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Collection Index:TOBIAS, George Wolfe Robert 1882-1970
Collection Name:George Wolfe Robert TOBIAS Papers 1882-1970.
Photos:TOBIAS, George Wolfe Robert, 1882-1974 (Bp. of Damaraland, 1939-1949)• click to view
  Copyright 2006, The Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa 
  The Tobias papers consist of 692 items covering the period 1882-1970. 
  These papers were obtained from the estate of the late Hev. Basil Henry Capes Purvey who intended writing a biography of Bishop George Wolfe Robert Tobias. Unfortunately he died in 1975 before lie was able to carry out his work. The papers have been transferred to the C.P.S.A.Record Library which is in the custody of this Library. 
  The papers relate mostly to the life of George Wolfe Robert Tobias (1882-1974). This correspondence gives an excellent description of the Church's work in South West Africa and also of the conditions and customs of the tribes living there, both written and pictorially. The papers also touch on the Kwanyaaa language in which George became so successful. He translated the Prayer Book and produced a hymnal. Ho also translated Hermann Tones 'Kwanyama Ora Emar' from German into English. 
  Canon Charles Frederick Tobias (ca 1850-1939), George's father, and a converted Jew, in correspondence to his wife, Ethel, also gives an interesting account of life in the field, where he served as Chaplain in the Boer War 1900-1901. 
  The papers also consist of the skeletal draft of the biography of George Tobias by Rev. Basil I1.C. Turvey which contains a vivid description of the life of George and his work on the mission station and the people connected with him and a brief description from the Encyclopaedia of Southern African South West Africa. 
  George Wolfe Robert Tobias was born 13 September 1882 in London of South African parents, Canon Charles Frederick Tobias and his wife, Ethel. They had five children of whom George was the second. he open his early years in Kimberley. From an early age lie was sure that God wanted him to be a priest like his father and developed a self-discipline which became a mark of his character for the rest of his life. 
  In due course he wan sent to Diocesan College, Rondebosch, Cape Town, commonly known as Bishops, where he was called 'Toby'. He enrolled at the University of Cape Town, where he took a B.A. degree with honours in Literature and Philosophy. He worked in the Education Department, Pretoria, to save money to enable him to go to Cambridge. In 1902 he gained a Queen Victoria scholarship to Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, where he obtained a second class honours in Moral Sciences Tripos; in 1906 a first in History, when he moved to Oxfordshire and went to Cuddesdon for Theology. There he came to know 'Dick Sheppard', popular vicar of St. Martins-in-the-Fields, London, and Geoffrey Clayton, future Archbishop of Cape Town. 
  In 1907 he was ordained deacon and priest the following year, aged 26. lie served as a curate of St.Paul's, King Cross, Halifax, under Rev. Hugh Bright, later Archdeacon of Stafford. In 1908 he graduated M.A. at Cambridge and in1910 returned to South Africa. He took a curacy at St-Mary's, Woodstock, Cape Town, where his father was rector. This began a connection with that parish which, interrupted by the war years, continued for him until 1.923. 
  lie enlisted in the South African Medical Corps in 1915 and served in France with the Field Ambulance as stretcher-bearer. Severely wounded in the thigh and shoulder in battle on the Somme, Jul-Nov-1916, he was invalided 'home' to England where he was hospitalised at S.A. Military Hospital, Richmond Park, Richmond, Surrey, which became the Star & Garter Home for Disabled Soldiers. Convalescing, he put in a spell as temporary Chaplain to the Forces in the R.A.F., C.R.Mirfield, Yorkshire. He received a commission as Chaplain to the Forces and served with the Heavy Artillery in France. In 1918, he gained the award of the Military Cross. 
  Demobilisation hazards caused him to go to Rome and spend a month wandering around Italy. He then went back to clergy school, receiving treatment for his arm in Mirfield Hospital and visited his brother, Meyer, there who was also wounded in France an an officer. He was discharged in 1919. 
  He returned to his former parish in Woodatock, working in the notorious District Six and in All Saints, Roodebloem, Woodstock, as priest-in-charge,from 1921-1923. Here he became a staunch Labour Party supporter. In 1923 he offered himself for mission work in Ovamboland. He resigned his charge of All Saints and spent a year enlisting support from Cape Town parishes and to study the Kvanyama language. This he did so successfully, he later translated the Prayer Book and produced a hymnal. 
  In August 1924 he set out with Rev. R.White of Cape Town and Bishop Fogarty to establish a mission in Northern Ovamboland. He pitched his tent at the foot of a tree (known now as Tobias' tree), and sank a well. From this St. Mary's Mission was founded. Manifold tasks were achieved by him, dealing with spiritual, educational and medical categories. George was described as "a bit of spiritual biltong - tough all through". The natives nicknamed him 'Lukenge' meaning lop-sided, due to his war disability. 
  In about 1932, he fell in love with Sister Perkins, who had offered her services on the mission hospital staff at St.Mary's. They were married on June 19th 1933, by Bishop Fogarty at the Mission. In 1935, a daughter was born and a son, Robert, in 1937. 
  On April 24, 1939, George was consecrated Bishop of Damaraland in St.George's Cathedral, Cape Town, aged 57. He was the second South African to become Bishop of C.P.S.A. He translated Hermann Tonjes 'Kwanyama Grammar' from German into English with the help of Arthur Macdonald and a Miss K.A. Godden, England. 
  He moved to Windhoek with his wife and children where Edith died ca 1947. He attended Lambeth Conference in July 1948, aged 66. In 1949 he resigned because of the difficulty of educating his children and became Rector of Simons Town with its dockyard church. He was offered the principalship of Beda Hall (training for church school teacher) but he turned it down. 
  In 1953, a Coronation Commemorative medal was presented to him, as a person of merit, by Queen Elizabeth. 
  Between 1954-56 he became priest-in-charge at Hout Bay, and then went to England to Canterbury diocese, aged 74, and officiated there until 1959, when he returned to the Diocese of Cape Town. In 1965 he went to live at Plumstead with his son, Robert, where he celebrated the 60th anniversary of his ordination in 1968. 
  He used to walk to Weekday Mass at Christ, the King, Claremont, and as he became very deaf, he appreciated the deaf-aid equipment there. It was here that he celebrated his 90th birthday. He contracted Parkinsons Disease and died at Pinelands Nursing Home, May 3rd,1974, aged 92. 
1-4  Charles Frederick Tobias & wife, Ethel 
5-6  George Wolfe Robert Tobias - Letters  
7-9  George Wolfe Robert Tobias & wife, Edith. Joint correspondence to Edith and G.W.R. Tobias 
10  Miscellaneous, not Tobias 
Sermons - notes on Sermons 
School Reports - Ann & Robert Tobias 
Miscellaneous, Tue. & printed matters 
Ovamboland Mission Reports 
Biography of George Wolfe Robert Tobias - Notebook 
Skeletal draft 
CORRESPONDENCE 241 items 1882-1940 (CHRON ) 
  Charles Frederick Tobias (father of George) 
A1  Correspondence 112 items 1882-1935 (CHRON) 
A1/1  Boer War 2 items 1900 Feb22-Mar.16 (CHRON) 
  Letters from Charles to his wife, Ethel, while serving as Army Chaplain 1900 Feb. 22-Mar.16. Aboard S.S. Umbria - Cape Town to England via Gibraltar with wounded men, and brief visit to England. 
A1/2  In -the Field 83 items 1900 Ahr.30-1901. Aug.8 (CHRON) 
  Letters written to his wife of day-to-day occurrences from Kimberley,14 Streams, Taungs, Vryburg, Maribogo Pan, Potchefstroom, Krugersdorp,Pretoria, Johannesburg, Klerksdorp, Edenburg, Elundefontein, Springs,Greylingatad, Bethal, where he was shot and injured in thigh and moved to Standerton Hospital (letter dated 1901 May-23)Mrs. Ethel Tobias (mother of George) 
A2  Correspondence 10 items 1901 Apr.16-1940 Mar.21 
A2/1  Letter from Arthur Judge, her brother-in-law, re her daughter, Ethel (Effie). 
A2/2  8 Business letters and 1 application for Fixed Deposit. 
A3  Certificates and Orders 4 items 1802 Jul..a2-1916 Scp.20(CHR0N). 
  1882 Jul.12. Certificate of permission to officiate as Priest in Province of Canterbury, England, for one year from Archibald Campbell, Archbishop of Canterbury. 
  1888 Aug.11. Letter of Orders, from Allan, Bishop of Grahamstown. 
  1890 Sep.20. Letter from H.B.M. Bourne, Sec. for Defence, Pretoria in appreciation of services rendered during S.W.A. campaign. 
A4  Verses 22 items 1.909 Oct.24-1935 Oct-24 (CHRON) 
  Birthday verses to Ethel Tobias from her husband, Charles, including 1 from George, 1 Golden Wedding, 1 Valentine, 1 Remembrance of past years. 
  George Wolfe Robert Tobias 
A5  Correspondence 39 items 1915 Nov-3-1918 Nov.10(CHRON) 
  Letters to his parents during First World War which include:- 
  1915 Nov.3. From S.S. Kenilworth, on voyage to England. 
  1915 Nov.17-Dec.l7. From Field Ambulance Unit, South African Medical Corps in Farnham, Surrey, where he became a stretcher-bearer. 
  1916 Jan-7. At sea on voyage to Egypt. 
  1916 Feb.6. Description of his tours in Egypt. 
  1916 Apr.18. To France as stretcher-bearer. Wounded on Somme Jul.-Nov. 1916. 
  Recuperated at S.A. Military Hospital, Richmond Park in Surrey. 
  Convalescing at Star & Garter Home for Disabled Soldiers acted as temporary Chaplain to the Forces at R.A.F. camp, Hursley Park, Nr.Winchester, Hants. 
  Visited from time to time his brother, Meyer, at hospital in London, an officer who was wounded in France. 
  1918 Jul.18. In France with Heavy Artillery in British forces after receiving Commission as Chaplain. 
  1918 Nov.10. In thick battle before Armistice was declared. 
  1918 Hov.13. Describing Armistice. Bound by contract until Jul.1919. 
  1919 May.21. Mix-up with the authorities re his papers, his uncertainty of future in the new age. 
  Undated. Unaddressed letter -to his mother, while visiting the Judges, his sister and brother-in-law) while billeted at Fleet. 
  pps.2 & 3 of letter from air force camp to parents. 
A6  Letters to Family and Others 1I1 items 1922 Jun.28-1953 dct.23(CHRON) 
  Various letters to family re birthday greetings, re army duties and life aboard S.S. Kenilworth Castle; 1915 Dec.22. Christmas in camp; Christmas greetings and anticipation of going over to France; wet, muddy conditions from farm in France; advance with Heavy Artillery after retreating Germans; 1918 Aug-13 tending wounded Germans in advance where brother Meyer retreated and was wounded; 1919 Mar.6 from pension in Rome; 1950 Sep.11 to Prof. Doke re English-Kwunytuna dictionary; draft of letter re Bishop Fogarty and short note added to Mr.Gill re statements of account for 1943. Draft of letter to Lord Archbishop re principalship of Beda Hall, which he turned down. 
A7  Engagement Congratulations 14 items 1933 Jan. 26-.Jun.12 
  Letters or congratulations on engagement and future marriage of George and Edith of which six letters were from Alice V. Joyce, foster-mother to Edith, one incomplete from Switzerland expressing delight at marriage; difficulty in granting marriage by SPG or bishop, due to complicated financial arrangements; general home news. Letter from I.A.Robb, Woodstock, Cape. Six letters from George's mother expressing joy at forthcoming marriage and dismay at 50 pound cheque misdirected. 
A8  George and Edith Tobias 26 items 1922 Jun.28-1953 Oct.23 (CILRON) 
  Consists of personal letters and telegram to George or Edith or both, on topics such as the Bahamas, congratulations and good wishes for their coming marriage; interest in St.Mary's Mission from Yorkshire; thanks for memorial service, Keetmanshoop; children's letters re birthdays, pets; emoluments as rector of parish in Diocese of Cape Town; printing of English- Kwanyama dictionary; sounds in Finnish language. 
A9  Edith Tobias (nee Sister Perkins) 18 items 1932 Nov.17-1931 Apr.8 (CHRON) 
  Letters, mostly undated, to George before and after their marriage, Day-to- day occurrences whilst he was away on Mission journeys; 1933 Jun-19, their marriage at St.Mary's Mission, Ovamboland; continuous daily letters from Finnish Mission hospital prior to birth of first child which she appears to have lost. 
A10  Miscellaneous 10 items 1916 May.27-1936 Jun.11 (CHRON) 
  Family and various letters re brother James' convalescence from Nairobi; South West Africa campaign; St.Mary's Mission; appointment of C.F. Tobias as Canon Emeritus of Cape Town Cathedral; birthday wishes to Ann Tobias from her granny; sympathy to Mrs. C.F.Tobias on bereavement of her husband; application by Bishop Watts for renewal of SPG Society's grant in 1940 on behalf of new Bishop; protest to Native Commissioner, Ondangua re Efundula Dance included in tribal welcome to the Administrator. 
NOTEBOOKS & SERMONS 58 items 1927-1952 
B1  Notebooks 7 items 1927-1952 
B1/1  Five notebooks on sermon, one in Kwanyaams, dates of services, 1945-1949. 
B1/2  Notebook on St.Helena by 'Old Teddy' (Bishop Watts? See Ovamboland Mission personnel ca 1940, F1.) 
B1/3  Notebook of birthday verses to Edith Tobias from George, 1933-1941. At back of book, five birthday verses and speeches by Ann Tobias to her mother; Grannie's song; words of wedding hymn. 
B2  Sermons, notes on Sermons 18 items mostly undated 
B2/1  Including sermons in memory of Sons of South Africa at Delville Wood; France, Egypt, Palestine, S.W.A. & East Africa; World War 11; National day of prayer in war-time; memorial service for Sgt.OB-Navigator Cecil Ernest Colbourne of Keetmanshoep; rogationtide; religious education; first messages as bishop; social and industrial system; the sins of good men; Darwinism. 
B2/2  Miscellaneous 33 items undated 
  Loose pages & odd notes of sermons 
TYFL`SCRIPTS & MEMORANDA 177 items 1913-1959 
C1  School Reports 64 items 1939 Sep.29-1951 Mar.22 (CHRON) 
C1/1  Ann Tobias 41 items 1939 Sep.29-1951 Mar.22 
  Eight Nursery School reports of St.George's School, Windhoek 1939 Sep.29 -1942 Mar.27 
  Two Kindergarten School reports of St.George's School, Windhoek 1942 Jun.26 -Dec.9 
  Fourteen Form reports of St.George's School, Windhoek 1913 Mar.31 -1946 Sep.27 
  Three Form reports of St.Mary's Diocesan School for Girls, Pretoria, 1947 Apr.18-Dec.l0 
  Ten Form reports of St.Cyprian's, Cape Town 1948 Mar.25-1951 Mar.22 
  Four House reports of St.Cyprian's, Cape Town 1948 Dec.10-1951 Mar.22 
C1/2  Robert Tobias 23 items 1943 Dec.9-1950 Nov.30 
  Hine Kindergarten reports of St.George's School, Windhoek 1943 Dec.9- 1945 Dec.12 
  Seven Form reports of St.George's School, Windhoek 1946 Mar.31-1947 Dec.12 
  1 Reference of St.George's School,Windhoek 1947 May 16 
  Ts. Acceptance as Boarder of Diocesan College,Rondebosch 1948 Jan.28 with particulars of Protection Granted, Laundry no.,S.A.R.& H.Concession certificate 
  Five half-yearly reports of Diocesan College, Rondeboach 1948- Jun.1950 Nov.30 
C2  Miscellaneous (Tss.printed matter) 64 items 1913-1948 
C2/1  Booklets & tracts 16 items 1913-1948 
  Consisting of Story of St.Cecily; the Voice of the Churches; the Church of England vindicated; Chinese Philosophy or Religion; an open Letter to Bishops at Lambeth 1948; prayer & intercession tracts; bible stories for the four-year-old; 1940 Jun.18. Reprint from the Times; 1948 Aug.1. An Airman to his Mother; two invitations. 
C2/2  Diocesan Magazines, Bulletins & Papers 26 items 1935-1942 (CHRON) 
  1935 Nov. Lichfield Diocesan Magazine 
  1940 Feb.28. Reprint from The Times. A conflict of youth 
  1940 Jun.20-Jul.25. Four Protestant Bulletins 
  1940 Jul.31. Diocese of Southern Rhodesia Church Magazine at the Holy Catholic Church 
  1940 Jul. Parish magazine of St.Mary's, Woodstock 
  1940 Jun.5-1941 Feb.12. Three South African Church Weekly Newspapers for C.P.S.A. 
  1940 Aug.1-1942 Jul.9. Fourteen Weekly Bulletins on the Spiritual Issues of the War 
C2/3  Orders of Service 4 items 1919-191+8 (CHRON) 
  Special Service of Public Thanksgiving for the Restoration of Peace, Grahamstown. 
  1921 Jul.l7. Memorial Service on the Anniversary of Delville Wood Day, City Hall, Cape Town. 
  1939 Apr.25. Order of Service - Consecration of G.W.R. Tobias as Third Bishop of Damaraland, Cathedral Church of St.George, Cape Town. 
  1948 Aug.8. Celebration of Holy Eucharist at close of Lambeth Conference, Westminster Abbey 
C2/4  Notes (Tss) 8 items 1940-1948 (CHRON) 
  1940 May 16. To. Protestant Press Bulletin for Neutral & Allied Countries No.24. 
  1940 May 26. Ts. Notes on Day of Prayer appointed by H.M. the King by the Archbishop to clergymen. 
  1941 Jun.23. Badly torn report of broadcast talk from Cairo re Sqdn.Ldr. Pattle's, (D.F.C. & Bar), deeds of heroism performed in the Middle East (see also photo E1/5) 
  1942 Jun.5. Memo re Training Order Parades to be held throughout the Union in tribute to Flags of United Nations 1942 Jun.14. 
  1942 Jun.9. Memo re special prayer to be used on Parade 1942 Jun.14. 
  Undated. Ts. notes on Intinction - private & confidential. 
  Undated. Ts. notes. A statement of Faith & Order - private & confidential. To be submitted to Lambeth Conference 1948. 
  Undated. Historical sketch of St.Saviour's Church, Claremont by Canon T.G. Le Mesurier. 
C2/5  Leaflets & Pamphlets 5 items 1940 May 26-1949 Nov.8 (CHRON) 
  1940 May 26. Reprinted from Manchester Guardian for National Day of Prayer & Intercession 
  1940 Sep.23. An appeal for acknowledgement - The Source of Britain's Greatness. 
  Undated. Bilingual pamphlet -'To Men & Women on Service by a Doctor' 
  1949 Nov.8. From the Catholic Fellowship of Prayer to Assoc. Member. Rt. Rev. Q.W.R. Tobias. A prayer for the Intention of Chaste Marriage. 
  Undated leaflet. A few facts about your Church in S.Africa and your attitude to Blacks. 
C2/6  Music & Verses 5 items 1936-1959 
  Words and music or carol - A Virgin unspotted 
  1936 Jul. Article on African music by Mrs. D.H. Mackenzie. 
  Undated. Verses. What Shall We Eat - That Animals Appeal. 
  1959 Jul.29. Dedication by University members - Bilingual. 
  Undated. The Beauty of Nature. Verses by Sir Arthur Thomson. 
C3  Kwanyama 36 items Undated 
C3/1  Booklets 3 items Undated 
  Gospel of St.John in Kwanyama; one exercise book of Kwanyama; one English-Osikuanjama vocabularies to Grammar - Syntax. 
C3/2  Addresses hymns & prayers 24 items Undated 
  Eight addresses & notes, seven prayers, nine hymn verses in Kwanyama. 
C3/3  Typescripts 2 items Undated 
  Notes on various diseases in English and Kwanyama. 
  Onedi Jokuninga ovapilinteli. 
C3/4  Miscellaneous, Items Mostly undated 
  Seven odd pages, notes Including 1928 Mai 17. Letter from Ame Lukenge; list of subscribers. 
C4  Ovamboland Mission Reports 13 Items 1927-1951 
  Three reports of Ovamboland Mission; pps.35-40 of the Church Abroad; Seven Ovamboland Mission Quarterly Papers; article on 'Toby' from Diocesan College magazine; leaflet from Ovamboland Mission Cape Town Committee re consecration of G.W.R. Tobias as Bishop of Damaraland. 
PRESS CLIPPINGS 16 items 1911-1960(CHRON) 
  Undated. Six clippings re: verse - Presuppose; Churchmanship; a Good Churchman; M.P.'s & Official Secrets; Courageous attempt to clarify attitude towards natives; copy of article in Protestant Bulletin re national prayer every noon - Archbishops call. 
  1911. Re Rev.Hugh Bright, M.A. & his new St.Paul's (see also E1/5); 1915 May.9. Bishop of London in Firing Line; 1916, Photo of troops receiving Holy Communion in France; 1927 Dec.16. Article by S.H.Moyle -A Layman's Straight Talk to Parsons; The sort of men South Africa requires; 1935. Article in memory of Late Ven. Hugh Bright, M.A.; 1936 May 7. Religious Drum in South Africa; 1936 Nov.13. re play - Murder In the Cathedral by T.S. Eliot; 1937 Aug. 4. Consecration of All Saints, Roodebloem; 1940 Jun-18. Article- An Airman to his Mother; 1960 Aug.16.American - Rev. Robert H. Mize as Bishop of Damaraland, Englishman, African for Cape Town's Consecration of Bishops of C.P.S.A. 
PICTORIAL 178 items 1890-1970.  
  Note:(The photographs are stored seperately from collection, in the filing cabinet and in the folio shelves. ) 
El  Mounted Photographs 18 items 1890-1908 mostly undated 
E1/1a  Consisting of four dated photographs. Xmas 1890 - two nieces of Charles and Ethel Tobias; ca 1905 - George Tobias; 1907 Dec. 6 46th wedding anniversary photograph of Charles and Ethel Tobias; a 1908 - King Cross, Halifax group including George Tobias & Rev.Hugh Bright. 
E1/1b  Three undated but identified photographs of Ethel Tobias, Rev. Hugh Bright and Ann Tobias. 
E1/1c  Two photographs - Govt. Buildings, Pretoria; Leopard's Vlei. 
E1/1d  Unidentified - eight photographs 1929 Oct.-1930 Jan. Guy's Hospital..Turner-Slesinger-Ogilvie Firm. 
E1/2  Family photographs 37 items ca 1914-1970 
  Four dated 1914 Aug.1970 Jul. Four identified, undated; Twenty-nine family & personal. 
E1/3  George Tobias with Others 6 items Undated 
  1906 May. Members of Cromvell Club (Sidney), Cambridge. Five undated, unidentified. 
E1/4  Unidentified 18 items 1958 mostly undated 
  1958 Apr. & Easter. Three unidentified with peke dog, Chang; Fifteen persons, unidentified, undated. 
E1/5  Miscellaneous 10 items 1911, Ju1. 23-1935 
  Odd photographs including 1914 Jul.23 'Tom' of Keetmanshoop - Sgdn.Ldr.Pattle (D.F.C. & Bar), Athens, Greece 1941 Apr.26. (See also (2/4)1922 May. Diocesan Synod, Cape Town; 1916 Church Service before Battle -Chaplain G.W.R. Tobias (See also D); 1922-1935 Archdeacon Hugh Bright of Stafford (See also C2/2, E1/1b); Kigoma T.T.; concentration plant, Diamond Mine, Kimberley; damaged photograph of The Rocks, Halifax; two photographs of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge (See also E1/3). 
E1/6  Postcards, Christmas Cards & Art Catalogue 19 items 1945-1957 
  Seven postcards, eleven Christmas cards; 1945 Art Catalogue. 
E1/7  St.Mary's Mission, Ovamboland, 23 items 1946 Aug.6 
  Nine photographs edited, consisting of St.Mary's staff; 1946 Aug.6. Bishop Tobias at Ordination of Teofilusa Hamutumbangela; Rev. & Mrs.Cawthorne; wedding scene of George & Edith Tobias; Bishop Tobias & Fr.Cawthorne, Holy Cross; Scene from Old Church, Odibo; Fr.Cawthorne, Bishop Tobias, Vr.Lacarus, Fr.Gabriel at Holy Cross; confirmation group; Fr.Gabriel, Fr.Mellor, Mr.Macdonald, Fr.Tobias, Mrs.Tobias, Mr.Cope, Mrs.Macdonald, Fr.Cawthorne, Fr. Lazarus. Nine group scenes; one of Bishop Tobias, two of Fr.Gabriel & Fr.Lazarus; camels; mission building of thatch.  
E1/8  Churches 21 items 1910 Mar-191+8 Aug.8 
  1910 Mar. Interior of St.Paul's, King Cross, Halifax; three old photographs of interiors of churches, unidentified; three of Lambeth Palace, Lambeth conference 1948 & three Orders of Service for same; three of Procession to Lambeth Conference; five of St.Peter's, Hout Bay; two probably All Saints, Roodebloem, Cape Town; one of altar cross. 
E2  Negatives 22 items 
  22 wallets of negatives in box re personal, family, St.Mary's Mission, etc. 
  Negatives were removed from the box and stored in the negative files seperately from collection
E3  Maps 4 items 
  1917. Ordnance Survey map of France. 
  Paris. Monumental et Metropolitan environs map. 
  Ink-drawn map of Nakali, Okongo. 
  Map of Oukanjama kraal by H. Newham from model by H.L.Eedes. 
F1  Biography of George Tobias 
F1/1a  Notebook. 
  Compiled by Rev. B.H.C. Turvey on his life with George Tobias including copy of S. African Church Weekly Newspaper recording consecration of George Tobias as Bishop of Damaraland 1939 May, & sixteen letters re research queries to and from Rev. Turvey. 
F1/1b  Correspondents 
  Including: Richard J.Wood, Suffrag.Bishop of Damaraland 1975; Arthur MacDonald, Robert Tobias, Mrs.Bourhill, Francis Hewitt, Mr.Mundell, Canon C.T.Wood (Sec.Star & Garter Home). 
F1/1c  Sources & References, 
  Names and addresses of personnel connected with George who might provide source material for biography. 
F1/1d  Queries 
  Names of people from whom he sought information re life of George Tobias followed by itinerary; thirteen letters & extracts of letters suitable for inclusion in biography including Charles Tobias' war experiences, his S.W.A. campaign, a war-time prayer ca 1916 by George ; George's field experiences & list of medical cases estimated at Mission 1925. 
F1/1e  Notes 
  Miscellaneous notes made re material for biography including Charles Tobias' life; Ovamboland Mission personnel; Synopsis of 'Beyond the Thirst Belt'; list of clerical appointments of George; family tree. 
F1/1f  Illustrations & Captions, 
  Various, including Charles & Mrs Tobias, George & Edith, St.Mary's Mission. 
F1/1g  Index of games 
  List of names of people to mention in book. 
F1/1h  Encyclopaedia of Southern Africa 
  Brief description of S.W.A. taken from Encyclopaedia of Southern Africa. 
F2  Skeletal Draft 1 item 
  Draft of Tobias biography by Rev. Basil H.C.Turvey. 
F3  Jottings 1 item 
  Odd Jottings of notes and personnel for biography superseded bynotebook. 
PERSONAL 2 Items Undated 
  Coronation medal awarded for merit to George Tobias by Queen Elizabeth II. 
  Verse on wood plaque. 
  Four notebooks of addresses and study notes on religious education, historical review of Rise of Christendom, the Root Fallacy, Civic Sunday, the Meek shall possess the earth, etc. written in front and back of notebooks. 
MISCELLANEOUS 13 items 1917-1939 
  Three copies of Christmas carol; typed hymn sheet; prayer by George Tobias; rough estimate of cases listed at St.Mau y's Mission; recipe for water biscuits; three church items; an illuminated Thanksgiving Address to Rev.G.W.R. Tobias from parishioners of Roodbloem, Woodstock, with accompanying photo of the laying of foundation stone 1917 Dec.12; pencilled copy of Christmas pageant; twenty-four quiz questions.