the women of Nigeria, Romania and Italy.   
Ad Executive (National Executive Committee)   
Ad1 Correspondence   
Ad1.1 1954 14 items   
 Correspondents: R Alexander,(Sec) H.Joseph, D. Tamana, H.Watts.   
 Minutes of inaugural and regional conferences.   
 Banning of R.Alexander and F.Meer.   
 Organisation of the Congress of the people.   
 Protest against the Bantu Education Act.   
 Protest against the inequality of law for black and white.   
 Protest against threatened removal of Coloureds from Cape municipal franchise.   
 Question of individual membership of the Federation.   
Ad1.2 1955 22 items   
 Correspondents: H. Joseph, M. Keith, J. Palmer, H.Watts.   
 Note: Many of the letters are not signed.   
 Mobilising support for the Congress of Mothers.   
 Organisation of house meetings for groups of women.   
 Congratulations on a Transkei woman, Pumla Kisosonkole, being appointed to the Uganda Legislative Council.   
 Protest at mass removals.   
 Banning of Josie Palmer and her forced resignation from FEDSAW.   
Ad1.3 1956 26 items   
 Correspondents: Civic Vigilance Association, H.Joseph (Sec), M.Keith, South African Peace Council, South African Society for Peace and Friendship with the Soviet Union.   
 Note: some letters are unsigned.   
 Campaign against passes for Black women.   
 Relationship with the African National Congress Women's League.   
 Welcome to Mrs Ruth Khama on her return to Bechuanaland.   
 Closing of the Soviet Consulate in South Africa.   
 Holding of a National Peace Convention.   
Ad1.4 1957 10 items   
 Correspondent: H Joseph (Sec)   
 Requests for publications and messages of support.   
 Fraternal greetings to South African Coloured People's Organisation for their first conference.   
Ad1.5 1959-1963 3 items   
 Correspondents: H.W.Edwards, M.Goldberg, H.Joseph.   
 1959 Banning of M. Goldberg.   
 1963 Information on women for an encyclopaedia.   
Ad2 Minutes of National Executive Committee, 2 items 1958-1959.   
Ad3 Receipts and accounts 7 items 1956.   
Ae National Meetings   
Ae1 International Women's Day Meeting, 20 March 1955.   
Ae1.1 Press Statement issued by FEDSAW. 1p.Ts.   
Ae1.2 Circular report issued by the Transvaal Region, 1p. Ts.   
Ae2 Congress of Mothers, 7 Aug. 1955.   
Ae2.1 Circulars announcing the meeting in support of the World Congress of Mothers 3 items.   
Ae2.2 Agenda 1p. Ts.   
Ae2.3 Notes 2 items.   
 Includes notebook in shorthand and longhand kept by A.S.Bloomberg.   
Ae2.4 Resolution 1p. Ts.   
Ae2.5 Reports 3 items.   
Ae2.5.1 Rough notes 3p.Ms.   
Ae2.5.2 Official 4p. Ts.   
Ae2.5.3 Report of the World Congress of Mothers 1p. Incomplete Ts.   
Ae3 Defend the Municipal Vote Conference, 21 Apr, 1956. Invitation to attend, issued by FEDSAW. 2p. Ptd.   
Ae4 Women's Day of Prayer, 9 Aug. 1959.   
Ae4.1 Circular letters inviting women to attend. 4 items.   
Ae4.2 Plan of work 2 items.   
Ae4.3 Correspondence: General 13 items   
 Correspondents: F.Adams, African National Congress, African National Congress Women's League, H.Joseph, Liberal Party of South Africa, Chief A.J.Luthuli, A Mashagane, M.P.Naicker, Rand Nurses Professional Club, Transvaal Indian Congress.   
Ae4.4 Correspondence: ministers. 24 items.   
 Correspondents include Rev. J.A.Calata, Johannesburg Ministers Fraternal, Transvaal Interdenominational Ministers Association and the Transvaal Missionary Association.   
Ae4.5 Message and speech by J.A.Calata. 3p. Ts. and Ms. notes.   
Af Membership   
Af1 Form: blank 1p. Ts.   
Af2 Correspondence 7 items. 1955-1957.   
 Correspondents: African National Congress, African National Congress Women's League, Food and Canning Workers' Union, Liberal Party of South Africa.   
 Subject: Affiliation.   
Ag Finance   
Ag1 Financial Statements 8 items. 1956-59.   
Ag2 Accounts and receipts 49 items 1956-59.   
Ag3 Correspondence 10 items 1959.   
 Correspondents: African National Congress, African National Congress Women's League, Bethal Healing Church of Christ, Human Rights Welfare Society, H.Joseph, and the Treason Trial Defence Fund.   
 Subject: Acknowledgement of gifts to FEDSAW and thanks for donations made by FEDSAW.   
Ag4 Circulars 2 items. Undated.   
 Appeals for jumble.   
Ah Press   
Ah1 Correspondence 10 items. 1956-1957.   
 Correspondents: Golden City Post, New Age, Rand Daily Mail and Star.   
 Subject: Statements to be publicised.   
Ah2 Press Clippings 12 items 1959-1961   
 1959 Mrs Marcelle Goldberg on being banned.   
 1961 Effects of banishment on Florence Matomela and Lilian Ngoyi.   
 1961 Indian children over 16 need permission to live at home.   
 1961 Verwoerdian apartheid.   
 1961 Housing for Coloureds at Diepkloof.   
 1961 Arrears of rent owed to the Johannesburg City Council.   
 1961 Visit by H.Joseph to the banished.   
 1961 Distance Indian children at Kliptown have to travel to school.   
 1961 Planning of Moroka Township.   
 1961 Indians to fight Group Areas plan.   
Ai Articles 8 items.   
Ai1 Elizabeth Mafekeng. Undated. 5p. Ts.   
Ai2 Viola Hashe. Undated. 4p. Ts.   
Ai3 Peasant Women in the Union of South Africa: report presented on behalf of FEDSAW. Undated. 13p. Ts   
Ai4 Lady into Woman. Undated. 5p. Ms.   
Ai5 What Women say! Undated. 2p. Ms.   
Ai6 Women and the need for a women's federation. Undated. 3p. Ts.   
Ai7 The life of the child in South Africa. Undated. 16p.Ts.   
Ai8 Article on women for the Golden City Post, September 1957. 3p. Ts.   
Ba Transvaal Region   
Ba1 Meetings   
Ba1.1 Jul-54   
 Agenda and resolutions 2 items. Ts. and Ms.   
Ba1.2 Aug-54   
 Agenda 1p. Ms.   
Ba2 Conferences   
Ba2.1 2 December 1956.   
Ba2.1.1 Agenda and circulars 4 items.   
Ba2.1.2 Resolutions 9 items.   
 On the Group Areas Act, the Nursing Amendment Bill, the Pass Laws, the Native Laws Amendment Act, reclassification by race and on violence throughout the world.   
Ba2.1.3 Messages of support 2 items.   
 From Hilda Watts and Vice-President Motlhoana, Bloemfontein.   
Ba2.1.4 Opening address 6p. Ms.   
Ba2.2 23-Jun-57   
Ba2.2.1 Correspondence and circulars 9 items.   
 Purpose was to report on the progress of campaigns against passes, Group Areas Act and Native Laws Amendment Act.   
Ba2.3 25-Jan-57   
Ba2.3.1 Agendas and circulars 5 items.   
Ba2.3.2 Resolutions 4 items   
 On passes, apartheid, ban on mixed gatherings and demand for withdrawal of the charge of high treason brought against the leaders of the liberation movement.   
Ba2.3.3 Correspondence and messages of support. 27 items   
 Correspondents: African National Congress, African National Congress Women's League, Black Sash, Food and Canning Workers' Union, Liberal Party of South Africa, Rand Nurses Professional Club, South African Coloured People's Organisation, South African Congress of Democrats, South African Congress of Trade Unions, South African Labour Party, Transvaal Indian Congress, Transvaal Indian Youth Congress.   
 Includes a message from Helen Joseph who was forbidden to attend.   
Ba2.3.4 Reports 4 items.   
 Reports submitted to conference from the executive and a report of conference entitled 'An "outside" impression of a great conference'.   
Ba2.4 05-Aug-61   
Ba2.4.1 Notes for conference 2p. Ts.   
Ba2.4.2 Letter from Patidar Society, agreeing that the hall can be used without any fee, 28 July 1961. 1p. ALS.   
Ba3 Correspondence 39 items 1954-61   
 Correspondents: African National Congress, T. Gutsche, Johannesburg City Council, H.Joseph (Sec), R.M.Kotane, M.K.Mpho, L.Ngoyi, J.Palmer, R.Raynes, J. Sinclair (Black Sash) and Treason Trial Defence Fund.   
 1955 Support from the women of Bethal.   
 1965 Offer of help for the exhibition "Women can do it".   
 1965 Poor conditions at Moroka-Jabavu Ante-Natal Clinic.   
 1965 Welcome to Father Raynes on his return and regret at the departure of Father Huddleston.   
 1958 Financial support for the Treason Trial Defence Fund.   
 1958 National Conference of Workers.   
 1961 multi-racial forum for women of all races to discuss life in Johannesburg.   
Ba4 Special Topics   
Ba4.1 Rent increases: conference 14 Nov. 1954.   
Ba4.1.1 Agenda 1p.Ts.   
Ba4.1.2 Message of support 1p.Ts.   
 From the Transvaal Indian Youth Congress.   
Ba4.1.3 Memoranda 2 items   
 Information notes on increased rentals in Johannesburg Municipal Sub?Economic Housing Schemes for Africans. (4p.) draft memorandum on the increasing of rents in the sub?economic townships for Africans to be submitted to Johannesburg City Council. (4p).   
Ba4.1.4 Correspondence 15 items 1954-55   
 Correspondents: R Alexander, Department of Native Affairs, Food and Canning Workers' Union, Johannesburg City Council, National Union of Distributive Workers, National Union of Laundering, Cleaning and Dyeing Workers, D.Tamana.   
Ba4.1.5 Reports 2 items   
Ba4.2 Transvaal Women's Day, 11 Mar. 1956.   
Ba4.2.1 Circular 1p Ts.   
 Invitation to attend.   
Ba4.2.2 Resolutions 2 items   
 Condemning passes for women, division of workers on racial lines, Nursing Amendment Bill, Bantu Education and Group Areas.   
Ba4.2.3 Correspondence 5 items   
 Correspondents: South African Coloured People's Organisation, South African Congress of Democrats, Transvaal Indian Youth Congress.   
Ba5 Transvaal Regional Committee   
Ba5.1 Minutes and agenda 7 items 1961   
Ba5.2 Correspondence: general 8 items 1956-1959.   
 Correspondents: A.Cachalia, H.du Preez, L.Eskgee, Food and Canning Workers' Union, M.Gaso, M. Goldberg, H.Joseph, R.Matseoane, H.Watts.   
 1956 Campaign against passes for women.   
 1959 Invitations to join the Committee.   
 1959 Encouragement to Indian women to participate.   
 1959 Protest at the banning of Elizabeth Mafekeng.   
Ba5.3 Correspondence: financial 11 items 1959   
 Correspondents: members of FEDSAW, African National Congress Women's League, Shulamith Muller.   
 Requests for moneys owed and contributions towards the legal expenses of the Zeerust Trials.   
Ba6 General 2 items   
Ba6.1 Suggestions for the organisation and development of women's clubs, adopted by the Transvaal Region. Undated. 3p. Ts.   
Ba6.2 Report of the Transvaal Region to the Bureau of the Women's International Democratic Federation. Undated. 4p. Ts.   
Bb Johannesburg Region   
Bb1 Correspondence 11 items 1955-1959   
 Correspondents: H.Joseph (Sec.), with editors of Africa South, Rand Daily Mail and Star.   
 Press Statements on the following:   
 1955 Reclassification of the Coloured people   
 1955 Protests against police raids conducted under the guise of an investigation into "treason and sedition."   
 1955 Extension of passes for women.   
Bb2 Memoranda on rentals 2 items Undated.   
Bb2.1 African rentals and the Johannesburg City Council. 2p. Ts.   
Bb2.2 Information notes on increased rentals in Johannesburg Municipal Sub?Economic Housing Schemes for Africans. 4p. Ts.   
Bc Eastern and Western Transvaal   
Bc1 Itinerary for tours to Eastern and Western Transvaal. Undated. 1p.Ts.   
Bc2 Reports on tours 2 items. 1, 3pp. Ms.   
Bd East Rand   
Bd1 Circulars 3 items 1957   
 The circulars advertise a conference to protest against the Pass Laws and the Group Areas Act.   
Bd2 Correspondence 5 items 1957?1958   
 Correspondents: H. Joseph (Joint Sec.) with E. Masanga and M.Moodley.   
 Campaign against passes and Group Areas.   
Bd3 Conference: minutes and resolution. Undated. 29p. Ms.   
 Verbatim minutes in long hand and shorthand and resolution against legislation prohibiting free meetings of people.   
Bd4 East Rand Working Committee report by M.Moodley. Undated. 2p. Ms.   
Bd5 Plan of campaign for the East Rand from H. Joseph. Undated. 4p. Ms.   
Be West Rand   
Be1 Circulars 3 items 1957   
 The circulars advertise a conference to protest against the Pass Laws and the Group Areas Act.   
Be2 Letter from the African National Congress, Westonaria Branch, 23 June, 1957. 1p.ALS.   
 Subject: petition forms.   
Be3 Report from the West Rand. Undated. 1p. Ms.   
Bf Pretoria   
Bf1 Circulars 2 items 1957.   
 The circulars advertise a conference to protest against the Pass Laws and the Group Areas Act.   
Bf2 Notes 3 items, undated.   
 Lists of names and office bearers and note on pledges.   
Ca Bantu Education   
Ca1 General   
Ca1.1 Memoranda 5 items 1954-55.   
Ca1.1.1 Circular letter re the transfer of control of state-aided schools to Bantu Community organisations, except in the case of teacher training schools, signed by W.W.M.Eiselen, Secretary for Native Affairs, 2.Aug. 1954. 5p. Ts.   
Ca1.1.2 Report and resolutions adopted at the special conference of organisations opposed to the Bantu Education Act, 9-10 Apr.1955. 2,1pp. Ts. (p3 missing)   
Ca1.1.3 Draft proposals on Bantu Education. Undated. 2p. Ts.   
Ca1.1.4 Education for knowledge. By the South African Congress of Democrats. Undated. 5p.Ts. and 9p. Ms.   
Ca1.1.5 Memorandum on Bantu Education ? "Education by dictation". Undated. 2p. Ts.   
Ca1.2 Notes 6 items Ms.   
 On the Bantu Education Act, African, Coloured and Indian children.   
Ca1.3 Printed items: Bantu Education Journal, vol.1, No.2 Dec. 1954   
 Issued by the Department of Native Affairs.   
Ca2 African Education Movement (A.E.M.)   
Ca2.1 Aims and rules. Undated, 3p. Ts.   
Ca2.2 History of the A.E.M. Undated, 3p. Ts.   
Ca2.3 Notice advertising a meeting to discuss the implications of the Bantu Education Act, 24 March 1955. 1p. Ts.   
Ca2.4 Memoranda 2 items.   
Ca2.4.1 What every parent should know about Bantu Education. Undated. 2p. Ts.   
Ca2.4.2 On the closing of the school conducted by the Anglican Church in Sophiatown. Undated. 1p. Ts.   
Ca2.5 Correspondence 11 items 1955?1956   
 Correspondents: M.Berman and H. Joseph with editors of newspapers and donors.   
 1955 Invitation to a meeting to set up an organisation to protest against the government's Bantu Education policy.   
 1955 Boycott of schools.   
 1955 Aims of the African Education Movement.   
 1956 Thanks for gifts to the African Children's Cultural Clubs.   
Ca2.6 A.E.M.News: official organ of the African Education Movement Vol 1. Nos 1?4, 1956.   
Ca2.7 Press Clippings and statements 4 items 1954?55   
 On language apartheid in schools, state control of technical colleges and the boycott of schools.   
Ca3 Cultural Clubs   
Ca3.1 Draft programmes of activities 3 items. Undated.   
Ca3.2 Questionnaire 2p. Ts.   
Ca3.3 Training courses for children.   
 Includes Stories from South African History, lists of books, material for Cultural Club programmes, draft Freedom Charter, People's Songs.   
Ca3.3.1 General. Undated. 26 items.   
Ca3.3.2 23 July 1955 48p. Ts.   
Ca3.3.3 20 Aug. 1955 32p. Ts.   
Ca3.3.4 10 Sep. 1955 19p. Ts. and 6p. Ms.   
Ca3.3.5 24 Sep. 1955 27p. Ts.   
Ca3.3.6 15 Oct. 1955 29p. Ts.   
Ca3.3.7 29 Oct. 1955 22p. Ts.   
Ca3.3.8 12 Nov. 1955 28p. Ts.   
Ca3.3.9 26 Nov. 1955 27p. Ts.   
Ca3.3.10 9-13 Jan. 1956 19p. Ms.   
 Alexandra Township:conference programme and material.   
Ca3.3.11 18 Feb. 1956 30p. Ts.and 7p. Ms.   
 Benoni: conference programme and material.   
Ca3.3.12 4 Apr. 1956 107p. Ts.   
 Port Elizabeth: conference programme and material.   
 Note: held in Uitenhage because of ban on meetings in Port Elizabeth and interrupted by police intimidation.   
Ca3.3.13 5 May 1956 27p. Ts.   
 Sophiatown: stories from South African History.   
Ca3.3.14 19 June 1956 36p. Ts. and 6p. Ms.   
 Brakpan and Benoni: conference programme and material.   
Ca3.3.15 19 July 1956 9p.Ts. and 4p.Ms.   
 Port Elizabeth Group Leaders Conference: programme and notes.   
Ca3.3.16 15 Sep. 1956 33p. Ts. and 30p. Ms.   
 Benoni: conference programme, notes, correspondence and material.   
Cb Passes for African Women   
Cb1 General   
Cb1.1 History of the Pass Laws. Undated. 4p. Ts.   
Cb1.2 Notices of issue of reference books 5 items 1956-1959.   
 Lists the areas to be registered.   
Cb1.3 National Anti-Pass Conference, Gandhi Hall, 30-31 May 1959.   
Cb1.3.1 Report by the Transvaal Executive Committee of FEDSAW on accommodation arrangements for the conference. 4p. Ts.   
Cb1.3.2 Resolutions passed at the conference 2p. Ts.   
Cb1.3.3 Report of the National Anti-Pass Planning Council to Conference. Signed D. Nokwe, Secretary-General, African National Congress. 11p. Ts.   
Cb1.3.4 Correspondence 15 items   
 Letters of thanks to branches of the African National Congress for help with accommodation.   
Cb1.4 Reports 8 items 1956-1959   
Cb1.4.1 Reports (starting on p2)   
Cb1.4.2 Reports   
Cb1.4.3 Reports   
Cb1.4.4 Reports   
Cb1.4.5 Reports   
Cb1.4.6 Reports   
Cb1.4.7 Reports   
Cb1.4.8 Reports (p2 missing)   
Cb1.5 Memoranda and Notes 12 items 1958-1959   
Cb1.5.1 Memorandum on the Pass Laws and the issuing of reference books to African women submitted by FEDSAW to the non?European Committee of the City Council of Johannesburg, 1958. 6p. Ts.   
Cb1.5.2 Summary of and commentary on the new native labour regulations by the South African Institute of Race Relations, 3 Feb. 1959 5p. Ts.   
Cb1.5.3 Chief speaks: a message by A.J.Luthuli to South African Women on the 3rd anniversary of the mass demonstration, 9 Aug. 1959. 4p. Ts.   
Cb1.5.4 Discussion notes on aspects of the Pass Laws. Undated. 2p. Ts.   
Cb1.5.5 Speakers' notes on women and passes. Undated. 2p. Ts.   
Cb1.5.6 Speakers' notes on passes. Undated. 8p. Ts.   
Cb1.5.7 Memorandum to the mayor of Brakpan by the African women re issue of permits to African women of Brakpan. Undated. 2p. Ts.   
Cb1.5.8 Memorandum to the mayor of Springs by the women of Payneville and Kwa Thema. Undated. 1p. Ts.   
Cb1.5.9 African women and tribal customs. Undated. 1p. Ts.   
Cb1.5.10 List of demands of African Women. Undated. 1p. Ts.   
Cb1.5.11 We do not take the Pass: we fight for the respect and dignity of womanhood. Undated. 6p. Ms.   
Cb1.5.12 List of dates and places of protests. 1958 1p. Ts.   
Cb1.6 Correspondence 104 items. 1957-59   
Cb1.6.1 1957   
Cb1.6.2 1958   
Cb1.6.3 1959   
 Correspondents: African National Congress, African National Congress Youth League, Black Sash, Food and Canning Workers' Union, H. Joseph (National Sec.) B. Mashaba (Joint Sec.) J.G.Motshabi, L Naidoo (Joint Sec.) L. Ngoyi, S. Sibeko, South African Coloured Peoples Organisation, South African Congress of Democrats, Transvaal Indian Congress, Transvaal Indian Youth Congress.   
 1957 Invitations to send representatives to serve on the Regional Executive.   
 1957 Reports to H.Joseph and L. Ngoyi on how the demonstrations have gone.   
 1957-58 Request for help with the campaign and thanks for help received.   
 1957-1958 Commemoration of the 1956 protest of 20,000 women at Union Buildings, Pretoria.   
 1958 Demonstration of solidarity with women on trial.   
 1958 Police harassment.   
 1958 Protest to the Mayor of Johannesburg.   
 1959 Demonstration of domestic servants to the Native Commissioner, Fordsburg.   
Cb1.7 Circulars 8 items 1955?57   
 Invitations to attend meetings of protest.   
Cb1.8 Pamphlets and leaflets 2 items 1956-57   
Cb1.8.1 Women in chains. Published jointly by FEDSAW and the A.N.C. Women's League, 1956 12p.   
Cb1.8.2 Leaflet advertising a Mass Protest Meeting, Cape Town, 9 August 1957. Issued by the South African Congress of Democrats.2p.   
Cb1.9 Statistics 6 items 1958   
 Lists of pass arrests, trials and convictions.   
Cb2 Deputations   
Cb2.1 Deputation to Union Buildings,Pretoria, 27 Oct. 1955.   
Cb2.1.1 Circulars 4 items.   
Cb2.1.2 Correspondence 45 items.   
 Correspondents: African National Congress, African National Congress Women's League, Congress of Mothers Committee, H.A.Jensen, H. Joseph (Sec.) Orlando Residents Association, South African Coloured Peoples Organisation, Transvaal Indian Youth Congress, Women's Defence of the Constitution League and cabinet ministers.   
 Subject: Arrangements for the mass deputation to Pretoria to protest against oppressive legislation including passes for women, Bantu Education Act, Population Registration Act and Group Areas Act. The request to hold the meeting was refused by Pretoria City Council and the cabinet ministers refused to accept the protests.   
Cb2.2 Deputation to Native Commissioner, Fordsburg, 7 June 1956.   
Cb2.2.1 Circulars 2 items. In English and vernacular.   
Cb2.2.2 Correspondence 13 items Jan-June 1956.   
 Correspondents: African National Congress Youth League, H.Joseph (Sec.) Native Commissioner, Fordsburg, L. Ngoyi and editors of newspapers.   
Cb2.3 Deputation to the Prime Minister, Union Buildings, Pretoria, 9 August 1956.   
Cb2.3.1 Circulars 3 items. In English and vernacular.   
Cb2.3.2 Correspondence 11 items   
 Correspondents: African National Congress, H. Joseph (Sec.) South African Coloured Peoples Organisation, Transvaal Indian Youth Congress, Transvaal Youth Action Committee.   
 Subject: Arrangements for the mass demonstration of 20,000 women.   
Cb2.3.3 Report of Sub-Committee 4p. Ms.   
Cb2.3.4 "Strijdom: you have struck a rock" 15p. Ptd.   
 Issued by FEDSAW, including the 'Demand of the South African women for the withdrawal of passes for women and the repeal of the Pass Laws.'   
Cb2.4 Deputation to the Native Commissioner, 9 Aug. 1957.   
 Memorandum. 2p. Ts.   
Cb2.5 Deputation to the Mayor of Johannesburg, 27 Nov. 1958.   
Cb2.5.1 Circulars 6 items   
 In English and Afrikaans, issued by FEDSAW and African National Congress Women's League.   
Cb2.5.2 Organisational plans 10 items   
 Lists of personnel and areas, notes for discussion on the protest to be submitted to the Mayor of Johannesburg, programme of events, instructions to women volunteers, suggestions for the campaign, report to the Transvaal Consultative Committee and notes for organisers.   
Cb2.5.3 Correspondence 16 items   
 Correspondents: African National Congress, African National Congress Women's League, Liberal Party, Mayor of Johannesburg, (I. Maltz), National Council of Women, South African Coloured Peoples Organisation, South African Congress of Trade Unions, South African Labour Party, Transvaal Indian Congress.   
Cb2.5.4 Protest presented to the Mayor of Johannesburg. 2p. Ts.   
Cb2.5.5 Protest by FEDSAW against police intimidation of women. 2p. Ts.   
Cb2.6 Delegation to the Native Commissioner, Johannesburg, 5 Mar. 1959.   
Cb2.6.1 Circular 2p. Ts.   
 In English and vernacular 'What now women of Johannesburg'.   
Cb2.6.2 Memorandum prepared for the delegation 2p. Ts.   
Cb2.6.3 Protest presented to Native Commissioner. 1p. Ts.   
Cb2.6.4 Protest at the arrest of the women. 1p. Ts.   
Cc Nurses Campaign   
Cc1 Constitution of the Rand Nurses Professional Club. Undated. 3p. Ts.   
Cc2 National Conference of Nurses: circulars. 4 items. 1957.   
 Held to consider the Nursing Act which brought apartheid to the profession.   
Cc3 Circulars issued by FEDSAW, African National Congress and Federation of South African Nurses and Midwives   
 re the introduction of passes for nurses. 4 items.   
Cc4 Memoranda 7 items 1957-58   
Cc4.1 On the Nursing Amendment Bill. Issued by FEDSAW and African National Congress Women's League, 8 May 1957. 2p. Ts.   
Cc4.2 Rand Nurses Professional Club: statement on incident in Boksburg-Benoni Hospital, Jan.1958. 1p. Ts.   
Cc4.3 Memorandum submitted to the Federation of South African Nurses and Midwives and to the Rand Nurses Professional Club by FEDSAW re the compulsory production of identity numbers for the registration of nurses. 9 Feb. 1958 2p.Ts.   
Cc4.4 Resolution by the Regional Workers Conference condemning the S.A.Nursing Council, 15 Feb. 1958. 1p. Ts.   
Cc4.5 Protest to the Matron of Baragwanath Hospital and the Principal of the Training College for Non-European Nurses re identity numbers for the registration of nurses. Undated. 2p. Ts.   
Cc4.6 Protest by FEDSAW against having to produce identity numbers for registration. Undated. 2p. Ts. (p1 only)   
Cc4.7 Protest by FEDSAW against the attempt of hospitals to force nurses to take passes. Undated. 1p. Ts.   
Cc5 Notes. 9 items 1958   
 Resolution by a conference of women condemning the Nursing Amendment Act, rough minutes of Committee meetings and planning notes.   
Cc6 Publications 9 items 1957-58   
Cc6.1 Fighting Talk, vol. 11 No 4, May 1957: article 'Nursing apartheid'.   
Cc6.2 Press clippings 8 items Feb - Mar 1958   
Cc7 Correspondence 17 items 1956-58   
 Correspondents: African National Congress, African National Congress Women's League, Black Sash, Federation of South African Nurses and Midwives, H. Joseph (Joint Sec.) B. Mashaba (Joint Sec.) Matron of Baragwanath Hospital, Principal of Non-European Training College, Rand Nurses Professional Club, South African Nursing Association.   
Cd Group Areas Act   
Cd1 Resolutions 2 items 1958   
 Condemning the Act and the ban on meetings of more than nine.   
Cd2 Memoranda 2 items.   
Cd2.1 Restriction of right of natives to remain in certain areas. Undated. 2p. Ts.   
Cd2.2 Facts relating to the Native Urban Areas Consolidation Act as amended for the benefit of congress members. Undated. 3p. Ts.   
Cd3 Correspondence with Albertville Ratepayers Association 2 items. 1959.   
 Congratulations on the militant stand they took on the Act.   
Da African National Congress Women's League   
Da1 Draft rules and regulations. Undated. 6p. Ts.   
Da2 Report of the African National Congress Women's League, Natal. 1958 3p. Ts.   
Da3 National Conference 10 items 1955-1959.   
Da3.1 Messages of support from FEDSAW 4 items. Nov. 1955.   
Da3.2 Message of support from FEDSAW 1 item. Nov. 1957.   
Da3.3 Message of support from Transvaal branch of African National Congress, agenda, executive report, opening and presidential addresses. 5 items. 5-6 Sep. 1959.   
Db International   
Db1 Congress of Canadian Women 1 item 1956   
 Fraternal greetings for International Women's Day to FEDSAW.   
Db2 Women's International Democratic Federation (WIDF)   
Db2.1 Notes on the origin and aims of WIDF 6p. Ms.   
Db2.2 Circular issued by FEDSAW on 10th anniversary of the founding of WIDF, Jan. 1956. 2p. Ts.   
Db2.3 Circular letters 3 items. 1955-1956.   
 Information on the work of the WIDF.   
Db3 World Congress of Mothers 1 item. Undated.   
 Draft cable from FEDSAW expressing support.   
Ea Congress of the People, Kliptown, 25-26 June 1955.   
Ea1 Correspondence 5 items May-July 1955.   
 Circular letters issued by FEDSAW, copy of the damands made by FEDSAW, thanks for help given and letter to the editor of New Age concerning the Freedom Charter.   
Ea2 Demands put forward by Congress 8 items.   
 From FEDSAW, Helen Joseph, Joe Matlou, Rahima Moosa, Josie Palmer and various women's groups.   
Ea3 Agenda, messages, resolutions and historical background of the English Congress of the people. 4 items.   
Ea4 Press clippings 7 items June 1955.   
Ea5 Congress of the People: special pictorial issue of the "Call" 18p.   
Ea6 Freedom Charter: adopted at the Congress of the People, on June 25 and 26, 1955. 5 items.   
Ea6.1 Printed edition, with Ms. additions. 2p.   
Ea6.2 The Freedom Charter: we, the People of South Africa, declare for all our country and the world to know 1 sheet.   
Ea6.3 Memorandum on how to integrate the campaign for the Freedom Charter with other campaigns. 5p. Ts.   
Ea6.4 Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted 10 December 1948 by the General Assembly of United Nations. 2 items.   
 Used in framing the Freedom Charter.   
Ea7 Miscellaneous   
Ea7.1 Supreme Court of South Africa (Special Criminal Court) Pretoria. Regina vs Adams and others: transcript of shorthand notes taken at the Congress of the People, 25-26 June 1955. 14p. Ts.   
Ea7.2 Poem 'A noble character' 1p. Ts.   
Eb National Consultative Committee   
Eb1 Anti-Pass Campaign 7 items 1956-1959.   
Eb1.1 Memorandum on anti-pass campaign 25 Oct. 1956. 6p. Ts.   
Eb1.2 Make 1959 the greatest anti-pass year 3p. Ts.   
Eb1.3 The Anti-Pass Planning Council report to the Joint National Executive Committee, 21 Feb. 1959. 4p. Ts.   
Eb1.4 Resolutions passed at Anti-Pass Conference, 30-31 May 1959. 2p. Ts.   
Eb1.5 Report of the National Anti Pass Planning Council to the Mass National Conference held at Johannesburg on the 30 March 1959   
Eb1.6 National Consultative Committee document on the struggle against passes.. Undated. 2p. Ts.   
Eb2 Day of protest against South Africa : circular to all constituent organisations, 18 Nov. 1957. 2p. Ts.   
Eb3 Election Policy 3 items. 1957-58.   
Eb3.1 Circular "The Nats must go!" 12 Nov. 1957. 4p. Ts.   
Eb3.2 Press Clippings, 7 Nov. 1957. 2p. from New Age   
Luthuli states ANC election policy'.   
Eb3.3 N.C.C. statement for consideration of African National Congress, South African Coloured Peoples Organisation, South African Indian Congress, South African Congress of Democrats and South African Congress of Trade Unions. May 1958. 8p. Ts.   
Eb4 multi-racial Conference 9 items 1957-1959   
Eb4.1 Discussion notes 3 items 1957   
Eb4.2 Reports 6 items 1957-59   
Eb4.2.1 Findings of commissions 5 items 1957   
 On political arrangements, civil rights and duties, human relations, economic rights and duties and education in a multi-racial society.   
Eb4.2.2 Report on conference, 1 Aug. 1959. 3p. Ts.   
Eb5 General 2 items c. 1956   
Eb5.1 Discussion notes for a proposed plan. Undated. 6p. Ts.   
Eb5.2 Report on a tour of the major centres of the Union submitted to the National Consultative Committee for discussion, c. 1956. 8p. Ts. (p6 missing)   
Ec African National Congress (ANC)   
Ec1 Reports 2 items 1958   
Ec1.1 Annual report of the NEC of the 46th Annual Conference of the ANC, Durban, 13-14 Dec. 1958. 55p. Ts.   
 Includes the presidential address bu A.J.Luthuli and Notes for delegates to the All African People's Conference, Accra, Dec. 1958.   
Ec1.2 ANC report on the anti-pass campaign. Undated. 3p. Ts.   
Ec2 Statement issued by the All-in-African National Council on plans for a second phase of the campaign for a national convention. c. 1961 4p. Ts.   
Ec3 Messages of support from FEDSAW to African National Congress national conferences. 4 items. 1957-1959.   
Ec4 Publications 3 items 1958 and undated.   
Ec4.1 African National Congress Handbook, 1958 17p. Printed.   
Ec4.2 I accuse: speeches to court by Nelson Mandela. Undated. 24p. Printed.   
Ec4.3 Leaflet ? Ban on potatoes. Undated 1p. Ts.   
Ed South African Congress of Democrats (SACOD)   
Ed1 Correspondence 2 items 1957-59.   
 Correspondent: FEDSAW   
 1957 Request for a FEDSAW delegate to attend their conference.   
 1959 Advertising a speech by A.J.Luthuli.   
Ed2 Memoranda 4 items 1954-1961   
Ed2.1 Memorandum on the proposed increase of rents in sub-economic housing schemes presented by SACOD to the Johannesburg City Council, Nov. 1954 7p. Ts.   
Ed2.2 Supplement: in defence of the Congress Alliance. c. 1961. 4p. Ts.   
Ed2.3 On the S.A.Congress of Democrats. Undated. 3p. Ts.   
Ed2.4 The Pass Laws should be repealed. Undated 4p. Ts.   
Ed3 Pamphlets issued by SACOD 6 items 1955?1959   
Ed3.1 Your number please! 1955 8p.   
Ed3.2 We are many! 1955 15p.   
Ed3.3 Educating for ignorance: the South African Congress of Democrats view of the Bantu Education Act 1955. 18p.   
Ed3.4 Freedom is the apex 1959 8p.   
Ed3.5 Bantustan bluff Undated. 10p.   
Ed3.6 South African Congress of Democrats: the facts. Undated. 3p.   
Ed4 Counter Attack: Bulletin of the S.A.Congress of Democrats. 8 items 1955-1961.   
 1 Aug. 1955, Oct.1955, 27 Aug. 1956, Nov-Dec. 1958, Jan. 1959, Jan-Feb. 1960, Feb. 1961.   
Ee Indian Congresses   
Ee1 Natal Indian Congress   
Ee1.1 Agenda Book for 11th Annual Provincial Conference, Durban, 21-23 Nov. 1958. 36p. Ts.   
 Includes agenda, extracts from messages sent to Conference, opening address by Alan Paton, presidential address and secretarial report.   
Ee2 South African Indian Congress   
Ee2.1 Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Conference, Johannesburg, 19-21 Oct. 1956. 160p. Ts.   
 Includes agenda, resolution, messages, standing orders, opening address by A.J.Luthuli, presidential address of Dr. G.M.Naicker, notes on minutes of 21st conference, report of joint honorary secretaries, extracts from memorandum submitted to All-in Group Areas Conference, 1956 and annexures including copy of the Group Areas Act.   
Ee2.2 We call the people of South Africa, black and white - let us speak together of freedom. 1956. 2p. Ts.   
Ee3 Transvaal Indian Congress   
Ee3.1 Correspondence 4 items 1956-1957.   
 Correspondents: B.T.Naidoo and S. Saleh (Joint Secretaries) and FEDSAW   
 1958 Condemnation of Group Areas Act.   
 1959 Message of solidarity from FEDSAW   
Ee4 Transvaal Indian Youth Congress   
Ee4.1 Proceedings of the 14th Annual Conference, Johannesburg, 26 Apr 1959. 35p. Ts.   
 Includes agenda, draft resolutions, chairman's address, paper by Dr E.R.Roux on 'Education in a multi-racial society', report of the joint honorary secretary and treasurer, financial statement, papers on primary and secondary education for Indians in the Transvaal and vocational training.   
Ee4.2 Correspondence 4 items 1959   
 Correspondent: FEDSAW   
 Subject: Mutual support   
Ee4.3 Songs for you to sing. 1st ed. 1961 17p. Ts.   
Ef South African Congress of Trade Unions (SACTU)   
Ef1 Conferences   
Ef1.1 6th Annual National Conference, Durban, 1-2 Apr. 1961. 38p. Ts.   
 Includes report of proceedings of the 5th annual conference and minutes.   
Ef1.2 7th Annual National Conference, Johannesburg, 21-22 Apr. 1962. 74p. Ts. Includes report of the acting general secretary, minutes and resolutions.   
Ef1.3 8th Annual National Conference, 13-14 Apr. 1963. 4p. Ts.   
 List of affiliated unions represented at conference and resolution on the Wage Board.   
Ef1.4 9th Annual National Conference, Johannesburg, 28-29 Mar. 1964 1p. Ts.   
Ef2 Application forms for membership 4 items Undated and 1963.   
Ef3 Mailing list 1 item. Undated.   
Ef4 Balance sheet 1 item 1959   
Ef5 Memoranda 4 items 1958-62   
Ef5.1 Speakers' notes for women on the 1 Pound a day campaign, 1958. 3p. Ts.   
Ef5.2 Workers' Unity: May Day 1961 4p. Ts.   
Ef5.3 National campaign for organising trade unions. Jan.1962. 2p. Ts.   
Ef5.4 Memorandum concerning the wages and working conditions of African City Council employees submitted to Johannesburg City Council. 11 Oct. 1962. 5p. Ts.   
Ef6 Relations with Government   
Ef6.1 Legislation 6 items 1961?1962   
Ef6.1.1 Suppression of Communism Act: notice in terms of sub-section (1) of section 9 of Act of 1950, prohibiting assembly of any gatherings under the auspices of SACTU, 29 Mar. 1961. 1p. Ts.   
 Also circular issued to all affiliated unions announcing the ban, 1 Apr. 1961. 3p. Ts and Newsletters on the ban, 19 Jun. 1961 (2p.) and 4 Jul. 1961. (1p)   
Ef6.1.2 General Law Amendment Bill: analysis 1962. 7p. Ts.   
 Accompanied by circular letter re detention of comrades under the Act. 7 Aug. 1963.   
Ef6.1.3 National Minimum Wage Act, 1962. 3p. Ts.   
Ef6.1.4 Sabotage Bill: press statements by the Trade Union Council of South Africa (3p.) and SACTU (2p.) 1962.   
Ef6.1.5 Shops and Offices Act: memorandum to the Minister of Labour on the Bill to amend the Act of 1939, 1962. 4p. Ts.   
Ef6.2 Government Departments.   
Ef6.2.1 Justice, Department of, 2 items. 1962.   
 Letters protesting against the 'house arrest' of Helen Joseph and the banning order served on Mr A. Bennie, Port Elizabeth.   
Ef6.2.2 Labour, Department of, 2 items. 1962.   
 Application by SACTU for appointment of nominees of SACTU to the Unemployment Insurance Board (5p.); memorandum re the role and policy of the Wage Board (2p.)   
Ef6.2.3 Transport, Department of,   
 Letter from SACTU on the transfer of African railway workers from the Western Cape, 1962. 1p. Ts.   
Ef6.2.4 Wage Board   
 Memorandum by SACTU to the Wage Board investigating the plywood industry (certain areas.) 1962. 5p. Ts.   
Ef7 Individual Unions   
Ef7.1 Farm, Plantation and Allied Workers' Union. 2 items 1962.   
Ef7.1.1 Circular letter from SACTU re African Farm Workers 24 Aug. 1962 1p. TLS.   
Ef7.1.2 Report presented by Durban delegate to conference of plantation workers, 16 Sep. 1962. 3p. Ts.   
Ef7.2 Food and Canning Workers' Union. 2 items. 1962-1963   
Ef7.2.1 Letter to International Confederation of Free Trade Unions protesting at the raid by security police on the Union's office, Cape Town. 18 Jun. 1962 2p. TLS.   
Ef7.2.2 Annual report by the General Secretary, L.Abrahams, on behalf of NEC submitted to 23rd annual conference, 14-15 Sep. 1963. 12p. Ts.   
Ef7.3 General Workers' Union   
 Memorandum by the General Workers' Union of SACTU to the authorities of the University of the Witwatersrand on the need for increased wages and shorter hours for African workers employed by the University, 2 Jun. 1961 3p. Ts.   
Ef7.4 Mineral Workers' Union   
 What every mineral worker should know. 4p. Ts.   
Ef7.5 Printing and Allied Workers' Union   
 Memorandum to the National Industrial Council of the Printing and Newspaper Industry of S.A., on the renewal of the industrial council agreement for the industry, 15 Oct.1962 5p. Ts.   
Ef7.6 South African Tin Workers' Union 2 items 1961-1962   
Ef7.6.1 Memorandum of proposals for increased wages and improved conditions of work to the S.A.Metal Containers, Closures and Allied Manufacturers' Association and its members, 24 Nov. 1961. 9p. Ts.   
Ef7.6.2 Anniversary of the S.A.Tin Workers' Union: silver jubilee 1937-1962. Souvenir brochure 10p. Ptd.   
Ef7.7 Sweet Workers' Union   
 Circular letter from SACTU appealing for support against Durban Confectionery Workers (Pty) Ltd.'s attempt to smash the union. 12 Mar. 1963. 2p.   
Ef8 International   
Ef8.1 International Labour Organisation (ILO)   
Ef8.1.1 Objection by SACTU to the credentials of the South African Workers' delegates appointed to attend 45th session of ILO. 9 May 1961. 13p. Ts.   
Ef8.1.2 Memorandum by SACTU to delegates to the 45th session of ILO concerning certain items on the agenda. 24 May 1961. 8p. Ts.   
Ef8.1.3 Press statement on the resolution adopted by the General Assembly asking South Africa to withdraw from ILO, 30 Jun. 1961. 1p. Ts.   
Ef8.1.4 Memorandum concerning the withdrawal of the Republic of South Africa from membership of ILO submitted by SACTU, 11 May 1962. 9p. Ts.   
Ef8.1.5 Copy of a letter sent to the Director-General, ILO, re the persecution of A.Bennie, 1962. 2p. TLS.   
Ef8.1.6 Memorandum by SACTU concerning the withdrawal of the Republic of South Africa from membership of ILO to the Director-General ILO and to delegations at 47th ILO conference 13 May 1963. 14p. Ts.   
Ef8.1.7 Press report of a statement on the 1963 session of the ILO made by Edgar Deane, Secretary of the Cape Workers' Union (affiliated to TUCSA) and Workers' Delegate to 1962 ILO conference and reply from the Cape Western Province Local Committee of SACTU, 25 Jun. 1963. 2p. Ts.   
Ef8.1.8 Statement on the 47th Session of ILO conference (1963) and on the remarks of Senator A.E.Trollip, Minister of Labour, in this connection. 26 Jun. 1963. 3p. Ts.   
Ef8.2 General   
Ef8.2.1 Letter to the Ambassador of the German Federal Republic, Pretoria, protesting against the trial of the Association of the Victims of Nazism in the Federal Administrative Court of West Berlin, 27 Nov. 1962. 1p. TLS.   
Ef8.2.2 Letter to F.Moran, Charge d'Affaires, Pretoria, protesting at the torture of a Spanish worker by the Franco police, 4 Dec, 1962. 1p. TLS.   
Ef8.2.3 Statement on South Africa by Trades Union Congress, protesting at South African government persecution of trade unionists, 28 Feb 1963. 1p. Ts.   
Ef8.2.4 Letter to Sir Hugh Stephenson, High Commissioner for the British Protectorates, protesting at the despatch of British troops to Swaziland to end the strikes there. 14 Jun. 1963. 1p. TLS.   
Fa Entokozweni   
 Report of a budget study of four African families in Alexandra Township, May-June 1952. 29p. Ts.   
Fb Liberal Party of South Africa   
Fb1 Correspondence re conferences 3 items. 1956-1959.   
 Inviting FEDSA members to attend.   
Fb2 Circulars 2 items. 1956.   
 Re the control of meetings of Africans within the Johanneburg area and the formation of a Civic Vigilance Association.   
Fb3 How much time have we left? 14p. Ptd.   
Fc The People's Choir, Johannesburg. 2 items, 1956.   
Fc1 Songs for you to sing (32p.)   
Fc2 Special supplement No.1. (16p.) including songs from the Youth Festival, Warsaw, Aug. 1955.   
G1 Job reservation and the trade unions. By Ray Alexander and H.J.Simons. 1959 40p. Ptd.   
G2 The farm labour scandal. By Ruth First. A New Age pamphlet, 1959. 23p.